Congressman Compares Amnesty to Emancipation Proclamation


Just when you thought Washington rhetoric couldn’t get any more ridiculous, along comes a Democrat to prove you wrong. Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia raised the bar of liberal absurdity when he drew comparisons between Obama’s planned executive amnesty and Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

Johnson said, “One day there will be movies written about this episode in American history. There will be a president who issues an executive order like the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed 3 to 4 million slaves with the signing of a pen.”

Of course, this isn’t a failure of intelligence on Johnson’s part, but rather explicit language meant to put Democrats on the right side of history. We see this time and again from the left. They take a piece of history that has a well-worn, well-established narrative, and then they try to apply it to whatever the issue of the day might be. In this way, we’ve seen comparisons drawn between the civil rights movement of the 60s and the gay rights movement, Israeli occupation and the Nazis, the women’s suffrage movement and today’s radical feminism. Unfortunately, plenty of people are more than willing to buy into it.

The Amnesty Disaster

It appears that Obama is going to go through with his plans despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans are against them. That’s nothing new. He continues to stand behind Obamacare, a law that enjoys a wide swath of unpopularity itself. But unlike Obamacare, the kind of amnesty the president is talking about can’t be undone. It can’t be un-funded. Once it’s the law, it’s the law. Republicans have enough power to refuse funding for ICE raises, IDs for illegals, and various other programs, but those constraints won’t change the facts.

It may come to be that the only way to enforce this nation’s laws is to bring Obama up on impeachment charges. That could prove to be politically disastrous for the Republican Party, but consider the alternatives! The alternatives include making a show of opposition (lawsuits, budget games, etc.) while Obama’s plans sail right through. As a result, we hoist a sign in full view of the Mexican border: come on in, the water’s fine.

Democrats don’t want to pass amnesty for moral reasons. They want to increase their voting base. They want to increase the number of Americans dependent on them for government welfare. They want to expand the size of the federal government in ways that would have astounded the founding fathers. Barack Obama’s actions will have terrible ramifications in the areas of national security, taxes, crime, culture, and the economy.

In 2010, Hank Johnson famously expressed concern that overpopulation could cause the island of Guam to capsize. His comparing Obama’s amnesty to the Emancipation Proclamation is just as ridiculous and should be viewed in the same light. Of course, liberals rushed to defend him on that one and they’ll do no less this time around.

  1. TechDel says

    Anyone stupid enough to think Guam might flip over due to overpopulation has all the qualifications to be a modern day democrat leader. Congratulations, dims, your ability to keep lowering the bar is unsurpassed in US history.

    1. Yadja says

      Along with the damage their candidate and their “Stupid” elected to the highest office in our land.

      1. jetmagnet says

        You stupid peeps elected reagan and bush senior both allowed millions of illegals amnesty.
        The fact is you’re racist-bigots, when a black POTUS does it , it’s criminal. when a white guy does it , it’s fabulous!!! LMFAO

        1. ihatelibs says

          SHITFERBRAINS . That was an Act by Congress . Reagan just Signed it LIBTURD . UNLIKE , the ILLEGAL FRAUD TREASONOUS LIB/DEM COMMIEcrat KENYA MUZZY , with an EO . Which IS UN Constitutional . Why are all you libturds sooo friggin STUPID !!! ??? The World wants to know

          1. Nutbar Mcloony says

            I don’t know of any conservatives today who actually think it was a good idea for Reagan to give them amnesty anyway. It merely encouraged more invasion.

          2. sandraleesmith46 says

            He allegedly only agreed because the fence was “promised”; the one STILL not built, 30 yrs and 2 more Clinton amnesties and a NAFTA later!

          3. 13gatorgrowl says

            Demoncrat communists always lie and blame everyone else for their problems.

          4. sandraleesmith46 says

            Yep, especially the Muslim ones!

          5. jetmagnet says

            There’s no fence? Have you been smokin? Maybe we can be like east berlin and put up a wall like commies! Once you realize there’s demand for illegal workers and 6 million businesses employ them you’ll realize it will never end. Just like reagans war on drugs! LMAO!

            The irony is that Reagan’s own daughter developed a cocaine problem,
            but I don’t imagine Reagan pushed for her to serve 5 years in a cage for
            her addiction.

            Ronald Reagan’s harsh drug policies not only led to exploding
            prisons, they blocked expansion of syringe exchange programs and other
            harm reduction policies that could have prevented hundreds of thousands
            of people from contracting HIV and dying from AIDS.

            While Ronald and Nancy Reagan were demonizing people who use drugs at
            home, their foreign policy objectives included funding the Contras in
            Nicaragua who played a role in flooding Los Angeles and other cities in
            the United States with crack cocaine.
            Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy made the “drug crisis” one of their
            signature issues and our country is still suffering the consequences of
            their actions. While the public hysteria that they whipped up has now
            subsided, we’re still stuck with the same draconian, zero-tolerance
            policies that were implemented in the 1980s.

          6. OSAMA OBAMA says

            How’s the unemployment rate workin for ya shitFAGnet? Or perhaps the debt that’s paying for a fractional uptick in the economy?

          7. jetmagnet says

            Do you know anything about economics? Do you know what GDP is? The rate of inflation? Do you know that Obama is the least spending president and has turned a bush disaster of almost 1 million jobs lost a month to 11 miullion jobs created. That’s why the market just hit 18,000 and S&P over 5000. People are making shitloads of money! The unemployment rate is 5.4% and you can’t have market growth like we’ve had with high unemployment. It’s just that stupid fox nitwits aren’t educated enough to understand anything. Now the deficit doesnot effect the economy, jobs or wages. It’s paid down by increasing taxes, since the GOP hates taxes, they would rather steal from entitlements and have 47% of the population eating out of trash cans while the Koch suckers and their other Money GOD’s buy the country and destroy democracy.

          8. OSAMA OBAMA says

            11 million Mc Jobs and janitorial jobs. Awesome statistic. 18 trillions paid down by raising taxes? Do you know anything but what you read on the D.N.C. webshite?

            How did 47% of the population elect Obama?

          9. jetmagnet says

            You didn’t answer, so i assume you’re ignorant. Most of that debt is derived from reagan and bush, both didn’t have to rebuild the economy after leaving office. lol
            Teabags are just ignorant, it’s like talking to a stump- facts bounce off and they go in defense mode of the indefensable, it’s hilarious!
            Where you brain dead during 2012? 51%-47% your richboy ROBME and the fruitcakes where the 47% 332-206 The GOP sucks and always will.
            So tell me where is your source of income? Most of you fruitcakes are on social welfare and ranting against it.

          10. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I did answer you red herring rants! You ignored the facts, #failuretwat! Too bad your business sucks, besides, you didn’t build that hot dog stand, Ocumstain, the biggest spender in American history, did. You and your libTURD friends and regressive, repressive ,”progressive’ ideas are history. The midterms proved that. Go back to your shithole Huffington Post and wallow in the cesspool

          11. jetmagnet says

            Where do you make money? who pays you? answer the question!

          12. DB says

            I don’t need to help you since you make me proud. I think his jet hit his magnet a little too hard.
            What I want to tell you is that what you said reminds me of a video on utube. When you have a few minutes, please make the trip over and look up Ray Stevens. A funny man most of the time. Two videos to watch. One is the Healthcare. The other is You didn’t build that.
            Please go and have a treat for your cheek muscles. They want to smile a bit.

          13. jim_wright says

            You sir are a moron.

          14. jetmagnet says

            Just the cold hard facts. What you support is not conservatives, but their billionaires. You serve the Koch Suckers who are trying to BUY democracy, buy spending shitloads of money to win elections so they can have their needs met. The GOP is a willing surrogate for the Large penis of Dark money.

          15. jim_wright says

            That was intended to be a one time occurrence and then the border was supposed to be secured. The DEMOCRATS refused to allow the security part of the plan to occur.

          16. countryfarmlady says

            yes that is what happened

          17. jetmagnet says

            Really, tell me when democrats or anyone is supposed to have “air tight” security and when was this? I show no record of democrats being in charge of the border during reagan and bush administrations, both bushies lacked border security. The fact is republicans only care about wealth creation, packing their wallets and wars for oil.

          18. jim_wright says

            You are so full of liberal democrat bs.

          19. jetmagnet says

            blablabala, If you don’t like the country, move your commie azz some where else!

          20. joe says

            WOW you do not even know who you are or what you stand for, sad little man. You are the picture book example of a communist , every thing you have ever said in here points to that and yet you do not see it. Funny how blind you are to what you claim to represent, the truth is you do not know what you represent because all you do is repeat what you are told to. You are weak and cowardly.

          21. jetmagnet says

            That’s the new conservative midset, lockstep on every issue like the “BORG” a “COLLECTIVE” all sheeting at the same time!
            You don’t know why your voting or what they stand for- basically nothing-you voted for people who do nothing! LMFAO!
            We have elected an ungovernable collection of
            snake-handlers, Bible-bangers, ignorami, bagmen and
            outright frauds, a collection so ungovernable …
            We have elected people to govern us who do not believe in government- Tea Party

          22. Bob Sims says

            You really should get back on your meds and finish your lobotomy.

          23. joe says

            PARROT BOY bawk bawk moron want a cracker ha ha ha

          24. Bob Sims says

            You really are just another coward, aren’t you?

          25. Bob Sims says

            Your fuck party started yet?

          26. jetmagnet says

            When i’m finished with your mother.

          27. Bob Sims says

            Turn on the lights, stupid, that is your mother underneath you. You really are a sick fuck, aren’t you.

          28. jetmagnet says

            I bet it takes you an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes. Most Teabags tape fake news so they can remember the parts their tiny brains overlooked during the propaganda session. Megan Kelly looks like she’s deprived and hannity certainly is. Both get a 9 for meanness and pants on fire.

          29. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Have you EVER looked at a libTURD woman? Don’t blame you for not looking, they are muggly!

          30. OSAMA OBAMA says

            He knew it already.

          31. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Nah, his D.N.C. “factivists” meeting isn’t over.

          32. David C Kelder says

            When wealth is created there is more wealth to go around. If people don’t spend their wealth, it is no use to then. If they do, try to get your fair share. Caution, it may require you to work for it.

          33. jetmagnet says

            Supply-side economics your citing doesn’t work, it was proven failure in both the reagan and bush adminstrations. If it works, where’s the jobs? Why is the middleclass losing ground and the wealthy gaining 300% more over the last thirty years? Wealth is created by consumers, not wealthy people or businesses.
            The economy is driven by consumer demand and in turn drives jobs growth and GDP, economics 101.

          34. LastGasp says

            The only thing proven is you being a lying troll. I thought you were banned. Time to take care of that. The reason the middle class is losing ground , moron, is your buddy, Obola. Consumers don’t spend when they’re on food stamps, shit-for-brains.

          35. jetmagnet says

            Kiss myazz fella! You fruitcakes are incompetent morons. Food stamps so your messed up and jealous of po people on food stamps you scumbag. Who feeds you yo mamma?

          36. joe says

            Jealous of people on food stamps? you can not possibly be serious I did not really hear that out of your mouth. You are far worse off than I thought you are a lost cause not worthy of the time these good people spend trying to show you the error of your ways.

          37. jetmagnet says

            So why are you peeps so concerned with women and children getting a crappy meal? I mean the food i’ve seen these people buy isn’t healthy like the sheet you eat in your government owned castle. Steak, lobster and whatnot. How would you like to be a mother of four working 3 jobs trying to feed and cloth and send them to school with proper clothes and have ignorant azzholes like yourself, believe they should get assistance? The right feeds you this bullshit and you eat it up like cornflakes..because you live in a fantasy world. Maybe if she had 4 abortions she wouldn’t have to be on food stamps or if working as a server they could pay more. The fact is wages for the middleclass have gone nowhere in 30 yrs and executive bonuses have gone through the roof. Most of you peeps Take socialist money from the government, like social security and have medicare, or get veteran retirement socialist welfare. Yet you think millions of americans should just die because you fruitcakes don;t think they should eat or have a place to live. It’s the GOP as the source of food stamps, no minimum wage, right to work states that pay peanuts and union busting. There’s 20 million people out of work and 3.5 million mostly minimum wage or high tech jobs, you figure out how we get 40 million people off food stamps genius! LMAO

          38. Bob Sims says

            Your rant and rave sessions are really getting boring.

          39. OSAMA OBAMA says

            How do we starve libTURDS like shitFAGnet? Hide his food stamps under his work boots.

          40. joe says

            Because I pay for it you stupid dim wit, those that are too lazy to work should die on the streets. Work or starve that is the way it has been from the beginning of time. Even monkeys in the jungle have to get their own food or starve so how hard can it be you clay brained moron. WOW you are more stupid every time you open your mouth I pay into social security every paycheck idiot it is my money. You only steal from me and other hard working Americans because you are too stupid or lazy to work. I owe you NOTHING you want something earn it you lazy sponge. I would take all welfare cheats and stop all payments today they either work or starve to death and I would not be even a little concerned about them. You want to talk about people out of work go talk to obama bin lazy he is responsible for that as well as the additional millions on welfare you are so stupid it hurts even me.

          41. jetmagnet says

            How much do you pay after you deduct all your horseshit and may even cheat on your taxes? Welfare doesn’t cost you a dime,fella and all you haters.
            You azzholes mooch just as much as welfare recipients. Most baggers are on welfare. The county I live in is 68% baggers and nobody wants to work here. I have to hire contractors outside the county. Don’t give me this bullshit like you clowns are all self made and the government has never assisted you stupid azz in anyway. You peeps are hypocrites and liars. You listen to jackazzes and believe every word, because your fed their bullshit and it fits your insecurities.
            I make millions and I don’t give a damn how many people are on welfare, how do you like that sir!!!

          42. joe says

            You dung brained half wit clearly you know nothing about corporations either the small guy does not get away with the same crap the big guy does. I support your lazy good for nothing ass with my tax dollars. I never got a single dime from the government for anything I am not lazy like you I have worked my whole life I have earned every nickle. You are too stupid and lazy to better yourself so you sit around and whine that the white man keeps you down you simple minded clown. Listen up RETARD where do you think the welfare money comes from the welfare fairy you moron, it comes from taxpayer dollars. The government does not have a turnip patch that they grow dollar bills in stupid.
            You are a prime example of a person that should be euthanized since you offer nothing to society and are only a drain on it Now from now on I own you and you will OBEY my every command do you got that junior, yea I thought you would.
            You are stupid plain and simple you lead a meaningless life supported by hard working people you are nothing you are a plague on our nation the bottom of the barrel pond scum.

          43. OSAMA OBAMA says

            ShitFAGnet. …never mind, I see Joe just put you to bed in his post below.

          44. Bob Sims says

            Keep digging your grave deeper and deeper as you continue to embarrass your family even more.

          45. DB says

            Dear Azzwipe,

            You are not only an idiot, you are a sore loser. These people put you in the back of the bus where you belong. For your next trick I hope you fall off the bus!

            One in five American households do not have one member in the work force. Not for lack of trying. Illegals steal all the social benefits and work under the table so they can have all the new toys YOUR heart desires. They still have enough money left over to take care of their families, to include extended family members in Mexico, 100%. They suck off our healthcare every day. Using the ER as a Dr’s office so it remains free for them. They don’t give a shit that Americans have died waiting for care because of illegals jamming up the rooms. They don’t care that emergency rooms and hospitals have had to close because illegals are too much of a financial drain to keep their doors open. Don’t tell me how much they appreciate it either. I happen to be one of the nurses that had the “oh so pleasant” experience of trying to help them. I worked as a home visiting RN. I had to go out to a little boys home three times a day to give him an IV antibiotic. That’s all, three times a day and it didn’t take hours either. The parents didn’t see any reason to keep the little boy at home so he could get his medicine. They wanted to go out and they went out. Never called to tell me either. When I explained to the parents how important it was for their child to get all of his medicine, I got put in my place. I was told that they were here illegally. They received Section 8 housing, welfare, food stamps and I forget what else. And that he also worked under the table doing roofing work to get extra money so he could buy his family all the finer things in life. But I wasn’t supposed to be concerned because whether they were home or not I got paid. Big fu(king deal! That was not the point. They don’t give a shit about you either. They figure your family that is here can take care of you so you don’t need all those social services. I will never let another illegal laugh at me for trying to make a living so I could pay for them to be here and provide for them. That is pure BS!

            You need to live down near the border. You need to stand in the Social Security office and watch the illegals go in to file for “their” money and have someone on the phone to tell them what lies to repeat so they suck off everything they can. To tell them they have six kids when they might not have any. You need to see a family totally torn up because some illegal that “couldn’t read English” ran a stop sign or drove drunk and killed their loved one. You tell Kate’s dad that it’s just too bad that an illegal killed his daughter as they went for a walk together.

            Reagan did grant amnesty. The only reason he did was that he was promised the fence if he let those that were here stay. They lied. Just like you are lying to yourself. You don’t know what it’s really like. You can’t live down in the southwest. You don’t know what our Americans face every day. The nasty gestures(like some idiot trying to find out where he hid his penis) and words to the women. The drunks trying to grope them. The illegals laughing at them for trying to get to work.

            Mistakes were made. Like believing the fence would be put up. If we had a wall we could control the nasty diseases that are coming into our country. Diseases that were eradicated many years ago here. Diseases that kill people, especially our elderly and children.

            You sound stupid and can’t hold up the argument because you have not lived with the disastrous results of not having our borders secured. Of course, Mexico loves you. They don’t want the border closed. They get billions of our $$ every month by keeping their people over here. Not to mention feeding them and taking care of them so Mexico doesn’t have to.

            The Mexicans have their own land. Their own country. If they don’t like it they need to fight to fix it. WE WILL! I will not sit by and let some freaking illegal drag my country’s flag thru the streets I will not sit by and let the illegals burn my country’s flag and fly theirs. I will not sit by and let illegals fly their flag on top of mine. I will not sit by and let illegals decide if they stay or not. I will not let them steal from my children and grandchildren. I will not sit by while they make demands of me in my own country. Try going to Mexico and do what they do and see what happens to you. Mexico whines about us wanting our borders protected and our land to remain ours. Check out their immigration laws. Then illegally try to immigrate there. Good luck incompetent, ill-informed, illegal loving fruitcake!

            No sir, you feel free to move to Mexico right along with them when we ship their azzes home. I want a decent country again! I want English spoken and written. I want phone calls to only be answered in English. English is MY country’s language. I love my country and I’ll be damned if any illegal is going to tell me any part, to include California belongs to them.

            Do not make demands on my country. We do not take well to leaches that want to rule. If you believe Americans are wrong in demanding we come first for a change, please, go with them when we ship their AZZes back!


          46. jetmagnet says

            Take that finger and shove it where the sun don’t shine!

          47. jim_wright says

            The democrats did everything they could to make sure it dudn’t and the current problem is Obama

          48. Angry American says

            FYI Reagan created Millions of jobs bringing the US out of a very bad recession

          49. Bob Sims says

            You really are mentally disturbed, aren’t you? Are you just out of meds, or what?

          50. Bob Sims says

            Is all you can do is run your mouth with constant negativity toward those you don’t agree with. Get a life, Dude.

          51. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Typical libTURD rants, it really gets old, “spew, rant, foam at the mouth”!

          52. jetmagnet says

            No border can be secured you moron! How long is the border…what a jackass!

          53. Jim says

            Ya know Reagan was a “man of honor” and I know he was just TRYING to get along with dems. And I am sure he soon realized he made a deal with the devil.
            obola and 99.9 of todays dems. only have “honor” when they are carrying a dictionary. Sad.

          54. jetmagnet says

            He had compassion for humans something barainwashed Zombiebaggers don’t/

          55. LastGasp says

            You don’t know what it is, troll.

          56. Bob Sims says

            Look in the mirror to see who the child molester is.

          57. Bob Sims says

            You wouldn’t know compassion if your miserable, and I do mean miserable, life depended on it.

          58. Jeanne Stotler says

            The deal was , BORDERS were to be shut down, Democrats did not follow up on the deal (as usual) that is why today everyone is hollering BORDERS FIRST, if we don’t secure the borders there will be another crisis in 5 to 10 years. Frankly I think all illegals should be deported, then if they want to come back, they do it the right way, the same as our parents, grandparents did. We also need to amend the 14th amendment, actually clarify, it was not intended for anchor babies, but for children of slaves.

          59. jetmagnet says

            No you can’t blame the democrats for border security when the GOP was in control in both cases lol. Nice try though! If you check the record, Obama has deported more illegals than both reagan, bush or any other GOP president. In fact there was no border security in either the reagan or bush administrations!!

          60. Bob Sims says

            Why don’t you cross the border from this side and just keep going south with your faggot liberal black friends.

          61. jetmagnet says

            You commie peeps need to take your hate filled agenda to North Korea where they can use it against their own people.

          62. Bob Sims says

            You really have a problem with reality, don’t you? I hear that your mother always hated herself for not going ahead with that abortion, and your father asked to be castrated for his part in your erroneous birth.

          63. jetmagnet says

            Do your parents have any children that lived? I bet the best part of you came out of the crack of your momma’s azz and ended up as a brown stain on the CARPET.

          64. OSAMA OBAMA says

            He is one case I agree with abortion. He’s a waste of oxygen.

          65. joe says

            That is a load of horse excrement this lying traitor is counting people turned away at the border as a deportation. Again your lack of brain power is being used against you to great success. How does it feel inside your skull to have no control over your thoughts and actions.

          66. jetmagnet says

            Exactly, you are all lemmings and follow a script like sheep. It’s hilarious none of you have an independent brain. The brainwashing peeps even babble the same, use the same toilet paper . A collective HERD!!!

          67. joe says

            bawk bawk jetmagnet wanna cracker, thanks for proving my point parrot boy all you did was repeat what I have told you about yourself you empty headed welfare monkey.

          68. Bob Sims says

            And all that rant of yours coming from your “collective turd.”

          69. jetmagnet says

            Believe everything Mommy Fox tells you , like a good little boy? Want a Sucker b4 mommy fox tucks you in? Lmao I follow no one, especially corrupt politicians!!
            No one dictates what I believe or say!

          70. Angry American says

            Does his one brain cell get lonely?

          71. Jarhead says

            Jet-Otroll you really should cut back on your CRACK!

          72. jetmagnet says

            Because your head won’t fit in it?

          73. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Your avatar is so apropos, spewing instead of discussing.

          74. David C Kelder says

            jetmagnet Obama’s deportation numbers are cooked. They count those turned back at the border while other president’s numbers do not add them to their numbers. Figurres don’t lie but liars can figure.

          75. jetmagnet says

            Of course they are. LOL only GOP figures are correct, and there’s 100 million people out of work according to republicans. lol

          76. David C Kelder says

            From BLS statistics

            If you add the current number of Americans without a job (9.75 million) to the number of US citizens not in the labor force (92.02), you come up with 101.77
            million working age Americans who do not have work, according to data from the
            US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

            Now compare that figure to April 2000, when 5.48 million Americans were unemployed and 69.27 million Americans were not participating in the labor market. The number of Americans 14 years ago without work was 74.75 million. That means that the number of working age Americans without a job has risen by 27 million since the year 2000. However Washington wishes to fudge data that is bad news for the Obama administration.

          77. Bob Sims says

            By the way, talking about work, how is this trolling working out for you, along with the food stamps and the drug dealing? Just curious.

          78. hoss50cal says

            obama also let the most illegal invaders that were also violent felons go free instead of deporting them and it is his people that have pulled the guards off the border and told them not stop illegals crossing into this country at least with Reagan and Bush they tried to do their jobs this S.O.B. obama is working to destroy this country for our enemies he should be hung with all the other criminals

          79. jetmagnet says

            Where did you get that misinformation? From a fox news trash can? Obama has sent more illegals to jail and deported more than bush, who let criminals fro cuba enter our shores Hundreds of castro’s worst. Reagan did nothing to stop people crossing the border, both are not even close to Obama on deports!

          80. hoss50cal says

            yes and he wants to reward these invaders as well as putting them into our armed forces and it doesn’t matter what was done in the past that’s the past. he is still screwing this country over and breaking our laws. if he was white we would already fired his ass for pulling the same stunts. But your right about Texas and it was Obama’s people that have told the border guards to allow illegals cross freely and not to stop them. Makes me glade I didn’t take my friends advice when he wanted me to join the border patrol. but it doesn’t matter what anyone says cause you will never say anything against your master even as he sells out American

          81. 13gatorgrowl says

            Liars never change spots!

          82. LastGasp says

            Not the same, dipshit and you know it.

          83. Angry American says

            The Obama administration is the first & only ones to count turn arounds as deportations, if you take those out of the picture he has NOT deported as many as they say he has

          84. joe says

            You live in a world of fantasy what is that like? you make up facts as you go, you have lost your grip on reality. Why are you such a weak person, such a follower, you should be embarrassed for yourself I am sure all the local stray sheep are.

          85. LastGasp says

            Like, who believes you?

          86. jetmagnet says

            Who believes fruitcakes? Is that a picture or your mind on drugs?

          87. LastGasp says

            No one believes you, that’s for sure.

          88. jetmagnet says

            This the same propaganda that started by Nazi’s in Germany!!! Teabags are the new Fascist party!

          89. LastGasp says

            You would know.

          90. jetmagnet says
          91. LastGasp says

            You haven’t ever checked a record, scumagnet. You wouldn’t even know how to cite a reference.

          92. Angry American says

            You are full of it

          93. Bob Sims says

            Sure, and six years later, we still have this sicko, whacko democrat socialist muslim with the “come on in” sign.

          94. OSAMA OBAMA says

            In 2013, the Obama administration released 36,000
            illegal alien criminals into our communities. Those 36,000 illegal
            alien criminals were responsible for nearly 88,000 convictions including
            193 homicide convictions, 426 convictions for sexual assault, 303
            kidnapping convictions, and 16,070 convictions for drunk or drugged
            driving. Out of those 36,000 released, one
            thousand have gone on to commit other crimes, “including child sex
            abuse, hit-and-run and child cruelty, according to new data released
            Friday evening by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E.

          95. jetmagnet says

            Actually, if you look into without using a rightwing source you’ll find it’s factually nebulous and inaccurate. Rightwing media blows this stuff out of proportion, because they have you and people like you that actually buy into it.

            The report
            from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) – a group that advocates
            for lower levels of legal immigration – shows that 36,007 immigrants in
            the U.S. illegally who were convicted of crimes were freed from
            Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody, including those who
            had multiple convictions. Those numbers include 193 homicide
            convictions, 426 sexual assault convictions, 9,187 dangerous drug
            convictions, 16,070 drunk or drugged driving convictions and more.

            crimes detailed in the CIS report were not necessarily all committed by
            immigrants in the U.S. illegally. Legal permanent residents can have
            their green cards revoked and be taken into ICE custody for removal if
            they commit certain crimes of “moral turpitude” such as certain
            aggravated felonies. The study’s author, Director of Policy Studies
            Jessica Vaughan, said she did not know what percentage of the 36,000
            people have green cards, but estimated it was a small.

            CIS says the report is based on ICE data they obtained that was prepared in response to congressional inquiries.

            since there are
            no nationwide data kept on murders committed by illegal immigrants, let
            alone on immigrants who are released by the Obama administration,
            Sessions’s staff struggled to come up with something that would confirm
            his assertion.

            President Obama has allowed them to stay in the United States of
            America, and the president’s unwise, unlawful and unconstitutional
            executive actions on immigration will only cause an increase in risk to
            our public safety,-Note that the statement actually tries to subtly change the meaning of
            Sessions’s remarks — that Obama is allowing immigrants who have been
            convicted of crimes to stay in the United States, not that people
            released by the Obama administration have committed crimes.

            Department of Public Safety purporting to show that aliens were accused
            of committing 3,000 homicides in 2014. (In U.S. law, “alien” means any
            person in the country who is not a U.S. citizen or national.) But it
            turned out this was data over a six-year period — 2008 to 2014 — and the
            Department of Public Safety at the time did not know which of these
            people arrested were in the country illegally; it only knew they were
            not U.S. citizens. In fact, the chart was so old that it no longer
            appears on the agency’s Web site.


            LOL, get your facts straight!

          96. OSAMA OBAMA says

            A little slow aren’t you! That’s what I said!~

          97. jetmagnet says

            You don’t say much…just little burps and retorts.
            Your incapable of distinguishing facts because your brain has been taken over by Fox media programing and you are now a fucking “puppet” lmao!

          98. OSAMA OBAMA says

            What happened, fagmagnet? Is the D.N.C. “factivist” site down? You twats LOSE in 2016, despite you importing, feeding, housing,employment of 10 million illegals!!LMAO!

          99. jetmagnet says

            Illegals help the economy and do work deabeat americans aren’t willing to do.

          100. OSAMA OBAMA says

            California officials estimate that $650 million in welfare benefits will
            be distributed to undocumented immigrant parents in Los Angeles County
            in 2013. “When you add the $550 million for public safety and nearly $500 million
            for healthcare, the total cost for illegal immigrants to county
            taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year,” Antonovich said in a statement.
            “These costs do not even include the hundreds of millions of dollars
            spent annually for their education or incarceration of the illegal
            felons..” Fagmagnet, this was BEFORE Gov. Brownstain invited more uneducated, illiterate takers in to Marxifornia.

            In 2013, the Obama administration released 36,000
            illegal alien criminals into our communities. Those 36,000 illegal
            alien criminals were responsible for nearly 88,000 convictions including
            193 homicide convictions, 426 convictions for sexual assault, 303
            kidnapping convictions, and 16,070 convictions for drunk or drugged
            driving. Out of those 36,000 released, one
            thousand have gone on to commit other crimes, “including child sex
            abuse, hit-and-run and child cruelty, according to new data released
            Friday evening by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E.

          101. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Hey failureboy, two wrongs don’t make a right. Ocumstain is issuing S.S. cards educations etc. did Reagan or G.W. do that. Waiting for your learned spewage and rants.

          102. David C Kelder says

            BORDERS FIRST! Wish I could shout louder.

          103. dondehoff says

            “ihate…..’, I know not of what you are ranting and raving about, especially 25 years ago. No matter how “on point” you may or may not be, gutter talks does not add to any discussion. There may have been some sound advice in your post but it was hidden by your profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk. Our Founding Fathers, Constitution, Federalist Papers and all of the courts (to this day), refrain from such dialog and I believe they all were trying to set the tone and tenor for discussing all critical issues. . And, if you are of a feminine persuasion, it is not even “cute”. A good “rule of thumb” is; “if you would not say “it” to your wife, mother, grandmother or a judge, don’t put it in the internet for the whole world to see your lack of civility”.

          104. justreality says

            I mostly agree, but he was correct! On the other hand, jetmagnet, is incorrect and either stupid or a liar. Take your pick.
            PS I would say that to my spouse, mother, grandmother, judge or to the moron in the Whitehouse.

          105. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

            40 years ago Conservatives refused to speak out at the yelling lying freaks, They wouldn’t dignify them by addressing them. Unfortunately it let the freaks win, no one spoke up loudly to them, no one stopped their games and the youth thought it was because the conservatives were wrong and too embarrassed to justify themselves. Sometimes you have to strongly project back at them the same stuff they are shooting at you because lowering the volume makes you unheard by the rest of the Nation.

            IF fighting back can be done without cursing, illegal activities and destroying the enemy THEN we can try it…but I think we need to match the volume.

          106. dondehoff says

            “My…….”, your approach makes you part of the problem. We are not talking about
            “volume”, even though that is a factor. When profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk are employed, the issue reverts to a one-on-one, off subject, game of “mental masturbation”, which is highly contagious and takes the readers’ focus off of the critical issues at hand—and the administration has many such “plants” out there, “stirring the pot” and when we respond, we join in their efforts to take our focus off of what the President is up to, today—have you “unwittingly” join their group?

          107. tasharina1 says

            Ya, I know what you mean Dondehoff. I find it distracting sometimes, but I can also relate to it.

            We don’t have a voice in the media except Fox, which the left bashes every chance they get. They can’t stand for there to be even one news agency that tells the truth, making it difficult for the liberal media to manipulate what we know and think. Plus, Obama is trying to get Fox and the popular conservative talk shows off the air. This is the only place we have to vent, which is much better than the violent venting the liberals do. Conservatives have too much civility and morals to go out and violently riot, destroy property and loot.

            We are up against opponents who justify lying, breaking and or ignoring laws and trashing the Constitution to get what they want. Conservatives hate those tactics and don’t use them, and those that do, we try to vote out. This leaves those of us who have a conscience and morals at a distinct disadvantage and appears to us that we are on the verge of losing our country.

            It does make a discussion difficult at times, but I prefer them venting on here than out on the streets. I, like you though, like to make some points and get my ideas across, so I just ignore the fighting and cursing and say what’s on my mind.

          108. jetmagnet says

            Most media is truthful it’s Fox News that’s Fake and they had to prove they weren’t real news in court. Try MSNBC they have both parties and are factchecked as 99.9% accurate. Fox news makes you stupid, several studies have proven. It’s for morons. meagan corrects herself at least twice a day.

          109. LastGasp says

            MSNBC is so good they’re going belly up. You fool, they’re the most prejudiced and narrow minded Mainstream media company out there.
            “With 50 straight quarters of wins in its rearview mirror, Fox News shows
            no signs of losing its dominant edge. In total viewers, Fox beat CNN
            and MSNBC combined in both total day and primetime. While Fox is the #6
            most-watched cable channel overall in primetime and #7 in total day, CNN
            and MSNBC are down in the high twenties/low thirties. On top of that,
            in Q2 Fox claimed the top 14 spots in the list of most-watched cable
            news shows in total viewers and nine of the top 10 most-watched shows in
            the 25-54 demo.”

          110. tasharina1 says

            By the way, Fox won that court case. Where did you get that 99.9% statistic, I can ‘t find it? But, I did find out this, according to Pew Research: Fox News is 55% opinion/commentary and MSNBC is 85% opinion/commentary. Fox News is 45% news and MSNBC is 15% news. So Fox reports the news 3 times more than MSNBC. Therefore, you can’t compare them both on news reporting since MSNBC does so little of it. Also, 28% of all Americans believe Fox is trustworthy and only 5% think MSNBC is trustworthy. Even with Dems, 6% believe Fox is trustworthy and 10% believe MSNBC is trustworthy. So only 3% more of the Dems think MSNBC is more trustworthy.

            When I used to watch liberal news, I found that I was missing out on a lot of important news they didn’t bother to cover. I would watch the liberal news then Fox to find out for myself. Plus, they only showed part of videos to slant it to their view. So, I went to Fox and learned so much more and could see the whole video, after seeing only part of it. This made it obvious to me that I wasn’t getting all the news or only part of it. So, I checked it out myself. Plus, I do a lot of fact checking and find Fox is more accurate than liberal media. Also, if a Fox reporter makes a mistake they correct it, like Meagan Kelly did.
            If you do a search for (MSNBC’s Year of Apologies). You will find some information on some of their mistakes. I do give them kudos for admitting them. I looked up for some on Fox News and they were mostly how stupid liberals thought some comments were. So, I have now found that the reason liberals say Fox lies is because they consider a lie, anything they disagree with, and disregard the facts.
            Also, I don’t know if you are intelligent or stupid, but it does not make you appear to be very intelligent to just call groups of people names. That’s pretty bigoted. It’s like two children and one says “hey, I just saw you trip and fall on your face.” The one who fell says “yeah, but you are dumb.” It does give me a good laugh though.

          111. OSAMA OBAMA says

            An email distributed by Ben Rhodes, senior policy makers, among them
            Susan Rice, are told to 1) blame the internet video for the violence, 2)
            deflect attention from greater policy failures (one presumes he’s
            talking about everything the Obama regime had touched), and 3) emphasize
            Obama’s cool and collected leadership.

            “This has been a difficult week for the State Department and for our
            country. We’ve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took
            the lives of those brave men. We’ve seen rage and violence directed at
            American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to
            do with. It is hard for the American people to make sense of that
            because it is senseless, and it is totally unacceptable.” Hillary Clinton

            NBC News
            investigative reporter Jeff Rossen was in “intense agony” and had “meds
            lined up” as he filed an apparently slanderous and libelous combination
            of print and video stories

          112. dondehoff says

            “MyRose…..”, so you think that profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk, “gets you heard”, in the real world. There is a great number of people, when the see or hear the first gutter word, automatically “tune -out” as to what is being said. And, the far bigger problem is when the gutter talk is started, all to many get involved with their version of “how it should be”, and then there is an off-subject, one-on-one game of “mental masturbation”, that takes the reader’s focus off of the critical issues at hand. One can see such episodes on almost every post, especially important issues. A good rule of thumb is, “If you would not say it to your spouse, mother, grandmother or a judge, don’t put it on the internet for the whole world to see how low class you are. Our Founding Fathers, The Constitution, The Federalist Papers and the courts all refrain from profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk. I am sure they intended to set the tone and tenor for all critical discussions.

          113. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

            No, That’s NOT what I recommend first, BUT I also KNOW that ignoring them and refusing to speak out to refute their nastiness doesn’t make you win. There are days though where I will revert to basic Brooklynese and tell everyone where to go, how to get there and who they should take with them. I remember my grandmother being very embarrassed by the noise and nastiness of the 60s and 70s but she wouldn’t speak out against it. She thought everyone would know that they should be ashamed of themselves and that everyone thought they were an embarrassment. She believed even answering them in any way lowered you to their level.

            I believe you need to REFUTE them, perhaps at a slightly lower and verbally cleaner audio level. BY not answering back ONLY the vileness is heard and those who haven’t made up their mind or been taught better start to believe/be indoctrinated to what they hear being the truth.

          114. dondehoff says

            “MyRose, you still don’t “get it”. the purpose of the internet, cell phones, letters. and the spoken word is to “communicate”, and when one resorts to profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk they are engaging in “mental masturbation”)–(MM)— (getting mental kicks). As I have said many times before, “The Founding Fathers, Constitution, Federalist Papers and all courts today, refrain from gutter talk and I am sure they intended to set the tone and tenor for serious discussion”—-and that requires the ability to communicate. Seriously, just what does your profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk add to any civil discussion? All too often such talk takes the focus off of the important issues at hand. And the “plants” are all chuckling with glee, noting that the important debate issue has become an off-subject, one-on-one game of “MM”. Meanwhile, the plant’s “sponsors” continue their “NWO” efforts. I am sure many of the commenters are well intended with their gutter verbal efforts, but when they play the “plant’s game”, they unwittingly become “one of them”.

          115. Michael Dennewitz says

            Wow! Another asswipe sets himself up as being better than all the rest, based only on his choice of words! What an asshole!!!

          116. dondehoff says

            “Mich….”, in the words of Perry Mason, “Your Honor, I rest my case and thank the defendant for making the task so easy”! Sir, you are one very sick person! I f you talked that way in front of a judge, you probably would get 30-days in the “slammer”, or better yet, be required to have a medical evaluation to see if would be safe to leave you on the streets. Seriously, why such a reply? You don’t know me and I surely don’t want to know you and I suspect you have forgotten, what the original discussion was about.

          117. LastGasp says

            This isn’t court. Look where your politically correct crap has gotten this nation. For fear of hurting someone’s feelings things are left unsaid that should be shouted!

          118. Saxondog says

            Well said,yet the issue remains that our Nation has tolerated treason for way to long. Now as the Dollar is set to crash as the world currency,the Politicians decided arming Federal agencies was their best chance to avoid the nose. Stupid Americans allowed this.Who will suffer? American Citizens,while the very people responsible hide behind the curtain of Federal armed employee’s.

          119. Yadja says

            Just what I was going to say so I will refer the dingdong to your post.
            He won’t understand it but I will send him there anyway.

          120. Michael Dennewitz says

            Matters not to me! I still call a halfbreed asshole a halfbreed asshole and all the liberals in the world can kick on my choice of “language,” but it doesn’t change that the little halfbreed Velcro head is STILL AN ASSHOLE!!

          121. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL good site here for all these aholes.

   Hope it comes up.

          122. dondehoff says

            Michael, you are one prejudiced person. A “half-breed”, has had no control over who are their father and mother. And, the rest of your post should have been censored by the site monitor. Such language is frequently used by those who feel they must participate, but really have nothing on point to say. I honestly feel very sorry for you. Not only that, responses such as yours, takes the focus off of the critical issues of the day—-perhaps unwittingly, you have become “one of them”. Now, can we get back to putting out the fire?

          123. Michael Dennewitz says

            Then you obviously won’t like this one doodlehoff….
            GO FUCK YOURSELF!!! :-))

          124. dondehoff says

            In the words of Perry Mason, “Your honor, I rest my case and thank the defendant for his valuable assistance in proving my point”. And Mike, you still don’t get it. I neither like or dislike what you say, as I, and most readers, from this point, lust ignore such low-class gutter talk. Site monitors, are you asleep at the switch or is “Mich” one of the family? In a court room, you would get 30 days in the “slammer” and in public, someone would probably slam you in the nose. Seriously Mich, can we get back to the important issues of the day?—which do not include you or me. I trust you know there are paid “plants” out there whose sole point in posting off-subject gutter talk, is to take the citizens focus off of the real issues of the day. Are you one of them, or are you just an ignorant person, unwittingly helping them?

          125. LastGasp says

            The “,,,ignorant person, [un]wittingly helping them,” is jetmagnet, a known troll. Except he does it for pay which is reprehensible.

          126. LastGasp says

            You know, I haven’t heard or seen you address one of your “issues of the day,” yet. It seems to me you are more intent on policing one person’s language than contributing to the conversation. I’m doing the same thing, in a way. Time to get back to the issues, eh?

          127. jetmagnet says

            yadayadayada! lol

          128. Yadja says

            SUUUUUEEEEEE here Piggy Piggy

          129. Yadja says


            Then click on the site and see for yourself O contradicting and lying about everything from one end to the other. Videos don’t lie.

            Pardon me as I laugh you off my screen LOLOLOLOLOLOL

          130. Rick Rogers says

            Videos don’t Lie.. Really… You mean all those Fox News Editing jobs they did where they cut out the parts they did not want you to see don’t lie.. Sorry.. any half way competent beginning editor can make a Video lie in about 10 minutes with access to the Footage. Hell I do it all the time for gag reels for my friends and I only have an Imac computer to do it on. Pretty sure the Fox News Editing equipment could do more then that.

          131. jetmagnet says

            Exactly! There’s more BS fake and spliced youtube videos than I can count.
            Usually, they’re required to make a disclaimer. Nobody seems to read the disclaimer. Miss Yada likes fake videos. She either doesn’t understand how videos edited or doesn’t care.

          132. Michael Dennewitz says

            And she’s uglier than hell!!

          133. Yadja says

            LOLOL it was not FOX caught editing but your Liberal news media that is in O’s pocket.

            Hi “Stupid” know what party you belong to………Cretins all of you.

          134. dondehoff says

            Yadja, that is “mental masturbation, at it finest!—-Shame on you.

          135. Yadja says

            O’s only relief. 🙂

          136. Rick Rogers says

            And BONER has had a passed Senate bill seating on his Desk for over 500 days and won’t bring it to a vote.

          137. David C Kelder says

            House has one bipartisan bill languishing. Senate has hundreds. Who ya gonna call?

          138. Rick Rogers says

            So your going to count all 51 attempts to repeal ACA that that GOP sent thru as Bills Languishing.. Hell yeah.. Lets have a senate vote and then put them in the ground where they belong. The bills that have been voted on have mostly been blocked by Senate Minority. But I don’t see you screaming about the Bills that would have been used to help Veterans, Or equal pay laws. or The Minimum wage increase that a majority of the American people want. But the ONE Bill that was Bipartisan in the Senate that Everyone says needs to happen Sits there because of an Unwritten Rule in the Senate.. SO Tell you what.. tell what bills you think are Languishing in the Senate if they have hundreds I am pretty sure you can come up with just a couple that would not get an automatic VETO from the President.

          139. David C Kelder says

            Expected automatic presidential veto is the problem. Harry Reid has protected senators snf the president from going on record as opposing these bills. If these bills are so bad, bring them to a vote and they will gone. Raising minimum wage is counter productive to the people who will lose their jobs. Equal pay for equal performance should be a requirement and it is good business practice. Helping our veterans should be a top priority for all Americans and not just because i am one. I see republicans supporting our veterans more than democrats. Tell me about the unwritten rule in the senate. I confess ignorance of this and I mam willing to learn. . Tell me what is Harry Reid afraid of that he won’t allow bills to come to the floor.

          140. Rick Rogers says

            David you might see it but Veterans groups don’t. Raising the Minimum Wage is not Counter productive because the people Earning that mimimum wage SPEND it in the economy .. not stash it in some offshore bank. As to the unwritten rule of the Senate.. Sorry I was typed one thing and when back to change it but committed a typo and did not catch it when I reread it… IT was the unwritten Rule of the House I was talking about. The Hastert Rule

          141. joe says

            How did you get to be so stupid, raising the minimum wage does NOTHING for the poor people but cause them to lose their jobs or get cut to part time. As for the economy sparky most of them will not pay a dime in taxes because they are still below that number. It WILL increase the cost of goods and services for EVERYONE including the people getting the raise. You are simple not very smart are you I have to wonder how you got through life so far.

          142. Rick Rogers says

            David let me ask you this.. You have just been elected President.. You have not even been in an office 6 months and the Leader of the Minority Party in the Senate stands up and Announces their number one agenda item is making sure your a one Term President. He all but comes out and says he is not doing anything that will help you with your agenda? How likely are you going to be to REACH across the aisle for that man?

          143. LastGasp says

            Doesn’t matter, it’s his job. No personal feelings should be involved. His job is to protect the rights of the AMERICAN people, not pursue his own agenda.

          144. LastGasp says

            A majority of AMERICANS don’t want the minimum wage increase. Illegal invaders and brainwashed progressive commies do. Americans don’t want Obolacare. Period. Why do you think the House is trying to do something about it?
            Okay, why won’t they even get it onto the floor for voting? THEY ARE AFRAID IT WILL BE REPEALED OR CHANGED MASSIVELY.
            The veterans were given more money than obola asked for, MORON. The failing was with the progressive administration that has no idea how to manage money. Why don’t you do some research before shooting off your big mouth??
            That one bill you whine about had nothing in it about sealing the border. That’s why the House wouldn’t consider it. It would be just a continuation of Obola’s open border policy.

          145. Rick Rogers says

            You need to start looking at the legitimate Polls and get away from FAUX News.. Majority of American Would approve a minimum wage. But then you must not mind increase companies Like Walmart’s bottom line but having the government take up the slack while they earn historical Profit. As for the Affordable Care act why in the world are you

          146. jetmagnet says

            You peeps don’t even know the law, and you listen to fruitcakes that don’t know the law or constitution. You berate Obama for same legal argument that allowed john lennon to stay in the country and allowed two republican idiots to grant millions amnesty without congress! LMFAO! Reagan and Bush! So you peeps can’t undo what your republicans did a decade ago. I said illegal immigration has transpired since 1895 , but you ignorant quiffs don’t bother to look up anything because the truth hurts your tiny brains!

          147. Bob Sims says

            You really need to move on from your age old hatred of Reagan in the last century. In case you haven’t noticed, we are substantially in the new century where black is allowed in the White House for the purpose of showing the world how stupid and destructive one of them can be. Your sick mentality would fit right in.

          148. joe says

            You seem to lose more brain cells with each post, pretty soon your heart is going to stop beating if you don’t wise up little man.

          149. jetmagnet says

            There’s nothing little about me fella. You probably come up to my waste. lol

          150. joe says

            Getting pretty fat off your welfare twinkies are you, that’s what happens when you lay on your couch all day drinking night train waiting for your welfare check you worthless layabout.

          151. jetmagnet says

            I can buy alot of twinkies with $47 million dollars fella. When you bring in more than $3 million a year we’ll talk about it.

          152. joe says

            ha ha ha you are as much of a liar as monkeyboy you welfare slug you are a leach on society and a disgrace to all working people.

          153. LastGasp says

            Yeah that’s why you’re trolling on conservative sites.

          154. David C Kelder says

            Did you mean waist or waste? If you meant waste, that was a fair attempt at a pun but somehow I don’t hink you are that clever.

          155. LastGasp says

            You are a waste.

          156. dondehoff says

            “jet….”, and, your post would have carried a lot more weight if you had refrained from the obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk. And, in 1895, most of the people indorsed and supported immigration. As for understanding the Constitution, today, as a document, it is hardly of any value by itself other than as an “index”, as there are reams upon reams of supporting laws and court decisions that have to be included in the analytical process—-of which few of us are fully knowledgeable. I suggest everyone, who really wants to get involved, order the DVD Course, by “The Teaching Company”, entitled, “The Great Debate; Advocates and Opponents of the American Constitution” (—and they have others DVDs, also of great value.

          157. RageFury says

            I bet you hate Bush right?

          158. Angry American says

            Maybe the congress can pass into law so0mething that would force him to take it case by case, making him sign off on each & every one of them. That would sure keep him busy enough that he could do no more harm to us

          159. jetmagnet says

            AAAAAAAAAAAAAGHT! Boring, and lacking any substance, kinda like a left over hotdog at a tea party picnic.

        2. Crown Drinker says

          You are an inferior peasant, are you not?

        3. BlueMax372 says

          Do you revise history for a living?

        4. 1LTLos says

          How possibly can you LYFAO when you have SHITFERBRIANS and through your words come off sounding like an anal sphincter? Your logic is not backed by the facts — IDIOT! THis has nothing to do with race moron – your stupid POTUS cannot legislate from within the executive – He is far from being a black POTUS and is nothing but a petty criminal and has proven that for 6 years. I will be LMFAO when Obscumbo is required to wear ORANGE PRISON Garb for the rest of his life!!! Then we can get together and have a beer and I can make fun of how ignorant you are.

          1. rich1103 says

            Boy the trash on this sight is so disgusting. The whole bunch are just a bunch of brain dead idiots.

          2. J_in_TX says

            Then leave. No one is forcing you to stay.

          3. Patricia Kehlbeck says

            ~~~~~ IT TAKES ONE…TO CALL ONE ~~~~~

          4. Landshark says

            Somebody poop in your CoCo Puffs?

        5. Landshark says

          You are the stupid here. No Conservative wanted any amnesty for ILLEGAL ALIENS. You are also the racist here. Obama is not opposed because of the black and white makeup of his race. He is opposed because he is a racist and a Communist. As I suspect you are.

          1. rich1103 says

            Boy you sure show what kind of trash you are. I’ll bet you have no respect for anything.

          2. justreality says

            Who is Landshark supposed to respect? Hopefully not the racist, communist, moron in the WH.

          3. Landshark says

            Certainly can’t respect you either, mush brain. I do respect those who earn my respect. I do not respect those who demand it. Do you respect those who have lied to you and made America into a race for being a third world country? Do you respect those who have entered America illegally and expect fee stuff and begin to turn our country into the same messed up place they ran away from? You douche bag.

          4. Rick Rogers says

            Landshark you seem like a Reasonable person but The Race for Third World Country started long before President Obama took office. You had a want to be Cowboy in the White House with an Evil Puppet Master as VP. They Made us a Pariah amoung the countries of the world by “going it alone” By torturing prisoners by doing things that we have laws against.

          5. Landshark says

            If you examine it carefully, you will learn the information gained by water boarding, a technique which causes no lasting physical harm. leaves no scars and does not cause death, may have saved thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of lives. Go it alone? America had many allies in Iraq and Afghanistan.Torture is what Nazis did to civilians, What the KGB did to civilians at Lubyanka prison and other locations. Torture is what North Vietnamese and other Communists did to American P.O.W.s in North Viet Nam. What do you call what Obama is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan? And if he has no “EvilPuppet Master”, he is the most evil person to ever occupy the White House. He stands to perpetrate this evening one of the most heinous crimes yet foisted upon the American people. And, by the way, the W.M.D.s were found.

          6. Rick Rogers says

            Actually Landshark your conclusion is in error.. studies have been published over and over that shows any information you get from any kind of torture is not reliable because there comes a point that the person will tell you anything they think you want to hear just to stop the Torture. True or not. If its does not have so much physical harm how about we get Dick Cheney to give a a Demostration as a test subject. They can ask him about how much money he made from the war in Iraq.

          7. Landshark says

            You are welcome to invite him over for a swim. I would presume Halliburton was the lowest bidder, if in fact there were any others. I Cheney held stock in Halliburton, I would also presume it would be invested in a Blind Trust, as is supposed to be the case with all heads of state and subordinates in positions which make contracting decisions. So what if he once led the corporation? the current occupant of the White House has more than tripled his wealth since conning voters into “electing” him to office. And his Bath House Buddy Al Sharpton is doing everything he can to not pay substantial taxes he owes. As for the water boarding, Several terrorist cells were arrested and their plots spoiled.

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Landshark.. According to the documents the Washington Post Got There was NO LOWEST Bidder.. It was handed to Halliburton.

          9. Landshark says

            I wouldn’t believe the Washington Post if my life depended on it. But after some research, I find Halliburton to be of dubious character. Still haven’t found any wrong doing by Cheney.

          10. Rick Rogers says

            You want to talk about Respect when its pretty clear very few of you have any respect for the Office of President. Whither you like him or not does not matter you respect the office even if you don’t respect the man. or Did you have to be reminded he won both of his Elections against Conservative GOP Candidates. The America People decided they did not like John McCain judgment when he picked Alaskan Barbie for VP or did not trust or Believe “Mr. 47% Corporations are people too”.. You don’t like him fine that’s your right. We will go right on trying to repair what has become the Corporate States of America with or without you. But since you could only get 21.9 percent of eligible Voters to vote your way last time I would say it won’t be very hard to accomplish. You can call me anything you want I does not bother me. Just proves that the Mindset of the Current GOP party. if it does not help you your against it no matter that It would help others. They should change the name of the Republican party to the “What’s in it for ME” Party.

          11. joe says

            That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard anyone say RESPECT IS EARNED MORON it is not freely given to some lying monkey because he is put in a room. What the hell is wrong with you I find it hard to believe you are actually that stupid.

          12. Rick Rogers says

            So Joe are you calling everyone man and woman in the Military Dumb? You ever in the Military… You ever have a officer that was a complete Ass? If so Did you tell them. You respect the office whither you respect the man or not.

          13. joe says

            You are as dumb as a can of tuna that has NOTHING to do with this at all they put their lives on the line for their country. Obammy is just a lying muslim scumbag traitor that has never done a damn worthwhile thing in his life. He can not even keep his own lies straight and NO you do not respect the officer unless you are a mindless puppet you slackjaw. Are you going to respect the officer that tells you to fire on your own people you mindless sheep. You are too stupid for me to even waste my time on you are a tried and true lib dumbocrat you are just not smart enough to see that. Only weak minded cowards blindly follow a person because they have a rank or a uniform WOW you are a pitiful little man

          14. Rick Rogers says

            Pretty clear you did not spend anytime in the Military you raging ahole. You respect the Uniform , you respect the Title, You respect the office. Your are not saluting the Man or woman in the uniform your saluting the Uniform itself. Same holds true for the holder of the Oval Office. He is the commander and Chief of All Armed Forces.. At the top of the Chain of command. You may not like the man but you don’t disrespect the office he holds. Sorry that concept is Beyond your Weak Minded Cowardly outlook. Wow what a pitiful little Child you are.

          15. joe says

            Yea if you are a brain dead coward you do, respect is earned it is not granted to ANYONE you simpleton. Anyone stupid enough to give respect to a person because they are told to is a coward and an idiot and no way in hell would I want an empty headed jackass like that in any job such as the military or law enforcement . Only a brain washed moron would say something so damn stupid what if your general was molesting children you still going to respect him you tiny little idiot. You are one of the more stupid people I have ever run into in these forums it is sad how little self respect you have, it is sad how weak and cowardly you are that you would just give up all your rights because some monkey is wearing a uniform or has been granted a title. You are weak little man weak and chickenshi7 and if you were in the military I bet you killed a ton of potatos in the mess hall didn’t you I bet you ALWAYS pealed in a direction vertical to the long axis without question ha ha ha ha.
            You are a puppet on a string

          16. Rick Rogers says

            Joe Its completely clear you have never served since you don’t understand the basic principle of Respect for the Uniform and title but not the man. I dare you to go up to a Marine and suggest he does should not respect the uniform and then call him a coward for doing so. IN you example its not the title of General that is molesting Children its the piece of scum that is dishonoring the uniform. I had a 2nd Lt that was a complete ass Lt George Field. USAF.. What he did not know would fill volumes and yet he thought his Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree outweighed the Training and practice of those of us trained to use the Equipment. He once ordered me to do something that I told him would damage a piece of 250,000 dollar equipment. I tried to tell him and was told if I did not he would have me up on report for failure to obey an order. so I Yes sir put his order in the Log and then did what he said. And yes it damaged the equipment just like I said it would and Field tried to charge me with Destruction of Government Property for following his order. Field was an idiot but because you respect the uniform you can’t come out and say it. The Best Thing that ever happen to me was running into him an hour after 2nd Term was up and he did not realize I was now out of the Air Force. the look on his face when I told him he was stupid arrogant uninformed undereducated asshole and Then watching him tell me he was taking me directly to the Commanding office was priceless. what was even more priceless was watching the Commanding office ask him why he was bringing a civilian in front of him for discipline. Then watching him ask Field what kind of office he was that he did not even know when one of his men had left the service. I told then I thank the Colonel for the chance of serving with him and left.

          17. joe says

            You are weak minded if you really believe that ,are you telling me if I stuff his uniform with hay and make a head out of a pumpkin you will respect it. You can not respect a uniform it is meaningless it is only the person wearing it that can EARN respect. If you blindly offer respect to an office or uniform you are a weak person with no ability to think for yourself. People deserve respect not an office or a uniform or a damn title those are meaningless without the right person in them WOW the military did a hell of a brainwashing job on you.

          18. Rick Rogers says

            are you really that dimwitted you can’t understand a simple concept that has been around as long as the US Military.. But to answer you question abut the hay and Pumpkin.. No Because you would be dishonoring the uniform by that act. Respect of the uniform and what it represents if foundation of the US Armed Forces. Tell you what I am not having much luck explain this.. SO why don’t you drive down to a nearby bar or club where US Marines hang out and then tell them they are weak minded Fools for Respecting the Uniform. But please.. Post on here when you get out of Surgery what happen.

          19. joe says

            I understand it perfectly Ricky and I am telling you it is stupid as hell you are brainwashed to respect things that are meaningless and through this brainwashing they can get you to do what ever they tell you to do, pretty simple pretty stupid. I guess you are too weak willed to question authority yep you are just the kind of mindless sheep they like in the military. Why the hell you would be proud of that is what I do not understand it is military nonsense to get you to conform I find it quite disturbing to see it stick even after all this time.

          20. David C Kelder says

            One way to thwart the lifers and the incompetent officers in the military is to do exactly what they tell you to do. BTW You are only required to follow LAWFUL orders. The trick is to know when an order is clearly unlawful. If it would not be clear to a reasonable man that an order is unlawful, you are obliged to follow it. Get a witness. If there is no witness, it never happened. When serving in the Marines in Vietnam a friend of mine who had a beef with a low quality officer asked to speak to him in private. They went behind an idling aircraft where my buddy told the officer he was an asshole. No witness but the look on the officers face when he came back indicated that my buddy was telling the truth. Thank you for you service. My oldest daughter served four years in the USAF and got out as a Captain. My four years in the Marines left me on the E6 list when I chose to become a civilian again.

          21. David C Kelder says

            What percent of eligible voters elected Obama? Don’t count the dead people and the multiple voters and the illegal voters. Give me a real number.

          22. Rick Rogers says

            Certified Election board numbers.

            2008 election vs McCain..

            Obama 52.9%

            McCain’s 45.7%

            1.4 % voted for some other Candidate or

            2012 Election also Certifited Election board numbers.

            Obama 51.1 %

            Romney 47.2%

          23. joe says


          24. Rick Rogers says

            You opinion is not what I scrape off my boot when I walk my dog in the dog park. Just go back into your trailer get your beer and turn on Duck Dynasty and let the Grown ups talk.

          25. joe says

            Hey Duck Dynasty is a great show, I know you are afraid of the guns on there but you can just turn your head when they come on ya fancy lad.

          26. Rick Rogers says

            Ha ha ha. You believe in a fake political party so I thought you would be dumb enough to believe in a fake reality show.

          27. joe says

            I do not believe in ANY political party they are all liars and criminals, ya see Ricky I can think on my own, I know you do not understand that concept but that’s OK keep living in your fantasy world everything will be alright really it will.

          28. Rick Rogers says

            to bad you can’t post pictures here.. found a mate for you sheep fornicator

          29. joe says

            OOOO good one little Ricky, seems like you have lost some of your steam since I have proven you wrong on everything. I understand little one you are afraid now, it OK there is no such thing as monsters. Hey by the way what is that dead thing on your head, is that a cat? I hope it was one you found dead on the road and did not kill a fresh one cause that would just be wrong it could have been someones pet ha ha ha ha. No really it looks great honestly it does.

          30. Rick Rogers says

            Your insults are pitiful. Your intellect lacking. your Moral Compass Devote of any Christian Charity. I am done having a battle of wits with someone that is So Completely unarmed as yourself. You have never served your country. I believe the idea makes you want to crap your pants. You have no honor and no Loyalty to anyone but yourself and your twisted Ideas. . I am not wasting anymore time on a half wit with a 6th Grade education. Think I just start calling you Jethro Bodine instead of Joe.. have a good one Jethro… Say hello to Elma May.

          31. Rick Rogers says

            You know what I take that Back… Jethro was smarter then you.

          32. joe says

            It was the cat thing wasn’t it ha ha ha ha ha.

          33. joe says

            It was Elly May and she was hot. If you think I should show you respect because you served your country you are even more dim witted than I first suspected. So what you served in the army, being drafted and forced to serve does not really make you a hero little one. Cooking samiches for the real troops does not make you a hero. You seem to think because you served your country it makes you some how special, got news chuckles it does not. Many people served and did far more than you and many people served here at home doing such things as manufacturing the weapons your buddies used and manufacturing the soup ladle that was your weapon of choice. You are not as important as you think you are inside that little skull of yours even with the fancy cat covering.

          34. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry Numbnuts… I was Air Sea Rescue in the US Air Force. As to what you think of me. Every insult must mean I am doing something Right because someone as so social undesirable thinks I am doing something wrong then it just proves I am right.

          35. joe says

            WOW Ricky had to read that one twice to make any sense of it, may I suggest you use a bit less glue on kitty it seems to be putting undue pressure on the old noggin there. Air sea rescue huh were there bubbles involved Ricky yea I bet there were, you saved ducky from a horrible death many times I am sure.

          36. joe says

            Here we go with your stupid respect ideas these are ideas only a mindless puppet like you would follow, go away sheepboy

          37. Rick Rogers says

            I leave the sheep to you dummy. Would not want to deprive you of your one form of sexual relief. Tell your wife I said. baa. Baa. She will know what I mean

          38. Rick Rogers says

            So how did the visit to the marine bar go. You the one where you were going to tell them what idiots they were for respecting the uniform or were you to much of a coward to go

          39. joe says

            I am really not interested in where you go to try to pick your men up but a bit of advice that is probably not a good choice they may not take kindly to you in there with your floppy wrists and all, just sayin. Maybe try waiting out side of a curves or something it is probably safer for you, bring fudge they will love you.

          40. Rick Rogers says

            Yea a coward just like I thought. So were you old enough for the draft or did you shit your pants to get out of it like Ted nonuts did

          41. joe says

            Yes Ricky I was 3 so I was old enough for the draft but they decided to take the stupid ones first that’s how you got to be a cook in the Army potatoboy ha ha ha.

          42. Rick Rogers says

            That’s what I thought. Well someone said it a bit better then I.

            I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom I provide, then question the manner in which I provide it. I prefer you said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand to post.

          43. joe says

            Yep if not for all those potato’s you pealed I am sure we would have Adolf hitler in office thanks for saving me ricky I hate sauerkraut it is yucky.
            You did NOTHING to provide freedom to anyone cathead.

          44. jetmagnet says

            Conservatives are like imbread zombies they all walk the same talk the same and collectively jabber the same. I don’t vote for mindless robots. I vote for “Free thinkers” that don’t follow the next guy with his nose up his azz. If any of them stopped short there would alot of broken noses. They all like to serve the rich, which is fine, they can serve me.

          45. joe says

            You vote for who you are told to vote for period sheepboy

          46. Landshark says

            As I said. He is a Communist and a racist. And by your remarks, I see you are also. Want to see inbred? Who’s your daddy .Milkbrain? More like any sane person might bust a cap on your ignorant azz than give your hateful punk self the sweat off his balz if you were dying of thirst. You racist have no mind of your own. But insanity is no excuse anymore.

          47. joe says

            You vote for who they tell you to vote for you are not smart enough to make that decision

          48. jetmagnet says

            Exact description of a rightwing fruitcake, thanks! LOL

          49. joe says

            You are just lame, not even smart enough to make up your own post proving once again you have no ability for independent thought. Every time you open your mouth you prove that you are exactly what I say you are a lib puppet.
            You just parrot what you hear on TV, it is all you are capable of because to actually research anything would require you to get off your lazy welfare collecting good for nothing a55 and do something. We know that is never going to happen so just take another hit off that crack pipe Junior and go back to la la land where you and your kind live.

        6. brabbie2002 says

          Sounds to me like you are a liberal sore loser. Sorry, but the majority won and we didn’t have to dig up dead people nor vote six times to do it! Isn’t that AMAZING?

          1. Jim says

            Lowest turnout since 1942?

          2. Rick Rogers says

            wow your actually proud that 21.9 percent of eligible voters when your way.. That’s some Strong Majority you go.. Should last oh I would say till November 2016 when MORE of the eligible voters turn out. enjoy your 21.9 percent. All you have done is waken a sleeping Giant.

          3. Landshark says

            You mean all the dead people and illegal aliens?

          4. jetmagnet says

            The gop has a 28% approval rating, the teabags 21% and your congress 7% Good luck after they produce nothing between 2014-2016.

          5. Bob Sims says

            Since you are a pro at producing nothing, as evidenced by your nothing showing here, lead the way.

          6. joe says

            Yet the dumbocrats got their butts kicked you simple minded chucklehead.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Damn I want to be you stock broker if you think 21.9 percent is a win.. or an ass kicking..

          8. David C Kelder says

            21.9 % ROI is a win in the stock market.

          9. joe says

            Can’t handle it huh it was enough to make you lose sheepboy and that is all they needed to put a leash on that monkey in the Whitehouse I just hope they do it and do not cave in like all the coward dumbocrats always do. Why are you so uneducated??

          10. Rick Rogers says

            So joe are you might want to go make sure you don’t miss your weekly KKK meeting your Rascist piece of Fecal matter

          11. joe says

            If being sick of seeing these lazy monkeys use race as an excuse to be a failure and lazy while I pay for it makes me a racist then yes I am. If am sick of these subhuman scumbags rioting down in Ferguson even though the cop was innocent and that criminal deserved to be killed YES I am a PROUD RACIST. If you want something in this country you earn it you don’t make up excuses to steal it like these stinking filthy monkeys are doing. I hope the national guard mows them down by the hundreds and pisses on their rotting corpses. You are too stupid to deserve my time anymore cowards like you sicken me you do not deserve to be called an American citizen. Why don’t you go donate your welfare check to these lazy chimps you chickenshi7 little fruit.

          12. Rick Rogers says

            Why Do have a feeling you live in a Trailer.

          13. Rick Rogers says

            I care about one Race one and one Race only because its the only Race on this Planet..its called the Human Race and under the skin we are not Different at all. If you think someone is better or worse because of the color of their skin your the worst kind of moronic Coward there is. Hopefully you won’t Breed and give anymore of your twisted Ideals to innocent Children.. My one wish is that some of you Racist pieces of trailer Trash get in a Car accident and have to lie there while a African American Surgeon is the only person that can save you life. Maybe then you will have a “Come to Jesus” type of moment.

          14. joe says

            This HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE moron well unless you are a dumbocrat. The whole race thing is being CREATED by obammy holder and that freakshow Sharpton. This is about ILLEGAL people do you even understand that term little girl.

          15. joe says

            A braindead giant is more like it

          16. LastGasp says

            Beat you commies, though. Whine away.

          17. Rick Rogers says

            Please make a note of the date and time you sent that so you can reread it on November 2nd 2016 then we will see who is whining…

          18. LastGasp says

            So, at least you are admitting to be a communist. Things are looking up.

          19. Rick Rogers says

            You should hurry and logout.. You might miss the Nighly FAUX LIES program.

          20. jetmagnet says

            I’m not a liberal or a sore loser, both my candidates won, a republican and a democrat.

          21. joe says

            You are a lib the problem is you do not know what that even means, every post you make backs up the fact you are a lib.The fact that you are too stupid to even know that proves it 100%, you are a loser plain and simple.

          22. jetmagnet says

            You are a fruitcake..and I pay no attention to people who have no agenda other than bash anyone that doesn’t agree with their commie-fascist theocracy and call them Libs. You people are what you are dirt on the face of America.

          23. hoss50cal says

            that’s a funny post jet because all your doing is bashing anyone that’s doesn’t agree with you kind of the pot calling the kettle black your a hypocrite

          24. joe says

            You are a coward and anti AMERICAN you are a traitor and a liar just like your messiah obammy you pitiful little man. Weak kneed limp wristed daisy plucker describes you to a tee. Weak minded follower is another one of your traits, you are a disgrace to all REAL AMERICANS and you should leave this country and never come back.

          25. jetmagnet says

            Your exercising you’re right to be a total azzclown- and to see you degrade yourself over and over is hilarious! In fact it shows people how maniacal Fruitcakes like you are-! You’re just terrific at it LMFAO!

          26. joe says

            No one here takes you seriously so why do you keep coming back, do you have some sort of delusional need to hear yourself speak. Every person here knows you are a liar and a troll no one person has ever agreed with you on anything in fact they all agree on only one thing you are an uneducated moron.Nothing you say has any worth to anyone but you it is pretty sad to see what kind of life you live I should feel pity for you. Your only job here is to entertain me give me a break from my day now and then. I am sure that is your only job besides collecting your welfare check that is you are a sad little man.

        7. defiant1 says

          Who is the stupid peep, jet?–and by the way, your imperial president is a racist AND a bigot. Jet, you need to read your history of these amnesties, not the same as your imperial president.

          1. jetmagnet says

            He’s doing what a GOP congress can’t do, they can’t do anything even with a majority! lmao!

          2. Bob Sims says

            He is doing the will of the socialist, liberal, confused Democratic Left, so you should feel right at home. Anymore thought of you crossing the border and keep going south?

        8. Michael Dennewitz says

          Hey shit-for-brains, your diaper needs changed. Run to mommy and get er done, eh? (where the hell do these assholes come from?)

        9. ESQ says


        10. sandraleesmith46 says

          That was, as this IS, a NWO SCAM designed to destroy anns steal YOUR home ffrom YOU too, in case you care…so stop laughing long enough to THINK, for a change! None of this is to help Americans in ANY way!

          1. Rick Rogers says

            ok.. Sandraleesmith46 I want to ask you something. IF all of a sudden you add 11 million people paying into social Security and paying payroll, State and Federal Tax don’t you think that money could be used to help americans. Fix some bridges, Build and Repair some Roads, Maybe build some schools and Hospitals, see to our Veterans Care that need it. Right now the Majority of those people don’t pay into any program. They are here they and are doing jobs most American’s don’t want and the Majority of them DO work and work hard.

          2. hoss50cal says

            it didn’t help us the last time we gave them amnesty .if they come here illegal they have proven that they have no respect for our laws and they have no rights they should be hunted down and put in chains then drug back across whatever border the snuck across

          3. sandraleesmith46 says

            If you think, for a NY nanosecond, any of THOSE amnestied illegals has ANY more intention of paying INTO the system than all the millions previously amnestied in the last 3 rounds is doing, you’re seriously in need of mental health care!

          4. Rick Rogers says

            As I said to someone else earlier..last time I check there was no place in the Country that pay payroll taxes and social Security Taxes was optional. If they Get a paycheck they are paying in.

          5. David C Kelder says

            Have you seen the figures on the underground economy? Lots of people “work off the books” I am for a consumption tax or a flat tax or both.

          6. sandraleesmith46 says

            They’re eithere working off the books or collecting welfare, or both; they have NO intention of working on the books, collecting a paycheck. None of the rest did either!

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Sandraleesmith46 please be careful your starting to sound like Steve (cantolope Calf) King lumping everyone in to one group. I personally know of 2 undocumented immigrants that were here on student Visa’s they go married and had a child while here. That makes their Daughter a US Citizen. Both of them pay payroll tax and have a company that employees 9 US Citizens. Their Company pays taxes on the profit it makes. And they file their Taxes every year and pay what it says they owe. They don’t ask for handouts and do volunteer work at least one weekend a month at local homeless shelters. They call it giving back to their Daughters Country.

          8. sandraleesmith46 says

            2 out of the 20+ millions here? Wow, that’ll solve everything, of course, and naturally justifies BREAKING our laws to be here! Sorry, but I’ve lived in AZ for better than 30 years, and seen the drain on our economy they create!

          9. Rick Rogers says

            Tell you want Sandraleesmith46.. Give this a couple of months and see what happens and then we can revisit it. Most of these people are not looking for a handout but a way to support their families. The why the program was lied out its only going to apply to whose that have children that are American Citizens. Its not a blanket amnesty like Reagan gave. So no one knows what going to happen but it can’t be any worst then doing nothing with a broken system and just hoping it will change. A man a lot smarted then me once said

            Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

          10. sandraleesmith46 says

            The illegals coming here for the past several decades are NOT like past immigrants who came legally, seeking to make better lives; I’ve known plenty of those, having grown up near NYC during a period of heavy immigration through that city. I’ve also been living in AZ for better than #% years now, and known plenty.of these; they come only to TAKE, not to contribute in any way! The difference is night and day!
            The system isn’t “broken” except the so called anchor babies and chain migrations need to be stopped, and “worker visas and foreign student support as well, then enforce the extant laws, and EDUCATE.American kids to do the jobs!

          11. joe says

            Hey idiot they wont pay a dime into income tax in fact they will all likely get earned income credits stealing even more money from the American taxpayer. You are not capable of forming a single logical thought are you. Most of these criminlas will go straight on to welfare you slackjaw

          12. Rick Rogers says

            criminlas. Huh. Don’t you mean criminals. What the hell you favorite book is green eggs n ham. Should not expect valid spelling. God how do you keep from walking into glass doors. What a lame brain you have

          13. joe says

            Hey Einestoned want to re read what you just posted to me and then rag on me again for the one typo I made, you cowardly follower.

        11. joe haire says

          I wasn’t always a bigot! It was only until you elected a Muslim/Marxist/racist to your president that I changed my mind. You are a racist peep Jet Baby!!

        12. zanografix says

          Reagan regretted it as one of the worst things he ever did because his amnesty plan in 1986 was supported by Congress. His plan failed because the federal government didn’t enforce it and only about half of those, then, alien took advantage of it. The democrats learning nothing from that failure seek to o it again under the magnification of 11 million instead of 4. I predict the same results.

        13. rich1103 says

          This is so true. Everything Obama has proposed the Republicans have been against so what else is new. They hate blacks and especially one in the White House they said it day one.

          1. CA Loser says

            It sounds like you don’t know anything about conservatives. We are not supporting Obama not because he is half black but because he thinks he can do whatever he wants with no input from anyone. The dems have been the ones who have not pushed any republican bills through, as a matter of fact they just sit on Reid’s desk, they are not and have not been brought to vote. Times are a changing, you aren’t going to like it. PC is no longer acceptable.

          2. J_in_TX says

            You need to get the facts straight. Obama isn’t black. He is half white to begin with. He, from what I understand, is only about 6% black. A big majority of the rest remaining 44% is Arab. Why, if Republicans hate blacks so much, did a Southern state elect a black Republican Senator. Why did Utah elect a black Republican Congresswoman? You really don’t know anything about conservatives or Republicans other than what your Mommy told you in nursery rhymes.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            Wow your proud of a Black Republican Congresswoman. the Democrats had one in office all the way back in 1968.. SO what took you so long? As for the Black Republican Senator. Have you ever listen to Tim Scott. He spouts the same old lines about Free Market and Trickle down that have been proven to be untrue by real life testing. In North Carolina we came very close to booting out a Southern Redneck Senator by the Name of Jesse Helms back in 1990. But the way you phrased it could just have been as easy to say.. Hey Look we elected our Token black person so see we aren’t Racist.

          4. J_in_TX says

            All you have to do is look at the black Congressmen and Women elected by the Dims (yes, I did that on purpose) to see how dim the voters are. You could put them all together and not get an IQ of 100. I hate to tell you, but the free market is what made this country great. It wasn’t the crony capitalism or socialist policies of today. But, then someone like you would have to have an open mind and not be drinking the Dims Kool-aid to know and understand that. Socialism doesn’t work. You eventually run out of other people’s money as Maggie once said. As to your question on what took so long, it is the brain washing of the blacks by the Dims that caused it to take so long. A black person, if they run as a conservative/Republican as denigrated by their own as being traitors to their race or “Uncle Toms” because they dared to breakaway from the mold set forth for blacks by Dims. How dare they stray from the Democrat plantation and think for themselves. How dare they want something better for themselves than welfare, public housing and food stamps. That is why it took so long to finally break through the Democrat chains and get elected as a black conservative.

          5. hoss50cal says

            that’s what won Obama his first term we wanted to prove we weren’t a racist country anymore and make history we voted him in even tho he isn’t a citizen of this country an he is 100% anti american

          6. Rick Rogers says

            oh my god.. why did you tell me you were a Birther.. That expands everything.. Your statement is wrong.. His mother was an US Citizen and that makes him a US Citizen.. Or are you waiting for us to give you a taste of your own statements when TED CRUZ decides to run.

          7. Landshark says

            Livin’ in Lala Land makin’ up fairy tales. either you buy into this Communist propaganda or you are a communist troll. I see the hate in your posts. You too will be a slave if Obama has his way.

        14. Laddyboy says

          Color has NOTHING to do with the ILLEGAL actions done by an individual. Each Person IS responsible for their OWN actions.

        15. runninbear says

          when will you stop defending him it has nothing to do with color,when will all you racist and bigots realize what he doing,Giving 5 million illegals amnesty while he plans to bring millions more in through as refugees! when there are 11 million already here.Black unemployment is 17% and native Americans are at 10 % and that’s not counting the OTWs (other than whites) have been out of work for years and have no jobs for them,but illegals will drain all the programs that was created for “AMERICANS” who need help,but now it is being drained on these illegals bringing in diseases that they have been diagnosed with.
          They did approve amnesty but with some provisions that the Democrats promised to do,but when it came to funding to build the fence the democrats back peddled and stop the building of the fence to secure our border.and if we give amnesty to illegals it will cost U.S trillions to feed and support them while the Democrats destroy our sovereignty!Are you so blinded by your color that all you can come up with is calling us racists bigots.We are fighting for Americans not illegals who come here with one thought on their minds,to continue their criminal behaviors.and to continue to defraud the IRS for Illegal tax returns that have 20 or more tax returns with the same addresses,claiming dependents that they supposed to support but have never been in this country.
          If you can’t see the damage that this will bring then you are part of the problem that can’t get past the color barriers that racists and bigots always claim is the problem.When we all know it’s not the color of their skin but the content of their character.

          1. Landshark says

            runninbear, thank you. you have said it all.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            Runninbear.. you realize your talking about a building a Fence that would be 1969 miles Long? And what would stop the Immigrants from just building or buying Ladders? There is no plan now or in the Future that would allow you to secure an almost 2000 mile Border. It can’t happen and trying to do it is wasting money that could be spent else where. Like maybe helping the people that were Wounding fighting for this country. You want to blame someone then blame the people that are hiring these undocumented Immigrants. Because I am pretty sure no one is holding a gun to the head of these Business owners demanding a job.

          3. hoss50cal says

            then we should put patrols back on our border but when illegals are spotted crossing our border instead of chasing them they should just shoot them and throw them back across the border and if a business owner uses illegals they should be thrown in prison

          4. Rick Rogers says

            You want me to loan you a chisel so you can take out the Plaque on the Statue of Liberty? Have to say that’s a very Christian like stance to take .. JUST SHOOT THEM. SO if they fire back at one of your milita posse and kill them whats to keep them from Claiming they were standing their Ground. After all Militia is not law enforcement and your not allowed to use deadly force to prevent border crossing.

          5. David C Kelder says

            In sight of the Statute of Liberty, is Ellis Island where my wife’s ancestors entered this country legally after being screened. People with communicable diseases or criminal backgrounds were turned away.

          6. Rick Rogers says

            Well David Mine were here before the Revolutionary War.. First came to Massachusetts Before moving to the Carolina’s. Part of my family tree is Cherokee so you go down that branch and they were hear long before. How about approaching this Logically. there is no easy fix for this. Its only a cause of how bad do we want to make it. By law the Constitution any child born in this country is a citizen. (the one exception is children of Diplomats. If they are born here they are still citizen of the country their parents are from) The program the president talked about last night was targeted at those immigrants with Children that were born here. You can round up American Citizens and ship them out of the country. (as much as I would like to see some Tea Party Members on a slow boat to china you can’t do it). The offer was not amnesty not in the way it was offered by Reagan and Bush. There were no fines or penalties talked about when they offered it. IF Congress will pass a law that the president will sign then all these orders go away. So instead of screaming about him over stepping how about we start Demanding Congress do their job. After all.. Their approval rating is lower then Cockroaches .

          7. David C Kelder says

            Rick – You are a reasonable person and you use logic instead of name calling. My point about Ellis Island was not who has been here longer but to differentiate legal immigration from Illegal immigration. Anchor babies serve to encourage more illegal immigration. It would take a constitutional amendment to change it. I don’t see that happening BUT we could stem the tide if we did not allow their illegal parents to stay. Keeping the border secure is difficult but not impossible.

            Mandated minimum wage can have the unintended consequence of reducing the number of jobs available in several ways. Replacing people with machines, attrition of the number of businesses employing low trained workers, reducing the. number of workers required because of decreased volume due to higher prices. or cut back in hours due to lost business all have a negative effect on those it was intended to help. As prices in one segment rise, inflation will spread to other areas.

          8. Rick Rogers says

            David I would wonder if you could show me the source of your numbers because the Congressional Budget office reports from last 50 years show that anytime there is a increase in minimum wage that there is over all job growth not job Loss and that that the people that get that increase pay the money back into the Economy not stuff it in offshore banks or Tax havens. There were a number of studies that showed Recently that if McDonalds start paying their employees the proposed 10.00 minimum wage they would have to raise the price of a Big Mac 27 cents.
            Economy growth of any kind creates jobs and if Sam the Counter guy has more money in his pay check then chances of him spending it on Groceries,, or maybe eating out somewhere or spending it in other business is going to cause Growth which will create jobs. The thing about the Supply and Demand Principle is that the Demand is keyed on someone having money to Spend. The other thing is that if someone works 40 hours a week and can’t afford to feed their families they are going to try and get government assistance. So your paying for that whither you pay it with a higher price or you pay it out of the Federal and State Budget Your still paying for it. The difference is that the employee’s Company DOESN”T have to pay it if we cut their Tax rate over and over. They just profit from it at the expense of you and me paying for it.

          9. hoss50cal says

            see as how the we don’t have anyone protecting our borders now a milita might be the only choice we have left I don’t like it but we cant depend on the government its selling us out

        16. mac12sam12 says

          They didn’t use illegal executive orders. The Immigration and Control Act of 1986 was passed by congress. Just ask the peeps!

          1. jetmagnet says

            both signed executive orders on undocumented immigrants that were
            not covered under the original Immigration and Reform Act of 1986.

            The original law didn’t cover spouses and some minor children of
            immigrants that were given amnesty. By law they were meant to be
            deported thus breaking up families. Reagan and Bush both signed
            executive orders allowing these spouses and minor children to stay in
            the country legally. A bill was passed in the Senate during this time
            but never taken up by the House, the executive orders stood.

          2. Bob Sims says

            Why stop with Reagan, why not go back to Lincoln’s mistake. Had he not made that fatal mistake, the White House would have someone else in it.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            Bob Sims. Do you actually judge people by the color of their Skin? Because that’s what it sounds like what your doing. And if you do are you going to demand “white only Blood” if you every have to have surgery in a hospital?

          4. Bob Sims says

            No, I don’t, and if you must know, I was simply trying to get Jerk Mag riled up, but he hasn’t taken the bait yet. Some of my best friends are black and they despise Obuma Skuma. Is that considered racist if a black attacks a black? Just wondering what political correctness has to say about that. Actually, I think the black Obum Scuma group considers my friends traitors to their cause. Actually, it’s all pretty fucked up anymore since the liberals have gotten so aggressive.

          5. joe says

            You are wrong as usual and you continue to make up lies, I think you should be on medication.

        17. Yadja says

          Please see ihatelibs post it is what I was going to say.

        18. Jim says

          shouldn’t you be out on the street trying to scare little old ladies. Oh I got it . That isn’t a mask. In that case might I recommend a long hot soapy rendezvous with you mirror. After getting into frenzy smash head into mirror. Then pick up nice sharp shard then cut both wrists deeply. Or (hopefully you live at least 4-5 stories up,not in basement at buddys house) just see if it is true you CAN fly. What does your boy obola say “yes we can” forward etc etc.

        19. Bob Sims says

          Are you really as pathetically stupid and ignorant as you sound? You and those like you with you attempt to stir the racism pot are really a sick bunch of liberal bullshit artists. Being black has nothing to do with this. I would despise the sorry bastard if he were any color. You need to pull your race baiting head out of your ass and get a life.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Listen, the GOP has been bashing Obama since he was elected, because he’s black. They decided during his first inauguration they where going to make him irrellivent by blocking every bill he introduces, them it was “we’ll make him a one term president, and that failed. this was racist-bias from the beginning. To prove my point the GOP for the third time has elected NO Black, or women to it’s legislative commitees. Your media uses blacks as “Pawns” to push their archaic bullshit. ALL white men on ALL GOP commitees! LOL

          2. joe says

            MORON it has nothing to do with his skin color it is the fact he is an incompetent criminal a liar and a traitor

          3. David C Kelder says

            Not a race issue though racist attitudes exist on both sides.

        20. Judy says

          Bush and Reagan used laws that were passed by congress. They did not illegally circumvent the constitution to pass amnesty. Huge difference.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Right! The same laws President Obama is using! Thank you for making my point!
            Both reagan and bush used executive orders like Obama will. No differance!
            He has the right and the authority. Baggers won’t pass anything, they are useless garbage. So Obama should use as many executive orders as possible. He’s way behind Bush and reagan who passed twice as many executive orders without the approval of congress. Do the research!

          2. Judy says

            No Bush and Reagan did not use executive orders to grant amnesty, they went through congress just like they are supposed to do. And no obama does not have the authority to bypass congress on immigration. I suggest you do some research and learn just what he can use executive powers for. It’s not passing his own agenda.

          3. jetmagnet says

            Every President Since Eisenhower Used Executive Authority On Immigration.
            Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush
            did in regards to immigration; use executive authority in a humane act
            towards immigrants.

            Now, Republicans will never admit it, but their
            man-turned-god, Ronald Reagan, was the first Republican president to
            take executive action on immigration to put a screeching halt to his
            party’s inhumane treatment of Hispanic immigrants. In 1986, Ronald
            Reagan signed the what would prove to be the last comprehensive
            immigration reform bill to pass Congress. The legislation, the
            Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA)
            granted up to 3 million undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship
            if they had lived in America “continuously” since 1982, or four years;
            nearly identical to President Obama’s proposal for comprehensive
            immigration reform Ted Cruz will not let House Republicans debate or
            vote on.

            There was a problem with the new immigration law
            that bothered Reagan’s conscience because it did not include spouses and
            children of the 3 million immigrants the law affected. At the time, the
            Senate Judiciary Committee said that the “families of legalized aliens
            would be required to “wait in line.” This abomination of
            “split-eligibility families” also wore on the consciences of the U.S.
            Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) that drove them to condemn the
            separation of families that conflicted with Reagan’s so-called
            “pro-family” bona fides.

            A year later some members of Congress offered up a
            legislative fix to include the now-legal immigrants’ family members in
            the IRCA, but it failed. So when Congress failed to do the humane thing
            and keep immigrant families intact, Ronald Reagan took it upon himself
            and changed the policy under executive authority, and “prosecutorial
            discretion” to extend the protections against deportations. Not
            surprisingly, there was no outrage, claims of presidential overreach,
            threats of impeachment, lawsuits against Reagan, government shutdowns,
            or summary elimination of his use of executive orders. Current
            Republicans are well-aware of Reagan’s executive action but it was a
            different story ‘then’ because that president was a white man.

            The next white Republican president, George H.W. Bush, took nearly identical
            executive action in 1989 as his predecessor Reagan without the
            approval, or input, of Congress. The first President Bush agreed with
            Reagan, and President Obama, that immigration law “would be enforced humanely”
            without tearing immigrant families apart. Like his white Republican
            predecessor, the elder Bush’s executive actions were not unprecedented,
            outrageous, presidential overreach, and he was not threatened with a
            lawsuit, government shutdown, impeachment, or summary loss of his
            executive authority through the budget process.

            The next white Republican president, and another
            less-intelligent but no less compassionate Bush, George W, in 2008
            signed into law a humane immigration reauthorization to protect
            immigrant children from three Central American nations. The bill was
            co-sponsored by Republicans Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska, Ileana
            Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, and Chris Smith of New Jersey. The children get
            a fair hearing, are placed with family members or appropriate homes to
            ensure they are not victims of human trafficking.

            This is the Bush-Republican law
            President Obama is following that has Republicans apoplectic and
            summoning armed militias, and national guard units to the Southern
            border. There were no threats to impeach, sue, shutdown the government,
            or abolish Bush’s executive authority. In fact, Bush had said a couple
            of years earlier that “We’re a nation of immigrants, and we must uphold
            that tradition, which has strengthened our country in so many ways.” The
            only difference between what President Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan,
            George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush did in taking humane action on
            immigration is that one of those four U.S. presidents (the Black one) is
            taking unprecedented action and abusing executive authority. That one
            President is also being threatened with a congressional lawsuit,
            impeachment, a government shutdown, and loss of executive authority for
            the high crime and misdemeanor of taking the same humane executive
            action as three white Republican presidents.
            It is noteworthy that every president
            since and including Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower has taken executive
            action on immigration without facing threats of lawsuits, government
            shutdowns, impeachment, or loss of executive authority; because they
            were white. No American dare ever say the current crop of Republicans,
            teabaggers, conservative pundits, and conservative media are not
            inherently racist, hypocritical, and living representations of vile
            inhumanity. Fortunately, history will portray them for exactly what they
            are; hypocritical and inhumane racists who hate immigrants just as much
            as they hate the African American man occupying the White House.

          4. Judy says

            Reagan did not use executive order to pass amnesty. A law was written in 1986 and passed by congress to keep families together. A hell of a huge difference in what obama is planning to do. Your an idiot if you can’t see the difference. And Obama is more white and Arab than he is black. We don’t like those sides of either. You want to see a racist look in the mirror.

          5. joe says

            Where did you cut and paste that from, there are more words there than you have room in your brain for.

          6. Rick Rogers says

            Judy sorry but both of them did issue Executive orders that applied to things that were not covered but the Immigration and Reform act of 1986. When Jetmagnet said it I when to check and found it on a number of Government Websites just buy doing a Search for Executive ORders signed by Reagan and or Bush.

          7. Judy says

            Bush and Reagan acted in conjunction with congress. obama does not plan to work with congress in any way. That’s the difference. He’s doing it simply because he’s pissed the democrats lost.

          8. Rick Rogers says

            here is the problem with that. There is a Bi Partisan Bill sitting on the Speaker of the house desk for over 500 days that President Obama said he would sign. Boehner refuse to bring it to a vote because of something he calls the Hastert Rule.

          9. Judy says

            That does not give him the authority to illegally usurp the constitution and go against the wishes of the American people. We have three branches of government for a reason. It’s to keep the president from being a dictator. He cannot pass his agenda with executive order regardless of what he thinks.

          10. Rick Rogers says

            Ok Judy here are the facts.
            Since 1953 there have been 11 presidents. 6 republicans. 5 democrats. Number of executive orders by each party. Republican 1837. Democrats 1370. Most executive orders during a term. 484 by Eisenhower. Least number 147 by Barack Obama. Obama would have to issue 3 orders a week to catch up with Ike in the 113eeeks and 2 days he has left in office. He has issued less the ghw bush and he has been in office two years longer. If he is a dictator seems like there would be a lot more orders. If congress will not act on a problem he is not doing is job if he looks the other the other way .

          11. Judy says

            He does not have the authority to write or pass laws. Just because congress has said no does not mean he can use executive power to pass it.

          12. David C Kelder says

            There is nothing wrong with an EO as long as it does not atempt to generate or modify legislation.

          13. David C Kelder says

            I researched the Hastart “rule” which is more of a loose tradition and found that Pelosi and Boehner chose to not follow it multiple times. IT IS A STUPID ‘”RULE!” Thanks to Rick Rogers for making me aware of this “rule”.

          14. Rick Rogers says

            Thank you David.. Its nice to run across someone on here willing to have a honest discussion. There are way to many people on here that see color more then content. There are to many people that take FAUX NEWS as the truth and allow them to make their opinons for them. Don’t you find it the least bit Funny that before the election all you heard on Fox News was Ebola, Ebola, Ebola.. I thought I was watching a cough drop commercialll EBOLLLLLLA,. Then after the election hardly a peep… Strange huh

          15. hoss50cal says

            but they did it within the law Obama doesn’t he has shown that he has no respect for the law of this country time and time again

          16. Rick Rogers says

            actually go back and look. . He did exactly the same thing as Reagan but he stated last night it was not permanent amnesty unlike what Reagan did. SO tell me how ethical is it to have one man and one man only decide what bills will and will not be Voted on. That’s more of a Dictator and Tyrant then anything The President as done. John Boehner has had an immigration bill sitting on his Desk for over 500 days but he will not allow the house to vote on it. If he did it would pass and he is the one that is the hold up. That bill which The President has said he would sign is just sitting there. It was Created by both Republicans and Democrats and passed in the Senate but because of some made up “Hastert Rule” Boehner Believes in he won’t let it come to the floor.

          17. David C Kelder says

            Pot calling kettle black.. Harryb Reid has been blocking the senate ever since he became majority leader. I say let them come to the floor and let the senators and representatives vote and let their voting records become public. We all won’t agree on any of the outcomes BUT the losers will have to learn to deal with the results. But I still believe in fence first, shoot if you must, punish employers who knowingly hire illegals, deport illegals, and change the constitution to eliminate anchor babies.

          18. Rick Rogers says

            A large part of what Harry Reid blocked were things that ONE. Would never be signed by the President. Two would have cut programs from those that need it or would have gutted Social Security or Medicare or Veterans Benefits. Or had some Rider attached that would have been against the Presidents goals and he would have vetoed anyway. There have were two major drama’s the last few years. The immigration bill.. Which is still sitting there waiting of a vote and ready for the President to sign. (which is the Reason Boehner won’t allow it) and the Government shutdown where the Republicans tried to bully their way to what they wanted. 51 of those items harry Reid blocked were the repeal of the ACA.. Something that was a waste of time because it would never have been signed by the president. There is a difference in blocking something you know won’t get pass the presidents desk and blocking a vote of something that you know he will sign. All the Democrats want is a straight up or down vote on the house floor but he want allow that. As well read as you appear to be David you did hear about the House Rule that the GOP Leadership put in please that only the House Majority Leader or the Speaker could call for a vote on a passed Senate Measure. There are videos of it from CSPAN all over youtube so don’t take my word for it they are there for you to see.

          19. Rick Rogers says

            Ok Hoss I am going to guess you listen to what he said last night.. He did not grant Amnesty. what he granted was only given to families that had Children where the Children were born her and thru the law are US Citizen’s . It said there would be no cutting corners and if they wanted to stay they had to go “to the back of the immigration line” Those people are required to pay taxes or they get shipped home. The are required not to commit any crime or they get sent home. IF the House will vote on the Bill sitting on the House Speakers Desk then he will sign it and it will override any executive order. It is a Reasonable solution and is not the .. “OK EVERYBODY GETS TO STAY” that the republicans were afraid of. The problem is that the Republicans can’t agree its Reasonable because it would then make them look stupid and Weak and they have a group in the part that if The President said the sky was BLUE they would demand a congressional Investigation.

          20. joe says

            He does NOT have the authority he is breaking constitutional law he is on record dozens and dozens of times saying himself he does not have that authority. Why don’t you take 2 minutes to look things up before you open that stupid piehole of yours you slackjawed idiot. I am ordering you to leave this forum and never come back go over to the Disney forum where your peers are maybe you can make some new friends there that as witless as you are.

          21. David C Kelder says

            Since Obama thinks he wrote the constitution, he feels empowered to violate it.

          22. hoss50cal says

            wrong. they worked with congress and within the law Obamas way is against the laws of this country he doesn’t act like a president but as a dictator

        21. Bob Sims says

          You are the dumbest of the dumbest, including your most pathetic icon picture. Please, just go fuck your black same sex, sicko, same sex friends and invite your mentor Obuma Scuma to the liberal, socialist party time.

        22. Peatro Giorgio says

          Yes That true : How ever the liberal media is leaving out the entire deal as usual they just can’t stop them selves from being entirely bias , The border was to be secured .What happened with that O lets just say the Democrat control senate took the funding for border security out of the Budget. While saying screw what the public wants. We know better what is good! Same crap we see with the truth coming out through John Grobbers Lips. The head traitor of Obama Care. What ABC. CNN. Or MSNBC. not covering that story. Well continue to be treated as the idiot . Or wise up and watch Fox news.

        23. joe says

          Am I going to have to call your mom again and tell her you have been sneaking on to her computer. Obammy is NOT a president he is a lying traitor not qualified to mow my lawn he is the biggest racist ever to hold that office bar none and you are simply a mindless moron a sheep being led by the nose to slaughter. The good thing is there are so few of you that you are meaningless and insignificant. One day you are going to have a thought of your own and your head is going to explode. Until that day continue your job as a parrot keep spewing the garbage they have trained you to spew be a good little sheep and OBEY your massa.

        24. David C Kelder says

          You must have missed the memo. The “racist” card is worn out and is no .longer effective. You can try playing the “stupid” card but that has a likelihood of backfiring. Try logic and reasonableness.

        25. dude says

          you know you ort to no what you’re talking about before you speak …cause what you’re saying sounds stupider than if obama said it… and i didn’t think that was possible till now

        26. 13gatorgrowl says

          You people do not know what USA stands for. Many of you keep saying Obama should do it by himself. That shows your mentality in politics and nation building. You have the mentality of most African Nations and Middle Eastern Muslim States. USA is not a ONE person run country. You can find your ideas in any gang or terrorist organization. That shows people like you could never function in a country that believes in Liberty for ALL!

        27. Real PatrioPatriot says

          First those guys did it withe the approval of the congress(Simpson,Mozelli act) Not an ececutive order. His own party when they had bot houses of cobgress didnt pass an immigration bill. Also the Regan Bush immagrant legallization was not a eeping 5 to 6 million it was less than 2 million. So stick your ignorance where the sun doesn’t shine…… same place as your head! As usual you racism is the democrate’s first and only argument for everything when it comes to this ignorant ass in the white house now. You guys are antisemetic and support genocide by hating Isreal and loving Hamas and ISIS.

        28. LastGasp says

          Troll Alert!!

          1. jetmagnet says

            Spray yourself in the FACE! hahahahahahahaha!

        29. Angry American says

          There is a lot of difference with what R Reagan & Bush did concerning illegal aliens that are here, they didn’t do it by Executive Order but rather after both houses of the congress passed a bill & they signed it into law. Reagan also told us that he made a grave error by signing it due to the massive fraud that had taken place

        30. joe says

          So two wrongs make a right huh, you are simply stupid there is no other possible explanation for a person like you, not that I can come up with at least. If Bush put 20 babies in a food processor would that mean it is OK for Obammy to put 20 babies in a food processor you weak minded bafffon.
          Race has nothing to do with this RACE IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO BREAK THE LAW MORON!
          Quit using race as an excuse to be lazy and a failure you have a black president for Christ sakes not a good president but all the same. I admit he got there through fraud and rigged elections he is hated nation wide, OK maybe he was not a good example but look at Bill Cosby ummm OK how about Ray Rice, ahh nevermind.

        31. Bob Sims says

          You are really messed up, aren’t you? You don’t seem to know shit from shinola.

        32. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Hi shit magnet! Back to piss off the workers, tax payers, patriots, Christians, Jews, veterans, honest; hard working Americans again? Nobody cares about you leftist whining, ranting, chanting.

          1. jetmagnet says

            All those people you mentioned recieve government assistance or social security, medicare or VA benefits. They recieve grants and business loans from the govt. Most baggers use all govt programs while crying about big government.

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Spew on, lie on!! Social Security, forced upon the people, medicare?, forced too! V.A. benefits? I would think those were EARNED! It’s how the gubment “keep us down on da farm”! How much did I give you in grants and loans fail boy?

    2. RobertNorwood says

      Simply using the Guam thing metaphorically shows a level of idiocy beyond comprehension.

    3. Jim says

      The man is obviously no scientist.

    4. Angry American says

      When Johnson made that statement I had a hard time not rolling on the floor in laughter, just exactly where did this moron come from? I have heard people make stupid comment before but nothing of this magnitude. Sure glad he is a lib because if he was a conservative it would have been into pay in the media for a month. I live in Ca. where the left completely controls the state & when some of these lefties have taken the podium to propose laws they have been actually laughed off the podium. Yet the people here still vote these morons into office & is this the reason Ca. has unfunded liabilities of over 100 Billion dollars that they would have to tax us tax payers to death for their largess. This is also why I am leaving my home of over 50 years, I tried retiring when I turned 66 but came back to Ca. & went back to work but now I am even older & can not live in Ca. with what I have coming in since I don’t get one of those state pensions that give me over 100% of my salary for the rest of my life. Is it any wonder why Ca, is the laughing stock of America

  2. Yadja says

    Proof positive “Stupid” is highly ingrained in the Democrat Party.

    Dangerously “Stupid” and we best to get a grip…….Prosecute O for breaking our Federal Immigration Laws along with Holder. Arrest them both, put them in prison, have a trial and send them to the Pen for life.

    1. Ben Ochart says

      Wasn’t it Einstein that said the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits.
      Elected officials on both sides of the aisle are an embarrassment.

      1. Yadja says

        Then in 2016 an Independent or Libertarian will win the presidency because after America gets a true taste of bitter O care and the illegals along with the 300,000 Muslims he will import there will be big trouble.

    2. Laddyboy says

      Yadja: All of the perps need to be arrested, charged and then tried in a true court of law. By all, I am referring to the perps. from the “president” down to the drivers who are transporting these illegal alien immigrants across the country.

      1. Yadja says

        You and I and millions of us know this and it is a crying shame that this country has come to this state of affairs where our representatives are unwilling to do what they know to be right and honorable.
        I believe there are too many in both houses that want the New World Order now and O is the way.

  3. MILES E DRAKE says

    What a load of collectivist hogwash! The analogy would be accurate if the Emancipation Proclamation had nullified existing American law and usurped the constitutionally-specified role of the Congress, and was intended to attract up to 34 million Africans to the United States in order to replace the existing population, keep the Republican Party in power forever, allow Abraham Lincoln to rule by decree as a dictator, change the culture and language of the United States and collapse the economy in order to justify the imposition of centralized state control. This plan and this about-to-be dictator have much more in common with Mussolini and Hitler than with Lincoln.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Amnesty will push Black Americans further back. If they think they’re at the end of the line now just wait until millions jump in up ahead of them. They’ll be so far to the back of the bus they’ll have board an extended body model.

      1. fred says

        You can’t tell the truth to them Robert! They are incapable of understanding the most basic facts that this ILLEGAL amnesty is just a ruse to LOWER their standard of existence, however bc the POS in the WH tells them its good, they go all in w/o any understanding of what they are approving! All i have ever said is when mexico gives Americans the right to be in their country illegally i will support any BS bill like this they put forth! Until then the LAWS of the land are there for a reason! To PROTECT us from “foreign invaders” which is EXACTLY what these illegals are! ALL minorities who came here and have legally obtained citizenship should express their outrage to this proposal by the POS illegally occupying OUR WH!

        1. sandraleesmith46 says

          Even when you’re there legally, you have no rights, under Mexican law!

          1. fred says

            You are correct of course, Sandra ! Even if you have a minor accident and have insurance you are thrown in jail and intimidated until you cough up and extortion payment! if you want to purchase real estate, they hold it in a bank trust and all it a fido camiso and it’s basically just a 99year lease! We on the other hand have now rights IN this country when we have an accident with al illegal bc the police don’t want the hassle of the illegal alien paperwork so they let them go! Outrageous! And i know a few illegals who are buying houses and the agents selling to them NEVER report them to INS! they would lose a sale! It’s just a bass-akwards system and the people who follow the laws are punished by those who don’t follow ANY laws at all, and aren’t here legally! Crazy!

          2. sandraleesmith46 says

            I know. I’ve lived in AZ over 30 yrs. The “punishment” involves much more than just traffic accidents, and it’s gotten incrementally worse with each passing year.

    2. foxfire says

      miles…….howdidja’ get so smart. you cut right all the crap. way to go. you nailed it all down. case closed. fini, the end.

    3. Laddyboy says

      Agree! How many Americans can remember Mussolini? His and his wife’s end came quickly. The People not only spoke and complained, but DID something about this FACIST/COMMUNIST/NAZI/PROGRESSIVE.

    4. Nutbar Mcloony says

      Besides that, amnesty is like a giant middle finger to the LAWFUL immigrants waiting in line to do it the right way.

  4. chuck says

    Only an absolute MORON would try to compare letting in or making legit a bunch of ilegle leaches with the freeing of slaves. But then they did say he was a democrat……..

  5. Daniel W says

    When you invade a country’s borders, and then demand citizenship you are not emancipated because you are not a SLAVE, you are an illegal alien. Here’s something for this Congressman to think about, there are a lot of people from different countries. who are waiting to enter the United States legally. Are we to put these aliens who came here illegally in front of those who waited patiently to enter the United States legally???

    1. Valor says

      You are assuming this congressman can think..

      1. foxfire says

        he is Congressman Dildo…………………dildo = a poor excuse for the Real Thing.

    2. Florio Vino says


      1. Peatro Giorgio says

        No let’s take a lesson plan from ISIS. Behead the bastards.

        1. Landshark says

          Only after Due process.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says

            So do you mean the do process That the 9 11 victims got. Or the due process The Conservative Groups got from the IRS. It’s all the same. I say do onto others as they have done on to you. Take their freak en heads off.

          2. Laddyboy says

            Two wrongs do not make it right. Use the Constitution of These United States of America and the LAWS OF THE LAND to arrest, judge and then punish if/when found guilty, BY THE LAW. I am infureated that these “elite” think the Laws of the Land do not apply to them. WOW! ARE THEY W R O N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. Peatro Giorgio says

            I agree with the theory of Justice! How ever justice is now just that a Theory. Therefore do unto the establishment before they do onto us. That is exactly what it has come down to . Open your eyes wide Brother us or them. Just maybe if we the people stand shoulder to shoulder against the tyranny all will not be in vain.

          4. Landshark says

            No one can argue with that. But watch for blue beanies. There is a great conspiracy afoot. And those who have done unto us are in on it.

          5. Peatro Giorgio says

            Yea many of them are . But There also is many of them who are with us. Though one wouldn’t think so. I can say for certain they are.

          6. Landshark says

            Surely time will tell.

  6. Jane Spaulding says

    Maybe some of these Idiots should have been born during the Lincoln’s Time, especially Obama. He would have fit right in. Emancipation Proclamation. The only problem with that is that Obama’s Literacy of the Constitution and his Literacy of wanting to go down in History as the First Young Black President and his ideas would have gotten him the same thing it got Lincoln, a very short life as his Legacy. If I am not mistaken you have to have done something so World Famous as to have a Legacy. So far none of his solutions for America and Her Problems just don’t seem to solve anything, they have made everything worse, not better. The only things that I can see is that “when you can’t solve our Economic Problems then you should have admitted that you should and left the Office of the President.” When Obama Stands up there and says that our Debts are being reduced–you wonder how delusional is he, when in fact the Interest on the Debt keeps rising at an astronomical rate, it raises every 8 hours and 20 minutes.

    1. Valor says

      Obama isn’t delusional. He knows exactly what he is doing. It is the Americans that believe in this Cretan who are delusional.

      1. foxfire says

        yeah, barry just cozys up to ya’ and “Grubers” ya’.

        1. foxfire says

          new candy: instead of “Goobers” ……………..ya’ get “Grubers” for Halloween and in your Christmas Stocking.

          1. foxfire says

            Grubers & Kool-ade…………………the new school lunch (by Mooch-ele).

    2. Donna Bond says

      Oh he’s going to be famous alright. He is going to be very famous or infamous, after he’s impeached.

  7. Valor says

    Sure doesn’t speak well of the voters in his district, does it? Gruber is right, a very large number of voters are stupid.

    1. foxfire says

      our black population has been “GRUBERED” worse than anyone !!!!!!!! thanx, barry(the illegal).

  8. Dan says

    I want to know why this jackal is still in office. Nixon rescinded his seat with less than half of the scandal we are dealing with now. The majority of blacks are even tired of his shenanigans,they have never been so impoverished as they are now. Everyone has woken up to his games, yet he is still signing EO’s!!! WHY?

    1. malft says

      The Main Stream Media were gunning for Nixon since 1960. They created Obama to fit what they wanted in a leader. Scary when you know the truth isn’t it?

      1. Dan says

        Yes, I fear for the future of our country as a republic. I take comfort in the fact that there are thousands of like minded christian citizens that believe in the rights provided to us by true patriots of our nation. ( that left wing extremists are trying to rape us of as we speak!!!!)

  9. IbeCenotaph says

    April 16,1862 the Congress of the United States enacted “The District of Columbia Emancipation Act,” and Lincoln signed this legislation. The first paragraph declares: “That all persons held to service or labor within the District of Columbia by reason of African descent are hereby discharged and freed of and from all claim to such service or labor, and from and after thje passage of this act neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except for crime, whereof the party shall be duly convicted, shall hereafter exist in said District.”

    The remainder of this Act allows ‘persons loyal to the United States, to file claims” within 90 days to be remunerated for each such freed slave.

    July 12 1862, Congress of the United States enacted “Supplemental Act” to “The District of Columbia Emancipation Act,” and Lincoln signed this legislation.

    This Act allowed those individual owning slaves in the District, that were out of the District, to file a claim in order to be remunerated for each of their freed slaves. By way of note; a number of these absent owners were involved in the War and many were military officers.

    The verbiage of both of these Acts can be found using the URL:

    The Emancipation Proclamation, referred to by Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia was written during September 1862, to become effective 1 January 1863, was composed some four (4) plus months after the “District of Columbia Emancipation Act.”

    Politicians and their advisers can fluently spin the truth, to meet their purpose, if they are knowledgeable about the truth in the first place.

  10. RobertNorwood says

    To put illegal fence hoppers in the same category as folks who were held as slaves is an insult to black Americans, History and their heritage.
    Space is infinite, and so is liberal absurdity.

  11. Dave McFarland says

    If some of you out there have not heard of Hank Johnson, I suggest you do some investigative research. I personally believe that he can speak well using articulate skills; however, it seems like he is simply reading from a prepared speech (much like Barack Hussein Obama). I personally believe that Rep. Johnson suffers from a mental disorder called liberalism.

  12. Kenyan Mocker says

    What makes me sad is that since Obama and people like Johnson I’m beginning to see blacks as being unable to be critical thinkers and nothing more that racists.
    We see the actions of Obama, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton with the Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin cases as doing nothing to promote racial harmony, but being divisive.

    1. Crown Drinker says

      Blacks are nothing. They were meant to be slaves.

      1. Kenyan Mocker says

        No human is meant to be a slave.
        Slavery exists today primarily due to the political cult of Islam. They are barbarians of the first order and that is mainly due to their following of the pedophile Mohammad and following his edicts that caused the inbreeding over the last fourteen hundred years.

  13. Jack Speese says

    I agree with Hank Johnson. Indeed there could be a movie about this. And if so it would be a horror movie! I’m sorry he’s a Georgia representative.

  14. Edwin Sbisa says

    Slaves were brought here against their will!! These ILLEGALS came on their free will, therefor they should not be given citizenship without going thru the steps to attain citizenship!!!!

    1. foxfire says

      if I were an American and a descendant of slaves and saw these people pushed in front of me. I’d haul my butt to the White House and want to drag barry out by his loopy ears and tar & feather him for shovin’ us back.

    2. Landshark says

      That means they need to go back where they came from and stand in line.NO AMNESTY!

  15. FloridaJim says

    If any white person had said this this fool would take the House floor , empty, and denounce them. He is a race-baiter who has done nothing for America other than cause higher taxes and a black group who has been strangled by his and Progressive policies for 50 years. Sadly more in congress are just like him.

  16. jetmagnet says

    Democrats want illegals for their voting base- so they can do what? increase welfare? Last time i checked 6 million business employ illegals, and they work longer hours and harder than lazy baggers!
    The fact is reagan and bush let millions of illegals in and they did what? Got jobs and raised families!
    You bigot old farts time is running out, nobody like your ideas, women, young people, vets, gays, minorities, union members, millions looking for affordable insurance and the list is long! The fact is the GOP sucks! They’re like Nazi’s and they kiss the azzes of billionaire that support their twisted , contorted reality!!

    1. Crown Drinker says

      Kill yourself peasant

    2. Kenyan Mocker says

      The recent election must have gotten you upset seeing that the thinking people turned against you and your worthless ideas. The end is near for progressives. Rant on, no one cares.

    3. mac12sam12 says

      Stop huffing gas. The illegals are here for the free stuff.

      1. jetmagnet says

        Illegals are here to stay, get use to it! After Obama legalizes them , Thousands more will come to displace lazy americans who don;t want to work,lol

  17. jetmagnet says

    These rightwing fairytales are hilarious!!!

  18. Rick Rogers says

    Ok someone out there please explain to me why it’s ok for Reagan to grant amnesty but not President Obama.

    1. Kenyan Mocker says

      You seem to forget Reagan did it for compassion and the DemoCraps guaranteed they’d work to tighten the borders and stop the influx. Obama on the other hand has worked to make our borders even more porous and allowed sickness, disease, rapists, murderers, and scum to come here.
      I’m glad you admit your level of intelligence couldn’t see these facts.
      You are dismissed.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        I want to think you for wearing your Racist leanings right there on your sleeve. It makes it so much easier to know who to ignore.

        1. Kenyan Mocker says

          Ouch, ouch, he’s hit me with the race card…… Oh my he may have me on the run ……… such a f***ing fool.

          By the way what is racist about my observation. It’s been noted that people of many races, including whites, have illegally entered. You are so blinded by hate you can’t even think. Which is normal for your ilk.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Your name is the race card ahole.. Going to enjoy watching all the VETO’s in the next couple of years.

          2. Kenyan Mocker says

            You have continually shown your lack of intellect so you comment has no effect. So you think all the DemoCraps that will need to be re-elected in 2016 will vote with the minority leaders after seeing how Obama will be tied up in the courts on the numerous “gates”.
            Dream on. Better check the air in the tires on your house since you’ll most likely need to be moving it.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            Hmmm Lets use facts I know that would be strange to you. The number of undocumented Immigrants stood at 12 million in 2007.. So ok you can blame the President for that don’t have a problem with it at all because it was pResident Bush who was in office at the time then and for the 7 years prior.. SO go ahead blame the President just make sure you name the Right one. It was the War Criminal..

          4. Kenyan Mocker says

            Care to deal with the fact that Tip O’Neil and the DemoCraps promised they’d seal the border if Reagan did amnesty.
            Care to explain why they lied. People are awake and voted to take the power away from the progressives at every level of Govt, Federal, State, and local. Writing is on the wall Omar. Better be sure to lay in a good supply of food for your goat.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Give me a fucking break.. The border is 1969 miles long.. How many fences do you of that are that long? As for taking power away.. Only a republican would see a portion of about 21.84 percent of the Population as a Mandate. How did I come by that .. Well lest see.. the Voter turn out at midterms was 39% of eligible Voters of that the GOP basically one 56 percent of those that Voted which means they won 21.84 percent of Eligible Voters. Its a historical Fact that when there are large Turns that the Majority of voters go Democrat not Republican. Which is why Voter Suppression is the number one Trick in the GOP back of dirty underhanded Tricks. You days in power are numbered. We are going to Rebuilt this country in spite of The GOP Efforts to turn it in to the Corporate States of America.

          6. Rick Rogers says

            Notice you did not say anything about the Immigration bill that was passed by GOP and Democratic Senates sitting on BONERS desk in the House. IT should be an attack of Treason for a Speaker of the House not to bring a Passed Senate bill to a vote. only reason is Politics plan and Simple. That and the Fact that the TEA Baggers don’t want to have to go on Record about immigration. SO Tell me Kenyan Mocker… What Native American Tribe were your ancestors with? Because if they weren’t then they were Immigrants once as well and before you ask..Mine were Cherokee..

          7. Kenyan Mocker says

            I don’t really care what you think and less of what you say.
            My solution would be to use the border as sniper training areas. Your support for illegals just means you’d approve of them being shot.

            As for voter suppression if those you say can’t get ID then tough shit for them being so f***ing stupid and lazy.

            We won, we’ll continue to win because people like Gruber is just one more example of how progressives need to lie to get things done.

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Ha Give me a call when y’all win a election that has a Large Voter Turn out.. You won’t because the Majority of Americans don’t agree with Right wing Extremist. We would prefer you just when to your quite Thrusday Night KLAN and NEO NAZI meetings and let the rest of us do the real work of the Country.

          9. Kenyan Mocker says

            You pussies can’t get done what needs to be done. Why do you think you lost. As for the KKK meetings those are for the DemoCraps that support Planned Parenthood that is still working on murdering black babies.
            Bet you support that, don’t you?
            Let me know when you win. Till then, go back to your mommies rectum.

          10. Rick Rogers says

            Thank you for Demonstrating your Respect for human Life with the Sniper comment. I bet your one of those Pro -Lifers that Cares about unborn babies but does not give a damn about them once their are born. Very Christian of you.

          11. Kenyan Mocker says

            Unborn babies aren’t criminals breaking laws, but I’m sure you can’t understand the difference.
            Also good to know I can come to your house and just walk in use your possessions with your blessing. Now if you say I can’t then you show your hypocrisy after having uninvited “guests” seem to be something you find acceptable. When someone breaks into my country they take resources away from others in need. That means homeless veterans don’t get help, seniors services are cut, and social security is put in danger. But this is most likely too much for you to process.

          12. Rick Rogers says

            Ok Kenyan let me ask you this where does the money from Social Security come from? ITs what you payinto it correct.. Well what do you think will happen when all of a sudden there are about 10 million more people paying in to the program? The country was built by immigration both legal and Illegal. If someone want to work and pay the share into the country with Social Security and by paying payroll Taxes, State Taxes, Federal Taxes. SALES Taxes. GAS Taxes. then why do you want to keep them from paying in. We will be giving them A path to become Citizens in a country they will be paying in just like everyone else. The only excuse I have seen from any GOP member was that he was afraid they would not VOTE for them if they did. Well So what.. A vote is a right of every citizen and its no ones business how you use that vote but you.

          13. Kenyan Mocker says

            So as long as you portend that these illegals will pay in to Social Security please give full accounting of how much they’ll pay versus the cost to society for their other benefits that aren’t paid by them. They make less, use more services. So you premise holds no sway.

          14. Rick Rogers says

            Hmm not sure what jobs you have been working but every job I ever had Payroll takes and Social Security were never an Option.. You worked you paid government First. If they are being paid under the table cash then how is it not the fault of the business owners that is allowing that.

          15. Kenyan Mocker says

            If they weren’t here they couldn’t work under the table now could they?

            It’s time they leave unless you like the idea of keeping wages artificially low due to having more workers than needed.

          16. Kenyan Mocker says

            You have yet to answer any of my questions about why the border was not sealed etc.
            You’ve shown yourself to be incompetent and unworthy of response. Look forward to seeing you where I know you have no balls.

          17. Rick Rogers says

            Right back at you.. You have yet to answer the difference between ReaGUN and Bush giving amnesty and PRESIDENT Obama. So I answer yours when you give me a valid answer to mine. OF course yours really does not have an answer.. YOu can’t SEAL 1969 miles of a border unless you hire a hell of a lot of Security guards which cost money.. Something the GOP does Supposedly like to spend. To be honest I am surprised some of you Tea Party Geniuses have not thought about “declaring war” on Mexico. We might as well still the rest of their Country since we started with Texas. God how I wish we could give that back to them.

          18. Kenyan Mocker says

            You truly are one stupid f***. I did respond, try reading comprehension.
            Let me know when you’ve passed the test. Till then, you’ve lost so live with it.

  19. sweetolbob says

    All I had to see was the name “Hank Johnson”. The State of Georgia’s greatest embarrassment. He’s the moron that was going to get a set of water wings for the island of Guam.
    It would take somebody as dumb as a box full of door knobs to compare the lying fraud, Obama with “Honest Abe” Lincoln.
    All together now, democRATS ……………. DUUUUUH

    Will somebody please tell the Honorable Mr. Johnson that an emancipator is not a part for a Model A Ford.

  20. farrightwing says

    Where do they get these guys?

  21. Libya21 says

    Hank Johnson is an idiot. Recall he said Okinawa would sink if we put anymore Marines on one side of it! Hes a druggie and moron, like the people who vote for him!

  22. akoby says

    Hank Johnson is not fit to represent anybody. His understanding of history is absurd. Comparing illegal aliens to slavery is absurd. One class of people broke the law to get here, the other class was forcibly brought here. Also, if Johnson were really informed, he would know that Lincolns’ Emancipation Proclamation only freed the slaves in the South, not the North. There is no comparison to the actions of Lincoln unless another misguided Democrat starts writing our history books. (Oh wait, we have Common Core being rammed down our throats, right?)

  23. PLW says

    The Liberal Democratic Progressives continue to lower their standards on their own Inflated Egos… Comparing Amnesty as equal to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation… Obama & his Liberal Democratic Progressives have NO SHAME and continue to LIE to the Legal U.S. Citizens of the United States of America !!! They work each day they are in Washington D.C. to dismantle & destroy America’s economy…. The United States of America needs an American President that will represent, serve, and protect the Legal American Citizens and the U.S. Constitution. Obama does NEITHER !!!

  24. Vic Mariano Sr. says

    This is EXACTLY the mentality that “gruber”(?) was talking about ……… Too stupid to vote !!!!!!!!!!

  25. James Maxwell says

    How in the world anyone could be so ignorant and still be allowed to walk unescorted in public?
    The Emancipation Proclamation was to free slaves not grant citizenship to Criminal Illegal Alien
    Invaders who are not here illegally. The slaves did not have a choice in the matter they were
    brought here a property. When freed they were granted Citizenship in the United States. Even
    then it took the 14 Amendment to give them full citizenship rights as Americans.

  26. ALBERTJ says

    Where do the Democrates get these people. Nancy, Harry. DWS. They open there mouths an nothing comes out that makes sense.

  27. fred says

    OK, tell the Mexicans we want the same treatment IN Mexico if we want dual citizenship we just spend some time there w/o any papers to show who we are, would they go for it!?? Just bc someone breaks the LAW, doesn’t allow them to get off the hook w/o ANY consequences! Will it be OK if i decide to steal my neighbor’s land w/o his knowledge or consent? i don’t think I’m stupid enough to try! This guy “Hank Johnson” is just another entitled guy bc he’s an idiot from georgia apparently! maybe georgia the state doesn’t want illegal aliens everywhere, and he’s trying to increase his voter base!?

    1. chief1937 says

      As I stated earlier he Does Not represent the majority of Georgians.

  28. brabbie2002 says

    And I compare this congressman to the village idiot. With our economy in shambles, who the hell is going to pay for all of these illegals to get welfare, health care and social security (which they have NOT put into)? On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the brightest), this idiot is about a minus 100!

  29. defiant1 says

    And Gruber thinks the voters are stupid–this agitator is the epitome of stupidity AND ignorance and those who voted for him are truly a reflection of stupid.

  30. sandraleesmith46 says

    Crucial difference the “genius” missed: blacks were dragged here in chains, and forced to stay, enslaved. Illegal invaders came here of their OWN FREE WILL! Even children brought here have the CHOICE to return to their native land. Amnesty in NO sense resembles emancipation! Emancipation was correct ; amnesty here is a criminal act against America and her citizens!

  31. ESQ says

    Who Cares, I hope the Republicans do shut the Government down! It’s better for us when the Government isn’t at work!

    1. Arizona Don says

      What some who support shutting down the government seem to forget is millions of retired people depend, to a degree, on SS. Point number two is we have a vindictive narcist as a president. He will do everything he can to make those who depend on SS suffer (because he knows the msm will blame the Republicans) if it is within his power. Like his shutting down the WWII war memorial (that is just one example there are dozens) when the sequester went into effect, even though it was he who proposed it. Everyone knows there was no reason to do that other then pay-back. Has obama not demonstrated time and time again it is his way or the highway. “I do not believe we should surrender to him” but we should defeat him intelligently.

      I have no concern for those able bodied on welfare. The disabled and elderly are a different story, those who are unable to work because of no fault of their own. Disabled vets also come to mind. When earned pensions are cut or curtailed by obama and other giveaway programs are continued it is easy to see it is revenge. However, with the main stream media on his side protecting him at every level things are turned around. Right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right. We have witnessed this now for nearly six years, who has not realized what he is doing? Unless funding can be stopped by congress on specific things defunding may not be the most efficient method of pressure.

      obama has the msm completely fooled (either that or they are communists) they for some reason think he is God like. Nothing could be farther from the truth but that does not sway them when it comes to protecting him.

  32. Archangel says

    Amnesty like Emancipation will simply move more useless reprobates to the Government Plantation!

  33. chief1937 says

    Being from Georgia this representative does not represent the majority of Georgians. As he likes to compare maybe we should compare him to the attack on Pearl Harbor makes just about as much sense.As a native Georgian I apologize for this individual even though he does not represent my district also for the people who elected him.

  34. Larob says

    If you read The Emancipation Proclamation it freed not one slave. It covered only those territories that were bearing arms against the Union, which made it unenforceable in those areas unless the north won. All places that were sympathetic with the north (West Virginia, etc.) were exempt. So, all the places in which the Union had control and could have freed those slaves, they didn’t. This was done under the fear that England, who needed the raw materials (cotton, etc.) from the south for their Industrial Revolution, might enter the war on the side of the Confederacy and they had abolished slavery. It was a political move by Lincoln as they were doing poorly in the war at the time of its issue.

  35. Disgust says

    He is an idiot like all the other obamanation thugs.

  36. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

    I don’t agree that once a law is passed it can’t be changed, anything can be changed. Even if you have to
    get rid of the people that made it law, it can be changed.

  37. Barbara Ervin says

    if Obama goes through with his plans it should be grounds for impeachment. Not that he hasn’t already done things that should have had him out of office by now but this would be the ‘icing on the cake’ so to speak. Obama took an oath to uphold our Constitution and by ‘forgiving’ the very people who have invaded our country he is most certainly thumbing his nose at that document. Our Constitution MANDATES the federal government PROTECT her states from invasion. It does NOT provide for the invaders to be rewarded! Fortunately, Congress CAN override an executive action and they would be even dumber than we all thought if they were to fail to do so on this particular matter! They all had better heed what just happened and know that if they double cross the American people on this matter it WILL happen again. Heads up, Congress, you are possibly about to be given the chance to show just whose side you’re on. Are you for America or against her?

  38. Laddyboy says

    An “executive order” is NOT law. E.O. CAN be UNDONE. It takes a stroke of the pen to establish an illegal E.O. and it takes a stroke of a pen to remove that illegal E.O. It does NOT matter who made the E.O.. In the case of the ILLEGAL ALIEN IMMIGRANTS, mr. obama is making the threat of signing an E.O.. Congress MUST NOT yield to this lunatic of an individual who temperarily “occupies the President’s Office”. He LIED to get in. He LIED to get obamacare passed by the DemocRATs in the Senate.
    The Immigration Office and System is NOT broken. The President and the Department Of Justice MUST enforce the Laws of the Land as they are NOW wroten and exhist in the books of LAW.

  39. twspears6007 says

    Hank Johnson just dug his political grave. There is no way you can compare the plight of slavery of American citizens that broke no laws to the plight of lawbreaking illegal immigrants. My message to the American people is that there is more work to done and 2016 will be a turning point to rid this nation of the Hank Johnson’s and all socialist agenda of the Democracts. Trenton

  40. defiant1 says

    How do voters put a dumbo like this Hank Johnson into office. This one is put together with pure ignorance! Unbelievable there are people like this in Congress making decisions about this country?

  41. william C says

    Considering that there are almost no jobs available for legal American citizens, what do these amnesty proponents expect to happen when 5 million or more are awarded “citizenship’? Where are they going to work, and without jobs, who is going to take care of them? – Health, education, food, clothing, housing? Where do they think this magic money is going to come from. Our economy is already foundering. Amnesty could well be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. The dems and libs that support amnesty are also going to have to live with the consequences. They do not know how to think far enough ahead.

  42. Billy says

    I’ve always heard, “there is a fool in every crowd”. We just found another one in the Democratic crowd. Mr Hank Johnson (D) is a stone cold idiot/fool. You would have to be a Democrat to believe the garbage Mr Johnson is spewing. What a buffoon he is. I would be ashamed to say something that stupid.

  43. Marcia Schweisthal says

    An Executive Order is not a LAW. Laws can only be passed by Congress. The president can approve or veto, but he cannot make law himself

  44. Ironmike4610 says

    The main reason blacks and mexicans DON’T marry each other….They don’t want their kids to be too lazy to steal.

  45. jim marcum says

    Also when the Obama’s fly to Hawaii in December for two weeks in the sun at tax payer expense will be like when Washington led the charge. Then when Moochelle stops of in Denver ski country for two more weeks with Hollywood’s starts it will be like all those American soldiers doing second stints in Afghanistan. Then when Obamie heads to Florida on the big bird with a few movie stars and pro athletes in tow to play golf for a week or two and stay in private digs costing the tax payers a few mill will be like Patton leading the charge across Europe. Meanwhile Pelosi will be on a pill hangover, Boehner will be on his December country club drunk, Mitch will be looking for some Viagra, and it will all go down as great statesmanship. America what a country.

  46. Jon Willey says

    The abject ignorance of the liberal left poses the greatest threat to America in the twenty-first century. They are completely out of touch with reality and have no concept of our republic or our governing principles. Elba would be marvelous to start a colony for them.

  47. Stevon f. Nutt says

    I think Johnson is playing with his. When are the United States Taxpayers going to be Liberated from paying the bill for the whole world!

  48. jim_wright says

    Obama is no Lincoln and these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS aren’t freed slaves. They are trespassers in this country ILLEGALLY. What part of that can you liberals not understand. The slaves were brought here against their will after being sold into slavery. The ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are trespassers in the country ILLEGALLY. There is no correlation between the two. The missing piece to this puzzle is that employers who hire ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS should pay a steep price. I recommend $1,000,000.00 for each ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT working for them. Then they will not have jobs and they will quit squatting in this country and go home.

  49. says

    Seems to me that not so many years ago, Obama compared himself to Abraham Lincoln, the framer President not the logs which he closely resembles. Obama out of touch with the voters, as usual, will release all the Black, Brown and Muslims from Slavery.

  50. WiSe GuY says

    So, those wetbacks are slaves? Slaves didn’t have free housing, food stamps, free 0bamaphones, and WIC.

  51. Wilbert Jennings says

    We have to do something and now. Those that didn’t vote and want vote stay out of the conversation you will only fight until the last drop of our blood. Those of you that are part of the 40% or better get ready to have your free support cut off. If you don’t work you don’t eat. Welfare isn’t a life style its a hand up. Sell what you can and quit buying cigarettes and beer. Those babies you made , you will support and if you refuse you will get hard labor on a chain gang , not three meals a cot in a jail or prison. You cowards that are in your gangs you call family , zero tolerance for you and your hommies, I say take you out on the spot and show it on face book or live TV for we are coming after the other cowards and their gangs. Muslim terrorist you demonstrate in our streets and threaten to cut off my head we will shoot you on the street where you stand and feed you to the pigs. Any representative in this country that does not do what they were elected to do will be fired and no continued income after you are removed as a matter of fact no one after they leave their jobs will continue to receive an income. WE have a Constitution and any President or representative not complying to it will be removed from office and prosecuted as a traitor to America and deported not to ever be allowed back. I have much more but but this would only work in a movie because we have lost our American all for one and one for all its all about me. P.S. Watch what happens after the election change is coming and not the change obama gave us as he has lied himself through for 6 years.

  52. fog donkey says

    Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) allegedly expressed a fear during a hearing on March 25, 2010 that the island of Guam could capsize if too many military personnel were stationed there. Hank has to be a close relative of Sheila Jackson Lee.

  53. Jim says

    How may I join the discussion when my comment is removed?

  54. Carole says

    The only way is to prove he is illegal himself and not the president. Therefor every thing he has done is invalid.

  55. cmjavier says

    Emancipation or Executive Order to free illegal immigrants from deportation and grant amnesty for millions thereof cannot be valid without legislation from Congress, Only DECREE can be issued by the President if Congress is first abolished and the Writ of Habeas Corpus suspended. Other than that, the act would be unconstitutional and should be nullified by the SCOTUS.

  56. JIMBO says

    I am getting feed up with nothing be done to stop the imposter. We, the American citizens, that are not on the dole, have voted to change the power in Washington. What good did it do? Nothing has changed. Either do something or stop talking about it. Just sit back like you have been and let this total imposter get away with his total and complete lawlessness. If you in the GOP have not figured out his plan to destroy this country, maybe you need to ask him what guide books he is using so you can learn something. If you know the enemies plan you have a better chance of defeating him/her. You can bet he has a plan, and he is getting away with it.

  57. John says

    This member of Congress needs to read exactly what the Emancipation Proclamation states and why it was inacted. It is in no way a compairision. This person is an idiot, all I can say, is that they must be a DemoRat to hae compaired the two.

  58. Kent2012 says

    yowza hank and those folks that moved onward and upward after the Emancipation Proclamation got jobs and farms and ranches and built towns…in other words they took care of themselves against all odds…the American taxpayer is already way in the backseat with the african pretender before he ever got to making another group of “visitors” voters and welfare recepients….

  59. Rick Rogers says

    You had an interesting election day.. Won all of 21.9 percent of eligible Voters.( and that maybe a bit of a gift because a lot of polls don’t report vote totals of unopposed candidates) You elected your first black woman to congress ( took you long enough.. Democrats did that back in 1968. 4 years shy of 50 years agp )
    So enjoy it. The fact of the matter is on every poll the Majority of Americans don’t agree with the Extreme Right wing Majority on any issue.. Your on the losing side. 91% want Background checks on Firearm purchases. The Majority want to decriminalize and Tax Marijuana and allow Medical Marijuana. Majority want a Path to Citizenship for the people that do jobs most Americans don’t want. (or have you ever tried picking fruit in the Florida Sun?) The Majority wants an Increase of the Minimum wage to a LIVING Wage so people have a chance to actual earn a living. (no one that works 40 hours a week should have to have Government Help), The Majority wants Corporations to be taxed for the income they make and money they hide off shore and the jobs they ship overseas. You can call me any name you want. I shot at when I was in Service for your Right of Free speech. But then again I have my right of Free Speech as well so every hateful thing and insult you throw my way I see as a win because you don’t have a leg to stand on and you know it.

  60. TrueGrit says

    This ignorant horses ass should keep his mouth shut as he is always putting his feet in it & at the same time.I can see why the libs have this boob under wraps. He is just too stupid to keep giving his opinions on his own.

  61. PatriotParatrooper says

    Let’s see, the democrats of their day brought slaves over and sold them. Republicans set them free. Now, democrats need more people for their plantation, so they want to give law breakers a free passage into our society. Yet, there are millions of Ukrainians waiting in line, legally, to immigrate to the us. Better educated, oh, but the majority fall in line with republicans. anyone else see what’s going on here? I think we need to go back to no more than 1000 people per year per country immigrating here, barring political asylum.

  62. John Roys says

    Hank had to be told to say this, there is no way that Hank “Quam” Johnson probably even knew what the Emancipation Proclaimation was!

  63. Mike J. Hrivnak says

    Illegal immigrants are free – fee to go back home.

  64. Stan Lee says

    Hank Johnson may not have intended that I’d read his statement as I have, but his effort at relating to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation in order to equivocate to issues of today also serves my purposes too.
    By ousting the garbage from both chambers of Congress, we will have the proper ingredients to start emancipating our nation. I stress the word “start,” because we’ll still have Obama & Co. to contend with until Jan. 2017, but we now have the numbers with us and can press the Congress to move forward, even shutting down the “government” if need be, and paying no attention to a “bought and paid for” Socialist media which is the most deceptive, lying, media in America’s history! It needs to be boycotted if the American people have the guts enough to have nothing to do, in any way, with that media!
    We can secure truthful news without patronizing the Commies in the Communist-infected media! We have more avenues to news and commentary than we can research now.

  65. joe joe says

    congressman you can run your mouth like your POS leader or you can stand up with your American people and delete this pos president NO AMNESTY!!!!!! THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!!

  66. Taking care of business! says

    And I compare him to the south-end of a baboon going north.

  67. Jarhead says

    Simple solution to prevent future invasions….PUT OUR MILITARY ON THE BORDER with orders to shoot to kill. Let Military assist in the deportation of 10 to 20 million illegals and help build security fence.

  68. He is the World's Larget piece says

    A lot Democrats are lazy and don’t want to work they want the working people to support them. Get off your lazy ass quit looking for a handout . What the government gives it can take away.

  69. gutz22 says

    If congress won’t impeach defund, defund ,defund Barry The Bathhouse Punk’s criminal acts.

  70. Conservative says

    If there was ever a time for Impeachment this is it. If the public will not stand behind impeaching this traitor President then we might as well completely outlaw impeachment and accept that this is no long a Country of laws.

    Most true Americans abhor what Obama and the Progressives are doing to this Country and it’s time we stop this wishy-washy sheet and impeach this Commie President. He hates America and all it stands for and is tearing it down brick by brick.

    Wake up America, stop being so fearful. Don’t just expect the Republican Congress to fight this battle alone. Either vigorously support them on impeachment or accept that the words of Kruchev will come true: “America will become Communist from within”.

  71. Larry Miller says

    “There will be movies written about this episode in American history” I think that is true and it will be a Horror movie.

  72. Shauna says

    Wow! I actually have nothing to say…All I can do is laugh to keep my sanity…Oh and remember this…cause this is what is running this country. damn insane asylum!

  73. Dale_G1 says

    I’m guessing that this MORON also thinks that the Holocaust was a lot like the Saint
    Valentine’s Day Massacre too. How do this imbeciles get elected to ANYTHING?
    Oh, wait…they are elected BY imbeciles.

  74. rmwayne says

    They have one thing in common. They both mean more left wing communist votes and bad news for those of us who are white southerners.

  75. Rick Rogers says

    The New Colossus

    By Emma Lazarus, 1883

    Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
    A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
    The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
    “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  76. Rick Rogers says

    Ok so let me ask this do you want to go back to the 1940’s were we are rounding up people and seizing their property? We went down that road before with Japanese americans and if we don’t try and put a program in place then we are doing no better then what they did back then.

  77. mydogpopo says

    old hank must be black…..would you say?

  78. KatRob says

    The difference between the Emancipation and amnesty is, Emancipation was intended to free them and then ship them to Liberia. The treacherous amnesty is intended to pull them out of the shadows and rather than deport, reward them for breaking our laws.

  79. Len Guini says

    TNB! Anything that helps another turd world minority is felt with compassion by the negroids as it’s a new victim to rob, murder and rape. The smartest thing to come out of that idiots mouth is Baraks penis.

  80. Rick Rogers says

    OK I admit it I can see where its “Easier” to be conservative. The Poor are “lazy” and “not Worthy” Gays Are “Sinners” or “Mentally ill” Woman need to be “protected” from their own “bad decisions”. Immigrants are “criminals”. Blacks should just “get over it” If you don’t have Insurance, you should just “get a Better Job”. The President is bad because his Das was from “Kenya”. Guns can solve all problems (Even gun Violence. (“Freedom is Slavery”; “war is Peace”; Ignorance is Strength” “Science is Bad”. THAT ABOUT COVER IT? Being Conservative means you don’t have to think , or do anything or care about anything.

  81. Rick Rogers says

    Just read where a pile of Excrement exploited in China and toppled a building injuring 15.. This website should be careful because there is a whole not more of Excrement on here.

  82. Lee Higgins says

    History tells us that Pres Lincoln penned the Emancipation Proclamation knowing full well at the this freedom really was not going to be worth the paper it was written unless the Union was brought back together. He did it because England and France were threatening to come to the full aid of the South unless there was some evidence of slaves being freed. But really Lincoln only freed the slaves living in the states of rebellion. I agree with Johnson, that one day there will be movies made about this current event,,, I believe it will be called, DUMB AND DUMBER 3!

  83. dondehoff says

    Houston, we have a problem! All too many citizens believe they can just read the Constitution (especially the First and Second Amendments) and then make sound decisions and comments. Both of those amendments (as is with all of the amendments and the entire document), there are reams upon reams of court decisions and supporting federal and state laws that make the Constitution little more than an “index” to the “law of the land”. I suggest anyone who wants to understand the Constitution, obtain two DVD courses from “The Teaching Company”, All of their DVD programs are taught by recognized authorities in the appropriate fields of learning. Those two courses are: “The Great Debate: Advocates and Opponents of the American Constitution” and “The First Amendment and You: What Everyone Should Know”. I found the matter of “free speech” to be most enlightening. The First Amendment is only 45 words, but they have generated tons of complex legal issues. As an example, here is a quote from the “Guidebook” of the First Amendment Course: “The First Amendment offers different degrees of protection for speech, depending upon the location or nature of the forum where you want to speak. It offers no protection at all for speech on the private property of another person, somewhat more protection in a limited public forum, and the highest degree of protection in a traditional public forum”. Then the course go into detail as to examples, and court decisions. These are a must viewing if one is to fully understand the law of free speech and to hold their own in discussing these complex issues.

  84. Sharon Aldrich says

    How stupid of a comparison!

  85. John Barleycorn says

    Why doesn’t Rep. Hank Johnson just simply perform Fellatio for Mr Obama

  86. jdamsforall says

    Obama is a vile black supremacist just like MLK they hate white people , these communist bankers finance them, provide them with a pre made pulpit in the media and and pay them handsomely to further the communist agenda of state sponsored genocide , it was the plan from the days of Stalin to use the communist control of the US press to keep the race issue continually before the public, and vilify whites in every way, attack their schools, government, religion,and their even their persons. They would use the slander and facist bigotry to establish a Black Soviet State in the Southeast Region, with Atlanta as the capital of the black supremacist empire. The next phase calls for blacks to rise up start killing whites and occupying their land. Ferguson and the organized violence that erupted in other cities was financed and instigated by this administration, Holder ,Obama,Sharpton,Jackson and Spike Lee. These men are nothing more than leaders of communist cadres , just like the VC during Vietnam, the4y are the one who organize and initiate the violence and murder. Acorn is another prime example. so are the occupy wall street folks. The people of this nation who believe in the rule of law , the constitution, liberty and the Ten Commandments have already been declared to be the enemy, just like Lenin did in Russia, the Bolsheviks were only a very miniscule percentage of the population, but when the socialist democrats won the elections the mensheviks came in second and the bolsheviks received hardly any votes in comparison, the elections were shut declared null and Lenin literaly declared war upon anyone who was not Bolshevik and they butchery began. This is exactly what is going on here whites are Semitic race and Lucifer is terrified of the small remnant Jesus is going to “seal” from out of the corrupt christian churches of this nation, they are called the 144,000 and once they are sealed , you cannot kill them , you cannot stop them , they will be greater than Moses and stronger than Samson read Joel 2, they will be used to reap the earth of people from all nations and languages, ” Great Multitude” Revelation 7. All the prophecies of both the Old and New Testaments center around the formation of the 144,000 , it will be the beginning of the “restitution of all things” and likewise the destruction of all the wicked. Obama and his “gang of thugs” have provoked Jesus unto anger and this nation is going to taste of sword in a most horrible manner. The exact same thing happened in Egypt. Blacks ruled the earth in those days and Mizraim also called Egypt was the brother of Ethiopia,and Canaan, these were the children of Ham the father of the black race. The Egyptians were black supremacists who enslaved white people for hundreds of years used them to build treasure cities,and then passed genocide laws to exterminate them from the face of the earth. Jesus came down and destroyed their entire nation of black bigotry. What blacks did in Egypt was so evil it became the historical foundation of the first commandment of the Ten Commandments. All of this is being replayed again in this country, and the sure result is soon to follow. Jesus is going to destroy this Obama-nation by another literal Exodus and literal Passover, and He is going to deliver white people just like He did under Moses. Blacks have a very heavy price to pay for all the evil they have been committing for centuries in this earth. Baal Worship is the black religion established by Nimrod, the Ethiopian, in the days right after thee flood when he built Babylon and the tower. His brother Canaan then went and built Sodom , Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboim and Zoar, in a valley called Siddim which was as the garden of God for beauty. They gang raped and killed many people, wife swapping, bisexual orgies,pedophilia and pederasty were rampant. They were filthy rich and controlled all the wealth in the earth. Anyone who was poor was to be exterminated. Jesus sent Angels down to destroy that valley it is now known as “The Sea of the Dead”. These same Angels who Obamas black ancestors tried to gang rape were sent down to this nation from the beginning of Obama’s dictatorship, he himself is a communist homosexual married to a transsexual. They are here to execute a death sentence from which all hope of appeal has been withdrawn. One last thing “Atlanta shall fall just like Jericho”. All of this is coming very rapidly. Many many blacks will be destroyed they and all who follow their wicked example.

  87. jdamsforall says

    Suffice it to say this bigoted administration is using anyone of color as a weapon against whites, whites are what is wrong with every race, whites have destroyed this planet whites are public enemy #1, and this bastard administration is here to fight for their liberation, “Obama is a modern day Moses” …Lucifer is behind and in all this. War is coming to this nation by divine decree and if Obama makes himself a dictator he will do the same things Pharaoh did anciently in the days of Moses and will ultimately be destroyed in the same manner. This war is going to hit the southeast region first ….Black communism will consumed completely and all these civil rights devils likewise.The sealing of the 144,000 will begin right in the middle of this soon coming WW 3, Jesus will deliver Israel because they are His “firstborn”.

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