Conservatives vs Libs: It’s About More Than Politics


A common mistake made by those who don’t spend their days worrying about philosophy, politics, or the direction of the country is in assuming Republican and conservative are synonyms. This is far from the case, though the two often go hand in hand. While there have been Republican politicians who have furthered the conservative cause, there have also been those who haven’t. Hell, there have been many who would easily pass as Democrats, and there are always those who follow no philosophy other than the one that gets them elected or the one that fills their bank account.

No, the disagreement between conservatives and liberals goes well beyond whatever political issue happens to occupy the spotlight at any given time. We would do well to remember that occasionally; politics has a tendency to take on the hallmarks of a sporting event where voters take sides based on team colors. You see Democrats excoriate a Bush before turning around to praise an Obama for the same damn thing. And it happens the other way around, too.

It’s human nature; people want to get behind the guy they think is on their side. But it’s important for real conservatives to closely examine every issue to make sure that their elected representatives are working from the right playbook. To make sure this latest bill or this recent speech actually falls in line with conservative philosophy and isn’t just a ploy to cater to one lobbyist or another.

Conservatism Beyond The Voting Booth

To me, conservatism is about more than picking out names on a ballot. It’s a way of life. It’s a guiding philosophy that can be applied to every aspect of home life, family life, work life, and any other kind of life you can imagine. It doesn’t begin and end with your opinion on Obamacare. It doesn’t stop with your opposition to abortion or gay marriage. It is a celebration of individual merit, bravery, and the lessons of history. It is called conservatism not because it’s stuck in the past but because it rejects the notion of throwing away 5,000 years of collected wisdom in favor of whatever new, shiny idea comes along. It uses the lessons of the past and applies them to the issues of the present. When tested in its truest forms, it has never been found wanting.

As far as any of us know for certain, this is the only life we’ll ever have. It saddens me to see people buy into a philosophy that leaves their destiny for others to decide. Slavery is the darkest stain in our nation’s history, but there are millions of Americans who are scarcely better off than they would have been in chains. Dependent on the government, unable to believe in their own massive potential, they live and they die without ever testing their limits. That, to me, is the greatest sin of liberalism; instead of preaching dreams and hard work, it preaches victimhood and failure. If you want to waste your one life, living in the greatest country ever conceived, bestowed with more liberty than humans have ever had, blaming societal injustices for your station, have at it. I just happen to think there’s a better way.

  1. usahou says

    Everything you said is true, and cannot be confronted with serious minded people. While physical chains were removed, people were still held as slaves but by their own choice. The political system used was liberalism, as you already said. I have always wondered why the people who are being in slaved don’t see it. Some do, and shout it from the roof tops, until they are silenced. Others make a fortune out of keeping the victim thing going, and I am your friend and I will fight for you, but they live nowhere near them, and are extremely wealthy.
    However, the reason I decided to comment was to voice about the other side for just a second. They play from a book that is win at any cost, and have proven successful. I never thought an inexperienced senator that had only been a community organizer with no name recognition could ever win the white house, but I was wrong. And even when all of his extremely leftist policy came to light and just how extremely liberal he was, and the people he hung around with came to light, and yet he won a 2nd term. Is he that good, no not in my opinion or just look around. But, not even people I know who are democrats say they voted for him, but they lie, because they all do. The reason we in the conservative side had some victory this last go around was because the other side didn’t come out.
    We loose more elections based on principles. What I mean is people say, I don’t have a dog in this race so I am not going to vote. That is not how the other team plays. When they come through their primary who ever wins it that is who they all vote for. Or if it is so bad of a choice they go vote for the other team’s guy. That doesn’t happen very often as they don’t what anything we want for the most part. I guess what I am trying to say is that we are in this mess because of all the people (and there were allot of them) who decided to sit out the election based on principles. They stuck to their conservative values and could not vote for that person because of this or that. And we got a president who doesn’t line up with any of their values for 8 years. And the country is in debt to the tune of what 18 trillion plus and growing. But, they can hold their heads high because they didn’t vote for the wrong guy. I got to say it, every vote matters. The left I mean far left have both coast sewed up and the huge populations that they have. We need all we can get to win the white house. That is what the primaries are for. You have a person you want to win, get out there and work for them. Work as hard as you can to get your person as the one. But in the end we have to get behind the person who most lines up with our values. In my case it has been republicans. I don’t believe in the Democrats party platform. There are some things in the libertarian platform which I have isues with, but if there were no republicans in the race or they had been eliminate and it was a run off between the Democrat and the libertarian I would vote for the libertarian. But I would vote. Please no more sitting out elections, we have to play to win. And if your person isn’t the one who is chosen get behind the one that is. It will be allot easier to tweeking the person who won if he is just a little different from the way you and I think. If the next president is as far left as this one is, and Hillary is, I am not sure how much more this country can take. We need to remember that the Democrats are buying votes year after year with government hand outs, well your hand outs it is your money they are using right. And with something like 48% on food stamps or some assistance, they have almost have the vote without trying. That’s it I am done, I hope I made some sense, and that you see, voting is not just a right it is a privilege which we should not take for granted or we may loose it. God Bless America.


      The irony of it all is many on welfare don’t even vote .It’s middle class liberals, especially liberal females, that vote for liberal democrats.

      1. Proud Liberal says

        Thomas Jefferson owned your ancestors, just like liberals own your ass now.

  2. Proud Liberal says

    Americans never invoke monkeys to eat hamburgers on trains. Although Thomas Jefferson wore nipple clamps in public restrooms, he did believe in the separation of bathroom stalls. He also like to wales nude in front of his slaves while they ate watermelon. In the process, the First Amendment was often used as an instrument of intolerance and discrimination.

    1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

      Democrackhead Liberal perverted racist get anal clamps maybe you know why! Lmyassoff @ this Liberal low energy moron ha ha ha

    2. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


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