Cruz Sees the Light; Glenn Beck on Suicide Watch


With less than two months to go until the election, Sen. Ted Cruz has finally decided that his stubborn refusal to support Donald Trump isn’t helping anyone – least of all himself. The passionate conservative published a lengthy Facebook post on Friday, coming around to a candidate he once called a “sniveling coward.”

“After many months of careful consideration, of prayer and searching my own conscience, I have decided that on Election Day, I will vote for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump,” Cruz wrote. “A year ago, I pledged to endorse the Republican nominee, and I am honoring that commitment. And if you don’t want to see a Hillary Clinton presidency, I encourage you to vote for him.”

Cruz could have left it at that, and our appraisal of his last-minute endorsement would be a lot different. If Cruz, like others who failed to defeat Trump in the primaries, simply used the pledge as a handy excuse to support the Republican nominee without actually supporting him, this move could be waved away as a piece of political theater. That’s not to say there wasn’t any political calculation to Cruz’s endorsement; he’s losing support in the polls and some donors have said that his speech at the Republican National Convention turned him into a pariah within the party. Cruz knows he made the wrong decision in Cleveland.

But to his credit, he didn’t just say, “Fine, I support Trump, happy now?” He offered a full-throated endorsement, complete with a list of tangible reasons for changing his mind.

“Six key policy differences inform my decision,” he wrote. “First, and most important, the Supreme Court. For anyone concerned about the Bill of Rights – free speech, religious liberty, the Second Amendment – the court hangs in the balance.”

Cruz noted that Trump had released a promising list of Supreme Court candidates, including a nod to his pal Mike Lee, one of Cruz’s strongest allies on Capitol Hill.

“This commitment matters, and it provides a serious reason for voters to choose to support Trump,” Cruz wrote.

Cruz cited Obamacare, energy regulations, immigration, national security, and U.S. control over the internet as the remainder of his reasons for supporting Trump over Hillary Clinton.

“After eight years of a lawless Obama administration, targeting and persecuting those disfavored by the administration, fidelity to the rule of law has never been more important,” Cruz concluded. “Our country is in crisis. Hillary Clinton is manifestly unfit to be president, and her policies would harm millions of Americans. And Donald Trump is the only thing standing in her way.”

No one was more surprised by Cruz’s sudden turnabout than radio host Glenn Beck. The conservative commentator was Cruz’s #1 fan in the primaries.

“Profoundly sad day for me,” Beck said. “Disappointment does not begin to describe my feelings. Maybe it is time to go to the mountains for a while.”

Maybe in the mountains, Beck will discover what the rest of us realized months ago: This election is not about upholding the purity of Conservatism. The NeverTrumpers are acting like a bunch of spoiled children who have decided that if they can’t have exactly what they want, they aren’t having anything. They’re standing by the fence, complaining and grumbling while the rest of us are enjoying a perfectly good meal. They appear to be oblivious to the fact – the FACT – that their opposition isn’t accomplishing anything. It’s putting the presidency into the hands of a woman who will take us EVEN FURTHER away from the conservative ideals we all hold so dear. After four to eight years of a Hillary Clinton administration, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for a Ted Cruz-style conservative to win a national election. Hell, it’ll be hard for a RINO to win.

Trump may not be 2016’s answer to Ronald Reagan, but he will put an end to the left’s most dangerous programs. Under his watch, the U.S. will find itself in a much better place in four years than it is currently – and a MUCH better place than it will be after four years of Clinton. From there, we can build. From there, we can start moving back to the conservative principles that men like Glenn Beck admire.

Hold off on that journey into the mountains, Glenn. Come join us at the table. These Trump steaks? They’re really not that bad. Your buddy Ted’s eating them. We’re all eating them. We’re having a blast.

Or, you know, stand over there and complain until you get hungry enough to change your mind. Don’t be surprised, though, if you come back to find they’re serving another course. And think what you will about Trump Steaks…they’re a hell of a lot tastier than Clinton Chicken. You might want to get over here while the getting’s good.

  1. Tiger says

    The head of the GOP made it clear anyone who didn’t back Trump would never become president and there would be no support for them from the GOP. That is a great fire under the backside of Cruz because he fully thinks he will be the president someday. As to Beck the guy fell off the earth awhile back. Now lives in NaNa land.

    Cruz doesn’t seem to understand his wife took him down the woman nothing like him, can’t see how they can live in the same home but her politics really made a difference in how I viewed him.

    1. Goodforall says

      Beck is done-over and out! Cruz did what he had to do-be a man of his word.

      1. Tiger says

        True that and I feel for Beck because I once was a fan. As to Cruz he disappointed me so much. Not the man I believed him to be.

        1. Sandy129 says

          No he’s not and many of us won’t ever trust him again.

          1. Tiger says

            I know I won’t.

          2. bluebonnet says

            think how you would feel if you were TED CRUZ, I continue to support TED CRUZ, I am no fair weather friend. GO TED CRUZ and GLENN BECK…give them another chance,

          3. Sandy129 says

            The Lord said we would know them by their fruit. Once they repent people may change their minds.

          4. Elizabeth Davis says

            I think he put himself aside and did what he thinks is right for our country. I think him for that. I would have voted for him and would again if he will ever be nominated again so don’t bite of your nose to spite your face . we sure do not need Hillary and at least 4 more years of Obama. Or maybe YOU think she should be president

        2. Mathew Molk says

          I was a fan too ,,, before he went nuts. Now he is just as big a whack job as Jessie and Al. Lock um all up on the same berry farm and give them basket weaving materials.

          1. Tiger says

            They would eat the baskets. They need padded cells.

  2. TeaPartyPatriot says

    .TRUMP needs to get across to the voters that this election is not only about immediate change in direction of the the government but it is also a great movement to clean out the parasites in the Senate and the House that refuse to listen to what the people want instead of lining thier own pockets at the trough of K Street and the lobbyists. We need peoples representatives in the house and senate not gold diggers attempting to feather thier own nests.

    1. pmbalele says

      Trump lost the WH job yesterday for his poor performance. He started well, but in the last 45 minutes Trump was a wash-out. Even his supporters such as Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter and many right wing morons were very disappointed with Trump performance. It is impossible for Trump to recover from his poor performance. I could see his so called polygamy family very down-spirited. They knew he was done. Now he may shout as much as he wants. People know he is not smart to be president of US. He better goes with his wives at Trump Tower. It is over with Trump. Let’s now prepare to vote for Hillary.

      1. David in MA says

        anyone ever tell you, you are an ass?

        1. Arizona Don says

          You forgot hole!

        2. HadEnough says

          YES David, I told him he Was An Ass. Not to mention “Crazy”

        3. grams33ms says

          pinbalele is the perfect example of why the liberals symbol is a JACK ASS.

        4. betty thompson says

          I agree he sure sounds like one or a 5ht grader

        5. rmagnano says

          I second that.

      2. Sandy129 says

        Your ignorance of the facts are revealing. You have no clue WHY Donald backed off at the end. He showed himself a better man for doing so. Ask yourself who was in the greenroom that Donald decided to reign in.

        1. jetmagnet says

          He proved to the entire world two things, He’s a pathological liar and has no clue on how to run this country. he can’t even run a business (6 bankruptcies) and show his tax returns that would prove he is what most already know…He’s a FRAUD!

          1. Sandy129 says

            In order to have a worthwhile conversation, both parties must have a working knowledge of the facts. Sorry you missed them somehow.

          2. Elizabeth Davis says

            They both might have had a better debate if they had been ask questions that was worth while. The questions were all bate and trap and nothing worth listening too.Neither was given a chance to tell it like it is and what they thought about things Hillary just slung mud instead of taking the smurk off her face and rolling her eyes and saying more lies.I still this morning do not know what she stands for except on what she thinks is her laurels when Secertary of state. Remember she gave the country away with her hidden E mails then when caught tried to cover it up

          3. Arizona Don says

            Word for word from the

            Cornell Law Library

            Former United States

            Attorney General Michael Mukasey tells MSNBC that not only is

            Hillary Clinton’s private email server illegal, it

            “disqualifies” her from holding any federal


            Such as, say, President of

            the United States. Very specifically points to one federal law,

            Title 18. Section 2071.

            For those of us who do not

            have United States Code committed to memory, here’s what it


            “(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates,

            obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent

            to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map,

            book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with

            any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in

            any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the

            United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not

            more than three years, or both.

            (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book,

            document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully

            conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or

            destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned

            not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office

            and be disqualified from holding any office under the United

            States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not

            include the office held by any person as a retired officer of

            the Armed Forces of the United States.”

            Yes, it explicitly states

            “shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any

            office under the United States.”

            Shouldn’t voters know that? The media won’t tell them. So it’s up to us. Pass this on, please.

          4. rocky says

            I was told that when she was sworn in to office, that legislation was not yet signed into law, but was enacted while she was in this position.
            Any truth at all to that? If so… too bad… but still, she has shown her dark side for sure.

          5. buddman says

            I see you believe the democrat Bulls hit sorry skippy not true but all dems lie anyway

          6. skipsart says

            Hey, don’t insult the name skippy……please……….LOL !

          7. buddman says

            10/4 LOL

          8. skipsart says

            😉 !!!

          9. bluebonnet says

            some demoRATS are the ones that actually believe that they can help people, and that they will? LOL The demoRATS have NEVER helped anyone expcept give your hard earned money to lazy good for nothings that are sometimes called THUGS and that burn down cities, if they worked, they would not do it!

          10. mallen11 says

            Your information needs to be spread far and wide in every communication possible.

          11. Concerned parent says

            Link please.

          12. betty thompson says

            don and Elizabeth I give you credit for writing what you did it was great but Hillary has enough money to pay off anyone and the American people are

          13. Arizona Don says

            I am aware of what you say. As far as the elites who are now running this country you are right. No one can bribe every voter however, and it is the voters, the citizens, who must turn this nation around. Just as it was 240 years ago. We find ourselves at the same type of juncture. If we must embrace war among ourselves let us do it with determination and faith. The elites will never turn this once great nation around and have no intention of trying even. Can we get that done? I think we can at least we MUST try. After all the lives of our children, their children and generations after them depends on us doing everything we can. Our forefathers did as much for us do we not owe those who follow at least as much? I think we do. Even at 77 I shall do everything in my power to assist in the necessary duty at hand. I am an American!

          14. Chuck Lynch says

            Globalism, which is like a cancer to the nation’s sovereignty, is now dead.
            Let’s keep it that way!!!

          15. mallen11 says

            Yes, it was a very weak debate with childish questions that were meaningless that caused the bickering between the candidates. We need some fair and balances moderators that are not bias and willing to do what is right.

          16. NotJim says

            From MSNBC you expect “fair and balanced” moderators that are “not biased”?

            Good grief.

          17. Maria castro says

            The debate only purpose was to try to destroy Trump. Lester the Jester couldn’t have been more obvious.

          18. Arizona Don says

            Did you notice he has made 5179 comments and no votes? That can tell you all you need to know. It spells troll.

          19. Jman77 says

            Hey Jet you are ignorant as to how business works. It’s best you keep your pie hole shut because you show your ignorance as you just did.

          20. VanceJ says

            Your a F’n idiot can’t even get your facts strait, typical BS lib.!!! let’s see Hilly’s 33,000 deleted E- Mails, let’s see her wall street speeches, she made so much money from. one thing for sure she sure knows how to throw up smoke screen’s.!!!!

          21. J.B.Jacobs says

            He has over 500 businesses around the world. How many do you have. None, I would venture.

          22. Mathew Molk says

            Bet the assbag never signed the front of a check in his (or her) worthless commie progressive life.

          23. TeaPartyPatriot says

            .TRUMP needs to get across to the voters that this election is not only about immediate change in direction of the the government but it is also a great movement to clean out the parasites in the Senate and the House that refuse to listen to what the people want instead of lining thier own pockets at the trough of K Street and the lobbyists. We need peoples representatives in the house and senate not gold diggers attempting to feather thier own nests.

          24. Elizabeth Davis says

            How about all the other companies and people that had to bankrupt because of the failedOpbama administration that put people and business out of business and all of those today that are having to scale back or close thier doors . I guess that is still Bushes fault except Obama and his minions have had 8 years to correct it. they say they have but as a lay person that use to be in the middle class I have not seen it yet . They all need to be thrown out including Hillary the lier

          25. Mike Geremia says

            obama has buried small business with high taxes and heavy regulations….his whole aim is to destroy this country by destroying small business and the middle class. and he is doing a damn good job of it…..I can’t wait till he is out of office…..and Trump is our president….it will take a massive landslide to overcome the Dems. dirty tricks….

          26. Daniel Irish says

            It’s truly amazing how trolls such as you always show avatars with demons, skulls and other things surrounding death – Proverbs 8:36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.

            Satan has you in his grips, but you think you are your own free agent. You are not in control. Either God is your master or Satan. Your avatar shows much about your heart. it shows much about the way you think and feel. John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

            You have shown your hatred. You have shown your ignorance. You are parroting what others, as ignorant of facts as you, and just as empty inside. You’re acting like a child. I have to go back to that avatar of yours. It shows immaturity. It shows a person filled with hate and self loathing. The good news is that Jesus loves sinners. He died on the cross for sinners such as you and as me. No one is sinless, but the difference between you and Christians, true Christians, is that they have admitted they are sinners and realize they are 100% accountable to God for them. Christians seek mercy and forgiveness from God for their sins and they get both, because: Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Psalms 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise. John 6:37 All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

            Now you have seen the gospel and now you are 100% accountable for your own actions. Are Christians better than you? No, none are. The difference is, they are forgiven, because they have a sacrifice to offer for their sins, Jesus.

          27. mallen11 says

            Well put.

          28. Sherry says

            Well done, good and faithful servant!

          29. GuardianFlame says

            Go over to where someone “might” give a damn abt your opinion TROLL! You have to be masochistic to have people tear your worthless arguments into shreds and still come.back for more. THAT IS EITHER A MENTAL DISABILITY OR YOU ARE A TROLL – my guess (because I’ve read your braindead unthinking comments everywhere) YOU ARE A WEB GENERATING TROLL. Time to educate the commentors to what you are so they can BLOCK YOUR UGLINESS, HATEMONGER!

          30. mac12sam12 says

            6 bankruptcies out of 515 businesses. That’s about a 999% batting average. Trump looked presidential and Hillary looked ready for the old folks home.

          31. alegalcitizen says

            yeah, and her bags are packed and she’s ready to go, they’re right there under her eyes!

          32. buddman says

            The one under her Cockeye is bigger LOL

          33. MLFIO says

            L.I.F.E.R alert ( Lost Ignorant Fool Escaping Reality)

          34. TeaPartyPatriot says


            Today, 12:49 PM

            Posted by Martin Walsh | Sep 27, 2016 | Breaking News, Liberal Corruption
            Hillary Caught Cheating AGAIN!
            Hillary Caught Cheating AGAIN!
            During last night’s presidential debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced each other face to face for the first time in quite awhile. The debate was hyped up to be the most watched presidential debate in American history, and it did not disappoint.

            The debate was 90 minutes long and the candidates were not given any breaks. The idea was to have a camera angle on the candidates the entire debate so their every move could be analyzed.

            Because of this and the unprecedented media coverage, we are able to report that Hillary cheated, again, and wore an earpiece during the debate.

            Clinton was first spotted following the debate leaning over and shaking hands with several people in the front row. In the photo below, one can clearly see the indention on her back through her coat. It clearly appears she is wearing some sort of device on her back that is trying to be hidden from the public.

            What Does She Have On Her Back? What Device Is She Trying To Hide?
            Critics will argue that this device was her microphone, and that Donald Trump is also wearing the exact same thing. That would be a fair and honest argument if we were not talking about the most corrupt candidate to ever run for president.

            Again, thanks to unprecedented media coverage from almost every angle imaginable, we were able to catch another image of Hillary Clinton wearing a listening device of some sort in the debate.

            As the World Tribune reported on Sunday, presidential debate moderators are not allowed to wear earpieces during the debates, but the Federal Election Commission refused to rule out the use of communications devices for candidates.

            With that, photo evidence unequivocally shows that Hillary Clinton wore an earpiece Monday night for the debate.

            This Is The Second Debate In A Row She Has Cheated, Worn An Earpiece
            Would anyone reading this put it past Hillary Clinton, of all people, to cheat?

            In fact, this isn’t the first time she has worn an earpiece in a debate. Remember the Commander-In-Chief Forum that took place September 7th? We confirmed with evidence that Hillary wore an earpiece at this debate, too. Here is the photo of her at this Forum clearly wearing some sort of listening device:

            Second Time She Has Been Caught Using Listening Devices In A Debate
            Second Time She Has Been Caught Using Listening Devices In A Debate
            While mainstream media outlets and pundits will not cover this story, we can clearly see Hillary has been caught cheating again. These photos have not been manipulated or doctored at all. They are shots taken from live footage last night during the debate.

            Hillary is either wearing a hearing aid because she has trouble listening, which speaks to her health issues, or she is using a hearing device to listen to someone else speaking to her.

            Hillary is more than likely using this device to receive help in the debates answering questions. When Donald Trump speaks, Hillary often has a “listening face,” as if she is trying to take in what she is being told through her earpiece.

            Is she so afraid of Trump that she has to cheat before every debate or have someone help her answer questions for her? Who is on the other side of the device answering these questions for Hillary?

            Share this to keep the attention on this story. The media are all ganging up on Donald Trump and crucifying him unjustly and unfairly. We The People must stand up and come to his defense. Exposing Hillary with this story will harm her campaign tremendously.

            We demand the truth!

          35. mallen11 says

            Again? I thought they were checking that. The Republican side should have had the honor. She is the most hateful person while Trump was polite. He need to let her have it next time –no holding back because she won’t either. Treat her like a male and see what happens.

          36. bernie says

            Did anyone notice that her mouth was not with her talking words most of the time. My husband and I noticed it pretty quick as we are acquainted with singers using lip sync when they are performing. We couldn’t figure why that was happening. If anyone taped the Debate they can watch her and see it.
            TRUMP !!!!!

          37. TeaPartyPatriot says

            It should not be had to prove as I understand NaNa’s double is about 5 inches shorter and her social finger is longer than her index finger. NaNa in PJs social finger is so worn from giving it to the public that it is now the same length as her index finger.

          38. Mike Geremia says

            of course Hillary has a double….and she appears much younger than hillary

          39. Mike Geremia says

            I suspected she had a transmitter in her earring…..must be true…

          40. Mike Geremia says

            the debate was fixed….she already had all the answers to the questions which were secretly delivered to her by NBC

          41. Mathew Molk says

            Got to say it again. Revisionism in history was not enough. Now the commie useful idiots have come up with revisionist live TV.

            How much dope did you smoke during the debate moonbeam?

          42. Sue Breslin says

            and HIL-LIAR-Y isn’t. What cloud are you on?

          43. mallen11 says

            Who are YOU to judge? You are not even good enough to wipe the dung off of his shoes if he ever stepped in some.

          44. The1TruthSpeaker says

            trump stepping in trump?

          45. noBS says

            Six bankruptcies, compared with how many hundred successful businesses? Hillary said that he started with something like $12 or $14 million that be borrowed from his father (as if that’s a bad thing). But he’s now worth multiple Billions (I’ve read anything from 6 or 7 to as many as 12 billion). Suppose he borrowed $14 million and is now worth $7 Billion. Do you realize that he multiplied his money 500 TIMES??? How many politicians understand the workings of the business world enough to accomplish that? How many JOBS did he create along the way (and how many has Hillary created — or more accurately, how many jobs have been LOST by the policies of the Democrats, that forced jobs to go outside our borders, or, in the case of the coal industry, simply ceased to exist because of government regulations)?
            Personally, I don’t care what is in his tax returns. Whatever is there, he has complied with the applicable laws. If (as Hillary suggested) he hasn’t paid any income tax, it’s because he was smart enough to know the law and invest his money in legal ways to minimize his tax obligation — just as other wealthy people do, like Democrats Warren Buffet and George Soros!!! On the other hand, Hillary has skirted the law in numerous ways, including the use of her email server — which actually compromised national security, or at a minimum, put it in jeopardy of being compromised (we’ll never know for sure the extent to which her server was hacked). AND, Hillary’s “charity” — the Clinton Foundation — is suspected of being little more than a money laundering scheme for her family’s benefit. If true, she may well have used it as a “pay for play” scheme to sell access to herself and to other high ranking government officials — definitely illegal, and another issue compromising national security. Even if the Clinton Foundation is somehow exonerated and found innocent of those accusations, if Hillary is elected President, how could she not at least consider giving preferred treatment (and access) to people who were large contributors to her “charity” (including leaders of some not-so-friendly governments)?

          46. bernie says

            Many Articles state That Trump received one million dollars from his Dad, and already had a good Business going at that time. His Dad also gave the other Siblings money. Trump is not one to sit around and do nothing so he built it into a very large fortune. I think this is the true amount from what I have read.

          47. Norman says

            Yep, it was $1 million, then it became $4 million, now according to hilLIARy during the 1st debate it was $14 million. Will she claim it was $24 million during the 2nd debate then $34 million during the 3rd? Of course her sycophants will not only believe every lie she tells, they’ll repeat her lies and claim those are facts.

          48. bernie says

            You are right on, Norman.The great thing about the Dad’s money is that his son Trump changed it into Billions.

          49. Phoebe Isley says

            BRAVO noBS! That was exceptional and I loved your comment

          50. Pam Rugtiv says

            He says he’s been under audit for ten years (as I recall). Isn’t it obvious to the most casual observer he would have had IRS ‘problems’ had they found anything wrong. IRS problems would have made the papers, for sure.

          51. TeaPartyPatriot says

            Fish wrappers like the NYT and WaPo would have had a field day if there was even a hint of an IRS irregularity in Trumps tax returns and since Trump has been audited so often You can be sure there is nothing wrong. I’ll bet that TRUMP pays his bookkeeping staff (male and female) more than NaNa in the PJs has legally EARNED in a decade. he pays for and gets the best tax advice available.

          52. jimbo124816 says

            Democrats start with billions of our dollars and with their business acumen, they convert it into a 20 trillion dollar deficit.

            And democrats like Hillary and Bill, don’t earn any money. The steal it or extort it from businesses and foreign governments and companies with the promise of something in return.

          53. NotJim says

            “Suppose he borrowed $14 million and is now worth $7 billion”

            Remember that Democrats are arithmetically-challenged and especially do not understand “billions”.

            An interesting quote, supposedly from late Sen. Everett Dirksen:

            “A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money.”
            Although often quoted, it seems Dirksen never actually said this. The Dirksen Congressional Research Center made an extensive search when fully 25% of enquiries to them were about the quotation. They could find Dirksen did say “a billion here, a billion there”, and things close to that, but not the “pretty soon you’re talking real money” part. They had one gentleman report to them he had asked Dirksen about it on an airflight and received the reply: “Oh, I never said that. A newspaper fella misquoted me once, and I thought it sounded so good that I never bothered to deny it.”

          54. big KAhuna says

            Your in denial – your candidate is on life support like you!
            Clinton unfit

            Literally Unfit For the Presidency!
            Can’t Walk, Needs Assistance, Can’t Think, Often Confused, Can’t See, Has Double Vision, Wears Long Coats to Hide Her Adult Diapers, Has Multiple Seizures On Camera, Left in Middle of Debate For Unexplained Reason, Called Donald Trump Her Husband, Massive Coughing Fits During Speeches… she’s a devout lesbian with her Muslim girlfriend/aid, She’s a known Cocain addict, part of the 6 th biggest crime families in NY ( Clintons) ( muslims will never fit within our society and will try to push Sharia law on a society/constitution that is based on Judea christian values), she’s totally responsible for the Death of four Americans in Bengazi ( gross negligence), Bill Clinton appointed the FBI official who investigated her for mishandling security Mail during his term ( who failed to prosecute her – placing her above the law). This speaks volumes about a Party and it’s followers who have lost their way and are Anti American and the new Satin within America.

            Trump is a Saint compared to Clinton and Americas only hope.
            He is a self made Billionare who loves his country/Constitution.
            All things that Athiest Socialist Billionare Sorros (Clinton/Obamma funds supporter) is not – in fact his record shows him doing great damage to other countries as well as our country.

            Go Trump!

          55. Scott says

            He is a billionaire so he may have an idea how to run a company. I do know that Hillary knows how to get away with breaking the law maybe that is a virtue you can get behind. You know like not protecting top secret information that protect Americans like you. And taking money and appointments for future fortunes. If enough people like you vote for her she can fleece you too.

          56. Debbie says

            I was leaning towards Clinton but after really listening to all the crap that she’s done & her political/personal history …..but I have decided I am with Trump,

            He maybe out of control in many things he says but he speaks his mind for all of us to hear; Clinton on the other hand has a two face what she tells us as US citizens is one thing AND then what she says behind closed doors none of us will ever know unless someone speaks out to inform us of her dark thoughts and plans. I hope if Trump gets into Office he surrounds himself with many great people who can help lead our Country in making the safest and best decisions in taking care of our Citizens and our Country.

            I know if we vote Clinton the USA is going to continue to change for the worse and we will continue to endure all the things that have happened to our Country in the last 8 years under Obama.

            If we vote Trump at least we have a fighting chance for change going back to what we need, GOD in our schools, deporting illegals back to their countries, having a Voice in decisions that affect our Country as a whole.

            Right now as US Citizens the Americans have become the minority, we have lost the right for our children to say the Pledge of Allegiance to GOD in class every morning but yet we have to respect the Immigrants rights to praise their Koran, to worship daily.

            This is just the tip of iceberg as I know it but I want to see our borders strengthened and not allow illegals to cross over. The Immigrants who come to our country legally should be the minority not the majority and not be able to force their Cultures/beliefs into our Society. If they want to continue to practice their beliefs then stay in their own countries.
            In the last debate I was so ticked when Clinton stated she wanted to bring together all the illegals in the country, legalize them and allow them to work along side US citizens because she saw this as giving us strength.

            I wished we had other options running for President but we don’t. We have what we have and as US Citizens need to make our votes count because if people take the stance that their vote doesn’t count then that’s one more vote in favor of Clinton and the Hell we will face over the next 4 to 8 years. My brother made a comment that if she gets into office she plans to do away with our rights to vote & eliminate the Elections, is this something she can do as the President? this is scary to think we would loose the right to vote. Sorry to carry on but these are some of my thoughts. Debbie in Michigan

          57. buddman says

            dear s hit for brains If you Don’t like the bankruptcy laws change Trump does not have to Show his Tax returns as there is No law requiring that either Perhaps you should contact you local Demonrat congressman and have them change that Too So eatS hit Lizzard LOL moron

          58. Sherry says

            Sounds like the perfect description of your gal Killary! SHE IS the FRAUD! Everything about her is EVIL and you know it! YOU also know that she belongs in prison at Guantanamo, as a captured terrorist and murderer! And THIS is what you want for POTUS?? You deserve what you get; but we don’t! Birds of a feather…….

          59. bernie says

            Wrong ! And he has been a Billionare for a long time. YOU think you are smarter than him? You have too much regard for your intelligence which seems to be missing somewhere along the road to dumb and dumber.
            TRUMP !!!!!!

          60. wonduh says


            His tax returns are immaterial to most of us. We would rather have more more truths about the email server, Benghazi failure costing 4 lives and Hillary’s health problems. Are you a CPA and what will you get out of seeing his tax returns? Stupid.

          61. Charles T. Gore says

            I’m going to refer to you as “Great One” as you are a legend in your own mind.

          62. EMIRCITNA says

            SO HOW MANY successful hotels has…..your name on them?!!!

          63. Donna Borum says

            He wants better for America than Hillary. She wants to give what America stands for and America herself away. We need someone that knows what right is right and wrong is wrong. We will be lost with Hillary. We can love but still disciple and not just be over run with what wants to destroy us. God help us to get back to you.

          64. Concerned parent says

            What is the Donald worth? That should be a measure of his success.
            May be you appreciate the likes of GEORGE SOROS – another billionaire who uses his billions to destroy economies?

          65. Shelly Shannon says

            Really? FYI, bankrupsies are not against the law. FYI, tax returns don’t show bankrupsies. Trump hasn’t even come close to being the inept, corrupt, pathological liar, bottom dwelling piece of shit that Clinton is. He doesn’t have any obligation to release tax returns if he doesn’t want to. Hillary Clinton is no better than her rapist husband. Anyone that calls disabled kids “fucking retards” is a piece of shit. Anyone who berates a twelve year old and protects her rapist is a piece of shit. Any one who claims to be a champion of women and stands up in front of millions of women in this country and calls them deplorable and irredeemable is a piece of shit. Anyone who calls African Americans “super predators” is a piece of shit. Anyone who threatens the life of the rape victim of Bill Clinton is a piece of shit. Anyone with this level of corruption and disregard for anyone but herself and gets rich by using the state department as her personal slush fund is a piece of shit. And anyone who uses the people around her to take the blame for her unethical and lawless lies and corruption is a piece of shit. Hillary Clinton is a cancer on society and has been for 40 years. FACT CHECK.

          66. grams33ms says

            Actually just because she showed her tax return, it was proven that she lied on it. He intakes and outtakes did not match the assests and other things. I would rather vote for a “fraud, so you say” than a corrupt criminal Clinton Cartel Foundation liar. AND taking illegal money from other countries and letting people die from watered down meds just for more greedy money in her pocket.

          67. betty thompson says

            you sure are dumb what about Hillary she just gave 1/2 million to the head of the federal he gave it to his wife she gave it to comney to shout up you are pretty dumb

          68. ringostarr1 says

            Time is running out to make it to Canada before Donald Trump is inaugurated.
            Chop-Chop, you had better get your ass in gear because Trump will soon be the President of the country on Canada’s Southern Border.

        2. Arizona Don says

          A troll so is jetmagnet. Maybe it should be magot.

          1. bluebonnet says

            who’s the troll?

        3. buddman says

          Yes he did!!

        4. atc333 says

          Sorry, the problem with Trump was he was not prepared, and was too upset with the way the debate was going for him. He chose to back off simply because his alleged “attack” was based on what most Americans recognize as totally invalid, Bill Clinton’s sexual misbehavior. Hoever, in this Country, one spouse is not not responsible for the acts of her or his spouse, absent active particpation.

          But then there was also another problem. Trump is currently dealing with his very own sexual assault cases, one involving a 13 year old girl at the time. Unlike Trump’s, Clinton’s actions were consensual, the Plaintiffs in Trump’s two cases are claiming they did not consent, but were forced into having sex. He obviously thought better of throwing the first stone, as just with these two pending cases, much less ignoring all the other skeletons currently falling out of his closets, he is obviously living in a very large glass tower.

          1. Sandy129 says

            Just more slander. He didn’t have a working mic either for the debate which was irritating for sure. He did right under the circumstances. With people so quick to believe every lie on the net, its going to continue but the fact is that you don’t KNOW the man. Those who do know better. All lies you are spewing.

          2. atc333 says

            Donald Trump would have immediately complained then and there about a non working mike. He is far too egotistical to put up with anything which he deems adverse to his best interests. He would have stopped the debate until that issue was fixed. period.

        5. betty thompson says

          he is to dumb to ask that

      3. Hillaryoncrack says

        As usual, you are grossly mistaken. You need to clean your rose colored glasses. The debate I watched showed Trump in charge. He could have been tougher on Hillary but cut her some slack. Plus the moderator was in Hillary’s corner all night.

        1. Jjb54 says

          See that’s the thing, the ” Moderator ” and it was clear, as some noted, ” Was he trying to apply for a position of ‘ Press Sec. ‘ for Ms. Clinton? It clearly looked like it was.

          Trump was sadly between a ” rock and hard place “, when you see the ” game is fixed ” again … well …. I know that if Trump brought up anything of substance, the Ms. Clinton Press Sec. wanna be, would have ‘ changed subjects ‘ very quickly.

          The real looser, L. Holt. He proved he could not be a neutral moderator. He was very biased. Personally, I would have STOPPED the ” debate ” and asked him, ” Are you trying to apply for a job with Ms. Clinton? Because it certainly seems that way. ”

          That would have been a great move.

          1. VanceJ says

            LOL, and he is supposed to be a Republican, yah, a Rhino, like so many are.

          2. Sherry says

            Holt, a Republican?? NOT in this lifetime!

          3. Hillaryoncrack says

            Yes it would have. Holt was clearly biased, but that should have been expected. Trump still missed several opportunities to put her away once and for all. But all in all I would call the thing a draw. I hope Trump learned from this and comes loaded for bear in rounds 2 & 3.

          4. J.B.Jacobs says

            He is going to have the same problem in the next two debates, maybe worse. Anderson Cooper is a never/trump, the third debate moderator is Chris Wallace, another never/Trump . I don’t know which is worse, but they all will do everything they can to put Trump down.

          5. Hillaryoncrack says

            Cooper is definitely in Hillary’s corner. Wallace, I think it depends on how he’s feeling that day. Not sure about him. But, at any rate, I don’t think Trump was prepared for what was coming. This time he hopefully will get the upper hand on the moderators.

          6. J.B.Jacobs says

            I know some people were saying he had to be careful and not be too hard on Hillary or he would look like a bully. Maybe that’s why he let them get by with the way they did. I hope he forgets about being a bully and calls her out in the next debate for all the corruption and lies she has told. She will probably say,”well. I know I made a mistake, but I won’t do it again” That makes everything alright again. I’m sure a lot of crooks would like to use that excuse to keep from being prosecuted.

          7. Mike Geremia says

            all I know is that Trump better let her have it in the next debate…gloves off….do not pull a Romney and be nice……

          8. J.B.Jacobs says

            I think you are right. He has plenty of things to call her on that she won’t have an answer for except another lie.

          9. Mike Geremia says

            why are there always Liberals as moderators…..who picks them….why dont we have Judge Jeanine….or Hannity or Rudy as a moderator…..

          10. J.B.Jacobs says

            The media wants moderators like Cooper and Wallace. They want them to ask what the call “tough questions”. I call them stupid questions. They don’t usually have anything to do with what they will do if elected, it’s about something they said 15 or 20 years ago that has nothing to do with what is happening now or the election. You’ll notice when they are reporting on something, they have to have “a panel’ they call them, that disagree with each other so they can have a shouting match going on with all of them talking at once, and you can’t understand what any of them are saying. When it is over, you wonder what they were talking about or what was true and what was false.
            The media does not report the news anymore. It’s garbage they have made up. It’s more like a realty show than the news.

          11. meg903 says

            I would bet that Trump will really show Hillary up in the next two debates. He wanted to show people the better side of himself, and he did in a big way. It “aint” over until the last debate. Hillary has enough baggage to last the remainder of her life, and I bet it starts coming out at the next debate.

          12. Mike Geremia says

            her lies will destroy her…..

          13. Elizabeth Davis says

            I hope he comes out swinging. enough is enough. Why not let a person from the lay people ask the questions we might get some good questions with good answers

          14. Hillaryoncrack says

            You know, I have wondered the same thing. Why not let an average person from, lets say, Wheeling West Virginia or Galena Illinois or Yuma Arizona act as moderator?

          15. Norman says

            I realized Lester Holt was biased toward hilLIARy from the start of the debate when he started lead into the first question with something like “With six years of steady economic growth. . . ” Economic growth? Yeah, economic growth according to obama’s Department of Treasury and Department of Labor. Not sure what economic growth Lester was talking about. He should have simply asked hilLIARy what she would do to grow the economy.

          16. Mike Geremia says

            what about the 20% unemployment rate..not the obama government;s stats….

        2. Mathew Molk says

          You can say that again about the moderator. She got first and last say on all questions save one.

          1. Mike Geremia says

            the debate was fixed just like they will try to fix the election….

        3. Mike Geremia says

          the fixx was already in when they Had Lester Holt who works for NBC…..

          1. Mike Geremia says

            why not Hannity, Newt or Judge Jeanine…as a moderator….

          2. Hillaryoncrack says

            You got that right Mike.

      4. 2Shadow2 says

        Ah the finest of the left wing blather. You need wings to stay above your BS.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Trump got smashed like the cockroach he
          is. Lil Donnie can’t stand to be laughed at, and tonight he was the
          laughing stock of the entire world!

          1. 2Shadow2 says

            Troll. troll, troll your shoe, loudly on the blog. Merrily, merrily, merrily you spew, but never with a clue.

          2. Sandy129 says

            LOL love it!

          3. Mike Geremia says

            looks like 2 Soros paid trolls on here now….

          4. VanceJ says

            Amazing, who would of thunk it, Brainless jetmagnet, can type, or maybe someone else is doing it for him.

          5. Daniel Irish says

            Then there is Hillary. Her husband raped women, and Hillary defended him by attacking the women. How about that 12 year old girl who was brutally raped by a fiend, a fiend that Hillary defended and got off.
            Hillary is a liar and her lies have been shown, but only those with eyes blinded by Satan cannot see those lies. Trump could have done better, true, but he is not a professional liar like Hillary. Hillary has been in debates before, Trump hasn’t. Here is the truth though, the things Obama put into action, Hillary will continue. If she wins, your rights vanish. The hatred you spew at others will be monitored and if you ever slip, look out.

          6. jetmagnet says

            Raped women? Give me the court case #’s and proof.
            Hillary lied? compared to trump she’s a saint. Trump lies 99% of the time. he’s a fraud. he was factchecked in the debate and he was exposed as a fraudulent liar. Hillary at least has the balls to admit she made a mistake, Trump just doubled down on lies, and more lies.
            he’s dishonest, and he won’t get elected unless he shows the world his tax returns.
            If he does, he’ll quit, because he’s a fake, a liar and a fraud.

          7. Norman says
          8. Mathew Molk says

            OK everbody.

            Why don’t we all just block this jet maggot boxhead if they don’t drop the revisionism and can’t come up with facts, and don’t knock it off with out and out lies.

            You have been warned, asshole.

          9. mac12sam12 says

            The Washington Post gave Hillary four Pinocchios after her interview with Chris Wallace, she also lied at her congressional hearing. Two of her aids pleaded the 5th! LOL

          10. judy says

            You idiot, he will show his tax returns and he told you when he would. WHEN HILLERY SHOWS THE 33,000 EMAILS SHE DELETED. Can’t you hear or can you just not believe your little girl just wouldn’t lie.

          11. Daniel Irish says

            No, Hillary never had balls. Evidently you are ignorant about female anatomy. The so-called fact check, via Holt, was found to be completely false. Maybe you missed that, huh?
            Bill Clinton did go to court and he committed perjury. He was president at the
            time. He said, about Monica, I never had sex with that woman, but yet we know that she performed oral sex on Bill in the Oval Office. It’s amazing how Leftists, Democrats and Socialists feel that perjury should be overlooked. They were quite adamant when they said, it’s only sex.
            It’s amazing how ignorant you children are concerning the Clintons. They have been breaking laws for years, and walk away untouched. If you had committed the same crimes, you’d be in prison, but the Clintons get a pass.

            Hillary is a pathological liar. She lied about her arrival at the airport in Bosnia. She lied about the attack of the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi. These are facts, but
            unfortunately, the Democrats in the House and the Senate care more about retaining political power than the oath they made. Everyone here who reads your posts know you lack the maturity to understand facts.

            I said it before, I’ll tell you again. Why do you have an avatar depicting the dead? It shows that you have no real insight into political affairs. Your avatar doesn’t scare or impress anyone, especially me. It reinforces my statement about your immaturity.

          12. Norman says

            HiliLIARy plea bargained for the rapist you mentioned for time already served based on a technicality then laughed about it afterward when interviewed. Does hilLIARy actually support women’s and girls’ rights?


          13. The1TruthSpeaker says

            What about that 13 year old girl that trump raped?

          14. Daniel Irish says

            A false accusation such as this opens you to libel. Trump does have a lot of money and that money can pay for really great lawyers. You may have nothing to take now, but his lawyers can make sure he gets most of anything you hope to make. It is called punitive damages. It is meant to punish those from making false accusations. A false accusation is a lie. Anyone who tells a lie, is a liar. Prove your rape charge against Trump. If you cannot do so, and I am sure you cannot, then it will show all that you are indeed a liar.

            When you make a post on a website, they have your ISP. You also gave your email address. The place you got your email account from, also has this info. Cookies, cookies, cookies and the digital crumbs they leave. You have left deep digital footprints on Disqus, as well as other websites troll. Are you so stupid, that you didn’t know that everything you post leaves a trail that leads directly back to your ISP and then you? A lawyer can get these records and then an investigator can find out everything about you, so a process server can go directly to your residence with a summons ordering you appear in court. Civil suits and their courts are not at all like criminal courts. At a civil suit, you are not given a lawyer if you cannot afford one. YOU are 100% responsible for all court costs. You will also be ordered to pay his attorney fees when they make a judgment against you, and they will. It doesn’t matter how little you have. The court will tell you how much you have to pay every month. Don’t have the money? Too bad. They put out a bench warrant for you. If you get stopped by the police for ANY reason, they radio back to the dispatcher, who runs a check on you. Then the dispatcher tells the officer, who then tell you that you are under arrest. The officer puts a nice pair of bracelets on both of your wrists, then puts you into the back seat of a police cruiser. They take you to jail, book you, obtain your fingerprints and take a mugshot. Amazingly, those who think they were so tough, often cry when their picture was taken. That picture and those fingerprints are then put into a national database. Every time you fail to pay, the lawyer can contact the courts and another bench warrant is put out for you. This will go on until you have paid off 100% of the judgment the court has laid against you. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll pay. After Trump dies, you’ll pay his children. It’s not how much he receives from you that counts. It’s how much YOU have to pay and the things YOU have to do without, until it is paid off.

          15. The1TruthSpeaker says

            Thank you for emphasizing how evil Trump is.

          16. Daniel Irish says

            You are an absolute idiot to believe a person is evil if they sue for libel or slander. Every American has the right to sue a liar like you. After all, you did make a false charge. But, then you will vote for Hillary, a notorious liar. You two belong together. I challenged you to present proof, which you couldn’t do, because it was a false accusation. That makes you both a liar and a coward, hiding behind your mommies’ skirt.

            Now the serious stuff. Since you have no fear of God, because you are a true Socialist and Socialist are usually agnostic or atheist, I’ve give you what the Lord Jesus said about people like you. Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

            I gave that as a courtesy. Our conversation is now ended, because you were too cowardly to even attempt to prove yours accusation. I know that doesn’t scare you. but I gave it to you because it will happen, and you are going there. Jesus died for sinners. If you ask Him to forgive you and save you from your sins, He will. All Hillary can do for you is, well, nothing at all. She’ll be there too.


          17. The1TruthSpeaker says

            Just wondering. Why would you want to defend a rapist?

          18. mac12sam12 says

            What debate were you watching? Trump cleaned the old lady’s clock! Trump2016!

          19. jetmagnet says

            How? lmao! He kept drinking water and sniffing, like he did a line of coke in the back.

          20. mac12sam12 says

            All the polls had Trump winning the debate. Trump doesn’t even drink let alone do coke.

          21. judy says

            That’s a line for killery, I believe you can go back a couple of months to an interview with slick willie’s old friend Gennifer Flowers. killery is the coke addict.

          22. Elizabeth Davis says

            So now you are adding another lie, about coke Everyone that sniffiles does not do coke I have allergies and sniffle and have never done any kind of drugs in my life How about you you seem to know everything Guess you did.

          23. mac12sam12 says

            It’s Bill Clinton that does cue. Ever see how red his nose is? That’s from years of cocaine abuse. Trump doesn’t even drink. #Trump2016

          24. Mathew Molk says

            Full of shit just like all commie useful idiot trolls.

        2. pmbalele says

          Here is a quote: ” Pundits and instant reaction polls agree: Hillary Clinton crushed Donald Trump last night. Hillary Clinton exposed Donald Trump as a racist, reactionary gasbag in front of what may be the largest debate audience in history. It was a stunning presentation of calm, intelligence, and wit in the face of insults and insanity.” Now what you say. Please vote for Hillary

          1. 2Shadow2 says

            The quote from you, Troll, or some lame MSM, who supports a criminal career Communist. You have nicotine stains on your underwear from blowing smoke out your bum.

          2. pmbalele says

            Please don’t cry now. Change your vote for Hillary. The problem with Trump is that he was raised with a golden spoon. He and his supporters do not see people of other races as regular Americans. Just imagine that Trump wants an electric wall to kill all Mexicans and Latino children trying to scale the war. Trump even encouraged racists to block buses carrying Latino children to their relatives in Cal and throughout the country. Trump also wants to ship out all illegals and their American born children some are in the USA military fighting for us enjoying life. That has made Americans really angry. I am asking Trump to hang up and go to his wives at Trump tower. Let’s vote for Hillary

          3. Elizabeth Davis says

            When did it turn into and electric wall

          4. pmbalele says

            Please ask Herman Cain, the underwear groper. Trump got the idea from Mr. Cain is a guy who claims his ancestors came from London-England. That is why he is Black with an English accent.

          5. 2Shadow2 says

            You speak crap per usual. Let’s vote for America and not the Clinton mafia. Protecting borders from invaders is not racist unless you are a Progressive stooge. Do you have a clue how many drug/human traffickers and gang members come across illegally? No matter, you do not care to be told or know. Here is your priceless career criminal Broom Hillary.

          6. pmbalele says

            Listen to me 2Shadow2. I am older than you. Therefore before you lose your vote to Trump, please vote for Hillary. You saw the difference in performance. Trump is a wash-out-does not know what he is talking about. I am your brother although Black in skin. So as your brother, please obey me and vote for Hillary.

          7. 2Shadow2 says

            LOL. Like I care how old you are or what your race is. The beauty of the internet is that you can be anyone you want. Such as a shill for the left. Maybe a paid troll, maybe just a consummate Communist. The internet is just a global masquerade book. at the debate: I saw a woman who knew beforehand the questions that were to be asked to both participants. I watched Broom Hillary constantly look down at a written response on a clipboard or a tablet. I saw an elderly guy hurry out to her podium at the end of the “debate” and remove small articles and a clipboard or a tablet with the precision of a magician. I saw her with and ear piece in her left ear as if her puppet masters were answering for her. I saw her blather about how more of the same would be good for America. I heard the same BS I have heard from the left for 30 years. Tax the rich and redistribute. The numbers aren’t there. There are and have never been any successful Communist governments. I heard Trump lay out one sound program after another and get challenged and “fact” checked constantly by an obviously biased Lester Holt, who never treated Broom Hillary equally. Never. That is just some of what I saw. Obey you? That would be suicide and I have much more love for this country than to see NWO politicians take it apart. I know who the Clintons are. Here is your real candidate:

          8. Mike Geremia says

            you really hit the nail on the head….I could not have said it better….thanks…

          9. Mike Geremia says

            R U NUCKIN FUTS….

          10. Elizabeth Davis says

            You are to blind to see How much welfare do you get?

          11. Mike Geremia says


      5. Billy says

        Just because YOU say he lost the White House doesn’t make it so, moron. Lying Hillzilla is the dumb one in this show. She has screwed up everything she has ever touched. She got where she is on the coat tails of her Low-Life, scumbag husband.
        She is one stupid b!tch. Why is Trump even with her in some polls and ahead of her in other polls? Because she sucks.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Trump fills stadiums, Clinton can’t fill a Jr high girls phys ed gym.

          There are Trump signs all over the place. I see a number of Hillery for prison and “Hil liar ry” signs but only have seen a grand total of 4 Clinton for president signs this election cycle.

          With all that visible support against no support at all just how do you think the cackling witch is going to win???

          The only thing i ever heard his Royal Exalted Boma say that was correct was 9 years ago when when he said the HilRat was not fit to be president.

        2. pmbalele says

          Well, here is a quote from right-wing site: Right wing had instant reaction polls agree: Hillary Clinton crushed Donald Trump last night. Hillary Clinton exposed Donald Trump as a racist, reactionary gasbag in front of what may be the largest debate audience in history. It was a stunning presentation of calm, intelligence, and wit in the face of insults and insanity. Please do not lose your vote to Trump. Vote for Hillary.

      6. VanceJ says

        You again, your a idiot, Trump did fine, could he have done better ? yes, but good enough to be elected and he will be.!!!

        1. pmbalele says

          You wish; But the American people spoke yesterday and today – Trump is unfit for the WH. Polls show Clinton with 51% whereas Trump was 41% the others were undecided.

          1. VanceJ says

            Strange, don’t know what polls your looking at, in majority of polls Trump won.!!!

      7. Daniel Irish says

        Nice try troll. I’m sure you made your handlers happy. However, freedom loving Americans know a Socialist troll when the see one. I’m pointing at you troll.
        People like you demand that taxes pay for the extermination of unwanted babies, via abortion on demand. That makes anyone who supports that policy, guilty of those murders carried out in abortion mills. That means you troll.
        People like you have no fear of God, because your god is yourself and others like you. You have no real compassion for others. If you did, you and your type would demand the abortion mills be shut down and you’d demand these so-called health care individuals be brought to justice, but… since people like you SUPPORT these murders of innocents, you are as guilty as those killing them.
        Hillary defended a rapist once. This fiend beat that 12 year old girl so badly, that she is infertile. Your Socialist candidate defended him and got him off. She made that 12 year old girl look like a wanton slut. Now as a woman, she still suffers at the hand of beast Hillary. There is much she is accountable for, and those who support her are just as accountable. you think you are smart, you think you are savvy, but in the end, you will stand guilty before a Righteous and Holy God. Is Trump a Christian? I don’t think so, but at least he has had his children terminated in their mothers wombs. Pence is a Christian, which is the very stuff you godless Socialist despise. I hope and pray Trump finds Jesus as Savior. I hope Hillary will too, because if she did, she’d do a 180 and overturn the vile agenda you Socialist crave.
        I’m voting for Trump to keep that vile Clinton woman out of the White House. The day will come when Clinton will wish she was never born. That day will come for you too. Vote Trump. He loves the America that Hillary hates.

        1. jetmagnet says

          So you want to talk about GOD, ethics. morals?
          Donald Trump Directly
          Refutes the Teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible

          Is Donald
          Trump a Christian, as he claims to be, showing off his Bible (which he has
          clearly never read) and professing his “faith” in God? There are profound
          reasons not to believe Trump:

          Trump admitted that he never asks God for
          forgiveness, saying that he “just tries to do better.”
          Trump apparently
          believes that he can save himself, because rather than asking God for
          forgiveness, he says to himself, “Let’s just go on and make it right.”
          standing in front of evangelicals, Trump said he needed to win the presidency
          because “I figure it is probably, maybe, the only way I’m going to get to
          Trump denigrated the body and blood of Jesus Christ by speaking
          dismissively of Holy Communion as “my little cracker” and “my little wine.”

          Jesus Christ said that no one is good except God. Trump told CNN’s Jake
          Tapper: “I am good. I don’t do a lot of things
          that are bad. I try to do nothing that is bad.”
          (So Trump claims to be good
          using the biblical “I am” phrase that Jehovah used to identify himself to
          Jesus Christ said that lust is the same as adultery, but Trump says,
          “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got
          a young and beautiful piece of ass.”
          Trump said that “an eye for an eye” is
          his favorite Bible verse, but Jesus Christ preached a gospel of love,
          forgiveness and returning good for evil.
          Trump said, “You have to be wealthy
          in order to be great.” Jesus Christ said just the opposite in his parable of the
          camel and the needle’s eye.

          Trump anti-Christ hashtags: #Trump666
          #NeverTrump #AntiTrump #NotTrump2016 #Trumpy #TreasonousTrump

          The Most Disturbing Things about Donald Trump

          the most disturbing thing about Donald Trump (and there are many things to be disturbed about) is his
          claim to be the “only one” who can save Americans, the “only one” who can save
          the Pope and Rome, and the “only one” who can save the world. Trump claims to be
          the nation’s Savior. He recently told a crowd: “I’m gonna take care of
          everybody. I will give you everything. I will give you what you’ve been looking
          for, for fifty years. I’m the Only One.” This has become an
          anthem: Trump is the Savior of the World, the Only Hope of the World, the Only
          One, the Messiah

          1. hangem'high says

            I guess if one never saw the debate, U might be able to get them to swallow your bull.

            Trump is not the only one that could save Europe and America from the Muslim hoards, Putin could the latter option!

          2. Mr Rollo says

            You are a real live Idiot. Hillary wants to tax the wealthy, tax businesses and increase regulations. Now, you tell me how many jobs will be created over these leftist, communist policies.

          3. dondehoff says

            “Jet…..”, first, you suffer from
            “Mark Twain-itis”—-once you start typing, you are too lazy to quit. With your ranting and raving on all issues, I suspect you are a “plant”. whose job is to take the readers’ focus off of the real issues at hand. Hillary (and Bill) have, for years, been cutting a wide swath, creating chaos, mayhem and destruction and leaving a large group of questionable deaths in the process—and the longer those two are in business, the more chaos they create. She, like Bill, does not have the stature, stamina or integrity to be in the Oval Office. And, when she and Bill continue with their goals, you and the likes of you, will have to accept at least part of the blame. Also, if Hillary get elected, where will “Bill” fit into the equation —–a de facto “third term”? or a paid “advisor?

          4. Daniel Irish says

            Neither the pope or Rome can save anything. They can’t even save themselves. Salvation is in Jesus alone.
            I made it quite clear in an earlier post that I did not believe that Trump is a Christian. He may believe in God, but he is not a Christian in the true Biblical sense. James 2:19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

            You say one thing about the Lord Jesus, and how salvation rests on Him, but then you spout the complete opposite. Hillary Clinton is the atypical Socialist Democrat who advocates abortion on demand. Abortion is an affront to God. It is murder, plain and simple. Hillary calls abortion, women’s healthcare. How can you support any candidate that supports abortion. You may believe in some things Christian, but your beliefs show otherwise, and yes, the Bible makes it very clear that you can judge another’s spiritual fruit. You cannot have it both ways, be a Christian and accept abortion and all of the sexual perversions she and others of her ilk advocate. Evidently you do not understand the deeper things of God.

            If a person says I am this, or I am that, does not constitute that a person is calling themselves God. I can say that I am an American, but that hardly means I am referring to myself as God. I can say, I am against abortion, but it does not mean that I am (notice it again) God. You cannot change the usage of English words or phrases to back your arguments. Those remain untouched. Jesus said it in a completely different context.

            True Christians stand with Trump to DEFEAT Hillary. Hillary knows that Trump would overturn many of the evil things that Obama has set in place. Obama knows it too. Maybe if you’d read Jeremiah, you’d discover that God called Nebuchadnezzar, his servant. God used Nebuchadnezzar to punish Israel for their sins against God. If Hillary is elected, she will continue to move America deeper into being a completely secular nation. If you were a Christian, you’d understand this. I say, if. If you are a Christian, you’re off center. You’re out of the will of God, simply because EVERYTHING that Hillary stands for, is against God. She recently made the statement: “Far too many women are denied access to reproductive health care
            and safe childbirth, and laws don’t count for much if they’re not
            enforced. Rights have to exist in practice — not just on paper. Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed. As I have said and as I believe, the advancement of the full participation of women and girls in every aspect of their societies is the great unfinished business of the 21st century and not just for women but for everyone — and not just in far away countries but right here in the United States.

            Those were Hillary’s own words, deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed. How much clearer do you need it spelled out for you? Christians will vote for Trump to keep Hillary out of office. No TRUE BLOOD BOUGHT Christian who is trying to live in God’s will, will vote for ANYONE who is a Democrat, because abortion on demand is in their platform.

            If you are a Christian, you need to seek God’s face. Quoting verses of Scripture will not prove your point, when defending the likes of any Clinton.

          5. The1TruthSpeaker says

            What did Christ say about abortion?

      8. Paul621 says

        @pmbalele:disqus – – – HOLY COW … How far up Hildabeast’s back side are you? TROLL

        I just CLICKED on your name and SEE that YOU
        cut and pasted this same crud on 4 different sites:


        How sad for you, little guy.

        1. hangem'high says

          Soros really doesn’t pay that good, so U have to spread it around like butter.

        2. judy says

          Hey Paul, he can’t even come up with all his bull**** on his own, has to copy it.

      9. Harley157 says

        Not smart enough to be President, or not crooked enough to be President? Sounds like you want someone who has a 30 year track record of being crooked and corrupt. I don’t want that for my Kids.

      10. jetmagnet says

        Trump lied all through the debate, he called for no factchecking, sorry donald, you’ve been reading from a teleprompter for the past month…words fed to him by GOP establishment pundits and wacko conspiracy theorist on his team. When he has no teleprompter and speaks from his mouth, he’s incoherent and unhinged. He needs roger alles, kelly ann and other operatives to write his speeches for him or he’d be back where he was a month ago , in deep doo.

        1. judy says

          Tell me exactly what he lied about, when it happened, where it happened and where I can go to do my own fact check, then I might believe you, but only after I do my own fact checking.

      11. dondehoff says

        “pm…….”, most elections are not one or lost with the first debate—Reagan “cleaned house” in one of his final debates—and Trump is a quick learner. Keep in mind, most of those who say he lost, were actually Clinton supporters.

        1. jetmagnet says

          He lost, ok? he lied on several issues and kept ranting about china and stealing oil from Iraq. His problem is he can’t accept the truth and doubles down on lies.
          Learn? He can’t learn, did you see the primaries? he does no research.
          The next debate will be even worse for him. he moved up in the polls with teleprompted speeches written by his team, not him. When he’s by himself he’s lost and undisciplined.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Yea, He is going to implode by Thursday, so said Krautheimer every Monday morning during the primaries.

            News flash kid,,,He aint imploded yet and thats after taking on and fastening 14 opponents that were all supposed to be shoe ins.

            This cackling witch is fit to be president of the Harper Valley PTA and is about as likeable as a worthog. – her security people cannot even stand her. ABd Hey, What you gonna; do when she passes out at the next debate?

          2. judy says

            Hey, maggot, we are talking about Trump, not Obozo. 9 out of 10 times, Donald shuts his tele-prompter off and goes off the cuff and does a damn good job of it.

          3. Daniel Irish says

            You really do exist in your own special world. You only accept the facts your handlers tell you to accept. No one here believes anything you spout off about. We’ve all seen Soros trolls before. Why anyone would want to follow Soros into the depths of Hell, I can not understand. He hates America. As a matter of fact, he probably hates you for being dumb enough to believe his spiel.

            You are the one who has not checked the facts.

      12. mac12sam12 says

        Trump beat old silver crotch like a Salvation Army drum. Trump also had to debate Holt and Hillary. #Trump2016!!

      13. TeaPartyPatriot says
      14. MLFIO says

        Brain dead libtard troll alert!!!!!!!! Pull your micro
        cephalic head out your ass and smell reality!!! The hidabeast is the spawn of
        satan and the “daughter” of communist Saul Alinsky and will destroy America

      15. Mathew Molk says

        Did you watch the same debate as I did?

        I know you commie useful idiots are all about revisionist history, but revisionist live television????? WTF, Over. That’s a new one.

        1. Arizona Don says

          Like I’ve told others I don’t mean to tell you what to do but you are wasting your time replying to him he is a troll.

      16. sox83cubs84 says

        One debate does not a President make( nor prevent). If you recall, Romney cleaned Ovomit’s clock in the first debate so badly that Fatass Candy Crowley had to step in and help Ovomit. It didn’t matter, in the long run, however. Plus, like Romney with Fatass, Trump had to clash with not only Hitlery but with the moderator, Lester Dolt, as well. Trump is still the candidate to beat, and he WON’T be beat.

        1. pmbalele says

          This debate was determinater. Trump lost the WH. Trump was thinking about his wives at Trump tower instead of having a conflict with his wives back at Trump Tower. Public Policy Polling – September 26, 2016 Debate Hillary Clinton (D): 51% Donald Trump (R): 40% Join me and vote for Hillary.

          1. sox83cubs84 says

            So if Trump wins the second debate, does that suddenly become the “determinater” (sic) ? You sound like a liberal grasping at anything to justify your support for Hitlery because you know she’s sinking fast. BTW, I’d vote for a pile of dog crap before I’d vote for Hitlery. Disqus readers, join me instead on November 8th and vote for Trump.

          2. pmbalele says

            Trump will never win a debate. His mind is about E. European women whom he thinks are more beautiful then our American women. Most European women have hair on their bodies. Our women here are smooth although smarter than Trump. Please join me and vote for Hillary,.

          3. sox83cubs84 says

            So now you can foresee the future debate results AND read Trump’s mind? You liberals are amusing but arrogant. TRUMP/PENCE 2016!

          4. pmbalele says

            We liberals are arrogant? Tell that to Trump who wants an electric wall to kill all Latino kids crossing into this country. How can you expect proper brains from a polygamist? Trump did not measure up to Clinton who was calm and looking presidential. Trump was clumsy. Repubs and TPs and their racist friends are crying and angry as what happened with Trump during the debate. Trump embarrassed his friend by poor performance. I believe Trump was worrying about his wives at Trump Tower. You know polygamist never trust their wives. That is why Trump lost the debate last night. Vote for Hillary.

          5. sox83cubs84 says

            Now Trump’s a polygamist? Sounds like you need some serious psychiatric help, pal. After I send this, I’m blocking you…I don’t debate with the insane.

      17. TeaPartyPatriot says

        Posted by Martin Walsh | Sep 27, 2016 | Breaking News, Liberal Corruption
        Hillary Caught Cheating AGAIN!
        Hillary Caught Cheating AGAIN!
        During last night’s presidential debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced each other face to face for the first time in quite awhile. The debate was hyped up to be the most watched presidential debate in American history, and it did not disappoint.

        119 Million Americans Eligible To Claim Part Of $42.4 Billion Payout – Click Here Read More
        The debate was 90 minutes long and the candidates were not given any breaks. The idea was to have a camera angle on the candidates the entire debate so their every move could be analyzed.

        Because of this and the unprecedented media coverage, we are able to report that Hillary cheated, again, and wore an earpiece during the debate.

        Clinton was first spotted following the debate leaning over and shaking hands with several people in the front row. In the photo below, one can clearly see the indention on her back through her coat. It clearly appears she is wearing some sort of device on her back that is trying to be hidden from the public.

        What Does She Have On Her Back? What Device Is She Trying To Hide?
        Critics will argue that this device was her microphone, and that Donald Trump is also wearing the exact same thing. That would be a fair and honest argument if we were not talking about the most corrupt candidate to ever run for president.

        Again, thanks to unprecedented media coverage from almost every angle imaginable, we were able to catch another image of Hillary Clinton wearing a listening device of some sort in the debate.

        As the World Tribune reported on Sunday, presidential debate moderators are not allowed to wear earpieces during the debates, but the Federal Election Commission refused to rule out the use of communications devices for candidates.

        With that, photo evidence unequivocally shows that Hillary Clinton wore an earpiece Monday night for the debate.

        This Is The Second Debate In A Row She Has Cheated, Worn An Earpiece
        Would anyone reading this put it past Hillary Clinton, of all people, to cheat?

        In fact, this isn’t the first time she has worn an earpiece in a debate. Remember the Commander-In-Chief Forum that took place September 7th? We confirmed with evidence that Hillary wore an earpiece at this debate, too. Here is the photo of her at this Forum clearly wearing some sort of listening device:

        Second Time She Has Been Caught Using Listening Devices In A Debate
        Second Time She Has Been Caught Using Listening Devices In A Debate
        While mainstream media outlets and pundits will not cover this story, we can clearly see Hillary has been caught cheating again. These photos have not been manipulated or doctored at all. They are shots taken from live footage last night during the debate.

        Hillary is either wearing a hearing aid because she has trouble listening, which speaks to her health issues, or she is using a hearing device to listen to someone else speaking to her.

        Hillary is more than likely using this device to receive help in the debates answering questions. When Donald Trump speaks, Hillary often has a “listening face,” as if she is trying to take in what she is being told through her earpiece.

        Is she so afraid of Trump that she has to cheat before every debate or have someone help her answer questions for her? Who is on the other side of the device answering these questions for Hillary?

        Share this to keep the attention on this story. The media are all ganging up on Donald Trump and crucifying him unjustly and unfairly. We The People must stand up and come to his defense. Exposing Hillary with this story will harm her campaign tremendously.

        We demand the truth!

      18. judy says

        Trump could die tomorrow and Pence would take over before people would vote for killery. Like I said before, Trump is saving all his fire power for the 3rd debate when she wont have the time to lie her way out of things and his voice will be heard loud & clear.

        1. pmbalele says

          Please do not blame me. Public Policy Polling – September 26, 2016 Debate Hillary Clinton (D): 51%; Donald Trump (R): 40%

      19. big KAhuna says

        Wrong – Trump didn’t loose anything
        Thousands are vacating the Democratic Party ( big Satin). The debate just affirmed the corruption by the Democrats/news channels. Total slant by Moderator to assist Hildabeast numbers- more corruption at work.
        Silent Americans are coming and we are bringing a 55 Gal can of whipass!
        Trump by a landslide in Nov!

      20. Camille Gaven says

        You are one nasty person, not surprising your defense of Crooked, Liar Hillary.
        I will not remember much of the candidates words….I will always remember the mocking, smug, eye rolling, condescending actions of Hillary. Her smugness was appalling. This I will always remember. Not what I want in a President. Shows her lack of moral character and integrity.

      21. Tertullian says

        You are totally wrong

      22. alegalcitizen says

        What, we’re supposed to believe someone that makes 9,219 comments, and has only 2,804 like minded people???
        Oh goody, lets vote for the wicked witch of Benghazi, NOT!

      23. Veteran says

        How’s the Kool-Aid????

      24. buddman says

        EatS hit MORON you have no idea what you are talking about Ronald Reagan did poorly in the first debate then SMOKED MR Peanut Jimmy Carter LOL A sshole

      25. Sherry says

        I’ll vote for Satan before I vote for Killary…….At the very least we know what he is for real…….Oh, that’s right; she is his right hand “man”! Guess I won’t vote this time…….

      26. bernie says

        And Hillary can follow Bill to the White House on a short” visit” to see if any of his ‘ Special ” Girls are waiting for him there to continue the Farce with the young girls. Hillary is for a OWO, which means we lose our Freedoms and Sovereignty. Voting for Hillary shows how not smart you are. Couldn’t resist this one.
        TRUMP !!!!!

      27. maryclouse says

        What am I missing here..Hillary allowed the killing
        and torture of The Benghazi (4),she is a murderer,people
        are you so blind,that you would let this unholy,
        Un-American,garbage to hold office,she wouldn’t protect
        four Americans,how will she protect me,or you,or the rest
        of America..

        1. pmbalele says

          Trump is a murderer too. You know Trump wants an electric wall to kill all Mexicans and Latino children trying to scale the war. Trump even encouraged racists to block buses carrying Latino children to their relatives in Cal and throughout the country. Trump also wants to ship out all illegals and their American born children. That has made Mexican-Americans really angry. Now Trump is trying to trick Latinos that he loves them. They are not that stupid. I am asking Trump to hang up and go to his wives at Trump tower. Let’s vote for Hillary.

          1. maryclouse says

            I can’t wrap my head around what you just said.
            Hillary already allowed these (4) Americans to be murdered.
            Trump just says,how it is GET RID OF THESE ILLEGALS
            we the taxpayer are sick of footing the Bill>GET IT?

      28. Texas Belle says

        Prepare to vote for Hillary??? Think again.

        1. pmbalele says

          Texas Belle; you look like a real beautiful woman to me. But remember Trump hates you for being an American woman. He calls American women as fat, lazy and ugly. I see you as a pretty girl. Trump goes to poor European countries to shop for wives leaving you here in the cold. Please vote for Hillary,.

        2. Mike Geremia says


      29. katiekay2 says

        Are you kidding me? Trump draws thousands of people to his rallies with hundreds who could not enter the building. I don’t know who will win the White House but I can say this, I will be devastated if Trump does not win the elections as you will be if Hillary does not win the White House. The parties are so far apart you no doubt are as solid as a rock on your beliefs as I am BUT why do some get so ugly if we disagree? You and I have that right to vote but does it give us a right to be hateful.

        1. pmbalele says

          What – Trump draws thousands of people to his rallies? Those are photo-shops. FoxNews is good at photo shopping. But little girl, you saw Trump at the debate. The guy was lost despite having the notes in front of him. Hillary was calm and collected. Dump Trump and join me to vote for Hillary.

        1. Mike Geremia says

          AMEN TO THAT….

      30. EMIRCITNA says

        IN YOUR DREAMS, my friend,… your dreams!!!

      31. Concerned parent says

        Is that why the polls declared him the winner?
        Americans are starting to see just who is a true patriot and who is a glib traitor who is siphoning off millions into the Clinton Foundation.
        Maybe you are okay with the email and CF scandals?

      32. mudbirdy says

        I was disappointed at first when Trump backed off from attacking Hillary. But what would have happened if he had come out strong, guns blazing? He would have been called a bully and poor Hillary, she’s been sick, he shouldn’t have been so hard on her. Well that’s the setup, next round he uses all the stuff democrats have been saying against him. Just gave them enough rope to hang themselves.

        1. pmbalele says

          How can Trump could have come strong. Trump is a Polygamist. Polygamists are always lonely because they always worry about their wives. I wonder how you can expect proper brains from a polygamist then. Trump brains have deficiency. Clinton was calm and looking presidential. Trump was clumsy. Repubs and TPs and their racist friends are now crying Trump lost the debate. Trump embarrassed his friends by his poor performance. Would you believe he listened too ugly Giulian and used the words “Law and Order?” Trump should have never listened to people like ugly Giulian or Herman Cain who are racists and bigots. Trump was worrying about his wives at Trump Tower during the debate. Polygamists never trust their wives. That is why Trump lost the debate. Vote for Hillary.

          1. mudbirdy says

            Spoken like a true liberal! When all else fails, resort to name calling and personal attacks.

      33. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

        TRUMP won dum-dum. It is things like you who only see out their butt hole. Hillary will give you more poop and take away your toilet paper then you can use tongue. That should make you happy and it will keep your mouth shut. Bet you do not understand the point I just made. TRUMP in 2016 and Hillary in HELL on November 9th realizing she lost.

      34. grams33ms says

        Maybe if Trump had had the questions in advance, and had a device in his ear with people telling him what to say and was doped up with some kind of Happy Juice he would have looked like that poor corrupt criminal Hitler-y. And speaking of the “right wing morons” as you put it, what makes you think you know how other people feel about the debate? If there ever was a corrupt criminal cartel person trying to be the leader of our country IT IS HITLER-Y. Smart people will VOTE TRUMP.

      35. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

        Not in this lifetime! Hillary is worse than Obama, it that is possible. Think of how awful the world would be if everyone was just like they are. That will keep you busy for awhile.

      36. bluebonnet says

        do not vote for “killery”,,,write in TED CRUZ

      37. Chuck Lynch says

        Madam, you are an uninformed knuckle-dragging cretin!!

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Term limits and Trump/Pence 2016!

    3. pmbalele says

      How can you expect proper brains from a polygamist? Trump did not measure up to Clinton who was calm and looking presidential. Trump was clumsy. Repubs and TPs and their racist friends are crying and angry as what happened with Trump during the debate. Trump embarrassed his friend by poor performance. I believe Trump was worrying about his wives at Trump Tower. You know polygamist never trust their wives. That is why Trump lost the debate last night. Vote for Hillary.,

    4. skipsart says

      And don’t forget the Supreme Court nominees.

  3. SouthernPatriot says

    I wish Ted Cruz had endorsed Trump at Cleveland and wrote him a letter to that effect. I closed the letter in asking him how could he in right conscience not endorse Trump and in effect help in any way for Hillary to win the POTUS? I think my letter would probably have been part of tens of thousands of others, but I am glad he finally reasoned it all out.

    1. Edward B. Levy says

      I agree with you. Kiss & makeup can not help now. With his previous statements it give the Hildabeast camp free publicity. They can play that up, just as they will do with the BUSH turncoat family, McCain, Sessions etc These turncoats have fractured the GOP not only inflicting on Trump, but the tailcoats that Trump could have has will give the Houses a possible sweep including a Super Liberal Supreme Court for the next 20+ years, headlining Lorretta Lynch

      1. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

        Sessions and McCain both support Trump.

        1. bluebonnet says

          they are rinos!!!!!!!you are a troll

          1. Edward B. Levy says

            BB are you saying that I am a troll? Do you know what a troll is?

          2. hangem'high says

            No she don’t! She’s a roll, i’m a Troll!

        2. Edward B. Levy says

          maybe in a face saving way, but comments that have made,are being used against Trump

        3. Mathew Molk says

          Yep, I call them RINODEEs RINO/Democrat elite establishment. – They ALL have to go.

    2. supergun says

      Sometimes it is good not to open the presents all at once.

  4. freedomcreator says

    the mountains would be the best place for him- needs to do a lot of praying while he still can.
    Our freedoms are under attack – don’t you get it?

    1. tomw says

      We get it. He wants to run and hide.

      1. pineapple says

        I heard that is business is nearing bankruptcy.

        1. tomw says

          I used to watch the guy all the time. He lost it.

          1. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

            tomw —I agree with you, I don’t know what happened but he changed about the
            time he left FOX.

          2. Sandy129 says

            Yes, he did and the last few shows he did on Fox were very revealing. He made some crude comments regarding Jesus and that was it for me.

          3. bluebonnet says

            I like GLENN BECK

    2. H.P. says

      Some of the smartest people & millionaires are supporting Hillary as if she is a saints & all these people needs to get with Beck & hightail it to the Tallest Mountain so we can throw money off the side & watch them all jump off after it .

      1. bluebonnet says

        I like GLENN ECK and his show on TV! I think they all have gotten their 30 pieces of silver, not GLENN BECK, is above reproach and cannot be bought

        1. hangem'high says

          The only thing I liked about Glen Beck when he goes for something, its Gold or bust! Unfortunately he took lots of people down with him without an Iota of what the future would bring!
          He’s no George Soros

  5. John Hawkins says

    Beck is wacko. He needs to go to the mountains before he hurts someone or himself. Can’t stand to listen to him anymore. Its all about me,me,me with him. Get off radio and TV Beck. Youre all washed up. Cruz’s political career is history. He will never make potus. He may not even get re-elected. It took him way too long to honor his word. Not an honorable person.

  6. RichFromShowMe says

    My guess is Glenn is having problems resolving his “beliefs” with his new financiers “beliefs” and his decrease in viewership has to be a load.

    1. Sandy129 says

      His ignorant rantings was a huge turn off for me. When he was teaching on communism and who was who in the mix over Fox, he gained listeners. It was after he left Fox he was not even tolerable.

      1. Terry Rushing says

        I would like to see him step aside and someone like a commentator from Colorado who called himself “The Black Avenger” step in. I don’t know if the man is still around, but he made a lot of sense and Beck seems to be on an aimless path in never-never land.

        1. Sandy129 says

          He does at that and needs to come to reality. His time as a credible voice is over.

  7. Dawn says

    Trump is not a politician and he has entered the arena with really
    no background of debates. Hitler sure talks a lot and got me all
    mixed up with her ranting on and on. I told the tv to please shut her

    1. Sandy129 says

      Me too Dawn!! Seems she has never heard, and many other politicians as well, the phrase “talk is cheap” came about for a reason. It appears she knew all the questions and came ready to pontificate her garbage.

      1. David in MA says

        I thought she had prior knowledge of the questions the way she acted, Holt said neither did but hag Hillary talked to confident to the questions and it did not seem spontaneous.
        Trump needs to stay with letting America know what his ideas and plans are and only punching the hag now and then in her personal issues.
        When the hag mentioned Trumps businesses I would like to have seen him bring up the Clinton foundation and her funding’s.
        If Trump plays too civillly he will go the way Romney did.

        1. Sandy129 says

          She did, she was well versed and it was obvious to most of us. He was trying to not be too bullish and that may have hurt him some but the reason he reigned in at the end was that he looked up and saw Chelsea looking at him from the green room. He knows how his children are being hurt by things being said so he did hold back. This was his first real debate and we know Holt wasn’t fair and helped hillary.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Who cares about the witch’s ugly daughter. I’d have cut her just as much slack as she did to the families of the guys killed in Benghazi.

        2. Sandy129 says

          The has the info about her receiving the questions way ahead of time. They didn’t use email because of hacking but delivered it to hillary wearing a fed ex uniform.

        3. Mathew Molk says

          I thought that same thing myself. WTF, The cackling witch has cheated on everything she ever did since she flunked the bar exam. Why would she be on the up and up this time?

      2. Edward B. Levy says

        Sandy129, of course it was a fix, that is why she was prepp ed with the questions. I also agree with Dawn, David in MA. Holt may be a registered republican, but that does not shake out well. If you look at all of the stats from the debate, his pluses for H & minuses for D were out of reality. Any negatives about him would be blown up as RACIST. If he was white, Donald would have taken him to the mat! If Donald does not win, it is because of a Demoncratic media. About a month ago on the internet, which I am now sorry that I did not save a listing of OWNS & CONTROLS: ABC, CBS, NBC, NY TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, FACEBOOK and about 95% of all media ALL ULTRA LIBERAL!!!

      3. Mathew Molk says

        Hey,,, remember the song “VOTE FOR ME AND I’LL SET YOU FREE” and then forget about you until the next election.

        (Wounder why the Donald didn;t ask her how she is doing among the Coal Miners? )

  8. CUZIN ERN says


  9. joe katona says


  10. pianobill says

    You are right Beck, it’s long past time for you to go to the mountains—-and stay.
    You will not be missed.

  11. lmorgan138 says

    I am a Cruz supporter and I am glad he decided to endorse Trump. I used to listen to Beck, but his constant hatred for Trump made me change the channel. I just couldn’t take the holier than thou attitude that Beck exudes every time he talks. And that is sad.

    1. Sandy129 says

      I’m surprised Donald would even consider Mike Lee for the Supreme Court. I wonder if he put him on the list before or after his temper tantrum on NewsMax last spring. Lee hates Donald Trump and I used to think he was alright until I saw the way he acted to Steve. He is not one we could trust.

  12. supergun says

    The woman had a frightening look on her face last night. Very scary smile.

    1. jetmagnet says

      Trump’s mouth won him the
      primaries. He appealed to the lowest denominator within the Republican Party. He
      fed their hatred and anger that has been cultivated by the Republican Party for
      years. It paid off big for him. He beat them at their own game. The problem now
      is he’s maxed his base. There’s nowhere for him to go but down. The people that
      flocked to him are there. His problem is that this is the general election and
      the very rhetoric that won him the primaries will cost him the general. There
      are still way too many reasonable minds in the country that just aren’t buying
      the hate spewing out of his mouth.

      He foamed up from the hot smelly fermentation of the G (d)OP
      (e) obstruction campaign (make America hate the black guy), and the Tea Party
      (We want what we thought to be our country back, Jim Crow…light)

      Again the media is trying to
      give him a pass with calling his remarks gaffes. He knows exactly what he is
      saying and he means every word of it. How convienent that he puts it out there
      then tries to walk his comments back with ridculous

      All of this is carefully calculated… Even he admits

      “…are they liking it? Are they liking it?”

      1. Edward B. Levy says

        Why not start your comment like this “I am a Demoncrat who hate Trump and anyone else who opposes my propaganda thoughts. I believe in ONLY BLM and ISIS, I burn the American flag, which I would take a knee as anti american multi millionaire Colin has” NOW you may start your hate speech

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Love ya Ed.

      2. hangem'high says

        Actually it’s the BLM creating the hate Black Guy scenario! Every time you see a white teen or helpless white women being drug around helplessly by their hair and getting beat on by a mob of Blacks of the BLM or witness their Muslim style knock out game brings out the patriot in me! I hate the BLM BULL Cett!

      3. Mathew Molk says

        Lowest denominator and deplorables for sure.

        Working men and women that built the country and keep it going. The veterans like me that that didn’t get killed defending the right fof assholes like you to come here and lie and defame good men. And don’t forget the retired people that have destroyed their bodies working like animals until we were pushing 70 and and can’t do a full hard days worth any more….You know, the fools that roll out at 4:30 in the morning and get the kids ready for school before heading out…..Yea, All of us that have $30 for every $100 taken from our pay checks so scum bags like you can get a fat check and live in a section 8 house. — That’s us allright — Just the lowest denominator and deplorables who are the backbone of this country.

      4. supergun says

        You are one MIXED up DUDE. I have traveled around this great Country and have met many wonderful people of high intellect that LOVE TRUMP. These are Great Americans that you would look down on and call the “DEPLORABLES”. There is a great nation of silent deployables that have not been seen or heard of that will put TRUMP in the office of the PRESIDENCY. They care for America. They want the American Dream that the democrats have destroyed like so many other things they have destroyed. The fire marshall ordered the TRUMP ORG. to stop letting the people in the rally which was outside yesterday in Melbourne Florida (day after the debate) because so many people wanted to see and hear Mr. Trump. The people are sick and tired of being led astray by Criminals in high office. When the “WALKING DEAD DEMOCRAT FOLLOWERS” outnumber the AMERICANS as seen in many cities that have riots and protests, then the very foundations of our Nation will crumble. You have let us know which side you are own.

  13. Diana Sloan says

    Cruz was my choice, but I am glad that he keeps his word…Trump was forced to sign the pledge to support the nominee…the thief JEB & the Bush clan are traitors to vote for the killer. Hillary. See JEB & the savings & loan scam. Old dad Bush bailed JEB out with taxpayer money…

    1. Sandy129 says

      Cruz was mine too in the beginning until I learned more about him. Not surprised that he refused to keep his word. Doing it under duress doesn’t change a thing to me. I won’t look twice at him again. We have enough politicians supported by big bankers like Goldman Sachs.

      1. David in MA says

        If a full investigation were done America will find out Cruz is an illegal immigrant (probably an exchange student), illegal senator because he is a Canadian citizen and not an American citizen, on a simple fact, his mother became a Canadian citizen before he was born, unlike Rubio whose parents did not become an American citizen until Marco was around four years old……AMERICA, we have problems because we have become to ignorant of our Constitution…

        1. Sandy129 says

          That we are and it is happening in our public schools and colleges. Our kids no longer have to take history. It was mandatory when I was in school but my daughter was able to opt out! Had I known at the time, I would have changed that but the responsibility now becomes ours to teach them. They are the next generation and what they don’t know will hurt them. I have begun getting newsletters from William Federer and he has a short article on pertinent history and in small enough doses most can handle it. Its the

  14. Carl Carlson says

    Its sad to watch Becks decline, I was once a loyal follower of his Fox News programs. He opened my eyes to the evil structure of the liberal left. Listening to him explain Obama’s personnel assignments and the money trail was a great learning experience for me. I wish him well, get some medical help and stay away from the stressful work area.

  15. peter says

    The only thing Glenn Beck has going for him is that he is still breathing, barely.

    1. hangem'high says

      Apparently not only did he fall off the wagon he got rolled in the process. I wish he would have practiced what he preached when dealing with the big bank golden sacks minion Cruz.

      I actually seen this coming as did others that I believed tried to warned him, I believe his pride got the best of him!

  16. Barbara Braim says

    After what Trump said about Cruz, Cruz’s wife and father, it took a really big man, who really loves his country, to endorse Trump. Cruz is that man. Cruz is a true conservative, and could have been the best President this country ever had. At last nights debate, Cruz would have blown Hillary out of the water. That said, I’m voting for Trump, not because I like him, but because he is the better of the two running. To those Never Trump people, not voting for Trump, is a vote for Hillary! Do you people really want a corrupt, power hungry women like Hillary, to win the election, and become our next President? In this case, standing by your principles, is like cutting off your nose, to spite your face.

    1. hangem'high says

      Cruz might be looking for an opening after all; he’s a chip off the old block!

  17. David in MA says

    Since when can Canadian citizens vote in American elections?

    1. melmack 1 says

      Since Bill CLinton signed NAFTA. So can Mexican citizens who register using the names Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy etc…

      1. David in MA says

        I wonder how many reading this will understand.

    2. hangem'high says

      Let alone hold public office?

  18. Rick Simmons says

    Screw you Trump cheerleaders! I have no problems with what Cruz did but you damn Trump loving conservative hating maggots in the media are going to get Hillary elected. It does not matter what Cruz does you will still find fault with him and his followers. Cruz is the face of constitutional conservatism which is what I am. I know you hate people like me but you still need my vote if you want your god to win. I keep looking for a reason to vote for Trump other than just stopping Hilary but Everytime you Trump surrogates attack Cruz, his followers conservatism you move me one step closer to never Trump

    1. hangem'high says

      Beck, Beck, Beak how long does it take U to get those isolated mountain ranges, whatever it is it’s not long enough? By the way U only get one vote in one state, unless you’re an illegal migrant then you can be bused around the country side, white hermits are excluded!

      1. Rick Simmons says

        That’s right, attack attack attack conservatives but I don’t see many attacks on Hillary here. You make my point. I’m always never Hillary but you guys are making me never Trump

        1. hangem'high says

          U see? That’s where you lose me, never say never!

          1. Rick Simmons says

            Well here is what bothers me. I concede Donald Trump won the primaries fair and square. Then comes the convention where Ted Cruz delivers the most conservative speech I have heard since the days of Ronald Reagan. No one remembers the speech or even commented on it. All everyone is concerned with is humiliating Cruz and trying to force him to bow to Trump almighty and endorse him. His reasons for not doing so are valid. At this point the Trump people should be trying to bring the party together, instead everyone including Trump, his media people, and his followers launched into Ted Cruz with a fury. They treated him like the Antichrist for at least a week after the convention. All because he stood on his principles. Now here me clearly, Ted Cruz represents my values, as does Beck, ad does Mark Levin. When you attack them and ridicule them it’s the same as doing it to me. I don’t want Hillary in the Whitehouse any more than you but there is all out war on conservatism right now and Trump and his surrogates are aligned against us. It’s the only reason establishment Republicans are buddying up to Trump. Their common interest is opposition to conservatism which is the real reason Ted Cruz is do hated. So, if my vote means anything to you Trump people then you better lay off conservatives or I may just sit this one out. Maybe you think you can get enough Bernie supporters to cross over. Good luck with that. Does this make it clear to you?

          2. hangem'high says

            I’m anti – NAFTA ever since it was consummated by the big Bush and little Willy. I could never figure out by the life of me why the Republicans scorned the middle/working class basically they declared war on unions. While the democrats declared war on faith and family, basically the same people!

            I was a Ross Perot supporter until that fell through or until both parties annihilated Perot.

            I did everything I could think of write my senators, congressman, representatives on the local and federal level.

            They all had the same response “There’s nothing we can do about it now, it’s a done deal!” Later on, “It would cost too much to resend it!

            Now let’s fast forward to Cruz and his ties to Goldman sacks, and Bushes and his claims of being an outsider where of course he met his wife the writer and constructor of TPP, NAFTA on steroids, the nail labeled One World Order! International health care; (O bummer Care) the handing over the internet to the UN, terrorist being flown over at the invitation of the Traitor and chief!

            Now let’s look at what Cruz and what O bummer have in common? They’re both born out of country, both senators while citizens of foreign countries, both foreign exchange students the more digging I did on Cruz the more I knew he could not be the next commander and Chief!

            He may have gave a great conservative speech but the one thing that stands out to me is he refused to support Trump and made that time at the convention all about him. Should us Diehard Trump supporters for give him? Maybe, but it going to leave a bad taste in my mouth for a long azz time!

            The one thing I love about Trump is he’s a magnet at repelling Rinos, they can’t help themselves!

  19. daveveselenak says

    Quite frankly if the ole ugly and now sickly commie whore “Hillary the Pillory” is implanted as her former pimp, the Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse”, then: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed!

  20. Barbara Braim says

    After what Trump said about Cruz, Cruz’s wife, and father, it took a really big man to endorse, Trump. Ted Cruz is that man. Ted Cruz is a true conservative, who loves his country, and could have been the best president this country ever had. He would have blown Hillary out of the water, at last night’s debate. That said, I am voting for Trump because, by not voting for Trump, you are going to put a corrupt power hungry women in office as president. Is that what you Never Trump people want? In this case, standing by your principles, is like cutting off you nose to spite your face.

    1. Sandy129 says

      Unlike Donald Trump, Cruz is bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs. They don’t give millions to a candidate out of the goodness of their hearts. Cruz as well has a few pertinent facts in the Constitution twisted to fit his purpose. He has been in Washington and has filled his pockets like most of the rest of them.

      1. hangem'high says

        Goldman sacks and the Bushes need an inside man, everyone needs a Judas, to keep an eye on their advisory. The more things change the more they remain the same!

  21. Hillaryoncrack says

    Beck on suicide watch? Shit, let him go on and do it. This will be a better place for it.

  22. jetmagnet says

    Cruz showed is a coward that would dishonor his family and country for politics, like Trumpsters.

    The fact is Trump is the worst candidate in history and is conning his way to be president. He has ignorant dupes ( probably commies, right wing hate groups, nazi’s and KKK members) supporting him. Definately, not patriots.

    Look at a Gump rally, lazy eyes, fat body’s and an
    abundance of ugly. These uninformed, conspiracy minded simpletons are worshiping
    the most dishonest, most unqualified candidate of all time. Kim Jong Un and Gump
    share many traits, dictator’s, boxy suits to hide their man boobs and guts,
    laugh out loud hair and will not listen to anybody. Actually Un is a better
    person than Trump by far. Trump lie’s, cheats and pouts. He is a spoiled baby.
    What a moron! Is it any wonder most of the USA hate him? The only folks that he
    has support from are communist Putin and the above named idiots. He is a
    recruiting tool for terrorists and the commies are salivating at the thought of
    playing this fool.

    1. Sandy129 says

      I resemble that and proud of it. Common sense must prevail because much of America couldn’t even define the word and you seem to be in that group.

      1. jetmagnet says

        The GOP and their echo chamber has been bashing Clinton for the past 4
        years – every day. And it’s worked. The favorables for Trump have been
        essentially flat, but he continues to compete because of the disdain anf
        nightmare images that have been promoted by her opponents (and I include the far
        left during the primaries as well). Compared to the Carnival Barker she looks
        like Churchill. And anyone who makes their selection using critical thinking
        skills instead of making it a matter of faith is capable of discerning the
        differences between the two candidates.

        1. Sandy129 says

          Some people can’t handle the TRUTH and in all that time has fallen on deaf ears and sorry to say, you are in that group. Don’t underestimate the supporters of Donald Trump, you make a huge error to do so.

          1. jetmagnet says

            So lets see how much you know about Trump. Tell me how his tax plan helps the middleclass that are struggling? How his trade agreements will bring jobs back. How he will get mexico to pay for a wall. How supply-side economics will lift middleclass incomes. Trickledown economics never worked, he admitted in the debate that cash to the wealthy creates jobs. lol
            The wealthy took those last tax breaks and gave them to executives, they used the money for expensive artwork, yachts and planes…and yes, they used it to build factories in china and eslewhere. How do you expect corporate magnates to give employees more wages when they are trying to maximize profits for themselves and boots stock prices?

          2. Sandy129 says

            You are going to have to research your own answers, I’m not going to spoon feed you and aside from that, you are too blind to see anything but hate and slander.

        2. hangem'high says

          U don’t have to go far to find ammo if’n you have eyes, ears,

          and your brain hasn’t been eaten up by the progressive worm!

    2. J.B.Jacobs says

      I guess I’m one of those ignorant groups. You must have been taking lessons from Hillary how to insult people. I have to say you both do a good job at it. She said we were deplorable, despicable along with a lot of other ugly names. She talks about Trump insulting people. He has a long way to go to insult the millions of people she has insulted and that goes for you too. Read your comment. There is not one sentence in it where you are not insulting someone. This is not how you get support for your candidate. If some of Trump’s supporters were considering going over to Hillary, she has made up their minds for them. You aren’t helping either. Keep up the good work.

      1. Sandy129 says

        I proudly stand beside you!

      2. jetmagnet says

        Well, Trump has proven he is a racist, and most of his followers have denegrated views of minorities as second class citizens. The fact that he has david duke, rightwing fascist and neo nazi’s supporting his ideas proves my point. I don’t see nazi’s, russian lovers and racist bigots, neo nazis supporting clinton.

        1. J.B.Jacobs says

          You must live in a different world than everybody else. You really enjoy calling people names don’t you. I feel sorry for you, you will never have a decent life unless something changes your attitude. It may just be jealousy because he has done so much with his life and you probably have done nothing. I hope you can get some help so you can live a normal life like everyone else. Good luck to you.

        2. Bob Hills says

          I think that you wrong about the followers having views of those minorities as second class citizens. I for one think it is more third class or below when one of shoots a cop, or an innocent child when society would be better served if he just shot himself.

    3. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

      jetmagnet—–Sounds like a description of Hillary.

    4. hangem'high says

      “Probably communist???

      It’s obvious U don’t know what a patriot is!

      1. jetmagnet says

        Our research team has debunked most of these edited videos, many of which have no disclaimer to justify they are authenticy. Many trump supporters look to conspiracy theories of the drudge report, alex west (infowars” and brietbart. The best way to debunk these video’s , is look up the author, the bio of the author and where information is coming from. I will also add, these people make big bucks off of fooling people, it’s a business.

        1. hangem'high says

          Damn it!

          they sound so legit to me!

    5. Bob Hills says

      You are no doubt a very anal itcal magnet and a philosopher as well and hopefully you will never run out of those pharmaceuticals.

  23. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

    pmbalele—I agree with David Ma you are an ass altho that’s a put down to a donkey.

  24. 2brnt1 says

    As smart as they are, Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck and even Mark Levin, who are first-rate conservatives could not see the bigger picture. After 50 years or more of liberal propaganda infiltrating every institution, and even changing our culture, winning the Republican Party nomination is not the same as winning the general election. Cruz is neither affable nor a people person type, and does not have the wide cross-over appeal that Ronald Reagan had. Cruz had no unifying message to attract millions of Democrats and Independents the way Trump has. Politicians have come to think too well of themselves for doing very little except promising us relief, then succumbing to the party leadership’s agenda: enriching and taking care of themselves. And for some stupid reason, the Republicans have even been taking care of Obama’s agenda. I don’t think it’s an accident that Trump’s star is on the ascendancy; I think he’s heaven sent.

    1. Sandy129 says

      Amen, me too!

  25. Rick Simmons says

    P. S. You people need to realize who the real enemy is. If it’s Hillary then say so and stop attacking conservatism and people who embrace it. If its Cruz, then I guess we need t get used to the term madam president

  26. bluebonnet says

    terrible story

  27. VanceJ says

    Trump did well last night, could he have done better YES !! but it is tough to have to be fighting Holt & Hilly at the same time.!!!

  28. Jons_On says

    Glen Beck is acting like a spoiled little brat. I had to stop listening to his radio show as it had gotten so ridiculous. Does he not realize that if he doesn’t vote for Trump it will give Hillary the white house? As Andrew Wilkow says I’ll take the unknown over the know communist Alinsky follower.

  29. Elizabeth Davis says

    I commend Cruse He understands that Hiliary does not need to be in office. and put his pettness behind himself and God first. I voted for both Bushes and I am so disgusted by the whole family. they are thinking of them selves only and the Bush dynasty because Jeb did not get the nomination. They would rather see this country go down at the hands of Hillary

  30. TeaPartyPatriot says

    Reason Why Comey Didn’t Charge Hillary

    When James Comey decided not to indict Hillary Clinton, the whole American public was shocked. Everyone expected him to charge Hillary.
    However, now we now the real reason why Comey didn’t charge Hillary.
    His personal and professional relationships — all undisclosed as he announced the Bureau would not prosecute Clinton — reinforce bipartisan concerns that he may have politicized the criminal probe.
    These concerns focus on millions of dollars that Comey accepted from a Clinton Foundation defense contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board, and his surprising financial relationship with his brother Peter Comey, who works at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes.
    Comey earned $6 million in one year alone from Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin became a Clinton Foundation donor that very year.
    According to records, Lockheed Martin is also a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, which paid Bill Clinton $250,000 to deliver a speech in 2010.
    In 2010, Lockheed Martin won 17 approvals for private contracts from the Hillary Clinton State Department.

    In 2013, Comey became a board member, a director, and a Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee member of the London bank HSBC Holdings
    When our source called the Chinatown offices of D.C. law firm DLA Piper and asked for “Peter Comey,” a receptionist immediately put him through to Comey’s direct line. But Peter Comey is not featured on the DLA Piper website.
    Peter Comey serves as “Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas” for DLA Piper. James Comey was not questioned about his relationship with Peter Comey in his confirmation hearing.
    DLA Piper is the firm that performed the independent audit of the Clinton Foundation in November during Clinton-World’s first big push to put the email scandal behind them. DLA Piper’s employees taken as a whole represent a major Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign donation bloc and Clinton Foundation donation base.
    DLA Piper ranks #5 on Hillary Clinton’s all-time career Top Contributors list, just ahead of Goldman Sachs.
    And here is another thing: Peter Comey has a mortgage on his house that is owned by his brother James Comey, the FBI director.
    Trickle-down corruption.
    When President Obama nominated Comey to become FBI director in 2013, Comey promised the United States Senate that he would recuse himself on all cases involving former employers.
    He lied. He has in fact politicized the FBI— that is supposed to support the Rule of Law.
    The FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton needs to be re-opened, Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch should recuse themselves and Congress should demand the appointment of a Special Prosecutor.
    As you can see, Hillary is tightly connected to Comey. If you still didn’t know why Hillary wasn’t indicted, now you know!
    Let’s share this article everywhere. America deserves to know!

    1. jetmagnet says

      Benghazi was a GOP conspiracy theory to bring down hillary’s numbers. 9 investigations proved nothing. The foundation has 1500 employees and helped 11 million people. Who cares where the money comes from when you’re saving lives? Now trumps foundation is crooked and he used the charity to fill his pockets.

        1. Bob Hills says


      1. TeaPartyPatriot says


      2. J.B.Jacobs says

        That’s funny, Trump’s foundation is crooked and the Clinton foundation is saving lives? You haven’t seen the pictures of the Embassy in Benghazi burning or heard the testimony of the the men who survived the attack? Do you think Ambassador Stevens is hiding somewhere to make Hillary look bad? Maybe you will wake up when Hillary loses the election and is in jail.

  31. dondehoff says

    The issues before us rise well above the political-party level. We are talking about the future of this great (but not perfect) Republic and freedom way of life. If Hillary (and Bill) were “everyday” citizens, and our President was a Caucasian, I am of the opinion they all would already be serving serious time in a federal prison. The Clintons, wherever they go, leave a swath of chaos, destruction and dead bodies—and the farther they go up the political ladder, the wider their swath. Hillary, if elected, would continue her quest for complete control of this country. And, the citizens (and others) who support her, either as individuals or collectively as a group, will have to accept part of the blame, for permitting her to gain office. Let us not confuse Hillary with the Stature of Margaret H. Thatcher, ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain—-Hillary lacks that stature, stamina and integrity to be in such a powerful position. Also, just how would “Bill” fit into the picture—de factor third term? personal paid advisor to Hillary?

    1. ReadeMyLips says

      Opinions are not facts.

  32. tony says


  33. Susan young says

    Clinton did not talk about politics she not tell us what she’s doing with Isis she does not tell us who’s paying for those refugees for their food their clothing their home that they’re going to live in when they come to the United States October 1 a lot of refugees are coming here to Arizona or California and Texas your tax dollar money is going to pay for them and when she gets in the White House more are coming in thousands and thousands of them why because Obama messed up overseas ! They need to have a home to have clothing and to have food and health insurance is coming out your tax money so let Hallery bring all the refugees in and your tax dollars going up to 45 and 55 and 65 % out of your check at your kids checks !

    1. J.B.Jacobs says

      She said “go to my website and I’ll explain how I intend to defeat ISIS”. I’m sure ISIS went to her website to see what she was going to do to defeat them. Talk about dumb. If that’s the way she is going to defend America, we are in big trouble if she gets elected.

  34. says

    Get beck off of the hour. He is a globalist and needs to go.

  35. GuardianFlame says

    Jetmagnet AND pmbalele ARE WEB GENERATED “TROLLS” that “ATTACK” COMMENTORS TO CREATE HATE AND ANGER TO DESTROY POSITIVE FEEDBACK BETWEEN COMMENTORS. These two (and there are more in this group) get their rocks off by breeding disruptive anger on a blog.

    FYI: they don’t care abt the subject you are discussing, but attack your comments by adding their “vomints” of HATE. IT IS A “GAME” TO THEM AND THE MORE PEOPLE THEY CAN ENGAGE IN THIS HATE, THE HAPPIER AND MORE ENCOURAGED THEY ARE.

    Like on this website they could be TRUMP SUPPORTERS, but because they love “Hate” more than intellect, they will attack Trump any way they can to incite your anger — while still voting for him in the elections! YOU are their target of HATE, NOT Trump, but YOU! Block their HATE by blocking them!

    SOLUTION: go to the small arrow to the right of the TROLL’S names and click it – click Block on the down menu..POOF! They are gone — only for awhile. When they reappear you know the drill —
    Block them! If you see another legit “newbie” commentor being harassed by these scumdogs, TELL THEM HOW TO BLOCK THE TROLLS.

    Now let’s get back to our decent concerned discussions without any rude interruptions!

    1. jetmagnet says

      The dupes on this forum are for the 1st amendment when it benefits themselves! They can’t stand the truth!

      1. GuardianFlame says

        Get lost TROLL. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK. YOU ARE IRRELEVANT. Look up that meaning!

      2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        crooked evil lying sick disgraceful Hillary stick dat nose up yo ass

    2. Norman says

      These are the same type of punks who break windows and dump garbage on lawns if you display a yard sign of a candidate they oppose, slash tires and key cars with bumperstickers they don’t like, and plant hecklers to shout down speakers and interrupt rallies. They believe it is their right to violate everyone else’s rights. But when they are expelled they’ll protest that their 1st Amendment rights were violated. (Actually, the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution begins with ‘Congress shall make no law. . .’ That means the 1st Amendment restricts only Congress.)

      Below is a list punks who believe in their right to interrupt our intelligent conservative discussions with their hate, lies, and radical propaganda. I know I am forgetting some of them. Do you have any to add?

      John Topper
      Eleanore Whitaker
      Barabara Carlos

      Help me spread this list and urge others to flush them by clicking the ▼ in the upper right corner of their posts then clicking ‘Block User’.

      1. GuardianFlame says

        Thanks Norman for this info. Yes, you are absolutely right. Another word for them besides TROLL is BULLIES. Add that to your description too.

        However, my son is a CFO of his own software company and has been a computer nerd since the first computer was released. He still loves technology but says it has its downside — there’s a new game in town and it’s called “TROLLING”. People do what those “jerks” on your list do as entertainment. ..a game to see who can get the most people angry and off topic. You know, spread the Hate.

        Once I heard that was happening, I’ve been blogging and exposing a few of those freaks that attack new bloggers by telling the Newbies how to Block them. I’ve had a few “Thanks”, so some people are getting it. But now you’ve given me more names to watch for and warn others to Block them too.

        Perhaps one day the Trolls will just give it up because they will only be trolling other trolls and no one will care! Until that day, I will help you get the word out about these scum!
        Thanks again Norman!

  36. Robert Cruder says

    One cannot just repeat the same insults and fabrications endlessly without having them lose their punch.
    Ms. Clinton can now laugh at them. The press no longer finds them newsworthy.

    The only way that Mr. Trump can counter the accusations regarding his business practices is to release his tax returns. That is also the way that he might prove them true. Quite a problem…

    He can however counter his lack of a detailed plan by making one. That one cannot be the same duh-bya/dick trickle-down that created the 2008 recession and lost the White House.

    There is still time to change and then deny once more that he said what he actually said.

    1. J.B.Jacobs says

      Why would he release his tax returns? They would probably be 1000 pages or more with all the businesses he has. You wouldn’t understand them if he did, and probably nobody else can,but you can bet, Hillary’s crew would have a ball trying to find something wrong. They would make up something if they couldn’t. Mike Huchabee said he released his and that was the worst mistake you ever made. He said it was like giving someone some shells that was holding an empty gun to your head. I hope he doesn’t realease them.

      1. ReadeMyLips says

        If he has nothing to hide, what’s the problem?

        1. J.B.Jacobs says

          Because everybody like you would not have a clue what you were reading, but would go over it with a fine tooth comb and anything they could twist around and make it look bad, they would because nobody else would understand it anyway. There is no law that says he has to release them. He has released his financial statement that all candidates are required to release. I hope he will ignore these Hillary loving moderators and forget it. There is a lot of things they should be talking about besides the birther issue, his tax returns or whether he was for the Iraq war. Of course the other stuff would make Hillary look bad, and we can’t have that, can we?

          1. ReadeMyLips says

            If he has nothing to hide, what’s the problem?

      2. Robert Cruder says

        He would release them if they would prove that he is as wealthy and successful as he has claimed and that he paid taxes like you or I. He could gain political credibility from both.

        That he would sacrifice that benefit out of fear that his attorneys, accountants and PR flacks could not correct misinterpretations strongly suggests that there is a damaging interpretation against which he cannot defend.

        It is coming out that Mr. Trump has routed payments that were owed to him through the tax-free family foundation. They are deductible to the payer as a business expense but would be taxable income for Mr. Trump. His tax returns would show if he received a 1099 and paid taxes on that income but no 1099 has been found on the foundation side. That could be prosecuted as tax fraud.

        Wouldn’t he want to put that to rest?

        1. J.B.Jacobs says

          You know how to put it to rest, quit reading that garbage. The democrats and the press are putting out so much crap that I don’t see how you can believe any of it. He probably isn’t worried about it because more than likely someone made it up. If you want to read stuff like that,, read some of Hillary’s lies and corruption. They can be verified by Congress and the FBI.

          1. Robert Cruder says

            This is classic conservative behavior, dare I say classic christian behavior. Something must be true because a person in a funny suit said so. How can I beat that? Do I need clown feet?

            In fact, the FBI identified three documents that could be considered questionable and they had to be told about two of them. THEY had to be told that the “C” meant confidential and that is the lowest level of secrecy, barely above business proprietary. Previous Secretaries did the same and recommended it. Their AOL accounts were not secured and were closed without backup.

            President duh-bya and “dick” didn’t even use the White House email system which is recorded by law but instead used one at the RNC. That one was wiped. Some emails were recorded anyway because they were sent TO White House staff. Over 60,000 of those were deleted “accidentally”. Obviously, anything done by Ms. Clinton’s staff is criminal but anything done by “the decider” must be OK.

            Apparently, something must be true or false just because you say so. You know (and prove) that desperate candidates and their trolls will say anything

          2. J.B.Jacobs says

            Everybody knew what the c meant including Hillary. She was briefed on all that when she was Secretary of state, and signed an affidavit that she understood everything. Do you think that in 4 years as Secretary of State she only had 3 classified emails. she had thousands and deleted them after being told not to. Hillary said other Secretary’s had done the same thing which proved to be a lie. She said Colin Powell told her to set it up that way, Powell said that was a lie, he never told her any such thing and she was trying to put the blame on him.
            “Something must be true because a person in a funny suit said so”. You meant a funny pant suit, didn’t you?
            ” Apparently, something must be true or false just because you say so. You know (and prove) that desperate candidates and their trolls will say anything” At least some of your comment was true if you had not left out Democrat candidates and their trolls will say anything.
            You keep putting this garbage out and Hillary will offer you a job writing her lying speeches.

    2. Bob Hills says

      What pertinent information will you derive from a tax return. That demand is about as important as the color of Melania’s shoes. Should the clintins post a financial statement from their foundation since they “were broke when leaving the WH with several thousand dollars worth of goodies?

  37. desert fox says

    Too little too late for terd crude. The GOP doesn’t like him nor anyone else in Washington. His political career has ended. They agreed at the debates that they would support the candidate that won. Well this terd and the bushes, which are now low enough for my dog to piss on, are dead. I said it before and I’ll say it again. The old lady spread her legs and took a dump and they called it George junior.

  38. sox83cubs84 says

    Glenn Beck went off the deep end month ago. I quit listening to him and receiving his email reports. Give me Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin any day, instead.

  39. Sue Breslin says

    Here are the questions that should have been asked:

    Moderator: Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
    Let’s start the first questions with you ​​Mrs. Clinton.

    ​​Mrs. Clinton.​When you left the White House after your husband’s last term as​ president, why did you steal $200,000.00 worth of furniture, china,and artwork that you were forced to return?

    Mrs. Clinton, ​When you were Secretary of State, why did you Solicit contributions from foreign governments for the Clinton foundation after you promised President Obama you would not?

    Mrs. Clinton, ​Why do you and your husband claim to contribute millions of dollars to charity for a tax write off when it goes to your family foundation that gives out less than 15% of the funds you collect and
    you use the balance to support yourself tax free?

    Mrs. Clinton, ​Why are you unable to account for 6 billion dollars of State department funds that seem to have disappeared while you were Secretary of State?

    Mrs. Clinton, ​Why did you say you were broke when you left the White House, but you purchased a 2 million home, built an addition for the secret service, and charge the tax payers of the Untied States rent in an amount equal to the entire mortgage?

    Mrs. Clinton, ​How is it that your daughter, Chelsea, can afford to buy a $10.5 million apartment in New York City shortly after you left the White House?

    And speaking of Chelsea, ​How is it that her first paying job, in her late 20’s, was f​ar more than the President of the United States’s​ salary? ​ ​Was there a quid pro quo of any sort involved??

    Mrs. Clinton ​Why did you lie to the American people about the terrorist attack in Benghazi but managed to tell the truth to your daughter the same night it happened?

    ​​Mrs Clinton​,​ ​Why did you lose your law license?

    ​​Mrs Clinton​, ​​Why did your husband lose his?

    Mrs Clinton, ​What Really happened to Ron Brown when he was about to testify against you and your husband?

    Mrs. Clinton ​What really happened to Vince Foster?

    Take your time to respond Mrs. Clinton.

    1. Bob Hills says

      Good old Sue, Surely you must realize that the election process has been rigged for some time.
      All of the questions you mentioned are considered babbling by more than half the country. The morons have been programmed to think that it is time for a woman president and that has been predetermined since 2004 when in spite of the Clinton’s hate for obammy she was awarded the SOS job. She has accomplished pretty much nothing but kill time waiting her turn.

  40. big KAhuna says

    Do not loose focus or doubt Trump
    We cannot vote for Clinton:
    Literally Unfit For the Presidency!
    Can’t Walk, Needs Assistance, Can’t Think, Often Confused, Can’t See, Has Double Vision, Wears Long Coats to Hide Her Adult Diapers, Has Multiple Seizures On Camera, Left in Middle of Debate For Unexplained Reason, Called Donald Trump Her Husband, Massive Coughing Fits During Speeches… she’s a devout lesbian with her Muslim girlfriend/aid, She’s a known Cocain addict, part of the 6 th biggest crime families in NY ( Clintons) ( muslims will never fit within our society and will try to push Sharia law on a society/constitution that is based on Judea christian values), she’s totally responsible for the Death of four Americans in Bengazi ( gross negligence), Bill Clinton appointed the FBI official who investigated her for mishandling security Mail during his term ( who failed to prosecute her – placing her above the law). This speaks volumes about a Party and it’s followers who have lost their way and are Anti American and the new Satin within America.
    Trump/Pence 2016

    1. ReadeMyLips says


      1. hangem'high says

        Just because she’s a woman she

        needs too beware of falling houses

        1. ReadeMyLips says

          That truly is an evil remix.

  41. Alleged Comment says

    There is only TRUMP as the only LEGAL candidate up there. Hillary is not a legal or viable candidate that the FBI let go on this nation to win the presidency even though she broke the law involving how classified information is handled.

    This in really all you need to know what this communist is about. The lady is nothing but RUBBISH on your nation. Any Demoncrap is and those hooked by the nose from them. Think, Comey, Negoes on welfare, illegal immigrants tricked by Demoncraps to come here.

  42. justagramma says

    Beck wants the country to be punished for electing Hillary. It is much like anti-abortionists who would not spend a dime to help a mother who cannot support a child. They dismiss it as, she should have kept her legs together. Beck is mad because there are only a few like him who want a draconian government like he invisions, and it has dawned on him that they never will. Now he WANTS Hillary elected.

  43. Susan young says

    I just did a survey and answered for questions and I voted for Trump on all four questions I pushed enter and after I did that I went and read checked to make sure it says Trump and when I sent it I went back to check and guess what it says Hillary on all four questions so somebody is scamming Are cell phone votes

  44. Susan young says

    And I saved it so I will send it all over on Twitter and Facebook to show everybody double check your info

  45. Sherry says

    I’m so fed up with you Trumpsters LYING about Cruz and now about Beck! Beck is a Christian and would NEVER entertain suicide! Going to the mountains just means going up to meet with our God to get refreshed and become rested. You sure add a lot of false innuendo; typical for you Trumpsters! Talk about SMARMY and loose with the facts. Glenn NEVER indicated any such thing, you fool! Glenn WAS visably shaken by Cruz’s unusual and not well thought out stance! I certainly understand BOTH of them. Why is it that those who disagree with the likes of you Trumpsters ALWAYS brings on an evil tidal wave of lies and pure fiction to tamp down their right to free thought?? Notice that none of the Cruz supporters or the Beck supporters line up with that type of vile vitriol! Only you progressive shills lambast those with a credible stand…….

    1. Airborne869 says

      ARE NOT
      CHRIST-ians ! ! !

      1. Norman says

        Mormons certainly are Christians! They believe in Jesus Christ – that makes them Christians.

        1. Airborne869 says


          THE Aaronic Priesthood at age 12

    2. hangem'high says

      They need to understand that God had other plans other than theirs, for all they know Trump is the answer to their prayers, they just got to give Gods plan a chance! I know a couple of Mormons that hung themselves on trees in the mountains!

    3. clem says

      Ted kept his word when he endorsed Trump and is supporting the Republican nominee. Cruz has shown that he is a much bigger man than Beck. Sherry, you better be sure you have had your hepatitis B shot,if you are going to continue to kiss Beck’s a$$, he isn’t it.

  46. buddman says

    I heard Beck was gonna jump off the wagon!!! cruz is a Lying Coward and did not stand by his word of supporting the GOP nominee If you can’t keep your word you are a Liar!!

    1. Sherry says

      You “heard” Beck was gonna jump off the wagon??? Just where did you hear that?? You never heard anything of the sort; you are just spreading lies and you know it…….PHONY!!! Beck is a Christian and won’t back out of his commitment to God! YOU are the LIAR!!!

      1. Airborne869 says


        1. hangem'high says

          Is that our call? What I do know is Muslims and Jews are not Christians!

      2. buddman says

        Beck built a Multi Million Dollar empire which is now in Ashes he has lost his way and his religion Old habits die hard

      3. anibanib says


  47. snowyriver says

    Who would respect anyone who runs for president when he is not eligible for the presidency?
    Teddy boy – – You shit in your nest, now live with it. Born in Canada with two Canadian citizens as parents, and you think you are eligible for the presidency? ? ? ?

  48. Dawn says

    Always a Dem that is the moderator. Throw in Rudy for a change. All one sided. Yes prison for
    Hitler. Too much baggage and she is not above the law.

  49. Maria castro says

    Pobrecito Glen, he really thought himself to be a “chosen”. The poor guy is not well.

  50. 3ronald1 says

    She was not her normal frustrated self – I read that there is speculation that she was given the questions in advance and rehearsed her answers. She appeared too confident and terribly smug as if she knows things are rigged in her favor and she’s going to win the election.
    And, she had no coughing jags, no tremors, no head-bobbing – she was medicated. Wonder if she could have passed a drug screen test.

  51. Robert Early says

    Oh please. Can I watch? I really want to see Beck’s suicide.

  52. Donna Morken says

    Come on Beck and join the rest of us. Trump maybe wasn’t our first choice but he so much better than Hillary there is no comparison. I quit watching you when you started acting like a spoiled brat and basically said if you don’t play my way I’m taking my toys and going home. If you keep acting like this and take your audience and viewers with you I can assure you those of us who used to watch you will blame you for Trump losing the election and the liberal supreme court that will be the results. WAKE UP BECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. anibanib says

    Glenn Beck is a liar and a fraud………….most of his article are lies, he pinched news from other networks,Changes and alters facts figures and Pictures, then he calls them his own, published them on is website and on his Facebook pages………..and when he is caught out lying, he then removes all traces of his news and Pictures from his Facebook pages………..

  54. Pam Rugtiv says

    Trump needs to emphasize his disdain for the elite,Establishment, Globalist, Multi-Nationals who have been bleeding our Country dry, robbing the middle class of wealth. Some of these are “true conservatives” who do the bidding for the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, the Rothschild Family and there are more,but I haven’t studied it enough to name them. Others are your Liberal Progressive types,ie. Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, Harry Reid, many in Hollywood and Silicon Valley.
    When you see a conservative like former Senator Warner of Virginia endorse Mrs. Clinton, you know he is
    a globalist, or a ‘cuck’. Donald Trump needs to be neither Republican nor Democrat; he simply is Anti-Washington DC Establishment.

  55. johnmorrison says

    Well stated , sir !

  56. Liberty says

    When we clean out the People’s House in this next election, we must immediately fill it with the Truths that made our Country great. Leaving any space empty invites Evil to re-enter. (Matt. 12: 43-45) We will hold Trump to all things Constitutional and with the wise men he puts around him, we will come to the surface to reclaim the Country we once knew. Thanks to all who proclaimed, “We will NOT see our Great Republic fall!” Vote Trump.

  57. Troy100Jones says

    There is one very good reason we require the President to be limited to two terms. He is so powerful that there are many things he can do to plant “gotchas” in the government…if he can stay in power. If however, he must relinquish the “Whitehouse”, he gives the newcomer whoever he is the opportunity to discover any “gotchas” and remedy them. Whether Hillary would do this or not is anybody’s guess. It is more likely than not that Trump would. Likewise if we do not like Trump, we can kick him out in four years, the next election cycle. We also need to appoint at least one new member of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is one of our best protections against nefarious Presidents, or a wayward Congress. I personally would like to see the Constitution amended to require at least one election cycle prior to the naming of a replacement court member. After all, if only 8 members are on “the Court” we can still approve Congressional acts, it only takes a 5 to 3 majority instead of a 5 to 4 majority. If a 4 to 4 vote results we just have wait for the new member to be appointed and approved…AFTER the next election.

  58. doug says

    Trump was up against, Lester holt , which you know darn well he gave HIS questions to lyin Hillary, she was on some major drugs, this was all a setup by the lyin, corrupt, disgusting, liberal news media, don’t trust these back stabbing traitors! Hillary will do anything to get elected, she is a liar just like Obama and bill Clinton, now she’s trying to get to the women across America, women of America don’t believe a word she says, all she wants is your vote! Vote trump!!!

  59. Mike Geremia says

    I salute Ted Cruz on his decision to support Trump……anybody with a brain in the USA would not vote for Hillary……..only Trump can save our country…..regardless of all the Trump haters….thank you, Ted…..

  60. franco leon says

    Exactly, well said. Cruz is calculating; it’s all about his political future, but I hope his stubborn followers have realized that Trump is our best guy, best to combat against so much BS and corruption that almost bring the country to its knees. Glenn’s still voluntarily and willingly blindfolded.

  61. Gary Von Neida says

    A Ship on the WRONG TACK is not RIGHTED in a single move, least the Ship “roll over”.

  62. Troy100Jones says

    Neither of the candidates are perfect, in fact are somewhat flawed. As for what we need for a President:
    I want a change. Trump can live in a closet and come out only to sign bills that Congress passes. I would like to see a strict constructionist on the Supreme Court, but if it stays a eight members and only makes a judgement when there is a 5 to 3 vote, I could go for that. There’s a number of hidden gotchas passed in the last eight years that need to be revealed and looked at. I am afraid that wont happen with another Democratic President.

  63. dinddong says

    That is what you pledge for, thanks and good for you, but not the governor of Ohio.

  64. kadow3490 says

    Hillary was hooked up to be told what to say. And she still sucked.
    Vote Trump 2016

  65. tCotUS says

    Glenn Beck on Clintons suicide watch ??? Watch for holes behind the head….

  66. Walter Flatt says




  67. Airborne869 says

    Listened to Crazy Man GLENN BECK today…

    HE sure HATES Mr. Trump…
    Mormon hypocrite…

  68. desert fox says

    I WISH BECK SUCCESS don’t make it just an attempted one.

  69. JBKonya104 says


  70. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

    Beck is nuts!

  71. Benjamin Michel says

    WE THE PEOPLE need to stand behind TRUMP if we want to keep are country free! Hillary will sale us out to any country for that is what Brock is doing now! WE need to put a stop to it by getting TRUMP in office this time. Brock has sent cash to the country that would like to kill all of us! WHY cash is it for Brock when he get out of office?? He has given them every thing they wanted so why not take care of him when out of office!! LOVE THE USA OR GET THE HELL OUT

  72. erecon67 says

    No use for Cruz anymore..Love Glenn!!!

  73. bluebonnet says

    neverkillery and nevertrump……pence is very week minded,,,but don’t blame me, I voted for TED CRUZ and I support the CONSTITUTION

  74. Clint Heinson says

    Pmbalele , U are a stuped fool, only god can help this country if Trump doesn t win ! Washington is overflowing with dirtbags,thieves and liars who care nothing about the people, hell in not enough for fools like U, God Bless America, Go Trump! He s our only shot…………….

  75. Katie Jones says

    The need to read Hillary’s tax plan again for in that plan according to an economist down here in Texas, there is a plan to tax everyone retirement accounts. Go by saving account for retirement. It be gone. Also understand this regarding guns. This was posted on WND under the heller case discussion by this man

    Katie Jones • a day ago

    Arizona Don • 3 hours ago

    The lessons learned during the 20th century must not be relearned in America in the 21st century. “Not” counting the wars between 170 and 250 million people were murdered by THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS! First government required the registration of all firearms. Next because they knew where the guns were and who the owners were they confiscated them. In every case government claimed it was to make “THEM” safer. Sound familiar? Once the people were disarmed many who were seen as enemies of the state were rounded up and murdered. That is the lesson we Americans must not forget. By the way, there was no due process. They were just rounded up and murdered.

    A sampling of those lessons follows. Remember this is only a sampling.

    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control (including registration) :

    From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

  76. Walter Flatt says







  77. rmagnano says

    I personally think Mr. Beck should follow his own conscience and head into the mountains for a LONG time, or at least until he comes to his senses. After all there are so many other things to be of concern.

  78. Joseph says

    I stopped listening too and watching Glenn Beck years ago. I couldn’t put my finger on it but something started to smell. It was him. I caught a rebroadcast of one of his show. Within seconds it hit me. He’s a plant. A conspiracy theorist of a liberal persuasion. For all his bluster and high minded act he’s just a liberal period. Oh I know his schtick is quite good but its just window dressing. Its a mask he wears. Glenn you wanna go to the mountains? May I suggest the Alps? Somewhere far away from the United States. Kinda tired of your faux brand of conservatism!

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