Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich Should Be Ashamed of Themselves


Over the last week, the rumors have been flying that the three Republican candidates who have little to no chance of winning the nomination – Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich – have basically entered into a secret agreement to keep Donald Trump from cinching the delegates. As weirdly undemocratic as that alliance might be, the three candidates should be more ashamed of how they attacked Trump following the cancellation of his Chicago rally on Friday.

This was an excellent chance for these candidates to put aside their political ambitions (however small they are at this point) and unite against the liberal, social-justice savagery we witnessed in Chi-town. Instead, they went out in front of cameras and decided they would play Democrats for the day.

In Rolling Meadows, Illinois, Cruz said, “Thirty people were arrested today over violence and then the rally was cancelled, protesters took violence into their own hands. Any campaign that disrespects the voters and a campaign that encourages violence and facing allegations against members of the press, you create an environment that encourages this.”

Kasich released a statement saying “the seeds of division that Donald Trump has been sowing this whole campaign finally bore fruit, and it was ugly.”

Rubio said, “There is only one candidate that has violence at his events. I think potentially some of the rhetoric he has used contributed to this environment and it’s disturbing.”

Well, Marco, the reason there’s no violence at your events is because no one cares about your events. In fact, here’s a bet: If you took a poll of every moron protesting in Chicago on Friday night, less than 10% of them could even tell you the name of a single other Republican candidate. These weren’t legitimate political protesters; these were mouth-breathing simpletons who have been watching the video of a guy punching a protester on constant loop for the last 48 hours.

This is a sad day for America, and an even sadder day for Cruz supporters. Intelligent, fiercely conservative, and seemingly principled, Cruz would have made a fine Republican president. But a candidate can’t be judged solely on his record, nor on his ability to debate well. A candidate’s true colors come out when something like this happens – when there’s a conflict between the right thing and the right thing for your campaign. And as Cruz may be soon to discover, there actually was no conflict.

These candidates seem to think there’s some appetite among conservative voters for a candidate who will defend Black Lives Matter, defend Islam, and defend illegal immigration. National Review subscribers may dig that crap, but that’s about as far as it goes.

We might just look back at this weekend as the point where the wheels truly and completely came off the “establishment” cart. If Trump wasn’t unstoppable before, he is now.

  1. Skip Bradley says

    Trump supporter, huh?

    1. Deborah G says

      No American First Amendment supporter. I was totally dismayed when the three Cruz,Kasich AND Rubio decided to go back on their words. IF they can’t keep their word now what will they do later? I was undecided now I’m not sadly because my choice would have been a great President I think. IF he hadn’t sided with the crowd

      1. proudtexan62 says

        I’m right there with you Deborah and I would guess that your choice before all this was my choice in the beginning too. I know he would have been a great president if he hadn’t given in to the corrupt GOP.

      2. Deborah G says

        perhaps he will be a GREAT VP and get some footing and mileage

    2. alegalcitizen says

      Haggery supporter, or the commie supporter, huh?

      1. Skip Bradley says

        I’ll assume ‘Haggery’ means Clinton, and the “commie supporter” being Bernie, in which case, NO to both.
        You do, however, get 3 tries for $5.
        (I know – “it used to be “3 tries for a quarter”, but with inflation and all….. )

  2. coneyro says

    That was a ridiculous statement this “journalist” made about the reason there is no violence at Marco’s events is because nobody cares.
    It is probably because the caliber of people at Marco’s rallies have a little more class, and are more civilized.
    Trump attracts the lowest elements, i.e.the xenophobes, misogynists, racists etc.
    Here’s an idea..Too bad it isn’t possible for Trump build a wall somewhere and separate himself and his fanatic miscreants from the rest of of human race. Then they can feel safe in their homogenous surroundings.
    This is a political race. There is no such thing as “fair”. Whatever the others need to legally do to further their cause, is justified.
    This is one nasty article.

    1. Croco Dile says

      This is a typical article on this site.

      Come in more often 🙂

      You will see, the intellectual level on this site is very low. The politicians love it !

      1. pineapple says

        “You will see, the intellectual level on this site is very low.”

        BTW, you are on this site, so what does that say about you?

        1. alegalcitizen says

          Well if you check the amount of comments to upvotes, you’ll “get the picture”.

        2. Croco Dile says
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    3. denniscerasoli says

      Who are you to judge the people that attend Trump rallies? In the first place you are probably a liberal who doesn’t support any republican candidates.I have been watching all this unfold and it doesn’t much matter to me who wins because i am elderly and it just doesn’t matter much,but what i have seen at Trump rallies are deliberate plants put there by others pulling the strings and unfortunately they have been successful.Don’t point your finger in the wrong direction by putting the blame on Trump and his followers,put it on the protesters who go there to disrupt purposely the right of people to freedom of expression.To everyone who reads this reply,don’t listen to the garbage they are throwing at you,you are much brighter than that because these are orchestrated protests even if there are only two involved,these people are there only to disrupt and falsely accuse Trump and his followers for inciting violence,don’t be duped because it’s an insult to your intelligence.

      1. proudtexan62 says

        I’m with you denniscerasoii because you are wise and a real American patriot!!! I am an older American too and have lived through much of it already. These people who are plants to cause problems at Trump events are put there by the Democrats and their corrupt cronies in the Establishment/ Rino segment of the GOP. We know who and what they are and why they are doing it. It’s all for them and nothing for the American people. We not only want but need Donald Trump and we are not going to allow this scum to deny us what we NEED. We’ve done it the last two elections and we will have no country left to save if we do it again!!!

        1. denniscerasoli says

          Thank you for the compliment proud,the fear of Trump should be a red flag to everyone he is obviously saying something right.I have a video on my Facebook home page of Romney praisIng Trump as a great American and 2nd to none on his knowledge of economics for the country when Trump endorsed Romney in 2012,you need to listen to it to appreciate what Romney said,now he is hitting Trump with both barrels for the establishment and how he can sleep is beyond me.

          1. proudtexan62 says

            You are so correct denniscerasoli. The corrupt flock to the corrupt if it is to their benefit. They have no concern for others and that is definitely the case here.

      2. Mike Burkett says

        Well said. I would like to ask the greatest generation one more favor, please vote Trump and save our America. The college-educated millennials seem a little twisted and misled by their liberal professors, direct from Alinsky’s – Rules for Radicals. Thank you and God bless.

    4. Deborah G says

      Baloney. I have seen who is there. POeople who are struggling to keep their jobs,doctors, lawyers,EDUCATED people because TRUMP is highly educated. Don’t mistake tough for stupid.

    5. ardis4 says

      Why would far left fascists shut down a GOP Establishment endorsed “Gang of 8” TPP Rubio or “Backdoor Amnesty 2013” TPP Cruz rally–i.e., “Power of the Purse” betraying their campaign promises and selling out America to their donors, illegals and the Obama agenda for the last 8 years?

      L O L. The BIG Gov/Open Borders GOP Establishment & Obama Democrats are on the same page. It’s Trump and the GOP political base that the GOP ruling elite’s (donor bought and paid for) are waging a war to defeat–i.e., as they never did to defeat Obama and his destruction of America.

    6. laulau says

      These thugs were not Trump supporters. He was ambushed by the Rubio, Cruz, Kasich supporters. Trump supporters do not go to the other candidates rallies. They have more class.

    7. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


    8. pianobill says

      coneyro, You are really dumb as to what is really going on. First off, Rubio, Cruz and Kasich cannot draw a crowd big enough to cause a protest. The protesters in Chicago=TRUMP rally– were paid protesters, paid by the dumbcrat party and Soros.

      1. pineapple says

        Also Bill Ayers( American left wing terrorist) was there stirring the pot. He should have gone to prison for bombing the Pentagon and bombing a Chicago police station, which resulted in the death of a policeman.

        1. proudtexan62 says

          He was certainly there and no one can deny that because he was on TV. He is one of Obama’s mentors. Can’t remember of it was the Marxist or the Nazi one but he was one of those. Saul Alinsky was another and Frank Marshall Davis was the communist mentor and one of the candidates for his real biological father. As I remember there were more than a few possibilities.

          1. Mike Burkett says

            Even if convicted of these heinous crimes, Ayers, Alinsky and, Davis will get clemency through Obama’s presidential pardons.

      2. proudtexan62 says

        Exactly right, pianobill!!!!

    9. Elizabeth Davis says

      You are so stupid! Just because we go to school , provide for our selves does not make us racist or anything else but good citizens. Where did you come from the devil?

      1. Mike Burkett says

        First of all, congratulations for seeing the wisdom of making yourself more marketable to future employers. The democrap establishment does not appreciate the independent-minded, college-educated contributors to society. The democrap rely on the uneducated, low-information masses for their power(see gang-of-8 legislation). Surely you have noticed,many of the college-educated millennials are warped by the very liberal professor at these colleges.

    10. proudtexan62 says

      The lowest elements come to the Rubio parties because the lowest element in this campaign, bar none, is Marco Rubio. Class and Rubio shouldn’t be uttered in the same sentence. Rubio will do anything to get to a position he hasn’t earned and doesn’t qualify for. If he doesn’t wise up and change his ways he will never have a political future because he doesn’t know how to develop one.

    11. CrustyOldGeezer says

      And now we hear from the one that prays to his own ‘pen is’ every night.

      No concept of anything that resides outside his short britches.

    12. joanc says

      I feel sorry for your inability to fathom the real situation occurring in the political arena. Do a little research before you spout off against a candidate who does not owe his SOUL to the Political party that controls him or her. Grow up and smell the stench from the dirty political movement from both sides that are trying to shut Trump up lest he reveals their dirty secrets.

    13. Mike Burkett says

      Non-Aerican Troll.

  3. ardis4 says

    If Trump supporters were mob rule shutting down Hillary and Sanders political rallies the MSM, Obama Democrats, the GOP Establishment and Cruz.Rubio/Kasich would be slamming Trump supporters “Hitlers” and revoking Trump’s citizenship.

    Where is the condemnation from the MSM, the GOP Establishment and Cruz/Rubio/Kasich as far left thugs shut down opposition political speech in America?

    Instead the MSM and Cruz/Rubio/Kasich are blaming Trump’s words for “affirmatively encouraging violence”–i.e., right out of the Nazi Germany (blame the victimized) playbook.

    Black Lives Matter, Marxist thugs, Obama, Hillary, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich AGREE: Far left fascists mob rioting to deny civil liberties is not the outrage–Trump’s free speech is America’s problem.

    Cruz, Rubio, Kasich: Anti-American. Inciting violence. Dangerous in public office.

    1. Laddyboy says

      If you were to include the “rnc/gop” establishment, I would agree 100% with your comment. As your comment stands, I agree with it at 99%.

    2. Mike Burkett says

      Sad, that’s all they got on Trump and his grass-roots supporters who want America back.

  4. elmcqueen3 says

    To all those Trump basher’s found below…What ever happened to our freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble as guaranteed by our American Bill of Rights…the first of the ten amendments of our US Constitution…Most of us know Democrats don’t adhere much to free speech nor do they care much for the Bill of Rights either…only when it is a benefit to themselves and no one else.

    1. Gunflint Roseberg says

      Agreed… As long as you agree to their likings, your their pal. Many show the same level of intelligence as the Chicago crowd. I have not picked a candidate yet. I will wait(like a jury) to decide when all the evidence has been presented as to who is the most qualified to lead this Country. And best no one get in my way to telling me otherwise.

      1. Cheryl Smith says


        1. Faye Barbano says

          Cheryl Smith….I agree with you 110% ….Regardless if people like or dislike Trump for whatever reasons, they should put their differences aside and FOCUS on the real issues at hand….and those being “Saving this country”!!! Trump is the strongest in every avenue that needs to be addressed in this country in order to correct and re-establish it to being safe and free for the future of our next generation!!!

        2. Gunflint Roseberg says

          Chill Cheryl….Maybe Trump will be the right choice, but be patient. Research, research, research, & with an open mind. None of us like what is going on today. But remember, that’s how our current S*B got into Office. Even if Trump does makes it, he will be fighting the Dems, & the GOP “Establishment”. They appear to be one of the same.

          1. Deborah G says

            Sage advice

          2. Francie26 says


          3. jeannemartin says

            Many of us have been wishing for another Ronald Reagan to get us out of the mess Obama has gotten us into over the last 7and1/2 years!
            Well open your eyes and welcome Donald Trump into the fray!
            Without Ronald Reagan, Donald is our best choice!
            And remember … Reagan was once a Democrat who saw the light and became a Republican!
            See any similarities??

        3. Francie26 says

          I am as capable of discerning facts as you are, Cheryl, and I do not believe “only” Trump can fix this mess. In fact, I believe Cruz can do it far better than a lying, renegade, “democrat” New York businessman. Trump wants to get into office and only then will he reveal his real plans — to revert to type and become the democrat he has always been.

          1. Miyako says

            God””! cruz was for Amnesty.. (Spanish Speakers) Then He Flip flopped. You Trust That’? I Don’t’! America Is Invaded By ILLEGAL ‘Spanish Speakers’. VOTE TRUMP””! Build The Wall’!

      2. elmcqueen3 says

        Same here…I have been holding Cruz along with Trump as my top candidate pick…however after Cruz went on the attack against Trump blaming the mob violence at the Trump rally on Donald Trump his self was a decisive moment in my selection of candidate’s…whereas Cruz, Rubio and Kalish not once defended the Donald’s right to free speech, nor the Donald’s right to peacefully assemble, nor the Donald’s right to bear grievance against our government…These three candidate’s have spoken out as if they were Democrats instead of Republicans… considering Democrats actually hate the 1st amendment and the following other 9 amendment know as the American Bill of Rights…which our founding fathers gave us as an unalienable right..i.e…our civil liberties… which are not to be tampered with…Sadly Cruz totally ignored Trump’s first amendment rights…yet there are those who claim Cruz is the only Constitutional candidate running for the Presidency…with which Ted Cruz has shown his self not to be in his attack on the Donals…I now am putting Cruz behind Trump unless I hear Cruz make amends of what he said about the Donald…where as Cruz has not spoken out against those who planned and orchestrated the disruption at the Trump Rally…a mob scene which turned into chaos and mob violence…Cruz undoubtedly would make for a good VP for Bernie Sanders.

    2. cdansreau says

      I was just reading up on colonial “republican virtues”. This is an ideology rather than a political party but we have strayed from them.
      1. liberty ad freedom
      2. belief in unalienable rights for citizens.
      3. hatred of aristocray.
      4. hatred of corruption in politics and individuals.
      5. individual responsibility.
      6. civic responsibility. this often meant doing work for the common good, military service and ALSO fulfilling the obligations of public office.
      7. Representative government where people are given authority AND responsibility for that duty.
      this also meant that the representative was elected by his peers and served for a short term only. this meant that the butcher, baker, candlestick maker could be called to office rather than a politicial class. Aristocray is bad, why replace it with politicial favoritism from a party.

      1. Mike Burkett says

        The Republican establishment in indiscernible from the bed-wetting democrap establishment and Trump scares both establishments. By self-funding his campaign, Trump is not controllable by any political party. PAC or, lobbyist and that scares all professional politicians. Besides his accomplishments in the business world illustrates the ruling elites overall incompetence.

    3. joanc says

      Where are Rubio, Cruz and Kasich and the rest of our so called leaders, while Obama is openly changing US law at will, and freely tramples on the US Constitution,a document they as well as Obama swore to uphold? They apparently are in agreement with his actions, for they sit on their hands and say nothing,, instead of standing up for a document which was written by men of Substance, a quality many politicians of today lack, They allow this berating of the USA ‘S past and in doing so fail in carrying the duties of the job they were elected to do.. I once thought highly of politicians but no longer do, especially when they fail to speak about the actions going on in DC these days. Great leaders they are NOT! They go after Trump because they fear he will win, which will kill their chance to be elected to the highest office in the land. Their mean spirited non- action will not sit well with true Patriotic voters who will spurn them.. Instead of maligning Trump by using the left’s dirty tricks, they are losing any chance of the GOP attaining the Presidency. thus their failure to unite will allow a lying deceitful.woman with a checkered past and has either been indicted or is about to ,become President. Trump may not be someone they like, but the public knows the truth when they hear it, and are hungry for a Politician who tells it straight to America.It’s been a long time since we’ve heard a Politician do anything close to it!!!

      1. Faye Barbano says

        Thank you….my sentiments to the last word!!!

    4. fred says

      The democratic candidates have never allowed protesters close to their rally’s…even if they had someone killed by their security guards, it would never make it into the biased Media in this country trying to brainwash people into voting for a treasonous criminal like Clinton!

    5. 2Shadow2 says

      The left? Really? Accountability? That is exactly why they hate religion. It holds people accountable They are fighting tooth and nail to dissolve the Constitution, ban guns take over the world with the political ideology disguised as a religion know as Islam as their pyramid builders and enslave everyone who isn’t Party. I think the murder-suicide pact with Islam should be especially entertaining.

  5. Deborah G says

    You can’t say one thing then go back on your word. Kasich,Cruz, Rubio lost a lot of support when they went after Trump. Until 2 days ago I was undecided. Not now. They disgraced the process.

    1. Francie26 says

      Trump is the disgrace, of both the process and the nation. He jumped in and is trying to take over the Republican presidential nomination, even though he is a lifelong New York Democrat.

      1. draidt says

        Excuse me aren’t all the candidate trying to take over the nomination ? We get it you hate Trump so cast your ballot for the Hililabeast or stay home and give her a vote in by not voting

        1. proudtexan62 says

          Good for you, draidt!!!!!!

        2. gonzales27 says

          A vote for her is a vote for 4 to 8 more years of Obama.

          1. Francie26 says

            I do not want Hillary. I would vote for the local billy-goat before I would vote for that miserable excuse for a human being.

          2. gonzales27 says

            8 years of Slick Willie Clinton,8 years of Obama,we can’t survive with 4 to 8 years of another liberal Clinton.

          3. ThenStand says

            What are your thoughts about a faux conservative? So many people don’t know how liberal Trump is. He won’t speak in too many specifics. He wants us to just trust him…like Pelosi’s ‘we’ll have to pass it before we can see what’s in it’, we would have to make him president before we can see what he really plans to do with that much power.

          4. Barrustio says

            That’s what really gets me about his followers…just how blind they are, following him the same way Obama’s sheep followed him when he was running. These people can’t see the “con artist” for what he is. They call themselves “conservatives”…he tells them he has no plans to defund an entity involved in tearing babies limb from limb and selling their parts, and they STILL support him. That in itself is just so sick. He refers to his wife (a nude model) as a beautiful piece of*ss, he calls a sound technician a SOB and a bast*rd in front of children, he calls an opponent a p*ssy, he owns strip joints, he says he would like to punch a protester in the face (yet calls Carson “pathological”) and promises to pay for the legal fees of any of his followers who send send his protesters “out on a stretcher”…and they STILL follow him. So he wasn’t exaggerating when he said he could “shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose any voters”. These people have really drunk the Trumpaide…they would have been easy prey for Jim Jones.

          5. AmericanBelle1 says

            What you and ThenStand don’t get is this has nothing to do with “conservatism”. We don’t need a conservative…we put conservatives in almost all governorships and state legislatures across the nation! We put a conservative majority in the House! THEN…we put a conservative majority in the Senate! And what did they do for us and their “conservative” values? Huh? NOTHING…not a goddamn thing! They turned their backs on their constituents needs and wants and drank the kool-aid you claim we’ve drunk, and they’ve followed Obama and the progressive agenda like sheep! They have not stood up for OUR RIGHTS; they have not stood up to CONSERVATISM! They have PUSHED Obama’s agenda without a word, they’ve voted for raising the debt ceiling, they’ve voted for all the classless, non-conservative agenda of the left… They stood by and watched as our rights have been stripped from us one by one, they stood by and watched as our Constitution was shredded, and they stood by as our heritage and culture was completely dismantled and replaced with foreign demands by people who aren’t even citizens! And speaking of non-citizens, they’ve stood by while millions have come into this country illegally, costing taxpayers more than $112 BILLION annually to support them…and instead of enforcing OUR LAWS, they make new ones to strip us of our rights and present them to the foreigners!

            And people like you have the gall and audacity to call US SHEEP! We aren’t going after a “nice” guy…we want a BULLY to go after all these political hypocrites and progressive brown shirts to take this nation BACK to where we were before it’s annihilation! We want a businessman who knows HOW to bring jobs back, HOW to renegotiate trade deals that’s given everything to the foreign countries, we want a HAWK to rebuild our military back to it mightiest where the world FEARS us rather than LAUGHS at us. We want our sovereignty back. We want Muslims kept out until this government finds a way to weed out the terrorists! We want and END to political correctness, the suppression of truth, open discourse. WE WANT AN END TO ENTITLEMENTS, THE WELFARE STATE, AND GOVERNMENT NANNYISM!

            WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK! And that’s not going to happen with the same ol’, same ol’ lying conservative looking to keep his/her power!

          6. Francie26 says

            I understand. And I want everything you want. But we need to get it by voting for a true conservative. The ones we sent were no better than Trump, and they turned their backs on us. But Cruz didn’t. Don’t you remember? He and a couple others stood apart from the others you are talking about. And they stood for us.

          7. AmericanBelle1 says

            AGAIN, get this into your head, keep it between your ears…WHAT HAVE CONSERVATIVES DONE FOR US THE LAST 8 YEARS! And why in God’s name do you think they’ll just “suddenly” change and do what the people vote them to do? They’ve had their chance and they blew it!

          8. George says

            Yeah right ; we need to elect another ” Communist ” ; since this one is working out ‘so well

          9. Giorgio Benhana says

            hard to do things when Obama vetoes everything. One needs the presidency to move an agenda..

          10. Francie26 says

            Sadly, AmericanBelle1, I extended the hand of peace and friendship to you, but with all your so-called “class,” you again pushed it away. Now, you get this in YOUR head–Do not tell me what to do!! You are not smart enough to do it, and frankly, when my mind kicks into gear, I think much clearer and faster than you do. That’s why you always have to resort to insult and bravado. You are living on the lives of people in the past, but your own life is just a pale reflection of theirs, not a significant life of your own. You try to make up for that with shouting down others, and you have chosen me as your current “whipping boy,” but I’m not willing to settle for that. I will not allow it. So here it is. AGAIN, do not address me directly further. Now, get that into your head and keep it between your ears. Oh,and one more thing. You, too, had your chance, and you blew it. Whew!! That was overdue retribution for a smart alec, and AmericanBelle1 deserves every word of it.

          11. George says

            So , Belle ‘ is a smart alec ‘ ; and what is one ‘, who continues bragging ‘ on themselves ? We also have an arrogant ‘ one ‘ , occupying our president’s chair ‘ .

          12. Francie26 says

            He has to brag on himself because no one else, at least no one in his/her right mind, will do it. Poor little long-suffering Obama is the worst president we have ever had. The only reason he got into office was because of his black skin. I have black friends who are also ashamed of him, as am I, and any of them would do an extremely better job than he has done. I’ll just be glad to see him go. We’ll have to watch them on the way out of the White House, though, because like the Clinton’s, they’ll probably try to take some of “our,” the American people’s, property with them when they leave. Also like the Clinton’s, they simply think they are so entitled that they deserve everything they can sneak out with.

          13. Scrubjay says

            Because a Conservative President will have great power over them.

          14. Mary Brumley says

            The Republican leadership has been the do-nothing party for years, in spite of our
            electing enough of them to really make a difference.
            You simply want to join them and go ’round and ’round that same ole mountain again and again. Each time the circuit is completed, you people think the that things will be different.
            It is time to make a CHANGE. I hope you join us, for someday your progeny may hate you for not even trying to make a future for them.
            TRUMP 2016.

          15. Barrustio says

            Strike a nerve did I? heheh…surely you jest…the world and their leaders are already laughing at Trump and he’s not even the nominee yet.

          16. AmericanBelle1 says

            World leaders are quaking in the boots…if you see them laughing, then your brain cells are shot. They are terrified knowing that they lose EVERYTHING when Trump wins. I’ve traveled the world and have friends in most countries who I hear from daily. This country has been the butt of ALL their jokes for 8 years because we were taken in by a Muslim terrorist! He slapped all our allies in their faces, strip them of their defenses, and then went to Middle Eastern countries, bowed down to their leaders, and has been kowtowing to them ever since!

            Trump will bring back world order the way it was…with the US calling the shots…and not all world leaders are terrified…JUST OUR ENEMIES! I see you side with them.

          17. Barrustio says

            If his rallies are any indication of how he will”bring back world order” I shudder to think about the future of America.

          18. George says

            Right ; because a known terrorist ” ; Bill Ayers ‘ ; started a movement ‘ to shut Trump down in Chicago , that definitely would make it all TRUMP’S fault .

          19. Barrustio says

            Actually all his rallies have had disruptions before this one. Doesn’t mean I exculpate any fascist actions.

          20. George says

            Actually ; all rallies have disruptions , but they all do not get publicized .

          21. Barrustio says

            I went to the Cruz rally in San Antonio and everybody was civil…so I guess not ALL rallies have disruptions.

          22. Pete says

            Since when has the obligation of a President of the United States included bringing back world order? There has never been a period of world order, never.
            Our president is to protect and defend the United States of America and obey our Constitution.
            Trump strikes terror into the hearts of the political bosses and all who seek to destroy our nation. That is the reason for the protests and violence at many of his events. It is the “tolerant, liberal” left which is behind the violent protests. This has been their modus-operandi for centuries. Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, and Castro are a few of the more powerful influential shapers of the current Democratic Party.

          23. Barrustio says

            I was merely responding to Belle’s assertion that her “savior” Donald Trump will restore world order…heheh

          24. Francie26 says

            I believe you are right, Pete. However, one would think that we need to watch Obama carefully in the next few months since, given the history of such events, he may be planning to make a grab for more permanent power just when we think he’s heading out the door.

          25. gonzales27 says

            Like Martial law no doubt if he hasn’t already created enough chaos to warrant it

          26. Shannah says

            George Soros with, the “black lives smatter” group and liberal college professors and students organized that and you know it. Trump has no blame in this. If I remember correctly, there have been attempts to start riots at Democrat rallies too, only Clinton and Sanders were pissing their pants and cowardly gave the microphone and the stage to the rioters, they gave in. They have no backbones and when those same people and those that contributed funds to their campaigns come calling if they do manage to win the election, what do you think is going to happen? They are going to bend over and take whatever these groups force up there. And we, the “normal” people, the actual taxpayers, will have to bear the brunt of their cowardly actions.

          27. Barrustio says

            Well, in fairness neither Bernie nor Hillary had a bunch of Secret Service folks jump in to protect their cowardly selves.

          28. Shannah says

            When running for president, having the secret security to protect you has very little to do with being cowards. If that were the case, what exactly does that say about our current POS? Excuse me, I mean POTUS.

          29. Francie26 says

            I’m no supporter of Clinton or Sanders, but Sanders is a slight elderly man, and the usurpers were young sturdy black woman who literally shoved him away from the mike. And also he comes from an age when a man simply didn’t shove a woman around. But I saw that incident on tv, and she deserved to be shoved around.

          30. Shannah says

            I agree, and she deserved much more than that. Where were the secret service detail? Her ass should have been arrested immediately!

          31. Francie26 says

            You are choosing to insult someone else? Now you are telling Barrustio that his brain cells are shot. What about yours? Or did you ever have any to begin with. By the time all the ancestry you claim has filtered down to you, it’s probably pretty thin anyway. lol

          32. Francie26 says

            Question, AmericanBelle1, If you come from such a distinguished line of Americans, the Mayflower, no less, why do you always have to be so hateful and insulting to others? That doesn’t lift you in their estimation, but reveals you as low-class and mean-spirited. Of course, there is nothing in the history books to show that the people who came here on the Mayflower were kind, decent, or “genteel,” but somehow I always held them to a higher standard than you regularly display.

          33. Peatro Giorgio says

            American Belle is correct . World leaders are fearful their nations free ride on the backs of the American Tax payers is over. They’ve had their long running free ride for far to long.
            The bill is well past due.
            I do agree however , American dominance, in world affairs . Is also over. Our nation acting as world police is wrong an also needs to end.
            However our nations world power both ,military, economic. Needs to be regained. As well our leaders must also act in the best interest of our nations people first ; which includes the interest of our closest allies.
            I do not believe Donald Trump is our nations best choice. Actually The Honorable Senator Ted Cruz fits that bill the best. At this moment in time I would consider Trump as a secondary choice. Besting any other candidate . With of course one exception. Senator Ted Cruz.

          34. gonzales27 says

            My thought exactly,get rid of the weak limp wrist ed one and replace with one with a back bone

          35. George says

            They have been laughing at ‘ U.S. ‘ , for eight years , or haven ‘t you been paying attention ‘ .

          36. Barrustio says

            I am well aware of that…I want the laughing to stop…not grow.

          37. gonzales27 says

            Raise the debt limit,borrow from China,cut benefits to retirees,amass a 19 trillion debt,raise taxes so we can send money to 3rd world countries.Good job Obama.

          38. Shannah says

            “He who laughs last, laughs best”, the Laughing WILL stop and change to a deep respect. Just watch and learn.

          39. Barrustio says

            With Obama they started with respect and ended with laughs and you really think if you start with laughs, it will turn into respect. He will have a lot of work to do starting with women and then moving on to pro-lifers traditional marriage supporters and so forth.

          40. Scrubjay says

            Actually, world leaders are only responding to Trump. Not even Obama can get their attention like Trump. If only we could trust his newfound Conservatism.

            We may be forced to take that gamble. At least Congress won’t have any compunction impeaching a light skinned President. So we have that.

          41. Barrustio says


          42. Giorgio Benhana says

            that is Obama for you. He hates Christians.

          43. Shannah says

            Oh thank G0D somebody put what millions of us are thinking and feeling right now! I was actually a Cruz supporter but wouldn’t have minded if Trump won, if was smart enough to choose Cruz as his Vice. But after Cruz accepted and joined to current “Kill the Trump campaign” rhetoric. I lost a ton of respect for him! I ended up voting for Trump, It just felt “right”. I seem to remember the RNC making all the candidates sign a legal agreement to back whomever won the actual primary AND to agree to NOT set out to run as a third party if the they didn’t win the primary. They were so terrified that Trump would run as a third party and they better still be, because as I see it, that legal agreement has been broken already. Several of the candidates that have dropped out have already stated that they would NOT back Trump if he won the primary and the RNC is actively and openly running it’s own campaign to stop Trump from winning the primary and trying to force a Brokered election. This in my understanding now gives the Donald a legal path to actually run as a third party if they do manage to commit this crime and force a brokered election and place someone else as the nominee for the Republican Party. And I say, Go for it! I would happily vote for Trump as a third party and if he doesn’t run as a third party, I’ll write his name in on the ballet. We are all tired of all the lies from the so called conservative candidates! Sure would like to know what the RNC has promised Cruz, Kasich and possibly Rubio and of course the mysterious person they may place in the nominee seat at the last minute. Carson has let the cat out of the bag by openly stating and proving that the RNC is acting in a malicious and criminal manner by making promises and threats to the other candidates if they don’t try to stop Trump from winning! And I think it is absolutely hilarious that the Democrats have relatively no choice in a viable candidate! Either choose the lying, murderous, criminal Clinton or the feeble minded old man that has made a career of doing nothing but sitting on his butt and not actually getting even one bill passed or even agreed too by his own party in over 25 years! A vote for Kasich is like a vote for Stalin! Everyone needs to remember that our best past Presidents, regardless of party, have been strong, loud, and yes, you could call them “bullies”, but I don’t think they would have minded! At least they got things done! I’m talking about Teddy Roosevelt “Speak softly and carry a big stick!”, FDR, Harry Truman “The buck stops here!” and Reagan. It is high time for another “Bully” in the White House!

          44. Francie26 says

            I’m an absolute Cruz supporter, and I will not change and grab the shirt-tails of any of the other candidates. I want CRUZ!! And Cruz only!!! He is the only one of all he candidates who brings to our country his level of intelligence, training in the Constitution, and experience in arguing cases before the Supreme Court. If ever there was a time when God should give us one more chance to get our country back on track and do it right this time, it’s now!!!

          45. Mary Brumley says

            Cruz has good policies. He is stubborn and stands for those. But, unfortunately, he has an inflexible nature and cannot be peaceful with those he supposedy works with. Most of his fellow Senators dislike him. How will that work out for him? Will the Congress even try to work with him? I doubt it. Gridlock doesn’t solve problems.
            Trump 2016–we need a BUSINESSPERSON at the helm.

          46. Peatro Giorgio says

            Mary Brumley The power of the president’s podium is incredible. Just look no further as to How Obama was able to move policy forward even as the majority of the nation were against those policies. Certainly Senator Ted Cruz is Despised by many of his fellow senators. We all full well why that is. However unlike being an Individual Senator with little to know Power Cruz With all the executive authority, Including the FBI The IRS The DOJ An Its US attorney General .I think And believe Cruz would certainly be quite convincing to those of whom dare to oppose him. Would certainly think better of It after a Private phone conversation From The attorney general which the conversation Might just go like this . Hello Mr or Ms. Congressmen or Senator. I’m calling to inquire as to your stance on pending legislation put forward By the President. It appears as though you Sir or Ms have a conflict of Interest here ,one with which I have been asked to investigate. ( Next day the bill is passed by overwhelming majority. )

          47. Mary Brumley says

            Not saying you are wrong about Cruz, but I think he is really slimy and dishonest. However, if I have to, I will hold my nose and vote for him as I did Mittens!
            I fully realize that with the approval of many of the Republican voters, the GOP will most likely cheat Trump out of being the nominee. The elite are peeing in their pants in fear that Trump will rain on their corrupt parade.

            You know, don’t you, that the Uni-Party lets certain politicians “say” what we want to hear? But how often do you see any fruition of their promises?

            And tell me just “WHY” a threat of investigation would suddenly change votes. That is unless the law maker has things to “hide.” Most of them are bought and/or just corrupt.

            If you don’t believe that, look at the numbers of Republicans that we have voted in for the last several years! Have jobs stopped going out of the country? Ha! has our country “improved” since we elected them? Ha!
            Ah, well. Peace, my friend. Most of us arel doing the best we can to help our America!

          48. Scrubjay says

            There is no gridlock now and there won’t be with President Cruz.

            The establishment politicians like power too much. They will go along to get along, just like they do now.

          49. Mary Brumley says

            I KNOW there hasn’t been much ” gridlock” for the corrupt Republicans are just like the evil Democrats. They just say the words we want to hear and cave in to Obama usually. At least, the Democrats speak loudly of their poor decisions!
            According to insider reports, there MAY be a little over a hundred out of the five hundred thirty-five lawmakers in our Governing bodies that are not bought! If you want to wear blinders and believe in any of them, well, this is America and I won’t argue about that.

          50. Scrubjay says

            ‘If you want to wear blinders and believe in any of them, well, this is America and I won’t argue about that.’

            Have you read anything I’ve written. I assure you my eyes are wide open and my peripheral vision is keen. No blinders here.

          51. Scrubjay says

            I agree with you, but if Trump legally gets the nod, I hope you’ll grudgingly vote for him in order to keep the Progressives at bay…They are much too dangerous to our shrinking liberty to stay home.

            That’s my plan.

          52. Mary Brumley says

            Well, if Trump gets screwed out of the nomination, as I think the GOP will try hard to do if he gets it, I may “grudgingly” vote for Cruz. Then after elections I will drop the Republican party like a hot potato! I think there may be many people that do that.

          53. Scrubjay says

            I’m already leaning toward dropping the party, but I won’t be able to vote in primaries.

          54. Mary Brumley says

            Oh! I will re-register when it becomes votin’ time! I just want to make a statement to my own Do-Nothing-But-Make-A-Mess Republican Party. LOL Of course there is nothing funny going on here. But, if you don’t laugh, you might just cry!

          55. Shannah says

            Francie, there was a time I was right beside you. But with agreeing to make this alliance with Kasich, it seems to me that Sen. Cruz has decided that G-D no longer has the power to make it happen for him if it is HIS WILL. Cruz has given up on G-D! And the absolute last straw for me was, even though not illegal, the very idea that Sen. Cruz holds the Bible, his supposed blueprints for his life, high above his head and declares his faith so loudly and then turns around and spends the very money that the grass roots movement has sent him on BRIBERY for the delegates for the second, third, etc potential vote make me sad for him and very, very angry for myself and the people that actually believed him when he said he has morals. Last time I read the Bible, the TORAH, the TENACH and the CHUMASH, Bribary was a sin. I doubt that has changed.

          56. Scrubjay says

            I was disappointed Cruz followed Trump’s lead and took the path of petty insults. But I still supported him in the NY primary.

            Cruz is the only one (with the exception of Paul) who actually stood up for Conservative principles in congress.

            I missed where Trump’s voice was heard then.

            Make no mistake, I will vote for Trump if he’s the nominee. This nation cannot afford to have another Progressive/Liberal President, especially after Obama’s precedents of turning his back on the Constitution and it’s prescriptions of authority.

          57. Mary Brumley says

            You know what? It is not going to matter if “women feel respected,” if babies are aborted,” if gays call their union a marriage” or much else if America doesn’t have jobs!
            You can’t “eat” your principles, and some folk will let their children starve and say it is God’s will! After all, “they” considered their principles of prime importance.
            We are headed for a great fall. It cannot be avoided, so just hide and watch. Pat your kids on the head and tell them they are starving for Jesus’ sake. Be sure to smile sanctimoniously.
            I am a sincere and serious follower of the Christ, but I am really disappointed in the fact that so many Evangelicals will not vote for DT. Some of the folk in my church really want to be the ones that usher in the AntiChrist! Good grief.
            But, you have strong opinions, and I have strong opinions and that is the way it should be. We both want the best for our nation.

          58. Scrubjay says

            I think you’re confusing me with someone else! I never once said or implied I would not vote for Trump, only that he’s not my first choice.

          59. Mary Brumley says

            Really good and accurate posting! It is good to know there are folk who DO love their country!

          60. Francie26 says

            This time, you presented one of the most powerful arguments I’ve ever heard about what our legislators have done, or rather, perhaps not done, and you have presented it with strong language that gets attention, underscores your points, and gives your argument power. I am so glad to hear this. I had thought all you knew was you had some historically honored ancestors, and you really did say that, but now I see that you have a great deal of class yourself. Thank you for outlining what all of us want, and stating it so thoroughly and completely. All I can say upon reading what you have written is: YES!! That’s it!! That’s what we want!!! Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!

          61. Mary Brumley says

            AmericanBelle1, although I agree with you completely, I want you to use your knowledge to persuade folk, not bash them into submission! This IS America. Their opinion is just as important as your opinion!
            I confess to have done the same as you, but I really seek to open eyes or convince them to remove the blinders from their eyes.

          62. Barrustio says

            What you don’t seem to get is that I support all that you have mentioned…but don’t agree that conservatives are the ones who turned their backs on the people, as there are very few real conservatives…the RINOS did. Cruz fought tooth and nail for the PEOPLE who voted for him, against all odds and at the peril of alienating the leadership, which judging by Trump’s golfing buddy, Boehner’s remarks, he certainly did. America doesn’t NEED a bully…what we need is someone with total focus on the job at hand, someone who can articulate what he will do as president in terms other than “we’re going to make America great” …”we will be winning again” …”you’re going to get so tired of winning”…”you’re going to be so happy, like never before”. When someone says they’re pro-life but supports Planned Parenthood, they make me doubt them. When someone says that marriage is between a man and a woman but wants to make no effort to take a stance against an UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW because the COURT has spoken, I begin to doubt them. When someone says they promise to keep America safe but align themselves with a law that puts our little girls and our women is danger where a pedophile is allowed to walk into a bathroom with them….I REALLY begin to doubt. You have every right to be angry at the status quo but your anger is being directed at the wrong people.If you respect the Constitution, then vote for the one candidate who has won 5 out of 9 cases before the Supreme Court BASED on Constitutionality.

          63. Francie26 says

            So true. Every word of it is true. And still they scream if someone wants a different candidate to win. They tolerate all that Trump does and whine about small things they only “think” one of the other candidates has done. An accusation is as good as proof for them, but nothing is proof enough against Trump. And he is the one who will ruin our nation, put it on the skids, and destroy America. They make me sick because it makes me sick to think of America’s demise, and all for a lifelong New York Democrat.

          64. Barrustio says

            With “New York” values, no less.

          65. Paul621 says

            Two tours in Vietnam SHOULD have taught you about respecting your fellow Americans, Barrustio.

            You derogatory use of “New York” values is insulting to me and millions of other Americans.

            I don’t think you are an idiot, from other postings, but you DO owe many of us an apology, Barrustio.

            YOU commented in another post: “There is nothing in my post which was intended as an insult to Trump supporters …”

            Stand up, soldier.

          66. Barrustio says

            I was merely repeating Trump’s own words…was he wrong when he stated that he had different values than those people from Iowa…was that an insult to Iowans?

          67. AmericanBelle1 says

            We have all the years Cruz and Rubio sat in Congress, you know…those CONSERVATIVES WITH CHRISTIAN VALUES, and promoted Obama’s policies, his agenda, his illegal actions, his stripping Americans of their rights, his shredding of our Constitution, his dissolution of our military, and on and on and on.

            THEY DID NOTHING to protect the conservative, Christian values voters who put them in their Congressional seats to protect us from this tyranny…they simply sat there and took it, never said diddly-squat, never stood up to the tyranny…they did nothing!

            Now you want to give them 4 years in the most powerful office in the world? Based on what? Their conservatism? Their christian values?

            And why in god’s name you think Trump will bring demise to the U.S. You are THE DIMWIT of the board…our country has already been annilhated by the incompetent in the oval office today…while Cruz and Rubio sat and watched and let it all go through…the stripping of our rights, the shredding of our Constitution, the dissolution of our nation!

          68. Francie26 says

            Cruz did not promote Obama’s policies, agenda, or illegal actions, and certainly not his stripping real Americans of their legal rights, the dissolution of our military, or the shredding of our Constitution. I think I would be on your side if you got it straight who you are really angry with, who you are really blaming for the pathetic fiasco our Congress became under failed leaders who were in Obama’s pocket. So many of them just duck-waddled behind Boehner, who himself, duck waddled behind Obama. But check the records. Some didn’t do that. Mike Lee didn’t. Ted Cruz didn’t. And there were a number of others, but their hands were tied while Boehner ran that pathetic show.

          69. Shannah says

            I totally agree with Francis46, Cruz doesn’t deserve a word of what you said! He was one of a VERY small number of Senators that actually kept their campaign promises and was certainly the most vocal on behalf of the American people! And what did he get for it? HATE and IRE from the rest of the Senate including his own group of Jr Senators who won their own senate seats on the backs of the VERY SAME PROMISES that Ted campaigned on! The rest of them should be ashamed and lose their seats to better conservative candidates! These people need to learn that the people can and will fire them if they don’t keep their promises to the best of their abilities! Cruz is the only one of them that deserves to move up. I wholly support Trump as well and would be delighted to see either one as the candidate (and president ) with either a Trump / Cruz ticket, or a Cruz /Trump ticket or even a Crews/Fiorina ticket! Either way, we could kick Democrat butt come November! And if you or any others plan to stay home from voting because you didn’t get your exact way, please find the nearest ” safe place ” on the nearest college campus like the rest of the infants that cannot deal with ideas contrary to their own!

          70. George says

            Too late ” ; O ‘ BOZO ” has beat him to it .

          71. AmericanBelle1 says

            Your hatred of Trump has prevented you from hearing what he’s said. Sure, he agreed that Planned Parenthood has done a lot of good things for women…BUT…he does NOT agree with their abortion efforts or selling baby parts, DENOUNCED THEM for it, and then went on to say HE WILL NOT FUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD! So your freaking point is moot.

            And so what Melania did a photo shoot in the nude. Didn’t seem to bother you one iota when Obama’s MOTHER, at aged 16 and 17, was taking nude photos and sex photos with others in the pictures…taken by Frank Marshall Davis…a recognized communist who was older and should have been arrested, but instead, made money off Mommy Obama when he sold her pictures to the girley magazines…which were PUBLISHED!

            And where was your Christian values, your conservativism, when this WHITE minor, before civil rights and while interracial dating was illegal, bedded a black foreign national who was later kicked out of our country for HIS crimes, while that white minor had an illegitimate black baby in a hospital NO ONE on the planet recalls ever seeing or hearing about?

            Where were YOU when her parents FORGED papers and gave FALSE news reports that her daughter was married (impossible since the her rogue was already married with children!), had a baby, then divorced, and then FORGED more papers to steal a Social Security number/ID from Connecticut, a state this incompetent president never even ventured into!

            Where were YOU when information was released of all of the above, and in addition, his boyhood..being brought up a socialist, a Muslim….born of a foreign national Muslim, then adopted by another foreign national socialist, Muslim, and schooled in a Madrassa!

            I could go on but you should get my point by now. YOU’RE A HYPOCRITE! You didn’t give a damn about all the ILLEGALITIES and ILLEGIMATIMACIES of the current incompetent in office, and you’re going to go after false stories of what Trump said, rue his wife for a photo shoot, and then insult all of Trump’s supporters!

            Get a life…preferably outside of this country!

          72. Barrustio says

            Heheh…I must have really struck a nerve…you have me confused with an Obama supporter. There is nothing in my post which was intended as an insult to Trump supporters but rather pointing out the obvious

            The “illegalities and illegitimacies of the current administration” are exactly why I don’t want another divider in the White House. Call me a hypocrite if you want, that’s the modus operandi of Trumpites, resorting to insults when the truth is pointed out.

            I prefer to “get a life” in this country being as to how a fought two tours in Vietnam so that I and YOU could enjoy our freedom here…including the freedom of speech.

          73. Francie26 says

            And you are totally and completely entitled to every word of Free Speech you say!! I would fight to the death for your right to do it, and then turn around, if I thought it was needed, and fight with you over what you said. LOL As an old American who fought in Vietnam, you deserve every word I am going to say next. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MY BRAVE HERO, FOR YOUR SERVICE TO YOUR COUNTRY, AND BY EXTENTION, TO ME, WHEN YOU SO BRAVELY SERVED IN THAT HELL-HOLE, VIETNAM. God bless you, sweet man!! God bless you!!

          74. Barrustio says

            Stop, Francie, you’ll make me cry…. I’m no hero but knew quite a few of them.

          75. Mary Brumley says

            Wrong! It takes a Hero to even enter the Military, because you well knew you might be putting your life on the line–as you did. Thank you for your service!

          76. Barrustio says

            Thanks for your response. I would do it again.

          77. Mary Brumley says

            I know you would! You are one of those who make our America, even thought she is crippled, wonderful. I am so very thankful for my country and the Military that serve it. As a mother, I see you as a son she was willing let take the risk of death. I know you have a proud mother!

          78. Barrustio says

            I had a conversation with my cousin upon my return, who asked me “how did I get lucky enough to come back”. I jokingly said “I guess I could duck pretty good”. he said “No, the reason you’re back here is because of your mother”. Perplexed, I asked, What do you mean”. He said “EVERY morning on my way to my construction job in Austin around 6 in the morning I would see your mother walking to Church for 6 0’clock Mass to pray for your safe return”. I was speechless. When I think about the agony of “not knowing” that the war must have put her through, my contribution seems so minimal. I lost her and my father shortly after the war but indeed, she was very proud of me.

          79. Mary Brumley says

            A mother’s love and desire to protect her son is diametrically opposed to her patriotism. When my step-son (whom I love as my own) joined the Marines, he volunteer for the “recons.” He was not emotionally suited for that sort of service. He broke, and is even now a paranoid schizophrenic and still hears voices notwithstanding the meds. When my younger natural son chose to not serve, i was relieved. But I still was so proud that my stepson took the risk to serve. Mothers are torn, so they pray…
            I do wish the folk my age (71) could go serve rather than the young. We don’t have that long to live anyway, and we have been allowed to have a life. Not so with those soldiers who die young! I suppose that they think we are physically unfit. War is hell, and losing sons is hell! But having pride in our sons no matter what they choose is wonderful! I will close before I become maudlin.

          80. Barrustio says

            The Army trains all the Armed Services in parachute training. As a paratrooper I had the opportunity to train with the Air Force Commandos, the Navy Seals (known at the time as UDT—Underwater Demolition Teams) and the Marine Recon. Not an easy task.

          81. Scrubjay says

            “that’s the modus operandi of Trumpites, resorting to insults when the truth is pointed out.”

            I suppose that was not meant as an insult as well!

            You sound a lot like Check! 🙂

          82. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            You sound like a liberal pig! oink oink

          83. Scrubjay says

            Apparently, you don’t know what quotation marks mean.

          84. Francie26 says

            Glancing back, I see that you have continually pratted the same old demand–that eveyone who disagrees with you must give up his/her citizenship and leave the country. I would agree with you except for this. Sheesh!! Your only solution is to send everyone packing who disagrees with you. And you even did it to me, an 80 year old American woman who has loved this country since her life began. I had no parents, no one to love me or tuck me in at night. I felt the loneliness of being a tiny girl all alone in a tough old world. BUT I HAD A COUNTRY. I could stand in my school room and hold my little hand over my heart and pledge allegiance to my flag, and feel my little heart swell with love and pride. Love of country literally saved my childhood, so don’t try to tell me who I am or where I can live. I have lived in this country all my life, and I’M STAYING!!!

          85. Francie26 says

            Berrustio, my comments were not to you. Sorry. Of course, several of us may be confused by now about who is talking and who each of us is actually aiming our comments toward. lol

          86. George says

            Staying ” ;to see the Communists ‘ , finish ruining it ? At 80 yrs old , I would have thought you would know how to use your , ‘ brain ‘.

          87. Francie26 says

            Whatever age you are, I see you haven’t learned to show respect for others who have earned more in their lives than you’ve lived long enough to deserve. At 80 years old, I at least know enough to give respect to those who are ahead of me. Live isn’t easy, at least for many of us, and we have paid a price which you, apparently, will never know. I suggest you stay out of a discussion which isn’t about you. As to using my brain, I used it well enough to get three college degrees, to become a member of Mensa with a recorded I.Q. of 168, and with your limited writing ability, I suspect you have seldom used your brain at all. lol

          88. George says

            YOU ” ,stated , that you ‘re 80 ‘ ; please start paying at – ten -shun. ‘.

            As far as your ‘ coll – ledge ‘ , ” ed ‘ yu ‘ muck ‘ ka ‘ shun ” ; why didn ‘t you get any common sense , so that you might apply it all proficiently ? l o l ‘

            Francie26 Barrustio • 6 hours ago
            And you are totally and completely entitled to every word of Free Speech you say!!

          89. Scrubjay says

            I’ll have to look you up, fellow Mensan!

          90. Pete says

            Well stated! We do not agree on many things, but I am very glad you are an American.

          91. Francie26 says

            LOL And I, you, Pete!! And I you!!!

          92. Mary Brumley says

            My dear Francie26, I am seventy-one. The many years we have lived should have made us more perceptive of the true meaning of people’s comments! They spout off when they are frustrated by comments that reveal a total lack of reasoning power as did the comments of Barrustio.
            AmericanBelle1 knows she is just whistling Dixie when wishing those that appear to want our country to continue to be jobless would just “leave.” It is just wishful thinking.
            Have a heart!

          93. Francie26 says

            Oh, I agree, Mary Brumley. I agree . . . somewhat . . . and for the main part. But after reaching a certain age, she needed to rely on herself, not her ancestors. lol She tried to clutter the field with personal family history that she claimed gave her superior status, while in reality, it left her open and exposed. I know I was hard on her, but her claim of ancestral superiority was a bit much. Few people can make such claims, so it does set her aside in a way, but to use it in an attempt to demean people who may have had to struggle all their lives added a heavier burden than I wanted those people here to have to carry. So I jumped. And to be honest, I still believe there are times when an argument like hers might have been needed. In the end, I was left with the impression that her ancestors were her only claim to fame. I know I used what God gave me, but she was trying to use what God gave her ancestors. I suppose that’s quibbling, but I think discussing it has merit.

          94. celiayounger says

            Trumps wife was a highly paid prostitute, according to several news. AND SHE WAS AN ADULT. if you want to say or talk abut Mr. Obama’s mother what she did when she was 16 (a child) we should check many other people, and you don’t even mention why she did it etc… you are talking about a minor, a person who is already dead, SHAME ON YOU and not very good christian.

          95. Wildeagleone says

            Vote for Hillary and you have another ?? years of Obama and the nation going further in the shi&&%$ towards dictatorship and third world status

          96. gonzales27 says

            My sentiments exactly

          97. Ron says

            Just who, exactly would be better for the country? Hillary, lying, mad dog Benghazi Killer? Bernie the Communist, socialist, old man that nobody has ever heard of before now? John Kasich, who can only brag about himself and how he “changed” Ohio? Marco Rubio, Junior Senator from Florida who does not even vote in the Senate? Ted Cruz, who cannot even get along with his own Senators? These people mentioned are all career POLITICIANS, who talk out of both sides of their mouths, make promises that they KNOW they are going to break, and once in office, become the bought and paid for property of the Lobbyists and Special interests! They are in it for the MONEY and the Power! Americans (the majority of us) are FED UP with the Obama Administration, our US Senate, and our Congressmen in the House. It has been the same old same old for decades. It is time for a non-politician, who does not take money, does not need money, says what he means , and means what he says! So, each one of us has an opinion. And you know what they say about opinions, right? You stated yours and I stated mine. November will tell the story, but I am betting that it won’t be a Rino or a Liberal going to the White House next year!!

          98. Barrustio says

            Not everybody was born into money… the fact that Trump can self fund doesn’t mean he can’t be corrupt…do you really think Trump would initiate any policies that would jeopardize his fortunes, even if it meant that all Americans would be better off? Believe me, Trump is not in this for altruistic reasons. As for Ted Cruz, the fact that he can’t get along with his fellow senators is the reason he is running only second to Trump…the RINOS may not like him but his constituents do and that’s all that matters …he’s not there to serve the senators he’s there to serve the people and if he wasn’t splitting votes with Kasich and Rubio he would have handed Trump quite a humiliation similar to Iowa and other states that Trump was supposed to win. When Rubio and Kasich get out you will see a very different ball game…so you better pray they stay in.

          99. Ron says

            No praying. I like Cruz. He is just not my 1st pick. I could live with him.

          100. George says

            Watching your comments ‘ ; I see its you ” , who should be praying .

          101. Barrustio says

            I never stopped.

          102. Francie26 says

            Very well said!!

          103. gonzales27 says

            Think you are right,I hope so.

          104. gonzales27 says

            They are all Rinos,roll over and play dead for Obama programs

          105. Wildeagleone says

            I can guarantee that he won’t leave those that are fighting and representing our nation in the fight for freedom and protection of our Ambassadors abroad,plus the three in Benghazi, to die for the convenience of the party or the potus running for another term

          106. usncb says

            DUMP-TRUMP He is a demoncrat in Repubican garb. He wants to show Obama how to really screw up a nation. Combat vet. Molon Labe !!!!!!!!

          107. celiayounger says

            you think he is bull dressed as a sheep?

          108. Scrubjay says

            Don’t forget we got duped by Bush too. He may have been a social Conservative, but he was a Liberal spendthrift.

            Not to mention, he went after the wrong terrorist nation…He was a little too tight with the Saudi’s.

          109. gonzales27 says

            There are different levels of being duped

          110. Scrubjay says


          111. celiayounger says

            Trump will send you out to the wolfs.

          112. Gary Smith says


          113. supergun says

            I will vote just to keep her out. Now if they deny TRUMP the nominee, then I think all his supporter should boycott, or better yet, TRUMP goes independent.

          114. Peatro Giorgio says

            And then Trump will take all his democrat supporters with him O well !

          115. supergun says

            Is that your real name? Just wondering. Do you not see George Soros funded leftist communist group of thugs at work last Friday night. This Nation is in serious trouble. I am sure a lot of democrats have come over to TRUMP’s side, but you know that most of the voters are disgusted Republican voters, independents, and moderates. We live in such a time where we better unite or else our a$$ is in trouble. The thugs were paid to go to the TRUMP rally to start trouble, and then the drive by media kicked in and started screaming. Do you see the handwriting on the wall,,,giorgio?

          116. ThenStand says

            We need to unite behind a candidate who is proven, tried and true. At this time, Ted Cruz is that one.

            Ted Cruz is has been faithful to his promises to Texas voters, and the recent landslide victory they gave him was his reward.

            Ted Cruz won 6 oral arguments in the Supreme Court for the following cases:

            1. U.S. sovereignty against the UN and the World Court in Medellin v. Texas;
            2. The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms;
            3. The constitutionality of the Texas Ten Commandments monument;
            4. The constitutionality of the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance;
            5. The constitutionality of the Texas Sexually Violent Predator Civil Commitment law
            6. The Texas congressional redistricting plan.

            Additionally,Ted Cruz successfully sponsored into law S.2195 :
            A bill to deny admission to the United States to any representative to the United Nations who has been found to have been engaged in espionage activities or a terrorist activity against the United States and poses a threat to United States national security interests.

          117. Barrustio says

            Cruz all the way

          118. George says

            GO TRUMP “

          119. AmericanBelle1 says

            Landslide victory? LOLOLOLOL He took in 38%…he couldn’t even get the necessary 50% to win the bulk of delegates, ergo he AND Trump split the delegates, as Trump continued his lead!

            As to Cruz’ record, we aren’t interested in what he did 10 years ago…what has he done since he’s been in the Senate to stop Obama’s agenda, aside from reading Cat in the Hat from an empty Senate floor?

          120. Jani M Neugebauer says

            Cruz has flip flopped on his immigration stance and Amnesty. He has not supported this then got in office and flipped to the other side. He is a establishment politician and isn’t going to make our country good. I still do not believe he is a natural born citizen. He shouldn’t be allowed to run, but we let Obummer, and look where that got us. We need to shake up our politicians
            and help them remember they work FOR THE PEOPLE not themselves.

          121. Barrustio says

            Trump has brought many Democrats over to the Republican side but not because they support him. Many don’t see Hillary or Bernie as an option and are actually switching to STOP Trump who they see as too extreme and divisive. Cruz is the only hope for America right now.

          122. supergun says

            So why is TRUMP leading. Your comment makes no sense. What is extreme about TRUMP that is not so extreme the last 7 years?

          123. Francie26 says

            We don’t want the “extreme” of the last seven years. We want a real Constitutional American in that office, someone who will stand for the people. They say a true hero is sent just when he is needed most, and we have one. And it’s not Trump. Cruz is the man for the job. He has been training in Constitutional law ever since he was a child, and he loves this country completely. I don’t hear any “love of country” from the Donald. Do you?

          124. supergun says

            I will take Cruz if TRUMP loses,,,unless the establishment tries to steal it from him. Why don’t we let the people decide. There is plenty of time for that,,,,usually,,,,don’t you think?

          125. George says

            I guess you’re too old to listen ,then ; go get your hearing aids ‘ .

          126. Barrustio says

            Aren’t you hip to the polls yet? They could mean that Democrats want to give the impression that Trump is really leading. Keep in mind that several states that Trump was supposed to take, Cruz “surprisingly” won. If Rubio and Kasich were out Trump wouldn’t have a chance debating Ted on SUBSTANCE…and TED would have a commanding lead…do the math when Rubio and Kasich get out all their voters will get behind Cruz.

          127. AmericanBelle1 says

            You look like you’ve retired. I also detect a bit of dementia settling. Why aren’t you giving Democrats a little credit for recognizing their mistakes supporting a party that doesn’t support them, or the nation. With a criminal and a socialist as their party’s possible ticket, can’t you see they’re scrambling NOT to ensure one of them gets in office, but to ensure that neither does!

            OR…maybe they’re impressed with the outsider Trump. Couldn’t they be as disgusted with our government and politics and the status quo as the rest of us? Couldn’t this be a mind-boggling heart wrenching recognition that it’s the end of our country as we know it, and if we don’t put an outsider in now to rein in all back in, it will be lost forever?

            Or are you that stupid that you think they’re jumping the fence over to the Republican side to ensure Trump has it out with Hillary? Because I really don’t think they’re that stupid to believe Hillary is going to win anything. She’s only ahead because of her super-delegates whom she’s bought, and the only people in the country who think socialism is good are millenials?

          128. Barrustio says

            Are you that stupid as to not read the news. I have merely stated what some sources are saying about the reason some Democrats are switching, and they are varied. For instance I was at a Cruz rally in San Antonio where more than a few Democrats who are now getting in tune to their faith and it’s position on abortion and gay marriage, decided that Cruz is the one to really uphold religious freedom and values. While Trump still sings the praises of Planned Parenthood and believes that the law has spoken on gay marriage.

          129. Francie26 says

            Good grief!! There is nothing wrong with retired people. Not all of them are dementia-ridden. Many of them have a life-long history of protecting the country you claim to love so much. Many of them have spent far more years than you have in protecting their country. Give them a break!! Give them some credit!! After all, probably before you were even born, they were here keeping our country safe and free so you can stand up today and make hateful comments about them.

          130. supergun says

            The polls had hellary winning michigan. Many polls are conducted to construe a certain point. Just like anyone can take the Bible and make any point out of it falsely. Read that last word: Falsely. We live in false times. Time is coming to an end sooner than people think. But that is another story. Easter took care of that. We will know after tonight if kasick, and rubberio get out. Actually it would be better is TRUMP does not win Ohio, that would keep kasiko in the race. As for rubberio, he is going to stay in because he thinks that the establishment is going to give him the nomination this summer. All that will do is piss TRUMP off and he will take his followers to an Independent Platform which will split the RIGHT,,,in which the democrats will be smiling big time. Just let the people decide in this process instead of attacking, attacking, attacking. GO TRUMP!

          131. Barrustio says

            If Trump were to get pissed off because of a legal maneuver then he would be no better than Carson who forsook his values and endorsed Trump just to spite Cruz because he is a bitter man…when a man displays bitterness then we can be sure that they are not presidential material. On the other hand, in spite of all the trash Trump has talked about Cruz, he has vowed to support him if he is the nominee…now that’s a real man for you.

          132. supergun says

            You have a way of putting words in people’s mouths. So, lets look at it on the other side of the coin. If the convention/establishment gets piss off because Trump wins more delegates, than they would be no better than hillary and the democratic machine. If you think your way is better than Carson’s, why didn’t you run. I have met many people who thought they could play football or the game of life until they got knocked on their a$$ and ran to mommy. On the other hand TRUMP has every right and it is legal for him to run independent. No pissing, just facts.

          133. Barrustio says

            I not putting words in anybody’s mouth. I’m just stating the obvious. Yes, Trump does have every right to run as an Independent. I’m merely pointing out, that it’s not very manly to not honor your word. He’s winning because of multiple endorsements that could have gone to Cruz were Kasick and Rubio man enough to admit defeat and let the people decide between Trump and Cruz. My point was that even though Cruz could also run as an Independent if he were a spiteful man and wind up with an assured win for Hillary…the same result that we would have were Trump to run as an Independent. Point being Cruz will honor his word to support Trump regardless of how he gets the nomination because his word means something to him. If Trump were to get pissed if he doesn’t get the nomination, as you say, I don’t think his word will mean much to him and wouldn’t care if he ran the risk of giving everything to Hillary just out of being spiteful.

          134. supergun says

            It is all speculation. It does not matter what you and I think. It will be fun to watch. If TRUMP has more delegates going in the Convention, he should have the nomination. If CRUZ has more, then he should be nominated. I think both men would honor that. If the establishment tries to steal the nomination from what the people want,,,that is a different story.

          135. Barrustio says

            I hear there’s an effort to draft Paul Ryan…are you sh*tting me?????

          136. supergun says

            That is not as bad as the rumor on mitt romney. Who do you think Rubio will support? That will be interesting. Does Rubio get to allot his delegates to anyone?

          137. Barrustio says

            At this point, Rubio is up the creek without a paddle. What he should have done BEFORE the elections in Florida was to get out and supported Cruz the way Carson supported Trump. Now, ANY move he makes will destroy any future political aspirations. If he supports Cruz now he will be seen more as spiteful of Trump rather than supportive of Cruz. If Trump becomes the nominee, he will be blamed for not getting out earlier. If he doesn’t support Trump as the nominee he will be blamed if Hillary wins. You could call this the spot between a rock and a hard place. I do not envy his position. The call for the voters will be much easier. If his supporters align more closely with Cruz than Trump, you could see Cruz winning a couple of states. However if Kasich stays in (which seems likely) this is going to get really ugly and HE will be blamed for any resulting chaos. On the other hand since Trump has said that “everything is negotiable” and that he is “flexible”, Rubio’s followers might align themselves with Trump if they perceive that he is closer to Rubio’s stance on immigration, than the more hard line immigration law proponent, Cruz. April and May are going to be very interesting. As for the delegate allotment process, I’m still as muddy on that as I am on the rationale of super delegates whom I say as just a means of establishment being able to disregard the will of the people…pretty much the way I view the Supreme Court.

          138. supergun says

            I believe that the delegates can go where ever they want, if Rubio does not allot them. As for the supreme court situation; this will be fun to watch the battle. hussein wants to pick so bad. Who would you like for v. president (for fun) Christie or Rubio?

          139. Barrustio says

            Christie actually impressed me right before he got out, Rubio not so much. Even though he didn’t do well at all, I would like a real conservative who has proved that he can work the economy and is actually very knowledgeable and articulate on all his stances and policies…Jindal.

          140. supergun says

            I’m shocked. Call a doctor.

          141. Barrustio says

            Heheh…you asked

          142. supergun says

            It will be fun to watch. Breaking News: No baseball, football, or Nascar until the elections are over.

          143. Miyako says

            BITTER…….Your Assuming that…..Not Most People. Dr.Carson Sees a Better Man to Do The Job”! Donald J Trump. Born In Canada (Mr.Cruz I Seen his Birth Certificate) Your The Bitter Man…..Not Dr.Carson.

          144. Barrustio says

            When a man who professes to have religious values and guided spiritually, endorses someone who calls a working man a SOB and a bast*rd and calls an opponent a p*ssy, and refers to his wife as a “piece of *ss”, Tells his followers to send out his protesters out on a stretcher and that he would like to “punch them in the face”, one has to deduce that Carson was not guided spiritually nor saw a “better man for the job”…he saw a chance to spite Cruz…yes he is a very bitter man…I regret requesting signatures to draft him to run while I was in Houston…I thought he was a better man than that…but then a lot of people thought Obama was a better man also with his “hope and change” song…now it’s the same song in a different key, by a different con man and a different title of “Make America Great Again”.

          145. George says

            Your stupid is showing ‘.

          146. Barrustio says

            The only way to appease a narcissist is to agree with them…so, you are correct.

          147. Francie26 says

            We don’t want another “extreme” of any stripe or color. We want a real Republican, not someone who calls himself Republican until he gets the power, but then goes off in any direction he wants regardless of his promises to the American people.

          148. Miyako says

            You Mean..? Like Paul Ryan….Who Supports Amnesty And Ran With Romney”’ (numbersusa)

          149. supergun says

            Suppose TRUMP is the real thing. Cruz is ok but he could change just as well. I think TRUMP will do what he says he will do.

          150. DLynn says

            Would you mind telling me what a REAL Republican is or what a REAL Conservative is – actually I don’t need an answer. It doesn’t mean that we have to like or agree with what the Republican Establishment is doing. My husband and I are lifelong Republicans (69 and 73 years young) and our parents were lifelong Republicans. We both have our Masters Degrees in Education and are retired educators. We have strong Christian beliefs and involved in missions work.
            I am totally upset over what the REAL Republicans are doing in D.C. and totally embarrassed by what the Establishment is doing to shut out both Trump and Cruz. The Democratic Establishment is no better as they are working at bringing down Sanders. Even though I do not agree in any way with Sanders, no matter how many votes he obtains from “we the people”, Hillary beats him thanks to the super delegates. I always thought “my” vote counted. Little did I know that our nominees are not chosen by “we the people” but rather the Establishments.

          151. Peatro Giorgio says

            Trump is presently leading precisely because to many other candidates were siphoning votes away from Cruz. Now we have three candidates One populace Donald Trump ,One true conservative The Honorable Senator Ted Cruz, an one lying rino liberal gov. John the lying dog Kasich .

          152. Miyako says

            Cruz Flipped Flopped on Amnesty. Supported a way to Citizenship…..Then….Changed his mind…when HE found out it was NOT popular”! NO THANK YOU’! “GO TRUMP”””!

          153. Barrustio says

            You’re talking out of ignorance. While Trump was hiring illegals Cruz along with Sessions was fighting amnesty all the way…matter of fact his requirement for agreeing to pass any kind of immigration reform was that those who became legal workers would NEVER become citizens. You really need to do some research.

          154. Miyako says

            I beg your pardon’! .. Mr RUBIO An Amnesty Supporter..Stated….Mr.Cruz….supported a Chance For legalization (Allowed to Stay) of Illegally Entered Foreign Nationals. Do your OWN research. thank you.

          155. Barrustio says

            Allowed to stay for work purposes where needed with stipulations for paying fines and taxes and NOT A PATH TO CITIZENSHIP and NO AMNESTY. You are repeating what Rubio tried to pawn off during the debate trying to make it seem that Cruz was for amnesty and it didn’t work then and doesn’t work now. Cruz told Rubio in front of the world that what he was saying was not true (nicely calling him a liar) and went on to say what indeed he actually WAS for…which was to put a stop to the Gang of 8 of which Marco was a big part…that is why Rubio among others have such disdain for Cruz. He was fighting illegal immigration long before Trump even thought to capitalize on David Brat’s idea of unseating Eric Cantor.

          156. joanc says

            Trump’s opponent’s for the job of President are so blind, they gladly jumped on the rumored Soros backed “Move On .Org” wagon .If the Candidates can’t figure out the attacks on Trump were a well thought out move,and also a Violation of The First Amendment, then why didn’t they speak up? Where was Mayor Emanuel when the fiasco in Chicago shut down a man’s right to free speech and caused the cancellation of peoples right to hear his views ? , How will they deal with other attacks if this is ignored? ? What happens to the First Amendment if this violence is allowed,. protests will flourish carried out by those who have no good intentions for the USA.. The DC elites who supposedly represent us, show up filled with good will when Election Day is near. claiming that seeing to OUR needs is their prime concern, and they say it with a phony smile.! What a crock for we live with the results of all they fail to do! What a damn laugh to those who see through their empty words for we all should be aware that the people they take care of are themselves! They have many perks they don’t want to lose, so when seeing wrong doing in their ranks, they keep their mouths shut. They delight in trampling any opponent for their seat for to lose would be a major defeat, then they’d have to go back to the fray that working people deal with every day! Just think no writing yourself out of bills, protecting your Azz from bills they once helped to pass.. They will miss the First Class treatment on Needless junkets all over the world, gyms and massages but if you lose there will be no more special treatment where ever you go, for now you are just plain old Joe ! Feathering their nest is their main obsession,with nary a thought on how their legislation will rest on citizens who are forced to carry the cost. If you think you’ve’ seen it all–WAIT= The Best is not to come if we continue down this slippery slope ;and allow those who are anxious to change us into a third world country, that is if we LET them!

          157. supergun says

            chicago is the waste land of America. The citizens have allowed the city to take away many of their rights. They want to spread their corruption across America.

          158. George says

            It is a tight race ,with Cali forn ica ‘

          159. George says

            TRUMP ‘2016

          160. supergun says

            What is the feeling in California. Do many people support TRUMP out there. The drive by media does not report anything out here on the east coast about the race out there.

          161. Shannah says

            You forgot something, Clinton for Prison 2016!

          162. Francie26 says

            You would make an excuse for anything, wouldn’t you? cough . . . cough . . ???

          163. supergun says

            Is that just one person in the picture?

          164. Peatro Giorgio says

            Yes Both my given name and Sir name are real.
            I could careless whether or not the thugs were paid to start trouble. What I care about is two fold. 1st. choosing the right Presidential candidate this time around. Not some off the wall con artist or rino lying sack of crap hack . As we have all to often have in the past.. 2nd. An most important is. That we the true conservative right win. The only way that will happen is by nominating and electing the Honorable senator Ted Cruz. ” Period “. As for how I feel or think of the trumpertantrum Ducking duck Donald ! I believe the man is nothing more then a common lying scam artist; at worst he is a lying demo-rat trying to wear the Republican conservative moniker. Rubio betrayed his voters .
            John Lying rino Kasich. Is a tool of the far left in the republican party . Fact is, he Kasich is factually anti 2nd amendment, He is pro-choice, He is pro common core, ,He is pro big government. And to top it all off he is absolutely lying about his so called faith In Christ. ” Point ” : John lying Kasich claimed that God compelled him to expanded the medicaid program in The state of Ohio. I know of no written word in scripture where Christ Jesus has ever compelled ,or commanded any one to steal from one group of people to give to another. The man is a profuse liar.
            Yet I still see supporter’s of Trump, Kasich and Rubio clinging on to these three traitors, liars and thieves. It is a said state of affairs to witness as the low educated voter class, ever more ignorant, continue to fall for the lies and absolute Bull-crap coming out of those three frauds mouths.

          165. supergun says

            You sound angry petro,,,,you are welcome to come over to the TRUMP supporters. If TRUMP does not win the nomination, then Cruz will do,,,,unless they try to steal the nomination from TRUMP and he goes independent. Then all of his followers will follow and you know what that means.

          166. DLynn says

            Peatro – I have long admired Ted Cruz and went into this supporting him. I was very disappointed in him when votes were literally stolen from Ben Carson in Iowa – a man who did not deserve that. I listened to Carson the following morning as he said that Cruz had apologized and he had accepted his apology but Cruz needed to find out who was behind it and fire them. Carson said that all of the candidates had a direct line to all the candidates and could communicate with any of them in seconds. Carson then showed a copy of a fax that was forwarded to his team from one of Cruz’s precinct captains who felt bad about what happened. He showed proof of the time when Cruz’s staffers verified that he was NOT dropping out – it was “before” the faxes were sent out to all 536 precincts instructing them to tell voters that Carson was dropping out and rather than let their vote be wasted to vote for Cruz. I gave Cruz the benefit of the doubt – that it came down so fast he wouldn’t have known what was going on. I am on his mailing list and everything I had received was signed by Rick Tyler so I thought he was responsible. Then an ad with Rubio’s head superimposed on a body shaking hands with Obama was released saying he was friends with Obama. The ad was a fake. Cruz’s team released another ad of a video recorded by a college student. Rubio was walking by a man who was reading a Bible. The audio was very poor and the words typed below said that Rubio told the man, “Not all answers are in there” when in actuality he said “All answers are in there”. Once again Cruz apologized and finally fired Rick Tyler. The final straw for me was watching a Chris Wallace interview with Cruz. Wallace asked him about the dirty tricks that had people upset. Cruz’s response – “Thank you for promoting Donald Trump’s agenda”. Wallace had four of the ‘dirty tricks’ listed – one involved Carson in Iowa, the two involving Rubio, and a fourth aimed at Trump. I was totally shocked and sick at my stomach when Cruz said “They are all lies, you all lie” to which Wallace said “How could they all be lies – you apologized to Carson and Rubio.” Cruz diverted the comment by saying “Stop interrupting me” and went in another direction. I sat in total shock and couldn’t believe that someone I had admired for his stances for so long was behaving like all the other professional politicians. Instead of taking responsibility for his staffers actions and saying “I apologize and it won’t happen again”, he denied anything wrong had been done to Carson, Rubio, or Trump by his staffers. From that point on, I watched Cruz closely and sadly, he holds to the Bible when it benefits him and puts it behind him when it doesn’t benefit him. My veering away from Cruz had nothing to do with any of the other candidates or the behavior of his staffer but rather his failure to take responsibility when called for. We have a president now who is an expert at throwing others under the bus, we do not need another. I now support Trump because he tells it like it is even if it is something we don’t want to hear. When I began to look at him, I researched everything, and I do mean everything, being told about him. I am appalled at the number of out and out lies being told and the number of making him appear as a low life when it is simply not true. We live in a country where we can choose – but it is important for every American to know that we are being manipulated by both the Dem and Rep Establishments who are trying to take our right to choose away from us. If we go into a contested or brokered convention, it will result in the Rep Establishment choosing for us who they want us to have – and it does not have to be any of the current front runners. Most likely Bush who they supported in the very beginning. Bush was our Governor so I know his views on many issues – and they are not my views or that of the majority of Americans which is why he did so poorly.

          167. Peatro Giorgio says

            I well understand your concerns.
            However that being said. Politics is infact a game of dirty trick. Even Dr. Benjamin Carson’s team was in on the dirty tricks. Heres some facts you might have overlooked. We shall start with those so called official looking political mailings, Which everyone was throwing in Cruz’s face .Fact is not a single individual campaign was innocent of very similar mailings . Now let us go back to Iowa Dr. Ben Carson’s media folks sent out a tweet. Stating Dr, Carson would be leaving to return to Florida. He would not be stopping over in either New Hampshire or south Carolina. Moments later; over 1 an 1/2 minutes later Carson’s team sent out a correction, verifying his intentions. Now we all know full well that a single minute in this day an age of electronic communications is like 2 hours of days gone past. I understand Cruz’s team took complete advantage. It was not ethical, Cruz personally apologized. But it was neither illegal or unwise for his media people to utilize that information as they read it and as they had rightly assumed. Now On to Dr. Carson. He suggest Cruz should have admonished or reprimanded his people. What About Dr. Carson’s responsibility to apologize for his folks initial mistake? what about him reprimanding his folks for their mistake??
            I have yet to see Dr Carson accept personal responsibility for that incident. With which was the direct cause of his media personal. As for Chris wallace He is the epitome Of a left wing gotcha on fox news. Question for you my friend is this.? Have you seen any examples of Chris wallace asking any of the other republican candidates about those very same actions with which the accused Cruz of. Hell No ! Now Dirty tricks is the game they are not ethical or morally acceptable to some folks. However If you’re not using them .Then like Dr. Carson you’re Losing. Trump ,Rubio and Kasich are masters of the dirty trick games. Dr Carson was in a steep learning curve but learn he did. And now he has signed on with the master of dirty tricks . Which say all to much about Dr. Carson ethics and moral principles . Cruz is the only man I had or shall ever consider voting for. Fact is He is the only man who has stood up for States rights and individual rights . He has fought the good fight in both the US supreme court as well in the Senate. My hope is Cruz also becomes the master of dirty tricks. So that he can destroy the lying con artist trump . May God Bless you and our nation My friend . Please Think deeply about what I have written and consider just how very accurate it is.

          168. DLynn says

            Wow – you typed a lot even if isn’t accurate.

            First – CNN reported that Carson was going home for a day before continuing onto the next caucus site. He didn’t twitter – Trump who uses it. It was THEIR wrongly interpreting his going home as quitting that aired and what the Cruz team picked up on. What did Carson’s team have to apologize for – they are not the ones who said he was dropping out or suspending his campaign? Why would he BEFORE the caucus? I do not blame Cruz personally but I definitely blame Rick Tyler. As I described, this was not the end of his dirty tricks before Cruz finally fired him.

            As for Chris Wallace – you betcha I have seen him ask all of the candidates difficult questions. It wasn’t the questions that were difficult in the interview with Cruz but Cruz’s failure to accept that someone on his team did what was displayed on the screen. Every one of the four happened – they were NOT lies. He should have just apologized for his staffer and assured those listening that it would never happen again.

            I know that Cruz supporters are as loyal to him as Trump supporters are to him BUT we all better get a grip or we are going to wind up with Hillary as President. It is vitally important to our country that we stop this nonsense. I just received a petition to sign to force Cruz and Trump into a debate. Why? Trump thrives on them and the in fighting is music to Democrats ears. Let all the candidates hold town hall meetings as Trump has been doing. We learn a whole lot more about the individual that seeing them verbally attack each other.

            The Republican Establishment is working overtime to bring a brokered convention or a contested convention to a reality . Do you have any idea what that means – seriously? With a brokered convention, the powers that be of the Establishment choose the nominee. With a contested convention, it is the delegates that name the nominee. Both remove we the people from the equation. NEWS FLASH – THE REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT DOES NOT WANT TRUMP OR CRUZ as our nominee! They can name whoever they want – and it doesn’t even have to be anyone that has run or is running in this campaign. The same for the delegates – they now choose who they want rather than having to stand with the majority of their states choice. That is how Paul Ryan’s name was thrown out there – along with Mitt Romney’s. Paul Ryan said he wouldn’t accept it – but then he said that about Speaker of the House too.

            Let’s continue pitting the two front runners against each other – declaring we won’t support the one we voted for. We all need to let it play out and support whoever is the winner or be prepared for President Clinton.

          169. Peatro Giorgio says

            Whoa you sure typed much incorrect information.. Lets start first with Dt Carsons Media consultant Posting to CNN which was then Twitter. Now You say carols media Team stated Carson was returning home to florida then returning to campaign Lie #1 Fact is just Google search The New Hempshire Debate Carson himself clears the board on this subject. He factually states moments after First posting his Team sent out a correction Now go Google search it Then we will begin with the other wise formation you’ve posted. You say Trump thrives on debates. Wrong. The only ones claiming Trump won any of the debates has been those media persons who have from the beginning supported him an his 29 % of the mix of moderate to liberal republicans an independence and blue dog democrats. Trump has literally lost each one . If we ate to focus on issues an not bullshit. As a True Fiscal conservative Libertarian leaning Tea-Party activist Article V Constitutional Convention of states Promoter and One hundred percent independent voter. I honestly can say I this point I’ll never support Trump. Because Trump is equal to shillary. My opinion I could be wrong but I believe I know more then enough about the coward to stand on that very point.

          170. DLynn says

            As a retired teacher, I did a LOT of research and stand by everything I said. I will not go into a war of words that the Democrats are loving. Just know one thing – when Hillary is elected President, know that you and all those with your mind set are responsible. A couple in our Sunday School Class refused to vote for Romney because he was a Mormon – and there have been reports of many who didn’t vote as well. That led to a win for Obama so President Hillary Clinton will owe you a ton of gratitude and the U.S. will suffer from it. We the people refers to the majority of people – whoever the majority chooses should be the candidate.

          171. George says

            And ; ” speaking of ‘ low – educated ‘ ; low – information ‘ ,voters ‘ , ………..

          172. Peatro Giorgio says

            George Soros has also given John Kasich 250 million dollars an has also invested 150 Million dollars in a Trump project.. Gorge Soros is a scumbag socialist. . That being said
            SENATOR TED CRUZ M IS the only honorable trust worthy candidate presently running for the Office of President.
            If you desire I can write an entire History of Donald Trumps Factually proven corupption.

          173. supergun says

            TRUMP has many projects. He has many people employed. Where is your proof and why should I believe you. What do you not like about TRUMP?

          174. ThenStand says

            Progressives in the GOP are the ones talking about a brokered convention. Progressives’ ideas don’t work…they haven’t worked for either party. They’ve been destroying our nation.

            Trump has given most heavily and consistent to Progressives, especially those in the Democrat Party.

          175. Barrustio says

            That is exactly why the word “progressive” in politics is a misnomer.

          176. AmericanBelle1 says

            Stupid AND ignorant! That’s what happens when you listen to Lying Ted! (or Lil’ Marco!). Eminent domain is NOT a private sector option. Only government can fall on eminent domain as an out for infrastructure. Trump did NOT utilize eminent domain to throw a little old lady out on the street. As a businessman, Trump approached the woman and made an offer to her to sell, as many in real estate will do. She refused. He moved on.

          177. Barrustio says

            Either way Hillary wins…the only hope for conservatives is Cruz.

          178. supergun says

            I love it when people can predict the future. They are usually wrong 100% of the time. I guess you know when the end will come. Or what stocks are best to buy? Please tell me some more, o great guru.

          179. Francie26 says

            They are “usually” wrong? Or “100%”

          180. AmericanBelle1 says

            “They” were 100% wrong in predicting Hillary would take Michigan by 25% and Kasich would take Michigan.

          181. supergun says

            My “Mac” has a mind of it’s own. Which one of you are the boss usually most of the time or maybe none of the time, quite possible all the time, but never part of the time?

          182. Barrustio says

            I will tell you with certainty, that the world will come to an end when God so wills it.

          183. supergun says

            All born again Christians believe that. Can you tell me with certainty when that will happen?

          184. Barrustio says

            Yes, I just told you…when God wills it. But if people who “can predict the future” are wrong 100% of the time, then they are ALWAYS wrong…not usually wrong.

          185. supergun says

            Suppose you are wrong but not 100% wrong?

          186. Barrustio says

            When I’m wrong, I’m 100% wrong, but I’m not wrong 100% of the time…I can be right at times as a matter a friend accuses me of being “far right”.

          187. AmericanBelle1 says

            Sorry but Cruz couldn’t even win his state with a majority (he needed 50%, only got 38%), so how in hell do you think he’ll win the general election. After what he and the other candidates have done, there’s no way any of them will beat her. None.

          188. ThenStand says

            Right now, Cruz and Rubio have pretty much the same base of voters. If Rubio were to drop out of the race, Cruz’s numbers could very well beat Trump’s numbers soundly.

          189. Barrustio says

            Keep in mind that he was sharing votes with Kasich and Rubio the establishment darlings so loved by the RINOS. In a head to head with Trump…Trump would have suffered the ultimate humiliation

          190. Miyako says

            You Dream”’! Trump Suffers a Humiliation….From Whom…? Canadian Born Cruz”?

          191. Barrustio says

            Cruz may have been born in Canada but he by far more American than someone who would side with an entity that dismembers babies and sells their parts for profit.

          192. ThenStand says

            Rubio may be giving it one last try. If he still doesn’t do well, but he stays in beyond this race, it may very well cause the race to go to a ‘brokered convention’, because it could cause neither Cruz or Trump to receive the amount of delegates they need to win the nomination. Then, the GOP leaders decide…

          193. ThenStand says

            Right now, Cruz and Rubio have pretty much the same base of voters. If
            Rubio were to drop out of the race, Cruz’s numbers could very well beat
            Trump’s numbers soundly. I don’t know why Rubio is still in the race. Maybe he’s just giving it one last try, especially because Florida is in this race. If he still doesn’t do well, but stays in beyond this race, it may very well cause the race to go to a ‘brokered convention’, because it could cause neither Cruz or Trump to receive the amount of delegates they need to win the nomination. Then, the GOP leaders decide…

          194. Barrustio says

            The problem is Rubio stands a good chance to lose Florida out of ego and would be directly responsible for allowing Trump to get a HUGE lead over Cruz…same for Kasich….they need to drop out NOW or the nation will never forgive them for their folly.

          195. George says

            Yep ; and Santa Claus , is coming again ,this year

          196. Barrustio says

            Even if Trump wins…so do the liberals..and Hillary by proxy…we will have New York values in the White House and Planned Parenthood may continue to dismember babies and sell their parts and who knows maybe bigamists will be allowed to marry or even relatives, since marriage has now been redefined and according to Trump is the Law of the Land.

          197. Shannah says

            I agree, but boycott what, whom? They like rioters so much, let’s give them a riot they will never forget! Actually, how about a Revolution? A Revolt? Storm the gates of the White House? We need to get their attention and In a way that they cannot ignore. ‘We the people”, have that right. I also agree that Trump should go independent if they deny him the nomination, they(the candidates that are left and those that have dropped out and the mighty RNC) have already broken the legal agreement the RNC forced them all to sign. He has every legal right to go independent now.

          198. supergun says

            Boycott the Convention? Hell, I don’t know. Looks like some conservative idiots are thinking independent party now. And I am a conservative. We do not need a third party. It weakens the Party too much. It is one thing that the democrats and liberal media is smearing TRUMP with LIES, ( they tremble with fright), but for our own people to act like ass holes, I never thought I would see this. Revolution? This would be what hussein would love. He would declare emergency and stay the president. That is worse than the first. Besides, another civil war would do our Nation no good. We are smarter than that, except the liberal morons roaming our land.

          199. gonzales27 says

            You have your choice of two possible Dem billy goats,Hilly or Bernie,both similar to a billy goat.

          200. AmericanBelle1 says

            Stay home! You will find no sympathy here. We get it…you don’t like Trump. You also need to know we don’t like you. JMHO! TRUMP 2016!

          201. Francie26 says

            Oh, Sweet-Tongued One!! You don’t like moi? Why on earth do you say that? And will you still say it, oh All-Knowing One, when Trump screws all of us?

          202. George says

            We have one ‘ now .

          203. celiayounger says

            why are you so nasty and resentful?

          204. supergun says

            she will carry it a step higher to socialism.

          205. gonzales27 says

            No doubt

          206. celiayounger says

            do you prefer the Bushes?

        3. Edward B. Levy says

          DRAIDT…..YOU CERTAINLY PUT IT TO THAT WITCH LOVING FRANCIS26.If would have stated her politics being a DEMONCRAP, I could understand her stupid remarks. Maybe she is sorry that this LIFE LONG NEW YORK DEMOCRAT is not running for office as A DEMOCRAT leaving her stuck with having to vote for the wicked witch of the west. It also shows how many Dems dislike Billary, that the are pulling for the super-socialist Sanders

          1. Francie26 says

            LOL I don’t like Hillary any more than you do, and probably less. So call me whatever you are small enough to do so, but remember, I want Cruz, not that dumb Trump, the intellect-less wonder.

          2. Batch says

            Cruz, hummmm. He is canadia, pasted in his past port and citizen ship May 2014. You have to be in this country for 9 yr to be a senator so how did this little slip happen. Go look it up. Cruz, he is but an empty suit, he also voted for the TTP, but to so much heat he changed his vote. So will he do it if the heat in washington get hot, he sure will. Cruz, liar about Carson. Why did he do that. If he is so above board. Come on.

          3. Lana Lindsey says

            got that right Batch! Lying Ted! scammed the Iowa votes, scammed the debate polls, forgot to disclose Goldman Sachs, voted for TPP, all talk no action Cruz! No thanks! Go Trump!~

          4. conservgirl says

            Carson wouldn’t have won or even come close to winning and what happened wouldn’t have made a difference and Carson knows it. Cruz is a lot better than Trump would ever be. He is what this country needs. No one is perfect and the others have done a lot worse. If the only thing he has done is one of his team lied then so be it.

          5. donorlougeorge says

            i dont think cruz has the balls that trump can do for us how many jobs did cruz give us NONE

          6. Gail Ferraiolo says

            #TRUMP2016 POTUS

          7. Peatro Giorgio says

            Just another low educated voter. Like every other trumpet.

          8. Barrustio says

            Some are actually very well educated, just not too smart. Just goes to show that, education, does not guarantee intelligence. I have met many an educated fool with multiple degrees. What they are is uninformed…they don’t vet…they get caught in the hysteria/frenzy of the “Hope and Change” song in a different key by a different con artist and the new title of “Make America Great Again”.

          9. Barrustio says

            Trump didn’t give you any jobs either he prefers illegal labor.

          10. AmericanBelle1 says

            Polish immigrants in the ’80’s…you certainly are on top of things!

          11. Barrustio says

            Do you really think Americans clean his hotels and do his landscaping, just to mention a few…try to keep up.

          12. HappyAKguy says

            The Cruz camp was actually only responding to a CNN report. Why did Carson not set the record straight for everybody immediately?

          13. Gypsy0531 says

            They did set the record straight. However Cruz should have verified it with Carson.

          14. jackrussell says

            Cruz didn’t post that, Gypsy, that was nothing but a rebroadcast of a news blurb.

          15. Barrustio says

            Cruz was busy like all the candidates were…I don’t know if you know about the timeline…it was his STAFF, not him who put out the message. CRUZ WAS NOT AWARE THIS HAD BEEN DONE. Carson should not have even suggested going anywhere until votes were counted…how foolish.

          16. Barrustio says

            He thought he would get sympathy votes…a sign of weakness.

          17. HappyAKguy says

            It’s called picking up votes. A true sign of weakness indeed.
            *rolling eyes*

          18. AmericanBelle1 says

            Because it was done during the ongoing caucus and those caucus goers wouldn’t have had access with press releases in time. Remember, Cruz’ people went around the caucus camps and spread the word. You’re trying to put the cart before the horse! CNN couldn’t report if the Cruz camp hadn’t acted!

          19. leslymill says

            Rand Paul is ten times better than Cruz on the constitution and foreign policy. ….Cruz doesn’t stand behind what he says with his votes…The last thing Ted is, is trusTED. I don’t support Trump or Cruz….I choose to vote Trump OVER Cruz…that is all………I may not trust Trump, but I know he has integrity.

          20. Peatro Giorgio says

            So point to one area in which Cruz has not been more of a true Constitutionalist then traitor Rand Paul. Paul who campaigned for The low life scumbag mitch McConnell and many other rino republicans.

          21. Barrustio says

            Yep, he has so much integrity that he pushes himself on Evangelicals as being pro-life, yet sings the praises of an entity that is guilty of dismembering babies and selling their parts for profit. He is a con artist is what he is and no more. What is wrong with you people…you remind me of the Obama followers during his first run. Rand Paul by the way was seen by most conservatives as being too wishy-washy and very establishment. Cruz did what his CONSTITUENTS voted him in for, not what the cartel wanted…that’s why they hate him so…as do others.

          22. Gypsy0531 says

            What he did, shows he is dishonest. Makes no difference that Carson would not have won. Carson worked very hard in his campaign and slime Cruz should have respected that. That is not the way you run your campaign. You are just as bad as he is to make that weak excuse

          23. Peatro Giorgio says

            Let’s be perfect tlt honest here. Ben Carson media Team screwed up with their orginal message. That message by any standards made it appear as though Carson was I deed stepping out of the race.. Yes Carsons team sent out a second message after a minute or to. A minute or to in today’s world of instant media is like a year in the last decade. Get off the high horse bullshit. Cruz’s team didn’t do anything wrong or unethical . Yes They took advantage of Carsons media teams mistake. To freaking bad get over it.. Further more it was just as dishonest for CNN not to have clarified the message before posting it. Cruz Apologized for his teams aggressive behavior. But we have yet to hear Ben Carson apologize for his media teams mistake.

          24. Francie26 says

            Actually Carson’s media team’s screw up.

          25. jackrussell says

            You are proving that YOU are more dishonest than Cruz ever thought about being. You CHOOSE not to seek the facts. Cruz had nothing to do with that post and apologized that it was associated with his campaign when he heard of it.

          26. conservgirl says

            Trump did the same thing that they accuse Cruz of yet I don’t hear anyone call Trump out on it.

          27. Barrustio says

            The lack of respect was displayed when Cruz apologized to Carson and did it again in front of America, during the debates and instead, Carson further tried to cast doubt on Cruz’s sincerity rather than being a MAN and simply saying…”I accept your apology”. He might have gotten many more votes, had he done that.

          28. Francie26 says

            Cruz didn’t even know until later that it had happened, that one of his people had made that mistake regarding Carson, not Cruz himself. In fact, Cruz had left that area and gone on to the next place before he even learned about it. And then he immediately apologized to Carson. I was very disappointed in Carson for behaving so abysmally over it, especially since it was a relatively small matter, and yet, he still refused Cruz’s apology.

          29. Barrustio says

            What’s really disappointing to see, is that Carson turned out to be a bitter man and forsook his moral principles to spite Cruz for what he perceived a wrong of which Cruz had no knowledge, yet apologized for. Obviously Carson’s moral values don’t include forgiveness and in his quest for revenge, endorses a candidate who could send America into a further divided hellhole. To think that I solicited signatures for petitions to draft him to run…he sure fooled me. I think if he had ANY aspirations in politics, he should now forget them. Of course if Cruz became president, I’m sure he would call him to be Surgeon General…that’s just the forgiving soul Cruz is.

          30. AmericanBelle1 says

            Actually, if Lying Ted had kept his mouth shut, Carson would have won a few more delegates and Trump would have won. So from that I guess we can all deduce that without lying and dirty tricks, Cruz can’t win.

          31. Peatro Giorgio says

            Donald Trump con artist of con artist Scamed 5,008 Trump university students. Used eminent domain to steal private property for personal use. Was fined 1 Million dollars for hiring illegals. Has his Tee shirt neck ties an ball caps made in china . While blaming others for that action . Trump imported immigrants workers to work in his Florida resort. Then tried to claim no Americans would take those jobs but when the facts where check Trump again lied old lieing Trumpertantrum. 389 Americans applied for those jobs Trump hired 17 only 17 Americans for those same Jobs. Yea Trump is LieinG Trump.

          32. Barrustio says

            I have found that most Trump supporters merely regurgitate TPP and Goldman Sachs without even getting close to knowing the inner workings of either…might I suggest doing some research. As for Iowa “scammed the debate polls”??? heheh…you can’t be serious everybody but the wise hates him. Don’t you find it strange that NOBODY who was “scammed” in the Iowa votes came forward to complain? Rational people would find that very odd. I know that if I had been scammed, they would be hearing from me.

          33. conservgirl says

            Cruz didn’t do it though he should have spoken out about it. They just assumed that Carson was dropping out. Trump did the same thing. None of them are stellar examples of morality.

          34. Peatro Giorgio says

            Now lets talk about the Con artist of con artist Donald Trumpertantrum trump. It isn’t Ted Cruz who is being sued by 5,008 Trump university cstudents. It wasn’t Ted Cruz who was fined 1 Million dollars for hiring illegals to build his building in New York City. It was an is not Ted Cruz who has his Tee shirts, Neck ties an ball caps in china instead of here in america. It wasn’t Ted Cruz who imported migrant workers to work in his resort in Florida. Then tried to claim no Americans wanted the jobs. While 389 Americans applied for those jobs but Trump only hired 17 an then imported migrant workers. It wasn’t Ted Cruz who flip flopped on several issues all before the nations eyes during the debates. No that was all your lieing conartist Donald Trump. The guy who sees nothing work with being nuteral with the PLO or Hamus. Both if which are terrorist organizations. It wasn’t Ted Cruz who said he could get along good with Putin. I would highly recommend you
            Reconsider your vote. As of this moment your making huge mistake.

          35. Batch says

            you make some strong statements, did you discover them yourself or has this been the tallking heads verbiage. For I have seen these comments again and again. I am not making a mistake, Let me say, Trump is a citizen, I would like to stick with Americans, so if you are against shipping jobs out, Do not send the job to Canada ok. For that is the bigest mistake. For cruz the rino establishment. Is Canadian and could not beat hillary. That is why they want cruz or rubio marco polo

          36. Barrustio says

            It’s not “talking heads verbiage”…it’s common knowledge for those who actually vet candidates and wish to be informed. The polls show that either Rubio or Cruz could beat Hillary…at this point only Cruz but not Trump…he has turned off so many Republicans that they will just stay home rather than vote for the “lesser of two evils”.

          37. jackrussell says

            Batch, your post is full of wrong information. You need to READ some credible sources before you post. CRUZ ’16!!

          38. Barrustio says

            “canadia” “past port” “TTP”” “but to so much heat” “so he will do it if the heat in washington get hot”…this will be your first time voting, right?

          39. gonzales27 says

            Cruz is a Rino and can’t beat Hillary,Trump is the only one that has a chance against her

          40. UnalienableRight says

            I suppose it depends on ones definition of rino – Cruz does not fit any of those definitions. Trump, on the other-hand seems to be an establishment wheeler dealer democrat, definitely not conservative in any why shape or form; he’s also very successful at the anti Obama crap – but all the others are anti-Obama too. It seems only Cruz wants to defend our constitution. – trump could give a rip.

          41. conservgirl says

            Cruz is not a Rino. He has shown over and over he is a conservative. The establishment hate him because he dared to challenge them. I don’t know where you get that from when he is hated by the Rino’s

          42. gonzales27 says

            That is what they all say until they get elected then fall right in line behind Obama have they stopped since taking over in line behind Obama. approving all of his programs.New budget included $400,000 to fund green cards for Aliens and greatly applauded by all of them when Ryan signed it

          43. leslymill says

            I agree…his RINO horns are too small to even think of accusing him of it. Our real problem is his global ties can’t be disputed…When the bank calls he tends to answer them and not the people.

          44. conservgirl says

            Every business person in business has global ties. We are connected globally whether we think so or not. So what he has ties with banks that doesn’t make it a bad thing. You can’t know what the relationship a person has with God either.

          45. Barrustio says

            To question his sincerity of his belief in God is even below what liberals are capable.

          46. conservgirl says


          47. HappyAKguy says

            You make me laugh

          48. Barrustio says

            Cruz, a RINO??? Trumpites are not very informed are they? Sad that you share my last name.

          49. capoprimo says

            Understandable, pick another establishment man, who been feeding at the public trough while others created jobs!

          50. conservgirl says

            Presidents and governments don’t create jobs so it is up to the president to get the government out of businesses so they can create jobs. Cut taxes, get rid of unnecessary regulations and close the border so that Americans get the jobs and not to give them to illegal aliens.

          51. Deborah G says

            Now THAT is the REAL truth!

          52. leslymill says

            if only Ted was really trusTED….he would be ahead.

          53. jackrussell says

            If only the 65% of the electorate that consistently votes against Trump would unite behind Ted he would be ahead.

          54. Barrustio says

            If Trumpites weren’t caught in a “hope and change” hysteria/frenzy Trump wouldn’t be ahead.

          55. Barrustio says

            Cruz all the way

          56. Wildeagleone says

            One has to wonder how all these stupid women would appreciate it if their son or daughter was left without backup in Libya and died such a horrible death while Hillary ignored their plea for armed assistance, months and up to the day of MURDER

          57. Francie26 says

            Well, aren’t you cute?!! You have made a leap only a fool tries to make, leaping from the fact that I don’t want Trump to thinking I do want Hillary. That’s far too broad a leap for anyone but an idiot to try for.

          58. Edward B. Levy says

            No, I am to old to be CUTE, I am short fat & ugly.
            do you realize the IN group of the GOP also, does not want Cruz. They want Rubio. My choice for the GOP never got in to the final !&, BUT, I do feel strongly, that Trump is the only current one in the playing feel that can keep the Obuma clone out of the WH. He will not play “kissy-up” to her, that is what happened in the past two elections with Obuma. Romney & McCain were afraid to say anything that might be played up in the press about his background or anything else. The same thing will happen if anyone but Trump goes against BILLARY. “crude Trump attack Woman candidate . He is SEXIST” Come on Ladies, get behind our first female President, she is being verbally RAPED

          59. Barrustio says

            Well you don’t look too short.

          60. Francie26 says

            Got it! Don’t like it, but got it!!

          61. Edward B. Levy says


            LIGHTEN UP GIRL!

          62. Deborah G says

            You are a bit sick in the head the way you attack people who don’t agree with you. Are you sure you aren’t a Democrat?

          63. Francie26 says

            I AM a Republican. Apparently you can’t read with any comprehension either.

          64. AmericanBelle1 says

            Perhaps it’s your lack of writing skill.

        4. Francie26 says

          And I get it that you think Trump is a given. I believe Cruz is going to win. Not Trump, and certainly not the Democrats.

          1. says

            Cruz is the only true consistent Constitutional Conservative. I want him making the Supreme Court nominations.

          2. Deborah G says

            ++While I agree with you that we need a very conservative SC justice I am not convinced only Cruz can do that. I think Rubio would make a good choice. I think Kasich would lean too far to the Middle giving the balance to the left. Not sure how Trump would pick but I DO know he would have the smartest people in the world advising him.

          3. conservgirl says

            Rubio is to easily led I think and he has worked with Democrats on deals which is not a good thing. Cruz is closing the gap in Ohio and Florida and his win in Wyoming was great. I think he has a good chance of winning if his polls continue to rise.

          4. Deborah G says

            Rubio is exactly what we need. A smart,person who understand no one gets everything they demand but cuts the best deal he can for his constituents that he can and move it along to Congress to go further. You people have ZERO scope

          5. leslymill says

            like a compromising devil who would SELL THEIR SOUL….YOUR SIMPLY SUB-ZERO.

          6. DLynn says

            Deborah – As a Floridian, I can honestly say that Rubio has done nothing constructive for our state except get a pay check for 9 months already while campaigning. He lobbied for H-1B Visas for temporary workers – and then lobbied for the number to be tripled. This allowed Disney to fire 250 IT employees and replace them with workers from India. On top of that, the “fired” employees had to train their replacements or they wouldn’t get their severance pay. Senator Jeff Sessions introduced a bill in Feb that would place stipulations on any employer who tries to replace American workers w/ foreign workers trying to undo the damage done by Rubio’s bill. That is the only item on the list of things Rubio has done for FL only it was actually what he did to us. I saw one man who lost his job at Disney crying as they interviewed him. He had a seriously ill son but had not lost his insurance. Sad! I just read where a record number of Floridians changed their political affiliation prior to the primary so they could vote for Donald Trump. Rubio is a nice young man but not ready for the big leagues and definitely not ready to hold the highest position one can hold in the U.S. This is not about ‘who’ you like more but who can get us out of this mess – I’m sorry but that is not Marco Rubio.

          7. Deborah G says

            I have a home in Florida and a Home in NY because of my business I need to be both places all the time.Back and forth. Southwest should give me a prize! Anyway I think your asessment is fairly spot on. I think Rubio is a great American, I like his patriotism,I enjoy his intelligence. IS he ready for Prime Time maybe not, perhaps next time. SO that narrows my thinking to Trump or Cruz. I believe Kasich is just not the one. Too much of an establishment RINO and doesn’t come off tough enough. He is a very effective governor and I admire his family values. I just think he isn’t what we need.

          8. DLynn says

            I told my husband earlier that “I’m not being mean but he needs to go home and grow up a little before applying for the top position in the U.S.” He just doesn’t have the experience needed to be President of the U.S. Maybe one day. At one time I thought a Trump/Cruz ticket would be the dream ticket. Cruz lost me after an interview with Chis Wallace when asked about the dirty tricks seen from his team. His response – “Thank you for promoting Donald Trump’s agenda”. He later called four cases Wallace brought up total lies – one each against Carson and Trump and two against Rubio. Wallace asked, “How could they be, you apologized to Carson and Rubio?”

          9. Deborah G says

            Who knows who he will pick for VP

          10. DLynn says

            I don’t have a clue! A reoccurring theme in all of his books – “I don’t know it all but with every project I get the best of the best in every area”. I firmly believe he would choose the best of the best for every position in his administration.

          11. Deborah G says

            I’d like to see CRUZ as Supreme Court Justice. you have to admit he wouldn’t stray from the exact wording. Next I am so saddened by Marco Rubio. I do admire the man. I almost cried last night listening to him. He IS a patriot no matter what else people say. I wish him all the best and pray God has a bright future for him. Too bad he’d have made a great VP but I think the rift is too big.

          12. conservgirl says

            No you don’t cut a deal especially with someone who has no intention of keeping their end of the bargain. That is why you don’t bargain with Democrats you defeat them. That is why Republicans are voting for Trump because they are tired of things not getting done which I don’t see Trump doing either. What I see in Rubio is someone who is not ready to be president and not a strong enough leader

          13. Deborah G says

            That’s your opinion and a bit too inflexible in my opinion.It shows a lack of maturity on your part and a complete lack of understanding how the real world works. TRY completely ignoring 50% of the population and see what happens? That’s where we are right now

          14. Mike Burkett says

            Phyllis Schlafly, conservative icon, in a BreitBart interview suggest Trump will win the White House with his strong immigration policies and appoint Cruz to the Supreme Court to protect our conservative values. What I’ve read of Rubio’s policies sounds a lot like our present immigration and foreign trade policies under Obama (ie Americans Last ideology).

          15. Deborah G says

            I would LOVE Ted Cruz as SC Judge! A true constitutionalist

          16. ThenStand says

            Ted Cruz has God-given abilities which he has used for good. I agree that Cruz would make a great SC Judge, but he would also make a great President!:)

            Ted Cruz 2016!

          17. Mike Burkett says

            Didn’t Obama specialize in Constitutional Law at Columbia? Oh yeah, he never released his transcripts (probably a ‘D’ student). He also sealed his financial aid applications (that’s right, the America taxpayer truly own his transcripts since he was on financial aid) soon after. Word got out from one of the Columbia financial aid clerks that his application stated he was a foreign national. Cruz is a true ‘A’ student of Constitutional law and could help save this country on the Supreme Court.

          18. Deborah G says

            There is no evidence he was ever anything he claims to be.ALL he can honestly claim is he is a SAUL ALINSKY left wing Communiity RACIST agitator

          19. leslymill says

            Rand Paul was. Cruz only followed Ron Paul principles and he keeps selling out.

        5. Francie26 says

          The other candidates have presented themselves as who they really are honestly. Trump has not.

          1. Nina says

            Pay a little closer attention lady!!! You seem to be missing A LOT!!!!!!

          2. Deborah G says

            I think you need to grow up. You sound like a teenage girl with a crush on a rock star.

          3. donorlougeorge says


          4. conservgirl says

            Trump is not a nice man. He is just good at hiding his true colors. He has done things like eminent domain, bankruptcy and sending his companies overseas that haven’t benefited those in the U.S. but other countries. How can he say he will bring back jobs when he has sent jobs overseas. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical.

          5. Deborah G says

            Actually Trump IS a very nice man. His people love him, his children adore him. He has done more quietly than most of the big mouth Hollywood type libs. That being said you can vote any way you like. America will speak for themselves

          6. conservgirl says

            He also is loud, narcissistic and rude. If you cross him in a deal he will do whatever it takes to do it. What about those that lost money in Trump’s University, or those who happened to be owed money when he filed bankruptcy or maybe those who lost their lands by eminent domain just so he could build a parking lot.

          7. Deborah G says

            You do know that story about him using eminent domain to build a parking lot & to evict an old lady is not true don’t you?Idol worship like you have for Cruz ins’t healthy. NO man should be idolized. Presidents need to serve us. ALL of them have that similar message

          8. DLynn says

            I can totally understand anyone being against Trump if you listen to the news outlets. I have never seen anything like this – both parties and most networks working to bring one candidate down. Why? Simple – because the Rep Establishment cannot control him and the Dem Establishment does not want to go up against him. I have spent a LOT of time researching all the claims – and I will give you one example because it would take pages to address them all. Accusations of him taking an elderly woman’s home in Atlantic City using eminent domain is a total lie!! A couple purchased their home for $20,000 in the sixties. Forty years later Trump last offer to buy the house was $400,000. She turned it down. Later Atlantic City as trying to take the home using eminent domain because it was falling in serious disarray. A group came in and fought for three and won. Two of those three were small businesses that sold to Trump for $200,000 and $250,000. Trump wanted the property for a parking lot adjacent to the Taj Mahal but in 2009 Atlantic City was seeing a spiral downward for casinos. Trump backed away from the Taj Mahal leaving investors in control. He received 10% of revenue for using his name. In 2014, 4 of 12 casinos in Atlantic City closed – one was the Taj Mahal that went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and was bought out of bankruptcy by a division of Citicorp. The elderly woman’s house – she was placed into a nursing home in 2010 close to her daughter. They put her home on the market for $5 million but lowered it to $1 million the following year. It still didn’t sell and it finally sold for less than Trump had offered her, It was vacant, windowns broke out, and homeless living in it. It was purchased by a wealthy developer – NOT Trump – and the home was tore down. One last business – the airline. The airline sold off the best part before Trump bought the last 17 planes for $380,000. He refurbished all the planes (gold faucets, plush interiors, etc) and just as they were starting out, the Iraq war broke out which resulted in highly inflated fuel prices. Trump turned the company over to the bankers (lenders) and they in turn sold it to U.S. Air. The only one that lost money in this transaction was Trump who had invested a huge amount of money to refurbish the planes. I could go on and on because it is like both the Dem and Rep are saying – if we throw enough mud out there, people cannot research it all and some will stick. You are not the only one who most likely doesn’t have time to research all and just like the majority of us trust the media to report the truth. Sadly, that is no longer the case – I cannot get over what the media gets by with. Like Trump said, the huge amount he supposedly inherited was ridiculous. He said his brother and sister both called asking how the media got by saying that.

          9. Deborah G says

            I think TRUMP has been the MOST honest about who he is than any of them Cruz included.

          10. DLynn says

            All the candidates have shown who they really are – Trump is Trump. He gets a little crude at times in his speech but he is a mover and a shaker – he gets things done. He can take the punches because both parties are going after him. Ask yourself why – simple – because they cannot control him. Obama is a puppet having his strings pulled. Rubio showed he could fight dirty by getting into a mud sling with Trump. Cruz has shown he is not above dirty tricks starting in Iowa and what he did to Carson. I really liked Cruz but that did it for me – when he refused to take responsibility for his staffer who was pulling crap. Rick Tyler did it to Carson, Rubio, and Trump – and FINALLY Cruz fired him BUT when Chris Wallace interviewed him and asked him about people being upset about the dirty tricks – 4 were listed on a board – 1 Carson, 2 Rubio, and 1 Trump. Cruz’s response – “Thank you for promoting Donald Trump’s agenda”. I beg your pardon – then he went onto call them all lies to which Wallace said “But you apologized to both Carson and Rubio, how could they be lies.” Cruz then blamed the media’s bad reporting to which Wallace said “That is wrong”. Cruz then said “STOP interrupting me” Wallace said I will when you stop accusing me wrongly for something I did not do. That “STOP interrupting me was the last straw – not more Cruz for me. Now we have Kasich beginning to show his true colors. I liked Huckabee and Santorum but the majority did not want either one so I began to look at who was left. I am down to one of the four that is still running – and that is Donald Trump. No one knows with 100% surety who will lead our country out of this mess but the others have had their chance and didn’t even make a dent.

        6. ThenStand says

          Trump is not a conservative.

          1. conservgirl says

            Also Trump can’t beat Hillary. He has does not have the support of over half of those in the Republican Party.

          2. Robert J Fritz says

            Conservative, democrat ,libertarian , republican, blah blah blah !!!!! . Who cares what you call them .I like trump because he is not a member of the business as usual –Establishment . i believe he can make America great again . And the more everyone on both sides of the crocked isle in congress gang up on him, the more I like him and ————- I’M VOTING FOR HIM !!!!!

          3. Peatro Giorgio says

            Trump is all bussiness as usual , Trump is a buyer an seller of political favors . Are you kidding . This guy Trump is the biggest lying con artist known to mankind. Trump doesn’t want to be president to rescue this nation Trump wants to be president to feed his ego. And to buy his way our of a jail cell..

          4. ThenStand says

            A jail cell? I know he has litigation going on, but haven’t checked into it. What’s it about?

          5. ThenStand says

            A true conservative honestly supports the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence. This matters considerably if we want to save our nation.

            Progressive elitists took over the Democrat Party a long time ago, and have been trying to take over the whole of the Republican Party for many years. Trump is helping to do this by stirring up violence in both parties, adding more of these voters to the GOP in order to vote for him, and then telling the GOP it needs to try to keep them. I don’t mind if the GOP wants to keep the voters, but I do mind if they use them to take over the Republican Party…to change the principles of the GOP, which would destroy not only the GOP, but the U.S.A.

            Watch the last debate (3/10/2016), starting at: [1:55:00]

          6. Nastazi says

            What a shame. He is running the identical campaign Obama ran. It is not Hope and Change…but it is Make America Great again. Not a drop of specificity beyond ridiculous claims like build a fence and make Mexico pay for it. You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. The only thing that rally’s Trumpbots is his flagrant immature campaign rhetoric. One would hope as a nation the lesson of not vetting our candidates would have been learned by now…guess that was too much to hope for. After all Obama was reelected. Not one minute of Trumps political life has been spent in the discussion of coalescing a party. He fires those who don’t agree with him. Can’t wait to see that work itself out as the leader of the Free World.

          7. ThenStand says

            If Trump were to win the presidency, I would hope and pray he would do what’s right, but he doesn’t have a track record for that, even in business.

            A true conservative honestly supports the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence. This matters considerably if we want to save our nation. Ted Cruz has a proven track record for supporting these principles all his life, and has won many tremendous victories, including the sovereignty of the U.S. against the U.N.

            Progressive elitists took over the Democrat Party a long time ago, and have been trying to take over the whole of the Republican Party for many years. Voters from both parties are angry at the problems Obama and other Progressives in both parties have caused.


            It doesn’t matter what party they’re in, the progressive’s policies don’t work!

            Trump is helping to increase violence in both parties, not so much for telling the truth about immigration problems, but by his angry, foul-mouthed instructions as to how to handle dissent. Though, it is the same rhetoric Obama uses (in video above).

            Trump is adding more voters to the GOP in order to vote for him; and in the
            last debate, he told the GOP it needs to try to keep these them. I don’t mind
            if the GOP wants to keep new voters, but I do mind if they use them as a final
            thrust for a full Progressive takeover of the Republican Party…which would
            change the principles of the GOP, and would destroy not only the GOP, but the U.S.A.

            Watch the last debate (3/10/2016), starting at: [1:55:00]

          8. leslymill says

            Rubio and Kasich want open borders….that makes then greedy conservatives. I will take a Crony Capitalist who can’t be bought and will protect our laws over them.

          9. Deborah G says

            I think a lot of people agree with you

          10. ThenStand says

            Capitalism is a freedom for small businesses too. No matter what profession a candidate has come from, their track record matters.

            Ted Cruz is has been faithful to his promises to Texas voters, and the recent landslide victory they gave him was his reward.

            Ted Cruz has supported the U.S. Constitution and the Sovereignty of our nation

            Ted Cruz won 6 oral arguments in the Supreme Court for the following cases:
            U.S. sovereignty against the UN and the World Court in Medellin v. Texas;

            1. The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms;
            2. The constitutionality of the Texas Ten Commandments
            3. The constitutionality of the words “under God” in the
            Pledge of Allegiance;
            4. The constitutionality of the Texas Sexually Violent
            Predator Civil Commitment law
            5. The Texas congressional redistricting plan.

            Additionally,Ted Cruz successfully sponsored into law S.2195 :
            A bill to deny admission to the United States to any representative to the United Nations who has been found to have been engaged in espionage activities or a terrorist activity against the United States and poses a threat to United States national security interests.

        7. Gerald Mosier says

          Sorry, not voting for Trump is not a vote for Hillary. What you do is vote for the only person who seems to believe and understand the consitution.

          1. draidt says

            Sure or stay home and have a repeat of 2012 as flawed as Romney was he was still better then what we got stuck with, Who besides the Hilabeast or the republican candidate has a chance? Your statement is assinine

          2. Gerald Mosier says

            Why is my statement asinine? I believe in the constitution, It has been the best protection of our rights for more than 235 years. As for voting I believe the most qualified person is Ted Kruz and I will cast my vote for him.

        8. supergun says

          They are the most selfish group.

        9. Barrustio says

          Nobody wants Hillary but they also don’t want another Obama with a different color.

        10. Francie26 says

          Well, you excuse me. All the candidates want to win, but Trump is the only one who comes to us courtesy of the Democrats. The others are all lifelong Republicans. The choice at this point is not between Hillary and whoever we put in there. It’s between the life-long Democrat, Trump, and genuine Republicans.

        11. usncb says

          Lighten up there draidt. Why not you ! Go vote for the beast !

        12. celiayounger says


      2. Deborah G says

        Trump has been consistanr whether you support him or not. I was not a Trump supporter but this was a disgrace

        1. Cheryl Smith says

          But, WE are supporters of TUMP. The ONLY ONE STRONG ENOUGH to do ALL the fixings of the MESS WE are in, has been GOING DOWN HILL for the last 30 years. started with that @#$% NAFTA. TRUMP 2016

          1. Deborah G says

            IF you want to keep the status QUo then you can pick anyone but I have to agree that TRUMP is a gutsy tough man.

          2. peter7260 says

            Right you are !

          3. Francie26 says

            And a dumb one. Smart when it comes to building tall buildings, and that was enough to make him wealthy, but otherwise, he can’t see beyond the end of his miserable nose.

          4. Deborah G says

            Hardly dumb. You don’t graduate Wharton unless you have stellar grades. He’s as dumb as Hillary is honet

          5. says

            Trump is not dumb but he is also NOT a Conservative. Check his record if you dare.

          6. Deborah G says

            I know his record, he is socially liberal and fiscally conservative. AND? SO was Reagan.

          7. conservgirl says

            You confuse someone being smart and one who is knowledgeable. I have a sister who has a high IQ but she is as dumb as a stump.

          8. mbrj says

            Not true! His daddy most likely gave LOTS of $$$$ to Wharton which got him in. Have you seen his transcripts? NO! Do you have any idea how well he preformed academically? NO! Others accuse Bush of being dumb, but he graduated from Yale…not an easy school to be accepted to and graduate from…why does everyone think that he’s dumb…huh? Trump really sounds like a MORON when he talks and he has yet to give one policy about ANYTHING! The other candidates have been very thoughtful as to how they would change what is wrong in America whereas Trump continues to say the same things…which is NOTHING! Understandably, he knows nothing about anything since he’s never been part of the governmental process…but if you really want to hold the highest office in America and be the leader of the free world…LEARN… STUDY…DEVELOP IDEAS AND PLANS!!! He has done none of this because of his ARROGANCE!!! And he has duped America into believing that he’s the ulitmate outsider when, in fact, he’s the ulitmate INSIDER, folks! Think about it! He has given LOTS of money to both sides of the aisle for years…he is beholden to more people than most politicians…and, if he should be the Republican candidate, he is going to raise money from outside sources…he even said that the hasn’t decided yet which is VERY disingenuous on his part. Trump has ABSOLUTELY decided that he is going to be funded by outside sources. There is NO WAY that he’s going use his own money when he runs for president…he doesn’t have that much money. And THEN, folks…he’s going to be beholden to lots of people, even more than he’s beholden to now. That’s the way the system works. He’s DUPED all of you! Think about this logically. He is LYING through his teeth. You are going to elect the biggest liar of them all…and on top of this…he is going to be the biggest EMPEROR we’ve ever seen. He is going to listen to NO ONE and he’s going to evoke executive privilege even more than Barack INSANE Obama has…which is really saying something. Obasturd is arrogant…this guy is even MORE arrogant that Obasturd!!! But, then, when you realized who you’ve back…IT GOING TO BE TOO LATE! WAY TOO LATE!!! Just like with Obasturd. Now it’s YOUR turn to be thoughtful…think VERY carefully who you backing!!!

          9. Deborah G says

            His daddy didn’t have enough money to sway anyone at Wharton trust me. Carnagies, Mellons? he had chump change. Nope he got in fair & square

          10. says

            He is gutsy and tough but he is NO Conservative.

          11. Deborah G says

            Never said I thought he was but there are mostly Middle right & left in this country.

          12. Mike Burkett says

            A New Yorker who fights back. Just what the third-world despots with the unfair trading deals do not want.

          13. Deborah G says

            LOL I don’t think ANY of the status Quo Politicians, world leaders, illegals,thugs or anyone else bent on doing America harm want a pitbull at the door do you?

          14. conservgirl says

            Yeah he is gutsy and tough and also narcissistic and angry and hateful when he doesn’t get his way.

          15. Deborah G says

            All of the above. That wasn’t what I was saying. I’m saying he is tough period.

          16. James Elliott McDaniel says

            So you want a strongman leader a la Juan Peron or Hugo Chavez or Vladimir Putin or Mao Tse-dong or Benito Mussolini or Josef Stalin or Vladimir Lenin or, need I say the name of the German Fuehrer from 1932 to 1945. As Charles Laughton said on the floor of the Roman Senate in “Spartacus”: “I’ll take a little Republican corruption along with republican freedom, but I WON’T take the dictatorship of Crassus and no freedom at all.”

          17. pmbalele says

            I told from the beginning GOP was unlucky this time around as to their candidates. They wanted a good candidate, they got one Trump. But the same people are telling us now Trump is too conservative for them because he will not give them free money as entitlement. They tried to recruit Ted Cruz, but they later found he is not really a true USA citizen. Well, they had Dr. Carson as front runner at one point. But they discovered Carson wanted Affirmative Action entitlement to the post of President. The Repubs ran away from him. Actually they stole millions from his campaign chest. They are now hung up with Rubio. Rubio is smart but immature. Here my advice. GOP should quit the WH race. We should have only one candidate; that is Hillary.

          18. Deborah G says

            Hillary is a liar, a political whore and unable to do any task given to her

          19. pmbalele says

            Calling Hillary a liar is unAmerican, anti-Christian, Anti-Catholic, ant-Pagan. She is an angel. You must be watching FoxNews people like Bill O and Megan Kelly. That is why they are all now divorced. They Hypocrite, liars, phony, racist and bigots.

          20. Deborah G says

            Bullshit! That is my first Amendment right, next Christians tell the truth. I JUST DID,She’s a piece of shit just like her husband. Lies, with more dead bodies behind her than an ISIS attack. ANYONE who votes for this Communist taught Saul Alinsky radical[Of course an uneducated idiot like you doesn’t even know what I’m talking about] is DUMBER than dirt. SHE let 4 Men die in Benghazi because she was DRUNK YES DRUNK. Unaavilable as they say.

          21. pmbalele says

            What – SHE let 4 Men die in Benghazi! How about Bush II who let 3000 Katrina and 300 at the two towers die. In fact I was at the building two days before. So, I was lucky I had left NY. And here you’re cursing that Hillary caused death of 4 Diplomats die! Curse TPs and Repubs in Congress that cut budget for foreign affairs to save money for their campaigns. And then you morons are investigating her for using her server. Her server was more secure than Congress one which was periodically hacked by China and Russia. Please join me and vote for our Angel Hillary. After all she is smarter than any of those GOP candidates who are planning to hurt Trump for withdrawing their entitlements. TPs and Repubs are hypocrites. I hope you’re not in GOP.

          22. Deborah G says

            An angel? You must be a meth addict!You think ABORTING 200K BLACK babies is CHRISTIAN?You think misplacing many millions of dollars aunder her watch to be funneled off to the likes of the idots called BLM is HONEST?Her base is so stupid they believe they are VICTIMS instead of taking responsibility for themselves, they can’t even manage to take FREE Birthcontrol! They want to steal what others earn, build and work for. THAT is Prohibited in Jesus’s teachings! You wouldn’t know a real Christian if you fell over one.

          23. pmbalele says

            Hillary is our Angel. Do you know the National Anthem which ends: Land of … ……..And Home of the Brave! The Land of the Free part is for rich Repubs and TPs who want entitlements. But when it comes for poor Blacks and poor Whites, TPs and Repubs do not like that. That is why GOPers are picketing against Trump. He has threatened taking away their privileges and entitlements. Poor females in this country are having abortions because of Repubs and TPs who withhold contraceptives because of GOPers stupid religious beliefs. But the same TPs and Repubs do not want to deal with poor mothers after children are brought into this world. So blame TPs and Repubs for abortions. Forget about GOP candidates who are threatening to harm Trump. I have no idea what Trump did to Romney, Bill O, Karl Rove, Megan Kelly, the immature Rubio and others. But please join me to elect Hillary as our next President. Thank you.

          24. conservgirl says

            I for one don’t want a presidential candidate who is being investigated by the FBI and I sure don’t want a president who will be impeached because she is a felon. Also her disregard for our countries safety and those of our allies is also a big concern. If she has practically given the enemy access to classified emails what might she do as president.

          25. pmbalele says

            You have been feeding too much garbage from Repubs, TPs and Right wing media. That is why you believe Hillary was responsible for Benghazi, emails and ISIS. All those were caused by Congress cutting funds for foreign affairs. As to E-mails I have asked Hillary to bill Congress $20 mil for her allow her server to work for the government whose server was less secure than Hillary.

        2. hitlery says

          You are right. Consistently supporting progressives for 40 years. I would have to say he is a major part of the problem. Records speak volumes and he has the longest liberal record. He still has a (d) behind his name but running with (r).

          1. Deborah G says

            You don’t seem to grasp business. OF COURSE he HAD in business to make sure his business could get by the terrible regulations,taxes, permits etc. He isn’t a purist Conservative like CRuz but he is smart, pragmatic and knows how to work the business climate to succeed. Listen he never thought he was going to be in Politics. Now that he is I believe he iS for American prospering. He approaches all his “deals” with that end game in ind. The business of America is at stake because without it we are doomed to debt.PS I’m not a far right conservative on some social issues. I think Gay marriage is a disgusting mess but in America we are free to be as great or as disgusting as we want

          2. paulrph1 says

            So we want someone in office who can work the best deal instead of stand on their principles. The Founding Fathers would be rolling over in their graves.

          3. Deborah G says

            Why is making the best deals for American benefit not principled? He wants EVERYONE to succeed which BTW was what the founding fathers wanted us to have the freedom to do.

          4. says

            Except when it comes to manufacturing the Trump branded products then he wants EVERYONE over seas to succeed.

          5. Deborah G says

            Again another non businessperson comes to the mike. IN business you go to the suppliers who can do what you need for the least amount. He was very open about it. I buy my products from Canada because the America side is way to expensive in order for me to survive in business.The taxes and regulations have made Canada far better a choice for me. Trump,Rubio and Cruz all said they would fix the lousy trade deals. I just happen to think on THAT point Trump IS the most experienced.

          6. says

            Deborah I am a business person and owner and I have never been a crony capitalist. I keep to my conservative values and don’t use business excuses to support the liberal left agenda. When big business like Trump buy political influence they have an unfair advantage against their smaller competition. Trump had no problem buying influence to give him an unfair advantage against the little guy he now says he is fighting for. That sounds like a hypocrite to me not the right guy. It’s the same old thing we have heard from the left for years “Do as I say not as I do.”

          7. Deborah G says

            I have a small business, unlike you I do not concern myself what a bigger, more money business has an unfair advantage yada yada Yada. You want to be a victim you can be one. I do my business they best I can with as much success as I personally can achieve,I thank God every morning for having food, a home, and the ability to fight for what I believe to be right.. I don’t worry or covet anything anyone else has.I am very conservative but also very pragmatic and understand not everyone is as right as I am.Many conservatives like the people on the far left demonize those not quite as polar as you. My answer is run yourself. You’ll love that candidate

          8. conservgirl says

            What they need to do is to make US just as competitive as other countries. Our tax system doesn’t allow competition and we have too many regulations on businesses that many can’t do anything about.

          9. paulrph1 says

            It can be principled and then again it cannot be principled it all depends on which avenue is taken. If you ask a Democrat they would tell you everything that Obama has done is principled.

          10. conservgirl says

            Is making the best deal a good thing. Why would we want to make deals with those on the left who are hellbent on taking away our freedoms. We need someone to get us back on track which is getting people back to work and off welfare and to remove regulations and taxes which prevent people from starting new businesses. Trump has said he will work with Pelosi and other liberals. These are the people who have stuck us with Obamacare and he wants to make deals with them.

          11. Deborah G says

            What 99% of the people want in this country is a FUNCTIONING government. No one wants to be completely disregarded. YOU HAVE to make deals maybe no accept Obamacare but then you have to make sure the people who are in real need get some coverage. DEALS are how the world operates NOT ONE side getting everything and the other NOTHING> THAT is polarizing and that is why right now we have a mess. The ALL or nothing Bullshit of OBAMA and the far left wing has caused this. For Conservatives to simply say its all about us now won’t cut it

          12. hitlery says

            I don’t have a business major but i do know my business suffers from illegals taking work from from me and my employees because i won’t hire them like Trump(D). So paying job killing progressives to better your business forcing honest businesses to close is ok? That’s called bribes and crony capitalism. Business as usual for trump. How the hell is he going to be any different in the white house? Trump (D) 2016!

          13. Deborah G says

            Trump doesn’t hire them. You are misinformed about this. He uses services that have those employees on Visas. No one in the hotel business can be there to see every hire.Even he stated he thinks the companies the DEMOCRATS have accepted bribes from to get the Hispanic,minority vote should be shut down. Rubio said this as well.What happens is these people get through with their stint and walk away

          14. hitlery says

            Says one thing but does another? Yup, that Trump alright. He says this sure isn’t right but going to do it anyway. I swear ill change after I’m elected!

          15. Deborah G says

            No what he said was he would address the demeanor once the attacks stopped. I like the fact that he fights back like a tiger because THAT is what these other world leaders do. They are afraid of Trump, not because he a loose cannon. They KNOW he isn’t he means what he says.

          16. conservgirl says

            He has a very thin skin when it comes to being criticized and he sure doesn’t like it when someone doesn’t agree with him. I don’t see him changing.

          17. Deborah G says

            He has a very thin skin for lies being told about him like you just set forth . Ever see him react when it is the truth? he just accepts it . Grow up you voters are all so unknowlegable and react to media BS. Just like Rubio cheats on his wife[NOT] and uses a campaign credit card and Kasich is a weenie, Cruz is a liar. ALL BS try having an independent informed opinion

          18. Francie26 says

            Then he should tell those “services” not to send him any foreigners to work on his job sites. He accepts who they send to him, so that’s the same as him hiring them himself. Sheesh@@

          19. Deborah G says

            SHESH is right you have an unusually limited scope of understanding when it comes to business. To the point I truly doubt you have a viable one. BIG companies use TEMP staffing services GASP EVEN Liberal ones. The companies were given a pass for donations to Democrat fundraisers. Trump openily said he gave to both sides because IN business you never know who you will need. IF you are not in Politics then you do what is best for the business. Now that he has entered that arena he can’t be trashed for what was good common sense then. The FACT he runs a world class business means he IS successful at Something unlike ANY of the other candidates including Cruz who have never been in the workplace in any fashion

          20. hitlery says

            So deal with the devil all in the name of business? Not good policies for a president in my book. Sounds just like a politician to me.

          21. Deborah G says

            Dispense with the sophomoric histrionics please.The Devil to one person is God to another IF you deal internationally which he does.You do NOT have to compromise your personal integrity although some do. You keep trying to link Trump’s business as the reason he would make a poor President. I maintain being a lawyer or a career Politician means you deal with the devil daily and compromise in many ways to get a “deal” done. There is little difference.

          22. paulrph1 says

            So you compromise and say it is OK because it is done in the name of business. I have worked in business for years and never compromised ever so do not lecture me on principles.

          23. Deborah G says

            You are putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say I have ever compromised ethics. Not sure what business you have however you can maintain your core principles as far as religion like I do . I wouldn’t for instance be involved in anything shady.

          24. hitlery says

            I see you have no values and blind to morals.

          25. Deborah G says

            You see nothing at all about me. AND? you sound like a Democrat. You are so far off base I don’t even know how to respond to such stupidity.let me try. I am a god fearing Christian, Married to the same man for 34 years, I believe in the Ten Commandments.I have never had even a parking ticket in my entire life. My honesty and integrity are well known in my industry. SO take your stupid, uniformed [actually insane] comments and grow up.

          26. conservgirl says

            I don’t see where Trump has integrity. He just wants to get a deal anyway he can like taking the land from an 80 year old woman to make a parking lot. Filing bankruptcy and not paying his contractors and workers. Or working with gangsters to finish a deal.

          27. Batch says

            He offered the women more money than anyone else, she did not take it and lost it anyway not due to Trump. Bankruptcy is a tool, do you know 1932 FDR put america into receivership and we have never come out, now let us talk plainly. You like Cruz, he is un qualified and if he is an attorney on the constitution he know this but refuses to ignore and play dumb. He has used the same clause obama used, no standing. Let me ask you, how does an american citizen hold to pass ports from two different countrys. It can not be done. So how did he do it. His mother also was a canadian citizen when he was born along with the father. If you could explain that to me, I would love to listen. really

          28. conservgirl says

            So what he offered her money. Unless she wanted to sell it is still wrong. He filed bankruptcy 4 times and didn’t pay his bills. Integrity isn’t the word I would use for Trump. If Cruz is unqualified then why did Trump flip flop on that. Until Cruz was a threat Trump said he was a citizen. Also he never had 2 passports that was a lie Trump made up. Just look it up. Put in Cruz 2 passports and it comes up.

          29. Deborah G says

            Better fact check that one. Never happened

          30. Deborah G says

            LOL Obviously you are slanting this one. He worked with the UNIONS to get his projects built. You neglect to say it is THE UNIONS who are mafia controlled yet absolutely BACKED BY DEMOCRATS.THEY ARE THE CORRUPT ONES not TRUMP FOR HAVING TO USE UNION LABOR by LAW IN NYS. TRY BEING INFORMED Not just repeating left wing Bullshit PLEASE. He has the INTEGRITY to follow laws as set forth for ANY building

          31. paulrph1 says

            C’mon, the policies the owner dictates can be enforced throughout the whole business. Stop giving him as pass.

          32. Deborah G says

            I am not giving him a pass I am not even for or against him Just pointing out reality.

          33. conservgirl says

            You can’t tell me that Trump doesn’t have a say so in who is employed and who isn’t. Those that built his Trump tower didn’t have work visas they were illegal aliens. How many political candidates have been in trouble when people find out that their maids were illegals.

          34. Deborah G says

            I hate to be rude but you are an idiot. How do you people survive in the real world?

          35. Francie26 says

            You are making a Grand Leap to think that Trump can bring the same success to politics that he brought to his business. it is one thing to run a business, and quite another to bring success to whole groups of people who live in a democracy. Trump has never proved that he can get beyond his own business to make America the success his own private business is. And there is nothing in his background to prove that he can do this. Look up! See the reality of who he really is before it hits all of us in the head.

          36. Deborah G says

            A grand leap? Like JFK a junior Senator from a very priviliged background? A junior Senator voted in by the left wing radicals because he was black.What experience at anything to do with government did they have? AND none of them were a success at ANYTHING before politics. Not a “leap” Common sense

          37. says

            You must have forgotten about his lifelong support of the Pro-Choice movement.
            That has nothing to do with business and Trump has supported many other Democrat positions like single payer health care. Wow another liberal position that has nothing to do with business. Most of his products are made over seas not in America. The truth is Trump has supported liberal Democrats and their positions his entire life and as much as you want to dismiss it as him needing to for business reasons the truth is he IS a DEMOCRAT. Wake up and stop drinking the Trump Kool-Aid (which is also probably made in China.)

          38. Deborah G says

            I know about that and I am Pro-life however he said he has changed his stance on PP and abortion. so has many a doctor and many a woman. People do eveolve. Some sooner than others. I am NOT here to judge every stance every candidate has or their personal feelings. I am here to decide who will be best to navigate the waters of this flood that the Democrats have created and to stop the tide of Soclialism

          39. says

            Deborah thank you for the reasoned rational response. I agree that the tide of Socialism MUST be stopped. I am a Cruz supporter but I have said from the very start that I WILL vote for Trump if he wins the nomination. I hope that Trump supporters will agree to support the nominee whoever it is. The end goal is so crucially important that this party must unify when all is said and done and win against the Socialist tide. God bless.

          40. Seismic4 says

            Mize: I’m just as much a pro-lifer as anyone. However, having voted for real Republicans since 1972, this country still has abortion. What has all these pro-life Republicans accomplished? Nothing. This past year real Republicans could have defunded Planned Parenthood. They wussied out. So, Trump not being a real pro-lifer seems a poor reason not to vote for him. He says he is now pro-life, by the way.

          41. Deborah G says

            I think a smart person would just get in and nominate for the Supreme court the most conservative Constitutional Judge they could find. Fighting Democrats at their low level is like herding cats, impossible

          42. says

            Seismic I agree with you that the RINO Republicans have done NOTHING to further true Conservative values. They have given into Obama at every turn. I am just very uneasy trusting Trump that he has seen the light and changed the views he has held most of his life. Many of the changes / flip flops he has made have been fairly recent. He has been a supporter of single payer health care, abortion rights, anti-gun, a big crony capitalist and until this election was soft on illegal imigration. He said himself that he and Hilary were GREAT FRIENDS. How can I trust him? I support Ted Cruz who has been very consistently a Constitutional Conservative, one that I would like to see make the next several Supreme Court nominations. That being said if Trump does get the nomination I WILL vote for Trump. I know that Hilary and the liberal agenda has to be stopped. I just hope that Trump is sincere on the changes to his political views.
            God bless and thanks for the rational reasoned response and not what I usually get a response filled with vitriol.

          43. Seismic4 says

            Mize: Not a problem. You had a well reasoned post. You made it easy to respond to. Yes, God has blessed me. It is obvious He has blessed you, also. Good night.

          44. Gin pj says

            This is how it comes down to according to someone opinion; see it make sense to you:

            There are now three major distinct classes, each with its own culture. Donald Trump is drawing the bulk of his support from one of these classes. The other two hate everything he stands for.

            The first is, the U.S. branch of the globalist super elite ranging from the Trilateral Commission to Goldman Sachs to the Federal Reserve, and their bought-and-paid-for political subclass with all its functionaries. This class includes GOP corporate donors who threw millions down the Jeb Bush as well as those who have donated millions more to Hillary Clinton. Their original goal for Election 2016 was another Bush vs. Clinton non-event!

            Second is the politically correct (PC) crowd: Black Lives Matter, radical feminists as well as large numbers of single career women influenced by them, homosexuals, secular Jews, at least some Muslims, illegal immigrants, academic leftists, and those in government aligned with the so-called progressive mindset.

            Finally, there is the increasingly self-aware white working class and former middle class. With information now available on the Internet to compare with the song and dance they get from government, corporate media, academia, etc., about the economy, race, and much else, they can see that what they are told does not fit reality. They conclude that they have been lied to and screwed up for at least the past quarter century. Hence the massive support Donald Trump has gotten from this third group. Note also the support Bernie Sanders is getting from millennials, many trapped in student loan debt serfdom. And most of them could stand either for Trump or Bernie.

            My conclusion is : The globalist super elite group (the 1st group) do not believe in party line because they all have the same agenda (One New World) where they remain on top, make use of the 2nd group to do their dirty job while the 3rd group and to the 2nd group (unknowingly to them) remain as their slaves.

            Like you said Cruz is smart, he knows how to play the game to get his audience. Make sure you know who Cruz big donors are, and that’s who he will be working for once in the WH.

          45. Deborah G says

            I agree 100% it is the Disenfranchised Middle Class

          46. Gin pj says

            Here is another view of Trump, see whether you agreed

            Black Pastor Brings Down The House at Donald Trump Cleveland Rally! – #DonaldTrump


          47. Deborah G says

            I find it awesome but I also fear for that man’s life. I can see BLM thugs killing him

          48. Gin pj says

            Let’s hope not. Thanks for reading and viewing! May GOD continue to bless America.

          49. Deborah G says

            I thought that was an incredible statement of support

          50. proudtexan62 says

            Trump is the only choice for America now or we will be duped one more time by the corrupt scum that has invaded our country. It was expected of the Democrats because they have turned Communist except those who have left their party for Conservatism but that includes way too many Republicans these days, something I NEVER EXPECTED TO SEE, the party of the voice of reason in this country moving over to communism and socialism. They aren’t even trying to hide it either and that is a slap in the face to all of us who love our country and our countrymen. Are we going to let them dupe us ONE MORE TIME AND THEN GO DOWN IN FLAMES? NOT ME and I hope NOT YOU!!!!

          51. Francie26 says

            We need Cruz. He can turn this around and being prosperity to America again. Trump will get his own prosperity, but trust me! He isn’t much interested in my prosperity. LOL I can’t believe you would think he is. He has always worked for himself, not for other people. Cruz has worked to help other Americans all his life.

          52. Deborah G says

            I don’t see Cruz as a particularly great unifier. I think the other three are better at that. He is a bit too slick for me to like him although I do admire his constitutionalist beliefs.I think he is a closet establishment kind

          53. Miyako says

            CRUZ…………….Yeah Right’! Another Supporter Of Illegal Aliens’! Like Rubio.And Kasich”! PLEASE”””!

          54. peter7260 says

            Ronald Reagan was more or less to the left,but He became one of the greatest president US ever had.Trump is a businessman,he supported both parties,that is natural being in business.What do you think,he should shut down one party from doing business with?.People,lets be honest here,Trump will run the country like a business without catering to the lobbyists in Washington..

          55. Francie26 says

            You have your dreams running around like little rats in a maze. Trump isn’t interested in your well being!! He has been successful at business, has a beautiful wife, and now wants another jewel for his crown, to be one of only a few people who go down in history and are forever enshrined for being one of America’s presidents. School children will memorize his name, and that’s what he wants. Can’t you see this? He could be a hideous flop as a president like President Carter, but even so, those school children of the future will have to learn his name, so he wants to prove he can get the job.

          56. Deborah G says

            He doesn’t need a jewel . I believe like most people he is sick and tired of the same old same old with America being flushed down the toilet knowing he could do better. THAT is what most of the field is about. Including Cruz,Kasich and Rubio. IF this country was prosperous and not falling into the hands of takers and users communists and Socialists I doubt he would even be here. Since he is he certainly has done this country a favor by killing off PC and bringing the issues out. If for nothing else be grateful for that. It remains to be seen how the end plays out. My guess is the Establishment will be trying their darndest NOT to have Cruz or Trump.

          57. Deborah G says

            he can’t possibly be worse than OBAMA That would actually take a concerted effort to fail that miserably

          58. Deborah G says

            he is interested in the “BUSINESS” of making America Great again. That is his goal. Whether or not you like him is moot , he is a good businessman and will try NOT to fail.

        3. says

          Consistent? Are you serious? Watch this and then tell me he has been consitent.

          Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

          1. Deborah G says

            A good Merlot is more my style however I don’t take everything any of them have said in the past including CRuz, Kasich,none of them.He has been consistent in his campaign he wasn’t a politician before this. AND? Hillary is a Political Whore. . FYI? I am not a Trump fan I have been from day one a Rubio supporter.Never Cruz or Kasich although I can admire their good points.

          2. says

            I agree Trump has been consistent in his campaign I will give him that. Even though in one of the first debates he was asked about his history of supporting a single payer health system and he defended his position. But other than that he has been pretty consistent. I just hope that all Trump, Cruz, Kasich and Rubio supporters will get behind the eventual nominee so Hilary will not be our next President.

        4. UnalienableRight says

          Trump has not be consistent other than consistently flip-floping.

        5. conservgirl says

          How has he been consistent. He has practically flip flopped on everything he has said. I find him a vulgar, narcissistic, hateful and divisive jerk. I didn’t like him before he decided to run for president and I sure don’t like him now.

        6. conservgirl says

          How has he been consistent. He has been all over the place and has changed his mind I don’t know how many times.

        7. conservgirl says

          What has Trump been consistent on except for his his slogan of that he will make America great again. I have yet to hear him say anything that will change my mind about him I couldn’t stand him before and I can’t stand him now.

          1. Deborah G says

            WHAt’s wrong with that?

      3. Michael Dennewitz says

        Stop snorting that shit. One of hitler’s relatives wants to take over also. You want him?? WAKE THE HE’LL UP!!

      4. Mike Burkett says

        Francie, Life-long New York Business owner and as such, will do anything for his business including bribing corrupt democrapes, import the talent when the talent can’t be found in America, ect. ect,… Trump has accomplishments that the typical politicians can not claim. America is tired of the ruling elite and want their country back. All the protesting at Trump events are professional protesters paid by as witnessed by interviews with the protesting morons. Wake up, Lock-n-Load, the purge is coming.

        1. Deborah G says

          HE WASN”T RUNING FOR OFFICE before . That is an idiotic statement. I have a business. You think I love every customer? No BUT I have to be businesslike. NOW that he IS running listen

          1. hitlery says

            Paying corrupt politicians to stay in business is one thing, but buying them to grow your business is another.

          2. Deborah G says

            Why both are equally part of a Capitalistic business world. If you can’t grow your business why be in business in the first place?Makes no sense that silly minutia make ZERO sense.

        2. Deborah G says

          I think Trump has the revolution started before a shot has been fired whether he wins or not

          1. Mike Burkett says

            Agreed, the professional politicians in both establishment must address the inconvenient issues of America raised by his campaign like never before. Trump is the first citizen president since the founding fathers and will cure America’s issues never addressed by the professional politician or ruling elite.

          2. hitlery says

            Thx for the Trumps in the businees world, we have the establishments.

          3. hitlery says

            It started way before Trump. Trump just gets free media air time because he poses no threat to them. They have his number. They know he is not a real threat toward the progressives he has supported for years.

        3. Francie26 says

          How do you make the automatic leap over the fact that he hired and paid foreigners to do work Americans could and gladly would have done? So he could save some money? That’s the reasoning behind all businesses that import workers while American workers don’t have jobs. I know they can save money by paying less for their workers, but overall, America is hurt by this practice, and I believe it should be totally illegal. We have a chicken plant a couple towns over, and they hire Mexican labor, pay them less than their American counterparts, and of course, we save a little on the price of chicken at the store, but we lose money that could be spent in the area by Americans who make a living wage at that plant. There is no perfect solution, true, but the fallback position should always be Americans and American labor. Send the Mexicans home and let them butcher their own chickens in their own country.

          1. Deborah G says

            OK and he wants to send them back and that isn’t enough for you idiotic people? I have a business. I have ALL Americans working for me BUT did you know that my state Dept of labor is forcing us to add 25% illegals IF we hire ? The Democrats support these service companies. I was actually visited BY a Hispanic person in the employ of the State Labor dept telling me what I had to do or suffer the consequences.

      5. Michael Skok says

        So were Eisenhower and Reagan.

      6. Scosh73 says

        When you hear that loud pop don’t be surprised it will be your head coming out of your a$$! The Republican has become an extension of the Democrats(RINO’S). Both are determined to take us to the NWO, Communism. Do your homework dumb a$$…

        1. tellitlikeitis says

          BINGO!!! That needs to be said over and over. How can anyone NOT see that.
          dems and republican RINOS are subtly and consciously taking us into a global government.

        2. Deborah G says

          Totally agree

        3. Francie26 says

          What an ugly comment. Even if what you say is true, you say it to miserably that I simply throw out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak. The way you have chosen to present your idea makes me disbelieve it completely, all of it, including the part you were hoping I would recall later. Ugh!!

      7. Russ says

        so vote for Hillary ROTTEN Clinton then. She (and I use that term loosely) and Oegghead are the biggest DISGRACE this country has ever seen!!

      8. Optimista says

        You think much? Doesn’t look that way.

      9. CrustyOldGeezer says

        Please present the PROOF of your ‘lifelong’ claim.

        Anytime a ‘businessman’ “donates” to a political party it is to either PAY PROTECTION in case the democrat wins, or to buy ‘preferential treatment’.

        Since you only “think” Trump was buying, proof is not ” well, it could happen”.

        He knows that to succeed in business, you need a FREE MARKET with limited regulations and the knowledge that success is possible.

        Currently there is no ‘free market’, over-regulated and zero chance of success without buying politicians.

        Trump made his billions before the last became a requirement.

        And now you have no reason to remain stupid.

        1. Francie26 says

          I wasn’t stupid before your smart mouth comments, Crusty. You may have some ideas, and some of them may even have merit, but they aren’t always and universally true, and you can’t convince anyone they are by treating them with such slime-tongued hatred and contempt.

          1. CrustyOldGeezer says

            then present the proof I asked for.

            And, since you’re here, offer a rebuttal to the points I did make.

          2. Deborah G says

            Are you a virgin? LOL You can’t handle a real adult conversation? maybe you need to move to the kids table where Mr Rodgers sings to them. This is the REAL world.It isn’t pretty but mainly it is this way because we have had terrible leadership for 8 years

      10. Batch says

        Please look at the facts, Trump is for America. Look at the two party’s, They are the same. Fleecing america for their own gain. Wake up

        1. hitlery says

          Trump has been fleecing america for 40 years for his own gain.

          1. Deborah G says

            He hasn’t been fleecing America idiotic statement. He runs a business. Demonizing Big Business makes you sound like a Democrat.

      11. says

        Very true see Trump in his own words supporting Democrats and their positions.

      12. Nina says

        REALLY FRANCIE?!?!?! Seems to me the other 3 candidates are behaving like demonrats!! How do you turn against someone in your own party bc they are kicking your ass!!! I don’t know which one you are in your pic but…….. I know myself when I was a younger person I was more liberal, bc I was more STUPID!! When I had a child I became more aware and raised a (Thank God) conservative young woman! Which is NOT easy since all the universities have crappy liberal professors!!! As far as Trump goes being a big businessman it is true you must get along with everyone. Just look at his children, you can tell by your children what kind of person you are, to me they were well raised.

        1. hitlery says

          Own party? Go Trump (democrat) 2016

        2. Francie26 says

          I am the one on the right, and my 52 year old daughter is on the left. lol

          1. Nina says

            Guess you didn’t get what I was saying. The point is as you get older HOPEFULLY you change your views. Also the way you raise your children is a good reflection on the type of person you are. I think underneath all that brouhaha Trump is a good man who loves his country and can help. I did like Cruz for yrs but he’s way too involved with the wrong people. Bad for us. He will be indebted to them. Check out his superpacs!! Payback is a bitch as they say!!

      13. Gin pj says

        This is how it comes down to according to someone opinion; see it make sense to you:

        There are now three major distinct classes, each with its own culture. Donald Trump is drawing the bulk of his support from one of these classes. The other two hate everything he stands for.

        The first is, the U.S. branch of the globalist super elite ranging from the Trilateral Commission to Goldman Sachs to the Federal Reserve, and their bought-and-paid-for political subclass with all its functionaries. This class includes GOP corporate donors who threw millions down the Jeb Bush as well as those who have donated millions more to Hillary Clinton. Their original goal for Election 2016 was another Bush vs. Clinton non-event!

        Second is the politically correct (PC) crowd: Black Lives Matter, radical feminists as well as large numbers of single career women influenced by them, homosexuals, secular Jews, at least some Muslims, illegal immigrants, academic leftists, and those in government aligned with the so-called progressive mindset.

        Finally, there is the increasingly self-aware white working class and former middle class. With information now available on the Internet to compare with the song and dance they get from government, corporate media, academia, etc., about the economy, race, and much else, they can see that what they are told does not fit reality. They conclude that they have been lied to and screwed up for at least the past quarter century. Hence the massive support Donald Trump has gotten from this third group. Note also the support Bernie Sanders is getting from millennials, many trapped in student loan debt serfdom. And most of them could stand either for Trump or Bernie.

        My conclusion is : The globalist super elite group (the 1st group) do not believe in party line because they all have the same agenda (One New World) where they remain on top, make use of the 2nd group to do their dirty job while the 3rd group and to the 2nd group (unknowingly to them) remain as their slaves.

      14. Tiger says

        O is a disgrace.
        The Establishment is a disgrace.
        The Lobbyists are a disgrace.
        The RINO who lied to us and did nothing to stop O when we put them in charge are a disgrace.
        The Globalist are a disgrace.
        The Muslims who are in every infrastructure in our country and piling in on us by the thousands who want to kill us are a disgrace.
        The Sanctuary cities are a disgrace.
        The illegals who are here and taking and taking are a disgrace.
        The O care is a disgrace.
        The vacations O has taken on our dollars is a disgrace.
        The “Deal” with Iran is a disgrace.
        The Common Core education is a disgrace.
        The Big Business and CEO are a disgrace.
        The unemployment rate is a disgrace.
        The fact American companies running out of America a disgrace.
        The 19 trillion in National Debt is a disgrace.
        The condition our military is in is a disgrace.
        The fact millions more on Food Stamps than ever in the history of our country a disgrace.
        The Black Lives Matter, Nation of Islam, Black Panthers are a disgrace.
        The mosques preaching Jihad in America a disgrace.
        The Muslim training camps in our country a disgrace.
        The Muslim organizations in our country who back terrorism a disgrace.
        The lying Main Media is a disgrace.
        The fact the Democrats are running a Socialist and someone under Criminal investigation is a disgrace.
        The fact that Trump is blamed for the violence is a disgrace when none of his supporters stop any candidates from talking or mob them or attack them.
        The fact that it took pushing “Real People”, those that work and pay taxes, those that served and are being disgraced by the VA is a disgrace.
        The fact that O has Divided this country and continues to do so is a disgrace.

        There isn’t much left in this country that is not disgraceful, disgusting and distasteful to Patriots under this Tyrannical O and his bunch of Nazi and Muslim that isn’t a disgrace.

        1. Deborah G says

          And uninformed voters are a disgrace

          1. Tiger says

            That is why the disgraces are in our faces due to uninformed Gubers who are nothing but tubers.

          2. Deborah G says

            Obama has turned America into a Che Guavera third world country

      15. supergun says

        He doesn’t sound like a democrat. Are you a democrat plant?

      16. DLynn says

        Francie26 – It is vitally important to our country’s future that we focus on WHO the protestors were in Chicago and MO and WHY they were protesting. Trust me, we have a lot more to be concerned with than bashing Donald Trump. I will give you the short version and you can research it for yourself. which was created by Bill Ayers and funded by George Soros has admitted to being behind the protest even though Sanders is denying it ( endorsed Bernie Sanders – thus the Sanders signs). I lived in a Chicago suburb during Bill Ayers and his terrorist group’s reign of terror (the Weather Underground). He stated a couple of years ago that he has only one regret – that they didn’t bomb more even though six people died as a result of the bombings. Three were co-conspirators who were killed when they accidently set off a bomb they were constructing (one was Ayers girlfriend). Then two police officers and a security guard were killed during another bombing. The only reason Ayers isn’t in prison today is because of his father’s connections – which were MANY.
        I have researched every claim made against all the candidates and while it is a mixture of truth and lies for Rubio and Cruz, it is total lies or rearranging of the truth for Trump.
        I didn’t have to research Hillary because she has a long history. I had researched Benghazi because we have a granddaughter who served in Iraq and was still in the military. I began researching with every fiber praying that the rumor of the U.S. leaving Americans to die was wrong. I wanted to believe that if it had been our granddaughter that we wouldn’t have deserted her – but I found the opposite. As I later read 13 Hours, everything I had found in my research came together. I firmly believe that Hillary was the one who gave the order to stand down and caused the deaths of four men. Now she has the nerve to call his family liars.
        I actually had not researched Bernie because he seemed like a harmless old man to be truthful – until I began to find the connection to Bill Ayers and What I have found so far is far more than scary.
        I have never seen anything like what is going on – and one should seriously ask why BOTH parties are spending so much money to bring Donald Trump down. Only one reason – they cannot control him. It was easy to see where the Dem party was wrong but a lot more difficult to see the wrongs in my own party. I am very disappointed in Cruz although I thought very highly of him at one time and I held little regard for Rubio from the beginning (he is our state senator and not well liked). If people do not have the time that I now have (retired teacher) and only listen to the news on TV I can understand the harsh feelings towards Trump but I can guarantee you, 99% are lies. Yes, I wish at times he would tone it down a little but I would rather have someone who tells it straight rather than lies through their teeth like the other professional candidates. He is NOT a professional politician who has professionals write his speeches for him and then reads them from a teleprompter. He speaks from his heart and tells it like it is. Americans are tired of all the promises being made by professional politicians until they get to D.C. and forget what they promised in order to get elected. Many of the politicians (Rubio at the top of the list followed by Cruz and Kasich) are working to bring about a brokered convention. This means we will split the party because our nominee will be who the Rep Establishment tells us he is. Splitting the party will result in a win for the Dem party but Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich are more concerned about getting themselves elected than if it results in handing the election to the Democrats.

        1. DLynn says

          I’ll give one more link – members of the Weather Underground went onto start the May 19th Communist Coalition.

        2. Jarhead says

          All traitors, Quislings, anti-American’s, RINO’s, unfit for office.

      17. poppopdiesel says

        Obama took over the crying about that…liberal hack job!!

      18. leslymill says

        well then…He is doing it with registered republicans votes…….What does that say about the GOP?..Trump is NOT the one being disgraced.

      19. Sandrabcurtis2 says

        “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

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      20. jetmagnet says

        Let’s see Rubio never owned a business, had trouble managing his credit cards. Never showed up for work. Here in Florida he sat on his ass and did nothing since first elected to the house. He uses campaign credit cards for personal use. He is owned by wall st that funds his super pac. They own little marco.
        Cruz is a canadian, until he proves otherwise. he’s a consumate liar and con artist, his wif is VP at goldman sachs and his super pacs are from goldman sachs and hedge fund managers. All the while he touts how he’s going to help the little guy. LMAO. his tax plan helps the wealthy and screws poor people by giving them part of the tax burden.
        Trumps ideas are widely accepted by all americans. If it weren’t for Trump the GOP would have a low turnout and lose.

      21. Wildeagleone says

        I wouold have to say if I were to go along with your theory, that the Republican party should have vetted him and then they would have to prove that he IS NOT A REPUBLICAN. We all have the freedom in changing parties as we fit which doesn’t make it a crime. Read the news and see the statistics on how many independents and Democrats have changed parties in the last two to three weeks

      22. Ron says

        Excuse me, but I believe ALL of them are trying to take the nomination, and the election! What makes the others NOT a disgrace? Sounds to me like you have an agenda!

      23. George says

        Much better than the ” Communist ” ; disgrace ‘ , who jumped in ( was put in ‘ ) in 2008 .
        Some of us learned in 2012 ‘ , that free and honest elections are a thing of the past , as long as he is allowed to occupy ‘ the chair ‘.

      24. Pete says

        Trump is a powerful leader who is being received well by the majority of voters. Switching from Democrat to Republican is a very good decision. Our next President is going to face some difficult decisions on both the national and international scenes. Having a loyal, patriotic, law-abiding American with the intelligence, courage, and will to make tough decisions and then follow through is of vital importance to the survival of the United States of America as an autonomous, sovereign nation. Trump is the only candidate, from either Party, with those qualifications.

      25. Mary Brumley says

        I am a Republican, but I used to be a Democrat. That was before the Democratic party lost its way. NOW, I am ashamed to be a Republican because they “say” they will do “this and that” and then fold to the Democrats. Also the Republican administration we have now do not hesitate to “eat their own”!
        I, along with many, many other Republicans AND Democrats cannot trust our own parties anymore. Our only hope is vote for TRUMP 2016 and trust he can make changes. We wish for our children and grandchildren the same opportunities we had to build a good life in America. That WILL NOT happen if our nation continues its downtrend.

      26. Dan says


      27. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        Crooked evil lying hillary is a Disgrace! Defeat Hillary whatever it takes!

    2. Jan Williams says

      BS, You were never undecided.

      1. Deborah G says

        Really? You are wrong. I started by being Pro Huckabee, I loved Carson but he wasn’t really a president but I love him. then became pretty sure of Rubio but I didn’t like the character change. I still am pro Rubio but he looks unlikely to make it so I will vote for whomever gets the nomination. ALL better than a Communist and a Socialist crazy bird.

    3. supergun says

      Great comment.

    4. Peatro Giorgio says

      So tell me what support did Cruz lose. ??Not a single vote from anyone who is supporting him. O yes there are those Trump supporters now claiming they were supporting Cruz horse crap. Trump is a Con artist an probably set this whole freaking thong up.. rebel folks this guy Trump is a Con man in the highest degree. TV personna. O yes Trump loves the attention . Loves the excitement. Loves to munipulating folks . Now he is trying to play the O poor me game it’s a show you freaking idiots. Wake up. America. Vote for the Honorable Senator Ted Cruz .

      1. Deborah G says

        I have looked at CRuz bit something isn’t quite right there. I think he has a great constitutional stance and might if Rubio gets knocked out go to him BUT IF he continues to slur other candidates then he is just like a Democrat to me

    5. Peatro Giorgio says

      O the whinning an crying of a racist Trump suppoter. In what world is it or was it right for Douche bag Donald to insight assault on other folks. Listen you idiot. Is it not bad enough that we have a president am a left lunatic fringe party which seperate divides the people of this nation by economics Eduacation, race, gender ,age ,sex . Come on think about that. I do not blame a single orher candidate from walking back their first statement. In fact they should have completely condemned Trump for his violence in sighting .

      1. Deborah G says

        WRONG! I support Rubio as long as he lasts. I just don’t like BS lies and stupid comments

    6. ThenStand says

      A true conservative honestly supports the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence. This matters considerably if we want to save our nation. Ted Cruz has a proven track record for supporting these principles all his life, and has won many tremendous victories, including the sovereignty of the U.S. against the U.N.

      Progressive elitists took over the Democrat Party a long time ago, and have been trying to take over the whole of the Republican Party for many years. Voters from both parties are angry at the problems Obama and other Progressives in both parties have caused.

      It doesn’t matter what party they’re in, the progressive’s policies don’t work!

      Trump is helping to increase violence in both parties, not so much for telling the truth about immigration problems, but by his angry, foul-mouthed instructions as to how to handle dissent. Though, it is the same rhetoric Obama has used (in video above).

      Trump is adding more of voters to the GOP in order to vote for him, and in the last debate, he told the GOP it needs to try to keep them. I don’t mind if the GOP wants to keep new voters, but I do mind if they use them as a final thrust for a full Progressive take over the Republican Party…which would change the principles of the GOP, which would destroy not only the GOP, but the U.S.A.

      Watch the last debate (3/10/2016), starting at: [1:55:00]

    7. Barrustio says

      They ARE right to disavow violence and a divisive message we have had enought of that with Obama

      1. Deborah G says

        WHAT violence? The PAID Disruptors from Moveon? Trumps rallies have had very little in fact the same as anyone else. You are falling for the weenie leftist media BS

    8. usncb says

      And Trump hasn’t ? Give me a break !! Trump is rude and obnoxious !! Is he going to be a statesman that is going to present us to the world ??? I think not !!!

    9. Rick says

      Cruz and Marco came around sort of but Kasich he is a total asshole who thinks he still has a future in politics! you can bet he doesn’t! He screwed up big time being a typical politician that pledges one thing and does another!

    10. celiayounger says

      ???? are you kidding?

  6. Alan Connors says

    Kasich’s “seeds of division” are no more than Donald Trump looking out for the welfare of the country. Kasich is a politician saying the f-d up things a politician would say.

    1. pineapple says

      In his closing remarks to the ninth Republican debate, Donald Trump ended by saying, “I’m working for you. I’m not working for anybody else. Thank you very much.”

      He referenced two subjects that nobody else seemed to want to talk about.

      First: The country has $19 TRILLION in debt and around $200 TRILLION in unfunded obligations it probably won’t be able to meet;


      Second: No other candidate mentioned anything about saving American jobs from being outsourced to China, Mexico or elsewhere. No other candidate mentioned the fact that 2,100 Americans had just been informed their manufacturing jobs were being transitioned to Mexico.

      But, Donald Trump did. He called out Carrier Heating and Air for announcing their plan to close to manufacturing facilities in Indiana and move to Mexico.

      Among the working class, Trump strengthened and broadened his base and solidified his position as their champion.

      Which of the other candidates has railed against ‘the system’ on their behalf with such intensity?

      Americans who have been run over by Wall Street’s profits-first machine are looking for and embracing the tenacity, the pugnacity that The Donald showed on their behalf.

      The blue collar billionaire is about Main Street, not Wall Street. He warned those companies taking jobs away from Americans by moving them abroad that he would work with Congress to impose stiff tariffs on their products when they were brought back into the country.

      He’s fighting overwhelming opposition, showing workers he’s in their corner, swinging for all he’s worth. Workers saw it. Appreciated it. And responded to it.

      Kasich voted for NAFTA, which sent my job to Mexico. I had to go to Mexico and train my replacement. when I returned, I was forced to retire.

      Rubio was a member of the gang of eight who pushed to increase immigrant work visas. This allowed Disney World to fire its American IT workers and replace them with immigrant IT workers
      from India. The Americans had to train their Indian replacements before being fired.

      For more on this travesty, read “Sold Out” by Michelle Malkin and John Miano.

      1. Alan Connors says

        Thanks for your reply. Donald Trump isn’t running for president because he needs glory or money. He has that already. He’s in this because he wants to return America to its former standing in the world before Obama came along. Everybody hears all the negatives about him. What they don’t hear is about a man who has raised some responsible kids, or about a man who has gone out of his way in the past to help people financially when they needed it. He’s a better person than the media has portrayed him to be.

        1. Deborah G says

          he started a revolution without firing a shot or taking a far left or far right stance. HE IS the man for ALL of America

          1. Alan Connors says

            If Trump becomes the nominee for the GOP, the GOP will be forced to change their ways. They’ll be forced to realize that their corporate America/donor class ways don’t work anymore. If he doesn’t, it’ll be back to business as usual for the GOP.

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            GOP . . Grossed Out Pricks!

          3. Alan Connors says

            Grossed Out (RINO) Pricks.

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            heehee… riiight!!

          5. Deborah G says

            As this evolves I think the best case scenario is aTRUMP/Rubio.ticket. What could the GOP do then LOL

          6. Alan Connors says

            Maybe Rubio can fill the Donald in on how to be bought like a piece of candy or a teddy bear.

          7. Deborah G says

            I highly doubt Rubio is,has or can be bought as you suggest. More silly nonsense.

          8. Mike Burkett says

            I read Rubio’s autobiography and will support him in future elections with a fewe changes but, right now I question his naivete when dealing with powerful democraps like Schumer – see gang-of-8. Rubio is bought and paid-for by the GOP establishment as the only GOP-establishment candidate and he needs to throw that GOP yoke off and establish his integrity to represent only ‘We, the people’ for a position within Trumps’/’We, the people’ administration.

          9. Deborah G says

            I love the man Marco Rubio. Mostly because f his undying patriotism. He is smart, articulate and just needs to gain some experience. A TRUMP/Rubio ticket would salve the wounded GOP,Give him time to ripen, learn strength in the face of naysayers and Trump will have a beloved HISPANIC on his team. WIn Win,Cruz? I think he would not do it and would be a bad choice.

          10. Mike Burkett says

            I agree and respect Rubio after reading his autobiography but, his naivete with Schummer’s Gang-of-8 bill and dealings with the other entrenched democrap power-brokers in the Senate plus his turn on fellow GOP, mainly Trump (small hands???), has me worried that he is not ready to run the Senate with all the power-savvy democrats. If the republicans can solidify their majority in the Senate, it would help. I don’t expect republicans to gain seats in the Senate making Cruz the pitbull required by ‘We, the People’ to run the Senate more effectively. Under Cruz’s mentorship Rubio will be ready for VP under Cruz for 2024 and 2028 presidential cycles.

          11. Deborah G says

            I don’t share your enthusiasm for Cruz although I will vote for him should he become the eventual nominee. he is my least favorite person albeit one of my favorites policy wise. A dilemma to be answer is I’ll vote my conscience in the primary and vote straight Republican come the general. The rest is Kabuki theater

          12. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Rubio is NOT ELIGIBLE.

            Neither Parent was a CITIZEN at the time of his birth.

            Either the Constitution IS the Supreme Law of the Land or it is not.

            If not, then the federal government does not exist.