Congressman Wants Republican Arrested for Removing Anti-Cop Painting


Democratic congressman Lacy Clay wants his Republican colleague, Rep. Duncan Hunter, arrested and charged for removing an anti-police panting from the walls of the U.S. Capitol on Friday. Clay, whose Congressional Black Caucus sponsored the art contest that was won by the painting, said Hunter had no right to take it down.

“The rehanging of this painting for public view represents more than just protecting the rights of a student artist, it is a proud statement in defense of the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which guarantees freedom of expression to every American,” said Clay and the CBC in a statement.

The painting drew sharp condemnation from police unions when it first went up in the Capitol last summer. Because it depicts police officers as warthogs, law enforcement leaders say it perpetuates a mythical narrative of cops as racist murderers. They have pressured Congress to remove the painting for some time.

Hunter, though, decided Friday that we wasn’t going to wait around for congressional leaders to take action. He grabbed a couple of friends, marched down to where the painting hung, and unscrewed it from the wall himself.

“Lacy can put it back up, I guess, if he wants to,” Hunter told reporters for Fox News. “But I’m allowed to take it down.”

On Monday, Clay and the CBC pushed back, insisting that the painting was not offensive and that Hunter was out of line.

“He had no right to take that picture down,” Clay said. “It’s thievery.”

Clay said the artist – high school senior David Pulphus – did not intend for the painting to disparage all police officers and that he had respect for good cops.

“He just doesn’t have respect for police who use the cover of a blue uniform to do animalistic things to people,” the Missouri congressman said. “Any black parent would tell you that they have to have this conversation with their children about police and how to act around them, so that’s the conversation we need to be having here. Not about taking some kid’s picture off the wall — it should be about, how do we change these attitudes and improve the relationships between police and the black community?”

Well, maybe the first step is to treat police officers like the human beings they are. By dehumanizing them as murderous beasts, the artist is encouraging the kind of anti-police violence that we’ve seen take root all over the country. And by sponsoring the painting, Democrats in the Black Congressional Caucus are putting the U.S. government’s stamp of approval on that message.

Hunter shouldn’t be arrested; he should be given a medal.

  1. Justin Seine says

    Is Mr. Clay completely brain dead or just hopeless, terminally stupid. I am so done with these hypocritical imbeciles!

    1. MAHB001 says

      Is there a difference between brain dead and hopelessly, terminally stupid?

      I keep looking for the all of the above option…

      1. Justin Seine says

        Actually there is a difference, but it is very subtle.

      2. Tiger says

        Oh my friend they are deviously intelligent and they feel their time has come to put up into the face of all True Americans what they are and how they feel, no more hiding in the marshes the King Snake O has allowed all this and any blood spilled will be on his hands if there is more riots or that Purge they are planning goes to total anarchy.

        There is no more discussing or compromising it is past time to take our country back, to fight these people up front daily and to push back. Enough is too much.

        1. MAHB001 says

          I have started to call them for what they are, Communists.

          Nobody wants communism, yet the brain dead and terminally stupid continue to argue for the advancement of communism…

          You are correct, enough is enough… Time to bring back common sense.

          1. Tiger says

            We have so much work to do this has gone way too far and I am sickened at these hearings. All about Russia all about racism yesterday I see no hope without them all gone. All of them.

          2. MAHB001 says

            Term limits…

            Support the Convention of States.


          3. Tiger says

            Will do thank you.

          4. Radman414 says

            I don’t know where you are, but we have a big COS rally at the Capitol Bldg. in Austin, TX on 1/31/17. Other rallies are being held in other state capitals around the country.

          5. MAHB001 says

            I live behind the lines in California. 🙂

          6. Radman414 says

            My sincerest condolences…seriously!

          7. river says

            Prisoner in your own country.

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          9. MAHB001 says

            flagged you scum puppet.

          10. Clay Fitzgerald says

            It’s very obvious that this is spam, that same picture has been used numerous times with many different user names, like it would actually draw some one to follow-up to something that’s just a typical work from home scam.

          11. MAHB001 says

            Yes and it wears out that Picture they replace it with another.

          12. cabowabo78727 says

            Sounds like a great start!

          13. Charlotte Lazaro says

            bigbig kahuna clooneys aunt was rosemary Clooney he is abig jerk w ho wants to run for prez. I nearly choked on that one.

          14. MAHB001 says

            What needs to happen is a Federal law needs to be passed that if a State passes laws that are unconstitutional, they are thrown out of the Union.

            I also think that there should be a one strike law on all lawmakers caught authoring laws that are deemed unconstitutional. If a law maker actually creates such a law they have already abandoned their oath to office. Author one and your out, disbarred, stripped of your parachutes, tarred and feathered, and put back in society with a dishonorable discharge.

          15. MDPatriot says

            ….and NO Federal retirement or benefits!

          16. MAHB001 says


          17. AKLady2015 says

            what in the world are you talking about?

          18. Chiefbuck says

            Allow me to guess that you are a liberal die hard democrat.

          19. MAHB001 says

            She is a paid troll that is down here to disrupt conversations, spread liberal progressive propaganda and divide conservatives.

          20. JYuma says

            You are wasting your time on this one,. She has the mentality of a Piss Ant, the knowledge of one also. Much like that Puck Clay.
            Just Block her and be Done. It will sooth your mind.

          21. Clay Fitzgerald says

            OK, you little puke, what have I posted that offends your delicate, little sensibilities, huh?

          22. JYuma says

            Back Off, Brush head. Until now nothing. I will go read your past posts. If you want me to find something.
            The Clay I refused to is the Ass Wipe with the RACIST picture on Congress’ Wall.
            Don’t get too Full of your self.
            Your just a Human as I am.

          23. David Stewart says

            Have tried numerous times to upvote your remarks; not accepted by the site. Sorry, guess Big Brother doesn’t agree with you.

          24. JYuma says

            Thanks. I wonder why it won’t. Oh , well. Life’s Sucks then you die.

          25. Clay Fitzgerald says

            Incomprehensible blather doesn’t boost your argument… whatever it may be. And you’re still little puke, if not physically, your mind is small; there aren’t enough gray cells between your ears to form a coherent thought.

          26. JYuma says

            Go that your Meds. Brush head.

          27. Clay Fitzgerald says

            More gibberish, and you’re still just a puke. Buh-bye!

          28. AKLady2015 says

            Wrong. Try another guess.

          29. Chiefbuck says

            Cmon’ Tell the truth for a change. It’s hard to remember fibs.

          30. Clay Fitzgerald says

            I’ve blocked AKlady2015, you should do the same. She (?) is easily offended and what you said about her is probably considered and insult by her.

          31. Cookie Vranish says

            I would never block her. I enjoy her and try to time the number of repeat statements she makes. It is usually the same!

          32. Clay Fitzgerald says

            Ok, to each his/her own. Whatever amuses you is just fine, however, I got tired of AKlady2105 being offended by any and every little criticism, then attacking based on her bruised little feelings. Besides that, she lies about most everything because that’s what liberals do.

          33. barnjoer says

            Yes I think AKLady is already Brain Dead!!!

          34. Cookie Vranish says

            You wouldn’t understand!

          35. Don says

            no state law can supersede a federal now , but there has not been a need to put pressure on because obama supported it!!!!

          36. MAHB001 says

            Agreed, but all you have to do is look to CA to see that in REALITY state laws are superseding federal law all the time.

            Take the new gun laws. I can’t purchase ammo without being fingerprinted. I can not purchase any semi automatic rifle with a removable magazine. Bullet buttons have now been outlawed as well. Magazines can no longer hold more than 10 rounds. I can not open carry, rifle or handgun, I can not shoot lead bullets on Government land, I can not get a CCW with only the reason of self protection. (Most sheriffs do not consider self protection a good enough reason to give out a CCW)

            All of these draconian laws infringe on my 2nd Amendment rights. But they are laws in CA….

            The lawmakers in CA are not following the United States Constitution anymore. It truly is a banana republic and needs to be treated ass such.

          37. Martingard says

            I believe what you’re trying to say is, CALLYFORNY SUCKS!

          38. MAHB001 says

            Communism sucks. Californians are held hostage and need help.

          39. AKLady2015 says

            Government of the people, by the people, for the people.
            If you don’t like California law, don’t go there.

          40. Chiefbuck says

            Excellent advise which is about the only specific tidbit that I agree with a liberal on.

          41. Bella Gray says

            Sorry CA is not Mexico. They are under the same laws as all of America. You get in line or be arrested. You want to live without obeying American laws, then you should move to a country you like better, because America is not for you.

          42. AKLady2015 says

            Let Congress know when you are willing to pay for what you demand.
            Maybe then they will listen to you.

            Let California know when you are willing to pay for what you demand.
            Maybe then they will listen to you.

          43. MAHB001 says

            That assumes that the elites are counting the votes… But now that they have stopped counting the votes, the CA government is no longer of the people, by the people, and FOR the people.

            The CA Government is now of the Elites, by the Elites, and for the CONTROL of the people. What a foolish assumption.

          44. AKLady2015 says

            Is that the alternative reality you need to sustain your version of functional reality?

          45. river says

            LOL… you, AKpsychoLady2015 have no business offering anybody…. reality.

          46. Chiefbuck says

            AK Lady, Believe me, I wouldn’t even consider it. The last time that I was in Ca, I was sent to Korea and most of all I have no use and great disgust for parasite liberals.

          47. AKLady2015 says

            The last tine I was in CA, I was headed for Texas with a flight of wounded from Vietnam.

          48. Cookie Vranish says

            You see what California did for Hillary didn’t you!

          49. David in MA says

            Now you know the federal constitution is the supreme law of the land and all state constitutions are to be in line with it and if CA or any state is not then they are violating law and oath, I wonder if by their doing so it could be argued they have withdrawn from the union and can no longer receive federal assistance.

          50. MAHB001 says

            That is my argument, only you stated it far more eloquently…

          51. JYuma says

            ” NO.”

          52. David in MA says

            No to what?

          53. JYuma says

            No, they have not withdrawn form the Union.
            No, because they Can’t, withdraw.
            No, we can’t kick them out either.

          54. river says

            There is why Trump should declare Martial Law in CA.

          55. JYuma says

            On what grounds?
            Stupidity is Not enough. It wooD also. not help if we added, Ignorance ,

          56. river says

            If you’re saying Kalifornians are brain dead you wont get any argument from anybody, but easily Martial law would better serve the US in CA while arresting Jerry Brown for Obstruction of Justice, immigration violations, harboring criminals and sedition along with his boneheaded mayors, and if we’re lucky, Pelosi Galore. There are a host of other charges that could be levied against CA, including shutting down interstate and intrastate commerce, shutting down the power grid from other states that feed CA, and closing down all waterway traffic, but for now these are just for starters. CA is a danger to the contiguous US. And we’ll just see if they wont uphold federal law.

          57. JYuma says

            There are no grounds for Martial LAW in Californicasha.
            Stupidity does not count. nor do any of the things you enumerate. Unfortunately.

          58. river says

            I dunno what makes you think that Trump needs “grounds”. Kalifornicate is a danger to the rest of the US. Their flood of illegals, their global warming delusions, gun control, their control of large sums of fuel, agriculture, and commerce is enough to make any claims of grounds, not that grounds are necessary. CA’s insurmountable budget is enough to read the writing on the wall. With $127.5 billion in debt while receiving $300 billion from the government, and in the event that $300 goes away, there’ll be plenty of chaos to send in the National Guard.

          59. JYuma says

            You may need , want to think about that a bit.
            Yes, Cal. is ran by people that pass laws that do not pass the Constitutional test.
            It will take SCOTUS to Slap the Living Shit out of them.
            “Have a Come to Meeting session with them so to speak”.

          60. river says

            I agree, but with 40 million residents, nearly 6 million of them illegals, they have already admitted to circumventing law, mostly federal law, but obviously it doesn’t matter to them. Even if the SCOTUS ruled against them they’d thumb their nose, they already are.

          61. JYuma says

            I do not believe that they can do that. If they refuse to obey SCOTUS rulings, then the Government could place Sanctions on the State.

            Like, No Tax sharing. No Money for Military establishments. Forest Fires not on Federal property. Etc.

          62. river says

            Sure they can do that. Remember when the Kennedys sent the National Guard to Alabama? They didn’t even declare martial law yet they occupied a state college. CA is violating federal immigration law, Trump doesn’t need a court ruling, although he can get one in a heart beat.

          63. JYuma says

            Yes, He and his Brother did do that.
            Right now we have no Immigration Laws. Lynch, o’bozo has all butt suspended them.
            If you and the rest of the country knew to what extent they have gone, I believe that neither one wood be Safe in this country.

          64. AKLady2015 says

            Yes, the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law.
            I guess you missed Article II, Section 2, Clause 1.

          65. David in MA says

            How does this apply?

          66. Bella Gray says

            California is being held hostage by its own governor? LOL! Never heard it expressed that way, LOL, to some it may be true. I don’t think your rich Hollywood types would agree.

          67. MAHB001 says

            Living in CA is like living in the Hunger games….

          68. Wanda Wyatt says

            How long have you lived here? I have been here since 1960–it use to be a great place to live–before Democrats, Liberals, welfare and food stamp illegals!

          69. MAHB001 says

            Agreed, CA used to be a great place to live. My wife was born here, and she has tons of relatives here. Makes it hard to let go.

          70. AKLady2015 says

            So don’t go there.

          71. Martingard says

            You silly Liberal twit, I am here. Have to stay close to my Wife’s doctors and at sea level. Had to move here from Nevada.

          72. Janet Julien says

            Subject: We must pull out!

            I have been a supporter for a long time. But I believe that it is time to re-evaluate U.S. involvement. I’m sorry that a lot of my friends are going to disagree with me, but this is the way I see it now.

            Every day there are news reports of more deaths.

            Why are we still there?

            We see images of death and destruction on TV every night.

            Why are we still there?

            We took this land by force. We occupied it. It causes us nothing but trouble.

            Why are we still there?

            Many of our children go there but never come back.

            Why are we still there?

            Murderers, Rapists, Pedophiles and Thugs enjoy celebrity status.

            Why are we still there?

            Their government is unstable.

            Why are we still there?

            Many of their people are uncivilized.

            Why are we still there?

            Their land is subject to natural disasters and we are obliged to come to their aid.

            Why are we still there?

            They have more than 1000 religious sects, which we do not understand.

            Why are we still there?

            Their cultures, foods and diverse ways of life are unfathomable to most ordinary Americans.

            Why are we still there?

            They cannot secure their borders.

            Why are we still there?

            They are billions of dollars in debt and it will cost billions more to rebuild.

            Why are we still there?

            It is now quite clear!


          73. James Edmond says

            I agree that Obubus’ dad should have pulled out!

          74. Cookie Vranish says

            It is hard to say who the daddy was. When those hippy women were at the party, everybody there had a go! They were all black!

          75. David in MA says

            But, they were making a porn movie and it wasn’t in the script.

          76. JYuma says

            Do not Worry Little Lady.
            The next Big Quake will settle California’s problem.

          77. Janet Julien says

            Hopefully the epicenter will be right under the Governor’s mansion with just Moonbeam and the snowflakes in there

          78. Bella Gray says

            Actually they have more to worry about from North Korea. They are on the verge of a nuke that can reach CA.

          79. JYuma says

            I do not believe that the Little piece of Any droppings, would do that. If he did, there would be no North Korea, in just a few Hours.
            We are able to level that country with conventional Bombs alone.

          80. Bella Gray says

            I would not be so sure. The guy is a certifiable nut case, literally he is unstable and has been for awhile now. He is murdering his closest military confidants including family members. His people are beginning to starve, or at the least are in dire straits. We will have to take him out if there is any confidence he is succeeding enough. The problem is we have practically no reliable intelligence coming out of there and must rely on aerial surveillance.

          81. JYuma says

            I am hopping that China will finally do something. He is being to embarrass them.

          82. Bella Gray says

            They don’t want to, because they don’t want a refugee crisis from NK coming there way. They are fully aware the guy is a fruitcake and loose canon at the same time.

          83. JYuma says

            Once he is gone there would not need to leave. He could no loner spend the money for arms,it could be spent for Food, etc.

          84. Bella Gray says

            What is the first thing a bird does when you open his cage door and leave?

          85. JYuma says

            They have no lace to go. They do not know of any place but where they are. They will stay, if lift to their own devices they will build a better life.
            If they are allowed to.

          86. Bella Gray says

            No one will stay where they are starving. This is not my opinion, although I agree with it, it is China’s

          87. Clay Fitzgerald says

            You are describing the conditions in North Korea that have existed for decades under the current and the predecessors of the current fearless leader of the backwards little dictatorship.

          88. Bella Gray says

            Yes, but our government believes the mental illness is escalating.

          89. Cookie Vranish says

            Not until he gets California!! They like population control and abortion. It would be late term abortion all right!

          90. Cookie Vranish says

            Let it happen!

          91. Bella Gray says

            As tempting as that thought is, let’s not react too quickly, as that will send us into war and experiencing radiation fallout where we don’t necessarily want it. Trump will clean out their illegals alien crisis, and I hope put them on a restrictive funding diet for a payoff, on a downward sliding scale. They have to stop sponging off Americans. Also know Republican (tech billionaire) Peter Thiel is thinking to run for governor of CA, hopefully he will win.

          92. AKLady2015 says

            Right. There is not one single state in this country that has funded debt from public pensions, retiree health care and bonds.

          93. ABO says

            Love it! Well done, Janet.

          94. Janet Julien says

            I got it from my mom so I don’t know the Author but they deserve the credit, not me. I just passed it along

          95. ABO says

            Well thank you for that, Janet.

          96. Janet Julien says

            You’re welcome

          97. Martingard says

            People have been pulling out of Callyforny for many moons. Problem is, they’re moving to Oregon and Washington and trying to change their laws to match Callyforny’s. Freekin prune pickers just can’t leave shit alone.

          98. Janet Julien says

            I hear ya, I think they established s colony in Austin Texas

          99. Diana Sloan says


          100. James Edmond says

            Snowflakes put him back in.

          101. Charlotte Lazaro says

            james smart peo-ple put our HERO in the white house bite the bullet loser

          102. MAHB001 says

            My guess is that the people did not vote him into office.

            I believe the Elites did. The Elites count the votes…. and the peoples votes mean nothing.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          103. irish1919 says

            Last good governor they had was Reagan. All the others have been human waste.

          104. ABO says


          105. Janet Julien says

            From what I hear, Arnie didn’t do as bad a job as those Demoncraps have been

          106. irish1919 says

            Problem there his wife was his chief counsel. You know who his wife was, right

          107. Janet Julien says

            All too well, one of the offshoots of the Kennedys

          108. carroll wood says

            the same F I s that put the half breed in twice, USAF Ret

          109. irish1919 says

            Well people can leave. People move all the time. I wish they lost more businesses than they already have. They are bankrupt and let’s see them support sanctuary cities without government or taxpayer money.

          110. MAHB001 says

            Here is the problem, people are leaving CA because they are Fleeing the Government… I guess if we were in Russia, the would call us defectors.

          111. irish1919 says

            Yeah but their laws violate the constitution. They should be superceded by federal law. Where is the line that state laws apply over federal laws?? Is there a line?!! The constitution gives more rights to the states than the federal government but not so much today. If we the people is first priority how come our government is so huge??Need to send these government depts back to the states.

          112. MAHB001 says

            The CONSTITUTION is the supreme law of the land, it is a federal law.

            My point is that CA State Government no longer follows the supreme law of the land. So the United States should boot them out of the Union…

          113. Bella Gray says

            No they don’t get off that easy. This is the U.S.A. they get arrested or they leave the country for one they like better, all illegal aliens get deport as they have to choice or say in America. They belong to foreign countries, and it is time they went home.

          114. JYuma says

            Irish, the Constitution does give Rights to the States that are no written in the Constitution.
            However the States MAY NOT pass a Law that Supersedes the Constitution.
            The Feds. Need to go to SCOTUS . They will Rule the States laws unconstitutional, and Void. There by rendering it unenforceable.

          115. rocky says

            The Supreme Court has the option to hear the complaint or not. Being a branch of the Fed… I bet they would not, leaving it as it is now.

          116. Bella Gray says

            They won’t once Trump puts in a truthful SCOTUS.

          117. JYuma says

            The Bad part is. To Have the Court Rule on an U.C. law some one has to be charged with a crime under it., From there it works it’s way to SCOTUS, to Rule on.

          118. irish1919 says

            I know that. However our founders did believe the federal government should hold the least amount of power. That is why we used to have a separation of power. States are in place to govern themselves .We the people are to have the most power, the states second and federal government last. What has happened is the federal government has taken control, via taking over those things ie. Education that they have had no power to do. We are largess at the federal level and it’s getting worse . The executive is legislating as is the Supreme Court as in the case of Roberts ruling the individual mandate as a tax to legitimize Obamacare. The politization of the Constitution is disgusting .

          119. JYuma says

            That is the thing that I have been Spouting for years.
            There are numerous Departments in DC that were not meant to be controlled by the Feds. Education is the Greatest.
            All the Land that the Feds. Control is another.
            By the Constitution, All lands in a Staet ,at the Time of Statehood, belong to that State. Not the Federal Government. All.
            Had any Congressman , filed a Suit, when Roberts did that , they could have had o’bozocare ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

          120. AKLady2015 says

            No, they do not infringe upon your 2nd Amendment rights.

            The second Amendment became law long before those weapons of mass murder were invented.

            Lead is a pollution issue. Lead is a poison. I don’t know about you, but I prefer my game to be free of poison.

          121. Radman414 says

            Then, don’t eat the bullet! And remember, flintlocks were the “assault weapons of their day

          122. AKLady2015 says

            Are you really that ignorant?

          123. Bella Gray says

            Delusional summation. Gun ownership is the legal right of all Americans, except the mentally ill and felons.

            Americans can own any kind of firearm they want; almost. The federal government does not ban any type of firearm, but they do put strict controls on some of them. Some states ban or restrict certain firearms like machine guns, cannon, silencers and short barreled rifles or shotguns.

            The federal government divides firearms into two categories; title 1 and title 2. Title 2 guns are machine guns, silencers, short barreled rifles/shotguns (barrels shorter than 16“/18“), destructive devices (rifles greater than ½” bore, bombs) and AOW’s (any other weapons; pen guns, cane guns, smooth bore pistols). The National Firearms Act of 1934 controls the possession of machine guns and other title 2 firearms. Title 1 guns are ordinary rifles, handguns and shotguns that you can buy at Walmart or other gun stores without ATF authorization.

            Title 2 guns are not banned, but in order for an unlicensed person to buy or make them, they have to pay a $200 tax ($5 to buy AOW‘s) to the ATF and have the required ATF form 4 (to buy) or ATF form 1 (to make). Approval of the forms is routine and they are easy to fill out. There are hefty fines (up to $500,000) and jail time (10 to 25 years) for those who do not follow the rules though.

            The ATF form 1 and 4’s are not permits or licenses; just proof the tax was paid. The only people who need a federal firearms license (FFL) are those retailers that deal in title 1 or 2 firearms. For title 2 firearms, they also pay the special occupational tax of $500-$1000 a year to import (class 1), manufacture (class 2) or deal (class 3).

            In May of 1986 Reagan signed a bill into law that prohibited the registration of new machine guns for civilian use. Those FFL/SOT’s that make machine guns now can only sell them to other dealers or government agencies (FBI, US Army etc). Machine guns registered before May 1986 can be sold to anyone that lives in a state where they not banned and is 21 years or older. Since all parts can be replaced except for the auto-sear and the receiver, the machine guns are very durable and command very high prices; $4000 and up. Check out for more info. That website also has state law summaries.

          124. MAHB001 says

            As usual, your argument is nonsensical.

            The 2nd Amendment says ARMS…. And it applied to all the weapons of mass murder at the time of its writing. It also says… SHALL not be infringed…

            The second amendment is designed to keep a balance of power between the people and its ELECTED rulers. It did not limit weapons of mass murder to only the rulers…

            ALL the anti gun laws being produced by your ilk do nothing but empower the rich, elites and those that want to control the masses. You are a fool to make such arguments, that is unless you ARE one of the Elites…

          125. AKLady2015 says

            State’s rights.
            Try to remember that legal fact.
            A war was fought over it.

          126. Chiefbuck says

            At this point in time I wouldn’t even consider visiting California, or Mexico for that matter. BTW, don’t bother calling me a racist bigot, I’m just a guy who says exactly what he believes. Oh, I really don’t have any liberal friends or democrat associates either.

          127. JYuma says

            Why visit Mexico? The Last Mexican that crossed the border south of me last night turned the Lights out as he Crossed.

          128. Bella Gray says

            You need to vote out your governor. It is as I say, your governor is a Communist Globalist, that is who the Democrats are now. They are breaking your Constitutional Rights, your 2nd Amendment Rights. They are doing the same in Hawaii. They are like Obama where they think they can right illegal executive orders. I hear that the GOP is going to make it clear that Americans have an absolute right to weapons.

            Americans can own any kind of firearm they want; almost. The federal government does not ban any type of firearm, but they do put strict controls on some of them. Some states ban or restrict certain firearms like machine guns, cannon, silencers and short barreled rifles or shotguns.

            The federal government divides firearms into two categories; title 1 and title 2. Title 2 guns are machine guns, silencers, short barreled rifles/shotguns (barrels shorter than 16“/18“), destructive devices (rifles greater than ½” bore, bombs) and AOW’s (any other weapons; pen guns, cane guns, smooth bore pistols). The National Firearms Act of 1934 controls the possession of machine guns and other title 2 firearms. Title 1 guns are ordinary rifles, handguns and shotguns that you can buy at Walmart or other gun stores without ATF authorization.

            Title 2 guns are not banned, but in order for an unlicensed person to buy or make them, they have to pay a $200 tax ($5 to buy AOW‘s) to the ATF and have the required ATF form 4 (to buy) or ATF form 1 (to make). Approval of the forms is routine and they are easy to fill out. There are hefty fines (up to $500,000) and jail time (10 to 25 years) for those who do not follow the rules though.

            The ATF form 1 and 4’s are not permits or licenses; just proof the tax was paid. The only people who need a federal firearms license (FFL) are those retailers that deal in title 1 or 2 firearms. For title 2 firearms, they also pay the special occupational tax of $500-$1000 a year to import (class 1), manufacture (class 2) or deal (class 3).

            In May of 1986 Reagan signed a bill into law that prohibited the registration of new machine guns for civilian use. Those FFL/SOT’s that make machine guns now can only sell them to other dealers or government agencies (FBI, US Army etc). Machine guns registered before May 1986 can be sold to anyone that lives in a state where they not banned and is 21 years or older. Since all parts can be replaced except for the auto-sear and the receiver, the machine guns are very durable and command very high prices; $4000 and up. Check out for more info. This website also has state law summaries.

          129. MAHB001 says

            Rifles with pistol grips are now outlawed in CA.
            11 + round Magazines are also outlawed.
            We are fingerprinted to purchase ammo.
            If you were to have an registered legal machine gun grandfathered into the system and the authorities caught you shooting it, they would confiscate it, and you would NEVER get it back.

            I could go on for 100 pages…

            Be warned, CA is coming to your state.

          130. Bella Gray says

            They have been here and met with all our officials and were voted down. Trump intends to made our rights non-negotiable forever. We are going to need our weapons, because we will go to war against Islam, make not mistake about it, that day is coming. We can see it in the entire EU. Even the Nazis are rising again against them, some countries are forcing them out of their countries, and we need to do the same things.

          131. Theresa M Collet Armstrong says

            That’s CA for you, owned and operated by liberals!

          132. MAHB001 says

            Liberal progressives are communists.

          133. AKLady2015 says

            Nothing in your statement violates federal law.
            The issue of state gun/ammo laws has been through the Supreme Court multiple times.

          134. MAHB001 says

            All do nothing to improve the situation, thus they are only designed to disarm the public.

            All infringe on my right to keep and bear Arms.

          135. AKLady2015 says

            You mean “The Public” as in criminals, the mentally ill, children, mentally incompetent, terrorists … make mass murder more difficult, keep criminals from killing more people while running from police; control illegal arms exports…

          136. MAHB001 says

            No I mean the Public, law abiding citizens like you (?) and me.

          137. AKLady2015 says

            Well, maybe you need to figure out how to effectively prevent of the rest of The Public like the from owning guns … sometime safety comes with some disadvantages, Freedom also comes with responsibility.

          138. MAHB001 says

            It is our RIGHT to keep and bear arms…
            You actually think that handing our guns over to a tyrant is the answer? And DON’T tell me that you don’t think the Government will become tyranical the second they have the upper hand on the people! That is just stupidity, and reckless ignorance of history.

            You are talking about taking away the rights from the responsible, knowing full and well that the irresponsible, and immoral will take control.


          139. AKLady2015 says

            In home invasions, more people are murdered with their own guns than with any other weapon. You can own every gun in the world, but if you cannot bring yourself to use it, owning it is worthless. You can yell to you are blue in the face, CDC and FBI statistics do not lie State statistics do not lie.

          140. MAHB001 says

            Why do you spread lies?
            Why do you fight to disarm people?
            Why don’t you want good honest people to be able to fight?

            Perhaps the reason is you fight for communism. ….

            One man with a gun can control 100 without one.

            If the opposition disarms, well and
            good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.
            —Joeseph Stalin

          141. AKLady2015 says

            Insulting people must be a real turn on for you.

          142. MAHB001 says

            I just mimicked and mocked the greatest hypocrite of them all…. YOU.

            If you don’t like being treated this way, perhaps you should not start it by treating others that way. What goes around comes around.

          143. AKLady2015 says

            No state can enforce federal law. Period.

          144. jaybird says

            The legalization of “pot in the States seems to have superseded Federal law.

          145. Bella Gray says

            Thanks be to God that he is out, that no Communist Democrats was voted in. Now if we could just get rid of the rest. They have a ton of seats coming open soon. Do Democrat should EVER be elected again, not even to dogcatcher.

          146. Alice House says

            Nope just cut all federal aid, that will get them all back in line very quickly–politicians only understand dollars/and the lack of them!

          147. big KAhuna says

            Good points – we should never allow a state to withdraw from the union- it’s the crazy anti Americans running the state that should be brought to justice ( Sedition/ Treason)
            Most professors of our colleges are socialists who promote chamging our constitution/
            Government (throwbacks from the hippy era). These professors must get the boot (bad brainwashing of our youth). The new Dept of Education must drain that swamp!
            Socialist George Sorros owns the Dem party and sponsors much of these anti American
            Outbursts and actions- he’s promoting a one world org ( dictatorship) and trying to destroy us from within. Sorros/ Obama/ Clinton all must be held accountable and indicted.

          148. MAHB001 says

            Agreed, we should never allow a State to withdraw from the union without a fight, but what should be done to States that refuse to uphold the Constitution and enslave the people within the state.

            I think the second a law is deemed unconstitutional the law should be immediately revoked, AND the author should be removed from office. Currently the Politicians pay no price for writing unconstitutional law and that obviously needs to change.

            BTW, if CA were to secede , the rest of the Country would benefit.

          149. big KAhuna says

            I agree. Any state law written against our Constitution should be identified as a hostile threat to our Nation/Constitutional and cancelled immediately. A team of constitutional scholars should be the mandatory last check point on all laws proposed within our country ( common sense).

          150. MAHB001 says

            I think that the Constitution and zero tolerance will suffice, as a team of constitutional scholars can easily be manipulated. 🙂

            Once that law is deemed unconstitutional the author is gone…

          151. VoteThemOut says

            YES YES…Or just extend the wall straight up the eastern border of California. However looking at your map, California does look good out there drifting off….Maybe they can work out a merger if they collide with Hawaii.

            Seriously, if California secedes those runaway hollyweirdos won’t have to move to Canada (as they promised) in an attempt to flee from our best president since Reagan! The rest of the liberal and socialist snowflakes can move to their new safe space in California before they secede…More for US. It’s a win-win for everyone!!


          152. JYuma says

            We do not need a wall on the Eastern side of Cal. We have a River. We could go to Texas, Alabama, Luzi anna, And Georgia. Capture some Alligators . Teach them to Love Drugs like we do Drug Dogs, then turnum lose.
            Sit back an Watch the Fun.

          153. Terry says

            Living in San Diego and agree with you 100% .

          154. big KAhuna says

            Thanks Terry – I feel your pain of living in Cali – ( soo many problems). I grew up in northern Cali and know there are many good people in the state – yet the leadership is disgusting and Jerry Brown was horrible his first go around ( self serving) and he’s still the same nutcase– I hear he’s measuring Cow farts to promote global warming efforts– such a looser. Charles Manson would have been executed had Brown not killed the Capital punishment law for Cali ( against the wishes of over 70 % of the voters)

          155. Terry says

            You should see the looks I get when I wear my (Make America Great Again ) hat. No one has the guts to say anything to me . Maybe because i’m old , but I don’t think they really care how old i am they hate me anyway . But if looks could kill I would be writing this from the grave .

          156. JYuma says

            States . Can not secede for the Union.
            We fought a Little War to Settle that. Back about 1860 until 1865 or so.
            As for the Communist Professors, School teachers. We can get rid of them by , You I, other, Electing School boards that are constitutionals, from there they can get rid of the Teacher and Professors that teach communism.

          157. river says

            CA is breathlessly going whack job over their gun laws. They’re not stopping criminals, just law abiding citizens.

          158. MAHB001 says

            Yes CA has achieved the dictators dream of disarming the public….

          159. ABO says

            Which is, after all, their objective.

          160. irish1919 says

            I think all the red states should band together. We can do without the communist blue states.

          161. irish1919 says

            Is federal law always supposed to supercede state law?? Are states not allowed to make laws which might not necessarily agree with federal law. I can see over ruling if law is unconstitutional but where does States rights come in. The states really have no rights today that I can see.

          162. JYuma says

            MA, There is presently a Document that states a State may not Pass a Law the Supersedes The Constitution.
            It IS called the Constitution.
            Even if a StaTe pass’s a Law the equals that of a Federal Law, SCOTUS will throw it out as Un constitutional. Ask Arizona, or any that have past Voter ID laws.
            as for removing any Congress man for being stupid and uniformed. Because of writing an UnConstitutional Law. If we did that we would have no one in Congress.
            Keep thinking you do come up with Good stuff.

          163. AKLady2015 says

            Nothing in the Constitution sup[orts you post.

          164. MAHB001 says

            Are you really saying the Constitution is not the supreme law of the land?

          165. AKLady2015 says

            You need to go back and refresh your education in regard to the three branches of government, When you have done that, make us of the immense library of Case Law available on the Internet

          166. fishinjunki says

            Stop acting like a Dumbocrap. If a state passes an unconstitutional law, there will be sanctions against the state if they enforce or follow through with the bad law.

          167. MAHB001 says

            OK, then explain CA….

          168. JYuma says

            Where did you come up with that?
            Had you placed a SHOULD in there it would have been more accurate.

          169. Bella Gray says

            LOL! Things do not happen like that. CA would love to go. They are too stupid to know they would be invaded by another country eager to get that close to America. We have laws, they just need enforced. Trump will get hopefully Session in and he will enforce our laws. They will force the states by withdrawing funds. The second their citizens start starving, because they will have had to overtax them, they will those their elected officials out and let I.C.E. deport the illegals. If the illegals were smart they would make their way out of the country now. All the places to move in their own countries will be gone when the are deported, so it is best they leave now.

          170. MAHB001 says

            Agreed, the second amendment needs to be enforced.

          171. Deborah Tucker says

            Federal government does not have the right to have any say over states. If any law about unconstitutional need to be passed it needs to start with the federal level

          172. JYuma says

            What??? Please explain!

          173. Deborah Tucker says

            I read what I wrote and I know what I was trying to say but I didn’t write it correctly. For some reason I can’t get to what I was commenting about. I meant that the federal government are the ones that need to follow the Constitution as they are constantly interfering in state matters. I understand the Supremacy Clause but that’s different than what I was trying to say.

          174. JYuma says

            You just explained your self very Well. Thanks.
            I have that problem myself, very often.
            There are Tons of people out there will agree.

          175. JYuma says

            Why would a Federal Law need to be past if there is already a Law that makes the State past Law an Un-Constitutional law?

          176. MAHB001 says

            Good question. I think lawmakers do not pay a heavy enough price for writing and passing laws that are unconstitutional.

          177. JYuma says

            Me TOO. We need to Vote them out of Office.

          178. MAHB001 says

            Voting them out is not quick or accurate enough. People forget. I think they should be released of office without pay, The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, if caught breaking it, they should not be enforcing it.

          179. JYuma says

            We could Shoot them.
            But then they count your Bullets don’t they?
            Lawsuits , may Help. It has in other States. But then that takes time too. Shooting , Yep shootum.
            Thats the Answer.

          180. MAHB001 says

            If we were in a Bruce Willis movie that would be the answer…

          181. JYuma says

            Willies? The man that can’t shoot straight?
            He can’t hit the Broad Side of a Barn. Standing inside it. With a Shotgun.
            Have you ever counted the shots in one of his Shootum up?
            All those shots, All those Misses. No one hit.
            At my age ,I can still throw Rocks and hit more than he can shot.

          182. MAHB001 says

            Doesn’t really matter which shootum it is. All shoot millions of rounds, the only people that die are bad guys, and the star walks away after turning gotham into a smoldering runway of trashed cabs and police cars.

            I guess all I was trying to say is that us normal folks would go to jail, and never come back because we are not Willies… 🙂

          183. JYuma says

            That is very True.
            I have been arrested for carrying a Crossbow down the street. The Cop that did it could not get past the Fact that the Law he arrested me under stated that I could not HUNT with it.
            He was a bit red faced when he found out that I could indeed , have one shoot targets with it.Stupidity is Ramped at this time.

          184. Wanda Wyatt says

            Like California just passed at tax payers expense sanctuary cities that help pay for the defense of illegal aliens. And they want hire that crook Eric Holden!

          185. TCMrick says

            Absolutely! Those “celebrities” who renounced their citizenship on the condition of Trumps election should be first to go. The Supreme Court Justice who renounced her citizenship on the same condition should be removed, retired and reviled.!

          186. Don says

            yes the court justice should resign as she has violated her OATH by stating what she did to try to influence the Election!!!

          187. Alice House says

            Nope, let them stay, and continue to whine, gives us someone to laugh about!

          188. river says

            Can they start with George Clooney?

          189. big KAhuna says

            Looney Clooney

            Loved his mom- yet he wouldn’t make a pimple on her ass. I’m sure she rolled over in her grave watching him support corruption, Socialism, and promote Sedition/Treason..

            the Dems do not serve everyday Americans; nor are they our friends who care for us! They will lie, cheat, steal, take bribes, allow our enemies to get stronger as we get weaker BY THEIR HAND, and they will destroy people or have those they consider threats to their warped version of the ‘greater good’ put ‘away’, one way or another (Vince Foster, Ron Brown and many others)! They consider God and our Constitution as obstacles to their twisted agenda as both the Diety and the Document both hold them to account for their actions. Republicans are not perfect but with our assistance we can move them to where they are serving U.S. and a greater future, one with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as the main points of focus! Now, if we can only get the numbers required to push back all the Illegal and terrorist voters which they are trying to add to their ill-gotten voter contingent.

            The democratic platform has done way to much dammage to our country and those within to ever trust that platform again. The icing on the cake was their selection of a devout Muslim ( OBummer) to serve as our POTUS ( Who swore to be a Christian- nonsense). And now they want to put the most corrupt and lieing candidate
            To ever run – Hildabeast in charge. Their is no end to their corruption and destruction to our values/constitution/Allies. They promote: gay rights, abortion ( responsible for 100 million deaths of fetuses), athiesm ( taking God out of America),illegal immigration, Muslim immigration (people who will try to destroy our way of life- sharia law), socialism ( sponsor is Sorros), communism, ignoring our constitution ( all swore to support it before taking public office), world order/takeover, corruption, and cheating at the polls to get their ways— they are the “SATIN” within America and have lost their way. No wonder a record amount of democrats are abandoning this platform by the thousands after showing its ugly head.

          190. big KAhuna says

            Roger that– Jerry Brown has always been a nut case. The president must be strong against any state going against our abilities to enforce our immigration laws and remove
            Illegals and prosecute criminals ( way out of hand-we must take back) . Sedition/ treason
            Are being perpetuated/funded By the Dems top dog ( socialist George Sorros ) he must be stripped of all power, all funds, and imprisoned for his damages. Instructing a US marshal to arrest Mayors/Governors not complying with the rule of law and putting a city under marshal law is a must in Chicago ( too far gone and the Mayor is the big problem).
            Obama/Clinton must also be indicted for their crimes.

          191. river says

            Thanks for adding what I neglected to say.

          192. Martingard says

            Best idea I’ve heard lately, or ever.

          193. river says

            CA should be the example, they’re a danger to our country, economically, socially, and politically, Chicago should be next.

          194. Janet Julien says

            Add in NYC and Austin

          195. harold says


          196. Richard says

            Sad to say but my beautiful California, which I’m a native of has fallen so far from grace, it’s Northern Californias fault, they are filled with fruits, nuts and flakes, like a bowel of cereal, and worshipped at the feet of a loonies tune, Nancy (crazy) piloting and Jerry brown, both should be removed from office for crimes against America and its legal people, but illegal I guess vote more often for the hand that feed them the most and give them all the freebies.
            Not all in California are left wing nuts, a lot of us are sane and reasonable.. and praying for the Success of President Trump

          197. AKLady2015 says

            Sorry, we are not Russia, N. Korea or China yet.
            Oh, and foolish one, only federal law enforcement can enforce federal law.

          198. river says

            oh look, it’s AKdogLady2015, back from her Iditarod sled dog race where she was the lead sled dog until she was required to stop too fast and all the other dogs ran their noses up her A$$. She’s none too brite and obviously angry because she has to eat frozen dog food before blogging. Perhaps her master will put her back on her chain? Yer barking up the wrong tree again, AK, don’t make me roll up the news paper, beat you about the head and ears and throw you out in the yard, again.

          199. AKLady2015 says

            Now if you could only put that much effort into researching fact.

          200. river says

            Yes, oh Keeper of the facts, we know you’re the standard of truth, justice and the American way… .oops… I mean communist way. You’ve been slapped into delusions one too many times… fake news is NOT facts.

          201. AKLady2015 says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.
            Now, if you could only learn that fake news is NOT facts.

          202. river says

            Well there’s that redundant answer, AtardLady2015, which says more about your lack of intellect than mine. You belong in Buffalo Bill’s basement pit, without precious.

          203. Chiefbuck says

            It might be too late to save California. It’s infested with liberal communist progressive parasites and there is no spray to stop that. Since the illegal immigrant population is taking over the state anyway just give it to Mexico.

          204. JYuma says

            What ? Give away something we spent $98 Million for?

          205. Chiefbuck says

            I understand that California is close to bankruptcy, when the bills and welfare go unpaid who is going to pick up te tab? Why the American taxpayer of course. $98M will be a drop in the bucket compared to the eventual cost. The democrat elected officials who caused this fiasco should face up to it and fix it. Former priest to be Gov Brown helped CA fail so let him undo his fine work. How long do you think CA would last without the rest of the nation protecting them and sadly having to pay the bills as well? If not for the WPA water project providing irrigation to grow the crops you would be forced to eat dry sand. Read your own history and then sit back and watch the state turn to dust.

          206. JYuma says

            I don’t happen to be a Fruit N Nuter, When they go bankrupt,the people that have Brains, The Conservatives and Repubelicans, will be able to gain control.
            The only thing a Democrat able to fix is a Bet, Fight, but never Economy.

            How long do I thin that Cal. Could last as a State. Long time. As the States income from things it produces sells, etc. Are more than Most other countries on this planet. The Citys are a Different matter. They Could not last long.
            As for me Reading California’s History? I have done that in Deep Depth.
            Do you happen to know what the Indians of the region called the Area we call La?
            I do.

          207. Bella Gray says

            If he withholds Federal Funding CA will collapse and Jerry will be ousted by his own citizens. Americans are bailing them out every year in the billions. They out spend what they bring in, because they are supporting all those illegal aliens. In effect force all of us to pay for their ignorance.

          208. astrc says

            Let’s HOPE that TRUMP & Congress “Does it”, not just “TALK ABOUT DOING IT”,
            NO, “Bull shit” pussy footing around, Take “them” ALL, down they are “Adding & abetting” criminals by giving they a place to hide. If a Citizen did it even for a family member they would be charged & arrested, by the local or Federal agencies. So what gives these Governors a special treatment? I hope that as our new U.S. Attorney General will, do it & re-open the Investigation against former A.G. “Eric Holder” and his “Illegal gun’ “Fast & Furious” “Assault Weapons”, sales to the Mexican Drug Cartels, and used to “murder” one of our Border Patrol Officer.

          209. Bella Gray says

            Trump will enforce it, as long as a loop hole doesn’t show up. You are under estimating the states. They are not subservient to the federal government. They are equals, they just have different jobs. States just cannot break the Constitution. The Federal government has very limited abilities, less then you would think. Actually if it is not written (covered) in the Constitution that the Feds have no authority over it. In fact Federal income taxes aren’t even legal under the Constitution, but no one fights it because they all know it is necessary. They have the right to collect tax for the military. They have other things as well, but again they are not rulers of the states. All the states can ban together and actually force things upon the Feds. They can even amend the Constitution.

          210. Bella Gray says

            He won’t have to. The second Trump cuts funding, the governor’s own people will turn on him. The illegals will start robbing and terrorizing the entire area. All those illegals the rich Hollywood elites will turn on the illegals. It will not be pretty. The citizens will have to hope Jerry folds right away. It would be better for everyone.

          211. river says

            Wouldn’t that be grand. Illegals terrorizing their own sanctuary?

          212. Bella Gray says

            Well, just look at the BLM and you have an example.

          213. astrc says

            County Sheriff’s have the power to declare, “Marshal Law”, I’ve seen it done, TRUMP should appoint Sheriff “David Clarke”, as a Top Law Enforcement Officer, & others who have “Stood up & Spoke” against these. ILLEGAL,”Black Lives Matters”, “Racist Riots”. As a “Retired’ Law Enforcement Officer< a person like the so-called Reverend "Al Sharpton", would have been, "pulled of his soap box" and arrested for "Inciting a riot".. The Written Law on that type of Illegal actions is written in simple language , that most Attorneys should be able to "understand", but it would take someone, like, Sheriff Clarke to "enforce it", OBAMA" S "hand picked cronies wouldn't do it.

          214. Bella Gray says

            That won’t be necessary. If he pulls Fed funding CA cannot survive. It’s government will collapse. When that happens they will attack the gov. He will have to allow the illegals to be deported.

          215. Wanda Wyatt says

            I use to be so proud of my state not anymore. The Democrats are destroying it!

          216. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Be a thorn in the butt of the commies that sticks ofter – and hurts!

          217. Margaret MacGregor says

            Unfortunately, so do I!

          218. Martha says

            Yeah, the socialist state of california. We are so over the socialist/communist/progressive push here in CA.

          219. MAHB001 says

            CA is a banana republic. Owned and Controlled by socialists. The Elites that control CA only reside in the Democrat party, but mark my word, they do not represent the people of CA.

            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Communists in CA.

            So this is how it works here in CA. The people fill in their votes. They assume that the Elite Democrats are keeping the Elite Republicans honest during the voting process and the Elite Rs are keeping the Elite Ds honest in when counting the votes.. AND the kicker is they assume the Elite MEDIA is keeping everybody honest… ALL ARE ELITES, and NOBODY is keeping the elites honest.

            So what really happens in CA, is the people fills out their votes, and the MEDIA announces the results…. The only problem is, our votes are thrown in the trash can without being counted.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

            Stalin is alive and well in CA. AND Don’t think for one second that this is not being implemented nationwide…..

          220. Martha says

            I’ve lived in CA for 65 years. I have watched a once beautiful state crumble under the weight of the progressive agenda. I understand 100% what has and is happening. Because the Northern half of CA and Los Angeles are so heavily entrenched in the progressive belief it is an uphill battle to take back what we once had. The progressive movement is nothing more than socialism on steroids.

          221. MAHB001 says

            Socialism on steroids is Communism….

            Big Government is just another form of Communism… We all are slaves to the State in CA…

            The slave masters (elites) are no longer counting the votes in CA, it is no longer a Republic or even democratic state. Our votes do not matter….

            I’ll give you an example. Did you or anyone you know vote for the 10 cent plastic bag tax? If so, is the ratio of people who voted for it any where near close enough to a passing margin? I work at a store that charges for the bags, I have asked 100s of people if not thousands if they voted for the law. Only 3 have admitted to voting for it. Rs and Ds, across party lines, nobody is owning up to voting for the law. I asked the manager at another (even bigger store) and she got similar results…

            If only 3 out of 100 people voted for the 10 cent plastic bag tax, how in the world did it pass…. I will tell you how, the elites wanted it to pass, and the elites count the votes….

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          222. river says

            I read some where, the difference between communism and socialism is that communism enslaves man by force ~~~~ socialism by vote.

          223. MAHB001 says

            That is true, but there are NO Socialist states… Only Communist states.

            and the reason why is.

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

          224. MDPatriot says

            ….especially in the Peoples Republic of Maryland.

          225. MAHB001 says

            Where CA goes all others follow. Sound the bell, the communists are coming by land, sea, and CA….

          226. Connie Alsip says

            I lived here for 35 years. When shots started flying between our house and the next from the Mexican and black gangs, after sitting at a traffic light watching a bus go by, leaving 2 gunshot victims behind, after the man next door was stabbed by an armed Mexican who was trying to steal his car, I gave up. It’s scary there, and the blacks and Mexicans and some Asian gangs are out of control. Been there, done that, burned the tshirt!

          227. Laddyboy says

            I live in the DemocRATic Peoples Party of Maryland. A Republican FINALLY got voted into office this time around. The DemocRATs are doing everything they can do to disrupt and stop any progress proposed by Governor Hogan.
            Reminds me of what the DemocRATic National “socialist” Committe has stated they will be doing to President D. J. Trump.

          228. MAHB001 says

            The RATs only have so many tricks. Their biggest allies are those in the corrupt press.

            Fight the liberal progressive (Communist ) MEDIA :

            Spread the word.

          229. ABO says

            Done and done MAHB.

          230. MAHB001 says

            Thank you. I am eternally grateful.

          231. Roger says

            “socialist” ? How about COMMUNIST. eh ?

          232. SickofPoliticks says

            You’ll just have to be “The Conservative Resistance.” Or, like a lot of Conservatives in California are doing, move to a city in Northwest AZ.

          233. MAHB001 says

            I have an exit strategy, you will see me running across State lines, with my hair on fire and a smoke/dust trail visible for miles…..

          234. SickofPoliticks says

            I’d much prefer you send Moonbeam running across the California/Mexico line with his hair on fire and a smoke/dust trail visible for miles. Oops… that’s right. He has almost no hair. Guess it will have to be his clothes!

          235. MAHB001 says

            Me too. And thank you

          236. TCMrick says

            Take a page from the enemy and send insurgents into Calf and destabilise their radical, treasonous agenda. Target Hollywood and Berkeley for starters..

          237. David Hansen says

            You have my sympathy. I was surprised when I read about Gov. Brown passing a law regulating cow f—s. That’s stupid even for him. I’m sure the Wisconsin dairy industry sends its thanks.

          238. MAHB001 says

            The Communist State of CA wants, NO NEEDS all of our money, to support our leaders spending wishes….

            And they are finding very clever ways of demanding it.

          239. ABO says

            And don’t they just love spending Other People’s Money???

          240. James Edmond says

            Only you can correct your situation, good luck.

          241. MAHB001 says

            I can’t do it by myself, but with a little help from We the People, the criminals can be brought to justice.

          242. Wanda Wyatt says

            Me too and no I did not vote for that man Jerry Brown. Can’t stand him!

          243. MAHB001 says

            Nobody voted for Jerry Brown.. He was placed into office by the banana republic.

          244. Doris Simonis says

            Missouri is also having a COS soon. If able bodied please complete their app and serve. All of us who aren’t physically able will be on the net. Bring it on guys time to put some sanity and common back into government. We should be working for the country as a whole instead of these groups that want special treatment and are willing to destroy the nation in their path to what they consider victory.

          245. Radman414 says

            Keep spreading the news about when, where and especially why a limited agenda Convention of States is the best route to restoring the operations of our federal government to one that the Founders originally envisioned, namely, one governed by a “citizen Legislature” — imposing term limits for all Congresspersons — and the fiscal restraint of a balanced federal budget, both to be achieved via amendments to the U.S. Constitution, in accordance with Art. V.

          246. lovinspoonful says

            They can completely clean out Wasington DC. Any laws passed, executive orders written, personnel hired or nominated, during the reign of Obama.

          247. irish1919 says

            Notice you won’t find any in the blue states. Need 38 states correct ? Aren’t enough red states. Only 34 republican governors . You certainly don’t think you can turn 4 blue states.

          248. wac4761 says

            That is one hell of a big can of worms ya’ll are talking about opening up!!!I think things could get out of hand,if you don’t keep the lawyars and bankers out of it nothing is going to work out like you might think!!The original 13th amendment banned lawyars and bankers from government and the condition our government is in now is a good example of why they did!!!!

          249. AKLady2015 says

            Good luck.
            The right-wing bigots will never take over America.

          250. Mary Muennig says

            What does “COS” stand for? What does that mean?

          251. Radman414 says

            “Convention of States.” Look at Article V of the US Constitution that describes a second way to start the constitutional amendment process.

          252. Mary Muennig says

            I’m going to try to be at the next meeting if I’m able to–I’m in Texas too. I’ll have to travel some distance to be there.

          253. Radman414 says

            The big rally will be at the Capitol on 1/31, the same day as Gov. Abbott’s “State of the State” speech. Be there early if you want a seat in the gallery. Doors open at 7 AM.

          254. Mary Muennig says

            I will try to be there.

          255. JYuma says

            “Convention of States” and COS. Are the Same thing , Sir.

          256. Mary Muennig says

            Oh, never mind, I’ve got it; I just answered my own question.

          257. J_in_TX says

            You really need to think seriously about a COS. I’m of the school that believes a COS is just what the left wants and needs to completely destroy the Constitution. There will be nothing to stop them once a COS is convened.

          258. tatka150 says

            4 yrs maximum.

          259. D Hall says

            And no more pensions or perks

          260. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            What if the communists and libtards show up ( they will) and are in the majority? too dangerous. The Constitution works, but only through dedicated citizens. It’s not self-executing. Start cleaniing out your local school system. It can be done. It will be a fight, but you will win-unless you live in a communist enclave, in which case you and like-minded people should be a thorn in their butts that sticks often.

          261. MAHB001 says

            If they show up, they will NOT be in the majority.

            The convention of states is the only way term limits will be imposed. I do not think that Congress will self impose term limits.

          262. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Wait and see about Congress. Voters massively in favor and DJT is pushing it. They’ll probably exempt themselves if they pass a term limit amendment. I could live with that. Could vote them out in the meantime. Let’s see.

          263. MAHB001 says

            You are correct, Trump is in favor of it. But the reason Trump is in favor of it is because We are in favor of it.

            I think the big stick is the threat of the Convention of States… If Trump gets it done, the COS need will go away. I see no reason why both can’t be pursued.

          264. Janet Julien says

            Put the SCOTUS on Term Limits too

          265. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Excellent idea. Send it to Team Trump at

          266. Janet Julien says

            Will do

          267. Bob Marcum says

            Forget about the convention of states. That is as much of a lsat resort, as is a
            full scale revolution. That’s because, thee are too many liberal democrats,
            who are governors. That creates the likelihood, that the convention would do
            more harm than good.

          268. MAHB001 says

            I disagree. The test run of the COS proved just the opposite. Liberals were there, Liberals had their say, Liberals were voted down, and the will of the people prevailed.

            I think what you have fallen victim to is liberal talking points that were created to keep the COS from happening because they KNOW that if a COS ever happens, they will not have enough power to control it.

            Bottom line, liberals do not want a COS.

          269. ABO says

            I sincerely hope you are right MAHB but everything I’ve read from those I know and trust points to the opposite.

          270. MAHB001 says

            I encourage you to get involved in your local COS. That is the ONLY way we can keep the process honest and in control.

            Check out the site, sign up, and someone from the site will get in touch with you. They will be able to answer all your questions and ease some of your fears… They did for me.

          271. Bob Marcum says

            OK;; So; you might be right. However; That’s a mute point at this time, though.
            Since, we were lucky enough that, Trump was elected.
            We now, no longer have that concern. All we need to do
            now, is to continue to support Trump, during his presidency,
            by adding more conservatives, to congress, at every
            opportunity ( such as mid-terms, etc. ).

          272. MAHB001 says

            Agreed, we need to support Trump and add more conservatives, but if left in the soup long enough, Trump will become corrupted. Everybody eventually is.

            That is why I am for Term limits.

          273. jmscrcrn says

            The problem is not the Constitution. The problem is enforcement of the Constitution.

          274. MAHB001 says

            Agreed. To be specific, the problem is those that are elected into office are being corrupted by the power of the office. I think they go in for noble reasons, but end up losing those reasons to personal gain. It is a only matter of time before they end up corrupted.

            Term limits will remove them from the cesspool . I think it is our duty to limit their exposure.

          275. ABO says

            Or lack thereof.

          276. A natural born American says

            Already do as it was yet another ‘gift’ from our insightful forefathers.

          277. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            I tend to agree. Pushing them back under a rock isn’t sufficient. They don’t stop. There must arrests of leaders in all infected institutions for sedition and any underlying crimes – of which there will probably be many, such as embezzlement. Investigation of foundations and other charities starting with the big ones. If they are supporting sedition, shut them down and make arrests. Will take time, but it must be done.

          278. Tiger says

            I am looking so forward to these things happening. Trump team went to the border spoke with all in charge, asked for ALL EO that were put into play and found out Bush had the National Guard on a bad section and O took them away. My guess is his Teams are on all that is pertinent to our country in every nook and cranny.

            We can not afford to allow just one to grow and infest us again. Soros has to go, I read where Team Trump has asked Russia for all information on Soros, Russia and other countries has a warrant out for his arrest. Trump is smart and sharper than any tack in the Communist Party.

          279. Bob Seawright says

            F the Liberals; God bless the Russians.

          280. Tiger says

            Well I will say this about Putin, he loves his country and he believes Russia is great. He is X KGB, really bad people. Our problems now are refugees, terrorism and Iran and ISIS. The Russians were allowed to do everything they did under O’s time in office. He did noting to stop them. The Russian people are good people. In fact it was O that took the Shields down from our allies in Slavic countries, as a Senator worked to disarm Ukraine, told the Ukraine that he couldn’t help them there was no Treaty with them just a Clinton agreement. He was also caught on the open mic telling them when re-elected he could do more. He also gave Syria to Russia and Assad and Iran.

            So this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors by people in our congress on both sides that want to destroy Trump.

          281. Bob Seawright says

            Thanks for your comment, Tiger –

          282. Tiger says


          283. Teapartyjoe says


          284. Tiger says

            Rubio pissed me up so bad that I wrote him a scathing email and I tell you he will not be re-elected and I pray that McCain and Graham along with all the demonic people in our Congress get the same treatment.

            We cannot stand with this kind of rot in our infrastructure. That goes for the termites O and Soros and Clinton. They will continue to chew up our foundations if left outside the jail house.

          285. jaybird says

            I hope every Conservative will monitor and work to clear out the trash in our government by contacting them all and letting them know how we feel. Telling them what bills we support even if we have to mail them a letter or postcard, since if you do not live in their state they will block us from e-mailing. I called all of the Freedom Caucus members last year.

            I have read about all of the violent protests that are supposed to start days before the 20th. Stay safe.

          286. Tiger says

            We must stay on it right. Yes they are planning mass protests across America it will be us against them and they are putting up in hotels everywhere in D.C. Who knows Hollywood pushing for O to call Martial Law we will see.

          287. astrc says

            How about this most recent, B.S. about the OBAMA controlled D.O.J. taking the time to investigated the Director of the F.B.I. (James Comery), on a possible violation of a Department, “Policy” violation? A “POLICY” violation?
            When they have let the Serious Criminal actions of his “Hand appointed”, former U.S. Attorney General “Eric Holder”, RETIRE, with, “Pay & benefits”, and FAILED or “swap” his Criminal actions “under the rug” , regarding the Illegal sale of “Assault rifles” to the Mexican Drug Cartels, which were used to “Murdered”, KILL one of our U.S. Border Patrol Officer” A (U.S. citizen), and NOT conduct an, Independent & full HONEST investigation into his part in the Illegal “criminal act”? Talk about Petty “Get even” with TRUMP , & their Party losing the Control of OUR Government, so they could continue in his, “Radical Muslim brotherhood “terrorist” Movement to
            destroy OUR country’s Democratic Freedom way of life. WE True American citizens need STAND UP & call a “Spade A Spade”, the TRUTH about what is going on.

          288. Tiger says

            I am in awe yes and yes. They are desperate they have to find a sacrificial lamb. Comey said baaaaa.

          289. Ron Smith says

            Ive been calling them that from the day that traitor sob obami took office . 90% of congress is communist or obami never would have gotten where except tried for treason,

          290. teamsbill says


          291. MAHB001 says

            It is necessary to properly identify your enemy so you can beat them into the ground….

            Please consider joining the fight at The MEDIA is the lefts strongest tool right now. Only We the People can make them pay for the propaganda they produce. .

          292. Deplorable wizard says

            President Trump and the new Congress need to address the complete bastardization of the first amendment by the media. I would suggest that if an entity publishes a story, entity being any news outlet or periodical, that contains ANY untruths, falsehoods, mis represented facts, or flat out lies, it must preface the publication with the disclaimer “THIS IS FICTION”. Any infraction is a criminal offence.

          293. MAHB001 says

            I do not think this is something the Government should regulate. These “reporters” have abandoned the unwritten moral standard of journalistic integrity.

            I think it is far better for the People to rise up and do something about it. That is why I started

            We are politely asking the advertisers to stop running ads on the corrupt news programs. Imagine if everybody (millions of people) that know the news media is corrupt voiced their displeasure in Bayer for supporting the corrupt program with advertising revenues and then asked Bayer to move their ads off of the corrupt news program. Bayer would move their ads instantaneously.

            Please consider joining the fight. We are nowhere nears a million people yet! 🙂

          294. Deplorable wizard says

            Hit where it counts, the wallet. It is great in theory, however, you are forgetting one important fact, the sheeple will blame “bayer” for being right wing and out of touch. They’ll boycott the product and continue support for the media outlet that tells them what they have been conditioned to hear. This goes for 99% of the sponsors. In fact sponsors line up for these opportunities to target the ignorant sheeple.

            While I agree, mamdating “truth”should be the consumers prerogative and right. And government intervention sounds too much like big brother. But, maybe a two pronged approach, boycotts AND laws requiring accountability.

          295. MAHB001 says

            You make some good points, Thank you.

            I believe the second that Bayer figures out that they are losing more business than they are gaining from advertising on the news program, they will move their ads… Bayer spends its advertising dollars to find new business, not lose business. This applies to 99% of the sponsors, some of the sponsors like Disney are actually part of the problem.

            In theory, there are millions and millions of people that see the corruption in the MEDIA right now. At least half the country thinks exactly like we do. Most are too busy to deal with this shit. Most spend 20 min every two years thinking about politics. And most don’t think they could effect change.

            This boycott will work, we are not asking bayer to stop advertising on the channel, just the corrupt news programs.

            Laws will be used to control content. This boycott uses capitalism, it gives a voice to all the people that see the corruption but don’t know what to do about it.

            Once the advertisers start leaving, Soros will have to pay for the advertising himself, or the “News” agencies will have to remove bias by omission from their agenda and return their programming back to a non biased form.


          296. Deplorable wizard says

            Agreed, I’ll check it out.

          297. MAHB001 says


          298. river says

            I agree, but money talks and BS walks. And therein lies the direction of the media. They’re dying and they know it, the internet has gained huge chunks of their market share and that’s why the media is now there trying to develop their ad markets for revenue. They realize how much the tabloid market can regain part of what they lost and are battling right now for ratings in those markets. However, NDAA could give us new weapons to combat the governments influence on media, not that I like that steaming pile of dog crap, but it is now law and the so called fake news can be dealt with as a matter of law. I may be wrong, but NDAA may strengthen your cause as a weapon against the governments paid agendas.

          299. MAHB001 says

            NDAA? National District Attorneys Association?

          300. ABO says

            National Defense Authorization Act.

          301. MAHB001 says

            Thanks for the clarification. I do not think the Government can fix the MEDIA without destroying the Constitution.

            A cleaner and safer way to clean up the MEDIA is for the public (that is you and I) to hold them accountable.

            And the only way we can hold them accountable is to make them pay via lack of support. But that doesn’t work when advertisers are really the ones paying to keep these corrupt news programs on the air. Ironically, the Advertisers use a little chunk of YOUR money when you purchase their products to pay for that advertising, so the only way we can show our discontent is to use the advertisers voice. (or their money)

            The advertisers will listen to us. The news organization will not.

            Join the boycott.

          302. ABO says

            Please see above and below posts from MAHB001.

          303. Doris Simonis says

            Thanks for the info. I didn’t know about the site.

          304. MAHB001 says

            No- Thank you… Please help spread the word.

          305. Radman414 says

            What’s ironic is that there would be SERIOUS consequences for any artist who displayed anything in Russia that disparaged Communism. Siberia still exists, and dissidents “disappear.”

          306. Thomjeff says

            Don’t let anyone kid you. There’s been a few disappeared around Washington too.

          307. Radman414 says

            Correct. There were a couple of guys from the DNC, one who was murdered on the street shortly after many embarrassing Democrat emails were released this past summer. Each one of these guys knew way too much about dirty tricks at the DNC…plus the nature and extent of HRC corruption. It’s oh so convenient that dead men don’t have to “plead the 5th.”
            Hey, has anyone heard anything from Lois Lerner…or from the techie who set up Hillary’s private, unsecure server? Think they were “warned” politely that it would be “unhealthy” to tell what they knew?

          308. Ron Smith says

            Yeah everyone who was supposed to testify against that old crow Hitlery clinton had a Perminet disappearance.

          309. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Yes those who dared to expose Clinton corruption.

          310. ABO says

            Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Victor Thorn and John Ashe for example?

          311. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            To name only a very few of the over 50 victims.

          312. ABO says

            Those four were just over the past year. The rest go back to the 1970s. All similar MO, and no charges filed. Vince Foster was shot in the back of the head not once but twice yet his death was ruled a suicide. Seth Rich was shot in the back. Ruled simple robbery even though his expensive watch, wallet and other valuables were not taken. HMMMM.

          313. worn out 123 says

            They may be referred to as “attempted robbery victims”, or “died of a sudden heart attack”, or even better, “a suicide victim.”

          314. MAHB001 says

            Honestly, Hollywood is being played as useful idiots. Arrogant people like that are easy targets…

          315. Radman414 says

            As well they should be! Fire at will!

          316. Hal Carter says

            They are Socialist, like Sanders and Clinton.

          317. teamsbill says


          318. Hal Carter says

            Don’t just call names. Can you provide an intelligent response. The point is that Clinton and Obama have demonstrated that they want a large government which would control in various way, the American population. A large government is contrary to the U.S. Constitution (which they don’t support).

          319. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            It does not pay nearly as well, less government means less political bribery. It always boils down to the money in politics. Hell, look at how the Catholic and Lutheran churches have sold out to Islamic Caliphate takeover. At 2500 average per rapefugee, they are raking in hundreds of millions annually, on a global basis.

          320. Hal Carter says

            “Sold out”??!! What are you talking about and what is your source of information? Sounds untrue.

          321. MAHB001 says

            And wall know that the end game of Socialism is Communism…

            At this point I do not see any real world difference between communism and socialism.

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

          322. Hal Carter says

            Mahboo1 – Correct! The initial goal of Sanders, Clinton and Obama is/was to make people dependent on the Government with all the Government programs and intrusion into our lives. Let American Companies move overseas and put people on welfare and bring in illegals and refugees and put them on welfare and on government healthcare. Socialism is the first step toward communism.

          323. MAHB001 says

            None would be possible if not for a corrupt MEDIA.


          324. ABO says

            They are the U.S. counterpart of PRAVDA and the former Isvestia.

          325. MAHB001 says

            Yes, the MEDIA is the enemy within… But, I am not so sure that the Russian PEOPLE are our enemies. Look at this article written in the English version of PRAVDA in 2009.

            It is cursing us Americans for falling to Communism without a fight… The article has made me think that the Russian people crave capitalism and freedom as much as I do.

            We have allies in Russia, at least i consider this author is my allies.


          326. ABO says

            Absolutely MAHB. The Russian people are the victims of state run media just as we are. It is becoming harder every day to find the truth.

          327. MAHB001 says

            But what was shocking to me is that it is the state run media, PRAVDA, that authored and approved the article. I had no idea that Russians felt this way about Capitalism, and Marxism/Communism for that matter.

            You would think that the system exterminated people that thought the way this author did…

          328. ABO says

            Excellent point MAHB. I wouldn’t have thought it myself. Perhaps it was meant to mislead the readers as our own statist media often do.

          329. Lillyhammer Lip says

            So this would bring about the utopian dream. The people on welfare would find themselves working after-all! When all “workers” leave the country and leave it to those who don’t want to work then the government will force them to work—someone will need to support the government. All that will be left will be the ‘sheeple.” They will reap what they deserve.

          330. Hal Carter says

            Do you read your statements? They’re stupid. Trump has already pressured companies to bring jobs back to the U.S. Welfare rolls will be reduced. These new taxes and savings from welfare because of new employed people will “support the government”.

          331. Lillyhammer Lip says

            It was meant to be! Some people like you read too much into it. Go figure.

          332. worn out 123 says

            Look this up on your computer; Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev speech, of Sept. 29th, 1959. This is where he predicts (exposes) the communist plan to take over America. I actually believe he may well have been trying to warn us.

          333. MAHB001 says

            Khrushchev was actually bragging. But it should be taken as a warning to freedom loving capitalists like us.

            “We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism, until they suddenly awake to find they have communism.”
            —-Nikita Khrushchev

          334. worn out 123 says

            U nailed it. I remember watching the news reel later that year.

          335. MAHB001 says

            He may have done both.. I got my quote from.


          336. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            SHARIACRATS is what all Democrats and RINOS have morphed into.

          337. panchoVilladeltren says

            And the PLANTATIONS.

          338. Gloria D. says

            I second that motion!!!!

          339. tatka150 says

            Communists also usually start from the ridiculous new changes, and later proceed to the extermination of their own population counting in the tens of millions. Think Stalin, Mao, Castro………….the list is endless. They all will rot in hell.

          340. Arthur Ittus says

            There ain’t no hell, we’re living in it……..

          341. Janet Julien says

            No, Things could be worse. We could be looking at Queen Hitlery in the White House making even more Hell for the American citizen

          342. Arthur Ittus says

            True, and possibly a communist, but he was no match for
            the slores money.

          343. Hal Carter says

            See my note below. Communism is too big a leap at this time. They are Socialist at this stage. The Democratic Party accepted Sanders because he is a Socialist as is Clinton. You jump to Communism and you won’t get support because it an evolving ideology from Socialism to Communism.

          344. MAHB001 says


            Do you really think now is the time to parse words?

            really believe that people have become numb to the socialism warning,
            and as time goes on a greater and greater part of our society is losing
            its fear of Communism.

            This is a huge massive train wreck we are
            heading towards, and I don’t think the people who get it are sounding
            the bell loud enough so that others get it.

            For all we know it
            might be already too late… I get the feeling that 0bama is betting and
            hoping that it is too late and plans on riding out the train wreck
            in a safe place. Only to return to take his place as supreme leader or something.

            Even the Russians saw this coming and felt it was too late for America, way back in 2009.


          345. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            The bell tolled loudly for socialists on Nov 8th. They are still crying about it.

          346. MAHB001 says

            All that bell did was scatter the rats… They are reconvening in the shadows as we speak. Keep ringing that bell Beeotchstewie! You are deplorable….

          347. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            We bang the gong slowly, they hit the bong slowly. I am proud to be called a deplorable!

          348. ABO says

            As I’ve said before, stewie, you do have a way with words. Well said!

          349. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            I have missed my calling in life ! Lol

          350. ABO says

            I think you have contributed a great deal to others through your posts here stewie. I don’t think yo missed your calling.

          351. Hal Carter says

            Obama wanted to be a dictator in a Socialist country – This would equate to communism. However, our Congress prevented him from his goals. Communism is not in reach. But, if Clinton got in, Socialism was definitely a possibility. Be thankful that we have Trump to bring us back to the Constitution and to make America Great Again.

          352. MAHB001 says

            Agreed, we think a lot alike my friend.

            Neither 0bama or Hillary would be a strong enough leader to stay in power in America. If either had been successful enough to weaken America to the point of them taking over, America would be a sitting duck to our real enemies.

            Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and Radical Islam would all be contenders for the rule of America.

            Thank God we missed the Clinton bullet, as she would have ruled only long enough for one of those enemies to take over..

          353. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            Many of them probably don’t even know with whom they have entwined their fates, which is no excuse and does not give them “victim”status. Do not acquiesce in the push by these people whether they try to justify perversion as art or a riot as freedom of expression or whatever. Demand they be held accountable. Call them what they are. YES!

          354. MAHB001 says

            Doing the best I can to hold the left responsible.. Thank you for your kind comments.

          355. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

            We need to contact elected officials in the jurisdiction the subvsrsion of the Constitution occurs. Call the US representatives or the local council person or the head of the school board or whatever. Everyone ask friends to do so and for them to ask friends, etc. It is surprising how effective this can be. And it doesn’t take hoards if individuals because they figure that for each communication they get on an issue there are X number of people who think the same and just didn’t bother to communicate. Try it.

          356. florida3guy says

            Absolutely, I could not agree more and I have been saying the same thing now for years but it has gotten much worse. These liberal freaks are pure evil and undisputed traitors.

          357. Garys_opinion says

            I’ve always said that a Liberal, Socialist, Democrat, is a Communist who’s afraid to use the name.

          358. MAHB001 says

            Not me. But the politically correct crowd cringes.

          359. Bob Marcum says

            Not an answer, for all, but; I’m looking for Rump’s first executive order to create
            a law which criminaiizes this such public postings, which create descntion and
            hatred, thereby, encouraging violence.
            And; besides that; rep. Hunter was only expressing his creative expression and his right to free speech, by removing the sign, to express his displeasure, with
            the effect of the sign.

          360. MAHB001 says

            So…. You are hoping Trump continues the Communistic agenda of Hillary and 0bama…. Because that is what I would expect a Communist dictator to do. Eliminate the opposition.

            I think you are going to be disappointed, Trumps first executive order will probably have something to do with erasing 0bama’s executive order.

            The people that put Trump into office are watching him much more closely than those that put 0bama into office. Time will tell. But rest assured, if your negative warnings come true, I will stand by your side to defend the constitution and our rights to free speech..

          361. JYuma says

            Ma, did you forget to write Racist before Communist?
            Just wondering

          362. JYuma says

            Ma, Did you forget to place Racist before Communist, when you wrote that?
            Just wondering?

          363. Teapartyjoe says

            With guns in hand!

          364. AKLady2015 says

            he 1st Amendment is the law of the land.
            If you don’t like our Constitution, move somewhere else.

          365. Bella Gray says

            I do the same, because communist are behind the Democrats and paying them, they are pushing communist ideologies, and lastly socialism, progressivism, Marxism, liberalism always turn into communism when they run out of other people’s money to steal.

          366. MAHB001 says

            Amen to that.

          367. astrc says

            First “they” got to have “Some”, COMMON SENSE, which this “so-called” HARVARD graduated “CONSTITUTIONAL ATTORNEY” & his wife doesn’t have.
            They are both, “Bigot’s”, Bias”, “prejudicial”, Commies against our “Freedom loving American”, way of life. Promoting & spreading this “Socialist/Communist” B.S. .

          368. AmPatriotSmith says

            You are correct; they’re fighting for communism. This is why we have a problem in this country. Blacks, especially, keep electing officials that we’ll keep them on the plantation of dependency. They are teaching them by their representation a sense of arrogance and entitlement.

          369. MAHB001 says

            I am no longer convinced that the peoples votes are being counted by the elites within the Government. The truth is, We the People can no longer trust who is counting the votes.

            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Liberal Progressive Communists.

            “It is enough
            that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
            decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

            —-Joseph Stalin

            I believe that the Elites manipulate both Republican and Democrat votes at their will.

          370. janan says

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          371. dinkerduo says

            You’re correct—they changed the name of *communism* to *progressive* to hide what they are as everyone shrinks away from the word communism–but communists they are!

          372. MAHB001 says

            exactly, we must view all the lefts arguments as an argument for Communism… That is their end goal…

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

          373. JYuma says

            They started to call themselves “PROGRESSIVES. Way back when Willson was President. He was our FIRST ‘PROGRESSIVE” President..

          374. dinkerduo says

            Yes–that’s true—good to know that someone else knows the truth! 🙂

          375. Glenn Hendriksn says

            …. ‘brain dead’ NO NOTHING ameriKans have absolutely NO kinda ‘common sense’ WHATSOEVER ………….. never HAVE ……….. never WILL !

          376. MAHB001 says

            Except during WW1 and WW2… Take another swig of alcohol contrarian.

        2. Roger says

          Nope, they are NOT INTELLIGENT, they’re nothing but SHEEPLE SLAVES, with an IQ that resembles a number that’s about to the bottom of the earth, I.E.; ZERO, eh ?

          1. Tiger says

            Those who are behind them are far from not intelligent.

          2. Roger says

            You mean that they actually have some sort of IQ, like about 10 – 25, eh ?

          3. Tiger says

            Sadly their IQ’s and their agenda are put into place by the billions they have. They have enough IQ for nefarious acts against the Republic like most evil.

          4. ABO says

            Soros et al.

          5. Tiger says

            Soros must be put on a hot seat. Again after listening to these hearings I see Benedict Arnold in both parties and we cannot have our country without a strong foundation and they are termites eating away at a terrible rate of speed and only stopped by the Termite Terminator Trump for awhile. We are still in danger until they are taken out and new foundations set to replace them.

          6. ABO says

            As usual, very concise and on the money, Tiger.

          7. Tiger says

            Thank you we got problems right here in America and if we don’t solve those problems they will come back like a bad penny.

          8. ABO says

            Absolutely right Tiger, we absolutely MUST remain vigilant.

          9. Tiger says

            The last Hoooorahhhhhh is Inauguration day but won’t work. They have 30 some odd protests planned but of course not in Open Carry states and areas. I am keeping my eye on the one in Florida some really tough guys going to these things on our side gonna be some blood.

          10. ABO says

            If the sleaze bags get themselves pounded, they have no one but themselves to blame.

          11. Tiger says

            I am ready along with people in my area they show up here we going to kick their asses.

          12. ABO says

            Go for it Tiger but please, be careful.

          13. Tiger says

            Tired my friend ready to fight.

          14. ABO says

            You are indeed a fighter, Tiger. One tough cookie.

          15. Tiger says

            Oh would love to be with them. These people think O still in charge and his orders to Law enforcement still stands but he isn’t in office Trump is and Law enforcement can now go full throttle and take these pukes out across this country.

            Like the Texas judge who slapped O silly and said his Dreamer crap was illegal and told his lawyers they lied and he wanted all the names and all the benefits these people get and he wanted to know who got SS and DL and he said all against the law.

            Going to be a rude awakening when O and his crooked cronies can no longer bully the Law.

          16. ABO says

            Not enough federal judges like that one. We need more like him.

          17. Tiger says

            I should pull them all up for you but there are a bunch of them taking these assholes down. Now the tide is going to turn and nobody is going to be afraid anymore about doing the right thing.

          18. ABO says

            Right on Tiger!

          19. Tiger says

            I haven’t a clue who wrote this but asked to spread it so every liberal that posts to me I slap them with this.

            nteresting point that without California Hillary was badly beaten in the popular vote as well as the Electoral College count.

            We hear a cacophony of blaring and bleating from the media and the
            Hillary gaggle that she won the popular vote and therefore she should be

            ​60,839,497 to 60,265,847. 47.8% to 47,3% with the remaining 4.9% going to the other candidates.

            But here are the facts:

            Trump won the popular vote in 31 states to her 19 and DC. 62% to her 38%.

            Trump led in the total popular vote for all states except California.

            Hillary won California 5,860,714 to Trump’s 3,151,821. 61.6% to 33.1% exclusive of the other candidates.

            Thus California gave Hillary the popular vote for all states as claimed by the Democrats and their media stooges.

            But deduct her California vote from her national vote leaving her with
            54,978,783, and deduct Trump’s California vote from his national total,
            leaving him with 57,113.976, he wins in a landslide in the other 49
            states, 51.3% to her 48.7%.

            So, in effect, Hillary was elected president of California and

            Trump was elected president of the rest of the country by a substantial margin.

            This exemplifies the wisdom of the Electoral College, to prevent the
            vote of any one populace state from overriding the vote of the others.

            Trump’s Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway, whose expertise is polling,
            saw this early on and devised her strategy of “6 pathways to the White

            This meant ignoring California with its huge Democrat majority and going
            after the states that would give him the necessary electoral votes to
            win, FL, NC, MI, PA, OH, and WI.

            At its lowest point since the civil war! Could this mean the end of the Democrat Party? When the afternoon of January 20, 2017 arrives, the Republican Party will have:

            1) The Presidency.

            2) A majority of the House of Representatives.

            3) A majority of the Senate.

            4) Almost two-thirds of all the governor-ships.

            5) Total control of the statehouses in almost two-thirds of all the states.

            And in the near future, Republicans will be able to add:

            6) A majority of the Supreme Court.

          20. ABO says

            Yet again, Tiger you have found the facts and presented them in a succinct and straightforward manner. I can only wish that I were sharp enough to accomplish, just once, what you manage on a regular basis! Thanks yet again Tiger!

          21. Tiger says

            Thank you my friend but they were sent to me by someone who is a finder of facts. Look at this article and tell me when we going to get down to the investigation since Congress didn’t even know where O got the gold, silver, cash and precious metals he gave for the prisoners to Iran.


          22. ABO says

            Speaks volumes about the liberals that support the traitor that currently occupies our White House. They will gin up the most insignificant issues to discredit Trump. Yet Obama can do no wrong.
            One would have to assume that the assets Obama gave Iran were the property of the American People and have now been used to aid and abet our enemies in a time of war. I might suggest that the left make themselves familiar with our Constitution’s recommendations regarding aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of war. This is not the first or only time that he has practiced this behavior and it should be dealt with as specified by the U.S. Constitution.

          23. Tiger says

            Great post and a Day of Reckoning is on the way. Just heard that Comey and Lynch need investigating and Comey knows his job in danger. Also just heard Trump is throwing out the news media from the WH to make room for more guests to the “People’s House.” He is rolling right along.

          24. ABO says

            He certainly appears to be ‘rolling right along’ and I’m impressed so far with his apparent concern for being a true President for All of the People. As you are aware I was very skeptical early on (during the Primaries) but I am more and more encouraged every day. Thanks Tiger!

          25. Tiger says

            I think those like you had every reason to be concerned the guy had a Reality TV show and was involved in stupidity for years. But he isn’t Stupid and there are video from 25 years ago that show his love for this country and concern and thoughts about jumping into the race if things didn’t turn around. Nowhere near his scale but I too was involved in nonsense theater, dance, singing and modeling since age 5 and then left the country at age 21 for 5 almost 6 years and onto Spain and then onto other parts of Europe where I experienced the Real News in countries as opposed to American news. Took me joining the Army Reserve and serving in two wars to really get a handle and see boy oh boy we in trouble.

            You were right to question him and all of us should continue to hold his feet to the fire. Thank you my friend.

          26. ABO says

            Exactly. Thanks for understanding Tiger.

          27. Tiger says

            Surely this was important and I did my homework. See I am not a Republican, I am an Independent, I am a mix of all parties in my thinking and if I could pull out the good in all parties, not the RINO or the now Progressives but you know what I mean, I would have my party.

          28. ABO says

            What a coincidence. I started out as a Democrat due to their work within the State where I resided way back in the old days. When the Democrats turned their backs on the people I became a Republican and with the advent of RINOs and Progressives (or regressives as I refer to them) I went Independent. Not Bernie Sanders style Independent but real independent.

          29. JYuma says

            Abo. Did you have any questions about Reagan?
            He had many Motion Pictures, TV shows, was an Actor, President of the Screen Actors Guild? Had been a Democrat for Years?
            I’m not getting on to you.
            I just Fail to understand why some are worried about Trump having a TV show.
            After he had made Millions in Business!
            I know of few people that in their Life time do not change in their Ideas a bit.
            However Keep their Base Ideology.

          30. ABO says

            JYuma, I never said that I didn’t trust Trump because he was a celebrity or a businessman or wealthy. I was skeptical of the fact that he seemed to support a number of very liberal causes and liberal/progressive political types for quite some time. My opinion of him changed gradually as I heard him speak out loudly and often against the utterly debilitating political correctness being forced on us all by Obama and the lemmings that follow him. Over time he has convinced me of his caring and concern for this nation and its’ people. obviously there’s more but I hope I’ve made my point. Thanks for your inquiry.

          31. JYuma says

            You did. Very Well ,I may add.
            Thank You.

          32. JYuma says

            No, Tiger.
            Just Comey and the FBI.

            I would not be a bit surprised if o’bozo, does not order that all those emails and record of the investigation be destroyed before he leaves Office.

          33. Tiger says

            God help him if he does that. He also has the Fast and Furious documents that Holder wouldn’t release and he has all the bin laden documents God help him if he pulls something like that.

            Here are the 100 most damaging Hillary emails an American started this site. Boy howdy evil doesn’t cover what they had planned for us.


          34. JYuma says

            I understand that the FBI released 300 more themselves. I have not read any of them Yet.
            If o’bozo, does destroy those files , he will have finally committed a Felony that could get his checkerboard butt in deep Shit.
            That is a” High Crime.”

          35. Tiger says

            Sigh my friend his crimes are many and sooner or later, if Trump for real he will get him.

          36. JYuma says

            From your Lips to “GODS” EAR!.

          37. Tiger says

            I pray daily.

          38. JYuma says

            Morning, afternoon, evening. If someone needs one . Then also.
            I not even Religious either.
            It is a Thank you thing with me.

          39. Tiger says

            Me also I start with the top of my head and on down to my feet thankful for everything given me.

          40. Tiger says

            I have called and emailed my congressmen and told them they need to tell us what happened.

            Where did all that gold come from is O taking from Ft. Knox or how can he get hold of any of this? Who is responsible for letting him do it? Who gave it to him what organization? By what authority?

          41. ABO says

            Nothing that he does surprises me any more Tiger. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me to find that he has emptied Fort Knox to support his Islamic terrorist buddies. He desperately needs to be held accountable for what he’s done to harm this country but I won’t be holding my breath waiting for it to happen. I also have e-mailed my Senators and Congressman but hold out no hope that they will take any of it seriously much less do anything about it. My U.S. Senators are Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders. My U.S. Rep is Peter Welch. Wish me luck with this.

          42. Tiger says

            Oh good grief mine are Rubio and Toho, Rubio proven asshole, pardon my bluntness but sometimes it really fits. Just heard today Comey and Lynch most likely will be investigated and Hillary’s investigation continuing. We can hope for getting O taken down along with Soros.

          43. JYuma says

            You are Screwed Blued, and Tattooed.

          44. ABO says

            Tell me about it!

          45. JYuma says

            I’m in the same Boat. Hand me a pastel.
            I have Maccain , Flacky, as Senators, & 7 commies for House of Reps.

          46. ABO says


          47. JYuma says

            It’s OK.
            We know who ours are.
            Do you?

        3. Borninbrooklyn says

          Yes, said much better than I?

          1. Tiger says

            Thank you.

        4. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

          Exactly my point in my comment, above. Hopefully, mzny, mzny people are fed up with this evil, subversiv sh*t and will no longer take it!

          1. Tiger says

            Surely right on Elizabeth.

        5. Laddyboy says

          Tiger: I agree that these IDIOTS need to be exposed. I hope the FIGHT does not entail physical harm towards others. Fighting them back using the Law of the Land is PERFECT! Let’s go.

          1. Tiger says

            They have lost the Russians did it connection so my guess all that is left is violence, days of it raging across this country on Inauguration day. Since the nerves of Patriots have been rubbed raw I fear some Liberals and rioters might find some lead up their kazoos, depending on where they show those kazoos.

            I can guarantee where I am there will be some fires lit under some kazoos.

        6. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Tiger, it takes more than two members of the CBC to make an IQ score over 100 points.

          1. Tiger says

            Most assuredly and they prove it daily, throw in the Demonrat congressmen/women and the Hollywood looney tunes.

          2. Tiger says

            This is the video that is a must for all liberals.


          3. ABO says

            Actually curmudgeon, I believe the number is ten members to reach 100.

          4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I was trying to be kind.

          5. ABO says

            Ah, why???

          6. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I feel bad pounding on the defenseless little natives. We need some humor in our lives.

            The Pirate

            Pirate, ‘Well, we were in a battle and I got hit with a cannon ball, but I’m fine now.’

            Bartender, ‘Well, OK, but what about that hook? What happened to your hand?’

            Pirate, ‘We were in another battle. I boarded a ship and got into a sword fight. My hand was cut off. I got fitted with a hook.

            I’m fine, really.’

            Bartender, ‘What about that eye patch?’

            Pirate, ‘Oh, one day we were at sea and a flock of birds flew over. I looked up and one of them sh!t in my eye.’

            ‘You’re kidding,’ said the bartender, ‘you lost an eye just from bird sh!t.’

            Pirate, ‘It was my first day with the hook.’

          7. ABO says

            Thank you curmudgeon. Thank you so much. Again you have made my day. Just when I think I’ve heard you best, you come up with one better. I love it!

          8. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Prescription Drugs & Side Effects

            A woman asks her husband at breakfast time, “Would you like some bacon and eggs, a slice of toast, and maybe some grapefruit juice and coffee?”

            He declines. “Thanks for asking, but, I’m not hungry right now. “It’s this Viagra,” he says. “It’s really taken the edge off my appetite.”

            At lunchtime, she asks him if he’d like something. “How about a bowl of soup, homemade muffins, or a cheese sandwich?”

            He declines. “The Viagra,” he says, “really trashes my desire for food.”

            Come dinner time, she asks if he wants anything to eat. “Would you like a juicy rib eye steak and some scrumptious apple pie? Or maybe a rotisserie chicken or tasty stir fry?”

            He declines again. “No,” he says, “it’s got to be the Viagra. I’m still not hungry.”

            “Well,” she says, “Would you mind letting me up? I’m starving!

          9. ABO says

            Thanks again, curmudgeon. Yet another gem!

        7. ABO says

          The most dangerous risk is in underestimating one’s enemy. You are so right Tiger.

          1. Tiger says

            And I and millions of us are dangerously informed.

        8. billyrb1 says

          Daily and as dirty as they do.

          1. Tiger says

            And the rotting corpses surely did surface from under the bridge in these hearings. Easy to see the enemies of our Republic and that includes Mean Spirited, Vindictive Rubio who won’t be re-elected I live in Florida that trash is thrown out.

        9. irish1919 says

          What rock did this guy crawl from under?? Another left wing white cop hater compliments of BLM the black version of the KKK. How come Comey isn’t investigating these people. They have caused more property damage and human lives than any present day white suoremist group . 5 officers in Dallas. Did OBAMA talk against the murder of these officers. Nope he took the time at their funeral to reiterate the splinter between the black community and the police. Really?? Couldn’t just decry these dispicable acts of execution style murder and give his condolences to the families??? Nope not OBAMA. Politicize don’t sympathize . Number one scumbag.

          1. Tiger says

            O’s silence has spoken volumes but it is over. His time is done along with his BLM and cop killers. A new day a new way and Trump will bring back Law and Order. This is why all border patrol and police and military backed Trump. Those are the three most abused in O’s years of tyrannical control.

            Breathe the fresh air and stay vigilant.

          2. JYuma says

            Thats Beautiful Tiger. Very.
            Thank You.
            Here is a Sun Rise I took about a month ago, from my front yard in the Desert of Arizona.


          3. Tiger says

            OHHHHH my word thank you for this gorgeous pic. What a Blessing we have in the wind, the moon, the stars, the sky and every thing we have been given. What kind of Love is this to give to us such an earth? Infinite Love.

          4. JYuma says

            You are welcome.
            I marvel at what he has given us All the Time.

          5. Tiger says

            Amazing truly amazing. All for us amazing what a glorious love for us.

          6. JYuma says

            Thanks. That is one of my Favorites.
            I attempt do ,do that type of work.Somee times I do, sometimes I fall flat.
            I have found that I, or no one else, is able to capture the Beauty that “GOD” has .

          7. Tiger says

            Ahhh my friend you captured the beauty of the Almighty handiwork perfectly.

          8. JYuma says

            I have a Signed copy of this. Thank You for Sharing with me and others.

          9. Tiger says

            Welcome we are so Blessed the world from one end to the other. Everything we need to make us happy, content and well and look what man has done to that. But then the Devil is always in the works. Never peace my friend never.

          10. Tiger says

            Joke time thought this hysterical being an RN myself.

            “Nurses aren’t supposed to laugh.” Fred declared.

            “Of course I won’t laugh, I’m a professional nurse. In over twenty years I’ve never laughed at a patient.”

            “Okay then,” Fred said and proceeded to drop his trousers, revealing the
            tiniest man thingy the nurse had ever seen. Length and width, it
            couldn’t have been bigger than a AAA battery.

            Unable to control herself, the nurse started giggling then almost fell
            to the floor laughing. A few minutes later she was able to regain her

            “I’m so sorry,” said the nurse. “I don’t know what came over me. On my
            honor as a nurse and a lady, I promise it won’t happen again. Now tell
            me, what seems to be the problem?”

            “It’s swollen,” Fred replied.

            Things went downhill from there.

        10. AKLady2015 says

          Whether or not you like it, the 1st Amendment is still the law of the land.
          I do not have to like what was said, however, I will fight to the death to protect the rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.

        11. Goodforall says

          It’s time to play hard ball with these morons! Its the only thing they understand.

          1. Tiger says

            Watching these hearings I realize the RINO are more vicious and harmful to our Republic than the Liberals but both must be cleansed like we cleanse our bodies with a fast. This nations needs a fast in which all the sludge and the filth is taken out and flushed out like the crap they are.

            We can not co-exist with these people. Our Republic can’t stand with them around.

      3. Francisco Machado says

        There is an all too obvious difference between those who think rationally and those who think ideologically, and the Obama administration has far, far too many of the latter, quite possibly because rational thinkers could not gain employment with the Democrats – and probably would not apply.

      4. Skyhawk says

        A few years back a Negro preacher from Nigeria, while visiting America, attended a Church in Claremore, OK. One of his remarks was “Your Nigers don’t act like our Nigers. He was correct. In Africa some of them are progressing toward humanity while in America they are regressing toward animals.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Sometimes it takes a view from the outside to change the course of reality on the inside. I hope people are listening to that preacher.

      5. Jean Langford M. says


      6. rsewill says

        Brain dead is when a white cop in South Carolina puts five slugs in your black back and your body along with your brain dies.

        1. JYuma says

          Brain Dead is for any color of person to run from a Cop after they tell you to stop.
          Only Racists need to Reply.

      7. AKLady2015 says

        Has the 1st Amendment been repealed, or are you hopelessly, terminally stupid?

    2. Tiger says

      They are what they are and they are filthy to the core and if I were a cop I would make sure I had their names on my shit list and they and their families could call til the cow’s come home and I wouldn’t protect them.

      Matter of fact being as this painting right down from the very people’s office that protects these bastards the police need to find their backbones and refuse to work as long as the painting is up.

      1. Linda Calligan says

        I was a deputy sheriff for nearly 20 years. I have a grandson that is thinking of being a police officer. I have tried to discourage him. People don’t care if you are a good officer or a bad one. These haters group them all together. But they don’t want to be grouped together. The liberal progressives want to be looked at as individuals and appraised on the kind of person they are. But they have no problem putting every police officer and every person who voted for Trump into the murdering, racist category. It is disgusting.

        1. BIGOTIST says

          Nope, no such thing as a “good cop”~

          1. Bill says

            You are part of the problem!

          2. BIGOTIST says

            And what are you?
            A POS, a critic or both?

          3. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            You name suits you BIGOTIST.

          4. BIGOTIST says

            Huh, could you define BIGOTIST, you deplorable asshole?
            suits? The majority are BLUE!!!!

          5. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            It refers to you being an outright bigot, per your comments and assinine name calling. You black cocksucker.

          6. BIGOTIST says

            Bigotist is not a word with a definition, it’s totally ambiguous.
            Your fetish for sucking cock is the impudence of your ignorance,
            or more likely preference~

        2. Tiger says

          Thank you and we have friends of my daughters, who I knew since they were in kindergarten who became cops. They see how everything has changed and they fear for their lives everyday.

          Interestingly enough we just had a black female officer shot in Florida, they are still looking for the guy and as I watched the outrage of her family and friends I wondered if they had, in the past supported the BLM and their cop killing agenda. I couldn’t help but think that.

          I think your grandson will be fine because I believe, after watching Trump’s none stopping since elected putting his team in order, sending his teams out to check the border and to get information all over this country that Law and Order are indeed back. The police will be among the first priorities of Trump. O has tied every law enforcement agencies hands but Trump will untie them. No more favoring Muslims and blacks and illegals Justice for ALL will return.

          Thank you for being out there for all of us. The Progressives are failing faster than a witch at a revival.

          1. Linda Calligan says

            Thank you for your kind words. Many haven’t bee so kind. I know there are some bad officers. But most are good people trying to do a good job by enforcing the law. They are not inherently racist or bigoted. I am retired now, in fact retired almost 26 years ago. But things have changed drastically. Because of a few, and i mean a very few, rotten apples, the rest are seen as crooked, brutal or racist. Not at all how it should be.

          2. Tiger says

            You are welcome. Police are much like fighting men downrange, because of a few bad apples the entire crop is condemned. Maybe it is the weak math taught in schools today that make it so people can’t do ratios anymore. Or think outside the box. Hope you have enjoyed your retirement. I met many good cops when an abused wife, being white and blonde there was no programs to help me and my children, I had to get a plan, luckily my X worked nights which freed me up to go to school during the day and get my RN, my teaching degree just didn’t do it.

            These cops helped me and took the anger out of my X many times. They didn’t play around. But in the area I live now the cops are dirty through and through and they beat people and they lie on the stand and they are notorious. We have had two Sheriffs and they were dirty so Scott intervened and sent someone to clean it up and again we got a bad Sheriff. They don’t seem to understand the dirt is with the judges and the state attorney’s all own the schools and all the lands the farms on that the prisoners work and the convicted have to go to. Would take bulldozing the entire court house into the ground to clean this place up.

          3. Linda Calligan says

            I live in an area where police aren’t all that great. It is a very rural area. But it is a small department. So that doesn’t fit all cops are bad.

          4. Tiger says

            True that but in our small area it is hard to find the good ones, they grow the bad on trees out here. But then lots of felons flee here and hide in our National Forest and in the small towns.

          5. Mike & Linda says

            I live near the national forest as well. Our biggest problem is drugs, meth, specifically. There doesn’t seem to be much done about it. Very sad. We have had officers on our local department s fired for providing alcohol to a 20 year old, taking drugs out of the evidence room for their girl friends and other such BS. Some of the officers are good. There haven’t been too many that are accused of police brutality, probably it would take too much effort. LOL

          6. Tiger says

            Mike and Linda are you my neighbors? Live in Florida and sounds just like my hamlet. We just look out for one another. All we can do.

          7. Mike & Linda says

            No. In New Mexico. But I’m sure small communities all over the US have the same problems. Small work force, and agencies hire who they can. If NM would require the officers to be certified before they start working the streets, I think that would help.

          8. Tiger says

            You are right there is something about small places that are really good and really bad. Like that poem.

            There was a little girl
            Who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead.
            When she was good she was very very good
            And when she was bad she was awful.

          9. Mike & Linda says

            Very true.

          10. Tiger says

            Say you are an
            older senior citizen and can no longer take care of yourself and the
            government says there is no Nursing Home care available for you. So,
            what do you do?

            You opt for Medicare Plan G.

            plan gives anyone 75 or older a gun (Plan G) and one bullet. You are
            allowed to shoot one worthless politician. This means you will be sent
            to prison for the rest of your life where you will receive three meals a
            day, a roof over your head, central heating and air conditioning, cable
            TV, a library, and all the Health Care you need. Need new teeth? No
            problem. Need glasses? That’s great. Need a hearing aid, new hip, knees,
            kidney, lungs, sex change, or heart? They are all covered!

            As an added bonus, your kids can come and visit you at least as often as
            they do now! And, who will be paying for all of this? The same
            government that just told you they can’t afford for you to go into a
            nursing home. And you will get rid of a useless politician while you are
            at it. And now, because you are a prisoner, you don’t have to pay any
            more income taxes!

            Is this a great country or what? Now that I’ve solved your senior financial plan, enjoy the rest of your week

            THE ANSWER

      2. BIGOTIST says

        Do GOOD cops have a “shit list”?

        1. Linda Calligan says

          No they don’t. They do know who the shit heads are in their area. But if you think there is no such thing as a good cop, they I really don’t have anything more to say to you. My guess is you are an idiot and a bigot, hence the moniker.

          1. BIGOTIST says

            I wouldn’t take the word of a porcupine anyway-
            I may be a bigot, but you’re a cocksucker ?!!!!!!

          2. Ken Thomas says

            What’s that old saying “Takes one to know one”.

          3. BIGOTIST says

            Uh oh!! You must be a stem puffer and take offense to being
            a cocksucker!!!! OR, maybe a trans~

          4. Linda Calligan says

            Well you are taking a lot for granted. I may not even be female. But that is what you people do when you have nothing intelligent to say. You resort to making snarky remarks. So we are done. I don’t need your non-productive discussion.

          5. BIGOTIST says

            Well LINDA, maybe you’re not a cocksucker, and I may have misspoke.
            So, with that name and the reply you posted, you must be a Lesbian or a
            Transvestite. Either way, you’re still a POS….
            Why do all losers bring Trump into the conversation? Loser porcupine~

          6. Linda Calligan says

            Well I’m female. Not a trans or a lesbian. But I’m not sure why you are so ignorant that you have to resort to vulgar name calling.
            I never even mentioned Trump. I called you a bigot based on your moniker. Your interest in ‘cocks’ does give some indication of your sexual orientation.

          7. BIGOTIST says

            Why do you consider it vulgar, if you’re a real female, you should have
            done it or doing it with exuberance.
            Ah, you mentioned Trump 5hrs past!!!!
            Why does my moniker assimilate to ME being a bigot????
            My interest in cocks is you sucking on mine, porcupine~

          8. Raven says

            You are a total idiot, how old are you, 12? Does your mommy know you are paying with the computer in her basement?

          9. BIGOTIST says

            UH OH, melodious sounds from the alphabet people…….
            And you are?

          10. Janet Julien says

            Bigotist there are many reasons as to why one might not wish to indulge in that activity of which it seems you are so fond. I see it as there being four sexual orientations straight, gay/lesbian, bi- or”pendulum” and A-, not wanting any at all. And before you get started on me, I am looking on my own transition into possibly becoming a Nun. Why don’t you do the world a favor and go join a Trappist Monastery with their Vows of Silence? I believe that there is a very nice one in Kentucky along with several more scattered throughout the country

          11. BIGOTIST says

            Cool, a none-
            Thru my many years on this rock I’ve heard of several “transitions” in
            women? finding solace from prostitution to religion. I don’t know if it’s
            a step up or down, but enjoy~

          12. ABO says

            I tend to doubt that Bigotist would last a full minute with the Trappists, Janet. I don’t think even they would tolerate such a disgusting, hateful bottom feeder.

          13. ABO says

            Well said and accurate Linda!

          14. ABO says

            You are way beyond being a bigot, you are a brainless moron whose utterly myopic mindset shows you for it.

          15. BIGOTIST says

            And you are NOT a bigot? You must have brown eyes-
            Do you also walk on water, moron?

          16. desertgranny says

            he does not know how else to talk, I just click on the right you have 2 to choose from.

          17. ABO says

            Already done granny.

        2. Tiger says

          Ahhh most likely not because they are good. But I consider myself good and if I were a cop these whole asses wold be on my shit list and if their house burning down I wouldn’t take the cruiser I would walk to the scene. But that is me I fight fire with fire and I take no prisoners.

          1. BIGOTIST says

            Great, spoken as a true bigot as I~

          2. Tiger says

            There is nothing bigoted about speaking one’s mind. If people act like wild animals and they do the things that go against the grains of society then they have no business being included in all the benefits that come from society and those who protect it. My take and I am sticking to it.

            Bigoted are those who want to keep the picture up. Racist are the BLM and bigoted. Dangerous for calling for the death of cops. Get it right.

          3. BIGOTIST says

            Huh, not when I say it!
            Is it the 1st Amendment they’re bitching about? “NO”!!!!
            It’s a POS cop depicted as a PIG, as they have eloquently achieved
            by their own merits. JMO~

          4. Tiger says

            The pieces of shit are those who were not sought out to be killed by cops but committing a crime or had committed a crime. Don’t want your piece of shit ass shot off then don’t commit crimes.

            Easy and the pieces of shit that walk up to police cars and kill a cop without knowing anything about him need to be shot along with all those pieces of shit that call for killing cops Black Lives Matter, they are killing without even knowing who they are killing.

            The PIGS, the Shit, the SCUM and the PROBLEMS are people like you.

          5. BIGOTIST says

            Spoken as well as any bigot that contends NOT to be a bigot.
            You’d be a great addition to any POS department and definitely
            gain a few more quills.
            Imagine, you, a badge, a gun and a bullet in your head ?, beautiful!!!!!!

          6. Tiger says

            Spoken from truth and an understanding of facts and not racial and bigoted and emotional garbage spewed by the likes of you.

            I can imagine you committing a crime, crying when the bullet hits your bone and deemed a hero but the black SOB in the WH is the one who really deserves your last sentence.

            May the Almighty forgive such a mean spirited one as you for wishing a bullet to the head of a woman you know nothing about and only disagree with on a post.

            You are dangerous and sick.

          7. BIGOTIST says

            Holy shit! Another “holier than thou”.
            Ah, and exactly when did you start walking on water?????
            Best read many of your condescending posts. Praise be on high!!!
            I accept you’re an air head porcupine, honest.
            Just GTF away~

          8. Tiger says

            I am not the one posting to you, it is you that are posting to me and obviously you do understand my superiority to your tiny mind and way of thinking.

            GTF away and stay away.

          9. BIGOTIST says

            WTF, just a received a post from some dumb porcupine that doesn’t post?
            Must be time for you to put your mattress on your back and get out
            in the street to get some more quills.
            I’ve searched my heart and unable to offer anymore assistance in your
            life of promiscuity and self degradation, only hoping you’ll acquire AIDS
            and perish in agony-
            The escalating negativity of your posts has become too saddening for me
            to reply with empathy, concerning the declining mental capacity you espouse.
            SO, keep swallowing that stuff, and your blocked~

          10. Tiger says

            Ahhh just like a stupid BLM blocked oh I wear it as a badge of honor.


          11. JYuma says

            Not only are you a BITCH. It appears that you are having brain degradation from the AIDs, that you contacted for your working in Gay bars N Bath House’s.

          12. BIGOTIST says

            Hey there, when you’re finished sucking on your boyfriends? cock and
            wipe your chin, you can go fuck yourself :-)~

          13. JYuma says

            I leave such things to Bitches such as yourself. You are a Artist preforming that act are you not?
            I hear that you are Famass on Castro Street.

          14. Tiger says
          15. JYuma says

            Whats the Matter?
            Can’t take the FACT that you Bitches lost Huh?

          16. JYuma says

            One of those Pieces’ of Shit died yesterday.He was attempting to Kill one of our State Troopers.
            A passing motorists stopped and shot him dead.
            It is Nice to live in a Constitutional Carry State.

          17. Tiger says


    3. Front Sight says

      The “student” probably used “public” funds for his “private” vendetta. I wonder what MSR Clay would say to an “equal” time presentation of the Demokratik KKK hanging a negro?

      1. RICHARD says

        I still fly my Rebel Flag Proudly!

        1. BIGOTIST says

          Bet you wish they could legally hang nyghers also ?~

          1. RICHARD says

            only the ones who deserve to be hanged, I have nothing against blacks, only the ones who step out of line, same goes for all races that want to live here and enjoy the gifts America has to offer. Now go back to yer crack pipe and shut up.

          2. BIGOTIST says

            Don’t smoke crack, but I bet you suck cock- ?~

      2. Thomjeff says

        You beat me to it FS.

      3. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

        Good point, Let’s put up a huge photo of the Democrats signing and sponsoring the Jim Crow laws right by his office.

        1. ABO says

          And next to it a photo of the Dems great hero, Robert Byrd in his ceremonial outfit as Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

          1. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Better yet, another one of Hillary’s idols.

      4. ABO says

        Bigotry is always OK with the left when it is practiced by the left.

    4. Anthony Guastella says

      no, a stone cold racist. A bigot and his CBC is an illegal organization.

    5. Roger says

      Worse than brain-dead; he’s got a IQ approaching MINUS ONE MILLION, and is one of, if not, the most STUPID, IDIOTIC, IMBECILIC, A$$HOLE F–KUPS in the WORLD. It appears that he’s also nothing but a SHEEPLE FOLLOWER, eh ?

    6. teamsbill says

      Should not have a congressional black caucus you are a congressmen like all the rest

      1. ABO says

        One wonders what his reaction to a Congressional White Caucus would be.

    7. tatka150 says

      Just the typical retarded liberast.

    8. jjmcl431 says

      @Justin….would you believe both and a raving racist to boot.

    9. Daniel Brofford says

      The conversation between black parents and their kids should go like this. Due to the bad people in neighborhood who want to do wrong who want to be looked at as thugs and OG’s and who have no respect for Authority they have put your life in danger. When cops pull you over they don’t know if they will get a good compliant citizen or if they will get a half wit who is dangerous to them. So when pulled over roll your window down shut you car off put your hands on the steering wheel and comply with any and all instructions by the officer Even if the officer does something wrong, that can be dealt with later. If you do what I just said there is a 99.9 percent chance that everything will go well. If you act like a dumbs.. then you may be shot and killed. BLM and Al Sharpton and some of these other so called black leaders are getting their own people killed by telling them to act a fool. Please kids do the right thing and like I said if the police office does something or treats you in a bad way there are grievances that you can file and people you can talk to, to get it resolved. Don’t let these people that have an agenda of their own get you killed. I am a white guy a believe me I don’t want police officers treating you wrong for any reason but especially because of the color of your skin. Together we can fix this the right way. God bless us all.

    10. SouthernPatriot says

      The American Communist Lesbian Union and/or NAACP, along with race baiters, the Revs. Al & Jesse will soon get involved. Only the demented Democrats think it is a good thing to anger good law enforcement since many will need them at some point in their lives.

    11. junkmailbin says

      He is a black democrat liberal boot licker of a democrat. he thinks that the CMC (congressional monkey caucus) thinks that their shit does not stink and they can do anything they want.
      The ” it is not meant to insult the police, is another bald faced lie.) You look at it and it denegrates the police and fosters hatred.
      Time to start calling a spade a spade

    12. Jean Langford M. says


    13. Bob Marcum says

      The imbeciles, I’m fed up with, are the law makers, who allow a high school student to dictate their judgemental intellect.

    14. MrSwingGuitar says

      Where is the hypocrisy? Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. If you claim to support the Constitution, but are in favor of abrogating the first amendment, YOU are the hypocrite.

    15. No-Mo-BO...AT LAST! says

      Just another Libtard who agrees with the First amendment when it suits his agenda.

    16. MIKE6080 says

      no , hes black

    17. JYuma says

      No, Clay is a Racist, 100% Racist.

    18. AKLady2015 says

      Has the 1st Amendment been repealed, or are you hopelessly, terminally stupid?

    19. Allan Scott says

      Mr. Clay is simply a black liberal democrat, that’s all!

    20. Cookie Vranish says

      I think it goes deeper! Evil comes to mind for these people who find others committing suicide with two shots to the back of the head!

    21. junkmailbin says

      both plus more. He also has rectal myopia augmented by cranial rectal impaction along with a permanent case of dyslexia and convoluted thinking.
      This fat arsed putz thinks that he has a job. Congress is not a job. It is also not a camping ground for racist blacks to stand around and repeat Ugah Bugah said the monkey to the chimp to their CBC ( Congressional Boo Caucus).

  2. jgfsmf says

    It’s a disgusting painting and if Lacy wants it hung, let him hang it in his own house.

  3. MAHB001 says

    Duncan Hunter had my vote before he did this, and still has my vote today!

  4. GODBlessRealAmerica says


  5. GODBlessRealAmerica says

    Arrest this Low Energy Congressman Clay & Deport his racist Liberal Ass!!!

  6. Tiger says

    How about I paint something along these lines showing the ghost of Muhammad hoovering over Muslims throwing bombs and carrying automatic weapons firing into people in America on the street and at a cop car while Muhammad is saying Allah Akbar my beloved Allah Akbar? You think it would be put there?

    Folks it is time to put a stop to all of this and now I suggest you raise Hell with your representatives and demand that such an offensive painting sitting a few feet from the office that holds the very people who are protecting these ungrateful, hate filled, congressmen and women or I suggest to the police at the Capital to keep a close eye on who these people are, mark their names down and never, ever answer any call to help them or their families.

    1. Pamela Sue Therrien says

      No, No , my Dear just hang it on HIS DOOR and Nail it there or liquid nail it to the door so it does’t come off. Let the heart of the man be clearly seen to all who enter.

      1. Tiger says

        Or superglue it to his arm.

    2. Thomjeff says

      Trump gets in it’ll come down. This is division at its worst.

      1. Tiger says

        This isn’t a division this is a war among the people for the Heart and the Soul of this Republic. We are facing Communism in it’s truest form and they are scared and angry. They jumped the gun. They put the Puppet O, groomed from the start, having access to best schools in Hawaii, nobody knows how then onto best colleges, many in his classes don’t ever remember him, jobs as a Part time professor that the Dean of the School doesn’t now how or why but was told to give the guy an office and position, then O was rarely around writing his memoirs, made the president wonder how someone who had done nothing could write a memoir, then we know most in his books lies, onto Senator and then President, elected because of his color that is why nobody heard what he said except the Communists. So they put him into the game but they badly misjudged the remaining half of the country that knew the score and wasn’t going to allow a touchdown for the Communist party.

        Soros lost.

        1. Thomjeff says

          And gave him the undeserved nobel peace prize ( which has since rendered it void of any meaning) because we’ve been at war for the last eight years.

          1. Tiger says

            How ironic isn’t it. One of the men who was on the committee wrote a book and said they regretted giving this prize to him. He said they gave it to him hoping it would remind him of his promise of Change, they just had no idea what his Change was going to be. Communism.

      2. Tiger says

        Yes you are right this division is the worst in the history of our country. But people like you and me won’t stand for it.

  7. Justin Seine says

    I guess Mr. Clay’s and his team of budding artists idea of how police should put their lives on the line to keep people safe would be to have them do things like escort drug dealers and buyers to “the meet” to make sure all goes down smoothly. No buyers get robbed, no drug dealers get their stuff boosted and everyone goes home happy. If the buyers overdose, well, that’s the medical examiner’s problem.

    1. ch says

      No if they overdose, they call the emergency 911 and have them come give them a shot to counteract the overdose on the taxpayer dollar. If they are stupid enough to do drugs and OD, let the SOB’s die. No loss.

      1. ABO says

        Hell in ultra liberal Vermont cops are required to carry NARCAN and administer it on scene to those who overdose.

        1. ch says

          Definitely a waste of our taxpayer dollar. So they can just keep overdosing and we keep bringing them back.

          1. ABO says


    2. Linda Calligan says

      If this “artist”, and I use the term loosely, painted what was really happening to black victims, he would be showing blacks, killing blacks. Far more blacks are murdered by other blacks than by police officers. If stopped, just follow the direction of the officer. I can pretty much guarantee you won’t get shot. The people who have trouble with police are the ones that don’t take their hand out of their pockets, won’t allow them selves to be searched or run when approached and turn and reach into their pockets.
      These AH’s that want to say how terrible the police are need to go apply if they think they can do a better job. They see how these folks react under fire. The would probably soil themselves.

      1. Bill says

        But they are to stupid to be police, these men who protect and serve the nation are of much higher fiber then these losers could ever be! Mr. Clay and his group are as an anchor around Americas neck, They have drug America down since they first came to this country, never could hold there own always a handout needed from the rest of us! always a problem! and those that do something here the rest of them down talk and disrespect rather then try to follow there example! Losers!

  8. Sandy Weatherwax says

    people in hell want ice water, too…

    1. RICHARD says

      My cat likes yer cat, call me

  9. Ron Rose says

    I guess Police hater Clay has never read the definition of “thievery.”

  10. D Hall says

    Put it back???? it should never have been hung take it down and give it back to the person who painted it
    or BURN IT

    1. RICHARD says

      BURN IT

    2. Bill says

      cut it into small squares, Butt wipe!

    3. ABO says

      The latter would be far more appropriate.

  11. PBHayes says

    The Congressional Black Caucus is a racist group that should be eliminated. Members use their skin color as a defense and explanation for everything. As long we behaviors are defended by the color of ones skin we are not going to solve any race related problems.

    1. Janelle says

      They seem to be far more concerned about their color than much else. Foolish.

    2. Linda Calligan says

      I would like to see a Congressional White Caucus. How divisive would that be? Can you even begin to imagine the cries of racism? It should be the Congressional Caucus. Are their goals that different? Aren’t they all supposed to be in Washington to do what is best for ALL Americans? It appears we now have factions that work for their own individual causes. NOT GOOD for America.

      1. PBHayes says

        Linda the Democrats aka Marxist Party of America for decades has been doing anything and everything they can to divide us and it has worked. Our nation is no longer one under God but a group of tribes all with individual grievances. Blacks lead the pack with more cries of victim hood than any other group. The Congressional Black Caucus accomplishes nothing and serves only to keep alive the false narrative of racism being the reason why so many blacks fail. I’m retired FBI and recall a time when I could go into black neighborhood without worrying about my safety. There were no bars on the windows and no gang graffiti on every wall. People were genuinely concerned about their neighbors and their neighborhood. Back then there was probably a bit more racism but people did well for themselves. Now the only racist comments I hear are from blacks and leftist politicians. The welfare entitlement mentality has taken hold along with mass abandonment of children, drug addiction, little interest in education and a mass mentality of it’s not our fault. Every person is responsible for themselves and their actions. Obama recently pardoned a huge number of drug dealers calling them non-violent offenders. Many have immediately returned to their lives of crime with one murdering his former girlfriend and her two children. Obama has released many dangerous Islamic terrorists from Gitmo with a large percentage returning to murder and mayhem for their God. I now thank my God that Obama will soon be gone and hopefully our new President will follow through with his campaign promises as that is what got him elected. If black America were to see themselves clearly they would never support another Democrat for any position of public trust.

        1. Linda Calligan says

          The problem is that, whether black, white, green or purple, they keep voting for the most liberal progressives, because they are the ones wanting to keep the people of color suppressed. They do that through all the welfare programs. The needy are kept needy by being on the dole and there by indebted to the big benevolent government.

      2. Francisco Machado says

        The Congressional Black Caucus is wholly encompassed by the ideology they promote and they are irrational fanatics about it.

        1. ABO says

          Ain’t that the God’s honest truth. Well said Francisco.

      3. ABO says

        It’s only racism if it doesn’t fit the hypocritical liberal agenda. The cornerstones of liberal ideology are hypocrisy, dishonesty, deception and hate.

        1. Linda Calligan says


  12. stonecold621 says

    no, hes just full of s—. then again, thats what liberal, progressive democrats usually are.
    and when was the last time that idiot supported the police?

  13. Skippy says

    The Democrats are a bunch of hypocrites. They want a Republican put in jail for having a painting removed that’s not crime. Yet they don’t want her thynness Hillary Clinton in prison. What she did was a crime.

  14. says

    If that painting offends any American… It should be taken down from a public facility. After all Isn’t that the way it works when the shoe is on the other foot???… It’s the way it worked for the Confederate Flag which is a part of American History…It offended a few blacks so it was quickly removed from all public facilities. REMOVE THE PAINTING…IT OFFENDS PEOPLE…NOW !!!

  15. Al Breland says

    Who was it that said “you can’t fix stupid”? I think that applies here….

    1. Mike W says

      Lacy Clay’s Mom ?