Democrats Desperately Distancing Themselves From Obama


Say what you will about congressional Democrats – and there’s plenty to say – but they at least know which way the winds are blowing. With polling suggesting that the fight for control of the Senate is going to come down to the wire in November, many Democrats are starting to noticeably leave President Obama out of their rhetoric. According to an examination of floor speeches made in Congress over the last year, Democrats are increasingly widening the distance between themselves and the president.

This is a marked turnaround for America’s elected liberals. Does anyone remember the hype around the president in the early days of his first term? Liberals legitimately thought this guy was the second coming. They fawned over him like he was a god in man’s clothing. Democrats were ready to enshrine him in gold and put his face on the donkey. What a coup! Not only did they have someone with charisma, they had a president who was somehow immune to criticism. Any critics of the president were, by definition, obviously racist!

The media supported him beyond even the typical Democrat politician. Opposition groups like the Tea Party were categorized as selfish, stupid, and borderline dangerous. This was the age of Obama, and anyone who wasn’t on board was a Luddite.

My, how times have changed.

Yeah, there are still those small groups out there claiming racism, but they’ve become the minority. And Democrats in Congress know better than to go down with the sinking ship. These politicians know where their bread is buttered. Congressional and gubernatorial races around the country are using Obama as a centerpoint to their campaigns. Not the Democrats, but the Republicans! Things have turned around so sharply that Republicans are able to point to their opponents talking positively about the president, turning it into a major liability for Democrats.

In a way, it’s a beautiful thing to behold. In another way, though, it’s a scary look at political psychology. Because there are too many voters out there who will fall into this trap. They know that Obama has been a nightmare for this country. They have admitted in major polls that if the 2012 election were to be held again today, they would vote for Mitt Romney instead. But can they see through this transparent attempt on the part of the Democrats to pretend like they never supported Obama to begin with?

Several analysts have pointed out that Hillary Clinton – the current frontrunner for the Dems in 2016 – will have a hard time separating herself from the Obama administration. After all, she spent four years as part of that administration. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter that much. Poll after poll has shown her with a decided lead over proposed Democratic challengers, and she’s defeated every potential GOP candidate in the same polls.

Maybe that’s a sign that none of this really matters. Low information voters are going to go with the familiar choice. They’re going to go with the cult of celebrity. If that’s true, then we’ve lost a big part of what makes the democratic process work.

  1. Laddyboy says

    Too late. You made your bed. It is now time for you to lie in it!

    1. Joe Troklus says

      Your correct Laddyboy…………..absolutely on target………….

      THE 47% strictly voted for ethnicity………to hell with common sense votes……….




      HOPE AND CHANGE BS……copyright 2014 joe

  2. jim says

    All the libtards rats are running from pimp daddy hussian barry obmer.This pimp hussian barry obmer will throw all these libtard rats under the bus as always.Us true Americans need to vote all the libtard rats out of office.These rats work for us we don’t work for them.

    1. James Seidel says

      Rats do not work for us, they work against us.

      1. jim says

        I am sorry you are right these rats do work against all of US True Americans

        1. Virginia Woodard says

          SAD BUT TRUE!

      2. Goodforall says

        As anti-American as they come. Liberals are destroying our Country.

        1. squeak says

          NO KIDDING DICK TRACY ! And then some !

      3. hora says

        First time some one said a real true, rat KKK thing will save ass, but is not, liberals are to deep fucks much more thing. Never Dems doing a atrocity bid damage who doing now. But a good are all a game be will inverse, cat be will play with a mouse Dems for long time. Never we must let Liberals became in a power again.

        1. Wayne says

          I hear that!

        2. Roy Foster says

          What?? Learn to use the English language.

      4. Virginia Woodard says


      5. Arleen Avergil says


    2. Aunt Dot says

      From your mouth to God’s ear!!! We can only hope!!

      1. jim says

        Yes I know God hears us,but these libtards rats are trying to take our God out of everything.

        1. Barack_Oblunder says

          God terrifies the agnostic, atheist, liberal, toilet bug. There is more power there than they can find science to explain.

        2. Wayne says

          and our FLAG.

    3. Virginia Woodard says


    4. 7papa7 says

      Talk is cheap, I will believe they are distancing themselves ONLY when they take action against him. Like the old expression goes your actions are speaking so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.

    5. Gosha says

      Want America to SURVIVE?
      DO NOT vote for anybody in politics now.
      ALL OF THEM broaght America down.
      VOTE FOR ALL NEW CANDIDATES at ALL government levels, local and federal.
      Here is how you ALWAYS vote.
      DO NOT ever vote for professional politicians, lawers, liberal professors, union bosses.
      1. VOTE for BUSINESS people first.
      2.VOTE for people who never was in politics.
      NEVER, EVER vote fore any proposition giving more money to the government.
      If you do, you just give them more money to waste, and get more corrupted.
      You see?!! It`s really THAT SIMPLE.

      1. jim says

        I wish all True Americans would vote like to say.But the race pimp libtards love the pimp in cheif

      2. Seldena says

        VOTE fo an American that truly loves America and the Constitution and will uphold and defend it! Vote for an American that does not want change AMERICA into a socialist country. VOTE for an American who will close the borderrs, enforce the laws and NO AMNESTY.!! Vote for an Ameerican that wants to kepp AMericans working and not laid off so ILLEGALS can have the jobs. VOTE REPUBLICAN and it is that SIMPLE!!

      3. Mark Clemens says

        I think we should vote for people who served in War Times. Their patriotism has been proven….
        Voting everyone out is the right thing to do. It would put a hitch in “The Puppet Master’s” plans. All of this money needs to get out of our political system, with out infringing on The People’s First Right Amendment.
        I know I’m talking crazy here:
        Just because the SCOUS says it’s lawful, does not mean we have to do it. Just we can if we choose. Instead of a million word bill infringing on our rights addressing this issue. Why can’t congress pass a simply worded Bill/Law as such……. “No person, business, cooperation, union, or special interest group can not donate over $10,000 per candidate.”

    6. 7papa7 says

      If these left wing losers were serious they would be joining forces with republicans to stop him and his commie agenda. They aren’t so like usual they only talk the talk they DON’T walk the walk.

      1. jim says

        The left wing losers will never give up on the pimp hussian barry obmer

        1. 7papa7 says

          That is why I was saying it is all talk to get reelected.

  3. johnanaguski says


  4. oaking says

    So much for the Joke in Chief being their ‘Hero’, sadly, we all get to live with the fall out from the socialist plot to overthrow the REPUBLIC of NORTH AMERICA or the USA. Also sadly way to many Republicans want more government too.

  5. Bojac says

    The Rats are jumping off the sinking USS Obama ship.The Demorats are super glued on stupid while the top Donkey refuses to listen or take advice from our nations generals and military analysts. Obama has never spent one day in the military yet he believes he knows more than they do. You can’t fix stupid.

    1. Yadja says

      “Super Glued on Stupid” LOLOLOLOLOL rolling over here. Thanks

    2. Bravefart says

      You are right on Bojac! That is a real sore spot with me as well. Most Generals have been in the Armed Forces for 30 – 40 years. Have attended college at West Point, the Air Force Academy in Colorado Spriings, the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, the Marine Corps University In Quantico, and spent countless hours at the War College in Leavenworth, KS. They have fought on the battlefield in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, or played intricate roles in support of those actions. They have led thousands of men successfully over a long period of time. In short, they know battle tactics and how to make sh!t happen!!! Then along comes a community planner from Chicago who gets offended when a General in Afghanistan disrepects his “role” as the Demander in Chief (and minimal value to the nation). And just like that the General is relieved of his Command. Forty years of talent and experience that could change the lives of millions of people are extracted from the battlefield by an egotistical Muslim maniac who knows nothing about the enemy or how to defeat him. Only in America. Sad…

      1. Aunt Dot says

        What do you expect???? He has been on Welfare his WHOLE LIFE!!! Never worked for anything, lied his way through everything he touched!!! Never having met responsibility or GOD, he does nothing but keep the mouth moving with LIES, LIES, LIES!!! EVEN THE MOO-COW INHERITED THE METHOD!!! The proof is visible…. we MUST NEVER ELECT SOMEONE WHO WAS GIVEN EVERYTHING HE DEMANDED BY PEOPLE WHO PLAYED HIM AND USED HIM!! He is KING SHIT only in his OWN mind!!!! Everywhere else he is a mound of fecal matter attracting flies and vermin… example: Killory, Holder, Reid, Pee-lousy, and every mouth he chose to talk for him!!!

        1. Virginia Woodard says


          1. Ken says

            I hear he is Great at Black Magic, you know, the Evil Kind. They think they have their God.

      2. Virginia Woodard says


      3. Bruce O'ryan says

        Time these Generals and Admirals used their heads and their training and booted this traitor out of the White House along with the rest of the others in Washington D.C.

      4. Bojac says

        The Democrats stole the the 2008 and the 2012 election with votes from dead people and lies. We must vote and take back the Senate from Harry Reid and the lying liars. They gave us Obama who was supposed to be the great black hope but we got the Muslim Dope.

    3. BlueEyedAl says

      Anybody that thinks Obama is stupid is dumber than a rock. He is doing just as he promised and that is to destroy America. He is letting terrorists in from across the Mexican border. He will be brining in terrorists from Syria. He wants another 9/11 so he can declare martial law. He is sick, (like most Democrats) wanting nothing but power! If you think beheading of Americans upsets Obama

      1. BlueEyedAl says

        (continued-accidently posted before finished). Obama likes beheadings of Americans that is why he originally supplied ISIL, ISIS or IS. He is now forced to pretend that he wants ISIS stopped. He thinks he is the new Muhammad. Given the chance he would make Hitler look like an alter boy!

        1. Virginia Woodard says


      2. Virginia Woodard says


    4. Fedupwiththefeds says

      There’s a reason the liberal mascot is a jackass.

    5. Virginia Woodard says


      1. Ken says

        EBOLA is a U.S Patent. USA is the Great Satan. Don’t believe me, Just ask Iran.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        I agree, you can’t kill a virus with bullets and bombs. Were is the WHO?

    6. Arleen Avergil says


  6. EMIRCITNA says

    BOTTOM LINE; Hillary Clinton is a mean-spirited, stone-faced Communist who would be WORSE than Obama, should we have the misfortune of a majority of ignorant misfits with voter cards putting HER into our White House;… not to even mention the grinning sex-hound that will be riding her coat-tails back to his old hunting grounds!!!!

    1. johnny51 says

      God help the U.S.A. ! Can you say AMEN ?

      1. EMIRCITNA says


      2. chelseachablis says

        AMEN, AMEN & AMEN!!!!!!

      3. Mark Clemens says

        AMen! Now would be a good time for Jesus to show up!

        1. Yadja says

          St Michael leading our troops would be a boon. St Michael doesn’t fool around and his Commander in Chief outranks everyone.

          1. Ken says

            Daniel 12.1

          2. Yadja says

            “At that time there shall arise Michael, the great prince, guardian of your people; it shall be a time unsurpassed in distress since nations began until that time. At that time your people shall escape, everyone who is found written in the book.”

            “As for you Daniel, keep secret the message and seal the book until the end time; many shall fall away and evil shall increase.”

            Everyone should read Daniel 12. Thank you for reminding me. 🙂

        2. Virginia Woodard says

          i believe GOD is punishing america because of total disregard for his word of truth! MILLIONS OB BABIES MURDERED BY DOCTORS AND THEIR MOTHERS! SAME SEX MARRIAGES! VOTING IN A GODLESS MUSLIM!

          1. Ken says

            We are being lead by followers of the God of this World. I Hate them Satanist, as My Lord does.

        3. Barack_Oblunder says

          We need Jesus so badly.

          1. Ken says

            He is with the Ones that have CHRIST THE HOPE OF GLORY in their Heart, “For the Word of God is, Quick, and powerful, and Sharper then any Two-Edged Sword. Piercing even to the Dividing asunder of Soul and Spirit, and of the Joints and Marrow, and is a discerner of the Thoughts and intents of the Heart” Hebrews 4:12

      4. Yadja says


      5. rridgsr says

        AMEN- AMEN -AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      6. Virginia Woodard says

        amen! the only one that can at this point of american ignorance@!

    2. jim says

      Yes that is so true clinton is scum of the earth

      1. EMIRCITNA says

        ….or any other planet that would have the misfortune of her presence!!!

        1. Mark Clemens says

          “Hillary *gasp* Clinton is galactic skum *hiss*”-Darth Vader,

          1. Ken says

            I would say she is a piss ant and needs to be stepped on.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            If Hillary really cared for the US of A, she and Bill should buy a house in Antarctic. ……

      2. Yadja says

        33 people died who were not friends with Clinton and 12 of them were body guards.

        They are lethal.

        1. jim says

          clinton may be headed to jail when we get both houses back in November

          1. Yadja says

            If she goes she will drag O and everyone who were involved in anything with her.

            Maybe the fat Bird will Sing.

          2. jim says

            I would love to see clinton drag all the rats down with her.she will sing like a jail bird.I would love to see obmer go to jail

          3. Yadja says

            Ya know if we don’t have the guts to Impeach this man then we don’t have the intelligentsia to put her in jail.

          4. jim says

            I think you are right,I was only wishing

          5. Yadja says

            Well if wishes were horses we could round um up and head um out.

          6. Virginia Woodard says

            it does seem so and yet one vet had the balls to try and get the head team at the dirtyb white house! GOD BLESS HIM!

          7. Yadja says

            May the Almighty lead him forward faster.

          8. squeak says

            This is what he is afraid of, that is why he is treating her so nice, for one thing, by offering” his limos “, as he stated, & security when she is ready to go to the hospital… what I say to that is ” Obama, those Limos, security are NOT YOURS, they belong to the tax payers, not you”… besides who is Chelsea to get perks like that when she or her parents are not in office, she can go to the hospital as everyone else does .. I do not want my money to go for the Clintons, they are no better then Obama !

          9. Green Eyed Lady says

            She is not entitled. Ridiculous.

          10. Barack_Oblunder says

            Wouldn’t you prefer to see him and his ape like wife hang? I know there’s a cold steel bridge with his name on it.

          11. Virginia Woodard says

            REMEMBER! BILL WAS OFTEN CALLED “SLICK WILLY!” hillary worse!

        2. Virginia Woodard says


          1. Yadja says

            Remember the papers she had hidden in her desk that America was going crazy to find? The guy who told where they were had a heart attack shortly after. The lies she told about dodging bullets on the tarmac. The mess with her Law Firm. The 33 people killed during Bill’s time in the WH 12 of which were body guards?

            Yes Virginia there are those who remember.

          2. infadelicious says

            dead men tell no tales.

          3. Yadja says

            Too bad the wrong ones are dead.

        3. Reverend Ike says

          At least. I could swear I saw a roster of 70+ a few years ago. Were I to have a drink around either of them, I wouldn’t go to the bathroom without taking it with me.

          1. Yadja says

            The heart attacks among those that don’t like the Clintons or had something to say about them is amazing. The guy that was behind bars even got it. Slick Willy and Wiley Hillary not a force to be reckoned with unless you reckon to be far, far away after you sing.

          2. Reverend Ike says

            Web Hubbell (sp?) I remember that…

          3. Yadja says

            They don’t play nicey with others.

    3. Mark Clemens says

      Look at her main reason to become president.
      Because her husband did it, and got a blow job from an intern. She’s just jealous of Bill. That is a politically unhealthy reason, we all know it.
      God only knows what she will do w/a intern and a cigar………
      Even though Halloween is around the corner, that’s a scary thought!

    4. john robel says

      Oh yes, the Unabanger.

    5. Virginia Woodard says


  7. Combatvet52 says

    There are many stupid people in this country who put this POS in the WH when he should be slinging burgers at Burger King, and his second job SHINING shoes so he can pay for his s–t for a change.

  8. Jerry_Morgan says

    Democrats gave us
    Barack Obama … America’s First Black.. Homosexual.. Habitual Lying.. Corrupt.. Drug Addict.. Illegal.. Muslim.. President…
    Isn’t that reason enough to not ever trust another Democrat? …Never turn our country over to them again. None can be trusted…
    They all have the Obama Democrat mindset… It will take 50 years to clear the country of the last Obama Democrat.
    Vote Conservative… Be it TEA Party or Republican…Be careful though… There are those in both Conservative Parties
    …Who are Not Conservative… Judge them for the content of their character and actions.
    – – Jerry Morgan

    1. jim says

      The Pimp in chief needs to be in jail,Please all true Americans get out and vote these pimp in chief lovers out of office.Please help the Tea Party it is America’s last chance Thank God for the Tea Party

    2. Virginia Woodard says


      1. Jerry_Morgan says

        Golf is not his real priority… when he “Plays Golf” he… many times just wants to get in the rough engaging in his real priority.
        The first line of my first comment contains the activity I’m referring to. Got it?

    3. Ken says

      I like Tea. The only party with any sense.

  9. abc__jps says

    I agree those who voted for him have to live with the results of his time in the White House. BUT so do the rest of us. He is such a disgrace to the office. Can you imagine the disrespect he has for the men fighting to save his ass. Wonder if he would liked the Marine to have had a coffee cup in his hand when he save him the self appointed King

  10. WhiteH20Man says

    The problem is the low information voter. Do they deserve a vote? They are why the founding fathers restricted the vote to male landowners. Of course, there should be no restriction based on gender, race, religion, etc. But should the citizens have a resposibility to be informed in order to vote? I think so. How would that be measured?

    1. wdosr says

      The vote should be limited only to those who paid taxes (state/federal) during the last election cycle. To allow anyone that lives off of government charity programs to vote is tantamount to providing guns to robbers and thieves. Does anyone expect the recipient of socialist programs to vote against socialist programs or the representative that promises to keep them on the dole?

      1. EMIRCITNA says

        BOTTOM LINE; without the ability to BUY VOTES through largesse of the public dole, the Democrats could ….NEVER WIN AN ELECTION!!!!!

    2. EMIRCITNA says

      NO ONE on the public dole should be allowed to vote until they get OFF the public dole, as it is a blatant….CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!!!

      1. Krakin says

        That is not necessarily true… I know many individuals and families who are on assistance and trying to get off because of economic crap that occurred. Neither can we grade based on level of education. Some of the smartest people I know don’t have college degrees, yet are well read and informed when they vote. Maybe raise the voting age to 27? That is an arbitrary age which would give the younger generation the ability to go to college, start working, and learn from real life experiences. If I recall these last two presidential elections were the highest turnouts of all time for collegiate voters, though I may be a bit off…

        1. EMIRCITNA says

          …and LOOK at what the Commie-indoctrinated young fools, who outnumber the intelligent students, voted for as U.S President…..TWO TIMES!!!!
          In today’s America, the worst thing parents can do is to sent their kids to an institution of Communist professors that indoctrinate instead of educate…called ‘college’!!!

      2. Fedupwiththefeds says

        Give them a test to see if they know what each of the candidates stand for. For a lot of people, it is how well they know a name and no other reason. That is the only reason Hillbillary will win the Democratic nomination. Her name is known in every household across America.

        1. EMIRCITNA says

          LET US hope that in most of them her name is….MUD!!!

          1. Fedupwiththefeds says

            As a woman myself, I will not vote for her and I encourage everyone I know to refrain from voting for her. Just look at her record. What has she done? She’s proven herself to be as much of a liar as the liar-in-chief himself. Remember Bosnia?

    3. Robert Young says

      The voting records of all incumbents should be published 3 months prior to election and be required reading for registered voters and only United States Citizens should be allowed to vote.

  11. RMCSRET says

    Don’t worry as soon as the election is over everyone of these DEMOCRATs will continue there voting
    records to show that they fully support the President and his agenda for the country. Anyone willing to
    take a bet on that?

  12. papa doug says

    You can mark my words on this one, Hillary will most likely win in 2016 because low intelligence voters, welfare voters and women will vote for her because they just simply don’t know any better and or they just want a woman in the White House, any woman. Hell if Nancy Pelosi were running instead of Hillary they would even vote for her, or Sarah Palin for that matter.

    The American voter is famous for voting like it was a grade school popularity contest then complaining about their winner for the next four years while swearing they never voted for them. We can tell them to WAKE UP all we want but it will avail nothing because they simply don’t have the brain pan to know any better and that’s the sad truth of it.

    1. Fedupwiththefeds says

      I can guarantee you that THIS woman will not vote for Hillbillary! If women were the only choices on the ballot, I would choose Palin over any others. At least she’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

  13. EDWARD says

    DAMN DEMON CRAP COWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!see them running claiming they never had anything to do with Odumbo…………….what a bunch of cowards……………remember this when you vote in November people………… you want leadership or a bunch of sniveling cowards who abandon their boss??????????????????????????????????????????THE ONE THEY SUPPORTED 100% FOR FIVE YEARS

  14. Mark Clemens says

    Nobody wants to be around Obama. When his family goes on vacation, doesn’t his wife and kids take a separate jet?

  15. jayleigh says


    1. Yadja says

      After O I say only 4 years for any prez no second chances. We can’t do this again.

      1. Virginia Woodard says


        1. Yadja says

          Reagans are becoming few and far inbetween. We don’t have much to choose from.

    2. Virginia Woodard says

      A MUST!

    3. Mark Clemens says

      Age limits too!
      If your Senator or REPRESENTATIVEs have been in office before the internet became common, they need to go………

  16. Yadja says

    When you roll around in a pile of chit the stink is difficult to remove. Perhaps the Democrats will attempt to get their Party back and get the Progressives out.

    The Liberal Dem/Progressives have taken this country into a situation that won’t be forgotten for a very long time. Once we get them out it will be a Cold Day in He!! before they get back in the drivers seat.

    They drove us to a precipice.

  17. DustyFae says

    Just a lie about this distancing themselves, they still hold the same agenda as Obama. The just want to get elected or reelected .. Remember they back everything Obama is doing before and they had a chance to stop Obama’s craziness, but if they did not do it now, they won’t do nothing about it later.. That secret little meeting with Obama and just the democrats was most like all their little scam to remain in power.. That is why we can not have a one party government.. Lots of Republicans can’t be fully trusted either, they can do something now, what makes people think any of them will do any thing about stopping Obama later… But may be we can stop the Democrats from total control.. We must try.

    1. Virginia Woodard says


      1. DustyFae says

        Watch and see.. you know who back Obama agenda and who did not…

        1. Ken says

          Karl Rove and His Rhinos (Are Demoncrats), I presume.

  18. Bravefart says

    Just say “No” to Hillary! She would be nothing but a white, female Obama. This country couldn’t survive another four years (or eight years) of going deeper in the hole The only good thing I might say about her is that she is not a Muslim, but I am not sure about that. Neither are Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan the answer – they are too extreme in the other direction – we wouldn’t have any clothes left on our backs! What this country needs is problem solvers like Ben Carson and Allen West to lead this country on a sane path to prosperity. I am a “Cracker,” and would entrust these two fine black men to turn this country around in 2016 like no other men can. If you haven’t researched these conservative professionals and their potential viability as leaders of the U.S., please do so. I think you will be both surprised and excited about the possibilities!

    1. Virginia Woodard says


  19. Savior says

    They Finally Woke UP, all that is except Pelosi & Reid (Darrel & Darrela)

  20. Robert Young says

    Make it simple. Vote out the incumbents.If they are there now they did not stop nor prevent the mess government is in now so replace them with new faces. Then, maybe they will help right some of the wrongs, abolish existing programs, departments, and agencies which infringe on the Constitutional Rights of American Citizens, and will actually listen to and vote the will of their constitutents.

  21. oinklesam says

    Washington DC has Dumbed Down, Numbed Up, Tuned Out and Turned Off EVERYBODY. Political BS. We ARE NOT a Democracy, we are a Republic. Democracy Democracy Democracy is all you hear from Lame Stream Media. A Democracy is Two Wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. Guess which one YOU are. The founding fathers got it and that is why they gave us a REPUBLIC. A Democracy is 51% rule. A Republic is Governed under “Rule Of Law”, (BTW – NOT MAN’S LAW) Law that applies to EVERYONE, yes, even the Government. That’s why Dumocrats HATE it. A Republic puts handcuffs and leg irons on Government. (by the Way – 98% of dumocrats deserve Handcuffs and leg irons). BS, BS and More BS. Washington DC ought to be surgically removed from the face of the earth. (Only while Congress and the Senate are IN Session however) I would conservatively guess that 98.9% of the clown show in DC is guilty of violating their “Oath of Office”, “Fiduciary Responsibility” and “Duty” to We the People. I say “Open a forensic exam on each of their voting records” and place under house arrest, pending a legal opinion by a Citizens Oversight Committee (not by the current crop of corrupt Judges) to conclude whether or not formal charges and a trial be scheduled for violators. AND, Treason is NOT off the table………………………………..[ … Rant over]

    1. Ken says

      Book um all Dano, get the scum, that wouldn’t make a pimple on an Ass of Honest Man or Women.

  22. Goodforall says

    The are all accountable for their past actions and support of the fake in chief. Lets hope the voters remember this in the upcoming elections in November.

  23. tax man says

    It is “racist” to support an incompetent black man who is only in office because he is black, but has no skills whatsoever or experience in handling such an important job. I hope the liberals are so confused come November 4th that they forget to vote! Glad to see Wisconsin determined their voting laws are constitutional and that voter fraud needs to be prevented.

  24. THOMAS says

    A This is total crap its election time an the Democrat. Are only doing this hoping that the. FORGET their AMERICAN PEOPLE will forget their crimes against the AMERICAN CITIZENS & our Constitutional Rights. I for one will never vote Democratic again.These trators need to be introduced to madam Gelatin.

  25. THOMAS says

    They are doing this only in the hopes that the voters will over look their crimes against the AMERICAN PEOPLE &our our Constitutional Rights. Please do not re elect these trators. They have back the illegal president from you day one.Do not let them dictate to us any more.

  26. slypuffers says

    Not only Democrats are, but America’s Allies as well. The entire world has learned, with a flake named Obama in charge, America is to be viewed with caution, and suspicion. This isn’t your father’s America, and more the pity. Under Obama, everyone waits to be thrown under the bus, only his warped, radical, destruction of America matters………….sweethearts.

  27. SaveOurNation says

    Well there you go, all the “want some freebies” are going vote for that piece of trash.
    What can you do? Hope that she is hit by a bus, that’s what…

    I am already seeing the “ready for Hillary” bumper stickers. Pathetic disgusting people that “think” they are citizens…

    If you think that obummer strolled in some “socialist change” garbage, just hang on to your boot straps brother and sisters if Killary is elected…

  28. Nikita63 says

    All the democratic rats who have been feeding at the public trough and having themselves a ball at our expense are seeing the light and like the rats they are; abandoning the never good ship Obama! Good riddance to all of them and I hope that people of conscience in BOTH parties will vote out of office every incumbent in BOTH parties as these bums could not have hurt us all as they have, had they not been enabled to do so by RINOS and other cretins also feeding at the public trough as the insatiable pigs they are; though not as blatantly. All true Americans; that is CITIZENS, legally naturalized and native born and NO OTHERS, who will undoubtedly vote by massive fraud at Democratic insistence and with aid as the last two elections show MUST vote intw3lligewntly to change the content and character of those we elect to represent US: NOT FOREIGN FELONS, JIHADIST MUSLIMS WHO MEAN US NOTHING BUT ILL, AND SELF AGGRANDIZING SWINE WISHING TO CONTINUE FEEDING AT THE PUBLIC TROUGH AT OUR EXPENSE AND , TO OUR DETRIMENT; HOPEFULLY, NOT THIS TIME AROUND!

  29. dondehoff says

    People, wake up! There are no separate and isolated “terror groups”. The Muslims, are a close-nit “culture and ideology” and up until recently, without a state, and they do not have the traditional “standing” army, air force and navy—-so they fight their “world-domination” wars with the most efficient tools that they possess—-individuals and small groups, using terror tactics, along with many devout Muslims responding to a call to “Jihad”. They profess their ideology is a “religion”, but the international traditional and accepted meaning of religion is confined to divinity and other spiritual matters—-not which hand to use when performing “necessities”, restrictive world-wide dress and food codes, subordination of females and “death” for “non-believers”, barbaric methods of enforcing their beliefs at the expense of all other accepted religion’s, etc.—there are several good books “out there” that expose those issues in great detail. but that is a post (or a series of books) in itself.

  30. Larry Cowden says

    Polecats can’t change their stripes and neither can the liberal ones! They branded themselves for Obama and now they can pay the consequences! Vote the SOBs out and let them join the welfare lines along with their sheik. No more use for them in Congress in any way shape or form!

  31. Ervin Schrader says

    Instead of all the talk, lets throw the Dems out now. Get out the voters and throw the Obama gang out of office! Don’t let the bitch Hillary even get started. Bill and Hillary are the worse pair ever except for Obama and his transvestite wife.

  32. Seldena says

    They may distance themselves from him now before the elections, BUT if they win they will be right back kissing his a### all over again. Surely voters know and understand ALL DEMOCRATS ARE LIARS just for votes!! Please don’t swallow their lies. VOTE this evil Party out!! VOTE REPUBLICAN!!! We have to save our freedoms and our Republic!

  33. Barbara Ervin says

    I can understand those who are up for reelection distancing themselves from 0.They know they’re in grave danger of being ‘sent home’ come November.

  34. Beverly Miller says

    This Dictator and a–Kissers Pelosi and Reid could care less. Most Young American people don’t seem to care as long as they get their pot and free welfare money.

  35. Irvan says

    Nothing like RATS deserting a sinking ship. That bastard in the WH needs to be castrated and his testicals stuffed down his throt.

  36. Samuel Clemens says

    Not to worry, this is all for election purposes. After the elections, the NAZI,s will return to their Adolph.

  37. squeak says

    What a bunch of Chickens… they know they are toast & are going as far doing what they do best, that is fraud… they are changing from their party to INDEPENDENT… REMEMBER AMERICA, if you see an Independent by a Republican, put the X by the Republican… Take OUR Senate back, lets make Obama & Democrats miserable as they have us for the last several years, put them at a stand still !

  38. squeak says

    Obama is going to fly all over GOD’s acres to make money for the Democrats… he has gone to 50 states so far, some of them twice, he is going again … does anyone else find this a ” CONFLICIT OF INTEREST” by him using air force one to raise money for the Democrats to win an election, with the tax payers money… one sided Country, one sided election… he is worried that he will not be in control if the Republicans win the SENATE,if Reid would lose, if the Enemies with-in was to lose… God , I hope so

  39. Maggiemae says

    Can we all say…,a, na, a na, a ….told you so! It all comes home to roost. Personally, they are all reaping exactly what they sowed. Evil! And, I’m happy to see them squirm. Now let’s hope all the voters see the light and error or their ways and help turn this country back to We, The People, not they, the dictators.

  40. pmbalele says

    Only stupid TPs and Repubs are distancing themselves from President Obama. You remember when Obama gave Syria chance to dump his weapons, TPs, Repubs and right wing cried foul. John McCain had even asked Obama to give ISIS weapons to kill Assad. Now the same people are asking Syria to join the fight against ISIS. I think TPs and Repubs are dumb or have short memory.

  41. jen says

    Good day America. I am proud to see isis get bombed. I am in California now. Adult protective services in Arizona trying to take my dad from me saying I am abusing him when I am not. Retaliation for talking. Lies, threats, intimidation, retaliation for talking is against my constitutional rights.civil rights.

  42. jen says

    I am being retaliated against and lied about bya bunch of jerks who were working as my dads home senior workers, who refused to give dad a shower after changing his diapers. They brought the sherrifs to my apartement in Arizona who were going to have me arrested, making up false acusations against me.they said I was abusing my dad and tried to take my dad against his will to a place he does not want to go.

  43. ward says

    The picture of hil & bo says it all ; “TOLD YOU WE COULD FOOL ‘EM & NOT GET CAUGHT “…!

  44. Robert L. Rice says

    IF Hilary,gets the nod,then goes on to win the election for president,America is finished,she will finish what obozo started,and all the low class,welfare morons will vote for her, BUT,at least Bill will be happy,he can screw around without Hilary watching,BUT,I heard that billy boy said” Hilary gets more PU$$Y than I do” implying shes a lesbian,just what we need,a lesbian following a QUEER as president.

  45. Jerry Hughes says

    It is apparent at this point, that reason and votes are not the way to deal with the liberal dem bloodsuckers, aka American Jihadists.
    We are coming down to partition or civil war

  46. JIMBO says

    If they are so upset with Obama, why are they still honoring his every move? Don’t trust a liberal. They will do what ever it takes keep the senate. It is up to us to stop them, Vote a republican ticket in November.

  47. Lizard says

    No one likes nigglet any more … Go away you Muslim Obama

  48. Wiseguy says

    Brokeback Barry is a disease. Hanging is the cure.

  49. Phile says

    What ever happened to honest Politicians, who would represent US for the betterment of the people and the country . It!s both a power and a money game!!!! God help us !!!

  50. Virginia Woodard says


  51. Phile says

    I heard from a reliable source that when Barry was a senator in Illinois, that he was a member of a gay bathhouse society along with Holder. Can anyone confirm this? ??

  52. mcbee555 says

    Let no Democrats be exempted from being voted OUT. They supported Obama despite his attacks against our Constitution, they backed him to the hilt, they’d lied and covered-up for his lies, they don’t deserve any pass though they’re in the midst of deserting Obama now in an attempt to extend their own corrupt political careers.
    Do not be confused by the “Democrat” label, that Party was hijacked at least 20 years ago. It then incrementally became more and more Socialist, just a softer title for Communism..
    Our country needs a clean-out, starting with those Commies in Washington who rode the crest of Obama’s wave. No Democrat Senator or Representative running for election should be spared, out with these closet Communists!

  53. Lizard says

    Larry S is still really Horny and wants one more night with Obammy Lol

  54. Lizard says

    Never thought i would see day America has Queer for president ..Hello Obama

  55. MIKE6080 says

    screw the demonrats

  56. Barack_Oblunder says

    The lying democrats want to appear to disappear from Obama like a fart in a hurricane, but give them a vote and they’ll stick to Harry Reid and Obama like penicillin resistant venereal disease.

  57. 1josephg1 says

    Do you think the mentally deficient democratic voters will gain wisdom and finally figure out that the scum bags in the house and senate don’t care who they screw. After all they passed a law that they themselves are not subject to. The law says that no law shall be passed that they themselves are not subject to. Not to mention Benghazi, fast and furious, the fake birth certificate, my administration will be the most transparent, etc. etc. etc. etc.Wake up left wing nuts.

  58. ABBAsFernando says

    You know when low information liberals finally comprehend they are being used the jig is up!

  59. Karen Gaddy says

    The demoncRATS are like all other rats…they desert the sinking ship.

  60. RMCSRET says

    They are not jumping ship they are just moving until after the ELECTION and then they will be right
    back in the fold at the WHITE HOUSE.

  61. Combatvet52 says

    Set the traps for the RATS

  62. Wayne says

    The rats are running cause the ship the pied piper was steering is full of holes.

    1. Wayne says


  63. marcus johannes says

    The Modern National Democrats are Utopian Secular Socialists ,Arrogant Angry Control Freaks Lacking any Ethical or Moral Boundaries ,No surprise here !! Socialists ,Communists and Fascists have a long long history of stabbing each other in the back with the ice cold Liberal Knife

  64. adrianvance says

    They can run, but they cannot hide. The truth will out.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and have some fun.

  65. waybackwhen says

    Here we are now the liberals are trying to protect THEIR BUTTS! What ever happened to SERVING THIS COUNTRY WITH THE VERY BEST FOR OUR COUNTRY INSTEAD OF THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS?

  66. Arleen Avergil says


  67. Phile says

    Anxious to hear what Big O will have to say about Holder’s resignation this afternoon. The ship, thank God is finally sinking.

  68. willi says

    People,remember what Hillary Clinton did to four Americans, she left them behind, and what really matters, she doesn’t give a dam ,Now she has the Gall ,and wants to be President,after committing treason with the rest of the scrum and traitors ,they should be in Prison every last one that was involved.GOD Bless America,

  69. TAM44 says

    Does the democrats think we don’t know who’s been backing obama to the hilt the last six years? The number one enemy to this country is that lying treasonous sissified boy barack hussien obama. obama making them our enemies too. wants to destroy this country and the democrats are all in to see obama succeed. They can run but they cannot hide from all the crap they have shoved down our unwilling throats, and all the scandals they have tried to bury because of obama and his administration evil doings. Please vote for a conservative that will put American citizens lives ahead of all the law breaking illegals and terrorist entering this country through our southern borders. One that will obey our laws not break them as obama and eric holder do. One who treats our military and it’s vets like great American instead of like trash like the obama’s administration does. One that will not let the UN dictate what we do as they hate our guts and only care about how much money they can bilk us out of.

  70. runnindeer says

    Really all they are doing is trying to pretend to be more conservative and less like Democrats to try to persuade people that they have a new mind set. They hope people don’t remember how they voted and what they have done to America and for Obama.

  71. WhiteFalcon says

    Commieonazicrats, aka democrats, should be distanced from the Government, period.

    1. Ken says

      Make the Communists party and the Demoncrats party forever Illegal. That alone would solve a lot of Problems.

  72. Seldena says

    ALL lies until after Nov. 4th–then they will be right back kissing his a!@# and you voters know this. VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!

  73. Christopher Chance says

    Too late you mother effers! Your going down, and you can take your damn liberal agenda with you! We are taking back our country in November and nothing you can do about it! All your lying, cheating, stealing asses are gone! Have fun on the unemployment line! Good riddance! Hope you rot in hell!

  74. CCblogging says

    Democrats are Nazis and Barack Hussein Obama is their Hitler.

  75. disqus_lJapfzCIUh says

    ALL democrats should be sent to Hell…all of them forgot their Oath to serve and protect the Citizens of this country…We, The People pay their salaries…their perks…fancy pants pensions and more…All democrats sided with the Obama’s decision to make Foreign Nations more important than the AMERICANS…I call for them to be treated as TRAITORS to the Nation and put in prison….They are guilty of stealing our tax dollars for their new BFF…the Latinos and the Muslims…They WORK for US…yesterday Haaaavard U who gets plenty of American Tax Payers has just granted a FULL scholarship to an “illegal” and it’s just the beginning…Today…the Pentagon under the Obama’s Demands will hire “illegals” into OUR military while our own young men and women in Afghanistan are being served with PINK SLIPS…This is another Assault on We, The People…People….get in your Representatives’ faces and bash them out…a little scare won’t hurt…These Democrats MUST be defeated/eliminated as they are guilty of Treason…Period…Get informed and warn your busy neighbors…We just cannot have another 2+ years at the mercy of Tyrants…

  76. Seldena says

    ALL LIES until after the election in NOV. Democrats are not REALLY distancing themselves from obama except for the Nov. election. After that–they will go right back supporting him in his agenda and kissing his butt!! You all know this is the real truth!

  77. adrianvance says

    That picture says it all. Hillary looks like she is about to vomit.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and have some fun with facts.

  78. otoman says

    I AM A BIGOT against Obama, AND every other anti-American person that walks this earth! IF YOU are not, YOU ARE NOT an American!

  79. Backgammon says

    Rather than complaining we need to Work! Find a Senate campaign and knock on doors, make phone calls, offer to drive people to the polls, get people registered, support something to make a positive change. Words don’t make things happen, actions do! Get out and support local conservatives.
    The Senate is not in the bag. It will take work on the part of people who WANT change. Not Hope and change but change from Democrats to Republicans. You should be writting your Congressmen and telling them what you want. Do It!

  80. robert says

    we the people,who are the real government,we agree to vote for a veteran,and someone who will defend the constitituion for we the people,but we must investigate whom every he to many people vote for someone who has a shady past,or a history which we can,t verify like the ineligible treasonous war crimes racist muslum loving kenyian in the wh now.he should be verified and vetted,and be for we the people and the many democraps/politicans have skated into office illegally.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens

  81. Maria Y. Vela says

    People that are uninformed will vote for Hillary, they need to dig their heads out of the dirt hole its in and begin to seriously research on Hillary to see what all she has really been doing behind their backs!

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