Control the Media, Control the People


If you’ve been following the anti-gun movement in America closely, you’re already familiar with a group called Everytown for Gun Safety. The brainchild of billionaire Michael Bloomberg, the group was instrumental in getting Washington State’s Initiative 594 passed in November. They have announced similar strategies for the pursuit of background check laws in Nevada and elsewhere.

But Bloomberg isn’t content to simply put these measures on the ballot and let the people decide. He’s engaged in an all-out disinformation campaign intended to make sure that the people vote his way when they go to the polls. The millions of dollars spent advertising I-594 was proof that propaganda is paramount when it comes to getting strict gun laws passed. Now, Bloomberg wants to change the way the media reports on guns.

As part of that goal, Everytown for Gun Safety is funding a two-day workshop on behalf of The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma. The workshop is for journalists all over the southwest, and it’s intended to help reporters cover incidents of gun violence in a way that will help Bloomberg destroy the Second Amendment piece by piece.

According to the Dart Center’s press release, stories of gun violence “are too often viewed in isolation as random, inevitable tragedy rather than part of a wider phenomenon with complex causes but amenable to prevention efforts.” And we all know what those prevention efforts are, don’t we? That’s right. Background checks for family transfers, government registries, doctors with the power to rat out your gun ownership to law enforcement, and other limitations on the right to bear arms.

The Same Old Lies

Proving that this is a workshop aimed at indoctrination, the Dart Center repeats Everytown’s favorite statistic: that there have been nearly 100 school shootings since the one in Newtown. This statistic has been thoroughly debunked. Last summer, when the media was parroting Everytown’s “74 school shootings since Sandy Hook” meme, CNN pointed out that only 15 of those resembled Sandy Hook in any form or fashion. The rest were gang-related disputes, suicides, escalated arguments, and other incidents that are only called “school shootings” to make people associate them with tragedies like Columbine and Sandy Hook.

The Dart Center is right about one thing: journalism as it relates to gun violence is in dire need of improvement. Everywhere you turn, you hear reporters propagate the anti-gun terms and lies that hinder real debate. According to the mainstream media, automatic weapons are a huge problem, despite the fact that they’ve been banned since the 1930s. According to them, “assault rifles” are the problem, despite the fact that only their cosmetics separate them from comparable handguns. According to them, mass murder is a growing threat to the safety of American citizens, despite the fact that the frequency of these killings has been cut nearly in half since the 1990s.

Unfortunately, workshops like the one being funded by Everytown for Gun Safety will only drive the media further into a haze of liberal lies. And when people get all of their information from reporters repeating these lies, Bloomberg is able to sweep in and thwart the Constitution through public referendum.