Democrats Scramble to Explain Midterm Losses


America delivered a harsh rebuke of the Democratic Party last Tuesday, giving control of the Senate and a larger House majority to the Republicans. Now, in the wake of a disastrous election, Democrats are planning an extensive review of their losses. Led by DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the party wants to find out why they win presidential contests only to lose Congress two years later.

Analysts have pointed out that midterm voters tend to be “whiter and wealthier” than those in the presidential election years. There is roughly a 20% drop in voter participation, and Democrats believe it is in that 20% that their constituency lies. The question they must solve is why their voters choose to stay home in between presidential elections.

“Our party has a problem,” Wasserman Shultz said, announcing the planned review. “We know we’re right on the issues. The American people believe in the causes we’re fighting for. But the electoral success we have when our presidential nominee is able to make a case to the country as a whole doesn’t translate in other elections. That’s why we lost in 2010, and it’s why we lost on Tuesday.”

Sadly for Democrats, Wasserman Shultz seems unwilling to concede that maybe it isn’t just turnout that’s hurting the party. With her arrogant assumption that they are “right on the issues,” she may just doom the Democrats to more than just midterm losses. After all, they have a presidential winning streak of exactly two elections. That’s not exactly a record you can hang your hat on. Will the Democrats be able to mobilize millions of minorities when Barack Obama isn’t sitting on top of the ballot? Is Hillary Clinton going to prove as irresistible to women as Obama was to blacks?

If the Democrats had intelligent leadership, they might be willing to go a little deeper than campaign strategy. They might take a look at polls that show Americans do not necessarily “believe in the causes” they’re fighting for. When it comes to immigration, the economy, Obamacare, and the general state of the country under Democrat rule, a large percentage of the population hates what they stand for. That Wasserman Shultz thinks the answer lies in gimmicks like “digital operations” to get out the vote proves that Democrats are vulnerable in 2016.

In defining the major problem for her party, Wasserman Shultz said, “It’s apparent that there are increasingly two separate electorates: a midterm electorate and a presidential electorate. We win one and we don’t seem to be able to win the other. That is a fundamental dynamic that we have to change.” Hopefully, in 2016, Republicans can help the Democrats do just that.


  1. Joann Holmes says

    Dumber than a box of rocks!! They forget to mention the fact that people are tired of the communists that are running our country.

    1. draidt says

      At least a box of rocks doesn’t lie and therefore can’t insult the intelligence of normal info voters.

    2. W.C. says

      Didn’t forget. Chose not to is more like it.

  2. RMCSRET says

    Debbie WSM is a puppet. She is just as bad as the scum that is residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Yep, they’ll be whining for months to come. HAHAHA

      1. RobertNorwood says

        They’re in more trouble than we realise – they can’t blame Bush. What name comes to mind now? Oh nooo!!!!!

        1. Terry Rushing says

          Great point!

        2. Shauna says

          they can blame Gruber…tee hee….

        3. Kent2012 says

          I think that they are planning on blaming Rush and Sean and Mark…

          1. Yadja says

            They already have.

      2. jreg9304 says

        ha ha like injured dogs with their tails tucked. the idiots.

        1. emag says

          Looking at the picture of Washerwoman, does she have an Adams Apple?

          1. Diana White says

            yes; just like “mrs” obama

          2. Hugof224 says

            Yes… and hairy knuckles, to boot!

    2. Yadja says

      She is a mean spirited and hateful spiteful ugly woman who really should be a total embarrassment to the Democrats. Because as long as women like her, Elizabeth Warren, Pelosi and so many others are in the spotlight they are going to be categorized as the ignorant, lying people they have become.
      They need a new face and a new attitude. And fast.

  3. Combatvet52 says

    Democrats are stupid how much BS do they think the American citizens can take with all their socialist commie tactics, it’s over for you morons accept it, i’ll feel even better when i don’t have to look at Wassermans face a bulldog is prettier.

    1. Deborah G says

      She will be there forever because there is no place for her in the real world. Just the Democrat party of morons

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Right on the money Deb

        1. Deborah G says

          Even though it is a day late may I express my deep gratitude for your service? The Military is very dear to my heart and this Bum in the WH sickens me how he treats them. Thank you God Bless you!

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Your never late Deb, and your quite welcomed I’ve said this before if i were young enough i would never serve under this socialist commie, i have records and i served my country this guy doesn’t show me anything bright at all, just an outright destroyer of the American Way.

          2. Deborah G says

            I am always humbled to be your friend Thank you. My friends that are Vets mean the world to me. God Bless

    2. Seldena says

      Democrat women are the ugliest. Ever notice this? Most republican women are really pretty. But EVIL is always ugly!!

      1. Jim says

        What is the saying? You can put so much lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig?

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Exactly – no amount of lipstick.

      2. Combatvet52 says

        Very correct Seldena

      3. jackw97224 says

        Well, I have known some pretty women who professed to be Democrats, but of course they didn’t know Austrian Economics or they could not be Democrats.

  4. Mark Tallman says

    Can Barack HUSSEIN Obama and this stupid b&tch be any more ignorant of facts, exit polls, etc.?

  5. Davard says

    I sick of this old saw that all republicans are wealthy old white men. For one thing, if this was true the Republicans would never have enough votes to win anything. It should be considered insulting that the Democratic party thinks everybody is stupid enough to fall for this old line. That Americans could be that stupid is even more frightening.

    1. Seldena says

      I am too!! Look at the rich fat cats in the Democratic Party!! How do the dems get all that money in a fundraiser if they are not from the rich? Then you heqar the money did not go to one candidate because Reid begged obama to hold onto it until 2016!!! They are such HYPOCRITES!!

  6. Janice Foster says

    The Voters were tired of the dictator Obama and his followers shoving and pushing the unAmerican ideas down Our throats and doing everything they did if we liked it or not! Accept the fact Democraps we are
    telling you why it happened that your side lost….there are no other reasons…We are going to keep our Rights and Freedoms even if it takes the rest of now to have to literally fight harder than before!

  7. Mark Clemens says

    Both Parties are out of touch, and out to screw the common people (People who earn less than $100,000 a year)
    At least she ain’t crying dead people voted!!!

    1. WhiteFalcon says

      She is crying that not enough dead people and illegals voted.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        She is crying not enough democrats got out and voted. You might want to reread the story.

      2. RobertNorwood says

        Enthusiasm among the dead during midterms has historically been low. Illegals, too busy opening their gift packages, should’ve made them wait until after….

        1. Mark Clemens says

          That’s funny.

    2. Seldena says

      I think the GOP just got a wake-up call, don’t you? We found out the Dems were the real party of NO–not the GOP and they will get things done. The problem is the Dems and Obama will try to get what they want before the NEW CONGRESS ia sworn in. I hope they are stopped in their tracks!!

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Don’t get to gitty. Dirty Harry will have the filibuster to protect his president and party.
        Nothing extraordinary will happen in the Senate. Plus Obama has the Veto.
        After the 2008 disaster, of one party ruling the whole Government is a bad thing. They can push stupid laws like ObamaCare.

        1. jackw97224 says

          Nov. 21, 2013 – Senate Democrats pushed through a controversial rules change known as the “nuclear option.”
          WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., pushed through a controversial change to Senate rules Thursday that will make it easier to approve President Obama’s nominees but threatens to further divide an already polarized Congress.

          Fifty-two Senate Democrats and independents voted to weaken the power of the filibuster. The change reduces the threshold from 60 votes to 51 votes for Senate approval of executive and judicial nominees against unanimous GOP opposition. Three Democrats — Sens. Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Carl Levin of Michigan — opposed the change.

          The rule change does not apply to Supreme Court nominees, who are still subject to a 60-vote filibuster threshold, or to legislation.

          1. David C Kelder says

            The nuclear option will backfire on the democrats. They will soon be calling to change the senate rules back .

          2. jackw97224 says

            Yeah, poetic justice. I like to see those scoundrels squirm. I hope the ‘pubs stick with the harry reid (no upper case “h” or “r” as a small expression of disrespect) crafted rule to allow simple majority vote to impose cloture and thus prevent the Dems from filibustering.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            The 60 vote threshold reduction was only for judicial appointments, except the Supreme Court. All other legislation was subject to the cloture vote. Also after each congress is done the rules go back to normal when the next congress starts its term. Unless they vote to amend or change a rule. You can only invoke the nuclear option on the first day of the congress’ term. I don’t see the filibuster going no where.
            How else are the democrats going to make sure nothing gets done?
            Gotta set the opposition up for the next election.

    3. jackw97224 says

      How did you pick 100,000?

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Look at the income tax code. You get hit hardest from $100,000 or less. Until $18,000 then they start giving you stuff. The more you make over $250,000 year the much less (percentage ways ) you pay…….
        Check it out.
        Is the government looking out for you, or eyeing your wallet?

        1. jackw97224 says

          The tax system is a near root cause of our problems. So, the less government intervention, i.e. the less taxes, the better off we are. Do the wealthy >100,000 pay the bulk of the taxes? Of course I don’t want the politicians “looking out for” me, hich is why I oppose “protective” tariffs.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            You’re not in the club, I guess. Of course the percentage of money the wealthy is more, but 10% (lets say) is 10% out of your pocket. Regardless how much you earn………

          2. jackw97224 says

            So your 100,000 “fix” is selective looting? So looting above 100,000 is OK but below it is criminal? What gives you the right to decide?

            The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best.” –
            Thomas Sowell

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Jack, your tripping hard this time. I’m not justifying any kind of tax. I just stated what I see, using present tax code as an index. If you don’t like the tax code. Do like the hundreds of millionaires do. Chip in $20,000 until you reach about $250,000 then, you and your buddies heir a LOBBY FIRM. They will take 15% of the kitty, then take the rest and start greasing the necessary politicians.
            That’s how laws (tax code included) are made here in the Modern America.
            Be careful if you want to change this system back to a more constitutional government. You might get killed. George Soros and the Koch Brothers have a lot of money invested in this new system………..

          4. jackw97224 says

            Ok, it is obvious to me that you are envious of those who
            make over 100,000 and condemn them. You have previously stated your approval of the “protective tariff” and thus your approval of the tax system as a tool of force to be imposed by the government and yet you assert the fact that the
            government is not “looking out for you.” You have caught yourself in a
            dichotomy, duplicity. Others might have been deceived but I am not.

            I don’t like stinkin’, naggar slavery and that is what your
            tax code imposes. Approval of “laws” and “tax codes” is blatant approval of
            such immorality.

            As I alerted you, I do not believe the constitution is a contract to allow anyone to use force against me or you. Now, as previously recommended, do yourself a favor and read and study the following and you might just begin to shed your mistakes in reasoning:
            No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner (
            The NoStateProject blog by Marc Stevens ( or
            Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt
            The Inflation Crisis, and How to Resolve It by Hazlitt ( Law by Frederic Bastiat
            That Which is Seen and That Which is not Seen (
            Stephen’s Guide to the Logical Fallacies (

          5. Mark Clemens says

            Am I a congressman, do you think I’m Obama? I have nothing to do w/the tax code, except pay into it! I have never paid for any lobby to solicit any kind of tax code.
            About me being envious of people who make over $100,000. I think $250,000 is chump change, walking around money. Why would I be envious of less than I have?
            Your a greedy miser. My.Granny turned me on to a book when I was 8. Its called
            A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. You should read it. Because the tighter you squeeze your pennies, the faster they will slip through your fingers……….
            Which sin is worse envy or greed?
            To me a sin is a sin. So if I’m envious of successful people, that makes us even. Because you are for sure greedy………..
            Please leave me alone……….

          6. jackw97224 says

            Mark, you have made numerous assumptions that are fallacious. I am poor by your standards. So you at worst are a liar or at best an assumer of facts not in evidence. You assume I have sinned by being greedy. While I am a sinner, greed is not my sin, if indeed it is a sin.
            Heh, heh, heh…you are free to abandon this thread any time you so desire and cannot prevent you so doing nor would I.
            You really would do yourself a favor to read and study the links I have provided and maybe you will abandon your bent of assuming that which only lurks in your mind and not backed by factual evidence.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Jack, I’m starting to think your a tax dodger. I don’t like income tax either, but it’s a ugly fact of life. There is nowhere you can escape it, except Antarctica. Every country on this rock taxes it’s people one way or the other.
            Do you think you’re so special were you should not pay taxes, while the rest of us do? I realize my 16% of tax is more than most, but that’s the small price I pay to live in the land of the free. The military needs weapons and the soldiers need paid. Also I think we skimp to much on VA Treatments for the wounded, and mentally injured from the field of battle.
            I bet you’re one of those people in church who just watch the collection plate go right on by………..
            Read that book I suggested, Tis the season for giving.

          8. jackw97224 says

            Well, first off it is “you’re” not “your” a tax dodger. And then “skimp to much” should be “skimp too much.”

            The assumption that I think I am special is specious reasoning and evident to all who read your missives. Also, it is specious where you assert that I think I should pay no taxes and this fallacious reasoning is evident to anyone with an ounce of sense.

            What absurd reasoning to say you pay 16% tax to live in the land of the free. If the tax were not compelled then you have a choice but where it is compelled, you are a slave. If you think otherwise you have deceived yourself.

            You justify taxes for wars and for slaughters that are not defensive or that were provoked by your leaders, past and present. That is immoral; it is unethical.

            And as for the military, having committed the crime of war, you now justify the penalty of having to care for the damaged one. Yes, we should, but that is merely treating the symptom of the disease, the cancer or the politicians who created the wars. We ought to treat the root cause, the evil that caused these wars and economic debacles. Our politicians create disasters and then we should be compelled to pay for them. What a novel thought. If you read Bastiat’s That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen essay you would immediately see the fallacy of your reasoning about economics.

            And again, as for contributions, you are a liar. You made an assumption and and ad hominem attack, both of which gets you booted in any formal debate.

          9. Mark Clemens says

            Then why are you complaining to me??? Do you or do you not have a problem paying taxes? It sounds like you do.
            You over assumed about the military thing. We do need that stuff to defend the country.
            I don’t think we need to be in the middle east either.
            So if your against income tax, don’t pay it. Crying to me won’t get you no relief. As I stated I didn’t make the tax code. In my opinion you need to hire a lobby firm.

          10. jackw97224 says

            Not complaining to you or crying! Merely have pointed out the errors in your logic; the error of thinking that it is just or honorable to use force against someone by employing and electing thugs to use force to collect taxes. As for the IRS, I have been on the battle lines for half my life and suffered severely for it not complaining just empahsizing that the IRS and the politicians and anyone who supports such schemes of looting A to satisfy B haven’t stepped up to the plate in defense of freedom to choose. Now go view Milton Friedman’s video where he explains to Phil Donahue the problems with commie/socialism and listen where he debunks the “greed” argument that you have expressed.

          11. Mark Clemens says

            Yea you are. All I said was both parties are out of touch, and if you make less than $100,000 they are not looking out for you.
            Then you start whining about ME (even though I’m not a politician) looting your money. A pays B, basically the same bull shit talking points from last time. Were did you even get that from? If your gonna whine to me, please use different material! Your boring!!!! Same ole, same ole Jack’s being victimized by the Government looting his A to pay for their B. You know what? They got you by the balls, and you paid your share of A so Obama can blow it on B. Does that make you feel raped? Well buddy get used to it and learn to love it. It’s gonna follow you until the day you die, or move to Antarctica. I bet you’re gonna stay here, like me and pay it.
            Then I tell you paying taxes is a fact of life.
            Then you start crying about how I’m using force to tax you. Believe it or not, I’m NOT a IRS agent either.
            Then I ask you if your special were you shouldn’t pay tax. You reply some mombo jumbo about how you aren’t. Then you tell me I’m a slave for choosing to pay my taxes.
            You know what you call someone who gets caught not paying taxes? A convict.
            Just as both of us are sinners (yes greed is one of the seven deadly sins) we are also slaves to the Tax Man. Unless you plan on escaping the plantation for Antarctica. Me, I’m gonna stay here and free, by paying my taxes.
            You know what. Taxation with representation sucks too, but what can you do??????????

          12. jackw97224 says

            Who says the politicians are supposed to “look out for you?” Are you a slave? Do you have a right to use politicians to “look out for anyone?” Do you need a paternal or maternal politician to tell you how to live your life? You seemed to harbor a position of tyranny. Why? It makes no ethical sense.

            You lie. I never “whined” about you but I most assuredly exposed your fallacious arguments. You have never seemed to grasp the fact that
            government is a criminal scheme of looting A to satisfy B. I suspect that might
            be because you have profited from such use of political power.

            It is “boring” because you have never been able to refute the sound Austrian Economics and the immorality of using government to forcefully impose your beliefs, such as the protective tariff. In fact you refuted yourself on protective tariff when you stated that the government is not looking out for you,
            while the protective tariff is the use of force to “look out for you.” You
            approve of a protective tariff and the use of government force to impose it. Do you see the duplicity?


            Tell that phony logic about convict o the colonists who refused to pay taxes and then rebelled. And BTW, this kind of argument is a logical fallacy to which you seem prone.

            You obviously have not listened to the Milton Friedman video with Phil Donahue or you would not cling to the “greed” phony argument.

            You are not free! As you said, try not paying taxes and you will discover, as I have, that you are just a sinkin’ naggar slave, regardless of your skin’s pigmentation. Now if you freely choose to pay taxes and do not in any way sanction the use of political thugs to force me or anyone to pay taxes, then you escape. Did you vote? Did you ever vote? Did you vote for a ballot measure or for a politician? If you did, then you sanctioned the use of force against

            You asked “What can you do?” Well, as a starting point, be honest enough to admit that taxation by force is criminal. I draw a distinction between an income tax and a sales tax, as the former is forced but I have some power to avoid the latter.

            Oh and BTW, once again, check out Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority and refute his logic is you can.

            As always, you have the freedom to exit this thread at you discretion.

          13. Mark Clemens says

            Politicians are suppose to look out for the people’ s interest, thats their job! Why do you think we elect them? Why do you think they make hollow promises to get elected? Duh!!!!!!
            What does my little 3 sentence statement have to do w/Austrian Economics, or Tariffs?
            Your whining right now, about who has the right to tell you what you can or can not do. (A is making you do B). Well who has the right to tell me not to steal, kill, or beat up other people?
            The politicians do, they make the laws. This country is based upon rule of law, not a lawless land like you envision. I’ve read through this thread, I see why you keep talking trash economics to me. Nobody replies back to you. All that A&B talk is silly w/out reason.
            All I can say Jack is you need to do one of two things……
            1. Heir a Lobby Firm to advance your law less agenda. Like you, they don’t care about laws, just money. Bring plenty.
            2. Move to a land that has no laws or government. Antarctica is the last place left on earth. You better hurry up, before someone establishes a government down there. That would be a good place for you to chill. Please don’t piss the penguins off. They are emperors after all………

          14. jackw97224 says

            Wrong! Politicians are not your mom and dad or guardians. When
            you became an adult you became responsible for your life and shed mommy and
            daddy caretakers. Time to grow up ol’ sport. It is NOT the job of politicians
            to take care of you! The reason we have 100 trillions in debt and unfunded
            liabilities is because politicians looted future and defenseless children,
            condemning them to debt slavery so you could enjoy the comforts of life that
            the politicians gave you! It is immoral and unethical to believe that politicians
            should look out for you while stealing from the future people. I keep
            explaining this simple truth because you refuse to learn. I can lead you to “water” but I can’t make you “drink.” There are none so blind as those who will not see! It is not the job of politicians to loot A to satisfy you or anyone else!
            Which brings to mind:

            “The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can’t get and to promise to give it to them. Nine times out of ten that promise is worth nothing. The tenth time is made good by looting A to satisfy B. In other words, government is a broker in pillage, and every election is sort of an advance auction sale of stolen goods.” ~ H.L. Mencken

            Politicians lie so as to get people like you to buy into their system of slavery and that is just exactly what protective tariffs do. You have been seduced and have bought the lie that government/politicians must take care of you. You really need to grow up. Start reading the documents provided in the links I gave you.

            You really need to take some time to read Austrian Economics as they expose the fallacies of your beliefs.

            Again, your “whining” assertion is fallacious. I am however exposing your fallacious opinions and beliefs and you have exhibited no defense, while I on the other hand have provided ample evidence and documentation. It is not “whining” to know the difference between right and wrong and I have pointed out where you are wrong and your only response to toss out ad hominem attacks; the sure sign of one who is a loser in a debate. If you don’t study Austrian Economics you are not in a position to understand your errors.

            You assume that a politician making “laws” is justice and must be righteous. You ASS-U-ME wrongly. Judging from history, economic and war disasters, Americans could do ith a lot less political intervention. You have Biblical 10 Commandments; you don’t need a politician to tell you right from wrong. Are you not capable of knowing truth without having some criminal politicians tell you?

            You clearly have never studied anarcho-capitalism or you would know better than to condemn it out of hand and without providing factual evidence that it doesn’t work. Instead of running your pie hole, why not invest some time to discover the truth?

            Your silly suggestions are taken lightly. BTW you could spend a little of your wealth and attend some Ludwig von Mises Institute seminars in Auburn, Alabama and I assure you, you will acquire knowledge of the value of Austrian School Economics and you will shed some of your erroneous beliefs.

            The US govt is today little more than a vast criminal enterprise run by an elite selection of crime families who profit personally from abuse of the general populace under its control. The rule of law is a very bad joke in the USSA, a thoroughly fascist state run by liars, thieves, and killers. Until the People stop supporting these crooks with their money andvotes, this monstrosity will continue to flourish and the new USAG, Loretta Lynch, is unlikely to pursue policies much different than her predecessor. (Partial quote from a rather smart friend).

            As always, you may terminate your participation in this thread because you are free to do so and no politician can tell you otherwise.

          15. Mark Clemens says

            Why should I listen to a narrow minded racist who can’t spell racial slurs?
            Why your cracker ass spell nigger, nagger? Did your mama nag at you a lot?
            Do you think it’s cool?
            Are you practicing your Ebonics skills?
            Do you wish you were black?
            Are you planning to take a vacation or move to the projects?
            Why do you compare everything to slavery and plantations? All your nagging ass is doing is repeating racist talking points.
            “Since I have to pay taxes, it’s been like living on a Plantation” nag, nag, nag, cry, cry, cry……
            Yes I am free! Nobody can take a whip to me and make me do their chores. How bout you? I’ll gladly pay my 16% to keep racist like you from bring back “The Good Old Days”. That buys me police protection from people like you.
            Your petty vocabulary and racist innuendos show what a narrow and shallow mind you have.
            As Mr. Twain once said,
            “You can sensibly judge a person’s character by the adjectives and verbs they use”
            Why would anybody care what a nagger wanna be thinks?
            You Jack are a disgrace to the human race, and Right Winged politics………

          16. Mark Clemens says

            Oh yea,
            I did vote, haven’t missed one since ’72.
            I even voted for a measure (this election cycle) to make State Income taxes here in Tennessee ILLEGAL. I even threw $50,000 to the cause, and it passed. No State Income Tax here for ever! A tariff does not look out for me, I am my own employer. I do my thing stateside. I just like it over Income Tax. Just as you like a Sales Tax over income tax. Consumption Taxes are a bit better than flat or personal taxes. But a tax is a tax. All taxes suck, but as I keep telling you they are a fact of life. Deal w/it or die. Hell I hear in some states they tax you after death. No wonder the dead vote democrat. Are you gonna take your money to the next life? The Egyptians tried, but their personal possessions somehow got left behind.
            If you insist on being a racist kracker and call me a nigger slave, please spell the word properly. Remember your little grammar lesson (your/you’re)
            Any how I’m black, and take offense to your shallow choice of words. You racist kracker bastard. See those politicians are looking out for you. Because if you talk to a brother or sister like that, they will want to kick or kill your pastry white ass. The law might hold a brother back. Call a black woman a nigger, I bet she’ll rip that word right out your mouth…… I’ll bet green money on that.
            I’ve been wondering this since the tariff conversation…….
            Why should I take economic advice from a shallow mind racist who can’t spell nigger?
            If your mind is on the “plantation” who gives a damn what your kracker ass thinks……..

          17. jackw97224 says

            Voting is sanctioning the use of force. You sanction the politicians to use their power to make “laws” to force people to behave in ways that are harmful to them, to make them pay for being so enslaved. As a friend pointed out one day:

            I don’t see how anyone has the right to take a vote to sanction the politicians
            to use lethal force against you to control your person and property. I don’t
            see that as a right, I see it as a crime.

            If a person has a claim, i.e. can show that he has suffered personal injury or
            property damage/loss, and the perp doesn’t make good on such claim, then, yes, the courts can handle the issue. But that doesn’t mean the government must provide the courts, as private for profit courts could fill the bill and likely
            perform the function far more efficiently.

            Happy for you and Tennessee that you have no income tax. Same is true in Washington State, but of course the politicians make up for it with wicked sales taxes and property taxes and fees It cost you horribly to prevent the politicians from imposing their looting mechanism, the income tax. I give you a tip of the hat for that, but in a free nation that should never have been necessary; in a free nation politicians could not and would not impose a wage tax or an income tax (they are not the same as you well know). Check out Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose videos on YouTube and particularly the one where he, in a nice way, just stuffs commie/socialist Phil Donahue when greed is brought up.

            I call myself a “naggar” slave too, because it emphasizes the criminality of
            politicians. The word is spelled that way on purpose, not because I don’t know
            better (though I do misspell other words). The point is that we are treated by
            politicians as though we are their slaves on their plantation states and it is
            wrong. And their taxes keep us in stinkin’ naggar slavery. I don’t say you are black but you are certainly treated as a slave, whether you acknowledge the truth is your freedom to choose. So you assumed a fact not in evidence; I am not racist or a “kracker.” You could have inquired first so as to try and confirm your assumptions and not get egg on your face, but you didn’t, you went out and shot your mouth off for all to read.

            As always, you may terminate your participation in this thread because you are free to do so and no politician can tell you otherwise.

          18. TexasStomp says

            “look out for” and “represent” are not the same word. Hence the different spelling. Congress, contrary to their own popular belief, is there to DO OUR BIDDING not tell us what to do. That’s why elections are held and that is why RECALL OPTIONS EXIST.

            Keep pushin it, Rep mommy and daddy. You’ll soon find you are not in DC to tell me what I want. You’re there to DO what I TELL YOU TO DO. If you can’t do that….don’t buy a house. You won’t make it to closing date.

          19. jackw97224 says

            TexasStomp, how about reading Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, The
            Constitution of No Authority (there is no contract to allow politicians to use
            force against me or you, i.e. no document signed by me and them. The colonists, having just freed themselves from tyranny, would not have turned round and imposed the tyranny of a powerful central government on themselves. They also would not have entered into an agreement that didn’t allow any state to peacefullywithdraw from the union if it was perceived as going a bad way.

            If you believe in the constitution and its power to enslave, then there is little
            discussion; I can’t help you. But I will say that if the politicians were honest, they would follow the constitution and not buckle to the beck and call of the masses but would use logic and reason and avoid all laws that loot A to satisfy B, i.e. they would not harm some for the benefit of others as that is criminal.

            I can’t fathom your 2nd paragraph. I am not Rep and I am not mommy and
            daddy. And I do not tell you how to live your life, but I do address illogical
            argument, especially where I detect economic fallacies. I don’t live in D.C.

            Here is a list of some good, IMHO, reads that Mark Clemens either has refused to study or seemingly has refused to accept the logic contained therein:

            No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner (
            The NoStateProject blog by Marc Stevens ( or
            Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt
            The Inflation Crisis, and How to Resolve It by Hazlitt (
            The Law by Frederic Bastiat
            That Which is Seen and That Which is not Seen (
            Stephen’s Guide to the Logical Fallacies (

          20. Mark Clemens says

            Be careful clicking on those links, my security app said none of them went to respected title. Two of three tried to download my files………

          21. Mark Clemens says

            Jack, you don’t like Tariffs, Income Tax. They both infringe on you. Do you have a suggestion on how the Treasury can raise money to pay our bills with out hurting your feelings? If you do please share, in 250 words or less. I bet you’ve studied this injustice for some time. You just might the man w/the plan…………..
            We will never know, until you put it out here.

          22. jackw97224 says

            Stop looting A to satisfy B for starters but the fact is that It is too late to save this nation; it has gone too far down the rat hole of dishonesty, of fiat currency. See the Hal Mason video on YouTube.

          23. jackw97224 says

            Lets see: The tax system is a government operation, but you use it to differentiate, i.e. that government should use it to force a taking of ones wealth, but then you admit that government is not “looking out” for you. Sure sounds like a circular logical fallacy to me, i.e. you want intervention/force but only on your terms. Seems you didn’t learn anything from the discussion on protective tariffs.

          24. Mark Clemens says

            Well, Jack
            Shut up and leave me alone.

          25. jackw97224 says

            Thank you. Heh, heh, heh…

          26. Mark Clemens says

            Honest to God, dude.
            Didn’t anyone tell you’re only required to do two things in this world
            #1 is die
            #2 is pay taxes.
            The only place on this planet you can lawfully live 100% tax free is Antarctica.
            Neither is pleasant, but you gotta live with it until you die, or move to Antarctica.

          27. jackw97224 says

            Where is your proof of the latter? As I alerted you, I do not believe the constitution is a contract to allow anyone to use force against me or you. Now, as previously recommended, do yourself a favor and read and study the following and you might just begin to shed your mistakes in reasoning:

            No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner (
            The NoStateProject blog by Marc Stevens ( or
            Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt
            The Inflation Crisis, and How to Resolve It by Hazlitt (
            The Law by Frederic Bastiat
            That Which is Seen and That Which is not Seen (
            Stephen’s Guide to the Logical Fallacies (

            I’m tryin’ my best to lead you to the “water” but you are so obstinate.

  8. blackhawk132 says

    Is ANYONE worst than Obama ? YES and it’s num nut Debbie .

  9. WhiteFalcon says

    I can explain their midterm losses very simply. WE’RE SICK OF LYING DUMBOCRATS!

    1. jackw97224 says

      Some Democrats are finally coming to grips with the fact that their party was infected and infested with commie/socialism in the 1920s and 1930s and that has lead to economic disasters and the slaughters of the wars. Democrats have been exposed as the party of loot A to satisfy B, i.e. the party that sanctions crime. Ludwig von Mises pointed out in Human Action that socialism is a philosophy of suicide and history proves it.

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        We’ll see if any democraps are smart enough to figure that out.

        1. Kent2012 says

          Answer: No, however some will pretend that they have “gotten the message” and they will talk the talk for a while…need to shut them and the clowns in the GOP that want to “work” with the democrapos….work them over maybe…..

  10. Janice Foster says

    Obama made the biggest mistake of his life threatening Our Servants in Our government because We the
    People carry the big balls and they only do the bidding of the American People! The Politicians represent We the People and do Our bidding to keep America Running and Free!

    1. Seldena says

      RIGHT ON!!! very well said. that is the whole ball of wax, but the Dems want to melt it. The American people are going to keep fighting for our Constitution and we have just begun!!

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      Ahhh, but this is where the lil bastard needs impeached! This executive privilege bullshit has gone to his head, and if Republicans don’t get off their asses, America will have more foreigners than locals!!

      1. Deborah G says

        His plan was already on the evening news. 4.5 million “families” ,2.5 million dreamers,3 million children and “caretakers” ALL ON WELFARE > Someone needs to stop him any way they can. He is destroying America along with his Muslim buddies

        1. W.C. says

          Yup, but far too many Americans, rich or poor, don’t give a crap about these issues until they land on their own front porch. As long as it’s someone else’s problem no one really gives a crap when you get right down to it. Sorry, but apathy, selfishness, greed, and moral decay have just about destroyed America.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Damned if you didn’t hit the nail on the head nice and solid there WC.
            The biggest problem is in the bullshitters screaming and complaining and then saying, “Would someone please turn the volume up on the big screen there?”
            It’s going to take a shitload to get Republicans off their dead asses now and start believing in the old saying in quite the reverse, “Don’t shut up – get off your dead ass and PUT UP!”

          2. W.C. says

            Thanks for the support, Michael!! When it looks, walks, swims, flies, and quacks like a duck, chances are pretty dog-gone good that it’s a duck. I call ’em like I see ’em. It’s really sad. America is a great nation founded on the most noble of principles; Christian morality. The government from top to bottom needs a freight train enema to clean it out all the way from rooter to pooter.

            I’m not a mean person by any stretch, but I will tell you this; If one doesn’t want to hear the truth, then don’t ask me because I tell it like it T-I-is. (That’s how Tyler Perry’s “Madea” says it: T-I-is!)

            Again, kudos for the kudos! 🙂 I’m an old (45-year-old) phart who likes a good laugh from time to time.

          3. Michael Dennewitz says

            I’m a Vietnam vet. What sickens me right now is the limits I’m held at, and yet the “three-family” Mexicans down the street are living completely off the state. Driving nice trucks, unloading 3 vehicles of groceries every week, and I’m so far down on my luck that I only have a 49cc scooter as my ONLY means if transportation.. Oh well…

          4. W.C. says

            My hat’s off to you for your service in Nam. It’s a crying shame that men and women who have served honorably either have to barely scrape by or be homeless. There’s no excuse for this. You deserve better from the government. This is why you couldn’t pay me to endorse the armed services any more. You go and get shot or blown to pieces only to come home to a V.A. system that’s corrupt from top to bottom. Proper medical care for life was part of the enlistment contract. You can’t get a decent job, and as a result many live out on the street.

            I’m not a war vet., but I was in the Navy from 1992-1997. I was an Aviation Electronics Technician (AT) on board the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy and then VP-9, a P-3 Orion squadron out of Barbers Point, Hawaii.

          5. Michael Dennewitz says

            I was on the USS Boxer LPH4 from 62 to 68. We hauled everything you could possibly get onto and into an amphibious ship and brought body bags back. Just yesterday, I ran into a beautiful girl wearing an Iraqi Freedom hat at Wawa’s. We both stood in the parking lot, hugging away, and I’m not ashamed to say, with tear filled eyes. At least she made it back as a whole person..

          6. W.C. says

            You’re an old Navy man too or a Marine?

          7. Michael Dennewitz says

            Strictly Navy.. FTG3.. I was assigned to “Plot.” As low as you can get in the ship’s belly. I saw more planes and double prop helicopters than I care to.. We went to a country where we had no business being and sacrificed over 50,000 BOYS. And one would not believe the tons of equipment that was left there mired in the mud!!

          8. Deborah G says


      2. W.C. says

        Amen to that. Executive privilege is a terrible thing when in the wrong hands.

    3. Terry Rushing says

      It would appear that the “prince of darkness” mis-read the job application and thought he was applying for the position of dictator.

      1. jackw97224 says

        Yes, that S.O.B. P.O.S. needs to be terminated and sent to the boobyhatch farm for the balance of his filthy, lyin’, stinkin’, criminal, commie/socialist life.

        1. Hugof224 says

          Come on, Jack… don’t hold back; tell us what you REALLY think. ha-ha

  11. ralph says

    Just like every think else it was not me it was every body else. Well that is good with me because some of the Gods are gone and maybe more in 2016. And maybe one more this year if every one calls for Obama’s orginal birth certificate and why he has a dead mans social security number

    1. WhiteFalcon says

      Two rather interesting points. Everyone including Fox News seems to be covering for him on those points. Apparently the so called birthcertificate is a fraud, just lik he is.

      1. ralph says

        Yes that seems to be it but I am working to get a movement started by the people to call for his birth certificate and why he has a dead mans social security number and how you pay taxes on that number. Must be all of our systems don’t work and we are paying a heavy cost for nothing.

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Every bit of significant historical documentation is locked away and out of sight. They can’t even find people who remember him in college. You’ll have more luck getting the government to release its info and files on UFOs and extra-terrestrials.

        2. chamberjac says

          All our systems don’t work because once the Commie got into in the Wht. Hse. he and his cabal of Commie’s denied access to evidence until they had time to destroy evidence of the facts that he is an illegal immigrant. Records have been destroyed and removed permanently. An earlier investigation could have turned up more facts of corruption but our wonderful Representatives (NOT) have given the cabal all the time they needed to destroy the evidence.

    2. jscarano7 says

      ralph you got a good point.about obama’s birther,we all americans should get together an unite,an call for obama’s birth certificate an social security number,pass port papers, an college records, an draft card ,we should get this done once an for all hey americans lets on with this now

      1. ralph says

        Thanks for your help I have found that when you get a few going it starts to spread fast and soon comes out in the news got a paper to day the they are taken this to court in the states now

  12. Janice Foster says

    We need someone to start the Petition and have it ready if there are any more threats to Our Servants by
    Obama We will do Our best to help relieve him of his position so he will not be threatening anyone any more from the Oval Office! We Woke Americans now Let’s Stay Wide Awake to what is going on in D.D. and take care of the business!

    1. fred says

      Impeach, the imprison all the “Enemies of the State” Immediately!~ If the kenyan can prove he’s a citizen, fine, however due to a “preponderance of evidence” to the contrary, he is going to be prosecuted whether his handlers like it or not, he has violated and ignored our laws for far too long! The time to act is NOW! and make it a happy Christmas for all Americans! And i think it goes without saying, ship the illegals home, and scrap the ACA before it hurts our economy further and we can all get back to doing REAL business and making things again!

    2. Deborah G says

      I think every one of us shoud CALL our representatives and tell them they can be voted out too if the don;t stop him. Grow a set!

  13. shrgngatlas says

    Unfortunately, that last sentence may have some truth, but in the wrong way. The Republican establishment has a long history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by going squishy on their “conservative principals” when faced with biased coverage and attacks by the MSM. Instead of boldly defending these principals from clearly specious, politically correct (but logically wrong) arguments, they tend to get defensive and make statements that suppose that what they said in their statements of principals wasn’t what they really meant. I’ll be waiting and hope to see them do better this this time around.

  14. Deborah G says

    DWS is a complete stupid robot mouthpiece. When she talks she is like a propaganda robot. If you say gee the sky is blue she says her programmed talking point “yes but the birth control will be taken away by the Nazi republicans and they will beat you down” She is one of the most irrelevent people on the planet next to Pelosi

    1. RobertNorwood says

      She’s just trying to keep afloat until something else comes along. She’s got a big position, and she didn’t come through.

      1. Terry Rushing says

        I think she has the impossible task of attempting to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Maybe that’s why she looks so spaced out in some of her comment sessions; she has to get gassed before she can mouth the lies…

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Either that or it’s the effects of waking up in the real universe.

      2. Deborah G says

        She is damaged goods and will be a drone of the party forever unless some liberal consulting firm hires her she has no use in the real world

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Liberals are so asskissing assbackward some liberal consulting firm just might hire the the witch at the top who turned in a big loss.

  15. Seldena says

    “Right on the Issues”–How stupid and blind can this woman and the Democrtas be! Did she not hear that we HATE the policies???? This whole Dem Party and Obama are so stubborn and full of sociopath COMMUNISTS!!

  16. Deborah G says

    I’m surprised she isn’t saying it was Voter suppression and unfair polling dates

    1. W.C. says

      That one will come when all other excuses are soundly refuted. Just give it time.

  17. steve_golf says

    Not all the American people support the Demoncrap cause. Only the moochers.

  18. fred says

    The simple answer is people are finally waking up that the demonrat’s socialist/communist self-declared “king” born in the east african country now called Kenya is a criminal and the policies to turn the USA into a third world slime pit have failed in spite of huge advantages in voter fraud from the electronic voting machines and absentee ballot stuffing! We are taking OUR country back and he is going to jail asap! Get used to it, Reid, Pelosi and others are next! We are a free Constitutional Republic and we don’t bow to any “internationalists” who worship money and deception in attempts to control our government with fraudulent imposters of the lowest levels of life on our planet! Europe and most other countries are third world crapholes bc of your Socialism and we are not buying into it, sorry for YOU, George Soros! Now please go away and play your world domination games elsewhere! Schultz is merely a well-paid pawn doing your dirty work, and she failed as many will also fail in the future!~

  19. Jim says

    Two words will solve it all…………TERM LIMITS

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Nobody on that gravy train wants it to stop.
      I agree w/you 100%

      1. Deborah G says

        It doesn’t mtter don’t they get benefits for life after a few terms anyway? Then go off to a second career on us?

        1. Mark Clemens says

          As much as Citizens United allows them to collect for elections, they should govern for FREE……….

    2. jackw97224 says

      Well, it would be relief it only that it helped everyone to avoid the cesspool of the likes of DWS, harry reid, feinstein, schumer, boxer, waters Weeding out the commie/socialists, the loot A to satisfy Bers would be most helpful.

  20. disqus_e1rjNMkUay says

    ………..self explanatory…… “They” in their efforts to skew the values of the American Nation, with “their” lies of deception, with the backing of the news media = self destruction

  21. Joe says

    Let’s face it, the damncrats just don’t get the fact that the american people are fed up with their ideas. This country is going to the dogs because of them. Everything they touch turns to crap. Their whole philosophy is warped. Wake up America before we become a nanny state.

  22. RobertNorwood says

    “Our party has a problem” Okay Debbie, you are right about that.

    “We know we’re right on the issues. The American people believe in the causes we’re fighting for”. Debbie, if that were true you folks would’ve cleaned up, but you didn’t, you got cleaned out.

    Anyone who’s ever watched a zombie flick knows zombies go about without putting much thought into what they do – it’s all about what zombies want, a piece of you. And they mindlessly do the same stupid things over and over again. Debbie, take the hint.

    1. David C Kelder says

      Remember in the Zombie movies, you have to destroy a zombie 3 times before they are permanently gone. .

  23. Daniel W says

    The reason why the Democrats lost so many seats in the Senate is because they FAILED TO LISTEN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE >>they advanced an agenda, INCREASED TAXE’S and MEDICAL BENIFIT . FEE’S. They decreased services to Americans by supporting illegal aliens decreasing the benefits of Americans and charging the taxpayers more, the man who wrote the programs for Obama care, said that
    American people Are STUPID and must be LIED to in order to pass bills that benefit them(actually benefit Democrats not the people). If you listen to what Nancy Pelosi said about Obama care. You have to sign the BILL before you get to see what’s inside “WHAT” would you sign anything before reading the any bill or contract . I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t. THE DEMOCRATS DID??? JUST MY OPINION.

    1. jackw97224 says

      The Dems lost because they are morally corrupt; they believe in social welfare/social justice based on the crime of looting A to satisfy B. Socialism is a philosophy of suicide ~ Ludwig von Mises, Human Action.

    2. David C Kelder says

      I hope the republicans have learned that they must listen to the people.

  24. FloridaJim says

    Alaska just became the 8th seat won. Soon Louisiana will become #9 a “shellacking” as Krauthammer said.
    Obama said “shut up and let me get another grip on the throats of my followers”.

  25. R Hugh Aliberalliar says

    Wassershitz is a disgrace, she is as dumb as a brick and that my friends is an insult to all bricks living and dead. Lastly, It is the democRAT party NOT the democRATic party! I cant stand when journalists, bloggers , etc. give them credit for something they are NOT!

    1. jackw97224 says

      Wassermanshitz casts as giant shadow. Best if she were terminated and sent to the boobyhatch farm for the balance of her lying’ flithy life.

  26. Patriot47 says

    The inmates are running the asylum.

  27. ihatelibs says


  28. greyfox says

    Wrong on the issues! Your arrogance is what is doing you in and as more people wise up you will be totally
    obliterated. Your lies are catching up with you, at long last. You are arrogant, your president is arrogant and your entire party is arrogant. You, Debbie, are out of touch.

    1. jackw97224 says

      Wasserman-Shultz is a lyin’, stinkin’, commie/socialist P.O.S. S.O.B. She deceives by spouting economic fallacies. She touts the Democrat/commie/socialist mantra that loot A to satisfy B is legal and thus damns morality.

  29. jreg9304 says

    if the idiot deemocrats can’t figure it out, is because of the rash of devious decisions that they were making. also the last presidential election was fixed in the dems favor at the polls. gosh, how blind can they be.,,,,,ha ha ha.

    1. jackw97224 says

      heh, heh, heh…deamoncrats! Satan has a hold on ’em, even those who deny it. commie/socialism is a philosophy of suicide as per Ludwig von Mises in Human Action.

  30. John E says

    The actual reason is simple. THE VOTERS WANT OBAMA AND ALL WHO SUPPORT HIM OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT. That includes Democrats AND Republicans, in other words, ALL (LEGAL) Americans.

  31. neworleanskath says

    Ms Shultz, I am a conservative and a Republican. I am not rolling around in gold bars for sure. I could never believe in what you think is “right for us.” It surely is not for me or for 99% of my friends/family. It may be “right for you,” but do not speak for me, please. Your president and party have led us way down the wrong track. I hope we can pull ourselves back up after the devastation your policies have caused to our nation.

  32. kunling says

    PLEASE, dumbocraps/libtards/regressive commies…..don’t change a thing!! Keep pushing your alinsky communist agenda so that more Americans become aware of your anti-freedom, anti-freemarket, total control system has in store for them.

  33. Don Dale says

    “whiter and wealthier”, yea, that’s the problem. Couldn’t be their f*cked up policies!

  34. jackw97224 says

    Wasserman-Shultz is a liar, commie/socialist Democrat. She deceives by using fallacious economic claims. At the root is her demand that government loot A to satisfy B via a host of social welfare/social justice criminal schemes. She is a sicko and one of the just plain ugly politicians to ever come down the pike. She should be terminated and sent to the boobyhatch farm for the balance of her evil life. The shame is on those who voted for her.

  35. Jude O'Connor says

    It’s just has to be some ones fault other than the idiots running the Country.

  36. b glad says

    The real reason is that they are under the delusion that “The American people agree with us on the issues.” The issues is what it is all about.

  37. maxparrish says

    I’ve heard DWS trip over her own face and go right on talking before she would admit to a mistake. She talked badly about Governor Sandoval “not putting a state exchange in” when he did and was the first Republican to do so. But moving right along… (her attitude)

    The problem is that the Republicans are concerned about the issues and the Democrats are concerned about the win for power. This is in general my observation, not to say it is a hard fast rule on both sides.

    The Republicans have got to learn how to go on the offensive!! Unfortunately, the low-info voters believe what they are spoon-fed as fact like the believe every TV commercial. Skittles fall from the sky. They also have a self-image of superiority, a saviour of the masses and they will go for the next new fad, which will probably be a woman campaigning for president like that’s a novelty.

    It has been done before!

  38. Mark Clemens says

    Oh, yea here’s a comment for DWS.
    One reason y’all didn’t win nothing here in Tennessee is for two Senate elections. The Democrats wouldn’t give their primary winner any money to sensibly challenge the Republican primary winner.
    If you look at DNC funding, y’all shot your wads in the tight races. Who knows Mr. Ball might of had some good ideas, but he had no TV, radio, billboard money for people know who he was, or what his platform was. To me this is a foolish strategy………..

  39. badger says

    No matter what spin the Democrats come up with, the bottom line is, the American people has figured out that they do not want Obama to lead us into destruction of our country.

  40. Patrick Thomas says

    Wasserman Shultz has shit for brains. It’s people like her that voters threw down the toilet in the midterms. The Democratic party no longer represents America and that’s a great thing. Those people are sociopaths like Obama.

  41. William Walizer says

    The Democratic Presidential election was won by forgery and fraud. This mid-term election was mainly won by a more truthful election. The majority of Americans are “fed-up” with the liberal democrats!

  42. Nan Perkins says

    Americans are tired of Democrats who do nothing but tell blacks they need to be hand-fed and taken care of like they are inferior; who allow illegals to come into the country by not standing up to Obama; let Reid sit on over 350 bills passed by the House that were bipartisan passed; line their own pockets with BILLIONS while accusing Republicans of corruption; letting Obama destroy our total way of life as Americans and taking the high road to riches and not supporting us; letting Eric Holder get away with not supporting America but acting like Obama’s lap dog; and this is just the beginning. We will fight!!!!

  43. Indiana_James says

    DWS is a leftist loon from obamas’ FRONT pocket. All she does is parrot bullshit and tell administration lies, as a good little minion should. Her assertion the ‘we are right on the issues’ is wrong from the roots upward and people SEE IT.

  44. Conservative says

    Barack Obama sat on a wall, Barack Obama had a great fall. All Baracks women and all Baracks men couldn’t put poor Barack together again!

  45. David Mangum says

    Unplug your ears liberal democrats, the people were speaking, but YOU WERE NOT LISTENING TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, you went so hard left,you went off the tracks, now you are sooooo fired.

  46. Mike Quinn says


  47. Diana White says

    Wasserman-Schultz is the top of the pile of the dumbest of the dumb rocks

  48. Shauna says

    Ummm, news flash Schultz…The people DON’T believe in the causes your fighting for because they are made up….Game OVER! deal with it and “try” and salvage your party by telling the truth for once…How about that?

  49. Randy G. says

    We are sick of obama (1st anti American president) and this group telling the world it is America fault when it is the exact opposite, our kids are not ours, the global warming lies, not saluting the flag, hating the military, 25% yes 25% unemployment, blaming Bush for their f-ups, the LIE that is affordable heath care, Christianity bashed and taken out of our lives, muslim and their laws thrust down our throats, a first lady that is a low life RACISt, obama going above the law, trying to destroy the Constitution, HATING VETS, loving illegals and giving them 350 BILLION a year, and a list to long to write. That is why you lost.

  50. Alan w. says

    The ( DEMS ) lost the election because they didn’t have the balls to stand up and stop their boss . A reasonable elected official ( congressman – senator ) is supposed to follow the written laws of this nation and do the right thing no matter the party . The constitution has to be fo followed no matter what. They lost because they refused to do the job that they were elected for and took the oath and then did not do what they pledged to do. If the new elected officials don’t stand upto obama , they can be booted out and we will put new people in office untill they do the job that they were elected for. Bet on it.

    1. Kent2012 says

      and now we have to get the GOP nuttless wonders mcshame and boner and mcdoogle to stop kenyan boyo, but those rocks want to “work with” his majesty instead of telling him that he is not the Pope or even a Cardinal for that matter, just a criminal that can speak well if he has a teleprompter…..

  51. william russell says

    Hey all a message to debbie. The truth always hurts and that is what the american voter did in november. The voters where concerned about the horrible economy, the low labor force participation rate, the 47 million on food stands , college kids can not find decent jobs to pay student loans, buy a house and have a family, the american dream was destroyed and the usa is no longer the leader in space or in the world. They voted against what the liberal progressive democrats that they all have been pushing the lies by obama. They were just fed up. The democrats always bring out the racists card, the war on women, however, the american voted expected it and no longer believe in it it. The people hurt the most by obama and the democrats where african Americans, and women. Keep playing the old games in your campaign play book and you will continue to loose.

  52. Wapitiman says

    The REAL PEOPLE have spoken! Listen up before they are forced to speak again you dumb, arrogant libs!

  53. Tuci78 says

    Well, the slitch is right about one thing, at least.

    There are “two different electorates.”

    Those of us who vote legally, and those who vote illegally. The National Socialists rely on the latter category to win elections. Why else would they scream so frantically against voter identification laws?

    defining the major problem for her party, Wasserman Shultz said, “It’s
    apparent that there are increasingly two separate electorates: a midterm
    electorate and a presidential electorate. We win one and we don’t seem
    to be able to win the other. That is a fundamental dynamic that we have
    to change.” – See more at:
    defining the major problem for her party, Wasserman Shultz said, “It’s
    apparent that there are increasingly two separate electorates: a midterm
    electorate and a presidential electorate. We win one and we don’t seem
    to be able to win the other. That is a fundamental dynamic that we have
    to change.” – See more at:
    defining the major problem for her party, Wasserman Shultz said, “It’s
    apparent that there are increasingly two separate electorates: a midterm
    electorate and a presidential electorate. We win one and we don’t seem
    to be able to win the other. That is a fundamental dynamic that we have
    to change.” – See more at:
    defining the major problem for her party, Wasserman Shultz said, “It’s
    apparent that there are increasingly two separate electorates: a midterm
    electorate and a presidential electorate. We win one and we don’t seem
    to be able to win the other. That is a fundamental dynamic that we have
    to change.” – See more at:

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Maybe the excitement of voting got old (since 2008) to the illegal immigrants, or they didn’t realize there is a mid-term election……….
      I didn’t see any Hispanic campaign signs saying vote November 4th, did you?

  54. Wes Tipton says

    They are right on the issues, seriously girl? Amnesty for illegals, forcing the gay agenda upon us, wasting money on the phony climate change crap, and ignoring our economy, while continuing to borrow and spend like liberals always do. Yeah, sure America just LOVES your ‘issues’, and you have way too many issues to be in your job – but please stay and continue your great work!!!!

  55. robertleo says

    How long did
    this administration and the Democrats in power believe they could ignore God’s
    ninth commandments over and over before God would humble maybe their ignorance.
    Or were they ignorant that you can keep lying to the American people before
    they will have had enough and do what they just did, vote them out. For six
    years God was patient. But there comes a time when His intervention will become
    a humbling experience.

  56. Yadja says

    The Democrat Party today is almost unrecognizable from that of my mother and father. Now my grandfather was always a Republican But my father now has changed to Independent. I changed to Independent years ago.

    They ought to be able to figure this out and I believe many of them have and are beginning to see they bought a Bad Bill of Goods in O and I can’t imagine any American agreeing with what he has done and what he has said. Not only to America but to the Middle East and other countries. What he has done to Israel and his dividing this country. Obviously that ploy did not workout for him in the end because this election took a lot more than just Independents, Libertarians, Republicans etc but my guess is many Blacks woke-up along with many Democrats.

    I will say this….Republicans better remember this vote was a cry for help, an SOS and it was against O and every thing he stands for.

  57. STEVE POSEY says

    Its not anything in particular tht the Dems have done wrong IT’S EVERYTHING THT THEY HAVE DONE , IS WRONG FOR OUR COUNTRY , as its been said many time”You can’t fix STUPID

  58. Storm says

    Nothing dumber than a Democrat unless it is the party leadership.

  59. jscarano7 says

    hi we the people need to start a draft on obama’s eligribility on his birth cerificate,social security number,an his passport papers an obama’s college records,an his draft card,listen up americans if we want this fraud out of the white house before he destroys our country,we have to get this message to all americans to the east an west an north an south,email this to all your relatives an friends an to anyone.we voted john boehner an congress to do there job,there not doing what they were voted in for,they lied to get elected.john boehner got all the documents from sheriff arpaio on obama’s eligribility boehner said i don’t give a shit an threw the papers on his desk,he did the same when congressman steve stockton also gave boehner documents an again boehner, i don’t give shit. im tired sending congress pink slips for the last three years an nothing is taking place congress has deaf ears,remember john boehner is a coward,he cant do his job he should resign an put some one there who can do the job with balls like trey gowdy this final god bless our country ps we the people want results on obama’s eligribility this issue must be addressed thank you all

  60. pleazzer says

    As I read a lot of comments here to me it seems the Gov. is winning. DIVIDE AND CONQUER, as long as they have us blaming each other THEY seem to stay BLAME FREE to include: all the lies they tell ARE FINE, as it is just politics.

  61. Mike J. Hrivnak says

    The Dems just can’t believe they’very lost the public trust

  62. jim scofield says

    Debbie You delusional bleach blonde bimbo You need to remove Your
    cranium from Your anal orifice and get some much needed oxygen to
    Your brain.

  63. Paul Brown says

    As always the demoncraps are still way out of touch with the American people and the needs of the people. They think the midterm elections are more “Whiter and Wealthier”, but they don’t want to hear the blacks when they said that Osama can just go away because all he did was to hurt them more than anything. They still refuse to listen and to process what is really happening in their puny little minds.

  64. USCBIKER says

    Maybe they’re dumber but also partly right. The GOP was lazy and complacent after the 2010 big win and thought that trend would continue into 2012. The scum of the earth is that way coz they’re lazy and distracted, but they do show up more in Pres. election years. The GOP clearly fixed their GOTV problems after 2012 and it was obvious this time around. But they must choose a young, articulate, charismatic candidate to take on The Hag, not Mitt or Jeb. After 2008 I said the era of the sage, silver haired older guy winning the WH is over. The only possible perfect storm exception to that is a RINO who turns off their base, combined with a bitch like Hillary of Fakeahontas who can appeal to the single-issue welfare vermin.

  65. toobored54 says

    Freakin libs dont even know theres midterm elections unless someones handing out iPhones…

  66. Conservative says

    The Democrats are in a real state of denial. They just cannot comprehend that the American people are totally opposed to their Communist issues. They, like Obama, are doing everything they can to destroy all the good the U.S. stands for.

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