Democrats Go All In With the Extreme Left


At this point, we have to wonder: Who, exactly, are the Democrats in Washington representing?

Every day since the election of Donald Trump, congressional Democrats have increased the stridency of their opposition to the new president. For the first couple of weeks, we heard a few of them talk hopefully about working with Trump on trade, infrastructure, and pharmaceutical reform. True, those voices were drowned out by the rising hysteria and anger from the left, but they were there. Even Bernie Sanders, of all people, expressed a willingness to work with the new Republican administration.

In recent weeks, though, there’s been very little of that kind of talk. The Democrats now appear to be taking their marching orders from left-wing protesters, socialist media commentators, and the legions of imbeciles who populate Twitter. They’ve decided, against all reason, that there’s more political profit in pandering to the extreme liberal fringe than there is in pulling disaffected Blue Dogs back into the party.

The people protesting out on the streets get a lot of attention. The idiots screaming into a bullhorn outside Mitch McConnell’s house make for great television. The marchers wearing homemade hats with cat ears look fantastic on the front page.

But those people do not represent the majority of Americans. And, as the Democrats are eventually going to realize, they don’t even represent the majority of their own voters.

According to a new Politico poll, 54% of American voters approve of a measure to block new federal regulations while only 33% think it’s a bad idea. 48% are in favor of President Trump’s decision to breathe life back into the Keystone Pipeline – only 37% disapprove.

When it comes to immigration, the numbers are even clearer. 55% of American voters approve of Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven dangerous Middle Eastern countries, while 38% object. The same majority wants to see the Trump administration yank federal funding from sanctuary cities; only 33% support those un-American policies.

Now imagine what those numbers would look like if the mainstream media wasn’t brainwashing the public with one obscenely biased story after another.

With minorities in both houses of Congress, Democrats aren’t going to be able to block much of Trump’s agenda for the next two years. But if they were smart enough to learn the lessons of the 2016 election and pick their battles wisely, they could reasonably set themselves up for a comeback in the midterms.

Instead, they’re doubling down on everything the voters rejected because they think the real America can be found in the comment section at

We imagine there were a great many voters who paused for a long time on November 8th before ultimately punching their ballots for Trump.

Thanks to a wildly-misguided Democratic Party, those voters will have a much easier choice when the next election rolls around.


  1. Tiger says

    They are not only with them, we found the list of all the congressmen/women who Soros supports, they are encouraging it while holding office. Schumer told said at one of their rallies, “Dump Trump”, we have Pelosi and others showing mass insubordination to the POTUS.

    We have rattlesnakes in Florida and we kill them. Now these snakes are saying to kill us, read their sites, look at their posts, then take a look at the sites Soros runs, he is behind it. I fear this won’t go away quietly until the snakes are taken out for good.

    1. Mike Thomas says

      These are what the Bible calls reprobates, read Roman’s chapter one verses 18-32
      I call them the walking dead, Hollywood has made many movies about them and now we are seeing it for real.

      1. Eric Pearson says

        I can probably find a passage in the Bible that would allow me to stone you to death. Your best option here is to just shut up before you end up in a sea of fire and brimstone.

        1. Robbie eures says

          wait until IS at your door, bet your story will change when y have to call the law for help!

          1. Garys_opinion says

            Na, he’ll be the first one to bow to Allah. He has no real convictions other than himself.

          2. Robbie eures says

            Ok, we’ll see! Time will tell

          3. CrustyOldGeezer says

            I’m betting he has a burqua all ready to go when they show up at his door, and won’t complain a bit when they rape him, his family then murders them while he watches.

          4. JJ says

            He probably wants then to rape him. It might be the first he has had in awhile. That is why he is so angry! Lol lol

          5. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Watching too much porn and is “bi-curious”?

          6. irish1919 says

            Funny I feel the same about all these protesters . They would all covert to Islam and be ruled by tyrants before they would die for liberty. They would grab a rug and bow down to Allah. What pathetic creatures who dare call themselves citizens of the USA. Bet you would never see any of them defend this country with their lives. Just look at these universities . The scum that is teaching(brainwashing all these snowflakes) sure wouldn’t want any of them watching my back . Go Trump!! Kick ass and take no prisoners. Bring down that racist hate group BLM and Soros with it .

          7. Eric Pearson says

            You are clearly a hate filled, ignorant, dumb ass. Thanks for sharing your stupidity with the world.

          8. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            You are hateffilled liberal anti Trump osts! Look at you liberally ignorant get some Love in that hateful soul….you are a lost soul…..TRUMP WON AMERICA WON!

          9. TPM says

            Obama wasn’t a real president. He could never rise above being a race-baiting, community organizing anarchist.
            If he had half a brain, he’d be ashamed of his legacy.

          10. Deborah G says

            a Narcissist is insane and never looks at their own reflection in the pool

          11. marcus johannes says

            I agree and You are correct , Except Anarchy or Anarchists are the extreme right and wan`t no Government , Comrade Chairman Obama is a professional Communist Agitator which places him so far out in Left Field he may be slightly to the Left of Joseph Stalin or Mao

          12. Don says

            tpm, he has no legacy! he is a loser and that is all he ever will be!! I believe at some point down the road we will all find out that is was not even a legal President as he has way to many skeletons in his and michael’s closet. and where did the girls come from? as trannies can’t have children!!!!

          13. Deborah G says

            OBAMA WHO?

          14. James Langham says

            Look at the pot calling the kettle black!! Tons of paid DRUMPFSTERS on this and many other sites!!

          15. Deborah G says

            You are an idiot. Trump pays no one we are Patriots and decent law abiding taxpayers.I for one am tired of paying for your sorry asses and all the illegals

          16. James Langham says

            How is it that morons think they have the smarts to call someone else an idiot?? YOU are no more a “patriot” than any other. By the way, I’m not paid by anyone. I’m a retired 73 yr. I receive MY S/S, THAT I WORKED MY WHOLE LIFE FOR, thank you very much. Hair Agent Orange paid $50.00 for many actors, hired thru a casting company, “The Extra Mile” to kick off his campaign. Hired many others since.

          17. Deborah G says

            Because I do. Too bad you didn’t learn anything in 73 years.

          18. James Langham says

            Learned enough to know when a grifter, like Hair Agent Orange and his merry band of con artists, are pulling the wool over the eyes. Hair Drumpf and company are the penultimate Bamboozlers. They know how “to slip it to you without you knowing it.”

          19. JJ says

            I love orange hair! It looks so good with an olive sweater. A very classy and elegant look. It looks way better than a flopped eared monkey with huge teeth that you can see coming from a country mile hanging from a tree branch eating a banana.

          20. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            James you are ignorant, low energy and liberal move on little man!!!!!!!

          21. James Langham says

            Fake News…little man.

          22. Deborah G says

            Anarchy. Time to arrest all these people and hold them responsible for the damage they do. Arrest Soros for paying for their nasty asses.IF I could I would sue OBAMA for creating a system of danger and NOT following his one responsibility Keeping Americans safe, protecting our borders.

          23. Janeway says

            It is indeed, and had the dishonest, corrupt Hillary Clinton become President, it
            would also be hers. Thank the good Lord we have a President who’s extremely
            bright, genuinely loves his country, and has the guts to do whatever it takes to
            “make America great again!” He will continue to need his outstanding strength
            to withstand the constant attacks from the intolerant, emotionally unbalanced
            Left. The socialist, immoral cancer in the Democratic Party has metastasized.
            The party is nothing at all what it was in JFK’s era. Their current slogan is
            apparently “Tear down the American Dream.” Their goal: Don’t allow Donald
            Trump to make America great again; sabotage him at every turn possible.

          24. libertybells2 says

            You’re right on that. Obama’s purpose was to breakdown our infrastructure and create chaos and that is evident he succeeded. Trump has one heck of a mess to deal with. But WITH God’s help and prayers of the faithful he will prevail.

          25. Michele Coatta says

            Went to your sight and it’s as lame as you’re arguments you libtard retard

          26. Phil says

            Michele , that should read libiturd retard LOL

          27. Michele Coatta says

            And u should SUCK MY DOGS COCK phil

          28. Cheryl Detar says

            GOD is listening.

          29. PatriotGal says

            Cheryl, He always listens and hears…

          30. JJ says

            Not quite as ignorant as you, snowflake. You are the dumbass. Hope Isis is at your door tonight. You will squeal like a little girl! And you are just as hate filled by calling him a dumbasd because he does not believe like you. You peaceful loving scum bag!

          31. ABO says

            The definition of bigotry, JJ is “Hatred or complete intolerance of any creed, belief or opinion that differs from one’s own”. Eric Pearson is the very definition of bigotry yet is far too ignorant to realize his bigotry. The liberal ideology is built on a foundation whose cornerstones are hypocrisy, dishonesty, deceit and hatred. Pearson, liberal lemming that he is, fits right in.

          32. JJ says

            Amen!! You are so right! These people would make a preacher cuss.

          33. Douglas miller says

            Eric so sorry for you calling people hateful things because they spent time educating themselves instead of drinking the worlds poisonous propaganda. God loves everyone he is our example

          34. Deborah G says

            And the Bible is his guide to good living.

          35. PatriotGal says

            Eric, guess you might want to listen to what my mother used to tell me: when you point ONE finger at someone else, you have THREE pointing back at you.
            Looks like you prefer to “project”, Eric.

          36. Phil says

            and you are lower than the whale turd nazi soros and ovomit combined

          37. Bill Lamb says

            AWE, did Irish hurt your little feelings there Eric. Most times the truth will bite you right in the ass !! Be careful you may become an assless wonder with that attitude of yours !!!

          38. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Im a doofus duhhhhhhhhhhh Im a liberal duhhhhhhhhhh
            im a progressive Hater of Real America duhhhhhhhhhhh

            doofus is is doofus be Im a liberal ha ha ha


          39. JJ says


          40. Deborah G says

            The Military would never have a soldier if they depended on liberals and the liberals don’t realizegreat men have given their life to protect their PATHETIC useless lives. What exactly do these people contribute to society? Gangsta rap calling their women “ho’s”? Killing cops? Inviting terrorists in? Supporting law breaking illegals? making the productive pay for the non productive?

          41. Janeway says

            You speak the truth and eloquently! There’s a common thread weaving all thru’
            these loud, ignorant (and yes, violent) protesters: cowardice. Indeed they would
            not sacrifice themselves protecting our country; they have absolutely no shred
            of comprehension when it comes to the Constitution and all of the elements that
            combined to make us the Leader of the Free World. Thanks mostly to the last
            8 disastrous years, our country has become a joke. President Trump is doing
            all he can to return us to the status we used to have internationally. And he’s
            working hard in spite of the Left’s attempts to thwart his honorable goals.
            I hear and see a lot of people complaining about his over-using Twitter, and
            I partially agree with their views, but then again, with the completely left-tilting,
            obviously anti-Trump media, perhaps Twitter is the only really direct way he
            has of untwisted, manipulated communicating! Clean up the media “swamp” and
            there’d be no need for him to resort to Twitter…

          42. richard says

            i will drink to that!!

          43. Eric Pearson says

            My convictions are very real. That’s why I won’t be bowing to anyone, especially that unhinged nut wad in the Oval Office, who seems to think he is some kind of Allah.

          44. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Nut wad we kicked out Obama the Liberal lunatic fraud gone hahahahahhaha

            kicked his ass out!

          45. JJ says

            Yes, and Obama and Hillsry have destroyed their party to the max. Thst is why they are so aggravated and mad. They have no idea which way to turn! Even the blue dogs are turning Republican. I love it. And Obama said Trump would never be President. They don’t have any more sense than he does.

          46. Eric Pearson says

            I have news for you, Funny Girl. Nobody kicked President Obama out of anything. In “RealAmerica” a president gets 2 terms in office. He was elected twice and he served his two terms. And he did a damn good job despite Mitch McConnell and his co-conspirators.
            One more thing, Einstein. The Bear is a Russian symbol. Are you intimating that Russia conspired with Trump to gain the White House. If you are, I think you got this one right.
            Much love and happiness to all my detractors. I sincerely wish you the best.

          47. kbmiller says

            Read some of your asinine comments. You are one ignorant, racist A$$hole. Do you have or ever had a job? Or are you a F’n LEACH?

          48. JJ says

            In a landslide at that

          49. peteyone says

            Big Ears was the only one BOWING to other world leaders! Didn’t
            you see the photos? No, I guess you stupid head was way up your ass when they were published!

          50. James Langham says

            There is no allah, just as there is no other “god.” Religions are like drugs, designed to control, manipulate and enslave.

          51. Deborah G says

            In the beginning there was the word and the word was God. Go back to step one.
            I am the Lord Thy God thou shalt take no false Gods before me. {Allah]

          52. James Langham says


          53. Deborah G says


          54. James Langham says

            Not PROOF or FACT. I believe my cat is Bastet, but can’t prove it. I just have FAITH it’s so!

          55. Deborah G says

            Faith is reality so my guess is your cat is what you think it is. (-: Have a blessed day. I’ll say a prayer for you.

          56. James Langham says

            Faith is an Illusion to soothe the mind.

          57. Deborah G says

            Sad for you. Enjoy your cat, cat ;lover here

          58. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          59. James Langham says

            You a member of the far right christian taliban?

          60. Eric Pearson says

            Get real, fool. IS is not going to show up at anyone’s door. It’s far more likely that some home grown gun nut will show up. And if you’re really worried about IS, you should be terrified of Trump. He’s given them enough recruiting material to last for years.

          61. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Fool is you fool….look at you ignorant, liberal and low energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Liberal leftist coward I walk up to you lol in your racist face!

          62. Deborah G says

            Me neither my husband is a first responder. He has suffered so badly from the time he spent on the pile helping. I could care less what ANY lib or Muslim says about their ruffled feelings.

          63. Robbie eures says

            i know this is hard for you, but, just think of the things Obama did in office. Was there anything he did for American’s? bet u can’t find a thing unless you don’t mind co-ed bathrooms.

          64. Deborah G says

            JFK put a man on the moon Obama put a man in the ladies room

          65. jimmy midnight says

            Disagreeable, yet amusing. Shot U a like.

          66. Deborah G says

            NY Snark

          67. JJ says

            Deborah, now, that is a good one. I will have to remember that one!!

          68. JJ says

            Lol Ain’t it the truth?

          69. jimmy midnight says

            Blunted, and finally broke, The Great Recession
            About halved unemployment.
            Did about a million deportations (which should please U.)
            DACA, anyway.
            About tripled DJIA.
            Took marriage equality NATIONWIDE.
            Made it a notch harder 4 U militaristic ding-a-lings 2 start the “Clash of Civilizations” war with Iran you’ve been aching 4.

            Not exactly perfect, but not all that bad, either. I join my new ally, Eric, in cautioning U that some home-grown gun freak is a more immediate danger 2 U and me and Eric every day, than ISIS could B in several lifetimes. Welcome 2 the real world.

          70. Michele Coatta says

            We’ll be the law and we will party while you die at the hands of your friends ie islam

          71. Robbie eures says

            Wow, u guys are really angry, mean and hateful. I thought that’s what Trump supporters were supposed to be. Lighten up!

          72. JJ says

            Lol They have no idea which way to turn they are so messed up!

          73. Michele Coatta says

            I am a Trump supporter and all u anti American Islam loving POS do piss me off

          74. JJ says


          75. David in MA says

            When IS is at his door, I will not help to protect him, or others like him. They are on their own.

          76. ABO says

            They have certainly earned your disrespect, David.

        2. bill14729 . says

          Your a Typical Liberal

          1. Eric Pearson says

            You should say “you’re”, not your. Example: you’re a typical right wing nut job.

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            yo you are a liberal Democrackhead Liberal racist THUG YES YOU ARE!!!!

          3. libertybells2 says

            Guy is a jerk. His first message convinced me and blocked him. Don’t need to waste my time on such waste matter.

          4. JJ says


          5. JJ says

            He is as ignorant as they come. I wish ISIS would come and get all liberals and take them with them never to come back, Would it not be a wonderful world?

        3. America1st says

          Another “tolerant” liberal “shouting down anyone that disagrees” with their misinformed opinion.

        4. Mike Thomas says

          I already eat pork, what about you? My ammo is already waxed in bacon grease.

        5. says

          You’ll be bringing a rock to a gun fight…Moron

          1. ABO says

            Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man, Jan. Not at all fair to poor, brainless Eric.

        6. libertybells2 says

          Sure anyone can, but you have to KNOW the Bible seeking truth and wisdom which is available to all who ask to understand its true message. You obviously are not there.

          1. jimmy midnight says

            Apart from what Jesus had 2 say, Scripture was written with manipulation in mind.
            Those authors sincerely believed they were manipulating people 4 everyone’s good–another thing in which they were wrong.

            That’s why only a critical reading is appropriate anymore,

          2. libertybells2 says

            Sorry jimmy wisdom is not given to non-believers. It is bestowed on all believers and they alone through the help of the Holy Spirit have the wisdom and knowledge to understand scripture. You are on the outside looking chance for you to comprehend nor understand anything of scripture.

          3. jimmy midnight says

            That’s your opinion. U think it’s spiritually informed, but I can see it’s coming from denial, deceitful manipulation,and likely some race animus as well.

            In The Beatitudes, Jesus implicitly said that everyone was bless-ed. Presumably, that included folks who read Scripture critically, as he did his own magnificent self. Most important word was, “Bless-ed,” second most important word, “But.”

        7. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

          Eric your a brainwashed Liberal moron look at you ignorant, hateful, anti Trump rhetoric, stupid and liberal…look at you pathetic, weak, c a coward and low energy catch up kid!!!! Get some common sense ….Obama was a disgrace like You!

          1. Deborah G says

            Whatever is bad is good to a liberal. Look at who they idolize : ted Kenneday who left a woman to die AFTER he raped her,Bill Clinton a serial rapist,Margaret Sanger a racist abortionist black hater,

          2. ABO says

            Don’t forget the holy idol of today’s Democratic Party, U.S. Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia a major recruiter for the KKK for two decades, rising to become Klan Exalted Cyclops and advisor to two Grand Wizards of the Klan.

          3. JJ says

            You know the liberals are such peaceful loving people- not!!

          4. TPM says

            and he set race relations back 50 years …
            WORST president ever …

        8. Cheryl Detar says

          Enlighten me. I must have missed the news that GOD made you his new person to judge and inform us what to do.

        9. TadhgMcLir says

          Gee, really? You can probably find that for anyone, we are all sinners. But some are saved by faith in Jesus.
          I had a 5th grade teacher who argued like you. If she was losing (to 5th graders!) her reply was always “Oh, shush, you think you know more than a teacher?” All we remembered her for was her incompetence.

        10. James Maxwell says

          Lot of them in the Old Testament but we follow the New Testament now.
          However if you look up the Qu’ran there are more excuse to stone, enslave,
          murder, rape and violate other than any other book in History. Of course it
          was written by a sexual deviate and pedophile who bit himself in the ass
          4 times a day just so he could sleep with pigs and mate with them too apparently.

      2. Tiger says

        True that.

        1. Allysonjkenny says

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          1. DEPLORABLE ME says

            Hey Darlin’, with a set of hooters like yours and a mouth and lips to-die-for, you should hit the streets and make $500+ per 1/2 hour giving BJs to drunken reprobates. I know “It sounds unbelievable; but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it out.”

          2. Mathew Molk says

            I have flagged this shit every time I see it and not one time have I ever seen it get removed….Is it a paid ad disguised as a post?

          3. NormWilson says

            Most likely is.

          4. Rd Lankes says

            WTF is this garbage?

          5. April Stoner says

            What the fuck is wrong with you, do you belong here, or the the Middle East where all the
            ignorant terrorist wanna-be come from, or maybe one of the ignorant classless hollywood
            wanna-be, or an obama brown noser, or just a plain old American asshole? Either way
            You don’t seem to be of the quality of asshole that belongs in the US, so take your little dick and get fuck out of this country!

        2. Rosewoverton says

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      3. Croco Dile says
        1. Deborah G says

          Obviously you have no idea what a good life lived is

          1. Tiger says

            If you give a savage in jungles who is ignorant electricity, tell them plug this into this and you will have light, they don’t do it, then they stay in the darkness.

            Your problem me I don’t care about your Soul, I am not a preacher or saint, stay in the dark.

          2. richard says

            hi tiger, there is a saying we have in the service,”there are no Athiest’s in a fox hole” i would bet a lot on how many of these “Athiest’s” would turn in a hart beat if put in one……

          3. Retired says

            Most are the Chickens that would not serve for the US , but have a big mouth.

          4. richard says

            i suspect the same,i know a few that found the Lord that way…sadly…

          5. Mathew Molk says

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m no hero and would NEVER have gone if I hadn’t gotten drafted, but are you ever right. The ones with the biggest mouths are the ones with the smallest hearts and shortest intestines.

          6. Retired says

            The draft made a lot of good men , the bad ones did not survive Boot camp. Today most would not survive Boot camp with out mommy or their electronics like we had back then .

          7. Tiger says

            Amen and I know that saying well. My father used to quote it and being an Army Combat Support nurse since 1988 and serving in two wars I know it to be true. I worked in death and dying as an RN and I can tell you now, when the time to cross over comes again there are no atheists.

          8. richard says

            being a nurse you certainly would understand….you have my deepest respect..

          9. Tiger says

            Thank you .

          10. Rodney Tolbert says

            I agree with Richard. You and all the nurses have my utmost respect.

          11. Tiger says

            Very kind thank you. It is a tough job and there isn’t any field in nursing, not even management or teaching that is not tough. Something happens to me when I put on my nurse hat. I am very dedicated to each and every patient. It is a strange sensation to feel that deeply for people you are caring for.

          12. Rodney Tolbert says

            You are quite welcome Tiger. 🙂 A wonderful nurse does more than the medical aspect of the job. They are counselors, listeners and sometimes the last person someone sees before they pass over to the other side. So I know the nursing profession is a much needed thing. I will always be grateful for the ones I have known and will know in the future. And you my friend are one of them. 🙂

          13. Tiger says

            Thank you again. It is an eye opening experience and sure makes one understand that life has many ins and outs and never met a patient whose life story wouldn’t make a great movie.

            I think when working in the Cancer Center in Jacksonville, as Docs nurse, then research nurse and then chemo and education nurse I was stunned at the beautiful love stories between men and their women who had cancer. Now many just left their wives, couldn’t take it but those that stayed just were phenomenal and to be loved like that is the greatest gift in all this world. They showed me what love is and how it should be.

            To the end of life.

          14. Mathew Molk says

            Thanx Florence Nightingale.

            I met some of your cohorts when I was in the 91st Evac hospital in ’68.

            God bless all of you. – It’s not that there is no such thing as a male nurse but you guys made things a lot better for untold numbers of wounded and even dieng GIs. You made their trip to the other side a lot easier. God bless you again.

            We can never repay the debt we owe you.

          15. Tiger says

            You owe us nothing, we love you and the ghost of our military nurses keep us on track.

          16. Motorhead says

            Saints… Tiger, I remember getting Med-E-VACED out of SE Asia…suspended in a webbed sling…it was a nurse that I remember and her kindness!!! God Bless Nurses…!Motorhead

          17. Tiger says

            Wow yes those nurses were something else. Thank you for the compliments I know this much you talk to any medical person who served in these wars, saw the results of RPG, IED, the worst, Firefights and Suicide bombings and you won’t find a one that loves Islam.

          18. Motorhead says

            That’s for sure!!!

          19. Paiute says

            Thank you for your service. Medivaced out of Cam Rahn Bay and you nurses, male and female were a great sight to see. Keep up the great work. The deplorables love you.

          20. Tiger says

            You are so welcome, I missed Nam. I joined the Army Reserve Combat Support in 1988.

            I love being a Deplorable.

          21. Mathew Molk says

            No doubt about that my friend.

          22. geoh777 says

            It is also said that a dog soon returns to his own vomit.

          23. Mathew Molk says

            It’s like Jazz. If you don’t know what it is I can’t explain it to you.

          24. James Maxwell says

            Croco Dile is more than happy that he lives in a land where he can show his backside and not have his head chopped off. But that is the beauty of our
            Nation, we have freedom for the time being and those of us who have a religious
            belief are free to exercise it just as Agnostics and other are free to go the other

          25. Deborah G says

            I’m just blocking all these Godless liberals. You are judged by the company you keep. I keep good company and rid my life of evil, Godless, abortion loving,perverts

          26. billwhit1357 says

            Amen to that, Sister!

          27. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            Deborah, don’t block the useless liberals/terrorists, you must read and understand what they are after in order to be able to fight them.
            Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.
            Knowledge is strength.

          28. Deborah G says

            I know what they are after, I have been watching for decades as they have tried to gain world dominance. They are out for themselves people are just victims for them to use. Their minority status makes it easy to pander to their worst fears and control them. DEVIL Incarnates

          29. Tiger says

            Don’t bother Deborah, a Light came into the world and men preferred the Darkness. This is Darkness. Also remember the eyes are the window to the Soul and when looking into them one has to see how deep the darkness is. These people are in the Darkness.

          30. HadEnough says

            Tiger — you are so right on. The Bible says that in the last days there will be rampant darkness and all kinds of Evil. And isn’t that exactly what is happening now???

          31. Tiger says

            Yes and there is a Blitz all over the world against Trump especially in Israel. This One World Order is Satanic. Those men in Black uniforms, with faces covered like ISIS with skulls on them are militarized. So say the police who were at the riots at the college. They are evil and are talking killing all white people and taking all our property. They are calling for Bloodshed. I am wondering who is behind them and waiting for the police to get hold of a few for questioning.

          32. sox83cubs84 says

            Pretty soon, Tiger, it’ll be lock and load time for American Patriots. I personally don’t own a firearm, but I will support, fund and give safe haven to any True American who does.

          33. Tiger says

            I can’t see this being resolved any other way. There is no communicating or dealing with these people. The attack against Flynn is Deep State, he was a spy from what I am hearing today and he knows all the people involved in taking him down. All over FOX today and the news sites. Seems Trump riled the ire of the One World Order that indeed is the 7th Floor and that my friend will get his life in grave danger.

            Seems from what I am hearing from experts today, that the Deep State people won’t be found or identified. It is next to impossible to get them. This is all about the TRUTH behind the Iran Deal. Every witness in the congressional hearings took the Fifth except on and O gave protection to the head banana. So it is going to get ugly.

            This is an excerpt from the article from Free Beacon. I will send you the article.

            Former Obama Officials, Loyalists Waged Secret Campaign to Oust Flynn

            Sources: Former Obama officials, loyalists planted series of stories to discredit Flynn, bolster Iran deal




            Michael Flynn / AP

            BY: Adam Kredo Follow @Kredo0

            February 14, 2017 3:26 pm

            The abrupt resignation Monday evening of White House national
            security adviser Michael Flynn is the culmination of a secret,
            months-long campaign by former Obama administration confidantes to
            handicap President Donald Trump’s national security apparatus and
            preserve the nuclear deal with Iran, according to multiple sources in
            and out of the White House who described to the Washington Free Beacon a behind-the-scenes effort by these officials to plant a series of damaging stories about Flynn in the national media.

            The effort, said to include former Obama administration adviser Ben
            Rhodes—the architect of a separate White House effort to create what he
            described as a pro-Iran echo chamber—included a small task force of
            Obama loyalists who deluged media outlets with stories aimed at eroding
            Flynn’s credibility, multiple sources revealed.

            The operation primarily focused on discrediting Flynn, an opponent of
            the Iran nuclear deal, in order to handicap the Trump administration’s
            efforts to disclose secret details of the nuclear deal with Iran that
            had been long hidden by the Obama administration.

            Insiders familiar with the anti-Flynn campaign told the Free Beacon
            that these Obama loyalists plotted in the months before Trump’s
            inauguration to establish a set of roadblocks before Trump’s national
            security team, which includes several prominent opponents of diplomacy
            with Iran. The Free Beacon first reported on this effort in January.

            Sources who spoke to the Free Beacon requested anonymity in
            order to speak freely about the situation and avoid interfering with the
            White House’s official narrative about Flynn, which centers on his
            failure to adequately inform the president about a series of phone calls
            with Russian officials.

            Flynn took credit for his missteps regarding these phone calls in a
            brief statement released late Monday evening. Trump administration
            officials subsequently stated that Flynn’s efforts to mislead the
            president and vice president about his contacts with Russia could not be

            However, multiple sources closely involved in the situation pointed
            to a larger, more secretive campaign aimed at discrediting Flynn and
            undermining the Trump White House.

            “It’s undeniable that the campaign to discredit Flynn was well
            underway before Inauguration Day, with a very troublesome and
            politicized series of leaks designed to undermine him,” said one veteran
            national security adviser with close ties to the White House team.
            “This pattern reminds me of the lead up to the Iran deal, and probably
            features the same cast of characters.”

          34. Oldtaxpayer1001 says

            Is the left going too far to simply take it or to fight back with arms in the street.

          35. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            The left is taking us into a shooting civil war. Clear? War is what they want and I am here to fight them to the death if need be. I have worn the uniform for this country before and I can do it again. Liberals/Leftists/Socialists/NWO/whatever, bring it, you will be defeated.

          36. Tiger says

            Fight back what in the streets? They are not being attacked they are attacking.

            We didn’t like Obama, we detested him, did we fight with arms in the streets? Or riots?

          37. SUZANNE M. says


          38. Tiger says

            Men with testosterone good for fighting wars huh? Ask Europe. S. Korea. Islands of the Pacific, including the now sassy Philippines.

          39. SUZANNE M. says


          40. Tiger says

            Perfect definition of the Left and the Main Media.

          41. Seldena says

            I am with you Deborah! God is the light and Satan is the darkness and scripture says Satan is the ruler of this world. When ppl will not accept God and walk in the light just turn them over to reprobate minds. That is what we are seeing with Soros and the Communists Democrat Party. They are in Darkness and simply do not care for America . We as believers after sharing the Gospel have to shake the dust off our feet and continue. Remember in Noah’s day he preached for 120 years. We are in Noah’s day all over again.Satan really has his children working hard!

          42. Oldtaxpayer1001 says

            But Satan will lose. John 3:16 takes care of this.

          43. jdelcjr says

            Or photo chopping. Fake news.

        2. jimmy midnight says

          Hey, Croc, I just reviewed the referenced passage outta Romans. U wanna see a example of Mannish people over-reaching–seek no further.

          1. Croco Dile says

            “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness…..” and such nonsense.

            People must be crazy to believe this.

          2. jimmy midnight says

            I think for many, if not most, of ’em, it’s about conditioning, as in 1) beat into ’em, and 2) never seeing, hearing about, anything else.

            The whole notion of “belief” carries a component of irrationality.

          3. Stargeezer says

            Remember where Soros got his start – as a Nazi soldier! He never swore it off or changed his allegiance to any false God since Hitler. For his minions to call us Nazis is just an attempt to muddy the water and sow confusion – and we know who the author of confusion really is.

            I blocked these clowns like everybody else and like the cockroaches they are, they keep crawling in from someplace else.

          4. jimmy midnight says

            But, where he was then, so long ago now, it was collaborate or die. Let’s not be quick 2 judge.

            Freedom of expression means everyone gets to tell their own,and everyone else gets 2 determine the truth, or not, of it.

          5. watchman48 says

            Would you also reject the true of science? To reject God is to reject the truth of science…
            The vast majority of liberals accept the scientific facts pertaining to the Earth, our Universe, Medicine, Science, Chemistry , Physics, Astronomy, Archaeology and yet they will reject these facts and the prophecies when found written in the Bible hundreds and even thousands of years before having been proven by modern day scientists…. yet not one has been proven to be found to be in error.

            There is not even a thread of evidence to convince me of evolution… Evolution is no more than a theory and it will never be any more than that… Because in reality it is one of the best lie that man has ever bought into.
            Why is it that you like all other non-Christians rejects the truth of God’s WORD? Because you all want not there be any consequences for your own personal sins… Ignorance will make absolutely no difference, when you are standing before Christ Jesus at the Judgment Seat…
            The truth that can be manipulated to be pleasing to one’s ears is not truth but only to the ears of the liberal who deny the absolute truth of God’s WORD and His very existence.

            Most likely you believe most stories written about our first presidents which were written by authors who knew them or knew someone that had a personal knowledge of them… All of the New Testament was written by those that had first hand personal knowledge of Jesus.. Moses was called a friend of God’s in the Old Testament and there were many, many others that had a personal relationship with God.

            You like most so-called Christians and all non-Christians can’t even began to understand the Holiness and Righteousness of God.

            I wish I could convince you to Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message,” to read how amazing, and forgiving, and loving God is to those that will confess their sins and accept Jesus as your LORD and Savior…. Please believe me, there is nothing that He can’t forgive other than the denial of His WORD.
            Reading His WORD, prayer and obedience are the keys to knowing God.

          6. Croco Dile says

            Obedience is idiocy.
            Are you an idiot ?

            “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able ? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing ? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing ? Then whence cometh evil ? Is he neither able nor willing ? Then why call him God ?”- Epicurus, 341 BCE – 270 BCE, a classic Greek philosopher

            Did you drink any poison ?

            Mark 16:18 >

            And He [Jesus] said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. 16″He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned. 17″These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; 18they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

          7. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          8. Retired says

            That would be Croco Dile favorite God .

          9. libertybells2 says

            Crocodile’s ONLY god

          10. Deborah G says

            This man needs to meet his maker, I don’t tell God what to do but if he lives rejoice he will be in depends soon

          11. watchman48 says

            This is really not that hard to understand… The religious leaders, Pharisees and Sadducees were the ones that denied the truth of God’s WORD. Their desires were for themselves, men filled with pride and arrogance. Being religious will save no one.
            God doesn’t want the religious and He most definitely doesn’t want a robot… He wants those that will be loving and obedient to His WORD, and to be loving, and generous to others less fortunate, this is why He gave man freewill to either choose His ways or to reject Him…
            The truth that can be manipulated to be pleasing to one’s ears is not truth but only to the ears of the liberal who deny the absolute truth of God’s WORD and His very existence.

          12. Croco Dile says

            You are claiming to KNOW what God, the creator of the whole Universe, wants and does not want ???!!!

            Are you the son of god ?
            Or his brother ?
            How could you possibly know ?

          13. watchman48 says

            Evidently you haven’t seriously studied the Bible… His WORD clearly reveals all that He wishes to reveal at this time.
            I might add there is nothing you have done that isn’t forgivable other than the denial of His WORD, which clearly says we must repent of our sins and accept Christ Jesus as our LORD and SAVIOR.
            Just as our earthly fathers would discipline their children so too would our Heavenly Father chastise those that He loves..

          14. Croco Dile says

            Are you claiming the creator of the whole Universe is writing books ?

          15. watchman48 says

            You will never ever understand God just how amazing God is… You mentioned He created the universe which He did.. So, is there anything that is to hard for Him to do…
            The Holy Spirit directed through the authors of each book as to what to write… God has even spoke through the donkey to Balaam
            And the angel of the Lord went further, and stood in a narrow place, where was no way to turn either to the right hand or to the left. And when the ass saw the angel of the Lord, she fell down under Balaam: and Balaam’s anger was kindled, and he smote the ass with a staff. And the Lord opened the mouth of the ass, and she said unto Balaam, What have I done unto thee, that thou hast smitten me these three times? Numbers 22:26-28 (KJV)
            Approx. 40 different authors, each with their own style of writing, in three distinct languages over a period of 2000 to 4500 years have written the Bible and yet it all speaks the same principle message of man’s fallen nature and a need for a Savior.
            I too have heard the Holy Spirit’s voice speaking in my left ear several times and He has even spoken through my lips several times… Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message.”
            What reason would I have to lie in what I am saying, remember even the smallest of lies is still a lie….

          16. richard says

            exalent comment,people choose their own way,some never see the light,….

          17. watchman48 says

            Yes, this is sad… The way I see it, God doesn’t condemn no one, the sinner rejects Jesus, who is the light that has came into the world and this is what condemns them…

          18. richard says

            have you ever looked up at the night sky and not marveled at the amazing way the stars and all the things you see up there are perfectly placed? do you really believe that what you see is just an “accident” if you believe that, i not only pity you but i actually feel sorry that you do not truely understand…..

          19. Croco Dile says

            God of the gaps fallacy

            A God of the gaps argument is one that argues that since some phenomenon is unexplained, it must be due to God. It is also a form of argument from ignorance and a non sequitur, since the hand of God is posited without proof and often with complete disregard to other possible explanations.


            Sometimes a subject such as evolution is not understood by the speaker but may be well understood by many others, such as scientists. Of course, evolution is not a theory of chance, and has well established mechanisms underlying it.

            For Bill O’Reilly: The moon causes the tides, due to gravitational tidal effects as it revolves around the earth.

            Even when a subject is not well understood (i.e., the origin of the universe), that is not sufficient grounds for assuming an unproven answer like “God did it”. Since the “explanation” of God is more complex than the entities that are purportedly explained by God, introducing God without evidence is simply begging the question.

            There is a time where people need to understand that there are certain things that we currently do not possess the technology to know about. This is where the dreaded truth must come in – I don’t know.


            “Scientists can’t explain how life came to be. There must have been a god to create the first life form.”

            “The Big Bang theory doesn’t explain what caused the Big Bang. There must have been a god to set the universe in motion.”

            “The bacterial flagellum is too complex to have evolved through natural means. Therefore, an intelligent designer must have been involved in its formation.”

            “Even if the theory of evolution is correct, it doesn’t explain how the first life form arose. Perhaps God’s hand created life and set evolution in motion.”

            “Scientists can’t explain everything about how consciousness arises, therefore something divine must be at work in conscious beings.”


          20. richard says

            that post of youre’s tells me you are indeed an intelligent individual, it is well thought out and honest,and i respect that,we as humans are flawed in many ways,we certainly don’t have all the answers,in fact we don’t have much of any real answers when it comes to creation,and as you rightly pointed out at this point, everything is speculation we all have our own believes… here is something you may want to give some thought to,a long time ago when i was much younger and “smarter” i had a teacher in one of my bible study classes make this comment” if you met GOD, how would you know it was him?” he went on to say that any being that could create everything you see,and had such power, certainly you, as a mere mortal ,could not only not see,but would not even understand what you would see,”and so, my dear students, i will leave you with this,there is only one way to solve this mystery,you will have to wait until you die” and with that he turned and walked out of the classroom….i have never forgotten that class…..

          21. Croco Dile says

            After we die we will know 🙂
            For now we should base our decisions in life on evidence available to us.
            If there will exist irrefutable evidence that a super-being created ALL that we can see, and that we can’t see, then I would have no choice but to accept this fact.
            At this point there is no such evidence.
            Written words don’t count….. and beliefs of other people neither.

            Epictetus :

            My friend, you have a volition that is by nature unimpeded and unconstrained. I will prove it to you, first in the sphere of assent. Can anyone prevent you from assenting to a truth ?

            No one can.

            Can anyone compel you to accept a falsehood ?

            No one can.

            Do you see that in this sphere you have a faculty of volition that is unimpeded, unconstrained, unhindered. Come now, is it different in the sphere of desire and impulse ? What can overcome an impulse except another impulse ? What can overcome a desire or an aversion except another desire or aversion ?

            Yet if someone threatens me with fear of death, he does constrain me.

            What constrains you is not the threat but your decision that it is better to do something else rather than die.

            [Every person has the absolute autonomy, in principle, of volition or will. What Epictetus includes is each person’s individual self with the capacities of reason, desire, intention, and reflexive consciousness.]

            Every rational person is naturally averse to conflict; but as long as someone is unaware of being involved in a conflict, there is nothing to prevent him from acting inconsistently. Yet, once he is aware, he is strongly constrained to abandon and shun the conflict, just as one who perceives that something is false is forcibly constrained to renounce the falsehood, though until it shows itself he assents to it as true.

          22. irish1919 says

            The left cannot accept that it is God who created all things. Man needs to substitute science for God yet all science was created by God . Science says many of the events in the Bible did happen and they have found evidence. Man can not come up with any way the universe came into being if not for creation. The Big Bang theory is just that, a failed man made theory . The precision and magnitude of the universe and all which lies within it cannot be replicated because it was created to perfection. Thomas doubted Christs resurrection unless he saw and placed his fingers in the wounds of Christ . Blessed are those who do not see, but believe. So I am a sinner. I have a promise from God that salvation is possible. You obviously are well versed in the Bible . I am only moderately so , but as you elude to, the wholly spirit is working in those who believe the word .

          23. watchman48 says

            What little wisdom I do have has came from God and reading, and searching the His Holy Scriptures… I have used the Bible Pathway Ministries Daily Devotional as a guide through the Bible for the last 19+ years with only 15 minutes of reading per day to read through the Bible each year.
            Reading, prayer and obedience are the keys to seeking His desires for us.
            I do most always add to my prayers that He would help me to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s voice and His very presence within me.
            To Him be all the Glory and Praise, Amen.

          24. libertybells2 says

            Waste of time to dialogue with crocodile. I blocked him.

          25. watchman48 says

            I too know the difficulty of speaking the truth… But to not do what you know is right is to sin. And God’s WORD says to love our enemies, do good to those that would persecute you.
            We should never remain silent, can name calling really hurt us, no! This may be the only place that Croco hears the truth of God’s Love for him.. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever (That includes Croco) believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

          26. Mr Rollo says

            So you go to Aleppo and talk to the god fearing ISIS. See how far you get by blessing them as god’s children. See you later, I guess, maybe after your decapitation.

          27. watchman48 says

            All of mankind are created in God’s imagine but that doesn’t mean they are God fearing… In fact most who call themselves Christian are not God fearing… The proof to this statement is easily seen when you look at the divorce rate in the Christian community.

            I met a man in Denver several years ago and he made the comment that he too was a Christian but he couldn’t understand why God was allowing the things that were happening in his life. I asked him to explain these things to me that He is allowing.. The man said he has been married 5 times and his 5th wife is about to divorce him… I explained it is easy to see that he was seeking to please himself rather than him seeking to please God.

            Your comment about the muslims being God fearing is a sure sign for me that you are not a serious minded Christian who is truly seeking God’s heart.
            A serious minded Christian knows the Musilms worship allah, who was one of three false gods worshipped by the Chaldeans even before the birth of Christ. Mohammed chose this false god to be his god around 550 AD or so. False gods are not gods at all but only in man’s imagination.

            God is revealed to us in the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit; this is the only God that has interacted with man revealing Himself to man and His desires for man loves and obedience to His WORD.

            Since the fall in the Garden of Eden man has been in a battle, good vs. evil.

            For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians. 6:12.

          28. Mr Rollo says

            Sarcasm, Bubba, sarcasm. Wouldn’t know it if it hit you upside the head. Been there, done that.

          29. Mr Rollo says

            You mean you blocked “it”.

          30. Mr Rollo says

            croc worships his personal god, “soros”. Now that is good enough to wish its death – – both of them.

          31. kbmiller says

            Ironic how you A$$wipe liberals are for choice, until everyone else doesn’t like YOUR CHOICE. Don’t you see how STUPID that is?

          32. Croco Dile says

            Another idiot who assumes an atheist is automatically a “liberal”.

          33. William Burke says

            Your problem is not atheism, it’s arrogance. It’s not a good look.

            Why don’t you tell us how it is you know that God doesn’t exist?

          34. Retired says

            That is you, if you would look into a mirror without breaking it.

          35. Mr Rollo says

            Now that’s an impossibility.

          36. kbmiller says

            You proved my point. MORON

          37. mac12sam12 says

            What’s become irrelevant is the democrat party.

          38. kbmiller says

            Apparently you are too stupid to see the IRONY. You criticize anyone who has religious beliefs. THAT is their CHOICE.I didn’t see any of them criticize your atheist beliefs until you started in on them. Look up “Hypocrite” in the dictionary. You’ll see a picture of an idiot, YOU. Also, I didn’t say anything to you. I typed and posted. How old are you and what grade? 7th?

          39. liberaldisgust says

            @ Croco Dile , Do you have any idea where your moral base came from … or where the basis for the society you live in … or our laws ….. do you have any idea about anything that has been your life ……

          40. Croco Dile says

            Moralistic fallacy

            The moralistic fallacy is a type of argument wherein one assumes that one’s own moral values are reflected in the natural world, or, alternatively, that because some course of action is good, reality must be such that that course of action is the simplest or most obvious. This fallacy is closely related to the “naturalistic fallacy”.

            The moralistic fallacy often appears to be the same as an appeal to consequences. The difference is that the appeal to consequences suggests that if it would be beneficial for something to be true, it must be true, whereas the moralistic fallacy starts with a value and asserts that because holding that value is good, it must be supported by a natural phenomenon.

            Theist examples:

            Faith in God is a virtue.

            Therefore all human beings naturally believe in God (there are no atheists).

            Belief in a divine plan gives more purpose and meaning to people’s lives.

            Evolution is either false or was orchestrated directly by God.

            Prayer and meditation can have some psychological benefit, such as by reducing anxiety.

            Therefore prayer and meditation have whatever natural or supernatural effects the practitioners think they have.

            Someone who is caught making a moralistic fallacy will almost never defend the reasoning itself. They will usually use one of these tactics:

            Actually admitting the mistake (most common when there is clear evidence against the conclusion, and on occasions when emotions do not run high).

            Changing arguments or changing subjects.

            Defending the original value rather than the reasoning.

          41. Retired says

            You must have a whole house full of imaginary friends , highly doubtful that you have real friends.

          42. mac12sam12 says

            Let me guess, you shave your arms and lost your virginity at a Boy Scout camp and just bought your first fannie pack.

        3. Tiger says

          You have not heard of all the archeological findings in the Holy Lands using those so-called myths? You have the right to hate on this Bible because the Founding Fathers were Christians. Had they been Muslims you would have shut your face up and done as you were told.


          1. irish1919 says

            Here’s the deal. Christianity can never be denied unless the left can find the body of Jesus Christ . Good luck with that. God is great !! God is good !! All mans fate is dependent on His grace . Notice I said All men. Oh yes all human beings were referred to as men or mankind . God never believed much in political correctness.

          2. Tiger says


          3. Tiger says

            And the latest total investigation of the Shroud showed that the image could never have been made by anyone during the time they didn’t have the knowledge and only via a Laser could it be made. Flash and zoom

          4. Deborah G says

            Since the Shroud was around LONG before Laser printers your theory is full of holes.

          5. Tiger says


          6. Deborah G says

            Wasn’t talking to you lOL> I was saying that to the guy who said it was a fraud.

          7. Tiger says

            OH LOLOLOL OK wondered about that.

          8. Deborah G says

            No guessing why your name is “TIGER” girlfriend LOL

          9. Tiger says

            You are a Wild Cat yourself kiddo. We gonna claw them to pieces.

          10. Deborah G says

            Yes we will! no weenie lib women can top us

          11. Tiger says
          12. Deborah G says

            She’s a credit to all strong REAL American women! a Sista Soldier!

          13. Tiger says

            I love this woman she has gone to the top of the charts I will buy every CD she ever made.

          14. Mathew Molk says

            So who says God didn’t have a laser printer? – I’ll have to remember to ask when I croak.

            This is getting too Southern Baptist for my old Catholic ass. I still go 100% on faith. Don’t need any physical evidence or “Literal” translations of the bible…I’m out of here folks.

            God bless all of you, especially the atheists and the NWO Marxists.You need it the most.

          15. Deborah G says

            I’m Catholic

          16. Mathew Molk says

            Agree, They will defiantly have a hard time with that one. Jesus went home 39 days after the first Easter. Not like us though. He went body and all. Just left some of his goodness behind.

          17. HadEnough says

            Yes, they were, all humans were referred to as men or mankind.

          18. Retired says

            Running around headless because it is up some ones rear to stay alive.

        4. Rummy Walker says

          Dile – When you are dead you do not know that you are dead. It is only hard for other people.
          It is the same when you are stupid.

          Stop pissing people off. Go somewhere your opinion is welcomed and wanted. That somewhere is not here.

          AMERICA FIRST!

          1. Deborah G says

            Croc is a troll probably a paid by ckick from a Soros based group . IF you block them they lose their paycheck. I block all of them even if i’m wrong I don’t have to listen to a moron

          2. Rummy Walker says

            Thanks Deb. I think I will go on a blocking spree this afternoon.

            AMERICA FIRST

        5. irish1919 says

          John 3:16. It’s a promise. It’s offered to you. Choose wisely. My father was in World War II. He saw many an atheist on their knees in a foxhole talking with someone more powerful than them when faced with death. He never believed that there was any such thing as an atheist.You see with Jesus all things are possible . Without Him one is left with hopelessness , anger and despair . The same situation a majority are left within the Democratic Party. Why so much anger and hate? So much intolerance? An absence of God has never bided well for mankind. History is full of nations who have fallen from Grace. The left is trying their hardest to see that America falls from Grace . I do know that there is a choice. We can be on the wrong side and perish or be on the right side and through His grace be saved. Sinners all and unworthy all , but then because of the life,death and resurrection of the savior, we have real hope . There are no atheists. Only sinners. I am one and you are one.

          1. Croco Dile says

            That Jesus character from the book is LYING to you !

            Through the Jesus character the rulers are talking to YOU (them) :

            He answered, To you [the rulers] it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven [Cosmos], but to them [YOU] it has not been given. The reason I speak to them [YOU] in parables is that “seeing they [YOU] do not perceive, and hearing they [YOU] do not listen, nor do they [YOU] understand.” – Matthew 13:11,13

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            A real Live Liberal Atheist Democrack hatin thug alive on these boards wow he looks like a Crocodile Turd face…he looks pathetic and liberal….typical low life…

            Most ALL atheist liberal are Ignorant and low class…oh perverted too…dirty.

          3. Deborah G says


          4. libertybells2 says

            Blocked. Waste of time to bother with your diatribe.

          5. kbmiller says

            Croc o $hit Go away you JackA$$. Hit the liberal sites where Dumb A$$ oc RATs enjoy your BS.

          6. richard says

            right you are,my friend,there are NO athiest’s in a fox hole….

          7. Stargeezer says

            Amen! Preach it Brother!

          8. libertybells2 says

            Jimmy is on the outside looking in…has no idea what gift of wisdom is bestowed on true is not available to him in his present state.

          9. Deborah G says

            We need to firt block him then pray for him as a good Christian. Hope he will come to see hpw great the power of OUR only God is

          10. HopeforAmerica says

            Some of you Christians have made a bargain with the Devil and his Demons AKA TRUMP & the Republicans in Congress. You will Regret your decision.

        6. Matthew Adams says

          Croco—There in 1 unforgiveable sin, that is when you reject the Holy Ghost. You may want to relook at your position. Choice is yours…..

        7. liberaldisgust says

          Surprise , surprise , surprise …. they actually aren’t fairy tails … like most liberals you talk about something you know nothing about ….. a real fairy tail , socialism works … and liberals are liberal ….

          1. Deborah G says

            A real fairy tale is Utopia. Socialism has failed everywhere is has been instituted. Liberalism is a mental illness called disassociative disorder by John’s Hopkins Hospital studies.

        8. Jerry Rose says

          Hey, Crock! Go play in traffic.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            You probably defend the Koran, right?

          2. watchman48 says

            If you are a Christian you should not want that for Croco, he is a created being in the imagine of God just as we all are…. God wants Croco to come to know the truth just as much as He wants all of us to come to know the truth..
            I know this because I have made just as many mistakes or more than you or Croco.

          3. Mr Rollo says

            Croc is evil and “soros” is its god, NOT the Christian god. Think about that, will you! ! !

        9. gubllod says

          Croco Dile: Unfortunately for your attitude/views, you have no real background in what you write. Outside of the Bible itself, which, one gathers, you enjoy mocking, there are quite a few relatively recent accounts of the truth of Christianity.

          One example comes from Sir William Ramsey, an Oxford scholar and an archaeologist, who went to the Holy Land earlier in the 20th century specifically to disprove the Bible as anything other than what you call “ancient fairy tales”. In this case he was aiming for the Book of the Acts of the Apostles written by St. Luke. Sir William came from a famous family of atheists. After 25 years of full time archaeology in the Holy Land, he wrote in one of his monographs that 1] not only did scientific archaeological work find Acts to be accurate, 2] it was, after nearly 2,000 years, accurate to within a few feet and that 3] he could not deny the scientific work done in his excavation so that 4] he was announcing to all the British aristocracy that he would have to become Christian. It would be sheer understatement to say that British aristocracy was shocked out of their socks. Ramsey’s was a family of avowed atheists going back at least three generations.

          More recently, c.2009-2010, archaeological discoveries around Jerusalem have discovered the actual location of King David’s palace as described in the Bible. The grounds are apparently now a part of an orange orchard of some 10 acres. With respect to Babylon itself, it has been learned just how Cyrus was able to penetrate that otherwise impregnable city. This is all stated in Scripture, however, without the details. Modern archaeology has supplied those details for us.

          Since the Lord gave us all free will, you have free will to accept or reject as you choose. St. Paul makes it very specific in his Epistle to the Romans 1: 16-32. Read it for yourself.

        10. Mathew Molk says

          Just low drug scum.

          Go back to your safe zone and enjoy the free PlayDough and crayons while you can. We start excavation for the new ROTC building in 4 weeks

          1. Croco Dile says

            ….. said the idiot who can’t show anything what can be learned from that book of lies.

        11. R. T. says

          Why aren’t you out protesting them teaching Islam in schools it is a religion isn’t it !!

          1. Croco Dile says

            So-called “protesting” does not work !

          2. R. T. says

            Time to get GOD back in schools .

        12. billwhit1357 says

          So sad to see people who will also stand before Jesus and be judged, when they die, but while they are living, are horribly ignorant and follow, like an obedient lapdog, the sickness of others and bow down to their perverted ideas, not intelligent enough to think for themselves.

      4. Mathew Molk says

        They are all in full panic mode. This it their death throws.In fact there is no more Democratic Party. it’s full bore the NWO Marxist party now and most of Americia hates them.

        The more they riot. burn and loot, and the more the Marxist fools in congress act unprofessionally. the more former Democrats are jumping on the Trump Train.

        I hope they keep it up so they will not win a single race in 2 years.

      5. Herb1949 says
      6. billwhit1357 says

        So true!

    2. Erika Wooten says

      Where were you when the coke brothers were taking there orders from the tea party? Quiet as a church mouse I guess. What goes around must come around. You guys went around now you’re coming around to what we felt. We’re going to stick it to you guys the way you stuck it to us. You treated obama and Hillary like shit. Now you get to see how we felt when you did cause Trump will be treated like the turd that he is. Do unto others as you’d have them do to you. Our advantage is that the orange head idiot you guys worship is dumber than a door nail, and a lot more offensive. That gives us a lot of material to work with

      1. Retired says

        You did not see demonstrations – lootings and fires like your brother Obama created.

      2. Tom says

        Thats because Obama and Killary are SHIT you idiot!

        1. Rodger K. Shull says

          you took the words, ” THEY ARE SHIT ” from my hands, THANK YOU an GOD BLESS, there is a BIG DIFFERENCE , GOOD AMERICAN , like you an A BAD AMERICAN UN-AMERICAN, which is like them the POS

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          I blocked her sorry twat!?

      3. Conservative Life says

        Gee whiz Erika. Are you mad because he didn’t grab yours or are you just mad cuz nobody wants to even touch it?

      4. says

        You are a Libtard Snowflake Troll…Crawl back under your rock erika

        1. Roger says

          She’s also a COMPLETE IDIOT. Only has a ONE IQ rating. Guess all of her brain cells got washed away when her mamma went through that unsuccessful abortion to get rid of her, eh ?

      5. sandy says

        Are you just jealous because he’s rich? Or is it that he’s trying to fix all the executive OVERREACH of Obozo? Because he’s doing everything the voters voted for. You’re an idiot if you think it’s ok to just let everyone “come on in”. Do you not understand that there are people who want us ALL annihilated? Do you think they’ll be your friend if you tell them YOU thought it was a good idea to let them in? Go back under your rock cuz apparently that’s where you’ve been snowflake!

      6. Tiger says

        Bring it on. You see Bush and Trump never were American haters, Military haters, Christian haters and they never put our country at risk or gave everything to our enemies.

        Where do you think that the Democrats get their funding from? You believe that every wealthy person who supported the Democrat Party was good and every wealthy person who supports the Republicans was bad?

        Show me the riots in the streets and the violence calling for bloodshed and for assassination of Obama or show me any riots and violence during this election done by us to Hillary. You can’t cause there wasn’t any.

        We are civil people, you are savages and you show it daily. Bring it on. You people golated, you called us every name in the book, you did the same daily with Bush and you are the truly disgusting and abominable in our country. You will never ever do anything to any of us because we won’t let you.

      7. clgatwork says

        Show me your billions of dollars…dumber than a door nail???? You don’t get to be a billionaire or President of the United States of America if you’re dumber than a door nail. Hillary Clinton is a known liar and she is so corrupt it’s ridiculous. Obama never held a job other than Community Organizer…go cry in you milk baby!

        1. America1st says

          Where is the Leftist outrage? Oh, forgot, this is acceptable behavior for a Democrat. OK?

          1. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL there is also a video of him reading from a book and approving the comments made about all a man needs is ribs and pu__y.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          EEWWWWW! I’m sure his husband thrilled at it!??

          1. Tiger says

            He was a nasty man. Or whatever.

      8. Tiger says

        After visiting Cuba the papers headlines were, and you know none of the Castros met his plane, “America has a Stupid Negro for President.” The president of the Philippines called O’s mother a whore and he better not come there and tell him anything. His visit to the UK to stop them from leaving the EU and threatening them, their Parliament tore him to pieces and scathing articles all over the papers telling him off. His last visit to Europe he was met with riots in Athans, Germany and Peru telling him to go home and no TPP. The Egyptians burned him in effigy for telling them to take the Muslim Brotherhood Morsi back. French president Sarkozy said he might be insane and the president of the EU said his Stimulus plan was insane on and on things you people never saw because the main media never told you but I can pull all the video to prove it.

        1. America1st says

          Best example of lack of international respect for USA: AirForce1 lands and China refuses to provide rollout exit steps forcing Obama to shamefully exit plane from plane’s rear exit steps. No red carpet. No China President greeting. No respect. Sad given USA has $600+ billion trade deficit.

          1. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL yepper I forgot that one and the fool took it and went on with whatever. Sorry and sad little maggot that he was. May the Powers of the Almighty help Trump get past these demons all around us wanting our demise.

      9. Tiger says

        Report: Sarkozy Slams Obama – Says He Might Be Insane

        Jim Hoft Apr 11th, 2010 6:12 am 0 Comments

        recent report supposedly circulating the Kremlin quotes Sarkozy as
        stating that President Obama is “a dangerous[ly] aliéné”, which
        translates into his, Obama, being a “mad lunatic”.

        The European Union Times reported:

        A new report circulating in the Kremlin today authored by France’s Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE) and recently “obtained” by the FSB shockingly quotes French President Nicolas Sarkozy [photo top right with Obama] as stating that President Barack Obama is “a dangerous[ly] aliéné”, which translates into his, Obama, being a “mad lunatic”, or in the American vernacular, “insane”.

        According to this report, Sarkozy was “appalled” at Obama’s “vision” of what the World should be under his “guidance” and “amazed” at the American Presidents unwillingness to listen to either “reason” or “logic”. Sarkozy’s meeting where these impressions of Obama were formed took place nearly a fortnight ago at the White House in Washington D.C., and upon his leaving he “scolded” Obama and the US for not listening closely enough to what the rest of the World has to say.

        Apparently, as this report details, the animosity between Sarkozy and
        Obama arose out of how best the West can deal with the growing threat
        posed by rising Islamic fundamentalism. Both Sarkozy and his European
        neighbors had previously been supported in their efforts by the United
        States in forming an alliance to strengthen the integration of Muslim
        peoples into their societies, and has including France and Belgium moving to ban the wearing of burqa’s.
        Hat Tip Brian B.

        1. Lizzie2 says

          The European Union Times publishes information that cannot be validated and that is anti scientific fact. The information provided should be regarded as speculative opinion or propaganda and cannot be substantiated by fact or evidence. It is among the most untrustworthy sources in the media.

          A disclaimer accompanying this publication,
          This is what is referred to as a “FAKE NEWS” source. You’ve been suckered.

          1. Tiger says

            They say the same about American news and due to the Main Media now known throughout the world as liars, the only way to find truth many times is to go to them.

            Yeh right.

          2. Tiger says

            I can find many more reports int eh European papers of the time talking about this and the many things you haven’t a clue about. You see I lived in Europe 4 years, the Orient for 5.5 and been to the ME also served in two wars as an Army nurse and I learned long ago you want to know what is going on in the world, go to the world news.

            I lived in countries when things happened and the American news always was entertaining when they decided the Real News wasn’t right for Americans to hear plus they needed the audiences. So you and your ilk live in a bubble and personally I don’t care as long as you keep your hands off our government and by the way stop with the riots already, you look not only like sore losers but renegades without a brain left.

          3. Lizzie2 says

            You are not the only nurse with experience in this world. I lived in Hong Kong for 5 years, traveling throughout most Asian countries. I assisted nurse and physician colleagues in setting up critical care units. I spent time learning from nurse/physician colleagues in Australia/New Zealand. Some of the remote cities and towns in China taught me lessons about societies that I could never have hoped to know.
            Spent more significant time in Europe; and in Latin American countries that were, at the time, mired in local wars. As a westerner I was worth a good deal of money; it was quite lucrative to kidnap employees of major corporations and mine was very well known. I was fully aware of the politics in that part of the world, and learned how to navigate around sensitive areas. .
            The only place where I lack experience is in the Middle East, for obvious reasons.
            I am not as naive as you might think. One does not live in a bubble when one spends formative years in NYC; where there are enough cultures and news sources available to keep any educated individual informed.

            So knock off the hostility… “ilk” knows what we are talking about and seeks clarification of facts before embracing causes. We study politics and know what is and isn’t happening in our government.

            More important, we can spot a huckester from a mile away and do not give credibility to hateful persons who know how to inflame prejudice, resentment and fear of “the other”. And we are very afraid of the damage that he can cause by his inexperience, his ignorence of the unique nature of his new position, his behavoral pathology, the people surrounding him, his penchant for stretching truth and his obcession for tweets. We have no intention of keeping “OUR HANDS” off of OUR government. Who the hell do you think you are with your last sentence?.

          4. Mister Atoz says

            I wish that I could give you a million upvotes.

          5. Tiger says

            You “Knock Off the BS” you and the “Ilk” don’t study facts. You have proved it by the comments you make. You may have experience around the world, as I do but we don’t see it the same. If you all truly did the research you say you do then you would know more than you do. But you don’t and neither do they.

            The only people who are prejudiced, radical, racist, prejudiced and violent are ” Your Ilk” and we see it daily across this country. Now with signs saying, War, Civil War, Revolution, Kill Whites, Take the property from Whites and wearing black uniforms, faces covered with skulls on them.

            Obama never had a real job. O never created anything. O never built anything. O never even paid for his education. O never gave millions of people jobs. O never had businesses around the world, nor had he ever met people from around the world. O was not a tenured professor. O won’t even let his college transcripts, thesis or grades released. We know Trump’s he was smart and made great grades in college. You all trusted our country to a man who admitted in his books he preferred Communist professors, to a man whose people are Muslims in Kenya and he has terrorists in his immediate family there, to a man who said he preferred his blackness, to a man whose mother had nude pictures of herself and embraced Communism and whose parents embraced Communism. To a man whose one entire side of his family had not one, NOT ONE American citizen in it, naturalized or otherwise.

            So shut the Hell up about our POTUS and take your filthy, Socialist, Lying, Communist hands off our government and go live where it suits you and I am a Patriot that won’t allow you lowlife sacks of disgusting maggots take down my country.

          6. Tiger says

            Oh by the way when the uniformed, military like force came onto Berkley many tried to insinuate it was the Right but others knew it was the Left, no Right anyone has done anything like this when O in office, or during the campaigns only your “Ilk”.

            FBI investigating identities of black-clad UC Berkeley rioters

            By Frances Dinkelspiel Feb. 7, 2017, 3:13 p.m.

            5:50 p.m. on Feb. 1, about 150 black-clad protesters stormed the
            peaceful anti-Milo Yiannopoulos rally. Here they are pulling apart a
            metal barricade set up to separate protesters from those attending the
            talk. Photo: Pete Rosos

            In the six days since
            rioters hijacked a raucous, but peaceful protest against the right-wing
            speaker Milo Yiannopoulos, many have wondered who those masked marauders
            actually were. The 100 to 150 people who stormed Sproul Plaza and who
            UC officials said hurled fireworks, rocks, and Molotov cocktails at
            police were mostly dressed in black with ski masks or bandanas hiding
            their faces.

            Were the troublemakers from the left? Or from the right?

            Now the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been called in to help figure it out.
            Read full Berkeleyside coverage of the Milo Yiannopoulos protest.

            after the protests, which caused $100,000 in damage to the MLK student
            union, the Amazon store on its first floor, and at least one tree, UC
            Berkeley officials described the rioters as acting as a coordinated
            paramilitary force that had “essentially raided the campus.” There were
            similarities among the rioters that this reporter noticed; many of them
            carried the same rounded long sticks that they used to hold up flags or,
            perhaps, to smash windows.

            came in a military fashion, they were well-rehearsed,” said UC Berkeley
            spokesman Dan Mogulof on the night of the protests. “They seemed armed
            and dangerous.”

            About 1,500 people were peacefully protesting against Yiannopoulos’s
            scheduled talk in the plaza when the group of black-clad protesters
            rushed onto campus en masse around 5:50 p.m. Within a few minutes, they
            had moved the metal barricades set up to create a space for those
            attending the talk to pass through, and had thrown several of the
            barriers through ground-floor windows. They also set a generator on
            fire, providing the dramatic images of the protest that have been
            flashed around the world. The black-clad protesters then occupied the
            area nearest the student union for most of the night while others stood
            on the steps of Sproul Hall or gathered further away.

            Later in the night, the agitators rampaged through downtown Berkeley,
            damaging numerous banks, a Starbucks, and branches of other national
            chains. John Caner, head of the Downtown Berkeley Association, said
            there was an estimated $400,000-$500,000 worth of damage to downtown.
            There was also some vandalism on Telegraph Avenue, including graffiti,
            according to Stuart Baker, head of the Telegraph Business Improvement
            District, but it was relatively minor.

            UC Berkeley Professor Robert Reich speculated on his website
            that right-wing agitators might have been behind the rioting. He wrote
            of the “possibility that Yiannopoulos and Breitbart were in cahoots with
            the agitators, in order to lay the groundwork for a Trump crackdown on
            universities and their federal funding.”

            CNN interviewed Reich on Friday where he said he “wouldn’t bet
            against” the possibility that the chaos was deliberately planned by the
            right. But Reich did not provide any direct evidence of his assertion.

            A Berkeleyside reader also brought up the possibility that those on the right were to blame.

            “It’s a well-known fact that the far right infiltrates social justice
            movements and events in the hopes of distorting the media’s and the
            public response to the event,” she wrote. “I would not be at all
            surprised if those who came from off-campus (probably from outside the
            city) were supporters of Milos Yiannopoulos. Whether they came on his
            behalf or another source, I imagine they are very satisfied with their
            accomplishment; they had the media (local and national) pretty much
            eating out of their hands, as far as I can tell.”

            However, much of the media covering the event described the rioters
            as anarchists or “black bloc,” or “antifa” — loose collections of people
            on the far left who believe creating chaos is the best way to
            trigger social change. Members of the black bloc have been popping up at
            protests for several years, ever since the Occupy movement took root.
            150 “masked individuals with paramilitary tactics” hurled Molotov
            cocktails, set fires, shot fireworks at police and damaged property on
            Feb. 1, thousands of others demonstrated peacefully on the steps of
            Sproul Hall bathed in the colors of the LGBTQ movement. Photo: Ted

            At least one far-left group has
            publicly acknowledged its participation in the protest, although it has
            not said it caused property damage. The group, By Any Means Necessary
            (BAMN), a left-wing group that is often confrontational, has claimed
            that it was one of the “organizers of Berkeley’s shutdown of white
            neo-fascist Milo Yiannopoulos.” One of its leaders, Yvette Felarca, who
            is also a BUSD middle-school teacher, spoke against Yiannopoulos through
            a megaphone at the protests, and later told Berkeleyside the chaos and
            destruction were a “stunning achievement.”
            However, BAMN members, including Felarca, were not dressed in the black
            “uniform” of the most destructive members of the crowd.

            People who identify as conservatives and Trump supporters have spent
            considerable energy on social media and in Berkeleyside’s comments
            section discussing the possible identities of the rioters and who may be
            funding them. The #Berkeley hashtag on Twitter is clogged with claims
            and accusations about who caused the destruction. Many argue that the
            demonstrators were Cal students and that this proves the Free Speech
            Movement has died. They blame students and the university administration
            for canceling Yiannopoulos’ talk. They are also highly critical of the
            police’s decision to not engage with the protesters but to defend the
            MLK building from inside instead. (Read our interviews with both the UCPD chief and the BPD chief on their responses to the protesters.)

            believe one of those who hit protesters works at UC Berkeley. They have
            identified him by name on Twitter and online. Breitbart News has listed
            his name, his Twitter handle and a screenshot of the salary he earns at
            Cal. As he has not been charged, Berkeleyside is not publishing his

          7. Tiger says
          8. Tiger says

            Look at your “Ilk” Look at them, illegals and Muslims wow you guys are just so civil.


          9. Tiger says

            Here again your “Ilk” you want respect get new PR otherwise you are seen as nutbags and violent maggots.

          10. Tiger says

            You are Savages who have no place in a civil society and you are no better than our enemies around the world. How dare you nits do this to America, this is not any kind of sensible adversity to anything, this is nothing but thugs, payed maggots, weasels, criminals.


          11. Tiger says

            I can do this all day the world is watching. You people are exposed for what you are. Your party is through.

          12. Tiger says

            Listen and learn something. You dumb ass, ignorant, uneducated to the problems, nits and nats and maggots going to get us all killed.


          13. Lizzie2 says

            Tiger, your posts are somewhat irrational. Is it fear?,booze? drugs? or PTSD

          14. Lizzie2 says

            You appear to be a bit irrational Tiger….is it booze, drugs, or PTSD?

          15. Tiger says

            Don’t project your problems on me.

          16. Tiger says

            Out of his mouth the words when he said them. OY VEY dupa.


      10. bill14729 . says

        More Lies

      11. Tiger says

        You stupid people never even knew what a looser and sorry SOB Obama was.

        European Leader Assails American Stimulus Plan


        Continue reading the main story
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        At the European Parliament, the Czech prime minister, Mirek Topolanek, called President Obama’s plan “a way to hell.”

        Christophe Karaba/European Pressphoto Agency

        PARIS — The European Union’s
        crisis of leadership during the economic downturn was thrown into sharp
        relief on Wednesday, as the current president of the 27-nation bloc
        labeled President Obama’s emergency stimulus package “a way to hell”
        that will “undermine the stability of the global financial market.”

        blunt comments by the Czech prime minister, Mirek Topolanek, whose
        country holds the rotating presidency of the union, came just a week
        before a crucial meeting of the Group of 20 that was called to show
        global solidarity in fighting the recession. The comments were greeted
        with embarrassment by many Europeans who believe that the Czech leader
        does not represent a European consensus.

        made the situation even more trying for those who hope that the
        European Union might find a common voice in this crisis was that Mr.
        Topolanek’s own governing coalition collapsed
        on Tuesday. The Czech opposition party, which favors bigger increases
        in domestic spending during the slump, won a no-confidence vote on his

        widespread fears that European nations could prolong the current
        recession unless they act in concert with one another and the United
        States, the slump has highlighted differences over deficit spending,
        interest rates and possible bailouts for new union members in the East.
        There are few signs that the alliance is developing the political
        leadership to match its economic weight. Continue reading the main story

        Related Coverage

        Czech Parliament Vote Clouds U.S. Antimissile Plan
        MARCH 24, 2009

        Recent Comments


        March 25, 2009

        Are you people for real!? You hear a person that
        has some first hand experiance with oppresive government speak up and
        say…US is on the…

        Dr Wu, I’m just an ordinary guy

        March 25, 2009

        Could be the way to hell–we’ll find out.
        Stimulus vs. Regulation. US and Brits (their banks, AIG, etc caused the
        world-wide market meltdown…


        March 25, 2009

        His remarks are just shy of what Chancellor
        Merkle made/makes, she is a bit more diplomatic. He is just more blunt,
        and probably more…

        like the United States, has undertaken an aggressive fiscal stimulus
        and slashed interest rates. But Germany and France have opposed calls
        for further large stimulus packages and even greater deficit spending,
        while the European Central Bank has kept interest rates higher
        than they are in the United States and Britain. Germany and even some
        Central European countries opposed calls by Hungary for the creation of a
        single rescue fund for heavily indebted countries in Eastern Europe.

        the United States on Wednesday, Gordon Brown, the British prime
        minister, said there was “far more agreement” among world leaders than
        recent reports suggested.

        “I believe that now, for the first time, global leaders recognize the need to cooperate,” he said during a question-and-answer session at New York University.

        so, Mr. Topolanek’s comments during a speech to the European Parliament
        underscored unresolved differences. The country holding the revolving
        presidency is supposed to speak for Europe as a whole, and Mr. Topolanek
        will go to the Group of 20
        meeting in London as the European president. The Group of 20 comprises
        19 industrialized and emerging countries and the European Union.
        Numerous other Europeans are to attend, including the head of the
        European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, and the leaders of individual
        countries like France, Germany, Britain, Italy and Spain.

        Mr. Topolanek will also host Mr. Obama in Prague a few days later at a United States-European Union summit meeting.

        Paroubek, the leader of the Social Democrats in the Czech Parliament,
        who called Tuesday’s vote of no confidence against Mr. Topolanek,
        accused him of making an undiplomatic gaffe. “In my view, it is
        extremely impolite and undiplomatic toward President Obama, who we will
        host in less than two weeks’ time,” he said.

        themselves are well aware of the leadership problem, having painfully
        negotiated a new constitution, which European voters rejected. They then
        forged the Lisbon Treaty, which will create a permanent European
        president and foreign minister, and which was supposed to go into effect
        on Jan. 1. But the Lisbon Treaty, which requires the votes of all
        member states, was rejected by Irish voters last June, giving the Czechs
        their turn in the six-month rotating presidency.

        the Irish are expected to vote again in the fall, Mr. Topolanek’s own
        government has not ratified the treaty, either. Even though he is likely
        to remain in office through June, when the Czech presidency of the
        union ends, his government’s defeat will make it harder to ratify the
        treaty. The Irish foreign minister, Micheal Martin, said in Dublin that
        the Czech problems would make Ireland’s effort to ratify “a bit more

        Topolanek’s remarks were considered impolitic, with the German leader
        of the Socialist group in the European Parliament, Martin Schulz,
        telling him, “You have not understood what the task of the E.U.
        presidency is,” and describing his comments as “not the level on which
        the E.U. ought to be operating with the United States.”

        Czech spokesman said that Mr. Topolanek meant to say that the European
        Union would be on the way to hell if it increased its own spending too
        much, rather than predicting that the United States was doomed.

        Topolanek is not alone in his concern that Mr. Obama’s stimulus
        package, which will push the United States budget deficit this year to
        10 percent or more of gross domestic product,
        will put a huge strain on global financial markets. German officials
        have also criticized the evolving American program, and many other
        European nations have declined to create fiscal stimulus programs
        anywhere near as large as that of the United States, arguing that too
        much extra money will lead quickly to inflation.

        are also disagreements between the United States and the Europeans
        about how much emphasis to place on fiscal stimulus as opposed to
        enhanced regulation of finance and tax havens. Even so, participants
        have been making progress on a communiqué that will signal a rough
        consensus on principles in London on April 2, officials from both sides

        expect that there will be enough in the final communiqué about the need
        for fiscal stimulus to satisfy Washington, with Europe ready to do more
        if its first package of spending does not do enough, and that there
        will be enough about the need to beef up regulation and international
        oversight to satisfy the Europeans.

        senior European Union official, also speaking on condition of anonymity
        because of the embarrassing nature of the issue, said everyone hoped to
        de-emphasize the trans-Atlantic dispute over fiscal policy. “We don’t
        think we need it, we don’t think the world needs it and we don’t think
        it makes sense,” the official said.

        Katinka Barysch, deputy director of the London-based Center for European Reform,
        said that Mr. Topolanek had undermined a consensus that was carefully
        forged at last week’s European Union summit meeting in Brussels. “The
        E.U. had made some progress towards a coherent position,” Ms. Barysch
        said. “He has undermined that.”

        in Prague said that Mr. Topolanek was eager to show that he was still
        politically relevant. They noted that some countries, like the Czech Republic, which emerged from decades of Communism, were deeply suspicious of state intervention in the economy.

        Steven Erlanger reported from Paris, and Stephen Castle from Brussels. Dan Bilefsky contributed reporting from Prague.

      12. Natalie says

        So far all you’ve done is have embarrassing tantrums, make absurd demands, cry, whine, scream and burn hats while hiding your cowardly faces. How pathetic you are. Fighting the imaginary one percent based on the lies of the real one percent. Stay in school sweetheart, maybe you can use your degree in women’s studies for toilet paper.

      13. bobvelon says

        Obama and Hillary are shit. They are communists probably like you. Democrates are malcontents and stem dead are like the sheep they are. I have never seen a party as violent as they are. Hey you didn’t win the election so back off…Your nothing but a bunch of sore losers and cry babies..Time to crawl back under your rock or back in Obama’s ass loser..

      14. Ken Mayton says

        Love to see ignorant liberal democratic snowflakes so upset when they lose and don’t get thier way. It’s amazing how childish they are and how it comes out. You and the rest make my day hearing you suffer in vain.

      15. Michael Dennewitz says

        That’s because THEY ARE SHIT, maggot! ????

      16. irish1919 says

        That’s Koch. Get it right. That’s old news. Can’t find anyone else that donated to GOP. Hell what the unions have to Hillary makes Koch brothers look cheap. Soros is a scumbag who hates America. Anyone who takes a penny from him is not a friend to America. That includes 3 republicans I know. Find some other line besides Koch brothers . They are small potatoes . What did Hillary spend on her defeat? 1.2 billion dollars? Must of had some huge donors. Bought and paid for . No special interests supporting Trump. Spent less than half what the witch spent and lots of his own money. He’s working for free also. Not milking the tax payer like OBAMA and Clinton did. Go Trump!!!

      17. JJ says

        One thing about it! I don’t think you will ever have to worry about us doing you that way again because the democrats and liberals are cooked! Everyone on this planet has seen on public tv how crooked your party really is. Thank you wiki leaks. We knew it all along, but it was put out for everyone this time to see. They are gone. Even people in your own party voted for Trunp after seeing all this corruptness. It is over for you! It is funny to see ya’ll shit on one leg and try to wipe it off on the other one! Your party does not know which way to turn at this point.

    3. Retired says

      Snakes like Peelosi -Schumer – Feinstein – warrior Warren – Clintons all should be put in a cage without food until they eat each other..

      1. Eric Pearson says

        I’ll bet you’re a “Christian”. Or, is that what you’re retired from?

        1. Retired says

          Can’t handle the truth ??

          1. bill14729 . says

            Not your Lying, No

          2. cutterguy says

            wonder if eric and bill used to be aklady, name, or one of soros other trolls. best not to feed them.

          3. Retired says

            She uses different names with different scripts. She is still around.

          4. cutterguy says


          5. libertybells2 says

            Don’t feed them and block them. Reading Eric’s nonsense is like looking at pigs wallowing in a pen of foul mud…they stench is unfathomable.

          6. Rosech Levy says

            or Redman but we can block their stupidity and cupidity so we do.

          7. JJ says

            I remember old Redman who claimed to be black as tar.

          8. Michele Coatta says

            He sounds 12 “I know u r but what am i” must be in college a real brainiack

          9. Deborah G says

            Good point hit IGNORE and block them.They get paid per click, starve them out

          10. JJ says

            I remember old Aklady. She could not spell the word turd! Lol

        2. vil says

          And you are an active muslim supporter who is an idiot!

        3. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
        4. Deborah G says

          I’ll bet you are a snipey hating little girlyman

      2. Tiger says

        They already have and the proof is out there just as Maulder said and it is going to rise like dead bodies from the water, bloated and unrecognizable.

        1. Retired says

          To bad it is not happening fast enough.

          1. JJ says

            That is for sure. I think democrats and liberals have gone by the way side. We just hear those crying that can’t believe it is happening.

      3. Robbie eures says

        these people are complete idiots, yes. They will lose in the end. The bad media #’s r dropping, the elites won’t have a role in movies, and Clinton foundation closing. Those opposing our great President won’t be re-elected and history will prove them to be outsiders.

      4. irish1919 says

        Right about now you can throw in a couple RINOs with them. McCain thinks he is the president . His days were over long ago. He needs to shut up and just pass Trumps agenda. He is irrelevant. He also better not keep dissing our war heros either. Heard stories of him and they are not what everyone believes. His time in Nam is suspect . First of all he was shot down because he disobeyed orders. He was captured . Guess he failed in his mission also. Getting sick of people not saying anything to him for the fact he was a prisoner some 50 years ago . He put himself there. Wouldn’t call him a war hero either.

        1. Sam L. Brown says

          This old vet would agree with you sir.

          1. ABO says

            As will this ancient warrior.

        2. libertybells2 says

          Many vets from that era who are still alive know the real story and Trump was right about McCain…he is a phony hero.

        3. Retired says

          He and a few others need to retire, Daddy saved his hide even though he was abused .

        4. Rosech Levy says

          And McCain apparently worked with the Vietnamese by giving them info on the other war prisoners. A man of little to no character, and even betrayed Trump passing along false information that Russia was involved in the election by hacking.

          Since average age in Congress is 76, we must enforce only 2 terms limits max and a retirement age the same as ours 65-67 no matter when they take a seat to supposedly represent us and not themselves. The DNC is dying in spite of Soros’ support and hopefully he will waste his huge fortune in trying to take America over by the democrats (Pelosi a good friend of Soros and nuttier than a fruitcake to boot) to the One World Government of the evil elite globalists. No way, Jose, just keep pushing our buttons and you won’t like the outcome.

      5. JJ says

        Lol good one!

    4. Mabel Annette Graham says

      You republicans who let trump take over your party along with Paul Ryan are VIPERS , you have sold our country out to the highest bidder trump and he and Putin cheated by hacking the DNC and Hillary’s emails and using them against her to defeat her, along with Comley’s rein I stating the e-mail scam days before election

      1. sandy says

        You must be a big fan of National Enquirer. Why don’t you listen to or read some REAL news fool. Had you rather have Hillary as POTUS? Confirmed liar, cheater? I’m sorry, my common sense tells me that IF WE DON’T secure our borders and vet those trying to enter our country, we’re done for! Don’t we all want the same things? A safe and secure, prosperous country? Why don’t you idiots give this man a chance? He WAS elected based on his campaign promises, which tells ME that’s what the American people want! If it was Obozo signing these EOs bet you’d be all on board! DA

      2. Tiger says

        Using Hillary’s emails against her? Who wrote those emails? What did they say that would make anyone go against her? Must have been really bad right? Did the Russians make her put Classified and Top Secret on her server? Did they tell her to acid wash 33,000 emails when Congress was already investigate her? Did they tell her to take those cell phones and servers with her to countries where she could be hacked? Did they tell Comey to make all America aware of what she did and say she was negligent? Did they tell Comey to get the investigation going again right before voting time?

        What you are proposing is that if it were not for the information showing what a low down, filthy, dirty and lying bitch she was she would have won. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

        Go outside, find a soft pile of dirt and stick your head in it.

      3. Tiger says

        Oh and for your information the videos made showing the DNC rigging elections, setting up violent riots against Trump etc were done by Americans infiltrating the DNC. What a nit you are God Help America.

      4. Michael Dennewitz says

        I love blocking dumbass liberals.. ROFLMFAO

      5. kbmiller says

        Mabel, you are STUPID.

    5. Eric Pearson says

      Nancy Pelosi and “others” do not answer to the POTUS. Therefore, insubordination is not even an option, Einstein.

      1. Tiger says

        You are wrong they have protocol and when the one congressman yelled to Obama when he was meeting with congress on O care and said Liar he was castigated and taken to the ropes. Don’t even think that these maggots don’t know better if Elizabeth Warren could not call a fellow representative names like she did Sessions what makes you think they can do this to the president?

      2. sandy says

        They certainly have to respect him a-hole

      3. Ken Thomas says

        Why don’t you go melt some place else snowflake?

        1. Lizzie2 says

          What does it mean when one refers to “snowflake”?

      4. bill14729 . says

        You have No idea what your talking about

    6. Bill Wilson says

      soros has kids and grandkids and i think chealsea is married to his nephew!

      1. Lizzie2 says

        Marc Mezvinsky is an American investment banker, co-founder of the hedge fund Eaglevale Partners, and the husband of Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton. Wikipedia
        Actor Scott Baio promulgated an untrue rumor about Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky.

      2. libertybells2 says

        Naw that’s fake news.

      3. Tiger says

        Rats love other rats and eat their young. Going to get interesting for Soros.

        1. JJ says


          1. Tiger says

            Those men dressed in black uniforms, faces covered, cowards that they are and skulls on those uniforms, police say are military trained and beating people, calling for killing Whites, taking their property need picking up, interrogated and jailed and their leaders also.

            The rubber is going to meet the road and now Obama is in on it with 30,000 he is in charge of, to stop Trump. Stop Trump from what?

          2. JJ says

            They need to be locked
            up including Obams and the key thrown completely away. Obama is trying his best to keep Trump from getting anything done. He is in on this with Schumer, Soros, and all of Obama’s cronies. They want to see that he gets nothing done. They want Trump to be as much of a failure as he was. That way the dems can get back in power in 2018 and can finish us up like Hillary was supposed to have done. I just wished he would go back to Kemya and stay there for good and take all the liberals with him. They will torment Trump for the rest of his Presidency.

          3. Tiger says

            I believe in the Deep Six Solution for them all. This happened during the reign of our Founding Fathers they would have been put to the sword.

          4. JJ says

            I think it is coming!

          5. Tiger says

            hopefully. I met many who do the needed job and wondered where they are.

          6. Askjrsk says

            GITMO works

    7. HopeforAmerica says

      Wow you people are So hung up on Soros. Instead, you should be focusing on the Koch Brothers who funded the TeaParty and who is pushing their Agenda along with Billionaire Trump and Billionaire Cabinet heads to Take Away ALL the regulations that you people care about like the Enviromental regs, Labor Laws, Banking Laws, etc. And Let’s not forget they are going to try and cut Soc Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Watch what your Senators & Congressman are Voting for … that will tell you what they are REALLY doing.

      1. Ken Mayton says

        Hey snowflake…You don’t see TP People , Conservatives , Republicans doing the crap Soros has done with terrorist organizations like BLM,black Panthers,with cash to protest. He lost over a billion dollars for this activity. Noticed all BS about cops has stopped. These groups are nothing but racists and agitators. Get over your HUGE loss and look forward to more in 2 and 4 years in future. The people have spoken so leave the country if it’s too much for you to handle crybaby

        1. Lizzie2 says

          I have never before observed the level of fixation on George Soros. Where does it come from? And it is all on this website. Oh I get it !! This publication has made a practice of providing a “stalking horse” for it’s fans.

          1. irish1919 says

            Globalist George . Sponsor and donor of other globalists. Creator of Move on. org and BLM among other hateful anarchist groups . Perhaps our new AG can go after BLM and prosecute as a hate group . Since they have called for death of our police , that should get them some serious jail time. Soros is probably untouchable . But then who knows ? Someone could get to him . I’m sure he has many enemies all over the world . So refreshing to see a president who will support our law enforcement and border patrols . Our military and veterans. Trump supports all that is good . Obama not so much. He was s foreign and domestic disaster . What happens when you put a community organizer in charge. The country loses.

      2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
        1. JJ says

          Could we load up all the democrats in planes and drop them out over the Everglades?

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          2. JJ says

            I am praying!!

      3. Tiger says

        You are the walking definition of Stupidity, Confusion, Propaganda, Misinformation, Alinsky Rules for Radicals etc.

        Suck it up you are through, over, kaput, out with yesterdays old news, done with, fried, frosted and sealed.

      4. JJ says

        Your scare tactics have been around as long as Ginsberg was a baby. It is not working any more. Go scare yourself because it is not working here. Welfare is going to be cut, social security is going to be cut, Medicare is going to be cut, Medicaid is going to be cut, food stamps is going to be cut. I have heard that BS for 50 years. Now, all of a sudden it is going to happen again! Crazy crazy! Boo! Did I scare you?

        1. HopeforAmerica says

          JJ; How do you think I know about this stuff?? Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. Do want I do.. Pay Attention to the Bills the Republicans in Congress are proposing!! Those are the FACTS! In addition, I’m attaching a link so you can read the entire Republican Plan to take over & Privatize our Federal Gov’t. The control will be given to Businesses.. and that where our public money will go. Pay Attention!!

    8. HopeforAmerica says

      Also, Stop watching FAKE News Like InfoWars, Breitbart, Hannity, and Limbaugh.

      1. Ken Mayton says

        Hey asshole,thier ratings compared to any liberal media like MSNBC is not even in the ballpark. They were going to cancelled MSNBC and the view but the liberals would burn and destroy cities,churches,hospitals,retirement homes,and schools. You know those peaceful demonstrations the always have!!!!

        1. irish1919 says

          Only reason those alphabet channels exist is because guys like Soros are propping them up. They are so pathetic . No credibility. Only the morons are still watching them. The anarchists. Maddow and Kohn. What losers . Ever notice how much better looking the conservative women on fox are compared to the wenches on CNN and MSNBC? Then you got that Chris Matthews( the thrill up his leg ) when OBAMA is shown . Something real odd about that guy. Such lunatics . The only moments of sanity on those stations is when they actually have a conservative on. Oh well no real sane person can watch for very long.

      2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        The Real Fake News we espose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Tiger says

        Tell ya what why don’t you stop lying? Why don’t your politicians stop with the BS? Why don’t you people stop crying, pissing, moaning and groaning and above all stop trying to STOP the TRUTH from GETTING OUT.

        You have about as much power over me as the No SeeUms that fly around my ankles in Florida.

    9. Michael Dennewitz says

      Never doubt! Orlando is filling with all kinds, especially muslims!! ???

      1. Tiger says

        How well we in Florida know. Rampant everywhere and took over St. Augustine. A famous tourist spot that now not so much, they tell us they came here to get away from them.

    10. Lizzie2 says

      Where is this list that “we” found?

      1. Tiger says

        Why don’t you look it up for yourself? We meaning those of us who back what we say with resources and don’t depend on FAKE news like the lazy “Give Me I Want” Left.

        But hey if you take the time to read something well I will give you a break, this time.

      2. Tiger says

        See I don’t have time to educate you but Trump not a Globalist, One World Order or Bilderberg and he put the shaft into the spokes of the wheels running us into Progressive/Communism/Socialism. You do realize that Hillary and Obama Progressive Communist who loved Alinsky don’t you? Why you think O admired and loved all the Dictators in the world and Castro?

        Boy howdy.

    11. John Somers says

      Wish we had a shoot on sight order because I might just go on a hunting trip.

      1. Tiger says

        Personally would like to see the “Lead Solution” employed as effectively as Hillary uses it to get the rats out of the sewers.

      2. Tiger says

        WASHINGTON – Everyone
        knows about the tens of millions of dollars various George Soros front
        groups poured into Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential efforts in
        2016, but the
        Republicans he supported – from Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and
        his predecessor, John Boehner, have received less attention.

        Republican presidential candidate John Kasich was also a big recipient of Soros largesse – to the tune at least $202,700. That makes Soros one of the Kasich presidential campaign’s top funders.

        While the Soros Fund Management, just one of the Hungarian billionaire’s political tentacles, spent $224,300 on Democratic Party congressional campaigns in 2016, it also spent $31,400 on Republicans, including $10,800 on Paul Ryan – the most of any member of the GOP, the same as it invested in Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, a Democrat.

        Other GOP congressional recipients of Soros contributions include:

        Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., ($2,500)

        Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. ($2,700)

        Rep. Joe Heck, R-Nev. ($2,700)

        Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio ($2,600)

        Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif. ($2,500)

        Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla. ($1,000)

        Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa ($1,000)

        Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis. ($1,000)

        Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash. ($1,000)

        Rep. Dan Donovan, R-N.Y. ($300).

        has aided hundreds of left-wing groups since 2000 under the auspices of
        his Open Society Foundations promoting environmental activism, gun
        control, immigration groups, opposition to voter ID laws and anti-police
        groups like Black Lives Matter. In
        one year, Soros funding of at least $33 million helped persuade the
        public that Michael Brown was murdered by a police officer in the city
        of Ferguson, Missouri.

        intense anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric that has been fueled by
        the Republican primary is deeply offensive,” Soros said in the
        statement during the 2016 campaign. “There
        should be consequences for the outrageous statements and proposals that
        we’ve regularly heard from candidates (Donald) Trump and (Ted) Cruz.”

        Michael Vachon, a spokesman and political adviser to Soros, said there was no single cause for the increase in spending.

        “His support of Clinton is one reason,” he said. “The tone of the other candidates is the other.

        Soros’ personal
        fortune stands at about $24 billion, according to the Bloomberg
        Billionaires Index. Soros handed off day-to-day management of his
        hedge-fund business in the late 1980s to focus on his charitable
        pursuits, many of which seek to promote democracy around the world. The
        Open Society Foundations say they have spent some $13 billion over the
        past three decades.

        Soros organizations have also donated between $1.5 million and $6 million to the Clinton Foundation.

        1. Rosech Levy says

          Let him support democracy because thanks to our Founding Fathers we are a REPUBLIC and not a democracy!

          1. Tiger says

            He is going to have some surprises on the way. If he thinks he can continue to do in America what he has done in other countries he is sadly mistaken. Obama and Hillary his dupes but they are out and Trump is in and he knows the score, he knows who Soros is and he mentioned him in his speeches. We have laws in this country concerning inciting violence and busing in violence along with interfering with our government, Trump knows this. He already asked Putin for all information on him. Hope the following article is true but I do believe Trump will act sooner or later and Soros will have a rude awakening.


    12. Rosech Levy says

      Which is why we have to be prepared in every way we can because if they continue breaking our laws in illegal protests, looting, burning, even killing, then they must be arrested for sedition, large fines (or take any of their assets, which most won’t have), and prison time. If they want a revolution, we are molon labe!

    13. SouthernPatriot says

      Democrats for a long time have continued to slip into dementia. This did not start with their opposition to Trump, it came with greater speed many decades ago. Demented Democrats, which include academia, Hollyweird, Soros and his sycophants, Most media, all waken each morning looking for a story they can twist against Trump, or just make one up and lie. As you posted just vipers, intent on poisoning what they don’t destroy.

      1. Tiger says

        Another informed person love it.

    14. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Lock and load.

      1. JJ says

        Yes- most definitely!

      2. Tiger says

        Don 10/4 good buddy.

    15. Deborah G says

      Someone needs to cut the head off the snake and be done with this anarchy

      1. Tiger says

        The men in black uniforms, face covered, skulls on those uniforms, police said, when they appeared at the college recently were military trained and beating people along with calling for killing Whites and taking their property, these guys bring it to a whole new level.

        They need arresting and interrogated and their leaders jailed for inciting riots, we have laws against that.

        1. Deborah G says

          Very simple arrest Soros and when the money stops the anarchists stop

          1. Tiger says

            They won’t stop until they kill someone.

    16. kassa1 says

      All right as if Abraham Lincoln or alive these people whether they’re Democrat or Republican inciting violence against another part of the country who also pays their bills, would be executed by the military under Lincoln, and it should be no different today the Democrats still up there with Obama in front of your face and told you they represent all Americans well that’s just another one of their damn lies as they only represent the trash taken out seduced into following them. You think they care about these people they could care less about him only that they can use them like Hitler used to people to take down the country. I agree with you sir these people start need to be dealt with severely and harshly ! If anyone ever wondered why the Democrats want to your guns because they are nothing but a arm of the Communist Party run by the 1% who seek the demise of the 99%, and will use anybody or anything at their disposal to take we the people down. God bless America

      1. Tiger says

        God Bless people like you.

    17. gerald Hughes says

      Most of us conservatives understand that we can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers

      We must physically separate ourselves from them it is that or civil war.
      Now would be a good time for conservatives to go where these protestors are, get names, addresses and pictures.
      Then when the shtf, we make sure we get those life forms first

      1. Tiger says

        Exactly we cannot tolerate or live with them. I do what I can but I moved long ago to the boondocks. Paid off all my debts, no credit cards, pay cash for everything cause I knew what O was. I keep my RN license active just in case. But for the most part I took care of myself and my semi retirement. Where I live all vets and those that are not love the military so not too much happening out my way.

    18. Seldena says

      Where can I find the list?

      1. Tiger says

        McCain been on Soros money for a very long time. These are small contributions but there are more substantial contributions.

    19. GuardianFlame says

      Thank You Tiger for exposing the corruption that follows Soros everywhere he goes!!

      Americans MUST UNDERSTAND that the looney Left is being pushed by Soros to fight President Trump’s actions. The Left doesn’t sport intelligence but makes up for it with “noise” and nasty innuendos.


      Thanks Tiger for all your comments on this more than evil old man and his controlling family! Keep the info flowing…this is critical and needs to be known by every last American!!

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you also and it takes ALL of us. Keep up the Good Fight.

    20. JJ says

      We may have to take down the snakes! I have said for awhile she is coming, and I think it is very near. We have water moccasins in Tennessee, and we have to kill them too!

      1. Tiger says

        JJ appears the new uniformed group that have shown their militarized and very ugly selves, faces are covered like ISIS are beyond regular rioters. They are especially lethal, beating people to bloody pulps, calling for death to white people and taking all our property. Obama’s Army?

    21. sox83cubs84 says

      Lately I’ve taken to referring to the far left as Communist Democraps. This article explains many reasons why…and the liberal media has thrown their lot in with them.

      1. Tiger says
        1. sox83cubs84 says

          No surprise…the Supreme Sissy is petty enough and corrupt enough to do something like that.

          1. Tiger says

            “The Supreme Sissy” is trying to under cut our government I think there are laws against that. Hopefully he will learn it.

          2. sox83cubs84 says

            Treason charges would be appropriate against that terrorist-sympathizer POS.

          3. Tiger says

            Six feet under the deep blue sea like bin laden.

    22. gerald Hughes says

      We know what the answer is, for the liberal scum, why are we waiting?

      1. Tiger says

        Suppose we are waiting for them to slap us first and then we don’t turn the other cheek but take them out.

  2. ernldo says

    Demotards ARE the extreme left….

    1. Retired says

      Remember they were the party of the 3Ks and that is still in their veins.

  3. TOM P O'DONNELL says









    1. Fortuneless says

      Arrest and execute George Soros and his sons.

      1. Rodger K. Shull says

        OH HELL YES !!!!!! an ASAP. an they had better be afraid, because that go around comes around time is coming for them. Romanian style ( remember the husband an wife leaders of Romania a years back, their trail an execution) that,s the soros pay back,

      2. Ken Thomas says

        They aren’t above having the same happen to them as happened to Yamamoto

  4. Kevin Lorka says

    The Democratic party ONLY represents The Rich Liberal Elitists and the Bottom of the Barrel. Hillary did not care about the Working Middle Class. While she was having Fund Raisers at the Hollywood Bubble Houses with Barbara Streisand and Alec Baldwin Mr. Trump was getting down and dirty with Americans in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan. Hillary thought she had these states locked up and refused to go there for fear of stopping in cow manure or dog shit and getting her pant suit soiled.

    1. Erika Wooten says
      1. john baker says

        Really? Do you know who George Soros is? Do a bit of research on this Nazi collaborator and money manipulator and you will find that the Coke brothers are not even close to being in his league. Soros has no politics and spends his considerable ill gotten fortune on destabilizing economy’s for his own profit and amusement. Comparing the Coke Brothers to Soros is like comparing a mosquito to a great white shark…… You may not like either of them but one is a comparable annoyance and the other will eat you alive!

        1. deerflyguy says

          Please, John! It’s Koch Brothers, not Coke brothers – otherwise, it is a fair metaphor.

          1. john baker says

            Darn auto correct, gotta turn that thing off…. apologies!

      2. Tom says

        Can’t argue with the results Erika; the Demorats are in the tank. Drain that swamp I love it!

  5. Allan Zaug says

    Democrats have lost over a thousand seats and now the presidency in the last eight years with Obama. If a democrat president couldn’t keep the party together, there seems to be little hope at this time. Their positions are just too far left for the American people and their loss of seats shows just that. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks, and it may be time for them to bring in a lot more young blood rather than illegals with stolen social security cards to get their election votes. Looking towards the next election it appears that no change is in sight and the loss of more seats is evident.

  6. junkmailbin says

    more and more people are moving right because to the rioting and opposition. There money and votes move with tem

    1. Erika Wooten says

      Keep dreaming.

      1. Retired says

        Are you Obamas Sister ??

      2. Francisco Machado says

        True, people’s sociopolitical philosophy doesn’t tend to change very much – what has happened is that the Progressives have moved “center” (by their definition) so far to the left that an ever greater percentage of the voting public finds themselves on the Conservative side of it even though they are philosophically Liberals – just not far enough left to vote for radical candidates campaigning on spending more money on programs that have already proven themselves to be disasters.. The makeup of the House, the Senate, the Presidency and the majority of the states confirms that The radical Progressives are blind to their own responsibility for the loss of power and I suspect their current policy of inciting riot isn’t going to help them any.

      3. Michael Dennewitz says

        Hey erica/aklady.. FUCK OFF

  7. Dave Walker says

    This is a great article and should be sent out across the Nation by every means available. Text, tweet email, to every friend relative.

    1. Erika Wooten says

      We already printed it and delivered them to every trailer park

      1. Retired says

        Are you a trailer park Queen ??

        1. Rodger K. Shull says

          HOME to the demo-crapper party, the 2 star trailer park.

      2. Leo says

        It is because of that very exact mentality of why so many middle class democrats voted for Trump.

  8. Tome says

    We need Soros gone! He is the biggest part of the problem! I am not sure what he is after but it is wrong. At his age you would think he would want to settle down and enjoy what life is left but I guess the Hitler Nazi inflence never ceased.

    1. Erika Wooten says

      Funny we said the same thing about the “coke” brothers

      1. says

        Who is “we”…you got crabs ?

        1. Tome says

          There are at least two of us think that way. For a While I thought the “Cock Brothers” were all right but that changed!

          1. deerflyguy says

            It was probably you who gave Erica the crabs?

          2. Tome says

            I am not itching! Maybe numb! At least I did not say COKE brothers. My Cock fit better to the good German Nazi’s!

          3. says

            Big money donors that try to by “their way” in… are on their way out…The Libtards found that out during the election…It was All for nothing for them… so now… gasping for breath as they are…Soros and the Libtards resort to violent protests…when a protest turns violent …it becomes a crime and The National Guard needs to put a quick STOP to it…NOW !!!!!… and the financial supporters of the crime should be immediately arrested and jailed.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          ROFLMFAO ! ????

        3. JJ says


      2. Tome says

        I am glad I am a broke old SOB. because I can’t even start to cause problems other than on this contraption. But I guess I do my share of pissing people off on the Computer!

      3. deerflyguy says

        NOT funny when one thinks about it, there is only one Soros (thank God)……and if you’re going to write about them, it’s “Koch” brothers, NOT “Coke” brothers! Stupid moron bitch!

    2. deerflyguy says

      Soros learned from the worst of the worst, and now HE is the worst!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Oh no he’s not! His son is far more evil..?

  9. richjack4 says

    They are nothing more then media wh*r*s that respond to anything, or whims, that the leftist radicals can throw up for a journalistic show. Come re-election time, they will realize when their record is revealed as doing absolutely nothing to help either their constituents in general, or America as a whole, that they were pandering to the wrong element!

  10. Rodger K. Shull says

    STOP soros, an you stop many of these people. soros should be TOP P.O.S. on the list of the 1st to go. An if any of the others run, let them, chances are they won,t get far were ever the run too, they are BIG $$$$ to the 3rd world country gangsters

  11. says

    Democrats do not represent the people any more , the party has changed in the last forty years , they seem to do everything against the peoples wishes if the don’t do more things to help the people the congress will have more Republicans

    1. Norman says

      If the demonicRATs don’t do more to help the people the Republicans certainly will.

  12. Mike W says

    Let them hang themselves-

    1. Norman says

      The demonicRATs are concerned with the PRIVILEGE of terrorists to illegally infiltrate the U.S. as opposed to the RIGHT of Americans to be safe from terrorism within the U.S.

      Did you notice the demonicRATs twist the temporary restriction on immigration from countries that support terrorism to insist it is a ban on muslim immigration? It seems like the demonicRATs are equating muslims to terrorists.

  13. Eric Pearson says

    News Flash! Republicans Go All In With Extreme Fanatical Right Wing Zealots! Every Republican Senator has marched in lock step with Trump. Even the ones who know he’s unhinged and unstable. Your characterization of Democrats is a perfect example the pot calling the kettle black. It’s pure and simple right wing propaganda and blatant hypocrisy.

    1. Mike W says

      Your crazy. Apparently Democrats have a problem with people who become wealthy in the private sector – yet – have no problem with people who use the U.S. Treasury and government benefits like their personal slush funds.

  14. Linda Boss says

    It is pitiful that the Dems. cannot act as mature adults and accept the election results and work together as a country to prosper and protect America!!! Do you think for a minute that the Republicans would be acting this way if the shoe was on the other foot? We know they would not and so do you! I am ashamed of the Dems. and hateful attitudes about a result of the election! We found out the truth about Hillary before the election and you want to blame everyone but yourselves for picking her as your candidate. Now you have Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and others spitting the hateful words against our election process and whatever else they can think of. America needs for all of us to work together to keep our country safe and stay the America we all know and love. Divided we fall, united we stand! Please let us all stand together and vow to keep our American values and dreams steadfast!!!

  15. dranalog says

    Democrats are taking their marching orders from George Soros, and have been for a long time.

  16. randi amundsen says

    Democrats must never be elected to any office they are on SOROS payroll and will destroy this country

    1. Mike W says

      Russia has a wanted dead or alive out on Soros – if anyone knows where he is Putin would sure like to know – the British would probably like a crack at him too.

  17. cpwill63 says

    It a shame we have Democrats who disrespect Donald Trump and his administration I think it time we vote all the Democratic out of office because they show no respect. Also I feel because these governor and mayor got involved with the court if their is any killing in your state you should have the right to sue the judge or governor, Ex- President Obama, Hillary Clinton. Bernie sander, Elizabeth Warren because they have cause this problem in America, Also if your child died because Obama left these Drug Person out of prison and had them Pardon you should have the right to sue him or if your child get hooked on Drugs it will be his fault so sue him for everything he got.

  18. randi amundsen says

    If England and Russia want to know where SOSO is just ask OBAMA those two are as thick as thieves also Democrats

    1. Mike W says

      Soros better be worrying – Barry might sell him out for the reward – Hillary too. Come to think of it – that’s probably why the Russians were hacking the DNC.

  19. RLMyles says

    Well, let me send a very, very clear message to the liberal-progressive-socialist-anarchists in my party wherein I have been a member for over 41 years. YOU ARE LOSING ME AND MANY OTHER PARTY MEMBERS OVER THE AGE OF 60 WHO HAVE BEEN YOUR CONTRIBUTORS AND CORE. You had better stop this stupidity NOW or risk huge defeats in 2018. Got it?.

    1. deerflyguy says

      Congratulations for realizing what has happened to your party, RL! The democrat party is surely no longer the party of John Kennedy! I do feel sorry for you though, as you, and others like you, must have stood by and watched the evolution, saying nothing about it as it was occurring? Now what a mess we have because of that sort of indifference!

  20. Sean Rickmin says

    When did it become the norm for demo rats think that it is OK to destroy the AMERICAN way.They gave the iranian scum the keys to our country,bozo barry tried to bankrupt AMERICA,the rats want to leave our borders open to all kinds of filth.What has AMERICA done to the liberals that make them hate her so much.Eight years ago i considered myself an independent voter.I thought that both parties were pro AMERICAN and both would do their thing to make AMERICA great.I was wrong.In steps a slick talking muslim to sell people with very little common sense the idea that AMERICA is bad and we have to give everything that we earned,as a country away.The liberal media jumped on obamas horsecart,and we all know the rest of the story.The patriots are out numbered.

    1. Norman says

      I did not realize I was a CONSERVATIVE until Bill Clinton became President in 1993.

      I used to believe Bill Clinton was a radical President. After obama, I realize Clinton was a moderate compared to radical obama.

  21. Justin Seine says

    Why can’t these dim bulbs see that our public education system is failing our children? We are graduating students by the truckloads from high schools and colleges who can’t get jobs because they don’t have the proper skills, and in many cases, attitudes. We need change, not more of the same.

  22. Spunky says

    The crazy left needs to be squashed. They have mental issues

  23. Garys_opinion says

    The Democrats are impotent, so they slide to the far left because those are the people who will riot and cause trouble for the administration. In my opinion main stream Democrats voted for, and are backing Trump.
    The party has no where else to go, so their Communist wing is taking over.
    As a major political party they are finished.

    1. Norman says

      The demonicRAT party stopped listening to its moderate base and now only listens to the radical violent minority that demands its attention.

      Meanwhile, the moderates the demonicRAT party abandoned are starting to vote for Republican candidates.

  24. David says

    Liberalism is a serious DISEASE !!! Many of them need mental evaluations………..

  25. Kevin Lorka says

    Erika Wooten – At least I am in the BARREL. You are playing in the sandbox with the other Hillary Worshippers. Did you bring your own juice box and animal crackers because DemoRats only know how to TAKE and not give. Afterward you can attend the party at BaBa Straysands House. Don’t forget your $10,000 admission fee. It will go towards the Clinton Coalition Cash and Carry Fund!!!

    1. Norman says

      DemonicRAT candidates use those “$35,000-a-plate” banquets to get around the $2700-limit on individual campaign contribution limits.

      Only rich, snobby, radical hollyweird celebrities can and will pay $35,000 for one meal. However, demonicRATs still insist they are looking out for the “little people”. (They arrogantly refer to everyone who can’t afford to pay $35,000 for one meal as the “little people” that they must control.)

      1. Kevin Lorka says

        Hillary refused to campaign in Middle America working Class States. Her run for POTUS came to a screeching halt with her Deplorables comment. This showed her true feelings for the working middle class. The Liberal Press did everything they could to get her elected. We are supposed to take the advice of Out of Touch Wackos named Madonna, Meryl, Alec on who to vote for?

  26. deerflyguy says

    I wish the media and everyone who posts on these websites would learn how to explain themselves using the English language and not a bunch of clichés! I’m sick of hearing about “doubling down”, “snowflakes”, “nuclear option”, or other such phrases that make me have to think about what the speaker/writer wants me to understand? Quite frankly, I don’t understand, but truly do want to know?

  27. Justin Seine says
  28. Natalie says

    I never hesitated, not for a second. Where I live there was a pickup truck that drove around town with a giant ‘Democrats for Trump’ sign. He got thank you notes piled on his windshield at the local supermarket.
    At the rate they’re going their entire base will jump their stinking, sinking ship, leaving them with no one but their violent paid rioters, foulmouthed women with giant vaginas strapped to their heads and mediocre celebrities who are just as oblivious as they are. Oh and George Soros, the architect of their demise.
    Because he mistakenly believed real Americans would swallow his communist/fascist garbage like his paid garbage out burning hats did and allow him to add our country to his disgusting list of conquests..

  29. Swampfox1965 says

    “For the first couple of weeks, we heard a few of them talk hopefully about working with Trump on trade,”

    Talks of cooperation from Demoncrats was prior to Soros getting his skin in the game. As owner/ruler of the Demoncratic Party, his sycophants do what he says or they look for another job.

  30. HopeforAmerica says

    The numbers you are quoting in this article are quite old. ***The following are the current numbers by Quinnipiac University published by the WA Post 01/24/17.
    “Slight majority oppose removing business regulations
    Q: As president, do you think Donald Trump should – remove regulations on businesses and corporations, or not? (Among registered voters)
    Registered voters Oppose 51% Support 39% Among Republicans Oppose 25% Support 66%
    Among Democrats Oppose 73% Support18%
    Source: Jan. 5-9 Quinnipiac University survey of 899 voters nationwide with a margin of error of +/- 3.3 percentage points.”

  31. Ken Mayton says

    Need to put these rabid “Blue Dogs ” to sleep. Where were they when obuma and dems did worst ? Asleep and silent. I thought dems weren’t violent according to media….Today’s events proves they all are liars. Big supprise not at all !

  32. lerose55 says

    Things have changed in the World its much more dangerous then it use to be. We as a Country have to change to survive. We cannot let our enemies in our Country.
    Did you read this in the Democratic newspapers, I think not.

    ALERT: Border Patrol Caught People Trying to Cross the Border… But They Weren’t Mexican

    Just add this to the pile of reasons to build a wall. Now, more than ever, we need all our borders secure. Do you agree?

    The U.S. Customs & Border Protection & U.S. Border Patrol agents reportedly apprehended 2- individuals who were attempting to sneak across the border Saturday — but they weren’t the customary illegal aliens from Mexico or Central America.
    CBP confirmed to Breitbart Texas that one Iraqi national & one Egyptian national were detained by Border Patrol agents after they illegally entered the U.S. from Mexico. Iraq & Egypt are hotbeds for terrorism.
    CBP did not confirm if the foreign nationals were men, however a source claimed they were both males.
    According to a statement from the Border Patrol, agents from Lordsburg Station apprehended the 2- individuals at 2:15 p.m. along Arizona State Route 80.
    “Records checks & interviews produced no derogatory information & the two individuals were placed into removal proceedings,” the statement said.
    How many more got across through the years?

  33. lerose55 says

    U do understand that hundreds of thousands of US citizens were on the no fly list 4 the past
    decade & they sure as hell were inconvenienced. Y no outrage in that. hypocrites.

    Again, how does a person keep from laughing at this nonsense?….. this is all LIBERAL media fueled BS …. its a temporary BAN 4 travelers from Countries which basically R lawless self-states , perpetual civil war sh*tholes & state sponsors of Terrorism ….. past administrations have done the same thing but the mind of the urban liberal moron forgets that …..yet another fact which these college educated geniuses R 2 stupid 2 C.

    There is a lot of Tribalism within the Middle Eastern Countries so that maybe Y they don’t want the
    refugees. They have 2 consider that Islam uses immigration as a scheme of conquest. Historically, that is what they have done & R still doing. That is Y I believe that people coming from Islamic Countries should B fewer, 2 attempt assimilation. If they won’t assimilate, they should B denied access 2 this Country. No Country has & obligation 2 bring people within its borders that R a threat 2 its existence.

    The issue here is one that seems 2 fly over people’s heads. Can anyone show me where we R required 2 let anyone in our Country. I’m not trying 2 say we should or shouldn’t but there is nothing, nada, that’s ”requires” us 2 let anyone in our Country. Our debt is out of control, we have numerous accounts where illegals have caused crime & death, & we just can’t afford anybody else at this point & probably won’t 4 yrs if ever. Let’s get our own house in order & clean up the last 8 yrs before we even think of letting people in. Y aren’t Middle Eastern Countries taking these people in? I know Y but that’s another story.

    The 120 day, get our act together fix the problem & make sure, 2 the best of our ability the people we let in R not Radical Islamic Terrorist. The order also names Syria only as a specific Country. The libbers don’t realize the other 6 Countries come from their own fearless leaders: 8 U.S.C. 1182(f), a federal law signed by Barack Obama & 8 U.S.C. 1187(a)(12), also mentioned in the EO was initiated by Jimmy Carter. so Trump is doing NO wrong.

    Why not give Trump a chance, give him a year & then if you don’t like where he is leading this Country, then complain. Listen we Republicans & Independents just put up with your choice of Obama for the worse 8 yrs of a Presidency. We hated every year of it. But did we didn’t carry on like blubbering
    idiots NO.

  34. lerose55 says

    Thomas Jefferson outlawed the Muslims from entering the US 4 a reason!

    The black community should B very careful what they ask 4. Sharia law does not permit out of wedlock sex. It doesn’t allow women 2 leave their home without a ‘proper’ male escort, husband, brother, uncle. It doesn’t allow women 2 show their faces in public. It cuts off the hands of thieves, stones women 2 death 4 committing adultery. When people support the liberal progressive philosophy that is what is coming their way.

    The Muslims squatter that was just removed from the White House also stated that by the year 2016 we would B a Muslim Nation.

    I think the media is trying just as hard as they can 2 start a war. I am American 1st before race, creed or color, I am just red,white & blue the same as U.S.

    1. Norman says

      One of the TEMPORARY immigration ban rioters was a muslim woman immigrant to the U.S. who said she preferred sharia law over American laws.

      Why did she immigrate to the U.S. if she still prefers sharia law over American laws?

      The TEMPORARY immigration ban does not prevent her from returning to her home country where she will be so much happier being suppressed by sharia law.

  35. Shelly Shannon says

    These Democrat elites just can’t help themselves. Remember when the silent voters that nobody believed were out there right before the election? They helped vote Trump into office. If these democrats keep listening to stupid liberal college snowflakes, and they keep approving of physical abuse and property vandalism, people are going to be turning against the democrat party and going independant. Good for us, bad for them.

  36. JUSTJOE_P says

    I wonder if Soros has been audited by the IRS in the last 8 years as so many Conservatives have? Time for the Republican Treasury Dept to turn their attention on him. These “protesters” seem to be well organized, not spontaneous, and on the payroll of Soros. He needs to spend a lot more on lawyers.

  37. soldier for liberty says

    Time for civil war get this over with once and for all!

  38. Stephen Serafin says

    Eight years ago the Republican Party was declared dead and not going to come back; yet it did with a roar. How? They didn’t suicide themselves with public outrage and making a$$es of themselves in public. In the future, who in their right mind will vote for these guys? We already know a third of the Country is part of the crazy Left. It’s up to the Independent swing voters to help Conservatives to keep the Crazy Left from making a come back.

  39. SKIPRSA says

    This just further proves that they don’t really care about the well being of the country first, over their lust for money or power or whatever they are making fools of themselves for. just think of the progress this country could achieve if they stopped being puppets and contributed their efforts and energy towards helping the country move forward instead of fighting for its decline.

  40. irish1919 says

    Keep it up. We will gladly take 8 more seats in the senate in 2018. The Democratic Party is no longer moderate. They are the anarchist party. If there are moderate Dems and social conservatives left, they better start another party. The Democratic Party is the Socialists Party of America.,They are the party of Elizabeth Warren , Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Keith Ellison, BLM and George Soros. They are enemies of a free republic. Those court justices are also part of that group . Ninth circus is a joke. Political hacks who despise and trash the constitution. 86% of their cases in last 10 years reversed. What a joke. 86% of the time they are on the wrong side of the constitution. This whole group of Democratic clowns is our second greatest threat next to ISIS.

    1. Norman says

      The demonicRATs did not learn from the 2016 election. They have intensified their support for violent minority radicals while opposing the silent majority conservatives and moderates.

      Twenty-three demonicRAT senators are up for re-election in 2018. (That’s almost 1/4 of the senate.) Many of them represent states Donald Trump won in the 2016 election. Many of their independent voter constituents are appalled by demonicRAT support and encouragement of the riots. 2018 looks good for Republicans and conservatives because of the demonicRATs and the radicals.

      Let’s remind our friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers during the 2018 election campaign about the support and encouragement demonicRAT senators gave the rioters.

  41. The Help says

    Democrats are doing exactly what republicans spent the previous eight years doing and somehow have amnesia regarding the previous eight years of the lowest actual production in history by our congress. ALL POLITICIANS SUCK.

    1. Justin Seine says

      This is because it is not about people, it is about power!

  42. jim jones says

    The reason Trump is our president is because America finally realized that the demorats were representing every one EXCEPT Americans.

  43. Justin Seine says
  44. Murphmeister says

    The Democrats are striving to become the party of irrelevance.

  45. John Somers says

    I think that the way to handle these idiots is the next time you see rioting just hope what happened in Washington during the inauguration happens to each and every one and if a Senator or Congressman is present goes right along with them. In the D.C. protests, 209 of them were arrested.
    They are all charged with FELONY RIOTING !! That is NOT a slap on the wrist offense. THAT charge comes with a sentence of 10 years in prison and a $10,000.00 fine either or BOTH.
    NOW all we have to do is to hope they go before a Republican, Constitutional judge and he throws the book at all of them. That means it should cut down of votes and voter fraud by DemocRATS.

  46. Justin Seine says

    A Tale of Two Parties – Can you tell which is which? Hint: In one image the viewer is looking to the right and in the other the viewer is looking to the left…

    1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

      The Real Fake News we espose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Allan Zaug says

    The true democrat party is over. In the last eight years, they have lost over a thousand seats and now the presidency to republicans under Obama. With their far left social pollicys the American people have been seeing the reality of the democrat thinking and voting them out of office. It doesen’t seem likely that the future will change and the once strong party will cease to exist.

    1. Morton99 says

      You are right that the old Democrat party has gone. In its place is emerging a much more muscular and progressive party with constant organization from the street up.

  48. Allysonjkenny says

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  49. Sean Rickmin says

    NORMAN,you are so right.What year did it become a crime to make and keep our country safe.IF you watch the liberals and their suckass media you would think that the patriotic conservatives are wanting to destroy our country,when it’s really the liberals and their drug induced twisted perception of realism.OH,an afterthought,maybe like barry and kerry in charge!!!!!!!!!!

  50. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

    You Liberals morons Lost PRESIDENT TRUMP & Real America defeated you and your leftist racist Liberal Democrackhead ideology…Hillary the traitor!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whos your President I cant hear ya PRESIDENT TRUMP whether you like it or not you Liberal Morons!!!!!!!!!!!!


  51. standuncan says

    Hi, could you cite the poll you are referencing in this article for us? I’ve been trying to find it on the Politico web site and I can’t find it. It would be very helpful when I’m quoting your article.

  52. James Bryson says

    The Democrats/DNC… a party that cheats it’s own candidates in a primary election, runs the worst candidate ever, celebrates division and victimhood, and then expects to be credible?

  53. AxeWound says

    “Democrats Gone Wild” the new reality TV show

  54. NovelDog says

    The Dumb-0-crat leadership have been hard at work digging the grave for their doomed party. They have liberalized it until it is bleeding to death and masses are fleeing from their insanity!

    1. AxeWound says

      Mass Exodus, or maybe I should remove the M

    2. Tired... says

      I agree, although would contend that Republicans have been doing the same thing. If your experience reflects mine, look at how many people you know who now describe themselves as conservative rather than Republican. There has been a resounding tone-deafness in both parties to the needs of the working class in this country as this past election demonstrates.

    3. Morton99 says

      What you are missing is the transformation that is occurring and creating a far more muscular and aggressive progressive party that is being very enthusiastically received. Just watch the news at the size of the non stop protest marches sometimes in as many a 100 cities at once.

      1. AxeWound says

        You mean those well funded protests?

        1. Morton99 says

          For the most part they are spontaneous. But out of this citizen anger is a well organized protest infrastructure emerging. It has borrowed all the legal techniques of the Tea Party movement – so it does owe something to that.

  55. 2 parrots and a dog says

    Democrat voters are misguided about the true purpose of an honorable revolution. They think that fighting and destroying to bring about change, any change, is glamorous. They are making their misguided mark in history. That’s because they have been spoon fed the worst qualities human beings possess in our public schools and told they are noble and enlightened when in fact they are corrupted, naive, and indoctrinated. The MSM, places of so called higher learning, and those willing to gain power and money at any cost reinforce that daily. The saddest part is that they are working overtime to destroy what’s left of the only country that has ever existed in which we the people ever meant something noble and good.
    One good thing has come out of this. Those that wish to maintain power and wealth for only themselves at any cost in our government have laid every card on the table as have many who now think they too may get a piece of the pie by going along with them. We know who they are now, how they have been operating, and the scale of their treachery is massive. The sleeping giant is awake now and the corrupt are so intoxicated with thoughts of power and money that they don’t even have the sense to see it. Most of their followers are now invaders from other countries looking for a free handout, looking to destroy our nation, or both and those pitiful human beings whose way of life has been held under water by those very people leading the charge with lie after lie.

  56. rivahmitch says

    If the left and the Democommies really want blood, I suggest we help them donate lots of their own. Semper Fi!!

  57. JJ says

    Trust me Obama, George Soros, Schumer, Hillary, Bill, Valerie, Nancy, Eric Holder, Bill Ayers, Jesse Jackson, Al Shapton and etc. with emphasis on Obama are all behind what we are seeing going on today. Obama is gone out of the White House, but he is very close by. They are paying these people to raise hell and to protest. You can just bank on that. They are the craziest bunch of idiots that I have ever seen in my life.