Deep State Stonewall: Rosenstein Won’t Admit DOJ Paid for Trump Dossier


The House Judiciary Committee put Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in the hot seat on Wednesday, demanding that he answer for some of the disturbing revelations that have recently come to light about the Trump/Russia investigation.

Because Attorney General Jeff Sessions unwisely and unnecessarily recused himself from the investigation, Rosenstein has become the head honcho at the Justice Department in relation to all things having to do with the 2016 election. He’s the man Special Counsel Robert Mueller reports to (insofar as he reports to anyone). And he’s the one who must explain to Congress and the American people why anyone should still take this investigation seriously after all that we’ve learned.

Unfortunately, if that was Rosenstein’s mission when he came to Capitol Hill this week, it was one he did not accomplish. Instead of being forthright and honest about the deep, systemic problems in the Justice Department and the FBI, he hedged and deflected, angering more than a couple of Republicans on the committee.

In one particularly heated exchange, Rep. Ron DeSantis asked Rosenstein point-blank if the DOJ had given Fusion GPS or former British spy Christopher Steele any money for the overhyped campaign claptrap that has come to be known as the Trump Dossier.

“Did the FBI pay for the dossier?” DeSantis asked.

“I’m not in a position to answer that question,” Rosenstein replied.

Sensing the evasiveness, DeSantis pushed on. “Do you know the answer to the question?”

“I believe I know the answer,” Rosenstein said, “but the Intelligence Committee is the appropriate committee—”

DeSantis interrupted him to insist that the Judiciary Committee had “every right to the information” about who paid for the controversial dossier, but Rosenstein refused to cough up the answer. Which, to any reasonable observer, means that the answer is obviously yes.

Later, discussion turned to the hundreds of text messages that have been released, showing top FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok communicating anti-Trump sentiments with his mistress, Lisa Page.

“This is unbelievable,” Rep. Jim Jordan said of the messages. “This guy thought he was super agent James Bond at the FBI.”

Citing the text messages and other problematic conflicts within the Mueller investigation, Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte said, “We are now beginning to understand the magnitude of this insider bias on Mueller’s team. Aren’t DOJ attorneys advised to avoid even the ‘appearance of impropriety’?”

“It’s our responsibility to make sure those opinions do not influence their actions,” Rosenstein said. “I believe Director Mueller understands that, and recognizes people have political views but that they don’t let it [affect their work.]”

When Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) asked Rosenstein if he’d seen any good reason to remove Mueller from his position as Special Counsel, the deputy AG said, “No.”

Which makes us wonder what WOULD convince Rosenstein that Mueller is incapable of carrying this investigation through to its conclusion without losing half the country upon presenting the evidence. This inquiry is already so steeped in bias and controversy that it will convince only the most partisan Democrats of any guilt on the part of Trump and his associates, assuming Mueller ever gets around to actually delivering a coherent case. If there are questions to be answered about “collusion” – and we’re not sure there are – then Mueller is no longer the man to answer them.

Sessions needs to “unrecuse” himself and straighten this mess out before it takes down a U.S. president on the basis of nothing but smoke and sizzle.

  1. Deby says

    Last sentence is the best solution to this witch hunt-what about it Sessions? How about doing your damn job?

    1. chucky001 says

      He IS doing his damn job. He KNOWS that since he is Trump’s employee, he MUST recuse himself to avoid any hint of impropriety, and to ensure impartiality. Mueller, a Republican, by the way, is well respected on both sides of the aisle. There is no reason to remove him. He did fire the agent Strzok. By the way, your avatar is apt. You are a birdbrain.

      1. Retired says

        A bird has more brains than you chuky boy .

        1. 2 parrots and a dog says

          What are you, four years old?

          1. bttrap says

            if he is then you must be 100 years old and your brain (if you had one) died at birth

        2. chucky001 says

          Stupid post from a dotard.

          1. Retired says

            Them is facts BOY and you know it !!!

          2. mac12sam12 says

            TAH, fat man.

          3. Retired says

            More like a fat pig ready for slaughter .

        3. Craig Vandertie says

          Make that bird gook.

      2. Deby says

        Gee, a name calling liberal-what a shock. But hey chuckles, even a birdbrain is a helluva lot better than NO brain – which would perfectly describe you.

        1. chucky001 says

          I am far more intelligent than you, because I understand the way things work and what the AG’s job entails.

          1. Retired says

            chucky boy the troll is running wild with his bull stories .

          2. Tired... says

            No surprise there.

          3. Retired says

            Add AKnoLady – Mrpoohead – Bill O Brainless and Gotobebad are all from the same mold and stink to the end of the world with their trash .

          4. Tired... says


          5. Retired says

            Tired >>>>>Sad thing is we have people who think like that in Congress .

          6. ernldo says

            All those mentioned are diaper wearing morons…

          7. Retired says

            They must be wearing used ones over the face .

          8. carroll wood says

            they still think obummer the first black president, only a muslim halfbreed and a disgrace to the fine black men and women I served with for over 20 years. UASF Ret

          9. Big Ed says

            Since you are so damned smart, I’ll bet you have already figured out that if 45 gets railroaded by a batch of criminal Democrats the country is well on the way to the second civil war and you idiot Democrats won’t fair so well when this happens. It’s funny how you think it’s important for Session to maintain “optics” while I don’t believe I ever heard the word optics when the crooked Holder was running the DoJ for crooked Obama. I guess optics are only important when at least one of the participants is honest.

          10. Mary Brumley says

            Right! The silly Democrats haven’t a clue what they will be facing if the “right” is pushed to a point of no return!

          11. mac12sam12 says

            Old #45’s around for 7 more years and it will be because of the economy.

          12. Bdog says

            …would that be the economy he inherited?

          13. mac12sam12 says

            Trump inherited 50 million people living under the poverty line, 46 million on food stamps and a workforce that equaled the one in the 60’s. Obama’s GDP averaged under 1% and even flatlined twice while Trump had a 3.1% and a 3.3% even with the hurricanes. The next one will be at 4%.

          14. mrpoohead says

            …………………and he’s done a wonderful job so far. No pre-election promises fulfilled. Debt still rocketing and imports still going well over exports – will he be paying for the wall?
            Hurricanes are good for the economy – lots of building work, sucks if your investments are in insurance companies poorer return. Reality bites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          15. Bdog says

            People living under the poverty line will only get worse under Drumph’s new tax bill…. and Like Drumph, you’re a bit loose with accurate numbers…. (most people at the inauguration ever… biggest electoral margin since Reagan… biggest tax cuts in history…. we’re going to win so much, you’ll get sick of winning…. and on… and on… and on…) Trump is however… statistically speaking, the most prolific liar in White House history! So, you got that going!

          16. mac12sam12 says

            People will be wise off by having a job? My numbers are dead on and you can check them out at the BLS website.

            Who cares about the numbers except you. There was a large crowd there, and a Washington Post photographer got there four hours early and claimed that was the small crowd.

            Trump has kept all his promises and Obama didn’t keep any. Obama also told the biggest political lie in history with that farce of a healthcare bill. Trump just took care of the ACA and continues to delete Hussein’s legacy.

            GO TRUMP!! MAGA!

          17. Bdog says

            People will be “wise off”? “Trump has kept all his promises…”? What a joke! The sad thing about your sick and pathetic support for this embarrassing A-hole in the White House is… you just don’t seem to know any better. I’m sorry for you.

          18. mac12sam12 says

            They’re taking bids on the wall and are looking at different designs. Keystone was signed and he’s opening up Anwar. He cut taxes and has had two GDP’s over 3% and the next one will be 4%. He cut 840 business regulations and is taking the ACA apart. He made the biggest arms deal with the Saudis worth billions in American jobs, and signed $300 billion dollar trade deal with China who’s now buying American beef. The stock market has reached record highs 70 different times and will probably hit 30,000 adding trillions to the economy and jobs are coming back to the US. Black and Hispanic unemployment is at record lows. That’s the short list.

            Your turn, how did Obama help anybody except the rich and what promises did he keep? crickets…crickets…

          19. mrpoohead says

            Liar – no wall. Keystone still going through legal which is all Obama insisted on. GDP irrelevant if debt still rocketing and imports still outgrowing exports. Still stuffed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saudi – no! China – no! Stock market unrelated to economy – best place to invest and no indicator of “better” – please explain how it will add to the economy? Unemployment stable since 2015, underemployment remains very high.

            Obama did nothing like Trump – Congresses job. Duh!

          20. Bdog says

            Taking bids on a POINTLESS, STUPID WALL… that I’ll guarantee Mexico WILL NOT PAY FOR. Anwar… more pointless exploration and giveaways to the oil barons, instead of investing in renewable resources and infrastructure. Yeah…. regulations being cut…. so massive polluters are unaccountable for horrifying illness… and DEATH. A Multi-Billion Dollar deal for WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION with a Middle East Despot…. responsible for massive human rights violations, repression and murder. What a source of pride that is! The China Deal… Not $300 Billion. You might want to read up… Bloomberg, WSJ, Chicago Tribune, Fact Check, etc… instead of taking the word of a pathological liar. Crickets chump!?

          21. mac12sam12 says

            The wall works pretty good in Israel! Google the designs that have been turned in. Anwar and Keystone makes us exporters of oil and not importers, and that will provide even more jobs and insure low prices in the future. Low oil prices are also killing Russia’s economy.

            Saudi Arabia is an ally that’s providing jobs with the arms deal, The $300 billion trade deal also will provided a lot of jobs.

            The real numbers that can be checked out at the Bureau of Labor and Statistics website. Enjoy the next 7 years, comrade. I know I will!

          22. Bdog says

            Your comments are a complete failure in adherence with reality… and expose you as the fascist troll you are. I am not, nor ever will be your comrade…. save that for your fascist buddies. And again with the phony $300 Billion Trump number. The WALL…. is an utterly STUPID idea… and you still think Mexico will pay for it? Your points are worthless.

          23. mac12sam12 says

            You sound angry, Princess! Are we still friends, Comrade?

          24. Bdog says

            As the “useless idiot” that you are… I have no more interest in your delusion. Your current attempt at insult only reveal your own predilections of preference and company. Hey, it’s America.. you’re free to be a ‘queen’…. princess, communist, fascist or moron. Good luck with that, ‘sh*tforbrains’!

          25. mac12sam12 says

            Liberals are so emotional? Need a tissue, Princess? 🙁

          26. Bdog says

            Now… you’re just boring, on top of stupid.

          27. mac12sam12 says

            You are an emotional limp wrist liberal.

          28. mac12sam12 says

            Do you know what the definition of a troll is? Someone who goes to a website that does not have your point of view, someone who tries to cause maximum argument and insults people. That’s you, dip wad.

            Do you know what fascism is? One point is the suppression of free speech. The same as when Nixon and Obama used the IRS to target their enemies. That’s fascism, princess. #MAGA- GO TRUMP!!

          29. Bdog says

            If… I need lessons on how to be a “dip wad”…. I’ll come to you first! (I DO have great empathy for that poor, innocent child you’re holding… having to grow up with your influence. Hopefully, she’ll mature and be fruitful, open and intelligent… despite you.)

          30. mac12sam12 says

            You’re just a name calling troll loser. The poor child I’m holding just got her graduate degree in education and it currently working on her P.hd.

            Buh bye, Princess!

          31. mac12sam12 says

            Do you get 15 cents per reply? There, I just made 15 cents for you and may I add that you’re overpaid?

          32. 2Deep4_U says

            Do you know you’re an Ignorant RACIST Misogynist SOB?

          33. mac12sam12 says

            A booming economy and record numbers on WS. Two GDP’s over 3% and the last one at 3.3% inspire of the hurricanes and the next GDP will be 4%. Obama averaged under 1% and the GDP even flatlined a few times. Trump’s numbers.

          34. Frank Taylor says

            just for information sake, what campaign promises has Trump broken. One by one, each of them becomes reality, with the Tax cuts the latest one. Personally I have great respect for any politician who keeps his word even if I do not agree with his or her agenda.

          35. Bdog says

            Trump is a soul-less, ego-maniacal, unconscionable pathological liar. He has changed multiple times on multiple issues and spews his word-salad to fit the moment or poorly mask his confusion. Tax Cut…. I’m sure, as the 1%-er that YOU ARE… you will be well taken care of with the Tax Bill…. Millionaires, Billionaires, Major corporations… AND TRUMP will benefit. The VAST MAJORITY will NOT. Campaign Promise… “Drain The Swamp”… if that means, filling it with billionaires, Wall Street Banksters… and lobbyists… then, I’d say that he LIED. Medicare and Social Security will not be touched. They’re taking dead aim at it. I don’t look at this as an entitlement… because I’ve paid into it my entire life. It’s MY MONEY… and they’re looking to STEAL IT. GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND DO YOU HOMEWORK! I don’t need to do it for you! Being a ‘Trump Apologist’ is a pathetic pastime… as he’s working to snuff the last breath out of our democracy with his fascist agenda. What was his comment to his wealthy friends…. “I just made you all a lot richer…”? Merry friggin’ Christmas!

          36. mrpoohead says

            You can’t even do simple multiplication.

          37. Frank Taylor says

            clue me on on that great economy during the last year obama was in office. Not one quarter rose above 3%GDP. The Dow was below 19000 and is nearly 25000 right now. We have seen 3% twice this year and could see 4% in this quarter. Get your head out of Obama’s butt and see the real world for a change.

          38. Bdog says

            There’s WAY TOO MUCH for you to be “clued” in on. You might remove your head… from your own ass. Merry Christmas!

          39. Frank Taylor says

            Merry Christmas to you! I hope that the tax cuts are a positive thing for you. Our economy is great right now, no matter the reason. Kind of like difference between night and day when you look at this year and compare to the last year Obama was in office. Every economic indicator is positive. The tax cuts will add another positive boost to an already strong economy. I can hardly wait for the next promise honored by Trump.

          40. john robel says


          41. Moe says

            Your delusional

          42. Mary Brumley says

            Chucky001, I am confused as to what your understanding of “optics” has to do with your intelligence concerning “AG’s job.”

        2. ernldo says

          Poor chuckie, its simply a dullard too stupid to work, still sleeps with daddie, wears depends, sits all day eating cheetos and playing solitaire on the computer. Of course its a name calling demotard with a shoe size IQ…when one is so useless what else would it do?
          Why not block the pervert?

      3. higgy01 says

        Mueller is not a republican in any sense of the word. Just like you and your babbling makes you a libtard in every sense of the word!

        1. carla AMERICAN says


        2. Retired says

          Is Rosenstein one of Soros henchmen like Mueller ????

        3. carroll wood says

          they are the best money can buy LOL

        4. Bdog says

          According to Wikipedia and ROBERT MUELLER, he is a Republican who served a 10 year term under GW Bush… extended term by Obama, approved by the Republican congress and received a 100 – 0 vote in the senate for the re-assignment. But, because he’s investigating your bloated hero, Orange #45… he’s no longer a Republican? Clearly, nonsense and name-calling makes you right!

      4. Robert says

        Hey chucky the schmuck, Mueller is a FREAKEN RINO,he’s no Republican!! Well rspected,BULL SHIT!! I say you better go back on your meds and don’t deviate,since you are completely brain dead!!

      5. worn out 123 says

        Nice try. Unfortunately, by your logic every AG must therefore, recuse themselves in every case involving the president who appointed them which is most certainly a false premise. Secondly, there IS reason to remove Mueller as he was the head of the FBI during the period his investigation has led him (the uranium one debacle). This represents A CONFLICT OF INTEREST which is bonifide justification for recusing himself from ANY further investigation.
        Since you brought it up, President Trump should not fire Mr. Mueller. That is the job of Congress. President Trump has been exhonerated of collusion already. Mueller is the hot seat now as he must explain away his FBI allowing Uranium one to purchase 20% of our limited uranium supply which constitutes a security breach of epic proportions while a senior by FBI agents wife “just happened” to have been hired by Uranium One, AT THAT TIME, while he (Mueller was head of the FBI. What a coincidence! You see, Mr. Mueller has inadvertantly uncovered collusion involving himself, another agent of the FBI, Hillary Clinton (AGAIN, Uranium One and bribes paid by a foreign nation (previously discovered and reported by the FBI, ie., $500,000 speaking fee for Bill Clinton as well as millions “donated” to the Clinton Foundation by Russia.
        Your political friends are crooked! They used their positions to sell America out.

        1. votebob says

          SO TRUE….THAT ALONE IS PATHETIC ! ps sorry for caps !

          1. worn out 123 says

            You’ll never guess who watched H.C. gain her millions in bribes and decided to start his own “Charitable Foundation”. His initials are JOHN MCCAIN, a.k.a. Songbird. RHINO!

        2. Bdog says

          Your Uranium One argument has been thoroughly debunked and you should be embarrassed for trotting it out… AGAIN. Even FOX NEWS says it’s a joke.

          1. worn out 123 says

            Haven’t heard that given. Since when? How was it debunked? Why was B.C. given $500,000 for a speech in Russia? No person on the speaking circuit is paid that kind of money to my understanding. I don’t watch Fox News.

          2. Bdog says

            Funny…. Not one mention about Uranium One debunking? You can Google it and find multiple sources. You might even start at FOX… though, I don’t watch them either. I found out thru another source. (Believe it was Shepherd Smith?) But, much like Drumph, instead of addressing allegations, accusations, you deny, then just go on the attack. How does an allegedly defeated, disgraced, out of the loop, former candidate have anything to do with the current legal difficulties of an unqualified, pathological liar, who’s had extensive ties with Russia for a least a couple decades. Whether he is ‘actually’ in the beginning stages of dementia, or it’s another sham for a possible legal strategy to trigger an Article 25 (basically, unfit to serve) and avoid the full weight of all they’re digging up on collusion, money laundering, perjury, etc… is yet to be determined. And… REALLY…. you “regret” NOT voting for this total and utter embarrassment to the US on EVERY stage he enters? That is STUNNING!

          3. worn out 123 says

            You just reguritate the rhetoric of the congressional loonies of the left and others of the radical left. Try thinking for yourself. Begin with facts not foolish accusations intended to overturn a valid election. No one cares about such rediculous whinings. “If I can’t run the government I will not work with the president on anything. Whaaaaa!”
            “Impeach the president.” For what? Not illegal to have had business dealings anywhere prior to becoming elected to public office. The Trump-Russian dossier; largely debunked. No indictments of the president after months spent by a special prosecutor WITH SUBPOENA AUTHORITY, and millions of tax dollars. Nothing. Nada. Yet it continues.?? You just can’t face reality. Crooked Hillary lost.
            Good things are just starting to happen. UNDISPUTED FACTS: 1) Stock market (where retirements live) is up 30% since D.T. took office. 2) Lowest national unemployment in 17 years. 3) Lowest unemployment for latinos EVER. 4) 189,000 new manufacturing jobs since D.T. took office. 5) Two million new jobs nationwide. Vladimer Putin thanked our president for helping to stop an act of terrorism in Russia. Just awful, huh? What’s the matter? Are you afraid of losing your unemployment check? This without one democrat vote in congress! Now they won’t even meet with the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Just more irresponsible babble about the president must be impeached. Gonna sing that outrageous song for the next three years? A sad but true commentary on Congressional Democrats. Irresponsible, outrageous accusations meant to overturn a valid election don’t impress.

          4. Bdog says

            Your comments are a laughable parody/regurgitation of your Neo-Con, Think-Tank generated swill. And YOU suggest I think for myself. How ironic. OR…. you’re just another ‘Russian Troll’. I could break down your arguments point by point, but it appears well beyond your capability for reason, logic and common sense. Good luck with that!

          5. worn out 123 says

            Facts are stobburn things. By definition they cannot be “broken down” as you have just demonstrated. Try reading the Trump Miracle as I reported in my above comment. The only means you have to repute facts is to fabricate yarns. So name calling is the best u got? Sad. So sad.

          6. Bdog says

            You seem to have a problem with ‘reading comprehension’, not to mention ‘spelling’. “Facts” are not stubborn. They are clear, black & white, measurable and verifiable. You give the ‘Groper in Chief’ a lot of credit for things he had little or NOTHING to do with. A higher stock market and lower unemployment are simply a continuation of the trends started in 2009, when we were losing 760,000 jobs a month. That was transformed into the longest consecutive string of private sector job growth in U.S. history… DESPITE the overt obstruction(s) of the GOP. Your so-called “facts’ ARE disputable. (2 million jobs nationwide in more like 1,1 million, matching a growth rate in 2014… but like Drumph, you seem to have a lose grasp of facts. What I meant by breaking down the argument with you is… it’s a total waste of time, as you are either a Russian troll… work for the Trump propaganda machine… or simply a brainwashed apologist. Yes indeed…. Sad!

          7. mac12sam12 says

            Did you vote for raise and pedophile Clinton?

            75% of Obama’s jobs were part time while Trump’s are full time jobs. All you have to do is look at Obama’s GDP record to see how bad the country did. Record poverty and a record low workforce says it all. propaganda guy.

          8. mac12sam12 says

            The DOJ is investigating the Uranium One deal and then the Clinton Foundaion grfting scam.

      6. jaybird says

        Mueller respected by BOTH parties, Yea-the crooked Republicans, the Crooked Demorats and crooked CHUCKY!

      7. Phil Esposito says

        Are you an idiot? Your post is 3 days old and Strzok is still at the FBI.

      8. Gerry Costa says

        Seems to me you better look in the mirror before calling someone else names. mueller is dirty and biased. He is butt buddies with comey and the clintons — I’m sure you can see where this is going. mueller has lost all credibility with his bogus witch hunt and since he has found ZERO evidence of Trump-Russia collusion he is just going helter skelter getting rich and wasting our tax dollars. There is EVERY reason to remove him and shut down this farce.

      9. Brenda says

        First of all he did not fire Strzok, he removed him from the team and put him in HR. Also, ponder this: an impartial investigator does not deliberately surround himself with people known for their political stances and hatred of Donald Trump. Nor does he hire attorneys that have records of having manipulated evidence or or known for “turning” a witness. He would seek out those that, though they have political leanings, would be objective. Neither does an impartial use false documentation to obtain a warrant from our Star Chamber FISA court. His politics notwithstanding, he has surrounded himself with ardent Cllinton supporters and he and his “team” is rife with conflict of interest.

      10. Mike W says

        The last 2 AG’s will most likely be indicted at some point are they going for 3? Just like the past 3 FBI directors all in the Clintons and/or Soros’ pocket?

        1. mrpoohead says

          Oh goody, the conspiracy theorists have turned up. Stupid as.

          1. Retired says

            Gee you forgot to vote yourself UP ??? The Conspiracy king would be you with all the poop you spread .

          2. mrpoohead says

            Never refuted, I must have all the facts.

          3. Mike W says

            You wouldn’t know a fact if you tripped over one. Which way is all the evidence pointing d’bag?

          4. mrpoohead says

            Trump – happy to await outcome.
            Clinton – done, dusted, moved on. Suggest you do the same.

          5. Mike W says

            Boy Are you really that stupid – Clinton moved on??? She wrote another book and is still whining about getting her ass kicked for the second time. They have not even started investigating her – what has been going on is proving the collusion of the FBI in covering for the Clinton Crime syndicate – do try to keep up.

          6. mrpoohead says

            With regard to investigating Clinton it is over. Politicians love the sound of their own voices – win or lose.
            Uranium One – no need to investigate. The deal was approved by CIFUS, she wasn’t even on it. Funny as!

          7. Mike W says

            Have you ever been able to comprehend anything you have read?

          8. mrpoohead says

            Try reading slowly!

          9. Mike W says

            Obviously not – thanks for proving my point.

          10. mrpoohead says

            Clinton – been investigated and whilst found stupid nothing to prosecute.
            Uranium One – Committee for Foreign Investment US passed deal. She wasn’t on panel and had no power over panel.

          11. mac12sam12 says
          12. Mike W says

            The problem is they have waited so long all of the money has been transferred to off shore locations most likely out of U.S. reach. The Haitians should get their turn at bat too – find out where all that money that was passed through that damned Trust – I mean “Foundation” 😉 – went. It is all “unaccounted for” after the Clintons “Help” in rebuilding Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. That year is very significant look at all the money funneled through the Clintons that year. It was also the year that James Comey received his $6,000,000 bonus from Lockheed Martin – after Lockheed Martin received several huge government contracts signed off on by then Secretary of Take – Hillary Clinton. Prior to working for Lockheed Martin Comey was in the service to the Clintons making sure every investigation he was involved in came out in the Clintons favor.
            Check this out about how honest Mueller is


            And the previous FBI director Louis Freeh was brought in to make sure no charges were ever brought against Bill Clinton for his many trips to his buddy
            long time Clinton friend and Fund raiser Jeffery Epstein’s orgies with trafficked and run-away under-aged girls. Epstein was labeled a pedophile and sent to prison – with Freeh valuable assistance Clinton waltzed away unscathed – even though flight logs , phone records and the girl themselves placed Bill Clinton there on many occasions.

            Three past FBI directors all in the Clintons pocket and in service to the Clintons – pull that protection away and a real investigation might be forthcoming.
            One last little thing – Chicago mayor and con man Rahm “The Scam” Emanuel started out as a Clinton fundraiser.

          13. Retired says

            mrpoobrain must be a member of the Burlington lying club .

          14. Mike W says

            You have to admit he picked the right name – he knows himself best I suppose.

          15. Retired says

            That is why I call him Poobrain !!!

      11. mac12sam12 says

        Doesn’t matter that Mueller is a republican, it’s obvious from texts and tweets that the agents doing the investigation that it’s a farce. 10 o the 15 donated to the Clinton campaign.

        This is all bullshyt anyway, they will find nothing. Explain how Trump and the Russians lost the election for Hillary. Don’t feel bad, dip stick. no democrat has answered this.

        1. mrpoohead says

          Proof? Oh, why bother with facts huh! Never done so before.

          1. Retired says

            Lack of facts is your department , just hate and hot air is all you have . Or should we call it a lot of poop .

          2. mrpoohead says

            I’ve never been refuted, so it would seem you’re the liar.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            I blocked him. His vote total went from 3000 to 18,000 in three days and he’s an obvious troll. All hat and no cattle.

          4. mrpoohead says

            More lies from Capt. BS. I don’t even fit the definition of “troll”.
            Walked all over is why! Ha, ha, ha, ha!
            How did my vote total go from 3000 to 18,000 in three days when I mostly only get me up-voting? Magic? Your lies are too easy to highlight. Thanks!

          5. mrpoohead says

            Yes he blocked my ass because I walked all over his. Unfortunately if you done up to fight something but have nothing you’ll get walked all over.
            “More lies from Capt. BS. I don’t even fit the definition of “troll”.
            Walked all over is why! Ha, ha, ha, ha!
            How did my vote total go from 3000 to 18,000 in three days when I mostly only get me up-voting? Magic? Your lies are too easy to highlight. Thanks!”

          6. Retired says

            Did you poop something ???

      12. BH says

        @Chucky001, the reason the Democrat Party stooges used to demand Sessions recuse himself has proven to be a false narrative. He HAD BEEN INSTRUCTED BY THE FBI NOT TO INCLUDE FOREIGN CONTACTS THAT WERE INCIDENTAL TO HIS JOB AS A SENATOR. Therefore, he has no conflict of interest. In light of this new information (that the FBI had all along) he should “unrecuse” himself and send Rosenstein packing (along with a bunch of other DOJ people).

        1. Retired says

          Next to Congress the DOJ is probably one of the biggest other swamp .

      13. Moe says

        Mueller was part of the FBI when they covered up the Clinton email and foundation scandal. He hired Clinton and Obama supporters (lawyers), to help with his witch hunt. The committee of Democratic party supporting lawyers and FBI members after one year have no evidence of Collusion. The whole thing was hoax, and Congress members are hopeful once we get to see the application with names on it, that led to this witch hunt, the request for the right to spy on the Trump election team you will see names of FBI agents tied to the Clinton election team. It is believe that either the Clinton election committee, or FBI paid for the fake evidence on Trump used for the request to spy him. The guy you insulted is actually pretty smart compared to you.

      14. Frank Taylor says

        he sent Strzok back to the FBI and this was done very quietly and was never announce. someone needs to look long and hard at those who remain on Mueller’s team and see if some other might also be so biased that they let their politics get in the way of doing a professional job. I wonder how many of those texts were sent when Page and Strzok were supposed to be working. Further with that many texts, when did they find time to do what they were hired to do. At just one minute per text, that is 10000 minutes or 166 hours. These messages were sent over a one year time period so they spent more than 4 weeks of 40 hours per week texting.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      Never happen, GI. Just like they will never take down our President. The future for the NWO Marxist (aka democrat) party is looking darker every day and they are taking rhe RINO elites with them too.

      1. worn out 123 says

        Hope they take RHINO McCain and his “charitable foundation” too.

        1. Retired says

          Is that as bad as the Clinton foundation ???

          1. worn out 123 says

            Likely, yes.

          2. ernldo says


          3. Dennis Key says

            Ask mcstain how his buddies on the Forestall are today when crashed on the flight deck he ran away from the crash while the real sailors ran to help their buddies what a she€t bag He is a TRAITOR! MAGA

          4. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            McCain did not crash on the flight deck. He wasn’t flying yet. Go to the post incident report. Read it. The last person you want fighting fires with live weapons involved is aircrews. They are not trained fire team members period. They are a hazard to themselves and conflageration at hand. McCain was in the A-4 cockpit with engines running. No ability to get out without boarding ladder. The ground crews had to retrieve ladder to get pilot out. Next, the flight crew clothing is not fire fighting clothing. He would have been fried like bacon. Unless you have served on the flight deck during flight ops, you have no basis for your comments.
            I was on carriers during this time and continued through Desert Storm. All with squadrons. McCain is getting the blame for something he had no control over. He was a victim. His post Naval service is a problem for me. But, his Naval service should not be tarred.
            VN 64-67, 71-74, Desert Shield/Storm 90-91

          5. Warren says

            If Hot Start McCain wasn’t responsible why did his Father Admiral send a Helicopter to pick him up & bring him back to his Ship?? He was Skylarking on the Flight Deck throwing a ball of fire that knocked a Missile off the wing rack. His Grandfather was an Admiral also don’t believe anything in the Official Records they cleaned him up. Even when he returned with the other POW’s when he disembarked the Aircraft there was a Limo waiting for Song Bird McCain ( Nickname given by the Cong) the others went before the Reporters they kept him separated from them. He was shot down and lost another Aircraft disobeying Orders to Return to Ship because of Hostile Ground Fire. “RAT”

          6. Donald Lindsey says

            same peas in the pod

        2. Craig Vandertie says

          For many the transition did not take long from RINO to Rat, especially for McBraindead, not only receiving money from the Soros familly, but also the Rothschild family and who knows how many more wealthy Zionist families who have converted to islam.

          Yes, the Zionists and their dreams of a NWO/OWO living under their ideology was ruined by the viral spread of that terminal pandemic know as islam, therefore to survive they had to convert alowing them to hold onto their wealth for at least another 50 to 75 years, here is the transition sequence, spread like the deadly disease it is and has been for 1,400 years, kill off all non-muslims, then each strain will fight for dominance, and after there is only 1 strain left it will then turn on the ultimate disease which is greed/selfishness (i.e.) the most wealthy.

          1. ernldo says

            Let’s not forget the biggest McLame benefactor, the Saudis….

          2. jimmy midnight says

            Define Zionist.

            Only through a belly-button window could anybody see a bunch of ultra-worldly Jewish people converting 2, uniting with Islamists, even the freakin’ Saudis. Israelis and Saudis and Turks all think they can use one another. The extent 2 which they think so mirrors the extent 2 which they’re being used.

            Pop your fluke infested head outta there, and get a whiff of something fresher.

        3. sophie bonner says

          McCain is dying. Be charitable.

          1. worn out 123 says

            It’s genuinely a hard thing to say, but, the world is better off without some people.

          2. MensaFem162 says

            Many of us hope he doesn’t suffer, too long.

          3. ernldo says

            I wish he’d resign the Senate and live another ten or twenty years…

          4. carroll wood says


          5. Deplorable wizard says

            Most of us just hope he doesn’t take long period.

          6. jaak says

            Be? Charitable ???? McCain back stated Trump,.every day every way!!
            Who the he— are you to tell us to be charitable??
            McCain has been a senile Ba—-d for years !!
            Be Charitable?

          7. jaak says

            Change back stated to back stabbed–computer error!!
            Back Stabbed as in –McCain!

      2. Simply_Sis says

        Naw, the future for the NWO is certain because it is a biblical fact. God’s word is true. However, it isn’t true today, so we fight. We probably have a few more years with Trump in office, but after that, it is anyone’s guess. We keep fighting until we go home to be with The Lord. (If you are not saved, get saved! That is the real decision everyone needs to make. All of these earthly things will pass away once we leave. Our eternity is dependent on what we decided here and now. Do you accept or reject Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? That is the question.)

        1. Retired says

          Good wording .

        2. downintx says

          Very well said and oh, so true. I am a child of God and I pray others will prepare themselves too. Jesus was God’s gift to us and all we have to do is believe in Him, ask for forgiveness, and invite Him into your heart. The gift is free and once you are indwelled with the Holy Spirit, your life will change forever!

        3. Mary Brumley says

          When I declared Jesus Christ to be Savior and Lord of my life, He gave me eternal life! THAT is when my eternity started!

        4. Bdog says

          I am curious how such ‘Godly’ people… give so much support to such ‘Un-Godly’ people… who trample human rights, dignity, decency, ethics, morality and more? It’s really a conundrum to me!

        5. Jo Melcher says


      3. votebob says

        Yes Indeed ! How many know this ?

    3. Simply_Sis says

      I think Sessions is doing the job he was SENT to do. He opened the door to all of this and then he doesn’t step down when Trump asks him to, several times. But he doesn’t accomplish any housecleaning, which is expected in that position. That is the whole point of the position. He just does… nothing… and won’t step down to let someone who will perform Trump’s agenda in. That looks like more conspiracy to me. How does this not get people’s attention? I’m really baffled about how Sessions seems to be getting away with STANDING IN THE WAY.

    4. ernldo says

      Sessions is regrettably, a former bought and paid for US Senator….You don’t quit a corrupt organization like the Mafia, Cosa Nostra, US Senate, etc…you’re theirs for life. Jeff needs to take a hike and President Trump probably needs a law enforcer and NOT a lawyer for the AG….Like Sheriff David Clarke.

    5. Bdog says

      I thought there was some kind of saying… Gee, what it is…? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire? Of course, the sizzle implies ‘grease’ and ‘fat’ to me. Perfect attributes to the Groper in Chief. Hey, just having fun!

      1. worn out 123 says

        Where there’s an oval office and a young, young intern & Bill Clinton there’s a blow job waiting to happen. Grop this Bdog.

        1. Bdog says

          Ah yes… when all else fails, raise a completely irrelevant point. a meaningless point, indeed… “Worn Out Dumbf*ck!

  2. Bill O'Neil says

    That whole committee hearing thing was just another typical Republiklan dog and pony show.

    1. Retired says

      You forget the Demon Rats started this crap .

      1. gotabgood says

        No….. It was Trump getting in bed with Russia

        1. Deby says

          Hah, pay attention-it is pretty clear that the entire previous administration was getting cozy with Russia and this whole thing was put into play to ensure Killary won the presidency, but hmmm, that didn’t happen did it?

          1. chucky001 says

            What a stupid post. Trump was more isolationist than Hilary. Putin would never get cozy with Hilary. If you have proof otherwise, please share it.

          2. Retired says

            Putin would have rather dealt with Hillary and she would have been treated like Obama , a rug you trample on .

          3. HAOLEBOY55 says

            we got a great bunch in the swamp taking care of us right? EVRYONE of them
            talking how corrupt but no indictments on any of them , all lawyers to boot

          4. Retired says

            You are right Putin would never get cozy , he would just walk all over her and get whatever he wanted . Remember Putin finished Syria something Obama could not do with the JV ISIS in 8 years .

          5. Retired says

            No matter how Obozo tried , Putin still gave him the killer look .

          6. gotabgood says

            “…..that didn’t happen did it?”
            Right, that never happened.

          7. Retired says

            You sound more like the Clintons and Obama every day .

          8. bttrap says

            gotabgood still thinks the election didn’t happened yet and the polls said she will win the election. When you get your head out of your butt you will see the polls were wrong

        2. Retired says

          What about Hillary’s campaign that was in bed with the Russian , brain block when it comes to the left wing just like Hillary “I cant remember “.

          1. gotabgood says

            SHOW ME!!!

          2. Retired says

            It was in the media that you read , just like Hillary ” I Can’t Remember “.

          3. Francisco Machado says

            Lest you’ve forgotten it, Hillary also said “I have never told a lie.” Freely and publicly making that admission must have really stunned her audience. There might have been much of which they suspected her, but they would never have suspected her of that.

          4. Retired says

            Billy Boy and her are a matched pair in that department .

          5. bttrap says

            can’t show you because hitlery would have to take her pants
            off and we all don’t want to get sick

        3. Robert says

          I got into bed with your Momma last night,does that count??

          1. bttrap says

            I don’t think he had a mother, his father paid for that fun

        4. bttrap says

          no it was billy boy and monica’s B.J. in the w.h.

    2. ABO says

      And which part did you get to play little Billy???

      1. chucky001 says

        It was a GOP dog and pony show, idiot. Does he sound like a Repug to you?

        1. Retired says

          Who let the pig out of it’s pen , someone shoot that wild pig and put it out of it’s misery . Boar season is open .

    3. worn out 123 says

      Meaningless dribble. Rash, unsubstantiated inflammatory accusations without basis contribute nothing to conversation.

    4. bttrap says

      no one puts on a dog and pony show better than obambie and hitlery

  3. gotabgood says

    GO Rosenstein!!

    1. Jerry Hughes says

      Sorry liberal dem bloodsucker, Rosentein is almost certainly going to jail

      1. gotabgood says

        Yeah.. I know… like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Reid, Comey… oh and we have to put Holder’s name in there..
        What about Trump, Flynn, Manafort, Kushner?

        1. Deby says

          hey gotabeadouche-just stop already, you are wrong.

          1. chucky001 says

            Ah, the birdbrain poops again.

          2. Retired says

            More brain than you will ever have , you are a sick animal .

          3. bttrap says

            he hasn’t been right yet

        2. bttrap says

          the last 4 are the good guys and the first 4 are the a$$holes

      2. Retired says

        Let him take Mueller and Comey with for cell mates .

      3. chucky001 says

        And what evidence do you have for that?

    2. Retired says

      Rosenstein is going to sink like a lead sinker and he will take fish like you with .

    1. Retired says

      All the Bulshitsky you produce is causing Global warming

      1. chucky001 says

        At least the dotard “retired” admits there is global warming. That’s more than what the dotard in the WH is willing to admit.

        1. Retired says

          Your bullshitsky adds as well . That and all the China crap you buy .

          1. worn out 123 says


        2. mac12sam12 says

          Glad Trump got us out of the accord! Over the years it will save trillions on the Chinese hoax. Stay stupid. I like to kick you around.

          1. mrpoohead says

            Pointless antics. Companies wishing to export will have to comply to get their goods accepted overseas, we need exports! Duh!

      2. gotabgood says

        Do you ever check anything out?
        If you were feeling ill and went to a doctor and had a check up and the doctor said you’re in great shape and will live to be a 150..
        You leave feeling good in the mind, but your body is still not feeling good. You go get a second opinion. Doctor says if you don’t have an operation you will die within a year. You keep getting “second” opinions until you have reached a 100 opinions. 97 said you need an operation. 3 said you good to go all the way to 150. Who will you listen to?
        97% of the climatologist agree, man is causing global warming, 3% disagree…..

        1. Retired says

          Since the Ice age the world has been warming and now that the money changers are losing their fancy property to the water it is a crisis .

    1. mac12sam12 says

      Ain’t gonna happen. Harvard professor and liberal Alan Dershowitz said that Trump hasn’t done anything wrong and nothing will become of this. He also was correct on the Freddy Grey farce.

      Hillary’s next. These FBI agents were the ones who gave her a pass on her corruption.

      Hey Hillary! What’s in your wallet??

      1. mrpoohead says

        Condoms and a Rampant Rabbit.
        Why re-open a done case? Stupid perhaps?

      2. mrpoohead says

        Surely that’s for Mueller to sort out not someone who hasn’t all the facts.

      1. gotabgood says

        That won’t save Trump!
        But what is new??
        7 + investigations on Benghazi
        50 + repeals of ObamaCare
        fill in the _________ gate.
        Do you REALLY expect the outcome to be any different over the Uranium deal?
        Everything was done before Hillary took office.
        Anyway, this is just a gimmick to TRY and get the attention of the Russia/Trump investigation and at a cost to the tax payers for chasing ghosts.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Trump is only in trouble in your mind. Hillary will face trial for colluding with the Russians and that’s called treason. Then they will investigate the foundation which gave only 6% to charity and was used for pay to play. No Lynch or Obama to cover her wrinkly ass.

    1. Retired says

      Keep on with the Russia hate while China takes control of the free world

    2. mac12sam12 says

      Please hold your breathe.

    1. Retired says

      Mueller sure is no wind when it comes to proving anything , if he wants to find anything he better start looking into the Democrat party and Hillary’s campaign . Did you forget about Wasserman ????

      1. KKmoderate says

        Because he is blocked on my screen I have no idea what drivel gotabgood is spewing. Do yourself the same favor and just delete him from your conversation. As the British saying goes “Give him the Cut Direct”.😂😅😂

        1. bttrap says

          I tried to block him, and everytime I try he comes up with more b.s. that makes me laugh so I keep him aroud when I need a good laugh

        2. Retired says

          90% BS and 10% fairy tales . A left wing Media guppy .

    2. mac12sam12 says

      Mueller, all wind. dang! When are they going to find something? One thing that’s come out is the corruption at the top of the FBI. The DOJ is investigating the Uranium One deal, you know, the deal that Hillary got the Russians because of a $145 million dollar bribe.

      1. gotabgood says

        Mueller may be a bag of wind……. but that wind has gotten 2 confessions, 2 under house arrest. 2 banks that have been served subpoenas on Trumps account.
        Plus 1000’s of documents from Kushner
        That knot in someone’s necktie must be getting very uncomfortable about now….

        1. mac12sam12 says

          They still haven’t found any Russian connection between Trump and his campaign and they won’t. The fake dossier is just an excuse for the hag losing the election. They will bag Hillary for her Russian connection. The Rosenbergs were executed for sharing nuclear secrets with the Russians. #LockHerUp

  4. carroll wood says

    no body has met his price yet, best money can buy. And I spent over 20yrs defending this? USAF Ret

    1. Patriot47 says

      YOU know that is not what you were defending. What gubmint has become was expected by the founders, hence the Constitution AND Bill of Rights.

      Not to mention “A republic if you can keep it.” KEEP being active not passive.

    2. Retired says

      You have a lot of company in that thought ,WHY !!!!

  5. Obie Miller says

    Can the Dep AG legally invoke 5th amendment rights in this instance? I would not think so.

    1. Patriot47 says

      Everyone has the right to not incriminate themselves. I will not stand for that right being taken away no matter the cost.

      Even those who are criminals have rights. It used to be after conviction they were called outlaws because they broke laws and hence were no longer protected by laws. Logical, and flies in the face of liberal apologists for everything.

      1. Valor says

        Problem herein is these miscreants will never be brought to justice. As with any banana republic those entrenched in power as Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller, the Clintons et al are immune to justice. The Clintons are a classic example. For decades they have skirted the law, but because of political connections and power they have never been brought to justice, and never will.

    2. Brenda says

      Everyone has the right to invoke the 5th. After all it is the best way to avoid owing up to the criminal activities you committed.
      And if you will notice, all of the obama heads of department used it to avoid questions about their unconstitutional activities.

    3. Ron C says

      We need to stop playing around with stupid back & forth games…why has everyone forgotten or stopped using the grand juries to investigate crimes at the highest bureaucracies in this country?
      And this bureaucracy being the cop shop FBI, with criminals given badges & guns and the right to murder ranchers…what the heck s going on here!

  6. Donald Lindsey says

    “Did the FBI pay for the dossier?” DeSantis asked.

    “I’m not in a position to answer that question,” Rosenstein replied.

    His silence screams loudly as YES, and the whole thing should be shut down and quite ripping off the taxpayers.

  7. Dr. Terry Sumpter says


  8. Jane Graham says

    When someone does not do their job or lies or cheats while doing their job they should be fired. I don’t care how high up and how low down they go. If the new head of the FBI and the One under him can’t get to the bottom of this fiasco during Trump and Obama’s years … they need to go. If Mueller is covering for friends and not being honest…he goes. Now get it done. We the American people are sick of the lies and garbage

    1. Brenda says

      If only it were that simple. But the sad fact remains that people in power are under a whole set of laws that anyone of us could and would have been prosecuted for.

  9. Robert says

    All of these ASSHOLES should be in handcuffed,put up against a wall and shot for treason(after a fair and balanced trial,like they gave Trump)!!

  10. Ron Dapo says

    When you gonna get a pair and do your job Jeff? Disband this joke, of an ( unbiased investigation) and prosecute these stupid criminals. A handful of snakes will NOT usurp the will of 68 million AMERICANS.

  11. 4freedom says

    This whole progressive cabal gang needs to go to prison for a long time. These people, Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller, Strzok, and The Clinton gang all colluded to take down an elected president with fake dossiers etc., and it didn’t work, we the people are onto these traitors and hopefully/rightfully they will all be punished to the fullest extent of the law. This witch hunt has to stop now. First step put in a real AG, Sessions needs to go.

  12. rivahmitch says

    Rosenstein is a Bush baby. Fire the SoB!

    1. worn out 123 says

      Your fired!

  13. William Helwig says

    When is Trump going to fire Rosenstein???

  14. Gerry Costa says

    Nothing will convince him because he is as dirty as the rest. I don’t believe Sessions wants any part of this — to me he hasn’t shown much guts to this point. It is time to shut this fiasco down, stop wasting our tax dollars on this 3 ring circus of clowns and have a NON-BIASED committee siff through all of the info and see what is actually there. mueller has wasted millions of our dollars with very little direction and it seems zero evidence of the COLLUSION which this investigation was supposed to be about.

  15. Charlie says

    If We the People are held accountable to all of our nation’s laws then all of our public servants that work within our government are also to be held accountable to our nation’s laws . Hiding behind the premise of security clearance rating when dealing with the judicial branch of our congress is contemptuous . Our honorable public servants should stop running from this battle , Sessions should either kick some tail or step out of the way . The cover ups of the Clinton corruption and the misdirection scams read like a cheap novel , always a bunch of stupid easily figured out .

  16. elmcqueen3 says

    “Smoke and sizzle” with criminal intent within the leadership of the FBI…to include Mueller’s team of Clinton supporters, Clinton high stakes “donors”, Clinton Foundation attorney’s, and biased FBI team players on Clinton’s behalf seated within Mueller so called “justice” team…All of whom are out “to get Trump”…no matter the cost…no matter the dignity…with no matter of justice being sought…It’s a disgusting and despicable “sham” and a blight upon our American democracy…SC Robert Mueller has turned our Justice system upside down on it’s head…with no end in sight…Mueller needs to be relieved of this “Clinton” supportive Special Council and replaced with a team that is not tainted with their likes of Hillary Clinton and or their dislikes of our President Donald Trump…Justice is not to be biased nor blind…that is why it is called “justice”…It is not to be riddled with Clinton “corruption” which SC Robert Mueller has allowed to take place within this Special Consul investigation…Mueller needs to be fired.

  17. foudkirk says

    Trump should fire Sessions, Rosentein and Mueller!

    1. Susan Rachels Proctor says

      I would love that.

  18. Get Real says

    Rosenstein is as slimey as the other liberal traitors in the deep state and the ‘establishment’ types too… Nobody wants to stop the gravy train that is Washington DC… The system isn’t just broken; it’s shattered… Sessions is the establishment’s plug in the drain of the swamp… Want action? Start by getting rid of Sessions and appoint men like Gowdy and Jordan…

  19. carla AMERICAN says

    AMERICAN SOIL! Mueller knew everything that happened in collusion with russia becaucse he committed the crime, that’s how they knew to pin it on Trump. The insurance policy that was spoken of by the fbi is the female accusers that were paid by Attorney Allreds daughter the same attorney that paid Moores accusers. Investigate their nbank accounts, plain and simple

  20. bonavajo says

    Rosenstein is part of the problem. He needs to go immediately. Once he is gone Muller et al will quickly follow. It can be done easily by simply replacing him with another DOJ person. Just say we have lost confidence in his ability to be objective, since he an Muller are personal friends,

  21. Tiger says

    “It’s our responsibility to make sure those opinions do not influence their actions,” Rosenstein said. “I believe Director Mueller understands that, and recognizes people have political views but that they don’t let it [affect their work.]”

    I watched the entire investigation and the FACTS say it was all about the FBI having political positions that DID affect their work. These gits take us for complete fools who don’t know what we heard. This FOP needs to go and sooner than later, he is one of the BAD GUYS.

    1. Retired says

      Do you think we can trust either one of these two for a fair outcome ??? I am beginning to think they are Soros – Hillary and Democrats puppets .

      1. Tiger says

        No I don’t and after what Mueller pulled today with the emails of the Trump Transition Team, I know that this is revenge for the FBI emails and that they are going full throttle to bring down Trump if they can. We are at war.

        1. Retired says

          How sad what this country has turned into , keep up the good work we are with you .

          1. Tiger says

            Truly evil has taken hold.

  22. Ron C says

    We need to stop playing around with stupid back & forth game…why has everyone forgotten or stopped using the grand juries to investigate crimes at the highest bureaucracies in this country?
    And this bureaucracy being the cop shop FBI, with criminals given badges & guns and the right to murder ranchers…what the heck s going on here…enough is enough!
    Were are the perp walks now…???

  23. Ah nutz says

    jail that little worm too.

  24. Craig Vandertie says

    Time for Mueller and Sessions to go, is it not apparent why Jeffrey recused himself leaving Rosenstein incharge, rhetorical question, obviously to prevent himself from having to withhold evidence if not perjure himself.

    Time to filter to the toxic waste out of the alphabet soup.

  25. Donna Livernois says

    We watched and listened to Asst AG Rod all day last week……presented with fact after fact and evidence to back it up….the Deep State Cronie Rosenstein appeared stoic with deflating if any answering questions about Mueller. Mueller has to RESIGN or be FIRED this week……….

  26. Deplorable Lanie says

    Not only does the FBI need to be overhauled but the DOJ needs a good housecleaning too! And Sessions and Rosenstein should be the very first to go. And the FBI is so damaged by Mueller and Comey’s reigns that I am not sure it is fixable. I know that I will never have complete trust in it unless it gets a thorough cleaning including the entire upper echelon.

  27. Shears-of-Atropos says

    As usual, witnesses position: “nothing up this sleeve, and look, nothing up this other sleeve. Now smell the sizzle of that filet! (serves stir-fried Spam)”

    Sir, this reminds me of Spam. What is it you’re giving us?

    “Um, sorry, I don’t recall….”

  28. rocky63 says

    Time to get Rosenstein totally out of the DOJ. And Sessions definitely needs to “unrecuse” himself and take over the lead and make it clear that the FBI has acted dishonestly and needs to be smacked.

  29. kayj1223 says

    I honestly now believe that they have ALL been threatened or bought off by Obama or Soros, or both!!! That has to be the INLY logical explanation here! It is a shame! We have a great president who is turning America around and they are not going to stop until they bring him down! I believe Trey GOWDY is our only hope at this point! God save us from Soros, Obama and Clinton!

  30. Simply_Sis says

    [“Did the FBI pay for the dossier?” DeSantis asked. “I’m not in a position to answer that question,” Rosenstein replied.] I wonder what position he would need to be in, in order to answer the question. Maybe all covered in leather and suspended by hooks? Or maybe on a medieval torture rack? Or maybe with a hangman’s noose around his neck? I’m just spitballing here.


    Put Roy Moore in as AG for now!! Let him clean HOUSE!! He can then get rid of all the judges that do not support the constitution. After he is thru there, he can be appointed to the HIGH COURT.

    1. Retired says

      If it only was that simple !!!!

  32. John Douglas says

    This is a damn coup attempt and no one knows ! Every damn rat that has been ruining our country since 1989 is in on this . Media , Entertainment , Justice dept , C,I A , FBI Wall Street Silicon Valley and every other wretched government agency . The President has only us to stand with him

  33. Bill Meeker says

    So, now we see the number two man in DOJ misleading or refusing to provide answers to questions he is required to provide Congress by law … but will he be found in contempt? Nope! For months I’ve been wondering where AG Sessions is during all this but I’ve come to the only logical conclusion: he is part of the deep state himself.

  34. Raymond Galan says

    all bullshit and lies from fix the nation,to fix the nation let mueller do his job,in the begining every one loved him ,now that hisgetingn close to the king of rats ,all gop senators are screaming bloody murder.

    1. CCblogging says

      Mueller is totally corrupt and that is being revealed. Hanky?

  35. lbokarius says

    rosenstein and mueller are the first ones to be incarcerated due to this phony “special investigation”. Most probably a lot of others in mueller’s gang are to follow them.

  36. sophie bonner says

    The FBI is so corrupt they are willing to risk contempt charges rather than turn over the truth to the Intelligence Committees. They should know by now that the truth is going to come out, that many of them are going to lose their jobs and probably be prosecuted as well. America knows the truth. Sessions needs to do the job or step aside for another Attorney General who will.

  37. Shelba Herring says

    Fire Rosenstein and put someone else in his place that is not afraid to buck the system

  38. CCblogging says

    How long will the Mueller Democrat Witch Hunt go on? Deep State operative Rosenstein is as guilty as his rogue agents are.

  39. Ron Dapo says

    One thing we know for sure, the cover-ups are eternal. Never will they stop…..ever!!!

  40. cathylovesyou says

    I know half of the American people are living unhappily in LA LA Land, but Rosenstein and Mueller can’t fool the rest of us. So stop this phony investigation of Trump and Putin and go after the Democrats agenda’s of trying to tear down Trump while he is trying to help us undo the last two Presidents blunders.

    1. Ray says

      Exactly, get to the real collusion. Just follow the 💰.

  41. Richard Start says

    It is time for Sessions to come out from behind the desk and make sure those that work for him are capable of living up to the same high standards he has set for himself! If they can not do that he needs to collect proof of their infidelity and either remove them from the case or remove them from the FBI depending on the extent of their infidelity! One of his primary duties has head of the FBI is to enforce a standard! These guys work for the American People and not any political party!

  42. Richard Start says

    The out come of the Mueller investigation is already in question before it is over and he has not found anything of consequence. Knowing this others in the Democratic Party have dug up the old sexual harassment complaints against Donald Trump but they are not without fault either. What has turned up about them is Lisa Bloom has been soliciting for funds to pay herself and give too these ladies too! Makes a person wonder what is actually happening. Is this about truth or just removing one man form office? I have my idea as does much of the country even if our media giants want to sell another story.

  43. nick evans says

    This Russia ta-do is a muddle – on both sides.
    I shrivel the essentials down to this:
    1a. Someone (CIA, FBI, Clinton wing of DNC etc. perhaps) wants to maintain the anti-Assad, anti-Putin American-must-be-embroiled-in-the-middle-east-at-all-times-with-some-form-of-warfare-to-benefit-the-military-industrial-complex which has prevailed since the cold war – by making it seem that Trump is a traitor by being friendly to Assad and Putin.

    1b. Someone in Trump administration (if not Trump himself) helps keep 1a. alive by Trump’s “seeming” to want to shut down the Russia investigation (by a million tweets – firing of Comey, etc.).

    1a and 1b both want to keep the Russia ta-do alive. Why?

    1a. (Perhaps) hopes if they keep up the Russia investigation people will suddenly want to hate Russia and keep-America-involved-militarily-in-the-Mid-East but most of all – make people want to impeach Trump.

    1b (Perhaps) hopes that 1a will continue the Russia investigation churning with its “most-authorities-agree-Trump-colluded” which is clearly (so far) not gaining any traction with the populace.

    Why does Trump want this?

    My guess – Trump is getting away with dismantling the environmental protections that have accrued over decades – he has done this for the most part without the media paying much attention (at least the media will put Trump’s tweets on page one and Trump’s environmental cutbacks on page 50). [The fossil-fuel industries may soon get a big-time payoff in tax breaks in addition to the various loophole subsidies they already receive.] I do not think most Americans, including Trump supporters, know how devastating this will be for the health of Americans and the long-term economic problems that will ensue from the spending of tons of money on fossil-fuels projects that should be phased

  44. Max Thor says

    THE FBI. CIA and THE JUSTICE DEPT is corrupt. This is nothing more then a bunch of garbage agencies trying to overturn an election that this dumb asses don’t agree with….The american people DEMAND that heads start rolling a prosecutions begin.. There will be NO free passes….Lock them up….lock them up..Clinton, Muller, Rothstein…Muller hand carried uranium samples to Russia..That is how screwed up and corrupt this asswipe is

    1. Susan Rachels Proctor says

      We know all this, have heard it before but nothing is being done.

  45. John D says

    Rosenstien is corrupt, just like Schumer and Mueller

    1. Susan Rachels Proctor says


  46. Tomas says

    Sessions is useless in this matter. Mueller will never shut down this investigation. Mueller is getting all kinds of publicity, political exposure, and fame from this investigation. Hello Republicans! Take your head out of the fish barrel and wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Susan Rachels Proctor says

      Sessions is useless unless he unrecuses himself. Has Trump told him it’s his best move. We need his help? Maybe Sessions should be fired & replace him with TREY GOWDY, full force. Gowdy believes in JUSTICE! Mueller & his clan are making too good money. Why stop?

  47. disqus_7EcB0kPDrU says

    Contempt of Congress.

  48. Clarice says

    This is the ultimate test of our form of government assumed to be protected through provision of three branches designed to counter-balance each other: executive, legislative and judicial. We will soon see if two legs of that three-legged stool will be able to over-come the corruption which has become apparent in that branch primarily assigned to protect law and order. Will Congress with its legally and ethically trained components prove capable of providing the support needed to protect our Constitution and the people? Where does the power now lie and what is the process to make needed corrections?

  49. ernldo says

    You need not admit anything, leftist scum!

  50. Bdog says

    Huh… another anonymous post designed to drum up dissent and anger, and mislead a gullible populous away from the truth. Making a case in the court of public opinion, in hopes that “when” the real, verifiable evidence comes out… that you won’t believe it anyway. The hapless “sheep” being led to slaughter. Sad.

  51. markypolo says

    The only “good” democrat is a dead democrat. PERIOD.

    1. theking says

      Harry Reid made it possible for his friend to get 22 million (without being appropriated by congress) for a UFO project. How much of this was kicked back to Harry? FBI Should investigate Harry Reid

  52. says

    Government is only good at one thing, cover ups, lies, fraud, corruption, and screwing WE THE PEOPLE while also screwing America. Disgusting to see all these criminals in clear site like HiLIARy, Holder, lying Lynch, crooked Comey, Krapper, banana head Brennan, Mulehead, rotten Rice, and the list goes on and on, but as they say, the fish rots from the head, as in the fraud who sold America down the drain for past 8 years, almost succeeded in bringing U.S. down, but there is hope now that president is exposing them all, now if Sessions is not a resistance plant as I suspect, maybe these traitors will be indicted.

  53. jimdarnall says

    There will be no FBI person in position of power charged with conflict of interest or any other person now being grilled by the committee be charged. First of all you can bet they will not tell the truth when questioned about Trump and they will never admit collusion against the Trump presidency. How will any proof come out without someone telling the truth. Won’t happen.

  54. peter says

    what bull—the democrats will never win again after this lie… the americans arent stupid…..

  55. The Redhawk says

    Rosenstein, Mc Cabe and the rest of the DEEP STATE of Obama MUST BE FLUSHED down the TOILET

  56. Cynthia Thinker says

    I watched Rosenstein’s testimony and was not impressed with his performance. This man acted like an innocent sheep in headlights! However he is a lousy liar looking up to his left! Another cover man for the deep corruption that lies within the FBI!

  57. Murphmeister says

    Mr. Rosenstein, do you hear that thumping sound? That’s the sound of inevitability.

  58. Shelba Herring says

    Rosenstein needs to be further investigated and if he won’t give factual instead of vague answers he needs to be dismissed from the Dept of Justice seems like he is protecting Hillary even now and will do every thing in his power to continue to do so, if he is gone maybe someone in the Justice Dept can come up with what congress needs to know

  59. Warren says

    Comey Mueller Rosenstein Weisman Strzok Page A different type of Rat Pack.

  60. Bigmanuger says

    These doj deep state a holes need to be tarred and feathered,run out of town, procecuted to the full extent of the law then sent to some sh– Hole for ever.

  61. Bigmanuger says

    Deep state subversive BS , I’m sick of the liberal BS , progressive crap feed to the sheeple by the likes of racheal mad cow and other progressive perverts.

  62. Bigmanuger says

    Sessions needs to step out of the shadows and assert himself as the AJ of the USA! I appreciate that he is doing a lot behind the curtain but in today’s battle against the progressives pigs trying to subvert and take over out country we can’t afford to be subtle , nice, polite and play the reach across the isle BS.the progressives are hostile, dirty,subversives, Sessions needs to play their game but get dirtier than they are, crush the opposition, smear the corrupt progressive liberal polititions , starogists and perverts, simply crush them with no mercy, do unto them 10 times worse than they would do to us.

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