Days Into Shutdown, Democrats Realize They Made a Big Mistake


Only one day after the federal government went into shutdown mode over Congress’s failure to come together on a new spending bill, one of the most pro-immigration Democrats in the party is ready to come back to the table and give President Trump what he wants. In comments to reporters on Saturday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said that if it was a wall that Trump wanted, a wall he should get.

“I’ll take a bucket, take bricks, and start building it myself,” Gutierrez said. “We will dirty our hands in order for the Dreamers to have a clean future in America.”

Gutierrez is no more a fan of the border wall today than he was a week ago, so his concession marks a dramatic turn of rhetoric in the Democratic Party. Make no mistake about it, this shutdown – however much Americans may wish it could have been avoided – is going to be a major win for conservatives who want to see a new emphasis on border control. Whether by design or merely by happenstance, the Republicans on Capitol Hill have finally done something right. By “holding the Dreamers hostage” – and sure, we’ll even use the left’s language – they are on the verge of extracting total surrender from the Democrats. Even if this didn’t happen by design, it could have scarcely been constructed any more perfectly.

As The Hill reports, Gutierrez isn’t the only one ready to capitulate. “The concession comes as other Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (NY), have said they could agree to a wall in exchange for protection for the Dreamers, immigrants brought to the country illegally as children.”

Why are the Democrats suddenly talking about playing ball with the White House?

Well, they may be taking a hard look at two realities. One, they’re beginning to realize that President Trump is perfectly willing to let each and every Dreamer lapse back into unprotected status and that it won’t disturb a minute of his sleep if one or two of them get deported in the meantime. More importantly, they’re looking at new national surveys that show the degree to which voters care about DACA restorations. To put it simply: Not as much as Democrats thought.

“A majority of Americans, 56%, said approving a budget to avoid a government shutdown was more important for Congress to do than passing a bill to maintain the DACA program,” reported CNN on Sunday. “Only one in three Americans, 34%, said they prioritized a DACA fix over avoiding a shutdown.”

Democrats decided to make January 19 their big “Stand Up and Be Counted” moment…and it turns out they backed a losing horse. Even with the entirety of the mainstream media preaching their version of the “truth,” they have lost the confidence of the American people. Their courage is deteriorating, their demands are receding. At long last, they’re beginning to come face to face with the realization that they LOST in 2016 and that, as their erstwhile leader liked to often say, “elections have consequences.”


  1. Justin Seine says

    Granting amnesty to people here illegally has no place in a budget/funding negotiations. Debating funding for border security does have a place in these negotiations. The wall is directly related to border security. Granting amnesty to people here illegally is a separate debate. Who then is responsible for the shutdown? Russia, right wing conspirators or democrats who care little for the American people who put them in office and care a lot about foreigners from other countries who came here under less than legal circumstances???

    1. Retired says

      That is our problem many a good bill has been killed because of add on . The ACA and last tax bill , look at how many pages there are and how much is in there that will come to bite us in the future . Then there is the shut down just because of DACA , how stupid can our elected get ???

      1. gotabgood says

        Because 201 amendments by the righties, and 188 of them were accepted. Each one of those had to be added in..
        In case you didn’t know….HA! look who I am talking to… of course you didn’t know!!
        Heritage was the founding father of ACA…

        1. John says

          I feel the same way about vehicle insurance. It should be required that If you want to drive you will care liability insurance to cover the other people, and not the owner of the car who caries the collision insurance, as you mentioned about his porsche if he wants it fixed. This way each and every driver is insured on his driving record and if they don’t have the insurance they lose their license and be required to some how pay their medical bills if someone is hurt. His liability insurance can also cover himself like self life insurance covers you if you die so you can be buried.

      2. John says

        They are very, very, very stupid just like the ones that put those Demos in office

    2. Jane Tarzan says

      Interesting idea, but when one is used to getting things free, the idea of paying…hmmmm

    3. Carol Hyndman says

      Too logical!

  2. Bill O'Neil says

    All right-wingers need to go back and review the tape from 2013 of tRump saying the blame for any government shut-down falls entirely on the President of the United States.

    1. Retired says

      All you left wingers are living in the past , Trump is your President and get over it .

      1. Carol Hyndman says

        That’s the problem, they cannot get over the fact that their personally picked Shill lost the election. They believed it was in the bag, and Obamamania would continue.

        1. Retired says

          Obozo wants to go to the UN in the worst way to continue the destruction and fill the USA and EU with more Muslims .

    2. Skippy says

      All you left-wing nut-jobs need to be locked up in a insane asylum.

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        That is where you and your cult leader tRump belong.

        1. Skippy says

          That’s how a two year old responds. I was going to say that’s because you have a mind of a two year old, but you don’t even have that. Why don’t you go crawl back into your safe space, curl up with your binky, boo boo bear 🐻, and suck on your wittle tumb.
          TTFN Ya Mindless Liberal Drone!!!!!!

    3. gingergirl says

      Uh, yeah, and WHO was the president at that time????? Idiot.

    4. Mr Rollo says

      Liar, Liar, brain cell is decaying.

  3. Justin Seine says

    Here is what I don’t understand. All of our house and senate representatives in Washington were elected by American citizens that met the criteria for voter eligibility. So the Democrats refuse to pass this bill and let the government shut down unless 800,000 non American citizens, non voting people whom they do not represent get preferential treatment. Why aren’t they representing their constituents and instead representing 800,000 illegal aliens???? America First!

    1. Stephen Norman says

      You are correct but you must also be a staunch Republican? Your post offers too much logic. The left nut loons don’t operate on logic.

      1. Carol Hyndman says

        Exactly! Republican (Conservative) = intelligence + logic
        Democrat (Liberal ) = ?

      2. DAlnB41 says

        Giving DACA what they want WILL ONLY encourage more and more; ANY decisions to allow DACA to remain here MUST include STRONE – and – Enforceable Guidance, INstructions and Law that clearly eliminates the Chain Migration policies (for everyone not just the DACA), ending birthright citizenship for ALL immigrants EXCEPT Legal Immigrant legally allowed to indefinitely reside here ,
        IF DACA gets their way or even limited success they will push for even more benefits; they will push for amnesty for their parents, they will push for a right to vote in this country, they will push for IRS Unearned Income payments for years they illegally worked in the U.S (even f they were illegally working here) and they will never give up! Not as long as Schumer and idiots like he and Pelosi are willing to turn our nation over to just anyone who feels they want to come here and change our society to fit their interests!

    2. See Janus says

      Now you are understanding! But, in truth, there are millions and millions more people, all illegals, involved. DACA is just the tip of the iceberg.

      1. mrpoohead says

        Oooh, look more flying piggies.

        1. See Janus says

          Mr. Poo Head. An Arabic post-doc representative of Harvard spoke recently and admitted that illegals in the US exceed 23 Million individuals. You are clearly a Mexican. Please return to Mexico (if not already there) and stop trolling blogs where intelligent, researched individuals leave measured opinions.

          1. mrpoohead says

            Well I suggest you take it up with the Immigration Department and Pew Research – they both concur I’m correct. As per usual!

    3. Jane Tarzan says

      Very well said, Justin.

    4. DAlnB41 says

      This is why so many of our problems and costs in government pop us; pushing tings through legislation as – attachment – to other bills. That is what Schumer adn Pelosi did that ended up shutting down the government. They knew an independent, stand alone bill, would never give a true amnesty to the DACA or eliminate chain migration and birthright citizens born in the United States to illegal immigrants! They knew the only way they will over get that is through hidden agendas, lies, cheating and twisting the minds of Amerinac Voters!
      ………………………………………………… – – – – – – – – – – – – …………………………………………………….
      NOW – we must ALL, everyday, or as often as possible – ensure our elected representatives are told WE MUST STOP Chain Migration, we must STOP Birthright Citizenship where it includes parents in this country not here as legal citizens or visitors (that would include even long term Diplomatic men and women from other countries in the U.S and short term visitors)
      . . .–

      AND – NO CITIZENSHIP for DACA – we can allow them to remain in the U.S. as LEGAL IMMIGRANTS – not U.S. citizens, but legal immigrants- – BUT – – in doing so; All DACA MUST complete the same criminal records scrutiny ALL immigrants coming here are required, for every DACA allowed to remain in our country, the allocation of Legal Immigrants annually allowed to come into the United States by congress SHOULD BE REDUCED by a number equal to the number of DACA allowed to remain here!

  4. Skippy says

    This is all the Democraps problem. They just keep on proving how much they hate The Constitution and America.

    1. Retired says

      They do NOT have enough guts to admit that they own this one . Schumer and gang need to be run out of WDC ,they are the slimy swamp creature.

      1. The Redhawk says

        The (D) Communist party is not only deficient in guts they have NO FOOKING brains… and DA Schmuck and Daffy Durbin leads the Pack of Brain free IDIOTS!

        1. exmonomo says

          RIGHT ON THAT

          1. The Redhawk says

            THESE (D) party ass holes remind me of a Parade of buckes of Human waste stinking up the air wherever they are seen

      2. DAlnB41 says

        In 2016 we saw the results of what corrupt and worthless Party Leaders can do when the Democratic Party Leaders were forced to resign tier office – – and they did without argument . Filling the gap should have been done with more interest in supporting the MEMBERS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY rather than looking for someone who is ready to follow radical left mandates. Schumer and Pelosi are tearing the Democratic Party apart with their constant childish media appearances where all they do is accuse, snivel and complain; never addressing the nations problems with suggestions as to what to do to fix the problems; MAYBE THEY JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

        1. The duck says

          The Dummycrat Party was being primed to become losers when Clinton’s were in Arkansas. The Southern Democrats still wanted slavery when Reverend King marched. They lost that one big time and will lose big time again when true law and order returns to America and Trump will usher that in as fast as he can filling the Federal Courts with constitution loving judges.

      3. DAlnB41 says

        ” – – own this one – – !” The democrats, and many of the Republicans were in office when Obama was creating the mess this country fell into and was left for Trump. They set back anda allowed Obama to do what his personal agenda drove him to do.
        Those men and women who were in office while Obama was tearing the guts out of American integrity, values and quality are just as much to blame as Obama himself is. They lacked the guts to stand up and be counted when they should have; now they lack the guts to stand up and HELP FIX the MESS Obama left for Trump!
        Trump did not create these problems – they were well known before he filed for office!

        1. Retired says

          They didn’t sit back , they were Chicken to go up against him because of him playing the race card and did not want to see the country burned down . They also knew he would pull Marshal law and stay in power . As the saying goes he had them by the sack and squeezed hard . Our Problems had already started with Billy Boy who trained him .

      4. exmonomo says


        1. Retired says

          Better yet send them to GITMO for life .

    2. gotabgood says

      I guess it is the Democrats fault since the have the house and senate and the WH,,, what a bunch of losers… have all that power and can’t keep the government open….. Oh, wait it is the righties with all that power… what a bunch of losers…. Next year I can see why the government would shut down…… NO MONEY… they cut all the revenue coming in and gave it to the rich..

      1. Skippy says

        More mindless dribble from a mindless liberal drone. Hey ya brainless idiot the Democraps were the ones that said they’ll filibuster and shut down the government. Now it looks like it’s going to bite them in A$$. It’s only non-essential people and agencies that’s getting shut down. No big deal. Over half of it we don’t need in the first place and they should be gone.
        TTFN Ya Brainless Wonder!!!!!!!!!

        1. Rob D says

          Yea, and Trump did not weaponize the shut down to screw the people like JO BO did gottabe a slime ball. Go back to your hole and GFU.

        2. DAlnB41 says

          I like the Senator from Nevada bill – it would stop all pay for the congressmen during the shut down. They have had a comparatively long time to set down and negotiate the elements if the bill and complete the job BUT as usual put it off until the last minute and instead then of setting down to debate the problem they try to push CRAP THROUGH at the last minute. It is FAR BETTER to NOT DO somethings, especially when trying to slip the kind of crap through as a rider on a truly important issue. The DACA issues is not nearly as time sensitive as the federal spending bill BUT Schumer felt he could attach the DACA snafu onto the federal spending bill and slip it through – – and look what happened – – again!

        3. DAlnB41 says

          I like the Senator from Nevada bill – it would stop all pay for the congressmen during the shut down. They have had a comparatively long time to set down and negotiate the elements if the bill and complete the job BUT as usual put it off until the last minute and instead then of setting down to debate the problem they try to push CRAP THROUGH at the last minute. It is FAR BETTER to NOT DO somethings, especially when trying to slip the kind of crap through as a rider on a truly important issue. The DACA issues is not nearly as time sensitive as the federal spending bill BUT Schumer felt he could attach the DACA snafu onto the federal spending bill and slip it through – – and look what happened – – again!

      2. Retired Marine says

        Not exactly a rocket scientist there are you. Senate requires 60 votes, the Republicans
        have 51, so who do you think did the shutdown? 10 points for a correct answer, a dunce cap if you can’t do the math and come up with the correct answer. (hint the answer starts with a D). Common core does suck doesn’t it?

        1. Jim Isbell says

          Yeah, Common core really sucks when they cant do the math. Further as someone else said,only unessential workers were furloughed. Hey, if they are unessential, why are they there in the first place ???

          1. Carol Hyndman says

            Good question!

          2. Mic says


          3. Retired Marine says

            That is a damn fine question, now we need to get answers.

        2. deacon lunchbox says

          i worked last fall in a text book warehouse, i cracked open a few of their math books and was glad i had math 50 years ago before this “common crap”!

          1. Retired Marine says

            Spot on. These kids will have to learn real math to get a job. Pathetic.
            Semper Fi

      3. mac12sam12 says

        It’s just like the democrats to try to get funding for people who aren’t even suppose to be here. You don’t think their constituents aren’t thinking the same thing?

        1. shamu9 says

          Get REAL! Illegals VOTE! They Vote Dem-O-Crapp No ID Required! Golly Gee! I wonder why the Dems. are against Voter ID?

        2. DAlnB41 says

          They did in 2015 elections; that is why the White House, Senate and House are now controlled by the Republicans. The problem is the Voters do not control the media – thats is done by the radical left media!

      4. Jane Tarzan says

        Wrong on so many levels.

        1. gotabgood says

          Why should I take your word on any level?
          The people in charge shut it down.. here is one case in point, you can hear McConnell reject the plan..

      5. Linda Abernathy says

        The Democraps have to give a little to get a little, they never were taught this in elementary school………..

        1. gotabgood says

          And why just the Democrats giving?????? Evidently the righties were taught not to give anything…. just take!
          And by the way…. We didn’t give… they took 42% in the 80’s first trickledown…. now they are taking another 15%, second trickledown. Who do you think is picking up the tab for all these cuts??? The rich???? They are the ones getting the cut!! The poor? They don’t make enough now to pay taxes! Yep… the good Ole Middle Class, which in very short order like when this temporary cut for middle class expires… there will be no middle class… all poor and rich…. isn’t that the end game anyway??
          I think Claire McCaskill took McConnell to school.. If you people have any common sense left at all, you can see where the Republican’s heart is… if they even have a heart!

          1. Linda Abernathy says

            “Evidently the righties were taught not to give anything…. just take!
            And by the way…. We didn’t give”
            That’s exactly right, Dems didn’t give, they are selfish (well selfish to the American people but not to their own clonies or illegal aliens and make the people think its for their best interest. I don’t know about you but I know I’m middle class and I’m getting a break and if that changes I’ll let you know. For right now I think Trump is doing an excellent job of getting companies to come back to the states and bring jobs back that were taken during the Obama presidency. My stocks are flying high, I got food on the table and have some extra money, thank you President Trump!
            PS. If I hear one more person say that this is because of Obama I will hurl!

          2. gotabgood says

            “That’s exactly right, Dems didn’t give, they are selfish” Please inform me what the righties give? And not to the rich I mean poor and middle class? They don’t want you to have healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Unemployment insurance… which by the way…. you pay for each of those items!!
            As for you fantastic job that you think Trump is doing…… maybe the rightwing media doesn’t inform you of things that are really going on…



            Walmart to close 154 stores in the US; 10,000 workers affected
            AT&T workforce stricken with over 2000 layoffs U.S-wide days after $1000 tax reform bonus check
            Carrier lays off more than 200 from Indianapolis factory a year after Trump deal.
            The new layoffs follow about 340 job cuts from the factory in July.

            Bankruptcy fallout: Toys R Us closing up to 182 stores

            Here is ANOTHER new feature of YOUR tax plan…
            Say what you will about the Republican Party, but they are ruthlessly efficient when it comes to screwing American workers: The now-passed Republican tax bill comes with big incentives for American manufacturers to close their U.S. plants and relocate them overseas.
            Under the new law, income made by American companies’ overseas subsidiaries will face United States taxes that are half the rate applied to their domestic income, 10.5 percent compared with the new top corporate rate of 21 percent. […]
            What could be more dangerous for American workers, economists said, is that the bill ends up creating a tax break for manufacturers with foreign operations.( would that benefit Donald and Ivanka?) Under the new rules, beyond the lower rate, companies will not have to pay United States taxes on the money they earn from plants or equipment located abroad, if those earnings amount to 10 percent or less of the total investment.


          3. mac12sam12 says

            All the places mention have been going downhill long before Trump became president. Did you hear that Apple is investing $350 billion into the US and will provide 20,000 jobs? Fiat/Chrysler is also building an auto plant in the US that will provide 2,500 jobs and other countries are pledging trillions in investments in the US. Think all this would have happened if the old hag had won the election?

            What Trump is doing to the country is bringing back an economy destroyed by the community organizing Kenyan. Wages are up and black and Hispanic unemployment is low, 85% of the citizens will benefit from the tax cuts.

          4. gotabgood says

            As usual… Trump taking the glory for something Obama did…. and the worse thing is… you backing Trump… will you never see Trump for what he really is? A liar, a gangster, a mafia member…

            Report: Apple to expand Nevada data center campus
            27 February 2014 By Yevgeniy Sverdlik

            Apple has transformed digital music and mobile devices with iTunes and the iPod, iPhone and iPad. What’s Apple’s latest game-changing hardware design? The company is rapidly expanding its data center infrastructure to support its current and future Internet services, including iCloud.

            We’ve compiled our coverage of Apple’s data center expansion projects into a series of Frequently Asked Questions. Here’s the Apple Data Center FAQ (or “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Apple’s Data Centers”).

            How Extensive is Apple’s Internet Infrastructure?
            Like many content companies, Apple operates data centers on both coasts of the United States. It owns data centers in Oregon, North Carolina, California, and Nevada. The company also leases space from colocation providers, but the bulk of its data center capacity is in company-owned facilities. Apple has publicly committed to powering its data centers entirely with renewable energy and does so by using a combination of solar and geothermal energy, as well as fuel cells that run on biogas. Additionally, Apple makes significant use of major commercial content delivery networks to deliver software and digital files.

            What are Apple’s Plans for Expansion?………Nov 22, 2010
            Most recently, Apple announced it will spend $2 billion to convert a former 1.3 million square foot manufacturing plant in Mesa, Arizona, into a data center. The facility will be powered entirely by renewable energy, supplied partially by a new local solar farm. The company has also filed for approval to build another massive data center campus adjacent to the existing Apple data center site in Reno, Nevada. Codenamed “Project Huckleberry,” the plans call for a new shell with multiple data center clusters and a support building. Its design is similar to the company’s existing campus at Reno Technology Park, called Project Mills. Mills isn’t fully built out yet, and when it is, it will consist of 14 buildings, totaling more than 400,000 square feet. Apple plans to build a new 50 MW electrical substation at the site to support its growth in Reno. The campus is currently being served by a 15 MW feed from the utility NV Energy, according to the Gazette Journal.

          5. mac12sam12 says

            All those things happened when Trump deregulated and lowered taxes. Do you actually think that Apple would be investing $350 billion into the US with all of Obama’s regulations and high taxes? Think again. Obama is the worst economic president in history. Want a link? Look at his GDP record.

          6. gotabgood says

            You are a LIAR!
            I sent you the references.. once again Trump is riding the coat tails of Obama..

          7. mac12sam12 says

            “Riding on the coattails of Obama.” Let’s see, for 8 years Obama blamed his economy on Bush, but now want to take credit for Trump’s economy. The economy took off when by executive action he removed 840 regulations. Obama’s GDP average was under 1.4% while Trump’s GDP has averaged over 3% and when the tax cuts go into effect the GDP will reach 4%. Obama’s economy?

            Blacks during Obama’s term did the worst, under Trump blacks and Hispanics have the lowest unemployment in history. Because of Obama? A lot more blacks and Hispanics will vote republican.

            Trump will win in 2020 and democrats will lose in 2018 including Alabama. It’s the economy stupid.

          8. Retired Marine says

            Careful your insanity is showing. Lying fool that you are.

          9. Linda Abernathy says

            WHEN will you get it through your THICK skull that Trump is a good president and Obama was a piece of crapola. But that’s okay because after today at 5, we possibly have some good news for the Democrats! This will determine fake news and real news!

          10. Linda Abernathy says

            And before too long your beloved Obama will be in shackles!

          11. Retired Marine says

            Damn boy, seek mental help your crazy as a tick. Stay off whatever psychotropic drugs you are on your not mentally stable enough for even aspirin.

          12. tbone188 says

            I agree with you Linda. This is something I thought about to help the DACA situation. Any comments?
            How to keep the immigrants in America

            If the illegal immigrants are allowed to stay, there are terms that should be in play–here they are.

            1) They all have to register and have a chip implant for I.D purpose.

            2) They have to be fingerprinted and DNA registered.

            3) If anyone gets arrested and convicted of a felony they will be immediately deported after incarceration.

            4) They will not be awarded any financial benefits from SS or welfare.

            5) They will be considered legal Residents not citizens and they have 10 years to apply and become citizens legally.

            6) They will be afforded the legal right to work and live in the USA as long as they pay taxes.

            7)They will not be allowed to vote in American elections.

            8) They have to maintain and pay for Obomma care or medical insurance themselves.

      6. shamu9 says

        Screw You! Commie Bastard! gotabegay!

      7. DAlnB41 says

        Schumer likes to spread the suggestion, and probably enjoys hearing his followers repeating it – that the “GOP controls the White House, senate and house.” He seems to not understand the GOP has control over these three BECAUSE that is what the Voters decided they wanted. The voters are the ones who elected and sent these men and women to Washington to mange our nations affairs. Schumer and his head-bobbers would love to make all the decision themselves rather than allow the voters any opportunity to control or judge the wisdom of those we elect; although there is certainly a lot of room to question almost all in Washington who consider themselves as representatives pf the people!

        POINT – – What Schumer FAILED to point out; although the GOP controls the White House, Senate and House – – the Democrats control the media and with that they get massive support in their goal of destroying this nations government, respect and integrity and place the people of our country in grave danger!

        1. niknar says

          The mainstream media are controlled by corporations & are clearly corporatist oriented, not liberal. It just seems that way to people who live in a very extremist right-wing world.

        2. gotabgood says

          “He seems to not understand the GOP has control over these three BECAUSE that is what the Voters decided they wanted. “
          no no no no… even in red states the Democrats out vote the republicans, but because of gerrymandering the CHEATERS WON…. same with Trump…. the voters chose Hillary by 3 million votes… the bought and paid for electoral votes went to Trump
          And this is interesting too…
          And this is CSpan this brings out the TRUE Republicans…

          1. Sharon Windus says

            “Gerrymandering” works both ways.. And the CHEATING during the elections has been on the side of the communist democrats. ie: soros machines changing votes in multiple states to clinton from Trump, FL absentee ballots being STOLEN (Federal Crime) from mailboxes and returned with votes for clinton, DEAD people “voting” for clinton (think that was MO or AL can’t remember which), ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS voting in various states for clinton even though they are NOT citizens, bus loads of people being trucked from polling place to polling place to vote multiple times for communist dems (both 2016 and 2017 AL special election) OUT of STATE people voting ILLEGALLY for Doug Jones in AL special election. These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head in the last YEAR!

          2. gotabgood says

            Show me one incident where a court had to overrule a Democrat’s gerrymandering….. with references! No I heard or my friend told me…
            For every one you show me one will show you two.
            Trump organized a voter fraud investigation… he cancelled it without ONE (1) incident….
            And the dead voting has been debunked YEARS ago!!
            Get up to date and stop watching rightwing media…… or if you must watch it…. watch Shepard Smith….. and Chris Wallace… two of the most level headed of fox news.

          3. Retired Marine says

            Bull, I know a guy whose dog keeps getting BS from the left. Funny, I was an Election Judge and guess whose name was on the list as a DEMOCRAT, His DAMN DOGS NAME. So don’t try to throw piss on a forest fire. You lie to yourself, not a soul believes anything you have to lie about.

      8. John Wesley Bletsch says

        Typical progressive/socialist/communist BALDERDASH!! Not a mote of truth among them!

        1. gotabgood says

          You talking to me? I am not “THEM”!
          English your first language?

          1. Retired Marine says

            Yeah, you are.

          2. Linda Abernathy says

            You are a big THEM!

          3. Retired Marine says

            What a dipshit. If you are calling me a socialist your way the hell off base.

          4. Linda Abernathy says

            OMG, naughty!

      9. niknar says

        How true!

      10. William Von Huben says

        It is funny but sad Pelosi said right after the 2008 election they would never loose another election in 50 years but even she did not know how bad Obama, Reid and Pelosi were. They had super majorities and did not need a republican vote but had to bribe two of there own senators to get ACA passed which was built on lies and never did do what Obama said it would do. The only part he can call a success is the Medicaid which the tax payers get screwed. Obama was incompetent could not get along with his own democrats that is why he led by executive orders and by next year they will all be gone, not a sliver of Obama left.

        1. gotabgood says

          Any body that forecasts that far into the future is foolish…… and, I have my doubts she said that at all.
          What the democrats failed to see was the teaparty and the deplorables becoming united and couldn’t any less about lies, conniving, Whatever the rightwingers said was the gospel, no matter how many times they changed position on a topic. Like the wall…. the wall is a carrot before the horse.

          When the poor and uneducated deplorables start losing their Medicare and Social Security and the states lose their government welfare check…. then they might open their eyes… or believe it is somehow the democrats fault that in 2025 they will start paying more taxes…. it is written NOW folks…. your taxes will be going UP!!

          Lil’ bush put our country into a giant abyss and yet somehow the economy we went through was Obama’s fault.
          Same will be true at the end of Trump. When the rich get a 15% tax cut…… someone……. something has to pick up the tab…. if your taxes don’t go up… you will lose something like Medicare… or sell off our national monuments to oil companies or the mining industry,
          Taxes don’t grow on trees!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Retired Marine says

            Now your creating “facts”. You’re fooling yourself if you believe ANY of the BS you just blurted. Have you actually looked at the economics? The real facts are out there do some research, don’t post fallacies.

          2. Sharon Windus says

            TODAY is AFTER a YEAR of a WORKING PRESIDENT!.. obama can not take credit for someone elses hard work, no matter what he wants you to believe.

          3. gotabgood says

            Maybe you should change news media..??
            U.S. Growth Slows To 2.6 Percent Pace In The Fourth Quarter
            Draining the swamp? D.C. lobbying during Trump administration surges to highest level in 7 years
            And this is a compilation with references..



            Walmart to close 154 stores in the US; 10,000 workers affected
            AT&T workforce stricken with over 2000 layoffs U.S-wide days after $1000 tax reform bonus check
            Carrier lays off more than 200 from Indianapolis factory a year after Trump deal.
            The new layoffs follow about 340 job cuts from the factory in July.

            Bankruptcy fallout: Toys R Us closing up to 182 stores

            Here is ANOTHER new feature of YOUR tax plan…
            Say what you will about the Republican Party, but they are ruthlessly efficient when it comes to screwing American workers: The now-passed Republican tax bill comes with big incentives for American manufacturers to close their U.S. plants and relocate them overseas.
            Under the new law, income made by American companies’ overseas subsidiaries will face United States taxes that are half the rate applied to their domestic income, 10.5 percent compared with the new top corporate rate of 21 percent. […]
            What could be more dangerous for American workers, economists said, is that the bill ends up creating a tax break for manufacturers with foreign operations.( would that benefit Donald and Ivanka?) Under the new rules, beyond the lower rate, companies will not have to pay United States taxes on the money they earn from plants or equipment located abroad, if those earnings amount to 10 percent or less of the total investment.


          4. cathy rauwald says

            Credit for how Obama fixed the U.S. economy???? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
            Oh that’s a good one!

          5. Retired Marine says

            I can guess your eyes are brown, including what should be the whites, you are that full of fecal waste. A BS sign by BS a-holes.

          6. gotabgood says

            When will you graduate from preschool?

          7. Retired Marine says

            Wow such wit!!!! Now go back and find some other idiot comments, and remember you gotabgood…what a joke you are. LMAO

          8. mac12sam12 says

            Big fan of MSM are we?

            The economy never recovered under Obama, and news flash! The bad economy was the fault of the democrats.

            The rich aren’t getting tax cuts but they should. You think that money going to the government helps the economy? It helps the economy when it’s in the private sector.

            No one will lose medicaid, Medicare or SS and grandma won’t be thrown off the cliff. You vote for the party of free stuff, what do you get out of it?

        2. Carol Hyndman says

          Thank goodness he did rule by EO. They are a lot easier to eliminate than Congress-passed legislation. A good deal of Obamination is already gone!

      11. Retired says


      12. doug zecher says

        I think Obummer did that with all the money we are spending onI ILLEGAL Immigannts. The only reason they want to come here is because everthing is free and you don’t have to work for it. Come to think of it thats whats wrong with the indegents that are in this country illlegally. Have a baby get $900 a month. This country has a counter culture that is so screwed up This is not a communist country, although there is a lot of people here that would like it to be. We have fought wars and continue to do so to preserve our freedom. To hell with you despots that think otherwise.
        I have my guns hope you have yours You can all CMA.

        1. gotabgood says

          This will require some thinking.
          You do not like what we are today… I agree. But I do think we have to throw the label machine away…. labels do not fit all situations.. We do what works
          Today we have RTW and unions are weak
          Today we have less regulations and companies leave when they want, make workers work longer and more days for less money.
          Wall street is out of control, they use YOUR money for anything they want and no regulations to stop them.
          Our water system is going into a 3rd world category, EPA has been taken over by the enemy of the people. We have pesticides getting passed that make workers sick.
          Without going through the very long list of what we have became…. let’s take a trip back to the 50’s, 60’s and part of the 70’s.
          One per family was all that had to work
          Wall street was being held accountable.
          Corporations had to keep up with safe working conditions.
          The only way they could get a tax cut was to show improvement in their own company, by expanding, hiring or updating equipment.
          Schools were equally funded
          There was no such thing Citizens United.
          Congress even got along better
          Republicans like Eisenhower wasn’t afraid of infrastructure, unions and healthcare.

          People like Trump wants to take you back…. not to the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s but back to the roaring 20’s, to the sweat shops… no Social Security, no Medicare, No unemployment insurance. The healthcare system was, “don’t get sick”.

          1. jimmy midnight says

            I’d quibble just a little ‘cuz I think the 1890’s, B 4 USA! had income taxes is where they’d really like 2 go.

            I dare 2 hope that in the fullness of time, D’s will look better than R’s in all this. I think they look pretty stalwart in how they handled things, finally getting R’s at least 2 release CHIP hostages.

            If I was in Congress or Senate, I might well have voted yes (dding on constituencyepen. Furthermore, I’m not ABSOLUTELY opposed 2 wall–depends on what we can get in exchange 4 accepting it. God knows USA! has funded sillier things. So do U’n’I.

          2. gotabgood says

            At first I was stomping mad at Schumer, then I started listen to what was being said and after listening to Claire McCaskill, she made McConnell deny pay to our soldiers. And from the way this budget thing is going, we will be doing this every other week…. Here is McCaskill

          3. Retired Marine says

            Your first line is as far as any sane person need read. Your batshit crazy get some help.

      13. Stan says

        gatabgood, to keep the government fully functional, 60 votes are needed to pass a continuing resolution, but you already knew that.

      14. DAlnB41 says

        ” Mayors Boycott Trump Meeting After DOJ Threatens Sanctuary Cities ”

        Shows WHY nothing seems to be getting done in Washington. Elected local, state and federal representatives as mayors, commissioners, legislators and too many CEOs and managers of private organizations lack the dignity to set down and talk with each other instead preferring to stand in front of TV cameras and bad mouth others. The days of dignified, honest and qualified men and women seems to have slipped away and become a thing of the past!

      15. got my brain fixed says

        Your brain is in bathroom mode, make sure you flush. Will never vote Democrat again, nothing but lying losers.

          1. Retired Marine says

            Selfie? Good job it explains everything you say. OUTSTANDING that you can finally see your true self.

        1. Retired Marine says

          Notice he used your moniker for his selfie..ROTFLMAO

    3. SouthernPatriot says

      The Democrat Party. Party of the White League, KKK, the most unconstitutional POTUS in history, majority members in the resistance movement against our Constitutional republic, liars who have proven they prefer children of illegal felon invaders more than citizen children, border patrol, our great voluntary military and good common sense.

      1. The Redhawk says

        SPOT ON !! but a REAL CIC took these Scum bags to the SHED !!

    4. tCotUS says

      Agreed Skippy..Scumner & the rest work for the Soros Group

    5. The Redhawk says

      YOU my friend HIT TE BULLS EYE in the CENTER!!! OoRahh

    6. DAlnB41 says

      Correction; Democratic Party Leaders; the men and women of the Democratic Party have no more control over the party leaders adn actions as the men and women of the Republican Party and Independence do.

      1. Skippy says

        Most of the people that calls themselves Democrats want the same thing that the Democrat party leaders want. There’s not that much of a difference between the members of the Democrap party and it’s leaders.

    7. a fool says

      Yes, that is goal to make America into what is like North Korea!

    8. DAlnB41 says

      They (Democratic representatives) lack the capability of debating, of reasoning, of prioritizing or compromise. They are incapable of stepping beyond party leader mandates but rather choose to “follow” like sheep. Their united voice always reminds me of the jumping off a cliff story grandma used to compare us with when one kid did something stupid and all the others followed.

    1. Retired says

      Did you have a mother that claimed you as hers ???

      1. Mr Rollo says

        Maybe a mother sewer Rat.

        1. bttrap says

          that fits him

      2. John says

        It takes time to set up a business from bankruptcy, which our government is, and the leader of the WH is doing a great job.

  5. Tiger says

    Many did know but the Deep State, One World Order is telling them what to do, we know Pelosi met with Soros right after a huge meeting he had with others and she and Schumer didn’t go to the meeting at the WH, they tried to go around the POTUS and straight to Ryan who set them straight.

    1. Heide says

      It’s a shame that Schumer and Pelosi get so much TV coverage. Do they really believe that the American people swallow that crap about how our president thinks only of the rich? Is there any senator that is not a millionaire, starting with Pelosi. And why should DACA figure into all this? Our military is more important . I do believe that students and other productive DACA people should be allowed to stay. There has to be a workable solution, and immigrants need to be vetted carefully. It’s been done since the early 1920s, It’s not racial, but just good sense. Read the Ellis Island documents and see that 1 in every 5 immigrants was denied entry.

      1. Tiger says

        I don’t believe any DACA should stay. I believe since it took my mother and grandfather close to 9 years of being registered and monitored to become citizens, these people should be sent back to come here legally. They are not children but adults.

        I am well aware of our immigration laws, Trump give in on DACA it will never end. The answer is to put to wholeness our 14th Amendment, which Trump spoke to and end it right there.

  6. gotabgood says

    The headlines were “Trump declares victory after senators strike deal to lift government shutdown”
    So it sounds if it won the victory, then it was him, (righties) were at fault of shutting the government down… you know the saying….. “My Way Or The Highway”.

    1. bttrap says

      you need to get on that highway and leave

  7. VirgoVince says

    NO AMNESTY, DEPORT ALL non-citizens!!
    daca is caca and WAS/IS illegal from Day One!!

  8. Kenneth Wetzel says

    I say pack up all the Democrats and ship them to Mexico. The only problem with that is they do not want them either.

    1. See Janus says

      Ergo, the need for a Wall. Many of these murderers and rapists have come back more than 7 times.

      1. mrpoohead says

        Homicide is more of a black and poor white thing than Hispanic.

        1. See Janus says

          Here comes your Mexican bias and ignorance again. Of the millions of illegals from Mexico in the US, there are 7000+++ rapists/murderers. Americans would like Mexico to deal with their own criminals. Blacks born in the US are Americans.

          1. mrpoohead says

            Well provide some evidence then or is that your bias?

          2. See Janus says

            Mr. Poo Head–this is a blog. Not a thesis. You can just as easily Google or otherwise do some research. I am reading papers from several dozen research groups, and dozens of news stories collecting information over months of reading and researching, accumulating knowledge. Try it. I have no obligation to do your research for you. This is a blog.

          3. mrpoohead says

            No thesis required. I only use well documented facts, maybe you should try that?

          4. See Janus says

            I wish. You’ve never done anything but argue and contradict. You’ve never posted a single well documented fact. You argue for the sake of arguing.

          5. mrpoohead says

            Well then it should be easy to refute everything, but no not even one. Waiting……………………………still got nothing!

          6. mrpoohead says

            Still, never refuted!

  9. Mathew Molk says

    I keep saying it again and again. Every stupid stunt the NWO Marxists pull blows up right in their faces. ,,,,And I aint been wrong yet.

  10. tCotUS says

    When the Democrats joined forces with the likes of Soros & his pals, I forseen the end of the Democratic Party as we knew it when they joined with the Globalists.. They are the Globalists(Illuminati, the Zionist, Jesuit and Luciferian globalists or whatever you call them) right hand fighting against Patriots,Christians,
    & anyone who believes in America, & it’s Constitution. The Democrats/Globalists use the gullible, the Old,Young, & radical groups to help carry out their Plan. Along with the Globalists they will destroy national cultures, christianity, borders, language, economies, currencies, natural resources and basically, anything of value, they do so to create a cultural of chaos to capitalize on opportunism.
    War fills the pockets of Globalists who gut nations and bleed their economies of cash and shelter it in offshore accounts.
    Globalists are a very small group of people who are the principal stockholders in every national central bank throughout the world. Do your research, the truth is there.

    1. William Doty says

      I call them what they are, International Communists.

      1. tCotUS says

        I Agree William… Ask yourself. Since Trump got in, how many Christians have been massacred ?? How many beheadings have we seen ? How many police murders, & riots. Jobs were disappearing at a unprecedented scale, open borders, which increased the load on the taxpayers tremendously( and were still feeling it). The Democrat is the right hand of the devil.

    2. Carol Hyndman says

      In other words, another Socialist Europe. Glad I saw Europe before it’s turn to complete Socialism.

  11. deacon lunchbox says

    I want to see Gutierrez on wall building duty until the end of his term in Congress! He’ll better serve Illinois that way, slimy little bastard that he is! (I live in Illinois, Dick Dirtbag is my senator, he can join Luis on wall duty!)

    1. bttrap says

      I live in ill also and agree with you 100%

  12. Donald Lindsey says



    1. COMPU-TRON says


    2. Martha says

      SO RIGHT!!!

    3. John says

      Lets take the pay, benefits and assets away from the ones that are voting against American Becoming Great Again and use it towards the budget. Some of them have a pretty good life including airplanes, boats, etc with easy work. I should have been a lawyer and politician. Oh that is right you don’t have to be a lawyer to be a politician, like our President, but it doesn’t hurt if you ask Obama.

      1. Donald Lindsey says

        freeze all their assets due to being traitors/terrorists and imprison t

  13. Ronnie Cowlishaw says

    The class A Chucklehead blows it again, him and those stupid glasses I wonder if he wears them to bed lol, what a moron!

  14. Ron Dapo says

    Sounds like the democrats are finally
    realizing that THEY LOST, the country is moving in a more AMERICA FIRST direction. They should remember their hero Obama’s

  15. Mike W says

    The Democrats have been destroying themselves for a while now – it’s really kind of funny to watch. They are so clueless – I wonder when they are giving their rants – i mean speeches – just what the people out in front of the podium look like. The lunatic fringe and illegals is all I can imagine.

  16. CUZIN ERN says

    Think a bit, the change is only a second away till another banana peel gets to trip up all of the other lefties to go their evil ways!

  17. Pacman5 says

    They don’t know how to handle rejection. The MSM kinda turned on them and stuck it right up their old wazoos. That is the sickest, most stupid bunch of politicians I have ever seen. Pelosi in charge of anything is a slap in the face to all Americans. Schumer is nothing but a wussified bully trying to show how tough he is while wearing his new dress. The democrats and their radical feminist-Nazis and Antifa terrorists are completely out of touch with mainstream America. Even the lefty, lunatic mainstream media is starting to see it. Just wait until this FBI and FISA situation gets blown wide open. It is about to happen and America will truly see where the corruption was in our Government. The democrats will own it and they have no choice.

    1. Carol Hyndman says

      Don’t know how to handle rejection! Had it their own way for WAY too long!

  18. Phil Esposito says

    Never trust a democrat at their word. Get it in writing and allocated funds before making any promises that we know republicans will keep. Oh yeah, F*ck Graham and his call for amnesty, he’s nothing but a homosexual RINO.

  19. Dorothy Callicotte says


  20. Thanh Nguyen says

    Some people in Congress and liberals are living in a great capitalist nation but dreaming to be in a socialist chaotic world to promote what American detest the most : violence and unruly endeavour in society. Socialism never can be a flourishing regime to be envying about.

    1. Susan K. says

      Very true. Those who prefer socialism to capitalism should move to Venzuela asap.

  21. quarkie009 says

    The dreamers and other illegals should not be given any amnesty nor should they be allowed to vote. The democrats should not be allowed to have more voters on their roll from the illegals that are trying to have it both ways. Come to America by the laws on our books and be assimilated to our nation etc.
    If they don’t want to abide by our laws in order to become citizens of the USA, then they can go back home. Chuck E. Schumer and the other democrats will always put the wants of the illegals (in order to get their votes) over the needs and rights of the American citizens every single time.

  22. jackel says

    Communists. No wonder our Congress is in trouble when at least 70 of our representatives are communist themselves (a fact published several times). They vote against anything good for America; our country is only attractive to them for our money and power they gain. But, maybe slowly, America is awakening to the fact that these individuals must be stopped and removed from office. They have 2 sides, double standards and ride the fence on how to best represent their interest, not American. Slick and behind the scene politics; best demonstrated over the last 8 years, and, with so many of their crazy alligators placed in prime positions in the slimy swamp over the years to block anything short of destroying America, and, more specific President Donald Trump now because Congress is infected with to many gravy train, greedy turn coats!!!!

  23. Barbara Johnson says

    I think you have to not have any brains left if you support the dems they have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do not have the American peoples interests at heart and never have.#release the memo

    1. Carol Hyndman says

      They do not want people with brains an the ability to think, those that cannot be fooled. No wonder they back the Socialist Teacher’s unions.

  24. ernldo says

    Demotards have never done best for America, the day the base demotards awaken the party is kaput. Pro traitor, pro pervert, pro useless, pro criminal, pro illegal invaders, anti America….I may have missed a salient point somewhere. If the GOP grows a pair sometime soon, we’ll not soon see another leftist majority in Congress, nor a liberal demoDolt president…..

  25. Mai T says

    Democrat,alway try to do the wrong things & they won most the time, this time they have to admit their wrong doing because REPUBLICAN NOT GIVE IN LIKE THEY USED TO, THEY STOOD THEIR GROUND because President Trump not alow them to give in, that why

  26. Barbara Ervin says

    The ‘big mistake’ the Dems are making is putting illegals ahead of US citizens and other LEGAL residents of this country. Until they cut out that crap they’re going to have a tough time!!!

  27. ErnieLane says

    Any poll is suspicious. We all know they are dependent on the sample, wording and context of the questions. I remember several months ago when some poll showed that a majority of Americans were in favor of protecting the DACA “kids” (some in their forties). The poll question asked about whether the respondent was in favor of taking “draconian” action against DACA kids. _Of course_ the poll showed what it did.

  28. Liberty says

    What is Mexico, Third World Country of the Three-Hole(er), doing to retain its workforce and improve the plight of its citizens? Anyone? Anybody? Seems to me that’s the discussion for the democrats. Why are they so eager to assist in depleting Mexico of its people who become illegals in America funding Mexican drug cartels and the SOB (South Of the Border) government with American money? Poor, poor, Mexico. Cry me a river. Better yet, cry me a wall. Shape up, democrats. Your complicity in the money laundering scheme is about to end.

    1. teachersaide says

      MEXICO LOVES this situation. #1, It gets rid of their “reformers”. #2, The remittances from Mexican citizens in the USA, sent home to their families, are the #2 Source of Income for the Entire Country! #3, Mexico does NOT have to spend THEIR money on healthcare, education, infrastructure, etc on THEIR Citizens residing in the USA!

      1. georgerobinson99 says

        So , how long do the Mexicans stay in the USA “”receiving benefits””……make it known to them that after a certain period of time, the benefits will STOP……not one more cent from uncle Sam………so what will they do……..perhaps scrounge some poor paid job or return home

  29. Leon Tarr says

    We can clearly see, that playing hard ball is the way to go with socialists / marxists. They realize they are out of money, and are being isolated in California. New Cal. might get the state back in order for the farmers, and level headed people there. OBEY THE LAW, and a little repentance will help too. J.C.I.T.W..

  30. Michael Dennewitz says

    Ahhhh, now wait a minute here.. Those dumbasscrats never make a mistake. I must have read that wrong?? My God, this concession will get into history books! 😆😀😁😉😂🤣😃😄😅

  31. The Redhawk says

    HECK We The People KNEW after ONLY 5 Minutes that the (D) Communist party did a MAJOR SCREW UP !!! and it took those IDIOTS 3 FULL DAYS to figure it out??? Is this what the (D) Communist party of America has to offer???? total Ineffectual Incompetence???

    1. Carol Hyndman says

      Slow Learners!

      1. The Redhawk says

        Carol you are too kind to these BRAIN DAMAGED Maggots

  32. shamu9 says

    Fook The Mexican Invaders! One day they’ll all rise up, pick up an AK-47 and take the American West Back for Old Mexico!

    1. bttrap says

      then we will have to pick up our ar’s and defend the alamo again and kick their a$$’s this time

    2. teachersaide says

      READ the OLD Manifesto of LA RAZA (they cleaned up the one on line). Or, Look up the ATZLAN PLAN.

      1. shamu9 says

        Their intention is to boot the Anglos and all other races out! They will then re-establish the Aztec Empire! This is FACT Folks!

  33. DAlnB41 says

    First off – when did the DACA problem come about , what was done about it and by WHO? Answer = the Democrats (Bush and Obama) allowed our Immigration laws and program to go unenforced basically allowing the illegals to flood into our country and pretty much start living off our economy protected by supporters of open borders and enthusiastically welcomed by Obama and greedy CEOs and investors looking for cheap labor. Cheap labor subsidized by Tax Payers supported social programs, federal and local welfare, church handouts and emergency medical care. – – WE COULD ALL live a lot cheaper IF we did not have to pay for the things the illegals seem to get -given them- by our government and all the social programs they (and many Americans) depend on.
    Second – America has always accepted the fact we are a nation built by immigrants. No one will ever HONESTLY challenge that. BUT that acceptance has always been in support of Immigrants Coming here legally and remaining here in compliance with our laws!
    America is also a nation of laws we are all expected to comply with and can expect repercussions for ignoring those laws. Unlike the illegals being harbored by pubic officials, churches, wealthy CEOs and investors capitalizing on the occupation of the country by these illegals – Americans are charged and prosecuted everyday for intentionally and often unknowingly violating local, state and federal laws.
    SO – we know we are struggling and have been for the past six to ten years the hardships, weak economy, lack of jobs, American employers preferring to hire immigrants over American workers, rising costs and government fees and taxes, and a growing fear as our borders are no longer being protected as they once were; mostly due to Obama and Janet Napolitano’s failure to enforce our federal immigration laws and forcing ICE and Border Patrol Officers to ignore their duty and responsibilities!
    CAP ALL THIS OFF with the lefts seemingly loss of American values, their total failure to support our constitution and laws, and a massive “smear campaign” against ANYONE, including their own, who dares challenge Democratic Party Leaders. AND – WE NEED TO KEEP in mind, these problems are being created NOT BY DEMOCRATS as much as BY the Democratic Party Leaders. The problems created over the past years has been through the lack of TRUE AMERICAN VALUES and SPIRIT with the Democratic Party leadership; that same leadership mentality is the major problem with our country today. IT IS NOT the Democrats in general but rather the –
    Democratic Party Leaders – – the democrats are citizens like All Americans are. They suffer the same mess and Massive costs of failure created by failed leadership, they face the same Day in and Day Out assaults by the Democratic Leadership as they spread hate, discontent, and fear throughout the country.
    When discussing the Democratic Party we should ALL make a point of separating Party Leadership and the Democratic party members. Party members are not to blame for the ignorance, stupidity and lies their party leaders spread.

    1. John says

      Hopefully one day the demo party will wise up and stop following and do what their leaders tell them to do and do what they know is right and that is to rebuild America

      1. Norman says

        When demonicrat party constituents finally wise up and realize what the demonicrat party leadership is doing they will vote for Republicans. Some already have. I occasionally hear about a former demonicrat party member becoming a Republican but I’ve never heard about a Republican switching to the dark side to become a demonicrat.

        To the best of my knowledge, I, many years ago as a young man, was the first in my extended family to vote for a Republican after I realized how corrupt demonicrats were. That was decades ago. Most of my relatives followed my example and now vote for Republicans.

  34. Tony Winters says

    Other than a means of buying votes from the Illegal Aliens
    once they become citizens of this country I do not understand how our elected
    officials can even begin to imagine how allowing these Criminals Amnesty will
    benefit this country.

    Arizona state treasurer Dean Martin says his state loses
    between $1.3 billion and $2.5 billion each year on illegal immigrants. In
    addition to the fiscal costs of incarcerating and educating illegal immigrants
    and their families

    A widely cited Federation for American Immigration Reform
    (FAIR) (Search FAIR Report for full details report published in 2013 claims
    illegal immigrants could cost taxpayers $113 billion annually, an amount
    adjusted to $99 billion after factoring estimated taxes paid by illegals.

    1. John says

      Just think how much we could pay off out national dept and stop it from growing by giving this money away along with the money Obo sent overseas at night. Lets take his assets and let him live live we do. When is he being put away?

    2. Norman says

      ILLEGAL ALIENS cost taxpayers $113 billion annually? Heck, “The Wall” is estimated to cost only $18 billion to build ONLY ONCE.

  35. lerose55 says










    1. bttrap says

      I could see doing some of the other countries penalties for us to adopt

    2. gotabgood says

      With all that information surely you must have a source you can share…… or did you just make that up?

      1. lerose55 says

        Look up the different Countries, U can C for yourself, I read a lot.
        I guess you R on the Left. U don’t realize all the Freedom U Democrats R giving the illegals. They have more rights & Freebies than we do. Yes we have Freedom b/c of our Military men & women.

        1. gotabgood says

          So….. you have nothing but rhetoric…
          why should i have to look up your BS? It was you supplying the information…. or garbage.

          1. mac12sam12 says
  36. lerose55 says

    Chuck Schumer BUSTED in shocking “illegal” video

    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has said a lot of things about the illegal immigration — and critics say this video is proof that the Democratic Party’s leader is not being honest with the American people about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which that shields illegal immigrants from deportation.

    A video of Schumer’s comments went viral Monday, and backers of President Donald Trump say it’s smoking gun proof that Schumer’s political theater is self-serving and dishonest. Free from the mainstream media spin, this video compilation simply uses Schumer’s own words on DACA and illegal immigrants… and it doesn’t look good.

    What does Schumer really think about illegal immigrants?

    He’s both for and against DACA, the video shows. It seems he’ll say anything for political gain.

  37. rayco says

    This man , from Chicago , is a load mouth hateful disgusting man . He is a habitual liar ! He needs tro be deported.

  38. niknar says

    Trump already was offered a bipartisan proposal before the shutdown to update DACA, fund border security, & phase out “chain migration” & the visa lottery, all things that Trump had asserted he was in favor of, yet he rejected it. It’s because Trump wanted a shutdown. It plays well to his anti-government, anti-immigrant base.

    1. teachersaide says

      SCREW the “Phase out” of chain migration, etc. THAT’S BS in political speech. NO WALL, NO end to chain migration/diversity lottery, NO active system to DEPORT VISA Overstays, then there will be NO DACA, NO CIR, NO AMNESTY. ANY Questions?

  39. Lori says

    Build the damn wall, screw the Democrats, Deport any and all Illegals especially those that make signs and protest –Demanding we accept them,take away the US citizenship of any sanctuary a-holes and deport them with them.And don’t allow the traitors back in.

  40. William Von Huben says

    Elections have consequences that is what Obama said in 2008 after he won he told the republicans to get in he back of the bus and shut up. Not very Presidential. When Trump won he said he won for the country and that included democrats but the democrats will have nothing to do with it. And now you are seeing the alt left, antifa, BLM and other far left groups running the democrat party with the help of the so called main street media who are out to destroy our country. The democrats are going to get a whole bunch of bad news coming in the next 60 days proving Obama ran the biggest criminal organization in our history and only he will get away without being prosecuted but all his flunkies will and not say a word who the blame really is.

  41. coloradobear says

    “We will dirty our hands in order for the Dreamers to have a clean future in America.”

    Your hands are already dirty Gutierrez. You and your liberal friends who want to allow these, call them what they REALLY are, ILLEGAL TRESPASSERS….NOT DREAMERS, to be allowed to stay in our country should be deported with them. YOU are not an American! You are one of them if you insist on supporting them. REAL Americans will NOT put up with anyone crossing our borders illegally and then be rewarded by OUR electorate for their crime. You’re just as bad as they are if you support them. Get the hell out of our country.

  42. Jimi Helms says

    If the DACA, Dreamer’s were so interested in staying in America, then explain to me why you did not go to the back of the line and start your paperwork to become an American citizen?
    How about the illegals who have been here for over seventeen years, and not one has filed for paperwork to become and American citizen? Really?
    Two words, GO HOME!!!!!!

  43. RockinOn says

    They have been makin mistakes for a long time, with the policies they have pushed down the throats of Americans, thanks to obummer especially with the instigation of LGBT and Tranny policies! I am sure that is because that he is most likely gay and Michael is just that “a Michael” not a Mooshell !

  44. comanchewill says

    what can I say

  45. napalm204 says

    Liberals keep making the mistake of assuming they represent the bulk of America. This is why they lost the White House. This is why Trump is president. If they ever want to regain power they need to start saying things and doing things that impact all of America favorably and not just their far left screamers. Until they can make that change, if indeed they can make it at all, they will continue to lose American interest and votes. Obama brought he liberal, big government approach to new heights. it got us nowhere. Trump is making enough good things happen that average citizens can see it and feel it. Democrats do not seem to be able to make those solid good things happen. They just kick the old liberal can down the road. They better stop and make a new plan now if they ever expect to lead again.

    1. Norman says

      The demonicrats continue to move left. Some demonicrat representatives and senators will be facing new challengers in the primaries this year because their far-left (i.e. far-WRONG) constituents do not believe some of the current demonicrat legislators are far enough to the left.

      Remember a months ago how Nazi P. Lousy was shouted down during a speech by some of her own radical leftist constituents because they believed she was not far enough left? I ALMOST felt sorry for Nazi P. Lousy the way her leftist constituents were treating her . . . ALMOST because she had been previously encouraging their bad behavior before they directed some of that bad behavior against her.

  46. Eric Pearson says

    About two months ago, a poll conducted by the American Psychological Association claimed 59 percent of the public believes this is the “lowest point in our nation’s history that they can remember.” And the sentiment was shared across demographics, with majorities of every age group positing this opinion in the results. This could be a reflection of people’s attention extending no further than five minutes ago, since the lifetimes of some of the respondents would include World War II, the Vietnam War, the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., the darkest points of the Civil Rights Movement, the September 11th attacks, etc.

    But, for some, the past year has been that damn bad.

    1. teachersaide says

      The 8 YEARS before that were WORSE!

  47. Eric Pearson says

    In a year marked by turbulence at home and abroad, trust in institutions in the United States crashed, posting the steepest, most dramatic general population decline the Trust Barometer has ever measured.

    It is no exaggeration to state that the U.S. has reached a point of crisis that should provoke every leader, in government, business, or civil sector, into urgent action. Inertia is not an option, and neither is silence. The public’s confidence in the traditional structures of American leadership is now fully undermined and has been replaced with a strong sense of fear, uncertainty and disillusionment.

    Among the informed public, the trust crash is even steeper, with trust declining 23 points, dropping the U.S. from sixth to last place out of the 28 countries surveyed. The informed public trust crash is universal across age, region and gender. As a result, the gap in trust between the informed public and the mass population has been all but eliminated.

  48. Cytoman says

    Obama illegally brought in 800,000 so called ‘Dreamers’ by fiat (executive order) which was an insult to every American who has entered this country legally and worked within the system to gain their citizenship. This is a blatant attempt by the Democrats to import more votes in support of their insane and destructive so called ‘progressive’ agenda. They also know that through chain migration their families will follow and the net effect will be even more people reaching into taxpayers’ pockets for entitlements. They will then vote for the Democrat agenda to insure that their welfare checks keep coming and hard working, law abiding Citizens keep paying more and more taxes.

    President Trump, please KICK OUT the DACAs and then let’s start over with a merit based immigration system that first requires immigrants to demonstrate the value (skill set) that they will bring into our country and then requires that they earn their citizenship like everyone else who did so legally.

    Let’s MAGA and not turn our backs on all those men and women who fought and died to keep America from becoming yet another 3rd world socialist sh*thole that the Democrats seem hell bent on driving us toward.

  49. roboteq says

    It would certainly be nice if these people “we” (not really me, but we are in this all together) voted into political office would work as much for American citizens as they do for foreigners who have broken the laws of the U.S. by invading our nation.

  50. chucky001 says

    Anyone who blames the shutdown on the Dems is an idiot. Why? Even tho I agree it was wrong to hold the budget hostage to immigration issues, the GOP could have easily prevented the shutdown with the “nuclear option”. Yet they did not do it this time. Why? They used it to confirm Gorsuch. They used it to try and repeal ACA. They used it to pass tax “reform”. But not this time. Why? because they care more about their ideology than paying our troops. Because they think they can convince the people that this is the Dems’ fault. They need something to blame the Dems for. They were willing to sacrifice the needs of taxpayers and citizens so they could fabricate a plan to blame Democrats. The GOP knows the Trumptard base is too easily distracted by shiny objects like DACA, the wall, etc. than to see the real reason behind their tactics.

  51. Judy McKinney says

    The Dreamers should be able to speak English reasonably well, and should have a job or be in college. If that were true of most of them, there would be more people willing for them to become Americans. But a high percentage, I would bet, have made no attempt to sign up to become citizens, and are on every kind of welfare they can get (and which citizens can’t get). We don’t need 2 or 3 million loafers who hate America, and fly the Mexican flag, and can’t speak English (or read road signs, but still drive). Yes, there are a few that are found, and videos made to show how wonderful the dreamers are–a few who have graduated college and have a great job, or just some who work regularly at lower jobs. But percentage wise, most are just a burden on America, and it’s citizens.

    1. teachersaide says

      Per PEW, at least 1/3 of ALL illegal aliens are NOT PAYING Income, social security, or Medicare taxes. 51% of ALL illegal aliens are getting some form of WELFARE &/or FREE Healthcare, including organ transplants. Gee, WHAT’S NOT to love?

      1. georgerobinson99 says

        The USA can not afford to do this for ever, do like we do, benefits to get by on and they have 2 yrs to learn the language and aquire an income or leave…………..we even give them a bus ticket all the way home or a cheap flight…… IS cheaper in the long run

  52. papa doug says

    I wonder if that 34% would be just as eager for people to break into their homes and take up residence and demand that they be supported?

  53. B.A.Campbell says

    Yes elections have consequences, but predictions through corruption are usually very fickle, It turns out that the silent majority has truly spoken and we are ready to continue to move forward with dignity, respect, and faith and do what is “RIGHT” in order to make America Great Again. Greed, Corruption, and the Self-Entitled will witness their downfall or become humble and be part of an honest working class of goodness

  54. ReaperHD says

    In order to keep over 4 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIEN here who should have been deported over the years and weren’t this Border Wall better be up an so secure that a fart wouldn’t be able to cross the border without us knowing and the LOTTERY and CHAIN MIGRATION also better be gone also. When it cost $120 BILLION DOLLARS a YEAR in WELFARE to support these Hard Working ILLEGALS, last I heard Hard Working People don’t need WELFARE so some one is blowing smoke up the Americans butts along with all these people who want them to stay here with these polls are lying.

  55. tCotUS says

    DNC is composed of idiots..They have this giant ship with no captain, idiots as a crew, it’s on a course of no return & flying the flag of hatred.

  56. John D says

    I can’t even begin to express my contempt for the Dem Party.

    1. teachersaide says

      They’re probably feeling unconcerned, since they’ve shown such Contempt for HARD WORKING American Citizens.

  57. Tiger says

    There is a new sheriff in town, he has brought back law and order, he doesn’t back down, he is keeping his promises to his base, he has a backbone and the Demon Rats are so used to getting their way with tantrums, they got their first lesson in dealing with a Real Man.

    Now if they do it again, which they will they are the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    1. teachersaide says

      Great video. It shows that Maxine Waters is even DUMBER than I thought!

      1. Tiger says

        They are so dumb they make the guys in dumb and dumber look smart.

        1. gotabgood says

          Have you ever wondered why so many Conservatives are lacking a sense of humor? I know I have. Take President Obama’s recent appearance on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifinakis, for example. Most people found it really funny…well, except Conservatives, that is.

          Instead of laughing, the righties are freaking out, over in their alternate universe. They are busy calling the President’s interview some kind of distraction from Benghazi. And Oh, how I wish I was joking right now. But, in this alternate reality they live in, people like Bill O’Reily say things like Lincoln wouldn’t have done such a thing. Really Billy boy?? Well you know what else Lincoln wouldn’t have done? He wouldn’t have surfed porn on his iPhone because it would still be like another 130 years or so until Al Gore could invent the Internet.
          But you see, all of these latest attacks on Obama’s successful use of humor are actually not so much of the usual anti-Obama display that we’ve all grown so accustomed to. No, these particular attacks really show us much more about Conservatives’ sheer inability to think, or in this case, to laugh like we do. True Story.
          Conservatives just don’t quite get humor like we do. Ever wonder why all of the funniest comedians are liberals?
          I guess we can’t blame them entirely for their lacking sense of humors. I mean, when you really think about it, there’s actually nothing at all funny about being a total douchebag. And where’s the humor in denying equal rights to gays, minorities, and immigrants? It must not be too much fun to always be complaining about being born into privilege, or how your historically low marginal taxes help fund programs for the poor. Yeah, that must really suck. Nothing much to laugh about there, I suppose….especially if you’re a Conservative.
          But, while righties may have trouble finding things to smile about, actual comedy seems to be one thing that downright pisses them off. At least the comedy that you and I find funny. So what is this about? Well, it turns out that there is actually a brain chemistry reason. You know…science and shit!
          Seriously, all joking aside. Our brains…Conservatives and Liberals….really are different.
          Several studies have found that Liberals have larger and more active anterior cingulate cortex, or ACC, than our Conservative counterparts. And while they are lacking in the ACC department, they actually have larger amygdala than we do.
          Now What Do These Brain Parts Do??
          First the Libs….
          Basically, the more developed ACC allows the Liberal to be a better problem solver. It helps us to cipher through difficult information and make educated decisions. According to scientists, Liberal brain chemistry allows us to monitor conflict, detect errors, and we are more likely to
          “respond to informational complexity, ambiguity, and novelty. Liberals, according to this model, would be likely to engage in more flexible thinking, working through alternate possibilities before committing to a choice. Even after committing, if alternate contradicting data comes along, they would be more likely to consider it. This is how science works, and why there might be so many correlations between scientific beliefs.”
          Now the Cons…
          The Conservatives on the other hand have a more developed center of emotion with the amygdala. It is said to be the center for fear, so with such an enlarged and heightened amygdala, much of what they do and how they react to most situations comes from basic fear response. Discover magazine also says,
          “Conservatives respond to threatening situations with more aggression than do liberals and are more sensitive to threatening facial expressions.” “So, when faced with an ambiguous situation, conservatives would tend to process the information initially with a strong emotional response. This would make them less likely to lean towards change, and more likely to prefer stability. Stability means more predictability, which means more expected outcomes, and less of a trigger for anxiety.”
          So, basically what this all means is that they are just plain scared. And how can you relax and laugh and find humor in things that are genuinely funny when you are scared shitless all the time?? I mean, come on. We’d probably be a little grumpy too if we were born with Conservative brains, right?
          Well, I hate to rub salt in an already irritable righty wound, but I have a feeling that I know something that will make you and I smile, but likely will only deepen the frowns to our right. Since that Obama-Galifinakis piece, web traffic to has increased by 40 percent. And you know what else? Despite all of the lovely comparisons with Nazism and slavery, Obamacare is right on track to meet even the most optimistic enrollment estimations made one year ago.
          Have a fabulous day lefties!!

    1. teachersaide says

      DON”T like Coal? DON’T USE Electricity! THAT is where MAJORITY of OUR electricity comes from.

      1. gotabgood says

        Wind power Opinion
        Wind power is now cheaper than nuclear – the energy revolution is happening

        And we are being left behind with out 19th century technology…. look what China does with their coal mines.

        The world’s largest floating solar farm is producing energy atop a former coal mine

  58. DAlnB41 says

    Watch Schumer adn Pelosi BLAME their own people for the fiasco! They are so used to blaming someone for everything that has gone bad and remains a problem over the past ten years onto someone; they will not be able to quite doing it now.
    The men and women of the Democratic Party REALLY NEEDS to dump these two or face the strong possibility the Democratic Party will loose even more representatives in the coming elections! Positive ACTION and BENEFICIAL Performance is far more than a lot of noise in front of a TV Camera; Schumer has shown how a lot of talk and no action only leads to failure!
    LETS HOPE, and new representatives will have the guts to represent their constituents instead of just “following the leaders” as has become the method of operations in the Democratic Party!

    1. gotabgood says

      It seems your vision is so bad that you can only see what is happening across the isle and can’t see anything right in front of you…
      This has gone on a lot, since Obama was elected, but this is sorta fresh and on video from CSpan, not a network, so there shouldn’t be a problem there..

  59. DAlnB41 says

    ‘ Mayors Boycott Trump Meeting After DOJ Threatens Sanctuary Cities ”

    Shows WHY nothing seems to be getting done in Washington. Elected local, state and federal representatives as mayors, commissioners, legislators and too many CEOs and managers of private organizations lack the dignity to set down and talk with each other instead preferring to stand in front of TV cameras and bad mouth the efforts of others. The days of dignified, honest and qualified men and women seems to have slipped away and become a thing of the past!

  60. donS2 says

    The problem is that the globalist dimbocrats and RINO’s will promise anything to get the DACA kids legalized (along with their extended village through chain migration). The reason American do not believe this is because the dimbocrats and RINO’s lie!

    1. teachersaide says

      AND, have been LYING for 30 YEARS!

  61. teachersaide says

    BE AWARE! When DEM’S are talking about DREAMers, they are NOT talking About the 800,000 DACA recipients. They are Talking about 3.6 MILLION illegal aliens brought to this country as children, who either did NOT meet the DACA requirements, or never filed to get DACA.

  62. ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial says

    Democrats didn’t make a big mistake they are a big misteake.

  63. Raymond Miller says

    Yes, I am sure that Schumer, Graham, Durbin all thought that they were dealing with Jeb, or W, or Geo, Sr. and could just dazzle Trump with BS and he would roll over and give them everything they want. Boy can you imagine the shock when he in essence told them to stuff it up their a**, No wonder Schumcky looked like he was crying when he left that meeting a week ago, When he didn’t run to a microphone and start BS’ing you had to know the news wasn’t good. How’s it feel Schmuck and the rest of you, don’t like it do you. “KEEP ON TRUMPIN”–Viva La TRUMP

  64. Michael Kovacs says

    I really don’t buy all the histrionics they pulled the same crap on Reagan. “You give us what we want now and we will give you what the country wants and needs if it ever fits our agenda.” The country is still waiting!

  65. nancy miller says

    It seems to me that until the department of justice begins to do their job and arrest and place these wrong doers of our country, such as Kerry for undermining the presidency in world affairs under the Logan Act, or the FBI agents interfering with Presdential election (or trying to), or Hillary Clinton abusing the position of Secretary of State, or people in the White House leaking sensitive information, etc, ect, we will never have the kind of government that we deserve.

  66. rfrichey says

    This is simple, the demo-wits are completely out of touch with real Americans. Real Americans are for a great America.

  67. rick meek says

    AS USUAL – the elites SOLD OUT americans in favor of illegals……..HOW TREASONOUS…..

  68. rick meek says

    Time to get out the car batteries – jumper cables – sponges – buckets…….lawyers and judges first…..

  69. rick meek says

    Man – I’m beginning to love being sold out by disgustocrats……

  70. teachersaide says

    18 days ago THIS was “news”. STILL no agreement from DNC- ALL their TALK about concessions, is EXACTLY that, TALK!

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