Conservative Watchdogs Take Aim at Advertisers


Few conservative groups can better manage the balance between freedom of speech and culture-watch than the Parents Television Council. For years, the PTC has become an invaluable resource for parents, Christians, and conservatives who want to find out what kind of garbage Hollywood is turning out. In an era where it has become passé to speak against the smut, violence, and rampant attack on traditional values found on today’s TV schedule, the PTC is a breath of fresh air.

This week, the PTC released their list of best and worst advertisers, naming and shaming those companies who sponsor cultural decline and those who stand against it. Among the group’s favorite advertisers are Wal-Mart, Dunkin’ Donuts, Papa Johns, TJ Maxx, Crest, and Hewlitt-Packard. In the “needs encouragement” category were Target, Red Bull, Microsoft, Burger King, The Gap, and others.

What’s sad about the new list, though, is that even the “good” list of companies have sponsored their share of cultural garbage. This, as the PTC has explained, is because there’s virtually nothing left in the TV landscape still appropriate for family viewing. Once upon a time, the networks made an effort to at least keep the primetime viewing hours safe for traditional principles. That time has long passed, according to the PTC; they are rarely able to hand out their “green light” award anymore. Instead, the advertisers that drew praise from the PTC were those who were responsive to warnings about the content they sponsored.

Perhaps inevitably, the group struggles for publicity. The networks certainly don’t want to give any coverage to a group pointing out the anti-family crap they are filling their airwaves with. Still, the PTC has managed to stay relevant simply because no one else is helping parents make informed choices about what they let their kids watch. In a culture that has grown almost unbearably permissive, the notion of monitoring what kids watch is almost an outdated notion. That’s a real shame, because a steady diet of sex, drugs, violence, and anti-authoritarianism does not a well-adjusted child raise.

That’s to say nothing of Hollywood’s rampant promotion of liberal values, many of which have been pushed into the mainstream by a handful of special interest groups. It’s not politically correct anymore to talk about subjects like “the gay agenda,” but there’s nowhere you’ll find more of it than in the country’s sitcoms and movies. Considering some of the recent allegations surrounding Bill Cosby, this may not be the right time to say this, but: America could really use a Cliff Huxtable right about now.

Of course, critics will say it’s always been this way. Every generation decries the changing culture as they get older. But this is a problem that has been brewing since before many of us were born. Things got especially bad in the late 90s when television was dominated by such cultural paragons as Jerry Springer and WWF Raw. Today’s Kardashians and Family Guys aren’t much better, though. Is it having an effect on the state of the country? Well, look at divorce rates, crime, incarceration, and culture, and decide for yourself. Television and movies can’t shoulder all the blame, but the pungent liberalism coming from these twin evils certainly isn’t helping.

  1. FloridaJim says

    I am all in favor of boycotting those who promote progressivism it is a philosophy of death just like Communism, Nazism, Fascism. I will not go to Target because they told their employees not to respond to my Merry Christmas. I do not go to CITGO because it is owned by Venezuela….small boycotts perhaps not very effective but if more di it these would starve and close …or sell.

    1. ihatelibs says

      nor do I , for years now

    2. Krazeehors says

      Target has removed all of their Christian CDs as well.

      1. Fedup says

        Target does not support our troops. They will not allow the Marines to set up their Toys for Tots donation centers in or on their store properties. I will not go to Target for any reason.

        1. Krazeehors says

          I have not seen that. Where I live, they hire A LOT of veterans, and the manager of my local Target is retired USAF. First time I met him I was wearing my “I Support Our Troops” t-shirt and was thanked for not only MY service but also for my son’s service.

          1. Fedup says

            On every application that you fill out these days, there is a question regarding your military service. Veterans are priority. They are hired before anyone else. If I haven’t told you before, thank you for your service. I have never served although my ex-husband was in the military during Operation Desert Shield. I feel for the wives of the men serving overseas. They have it a lot harder than we did during the first gulf war. The troops serving now are facing an enemy 10 times greater than that of the ’90-’91 conflict.

          2. Shauna says

            I’ll second that….Thank you for your service….and Fedup, you could not have been more correct in your statement regarding the differences in what they are dealing with today. I have 5 brothers all serving, one retired this past November,( praise God), but this is a different beast because it’s not only the enemy, but the enemy within….it’s a disgrace….

          3. Fedup says

            I agree. Military service during any time period is to be praised but this last decade has been more…challenging…for lack of a better word. I’m glad to see the support our troops are receiving because looking back in time, our Vietnam vets were treated horribly. What really concerns me, though, is the fact that many of our young men are blindly following the liar-in-chief. They are falling victim to his deceit. The pink slips are being given to those who will not bow down to the king and these are the ones we need leading our troops. His majesty’s “my way or the highway” policy is destroying our military. He’s leaving us with weak-minded people who cannot lead themselves out of a brightly lit closet. He is not allowing our men to do the jobs they were trained to do. I hope and pray in 2016 we get a president who can take care of business. Either leave the Middle East and let the ragheads figure it out for themselves, or get in there and destroy every last one of them with ground troops. There is no other way. And for all you liberals, no, I am not a war monger. But if we are going to be there, get the job done and bring our boys home.

          4. Shauna says

            Amen to that! Bring em home and send a strong message to any country testing the boundaries. They are like unruly children who need a good spanking! no doubt! We created this by allowing the UN to dictate the terms of this last war, this is why it lasted so long, and despite Obama’s lies about it being over, he has had to send more in, quietly of course. The savages do not abide by the rules of engagement that was placed on our military. It was like fighting a war with one hand tied behind your back. RIDICULOUS! Pull out our military, tell the UN to STFU, and nuke em. The way it’s being handled now is costing more money, more lives, and doing absolutely nothing.. I’ve never seen such utter stupidity! If I may, Fed up, any liberal running around calling you a war monger?? By ALL means, shove their nose in Obama’s shit, and tell them to STFU! look at the mess they caused. grrrr.

          5. Krazeehors says

            I agree. They are NOW looking to move into Egypt and Libya — both big oil countries, both with big military force, both with lots of money. We need to carpet bomb the hell out of them.

          6. Shauna says

            It’s unreal….This group is growing by leaps and bounds because of Obama’s and the rest of this admins incompetence. and Obama’s is secretly chatting with Iran about allowing them the ability to have nukes. Oh and you know it’s ONLY for making that country better, right? They would never use it on us…(snark)…

      2. mtman2 says

        Should be somewhere where that info is shouted from the rooftops ~!

        1. Krazeehors says


  2. William Cornett says

    The ONLY way Conservatives can make any inroads into the Progressive controlled media is though organized mass boycotting and shaming of the advertisers.

    1. James Fleming Jr says

      Plus not buying newspapers!

      1. Shauna says

        Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson are the names of the NY times reporters who printed the address of officer Wilson. I’m working on a way to put out their addresses… see how they like it.

        1. Ray Taylor says

          New York Times reporters Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson published the address of Darren Wilson.

          Bosman’s address:
          5620 N WAYNE AVE APT 2
          CHICAGO, IL 60660-4204
          COOK COUNTY

          address of Robertson
          1113 N DUPRE ST
          NEW ORLEANS, LA 70119-3203

          1. Shauna says

            I salute you sir…..God speed!

          2. Krazeehors says

            Good job!!

          3. Beth Austin says

            Louisiana calls their counties PARISHES.

  3. Seldena says

    I do not support any company that supports LGBT or abortion , socialism, etc. Starbucks, target, Wal-Mart, Burger King are just a few. They are off my list!!

    1. Tom Brooks says

      Have you noticed that the people who downgrade hard working middle class businessman who comes up with a great money making idea, is persecuted by the already rich. It was OK for the old group, George Sorus, Bill and Hilary Clinton and others to get rich, but they belittle and criticize the non liberal for being “too rich.”

      1. Krazeehors says

        Hey, I was quite surprised that — after 60+ years as a woman — I, apparently and according to Hillary Clinton am NO LONGER a “real woman” because I vote GOP.

        1. Fedup says

          And Hillary is? I’d rather vote GOP and not be a “real woman” than support the liberal socialists.

        2. Fedup says

          Maybe she needs to rethink what a “real woman’ is considering Bill has been chasing other women for years. Apparently, she’s not enough of a “real woman” for him.

          1. mtman2 says

            He’d have to be a real man 1st= NOT! Bimbo’s and star stuck kids are his speed’ Shows what a low-life he really is…….Hildabeast a woman?………hardly female ~!!!

          2. Fedup says

            You’re right. Hillary is more “manly” than Bill.

        3. Shauna says

          Who made that statement? Is this the new left spin?

          1. Krazeehors says

            Right from the horse’s mouth — the Hildabeast herself — two days before the election.

          2. Shauna says

            Wow, the H- beast cankles have finally stopped the flow of blood to her brain…Hillabeast is a disgusting pant suit wearing she man! Oh and all you have to do is take a good look at the women of the left….nuff said……Whenever any of the left spew, “the war on women”…shove their nose in that…doesn’t seem very supportive of women to me, does it you?

        4. Tom Brooks says

          You are the “REAL WOMAN.”
          Had Hillary been a real woman she would have dumped Bill years ago when he was raping innocent women. The final straw should have been Monica, but Hillary preferred politics over being a real woman.

          1. Krazeehors says

            Thank you very much.

  4. John F Remillard says

    The real bad guys & gals are the 1,100 members of the GameChanger Salon, a pro-fascism communist organization of news reporters, TV show hosts, and writers who work & conspire with each other to bring down American individual rights, capitalism, morality, honesty, and justice. They review, discuss, conspire, and approve the content of all main-stream-media information.

    1. mtman2 says

      Who are these people?,…….. get that out there for everyone to see ~!

  5. Tom Brooks says

    Citgo is changing their name because of the boycotts. IT’S Working !!!
    I have shopped at Target a few times, but don’t have any plans to shop there again. Not as a political protest, it’s just that I just don’t like the store layout and choices of merchandise.

    1. Ray Taylor says

      Thanks for the heads-up on Citgo.

  6. Mark Clemens says

    Watching to much TV will kill your brain cells. Hollywood has ran out of original writers. Most prime time shows are so called Reality Shows. No real plot or script. Lets see what happens. Hollywood genius? TV accident?
    Even the History Channel is on the band wagon with bogus shows like Moon Shiners. People are actually so dumb, some think this stuff is actually real…… You know what the Courts call video of someone making Shine? Evidence. If Tickle was really cooking and selling Shine, he would be in jail!!!!
    Let’s not forget Honey Bobo. Who gives a damn?

    1. Tom Brooks says

      Right on !!!
      There is nothing “real” on the so called “reality” shows. It is all scripted. Sure, the actors have a little more latitude with dialog and action, but the writers and directors still rule the roost. I haven’t watched one of these stupid shows in years. I realized, after watching two or three “different” versions of what is really the same show, that there was nothing redeeming, educational or entertaining about these mindless presentation. They are aimed at the viewer with the lowest IQs. And, I believe, they are hitting a bull’s eye with every show.

      1. mtman2 says

        And so now the Far-Left anti-God and anti-family creeps are trying to nix the Duggar clan. I don’t watch regularly but feel good about who they are and what they represent ~!

    2. Krazeehors says

      I know. That young girl is so insulting and SO mouthy that, if she belonged to me, believe me, she would be VERY FAMILIAR with the taste of Lifebuoy soap!!! If that makes me a bad parent, so be it.

    3. Shauna says

      Positively dreadful! A couple years ago, I decided to watch the Kardashians to see what all the hype was about. I got a 45 seconds into it and couldn’t believe that people were watching a whole hour of this type of programming. To this day, it makes my skin crawl when I hear “LIKE” used every other word in a sentence. Like, I have only like, one brain cell, and like I can’t handle, like when people, like use like, this word, like, I can’t stand it! *using the Charlie Brown* AAARRRGGHHH!!!!

  7. Kevin E says

    Yes older generations may ‘decry’ the changing culture. This is not a ‘changing’ culture. This is a ‘deteriorating’ culture. I spend as much time as I can with my grand kids and we talk about the crap and how to stay away from it. Reading is probably the best way. And that’s another big challenge. Getting kids away from the buzz and into their own imaginations through reading. We have to reach the children out there, the some 40% of children, who don’t have a father. They need real role models….
    Turn off these terrible, worthless, mindless TV shows. If ratings drop maybe these shows will be cancelled. There is such a beautiful world out there to take a walk in. It’s OK not to care about all the blah, blah, blah for a day and just go out and enjoy nature.

    generation decries the changing culture as they get older. – See more
    generation decries the changing culture as they get older. – See more

    1. Krazeehors says


    2. mtman2 says

      Nobody in America did a thing when prayer and the Bible got thrown out of schools in 1963 or fought the legfal murder of babies that now number 56,000,000= that 56-million killed so far ~!

  8. Maria castro says

    I don’t support the ones that support immorality and bend down to please minorities that want control and make us vassals of a system that is good for nothing.

  9. Archie Cogollos says

    Best way to protest is boycott…you don’t like the show…don’t watch it….

    1. Carol Dunson says

      I agree, Archie. We watch UP and Hallmark. Pretty hard to go wrong there.

  10. Archie Cogollos says

    If worse comes to worst…we actually start reading books again……

  11. JIMBO says

    This is a much needed industry to take on. It is very difficult for anyone, not just children, to find decent TV programs anymore. I wish you luck on your efforts to control the garbage we have to watch on TV that we pay too much to watch.. Some citizens pay upwards of $200.00 a month to watch the same programs over and over again.

  12. adrianvance says

    Too bad that it has come to that, but what is left now that Obama has taken everything and ruined much of what is left.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

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