CNN: Hillary Broke the Mold as First Lady


In a segment filled with reporters and pundits who had never heard of Nancy Reagan, CNN said Friday that Hillary Clinton faced “scrutiny uncommon for a president’s spouse” when her husband won the White House in 1992. Playing off Bill Clinton’s dramatic encounter with Black Lives Matter protesters last week (and hyping their own Race for the White House series), The Lead’s Jake Tapper said that Hillary “changed the rule book for first ladies.”

Correspondent Tom Foreman agreed. “She absolutely opened the door for a lot of first ladies to do a lot of different things,” he said. “But it was a bumpy ride, Jake.”

This segued into a pre-produced piece that advertised their upcoming special, beginning with the first allegations of infidelity that plagued Bill Clinton throughout both his campaign and his presidency.

“Aside from the candidate,” Foreman said in voice-over, “no one felt the heat more than his wife.”

We’re supposed to view Hillary as this long-suffering, heroic woman because she is married to a philanderer. This is why she “changed the rule book”?

Well, the panel was making a point tangential to that one. They claimed that Americans were turned off by Hillary’s first national television exposure. They played the clip of the happy couple defending themselves in a 60 Minutes interview, arguing that Hillary made a bad first impression when she made her “I’m not some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette” comment. And from there, the voters wouldn’t let her do what she wanted to do.

“Hillary Clinton played an active role in her husband’s bid to unseat the first President Bush,” Foreman said, “and she wanted a say in White House policy. But after the win, that spurred scrutiny uncommon for a president’s spouse – over her ties to the legal profession, a real estate deal – even the suicide of a family friend.”

So…reading between the lines here…the message seems to boil down to this: Because the media and the American people were so sexist in 1992, Hillary Clinton was unable to be her husband’s co-president like she wanted to?

This has been mostly forgotten to history, but Bill Clinton just barely won the 1992 elections. Without Ross Perot in the mix, he would have probably lost to Bush. The man himself was seen as a barely-legitimate president by millions of Americans. And then his wife – a woman who did not get a single vote – wants to put her grubby hands on the wheel?

It didn’t have anything to do with Hillary’s “Tammy Wynette” moment. It was principle. America elected Bill, not Hillary. That’s not too hard to figure out, is it?

Well, when you’re pushing her as this unique, amazing, overqualified-to-be-president figure, you have to ignore some of the inconvenient facts.

  1. Croco Dile says

    Honor those who are giving their all for your freedom !

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      1. Paiute says

        Send me that $5000 you owe me.

  2. del says

    Not this old gal…..

  3. Gary Smith says

    A friend has a son in law in the secret service he says she cursed and threw dishes.

    1. Ted Crawford says

      Apparently she also attempted to steal those she didn’t throw! Along with furniture, and drapery, a little flatware and stemware as well!! After all they were nearly broke, down to their last few Million dollars and only a couple of mansions left!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        The psychologist of the present all say that most guilty men who abuse women, rape, throw things and are out of control with anger, (you your BS artists?) are the ones who NEVER EVER take responsiblity for their OWN actions. It’s a pathological reaction to being an adult who never grew up.

        1. Ted Crawford says

          Have I missed your point here, or are you comparing Hillary to Michelle, “of unknown gender”?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            It is quite clear that “some” American men in this country loathe the idea of ANY woman in power who has achieved major accomplishments. Both Hillary AND Michelle can force you to eat their dust in terms of career achievements.

            Look at how many highly intelligent women in the US have been crucified just for being smart women…Anita Hill, Marsha Clark, Gloria Steinem, Bela Abzug, Geraldine Ferrara, Wendy David, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary who holds the longest record for men like you who can’t stand ANY woman to be smarter than you will EVER be.

            Hillary is the ONLY candidate at present who has clearly articulated the policies of President Obama.

            Trump will be gone by August 2016. There has never been a loss he has ever stayed around for. Those of us in the NY/NJ Metro area know this one all too well.

            That odd expression on Cruz the Scuz’s face? Uncertainty as to whether he can actually be eligible for the presidency. The closer he gets, the more he fears being outted and with him, the entire BS blowhard state of TexASS.

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            How sad. You are what’s wrong with the 19th amendment. Voting simply for lady parts. Neither of the women would be a thing had they not married powerful men.

          3. foxfire says

            gosh…you missed Margaret Sanger…..Hellary’s role model/idol/heroin. she only wanted to eradicate the black race. nice role model. Hey…when ya’ see Hell-ary walkin’ in that pantsuit it looks like Yoda & R2D2 wrestling in a Hefty bag !!!!!!!!!!!

          4. ABO says

            Just an oversight I’m sure, foxfire.

          5. Ted Crawford says

            Oh goody, another delusional Female Chauvinist, as was half of your list, I was surprised to not see Margret Sanger on your list!
            There are and have been many Women worthy of praise! From Mary, and Ruth of the Bible through Florence Nightingale, Harriet Tubman,Eleanor Roosevelt, Indira Gandhi, Emilia Earhart, Margaret Thatcher, Condeelessa Rice, Susan Martinez, my Mother, and my daughter. To name just a few!

          6. le3845 says

            We have no problem of a woman President, just not that traitorous liar. Her achievements ring hollow when taken apart.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Prove your accusation in a court of liar jackass. You can’t. Men like you need your balls put through a wood chipper so your brains can function properly. When a man like you makes statements he cannot EVER prove in a court of law, that’s known as male ego in the gutter. Try again honcho. You impress no one.

          8. ABO says

            Maybe you should explain to us just what a “court of liar jackass” is

          9. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Hey fukface…Get a pair of reading glasses Geezer Boy..I posted: “a court of law.” But that does explain why men like you sit your asses on a computer keyboard day after day posting BS you know you cannot prove.

            So..tell you want fukface…Don’t bother to post your rabble rouser BS. It is 100% pure drivel. If you can’t prove it…Don’t post it.

          10. ABO says

            Look at your own post, moron it reads very clearly ” court of liar”. But of course illiterate idiot that you are, you aren’t capable of going back and seeing it for yourself. It’s right there for all to see, yet you deny it like the pathetic moron you are.

          11. David says

            Eleanore!!!! Tsk, tsk, tsk. See what happens when you don’t take your medications? Now calm down and rest. You will be okay. We all know that Hildebeast is the Queen of lying. And what was her big accomplishment as SOS? Right!!!—Nothing!!!

          12. Eleanore Whitaker says

            See David troll? See jobless David troll morning noon and night? See David getting drunk on his Haterade? See David going from one site to another just to prove he has a brain?

            It’s not worth asshat. All you men and your repetitious BS about Hillary being a murderer, a thief and a liar. You men lie before you get your asses out of bed every morning. Who the hell are you kidding?

            Hillary has a record of achievements longer than any other male candidate, Republican or Democrat. She has been a member of a presidential cabinet. Trump? A Playboy Club member slathering himself all over naked women.

            Sanders? Hidden away in Vermont where no one knew who the hell he was until he decided to run for president. Funny thing though. His own fellow Democrat, Senator Patrick Leahy, with the same 4 decades in government was President of the Senate…And Sanders? Well? He was busy trying to get elected 7 times as mayor in an insignificant VT town. But he was “entitled”…after all he does own 4 homes priced well over $400,000 a pop.

            If you are vying for the title of King David of the Old Testament, do try harder.

          13. David says

            Eleanore!!! Perhaps you can enlighten us with a list of the “achievements” of Hildebeast as a senator or as SOS? Probably not…

          14. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Since you haven’t told your own mother the truth EVER…I’m sure you are light years ahead of me in knowing what a LIAR is.

          15. ABO says

            Yes, I recognized you as one immediately.

          16. Gen11American says

            The policies of Obama don’t need to be “articulated!” They should be clear to any American with a functioning IQ level! He’s a traitor to the American people, has violated the U.S. Constitution 50+ times, he’s gutted our military, lost the prestige of this nation via his repeated “apology tours” around the world, world leaders consider him a pathetic joke, and he’s overrunning our country with terrorists! If Hillary Clinton thinks she’ll win by articulating Obama’s policies, she’s NUTS!

          17. Bob Ware says

            Clinton is the queen of the Clinton Crime Family. She is a liar, traitor and much more ‘prosecutable characteristics.’ If Clinton is your idea of a great female leader that explains why we are in such trouble as a country. There are a lot of females who are great leaders and commanders. Unfortunately for you none of them are on your above list. Yes the B has clearly articulate the policies of obama and that’s exactly why SHE SHOULD BE JAILED AND NOT ELECTED. Hillary Rotten Clinton for PRISONDENT 2016!!!

          18. JBM says

            Eleanore, your full of s#@t or a lesbian or both. GO TRUMP………

          19. Janis Garvey Hewes says

            voting for Trump is voting for were right about the first part

          20. SickofPoliticks says

            Look at how many highly intelligent women in the US have been crucified just for being smart women… Sarah Palin, Ann Romney, Candy Carson, Condoleeza Rice, Meg Whitman, Liz Cheney, Andrea Tantarous, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Jan Brewer, Ann Coulter, Laura Bush, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Mia Love, Pam Bondi… etc., etc., etc. all who hold the longest record for liberal women like you who can’t stand ANY Conservative woman to be smarter than you will EVER be.

          21. Rocknrobyn says

            Clap, clap, clap! 🙂

          22. SickofPoliticks says

            I’m so effing sick of liberals. And as a woman, I’m really sick of liberal women. They only care about liberal women that think exactly as they do. Eff em. Eff em all!

          23. Wanda Wyatt says

            I totally agree with you. Class vs no-class!

          24. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Oh get a life MAN suck up. Turn the red light off your front porch too while you are at it. All that flab under your arms and your chin are a turn off. You wouldn’t know class if it kicked you in your Man dependent ass. Tell me…Did Big Daddy let his lil Dixiebelle or Corn Pone Queen post her phony attempt to make like you have class? Was that before or after he taught you the finer points of making a buck with your gaping maw hanging slack?

          25. Wanda Wyatt says

            Are you a Christian? God don’t like ugly! Have a nice night.

          26. Wanda Wyatt says

            Yes all these women are great leaders! Not that Clinton woman!

          27. dennodog says

            Hillary was a draft dodger, just like her misogynist, rapist “husband”. Oh wait. That’s right. Vagino-americans never HAD to register for the draft, and still don’t.

          28. GREYGHOSTCSA says

            Other than being married to our first president of questionable eligibility, please enlighten us as to what major career achievements Michelle has accomplished that have left us in the so-called cloud of dust.

          29. Gen11American says

            Well, she was disbarred. Oh, right, that isn’t an achievement, except to us non-lawyers. She also succeeded in raising racial tensions, which her husband requires in order to justify declaring martial law this year. And she dresses so nicely, just one of her dresses she wore in Cuba would have paid the salaries of every worker in Havana for one day.

          30. Roger says

            I don’t think anyone can top you in the blowhard department Eleanore Whitaker! Hillary Benghazi Clinton is a criminal you stupid moron! Now please slither back under your rock!

          31. ABO says

            Wow, It’s been a long time since I’ve witnessed such a completely idiotic collection of delusional obfuscation all in one place at the same time. You’ve outdone yourself, Whitaker. I had honestly assumed that you had attained the bottom level of moronic thought but obviously you managed to dig deeper yet and embraced the ultimate state of lunacy. By the way, it suits you exceptionally well.

          32. Eleanore Whitaker says

            As for you, you also cannot prove one damn word of what you post. That’s the difference between you being a LIAR and me using facts I know I can prove. Go take a bath before I post more facts that hose your ass into sewer juice.

          33. ABO says

            Well, well aren’t we just having a big ole self righteous tantrum. If you were any more immature and functionally illiterate you would be up for some sort of liberal award now wouldn’t you? Facts??? Haven’t seen any of those in anything you’ve ever posted. Maybe you’ll think some up in your spare time.

          34. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No “WE” are not. Why? I am not now nor ever will be in your slum bucket league. I am not going to allow you to lie and get away with it. When I hear a lie, I expose it… you want to admit you’ve been outclassed or do I need to keep making you look like the dipshit you are?

            And you bet your dumbass I can prove what I post. Unlike you who makes it up as you go. Liar.

          35. ABO says

            Then by all means do it you pathetic clown.

          36. Reality Check says

            YOU post Facts?
            more like a troll.
            as I scroll through your history here, one liners is all the con is capable of.

            pretty sad.

          37. ABO says

            You are not capable of coming up with an intelligent one liner, or anything intelligent for that matter. You are nothing more than a dimwitted troll. A parasitic waste of space on this planet.

          38. ABO says

            Like I said if you can prove your “facts” then do so. Frankly I don’t believe for a minute that you’d know a fact if it bit you in that foul disgusting face of yours.

          39. Wanda Wyatt says

            LOL I would love to have a woman president just not this unqualified one that has blood on her hands from the deaths of four men that she did nothing to protect. She is not worthy of being president!

        2. Bob Ware says

          Like your dream candidates male half … Billy Boy Clinton, the king of the Clinton Crime Family?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You are only jealous because you got caught cheating on YOUR wife and she wouldn’t keep you around. Eat it and die BS boy.

        3. Ace Dragon says

          SOUNDS LIKE MY EX!!

        4. ABO says

          I suggest Whitaker that you find your way back to the mental institution you have obviously escaped from. Do it for your own good. You clearly cannot function in the real world and are in dire need of psychological guidance. I’m sure your orderlies are most concerned.

      2. dinkerduo says

        I wonder how much stuff they actually stole as they had to give back about $190,000.00 worth of it—so they must of stole a bunch!! Carpetbaggers–nothing more–even tho she was born and raised in Chicago–the crime capitol of America after DC!

        1. Emma says

          Well, typical of lib trash,
          Take from those who have naught (we the people) & give to those who Have. (Themselves)
          Yes… that would be killary..?

        2. sox83cubs84 says

          And the murder capital, PERIOD!

      3. Bob Ware says

        At one point she had to pay $30k for what she stole off of Air Force 1 when she claimed personal ownership of the items.

      4. Deepthink says

        That is a true fact! Keep the thieves OUT of OUR WHITE HOUSE! No need to continue to soil it!!

      5. Dawn says

        If Hillary does go back to the White House…They’ll have everything in Plastic…

    2. le3845 says

      Yup, she was quite a hoot. She wants to get back into the white house and break some more dishes, scream and throw coffee in more Marine guard’s faces. Queen Killary!

    3. Gen11American says

      She also swiped her husband’s expensive collection of Chihuli glass sculptures off his desk! Anyone who thinks lesbians are normal people had better think again! They’re vicious snakes! No wonder Bill is such a wreck at 69! He’s had to put up with HIllary’s power-hunger for decades!

    4. Bob Ware says

      There is more than than but the source wants to be unknown. What you said is right and along with much more.

  4. bsfurg says

    She never impressed me and it was worse after we heard how badly she treated she treated the Secret service and our Military men … and she still treats them that way with a nasty tongue. She uses the F*** on them so they say..

    1. allen goldberg says

      Never impressed you? Well, you are nicer than I am. She’s a lying fraud, dog droppings have more class and intellect…and yes..she has not impressed me either

  5. Bob Marcum says

    Yeah; ignore the fact that, she’s a vulgar excuse for a human being. She and her perverted husband, destroyed the respect and dignity of the white house. It’ll take many generations, for the white house to
    regain it’s respectability, again. The bushes and obumas, have continually shoved it further over the abyss. I hope Trump’s wife will show it respect. Then; with luck, we’ll follow them, with a dignified couple,
    to precede Trump. But; the most important issue, now; is to get Trump the 1237 delegates needed, to run around the RNC. It’s too late for Cruz to get them; therefore, any vote for Cruz is a vote against both of them. The RNC is obviously, not going to allow either of them to go thru the doors of the RNC and come out with the nomination. Therefore; Cruz has already lost. He is not going to drop out, obviously. That
    would not be good sportsmanship, to say the least. But; each delegate he gets is a loss for Trump.
    If, Trump does not get the 1237 delegates, then, they will both lose. Therefore; if the Cruz supporters want to save this nation, then, they should bite the bullet and vote for Trump. It’s the only solution, at this
    point. Heidi’s dream of pushing NAFTA through, would destroy Cruz’s ability to solve the nation’s problems, anyhow. He would never defy her, by forcing the border to close. The border gates would fly open, faster then the democrats ever dreamed possible.

    1. 67N20 Army says

      The “North American Law Center” has given Rafael(Ted) 2 weeks to quit & admit he`s a fraud or they will expose him as the fraud he is !!

      1. paulrph1 says

        The North American Law Center should be doing that for H Clinton. Don’t you just love those catchy titles that they use to deceive people. They tried the same thing with Christ and some still believe it.

        1. Ted Crawford says

          Must be an enormous organization, when i looked it up I clicked on their “legal Staff” It includes …ONE, and only ONE name, Stephan Pidgeon! Perhaps he has multiple personalities and ALL of them feel the same Way!!!
          Tempest in a Tea Cup!!

          1. paulrph1 says

            Nothing like a large staff to give many different points of view. And some people believe what is written just because it is in ink. They also believe what come from the mouth even though the actions show otherwise. Go figure.

          2. 67N20 Army says

            Apparently you didn`t look very far,,

          3. Ted Crawford says

            By all means, enlighten us!

          4. JBM says

            Obviously, Amy Crawford cannot as she has not responded.

    2. paulrph1 says

      Or the reverse can be true. The Trump supporters cab bite the bullet and support Cruz,

      1. 67N20 Army says

        NOT HARDLY !!!

        1. paulrph1 says

          Works both ways.

          1. 67N20 Army says

            Not this time !!! Trump is NOT a “Fraud” !!

          2. paulrph1 says

            Trump is for Trump. He is a liberal who changed parties to get your vote.
            And it looks like he has deceived you.

          3. 67N20 Army says

            Rafael is the one deceiving America !!!

          4. Eleanore Whitaker says

            The people in Calgary AB are laughing at Americans for being so stupid as to NOT know he was a side kick of former Premier of Alberta, Ralph Klein. You don’t get to be in AB politics unless you are a voter.

          5. 67N20 Army says

            Eleanore; I imagine people ALL over the world are laughing at America !! The low-info, low-educated, head stuck in the MUD “SHEEPLE” of America have “NO IDEA” what is “truly” going on in this Land. I call America a Land because it is NOT a Country ! Our 41st Congress sold us out to the English banking family “the Rothschilds” in 1871 !! Although you can “laugh” at who ever you`d like to ,,, Do not think “ALL” Americans are so “Ignorant” as the seemingly majority are apparently !! There are several “Million” of us that DO KNOW what`s “REALLY going on” !! We`re NOT happy about the situation, but it takes time to straighten some things out !!!

            P.S. I was referring to SR`s son Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz, born in 1970 in Calgary, we realize he`s NOT an American Citizen, we`re dealing with it !! We know his parents were Canadian Citizens….

          6. Bob Marcum says

            SO;; ?????? Where do you tand. if you know what’s goinmg on, then; what are you doing about it ???
            I’m listenng. Unfortunately; all I’m hearing is a bunch of jibberish, about Cruz’s citizenship, or the lack of ( WHATEVER; ). So ; I don’t even hear you saying
            which side of the fence, you’re lying on. How about giving us a piece of your
            mind. We’ve heard the soapbox gibberish, already. Now, talk sense.
            PS; I’m on the side of the constitution, and at this point in time, Trump is the
            only one who can even get to the general election, to go get the job done.
            He’s proven he’s more efficient, than all the others. So; why would anyone want to vote for any of the losers??? huh???

          7. 67N20 Army says

            I`m not “lying” on any side of any fence !! I “tand” where I “tand” & I talk to other`s about what`s “goinmg on”,, The “jibberish” you apparently hear is probably from a lack of keeping your ears cleaned out !! it appears you`re the one with the “soap box” gibberish,, is that bubbles coming from your lips ??

          8. ABO says

            She’s not bright enough to get it even after you’ve explained it to her, 67n20.

          9. 67N20 Army says

            OH !!,, OK,, haven`t heard of her so far,,,

          10. ABO says

            A lot of trolls hanging out here these days, 67N20, more and more all the time. Just wanted you to be aware.

          11. 67N20 Army says

            YEP,, and it`s getting hard to tell the difference between a “troll” and a “Sheeple”!

          12. ABO says

            I know what you mean!

          13. kbfallon says

            You get your vote and we get ours and will not be swayed by your kind.

          14. ringostarr1 says

            Enjoy your vote if you vote for Trump in November because that may be the last vote that you ever get to cast.

          15. paulrph1 says

            OK do us both a FAVOR and vote the country and not the person. Forget the party affiliation and vote for America. So what do you do when Trump turns out to be a liberal likes is said. Punt, impeach, play along, say better luck next time. We have a deceiver in office now and many seem to want to gamble politics. The truth is not in what they say but in what they do.

          16. 67N20 Army says

            Won`t be swayed by “MY kind”??? I`m not attempting to “sway” you or anyone else !! I`am merely letting you know (“IF” you`ll pull your heads out) that “Rafael (Ted) Cruz” is NOT an American Citizen !!! Research my friend !!! You`ll find out that Rafael, IS NOT ELIGIBLE to be President of America !!! Neither is Bobby Jindal, or Marko Rubio !!!

          17. Bob Marcum says

            Forget his citizenship. That no longer matters. He’s mssed his window of opportuniy, for the nomination. Now; it’s time to simply put yur support, with Trump. He’;s the only hope we have, now. Don’t wait, until it’s too late, to realize that, please.

          18. 67N20 Army says

            I`ve been for Trump from the start !!!

          19. Bob Marcum says

            Hey, that’s great, friend. Now; let’s do something constructive. Let’s stump,
            for him. He needs our help now, to get the 1237 delegates needed, to override the corrupt, gop intentions, at the convention. Start blogging, to convince people, why you believe Trump is the right candidate, to vote for. You and I know, he is. Now, help me convince others.

          20. kbfallon says

            Duly noted brother….I was scratching my head there for a moment.

          21. 67N20 Army says

            I`ll have to note sender & recipient a little closer,, Have a good day brother !!

          22. Bob Marcum says

            TRUMP is man enough to evolve with education. He’s not the tree that breaks, for being too stubborn to bend. His love has never been for anything, that’s against
            the constitution. We can’t afford to gamble the constitution, on a man ( Cruz ), who has missed his window for getting the nomination; and, has a wife who helped to
            create the NAFTA, as a dream, of hers. Cruz will NOT destroy her dream, by leaving the border gates closed to her. That’s why she never showed concern, about his infidelities. She knows, she needs him, in the oval office, to compete her dream project. That’s the same as hillary supprting bill, in spite of his deceptions.

            No; Trump is definately, not a liberal, nor even close to it.

          23. Ted Crawford says

            Trump is a Charlatan!! He is, what he has always been, A Crony Capitalist Democrat!!

          24. 67N20 Army says

            We`ll see,,, OR maybe,,, YOU will see !!!

          25. Ted Crawford says

            There is NOTHING left unseen, except to those cult members who refuse to even look! Trump’s entire public history points inevitably ONLY in one direction, his every action, to date, has been that of a Democrat! The only anomaly to that is his new found rhetoric. Carefully strategized over dinner and phone conversations with the Clintons in the months leading up to his announcement!

      2. Bob Marcum says

        Too late, for that one friend. He’s not close enough. It would be a wild gamble. We can’t possibly, hope to convince that many people, to take this seriously. Think about it.
        You’re not ready to commit. Of course; there will be many others, who see it the same as you do. Unfortunately; all of you, can’t stop Cruz from losing, at this point in time.
        He simply, missed his window. We can’t change that. Trump still has a chance, on his own merits. that’s why he’s the one worth putting your faith in. A vote, for Cruz is to gamble a loss to the gop. A loss to the gop is definately, a loss for the constitution. Do you want to put that kind of gamble in the hands of the gop ? Think harder, friend.
        “WE-THe-PEOPLE” need your vote. PLEASE; DON’T LET US DOWN.

        1. dinkerduo says

          What do you want to bet that Trump and Cruz get together and form their own cabal! The GOP hates both of them but if they join together and Cruz gives his delegates to Trump and Trump picks Cruz to be his VP would show the RINOs who boss!!! They couldn’t stop them then! The RINOs are afraid of Trump as they know he’ll upset their prosperous apple cart and ruin their Criminal Crony Class!!

    3. allen goldberg says

      Thanks Bob…finally the truth. Vile, nasty, vulgar lying POS. And those are her best qualities.

      1. Bob Marcum says

        Just get on the keyboard, friend. Trump and the U.S. citizens, need our help. We need to stuff the delegate count, for Trump. Please; help me to convince people that, Trump truly is the real McCoy. It’s too late, for Cruz to hit the 1237 delegate window, at this time.

        Trump is the only one, who still has a fair shot, at it.

        Thanks, for your help, fellow patriot.

      2. Bob Marcum says

        So; help me, to help Trump. Cruz missed his window of opportunity, to get the needed, 1237 delegates. Now; Trump is the only one left, with a fair shot at it, by his own right.

        Let’s give him some assistance. He needs a stuffed delegate count. The gop will try to steal as many of them, as possible. Let’s give him a lot of blogging support, to get him as many as we possibly can; so that, when the gop monkey reaches into the delegate

        jar, they get too many and have their hand stuck. lol

    4. conservgirl says

      No I am not voting Trump. He has a 70% negative vote and has not gotten over 30% of the Republicans. Which means that he won’t win and in fact in the polling is the one who won’t beat Hillary. I am still going with Cruz and I hope conservatism will win out and all those establishment people will leave.

      1. 67N20 Army says

        Rafael is “pro-establishment”, He and his wife are “WITH” the global elites in their takeover of America !!! Rafael is a “FRAUD” !!!

        1. kbfallon says

          I would like to add that he is a sniveling-backstabbing-cutthroat who is a snake in the grass ……he is a complete PHONY-and would be the worst possible POTUS–he has no experience at running anything except his big mouth, with more skeletons in his closet than a graveyard…..oh! and Lies faster than a horse can trot…..!

          1. 67N20 Army says

            Complete “PHONY”,, I agree 100% !!!

      2. Bob Marcum says

        OK; it’s your right, of course. Just remember this conversation, when they are both booted out, for a bought and paid for candidate, who will give the gop ( = democrats ), everything they want. Your constitution is the same one I live by. Therefore; what I lose, you also lose.

    5. Buck says

      Heidi Cruz was in college and 20 years old when president Clinton signed NAFTA. She was probably around 15 when they first started working on it. She was still in college in 2000 and did not go to work for Goldman Sachs until
      2005. Just how much stroke do you think a college kid had. She was born in August of 72.


    If you want to know what kind of person she is really like (not the persona she puts on for the media), just ask any of the secret service agents who were so unfortunate as to be assigned (past and present) to her detail). Hint: She regards them as something you might pick up on the bottom of your shoe while walking across a cow pasture. Also the view she has for about 99.99% of the population of our country, except when she is pandering for votes.

    1. dinkerduo says

      You can ask all but the 12 Secret Service members! She had the 12 killed after “they” left the WH—they are among the 46/7 people she had killed throughout their reign starting from when Slick Willie was AG of AK—most of the SS agents were gunned down at different times as they knew tooooo much about the witch! She also knew from the get go–even before they were even engaged–that he had his “little girlies”–in a letter she wrote to him while he was in AK and she was in college back East—but to remember OUR goals!—which were for HIM to be potus–then her! But a black man came along and stole her thunder in 2008 and she hasn’t gotten over her anger of that since! She’s a liar–a traitor and needs to be in prison!!!

  7. allen goldberg says

    Again, the enemedia spins fiction in the Hilldebeast’s favor… more fiction..lies and fairytales…

    1. john says


  8. conservgirl says

    I guess they figure that the people didn’t like her and that is why her healthcare was such a failure and not because they didn’t want socialized medicine.

    1. foxfire says

      really? I think it went down to defeat in the Senate 98 – 0

  9. Egor von Johnson says

    When her cat was missing and extensive search performed, she was discovered in bed with another woman, and told him to “get the fuck out” and threw an alarm clock at him. Absolutely true story.

    1. coneyro says

      Don’t remember ever hearing this story. Will have to check it out online.

    2. Gen11American says

      Was that the incident with Janet Reno, or some other lesbian broad?

  10. Loving America says

    This woman is not a saint and is a tyrant and has committed treason against America by everyone glooking the other direction then all her nasty life. Foster needs to be exhumed from his grave since forensics have come along way and see what they can find now to hang her crazy self!

  11. junkmailbin says

    first lesbian hilary was a flop as a first lady. No grace or compassion. Just raw hatred for any that might get in her way of becoming the first dyke in chief.

    1. gonzales27 says

      Well said

      1. Sherylpmartin1 says

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        1. SILENTHAMMER says

          Get a life, and stop urinating on these discussions.

          1. DaveM says


          2. Idadwilliams says

            “my room mate Maria Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr.”….i!594two days ago new Silver McLaren P2 bought after earning 18,512 Dollars,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k Dollars Last month ..3-5 hours of work a day ..with. extra open doors &. weekly. paychecks… it’s realy the simplest. work. I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. 87 Dollars, p/h.Learn. More right Herei!594➤➤➤➤➤ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsTerrificGetPaidHourly98$…. .❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦::::i!594……………

          3. SILENTHAMMER says

            To Dave M.:  My comment was for the zillionaire who wanted to talk about how his (her) roommate made money thumb-twiddling.  Silly people.

          4. william couch says

            Thank you!!

          5. Paiute says

            CHRISTINA, send me the $5000 you owe me.

    2. Gen11American says

      How nerve-wracking it must have been for Bill Clinton to have a radical feminist lesbian serving as his unelected Shadow President throughout his two terms in office! Remember when he stated we’d get “two for the price of one” if we elected him president? Well, that’s what we got, and it was disastrous for this nation! It was Hillary who demanded our troops withdraw from Somalia after 18 of our soldiers were slaughtered by Islamists in Mogadishu! Because we cut and ran rather than retaliating decisively, Somalia has been a hotbed of terrorism ever since, neighborning African nations have been invaded and slaughtered by Somalian Muslims, and Somalian pirates on the high seas have threatened shipping for years! In addition, Hillary tried to force Hillarycare down our throats as First Lady, and it was far more draconian that Obamacare! Now that horrid pro-Muslim traitor to the American people has promised to disarm us if elected! America would be NUTS to elect that horrible power-hungry woman as President! SAY NO TO HILLARY IN 2016! And if ANYONE thinks we’d do better electing Bernie Sanders, we WON’T! Sanders will continue to flood this nation with Muslims if elected because he’s a puppet of George Soros also!

      1. Jay says

        Sad state, the Dems just don’t have a canidate…

    3. Emma says

      Call it right…She/it is an insult to humanity!
      Not worth the skin it’s in, a waste of air & a pollutant on the planet.

      1. tim says


        1. Emma says


        2. John Doe says

          I wouldn’t quite call it water, it’s more like sulphuric acid, somewhat like the creature in the movie Alien. It kind of drips or drabble’s from her lips!

          1. The Grump says

            That’s Huma drippin from her lips.

      2. Wildeagleone says

        It as you call her, is really an enemy of the state and should be treated a cancer that is to be removed ASAP from our political system and imprisoned for all her illegal acts from day one

      3. john says

        Yes,,it’s sad she steals the air we breath..A waste of good air…She is f n hoagly…ugh!!!

        1. Emma says

          Inside & out!!!

          1. john says

            INDEED INDEED!!!!

    4. Bob Ware says

      That still holds true today!

      1. AL says

        Bill had George Steponallofus and he spent more time under Bill’s desk than Monaca

    5. Bob Marcum says

      Yes; well said; but, old news. Try spending some time, helping us drum up delegate votes, for Trump and if we’re effective, then, we may be able to save this nation, after-all. Cruz has missed his window of opportunity, to get the delegates, needed. Trump is the only candidate left, worth our trust, who has a fair chance at it. Please; give me a hand. Warm up the keys, on your computer and help to convince people that Trump is truly the real thing. You and I know, he is.
      But; too many people have their pessimistic doubts. Help me to get the delegates he needs, friend. Thank You; sincerely Bob

      1. Gen11American says

        Lordy, Bob, I’ve been writing blogs in support of Trump for months, for hours each day, doing research on voting records of his rivals, etc. until I’m blue in the face. I’ve also written tweets daily to RINOs, letting them know the consequences of screwing over Trump. I’ve also twittered Speaker Ryan repeatedly, telling him what needs to be done to save this country. But him being a Catholic RINO, he’s more likely to listen to the Pope! It’s going to be up to voters to do the right thing on election day, and up to us bloggers to get the word out to as many of the uninformed as possible. Until our education system improves, we also need to demand that the voting age be raised up to 21, the only exception being members of the military. If they’re old enough to fight, they should be suitable for voting. But their non-military peers are pathetic! When high school graduates don’t know who our first president was, or who Washington, D.C. was named after, the teachers of America should hang their heads in shame! They failed to teach, and those they failed to teach will fail to defend this country to the extent needed to maintain our Constitutional Republic. If the goal of the Left is to destroy this country from within, I guess we should congratulate them for succeeding. But Obama is such an egomaniac, I’m sure he’ll take all the credit for that, too!

        1. Bob Marcum says

          Hey, General; I thank you more than I can say, for all your efforts. I can’t say that, I’ve done nearly as much as I probably should have. I’m also, not as
          accurately, informed, as I would like to be. I stick my foot in my mouth, some times. Also; I was not aware, previously, of how much you’ve been doing. No
          lack of appreciation intended. Thanks, again, for all your efforts. And, rest assured, I’m sure Trump would appreciate you, too. You have a good night, sir.

          1. Gen11American says

            Make that ma’am and we’ll be square, sir!

          2. Bob Marcum says

            You-got-it, ma’am. I’ve always preferred that term, anyhow. Some people don’t act like they don’t like it. It’s been labeled, as sexist, by a few ( liberals, of course ). But; I use it with the utmost respect, as it was intended. You have a good day, ma’am.

          3. Emma says


          4. Dawn says


        2. Deepthink says

          Very well said!

      2. Virginia Hornibrook says

        Bob you’re an idiot Trump is nothing but an idiot like you all he wants to due is sue everyone that doesn’t go along with him I don’t want him in my white house he isn’t any better than killer Hillary read hid book and you’ll see what s crook he is

      3. Virginia Hornibrook says

        Hell no he’s not getting my vote hes nothing but a big bully he’s a cry baby when things don’t go his way. No he’s belly aching he didn’t get any votes in Colorado, he didn’t want to go there now he wants the delegates vote Cruz

    6. Eleanore Whitaker says

      Go drink another glass of haterade. I’m sure by now you’ve found a way to ferment it into booze.

      1. Wanda Wyatt says

        Your the one hating!

  12. says

    F*cking people are idiots

  13. Ron says

    The (C)linton (N)ews (N)etwork strikes again!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says

      The BS Boys Network strikes again. Do you boys eat your own bowel movements for breakfast which is why you are bitchier than a male dog in heat? Lay off the Viagra. Overdosing on Viagra brough Hastert down…Can’t you right wing men keep it in your pants?

      Hastert is strike 3 of a string of Republican men who got caught in the act of preying on boys.

      1. Ron says

        Did you miss your meds this morning?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Enough with that tired old “med” BS…and your “cool aid.” Did you drink your Haterade this morning? Or did you just overdose on Viagra trying to get it up?

          1. keith says

            Damn you need to shut your mouth.You are obviously a blow hard bag of shit.Just an oversized dung bag. Hell give you an enema and the only thing left would be a hair ball and a pair of lips and a dried up ass

      2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Yep, a dyke for sure.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Yeah…right. I crook my pinky finger and I can have ANY guy I want. Been there done that…Guess it’s been a long long long long time for you though…And to think, all that Viagra going to waste and those 4 hour erections so useless. Who’d want a dipshit like you idiots?

          1. JBM says

            men certainly wouldn’t want a dyke like you, and from the sounds of it the lesbians don’t want you either You are one bad representation for a woman and from fyour comments your IQ is in the 50 points range like that of those that voted for Obuma and would vote for the HILL>

      3. Charles Covington says

        you are a waste of air

      4. Justin Seine says

        If Hastert was taking Viagra back when he was teaching/coaching in the public school system he must have been a Pfizer lab rat because Viagra didn’t get FDA approval until March 27, 1998. Granted, Hastert is a rat, but probably not a lab rat.

  14. Ohio Fats says

    Not only did she break the mold; The Mold Maker was ostracized, he was tarred and feathered and his home was burned.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says

      Oh get a life OH loser. Your state didn’t fair out too well when Tan Man was asked to step down as Speaker of the House, did it?

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Lesbian tendencies or full blown? I could care either way, but you sure are transparent.

    2. foxfire says

      if you break the mold…does that make you Moldy?????

  15. foxfire says

    yeah? that’s why her healthcare bill (Hell-arycare) went down in flames in the Senate 98 – 0. and, look at the list of people who died around the clintons (to capitalize their name would show respect). careful what you wish for……………………………………………………….you may get it.

  16. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    Monica Lewinsky released the following statement on Hillary Clinton’s run for President:

    “I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. The last Clinton Presidency left a bad taste in my mouth. As we get closer to November of this election year, citizens must remember that they cannot trust Hillary Clinton to create American jobs. The last time she had a meaningful job, she outsourced it to me. And I simply blew it”.


  17. PBHayes says

    Hillary Clinton hated law enforcement and our military when she resided in the WH and those emotions have intensified over the years. She considers the FBI and Secret Service to be nothing more than servants and far beneath her. She has said as much. Once again we see people who know nothing or care not to know the truth supporting this horrible excuse for a human being. Wholly incompetent, completely dishonest and corrupt, please America don’t let this woman back in the White House I beg you.

  18. bdcorvette says

    She sure did change the image of a 1st Lady – introduced pathological liar and, perhaps, murderer. Congrats, baby.

    1. Ted Crawford says

      Nah, she lacks the physical courage for that, she can afford to contract it out as was the case with Vince Foster, or by neglecting to do her job as was the case with Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty!

  19. John Williams says

    Keep slobbering Jake, that is what lemmings do. Have another hit of the Kool-Aid, the pain in your head will eventually subside.

  20. Deborah G says

    She broke the mirror not the mold unless she IS the MOLD

  21. Arizona Don says

    What played the biggest role in Clinton winning the election and beating Bush 41 was not Hillary it was Ross Perot. Slick Willie would have never won if not for Ross.

    Furthermore, Dick Morris, who should know them better then most people and certainly better then any reporter says she is/was a scourge. Hillary accomplished nothing as a first lady. She then went on to accomplish nothing as a Senator followed up by a do nothing (but travel) Secretary of State. Oh, I guess she did manage to raise millions for the Clinton foundation. But is that an accomplishment benefitting the United States of America and if yes, how?

    On the flip side of that coin there is much to say about all the scandals she managed to become involved in throughout her so called career. Nearly to many to list without writing a book! She is even head and shoulders involved in one right now. This one can or perhaps should put her behind bars. That would be better then the white house.

  22. GuardianFlame says

    There is nothing respectable, honest, trustworthy, nor moral about hillary clinton the worst candidate for our Americsn Presidency…ever. But what is even more seriously disturbing is the liberal democrats that still see anything “good” in that woman.

    Standing by her “Playa” Presidential husband doesn’t show strength but vulnerability. Without Bill’s unethical presence to make her look good, she has no one to shine over. So swallowing her pride and acting protective, she could always use his husbandly ineptness to better her social position until now. Her shine is dulling because of her own irresponsible narcissistic actions against our Nation.

    It goes to show you that those democrats, still holding on to hilliary’s panties, all have the same tweaked gene that says everything “bad” that their idol does is actually “good” in their disabled tweaked gene’s eyes. Those libs need gene surgery/therapy to remove something obviously tainted and malformed.

  23. B. Zerker says

    I sure the hell HOPE they broke that un-holy “mold”! And for none of the reasons the dim-wits at CNN would credit her. Ever since HITLERY came on the scene, she’s been embroiled in nothing but controversy and scandals… too many to count! She’s proven that she’s a criminal and a congenital liar. The psycho-phants that worship her… let’s just put it this way… you just can’t fix STUPID!

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
      Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

      1. Emma says

        Re read his last sentence.
        He is absolutely correct. ?

        1. AKLady says

          Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

          1. Emma says

            I cannot imagine there was anything in his post that was wrong or objectionable.
            He is correct on all points.
            What I find incredible is anyone with care & love for America would find it objectionable.
            But then……along comes you.
            His last sentence applies.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Childish name calling makes Americans look stupid and foolish.

            It tells the world that Americans act on immature emotions rather than facts.

            It takes facts to run a country. It takes facts to make one’s point.

            Name calling is simply nursery school foot stampting.

          3. Emma says

            You are amazing..
            I just shake my head in amazement at the way you think.
            Please, just don’t post to me any more & I will extend you the same courtesy.
            I do hope though, that you wake up.

          4. AKLady says

            Thank you for proving my points

          5. Emma says

            I would lol if you were not so sadly foolish.

          6. AKLady says

            It is called education.
            You might try some.

          7. GREYGHOSTCSA says

            Emma, don’t waste your time replying to AKLady. All she does is repeat the same things over and over.

          8. Emma says

            I know. I don’t know, but in a way I feel sorry for her.
            No idea why, but I have to not deal with her.
            Thank you ?

          9. Emma says

            No ma’am.
            It is YOU, who make totally rediculous posts that is an embarrassment to our Great Republic.

          10. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell this lie?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          11. Emma says

            You really are not very bright & I do take that into consideration, but you are truly rediculous……

          12. AKLady says

            Take a law course.
            Take an American government course.

          13. Emma says

            You should probably follow your own council.
            I’m thru.
            There are more important issues at stake than wasting any more time on you & your foolishness.
            Nuff said

          14. AKLady says

            I have legal cases published in the law books of six states.
            Those cases were fought and won without the aid of an attorney.

          15. Emma says

            You really are just too much!!!?

          16. AKLady says

            Yes, I would expect as much from someone as foolish as you are.

          17. ABO says

            An entirely delusional narcissist, Emma.

          18. Emma says

            Yes. You are right.;)

          19. MTnman says

            Notice how the hinnies distract posters from the main issue: “CNN: Hillary Broke the Mold as First Lady” Also, notice how it has become all about their narcissistic selves. They do this consistently if the narrative does not fit their leftist ideology. Mock, criticize, ridicule, and sarcasm are their MO. They just hope you tire of a discussion they dislike.

            The string has become all about AK. It satisfies her ego.

          20. Emma says

            Ty. You are right.;)

          21. AKLady says

            Save your insults for someone who respects your opinion.

          22. Emma says

            Sure ya do…

          23. AKLady says

            Insults only matter if your target respects your opinion.
            Your childish behavior garners no respect from me.

          24. Emma says

            I have no feelings about it one way or the other.
            I have self respect &respect those who have earned my respect.
            You have done everything but.
            A non entity as far as I am concerned.

          25. Emma says

            Those who know me do respect, & have earned mine.
            I avoid toxic people such as yourself.

          26. MTnman says

            “But then……along comes you.” Emma referring to AKLady.

            Emma: You can not argue with corrupted DNA. It must be meticulously
            destroyed via selective breeding. The best we can hope for in the interim is a short lineage of hinnies. Even then, wasting your talent on them is an exercise in futility, diverting your attention from your issues.

          27. Emma says

            I really don’t think she is quite right.
            I am truly sorry for her, but,well… …….

          28. AKLady says

            Grow up.

          29. AKLady says

            “Emma: You can not argue with corrupted DNA. It must be meticulously” MTnman Emma • a day ago
            The Fourth Reich, just as Trump will lead us into.

          30. AKLady says

            Do you believe it is acceptable to embarrass America with childish name calling?

            That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

          31. GREYGHOSTCSA says

            Why would anyone agree or even attempt to have an intelligent discussion with someone who just keeps cutting and pasting the same words over and over?

          32. AKLady says

            Lying and name-calling are not intellegent conversation.
            One cannot have any convesation based on lies.
            Oh, and darling, I do not “cut and paste”.
            They arw my words — I copy them.
            Lies are not worth any additional effort.

          33. GREYGHOSTCSA says

            Copy or cut and paste – no difference. You just keep repeating the same illogical nonsensical string of words that have no bearing on the conversation at hand.

          34. AKLady says

            Nothing illogocal about the statement.
            Lies are lies.
            Name-calling is childish, abusive insults.

          35. ABO says

            “Reality check always agrees with you, so what’s your problem?

      2. ABO says

        Exactly! Now you know why absolutely no one but the delusional idiot “Reality Check” agrees with you, AKLady. Well done!

  24. Bob Ware says

    That “without Perot…” should have been written without Bush in the mix he would have been beaten by Ross Perot and we would have been better off.

  25. AKLady says

    American politics. Is it not beautiful to behold?

    We the People do not elect a President, never have, never will — the Constitution does not permit us to.

    Regardless, the “People” make absolute fools of themselves before the world speaking insults, telling lies and entering into heated discussions.

    The saddest part is all the money that is wasted. Money that could be put to improving education, health care, lives of children, the elderly …

  26. Bob Stewart says

    It was Hillary with the criminal mind that kept the Clintons on the edge of legal troubles. She was the brain behind the cheap criminal “file gate’ where her employee released confidential material about congressional staffers etc. Hillary devised the illegal computer server where she illegally housed top secret information. Hillary is a woman who possesses poor social ethical skills and uses illegal activity to cover her weaknesses in character and judgment..

  27. Wildeagleone says

    This woman deserves no praise from the public but does deserve a blank check for her famous pant suit collection and the color should be ORANGE with her number of suits provided free for L I f e

  28. SickofPoliticks says

    Well… gag me with a spoon. And I’m not a Valley Girl!

  29. cjg says

    The lesbian pedefile drug lord bitch. With her as a so called pres we can beat eomen have several affairs marry a 1 year old and hump goats

  30. jjmcl431 says

    does this “scrutiny” Hillary had to “endure” also include the china Billy and her stole from the White House which belonged to the American people?

  31. Dandy says

    Opened the door to lawlessness in the people’s house. Then when she left, she robbed and stole the people’s house blind

  32. Patriot( retired Navy) says

    She couldn’t hold a candle next to Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, or Laura Bush. These were real classy first ladies.

  33. Jonathan Brooks says

    The First lady is NOT Co-President, and Hllary was not elected to do anything but bone Bill, and do PR for the White House. If she was Co-President for 8 years, why is this power mad woman demanding a third and fourth term?

  34. E Swisher says

    HilLiary actually did everyone a favor.

  35. MuslimLuvChrist says

    hitlery loves the common “little” people: she has done the following:
    1) would cuss at Secret Service drivers for going over bumps. She told the people who protect to F*** Off.
    2) demanded White House workers NOT talk to her nor be seen by her, they would hide behind drapes when she appeared. She yelled at a guy for changing a light bulb. She insulted a man by asking him if he shopped at J.C. Penney.
    3) belittled Vince Foster to the point of suicide (that’s what they called it).
    4) raged at her staff for failing to bring in a big enough audience of zombies to her fake staged events, where all questions were screened days in advance. an SS agent said “hitlery had an explosive temper”. She raged to a staffer at a kids 4-H Club visit, saying “What the F*** did we come here for? There’s no money here”. She berated her staffers for the hotels they choose for her to sleep in.

  36. NoRINO says

    Hillary is the first “First Lady” with sister wives at the White House.

  37. sox83cubs84 says

    She not only broke the mold, she broke a lot of miirors when she looked in them, as well. 🙂

  38. Barb says

    Yes she did…and we never want to see her in the White House again. She was the most awful and rude first lady in the WH.

  39. Justin Seine says

    Just remember folks: If you elect a liar, cheat and a thief don’t be surprised if you are lied to, cheated and robbed. If Hillary has demonstrable experience to tout, it is lying, cheating and stealing. God help us!

  40. Ddville says

    I didn’t know this was a forum for the ignorant and uninformed……sorry, but I made a right turn instead of a left turn.

  41. ihatelibs says


  42. barbarakelly says

    hillary; had so many gates its not funny. Look at the people she hurt. I’ll bet that the people who worked for her when she was first lady was scared to death of her. If we had that temper with her husband can you imagine what it was like for the people.????

  43. Justin Seine says

    By her own admission, Mother Theresa she is not,,,,

  44. James Ruddy says

    The reason she and her husband faced so much scrutiny was because they both provided so much to scrutinize. She isn’t being scrutinized because she has a vagina, she is being scrutinized because of her actions.

  45. Spunky says

    Oh please – you have to be kidding me – some people should just give up – Jake

  46. Drake Travis says

    the media can’t cover for her forever. One day the footage is going to leak out of her chiding her own mis-guided squadron of volunteers. She screams at them like a caged raccoon or mountain lion. TheBillary is vicious vicious vicious. Her cheshire grin doesn’t fool any taxpayer. It does, however, fool those who have caused taxes to be raised to oppressive levels though.

  47. Drake Travis says

    The media groveling for her this last 25 years is tiresome, isn’t it?

  48. Justin Seine says

    Obama thinks we should elect Hillary…(like we really have a choice)

  49. Terry G. Thompson says

    A lot of people have made a lot of comments about Hillary & most aren’t good. So why are there so many others who will Vote for her in the election? Maybe it’s because we have a lot of uneducated knotheads who only think about one party. ( Democrat’s). Or lazy AssHoles who want to continue to live on Welfare. We need to take our country back & make it great again!!!!

    1. Justin Seine says

      Hillary Sums it up very nicely herself…

    2. Reality Check says

      ” So why are there so many others who will Vote for her in the election? ”

      I will take:
      “Repugnant Conservative Ideas” for 100 points Terry.

  50. oldman013 says

    I suppose you forgot about the First Lady under Roosevelt she broke the mold

  51. AmericanIcon says

    ‘Broke the mold’? More like ‘slithered out the bottom’.

  52. Sherylpmartin1 says

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    1. Justin Seine says

      Rumor has it that Lori makes her fortune sucking farts out of subway seats for the New York City Transit Authority. Now you are doing it too! Wow, what a gal!

  53. Nina Ferguson says

    If she hadn’t been First Lady, she would have been indicted for the Whitewater fraud deal and would have served jail time. It is a crying shame that they DID NOT indict her, Would have saved us all a lot of problems.

  54. Carol says


  55. Roger says

    Hillary Benghazi Clinton has a new home in Manhattan, Kansas!

  56. Austinniceguy says

    Shitlery is nothing but a lying, cheating, conniving, corrupt POS. She claims to love women yet called them liars and dragged them through the mud when they accused her useless, worthless rapist husband. She takes millions from Wall Street yet claims she loathes them. She refuses to open the accounting books from her “foundation” because she knows the jig will be up with her supporters. If it weren’t for her stupidity the whole Benghazi mess would never have happened and Isis wouldn’t exist. The Clinton News Network will go to whatever lengths necessary to make their witch look good but, the truth is the truth and she will do nothing more than bring about the final ruination of this once great country if she’s elected into office.

  57. papa doug says

    She broke the mold alright, then she disgraced it and threw it in the trash! She was the biggest criminal first woman (she’s no lady) in the White House.

  58. Egor von Johnson says

    Her muslim aide, Aberdin, married to that heimie exibitionist congressman from NY, who took pictures of his “dick” and sent all over on facebook. Are we not judged by our friends in most Christian societies, Hillary becomes ecstasy when her aide, on command, puts a 20 minute lip lock on her juiced up labia for twenty minutes , with tongue twitching “to beat the band” Is this the new feminest movement concept of release from pressure. Both the Clintons dine with these POS frequently.

  59. yellowjacket2 says

    Referring to Hillary as the first LADY just doesn’t sound right. She’s many things, but a lady she’s definitely not. She totally lacks the eloquent grace and the feminine charm that we associate with that sobriquet. Bitch….yeah that sounds right; Hillary Clinton was the First Bitch. Can I get a showing of hands on that?

  60. RuFus92 says

    The only mold that Hillary fits is big time crooked shyster lawyer from Arkansas.

  61. MTnman says

    The younger generation and millennials will become familiar with the criminal mind and behavior of Hillary should Trump be her opponent. Unlike Trump, her very dirty laundry has yet to be aired; Trump’s is already out there, discussed and belabored, like it or not.

    Many do not yet know the mold from which Hillary was cast, so have little knowledge of what was broken.

  62. DaveM says

    Hillary fractured the mold for future first ladies…the only one worse is the male Obama is hooked u with! Of course that is not lessening the fact she is a liar and thief and kills people by not doing her job correctly then lies to the family of those dead service members! She needs to be indicted!

  63. Idadwilliams says

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  64. Eleanore Whitaker says

    There is nothing so exhilarating as a bunch of haterade boozers all bending their elbows at the Haterade Juice bar. Tell me…how many of you prickfaces are like your Republican pedophiles? Hastert, former Speaker of the House and now a predator of little boys. He is right up there with that 2003 OH asshat Republican who got caught in the men’s room and was charged with “lewd” behavior in public. And in case you thought we have forgotten, there was also that Republican Senator who used those Congressional pages as his personal sex toys…But righties are always right…Right down the toilet.

    1. Francisco Machado says

      I note that Democrats are defending Hillary, Republicans are not defending Hastert. Nixon was forced out of office for misprision in the illegal campaign office incursion (in which he had no part). we watch members of the Obama, administration (including the President) conceal evidence on a virtually daily basis on crimes similar to but greater than those for which others in the current government have already been convicted and sentenced.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        Okay Mr. Macho Man..tell us …precisely how the hell ANY man or Republican with balls would dare and even try to defend any pedophile? And, face it buster..Hastert is only the tip of the Kinky Republican iceberg and not the first. So..go ahead…I’m sure the boys in the orange jumpsuits across the country would love to hear you defend a pedophile just because he is a man and a Republican.

        When the cons in prison beat hell out of child molesters, do tell us Macho Man…how YOU have ANY defense? Wow..when it comes to some men having to say, “I was wrong,” you guys sure do act like 6 year old Daddie’s boys.

        1. Francisco Machado says

          I recall a first lady, with the support or at least acquiescence of her party defending a rapist. I also recall a rather large settlement by the accused in the case. I suggest, with sound empirical evidence, that his party affiliation was beneficial to the accused.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Can you name the first lady or the party? Because if you can’t , it’s BS isn’t it? I don’t recall ANY first lady EVER defending a rapist. Do you sit there all day trolling so you can earn your membership in the Liar Con club?

            You cannot suggest empirical evidence unless you state facts. Try that in a court of law and see if a judge would laugh you out of a job.

          2. Francisco Machado says

            Thanks for the succinct and powerful confirmation of my thesis. I doubt I could have done so well in so few words.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            If that’s your “thesis,” it proves what a rancid failure you are. As I stated, you are so full of BS, it’s coming out of those elephant sized ears. Try posting facts, not BS. Do yourself a favor and stow that superiority BS while you are at it. No one, least of all an educated woman like me is falling for it. Puff out that chest, pump those fists and keep that motor mouth going…that’s all YOU have buster.

  65. foxfire says


  66. hangman57 says

    Hillary broke the mold as Americans First lady ever to be under a FBI Criminal Investigation . She might be the first ,First lady sent to prison for criminal acts . The walls are closing in on Hillary right now because a Grand Jury is now looking at evidence against Hillary e-mail server ,deleting 30,000 e-mail ,her ties to her Foundation and favors to foreign governments ,while she was Secretary of State . The Guy who install the server for Hillary ,just got a free pass from the Justice Department from prosecution . He is talking to prosecutors about what went on and who was there when the server was installed . If Hillary was there ,that shows intent , If Hillary top aides was there ,that shows intent . Either way she might be indicted before she gets to the DNC convention . FBI Director took down scooter Libby ,for outing a CIA agent sending him to prison . He will do his job here , if he don’t all hell will break loose over this . But a indictment is coming soon .

  67. MTnman says

    Mark Rudd, a leader of a movement with “… senior Communist Party USA officials,” and part of the Obama backbone, claimed the “…prescription for Israel is a forced settlement that will bring ‘peace.’ He believed that using Hillary would be ‘tactical.’ Hillary, a supposed friend of Israel will be used to destroy Israel’s capacity to defend itself.” p. 324, BARACK OBAMA AND THE ENEMIES WITHIN.

  68. nancy miller says

    When I remember her as First Lady, I think of the moving van of things that she stole from the white House and was made to return.
    Goes hand in hand with all her lies that that she can’t help telling.

  69. T. VOGT says

    YEA I AGREE !!! The first Former First Lady with the Largest Body count, Scandals she couldn’t help but jump into head first, Lies, miss use of power, and CRIMINALLY ADDICTED and Pathologically unable to understand simple ETHICS… Yea she broke the mold alright Moochie is right behind her too I vomit every time some liberal asshat calls them in the top 10 well you know who paid him.. the CAIR

  70. Justin Seine says

    Voting for Hillary because she is woman is like eating a turd because it looks like a tootsie roll.

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