Democrats See Political Gold in Cecil the Lion


Would you have guessed that we’d still be talking about Cecil the lion a month after his untimely death? Americans were understandably upset at the news that a Minnesota dentist had illegally shot the protected beast, and the pictures of Walter Palmer posing with his trophy kill inspired predictable disgust. Hunting is one thing; illegal poaching of an endangered species is quite another. Still, it’s surprising to see how long-lasting the outrage has been. Americans have a short attention span when it comes to these things.

And, frankly, enough’s enough. It’s a friggin’ lion. The backlash over this story is out of proportion. There’s a viral, gut-level quality to the story that disguises the fact that it’s a rather frivolous thing to get upset about. At some point, it’s like, get a life.

But Democrats excel at making hay out of emotionally-fueled controversies. This week, several Senate Democrats proposed the Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large Animal Trophies Act. CECIL, for short. Or CECILATA, if you want to spit on all the hard work they did coming up with a catchy name. “Let’s not be cowardly lions when it comes to trophy killings,” said Senator Bob Menendez, the bill’s sponsor. And we’re supposed to take this seriously?

Even some liberals have grown weary of the Cecil saga. Twitter erupted with criticism after a $1 million light display projected images of Cecil and other fallen animals atop the Empire State Building. “I’m personally going to start wearing a lion costume when I leave my house so if I get shot, people will care,” said writer Roxana Gay. Others jumped on the bandwagon, accusing Americans of giving Cecil’s death more attention than black victims of police brutality.

While it’s always amusing to watch liberals wring their hands over which cause to care about most, this is an absurd reaction. You couldn’t turn on your television for six months without hearing about Ferguson, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Cecil may be enjoying the spotlight right now, but let’s not pretend like “hands up, don’t shoot” was relegated to the back pages of the newspaper.

Also relevant is the way the left tore into Rush Limbaugh when he made similar comments. After watching Jimmy Kimmel get choked up over Cecil’s death, Limbaugh wondered why no one seemed to care this much about the babies aborted by Planned Parenthood. In an op-ed, EJ Martini said, “Trying to compared levels of public outrage over the death of Cecil the lion with our reaction to the secret video tapes of Planned Parenthood executives is ludicrous.”

And maybe it is. But if that’s ludicrous, then surely it’s just as silly to compare Cecil to Black Lives Matter. After all, there’s no evidence to suggest Cecil was trying to kill Walter Palmer when he was shot. That alone marks a fairly significant difference between Cecil and Mike Brown.

The Cecil story will undoubtedly fade from the headlines over the next month, only to be replaced by something of similar importance. Another controversy. Another sensationalized tale. The outrage machine keeps turning.

  1. CCblogging says

    Americans seem to have selective outrage, especially on the left.

  2. blackhawk132 says


    1. Juan TwoTree says

      GOOD!!! Let the GD LibTurds try and mske something out of Cecil The Lion!! They don’t have anything else concrete to whine and lie about. Just take a look at their potentioal candidate, Killery!!! I hope the Republican contender will rip this lieing, filthy, scamming, cover-up, blackmailing LIAR wynch to task, big time!! Or maybe, just maybe, the FBI will nail her on this private e-mail accounts and her servers….now that would be the frosting on the cake for the Dem-O-Crap Party, eh??

      1. dude says

        to bad the bullet hit cecil the wrong animal hillary’s still here still here what a shame

        1. chamuiel says

          There was no bullet. It was an arrow.
          Do try and keep up.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            I think he was finally done in by a bullet, I could be wrong though.

          2. QUASAR says

            No that’s right .

          3. QUASAR says

            The arrow wounded him’ the bullet finished him off ‘ do try and read thuroughly before posting.

          4. snowyriver says

            Ah the dentist is guilty of nothing.

          5. QUASAR says

            Nope he had all the proper permits and licenses ‘the guides lured the lion in ‘how was he supposed to see the collar under all that hair ‘ get over it people it’s a f*****g lion.Bet the natives he fed on won’t miss him.

        2. QUASAR says

          too true.

          1. Gary Smith says

            very true

      2. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Wrong!! Libturds have no balls except the ones hanging on their women.

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          HA HA HA!! Beautiful!!

      3. QUASAR says

        You and me both bud .

    2. Marcia Mueller says

      There are going on 9 billion people on this earth and less than 30,000 lions. Get a grip.

      1. mac12sam12 says

        I hear you, we need to save more lions and kill more babies!! It’s unbalanced!!

        1. mjhiggs says

          I nominate Marcia Mueller to be one of the first humans to go to help even things out. After all, lions need fresh meat!

          1. QUASAR says

            I second that.

        2. QUASAR says

          No that’s you who is unbalanced .Putting a stupid animals life over a humans with a immortal soul ‘ you are truly bottom feeding scum.

          1. mjhiggs says

            I think mac12sam12 was being sarcastic pointing out how ridiculous Marcia Mueller’s comment was.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Try using your sarc radar, friend.

          3. QUASAR says

            Sorry ‘I thought of that after I posted ‘my bad

          4. mac12sam12 says

            I forgive you, I’ve done the same thing myself.

          5. QUASAR says

            thanks dude.

          6. Marcia Mueller says

            When was the last time you saw an immortal soul? Cecil is as likely to have one as you.

          7. QUASAR says

            NO ‘Humans do animals don’t .

          8. suz says

            No one is putting an animals life over a babies life. It’s just the media supports the Dems. and they won’t report on it.

          9. QUASAR says

            Oh no lots of people are calling for that dentist to be killed but not a one will mention the PP scandal ‘bet if a animal shelter was killing dogs and making coats out of their fur PETA would be going mad .Totally upside down world we live .

          10. suz says

            This subject is on the lion cecil. I’m sure there’s a feed on the plan parenthood . I’ve signed many to close and to stop funding them .

        3. snowyriver says

          There are more babies than lions.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            Correct, I think it should be a one to one ratio of people and lions. That would be fun!

      2. QUASAR says

        So you would rather see more babies killed than another lion’ you are sick .

      3. Jonathan Brooks says

        How exactly did large human numbers reduce our value? How did small lion numbvers increase their value?

        Wild lions are a luxury in the world, since most lions now are bred in captivity, and the parks are a tiny un-natural environment for those left.

        Basically, lions live in an open air zoo in Africa, because the humans need the space. The governments that keep those parks, do so because of western governments helping with costs, and hunters paying fees to go on hunts, and if hunting were outlawed, those “parks would disappear along with “wild” game.

        We lie to ourselves about wild places, because we do not want to accept that animals are either being raised for food, zoos, or other benefit, or going extinct as heir habitat gets modernized and inhabited by humans. Some animals adapt to humans, like coyote and mountain lion in the US, and some don’t, like lions and most african herd animals.

    3. QUASAR says

      No shit ‘ those bastards will go on and on about a soulless lion but God forbid anyone try and stop the slaughter of unborn human beings ‘ all dems are pure scum.

      1. suz says

        The left are the one’s that support this plan parent hood . I also mean the Rino’s like the speaker John and Mitch McConnell. I didn’t vote for the Crap in the WH. I try to get them out but the people with their hands out for other peoples money keep voting them back in. I think it’s sick not only babies are aborted like it’s a birth control but now they are selling the parts for high money. If there were a God I think it’s time he shows his hand.

        1. QUASAR says

          Oh believe me SUZ there is and he will very soon I think.

  3. Warpaint says

    So let me just take a moment to understand:
    It is ok to kill 40 million (that is about how many died in ww2 and in russia) but killing a lion is not. Now I disagree with trophy big game hunting it is a sport for rich city douches right and left. If you must hunt it should be for food only. Nutjobs on the left will fan the flames to take firearms away.

    1. Peatro Giorgio says

      You say rich city douches, which says you haven’t a clue as to what your talking about . African safari hunts are no longer
      just a wealthy individuals hunt. Unless of course you are referring to the Top five most dangerous. Elephant,Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Lion and Leopard.

      1. Warpaint says

        I hunt for food only, trophy hunting for big game, lions, tigers elephant’s is just ignorant. I you anit going to eat it why kill it.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          First off You sound very much like a self center single dimensional thinking individual. That actually knows absolutely nothing about African Trophy Hunters and what actually happens with the meat from those animals. Fact #1 the meat is divided up among the local tribes, it is eaten Fact# 2 The fees payed by those hunters are the very revenues needed to provide reserves , wild life conservation officers and conservation efforts. It’s the selfish thoughtless ignorant morons such as your self. That gives no thought about giving back to nature what you have taken so selfishly for your self. As a very old and very dear friend and mentor HawkJohn often said and he and I live , you must give back to mother Earth what she has provided for you. I was a conservationist long before you learned how to squat to piss. As for Trophy hunting any good day out in the wilderness is a trophy hunt day. Figure that out Mr ignorant.

          1. Morton212 says

            The facts prove you wrong. In the week after Cecil’s senseless slaughter – the Oxford conservation group that was tracking Cecil received more contributions than it had received in the previous 20 years.- suggesting that killing these rare animals is a very inefficient way of preserving them.

        2. Morton212 says

          Wouldn’t it be far cheaper to buy it at Costco or some other outlet – where you can be sure the meat was killed humanely ?

          1. Warpaint says

            Morton, if I wanted the growth hormones and antibiotics that is sold in costco meats then yes it is cheaper for beef, but until you have had brown bear or white tail deer that was taken far from human contamination you havent really eaten good meat.

          2. Morton212 says

            The shop at WholeFoods. That way you will get meat free of hormones and antibiotics . And also your conscience should do better without the anguished memory of the fear and pain that the dying animal met at your hands.

          3. chamuiel says

            You think domestically slaughtered animals do not experience pain and suffering? What are you? A Democrat?

          4. Morton212 says

            WholeFoods is very careful to buy meat only from producers who kill humanely.

          5. chamuiel says

            Have you ever been to a slaughter house? I suspect not. Killed humanely? You are funny.

        3. grinnie says

          The game meat goes to feed the villages. It is not wasted. If Cecil had been killed by anyone other than an American, you wouldn’t have heard a word about it, or would have cared less.

      2. Morton212 says

        You must be extremely wealthy then, because even an African photo safari can run $ 5,000 a day per person.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          And a Good Guided elk moose brown bear or Caribou hunt in north America will cost you the same or more. And hell no I am not rich. I do set aside money for such hunts sometimes it’s taken me 4 or 5 years to save the fees.

          1. Warpaint says

            And you process everything right? meat, hide and antlers if they have them.

          2. Peatro Giorgio says

            To me a trophy hunt has nothing to do with size of antlers or the animal it’s self. It has every thing to do with the actual spot, stalk and decision to take or not take. It’s the Hunt. I am a single shot pistol hunter recurve bow and muzzle loader hunter I love the trill of getting up close and personal. To me tracking is the biggest trill finding old sets of tracks and closing in. Yes I do brain tan my own hides. Yes I smoke both hot and cold smoke my meats. I have also utilized the antlers for tools such as blade handles or flinting arrowheads or hide handle scrapers. And my dogs get all the rest. But that’s not ever hunters Idea . And not everyone desires to delve as deeply into A life such as I enjoy living. There are many who talk trash but have never ever walked the walk. And many of those same individual have commented here.

          3. Warpaint says

            Sorry, what we had was s failure to communicat, what you are talking about is the way I was taught to stalk and take game, i use a compound bow, what I take I eat. Muzzle loader? Man I havent fire a black powder weapon in 40 years. Then you are a hunter not just going for what you can hang on the wall sorry for assuming

          4. Peatro Giorgio says

            All is forgiven ! I just hope more folks would open up their modern minds ,which are so separated from the true world of nature. O how I pray for the day when a complete global collapse of the economy sets in . When man’s nature takes over. And as in the animal kingdom eat or be eaten, kill or be killed . Then all these so called treatment hugger’s an animal rights morons will get a true taste of nature’s justice . Screw Cecil that big old murdering ,polygamist Lion .

          5. Warpaint says

            When the shtf, and there is nothing on the store shelves at least I know I will be eating.

          6. Peatro Giorgio says

            Hell yes ! And the tree hugging animal rights fools will be looking to us for help. How freaking deserving they shall be. Yea all your produce ,fish, chicken ,beef and pork comes from the Grocery store. HOW’S those empty shelves working out for yah.

          7. grinnie says

            Whew! So glad you finally got the Peatro’s point. You know what they say about ‘assuming’…..LOL

      3. hangem'high says

        I think Cecil would tell you if he could that your wrong! Cecil’s parents knew this when they turned him loose that was one of their biggest fears. They believed he would be happier there and he probably was, end of story, live with it!

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          And I think Cecil would say that he loved tearing the throats out of Thompsons Gazelle and eating while still breathing Kudas and zebras. Wildebeest, gems bucks, Reid bucks impala’s . F $$k Cecil he died as he lived. The hunter becoming the hunted.

          1. hangem'high says

            OK my bad! The potage is best when moving around. So where is all of his bitches when the chett was going down?

          2. Peatro Giorgio says

            They were doing his brother.

    2. hangem'high says

      The real question Is, it’s OK to kill over fifty seven million unborn Americans forcibly taken from the womb, but not some 40 year old lion?

      1. Morton212 says

        If you are referring to abortion – the answer is yes – as long a it is done with the approval of a doctor. Think of the lives that can be saved with the fetus stem tissue.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Libturds can justify abortions no matter the facts or circumstances.!

        2. hangem'high says

          Are those the one’s that took hypocritical oath to save lives?

          1. Morton212 says

            I think you mean the HIPPOCRATIC oath ?
            But then a human does not have a soul until it is born – and independent of its mother.

          2. Linda Shelton says

            There is no justification for that statement. I can tell you are a man who never had a baby in the womb. You have never felt the wonder of the first movement, or the pain of delivery. You have never held the helpless wonder for the first time and felt the little fingers.

            Yes in the womb they suck their thumb, open and close their eyes. They stretch and curl up, they do kick if you lay on them, and it sure feels like anger, so how in the …… can you say they don’t have a soul until they are born, it just suddenly appears? How does it do that?

          3. Morton212 says

            My stomach rumbles independently of other functions. Does that mean it has a soul ?

          4. Linda Shelton says

            Don’t know, does it require that you feed it regularly? If it does, it just might.

          5. Morton212 says

            Yup. That is usually a rumble of angry hunger.

          6. Karen Gaddy says

            Are you really that stupid? To compare you gas pains and other bodily function to a mother carrying a child and feeling it kick? You are completely disrespectful of mothers when you say something so ignorant. If you were trying to be funny, you fell far short of the mark.

          7. Morton212 says

            She attempted to insinuate that the kicks of a fetus were evidence of a soul. That is all.

          8. mjhiggs says

            No, I think it just means that you are full of sh*t.

          9. Morton212 says

            No you don’t. You are simply being argumentative.

          10. grinnie says

            Good one MJ!!

          11. Nick says

            It is useless to argue with him… Like teaching a pig to whistle. Wastes your time and annoys the pig.

          12. SouthernPatriot says

            It just must be a miracle…oh I forgot, they don’t believe in such things!

          13. chamuiel says

            Prove it. You are not God.

          14. Morton212 says

            Prove that is does. It is simply a part of its mother and utterly dependent upon her body.

          15. Karen Gaddy says

            The child has his/her own dna, own fingerprints completely separate from the mother’s. If it is not a child, how are these ghouls able to profit from its liver, kidneys, and other organs?

          16. Morton212 says

            The soul is a spiritual entity – not physical attributes of the flesh. It is eternal and enters the body at birth and goes back to its source at death

          17. Linda Shelton says

            prove it

          18. Morton212 says

            That is my belief – and just as viable as yours.

          19. mjhiggs says

            So until live birth occurs, the baby is just like a bothersome wart in the mother’s belly??? Typical leftist, atheist, progressive thinking! Dr. Mengele would be pleased with your thinking.

          20. Morton212 says

            I wouldn’t call it a wart. I merely call it a part of the mother’s body until birth occurs.

          21. Morton212 says

            Can you prove that it does ? It is a part of the mother’s body until it is born.

          22. mac12sam12 says

            If it’s not human, why is it called a double homicide if a pregnant woman is killed? At conception it has the DNA of both parents therefore it’s human. Hi Mort!

          23. Morton212 says

            I did not say it is not human. I said it does not have a soul since until it is born it is an extension of the mother.

          24. Linda Shelton says

            It seems like it is only a homicide if the mother wanted it. There is no prosecution of anyone who kills a partially born baby.

          25. Karen Gaddy says

            Wrong again. A soul is the spiritual term GOD gives for the essence of man. The soul is there in the womb. GOD told Jeremiah, “I knew you in your mother’s womb.” If you are going to use spiritual terms, at least be accurate.

          26. Morton212 says

            There is nothing in Jeremiah 1:5 that talks about the soul – so maybe it is you who should be accurate.

          27. mjhiggs says

            Scriptures tell us that God knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb. Other scriptures say, “Woe to those who harm a BABY in the womb.” I believe it won’t be long before God reveals His righteous anger against those who are slaughtering babies in the womb.

          28. QUASAR says

            And you know this how since you seem to not believe there is a God who will punish the people who kill his children.

          29. QUASAR says

            They sure used that term correctly ‘ hipocratic oath ‘what a joke.

        3. chamuiel says

          Think of the lives that could be saved if we did away with abortions. I realize it is difficult for you but do try.

          Approval of a doctor? You mean like hermit Gosnell? Oh! wait he is in prison.

          1. QUASAR says

            Or GEORGE TILLER the baby killer ‘only he’s in hell .

        4. QUASAR says

          So to save a life [ In theory anyway’] you abdicate the taking of one ‘ SEIG HEIL you monster .

        5. SouthernPatriot says

          Fetus stem cells have never cured any disease. Adult stem cells on the other hand are viable treatment for numerous diseases.

          Quit living in a demonic dream world!

    3. chamuiel says

      Cecil was killed with a bow and arrow.

      1. Warpaint says

        He was finished with a rifle. The dickhead didnt get him proper with the arrow ask anyone that hunts by bow, you can not rush your shot and taking an animal of that size with a bow and arrow is not easy, tracked then finished 40 hours later. At least from bbc reports.

        1. SouthernPatriot says

          The Rhodesian/Zimbabwe government guides tracked the lion and provided transportation for the hunter to find the lion. Quite strange that the Zimbabwe government quides were released by the government, a relative few minutes after questioning, but they want the American. It was the Zimbabwe government guides that found Cecil, baited Cecil, provided transport for the hunter to access Cecil, then provided all the support to track down Cecil for the finish.

    4. peanut butter says

      The Theatre massacre in Tennessee was perpetrated with an axe and pepper spray. The boy was schizophrenic, so I guess he could not obtain a gun legally. I want to see the left’s outrage over axes and pepper spray. They will NEVER take my axes or guns, and THEY will want to keep their pepper spray. But they will soon, I’m sure, start locking all people that ever saw a psychiatrist up so they can’t cause harm to society. At least I’ll have plenty of friends and family in there with me.

  4. Stevon f. Nutt says

    Maybe if we turn everyone on the LeftestLiberalProgressiveDemocratic side into very Late Term Abortions they will be Happier?

  5. peter says

    Democrats will exploit their own families to get ahead. Hell, they already exploit blacks, illegals, gays, women and the poor.

    1. dude says

      and now animals you forgot about them …it’s a new dem. low

    2. headonstraight says

      It’s easier for the Republicans. They simply exploit the naive, gullible, and ignorant, of which there are plenty.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Spew on leftist buffoon.

      2. Pegasus says

        How is living in the idiot world of STUTOPIA working for you?

        1. headonstraight says

          Talk about idiocy! You can’t even construct a sensible bogus term of insult.

          1. mjhiggs says

            I thought it was a clever term headupazz.

          2. headonstraight says

            Which only confirms how delusional you are.

          3. Pegasus says

            I made it up especially for you… crackpot intolerant liberal

      3. chamuiel says

        If you had said Democrats, then you would have been correct. They are the one’s making all the fuss over a dead animal.

      4. mac12sam12 says

        You voted for a guy who said that he would lower the oceans, talk about naive and gullible. I was at the beach the other day and I have to admit the ocean did seem lower, or maybe the tide was out. Your thoughts?

        1. suz says

          Let’s not forget hope and change. Now we don’t have either

    3. peanut butter says

      You can bet hillary would throw bill under a REAL bus if she thought it would get her elected.

  6. Blue Note says

    Why are Democrats waging war on little babies?

    1. beegeegirl says

      started with margie sanger, who promoted the slaughter of black babies because she considered the black race as inferior and the world needed to be rid of them ….. she is the Hildabeast’s idol, don’tchaknow ?!??!? margaret sanger promoted abortion to get rid of them before they could infect the world with their less than human selves ….

      1. hangem'high says

        ???? WHAT THE hELL HAPPEND?
        Switcheroo hulky -polkus and the progressives are thriving!

  7. JIM DALLY says


    1. headonstraight says

      If in the unlikely event Trump should become President, for the safety of the Republic the term limit should be 15 minutes!

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Yup, you turds are scared to death aren’t you! Real change is coming, I only wish it was your leftist’s diapers.

        1. headonstraight says

          Not scared at all, oh nomenclaturally conflicted one!

          Trump is a celebrity, not a bona fide candidate. He is playing you and other wackadoodles like a fine-tuned violin.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “wackadoodles”? What high school girl did you get that from..LMAO! Trump has 1,000 times more qualifications that the stooge, community organizer that you turds bow down to.

          2. chamuiel says

            Reagan was a celebrity. Your boy, hussein obama was a rock star. You love celebrities.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Hillary’s a celebrity and not a bonafide candidate. She has no accomplishments as a senator or Secretary of State. Her biggest accomplishment was landing a serial pervert.

          4. mjhiggs says

            And she accumulated a lot of frequent flyer miles!

          5. headonstraight says

            The Trumpster looked like a pluperfect fool in the debate tonight. He had a really b-a-a-ad debate! But that won’t worry the ignoramuses who support the blithering buffoon.

      2. chamuiel says

        Why do you people always lie and give yourselves names you know you cannot possibly live up to?

        1. headonstraight says

          Do you still beat your wife?

  8. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


    1. dude says

      thats all cecil was is a way to change the subject

      1. hangem'high says

        Cecil was on his way out anyways, at least he was put out humanly and look on the bright side, now instead of finding his bones in the bush everyone can come and visit him down at the museum.

        1. beegeegirl says

          HOW was he on his way out” …. since you seem to know so much about the situation ….. he was first off, a RARE black-maned lion who was protected ….. and he was NOT put out HUMANELY (learn to spell if you want to try and sound somewhat intelligent) ….. he was WOUNDED by an arrow, after being blinded by spotlights …. and it wasn’t until FORTY hours of tracking him that the brave dentist was able to finish him off and put him out of that FORTY HOURS of misery !!! so, oh wise and stupid one ….. any more comments to make yourself look less stupid ?

          1. hangem'high says

            Frist he broke the immigration rules, he was off the reserve, second he was prowling at night, and third he’s on his way to cheese country!

            I always feel fettered when I get responses with my play on words. It looks like you could use some humanly attention yourself, got any stockers? I’ll try to keep up!

          2. DaveM says

            Almost right……The lion was coaxed of the preserve! The lion was shot with an arrow. The lion was killed with a gun 24 hours later. Then they still killed and beheaded him although there was a tracking collar on him!


          3. chamuiel says

            Are you all for justice for aborted babies also?
            Or you you only worry about dumb animals?

          4. DaveM says

            A human is a human! Babies inside a woman are human! Check the DNA…yes…Babies have human rights and it is the dumb fools of the world who do not understand that life is life!

          5. Marcia Mueller says

            We have 99% of the same genetic material as chimpanzees. Why do some people hate so much that we are related to animals. We’re just another species.

          6. mjhiggs says

            Since you no doubt are a believer in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, look at it this way. It is survival of the fittest. Humans win one, lions lose one. Now you can go to the abortion clinics and keep track of your tally.

          7. DaveM says

            Interesting point! Now allow me to detail some facts. Chimps have 48 Chromosomes….Humans 46. It is a single loci (location on a gene) that has allowed humans to talk! If one looks at all DNA they will notice there are a lot of identical sequences which means all animals are related genetically by DNA. Man however supposedly is at the top. I wonder about this!

          8. QUASAR says

            And what about the little babies butchered in the womb on that day’ don’t they deserve some justice as well .

          9. DaveM says

            YES THEY DO. science HAS CAME A LONG WAY AND IF ONE TAKES A CELL FROM THAT LIFE FORM IN MOTHERS UTERUS (HUMAN) THEY CAN TEST IT AND GUESS WHAT THE LITTLE THING IS? a HUMAN…All abortionists need to be tried for murder and I believe the unborn still have the Constitutional amendments 10 and 114!

          10. QUASAR says

            Let’s hope all them are charged and go to trial .

          11. grinnie says

            And those aborted HUMAN babies were scoped out to find the best kill spot in order to save their organs for more money by PP. If they had little lion faces, would you be on their side? Your priorities are sick. The village cheered for one less lion to fend off from killing more of their family. If the hunter had been from any where else, you would not have heard about it or could have cared less.

          12. QUASAR says

            Yup ‘peoples priorities are all mixed up ‘ putting a lions life over any humans really says everything about the human race today .

          13. peanut butter says

            Glad I’m not in the ‘race’ with them.

          14. peanut butter says

            I don’t agree with baiting animals out to be shot, except maybe if that was the ONLY way you had to put food on the table. But I looked it up. Lions on average, live 14-15 years. Male lions usually only live 10 years with the females living longer, just like humans. Cecil was13 years old. He had lived 3 years past his expiration expectation, and could not have lived but two more years, if he was lucky.
            Human babies are expected to live 50-100 years or longer. All of these babies being murdered are being deprived of MANY more years than Cecil was. And the 40 hours of pain… These babies that are being scraped from wombs CAN FEEL PAIN. Any living organism can feel pain. And if you think that millions of babies being slaughtered can’t top 40 hours of pain then you are one sick girl.

          15. Jonathan Brooks says

            Cecil was killed badly, but he and his will survive, because conservation efforts are underway, and if lions are left be, they are fairly resilient.

            Babies are being cut up for parts, so money mad techs and pplanned Parenthood execs can get nice cars, and get paid…which ticks me off more, because I should have been aborted, but was not.
            My mom was 16, and got with a 25 year olf guy in the mid fifties, and I could have been aborted, but they got married, so I lived.

            She even wished I was never born, when I was in middle school, and I realized how close I had to not being.

            Seeing what was done to these kids , was wrong, since many were days from birth, and removed to get the biggest parts, without feticide, so they felt themselves cut in pieces.

        2. QUASAR says

          The damn lion was 13 ‘most never live past 5 ‘him being on the preserve prolonged his life .

        3. peanut butter says

          Good point. You could still probably find his bones in the bush, though. And they’ll have teeth marks on them where the bush people cleaned the bones with their teeth as they ATE HIM!!

      2. QUASAR says

        Yup ‘slight of hand ‘the liberals are masters at it.

    2. fred says

      Classic “wag the dog” and change the story to something they can counterpunch with!…and they don’t have conflict in Kosovo like Bill Clinton did when he lied about Monica, so they use a hunter in Africa? They are truly out of their freaking minds!!

    3. QUASAR says

      It is estimated that 3000 little babies are murdered a day GOD have mercy.

      1. mjhiggs says

        The day is coming soon when God will have no mercy on those slaughtering babies in the womb. I doubt he will be too incensed at lion hunters.

        1. QUASAR says

          No ‘I think he will be too busy with the baby killers to worry about some damn lion.

  9. MILES E DRAKE says

    The National SOCIALISTS, spiritual precursors in many ways of our current dictatorial and murderous left, also combined mawkish sentimentality about animals with barbarism and brutality toward humans. Hitler loved dogs and Himmler became nauseated when hunting was mentioned in conversation, all the while pursuing bloody war and the Final Solution. The party of babykilling and bolshevism and its bribe-taking Crown Princess are fine with a Holocaust greater than the one engineered by these two and their adherents and appear to support Black Lives Matter and Imam Farrakhan in advocating the killing of white people, while cranking out crocodile tears about the lion. If the German people had stopped their perverted leftists in 1932 history would have been very different; we still have a chance in 2016.

  10. michael says

    Like I said before, better for cecil had NOT been born, but, should’ve been aborted.

    1. hangem'high says

      The Democrats have a lot in common with lions; they only abort the other lion’s offspring!

  11. Robert Trusty says

    as they say Stupid people do what Stupid do

  12. Gerald A. Reason says

    To use this incident to support gun control is ludicrous. Of course, we should have seen this coming when a name was attached to the lion. This gave the story a more emotional appeal and therefore moved the people to feel sorry for the lion. The question of, did the dentist really know he was in a protected zone, or not, is something we may never really know. To make their point, I would not be surprised if this administration were to agree to extradite him, just to strengthen their position on weapons. There are some who would do anything to keep weapons out of the hands of law-abiding, sensible people. They did it in Germany, under Hitler, and look what happened. Records show that Japan did not consider invading the US, proper, because they would face an armed citizenry which would outnumber them considerably. Draw your own conclusions.

    For the anti-gun people to use this in their attempt to disarm America is a stretch but the media, by buying into the psychological “gobbeldy-gook” and naming the lion, in their articles, have made the people, who don’t think for themselves, vulnerable to the illogical arguments of the left.

    1. beegeegirl says

      oh, he KNEW …. otherwise, WHY would they have lured him OUT OF THE PRESERVE to kill him & why use a bow and arrow …. a SILENT WEAPON, so no one would hear the kill shot … AND it is NOT the first time he has poached an animal … he was charged and convicted of killing a black bear in WISCONSIN ….. right next door to his state of Minnesota … so yes, he KNEW …. but it is nice of you to try and cover for him

      1. Gerald A. Reason says

        Your point that he had been arrested in his neighboring state does tend to put questions on his response. As for the Bow being used because it was a silent weapon; not such a sound argument. Many hunt with a bow, even Big Game. It is not because they are silent. It is because they offer a much greater challenge than a rifle and demand more skill. This offers no proof of premeditation. Also, his being in an unfamiliar area, he has to depend on his guides and, from what I have read, they were the ones who took him to the place and they also have a legal obligation to insure that their hunters are complying with the law. If he knew, he should be punished. If he did not, then he should not. Remember, in the US, we are supposed to operate on the assumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.

    2. headonstraight says

      And just where have you found that the Cecil the lion incident is being used to argue for more gun control?

  13. gerald Hughes says

    It is said that God loves the challenged, truly these liberals will sit aGod ‘s right hand.
    Well—- maybe not,
    I don’t think God will be all that pleased with thre babies bodies sales

    1. hangem'high says

      Well I hope those babies are sitting on the right hand of God, when he passes out the liberal’s judgment!

  14. headonstraight says

    The African lion is NOT an endangered species. Various sources have ignorantly described it as such, but there is no law, treaty, or other instrumentality that describes the species as endangered.

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says


    2. beegeegirl says

      no, but the BLACK-MANED LION is, and that is what Cecil was ….. and the chances are that the next lion who takes over HIS pride will KILL all of Cecil’s babies, not caring that they might be BLACK-MANED, also, because that is what happens … he will kill Cecil’s babies, because they are not HIS babies, then he will mate with the females in the pride, to get HIS bloodline into the pride .. and Cecil and his babies will be slaughtered, the way Cecil was …. AN ENDANGERED BLACK-MANED LION !!! so ….. GET your head on straight before you come out with your ignorant statements !!!!!

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        It’s not the first time head in ass has lied. More to come, just read on!!

        1. headonstraight says

          Let’s see that “more to come,” OSAMA, but I would advise you to read my post above to beegeegirl before posting something that might further embarrass you.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Proved my point again! Thanx headfaruphisass.

          2. headonstraight says

            FOOL! The only thing proven is that both you and beegee girl were totally WRONG! I showed both you both the goods, proving that African lions are NOT endangered. Do you dispute that?

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “Service Proposes Endangered Species Act Protection for the African Lion’
            The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed to list the African lion as threatened under the Endangered Species, due to habitat loss, loss of prey and increased human-lion conflicts. In addition to the proposal for federal protection, we also proposed a rule to allow for the importation of sport-hunted lion trophies from countries with established conservation programs and well-managed lion populations. The only lying African we’d like to see extinct is your boy in the White House.

          4. headonstraight says

            So what? That only substantiates what I posted earlier. Let me explain it in terms that, hopefully, even a simpleton like you can understand.

            A “proposed” regulation is simply that–a proposal. It carries with it nothing that conveys any kind of authorization or that grants any form of permission. It is without legal empowerment and will remain so unless and until it becomes formally promulgated as a regulation.

            You and beegee both were in error in your assertions that the African lion is endangered. I have proven that with the official gummint documentation on that subject. End of story. Any continuing dissent on your part will only confirm that you are incapable of understanding a simple proven fact placed right under your nose.

          5. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Ah, headinassThe only person impressed with your spewage is YOU! Ramble on OH narcissistic one, no one cares. In the mean time, lions are going extinct because big, brave twats like yourself feel like men when ya slaughter them.

          6. headonstraight says

            Pitifully weak and laughably non-substantive, OSAMA! Your asininity and ignorance are on display for anyone with half a brain to see. I gave you and others documented FACTS. You and your fellow right wing know-nothings put up nothing but proven erroneous opinions. I never shot a lion and never intend to, and NOTHING I wrote offered any sympathy to trophy hunting of lions or any other animals.

          7. OSAMA OBAMA says


          8. headonstraight says

            Who cares? Ask the ignorant dweebs who made the initial, and demonstrably incorrect, ASSertions that Cecil was endangered. I am just trying to educate the readers of this forum to the TRUTH. Most folks refer the truth over ignorance. Your puerile, silly-ass remarks show where you stand in that equation

          9. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Damn, It just gets better! LMAO!!!!

          10. headonstraight says

            You, OSAM-ASS, are truly pitiful. You cannot put up anything to substantiate your claims, so you resort to insult. In any formal debate setting, you would be laughed to scorn.

          11. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Admit it you tired old sot, you failed at life and now, can only spew imagined crap on the internet. Pathetic…

          12. headonstraight says

            I will let the readers of this forum read my detailed documentation of FACTS and read your puerile insults and decide for themselves just who is pathetic.

          13. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Right! This isn’t the only site that they have to endure your sad, trite, narcissistic attempt at relevancy. Bore us again with your fraud, life accomplishments!! Time for you to re-insert.

      2. headonstraight says

        Cecil is indeed described as a black-maned lion and such specimens are uncommon.. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS)has PROPOSED to list the African lion as a “threatened species,” but they have not yet listed it as such. Here is documentation concerning the PROPOSED listing:

        The only lion listed as endangered by the FWS is the ASIAN LION, as is acknowledged in the link I provided above. From the link:

        “The African lion (Panthera leo leo) is
        currently not listed as either endangered
        or threatened under the Act, although
        the Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica)
        has been listed as endangered since
        1970 under the Act and its precursor,
        the Endangered Species Conservation
        Act of 1969.”

        Cecil, whatever the color of his mane, is an AFRICAN LION and is not threatened or endangered pursuant to any law, treaty, or other instrumentality to which the government of the United States is a party. End of story. My head remains straight and my statement was not ignorant. Yours, however WAS ignorant as is the statement below by OSAMA OBAMA.

    3. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Service Proposes Endangered Species Act Protection for the African Lion. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed to list the African lion as threatened under the Endangered Species, due to habitat loss, loss of prey and increased human-lion conflicts. In addition to the proposal for federal protection, we also proposed a rule to allow for the importation of sport-hunted lion trophies from countries with established conservation programs and well-managed lion populations.

  15. Rock J. Dueck says

    Just another example of how the left always misses the point and twists it to fit their purposes. This whole dialog is ridiculous. I’m as offended as anyone about Cecil but the savage murder of countless unborn children and then selling their organs to top it off is by far the greater outrage. Is everyone aware that some “aborted” babies are still born alive…and allowed to die? Talk about outrage!

  16. robert prir says

    just more liberal immoral bull shit if you ask me they don’t really care about anyone are anything other than power and this get attention off the power hungry and the corruption of this muslim loving freeloading liberal administration

  17. Gregg the voice of reason says

    Democrats are the spinners of information.
    Never let a crisis get by without a democrat spin to it.

  18. Morton212 says

    The senseless killing of Cecil is analogous of a far more important issue – that of the sanctity of life. You would expect conservatives to be bridling with rage at this killing for fun when they expend so much anger at the aborting of an unborn life to be. But they are highly selective at the application of moral values – whether it is adulating the ludicrous sight of a Bristol Palin pregnant with a second illegitimate child while accepting money for preaching abstinence, or losing interest at the mandated delivery of an unwanted child when it is born into a life of poverty. These are all examples of the selective nature of conservative views on the sanctity of life.

    1. hangem'high says

      So are you saying that all lives matter, or just the ones liberals choose?

      1. Morton212 says

        No, I am saying that conservatives are total hypocrites about the sanctity of life.

        1. hangem'high says

          Oh Yes I see what you mean, Oh moral one, or should I just say; OH Great wise Cecil!

  19. dude says

    to the reporter they still won’t care weather you wear a lion suit or get shot lol

  20. SouthernPatriot says

    Democrats see real gold in killing babies, selling parts of their innocent bodies, and getting Lamborghinis. That is real current God-less Democrats!

    1. hangem'high says

      Now they can sell tickets to Cecil’s brother’s viewings.

  21. pappadave says

    Nonsense. Cecil is alive and well. It was Cecil’s BROTHER that was actually shot and killed–according to the Zimbabwe newscasts. Who cares? The lion that was killed kills for a LIVING…and certainly would have killed (and eaten) the hunter if it had the chance.

    1. Morton212 says

      You don’t know what you are talking about. In the reservation – no one is killed unless they deliberately make themselves a prey for the lion. But even then – since the lions and other predators are provided with farmed food – it is highly unlikely that they would deviate from there primary diet.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Ignorance from mort as usual. Go back to your factivist web site mortyboy!

      2. beegeegirl says

        they are on a natural preserve ….. they live their lives as if they are actually in the wild, which they are ….. the preserves are supposed to be NO KILL ZONES, so that is why they had to lure him off the preserve to kill him by blinding him with spotlights ….. you are an idiot for sure !!!!!!!

        1. Morton212 says

          Complete with game keepers, and vets. He was lured off the preserve with a small antelope I understand, not blinding lights at all.

    2. beegeegirl says

      IF IT HAD A CHANCE ….. there is the rub ….. he was lured off of his protected preserve, then they shined spotlights in his eyes, so he NEVER HAD A CHANCE ….. used a bow and arrow, to not give away the fact that they were hunting him ….. and a lion kills to survive, not like ”trophy hunters” who kill just to brag, even if they have to poach the animal to get it !!!

      1. pappadave says

        Wrong. The animal was taken in the daytime…first of all. Secondly, Lions see 30 times better than man in the dark. What was to prevent this lion from spotting the hunter, sneaking around behind him and attacking him from behind? Lions aren’t deer who freeze when spotlighted. If anything, a light would have spooked him away. Finally, IT WASN’T “CECIL.”

  22. Patriot47 says

    Canonizing a dead lion to distract from PP atrocities – whatta concept.

  23. James Maxwell says

    Massive outcry over the killing of a Lion in Africa and not a single word about the murder of millions of
    babies in America and harvested for sale by deviants and followers of Joseph Mangle. What does
    that tell you about the morals of the Socialist Democrat party and it dictator in the Oval office? So
    much for Black live matter or any lives for that matter.

    1. beegeegirl says

      HEY ….. this was a BLACK-MANED LION … he was a very rare lion …. so maybe that is why they are so upset ….. black-maned lions’ lives matter, don’tchaknow !??!?!

      1. James Maxwell says

        I love it, but you know the gonna call you racist now don’tcha? thumbs up all the way

  24. hangem'high says

    How old was this toothless lion any way’s? OK I’ll play; with hands up. “Lioning life’s Matter!’ Now I guess Obama and his administration are protected?

    1. beegeegirl says

      he was in his prime, he was NOT OLD AND TOOTHLESS …. he was a rare BLACK-MANED LION, and so his death is truly a crime, not just because he was lured off the preserve that he lived on, but also because when a new lion comes in and takes over his pride, they will kill all of his offspring, because they won’t want his genes in the gene pool ….. and to use spotlights to blind him until they could shoot him with a bow and arrow in order to hide the kill, but NOT QUITE KILLING HIM …. to have to track him for FORTY HOURS with him in pain, before finally finishing him off and taking his head and leaving the rest of him there to rot …. well THAT is part of the outrage ….. and that dentist had poached in WISCONSIN, my home state ….. poached a black bear and was arrested & convicted and fined for that one …. this one ??? maybe not, but that’s because like the coward he is, he fled the area with his trophy head before they could catch his ass ….. and as for the d c cowards who sit there and declare this law into effect and don’t enforce that law …. their time is pretty much over …. hopefully we will have a new and improved bunch of liars next administration ~!

      1. hangem'high says

        That’s strange; usually they take the whole carcass, must not have been a good specimen?

      2. headonstraight says

        I don’t know what “D.C. cowards” you refer to, but if you are criticizing the Fish & Wildlife Service, be advised that they have no authority to regulate the taking of non-threatened or non-endangered species (as defined in U.S. law) and that the African lion is not listed in either category. As to extradition of this despicable dentist, as much as I deplore his actions, I would not concur in his extradition to a nation as corrupt as Zimbabwe.

  25. MAHB001 says

    The Democrats are hypocrites when they sensationalize a lion, and ignore human body parts.

  26. MAHB001 says

    the ONLY thing the Liberals see in Cecil the lion is an diversion away from the selling of human body parts by Planned Parenthood….

    In a way, that is gold to those scum….

  27. Bob says

    To bad Cecil was shot, Planned Parenthood could have used the dead babies to feed Cecil and his family.

    1. Morton212 says

      I think they prefer eating tired aged conservatives. Think of it as delicious angry meat

      1. Bob says

        They sure as hell would puke if they eat a nasty ass Liberal

        1. Morton212 says

          Liberal meat is tough. The best winger meat is that that receives almost no exercise apart from slithering of a faux leather recliner when nature calls.

  28. Craig Reynolds says

    “And, frankly, enough’s enough. It’s a friggin’ lion.” “it’s a rather frivolous thing to get upset about.”

    Really? Wow!!! What a fracking loser the author is! Just because it’s not a human life it’s “frivolous”? People like the author are what is wrong with society. You know what? I hope a family member of the author gets gunned down in the street. Perhaps then he will appreciate the value of life.

    The real truth is that the extermination of the author’s entire family would be, in his own words, “a rather frivolous thing to get upset about.” After all there are almost 8 Billion humans on the planet so what difference would it make?

    This is neither a democrat or republican issue. It’s a human morals issue and anyone that thinks otherwise should be sterilized. It is also NOT something to be compared to the female amoral misfits that hump everything in sight and then choose abortion as birth control. They should also be sterilized as well as those they humped that were to lazy or stupid to wear a condom.

  29. fred says

    They have nothing, do they even know what party this hunter was voting for? This pales compared to killing people and babies doesn’t it? Boycott the demonRAT party and the MSM, just say NO! Neither can survive the truth!

  30. Pegasus says

    God gave man dominion over the animals… however, the MONSTERS of PLANNED PARENTHOOD are killings babies outside the womb and fetuses inside the womb… then, they sell their body parts. This is like the Auschwitz Concentration Camps where human children were used for all sorts of deadly experiments.

    1. Morton212 says

      Do have fun dwelling in that fantasy imagination ? Do you also tell stories to children about people that eat children who are very bad and wicked – to frighten them ?

      1. Pegasus says

        How is living in the idiot world of STUTOPIA working for you? An atheist for sure!

        1. Morton212 says

          Reality is a great place to live. There will be all of infinity to enjoy my spiritual state. You might find it useful to try and experience reality – it is what you are supposed to be doing as a mortal.

  31. DaveM says

    The is a classic example of how skrewed up our country is thanks to the digested food called obama! Sure it was wrong about the dentists killed a protected beast and now we have videos of organizations selling aborted fetus, free phones, elimination of the middle class and a continual fear of obama trying to become god! It all sucks!

    1. Morton212 says

      Are you really fearful that Obama might become a God ? Just asking.

      1. DaveM says

        Small “g”. Obama thinks he is god! He wants to be dictator and personally, I would be with otyhers to destroy this illusion during a revolution! I fear no man…only my God!

        1. Morton212 says

          Don’t you think that is a rather childish attempt to insult Obama ?

          1. DaveM says

            How is it childish to have freedom of speech? It is guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States. I am not a go along person! I believe in truth and explain to me how I am childish when Obama and his administration have not had “:a crystal clear administration”!

          2. Morton212 says

            The lack of ‘clarity’ of his administration may be simply because he was always a couple of moves ahead of you ? But my reference to your childishness was regarding your silly sneer about his desire to be a god.
            I believe Americans want a strong decisive leader – and that is what you got.

          3. DaveM says

            Leader? If this is true then you might want to end it all since it could cost a fortune for your mental health treatments! Look into the mirror…now answer this question…..

            ARE YOU A TROLL?

          4. Morton212 says

            Well you could find that out right now. Reach up and feel that rock above you – and holler. Do you hear me answer ? No ? Well then you can probably assume I am not a Troll – and will never be a part of your clan. So don’t worry, your troll space will likely remain your own private domain.

          5. DaveM says

            I do not have a troll space….It’s all yours! Why do you comment so many times with a negative attack and challenge people?

            HOW TO ID A TROLL #1
            Trolls often put down other people and try to cause themselves to artificially be mentally superior. They relate a lot of their stories to nature and do not understand the concepts asked and answer with detailed nonsense and avoidance!

            YEP….Morton212 is a Troll….double tap on his name and see if his comments earn up to the Troll ID tip number one!

  32. Morton212 says

    The senseless killing of Cecil is not a liberal versus conservative headline. It is an analogy of human values.

  33. Terry says

    One lion or fifty million killed babes . Now witch one should we be worried about ? If your a babe don’t ask a libtard or your DOA .

    1. Morton212 says

      Witch one do you worry about ?

      1. Terry says

        It’s called sarcasm Morton the babes course . Are you trolling ?

        1. Morton212 says

          Nooo ! Really ?

  34. Ralph H Moran says

    This just shows how criminal the left is with their shouts of righteous indignation on killing an animal with a permit and guides. While they murder the innocent little live babies in the womb at a rate of 130,000 a year then selling the babies organs and body parts to the highest bidder.
    May all democrats, Christians(sic) and non-christians alike be judged by G-d and found guilty of murder and pay the ultimate price of having their bodies aborted over and over for eternity.

    1. Morton212 says

      Do you have a God fantasy ?

      1. Ralph H Moran says

        No I do not, ADONAI ELOHIM is real

  35. Peatro Giorgio says

    Let’s consider this for just a moment. #1 Do liberals put this much vain effort in protecting the UN born. #2 Do liberals put forth this much effort in providing better education for those inner city urban poor blacks. #3 Did liberals put forth this much vain effort in reading the Obama no care Health care bill before the voted for it while exempting themselves from it.#4 Did the liberals put forth much effort in persuading Obama not to agree to the agreement with Iran.#5 Did the liberals put forth this much effort into vetting Obama before making him there nominee. #6. DID THE LIBERALS PUT FORTH THIS MUCH EFFORT IN REVIEWING THE TPR. The obvious answer is Hell No.

    1. Morton212 says

      What is the TPR ?

      1. Peatro Giorgio says

        Trade Promotional Authority. I meant to type TPA . How it came out TPR. Only God knows

        1. Morton212 says

          TPA reflects decades of debate, cooperation, and compromise between Congress and the executive branch in finding a pragmatic accommodation to the exercise of each branch’s respective authorities over trade policy.

          If you are concerned about the TPP – which is its current application, by and large the Republicans are behind the president, and the Democrats rather hesitant.
          The alternatives are rather stark as in the Iran negotiation.
          If the USA is NOT a partner to the TPP – then essentially it is only the government that will be left out of the loop, because all of the US global corporations will be huge players in it – and there would be far less ability for the government to weigh in on the concerns of US workers, and even domestic competition to the members of that organization.
          With Iran it is rather similar. With no treaty the Iranians will almost certainly become a nuclear power in a matter of months; with a treaty- there will be far more opportunity to begin a rational relationship with them.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says

            Ah yes another moron making the claim it’s either this or war. Please stop right where you are. And that is in the realm of single dimensional delusional thinking.

          2. Morton212 says

            Oh Peatro – so you think they are going weep and accept another decade of embargos ? Its far more likely that they will start threatening others with nuclear arms.

          3. Peatro Giorgio says

            O hell yes and better yet. We should have increased the level of embargo’s, Then said to Tiran. Either let the inspectors in now or face forced inspection . That Iran refused . Or simply give the okay to Israel . And let them bomb Iran’s Nuclear program back in to the stone age. Period. Now Talk about The Iranian General who was responsible for over 500 deaths of Us Troops . Flying to meet up with Putin 2 weeks ago He was on the embargo list. Now your going to continue to say we had no other choices. No when you have clown, cowards, traitors freaking morons making deals. And still even bigger moron agreeing with O loser liar and chief.

          4. Morton212 says

            You are like a little boy in a sand pit with his plastic soldiers and tanks.
            We spent about 4 trillion dollars in ‘fixing’ the middle east problems with among others, the advice of stalwart Arab hater Netanyahu and have succeeded only amplifying the problem to a huge powder keg and nearly bankrupting the nation.
            And now you want to take on an army twice as big as any we have encountered since WW2, that is highly trained and equipped – and win ?
            You and you fellow hissers are totally ludicrous.

          5. Peatro Giorgio says

            You’ve certainly proven one thing. You are a single dimensional thinking moron. Iran’s military could be five times larger. However both their Air force and Navy are so miniscule as to be worthless . Please stop with the blissfully blind bull crap . If you had ever served your nation in a military capacity , other then acting as a self serving fool . You would know truly what our military though it has been greatly deminished by the moron lying sack of crap and chief. Is capable of and it is far superior then the Iranians could ever hope to be. Period now take your dipstick self serving self centered idiotic bull shit and go right back to conversing with all your other dead bet, dead from the neck up low life loser clowns.

  36. mjhiggs says

    Amazing how the Left gets so upset over one dead lion in Africa, but ignore Christians being slaughtered or beheaded and millions of babies being aborted. A strange sense of priorities indeed.

    1. Morton212 says

      What makes you think they are being ignored ?

      1. Observant_One says

        Show us your data.

        1. Morton212 says

          You are the one making the outrageous claims. You back them up or shut up.

          1. Observant_One says

            You better get your eyesight checked, 212. I have made NO CLAIMS, but you have suggested that you may have some information. Share it with us. And with regard to back up and shut up, FY.

          2. Morton212 says

            You butted in to this conversation so read the question

          3. headonstraight says

            It is standard practice for the wacko right to evade the task of substantiating the bare naked, undocumented claims they make and then to demand that any dissenter back up his/her challenge with “data” or “proof.” That is a longstanding
            form of wingnut hypocrisy practiced by those who are ignorant of the orthodox principles of argumentation, discussion and debate. It springs from the conviction that something is true simply because they think it is true. Of course, the reason they think it is true is because they know a lot of like-minded wackos who think it is true. Your basic “true believer” believes what he/she believes mostly because he/she WANTS to believe it and that desire trumps any incentive to research the matter and discover the truth. You probably already know this, but perhaps some
            right-wing goofball will read this and muster the integrity to do some introspection on the matter. There is at least one chance in 8 trillion that this will happen.

          4. 752858189 says

            I believe people change on some things as they learn and mature. I think it happens to a degree with all of us if we are sincere. But we must be careful to not overstate ourselves amidst our enthusiasm. One in 8 trillion–so you take time to speak to your verbal adversaries with little hope of changing someone. If you yourself are sincere then it is likely you will have influence.

  37. peanut butter says

    As long as the dems run this country, new stories will be ginned and spun to keep the focus off of obie while he further destroys our Nation.

  38. pysco says

    Only The liberal, Democrats would see gold behind the killing of one lion, but stands behind the killing of 16,000,000 babies………. Talk about warped minds, twisted logic, and no morals…

  39. Observant_One says

    Most liberals would also see Gold in a stool sample. Liberalism, a grossly pathetic mind set that never passes inspection by normal people.

  40. peanut butter says

    As long as dems have control of the country, new false flags will be ginned up to hide the activities of obie while he further destroys our country behind our backs.

  41. ALLAN says


  42. Jonathan Brooks says

    There is an old southern word for this Trifling. Democrats strain at political gnats, and swallow Lions.

    Has it occured to anyone that israel and Iran are about to pull the world into a nuke war?

    Has it occured to anyone that Planned Parenthood has turned late term abortion into a Holocaust of pain capable babies in order to turn a profit in baby parts?

    Has it occured to anyone that ISIS has slave markets, child brides, genocide of Christians in endless numbers?

    We are going to ignore these and other issues, and mourn a lion, who can be replaced in weeks by another in his pride, after the other males finish their dominance fights.

    Lions die. It is natural. It is Africa.

  43. snowyriver says

    Who would worry about Cecil the lion? Why yes those that would not worry about their presidential candidate being even a citizen of these United States.

    1. headonstraight says

      Those who do worry about the President’s citizenship are too deluded to entertain any significant concerns about anything of importance. They don’t count for anything in sensible political discourse. They are to be first laughed at and then pitied for the addled wretches that they truly are.

      1. snowyriver says

        A quote from one of our founding fathers. “those that turn their guns into plows will plow for those that don’t”

        1. headonstraight says

          Which has absolutely NOTHING to do with what I posted. Are you senile or what?

      2. 752858189 says

        Even our President claims that citizenship is important, and he claims he has it. So then you are saying that Obama is too deluded to entertain any significant concerns about anything of importance. Obama would never claim that being a citizen is not important. Would you then claim that it is of no importance if we have a president who is a communist (I speak not of Obama) and hates freedom of expression and freedom of worship? Is your answer going to be a refusal of response based on “it may reveal something to our enemies?”

  44. Bob Stewart says

    It’s no surprise that democrats would favor saving lions over saving human babies.

    1. headonstraight says

      And what is your basis for that absurd claim? Where did any Democrat or any other person you know “favor saving lions over saving human babies?” To take a stand in favor of protecting an animal is NOT any kind of proof that the person taking such a stand considers saving the animal to be more important than saving a human life. You foolish nutjobs just make this stuff up, based on irrational ASSumptions.

  45. 32eagle says

    cecil the lion aint going to help no stinkin craps-they must be using some powerful drugs

  46. Alpha says

    It has been an ongoing saga with this President, his administration and the Democrats to find something, anything, to overlook the corruption, lies and problems they have created in the United States in these years of power. One takes note of the hurricane Sandy right at the time of the second election and thus no one thinks to challenge the fact that there was illegal votes by the hundreds of thousands going in for the second time for this 44th Democratic president! A film concerning Muhammad kept on being repeated as the cause of the Benghazi massacre when in fact, it was the fault of this president and Hillary plus others but mainly this alleged commander in chief. Now the Democrats have done an enormous amount of damage for this country and in others (in fact for this generation and those to come as well!) and they will use ANYTHING at all and ANYONE at all, to cover-up their “cover-ups!” Yes, it’s a shame about Cecil but it is also a shame about the increase in poverty levels in this country, the increase in deaths caused by racial unrest, saturation of illegal immigrants, inter city fighting against Christians by Muslims and also the deaths of innocent police and military people and all this man has to say is that one of the Black victims “could’ve been his son!” He never even mentioned anything when a pregnant policewoman was murdered in her car by thugs; oh no, this must not be brought to light! And neither the deaths of the military people by what this man called “A Lone Wolf” who screamed out “Allahu Akbar” as he mowed down 4 Marines and a Naval Officer! Don’t you dare mention the words , any words, pertaining to Muslim terrorism (which, in his contorted mind, doesn’t exist!). No, this dentist albeit doing the wrong thing, has been castrated enough though but through the Democrats and their side-winding of multiple mistakes, have to keep the pressure on. They are wrong as they have been wrong most of this administration. To them we say, “Quit the Sh_t!” It only shows how guilty you and your party members are!

  47. David Alexander says

    Not David, but Brenda (his better half), don’t know WHY I can’t post under my own name but….I love animals and believe they should be treated humanely and if endangered, protected but that’s not my point. I doubt any of us are happy or not a little bit upset over this but it happens. I bet if lions lived here we’d have a very different opinion on their rights. Trust me, I thought the same thing about crocks and gators til I moved to Florida. So what I want to know is where are all the bleeding heart liberals screaming at the inhumanity of the murdering of 55,000,000 children in this country every year, month, day it’s just appalling. Cry over that if you want something REAL to get upset about.

    1. headonstraight says

      David, PUL-EEZE! The very real issue of aborted human beings is truly important, but it does not disqualify anyone from being concerned about the environment or the multitudes of God’s creatures that occupy it. Should no one say anything about abuse of animals simply because there are a lot of abortions performed in this country or elsewhere? Should we remain mute when, for example, an oil spill kills millions of fish and sea birds, because there are too many abortions?
      Think about it.

  48. runnindeer says

    Sport hunting for trophy and not food is not my cup of tea anyway. What this guy did is disgusting and it makes all hunters look bad to people that don’t know better or that hate hunting in the first place. The story has run its course though and its time to stop and move on.

  49. KatRob says

    It’s tragic this animal was killed but I wish the animal rights fanatics had the same passion for aborted babies.

  50. bobangelo says

    Silly Lib-tards

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