Cop Killers Had Long Arrest Records


In New York City last Tuesday, NYPD Officer Ryan Holder and his partner responded to a “shots fired” call coming from East Harlem. According to a victim on the scene, a man had stolen his bike at gunpoint before fleeing. The two officers went in pursuit of the thief, only to find themselves under fire. Holder was shot, becoming the fourth NYPD officer killed in the line of duty in eleven months.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico on Wednesday night, a police officer – yet to be publicly identified – pulled a man over under suspicion of driving with a stolen license plate. The traffic stop turned bad when the suspect resisted arrest. The suspect pulled a gun, shot the officer, and fled. As of the time of this article, the officer is reported to be in critical condition.

What do these tales have in common, other than the obvious? In both cases, it turns out that the perpetrators had long – very long – arrest records. Davon Lymon, the suspect in the Albuquerque shooting, had a rap sheet filled with felonies like voluntary manslaughter, aggravated battery, fraud and forgery, and even some kidnapping charges, though these were dismissed.

The suspect in New York City is Tyrone Howard, another career criminal. Police reported this week that Howard had been arrested an astounding 28 times over the last twenty years with a rap sheet dating back to when he was only 13. In 2009, Howard was a prime suspect in a shooting that injured a 78-year-old and an 11-year old, but police could not gather enough evidence to charge him.

Not only do these shootings fly in the face of the liberal narrative that “there’s no war on police,” they show us how important it is to be careful on criminal justice reform. The problem of mass incarceration has become a bipartisan one in recent years. Libertarians want to see drug laws substantially reduced. Liberals want to champion the plight of incarcerated blacks. And Republicans want to save the taxpayers some money.

That’s all well and good, but this is a path fraught with danger. Tough laws and tough sentencing combined to drive crime down substantially in this country over the last twenty years. If we’re going to pursue justice reform, let us do so with clear heads and sound logic. If we’re doing this just to satisfy the extremists on the left who think prisons are the new plantations, then forget it. Crime is a choice.

Just as there’s no excuse for a multiple deportee to be in the U.S., there’s no excuse for people with long, violent histories of crime to be out on the streets. There comes a point when we just plain don’t need you in our society. When we ignore this obvious fact and fool ourselves with dreams of rehabilitation, people get hurt.

  1. Carolkitfox says

    I think both these pigs should have been in jail until they were old and not able to commit crimes.

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    2. URKiddinMee says

      One could implement a 100% guarantee against recidivism with a well placed, low cost heavy metal injection. Say about 225 grains right between their eyes!

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        1. steven says

          How does she charge for BJ?

          1. Kent2012 says


        2. Juan TwoTree says

          Oh really?? You ‘classfellow mate?’ Is he/she transgendered as you also? And the ‘younger sister??’ The photo you posted looks as though she just finished up giving head!! Someone would have to be nuts to give that boar hog $97 per hour for anything!!!

      2. Jimmy Quick says

        Obama likes to look to Europe for answers. So, why not look at the Swiss for an example. They require all citizens at the age of majority to be armed. The USA has 271 times as many police officers per 100,000 citizens and over 5 times the murder rate per 100,000 citizens. The USA also has 94% more violent crime than do the Swiss. Source: NationMastercom

        When intelligent (sane) people take an honest look at the facts, they can only come to one conclusion.

        The answer to crime is to train and arm the population. Another interesting fact is that the Swiss have never been attacked by any other nation in modern history.

        Maybe there is something in the chocolate, who can know for sure, but our leaders could take a lesson from these people on how to run a nation. Even Swiss drug use is far lower than ours as is the cost of living. Finally, the per capita income is ranked 2nd highest in the world at over $82,000.00 per person.

        This is the nation we should be modeling and not some moldy, over flee bitten nation like France that couldn’t even put up a decent resistance against the German innovation of WWII or the more recent invasion by the muslims which brings us back to Obama.

        Can anyone give me a good reason why this guy is still president?

        1. Al says

          I never voted for him.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            Me either. I won’t vote for Hitlery or Jiberish, but if things keep drifting along in that direction, I’m afraid it’s into the rapids and over the falls for us all.

            We may still all be pointing fingers when we hit the rocks below, but it won’t help in the least.

            The truth is we are all guilty of complacency. This electing of corrupt leaders has got to stop or we’re all doomed.

          2. Juan TwoTree says

            So Jimmy, who you leaning towards? Carson? Trump? Rubio? Cruz?

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            I’d like to see a Trump – Carson ticket. Rubio is a fake and while I like Cruz, I just can’t trust him. I think Trump is the real deal and Carson is the cement that could close the deal. That’s just me.

          4. Juan TwoTree says

            Jimmy: Man, you’re 100% right-on! That would be a POWERFUL ticket and I would vote that in a heartbeat! Trump, tough and Carson, the calmer ‘thinking it through’ and advising Trump……

          5. JobRon says

            JimmyQ: When you have rigged elections, where is the outcry? When you have voter fraud, again where is the outcry? The repubs say they can’t protest because they signed some sort of a deal against decrying voter fraud. STUPID The general populace needs to be more in control, but fighting against the “ESTABLISHMENT,” whether crummydat or republicrat, is an uphill battle. Look at the last 2014 election and what congress, both houses have accomplished. A BIG FAT ZERO !!!!! And the “republicrat establishment” is wondering why non-establishment candidates are leading in the polls.

          6. Jimmy Quick says

            No kidding and the communist state is on the street by way of police officers like I have never seen. I was pulled over today by a cop who sat in his car and waited for back-up for a suspected seat belt offense.

            45 mins. later, after they ran my tags and whatever else they do, they came to my car and told me they wanted me to open my trunk to which I replied, NO.

            Then I was told if I didn’t open my trunk voluntarily, I would be detained until a warrant to open my truck could be procured.

            There officer said that I was acting suspicious and that alone was grounds for my arrest if I did not open my trunk, so I went to the back and opened the trunk.

            They saw that I had some cleaning supplies and assorted tools like screw guns and hammers but nothing criminal. No apology. Not even a thank you for complying. Instead, an $83.00 ticket for not wearing a seatbelt which I was very clearly wearing at the time my car was pulled over and another for not having proper registration which i had given him when he first pulled me over.

            Honestly. I don’t know any what is worse. The cops or the criminals. I can’t tell them apart anymore.

            I guess it’s true. You can judge a persons character by their enemies. (Obama)

            I decide just now, even if it cost me, I’m taking this to court.

        2. Kent2012 says

          probably because the infection that started in the 1920s after the Russian revolution finally has resulted in a large number of socialist/communists in the political spectrum, the education system is overwhelmed by pseudo intellectual coffee house philosophers that, like their european coward cousins, think that the USA is a backward slum, a failed experiment. These twits constantly tout their failed socialist and communist societies as the “ultimate”…really? These clowns bash the USA for having so many people in prison, for an incorrectly perceived racist society norm, for hanging onto our guns like some primitive group of chimps, and once hammered at us for being “too sexually immature” in effect the “world’s prudes”..Well the latest incarnation of the democrapo party along with that african illegal alien are doing their very best to establish “perversion” as the norm, they have successfully reignited racist thoughts that will lead to bloodshed in the streets and I am sure that the euro clowns are all cheering….it is past time to bring back America and her “Real” values…

        3. Richard Cook says

          It seems that our recent direction is more toward Mexico or Islam with B. HUSSEIN O. on his self-declared throne.

        4. Jarhead says

          CORRUPT. IGNORANCE. He is a Mu-slime.

        5. NotJim says

          Lots of reasons. Zero good reasons.

          Who said he was president?

        6. pineapple says

          His race and his leftist supporters, like George Sore-ass.

      3. Jarhead says

        Brilliant – – no double tap required…..

    3. Bobtrhn says

      Obama would turn them loose.

      1. John E Strom Jr. says

        Obama IS the culprit behind this sudden increase in vicious attacks on police.

        1. Kent2012 says

          supported by the new democrapo party members in DC and parasites from Long Island to San Diego…

      2. NotJim says

        … and invite them to the Gray House to party.

    4. Dolores Wieland says

      either that or dead

    5. John E Strom Jr. says

      Disagree. Both should be publicly executed. Slowly (a short drop rather than a long drop)

  2. Dick says

    Time to get rid of liberal judges, build prisons that are prisons not country clubs and bring back the death penalty to be enforced within 6 months of sentencing.

    1. dan says

      Totally agree..

      1. Juan TwoTree says

        Throw that n*gger fuk Tyrone to the wolves! Incarerate this mf’er in a 6′ X 6′ cell until the n*gger thug is put to death! Let them Harlem black fuks start some sh*t over this….then the cops should just blow the mf’er’s away for inciting riots! I’m just down the street from this worst city in the nation…wouldn’t take me long to get down there to protect the police officer’s, regardless of their race! We need law enforcement to be stronger against such pieces of fecal matter, scum bags…t……..cops need MORE high powered weapons to take on such hidious black animals!!

        1. Heil Hitler says
          1. Juan TwoTree says

            Yeeeeeeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwwww!!! 🙂

            Can you send me the YouTube link to that FUNNY one with the character singing the negro song on the street?? That is one funny mf’er!

          2. dondehoff says

            Juan, if you had to omit your profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk, you would have very little of interest to say. To the average person who posts, what you are doing is off-subject, verbal “mental masturbation”—- a very contagious internet disease—go get your mental “kicks” elsewhere, and let the rest of us discuss these issues in a civil and cordial manner. Readers, don’t play this guys contagious “game”. Usually such comments are made by liberals (and ignorant) who do so to take our focus off of the real issues at hand.

          3. Juan TwoTree says

            Yo, DonkeyHoff! You are a sissy WIMP! Can’t handle fact of what should be done with these animals? Then go hide under your mommy’s dress and masturbate with your hand puppet!

            And you’re waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to late to spew your girlish garbble. I have over 100 likes on my post, several response, all positive except your cowardly ignorant dumb-assed post! FOAD!

          4. dondehoff says

            Juan, you are either a very, very sick person or you are an ignorant liberal trying to take everyone’s focus off of the real issues of the day. And yes, you have many “fellow travelers”. “Sissy Wimp”? I am 83 years young, spent 20 years in the USAF, started as an enlisted person, rose to the rank of E-5, went to pilots school and graduated as the top military student. Rose to the rank of Major, and retired at age 38. I have my many “Nam” combat support missions and Air Medals and Bronze Star and have been the personal pilot of general officers. I later spent 30-years working for the New York Life Insurance Company (one of the top insurance companies in the U.S.) as an agent and “Registered rep”. I now have a retired income that exceeds most working people’s salary—and during all of that, I obtained my BS from the University of Maryland, via ten years of night school. Am now attempting to write a book on the gravest problem (Islam) facing this great Republic and freedom way of life. I know barbaric violence, profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk are not the solutions to our problems. Juan, what pray tell have you done with your life, other than engage in that very contagious game of off-subject verbal “mental masturbation”? Any good ideas and suggestion you may have, have gotten lost in that gutter where you appear to live. Again, I say, jail and prisons should be designed to rehabilitate people and not make them career prisoners. It cost the government about $40,000 a year to house and feed a prisoner and only the repeat and serious offenders should be so incarcerated for life or just extended periods. Can we get back to the problems of the day?

          5. guest says

            You do not have to explain yourself to this fool.

          6. dondehoff says

            Guest, thanks for the comment. I was trying to make it clear to “others” that such comments are part of the very contagious game of off-subject, “mental masturbation”, which was formulated by “plants” to take the real citizen’s focus off of the issues at hand—and many play right into their game—and become part of the problem. Those who persist, after my comments, are either very ignorant or are a “plant”. I will leave it up to the readers, to decide which is which.

          7. Unique says

            Thank you for your service. EXCELLENT COMMENT.
            I don’t think Juan will ever understand.

            TO JUAN: I would rather read dondehoff’s comment instead of yours.

          8. Juan TwoTree says

            Then JUST DO IT, DILDO! Go bore yourself with him/it!!

          9. proudtexan62 says

            Dondehoff, this guy has shown who he is. You are so far above that you can’t even see that low. Thank you for your service and just ignore him. When people stop replying to him and ignoring him, he will go elsewhere and start offending another group of people. He is definitely a liberal troll trying to pretend he is a conservative.

          10. Juan TwoTree says

            Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! Damn near put all of us to sleep, again! I’m a retired 31 years in Army Ranger and Green Beret, but I won’t put you to sleep with the jibber-jabber you spew…..I think if you are as ‘bad ass’ as you post that you are, don’t make it a fiction book, get some ‘nads’ and go to the middle-east to get FACT rather than dreaming about what is actually happening there!

          11. dondehoff says

            Juan, I am not an expert on the Rangers and the Green Berets, but I can add. Assuming you joined the military at age 18 and spent 31 years as a ranger and green beret, would make you about age 49 when I assume you retired. The only rangers and green berets I have encountered at that age were full Colonels or Generals, leading the organization. Am I missing something—-I think not.

          12. Juan TwoTree says

            I guess you not! Think it through again Einstein! Maybe you could get one of your great-great grandkids help you figure it out! Phewwwwwwwwwwww!

          13. muskat antonopolis says

            hey Juan(ita)…see my reply to dondehoff….best to you Col/Sgt/. Green Beret,
            Fighter pilot, USMC…….good grief ……oh right, I furgot “retired”… you do NOT
            have to make up stories to be WHO u r……

          14. Juan TwoTree says

            MuskRat, BLOME transgendered wimpy Pee Wee Herman sodomite! YOU and your ‘partner’ DonkeyHoof’ can go play with your hand puppets together…maybe even trade with each other!

            ta ta dick-weed!

          15. muskat antonopolis says

            dondehoff…he/she claimed earlier that he/she was also a Marine “fighter”
            pilot….and then progresses to retired Army Green Beret……maybe, in the
            unending saga of Juan Two Tree, Juan might claim that he is a retired
            Astronaut who spent 30+ years circling the Sun… retired and is planning
            on spending the next 30+ years of his life as Commander of The Mole People
            in their unending struggle to reclaim their ancient homeland underneath the
            outhouse in the back yard….never mind Juan…yea yea I know what you are
            going to say…%())^%$&() and furthermore @#$%%^&…..right Juan….or is
            it Juanita (?)……HEY!…look Juan(ita)! Your taxi spaceship is arriving! Ready
            to take you back to planet Zerk……don’t forget to pack your tinfoil hat……

          16. dondehoff says

            Muskat—thanks. It is nice to get a chuckle now and then. Juan is either a very sick person or he (or she) is a “plant” with the task of taking our focus off of the real issues at hand

          17. muskat antonopolis says

            sure…I just rattle their cages and hand back (without all of the vulgarity) some
            of what they dish out…they are cyber bullies and I DO NOT like bullies of any
            sort or kind….anyway…have a GREAT day……

          18. muskat antonopolis says

            juan just got this far in your posts…YOU ARE A LIAR AND A PRETENDER..

          19. Juan TwoTree says

            MuskRAT: What you a sideliner Cub Scout or Girl Scout?? What do YOU have that has even come close to protecting Amerian citizens and our great nation?? Oh, playing on the internet with big wodrs, that are sissy-wimpy assed posts and in between, working your blow-up ‘hand-puppet’ sr you can get a dictionary to know how to spell?? F.O.A.D. mf’er……….stand up or STFU!

          20. says

            Hmmm, “flew many general officers”.. It’s clear how you got your promotions. How did you manage to control the plane with your head up their backsides?

          21. Juan TwoTree says

            BEAUTIFUL response MyrlenBritt6501!! That old SOB obviously STILL has his head so far up his backside he probably hasn’t seen daylight for 65 + years! He’s just a frickin blow hard ranter and raver! He probably only cleaned the lavatories on the USAF jets and considers himself a war hero!! HA HA HA! What a joke ball he is..

          22. dondehoff says

            “Myrlen……..”—-you too have caught that very contagious disease of “mental masturbation”. you can rest assured I have offended as many generals as I have impressed. Your post is an obvious attempt to take the reader’s focus off of the issues of the day. And, you can be assured that general officers, use skilled pilots. I have had my share of “running out of altitude, airspeed and ideas, all at the same time”, and no one makes “points” by having “accidents”. Can we get back to the issues at hand?

          23. gonzales27 says

            Problems can refined to one OBAMA

          24. brucethompson22 says

            It’s people like Donkey Dickoff that let people like these cop killers get away with this $hit. I bet he’s a backer for black lives matter and says there’s white privilege

          25. Juan TwoTree says

            RIGHT-ON BruceThompson!! He is a friggin wimpy assed, hiding under his mommy’s skirt!! He probably is playing with his ‘Hand Puppet’ while typing his garbage!

          26. Michael Bishop says

            Oh pardon me while I play the grand piano. I just have to prove to everyone how much smarter I am than you peasants. Please dondehoff go play with yourself somewhere else. Your a wonder in your own mind.

          27. dondehoff says

            Michael, let us debate the issues and the facts—not your off-subject and very contagious game of “mental masturbation”. Again, such posts result from either gross ignorance, or you are “one of them”, trying to take our focus off of the issues of the day.

          28. KatRob says


        2. dondehoff says

          Juan, your post would have been far more effective, as to content, if you would omitted the profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk—-you, and the likes of you, are a major part of our problem. Most all large groups , such as the Blacks, Whites, Chicanos, Republicans, Democrats, Christians, atheists, etc., have their share of bad guys and gals—usually on a an 80-20 ratio—the latter being the bad. And, what word(s) did you omit when you said, “t………cops need MORE high powered weapons …..? Juan, if you would not say “it” to your mother, grandmother or a judge, don’t put it on the internet for the whole world to see your low-class upbringing. An apology to the readers, as opposed to another gutter response, would make amends.

          1. Juan TwoTree says

            WTF are you talking about??!! Sure, I will say what I want when I want, you progressive LibTurd! To “YO MAMA”, Grandma, Grandpa, brothers, sisters…..whomever…………you’re definately one of the BAD GUYS(?)

          2. proudtexan62 says

            Yes, you have the right to say what you want, when you want and how you want but more people pay attention to what you say and agree with you more when you don’t use profanity. You can get your message across with a lot more power behind it when you omit the trash talk. I agree with your overall message and I get my point across without the gutter language all the time.

          3. Juan TwoTree says

            Understand proudtexan62….I was just pissed off because of this article and all that has been happening in American and Sancturay City’s, letting ILLEGAL ALIENS CRIMINALS back out our streets, etc.etc.etc…….I’ll heed your advise next time…thanks…

            Semper Fi

          4. guest says

            I was always taught that talk like his, is a sign of poor education.

          5. yourseviceman says

            What does education have to do if you say bad words . it the truth if you don’t like how people talk well don’t be on the computer

          6. proudtexan62 says

            Education really has nothing to do with it. It is how you are raised and how your parents teach you that results in either trash mouths or people who can get their point across without profanity. Profanity is not TAUGHT in public schools, it is learned at home and on the streets.

          7. jillocity says

            and on youtube

          8. says

            Schools are too busy teaching little girls about abortion & little boys how to properly use a condom. THE REMAINDER OF CLASSROOM TIME IS USED TO PROMOTE ILLEGAL ALIENS RIGHTS, ISLAMIC TERRORISM AND HOW TO EMBRACE COMMUNISM aka the DEMOCRAT PARTY!

          9. Orley says

            My brother used to say, It is a sign of a feeble mind trying to express itself forcibly.

          10. says

            You sho be’s right on bro…EBONICS IS WHERE IT BE!

          11. KatRob says

            I want to bitch slap White teens who think it’s cool to talk in ebonics.

          12. Unique says


          13. proudtexan62 says

            Absolutely correct, Dondehoff!!!!

          14. says


        3. Mark Clemens says

          Juan, the illiterate Hispanic racist, who can’t even spell nigger. This has to be a example of Common Core at work.

          1. Juan TwoTree says

            Interesting Mark Clemens…..I just spoke with Disqus and they told me straight up that their policy will not allow the use of the “N” word as you posted. They said they will look into it…..we’ll see…..they thought ‘knee-gro’ was acceptable but NOT the “N” word, ever..

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Are you a snitch too?
            What difference does the spelling mak, if we all understand what you mean? It’s like “Illiterate Wet B@ck”, you know what I mean……

          3. Juan TwoTree says

            Let’s just wait and see…….Disqus owns the issue now for resolution.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Snitching Wet B@ck

          5. Juan TwoTree says

            Ahhhhhhhhhh, go back in the sand box and play with your ‘hand puppet’!!

          6. Mark Clemens says

            Damn, I see you are a slow train. That was someone else trying to teach you how grown ups communicate.
            JUAN TWO TREE
            WHY YOU SNITCH ON ME?
            JUAN TWO TREE
            JUAN TWO TREE
            JUAN TWO TREE
            IS A BIG DUMMY

          7. Juan TwoTree says

            HA HA HA!! You are one goofy crotch sniffer!! I drove by the ‘Short’ bus today and say you in the BACK of the bus licking your or someone else snot off the window!! That’ boy Markie!! Thata BOI! I bet you make your mommy real proud that you could ride the bus all by yourself! HA HA HA HA

          8. Mark Clemens says

            You seem to have mommy issues. Everyone you insult you bring up their mom’s. Your mom gives good h3@d. She even swallows……. all my children.
            JUAN, I am your daddy……….you are the reason I beat your mommy.
            And she loves it!!!!!!!!

          9. Juan TwoTree says

            “YO MAMA” was the proud inventor of “DEEP THROATER” and spit out the “THROAT YOGURT” and made YOU eat it, Then she got into the ‘BACK DOOR’ rectal activities……and then alas, YOU were hatched through the mess..YOU are my daddy!!!??? HA HA HA….Your TINY little thimble worm coudn’t even get a tenth of an inch hard to even penetrate a woman or man, whichever one your enjoy the most at that moment!! Nice try though, Markie Boi….nice try….now, I’m sure it’s time you change your diaper….you’ve probably got 3 or 4 days worth of mud in your diaper….go make some mud pies…..I suggest you get a chainsaw to take your diaper off!!

          10. Mark Clemens says

            You should not post your mamas biography. I bet you didn’t know you are a Mexican Black Bird. Now, stop disrespecting your Daddy. Your mama is calling me.

          11. muskat antonopolis says

            juan…you have NO legit reason to speak about people or to people as you
            do….this post is pathetic…and you are supposed to be a Marine? a pilot?
            have you forgotten your oath…have you forgotten WHAT you represent
            to the people of this Nation and especially to our youth who look UP to
            the Marines as special……..sorry for your depression and ptsd….wish
            there was some way i could help…fortunately i did not experience ptsd..
            anyway, slack up on those who have not experienced what you have….
            what you give out WILL come back at you…..have a great day…

          12. Juan TwoTree says

            Yeah, yeah yeah, you big mouthed, spinless sissy-ssses piece of fecal matter…you’re obviously are talking out of your filthy, infested pie-hole!! Go do something worthwhile, like maybe bagging groceries at k-mart or Wal-Mart!

            I’ve done my time and damned proud of it….and your contributions to society is what? ?? Oh,maybe a new law under this Admnistration will make it legal for you to troll on the streets in the evening, probably right outside the YMCA….

          13. muskat antonopolis says

            Juan(ita)…just read your latest proof positive and undeniable for a section 8
            ……do the nurses there in your asylum allow you to use the internet if you do
            not crap in your pants more than once a day…..and remember what they told
            you….no cryptic messages written on the wall with schiesse…..and, all those
            voices in your head is actually the tv just turned up too loud…..So Juan…if you
            served in the military what job did you have? graves and registration…..?
            Now that job COULD make you crazy (er)….well..hero GB Fighter Pilot….
            just What did you do?…..clock is ticking……think hard……

          14. Juan TwoTree says

            Chasing down PFHAGS as you, girl Scout! We all know what YOU did! You should be caught and out in a prison for a long long time, schitt breathe!

            ta ta…

          15. muskat antonopolis says

            hey raghead…it is true isn’t it…your sentence structure and words lead anyone
            to see it….you are a raghead….”out in a prison”? what does that mean….too
            much hash there boyo….get yo limited soft tissue together…….ho ho
            are a joke…..SOOOO ……again just what did you do in the big war? Still

          16. Juan TwoTree says

            Oh, MuskRAT….sorry, forgot to mention…you want to know what I did? Not just me girl scout, the entire batallion did “YO MAMA” up again a duece and a half most of the time. All everybody was saying was ” I wanna do her again…again the wall, again the Jeep, again the latrine, again the rock………”so there, no go back to your sand box and play with you ‘hand puppet!’

          17. muskat antonopolis says

            hey Juan Two Trees…there is nothing that your pitiful twisted mind can
            come up with that will offend me…I know you have a sickness and for you i
            feel sorry that because of your sickness, you are unable to have a normal
            life……but, eventually your masturbation will be normal for you…it is another
            symptom of your feelings of paranoia, lack of self worth…your self-isolation
            and abuse of your body…..try to get some help…..and IF you are a vet…the
            VA can help you….get some help…….really……

          18. Juan TwoTree says

            muskRAT Dip-Wad: …if you haven’t caught on yet, “ta ta” means GBMF’er!

            End of dialogue with an obvious pfhag…

          19. gonzales27 says

            No, it’s OK for blacks to use it

          20. Juan TwoTree says

            Gonzales27: Yeah, another stupid ‘Double Standard’, eh?

          21. gonzales27 says

            Well our first black president has certainly screwed this country to the ground. He wanted another Kenya and he is almost there. Elect Hillary and she will finish it.

      2. guest says

        Amen! WE need to close our borders too! We have enough of our own criminals without importing more, for Oblahblah to turn back loose again.

        1. gonzales27 says

          But he loves them.

    2. Al says


    3. TPM says

      Design these prison’s like Sheriff Joe’s incarceration camps. No grade A beef, no air conditioning, no internet, no gyms. Live in a tent, grow your own food.
      Our prisons should be hell on earth … like they are in every other country. That would decrease recidivism. These prisoners have amenities that many Americans cannot afford. That’s wrong.

      1. TadhgMcLir says

        I disagree, “Hell on earth” includes ANYTHING the guards want to do. No one deserves that. They SHOULD be forced to work for their keep, and not have the entertainment (TV, radio) unless they do something to EARN it. Not out for the general population. And nothing in the way of jobs outside the prison (road chain gangs, etc.) for any violent offender. As a final touch any prisoner found guilty of rape in prison should be chemically
        (at least) castrated.

        1. Gerald A. Reason says

          I agree that the treatment by guards needs to be controlled but their life in that prison should be as non-pleasurable as possible, Any type of relief from the drudgery of being in prison MUST BE EARNED. This way the offenders will see that freedom is not free and that what they take for granted as a right is, actually a privilege which, in society, is to be earned as well.

        2. John E Strom Jr. says

          Or a really dull knife!

          1. patrick says

            How about a brick??

        3. John Galt says

          With a dull butter knife.

        4. Jarhead says

          Better screening of Prison Guards is necessary…..some people are drawn to the job so they can inflict pain & suffering on prisoners…..mandatory polygraphs…more & better supervision is required.

          1. bayman61 says

            Who cares what they do to prisoners?

        5. dondehoff says

          Tad, prison guards, just like the rest the working world and all large groups , have a few bad apples, but in most large groups, about 80% are good and carrying people, whether that group be white, black, democrat, republican , Chicano, or whatever, Blacks have unique problems, in that they still have not fully recovered from their days of slavery, due to our government’s (and other citizens) slow response to their problems. While blacks compose but about 13% of our population, they commit about half of the nation’s crime and in the black community itself, about 90% of violent crime is “black on black”. But then again, this nation’s slow response to bringing them into the main-stream of life, has been a significant part of that problem. They now have the additional problem that the great majority of black families now have but one parent, the mother. Those one-parent families are burdened with trying to make a living and raise a family, which leaves all too many young people without parental supervision. The overall problem is further complicated by the fact that black children born out of wedlock by far exceeds that of all other groups. These issues must be resolved if the blacks are to become “equals as a race”, in this country. I think it is obviously clear, that when blacks are given equal opportunities over generations that they are our equals.

          1. dickG says

            Your rant about how black people are suffering has caused me to consider running down to my favorite musical instrument store and buy another violin. FIRST THING IN THE MORNING.

          2. ken51136 says

            I agree, but I also say that everyone has the common sense to know the difference and the ability to chose between right and wrong. They just don’t chose the right thing because of peer pressure or it doesn’t give them what they want for free.

      2. dickG says

        Here’s a scene from a prison in La Chorrera, Panama
        No phones. No pool, and no pets. Buy your own cigarettes.

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Hell, I thought it was from the streets of Ferguson, Baltimore or Harlem!!!

          1. dondehoff says

            Juan, in addition to your many other problems, you reveal a lack of ability to discern between “cause and effect”.

          2. Juan TwoTree says

            READ, if you CAN, the posts I get back on your ignorant, DF waste of time posts! Go back to playing with your ‘Hand Puppet’ DonkeyHoff!

          3. says


        2. dondehoff says

          Dick, so what is your point?

        3. ken51136 says

          I wonder if they will think it was just free room and board while they plan their next hit on society as they do here in taxpayer jails. I think they won’t be so willing to commit another crime that will land them in that jail when or if they are eventually released.

      3. OSAMA OBAMA says

        These vermin get conjugal visits, organ transplants, excellent medical care, sex change operations etc. all courtesy of us, the Taxpayers. Thanx A.C.L.U.!!

        1. guest says

          Taxpayers should not be on the hook for any medical care that is not a life and death situation. They want all the unnecessary treatment, they should have stayed out of jail, and worked!

          1. dickG says

            You mean if I declare myself a female, they won’t automatically transfer me to a women’s prison? Just where did you dream that up?
            Cruel and inhuman, I say.

          2. gonzales27 says

            only after you show your vagina.

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says

            This is just one more reason we need change in gov’t.

          4. gonzales27 says

            One of many.

          5. ken51136 says

            They even get SEX CHANGES while incarcerated at taxpayers expense. Why??? Because their lawyer says so?????

      4. patrick says

        I live in Phoenix Arizona, and I have talked to people who have spent time in Sheriff Joe’s tent city. You don’t want to be there in the summer or winter, you just don’t want to be there…… period!!

        1. dickG says

          Prison should be a place, that upon your release the FIRST time you are completely convinced that it is a place you never want to visit again. EVER. That you will do ANYTHING in your power to achieve that goal.
          Sheriff Joe’s fine facility sounds like one of those places.

          1. proudtexan62 says

            I’ve never seen it but from all indications and descriptions it is certainly that!!!

        2. proudtexan62 says

          That’s why Sheriff Joe doesn’t have many repeat guests in his tent city and Obama and all the Democrats are attacking him and are trying to recall him right now. Sheriff Joe needs to stay!!!!

      5. dondehoff says

        TPM, no, most of our “regular” prisons should be designed and operated to educate the inmates as to the civil and cordial aspects of society. Only the repeat serious offenders should be placed in dungeons with light “rations” and very limited “benefits”

      6. proudtexan62 says

        Yes, thanks to the ACLU and other organizations just like them.

      7. gonzales27 says

        That’s the liberal way. Some Liberals say that is not enough.

    4. 7papa7 says

      Right you are. I would like to see judges who let this scum off be responsible and considered an accomplice for any and all crimes the perp commits from that point on until his sentence would be ended. Parole should be eliminated and the perp should have to serve out his entire sentences. None of the BS for time reduced for good behavior or any of that cr@p. Like Baretta use to say don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Pull all of the TV’s, weights, footballs, soccer balls etc out of the prisons, they are there to be punished and they get more than many who are law abiding citizens.

      1. Heil Hitler says
        1. Juan TwoTree says

          This is funnier than hell!!

          1. Heil Hitler says
          2. Juan TwoTree says

            Zeik Heil!

        2. dondehoff says

          “Heil….”, by the way those cars are parked, it is obvious the location is not in the U.S. where, on two-way streets, we park on the right-side of the street. What is your point?—or is this more of “Juan’s” off-subject “mental masturbation”—-it is highly contagious.

      2. Donnie Buchanan says

        7papa7, great idea. If someone steals my gun and commits a crime with it, I can be prosecuted for “allowing” the theft. So why can’t these judges be tried for complicity? Has it ever been attempted? If they have a long record, it shows they have a penchant for crime that a judge is supposed to consider.

        1. 7papa7 says

          Unfortunately judges can not be held responsible for there decisions which is why so many of there decisions are absolutely ridiculous.

    5. jreg9304 says

      Absolutely correct and without doubt.

    6. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Put Sheriff Joe in charge of our country club prisons!

    7. NotJim says

      OK, provided you will pick up the tab for the 6 months. Would be at least $15,000 I’d guess.

    8. pineapple says

      The death penalty is a sure cure for recidivism, plus it saves taxpayers money.

      1. rocky says

        Might have been true fifty years ago, but now the ‘process’ takes years and costs
        big bucks… taxpayer bucks.

        1. pineapple says

          Thanks to bloodsucking lawyers and bleeding heart liberals.

          Shakespeare was right concerning lawyers.

    9. ken51136 says

      No matter what color you are if you can’t immediately do what the public servant ( police ) tell you what to do; than they should have the right to decide what necessary move they will take for their own protection and that of the public. Those who harm the police should be put to work on a rock pile with a chain and ball on their ankle, and live in a fenced / tent city like in Arizona to save the TAXPAYER their hard earned dollar. Those who can’t live by our laws don’t deserve our backing or comforting amenities ( TV, hot water, air condition cells, etc ) If the criminal wants these things; let them earn them like the taxpayers do. Those who kill anyone for their own profit / hate / cover up / other than self protection should receive the death penalty and close the door to return law offenders

    10. proudtexan62 says

      You are right on the money with this post, Dick and in 30 words or less.

    11. says


    12. Al Hanson says

      that would definately fix some shit

    13. Raskin karen says

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  3. apzzyk says

    If more emphasis and money had been spent on violent crime than was wasted in busting people for personal use drugs and other ‘crimes without victims’, then the results might have been different, but it is easier to catch a kid smoking a joint than people actually doing serious crimes. We can blame this difference on the Conservatives, who, in 1972 were all concerned with ‘crime in the streets’ – mostly anti-war and civil rights and the most damaging were the absurd drug laws with no emphasis on treatment.

    1. SpencerChaffin says

      Drug use produces victims, I was a victim of drug use all my life until I was 18. My 3 younger brothers , older brother , two sisters and mother were victims also.

      1. apzzyk says

        I know that drugs have produced many victims over the past 45 years, but why? For one thing it is very profitable About that long ago a friend and former ‘speed freak’ wanted something so he started buying pot, but only bought from a strictly pot dealer by the Kilo, so he was not tempted by any other drugs, and he was able to function well. But then a couple of years later I was teaching at a midwest U, and had found that the pot was too strong for me so I no longer used, but it was estimated that about 90% of the undergrads at the U smoked pot, and a couple of the local big quantity dealers only dealt in that but the other started dealing in whatever else, and these were more profitable, so he was ‘lacing’ his pot with heroin, and there were some who got addicted to that – this was because the penalties on pot and heroin had become closer together so apparently the dealer felt that there was no additional risk, but the profits were much higher. Pot is a very very common ‘starter’ drug, which now many people still use.
        In CO, where I live, the voters (probably many recreational pot users) made the recreational sale and use legal, and actually less expensive than the street dealers were able to do. The consequence here is that by leaglizing and taxing it the State no longer wastes its money prosecuting and locking up the recreational users, and actually had to refund money to income tax payers last year because it had collected too much in taxes, and a couple of weeks ago they had a tax-free pot day. Until then, the best place to get pot was a high school parking lot, but even there the kid dealers could get something harder. Now, the use of hard drugs has also dropped – fewer ER visits and the waste of time and money on ‘drug busts’. Some of the pot tax money goes to rehab. Also, the collateral damage crime rates of burgleries and petty hold ups have gone down. I have some 20 somethings renting my guest house (old motor home) and they have a 4 mo old, and they also smoke. Someone got concerned over their living arrangements so last week they had a visit from social services, and the lady smelled the pot and just told them to smoke outside – no cops, and no really nasty arrest records. Meanwhile, the neighboring states have sued to get the Federal laws enforced. Probably will not be heard by the Supreme Court which has original jurisdiction.
        One of the problems with illegal drugs is that if you ask for help you might get sent to jail or prison because you have admitted to breaking the law. I would hope that your family members are at least working on getting clean and are getting the help that they need.

        1. SpencerChaffin says

          None of my brothers or sisters [ nor mother ] used drugs or alcohol. The youngest brother is 70 and older sister is 90. Our father was addicted from some time in the 1930’s until his death at 81 in 1984. He used all the money we made on the farm and any other he could get to support his drug habit. All of my siblings graduated from high school except the two youngest. We worked on other peoples farms to earn enough money to buy a new pair of overalls , some times shoes [ mother made our shirts from feed and guano sacks.] One brother went to college and became a chemical engineer, one just younger than me worked and spent 7 years to get a BS degree. He became a military officer , retired as Major and has a masters degree. Our father made us all VICTIMS by his use of drugs.

          1. Kent2012 says

            I wonder what kind of life the 4 month old will have…you do not need to be addicted to the “hard” drugs in order to have your lifestyle go to hell in a handcart…just thinking about the quality of life for the child, much like what you and your siblings went through…your early times were tough, but made you a better person because of the maturation process being sped up…

          2. SpencerChaffin says


            Our mother was the example and teacher to the seven of us children. She did the best she could during the 1930′, 40’s and early 50’s, until he sold the meat hogs, what corn was in the crib, loaded an old car with almost all the home canned food and the bed clothing and left. My baby brother was almost 11 at that time. In about a month he told people ” we have never had it so good “. He bought a cow from a neighbor [ on credit and paid it off in work ] so he and the other two brothers and mother could have milk. He introduces me to his friends as ” my older brother, who when I was 5 or 6 made me go to the field, ” telling me any grass or weeds you pull will be less mother will have to do ” he is 71 now and remembers all that. Most of the us are hesitant to take even asprin. The baby is 71 and oldest is 90+ .

      2. URKiddinMee says

        While I applaud your being free of drugs nowadays, I object to your use of the term “victim.” Unless someone forcibly shot you up or held a gun to your head to make you ingest some substance, you were a willing PARTICIPANT, not a VICTIM.

        1. SpencerChaffin says

          I have always [ as well as my brothers and sisters ] been free of drugs. We were victims of drug use because our daddy used every penny he could get his hands on to buy drugs and whiskey. Maybe the problem is our interpretation of ” victim. We chopped cotton, picked cotton, pulled corn and any other work farm work we could get to make a little money. We raised gardens to provide foods. If we had a hog to butcher , daddy would sell it to get some money for his habit. Fortunately he did not take the 2.50 or 3.00 dollars per day we earned from us. He quit his drug habit in June 1984 at the age of 81 in a nursing home when he drew his last breath. Drug users victimize other people, before drug testing I have seen several people injured because of drugged up fellow workers.

          1. URKiddinMee says

            My apologies for having misinterpreted your post. Obviously I thought you were ON drugs, not being abused by someone else who was on them. Glad you and your siblings survived.

          2. Kent2012 says

            looks like that many of the “victim less” crimes due have down line consequences…much the same as those clowns that jumped to early conclusions of the shooting of “tubs” brown in Ferguson…we watched as scum punks aholes visited and “demonstrated” with not simply DC’s approval, no I think that the scum in the oral office directed his scum in the doj to lean on Missouri officials…demanding they let the aholes in the street carry on their juvenile tantrums….that “demonstration” should have gone on, at the outside” two hours…at the end of that time ambulances would be hauling away the “demonstrators” to see if the great folks at the local hospitals could save their worthless carcasses……

      3. Kent2012 says

        pissy is just another long time member of the democrapos…

    2. John E Strom Jr. says

      No, dipstick, we can blame this explosion on LIBERALS. They seem to like their dope so criminals – usually black or Hispanic – supply it. There is enormous profits in selling illegal drugs. With that comes violence. Violence from those drug dealers and some from those needing their drugs. So put the blame where it belongs. As long as drugs are illegal, stupid blacks are willing to use violence to take your money or your drugs. So don’t blame this on conservatives. I would legalize drugs – for addicts only. Then they can get their “fix” safely and NOT be a predator. And I would execute ALL who deal in “designer” drugs. That will take the profit out of drugs and end this nightmare. But a LOT of politicians, left and right, do not want to end illegal drugs. Too much money in them.

      1. ipsd48 says

        Why do you think that people who steal to get money for drugs NOW wouldn’t STILL steal to get money for drugs if they were LEGAL?

        1. Jarhead says

          Mexican Mafia rakes in 1.5 BILLION in drug and under-age-sex-slavery in US alone.
          Thanks to our open, unsecured border……..and a corrupt DOJ.

  4. PE says

    It’s time for the president to stop going to the prisons and releasing criminals ….AND to stop prancing up on stage after people get exonerated by a jury on national news because it could have been his son.

    And then there is that idiot NY Mayor doing the same thing.
    If these fool democrats would just stop beating the race drums for a vote; ……all it does is just embolden the criminals.

    “WASHINGTON — Thousands of dangerous federal prison inmates will be released in November as a result of the U.S. Sentencing Commission’s decision to lower federal sentencing for all drug trafficking and distribution crimes, two Republican lawmakers warned Tuesday.

    According to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, the release will include inmates with violent criminal histories who committed crimes involving assault, firearms, and even murder.

    Goodlatte and Grassley sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch Wednesday asking for more information about these inmates including a history of offenses for each offender projected release date, any known aliases of the offender along with the full legal name, the offender’s country of citizenship, and whether BOP has notified or intends to notify ICE about the release of any unlawful criminal aliens.

    “It is our understanding that tens of thousands of federal inmates are eligible for early release as a result, and that the BOP inmate population will fall by more than 12,000 inmates by the end of fiscal year 2016. Overall, the Sentencing Commission has estimated that 46,376 prisoners are eligible for early release under Amendment 782 — with nearly 8,000 offenders eligible for immediate release on November 1, 2015,” they wrote.

    Read more:

    1. apzzyk says

      The article above is almost entirely BS. The ones who are getting out early and the carefully screened non violent inmates, mostly druggies including minor street dealers. The true costs of prosecution of any federal crime is about $500K, and then the actual costs of incarceration of the average inmate is about $100/day – other agencies pay for some of the costs by buying Prison Industries goods, and the services of those in minimum to clean up trash on military bases (as if I didn’t learn how to pick up cig butts in the USMC). Higher costs are assocated with ones like Bernie Madoff (a non-violent criminal) who are in VIP quarters at about $250/day. Figuring just the $100 a day, with 43,000 fewer inmates the daily savings will be $4,300,000. In an era of austarity can we still afford to lock every one who spits on the streets for a long time.
      The crap in this article comes from the claim of the violent criminals or any one else in the possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime (a mandatory 5 year minimum enhancement to the sentence). The GOP has always been the party of ‘law and order’ and this attitude has made the US the one nation that has more inmates per 100K of population than China with its political criminals – which we also have. Heodinism does not work!

      1. Croco Dile says

        The “law and order crowd” does more to unwittingly enslave the people of this country than any other group.They seem to actually believe that anyone who doesn’t “follow the exact letter of the law” must not love “America” or respect our “freedoms”. Their belief “system” is so confused it boggles the mind. They truly are a living testament to the power of brainwashing. People don’t grasp how dangerous they are to real freedom.

        http://www.thetruthaboutthelaw. com

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Oh no! Croco shit is here. Drag out the “fag spray!” TROLL ALERT! QUEER TROLL ALERT!!

          1. apzzyk says


          2. Cotton says

            Stop feeding the troll then.

          3. Jarhead says

            MIKEY: It still hasn’t cleared the colon mucus from those crock eyes/ears…..just down arrow the nincompoop, PC LiberalTARD, pro-Mu-slime, DemonicRAT.

        2. apzzyk says

          Our criminal laws, and particularly the idea about incarceration being ‘corrective’ were wrong then and are still wrong, even though we do have the true believers like the ones mentioned in the article. My now son-in-law got 20 for drugs, when all that he really needed was a good paying job. He and my daughter got married when he was still a guest of the Feds, and since he had a home to go to, he has beaten the odds and has been out almost 5 years now without going back. The ‘law and order’ people just do not look at the consequences of their actions and are just creating more problems than than are trying to solve when it comes out the other end. If what he was dealing would have been available at the pharmacy counter where people who were hooked could have signed up for treatment the teaxpayer would have save millions if not billions over the years, but reality contact is not their thing and neither is anticipating the adverse consequences until it it too late for many.

          1. Croco Dile says

            Ferdinand Lindbergh described them well in 1968 :

            We should find a meaningful term for the masses with reference to their inadequacies of judgment. I propose, therefore, that they be regarded, in varying degrees, as handicapped, crippled, unable to make sound judgments and decisions in their own self-interest. They live blindly in a system that offers wide although not unlimited free choice and they are unable to choose wisely. They are victims of their own choices. Nobody protects them from themselves ! The masses are handicapped in that they are ready believers in tales and promises of nimbler wits, prone to give credence to the improbable or very doubtful. They believe that some obvious charlatan – a preacher, a politician, a vendor of cheap merchandise – is going to do something very good for them at only a slight fee or absolutely free. At their most extreme these people are the followers of astrologers, spiritualists, religious dervishes and messiahs of all kinds, very often political messiahs. They tend strongly to resist whatever is objectively the case if it does not harmonize with their delusions.

            Gullibility and muddle-headedness are functions of insufficient intelligence. The intelligent person is prone to make significant distinctions, to analyze, compare, reflect and seek out difficulties in proffered propositions whether flattering or promising to himself or not.Skeptical self-analysis is beyond the powers of the gullible because they already feel insecure, must (as they say) “believe in something” if only in believing. Intimations of any lack in their judgment are resisted. Hence it follows that they believe whatever ethnic, religious or national group to which they belong is inherently superlative. Having little sense of individual identity, they derive their identity from some extensive tribe – hence White Supremacy, Black Power, God-Jesus, Dallas Cowboys, etc.

            While all men may have been created equal, whatever that means, what strikes the most casual observer is their disparity of age, circumstance, capability and condition. And, considering people in general with respect to their judgmental powers, what is most unequal about them is their intelligence.

            !When People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their manners, they will sink under their own waight without the aid of foraign invaders.” – Samuel Adams

          2. Juan TwoTree says

            Crock! Enjoy your ‘mate’s’ tube steak today!

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        If you’ve committed a crime and your ass is incarcerated, how the hell do you come up with that phrase, “non violent?” What the hell were they, altar boys???

        1. apzzyk says

          By definition, under Federal Law, every crime that carries a sentence of more than a year is a ‘violent’ crime. Martha Stewart’s insider trading, was a ‘Violent’ crime, and so was Leona Helmsley’s (you remember ‘the queen of mean’). Legal definitions as can other definitions become obsolete, and when other definitions change in common use, the Editor’s of Websters can do this, but it takes Congress to change a legal definition. At my 50th year class reunion we were talking about this, and if all of the laws that are currently in effect, whether enforced or not, we all would have been violent criminals. When everyone is one, then the terms loose meaning.

        2. Jarhead says

          Liberal double-speak…….drug dealers deal in violence (that is how the customers get the money to buy drugs)………drug dealers should automatically get LIFE or the ELECTRIC CHAIR….PERIOD!

    2. PE says

      REPLY TO APZZYK: Lol. I love your prior post….”When I was teaching and buying drugs from dealers”. Seriously, do you even hear yourself.

      I was a teacher and I’ve seen too many people whose lives have been ruined by drugs. Just because you like your drugs doesn’t make you an authority on exactly who is being released. Minor druggies turn into other things. You should know that since you seem to know so much about them.

  5. Rodger K. Shull says

    well so much for BLACK LIVES MATTER, Black cop dies, from being shot by a black career criminal, an I wonder if the cop was , a member of Eric Holders family. send him to SING SING an give him the CHAIR.

    1. Kent2012 says

      send eric with them…

  6. Jack says

    “SOOO”,if the SCOTUS can add”SSM” to the U.S.Constitution,,then bring back the death penalty,deport ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS and ALL who SUPPORT THEM”SEAL OFF OFF OUR southern border and MANY,MANY,other areas that need improvement for the good of AMERICA as WHOLE !!!!

    1. TPM says

      The liberal SCOTUS isn’t about to rule to deport illegals. WHY? Because illegals vote for liberals, who steal from (via taxes) conservatives to give goodies to the illegals … in exchange for their votes.

      1. Jarhead says

        Federal employment would drop by several million if the border was secure/fenced/protected by our Military.

  7. Alleged Comment says

    WHY was this negro out. He committed past crimes so viscous he could not have been let out. It is time we hold the people that let the negro out responsible if he commits more crime.

    Especially if they vouch he would be a good negro and not hurt anyone. If so, then we should say any future crime by the “good little negro boy” you will be held responsible!

    Watch these guys start screaming NO WAY, THAT’S UNFAIR, WE DON’T KNOW, etc.

    Yeah, the truth comes out now, huh?

  8. RuFus92 says

    Thank the screwed up justice system of the present regime that is in the white house for a lot of this fiasco. If it was not for the recreational and hard core users there would be no drug dealers and violent gang members. That is about parallel to the argument that is used to condemn guns owned by the law abiding owners. The chicken or the egg factor.

  9. McFerguson says

    Rather than trying to find ways to release prisoners early we need new laws with respect to illegal use of guns that require mandatory sentencing. For example, anybody who uses a gun during the commission of a felony needs a mandatory sentence of five years just because of the use of the gun. If the gun is fired during the commission, an additional 20 years mandatory is added to the punishment for the other felony. We need to put the onus on the bad guys for using guns, not on the good guys who want to own or carry one for protection. We should encourage the good guys to be armed. An armed society is a polite society.

    1. URKiddinMee says

      And an armed society of responsible, law abiding citizens becomes a SAFE society in short order.

      1. Asglarek says

        When has society ever been responsible and law abiding?

        1. John E Strom Jr. says

          What do you think? There are over 280 MILLION guns and only about 25 thousand deaths from those guns. Most crimes are committed by street thugs – usually black – and their weapons are either stolen or bought illegally. Felons can’t own firearms. So, in answer to your comment, the overwhelming majority ARE responsible and law abiding. Which makes you sound like a leftist wimp who never served your country.

          1. ipsd48 says

            Take away the gang related and inner-city shootings and the US falls to 143rd in the world for gun incidents.

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            Yet our liberals, including Barsck Hussein Obamz and Hillary Clinton want to take EVERYONE’S guns away – While keeping theirs.

          3. joebabe says

            Let them start with confiscating blood and crip, ms 13, and other gangsta types….see what happens then ! We already know what happens to the good people who are disarmed by their tyrannical governments. All Liberal lefties have a devious agenda,….including shillary!

          4. Jarhead says

            Planned Parenthood murders more and gets a bonus by selling body parts…….
            and US taxpayers are supporting it.

          5. John E Strom Jr. says

            Amen. There should be a bounty on abortion providers working with/for Planned Parenthood. They are murderers

    2. jerrycollie says

      I think you are being a little too liberal. If they fire a gun during a felony, they are dangerous and should be locked up for life.

    3. nvrat says

      CA had/has a law that using a gun during the commission of a crime was a mandatory 5 yrs on top of the crime committed. Well it did not take lawyers long to figure out how to get around it using bargaining tactics and other means of getting their client off. That also goes for the Three Strike Law activist judges also find ways around sentencing the criminal to the extent because they are looking at a case where the criminal was charged with a class 2-3 Felony (states differ) and they feel they do not pose a problem to society so are let go with minor sentences or parole so sentences are light. My opinion is that the laws are OK it`s the Activists Judges that circumvent the intent of the laws because of ideology and the law enforcement use them as bargaining tools to acquire information for other crimes.. Prisons have gotten expensive to incarcerate people because of the liberal ideology and making them almost vacation resorts with luxuries that the ordinary person cannot afford or even hope to so that is also used as an excuse to sentence criminals.

  10. Michael Dennewitz says

    BLUE LIVES MATTER !! ALL LIVES MATTER, except the thugs that decide to take someone else’s life..

  11. URKiddinMee says

    More of Obama’s “sons” running amok!

  12. Cotton says

    Meanwhile in Britain

    1. Jimmy Quick says

      Dunce cap and corner for you again. Thats how it is when you never learn anything.

      1. Cotton says

        Someone can’t take a joke, you’re no fun Jimmy!

  13. Ken Averitt says


  14. mike says

    You can thank Obumo for these shootings, He gives two shits about America. The only thing he cares about is the power he has and BLM, Also muslims. He needs to be impeached, because as long as he is in office these shootings will continue. IMPEACH him now Congress

  15. Goodforall says

    All we hear about is when police do their jobs when confronting these ghetto thug rats and end up shooting them, unarmed or not. But let them try to use a more passive approach and it usually ends with the cop being shot. Enough of this BS. It’s just sickening how all of this has amplified since the liar in chief took office.

    1. Kent2012 says

      very soon any officer you meet on the street will have a new concept as to how to accomplish his or her job…I know that I would….late night stop, questionable circumstances, thugs and punks involved ?? that weapon will be out…lock and loaded…I would take my chances with a shooting investigation rather than a fine team of surgeons….

    2. Neal says

      There is no such thing as an “Unarmed,” three hundred pound thug.

      1. joebabe says

        You are absolutely correct! The FBI publishes an annual report that lists the types of WEAPONS involved in all violent crimes. Balled Fists and Booted Feet are listed as weapons used in violent crimes…contributed to more deaths than the “dreaded” AR 15. Google it! So, it seems every person has at least four weapons ( unconventional ) available. Disparity of Force ,eg., age, body type,physical condition are other considerations for lethal force use. No such thing as “unarmed”…….. 150lb.teen vs.80 year old …not good for the 80 yr. old unless he’s a ccw permit holder …… 300 lb.attacker….you’re in deep $;&@t.

      2. Goodforall says

        Exactly my point. The cops have every right to defend themselves.

  16. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Why not get some use out of Mexico, & put Killers in one of their prisons for 1/2 or 1/4 the costs..??

  17. Dolores Wieland says

    It is only going to get worse. Obama keeps releasing murderers and our counties and cities are following suit. The courts have been “dismissing” cases left and right, not matter what the crime is. Only when it is a petty crime do people do the time Police officers can’t fend for themselves because our liberals shout police brutality when that is not so.

  18. 2 parrots and a dog says

    One thing about our justice system that has always concerned me is the normal routine of settling for plea deals. Obama wants to release large amounts of prisoners that have committed whatever he thinks are minor crimes and I expect that he will. How many of those criminals took plea deals for lessor crimes? We need truth in sentencing. There is no logical reason criminals like this should be out of prison.

  19. Sharpshooter says

    Think about this, seriously! In the last fifty years, our government, (well, really, the Muslims), but we won’t talk about that! Have, little by little, an inch at a time, worked very hard to bring this country to the brink of self destruction. They have passed laws, (in the dead of the night) to allow big business to off shore millions and millions of jobs, allowed them to get away with paying no taxes, or very little, import cheap labor to take jobs in this country. When young people struggle to get an education, (indoctrination) and find out there are no decent paying jobs any more, they get extremely frustrated, and in many cases turn to crime. Our government has become part and parcel of this destruction. That has been proven, time and time again, by working against the “legal American citizens”. This is going to incite a civil war, the people against the corruption that has become the cornerstone of politics. I hope I’m wrong, but I fear I’m not!

  20. jerrycollie says

    This is all going to happen again and again.
    Police need more training in combat shooting. With today’s video games, there is no reason the Police cannot be well trained at minimum expense, along with some live fire at the gun range. They also need to be equipped with high-powered automatic rifles in their cars, instead of shotguns; so that they can stand off and shoot from a distance.

  21. Fredrick R Smith says

    I believe the current justice system is so corrupt, it’s no wonder we have a problem. We need to start having citizen courts, and death penalties. We’re almost at the point, where we need to “shoot them all, including lawyers and judges, and let God sort them out”. Give them a short fair trial, and hang them.

  22. scott says

    everyone keeps hiding the most important fact.THEY ARE ALL BLACKS.

    1. John E Strom Jr. says

      As is that AFrikan in the White House. He’s no American, that’s for sure.

    2. Juan TwoTree says

      It’s sure obvious to me…it’s time for us ‘Whitey’s’ to even the numbers up!

  23. Josef says

    And yet it was easy for them to get guns. Thank you, NRA.

    1. John E Strom Jr. says

      It was NOT the NRA that is the culprit. All the NRAisis an association of and for gun owners. Why not blame the real culprit – such as Obama and Eric Holder for over 2000 automatic (NOT semi-automatic) weapons to the Mexican drug cartel? And instead of punishing all gun owners, go after those who ILLEGALLY use them to commit felonies. The NRA is protecting our Second Amendment rights. Felons HAVE no Second Amendment rights when they committed a felony. Put the responsibility were it belongs rather than paint every gun owner with the same tar brush. I’m guessing you never served your country and that you are a liberal. Blame that AFrikan in the White House who is ginning up his fellow Afrikans.

      1. Josef says

        Obama does not produce and distribute guns. This is done by gun producers and sellers. Te NRA and its supporters in the Congress make sure that there are plenty of guns and they are easily available. When it comes to killing Americans, the NRA does a far better job than the ISIS.

        1. glenn398 says

          Josef so you must think Mexico is a paradise because it is almost impossible for the citizen to buy a gun. Since they can’t just look at how peaceful it is for them or should I say the criminal and they don’t have an NRA down there. Look farther to South America and see the same thing.

          1. Josef says

            My model is Denmark, not Mexico.

          2. glenn398 says

            So you want to pick a country that is unlike anything in America, nice try. They don’t have the Mixed races we do, the border pressure not a leader that is intent on importing as many muslin’s as possible.

          3. Josef says

            As matter of fact, Denmark does have mixed races. The pressure on their borders is increasing. But, they have a higher standard of living and far less inequality than the USA. And their response to their governments’ policies is not rooted in the racism and paranoia.
            So yes, they are unlike the USA, which is why their rate of gun death and gun crime is significantly lower than that of the USA.
            By the way: Let’s not forget that Mexico owns its gun infestation to the American gum producers, sellers and smugglers.

          4. glenn398 says

            There is no comparison of a tiny little country to the U.S. why don’t you get a life, quit crying and try making something of yourself

          5. Josef says

            I already did. Now I want to free my fellow-Americans from the danger posed by the ISIS/NRA.

          6. glenn398 says

            I doubt that you did but in your own little world probably have. How there is any comparison between ISIS and the NRA is beyond me. One is force upon you and the other you can free join if you want. If you don’t join ISIS you are dead and haven’t seen the same with the NRA

  24. Gerald A. Reason says

    We need reform but we don’t need a wholesale release of, what some call, non-violent offenders. First, there need to be more than just “guidelines” for sentencing with both minimum and maximum sentences, including criteria for determining their use. There needs to be a change in the entire prison system. Let’s go to a 3, or 4 tier system. This is just an outline of how this would be set up but, and is presented to spur discussion.

    Tier 1= These would be served in local jails, for minor offenses which includes work details and absolutely no frills. It would include strict disciplined routine, designed, not to harass but to instill the importance of work ethic, providing an opportunity to learn self discipline. It would be for first offenders of crimes which do not involve violence and which are, what most call, misdemeanors.

    T2= More serious First offences, including second offense drunk driving, This would include no frills, work details, counseling, and educational opportunities. It would include both Felonies and serious misdemeanors.

    T3= Repeat offenders, serious Felonies, whose sentences are less than the normal expteced life of a human being who is not in prison. It would be a no frills type environment which involves working at projects which can make the governing authority of jurisdiction, money which would go into the running of the prisons. Limited amenities, which would have to be earned as behavioral criterias, set by the prison system and approved by jurisdictional law making bodies.

    T4= Lifers and Condemned prisoners. These prisoners are there to keep out of society, and are considered not able to be rehabilitated. There’s would be much like the T4 prisons except that there would be little in the way of education and, other than psychiatric counseling.

    Make the Tier 1&2 the roughest of the four, as far as being totally separated from pleasurable experiences. It would have two intentions: 1. Deterrent to wanting to return to the prison setting. 2. In T-2, it would involve providing education which could assist the person in becoming a productive citizen. Counseling should be a part of each tier, especially T1 – T3.

  25. Patriot47 says

    The criminal injustice system is so messed up that a burglar can get the same sentence as a murderer.

  26. WhiteFalcon says

    I think that people like those mentioned above should be publicly hung. It could be on TV or something like that, but they should be hung.

  27. John Galt says

    You want another common denominator besides a long criminal history?
    Here in the St. Louis area there are killings on a daily basis, seldom are they committed by WHITE people. True to the article the biggest part of the violent black murderers have extensive rap sheets but are allowed out to prey on America..

  28. Daniel W says

    Take out the weight rooms the color TVs bring back beans hardtack and rice no personal contact visits steel walls and telephones.

  29. Gerry Costa says

    Two more of obozo’s kids who are so mistreated by the police — doesn’t seem to matter if they have rap sheets a mile long. I can see him having these 2 scumbags come to the white House and have a little party in the proverbial rose garden with deblasio and cuomo right beside them. Bring back the death penalty you bleeding heart jerks.

  30. Daniel Hoffman says

    Isn’t it odd that liberals want gun manufacturers to be responsible for crimes committed with guns but don’t want to consider judges responsible for putting killers on the street ?

  31. Keith says

    Remember those movies where they walled off a city and threw all of the criminals into it and let them go at each other?

  32. Dell says

    The liberals want to leave scum like this on the streets but yet they want to take the honest peoples guns away. What are we suppose to use for our protection?

  33. QuanellEleven says

    Some of these pieces of shite stay on death row for 20 years eating and crapping your tax dollars.
    There is another corollary between these murdering apes and that is that they are both murdering apes. Let these chimps go feral and what do you expect? The same is true with Obama’s buddies, the muslim slime that come here for the free stuff.

  34. dickG says

    ” When we ignore this obvious fact and fool ourselves with dreams of rehabilitation, people get hurt.”
    “sob”, “sob”
    But if we can save just one!

  35. Robert L. Rice says

    When these thugs are caught,tried,found guilty,Given 1 year for ALL appeals,NEXT,on to the court house square,rope around neck,trapdoor opened,instant justice served.god will sort them out……….

  36. Robert L. Rice says


  37. Robert L. Rice says


  38. glenn398 says

    I;am surprised the mother of these two didn’t tell what a good boy they were.

  39. Neal says

    Black Crime Matters!

  40. ToniStimmel says

    The way we treat convicts you’d think they were an endangered species that had to be preserved at all costs. The police must protect them but they don’t have protect law abiding citizens.

    Russia has so much empty prison space now that we should negotiate to let them keep our prisoners and provide them with real hard labor.

  41. USCBIKER says

    Yes, great remedies but they’ll be bitterly opposed by the trial lawyers who make their $ millions on plea deals. They don’t GAF when some of those sub humans kill again, any more than SF did with Kate Steinle. They see these deaths as a minor inconvenience in their march to chaos.

  42. joebabe says

    But, he’s an honor student,your honor. Look at this picture of him when he was in eighth grade….a good son!

  43. guest says

    Long arrest records, eh? What else is new where Oblahblah’s sons are concerned?

  44. dinkerduo says

    The prison system needs reforming to some extent–like–no members of the opposite sex should ever work in man’s prison and visa versa–that would stop some of the nonsense–prison guards are rotated at least once a year to a different prison so collaboration is cut way down–and for entertainment they get BOOKS–or GO TO CLASSES–or to CHURCH–but NO TV–except for the BEST BEHAVED–the short timers could learn something while they are there if they didn’t have a gym and TV and there should be the death penalty for murders–kidnappers–rapists–pedophiles–and drug kingpins–that would stop a lot of loooong rap sheets!! And of course–get rid of the liberal officials and judges!

  45. Trisha55 says

    The starting point is to require every citizen to learn how to shoot a gun. No penalty for defending yourself, someone else, or property from a criminal. No gun-free zones on public property. If a private property owner wants to ban guns for their establishment, no one has to go there but public places like schools are public places. No life sentences. If a criminal can never be released again, the death penalty should apply. Repeat offenders automatically get the death penalty after 3 felonies. One appeal is allowed and the penalty enforced 30 days after sentencing. If we put these in place, I guarantee we will have a safer society within 6 months.

  46. oxnin says

    I am white; thank God, I have a question. Why don’t the white people in this country, stand up against this black scum, and copy the same tactics, as all of the sub- intellect, spooks, and Muslims get away with?
    If a white is killed by some Nig.or Muslim, burn down their neighborhoods and businesses. Flip out!!!!
    I am ashamed of being a white man in this country any more….Take up arms, destroy the cancer that has destroyed my great AMERICA !!!! I guess that is the impossible dream……I could say a lot more, but this site and every other site I have gone to favors , and protects, the rights of Nig–rs, Muslims, scum from south of the border and ALL LIBRALS….OXNIN

  47. oxnin says

    We are on borrow time ! I just moved to Texas from the Key’s. I have been trying for years to find like minded MARINES, and real AMERICANS to fight to last man. I have been trying to find people who hate what is happening. I believe in subtle death to all Anti- Americans….Blacks, muslim scum, border jumpers, and any piece of shit that downs my AMERICA….Fuk the body bags, let them rot where they fall….OXNIN

  48. oxnin says

    USMC– 67-71-0311-RSVN…100% Disability. I fought for AMERICANS, not the liberal scum and garbage in my AMERICA now!!!!! Fk muslims especially!!!! SEMPRE FI BROTHERS…..OXNIN

  49. Sapperboy says

    Obama wants our guns but floods the USA with the likes of these vermin. Democrats have so much blood on their hands it’s sickening.

  50. oxnin says

    Talk is cheap people….Do something about it….OXNIN

  51. oxnin says

    oxnin • 16 minutes ago
    Here is how to fight back: Everyone,clandestinely go to a PIG FARM, SLAUGHTER HOUSE, gather pig shit, organs, blood. Now go to Muslim mosques, cemeteries, splash balloons, then go after the Muslim on a religious attack! Fuk your local law and politicians; make them fear YOUR MOVEMENT, more than any MOOK BACKLISH. Realize this, if this took place across the country; what an economic boost….They would have to hire us infidels to clean all that pig blood, guts and shit……Also, bury pigs on your acreage;this makes the property for Muslims un-holy; therefore, NO MOSQUES….Please respond….OXNIN

  52. oxnin says


  53. JobRon says

    It may not be a Christian thing to do, but to these repeat offenders, rapsheets from age 13 and up, take a good look at the types of crime they’ve committed. Violent offenders as well as multiple offenders and gang bangers, simple: one 9mm round behind the left ear and they are done. Prison overcrowding problem solved. Oh, I hear the screams from the bleeding hearts now: let them live, they may, the operative word is MAY find Christ. However, what is the chance of that happening before the perp finally kills YOUR mother, father, brother, sister? Then how will you feel? I know we are supposed to forgive these people because, they too, are a child of God, with their free agency. I just don’t want them applying their free agency to mine and over-ruling MY free agency. I’ll protect MY free agency any way I can. My dad was correct when he said words to the effect, “your free agency ends and the point of my nose.” I haven’t put up a sign in my front yard yet, but it will say we call Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson first, then we call 911. nuf said.

  54. Nina Ferguson says

    If there is a long history of VIOLENT and SERIOUS crimes, keep them in jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. If they have a VIOLENT AND SERIOUS crime, keep them in jail.

    1. AlabamaSouthernBelle says

      I just don’t see why so much money is wasted on these dangerous people. They eat good, have their clothes provided for them, housing is free and we have veterans living on the streets with no money and no shelter. What rights have they given other law abiding people that they kill and steal from. The country is already out of money and there is no point in throwing good money after bad. Bring back the electric chair, gas chambers and hanging trees and clean out the prisons. I guarantee is they know they are going to die, they will think twice before they do the crime. These illegals that come in and kill will have that to think about too before they cross the borders because the same will be waiting for them.

  55. RuFus92 says

    No Surprise there folks.

  56. Gray_Doug says

    A criminal is not a victim, and those who believe they (themselves) are victims should never applaud the actions of a criminal. Revenge is not yours to take on the innocent . . . those that had absolutely nothing to do with the source of your anger.

    Taking revenge on the innocent makes you just as criminal as those you applaud and strips the credibility of your argument and your victim status, as well. Before the current president of the United States came along, men and women of all races had their problems (we still do); but, I believe, they were (and still are) trying to work things out. Now, with no accountability under the law (thanks to the example set by this president, his inflammatory mouth, his lack of courage to set an example, and his amazing ability to distort the truth and set things right when proven proven wrong), those that hate can run the street, justify what they do in the name of a dark history, and go home still full of hate. The next day comes along, they will wake up, and they again go out and look for the next opportunity to take revenge on the innocent and those who are trying to make things better. The All Black Lives Matter group had better get this in their head: you don’t own the mantra . . . ALL LIFE MATTERS (yours, mine, everybody’s).

    People who allow their hate to consume them, who take action on that hate, are the real racists. When they act out on that disease and cause mahem, they deserve nothing less than the maximum punishment the law allows. So, ladies and gentlemen, the question is this: Are you satisfied with the result of your anger or do you want to take a different path?

    I believe we should look for what we misplaced: respect, civility and the courage to stand up and do what’s right. I believe that those who break our laws should go to prison and that the term “hard time” again mean “hard time.”

    A criminal should be influenced to make the decision he messed up and doesn’t want to make that mistake again. Create in-prison jobs and sell their products. Make the criminals work to pay for their meals, their entertainment, their comforts, and to repay those who suffered under their hands.

    Facts don’t lie, but liars sure to mold the facts to their advantage. Ensure the public is reminded that empaneled juries are made up of the defendant’s peers (including members of the defendant’s own race). Remind the public why the criminal was sent to prison and present all criminal history that lead to the current act of evil that sent that person to prison. The criminal becomes a real person, not just a statistic in the balance.

    Crime knows no racial balance; it only knows the perpetrator and the victim of his hate. The criminal is the one responsible for putting himself in prison, not a prejudiced society. Men and women had better start remembering we are responsible for our own acts and that if we go astray it’s our fault . . . not someone else’s. Murderers are murderers. If you praise their action, your heart might be considered just as dark as theirs. Have you become your own enemy: part of the problem, not the solution?

  57. Kenyan Mocker says

    Sadly even with harsher laws against those attacking LEOS it once again has been on the rise. Once you get a segment of society that has no compunction against taking on LE you have to know that if you encounter them they’ll have even less restraint on harming you. Those people need to be kept in special housing separate from other types of criminals.
    One thing that may help is with more restrictive sentences alternative to incarceration. What if a conviction got you obligated to remaining in the workforce and any free time be spent on programs and activities benefiting society. What if you gave someone “weekends” of clearing brush or picking up garbage for the next 10, 15, or 20 years. No time off for good behavior. The cost for these programs along with any drug and alcohol testing would be paid for by the convicted.

  58. RMCSRET says

    But hey Democrats and BLM are stating that the Judicial System is unfair and sentences are to long.
    Well evidently in many, many case the sentences aren’t long enough.

  59. MidwayBill says

    The country would be far better off if discipline, respect for fellow citizens, and respect for the law was taught at an early age in the home. As it is, too many young adults are entering society with no clear idea of what a civil society is. It doesn’t matter what color, ethnic background, or economic class, this issue cuts through society at all levels. I would be willing to bet that the majority of young adults that start out on some criminal path, be it using illegal drugs, theft, or assault come from broken or otherwise dysfunctional homes. Bad eggs can come from good nests, but that is the exception rather than the rule. There is no amount of government spending or intervention that can fix this. We can’t build enough prisons, we can’t hire enough counselors, we can’t afford enough drug intervention programs to fix this. It all starts and ends in the home. Sure, we blame liberal judges for releasing prisoners that should be incarcerated, and I am not defending that. But the fact remains that prisons are overcrowded as it is. Decisions have to be made about who remains locked up and who gets released, Judges and parole boards don’t always make the best choices either. Politicians certainly don’t make the best choices unless it concerns their re-election campaigns. Not until the nuclear family once again becomes the norm will we see any decline in this kind of behavior in society.

  60. Chris says

    Maybe if criminals had less rights that law abiding citizens and the liberals would keep their mouths shut we wouldn’t have this problem.

  61. AlabamaSouthernBelle says

    There are still plenty of sturdy trees and heavy duty ropes. There is a need to bring back this practice– long time forgotten punishment for people who break the law. Time was if a person was caught stealing someone’s horse –to the hanging tree they would go. A person’s life is worth more than a horse, so bring back the ultimate punishment. This could possibly make a person think if one sees a tree and rope for the crime and if they want publicity–televise it. That should stop a lot of these crimes.

  62. Fran Leard says

    Why was he not locked up for life with no parole? I’m sick of these passive judges and plea deals and the policemen are being gunned down daily. This has to end NOW.

  63. Mark N Starla Traina says

    Follow U.S. on FACEBOOK: NAAWP
    Our primary goal is to keep all of U.S. SAFE!

  64. says


  65. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Capital punishment would curb repeat offenders..And for the rest..Rather than the American taxpayer paying $50-80k per prisoner ..Offer Mexico a chance to make some money with their prisons. At $10-15k, it’s not going to be a Country Club there. Saving taxpayers $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  66. kassa1 says

    You’re not liberal directly Marxist and is one way to destroy the country is what crime sore and blame the honest people for the crime that’s the whole mantra of the communist/Democrat/bad Republicans in Congress ended judiciary! It’s only happening because we the people of 300 million or allow on the few to get by with what they’re getting by with that’s why the founding fathers wrote the first 10 amendments and the second amendment was to protect us from Tierney that’s going on in your face right now! It’s time for the motions to bandit gather and be prepared because Obama is going to go for it because the monies egging him on ! Be ready to defend your freedom as it’s better to die for something then the dive for nothing fake about that! If they take your guns your dad if you stand and fight when they come against you at least you’re dying for something! you know like your children’s future!

  67. KatRob says

    The ghetto trash beese out of control.

  68. Bender says

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  69. dondehoff says

    Panel “moderators”, where are you? Your refusal to censure Juan’s posts make you a party to his very sick posts—you surely don’t need such trash to support your site.

  70. dondehoff says

    Come on people, stop responding to Juan, as that feeds his very sick mentality—and when we respond, we become “part of his nonsensical problem”—and panel moderators, do your job!

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