Demographic Shift: When Muslims Outnumber Everyone


Representing only .06% of the population, Islam has yet to make an enormous splash in American politics. While the religion has made more than its share of waves in the last twenty years – most of which come down to terrorist attacks – Muslims do not yet come close to matching Christians or even Jews when it comes to the U.S. population. That said, there are valid concerns that this might be changing and changing fast.

Gathering in Chicago, the Islamic Strategy Conference said, “We must prepare ourselves for the reality that in 30 years there will be 50 million Muslims living in America.”

The Baby Boom

Around the world, Islam is undoubtedly the fastest-growing religion on the planet. There are more mosques than churches in the south of France, an enormous shift in Islamic population has been seen in all of Europe, and birth rates among Muslims far outpace those of Western religions. The West has embraced all the little niceties of the liberal movement like contraception, delayed marriage, divorce, and abortion, and it has led to an inevitable shrinking birth rate in Europe and the United States.

Meanwhile, what is happening in the Muslim community? What are they learning? Well, not abortion, that’s for sure. Instead, they are adhering to calls for polygamy, abandoning contraception, and maximizing the number of babies they invite into the world.

As far back as 2009, the UK’s Daily Telegraph issued a warning about the “demographic time bomb” getting ready to change the European Union. Unrestrained immigration had led to the influx of millions of Muslims “who will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades.” Analysts since then have predicted that Britain will find itself a majority Muslim country by the year 2050.

Meanwhile, an Ocean Away…

Because population rates among Muslims are so low in the United States – and because we have strict immigration laws (when they aren’t being thwarted by the president) – no such shocking shift awaits us. Well, at least not that quickly. Still, it can’t be ignored that the world is changing rapidly. To discount what that will mean for the future of America would be folly. Muslims were only about 12% of the human race in 1900. Today, they represent 22.5%. Eventually, this growth will shape America’s demographics as much as it has Europe’s.

It’s a touchy subject, even for conservatives. After all, don’t we believe in freedom of religion? Of course. But we have to recognize the geopolitical realities of the situation. In November alone, Islamic terrorists were responsible for more than 5,000 deaths. And it doesn’t really matter that most of their victims were also Muslim because the Islamic world has done virtually nothing to stop the killing in the absence of considerable Western firepower.

Not all Muslims are bad people – that’s not what this is about. It’s about what happens when there are enough Muslims in America to allow for a substantial population of radicals to rise up as well. Radicals who want to replace the Constitution with the Quran, the Bill of Rights with Sharia Law. Is it a worse-case scenario? Maybe. But unless we tame the beast that is extremism, it’s nearly inevitable.

  1. MissLotus says

    This article misses the point that there are not enough extremists to actualize an overtake of either the United States or the world, and given that the issue isn’t Islam itself, or the Muslim population, there never will be. To say that the point isn’t to label all Muslims as bad is simply a courtesy, and it isn’t enough to stop generalizations and continued misinformation. The idea that Muslims are producing more and more children in order to increase potential for domination is ridiculous, in the sense that it’s difficult to believe someone could write or read such an idea and consider it with seriousness. What society (ours and the entire world society) doesn’t need is further hysteria. What it needs is true solutions derived from unity. It’s extremely difficult for socially and economically underprivileged Muslim people in regions where extremist violence and ignorance is at its highest to do anything functional against these activities, they need not be blamed for the beliefs and actions of the minority they are abused by. If this nation is to be fixed, personally I would find it’s a great deal more logical to begin with what’s broken within our own territory between the people of this nation. The recent protests and acts of violence against police brutality, which continues to go unreprimanded, and the continued abuse of authority of many law enforcement officials through racial and economic profiling need more attention than Muslims procreating to build armies. Reality versus fiction. Homelessness, an inadequate healthcare system, astronomical rates of drug abuse and sexually transmitted diseases, divorce and domestic violence are unfortunate aspects of brokenness among our nation that need attention. Hunger and nutritional deficiencies among impoverished American citizens doesn’t get nearly the attention it needs, neither does illiteracy rates and low academic performance throughout our educational facilities. It’s no wonder sometimes why we can’t fix our own nation and make it’s reality correspond with the image of a “great nation” that we like to present in words and ideas, we simply don’t focus enough practical attention on the difficult realities right here in front of us, asking for at least as much attention as concepts such as in this article.

    1. Peter Pan says

      the Sand Nig gers are coming under this admin. His agenda is being fulfilled right before our very eyes. Troll is Hillary is just as bad as Obama if not worse.

      1. Uzoozy says

        Think good and positive values for people, makes you a better Christian.

        1. Ron Warren says

          How can you instruct on a Faith you insult? God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel is not mocked.

      2. MissLotus says

        Peter Pan people like yourself have been saying this since Barrack Obama was first elected, don’t you think something would have happened by now? It won’t because it’s simply hysteria and prejudice and not reality leading to these ridiculous assumptions of the president’s agenda of terrorism being fulfilled. It’s a shame American society hasn’t become less ignorant over time, since the days of Native American genocides and black slavery. Simply put people like yourself dislike the president for being of mixed race and for having a foreign name, mistakenly thinking America is all about the Anglos. Mr. Obama represents the true America, a land of diversity, a land represented by a symbol such as the Statue of Liberty which is meant as a beacon of hope for immigrants. I may be mostly Anglo myself, but I also have Mexican heritage and a family with many intermarriages between races, cultures and religions. I feel so lucky for the amount of knowledge and lack of fear and hatred and prejudice this has given my life. It would really be limiting to live a life of ignorance in regards to our fellow humans.

    2. Paul S says

      Oh brother!! Are you kidding with this tripe? Police brutality? How bout don’t resist arrest , no matter how right you think you are! How about the black community letting go of the gangsta mentality? But you must already know this and choose to ignore it. Troll!!!

      1. Peter Pan says

        chris rock how not to get beat by the police

      2. MissLotus says

        I love how when people don’t know what else to say they jump to the word troll to avoid discussion. You’re right, people shouldn’t resist arrest. Have you reviewed the video of Eric Garner however? He was noncompliant but not aggressive. The proof is all right there in plain sight. Despite his lack of violence, he was violently placed into a hold, and a prohibited hold among the NYPD, and also not released when telling the officers he couldn’t breathe. I have family who are officers and they are good, and I’ve also seen many good and compassionate officers. Yet I’ve also witnessed officers physically assaulting men ( of various races) when the men weren’t fighting them, and also being verbally abusive with people who weren’t arguing or fighting. I used to work in a chemical dependency facility where officers brought in intoxicated people, many of them homeless. I’ve had my share of unpleasant experiences telling officers that clients in our facility weren’t to be treated in an inhumane manner especially when the clients weren’t acting out in the first place. Some people abuse authority and that’s the reality. Police racially and economically profile it’s not a secret and it’s not uncommon. Labeling the black community with “gangsta mentality” is a pretty sweeping generalization and sounds ignorant. If I were you I’d learn a little more about the vastness of the world before trying to discuss it. Peace to you.

    3. Deb says

      I wouldn`t turn my back on the muslims and that is why the healthcare and everything else is put on the back burner because of this atrociousness being perpetrated on people everywhere. Something must be done and to say that it is a minority of muslims causing this is absurd.

    4. rathole9 says

      our country could be turned around if we could get rid of the socialist left-wing people in our government and if we would put God back in our government back in our schools where he needs to be but I imagine somebody like you would protest that just as the Muslims would that’s why people like you and the Muslims should get out of my country and if there was a way to get you out believe me I would do it and that day is coming

      1. Uzoozy says

        God into the government and schools yes, but not JC as god.
        You need to go back to Phudisville.

        1. rathole9 says

          if not our Heavenly Father and His only begotten Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ then who. as far as me going back to anywhere I will stay right here in America with me and my kind and it will be shortly that me and my kind will get rid of you and all of your kind you can count on that happening

          1. Uzoozy says

            Heavenly father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. I am the son to my heavenly father so was JC , you should stay where you are, only displace other in Iraq and Afghanistan.
            Blessed are you.

          2. rathole9 says

            we displaced no one you piece of trash normally I don’t call names but you are nothing but a piece of trash and if there was a way to meet you trust me I would do this and I would show you just a little bit of what true reality is and you would not like it

          3. Ron Warren says

            rathole9 this agent of Satan is powerless. He/she makes no sense and is totally useless. Ignore. Maybe IT will go crawl back under its rock.

          4. rathole9 says

            you are right and I will ignore it from now on thanks, I usually don’t let myself get irritated like that

          5. Ron Warren says

            God is not mocked.

    5. Name says

      “Homelessness, hunger and nutritional deficiencies” will not kill this once great Nation. A minority of traitors within will. Look at our Congress and Executive. And don’t underestimate the lawlessness of the Judiciary.

      Islam is no “fiction”. Islam works on many fronts. Terrorism is only one of them. They infiltrate nations, they multiply like rabbits, and become the enemy within. They become politicians, sympathising legislators, and impose their own view of the world on others, through laws.

    6. KLH6 says

      You are so naive. Muslim mothers rejoice when their sons commit atrocities against “infidels” that end up in their own demise. What mother celebrates when their sons blow themselves up?I believe”only” 20% are radical so that’s about 120 million. They can do tremendous damage. Listen to links to their networks. Many of broadcasts have English subtitles. Listen to them spew hatred and incite violence. The police can no longer patrol mosques and that is where they are being radicalized.But IRS can infiltrate our churches disguised as “normal” citizens & monitor sermons. Can you imagine outrage if Christian churches provoked these acts to kill & maim?

      1. Uzoozy says

        There are .0001 percent lost sheep in Islam versus 25 percent in the xtian religion.
        All lies and rubbish is being translated, I heard a few, the translation is in correct, similar to Aramaic translation to Greek and vice versa,
        Churches have been provoking fighting/killing since early 1800 and has not stopped.

    7. guest233 says

      But social justice and ‘fairness’ to all is a fairytale When people start to believe that which is true and act on it then and only then will life improve. Police brutality in the Micheal Brown case? The truth is Micheal Brown ASSAULTED the police officer. He went for his gun! Had Brown respected the law he would be alive today. We are in trouble as a people and as a nation because too many americans are believing every word the liberal media are uttering.

      1. Uzoozy says

        The CIA and the cops need to get their act together.
        Muslims cannot suppress Muslims by the gun, Forget dominance theory, never worked nor will work.
        Time to Invade Turkey

    8. Uzoozy says

      Great blog.

  2. DustyFae says

    We will have the Middle East Killing Machine here in USA, if we do not stop this soon. I am sick of people claiming Muslims are easy to offend, well, they offend me with their Religion of Pieces…

    1. MARYSWEET says

      They are already here and have been for months.

      1. DustyFae says

        It will get worse, l think that is why no one wants to offend the muslims… but we are going to have to do something one day.. Our Government is leading us into total danger for every one in USA.

        1. guest233 says

          the very fact we are living and breathing offends muslims.

          1. Uzoozy says

            If you say so you are the ex fart

          2. Ron Warren says

            Uzoozy you are displaying the mentality of a juvenile delinquent.
            You are very likely age sixteen to nineteen with no refined upbringing.

          3. Uzoozy says

            Take some more Melatonin and you will feel better.
            Muslims love all religions that pray to the Almighty God not to a doll on a stick.

          4. Peter Pan says

            BS…….there is no eternity for you just the gates of HELL because the Muslim religion is a false religion created by a pedophile and a homosexual. The false prophet of Mohammad is a devout homosexual and a pedophile.

          5. Uzoozy says

            Peter Pan Uzoozy • 2 hours ago

            BS…….there is no eternity for you just the gates of paradise because the Muslim religion is the only true religion created by a Mighty and kind God . The prophet Issa
            was the blessed prophet of God .

          6. Peter Pan says

            As I said before Raghead, the Muslim religion is a false religon let by the homosexual and Pedophile Mohammad. Queers and child molesters cannot enter the gates of paradise.

          7. Uzoozy says

            You will never ever go close to heaven, you are banished because you pray to an idol.

          8. Peter Pan says

            At least I am not praying to a pedophile and a homosexual…your Allah Is a false God .

          9. Uzoozy says

            Go back to your fairy world, follow the following excepts of the bible may refresh your memory what Xtians are all about.

            Kill People Who Don’t Listen to Priests

            Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death. Such evil must be purged from Israel. (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT)

            Kill Witches

            You should not let a sorceress live. (Exodus 22:17 NAB)

            Kill Homosexuals
            “If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives.” (Leviticus 20:13 NAB)

            Kill Fortunetellers

            A man or a woman who acts as a medium or fortuneteller shall be put to death by stoning; they have no one but themselves to blame for their death. (Leviticus 20:27 NAB)

            Death for Hitting Dad

            Whoever strikes his father or mother shall be put to death. (Exodus 21:15 NAB)

            Death for Cursing Parents

            1) If one curses his father or mother, his lamp will go out at the coming of darkness. (Proverbs 20:20 NAB)

            2) All who curse their father or mother must be put to death. They are guilty of a capital offense. (Leviticus 20:9 NLT)

            Death for Adultery

            If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife, both the man and the woman must be put to death. (Leviticus 20:10 NLT)

            Death for Fornication

            A priest’s daughter who loses her honor by committing fornication and thereby dishonors her father also, shall be burned to death. (Leviticus 21:9 NAB)

            Death to Followers of Other Religions

            Whoever sacrifices to any god, except the Lord alone, shall be doomed. (Exodus 22:19 NAB)

            Kill Nonbelievers

            They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB)

            Kill False Prophets

            If a man still prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall say to him, “You shall not live, because you have spoken a lie in the name of the Lord.” When he prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall thrust him through. (Zechariah 13:3 NAB)

            Kill the Entire Town if One Person Worships Another God

            Suppose you hear in one of the towns the LORD your God is giving you that some worthless rabble among you have led their fellow citizens astray by encouraging them to worship foreign gods. In such cases, you must examine the facts carefully. If you find it is true and can prove that such a detestable act has occurred among you, you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock. Then you must pile all the plunder in the middle of the street and burn it. Put the entire town to the torch as a burnt offering to the LORD your God. That town must remain a ruin forever; it may never be rebuilt. Keep none of the plunder that has been set apart for destruction. Then the LORD will turn from his fierce anger and be merciful to you. He will have compassion on you and make you a great nation, just as he solemnly promised your ancestors. “The LORD your God will be merciful only if you obey him and keep all the commands I am giving you today, doing what is pleasing to him.” (Deuteronomy 13:13-19 NLT)

            Kill Women Who Are Not Virgins On Their Wedding Night

            But if this charge is true (that she wasn’t a virgin on her wedding night), and evidence of the girls virginity is not found, they shall bring the girl to the entrance of her fathers house and there her townsman shall stone her to death, because she committed a crime against Israel by her unchasteness in her father’s house. Thus shall you purge the evil from your midst. (Deuteronomy 22:20-21 NAB)

            Kill Followers of Other Religions.

            1) If your own full brother, or your son or daughter, or your beloved wife, or you intimate friend, entices you secretly to serve other gods, whom you and your fathers have not known, gods of any other nations, near at hand or far away, from one end of the earth to the other: do not yield to him or listen to him, nor look with pity upon him, to spare or shield him, but kill him. Your hand shall be the first raised to slay him; the rest of the people shall join in with you. You shall stone him to death, because he sought to lead you astray from the Lord, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that place of slavery. And all Israel, hearing of this, shall fear and never do such evil as this in your midst. (Deuteronomy 13:7-12 NAB)

          10. Peter Pan says

            If that’s true then why aren’t ALL of the Muslims not deceased. The Quaran is based on lies from a homosexual and a pedophile. In addition, the Muslims in the end days will all wind up in Hell with their father Satan.

          11. Uzoozy says

            Neither the Muslims nor the Christians will to hell they will be judged by what they do in their own lives.
            If you do good you go to heaven otherwise is to hell.
            Its good that the Christians are NOT following the teaching of the violent bible.
            otherwise would play hell on eart.
            Its still time to pray to God alone, not the doll on the stick.

          12. Peter Pan says

            You Muslims are a piece of work… guys believe the Quaran which was written by homosexuals and pedophiles. If you want to believe that garbage then you deserve what you get ..HELL.

          13. Uzoozy says

            By your saying for me to go to hell is a blessing.
            90 percent of the bible is pure non sense, man written stuff full of contradictions and farbage.

          14. Carmen G. Williams says

            Is this because it is essentially the history of the Jews?
            The Bible is real people, real places, real history.

          15. Ron Warren says

            Peter he is committing the unpardonable sin. Let’s hope he wakes up before it’s too late.

          16. Ron Warren says

            Uzoozy tell your embalming funeral director to dress you in a very thick heat-proof asbestos swim suit. That Lake of Fire is going to be very hot. Meanwhile enjoy the cool while you can.

          17. Uzoozy says

            I will not be embalmed, I know your ass will catch fire very soon, the first thing to go will be your manhood, prepare for a life of an unuch .
            enjoy your filth

          18. MissLotus says

            I really wouldn’t bring homosexuality into the argument, as there is no religion that unanimously accepts homesexuality. Even Buddhism considers homosexuality unnatural and wrong, even Judaism and Christianity consider it sinful. Human beings misinterpret and abuse religions in any culture and from any belief system. Certainly there are extremists in Islam who are dangerous, but there’s too much hysteria and misinformation regarding Islam and Muslims. Look at many of the comments here, such as raghead, sandnigger, kill them all. What an aggressive an violent mentality This type of thinking is simply more of the problem. Ignorance that stifles true solutions.

          19. Uzoozy says

            Three chears to you,the first sensible post I have free ad in a long long time.
            May God bless you

          20. MissLotus says

            You know nothing of religion it seems, considering Allah is the word for God just as Yaweh just as Jehova. Same God and each of the three Western religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are Abrahamic faiths. This is why the Quran permits Muslims to marry other people of the book, meaning Jews and Christians. Judaism isn’t as accepting of this practice especially not within Israel. Research Lehava, they’re an Israeli Jewish terrorist group who tries to stop Jews and Arabs from assimilating together, they try and stop intermarriages and have destroyed an Israeli Arabic-Hebrew school. There are many humans who act out of ignorance the problem can’t be defined by one religion or group.

          21. Peter Pan says


          22. Peter Pan says

            I figured that you were some left wing nut. Being an Obama supporter was among the first clue. In the first place its not the color of a mans skin that matter, but rather the marxist Agenda of Obama. I’m sorry that you have been too dumb to see the forest for the trees. You need to wake up and look, I mean really look at what’s happened. This ma is just as dangerous as Adolph Hitler, Lenin and Stalin.

          23. Peter Pan says

            As I said before Raghead, the Muslim religion is a false religon let by the homosexual and Pedophile Mohammad. Faggots and child molesters cannot enter the gates of paradise.

          24. Uzoozy says

            I am sure you have no inkling about Christian doctrine

          25. Uzoozy says

            Kill People Who Don’t Listen to Priests

            Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death. Such evil must be purged from Israel. (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT)

            Kill Witches

            You should not let a sorceress live. (Exodus 22:17 NAB)

            Kill Homosexuals
            “If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives.” (Leviticus 20:13 NAB)

            Kill Fortunetellers

            A man or a woman who acts as a medium or fortuneteller shall be put to death by stoning; they have no one but themselves to blame for their death. (Leviticus 20:27 NAB)

            Death for Hitting Dad

            Whoever strikes his father or mother shall be put to death. (Exodus 21:15 NAB)

            Death for Cursing Parents

            1) If one curses his father or mother, his lamp will go out at the coming of darkness. (Proverbs 20:20 NAB)

            2) All who curse their father or mother must be put to death. They are guilty of a capital offense. (Leviticus 20:9 NLT)

            Death for Adultery

            If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife, both the man and the woman must be put to death. (Leviticus 20:10 NLT)

            Death for Fornication

            A priest’s daughter who loses her honor by committing fornication and thereby dishonors her father also, shall be burned to death. (Leviticus 21:9 NAB)

            Death to Followers of Other Religions

            Whoever sacrifices to any god, except the Lord alone, shall be doomed. (Exodus 22:19 NAB)

            Kill Nonbelievers

            They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB)

            Kill False Prophets

            If a man still prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall say to him, “You shall not live, because you have spoken a lie in the name of the Lord.” When he prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall thrust him through. (Zechariah 13:3 NAB)

            Kill the Entire Town if One Person Worships Another God

            Suppose you hear in one of the towns the LORD your God is giving you that some worthless rabble among you have led their fellow citizens astray by encouraging them to worship foreign gods. In such cases, you must examine the facts carefully. If you find it is true and can prove that such a detestable act has occurred among you, you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock. Then you must pile all the plunder in the middle of the street and burn it. Put the entire town to the torch as a burnt offering to the LORD your God. That town must remain a ruin forever; it may never be rebuilt. Keep none of the plunder that has been set apart for destruction. Then the LORD will turn from his fierce anger and be merciful to you. He will have compassion on you and make you a great nation, just as he solemnly promised your ancestors. “The LORD your God will be merciful only if you obey him and keep all the commands I am giving you today, doing what is pleasing to him.” (Deuteronomy 13:13-19 NLT)

            Kill Women Who Are Not Virgins On Their Wedding Night

            But if this charge is true (that she wasn’t a virgin on her wedding night), and evidence of the girls virginity is not found, they shall bring the girl to the entrance of her fathers house and there her townsman shall stone her to death, because she committed a crime against Israel by her unchasteness in her father’s house. Thus shall you purge the evil from your midst. (Deuteronomy 22:20-21 NAB)

            Kill Followers of Other Religions.

            1) If your own full brother, or your son or daughter, or your beloved wife, or you intimate friend, entices you secretly to serve other gods, whom you and your fathers have not known, gods of any other nations, near at hand or far away, from one end of the earth to the other: do not yield to him or listen to him, nor look with pity upon him, to spare or shield him, but kill him. Your hand shall be the first raised to slay him; the rest of the people shall join in with you. You shall stone him to death, because he sought to lead you astray from the Lord, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that place of slavery. And all Israel, hearing of this, shall fear and never do such evil as this in your midst. (Deuteronomy 13:7-12 NAB)

          26. Ron Warren says

            Hmmm. I’ve never seen a Barbie shish kebob. Uzoozy your
            imagination can concoct loads of strange ideas.

          27. greyfox says


        2. Uzoozy says

          Muslims are nice people except the .0001 percent, broad brush analogy.
          there are Over 2.05 billion of these people in the world . learn to live/understand them.
          Read the good bible and save your self?

      2. Uzoozy says

        Stop meddling in others affair, why the Iraq and Afghanistan invasion, dominance ?
        They kill over 1 million here in USA by gun shots.

      3. Uzoozy says

        Two centuries to be exact.
        You go to the country side, make (babies) peace not war.

        1. Ron Warren says

          So Obama’s Leftist followers and the radical muslims can kill the babies via premeditated murder today called abortion? …or cutting off their heads?

    2. Uzoozy says

      You are at liberty to go back to Phudisville.
      Be careful it has come into the church next to where you live,

    3. Uzoozy says

      Dusty Fae you got it wrong its the Yankees that went to the middle east to show their muscles. they are still trying to show their might and will be showing their superiority for the next 50 years another defeat is coming. The religion of Peace is here to stay, get out of Middle East, you were not invited to cause chaos and mayhem.

  3. Mark Clemens says

    I reckon us Christians need to step up our breeding habits………………
    I’ll do what I can…….

    1. Uzoozy says

      Have you got your Ed medicine otherwise the system will not work.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Who’s Ed? Is he your lover? What kind of medication does he need? Hanging around you I’d say aspirin, for head aches………

    2. Uzoozy says

      Your breading is to bread more hate.
      Love is the key to the bible

      1. Mark Clemens says

        You stereotype to much.
        Shows a shallow mind

      2. Ron Warren says

        Did you mean “Your breeding is to breed more hate”…?
        How would you know Uzoozy that “Love is the key to the bible (sic)”…? You seem to strongly “preach” anti Jew/Christian Faith on this board. Have you been peeking into that EVIL book? Better be
        careful. Lucifer will not like you going astray.

  4. dhwilson58 says

    There’s been an increase in muslims commiting terrorist attacks on Americans in the past week. Does anyone see the red flags? The fact that Muslims have been here for years but just now starting to make demands ( like they have the right to) tells me Obama has his brotherhood making their move! Obama stated he will stand with muslims at any cost, claims he is one and due to his mentality deranged mind set he’s prepared to do anything to help the Muslims take over our country!! When is it alright for anyone to rape and murder our women? Hack off our kids head? Obama is down there in Ferguson inciting riots and firing up the blacks but he’s not said one word about these cockroaches !! Does this bring out the red flags yet? It should! Obama needs to be told that if he doesn’t get rid of these cockroaches that’s commiting terrorist attacks on Americans “we the people” in a very short time will get rid of them ourselves, to protect our women and children! The same goes for the illegals that are bringing their violence and drugs over here with them! Obama created this mess, allowing terrorist into our country as he is a terrorist himself! WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!

    1. grover rambo says

      Looks like you, and I are the only ones that are awake! Stay locked and loaded my friend!

      1. dhwilson58 says

        I heard that I did !! You as well. Thank you

    2. nevergiveup says

      Yes, Obama did say if things for ugly he would stand with the Muslims. We are fighting to keep our Constitution intact. This administration is committing criminal acts and needs to be removed as our ‘Bill of
      Rights’ states. Is says it is our DUTY to remove such a one from office. DESPOT. We can’t wait for elections. It must be done
      now. Should have been done a long time ago.

      1. Deb says

        I totally agree, if a despot is not removed then there is the possibility that he will ruin the United States and we are not supposed to sit by silent while he destroys everything Americans and others hold sacred.

        1. Uzoozy says

          Not much to destroy honey, just the bees.

          1. Ron Warren says

            Does that mean we leave the birds alone?

          2. Uzoozy says

            Leave the birds and bees story.
            Grow up.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          Ahhh, but WHO actually has the balls to undertake such a task? Surely not that bitch Usleezy!!!

          1. Ron Warren says

            So Uzoozy is a female! Men don’t refer to each other as “honey.”

          2. Jonathan Brooks says

            Gay men do, and since Islam is the center of old school sodomite culture, I would not be surprized that this is a burka wearing dude. Saudi Arabia is one of the most oppressive places for out gays, with the death penalty for it, but behind closed doors, it is another matter.

          3. Uzoozy says

            Doors are opening and Gays are coming out in the open.
            Watch your back and other things.

          4. mac12sam12 says

            You’re telling us that you’re a pickle puffer?

          5. Uzoozy says

            Behind closed doors a lot of things happen, America is the divorce capital of the world now at over 51 percent of every marriage.

          6. Uzoozy says

            I will call you bunny, honey was in response to the original honey.

          7. Ron Warren says

            Whatever! I no understand. But don’t follow up. I’m not interested.

          8. Uzoozy says

            You need to suck on eggs

          9. Uzoozy says

            The other normal word is fuck you.

          10. Pamela Craghill says

            Michael, there is strength in numbers. You must all take to the streets to get him removed a.s.a.p.

          11. Uzoozy says

            Kill the truth in the bargain.
            Like other Christians who do not want to hear the truth, you cannot tolerate the truth.
            There is one God and Jesus was His messenger, a human.

          12. Pamela Craghill says

            Uzoozy, T.W.A.T.

          13. Uzoozy says

            Sound like Pamela Gellar the wh…
            And that’s not good.

          14. Uzoozy says

            Pamela join your friend Pamela Geller, the, she knows about TWAT.

          15. Uzoozy says

            The balls are in the closet, many are opening up.
            You need to watch your back.

          16. dondehoff says

            Uzoozy, you too, are one sick person. From time to time I see where you might have a good idea or two, but they all get obliterated by your life in the gutter.

          17. mac12sam12 says

            Do you have an assault fanny pack?

          18. Ron Warren says

            Michael please tell me; Who is Usleezy? is that Uzoozy?

          19. Michael Dennewitz says

            Yep, Usleezy is a little troll bitch. She’s probably about 13, gotten friction burns from playing with herself, so she comes on here and imitates a live, knowledgeable person!! I don’t even reply to the goofy bitch!!

          20. dondehoff says

            “Michael, and the Panel “moderators”—-Who is asleep at the censoring table? And “Mich”, I can see, without profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk, you would not have anything to say. I can also see you have a very limited knowledge concerning the five or so elements of “free speech”, when specific persons are referenced—-and yes, in addition to the First Amendment, there are reams of additional laws and court decisions on the issue of free speech, of which you know not what!. Go into a dark corner and perform your “mental masturbation”.

          21. Michael Dennewitz says

            Dinglehoff, if not for your arrogant ignorance, you might even begin to seem funny. No censoring here, so like I told you before, Mr Expert, HOW ABOUT, AFTER YOU’RE DONE PLAYING WITH YOUR BRAINS, GO FUCK YOURSELF?

          22. Bunny says

            All this is is a name calling forum half way throughout due to a few trolls. They have stated absolutely nothing intellectual on the topic at all. Or anything for that matter concerning the topic. If they had any opinions or statements regarding the topic and having a conversation about it then at least they could receive SOME stance and respect for their opinions, but that is not the case.
            I certainly am not perfect in grammar nor am I always great with “big words”. However, I try to get my opinion and point across and like to hear others as well. We may not agree and sometimes do and even sometimes I look at the topic in a different light that someone may state that I hadn’t thought of before and change my opinion!!
            Basically, if trolls want to play a name calling game, maybe Disqus should open up a “Troll Name Spitting, Mud Slinging” forum. :/

          23. dondehoff says

            “Mich”, you use the “adornment” word of “balls” and then refer to “that bitch”. Besides being utterly gross, you are lacking in knowledge about “male vs. female” anatomy . I trust you have the intestinal fortitude to respond—“civilly”.

          24. Michael Dennewitz says

            It feels so wonderful to be criticized by some FUCKTARD THAT HAS HIS SHIT ALL IN ONE SOCK, so to speak. And dingledorf, if you don’t like my language, geese, I guess you won’t like it when I tell you to GO FUCK YOURSELF ! :-))

          25. dondehoff says

            “Mich”, as Perry Mason would say, “Your Honor, I rest my case, and thank the defendant for assisting me in making my case”. You obviously have objectives in mind other than discussing this great country’s critical issues. Which of the NWO groups are you supporting? Also, it is obvious you are not aware that the Founding Fathers, The Constitution and all of the Courts, refrain(ed) from profanity, obnoxious nicknames, threats and gutter talk. I am sure they intended to set the “tone and tenor” for all critical discussions. As for your 4-letter words, real men “make love” and give compassion and understanding to their partners—they take great pride in “giving” more than they “get”. Can we get back to the issues of the day?

          26. Michael Dennewitz says

            W O W ! I feel so enlightened now Mr Dingledork! It’s assholes like you that attempt to change people’s beliefs and opinions on a daily basis. By everything you’ve choked up, you just have to be a damnocrat! HAHAHA Keep preaching to the choir, idiot boy! HA!!! And nothing you say will alter the fact that we have one little halfbreed BITCH in the “Not So White House!”..

          27. dondehoff says

            “Mich”, I am a retired USAF officer, staunch Republican, strict Constitutionalist and at age 82, I have voted in every national election since I was age 18, except for a few times “military assignments got in the way”. Just what is it with your, “Mich against the world” routine? With the world situation, as it is, you are “stepping on ants, while lions are leaping through the windows”. And yes, I manage to change a lot of peoples’ “beliefs and opinions”, and I sleep well every night. You might profit by reading a handful of my thousands of conservative posts on the internet—most through “Disqus”. Probably, my entire philosophy can be summarized in the simple statement, “…..because, without America, there is no Free World!”. I invite you to join me and the millions of others who believe the United of America has been the greatest social and political “Republic” experiment in the recorded history of the entire planet. And I do not apologize those efforts leave no room for profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk—-especially that which support the various NWO groups.

          28. Ron Warren says

            Dondehoff thank you for your service to the greatest nation on Earth and to the world. I was USAF too…4 years. Suggestion: “Do not give dogs what is holy, neither cast your pearls before swine.” They are not worth our time here or elsewhere. I wish you, our Flag and the Republic for which it stands, under God, a blessed 2015 and many more. RW

          29. Michael Dennewitz says

            Well, Mr Know It All, and I could really give a rat’s ass whether anyone likes my comments or not… You bring your arrogance to the website, and with each and every remark that anyone makes, you have the audacity to chastise and correct them, no matter what the subject! If there was a contest of sorts, no one would be a winner because of your need to stay on top of it all. My father, the good German that he was, always blurted, “Who really gives a shit how the hell it’s said, you got the point loud and clear didn’t you?” You insulted several people by injecting, as always, your corrective wording. We’re not in college, receiving demerits for how we word things, so why the hell act like you’re the only one that has his shit together at the cost of insulting everyone?? I’m sure you have a commendable service record, but I didn’t ask to know that. While we’re mentioning tho, I spent TWO years in Vietnam, along with my one brother, both stationed on the same LPH, and my youngest brother was on shore and was made into a tunnel rat. Yes, I have some hostilities, as a direct result of being a disabled Vietnam vet. And it would serve no purpose to inform you as to who made it back and who didn’t – I’m sure, with your arrogance, you’d have one hell of an answer for that too. What bothers me most, and I really don’t give a damn what other’s comments are, is the fact that my brothers and I each gave SIX years of our lives to this country, some not even returning whole, and this government really doesn’t give a shit! There must be one hell of a lot of illegal receiving benefits now because I received a letter yesterday from my “fine” government stating that my disability was reduced to, get this, $1.33 monthly. No, I didn’t make a typo, $1.33 !!! There is no future ahead for this country as long as that asswipe is in office, except a dismal one. Anyhow, I cringe at the thought of having to explain myself to ANYONE because most don’t give a rat’s ass anyhow. But you go on being the language Gestapo, I’m sure there are like minds floating around. But when it comes to me, keep your damned opinions to yourself, okay. I and a few others damned sure don’t appreciate it!!!

          30. dondehoff says

            “Mich”, thanks for you lengthy comment. I trust you now feel a little better. I am also a good listener (reader). I share your concern about our administration, including the VA. However, keep in mind that about 80% of most all groups, regardless of party, race, religion or whatever ((including the government), are very good people. At times it can get “too easy” to lump everyone into one group as being “bad” I do not criticize poor grammar, misspelled words, etc. as we all get “fat fingers” from time to time. I do and will continue to caution everyone using profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk, as I knew they have important points to make, but the gutter talk all too often overshadows what they are trying to say. As for your VA disability problem, there are lawyers that specialize in getting those issues reviewed and adjusted. A $1.33 disability?—-that does not even cover a chronic “ingrown toe nail”! I wish you well.

          31. Bunny says

            A $1.33 is a slap in the face.

          32. Peter Koehler says

            My God, your statement “My father, the good German that he was…” tells me that you are of decent lineage. How in the world then, could you have turned out to be so obnoxious?

            As a fellow German, now a naturalized citizen, I feel it my obligation to denounce you as a fellow countryman.

          33. Michael Dennewitz says

            And just who the hell placed you at the top of the heap and made you the supreme authority on ethnicity there asshole?? Call it whatever the hell your conceited mind wants to call it, I speak my mind and tell it like it is, no bullshit involved. And I could give a rat’s ass as to your heritage! Grasp it with both hands and shove it back up your fat ass where it’s obviously come from!! Dayuumm… Where do all these fucktards crawl from??

          34. Bunny says

            I thank you for your service as well and I agree however something is stated as long as the point gets across. However, with all the name calling and mud slinging that has been coming from your comments this is the only one I have seen you make any such attempt at speaking on topic. This would have served us all better had you done so and spoke more about it then all the ranting.

          35. Betty Hinkle says

            U 2 have started a talk among urselfs & total off the subject. Please get back onto the subject.

          36. dondehoff says

            Betty, point well taken. I am guilty as charged. Now, where were we?

          37. Betty Hinkle says

            I don’t remember now.  HA HA

          38. Bunny says

            Thank you for your service.

          39. Peter Koehler says

            When you run for public office, allow me to be your campaign manager…!

          40. dondehoff says

            Peter, thanks for the kind words. I have given “public office” some thought, but in abut 60 days I am going to be 83 years young. I have about three thousand conservative posts on the internet (most on Disqus) and instead of running for public office, I think I can reach more people by writing a book, hopefully entitled “The Bigger picture”. We, as a Nation, have many problems, but most all have become intertwined with the Muslim/Islamic clearly stated objective of their taking over the world and installing Islam as the one and only religion. (or lose your head). First, there is no such person as a “moderate Muslim”, their religion, under penalty of death, just not permit it. And don’t get me wrong, I do not hate any of the Islamic Faith, as they just relate to that which they have been taught from a very early age (and continuing several times a day for the remainder of their lives). Their Qur’an is completely undecipherable, in that it is lacking in chronology, and further made unreadable by the random insertions of “abrogations” also undated”. That Holy Book was compiled about 50 years after Muhammad’s death (before printing presses) by a committee of mere mortals. That committee had a person (also a mere mortal) in charge, that dictated what would and would not be included in the final product. Logic, deductive reason and plain common sense dictates that compiling and editing process clearly refutes that Holy Book is the exact “spoken word” of their god, Allah. I acknowledge that both, “Father Time” and the “system” may not permit that book to come into being.

          41. Bunny says

            It appears you have nothing to say one way or the other about the article and topic at hand. I think the “Troll, Name Spitting, Mud Slinging” forum will be added to Disqus soon for people like you. 🙂

        3. Uzoozy says

          Bho is upholfing the law

          1. Ron Warren says

            Satanic law which in formal terms is Sharia Law.

          2. Uzoozy says

            Obama is a Christian , at least God is the common diety

          3. Ron Warren says

            So if Obama is a Christian you, Uzoozu must reject him as an infidel because you are a Muslim. Gotcha!

          4. Uzoozy says

            MYOB I am what I am.

          5. Ron Warren says

            I am r

          6. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ahhh, so the truth is finally out. HAHAHAHA This Usleezy bitch is not only a troll, but the bitch is also a PIECE OF SHIT MOOSELUM!! HAHAHA I just knew it.

          7. Bunny says

            And that is?

          8. Dorie N. says

            No, Uzoozy, the Muslims do not answer to God. God’s commandment “Thou shalt do no murder” is only one of the commandments that they ignore. And you cannot be a follower of Christ and murder somene for using their free will to make a choice to not follow your faith. Secondly, God has never placed one soul over another, yet the Muslims make their women slaves to the men in their society. God has a hierarchy in terms of teaching and answering to Him, but in the marriage, there is no hierarchy. The man has no more importance than the woman, and the children are the precious souls that God has loaned you for a short while to teach and rear up in the Lord. Not to be used as a weapon to kill your enemy. Clearly you are an atheist because a Christian knows another Christian. And you are not one.

          9. dondehoff says

            Dorie, well said, except for the last two sentences. A Muslim, who has been taught to believe that his or her God is one and the same as the Christian God, is just “misinformed” and the Muslims do include many Christian and Jewish proverbs in their “Holy Book”. The problem being is the Qur’an is supposedly the “exact spoken word of Allah”, yet the Muslims acknowledge that Holy Book was compiled and edited about 50 years after Muhammad’s death, by a group of 12 mere mortal persons, That group had a person (also a mere mortal) in charge who dictated what would and would not be included in the final document. Logic, deductive reason, common sense and the known frailties of humans, invalidate that editing and compiling process and document as being the “spoken word” of a god. They also rely upon thousands of ahadith from natives of several dialects and languages, as being the documented source of “divine sayings and deeds”. With their Qur’an being undecipherable, I suggest those interested in Islam, obtain a copy of their manual, “The Reliance of the Traveller (sic), A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law”, translated by N.H.M. Keller, 1991 Edition. It is printed in Arabic with English “facings”, is “double indexed” for ease of finding subject matter and is not encumbered by chronology and abrogation issues. A must have document for anyone interested in Islam, including English speaking Muslims.

          10. Bunny says

            Although, their is nothing wrong with being an Atheist I do agree with the rest of your post.

          11. MsLiberty says

            Obama or Soetoro is not a Christian, his mother and grandparents were atheist, his father and step-father were Muslim. He attended school in Indonesia and was raised a Muslim and attended teachings of Islam and this religion was on his passport. The only reason Obama attended a Christian church is because Jeremiah Wright was a former Muslim “supposedly turned Christian”. However, this Reverend was a radical racist and communist extremist just like all of Obama’s friends and supporters and he founded the down low club to groom him and cover up his homosexuality, Obama wears a ring as his allegiance to the Islam faith and is pretty damn good at the language and is extremely gifted in the art of Taqiyya. Obama even had friends that were Muslim extremists and he traveled to Muslim nations. It is even strongly rumored that rich Saudi’s funded his Harvard education and one of Obama’s first acts as President was to go to Saudi Arabia where he bowed to the Saudi Sheiks. Obama has appointed numerous Muslim radicals in key assignments and departments such as John Brennan, aka the Assassination Czar, who is a converted Muslim radical that is now the Director of the CIA. Obama’s half-brother is the head fundraiser/treasurer for the Muslim Brotherhood, and Obama has sent billions of our tax dollars, 26 fighter jets, arms, training and information to the Muslim Brotherhood, he released the head of ISIS in 2009 and the five terrorist he released for Bergdahl, now three of them are heads of ISIS or the Taliban. He has also spent billions of our tax dollars to rebuild or refurbish Mosques all over the Middle East and Africa. Why would he do all of this and apologize to Muslims after the Benghazi attacks and murders of our Ambassador and staff and call the Fort Hood incident workplace violence instead an act of terrorism? This is just the tip of the iceberg. And your head is still buried up your ass.

          12. Ron Warren says

            And he sends money outside the USA to refurbish religious buildings. Where is the “separation of church and state” crowd? Had this involved any kind of Christian activity there would have been hell breaking loose from the atheists, the ACLU and all other anti-Christian groups. But with them it’s OK to send US tax dollars to help out with Muslim religious building projects. Hypocrisy in perfect form!

          13. Ron Warren says

            If Obama followed Buddhism or Hindu I guess that would make him a Christian in your opinion. After all, they are religions with Gods.

          14. Bunny says

            You ever think with all the lies he has told that his being “Christian” isn’t a lie as well?
            HelloOoOo?? The guy is nothing but a liar!

          15. Ron Warren says

            He is not upholding the Supreme law of the United States of America, the US Constitution.

          16. Ellen says

            The problem here is, nobody wants to call him on the carpet for fear of being called a racist. So who suffers? We , the people, and our country. A very sad state of affairs. Which I do not understand. It is not racism if the charge are legitimate, right?
            Condemn the acts, not the man.

          17. Ron Warren says

            That’s what court cases do. They evaluate alleged infractions of law–or are supposed to. Obama’s DNA background is meaningless to me because he had no control or choice in the matter. His actions NOW are up for
            examination by the Congress. Concealing both his real Birth Certificate and his university records is a matter appearing to be coverups of information vital to his legitimately holding office as a President. The mere fact he is hiding those items makes We the People suspicious of illegal activity which would disqualify him from being a candidate for the Presidency. So if action is not taken by appropriate authorities to subpoena these records then not only is this individual a suspect but also the agencies or the Congress also.

          18. Uzoozy says

            That meand you need to open up to prove you are a man.

          19. Ron Warren says

            I don’t feel any need to prove anything. I’m happy with my male gender.

          20. dondehoff says

            “Uz….”, please provide we readers with the attributes of a “real man” and just what do you mean by “open up”?, exactly what are you looking for?

          21. MsLiberty says

            Barack Obama was never legally vetted and he should have never even been on the 2008 ballot because he didn’t have the required number of signatures and some of those were forgeries. We can thank Nancy Pelosi and his supporter for falsifying documents and their criminal parts in the Obama fiasco. He wasn’t elected to office, he was placed in office by the globalist elite as a puppet for their NWO Agenda. If I can find the post that I put up before the 2012 elections I can show proof that Obama should have never been in office and is the biggest fraud and conspiracy ever perpetrated on the American people. I agree, it’s time for the people of this nation, the military and the states of our nation to Revolt. After re-reading the Declaration of Independence, I believe the American patriots have more than enough reasons to Revolution a second time.

          22. Ron Warren says

            MsLiberty I have read the Declaration and also the Constitution over again. There is enough evidence for a red flag in this Obama fiasco. Too many things are essentially out of bounds. And what makes it all worse is NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THE SUSPICIOUS FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY.
            The entire Congress acts like it is fully aware of illegal activity and circumstances yet is transfixed and can do nothing about it. So what is going on here? –besides NOTHING? Who is paying off who to keep quiet? We have historical evidence of what happened to Germany when the people were hoodwinked into following that racist Adolf Hitler. Some of the older Germans who survived to speak about it have been warning us about our present situation here in USA. It’s strange that John Kennedy and his Brother Bobby were assassinated then there was an attempt on Ronald Reagan’s life. Today there are far more mysterious things going on and everything’s quiet. Is America dead on arrival to the 21st. Century?
            MsLiberty I have no idea what your credentials are but you have beautifully stated and clarified some issues I’ve been highly suspicious of since even before this Impostor-in-Chief moved into the oval office. He got his supporting votes mainly because of his color; not his character. Nobody really knew him in 2007. This is what we get when low information voters come out en masse and support someone who appeals to their desires for freebees and “change;” whatever that is. America is just plain in a mess right now and it is way past time someone took over and began steering the ship of state out of uncharted waters that are possibly loaded with hidden dangerous objects. Thank you MsLiberty for your post.

          23. dondehoff says

            Ron, unfortunately, the real answers to most governmental questions do not lay within the Constitution, It barely can be used as a “starting index” as the answers are in the reams upon reams of supporting laws, and court decisions. For instance for “free speech”, there are five or so varying factors such as; who is speaking, where is it being said, what is the subject matter, who is the audience, the “tone” of the matter and so forth. Ask “Google” to “elaborate on “free speech”, and they will give you a “week’s reading”

          24. Ron Warren says

            Thanks dondehoff. You have pointed out one of the “roadway pot holes” we encounter in our concept of freedom of speech. There’s always some muddy water along the otherwise well-paved surface put there by those who want to disrupt the flow of traffic with the intent to divert it away from the intended destination.

          25. Michael Dennewitz says

            Couldn’t have been better stated. So…… what to do, is the problem/question. GOD HELP THIS COUNTRY!!

          26. dondehoff says

            Ron, your post is one of the more logical, reasoning and common sense posts I have seen in all of this gutter talk. I did not detect any profanity, obnoxious nicknames or gutter talk—-let us hope your approach is contagious.

          27. Ron Warren says

            Thank you dondehoff for your kind, undeserved remarks about my post.

          28. Dorie N. says

            No, being called a racist is not the issue. Those are just words, and not relevant any more since he has thrown them around so much. No the real issue is a race war, and no doubt, he will drag the Muslims into the issue, with the reward of giving them power. And if we do not win against this war, we will have lost our country for good.

          29. Michael Dennewitz says

            Dorie, we “lost” it the day the little, undocumented halfbreed became president. And the world is STILL trying to figure out how the hell that went down. The really sad thing is, the little bastard has TWO MORE years in which to TOTALLY finish destroying this once blessed and mighty country. Even the great repooplicans have said that they WON’T seek impeachment, so the only chance as I see it, is an expert sniper out there somewhere!! Countries used to actually fear the might if the USA. Now…….HA! They all laugh at us now. Even N Korea’s emperor is beginning to laugh, along with China and Iran. They ALL know something, that WE DON’T!! GOD HELP THIS RIDDLED COUNTRY!

          30. Bunny says

            I must say, I agree!

          31. Ron Warren says

            Some people play the race card with every endeavor. They scream “racism” if they don’t get THEIR way. “Racism” has become a wholesale, generic term today with no meaning because it is waved for nearly every issue, most of which are
            selfish. Forget “legitimacy” of the charges. The motives are selfish so legitimacy does no fit in. As long as we have wimps who will kowtow to this crap it will not go away and the people who promote use of the racism agenda know that. That’s why
            promoters come into town and fan the flames of hate whenever there’s a “racial” issue. America has two famous for doing this.

          32. Ellen says

            Well we know who is screaming wolf and who is not. Reason why I do not lose sleep over it.

          33. Ron Warren says

            Good for you Ellen. Now hopefully the rest of America will wake up and leave these racism brats to squeal like swine until they grow up to adult responsibilities and join the HUMAN race. This nation has to leave the barbaric eras behind and keep moving. Old saying: “The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.”

          34. Ellen says

            Absolutely right. We move on and just try to do our best. Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and to everyone.

          35. Michael Dennewitz says

            Well Ellen, a ton of us had a real glimmer of hope, but once the repooplicans gained control, I guess they “showed” us, huh? Now, as it turns out, they’re stabbing us in the back and you may as well say, joining forces with demoncrats!! Everything, out the window, no??

          36. Ellen says

            They sure did. They proved not to be truthful and trustful either but do not give up.
            I printed the names of Republicans who voted to fund Obama’s “obomination”
            and also printed how much money will these ILLEGALS consume and I will fax it to them. We have to keep trying. We had a glimmer of hope from the Republicans and some of them did fight that funding. Please do not give up, ok? I won’t.

          37. Michael Dennewitz says

            I never give up Ellen. Vietnam was a good teacher. Not that there’s any comfort in it, but in some ways I’m glad I’m as old as I am. No matter how it turns out, I don’t have to endure for too many more years. It still bugs me tho, just how we ended up with a TOTALLY UNDOCUMENTED Kenyan in our white house!!

          38. Ron Warren says

            Hello Michael. Saw your comment. Wanted to throw in my 3 cents worth if you don’t mind.. I’m in full agreement with you about the “undocumented” Kenyan sitting in the oval office.
            It is a mystery. Obviously some illegal twists were involved.
            There was enough evidence up front to warrant many questions about this impostor. Now the question switches to WHO was involved in allowing his name on the ballots? Looks like some people were either sleeping at the “checkpoints” OR the people responsible for checking candidates’ credentials were deliberately allowing passage for a non-American. And not only that, news broadcasts with video showed interviews of some who admitted voting more than once in return for cigarettes and money. Then there are reports of people voting who have been lying in cemeteries for years. Any one of these items is enough to warrant a Congressional investigation and when we add in the sealed up information about this usurper’s school records and his real Birth Certificate and there has been no investigation the entire arrangement is beyond highly suspicious. Add to all that the usurper’s political love affairs with people holding anti-American sentiments. Yes, some CHANGES have come. It’s past time to reverse all this anti-American treason activity.

          39. Uzoozy says

            He is upholding the Supreme law of the United States of America, the US Constitution and everything in between

          40. MsLiberty says

            God, not another brain dead liberal troll, that wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the ass. You are such a freakin bore and you truly have nothing to say other than the same garbage that has been over-talked, proven and rebuked for ages. Just GO away!! Obama is a Marxist, Muslim POS, that has broken more laws than anyone in the history of our nation, and his agenda is to destroy this nation and he’s well on the way. If you want to live in a Socialist or Communist nation, take your damn pick of the nations worldwide. We are the only free one in the world and I prefer the free one. I don’t want Obama’s or any other commie bastards vision of hope and change in the country that my ancestors founded, fought and died for. I will never settle for anything less than the freedom I was born with.

          41. Uzoozy says

            You are the POS you have no respecr for anyone.
            Go back to Phudisville.

          42. MsLiberty says

            I don’t have any respect for brain-dead liberal trolls or the man that is destroying our nation through treason and attempts to strip us of our constitutional liberties. Your love of socialist/communist propaganda, the great liar and the globalists police state is scary. Go away and bury your head back up your ass.

          43. Dorie N. says

            God created us free, to have free will. And when any man tries to take your free will away, then you do need to rise up and smite him. If we cannot find anyone to stop Obama, then it is time that the American People do. The very next move he will make is to take our guns and ammo. And once he has that done, he won’t have any more elections. At least none that he will answer to.

          44. Ron Warren says

            He answers to nobody right now. The problem is we have discovered a bunch of wimps who will not draw a line and tell him “STOP! THAT’S AS FAR AS WE WILL LET YOU GO BUD.”

          45. Michael Dennewitz says

            You got it Dorie, and his next move will be martial law, AND WE’LL BE DOOMED!!

          46. dondehoff says

            “Ms…….”, I think there are some good points in your post, but they are overshadowed by your profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk. When you use that technique, you unwittingly become a player in “their” game of “mental masturbation” , which is ]highly contagious and takes the reader’s focus off of the real subject matter. You will never “go wrong” by keeping “it” civil.

          47. MsLiberty says

            I usually try to control my tongue but that troll’s posts got me riled to the point of profanity. You know there is something called free speech in this nation and I detest everything about being politically correct or people telling me what to think, do or say, so please MYOB, I am old enough to know better and frankly my dear, I really don’t give a damn you think!!!

          48. dondehoff says

            “MsLiberty”. Just who is “that troll”, me, Mitch, or one of the others who use gutter talk? Also, you are a little shy on understanding what “free-speech” is all about. The Constitution is barely an “index” on the issue. There are reams upon reams of supporting laws, and court decisions that dictate “what is what”. For instance, one has to determine, who said it, why was it said, where was it said, who was its intended audience, and what was its “tone”—and all of that is full of restrictions and penalties. Now, if you want to be one of those who wish to play the very contagious, off-subject, one-on-one, game of “mental masturbation”, under the disguise of civil communications, go ahead and make an A– of yourself. Do you remember what the original discussion was all about?

          49. MsLiberty says

            Well, excuse me Mr. language gestapo!!! I was replying to unzoozy. What? I say ass, damn, bastard and you get your panties all rolled up in a wad. It is what it is. What a hypocrite, how many times did you use “Mental Masturbation”? And yes, I do know what the topic was about.

          50. dondehoff says

            “Ms…..”, you have omitted many of your expletives. And, you must live in a shell. The word “masturbation”, is an accepted medical term and at some time or another, most people have “done it”. Also, adding the prefix word, “mental” merely implies one gets pleasure(s) by engaging in profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk. when we talk, write a letter. publish a book, or send an email, one is trying to “communicate”. Profanity, obnoxious names and gutter talk “fogs up” that communication process. , And, last but not least, what was the original discussion all about? Do I make my point?

          51. MsLiberty says

            Ok, Mr. self-appointed language gestapo, I omitted freakin, and POS, yes I was holding back there, by only using a connotation. I apologize for offending you by my extreme disdain of liberal trolls, Muslims and communism, but I meant every single word that I wrote, I could have used posterior, child born out of wedlock, or condemned to hell, but it wouldn’t have worked to convey my anger at the extremely irritating fool . Maybe this struck a nerve because you are a liberal and this is the reason you are attacking my freedom of speech. If you’re so thin skinned, maybe you should avoid participating in open forum or ever listening to rap and some rock or your head might explode. I’ve told you once already, I don’t tolerate anyone telling me what to think or say! So, I won’t spell this out, but I hope you read the meaning of it, FO!!!

          52. Michael Dennewitz says

            Will someone please tell me where this arrogant asshole dingledork came from?? Hey Mr corrective Dipshit, you don’t rule the internet as yet. Crawl back into the shithole that you fell out of!!!

          53. dondehoff says

            Ms, you have omitted several of your more “colorful” expletives. And you must live in a shell. Masturbation is an acceptable medical term and at one time or another, is performed by most people. Adding the preface of “mental”, also a medical term, merely means a mental method of getting “pleasure”.

          54. Bunny says

            I have agreed with the troll mud slinging name calling things, but for me I meant that going on between each other on the board not about the POS POTUS within her opinion. I agree with all she stated in her comment.
            Does it really matter as long as she is getting her point across? She wasn’t name calling towards you.

          55. Michael Dennewitz says

            Thank you Msliberty!!! :-))

          56. dondehoff says

            “Ms……..”, and, your last sentence is a sample of the vey highly contagious disease that affects you and all too many others, and yes, you all are old enough to know better. Now, let is get back to the critical issues of the day. .Maybe we can get someone to set a “MM” website where you sick people can verbally massage each other!—–frankly, my dear!!!!

          57. Ron Warren says

            The troll Uzoozy is a stick stirrer. That is a childish, useless person who walks down a sidewalk looking for a pile of dog poop. When he/she finds one he/she looks for a stick which he/she uses to stir up the poop to create a bad smell. Then the stick stirrer progresses down the sidewalk giggling like a teenage hoodlum because others coming by will have to put up with the bad smell. Stick stirrers are useless masses of poor protoplasm who have no claim to having produced anything of socially redeeming value. They are on these sites merely to stir up negativity. Notice they never produce anything of positive value. They are always on the defensive and lack a sense or humor. Liberalism is a mental disorder. An earmark of poor social adjustment and of low self esteem is lack of a sense of humor.

          58. Michael Dennewitz says

            I told ya Usleezy is a troll bitch and doesn’t know “its” ass from a hole in the ground!!!

          59. Ron Warren says

            Now we know for sure you mind is twisted like a computer with a virus–crashed.

          60. Ron Warren says

            Wrong absolutely Uzoozy.

          61. Ron Warren says

            BS. The record shows otherwise. You, Uzoozy are a “stick stirrer.”

          62. Uzoozy says

            I had mentioned that I am the Pintrasi.
            BHO is the best of Presidents .
            So much accomplished in a few years.

          63. Ellen says

            Upholding the law for himself and his ILLEGALS? Great president, isn’t he?

          64. Uzoozy says

            He is the best

          65. Ellen says

            Best for whom??? The ILLEGALS??? He sure is not great for the country and the legal Americans. Burdening us with his ILLEGALS.

          66. Uzoozy says

            He has brought moderation into US a great man and a great statesman. Only problem he is half black which is the better part.

          67. Dorie N. says

            You forget, both his black father and white mother abandoned him, and therefore, he is more than likely disturbed and ill from his hatred of his family members whom he has chosen to blalme for his woes. He did manage to get financial help for college, and that is why he is keeping his records closed. Because the fraud he committed to get his education could send him to prison.

          68. Uzoozy says

            Keep mulling over Bho ,he is full of confidence a great President C&c an a great father.
            you are the one with problems

          69. Michael Dennewitz says

            Well Dorie, he sure as hell can’t hate his mama too damned much. You should see the beautiful place she has in Hawaii – exactly where his well deserved (HA) vacation is being spent as we speak, golf course and all!!

          70. Ron Warren says

            Uzoozy you are a racist of the anti-white variety and this “honkey” has called your sham.

          71. Tedski says

            He is a great Used Car Salesman and the Black part is nothing but Sh*t

          72. MsLiberty says

            Wrong again Uzoozy, for someone with such a big mouth, you sure don’t know a hell of a lot about your hero. Obama is 1/2 White, 12.5% black and the rest is Arab decent.

          73. Uzoozy says

            For me it does not matter what percentage of who is what.
            The world population is at least 5 percent Arab.
            Its good to have Arab blood, JC was from the area a most revered prophet.

          74. Bunny says

            He/she is only looking at the color of his skin not the percentage.
            I’d be willing to bet if he were white his butt wouldn’t have gotten where he is with all we didn’t know and now know about him he would be out!

          75. Bunny says

            ►Only problem he is half black which is the better part.◄

            What a contradiction. Which is it, a problem that he is half black or better that he is half back? LMBO!
            Considering that he is half black, as well as the fraudulent voters, is the ONLY reason he is POTUS! He doesn’t belong here. Period.

          76. Uzoozy says

            Illegal people are humans, they cut your grass, clean your houses, take care of your children , harvest the crops and fruits.
            Your slave mentality still exists

          77. Dorie N. says

            First, they came here illegally. They are not slaves, because they are illiterate, and undereducated, and do not speak English for the most part, and don’t really want to integrate into society. They still send money out of the country, and that hurts America. And if they are not earning good money, then they should go back to their own countries and get jobs there. They are taking jobs here that our own children would be doing if they were not being pandered by the government. We need to cut the social programs out, and the way to do that is to start making people responsible for the money that they are getting. Making them pay back the money they are getting.

          78. Ron Warren says

            Illegals do none on that list. The people who should do those things for me and for all taxpaying workers are those drawing checks and EBT cards on the US Treasury

          79. dondehoff says

            “Uzoozy”, when it comes to Islam, you are woefully ignorant. Just read Surah Nine of the Qur’an, and then tell us, Allah, and the Christian God, are “one and the same”. Even a grade-school child can see the difference. As for “slaves”, the Qur’an, clearly accepts slaves as part of the Mulsim culture and religion—and they treat most of their women as mere “tilth” (cattle), and control them as such. It requires two Muslim women to offset the testimony of one male Muslim. And, if a Muslim woman is rapped, she must have four male witnesses to “prove her case”. If she “fails”, she can be stoned to death, under the philosophy that “she brought the rape upon herself”, via some means. Note, if there were four male witnesses, the rape probably would not have occurred. “Uz”, let us debate your Qur’an—you will come away an enlightened person, that is if you have an open an analytical mind.

          80. Uzoozy says

            Except for murder, slavery has got to be one of the most immoral things a person can do. Yet slavery is rampant throughout the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments. The Bible clearly approves of slavery in many passages, and it goes so far as to tell how to obtain slaves, how hard you can beat them, and when you can have sex with the female slaves.

            Many Jews and Christians will try to ignore the moral problems of slavery by saying that these slaves were actually servants or indentured servants. Many translations of the Bible use the word “servant”, “bondservant”, or “manservant” instead of “slave” to make the Bible seem less immoral than it really is. While many slaves may have worked as household servants, that doesn’t mean that they were not slaves who were bought, sold, and treated worse than livestock.

            The following passage shows that slaves are clearly property to be bought and sold like livestock.

            However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)

            The following passage describes how the Hebrew slaves are to be treated.

            If you buy a Hebrew slave, he is to serve for only six years. Set him free in the seventh year, and he will owe you nothing for his freedom. If he was single when he became your slave and then married afterward, only he will go free in the seventh year. But if he was married before he became a slave, then his wife will be freed with him. If his master gave him a wife while he was a slave, and they had sons or daughters, then the man will be free in the seventh year, but his wife and children will still belong to his master. But the slave may plainly declare, ‘I love my master, my wife, and my children. I would rather not go free.’ If he does this, his master must present him before God. Then his master must take him to the door and publicly pierce his ear with an awl. After that, the slave will belong to his master forever. (Exodus 21:2-6 NLT)

            Notice how they can get a male Hebrew slave to become a permanent slave by keeping his wife and children hostage until he says he wants to become a permanent slave. What kind of family values are these?

            The following passage describes the sickening practice of sex slavery. How can anyone think it is moral to sell your own daughter as a sex slave?

            When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are. If she does not please the man who bought her, he may allow her to be bought back again. But he is not allowed to sell her to foreigners, since he is the one who broke the contract with her. And if the slave girl’s owner arranges for her to marry his son, he may no longer treat her as a slave girl, but he must treat her as his daughter. If he himself marries her and then takes another wife, he may not reduce her food or clothing or fail to sleep with her as his wife. If he fails in any of these three ways, she may leave as a free woman without making any payment. (Exodus 21:7-11 NLT)

            So these are the Bible family values! A man can buy as many sex slaves as he wants as long as he feeds them, clothes them, and screws them!
            What does the Bible say about beating slaves? It says you can beat both male and female slaves with a rod so hard that as long as they don’t die right away you are cleared of any wrong doing.
            When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property. (Exodus 21:20-21 NAB)
            You would think that Jesus and the New Testament would have a different view of slavery, but slavery is still approved of in the New Testament, as the following passages show.
            Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ. (Ephesians 6:5 NLT)
            Christians who are slaves should give their masters full respect so that the name of God and his teaching will not be shamed. If your master is a Christian, that is no excuse for being disrespectful. You should work all the harder because you are helping another believer by your efforts. Teach these truths, Timothy, and encourage everyone to obey them. (1 Timothy 6:1-2 NLT)

            In the following parable, Jesus clearly approves of beating slaves even if they didn’t know they were doing anything wrong.

            The servant will be severely punished, for though he knew his duty, he refused to do it. “But people who are not aware that they are doing wrong will be punished only lightly. Much is required from those to whom much is given, and much more is required from those to whom much more is given.” (Luke 12:47-48 NLT)

          81. Ron Warren says

            Obama is the best fraud America has ever had.

          82. dondehoff says

            Uzoozy, you have an incomplete sentence. I am sure you meant “the Obama law”.

        4. joespenthouse says

          Until that bullet that’s out their finds it’s target, we the American people must physically get in the face of all government representatives until he is arrested and charged with treason. Congress will not do a damn thing, the guilty one’s have left for the Holidays, who does that during the biggest crisis in our country, ( 24 Rhino’s).

          1. The_Magic_M says

            > Until that bullet that’s out their finds it’s target
            > the guilty one’s

            Oh Lordy, another North Korean agent with his broken Engrish.

          2. Ron Warren says

            True not “English teacher” standard English but his idea is crystal clear.

          3. dhwilson58 says

            Well said! Screw the spelling Troll !!!

          4. Becky says

            Funny, I understood him just fine.

          5. Uzoozy says

            There is no crisis in America only made up one.
            GW was on vacation 500 days no one said anything.
            BHO needs his rest

          6. Ron Warren says

            That averages 5 days per month. Sixty days a year. And he has continued his respect for Veterans and military personnel. Something the Usurper-in-Chief has never done.

          7. Jonathan Brooks says

            Uzzy is a muslim troll. fresh from Lies-R Us.

          8. dhwilson58 says

            I concur!! Thank You Brother, God Bless !!

          9. Jonathan Brooks says

            God has been. This summer has been filled with good things that Jesus has sent my way, including being able to get my car fixed, and helping me to get along better with my sister and parents.
            I hope all goes well with you and yours this summer, too.

          10. Michael Dennewitz says

            And you need a fucking brain! Hey asshole, did you fall out of a cow’s ass bubbah!!

          11. dondehoff says

            Michael, keep it civil. Profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk only starts the off-subject, one-on-one, game of “mental masturbation” , which the liberals love, as it takes the citizen’s focus of what the administration is up to today. Are you one of “them”? If you are doing it out of pure ignorance, you unwittingly become “one of them”. Which is it?

          12. Michael Dennewitz says

            Dingledork; as someone else has said, “Mind your own damned business and kiss my ass!” You’re certainly not the chief authority here, Mr Asswipe…

          13. dondehoff says

            “Mich”, I surely hope you have some close friends that will encourage you to get help. The kind of attitude you have usually grows and festers and the jails or institutions are the end result. Also, any post on the internet is “everyone’s business”. I have over three thousand very conservative posts on the internet and I have a significant majority “acceptance” of my position. Most of my posts can be accessed through “Disqus”, I invite you to see for yourself that I am not a “rabble rouser” or otherwise “bad-guy”. I am truly sorry that you belief such gutter talk is productive, mature and responsible—it is not even humorous or “cute”. But then again, perhaps you have just had a bad day, week or whatever. Can we get back to the real issues of the day?

          14. dhwilson58 says

            Dang Dondehoff! That sounds like he’s a Boil on the ass of America. Well said and thank you !!

          15. Peter Koehler says

            @Dondehoff – Your reply to Michael is an example of an education received back in the 50’s or 60’s. Those were the days when a student could still think for himself. I can still see the name plate on our principal’s desk. It read as follows: “Profanity is the crutch of intellectual cripples.”

            My contribution to this discussion? An observation which I Iike to claim as original: ” The dumbing of America has succeeded beyond all expectations.” I pray God help us all.

          16. Uzoozy says

            My posts are always civil up to the point the other part in civil.
            Very seldom I find civil Christians per se.

          17. dondehoff says

            Uzoozy, When you have been around as long as I have, I think you will find that about 80% of any given large group are very good people. Also, you must acknowledge that different cultures have been taught different things, and when they are opposing ideologies, serious problems come up. The civil way to solve differing issues is via mature civil debate, not threats of removing heads of the “disbelievers”. Why would anyone wish harm on anyone just for what they have been taught and believe? In the olden days, “disbelievers” frequently lost their heads, some still do today. That is barbaric, to say the least. Now days, with WMD laying around and uncontrolled, such use could mean the end of this planet. I think you will agree that the Christian religion and Islam are diametrically opposed and a modern major conflict may well cause the premature end of this planet—-all because of an ancient barbaric belief. Without taking sides for or against any religion, it is well documented that all “Holy Books”, including the Torah, Bible and the Qur’an, were compiled and edited by groups of mere mortals, and there was someone in charge, also a mere mortal, that dictated what would and would not be included in the final documents. logic, deductive reason and plain common sense dictates that compiling and editing process by mere mortals refute the position that “Holy Books” are the accurate, unchangeable “word of a God”. And, equally important, an “All Knowing God”(AKG), who can do anything and everything, would not make any mistakes, that would have to be corrected later. Also, such an “AKG”, would have the capability of communicating with the masses, which would eliminate the issue of “second-hand” revelations. Those gods would not need a handful of persons (Prophets), to be their spokespersons. especially persons questionable character or who could neither “read nor write”.

          18. Uzoozy says

            ITs the alleged Christ believing country that has bombed killed in 38 Muslim countries, therefore Christianity id barbaric even by todays standard, then you ask why do those people not lie us.
            In Majority of Muslim countries where America has not shoved its P”” people are peaceful and obedient to Allah (Malaysia , Indonesia) America should go and interfere so they can become troubled.
            Happy new Year.

          19. Uzoozy says

            D on, i am an old guy so letsnot assume anything.
            Maybe y beliefs ars different than your,in as much that the Quran is the verbatim work rd odBod, those people that have studied Quran will testify that Quran is a miraculous doctrine, I will never ever agree to it being amn written.
            Thebible is a men madeup book has no real value.
            Happy new year and take care

          20. Ron Warren says

            Please get checked for Alzheimers. I call it “Old-timers.”

          21. dondehoff says

            Uzoozy, you are not “old” to me unless you are beyond age 83 (in 3 months). I obtain my information from “The Glorious Qur’an”, “approved Translation, by M.M. Pickthall, 2000 Edition and the “Reliance of The Traveller”(Sic): A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law”, translated by N.H.M. Keller, 2000 Edition. Being “approved”, those books, while not in “pure Arabic”, can be relied upon for arbitration and discussion. The Qur’an, was compiled and edited by a group of Muslims about 50 years after Muhammad’s death. Being before “printing presses”, the Qur’an was compiled and edited, using “script” and very scant materials, such as writings on old parchment papers, palm leaves, stones and other materials, along with the faded memories and hearsay from individuals in the streets, many who had different dialects and reading abilities. The twelve men were mere mortals and they had someone in charge, also a mere mortal, that dictated what would and would not be included in the final document. Logic, deductive reason and common sense dictates such a compiling and editing process clearly refutes the belief that the Qur’an (or any Holy Book) is the exact spoken word of a god. The Qur’an, is composed of 114 “revelations”, received over many years but were not placed in chronological order within the Qur’an. Also, several of those undated revelations were “abrogated” by later revelations but they, also undated, were inserted at what appears to be at “random”. This lack of chronology makes the Qur’an, almost completely undecipherable. That was obvious and the Muslims published reams of other official materials trying to clarify what the Qur’an does and does not reveal. They even relied upon hundreds of thousands of “ahadith”, (again from mere mortals) throughout their lands, to generate some sense of additional “authority” for many revelations—- they finally added the “Sacred Law Manual”, I mentioned before. That document is printed in Arabic, with English “facings”, is well indexed and is not encumbered by chronology and abrogation issues. It is a “must have” document, if one is to fully understand the Quran and Sharia Law. Note, all Holy Books, including the Qur’an, Bible and the Torah, have these same divine authenticity issues. Also, I think you will agree that Surah Nine abrogates most all of the love, peace, equality, understanding and forgiveness revelations. I appreciate your civil approach to this very critical issue.

          22. Becky says

            Spoken like a true muslime.

          23. Becky says

            Don’t particularly need your ‘elitism’ either Don. If a fool is a fool, such as this one, CALL him a fool. However, in this case he appears to be a muslime TROLL. To win a war you first have to TELL THE TRUTH. The bullets and missiles the creeps use don’t have manners.

          24. Uzoozy says

            You are so kind towards your fellow human countryman, you must be reading the bible.

          25. Becky says

            No. It was a camel’s ass.

          26. dondehoff says

            Uzoozy, no crisis? You must be living in a dream world. The Muslim/Islamic issue is the gravest problem facing this great country since our Civil War. This country is far from perfect, but it has been the greatest social and political experiment in the entire known history of the planet! Also, I personally believe “GW” will survive in history as one of our better presidents. Almost all of GW’s “vacations” were taken at either Camp David or at this Texas ranch, where he spent much of his time, physically “keeping things organized”. And, your ignorance is really showing when you spout remarks as you continually do. All, spelled. “A-L-L”, president’s vacations are “working” vacations, surrounded by staff, and the guy with “the football”—- yes, even on the golf course. I sense you are a “planted” trouble maker, whose sole function in life is to take our focus off of what the President is doing—I can not imagine you continually “doing it” out of pure ignorance. Keep in mind, without America, there is no free-world!.

          27. Uzoozy says

            The rest of the world was there and will be there along with America.
            BHO is the best president so far, except the founding fathers.

          28. Betty Hinkle says

            What?! He is the worst 1 we have had! He is tearing the USA down pretty darn fast!

          29. Uzoozy says

            The economy is up, the stock market is up and so is the dollar, more people are covered under ACA
            that is tearing it apart its lifting up Us

          30. says

            NOOOO! The economy is not up….92 million unemployed….the admin uses phony statistics and QE 1-2-3 makes the statistics distorted….will lead to massive inflation in time. People covered with ACA???? Fewer people have insurance today than in 2009 because they can’t afford it…and the insurance is bogus…..older women and men have to pay for policies covering abortion which they will never need; premiums have skyrocketed; many jobs have been lost or hours reduced to non-living income because of ACA.

          31. Uzoozy says

            This is pure conservative BS

          32. Ron Warren says

            Betty. You, I and millions more know that as fact. I think some people come here not to exchange ideas and knowledge but to stir up strife. Note how the thought patterns are disjointed. They make no sense. These nut cakes are not worth our time. They are like street hoodlums and thugs. They have nothing better to do that sit at a computer, smoke their cigarettes, pot, sniff cocaine, indulge in methamphetamine concoctions drink tainted Kool-Aid and deliberately stir up controversy.
            They are useless blobs of protoplasm.
            And especially note their vocabulary. It is big city street level hoodlum talk.

          33. Becky says

            They are TROLLS. Plain and simple.

          34. Bill Birdis says

            uzoozy, like democrate voters, simply can not understand the trouble that we are all in under obama’s dictatorship. *Cut off the heads of the leaders and the followers will die off.
            * using an AK

          35. mac12sam12 says

            Barky’s the worst. You are probably taxpayer funded. Isn’t free stuff fun!

          36. Becky says

            TROLL for sure. It is NOT possible to be this ignorant and still have enough brain to breathe. Take your Liberalism idiocy somewhere where someone might care.

          37. Bunny says

            LMFAO!!! Obama is a joke and that’s putting it extremely mild!

          38. mac12sam12 says

            Sure, it’s tough watching ESPN all morning! Golf can also be very tiring!

          39. Uzoozy says

            Stop watching Gold listen to evangelists instead, both are BS ANYWAY

          40. Steven Bogdas says

            Your such an a******. Next time he is in your city make sure you drop to your knees B*****. That should make you feel secure. You are the people that cannot be reasoned with.

          41. Becky says

            He’s a TROLL for sure, and he appears to be muslime as well. Maybe Don will take him in and ‘Americanize’ him.

          42. DCW16 says

            Ozzzy is a moooslim living in Sweden . . . he spouts absolute nonsense.

          43. Uzoozy says

            I am the frintrasi of all, I do not live anywhere but are everywhere.

          44. DCW16 says

            You and your death cult are the scum of the earth . . .

          45. Uzoozy says

            How is it that you know I am Christian

          46. DCW16 says

            You are lyin to the infadels again Uzzzz . . . .

          47. Uzoozy says

            MYOB I am sure you are an heathen.

          48. DCW16 says

            I am positive you are a Fool ! ! !

          49. Uzoozy says

            I am sure you are a good man acting abnormally.
            Happy New Year its going to be great 2015

          50. Uzoozy says

            You are the perfect model for an ass hole

          51. DCW16 says

            Being a muzzzle you would be an expert in that area . . . . lol

          52. Ron Warren says

            Now we know you are a nut. Thanks for revealing the truth.

          53. Becky says

            That he does. And from the form of the crap he spews out, I take him to be a muslime too. May pig sh it rain down upon his head if he really is.

          54. Uzoozy says

            Ja, go suk eggs

          55. Uzoozy says

            To become Americanized, I need to wear shorts, divorce my wife, have real fun with daughters, use the f word a thousand times a day.
            And befriend your wifes sister.
            That’s the way to go,
            Its not for me.

          56. Becky says

            Shows how little YOU know about anything. Go back and play in your own sandbox now. It’s “Adult ONLY” here.

          57. Ron Warren says

            The individual you write about is deranged. Like Muhammed he cannot come up with original ideas. He, like Muhammed reversing Hebrew Scripture, takes what others say, changes words and goes on as if he wrote the note. Like Barack Obama, without a “teleprompter” he can say nothing.

          58. Becky says

            Yes, he definitely appears to me to just be mouthing Liberal platitudes. Ie, no intelligence whatsoever. He also strikes me as ANTI America. So I gather he’s a stinking muslime.

          59. Ron Warren says

            He, like a few here in America, has no useful purpose. His only purpose on this site is to stir up strife. My position is DON’T LET THE TAIL WAG THE DOG. Ignore this individual.

          60. Becky says

            Yes Ron I am very well aware of what we usually call TROLLS. They are either being paid to be on these sites to rile people up or are stupid enough to do it themselves. Most of the time I completely ignore them. But sometimes I use them for my personal entertainment and give them some grief…. Just can’t always pass up that ‘oh so easy’ opportunity.

          61. Uzoozy says

            Becky, you knew it was coming in the back seat of the Honda.

          62. Becky says

            Campaigning YEAR AROUND
            IS vacation.

          63. Bill Birdis says

            Eternal ?

        5. Uzoozy says

          You need to be booted out of the country for treason

        6. Ron Warren says

          Agreed but this festering E. coli pustule in the oval office has already created a putrid stink. We need to treat him like the Ebola plague, isolate him and then disinfect all of Washington, District of Corruption.

        7. Ron Warren says

          He’s off to a good start and has a six year apprenticeship–of screwing things up.

      2. guest233 says

        And yet they call us Americans who demand our leaders abide by our constitution and rights ‘terrorists’. Only an enemy of the American ppl. would think such a thing.

        1. michaelcain says

          And yet if we do not act as one people we will be destroyed by the numbers if we do not do it now

          1. Uzoozy says

            Do not forget There is God to take care

          2. Ron Warren says

            Yes and the God of Abraham said through his Christ, “If God is for us what can man do to us.” NOTHING of consequence.

          3. Uzoozy says

            Ridiculous statement. Jesus was a prophet in line with the great ones before him, Moses, Abraham etc.

          4. Dorie N. says

            Jesus was God in the flesh. He was the Word of God who became flesh in order to perpetuate the Plan of Salvation that God had implemented. Jesus was the upholder of the OT, with the added NT Salvation message. Christianity sets you free, Islam makes slaves of women, and children. Islam forces you to join, or die. Islam is not of GOD. Islam is of satan.

          5. Ron Warren says

            Dorie when you/we reply to this one we are conversing on the internet with Satan. Uzoozy is Satan in a form that uses the internet as if a person. We should try to salvage the human life (if there is one) inside the body (if there is one) before it’s too late. Only Satan can lend support to something as evil as radical Islam. So Dorie N. with me you are speaking to the choir.

          6. Uzoozy says

            Your thoughts are crazy nothing that Melatonin will not solve.
            God solves human problems, Satan will not even come close to me, I am blessed by God

          7. Ron Warren says

            And Uzoozy I have a wonderful relationship with the Jehovah God who created Heaven and Earth. I look forward to meeting both Him and His Son Yeshuah (Jesus) face-to-face at the appropriate time chosen by Him. And I am happy you are blessed by your god. Note: a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven in this age or in the age to come. Make sure you know what that means.

          8. Dorie N. says

            Ron, only God’s Elect can commit the Unforgiveable sin. And it is clear that you do not know what it is. No one who is ignorant of God, can commit the Unforgiveable sin.

          9. Ron Warren says

            It’s your perception Uzoozy. It’s like you are looking at the world with one of those carnival mirrors that distort reality.

          10. Dorie N. says

            Satan is not a human being. Satan is a cherubim, and never did come through the flesh woman to be born innocent. He will come to the earth and will demonstrate a power that mankind is incapable of doing. However, he is not capable of creating, and he does not have the power over life or death any more. Christ took that power from him.

          11. Ron Warren says

            Satan never had any power over life or death. That is reserved to God the Father. Satan was created perfect just like Adam and Eve were in their beginning. All three chose to “go their own way” so to speak. Satan is the “Prince of Darkness and “Ruler of this world.” He is allowed by God to tempt mankind. Note how he tried to get Job to curse god–and failed. He also tempted Jesus–and failed. He has formulated false religions in an effort to pull humans away from the true God. God has allowed him to do that. Redemption from separation from God is accomplished by true Faith–not works. The Epistle of First John outlines how it works. The Book of Hebrews connects the
            Old Testament with the New. The beauty of it all is that God has given us a way to reverse the arrangement that happened in the Garden of Eden when Eve and Adam disobeyed the ONE commandment in existence at that time. Eve and Adam chose to depart from God. Now we choose to return since our penalty has been paid in full. The dinner is free. Just accept it. Recall the Wedding Feast? “Go out and invite all to come to my Son’s Wedding Feast.” But Atheists and believers in false gods will reject the greatest Gift of their lifetimes.

          12. Uzoozy says

            You are like other Christians unsure of their own religion which is nothing more than a fairy tale, conjecture and plain simple faith on a myth.
            Read the bible and you will learn thatits a sex novel.
            Care Dorie, Satan is behind you

          13. Ron Warren says

            Dorie note how Satan posts false information to what we Christians say.
            He says, “Satan is behind you.” What he misses is the Christian speaking, “Get thee behind me Satan.”

          14. Uzoozy says

            Lot of magic, God does NOT need helpers He say be and it is. Jesus became god in 325 in Nicea.
            Jesus never said I am God pray to me

          15. Dorie N. says

            Jesus said “When you see me, you see the Father”. We are to pray to God, in the name of Jesus, to show that we honor God’s sacrifice and that He would never ask of us to do something that He would not do. Christ is the Word of our Father made manifest in the flesh, to die for our sins, and to destroy satan who is death.

          16. Uzoozy says

            God does not need any help from JC, a man who was circumcised ate went to the bathroom. No one has seen God till the person goes to heaven, which unfortunately you will never go, because you pray to the man a mere prophet.
            JC was a man get over it.

          17. Ron Warren says

            You’ve obviously never studied the New Testament of Christianity. You are barking up the wrong tree and confessing your ignorance.

          18. MsLiberty says

            I couldn’t have said that better myself. God Bless you Dorie.

          19. Uzoozy says

            Islam is the ultimate religion,no ifs and butts.
            Many Women from the faith hsve risen to the land highest office.
            USa no women Presidents, women in America got their voting rights in 1960, which is 500 years too late.

          20. Ron Warren says

            Neither do you know American history. Women got voting rights in 1960? WHERE did you go to school? …if ever you did? If you did go to school the faculty did you a great disfavor. Now go study American history. Learn something.

          21. Uzoozy says

            I actually meat 2014 because there in no Women President.

          22. MsLiberty says

            WRONG!!! Not only you can’t spell, you know nothing about anything. Please GO AWAY, you’re making yourself look like a moron!!!

          23. Uzoozy says

            You are just an ass, truth hurts.
            You do not feed me, so why the fuck should I care.

          24. MsLiberty says

            Right back at you.

          25. dondehoff says

            “Uz…”, wild animals “f—“, real men, “make and share love and affection, and are at least equally concerned that their partner is equally “satisfied” with the relationship and knowing women at times, do not feel up to “it”. In the Muslim community, all too often , just the male’s “snap of the finger” is sufficient “notification”. Sir, are you married?

          26. Uzoozy says

            What is called ass ways that what you are.
            You are sex starved ,divorced man not a real Christian ,who has nothing better to do in life except promote false teachings.
            You are too far gone with being associated with satan that you are beyond redemption

          27. Bunny says

            You stated to MsLiberty►You do not feed me, so why the fuck should I care.◄

            I bet we do!

          28. Bunny says

            You stated to Uzoozy►you’re making yourself look like a moron!!!◄

            Look like? It is obvious to everyone here that he/she IS!

          29. dondehoff says

            “Uz……”, you again, are way “off-base” (misinformed). In most any Muslim country, a women can not even leave her house or go to town without a “related” male escort, and can only leave her country with a documented approval from the family and the state. The Qur’an clearly states a women is “inferior in mind” to males and any in elected (appointed/) office surely are under the direct control of some male(s). And, to “reduce it to the ridiculous”, a Muslim women, can not even object to sex, if she has a “headache” and she may have several other “co-wives”, all in the same situation . And, you, as a “man of the world”; How does any normal man adequately take care of the necessary “love and affection” issues of several women—without “rationing” those obligations?—-would you like to be “so rationed”?

          30. Uzoozy says

            You are insane and a bigot, this ends the stupid discussion.
            You are one of those pooper scoopers of the world.

          31. dondehoff says

            “Uz…..”, I think the readers will take due not that you did not respond to any of my comments. Again, I offer to visit with you on our differing viewpoints, but doing so, will have to be on a civil basis and documenting each of our positions. I use “The (approved) Glorious Qur’an, translated by M.M. Pickthall, 2000 Edition and the Muslim manual, (also approved), “Reliance of The Traveller (sic), A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law”. The latter is printed in Arabic, with English facings, is “double indexed” and is not encumbered by chronology and abrogation issues. It is used by most learned Muslims when they are dealing with English speaking persons.

          32. Uzoozy says

            Twhere can be one boss in the house. Unlike Christians who pray to God and son of god, the same time.and traditions that does not mean its Islamic rules.
            you will never understand.certain thongs.
            islam is the fastest growing religion in the world,

          33. Bunny says

            ►Islam is the ultimate religion,no ifs and butts.◄

            Wow, you need to be rid of.

          34. Uzoozy says

            What i understand that i can murder rape and just because I in believe in JC I am off the hook.
            no wonder there therw continuous rape in America.

          35. dondehoff says

            “Uz….”, you obviously don’t consider intercourse with a “forced bride”, as rape. Webster defines rape as “any act of sexual intercourse that is “forced” upon anyone. and the legal aspect states, “any penetration, no matter how slight”, constitutes the act of rape.

          36. Uzoozy says

            You seem to be horny.
            Marriage is a marriage when its consented to by the parents or society.
            When Jews marry girls at the age of 3years plus a day, you do not comment on it.
            Lady Aisha was married at the age of 18 and that is allowed at 18 and allowed at 6 years.
            Times have changed and the thought process has progressed, but bigots like you continue in your begotten ways .
            I see you did not comment on the bible passages that are worse than sex novels

          37. Ron Warren says

            Dorie N. this guy is of the Devil, his Father. Remember, “Do not give dogs what is holy, neither cast your pearls before swine.” “Leave the dead past to bury the dead.”
            Tell him, “Get thee behind me Satan.”

          38. Ron Warren says

            Yes, the Jehovah God of Abraham and Isaac. He will not let His people down.
            He will destroy false religions such as Islam at a time determined by Himself.

          39. Uzoozy says

            Jehovah God will destroy the false religion made out of Jesus existence.
            Its proof enough now there are more Muslims than Christians in the world.

          40. Dorie N. says

            Historically, having more warriors does not mean victory in any possible way. If you do not have God with you, you lose. That is how it has been throughout history, and will be when satan tries to take over this world. God will destory him and all who follow him. Being you are already on the wrong side, I would assume that you were on the wrong side in the first earth age as well. God has given you the chance to change, and to learn. And you do not want to learn. You want to destroy and hurt and maime. You want to be evil. And Satan is your leader. You may call him allah, but in the end, it is satan who you follow.

          41. Ron Warren says

            There were not even ten righteous people in Sodom so God destroyed the city. So does that make the 100 per cent non-righteous more RIGHT because of numbers? Numbers do not necessarily make something right. It appears that in Sodom the 100 percent non-righteous ended up on the WRONG side.

          42. Ron Warren says

            Jesus spoke about the road to destruction being wide and many find it. The road to life is narrow and only few find it. Matthew 7: 13-14. –for anyone interested. Therefore if more people find Islam than Christianity then that automatically makes Islam the better of the two? I don’t follow that method of problem solving; mere numbers make something “right.” ???

          43. Ron Warren says

            Again, what has numbers to do with correctness? All that says statistically is that more people are in one category than in another. Nothing else. You say that the Jehovah God will destroy the false religion made out of Jesus because there are more Muslims than Christians. So by your logic if a million people set themselves on fire then they are more correct than twelve people who do not set themselves on fire. ??? Explain.
            Are you on meth or some other mind altering substance? I think so.

          44. Ron Warren says

            More broken English here. …There is God to take care………???? of what?

          45. Uzoozy says


          46. Dorie N. says

            We are only in this flesh body temporarily. We are a spiritual being, with a soul that is unique from each and every other soul. And to be honest, humanity is relative to whom is in charge of the power in a society. If it be Islam, there is no one who is free and thus the end of the United States and the Constitution. People who were subjected to Islam from birth accept being slaves. They think it is what Allah would want. In reality, it is what men in power want. Those men who like the writer of the Koran, are led by satanic spirits. And who will lead their people into destruction and denial of eternity with God.

          47. Uzoozy says

            You are off your rocker. There is only one God, JC WAS a human no more.
            There are more than 2.05 billion Muslims in the world, and best of all thousands are becoming Muslims every month.

          48. Ron Warren says

            Uzoozy your logic astounds me. You are correct in that Jesus of Nazareth had a human body while on Earth. Now if numbers certify correctness then since so many people do not win Lotteries then THEY must be the correct winners and the “winners,” usually few are the losers. Also by your logic if more people flock to a certain religion than to other religions then that first group’s choice must be the correct religion. In other words, the choice people make determine which religion is the correct one and not anything about the religion itself. And if a million people drink Kool-Aid but only ten people drink tea then Kool-Aid is the correct choice. Uzoozy you need to study logic and while you’re at it do a year’s study of statistical analysis.

          49. Uzoozy says

            The other religion has simple moto, there is one God pray to Him how wrong can thst be.

          50. Uzoozy says

            Dori, the Quran is Gods words verbatim, Islam promotes praying to Almighty God.
            Christians should be grateful to Islam in many ways.
            you not have got Math without them and many cures in medicine.
            Christianity is the inbetween reliogion always in trouble

          51. Ron Warren says

            There are very few Nobel Prize winners in the sciences among Middle Easterners. Most Prizes have gone to Jewish people.
            It’s also interesting too that the only person who ever raised anyone from the dead was of Jewish DNA descent. There is no historical record of anyone else raising anyone from the dead.

          52. Uzoozy says

            Hi Ron, Its true that there are a few Muslims that got Nobel peace prize.
            They taught the world, Astronomy, Botany, Medicine, Navigation, and a host of sciences which the world at large has benefited.
            Jesus did miracles on behalf of God, he of own could not do anything.
            It was Jesus that was to be resurrected . JC has yet to arrive(false doctrine) .
            Prophet Mohammed was a man of great moral standing in the world he never prophesied that he would be resurrected, this came form your own mind.
            Jesus himself never said to pray to him so why people do that.
            Pray to God alone and forget the doll on te stick.

          53. Ron Warren says

            Don’t know where the idea of praying to Jesus came from but He always prayed to God the Father. Jesus was resurrected 72 hours after his dead body was placed into a tomb, exactly three days and three nights later. If that did not happen why did such a host of “witnesses” risk everything over a lie? I did read somewhere that Mohammed claimed he would be resurrected. If that is in error, so be it. I did not think it up. I stick with Christianity, you stick with Islam. In the future I will be existing in Heavenly bliss, not burning in an eternal Lake of Fire. I invite you to come along with us.

          54. Uzoozy says

            If history is correct and what I understand of it is that Jesus was raised to heaven alive and resides in Heaven.
            In the Jewish custom dead are buried and not placed in a cave.
            You stay in heaven and that will be good for you.
            You do have to pray only to God Almighty for salvation.

          55. Ron Warren says

            The day following Jesus crucifixion was a “Sabbath” and in that week happened to fall on Thursday. His body had to be hurriedly placed inside a tomb late Wednesday afternoon because of the approaching Sabbath when no work was permitted. A Joseph who was a follower of Jesus’ teachings and is said to have been wealthy offered his own tomb for burial. Jesus rose late on the following Saturday afternoon and for forty days appeared to his followers. He then led them out to a place where he ascended bodily to Heaven where he now resides and will return in the same manner in His Bodily form to the exact same spot where he ascended and at a time known only to God the Father. Shalom alechem.

          56. Uzoozy says

            But is said that Jesus (may Gods mercy be upon him) died the day before the Sabbath, is it the day after or day before -depends on which Gospel you read,
            When Mary M. went to the tomb did she go there alone or with friends, was the burial chamber covered when she went there or two persons, one angel or soldiers depends on which gospel you read.
            Jesus according to history was raised to heaven from the cross.
            He was not buried otherwise his body would have been found.
            There are second hand stories written 20 to 90 years after JC death and are not reliable.
            Amongst the writers of the gospels, none were present at the crucifixion they were mere story repeaters. All the gospels are fiction for the most part.
            JC was a prophet he was raised to heaven end of story, much ado about nothing.
            JC did perform miracles on behalf of God, he himself could not do anything , and so he said. He was one of the great prophets of history and should be left that way, and not raised to god level, when you pray to him.
            One can pray directly to God why pray to the doll on a stick.
            Frick Frick

          57. Ron Warren says

            The records in the New Testament are reliable. There is a lack of understanding among Christians about the Crucifixion day and resurrection of Jesus. There were TWO “Sabbaths” the week of Jesus’ crucifixion. He was crucified on Wednesday, the “Preparation Day.” The next day was a “Sabbath” which simply means a High Holy Day requiring rest and abstinence from work. The next day, Friday, was a regular day and people went about their daily business. However, the day after that was our Saturday which in the Jewish week is the weekly Sabbath. So the confusion arises when people do not understand that both Thursday and Friday of that week were Sabbaths–days of rest. Jesus was dead on the weekly Sabbath and rose just before or at sundown that day. Mary did not arrive at the tomb until the next morning. Jesus had already been resurrected the afternoon before. When he was resurrected he had his human body which now had additional supernatural power to be either visible or not visible. His body was no longer subject to the usual physical laws of the universe. So to answer your question Jesus died on the Preparation day just before the ANNUAL Passover day. He died on the same day lambs were being sacrificed for Passover. Then after the Passover Day (a Sabbath which that week fell on a Thursday) there was Friday, a usual weekday. Following that was the WEEKLY Sabbath (our Saturday).
            Is that clear as muddy water?

          58. Uzoozy says

            Ron, thanks for taking the time to sensibly response.
            Lets look at the basics.
            The bible has 4 Canonical gospels, who wrote them , The Gospels has according to Mark Matthew ,Luke and John etc. no one knows
            Its written in third party tense, plus each one is so very different for each other in the basic, So we do not know who wrote the Gospels , What happened during his journey while carrying the cross to the location, did he say the ladies of Jeruslem “do not cry for me……
            Another Gospels says that Jesus did not utter a single word.
            While on the cross, He said God, God, why have you forsaken me,
            In the other Gospels He said in your hands I commit my soul.
            In another he is supposed to have said, Lord forgive them for they knoweth not what they do,
            JC makes friends with his neighbors one was friendly the other one condemned JC
            Four Gospels have four stories which one is correct? JC could not have said the 7 words .
            Then the question of Trinity how can three be one but remain separate.
            I have studied a lot, and it still make no sense to me.
            In Godly matter it has to be perfect with no ambiguity.
            Latest KJV has taken out the word begotten and replaced it.
            Which version is correct, does God change his mind every now and then.
            So confusing .
            Everything cannot be left to faith only there has to some reality,’

          59. MsLiberty says

            Ron you are a truly knowledgeable Christian, not too many people including scholars know this about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. This has caused some confusion in our religion. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

          60. Ron Warren says

            Soli Deo Gloria, “To God Alone (not me) the Glory.” Thanks for your kind words. As a teen I was confused about the “three days and three nights” when we were told Jesus was crucified on a Friday then arose early the following Sunday morning. That just defied all logic. The problem comes from not understating the Jewish week of the Passover. When following the Jewish Passover week we discover tradition has warped the story. Using the Jewish calendar the week of Jesus’ crucifixion occurred in the traditional year 30 AD. That year the “Prepation Day (for Passover) fell on Wednesday. According to the New Testament account Jesus was crucified on the Preparation Day. In order to get his body out of the way by sundown (when the Passover Day began) they had to hurry and that’s why Joseph, a wealthy follower, but secretly, offered his own tomb for Jesus’ burial. Then everyone rested the next High Holy Day. Then at sundown Thursday the women could could go buy burial spices, etc., to anoint Jesus’ body. On Friday they finished whatever they had to do. Then Saturday was the weekly Sabbath. At sundown Saturday the Sabbath was over. Jesus was resurrected exactly 72 hours after his body was placed in the tomb. Mary did not see him until Sunday morning. Hopefully that “connects the dots” which
            tradition has made foggy. And by the way, Jesus was born about five years “BC.” So in 30 “AD” he was about 35 years old. Frankly I was curious about what appeared to be some disjointed accounts of religious “dogma” so I decided to dig into it all and made interesting discoveries. The New Testament accounts are accurate. We just have to connect the dots–and the do connect accurately. God had all this planned before the world existed. He did an excellent job. No wonder He rested on the seventh day. I’d have been worn out too. 🙂

          61. MsLiberty says

            The Quran is not God’s word, it is plagiarized words from the Bible in the form of chaos, mixed up with the worship of the Goddesses of the morning and evening stars aka Allat, Al-Uzza, Manat, aka daughters of Allah or the worship of pagan gods. There is one chapter in the New Testament in the Bible that rebukes the claims of Mohammad. The first chapter in the book of Luke and this tells me all I need to know about the falsehoods of Islam. I believe that the anti-Christ will come from the Islam religion from the revived Ottoman Empire, and I would bet he will come out of the Turkish nation. While I agree that we got a lot of information from the Egyptians, you must remember that the Jews were slaves of the Egyptian for hundreds of years, and how do you know that this knowledge didn’t come from the Jews, after all they were the builders of the pyramids and many other statues before Moses freed them from slavery as far as medicine, Jesus was the greatest physician, healing all manners of diseases and maladies, including exorcism of demons, and he was much more than a prophet.

          62. Uzoozy says

            There were no Muslims when the New Testament was concorted . Usual bigoted and racist views you hsve no value

          63. MsLiberty says

            I’m am neither a Bigot or a Racist. I just love the way you liberals always toss out the race card and name calling when they have lost the argument. I’m not feeling a bit of guilt for expressing my view or exercising my freedom of speech. I have every right to believe what I believe, whereas you as Muslims do not! It’s convert or die and I don’t believe that Islam is a religion at all. I believe that it is a form of tyranny, oppression, control, backward savagery and false paganism that is evil. You’re right the New Testament was written by the disciples about 4-5 centuries before the Koran. If you had read the first chapter of Luke, you would have understood my comments. It was the Angel Gabriel that announced the birth of the “Son of God” to the Virgin Mary and others. Why then would the Angel Gabriel contradict everything he had said those 400-500 years later to Mohammad??? Islam rejects that Jesus is the Son of God, and call him a prophet which to a Christian is blaspheme. Every aspect of Jesus’s coming, crucifixion and resurrection was prophesied in the old Testament and every account of this prophesy came to pass, whoever rejects that Jesus is the son of God is the Anti-Christ.

          64. Dorie N. says

            There are some things that were created by Islamic people, medicine is not listed as one of them. However, I do love coffee, and it was found to be useful by a shepherder who saw his animals become more energetic and jumpy, and thus tried the beans for himself. So there are some things that an Islamic soul created but with the help of God, not allah. You see, I believe that there is only one God, and He does not approve of what your book says. He did not tell us to kill someone who does not chose to believe in Him. And so, no matter what you insist was given to humanity from the arabic background, it was still inspired by God. The God you chose to bastardize through your false prophet. Abraham chose to give his son with Sarah his blessing. And therefore, the arabic slave child was always considered a mamzar, or bastard, and thus, was not in God’s chosen path for the Messiah.

          65. Uzoozy says

            Whether the language was Arabic or Aramaic it does not Matter. GOD WHO resides in Heaven is the God of Humanity and not only For the Christians only, Christains are likw pagans pray to the doll on the stick that is not god only an Idol.
            Get your belief straight.

          66. Rick Rogers says

            What you don’t know about religion other then Christian would feel a book.. (and I really question how much you know about Christianity since most of your stated Beliefs about Worthless and Lazy people would seem to be against the teaching attributed to Jesus) “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Mahatma Gandhi

          67. Ellen says

            True. But God helps those who help themselves.

          68. Uzoozy says

            Very true

          69. Ron Warren says

            And hopefully not those who sit on their butts all the time drawing checks from the Treasury we workers support.

          70. Uzoozy says

            God changes the condition of the people that want to change what is inside them.

          71. Ron Warren says

            God changes people who allow Him change them. I think that is what you are saying. I agree!

          72. Ron Warren says

            God helps those who let Him run the show.

          73. Ron Warren says


        2. sherri palmer says

          We know who the terrorists are and a family of them resides in the WH. They have to go…we must stay!

          1. Uzoozy says

            Slave mentality , BHO black part is better than his other

          2. Ron Warren says

            Another bigoted racist statement by you Uzoozy.

        3. Uzoozy says

          Americans are their own enemies , get this more than one third of the world population is Muslim.
          there are 0.0001 percent alledged terrorists while 20 percent are worst than terrorists they kill and rape whatever they find,
          There is no redemption for bad guys

          1. Manny Beltran says

            Your math skills are below kindergarten level. Your IQ must be in single digits. The real percentage of terrorists among Muslims is about 98% plus 2% who once raise funds to support the terrorists.

          2. Sue Zbell says

            While I will not pretend I know the numbers, the exact numbers are actually irrelevant.

            If someone grew up being indoctrinated with a set of religious beliefs to any degree and then there is a war that purportedly pits “outsiders” against those of that belief, the believer — even if not a zealot/terrorist — will be more likely to choose their flavor of belief over the other one. This is true even if actions rather than beliefs are at the core of the dispute. IS is a case in point.

            This being a conservative site, I’ll probably be panned for this, but the lesson to be learned from the reality I describe above — people of every ilk will most likely side with their own — is that the USA needs to STOP trying to put religious law of any flavor into our nation’s laws (abortion, contraception, gay rights, etc.) and respect individual liberty and equal right under law, upholding SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE and ending “preference” in all aspects for any religion now, especially if there is any possibility that demographics can actually drastically change to favor Islamic extremists, as this article and some comments to it, suggest.

            A half century ago many white southerners simply could not and would not have believed that by the middle of this century whites will be less than fifty percent to the population.

            Demographics DO change; how remains to be seen.

          3. Ron Warren says

            Atheists and Muslims will reject the idea to their own peril but we who follow Christian teaching in the spiritual realm are insulated from “Hell” which has no claim on us. I do not include as “Christians” those who belong to church denominations like social clubs to which they weekly congregate and “pay their dues.” The “new Covenant”
            explains this so if you are not “into” it don’t try to understand it. Atheism and Islam are man-made ideologies and I hope those following those “religions” find solace–at least while still on Earth.

          4. The_Magic_M says

            > Atheism and Islam are man-made ideologies

            Christianity is just a modern modified version of the Jewish faith. So keep talking about “man-made”.

          5. Uzoozy says

            Try reading the Bible, you will learn the truth.
            There is One God worship him alone.
            No praying to dolls

          6. The_Magic_M says

            I read “Lord of the Rings” and worship Gandalf now.
            Same level of realism.

          7. Ron Warren says

            Hope you enjoy your new found faith which came about by a modern day writer. Mine came about per writers covering about 1600 years and which portions link together historically. And the authors didn’t have CBS, NBC, etc. to gather from. Thank goodness for that.

          8. Ron Warren says

            Uzoozy you are violating your Islamic base by telling someone to read the Bible. However you are correct in that by searching the “Scriptures” one can find answers to the person and purpose of Jesus (Yeshuah) of Nazareth.

          9. Uzoozy says

            I drew different conclusion after reading the bible.
            It is violent religion doctrine teached you to sleep with your daughters, kill anyone who is not Christian etc etc . Good sex novel.

          10. Ron Warren says

            Uzoozy you are like many nominal Christians. You pick and choose in the Bible then draw conclusions based on your choices. Surely you jest. Have fun. God is not mocked.

          11. Ron Warren says

            Glad you liked it. Now we all know your reason for reading the Bible. Definitely not for spiritual enhancement.

          12. Dorie N. says

            You have a soul, a spiritual body, and a flesh body. Well, God also has a spiritual body, *Holy Spirit”, A Soul, and a flesh body *The WORD of God in the Flesh”, Jesus Christ. The Word of God is those words that God spoke that made everything into what it is today. You cannot make anything from the words you speak, but you can have great power through the Name of Jesus Christ. If you ever allow yourself to actually study the word of God, you will find that Jesus was God come in the flesh to demonstrate that He would not ask us to do something that He would not do. Thus, His death on the cross served many purposes. The mosst important was to destroy Death’s hold on us (satan) and to free us from sin through repentence and belief in Jesus and His resurrection. If you cannot believe in the sacrifice that GOD made for us, then you do not deserve to be with Him in eternity. But alas, there is the millennium.

          13. Ron Warren says

            Wrong! Christianity is the culmination of what the Johovah God planned in the beginning. No human could have ever conceived this. It was conceived by God before the world existed. And there are skeptics. I’m not responsible for their disbelief.
            The_Magic_M you don’t know very much about Judaism or Christianity.

          14. Dorie N. says

            Christianity is not a religion, but a way of life. It is the keeping of the Commandments, and setting an example of how God wants us to live. Jesus was our example, and He was perfect. We are not perfect, and so we do need to repent for our failings. But, Jesus was not only man-made, but Man and God. He will be in eternity as the one who feeds us as the Tree of Life.

          15. Ron Warren says

            For me Christianity is a Faith based on teachings of one
            Yeshuah (Jesus) who was illegally crucified and who rose from the dead. Died on a Wednesday afternoon around 3 PM Jerusalem time, was put into tomb at sundown then arose at sundown Saturday exactly 72 hours later. He was “in the heart of the earth” exactly three days and three nights.

          16. Ron Warren says

            Wrong Magic M. Christianity is the culmination of what God has been doing–the grand finale to use a modern expression. If you carefully study the Book of Hebrews then the First Epistle of John you’ll see the Master Plan. Hopefully reality of the matter will sink in. Best to you.

          17. Dorie N. says

            Wrong Ron. Even Christians can be deceived. This so-called, fly away doctrine is one example of being deceived. Many will believe that Christ has come when satan shows up claiming to be Christ. And because there has been taught this premise that Christ comes back to take away His Church, then the opportunity for deception is clear. There is no leaving this earth. This is where we will live in our spiritual bodies. This is where God plans to make His Home. And this is where there will be a spiritual war between Satan and the multitude who follow him, and God and those who follow Him. And GOD will win.

          18. Uzoozy says

            You also need to take Melatonin .
            Extremists of any religion are bad people , its your POGS that are changing to biblical laws which makes no sense.
            How about enacting a law that prohibits divorce(as the bible says) and remarriage .
            No wonder more than half the Christians are living in sin with their GF’s ,May God bless this nation and make them go on a straight path.
            There is One God and one true law.

          19. Dorie N. says

            Uzoozy, this proves you are not a Christian, and are a Muslim. God divorced Israel, which was the ten tribes that were taken captive over the Caucas Mountains. The twelve tribes were divided, and Judah and Levites were still in the land of what is now Israel when the ten tribes were carried away. Then some years later, they were also carried away by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.
            The point is that even God found justification to divorce His own people. And in the death of His Son, Jesus, and resurrection, He can be married symbolically/spiritually back to His children. Jesus can forgive the sin of divorce. God is capable of forgiving sin, and the only sins that He askes for the souls to be sent to Him are Murder, which is defined clearly in Levicitus, and rape.

          20. Dorie N. says

            I totally disagree with you about the idea that we should submit to the liberal ideas of abortion, and gay rights. Contraception can be utitlized through the idea of not having sex at the peak days in a cycle. So, while I do not tell others how to live in that area, I have used the rhythm method of contraception. It is not against God, to plan your family. But it is against God to terminate a soul once one has been created. Also, the homosexual community go against God’s Plan of Salvation, for their own personal pleasure. One cannot support those who go against God, without losing their own place or position with God. God expects us to be an example for others, not to follow after sinners.

          21. Sue Zbell says

            We agree that we disagree, especially about any god.
            I don’t believe in god and to say I do would be to bear false witness — damned if I don’t; damned if I do per most religious people.
            I would not tell you that there is no god only that any god that is the supposed creator of ALL that exists would also be the creator of ALL evil — every possibility, potential and every propensity for it — that any person has ever inflicted on another throughout human history, and,
            Per its own literature, supposedly being ALL knowing would know exactly ALL that supposed “free will” would face and ALL about how that “free will” would respond, supposedly being all powerful, it responded as intended — unless, of course, you think an all powerful, ever present, all knowing god would have made a mistake, which would mean it is not all powerful and infallible and, therefore, not “God” as defined by the Bible..
            Also, and again per its own literature/history/propaganda, that non-human thing called the Father of Humanity committed mass murder of its own progeny by drowning every man and woman and helpless innocent child and fetus on earth that was not a member of the immediate family of Noah.
            Also, and again per its own propaganda, it has issued a terroristic threat to dump horrific plagues on every person on earth, and, yet again, commit mass murder — next time by fire — murdering every person who doesn’t embrace its favorite flavor of zealotry in it’s “end times” war..
            What you call a soul, I call a consciousness — a self awareness, of which a fetus has none. If I eat an egg for breakfast, I’m not eating a chicken. An egg is nascent life; a fetus is nascent life — it is not a baby until it can be born and live outside its mother’s womb and w/o all the massive modern medical knowledge and intervention available now that didn’t exist when the Bible was written, edited and published by men.
            What I do know is that religions — every flavor of them — are man made.
            Freedom OF religion must include freedom FROM religion — not just freedom FOR religion — your religion or the religion of any current or future majority religion.
            Your wanting to put your dogma into law regarding abortion and/or contraception or any other personal and important and consequential decision anyone can make is wanting your flavor of theocracy rather than freedom. I strongly dispute that any degree of any flavor of theocracy for government is in the best interest of freedom or individual liberty or equal right under law.
            Certainly, if you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one. I, personally, have never wanted/needed/had an abortion, however,
            Purely as a matter of personal and political principle — nothing less than the principle of freedom — I strongly reject the idea that government should be so used as to be intrusive into people’s personal tragedies or everyday private lives and/or interfere with some of the most important and personal and consequential decisions anyone can make.
            Creating prohibitions or impediments or penalties for people who make personal decisions with which you or others disagree is nothing less than tyranny.

          22. joespenthouse says

            Only a terrorist would know the real numbers.

          23. Ron Warren says

            Ha! Good comeback joespenthouse.

          24. Uzoozy says

            I am blessed in every which way , 2.05 billion people cannot be wayward.
            The real terrorists are people like you who know nothing beyond the toilet walls.
            God bless America

          25. Manny Beltran says

            Sewer rats and basement cockroaches Muslims must be exterminated like the filthy vermin they are. They’re (you’re) only adept at pedophilia, women abuse and goat humping.

          26. Uzoozy says

            Its your wife’s panties , its coming to you soon, take care

          27. Ron Warren says

            I take it you mean Allah Bless America.

          28. Uzoozy says

            God bless America

          29. Ron Warren says

            Uzoozy I think I’ve read enough of your posts to get a snapshot of you based on the posts. You are a Muslim and are of African descent. The former you chose. Am I correct?

          30. MissLotus says

            Where do you get your facts Manny? That’s highly inaccurate. By the way I’m wondering if you’ve seen this article regarding the American man who killed his ex-wife and her family… Have you read much about this man, a former military veteran, yet another whose military experience “may have” contributed to his violent rage as based on possible PTSD? Yet another problem within our nation is that OUR SOLDIERS, the very people we honor for defending our freedoms, don’t get proper attention when they encounter problems following combat. I’ve seen it many times including with family members, they receive inadequate counseling and medical services and sometimes have to fight for their disability when they’re left unable to work. The system barely supports them and then you have some reacting with all of the violence and anger hat has built up in their damaged minds. Hypocritical how we don’t recognize that as a problem, but we’re too busy hating people who don’t deserve it and putting our attention on these unhealthy arguments. Violent extremism should be denounced, but Islam, and not the majority of us among the Muslim population. Peace to all.

          31. Uzoozy says

            SAd to say its the other way around, more acts of violence were committed by Christians
            94 percent in America, keep glowing into your deceit .

          32. Dorie N. says

            AGAIN, false witnessing. Without evidence, you cannot prove such bold and erroneous statements. How about putting out some facts to prove your comments. And people who used the Bible to commit crimes are not proof.
            The Bible does not teach someone to do wrong. There are set standards for Laws and Commandments that if held to this day, there would be far less death and evil and no one locked up.

          33. Ron Warren says

            Amen! Dorie. And I’m not aware of any Christian denomination teaching premeditated murder to babies, cutting off peoples’ heads if they don’t join Christianity, nailing them to wooden posts. Uzoozy’s mentioning of violence stems from hundreds of years ago when Popes instigated war on non-Christians and we today abhor that activity as non-Christian. Nowhere did Jesus of Nazareth or any of His followers advocate atrocities committed by Popes. It’s easy to point out the wayward who claimed to be Christians but who by their activities denied the very Faith they claimed to uphold. But Islam, for example, preaches violence. Muslims who abhor this activity need to stand up and speak out against it. Silence is consent! Most Christian followers spoke out FOR the Faith and were put to death for doing so. So if Christianity is a myth and Jesus was not resurrected then why did so many people go to their deaths upholding a LIE? Therein is proof of the Resurrection of Jesus. Uzoozy is misdirected, bless his/her soul. And may the Devil come out of him/her immediately.

          34. Ron Warren says

            So 20 per cent of Muslims are worse than terrorists? Interesting. I didn’t know that many Muslims had such evil mentalities.

        4. Ron Warren says

          Guest233 consider we have an impostor in the white house who is a puppet of Valerie Jarrett and Islam. The true guilty parties are those anti-Americans who allow this Demon’s name on ballots. And also those secluding his university records. He is guilty of fraud so no legitimate court would punish anyone leaking his record. I call it WHISTLEBLOWING.
          And another mystery is WHO IS PAYING OFF PEOPLE TO KEEP QUIET? George Soros? The Saudis?
          WHO??? It’s way past time this criminal activity be exposed.

          1. Uzoozy says

            The Bushes were and are on the payroll of the Saudi government as consultants , where were you then.
            Just because you thought that the very thought would harm you ,you kept mum.
            I have the answer which is simple and true.

          2. Ron Warren says

            Actually I think you, Uzoozy, are Lucifer with the capacity to use the human-devised internet.

          3. Dorie N. says

            This is false witnessing, because you cannot know whether Bush was on some payroll of another country without evidence. Making rash statements is false witnessing. There is proof that Obama falsified his place of birth in order to get benefits only attributable to a foreign student, and thus, if he was an American, he committed fraud. He made the mistake of writing books about himself when he was young that alluded to what he did. He talked about being born in Kenya, and about going to college on foreign aide. And much of his records are sealed away, which would eliminate any doubt if he allowed them to be viewed. Clearly, he is a fraud, and criminal, and that is why he won’t open up his records. And his early writings have since been scuttled.

          4. Uzoozy says

            The Bushes are on the payroll of the Saudi government you can say it you will not believe
            Truth hurts. Double standards for differert colored folks. Gw was on vacation for over 500 days, never heard a whimpet

          5. Rick Rogers says

            There is no such proof and to claim there is is also FALSE WITNESSING just as much as thing else you may claim.

          6. guest233 says

   said it better than anyone I know. Several(not many) politicans have said that our government is a criminal interprise and completely out of control. One of the ways Obama has dealt with whistle blowers or those who disagree with his agenda is to demonize them in public and ridicule them and SLANDERING THEM. I have to believe ‘the ruling elite’ (oh how I hate that label the harry reids have given themselves) have been threatened and are living in fear of this ‘thing’ in the white house.And’s been 6 years since bush was in office..Obama makes bush look like an angel.

      3. Uzoozy says

        BHO is smart he does not US to become like Europe was ,opressive and out of control with religious zeal and the false doctrine it preaches,

      4. Uzoozy says

        Hey you are a fabricator BHO CANNOT say those things lier lier your b…s on fire

      5. RobertLaity says

        Obama is a usurper,traitor,fraud and spy.

        1. Ron Warren says

          Robert you insulted usurpers, traitors, frauds and spies. 🙂

      6. sturgis says

        I agree 100%

      7. Pamela Craghill says

        You must get Barak Hussein Obama out of office as quickly as possible. The longer he is there, the more damage he can do. Never, never put a Muslim in a position to dictate what happens in your country ever again. I pray to God we don’t do the same. We have had enough with the ones we have had in the last fifteen years, but a Muslim would be the last straw.

      8. IllBeYour Huckleberry says

        Problem is there is a farm of despots in washington!

        1. nevergiveup says

          Think big!!!! Real big!!!! We need a big scoop. Scoop them all up and put
          them out, no stopping until it is done, complete. ISIS doesn’t stop, only we won’t use their violent means.

      9. Uzoozy says

        Muslims follow the best true religion of Islam

      10. Michael Dennewitz says

        It appears that our only hope went out the window at election time. What we thought was going to bring about, or at least start the changes we need, backfired on us, no? Repooplicans stabbed us in the back and are accepting everything the little mooselum cockroach deems law. Woe be unto this once great and powerful country!!!

      11. dhwilson58 says

        So true! Destroying our country is his real agenda and needs stopped now!! No impeachment No trials just dragged up the gallows steps and hung by our military and congress!! Well…. Our military, congress doesn’t have a set ! Thank you for your comment, the word needs to be put out there for all the Sheeple.

    3. Yadja says

      List of attacks on Americans by Muslims since 1972, running us down with SUVs etc.

      1. Uzoozy says

        In Philadelphia that gut killed 6 and counting. That was a Christian who dunit.

        1. Yadja says

          Please name for me who it was that killed 3000+ of us on our soil on 9/11. Then please name for me the Christians that are killing daily throughout the world not to mention hanging, crucifying, burying alive, decapitating, raping etc. Then tell me was it Christians who killed the school girls recently?

          Baloney to you, baloney. A speck in the eye of Christians and you ignore the timber in the eye of Islam.


          1. Uzoozy says

            It was not Muslims that killed 3000 + very sad indeed but you cannot blame them .
            There are bad people in every religion, Muslims have their share of nasty people. Who instigated it, HW, GW, DC , who asked to go and kill Muslims in middle east.

          2. Yadja says

            Now I know why your name is Uzoozy you oooze nonsensical blabber.

            No go buddy.


          3. Uzoozy says

            PPPFFFFTTTT to you too.
            Yadja means memory gone, keep it up and you will be blessed.

          4. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL fair enough.

            I am Blessed.

            Hopefully this country will be Blessed with a new president with some sense and not a puppet and we can get rid of Muslims.

          5. Uzoozy says

            Hopefully this country will be Blessed with a new president with some sense and not a puppet and we can get rid of Xtians and send them back to Timbuktu.
            Hate is all the xtians know

          6. Yadja says

            Ahhhhhhh rid of Xtians, Christians…..well, well, well again please show me what Christians are doing? Appears the only thing we hear bout is Islam. HUMMMMMMM

            Could it be their Qur’an? Yepper

            You can wish in one hand and do your doody in the other and see which comes true first.

          7. Uzoozy says

            Ya dja you have lost your memory.
            Predijuice is the correct mis-spelled word.

          8. jjames60 says

            The Qur’an is being put to better use these days, so I hear and see. I went to an outhouse and saw a book in there with quite a few pages missing, but Muhammod was spoken of in it quite reverently, but down in the lower deck was stained pages. So finally, it is being put to useful things instead of promoting killing, murdering children, rape, burying women and kids alive, and revering a pedophile that many seem to think is such a perfect man. So now, the story book is finally being used for a useful purpose. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN

          9. Yadja says

            The Muslims wipe their backsides with rocks and even with outhouses and toilet paper they will use a rock. That is what they did in Iraq.

            Yes that is about all it is good for but don’t let anyone see you coming out of an outhouse that has one in there or you could find your self like the little Moron and his half a$$ed cousin. LOLOL

            You know they would truly riot, come out by the millions and burn everything in site if they got wind of that. LOLOL just like the teacher with the teddy bear named Muhammad or the hoopla about the military burning Qur’ans well guess what they do with old Qur’ans they burn them.

            Amen Amen Amen.

          10. Carmen G. Williams says

            I thought they used their right hand which is why they usually refrain from shaking hands.

          11. Yadja says

            Nope left. But a hand all the same and they think pork is unclean. LOLOL

          12. jjames60 says

            That is what I understood also, but there is no right hand or left hand pages to use in the outhouse as it is equal opportunity in there.

          13. Ron Warren says

            I thought those desert snakes hatched from a man-made religion concocted by an Arab businessman in Medina who invented Islam back in the 600s AD to enhance his sales. Yes lets get rid of these neck slicers wearing dishtowels on their heads. Kick them back to Timbuktu or wherever they slithered out from. Theirs is THE religion of hate. Their god is not “Allah.” Their god is that great Serpent named Lucifer.

          14. Uzoozy says

            Keep looking over your shoulders Satan is right behind you.
            There is one God pray to him only.
            No puppets allowed.

          15. Ron Warren says

            I know. I keep my back turned to Satan so he can see only my butt. My face is looking straight at God’s Face. “Get thee behind me Satan!” –and it worked.

          16. Yadja says

            Yepper Mummadman was a camel jockey who lived with his Uncle after his parents died and married the woman he worked for. Went up into a mountain cave fell asleep and the Angel Gabriel strangled him with a scarf. Need to have a talk with Gabriel someday, he didn’t pull hard enough on that scarf.

            So when he was choking and woke the Qur’an was written down on that scarf, but he continued to add to it every time he wanted to do something or to marry this one or that or raise money by looting, simply told the simpletons the Angel Gabriel told him to do it. Puts new meaning to the old saying “The Devil made me do it.”

            Pretty much intolerant all the way around it was his way or the highway for you and your head.

            Muhammad tried to get the Jews to accept him and his book as the last prophet and the last word to validate himself. When they quit rolling in the floor laughing at him he left with an attitude and turned really ugly towards the Jews.

            What a guy, so he spoke the language of the Jews and knew they called Him Yaweh to separate Him from all the gods of the day. So the only Allah of his time, that he knew of by the way, was a sun god called Allah who had a half moon and star on his chest.

            He pulled a fast one and it grew into this plague upon the earth called Islam.

          17. bjreg3 says

            Damn, Mohammad had a bad trip back then. Those shrooms growing out of sheep dip must really be potent for the mentally challenged, or was it the inbreeding?

          18. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL they like sheep and little girls. You should Google Muslim men marry little girls.

          19. Ron Warren says

            Thank you Yadja. I’ve always known the origin of Islam was from some kind of tomfoolery. You filled in the blanks. Interesting how “Mohound” borrowed Gabriel from the Jews. Were it not for Judiasm he would not have had anything to base his fabrication on.

          20. Yadja says

            I suggest that every American read the Hadith that was written by those who claim to have been with Muhammad. I also suggested when I first came home from this war that preachers begin telling their congregations about Islam. CAIR stops this from happening believe it or not. They attack churches and shut the preachers up.

            Education on Islam is important to keep them at bay in this country. It is a political doctrine whose main goal is the Caliphate and world domination. It was Muhammad that started the Crusades.

          21. Ron Warren says

            Uzoozy you are guilty of projection, a concept in clinical psychology.

          22. Uzoozy says

            Sorry Islam is nere to stay ,go back to Phudisville, readthe Quran and you will acnieve peace of mind.
            God loves you.

          23. Yadja says

            We are going to have another Crusades and here in America there will be problems with Islam and for Muslims. Mark my words. You will not come here and kill us in our homes, drag us out into the streets and decapitate us, rape us, burn our churches etc without a fight.

            Dream on you may live in our country but you will never be Americans. You don’t mesh.

          24. Peter Pan says

            It was a sand NIG GER

          25. Yadja says

            A Hadji, raghead, turbaned terd, Muslim looney tunes, sword wielding, throat slicing, madmen from the sandpit.


          26. Uzoozy says

            Crusaders ,sadistic un bridled hate and carnage , raghead, turbaned CIA xtain satan tunes, balls wielding, throat slicing, madmen from the sandpit.

          27. Yadja says

            Please tell me who started the Crusades….nevermind…….I will tell you. Muhammad before his death began going and attacking people who never attacked him outside of Arabia.

            He wrote letters to every known Potentate of the time and emperor telling them if they converted to Islam they would be safe. Well they told him to pound sand and at his death he instructed his followers to take Islam to the world and they did. Slaughtering, raping, enslaving, decapitating, hanging, burning, raiding, destroying churches and others places of worship and looting and mutilating and taking out icons, like ISIS has done even destroying a Holy Site from the time of Christ. Well they kept this up for years and years and there were actually Seven Crusades in all until they were at the doors of Europe and the Pope said people we better come together and take care of business before we are all out of business.

            They did and from that came Europe coming together and the Holy Temple Mound being guarded by the Nights Templar to assure safe passage through the Holy Lands and of course they did much digging under the Temple Mt. their instruments and those of the Mason’s were found. We have not a clue what they found or what they took.

            So don’t give me your crying, moaning and groaning when the Islamic Looney Hordes caused the entire situation then got their backsides kicked up one end and down the other and shut down til now.

            Now they are right back at the same thing and please show me the International headlines where Jews, Christians, atheists, Mormons, Catholics, Hindus or Buddhists are going hog wild killing.

          28. MissLotus says

            It’s very unfortunate for Islam that there are fundamentalists who are so active in violence, yet this still doesn’t account for the majority of Muslims. Perhaps you’ve never heard of the Irish Republican Army? An Irish terrorist group. Perhaps your knowledge of he Crusades leaves out the issue of Pope Urban II sanctioning the attacks in an effort at spreading Western Christiandom, much like European settlers here forced conversions on the Native Americans along with murdering many because they were different. Every human culture throughout history has dominated others. Africans sold other Africans to Europeans slavery. Aztecs and Incas fought and dominated each other. The problem is in humanity, take away Islam or any other religion, humans will find another excuse.

          29. Yadja says

            Talk to the hand, every religion and people have had their sins against humanity but that was thousands of years ago not continuing today.

            Don’t you preach to me about this plague on the face of the earth. It is one thing to claim your so-called religion has been hijacked but darn sure another to prove it when everyday, in everyway, Islam is slaughtering, decapitating, burying alive, stoning, hanging, mutilating , raping that is not a few frikken people that is everywhere and millions upon millions.

          30. Shauna says

            *WOOT* Go baby GO!

          31. Yadja says

            Thanks 🙂

          32. The_Magic_M says

            > but that was thousands of years ago

            Yes, the IRA that MissLotus mentioned was thousands of years ago. Who ties your shoelaces?

          33. Yadja says

            The Irish Republic Army has a right to fight for Ireland. The Brits to this day continue to suppress the Catholics. Do your homework.

            Use your head for something other than a hatrack.

          34. The_Magic_M says

            The IRA had no right to kill civilians of another faith.


            If you think they just attacked British soldiers, you’re even dumber than I took you for (which was a lot).

          35. Yadja says

            Google Christian throats slit in Pagan Slaughterhouse. Show me the same thing only done by Christians or the above I named.

            While you are at it.
            How many millions of Christians et al killed by Muslims during the Crusades that Muhammad was responsible for?
            How many millions killed when Muhammad alive?
            Syria recently over 150,000 killed.
            Hussein killed 2 million people in 23 years averaging 80,000 a year..
            3000 Americans killed in less than 1hr by Muslims.
            Africa 500,000 killed by Muslims and as many displaced and it continues today.
            Thousands killed, burned alive, crucified, buried alive, raped, decapitated in Iraq by ISIS not to mention the 90,000 al Qaeda killed before we entered Iraq to blame it on America.
            Taliban how many killed in Afghanistan?

            The list is endless and it all points to Islam. You can never come anywhere close to legitimizing what Islam is doing daily.

          36. The_Magic_M says

            This is leading nowhere, trying to say “because Muslims killed more millions than Christians, they are evil and Christians are good”.

            How many Jews were killed by Christians in just 6 years in Nazi Germany? Does this make Christians evil?
            (And no, claiming the Nazis were not “real Christians” won’t save you because those Muslims who kill innocents are also not “real Muslims”. Besides the Nazis worshipped Jesus, calling them one of their own.)

          37. Yadja says

            Your right it is going nowhere because you refuse to admit that for Islam the maiming and slaughtering continues to go on today on a regular basis.

            You are refusing to admit this is a problem and you refuse because if and when you admit it you understand the need to end it.

          38. Ron Warren says

            Wrong! Jesus and Christianity got in the way of Adolph. Naziism was/is not compatable with Christian teaching.

          39. Yadja says

            Really well you think the Brits have the right to continue in the year 2014 treating the Catholics so badly?

            What would you do if suppressed and what the He!! did the Brits think they would get from a predominately Catholic country?

            No I am not dumb but I do know the situation in Ireland. Tell ya what, why don’t you do your homework then we can talk.

          40. Ron Warren says

            Ha! I haven’t hear that “hatrack” thing in many years.

          41. Yadja says

            I got schticks galore on file for just such an occasion.

            The hat would be pointed…..dunce.

          42. Ron Warren says

            Strongly yet correctly said Yadja.

          43. Yadja says

            When dealing with JackA$$es you can’t be weak LOLOLOL.

          44. Uzoozy says

            Well written ,loved it.
            God bless you

          45. Jonathan Brooks says

            Sorry, but African slave trade was almost exclusively done by Muslims, and the Catholics have never been paragons of following the words of Jesus, but Islamics who follow Mohammad are exactly like ISIS is now. You CAN blame Islam, because they have the blood of 72 million Christians on their hands from 720 AD to the present, as well as countless people who were forced to convert on threat of death. Islam is a problem, because slavery is not just a practice of islam, but a tool of jihad, and never outgrown. catholics may suck, in that they killed 100 million Christians for not submitting to the Roman Church from 400 AD until now, but they were not following Jesus direction in their killing, and Islam does.

          46. Ron Warren says

            Jonathan you stated it correctly in that Jesus never “preached” forcing by any means His Faith on anyone. Let me note a slight disjoint in your last sentence. It is written such that it comes across that “Islam does follow Jesus’s direction. It is simply the wording that presents the opposite of what you mean in the context. –or did I misread? [Islam does follow the Roman Church’s direction in their killing. Is that what you meant to say?]

          47. Jonathan Brooks says

            Actually, I was having a hard time getting my meaning across.

            Catholics,from the beginning, were aggressive in killing all non-Catholics, including other christians, but that similarity to Islam comes from the fact that this church was set up by the Roman Government, and not the christian believers.

            Catholics like to claim that they were the basis of Christianity, but that is not historically true, since the Catholic Church was created by the Roman Government, and re-wrote history to connect to Peter. In point of fact, Christianity had spread into Africa, the Middle East, and even India, before the first pope wore a pointy hat.

            Uzzy and other Muslim apologists insist on welding all Christians to the pope, and conveniently ignore the fact that Christians exist from a relation to Jesus, both in and out of the Catholic Church, and not because they were born in this or that group.

            If being Christian was totally the same as being a Catholic, the Romans would not have killed 100 million of us over the centureis for not being in the Catholic Church.

            The Muslim apologists also refuse to understand that the Catholic Church does not do what it does as dictates of Jesus, but because it has, at its core, a Roman government theocracy

            This theocracy has laws contrary to Jesus teachings, warfare tactics, a form of intelligence and assasins (Jesuit Order) that operate to klil or destroy opposition that is not in the teachings of Jesus.

            Islam and the Roman government prior to Catholism being set up, were slave and law systems, and into world conquest. They were operated as systems of money collection, and control of the public. They were brutal beyond imagination, and skilled in torture.

            Islam today insists on seeing themselves and Christians as being the same, when doing at actions and tactics, when the Catholics got those similarities from the Roman government systems and not Jesus.

          48. Ron Warren says

            Thanks Jonathan. Much better. You’ve delved into religious history more than most people ever do. As odd as it might seem one can be Christian without being Roman Catholic or Protestant AND one can be Roman Catholic or Protestant without be Christian. I sometimes get the impression some people “join” a “church” for essentially the same reasons they join clubs such as the Elks Club, Lions Club, Shriners, Womens’ Auxilliary, etc. to name a few. It is the desire to “belong” to something while the “dogma” of the organization is not actually relevant. I am a Believer but place very little importance on church membership. And that will ignite the ire of some pastors and members everywhere. I suggest they carefully read the encounter Jesus had with the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well. He related that WHERE one worships is not important…then note what came next.

          49. KLH6 says

            Islam is an unfortunate religion period. They know nothing of forgiveness and hold grudges for centuries. The Qur’an is not about peace anywhere. It would take the world back to the middle ages. This battle will never be over. It is the final battle between good and evil. Good will
            triumph in the end but the toll lwill be tremendous! Do you really think you’ll be allowed to live in peace? Look around the world right now.
            all the examples you gave are not still going on but this one will not be ending any time soon.

          50. MissLotus says

            How many Muslim people do you know? Do you have any Muslims in your family? As a woman raised Catholic, I converted to Islam about ten years ago after studying the religion for about the same amount of time. My family has many religious an spiritual backgrounds in it. My husband is a Muslim, Middle Easterner and his family has been here for almost forty years. My brother’s wife’s stepfather has been here also almost forty years from the Middle East, and he I Muslim. I had Muslim friends growing up in the 1980s. Not a single one of them has supported or perpetrated violence of any kind. They along with me, my husband, my husband’s family, my other family members, my brother’s wife’s family, the Muslims in my community, and the majority of Muslims worldwide understand Islam as simply another way to understand God, peace, and spiritual discipline. We don’t believe in violence and we understand this isn’t what Islam is about. Stop and think before you generalize, consider how hurtful and exhausting it must be to constantly have to defend who you are from people who hate you without knowing you. It certainly hurts me to see hateful comments and sentiments directed at my husband, who has been nothing but good to me and to all others he encounters, yet we don’t the back, this isn’t the solution. We try and speak up to help bridge the gaps created by fear and prejudice. Society has too many prejudices, in American society there is an especially high amount of prejudice directed towards black people, Muslim people, homosexual people, and lower-income people. If anyone wans to fix this nation they should begin by helping create an actual national community through standing up against prejudice. By the way I’m wondering if you’ve seen this article regarding the American man who killed his ex-wife and her family Have you read much about this man, a former military veteran, yet another whose military experience “may have” contributed to his violent rage as based on possible PTSD? Yet another problem within our nation is that OUR SOLDIERS, the very people we honor for defending our freedoms, don’t get proper attention when they encounter problems following combat. I’ve seen it many times including with family members, they receive inadequate counseling and medical services and sometimes have to fight for their disability when they’re left unable to work. The system barely supports them and then you have some reacting with all of the violence and anger hat has built up in their damaged minds. Hypocritical how we don’t recognize that as a problem.

          51. KLH6 says

            I have met many Muslims over the years. In fact, I met numerous different ethnic groups through the years since I worked 38 years as a nurse in 4 states on East coast, midwest and West. Congraulations on having such a perfect life. Now read what your Quran says about sex slaves and enjoyment on beheadings. Specifically to behead slowly with dull knives so as to derive more pleasure. Explain why Christian communities that have been around for centuries in Iraq are almost eradicated.
            Veterans issues are a separate problem. There werethousands of veterans that had multiple limbs blown off by IEDs The VA system was overwhelmed by sheer numbers. If Americans or Israelis used IEDs they would be charged with war crimes. Islam is not a religion of peace. Never has been, never will. That’s like many German’s who said they weren’t aware of extermination camps. Sorry, don’t believe that lie either. Hide your head in the sand if you wish but I’ve seen people lined up and shot and left in open graves. Except for race, it could be Nazi Germany all over again

          52. Ron Warren says

            KLH6 Thanks for your post. The real world sees the rotten fruit on the trees. That means the actions of radical Muslims of late tell the world that radical Islam’s objective is domination of the world by takeover using evil, uncivilized means. Islam is now an evil tool to disrupt civilization. Radical Muslims have an uncivilized mentality and they could not care less about the rest of humanity. Muslims who want to live peacefully and who reject the barbaric activity of the radicals should leave Islam and move away. It might not be easy but the hotheads have created a problem for them. To me radical Islam is the work of Satan.

          53. KLH6 says

            I agree that it is Satanic in nature. After reading many verses from Quran it’s impossible to reach another conclusion. The men have all the power and having sex with very young girls. Also saw bestiality with man and donkey caught on close up from satellite. Just boeing on ground with butt up in air seems a bit sinister. I follow Israeli news sites and video links and they frequently link to MEMRI a Muslim TV. Even without translation at times, you can see and feel vitriol they spew. I even watched an Iman demonstrate how to behead someone. Another one brought an assault rifle to use as part of sermon. My dad is in his 90’s
            and retired Lt. Colonel from Air Force. He volunteers at airforce base one day a week. He has forwarded me some of what our
            military deals with. No wonder they have so many psych issues! They are like liberals. You can’t reason with them or point where their logic is faulty.

          54. Ron Warren says

            And Miss Lotus you are on the right track. Christian teaching nowhere requests, suggests or demands forcing non-Christians to accept Christianity. The Crusades were evil attempts to spread Christianity using methods borrowed from the Roman Empire and from Islam. Such warfare is not part of true Christianity. If I’m wrong show me where in the New Covenant you find such.

          55. Uzoozy says

            You are full of shit, useless arbuing with a donkey

          56. Jonathan Brooks says

            I agree, arguing with you is useless, but why would you call yourself a donkey?

          57. Yadja says

            LOLOL yes you are a Jacka$$.

          58. The_Magic_M says

            > show me the International headlines where Jews, Christians, atheists, Mormons, Catholics, Hindus or Buddhists are going hog wild killing.

            Gosh are you unable to use Google?

            Your self-imposed ignorance is the worst starting point for making claims which are refuted within a minute.

          59. Yadja says

            Why are they fighting? Because they finally decided to fight. They got tired of being killed.

            Google the International news and you see Islam as the aggressor and quit frankly it is about time that some of those who are being attacked by these barbaric, savages did something about it.

            You can’t hide the atrocities of Islam nor can you attempt to cover them or explain them away with a few articles where people are standing up.

          60. The_Magic_M says

            And you can’t even admit you made a false statement and got called out on it, now you’re finding excuses (“those Buddhists were right in slaughtering children because they were attacked first”).

          61. Yadja says

            You are not right about anything and I was not wrong. Do you honestly expect for people around the world to allow themselves to be abused and not stand up sooner or later and fight?

            Sorry does not work that way.

          62. Jonathan Brooks says

            Uz a lot not only drank the Muslim Koolaid, he ate the koolaid packet, and the paper cup that the koolaid was served in.

          63. Ron Warren says

            Along with adhering to Islam’s equivalent to Jeremiah Wright.

          64. Jonathan Brooks says

            Muslims have eternal sand in their burkas about the crusades, but let me lay some facts on you, whiney. Islam turned Arabia from a majority Christian country to islam by killing. Europe had Spain conquered, part of France, and southern europe up to Vienna, and Rome was sacked twice and burned, and Italy was almost conquered, and your golden age was one of slavery of the dhimmi. Your religion is that of piracy of the high seas, and enslavement, as it was in the seventh century. The crusades were started 200 years after you invaded Christian lands, and subjugated them so I would watch the whine on Crusades, since you were moer violent, and savage when you had the upper hand, and a lot more rapey with the locals. You were so cruel that you made the Knights look good in comparison, and they were barbarian feudalists. How can someone be so nasty, that being conquered by Catholic knights seem better?

          65. Uzoozy says

            People are being polite of the Christian Crusades bkessed by the popes The crusaders showed the true color of Christianity insecure,false beliefs and teaches hatred and bigotary.
            Your religion is barbarian to its core.
            you demean my religion I will demean you and send curses

          66. KLH6 says

            That’s one thing I noticed about Muslims-limited vocabulary consisting mostly of curse words and
            repetition (on these websites). Particularly the most vulgar of curse words. From what I’ve observed the men walk around with Ak’s with lots of ammo. Good thing there’s lots of ammo. Probably couldn’t hit the side of a barn if there was limited ammo and only had 6 shots. Without their guns they are helpless, except for going after women, children and old men.

          67. Jonathan Brooks says

            All you say is true, KLH6. I think this is due to the fact that Islamics have no inner spiritual life, and no relation to their “god” who is just an abstract concept they have, so Islamics have no moral core, no “Spirit of God” to give them peace or strength, but just a rage, hate, and sence of victimhood that is sort of a bully mindset. The followers of this system feel they have to curse, hate, and kill, because they do not think that their “god” can actually do anything to help or harm.

          68. Ron Warren says

            Now now KLH6 don’t rub truth in her face. She cannot easily overcome brainwashing done by sand worms.

          69. Jonathan Brooks says

            Actually, poindexter, thatis a funny point, is Islam is a curse by definition, and you are in for a big surprize when you get to “Janna”

          70. Ron Warren says

            While we Christians pray for your soul that you wake up before it’s too late. Jehovah, the Hebrew/Jewish/Christian God loves you and wants you to not perish because of your twisted thought pattern. But only you can make the choice. WE will not attempt for force you. Shalom

          71. Ron Warren says

            Ha! You still, like Obama, cannot communicate without a teleprompter showing you what to say right in front of you. You are a puppet of our string pulling. We make you support a false religion merely by manipulating words here.

          72. Michael Dennewitz says

            You’re giving into that troll bitch. Ignore “it!”

          73. Yadja says

            She and I go back a very long way but now she has gone too far. She is smart when it comes to computers, it is her life, she can do anything with your picture, your emails you name it. I have watched her, fought her for over ten years.

            She now has stepped in it. I am not the only one involved to stop her.

            Thanks though.

          74. Shauna says

            somehow, the song, “how to save a life” started playing in my head…..;) sorry drinking wine tonight…..

          75. Yadja says

            Well we know it’s not playing in the heads of Islam.

          76. Shauna says

            HAHAHA! your “on” today!

          77. Yadja says

            Got up this morning and put my Muslim A$$ kickin boots on

          78. MissLotus says

            Yajda, what happened on 9/11 in America happens to other people regularly, and lest you’ve forgotten, thee wee also Muslim American citizens who died that day and Muslims who grieved along with us. In my city a positive aspect that resulted was the local mosque offering talks about Islam to the community to help others understand the religion and the people of it. Now we also have a tri-faith campus, an area where a synagogue, mosque, ad Christian church share the land and all are welcome to intermix and support each other. An interfaith project of peace and coexistence. Unfortunately there are many people in the world unwilling to take these steps towards unity, whether violent fundamentalists, anti-government American terrorists (usually white men with military histories and PTSD yet we don’t go around generalizing this group), or people like yourself who use hateful words and can’t understand the concept of peacekeeping dialogue.

          79. sandraleesmith46 says

            You, and your community have been duped and conquered by Islam! Look up Taqqiya , not that it will help now. And READ the Quran. You’re DHIMMI ; slaves to Islam.

          80. Yadja says

            Perverted little appeaser who they will swallow alive and spit out soon as they multiply enough.

            This is the problem with this country, insipid saps.

          81. sandraleesmith46 says

            I see such fools thrill you too. When are people going to GET ISIS IS Islam, exactly as Muhammad taught and practiced it; that they’re following the commands in the Quran, as written? And that LYING to infidels is perfectly acceptable to them? Christianity and Judaism share in common Yhwh, the Father. Islam shares exactly NOTHING in common with either, except some plagiarized and badly perverted history around Abraham and Ishmael. BTW, for those not familiar enough, God rejected Ishmael as the venue for his promises to Abraham!

          82. Yadja says

            As evidenced by the comments on this site we are fighting immense ignorance.

          83. Yadja says

            I have read the Qur’an, the life of Muhammad, served in this war and Shield/Storm the Scorpion is carrying you across the pond and will kill you soon as they get the chance.

            By the way I am a Soldier who served in Shield/Storm and this war and if our people have PTSD it is due to what we saw, smelled and witnessed this barbaric enemy doing downrange.

            Hateful, LOLOLOL you perverted little twitbuttednatfaced dirtball don’t you preach to me about hate when everyday throughout the world Islam is slaughtering,

            How dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          84. Carmen G. Williams says

            Christian Worldview vs. Islamic Worldview

            and Islam are both monotheistic religions; however, there are stark differences
            in regards their teachings. In a two
            part dialogue, a Biblical/Christian worldview will be contrasted to a
            Qur’an/Islamic worldview utilizing five distinctive questions.

            I. Islamic Worldview:

            1. Origin:
            Islam, the youngest of the great world religions, is a monotheistic
            religious tradition that developed in the Middle East in the 7th century C.E.
            (610 A.D.); intrinsically, its teachings are credited to their Prophet
            Muhammad. Despite rhetoric, Islam does
            not mean peace, but rather means surrender or submission. The sacred texts,
            the doctrine of Islam are found in the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sira
            (Trilogy); essentially, contains the teachings of their Prophet Muhammad that
            were revealed to him from Allah through the Archangel Gabriel.

            2. Identity:
            The Muslim worldview dictates that ethnicity, nationality, and religious
            identity are convoluted. Religious and
            political identity outranks all else,
            including citizenship. Freedom of choice
            in regards to identity is non-existent in Islam: the child is what the father
            is and a woman is what her husband is.
            If a person desires to change that identity, it is with considerable risk
            (e.g., the sentence for converting from Islam is death: Bukhari, 9:84, 57).

            3. Objective:
            Converting the world to Islam on a Global scale is the ultimate goal
            while embracing the motto: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader.
            The Koran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our
            highest hope” (De Borchgrave, 2011, para.7.).

            4. Morality:
            When judged by universal standards Islamic morals fail miserably as a
            guide to humanity. “Muslims preach
            social segregation, hatred of infidels, and eradication of dissidents through
            preeminence and annihilation which is clearly stated in their sacred texts” (Sheikh,
            n.d., para.5.). Augmenting violence and
            terrorism for securing world dominance are the pillars of Islamic morality
            (Sura 58: 14-15; 60:1, 60:13).

            5. Destiny: Muslims
            contend that they have a manifest to create an Islamic utopia on a global
            scale. They believe that their salvation
            and rewards in a carnal paradise can be achieved through their actions,
            primarily by killing non-Muslims (Sura 9:5, 29).

            II. Christianity vs. Islamic Worldview:

            Christianity and Fundamental Islam are incompatible worldviews and inherently there
            is a significant divergence between the founders of the two religions. Muhammad was a mortal man, damaged goods, a
            sinner; whereas, Jesus was of divine conception, perfect, without sin and
            existed before this world was created (John 1:1). Islam even acknowledges Jesus perfect life
            (Bukhari 4: 506). Christians define
            their identity as imago Dei, that
            humans are made in the image of God and united with God in Christ, (Genesis
            1:26, 27; Ephesians 1: 13-14) which confers upon humans a great dignity combined
            with free will to make choices utilizing the Bible as an inerrant, divine life
            coach. In Islam, freedom of choice does
            not exist and attempting to make any changes contrary to the faith could result
            in a death sentence (Bukhari, 9:84,

            The objective of Christianity is to be
            Champions for Christ by word and deed; thus, sharing the gospel in a dignified
            manner with the hope of multiplying the number of believers. Although there are Muslims who desire a peaceful
            existence, they are disregarded as bad Muslims. The objective of radical Islam is to operate
            like a gangster organization focused on world domination. Augmenting violence and terrorism for
            securing world dominance are the pillars of Islamic morality (Sura 58: 14-15;
            60:1, 60:13). Christians make an earnest
            effort to emulate the moral code set forth in the Bible with the objective
            being to return the world to God’s standards of morality.

            The manifest destiny of radical Muslims is
            to create an Islamic utopia by coercion, with no regard for human life or
            dignity, for they are a retrograde force disengaged from this century. Christians serve a God of love and in
            emulating Christ choose to influence the world by walking the talk without
            resorting to violence. An individual’s personal relationship with God and the
            course of action taken while on earth will determine whether they will go to
            heaven living eternally in the presence of God or to hell separated from God
            (Romans 2: 6-8; Rev 21:1-27; Matthew 25:41).

            Caner, Ergun, and Hindson, E. (2008). The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics: Surveying the Evidence for the Truth of Christianity. (eds.). Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers, 277 – 281
            De Borchgrave, D. (22 February 2011). Muslim Brotherhood Objective: Global Islamic State. Newsmax, West Palm Beach, FL. Para.7. Retrieved from
            Faith Freedom International. (n.d.). Islamic Morality, (para. 5.). Vancouver, BC: Anwar Sheikh. Retrieved from
            Weider, L. and Gutierrez, B. (2011) Consider. Bel Air, MD: Academx Publishing. 70-76.

          85. Ron Warren says

            Thank you Carmen for that excellent breakdown. Very informative.

          86. Uzoozy says

            This post is full of it, nowadays everyone is an expert while living in a toilet all their lives.
            The Quran is the only truth and guidance for mankind

          87. Jonathan Brooks says

            Uzzy, when you have answers to prayer, a relationship in the spirit with Allah, and have a Near Death experience, then we will discuss expertize. I have had answers to prayer from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a life of decades in spiritual communication and guidance from Jesus, and several near death experiences, with jesus sending me back. You have an abstract concepy of God, and a book that you claim to understand, but in the end it is all you, cranky.

          88. Yadja says

            Here are some facts for you and I dare you to deny them concerning the Qur’an.
            Muhammad was born thousands of years after the Jews were a nation.
            Muhammad was born hundreds of years after Christ was crucified.
            There were no Muslims during biblical times because Muhammad had not been born yet.
            There is no connection between Ishmael and Islam. Ishmael’s mother was Egyptian and Abraham was his father.
            Ishmael was not to be sacrificed by Abraham on the Holy Mt but Isaac.
            The Mt that you Muslims call the Dome of the Rock has nothing to do with you. The Dome of the Rock is built on the Holy Mt. where the Temple was built by Solomon a Jew for the Jewish Yaweh and it is in fact the Mt. Isaac was to be sacrificed on.
            Muhammad never visited Jerusalem only in a dream called The Night Journey, a dream and yet this is Muslims claim to the Holy Mt.
            Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 and took her to bed when she was 9. That is a pedophile. He killed, raped, slaughtered and was no prophet.
            Not one Muslim was in the Bible and all the stories in the Qur’an are taken from the Bible along with myths of the time.
            There is no Allah.

            There is so much more and you and millions have been fooled by a snake oil salesman.

          89. Uzoozy says

            Your narration is bigoted.
            Prophet Mohammed married lady Aisha the word is married which means officially granted and agreed affair.
            Jews in America in this day and age marry the girls at the ripe old age of 3 plus one day.
            Though lady Aisha was much older than 18 when she married.
            The New Testament is upgraded every now and then after reading the teachings of the Holy Quran.
            By the way the latest version of the KJV the word begotten has been replaced by favorite son. How can Gods words change, answer the Bible is man written and should be treated as such.
            Jesus used to pray to God he was no son just another Prophet who was circumcised on day 5 of his birth. . Your God seem to be human, who used to eat go the bathroom , sleep and pray, was he praying to himself.
            Jesus was crucified but was raised to heaven.
            It seems you god died on the cross. Who was then in charge of the world?
            Why was the body of Jesus not found?
            The Holy Quran is the only authentic Gods revelation now made into a book of immense power for the 2.05 Billion people around the world.
            Yadja take care because you are a marked person.

          90. Yadja says

            And yours shows such ignorance I should not respond.
            Aisha was no lady, she was 6 years old a child. She did not agree to anything. Child marriages continue to this day Google them.
            LOLOL Jews in America marry 3 year olds, please show your source.

            I am not going to even mess with the rest you are disgustingly stupid.

          91. KLH6 says

            Finally, a voice in the wilderness speaking truth. You left out the part ( at least Palestinians) that believe Jesus was not crucified. He never died, went to heaven and is coming back for Muslims because he was Muslim. Boy, aren’t they going tobe surprised. As our country turns from God, we will pay a heavy price. Especially, as it pertains to Israel. “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”.

          92. Ron Warren says

            Well stated Yadja. It’s bad we have to react to others in a negative way but to NOT let them know we reject their positions is simply egging them on to continue. I served in military too; only four years. Nobody owes me a living. I happen to have great respect for the principles upon which this nation was founded and a strong negative attitude toward anyone who even slightly attempts to change the concepts of liberty and justice for all. Things are not perfect but failure to support the good is support for the bad. Yes, I’m conservative and want this present Leftist administration out of the white house the Supreme Court and the Congress ASAP. Lending aid and comfort to enemies of this nation is treason. I am greatly pleased that the Congress is not allowed to make any laws respecting establishment of religion OR prohibiting the fee exercise thereof. However, the nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and teachings but that in no way makes it a “Christian nation.” Nor does it infringe on freedoms of anyone. Nobody is mandated to hold membership in a synagogue or church. And any restrictions based on any religious dogma should be outlawed. Even Yeshua of Nazareth said to give to the government what is due the government and give to God what is due to God. Somewhat of a “prequel” to Amendment I of our Constitution.

          93. Jonathan Brooks says

            I think Lotus is a schill troll, since she is pushing the Obama and Islam koolaid, and hating on the military.

          94. Yadja says

            There is a last Crusade erupting.

          95. Jonathan Brooks says

            I have heard rumours that , around the world, there is beginning to be a backlash against ISIS, Boko Haram, and other old school Muslim groups. Christians and vets are working with the Kurds to fight ISIS in Syria, and the turkish border. Christians forming militias in Africa to cull Boko Haram. Angola burning Mosques and outlawing all Islam. I think the term “Reaping the Whirlwind” is coming to mind.

          96. Yadja says

            Islam was something to me that existed in the Middle East and according to the stories my father told me, who worked for Brown and Root and visited the Middle East, they were very backwards and had savage practices. He told me of the daily decapitations, mutilations etc in the squares in Saudi Arabia. I knew about the Crusades but they seemed so far removed from our country and our people, I was not concerned.

            When I was called up by the Army to serve in Shield/Storm we had intensive terrorist training and instructors who were actually Arabic and they exposed us to the real Islam and I saw with horror the videos of decapitations, mutilations, executions, stoning, hanging etc. The worst I saw was impaling. We were introduced to the manor in which they would fight. We were introduced to the Qur’an, the verses that showed intolerance and we were introduced to Muhammad and his life along with the mindset of the people.

            It was an eye opener and I knew and we knew something bad our way was coming.

            It has arrived in full blown hate and destruction and finally, yes my friend, people are fighting back.

            Google Christian Throats Slit in Pagan Slaughterhouse. this is a very graphic and very horrific video but I suggest you take a look at it. Happened in Syria. This is what we are up against in the year 2014.

          97. hankthetank says

            WE don’t need to be brain washed,so we will not comply, If you ever get rid of the Koran, then we might talk,until then you are up the creek without a paddle!!!

          98. Uzoozy says

            5 millionMuslims remember the Holy Quran word for word. No one can take away the Quran, Since the Quran will not go away because Allah gave mankind His gift.
            It ia a miraculous doctrine , no one can take away,

          99. hankthetank says

            If it’s a gift, you can throw it in the trash! you don’t have to read it , OR live by it!! It is trash! get rid of it !!

          100. Michael Dennewitz says

            OH GOD! Another leftwing liberal. Believes in the pie in the sky. Must be related to that dirtbag Usleezy!!!

          101. Jonathan Brooks says

            Go tell that multicultural twattle to the Europeans who are facing the gentle care of Islam (rape, child theft, arson, and riots on a daily basis), you Islamic apologist.

          102. KLH6 says

            Why don’t you go toMiddle East or Africa where Islam is dominate and sit down, hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Let me know how that works out for you. Their “warriors” don’t even have the skill to cut off your head with sharp sword. They hack it off with sawing motionbecause the Qur’an says to make them suffer and take pleasure in it. You clearly have never bothered looking up Qur’an or Hadith, Sura. You’ll find it quite enlightening. After 9/11 Muslims around the world celebrating,passing out candy. That is pure evil.

          103. MissLotus says

            Yajda I’m wondering if you’ve also seen this article regarding the American man who killed his ex-wife and her family… Have you read much about this man, a former military veteran, yet another whose military experience “may have” contributed to his violent rage as based on possible PTSD? Yet another problem within our nation is that our soldiers, the very people we honor for defending our freedoms, don’t get proper attention when they encounter problems following combat. I’ve seen it many times including with family members, they receive inadequate counseling and medical services and sometimes have to fight for their disability when they’re left unable to work. The system barely supports them and then you have some reacting with all of the violence and anger hat has built up in their damaged minds. Hypocritical how we don’t recognize that as a problem. As an army nurse, you should understand this. You should also understand violence is an issue throughout the human race.

          104. Yadja says

            Sigh……how many hundreds of thousands of soldiers have served now in these wars? Do you see them coming home, getting together in large numbers going throughout this country or the world terrorizing people? No….you know why? We are civilized and we don’t do that.

            There is no comparison sorry. Perverted assessment to say the least and disgusting to say the most.

        2. Ron Warren says

          Hmmmm. Doesn’t come across as a Christian to me. More like a deranged nut cake Devil. But then 2000 years ago the “establishment” labeled Yeshuah as one who did the works of Satan. The spiritually blind are unable to see a true Christian.
          That’s because they don’t have the Creator’s Spirit downloaded into them which was taken away when Adam and Eve chose that different programming. But it is still available for the asking.

          1. Uzoozy says

            You are talking about the Holy Quran, because the Bible is made up stuff for the most part.
            Good luck bro

          2. Ron Warren says

            Interesting how you, like Mohammed, twist the facts wrong side out to fit your prejudices. Mohammed borrowed ideas from Jewish scriptures to fabricate his own man-made religion.
            And incidentally there is only ONE Archangel named in the Judeo-Christian scriptures and his name is not Gabriel. Yet we understand an Archangel named Gabriel appeared to Mohammed. What had that businessman been smoking? Did he invent the meth lab?

        3. Todd says

          Uzoozy, what a moronic thing to say – the guy in Philadelphia was a Christian. BS. There is no evidence of that. The fact that he apparently wasn’t muslim doesn’t make him Christian, any more than your standing in a library would indicate you actually know something.

          1. Uzoozy says

            He was chritian cannot be anyone else Chritians are fading away with their unholy scripts.
            God bless America

          2. Todd says

            Uzoozy, the fact that the man in Philadelphia isn’t a satan worshiper, such as you and those of islam, doesn’t make him Christian. Clearly, the god of whom you say god bless America is not the God of the Bible. islam is the spawn of Satan and he is the god of islam. The God of the Bible, of Judaism and Christianity, contrary to your muddled thinking, is a God of justice, mercy, love and Grace. The god of islam is a god of brutality, misogyny, terror, murder, pedophilia, female genital mutilation, etc., etc.

        4. Jonathan Brooks says

          Not a relavent point, Muslim, since he killed family of his ex-wife, and his faith was not a motivating factor since only your religion teaches honor killings, killing of infidels, and conquest as a life style. Lying is also a high art form in your faith.

        5. KLH6 says

          Yes an Iraqi war veteran probably suffering from PTSD or traumatic brain injury. I don’t know that he was Christian but do know 20% of Christians don’t go around decapitating children & adults. Europes in a mess because they did turn from God. Very few Christians in Europe anymore. Name me one country today whose education,crime rates and standard of living has improved with influx of Muslims. All they do is destroy. Life expectancy goes down and so does quality of life.

        6. Ron Warren says

          State evidence to prove that person was/is a Christian. We are waiting….!

        7. Ron Warren says

          Prove the “guy” is a Christian.

          1. Uzoozy says

            He was a Christian otherwise hell would be set a loose.
            When its a Chritain bad guy the do not talk about religion, like most of the murders in USA, they have killed over 600 innocent school kids since Sandy Hook. And there was no religion attached to it.
            Simple Jeeves

      2. Uzoozy says

        Who ask to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, you need water boarding and rehydration for thinking that way.

        1. Yadja says

          You need a lobotomy at least we would both live through any of these.

          I am not about to waste my time to answer this.

      3. hoss50cal says

        thanks for the link

      4. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

        Yadja dear, you just made it more difficult for me to find your posts. What happened?

        Besides, you’re a top officer; not a ‘private’ LOL!

        1. Yadja says

          I have a very bad Troll on my back who has found me again and is an enemy of old. She is an expert with hacking and she had brought me much distress with things she posted and I am actually having to have a law firm who handles hackers and those who put things on the net for all to see, true or not, to take care of her.

          This internet stuff and hackers is becoming really dangerous to everyday folks. A Troll like her can ruin a reputation being as all employers look to the net nowadays and don’t bother to fact check.

          It will take a few weeks or maybe even months to clean-up what she has done. So that is why I went private for now.

          Thank you for caring.

          1. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            You still know how to get a hold of us, though, so don’t be a stranger!

            Now is this miscreant actually getting into information on your own computer or is her damage limited to mimicking her victims and seeding the net with falacious information?

          2. Yadja says

            Thanks I will I keep track of youse guys.

            She is not getting into my computer now, we had it debugged and checked. She is, we are coming to believe, deranged or so computer savey she is beyond a geek. She has been operating for years and I have managed to run from her but she always finds me. She was run off once when a bunch of us got together and her mother came on the scene and sorta begged for mercy.

            I think she is nuts. She picks her victims and then somehow gets things on the net, including private emails. The kind like some sites have where you can send a message to someone on their posts privately. I had not had a problem with her for years until now. I believe she is onto being looked into.

            I tell you this computer age has taken us into territory that endangers all of us and there is no privacy anymore. What with all the means to distort pictures, information it is frightening. A hacker can do almost anything to anyone. They actually are really amazing people.

            It costs a pretty penny to catch these people trust me. Then they have these organizations that actually go into the net and restore your credibility and reputation. They push everything so far back off the pages that they can’t be found without going through so much or they can go to the sites and get the persons name etc. It is something else. Costs from 1000 to 3000. Sad.

          3. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Maybe a GoFundMe website would be in order.

            If I knew that there was a Fund Yadja the Hacker Hunter site, and that it took paypal….

            Might I also suggest that you set up a ram disk operating system on a spare computer and use that to continue your commenting fun with us?

            Save your main computer with hard drive for other important stuff.

          4. Yadja says

            Your really great and I thank you. We number about 5 now and we are going in on finding her once and for all together.

            My man has a degree in technology and he has put up fire walls and checks our computer and now his work computer daily.

            We are using the same Lawyer and he is good. Handles this stuff all the time. He is appalled at what he sees and says it is only going to get worse for all of us.

            I am feeling better because she has backed off and some things have already been removed. Takes time. Lots to go through. 🙂

      5. The_Magic_M says

        Thank you. That is a pretty short list for condemning 1 billion people for the deeds of a couple hundred.

        1. Yadja says

          So you condone the Muslims killing Americans where they have immigrated to and have not meshed? You think that is acceptable behavior by immigrants? You do know they are the only immigrants to come here and kill us on our own soil? You do know we spend billions on Homeland Security to protect us from who? You do understand that for anyone to come to our country and kill us on our soil and for one of them to say it is a short list, only shows we really need to rid ourselves of you people.

          You see your so used to your people slaughtering millions since Muhammad came into the world that this list looks like nothing to you. My suggestion is that you take a really close look at your religion and you start to understand why we do not want you in America. Your not welcome anywhere. If you want things to change then the billions need to change their attitudes. Islam is going to get it’s a$$ kicked again.

      6. Uzoozy says

        The guy that lost his memory, (yadja) you need to come up with better than that.
        Christians have been at it since early 800 AD

        1. Yadja says

          Your a true block head and your incapable of admitting that it is nobody but Islam the world is having problems with today.

          You are the example of what we as people are up against. You are as dense as the rocks you use to wipe your backsides with.

    4. Uzoozy says

      Buddy, you are so full of hate that you cannot think strait. Take a Melatonin and relax.
      End of the world is not coming.

      1. Yadja says

        He is an example of Muslim squirrels. Rabid squirrely people.

        1. Uzoozy says

          He is an example of Christian squids. Rabid squidly people.
          No love, no other cheek no love only hate.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          Would someone please reach over there and bitchslap that goofy bitch Usleezy??

          1. Yadja says

            LOLOL I thought you were referring to someone else, another troll but yeh would be nice to perpetrate some violence on her.

    5. 7papa7 says

      That is why you are seeing more and more and more we the people saying death to islam. Everyone of these camel jockeys need to be killed or shipped out.

      1. Uzoozy says

        That is why you are seeing more and more and more we the people saying death to xtians Everyone of these grizzly bears need to be killed or shipped out.

        1. Ron Warren says

          Again, like “Mohound” Uzoozy you cannot come up with your own. You have to copy others’ writings and change the words. “Mohound” (Mohammed) did this with the Hebrew beliefs in order to fabricate a new desert religion.

          1. The_Magic_M says

            ? Christianity was also built on the Jewish faith. What distinguishes it? By your logic, the Jewish faith is correct and the entire “Jesus the son of God” stuff was man-made “new desert religion”.

          2. Jonathan Brooks says

            Problem with your suggestion is that it is assinine. Roman histories have been discovered which duscussed both Jesus and his miracles, and the Jews themselves discuss Jesus, but deny his status as the Son of God.

            They do NOT deny his life, or his crucifixtion. Only the newby aggressive atheists try to play that game, trying to tie him to Zeus or Heracles. or the Mithra Mystery religions. The new athiests have even tried to claim that Jews never existed, in spite of endless discoveries of actual New and Old Testament events.

          3. The_Magic_M says

            > They do NOT deny his life, or his crucifixtion.

            Who cares, it’s the status as “son of God” that sets the two religions apart (among a few other things).

            So again tell me how Islam was a “man-made desert religion” based on an alleged prophet (Muhammad) but Christianity was not a “man-made desert religion” based on an alleged prophet (and “son of God”).

            (Hint: the “desert” part cannot be argued as Israel was and is mostly desert, so trying to slander Islam by calling it a “desert religion” is actually kinda ironic.)

            > in spite of endless discoveries of actual New and Old Testament events

            You don’t even realize that the whole “son of God” stuff was “made official” at the First Council of Nicaea, basically by majority vote.

          4. Uzoozy says

            I realized that Allah sent down The Prophet with The message to bring the alleged Christian/Jews back to earth, when He did not like to hear blasphemy of Him begetting a son.
            God is way above the understanding of any human, that is why we should trust Allah in all our affairs .
            May the Almighty show these the right GPS direction.

          5. Ron Warren says

            So then Allah and Jehovah (Yahwey) are one and the same?

          6. Ron Warren says

            What the Council of Nicaea did has no bearing whatever on facts and reality. Humans can write down belief systems to make them “official” but the documents do not alter the facts. The Solar System’s “Sol” (sun) is said to be extremely hot. Writing up a scientific document stating that belief does not change the temperature of the sun.

          7. Ron Warren says

            What sets the life and crucifixion of Jesus off from other claimed “saviors” is that He is the ONLY one who has been resurrected from the dead. If that is a blatant sham then why would His followers proclaim a resurrection when they were not out to make money off the fact? The end of it all is that Christianity rests on faith that Jesus of Nazareth IS who He claimed to be and His resurrection is the proof. If an acquaintance of mine told me some things and said that he would come back to life three days after his death and three days after his death I discovered his grave empty then he appeared to me at my dining room table and ate some food I think I’d be convinced that whatever he told me was something I needed to accept as truth. However skeptics have the power to reject the concept the sun, a “star” is very hot. They want to go up to it and touch it with a finger to make sure it is actually hot. Such is life and human nature.

          8. Ron Warren says

            Christianity is not a religion. It is a Faith.

          9. Jonathan Brooks says

            Magic, both the Gospels and the other parts of the New Testament were written by witnesses to the events of Jesus, and Roman historians and archeology backed up the events as well in the New testament as well as the Old Testament. Big Mo lived two hundred years before either the Koran and Hadith were written, and Arabic Scholars have not found the kind of historical verification of Mohammad or his supposed writings to verify anything in the Koran, and it is known that both books were compiled by a Caliph in Arabia 200 years later, to unite the Arabian tribes. The fact that Allah was an Arabian Moon God that Mohammad proclaimed as the only God, although he was originally Sin, the head of the Arabian pantheon, with a wife and three daughters, is not denied by most Arabian scholars.

          10. Ron Warren says

            And there are some trying to rewrite history and claim the “Holocaust,” Adolf Hitler and Nazism never existed.

          11. Ron Warren says

            Wrong again. Your ignorance of Christianity is showing again.

          12. Jonathan Brooks says

            Ron, Big Mo actually used the Arabian Pagan Moon God named “Sin”, who had a sun Goddess wife and three star daughters, since the Arabian Allah worship was one of the sun, moon and stars. Mo stripped the wife and daughter concept away, and chose to claim he had a vision that Sin was the only God, and had no family. He also claimed the Jews were worshipping this moon deity as their only God, which was not true. Some Jews were into Baal worship, which included moon worship and star worship and worship of the sun, but the sons of belial were apostate Jews, and not the main stream Abraham followers or Moses followers. That was shown when they did face downs with various prophets, like Elijah and Elisha.

          13. Uzoozy says

            You will soon pay for it, illness is coming, so stop blaspheming

          14. Ron Warren says

            So? If the God of the Jews and Christians so ordains it, so be it. We who follow Him stand ready.

          15. Uzoozy says

            There is one God.

          16. Ron Warren says

            And He led the Hebrews out of Egypt under the direction of Moses. He is Yahweh. There is no God before Him. Of course many will disbelieve that. But disbelief does not change facts.

          17. Uzoozy says

            Exodus is a myth never happened

          18. Ron Warren says

            And in your mind neither did Adolf Hitler, WWII, or George Washington.

          19. Ron Warren says

            Excellent summary. This site needs more clarification. We must hold the course for the Jewish/Christian God.

          20. Uzoozy says

            You are so full of shit, how do you walk around the smell around you

          21. Uzoozy says

            The desert religion like the religion of Jesus was created by God to get people on the right track.
            Be careful all you sins are being recorded and in the end you will pay for it

          22. Ron Warren says

            Wrong. My debt is paid. Again you don’t know much about Christianity.

    6. Uzoozy says

      Mexicans and Muslims did not blend.
      There is a case of Rape, incest one every 7 seconds, please control this right away. Otherwise people will banish you to Phudisville.

      1. MissLotus says

        1 in 5 American women will be raped in their lifetime in American society, most often by someone they know. Violence of all types is a human problem, not limited to one group f people. Fear and prejudice of others isn’t a solution it’s the same mentality of the fundamentalists.

    7. Michael Dennewitz says

      Yep.. This country needs those hooded dudes back along with the hanging tree!!

    8. MissLotus says

      dhwilson if you want people to stop raping our women you may want to take that up with the men right here, not only civilians, but the many men in our military branches who have raped fellow female soldiers and women within the countries they are stationed in. Violence happens everywhere. Are you even aware of how much murder happens right here? I’m not defending the violence of religious fundamentalists, just saying it’s really not generalizable to all of Islam or all Muslims. People need to unify against violence and societal issue of all types. I work as a counselor with youth, and there’s a very ugly reality of broken homes with violence, drugs, sexual abuse, and neglect, parents from all backgrounds who haven’t got a clue of how to raise their children. There were no attacks in recent weeks either, those “recent converts” were loners with previous mental issues trying to emulate violent images. It’s not any different than the many white males who’ve walked into schools, malls or movie theatres and shot and killed innocent people, sometimes in copycat incidents after watching news and in their depressions and despair and breaks with reality identifying with the violence, something to make them feel superior instead of completely inferior and victimized by society. look around at all of the Muslims here right now in America, many who have lived here for decades, and ask yourself why there’s nothing happening. There’s nothing happening because this isn’t Islam or Muslims there’s no great takeover or demands. There’s a difference between demanding and asking for what is justified. Why shouldn’t Muslims have schools when there are Christian and Jewish schools? What’s wrong with having Halal food, it’s exactly the same as Kosher food, which has been available in stores and on menus for decades in America. Americans are always asking for more also, such as the Pledge of Allegiance being banned in schools because it says “one nation under God” and no one wants to allow such a concept of God into the public, since it offends those who don’t like religions and disbelieve in God. What you need to wake up to is the senseless fighting everyday between people over the most trivial issues simply because people don’t want to understand each other, they don’t want to stop and listen to each other, learn about each other, realize no group of people owns this world and learn to coexist in peacefulness. Ignorance with the power to destabilize our world isn’t limited to religious violence, it’s in every attitude of prejudice and aggression and hate.

    9. burlofearl says

      don’t be so fast as to think that you can just wipe these scum bags out. don’t know if you have heard but Obama is going to start importing 1,000 Muslim every month starting in 2015 form Syria. just like he did the Mexican the past year. so we are going to be over flowing with these damn towel head camel jokey before we know it. As you can already tell our new congress is not going to do anything to stop him, because they are more than happy to play his game plan.