Conservatives Rip Republican Bill to Replace Obamacare


It was a given that Republicans would struggle to get an Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill past the Senate Democrats, but with the release of the House bill on Monday, it quickly became apparent that the first hurdle will be getting it past conservatives in the GOP. Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Rand Paul, and leading members of the House Freedom Caucus gathered for a press conference on Tuesday where they excoriated Paul Ryan’s plan.

“This is not the Obamacare repeal bill we’ve been waiting for,” said Lee. “It is a missed opportunity and a step in the wrong direction.”

For conservative Republicans to say that the bill falls short of their preference is one thing…but a step in the wrong direction? That would indicate a health bill that’s actually worse than Obamacare. Do they actually believe that?

Indeed, some of them do. The Heritage Foundation released a statement on Tuesday that said: “In many ways, the House Republican proposal released last night not only accepts the flawed progressive premises of Obamacare but expands upon them.”

And in a conversation with USA Today, Rep. Jim Jordan said the bill failed to deliver on the promises made to the American people.

“In simple terms, I don’t think we promised the voters we’d repeal it, but we’re gonna keep taxes in place,” said Jordan. “We’re gonna repeal it, but we’re gonna keep Medicaid expansion in place for four years and we’re gonna repeal it, but start a new entitlement with a fancy name of ‘advanceable refundable tax credits.’ I don’t believe this is actually going to bring down the cost of treatment. I don’t know that this is going to bring back affordable insurance.”

The Trump White House was quick to assure critics that the proposed bill was only a starting point for negotiations. Both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have told members of Congress that there is room for internal party debate when it comes to the specifics of the American Health Care Act.

“We are very early in the legislative process,” said Pence. “As the president has made very clear, we are open to working with members of the House and Senate on ways we can improve the bill, but we believe the American Health Care Act is the right framework for replacing Obamacare, and in the days ahead, the president and I both look forward to making that case to members of Congress and to the American people.”

    1. Deby says

      That (hopefully) will NEVER hapen

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        we must fight these Liberal bastards their evil!

        1. Michael Brown says

          screw you.

          1. george briar says

            and you

          2. James says

            What’s the matter? Too close to the truth for your comfort?

          3. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Why don’t you screw your Liberal Racist crooked Hillary Doll.. $9.99 order now!


      2. Janet Harper says


        1. Ed Baker says

          Sure, reject an imperfect bill subject to future amendment, and in not accepting the only possible bill that can pass, guarantee that Obamacare stays in place forever.

          1. Peatro says

            So excepting the rino neo_con Obama no care like bill is better then nothing. You can’t possibly be that naive,that blind stupid.

          2. Mathew Molk says

            Obomacare will be gone in a few months no matter what. it’s in it’s terminal phase already. No matter what, it’s a goner.

        2. Craig says

          Wow, your English is really bad, goes downhill any further you will be cackling like the Mexican Cockroaches.

        3. Anna Christiansen says

          I agree. It seems once the government gets it passed it never get better, no improvements.

        4. barnjoer says

          Why the hell does anyone think it is the Governments job to provide health care for the people of this Nation?? Get off your lazy ass & go to work & buy your own insurance!!!!!

          1. James A Langham says

            YES. As Marie Antoinette said, “LET THEM EAT CAKE!”

  1. Justin Seine says

    We will never have affordable healthcare as long as we have a society that has been brainwashed to believe that there is no need to lead a healthy lifestyle because our friends at “Big Pharma” have pills to fix every ailment we acquire as we burn the candle at both ends. Got a malady? Just ask you doctor if XYZ is right for you. Don’t worry about side effects because”Big Pharma” has pills for those too!

    As illustrated below, all these pills fall under one “Big Pharma” category:

    1. rdells says

      U R spot-on Justin

    2. skisok says

      I fully agree with you Justin.

    3. James says

      This is exactly what I have been telling people for over 20 years. I refuse to support the pharmaceutical business. At 68 years old, I take no drugs, and am just as healthy as or more so than all of my friends who are my age!
      I do have some health issues; some from poor habits when I was younger; some from accidents; And some from issues dating back to my military days. But regardless of these current health problems, I gave up pharma. over 20 years ago!

      1. Bob Wexler says

        I gave up Pharmacist 50 years ago. However my wife and a Cadre of MDS have coerced me into taking a few meds. Supposedly they are reducing the likelihood that I would have a stroke or heart attack. How can anyone prove them wrong. I’m still here so they must be working. But no one will ever know how much longer or shorter I would have survived without the meds.
        I applaud your perseverance and hope to hear you are still avoiding meds when you are 100. That would also make me 103.

      2. jim sadler says

        That is all fine and dandy until you are really sick or injured. For many diabetics a day or two without pills or shots means death. Many heart patients are super dependent upon drugs as are numerous other conditions. The Trump nonsense would murder quite a few people. One thing to consider is that if capitalism can leave someone out in the cold to die then capitalism is an inherently evil doctrine. In a Christian nation the very first item is to completely care for the unfortunate. Christ had three requirements for all of us. First repent and be baptized. And then live in perpetual service to the poor. He did not make allowance for having a family, a job or career or preserving a nation.

      3. Justin Seine says

        I’m with you James. I will be 70 next month, take no prescription meds, exercise 5 – 6 times per week, split wood by hand, do all my own landscaping, maintain my own cars and power equipment, can run up and down stairs with no problems… Most guys I grew up with are living on pills, always at one doctor or another and are not, IMHO, living the good life. I believe many of them are suffering from Iatrogenic disease, which broadly defines maladies caused by other drugs and treatments. To your continued good health!.

        1. James says

          I am happy to hear of others who have come to learn that big pharma does not have their health in as much concern as they would have people believe, and I congratulate you on your healthy lifestyle.
          I used to run; up until about 4 years ago, at that time my dad died and left my sisters and I the mess of cleaning up 80 years of accumulation.
          Sadly; he left a gallon bottle of liquid unmarked in the garage, when I opened it up to pour out enough to see what it was, it turned our to be hydrocloric acid. The fumes burnt my lungs very badly and I am not able to catch my breath easily. My fault for a stupid act, but I spend some time every day with deep breathing exercises, which so far have not improved my breathing, but it also has not deteriorated any worse.
          At 68 years of age, I can still outwork many who are younger, and like you, I cut and split wood by hand, work on most of my vehicles,(still can’t get past these modern electronics)and live by myself, so I maintain all upkeep here.
          I have a good friend and ex farmer friend, whom I worked for as a youth, he is around 90-92 and still manages his place mostly by himself. He no longer drives because of his eyesight, but he has always been one I have looked up to as an example of true humility and hard work ethics!He too has been drug free for most of his life!
          BTW: I do not agree with some who have posted that we must be taking care of all of the sick. WE are only commanded to take care of those who are believers. anyone who cannot and will not take care of themselves, and who have family, need to have their family step in.
          Those who received healing by The Messiah were told to “go and sin no more”. While I realize not all maladies are the result of sin, sin is in all mankind to one degree or another. How we deal with it is up to each and everyone of us. But The Almighty gave us many plants and minerals for our health, we only need to learn what and how to use them, and therein lies the problem; many are too lazy to study these things on their own! And above all; we need to learn to trust HIM for healing and health!

        2. Anna Christiansen says

          You are a very lucky person. Due to complication with both my pregnancy’s, it affected both of my kidneys. They do not work like they are suppose to. Small price to pay for two beautiful children.

    4. Millie Fisher says

      Amen to that, justin seine.

    5. Jimmy Midnight says

      Hey, Justin, this leftist troll agrees with U about our pharmaceutical “friends” (profiteer racketeers.)

  2. rdells says

    Shocking! Not all the rethugs in DC have criminal roots.

  3. The Help says

    If the republican health care plan passes this far away fron 2018 election there will be alot fewer republicans in congress after 2018.

  4. Robert Early says

    Democrats are in “fantacy” mode; while Republicans appear to be in “suicide” mode. It’s not that Trump can’t govern. He’s not being allowed to govern. A true civil war with millions of casualties is what we need. We need a Phoenix to rise from the ashes.

    1. cutterguy says

      with help from conservatives in congress Trump and his cabinet could be that phoenix

    2. Marnipreed says

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    3. george briar says

      your in a lunacy mode so get back on your meds the voices will go away.

      1. psychosally says

        youve got your head in the sand-pull it out and take a look at the rinos protecting their doners interests

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Bye georgie! BLOCKED! ??

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          I hit him too. Lunatic democRAT voter.

          1. OopsyDaisy3 says

            He needs to refresh his memory. Go back and watch reruns of Hillary screaming her tired ol’ speeches of why she should be president.
            All of them have short memories. Dems breed dysfunction, that is the
            only thing that makes them feel important.

      3. Janthony132 says

        George, you couldn’t be more wrong,. We, the American people, are on the edge of our patience with what the Democarts are doing. If push comes to shove, a Civil war will occur and it will start and be over real quick, and many of the elected officials will go into hiding or leave the country to save their lives. We have more armed and trained veterans (both active and retired) who will step up to save our country. The Democrats are setting the tone for their extinction..

        1. James says

          I hate to admit it; but your probably more right than George or any other liberal cares to admit. As Robert above pointed out, the liberals with their destructive rioting and beating up on the True Patriots who supported Pres. Trump, those libs have pushed too far and tempers are starting to flare. If they don’t back off on their violence we are very likely to see a major bloodbath here.

          1. mIKE says

            President Trump is not a true patriot unless you define a true patriot as someone who is only in things for himself.

          2. SD of AZ says

            Typical dem wit dems whine and rant, then if those two fail to get them what they desire, they resort to violence. And you are quite correct, they are close to the one step too far. And doesn’t it irritate everyone to see them hiding behind their little masks. Not too sure of their cause or at least not wanting to spend time in jail for their criminal assaults. So you have something here James, sooner or later someone is going to rip off their masks and start a real fight with them. It will depend on who they keep pulling this tactic with and where. But it is likely going to end in a big fight sooner or later and the dem masked ones may not like what they reap!

          3. James says

            you are correct; sooner or later they are going to run into someone who exposes these cowardly snowflakes. Hopefully; we can get law enforcement to do this, but it will happen either way!
            And I greatly appreciate your comparing these cowards who hide behind masks with terrorists! This is exactly who and what they are; which is why all sharia law concerning hiding one’s face behind a burka should be outlawed here in The States! Who can even tell what sex is behind that veil?

      4. Robert Early says

        Attacking me personally is not very smart. I know how to find you.

      5. Robert Early says

        Easy Vet. You’re attacking a friend.

      6. SD of AZ says

        I was thinking the same thing george.

    4. jimmy midnight says

      Genocidal maniac, end times aren’t coming. Relax, enjoy the ride, and fantasize about something other than dozens of millions of fellow citizens’ corpses.

      Sick, sick, sick.

      1. James says

        The true sickness is the denial you and your ilk display. Liberals have pushed their violent agenda too far for too long. Either the law steps in and removes these thugs (of which you apparently are either a part of or supportive of), or the public steps up and takes vigilantly measures!

        1. Jimmy Midnight says

          Good on U for stayin’ away from pharma. Just come from a peace vigil, non-violence is always near the top of my agenda.

          vigilante violence is not an adverb, no l-y needed.

      2. Robert Early says

        Yes indeed, Mr. Midnight. You had best wake up to a new day of freedom in America; if you intend to survive it.

    5. daveveselenak says

      We are on the same wave length – REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, guaranteed! Armr=======================? – – – – -, we will be needing them against the two-headed, one totalitarian NWO-elitist, power mad oligarchy of which the “Re-PUNK-lican” leader(less)ship is part; it will be that OR a life of misery, squalor and serfdom to the State while these Godless ghouls live as kings and queens as they currently are doing on the public trough – that is the straight skinny!

  5. dog lover says

    This new health plan pur the cost burden on seniors. They will paying 5’s more for they’re health care. Aryan is a a$$hole. He wanted to end Medicare and Medicare for everyone. Seniors worked all there lives paying into this program. I’m not for this new health plan. It really sucks. People read what it’s about.PLEASE!!

    1. Dale says

      tax cut for the 1%, if you read the full bill……..

      1. dog lover says

        No kidding. My statement stands. You read it again

    2. Michael Brown says

      so true.

    1. Michael Brown says

      such lies, he was one of the best.

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
        1. Mike says

          Historians have already rated him the 12th best President ever. Now that may change some with time, but he was far from a terrible President. Your ridiculous post is really Donald Trump.

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Mike I know the truth hurts your Liberal pos pea brain. I’m sorry to give you an wakening Obama is a disgrace, a jive talkin Hoodlum. Obama is a failure and a hater of America. Obama will go down in America History as the worst Lying President eva,,,I know it hurts ! TRUMP beat Obama, crooked lying Hillary, The liberal Lying bias media, liberalism and you! You know why REAL AMERICA SPOKE SIT DOWN AND WATCH THE REAL MEN TAKE OVER 8 YEARS OF PROSPERITY ! YOU MORON!

          2. Mike says

            If republican presidents are so wonderful how come the economy historically does better when Democrats are President? the last time we had a conservative in the White House the economy was almost destroyed and trump has many of those same policies of eliminate taxes on the wealthy.

          3. mustanggoody67Alan Goodrich says

            Some day you might wake up. It’s a great experience.

          4. Mike says

            i wish you and other republicans would actually care about facts but you don’t and you vote against your own interests.

          5. SD of AZ says

            Facts and the BS you spread do not mix mikey!

          6. Mike says

            if you would like to actually dispute a fact I am open to hearing more trump supporters “alternative facts”, but as is usual for a trump supporter you choose to insult and ignore facts.

          7. SD of AZ says

            Oh my, now you are really spreading the BS. Course they also spent every dime on freeloaders too. Seems there was always a spending skew with dem presidents buying those pesky freeloaders new stuff to keep em voting dem wit. And BO did such a magnificent job of spending, more than all other 143 presidents together! National debt is in the trillions now. My my! Would you like me to cover finance 101 with you mikey? Being a retired CPA I think I might know the real stats better than you.

          8. SD of AZ says

            Well said and mikey is too messed up to appreciate the reality you have so eloguently defined. He choses to lie about the facts, can’t help him at all. But eight years from now we shall see if he is still whining. Good posts all Good Bless Real America. Keep it up, really gets the dem wit dems whining and it is music to my ears.

          9. James says

            Historians have also distorted real history, as most children in school know nothing of how or why America came into being!
            Anyone who cannot recognize the BO (as in body odor) as the worst person to ever sit in the Oval office is either ignorant or delusional!

            BTW: I still refuse to recognize him as a president of anything outside of political activist for the socialist state!

          10. Mike says

            No one can take away your ability to be ignorant. That is your right in America.

          11. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          12. SD of AZ says

            And please list mikey on that liberal base, a koolaide swiller to the max.

          13. SD of AZ says

            Um, I think you take that prize mikey.

          14. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          15. SD of AZ says

            Um, mind telling us who voted BO as number 12? Might it be a bunch of liberal academics? That definitely will NOT stand the test to time Mikey!!!

          16. Mike says

            I agree. it will probably go higher, but it is still a good start for his presidency.

          17. SD of AZ says

            Do not mince words mikey. The higher number is 145. Thanks for the concurrence!

      2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
        1. Mike says


          1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Truth hurts doesn’t it….One day you’ll get nahhh your to liberally stupid.

          2. SD of AZ says

            Yup, anyone who trusted BO was pretty stupid. Anyone besides you would know that!

      3. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
      4. SD of AZ says

        Koolaide swilling has definite side effects Michael Brown. BO sucked and still does. Worst president ever, and that will definitely be his legacy. And it is with pleasure that we watch as Trump reverses his illegal and legal edicts, his fiasco called obamacare, his warping of the federal agencies, his use to be open borders soon to be walled up with a real wall, deportation of all illegal aliens of all varieties, ending sanctuary anything or watch em manage with no federal funds.

        That ought to be quite the show and by far the most interesting in the dem wit run states, cities, and municipalities since we all know the dem wits have spent every penny in those places. What will happen when the stipends of the freeloaders cannot be paid? Will the actors, actresses, etc. that have been whining for Hillary pay those entitlement out of their funds? Oh my, so sad, so very sad. Someone will have to decide what has to be done. And in la la land you can count on who? Governor Brown? Interesting, we are watching with interest! But then maybe your hero BO can help!

  6. Skippy says

    So much for the repeal of Obama care. Trump care won’t be any better. Trump backing out on another campaign promise no surprise there. Some outsider he turned out to be.

    1. psychosally says

      negotiations just started so crawl back into your highchair and have patience

      1. Skippy says

        You Trumsters intellectually dishonest. Trump said in his campaign that he would remove Obama care. He did flip flop on the issue during the campaign. Trump said he would reverse Obamas dream act, but hasn’t done it. He said himself in a tweet that he’s happy with this bill. Again so much for him being an outsider!!!!!
        Grow up and quit acting like a 2 year old!!!;;;

  7. randi amundsen says

    I voted for Trump and I will do it again there is a lot of garbage in DC and we must get rid of them if you love this country you will work with our President if you are traitors and against all that is good about this country you do not want what is good for the people only for yourself we do not want your garbage nor do we need you

    1. Mike says

      Yes drain the swamp and fill it back up with billionaires and Goldman Sach’s executives to take from us again.

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
      2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
    2. pmbalele says

      If you want Trump re-elected, tell him to listen to me not to Paul Ryan and Mitch. These will make sure he is not re-elected with their silly Ryan care. Do they and their families have Ryan care or credit care? No. They do not pay a cent as federal government workers. These are government officials who want to throat you with their stupid care. I have counselled Trump to adopt Canadian or Sweden care. Nobody should pay out of pocket premium. a 0.01 sales tax on all good except food should be able to fund Trump care or Obamacare expanded. This will enable you and your doctor have privacy and being interfered by insurance. Ryan, Mitch want to kill seniors, poor young whites, Blacks and children. Then they will be given campaign money by the insurance companies. Reject their care.

        1. gotabgood says

          Or the rest of the world..
          The rightwing radicals of the USA share their BS pool

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            The left wing Democrackhead racist liberal party is a cess pool of hate!


          2. SD of AZ says

            How exceptional true, every word. Wasn’t he just the most arrogant narcissistic sociopath to ever sit in that seat? He has identified every flaw in every process in our government. We have a lot to fix.

      1. SD of AZ says

        Um, not all government employees get free healthcare. Like any employer part of theirs is paid but it is still an expense and you misrepresent some other facts as well. I understand your feelings but don’t say things that are utterly untrue. That is what the dem wits do. They do lie to get people behind whatever it is they want. Now if you are speaking of congress as in the senate and house I believe their healthcare is one of their perks voted in by them for them.

        Thus the argument that they should get what they vote for us, the public, is very valid. But do remember that government employees are treated just like those working for any large employer. Facts are facts even when you are boiling mad and from another place other than the US I strongly suspect in your case. Are you a legal immigrant? You still need to stick to truths and not obfuscate, pmbalele.

    3. Anthony Goldman says

      Just a bunch of Russian agents posing as American citizens pretending to be Trump supporters. Don’t fall for it.

    4. Doriscdaniels says

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      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            The American President & Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            GOD BLESS AMERICA!


  8. RuFus92 says

    The dumb bastards have had 8 years and can’t even come up with a comprehensive plan for the after effect of repeal. Mean while medical cost continue to spiral upward with no controls and everyone suffers. They want to keep parts of a very flawed and malignant plan of Obamacare. They are operating for a cancer by taking out the good tissue and keeping the bad.

    1. dosadoe says

      OK, so where is your plan? Complaining is not a good strategy which gets some attention but will be roundly ignored if you keep on with the complaining!

    2. James says

      One of the primary reasons for that rising cost in health care are all of the people who have government paid healthcare with subsidies, who fail to take care of their health by eating properly and practicing good health principles. They then go to the emergency rm. instead of a local clinic for minor problems.
      This is exactly what is wrong with socialized medicine. Why take care of yourself, when uncle sam will do it for you? Go out and drink yourself into oblivion, do all the drugs you can trade your food stamps for, then when you get sick; someone else will take care of you!

  9. 83ragtop50 says

    Sorry Rep Jordan, but we were explicitly told that Obamcare would be repealed. If your memory is that bad maybe you should retire. Good try, but your smoke and mirrors will not work.

    1. Richard W. Faith says


  10. george briar says

    rand paul is another Rino like graham and McCain that needs to go. we were better off before Obamacare came along and will be better off when it’s gone. replace it with nothing is as good as something other than what it is. Obama the traitor should be hanged and then burned he was a disease on this country.

    1. Mark Tercsak says

      I will disagree with you sir, the real Traitors our Paul Ryan, Mitch “Big Mac”, McConnel , the Previous Speaker of The House Cryer John, and the Republican Leadership my friend. They are all Liars and Traitors, they lied to “We the People”, they are Oath Breakers, They are worse than Obama, because; they turned a blind eye to his criminal activities, thus helping him stay in power! They are just like the democrats they care more about Illegals, than they care about you or I and most importantly the Constitution Of The United States Of America and the Laws of The Land.

      “We The People”, should arrest the Slime Bag, Scum Bag Ass-Holes and throw’em in Jail!

    2. SkyCop2010 says

      I like the plan offered by the two doctors from Kansas. $50 per visit for adults, $10 for children, with a catastrophic plan for emergency room or surgeries.Drug prices negotiated by group. Another option is to allow the people within a state coop together and work directly with their chosen doctors to negotiate group benefits across state lines.Get the insurance companies and their lawyers and accountants out of healthcare.

  11. george briar says

    getting into the white house was not easy for Trump but he did. getting things done while there will also not be easy for Trump as the lifers there don’t want to give up the horn of plenty they been enjoying all their life. But Trump will not give up and will succeed. the marines have a saying “the difficult we do right away and the impossible just takes a little longer” so goes with Trump. We can help him by voting out the rest of the democrats when ever they run and where ever they run along with the Rino’s. lets do our part people we got the right guy in there now we need to do our part even further.

  12. george briar says

    meanwhile Hillary is still kicking over garbage cans on some hiking trail screaming ” I’m the President it was my turn”.

    1. Austinniceguy says

      With her 40 in a paper sack from the local 7-11.

  13. Mark Tercsak says

    I trust Paul Ryan as far as I can throw the son-of -a-Bitch.
    Paul is the waterboy for the liberal wing of the party , the Hillman~Republicans, Elsie Hillman forced George H.W. Bush upon Ronald Reagan, now the Bush Clan run the part of the party.
    demand they look at Rand Paul’s plan, and all the other plans first,let’s do it right, fuck that sack-of lyin-shit Paul Ryan and his three phase solution!

    1. Austinniceguy says

      In the future please don’t hold back or mince words, it makes it difficult to understand your point. ROTFFLMFAO!!! Excellent post!!!! Very well stated.

    2. slk5 says

      i guarantee, that anyone the bushes push, will only make the oval office, as coffee delivery!!!

      1. Mark Tercsak says

        We have three equal Branches of Government, also know as co-equal.
        The oval office yeah you have real power , but for a limited time 4 to 8 years and true you have influence for life after your out of office unless you blow it.
        The Chief Justice of the United States and Associate Justices of the United States have real power for life, unless they retire or resign and their decision influence America for Hundreds of Years.
        The Congress, The House and Senate many of these people have power and influence, far beyond what you realize.
        But the real power, lies with the King Maker’s, Those who back the men who would become President, or Senator, or Congressmen.

      2. SD of AZ says

        That is what the Bush’s thought but Trump beat Baby Jeb and there will be no more Bushs to continue their dynasty plan. Even the young one still serving is questionable in Texas. No Clintons, no Bushs, no Kennedys, no dynasty anything. And it is past time for term limits. No more career politicians. Case in point is the senile fool McCain. He is the best argument for term limits I have ever seen with Pelosi, Graham and Reid competing for number two, three and four position in that argument. All have become decadent spoiled senile fools who believe they are our rulers or leaders of us all. Been there too long by many reelections for all and reality is no longer a touch stone for any of them except Reid. Evidently his gym set helped him decide it was time to retire. So who keeps voting for these idiots cycle after cycle. In AZ no one will own McCain. I voted Ward. Seems the Chamber of Commerce financed his run and if they have the voters who elected him AGAIN for the Sixth time, I have plenty to say to them. Everyone should be embarassed about his actions lately in AZ. Mortified is a more descriptive term!

        1. slk5 says

          a capital letter BINGO on your comment,…2 term limit, and anyone who wants to be reelected, must step down so we’re still represented, and one 6 year term for potus, no reelection campaigns…the only time i voted for mccain was for potus, and that was not a solid choice…i did vote for flake, but never again, my problem is i’m a registered independent and can’t vote in the primaries, but i did donate to ward!!! i receive numbers news alerts, along with many others…it’s 91* now any higher and on comes the ac!!!

    3. James Maxwell says

      Hell I’m 75 and could still toss him pretty far, much further than I would ever trust him on any

  14. Austinniceguy says

    Thankfully the all-time loser, Hillary, didn’t get a chance at finishing the obliteration of this country that the elephant eared moron started. Had she been elected we would have dropped our borders and been playing host to untold numbers of “refugees” which we would have to support because we don’t have enough welfare leeches as it is. I hope they do away with this POS wealth redistribution program that was crammed down our throats and create something fair and equitable for everyone. I didn’t get to keep my plan OR my doctors and what I ended up with cost me A LOT more and my coverage is less than it ever has been.

  15. slk5 says

    the whole gop is filled with only what i want republicans…they’ll never pass a repeal law now, and if you can’t repeal, you keep whats there…the great negotiator will intervene and MAGA!!!

  16. crustyone says

    The replacement takes time since the Conservatives will scrutinize each and every bit as opposed to Ob*ma care which Liberals ramrodded through without the knowledge of what it contained (remember the pelosi words).

  17. James Maxwell says

    Time to cut the crap and do what you were supposed to do. Take the “AHC” better known as
    Obama’s folly and toss it lock, stock and barrel in the dumpster and set it on fire. Government
    does not have the responsibility to provide health care for the American People and all the
    criminal Invaders. Let the Free market and Insurance Companies fight it out and come up with
    a plan that the American People will be able to pay for themselves and keep cost reasonable.
    Government involvement has destroyed the Health Industry and made it so bloated that no one
    can afford it. When they realize that fact and that the government will no longer be the “sugar
    daddy” they will adjust their rates so people can buy Health Insurance and Doctors will also have
    to reduce their rates to acceptable levels if they want to stay profitable. Cut all Illegal Invaders
    out of any and all government benefits programs and make them pay the same prices as
    Americas do if they want treatment. Currently they merely invade the Emergency rooms
    after hours to get treatment and then disappear without paying a cent towards the treatment
    and leaving the TAX PAYERS stuck with the bill.

    1. Barney Biggs says

      It is usually a very good plan to run to something rather than from something.

      Nobody is going to let somebody lay in the parking lot of the hospital and die. Therefore
      the point is how best to deal with the problem in a cost/benefit way for the American tax payer?

      Saying I do not like it and therefore dump it before having a decent alternative is not the answer.

  18. Mark Tercsak says

    Paul Ryan and the Hillman-Bush clan, state unlike the Affordable Care Act, we are going to let everyone look at our Plan. The problem is there are dozens of Plans and we should look at all of them first, before committing to one, then the best plan should be the one selected……..

  19. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

    Let’s wait and see what amendments are added in the process – but keep objecting to Ryan-Soros NWO o’care “replacement”. Support and help POTUS in the war against CIA, NSA and all of the Deep State and broader NWO of which Deep State Is large part of domestic NWO. Trump, USA, and WE must win this war or WE are DONE. Contact POTUS at, click on “Participate” and tell POTUS what you think and let him know you are on his side. Help DJT MAGA.

  20. Paul Anderson says

    Obama Care is part of the Obama’s Global Health Initiative. 62 billion dollars of tax payer dollars went to the U.N. to fund health care for their global agenda.

  21. ralph says

    I do not look forward to the bill but I do look forward to the repeal and the replacement of Paul Ryan the communist speaker. feel that a good replacement would be Rand Paul, or Tom Cotton, they are pro American, pro Business and pro minimum Federal Government that is a big plus

  22. dosadoe says

    The so-called Conservatives had the same amount of time that the regular GOP had to craft a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare! The House has their bill going through regular order on the way to the Senate and reconciliation! Meanwhile the so-called Conservatives are acting like a group of Goldilocks complaining about the bed, porridge, or chair and demanding that those items be changed! If they are to be taken seriously, they should present their bill, publish it so that it can be debated and melded with the bill presented by the regular GOP! Or are the so-called Conservatives going to demand that the entire bill be trashed and start all over again like Senator Rand Paul demands? Which demand is going to be roundly ignored as unreasonable and high handed!

  23. E James Maggio says

    Jim Jordan must have something in his coffee. He said above that he did not think they promised they would repeal Obama care. Who does he think is more stupid him or the conservative who were told time and time again by the republicans running for office and the ones already in office that they would repeal Obama care, do not start lying to keep parts of Obama care and add something else. the republicans were elected to repeal Obama care and if they do not, this is probably their last chance to have control of all three offices. President Trump should not sign a bill that does not first repeal Obama care. He will be hurting his cause if he does.

  24. E James Maggio says

    the only ones that can fix our health care problem is the doctors and drug companies. this is where everything should start. One thing that could be done is, Doctors could ban together with their different specialties and from co-ops where people would pay a monthly premium to belong to the co-op of their choice.. It could start with $10 for young children in up to 8th grade, $20 a month for high those in high school, $30 for those in college and then with age 27 to 40 $50, 41 to 65 $100 after that medicare would take over. that is just one example of a way to change health care.

  25. E James Maggio says

    Of course those who could not afford it, could then be subsidized by the government

  26. Garry T says

    I know our President said this is just the starting point….. BUT a fiddled with Obamacare, starting point? Ryan and the other RINO’s in congress have no belly for what’s really needed. They need to start with Rand Paul’s plan and work from THAT point.

  27. junkmailbin says

    the top people in each self centered group of repubs need to go on a weekend retreat and come up with a finished bill. All groups than have to go along with it. Naturally McPainindearse, MarcoRed lover, and Ranlast Paul will complain . Any dissenters will receive zero support in all future elections

  28. SkyCop2010 says

    Let Obamacare fail on it’s own don’t rescue it!!!!

  29. Mike W says

    That’s great let them fight about it until they get it right – it’s a whole lot more reasonable than “passing it to see what’s in it”.

  30. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
  31. John Topper says

    Randi, is English your second language? Then let me introduce you to punctuation marks! The are writing devices we use to separate and contain statements, mark for influence or accent and end a thought. Your writing example below, is what the Good Sisters in Grammar School would consider a run on sentence. But since you voted for Dolt 45, you already are brain dead but please mark your license as an organ donor….then again, DON’T!

    1. Askjrsk says

      Exactly. Marooned, are you from a third world country?


    What a joke politicians are!! Republicans have not plan; they had all the years since The Affordable Care Act was passed to figure out how to design it better than what other nations have for their citizens. It is simple “WHITE WASH,” that the politicians feed us so they can keep TAXING us. They don’t even know what TRUTH IS. “Obamacare”, doubled the health premiums of all my friends, some from 400 to 800. Apparently, government law makers can’t “handle the truth” they act like snakes in the grass with FORKED TONGUES.

  33. Richard W. Faith says

    Just checking to see if this winds up on facebooK.

  34. Richard W. Faith says

    Repeal and REPEAL ONLY. The ENTIRE OBJECTIVE is to get government the Hell OUT of the interface between doctors and patients, AND the Hell out of the insurance business. What part of THAT don’t the POLLUTE-TICIANS understand?

  35. Richard W. Faith says

    What we were led to believe is that the Trump administration would repeal obamAcare, and ONLY repeal it. We VOTED accordingly, and ELECTED Trump. The “and replace” part of it was sneaked in after the election. This is classic bait-and-switch. The objective from the beginning was to remove government entirely from the health-care insurance business. If the error of “and replace” is allowed to run its full course, I see two really disturbing results as the outcome:
    1) Trump will be a one-term President (if indeed he lasts THAT long), and
    2) In 2020, a one-party-system loyalist (a.k.a., one-worlder) who is entirely beholden to the Globalist CABAL will be elected President, and we, as a sovereign nation, will be TOAST.

  36. michael zitterman says


    Does everyone have an altruistic “right” to health care, and, if so, why?
    Does a society have a pragmatic economic rationale to provide health care for all its citizens?

    PROBLEM: Escalating health care costs, and the insecurities of the populace regarding health care.

    PROVENANCE: Greed, inefficiencies, ignorance, etceteras
    1) Greed includes fraud on the part of providers and patients: controls and severe penalties should be legislated to mitigate.
    2) Inefficiencies include, but are not limited to, inefficient utilization of personnel, equipment and facilities, administrative overhead, and profit motive on steroids.
    3) Ignorance on the part of providers and patients can be mitigated by a massive computerization of information, i.e., the “mind” of the computer is vastly superior to providers and should be made available to patients and providers.
    4) Etceteras to include, but not be limited to, better nutrition, responsibilities and behavior of recipients of health care, and preventative care.

    RESOLUTION: To be determined, subsequent to analyzing the problem


    I believe that the Obama Administration is correct in recognizing that the accelerating cumulative costs of health care in our nation must be addressed.

    Since we know where we are regarding this problem, most energies should be devoted to determining where we should be.

    We must analyze the logistics and economics for the purpose of determining the most efficient and effective method of delivering health care, cost effectively.

    First, a decision must be made as to who will bear the burden of the costs of health care.

    The possibilities include businesses, the recipients of health care services, or the government.

    If it were determined that all costs should be borne by businesses, the good would be that employees would receive health care at no cost, whereas the bad would be that the costs of providing health care would be included in the costs of goods and services produced, which would necessitate higher selling prices for those goods and services than if there were no health care costs.

    For those businesses that compete against similar businesses in other nations, their ability to compete would be adversely affected versus if they did not have the burden of those health care costs.

    Within a competitive world economy, the United States of America should be considered as U.S.A., Inc. and would be competing against Japan, Inc., China, Inc., et cetera, thus it would make pragmatic economic sense to mitigate costs of goods produced.

    If it were determined that all costs should be borne by the recipients of health care services, economic pressures would be placed upon businesses to increase employees’ remuneration to enable them to pay for their health care, thus whether the costs are paid by businesses or employees, the cost to produce goods will include the cost of health care.

    If it were determined that all health care costs should be borne by the government, the good would be that all employees would have health care, and businesses would have their costs to produce goods and services devoid of any health care costs, while the bad would be that the government would inherit the obligation to fund these massive health care costs. Incredibly important benefits would be the sense of security of the populace, which would affect all other aspects of their lives and the enhanced competitiveness of businesses competing internationally.

    The transitioning from where we are to where we should be would cause serious upheavals and dislocations, e.g., employment reconfigurations, but subsequently we will have sophisticated and fine-tuned our current disparate montage of health care to an efficient and cost-effective system for the delivery of health care.

    Our leaders are involved in the process of searching for the correct paradigm regarding the delivery of health care for our nation. Unfortunately, they appear to be in a triage quagmire effort rather than resolving to discover the appropriate paradigm. They are attempting to reconfigure a condemned edifice, rather than tearing down the walls and allowing the light of day to expose truth.

    Economics, rather than politics, religion, et cetera must be the leading factor directing our leaders to the correct paradigm, i.e., where we should be.

    Last modified: 01/28/17

  37. James Andrews says

    It should be completely repealed and NOT replaced! Big Brother cannot make ANYTHING more “affordable”!

  38. Arizona Don says

    The ACA was set up to self-destruct right about now and hillary was to be in place to turn it into a government single payer run healthcare system run solely by government. The democrats would have done nothing to fix it until the people begged then to act and that is how they would convert it. Everyone knows when government controls healthcare there is only one or two other things it must do to control the people completely. Those are get the guns and control the food. When that happens they dance to the governments tune no matter what. An excellent example is the Soviet Union under stalin. I am convinced Donald Trump will keep his word and do what he said. If this is to be a three part repeal and replace it needs to get started it can’t be done yesterday.

    We all have to ask ourselves do we trust the government. I think the answer to that is a resounding NO. However, in order for costs to go down and quality to go up government has to get out of the healthcare business. However, right now I DO trust Donald Trump to do exactly what he said he would do repeal and replace. I am much more content with the repeal part them I am with the replace part. But there again I know nothing about government interactions or what it takes to get something as complicated like this done. I do not like the fact Paul Ryan (I do not trust him at all)and some of the insurance companies are pushing this.

    This is Ryan’s baby it seems. However, it just seems to me the repeal part has to be done first. Like build the wall first before any immigration reform takes place. The government promise road is well traveled it seems but never completed. Why would it have to be replaced at the same time. Schedule a staggered repeal to give insurance companies time to adjust. Since we all cannot run government and we have elected folks to do that in our stead. Should we get to hell out of the way and let them do it. There is nearly four years left to kibbitz. I think I will let them do their jobs. Maybe they actually will this time.

  39. ABUTOM says


    1. Ken says

      Fix it til it works!

  40. Gerry says

    It is very disappointing that after all this time, the Repubs couldn’t come out with a better plan. I believe ryan along with mccain,graham and mcconnell will do everything in their power to undermine President Trump’s administration including this ill gotten health care plan. They seem to have been more dedicated to obozo and the demoTRASH than they ever were to the Repubs. With all the brain power working on this — seems they should have been able to come up with a better plan.

  41. Zeke Norris says

    Healthcare can never be fixed. See Obummercare did 1 thing, It gave people the idea that healthcare is a right. Once you give an entitlement to someone it is almost imposable to take it away. Also if take payers out of the pool you will never have enough $$ to pay for the older sicker ones. Why is my 20 year old daughter on our plan. She has a job and her employer offers healthcare yet she does not pay anything into healthcare.

  42. junkmailbin says

    A large problem in the Republican camp is libertards playing conservative republican and rrinos running around telling us they are republican when they ARE actually democrats

  43. geneww1938 says

    When Neocons pay 10,000 Euros to each invader into Europe (over 70% young males) with promises of young blondes starving to have their children for Allah … that same money is to prevent the border walls and resettlement bans into USA. They cannot control the world with strong opposition governments (Iran, Libya and their attempt against Assad and Israel). They have led a very successful campaign to take us down since Jimmy Carter (with temporary setbacks by JFK brothers and Reagan).
    Please search/read “64 ways Obama is sabotaging Trump”. and or “color revolution”
    This is a deadly serious war against President Trump as he tries to rip our country out of the Neocon evil grips and WikiLeaks is exposing the Deep State (Neocons or whatever name you use).
    The RINOs and democrats are working to stiff-arm and discredit this administration.

  44. Phyllis Schultz says

    All I’ve seen so far is a bunch of obstructive rino’s and deranged Dems. fighting tooth and nail to prevent Pres. Trump from doing anything to help the American people. Either get with the program or get out. You are doing nothing to help the situation with you continuous ranting and raving. At least, if you quit and go home, you shouldn’t be doing anymore damage. Make constructive suggestions, if you don’t like the way the GOP plan works. None of this applies to any of you, and I think it should. If you had to try to live with Obamacare, it would have been fixed long ago. Make no mistake, Obamacare is a complete disaster that is killing working people, whose premiums keep going up and who have large deductibles, all of which is to prop up O”care for the 84% insured,under the Obamacare medicaid program.

  45. wb2l says

    #FullRepeal is the place to start, not compromise. It is the old dialectic – and I didn’t vote for a partial repeal. I want the government to withdraw fully from health care. This is not the rightful realm of governance.

  46. gotabgood says

    Repealing Obamacare would
    leave ‘millions’ uninsured

    Nonpartisan report projects that 52 million people will be
    uninsured by 2026 if Republican bill becomes law.

    Fourteen million Americans would lose coverage next year under a Republican
    plan to dismantle Obamacare, according to a government agency tasked with
    performing cost-benefit analyses of proposals.

    The report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), released on
    Monday, dealt a potential setback to President Donald Trump’s first major
    legislative initiative.

    The CBO projected that 52 million people would be uninsured by 2026 if the
    bill became law, compared with 28 million who would not have coverage that year
    if the law remained unchanged.


    Trump’s Backing a Healthcare
    Plan That Breaks His Promises

    The Republican plan would cover more
    people, reduce their premiums and costs, avoid cutting Medicaid,
    leave no one worse off than under the former president’s signature achievement.


    (People have tell-tale signs when they lie. Ryan smiles.
    Two segments with Tucker interviewing Ryan.)

    Here is a “smart guy” explaining why people will lose their

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