CNN and Buzzfeed: The Dangerous Kind of Fake News


You might remember that it was Buzzfeed that got the “fake news” ball rolling after the election when they published a roundup of the most viral stories on social media throughout the campaign. According to their calculations, completely fake stories like “Pope Endorses Donald Trump” received more clicks than properly-vetted and sourced journalism.

But since conservatives jumped on the story to accuse the mainstream media of propagating their own version of fake news, Buzzfeed apparently decided: If you can’t beat them, join them. That would explain why they chose to go ahead on Tuesday and publish several pages of oppo-research garbage alleging that Trump has been a Russian puppet for at least five years.

It takes serious garbage anti-Trump reporting for even the mainstream media titans to turn on you, but that’s exactly what happened here. Even the New York Times, which has run more than a few biased stories against Trump, expressed grave reservations about Buzzfeed’s decision to publish the report.

Unfortunately, CNN couldn’t resist the opportunity to run excerpts of this salacious nonsense in their own story. And while CNN’s shameful piece doesn’t scrape the bottom of the Buzzfeed barrel, it’s still well outside the bounds of ethical journalism.

On Wednesday morning, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski said this episode proves that some in the political news business failed to learn the lesson of the election.

“I mean, everybody should work on stories that look like they’re worth looking into, and we should continue to do so,” she said. “And when you can triple-source it, and you have evidence, then you have story. Right now, there’s no story here.

“And I think the people who are going with it at this point are continuing to make the same mistakes that they have made in the run up to this election, which is to let their bias get in the way of actually finding out what the facts are and putting them out there,” she concluded.

Whether you hate Donald Trump or you’ve built a shrine to him in your back bedroom, you should see the problem with what CNN and Buzzfeed did with this story. If you love Trump, you want to see the media give him a fair chance. If you hate him, you want the media to preserve their integrity so they can hold him accountable when and if something truly significant breaks. Either way, having our political press descend to the realm of supermarket tabloid reporting is extremely dangerous for our democracy.



  1. Tiger says

    Trump said to CNN and Buzzfeed what we have been wanting to say for ages: “Go to Hell you are FAKE news” or along those lines. It is over this president is not a politician, he is not a liar and he is going to kick ass and call names and that includes you friggin RINO like, which surprised me Rubio in these hearings. Every plot and scheme KAPUT.

    Go Trump.

    1. gotabgood says

      Not a Liar…..????????????????????
      You must have just beamed down from the dark side of the moon…

      1. MAHB001 says

        Your comment makes me laugh, knowing that it comes from someone that can not admit and has not admitted that 0bama lied,

        1. gotabgood says

          By your statement are you agreeing with Tiger that Trump does not lie?

          1. Chiefbuck says

            Unworthy of a reply!

          2. ABO says

            As usual, Chiefbuck.

          3. gotabgood says

            Then why did you reply?
            if it is not worthy….silence from you would be appropriate

        2. Mike says

          trump lied 70percent of the time during the campaign.

          1. Chiefbuck says

            Compared to Obama Trump is the Pope.

          2. Mike says

            There is not even a comparison there. Trump has lied more than any other politician in our nations history during a presidential campaign. Has Obama lied yes he has. Has Hillary CLinton lied yes she has, but by comparison Trump seems unable or unwilling to tell the truth.

          3. ABO says

            More bogus nonsense with, as usual nothing whatsoever to back up a word of it. Pathetic.

          4. chuck says

            So what’s your point Mike? Should we give the election to Hillary because in your opinion Trump lied to much. I never heard him till a lie and even if sometimes his statements may have technically had some inaccuracies we all knew what he was saying was the truth.

          5. Mike says

            absolutely not. he won, but your statement illustrates the willful ignorance of the trump supporter. his statements many times were outright lies but you never did any true investigation into them to know. that is a shame. but no he is all of our president. the fact he did so through mostly lying is not illegal. he was a great politician. he knew his audience did not care about facts and would only back him so he had no reason to care.

          6. gotabgood says

            Truth does not come out of his mouth..

          7. gotabgood says

            The pope was in favor of ACA… He also believes in global warming..

          8. ABO says

            Love how you make up your own bogus stats as you go along and actually expect any sane person to believe a word of it.

          9. Mike says

            that was actually taken from politifact. it is the major fact checking website. they rated 70 percent of trump’s statements during the campaign as either mostly false or pants on fire which means completely false.

          10. chuck says

            Inaccurate statements are not lies. Politifact is biased, and where do they get 70% of trumps statements are false. Even a liar like Hillary can’t lie 70% of the time.
            Inaccurate statements haven’t caused anyone’s death.
            Ignoring the facts has long been a staple of political speech. Every day, politicians overstate statistics or distort their opponents positions or tell out-and-out lies, and no one is better at it then hillary. Trump never resorted to political speech, he told it like it is and didn’t hide behind political correctness.
            Thank God he won because Hillary would have completed the job of turning the USA into a communist state.

          11. gotabgood says

            You should pay attention to the news a little more..

            Trump and family are Putin’s puppets… At statement from 2008.

            In 2008, Donald Trump Jr. attended a real estate conference, where he stated that Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.
            As it turns out, that may have been an understatement. Human rights lawyer Scott Horton, whose work in the region goes back to defending Andrei Sakharov and other Soviet dissidents, has gone through a series of studies by the Financial Times to show how funds from Russian crime lords bailed Trump out after yet anther bankruptcy. The conclusions are stark.

          12. ABO says

            No surprise here, Politifact, the ‘fact-checking version of CNN.

          13. Mike says

            and that right there is how trump can lie repeatedly because you as his supporter even with evidence do not care. you will not acknowledge he has lied and he knows it so he just doubles down on the lie. I honestly don’t know. is this stupidity or just willful ignorance?

          14. ABO says

            No surprises here. Polififact is the ‘fact checking’ version of CNN. Fake facts to go along with the fake news. You’re certainly working hard at racking up more and more ‘Pinnochio noses’ for your already substantial collection.

          15. Mike says

            and that is why trump knows he can lie and get away with it. he knows his supporters will just dismiss the facts so he just continues to make things up. it’s truly genius in knowing that either your supporters are ignorant or so easily manipulated that you can get away with it

          16. ABO says

            You are without a doubt the most entirely delusional lemming I’ve run into in a long time. You are absolutely incapable of normal critical thought. Your complete inability to comprehend what is right under your nose. unobstructed and presented in clear, simple terms that a second grader could understand is utterly amazing. You must really work at it.

          17. Mike says

            interesting take since you are the one who willfully dismisses facts.

          18. ABO says

            I certainly do dismiss your pathetic collection of fake facts. I am fully capable of distinguishing the difference between facts and your delusions that you try to pass off as facts.

          19. Mike says

            again you show your ignorance. a fact is either true or false. there are not fake facts. Politifact is well respected except by Trump supporters. I have offered no delusions, unlike you who has defended repeatedly the idea that illegals voted in the election. I have stated that fact that Democrats did gain seats (not many) but did gain seats in both houses of Congress. You stated that there were Democrat losses down the ticket. Did they gain as many seats as they hoped? Of course not, but to say they didn’t is a falsehood which I did not present.
            I sincerely hope when you realize that Trump has conned you that you can accept it and move forward. The day will eventually come I believe that you will realize that President Trump will not make good on his campaign promises and in fact has done very little for America. I hope at that time you will find a candidate whether he or she is Republican or Democrat that you will truly in an unbiased way examine what they say and do.

          20. ABO says

            You are correct in stating that facts are either true or not true. To say that there are no fake facts is a ridiculous comment. You yourself make up ‘facts’ as you go along and back them up with nothing more than speculation on the part of Politifact. None of the ‘fact checkers’ have the numbers to back up what they surmise because those numbers don’t exist. You know it but you continue to insist that your opinion is fact. As far as your insistence that Democrats did not loose seats in Congress, how do you explain how it happens that before the election the Republicans controlled the House but Dems controlled the Senate but now Republicans control both the House and Senate? Your delusions are entirely baseless. As far as your final statement goes, I’m not the one Making up false statements about any candidate. That would be you.

          21. Mike says

            once again you show your lack of knowledge. republicans took control of the Senate in 2014. they have had control of the house since 2010. so no in this election the democrats gained seats in both congress and the senate. as for president trump’s statements politifact details each one they rate as false and how it is false. they do this for every candidate so yes the details are there if you ever choose to look up facts.

          22. ABO says

            Got me on that one. I know full well Republicans took control of the Senate in ’14. I’ve been responding to posts on this and other sites nearly all day now and I’m becoming distracted trying to keep it all straight but you go right ahead and have a little victory dance at my expense and enjoy the Hell out of it. Just don’t expect it to happen again.

          23. Mike says

            Thank you gotabgood. not that it matters they will deny this is true and merely state that politifact is bias. Why? not for any rationale reason just because it does not align with their leader’s statements.

          24. gotabgood says

            Thank you for the kind words… they are few and far between, but I didn’t think I would win any popularity contest on here… hahaha
            And you are right, they discredit anything that remotely resembles a “fact check” no matter how you spell it.
            I have ask several times what website do you (rightwingers) go to. to fact check anything. No one will give me an answer!
            Same with their news source… they will not tell me where they get it.
            I think they are too ashamed to tell me it is National Enquirer..

          25. Mathew Molk says

            You have blown your credibility so bad that if you said it was winter in the Northern hemisphere everybody would ho get their lawn furniture back down out of the garage attic.

          26. MAHB001 says

            An allocation of that nature is slanderous and should not be taken lightly. If indeed he did lie, 70% of the time, you should have undeniable proof of those lies.

            If you don’t it is shame on you…

          27. Mike says

            again this number is from politifact. it is not made up. they are a well known fact checking website and they rated 70percent of his statements as either mostly false or pants on fire which is their version of completely false.

          28. MAHB001 says

            Politifact has a decidedly left leaning fact checking group… I no longer trust them when they crucified Sarah Palin for calling out death panels in 0bamacare and never took it back.. There are death panels in 0bamacare.

            They were SOOO wrong about death panels… They are not called death panels but there are groups that sit behind desks analyzing the costs of certain treatments and the decisions that those people make are life and death decisions for the people in need of treatments.

            Provide the site location that you rely on and I will check it out.

        3. Chiefbuck says

          Anyone who denies or doesn’t believe that Obama lied desperately needs mental help. A quick glance at how Obamacare was forced down the throats of the American people should convince any sane person.

          1. ABO says

            Therein lies the problem. gotabgood is not sane. Liberal lemming that believes only what he hears from the leftist MSM. Not capable of thinking for himself.

        4. ABO says

          Repeatedly and openly.

        5. Kurt Hanssen says

          NObummer has long past 200. (4) Pinokios, that is MAX lies, strange, but it was reported by the W.P. only in his goodbye speach he lied 5. times. But the Quran sayes that is OK for a Muslim to lie to infidels. and as an Honorary member of the Muslim brother-hood, he can lie as much as he want’s, just like Killary.

      2. RichFromShowMe says

        Without Fake News the Lame Stream Media (Communist New Network, MS-LSD, ABC, et al) would be out of business.

        1. gotabgood says

          You are getting things assbackwards again…. you meant to say..Alex Jones, Breitbart, Red State National Enquirer and Tea Party Network.

          1. RichFromShowMe says

            “You must have just beamed down from the dark side of the moon…”

            Evidently you aren’t aware of “the witches” EMail scandal that compromised American Secrets to our enemies, or, the DNC exterminating Bernie’s chances to win the Primary, or, the countless times the Lame Stream Media has led America astray?

            As for “Alex Jones, Breitbart, Red State National Enquirer and Tea Party Network”, these are not the Main-Stream Media as they do not have the presence nor readership of the NY “Slimes”, NBC, MS-LSD, ABC, et al.

            The NY “Slimes”, NBC, MS-LSD, ABC, CNN, (et al) are all losing viewership/readership while FOX and others who-investigate-the-story-before-publishing-it are gaining viewership . . . . this should tell you something?


            . . . . and its only decline more since 2013 🙂

          2. gotabgood says

            Evidently you aren’t aware of “the witches” EMail scandal that
            compromised American Secrets to our enemies, or, the DNC exterminating
            Bernie’s chances to win the Primary, or, the countless times the Lame
            Stream Media has led America astray?

            I think maybe if you read in the main stream media you will find they did nothing but report the Russians hacking into the RNC and DNC at the request of the Donald!

            FOX and others who-investigate-the-story-before-publishing-it are gaining viewership

            OH… that is priceless… it is a Kodak moment for sure….


          3. RichFromShowMe says

            Actually, my reference was more pointed to the 3+ years as SOS, “the witch” “published” our national secrets on her unsecured EMail Server which had the ultimately clandestine name . . . . That’s almost as smart as Podesta using password for the password to his email account.

            Even if “the witch’s” email wasn’t hacked she had her “handmaiden” Huma to forward any national secrets directly to the Muslim Brotherhood.

            I’m sure the following logic will test all of your synapses, but, here goes . . . . .

            obamba, “the witch” and john “fraud”, through their collective compound incompetency, elevated Vlad the Impaler to the International-CatBird-Seat which he greatly appreciated and has capitalized on.

            WHY would Vlad want to help President Trump to get elected, knowing President Trump will build up our military, secure American borders, bring back our economy and make America energy independent . . . . exporting energy all over the world.

            That will knock Vlad from his greatly coveted International-CatBird-Seat and will probably hurt Russia, economically.

            Since you seem to be on the Far Left, “Logic” does test your synapses? If you set your hair on fire that might speed up the logical process? 🙂

          4. RichFromShowMe says

            With your head buried in your “Six” you will never understand just how Wacko the Left has become; i.e., just read anything, watch TV or listen to the radio and you will become aware of what’s going on in our Republic.

    2. bill14729 . says

      Lets not forget No one owns Trump and he takes No kickbacks, GO TRUMP

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        1. Justin Seine says

          It’s the only job you ever had where you have to put your clothes on at quitting time so you can go home. Then you have to sit on a rubber doughnut as you drive your Range Rover back to your country estate. What a life, huh?

        2. MAHB001 says

          flagged you scum puppet.

          BTW, you are getting screwed.. The last Andreamjuarez got paid $98 per hour…
          Don’t sell yourself short…

      2. Tiger says


        1. John Topper says

          Bill….I think a lot of people OWN Dolt 45. Why do you think he wouldn’t release his taxes? Just think about it for a minute OK?

          1. albaby2 says

            Tell us why you feel he didn’t release his taxes and show evidence where Trump has been convicted of filing false returns in the past’

          2. Mike says

            no one said he is doing anything illegal in his tax returns, but his returns would have shown hisbusiness ties to Russia and the debt he has. those who don’t think trump is not owned is ridiculous. first he railed that Clinton would be owned by wall street, but then he puts multiple wall street and Goldman Sachs executives in his cabinet.

          3. Brenda says

            Actually his disclosure statement would show business ties to Russia as well as his debt.
            Everything else is conjecture and your personal opinion. Ever think his Cabinet appointments were based on the best person for the job? Probably not.

          4. Mike says

            No it does not. The financial disclosure form only reveals candidates assets and income in very broad rangers. He is not required to break down those assets or liabilities for the purpose of a federal disclosure form so no you would not be aware of his business ties.
            The other question becomes he has stated multiple times he would release his tax returns, but yet staunchly refuses to do so. Why? If he has nothing to hide why not release them? He is already elected so it cant do any harm to his election campaign so again what is he so afraid of?

          5. Mathew Molk says

            (Some tax expert)

          6. David in MA says

            IF there were anything in Trumps tax returns which would be damaging to him you can bet Obama would have had it leaked.

          7. Kurt Hanssen says

            He has admitted of doing business with Russia, that’s no seacret and so has Killary, she sold Putin enough URANIUM to make 70.000. war heads, she also sold Uranium to Iran. She is nothing but a traitor. The Russians hacked in to all of Killarys Privat servers. (4) where she had all of the state dpt. seacrets, she put us all at risk, and the Dumb O Crappers wonder why she lost.?

          8. David in MA says

            MMMM, Maybe there really is an outfit called “The Illuminati”?

          9. Mike says

            Did Trump even pay taxes? Probably not. good for him. I don’t believe for a second that Donald Trump did anything illegal in his taxes. He and his lawyers may have stretched tax laws, but that is what a good businessman and their lawyers do. I may not be able to take advantage of it, but I am also not a billionaire so I don’t have a problem with it.

          10. David in MA says

            The IRS had no questions about his filings, did they?

          11. Brenda says

            What is your hang up with Trump’s taxes? There is more information available in his Financial Declaration Form about his business interest.
            Look this man paid out thousands to CPA’s Tax and Attorney’s to prepare his taxes. Are you aware enough of the complicated tax laws to spot irregularities? Most people aren’t. For instance, a lot has been said about his losses and his not having to pay taxes, but Hillary used the very same IRS rule to avoid paying taxes as well.

          12. Mike says

            there is not more information in his financial disclosure forms. I am not a tax expert but there are plenty who are which could analyze them. why not release them? what Iis he afraid of? he promised to release them repeatedly but has not.

          13. Brenda says

            His financial disclosure form requires that he list ALL his business interest. The only thing a tax return will show you is his gross earnings after deductions, his business expenses and losses, charitable contributions, amortization of equipment, and other business expenses, where his income came from and the form of those income streams, etc.. Yes there are others that could analyse them, but would that really satisfy you? After all any analysis will conducted by someone else and not you, and you would still not have seen the return.

          14. Mathew Molk says

            Brenda,,,you have to be wrong. Mike is a tax expert. He knows a LOT more then any of us poor uneducated deplorables that voted for President Trump.

          15. David in MA says

            not required to be released, BTW, how about all of hag Hillary’s lies?

          16. Mike says

            did she lie ? yes. trump lied by comparison more frequently, but yes Hillary did and has lied.

          17. chuck says

            Telling a lie about something personal is one thing but telling lies that cause the death of innocent people is unforgivable. She also went way beyond lies when she told the story about landing under sniper fire.

          18. ABO says

            It’s what he does, chuck. It’s all he does. He lies incessantly about everything. He twists and spins every response to fit his sick, twisted agenda. Note that he almost never posts a link to back up what he says and when he does it’s invariably a link to a biased liberal rhetoric outlet. Never anything legitimate.

          19. Connie Alsip says

            BS. Hillary has proven to be a damn traitor. She had her illegal pay for play system going, developed a home brew server hacked by China and Russia at the LEAST, lied to Congress (a federal crime). lied to the FBI, and deservedly should be jailed for the rest of her natural life. TRAITOR!!

          20. Alan Rhoads says

            An Open Letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch

            Dear Madam Attorney General:
            Just as Zika Virus has entered the Continental USA, so has corruption seeped into, what used to be, an above reproach Federal Agency, the Department of Justice. AG Lynch. You and FBI Dir. Comey, both Appointees of President Obama, have apparently become the President’s pawns to protect a guilty felon, Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s time to take remedial action, admit that you are under President Obama’s thumb, and indict Ms. Clinton on all charges.

            Neither Dir. Comey, nor yourself, are willing to indict Ms. Clinton, and yet Dir. Comey admits to The House of Representatives that Ms. Clinton is guilty of theft, perjury, treason, and other felony charges. The Statutes do not rely on “intent” for authority to prosecute.

            You have chosen to allow corruption of the Rule of Law, by allowing Ms. Clinton to be above the Rule of Law; a two-tier system, if you will. Dir. Comey even stated that if anyone did the same crimes, they would be sent to prison (my paraphrasing). This is tantamount to Obstruction of Justice. You, Madam AG, did not recuse yourself so that you could remain in total control. Had you recused yourself, the Asst. Attorney General would be in control, and the outcome might have been different.

            Is it possible that “Pay to Play” is happening in your own House? I’m not speaking of a monetary exchange (although that’s still to be determined), but rather, a new career advancement. From my perspective, that appears plausible. If Ms. Clinton is not indicted, she remains a possible candidate for POTUS. If she becomes the POTUS, there is a distinct possibility that you, Loretta Lynch, would be appointed by Ms. Clinton, to a Seat on the Supreme Court. If Ms. Clinton is indicted, the Supreme Court offering goes away.

            Now. What about James Comey, your Subordinate? How does he benefit? For starters, he gets to keep his career, under Ms. Clinton’s POTUS watch if she’s elected. Beyond that benefit, your guess is as good as mine. But we do know that Dir. Comey is a Director of a large bank, HSBC Holdings, that has donated to the Clinton Foundation. Hmmmm. And then???? We learn that Bleachbit was used to wipe clean Hillary’s private servers. Isn’t that the “Intent” that you, for some reason, couldn’t find to indict her? You now need to indict her, or you and James B. Comey, are as corrupt as she is, and must resign or be impeached.


            AG Loretta Lynch
            U.S. Department of Justice
            950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
            Washington, DC 20530-0001

            FBI Dir. James B. Comey
            FBI Headquarters
            935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
            Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

          21. ABO says

            Thank you, Alan.

          22. Alan Rhoads says

            Jeff Sessions will be like the dawning sun, compared to Loretta Lynch, who
            is like the darkest time in night, the way she did nothing about Hillary Clinton.

          23. Mr Rollo says

            Rotten Crook Liars, just like the IRS.

          24. ABO says

            Apt descriptions of both, Alan.

          25. ABO says

            Absolutely, Alan but the liberals won’t see it that way as they strongly favor only those who follow the liberal ideology of hypocrisy, dishonesty, deceit and hatred.

          26. sensrbtch says

            waste of time and words, butt well stated. she will be replaced as soon as the dondi trumpit becomes the prez! then kill her with kuntness.

          27. Mr Rollo says

            You are just another commie lib. I voted Trump and do not give a crap about his tax returns – Because the IRS is a criminal organization in the first place. Mr. Rollo, you Sir, are Right!

          28. Mathew Molk says

            Tax, expert,,,Business man,,,Social -Political expert,,,fake conservitive. What else are you? You have blown you own credibility out of the water chump.

            And from day one he said the records get released right after the audit is done….Why are the Obomites in the IRS dogging the audit? I’ll tell you why. to give babble boys like you something to blow smoke with. More fake news fool. THERE IS NOTHING THERE!

            And BTW,,,,I’m sure he would have put – “Bribes from KGB – $2,000,000”
            What could be on his tax returns….Like festus Hagen says. “You talk like my foot’s asleep.”

          29. Mike says

            I never said I was a tax expert. in fact I said there are tax experts who would be able to look at his returns. why do his returns scare you individuals so much?

          30. ABO says

            Who indicated at any point on this thread that they were scared over Trumps tax returns??? Point out just one word anywhere that backs up your idiotic assumption in any way, shape or form. You have proved to everyone here on a consistent basis that you are nothing but a sick, twisted liberal troll who is here for no other reason than to disrupt the discussion and plant your lies and deceit. You are in no way worth responding to on any subject due to your constant twisting and spinning of everything relevant to the discussion.

          31. Mike says

            then why is everyone so opposed to him giving his tax returns? if there is no fear why do his supporters argue so vehemently against doing what every candidate has done for decades? why would you want your president to not be as transparent as possible? actions many times speak louder than words.

          32. ABO says

            Yet again you prove that you do not comprehend what you read but simply substitute whatever fits your pathetic agenda for what is actually being said. You are also very obviously incapable of viewing evidence and drawing logical conclusions. You simply push your ridiculous agenda with absolutely no concern for truth or transparency. Yes indeed actions do invariably speak louder than words and this President-elect has accomplished more that is good for this nation before he has even been sworn in than the sitting “President” has done in Eight years in office. When Trump announced his run, I was not impressed. I had never been a big fan but since the election he has proved THROUGH HIS ACTIONS that he stands behind what he said during the campaign. As such, my opinion of the man has changed dramatically. You on the other hand are focused on bringing up absolutely anything you can find that might discredit him rather than supporting this man who is already working very hard to make things better for all of us. Your words and actions speak speak volumes about the fact that you care nothing about anything good if it does not fit your pathetic agenda.

          33. Mike says

            i realize he saved about 800 jobs at carrier. that was great.
            your post seems to acknowledge that he may have something to hide in his taxes and in your words might discredit him. I guess what I don’t understand is why his supporters want to give him a pass when he has significant conflicts of interest and may have business ties to Russia. we should want full disclosure. individuals on the right fought tooth and nail for Obama’s birth certificate, but when it comes time to have the same scrutiny on trump everyone wants to just forget full disclosure.

          34. ABO says

            OK Moron I’m sick of your lies. I want a quote from any of my posts that indicate any of what you claim I said. I have said absolutely nothing that even resembles what you claim and you know it. You just can’t help lying can you??? Just make up stories and claim they are facts but you can’t back up a word of it you worthless, pathetic liberal lemming.

          35. Mike says

            “You on the other hand are focused on bringing up absolutely anything you can find that might discredit him rather than supporting this man who is already working very hard to make things better for all of us.” that was your quote. You stated that I am attempting to find things that might discredit him. The only thing I asked for was full disclosure related to his taxes and possible business ties to Russia. you are the one that stated “that might discredit him” not me so yes you stated that I was looking for things that might discredit him in presumably his taxes as that is all I have asked for.
            You once again cannot back up anything you write and then back track on it immediately. well done. again the quote above is from your post one day ago.
            Yes I am concerned about a President that was elected with help from Russia if that man has any Russian business ties that could compromise him. We should all be concerned about that. Many conservatives were concerned about Hillary’s alleged pay for play which was fair, but if President Trump has Russian business ties and as he has shown no interest in divesting from his business shouldn’t we all be concerned about those ethical implications as well? if there was the potential for pay for play with Hillary Clinton through her foundation there could be an even higher possibility of this with a sprawling business empire that President Trump has, but yet many conservatives do not want any actual disclosure or transparency from President Trump.

          36. Rob D says

            At least we can see his life history and it’s not “sealed” by some court.

          37. chuck says

            He is not requiered to release them, his tax returns are non of your business. We still haven’t seen the real birth certificate of Obummer and proof of citizenship IS required.

          38. Jmanjo says

            Nobody cares what his tax statement say anyway. He fills it out, he has deductions and losses, and if he doesn’t pay any taxes or has already paid more than is demanded from the IRS it isn’t our business anyway. The other politicians fill them out, use the same rules, and nobody cares! I guess if Hillary had published her PAP results you would want to see his too!

          39. chuck says

            The left want his tax return so they can nit pick them and keep the distraction going. they need the distractions so no one talks about the corruption of the Clintons.

          40. Jmanjo says

            you hit that nail on the head!

          41. Alan Rhoads says

            An Open Letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch

            Dear Madam Attorney General:
            Just as Zika Virus has entered the Continental USA, so has corruption seeped into, what used to be, an above reproach Federal Agency, the Department of Justice. AG Lynch. You and FBI Dir. Comey, both Appointees of President Obama, have apparently become the President’s pawns to protect a guilty felon, Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s time to take remedial action, admit that you are under President Obama’s thumb, and indict Ms. Clinton on all charges.

            Neither Dir. Comey, nor yourself, are willing to indict Ms. Clinton, and yet Dir. Comey admits to The House of Representatives that Ms. Clinton is guilty of theft, perjury, treason, and other felony charges. The Statutes do not rely on “intent” for authority to prosecute.

            You have chosen to allow corruption of the Rule of Law, by allowing Ms. Clinton to be above the Rule of Law; a two-tier system, if you will. Dir. Comey even stated that if anyone did the same crimes, they would be sent to prison (my paraphrasing). This is tantamount to Obstruction of Justice. You, Madam AG, did not recuse yourself so that you could remain in total control. Had you recused yourself, the Asst. Attorney General would be in control, and the outcome might have been different.

            Is it possible that “Pay to Play” is happening in your own House? I’m not speaking of a monetary exchange (although that’s still to be determined), but rather, a new career advancement. From my perspective, that appears plausible. If Ms. Clinton is not indicted, she remains a possible candidate for POTUS. If she becomes the POTUS, there is a distinct possibility that you, Loretta Lynch, would be appointed by Ms. Clinton, to a Seat on the Supreme Court. If Ms. Clinton is indicted, the Supreme Court offering goes away.

            Now. What about James Comey, your Subordinate? How does he benefit? For starters, he gets to keep his career, under Ms. Clinton’s POTUS watch if she’s elected. Beyond that benefit, your guess is as good as mine. But we do know that Dir. Comey is a Director of a large bank, HSBC Holdings, that has donated to the Clinton Foundation. Hmmmm. And then???? We learn that Bleachbit was used to wipe clean Hillary’s private servers. Isn’t that the “Intent” that you, for some reason, couldn’t find to indict her? You now need to indict her, or you and James B. Comey, are as corrupt as she is, and must resign or be impeached.


            AG Loretta Lynch
            U.S. Department of Justice
            950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
            Washington, DC 20530-0001

            FBI Dir. James B. Comey
            FBI Headquarters
            935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
            Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

          42. ABO says


          43. Brenda says

            Go to Federal and click on Public Financial Disclosure. It will list all the items that must be supplied.

          44. Mr Rollo says

            How ’bout Hillary releasing tax returns on her clinton foundation? Huh?

          45. David in MA says

            even the IRS has problems understanding the complex tax laws.

          46. Brenda says

            True. Which shows that we need to abolish the current IRS and replace it with simpler rules that ordinary citizens can understand.

          47. David in MA says

            I like the idea of a flat tax, say 5% on ALL income, no loopholes, with a 5 year freeze of any modifications to the law.

          48. Brenda says

            Rather a permament freeze on any modifications. The congress has a sneaky way of increasing taxes in order to support their elaborate spending. This will keep them on budget, discourage wasteful spending on studies like frat boys drinking and such. Should there be a reason to have more money, then use the “part time” added tax to meet that particular need.

          49. David in MA says

            Sounds reasonable, and this would put everyone in the “fair share” line.

          50. sensrbtch says

            welll, no>>>> it does not! fair share is 4 all the illegals,niggers,queers and other useless people. not citizens. Christ ona cross, wer the hell is u r wet-hole is warm brain??

          51. NormWilson says

            And you Ma’am are not worth reading. PERIOD.

          52. Mr Rollo says

            And a US senator makes $174,000 a year. How is any “public servant” worth that? Time for Trump to get into the politician salary modification business.

          53. Sicklesteel says

            …they aren’t….generally speaking but, based on my experience living inside the beltway a number of years back I found every thing there is higher than anywhere else. Add three levels of taxation to it….Fed, State and in some areas Local income taxes taking their individual bites…..your take home slides quickly. Not using that as justification ….just stating the fact of the cost of living there which is part of the reason they make that money.

          54. Kurt Hanssen says

            The I.R.S. is nothing but gestapo and chud be replaced with higer sales taxes

          55. C6vet says

            WORSE, they make the Gestapo look like Angels! Even been Audited? I have and it is NOT very much fun! They treat you like trash from the very second you walk in and I didn’t do anything wrong!

          56. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Amen, with the IRS you are guilty until proven innocent.

          57. Anne Bradley says

            IRS stole my $1,000+ rebate a few years ago and even though I have been on them about it, I don’t get it. They frauded records.

          58. Connie Alsip says

            So they make up something. The head of the IRS, golem JK, stunned me when he said they obey the law WHENEVER POSSIBLE! So that says if they want to go after someone without reproach, they make up ridiculous charges and are allowed to beat good people over the head for their political views. Just ask the lady from True The Vote. Horrible unwarranted persecution by the IRS, and their evil minions. #FlatTaxPaidAtTimeOfPurchase #DefundTheIRS

          59. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            That is because Obama’s main duty for the IRS was not enforcing tax laws, it was using the IRS against any and all possible political opposition to his numerous acts of treason. I never saw him called out on all the corruption and fraud by illegals and others that costs the US taxpayers hundreds of millions annually. Case in point. One address in Atlanta had almost 40 THOUSAND returns to the same address, totaling over 15.6 million dollars, yet no red flags there? A leftist even has a chance to figure out something fishy is going on there, That is just one of many.

          60. David in MA says

            I wonder, was these 40 thousand (obviously fishy) returns reported to the FBI?

          61. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Not sure there, probably tied up looking for those non-existent Russian hackers.

          62. Anne Bradley says

            You should watch the Congressional hearings. He was called out even when republicans were minority. That was a difficult situation for John Boehner.

          63. SouthernPatriot says

            The tax law was placed next to the speaker stand and and each page stacked on top of one another reached up more than 6 feet from the floor. The hugely complex and extensive tax code must be replaced. Hopefully, amidst all the huge number of issues that Trump must do to reverse what the Pervert-in-Chief has done, he will find time to dump the tax code and go with a flat or fair tax.

          64. Tiger says

            They are grabbing at straws and there is no law saying a candidate has to release their taxes and Trump told Hillary in a debate I did nothing illegal and I did the same things your donors do and if you didn’t like the law why didn’t you people change it. Then he told her you don’t because it is good for our friends and donors, more or less this is what he said and he was right on.

            Why wasn’t he and others concerned when the tax evaders were found in Congress and one in a high office of O’s.

          65. TPS12 says

            Brenda john want’s Trumps tax statement but doesn’t care about the clinton foundation, where the money came from and how it was spent. If he wanted both he would have some credibility but since he doesn’t he has none.

          66. Sicklesteel says

            Every one of those exalted ones in DC use Tax Accountants and follow the same rules as Trump does and use the same deductions he does.

          67. desert fox says

            The Clinton’s used the same tax rule to cover over $800K of income and their largest charitable donation was $250K to their own fraudulent foundation….that’s like taking money out of your left pocket and putting it in the right pocket.

          68. Anne Bradley says

            He also has published a book on his income, finances, etc. They are getting petty as a distraction from the Clinton crimes.

          69. janan says

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          70. off2shop says

            It is not a law that anyone that is in government or running for a office must show their tax returns. In fact, no US citizen must show their taxes unless IRS comes knocking. I rather Trump not show his taxes then do as Crooked Hillary did and not report some and then wanted to act like a champion. Remember, when a liberal keeps beating the “show your taxes drum” beware of that person for they have a big closet full of unanswered questions too!

          71. David in MA says

            What did the Clintons finally report after being caught, something like 5 years of “mistakes” and it was reported they re-filed, when they should have been audited and taken to court.

          72. Kurt Hanssen says

            Nobody ewer asked for Nobummers tax returns, birth certificat, SS.number, etc.? and he purchased a 6.Million mansion in Chicago before he ewer had a job.? Wonder what that money came from.

          73. off2shop says

            My guess would be the Hungarian born George Soros who owns the Democrat party 100% and might own several Republicans too! When Obama was president, I read several places that he was called Soros puppet! Just my thought, but until we forget about D – R’s and start thinking like Americans we will never get our country back.

          74. Mathew Molk says

            Look asshole, Obama’s IRS HAS his tax returns. If there was anything there at all don’t you think the commie controlled IRS would have “Leaked’ it MONTHS before the election?

            Some facts for you cupcake.
            – He is under an audit. Only a damn fool like you would release before its over.

            – NOBODY CARES
            – We won. You lost

            Go th the nearest safe zone and stock up on free crayons and Play Dough. 7 days and hours and the free stuff will be drying up.

          75. Mike says

            actually if you are under an audit the irs world already have the info you are releasing so honestly where is the risk?

          76. David in MA says

            There is no legal requirement that this be done, get a life!

          77. Tiger says

            John just think for a minute. Trump is not required to release his taxes. Nothing he did is illegal and all the laws he used all millionaires of which the Democrat party has the most use. Why do you think those laws haven’t been changed? Because they want them.

            You hypocrite and what the Hell does his tax returns have to do with who he is and why were you not infuriated at the tax cheats in the Democrat party that held office?

          78. Mike says

            no one said it was illegal. I just wish he could be truthful.

          79. Tiger says

            He is and was. Wish that for O and H.

          80. Connie Alsip says

            He said he wouldn’t release his taxes, so where’s the lies? Where is his lack of honesty? Dems are so delusional, and trying to drag their evil protest against a man who was CHOSEN in an electoral college landslide. Would have won the popular vote had it not been for the 4 million illegal aliens who listened to Obama and voted illegally. Gov Moonbeam is a damn commie.

          81. Mike says

            he has said he would release his taxes and said he would if he was named the republican nominee. then he said he was under audit but continues to say he will.
            he did not win in a landslide. I know he says this but its simply not true. his win was the 44th greatest victory out of 58 elections using the electoral college. it was actually one of the more narrow electoral college victories. he definitely won. I do not want anyone thinking I am disputing that.
            finally illegals did not vote. Obama also never told they could. the one clip related to this is obama answering a question of a citizen whose parents are illegal. the question was whether her parents could be arrested/deported if she, a citizen voted. he tells her no as a citizen she needs to vote. he makes it clear as a citizen she can vote.
            getting back to illegal aliens voting. do you have proof? of course not because somehow in this great digital age there is never any proof. that is such an ignorant thing to write.

          82. ABO says

            In case you’ve been on vacation on your home planet, the landslide involved huge down ticket losses suffered by the democrats as those fed up with the Obama administration’s complete failure to lead voted to remove those in the House and Senate that supported the damage done to the people of this nation by Obama and his cronies.
            “Finally illegals did not vote”. You are apparently completely out of touch with reality. You seem to be entirely incapable of viewing factual evidence and drawing any logical conclusion. Try Investor’s business little Mikey. The ignorance on this is owned by YOU.

          83. Mike says

            actually the democrats gained a few seats in both the Senate and the house of representatives. as for the website you referenced I went to it. I only found one editorial which although interesting provides zero facts. again please provide facts that illegals voted which no one can.

          84. ABO says

            Only in your delusional little world. As I previously stated and you apparently could not comprehend, Search the subject at Investor’ If you can’t find it you aren’t capable of even basic reasoned thought.

          85. Mike says

            well the fact is that the democrats gained seats in both houses of congress. as for this information just go ahead and put in the link for it as all that comes up is one editorial which is not proof just opinion piece.

          86. ABO says

            Too lazy to do the search yourself or just afraid of what you’ll find???

          87. Mike says

            no I searched it and found the one editorial that is all. are you unable to provide a link? I would not have thought that was hard, but apparently you are unable to do so.

          88. ABO says

            I’ve put it up twice now. If you can’t manage to follow it that’s your problem, Dimwit.

          89. Mike says

            no you did not. you gave a website and said search their website. I did and found an editorial about illegals and how they probably voted. again no evidence just an opinion piece. You made it seem as though this website had actual evidence. it does not, and once again you cannot provide any. Why? Because there is no evidence. none. you have feelings but no facts.

          90. Mike says

            i am still waiting for the actual link. I know you gave me the website twice but again there was only one editorial about illegals voting. so anytime just provide the link. or if it does not exist that’s fine as well

          91. ABO says

            As I have pointed out several times now, if you are not capable of understanding what you read, perhaps you should consider a course in remedial reading comprehension. You might actually learn something, although I’m skeptical of that.

          92. Mike says

            the problem again is that you have failed again to provide me with a simple link that you expressed proved illegals had voted in the past election. as I stated I found an editorial or an opinion piece but no facts have been presented. you stated I may actually learn something so please I am ready to be educated provide the link or any evidence of illegals voting.

          93. ABO says

            Drop dead you sick, twisted troll. I have no intention of posting the same link over and over for your entertainment. Go play your little head games with your buddies at HuffPo or Media Matters. Bye bye Dimwit.

          94. Mike says

            You never once posted the link. Never once. as stated in all of my posts since this started was you sent a website and said search the website. I did and found an editorial but no proof which I thought you were referencing so I asked repeatedly for you to actually send the link to this article that gives proof illegals voted. and again you are unable or unwilling to do so. I assume there is not one.

          95. Kurt Hanssen says

            Killary donated millions to the Clinton foundation to avoid Taxes, then transfered that money to her Swiss bank. Al Sharpton owe 5. Million in back taxes, and he is steel a free man, NObummer got 350. Million.$. in swiss banks, and 55.Million in local banks on a $.400.000.- salary.? I’ know he made a few millions off his book sales, but steel like to see how much taxes he has paid. NObummer did not have to show any papers when he took the presidency. He has paid more than 2.Million to keep all his papers sealed. His birth certificat, and SS. card is all fake, and so is NObummer.

          96. Connie Alsip says

            Cannot WAIT until Obozo’s perfidy is known by the US. Not that the democRATS think he could do anything wrong, and why he has his records sealed.

          97. Ricarrdo estavans says

            As i write BO is burning all his white house papers. When the democraps release all the info on their scandals and dubious dealings

          98. kgh57103 says

            What excuse can you give for Obama hiding all of he records from birth to college grad? Not a whimper from you on how he campaigned for and open and transparent government. It was the most secretive and corrupt ruling in the history of America.

          99. sensrbtch says

            welll, because johnnie it aint non of u r fucking biZ?!nor is it any of the NAACP,black-asses don’t matter, or any other black shit faced peoples ,cuZ they dont nooo anyways. unless the stinking clunts in dnc tell wer too scratch there dikheds?!

          100. DLynn says

            I don’t have to think about it – I really don’t care what his tax returns say about his wealth or lack of. I am interested in one thing – having a President that will command respect for our country again because we certainly haven’t had that for the last eight years.

          101. elmcqueen3 says

            I am not interested in Trump’s tax returns…I have enough problems filling out my own…in fact I always rely on a tax preparer to do my taxes as I do not know all the in and out’s of doing it correctly with which I could end up in an audit…Therefore I would have not one iota of understanding if I were able to view Trumps tax return…I assume what he enclosed was done properly and legally…Isn’t that why he has accountants who file his tax returns which in turn will be backed up by his attorney’s…What his business does or doesn’t do is not of anyone’s concerns other than the IRS…If we were to have access to his tax returns most of us wouldn’t understand it anyway…and for that reason his adversaries could print what ever “fake” news they want about his tax returns and not one of us would be the wiser…This should be a no brainer to most…Consensus: Never trust the liberal national news media with the telling of the truth…especially if it concerns Donald Trump’s tax return…yours or mine.

          102. April Williams says

            Wait a minute during the campaign he told Hillary if she would release her transcripts of her speeches and if she produce the 30 thousand emails that she deleted he would release his tax returns. Well she never released either so. Oh and yes Hillary did release her tax returns but the funny thing is they were fraudulent tax returns. Why must Donald Trump release his tax returns? There is no law stating that a person running needs to release their tax returns it is something they volunteer to do. Donald Trump did all the mandatory paper work that is required by law to be the president. His financials tell more then his tax returns do. I don’t care about his tax returns. As, with every American he has a right to privacy.

          103. deerflyguy says

            I’m much more interested in seeing Obama’s collegiate records than Trump’s tax returns!

          104. Son Shine says

            John, look what just broke about The Clinton Foundation. Money from all over world to benefit them when CLINTON got in. Suppose to help many countries with their problems, lies and didn’t go for what they said, went in their pockets and you want Trump’s tax return when he has given information of his business and income. You need to be interested in how OBAMA, Clintons, Kerry, Democrats have distroyed AMERICA all over the world. God help AMERICA and drive out the enemies IJNA

      3. gotabgood says

        NO KICKBACKS!!!!!
        He has already told one country not to put windmills in view of his golf course.
        In Philippines he had permission to build a “Trump Tower”, but it seems things have come up about spoiling the drinking water… we will see how that goes…. any bets against him building there? Despite the drinking water!!!

        1. albaby2 says

          What “things about spoiling the drinking water” came up? Are the people complaining the same types that find ancient Indian burial grounds wherever a disputed project- like an oil pipeline- is attempted.

        2. Bogart1950 says

          WOW, where do you get your Bull Shit from? When did TRUMP go to Philippines? Not in YEARS… So, LIAR, want to know who can`t go and do anything thing there? OBAMA.. their President has Thrown us out until TRUMP takes over.. Too many wrongs about your boy .. Can`t lie to all the countries without them getting mad.. Obama isn`t welcomed in half of EUR… But hell! Obama says we have had no attacks on USA soil either… you two should both ride off into the SUNSET.. on the same DONKEY.. Drinking water? funny shit dude..

          1. Mike says

            You do realize there is a Trump Tower Manila being built right? I have not idea if he himself traveled there but his sons definitely did and I am sure he would have been involved in that deal as he himself has admitted to being a hands on leader of his company.

          2. Bogart1950 says

            1 of 92 Trump Towers (I think that is now the #) world wide.. Got the people there Trump (sons) are doing his Business.. he is not ! The man has 90,000 people working for him.. But, the sons run it..

          3. Mike says

            they run it as of his election. my only point was that the one individual had claimed trump had not been in the Philippines in years but he would not have to have been there personally to oversee a project there.

          4. gotabgood says

            Are you Trump’s personal trip advisor? Why are you so bold in talking about the things you know absolutely NOTHING about??

            Your post is so full of bullshit…name one country in Europe Obama is not welcomed?

            Europe’s leaders bid goodbye to Obama and look with unease at Trump era


            Why do you feel it is necessary to lie? You don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about so you fabricate BS…WHY?

            But back to your first piece of dribble…

            Philippines Voids Building Permit Of Trump Tower In Makati City


        3. Mathew Molk says

          More fake news. – You could have done a better job of lying by telling is the name of the country that he TOLD to install windmills.

          And I’m no golfer, but I am more then sure a windmill going Woosh. Woosh. Woosh, and strobing the sunlight across the green is not something i would want to have on a golf course I was playing on.

          Hey gang. The useful idiots fake facts and smoke screens are getting weaker by the day…they are in their death throws.

          1. Connie Alsip says

            er throes, and I agree with you 100%

          2. gotabgood says

            MANILA, Philippines – Philippine environment officials have canceled a compliance certificate for a housing project by President-elect Donald Trump’s
            business associate, saying it would endanger a watershed that supplies
            drinking water to 12 million people.


            Donald Trump allegedly used a meeting with Nigel Farage
            to encourage the Ukip leader to oppose offshore wind farms similar to
            the ones near his two Scottish golf courses that he claims are a
            “blight” on the landscape.
            Mr Trump is accused of raising the issue with Mr Farage shortly after
            becoming US President-elect, fuelling concerns about the extent to
            which Mr Trump could exploit his official power to advance his business


      4. Brenda Sinclair says

        i like that he is taking no salary, he is already a billionaire and will not take brides like obammie did trump can not be bought off or threatened, TRUMP BECAME OUR PRESIDENT TO MAKE OUR AMERICA GREAT AGAIN TO UNIT US GOD PLEASE BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP IN ALL CHOICES HE MAKES, PLEASE PROTECT PRESIDENT TRUMP FAMILY IN THE NAME OF JESUS I ASK AMEN

        1. Kurt Hanssen says

          By eliminating all the lobbyist’s, you eliminating the biggest source of BRIBES, and eliminating Soros and the shadow government, than we are getting closer to a bribe free US. but there is steel the Israeli Zions, and the Iluminati to vorie about,

      5. brucethompson22 says

        That’s right, he’s not a “Professional Politician” like the rest of them, in it for the money.They get the job for about $1000,000.00 a year and the next thing they’re multi millionaires. Nice job if you can get it.

      6. Tiger says

        This was on an Israeli site.

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          OMG! I viewed that! It made me ill.. I still say, he/its not done with us yet. All those refugees – mostly young, well trained, men – I still say he/it’s not leaving, and those “supposed” refugees are going to be his personal army for when he declares himself a dick taster, I mean dictator!! WATCH !! ???

          1. Tiger says

            Agreed and yes and yes and yes his army.

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            My dear, as a tired and almost broken old Vietnam vet, with very wet eyes, thank you for posting that. I viewed it on my home PC and couldn’t resist cranking up the volume.. GOD HELP US TO KEEP THIS BEAUTIFUL AMERICA…?

          3. Tiger says

            Ahhh you are such a wonderful man Michael and you and all the Nam vets are dearly loved by me and all Patriots in this country. Stay well. Yes we are permanently divided. We won’t come together.

          4. Tiger says

            This is what we are fighting for and I will be damned if I let any piece of shit take it from us without fighting and killing many of them.

    3. MAHB001 says

      Fight FAKE NEWS at:

      1. Tiger says

        Oh so great I will visit.

    4. John Topper says

      Tiger….do you not have eyes, ears, know how to read or listen? You have been conned, by the best! Please, get a new source of information. Your FAUX NOISE level of ignorance is showing.

      1. Chiefbuck says

        You are probably familiar with usually conning liberals, conservatives don’t eat at the free lunch counter. Unless there is taxpayer money to buy the liberal vote democrat politicians get sent home.

      2. Tiger says

        John my shit detector works fine so I will just flush your comment down the toilet where you and all your ilk belong.

    5. Mathew Molk says

      The age of the mealie mouthed PC back stabing bust outs is over. All it took was one guy with a set to call them out and now watch, they will be dropping like flys. The age of telling it like it is is here. god bless President Trump.

      1. Tiger says

        Amen and Europe is suffering from the same thing and finding it’s voice also. Trump true to his Movement back from the Mad Hatter’s ball to the Real World.

    6. Connie Alsip says

      I suspect the 6 rinos and syncophants who took money from Clinton to screw with the PEOTUS; They include John McCain (who delivered the propaganda created by the damnable Dems to the FBI) Lyndsey Graham (Who clearly is a rino and wants WDC to stay the swamp that it is) John Kasich (My gov. who is a mach 9 asshole and a rino), Jeb Bush who is a rino and whom the American people repudiated), Paul Ryan, another damn rino idiot,and the losing candidate, Carly Fiorina. TRAITORS to the GOP, and if they continue this nonsense, soon to be deposed in 2018. We told them. We voted Trump in. Anyone who wants to mess with that will be gone. Especially the BS from Corey Booker and the Black Caucus, who protect the criminals and attack anyone white who disagrees with their BS. Just TIRED of it!

      1. Tiger says

        Connie my sentiments exactly and superb descriptions of each and everyone.

      2. Tiger says

        Joke time.

        “Nurses aren’t supposed to laugh.” Fred declared.

        “Of course I won’t laugh, I’m a professional nurse. In over twenty years I’ve never laughed at a patient.”

        “Okay then,” Fred said and proceeded to drop his trousers, revealing the
        tiniest man thingy the nurse had ever seen. Length and width, it
        couldn’t have been bigger than a AAA battery.

        Unable to control herself, the nurse started giggling then almost fell
        to the floor laughing. A few minutes later she was able to regain her

        “I’m so sorry,” said the nurse. “I don’t know what came over me. On my
        honor as a nurse and a lady, I promise it won’t happen again. Now tell
        me, what seems to be the problem?”

        “It’s swollen,” Fred replied.

        Things went downhill from there.

        1. Connie Alsip says


          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Liver lips visited the pope on day. They were on stage at a gathering. The pope declared that with just one wave of his hand, the entire audience would stand and cheer. Killary challenged him to prove it. The pope backhanded her, knocking her completely off the stage. THE CROWD STOOD AND ROARED! ?

    7. peter7260 says

      It is refreshing to have elected a President who tells it as is.CNN is a fake news.I used to watch them,not any more.Trump is owned by no one.Obama was the tool for Nuland to topple foreign governments so her husband sells more arms to rogue governments. Obama’s Noble Peace Prize should be returned because under his watch there were more people killed.International Court of Justice and Human Rights must charge Obama for war crimes.

      1. Tiger says

        You know the score and yes it is about time for some reality.

    8. Anne Bradley says

      Learn about the Illuminati. I thought it was fake until I a saw the video of Ted Gunderson, Former FBI Special Agent. He was murdered after warning the public. Obama is following the Illuminati goals to the T. Here are 1-28: It isn’t pasting for me.I wll try in a separate comment

      1. Tiger says

        Anne I spent many years reading, reading and reading. Favorite topics, Secret Organizations, UFO, Ancient History and Religions of the world. Understood from listening to my mother and father’s conversations, I was an only child and they really educated me on poetry, world news, wars, music and all those topics I mentioned.

        Seems Evil and Underhanded Shadow Governments been around since time began. Think on how the priests and the religious leaders took the power given to people in the word of Saints and Jesus etc and gave it to themselves making the peons think you had to go through them in order to understand the ancient texts. That my friend same type of thinking or this is how I see it.

        The Podesta email leaks spoke of the Shadow Government on the 7th floor and even said have you checked it with the 7th floor. So yes something there and they were right on the verge of that One World Order. You ought to read those leaks.

      2. Tiger says

        Anne I don’t know if you got to see the Wikileaks or not but a site has been created by an American dedicated to them and new ones coming out. Here is an excerpt from one of the leaks showing how dangerous these people were and playing into all you posted.

      3. Tiger says

        Here is the site it is fascinating and these leaks showed some dangerous ideas for us.

    9. Anne Bradley says

      Illuminati Goals 1-28 (there are more but I stopped the video)
      1. Men are inclined to evil
      2. Preach Liberalism
      3. Freedom is an idea used to cause class wars
      4. Any and all means should be used to reach goals (The End Justifies The Means concept)
      5. Rights lie in force (concept)
      6. Power of our resources (keep invisibl – until no force can undermine it) Maintain invisibility
      7. Mob Psychology used to control the masses
      8. Use alcohol or drugs and other forms of vice to systematically corrupt the youth of the Nation
      CIA drug trafficking operations
      Nena, AR – drug trafficking (example used – this was obviously a Clinton Operation. They made $100 million a MONTH on drug trafficking alone when Bill Clinton was Governor in Arkansas.
      Senator Allen Spector- a big Washington, DC phoney. He held hearings on so called War Against Drugs. Deliberately had weak witnesses to help fuel the drug trafficking. Sen Spector had direct evidence from Mr. Gunderson about CIA fueling drug trafficking. It was suppressed! Gunderson also had info on Oklahoma City bombing (another CIA operative – not Timothy McVay – media lied to us)

      9. Seize property by any means – Farmers, businessmen, property is all being taken from illegal raids. Seized so govt can make money off them. (Nebulus charges)
      10. Deal with slogans – for psychological warfare – break promises
      Ie, Bill Clinton (he’s a draft dodging, womanizing, pathological liar
      11. War
      12. Must use wealth and have candidates in public office who would be obedient to their demands and would be used as pawns in the game (book: Pawns In The Game, by William Gycar, Canadian. Also movie, “Fatal Vision”, about Alena Stokely who did the real killing in the Dr. McDonald case (His wife and two daughters were brutally murdered and he was blamed. This is more than a loose knit network, it is a conspiracy with Washington DC coverts: drugs, pedophilia including child kidnapping, porn, corruption. See this video and others: https: // (last character maybe a zero,not sure) – published April 2016. Mr.Gunderson apparently was murdered thereafter. Other videos on this)
      Man behind the scenes. Advisors would have been bread, reared, and trained from childhood to rule the affairs of the world.
      13. Control the Press. Mainstream media is being controlled by the big power people. The phoney politicians, by the beurocrats, without any question about it.
      14. Agentures come forward and appear to be the saviors when actually they are just the opposite – set up to kill the masses
      15. Create industrial oppression and financial panic: Unemployment, Hunger, Shortage of Food, Control the Masses (or mobs – use mobs to wipe out all those who dare to stand in the way), Market Crash (occurred in October and another predicted soon, to drop 2,000 points)
      16. Infiltrate into the Secret Free Masonry, to be used for Illuminati purposes
      17. Expound the value of systematic deception. Use high sounding slogans, advocate promises to the masses even though they cannot be kept (Bill Clinton, George Bush). “Mr. A – talks about subliminal messages. Note, the logo of the Republican Party is an elephant with 3 stars across the top. If you look at it today, compared to 2 years+ ago, the stars have been inverted. The proints used to be at the top – now are at the bottom. Satanic, Subliminal message (inverted stars)
      18. Detail plans for revolutions discussed. The out of street fighting, to bring the population to its feet of subjection.
      19. Use their agentures as advisors behind the scenes after wars – secret diplomacy to gain control
      20. Establish and use monopolies toward world government control
      21. Use high taxes and unfair competition to bring about economic ruin by controlling raw materials, organized agitation among the workers in subsidizing competitors, (GAB, NAFTA)
      22. Build uparmements and fleets with soldiers to protect our interests. Note,11 agencies used to be allowed to carry side arms. Now we have 39.
      23. Members and leaders of the One World Government would be appointed by the Director
      Secret Classified Presidential Directive 25:allows the President of the US in the event of a conflict or crisis – to transfer his power over to the Secretary General of the United Nations
      24. Infiltrate into all classes – levels of society of government for the purpose of abusing and corrupting the youth members of society and keeping them believing theories and principles that we know to be false. “Base Education Program” – shoved down our throats by UN (Consider the Song, “We Don’t Need No Education” – the actual lyrics)
      25. National & International Law should be used to destroy civilization. There is talk about the World population being decreased to 500 million. US population being decreased to 20 million. (Gulf War Syndrome 700,000 American Troops went to the Gulf War. 4/5 of them today cannot even do a pushup because they are so ill- washed out of service). In the video he shows a book: Magick and The Theory Of Practice by Aleister Crowley (a man). One of the driving forces of Illuminati is Satanic Cult Forces today. Crowley’s writings used as a basis primarily in the US.
      BLOODY SACRIFICE (emphasis)
      Blood is the Light
      P 94, It would be unwise to condemn as irrational the practice of those savages who tear the heartad liver from adversary,and devour them while they’re warm. In any case, it was the theory of the ancient magicians that any living being has a storehouse of energy bearing in quantity and quality according to the size and health of the animal and in in quality according to the size of its mental and moral character. At the death of the animal, this energy is liberated suddenly. The animal should be killed within the – stopped at about 15 minutes.
      I will resume. Video: Ted Gunderson FBI Whistleblower killed by the Illuminati, published 12/12/2014

      1. Tiger says

        Oh yes they are real and have been busy for ages. The biggest names in politics and throughout the world are the same players and their offspring.

  2. gotabgood says

    You may think this is fake news at first, but look what benefits McConnell would receive if he kept ObamaCare….

    1. bill14729 . says

      We Already Know Your fake, GO TRUMP

    2. MAHB001 says

      BTW, did you know that a zygote was your birthplace… True…
      Leading me to believe in abortions for laws…. But because your zygote had the potential to become a human life, I would fight for it as hard as I fight to end abortions now.

      Things, and people don’t always turn out to be good, some are just plain evil.

      1. gotabgood says

        The problem is, as an individual, you are entitled to your own belief. When a group of you get together who believes the same as you, it takes on a different level of individuality….
        Car manufactures make different kinds of cars and trucks, big cars, big trucks, small cars, small trucks and in different colors, bench seats and bucket seats, from an electric car to a big V-8. They make that variety because peoples wants and needs are different. It is when some individual or a group of individuals tell you that you have to buy a green small truck with bucket seats and a 4 cylinder engine, manual transmission. The law says I have the right to buy what I want, but this group is determined that I buy what they want me to have, regardless of my needs.

        That is our constitution, that is also the will of God, that I have the right to choose what is best for ME! Why should some stranger, I never met, never will meet, living 1000’s of miles from me, tell me what is best for me??
        Now you may ask what I am talking about?
        Anything, and everything that involves a choice. I am sure you will come up with a doozy to explain why my scenario is all wrong… but deep in your soul (?) you know I am right.
        The bible says to bring up a child the way he should go.
        Trump was born in a castle…Many of us are not, some are born in the ghetto..

        Rich kids are just as bad/good as poor kids, but generally rich kids have parents that have acquaintances in powerful places and get the best of everything. Not so with the poor, kids are left at home alone, because someone has to work to put food on the table. the chance of that poor kid going to college is so remote, hardly worth talking about.. this day and age, he is likely to not finish high school with the cut budgets and closed schools.
        It is not a level playing field…

        1. MAHB001 says

          I agree with you, there is no constitutional way that we can be forced to purchase 0bamacare… The law is unconstitutional.

          Life is not fair… Not sure I understand where you are going with this comment. but I do not see anything that I really disagree with.

          1. gotabgood says

            I flat don’t get you!!!
            After 57 repeals of ObamaCare…and then two (2) trips to the SCOTUS, you come out and say it is unconstitutional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What planet are you from??????
            You do not respect ANY decisions the law agencies make……. ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!.
            Well 57 repeals didn’t work…. 2 trips to the SCOTUS, (which was bent heavily right) said IT WAS CONSTITUTIONAL!!

            And you might as well come out said… well wait until the SCOTUS get a hold of it… not believing it already made 2 trips there..

          2. MAHB001 says

            You do realize that our Government is corrupt?
            You do realize that even our Supreme Court is making decisions along ideological lines?
            You do realize that when 0bama started handing out get out of 0bamacare free cards to big businesses and his friends that that actions showed favoritism?
            You do realize that when 0bama deviated from the letter of the law to delay the pain of 0bamacare during the last three elections that he had then implemented the law unconstitutionally.

            Here is how I feel the law is unconstitutional.
            US Constitution Article 1, Section 8 – Powers of Congress

            The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States; To borrow money on the credit of the United States;

            As I see it, 0bamacare is a TAX that is NOT being applied UNIFORM ALLY to all. Congress is above that tax…. Big Businesses are above the tax.

            And if it were healthcare like we all call it, the Government IS NOT allowed to force it down our throats.

            If 0bamacare is healthcare – it is unconstitutional.

            If 0bamacare is a TAX – it is not being applied equally.

            So which kind of unconstitutional is it?

            When injustice becomes law, resistence becomes duty.

          3. gotabgood says

            When you say our government is corrupt and then you wander off the trail and get caught up in Obama this, Obama that.. you do not mention ANYTHING about your congress/senate or ex-president, or future president.
            I did not read past your ObamaCare free cards….. the rest is opinionated BS!

          4. MAHB001 says

            We were talking about 0bamacare were we not?

            Read my lips…..

            Elite Democrats = Elite Rebublicans = Elite MEDIA = Big Government Communists.

          5. gotabgood says

            ObamaCare has proven itself to be very valuable to millions of people.
            You are going to have your chance.. you own the WH, house and senate and soon SCOTUS…
            You will have no excuses…. you have a 100 days to see if what he said was true.

          6. MAHB001 says

            0bamacare from this point forward called “The Act” has proven very COSTLY to Hundreds of Millions of Americans.

            The Act, was sold on a stack of lies, to a trusting populace, that immediately had buyers remorse and knew they had been duped by a very dishonest 0bama administration, and DEMOCRAT party.

            The end of the act will not come soon enough for me…

          7. gotabgood says

            From the get-go it was called ACA..
            Right here is what I am talking about with the rightwing….. think this through..
            …”The Act” has proven very COSTLY to Hundreds of Millions of Americans.
            What is the total population of the USA?
            How many States did not signup for ACA?
            How many are completely satisfied with it?
            How many are just ok with it?
            They insured something like 20 million and that according to you has turned into hundredS of million.. it can’t be too many hundreds of millions of people, we only have 300 hundredS million in the US!
            Most people doing the complaining are from states that didn’t sign up and you are at the mercy of the insurance companies.
            So don’t do that… I realize that you were trying to exaggerate to make it sound better… but in the process you revealed lies.

          8. MAHB001 says

            EVERYBODY’S Insurance has gone up.

          9. gotabgood says

            Not true… and the majority of the states do not have ACA… they can blame their cost increase on only their policy holder… and by the way… ACA IS NOT an insurance company.. it is guide lines…
            Even with that said..

            Why 13 states have lower health insurance rates
            These 13 exchanges will have the lowest 2016 benchmark premiums – and these five factors are probably what’s driving averages down

            Follow us: @EyeOnInsurance on Twitter | on Facebook

            Inside those big Obamacare rate increases: State hostility to the law costs residents plenty


          10. MAHB001 says


            0bama promised that our insurance rates would go down if we just passed his version of socialized medicine… 0bama lied. and the insurance rates went up.

            0bama owns it… Democrats won it. Deal with it.

          11. MAHB001 says

            And lets talk about SCOTUS. In the Wikileaks documents, which I am sure you have dismissed, there was a reference made by Podesta that the decision were not going the lefts way UNTIL 0bama intervened.

            hmmmmm….. Influencing a Justice might just not be lawful. 0bama’s last pardon will be 0bama.

            The Obama administration applied political pressure on Roberts to sway his decision:

            “it was pretty critical that the President threw the gauntlet down last time on the Court…that was vital to scaring Roberts off.”

            You hear only what fits your ideology, it is your weakness. Just because the SCOTUS passed it, doesn’t mean that it is right…

          12. gotabgood says

            The only time I hear such stuff is from you rightwingers…. and then I ask for references…(web address) I get crickets.
            I have ask many people where do you do your fact checking???? again crickets

            Maybe when a rightwinger buys a computer, they take out all search engines and apply one nameless, website with no web address and that is updated daily with the things you are suppose to say???
            And Wikileaks has lost a ton of credibility with me..

          13. gotabgood says

            Lookie here… information source….. I will admit there is nothing main stream about these websites… But I will look at them.
            Your very first one said “page not found”.. but the rest opened up..

        2. Brenda says

          No, it is not a level playing field and never will be regardless of what label one places on it. The only times we are truly equal is at our births or deaths. What we do between those two events is up to us as individuals.

          1. gotabgood says

            That is a nice fairy tale, but that is not the real world.. if you were born to a poor family, you better thank God you have food for the day, anything beyond that is a miracle. When America was Great, before Reagan. The middle class could afford to send their kids to college, if they saved. Now with the prices going up and wages going down… There is NO WAY someone from a poor family is going to college, unless by a grant and I understand the right wants to either cut or do away with them!
            Is it impossible for the poor to go to college? No…. But someone is shinning a bright light on their butt.

      2. Chiefbuck says

        Check the numbers on abortion in respect to race. If this was well known Liberal democrats would be concerned about dropping minority voter numbers.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          sounds reasonable to me….Someting like Lebensborn in reverse.

    3. AL says

      You do the only things demoKKKrats do well LIE CHEAT and STEAL.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        They are not even all that good at doing that.

      2. gotabgood says

        Why does the DHS have you rightwingers listed as home grown terrorist?

        HOMELAND SECURITY… bush’s baby.

        With growing concerns over domestic radicalization
        ranging from Islamic fundamentalism, right wing extremists, white supremacists,
        local police officers have struggled to distinguish between those who simply
        hold extreme ideologies and those that acutely intend to commit violence or
        incite others.


        Of greatest
        concern to U.S. authorities are some followers’
        beliefs that they are allowed to use armed force to resist arrest and
        fight police.

        Federal law
        enforcement agencies only recently began focusing their efforts on tracking
        this growing movement, as previous efforts were hampered by politics. In 2009 DHS published a report warning of the
        growing threats of right-wing extremist groups, but Republican lawmakers,
        joined by some conservative Democrats, criticized the department for being politically motivated
        (even though most of the research work for the report was done under the
        Bush administration).


        A U.S. civil
        rights organization that tracks hate and bigotry says that the steady growth in
        right-wing extremist groups is worrisome. “The radical right caught fire last
        year, as broad-based populist anger at political, demographic and economic
        changes in America ignited an explosion of new extremist groups and activism
        across the nation,” writes Mark Potok of theSouthern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).


        Baldwin, a leader of the right-wing extremist

        Patriot movement, recently
        moved to Kalispell.

        His new ministry includes
        local white supremacists.


        Right-Wing Pressure, DHS Now Has ‘Just One Person’ Dealing With Domestic

        By Ben
        Armbruster on Jul 27, 2011 at 1:16 pm

        Former DHS Domestic
        Terrorism Analyst Daryl Johnson

        CNN reports this week that terrorism experts are warning
        that the “threat of domestic terrorist attacks in the United States similar to
        last week’s fatal bombing and assault in Norway is significant and growing”:

        The greatest threat of
        large-scale attacks come from individuals and small groups of extremists who
        subscribe to radical Islamic or far right-wing ideologies,
        said Gary LaFree, director of the National
        Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, or START.

        Ackerman said nationally, law enforcement has
        been focused since the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001
        on the threat of Islamic terrorism, even as the threat from domestic
        anti-government groups has been growing.

        “Some people believe we have taken
        our eye off the ball when it comes to domestic right-wing extremists,”
        he said.


        I could go
        on.. if you have doubts look up extremist for yourself..I gave you reports from
        homeland security thinking you would trust something bush started.

        We don’t
        need this folks…just because you lose at something does not give you the
        right to lie, steal or kill. United We

  3. bill14729 . says

    Just think Face Book wants CNN to Watch for Fake News on Face Book, Face Book and CNN make a good Pair Don’t They.

  4. MAHB001 says

    Fake news is ANY news altered for ideological reasons. The most insidious type of fake news is created by the use of bias by omission.

    Buzzfeed and CNN whether they did it intentionally or not used bias by Omission to create this fake news story. In other words, they only saw what was good for their ideology when creating this story,

    ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, etc all use bias by omission to create their news stories.

    Fake News is what we are fighting at Please join the fight.

    1. Chiefbuck says

      The best example of what you wrote is when the Washing Times had to file a lawsuit against the Washington Post in order for the Post to report on the Lewinski issue. So the Washington Post ignored it to protect Bubba Clinton. Much the same failure to report on Hillary’s action in respect to Benghazi and the email fiasco. Obama ordered her to keep Sidney Blumenthal out of the State Dept and not to communicate via State Dept email. She ignored him and look at the results, no matter Obama will not have her prosecuted and we can all guess why.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Hillary is as corrupt as they come. Benghazi was ignored to protect 0bama’s re-election run, and it is the best example of bias by omission that I can think of.

        But now that the MEDIA has gotten away with it, they seem to the practice daily.

        The only people that can stop this practice of yellow journalism is the people. and that is what we are doing at:

    2. Joseph Carrilho says

      Terrorism: the use of violence and ***intimidation*** in the pursuit of political aims.

      The narcissist, parasites use of intimidation and condescension has FINALLY failed. Yippee!!!

  5. MAHB001 says

    The fake news can not be stopped by Trump or the Government. It would be an infringement on our constitutional rights to free speech. We do not want the government to go there.

    We the People must do something about it. Here is your chance.

    1. gotabgood says

      Haven’t you heard the rumor? Trump wants to do away with the 1st amendment? Too many people are picking on him….

      1. Brenda says

        How is barring a particular news agency doing away with the 1st Amendment? Did not Obama bar FOX?

      2. Mathew Molk says

        Photoshopped an Oboma cartoon, huh?

  6. Skip Bradley says

    Short of doing harm to the people or property of CNN & BuzzFeed, there has got to be something We The People can do to bring both to their knees. Bankrupt them. Shut them down. SOMETHING!

    1. Brenda says

      Why did you use the born in Kenya as something Trump started. Hillary raised that question in her run against Obama. In fact, much of the things you attribute to Trump as having started were actually began by others.

      1. Chiefbuck says

        Correct but of course the liberal media has chosen to ignore that little tidbit

        1. Brenda says

          Along with millions that only read headlines.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        easy,,,,Commi-crats love revisionist history….When a fact doesn’t suite your agenda,,,Change it so it dose.

      3. gotabgood says

        If you are going to correct me on who started what.. at least have you information correct..

      4. gotabgood says

        After Birth

        investigate Donald Trump’s claim that the conspiracy theory about Barack
        Obama not being born in the U.S. originated inside Hillary Clinton’s
        2008 presidential campaign.

        David Emery

        Updated: Sep 18, 2016

        Hillary Clinton and/or members of her 2008 presidential campaign
        started the “birther” movement questioning whether Barack Obama was born
        in the U.S.


    2. Brenda Sinclair says

      wait yes trump did investigate Muslim Obama birth certificate , now sheriff Joe in AZ did do and investigation and found Obama birth certificate was forged , that in fact Muslim Barry aka Obama was born in Kenya raised as a Muslim, lived as a Muslim even in office as president, there was no Russian hacking, lying Obama started that lie to defy trump.,obammie does not want trump as president because obammie knows Jeff sessions will be indicting him for treason same as hillary also for their crimes against lives of innocent children with pizzagate which is not fake news .obammie was an illegal president, he is not due his pensions FOLKS REMEMBER ONCE A MUSLIM ALWAYS ONE AND TELL ME HOW DID A GAY AND A TRANNY HAVE TWO GIRLS? LOOK UP INFO ON THOSE girls,none, look up on Obama any past property none, pass jobs except for senate which soros planted him there

      1. gotabgood says

        Is that why Jesus told His disciples to go into all the world and preach the good news… except for the Muslims? Because once a Muslims, always a Muslim

        I would like to see the proof that it was a forged birth certificate…. and while at it… show me the proof your certificate is NOT a forgery.
        And just in case you just came out of your cave….. Obama is in the last days of his SECOND term…. and you are still stumbling around in the dark looking for some kind of foot hold….. that isn’t there.

    3. Chiefbuck says

      The Trump presidency will eventually be compared to the Clinton presidency. It’s ‘gonna’ get nasty when the treatment of women comes up.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        He HATES women and it’s why Trump has had the same executive assistant for years, (oops,,,,His main man is a lady….So much for that bit of fake news)

  7. John Topper says

    Think you got it a little wrong. CNN reported that there was a 2 page addendum to last Fridays Intelligence Briefing for Dolt 45. THAT’S ALL!. Not what was in it, where it came from or if it was verified and/or true.

    1. Mike says

      thank you. even Fox news defended their reporting.

  8. CrustyOldGeezer says

    MISTER TRUMP does not feel the need to cater to the ANTI-AMERICAN whims of the media, and THAT is why their crotchless panties are so wadded up.

    The shriller the whining, the more they prove to AMERICANS that they ‘assume’ they have value when, in reality, they are nothing more than spoiled children in serious need of numerous trips to the woodshed so their assess can have an intimate encounter with the razor strop.

    1. CrustyOldGeezer says

      And some just need a trip to the outhouse and shoved down headfirst and left.

      1. AL says

        That is just were they belong for they are FULL of it. That is ALL DEMOKKKRATS

      2. Joseph Carrilho says

        They ALL need a laxative AND an enema.

    2. Brenda Sinclair says


      1. CrustyOldGeezer says

        Send a letter to their advertisers asking them to stop the HATE AMERICA proselytizing by refusing to fund less than HONEST and TRUTHFUL ‘news’ broadcasts.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        Haven’t watched them in years.

  9. Bob Stewart says

    Damn, a news story that I can agree with. Strange. It’s got to be bad if MSNBC criticizes something written by a liberal press.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Just said those very words to my wife….Maybe MSNBC has seen the light and dosen’t want to go under with teh rest of them.

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        Has anyone noticed? Politicians are changing their “tune” – even Angela Merkel.

  10. AL says

    CNN is the Communist Nut Network. They should all be JAILED FOR THE LIES THEY HAVE TOLD.

    1. Brenda Sinclair says

      WOW YES I AGREE and if trump not allow the news media near him bet they would stop their lies soon

  11. tCotUS says

    CNN received 3 Million from the Clinton Foundation ??

  12. dinddong says

    They lost their credibility, I don’t watch their channel anymore.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      …..never watched it……

  13. ralph says

    I look so forward to getting on with this President and his people in full service, because for the first time I can see some adult hood and brains in the Federal Government until now that has been totally hidden from me. And the news media has sucked for so long I don’t hardly ever watch it any more for it turns my stomach. I even shut of cable and I do not use any business that has CNN on when I walk in for i right off think of them as stupid or a crook

  14. Gary Smith says

    cnn is Clinton network news

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      Criminally Nsane Narcissists.

  15. RsGoat says

    NBC had an interesting article about the author people should read. It explains there were two reports on those pages titled “disinformation” one on Trump and the other on the Clinton’s so why only print one of them? the other reason to read this article is when you do it is not hard to see the spy in question gathered his information from rumor and innuendo which is obviously fact? especially when coming from a source that, as explained in the article harbors a grudge! and when the BBC went to question him about his report he had flown the coup, gone, no response, went into hiding:

  16. Ron C says

    Ha, don’t fret Mika…The MSM has already been outed as propagandist’s for the democrat party. You people can wallow in the gutter all you want, after all no one with an once of brain matter believes you people are professional journalist anyhow….just saying!

  17. Teleman119 says

    The Left keeps showing us what immoral people they are, liars, defamers, baby killers, traitors. All the feces they throw should remind everyone of why not to elect anyone they don’t viciously attack.

  18. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Trump says, Trump lies. Trump demands. Trump lies. Trump refuses. Trump lies. 44 Presidents had NO problem becoming president. This son of burning in hell bitch thinks he can play he “need to know” games like he did on “The Apprentice.”

    Trump calls BBC, a 94 year old news source FAKE news. But then, suck suck suck on Bannon’s Breitbart news? Who is bullshitting whom here?

    When Trump can’t abide by laws and rules of the First Amendment, we cook his goose. We fight fire WITH fire. When he and his Contwat lied about “not knowing” about the Russian dossier when it was stated several times by the very people who handed him those documents and Comey admitted discussing it with him BEFORE it was leaked to the public, He and Contwat prove these two are prick faced assholes we cannot trust. Lie so publicly and now there is no choice but to find a way to get rid of the Republican Election Rigging Party.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      I guess you were too enamored with Obummer (and Hitlery) to know what lying is…..

  19. David in MA says

    “having our political press descend to the realm of supermarket tabloid reporting is extremely dangerous for our democracy.”
    So is referring to America’s Constitutional Republic as a democracy!

  20. junkmailbin says

    Use the correct term. It is propaganda not fake news

  21. RsGoat says

    You have got to read this one it explains a lot. They have another article that says there was a Hilary part to that Dissinformation attatchment but here they explain it was part of a training package to show President Trump the difference in types of intelligence. It also goes a long way into explaining why they are so mad at this making it’s way to the public! Example training material being used for news!!

  22. Michael Dennewitz says

    I have never, EVER trusted any branch of the media! Added to that, almost 6 years ago, I physically walked to the back of my home and threw my only TV into the canal. I listen to music on my CD player – that’s it !! ?

    1. Mathew Molk says

      I am still pissed about Walter Krankite telling the American public we lost the ’68 TET offensive. I was there. If the VC and NVA would have done it again we would have started shooting at each other for something to do. We exterminated them – Fake news is nothing new. It goes back a lONG ime.

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        …….class of 69 & 70; HELLuva school.

    2. Joseph Carrilho says

      When I was just a little boy (the 50’s), I “KNEW” there was something WRONG with TV news.

  23. chuck says

    I want Seth Meyers to apologize to President Elect Tump and to Kellyanne Conway for the way he grilled her on his show due to this fake news story. I will never watch his Late Night show again.

    It’s about time everyone show respect for our election process and also show Trump the respect he deserves.

  24. Wayne Thorson says

    I have bragging rights. They are good for the next 4 years. I voted for Hillary who received more popular votes than any other candidate that has ever run for president. I can brag that I didn’t vote for Trump. There are Trump supporters on this blog that will eventually deny that they voted for him. It is just a matter of time.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      Take a laxative……

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        So you are a Trump supporter. I would like to hope that you are right. I would love to eventually admit I was wrong. But I would put my money on it that I am right. Trump has already done what I predicted he would do. He gave those top 1% a 10%% reduction in their taxes. He never reduced yours and mine one bit. How could you vote for someone like that? He has already surrounded himself in that cabinet with nothing but billionaires. What do you think they are going to do for you? Trickle down economics has never worked and it never will.

        1. Arizona Don says

          Come on Wayne he is not even in office until next Friday.

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            Don’t you watch the news? Trumps first priority in the first 100 days is to give those filthy rich people a 10% reduction in their taxes.

          2. Arizona Don says

            More false news.

          3. Wayne Thorson says

            This isn’t false news that’s exactly what came out of Trump’s mouth. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard what Trump plan is for the first 100 days.

          4. Arizona Don says

            Of course I have heard the plan for the first one hundred days. However, two things here. First it depends where you get your news and secondly it depends on your perception of that news. Perception is a very strange thing. Different people can listen to the same thing or see the same thing and come away with a different interpretation of what they saw or heard.

          5. Wayne Thorson says

            I watched Trump say this on Fox News and most of the other news stations also repeated it. They are still talking about it. Just turn on the news and you will know.

          6. Arizona Don says

            Just how did he say that? What were the words he used? Quite frankly I do not believe you therefore, you will need to prove it.

          7. Wayne Thorson says

            He said it along with building that wall and making Mexico pay for it and undoing Obama Care. I am not the only one that’s repeating what he said. Watch the news. Get out of your dream world.

          8. Arizona Don says

            So you just avoided my question. Quite frankly Wayne I think you’re a damn liar!

          9. Wayne Thorson says

            Well excuse me. I still have bragging rights. I didn’t vote for that buffoon Trump.

          10. Arizona Don says

            Are you saying he is going to give the super rich a tax break and not the middle class? If he gives a tax break to the middle class why should he not the wealthy as well. Do you advocate punishing the successful and rewarding the lazy. Has it ever occurred to you if you want more of something reward it and if you want less punish it. Using the tax system as punishment or a way of getting even is infantile at best. Perhaps that doesn’t make sense to you.

          11. Wayne Thorson says

            Are you one of those Republican voters that believes that when a Republican talks about reducing taxes that he is including you.? I hate to hurt your feelings but you are wrong. Trump only said he was going to reduce the super rich 10% in their taxes. There are a lot of weak minded Republican voters that say they are going to vote Republican because they will reduce their taxes. I hope now that we are under complete Republican rule that you people will finally learn this fallacy. This country is not going to turn around until we redistribute the money from the filthy rich to the middle class. This is done by raising taxes on the filthy rich and lowering the taxes on the middle class. This just makes common sense. So come down out of your clouds and get out of you dream world.

          12. Arizona Don says

            This statement is very interesting I must say you looked smarter then someone who is waiting for sharing the wealth of the super rich. Why should they pay more in taxes (percentage wise then you) we all have the same opportunity. Remember life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Remember what I said if you want more of something reward it. If it is less you want punish it. Perhaps you cannot understand that. What gives you the right to share in the wealth of a billionaire I can not wait for that answer. So you do not really believe in free enterprise. Do you think you should share your wealth. I bet not.

            Maybe you should start to watch a more reliable news source if you believe he will only reduce the billionaires taxes. You know that is not true so why do you say it? Are you like obama a compulsive liar too.

            Any government that can give you anything you want can take anything you have. Remember that. Your statement that the country will never turn around until the money from the super rich is redistributed is pure unadulterated socialism (BS) and you look to smart to promote socialism. Surely you are or must be more misguided then I had thought. If the money were to be as you suggest redistributed within ten years it would be back in the same peoples hands it is now. Did you ever work for a poor person?

          13. Wayne Thorson says

            If it doesn’t upset you that when you pay your taxes that it is given to the filthy rich and not to the less fortunate then just keep voting Republican. Last spring I wrote 2 checks out totaling just under $14000.00 for my state and federal taxes.. That’s over and above what I had paid during the year in taxes. It upsets me that it is all going to the filthy rich who didn’t pay a single dollar in taxes.

    2. Arizona Don says

      Sorry you lost your ability to reason. But then perhaps you never had that ability. However, I supported Donald Trump, voted for him and I will never say I did not. Furthermore I donated to him in the general. He is the one person that can and will save us from this obama abyss we are currently being pushed into by the progressive democrats namely barack obama and his henchmen.

      Donald has made and will make many many sacrifices for this once great nation. Donald is taking no salary. Also because he has many hotels he will donate any revenue acquired from international leaders, staying at one of them, to the US treasury. Unlike what would have happened under hillary there will be no pay for play deals going on. No half a million speaking fees (for a 20 minute speech) for a member of the family.

      Under hillary the United States of America would have become a Venezuela. If that is what you desire you likely made a great choice voting for her. Democrats lately have lost all ability to lead. obama demonstrated that with his lead from behind trick. There is little doubt obama is the worst president in 240 plus years. No doubt whatsoever! Democrats have nine out of the worst ten. Quite a record.

      hillary spent over 1.2 BILLION dollars in an effort to defeat Donald Trump and lost big time (much of which undoubtedly came from foreign governments). Donald spent a small percentage of that and won the lions share of electoral college votes. Even in spite of many underhanded tactics the progressive democrats elites tried. By the way for your information that was the fifth time a candidate lost the popular vote and won with the electoral college.

      I am very glad you will get to share in the benefits of electing Donald and in the making America Great Again. Have a nice day.

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        You can fool some to the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. I will be so happy if I am wrong. This country is ruled completely by Republicans now. What ever happens now nobody can blame the Democrats. You better sell all your stock. Sell all your farm land. It is just a matter of time now. Bank interests are going to go through the roof. Just remember how good you have now because it is going to get bad. Remember there are no body bags coming home across the big pond. Write It down in your notes all the benefits you have now and soon will be losing. So at the next election you will vote right. Trickle down economics has never worked and it never will.

        1. Arizona Don says

          You may very well be right about interest rates going up however, I suspect you do not understand why. You, like many other democrats, will blame it on Donald Trump but nothing could be farther from the truth. You see right now, after obama printed trillions of dollars to keep interest rates down and the economy on life support and his false economy going, there is a surplus of money in the money supply. Consequently, as soon as the economy begins to pick up inflation will kick in. If we go by the amount of money printed it could go as high or higher then it did under Carter.

          You talk of total control of republicans however, you fail to understand or remember obama had total control for two years after he was elected. Plus he had nearly all the press supporting him. He was even pictured on Newsweek with a halo. While another headline stated we are now socialists. Teachers were writing songs praising obama for the first and second graders to sing. However, everything he touched failed from day one. Including two economic bailouts amounting to nearly two trillion dollars. He lied repeatedly even his biggest accomplishment (if in fact it can be called an accomplishment) is now imploding, self-destructing, right before our eyes. The ACA. Obama has accomplished nothing absolutely nothing. Donald has done more for America and Americans then obama has done in eight years and he is not even sworn in yet. The obama legacy is blank. No president in 240 plus years had such a dismal record of so little growth as obama. Obama has also taken down Americas credit rating. He entered the office on OJT and he will leave the same way. Another negative first!

          Obama ran up so much debt that that alone could and may take America to its knees if interest rates, as you suggest, go out of control. How does America service that debt? Do even you know? I however, predict Donald Trump will not hide behind the lame excuse of blaming someone else. What he will do is face the problem head on. Because it can be solved no other way!

          You democrats, it seems, think Venezuela is a good example of success. That is certainly the way obama is steering America right now. But we have a great example of your successes right here in America it is Detroit. Over 55 years of democratic rule. The town is working it way out of its shambles. But the democrats had to be thrown out first.

          obama has done nothing for America. He also has done nothing to make race relations better. Which is mostly why he was elected. He has done nothing for the inter-cities because he does not know what he is doing. It is also true obama promised much but delivered nothing. Even his unexplained fundamental transformation failed. But I recall thousands of democrats cheering wildly when he announced it and they did not even know why they were cheering. He ran on hope and change but Americans never were able to see that hope and there was no change.

          Next Friday he will leave office and most of America will sigh a sigh of relief. Americans are waking up to discover obama was a total and complete failure.

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            When Obama inherited the White House, this country was losing 850,000 jobs a month. For the last 6 years this country has gained 200,000 jobs a month on the average. The stock market has almost tripled. Farm land is at the highest it has ever been. Gas has been at about $2 a gallon. We can get hamburger at $2 a pound. There are no body bags coming home from across the big pond. Try to remember what it is like now in about a year or two. You don’t realize how good you got it. Obama Care is here to stay. It might change it’s name but it will be the same. Changing it’s name isn’t going to change the cost from going up. It is how the Republicans that are owned by the prescription companies that cost health care to go up. Compare what prescriptions in the U.S. cost ; to what they cost in Canada. You can save about 75% on them if you go to Canada to get them. And it will be the same drugs you buy here.

          2. Arizona Don says

            Up until the time the democrats took over the legislative branch in 2006 things were going fine. However, I was never a big Bush supporter and still am not. Although I voted for him (the lessor of two evils). I did not and still do not support his decision to go to war with Iraq. I am a disabled Nam veteran. Also a stupid useless war. However, Bush (both Bushes) won in Iraq obama lost the peace there. It is because of his ignorant actions we now have to contend with isis/isil.

            One month there were nearly 850,000 jobs lost. The uncertainty of obama winning the election was a part of the cause of that. Your insinuation there were many months like that is totally wrong. Furthermore, you insinuation obama has added monthly 200,000 average is also incorrect do a little research and learn the truth. obama is the first president in history to serve two terms and never have a growth over two percent we actually never recovered from the depression of 2008/09. Under Donald things will now recover. I predict a growth rate in his second year of nearly 5%. Donald Trump is the first president since Ronald Reagan I have actually voted for all the others were the lessor of two evils.

            obama made a lot of promises in 2008, while running for president and they sounded good but he delivered on none of them in some cases he did the opposite. Like transparency instead he was clandestine. Not even one including healthcare, which is now self-destructing! He entered office on OJT and will leave the same way. Next Friday. He has spent nearly a hundred million dollars on vacations. In eight years. Looks like he ran for vacations not president. Also obama is an egotistical narcissist. He is an absolute perfect example of total uselessness. He is in love with himself. He is also a puppet of george soros. He is at the very least is a muslim sympathizer if not a muslim himself. His intent has always been to destroy the free enterprise system and our Constitutional Republic. His mentor was communist. That is why he supports sharing the wealth. He told us so when he promised an unexplained fundamental transformation.

            To list all of obama’s broken promises and outright lies would take a book however I have a record of many which I would be happy to share with you even though I realize I would be wasting my time on you. You are so blinded by the main stream media propaganda you are unable to reason any more.

            As I said before have a nice day if such is possible with your outlook.

          3. Wayne Thorson says

            Go back and turn on Fox News. You are obviously a Fox News addict. I voted for Hillary. The person that got more popular votes than any other politician running for president has ever had. So I am with the majority of the American people when I say what I think. You are with the minority. Hillary said she would continue where Obama left off. The American people liked that. That is why she can brag about her vote total. I can brag for the next 4 years I didn’t vote for Trump. Things are going to get bad. You are sitting there with just a bunch of hope that Trump will produce some of the things he said he was going to do. If he does I will be surprised.

          4. Arizona Don says

            Well prepare to be surprised. He has already done more for keeping jobs in the USA then obama has in eight years. obama even said getting them to stay was impossible. When are you going to understand he, obama, has failed at everything. However, you’re right she did say she would begin where obama lift off. Get it? That is exactly why she was NOT elected and Donald was. 68% of Americans said they thought America was headed in the wrong direction. Most of the election map was a solid red. So Wayne you supported a loser. But stay on the dead end road you will get nowhere.

            If you desire to be misinformed all your life that is your business. So continue to get your news from CNN and MSNBC as well as NBC and the rest of the lame stream media. Makes no difference to me.

            I see now you are not teachable at best. Have a nice next eight or sixteen years. I am certain you too can prosper under both Trump and Pense. Your vote is now immaterial. The progressive communist democrats are committing political suicide. 2 X 8 = 16. Enjoy!

            Good day!

          5. Wayne Thorson says

            It’s just a matter of time before I can start bragging I didn’t vote for Trump and you will be ashamed that you did and won’t admit it.

      2. Sicklesteel says

        …agree with you 100% AZ Dan and I will be happy to see people who are not gong to support the new president….at least give him a chance to try and be different. But…..we both know that isn’t going to happen. Have a great new year Dan…all the best…

  25. Terry says

    Remember Cock Robin ( The sky is falling ) that is what liberal so called news is about . You could also use the old story about crying Wolfe .

  26. Don says


  27. Don says

    both cnn and buzzfeed should have their news pass canceled for all news conferences!!!!

    1. Arizona Don says

      Don’t worry its coming. One more cession like the last one with Donald and they may very well do just that. Attempting to talk down Donald Trump will be a loser. While this false news had better end because it will be called out each and every time. Count on it!

  28. papa doug says

    CNN, the “Clinton News Network”, has for a long time been broadcasting garbage unbeknownst to most of the public. CNN built it’s reputation on honest reporting but in this election cycle it has shown it’s true colors and calls into question it’s integrity all along! It has become nothing more than an electronic version of supermarket tabloids and should be ignored and boycotted.

  29. WhiteFalcon says

    None of the so called main stream media should be given any credibility until their so called news is thoroughly vetted and cross referenced through totally unbiased sources. They should never be taken at their word because their word is worthless.

  30. daveveselenak says

    We no longer have a free press which equates to “US” no longer being a free country! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION as the tyranny will only increase – guaranteed!

  31. Connie Alsip says

    Sick and tired of the smirking face of Anderson Cooper spewing fake news, then defending their action as “journalism”, while speciously attacking the PEOTUS. Acosta was RUDE to Trump. So glad Trump is making a stand against these slavering Hildebeast syncophants.

  32. ONLYJB1 says

    This first 4 year term will decide the next 65 years! Where does America stand, 65 years from now? According to Nostradamus the future may be bleak! Time will tell. We have to root out the democommies from within!

  33. ONLYJB1 says

    Until we root out the communist faction in America, we will remain with the same degenerative state! Nothing will change. Of course the democommies will work to keep their efforts clandestine!

  34. snowyriver says

    Most media stations are guilty of a well told half truth. “A well told half truth is worse than the blackest lie”

  35. susmart3 says

    Folks who follow partisan Breitbart and Drudge have *no* business calling any other source “fake.”

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      ……and your “business” here? Trolling like a two-bit whore.

      1. susmart3 says

        And you have such a mastery of words.

  36. TOM P O'DONNELL says

    WSJ has turned out to be a huge disappointment. No better than the anti Trump rags. After seeing the Weakly Stand Down and the National Repuke rape the word conservative. I am no longer one. I formed my own independent party. SPIRIT OF AMERICA PARTY.DOW HITS 20,000 ON 1/20/17.

    Cubans are being punished for voting for Trump. The demo commo party sold out the Cuban people a long time ago. It goes back to the CIA betrayal at the Bay of Kennedy’s. Then the Clinton kidnapping of Elian Gonzalez for Castro favors during Holy Week. Then the mock hearing of Judge Estrada by Heinrich Schumer the demo commo pharisee. The sad part is that many Latinos believe the communist lie that the party of death to little children is their friend. How many people of color on Hitlery’s platform? ZERO. Sanders sold out for a third house. He never intended to go to the convention floor.


    The real reason that Putin is jealous of the democrat party is they are more communist than he is.

    The demo commos use minorities to divide the country. You are not a minority if you are American. Americans are the majority. If we lose our country, the last words you will hear will not be Kill the blacks, kill the Latinos. The last words you will hear is shoot the Americans.

    The sign symbols for Trump are two thumbs up. Then two index fingers pointing to heaven.

  37. Ricarrdo estavans says

    Ever since the media has been taken over by the internationalist communists, they are nothing but mouthpieces and a secretarial pool of the communist/democrap party. The 4th estate has died.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      The 4th. Estate moved to a new home, the internet……

      1. Ricarrdo estavans says

        At least I and you are still able to comment. Try commenting on an editorial page of your local communist propaganda rag with a conservative view. It will never be published. Try calling into msnbc,abc,cbs,cnn,even fox etc and voice your opinion, good luck. All we get from liberal/communist news sites is dog schit to eat.

  38. Deplorable wizard says

    Hey, I found out from a guy I met the other night at the bar that said he heard from a dude who’s wife told him her sister learned while at the nail salon that at least one if not more of the Trump children are robots and that Trumps goal is to replace the lawn at the white house with concrete so he can roller blade around in the nude with his robot kids that were made in Taiwan with Russian technology.

    Ok , I stretched it a little, the president will be wearing pants.

    Do you think I could get a byline at CrapNewsishNetwork? I don’t know about buzzedfeed, I stopped getting high like that years ago.

    1. lll% says

      Hit the press quickly, it’s the people’s rite to know this 🙂

      1. Deplorable wizard says

        Yeah but, I might need to spice up the spin some. Can’t have liberals blame me for being “robophobic”.

        And just so I don’t get my buddies friend’s wife’s sister’s manicurist in trouble I should say, “a reliable source speaking anonymously because they are not authorized to disclose the information”.

  39. soldier for liberty says

    Nothing new their just getting exposed! Propaganda always has been.

  40. TPS12 says

    msm has a credibility problem to begin with, and buttfeed and crapnn just proved it. If you can’t see the outright bias your blind.

  41. GODBlessRealAmerica says

    CNN has no credibility we target over 4 million emails to boycott them and take their sponsors to REAL NEWS FOX NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CNN= RACIST DEMOCRACKHEAD LYING PERVERTED ANDERSON NEWS~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. robert sanders says

    nobody I knows watches cnn. croney bastards

  43. Cheryl Heberle says


  44. Ginger says

    It is disgusting that the mainstream media is so partisan they can no longer report real news, so now all of it is becoming fake. Either clean up your act, or we will stop paying attention to you MSM.

  45. sensrbtch says

    he election of the dondi trumpit was an ACT OF GOD! tuat else is there? all the newsies ARE AFRAID TOO SAY ANTTHING THAT WILL TRICK OUT THE WOMANS, NIGGERS, QUEERS FOR FEAR THAT THEY WILL BE CALLED RACISTS MUTHA-FUCKERS! WORDS OF THE Last pres; OBOLAHNIKS! and he did not lick whiteyes, or other blacks. he was in denial, and his tutu fat ass wife hated being the 1st big black-fat ass in the 1st woman slot?? did any one see the white-pigs clammier too her teat stink??+NO WAY! good riddek to the obolahs,and all their stink!

  46. don76550 says

    Couldn’t agree with Trump more.

  47. Bruce Harrison says

    The entire episode repeated a pattern from the presidential campaign, in which the media reported something presumed to be damaging to Trump, then waited for him to implode, and expressed shock when he did not.

    However, on previous occasions, there was usually some kernel of truth to the stories, such as a remark Trump himself had actually made in public. In this case, there is no real evidence whatsoever of the allegations, and significant evidence to the contrary, including evidence of a hoax.The entire episode repeated a pattern from the presidential campaign, in which the media reported something presumed to be damaging to Trump, then waited for him to implode, and expressed shock when he did not.

    However, on previous occasions, there was usually some kernel of truth to the stories, such as a remark Trump himself had actually made in public. In this case, there is no real evidence whatsoever of the allegations, and significant evidence to the contrary, including evidence of a hoax…… from Brietbart

  48. introspector7 says

    CNN, Conjured News Network.

  49. Jon's On says

    If you call yourself a news agency then act like one. Verify, verify, verify. It’s so ridiculous how the left is acting because one of their worst candidates in years lost. Whaaaaa!! Get over it and act like adults not like sniveling little cry babies.

  50. skipfoss says

    What really gets my goat is that CNN and all the rest of the fake news have jumped on the bull shit train like a bunch of rabbit dogs,no proof no verification but they go ahead print it as fact so they can get the usefull idiots screaming like a bunch of loons.I would love to see these fools go after Clinton for selling 25% of our uranium to Russia and Omuslime for clearing the way for Iran to receive it from Russia so they can take less time to get their nuclear bomb to take out Israel and us,I also like them to go after Omuslime for his illegal push to sell our country to the Muslim Sharia trash,he has not ignored ISIS’s threat to send terrorist in with the illegal Muslime’s he knew all about it and was hoping that would happen so that when the half breed bastard left office that they would be able to attack us through out our nation and for that I hope that some one shorten his sorry ass life ,but we will not be that lucky he like Jimmy Carter will keep flapping his liberal muslim commie mouth for years to come

  51. RsGoat says

    It is good to see some one dish it up to these low life news agencies whose main goal in life seems to be pushing the public into one bad decision after another.

  52. Bob says

    CNN and MSNBC are awful news shows. They pump CNN into all the airports like it is real news. It’s liberal extrimist propaganda.

  53. Karin Murray says

    CNN (Clinton News Network, or Communist News Network), needs to let it go. We are sick and tired of your crap. I know you would be laughed off the air by the great news people like Walter C, David and Chet. We the People, are over your sensational news BS. Do you even know what honest reporting is? I didn’t think so. You are lame, like your boy in the white house.!

  54. elmcqueen3 says

    The problem with the leftist liberal national news media is they believe they are more powerful than our government…they believe they are more powerful than the POTUS…they believe they have the power to smear anyone they choose without consequences…they have given themselves the power to dictate what policies American citizens are to accept as the reality of any given situation…what facts are to be believed and what facts are to be discarded…the leftist liberal national news media have become this country’s worst enemy…they are the new communist of today’s society….naturally many publishers of the news like the Denver Post will always print stories and or political jabs to the benefit of the left…TIME magazine has also resorted to this type of enhanced propaganda…whereas the truth is only what the left wants the people to believe…Alarmingly their bias really does work to quote the centuries old adage that “the pen is mightier than the sword”…Karl Marx should be so proud.

  55. RsGoat says

    Too ready to smear Trump that they don’t check their sources. One report puts the time line like this. A group hires a person to find “dirt on Trump who then connects with his Russian sources who can’t be verified and put’s together a report to sell back to those hungry to by this dirt! What could go wrong. This report makes it’s way into the hands of some Senator’s who drop on the desk of the CIA who as a courtesy show it to Trump and Obama because it is “out there”! now it has been briefed so CNN and TMZ feel they need to report on this and some bone head also feels the need to hand over this report to one of them. It could have been the people who paid to get the information or a minor employee handling the paper’s thinking they should share it with the public because of Trump mania, bad move. This created a rift between the head of the CIA and Trump who has a right to be upset but should take a step back and consider that possibility I mentioned first about those who paid for this report who wanted to cause him problems being the culprits because they are doing that. But I also must say our Democratic Party is working harder to sink our government then any foreign adversarial government has ever worked in the past and this ill advised report is only the tip of that ice berg. 35 members of our government not showing up for the inauguration while calling our duly elected President illegitimate dose not help.
    These are not political games but treasonous acts from dangerous childish adults thoroughgoing tantrums. These example’s with the ripples they send into our country will not be good and will lead to some future bad circumstances.

  56. AL says

    CNN is Communist Nut Network CBS is Communist Bull Sh1t NBC is No Brain Communist ABC All Brainless Communist Remember this for it is ALL TRUE

  57. WhiteFalcon says

    CNN and BuzzFeed have shown their colors and neither are relevant any more. They have created their wom reputations. I’m glad their reputations are theirs and not mine.

  58. Pepot says

    President Trump should encourage congress to pass a law requiring all media reporters to be certified and licensed to weed, censor and prohibit reporters to publish disinformation. Bad reporters or news organization will be stripped of their licensed and should be banned reporting

  59. dux nobis28 says

    Does anyone really care or believe what CNN reports? Do any normal people what cnn?

  60. mholdcraft says

    Who in their right mind would believe anything CNN reports? They have shown their biases so many times that truth has left their vocabulary. Personally, I don’t believe any news source because they have all left news behind and become propagandists for one side or the other. None of them speak the whole truth. Read all supposed “news” with caution – extreme caution.

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