College Protesters Getting Even More Ridiculous


Just when you thought you’d seen it all, the students of Oberlin College managed to win the award for Most Ridiculous Protest Demands of 2015. This is no small accomplishment. In a year where Black Lives Matter went to college, these young protesters have been in a cutthroat competition to see which campus can get as far away as possible from reality without tipping into self-parody. Have Oberlin’s social justice warriors overstepped that line?

You be the judge.

The new list of demands is an eye-watering 14 pages long, beginning with an opening salutation that denounces Oberlin as an “unethical institution” that “functions on the premises of imperialism, white supremacy, capitalism, ableism, and a cissexist heteropatriarchy.”

If the staff at Oberlin can pull themselves away from their promotion of the heteropatriarchy for a few moments, though, the protesters would like to relate some of their more unusual demands. Such as:

No more No Trespass lists, because they keep a disproportionate number of black people off the Oberlin campus.

More black students in the jazz department…40% more, to be exact.

A recruitment program to attract recently-released prisoners to Oberlin.

A small hourly fee of $8.20 for black student leaders working to organize protests (!?)

Safe spaces on campus where only black students will be allowed entry.

Okay, the disqualification stands; the audacity to actually ask the college to pay protesters an hourly wage can only exist in satire. The list was posted anonymously, so there is still the vague chance that this is parody that’s being reported as fact by a great many news outlets. Perhaps it will eventually be traced back to The Onion or one of their copycats.

But perhaps not. Because as ludicrous as these demands are, they aren’t any more ridiculous than the anger bubbling up in The Oberlin Review. According to the Ohio college’s official newspaper, some students are upset about “cultural appropriation” in the school cafeteria.

“When you’re cooking a country’s dish for other people, including ones who have never tried the original dish before, you’re also representing the meaning of the dish as well as its culture,” Oberlin student Tomoyo Joshi told the paper. “So if people not from that heritage take food, modify it and serve it as ‘authentic,’ it is appropriative.”

Students claim that the way the school makes certain Asian dishes, including General Tso’s Chicken, is not in keeping with their original ethnic roots. So if students are complaining about inauthentic cuisine as a matter of social justice, it’s perfectly believable that they might also demand payment for coming up with these idiotic causes in the first place.

After all, in the year of complaints, you can’t let your college fall behind.

  1. Croco Dile says

    “…..list of demands is an eye-watering 14 pages long…..”

    Maybe those Oberlin (what a strange name) students should be fired and replaced by normal children who actually want to study ?

    1. Jimmy Quick says

      I’ve got a great idea. Separate the campus into two sections. One for the Blacks, the criminally insane, the protestors, the homo-sexuals and any other group that wants to join in support of these protesters. Take it a step further and allow them to have all the money that is generated by their paid tuitions and specific donations to the college. And then take it even further by allowing them to make up their own curriculum by hiring teachers and get it accredited by any organization they like. Then build a wall and ban them from ever coming back to the serious side and watch from a distance as they all begin to rape and murder one another.

      Finally, bring in the national guard to clean up the mess anyway they like. Then you will have successfully created a controlled exercise in democracy gone wild.

      When your rights require that I lose mine, tyranny is the only possible outcome.

    2. Reality Check says

      It’s tripled spaced.

      1. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

        So is the vacuum between your ears.

        1. Kent2012 says

          when reality checkerinsky turns his melon suddenly those two remain infected brain cells make a racket similar to two BBs rocketing around in a coffee can…

  2. allen goldberg says

    I am so glad that these children will enter the real world soon. Their ridiculous nonsense will not resonate at all….and frankly…I think they all should be returned to grade school…

    1. andrew says

      Speaking of very rude awakenings… these … Jerks to put it as nicely as possible — given the circumstance — are in for a real doozy…

  3. Lee Berry says

    I would hope that this is a parody and not for real. Shall wait and see. Croco posted a very good picture – and the dim-witted protesters should take notice!!! While college is a place to learn to speak and think for one’s self – it is NOT a place to carry out a dimwitted protest. Besides, all the pain and trouble the anti’s went through to stop discrimination decades ago – – now in reverse – – has anyone read the history? Do you really want to re-divide – to your liking – all campus’ into safe zones? What will happen when (and if) you finally earn a degree? Do you not realize that the real world – out there where you might find a job (if there are any left when Obama gets done allowing an invasion) – – there is no room for demands?!?!?! Wake up – either study – or get the hell off the campus AND the Federal Student Aid programs.

  4. phil says

    who are the true racists?
    Those who point

  5. says

    not just ridiculous,but re-donk-ulous

  6. jimwilson81 says

    It has to be a parody. An educated person would know better unless he is trying to be funny.

  7. oldhokie says

    Obviously the student or students that posted this ridiculous diatribe are not spending enough time trying to get an education. perhaps it is time for the alumni and other donors to shout enough. withhold donations if the school goes along with any of this crap.

  8. Conservative says

    Those who thought up these demands are the lowest of the low when it comes to I.Q. There is certainly no way they will ever get and keep a job and there is no way they will ever be the future leaders America needs. This stuff is really dumbing down America youth making the U.S. vulnerable to ISIS or any country that wants to take the U.S. over.
    Liberal, professors have been selling the Country and young people out for years and this is just the result. This is the path Political Correctness has put us on.

    1. ABO says

      I believe the average IQ at Oberlin begins with a decimal point. RC and his troll buddies would be average there.

  9. Sharpshooter says

    Bring back the draft and really give them something to whine about!

    1. Mark Brickey says

      We still have Selective Service Registration for all 18 yo males and i believe that there’s a call for women to beincluded now that they are “allowed” to be in combat?

      1. Brenda says

        Selective Service Registration and an actual draft are not the same thing. Should America once again have a need to draft young people into the military, the draftees would come from the registration list.

        1. Mark Brickey says

          Duh! Did I say otherwise?!? I’m a VN vet, I have 4 boys that are all registered I definitely know what “draft” is, so I don’t need to be educated about how it works. Without the registration, there is no draft.
          Try staying with the discussion string & not “reading into” the comments.

          1. dahniuru says

            I think America will be in even more trouble if we draft very many college students. Would you want to have them covering your back in Syria, for instance?

          2. chief1937 says


          3. wonduh says

            Hell no, they would be “in FRONT”.

          4. Craig Feist says

            I can only speak of USMC boot camp-once you complete it, you WILL be a new/different/better man. Not the wimp that went in. Semper-Fi!

          5. rocky says

            Sound like you know… me too. A couple shots up-side the head and I grew up.

          6. John Doe says

            I think you meant to have said it “A Few Good Men” possibly ? Merry Christmas to your family and thank you for your service !

          7. Phoebe Isley says

            Absolutely Craig Feist…appreciate and respect with God’s blessings always for your service to this country! Merry Christmas sir!

          8. mike says

            Been there done that, Semper Fi Craig

          9. Btty says

            Amen Sir. Thank you and all those who serve our Great Country. I had a great honor a few days ago. I saw a elderly gentlemen sitting with his Marine hat on and I ask him if he served in the Marines. He said: “Yes I sure did”. I thanked him and his wife and he said he served in WWII. He was 96 years young. I was so honored to meet him and in private I ask the waitress to bring me their bill. She did and we got up to leave after we ate and he was waiting for us to thank us. I’m so happy to say I have a new friend. They invited us to their house and we will happily go and have a great time. I’ve been so blessed to meet these great men and women. They are so awesome. I called my brother right away because he to was a marine. I love our Military men and women. We have the greatest military in the world.

          10. Mark Brickey says

            Only if the military gets rid of real Drill Sargents! Of course, I like the response below, too – we can stick all these Whimps/pansies out front & let them carry flowers & sing “What the World Needs Now…”

          11. Phoebe Isley says

            That was hilarious…laughed until my stomach hurt! Well done Mark Brickery!

          12. Mark Brickey says


          13. Btty says

            Yes, I would because by the time the military is done with you believe me you will have your brother or sisters back or you will get your azz shot off because they won’t have your back. They learn real fast.

          14. gingergirl says

            Thank you, Mark for your service. And I appreciate that you have brought up your boys to do the right thing as well. We need more Americans like you – those that are willing to serve your country. You make me proud!
            God Bless America!

          15. Mark Brickey says

            Please see my response to Sox83 below. I appreciate it!

          16. ted j says

            God’s blessings on you and your family for doing their American duty…..we need more like you..

          17. sox83cubs84 says

            Thank you< Mark. You and your sons are like the real men who built America.

          18. Mark Brickey says

            Thank you for taking the time to respond. I’m from a military family – Grandpa WWI, Father, Uncles WWII & Korea (Dad was a 27 year lifer), my older brother, I’m one of last of VN vets, then 1 son went CG while another is Navy ROTC @ college.

          19. joe says

            You aren’t the last of he Nam vets. There are a lot of us down at the VAMC. Thanks for what you did, Marine, you guys were doing one hell of a job until the politicians turned chicken. Semper Fi from an old Navy guy…

          20. Mark Brickey says

            Joe, I wish you guys would learn to read w/o reinterpreting! Of COURSE I’m one of the last – I went active in June ’73 and Nixon pulled troops in September, I spent exactly 17 days in SVN, not even being assigned to a unit, before getting orders to report to the Bloody One in Germany. I said nothing about “last surviving”….
            Semper Fi back to you anyway, even though I’m USAR

          21. joe says

            yup, you are right. I read your statement to mean that you believed that you are one of the last surviving Nam vets. It’s an old and bad habit that I’ve not been able to do much about. It caused me a bit of trouble aboard ship, too.
            Army guys are OK, too My dad was Combat Engineer with 1st Infantry in France.

          22. Mark Brickey says

            NP, Joe, you have a Wonderful Christmas & Great New Year’s

          23. Kent2012 says

            and “Gary Owen” if you are from the “Black Horse”….you did not really have an opportunity to truly enjoy “vacation land” and all of its beauty….

          24. ABO says

            Handed down from the original 7th Cav.

          25. Kent2012 says

            Yes sir…we were in support of the 1/7 and the 1/9….

          26. ABO says

            Thought so but my memory ain’t what it used to be if you know what I mean.

          27. Btty says

            Thank you to Sir and God Bless you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

        2. rocky says

          Well… in my day, a bit before you apparently, it was called ‘Registration for the Draft’. Me, and many of my HS class, didn’t bother registering.. we just enlisted.

          1. Kent2012 says

            you are correct, then when the draft was ended the process was renamed Selective Service…of course that some times happened during the joy of the “induction” process when all those teenagers are standing in a loose formation in the process center and in walks a Marine and he strolls down the line and touches you and “poof” you are a Marine….well they are going to give you a test ride to see if you measure up….then you will be a Marine…

        3. andrew says

          True… and the part of the whole schmere that ticked me off ?? Circa 1963, I registered for the draft, though too young to serve at the time…
          The Viet Nam thing was in full swing, and a few I knew had already given their all. I was determined not to be one of them…
          In Nov. of 1965, when 17 y/o and still a Senior in HS,… I JOINED the Navy, purposely to avoid the draft, and served my contracted 4 years…
          During my time in, my draft number NEVER came up… I could have gone to college, or anything else more constructive than the Navy, as my assigned duties gave me squat applicable to a civilian job afterward…

          1. Kent2012 says

            too bad you should have run off to Canada like so many did…

          2. andrew says

            Nah… That would have branded me a coward… I used my GI Bill in 1976, to attend a Technical school for camera repair, and made a good life of it.. 67 now, retired, and still making a good living…
            I was Blessed by God for fulfilling my military obligation instead of running away…

      2. chief1937 says

        They keep changing the military and they will need to re-instate the draft.

      3. Karen says

        How old are you? You think the draft and registering for selective service is the same thing? Boy you people really have been “DUMBED DOWN”!

        1. Mark Brickey says

          Obviously a hell of a lot older that YOU as I’ve learned to read for comprehension! Read the response I sent to “Brenda” above, sweetheart!

          1. Karen says

            You should have said what you really meant in your first post! It looked like you were saying signing up for selective service was the same as the draft! Apparently, I wasn’t the only person who “read your post wrong”!! I can only read what is written, thank you, I don’t read minds! Sorry if I stepped on your toes, but it would help to better explain yourself next time! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

          2. Mark Brickey says

            I did – I simply reminded all that we still have Selective Service Registration of all Male 18 YO’s. Yes, there were a couple ladies that seemed to try to insinuate my lack of knowledge, but that is not so. It was simple “reading into”what I postulated. The last draft was the same year that I enlisted – 1973 – so anyone with knowledgeable history of such would know that I was mentioning SSR, not the draft.

          3. Mark Lahti says

            I was just finishing my first semester of college in Jan of 70 when the draft lottery pulled my birth date at number 47 or 48. They were taking up to the mid 150’s. I enlisted and went in the Army in May of that year and put in eight years in uncle sam’s rest home. Spent my qualifying vietnam vet time in Germany for three years and the rest of the time state side. The registration was required when turning 18 years old. Some at that time burned their draft cards. Some went underground. Some left the country. A lot just volunteered for the draft. I enlisted. There were quite a few US’s in basic and very few of us RA’s. I will never regret the time I served and in fact am quite proud to have been a part of the Army during times like those. I am very depressed about those that dodged the whole deal. It seems like those are the flower children of the time that are now in positions of power in government, education, and other places. We are being manipulated by the hippies of the 60’s and early 70’s. I pray for all of us now in these days of turmoil and strife. God bless the USA, all true American patriots, and everyone searching for a way to get our once great country back again.

          4. Mark Brickey says

            1st, sir (even though you were enlisted, not officer 🙂 ), THANK YOU for serving, here’s a hand-shake…
            Everything you write is so true – the generation of free love has devolved into the generation of free everything, including responsibility & accountability.
            A local up & coming readio host (Tony Katz) here in Indy succinctly expressed it as follows (not verbatim): Just 80 years ago, our 20 year-olds were storming the beaches of Normandy and today’s 20 year-olds are seeking “safe places” from …. words?!?
            The offspring of wusses produce bigger wusses….

          5. Kent2012 says

            ah so…but we have young heroes in our midst…they have been volunteering for the services knowing that they will serve in sand land…multiple times…we are proud to bursting of those Real Americans and their families left behind….you are spot on with the infection of the communist moles from the 1920s has invaded or political system and the education system is fully compromised…socialist/communists are being turned out by the thousands each year to add to the mistake of the Great Society that the democrapo clowns brought us in the 1960s’

        2. ABO says

          As opposed to you as you were already there and needed no dumbing down.

      4. RobertNorwood says

        Draft’em and send them to fight ISIS.

        1. Mark Brickey says

          Would they be able to figure out which end of the weapon to use? I guess we could put a pretty yellow flower in the barrel to help them, since it seems most of our troops aren’t even allowed live ammo!

          1. Kent2012 says

            you super glue the matty mattel to their hands and HALO them over sand land my guess is that they will learn real quick…like throwing your pooch in the pool they swim like right now…

          2. andrew says

            … And YOU will volunteer to be the first to go into combat on those terms ?? Jerk-wad !!

          3. Kent2012 says

            been there jerk-wad…

          4. andrew says

            SUUUUUURE you have… in a pigs’ eye !!! HALO incursions are the method used by the likes of SEAL teams… I suppose now you will claim to be a SEAL or a RANGER…

          5. Kent2012 says

            naw just 11B Light Weapons Infantry turned company clerk….in the central highlands of Vietnam 1970-71

          6. ABO says

            Thank you for your service and Merry Christmas to you and yours Kent.

          7. ABO says

            Why don’t you go back to your vocation of wanking in Mommy’s basement you ridiculous liberal turd.

          8. andrew says

            …And what exactly is it in your laughable drug-soaked little mind, that brands me as such…?? I am as far from a liberal as my total lack of ” Political Correctness ” can get.

          9. ABO says

            What makes me think you are a moron is simply obvious in what you post. Most of the brainless moron trolls that post here are liberals so I just assumed… So, back down to Mommy’s basement you go now little wanker.

          10. andrew says

            Have you read any of my other material ?? I am TRYING to be civil here… how about doing so yourself…

          11. ABO says

            When you address one of our veterans as you did Ken2012, #1 I don’t consider that civil. #2 I do consider it the work of a subhuman, pathetic wanker and as such I have no intention of treating you in a civil manner.

          12. andrew says

            I appreciate your point, as I am a Viet veteran myself… read up the line to these: Mark Brickey Robert Norwood • 2 days ago

            Would they be able to figure out which end of the weapon to use? I guess we could put a pretty yellow flower in the barrel to help them, since it seems most of our troops aren’t even allowed live ammo!3

            Share › Kent2012 to Mark Brickey • 2 days ago

            you super glue the matty mattel to their hands and HALO them over sand land my guess is that they will learn real quick…like throwing your pooch in the pool they swim like right now…1

            My acidic responses to Kent, were based on HIS totally inappropriate remark to mark Brickley… about the “matty mattel” That is NOT how green troops are introduced to combat…
            One veteran chewing another out, and keeping him honest, as Kent stated about his actual experience

            Your Apology is accepted…

          13. ABO says

            Except that I have in no way, at any time offered any apology to you. I said you need to direct an apology to Ken2012. What part of that did you not understand?

          14. andrew says

            Mind your own business, twerp… I called Kent on the carpet for his inappropriate comment about green troops… If Kent feels he wants an apology for the chewing out, he will get one… again… mind yer own fuqin’ business and you will have your hands more than full

          15. ABO says

            Thanks! You have sufficiently proven to everyone that you are, as I suspected, a fraud pretending to be something you’re not. What you are is a pathetic wannabe who is nothing more than a 2-bit wanker.

          16. andrew says

            Tell you what… I will abide by the opinions of EVERYONE ELSE on this thread…
            What say you ???

          17. ABO says

            Your call.

    2. The Redhawk says


    3. poppopami says

      in order for them to qulify and enter the military service,(in a non-war situation), they’d have to pass a few tests,both physical and intellectual, I highly doubt that the current class, after seeing a news cast, at that waste of real estate “school” would pass muster

      1. Mark Brickey says

        THAT would be interesting!!! I passed all parts of ASFAB with flying colors EXCEPT Clerical :-0 . Both sons did well, but I could just imagine asking real-life questions to some of these…. ummmm…. intilectuals! By the wa, I’m NOT anti- intilectual as I have MS in applied Alternative Energy….

        1. Kent2012 says

          did the 11B thing, but I was older than most and had 60 hours of college…got to the great vacation spot of Southeast Asia and an astute personnel clerk in Battalion asked “can you type?”…spent the next 14 months as the Headquarters and Headquarters Company clerk…a REMF, except there was no “rear”…

          1. frankjohnson221 says

            Spent my year in Vietnam–67/68 most of it as a rifle platoon leader/company XO,and acting company commander. Saw TET 68 up close and personnel and visited My Lai in Early July of 68. Lost about 30 percent of our company in 9 days. Tough area.

          2. Mark Brickey says

            Thank you for the real sacrifices you & your men suffered, That war should have been won handily or totally left alone.

          3. Kent2012 says

            Yes sir and then the parasites/leeches/commie wannabies in the press wound up the propaganda machine into high gear…their lies and intentional deceptions( I know that is redundant) fired the idiots and grandmas to “protest”….What a lasting shame that they were not told the truth about how “the good guys” wiped out the VC…from then on the “VC” were shipped in….I still see jerks comment on some of these pages about Vietnam, the lies are embedded….the pustules that occupied DC then turned the lights out on 60,000 Real Americans and millions of Vietnamese allies; they were the real criminals and the twits today think that we were the criminals..I was very fortunate in that we were constantly visited by chuck and the toll was up there, but nothing like the numbers of losses that you experienced…I think often of what has happened since then and I am very proud of our abused, overworked, volunteer, patriotic heroes that repeatedly go into the fire…the dream of freedom and democracy lives on…thank you for your service Sir !!

          4. frankjohnson221 says

            And no one holds the democratic Congress responsible for withdrawing the funds and air support which would have allowed the South Vietnamese to defend their country and in the aftermath almost 3 million Southeast Asians died as a result and those of us who went and those of us who didn’t come back our service was in vain. It happened again in Iraq, 50 million people were given the opportunity for freedom and Obama and cronies threw them under the bus and wasted the lives of those who died trying to give freedom to the people of Iraq. Our shoulders did not die in vain and I hope Obama and his cronies rot in hell.

          5. Kent2012 says

            how true…

          6. ABO says

            Been a long time but weren’t you guys up in quang tri at some point? Just wonderin”.

          7. Kent2012 says

            Phouc Vinh, about 70 miles north of Long Binh and mid way between the South China Sea and Cambodia…I can no longer find Phouc Vinh, Phouc Binh shows up, but that is closer to Saigon…the commie clowns of course have to change names of cities and regions and I finally have put a reason to that…of course it is my reason and subject to error. I feel that the success of any area, the history of a city it its “former glory” or the stench of the communist atrocities may be the reason that the worthless scum that call themselves communist change names to give a new persona to these locations…hence Saigon is now ho upchuck duck chee minh city…the scum also changed the name of the country of Cambodia to campuchia….and Burma has become mylittlethinghurtsanmore….what though I could personally move to exterminate the communists and the rag terrorists from the face of the earth I am confidant that “Peace on Earth” would be a reality instead of a dream…may the joy of this special time of the year settle on you and yours…Merry Christmas…

          8. ABO says

            And a Merry Christmas to you and yours sir!

    4. dittybop says

      basic isn’t what is was back in the 60s when I went. They can’t even yell at you now, instead you get a timeout card like in soccer!

      1. Mark Lahti says

        I seriously doubt that that is the case in the Marines.

        1. dittybop says

          don’t be so sure. back in 1983 the friend of my girlfriend’s son went into the Marines, 3 weeks later he was out! No bad paper, no Medical Discharge, it was like he was never in at all. They all sign contracts, and if your job choice isn’t available or you don’t fit in for some reason, you can opt out without consequence. The kid was even told if he wanted to, he could join again in the future!!

          1. Mark Lahti says

            Ever since they instituted the all volunteer Army back in 76 it is possible to get out if it isn’t working out for you. I give you that little piece of the easy going recipe. However, as far as basic being as tough as it was back in the sixties that is up for interpretation. When I was in basic in 70 in Ft Leonardwood MO. it was so hot that summer that we hardly marched anywhere. They trucked and bused us everywhere we had to go. As far as my comment about the Marines I do believe that they have never let up on their rugged and tough measures to make Marines out of recruits. I guess that is about all I have to say on that subject.

    5. Phoebe Isley says

      Best comment I have seen in a long time…well done Sharpshooter!!!!!!!!

    6. RobertNorwood says

      Military service should be compulsory – hey, you like this place, like what we have, get off your ass and be ready to defend it; many of us have. Myself, and not to be a snob, do not see others who haven’t as being the same or as worthy. It’s a warrior class thing – too bad!

  10. Gunflint Roseberg says

    No-one has balls anymore to stand up & point out the difference between right & wrong, good & evil. Our Nation has been on a downward spiral to hell for just over 7 years & it hasn’t hit bottom yet. Much of this protests are silly & should be ignored or dealt with swiftly. The school has rules. I recommend the school board barrows some backbone & enforces the those rules.

    1. papa doug says

      7 years? Try the last 20 to 25!

      1. Gunflint Roseberg says

        Your right…But not at this accelerated rate…It has been gradual, & America has been to lax with crooked politicians. Odumbo just put the motion into overdrive…

      2. DuffyD says

        How about 47 years – since the summer of ’68 and Chicago when the Liberal train first went off the rails and haven’t been ‘righted’ ever since…..

        1. rocky says

          I look at the Professorships infiltrated by the Europeans after WW1 and their commie teachings They bred their own and were ready for the empty heads of the kids of the Greatest Generation. Their teachings and influence are still there. Just go to a college ‘indoctrination’ speech to the in-coming class… that will leave you in slack-jawed amazement.
          That left me right out in the street. I was just out of USMC and a bit older than the rest of the audience and maybe I could hear what was actually being said.

          1. Kent2012 says

            you have stated just what I have been saying for some time…the infection of the USA was begun in the 1920s with the moles coming to America to help with the destruction of the hated capitalist country…the idiocy of naming stalin’s roosha as our ally has only been superseded by kenyan boyos’ telegraphing the removal of troops from Iraq and then standing around with his thumb in his rear (I assume in is his rear) and suggesting that he “has not strategy”….we should have had the resolve to gas up and rearm General Patton’s tanks, order six more “Fat boys” and move to negate the developing communist monster…two nukes on roosah, two on mao in Peking, and two in reserve in case the first four did not create the desired result….millions up millions would have lived normal lives had we stunted the commies in 1946…

        2. Mark Lahti says

          Bingo…you nailed it.

      3. Kent2012 says

        In my humble opinion it was beginning in the 1960s when the fools in the education system decided that corporal punishment might put a damper on johnny’s or jill’s psyche….no discipline in school, less at home….what we have is a lack of respect for other folks and their property…now we have a racist-in-chief and he has inspired the off spring of the Great Society to take to the streets to “demonstrate” their insanity….need to ship them to zimbabwe…kenyan boyo’s buddy, roberto mugabooboo, the destroyer of Rhodesia would welcome more worthless scum with open arms…then petition the clowns in the un to demand that successful western countries be fleeced to support the jerkoffskys…

    2. The Grump says

      Right and wrong? Good and evil? Shlt they don’t even know what sex they are. And you have president fruitcake lighting up the WH to show the whole world just how fukked up the libs have made this country.

      1. ABO says

        Got a point there, Grump.

  11. andrew says

    Mister . “T” said it right… ” Pity the Fool[s]”
    A college… has to — pay – protesters ?? I am leaning toward the parody angle… As utterly ludicrous as these “demands” are… it just has to be a joke… and an absolutely hilarious one at that…

  12. tinkerunique says

    WHY are students there that do NOT like the college ? Go somewhere else that powders your bottom, and be happy. IF you hate Fords, why do you drive one ?

    1. Brenda says

      Because, there is no perfect college for whiners, losers, and spoiled rotten brats.

      1. Deby says

        wait, what about Harvard, Yale Princeton, and let’s not forget Berkeley-the biggest, whiniest, most worthless liberal college (still free?) ever!!

        1. Kent2012 says

          berzerkly has been the breeding ground for scum sucking pigs since the 60s….no offense to regular piggys…

    2. dfreeman says

      Some colleges (not all) have turned into Day-care centers.

      1. John Doe says

        I think you mean our entire educational system these schools can no longer declare winners and looser’s,they can’t hand out trophies for, fear of hurting some punk’s feelings. – A special thanks (SARCHASM) ) = To all the liberal / progressive’s / PC’s !

  13. OlGyreneFU says

    Ignorance of the highest order is the only description for this unbelievable racist drivel, this proves that people such as our so called president and all of his boot licking minions are accomplishing their goal of destroying our nation from within thru indoctrination of young people who where not taught anything of importance by their parents if they had two nor by the various schools attended before college.

  14. King Bloweme says

    New World Order King Obama will be so proud. The destruction of a nation by Osama Obama Traitor. The country is on to you Osama, We know you have all the money you need, so you should just go away before you are arrested for Violation of The United States Constitution….ickdweed

    1. dfreeman says

      Obama knows that there is nothing that he can do now to get himself impeached because he has already done so much to qualify for that so this next 13 months should be a disaster.

  15. King Bloweme says

    Is Big Al Sharpton $$$$$$$$$ a professor there???

  16. Mark Brickey says

    Since when is it ok for the students to be telling the profs & admin what is going to be “taught” or “acceptable” on a campus?
    I’m surprised, actually, that these guys actually could WRITE 14 pages! I’ll bet that if a prof asked for a research paper even 1/2 that long, they’d all be in tears!

  17. Michael Henry says

    If that list is real, I would organize a public gathering, read off the demands, then set fire to the demands as my response. Tell them if they don’t like it, leave and don’t come back. Refunds will be given back as per policy states for class withdrawals with no exceptions. If they stay, they are expected to follow campus rules without question.

    1. Edchero says

      Agree 100% but I’m sure you realize the chance that any of these gutless, p.c. college administrators will do anything like this.

      1. Michael Henry says

        True, but that is what I would do. This is what happens when participation trophies are handed out and “everyone wins” or “everyone is special” BS gains a foothold in society. I got one and then I broke it because I didn’t earn it. These kids have no idea about reality, how things truly work and need a swift kick in the ASS. General Patton slapped a soldier for cowardice, where are today’s equivalents?

        1. Kent2012 says

          Patton’s action caused an bunch of whining then, can you imagine watching the twits on the nightly news as they see the video..?? they already hate America, their panties would be soaked and wadded up…kind of like reality checkerinsky69er…

          1. Michael Henry says

            True, it happened then too, didn’t stop him though. But we need leaders who will stand up to them, hand out a reality check and a hard slap to the face. These kids don’t realize they can’t change history, they can’t change reality, nothing is ever just handed to you, it must be earned. The only thing they have earned is an ass kicking.

          2. Kent2012 says

            andrewinsky does not agree with us…he may be a “unconscious objector”….

  18. Gail Ferraiolo says

    Croco! I know what a waste of presious time, these people are deffenitly not college material students, trouble makers! College is so expensive how stupid are they! Talk about the Devils influence. Satan loves to deceive and twist people’s minds, especially young minds. They are easy pickings and they allow him!

  19. Gerry Costa says

    Close the damn college and throw these imbeciles out into the streets. They don’t deserve an education.

  20. Sam says

    These brainless students don’t know BEANS about food, and are being FED and bunch of CRAP. They should be sent where FOOD is scarce or non-existent. Money being spent on their EDUCATION (likely from parents – or government HANDOUTS) would SERVE a greater REAL purpose FEEDING homeless VETS, PARENT LESS CHILDREN or OLD PEOPLE unable to work or care for themselves. When I was in the university and graduate school, we complained about being served C.V.O.T. in our cafeteria- it was called CAT VOMIT ON TOAST. So: get over it! Get to WORK! STUDY! Get a REAL CAUSE! SHUT UP YOUR WHINING! Are would you prefer CHEESE with your WHINE? I am 80 years old, retired at 65 and i still have 2 part time employments to pay taxes so you nitwits can sit on your butts and BELLY ACHE!

  21. Debbie says

    Our Tax Dollars at work!!!!!!!

    1. chief1937 says


  22. Paula says

    White-progressive-liberal kids looking for a cause. Ridiculous. Wonder if their parents are proud?

  23. adrianvance says

    Ah the joys of logic abused. You cannot make these people up and they are paying up to $40,000 a year to learn to be this idiotic! What ever happened to America. It all seems like a distant dream or memory,…

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  24. The Redhawk says

    Well what can one expect when Immature impressionable barely “educated” HS Lemmings are “TAUGHT” by OLD and Committed Immature PROGRESSIVE COLLEGE IDIOTS ???

  25. Art Hock says

    And these are the people of the future?>?? Definitely a bunch of future welfare leaches as they couldn’t survive in the military or in a real job, not an affirmative make-work joke.

  26. molly kennedy says

    I would not be hiring anyone from Oberlin, they have already shown they would make terrible employees.

  27. papa doug says

    I think the protesters should be kicked out of the college because they obviously have too much time on their hands and aren’t learning anything! That should create room for those who actually want to learn.

  28. Dan says

    Colleges have turned into left-wing extremist recruitment and indoctrination centers, of late.

  29. Austinniceguy says

    This bunch of MORONS needs a lesson in what their future looks like if their beloved Hitlery gets in. They think they’re mistreated now, if she gets in she plans on bringing hundreds of thousands of savage animals under the guise of “refugees” that THEY will have to cater to. This is what it looks like in Europe, I wonder if they’ll appreciate the freedom they USED to have before this happened.

  30. glenn398 says

    Safe places for blacks only, that would work if they gathered there to protect the whites.

  31. Dane7711 says

    News Flash !! “Life isn’t fair, never was and never will be”. The response from the schools I went to would have been, “Ok, if your not happy, don’t let the door hit you in the Ass when you leave” !! There are many more students who want to go to College knocking at the door.

  32. Drake Travis says

    the government is involved in education. that is the problem. everything they involve themselves in becomes senseless, wasteful and only grows in its absurdity; until it’s REALLY absurd, and continues to be more and more absurd. Do you still thinks it is vital to send your kids to the nationally/state-sponsored five year beer orgy with Bolshevik intent? [What has been called “college”]

  33. Drake Travis says

    sad story about a college gone mindless; a college founded by a truly great man who transformed the American landscape with his work. . .

  34. chief1937 says

    Reality gone a muck getting paid to protest is ridiculous they should be expelled instead if the protest are as dumb as this one. Just think folks these are our future leaders. Yea right. Nowhere in this article did I find equality only special privileges instead pure racism at it’s finest.

  35. herman flippen says

    Stick their ass in the Army and let them do pushups!!!

  36. Rickey Cook says

    okay folks they have lost their racist minds..and from a legal stand point they cannot do this.. pay for protesting.. man if they get this watch out .. it will not last because its work.

  37. CrustyOldGeezer says

    Here’s an idea.

    Identify the protestors, clean out their spaces for them, separate out ‘their stuff’ from College property as well as the stolen stuff they think they had a ‘right’ to take.

    Then call the nice police force to escort them out of town.

    Refuse any refunds for any tuition, books, or anything else.

    That way they learn there are RISKS INVOLVED in any action they may chose in life.

    If they ever reappear on campus have them arrested for trespassing and demand the maximum punishment.

  38. wonduh says

    More juveniles who need to get a life instead of being woosies. So they give up the chance to work at Macs after graduation; who cares. Not even Grandma’s pigs give a pork.

  39. John Topper says

    I’m sure our parents and without a doubt, our grandparents thought the country would be going to hell in a hand basket with our silly demands and protests. Yea, that’s right 60’s hippies, 40 years ago, your sorry ass was protesting the war, burning your draft card, smokin’ weed, trippin’ on LSD and making love not war. Now you’re all grown up and sanctimonious and a bunch of old people who sound like your grannies. HAHAHAH…Circle of Life Bitches!

  40. rj says


  41. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    Just SHUT UP AND LEARN SOMETHING….for a change.

  42. bdcorvette says

    Oberlin must be a school for special needs kids. These folks are disfunctional in a normal society. I recommend castration or tubal ligation.

    1. ABO says

      You mean morons like RC?

  43. Trythis Last says

    Guess they need more schoolin…definitely more learnin!
    Hint: Form a General Tso Authenticity Team…..and
    teach the cafeteria staff the proper way.
    Same for pierogis and pizza…….
    the teen version of toddler temper tantrum….
    Good news: they did use some esoteric words!…
    Conclusion: Must have been a secret English Composition assignment.
    ….an old world idiom……Spare the rod and spoil the child…..

  44. sox83cubs84 says

    What is Oberlin’s sporting event mascot? A babbling hippie with a misspelled message on a protest sign?

  45. richard schlinder says

    Too much time on their hands.

  46. william barr says

    are they trying to see who is the most stupid

  47. Joyce White says

    What I would like to know is. Why, in the world are parents paying for these pissant kids to be educated? They obviously aren’t there to learn anything. Their sole purpose for going to college is to be written up in the “Annals of Idiocy”

  48. Linda Lee says

    It’s white students who need a safe space on campus now. These who mostly get get all their stuff free have made the campus a very dangerous emotionally distressful place. Expell them.

  49. 4bills4 says

    Send them all to Iraq to fight. If they make it back they maybe will change their little minds.

  50. Jack says

    ALL EVERYWHERE,who support this type of B.S.WILL be taken to 35,000 feet over the Pacific. Ocean,in a bomber,when they reach a point,300 miles from land in ALL directions,OPEN the”bay” doors and push them.NO EXCEPTIONS !!

  51. Timothy Toroian says

    RACISTS. If a white person published such a list these guys would probably call for execution.

  52. JRW40113 says

    and these morons vote, scary

    1. Reality Check says

      for Bernie sanders

  53. rchguns says

    .When it comes to culinary arts they had better be very very careful what they ask for. There are many ethnic dishes that would be totally impossible to prepare in the United States because of food handling laws. Not to mention you would have people in the cafeteria throwing up.

    Their private club three days a week we offered and ethnic buffet where everything was prepared as close to the actual preparations as we could make them many of them were received quite well but with some exceptions. The majority of those exceptions coming from Southeast Asia in the Pacific. It was a 21 cycle menu we always made sure we had a staples such as prime rib for the less adventurous people.

    We also had a program were members of the club who taken rather exotic vacations and taken videos of their journeys with have a presentation at the club for the general membership. After the videos a select group of not more than 20 couples could go to a absolutely meal prepared as it would be from the country was visited. It was my job to research these things and come up with menus. This is where things got interesting primarily because a lot of the ingredients were anything but common for instance Balut eggs from the Philippines, unborn sheep or goat for dishes from India in the Caribbean. And of course in Southeast Asia and the Pacific rim Darian fruit.

    Why would a request something so stupid when the school does not even have a culinary program. They have to be practical after all how many ways are there to make the following dishes:

    collard greens, black eyed peas, corn bread, Hush Puppies, deep-fried catfish, chitlins, buttermilk biscuits, sorghum for the biscuits, and of course the one staple watermelon

  54. Gea says

    Their parents pay over $40,000/year for those kids to do such nonsense rather then learning critical thinking. All such students need tob e send to work at McDonald to experience true life rather then their privileges in their college where they do not belong/

    If these were my kids, I would eliminate their support completely and let them learn REAL art of living ;-)!

  55. GuardianFlame says

    Whoa Tonto! Would someone finally stand up to these racist students and kick their black uneducated butts off any University Campus! These are nothing but obama puppets screaming to be recognized and demanding to change the world to their standards. So where is the drug stash for these supposed demonstrators? Blacks and drugs are synonymous.

    First of all, when there have been demonstrations in the past, most of those demonstrating were PAID to do the demonstration, not even people involved in the dispute. If more law enforcement were to start arresting these black demonstrators for “TRESPASSING ON PRIVATE PROPERTY”, and interrogate those arrested, they may find that these fake students are just drones being paid by obama’s “Kill America Crew”. Then the truth would get out that, again, obama has his dirty hands stirring up this nonsense.

    Now is the time to take a stand against tryanny in the form of racist black youth bent on destroying any traditional institution. If they don’t fit the requirements for enrollment, then they must go elsewhere. No one is bending over backwards to make these demanding tweaks happy. They can go build their own college and get educated there.

    For the Love of God, stop giving in to these irresponsible drifters looking for recognition anyway they can get it. Where is the backbone in that University’s President and Board of Educators? Why are they cowtowing to these overgrown children? They need to be disciplining them not backing down or giving in to their demands.

    So very disappointing abt what is happening to our American traditions and values – all because of some black snot-nosed kids with their panties in a bunch! Where are Americans with a backbone? Out picking cotton? Switched places instead of teaching consequences…sad.

    1. Reality Check says

      “Blacks and drugs are synonymous”

      and then you want people to think your not a bigoted right wing nut job.

      1. GuardianFlame says

        I don’t give a flying crap what people say. I don’t live my life to
        your’s or anyone else’s standards. I don’t cover up the fact that every time there is a black robbery or mugging, law enforcement “always” find drugs on the perpetrators.

        Yes, black people and drugs are synonymous. Ask any law enforcement that has a beat in the low rent districts and you will see the reality we live in. Gang bangers or just teens trying to fit in and steal things usually have drugs on their person. Usually one or more parent is either an alcoholic or on drugs. The black race has the highest rate of pregnancies of young teenage girls than any other race. Why? Because black teen boys have high drug abuse resulting in rapes of young black females.Should I go on?

        So before you get all high and mighty about calling people bigots or any other racist description because you don’t know what you’re talking about, do some in depth research abt what the majority of the Black race does…and it’s not take care of their kids because the parents are too busy shooting up.

        I got to see this firsthand with one of my Black friends whose grandmother was raising the little boy, my friend’s cousin, who was born 100 percent addicted to heroine because his black mother was “using” while she was pregnant. She didn’t know who the dad was. Here’s the really really sad thing. The little baby boy almost died from the addiction, but what was worse is he has numerous disabilities including becoming blind.
        Does the natural mother care? She tried to get clean, so she could get her baby back, but she couldn’t keep it together long enough to make that happen. The little boy is now a ward of the court and will be shuffled in and out of foster care and with his disabilities, probably quit school and have s life if drugs and crime. Parental Drug use perpetrates drug use by a child.

        Having several Black friends, they will even tell you their race has big issues of fidelity, truth and drugs and it’s not just an issue for the poor Blacks but to blacks that have money as well…her words, not mine.

        I’m just repeating what Blacks know themselves – Blacks and drugs are synonymous. You are the only person that doesn’t seem to get that. Time to do some research so your comments won’t look so lame, unfounded and embsrrassing.. Start by actually getting to know some Blacks well enough so they share their family’s issues. You’d find that not all you hear about them is true and that they are extremely aware of their own drug issues.

  56. nmasterson says

    Is Oberlin a college for morons?

  57. Niko says

    All these college kids need to lined up and smaked up a couple of days to knock out the stupidity ,embeded in their unrealistic,feeble,ignorant minds.

  58. jreb57 says

    Thought it was the job of colleges and universities to educate the students. If you are a student, it is because you are ignorant. If you pay attention you MAY learn something. This looks too much like the sixties when ignorant people thought they knew everything.

    1. Reality Check says

      “This looks too much like the sixties when ignorant people thought they knew everything.”

      and stopped the Vietnam war, THOSE ignorant people?

      1. jreb57 says

        “THOSE ignorant people?”
        Yes, those ignorant people who believe they stopped the Vietnam war. The ones who were so stoned they thought drugs, sex and rock roll made America great. The ignorant people who are so ignorant that they don’t know (and don’t care) that it was Nixon who ended the Vietnam war. The ignorant people who spit on the Vietnam veterans. The ignorant people who thought they knew it all. That makes them a fool. A useful fool.

        1. Kent2012 says

          I wonder if reality checkerinsky69er was conceived during one of the hippie drug laced “demonstrations”….what a shame that we have to endure those mental midget’s idea of what was real and what was a drug-induced fantasy with the help of the communist moles…those commies had good results, especially with the blackpussies and now they are back with their subversive infection of the newblackpussies..

      2. ABO says

        You must have attended Oberlin, RC. It shows.

  59. M J says

    If they are flunking kick them out! I would not want to see any of these horrible individuals pollute our military.

    1. Reality Check says

      what is so horrible for wanting the racial issues to stop?
      and what the F does it have to do with our military?
      it’s a liberal arts college?

      1. ABO says

        More words of wisdom from our resident moron, RC.

  60. Reality Check says

    the Text of the TPP has been out for 6 months and this blog has yet to say a word about this, but discussing the demands of some college kids in WAY MORE IMPORTANT?

    really conservatives?

    the TPP is going to bring down the country, supported by Obama and 90% of the GOP.

    the only sites that are bitching about IT are LIBERAL.

    when is it going to occur to you guys, this site is only about creating the HATE.
    Divided WE FALL.

    wake the fuck up.

  61. EdStone says

    And these idiots are in college? How the hell did they get there?

    1. Reality Check says

      Demanding the end of perceived injustice is the American way silly con.

      so is free speech.

      what make them idiots Ed?
      wanting racial equality?
      so evil toward you bigots.

      1. EdStone says

        You really are an idiot along with those stupid demands. Kick their dumbasses out of college.

        1. Reality Check says

          ed the bigot can’t handle the reality it seems.

          1. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Who in their RIGHT mind would want to ‘handle your reality’? I’m quite sure you do that often all by yourself, being the flaming leftist that you’re so proud to be.

          2. ABO says

            RC handles HIS reality often, disqus_2HJyL9vD3, he is after all a professional wanker.

          3. ABO says

            You have absolutely no concept of the term “reality”, RC you’ve never experienced it.

    2. Kent2012 says

      affirmative action…

  62. Jarhead says

    School should stop hiring Affirmative Action teachers and start requiring Drug Tests.

    1. Reality Check says

      it’s the friggin demands of the black student union.’what the hell does that have to do with teachers?

      jarhead is such a good handle.

    2. Kent2012 says

      there is that panty-waist reality checkerinsky69er thinking that his little insult will hurt your feelings…I wonder if he does this when he feels humiliated while buying a cappuccino at starchucks…

      1. Reality Check says

        Well Kent,
        since teachers are not involved, you must be as ignorant as jarhead.

        I don’t waste money at starbucks.

      2. ABO says

        I understand RC has been chosen for honors at the National Wankers’ Museum Kent, and he’s very deserving of it.

  63. Greg Taylor says


  64. gutz22 says

    Put them all in orange jump suits & drop them off at a Isis control training center.

    1. Kent2012 says

      or the ho clintoney’s campaign office..

    2. Reality Check says

      the conservative answer to “Free “Speech”.
      arrest them.

      aren’t you the people who claim to love the Constitution?

      1. gutz22 says

        If you have been paying any attention over these past seven years you would have noticed that Barry The Bathhouse Punk has complete disregard & contempt for the constitution.As long as the trough feeding swine who make up congress do nothing in upholding their oath of office to defend & protect the Rule of Law,it becomes irrelevant.

  65. joe says

    Since I did bother to read the entire post before blowing my stack her in the opinions section, I _do_ realize that the entire thing is satire HOWEVER, in view of the idiotic things that college and university administrations are doing to pander to these overgrown babies, I see that such a set of circumstances as described here is entirely possible.
    I do remember what we so-called boomers did and went through during our college years in the 60s and I do realize that we probably are channeling our parents when we deride today’s college students for their idiocy but…

    1. Reality Check says

      It is good that you see the crazy in this, but “Poking Fun” is just feeding the HATE that the right FEED ON.

      isn’t that what this web site is about?
      Hate and Division.

      1. joe says

        I really do not see much hate coming from the conservative posters either here or on other boards.

        1. Reality Check says

          Oh, so you are Disingenuous as well.

          how about the comment below
          and the one below that
          and the one below that

          and the ones above.
          “The stinking left wing communists have been very busy in our colleges”

          is not the statement from an intelligent loving human.

      2. ABO says

        Again, you’re completely confused, RC. Hate and division should be the official logo of the Obama Administration, your heros.

        1. Reality Check says

          BUT for some reason the con will never provide an example of how the administration does this.

          1. ABO says

            If you haven’t figured it out by now, you never will which would be expected since you have shown repeatedly that even with the facts right in front of your face you lack the intellect to see the truth. By the way did you get your award from the Wankers’ Museum yet?

  66. Phoebe Isley says

    There are great veterans raising great families on this comment post and just want to say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MYHEART! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND GOD BLESS!!!

  67. Loving America says

    Let’s put the crazys behine bars onboth sides othe fence and bring in new faces with wisdom to settle it all once and for all……no more whitey problems or blacky problems!

  68. albertbryson says

    It is time to close all colleges and universities down. They are no longer teaching reality. We need time to reorganize them and get rid of all the liberal craziness. All protesting students need to be expelled and note send home to their parents requesting them to throw the little bums out to live on the streets where they belong.

    1. Reality Check says

      “It is time to close all colleges and universities down”

      Was that supposed to be an intelligent comment?

  69. sharon says

    The stinking left wing communists have been very busy in our colleges, it should be stopped. That fascist in the white house needs to be impeached.

  70. TadhgMcLir says

    Make all students pay for their own education, maybe that will make them see the light. Go into the military and then to college on the GI bill. Work as well as go to school. Do SOMETHING useful; try studying as opposed to protesting.

    1. Reality Check says

      why are conservatives against Free Speech so much?

      1. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

        You really are one confused little pu$$y, aren’t you?

  71. Alan404 says

    And Oberlin, with a straight face, claims to be an institute of higher learning?

  72. M J says

    Idiocy knows no bounds. I wonder how many of these “protestors” are actually students, even among the enrolled, as well as those who trespass to “protest”, just like in every other place where there are mass planned violent acts of civil uprising, where those among them just go to destroy, many with smiles on their faces.

  73. THOMAS says

    Should have never got rid of the draft !
    All of these demands are to put blacks over all other races of people this is it I personally will not give in to any more demands from black supremest or a government that has become more of a threat to the People’s of AMERICA!

  74. johnnywoods says

    How much money is being fleeced from the tax payers to fund this madness?

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