Colorado Controversy Might Be the Final Straw


According to the mainstream media, the conservative media, the Republican leadership, and the Ted Cruz campaign, what happened this weekend is proof of the weakness of Donald Trump. He failed to develop a well-rounded nomination strategy. He was outmaneuvered by a cunning political foe. He prides himself on being the master of the deal, but he doesn’t understand what he needs to do to secure the win. He can’t complain about it; the rules are the rules.

The controversy stems from Colorado. While Trump was in New York building an enormous lead over Cruz and John Kasich, Cruz was in Colorado shoring up delegates in a state that did not hold traditional primaries. Colorado’s Republican Party scrapped their scheduled March 1st primaries last summer, a protest decision based on how little influence the state’s delegates have had in prior nominations. By leaving their delegates unbound, state party leaders hoped to give Colorado more away at the national convention in July.

The delegate-selection process took place this weekend at Colorado’s convention, and the Cruz campaign worked the room masterfully. By the end of the day, Cruz – who was the only one of the three candidates to show up in person – had wrapped up all 34 Colorado delegates. In a race that has become more about keeping Trump from 1,237 than actually winning on the first ballot, every single delegate counts.

Factually, there was nothing shady about what Cruz did. This wasn’t the Colorado GOP changing the rules at the last minute to stop Trump. The delegates were up for grabs in a decidedly non-democratic system, and the candidates knew what they had to do to get them. You can’t blame Cruz for doing what he had to do.

This is the narrative being used by all of the anti-Trump forces. No one cheated, they say. This is the game. Don’t blame us because you were ignorant of the primary process.

When you listen to these people, it’s like they’re preparing to go to trial. They don’t seem to understand that voters aren’t questioning the legality of the system; they’re angry about the spirit of the rules. At heart, isn’t this supposed to be about democracy?

At one point, there were those who hoped that if Cruz could legitimately get to 1,237 – or at least go into Cleveland with more pledged delegates than Trump – that the voters would unify around the nominee. That dream may have died this weekend. Trump supporters are crying foul. We may be at the point now where Trump and Trump alone can win in November. If he is not the nominee – no matter how it happens – his hardcore supporters are going to revolt.


  1. MAHB001 says

    Trump needs to bring out the A game from here on out.

    If he just whines about the rules he will end up sounding hypocritical, after all, wasn’t he just taking advantage of the rules when he declared bankruptcy….

    1. Angela Worden says

      Bankruptcy is a different set of rules–not all government rules are immoral and bad. Not allowing CO to have a presidential preference primary is a way of manipulating the people’s choice by substituting the CO Republican party’s choice.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Good point.

        I was just saying, that Trump needs to start practicing what he preaches and surround himself with the best people. Trump needs to start winning again.

        I really don’t understand the CO primary and how it was held, but it is obvious that Trump didn’t either, and that is not like a good businessman to leave these things up to chance.

  2. MAHB001 says

    Republicans are still left with 2 wonderful choices… Either one better than the Hillary alternative.

    1. GrizzMann says

      So is a rock.

      1. James Maxwell says

        or a Cow Pattie in the field.

        1. CrustyOldGeezer says

          or one of the maggots in that patty..

          1. MAHB001 says

            Five choices then….. Republicans are left with five better choices than Hillary.

            I can see where this could go forever…. 🙂

        2. MAHB001 says

          Four choices then! Cruz, Trump, a Rock, or a Cow Pattie….

          All better than Hillary…

      2. mrp15 says

        So is Frankenstein.

      3. MAHB001 says

        Three choices then! Trump, Cruz or a Rock, All better than Hillary.

    2. Tired... says

      Thankfully…someone who sees the big picture!

  3. Croco Dile says

    If you wanted to control the nation’s manufacturing, commerce, finance, transportation and natural resources, you would need only to control the apex, the power pinnacle, of an all-powerful socialist government. Then you would have a monopoly and could squeeze out all your competitors. If you wanted a national monopoly, you must control a National Socialist Government. If you want – a worldwide monopoly, you must control a World Socialist Government. That is what the game is all about. “Communism” is not a movement of the downtrodden masses but is a movement created, manipulated and used by power-seeking billionaires in order to gain control over the world . . . first by establishing Socialist Governments in the various nations and then consolidating them all through a “Great Merger,” into an all-powerful World Socialist Super-State. – Gary Allen, None Dare Call it Conspiracy, 1971

    Just continue VOTING !

    1. James Maxwell says

      You’r killing me, I have to agree with the majority of what you said today.

      1. Croco Dile says

        Stay alive .-)

    2. CCblogging says

      That Communist world government is called UN Agenda 2030 and it takes over UN Agenda 21 and it is to be implemented by the year 2030. . The NWO called UN Agenda 2030 is to be fully implemented in just 14 years. It destroys our nation’s borders, all American law. Our US Constitution will be worthless paper under this UN world government. We must bring down the Globalist Billionaires and We must get out of the UN Now!

      1. ALHL says

        Well said.

      2. disqus_tpc8waQI76 says

        His is right with out a doubt but the foes are crafty Mkee no mistake they use the laws or get them past right under your noises this is why I have a distain for lawyers ever time I see one I think of the lawyer in the Hatfields and the McCoy’s

      3. Rosech Levy says

        And that is what the Cruz’s are supporting – One World Government and why I stopped thinking about Cruz as a viable candidate. He isn’t! I have to vote for Trump because otherwise America is gone.

    3. Rosech Levy says

      Sorry, but I lived and worked under socialism. What we have is communism (progressivism) in action almost now on a daily basis. Just remember the Tree of Liberty must be nurtured from time to time.

      1. Croco Dile says

        All forms of Collectivism must be rejected.
        They are slavery to the State, and most of the people love it !

        Government power is a gun pointed at you or your neighbor, nothing more.

  4. Cotton says

    Hey fixthisnation, you are completely shameless in showing your political agenda. But it is exactly what these people want to hear, because no one cares about bias if it is for your own side.
    This site is very interesting to research the herd mentality of the radical right.

    1. Croco Dile says

      This site is more of a government operation.

      What they only do is pounding the FALSE left-right paradigm.
      This is in the interest of the State only.
      This is not intended to unite people to do the right thing.
      This is to divide the people….. to keep them slaves.

      A typical operation of the evil State !

      1. Cotton says

        Radical left conspiracy theorists like yourself are almost as interesting.
        You can spam quotes all you like, but they don’t make you more intelligent.

        1. Croco Dile says

          Thank you for such nice compliments, cotton picker.

  5. JBQ21 says

    Just what do you think is the attraction for Donald Trump? He is not a “cunning political foe”. He is the anti candidate to be sure. Ted Cruz is not the answer. He only generates more questions.

    1. TPM says

      I disagree. The mainstream GOP hates Cruz. He (like Trump) is an enemy of mainstream politicians, with their hands in lobbyists pockets. I started out favoring Trump. But (now) I’m leaning toward Cruz, because I think Trump has made too many enemies and couldn’t win vs Clinton.

      1. JBQ21 says

        Actually, you make my point. This is all about stopping Trump and not about supporting Cruz.

        1. noBS says

          I am still of the belief that, assuming Trump fails to get the delegates required to win on the first ballot, Cruz will also be left out in the cold. The Party leaders will nominate someone who is (supposedly, in their eyes) “electable” — Kaisich, or maybe even Bush.
          If that happens, I will write in Trump. If Cruz gets the nomination in a contested convention, I “might” consider voting for him, but only because he has a record of standing up to party insiders in the Senate, and because he claims to oppose illegal immigration.

          1. JBQ21 says

            Illegal immigration is a key. Trump will not win pre convention. Ryan is saying that he is not interested.

          2. Rosech Levy says

            Cruz claims a lot but no real evidence of accomplishing anything and hated in the Senate so forget him as president (am impossibility) trying to negotiate when he doesn’t have that skill at all. I have outgrown Cruz and am voting for Trump and I am an Independent!

        2. tonio says

          Cruz is a part of the corrupt system who had many of us fooled as being the outsider senator. At first I liked him until he cheated Dr Carson in Iowa. He blamed cnn but Carson volunteers said cruz people told them at the caucus cites that Carson dropped out and to vote for Cruz, they were devistated. Then he put out that photoshopped pic of Rubio in SC and later in HI threatening letters were sent out by Cruz people, then in UT a pic of Trumps wife goes out just befor voting in a Mormon state. Now we learn Cruz taking all the delegates in CO where the people were not allowed to vote. All the while he sells himself as the Christian Conservative, but has actions prove otherwise. He copies Trumps ideas in his speeches and even copied lines from Michael Douglas in a movie. I find Cruz pattern very troubling and now understand why he is not liked or respected by his peers. I now don’t even want Trump picking Cruz for VP anymore.

          1. JBQ21 says

            His persona as stated by one of my brothers is “mean”.

          2. tonio says

            Does your brother know him personally? All my research of people who know Trump personally say he is a kind generous good man who can be trusted. It’s true his “persona” and ruff tuff New Yorker gruffness might offend some people but I find him refreshing after being betrayed for so long by smooth talking career politicians (mostly lawyers) who lie and say all the right things for votes but are more interested in padding their pockets then serving the American people.

          3. JBQ21 says

            Again, you “put the cart before the horse”. I was referring to the Canadian hot shot who is a Texas senator. I have another brother who is just now returning from a contractor gig in Afghanistan. He attended a big party with his wife at the Trumps with several hundred others several years ago . He had a good time and never said anything negative about the New York candidate. He appeared to indicate that Mr. Trump had a bigger than life personality. Actually, his wife has connections to the Trumps. My brother is a Hillary fan because she evidently has been a reference for his foreign ventures.

      2. Sparkitus_Maximus says

        This is a common attitude adopted by most logical thinking people in the U.S. Because of time constraints of raising children and holding down a job people generally haven’t the time to educate themselves fully of the creeping dark agenda of globalist population control.
        Cruz is a Bush family globalist operative from early on. Don’t believe he is an outsider for a N.Y. moment. Hence the reason for frenzied attacks and outright voter fraud perpetrated against nationalist Trump who funds his own campaign uncontrolled by lobby and special interest.
        My vote goes to write in Trumps name.

        1. Constitutionalist says

          I agree, Sparkitus. I started out favoring Carson, then switched to Cruz because he had be buffaloed into thinking he was a Constitutionalist, I thought Trump acted like a petulant child. Sadly, Cruz has proven that, like so many other Politicians, he will lie or say anything to get elected. I, too have switched my allegiance to Trump.

        2. ringostarr1 says

          Donald Trump will be unable to win a write-in-election. To win a write in election every one who votes for Donald Trump must spell the Donald’s name exactly the same as well as spell his name correctly. This will prove a high bar for the average Trump voter to overcome.

      3. Jimmee41 says

        Do you really think that “I am the ONLY true conservative” has a snowball’s chance at winning???? Let’s get some realism man. Trump will clean Hillary’s clock!!!!

      4. Rosech Levy says

        And I started out with Cruz but his true colors are creeping in daily. He is a politician, lacks character, lies, is a coward by starting a fuss with Trump and then blames Trump, he accepts delegates gained openly by voter cheating, etc. I am voting for a man who loves America and all the skills and abilities to save America and that is Trump.

    2. maxx says

      I believe Trump is first, far more patriotic than Cruz or any of the other professional politicians. He also is more “in tune” to the ordinary citizen. His concerns are my concerns. He has more common sense than all politicians put together. He sees the same dangers to America all the other candidates see but he is the only one that speaks up against them. We are being invaded by an army of foreigners and wants to stop it. The other candidates want to welcome them in. These aare not refugees, these are foreign invaders with only one goal and Trump knows what that goal is.

      1. JBQ21 says

        I agree with your assessment. However, the message is good but the manner of the messenger needs to be fine tuned.

        1. jaybird says

          Who are you, the posting critic??????

          1. JBQ21 says

            The messenger that I am talking about is “Trump”. I was not talking about you beyond agreeing with your assessment.

          2. Elizabeth Voelker says

            Sometimes you have to tell it like it is. Polically correct sugar coats all messages. When you focus on the free stuff instead of who’s gonna pay no one sees the forest for the trees. When you help people understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch it becomes real . The more you give away, the more that is expected. I have yet to see how ‘helping people with food and housing ‘ translates into you don’t have to work because the government will provide for you, free phones, free healthcare, free education, free manicures, free computers, and the ‘rich’ people use to you. Most know how much money you can get from a ‘free education’ and all you have to do is not complete it. That way you keep all the money a d you don’t have to work or do anything. We must make our children understand that standing around waiting on the next handout is not a career and that ‘Old Folks’ are not getting a handout from government. That is our money we worked very hard for many years to earn and the government took it from our paychecks before we ever touched it. You darn right I’m entitled to my social security retirement fund, changing the name of it doesn’t make it right. Go Trump. Vote Trump. Take our country back. Save the Condtitution.

          3. JBQ21 says

            Sounds right. You have to know that the pope is right in there with the socialist mix. Is it any surprise that Chicago is coming apart just after the “pet duck” of Francis, Blasé Cupich, comes into town to destroy the memory of the crippled Cardinal George. Those that believe in morality are being thrown overboard as scapegoats for the conversion of all of the barbarians on the South Side. Can you have any doubt that radical Catholics, meaning the Francis crowd, have thrown in with radical Democrats and the gay crowd.

      2. rc7j says

        Trump will be on the Socialist side of Cruz. He is not so dedicated to the US Constitution (Which has enabled the system that has turned out to be the greatest country ever. Not perfect because it is made up of imperfect people but overall the best. What country can compare to the US?) So Cruz is conservative and embraces and defends the US Constitution. What is so bad about that?

        1. Kenneth says

          CRUZ, also known as “SCRUZ” has a major flaw; HE IS A MANIPULATIVE LIER!!
          I don’t think he can speak one sentence without a lie coming from his moving lips.
          first he is a natural born Canadian, ooops, make that a “natural” American because his momma is a US citizen, even though his PADRA is a Cuban. Then he’s a Texan even though he is a Canadian citizen, oops! once again. AT THE ROOT; HE IS A MANIPULATIVE LIER!!!

          1. hunter34 says

            can you prove all that crap in your post ,a judge in new jersey just declared Cruz
            elgible to run for president , other than that you can,t be too smart you can,t spell Liar

          2. richardjf says

            Try fixing can’t. its not can,t. The judges in N.J. all suck a big wet one. I live there. Money talks bullship walks. These judges think their gods and want us to know that.

        2. Rosech Levy says

          And Cruz spouts the Constitution and then goes against it. He definitely is establishment, lies, is a coward, and another smooth talker which is a copy of what we now have in the WH! And tell me he is not part and parcel of Heidi’s One World Government campaign! Cruz has no character and strangely enough states are informing him of rule changes, but not Trump. Talk about a GOP setup top down, this is it!

        3. tonio says

          Cruz lies too much and seems to only win states surrounded with dirty tricks starting in Iowa with dr Carson then the photo shopped pic of Rubio in SC and Cruz threatening mail outs in Hawaii, pic sent out of Trumps wife in UT and now taking all the delegates in CO where the people were not allowed to vote. Each time Cruz is caught he blames others or justified a fraudulent system in CO saying “that’s the rules” showing lack of integrity since he is the recipient of delegates in every case. It’s a pattern of scandals of a corrupt career politician lawyer selling himself as the Christian Conservative. That is not the action of a Christian or a Conservative. The people in CO are speaking out, they said no one told them they could not vote, they learned when they showed up at the caucus cites and were told they can’t vote. They said Colorado is Trump country and are going to demand their vote.

      3. playnice says

        The Hawaiian people hate mainland US, we stole their country in their eyes. Obama grew up in that culture, was raised also in Indonesia which pretty much doesn’t like us either. He said that “colonial” countries need to pay. Even though we were a colony of a colonial country Great Britain, we are the enemy to him.

        1. Bachelor With Sense says

          Since you are the “enemy to him” maybe EVERY American needs to make him “Our Enemy”! He is guilty of Treason, so let”s stand him in front of a firing squad!

          1. Gen11American says

            Tens of millions of Americans would clamor for the chance to stand in that squad! Maybe they should hold a lottery to pick who gets to participate. Make the price $100 for each lottery ticket and the money collected can be used to help our Veterans since Obama has utterly failed in his duty to assure our Veterans came before illegal aliens!

          2. John Doe says

            Obastard has utterly failed every duty as a POTUS. He swore to uphold the law, the constitution, and all he does is re-write it, make his own version of the way he thinks it should have been written. I’m truly shocked that he’s not been held accountable for is illegal actions already, but then he must have had something real serious on John Boehner, as he let him slide on everything.

          3. George says

            He was illegal for president like now Cruz or Rubio. All the time they want to give us Foreign president because it is easier to pursue them acting against American.

          4. ringostarr1 says

            No charge $1,000 per cartage and let the squads shoot in volleys. Soon you’ll payoff the National Debt.

          5. Joey Smith says


          6. Joey Smith says

            YES HE IS AMERICAS ENEMY !!!!!!!!!!!!

          7. John Doe says

            I couldn’t agree anymore, however, I would also include Hillary, Eric Holder and many others in this administration.

        2. Joey Smith says


        3. John Doe says

          I think that any non-muslim is an enemy of his.

      4. ringostarr1 says

        If you are a citizen of Communist Poland, Dominica, Central America, Mexico, Brazil, or the Marxist Utopia of Yugoslavia, (where Donald Trump’s third wife hales from) then Trump is your man. The Donald has imported more guest workers who have stolen the food out of the mouths of more Americans then went on to overstay their visas than any other Billionaire with the possible exceptions of the International Marxist Walt Disney corporation and the renowned faith healer Steve Jobs.

      5. Joey Smith says


    3. Barney Biggs says

      As a non American and noting your comment, who in the race do you think has what it takes to be a good President of your country?
      From where I sit it looks like your country is so polarized even among those of the same political stripe that it resembles a non violent war.

      Your political system appears almost unfathomable and is largely controlled by your press who seem to have more political influence than any candidate in persuading the voters. Many of us keep hoping that critical analysis of the respective promises and policies will rule the day but it appears that emotion is running the show.

      1. JBQ21 says

        From where I sit, I actually see it the same way that you do. Bill Clinton was left of center. His recent run in with Black Lives Matter over his criminal legislation crystalized that view in the hearts of the people. His wife is far to the left and needs the black vote which has been radicalized by Barry Obama. Trump is really an “anti candidate”. He is waking up those who are against the way things are. The real answer would be if James Webb took off. He was in the Democratic debate for about a month. He was in the Bush junior administration and served one term as the Senator from Virginia. He has Vietnam combat experience and has a Vietnamese wife. His support was nill.

        1. Barney Biggs says

          I have no knowledge of James Webb and will have to check him out.

          I truly believe that whoever controls your media controls your politics.

          World wide it appears that voters are substituting emotion for critical analytical thinking to the detriment of the countries.

          In my country our recent election had more to do with hair, selfies and optics than any analysis of policies or promises.

          1. JBQ21 says

            The media has always had a great deal of influence. Just look at the Nazis. JFK beat Nixon because of media exposure. It’s just that America is replacing logic in the schools with emotion. As a Catholic, the Church is going that way as well. Francis is all emotion and he is a master manipulator.

          2. Rosech Levy says

            Which is why I am no longer a conservative, nor Democrat nor Republican and Francis is NOT my pope but a puppet like Obama! Pushing communism everywhere and people think that this is a joke!

          3. JBQ21 says

            If you give up, they win. Stay cool, keep the powder dry, and wait for the conspiracy to play itself out. It is all about world socialism and a one world religion.

        2. tonio says

          Jim webs support was nil because he is a democrat in a party that no longer values our our military veterans. He’s a good man in the wrong party which is a shame because he’s one of the honest ones.

          1. JBQ21 says

            As a Navy veteran, you reinforce the perception that this is all about an attack on white males. Actually, Bill Clinton was one at one time. Now, he is neither.

      2. Constitutionalist says

        You are so right, Barney. Emotions, instead of brains, are indeed running the show.

        1. GuardianFlame says

          Brains went out when America’s public school system downgraded its teachers and its teaching procedures. Common Core is beyond the worst educational system to have hit the American Youth.

          We are turning out young adults who have been taught that to use your brain is unacceptable…no exceptionalism allowed, just blend in with the losers and misfits. This is all part of Socialism, obama’s wet dream for America and he has stood firmly on this Grade F system. “F” for Failure!

          So when you say people value “Selfies” more than brains, it’s because their brains are absent from lack of use. Until we remove C.C. from our federally supported public schools, all we will see is a swarm of lifeless inintelligent young adults who “think” they know what is happening around them but have been dumbed down so much that you could read them a storybook and they’d believe it was real.

          America is in HUGE trouble intelligence wise until we get a President smart enough to remove this Socialistic spear from our educational system and instill a new more intelligent method of instructing. Til then, we are afloat with mindless painted faces and cells that only capture the immaturity of a generation lost in self idolization and nothing more.

          The solution for this crisis: Trump for President. He may be rough around the edges and not speak smoothly like a seasoned politician, but he loves this Country – unlike obama who has a deep seated hatred for anything American – and will do everything possible to return her to her strong place in the World arena. Trump WILL do this…the rest of the candidates talk big like the politicians they are, but nothing will change with any one of them.

      3. kay says

        The whole election process is a farce. The GOP is going to force a convention where they pick the candidate and neither Cruz nor Trump will be the one they choose. No matter who is picked most of the machines are made by Soros and he has invested millions in cutting Trump out while promoting Hillary Clinton. Soros is not a US citizen and should not be paying protesters to block Trumps rallies, paying black lives matter to threaten riots if Trump wins and generally interfering in our process. The machines used to cast our votes are easily messed with to give the outcome wanted by any given person with access. Also Soros is not worried Cruz will get the number of delegates he needs to be the candidate but he is using him along with the GOP to insure Trump does not. And then we have the insane who keep voting the same people back in office thinking this time it will get a different result and all it has done is gotten us lost freedoms, racial tensions, and 20 trillion in debt. I have watched our process go to heck in a hand basket for almost 50 years. We use to have a person from each party count the votes and verify the winner, now we have Soros made machines do it all.

        1. ringostarr1 says

          To be 100% honest there are 50 separate State Republican Parties and a separate 6 Republican parties, one in each of all 6 Incorporated US territories. Each of these separate 56 Republican parties have different rules for choosing a nominee. What you see in Trump is his disdain for local rule and his hatred of Federalism. You should also know that all the 56 different party rules are written down for the Donald to read and understand if in fact he intended on winning the Presidency. Donald Trump like his fellow Billionaire Ross Perot is not interested in being the President of the United States of America but instead the Donald wants to elect Hillary Clinton to the Presidency the same as Ross Perot helped elect Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996.

          1. kay says

            What has Trump to do with what is going on in our nation other than the MSM, DNC, RNC, all hating him? Our problem is rigged voting machines, the majority of people in some states not allowed to vote due to the RNC rules not the peoples. The people did not write the rules nor vote to enforce those rules. And do be honest, the RNC is going to force a contested convention and run a candidate they know is no different that Clinton. A good old boy and it will not be Cruz nor will it be Trump no matter how many citizens want either one of them. We do not have an election and haven’t in years. Every year they prove voter fraud and every year we do not see a change in the elections even though they know the results were fraudulent. If Trump dropped out Cruz would not be selected, the GOP hates him and is using him, If Cruz dropped out Trump would still not be the candidate, the GOP would ensure that. It is time the peoples choice is picked by the majority and not the party, be it the DNC, or the RNC.

      4. jimshaw54 says

        How right you are. I have for a long time said that our press decides who wins our elections, and with almost all of the press liberal small wonder that we are going more and more to the left. Our press has given Donald Trump FAR FAR more free publicity than all of the others combined, just as they gave us Obama they are trying their best to give us Trump.

        All of the “gaffes” that Trump has made over the course of the campaign should tell people more about how he would run our country if elected to be our president, but with the press covering for him that isn’t happening. Trumps sloppy approach to some of the primary elections should be a warning to all that he isn’t exactly the meticulous (meaning: cautious, heedful, alert, attentive, watchful, vigilant, wary, on guard, circumspect) person we need in these trying days that are ahead of our country. Trump says large sweeping things that sound good in the saying, but don’t necessarily hold up to true tests.

        1. Rosech Levy says

          Trump is the only one with a background of success, running and managing a huge business, not owned, and NOT a politician, and gets things done. No other candidate out there could defeat Hillary and the 2 parties in 1 are bought and paid for to go for communism. Been there, done that!

      5. Rosech Levy says

        The problem is the 2 parties in 1 think they own us. The are privately owned parties, so I think we should start our own privately owned party and throw these people out of business telling us for whom to vote, etc., etc. They are useless but love their riches from donors who want to own America. Never forget the Constitution gave us the right to overthrow rogue government and throw out the Congress and the 2 in 1 parties all together. We start fresh by removing America as a corporation (done in the 1800’s) and get back to being the Republic by and for the people. Be prepared because for the first time since the late 1700’s we are seeing a civil war because we are sick and tired of the same old, same old and they think they can outthink us. Fools like them do walk in and pay the price.

    4. Big kahuna says

      America’s fate will be televised for the world on November 8, 2016.

      Win or lose, you’ll remember that night.

      Billions of eyes will be watching to see if our country will be crushed by a massive federal government, judges running the Constitution through a shredder, a complete loss of our borders, ISIS emboldened to continue terrorizing the free world, and a market where success is punished and failure rewarded.

      Or … will our country be saved by a leader who upholds the Constitution, shrinks the government, stands up to ISIS, rises above political correctness, proudly defends our borders, and fundamentally understands why we’re so blessed to be Americans?

      Which America do you want for your children?
      Go Trump- the people’s choice.

      1. JBQ21 says

        I hope and pray that both of your kahunas are right.

    5. George says

      Trump will bring prosperity to this country and safety for me and my children.

    6. imbzystitchin says

      It does help however, if you are willing to read the rules under which you next to abide and be willing to work hard. Trump does not even know the functions of the Federal Government. He doesn’t understand what the Founding Fathers wanted. How can you get the country back to what it was meant to be without that basic knowledge? We have had eight years of a President who hates and has his own ideas of what this country should be, what if we try someone who wants to return the power to the people as the Founders wanted.

      1. tonio says

        Our Fouding Fathers are turning over in their graves at what our corrupt political leaders are doing to our wonderful country. Those so called “rules” seem to change daily and voter fraud is running rampent yet no candidate had the leadership or strong character to correct or rock the boat until Trump exposed it and refused to back down. That’s what leaders with integrity do. The RNC blatantly is playing every trick to stop their own front runner because they can’t buy or controll him even though Trump is bringing in millions of new Republicans to the party. Trump built a successful multi billion $ business lasting over 4 decades because his reputation is doing what he says and getting the job done right usually under budget. Seeing the mess our so called ‘experienced’ Career politicians in DC are doing I feel Trump will be a huge improvement. Mr Trump is a Wharton graduate who tested Genius level, he’s brilliant and will make a superb president. We need our border secured and factories back and he is the only one who can do it. Our US Border Patrol endorced Trump, they have never endorced a candidate before.

        1. imbzystitchin says

          The rules HAVE NOT CHANGED since this process began. Yes, people tried to set the rules to control possibilities but they are not changing the rules as we go as Trump wants people to believe. Where is his protest for those of us who do not get represented because we live in a winner-take-all and didn’t vote for TRUMP but he won. Shouldn’t those states be proportional? And for all those Republicans he is bringing in, there are people paying attention who say those people are keeping incumbents in office. The very people that they are angry about, if Trump complained about the people in office who have not supported the will of the people and have not kept their election promises as much as he complains about how unfair everyone is to HIM, then maybe he would be Presidential material. But he does not. Trump has been part of the political game for a LONG TIME. Supporting both sides, I know you will say he had to for business reasons, but he did not, he could have chosen to try and change the system. As to Trump’s “Genius level” , the people I have known that are at that level speak I coherent sentences and don’t lead you in circles. There is nothing about Trump that makes me think his IQ even approaches that level. The bad thing about Trump is that like Obama he is offering a nice picture of the future, the problem is that like Obama the picture he is offering and the picture his supporters are seeing is not the same thing.

  6. 1775concord says

    Just how, article writer, do you support your statement that Colorado’s process was undemocratic?
    Trump (in the linked newsmax article supplied in‘s comment) says, I would have won Colorado? How? Each of Colorado’s 4000 precincts had a caucus (neighborhood voters); delegaes to county and Congressional district and State convention were voted upon and decided. At the 7 Congressional assemblies, 3 delegates to National were elected as any candidate (49 in my Cong district) was given time on stage. At State, 13 were chosen from 600 contenders. There were some very minor glitches. Cruz supporters had a big presence not only at County and State, but on my emails. Trump had almost no organization.
    Further: Cruz came in person and gave his standard speech at the State convention. Trump did not even think Colorado was important enough, apparently, and didn’t even show up.
    “I would have won Colorado.” How? This statement harks back to the oft-quoted “I couldda been a contenda.”

    1. Goodforall says

      If you really believe all of this nonsense then I have some swamp land in Florida I’d like to sell you. You have swallowed the kool-aid from the establishment.

      1. 1775concord says

        Perhaps you could offer any substantive opinion or evidence to support your negative position.
        And where do you live?

    2. Eileen377 says

      The delegates that supported Trump were not chosen the go to the convention. The delegates were chosen by the establishment not the people.

    3. ALHL says


      1. 1775concord says

        Do you have anything of substance to state?

    4. louann says

      Trump is a good man. He knows Colorado voters will vote for him. They did 59% for trump. That told these voters there votes don’t count. The delegates were hand picked. Ones for trump were kicked off. I seen video of delegate that’s mad as hell. So Cruz won on 37 delegates ok remember they will do it to Cruz also. They don’t want him. Dont cry when your told your vote dont count.

  7. Niki says

    We need a third party! The two we have currently are corrupt.

    1. mrp15 says

      You got that right. It becomes more and more obvious how corrupt the Establishment is that they will do anything to eliminate Donald Trump who is a threat to their status quo, business as usual. To say they would vote for HRC before Donald Trump proves they don’t want to give up their corrupt lifestyle because she will allow it to continue as she’s the most corrupt of all.

    2. Wumingren says

      Not just another splinter group starting up another third party. What we need is for all the splinter groups to form a coalition and create a replacement for the GOP.

      1. Rosech Levy says

        Agree and then we need a real name that resounds with Americans, at least those with brains!

    3. Rosech Levy says

      Again, both parties are privately owned groups, so if need be, we can form our own private party and eliminate these power/money hungry parties out of existence. They need us but we don’t need them any more. This is why I stopped being a conservative and am now an Independent. Have to file as a Republican unfortunately to vote in CA.

  8. Bill says

    Cruz is a documented liar. He is nothing more than the establishment slimey politican. He is in office and part of the problem. If he’s so wonderful what has he done to fix the problem. Washington loves status quo. Let’s keep things the way they are. They are all scared of Trump because he will shake things up.

    1. Tired... says

      We have to get away from either/or thinking. Whether or not you like Cruz, he is a first term Senator. During his term he has attempted to stand against the establishment by filibustering and calling out Mitch McConnell. As you know, a single senator does not possess the power “to fix the problem.” If you believe he is a liar, then fine, that is your right. Just be reasonable in your expectation.

      If people continue with their “it’s my guy or no one” thinking, then next January Hillary will be sworn in as President. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that to happen…my kids deserve better.

      1. Phoebe Isley says

        Be reasonable in our expectations? You think that is what they are doing against Trump? You know you have a point but I had a conversation with my sister and we both said “if Cruz becomes the nominee of course we will not be turncoats but and that is a BIG BUT if Trump becomes the nominee will you all be loyal or will you all turn out to be the TURNCOAT. I have much more faith in people following Trump and doing the right thing than I am of people following Cruz or Kaisech for that matter. Never have I seen so much hate come from other fellow republicans against one of their own and that is the TRUTH! What they are doing to Trump is pure and simple sabotage and it’s why after this election I am going independent because I don’t trust anyone in the establishment. They are corrupt on both sides and is the sole reason I am voting for Trump. Time for a change and is why the MAJORITY of the Americans want Trump.

        1. Tired... says

          I meant be reasonable in what can be expected from a first term senator…the comment had nothing to do with Trump.

          I agree that the hate is palpable and that is a shame. I have been independent for several decades, so I am neither a Cruz or Trump follower. Each has issues that concern me, but in the end both are better than Hillary.

          However, I do not have the same faith in Trump’s followers as you do; I think that for a large number of them it is Trump or nobody, regardless of the cost. I also do not believe that a majority of Americans want Trump; a large number of Republican primary voters do, but not the majority of Americans.

          1. Phoebe Isley says

            You may be right yet from what I am seeing and hearing from the American people it seems there are many more than you think. We will see and thank you for responding to my comment. No ill intent was intended to you by any means. In regards to having faith in Trump followers I pray you are wrong. I know that many may not be happy if he gets unfairly ousted yet we can not by any means allow a Democrat back in. I pray that we all agree on that.

          2. Tired... says

            Thank you for your concern, but I didn’t take offense at your comment; I was just clarifying my point. A few of my conservative friends absolutely refuse to vote for Trump under any circumstances and I have been pointing out that such a stance ensures that Hillary will become president. I hope that I am wrong about Trump’s supporters as well, but unfortunately I have heard and read too many comment from Trump supporters to believe otherwise.

          3. Phoebe Isley says

            I sure hope not so we will see. Have a great day. Enjoyed conversing with you. God Bless

          4. Tired... says

            I enjoyed it as well. It is nice to have a discussion without the name calling; I appreciated your courtesy.

          5. Rosech Levy says

            Unfortunately Trump is the only one against a Democrat candidate because the others are too involved in establishment and getting nothing done, nor have the skills to battle against either of the DNC evil twins. This is a war for America so face it and we need real warrior to win this country back from the edge and communism.

          6. Rosech Levy says

            It seems you believe the polls who are owned and each is slightly different and do what they are told by their owners. Trump is wanted by a majority of us, even my Democrat family back in MO! That astounded me but now we see Democrats, latinos and blacks lining up for Trump. So don’t believe every thing you hear or read and my mother always preached that to us and she was and is right. Everyone against Trump means he must be the nominee because they are so afraid of his cleaning up the mess they have made for the almighty donor dollars.

          7. Tired... says

            I certainly agree that polls can be influenced by a number of factors. In this case even without any conspiratorial implications the polls are fluid and very unreliable because the political environment is unprecedented, at least in my lifetime. Because of this I don’t place a lot of stock in them. You and I are both at the mercy of our personal experiences and anecdotal evidence.

          8. tonio says

            But no other GOP candidate has come close to having more voters then Trump so if Cruz, Rubio, kasish, Bush etc can’t beat Trump theirs no way they can beat Hillary.

          9. Tired... says

            I understand what you are saying, but there is a difference between the primaries and the general election. Once the primaries are done, the voters generally coalesce around the nominee, so the vote distribution in the primaries becomes moot; unfortunately the anger and outright hate that has developed between the Trumpites and the Cruzites makes such a unification problematic.

        2. noBS says

          My concern is that the party leaders don’t want either Trump or Cruz. I prefer Trump but could see myself voting for Cruz if he’s the nominee. IF, however, the party nominates an entirely different candidate — a “party guy” such as Kaisich or Bush, for example — they will NOT get my vote. I will go 3rd party or else write in Trump.

          1. Phoebe Isley says

            I agree noBS. I feel the same way and quite frankly am feeling a bit uncomfortable about how this will all turn out. Maybe I was naïve this whole time but this year it seems not only my eyes but the eyes of WE THE PEOPLE see the real truth and it ain’t pretty. I pray your scenario doesn’t play out yet at this point the establishment will do anything to keep this corruption going and I pray WE THE PEOPLE can finally put a stop to it. God Bless

      2. ringostarr1 says

        That is why Hillary hired Donald Trump. To put her and Bill back in the White House. Trump is only trying to fulfill his contract with the Clintons.

        1. Tired... says

          Sorry, but I can’t go there. I am not a Trump fan but campaigns are grueling events, Trump doesn’t need the money, and I don’t believe he is that much of an ideologue to do it for principle. Additionally there is too much ego between the three of them to allow that kind of partnership to function effectively for more than a few weeks.

    2. marinegrl says

      When I ask people how long Cruz has been a senator, they have said anything from 7 to 20 years. They are surprised when I tell them he assumed his current job in January of 2013. My senator (Burr) has been there for 11 years, have your ever heard of him? Probably not. I heard of Cruz in October 2013 (government shutdown) when he went to physically remove the barriers the Obama administration had put in place in an effort to punish citizens from seeing the open and free monuments in DC. He went to DC to try to fix the things we were complaining about. I ask anyone, if you went to Washington to clean house, how many friends would you make while you were there? Exactly! As far as him being a “documented liar”, anyone who has ever worked an election understands the high op tempo that goes on, additionally, it’s extremely competitive. Months of work, thousands (or millions) of dollars later and it’s come down to the final hours. There are several volunteers and at that point you have no control over what comes out of their mouths. I’m sure the volunteer thought they were “helping”. Don’t forget, after Cruz fired his communication director for unethical conduct; he became a contributor for MSNBC two days later. Personally I think he was a plant. There is no difference in what Cruz and Trump supporters want, we just want different people to make it happen.

      1. Sparkitus_Maximus says

        There is a big difference.

      2. rex ames says

        You are wrong about Cruz. He only adapted to Trumps immigration stance because of Trump. He is a leach right along with his wife who get 1/2 million a year on Goldman Sachs payroll.
        Trump is on his own payroll, pays his own folks from the empire he built from his fathers 200 million to 10 billion corporations. Trump is a fighter and been nocked down a few times, almost went completely broke, and then built it into an empire.
        Are you you nuts, Cruz and Trump are light years apart. If we do not get good trade treaties and jobs, we are finished as a nation, nothing else will matter.
        Trump is the only hope.

        1. jaybird says

          Trump thinks he can learn as he goes along, look what happened to him in CO because he did not know how each state elects a candidate. If he thinks that was too much to learn we are in trouble because there is a lot of corruption in each government dept., will he delegate and hope it gets done?

          He can’t do that in running a country, he will screw up a lot and that scares me. He does not know how corrupt this country is and how evil the UN and the “Dicktators” are. Will he check what his advisors are telling him or just believe them?? He greatly respects (his words) the CFR President -Richard Haas.

      3. ringostarr1 says

        There is a huge difference between Rafael Cruz and Donald Trump. Cruz want’s to help Goldman Sacks score another $8,000,000,000 to-big-to-fail-windfall. No word yet on how much of this windfall Cruz or his wife shared. Trump on the other hand is on a crusade to help Hillary regain the White House. Evidently Hillary remembered a few trinkets that she neglected to cart away the first time that she lived there and now she wants to correct the mistakes she made in early January of 2001 and steal the whole property.

    3. ringostarr1 says

      Rafael Cruz’s two biggest problems are that one he is slimier than the slimiest Establishment politician in either party, and two he looks like (at least in most voters’ eyes) a pervert.

  9. Frances Chute Quinn says

    i think we are quickly becoming a communist country… is time we have fair voting by the people for those we elect to represent us and control of where our taxpayer money goes. the rnc certainly deserves not a penny from us.

    1. Elizabethtwilliams4 says

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      1. JBQ21 says

        Take your spam and mail it to Canada.

      2. John Doe says

        Please keep your junk of these forums!

    2. maxx says

      The “popular vote” works only if it can be guaranteed to be honest. Do you really believe with all the vote fraud we are witnessing today that an honest election will ever be held? It does happen in less sophisticated countries however. You prove you are eligible, you vote, an indelible mark is affixed to your body. You come back through the line and you are arrested. PERIOD. Here we don’t even require a person to be legally eligible. Non citizens have been voting for decades because politicians found how easy it was to do. Our election system was corrupted decades ago most thanks to “the left”.

      1. melmack 1 says

        Yep, which is why groups like La Raza run around doing voter registration. Remember ACORN…LOL…Mickey Mouse etc all voted for Obama

        1. John Doe says

          Don’t forget Alvin and the Chipmunks or any if not all cartoon characters.

          1. melmack 1 says

            Yep, ACORN got them registered and vote they did !! Back then we had La Raza
            and today we have La Raza…

          2. Roy Fredrichsen says

            After all that, I wonder how many gravestone names were used to register illegals to vote for Hillary?

          3. Gen11American says

            Our assinine leaders in Congress are so pathetic, they even allow known illegal aliens advocate for illegals rights during congressional hearings! Every time I see Jose Varga testifying, I grind my teeth down to knubs. My dentist hates him, too! And there’s lots of others allowed to testify as illegals, including la Raza members. Every Democrat in Congress should be voted out of office in 2016 for allowing that!

          4. melmack 1 says

            I could actually vote to IMPEACH each and every one of them and that would include many RINOS, like graham, flake, etc

          5. Gen11American says

            Only millions more than before!

        2. Gen11American says

          They must have ACORN employees scanning all the obituaries, both old and new, so they can see who died so they can arrange to have fraudulent appointees vote in their place on Election Day! That is why Voter ID’s should be mandatory in all fifty states, especially in Democratic-run states, because they’re the most corrupt! Under no circumstances should illegals be granted driver’s licenses because of Bill Clinton’s Motor-Voter Registration Law which automatically registers them to vote! That assinine law proved how corrupt the Clintons were, and Hillary Clinton still supports that law because she’s counting on it to win by massive voter fraud! The fact our Supreme Court ruled that proof of citizenship should NOT be required to register to vote proved how corrupt our SCOTUS justices are also! Congress does nothing to prevent any of the corruptions problems, which proves they’re no better, and 96% of pollsters believe that the Obama’s are as corrupt as Russia claims. I’d say we’re in big trouble, and it’s up to We The People to take back our country!

          1. melmack 1 says

            Great, you laid it out very clearly and correctly…thank you

          2. ringostarr1 says

            I agree but Donald Trump is not a white knight in shining armor, but rather the Donald is the best example out there of an elite insider’s insider.

          3. Gen11American says

            I’ve done research on all candidates, looked up their voting records on immigration issues, evaluated their speeches for a year, watched C-Span congressional hearings, including Hillary’s 13-hour marathon, spend up to 5 hours per day reading all the hooks and crooks, and I’ve concluded that America will be better off with Trump as POTUS! Cruz has a slightly higher grade than Mr. Trump, but he’s flip-flopped on his positions about immigration issues since 2013 too much to be trusted, and even if a NJ judge just declared him a natural-born citizen, as an 11th generation American, I trust the Founding Fathers’ definiton more!

          4. hankthetank says

            The koch brothers are behind the GOP, trying to it over ! Donald Trump is trying to stop them! the koch’s have a Group of billionaires behind them,they funnel money to different charities & they funnel it to other foundations to hide or wash it so no one knows where it came from, before they give it to the final political group !!!

          5. The Quadfather says

            And George Soros is behind the Democrats doing the same thing, only supporting Marxist causes.

          6. George says

            And Soros is behind Kasich , too.

          7. Patricia A Galle says

            Soros are old Democrat friends, He has been a big investor in Trump Towers, and he loaned Trump money after his bankruptcies. Soros has over 2 million invested in Hillary. Trump has been a liberal Democrat all of his life. He is pretending to be a Republican, because he thinks we are too stupid to know the difference. His own kids can’t vote for him in New York, because they waited too long to change parties. They have to vote in the Democrat’s Primary. That says it all for me. I will support my Senator Ted Cruz. I know he is an honest conservative working for the people not the party.

          8. Ellender Brown says

            Mr.Donald J Trump has been a Rep sense 1988. Backed John Mc Cane .Matt Romney the last two election.Then they are stabbing him in the back. Give me you money but the hell with you. When you have friend like this , You sure don’t need enemy . Just like all the lies these people are spreading ,

          9. Ray says

            Absolutely right, that POS loser Mitt Romney, not worth a pinch of puppy crap to do that to Trump. Needs to go home and cover up his head and don’t never come out in the public eye ever. SICKENING!!!! And Lying Ted want people like that around him. He is NO better. The company you keep say a lot about the person you are around. Very true saying. No thanks

          10. tonio says

            Actually Trump has been a Republican for many years and has donated to McCain, Perry, Christie, graham, Haley, Sessions, Cruz etc… Trump endorced and campaigned for Romney who praised Trump for his brilliance and success in business. One of his sons is a registered republican the other two are independents who changed parties to vote for their dad but missed the primary deadline but can vote as republican in the general election.

          11. Patricia A Galle says

            Trump changed from Democrat to Republican in 2012 and supported Romney. In 2008 he bragged about having voted for Obama, and said he was a great leader. He joined the Reform Party and supported Ross Perot in a 3rd party run, which caused Republicans to lose. He started a Reform Party run himself in 2000. He had the nude pictures of his wife taken himself to use in that campaign, and everyone laughed in his face. Shortly after that he became a Democrat until he started pretending to be a Republican. He told a late night talk show host that he was basically a Democrat; but when he ran for President again that he would run as a Republican, because we were too stupid to know the difference. I heard this myself. He is a complete fraud and opportunist. He wants the attention, and to improve his product recognition. He can’t even run a campaign. How would the too old unqualified egomaniac run a country?

          12. Gen11American says

            He failed to hire someone who could properly run his campaign. He’s been extremely busy for the past year, campaigning, and running it on a shoestring since he’s paying for it himself rather than sucking up special interest money. But he’s still making a very valid point by protesting the way voters are being disinfranchised by the Republican Establishment! The system sucks as is!

          13. Patricia A Galle says

            Voters are not being disenfranchised. We are not a Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic. Every state runs its own primary, some are caucuses, some are open and some are closed. I think we would be better, if we all had a simple closed primary, where only registered Republicans can vote, but at this time it is state controlled. The delegates are pledged according to the people’s vote. The convention rules on these delegate votes have been the same since 1880. In order to win you must have a true majority which is 50% plus1. This year that is 1,237. If you arrive with 1,236, you do not automatically win. On the first ballot every delegate has to vote the way he is pledged, which includes all 17 candidates. There is almost never a win on the first ballot. On the second ballot, some states release their delegates to vote their choice, and some don’t. The year Abraham Lincoln ran, he arrived with only 22% of the vote, but he won on the third ballot. This actually is a good system and every voter is represented. If you did a straight popular vote, there would be a huge amount of voter fraud. Once we are down to a candidate for each party, we do a popular vote, but our President is elected by our representatives in the electoral college that is described in detail in the constitution. This process is difficult and requires hard work and intelligence to navigate. It should be hard to put a man in such an important position . This is to keep a man like Hitler from telling lies, and using threats or money to steal an election.

          14. Gen11American says

            We already have voter fraud, especially in Demo-run states. And we will continue to have massive voter fraud until Congress gets smart and makes Motor-Voter Registrations illegal, until they start requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote, until the 30-40 million illegals are deported back to their home countries, until we return to requiring voter registrations at least 30 days ahead of elections so election officials can check on legality of voters, mandate voter IDs, and until we cease having multi-day voting which permits voters to vote “early and often!”

          15. Patricia A Galle says

            I agree with you 100%. We should require ID and our ballots should be in English only. You have to know English to become a citizen. That is why I support Ted Cruz. I know he has the constitutional expertise and the education to do what America needs to recover from Obama. Trump has no education or qualifications to do this job, and at 70, he is too old. His so-called deals have often ended in bankruptcies and fraud charges. Running a business does not qualify you in any way to un a country. You cannot make deals or anything else without the consent of Congress. You cannot change the tax code, or raise or lower taxes either. You cannot charge tariffs for imports and destroy our relationship with others all by yourself Only Congress can make law, and the House has complete control of the money. He will never get along with Congress, and he can’t bully and call them filthy names or have a little fit to get his way. He would destroy us with his ignorance and complete lack of decorum and manners.

          16. Hedy Csakvari says

            Except that Cruz is probably not a citizen. Not to mention natural born citizen.
            Trump started out with a million dollar and after a few devastating divorces and bankruptcies he has now ten thousand times as much. I would like to have someone guiding the American economy with such an incompetence.

          17. Jeff graham says

            You should have told Obummer that and maybe he wouldn’t have run for office in the first place.

          18. Candyman says

            I agree with everything you say. BUT, I am a over-the-road truck driver. I do not know where I will be on a day-to-day basis. I never know if I will be home on election day. Some sort of “early voting” is needed so that people in my position can vote. My worry is that I am not sure if my early vote is actually counted.

          19. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Absentee ballot!

          20. RichFromShowMe says

            This brings to mind the election in 2000 when many of our military votes were not counted because the arrived “late”; i.e., many our guys and gals were in the field protecting the nation, and the right to vote.

            The primary reason was not “lateness”, but most military members and veterans are Conservative and the Dems, in the states they control,count the votes and make the rules.

            As for early voting, most states currently have a 1+ month window for early voting.


          21. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Never happen!

          22. tonio says

            Of course the voters are disenfranchised. Voter fraud and ‘gaming the system’ in both political parties has been apparent for years to assure the party bosses select politicians they can buy and control. The RNC changes their “rules” constantly depending on which candidate they want to help or hurt. Trump is the only reason the blatant fraud is being exposed publicly because he is ‘self funding’ and no one controls him. We are all frustrated seeing the honest candidates lose elections or not enter the race at all because they know its stacked against them by corrupt special interest money. So we keep electing the same “career politicians” mostly clever lawyers calling themselves Conservative Christians but spending their time padding their pockets fund raising for their next election instead working for the people, some of them like Cruz and Obama not even born in America. Any candidate who can take delegates from a state like Colorado knowing the people were not allowed to vote has no character and to justify voter fraud by saying “well its the rules” like Cruz does only makes it worse because he obviously condones the corrupt practice. The people in CO were not told they would not be allowed to vote until they showed up at the convention and they are very upset and fighting back, hopefully people across the nation will too when voter fraud and delegate tampering occurs in their state. The only way the people can fight a corrupt system is by having a strong leader who can not be ‘bought” so he can fight for the American people instead of corrupt Special Interest $ from foreign countries who do not have America’s best interest agendas. Trump loves America enough to give up his cushy billionaire life of luxury to fight for our nation that is failing and becoming almost hard to recognize. He knows our border must be secured immediately and will do it, when the US Border Patrol endorses a candidate for the first time and they endorsed Trump, that says a lot.

          23. Patricia A Galle says

            Ted Cruz is not condoning any practice. He knows the rules and the law, and he abides by them. These rules have been in effect for decades. Each state makes its own primary rules. The RNC has nothing to do with it. Every candidate was given the rules for every state. Trump the spoiled whining brat thinks he is so important that they should change just for him. If people want their state rules changed, they can work in the party and get them changed. They are not going to change in the middle of the primaries. Ted Cruz is intelligent enough to play by the rules as is every other candidate. Trump being self funded or giving up his cushy life id really a bad joke. His companies loan his campaign the money, and he has spent very little. If he gets the nomination, he will accept money from all of his wealthy friends, and pay himself back. If he loses, he can let each company write it off their taxes. He is so stingy, that he took a small business deduction in 2014 of 500,000 off his taxes. He gets audited every year. He tweets filthy lies, and then he calls Fox News and gets free air time, and calls it a campaign. I see him now yelling Lyin’ Ted Cruz which is all he knows. Ted Cruz is so superior to him in every way that all he can do is lie and whine. The border patrol in Arizona saw him once. Ted Cruz lives in a border state and has fought Obama and the establishment for years along with our Governor Abbott. Trump is a fraud and a liar. His past is full of cons, scams, swindles, and fraud. Look it up.

          24. tonio says

            The Lying Ted label stuck with Cruz because he keeps getting caught lying and cheating, its become a pattern since Iowa. As for Cruz and the TX border issue…the fact remains The US Border Patrol endorsed Donald Trump.

          25. Ray says

            Brownsville, Texas right at the Mexico border, the state of Texas. Endorses Donald Trump over Cruz that tell me Lying Ted is all talk and no action about the border. And he is like the rest of the politicians in Washington, tell you what you want to hear. My Senator, in my District is the same as Lying Ted.
            But come election time we will vote him out, We the People, have spoken, we will show them better than we tell them next time around. They wonder why people are MAD at Washington.

          26. Hedy Csakvari says

            Cruz has stolen delegates from Ben Carson, Mark Rubio and now from Kasich and Trump too. He took money from Soros. Is this acceptable for you? Congratulation. You have a strong stomach.

          27. Lenora Lee says

            You nailed it with Cruz, Hedy! Patricia’s stomach isn’t in question here….it’s her lack of a brain!

          28. macushlah says

            Believe me, I am involved in the system. The parties are corrupt all the way down to the county level. Unless you are part of their (Repub or Demo) group, you are left out in the dust. They will lose your paperwork, have insiders count the votes and it goes on and on

          29. Lenora Lee says

            Cruz is the biggest fraud of them all! His Cuban/Castro-loving father, Raul, has even ‘ crowned’ him as King of the end times’, to re-distribute the global wealth!
            Cruz, at best, is a dangerous risk to the USA!

            Trump 2016!

          30. Patricia A Galle says

            I don’t even know how to reply to something so absolutely ridiculous. First of all, his father is not running for office, but having heard him speak many times, I have never heard him say anything this stupid. His father was in prison in Cuba, and escaped. Ted Cruz was raided in Houston, Texas, where he attended a very well regarded Christian School. I was born and raised in Houston, and now live about 50 miles north. Ted Cruz is very respected and admired in this state. His record of a life time of public service to Texas and to America is easy to find. His father is a pastor, and his mother is very well educated and has held jobs with prestigious companies.

          31. Jeff graham says

            Donald Trump, very rich for someone who has had to fight court cases and lost some. He can not be bought, he already has enough for himself and his family.

          32. Susan Short says

            The U.S. Border Patrol people have to be very frustrated and disgusted, the way that their hands are tied, and I know this for a fact. Why do you think they want Trump as president?!

          33. tonio says

            When the US Border Patrol was interviewed they said it was a matter of ‘Trust” and “Courage” they saw in Trump and not the others. The US Border Patrol also said they have never endorsed a presidential candidate before but felt that strongly our nation needs Trump at this time to finally secure our border.

          34. Hedy Csakvari says

            Every voter is represented?
            Oh, yeah. Colorado has no voters.

          35. Lenora Lee says

            Right, Hedy…….Colorado has no voters. Therefore, as lyin’ King Cruz’, proudly proclaimed, “I won Colorado”!
            Must be ‘Cuban/commie mentality’, operating in Colorado

          36. macushlah says

            It can’t be that hard, as Obummer got in

          37. tonio says

            The system is corrupt no matter how many excuses you make, its about graft and padding pockets of delegates to assure no outsider gets in the club of arrogant party leaders controlling the nomination. These “Voting Rules” are intentionally misleading, confusing and much too fluid because Lawyer Career Politicians made the rules. There is an old saying in business to keep things honest called the KISS method…Keep It Simple Stupid. The entire voting system needs updating , simplifying to be transparent, all states need to go back to paper ballots insuring paper trails when cheating is expected. Voter fraud is running rampant in America, delegate allocation is suppose to represent the voters. When you have one candidate Cruz getting all the state’s delegates where no citizens were allowed to vote something smells! VLM….VOTER LIVES MATTER!!!

          38. Patricia A Galle says

            I am old, but I am not stupid. I agree that many of these primaries are run in a ridiculous manner. It is entirely done by the party in each state, not the National Republican Party. The way to solve this problem is to become a voting member of your state’s party, and work to get the rules changed. I think the idea of caucuses is stupid myself, and I also think open primaries, where anyone can walk in and vote, including Democrats, is stupid. We are getting candidates chosen by other parties, and our vote is diluted. In Texas and many other states, our primaries are closed, which means you have to be register as a Republican to vote. You can’t vote in both parties. Trump has won most of the open primaries, and Cruz has won almost every one open to registered Republicans only. In my opinion, the only way that we can insure that our votes are really done right is to vote on a paper ballot, that you yourself insert into a double locked box. It would take two people to open them, and it should be done with witnesses. When I was young, this is how it was done. We could actually film the whole procedure, including vote counting for everyone to see. This way would take longer, but I think the people would feel their vote was secure and counted. You cant change the rules in place in the middle of an election, but we could all work to change them in our state.

          39. tonio says

            Agree closed primaries should be the standard where you must be registered republican to vote. Florida is a closed primary where Trump won by a landslide, he has won in most closed primaries and open as well. The GOP doesn’t realize the millions of former Independents who joined the GOP to vote for Trump could care less about this corrupt party. Independents are sick of borh Democrat and Republican parties because of the unfair delegate system that should represent the voters but doesn’t. The fact that Donald Trump remains the winner of the most states, most delegates and trump wins most actual Votes, it would seem logical he will get the nomination. If not, the millions of new Republicans for Trump will go back to being Independent like myself and the GOP will lose he WH again.

          40. Patricia A Galle says

            We are a Constitutional Republic. We have rules made by each state for their primary. The National Republican Convention also has rules which have been in place since 1880. A Candidate must have a TRUE majority to win, which is defined in the rules as 50% plus 1. This year that number is 1,237. If you arrive with less than that, even if it is 1,236, you do not automatically win. A ballot is then cast where every delegate votes as he was originally pledged to do, which includes all 17 candidates. Usually no one wins on the first ballot. second ballot, some delegates are still pledged, and some are free to vote as they choose. If no one gets 1,237, ballots are cast until someone gets a true majority. Abraham Lincoln arrived at the convention with only 22% of the primary votes. He won on the third ballot. This system is in place to make it difficult for some one to just talk the talk to win this important job. You have to have the intelligence to understand and run in all states by their rules.

          41. tonio says

            No you have to have integrity and intelligence to stop corruption when its necessary and have the courage to expose a rigged system and fight to change it when it no longer represents the American people. Sleazy lawyers “talk the talk” but this time the lawyer is losing to a self funding businessman. Even the RNC says the “rules” will change before the convention, they change their ‘Rules’ at will. Trump will still have more delegates than any other candidate at the convention and may reach 1237, for sure no other candidate can come close. Bottom line, Trump is the ‘outsider’ who the party elites can’t buy or control and are frustrated his numbers keep rising no matter what they do. The GOP is self destructing, millions of us Independents only came back to this party to vote for Trump. Not only will the millions of Independents never vote GOP again, we are seeing fed up life long Republicans leaving the corrupt party like never.

          42. dinkerduo says

            For the Presidential race every state ought to be the same–the exact way of doing things–all alike—what they want to do as far as every other race–Gov. etc.–they can do what they want–but for the potus they all need to be the same!
            Everybody needs to be registered 3 months before the election (so they have time to verify your records) and everyone needs to being their registration card and their state issued photo ID with them to vote—mail in and absentee ballots need to have both copied and sent in with their ballot! Then maybe we can start getting the mess we have now cleaned up!

          43. Patricia A Galle says

            I agree that would be a great way to select candidates. However, at this time every state has the right to run primaries as they wish. The only way to get change is for people to become active in their state party, and work to get the procedure changed. We can still not tell other states how they have to handle their primaries. The National Republican Party does no have the right to interfere with the state’s right.

          44. dinkerduo says

            But if the Federal Laws for the election of the President of the United States said that every state had to be the same JUST FOR THE ELECTION OF A PRESIDENT only then they’d need to comply. How they elected their Governor–state reps., etcl would be THEIR choice to stop all of the confusion all states should be the same in electing a potus!

          45. RichFromShowMe says

            I agree with your analysis, however, this is also the methodology that leaves ultimate control with only a handful of “delegates”, while the Clinically-Brain-Dead-RNC-Backroom-Boys actually call the shots.

            You postulate that “voter fraud” would run “rampant” . . . what is the difference between an open primary where individual votes actually are counted and the general election . . . . actually, very little, as its not the vote that counts, its who counts the votes that counts.

          46. dinkerduo says

            Stalin wasn’t always wrong—:)

          47. RichFromShowMe says

            To top it off, Trump also has a “part-time” day job managing his companies, though his kids evidently do an excellent job at this task.

            Trump’s competition “takes” their living by being politicians . . . the closest one to having a “day job” is “the rodham” who sells her support to whatever group buys her.

          48. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Bernie’s family managed to send him to the University of Chicago. Despite a
            prestigious degree, however, Sanders failed to earn a living, even as an adult. It took him 40 years to collect his first steady paycheck — and it was a government check. “I never had any money my entire life,” Sanders told Vermont public TV in 1985, after settling into his first real job as mayor of Burlington.Sanders spent most of his life as an angry radical and agitator who never accomplished much of anything. And yet now he thinks he deserves the power to run your life and your
            finances — “We will raise taxes;” he confirmed Monday, “yes, we will.”One of his first jobs was registering people for food stamps, and it was all downhill from there.

          49. Candyman says

            One of those buyers being the Donald.

          50. RichFromShowMe says

            Trump freely admits “buying” politicians for “favors” rather than spending years pleading with them for permits, etc.

            Bernie, the old burnt out hippie socialist, has spent nearly 4 decades leeching off taxpayers and has nothing to show for it, other than a free living, no legislation and no action, other than as a agitator and radical socialist.

            While, “the rodham” has also leeched off taxpayers for nearly 4 decades giving us disaster after disaster . . .

            So, which one is worse, or better?

          51. Candyman says

            I was just pointing out that Trump uses the system for his own benefit. He applied for, and received, $500,000 after 9/11, from the “Small business Relief Fund”. I hope he was able to get his “small business” back on it’s feet, while the true “small businesses that were hit had to do without that $500,000. Trump is the ultimate insider, and I do not think he will do anything to change the system, if he is elected. I think he is looking forward to being on the receiving end of the bribes. As for who is better, you left one out. Sen. Ted Cruz has fought his way up his whole life, and he says what he believes, and does what he says. He fights for the people, not his ego. Sen. Ted Cruz is the best choice, by far.

          52. RichFromShowMe says

            The view from across the pond has a slightly different version.


            Mr. Trump is, I agree, the ultimate insider, but that means he knows where most of the skeletons are buried and personally knows most of the crooked politicians, which means he can turn his AG loose on them . . . with weekly Perp walks. If he’s elected, I believe, there will be an immediate exodus from Washington, deCeit of many of the crooked Selected and Elected Parasites who infest our government.

            Senator Cruz did an outstanding job as Texas AG, but he met his nemesis in the Senate as he could not get enough Senator’s to go along with his methods. This may not be his “fault” as the majority of the Senate is populated with Democrats and RINO’s and many of the others were too worried about their next election/selection.

            This certainly does not mean Senator Cruz is wrong, for I agree with him on most everything he has done in the Senate, except his initial stance on TPP/TPA, but the big question remains . . . . can he coalesce the Federal Government to accomplish his goals, or will we just see more gridlock?

          53. Barrustio says

            “Paying for it himself!!!!??? The media has been paying all his coverage …they have given him 8 times more coverage than any of his opponents basically running a debt free campaign while others have to struggle for donations.

          54. PatriotGal says

            Patricia, look up the official voting records in NY State where you will see that Mr. Trump has been a registered Republican and voted in every election for many years.
            The pictures of Melania were taken by GQ magazine years ago and published in that magazine when she was an aspiring and gorgeous model. It was Carly Fiorina’s super PAC that recently secured those pictures to spread them around UT for the primary. Of course, Fiorina endorsed Cruz – but after he donated half a million to her super PAC.
            If Mr. Trump is a fraud and opportunist, I would love to emulate him – he’s a successful multibillionaire, a “YUGELY” successful businessman. Sounds to me like you are so jealous all you can do is lie. Shame on you, little girl. You should have your keyboard washed out with soap for all the lies you spew. Now, go take a nap.
            TRUMP 2016 and 2020!!!

          55. Lenora Lee says

            Patriot Gal – Right on. cruz is daily adding more to his corrupt attempts to eliminate his opponents, it;s staggering! Yes, lyin’ cruz did donate 500 million to Fiona’s ‘super pitiful pac’;
            He is using ‘undue influence to slither his way to his objective and will use any and all underhanded means to get there.

          56. Greg Hernandez says

            Many of us don’t want another ozero, another liar like Hillary, a socialist democrap who forgets the last one was named Adolph and enough long term politicians who have gotten us into this rotten mess we are in and who think they are members of the house of lords. Mitch McConnel is saying that we NEED tax reform BUT we can’t do it this year , Paul Ryan who as soon as he became speaker proclaimed we wanted tax reform because that ( supposedly ) was the most important thing facing America,and then did nothing, the rest of the elites saying we needed a Republican majority to at the least fix the most serious problems with obummercare and what did we get after busting our butts to get that majority ? NOTHING !!! So Trump isn’t a politician, we have had enough of the bums we have elected over and over who have done zilch for us and have made themselves rich at our expense. At least Trump has worked for his money.I will say that if he doesn’t get the nomination, I will hold my nose and vote republican but, I will never again donate my money, my volunteer time and will devote all my efforts to dump the republican party in my home state.

          57. Patricia A Galle says

            Trump has been a big part of the establishment with donations and support for liberal Democrats. Trump has never worked in his life. He was born to a very wealthy family,and went to a very expensive private academy. His father gave him a million dollars to start , and got an old hotel donated to him. He has had too many deals with George Soros for me to trust him. Soros has over 2 million invested in Hillary and all of them are old close friends. Trump’s own kids can’t vote for him in New York because they did not change parties in time. They have to vote in the Democrat Primary. Trump has been involved in so many scams. cons, and swindles and frauds, and he is 70 years old. I do not trust him. Ted Cruz worked 2 jobs to pay his way through Princeton and then Harvard Law School, where he graduated magna cum laude with honors. His professor said he was the most brilliant student that he had ever taught. He knows the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He memorized them his last year of high school for debates. He was our Solicitor General for over 5 years in Texas, and he argued before the Supreme Court for us 9 times. He won our right to display the Ten Commandments, and the right to leave under God in the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools. He represented 31 states and won our right to own hand guns, that included DC. He has been our Senator for 4 years and he has fought so hard for the people over the party. He filibustered for over 21 hours trying to kill Obamacare. He stood up and called McConnell a liar, and that is why he is not liked by some of the old RINOs. They told him he would have to apologize, and he refused. The man was telling a lie, so I said McConnell owed him and Texas an apology. We sent him there to fight for us, and he
            has always fought for the people over the party. He is a constitutional genius and a great flat tax plan that will abolish the IRS. I know and trust him to fix our economy and bring more jobs back. I respect and trust him completely. He is only 45 years old, and that is a factor as well for me. Trump at 70 cannot do half what Cruz can at 45 mentally or physically. I have been both, and there is a huge difference. Cruz will fight for rights and keep us safe with dignity class and manners. Trump acts like a spoiled brat, and whines and has temper tantrums, and has told awful lies about Ted Cruz. He calls people ugly names, like an immature egomaniac. I can’t vote for him. I love America to much to make a mistake. I don’t think he can beat Hillary, and I am not sure that he even wants to.

          58. Sage says

            Trump has never worked a day in his life??? Just how do you define work. Do you honestly believe that building businesses and running corporations isn’t work. Keep drinking the fluoride. Cruz couldn’t even show up for the Audit the Fed vote. Which by the way, he cosponsered. Just another statist,,

          59. Len says

            Well there is a difference between “working” and “working”…. just as there is a difference between 1 million dollars and 1 dollar.

          60. Michael Dennewitz says

            Yer snorting far too much of that shit!!

          61. Gen11American says

            It’s interesting that the Democrats are allowing and encouraging same-day registration and voting, to promote voter fraud, but the Republicans are requiring Republican voters to register months ahead in order to vote in primaries! I think the Republicans had better open up and start flying right or they’re done for!

          62. Vassiliki says

            Don’t forget he was a big supporter of Regean as well.

          63. Hedy Csakvari says


          64. Barrustio says


          65. GinnyCW says

            He had me fooled .. until he voted yes on TPA in May, 2015, which gave the Indonesian fraud more power. Any true conservative would have voted no. You really need to read what his classmates at Princeton, one being Dr. Sarah Poggi, have said about him. Not trying to lecture, but he really is pulling a fast one over millions of people.

          66. Patricia A Galle says

            I have read about all of his college years, and I know that he was President of his class at least one year. He was the number one debater in the US for 2 years, and his debate team was as well. He was 2nd debater in the world his last year. He went to Harvard Law School from there, where he graduated magna cum laude with honors. He was head of the Harvard Law Review. His Professor said he was off the charts smart, and the most brilliant student that he had ever taught. He also said he was an absolute genius when it came to the constitution. That is the kind of mind that I want to see leading our country. Trump with his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, and age makes him not what we need in America. He is not qualified. Running a business and making deals his way, just doesn’t make him President material.

          67. Vassiliki says

            He was a big supporter of Ronald Reagan and what Toni said below. Senator Cruz is also for amnesty and for TPP and for the NAU which his wife is a big part of with Goldman Sachs. Look it up yourself. If you are ok with allowing illegals to stay, further destroying our trade and commerce, dissolving our nation’s borders and ending our sovereignty then vote for Cruz

          68. The Quadfather says

            Yes, I have heard that.

          69. tonio says

            Soros is behind Cruz too, buying off delegates is expensive.

          70. tonio says

            And Soros in now behind Cruz.

          71. OSAMA OBAMA says

            .“I will do everything I can to appoint Supreme Court justices who protect the right to vote and do not protect the right of billionaires to buy elections,” Mrs. Clinton
            said while on Day 1 of a two-day swing through Iowa.”George Soros in December donated $6 million to the leading super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, marking the return of the billionaire financier as among the biggest givers in all of American politics.”

          72. Len says

            She is more worried about protecting “voters” (illegals, dead people, out of state voters etc.) than the American people’s rights…..billionaires can protect themselves.

            I see a lot of contradictions behind that statement. Maybe my ANTI HILLARY feelings are at play who the hell knows. And what difference at this point does it make. I believe that what she said.

          73. Allisonmrosenberg4 says

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          74. Greg Hernandez says

            Koch brothers, Koch brothers, the bogeymen of the lame street media and progs everywhere. Libs are always screaming about them but conveniently omit the hundreds of Hollywood freaks, millionaire and billionaire lawyers and other millionaires supporting every prog kook in the world. The brothers also donate to democraps and independents. Enough about them already. Find the true facts. Remember the great tobacco company rip off when they were all sued for the ” poor, suffering ‘ folks who got sick or died from cigarettes ? The biggest payoff was to the BILLIONAIRE democrap lawyer who owns the Baltimore Ravens who made over 3 BILLION dollars. The biggest payoff to an actual client was a million.
            The ONLY state that used the funds for health issues was Arkansas under Mike Huckabee.
            Another stupid comment going around is that Trump is no Republican nor a conservative. Wake up people, a man I voted for when he ran for governor and twice as president, named Reagan, was a Democrat, a union organizer and union president and someone who went around the country supporting democrap, liberal candidates.Then one day he woke up and realized that he was supporting the wrong people. What is wrong with Mr. Trump doing the same. After 8 years of the idiot occupying oval office, a medical school cadaver could do a better job than obummer, so why not give Mr. Trump a chance, isn’t it about time we choose someone who is NOT a politician ?

          75. Patricia A Galle says

            Donald Trump was a Democrat most of his life, and supported their policies such as gun control, abortion, gay rights, and same sex marriage. He joined the Reform Party and supported Ross Perot. In 2000 he started a Presidential run and got nowhere. He voted for Obama over McCain and bragged about it. He joined the Republican Party again right before the Romney run. He told a late night talk show that his beliefs were as a Democrat, but that the next time he ran; he would run as a Republican, because we were too stupid to know the difference. He is not conservative, and has never even read the Constitution. Trump is an old friend, and has been in deals with George Soros. Soros has over 2 million invested in Hillary, another close friend of Trumps. He cannot beat her. She will kill him with his past in a national election, and he knows it. Trump’s own kids can’t even vote for him in the New York, because they did not change their party registration from Democrat to Republican in time. They have to vote in the Democratic Primary. I believe that Trump is a complete fraud and is too old and tired to even run a campaign. We cannot take a chance with America by voting for another Obama. Our country will not survive an old temperamental businessman who is after attention and control. He would destroy America with his temper tantrums, filthy mouth, and horrible manners.

          76. Greg Hernandez says

            What about Hillary’s past ? If an idiot like Bernie Sanders can beat her brains in, don’t you think someone who excelled in his ” Private ” Academy and in business deals all over the world has a damned good chance to beat her. She was thrown off the democrap run committee investigating Watergate for a serious lack of ethics, her thinking she is above the law with her private illegal server, her complicity in the murder of a US Ambassador, her stealing property of the people of the US when she and her pandering husband left the White House ? She has a list of dirty laundry as bad if not worse than Mr. Trumps’.She has never run a small business no less a successful business, How is she getting away with LOSING billions of taxpayer money at the State Dept., her illegal dealings to get funding for the clinton foundation ? She is gherrself a nasty self loving witch and has an even fouler mouth than Mr. Trump. I have spoken to people who have heard her rants first hand.The only reason that she won the NY senate seat that Tip O’Neal used was it was a gift from the cronies that Bubba cultivated,.She is a left wing piece of manure who supports the murder of babies, the party that booed God at their last convention and all the rest of the wing nut agenda, only because the fools who vote for her are brain dead zombies.
            I’ve said I will vote for whoever wins the nomination, but I will not withhold my vote because THAT is how a piece of manure like ozero got elected. Hillary would be even worse and Bernie would be a disaster. Anyone who withholds their vote withholds their right to complain about it later. They are not doing their duty which is to vote.

          77. mac12sam12 says

            Ted Cruz, bought and paid for by special interests and the banks. Trump2016!

          78. Michael says

            The Koch brothers are libertarians. You seem to be a liberal and by the way why is George Soros never mentioned by the libs the guy who single handedly wants to destroy our economy and our freedoms. And why is big business always the fall guy? If it wasn’t for business and capitalism we would be a third world Country and the rest of the world would be a lot poorer than it is, Marxists are wrong and always have been wrong.

          79. Gen11American says

            The powers-that-be in America, including George Soros, are working to convert the U.S. into a jobless economy and a citizenless democracy! That is in total contradiction to what our Founders intended for this country! Big business no longer cares about the welfare of this country, or American workers! They only care about profits and avoiding paying taxes, thereby burdening the middle class! I am the furthest thing from a liberal but i can still see what’s happening in this country, and as an 11th generation American, I’m furious about it! 90% of those in Congress are globalist traitors who only pad their own pockets and don’t even begin to fulfill their Congressional oaths of office to protect this nation from enemies foreign and domestic. The greatest enemy of the state is Barack Obama, and the second is George Soros, who should be deported from this nation for paying anarchists to create civil disobedience so Obama can declare martial law! That’s considered conspiracy, intended to deprive Americans of their freedoms!

          80. ThenStand says

            Progressives are against the Koch brothers, because they support capitalism and property rights. Trump is a progressive…has been for over 40 years, giving money to progressives in both parties, especially those in the Democrat Party.

            So, do you want to stop capitalism and remove property rights where it suits the government and certain large businesses, like Trumps’, that want to take land for their own use??

          81. ringostarr1 says


            Gen11American, you mean Trump’s flop-flips like the flip flops he made in this link.

          82. mholdcraft says

            Doctored video.

          83. Ellender Brown says

            Thank You. I have done the same.I can say by doing all the research the RNC and the Lame Stream Media is lying on Mr. Donald J Trump. The man may be ruff around the edge .But if you open you eyes an ears you can see what he is saying is true about Washington Mafia and The Lame Stream Media, The corruption that going on .

          84. PatriotGal says

            Ellender, things we can thank Mr. Trump for: the conversations we are having about the corruptness of government, the RNC, the DNC; building the wall and stopping illegal immigration, no amnesty; securing our borders against all terrorists; changing the tax structure to bring businesses back to the USA so our MILLIONS of unemployed will once again have jobs; renegotiating trade treaties; eliminating TPP which will take jobs from America workers; caring for vets who have been overlooked for far too long; respecting our law enforcement officers. Those issues were all pushed under the rug for ages but now Mr. Trump is voicing everything we have been thinking. Is he perfect? Absolutely not, but then neither are we. We are all broken people. Does he love America? You bet he does and he shall do everything in his power to make her great again and help her to be the shining beacon on the hill.
            TRUMP 2016 and 2020!!!

          85. ringostarr1 says

            Hey Spanky, What is the Founders’ definition of a “Natural Born Citizen?” Don’t worry Sport, I won’t hold my breath while your looking it up! But I will be watching this thread to see if you are a man of honor and answer my question fully or it you are a fraudster and a Mountebank like Donald Trump.

          86. Gen11American says

            I have read through the numerous treatises and legal opinions available on the internet, plus countless blogs who have related what the definition is, what Common Law states, and what our Founders intended for it to mean, and I determined that a Natural Born U.S. Citizen is someone born of two (2) U.S. citizen parents, whether on U.S. soil or out of country! That definition clearly indicates that Anchor Babies born on U.S. soil by illegal alien children should NOT be given automatic U.S. citizenship just for being born here!

          87. Patricia A Galle says

            I don’t like the anchor baby law, which says if you are born on US soil, you are a natural born citizen; but is at this time the law. You only need one US parent that is a citizen, has lived in US at least 10 years, and was 19 years old or older, your child is a natural born citizen by blood. The constitution gives Congress the right to make naturalization laws. If any American has a baby anywhere, it is a natural born citizen by blood. Six courts have seen the case of Ted Cruz’s status. Two of them threw it out for lack of merit, and Cruz won the other four. The last one was two days ago in New Jersey. We now have a lot of women who are single and having babies. Some of these are doing so on their own from a clinic, and don’t even know the name of the father. If they have a child anywhere, it is a natural born citizen through their blood.

          88. Candyman says

            The “anchor baby” amendment is the 14th amendment. It was passed to assure citizenship to babies born to newly freed slaves. The Congressmen who wrote it, and got it passed, were clear that it Would never be used to confer citizenship on babies born to aliens in this country, legal or illegal. Our fine Congresspeople of later generations have, excuse the irony, bastardized this amendment.

          89. rex ames says

            I guess my question is , why did Ted renounce his Canadian citizenship 1 year ago if it was not an issue?

          90. Patricia A Galle says

            He said at the time that he did not want anyone to think that he was not completely loyal and devoted to America, and he was never going to need his dual citizenship. I don’t know if he was aware of it all of his life or not. The only thing relevant to prove that he was a natural born citizen was he birth certificate of his mother, which proved that he was natural born through her by blood. She had to prove she had lived here at least 10 years, and that she was 19 or older when Ted was born. He would have had to live here at least 14 years, and be at least 35 years old to run for President. That is a rule for all candidates. Ted Cruz has lived her since he was 4 years old, so all requirements were met.

          91. rex ames says

            Still does not answer why he felt the need to renounce his Canadian citizenship a year ago if it was not an issue.

          92. PatriotGal says

            Gen, I hope you mean the anchor baby part should be changed and not the natural born citizen part.
            TRUMP 2016 and 2020!!

          93. Gen11American says

            We need to cease granting automatic U.S. citizenship to anchor babies if both parents are illegal aliens, AND only grant Natural-Born Citizenship FOR PURPOSES OF RUNNING FOR POTUS if both birth parents are U.S. citizens at the time of birth. There needs to be a higher standard of citizenship required for the “leader of the free world.” The level of citizenship granted should depend upon the status of the parents. If both birth parents are legal immigrants, but not citizens of the U.S., their offspring should NOT be granted natural-born citizenship because citizenship should follow that of their parents! If their parents become naturalized U.S. citizens, then the child should also have that designation – Naturalized U.S. citizen. In my opinion, that’s what Senator Marco Rubio should be considered, NOT a Natural-Born Citizen. Millions are taking advantage of the weaknesses in our laws, and the shrinking resources in our country are going to them instead of to U.S. citizens! If this insanity doesn’t stop, we’ll likely have a 2nd American Revolution to settle these issues once and for all!

          94. Ellender Brown says

            Natural Born Citizen Is a person born in the USA of legal citizen of the USA. or A person born in a foreign country to parents that are legal citizen of the USA. or Born to the father that is a USA citizen. Not to a Cuban father and A American mother that had gave up her American Citizen ship.

          95. rex ames says

            Speaking of fraud, Why would Cruz renounce his Canadian citizenship only 1 year ago if if did not look iffy ?? Because he would have a hard time convincing the courts if he had not. Bottom line, the courts view Cruz as legal, but we know he’s not. Everyone knows that if your a Cruz supporter or a Trump supporter, you are willing to turn a blind eye for your candidate. Cruz is a pretty smart guy, but he does not have Trumps strength for leadership. Think about the firestorm that Trump has with stood since the beginning, know one else could withstand all the attacks that Trump has endured and still be leading as front runner.
            The darling Jebby boy witherd and died,Rubio died. They ran like cock roaches. From being an outsider non party guy, and for his strength alone, we need Trump to clean the coons out of the Washington basement.

          96. Tigger says

            Trump’s done MUCH more flip-flopping than Cruz and that’s a fact!

          97. rex ames says

            Cruz is establishment now funded and paid for buy the backing of his party including elites like Romney. You will not see any changes with Cruz because they have him on the corporate puppet string, right along with his wife drawing a half million dollar salary from GoldmanSachs on Wall Street. Better if Cruz was a Supreme court Justice. No way should he be president. Besides he’s not natural Born. Only a year ago he re nounsed Canadian Citizenship. Why because he knew it was iffy for him to run, and even though the court said he could run, he is not natural born from here. Even his mom voted and lived in Canada when he was born there.

          98. Michael says

            It is obvious you didn’t study enough because if you did you would have noticed the Donald flip flops from one news show to the next within minutes. And you didn’t notice why Cruz changes his mind on things is because always someone is trying to back door something on a bill that will do great harm to the Republic. You need to do a little more homework. Go to you tube and watch Cruz bash McConnel for trying to trick Senators with his lies it is an amazing speach and shows why he is an outsider fighting for We the people.

          99. RichFromShowMe says

            Cruz also supported TPP/TPA before he opposed it . . . . borrowing from John “Fraud” Kerry’s excuse of “supporting it before opposing it (Iraq war).

            Heidi Cruz has her own closet skeletons; i.e., she’s a player in the New World Order and Agenda 21 which is destined to destroy our economy.




          100. Barrustio says

            Trump has flip flopped on the defense of the lives of the unborn…to me LIFE is a greater priority than a wall.

          101. Gen11American says

            Perhaps Mr. Trump observed the rioting in Ferguson and decided, just as I did, that abortion is necessary to cull the herd of the most worthless, uncivilized members of society. We’ve had generations to determine who they are. $22 trillion has been spent supporting them on the backs of productive Americans since Lyndon Johnson ushered in his failed Great Society program. Poverty has doubled, we’ve added tens of millions of worthless peasants and criminals from around the world since Teddy Kennedy passed his family reunification immigration measure, and our society is now so divided due to multiculturalism, it’s about to explode into a 2nd American Revolution! Flip-Flops are a minimal problem in view of the dangerous problems which presently face the U.S.!

            A caller to C-Span this morning requested that each candidate compile a list of the ten most pressing problems which face our country! Those who actually come up with the right answers should be considered as viable candidates. Those who come up with a bunch of Liberal fluff should not be supported! To avoid coming up with wrong answers, the candidates won’t submit answers at all!

          102. Barrustio says

            The actions of adults cannot EVER justify the killing of the innocent…that is a liberal idea. To judge all on the actions of a few is to err. As a teacher I have witnessed some children who were given everything and who came from “fine” families go on to be hardened criminals…I have also witnessed children who came from homes where the parents were into drugs and alcohol and prostitution come out to be a model productive citizen. Helping individuals is certainly better than killing them.

          103. dinkerduo says

            Trump won’t have all of the “donors” to appease when he get’s to be potus either and that’s good! Cruz is kinda an outsider but has Jeb Bush’s money behind him so what does that make him now? Kasich is being backed by the GOP now or else he’d be out of money and was told to stay in as a spoiler so Trump can’t get to 1237—but the Trump supporters in CO are pissed—but again it’s rigged now to stop Trump—and it’s obvious!

          104. Patricia A Galle says

            If you are evaluating their speeches to rate candidates, you will get Trumped. He says whatever he thinks we want to hear, and creates a circus of yelling followers, who know nothing about him at all. He is a life long liberal Democrat and dear friend of Hillary and George Soros. Soros has 2 million invested in Hillary as he did Obama. He is heavily invested in Trump Towers and loaned him money after one of his bankruptcies. They are all involved with big banks including Goldman Sachs. Trump is supported big by the Hollywood elite as well. They all live in a wealthy elite bubble. Trump does not care about the poor or the middle class. He is a snob and show off. If Trump were to win, Hillary would beat him to death with his past. He wants you to believe that at the age of 70, he just woke up one morning as a Republican. His own kids can’t vote for him in New York, because they forgot to change their party affiliation in time. They have to vote as Democrats like the whole family really is.

          105. Ah nutz says

            best example of the man to FIX THINGS – just get over it….TRUMP 2016

          106. imbzystitchin says

            Because he has done such a great job of running his campaign? Trump is getting the angry vote and the crossover vote from democrats, who either legitimately don’t want Hillary or want the candidate she has the best chance of beating. At EVERY turn he is missing the opportunity to show he truly can run something that he doesn’t get to set the rules for. Guess what, he doesn’t get to set the rules for the Federal government.

          107. gp says

            You are so right that is all the insiders job “setting the rules for the federal government” and look how well it is working for we the people. What a joke this country has become!

          108. jaybird says

            Change can only be made at the local level in your state, get involved.

          109. Ellender Brown says

            It hard to follow the rule when they change every time the RNC wont them to.

          110. imbzystitchin says

            The rules HAVE NOT CHANGED since they were set up for this election. Trump just didn’t bother to read them, so now when he finds out there is something he should have already known he claims the RNC changed the rules. It sounds better to his supporters, then “I am incompetent and didn’t bother to check the rules”. Do you really think he is going to be better at President? He can fake his way though Trump Enterprises but that isn’t going to work for the Presidency.

          111. Gen11American says

            We don’t know for sure how Trump will perform as POTUS, but we DO know what will happen if Hillary is elected! Taxes go up $1 Trillion, she will continue to flood in Muslims because she is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, even though they should be declared a terrorist organization in the U.S., just as they are in many other countries, she will confiscate our guns because she’s a globalist puppet, and because she’s a rabid femininazi lesbian, life will be hell for anyone straight! Lots of officials, including Joe Biden, claim they like the idea of having a female president, but they’re lying about wanting Hillary to be the first!

          112. jaybird says

            Cruz has the founder & President of the Center for Security Policy (Frank Gaffney) on his team and a couple of others from the same place. He put out a booklet “The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration”. Trump has past members of CFR on his team.

            I have issues with Cruz and Trump.

          113. Gen11American says

            If Ted Cruz put out a booklet entitled “The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration,” and if his booklet condemns the fact that Muslim Brotherhood members occupy positions in the Obama Administration, Senator Cruz has performed a valuable public service because that shouldn’t be allowed! The reason is because the Muslim Brotherhood published a 25-point plan in 1982 to infiltrate and subjugate the non-Muslim world to Islam and Shariah Law! You can look it up for yourself and read it! Their evil plan is called The Muslim Brotherhood Project!” That organization is a subversive group which should be declared a terrorist group, every member should be deported from the U.S., and Obama should be tried for treason for appointing them in his administration!

            In addition to putting out that pamplet, Senator Cruz has also compiled a list of Obama’s fifty (50) violations of the U.S. Constitution. It’s very worth reading, and should be used to impeach Obama, but Congress just allows Obama to get away with whatever he wants just because he’s our first (and hopefully last) Black president. After 7.5 years of Obama, hopefully the White Majority in this country now realizes how important it is to maintain majority rule!

          114. Debra Shawver says

            Well….cruz stole that information from David Horowitz. I have his booklet right in front of me….with all that muslim info on it…and Horowitz backs Trump

          115. Gen11American says

            Can you elaborate on what Muslim info is in that booklet? Is it pro-Muslim or anti-Muslim. It makes all the difference in the world. Which is is?

          116. Debra Shawver says

            It is anti-muslim brotherhood.He points out all the MBs that king o and his minions have put in the reaches of our government, like Homeland Security…and in the rainbow house itself. I tell you what..You Tube Walid Shoebat…and listen to this man and learn your Bible. We must fight with God on our side and beware false prophets. Americans have no clue how much king o and his minions have destroyed our country because they are distracted by Dancing With the Stars etc.

          117. jaybird says

            It exposes what Obummer has let the Muslim Brotherhood do and positions they hold and the changes that are causing problems.

          118. jaybird says

            Frank Gaffney did not steal anything from David Horowitz of the Freedom Center. Gaffney and Horowitz published it with Dr. Bob Shillman.

          119. Patricia A Galle says

            Ted Cruz cannot start impeachment. It is done in the House of Representatives, and if he is impeached there, the Senate then has the trial to remove him. If you remember, Bill Clinton was impeached , but the Senate did not have the votes to remove him. We have so many RINOs in our Congress, that I don’t know if the Senate would do it’s job now either. Cruz does not steal information from anyone. He is brilliant, and certainly doesn’t need some journalist to help him.

          120. Gen11American says

            Another bonus! His two daughters are positively adorable!

          121. Debra Shawver says

            I do not agree.

          122. Patricia A Galle says

            You do not agree with the impeachment process? It is clearly written in the constitution. If you disagree that Ted Cruz is brilliant, you are wrong. He graduated from a small very respected Christian high school in Houston, where he memorized the constitution for debates. He worked two jobs and graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law School magna cum laude with honors. He was the number one debater in US (all colleges) for 2 years, and number two in the world. His law professor said he was off the charts smart, and was the most brilliant student that he had ever taught. His record of achievements for Texas and America is amazing. He definitely is brilliant.

          123. Debra Shawver says

            Of course I agree with the impeachment process….starts in the House, tried by the Senate…and OUR CONGRESS has done nothing!!!! To me that means they ALL are complicit in the down right treason occurring in our country. Still…you cannot tell me a smart, savvy lawyer from haaavaaad did not know until last year that he was a Canadian citizen. We see what a person who is NOT a Natural Born Citizen can do to this country. Cruz with his ties to the CFR and North American Union would be no different.

          124. jaybird says

            Frank Gaffney put out the booklet in 2012 telling about an 18 page document that the FBI seized in Virginia in 1991. It was a call to action urging Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within to make their religion victorious over all other religions. Frank is on Cruz’s National Security Team. In the booklet Frank names all the Muslims in “O”‘s administration. 4 other employees of the Center for National Security have joined Cruz’s National Security Team.

          125. Gen11American says

            So, that was clear back in 1991, ten (10) years before 9/11 occurred, one year before Bill Clinton became president, yet this country is still flooding Muslims into our country, Obama is reducing the screening requirements so his 100,000 Muslim refugees can come into our country, Europe is begging us not to make the same mistakes they have, and Congress does nothing. It’s pathetic, folks!

          126. Debra Shawver says

            ANd we have been asleep at the wheel..including me until 2007…the ONLY good thing I can say about king o is that he woke lots of Americans up…

          127. tonio says

            Trump has the US Border Control endorsing him, this is the first endorsement ever given by them who said they only trust Trump to get the dangerous open border secured once and for all. All the career politians promise but don’t do it because they are beholding to corrupt special interest. No more lawyers like Cruz who cheat and lie too easily. We already have a smooth talking “Constitution Lawyer” first term Senator Obama in the WH now. The American born Trump gets my vote, I’m siding with the US Border Control and Sheriff Arpaio.

          128. jaybird says

            Obama is not a Constitutional lawyer, he just wants you to believe he is. He looks for ways around the Constitution!

          129. tonio says

            Obama was a Constitutional Lawyer and Law Professor in US Constitution. It was that impressive resume that fooled the voters, we now see ‘labels’ using the words “Constitution” can be deceiving. Smart Lawyers are convincing and professional skilled debaters, lies and distortions to win cases is how they become successful. Derchoswitz was a brilliant lawyer who got OJ acquitted. Im just saying perhaps we need to try a different qualification in our president other than a lawyer who can cleverly manipulate laws and ‘rules’ to fit their agenda but not necessary benefit the country. Who is funding Cruz? Who is funding the “never trump” group that tweeted “we did it!” from the CO Delegate Chairs’ iPhone? Why does only one candidate Cruz have so many dirty trick scandals from Iowa, SC, HI, UT to Colorado? Thats a pattern.

          130. jaybird says

            Cruz played by the rules in CO-the rules were set last year.. The voter card that went out in SC to citizens about voting was done by the Democrats in the last election and it is not against the law and no one said hardly a word about it. Cruz team repeating what one of the news stations said about Carson leaving the race was not his fault and campaign person was let go. What happened in HI & Iowa??

          131. tonio says

            Actually it was the Carson volunteers in several Iowa caucus cites who said Cruz people told them Carson dropped out and to vote for Cruz, they were interviewed and very upset, Mrs Carson witnessed this too. Cruz always has an excuse but we all saw the photo shopped picture of Rubio in SC that Cruz campaign put out. Then In Hawaii his campaign sent out legal looking documents to voters telling them they had to vote for Cruz. They were caught red handed on it so Cruz let that staffer go. Then the old photo sent out of Trump’s wife in Mormon Utah was denied by Cruz but this is a pattern now. I agree Cruz is a “pro” Politician and works the delegate maneuvering brilliantly like Obama did. However in Obama’s case the most “people voters” voted for Obama. In Cruz case the most “people voters” voted for Trump. Hope these GOP “Rules” are worth the loss of millions of new Republicans and new voters Trump brought to the Republican Party because they will all leave if their candidate loses the nomination when he has millions more votes than any other candidate. The GOP and Democrat party are both rigged to assure no ‘outsider’ wins…who would imagine a Party would work so hard to take out their own front runner? So let the GOP puppet masters have their rules, if Trump doesn’t win he will be fine, he’s a billionaire who lives a life of luxury with a gorgeous family. The millions of us new Republicans will gladly return to the Independent Party which now holds 40% of the electorate and certainly will grow after this.

          132. jaybird says

            Trump has made mistakes (CO delegates) and said things that he shouldn’t, it will be very hard to walk something back that you say to the leaders of foreign countries. I worry who he is getting policy advice from. Richard Haas, and a couple on his foreign policy team members were past employees of CFR & the Hudson Institute (NWO). You cannot fly by the seat of your pants as President of the United States. Every time he mentions a name I google it.

          133. Gen11American says

            The leaders of foreign countries don’t want Trump elected because he’ll stand up to them and not allow them to take advantage of the U.S. as Obama has done, as George W. Bush did, and as Bill Clinton did! We need an Alpha Leader to confront the multiple risks which our nation faces thanks to Obama’s leadership!

          134. Patricia A Galle says

            We need a competent well educated man who loves America, and has fought for her his entire life. The people of Israel are putting their prayers for Ted Cruz to win on blogs everywhere. Cruz graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law School magna cum laude with honors. Trump has a Bachelors Degree in Economics from a trade school. He has no experience at all in foreign affairs or any of the things a President does. He is too ignorant and lazy to even run a campaign, he could never run a country. He could never beat Hillary either.

          135. tonio says

            Trump has ran a successful business world wide for decades, he knows many world leaders personally who already know and trust him, including Israel. Cruz isn’t even trusted by his own peers but I do agree he is brilliant and clever like Obama was who also used his Constitution Lawyer label to impress voters. Trump is brilliant also, he tested at Genius level and graduated from Wharton known as the toughest business universities in the country. Trump has created tens of thousands of jobs, how many jobs have the career politicians created? The US Border Patrol endorsed Trump for good reason.

          136. Patricia A Galle says

            You will never convince me tested at a genius level. I know Ted Cruz did, and has proved it all of his life. He has argued before the Supreme Court many times and won. He even represented 31 states and won our right to own hand guns. Trump took one look at the border in Arizona and told a few lies. Cruz lives in Texas and has worked with Governor Abbott for years trying to fight Obama and secure it. Trump was fined a million dollars for importing illegals to build his hotels. He claimed bankruptcy 4 times on his casinos. All of the workers and vendors and investors got twenty cents on the dollar. He got a huge loan from George Soros and walked away. All of his products are made in China or Mexico, and his daughters shoe line is made in China as well. He is a complete fraud in every way. He is a life long liberal Democrat running as a Republican. He is doing a pitiful job of that. He thinks making nasty tweets and calling in a message to Fox News is a campaign. He got the rules for primaries just like everyone else did. He is obviously too old and dumb to understand them. All he does is whine and yell that everything is rigged. Elections have been done this way since 1880. They are not going to change the rules for one narcissistic egomaniac. He makes a lousy fake Republican. I don’t think at 70 years old, he can do the job at all. I would rather have smart off the charts 45 year old Ted Cruz. He is honest and dependable and dignified.

          137. Lenora Lee says

            Patricia- thank God you can only vote once (legally).

          138. jaybird says

            If he p— off a foreign leader, he won’t be able to take back what he says. HE cannot fly by the seat of his pants in running a country and I think it is hard for him to accept advice on a way to do something that does not have consequences later. I am not sure he thinks through a solution to a problem and will he believe everything his advisors say. Everyone is so corrupt, you have to know who you can really trust.

          139. Debra Shawver says

            Well Heidi Cruz is a member of the CFR and wrote the book(rules) on the North American Union….

          140. jaybird says

            She was part of a group, she did not do this by herself. Cruz said it was a low level job and that the CFR “is a pit of vipers”.

          141. Debra Shawver says

            And that means what…she was still a part of it…tell you what You Tube Goals of Ted Cruz as a young man at haaavaaad …his goals are chilling.

          142. Robert Early says

            We are down to nut-cuttin time. (serious) It will be Trump all the way; or there will be revolution with blood everywhere.

          143. Patricia A Galle says

            That really sounds like a good American who loves his country. Trump acts like an angry bully and thug, so that is what we should be as well. If all of you would put America first, and research the man you vote for, we might recover from Obama. If America prospers, the people prosper as well. The constitution is what made this country great, not a man. That is the only thing that will make us great again. I will vote for the only conservative constitutionalist in this race, Ted Cruz. Trump has obviously never even read it.

          144. rex ames says

            Maam, the problem is not Ted Cruz or Mr. Trump. I know Ted is a good man constitutionally, he fought and won a case before the Supreme court. The real issue is the people around Ted who have bowed down to Obama’a left wing agenda. Republicans have control of the pursestring that we the voters gave to them and they did nothing but give give give to Obama. These same people are now giving Ted Millions of dollars to beat Trump. Ted has become their puppet, they bought him off with there support from wall street and the republican elites like Romney.
            This is why they fear Trump so much, they can’t buy him, and they fear Trump will change all the Anti American trade treaties back to Pro American like NAFTA. I lost my job because of NAFTA. The Donald is right on with borders and refugees and the only one the stay the course on these things. He has the strength to actually run this country and help Americans go back to work. It wold be better if Ted were assigned to the Supreme court. For the long term, it would help the country more.
            I know with all the shots being fired at Trump from every direction, most candidates would of folded under the pressure. Its true that Trump does not have the political experience, but neither does Ted Cruz only has just over two years. But trump has the business experience because he has been knocked down a few times and went bankrupt a a few times and fought his way back up to a 10 billion dollar business. This is the kind of strength we need to run this country.
            Again I know Ted is a good man, but really, we need an asshole like Trump to take hold of these SOB’s in the senate and congress and tell like it is and really put the public eye on them so we can get working again. We need something to happen and we need it now. Trump will clean the coons out of the basement.

          145. Ray says

            Very well said. It is going to take a tough man to do just that. It must be a mess in Washington.
            I would be very happy to just see how CORRUPT it really is. And get the TRUTH out to the American people. That’s not asking a lot. He will have a very strong cabinet members to make him look good.

          146. Candyman says

            He’s read part of it. He uses the Constitution to get the government to steal other peoples property so he can build a lemo parking lot, but besides that, he seems to ignore it.

          147. TAM44 says

            Mr. trump does not live in DC or does he revive a check from the establishment. He has gave money to those DC insiders like ted cruz and other who has been making millions while in DC and cruz is still on the pay roll, Mr. trump never has been.

          148. Smart Southerner says

            BS! Cruz is the insider, taking money from Lobbyists. Read his biography. He has worked for the government and/or been in politics almost his entire adult life.

            He has evidently been a power hungry guy since he was a young adult, saying he wanted to take over the world. Sounds like George Soros:


          149. The Quadfather says

            I wonder how many blue states would actually be red states if it weren’t for the voter fraud and stupid rules that assure it will take place, all put in by Democrats?

          150. Gregory A Ward Sr. says

            I truly wonder how many red states would be blue states if people came to their senses. All the state run by red states are corrupt.

          151. Marshabblount4 says

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          152. Michael Dennewitz says


          153. mac12sam12 says

            Janet is a bot. It’s like yelling at a billboard.

          154. Sgt. York says

            Are you braging or just lieing,eather way your a true bhole for posting this crap

          155. Michael Dennewitz says

            Woosh I cud spael as gud as yu due!! HAHAHAHA

          156. Judy Cummings says

            Wish we had a “Dislike” button or is that what the down arrow is??? Hey, I clicked it and it turned red. Wonder if that means something. LOL

          157. Gregory A Ward Sr. says

            You got to be kiding. The only reason why the far right wing republican party wanted voter id is to keep people from voting as possible. Just like communist. Forget about democracy. One person, one vote. The only way the think they can win. That’s jus the excuse they use to justify their communist behavior.

          158. Gen11American says

            How the heck does “one man one vote” work when we have 30-40 million illegals in our country, getting driver’s licenses, taking jobs from African-Americans, and being available to vote to assure crooked candidates get elected? It’s insane!

          159. ringostarr1 says

            Ask Hillary and her husband, the Motor Voter law which is used to register illegal aliens to vote, is a Hillary and Bill Clinton inspired end run around the Constitution of the United States of America. Anything that would even hint at Hillary being elected in November 2016 should be avoided and every poll and all research reveals that Hillary is poised to beat the Donald and only the Donald like Trump is a Red Headed stepchild.

          160. PatriotGal says

            Include San Francisco, CA, which is “giving” them the right to vote if they have a drivers license. Look it up…

          161. John Adams says

            Remember where some voting machines were having (problems) a person voting for one person and the vote switched over to a democrap?

          162. Gen11American says

            You betcha! That’s how Obama won in 2012! Isn’t it strange that the Republicans aren’t doing to thing to make sure the 2016 election isn’t rife with voter fraud? Have they even held one single congressional hearing on that topic, covered by C-Span? Yet, despite the fact that Speaker Ryan doesn’t do a thing for the benefit of the American people, or for fair elections, his name keeps being put forward as a valid alternative in case of a brokered convention! We are so sick of the corruption of our political system, I don’t see any way to correct anything except through another massive upheaval that throws the traitors out of office, beginning with Barack Hussein Obama, the worst POTUS in U.S. history!

          163. Judy Cummings says

            That can’t happen in Indiana because we have had Voter ID for years. It works. I worked in the poll the first time we had Voter ID. One older couple had to go back home to get their ID’s. We hated to do that to them, but it was the law. Thankfully, they were about a quarter mile from their house and it didn’t take them long. They were the only ones that day that forgot. But it works, the main lady even made her husband show his ID. We all stood there and laughed. But she told him, the law is the law, show your ID. It doesn’t hurt at all. The thing that bothers me is that if my State starts allowing illegals to get drivers licenses, can they register to vote. I know to get my driver’s license I had to show proof of residency and show our Birth Certificates. But that is Conservative Indiana.

          164. Gen11American says

            By contrast to Indiana (and Kudos to them for doing the right thing!), Washington State has handed out driver’s licenses to 400,000 illegal aliens! That permits those 400,000 illegals who are 18 to vote in Washington State, and even to vote early and often because Washington State doesn’t require a voter ID. In our most populous county, King County, which controls the outcomes of results on every national position, they have all-mail-in ballots for everyone, and all they require to register is to mark Yes No Are you a U.S. citizen? They don’t require any proof! I’m sure it won’t surprise anyone to know that Washington State is a Demo-Run Hellhole overrun with illegals, with high property taxes to educate all those illegals!

        3. hankthetank says

          Acorn still does their dirty work!! under a different name, But the same address!!

        4. Len says

          Don’t forget the dead, the illegals, people who didn’t even live in that particular state and people with false names all voted for obama.

          1. Gregory A Ward Sr. says

            You must only listen to Fox News.

          2. Gen11American says

            Every loyal American who has lost a loved one should contact the Voter Registration Official in the area to substantiate if their loved one is still registered to vote, or if their registration has been cancelled. It might require having a copy of a death notice to cancel a voter registration, but that will prevent an illegal vote. With our elections being so close, every vote will likely count from here on out!

          3. Len says

            To use someone who has died just to further an ambition is desperately disrespectful and evil. But I know where you are coming from, I just expected people to have more integrity and morals. I keep hoping that people are basically good and have been disappointed.

          4. Gen11American says

            I used to be a Pollyanna myself, but the elections of 2008 and 2012 forced me to become a pragmatist and a realist. I’ve been watching like a hawk ever since. Being retired also granted me the time for research, and being a digger really opened my eyes. I’ve been anti-Obama and anti-Hillary ever since!

          5. Len says

            Someone posted that I should capitalize the “o” in obama but I have never voted for him and now no respect for the man, ever. He’s not my president! His administration can administer in hell for all I care.

            Hillary, I liked her once when she stood by Bill but well we know what happened there.

            Okay, well, I will leave it at that, I didn’t mean to vent.

          6. Gen11American says

            I suppose grammatically it’s proper to capitalize Obama’s name, but since he isn’t fit to be our president, I never type a title in front of his name. After 50 violations of the U.S. Constitution, and 7+ years of trying to undermine our 2nd Amendment rights, and his 8 apology tours, and his utter failure to “contain” ISIS, and weakening of our military, and his insistence on flooding our nation with Muslims who will threaten our security for generations to come unless we get tough and deport all those Muslims who prefer to live under Shariah Law, and because he’s appointed Muslim Brotherhood members into his administration, and even has one in his office constantly, I can’t bring myself to believe we’ve allowed an outright Marxist ideologue like that to occupy the Oval Office of our White House.
            As for venting, that’s exactly what these comments sections are for! Vent away!

          7. Len says

            Hmmmm…I don’t recall typing the title of “president” I just don’t capitalize the o, if I did sometimes the iphone will put in a word for you or allow you to keep it. It might have slipped in.

            Anyway, the question of why he became ‘president’ twice is puzzling to me because I thought the American people were smarter than that. My theory is it’s because he is black. Some would call that racist but it’s not a racist comment, it’s a theory. People were expecting him to do good because he’s so smart, he’s a Constitutional lawyer, he went to a prestigious school, he married a ‘woman’ and she’s a bully, he sounds presidential and all that. The people who voted for him were secretly disappointed and disgusted even now but wont admit they made a mistake ever.

            Then again he did say he was going to “fundamentally transform America” and that he did. He screwed up in everything else but that.

          8. Debra Shawver says

            I agree….I refer to him as king o of the rainbow house…..

          9. Gen11American says

            Democrats are capable of anything! I was visiting at a nursing home when Democrat voting activitists arrived with a batch of absentee ballots for the old folks. One by one, those activists coerced those old people to fill out the ballots, marking for Democratic candidates only, of course. I’ve never voted for another Democrat after viewing that spectacle. Old people who don’t have their wits about them enough to defend themselves shouldn’t be voting in the first place!

          10. Debra Shawver says

            2 Tim Ch 3 describes America and the world to a “T” there are no morals under marxists/progressives/communists/democratic socialists/ one worlders……we are in big trouble here in America.

          11. Lenora Lee says

            Len- funny you should mention the dead and the illegals. Used like bargaining chips,
            for the Soros-Clinton-cruz shell games.

        5. Smart Southerner says

          ACORN was funded by the EVIL George Soros. He also funds & Black Lives matters, along with Dem candidates. He funded Obama’s campaign twice & is now funding Hillary. He just gave her another $6 Million.

      2. hankthetank says

        The voting machines are crooked too! I seen a video where they put in 10 votes & it came out with 15 for the wrong person !!! And most of all, NO foreign country ,should every count our votes ! witch they do !!!

        1. John Doe says

          Don’t forget that one of George Soro’s companies in Spain, produces many of the illicit voting machines. He should be sought out and hung.

          1. speedeesam says

            John Doe, Yes. Why has this man been allowed to be so heavily and deeply involved in American politics? Because he has an unending source of funds he is using to pay every group available to riot, protest, whatever, to stir civil unrest. WHY is it no one, especially the Congress, stops him?
            If he has so much money. is his end goal to rule Western civilization? It is rumored he has retired and his sons have taken over his endeavors.

          2. Debra Shawver says

            Yes…he has said his goal is to take down America…to him it is a game…..see CNN interview from about 5 years ago…with Soros

          3. siridh says

            He’s drunk with power and amuses himself stirring stuff. Evil man.

        2. speedeesam says

          hankthetank, Thank You for the reminder of soros sending American citizen’s votes to Spain and Venezuela to be counted. If anyone doubts this, research it. The facts are there. American ballots should never go outside the county they came from. And with security a critical issue the ballots should be protected by local law enforcement, where ever they are moved, until the vote is finished and delivered to the final location of storage.

        3. tonio says

          Very true. All 50 states should only allow paper ballots and should have same primary voting rules. What happened in CO is a travesty when a candidate can take all the delegates without the citizens getting to vote. A candidate willing to be a part of such a corrupt system has no character or integrity, especially Cruz who sells himself as the Christian Conservative. People are waking up finally because Trump is fighting back and the party leaders can’t buy or controll him from exposing the voter fraud that keeps putting criminals in charge in both parties.

      3. The Quadfather says

        You make a persuasive argument. Perhaps if a law is passed to correct the undemocratic system, they can put in some strong protections against voter fraud. All states need to put in strong protection against voter fraud. And serious penalties for cheating. Voter ID is a good start. However, if you buy a gun they do a background check on you. Why not a background check for registering to vote. End motor voter laws and same day registration. These are aids to cheating the Democrats put in place. It should not be easy to vote, it should require some effort. And you shouldn’t be allowed to vote if you are on the government dole (services not paid for). Issuance of a death certificate should trigger an automatic removal from the voter rolls for the decedent. There are ways to fix the problem if the will is there. But there in lies the problem.

      4. mholdcraft says

        The problem isn’t only the possibility of voter fraud, the bigger problem is voter ignorance. When a great part of the voting public believe what they hear on TV or read in the Headlines, without confirming the truth (whole truth) then you get what we have here in the USA. When we have a few controlling who we can vote for, the you get what we have here in the USA. When the system is set up to exclude from even running for office all except the rich, or those bought by special interests, then you get what we have here in the USA. The political system is rigged, so rigged that an outsider who is not familiar “with the rules”, can complain and the answer is “it is the rules” is the only justification, then you get what we have here in the USA. When the people’s voices are ignored, when the rules pervert what is supposed to be an open and fair process, then you get what we have here in the USA.

      5. John Adams says

        We need voter ID’s and real proof the person is a citizen, no DL’s as some areas are giving them out to illegals. And proof the person that voted can’t go to another voting area and vote again like what happened in the last election. And get prosecuted if caught.

      6. Susan Short says

        To the idiots out there who continue to declare that there is NO voter fraud, I say get your heads out of your azzes! A perfect example of it was in the 2012 election, where hundreds of thousands of military votes, from overseas, somehow did not make it over here in time to be counted, and I know this for a fact because military people have told me it was so! Most of those military votes were going to go against Odumbo, and he knew it, o he saw to it that they were never counted! Try to deny this, you liberal idiots, like Reality Check, and the other fools who post on here!

        1. maxx says

          And in 2008 the timing of the turn-a-round of the ballots was deliberately manipulated for the very same reason. The military never liked Oblowhard and the democommies knew it. So they did what they do best…… CHEAT.

      7. Sicklesteel says

        ….excellent discourse there maxx and I agree with your statements.

        Which leads me to observe that this….this voter fraud ….will result eventually in National ID Cards issued by the government to American Citizens that have proven their right to be an American by birth or the citizenship process.

        Don’t care for that but maybe that is the only way to control to voting process as to if you have a right to vote in the first place. But then, if you do that the voting machines need to be banned …completely. They can be …and are…being programmed to reflect a desired outcome rather than the reality of what the vote really was.

        We live in a very corrupt country and most people just don’t really realize the extent of that corruption.

        1. maxx says

          If you are as concerned as I about compromised voting machines then do what I did. I volunteered to be a pole worker. Specifically I demanded a place on the machine security team. We physically test the machines accuracy the night before the election. We deliver the machines to a lockable room at the polling site. I have personal friends in the police department so I got officers to volunteer to guard the machines along side security team members. The morning of the election we bring the machines out and retest each one and sign certifications that the machines performed accurately. Once the machines are in the voting area they are under constant supervision by about over a dozen pole workers. I think we get honest results. The collection of the ballot tally sheets is done by the security team and the sheet are delivered to the county headquarters by us in police patrol vehicles.

          1. Sicklesteel says

            …copy this ….explain briefly where it came from…and forward it to the Trump Campaign Headquarters….guarantee they can put teams of people out all over the nation to do this!….great observation!

            Thanks for share that….I’ll be watching for your response…if you don’t do it I will….

          2. maxx says

            Took your suggestion and forwarded it to several different Trump sites. What concerns me is that many of emails I get are from sites that do not accept responses. Their addresses start with info@ and reply@ and don’t ever make it. If you know of a Trump campaign site with a real address please feel free to forward it on to them. Thanks.

      8. dinkerduo says

        Plus the insanity of NOT HAVING TO SHOW A STATE ISSUED PHOTO VOTER ID IS SO WRONG that NOT having to do so boggles the mind—and not having to pre register is also insanity!

      9. usathoughts says

        A Democrat proxy, La Rasa, does most all the voting for Hispanics along the Border States. It is not even in secret but no one does anything about it. A few decades past the Texas Rangers tried to something about in Laredo, Texas but it resulted in a sever confrontation. the Governor at that time gave in.

      10. nancy miller says

        The delegates are morally bankrupt.

    3. rex ames says

      I know there are good people in Colorado, and I hunt their every year for Elk and I really like the state. But like when Hitler came, allot of good people stood by and watched million being slaugtherd and did nothing.

      This should be proof that we need Trump more then ever before. These bastards in Washington need to be taught a lesson, and as for Cruz, unfortunately he is part of the problem. This Junior senator from Canada haqs accomplished literally nothing these past few years. Why would we reward a do nothing candidate like him with the White House.
      Time to clean the coons out of the basement.

      1. ringostarr1 says

        It would not surprise me in the slightest if Donald Trump seized your elk hunting equipment and made a whore house out of the State of Colorado.

        1. Gen11American says

          It isn’t Trump that would sieze that elk-hunting equipment! It would be Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or John Kasich. Donald Trump supports the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans to keep and bear arms! He even put out a position paper on that topic in 2015! Read it! He also put out a position paper on immigration, which mirrored the positions of Senator Jeff Sessions, the guru on that issue. Jeff Sessions has been warning the Senate, and the American people, about the fact that we’re being overrun. Under both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and Kasich also, we’ll continue to be overrun with undesirables because that’s the tactic the New World Order, One World Government gurus are using to usher in their corporatist tyranny!
          Obama has been doing everything he can to achieve that during his two terms in office, which is why he wants to confiscate our guns!

          1. Arizona Don says


          2. ringostarr1 says

            Trump is not a 2nd Amendment supporter. Click on the video to learn more. Trump is more like John Kerry, Donald Trump was against the Second Amendment before he was for the Second Amendment.


        2. Ah nutz says


        3. Angry American says

          Have you heard the one about opening your mouth & removing all doubt? Well you just did it big time

      2. Arizona Don says

        I hunted Elk there for many years myself. Everything you said about Colorado was certainly true, up until so many so called democrats from California seemed to invade it. I have not gone for some years now. Now I go to Idaho or Montana, although we have a lot of Elk right here in Arizona.

        I like the analogy of the coons in the basement. Excellent example. I’m sure not everyone has seen the story although it is being circulated on he internet as we speak. Anyone that has not and wants to see it I have it saved. Just let me know.

      3. hankthetank says

        To top it off, they tried to run two illegals by us again! ( Cruz & Rubio ) ! Guess who was at a meeting with the Koch brothers, in Palm Springs CA. it was, ( Kasich & Trump was there also,they didn’t go along with them,so they didn’t ask them to any more meetings !! I think that is why Trump is trying to stop them ,He knows what they are up to !!!

        1. imbzystitchin says

          You really think Trump knows what is going on? If he did he would not have lost all the delegates in Colorado, or the other states where Cruz played by the rules and was well organized so that he asked people to vote for his supporters, not Trump’s, told his supporters to be there for the selection process BEFORE the selection not after, and didn’t insult or threatened the state leadership of the RNC. Trump can’t run his campaign well, he is making stupid mistakes, and then blaming others for his inadequacy, what makes you think he will do any better with the Presidency? And wishful thinking is not proof of ability.

          1. aschark says

            imb, Trump didn’t lose Colorado, the Colorado GOP awarded those delegates to Cruz. The voters didn’t vote. The GOP elites don’t want Trump to upset their apple cart, but they don’t like Cruz, either. If 1237 isn’t reached, the delegates will vote. They will stab Cruz in the back, and vote Kasich in as the nominee for POTUS. That will piss off a LOT OF PEOPLE! Where it goes from there, I have no idea, but I would be glad if the screaming starts after the election, not before, because if it happened before the election, Obama might declare martial law, delay the election, stay as President until he wants to go, and probably will do more damage to the US than he’s done so far.

        2. Patricia A Galle says

          That is really a stupid comment. Rubio is a natural born citizen, because he was born on American soil. Anyone born in America is a natural born citizen. Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen by blood. His mother was a citizen, had lived here 10 years or more, and was 19 years old or older. Six courts have ruled on Ted Cruz’s citizenship. Two of them threw the case out as frivolous. He won the other four, including one in New Jersey two days ago. How many times does it take to tell people that Naturalization Acts decide this. The constitution leaves it up to Congress. Trump is a life long Democrat pretending to be a Republican. He doesn’t need the Koch brothers, because his good friend George Soros is there. Soros was a big investor in Trump Towers, and loaned money to him after one of his bankruptcies. Hillary is a good friend of both of them, and Trump can’t beat her.

      4. Patricia A Galle says

        If your research is as bad as your grammar, then I can understand your lack of information. Ted Cruz has worked for the constitution and the people all of his life. He served as Solicitor General of Texas for over 5 years. He appeared before the Supreme Court for us 9 times. He won our right to openly display the Ten Commandments, and the right to keep under God in the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools. He represented 31 states and won our right to own hand guns for protection. He has been our greatest Senator for 4 years, and has always fought for the people over the party. This junior Senator is garbage, we send our Senator there to be a Senator. He called McConnell a liar from the floor, when he was telling a lie. The establishment demanded an apology, and he refused to apologize. I am proud that he did. McConnell owed him and the people of Texas an apology. We do not send a Senator to represent us hat is not qualified. I am proud of Ted Cruz, and the people of Texas love and respect him.

        1. rex ames says

          Well so now you think its OK to insult folks too ! Its pretty obvious that know one can have a discussion with you unless they agree with you. Are you going to pull the gender card too? Cruz is a good person, and yes I know all about his famous Supreme court fight, and truthfully this is where he belongs, in the Supreme court. I would like to see him sitting on the bench is where he can do the country the most good for the future..He has only just officially ren. his Canadian Citizenship 1 year ago. Even though the court ruled he can run, the fact that the court had to rule on it says its sketchy.He is not a savvy business man and does not know what it is to struggle through personal business losses or signing thousands of pay checks, or to create thousands of jobs or employ people and struggle to keep the business floating. I personally lost my job to a bad trade treaty called NAFTA in which 34 out of 46 republican senators voted in favor of sending my job south to Mexico.. I know what that feels like, and I know that at this time and place, we need a guy like Trump to handle the border problems, trade and jobs. Hopefully Ted can and will protect us in the Supreme court is where his real strength is. Trump is not perfect, but judging from his past, he is a progressive doer. He will get allot done and move us forward, and he is the strong leader and we need this right now. If Americans don’t have jobs we cannot survive much longer like this. The establishment is backing Ted with there power and there elitist money. What does that tell you? These guys were trying to kill Cruz two months ago, now they will control him by saying we will back you now. Cruz will be their puppet because they know they can’t control the Donald. Again not saying Cruz is not a good man, just saying he is not what the country needs right now.

          1. Patricia A Galle says

            I am sorry if I was insulting, I did not mean to be. I love America very much, and we are in danger of losing everything that made us great. I am probably older than you, and I have watched Donald Trump too long to trust him with our country. He is a life long liberal pretending to be a Republican. He has so many scams and swindles and fraud in his past, which proves he is selfish and greedy. He was born wealthy, and he only cares about showing off and getting attention. He had to pay back every buyer’s down payment in his Soho apartment building, to avoid fraud charges. He does not own his assets out right, He is in debt to Goldman Sachs and George Soros and every other big bank in New York. He is in a court case now for fraud over his fake unlicensed college, and there are 3 suits pending from the 5,000 people he swindled out of millions, and walked away. He has claimed bankruptcy four times when his casinos went broke. He walked away and his vendors and workers got twenty cents on the dollar. He has had many failed products where investors just lost their money, such as Trump water, Trump wine, Trump vodka, Trump steaks, Trump magazine, Trump airlines etc. The list is endless. If you really want to see the kind of man he is, watch the documentary, “I’ve Been Trumped” about the golf course in Scotland. He destroyed sand dunes, bird sanctuaries and lives without even looking back. He destroyed the homes and lives of anyone who dared to disagree with him, or who owned something he didn’t want there. He is a heartless, selfish egomaniac, who cares about nothing but himself and money. He destroyed people’s homes and lives that were too poor to fight for themselves. In his entire 70 years of life, he has never done anything for anyone but himself. He is not qualified or educated enough to run a country, he can’t even run a campaign. He wants more name recognition and attention. America means nothing to him at all. I could never vote for this narcissist fraud. He is just like Obama. He would destroy us all with his ignorance and filthy temper.

          2. rex ames says

            I am aware of the downs in Trumps life, but you fail to mention any victories to which there are many. Even the elite Romney has a clouded path.
            I am 65 and lost my job to bad trade treaties, and watched our republican folks like Kasichs and Mc Caine vote for my NAFTA to be sent south, and part of my family has a ranch on the borders too. They have had cattle stolen or killed, house and barn broken into and people assaulted because of illegals. Trump was born into money, but like the hateful liberal media that continually assaults Trump, you fail to mention victories and he has had many and he has had to struggle to hold on to what he has. His father left 200 million and Donald turned it into approx. 10 billion, which is about 45 times more. All rich guys a leveraged and have debt.

            That is how business works. Most large companies and corporations borrow from banking or brokeridge houses to make payroll every month. That’s pretty standard through out industry. Ford Motor survived the last 08 down tern because they looked ahead and borrowed the money ahead of when they needed it. They did not need government help because they had smart guys running the company.
            back when Trump went under, allot of businesses went under. In the tool & die industry which I was in, we lost over half of the die shops in the USA. This happened because G.M. and Chrysler stopped paying there bills, so it was a domin. effect.Everyone who was in bed with GM and Chrysler went under to. It was no different with Trumps stuff to, it was the economy that affected everything. For me Trump has well rounded experience and knows how it feels to get knocked down and then fight to get back up again. This country needs a fighter. For you, I don’t you will ever see the diversity in Trump, you look for the bad and that’s all your going to see is bad. I see a diamond in the ruff, someone who has fought everyone including the party he choose to run for, and he is winning. I see a bitter woman when I here you, and I think you can only see bad in People. He has nice children and family and teaches then to work hard and be respectful. I’m not to young anymore, and I fought hard in Vietnam and my sons did five tours in Iraq and affgan. We know what we have here , and we have watched our polit, piss everything away that we have. They sent my job south with NAFTA and this year I payed a fine for not having Obama care. I can’t afford 1400. per month. Be positive !!!

          3. Gen11American says

            Well said!

      5. Gen11American says

        Bernie Sanders is another do-practically-nothing-for-years candidate yet the young voters are clamoring for him like he’s a Second Coming of Jesus Christ! It’s sickening! Our entire educational system needs to be overhauled to prevent the loss of generations! No more political indoctrination in our schools, only education and skill enhancement!

    4. jaybird says

      Everyday citizens need to get involved in local and state elections. Check out how to become a delegate and do it. That is the only way things will change.

      1. ringostarr1 says

        No that will not change anything. But perhaps then you will understand the state primary and convention rules better. Barry Goldwater won the GOP nomination back in 1964 against a lot worse flack than Donald Trump faces, but Goldwater knew the rules and used the rules to his advantage. Donald Trump by contrast is a loud mouthed cry baby pleading to Trump voters who Donald Trump his self calls Democrats for special treatment. That’s Trump’s Art of the Deal, holding his breath like a spoil 2 year old until his face turns blue. Come to think of it the rest of Donald Trump is already a deep dark Democrat Party Blue.

        1. Arizona Don says

          I knew Barry and it may not have been worse but it was just as bad. We will see how this comes out. Barry Goldwater said it like it is. No PC for him.

          I can only tell you one thing if Barry had won the election there would have been thousands of GI’s alive today that LBJ sent to their death. Because of his stupid rules of engagement.

          Donald is not a politician Barry was. He was a damn good one but a politician nontheless

          1. George says

            We have enough politicians !! They destroyed America and American patriots.

          2. Arizona Don says

            Your right but do you know why?

        2. jaybird says

          When you become a delegate in your state then you vote on other delegates that will go to the convention to vote for the candidate. You also get to vote in your local party when the head of that is up for election.

          I just became a delegate (filed a paper with the local Repub. party by 3/1/16) and just found out I will be voting to put my Conservative Congressman on the Nov. ballot in my state.I will also be voting for the National Delegates to go to the Convention and I will be voting on the local head of the state Republican Party and others that are up for re-election. That is where you can make a difference. I do not like the head of the state party – they pick the Repub. that will run for Gov. or Senator for your state. I want him out, he picked a Rino that I knew would not win.

          You can set here and complain on these sites and do nothing if you want. I am getting involved, at 72 better late than never and the great grandchildren can say that I fought for my country.

          1. imbzystitchin says

            Exactly. Understand the system and change it from within, I believe that is what Cruz is trying to do. Grumbling, whining and complaining things aren’t fair (who ever told Trump everyone needs to treat him fairly should be shot-LIFE IS NOT FAIR) does not change a thing. Congratulations and blessings.

          2. jaybird says

            Thank you, I am going to need it. I talked to the President of the Women’s Republican Party for my area and she said some of them will try and tell you who to vote for and I said good luck with that, I will vote for who “I” think is the best and that I wanted the State President out because he has no common sense. She said that she has fought against him in the past, I said help has arrived you will have another person fighting against him.

          3. ringostarr1 says

            What state are you talking about jaybird? No fair now looking at your drivers’ licence to see where you live. Come on big boy, what state?

          4. speedeesam says

            jaybird, Bless You, and Thank You for Your Service to the United States of America. It is going to take every able-bodied citizen available to participate in the politics of their community and state to reclaim what the Founding Fathers bequeathed to us.

        3. Ah nutz says

          ohhhhh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

        4. George says

          So stay in communist country then.Vote Hillary.

    5. freedomchoice says

      Exactly, don’t mess with “We The People”

    6. Little Bright Feather says

      WE have been a Communist country for a long time – only NOW are many just finally seeing it !
      We want to get OUT of this Communism ! That is why we are for Trump !

      1. Joey Smith says


        1. Little Bright Feather says

          Trump has done quite a job already of organizing the masses who all want the same thing – their freedom back.
          Over 20,000 people just in his rally in Albany NY and when NYers come out to a POLITICAL rally -= that is something because I use to live there and they are not normally active people politically – but the loss of freedom and a good leader has awakened them. Like Trump said, this is not just an election – it is a MOVEMENT !
          It’s up to us each to keep it going AND GROWING !

          Just think if all these thousands of people would descend on DC and the WH and clean it out ! Do citizen arrest rs on every banker and politician like Iceland did ! WE’d then have our country back ! After all we are SUPPOSE TO BE THE GOVT ! TIME WE ACT LIKE IT !
          And then WE would make the laws, not the OWG gang – that Teddy boy is a part of by the way.
          And I say the first thing we make law on is to outlaw all voting machines and any type of electronic voting ! Only paper ballots so there is a paper trail and no chance to change anyone’s vote !


          1. imbzystitchin says

            He has fired up the masses, if he was organized he wouldn’t be loosing in the delegate selection process.

          2. aschark says

            imb, he has more delegates than the other two, combined. Where do you get your info?

          3. imbzystitchin says

            He has more primary delegate votes, but the actual person who will be attending the convention and voting after the first round, those are mostly Cruz supporters because Cruz has been working hard at doing what is needed to win. Take California Cruz has been working there for over a year, Trump’s one guy showed up yesterday, he has until May 7th to find delegates from each congressional district to go to the convention if Trump wins delegates from the district. If he doesn’t have delegates, he doesn’t get the vote even if he wins the district. He probably should have been paying a little attention to that detail. Cruz spent 5 months getting delegates and alternates, Trump has less then a month. I am starting to believe the system is like the state boards test I took for nursing, the questions don’t seem to make sense, their are more than one correct answer etc. but it did work and weeded out those in my class that would not have been safe nurses. The primary seems to be doing the same thing.

        2. The Quadfather says

          For years me and my friends had a weekly meeting and had a bonfire in the front yard. One day, a sheriff’s deputy came along and told me to put it out. Further attempts to do this yielded the same result. Now I am told I have to have a burn permit and can only burn “natural” materials, of which clean untreated lumber doesn’t qualify. You can burn a pine log, but run it through a sawmill, and it’s illegal to burn. And the law doesn’t allow burning at night. I remember a time when you could burn anything you damn well pleased, no harm ever came from it that I recall. The so called environmental damage is always exaggerated to the point of being out right false.

      2. imbzystitchin says

        Cruz is the only one talking about returning this country to what the Founding Fathers wanted it to be. If you can’t run your campaign, the chances are very good you will make a mess of your administration. After the last eight years, I don’t think we can afford that.

    7. Raul says

      The only hope is article V the convention of states.

      1. ringostarr1 says

        By the time the Democrats get done with a new Constitutional Convention you’ll be lucky to not be wearing a wooden barrel instead of a pair of Overalls. That Convention nonsense is Communist insanity.

    8. C6vet says

      They (GOP) are going to invalidate OUR Votes and install someone that will “Keep Business as usual” in DC! There are NOT 2 Parties, unless you are thinking the “Haves” and “Have Nots”! I totally agree with you but “We the People” are stuck with the Retards in DC, like it or not there is not a lot we can do about it (at least not right now)! Revolution 2016?

      Nam Combat Vet
      “Live Free or Die”
      “Freedom is Not Free”

    9. SouthernPatriot says

      A Democrat, now living in Washington, D.C. as she has for a decade or more, even while she was “representing” her state, Mary Landrieu won her first election reportedly by the dead in New Orleans voting. Thousands of dead came to life, resurrected themselves, and cast votes for Mary, as it was reported and appealed to the Democrat run Congress for review and they rejected the request. Dead people voting for mentally and spiritually dead Democrats.

    10. R. T. says

      We do have fair voting , well fairly fair ( Chicago vote early vote often ) but the people don’t elect anyone conventions and the electoral collage decide ! Make elections fair use the popular vote ‘

    11. stan lee says

      Each state has its own primary arrangement, they furnish operating information to the various campaigns which entered into their primary contest, All campaigns involved have access to proper information in advance. It is there for the requesting. The RNC or DNC depend upon substantial donors, party memberships, etc. How each political party arrives at its rules is not dictated by federal government. The political parties are private entities. The day that the federal government becomes the manager of political parties is the day your freedom of choice was lost. We are endeavoring to stop Communism in its tracks, a Communist state is where there’s no freedom of choice and Communist “elections” are a sham. Do you have any idea how long Vladimir Putin has been in power by naming himself either President or Prime Minister alternately? Anyone even mentioning replacing Putin does so at his/her mortal peril.

    12. ThenStand says

      We need to know that America is a Republic, not a democracy. This is especially a good thing when Obama has been encouraging and even bringing in floods of people who don’t love or appreciate America or the U.S. Constitution.

      A voter should be someone who is willing to assimilate to America and the U.S. Constitution, rather than wanting to overthrow it.

    13. usathoughts says

      Seems to me only the net tax payers fund the government so why not restrict the voting to these people. Now that seems fair to me!

    14. vagabonddenyg says

      totaly agree with you! Colorado was the First State in The USA to FALL TO COMMUNISM ..the corrupt criminals with a stranglehold on this country are trying to finish off destruction of this country and take away freedom of the people, the right to vote so they can crush the voices of the people and render this country totally COMMUNIST! REVOLT IN ORDER!

    15. daveveselenak says

      Don’t deny the unthinkable – REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION to the two headed, one party totalitarian oligarchy whether the sheeple like it or not! The party is over as the 299 plus year run of freedom is done!

  10. James Maxwell says

    I do not blame Cruz in the least, he is a dammed good Lawyer and know “The Devil is in the details”
    and to that end he was prepared, I must admit that I was surprised that Trump was not more alert
    to this though. He is a very astute business man and also know this to be true. Where I find a
    problem is in the GOP and their out right hatred of Donal J. Trump and to a lesser degree towards
    Ted Cruz also.

    1. Angela Worden says

      The Devil certainly is.

    2. ALHL says

      The rules actually changed last August. The GOP establishment in CO scratched off the ballot all Trump delegates. Each delegate For Cruz is being counted twice. So this was all decided when? Colorado Steve House, thought the voters would be too stoned to notice what he was pulling off.

      1. James Maxwell says

        I was listening to a Radio program in Houston, TX and they were discussing what had
        happened. Apparently it was done very quietly and no one noticed it until after the
        election took place. It would appear that the “Dirty Tricks dept” has moved from the
        Democrap Socialishits over to the Grand Ol’ Poopsters. The powers behind the
        puppets in elected office are calling the shots and TRUMP scares them worse than
        CRUZ apparently. They are hoping for a brokered convention so the can shove some
        azzhole down our throats to insure that Hildeabeast wins the election. We already
        know that the Democrap Socialshits have determined she is their candidate and
        The Bern is just spending money on nothing. The White house has muzzled the
        DOJ to insure that she does not get charged which might upset thier facade of a
        fair race and election. Keep on adding to your stockpile of weapons and ammo
        looks like we gonna need it when this happens if we are to save our nation from
        being over thrown by the criminals in Washington D.C.

  11. RichFromShowMe says

    Somehow, in the Colorado Primary in 2012, the people did vote on their candidate.

    The Clinically-Brain-Dead-RNC seems to be trying to tell everyone there wasn’t a Primary vote in 2012.

    The delegates, in 2012, were awarded proportionately to the popular vote.,_2012

    1. Tired... says

      Wikipedia is not a valid stand alone source. You may be right but find better documentation.

      1. RichFromShowMe says

        Looks like Wikipedia may have been incorrect as it looks like the last open primary election in Colorado, so voters votes count, was in 2008.

        The Legislature decided to hold their Primary earlier than the scheduled election in June, though this would have given their voters a chance to vote on their future.

        More new cars and fancy vacations will be purchased this year 🙂,_2016

    2. fred says

      The elites of the Party, the Media, and DC don’t want Trump and will do ANYTHING to remain in power, because he will clean house in DC and the Party if he is elected!

    3. Rosech Levy says

      The GOP top down are changing the rules against Trump so they can say he does not know the rules. Well, the keep Cruz informed so what does that tell you. Be afraid, very afraid if Trump doesn’t get the nomination. America will cease to exist as we know it.

  12. Eileen377 says

    Colorado is know officially a communist state. Our freedom to vote has been taken away. I hope the GOP establishment in Colo burn in hell. I am angry that I was denied my vote. I thought America was about freedom. If they can shut our rights down in Colo they can do it everywhere. And Cruz was just too happy to steal the election. He is a traitor who is laughing at us and Trump. He pulled the wool over our eyes. He is part of this corrupt system.

    1. Tired... says

      Come on, Cruz played by the same rules as Trump; the only difference is that Trump wasn’t on top of his game and lost. I agree that the way that this happened was unfortunate, but Trump had the same opportunity as Cruz to try to pick up delegates and he didn’t make the effort. That is on him. The Colorado GOP was trying to make their delegates relevant and it backfired.

      1. Wumingren says

        Does it not cause Trump supporters to wonder, if Trump cannot understand the process for delegate selection from state to state, shouldn’t he have built a competent campaign staff to take care of all that? Does it not cause his supporters to wonder, if he becomes president, will he do a better job of building his cabinet and selecting his advisors?

        1. Tired... says

          It will cause some to reflect and others to be angry. While those are valid questions, they do not necessarily disqualify him from office, especially given his competition on the Democratic side.

        2. Rosech Levy says

          He understands them but when the changes are made on almost daily basis and he is not informed but the opposing candidate Cruz is, what do you expect. Wake up and smell the coffee and keep up with what is happening to our America. You can take it from me, the Trump voters in CO are peed off and a lawsuit/investigation has begun, also in Texas, Oklahoma and other states. Ain’t we having fun seeing how the 2 parties in 1 hate this country? NOT!

      2. Rosech Levy says

        No, Cruz was informed of the rule changes but they did not want Trump to be informed, so, yes, the Trump voters in CO were suckered by Cruz who has no character or values! and daily is proving that he is part of the problem and none of the solution!

        1. Tired... says

          I don’t know who was told what when, but it is my understanding that the rule change took place last August, so someone in Trump’s camp should have been aware of this even if they weren’t notified by the state committee. If the state committee notified Cruz and not Trump, then that is indeed an integrity issue; however I am not sure how the committee’s failure equates to dishonesty on the part of Cruz.

    2. marinegrl says

      My heart breaks for you!!! But I encourage you to get involved! This didn’t happen overnight, the establishment saw no one cared enough to get involved so they made it how they wanted it to be. In May of 2014 I didn’t even know what a precinct was. I got involved. I was sincerely sad for the Trump supporters who came to our convention this past weekend. They didn’t understand the process and were showing up thinking they could vote. They could have voted but they had to attend the county convention in March and become a precinct/county delegate first. People are uninformed – in November 2014 my state had a bill on the ballot. The Democrats were against it, the Republicans were against it – it passed. People are uninformed. 80% of the precincts in my county have no one running them. Get involved and you CAN change what you don’t like.

      1. Eileen377 says

        Thanks. Good advise.

  13. Mark Brickey says

    3 points –
    1. America is NOT a Democracy. It is a Federalist Republic that has democratic tendencies. States have the right to elect delegates as they see best for their State;
    2. Trump screwed up. Wasn’t he supposedly the guy who hires the brightest & best? This is what he gets for staff? The campaign manager who wasn’t checking the rules, didn’t know the game?
    3. Except for his own state of NY (at least at this point!) Trump cannot garner more than about 35% of the vote. Remember this includes open primaries, where anyone can vote for him, not just the closed Republican ones. He will NOT get 1237, cannot get there with this record, and the shriller he gets…..

    1. Angela Worden says

      Colorado manipulated the rules to remove delegates who were for Trump and replace them with Cruz delegates. This was shown by the CO Trump delegate who posted a video expressing exactly that and then burning his Republican registration. The people of CO didn’t get to vote and the “uncommitted delegates” who chose to vote for Trump were removed and replaced.

      1. Mark Brickey says

        The point is, that Trump screwed up. The rules were in place over a year ago, it is up to the candidate/campaign manager to know what’s going on.
        Trump is claiming to be the “best” at deals, the “best” at getting the “right men” around him, but now that he’s lost ONE deal, he’s all bent out of shape.
        He’s now saying that the rules are stacked against him. Yes, they are. They’re set up for “establishment”. He KNEW that from day 1. It’s the same with any business deal, too. The “rules” are always stacked against the outsider, the status-quo always protects itself.
        It is his responsibility to know these rules.

    2. louann says

      Colorado corrupt. I live in Colorado it was hand picked delegates. It was planned. 59% votes for trump was spit in there face.they told those votes don’t count.. I watched a delegate on video who was kicked off as a delegate for trump. He was mad as comes to this Cruz is next. When people vote for him dont cry when they tell you we have our own pick.shame on Colorado!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Fredrick R Smith says

    Prior to Trump entering the race, I didn’t think we could take our Republic back through the ballot box. Then Trump got in the race, and I thought their might be a chance. The one thing this election process has shown, is just how deep the corruption of our election process really is. The people do not elect the President. One thing for sure, if Trump is not on the ballot, I will not vote for anyone else. There is really no difference now between the Republican and the Democratic party, just the name only. These people pulling the strings for both parties are just anti-American traitors. On the democratic side we have a communist willing to give our entire nation away, and with Clinton, she’s an outright liar and traitor responsible for the deaths of many other Americans. On the Republican side, we have Ted Cruz, who legally is not only a citizen because he did not follow the law to be one, he’s definitively not a Natural Born Citizen. With John Kasish, he’s just another politician like before. Our only chance is Trump. The alternative is Civil War to take our Republic back. The problem is, most Americans don’t even care that we have lost it. If you are really a true American, educate yourself about our Constitution and our Republic. Lack of voter education will destroy our Nation.

    1. Dreen says

      Then the issue of voting machines is a huge factor as well. Remember the precincts where Obama rec’d more than 100% of the vote in 2012? PA and Ohio, I believe. It’s all very sad….This nation once had at least the ability for people to live in relative freedom, and what we’re leaving our children and grandchildren is the result of long term elitist plans that kill the human spirit.

      While Trump isn’t perfect, he at least provides a glimmer of possible hope that my kids might be able to actually earn something. I very much want a peaceful return to being able to produce goods and have a somewhat viable economic chance. Cruz and Clinton offer the same horrifying process we have been subjected to and Sanders will knock it all down really quickly. So for my two cents, I’d rather have a small chance with Trump, or no chance and a quick economic collapse with Sanders. I definitely do not want civil war, but…it seems the powers that be are pushing for it.

      1. Rosech Levy says

        As an election officer, use a paper ballot or an Absentee Ballot and personally put whichever in the ballot box, and then insist the votes be counted in your district and not sent out to a Soros’ company in Spain, or as Stalin said it is the one who counts the votes that counts (paraphrasing). We have very little to lose with Trump and that is the problem for the 2 parties in 1!

        1. Dreen says

          Sadly, even the paper ballot tabulator machines used in our rural precinct reportedly have a margin of error that is plus or minus 11.5%. That is is possible 23% error rate. The way the Germans apparently do their elections is much more preferable to what we have. I understand they use all paper, live stream the count in every district, and anyone can come and watch the count and record it as it occurs. The whine from the politicians against implementing that type of actual transparency is that it would take too long. Personally, I would rather have accuracy than immediate results. Also, while it may be slower to actually count the votes, and while people have been known to commit vote fraud, you can’t send a machine to jail and get any satisfaction from the exercise.
          I’d like integrity in the count. Too much to ask? And thank you for pointing out the Soros and overseas issues. Good job!

  15. CCblogging says

    THIS is Bernie Sanders – behind the hype and the mask. Its all quite accurate – look it up yourself! It will most likely make you want to puke when you find out what’s behind this scum-bag of a man pretending to be a candidate for the highest office in the world.

    Bernie’s carefully crafted image would disintegrate in a matter of days if he won the nomination. His baggage is real, and it’s not pretty.

    Bernie Sanders’ father was a high school drop-out, who tormented his family with rants about their financial problems. He blamed society and economic inequality for his plight, though as a white male in a middle class neighborhood, he was hardly among the downtrodden.

    This was Bernie’s inspiration to take up the cause of economic justice, though he would spend half of his life as an able-bodied college graduate living off of unemployment checks, and the women in his life, between odd jobs. By his own admission, Bernie was not a great student, starting at Brooklyn College and transferring to Univ. of Chicago, but his enrollment kept him protected from the draft.

    He joined socialist organizations and dabbled in far-left communist politics, gaining national notoriety by petitioning the school to let students have sex in the dormitories. This was before birth control and abortion were legal, when there were still very serious repercussions for women if the condom broke, but that didn’t stop him from crusading against those silly rules that were an obstacle to his own satisfaction.

    He participated in the 1963 March on Washington, a few demonstrations, and was arrested once, but his activism for civil rights ended when he became obsessed with socialism. NOT “democratic socialism”, but oppressive far-left Marxism.

    Bernie married his college sweetheart, Deborah Shilling, and spent his small inheritance on a summer home in Vermont on 85 acres. The shack had a dirt floor and no electricity, maintaining his proletariat credibility, but not impressing his new bride. He refused to get a steady job, so his wife didn’t stick around long, divorced after 18 months.

    The Viet Nam war was escalating, and when the next draft was announced, Bernie applied for a conscientious objector deferment. His deferment was denied, so he dodged the draft by having a kid out of wedlock in 1969 with his new girlfriend, Susan Mott, even though he STILL wasn’t working, and had no way to support the child.

    By the time his draft number came up, he was too old to be drafted anyway. He continued to subsist on odd carpentry jobs and unemployment checks, and occasionally selling $15 articles, including the one about how women fantasize about gang rape. He still refused to get a steady job to support his child. His girlfriend left him.

    In 1988 he married Jane Driscoll, and took a cold-war era honeymoon in communist USSR.

    His new wife supported Bernie financially through his many attempts to win a public office, and shared his radical leftist political views. They visited the pro-Soviet Sandinista Government in Nicaragua known for their human rights violations, support for anti-American terrorists, and the imprisonment and exile of opponents. Bernie blindly overlooked the carnage to stand with fellow socialists. They traveled to Cuba in hopes of meeting Bernie’s hero Fidel Castro, but access to him was denied.

    Bernie Sanders managed not to hold a full-time job his entire life or vote in a single election, until he finally ran for Mayor of Burlington at the age of 40. After several failed elections, he finally won the office of Mayor of Burlington, VT, and eventually a Senate seat, which he has managed to keep off and on. For all of his years representing Vermont, Bernie Sanders passed a total of three bills, and two of them were for naming post offices.

    He’s a draft-dodging deadbeat dad, a globe-trotting communist dilettante, and a petulant detractor of hard-working honorable Democrats. His one skill is yelling about how unfair the world is, and how everything SHOULD be.

    But he has no plans for how to make it happen, and no idea what goes on in the rest of the world or how to deal with problems overseas.

    His excuse for not having a foreign policy or national security plank on his platform: “I’ve only been campaigning for three months.” His socialist friends are bitter about what they see as a betrayal of their values by Bernie’s pursuit of the Democratic nomination. His former wife and girlfriend run when they see reporters and will not speak to the press. Bernie’s past, including a brief stint living in a kibbutz in Israel is cloaked in secrecy.

    Former employees and coworkers describe him as hostile and belligerent. All of the Democrats in Vermont ’s government have endorsed Hillary Clinton.

    The people who know Bernie best cannot stand him.
    His supporters cannot explain how he is qualified to be president.

    As for his detractors, we can only watch joyfully as this Nader 2.0 works an appalling act of sabotage on the Democratic Party.

    1. Retired Marine says

      Nice expose’ , this creep is a piece of work and the libtards love him. This country is getting incredibly stupid, and the idiots will not know what hit them when they get their wish.

      1. RobertNorwood says

        What’s also so great is you can tell by his writing there’s no exaggeration, nothing goes off the road. The ring of truth is there from beginning to end. I’ve seen people like Bernie…

    2. RobertNorwood says

      But the kids love him…their issue is fairness, everything to kids these days is “unfair”. If there was surcharge on the word’s use these kids would be broke – most are, in between money-grams from their parents. That’s the attraction of Bernie, nice old white guy who’s going make everything fair by giving you the stuff you deserve.
      Some times I see older people driving with a Bernie sticker, hands clutched tightly to the wheel of their Subarus or Camrys, intently staring, scowling, at the road ahead. They’re “mini bernies”. They could be teachers or professors…they have that rumpled Bernie look of dissatisfaction.

    3. Rosech Levy says

      And don’t forget, his wife is involved a lawsuit against her for the problems with the bank where she worked. Guess that makes then a perfect pair not to win anything. Bernie is a straight out communist and frankly he is not all there either, just like Hillary. What two sad sacks the DNC is trying to foist on us, but the end goal of the DNC published 1963 Communist Manifesto is their end goal with either of the creeps.

  16. Houston Hammac says

    The attraction of Donald Trump is Patriotism. He definitely under estimated honesty and fairness of political system. There are too many sleazy lawyers and judges for ‘We The People…’ to win in governing this nation. The elected leaders do not believe in the US Constitution (except when it fits their narrative)! At one time I championed the Convention of States as the savior of our nation, but the COS is primarily an instrument of the Brotherhood of Lawyers and Judges. The COS will make the Nation worse than today – if that is possible.

  17. Angela Worden says

    I agree, Colorado used “a decidedly undemocratic system”–your words.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      But it was what it was and wasn’t hacked together last minute. he didn’t see this coming? Trump blew it and crying about it makes him look really bad. He got out teamed. So much for his mythic prowess at putting together a winning strategy with a winning team.

  18. Arthur Ittus says

    Mr Trump is standing ALONE opposed by a CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT of THOUSANDS-
    At least “some’one” is trying to make a difference-
    Oh, I don’t vote, it’s corrupt, and that what’s against him

    1. Tired... says

      No, he isn’t. Trey Gowdy, Louie Gohmert, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and others have been standing up long before Mr. Trump.

      It is frustrating to see you admit that you don’t vote while complaining about the system.

      1. Arthur Ittus says

        really!!! and what may I ask have they accomplished? 0, zip, all words no action, just BS
        what’s frustrating is fools as you that believe your vote makes a difference- surely your gov’t educated
        have you not read the cabal will “nominate who they wish”, not the voters choice- get a brain

        1. Tired... says

          Each man has stood up in Congress and in public to oppose the establishment on both sides. Since Congress doesn’t operate as a dictatorship, they require the support of at least half of their colleagues in order to be successful. The fact that their colleagues didn’t support them is no reflection on the men that I mentioned.

          What is confounding is your anger. If our vote doesn’t matter, why bother complaining? It also begs the question ‘why do you even care about Trump because, if our votes don’t count, he stands no chance of being elected?’

          1. Arthur Ittus says

            I guess i’m just a prick- n i’m not complaining, you morons are complaining and I speak the truth and you’re still complaining-
            vote, puke, die, I really don’t care, it wont change anything

          2. Tired... says

            I don’t believe that you will find a complaint in my responses to you.

  19. Arnold Young says

    I think the entrenched elite are the problem. They don’t have a candidate they like and they will anything to stop Cruz or Trump. I really believe that these guys just want to be king. After all, because of there stupidity we got bho the wanta’ be king!

  20. Retired Marine says

    The rule was obviously made by the people who legalized POT. Don’t bogart that joint Cruze friends.

  21. Dreen says

    Very simply, what this selection of party nominees is clearly telling Americans, is YOU HAVE NO SAY. What we have is an oligopoly presented as a duopoly- two parties, working in concert to suck the life and liberty out of Americans by any means they can make a rule to support.
    Cruz is a slimy lawyer with no honor. Hillary is a slimy lawyer with even less than no honor. The Pubs will use Cruz to get their even more slimy desire into position at an open convention, and people will understand there is no reason to even vote…because we get who they give us.
    Both the Democrat and Republican parties are circumventing the will of the people, and they are proud to do it as well. While people who have been trying to get actual representation in the PTB for several years already know how corrupt this process is, now it is right in the face of everyone.

  22. RobertNorwood says

    It is what it is and Trump’s carping about it changes nothing – he lost and the shine is wearing off him as he nears crunch time.

    1. ALHL says

      Robert, you need to study up on this and look for the truth. Rules were changed last August. Every Trump delegate was scratched from the ballot. Each Cruz delegate is being counted twice. Steve House and his GOP gang decided ALL this all last year? If Colorado voters were not aware of the rules, how the hell was Trump supposed to know?

      1. RobertNorwood says

        Given this all occurred last year one would think Donald asked, as he should have with every state – what are the rules and what do we need to do to win. That the voters didn’t know is fairly meaningless – 8 years of Obama should fill in the empty spaces on that. Americans as voters are underwhelming and woefully unprepared for the voting booth. We’re getting better but only because we allowed the country to go to hell in a hand basket beginning with Bill Clinton.

    2. Vassiliki says

      they changed the rules AFTER Trump signed (June) for the republican party agreeing to the rules. I would be pissed too if I signed an agreement and then it was changed on me!

      1. RobertNorwood says

        Perhaps this is a sign – Putin and the muslims change the rules all the time. You are either ready or you are not. Don’t tell me he failed to see the red flags of changing rules. But hey, if it’s going to bite the GOP in the ass so be it. The GOP has put a gun to their head and so far, no matter what, we can’t get them to put it down.

        1. Vassiliki says

          we are not talking about muslims and Putin and other countries which are not relevant to our election process. Yes the GOP has the gun to their head and hopefully they pull the trigger soon!

          1. RobertNorwood says

            I suppose… no more relevant than electing Obama? The process and the outcomes are quite relevant. Who ever wins will have to deal with this and the legacy of the last 8 years. Watch what you wish for…the GOP pulls that trigger and we’re F’d. There’ll no fixing this 4 years later. I’m holding my support right now but, whoever wins in the end outside of Clinton and Bernie, is getting my vote, even if it ends up being that back stabbing weasel Romney.

  23. USPatriotOne says

    This CO process was as shady as heck…they changed the rules last July and hide the change from the public. I am very well informed voter and never heard anything about this change and to take away the people rights to vote in CO..!!! Trump is right…AGAIN..!!! Also, Cruz is not in a Legal position even run for the office of President and the GOP and the Commie/DemoRats are working together to steal the election. When the GOP steal the nomination and gives it to Cruz, what will happen is Hitlary for Prison and the DemoRats will file a law suit that Cruz is not legally allowed to run for the office President, and then the Court will rule that this is fact and Hitlary for Prison wins the Presidents office. This is the game plan People…Wake the Freak UP..!!! Trump and only TRUMP..PERIOD! God help us, PLEASE!

    1. Vassiliki says

      There are 8 states that do not have Cruz on their ballot because they question his eligibility. See my post above. Found article on

      1. USPatriotOne says

        Nailed IT..!!!

    2. Vassiliki says

      they changed the rules AFTER Trump signed (June) for the republican party agreeing to the rules.

  24. Joanne says

    This election will go down as one of the worst thanks to Trumpf shenanigans, he can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.

    1. ALHL says

      Trump shenanigans? LOL Where’s your objective data Joanne? Was Trump’s mouth responsible for ALL corruption by Steve House in Colorado last week? Was Trump responsible for GOP Steve House, giving all delegates to Cruz while scratching all Trump’s delegates off the ballot? Was Trump’s mouth responsible for counting all Cruz delegates twice? Was Trump responsible for suppressing all voters in Colorado?

  25. Vassiliki says

    Found this article on newswithviews – very interesting Cruz is not on 8 state ballots because it is being disputed about his eligibility and if he committed fraud. NJ being one of them where I reside. “Williams’ fraud charges had quick effect in New Jersey. Rather than accepting Cruz’s ballot petition when filed last week, the Secretary of State (Kim Guadagno) scheduled the unusual Administrative Law hearing for April 11. The Canadian-born Cruz must prove that he did not falsely certify his eligibility for office. Cruz’s ballot eligibility is also being challenged in California, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, South Dakota, and Washington.”

    1. TPM says

      Obama didn’t have to “prove” his (very questionable) eligibility. Why should Cruz be held to a higher standard? From what I’ve read, Cruz is qualified.

      1. Vassiliki says

        He is not qualified in every state. He isn’t even qualified to be a Senator! He became senator 2012. He became citizen – so he says- 2014. Can a non citizen be a senator? Read the article on newswithviews to get a better picture. This is in the courts now in NJ. I think they are asking to unsealed his citizenship papers. I do not want anyone with sealed birth, college, citizenship papers! We have had enough!

    2. mrp15 says

      Too bad Obama’s eligibility was not challenged. Guess it pays to have friends in the media.

  26. Patriot47 says

    There is no limit to what people will adjust to. It’s always a small percentage that see clearly and act appropriately.

  27. CrustyOldGeezer says

    The VOTES of American CITIZENS are NOT subservient to the whims and wishes of political parties or the fools that control those parties.

    1. mrp15 says

      The election should be decided by the votes of the American people. This whole delegate and super delegate thing is a smokescreen for the Establishment to sway the election. Maybe it’s time for a change in the rules. We the people should elect our president. Hopefully, with all the turmoil created this year, it’s time to say good bye to delegates and super delegates.

      1. Vassiliki says

        I agree with you!!

  28. ShemSilber says

    What this multi-ring circus does is prove what I have said for some time already: that there is no such thing as a democracy anywhere on the face of the earth. It is an illlusion, a mirage, designed to keep the sheeple in line with the oligarchy or whatever other form of tyranny.

    Concerning “sheeple,” we are all sheep, so to speak, from the top dogs to the bottom of the heap, but the question is, “Whose sheep are we?” For there are two choices. (1) We can either be the sheep of the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus, but not the wimpy effeminate and powerless one that many imagine), our Creator, our Redeemer, and our Messiah, who will help us through these Dark Ages and into immortality and amazing light in His Kingdom, or, failing that, (2) by default we are the sheep of the Azazel, the satanic one, the father of lies, murder, oppression of the people, and destruction, the one who goes by the alias Allah of Islam. The end of the latter choice is to die the second death (Revelation 20:14; 21:8; Romans 6:23; Malachi 4:1-3 [3:19-21 in the Jewish version]), becoming ashes under the feet of those whom Yahushua has made righteous by their choice and at their request.

    May the numbers increase who choose life in the Master Yahushua, omein!

  29. Albert L Biele says

    The delegates in Colorado have failed the people they supposedly represent, stripping them from the right to chose the candidate of their choice. It’s the beginning of the tyrannical leadership that is beginning to sweep across this country. The 36 delegates should be deported to North Korea, (including Cruz) and live with people of the same mentality. They are a disgrace to the values this country stands for.
    Obama and Hillary are celebrating these turncoat delegates, and the dictatorial presidential candidate, Cruz, who has no regard for the peoples choice. The excuse that this is the way the system works is not acceptable i.e. taking the power away from the people….is not acceptable.

  30. maxx says

    Back room wheeling and dealing should not be part of our political system. It has been going on just about forever. But that is no excuse for it to be allowed. This chicanery is why we have a government as or more corrupt than any third world dictatorship. Congress is the biggest “den of thieves” on the North American continent. And we criticize other governments of being corrupt? We should fix our own house before casting stones at others.

  31. fred says

    Until the “playing field” is level for everyone in all states, this election process will continue to unravel as scandalous and evil made up by corrupt lawyers doing for themselves and NOT the American People!

  32. TPM says

    That’s how the delegate process works in Colorado and SHAME on Trump if he and his political advisors didn’t know that. After his amateur (stupid) comments about women being held criminally liable for participating in abortions, he has some serious damage control to do. Colorado would have been a good start.

    These GOP delegates want a GOP candidate who can win the presidential election. They’re leaning toward Cruz, because he doesn’t put his foot in his mouth … as does Trump. So far, Trump has made fun of the handicapped, made fun of wives not as attractive as his, and NOW he’s gone out of his way to chase away the vote of most women. All those inflammatory comments would be shoved up his derriere, in future ads and in any future debate with a democrat. Trump says he’s smart. It’s time he started acting like it.

    I started out a Trump fan. I’ve read his books and followed him for years. But, to me, he’s mostly playing on the emotions of disenfranchised citizens, of which I am one. But, Cruz has a plan to do what he’s preaching. Check out his web site. Trump doesn’t offer a plan. Just rhetoric. I want a GOP president who can do more than inflame a situation. I want one who can get elected, then put a well conceived plan into effect. One more “progressive” president (Clinton) and this country, as we know it, may be done.

  33. daveveselenak says

    REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION to the third world banana Republic election system now in place as well as the two-headed, one party totalitarian oligarchy that we now have; it doesn’t make a difference which party wins as is demonstrated by the sorry shape of the State! These career tin-pot despots only care about their lifestyles and power afforded them by being part of the Politburo in “Moscow West”! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION to the TYRANNY at hand – to think otherwise is to be a fool, an enslaved fool at that! Armr=================================?, you will be needing them, this is the only thing that these power hunger freedom robbing NWO elitists will respect and that is why they are hell-bent on disarming “US” using the immigration crisis as well as ISIS ( they created both ) as the sledgehammer to beat their One World Government into a reality – we are 95% there and all they need and are working devilishly at is getting our guns by using the fore-mentioned as well as all of the false flags tat they have been using to accomplish this goal!

  34. retired4ever says

    I think votes should count and each state should have the right to determine their own system. I don’t care for the Colorado system however it was in place before their “awarding” of delegates, Trump campaign should have known but didn’t do their homework. Trump is NOT prepared to be POTUS even though I originally thought he was; he has proven over and over that he’s just a mud slinger with no platform or position on most things meaningful to the country. He’s going to have to change his spots and very soon or his supporters are going to leave him in droves. What a sad state for the GOP. After 56 years as a registered republican I am moving to independent.

    1. melmack 1 says

      How many republican Coloradoans knew how this system worked, except of course the leadership and the RNC ????

      1. retired4ever says

        Good question but then how many voting republicans, or democrats, even know who their representatives are? Are they involved, aware? I don’t think so. Most of us (Americans) don’t have the foggiest about the processes by which we elect, at least the people I know don’t but then maybe I’m sheltered.

        1. melmack 1 says

          You are so right. Watch the students following Bernie like he is the Pied Pipper !
          They have no clue nor do they care to learn. They are educated by LIBERAL profs whose sole purpose in life is to destroy America and make sure they have high high salaries and only the best benefits. I love to watch Watters and hear the STUPID UNREAL answers given by people…sometimes I believe they should not be allowed to breed or to vote !! **LOL**

  35. susan miller says


  36. papa doug says

    History has shown that the few political outsiders have generally made good presidents. The last one was Eisenhower (discounting Reagan because he was Governor of California) so maybe it’s time for another. Cruz is a lying establishment liberal whore and that leaves Trump as the best candidate!

  37. Paul_A says

    So Trump is a victim of the “system” right?
    Well that is really rich! Especially coming from the guy who has stiffed debtors time and time again by using the bankruptcy laws, the same guy who has participated in the corrupt art of buying politicians for his own financial gains, and the same guy that when asked about it is always happy to say, “Hey! I didn’t create the system, I just used it to my advantage”. Well; Cruz didn’t create the system either, did he?
    What must really irked Trump is that this episode lays bear the false meme about him hiring the best people and surrounding himself with great minds. You know… like “Hope and Change”, or as Trump calls it “Making America Great Again.”

  38. cvxxx says

    There is something very undemocratic about these “fixed” primaries. Both parties do not want the voter to have a real contrasting choice. It is almost like a corrupt game fix where the winner has already decided and the will of the voters is to be ignored.

    IT is time we voters started thinking of reforms.

  39. Roger says

    What is amazing is about half this country want us to fail as we are and become socialist. You talk about well indoctrinated. We win this one or we’re going to be a socialist soon after and the liberals know it.
    The Supreme Court is up for grabs and if the liberals win that fight we’re done.
    Vote Trump!

    1. cvxxx says

      If it is socialist why is our tax money not going to fix the American infrastructure? Why are the administrations spending billions propping up puppets in Ukraine? The pseudo war against ISIS and the attempted overthrow of a Secular government in Syria all on the taxpayer’s dime.

  40. coleche says

    I don’t blame Senator Cruz for the Colorado debacle. But, we should take a look at the goal. That goal is to insure we have a Conservative President, right? Okay, lets take a look at the voters…. Mr. Cruz draws only a small portion of Republicans, no Democrats, and some Independents,…. Mr. Trump draws more Republicans (but none of the established GOP), He has quite a large following of Democrats and Independents. My own thought on this is, if Mr Cruz gets the nomination, we will not gain the Whitehouse. He just doesn’t have the number of voters to get him there. Yes, if Mr. Cruz gets the nomination, I will support him. I will support whoever is nominated, but I think, Mr Trump is the only one that will beat Hillery.

  41. Rocky Mtn Rogue says

    Was anyone commenting on this thread actually a part of anything in Colorado. From the comments posted I think not! I in fact was an very integral from the beginning caucus like we always have to the bitter end last Saturday evening. So whether you like it or not, here is the deal.

    Weeks before the state assembly the Cruz campaign was in full force working their loyal followers to assembly a powerful slate. Nothing illegal about that. My guy Trump was no where to be found. Two weeks before the assembly the Cruz team went into an extremely well orchestrated effort of voter contact to speak to nearly all of the nearly 4000 people who have worked their way through the caucus system to make to our state assembly. they were organized, polite, persistent and very convincing in their presentation. Again I am a Trump guy and as a delegate to state assembly, I am responsible for voting the wishes of the people I was voted to represent at state assembly. Many of the people I represented there actually switched from Trump to Cruz because of how well the Cruz campaign was presenting their case.

    At our state assembly and as part of our Caucus process. Delegates to the national Republican convention are elected in two elections. First chance they have to become a national delegate is in the elections held in each of the seven Congressional district assemblies held the day prior to the state assembly. Again the Trump team was nearly absent in their efforts of any sort of ground game excepting one very long winded and highly irrelevant to people in our state speaker type weakly stumping for Donald. He was an embarrassment and certainly the wrong guy to have sent to Colorado. Read this as slick talking New York types get no traction with the masses in our state.

    Conversely the Cruz campaign had a remarkable ground game. They had a slew of great readily identifiable for our state people speaking and campaigning on his behalf. As a person who runs local political campaigns, we were at this point getting schooled by Cruz’s team on how to perform excellent voter contact.

    Excepting a handful of Trump supporters like myself and Mister Embarrassment, Trump had essentially no presence at the congressional assembly I attended. Three delegates to the national Republican convention are elected from each of the seven congressional districts in Colorado. By the end of the day on April 8th, Cruz now had 21 of the 37 total delegates headed the National convention. By direct witness of his effort, He flat out worked Trump and again I am for Trump!

    On Saturday April 9 the Cruz team had prepared themselves by having a huge meeting earlier to identify to all Cruz supporters who attended exactly who were the remaining best choices to elect to become delegates to the national convention. They themselves decided this with no influence from anyone outside. They organized well in the beginning of the day, Those selected best possible donned orange t-shirts and spent the balance of the day up till the vote campaigning for themselves amongst the crowd present. One to one voter contact very well done and excellently organized. Cruz himself showed up to make the case for electing these people to the National convention and quite frankly did an excellent job.

    The Trump team had only a regurgitated message from the day prior by the same guy who in no way could connect with our people. As Trump person I was kind of upset that was the best the Team Trump could muster. At this point and a few hours away from actually voting, the momentum of the assembly had turned to Cruz and a few of the Trump people I knew also disgusted opted to vote Cruz delegate slate when the ballots hit the floor.

    Now………..There was problem and it was significant! The electronically scored ballot sheet used to vote for the delegates for the national Republican convention was flawed. Delegates assigned weeks prior to a particular numbered bubble on the sheet as it had no names on it were found to have been moved to another location on the ballot sheet. In fact, there were missing locations on the sequentially numbered ballot sheet. Some caught this early so that those affected delegate candidates were reassigned a new location on the ballot. KEEP IN MIND THAT OVER 600 PEOPLE WERE VYING TO BECOME A DELEGATE TO THE NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONVENTION! Over fifteen percent of all the people who attended the Colorado State Convention. There was some chaos in the balloting because of ballot defects and a roughly a third of the Trump slate missed being scored properly by many who did not catch all the candidate ballot location changes.

    But in the end of the day and in the final tally by direct witness, Cruz’s team effort had clearly won over the attendees and as result the delegates headed to Cleveland. Trump had simply failed to mount the ground game necessary to win. The Trump delegates who got aced in balloting would have never become more then one maybe two at a stretch of delegates of the group headed to Ohio. Team Trump as I was part of, flat got out campaigned and as a result beat badly.

    The Colorado GOP has some technical issues that need vigorous attention to be corrected for the future. I get that! But the take away lesson form last Saturday was if you want to win in Colorado, you are gonna have to campaign hard! As much as it pains me to type, Ted’s team was exemplary to that effort…………..The results reflect just that!

  42. Jim says

    What “rule” legally violates the one man one vote policy that made this country what it is today? Sounds like the republicans are trying their best to look like Obama. Your vote, if you should get to cast one, doesn’t count as only the establishment elite can make decisions on who should head up the government in this country. Really? It is time to clean out that rats nest in Washingon DC.

  43. Sharpshooter says

    Cruz is just as “slimy” as the rest of the GOP. I think that they have just given the election away!

  44. Trisha55 says

    While I think the Colorado delegates should be decided by a primary, this process is what the state has decided until the people change it. It is incumbent upon those working in campaigns to know these silly rules and use them to their advantage. Trump’s team failed him. Also, if you will think back, Rudy G. had a big lead when he decided to concentrate on Florida and skip some other states. As a result, his campaign withered and died. The message is that ALL states are important so don’t shrug off one for another.

  45. Arizona Don says

    Seems to me when the voters are kept from voting in a presidential primary it is no longer a government by and for the people nor is it government with the consent of the governed. That is the basis for a free nation. When government dictates to the people there are no freedoms. It started with the ACA.

    It is surprising the citizens of Colorado are not up in arms about losing the right to vote.

    1. AmericanBelle1 says

      Au contraire, my friend! This is what Coloradans really think!

  46. Larry E. Smrekar says

    Anyone who sides with the establishment slugs is either very nieve or is getting a hefty check to continue their attempt at brain-washing.

  47. laulau says

    Trump did have people there, but their names were omitted on the list to vote. That’s the problem, not that Trump wasn’t prepared. They let only the Cruz supporters vote.

  48. junkmailbin says

    colorado is about liberal control with the voter gets shafted. The commissars run the place and the peoples votes do not count.
    I go and vote a delegate. the delegate than does what he wants. What a load.
    The, we want to be pertinent at he convention is a huge load. You guys are in a small arse piddly state and that is how much influence you have.
    Roll one and have all the muslimes move there, this would classify you as useful

  49. Ted Crawford says

    Seriously, if Trump, who self admittedly has a “big Brain”, is a “Masterful Negotiator”, and “Exemplary Deal Maker”, with WRITTEN instructions in hand for over 7 months, can’t determine how to navigate an agreeably convoluted Primary. What possible chance can he have with Putin, Kim Jung Un, or Imatoilet Khomeini???

    1. Arizona Don says

      A much better chance then anyone since Reagan!

      1. Ted Crawford says

        Again with that geometrically disingenuous comparison to Reagan?!?
        Reagan wouldn’t let this pretentious twit anywhere near his campaign!

        1. Arizona Don says

          An opinion only!

  50. markypolo says

    Anyway you want to “cut” it, the GOP will and Has LOST this election. If they ‘screw’ TRUMP, he will run as an Independent, we then will likely have another Lazy, Lying, Thief ( Clinton) in the White House. Republicans may just well be MORE fcking stupid than Democrats.

    1. Arizona Don says

      He could win as an independent!

      1. markypolo says


  51. Tiger says

    Why are the candidates allowed free access to the Delegates in the first place. Hanky Panky and they need a Spanky.

  52. Arizona Don says

    Donald Trump is a very successful business man. To be successful in business it takes beyond the necessary savvy (intelligence), honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, dependability and tenacity. Politicians have proven over the last decades they possess few if any of these necessary attributes for success. They may when elected but are quickly co-opted like all or most of the others. Marco Rubio is an excellent example of this. He was co-opted by the other seven in the gang of eight regarding immigration. Politicans see themselves as having all those desirable attributes but in essence do not have any. It seems their word is no longer any good. If a mans word is no good, he is no good. Especially as a politician. They promise things to get elected and never follow through by doing that which they promised. The current president is an excellent example of that!

    No business would or could survive if run as these politicians run government. Start with the debt!

    There is only one successful business man vying for the republican nomination that is Donald Trump. Consequently, there is only one person who has the necessary attributes mentioned above. Donald Trump!

  53. Gerry Costa says

    I’ll say it again —- colorado has become as worthless as caliphony.

  54. Jimmee41 says

    Cancel Colorado…if the delegates are not available to Trump then they cannot be available to Cruz or anyone else. Take a hike GOP!!!!!

    1. Ted Crawford says

      They WERE available to Trump, apparently Trump was too busy combing whatever the he_ _ that is on top of his head! His campaign staff was also busy kissing the back of his front!!

      1. Jimmee41 says

        Really Ted…Trump delegates could not get into the meeting. Proof…not one single vote for Trump. Don’t let your prejudice for Trump blind your reality!!!

        1. Ted Crawford says

          Clearly your under the spell of the Democrat Pied Piper!

          1. Jimmee41 says

            Friend…I know facts are not your favorite…better check them again!!!

          2. ShemSilber says

            Jimmee41 is another one of those bloody trolls, another contortionist who has pushed his capital member into his colon, nu?

  55. YOLADANE says

    First of all this just proves AGAIN that TRUMP is NOT a low life Politician and he is like WE THE PEOPLE. He DOES NOT PLAY the game and is a fair minded MAN. This is another example of UNDERHANDED CRAP. What if ALL the states did their primaries like Colorado ? None of us would have a say, RIGHT ?? This is proof, to me AGAIN that Cruz is just another slick politician out for HIMSELF. The first such proof was when the Chicago Communists were able to STOP a Trump rally and all Cruz did was take the opportunity to BASH TRUMP instead of standing up for his right of FREE SPEECH as an American. Mr. Constitutionalist Cruz. WHAT A JOKE. And than this total CRAP in Colorado. I will not vote for ANYBODY but the ONLY honest MAN we have running no matter what Party he runs under. DONALD TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE are being exposed as to just how CORRUPT our GOVERNMENT and BOTH Parties are and have been. This is a WAKE UP CALL. These SCUMBAGS care NOTHING about AMERICA. It’s all about THEIR POWER on BOTH SIDES.

    1. ShemSilber says

      You said a MOUTHFUL! Even if I have to write him in, I’ll vote for Trump, because it doesn’t matter who else, whether a demoniac-rat or one of their partners-in-crime, a RINO, makes it into the Oval Office.

      HOW LONG until our Messiah Yahushua (Jesus) comes to sweep evil off the face of the earth and take us from these Dark Ages into His glorious light? May it be soon and in our time, omein!

  56. MuslimLuvChrist says



    please sign this petition to stop the corrupt GOP: