Democrats: We Won’t Help GOP Replace Obamacare


In Wednesday’s edition of his Washington Post column, The Plum Line, Greg Sargent related an interview with Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer in which Schumer said his caucus would rather let American health care burn to the ground than work with Republicans on an Obamacare replacement.

“We’re not going to do a replacement,” Schumer told Sargent. “If they repeal without a replacement, they will own it. Democrats will not then step up to the plate and come up with a half-baked solution that we will partially own. It’s all theirs.”

The full details of the GOP’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act have not been released, but the winds are currently blowing toward a repeal-first, replace-later strategy. Several leading Republicans have endorsed the strategy, which would see Obamacare officially repealed in early 2017, followed by a phaseout period that could last up to three years. With this approach, Republicans hope to force Democrats to the negotiating table with a hard deadline.

If there’s a flaw in this strategy, it’s that many economists warn that repeal legislation alone could be enough to send insurance companies running for the hills. If the major insurers pull out of the market ahead of 2020, it would mean the effective end of Obamacare and the end of insurance coverage for millions of Americans. If that happens, Schumer says, the Republicans will have to deal with the consequences themselves.

“They broke it, they own it,” Schumer said. “All the problems in the health care system that they blamed on Obamacare will now be in their laps. We’re going to make sure that we say things would have been a lot better, had they been thoughtful and careful and worked with us to fix Obamacare.”

President-elect Donald Trump, perhaps sensing the potential for disaster, has said he favors repealing and replacing Obamacare in one bill. That would give Democrats much more leverage at the outset, but it would also spread the weight of the replacement legislation across both parties. If everything works out, the GOP will still get to claim victory. If the new healthcare bill goes south, they can blame Democrats for whatever parts of it they forced the GOP to keep.

Why do the Republicans, who control both houses of Congress, even need the Democrats to get on board? The theory is that some conservatives will refuse to vote for any healthcare law that continues to subsidize the insurance market with taxpayer dollars, thus forcing Mitch McConnell to grab Democrat votes to make up the difference.

The GOP leadership needs to be very, very smart in how they go about this. The potential pitfalls are everywhere, and the Democrats are as bloodthirsty as they’ve been in a long time. Republicans need to put on their salesmen hats and make sure they have the public behind them, which is something they’ve been really terrible at recently.

Thankfully, they will have an ally in the White House who happens to specialize in that very skill.

  1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

    We will repeal it and replace it whether these Liberal Democrackhead racist thugs like it or not !!!!!!! Sit down Liberalks and watch!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jgfsmf says

    GOOD. After what they did with it in the first place, the GOP definitely does not want their help. But I’ll put money on it that when the GOP does a great job on it, these jerks will try to take credit.

    1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says

      Don’t hold your breath. The Republicans have voted for repeal more than 50 times and still don’t have a plan for what to do after repeal. Six years to think up a replacement and still no plan.

      Do you really think they will come up with a plan now? Naive.

      1. rivahmitch says

        Repeal is adequate. I didn’t notice that the Democommies gave a damn for those who lost insurance with which they were perfectly happy and, unlike Commiecare recipients, for which they were paying.

        1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says

          Ah, so that’s the plan. Just repeal it. It’s so simple. I wonder why the Republican party hasn’t thought of it. Here they are, for 6 years, struggling to think of a replacement (Remember “repeal and replace”?) and you had the solution all along.


          1. TrueAmerican says

            the NIGGER in the white house wouldn’t sign the Repeal, that’s why I’m still confused WHY the Govt has to provide Forced Health care insurance to ANYONE in the first place. Medicare was already out there and was being used by the ones that didn’t have employer paid health care, oops I guess one would have to have a JOB to have Employer covered Health care.

          2. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says

            Hey all you Trump voters. Is this what makes you proud.?

          3. TrueAmerican says

            It makes me proud you stupid lowlife monkey afterbirth liberal fuck. You have a problem with it?????? fuck you,
            With a name like Rodger “MALCOLM” Mitchell you must be part Sand Nigger and you seem to love Obammy and his Douche bag lover Michael. so your opinion doesn’t mean shit to anyone but you. you are pathetic

          4. Junius Graham says

            The solution may have been there but the Money and incentive was not. always look for the money and reward. Politicians work on Ego, Money and control!

      2. Barbara says

        Obamacare was a way for the democrats to STEAL your money… insurance costs are too high but people are FORCED to take it or they are charged a penalty tax .. and some have been changed this penalty tax even having insurance.. because it’s not what the government wants you to have… the democrats care nothing about destroy people’s lives…

        1. FAITH47 says

          RIGHT ON!!!!

        2. Motorhead says

          100% CORRECT! 82nd Airborne

        3. Progressive Republican says

          If you discount the fact that the GOP gave us the PPACA, then sure.

        4. TrueAmerican says


      3. brooksandstreams . says

        Who gives a rat’s ass. The Demorats passed this boondoggle without even reading it, so let us winners go ahead and muck it up good and then start over. Meanwhile folks get a grip and do some old fashion home remedy self medication and quit your bitch’in.

        1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says

          Shall we begin by treating your cancer with your old fashion (sic) home remedy self medication?

          Or perhaps, you might wish to treat your heart disease with your old fashion (sic) home remedy self medication.

          Yes, there is nothing like that old fashion (sic) home remedy self medication — for everyone else — like maybe your family. There’s a thought: Treat your seriously ill children with with your old fashion (sic) home remedy self medication.

          Truly brilliant!

          1. Never_a_Snowflake says

            You don’t seem to be curing cancer with the present plan but things like autism, measles, (SIMS)AIDS, other STDs and even the annual flu seem to be avoiding the miraculous 0webomb euthanasia/genocide cures.

          2. Never_a_Snowflake says

            have you any idea what (sic) means ? ? ? ?

      4. Robert Early says

        I expect a special commission to be formed to see what parts can be retained, and what must be changed and how. You know; like the parts nobody got to read before it was passed. Major change is coming; but it might take one to three years.

        1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says

          Gotta love it. You have no idea what the plan is, but you’re confident that somehow a “special commission” will fix things.

          No wonder Trump was elected. You bought him; you own him.

          A year from now you’ll tell your friends you never voted for him.

          1. Behind every blade of glass! says

            A year from now, we will how he takes care of things that your Oboma couldn’t and will be working to make sure he’s in for another 4 years, birdbrain!!

          2. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says

            Pray for America

          3. Patty Parfait says

            That’s part of many people’s daily devotion.

          4. Behind every blade of glass! says

            I am because, we’ve got some real evil people “licking their wounds” and I believe, would try anything if they got the chance too!

          5. Patty Parfait says

            Gotta love it. You have no idea what the plan is, but you’re confident that President-elect Trump and his team can’t fix things.

            No wonder Trump was elected. Those of us with basic common sense did not drink the media Koolaid filled with fake news.

            A year from now you should send then President Trump an apology and you’ll be telling your friends you voted for him.

          6. Robert Early says

            So, Rodger. What are your “positive” ideas for fixing our problems? I’ve read all your posts; and see nothing but repeated negative BS. It’s perfectly clear who and what you are. Now, as challenging as it may be, try to contribute something positive.

          7. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says

            O.K., here is the plan. It’s called the Ten Steps to Prosperity. The article can be found at:

            Feel free to comment on the specifics:

          8. TrueAmerican says

            RMM you are an idiot. NO PLAN at all is better than the shit that people are FORCED to have now.

      5. Motorhead says

        We really don’t want one! We want good jobs. Good Jobs…. will allow you to have health insurance. 82nd Airborne

      6. Behind every blade of glass! says

        Problem is … Oboma turns everything he touches into a pile-of-chit!!

      7. Progressive Republican says

        Especially since it was the GOP’s idea to begin with.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          a bad idea.

          1. Progressive Republican says

            Of course. That’s why the GOP refused to even discuss the matter so long as any other ideas were.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            When Romney was Governor the democrats pressed him for healthcare. It was a bad idea. The ACA is even a bigger disaster. The Architect of the bill was Jonathan Gruber who said that in order to pass the bill, we will need the help of the low information voter to pass it, because if they really knew what it was all about, it would be rejected. Not one republican voted for that disaster.

          3. Progressive Republican says

            Yeah, I’ve heard that b.s. before.

            I think that Stuart Butler might object to some putz getting credit for his idea.

          4. mac12sam12 says

            It wasn’t Romney’s idea. You think the ACA is a good thing? Gruber calls you low information, I just call you a party hack.

          5. Progressive Republican says

            Show me where I might’ve even implied that it was Rmoney’s idea.

            And had you actually been paying attention, instead of doing the conservative’s usual crappy version, you’d’ve notice that I agreed with you earlier.

      8. jgfsmf says

        They will. I have faith.

      9. Robert Early says

        Whine, whine, whine. There is a plan. In fact, right now there are too many plans. What comes next is consolidation. Good grief, friend. Trump is not even in office yet; and won’t be for several more weeks. So, put aside your crying towel for awhile. Obama haa screwed up this country so bad that it’s going to take some time to fix it. Obamacare is broken; and there are only two options: Throw it out, or try to fix it. I picture an old car on it’s last mile. We either put it in the repair shop for an extended stay, or haul it to the junk yard. I only suspect that we won’t keep the monster we have.

      10. mac12sam12 says

        Its because it was vetoed by Obama. There’s a lot of ways to bring down healthcare costs.

      11. TrueAmerican says

        the Best plan is the FREE MARKET just as it was before the Bammy don’t care program. the ones that have it can’t afford it or to use it, so they are on Medicade anyway.

      12. Gerry Costa says

        YES– We now have a real leader who prefers actions to empty words.

        1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says

          Funny how the right-wing doesn’t blame the right wing Congress for anything. I guess maybe it’s because the right-wing Congress didn’t do anything.

          By the way, your “real leader” is keeping his “day job” with The Apprentice. I guess he needs the money.

          You bought him; you own him. Good luck.

          1. Gerry Costa says

            I’ll take him and I’ll back him and within a year so will all you demoTRASH. I agree with you there was and is a definite problem in our Congress — I believe it is commonly known as corruption — which I believe Trump will at least put a dent in. The days of these clowns collecting a pay check for doing nothing is about to end and schumer will be one of the biggest whiners and criers. You will be applauding Trump’s accomplishments in less than a year.

  3. Justin Seine says

    Sorry Chuck but you’ll have to vote to replace it so you can find out what is in it. And, by the way, if it is so effin good then why aren’t you on it???

  4. depaz says

    Well, they passed it without the Republicans “help”, I’m sure the Republicans can return the “favor”. . . .

    1. supergun says

      GREAT comment,,,but schumer would not understand what you are talking about. He is incapable of it.

      1. chefbob says

        True,because He is the Bastard step-child of a Baboon (Sorry Baboon, did not mean to hurt your feelings)

        1. supergun says

          How did you hurt my feelings?

          1. chefbob says

            that was so good thanks

          2. supergun says

            You forgot the comma.

          3. FAITH47 says

            What’s the big deal about that coma.

          4. supergun says

            Not a damn thing. Just my Southern Dry Sense of Humor. Sorry it rung your bell.

          5. mac12sam12 says

            , , There’s two comma’s. :o)

          6. supergun says

            U GOOD SPORT

          7. Evagweldon says

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        2. Motorhead says

          You are talking about President Obola(the Kenyan) and his pet cow Mooochelle right? 82nd Airborne

          1. TrueAmerican says

            now be nice to cows, at lease they have a purpose in life

      2. jimmy9522 says

        Schumer wants to take Reids place as leading dumbass in Congress.

        1. supergun says

          Damn,,,right when we get rid of one ass hole, another one pops up.

          1. Behind every blade of glass! says

            Seems to follow Reid around..

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            It’s like one is dragging a turd around behind him! ?????

          3. Karendjenkins says

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          4. Leemjohnson says

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          5. Dick says

            He’s trying to kiss his ass. Slow down Harry. I hope you have on clean underwear?

          6. Katie Jones says

            He was second in command of the Democrats which is now why he will be the minority leader when they take their vote!

          7. HadEnough says

            supergun, You are So Right.

          8. supergun says

            Thank you. It seems like a lot of Americans have “HAD ENOUGH”.

          9. HadEnough says

            Absolutely !!!!

          10. ABO says

            Far more than enough!

          11. supergun says

            4 STAR MARINE GENERAL James “Mad Dog” Mattis: “I come in peace. I didn’t bring the artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all”. Very appropriate for those who are trouble makers in America. This General will be the next Sec. of Defense.

          12. The Redhawk says


          13. supergun says

            America’s 2

          14. The Redhawk says

            YES!! Generals like Flynn, Mattis, Kelly….NO more Wimps from academia or legal morons like Susan Rice, Jeh Johnson, Koskinen and OBOVOMITS ….

          15. supergun says

            including that iranian varent.

          16. The Redhawk says

            Aka the Manchurian , oopps I mean Iranian Candidate…you refer to???

          17. supergun says

            valerie,,,,the iranian woman that whispers in his ear. Her family has very strong and long roots in iran.

          18. The Redhawk says

            The Puppet Master of Obama…who just might be a Plant by IRAN….just look at al he has GIVEN THEM and Received nothing but LAUGHS from THEM with Shatlery and Jon Freak Kerry as his Clowns

          19. supergun says

            he is one of them

          20. The Redhawk says

            Of Course iT is…

          21. FAITH47 says


          22. supergun says


          23. Karendjenkins says

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          24. The Redhawk says

            BULLS EYE!!!

          25. aschark says

            And with the POTUS backing!

          26. The Redhawk says

            NOW we ARE Talking…..and them MUZZIES foreign and Domestic and South of the birder and North of the border …….better get READY……

          27. supergun says

            I still like the 44

          28. The Redhawk says

            Hell for those Bastids I’d go MOAB

          29. supergun says

            The MOAB 44 Magnum.

          30. The Redhawk says

            Wow…..That is a PLAN….that would drive UP CHUCK SCHUMER, PELOSI and the REST of the POT party ( P arty O f T urds) to have Premature Ulcers and gastric Explosions!

          31. supergun says

            That plan caused MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Americans and some liberals to purchase unheard of amounts of ammo and guns. It earned obama the title of Gun Salesman of the Year eight straight years. It caused gun prices to go sky high one year. It was bad what obama and the liberals were tying to do,,,,,,but it cause a sleeping giant to wake up and boy did they wake up.

          32. The Redhawk says

            NEVER FORGET that HOLDER HELD THAT TITLE UNTIL OBAMA BECAME JEALOUS …. Those two Morons really did Wonders for Gun Makers STOCKS

          33. supergun says

            Read the book, “FAST AND FURIOUS”. These two men were responsible for an ATROCITY on AMERICA.

          34. The Redhawk says

            That was Holder the AS SHOLE being appointed AG by the BIGGER AS SHOLE the Incopmpetent Bath room BJ expert from SO CHI

          35. supergun says

            Nothing to disagree with here. it has been a tough 8 lawless years.

          36. The Redhawk says

            Well let us see if the next 8 bring the FUBAR Party to its final END. I am punching out for a few days….Hold the Fort , be vigil and Merry Christmas!!!

          37. supergun says

            Watch out for the walking dead. Come back anytime.

          38. aschark says

            Not for nothing, but there are more Border Patrol personnel in El Paso than there are in the ENTIRE length of the Canadian/America border. And to make it worse, Justin Trudeau is a white Obama, and allows 10,000 “refugees” into Canada in a month! You read that in our MSM, didn’t you?

          39. The Redhawk says

            well If you are Canadian.. get that Idiot out of office.. as for me I just want to return to be a SOVEREIGN country with Secure Borders….WE NEED lots of Security on the Southern Border for the Obvious Reasons…BTW how many Canadians Border Guards are there on the Northern Border????? and OUR about to DEPART the Black Obama iDiot , he is taking in Thousands we do not know who plus many that the SMART Australians Do not want….I feel INVADED!!!

          40. Lorenzo Rodriguez says

            Mathis also said, “I never went into combat without Muslim troops in my forces”.
            He is not only a good General but he has a realistic view of the world.

          41. The Redhawk says

            YES!! and that WINNING philosophy went right OVER THE PIN HEAD of the COWARD CIC …NO wonder he QUIT!!!

          42. Lorenzo Rodriguez says

            One persons trouble maker is another person’s Hero.
            “Troublemaker” was once used to describe Mattis – all about where you are standing rather than what the other person is doing.

          43. supergun says

            We are called the Deplorables,,,,the Troublemakers,,,,,the Rebels,,,,The Right,,,,,The ones who stand up to the bullies, punks, and cowards and those who have no Love for America. You are right. We are the HEROs of AMERICA.

            A quote from this AMERICAN HERO TROUBLEMAKER: “I come in peace. I didn’t bring the artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all”. ~4 STAR GENERAL JAMES “Mad Dog” MATTIS to the taliban in the middle east.

          44. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            Trouble makers are the heart beat of America. True Americans have been trouble makers from the very beginning.
            Go Mad Dog Mattis!

          45. Lorenzo Rodriguez says

            If that’s all you know about him, you are off track.

          46. supergun says

            You wish. In fact you wish that he is not going to be Secretary of Defense. Bet you did not know that tanks have tracks. Sometimes they go off track too. Bet you did not know that one lonsie.

          47. Lorenzo Rodriguez says

            As a matter of fact, I do know that.
            However, while I was working on his staff at Joint Forces Command, I do not recall ever discussing that with the General.
            I can only assume from your remarks that you are a POG – my sympathies.

          48. supergun says

            If you are trying to impress me,,,,you missed the mark,,,,I mean the tracks.

          49. The Redhawk says


          50. pmbalele says

            There morons like you who Trump will overturn and void everything President Obama has done! You are a racist. Your bible lied to you that Blacks should be your slaves. Trump has promised to expand Obamacare to enable his ex-wives get free medical services. He will also increase the military in Iraq. That is why Trump is already making enemies with people like you and Bimbo from Alaska Sarah Palin. Palin yelled at Trump for promising to bail out failing businesses. You deceived yourself thinking Trump would change anything. Too late.

          51. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

            Let me say this you’er a (P.O.S. )

          52. got my licence says

            There you go again, if you do not get your way or someone has a difference of opinion you pull the race card. Trump will dismantle the Obama BS with or without the help of the democrats. All he needs is a pen, right? Just like Obama and his executive orders. To paraphrase Obama, We won, you lost, get over it.

          53. HadEnough says

            got my licence – I could Not have said it better. I was called a ‘racist’, but I believe that ‘pmbalele’ is the One Who Is A Black Liberal Racist. Liberals see ‘racism’ where it (doesn’t exist) – (fabricate) it when they can’t (find) it – And (ignore) it within their (own ranks) – This is the best description on (false racism.) – When they Can’t win an argument – they just (throw out the race card.) I wish a law would be passed that if you’re going to (label) someone as Racist, you have to present rock solid (proof) or be (fined or jailed) – If such a law were passed, there would be (many Liberals) in (jail) – Thanks

          54. FAITH47 says


          55. Real Deal says

            Blah, blah, blah,… do you and your family have health insurance?? Do you make over 100k a year? Do you own a business? Trump isn’t going to overturn anything and he’s not for the average working American person, with that being said he’s already against given working Americans an increase in pay with the federal wages due to it hurting to bosses/owners rather than helping the hard working women and men that put him in office for some reason! This race was totally out of hatered and not the best person for the job! Trump is a complete waist of time and he’s not compatible to hold such a title and time will show and tell, juat sit back and watch.. got popcorn and drink watching this movie he’s about to start in comes January!! Lol..

          56. Real Deal says


          57. got my licence says

            Typical troll. You give me grief about my statement about Trump undoing what Obama has done but give Jacqueline Owens a thumbs up and agree with her when she said the same thing. And I quote ” It can”t happen soon enough”. GO POUND SAND YOU POS.

          58. Real Deal says

            It was an error, I didn’t mean to say that I agreed with her, but didn’t realize it until it was sent.. oh well, the fact of the matter is this, I careless about him trying to replace Obamacare as long as he can make it better, it’s America, but don’t repeal or replace something if it’s not broken because I can bet you this, you have balck, whites, jews, and all other American citizens on Obamacare and the fact that you want to change something to be a dick or some type of political b.s. isn’t what the American people need. I work in the government section and often go out to homes and visit local communities and until you’ve seen little black and white children with health conditions that relay upon insurance that Trump and his team are threating to take away is absolutely ludicrous!!!! Forget the parties and think about the American people. Can you do that?? If not, please do me a favor and kill yourself!!!

          59. Real Deal says

            Blah, blah, …

          60. George Durdin says

            Relax everyone…..this is just another mindless troll that makes the rounds trying to stir up crap. Ignor pmbalele…….it has nothing of value to say.

          61. HadEnough says

            George Durdin – You are so right. You Described pmpalele ‘perfectly’. IT is just another ‘mindless’ Troll making the rounds to stir up trouble. I have seen this mindless turd on here many times, ‘attacking’ many people, where IT ‘doesn’t have any business being. Thanks Again.

          62. Ted Duke says

            You do know, don’t you?, that when you scream “racist” over any issue, especially issues that have no relationship to race, you broadcast your ignorance. Do you really think that a billionaire needs free medical care for his family? Do you think that calling someone you don’t like “morons” and “Bimbo” persuades others to consider your fanciful opinions? My guess: You do think so, and you are incorrect.

          63. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Ru on drugs again” Stop smokin that Liberal Democrack you liberal racist idiot!! Get lost! Sarah Plain is awesome u moron!!!! Another crying liberal HAHAHHAHaHAHAHAH

          64. The Redhawk says

            Drugs, Cow manure, Obamaturds.. they Smoke any thing from the FUBAR Party

          65. supergun says

            he is just another pcp user—-pm is.

          66. mac12sam12 says

            I don’t think you have both paddles in the water.

          67. The Redhawk says

            he does not even have a canoe to paddle

          68. tCotUS says

            That’s funny..His mother said the same thing…

          69. HadEnough says

            You Are the One who is a Stupid, Deranged, Black RACIST. Stay Out of My Business. Don’t Reply I WON”T READ IT.

          70. pmbalele says

            What a grouchy you are! Things will be fine. But you have to work even after Trump is sworn in. You thought you would get freebees. Too late now. You will now meet Blacks in clinics and hospitals. Trump will expand Obamacare to insure everybody regardless of race or gender. This will be like Canada or Sweden health system. Please read my posting. I am a gentleman although Black.

          71. Patty Parfait says

            Trump is going to expand Obamacare? I’d like to see your source for that astonishing news since all he’s been talking about is repealing and replacing it and giving insurance companies the go-ahead to sell across state lines. You really think President-elect Trump is promoting socialism like Sweden or Canada? I would really love to see a link to your source on this.

          72. pmbalele says

            Poor young lady – you did not know Trump was going to nationalize health care to cover everybody including his ex-wives. Funding for Universal health care will come from check-out at the counter sales. This will be! % increase on your sales receipt. That is why I like Trump now. He is dancing my tune. If you’re rich and buy a $100,000 boat you will pay an extra $1,000 as sales tax to fund the universal health care or Obamacare expanded. His ex-wives will not pay nothing. Trump is a good boy now.

          73. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            President Odumbo the Racist, hater & divider of America is a cancerous disease… everyone knows his cornbread is sweet,! “Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That” ?? Obama is a low life and is hater!. You lost the election we won whatcha going to do Protest, Cry and leave the Country you liberal idiots!!!!

          74. pmbalele says

            You’re right we Demos lost. What did you gain-free entitlements. Anyway you will have to work for your living. May be you had a rich relative to give you money. Trump won’t give anything.

          75. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            You Liberal fool….you are on entitlements, welfare, free social services, section 8, don’t work smokin your joints…I know it hurts but Real America rejected Liberalism, Obama and Crooked evil lying Hillary!!! You didn’t see it coming u know why you are blinded by ignorance and believe the Liberal FAKE NEWS CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NY TIMES, HUFF POSTS WE CRUSHED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          76. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Not only do you lack self awareness, you have a major problem with ‘group awareness’ as well. Keep swallowing that lib narrative and you’ll starve to death, it has no nutritional value whatsoever.

          77. Patty Parfait says

            You’re nuts!

          78. Patty Parfait says

            I’d like to see a source or two on President-elect Trump nationalizing healthcare please. Your post is the firstvtime I’ve read anything about it

          79. pmbalele says

            You better start brushing your teeth. Otherwise you will lose them all as what happened to John McCain and Dr. Carson. They did not brush their teeth; that is why they do not have natural teeth. But now you will be covered because Trump is going to nationalize the health care.

          80. mrpoohead says

            US health system ranked 37th in world – well below Sweden and Canada. Obamacare was initiated under Clinton, two party working bee under Bush and merely passed under Obama. Either way it was coming, the only difference being the Republicans would dot the i’s and cross the t’s in different places. It’s here!

          81. Patty Parfait says

            So no repeal? No replacement? I respectfully disagree … there is nothing showing President-elect Trump expanding the Affordable Care Act.

          82. mrpoohead says

            Am quite sure there’ll be more dotting of i’s and crossing of t’s – merely a change of focus. Not repealed, twisted around probably, and most certainly not by the President who does not have the authority – duh!

          83. Real Deal says

            Me too!!

          84. Motorhead says

            President Obola is a cancerous disease… everyone knows his cornbread is sweet,! “Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That” (Seinfeld). It is widely know ole Hellery gate also swings both ways also. It won’t be long before you sickos will be marrying your dogs. That most likely is probably already happening. Poor dogs. You guys are so far left..your government cheese has slipped off your cracker!,God bless America and the 82nd Airborne

          85. Real Deal says

            Bone head comment!

          86. Motorhead says

            You Mother took s dump when she had you! She didn’t even bother to wipe! I’m sorry if I spoke the truth about your sorry ass Kenyan President. I am so very happy his sorry arse is gone…and I am laughing so hard …tears of laughter are gushing out..haha ha… it’s been so wonderful that you worthless deranged leftists are truly BUTTHURT….haha you better get used to it. Oh…I forgot you are already used to it and already enjoy it. Anyway put some BUTTHURT Suave on your butt and have you husband tape a kotex on your rump..that will make you feel better Snowflake. MAGA! God Bless America and the 82nd Airborne

          87. Real Deal says

            Now you’re a real dumb ass… damn the 82nd Airborne and it’s entirety especially, if they were anything like you. And we wonder why America is messed up!! People like your dumb ass who couldn’t go to college, barley passed the ASVAB, had to go to the military to feel important, but in the end still found out that you weren’t relevant!! Do something with your life and if you don’t like what I said fake soldier, we can exchange #’s and knuckle up like men.. don’t need a gun, just balls and all that mouth you seem to have. I’ll put my fist down your fucking throat!!! BITCH!!

          88. Real Deal says

            Had the nerve to use God’s name!! Pathetic!!!!

          89. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            How is it you’re able to “knuckle up” with such a limp wrist?

          90. Real Deal says

            Don’t have time to entertain stupidity lil boy, this shit is real, no time for jokes are any foolishness!!!!

          91. Real Deal says

            If you want toget real, the same goes for you! To easy!!

          92. Real Deal says

            Phone # place and time???

          93. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Do you “talk” to yourself often? I can see why then you seem starved for intelligent discourse.

          94. The Redhawk says

            Easy now ” intelligent” and this Idiot may just be an OXYMORON….he went to Stupid School and graduated with HONORS

          95. Real Deal says

            Another dumb ass.

          96. The Redhawk says

            yES you certainly go out of your way to prove that you ARE a BIG ONE

          97. Real Deal says

            Dumb ass.

          98. The Redhawk says

            Fits you to a TEE now keep looking in a mirror and Repeat 10 times…..

          99. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Seems you had time to reply with mindless drivel, and entertain with stupidity.
            We’re well aware of the reality, here’s hoping it gets awfully real to those on the left, much as it has been for the RIGHT these past 8 years.

          100. The Redhawk says

            he qualifies for ” OVER COKED LINGUINI SPINE” Lots of Bravado and when Faced becomes a100 yds Sprint Champion running away

          101. The Redhawk says

            well Speaking of BUTTHURT CREAM this Moron Spreads it on TOAST…..the result of having been DROPPED on his head at BIRTH

          102. The Redhawk says

            That IS Exactly what you posted bONE HEAD

          103. The Redhawk says

            and all my Bros in the USMC…MERRY CHRISTMAS

          104. Motorhead says

            Hey Redhawk. Merry Christmas to all my “ALL Faithful” Bothers. May God Bless and Protect the Corps. God Bless America The Marine Corps and the 82nd Airborne….OORAH !

          105. The Redhawk says

            Back at you ….Amen and OOORAH

          106. Jacqueline Jackyeo Owens says

            Idiot! You obviously have never read the Bible, because you would know those slaves in the Bible are not blacks, like I am. They were white; Medes, Persian, Italian, Arabs, Jews, and anyone in the Roman economy. Get your facts right. As for POTUS Trump overturning everything Obama has done, it can’t happen soon enough. Idiot! Why would a billionaire need Obamacare to care for his family, obviously you cant think in terms of BILLIONS.

          107. Real Deal says

            I agee with you!!

          108. Real Deal says

            I disagree!!! That’s what I meant to say!

          109. The Redhawk says

            Hey WAFFLE make up your mind when you FIND ONE!

          110. Real Deal says

            Dumb ass!

          111. The Redhawk says

            Looking in that Mirror again prompted this post eh ASSWIPE?

          112. Real Deal says

            You were a complete waist of governments money and training!! We must conduct better screenings of people entering the armed forces!!!

          113. Real Deal says

            Complete waist of air that we consume everyday!!

          114. Real Deal says

            Real dumb ass!! What did you do in the service?? Probably was a cook or infantry!! Couldn’t possibly have been anything more than that.. score probably was the bare minimum which means you did exceed beyond a 38. It’s okay though, you have something to be proud of while living your miserable life that you have left.

          115. Real Deal says

            Didn’t exceed a 38 or more and look, stupidity is very contagious, look at me, not looking at my stuff before sending. In college we were taught to proofread anything you do before submitting, but I didn’t and therefore, madan error!!!

          116. The Redhawk says

            sure I did TRAIN some SPINE Overcooked linguinis to either become MEN or sentt home to mommy like you pu$$y was done with….ta ta Cunny

          117. Real Deal says

            Made an error!! Fuck!

          118. The Redhawk says

            YEAH you POOPED in your Diapers again!! Dang !!!

          119. Real Deal says

            Now, I have real shit to do, but will check in a lil later on to see what the children posted later. Play safe kids!

          120. Real Deal says

            The lamehawk!

          121. pmbalele says

            What – What a billionaire needs Obamacare to care for his family, obviously you can’t think in terms of BILLIONS? Well, do human beings have enough of money? No. That is why you see these morons begging Trump to hire them so that they can steal from the government. Thank God Giuliani has been fired before he was hired. The guy wanted to force Trump to hire him for Secretary of State job. This would allow Giuliani to leave his wife home and travel abroad to meet his mistresses. And for Newt- he is really disappointed he was left out. Now Trump will be working with Sarah Palin. Palin cannot spell Alaska and nor pronounce words properly because she is always drunk. You remember Palin family was thrown out of tavern for being too rowdy. Poor Trump – he is stuck with untrained or old people. But I give him kudos for firing Giuliani.

          122. Real Deal says

            Lol…. maybe the best thing he has done so far!!

          123. Real Deal says

            Nice comment!!

          124. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Liberalism and the Democrackhead raecist thug evil party lost sit down and say
            PRESIDENT TRUMP Babbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 2017!!

          125. Real Deal says

            And it’s not about Trump, it’s about the citizens of america, everybody wasn’t born with a gold spoon in their mouths by having the world given to them like Trump did!!!! Many American people and their ancestors when out and struggled toget ahead and life!!

          126. Real Deal says

            Went out and worked…..typo!! Human error, we do make mistakes!!

          127. Jimmee41 says

            Once an idiot…always an idiot. PM, get over it…you lost but you can gain if you turn your lefty ideology around in the right direction and benefit from what is sure to come.

          128. Motorhead says

            The leftist are beyond reason…their brain has atrophied and is diseased and deranged..poor snowflakes they are BUTTHURT… good..they deserve it. GOD BLESS AMERICA and the 82nd Airborne

          129. supergun says

            Sounds like you are on PCP. You are a very dangerous person that is let loose on society.

          130. The Redhawk says

            Heck but you are a MORON!!! A monkey would be just a lot better at Leading than BHOVOMIT could ever have done!!! Racist??? NO, REALIST!

          131. pmbalele says

            Please e-mail me after February 15, 2017. Tell me what you think of Trump. Obama was Savior like Jesus. His wife Michelle was excellent person who supported her husband. Both Michelle and Barack were like living Angels

          132. The Redhawk says

            Well I am sure that when it comes to Obama and his Incompetent KKLan the 4 Dead Americans of Benghazi, the 60,000 dead Civilians in Syria and countless other Kurds that he did not back up against his friends from ISIS call him an angel… ANGEL OF DEATH that is…NOW STFU MORON!!!

          133. mac12sam12 says

            Barry’s gay and she’s a tranny.

          134. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            You the Moron!

          135. Real Deal says

            You run then!

          136. supergun says

            I use to be a fast runner on the track team.

          137. Real Deal says

            Sure you were.

          138. supergun says

            Off your meds again?????

          139. Real Deal says

            You would know huh??

          140. supergun says

            Raw deal – go back to your raw activity.

          141. Junius Graham says

            They are more like hemorrhoids, they multiply if not cured by change in diet! We need to change what the politicians are allowed to feed us, which has been BS!

          142. andrew says

            Senator Schumer : Take a hint, … Where are a lot of corrupt tyrants such as yourself… Sheldon Silver just to name one… serving 12 years for corruption.

            Stop acting like a toddler… You want the job to be majority leader, or speaker… Grow up, and do the JOB the PEOPLE hired you to do, or else step down, or be “fired” by a peoples recall… the choice, for now, is yours…


          143. The Redhawk says

            BULLS EYE!!

          144. Real Deal says

            Great job Senator , about time for somebody to stand for something!!!

          145. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Senator Schmuck Chumer has great influence over simple minded liberals. The rest of us, not so much.

          146. supergun says

            Looks like President Trump will do that. That is the reason for all the bitching from the democrats, cnn, mf`nbc, cbs, asshole abc, nbc, salon, vox, chicago tribune, nytimes, etc.

          147. Motorhead says


          148. Real Deal says

            Time will tell!!!

          149. supergun says

            You sound like a communist. Time has passed. Donald TRUMP will be President in a few days. Go back to your hole and hide.

          150. Real Deal says

            You best you can come up!! How does that make you feel?

          151. Real Deal says

            That’s the best you can come up with???

          152. supergun says

            You fail to see the TRUTH anymore. And that makes you a very dangerous person to the citizens of the United States of America.

          153. Real Deal says

            The truth is very easy to see, it’s just hard for you blind people to see. Look at the world color blind and without gender and then perhaps things will be ever so clear for you and many more!

          154. Gerry Costa says

            The deomTRASH party is full of them.

          155. supergun says

            They are known as the, “Walking Dead”.

          156. The Redhawk says

            It IS the FUBAR party

          157. Tiger says

            Kinda like fleas on a dogs ass can’t ever get all the eggs in this case eggheads.

          158. supergun says

            That is another way of putting it. They are pesky.

          159. Tiger says

            Dead weight. Parasites. Plague.

          160. supergun says


          161. Tiger says

            Scum in the shower, blood sucking pests, dirty lowdown fungus among us.

          162. Motorhead says

            Scratch em Tiger! 82nd Airborne

          163. Tiger says

            Bite um and chew um up every chance I get.

          164. Motorhead says

            Haha.. love it! Merry Christmas to you and yours and may God Bless America and the 82nd Airborne!

          165. Tiger says

            You also and it is indeed a Merry Christmas this year and once O and Lynch and all out of the WH my guess every Christmas will be better and more filled with Christ.

            Same to you and yours.

          166. Tiger says

            Hey my friend take a look at this and share if you want. This is a continuing of the leaks and Assange is continuing to put them out there. They get worse day by day but all they are saying is Fake News and Trump in with Russia. Diversion from their wicked lies.

          167. Motorhead says

            Thanks Tiger, I knew just about all of this . I however did not have the link to spread the information…now I do…so thank you so much. Tiger the Obola administration is trying to divert attention of the Demon (rats) crimes by suggesting the Russians are the reason Trump won…what I am afraid if the bastards try to decertify the election. It will mean civil war…God bless you, America and the 82nd Airborne

          168. Tiger says

            I agree with your assessment of all this and I think the same. Don’t know what will happen but won’t be pretty.

            Thank you for spreading the site.

          169. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            One democRAT just as bad as the next. Congress needs an enema? Any democRAT could serve as a perfect place to insert the nozzle.

          170. supergun says

            Can’t disagree with you on that.

          171. Patty Parfait says

            Well asshole are like opinions … lol

          172. supergun says

            And reid was a BIG ONE.

          173. The Redhawk says

            BIggest ASSHOLE ever!!!

          174. supergun says


          175. The Redhawk says

            and now we have Up CHICK SChumer, Daffy Durbin and Ptty Murray to try for tthe NEXT bIG ASSHOLE from the Fubar Party….AWARD

          176. supergun says

            UROK Redhawk. And that is a bad 44 magnum.

          177. The Redhawk says

            Well none are worth a .44 mag bullet when a 9mm will do only cheaper and as effective way to eliminate WASTE

          178. supergun says

            The 9s are the cousins,,,and the 44 is the big daddy. It is only used when a bear comes on the scene or someone on pcp.

          179. The Redhawk says

            well these are ASSHOLES not worth a BIG GUN..

          180. Patty Parfait says

            Absolutely! Reid is one of a very pungent group!

          181. supergun says

            He is a punk.

          182. tCotUS says

            NO shortage of traitor Azzholes on the Hill.

          183. supergun says

            All the guns could not get rid of these zombies.

        2. Motorhead says

          That position is already taken by Puglowsee! 82nd Airborne

          1. jimmy9522 says

            She is the dumbass in the House, he is the dumbass in the Senate.

          2. Motorhead says

            I agree with you Brother… keep up the good work! 82nd Airborne

          3. PatriotGal says

            jimmy, now be consistent…you said he was the “leading…” in the Senate, so she should be the “leading…” in the House – I just love it – so perfect!!!

          4. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

            Who Pelosi?

          5. jimmy9522 says

            Yeah, i should have been more clear with so many dumbass liberals in there.

          6. grafra102 says


          7. HadEnough says

            Motorhead – PugNosey said Donald Trump Won’t Be the Nominee. After he won the Nomination – PugNosey and Warren said: Donald Trump Will Not be President. What LIARS. I Notice They are ‘Silent’ Now.

          8. Motorhead says

            You are a breath of fresh air;-) the leftist are butt hurt…and we are enjoying their discomfort. God Bless America and the 82nd Airborne ,!

          9. HadEnough says

            Absolutely. Thanks !!

          10. supergun says

            Didn’t DEEP PURPLE have motorhead?

          11. Motorhead says

            Deep Purple named their third album Machine head….not Bush’s Machinehead . Motorhead was another “Thumping” old hard rock band. Lead vocals was a gravel voice dude name Lemmy (RIP) great band. If you like a really good guitar rife…listen to Ten Years….the song is ” The Bluest Blue,,” It is a electric blues song that has, I had really good blues rifts. Get past the vocals and listen to his guiter…let me know if like it. God Bless America and the 82nd Airborne

          12. supergun says

            My bad. Now I remember the DEEP PURPLE. My wife’s favorite rock song was Smoke on the Water. And she does not really like rock music. That was a good alburn. Space Monkeys,,,,,,Loved that alburn while stationed in Heidelberg. I will check out your song. What year in the 82nd?

          13. Motorhead says

            Smoke on the Water…great old song. 82nd off and on from 1971 thru 1994 did leave unit to go on assignment overseas ..but my love is the 82nd Airborne. …. I love hard rock, metal, and blues… favorite right now is between FooFighters and Seether.. Chevelle and shine down also good.peace ! 82nd Airborne

          14. supergun says

            1972 – 1975. Thanks for your service. Pretty old to be listening to Hard Rock,,,but I love it. Was at Ft. Knox,,,almost went Airborne in Columbus to be near wife,,,but chickened out. FooFighters bad ass group.

          15. Motorhead says

            And thank you for your service. FooFighters really are to walk again..God Speed Brother! 82nd Airborne

          16. supergun says

            May the best for you.

          17. Motorhead says

            Never to old .I just saw Korn and Breaking Benjamin .. I will …ROCK ON ! 82nd Airborne

          18. supergun says

            Only in America.

          19. Motorhead says

            Just saw Joe Bonamasa…great guitar

          20. supergun says

            He is legend.

          21. Motorhead says

            Joe is great…so is Alvin Lee of 10 years…just got though listening to the Bluest Blue ..that is a epic blues and still leaves me breathless.please have on a headset to get the best effECT. Peace Brother ! 82nd Airborne

          22. supergun says

            Thanks. Take Care. Long Live America.

          23. Motorhead says

            Take care, may God bless you and yours. PS .just got though listening to Roadhouse by the Doors..great song! MAGA !82nd Airborne

          24. supergun says

            Good taste in music. Later.

          25. figmo says

            What happened to all those “celebrities” and race baiters who were going to move out of the USA if Trump got elected? Could it be that their alligator mouths overloaded their humming bird asses?

          26. J.B.Jacobs says

            I guess there are so many of them, the airline can’t handle them all. I hope they don’t forget Al Sharpton. He needs to be in the first plane. I think they actually believed they were so important that their threat to leave would cause people to vote for Hillary so they would stay. Talk about dumb!!!!!!

          27. HadEnough says

            Exactly !!

          28. Motorhead says

            He needs to be in prison for tax evasion and being ugly in public! 82nd Airborne

          29. HadEnough says

            figmo – You Are So Right. I Really Wish They Would GO. Sense apparently they ‘hate’ it here. They’re just taking up some of our oxygen being here. And the TV Show “The View” is so stupid and ‘Irrelavant’

          30. Patty Parfait says

            Pelosi and Warren are liars for sure … as far as President-elect Trump losing to Defunct Hillary they are just delusional.

          31. grafra102 says

            The BITCH!!!

          32. Motorhead says

            And Witch.. haha…God Bless America and the 82nd Airborne

        3. PatriotGal says

          jimmy, such an appropriate title for them both…LOVE IT!!!

        4. retired4ever says

          No one could possibly replace Reid, he’s irreplaceable,

        5. Gerry Costa says

          Don’t sell schumer short — he has the capability of making little dirty harry look like a good guy.

          1. andrew says

            Senator Schumer : Take a hint, … Where are a lot of corrupt tyrants such as yourself…FORMER NYS Speaker Sheldon Silver just to name one… serving 12 years in slam for corruption.

            Stop acting like a toddler… You want the job to be majority leader, or speaker… Grow up, and do the JOB the PEOPLE hired you to do, or else step down, or be “fired” by a peoples recall… the choice, for now, is yours…

        6. ABO says

          He’s certainly qualified for that position.

        7. Tiger says

          Save the Blue dogs etc they are all dumbasses that is why they have a donkey as their symbol.

        8. The Redhawk says

          He did that after Reid had his EYE Punched out ….So he is going full speed for the Title only Daffy Durbin is his competition…

        9. Allan Scott says

          Wrong! He want’s to be the leading donkey-dick in Congress!

        10. JYuma says

          UR both wrong. He IS the “Leading Dumbass Donkey-Dick of the Democrat side of Congress”
          Ryan, is on the Republican side.

          1. mrpoohead says

            …but not on Trump’s. Ha, ha, ha!

        11. jdelcjr says

          I don’t think that he would have much trouble doing that.Any number of liberals would flll his shoes quite well.

        12. Katie Jones says

          Schumer however is not going to be the biggest problem on getting what Trump wants done – McConnell is going to be the biggest problem for he thinks that he can stop the Senate and get his way (Which was working for Harry Reid so this time he will work for Schumer). McConnell is not a Republican remember that during his next election Kentucky for how much has he helped you with YOUR JOB OF COAL MINING. He says one thing and does another!!! That is called get the votes and forget about the people who voted you in!!! LEARN KENTUCKY!!!!

        13. Mark Tercsak says

          Let Chucky~Cheese have it, no one else wants it.

      3. Ed Levy says

        It shows what a non-leader Schumer is. He has thrown down the glove on EVERY THING President -elect Trump has talked about. Fight Repeal, fight Senate confirmation, fight Supreme Court nominees etc. Is their anything that this REid Clone will not figt, to divide the country. With the 51 Nuclear vote that asshole Reid used, Trump & AMERICA will become great AGAIN.. When necessary Trump can use the Executive(Obuma)Orders on many issues

        1. supergun says

          The liberal politicians and their followers would like to go down the path that Venezuela went down. There is no logic or reason with these communist minded people. They have no love for America or it’s people. Thank goodness, TRUMP won. But the coming battles will still be hard. Especially restoring order and repairing the damage done by the democrats the last 8 years.

          1. Ed Levy says

            supergun, you are right on target. They are already plotting to undermine anything that the GOP(President Trump) is planning on doing to set America back on top.a) Supreme Court, b) Cabinet Choices c) Ambassadors d) clean out the swamp e) Obumacare, f) getting rid of the Czars g) illegals h) infastructure
            i) Beef up our Military j) Fix the VA K) etc, etc

          2. supergun says

            TRUMP and the Republican held Senate and House will walk all over these heathens. These cuckoos have no love for American. Their followers that put the imbeciles in office are the walking dead of America. Their only intent is to destroy America.

          3. Ed Levy says

            Must neutralize Soros, Pelosi, Schumer, Mayors of Sanctuary cities, some RABID Republicans & Dems, Find a top job for Gov Martinez of NM.. Nothing for the obese NJ Gov Christie

          4. supergun says

            One thing at a time 24/7.

          5. Ed Levy says

            “all for one, one for all” Thank you supergun!

          6. supergun says

            Welcome. Watch a show last night on Washington DC’s PCP drug problem. Those poor people are animals. That stuff is frightening. Always carry, lock, and loaded. You never know when an animal will pounce on you. They live amongst us.

      4. Real Deal says

        And I’m sure you would!!

        1. supergun says

          It is the very things that us Americans believe in. I’m sure you wouldn’t.

          1. Real Deal says

            What do you believe in?? What’s going on? What have you done about anything to make a difference other than complain about what you can’t change?? Nothing exactly so, move on and do something positive and stop being a cancer!!!!

          2. supergun says

            I am happy as I can be. You are the one who is bitchin` .

          3. Real Deal says

            By bitchin!!

          4. supergun says

            I see the shoe fits.

          5. Real Deal says


          6. supergun says

            Don’t let the door hit you in your ass when you leave.

          7. Real Deal says

            So, another GOP KEYBOARD WARRIOR!!!

          8. supergun says

            Another liberal democrat pest.

          9. Real Deal says

            Define liberal?? That’s a word you picked up on huh???? Great job, now pay better attention to life!!

          10. supergun says

            Define liberal: An asshole that lives in America.

          11. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            OK. How ’bout ‘excessive’, or ‘selfish’. Then there’s ‘condescending’, ‘arrogant, egotistical’, not to mention ‘simple-minded’. I could do this all day.

          12. Real Deal says

            Go find you somebody to play with!! No games on this end!!! Done responding to children!

          13. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Then stop offering childish nonsense and you won’t be responded to ‘in kind’.

      5. Tiger says

        I feel sure the Democrats who get that they are fixing to take a dirt nap will help explain it to them by standing with Republicans.

        1. supergun says

          30 States elected Donald Trump to be President of these United States of America by POPULAR VOTE. If they don’t get that,,,,then nothing will.

          1. Tiger says

            They will not give up or in and now everything about Fake news their new Mantra.

          2. supergun says

            Everything is about them. They do not care about this Country at all. They want to destroy it.

          3. Tiger says

            And they will sooner or later if we can’t make the change and the turnaround but it will take more than that.

            When you remove the main tumor you have to radiate the area then you have to keep a look out for the cancer cells coming back. We have a tumor, O needs to be radiated along with all the main tumors and that can be done with a DOJ and AG who are not in the pocket of these vermin.

            Then it will take radiating all the areas this tumor has spread it’s poisonous cells, schools, colleges, work places, all over our country where they have seeped into our main organs. This is a huge undertaking and one of the other tumors needed immediate removal is the UN.

            The leaders of the world signed onto this UN Plan 21 and 2030. The Pope praised it. O praised it and we were almost there.


          4. supergun says

            The pope is just a puppet. One apple can rot the whole barrel. Just looked at the movie, “James Bond Movie – Spectra”. Great movie depicting this.

          5. Tiger says

            Hummm never watched movies much til I was partially retired. Didn’t have time, too busy making money to support my children and college, even with scholarships not cheap, especially good schools and even with my children working to help out with their tuition.

            But will look into it. I know the book Atlas Shrugged is a great book identifying what we see today and also several other books I read in college. Ahh people been trying to do this since too far back to remember. Somehow the human Spirit come out on top and Revolts bringing the puppets down along with their masters.

            I don’t like this Pope, he is a Communist. In my books and far from Holy.

          6. supergun says

            The Battle of Good and evil has been fought since the days of Adam and Eve. We know what side we are on and we know what side they are on.

          7. Tiger says

            The sides are getting clearer and clearer indeed no mistaking who the Demons are and those with the Almighty at their side.

          8. supergun says

            Very easy to distinguish the line drawn in the dirt.

          9. Tiger says

            And dirt they are.

          10. supergun says

            Just got banned from Quora. The people on Quora printing all kinds of chit, and I called them on it each time. Quora could not stand the heat or Truth. They warned me several times,,,,they started warning me on the good, nice, polite comments i was making. I called them on their hypocrisy. They stopped me from commenting. I told them to stop sending me Quora. Their hypocrisy screams to high Heaven.

          11. Tiger says

            Welcome to the “Land of the Banned.” Truth gets them every time they are the Fake news.

          12. supergun says

            Quora is just a bunch of hypocritical nerds that has disconnected from reality.

          13. Tiger says

            Yepper bunches of them on the net. I am seeing more and more links scrubbed that are about Islam and other things.

          14. mrpoohead says

            Obviously they think you’re mad. I have myself been banned from a wide variety of alt-right sites mainly because i called them out on “reporting” – holes so big you could drive a truck through. As Quora is a question and answer site one wonders how you could “call” them out?

          15. supergun says

            You don’t sound very smart. You are probably a nice fellow, but dumb as chit. Stop making dumb ass comments.

          16. mrpoohead says

            Am curious to know how that was in-correct?

          17. supergun says

            If someone is telling a lie,,,,then you either stand up to it or run away from it. If someone tells you, your Mother is a whore,,,you either call them out,,,or run away from it. If someone gets on the internet and talks bullchit, rants, bitches, gripes, complains about things about someone that is not true,,,,you call them out. Quora sometimes does not like that. Watch cnn and watch the bullchit on that show. Is it any wonder they are at # 18 on the list of shows watched in America,,,while FOX is # 1.

          18. mrpoohead says

            Or you laugh at them. Quora – question and answer; so why banned? I fyou disputed an answer and gave them reasonable substance to back it up then they would presumably take notice. But, example, if you told them about the Beast (ha, ha, ha) without fact or substance then you have nothing.

            News is a product, how you market it is how you sell it. Fox is the only right wing media, the rest are mostly straight down the middle. News, unfortunately, is “sensationalism”. Example; 2015 we averaged a mass shooting per day (widely reported – NY Times, Time magazine did four page article) yet the incident that got the medias attention was the one in San Bernardino – why? Muslim! Duh! Sensationalism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Garbage.

          19. supergun says

            Quora wanted me to use my real name. I refused. They backed off and allowed me to comment. So much for your bullchit.

            You are one of the walking dead that just exists in life. So long loser. Hasta~La~Vista.

          20. mrpoohead says

            Not really standing up to them is it, nor calling them out. Bit sad really.

          21. Tiger says

            Take a look at this site. Asssange continues to put out leaks. This site is up by an American for Assange to post on. It is really stunning what all O, Clinton and Podesta etc did and wanted to do.


          22. supergun says

            DOWN RIGHT FRIGHTENING. America has spoken.

          23. Tiger says

            Not over the Fat Lady continues to sing and her master continues to do the dirtiest of work.

          24. supergun says

            The bit** will always sing.

          25. Tiger says

            I was sure hoping that famous Astrologer that did her life chart long ago was right and she would choke to death due to respiratory problems. Darn.

          26. JYuma says

            I think that she will aspirate, during one of her Drunken Stupors.

          27. Tiger says

            Thought she was a goner with all the seizing and the fainting and the wobbling around but darn they got her up and going again. Like Weedends at Bernies.

          28. JYuma says

            Bernies, was funny. Nothing Funny about her and hers. Just Very Scary.

          29. Tiger says

            True that. Evil gets it’s just deserts believe me in my close to 30 years of being an RN and the work I have done with death and dying at that last moment of living and facing the other side of the veil they get theirs. You see it in their faces while the good smile and look years younger at death.

          30. JYuma says

            That I have seen. I worked as a Ambulance driver, on the street , then special Events for about 25 years part time,evenings, weekends.
            Went our children were little it was more important that she be with them , raising them, teaching them. So I worked two jobs to make ends meet.
            the two sons are Cops, the two daughters are lawyers. Kinda Proud of them I am.

          31. Tiger says

            Wow what a great man, a great woman and a great family. You have been Blessed as have I with wonderful children. Wow just Wow.

          32. JYuma says

            When met her I was headed to prison or a hole in the ground because of my life style. She is my savior, best friend Love of my life.
            Every day for the last 49 years I have thanked “Grandfather Above” for his gift to me of her.

          33. Tiger says

            Even more wonderful you need to write a book so many today need to hear your story.

          34. JYuma says

            I am just a old man. No one wants to hear me, all we are good for is Bad mouthing.

          35. mrpoohead says

            Finally – a little reality!

          36. Tiger says

            Not so there is great interest in human stories like this. Makes people gain strength and hope when reading about survivors of all types.

          37. Tiger says

            Hey you great old guy who much wisdom came with your age you will enjoy this. All this hoopla about the Russians we know is BS and here is the story from the UK.


          38. JYuma says

            Thanks Great piece. My wife like it also.

          39. mrpoohead says

            She is Chinese?

          40. Tiger says

            Oh good. Welcome.

          41. JYuma says

            Kind of puts a spanner in the Democrats gears. HuH?

          42. Tiger says

            Sorta like puts the brakes on the race car. Or is it the race card or the woman card? Oh well.

          43. JYuma says

            bout even, I’d say.

          44. Tiger says

            Now the Mantra of Fake news is going all the way back to the beginning of Talk Radio. All we are going to hear for 4 years is Hillary never was involved in anything. She is planning another run.

          45. JYuma says

            Yes, I expect that the Libs, Dems., Dopers n Brain Dead., Will be referring to her as Mother Mary before The New Year.

            Speaking of Brain Dead. There was a TV show this Fall that was so Dokie, stupid, yet Funny, it was truly enjoyable to watch.
            Did you happen to see it? It reminded me of some of the people that are on this posts and others.
            People like , OH, Say mrpoohead.

          46. Tiger says

            No didn’t see it but got a kick out of one called “Shictz Creek. “

          47. JYuma says

            I believe that you wood enjoy it. It is Pure brainless FUN.
            I will look up “Shictz Creek”. Thanks

          48. Tiger says

            I will look up your show also. I love British comedies and miss them. Are you Being Served, Red Dwarf, Faulty Towers, Black Adder etc. Benny Hill and Monty Python nothing like sheer brainless fun.

          49. Richard Kraus says

            Hello Tiger – it’s me again . I agree totally with your post . How many federal charges were being prosecuted against her ? 3 , 4 , 5 … I forget .

          50. Tiger says

            HI 4 by the FBI, several by Congress and many by Private firms.

          51. mrpoohead says

            You know what a spanner is?

          52. Peatro Giorgio says

            Military Personnel slang term,for spanner wrench. Question is, do you poopoo head know what a spanner wrench is or what it’s utility purpose is ???

          53. mrpoohead says

            British call a wrench a spanner – doofus!

          54. Peatro Giorgio says

            Never fully answered my question. 2nd chance : What is the utility pupose of a spanner wrench?? .( Never mind) You haven’t a freaking clue. So I’ll teach you on yet another subject matter. HT’s or what is known as hall technicians. BT’s what is known as Boiler technicians with in the US Navy. As well fire departments across this country an in many other nations. And most assuredly plumbers across this nation. Utilize Spanner wrenchs for tightening an untightening fire hydrants, hoses an many ,all to numerous plumbing or boiler fixtures. Dumb ass.

          55. mrpoohead says

            Well if your Ol’ Fella is British then a spanner is used for all nuts – you may include yourself in that category.

          56. JYuma says

            Actually Peatro, I was thinking of the English meaning. Yours will do as well.
            Here is something that may be of interest to you.

          57. JYuma says

            Yes, I saw that. Just tickets my Old Black Heart Good.

          58. Tiger says
          59. JYuma says

            Very good also. Wonder how long their parents will have them living to their basements?

            You may enjoy this;

          60. Tiger says

            Thank you will look at it.

          61. mrpoohead says

            She’s your sister?

          62. JYuma says

            Leave my family out of this or I will bring in your family problems.

          63. mrpoohead says

            Interesting riposte and I have no family problems and I doubt you do – after all you haven’t presented a single fact yet.

          64. JYuma says

            I had not seen that one. I will send it to a few Hellery Devotees.
            it will make there days.

          65. Tiger says

            Enjoy and this was the same day the photographer took pictures of the beams of light at the tower and saw a figure standing atop one. A sign from above and this evil woman fell out that day.

          66. JYuma says

            I have not seen that one.

          67. Tiger says

            Really something that to me corked it, I knew Trump would win. Too boot I listened to several preachers who said years ago Trump would be the president and just in time. I am a huge Believer in Miracles and Signs in the sky and from our dreams and from the legions of Angels that work for our Almighty. They have never let me down or my children and believe me some of our stories are hair raising. There they were telling us sometimes in our minds and at others we heard the voice saying don’t worry it will be OK.

          68. JYuma says

            I was raised with that Belief. It has worked for me also.

          69. Tiger says

            Good backing all the way around the best.

          70. Tiger says
          71. supergun says

            You know how the walking dead die?

          72. Tiger says

            No but hope she finds out sooner than later.

          73. Richard Kraus says

            Tiger – it’s good to see you once again . Remember me – I was the one who explained my problem – I live in NY where my vote really does not count and you told me that my vote does count and not to give up . Anyways … I’m still having trouble getting my point across to the liberals here in NY . Here the criminals are right and the police are wrong . The situation here is the same as elsewhere – people think everything should be free . They have never worked a day in their lives and don’t know what it’s like to pay taxes . I’m afraid that this type of thinking will eventually lead our nation into a communist country

          74. Tiger says

            Yes I remember you Richard and your vote did count and we are not going into Communism anytime soon. The Ship of Fools is floating out to sea as “We the People” via Trump, fire and putting holes in it until finally they sink.

            Luckily the world is also with us and because of the UK and American turn around back to the right path and away from the road to Socialism leading to Communism we are not alone. Always good to have company. Especially when we are going to all have to put our forces together to fight off ISIS and Islamic loons.

            Wish you could move to a saner place my friend. I am in the boonies with people of like mind and all rogues and dissidents. Good company we live free here and many thought these people poor of mind and spirit and just puppets for the government well tell ya what, even the children here were informed about the importance of this election by telling them the facts and that Trump was the man.

            As far as convincing the libs you live in the midst of them. Your Mayor is crazier than a bessie bug and it will take some slapping him around for you people to get free. But Trump is in so have faith and keep up the good work.

          75. Richard Kraus says

            Thanks . I also wonder why we put up with all the pandering to every and any special interest group . Well , the reason is because the politicians want their vote but it all leads to more invasion by the government and loss of individual freedom and liberty . I can’t believe this is happening i9n my lifetime .

          76. Tiger says

            Amen right on and we just have to keep vigilante as Benjamin Franklin said to the lady who asked him what our Founding Fathers had given them: ” A Republic, madame if you can keep it.”

            Yep we came close and believe me coming from a family whose people fled communism and fought isms and kings and queens, on my mother’s side from the 1300 on up to WWII I was scared.

          77. Tiger says

            Here is the great thing Richard you didn’t have anything to do with promoting the One World Order under the UN plan 21. This is a rundown of what that was. Hillary, Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Trudeau, Hollander and other world leaders signed onto this. The UN and EU were ready to regulate every aspect of our lives.


          78. Tiger says

            Richard here is a very important site. It has all of the Wikileaks. Look at it. This will open your eyes and this world especially America owes Assange a huge thank you. This site is wonderful and you will find in here the plot that Hillary was part of to keep information from us and to deny the people information or even education in order to control us. Everyone needs to see this. This is why America wanted Assange arrested.

            You will see how important people like you are and how important it is you find those of like mind and continue to be informed we can’t ever let these people back in power.’


          79. Tiger says

            Here is one of the leaks concerning keeping us dumb and if you remember Kerry was heard saying if the media stops talking about terrorism the people won’t know.


          80. supergun says

            Shot in the head kills the walking dead.

          81. mrpoohead says

            Not seen any walking dead other than the movies – though have my doubts about the Rolling Stones.

          82. supergun says

            Forgive me for being so hard on you on the other comment you made. You are probably a nice, funny guy with a few beers down the alley. Nice chatting with you. I will see how you respond to my other comment.

          83. mrpoohead says

            More of a wine with dinner or beer sitting at the pool kind of a person. Tiger has barred me – she don’t like facts!

          84. supergun says

            To each his own.

          85. mrpoohead says

            I got facts, you got hyperbole and BS – or prove!!!!!!!!!!!

          86. supergun says


          87. mrpoohead says

            So no men in black? You haven’t been whisked off – pity! Conspiracy theory; for the small-minded and unfulfilled. Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!

          88. supergun says

            You are either a drug user or a 9 year old. Most likely a 9 year old. Merry Christmas.

          89. mrpoohead says

            I think you’re more likely to be the drug user – you after all are the one with unsubstantiated, idiotic ideas. Abuse of psychotropic drugs I suspect.

            Officially I am 14, as my wife will attest too – she being the only adult in the house.

            Still waiting on proof……………………………………

          90. supergun says

            All the proof is on the internet,,,but apparently you are too spaced out on drugs to figure it out,,,,or maybe your intelligence level is very low. So sorry. You sound like you are 9 instead of 14. It is obvious that you are young. And,,,,you would not believe the truth if it was shown you. Poor pathetic human.

          91. mrpoohead says

            No, fail. No proof on the internet, just conspiracy and people’s silly ideas. Is it mentioned in the mainstream media, encyclopaedias or Wikipedia – no, why?Because it has no substance and if they printed things without substance and reference they would lose all credibility. If, it were true they would print it as they would sell more copy – duh!

            And, I’m the child? Duh! I bet you think Trump is going to fix America too? Ha, ha, ha!

          92. Tiger says

            Sounds like a plan. Like it.

          93. mrpoohead says

            You mean “Spectre” – no matter how creative I am I cannot kind of find a link with the Pope?

          94. supergun says

            Thanks for the correction. The movie depicts a world that we are living in now. We are being spied upon and watched. Master computers called the Beast in Europe. The pope? He is just a small puppet in the scheme of things.

          95. mrpoohead says

            Am curious to know what the Pope is being made to dance? A puppet for who – Santa Claus?

            The Beast – drivel. If that were the case then “naughty” people would be stopped before they did anything. Me thinks you’re living in conspiracy land, probably believe National Enquirer, you’ve been anally probed by aliens and Elvis is still living next door. Obviously life itself has passed you by; suggest you get up and live it before it is too late.

          96. supergun says

            I won’t comment too much more with you if you really don’t believe the part about the Beast. Do your research and then come back to comment with me. You are a little challenge,,,but not much at this point.

          97. mrpoohead says

            The Beast – conspiracy, hyperbole and BS or produce facts.

            That was the third time the “Beast” was mentioned, which because of our previous conversations is the trigger for an attack on the President Elect – please confirm. Do you have the bomb and the sniper rifle? Are we still to meet in Des Moines for the exchange? Please confirm.

          98. supergun says

            Again,,,you are making accusations that are meaningless. I support President Elect Trump. Why are you making stupid ass comments? And do you know how to do research before running off at both ends? When the walking dead outnumber the Americans, then the very foundations of this great Nation are jeopardized. Unbelievable. Please do no comment with me anymore if you can not comment intelligently.

          99. JYuma says

            mrpoophead is a instigating Bull headed agitator.

          100. supergun says

            You are right. I know what he is. His IQ is lacking. That is why I signed off with Hasta~LA~Vista. The idiot does not know any better.

          101. mrpoohead says

            Nope; Mr Poohey, just likes facts and will defend facts. you like conspiracy, hyperbole and BS. Thus you get slapped down like the bitch you are – ha, ha, ha!

          102. mrpoohead says

            If the Beast existed then presumably with those comments you would now have men in black banging on your door, as would I. Nothing! Bizarre!

            Why aren’t the “walking dead” Americans? Not sure what foundations are under threat – subsidence possible? America is a plutocracy – Democrat or Republican irrelevant. The intelligent obviously realise this, thus only 50% vote whereas in other modern countries it is 65%+, Australia nearly 100%.

      6. jdelcjr says

        Their all in denial.

        1. The Redhawk says

          They all were Born STUPID and have been Regressing ever since….that is why they are FUBAR PARTY MEMBERS….At present they all are Exhausting the Supply of BUTTHURT CREAM in Stores

          1. Patty Parfait says

            I think they are jerks but not stupid …. They are surely surprised that the conservatives and constitutionalists came out like we did to stop their madness. Good job U.S.

          2. mrpoohead says

            Democrats are conservatives, Republicans are Conservatives. Plutocracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. The Redhawk says

            Sorry Patty THEY ARE STUPID and attempt to Raise themselves to MERE JERKS with the help if MSM and Networks….BUT failing to do so

        2. supergun says

          The re-count proves that.

      7. daveveselenak says

        nO, THEY ARE COMMUNISTS, it’s their way or the highway – REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, bet on it!

        1. supergun says

          I personally do not want to see that happening. It may one day,,,,but that would be a tragedy. I would hope that America continues down the road of working out it’s problems. That is not to say that I would not protect my family and myself. Just hope that I don’t have to ever do that. But I carry,,,,just in case.

          1. daveveselenak says

            It is hard to “work out” problems when the other side doesn’t want any part of it! I have decided to pull away until inauguration day – if their is one – and not pay too much attention as to what is going on but from some of the headlines on the conservative sites it is troubling to hear how the Communist Party USA is planning to do everything in their power and with the help of the “Re-PUNK-lican” establishment leader(less)ship to stop Trump at every corner! It is too bad that nearly half or more of “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA does not understand just how evil these bastards are! Communists never cede power peacefully!

          2. supergun says

            You are right.

      8. Goodforall says

        He is a total fool, nothing more!

        1. supergun says

          He doesn’t smell his own do do.

    2. tCotUS says

      You Damn Right…..And not coming soon enough for those low life “Liberal Carpet Baggers” .

    3. Junius Graham says

      The Democrats have proven that they are the enemy of the people within, no need to change now! Nancy, made this very clear.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        Right…It wasn’t the Dems who put 2 wars on charge cards. It wasn’t a Dem President who finished his 8th year with a Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown that cost taxpayers bailouts for the rich. It was YOU YOU YOU YOU fukkers.

        1. Labor74 says

          and who screwed up Soc. Sec.?? Medicare?? LBJ, the peanut farmer, Clinton’s whack-job Al (who invented Internet AND ‘global warming’!! They’re GOP????
          (LBJ raided the “locked box” of SS so $ spent for Nam wouldn’t look so high!! the peanut king just gave SS & Medicare away!! the Clinton admin taxed SS. And, BO…SS’ coverages are slowly being eroded courtesy you rats’ “medical insurance,” which the rats exempted themselves (as they do most laws enacted).
          So, Ellie, baby, GROW UP!!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Hey fukker boy….Your Republicans have hated SS since they fukked up with Hoover’s Wall Street speculators back in 1929. You know why you dicks hate the idea of Social “Security.” Because it means you and your fukkerbag CEOs can’t screw around with our payroll deductions like you do with the 401ks. And don’t even bother to go there with your bullshit lies. I was an accounting manager before I semi retired. I know how much profit there is when an employer takes your payroll deductions for the 401Ks, let it sit in an interest bearing account until he racks up a “tidy little profit” from your earnings he still considers “his.”

            How goddamn stupid are you? I know at least 3 employers who regularly sunk ALL of their employees payroll deductions, including SS and Medicare into interest bearing accounts to amass interest and then shift that interest to their personal accounts. Don’t fukking try and bullshit someone who has been there and SEEN that.

            Social “Security” has been around for over 80 years asshole and it has NOT once in 80 years crashed. Can you say the same for Wall Street and your 2008 hit on your 401Ks? As for Medicare, the only reason you fukkers bitch about it is because like that cockstick Ryan, the money piles up and the Republicans steal from it to pay for your states’ debts. Try again fukkstick.

          2. Labor74 says

            Learn to speak/write in good English, w/out the name calling. Then, perhaps, you can enter into adult discusssion.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Speaks “your” English? Ya mean like y’all all? And “howdy” and the rest of your hick language you fools think is an “accent?

            Educated people like me know how to makes assholes of hicks like you. We don’t waste our educations on jackasses.

            I call people names who DESERVE to be called names. “Y’all alls loves to dish it out “doncha?” “Betcha” y’alls is jes nothin more’n a bunch o’yodeloooooooing nuts. Go eat “yo greets and gravah.” Then hit that White Lightinin’ boozers.

          4. Labor74 says

            You are NOT worth my time. You deserve nada.

    4. SouthernPatriot says

      The Republicans have physicians, surgeons, and other medical practitioners in the House and Senate. They have been planning toward this day for years now, waiting for this opportunity to either radically change ACA or bring death to the trainwreck and start over. The Republicans do not need any demented Democrats assisting them. if these Democrats become obstructionists, they will find Harry Reid’s use of Reconciliation, without the possibility of filibuster and just 51 votes not 60, will come back to take a huge bite out the a$$es of the demented party.

    5. The Redhawk says

      OH do not criticize UP CHUCK SCHUMER…He wants to LOSE more Senate Seats in 2018 just to keep up with Pelosi record of losing Seats….he has 23 Senators running…..MOST IN RED STATES…SO….Let him BRAY like the Donkey head of the Fubar party in the Senate

    6. elmcqueen3 says

      The Democrats own Obamacare…they passed it without even bothering to rea it and look what happened…it was a projected dismal failure from the beginning yet Democrats like Schumer didn’t care to read it first before passing it…they pushed it into law for no other reason than they could because the Republicans were being brow beaten at every turn…The Republicans gave up fighting Obama for fear of being called racist and the supposed wrath of the people Obama being our first black president…And now the Democrats are refusing to engage in correcting their errors…instead they now want to blame the Republicans…The Democrats own Obamacare and they will always own it no matter what the Republicans do to make it feasible…The Democrats have failed to accept responsibility for the failures of Obamacare and are now they are trying to push Obamacare off on the Republicans…Why?…Because the Democrats don’t know how to fix their own problems…
      which is very atypical of the Democrats…to wit Chucky Cheese Schumer.

    7. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

      Great post

    8. mrpoohead says

      ACA was two party initiative – doubtless the Republicans would have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s in different places. It’d still be there, with a twist.

  5. Prorkba says

    The Democrats mucked up the health care industry beyond recognition. WE DO NOT WANT THE DEMOCRATS HELP!!! In fact, the best thing Democrats can do to help America is to get out of the country!

    1. FAITH47 says

      I AGREE. The leftist don’t have any idea living in the country that was run by dictator. NOT FUN AT ALL THEY CONTROLLED YOUR ACTION FOR WHAT YOU DO AND WHST YOU EAT. YOU LIKE THAT NO FREEDOM AT ALL. AND ALSO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE A car period. You are not free I bet you you won’t like it. BELIEVE IT OR NOT

      1. Mathew Molk says

        I kep saying,

        DEATH TO THE NANNY STATE, DRAIN THE SWAMP, and God bless president Trump.

    2. HadEnough says

      YES, and I’ll be glad when they’re Run Out.

      1. Motorhead says

        Amen Sister! 82nd Airborne

        1. HadEnough says

          AMEN !!

    3. Motorhead says

      It’s called FUBAR! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE 82ND Airborne

    4. Wayne Carlson says

      These demoncraps should not be re-eected. If you truly want your country to succeed, then get rid of these retard demoncraps

  6. spiritslay says

    if they wanted it fixed why haven’t they done it long time ago because if wasn’t effecting them only the American people that have to work 3x harder to make the co pay to the hospitals. They should have the same insurances and have to pay such high deductibles. Hell you could buy a new car for what you have to pay the insurance just get coverage.. They should have re read all them pages before they agreed upon passing it.

    1. chuckster says

      The first thing they need to do to make sure its right and effective is put all of them a holes on it and then they will make it a good deal. Why should congress pass any laws and then they are exempt from them that is plum crazy

      1. Retired says

        They are above all below them, just like the retirement program.


      Evidently you haven’t bought a new car lately, have you!

      1. Retired says

        What some are paying is higher than a monthly car payment.

        1. SHAFAR NULLIFIDIAN says

          You’re probably right! I stand corrected!

      2. Robert Early says

        Please explain, Shafar.

  7. David Renaud says

    Damn democraps…. THEY SURELY ARE NOT REAL AMERICANS ARE THEY ????????????????????

  8. elkhunt says


  9. Glen says

    GOOD, we don’t want or need any help from you Commies. F**ck you!

  10. Patty Parfait says

    I guess it will have to ne tepealed and replaved to find out what’s in it … right Numbnuts Pelosi?

    1. Retired says

      Poolosi is just as bad as Schumer, maybe they are related.

  11. bunky doodle says

    schumer what a smuck. leave it alone and let obamacare die and cost all constituents a mint. then they will vote all dems out for being so stupid. why cant they just work together? i though schumer would be an improvement. nope.

    1. Retired says

      Schumer is another piece of trash not needed in WDC or anywhere else.

  12. Kstar says

    Do the liberal socialist commies really think that we’re going to shed tears over their refusal to help rid our American people of this burden? Let’s all hope they keep their snotty noses out of our business and get rid of obamacare crap.

  13. Jemma Wiggins says

    Enjoy yourselves:Republicans that ugly man has 4 years

  14. Garys_opinion says

    Just like you passed it without Republican votes, you won’t be able to stop it’s demise, the Reepublicans won’t need your help.
    How’s Reid’s nuclear option working out for you? It’s come back to bite you in the ass!

  15. Radman414 says

    Obamacare was FUBARBed from the onset. Congress should never be able to pass any law that applies to the general public but not apply to Congress and every other federal employee. Democrats passed this “train wreck” only because of bribes, waivers and exemptions and subsidies for favored groups, passed barely in the dead of night with reconciliation without a single Republican vote; sooooo, Republicans should be able to repeal and replace it without any “help” (participation) by obstructionist Democrats.

  16. barbarakelly says


  17. barbarakelly says



    Chuck, what a piece of shit you are.. No.1 what have you done for NY?. NOTHING =0=. just like your life, you are pathetic, trust Donald, he does not need you at all, he knows you pretty well, take a look a this word REPUBLI =CAN= .. WE CAN DO ANYTHING. democ-rats, demoniacrap, I think you are from the RATS party, right??…

  19. Egor von Johnson says

    Sargent you moron, GOP does not need you or give one rat`s ass what you think about any thing related to healthcare so FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. chris says

    What a bunch of whiners the Republicans are, Before , the bill passed the democrats asked the republicans to help craft the bill and make it better the republicans refused to do so. I think if the Republicans have no bill to replace it with then they should wait to repeal . Otherwise 20-24 million people will be without any medical. This the poor, lower , and middle class, elderly, very sick. The republicans had 6 years to come up with a plan which could fix the Affordable Care Act problems they did not. plus they did not want to work with democrats in the house or senate to do so. The republicans are responsible for the devastation which will happen when they push and ride roughside with their majority in both houses.

  21. Borninbrooklyn says

    They would rather “let it burn to the ground” than help the Republicans improve on it! That Schumer is a piece of work-I mean a POS!!

  22. Txwater Man says

    Never seen such a bunch of whiny butts in my life as those liberals that just got a good old fashion whopping. They rammed Obummercare down our throats and bragged about passing it then seeing what’s in it. They is about as stupid as going to the grocery store with all labels removed so we could go home and see what’s in them

  23. Stan Joy says

    Perhaps the biggest mistake made by the Democrats was, not just passing this terrible bill, BUT never tried to reach out to the Republicans for any kind of say, what-so-ever! They just RAMMED IT THROUGH because THEY HAD THE POWER to do it!!! Where was the BIPARTISANSHIP ???? We have to have people in Washington who will work out their differences, follow our Constitution, all for the betterment of our country. Don’t forget, it was O’Bama that said YOU CAN KEEP YOUR OWN DOCTOR—-also–IF ANYTHING,THE COST TO YOU WOULD BE CHEAPER — remember?????? Give Trump a chance. God Bless

  24. William Thompson says


    1. Retired says

      One thing is for sure it would not do any brain damage, he has no brain anywhere.

  25. Patrick says

    I wouldn’t care if your kind fell over dead ,asshole ,we don’t need you ,and you will be replaced or impeached get the picture.

  26. Pam Dunn says

    Nothing like a dimocrap jackass spewing its load of losing stupidity and as bad a moron as Piglosi “pass it to see what’s in it” and “IT” turned out to a load of ignorant consumer ripoffs and POOR quality over priced “healthcare.”

  27. michaele says

    All asshole democrat motherfuckers should be put in front of a firing squad start with asshole Chuck Schumer,then asshole democrat Muslim nigger Obama then the rest

  28. Dane says

    Get their names advertise them as the idiots that they are, and make sure they are never elected again.

    1. Retired says

      One thing the article dos not say is how many millions if not Billions did the Insurance Industry give to the Democrats to pass the ACA ?

  29. TPS12 says

    All dem politicians should be on the plan, after that let me know what you think. My wife’s plan almost doubled this year because her provider last year dropped out. On top of that she must find new doctors.
    Thanks for nothing dems.

  30. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    Who cares what Schumer wants, or any of them! I cannot believe these Ass***** are coming out of the closet, and not respecting the new President! As an aside, Michael Moore needs to be dealt with! FAT TUB OF LARD!!

  31. Tom says

    Chuck Schumer will never admit this was crap legislation slammed through by the Democrats and everyone knows it. So, his position is blame everything on the Republicans and ignore the fact they did this with no republican support in the first place. The end result is if we keep it: failure. If we cashier it: blame. So the public ends up taking the hit either way. Someone is going to suffer. They completely refuse to acknowledge ownership of a bad piece of legislation; typical. Whatever fix the Republicans can come up with needs to be methodical, transparent and well publicized. With, input from everyone possibly involved, government, insurers, health care providers, public which is the exact opposite of how the Democrats did it. Jerks!

    1. Retired says

      Democrats never admit to their failures nor will they give you a strait answer when things go wrong.

  32. jackhy says

    Chuck Schumer is a typical Liberal socialist Democrat who wouldn’t help the O’barfo’s admin. repair and correct the 1 Billion debacle that is Obamacare and now he says he won’t help the incoming admin. replace it. What a jerk he is!

    1. Retired says

      Schumer is like a piece of art that belongs in a dumpster.

  33. supergun says

    Some of the health plans premiums are over $2,000 per month. That is pure crazy. The focking democrats destroyed the greatest health system in the World.

  34. pappy450 says

    I guess the “new SCUMOCRATS” have forgotten already that WE have the Majority in Government and DO NOT need any help repealing a “law” that was shoved through with NO “Republican vote”
    OUR TURN! Suck it up buttercups.

  35. Yul bolsun says

    Seems congress needs less democrats and more people that will get things done

  36. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says

    The Republicans have voted for repeal more than 50 times and still don’t have a plan for what to do after repeal. Six years to think up a replacement and still no plan?

    How can that be defended?

  37. Justin Seine says

    Whenever it becomes obvious to everyone that the horses have left the barn, good old Chuck Schumer’s face is all over the media expressing outrage that it happened and that he will enact legislation to make sure those barn doors get shut and secured. A day late and a dollar short – as usual. Old Chuckie is definitely the Supreme Master of the Obvious.

  38. rowleya says

    These Socialized Med Killers should be tried for murder

  39. senseinpolitics says

    Actually, since Obamacare was already a half-baked idea, that would make the replacement Chucky-boy is talking about a 1/4 baked solution.

  40. bill14729 . says

    I bet we won’t hear you have to vote it in to see whats in it from a GOP

  41. Barbara says

    Good we don’t need them.. the democrats have their brains in the toilet so they probably would not be much help … they only want to screw the citizens… we need the mess cleaned up and democrats will only make it worse… GO away Schumer and all you idiots.. you are useless

  42. Janthony132 says

    His statements and actions will set well with Democrats that are hurt from Obamacare and DO WANT it REPLACED

  43. stgabrn says

    Why are you (Schumer) trying to keep this nightmare?????? YOU are out of touch with the people of NY, especially upstate NY. Get with it Schumer, this so called Affordable HealthCare Act is a disaster. For heaven sake, when one of my medications that cost a $35.00 co-pay for 90 day supply, before this crazy thing with healthcare now cost me between $378 plus cents to $473 plus cents now. You call that a help? Where did you learn math??????????? Pllus, the monthly costs have more than doubled. OH yes this Obama care is really good. In a pigs ear!

    1. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says

      So, the new plan is . . . ?

  44. Michael Dennewitz says

    ROFLMFAO !! A federal judge has blocked any recount attempts in Mich.. It’s definite, Mr Trump is our man. Get ready, all you friggin freeloaders!! ROFLMFAO

  45. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says

    See, it’s like this. You’re hanging from a cliff by a rope. Along come the Republicans and tell you they will cut the rope. So you ask, then what? And they say, “Oh, we don’t have a plan for that. We just want to cut the rope. Bye bye.”

    And that is how the right wing fixes problems.

  46. FAITH47 says


  47. Robert Early says

    Well, Dufus, if your not going to help, then get the hell out of the way. It is not going to remain as is. If it takes revolt to change it, we’ll hang you in the process. Civil War isn’t very nice.

  48. jimmy9522 says

    They didn’t do anything in 8 years except let it deteriorate, why would they start now?

  49. Motorhead says

    That is the best news I have ever heard coming from a Democrat. Please don’t replace it. I never wanted it anyway. 82nd Airborne

  50. paul says


  51. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC says

    Chuck Schumer is a jackass! Obamacare is a huge failure. It needs to be replaced, and everyone needs to work on the replacement, even you dumbass liberals.

  52. feduptohere says

    It will be changed, that you can be sure of, but Donald Trump has already stated that there are a few parts that they might keep, just work it around differently. they don’t need Democrats to pass it. Remember both houses are now Republican.

  53. ALSO-reformed says

    They won’t help? They won’t help??? Heck, they didn’t help solve the health care problems in the first place so why would it be any different this time??? Their party “symbol” of a jackass now has the perfect elected minority leader; rude to American Citizens. Maybe this time “Tort-Reform” will be added to the replacement and that alone would solve major issues thus making health insurance massively less expensive.

  54. Tom Ford says

    Chucky Wucky, you just haven’t figured it out yet, have you? Your team passed that nightmare not only without any Republican input or votes, you yourselves didn’t want your names attached to it, so it was “deemed passed” by Nasty Nancy – now, you’re no longer relevant, Chucky.

  55. Testplot says

    it is aholes like this that should not even be in Congress to begin with…..

  56. Evagweldon says

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  57. Progressive Republican says

    The GOP leadership needs to be very, very smart in how they go about this.

    Oh well.

    So much for that.

  58. Linda Abernathy says

    They keep making their own case why America dumped them all. They choose Pelosi. No help to Republicans to “unify”. I guess its their way or the highway. I thank God everyday that Hillary lost this election.

  59. realbrightguy says

    A village in Manhattan has lost their IDIOT.
    Please send him back from DC.
    The idiot Democrats broke it….
    They own it…..

  60. bill says

    because they don,t understand what it is to live from payday to payday when they need money they just take it from our pay all dem-o-rats are assholes and the people told them to go f–k off.

  61. Susan Short says

    Chucky Schumer, like most dumbocrats, doesn’t get it! The GOP, led by Trump, not only does not need any help from them, but does not want it either! Obamacare exist because of idiots like Pelosi, who said we need to pass the bill so that we can see what is in it! That kind of help the GOP does not need, and they will come up with something far better than Obamacare!

  62. Nik Nikkel says

    Sailing on the ship of fools, the republicans will destroy themselves during this administration. It is impossible for them to be anything but the party of the 1%.

  63. bill says

    Nik what did Obama do for my country nothing [he is not my President]

  64. Dick says

    Well then stand down you bunch of pussies. We are not paying with are hard earned money so you can piss it away on assholes that refuse to work. GOT IT ?

  65. Dick says

    What the fuck Chuck are you brain dead. Close the coffin……

  66. gerald Hughes says

    Hey Schumer scut, you liberal dem bloodsucking scumbags passed the insurance rape all by your self at midnight without a single republican vote.
    Nah, I don’t think we want you to help us, considering how bad the insurance rape was.
    Replace, no ia-hole, we are going to repeal it.
    We didn’t adopt you liberal dem bloodsuckering parasites , you want insurance pay for it, just like we do, you don’t want to buy it, feel free to do without.

  67. Walter Flatt says

















  68. MJB says

    We’ll have to repeal it to know how to fix it. Sound familiar? Just my take.

  69. Patty Parfait says

    Who is asking for their help?

    Don’t want the guys (and gals) who were instrumental in launching the debacle known as Obamacare to have anything to do with repairing or replacing it. They’ve already proved they are idiots and don’t care if it’s workable or not.

    It’s time for a fresh take on heathcare and insurance costs. So please Dems and Republicans that voted for “The (un)Affordable Care Act … please DON’T try to help. You’ve done enough damage already,

  70. Lillyhammer Lip says

    Thank God you democrats won’t help. You would just mess it up anyway. FINALLY you all have made one great decision for the first time. You guys are soooooo….. smart. Remember…the replacement bill for Obamacare will have to be passed before you can read what is in it. Fair is fair is it not?

  71. Never_a_Snowflake says

    If the 0webomb euthanasia/genocide plan was the best you could come up with I’m sure the Rinos will be grateful for your declining to assist them in formulating a plan that will work and that will not bankrupt the user, the medical profession or the insurance companies. Coverage for preexisting conditions has always been available from Ins companies. You just had to be willing to pay for it, and parents could always keep grown “children” on thier plan, again you have to be willing to pay for it. LLoyd’s of London and other Ins companies will insure anything you want to insure. Betty Grables legs were insured for a million dollars and other hollywood denizens insured other parts of thier anatomy also, including voices. If the price was right.

  72. Patty Parfait says

    It needs to be for all Americans … including all politicians … House, Senate, Judiciary, President, etc.

  73. JOE says

    GOOD u F’ING smuck-smuck

    It is a Hebrew Word for the Foreskin that gets chopped off at birth. So
    when a person that is educated or a Jew calls you a Smuck. He or She is
    calling you a useless piece of dick.

  74. R. T. says

    They did not want any republican input to form it or pass it so now they don’t want anything to do with it , they still haven’t learned to work with others !!

  75. Snoopdoggydoug says

    Come up with a plan, that all, something all Americans can afford. That the snag, there is “no” plan, just repeal, than leave the insurance companies to, fix rates, decide who or who doesn’t get insurance, deny any existing condition that might cost money, cancel when you get too expensive to treat. Simple, come up with something, that is all the Baboon democrat said, again the problem is the Baboon Conservatives don’t have one !!!!!!!

  76. Alleged Comment says

    Of course they won’t. It’s not constitutional. If it was they would be ALL FOR IT!!

    Welcome to the world of the communist and treasonous Demoncrap.

  77. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

    Mainstrean Liberal racist media lost we won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Alleged Comment says

      Nice art work. One of the best I seen!

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        Thank you, Thank you, the Liberal racist low energy thugs hate it…but who really cares lol

  78. MAHB001 says

    Since when did communism help anything?

    That is all the Democrats are pushing these days, communism.

  79. Deborah G says

    Schumer says the Republicans “refused” to work with them on Obamacare? WTF they weren’t even asked to the party LOL These Dems are truly nuts.

  80. gotcha1 says

    This is coming from guys like Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders, you know the guys that approved bad housing loans for people that could not afford them! Obviously, they can’t see how financially disastrous ObamaCare is. If it is so great why are Health Care Insurers leaving the market? Inept politicians can only see the graft they are receiving from lobbyists! Time to vote out these wannabe’s and amend the Constitution for term limits!

  81. TexRancher says

    The democrats own ObamaCare lock, stock and barrel! It’s all their’s passed without a single Republican vote! Remember “You have to pass it to see what’s in it”? Trouble is, we still have Chucky Schemer and the the Gooney Bird Pelosi Miss Lube Rack of 1955.

    Of course there are still more crooked Democrats who have among their midsts, 70-80 avowed communists (members of the DSA) and numerous splinter groups infesting our Congress! We don’t and never did expect them to do anything good for this country (RINOs included)!

    1. yatesracing says


  82. yatesracing says


  83. itsfun says

    I wonder how much the Democrats will like it when the Republicans use the “nuclear option” to pass a new healthcare plan? What goes around comes around.

  84. SammysDad says

    of course! Why would they? They care not a hoot for the health and prosperity of Americans. Democrats are completely “party” animals and will not separate themselves and think responsibly other than for the party. America be damned, and as soon as Americans realize this, we will all be better off.

  85. Janet says

    Whaaaaa we’re not going to work with the Republicans on anything! They act like a bunch of spoiled brats because they didn’t get their way and win the election. They are so obnoxious just like Obama who thinks he’s been a wonderful president. They don’t have a clue!

  86. desert fox says

    Hey, Demoncrats, The People, yes we Americans, are watching. We have your number. You tried to destroy America with your liberalism and it is coming back to haunt you. We are Patriots of our Country.

  87. Dennis says

    Democrats, be prepared to lose your jobs next election, the very next election if you try to block this.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says

      Yeah right. Look who elected for president. A guy who doesn’t believe in rules and regulations. The Dems will do exactly what your asshole Republicans did for the past 8 years. Their constitutents demand it. Obstruction, refusal to cooperate and refusal to in any way condone what the Republican jerk offs forced this country to have for a president.

      It was NEVER about Hillary. It was about keeping this country out of the hands of scheming, lying bastard CEOS.

      1. Dennis says

        The democrats will still lose for years to come because of Hillary and how bad the DNC handles cloak and dagger politics. You are delusional and in denial like your democrat friends. The recount looks good for Trump, doesn’t it?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Oh get off it already. You cannot seriously think that Hillary was the real reason the Republicans rigged not one but two elections. And, what you forget is that if your Republicans get too goddamn high and mighty, it will mean the Dem states seceding and leaving you to pay for it all on YOUR own.

          You are the one who is delusional pallie. You can’t seriously think the Dems will just sit back and take whatever Republican assholes dish out.

          The recount for Trump looks bad. The recount showed that Florida’s governor deliberately dumped over 2,000 Clinton votes, the MI recount is already showing that Hillary won the popular vote by more votes than President Obama or any U.S. president in history.

          Get this and get it straight. You do not get to tell Dems what YOU will do with OUR tax dollars. That Republican majority is not a weapon you asshole freeloading trough feeders can beat hell out of Democrats. We beat your asses in the Civil War and we will withdraw our state tax dollars from federal funding for anything that does not protect the health and future of our kids.

          Your kids can rot to death in your mindless austerity. Who the hell cares? It is NEVER the Dem states that suffer from your Republican dominance. It’s your asshole states. WE do just fine in Dem states. But you won’t do just fine when we stop the flush of tax dollars to your states.

          Since it is Republican states that eat up 65% of every annual budget, I guess your states are going to have to create more jobs, reinstate child labor, open up those coal mines but..wait..You won’t be able to transport them across OUR state lines. You reap what you sow asshole.

  88. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Bwhahahahaha! Mitch the Bitch said he was so proud that he refused to cooperate with President Obama and now you hicks expects the Dems to cooperate? Who raised you? Mammy Yokum? Lil Abner?

    First of all, the Republicans are not going to dump healthcare reforms. It isn’t to their financial advantage to do that since most of their campaign donations, especially Mitch the Bitch’s, come from HMOs and Big Insurance or as Mitch the Bitch said in March 2009, “I know a lot of HMO CEOs.” Yes…he sure does. And if they get rid of the ACA, he screws himself by dumping their profits.

    Wow..are you people dumb asses or what?

  89. clem says

    The DemocRATS own Obama Care, the Republicans did not vote for it. The Rats can stay out of the way and let Trumps’ administration will do just fine without their meddling.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says

      Your Penthouse Pumpkin already said he isn’t going to dump the ACA. What the hell are YOU talking about?

      1. clem says

        Says the lady with $h!t in her ears from living the last 8 years with her head up her own rectum.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Don’t believe it? Go check his Tweet of a week ago. He was asked if he planned to repeal the ACA. You need to stop fukking your old lady with that limp dick of yours.

  90. Ken says says

    Now there is a plan the DEMs have that I support. By not getting involved in a healthcare plan it would have many more cost effective measures in it and may even be a good piece of legislation. That is the way Botox Polozi likes to do legislation anyway – pass it – then read it at your leisure.

  91. TrueAmerican says

    the Dems don’t want to repeal a Program that no one can use. it is the COMMUNIST party of America. coverage that costs at least $500 per month per person Deductibles from $5000 to $15000 so 90% of this wonderful coverage that SO MANY have that didn’t have it before can’t be used because the ones that didn’t have it before don’t have $5000 laying around to meet their deductible what a bunch of BS. this is the second biggest scam put on AMERICANS brought to you by the Communist party, the first was Electing a Gay couple to the white House that knows NOTHING except how to Vacation and Golf on the Taxpayer Dime.

  92. Wayne Thorson says

    Well they can’t blame anything on the Democrats anymore. It’s all in their control now. Hold on to your hats because it’s going to get bad. Remember how good you have it now cause you are not going to see it again for some time. Trickle down economics doesn’t work. Trumps big mouth antics can not make it work. Sorry to disappoint all you dreamers.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says

      It surely is going to be bad. First of all, the next 4 years will keep Trump on his toe to avoid outright violations to the U.S. Constitution. The issues regarding conflict of interest, he considers, “not that important,” will be reviewed over and over by the Supreme Court. It has to be. Article II of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that bribery is cause for impeachment. Bribery isn’t just offering money to get something you want, although Trump already has done that with Carrier and several other wheeling and dealing with foreign leaders at Trump Tower he has been up to.

      So, be prepared to see Trump in the SC every time he makes a dime from one of those 200 businesses he claims he doesn’t have to divest. NO. He doesn’t. But the minute he opens his mouth and makes a single “business” deal of a personal business nature with any country that is a national security risk, Trump goes down like the Titanic.

      1. melmack 1 says

        But but but obama was allowed to violate the Constutition all the time and NOBODY criticized Barack. Guess it was his right to do those things and make his own laws and rules …. AHOLE LIBERALS and RINOS !!!!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Obama was a Constitutional law professor. You posted another of your right wing lies, didn’t you? Prove what you posted. I DARE YOU!

          Do you eat hate for breakfast or does McMommy ram it down your throat or is it that bully Daddy you hate so much that has guys like you hissing like snakes.

          1. melmack 1 says

            LOL, alaska lady, alive and well under an alias !!!

          2. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Wow are you stupid or what? I was born and raised in NJ. And don’t bother to start that NJ is polluted bullshit. I should know the real statistics on pollution better than you EVER will. I worked in the oldest U.S. enviromental engineering company as a tech writer and accounting manager for 24 years and 10 months.

            NJ has stricter pollution laws than the EPA requires. It is your fukked up states that pollute. NC? Arsenic in their water since the 90s. West Virginia? Water contaminated by coal ash. TX, OK, ND, SD, NM, LA, OK …air, soil and water contaminated due to their watering down of EPA regs. Try again asshole. You are down for the count.

          3. melmack 1 says

            Actually obama was a community organizer, ((getting ILLEGAL ALIENS registered to vote DEMOCRAT)) working for ACORN. Surely YOU remember them!

          4. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Wrong fukkbagger. Get over your envy of this hugely successful, hugely intelligent president. Here are the FACTS after you finish eating shit,

            “UC Law School statement: The Law School has received many media requests about Barack Obama, especially about his status as “Senior Lecturer.”

            ” From 1992 until his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004, Barack Obama served as a professor in the Law School.

            He was a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996. He was a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004, during which time he taught three courses per year. He was a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004, during which time he taught three courses per year.

            Senior Lecturers are considered to be members of the Law School faculty and are regarded as professors, although not full-time or tenure-track. The title of Senior Lecturer is distinct from the title of Lecturer, which signifies adjunct status.

            Like Obama, each of the Law School’s Senior Lecturers have high-demand careers in politics or public service, which prevent full-time teaching. Several times during his 12 years as a professor in the Law School, Obama was invited to join the faculty in a full-time tenure-track position, but he declined.

            Now you jealous little shitball. Man up!

      2. Wayne Thorson says

        We probably will never get another chance like this to let the Republicans expose themselves. They are in complete control now and they are going to try all their trickle down economics on the people. It never works. The 2 Bush’s tried it and it didn’t work. So let’s let them commit suicide.

  93. R. T. says

    What else is new they did not want republican input when they crafted it ! So it’s failure is all theirs !!!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says

      Not true. Check the House and Senate records before you bully boy liars open your mouths. There is NO failure. The only states that EVER get hurt by your Republican’s mindless austerity, defunding and delaying action of legislation are YOURS.

      The Dem states are not hurt a single bit by anything you vengeful jerks of the GOP try. Our Dem states are not the ones sinking in a morass of debt…IA, KS, OK, WVA, FL, LA….all whining about how their states are in the red. Boooooo hoooooo….and don’t think you’ll get sympathy or help from Dem state taxes anymore. We finally realized we can do what you Republicans assholes have been doing right along to get freebies…stand on our states’ rights.

      ooooh must really hurt your ass to know that states’ rights were your standard strategy and now we will do the same. How does it feel?

      1. R. T. says

        There is no failure with obumba’s affordable care , average premium 40% , some areas 1 carrier ! California is not sinking in dept , Illinois has people and companies moving out and can’t pay bills ! Why don’t you move to California you can be one of the first people in their new Country !

  94. Bob Stewart says

    Schumer is a political hack. Americans are fixing to see what the real democrat party believes in. They don’t want a better America, they want a socialist regime that punishes the middle class to appeal to their base who don’t work and contribute nothing but democrats to the country. That’s why the democrats lost and hopefully the American people will start to realize that democrats only care about pandering to their base and to hell with the rest of America.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says

      Schumer is a NY politician and one of the very best. You get up his nose and you will rue to day your Republican pussy grabbers ever tried to use their majority as a weapon. Don’t you asshole know that for every action of Republicans, there is a Dem loophole around it? Not to smart now are you?

      1. draidt says

        Still Butt Hurt ?, Go see a proctologist if your Butt Hurt cream hasn’t worked after one month. If you can afford the deductible.

  95. dosadoe says

    Of course the Democrats do not want to repeal or replace Obamacare because it is the way they manipulate their constituents, making them dependent and ignorant about the harmful effects of a useless and expensive “healthcare” system! Republicans should ignore and find ways to purge the harmful effects of Obamacare and keef the patient and doctor central to healthcare while keeping costs of hospitals, clinics and drugs down! Modernize how the insurance is made available across state lines without the outmoded state run boards and exchanges that have hampered delivery of health care!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says

      How in the hell is dumping the cost of those who were uninsured by 22 million in number manipulation? Are you math challenged?

      Before the ACA, those 22 million had NO healthcare insurance. This is not Debatable. It is FACT. If 22 million Americans can now pay for their own healthcare insurance, what the hell do you want? To make yourself rich by jacking the premiums of those who can afford healthcare insurance until it is no longer affordable for anyone but the rich? Go back to school. Your math sucks.

      1. draidt says

        Just how many are paying the IRS penalty by not having Insurance because your Butt Boy’s ACA scheme has made the cost too high to afford ? Even those who could afford it before have been driven out. let’s not even discuss how the insurance deductibles have gone out of sight.

    2. Arizona Don says

      Do you square dance Dosadoe?

      The ACA is self-destructing no one has to repeal it. Repealing it however, just speeds thing up some. It therefore, in time, will need to be replaced even if not repealed. The fact is the democrats either do not see that or their degree of intelligence does not allow them to perceive reality.

      All communists know the most effective way to control the masses is to control both food and healthcare. Actually one of those will work but both is better because it ends any and all resistance. Stalin used this very method to control many people including those in Ukraine. Many starved to death even though the Ukraine is the bread basket of that part of the world.. This is all a part of the fundamental transformation the democrats cheered so wildly for when obama made the announcement. If he could have gotten the guns he could have succeeded. He did not get them so he did not succeed.

      By the way the ACA was never meant to succeed. He, obama, wanted a single payer similar to England and Canada. Its only purpose was to control therefore, the twenty-two thousand pages of new regulations for corporations. It is all about control. Not about healthcare.

  96. J.B.Jacobs says

    They talk about the insurance companies dropping out if Obamacare is repealed and replaced. They are already dropping out of Obamacare. If they pull out, who are they going to sell their policies to? Most of them would be bankrupt in 6 months. Trump says he wants to make it so insurance companies can sell in any state. Erase the lines that has eliminated competition, make it more competitive and the cost should go down so more people can afford it. I hope he is right.

    1. Arizona Don says

      Nothing keeps cost lower and quality improving like competition. Nothing.

  97. denniscerasoli says

    This should be right up Trump’s alley,we’ll see just how bright Trump is figuring it out.

  98. borecrazy says

    I read Isis has similar ideas at the inauguration! It’s getting easier by the day to see who wants to build up America and who wants to tear it down. Their way (proven failure) or no way, right? We have a system of checks & balances or it doesn’t work (the last 8 years prove that!). Why don’t these people direct their money and energy towards supporting the countries growth and betterment instead of being an embarrassment to the nation? Hillary lost simply because the policies of the Democrats in charge weren’t working. Trump won using the guidelines of our election system. Hillary escaped (so far) prison time, but her “loyal” followers are already talking about trying to get the electoral voters to pull their votes for Trump and back a new candidate? Really people, it’s time to use your grown-up brains and help the rest of the nation move on to better things! Already since the election the world’s stock markets have spiked $2 TRILLION above what they were before! We as a nation are back, and on a roll! Don’t ruin it by making us look dumb to the rest of the world!