Cruz/Carly: When Hope Becomes Delusion


When you really contemplate the psychology of it, you begin to understand what Ted Cruz is thinking.

Four months ago, the Republican field was wide open. 17 candidates – so many that the cable networks had to divide the debate stage in two. Three of the contenders had little or nothing to do with politics. Others had about as much shot of becoming the nominee as they did of becoming heavyweight champion of the world. And out of this sea of Republicans, Cruz nabbed the first victory. He brought down Iowa and was, for exactly one week, the only candidate with any checks in the Win column.

The Iowa victory didn’t exactly launch Cruz on a tear of dominance, of course, but he held his own. While once-strong candidates like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio fell to the wayside, Cruz hung in there. The public grew bored with the novelty of Ben Carson, but Cruz kept rolling. And with every passing day, the ultimate Washington maverick inched closer to a most unlikely position: The establishment’s last, best hope of stopping Donald Trump.

You don’t have to pore through history books to see how difficult it is to let go of this dream. Just look at John Kasich. This is a man who was won only one state – his own – and yet still seems to believe that he will be the nominee. Kasich’s delusion is extreme, but it’s instructive. Once you begin to sense even the slightest glimmer of possibility that you could actually be the president of the United States…well, that is a tough illusion to let go of. Bernie Sanders can attest.

But we’re heading into the realm of ridiculousness.

If Cruz thinks he can force a contested convention and take the nomination on the second ballot, he’s certainly welcome to try. But there’s a difference between staying in the race and pretending like you are actually going to be the nominee. And by naming Carly Fiorina as his running mate, Cruz has moved from fight into fantasy.

“A majority of Republican voters don’t want Donald Trump to be their nominee,” Fiorina said Wednesday.

Okay. So what do you call the portion of Republican voters who don’t want Ted Cruz to be their nominee? A supermajority? This myth that the Republican electorate has always been divided between “Trump” and “Not Trump” is no longer viable. If it was, Trump’s winning streak would have come to an end the moment Marco Rubio dropped out of the race. Instead, as evidenced by the last six primaries, his base of support is only growing. For many of these so-called “Not Trump” voters, Trump was the second choice.

By remaining in the race beyond the point of mathematical elimination, Cruz is risking his career on a doomed strategy. For one of the Senate’s few true conservatives to blow this much political capital on a fantasy is quite sad.

  1. VirgoVince says

    BAD call, busTed!!

    1. MAHB001 says

      I think it was an awesome call. Fiorina was my first choice, because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a debate between Hillary and Carly would be a total disaster for Hillary.

      At the end of the debate, Hillary would be this unrecognizable blob of snot shivering on the stage. It would be so bad that even the Liberal MEDIA could not put hil-lie-ery back together again.

      The only reason Carly Fiorina is not center stage is because of the liberal MEDIA’s anti Fiorina propaganda. The corrupt MEDIA was too much for Carly to overcome by herself, and the corrupt Republican establishment was not on her side either.

      The Establishment hates both Cruz and Fiorina.

      1. Tricia Harris says

        And that gives you all the more reason to vote for Cruz – he’s NOT ESTABLISHMENT and NEVER HAS BEEN!

      2. Francie26 says

        This is absolutely true!! In fact, if we don’t get the Cruz-Fiorina duo into office, we will lose our country. It has been through sheer hell with Obama in charge, and even a strong country like America can only handle so much onslaught against her. Obama thew everything he could against our country, and he is now trying to destroy the wall at the border and load us up with Syrian Muslims before he is out of office. You look at the sludge we have in congress and the senate, most especially “Cryin’ John,” and others of his ilk, it’s a mess. He played golf with Obama, gave him whatever he wanted, and then turned against Cruz when he had never had any dealings with him while they were both in the Senate. This just shows the dirty politics that have almost taken over our country, on both sides. A few decent ones remain, Cruz, Mike Lee, and a few others. But the good ole’ boys are in charge right now, and they are all Obama democrats, no matter what they were to get voted into office. They make me sick!!

  2. Michael Dennewitz says

    Cruz is such a has-been, just like his worthless buddy mccain!!

    1. SFC RET DENNIS says

      Hilary and Trump are worse. At least Cruz believe in our Constitutional rights Hilary doesn’t and TRump new he could not beat Hilary for the Democrat nod so he changed parties to get the Republican nod and if he could not beat H.C. for the Democrat nod then he will not beat her in the General election and since he supported her for her first run and Obama’s second run and many other Democrats then he wants H.C. to win the White House.

      1. countyguard says

        Cruz is NOT eligible… or we are not a republic of laws and have gone beyond being saved… what part of “Law” don’t half of all Americans understand?????

        1. SFC RET DENNIS says

          I wish people like you would know your facts before make such out rages comments or a bold faced lie. As long as one of you parents is a US Citizen and you are born abroad then you are a US Citizen. I know my one of my children was born abroad when my wife and I was out of country in Germany and she is a US Citizen. I have the paperwork to prove it we had to go to the US Consulate in Germany and report a Child born abroad and she was listed as a US Citizen. Therefore Cruz is eligible otherwise he would not be in the race he would have been declared ineligible, unlike lying Obama who photo copy of a his birth certificate and never produced a real copy, Cruz has never lied about were he was born.

          1. DogWithoutSlippers says

            Yes, if one parent is an American Citizen and you’re born in America you are a Citizen, however; to be qualified for President both parents must be Citizens at the time of birth!~

          2. Wapitiman says

            I am not too sure about your conclusion.

          3. Tricia Harris says

            It has never been a requirement that BOTH PARENTS Must be citizens. It is ONE OR BOTH! Get over it, Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen, judges have ruled on it in several states! Get over the Trumpo SORE LOSE SYNDROME!

          4. Francie26 says

            This is not true, not at all. As long as one parent of a child born in another country is an American citizen and has been in the country sometime within the preceding eight years, the child is also an American citizen.

          5. pappy450 says

            Bingo, dog, Good job!
            I am glad someone else here had done their homework. Otherwise, we end up with another obama-style coverup.

          6. Francie26 says

            Bingo! He is wrong. lol Check it out before you type so knowingly what isn’t true.

          7. Francie26 says

            No, you are wrong.

          8. DogWithoutSlippers says

            We are not talking Citizenship, we are talking
            qualification of being eligible for the Presidency.

          9. Tricia Harris says

            Exactly right! All of us who were military kids and kids of parents working overseas are natural born citizens. Cruz is and all of the judges have ruled on it or thrown the stupid cases out of court because there is no merit to it.

          10. pappy450 says

            CRUZ was not born on a military base, or on a U.S. Military ship (which is considered U.S. Soil) Like McCain. If you read the news, Cruz has ALSO HAD HIS RECORDS SEALED (just like obama) I wonder WHY???

          11. MAHB001 says

            Excellent question. Cruz’s eligibility is the only reason I hesitate supporting him.

            Yet the courts continue to side in Cruz’s favor.

          12. pappy450 says

            The courts side in Cruz’s favor because they are part of the group of “elites” that are scared to DEATH that Trump will get in and all their money and power will go by the wayside. we DO NOT need yet another foreign usurper in charge like we have NOW. Time to CLEAN HOUSE and make America Great again.

          13. MAHB001 says

            Cruz is not an elite, Cruz has fought the establishment consistently since he has been in office.

            Both Cruz and Trump are outsiders… Now I will admit that the court system is corrupt. And YES we DO need to clean House….

            Both men will do that.

          14. pappy450 says

            Like I just posted, I find it disturbing that someone would want to vote for a person that has family ties to a COMMUNIST country. AND WHO did we “just” open relations with rafter all those years?? CUBA. Coincidence…I don’t think so!

          15. MAHB001 says

            Cruz had nothing to do with 0bama’s traitorous acts in Cuba…

            I think that is a low blow…. I cry foul.

          16. pappy450 says

            How do YOU know??? NOT a low blow/or foul just a statement of FACT.
            After all these decades …why now???
            Where did Cruz’ FATHER come from? Politicians from BOTH sides of the isle stick together. (even though they ACT the part of “enemies”)
            I trust NO ONE tied to this administration (even so-called “republicans”)
            The next thing you will see is planes flying CUBAN refugees, just like obama is bringing in HIS refugees and spreading them out all over this Country.

        2. pappy450 says

          THAT is what I have been saying all along….Trouble is the “cruzbots” are NOT looking at the FACTS and the CONSTITUTION (which can be a pesky little thing)
          Here we have yet another usurper trying an “obama” play and sealing up his files and playing the “I am a “natural Born citizen” cause my Mamma was. WRONG, she was a “naturalized” CANADIAN citizen. The proof being, she lived, worked and VOTED in Canada. (Only Canadian citizens can vote in Canada AND back then when little Rafael was born, dual citizenship WAS NOT allowed by Canadian LAW.
          (there’s that pesky little “law thing again” getting in the way.

          1. Tricia Harris says


          2. pappy450 says

            Maybe you had better look into this. I understand by reading…. His mother also lived in the UK, Moved to CANADA where little Rafael was BORN! (NOT THE U.S.) Try reading the Constitution… HIS FATHER is a CUBAN National. The CONSTITUTION states PARENTS (PLURAL) must be “natural born” citizens also. ALSO I see Numerous LIBERAL Judges have ruled. The “elites” are scared to death Trump will WIN and their “golden goose” will be plucked out from under them Cruz is a “new world order” North American union FRAUD. (look it up) SO YOU GET OVER IT, unless you want more of the same-old-same old by a candidate that is bought and sold by the “establishment” (you know the .org send me your donation candidates) feel free to to do your part to ruin this country more.
            Besides if TRUMP is such a loser, WHY pray tell is he winning all the votes other than the ones Lyin Ted, STOLE form the voters that were not allowed to participate in the process????

          3. Francie26 says

            Here is where you made your mistake. “The CONSTITUTION states PARENTS (PLURAL) must be “natural born” citizens.” It doesn’t say this. Check it out.

          4. Tricia Harris says

            NO IT DOES NOT!

          5. DogWithoutSlippers says

            Pappy, not natural born, but Citizens at the birth of the child to qualify them to be eligible for the Presidency.

          6. Peatro Giorgio says

            Okay sleeping wonder ! Here are the facts as they are in reference to Trumps parents. Trumps Father Born In Germany moved to America, Held Dual citizenship for the entirety of his Life. Trumps, Mother native born of Scotland. Move to America. Becoming a naturalized American citizen 2 years after Donald was born having retained her Scottish citizenship for 18 years. Now Trump claims to have documents from New York courts proving his mother was an American citizen before he was Born. Now we all know full well How corrupt New York and there courts are and How easy it would be for a billionaires son namely Donald to have had forged New York document Made up. But we need not go that far . According to The National Archive’s for the department of Imigration and Naturalization. Donald was born 2 years prior To his mothers naturalization . MAKING Donald Not eligible . To hold the office of president.

          7. Tricia Harris says

            And Trumpo’s mother was Scottish and born in Scotland and became a naturalized citizen. GET OVER IT. And you are a complete moron if you believe Cruz is a NWO guy – he’s not and never has been – get over that Trumpo BS! Turmpo wil NOT win SO YOU GET OVER IT – Trump is a liar, a cheat, a swindler, and a fraud – just ask all the people who have sued him over the years! WHY is Trumpo winning because a lot of DemocRATs are crossing over and voting for him – that’s legal in open primaries – they WILL VOTE FOR HILARY IN THE GENERAL. Sure would be nice if you had some common sense and USED IT. TEd Cruz has NOT STOLEN any delegates! Good grief that is even more stupid to spout than the other crap you said!

          8. pappy450 says

            Maybe you should tell THAT story to the people that drove to the Colorado’s Delegate convention only to be DENIED the vote and sent home because they were TRUMP supporters. THAT video by one of these people was posted on the internet and (surprise) REMOVED. (unless one of you out there saved it)
            AND have you ever thought that some of the Democrats are voting for Trump because they WANT the corruption, dirty dealings, and the rooking we are taking to STOP???

          9. Tricia Harris says

            Maybe YOU shouldn’t be spouting TRUMPO BS because his team was lazy and stupid and didn’t bother to learn what the STATE of Colorado GOP decided was going to do decide their pick. Maybe YOU should learn more of the facts rather than continuing to SPOUT the whiny BS coming out of Trumpo’s camp. Sorry that they didn’t take time to LEARN what the rules were BEFORE they lost. So you blame Ted Cruz for winning Colorado, but you don’t blame the stupidity of the Trumpo camp for not finding out what the GOP had decided the rules were in Colorado. By the way, the rules were written long before Ted Cruz was winning votes, because at the time they were written was when everybody was pointing to Jeb Bush winning the nomination and being a shoe-in. YOU might want to learn some FACTS before showing to the world that YOU are one of Trump’s low-information voters that he loves so much – just like Hilary does! You want dirty dealings to Stop? Then quit looking at Trump – talk about dirty dealings… Trump University was a scam that he stole $40 million from people and that is going to trial soon. Look at how many times Trumpo has been sued. Trump Towers – built by illegal Polish immigrants who are suing him for unpaid wages, and unsafe working conditions. You want dirty dealings to stop, then you need to look far more at Ted Cruz stopping them than Trumpo – Trumpo is a YUGE part of the dirty dealings – just ask him – he loves to brag about it!

          10. pappy450 says

            When you change the “rules” in the middle of the game and only “inform” the ones you want to know this. What do YOU call it? FAIR???

          11. Tricia Harris says

            And moron, why aren’t you screaming about this????? Here are the facts as they are in reference to Trumps parents. Trumps Father Born In Germany moved to America, Held Dual citizenship for the entirety of his Life. Trump’s Mother native born of Scotland. Move to America. Becoming a naturalized American citizen 2 years AFTER Donald was born having retained her Scottish citizenship for 18 years. Now Trump claims to have documents from New York courts proving his mother was an American citizen before he was Born. Now we all know full well How corrupt New York and there courts are and How easy it would be for a billionaires son namely Donald to have had forged New York document Made up. But we need not go that far . According to The National Archive’s for the department of Imigration and Naturalization. Donald was born 2 years prior To his mothers naturalization . MAKING Donald Not eligible . To hold the office of president.

          12. pappy450 says

            Is this all you LIBERALS can do is call names and grasp at straws trying to fool people into thinking YOUR way? GROW UP. I don’t think Donald was born in Canada do you?? Cruz WAS, and just gave up HIS Canadian Citizenship in 2014 so he could pull an “obama”.

          13. Tricia Harris says

            Number one I’m NOT a stinking LYING filthy Liberal, I’m extremely conservative. And you wants some facts on Donald??? Here are the facts as they are in reference to Trumps parents. Trumps Father was born In Germany moved to America, held Dual citizenship for the entirety of his Life. Trump’s Mother is a native born of Scotland, and moved to America. She became a naturalized American citizen TWO YEARS AFTER Donald was born having retained her Scottish citizenship for 18 years. Now Trump claims to have documents from New York courts proving his mother was an American citizen before he was born. Now we all know full well how corrupt New York courts are and and how easy it would be for a billionaire namely Donald to have had forged New York document made up. But we need not go that far. According to The National Archive’s for the department of Imigration and Naturalization. Donald was born TWO YEARS priortohis mothers naturalization. MAKING Donald Not eligible to hold the office of president.

          14. pappy450 says

            Did I call you any names?? Grow up. Show me your “facts”… Where is your PROOF, or are you just relying on what is being posted here. TRUMP WAS born HERE on U.S. soil…. Cruz WAS NOT THAT is a FACT…. dispute THAT. Trump is more eligible to hold office than obama or cruz for that matter. I find it strange that someone would want to vote for a person with family ties to a COMMUNIST country and GEE who are we starting “relations” with after all those years? CUBA…. Coincidence? I think NOT.

          15. Peatro Giorgio says

            Nearly verbatim Tricia

          16. DogWithoutSlippers says

            We are not talking Trump, so you get over it. We are talking eligibility. There was confusion on this issue, but The Founding Fathers did not want anyone who might have an allegiance to a foreign power. I am a foreigner who came here as a youth and though a Naturalized Citizen I could never be President, however; the children of myself and my American born wife would be eligible. Obama threw a wrench into this and therefore people say Cruz is eligible. You can thank Nancy Pellosi for failing in the vetting of Obama. His father was born in a country under British rule and therefore Obama was NOT eligible. Both parents must be either natural born or naturalized at the birth of the child – PERIOD>

          17. Tricia Harris says

            Oh for Pete’s sake, Get over it, numerous judges have ruled and Cruz IS ELIGIBLE. He was born in Canada and never denied that. His mother IS and WAS an American citizen which makes Ted Cruz a natural American by birth- it’s doesn’t STATE both parents have to be citizens JUST ONE! He was never Naturalized because he never had to be – any more than any child born overseas to an American who is working overseas or in the military. Obama WAS NOT ELIGIBLE because his mother had been out of the country for too long and had lost her citizenship and that POS wasn’t born in Hawaii either! JUDGES HAVE ruled and they are far more scholars on the Constitution than you are – so is Ted Cruz!

          18. DogWithoutSlippers says

            Tric, know this is hard for you to comprehend but maybe this will help you:

            the “Law of Nations” which states that “The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society can not exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.”

            This understanding of its definition has now morphed into many conflicting interpretations. However, no legal judgment has overridden the original intended meaning, so it is it is reasonable to conclude that “born to 2 U.S. citizens” is still a requirement.

          19. Gerald Boesen says

            What kind of conservative site is this? With these vapid trumpanzees flinging their feces. Yuck.

          20. pappy450 says

            A site that tries to tell people to look at FACTS (read the Constitution as it was written) and don’t believe the Political BS that is thrown at you as FACT.
            Or as Obama said “change you can believe in” Hows THAT working out for you?

          21. Francie26 says

            Before you refer people to the facts, you need to take a quick look at them yourself. Somehow you missed the part that makes Senator Cruz eligible to run for president. But keep looking. It’s there if you look hard enough.

        3. Tricia Harris says


        4. Francie26 says

          You people don’t have a clue. Cruz is eligible. He meets the law on this. You need to read the law, not just mouth what you have read someone else just as ignorant say.

        5. Peatro Giorgio says

          What was it about the advice with which your parents and teachers gave you. In regards to remaining awake in class. ? That you had not understood.

        6. Francie26 says

          What part of that particular law is it that keeps escaping you? Somehow something that is quite obvious and clear to the finest legal minds in America seems to elude you.

      2. MAHB001 says

        I am not sure that Trump is a Trojan horse. God help Republicans if he is.

        If he was a Trojan horse, I think the nomination process has changed him… God help us if it didn’t.

        1. Tricia Harris says

          Trump is every bit as bad for our country as Hilary – he WAS, IS, and will ALWAYS BE a stinking, lying Democrat! The nomination process has only made Trumpo more desperate and putting out bigger lies!

          1. MAHB001 says

            I hope and PRAY that you are wrong about Trump being a Trojan horse.

            If Trump turns out to be a Trojan horse, America is finished.

          2. Gerald Boesen says

            Which is why Trump must be stopped.

    2. MAHB001 says

      Cruz was never a buddy with McCain, nor has Cruz ever been part of the establishment.

      Don’t lower yourself to the liberal tactics of lies and half truths.

      Trump has some great qualities. Cruz has some great qualities. To tell you the truth, where Trump is strong, Cruz is weak, where Cruz is strong, Trump is weak…

      I think the amalgamation of both of them would be the dream knock out candidate. I wish the two of them got along….

      1. Tricia Harris says

        Very True, Cruz will never be a buddy to McCain, nor has he ever been part of the establishment.
        Trump has very few great qualities. Listen to his speeches – all he is capable of doing well is bragging about how rich he is, but he won’t release his tax records to prove it, because he’s lying in saying the IRS won’t allow it because he’s being audited. A lie on two counts, and the IRS has stated several times he’s certainly able to release the tax records at any time. Why won’t he? Well think about it. It’s because he’s NOT worth as much as he says he’s worth!
        In addition, all the fraud and scams and lying and stealing that Trumpo has done over the years. Trump University was a YUGE scam and he stole over $40 million – that goes to trial here shortly. Trump Towers was built by illegal Polish immigrants that he underpaid, and that lawsuit has been in the courts for years, and Soros bailed him out of Trump Towers when it was failing. He’s filed bankruptcy four times and look up the records on that – check to see if he ever paid the people he owed. He’s bribed government officials for years and bragged about it! He’s done that to steal personal homes from people so that the slimeball could build a hotel or casino on the property by having the bribed government officials declare eminent domain so that he could get the property for vitually nothing. One brave little lady in NJ fought him for years because he wanted to steal her property to build a parking garage on the property where her house sits, but bravo for Vera Coking — she won and kept her house. By the way HIS casino next door went out of business.
        So no Trump is NOT awesome, nor is he great, nor does he have one shred of honor or integrity in him. He’s a liar, a cheat, and a thief, and a stinking Democrat and has been for decades.

    3. Tricia Harris says

      First off you are a JERK in an A-1 fashion – McCain is NOT buddies with Cruz and never has been. McCain is a disgrace! Cruz believes in our Constitutional rights and has fought to maintain them for a long time.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        And you’ve been smoking far too much of that shit too!!!

      2. Michael Dennewitz says


    4. Gerald Boesen says

      McCain was a POW. What did trumf do during the war?

    5. Francie26 says

      Your comparison choice is stupid at best. There is nothing about McCain that is even remotely like Senator Cruz. Remember that!!

    6. senior74 says

      You better hope not! Cruz fights for the constitution & our sovereignty which we are about to lose! The democrats & republicans have become one party, pushing the UN Agenda 21 which is a plan to make us part of a Communist one world gov. signed onto first by elder Bush in 1992 & pushed by every president since. Only Cruz has spoken against it, which is why the establishment hates him, he isn’t going along with the plan! The UN are also the ones behind gun confiscation, I found their document from the UNODA (office of disarmament affairs) jest of it says “we must confiscate weapons from hands of civilians so we can finish implementing agenda21”! McCain hates Cruz, I remember him calling Cruz a “co co bird”.

    7. Texas Belle says

      You think McCain, who called Cruz a “wacko bird” is a buddy of Cruz? Think again.

  3. Janeen Thompson Rice says

    I’m not a Cruz fan either. Especially after his stunt with Kasich, but if he wins the nomination by some miracle, I’ll pull the lever for him till I drop from exhaustion rather than see Hitlery in OUR WHITE HOUSE!!!!

  4. FourQ says

    Gotta like this opinion! I was a Ben Carson supporter, but when Cruz lied about Ben’s trip back to Florida (which swung about 6-8% of the vote from Carson to Cruz) to win the Iowa caucuses, I think he won the battle but lost the war. Ben went on to endorse Trump, and all the evangelicals who may have been inclined to vote for Cruz saw him for what he is, a politician who will sacrifice principal to ambition. You saw the result in the SC primary where according to exit polls MOST of the evangelicals voted for Trump.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Did Cruz lie, or was his people wrong? Cruz accepted responsibility for his peoples actions and chose not to punish his people for their mistakes.

      The charge of lying used to be dealt out with a great deal of caution. Because a person lost integrity if they falsely accused a person of lying…

      I still feel that if someone falsely accuses someone else of being a liar that person is not trustworthy himself… That goes for Trump. Trump accused Bush of lying about WMD’s, and yet NOBODY has been able to prove Bush lied about WMD’s. They have been able to prove that Bush was wrong, but not that Bush lied… If you have proof that Bush lied, bring it forth, the same goes for Cruz…

      Do you really know Cruz lied?

      1. Dennis Dumas says

        Cruz lies on a fairly regular basis! Case in point, his claims that Trump supports Obama care and common core are just two examples of the falsehoods he tells his supporters!
        I liked Cruz at the start, but the more I heard him speak, the less I like him. His campagain now has been reduced to only talk about Trump, and fairly little about the issues.
        The last straw was his alligence with John Kasich, to stop Trump! It makes him appear as though he can’t win fair and square based on his own merits, so he alignes himself with a candidate who stands no chance of being elected dog catcher. If Cruz and Kasich were true constitutional patriots they would withdraw from the race and do what is good for the country, stand in support of the front running vote getter! The American people have spoken, it’s time everyone gets real and stands behind the presumptive nominee!

        1. Tricia Harris says

          Name one thing that Cruz has lied on. Trump DOES SUPPORT OBAMACARE and has stated that many times – he has said he favors a single payer program and that’s a liberal stance no matter how much Trumpo lies about it. Trump supports Common Core and can’t even talk about what it is other than he hates it if he’s in a Crowd of Conservatives and loves it if the crowd is full of liberals and Democrats. TRUMP is a long time accomplished LIAR, much in the same boat as Hilary and has flat out said that he thinks she is the best Secretary of State we have ever had and would trust her to negotiate anything for him. Good grief, he trusts the murdering bitch and adores her! That alone should make you detest that LYING sack of CRAP!

        2. MAHB001 says

          So are you saying Trump would shut down 0bamacare?
          I am not familiar with what Trump would do about common core.

          You make great points about the Cruz/Kasich alliance. Those are the actions of desperate men. Cruz has been itching to have a one on one race against Trump and I guess this was his attempt at doing so.

          I do not think it is right for any candidate to ask the others to get out. That is something each candidate must decide on his/her own.

          As I see it, there is still as long as you are in the game, you should play as hard as you can. It ain’t over till its over.

          1. Dennis Dumas says

            I’ll try and help you understand what Trump says on issues! Regarding Obama care, he claims he will repeal and replace it. Concerning replacing it with single payer, I doubt that is the case as he has referred many times about opening up insurance purchases through interstate purchase. Basically he says he wants to erase the imaginary lines between states, which prohibits interstate sale of insurance!
            The only problem I see with this is potential collusion of insurance providers fixing rates amoungst carriers.
            Regarding common core, he says he wants to turn the power of education back to the states, and limit government involvement.
            Several weeks ago Ted Cruz stated that John Kasich should get out of the race since mathematically he had no path to nomination, needing 117% of the available delights to reach 1,237.
            Here we are several weeks later and Cruz is mathematically out of the race as well, since he needs more than 100% of the remaining delightes in the 10 or so remaining states. Further, of the remaining states, Trump has the lead in Indiana, New Jersey, and California! A win in any two of those states would put Trump in the1100 range, being only 137 deligates to win with 8 states remaining.
            As I see it, it was ok for Cruz to tell Kasich to get out when it became mathematically impossible for him to win, however Since Cruz is now also mathematically eliminated he is not taking his own advise and dropping out! He claims to be a Constitutional Patriot, but his actions at this point appear to be more about winning as opposed to stepping aside and allowing the party to reunite!
            Further, if you listen to Cruz lately his only discussion is about beating Trump, he seems to have abandoned the issues and has focused more on Trump. All one has to do is refer to Megyn Kelly’s interview with Cruz last night, as he would not stay on topic and kept going back to Trump.
            It’s really sad to see a man so obsessed with winning that he simply cannot acknowledge he is already defeated!!! Kinda reminds me on Don Queotie tilting at windmills! If he continues at this rate he will irrevocably damage his future in politics, which would represent a great loss to Conservative Constitutionalism!

          2. MAHB001 says

            I see what you are saying about 0bamacare and I think less government involvement is the answer to these problems.

            Both men have an adequate solution to 0bamacare. Cruz pointing out that Trump has supported liberal politicians only goes so far.

            The problem with 0bamacare is that the insurance companies are colluding with the GOVERNMENT and fixing the rates, as well as forcing us to purchase the crap, that is no longer Capitalism.

            I think both men agree on common core.

            Cruz has no right to force Kasich out of the race. I think Cruz’s actions back then were ill advised. He should not have tried to use public opinion to force Kasich out.

            I think Cruz’s assumption was that all the NON Trump Votes totaled up to the 50 to 60% mark, and if all those NON Trump votes were in Cruz’s camp, Cruz would be the clear winner… AND all the other candidates that were in similar situations to Kasich’s dropped out.

            Well Kasich didn’t drop out, and Trump has finally won a couple of states with a HUGE margin.. (in my best Trump impersonation.) The formulas have changed, and it is less clear that Cruz would have gotten all the votes he anticipated…

            But none of that says Cruz has to drop out or be considered hypocritical if he doesn’t. The formulas bottom line rules have not changed. Although Cruz is can not achieve the 1237, Trump hasn’t got their either… And the Convention has rules in case of a “Tie.”

            I do believe Indiana will clear up a lot of things… Trump has already shown that he is a poor looser. It has yet to be seen if Cruz will be a gracious looser, and I for one will unite under the winner. One of the things I like about Cruz is that he does not give up, and lie down the way the Republican elites do..

            I did not see Megyn Kelly’s interview.

        3. Francie26 says

          What is good for the country is to get Cruz into the office of president. Trump is a mistake, an anomaly, and he may not even know it, but he is just going to put himself into the office Hillary wants. That’s it. They are two birds of the EXACT SAME FEATHER.

          1. Dennis Dumas says

            Support that with some facts as opposed to blowing wind! I will say this however, Cruz is hated by everyone in Washington, the very people as president he will have to work with! Did you hear what John Baohner said about him yesterday?

          2. Francie26 says

            Seems you need to get the facts first, yourself, Dennis Dumas. Have you read what that cry-baby, John Boehner, said about Cruz? Since when did John Boehner develop a conscience? A sense of what’s right? He doesn’t like Cruz because Cruz called him out about his lies and his giving in to his close golfing buddy, Obama. Boehner is Obama’s man in the Senate. The republicans voted for Boehner, but they didn’t get a representative in him. Obama did. The fact that Cruz called Boehner out speaks highly for Cruz, not for Boehner.

          3. Dennis Dumas says

            Don’t refute your claims about Boehner, however that does not negate his comment! Let’s face it, Cruz is an asshole, and does not get along with anyone in Washington. Be it justified or not, as president he will have to get their cooperation, how possible do you think it is being hated by everyone!

          4. Francie26 says

            I honestly don’t know. But it seems to me that his sense of honor and bringing truth back to government might be a whiff of fresh air, even if he does have to do it with a hard push from time to time. The Washington elites, the Boehner crowd, seems not to value honesty, and it’s been a long time since the American people actually got honesty from our elected representatives. Of course. the Washington crowd will not like Cruz when he shines the light of truth on their shenanigans. They might even have to learn to deal with truth and honor, which means they will lose some of their “easy pickins'” in Washington, but it might also give real Americans a much-needed break from the lies, theft, and sheer dishonor that floats throughout the government today. Don’t forget–they will have to get his cooperation, too. That “itch” doesn’t scratch itself.

      2. FourQ says

        Mah, first off, I would like to commend you on your tone! America needs civil political discourse. One never KNOWS if someone else has lied because the ‘liar’ may have been misinformed or just ignorant of salient facts. But let’s put the facts into perspective. Ben Carson goes home to get a change of clothes. The fact that he is going home to FL is reported by CNN along with the speculation (apparently) that Carson was pulling out of the race. Since he was in second place in most polls that right there should have been a red flag. Carson, inexperienced in politics and political tricks, did not have an effective response team that monitors and squelches misinformation being presented as news. According to reports an order goes out from the Cruz campaign to have all caucus reps announce the CNN ‘lie’ as truth, and effectively puts Carson to 4th place by getting uninformed Carson reps to switch to Cruz. Cruz comes in first with the extra voters that were suckered in the last two hours. Do I know that Cruz lied? NO. But an honest campaign, knowing that Carson had made no such public statement would have verified the CNN report with the Carson campaign prior to putting what turned out to be misinformation in the caucuses in an organized manner. I speculate that it was a Cruz operative that disseminated the misinformation to CNN in the first place, but again I don’t know that. I’m sorry, but I won’t vote for Cruz unless he is the only alternative to Clinton, whom everyone knows to be a serial liar. Am I wrong?

        1. MAHB001 says

          I agree, what Cruz and his people did was wrong. Cruz even admitted it.

          it might have been the biggest mistake of Cruz’s campaign. And Cruz has paid the price.

          You can not say for certain that Cruz lied, and you fall short of calling Cruz a liar.

          Why is it that Trump gets away with it?

          “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”


      3. Tricia Harris says

        That’s the rub, Trumpo lies about everyone and everything. Trumpo compared Carson to a pedophile – a despicable lie. Trumpo has lie numerous times about Cruz, Bush, Kasish, Rubio, and everyone. Trumpo is the LIAR, NOT TED CRUZ!

        1. MAHB001 says

          An excellent example of Trumps deceptions.

      4. Francie26 says

        I heard at the time that one of Cruz’s people was wrong. And that’s what I believe. Cruz wasn’t even there when the incident occurred. He had moved on ahead by then.

        1. MAHB001 says

          That is what I heard as well, but the Trumpeteers are falling in line with the Lying Cruz mantra.

          It is evil to call someone a liar without proof. That is what Trump is doing.

    2. Tricia Harris says

      Cruz did NOT LIE, CNN did. ONE SUPPORTER ran with the story that CNN ran on Carson returning to Florida. It was seven minutes before the vote. And whatever LIE you got your so-called “facts” from that 6-8% of the votes changes is utter BS! Numerous reporters asked the delegates voting if that changed their vote and the all said NO they were voting for Cruz to begin with. Cruz did not lie, CNN DID, and you blame Cruz for it! Good grief GROW UP!

      1. FourQ says

        Well, Tricia, I’m sorry that you think that my opinion is immature. I’m not even sure what that means… My memory of the event was that Carson was polling around 19% on the day of the caucus. He ended up with 11% of the votes. My further recollection was that Cruz had around the same amount of support as Carson 19-20%. He ended up winning the Iowa Caucus with 28%. I’m too lazy to double check those numbers, but that’s what I remember…Maybe you can take that mature attitude of yours and instead of calling good people names maybe you can double check that number for me, lol.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          In the advent when one feels compelled to respond to the intellectually dishonest persons. It is often best to begin, By explaining the facts as they were. Not as those who stretch the truth beyond all boundaries. Fact #1 Dr Carsons Media team post to twitter for airing on CNN The Following Comment c Dr. Carson Would be leaving Iowa To return to Florida Skipping Campaigning in New Hampshire and south Carolina. End Of Posted Comment. One minute and 30 Seconds Later Carsons team and CNN post correction. Now for those less politically and or technically savvy. One minute in this day and age of high tech, communication which travels at the speed of light. Is like a life Time. So to say Cruz’s team cheated. Hell no Cruz’s team responded as they should have for the benefit of Team Cruz. Now Trump was more pissed off that his team hadn’t responded first Trumps team snoozed and lost. But worst of all Is that Both Team Trump and team Carson Pointed fingers at Cruz .Cruz who actually apologized at two later debates . Worse yet Is Dr Carson’s failure to except any blame for his teams failure to be precise and concise. But at last everyone has their favorite . But Be-damned the truth! ( Right. ) .

    3. Gerald Boesen says

      You need to stop watching NBC.

  5. MuslimLuvChrist says

    cruz is desperate in announcing a VP!

    Trump will wait until he is nominated!!!

    I HOPE HE PICKS sanders!!!

    1. Tricia Harris says

      Ronald Reagan announced George H. W. Bush as his nominee before the Convention. And the morons equally said Reagan would never win and that he was desperate. How’d that work out for everyone? We got a phenomenal President! And it will work the exact same way with Cruz.

      1. MuslimLuvChrist says

        cruz has to make a deal and become

        Trump’s Scalia replacement!!!

        1. Effenexes says

          Finally, something we could all live with… except the Dimwitcrats that is.

        2. Peatro Giorgio says

          I could live with that Cruz would certainly be an excellent Anthony Scalia replacement . Heck : If Trump were to announce He would nominate Cruz for That Supreme court nomination in advance of the convention; And if; Trump were to ascertained the 1237 Number. I would then certainly vote for Trump .I do believe however .None of the above shall to come to light.

        3. Tricia Harris says

          No Cruz does NOT need to make any “deal” that’s the entire problem with D.C. now – too many damn deals! That’s another layer of problems Trumpo would add. Cruz needs to be the President, he’s the most qualified. And there are plenty would make an excellent choice for President Cruz to make to replace Justice Scalia – Mike Lee, Louie Gohmert (I know him personally too, and he’d be an extremely awesome Justice) even Trey Gowdy would be good. Trumpo has already said he would put his activist pro-abortion, pro-amnesty sister in as the Justice if he were elected. She’s just another activist Democrat that we don’t need.

  6. kcwas says

    The People want Mr Trump….even when you dishonest , honor lacking politicians have played every dishonest criminal act and still coming up with them…. so you send Ole dementia man out to blind the young kids with how free life will be for them…get what you want for nothing and the older liber falling for it…. how do I know because I am in place where I have been Blessed with hearing them give reasons why they are voting for him…to blind to understand that he has been there while the o has been cutting every elder , Veterans, Military Troops…. throat so why in the hell would he help anybody now…. and as for Cruz and foil …

    1. craigzimmerman12 says

      Do not mistake the nominating process for the general election. We will see in November if the American people want Trump.

      1. Francie26 says

        We’d better see before that or we’ll elect Hillary. And I, for one, think our country is as close to being destroyed as it has ever been. Hillary would sit in the white house, send someone to light the fire, and then go to the situation room to watch it burn.

    2. Tricia Harris says

      NO WE DO NOT want the El-Trumpo stinking Democrat LIAR pretending to be a Republican. There is no honor in that narcissistic, misogynistic, spoiled ass bully, bandersnatch and he’s fine with perverts using women’s rest rooms. Good grief what a slimeball!

  7. Bingolady says

    Cruz must by now realize he is done in politics. He’s hated in the senate and has pretty much destroyed any chance for getting re-elected there after this disastrous run for president which has basically shown his lack of principles.

    1. Francie26 says

      If you look at the ones who hate him in the senate, it is the ones who are swept up into Obama’s game. Look at John Boehner who played golf with Obama, voted for everything Obama wanted, cried his way through all of it, and then hates Cruz who wouldn’t follow his betrayal of the American people while they were in the senate together. The entire senate was just more of Obama, not a separate body at all. There is something wrong with this, and Cruz knew it. And the rest of them now know Cruz had their number and wouldn’t play along. There were a few others, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, etc. But mostly it was a brazen attempt to simply give Obama everything he wanted to keep him from closing the white house doors. Remember when one other Senate leader once closed the senate for a while to make a point? That was an act of bravery and courage. What Boehner has done has no courage attached to it, only slimy butt- kissing of Obama. So of course, he hates Cruz because he knows Cruz has a courage he will never know, can only envy.

  8. 123terrywbradley456 says

    The Republican nominee is going to be Trump. He is about as qualified to be President as Mickey Mouse. But the Democrat nominee is going to be Hillary who is as qualified to be President as Minnie Mouse. Being a male chauvinists pig I’ll vote for Mickey Mouse. Cruz lost me when he named his VP choice. Feminism has taken over in America. We need one more female in power like we need a hole in the head or lady Marines.

    1. Tricia Harris says

      The Republican nominee is NOT going to be Trumpo. Cruz will win on the second ballot. Just watch

    2. Francie26 says

      I’m a woman, and why haven’t I noticed that feminism has taken over? I like Carley, and I think she is more intelligent than many men who get elected. I cannot imagine a man in America today who would turn on Cruz because he named a woman as his running mate. A throwback, an anomaly, a man lost in time, that’s you. Go ahead. Vote for the New York Democrat who is trying to run a rotten game against republicans by taking over their party for his own election scheme. I don’t know why some men never grow up, always afraid of women with power–must be a “mama thing” left over from fear of their mothers during their traumatized childhood.

      1. Peatro Giorgio says

        Francie, Feminism Hasn’t taken over. It is only that some of the insecure,impudent, incompetent Men. Have failed to understand past history. Women have always been the guiding force. Though more often then not relegated to the back ground,behind the man. As a competent secure man I highly value the assets My Beautiful bride of 37 years brings to our team. For she Bring’s great intelligence,strength,insight into areas where I lack. Those areas where she is best suited are those areas left to her and Vise versa. As a team we are nearly unbeatable. Each having our own strengths. Which makes for a great team. Enabling us to face any struggle ,confrontation to over come what may. Cruz & Carly will make a formidable team. My hope is they prevail. They must or I fear our nation is lost.

      2. 123terrywbradley456 says

        Francie26, I’m in my 80s, a veteran,who went to Korea, a retired lawyer, and a West Texas rancher. When I was a young man women did not kill over a million babies a year; I never heard the F word from the mouth of a woman until the mid-60s; all Ivy League schools were all male as was the best school in Texas, Rice Univ.; the largest day care center was not the military; I cannot imagine young women crawling through the mud and rice paddies, human fertilized, in Korea; the only American women I saw in Korea was a nurse when I was in the hospital in Pusan; the birth rate of bastards ( can’t say that word anymore) was less than 5%: and women wore dresses and not pants. I suppose I’ve lived too long. I yearn for the country in which I was raised. Like Justice Scalia said – “THIS IS A COUNTRY I DO NOT RECOGNIZE”. As to the woman Cruz named as his choice for VP, she ran a good company nearly into bankruptcy. There are so many good men who have gone by the wayside in this election that would make VPs who could be Presidents. You are entitled to your opinion. I am afraid of what women who are in power will do. O’Conner convinced President Reagan that she was pro-life and then in the Plan Parenthood case in 93 wrote the opinion to continue the slaughter of over a million innocent, defenseless humans a year. YES, I’m afraid of women in power.

  9. MAHB001 says

    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Reagan announced his entire cabinet prior to being nominated.

    At a time when those against Trump suspect that Trump is a Trojan horse, it would seem that if Trump defined his cabinet it might help those uneasy with Trump define who it is and what he stands for.

    1. Yasuko Kearney says

      He is taking one step at a time. He knows he has to go on the solid foundation. He presented his foreign policy that is well spoken, simple, and right to the point. It is too much so that so called Washington Establishments who are so used to a complicated policies are confused. They don’t believe can not understand simplicity with common sense.

      1. MAHB001 says

        The ONLY problem I have with Trump, is that his words, do not follow his actions. In fact, depending on the time of day, Trump caters to his audience, in other words, he tells the audience exactly what Trump thinks the audience wants to hear….

        That is what politicians do best…

        1. Dennis Dumas says

          I think you are off base with that comment, maybe that is what Ted Cruz tells his supporters he does! However, I have watched a number of Trump rallies in almost every single state, his message is always the same!!!! To the point of almost becoming boring. The topics are the wall, immigration, veterans, military, trade, jobs, Obama care, common core, occasionally throwing in his tax plan, and political corruption in both parties.
          To say that he panders to his audience is about as accurate as Hillary Clinton’s claim the she is fighting the war on women, a war that is non existent!
          I have dedicated a lot of time listening to Clinton, Sanders, Kasich, Cruz and Trump, without going into a side by side comparison here suffice it to say that Trump is the most consistent on all the previously stated topics, all of which are a great concern to the American voter!
          To imply That Trump panders to his audience is simply not true, and such a comment must only have its roots in misinformation or the desire to discredit the candidate! In either case you sound just like the politicians who will do and say anything to garner votes! I suggest you listen to about 5 – 6 Trump rally’s and see for yourself what he has to say rather than basing your opinion on what someone eles says, as it only makes you sound misinformed. And in this election, being misinformed is simply not an option if we are to save this country!

          1. aschark says

            I’m with you 110%,Dennis, and I’m glad to see that MAHB001 gave you a thumbs up on your post.

          2. MAHB001 says

            I am here for the conversations, and appreciate all civil conversations. These are just my opinions.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Thank you for your comment. I have been wrong in the past, and you could very well be right that I am wrong this time, but as Trump would tell you, why change, when the message seems to be working? That is why his speeches are repetitive.

            I listened to Trumps speech in CA last night on the radio.. Very impressive.

            But those canned stump talking points are not what I was talking about. I
            was trying to refer to Trumps past history of being liberal on things
            like abortion and 0bamacare. On these subjects, Trumps ACTIONS are
            different than his words… Please correct me if I am wrong.

            To tell you the truth that was the first speech that I heard, besides the debates. During the debates, Trump made several comments that he backed out of after the debate and after he measured the audiences response… I guess all people do the same thing.

            So I guess that I have come up with a second only problem I have with Trump.

            Trump called Bush a liar. Trump has no proof that Bush lied about WMD’s.
            He continues to call Cruz a liar. Trump has no proof that Cruz lied about anything.
            He called Carly Fiorina ugly. That comment was just plain ugly in itself.

            These are tactics that have been fine tuned by liberals and I have been the brunt of those tactics for years now. In my mind, Trump loses integrity when he makes these claims without proof. When Trump uses these tactics that I associate with liberals, it tends to make me think Trump is a liberal.

            Here is my problem, I like both men, and my favorite would have been Carly Fiorina.

            I can see where Trump is strong, Cruz is weak, where Trump is weak, Cruz is strong. As I have said before, there are good in both men, there are bad in both men.

            Either one is better than the alternative… Which is outright socialism.

          4. Tricia Harris says

            And don’t forget Trumpo always brags about how rich he is and how HE is going to make America great – NEVER ABOUT ANYONE ELSE! Trumpo only cares about his bank account and will never put our country first when it comes to will it benefit him or not!

          5. Dennis Dumas says

            I think when Trump refers to his wealth he is making the point that he can make America Great Again, just as he has with his own business ventures! Further, being as wealthy as he is he is not able to be bought and paid for, not so for the other candidates who are dependent on enormous contributions to fund their campagain, later being beholding to them on issues!
            Additionally, of all the candidates presently in the race and some of those who have dropped out already, Trump has spent the least amount of money, and gotten more votes! Wouldn’t you like our country being run the same way, cutting out fraud, and abuse of government funding!
            It sounds like you take what Trmp says too literally, and don’t hear his follow up comments! He built a great company, turned a 1 million $ loan into a 10 billion $ enterprise, wouldn’t you like to see him apply those same principals as president!
            The man is workt $10 billion, I hardly think he is doing this for the money, he already has more than he can spend in 3 lifetimes!
            It’s strand how people with no business experience do not understand a great business man, maybe that’s why you have to work for someone instead of employing someone!

          6. Francie26 says

            Voting for Trump, same as voting for Hillary, is not an option either.

          7. Dennis Dumas says

            How can you say that, because that’s what the pundits tell you! How about thinking for yourself!!! Trump knows the Clintons, let me ask who knows you best the people you know or strangers? Personally I think he will put Clinton away as fast as he put Jeb Bush away by bringing up the 28 pages of the 911 commission report!
            With Roger Stone working behind the scenes, I’m sure Trump has more dirt on Clinton than anyone would care to know, that is on top of what has already been made public about her if you care to investigate!
            Cruz wouldn’t stand a chance against a killer like Clinton, he’s too Godly, Trump on the other hand has no problem during from the hip, trust me he will make Hillary want to crawl under a rock before this is said and done!!!!

          8. Francie26 says

            haha Since when does a Godly man become a wimp in taking on Hillary? Sorry, that just doesn’t compute. I agree that Trump probably has enough dirt on the “Hill” to take her down fast. But I also think Cruz’s conscience would stand him in good stead. Just like he called out John Boehner, he will not hold back from calling out Hillary, and if he doesn’t already have all the data he needs for this, there are more people than you can name who would gladly give him names, dates, stats on her. She has to answer for a lot, and one of the most urgent and paramount is Benghazi. Furthermore, Cruz is no longer the Lone Ranger trying to right horrible old “Clinton” wrongs. He now has his own “Tonto,” Carley, a woman with a powerful track record of dealing successfully with international world leaders. She will make Hillary look like a moldy, burned- out ash heap.

          9. MAHB001 says

            Have you seen this video. It shows the inconsistency in Trumps statements that I am talking about. I know it was done by a Cruz supporter, but can you defend Trumps inconsistencies? Can and how does Trump defend those inconsistencies?


          10. Dennis Dumas says

            Trump is not a traditional conservative, he more a nationalist and a commonsensical sense guy! The term conservative is only a label, it means nothing! Look at Obama, he called himself a progressive when in reality he turned out to be a tyrant!
            Just like Trump my views have changed over the years, becoming more and more conservative as the years went buy! I can’t speak for commentsTrump made 5, 10, 15 years ago and what motivated to say it!
            I do know this, Trump has a massive ego, as anyone in his position would have. To come out publicly and say he is going to do all that he says and fail would not go well with his ego!

          11. MAHB001 says

            If you use 0bama as an example, let examine it.

            I never trusted 0bama but gave him the benefit of doubt. lied to call himself a progressive, and all along was a tyrant.

            That is, until 0bama was proven a liar. Now that 0bama is a proven liar it is prudent to assume that everything the guy says is a lie. That is until his actions prove otherwise.

            0bama lied by calling himself a progressive. 0bama was a tyrant, and 0bama has consistently used lies to promote his liberal progressive agenda.

            Now Trump says he is a conservative, yet his actions say something else. Some of those tapes when he supported 0bamacare were made since he started his run for office,

            So we have a case where Trump does not give Cruz the benefit of doubt and calls Cruz a liar without proof, (and George Bush). Yet Trump would have us give him the benefit of doubt about his inconsistencies.

            I guess we have to trust our gut on these things… As I have said before, if Trump is a Trojan horse, we are screwed.

    2. Dennis Dumas says

      One key difference, Cruz has no mathematical path to win nomination, Reagan did!

      1. Tricia Harris says

        Oh yes he does, and you are a fool to believe he doesn’t. Just watch.

        1. Effenexes says

          You did take up math in school, correct? It called adding and subtracting. It hasn’t changed over the years. You need to put it in action. Try it sometime. It really does work.

          1. Tricia Harris says

            I made straight A’s in math all the way through school and college. Trumpo didn’t! HE WON’T have 1237 at the convention either, but Ted Cruz will on the second ballot. Just watch!

      2. MAHB001 says

        Trump has not secured his mathematical path either… When Trump does, I think you will hear uniting things from Cruz… I don’t know that for a fact, but that is what Cruz says he will do.

        If the shoe was on the other foot, I think Trump would not exit gracefully.

        You are asking Cruz to drop out of a ball game in the 7th inning….

      3. Francie26 says

        Do you know this about Reagan? Where did you get this information? I haven’t read of anyone else saying that, not at all.

        1. Dennis Dumas says

          Google it!

    3. Francie26 says

      Trump wants to save those offices for people who helped get him elected. If that happens, he will probably put some of his kids in office.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I think his kids will have to run the family businesses, as Trump will have to step down.

  10. Curtis Jones Jr says

    Both are losers.

  11. 7818TD says

    The man looks ridiculous, instead, of bowing out gracefully, he becomes a “Bad Loser” and “Poor Sport”, something few admire. He needs to face reality, and begin to unite behind the Choice of the People.

    1. Tricia Harris says

      Trumpo is the SORE LOSER and whiner NOT CRUZ! Trumpo is NOT GOING TO WIN – and you are stupidly buying into all the BS if you think that!

      1. Effenexes says

        Stop me if you’ve heard this before…Trump can mathematically win the nomination before the convention…Cruz cannot. Gotta live with it.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          Here’s something you have to live with .Trump could very well miss the 1237 mark. If so he is out after the first ballot . After all there have been in previous primaries where in Trump was leading go into them only to have lost by a large margin. Indiana Might be Trumps Waterloo . And yes it could be Cruz’s Alamo . Ill stick with Cruz . He is the most honest ,the one with the highest levels of integrity. Morally and ethically far superior to Trump. Yes I will go down fighting If we must.

          1. Effenexes says

            Well, one thing is for sure…while whistling past the grave yard wishing it were true, you can contemplate on the fact if you have crappy wishes it doesn’t matter if you crap in one hand and wish in the other to see which one fills up the fastest.

    2. MAHB001 says

      What you are saying is equivalent to asking a baseball team to pack it up in the seventh inning because they are two runs behind…..

      If you want examples of bad losers look at Trumps actions when he loses.

  12. Joseph Flanagan says

    I don’t know who first said it but, “The Only Cure For Potomac Fever, Is Formaldehyde”

  13. Albert L Biele says

    He’s starting to sound like a broken record, a hick-cup, a double exposure, or maybe a manikin trying to come to life. Cruz is starting to sound like a mad dog with rabies, viciously spewing out lies about Trump and anyone else who doesn’t agree with his madness.

    1. Tricia Harris says

      So it’s fine for Trumpo to LIE AND LIE AND LIE AND LIE AND LIE AND LIE AND LIE SOME MORE AND IT’S NOT FINE FOR CRUZ TO STAND UP AND SAY HE’S FED UP WITH THE TRUMPO LIES? How many lies can Trumpo tell before it’s all right with you for Ted Cruz to finally get fed up with Trumpo’s LIES??? 30? 40? 100?

      1. Albert L Biele says

        I can almost feel the anger in your writings. This is what happens when the lights are dimmed, and the possibility of victory seem to be evaporating in plain site. It wasn’t my intention to emploid your hopes or your dream; we simply differ in opinions; there is no need to carry this conversation to another level. I’m not trying to win, or beat anybody; I’m stating the facts. Sometimes

        1. Francie26 says

          There are facts and then there are “your” facts. I know you didn’t intend to cause my temper to flare, but it does that when I sense acceptance of the loss of my country. I do NOT accept that. I just will not do it!! I have loved this country for almost 80 years, and I can remember being in first grade and standing with my little hand over my heart and saying the pledge of allegiance to the flag. I meant it then and I mean it now.

          1. Albert L Biele says

            I’m a member of the American Legion, an organization formed to honor war-vets. I had 3 uncles who hit Normandy, a cosine who never made it back from Korea, And 2 close friends who died in Vietnam. i’m also a published author, and have recently released my Novel “INSURGENCY” where are the patriots. Point being, I come from a family of Patriots, and although I strongly disagree with your point of view, but would once again, lay my life on the line to protect your constitutional right to voice your personal opinion.

          2. Effenexes says

            Yet she has previously stated she is almost 80. One would think she would understand your thoughtful reply. 20/20 vision and walking around blind maybe.

          3. Albert L Biele says

            Thanks for the comment.

          4. Francie26 says

            I did understand his thoughtful reply. What I don’t understand is yours.

          5. Francie26 says

            My dad served as a tank driver under General Patton in WWII, and I agree with you, Albert L Biele. Dad loved his God, his country, and his wife and children. He was a true patriot, and I wear my pride in him in every breath I draw. I’m glad to hear of all the brave Americans in your family who gave so much for our country. They were heroes, all.

          6. Albert L Biele says

            God bless you and, God bless your father for his patriotism, and his love for God. He sounds like a man I would have liked to have known. When I get to Heaven, I’ll look him up.

          7. Effenexes says

            That was then…this is now, Toto…you’re not in Kansas anymore, We’re operating in real time now, not somewhere over the rainbow.

          8. Francie26 says

            Somehow, I don’t buy into the idea that loving my country and remembering almost 80 years of annually holding my hand over my heart to express that love is merely “over the rainbow.” To me, that’s about as “real” as it can get. What was true then has magnified over the years, and is still true, even more so, today.

          9. Francie26 says

            I may not be in Kansas any more, but you apparently are.

      2. Effenexes says

        As many as Cruz is willing to give. He has almost used up all your allotment. You’re still shouting. The hospital must have tested too many drugs on you today.

    2. Francie26 says

      How pathetic you are!!! You probably love Obama and Hillary. What a mess this country is right now!! And I, for one, will not give my country to the people who will put the final nails in her coffin. Trump is in la-la land, and has no clue he should not even be running for a republican office after giving millions of dollars to democrats for so many years.

      1. Albert L Biele says

        I can almost feel the anger in your writings. This is what happens when the lights are dimmed, and the possibility of victory seems to be evaporating in plain sight. It wasn’t my intention to implode your hopes or your dreams. We simply differ in opinions; there is no need to carry this conversation to another level. I’m not trying to win, or beat anybody; I’m stating the facts. There’s a reason Trump has almost 3 million more votes and approximately 500 more delegates than Cruz. It’s a statistic that we cannot ignore.

        1. Texas Belle says

          Yeah, she has a right to be angry, as does everyone who loves this country, and has lived through the last 7+} years of Obama.

          1. Albert L Biele says

            I’m with you on those 7 years of Obama. It’s been a nightmare.

      2. Effenexes says

        Sounds like you prefer the same old establishment candidates that have thus given us thus far nothing but lies, alibis and empty promises and while leaving We the People stranded at the altar. That is their talking points that you are sputtering.

    3. Gerald Boesen says

      What Lies about Trump? That he’s a liberal Democrat. That he is a political insider who has been supporting DC hacks for years? He support Planned Parenthood. He wants to raise taxes? He is a misogynist who has 70% negativity polling. He is inarticulate, crude and a bully? These lies?

      1. Albert L Biele says

        If he were Pinocchio, his nose would have grown so long, it would have pinned him to the floor. What we see here, is a desperate man not able to come to grips with the fact ant it is all over but the shouting. First he claims to have made a deal with Kasich, and then claims there was never a deal, and now, for the first time in history, a candidate, that has yet to be nominated to represent any party, has now, nominated a vice president; that with the fact that he lost his composure on the Kelly show last night, when she suggested that his accusations against Trump, were not true, is conformation that is bid for the presidency is over.

        1. Texas Belle says

          And what about Trump calling Cruz a liar without any proof? As the adage says, “if you repeat a lie often enough people begin to believe it”, which is what Trump has accomplished, roping in people who don’t do the research for themselves.

  14. Eddie says

    Con artist and pathological liar Donald (der Fuhrer) Trumpf may fool “New York values” leftists and stupid rednecks but he can’t fool REAL Americans. TED CRUZ—2016. The ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVE running for President, NOT a phony who whines and throws Trumper tantrums like a six-year-old, defrauds college students, hides his taxes from the voters, tries to seize properety from elderly ladies under the guise of “eminent domain” to build a parking lot for his limos, and has his storm troopers assault female reporters. Trumpf is as despicable and disgusting as the corrupt Hillary and Traitor Obama.

    1. Angela Worden says

      Your post is what is disgusting and despicable. Your insults to Trump voters is irrational, inaccurate,and brought about as a sheep-like response to the establishment and Ted Cruz.

      1. Francie26 says

        People like you keep trying to analyze the thinking of others whose ideas and thoughts are different than yours. In fact, yours are disgusting and despicable. How old are you? Just trying to figure out how many years it’s been since you had a thought of your own.

    2. Francie26 says

      I’d give you a million “^” votes if I could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TED and CARLEY—2016

  15. C.M. Dawson says

    I’m a firm believer in two term limits for ALL politicians; one in office, the other in prison.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Both need to be earned. The second one certainly is…

      1. Bettyareed says

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        1. MAHB001 says

          You have been flagged scum puppet.

        2. Jimmy Quick says

          And all that time I thought she was just inviting strange men to take a ride while laying on her backside.

        3. Effenexes says

          Wow…$87n an hour huh? I bet you use up over half of that in knee pads.

      2. Jimmy Quick says

        I keep hearing what a man of the people Cruz is, but all I see is sneaking little creep who will do anything to screw up our country. This guy has not got a snowballs chance in hell of being the GOP nominee and instead of working to ensure that Trump can beat Hillary this fall, he is doing everything possible to assure that Clinton will be our next president.

        Dropout Cruz and save your country. DROP OUT NOW!!!

        1. Gerald Boesen says

          You are wrong. Ted should do anything he can to prevent Trump from getting the nomination. Trump is a vulgar, arrogant and divisive demagogue who will lose in November. Ted is the only Conservative in the race and the only person who can clean up Obama’s messes. You are obviously no conservative.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            You may be right. Maybe I don’t fit anyone’s mold, but I am a strategical thinker and from here going forward everything Cruz does to hurt Trump can be seen as working directly for Clinton.

            Cruz should stop his foolish attempts to bring a contested convention. He will never win no matter what. Cruz should work instead to bury the hatchet with Trump and join a winning team so that he can be more effective from the inside and ultimately elevate himself to a point where people like me might begin to take him seriously.

          2. MAHB001 says

            In the same vain, I think Trump should stop calling Cruz a liar…. Trump has no proof.

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            I could agree with that and even if Trump is right, they still need to both be bigger men and learn how to work together for the greater good, that is not to ignore the women who were slighted by the recklessness of this political fiasco.

            Who goes after another mans wife? That is gonna be a hard one to get around, but if they really care about the country as they claim they do, then I’m sure they could find a way to fix this.

          4. MAHB001 says

            Thumb up on that.

          5. imbzystitchin says

            You do know that Trump admitted that he KNEW Cruz had NOTHING to do with the ad about his wife. However, that did not seem to stop Trump from attacking Heidi, who by any estimation was an innocent in the whole thing. Tells me a lot of the man and who he is. Not the shiny savior the Trump supporters seem to think.

          6. Jimmy Quick says

            Do you really believe Cruz had nothing to do with the ads featuring Trumps wife?

            A lot of people know Cruz a lot better than presumably you or I and they do not have very nice things to say about the man.

            Conversely, many people know Mr. Trump both as a business associate as well as on a personal level and they have many nice things to say about him.

            I think there may be a basic difference in the way you and I look at people. For instance, I see one man desperate for power and another who already has everything he needs, but out of a care and concern for others has put himself in the line of fire because it is the right thing to do and because he may be the only person who is uniquely able to do the things which must be done to save our nation.

          7. PatriotGal says

            MAH, no proof? Do your own research. You will find it. We all have proof, even as recently as yesterday Cruz lied repeatedly.

          8. MAHB001 says

            We used to hold our politicians to a higher standard.

          9. imbzystitchin says

            Since Trump does not know even the rudimentary basics of what the US government was meant to be, and Ted Cruz knows that information cold, by your logic it would make MORE SENSE for Trump to drop out and back Cruz. After all the polls show Trump losing to Hillary and Cruz winning, Trump doesn’t really know what the end goal should be other than in very generalized terms, Cruz has details.
            And you do realize that Lincoln went into the Convention with only 22% of the delegates, I think you would be hard pressed to find many people that think that didn’t work out for the best.

          10. Jimmy Quick says

            Please don’t use Lincoln as an example of anything decent. According to the factual history of his administration, Lincoln and Johnson were both war time profiteers and criminals somewhat along the lines of Obama and Clinton. It takes a lot of whitewash and bleach to even say they were anything respectable and still keep a straight face.

            Getting back to our current situation, I could go either way. Trump/Cruz – Cruz/Trump. All that concerns me right now is to stop Obama cold in his tracks so that our nation has a chance to recover from the destruction he has caused and second to stop Bill and Hillary from their continued fleecing of the American people.

          11. deepthink says

   really believe what you wrote!! Oh my, Heaven help you!

        2. MAHB001 says

          I value your opinion Jimmy.

          I don’t see how Cruz trying to win the nomination changes Trumps chance of beating Hillary.

          Either candidate will get my support against Hillary.

          The only chance that Hillary has to win is to rig the election, and that is exactly what will happen…. What do you think Trump will do to make sure the Democrats are fair?

          “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
          —-Joseph Stalin

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            I’m not saying I wouldn’t support Cruz if we is the nominee, but he is not and in a contested convention, Cruz will get lost in the shuffle.

            I’m not saying Trump is the only answer either. If Cruz would stop being stupid and would settle his differences with Trump, the result could be an unbeatable ticket.

            I said it six months ago and I’m still saying it now. No matter how unlikely it may seem, Trump/ Cruz could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

          2. MAHB001 says

            As I see it, it is Trump that is accusing Cruz of being a liar.

            Trump has lost a great deal of credibility with those accusations in my mind.

            I still see a huge difference between being wrong and lying.

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            I see Cruz as a guy who will do anything to be president… exactly the kind of person we don’t need.

          4. MAHB001 says

            I see Trump as a guy who will SAY anything to be president..

            Exactly the kind of person that is in the WH right now.

            I do agree that if Cruz does have that trait, it is not a good one.

            What I took away from the 0bama lies, is that a politicians actions speak louder than their words. These snakes lie convincingly, and use our tendency to give them the benefit of doubt against us. They buy time, so that we will forget, move on, and accept their lies. Which then become facts.

            A lie told enough times becomes the truth….

            The gamble is that Trump is NOT lying and that his actions of the past are not who he is now. But, he caters his message to the audience, and Trump can not please all the people, all the time. He is lying to someone… But who?

          5. George Durdin says

            Trump can walk away from the primaries or the general election a loser…..and still comes out the winner in his book.

          6. Mike Burkett says

            In my book also. He has forced the professional ‘kick the can down the road’ politicians to address issues concerning the American people and republican electorate.

          7. George Durdin says

            I totally agree that he has shaken up the political scene and brought serious issues to the forefront BUT I don’t want to see him lead when all is said and done. because he is too erratic.

          8. Mike Burkett says

            Not the smooth professional politician we have grown accustom to, LOL.

          9. George Durdin says

            You don’t seem to understand that Trump is as much of a “smooth professional politician” as anyone serving in Congress and has been for the last 40 plus years. He knows how to lobby, pay off and use serving politicians and is the way that he has managed to accumulate his wealth. Trump didn’t become wealthy by being a Boy Scout and has stepped on MANY people to attain his wealth and power. It isn’t wise to put a fox in a hen house.

          10. imbzystitchin says

            Except we have already been told Trump is lying, first by Ben Carson who said he was only able to endorse Trump because he assured him he DID NOT mean what he was saying in the rallies, and then by the statements made by his campaign manager who said we had not seen the real Trump. I think to Trump, this is just another deal, and like a LOT of the people who make deals with Trump his supporters will be left holding the bad end of the deal.

          11. MAHB001 says

            In the Costa Mesa Trump rally on Thursday night. 4/28 Trump said there was 31,000 people there. He challenged the cameras to turn around a show the crowd, but they didn’t, he repeated the number.

            The venue Trump was in holds 8,500…. Trump knew what the venue held.

            Trump will and say anything to get elected. If elected, in all likelihood he will revert to what he was before he started his get election show.

          12. Jimmy Quick says

            Edit my friend. I feel your vibe, but this below your standards.

          13. MAHB001 says

            Really how?

          14. Jimmy Quick says

            Simply grammatical. I didn’t intend to cause a stir.

          15. MAHB001 says

            Grammar and spelling are my weak points.

            My first two that is.

          16. Jimmy Quick says

            LOL, I suspected as much.

          17. Mike Burkett says

            Yet you have no proof or maybe not intelligent enough to support your initial point. Can you say ‘standing room only’ or ‘overflow crowd’ again, the lame-stream media lets you down. You’re definitely not a businessman who understands democrap practise of ‘graft’ to get things done.

          18. MAHB001 says

            This is my proof.. There is a CONSERVATIVE talk show host, Mike Slater, KFMB 760 AM in the San Diego market, that has interviewed Trump…

            Slater was at the rally, he talked to the another conservative talk show host Brett Winterble, right up to when Trump took the stage. Slater said that the venue held 6,500 people, he said it was packed… Trump took the stage, and the station broadcasted the entire speech. Trump did his speech with the 31,000 number it in. Trump repeated the same number at least twice….

            I caught the discrepancy immediately, apparently so did all the people that called into the Bret Winterble show after the speech ended. And the next day when Mike Slater returned to the microphone, Mike confirmed that there was no more than 8,500 people in the venue.

            So you tell me, what Trump merely wrong about his estimation of the size of the venue, or did he purposefully? My opinion is that he fudged the number a lot. This just says something about Trumps character.

            You are correct, I should give him the benefit of doubt.

          19. Mike Burkett says

            Are not not comfortable with a great America? Ben Carson, the meek, soft-spoken presidential candidate that could only make jokes at the debates and CNN announces his departure from the campaign trail ahead of both Trump’s and Cruz’s campaign teams (I assume politics is a rougher sport than Ben Carson was lead to believe). I agree with you but, fortunately the third-world despots the professional politicians sells out America to regularly, definitely not respecting weak muslim Obama in the least, will be holding the short end of the deal you speak of.

          20. Jimmy Quick says

            Again, I propose the fix. We elect them both.

          21. MAHB001 says

            I am with you Jimmy!

          22. Mike Burkett says

            And you base this on Trump never using a teleprompter, except his latest foreign policy speech too detailed for memory, to deliver tailored speeches developed by speech writers. You boast of an intelligence that caught Obama in his many lies and yet, you refuse our citizen presidential candidate the benefit of doubt afforded lying professional politicians (see Cruz, Obama, Hillary, ect.).

          23. MAHB001 says

            I even bit my lip and gave 0bama the benefit of doubt until 0bama was caught dead to rights in his lies about 0bamacare and Benghazi…..

            All I ask is that Trump provide his proof of someones lies before he accuses them of lying… Accusing someone of lying without proof is slanderous…

            The accusation of lying has destroyed Cruz, and will put Trump in office… If the people do not hold their politicians to a higher standard, this will only get worse.

            I view the inconsistencies in Trumps off the cuff remarks as Trumps ability to instantly read a person and determine what language and phrases will work best on that person… This is a common trait in ALL good salespeople… And Trump is an AWESOME salesman…

            Trump is using that talent to tell people what they want to hear.

          24. George Durdin says

            And Trump isn’t? Can you see the nose on the end of your face yet? There are a lot of some not very bright and some very bright people that are being played by a master manipulator. And he is loving every minute of it……

          25. Jimmy Quick says

            And you know this for a fact because?

          26. George Durdin says

            Yes….because you are one of his legions of zombies. You are not bright enough to see beyond the glossy, smoke and mirrors and think that the Presidential race is a popularity contest…….lets elect a bombastic, loud mouth, rude TV star to be the president of the United States and that makes sense to you. What a joke….

          27. Jimmy Quick says

            Again, George, you have proven that you don’t even have the intellectual depth to stay on point.

            All you are able to do is say bad things about others of whom you have no real relational knowledge.

            I’m guessing it’s got to be pretty empty in your world. You need to get out more often, read a book, start a hobby, maybe take a trip, but stop pretending that you are some sort of an authority on things of which you know absolutely nothing.

          28. Mike Burkett says

            George, you don’t sound comfortable with Making America great again, maybe you should seek solace in Canada, Mexico or, I hear Europe has open arms toall refugees and leave the real Americans to handle matters of State in America.

          29. George Durdin says

            You sound much like a German nationalist of the 30’s that has long since been murdered by a zealous Nationalist Populist dictator that sought to bloat his inflated ego and WAS xenophobic. Fortunately I love my country and know that can’t happen because the vast majority of Americans are opposed to such a Nationalist Populist bully and will never allow him to take power. So WHY give him the opportunity to do so? I believe in the basic mission and principles of the Republican party and will not vote for a Democrat in drag.

          30. Mike Burkett says

            Hitler was made possible by Roosevelt’s ‘League of Nations’ punishment of Germany for WWI to save Germany’s economy much like our citizen presidential candidate Trump made possible by Obama and the democraps to rescue America from the professional politicians. Americans have had enough of professional ‘kick the can down the road without solving anything’ politicians. Nationalist Populist Bully would be preferable over a weak muslim president, criminal Hillary or, lying Canuck Cruz that has America’s allies worried and America’s enemies plotting.

          31. George Durdin says

            Now you are getting the picture…..the same scenario that lead to the rise of Hitler has been occurring in America over the past seven plus years under the repressive regime of Obama that has decimated our country both nationally and internationally. Obama has divided our country in every conceivable way possible and has created a great deal of dissension and an atmosphere ripe for a National Populist candidate like Trump and Sanders. I don’t disagree with you regarding Clinton, Sanders or any Democrat BUT we don’t need a loose canon in the White House either…….and what makes you think that Trump isn’t as big a liar as he proclaims that Cruz is? My experience has always been that the guy that cries wolf the loudest is THE wolf.

          32. Mike Burkett says

            I agree about loose-cannon professional politician in the White House but, after 8 years of incompetent democrap leadership, America will need a strong, boisterous and pragmatist citizen leader to restore world balance with the re-emerging great America controlling much of what happens inside and outside the United States borders (see failed Arab Spring, failed Russian Reset, overall failed foreign policy).

          33. George Durdin says

            Well I thought may be you were starting to catch on and head in the right direction but apparently you are still under the spell of the maestro……..the messiah has only received 40% of the support of the party that he says he represents, the Republicans. Now understand that the Republicans are the minority party with only 28% of the total American electorate voting GOP…..the Democrats have the advantage of 35% and the independents are the remaining 37%. At this point the messiah only has about 11.2% of the TOTAL American voters support…..that isn’t a winning hand in the general election and will hand the White House back to the Democrats in November. I agree that we don’t want to put the Democrats back in the White House BUT a vote for Trump IS a vote for Clinton…like it or not.

          34. Mike Burkett says

            True, nature of current-day political campaigns but, can you imagine what a Trump cabinet would look like since he is not owned by either political party establishment. No wonder foreign despots are shaking, no more weak American president to push around.

          35. George Durdin says

            Do you know what a leader is called that doesn’t align with a party to support him and essentially organizes his own party? A Nationalist Populist that plays on the emotions, fears, anger and resentment of his followers for votes? A Populist that promises to return the people and their country to greatness? A dictator….and we have seen were that can lead. We should learn from history and avoid the same tragic mistakes. You apparently haven’t been listening to Trump’s rhetoric….he is actually proposing that our country withdraw from the world stage, dissolve NATO, suggest that Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea defend themselves and develop their own defenses. Our allies are concerned that without a policeman on the beat that those despots will expand their reach and that includes Russia and China. In fact they have under Obama’s ever increasing isolationism.

          36. laulau says

            Ted Cruz deliberately lies about Trump every day. He tells the audience the opposite of what Trump really believes, for instance, Trump is against abortion, and Cruz tells people that Trump believes in partial birth abortion. Trump is NRA member and carries, and Cruz tells audience that Trump will take your guns away,,,etc…all day long, Cruz lies. He is deceitful. Cruz knows the truth, but would rather lie because it might get him the nomination.

          37. MAHB001 says

            OK, Then how does Trump explain these inconsistencies in his statements.

            Trumps pro Planned Parenthood statements are current. How can a person condone the obvious lawlessness of pp?

            I am not sure that I have heard Ted Cruz say that Trump will take your guns away. Not sure how you came to that conclusion.

            Please try to justify why you think this video is bunk….


          38. laulau says

            Wow, this has really been spliced for convenience. Didn’t you notice how young Trump is in this? Some is from 13 to 20 years ago, when Trump was a democrat, and friends with Hillary before we found out she is a crook. As a businessman, Trump donated to everyone, including Cruz, McCain, Romney…to get favors. That is what businessmen do, buy the politicians like Ted is bought It is legal. The millions that the candidates, except Trump, are raking in will have payback if they get the job..Maybe Cruz stopped saying that Trump would take guns, as he has been corrected so many times. But he tells other lies about Trump. Trump will not pay for abortions except for rape., but would support PP for their health screenings for women. He will repeal Obamacare and has a plan to have coverage over state lines. and said he wouldn’t let anyone die on the street, so some provision for that. He has mentioned the names of conservative judges already.
            Do you know why Cruz says Trump isn’t conservative? I don’t know what he is not conservative about.
            You know yourself that Cruz will not say anything nice to help Trump get elected, and he talks about Trump non-stop. So figure that he isn’t telling the truth.

          39. MAHB001 says

            I realize some of the clips are old, and of course I take that into account. People change with time.

            I would say that all video clips are spliced for convenience. That is to emphasize a point. In this video, Cruz makes a point, and whomever put the video together spliced in the proof of that point, made by Trump in Trumps words… What this shows me is that there is support for every point that Cruz makes.

            Again, it is up to us to decide if those points are relevant.

            Some of the clips regarding Trumps support of 0bamacare seem to be as recent as this election cycle. If so, how does Trump explain that away? That sounds like Trump is saying what he thinks the audience wants to hear….

            I take a much harder line on PP. What they did, the selling of body parts for money, the changing of procedures to maximize profit and part counts, is inexcusable. I just don’t buy PP’s excuses, and regardless of all the “good” that they do, it is negated by their unlawful actions.

            Health screenings are readily available, we do not have to rely on unscrupulous monsters for that service.People are not dying on the streets and will not die on the streets if PP was defunded and prosecuted for their crimes.

            I can not speak for Cruz, but Trump does not act like a conservative. Trump uses the same smear, defamation, and attack tactics that liberals use. And Trump is really good at it. The accusations, the innuendoes, etc. If there is one thing I have learned from the elite politicians, all of them can lie convincingly. I no longer take them for their words, I look at their actions…

            The jury is still out on Trumps actions, but here is one example of something I do not like about Trumps actions.

            He has accused Cruz and Bush of lying without providing proof of those lies…

            I take that accusation very seriously. Nothing worse than falsely accusing someone of lying.. I feel the person who would accuse someone of lying without proof has zero integrity.

            Trump is guilty of accusing someone of lying without providing the proof. The Trump mantra of Lying Cruz, is very defamatory and crosses a line that I wish Trump had not crossed. It says to me that Trump is willing to dump his integrity to be president.

          40. laulau says

            Trump has said repeatedly that he will end Obamacare, but Cruz keeps saying he likes it. Splicing old footage that doesn’t apply now is lying. Trump said he will NOT fund PP as long as they have abortion. Trump says he will stand with Israel, Cruz says he is against Israel. Trump has been against Obamacre for years, so I don’t know where he got the footage.The lies are too numerous to go through all of them, but lots and lots of Trump people know Cruz lies to his benefit. That’s why he has the nickname. Cruz send flyers in Iowa that they had to vote Cruz or be on a list of no-voters. He lies about Carson, and saying Carson endorsed him. He will do the same to us if he is president.

          41. MAHB001 says

            The clip that has Donald Trump talking about single payer healthcare starts at 5:40. I believe it is from the first Fox/Facebook debate that was held on 8/06/15.

            Trumps support of single payer healthcare goes all the way back to 1999 up to and including the first debate.

            But somehow Cruz points out this fact, and Cruz is a liar???

            I get it, according to you, what Trump says is the truth, everything that Cruz says is a lie….

          42. laulau says

            No, I said Cruz lies about saying that Trump is going to keep Obamacare. Trump hates Obamacare and will cancel everything about it, and has his own plan that will be good across state lines.
            I watched Hannity for a while,maybe 15 minutes, and Cruz was at it again. He said That Trump says that he hires people not as smart as him because it makes him seem smarter…LIE Trump has always said that he hires the smartest people he can get. with everything he does. Cruz said that Trump likes abortion, and has the same plan as Hillary. LIE. Cruz says that Trump will appoint a liberal judge.. LIE Trump has already given the names of 3 conservative judges. This Cruz guy cannot tell the truth. He puts people against Trump with his lies. It’s a new one every day.

          43. MAHB001 says

            What do you think a single payer healthcare system is?

            0bamacare was designed to fail so that a single payer system could be put in its place… 0bamacare is just a stepping stone towards the socialization of the United States.

            I hope your right. I hope Trump is a true conservative. I hope Cruz is wrong about Trump as well.

            I hope I am wrong, I think the enemy is within… I have no idea about Trump. I think you are wrong about Cruz.

          44. laulau says

            I have followed Trump for about a year, and watched tapes of him when he was young. He hasn’t changed much. He still thought then that the country needs someone else in charge to fix things. Oprah asked him if he would consider running for president 20 years ago, and he said he still had lots to do with his business. Right now, his kids are smart, and they all run his 50 businesses while he campaigns, so he has no worries there. He is loud and brash, but I feel that once he gets to the white house, he will just get to work . His X-wives complained that he was a workaholic .He has a good heart, and is generous when someone is in many times, but doesn’t advertise it because they would be lining up around the block for a handout. Other people have mentioned many times he helped people. It will be a step down in class to live in the white house but he said it was worth it. His Trump Tower home is gorgeous.

          45. MAHB001 says

            All those traits we need in a president. Trump is not an angel. He hurts others.

            Again, my big concern is that he apparently throws all those traits out the door to win…. It is apparent to me that Trump will do and say anything to win. That is the Art of the Deal… Trump has resorted to slanderous statements about every other opponent he has faced. Carson, Fiorina, Bush, Cruz, Kashich, Rubio, all of them.

            Trump said there was 31,000 people at his rally in Costa Mesa, the venue only holds 8,500…. Trump knew how many people was there.

          46. imbzystitchin says

            You need to change your source of information because you are misinformed. FROM DAY ONE Cruz has said he will repeal in totality Obamacare. Trump thinks, or thought because when he started taking flak he changed, that Obamacare should be replaced with a single-payer system. That was the purpose of Obamacare, to force us to a single payer system. Everywhere that has a single payer system, has discovered it DOES NOT WORK, it is TOO expensive. Cruz wants free market.

          47. George Durdin says

            Trump declared that he was still a registered Democrat as late as 2011 and if you would bother to listen you would hear his CURRENT Democrat leaning policy proposals. I am a Republican and will not vote for a closet Democrat. Otherwise I might as well vote for Clinton.

          48. laulau says

            He has said he has voted Republican for 20 years. He voted for Reagan. Where did you see him supposedly saying that? Maybe you are thinking of Cruz being a Canadian until a year ago.Trump is against abortion, and for building a wall and deporting. Where is he democrat?

          49. George Durdin says

            Trump was a registered Republican from July,1987 to October, 1999. He was an independent from October,1999 and the registered as a Democrat August, 2001. He remained a Democrat until September, 2009 and then registered Republican until December, 2011 when he once again went back to the Democrat party. But that was short lived,when he once again returned to the Republican party April, 2012. Trump changes his party affiliation like a leaf blowing in the wind and depending on where he can find leverage. Of course you do know there is nothing illegal about holding dual citizenship…….Cruz was born to an American mother in Canada and is a US citizen by birth. You apparently don’t know enough about what the Republican parties policies and platform are to know the difference and should if you say you support the party and platform. Trump has clearly said that he would financially support PP but not for abortions,when anyone in business knows that funds are co-mingled,so any dollars going to PP supports abortions at PP clinics. In the past he supported a ban on “assault style rifles” and as he does tend to blow in the wind could once again. He supports the gender open restrooms in public places including schools. On one hand he wants to put up a wall to keep the aliens out BUT liberally uses H1B visa’s to hire foreigners to work in his properties and has Pakistani slaves working on a golf course development in Dubai. He is VERY liberal social issues including gay marriage. And the list goes on and on. You really should know WHO you are voting for before you put him in office……look what we got with Obama.

          50. laulau says

            Where did you get all that information about changing parties? I hadn’t heard that. I changed too , depending on who was running. I vote for the man. I voted for Reagan, and then also Kennedy. I change for the man running. Trump said he would not fund PP as long as they have abortions. He said he would let the states decide about the bathrooms, It is a dumb idea. I cannot vote for Cruz because he is such a liar every time he gets on tv Its Trump Trump…Trump…… all lies. I know who I DON”T want to vote for. I don’t think we need assault weapons either. It’s only to kill people. You don’t need them to take out a deer. He used Mexicans in Florida at his hotel because it is seasonal, four months, and locals wouldn’t work part time. I don’t think he really needed to use Americans in Dubai.

          51. George Durdin says

            The New York Election Bureau, it is a matter of public record. You do understand that there are vast philosophical differences between the two parties don’t you? The election of a President isn’t a popularity contest, but is the choice of a politician and political party that supports the majority of your interests and concerns. Reagan and Kennedys political policies and positions were diametrically opposed to one another. When you vote for the man instead of the political party that holds your interests and values you are completely changing the direction of the government with each vote and that creates instability in government. So first of all ask yourself what do the Republicans stand for and what do the Democrats stand for and then vote for the party that holds a majority your interests and values. Trump also has said he would not defund PP but would not pay for abortions and that isn’t possible. All income to PP goes to support their operation and thus their abortions, there is no way around that. I agree that the restroom issue should be determined by the states BUT isn’t a no brainer issue and Trump should have treated it as such. And Trump isn’t a liar? I’ve found that those that yell liar, liar are the biggest liars of all because they are trying to cover up for their lies. Surely, you aren’t that gullible? I don’t and never will own a gun of any type but I believe in the second amendment and your right to own to own a firearm with in reason and the AR15 is not a full on assault rifle, I do know that much. As a matter of fact they make a great hunting rifle. Trump brings in islanders and Europeans to work in his hotels and golf course projects in Florida and around the country and he does so because they are indentured workers that can’t work for anyone else or they have to back to their homeland…..a little bit like a slavery. And I am from Florida originally and have worked in the seasonal businesses. There are plenty of Floridians that could fill Trump’s positions but he doesn’t have the power over them that he has with the foreign labor. Once again please don’t be gullible and believe every word Trump says……there are plenty of ways to find out if he is being truthful or not.

          52. laulau says

            I do believe that he loves America and is spending his own money because the donors control the candidates, and he wants to fix what is wrong. He has balanced budgets and created jobs and knows how to run things efficiently. He always has the American flag around him, and i think he is sincere. Foreign governments have endorsed him, and Senators., governors I think Cruz is , like they say in the senate, an opportunist. His dream in life is to rule the world. His wife is instrumental in trying to get Mexico, US, and Canada as one country. I don’t like his lying.

          53. George Durdin says

            I am sure that you are well meaning but you are buying in to the smoke and mirrors, the image and you don’t know the substance the image. I believe Trump loves America….he should, it has made his rich and wealthy. I’m sure that he wants to fix what is wrong BUT he has NO experience in national and international politics and affairs and it shows with his VERY vague proposals. He has also had MORE than four bankruptcies and business failures in spite of him telling us all that he has been the worlds greatest negotiator and businessman. The truly uber wealthy men of this country find NO need to tell the world about their wealth.they attained it……it is called humility. The American flag is only a symbol and doesn’t tell you anything about his intentions. After all Obama stands around American flags all of the time and look what he has done to our country over the last seven years. What foreign governments? Most of our allies are absolutely scared to death of what Trump might do because no one knows. Only a few Senators have even considered endorsing Trump because he is toxic and a threat to their office in Congress. And Trump isn’t an opportunist? How do you think he came about his wealth….he has stepped on a lot of people on his way up. It sounds as though you are talking of Trump when wanting to rule the world…he speaks as though countries will do his will just because he said so….that isn’t going to happen. Once again you are buying in to the smoke and mirrors and the Trump image and you know absolutely NOTHING about him.

          54. laulau says

            Four bankruptcies is not really much when you own over 50 successful businesses. Lots of people have bankruptcies..He has businesses all over the world and knows lots of prominent people all over, He knows how to deal. England and others were going to ban him from their country because he wanted to keep the Muslim refugees out. Then they saw the violence and disaster with the refugees ruining their countries, and now they agree with him.Do you know why Putin likes him? Because he is a strong leader and wants to take care of OUR country and quit giving money to other countries that won’t do anything for us. I know that Trump was successful in what he does, and he hates to lose. He wants our country to be the best.. I know a lot more about him than you do.

          55. George Durdin says

            I would have thought and hoped that you would be more thoughtful and knowledgable about your choice for the highest and most powerful position in the world. This is a Presidential campaign and not a popularity contest……apparently you are incapable of seeing beyond the glossy image, smoke and mirrors. That’s pretty shallow…….

          56. laulau says

            Why ;haven’t you discovered what a liar and deceptive person Cruz is? It’s a fact. Don’t lecture someone who wants an honest man that loves the country and knows how to create jobs, balance a budget, and negotiate for better deals, deal with immigration and ISIS and make us safe. Cruz and Kasich plan to join and deliberately take Trump out instead of minding to their own lacking campaigns and are not the kind of person I want in the white house. They would treat us with deception and lies also. Now you are delusional for believing their lies and deception….and believing they will do what they say. They just say words you want to hear. You are gullible.. Sorry….

          57. Peatro Giorgio says

            Having 50 bussiness all over the world . Speaks little about there profitibilty . 4 Bankruptcies. Is an indicator of failure. What we the public actually knows about a given corperation. Is little more then speculation. Derived From what the corperation leadership Post. Based on Tax records . And investors reports. For all you or I know every one of the companies Trump owns or has controlling interest in. Could infact be in financial Trouble. I Refer you To The class action law suite Against Trump an The Trump now defunct University..

          58. imbzystitchin says

            Guns DO NOT kill people. And the anti-gun people put a lot of thing under that “assault” label. And that Famous WALL of Trump’s, the majority of the border with Texas is in the middle of a river, like most rivers it shifts. And didn’t El Chappo tunnel out of a PRISON under a wall. All a wall will do is make Trump or his friends lots of money, just like most of Obama’s programs making his supporters rich at our expense.

          59. laulau says

            You don’t build walls in a river. It doesn’t even have to be on the border. How in the world would the wall make Trump wealthy? Don’t ;you expect to pay a contractor to do the work and buy the materials? Trump always gets the best deals. He spent his life negotiating deals.The tunnels are another thing. He hasn’t said anything about that, but they are constantly building tunnels, coming up in a home nearby. They would have to be checked regularly.

          60. imbzystitchin says

            My point exactly, you do not build walls in a river. So, is Trump going to build on the north side and GIVE part of the US to Mexico, or is he going to take land from from Mexico and build it on the south side. I am sure Mexico will go along with that. Trump or his friends will make money because they will work the contracts to go to companies they favor, just like Obama. And what proof, other than his word, do you have on Trump’s “best deals”? You do know that he doesn’t really own ANYTHING, he licenses his name for use on buildings etc. Are you aware he took a tax deduction that is only meant for people making less than $500,000, not exactly what he leads us to believe he makes, SO he is either a tax cheat-which would explain the audits, or he is a liar. Neither make him Presidential material.

          61. Peatro Giorgio says

            Well once again with have here an I’ll eduacted individual who hasn’t the slightest clue as to what is actually an assuault weapon. Let me describe them for you. The actual term assault weapon is a misnomer in the first place. Revolutionary assault weapons . Smooth bore single shot muskets. Civil war assult weapons rifled bores single shot 5%. Some 90% smooth bore single shot muskets. World war one s common assault weapon a bolt action rifle . Beginning of world War 2 also bolt action and the semi auto loading m1 Garand. Rifle later during the war enter Germany full auto rifle and our own Thompson mechine gun. . Do you get the point (Yet) assault weapons are any type weapon one uses to make an assault. Now as for what our military classifies as assault weapons today. Civilian are forbidden from owning unless of course you posses a government issued class 3 lisence. Which is a very rare occasion. More then 50 % of firearms onwed by civilian are in fact semi auto loading firearms the other 50 percent are either single shot , Lever action ,pump actions double barrel rifles or double barrel shotguns. What you refer to as assault weapons are nothing more then semi auto firearms with which look like military firearms But in fact are not.. so please remain silent on the subject of all or any firearms. Because you neither posses the knowledge to do so . Clearly ,certainly . You my friend desire to live in fear of inanimate objects. Rather then going to a public shooting range and discovering for yourself . How freeing it is to posses the ability to defend ones self and loved ones. As well the experience the fun and adventure firearms shooting opens up to all forums Collecting shooting hunting personal defense . You meet good very good caring people from all walks of life. And the fastest growing segment in the shooting and personal defense industry. Is women. Why because unlike you. They have become well aware as to the need to defend themselves after all the average response time national for police is 12 minutes an 31 seconds. In that time they know they have been raped ,robbed an murdered. The police then merely investigate the after math. While you have become a mere statistic. Question would you prefer the murdered statistcal equation . Or the survivors statistical equation. If you prefer the survivors equation the go to a public range near you. Ask questions if you see a particular firearm design you might like ask the owner about that firearm more then 99 % of the time they will offer to alow you to shoot their firearm . They will go through the firearms safety rourine politely then permit you to discoveri for yourself they joy of shooting. The only thing I would then ask of you is to then be open to making new life long friends.

          62. deepthink says

            Please don’t say you are a Republican and will vote for Clinton!!! She is a thief, a liar, and has caused many “murders” to happen! She doesn’t like women! She professes to raise “women’s” wages to equal men’s. However, if you check her records, she pays the men on her staff MORE than she pays the women!! She lies to you every time she opens her mouth!

          63. George Durdin says

            I didn’t say I would vote for Clinton……I said I might as well vote for Clinton if I vote for Trump. Clinton is absolutely as evil as you say but thanks to Trump and his antics he has given her the keys to the White House in January unless she is indicted and that isn’t likely.

          64. deepthink says

            Cruz talks about Trump so much , so he doesn’t have to talk about himself!! He (Cruz) knows he is not eligible to run for our President, but figures if no one questions his birth certificate, or checks with the voting records in Canada, he can get away with lying about being an American Citizen when he was born!! He didn’t change his citizenship to become an American until he was in his twenties. He has also hidden his birth certificate and those of his parents, just like Obama did! Cruz will be another Obama if he actually becomes our President.

          65. imbzystitchin says

            I am assuming you are not actually listening to Cruz, because as someone who does and has, you are incorrect. Does he mention Trump, yes, he is running against him. I am confident that if you took a Cruz speech and a Trump speech and tallied the times the each mentioned the other you would find Trump winning. And EVERY time he mentions Cruz he calls him Lyin’ Ted, that is NOT the behavior of an ADULT or someone we should trust with the “football”.

          66. George Durdin says

            Of course you do know that Trump has changed party affiliation five times since the 80’s and four times just since 1999……will the REAL Donald Trump please stand up? Trump has repeatedly changed his positions on many issues, just as the wind blows. Oh, he is and no one can see it………..

          67. laulau says

            That is absurd. Trump was a democrat until 20 years ago, then Republican. Voted for Reagan, and Republicans since. You’re listening to lying Ted. He distorts everything about trump.He changed on abortion when he found out they cut up baby parts. What’s wrong with that? He never changed on second amendment, enforcing border, not going into Iraq…

          68. deepthink says

            So what? I vote for the person I feel will make the best President or best for what ever office the person is running for! Although others try to label me as either a “D” or “R”, I vote for a person!

          69. deepthink says

            Cruz IS lying to the American public! Else why would he “freeze” his birth certificate and those of his parents? Because his Mother was voting as a Citizen of Canada, when he was born. HIs Father was a Cuban. Canada does NOT allow United states Citizens or citizens of ANY other Country to vote in their Elections. So his Mother either lied to the Canadian Government making her a felon, or she was not a Citizen of the United States.

          70. laulau says

            I read somewhere that Canada does not allow dual citizenship, and every baby born is Canadian. I don’t know if it is true, but I read it. Someone should make him show his hidden papers, but then Obama did come out with a birth papers, but some say they were forged. Who knows..

          71. Gea says

            Except that Cruz IS a pathological liar lawyer from Harvard, just as B. Husseion Obama is and is not “natural born citizen” as he was born in Calgary, Canada. Hillary and Bill Clinton are pathological liars from Yale Law School. Perhaps we should ban lawyers from politics as they know how to lie better than other types.

          72. MAHB001 says

            How do you know Cruz IS a pathological liar? Please present your proof…

            Would you stake your integrity on that statement? Because to accuse someone of lying without proof is just as bad as lying in my mind.

          73. George Durdin says

            It is typical the typical Trump means to shut up his opponents with unfounded slander, slurs and insults and of course he has encouraged his supporters to carry on in the same fashion…..and they have become fascist in doing so.

          74. MAHB001 says

            Some of these people follow Trump as blindly as the left follows 0bama…..

          75. George Durdin says

            You’ve noticed…..isn’t that the number one trait of liberal progressive Democrats and their followers? I guarantee you that if Clinton is indicted the Democrats will fall behind Sanders or Biden like an army of ants…….or should I say zombies.

          76. MAHB001 says

            That is what the elite controllers want us to believe… I believe they use public opinion to project an fixed outcome.

            If the elite controllers can get us to believe that if Clinton is indicted the Democrats will fall behind Sanders or whomever… The Democrats will not even have to vote… 100% of them could stay home, or vote for a rock, those that count the results will come up with the fixed outcome.

            I believe the elites are counting the votes…

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          77. Jimmy Quick says

            You know, ol’ Joe was a pretty slick “cracker”. I’m not saying’ he was anyone to eulogize, but he did what his country needed at the time it needed to be done.

            This time around, let’s be sure we are counted cause there may not be a second chance.

          78. George Durdin says

            Your concern goes in a direction that I have repeatedly tried to point out online over the last couple of years and very few have picked up on the point that I tried to make. Americans have been surreptitiously brainwashed and lulled in to a false sense of security by technology. In the early years of television broadcasting the FEC required under the 1934 Communications Act that any entity requesting a broadcasting license had to be done in the publics interest and mandated that they must provide news and weather programming. The cost to provide the service was born by the broadcasters and networks and was a losing proposition because their was no entertainment value to the networks and had little commercial value. This model changed during the late 70’s with the advent of cable transmission and the launch of CNN in 1980 by Ted Turner during the early days of cable development. CNN was met with great skepticism by the three major networks ABC, CBS and NBC who wanted to protect their turf. But it didn’t take long before CNN started to show that worldwide news coverage 24/7 could be a very profitable commercial entity. The advent of cable opened Pandora’s box of “commercial” news programming and an outlet for uber wealthy mass media corporations to pursue not only financial gain but also as an outlet to pursue their political agendas through the airwaves. One by one the three major networks have sold out to those liberal progressive mass media corporations and have expanded their further reach in to cable broadcasting. Today all but one of those are owned by very wealthy, liberal progressive mas media corporations. ABC is owned by the very liberal Disney Corporation; CBS is owned by Viacom a mass media giant; NBC the parent company of CNBC and MSNBC are owned by the every expanding and very liberal cable giant Comcast Corporation and of course CNN which is now held by Time Warner and previously owned by the VERY liberal Ted Turner. Those that control the media control the message. Those that control the message can and have come to control the thoughts and opinions of the American people. And those that control the American peoples opinions control the direction of national politics. Our country has been on a steady move towards becoming a Democratic Socialist welfare state since the great depression and FDR’s administration of the 30’s. We have come ever closer with each new Democrat administration since then and has accelerated under the Obama administration. It is no coincidence that Bernie Sanders has had such a successful campaign against Clinton as he represents the next step past the Clinton administration. I believe that is the intent of the wealthy liberal progressive mass media corporations. A Democratic Socialist state is for all intents and purposes a repressive regime, just under the level of oppression of a socialist state and an authoritarian, totalitarian communist state. You are the first that I have heard that has expressed the same concern and observation….the vast majority of Americans are uninformed and brain dead zombies.

          79. MAHB001 says

            Well said George.

            Liberal Progressives have taken control of both political parties, schools, unions, big businesses, MEDIA, Churches, and the court system.

            They use their position of power to spew liberal progressive socialist propaganda and we must fight them on every front.

            My fight is with the MEDIA…. Please consider joining..

          80. Jimmy Quick says

            I believe the disagreement is not with the result, but rather the means. Cruz can not deliver to the heart… maybe to the head, but thats where it ends.

            Don is the full Monty. I don’t even like him sometimes, but he speaks from the heart and that is something to be respected.

          81. MAHB001 says

            I believe the amalgamation of the two men is EXACTLY what we need.

            Cruz does speak to the mind.
            Trump speaks to the heart.

            You are correct, I do not appreciate the means Trump uses to win. That is the only thing I do not like about him… He is not above lying and falsely accusing someone of lying to achieve his ends… The ends justify the means… You know who else follows that lack of principle,, 0bama.

            As for Cruz, the only problem I have with Cruz is that his lineage is exactly the same as 0bama’s. With the exception that 0bama’s mother was a minor when she had 0…

            But I believe in Cruz’s integrity. I believe in his intelligence, and I trust Cruz to do exactly what he says he will do. An ineligible person got us into this mess, it may just take an ineligible person to get us out of this mess… Just thinking out of the box.

          82. Jimmy Quick says

            It’s really kinda sad. These are the best our nation can produce so we do with what we have.

          83. MAHB001 says

            They are not the best we have, they were the best of the chosen…

          84. Jimmy Quick says

            You’re just insane. People like you should be banned from the sight.

          85. George Durdin says

            Jimmy…..look in a mirror. You haven’t got the brains that God gave a nanny goat. Typical Trump zombie that can dish it out……..but can’t take it. Hillary does thanks you for your Trump worship… she will enjoy the benefits of the White House thanks to folks like yourself.

          86. Jose Reyes says

            George, really, it is not the Trump people who have been clinging on with their fingertips. Cruz is the one that is helping Hillary. Why does he not just accept that he does not stand a chance, and back Trump, the person that real patriots want?Why? Because he is an egotistical moron.

          87. George Durdin says

            Egotistical moron…..must be talking about Trump OR are you deaf, dumb and blind? NO……you have already answered that. Hillary Clinton thanks you for your support and would like to invite you to her White House warming party in January.RSVP

          88. Jose Reyes says

            BREAKING NEWS! Trump takes Indiana!

          89. Jose Reyes says

            Trump takes Indiana, less than 200 delegates to go. Go Trump!

          90. Jose Reyes says

            Cruz finally gave it up! He is OUT of the race! YAY!

          91. Gea says

            Just read his bio and observe his behavior during the campaign…especially how he lied about Dr. Carson. He is a Bushman and would be another Bush-type who sells his soul to the Muslim oil devil although he speaks tough about terrorism.

            Also, just like B. Hussein Obama, Ted Cruz is NOT a “natural born citizen” as he was born in Calgary which is still in Canada and NOT in USA. If he is eligible for Presidency as he is born outside US to an American mother and Cuban father, then I am too, as my mom was born in Pittsburgh. My grandson was born in Germany, but his father is a citizen…but neither of us are “natural born citizens” of USA. WE are just CITIZENS who were born outside USA, as many other American citizens are!.

            Ted Cruz is a Harvard lawyer, who finished law school 5 years after Barack Hussein Obama…lawyers are notorious for myopic vision where they pick and chose facts, rather then seeing the entire reality..

          92. MAHB001 says

            He did not lie about Carson, His people made a mistake…

            Humanity already rues the day that we forgot the difference between a lie and a mistake.

          93. George Durdin says

            And Trump isn’t pathological doctor?

          94. imbzystitchin says

            You are making a generalization, Cruz is a lawyer therefore he MUST be a liar. Cruz has spent his career fighting for our Constitutional Rights. He promised, like a lot of others, that if elected he would fight to repeal ObamaCare. HE DID. As someone who voted for him for Senate, I can say that he has KEPT HIS PROMISES. He is the ONLY elected official in my life that has ACTUALLY done what he told me he would when campaigning. Trump’s record, one the other hand, is to promise one thing but to deliver something else. Remember Trump University?

          95. Mike Burkett says

            Great philosopher Plato said, ‘In order to form a more perfect society, lawyers must be removed’.

          96. PatriotGal says

            MAH, how can one lose credibility when not having lied. Credibility comes with truth; therefore, Mr. Trump’s credibility to you should increase because he has spoken the truth. Whereas, Cruz has lied repeatedly, even to yesterday when he said he had never spoken to nor did he know Boehner. I admit, Boehner is useless; however, when in private practice, Cruz had represented Boehner. Cruz has lied in other instances, as well. Research them.
            TRUMP 2016!!!

          97. MAHB001 says

            Trump called Bush a liar without proof.
            Trump called Cruz a liar without smoking gun proof.

            I think the definition of liar has changed to being wrong. Not for me. Being wrong is not a lie.

            Cruz said he has probably said 8 words to Boehner over the years… How is that a lie?

          98. imbzystitchin says

            Cruz edited briefs as a junior lawyer, that is not meeting or supporting.

          99. Mike Burkett says

            Cruz is a professional politician and lying comes naturally to all professional politicians (see professional politician’s job description).

          100. MAHB001 says

            I will give him the benefit of doubt until I have actual proof of a Cruz lie, and his actions show that he is lock step with the politicians.

            Right now, Cruz’s actions have all been true to his word and his oath and promises to the people that put him in office.

            I believe that most politicians start out good, but given enough time, they are corrupted by the power of the office. That is why I believe in Term limits…

            I just don’t think Cruz is corrupt yet.

          101. Mike Burkett says

            History will indicate that several electable tickets indeed contained a presidential candidate and VP candidate that really didn’t care for the other. You are right, the GOP dream ticket would be Trump/Cruz and the land-slide victory would shut down the Clintons’ political aspirations forever.

          102. Jimmy Quick says

            Yes. A dream team. This needs to be transmitted loud and clear by us, the common man, so that the leaders will understand.

            Clinton must be defeated.

          103. Peatro Giorgio says

            When in politics has the game of politics ever been fair.???? Get real Politics is, was and has been a dirty rotten game of bait & switch,Lie , cheat,steal ,deflect ,divert and obfuscation. Other wise it would be called. ( Fair chance ). And not politic’s

          104. MAHB001 says

            But, Trump is not a politician, right???

            Trump has killed everybody with his insults, and we used to hold our politicians to a higher standard.

          105. PatriotGal says

            MAH, really? And where are the bodies buried that he has killed? It also sounds to me like you are quite an exaggerator…or put another way, liar like Cruz, as well. No wonder you support Cruz. You don’t know the truth when yo meet it face-to-face
            TRUMP 2016!!!

          106. MAHB001 says

            Really, do you really think I was being literal?

          107. Mike Burkett says

            Never, professional politicians are next to ambulance-chasing lawyers as the lowest forms of life in America (see American parasites). Pay closer attention, Trump’s insults point out the professional politicians’ only skills – ‘kicking the can down the road’ never solving anything and never letting a crisis go to waste to install their agendas. Early citizen-presidential candidate Trump was naive and had rough edges but, his intelligence was evident by his hiring an campaign staff to smooth the political edges and be portrayed more Presidential.

          108. MAHB001 says

            In my mind, Trump crossed the line at character defamation statements, like Lying Ted, the ugly Fiorina stuff, and sweaty Rubio, cheating this, etc….

            Trump is an incredible salesman and businessman, just wish he had higher morals, and I could trust him..

          109. Mike Burkett says

            Remember citizen presidential candidate is not a professional politician but a pragmatist businessman from the private sector where you are measured by your accomplishments and idiot polictically-correct politicians are not to be suffered. Watch Trump morph into a more suave politician as requirements of the campaign trail indicate to this non-politician what is required. His first step was hiring a political staff to help him in the unreal poltical game. Calling politicians out is part of Trump’s charm as a candidate because the professional politicians would not dare refute anything he has said.

          110. Mike Burkett says

            True for the professional politicians but a new game is in town and citizen presidential candidate Trump is making all the political games irrelevant,

          111. George Durdin says

            Trump has barely received 40% of the total Republican votes cast in all of the primaries and caucuses that has put the majority of Republican voters in limbo. MANY of us KNOW that Trump is not a Republican and as Yarborough pointed out is a centrist Democrat. As a Republican WHY would I vote for a Democrat in drag? I might as well go to the polls and cast my vote for Hillary. Trump has already destroyed his campaign and taken the hopes of the Republican party with him. When all and said an done, he will simply walk away from the debacle that he has created and go back to his real estate empire and not give the election a second thought all the while checking one off on his “bucket list”. The TRUTH is he NEVER expected to get this far and is way in over his head.

          112. Bos95 says

            Trump has received more votes than Romney did at this point of the campaign. He just received 65% of the vote in Rhode Island, over 60% in Connecticut, and over 55% in Pennsylvania. Go check your sources.

          113. George Durdin says

            Prior to this past weeks primaries in the liberal progressive N.E., there had been 23, 172,618 TOTAL votes cast in the first 35 primaries and caucuses. Trump had received 8,785,763 or 37.9% of the total votes cast. Cruz had received 6,454,321 or 27.8%…….that is hardly a run away. You can check the source for yourself at Romney had already received 50% or more of the vote total by this time in 2012….the race was over, while Trump is going to be struggling through June 7th to just come close. IF a candidate can win at least 50% plus one of the popular vote of his own party he doesn’t stand a chance in the general election. And Trump has no one to blame but himself.

          114. MAHB001 says

            You are both right. 40% of the total,

            and 65 RI, 60 Conn, 55 Penn.

            Statistics can be confusing.

          115. laulau says

            Trump has receive a historic amount of votes that has never been reached by anyone in history before. The last 5 states he won was over 50 and over 60, so he is climbing.He is very serious about fixing the broken country so I don’t know where you get the idea he is spending his own money and working 7 days a week for nothing? You are crazy.

          116. George Durdin says

            You make these claims and you show no evidence or proof…..much like Trump. I don’t remember saying that he is working for nothing…..he is working to puff up his bloated ego and to check off one on his “bucket list”. Trump NEVER expected to get this far and figured he would be out by now but could eternally brag about the time he ran for president. The words of a pro Trump executive “He doesn’t want the White House”. You do understand that IF he should be so fortunate to become President he would only be one third of the power of the government? That he has to work with 535 Congressman and the Supreme Court to fulfill his wish list and promises….a tall task when at least half of the Congressman are opposed to his agenda……in FACT he would have to go to Congress for the money to build that wall he promises. I’m not crazy but you apparently aren’t very well informed……..

          117. laulau says

            He has stalked about running for president for 20 years, but his businesses weren’t ready to have his kids run it, but now they run it. He has spent his whole life negotiating and has no problem working with congress to get the best deal like he does with his business.He has named 3 conservative supreme court judges. The wall will be paid for by Mexico, with better trade deals and other fees for Mexicans sending money to Mexico. He knows how to get the cheapest best deals.

          118. George Durdin says

            He has talked about running for president….but which party? He has changed party affiliation five times since the 80’s and four times just since 1999. I have been a Republican for years and could NEVER be or vote for a Democrat because they are opposed to most of what the founding fathers outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. So WHY has Trump changed parties so often? By the age of 69 he should have concluded by now which party policies and platforms conform to his interests and values. Trump blows in the wind like a feather, tossed and turned by the winds of change. And unstable. Of course once again you realize all that you have mentioned must be approved by and go through Congress and be legal by Constitutional law….even his contention that Mexico will pay for the wall. He has NO mechanism to make it happen without Congress. NFTA and the trade deals are legal contracts that he can’t simply break, he doesn’t have the authority to break the law and those contracts. He doesn’t have the power to stop people from sending money to Mexico. Once again, just because Trump says he can do something does not make it FACT. A president can not be a dictator or monarch and act unilaterally. Once again you are buying in to smoke and mirrors and an image and that was done with Obama and look what it has brought us. You MUST know who you are voting for because they have your future in their hands.

          119. laulau says

            Trump probably changed parties to vote for certain people like I did. I wanted Kennedy, then I wanted Reagan. My husband worked with Reagan in the movies, and he became president of SAG, and was on his way…Trump has said over and over that he would pick the best people, so don’t think he is going to be a dictator and go it alone.. Cruz would be a dictator. He couldn’t get along with anyone that works with him., and thought his idea was better than 100 other people against him . I don’t like him because I hate liars. He would lie to us too like Obama does,

          120. MAHB001 says


            A vote for a democrat is a vote for socialism/communism….

            A vote for a Republican is a vote for a chance for our Constitution to live another 4 more years…

            If Trump is a turncoat/liar/liberal, we will know immediately, and he will be impeached.

          121. George Durdin says

            Isn’t that what should have been done to Obama LONG ago? And now his term is winding down and no one has had the courage to bring him up for impeachment. And there are plenty of charges he could have been brought up on. Recent history is repeating itself……Obama wasn’t properly vetted and investigated and the people got caught up in his charisma and flowing oratory without knowing that he had shown a proclivity towards socialism, even though it was obvious in his visible background. Very few caught the hint he gave when he told us all that he was going to “fundamentally change America” and he has tried his damnedest to do so. And now the same is being done with Trump…… A vote for Trump is for a man that you can’t be sure what he is going to do because he isn’t quite sure himself. Trump NEVER expected to get this far… “He doesn’t want the White House”

          122. MAHB001 says

            I agree, We the People is getting what they asked for.

            If Trumps heart is good, he will do good. If Trumps heart is evil, we are in for more of the same.

            The elites control the MEDIA, the MEDIA and the elites collude to control public opinion,

            That is why I fight the MEDIA at

            Without corrupt MEDIA bias, the people could make informed decisions.

          123. Mike Burkett says

            Well said, the Hillary presidential campaign is betting on the GOP establishment to deny Trump’s nomination. Trump has awoken the sleeping giant of the republican electorate but the republican party establishment can easily give the election to Hillary to save their own power base.

          124. MAHB001 says

            That is exactly how I see it too.

            Republican establishment = democrat establishment = MEDIA Establishment

            The establishment is counting the votes…

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          125. Jose Reyes says

            Sad but probably oh so true. We gotta get together to stop Hillary.

        3. George Durdin says

          Hillary thanks you for your support and would like to invite you to her White House warming party. RSVP Since apparently you can’t see the nose on the end of your face……Donald Trump has ended the Republican parties hopes of overturning the Democrats rein or terror in DC and has smeared the Republican party so bad that he or any Republican stands a chance in the general election. This is the 2012 Republican debacle all over again, in spades……..thanks to one Donald Trump.

          1. Bos95 says

            You are 100% wrong. There are a lot of Sanders supporters who won’t vote for Hillary. There are also independents who will vote for Trump and Democrats who won’t vote for Hillary either. So far there has been an overwhelming turnout of Republicans who voted for Trump while there has been a downturn in Democrats turning out to vote period.

          2. George Durdin says

            Well tell me how I am 100% wrong…..because I have history on my side. The Republican party lost the 2012 election because four to five million registered Republicans refused to vote for Romney because their preferred candidate wasn’t chosen as the nominee. They whined and took their balls and bats home and gave the White House back to Obama. At the same time, Clinton was able to rally her avid supporters in 2008 to support her bitter rival Barack Obama that was quid pro quo for the Secretary of State position and next in line for the presidency. Obama was in very serious trouble in 2012 against Romney, after his miserable performance in his first term and the DNC was able to rally Democrat voters from the grave, bars, winos in the alleys and the Obama phone people to get out just enough votes for Obama to win with the assistance of the childish Republicans. I guess you haven’t seen the riots and upheaval in Chicago, Costa Mesa, Ca, and at the Trump rally’s or the negative polls of the minorities that he has stepped and pissed on…Hispanics, Muslims, blacks, women, etc. The OVERWHELMING turnout for Trump has not broken 40% of the total number of Republican votes cast while Clinton has received well over 10 million votes in her campaign as opposed to trumps 8,800,000. Trump won his home state New York primary with 525,000 votes while at the same time Clinton received 1,100,000 Democrat votes on the same day.

          3. imbzystitchin says

            There are LOTS of polls showing Trump losing to Hillary and Cruz winning. SO… If you support Trump YOU are voting for Hillary. Trump is not going to be able to undo his statements on women and others. Cruz picked Carly as a VP-she is great at attacks and can go after Hillary. Trump said he wants Oprah. We are not casting a reality show, this is REAL LIFE.

          4. George Durdin says

            Amen…another rare voice of reason in the wilderness. Trump has undermined his own campaign with his bad behavior.

          5. Jimmy Quick says

            I’m sorry to see you have yourself all boxed in there. Can you still breath?

        4. imbzystitchin says

          If you love this country, if you think the government is moving toward a point of no-return, and if you think you have a way to save it, won’t fight to do so. It is Trump, not Cruz, whose own people say isn’t REALLY the person at the Rallies and doesn’t believe what he is saying-these are people THAT SUPPORT him, in Ben Carson’s case because Trump assured him that he did not mean what he was saying from the stage. Cruz has a plan, people who know him say he doesn’t do ANYTHING without a plan. And while Trump supporters would like to believe that Cruz copies Trump, it is in reality exactly the opposite. Trump has copied Cruz’s positions. There is a doctor who compared Trump’s current speeches with past and believes he is suffering from some form of dementia. He is Narcissistic. He is a bully, and I have not heard him call his friend off from threatening the delegates. He doesn’t even know the purpose of the Federal Government much less what the Constitution says. He thinks Planned Parenthood is a great institution even if it is SELLING baby parts. That is why Cruz is staying in, because he Loves this Country and because he loves his two daughters and wants to leave a country the Founding Fathers set-up for them to grow up in.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            I get it. You seem to lack any real practical experience in life as well as business and your brain is stuck on only one solution or you are going to melt or explode or something.

            Eventually some one has got to tell you, life just ain’t that way Pumpkin.

            We all gotta roll with the punches or life can do you in.

            If Cruz is the man you think he is, if he gets in, then I believe we “stale mate”. That means we don’t win but we don’t loose either.

            I might also agree that if Trump gets in, he may be a little slower at learning the game, but in the end he will be far more productive.

            I still think that together they could produce the best of both worlds and would begin the rebuilding of our nation to bring us back to our former status as leaders of the free world instead of a bunch of profiteering low life criminals like what Obama has turned us into.

        5. Mike Burkett says

          As a professional politician, what’s good for the country is far from Cruz’s mind. His desire for personal power makes him a Rhino. He will sell out America to the highest bidder and will give up American sovereignty to his NWO.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            As I see it, our nation has some serious issues to deal with around the world and having a treacherous little whimp in your cabinet to go about ferreting everything out isn’t really a bad thing.

            Cruz can not lead. He is wholly owned by the Bush Dynasty and he is riding this thing out for everything he can get.

            The only way Trump will be able to do to stay alive, if elected President, will be to make it plan that should anything happen to him or his family, all of the rest will feel his reach from the grave as the last bit of blood oozes from their evil bodies.

            If you are in politics as you say, you know exactly what I am talking about.

            Trump will need a good number of desperate players in his stable of diplomates and dangerous people if he is to succeed.

            Only by the Hand of God will any of this work.

      3. pmbalele says

        Cruz and Carly are two blind mice. How can they dream to win GOP nomination when GOP elites hate them. Did you hear what John Boehner called Cruz – “Lucifer in the flesh.” Trump called Carly “that face” and Repubs and TPs did not take that as offensive to Carly. Now they are attacking Trump for being a White male and born here. GOPers do not have a candidate this time around. I agree with an article that GOPers are primitive people living in a developed country -USA

        1. MAHB001 says

          I take it you are going to vote for Trump? Or is your game still all about spitting the Republicans apart, and you have already voted for Hillary.

          1. pmbalele says

            Trump is true American. Cruz is a foreigner taking advantage of you for being primitive. What did Trump do White GOP males and females to deserve isolation? Nothing – other than he wants to cut their umbilical cords entitlements. We better prepare for Hillary as president next year. Trump can go and continue his show: “You’re fired’.

          2. MAHB001 says

            Cruz’s lineage is exactly the same as 0bama’s except, 0bama’s mom was a minor when she had 0bama.

            Are you saying that 0bama is a foreigner? That doesn’t sound like you.

    2. Croco Dile says

      Ferdinand Lundberg wrote in his book “The Rich and The Super-Rich” :

      As there is no other effective way for candidates to get on the ballot, the primary is the political key that unlocks all doors.

      “It ought to be plain, then,” says Kent, “that so long as the machine controls the primaries, it is in a position to limit the choice of the voters in the general election to its choice in the primaries. That is the real secret of its power, and, so long as it holds that power, it cannot be put out of business. Defeating its candidates in the general election not only does not break its grip, it often does not make even a dent in it. The only place the machine can be beaten is in the primaries.”

      As Kent points out, by not participating in the primaries the general voter loses at least 50% of the effectiveness of his franchise. He thereby assumes his actual political status – a second-class citizen. Nobody has chased the common man away from the primaries. He just does not feel up to participating. His democratic franchise here he finds just too much to handle. He does not, in fact, have anything to contribute; he is politically empty. As a result, the party apparatus and candidates on both tickets belong to professionals, often men never heard of in the community, usually men of limited outlook. They function behind the scenes. They have the party power.

      The party managers must find men ready, able and willing to campaign and at the same time men who will be acceptable to a broad, culturally differentiated, intellectually and emotionally low-grade public – Mencken’s boobs, Barnum’s suckers, Kipling’s “muddied oafs.” The party managers are, contrary to common supposition, restricted to a very narrow potential group, with characteristics shared by less than 5% of the population. The inferior types that predominate in politics seem to satisfy the Elite. One can easily make deals with them. They are purchasable.

      As experience has shown, the average mentally handicapped or boobish citizen, his brain in a scramble, attaches vast importance in candidates to religion, race or ethnic grouping, national origin, sex and generally conventional conformist outlook and behavior. He feels grimly punitive toward any sort of deviation from a fixed norm, a stereotype, in his mind. He wants, above all, no independent thinkers – freaks who emit horrible propositions about the importance of intelligence tests, read books or use three syllable words. Not only does the public consist of many parts but many of these parts are mutually and irrationally antagonistic on grounds irrelevant to the welfare of each. Their various ethnic, religious, nationalistic, regional, occupational, class, caste and cultural differences have in most cases nothing to do with their personal and mutual welfare. Yet they enjoy indulging these irrelevant infantile predilections as though they mattered – and politicians are solicitously attentive.

      Politicians oblige. If the voters wanted men who spoke Sanskrit, dressed in kilts or used the language of mathematics, the politicians would procure them.

      1. Peatro Giorgio says

        Most ! though not the entirety of your pontificating would be correct, Though in recent past we have entertained, those with whom speak the language of mathematics .Yes literary Geniuses as well read, well versed in the sciences,each highly intelligent as they were. But to what avail. We remain stuck on a gerbils wheel . Short period’s of prosperity ,evolution, growth with in the human spirit. Followed by even longer periods of human struggle . Tell me where are these individual’s , Who are bestowed with the ability to look beyond their own needs and desires, effectively able to meet and fulfill the needs and concerns for the sake of all. Where??? No where not in this day and age of self. They shall not be found with in the intellectual community or the less intellectually robust Community. All we can hope for Is a few men or women who value honesty, Integrity over all else.

        1. Croco Dile says

          What you wish is not possible in today’s states they created.

        2. Mike Burkett says

          Perfect definition of the current-day American patriot.

      2. radiofreeamerica says

        cynical stance. You may be partly right, although I think your basic premise is flawed. The media gets people so sick of the circus by the time the primary rolls around, the common voter feels dis-enfranchised, like his vote is meaningless, or unnecessary. Only during the main election in November, when the contest is all but settled does he awaken to cast his vote for ‘the lesser of the evils’, in order to fulfill his obligation to vote. Many vote for the presumptive winner, rather than the best man running, thus fulfilling their fear that the good do not win.

        1. Croco Dile says

          Then you fully agree with the quote I gave you !

        2. 73Anne37 says

          This Year there will Be Hillary a HUGE GLOBALIST~~& TRUMP the NATIONALIST~~! The First choice in 53 Years!

          1. imbzystitchin says

            Trump/Hillary-different sides of same coin.

          2. 73Anne37 says

            YOU are Greatly Misinformed~! Cruz IS OBAMA~! Just another Color of another Mother~!

          3. Mike Burkett says

            Pay more attention or don’t vote.

        3. Mike Burkett says

          Well said, this bodes well for ‘We, the people…’ since citizen-presidential candidate Trump will benefit from cross-over voting in November. The king-makers of both political-party establishments, as well as, the news organizations are facing irrelevance with both Trump’s and Cruz’s campaigns. The media also made Obama/Hillary and can take each down as easily but understands that polls are more a tool of persuasion and less an accurate tool of forecasting. The services selling polls will alter poll populations calculated to reflect the buyer’s agenda.

      3. Optimista says

        People have more common sense then you give them credit for.
        The larger problem is voter apathy, that sets in after enthusiastically getting behind a candidate only to find out that the newly elected simply falls in line with the others and the promised changes doesn’t materialize.
        This is why people are for Trump. He is not a political insider and his message resonates with all of us. We all want to see America Great Again.

        1. Jonathan Brooks says

          Optimista, you are wasting your time discussing anything with Crockopoo.

          He is not really commenting on the article above, as he is using the comments section to stomp on the public, who he sees as beneath his vast Godlike intellect, and the other commenters, who he will never find common ground with, unless they are also trolls.
          Croc loves to stomp on conservatives, Christians, Straight family oriented people, nonatheists, and any other commenter that does not fit his Muslim snuggling clique.

          He does not care what you say, except for using it as a chance to make you feel bad, and less than him. I imagine him as a 400 pound gay fat teen in his mom’s basement, wearing a muslim fez, and a coating of cheeto dust on his sweaty man mounds of fat.

          1. Optimista says

            Thanx for the insight.

          2. Jonathan Brooks says

            Your Welcome.

          3. Mike Burkett says

            Not to mention, a coward hiding behind ‘Crockopoo’.

          4. Jonathan Brooks says

            Well said. I use my name, but I doubt anyone is actually named CrocoDile, unless they had really mean and funny parents.

        2. imbzystitchin says

          Trump is only that person because he has not been elected. If he is, God forbidden, I am afraid people will find that they have bought the same candidate as usual just in a different package. Ben Carson and Trump’s own campaign manager have stated that the Trump on stage is not the Trump behind the curtain. There are only two people in this race on either side that are actually being who and what they are-Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. And American doesn’t need a Socialist any more than we need another Liberal or RINO.

          1. 2Shadow2 says

            You might think so but don’t forget that Cruz has supported his wife’s position on the North American Union an while he looks like a conservative he is a Bush made politician and they are all NWO. GW was very good a playing the conservative card but he did little to reel in the rampant DOC spending and housing bubble. The Patriot Acts are the largest stripping of individual rights this country has ever known. Cruz will never get anything done as a hard liner and they country will never go from hard left to hard right overnight. The PC garbage and the handouts have been going on for way too long to unravel it post haste. Cruz is not running a sound campaign. There are not enough conservatives to elect a president along. Without uniting some of the other diverse groups his only hope is to keep Trump from the nomination. What kind of strategy is that?? If I an’t win nobody can. Really?

          2. Mike Burkett says

            Look closer, Ted and Bernie are merely professional politicians who will sell America out to the highest bidder.

          3. Stan Hoffman says

            I can see you don’t know what your talking about. Senator Cruz is the only politician who has stood up to the Washington cartel. Nor has he been a career politician. trump is just another rich liberal elitist who buys the establishment’s vote to make himself richer. He has admitted it with his own mouth. Sanders is an incompetent male who feeds off the government payroll.

          4. laulau says

            Yes, all businessmen do donate to politicians to get favors. Trump is now fighting against the Cruz, Kasich, Hillary Bernie people who are bought by rich millionaires, and Trump is not bought, so he can do things for the people of America, and not the Soros crowd.

          5. Stan Hoffman says

            LMBO at that comment. trump owes millions to every major bank and $169 million to george soro’s. trump is not his own man. No man is. Your just using some talking point that the trumpers use. If I ever get to talk to a trumper who can actually think, I’ll be surprised. If you would actually be able to follow the truth, you will find that trump who has been a life long liberal is still liberal. He is for abortion and funding PPH. He is for amnesty, for he intends to build a wall, deport the illegals, and then bring them right back as citizens. That is amnesty plus a waste of taxpayers money to pay to deport someone your going to bring right back anyway. Thus the problem is not solved. trump wants to allow people to use what ever bathroom they want. trump wants to destroy the 1st Amendment by making it legal to sue someone who says someone who offends him. obama wanted to do that also, as well as all the other things, except he was just going to give the illegals amnesty without deporting them just to bring them back. Since 1900 we have had 5 Presidents who were businessmen. All 5 are among the worst Presidents. Pres. Hoover was one of them. He raised the tariff taxes on imports. Countries retaliated by raising their tariff taxes on US goods. That caused the Great Depression of the 1930’s. And trump wants to raise the tariff taxes. What a dufus. During the 1930’s the US practiced isolationism. trump wants the US to go into isolation, and our allies are smart enough to know that that is dangerous, as in the 30’s WWII was the result. Isolationism doesn’t work. Your angry, just as many of us are at the way things have been going. And trump is smart enough to know how to manipulate that anger and mislead those who are blinded by it. I’ve seen this all my life on small scale leadership. But hey, go ahead and vote the liberal in and you can find out you were scammed. But then, most trumpers will be stubborn and never admit they have been scammed.

          6. laulau says

            You are listening to Cruz lies. Trump would not fund PP if it included abortion , Cruz knows this, but tells people that Trump likes partial birth abortion so he can get more votes. Trump said the states would rule on their own bathroom policy. Trump will build a wall, and in case you don’t know it, we allow a certain amount of people in to be citizens, and Trump will screen them before allowing them in. We don’t need Mexico trash or drug dealers. Trump had no idea that he would have such massive backing since he didn’t take any polls, so he came out and announced what HE wanted, and the people loved it, and followed him. He did not find out what the people wanted , then go by that, like Cruz does. Cruz copies every idea Trump has. then lies about trumps stance on it.

          7. Stan Hoffman says

            trump will support abortion and that has come from his own lips. The godless see a lie as the truth, and the truth as a lie. trump is a godless man, and he spews lies and calls them truth. His followers believe his lies and spews them thinking they are truth. The godless call the truth a lie, and trump hears the truth and calls it a lie. His followers hear the truth and reject it as a lie. And I did say trump says he will build a wall, but Senator Cruz has been working for that for a long time. trump plans to deport the illegals and bring them right back as citizens. That’s called touch back amnesty. Senator Cruz plans to build a wall, deport, and only allow legal immigration come in, not bring back all the deported illegals. There is a big difference between the two plans. And trump is the one who copies Senator Cruz’s talking points. But as I said in the beginning, the godless believe the lies of the godless and reject the truth that comes from a man who follows God. So I don’t expect you to come to the truth. It is your nature to follow the godless. Now if you’d admit that, you’d be on the path to getting straightened out.

          8. laulau says

            Come back when you have a current video of Trump. You guys go back when Trump was younger, and try to pawn it off as today. He was A democrat, republican. independent republican. voted for Reagan. Bush OK if Cruz has been talking about building a wall for a long time, it shows how fast his ideas get done. Trump will actually DO it. Nobody ever heard of Cruz until he ran, so Trump ‘s ideas are not copied from anyone. You actually believe that because Cruz carries a bible and then turns around and lies and cheats his fellow candidates and collusion with another that it is ok to believe ;he is a man of God? ridiculous. He is a phony and everyone knows it. He has had two aides quit because they couldn’t stand hi lies and devious ways any longer.

          9. Stan Hoffman says

            There are a lot of current video’s that have come out recently that show trump changing his views back to his liberal past. And as for Senator Cruz not getting the wall built comment, that shows a complete lack of understanding of the situation. He is a first term Senator and has been fighting the establishment hard during his time. You don’t get the wall built as a Senator by yourself when his fellow Senators fight against it. Yet Senator Cruz has made progress in his fight for what we need. He is the man responsible for exposing the Washington Cartel in the first place. If you would stop believing a lie is the truth you’d be able to see straight. I’m not putting you down as my testimony is Amazing Grace that saved a wretch like me. So I’m speaking from experience as well as from the word of God which convicted me to get my life turned around. Once I was blind, now I can see.

        3. Laurajcupp1 says

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          1. 2Shadow2 says

            Please spam somewhere else. This is low class propaganda.

          2. Bullfrog Man says

            Internet….you mean

        4. Francie26 says

          Yes, we all do. But just because that is Donald’s rallying cry does not mean he is the only one who wants it, and he is certainly not the only one who can get elected. Many people are not behind Trump. We like much of what he says, but he is just not the person who can return to ordinary Americans their right to decency in government, their right to honesty in their politicians, and their right to a clean government again. Listen to Cruz when he tells what he plans to do “on my first day in office,” and you will not find an equal list from Trump.

          1. 2Shadow2 says

            Be careful what you wish for. Cruz is a Bush made politician and they are all NWO. He supports his wife and her globalist bank Goldman Sachs is Cruz’s largest backer. I wonder why? When she was with the Council on Foreign Relations she helped write the treaty for the North American Union. Not real conservative. Cruz is honored to have Jeb Bush’s and Kissinger’s endorsement. NWO hard core. And then there is the matter of his birth records being sealed like Obama’s. I wonder why.

          2. Tigger says

            Wow, Cruz’s birth records have NOT been sealed; not exactly sure who you’re reading that led you to believe that. Not even Obama’s were sealed until after he was elected and made an executive order to that effect. Where Cruz was born has never been contested; only if he met the conditions of being a natural-born citizen. And Cruz is definitely NOT a Bush-made politician; he caused upheaval in DC because he wouldn’t back down from conservative principles. Bush only endorsed him because he didn’t want Trump. I think Boehner saying he’s of Satan is very telling of what the RHINOs think of Cruz, which is why I like him!!

          3. Francie26 says

            Agreed, and agreed, and agreed on all fronts. Great answer! I didn’t know whether or not Cruz had submitted a birth certificate, so I am grateful to know that they don’t do this until after they are elected. That’s important news. And I am totally with you on liking Cruz for many reasons, most important of which is that the RHINOs don’t like him. I don’t like the RHINOs, so I am very glad to be reminded of this. Good Post!! And again, Tigger, thank you!!!

          4. Mike Burkett says

            You would vote for a professional ‘insider’ politician (see sitting Senator controlled by the GOP establishment, Corrupt Colorado primary and his LGBT and NWO connections) over a citizen candidate controlled only by his electorate. Maybe freedom and liberty are wasted on the uninformed.

          5. MAHB001 says

            You are a liberal plant

          6. Mike Burkett says

            What did you expect from a professional politician (see Colorado primary, see premature VP announcement to garner relevancy after the stomping suffered in several straight primaries)? You want another professional politician that will enforce America’s subservience to NWO? You can give up your sovereignty but leave mine alone.

          7. laulau says

            They don’t like him because of his arrogant personality, not his conservatism. He will be another Hitler.

          8. Charles T. Gore says

            Trigger, you better ask the “Lone Ranger or Tonto” about Cruz cuz the both of them know Cruz better than you do. Cruz is a boy hoping to convince uninformed voters “He can get her done” and he cant nor never will, just an empty suit and talking head the RNC is using to try to dethrone Trump.

          9. florida3guy says

            These Cruz fanatics just can’t seem to understand that he is as establishment as it gets. Everything you stated is true but somehow these people just can’t put 2 and 2 together.

          10. Mike Burkett says

            The democrap long-range policy to dumb-down and remove all vestiges of critical thinking from the American citizen through the DOE’s public education policies.

          11. Gammi2Anna says

            I have listened to Cruz’s list of the things he will do on his first day in office. What I find amazing about the list is that we’ve all heard it before. Plus, the first clue to the fact that Cruz is Lyin’ is the rhetoric he spews about what he plans to do “on his first day of office”. We all know that the first day in office for our new POTUS never includes anything more than the swearing in process, parties and parades. Do you actually believe Cruz will not participate in these activities in order to repeal Obamacare or stop the rapid encroachment of the ISIS terrorist that want to kill all Americans? Cruz stood before the cameras more than once over the past 3 years and made these very claims yet here we are today, hearing him make the same promises again because our healthcare system is still being destroyed by Obamacare mandates and regulations. We are not safe on any given day at any given moment in our homes, workplace or in any public arena because ISIS is already here, on our soil and killing us even as I write and you read this. I am aware that Cruz is not the only liar in politics. He is but one of the 535 members of the Congress and senate, all “do nothing liars”, saving their ‘spit and fire rhetoric’ for their next re-election battle cry. We are also bitterly reminded that truth has been banned from coming across the lips of any person within OUR White House. This is why my family and I have decided that electing another “politician” is just ‘kicking the can down the road’ or proving the definition of insanity by ‘doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome’. Donald Trump would not have been on my radar as a viable candidate for POTUS until I had a chance to listen to and study him as a very successful businessman. I truly believe Trump can help stop the enormous accumulation of debt that our children’s grandchildren will be burdened with. Also, if we are going to bring God into this argument, which I do not usually recommend, the only thing I can say is that “God knows what we’ve been doing has failed miserably”. I do firmly believe though that when one door closes for us we are always given the choice of another door to open. It is up to us to make the right decision and to listen to what our heart and gut are telling us. Even after the past eight years of being forced to believe that we have no power in our government, now is the time for us to take back our power, raise our voice, stand tall, be brave and remember that our brave forefathers fought and died for “WE THE PEOPLE”. Nothing has changed. It still is “WE THE PEOPLE”.

          12. Mike Burkett says

            Well said, ‘We, the people…'” better wake up. We can not afford the luxury of professional politicians running America into the ground for the sake of their personal power base (see Phyllis Schlafly’s ‘Americans Last’ ideology shared by all professional politicians). Our forefathers envisioned this loss of Liberty, Freedoms and, Pursuit of Happiness’ to democrap collectivism and the DOE public education policy of ‘dumbing-down’ the American citizen guarantees the uninformed democrap masses/Rhino republicans will misplace any individual rights and freedoms by voting for democraps. The second amendment was included to thwart the all-powerful Federal government with the caveat that ‘Not only is it the right of Americansto thwart the all-powerful Federal government but, in fact, the duty for all Americans overthrow any oppressive federal government.

          13. linda garris says

            If u believe CRUZ, i cant help you
            He deserves his nickname
            Now he denies knowing Boehner when he was his lawyer
            He denies colluding w kasick
            He imported hundreds of thousands to take am jobs
            I shd say he removed the am worker and replaced them w immigrants
            He wanted amnesty until TRUMP took the lead
            Everyday he liesabt trumps positions
            When this cycle std cruz was my guy
            After Carson and cheating in iowa,i cant
            He paid DELEGATES bc he cant get our votes
            Thats not the kind of person i want as potus
            Or next door neighbor or dog catcher
            He has ruined his career
            If he cheats to win nom
            He will lose
            And then prob lose his senate seat
            He is just like Obama
            Arrogant first term senator who thinks he is smarter than the am voter
            And will say ANYTHING to win
            As carly said,just a few mos ago

          14. Mike Burkett says

            Always a Trumpster but, I wanted Ted Cruz for the supreme court justice appointment by Trump or possible VP for Trump ticket since he seems more than able to run the fat-boy power brokers in the Senate. Btw, ask Carly about HP out-sourceing for cheaper labor and since she cannot handle HP board of directors, how is she going to handle the Senate power brokers) No longer, his professional-politician ways has soured his candidacy for anything short of dog-catcher.

          15. Russian Boris says

            And how is it you’re so ego to trust Trump with all his record of being a Dem for his entire life. I don’t believe Trump’s rhetoric of being a concert stove Rep at all. Besides what does he know about the Constitution, has he ever read it?

          16. Iamacitizen2 says

            oh heck cruz probably took Mr. Trumps list and copied it…he’s good at changing words i.e. all of a sudden cruz is gonna build a wall??? what one foot high??? This echoing of Mr. Trumps words by cruz is a “JOKE” since cruz and his wife heidi are both globalists and NAU contributors….NO WAY WOULD HE EVER BUILD A WALL….seriously??? Lyin’ ted for sure….LOLOL just think about that forked tongue speaking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time….right…

          17. Mike Burkett says

            What did you expect from a professional politician (see Colorado primary, see premature VP announcement to garner relevancy after the stomping suffered in several straight primaries)?

          18. laulau says

            You haven’t been watching. Trump has said his first day inoffice is to rescind all of Obamas executive orders. . If you bother to find out, you will know what he will do..

        5. 2Shadow2 says

          Okay I agree. But given Trump’s political history, that of a centrist Democrat, I suspect that he will have to ride the middle of the road to get anything done. The country is not likely to go from extreme left to extreme right overnight as the conservatives want. The fact that the conservatives are leading the charge to bash Trump is really sad. There are not enough of them put someone in the WH alone. And by showing the vitriol and spitting madness so indigenous to the left, many other groups of voters, including independents are moving to Trump. But like Cruz the conservatives actually think the best strategy is to keep Trump from the nomination at all costs, even if it costs them the election. That is a given GOP strategy and why they have lost the past two elections. Better to have Hillary than a non family member. Seriously?

          1. Mike Burkett says

            Well said, the GOP political elite are threatened and some have even hinted at voting for that coronated/criminal Hillary.

          2. Ted Crawford says

            Might as well. The overwhelming majority of Trumps squishy Democrats and Left-Leaning Independents certainly aren’t going to vote for Trump in the first place! Even fewer of them will be voting for any Republicans running for the open Congressional Seats as well! Guaranteeing Hillary a compliant Progressive Senate to work with!

          3. Charles T. Gore says

            It is what it is evidenced by the RNC’s solicitation of Romney to bad mouth Trump using the script they gave him. Now with Romney, Jeb and whoever is not in the race are wearing the knees out of their trousers groveling at the throne of the RNC hoping for a crumb and a pat on the head.
            The RNC did not take Trump seriously and he out maneuvered them and has exhibited he has his ducks in a row and now it’s too late and Trump based on past performance will get the 1237 delegates and winning California will be the icing on the cake. And yes Trump has not come this far to not have a plan to beat Hillary.

          4. 2Shadow2 says

            It is a historical race to be certain. The conservatives are incensed and perhaps should look at what Cruz has not done instead of bash Trump. How can a single voting block like conservatives put someone in the WH? The political missteps that Trump makes are of no importance. He does not have to be a Constitution expert or anything else. He only has to do what great men like Carnigie and others have done. Surround himself with the right people for the job. Trump is an expert at that and that is my hope for the country. People in the know, not more political prostitutes. The people are voting for George Patton. A General who got it done and cared less about PC. This is a brilliant history from the grand dame of Conservatism describing how far the Republican Party has drifted and why the current GOP old guard politburo hates Conservatives and Donald Trump.

          5. Peatro Giorgio says

            Well to be certain of any one Thing . Be certain of This . Trump is not a man of the people, Trump is not a man for America. Trump is at best a man for his own prestige, his own wealth build. As you may be observein now as the mass exodus from the Republican party continues. Effective 5/4/2016 at 5:00 pm..

          6. Ted Crawford says

            Actually he’s come this far with a plan to very definitely NOT beat her! It’s worth billions to him during her administrations, IF, that is he can count on her to actually honor her part of their Quid-Pro-Quo agreement!

          7. Charles T. Gore says

            Hillary honor an agreement? Oh sure and Obama will turn white tomorrow?
            What do you base this prophesy on LSD?
            I’m not being a smart ass, just can’t figure what you are basing it on.

          8. Ted Crawford says

            Nothing much, just Trumps entire public history as a reliable supporter of Bill, Hillary, Obama and everything Democrat, including Kerry in 2004!
            He made their real intentions perfectly clear when even as he was announcing his intentions to run on the Republican ticket, in nearly the same breath, he also threatened, with no visible cause, his willingness to launch a Third Party run, if the Republicans didn’t kiss the back of his front! Then, immediately launched into as big a load of ridiculous, divisive, bombastic nonsense as I’ve heard from anyone not in a mental institution!

          9. ceevee says

            And vice versa

          10. Peatro Giorgio says

            A centrist Democrate . Hardly Trump is very much the equal political philosophically speaking to that of Obama,Hillary and yes of course Bernie sanders.. Trump is was and has and will be a far left fringe lunatic.. Count on it. After all He has and is projecting that very same mentality. At each of his debates at each of his rallies. And on ever televised interview.

          11. 2Shadow2 says

            I would disagree as most political experts would also. But you may keep your views and better get used to Trump. Rather than bash Trump you might try illuminating you political expertise with a better choice that is still in the race.

          12. Peatro Giorgio says

            So you my friend assume yourself to be highly illuminated. Well truth is your as bright as the dimist bulb in the darkest reach of the darkest cavern. I shall continue to describe Trump as the lying,con artist ,coruppt deranged degenerate he surly is. For he is the epitome of corupption. Bribery , black mail Establishment insidered. Job shifting over seas across the border. Property thieving. Fake university student scam man. Non American hiring, immigrant importing con man.

          13. 2Shadow2 says

            LOL. Bitter bitter, bitter. The obvious sign of a loser with no solutions.

          14. Peatro Giorgio says

            No even after Cruz’s lose and suspension of his Campaign I’m no where near bitter. In fact I have resigned myself To watching as The America I new so well over 58 years ago is gone. Gone because of the low info low educated noncontributing, non property owners voting. And voting for dreams of me myself and I forget about the next generations. Yes I to hold great disdain for the establishment parties. I hold even deeper hatred for those fake ass conservative Us Tea party conservatives elected only to have many of them prove to be more liberal then those we had cast out. But looking at in true light. Those whom we elected were never vetted correctly either. My only hope is an atom bomb hits DC, Cleaning out the rot.

          15. 2Shadow2 says

            Be careful what you wish for. I agree in principal with some of your sentiments. If Trump is smart as he thinks he is, he will bury the BS and take Cruz as a VP which might get him past the Bolsheviks. There are so many Conservatives angry at Trump that the general election might just be closer than it should be given the history of Hillary and them not voting.But the country has swung so far towards socialism, as exemplified by the number of votes being garnered by a life-long Communist like Sanders that you have to wonder how we can ever get back to what made this country great. There is a very ugly scenario driving global politics at the moment and along with many lines crossing to show haw far this agenda has progressed remember that Hussein has state that he wants to be the next Secretary General of the UN. Remember also that Trump wants out of the UN. This is why. And why the elitists want Hillary as the next chosen.

        6. Ethel Schubert says

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          1. skipsart says

            So how many friggin’ different people have this same room mate named
            Lori, who only 2 days ago bought a grey McLaren P1?

            Inquiring minds want to know…………….NOT !!!

            Get lost !

        7. Ted Crawford says

          By supporting Trump you’ve assured that that will NOT happen!
          As this disgusting article points out, You’ve WON! Celebrate, Rejoice, you’ll need the remembrance of these happy times, when on November 9th. you FINALLY realize that your …victory was of a Pyrrhic nature and you were instrumental in insuring Hillary the White House and a Progressive Senate!

        8. Peatro Giorgio says

          What you really mean is not that Trumps Message is sound or formed from a well reasoned logical approach. But one designed to suit the mood of the electorate at that given moment in time. Pity pity you for being so deeply niave. Golliable lacking pragmatism, irrational, zero foresight.

      4. Mike Burkett says

        Well said.

    3. kbfallon says

      Good one…..!!!

    4. suzonly says

      LOL….so true

    5. senior74 says

      I agree! I think it’s become a 1 party system because of them staying in so long. In 1992 elder Bush signed onto the UN Agenda 21 {and every president since has pushed it} the plan to make us part of a Communist one world gov. And no one has warned us about it! Ted Cruz is the only one to speak against it! I believe the tea party one’s aren’t enough to fight the establishment. The UN are also the ones pushing gun confiscation, I found their document from the UNODA (office of disarmament affairs) jest of it says “we must confiscate weapons from the hands of civilians so we can finish implementing agenda 21”!

    6. Optimista says

      I like that ! And we let them go after they have been proved innocent.

    7. deepthink says

      Love it!!

    8. jerrycollie says

      Yes, but some of them ought to do their prison time first, like Hellary for instance.

      1. imbzystitchin says

        Think about it Trump is a friend of the Clintons, so if Hillary wins she can either pardon herself, or stop the investigation. If Trump is elected, same thing, win win for Hillary. If you think she should be imprisoned, the only hope is Cruz.

    9. Gary Smith says


    10. Jose Reyes says

      C.M. Dawson, now that is the smartest thing that anyone has posted on here. I TOTALLY agree. Thank you.

    11. 32eagle says

      Let me translate that for barack buckwheat obama’s case -he gets the deluxe czar treatment-hung on a gallows built on a golfcourse as the rooster crows

  16. Robert Early says

    I can’t really fault Cruz at this point. He sees what we all see. Indiana is his last hoorah. It’s either win the marbles here and now, or turn out the lights. I feel somewhat sad for Carly; being used as a prop for this last little bit of drama. I’m really surprised that she would even go along with it.
    She should have waited. Perhaps Trump would have tagged her for a winning running mate. Too late now.
    With what tiny bit of inside information I possess,
    I see four possibilities for Trump’s winning team;
    but I’m going to keep that within my network.

    1. 73Anne37 says

      Trump would NEVER have tagged Carly~~She is an OUTRIGHT OPEN Globalist~! CRUZ is a Closet Bush Globalist~!

      1. Robert Early says

        We all know it was just just an attention- getting stunt. I can’t help but wonder who Cruz might have selected had he been in the lead. 100 to 1 it would not be Carly.

        1. 73Anne37 says

          Probably Not Carly~she is a detriment. But it would have been another Avid Globalist!

  17. coneyro says

    Doesn’t really matter who gets to be POTUS this time. Not a well rounded, sane person in the bunch. Cruz, however is my least favorite of all. He should save his money, collect his pride, and pack it in.
    If I were a religious person, I’d ask for divine help for our country. The mere mortals in charge are making deals with the “devil”.
    G-D bless us all..

  18. MarcJ says

    What wishful thinking! After all is said and done that low-IQ bloviating gasbag Trump will fade into the history still mumbling nonsense and personal invectives by his enraged pig face.

    1. Angela Worden says

      You will be sorry you said this when President Trump is elected.

    2. Effenexes says

      Wow… what dishonest babble you introduce here disguising yourself as an intellectual thinker. A guy with your IQ should have a low voice too.

      1. MarcJ says

        A typical response by a functional cretin – just personal invectives.

  19. AmericanPatriot says

    I like em both! What if Trump picks RINO Christy for VP? I dispise Christy the amnesty supporting libtard RINO.

    1. 73Anne37 says

      Christie is Not a RINO~! Christie will Do exactly as TRUMP says~!

  20. DogWithoutSlippers says

    Cruz thinks that Carly will get him more female votes……that’s the only reason he added
    her to his ticket. It is wishful thinking and actually shows his sneaky side even more.

    1. pappy450 says

      Bingo, Dog! You got it! The “woman card” gets played again. (just like Trump said about Hitlery)
      Lyin Rafael strikes again.

      1. Tricia Harris says

        BOTH OF YOU ARE IDIOTS and Carly is a good choice. LYING TRUMPO is NOT GOING TO WIN!

        1. Effenexes says

          There you go shouting again. Were you looking in the mirror when you said that?

        2. pappy450 says

          Yep, here we go again another LIBERAL name-caller. If you can’t win with the FACTS, call names. The only one that has been a PROVEN lier is CRUZ.

      2. Francie26 says

        You’re just another lying fool.

        1. pappy450 says

          more LIBERAL name calling…Grow up and get the facts.

      3. Effenexes says

        Look out pappy…you’re being tag teamed by the Lee sisters. Tricia ‘Ugh’ Lee and Francie ‘Home’ Lee. A devastating duo that ever was.

        1. pappy450 says

          You got it Effenexes!
          those pesky Facts have a way of getting people upset and they can’t communicate without “calling names” like 2 year ols.

    2. Francie26 says

      You don’t know that!! You are trying to say you know what Cruz is thinking better than he knows it. What an ego you have!! And sadly, as big as it is, it is still WRONG!!

  21. peter says

    A meaningless, last ditch effort by Cruz

    1. Francie26 says

      If Cruz is so “meaningless,” why are you paying so much attention to him? LOL

      1. Effenexes says

        Nice try Francie…however this article is about him, that’s why. peter’s remark is referencing the mere fact that Trump mathematically can win the nomination on the first ballot…Cruz can’t. Nothing less, nothing more.

      2. peter says

        Because he will never win and he won’t go away. He’s as bad as the GOP establishment

        1. 73Anne37 says

          Got that Right~!

  22. SouthernPatriot says

    If Trump is the nominee, I will support, campaign for, and work hard to elect Trump as POTUS. Meanwhile, I will support Ted Cruz because I know he is a core conservative, had stood up to the establishment in his own party and for that now Bonehead RINO Boehner lies about him, other RINOs in the House and Senate hate him, because they wanted him to be more of a party man than a core conservative. I will support Cruz until there is a nominee and beyond if he becomes the nominee or beyond if he remains a core conservative U.S. Senator.

    1. Effenexes says

      You exemplify what it means to be a true patriot, Southern.

    2. 73Anne37 says

      Cruz is NOT a PATRIOT~He is a KNOWN Globalist & works for BUSH#1~! Cruz is a White Obama!

  23. Francie26 says

    If Trump wins, that is exactly like Hillary winning. Can’t you see? Cruz is trying to save the country. If it goes to Trump, it will go down as a failed democrat screw-up. Cruz sees, like Ronald Reagan saw, that someone who has a better vision for America has to step in before there is nothing left of our country to save. God Bless Cruz!! God Bless America!!! God save us all!!!

    1. Effenexes says

      Francie…you do sound very thoughtful in your post. However it’s to take off your blinders, put down your rose tinted glasses and see how others view the same topic in real time. It appears you are unwittingly but nonetheless, mimicking the establishment talking points. A movement abounds across this entire nation that will result in changing the corruptness of our politicians and globalist cabal that now run this country. We need someone pragmatic enough to bring about a consensus in governing, not a compromise of the failed policies that now exist. We need a leader, but not a political leader.

    2. 32eagle says

      I can understand your Christian viewpoint but there are numerous difficult failures in our finances as a nation and Trump definitely has the talent and skill and experience and Jehovah is still with us with Donald as president- it is not going to be an easy task for sure

    3. 73Anne37 says

      A REAL CHRISTIAN does Not LIE~!

  24. James Maxwell says

    Ted Cruz is my state senator and I have to admit I like him and the job he has done in the past for us.
    But I have reservations at this time on his choice of VP as her track record is rather spotty on several
    issues. Her time at HP was not exactly what I would call successful.

  25. Tiger says

    Trump would be wise to remember all the talented, good Republicans out there when he puts his administration together. When I was made DON of a huge facility after working for a few years and climbing up the ladder many nurses feared me. They feared me because I had been introduced to them as someone who had served in the war. Too many nurses are flaming Liberals. They had treated me badly and I do mean badly so when they found me in charge of everything, including their evaluations they were scared stiff. But I held no grudges and I gave credit where it was due this surprised them.

    Cruz has held close to his Conservative roots and fought the RINO in Congress as has 27 other good Republicans. He is indeed risking his political career by not seeing that Trump is the one who has the power and he is not ever going to trump Trump. Sad to see but with the Establishment blurting out hate speech and threatening and the polls of this and that and the other, like Hamas who want to destroy Israel and countries keep giving them money and hope, so goes Cruz.

    Time to let go and save some dignity.

    1. 73Anne37 says

      Cruz is an ESTABLISHMENT GLOBALIST of the Bush Cabal~! He will Sell out our Constitution in 2 miniutes~!

      1. Tiger says

        Didn’t mention Cruz did I. There are talents in the Republican party that could be used to all of our advantages.

        1. 73Anne37 says

          No~~But All the RINO Establishment Guys are Globalist’s~! Not Acceptable in any Power Position~!

          1. Tiger says

            Well yeh but there are 28 who are not RINO. Not much to choose from but there are some. ;p

          2. 73Anne37 says

            Right Now~Jeff Sessions is the only one I Trust~! We shall wee Going forward, if the other 27 are worthy!

  26. David Dutra says

    Fish face Cruz is crazy

  27. Albert L Biele says

    The only person who is delusional is Cruz, whom, at this juncture in the race, is totally out of control; his anger far surpasses his common sense, and it shows. He should get out before he has a nervous breakdown. It’s a good thing he’s not the nominee. He simply cannot take the pressure, whereas, Trump remains totally committed to his pledge to make America once again, the greatest nation in the world. He’s the only candidate that actually listens to the people’s concerns, and has proven to be committed to establishing a peoples-government, and not the present politicians government we have today.

  28. sammyd35 says

    Cruz and Trump supporters should realize that while Ted’s wife Heidi was working with the open borders advocates at Goldman Sachs, Heidi was instrumental in the writing of “Building a North American Community” A report aimed at abolishing America by eliminating it’s borders. The proof is below and elsewhere on the net if you care to read it. Goldman Sachs also “invested” 31 million dollars in Cruz’s campaign fund. The question that needs to be asked is.. What open borders concessions does Goldman Sachs expect from Cruz for this substantial “investment”?

  29. Gerald Boesen says

    A real conservative would support Ted Cruz in any case. If Donald Trump becomes the GOP nominee, Hillary is the next President.

    1. 73Anne37 says

      Just the Opposite~~Cruz is a Globalist & a BUSH/CLINTON Cabal one~ at that~!

  30. Dale DuBois says

    Cruz is delusional and thinks he still has a chance if there is a brokered convention. If there is a brokered convention they won’t pick Cruz as he has been a thorn in their side for a long time. They may not even pick Trump but it will be so long (the end) of the Republican Party if they don’t pick Trump.

  31. b glad says

    When all this started, I thought nothing could make Trump look good, but Cruz is quickly changing my mind.

  32. Maurice Harrell says

    The author of this piece is suffering from the grand delusion as ignorantly has already surrendered nation over to Hillary Clinton wanting us to think about stopping and ending our efforts to save America. You sir are not only failed journalist, you are a fraud conservative like the weak minded Donald Trump.

    Trump CHARGED with Fraud and Voters Cruz Away

    You all are no longer impartial. You all push the the stupid Democrat Trump woman hating, malicious, bitter, unintelligent, LONG TIME DEMOCRAT SUPPORTING RINO, Now I no longer SUPPORT YOUR SITE, AND neither will thousands of my associates. Now run along and continue to play tiddlywinks with the liberal con-man Trump. You have lost your objectivity.

    Trump’s Candidacy is Trump University

    Cruz Versus Trump – Decision 2016

    Unelectable Donald Trump’s Psychological Projection Problem

    1. MAHB001 says

      I was thinking something similar. The author showed his bias in this article.

  33. faxxmaxx says

    Iowa was the beginning and end of the Cruz campaign.

    1. 32eagle says

      Indiana grows corn too-hopefully folks here will not buy into our gov.mike pence endorsing LYING TED. I live in INDIANA and am for TRUMP !!!

      1. 73Anne37 says

        Pence was Bought off by the Establishment~! The GOPe is Delusional too~!

        1. 32eagle says

          Evidently the Bush’s are not friends of Trump-what a difference a real USA citizen makes-because barack Obama is not one of us but he was friend of the Bush clan

  34. junkmailbin says

    I cannot win enough delegates so I will announce a VP without winning the primary. I will name a female to gin( pander and pimp) up the voters .
    Hopefully no one will notice that I am very desperate, a cmplete panderer, and both my parents were not citizens when I was born( not a natural born cotozen).

    1. Peatro Giorgio says

      Gin, Pander and pimp Up votes ! Now we are talking Trumps language .I’ll build a wall, A great wall, and the Mexican will pay for it. I will make Great deals, I will make America Great again. Mexico they come in bringing criminals, rapist, thieves and murders. We don’t know who the hell these people are. Ill bring jobs back. Ill Do away with Obama care, Health care will be great again. We will win ,we will win so much people will be sick of winning , Men should be able to use womens rest rooms. Women should have abortion’s available to them.Talk about pandering? This guy Trump is pimping you all out to your fears. Pandering to the lowest denominators . Some of his comments , His statements are all very nice; even plausable . Though his means of expression. Leave little doubt as to his lack of sincerity . He is after all pimp, pandering; To the many low info ,low educated class. Which certainly includes you my friend

      1. 32eagle says

        this guy trump is dead on for being all the way and then some on destroying ISIS-he is no joke like buckwheat obama

  35. Francie26 says

    Cruz is blowing this much political capital on this election to save America. If Donald gets in, it will be just like if Hillary got in, and the country would be in jeopardy again for the next four-eight years. As grand as America is, I doubt that it can take another 4-8 years of constant inside attacks like it has endured under Obama. Just shows he was never an American in the first place. He only got in because he was black. No real American would try to take our country down like Obama has tried to do.

    1. Austinniceguy says

      Cruz has lied and cheated during the primaries, how would we expect HIM to do anything different once is office? He’s done the same things $hitlery would stoop to doing.

    2. 32eagle says

      I agree about Obama and disagree about trump-basically mutant mulatto does not give a damn-yet trump very much does-should trump win the job of rebuilding what Obama destroyed and throwing obamacare into a burning barrel and building a wall while all the skeptics look on in disbelief-maybe after one year of actual hard work-people will start to realize that trump is going to be one of our very best presidents ever

  36. radiofreeamerica says

    Trump deserves a run for his money. The Cruz/Fiorina ticket might give pause to all the emotional voters now on the trump wagon. Trump has been big on rhetoric, but small on STRATEGY for accomplishing all the good he claims. Cruz has a proven track record, even though the media beats on him daily. Hopefully, more of the un-informed voters will start to check on records like the caucus delegates do, prior to voting in November

    1. Austinniceguy says


    2. 73Anne37 says

      Cruz is a BUSH Globalist & is only BAD for this Country~~! He is a White OBAMA~! I want him even OUT of the Senate where he has ONLY done Damage~!If you really do Your research~~you will find that out~! Cruz is for the NAU~~just like Mark Levin~~! That WILL Destroy The Constitution~!

  37. Austinniceguy says

    The numbers DO NOT LIE!!! If the public trusted and wanted Ted as our nominee, Trump would be a distant memory by now. I just hope that those who support Ted will support Trump when he becomes the nominee or $hitlery will waltz her fat a$$ right in and finish what OlBluegums started, the obliteration of this once great country.

    1. Peatro Giorgio says

      If The electorate wasn’t as ignorant as the brick pavers with which I walk upon every day. Trump would be all but a distant memory. But at last that hope is equal to crapping in one hand an wishing in the other. This So called Republic is a Myth. Freedom doesn’t rain Idiots do.

      1. Austinniceguy says

        That was a ridiculous response. The electorate that got us OlBluegums not once, but twice is the electorate you must be talking about. Or maybe you’re looking forward to a $hitlery presidency? She’ll make OlBluegums look like a Boy Scout. She’s already vowed to expand on his failing policies PLUS implement her TRILLION DOLLAR tax and spend plan as well as promising that if Congress doesn’t agree with her, she’ll just use Executive Action to pass her plans. You’re just parroting what you hear in the lamestream media. As far as calling people idiots, you’re e delirious MORON for doing so. Dumb ass Cruz thought it was a good idea to alienate voters by calling Trump supporters names and now he has NO WAY of cultivating those votes.

  38. laulau says

    Cruz was supposed to vett Carly, but evidently didn’t because she caused HP to lose stock , lost jobs to China, and eventually got fired. But, I think Cruz will keep her because she is his attack dog when the cats got his tongue.

  39. snowyriver says

    How can a person born in Canada, that is a natural born citizen there even imagine that he is eligible for the office of president of the United States?

    1. ringostarr1 says

      It is Donald Trump who isn’t a Naturally Born American (NBA) because Donald Trump was obviously squirted out of someones’ bung hole.

  40. disqus_5EnR2BZ95O says

    I concur. Cruz is needed in the Senate. Even if he’s disliked, he still forges ahead. I recall Gingrich was once similarly described yet he worked with Wild Bill to enact Work Fare that drove the welfare roles down by 50%. Hopefully, Cruz can rehab and stay in the Senate. He’d be disastrous as president but he has the brilliance and a forum to advance the conservative agenda and can maybe stop listening for divine guidance and just do what is right.

    1. Peatro Giorgio says

      Divine Guidance ! Equals a fair and just solution. As for disastrous. O what we have just awaiting for us around the corner. If either Trump or Hillary are to be commander and chief. I have resolved there to be no one equal to,the much needed foresight. As we have so clearly witnessed upon these here Web sites. The hypocrisy fills your posting. An Einstein you are not. ( Verbatim ) He’d Be disastrous as president but he has the brilliance and forum to advance the conservative agenda and can maybe stop listening to divine guidance and just do it. This rambling sentence is nonsensical, Disastrous ,Brilliance and forum.. It is the president who must lead the nation. It is the president who set’s the agenda. It is the president who puts forth both the nations policy and his parties policy the policy It is neither the house or the senate. So either you lack the basic understanding of governance from where political agenda’s and policy are formed and begins. Simply stated. The leader of the nation is also the leader of his or her party. President controls agenda. Unless over ridden by majority veto.

  41. survivor33 says

    No sooner was Cruz’s new VP got acknowledged that she was doing just what Cruz has been doing, name calling and making herself look foolish and stupid, as well as VP unpresidential.

  42. 32eagle says

    I think carly is not a bad choice-the thing is Cruz is a bad choice-maybe if carly was the one being successful at going all the way for president and she picked mike Huckabee for vice president they may stand a chance against trump

    1. cutterguy says

      when has Fiorina been a success?

      1. Peatro Giorgio says

        Do we suspect some bigoted bitter resentment. At the very least Carly is 1,000 times more successful then you. But Then again that’s not all that hard to acomplished

        1. cutterguy says

          yes I resent people losing jobs because of poor management by crooked ceos. by the by, mr rocket scientist, it should be accomplish not accomplished.

    2. Peatro Giorgio says

      Mike the Huckster fraudster. Mike should have stayed a Minister.

  43. Isabella says

    AS, i said before.I,m for DONALD TRUMP, the reason is,( even if my iife won’t change), but our Country has a right and need to be the Country, for whom, millions of emigrants came: THE AMERICAN DREAM. The American, people and those who came in this Country for this DREAM, who paid a high price, to deserve it, want and ask for that dream, to be again Theirs. I red, in Political Insider, a very grave accusation, denigrating Trump.,I don’t know how much money she get to lie, of unthincable , dirty sexual accusations. After, I red her disgusting acusation, describing, hidious sexual pictures, I red ” THE DB1938″, old classmate memories about DONALD TRUMP. I’m sure and I wish, other ex-classmates to came and confirm what The DB1938, wrote. I believe, every word he wrote entirely, from the bottom of my hart. Why, nobody will write and say nice thinks about Cruz? Why people who knows him, worked with call him “Lucifer in flesh”. Not one collegue say nice think about him. WHY? I don’t hate him, I never hated nobody in my life.I’m disappointed and I wish thinks be different. Kasich, Cruz,Fiona, should be ashamed, trying to destroy others life , in order for them to win. WIN? what? It’s not about them, it is about UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, Their Country, our Country.
    PS. Maybe, for many of you the way I write, use punctuation, grammarl sounds ” not a correct English,” way of writing.Every word I wrote, is a sincer feeling, it is my sincer THANKS, for America.

    1. ringostarr1 says

      There you have it people, a glowing Donald Trump testimonial from a likely illegal immigrant and perhaps Donald Trump’s 4th wife.

  44. UwasaWahya says

    Cruz is anything but a true conservative. A true conservative would not run for an office he knows he is not eligible for. A true conservative would not be for TPP or NAFTA. A true conservative would not want to increase the number of immigrants allowed into this country when so many Americans are out of work.

    1. ringostarr1 says

      Trump will build a wall between Mexico and the US. The purpose of this wall is to funnel Mexicans into the USA through the Trump Portals where there will be a fleet of Trump owned Gray Hound buses waiting outside to transport these immigrants to your neighborhoods but especially to the Personnel Office of the Company were you work.

  45. Marvin Zeichner says

    Anybody who thinks elections aren’t fixed in this country is sadly mistaken and yet we criticize elections in third world countries.

  46. Gary Von Neida says

    delusions of grandure might explain why a LOSER would appoint a vice president when IF elected to run against Hillary would need a clamshell digger to get out from under the landslide. Trump is the only one to defeat the evil one.

  47. Gary Von Neida says

    There i not limit on the procecution for murder or the involvement in the “cover up” of same. Thus all the REDACTED DOUCMENTS involving the slaughter of John Fitzgerald Kennedy—-what about Vincent Foster and Ron Brown, both casualties of the Clinton’s.

  48. Laurajcupp1 says

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  49. Francie26 says

    Cruz didn’t lie about that. He had already left there and was headed to the next stop, and one of his mop-up aids left behind answered the question wrongly. Carson saw the end of his bid for office when that happened, so he took his revenge on Cruz by blaming him. And I don’t think Cruz is risking his entire political career on a doomed strategy. I believe Cruz knows what he is doing–that is, building up his support away from the Northeast, the New York liberals, etc., Donald’s stomping ground where Cruz would have a hard time beating Donald anyway. But he can beat Donald in the rest of the country. And getting Carley as his partner was a brilliant decision.

  50. louann says

    Dear Mexicans!!! When you come to our country respect it and its people.obey our laws.when you come in illegally you have no respect for America or our laws.

    1. ceevee says

      Well hell Doodoo digger! Americans are in droves in the US prison system because they do not have respect for America or for our laws either!
      And please I need more your dumb, lame and stupid ass comebacks please!

      1. louann says

        Hey! Thugs united !!

  51. louann says

    Hillary or Bernie? Your thugs are out of control. It might bite you in the butt.girls wearing stickers on there nipples saying decapitate trump??? Cut his head off?? Illegal destroying police cars?? This is what you want???you both have put peoples lives in danger???it will back fire. Blood is in your hands.

  52. louann says

    Dear Muslims!!! Come in our country legally. Respect our laws and our country. We don’t need Isis cutting off heads of children babies/ old people/ or any one that believes in Jesus Christ.we don’t need to cut off hands. We don’t need a women being treated less then a animal. I’m sure alot of Muslims would agree.we don’t need child rape. America has to carefully let you in.

  53. Greg Hernandez says

    I live in Ohio and YES the gov is living in a fantasy world all his own. He thinks he’ll be the White Knight that will save the country …. Poor delusional fool. Ted and Carly ? I don’t know what Ted was thinking, but I once thought he would be the person that would make a fine president, but now I see he isn’t even close.Carly lost her bid to be an elected official in California. She’ll be a great help to Cruz there…….Really ?
    Trump was the one who forced the discussion about illegal border crossers, bad trade deals,obama’s failures and the rotten treatment of our military and of vets ( Yes, I’m a Vietnam Vet ). Of the 17 candidates, he was the only one not spouting the same old garbage.
    Remember what the GOP said last election cycle. ” Give us a majority in the Senate and the House and we’ll defund planned murderhood, defund obamacare, , we’ll fight the democrat liberals and return to fiscal responsibility ” So, some of us pounded the pavement, got out the vote and worked the polls and what did we get ? NADA…NOTHING…ZILCH !
    We got rid of John Boehner ..What did we get ? A clone even worse…. What in hell happened to Paul Ryan ? The only thing these politicians want to do is get reelected. We got screwed and now Ted thinks we are going to sit down to a meal of crapburgers while he tries to steal the nomination. I have been a registered Republican since 1963 and I am truly disgusted by the lazy, lying, self centered people who are controlling the party.
    They have been making lots of noise about Trump voting for and supporting democrats. Well people, so did Ronald Reagan until he woke up to the fact that the Democrat party is rotten to the core. And he became a great president. I think Mr. Trump is a pragmatic man who saw the damage obama and the democrats have done to the country and is patriotic enough to want to do something about it, unlike the Clintons who were in it only to get whatever they could for themselves.
    Our government was set up so that there would not be a political class and no House of Lords. Well we have allowed it to happen by reelecting these fools, making Royalty of political families ( Sorry Jeb, but THAT’s why you lost )and allowing full time Pols to run things they know nothing about.That is why we have such lousy trade deals, such a badly run military, ROTTEN health care derived from what was once the best health care in the world and an economy being destroyed by the socialist left wing idiots of the democrap party who are also in the process of destroying the moral quality of life and giving us the 1984 style of Thought Control which is political correctness.
    Sorry , but I do not see Ted Cruz as the man to do it and truthfully, Donald Trump is a flawed person, but so am I and everyone else on this planet. Maybe we should be like our revolutionary forefathers and try something new, like NOT electing some kind of elitist politician who is only in it for their own good.

    1. Peatro Giorgio says

      Greg When you or most do a comparison of Ronald Reagan with Donald Trump . The one most important part of the comparison equation, You all fail to include. Is the simple fact that unlike Ronald Reagan who developed his Conservative philosophy over a 20 year span . 8 of those years as Govenor of California. Trump seems to have flipped a switch over night. However also unlike Reagan who never ever flip flopped back an forth from his conservative view s back to progressive or liberal Ideals. Not in any campaign or during his presidency. Where as Trump projects no clear conservative values. He his after all one way one min. Then a moment later he is saying just the opposite. I as a once reliable dedicated Republican for 38 years ..having witnessed The Republican party establishments abandoned Fiscal an social conservatism And my values I chose 12 years ago To instead become a 100% Independent voter. Donald Trump in no way shape of form shares simalar values as I where as Ted Cruz does.

      1. disqus_5EnR2BZ95O says

        Dude, your missive is almost incomprehensible. Are you a product of our liberal public educational system? If so, that clears it up. But punctuation matters.

      2. Greg Hernandez says

        Pietro, I lived in California during the Reagan governorship. He admitted to a fairly quick change of views. Reagan was born to a pretty conservative family , so had some background. I never said Trump is a conservative, and as far as the conservatives that are in the Senate and the House, they have done very little to nothing in forwarding their so-called beliefs.I stated that Trump was the one to start the dialog about illegal, trade and the obama destruction of the military , I did not say he espoused ANY conservative views or compare him to Ronald Reagan. The press was doing that, I just mentioned Reagan because so many CONSERVATIVES keep saying Trump is no Reagan.
        He isn’t , but neither is Cruz or so many of his cohorts in DC. In Trade or jobs, Ted doesn’t have half the ability as Trump, For immigration, Trump said to TEMPORARILY halt immigration from certain countries so as to set up a reliable way to find out who these people are before they come here, not to end immigration as the lame street media proclaimed and Ted echoed. Actually, Trump should win the nomination, and all of us whether we like him or not should get out there and vote for him rather than let Hillary, the wicked witch, walk into the White House, with Bubba on HER coat tails. People stayed home because they didn’t like Romney and we got 4 more years of obama’s insane progressive programs that have done more to fundamentally destroy America than the Nazi’s, Japanese and the Communists EVER could. Trump would be a hundred percent better than Hillary. Anyone who doesn’t vote loses their right to complain.

      3. snowyriver says

        If you vote against OUR Constitution YOU are a traitor to the USA.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          Well then a traitor you are. For it is only traitors who would vote for a populace,a socialist, or a progressive.. And factually speaking Trump falls right in with each of those categories. So once again,Traitor the traitor is indeed you. And as For myself I’ll vote for the Constitutional scholar, the Honorable Senator Ted Cruz. But do go on betraying your country. As is often the case with traitors. It will come back to bite You when you list exspect it. Right traitor.

          1. snowyriver says

            ” This explains “natural born Citizen” in Article II, Sec. 1, clause 5, US Constitution: How our first Presidents were “naturalized citizens” and had to be exempted from the “natural born citizen” (NBC) requirement; shows the common understanding of NBC at the time our Constitution was drafted and ratified; explains 14th Amendment citizenship; and shows why Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are not NBCs.

  … [see Sections 212-217]

            Below is where Rafael Edward Cruz denounced his Canadian citizenship. A natural born citizen of the United States would have never been a citizen of Canada.

  … “

          2. Peatro Giorgio says

            On the Contrary. What it exsplains is little. Now if you or anyone were to honestly dig deeper into just what and why our Forefathers Believed and intended. Then one most look to the anti and profederalist papers. There you shall discover Our Forefathers read and followed simalar opinions of The ancient Greeks and Romans. As to what a Citizen is or as of lately you my friend have posted certain early American Supreme Court Decision. Leaving out much later Supreme court Desicion. As well discounting Congresses Authority as well the nations Department of Immigration an Naturalization. Rulings to that end it is rather clear
            You have had zero intention of seeking The truth. Therefore as it all stands Now 7 state courts 1 Appeals court and 1 states Elections board Have all concurred with one an another. To that Your interpretation is well off the mark.

  54. racats says

    Your OBVIOUS Trump delusion is showing! Ted Cruz is the MUCH better person our Country needs as President.

    1. snowyriver says

      Ted is a natural born citizen of Canada.. NOT the USA.. Thus NOT eligible for the office of our president.

      1. racats says

        You really are uninformed. He’s more of a US citizen than Obama and look where he is.