Did Trump Deport a DREAMer? DHS Says No


The Trump administration is pushing back on claims that they deported one of Barack Obama’s precious DREAMers in February. While the mainstream media, including USA Today and the Los Angeles Times, have reported that Border Patrol officials deported an illegal immigration under DACA protection in February, Department of Homeland Security officials say that’s a bunch of hogwash.

There is agreement on one point: Juan Manuel Montes Borjorquez, 23, was at one time given deportation protection under the DACA order. But that’s where the agreement ends.

According to the initial news reports, the story goes like this: Borjorquez was quietly minding his own business, waiting for a friend to come pick him up, when he was approached by a U.S. Border Patrol official who asked to see some ID. Borjorquez told the officer that he didn’t have it with him. He was subsequently arrested, and three hours later he was released into Mexicali, Mexico.

Liberal pundits in the media went berserk, calling it a highly disturbing development. This guy had been in the U.S. since he was only nine years old, and he wasn’t hurting anyone. Why would Trump pick on one of the DREAMers, when he promised so many times that he had a “big heart” when it came to those individuals?

Well, it turns out that there may be more to the story than meets the eye.

“Juan Manuel Montes Borjorquez was apprehended by the Calexico Station Border Patrol after illegally entering the U.S. by climbing over the fence in downtown Calexico,” DHS spokesman David Lapan told The Daily Caller. “He was arrested by BP just minutes after he made his illegal entry and admitted under oath during the arrest interview that he had entered illegally.”

The spokesman went on to explain that Borjorquez’s DACA protections expired in 2015, and he was notified of that expiration at the time. “In addition,” Lapan said, “he has a conviction for theft for which he received probation.”

The truth will come out sooner than later because Borjorquez has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration, demanding that Customs and Border Protection release information related to his deportation. His lawyers contend that the deportation described by DHS did indeed occur – but that it happened AFTER the original deportation. They claim their client’s DACA paperwork was current and binding at the time of that first deportation.

Either way, DACA is a remnant of the Obama era, and Trump is under no obligation to continue giving illegal immigrants special protection, especially if they have been convicted of breaking the law. Borjorquez’s repeated run-ins with police show that DREAMers aren’t just the college-bound valedictorians that Obama liked to parade around.


    1. gotabgood says
      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        If you speak like a liberal pos, you act like a liberal pos and chances are you are a Liberal Pos!!!!!!!!!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/12308f3deb9367a5394b8c11fe5ed90c4d45d1ee696c74430630f7676987bd46.gif

        1. Chandler says

          Now this picture is disgusting !!! We don’t need to stoop to this red-rick.
          Just my opinion we need to keep our site clean.

    2. Chandler says

      Well said there God gless Real America well said !!

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        Well Chandler look above from gotbgood stop being liberal and judge him,,,,,you are not clean!

        1. Chandler says

          Still disgusting why do you liberals have to go the disgusting ways when someone does not agree.

      2. Germansmith says

        God GLESS America since it needs all the GLESSING we can get as long as produce people like you guys……

        1. Chandler says

          A stupid comment is just that a stupid comment !!

    3. Germansmith says

      On the principle that we live in a country of laws, I am against illegal immigration…BUT

      The wall will cost over 30 billions just to build it…billions more yearly to maintain it….as long as there are jobs in the US, they will come in boats, thru tunnels OR just visit and extend their stay…in one word…the WALL is STUPID

      illegals do not take jobs any native want to do for what it pays and the additional cost of natives doing those jobs will make live more expensive for everybody and some of our products NOT competitive.
      Illegals also pay sales taxes and spend money in the local economy . Some of them use fake social security numbers so they also contribute toward the retirement of people that want to send them back
      In Miami there are very few government paid benefits they get….unless they have an accident and land in an emergency room, so that 99 billion dollars is BS

      I support the wall, as far as we can send idiots like you to the other side

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        I support the wall you Moron,,,Illegals are destroying America anbd your Liberal Brainwashed low energy brain supports that! I liker to deport your weak liberal ignorant ass to Mexico!!! You liberal fool.

        illegals take jobs and crime has skyrocked!! You simpleton,,

        Can you get some common sense or maybe you should leave.THE WALL will be built Whether u like it or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      2. mac12sam12 says

        A $30 billion dollar wall save taxpayers $159 billion a year. The wall’s a no brainer. Illegals also get housing, money, food stamps and free healthcare in sanctuary cities. They are also 31% of the federal prison population.

      3. Florenca Mcdowell says

        Sir I lived in Miami and worked for the Gov. “YOU LIE.”
        They get Food stamps, TANF which is cash for each child and free health care NOT to mention the FREE SCHOOLING, which brings down the ratings of schools because the teacher cannot teach someone who is 17 and cannot read at 3rd grade level.
        Gov. rule IF A CHILD QUALIFIES FOR FREE LUNCH PROGRAMS THEN ALL OF THE ABOVE BENEFITS ARE GIVEN TO THE FAMILY. That rule needs to be removed. So your figure of 30 billion is ANOTHER LIE. I see you got TODAYS TALKING POINTS DOWN PAT. So lets do some math 11/20 million ILLEGALS SUCKING UP BENEFITS WILL NOT TAKE VERY LONG TO REACH “OVER” 30 BILLION. As to the wall we say build it and deport YOU to the other side.

    4. Mike with the Silver Star says

      Hear, hear….Know the truth, and the truth will set you free…Support the wall, not illegal immigration…

  1. Skippy says

    Trump needs to get rid of that unconstitutional dream act. I hope he sticks to his campaign promise to get rid of it.

    1. Tiger says

      A judge in Texas stopped that sometime back and told his lawyers it was unconstitutional and also that giving any benefits, DL or ID to them also illegal and said O’s lawyers had lied, so don’t know where that stands today.

      1. Chandler says

        Trump administration must stick to there guns refuse to allow that so called dreamer, back into America.
        And the next shyster lawyer that tries to screw over America and her laws, should face consequences.

        1. chief1937 says

          Among those consequences should be revoke citizenship and deport to east somalia. Where ever that is.

          1. Chandler says

            I could live with that and support it !!

          2. Florenca Mcdowell says

            Somalia is in African and YES they seem to be amongst the terrorist groups the most. Abe Lincoln made one big mistake, when he freed the slaves (which was good, no one should be owned) BUT they should have been sent back to Libyra and whatever country they came from.

          3. KVandy says

            They were given the option. They had a country that the US helped establish…Liberia. Look at it.

          4. AKLady says

            That would be an illegal invasion.

          5. Retired says

            That would be AKs homeland.

        2. Tiger says

          Our laws have been so misrepresented by these lowlife lawyers it is stunning. They get their money, sit back fat and happy with no care for the damage they do. Illegal is just that, laws are on the books that punish anyone for harboring, aiding and giving jobs to them. Laws are on the books that say anyone busing them in, remember Obama and the buses filled with the 55,000 illegal children he transported all across America, he needs prosecuting along with all Mayors of Sanctuary Cities.

          The law is back in town and no more tears for those who prey on this country.

          1. PatriotGal says

            Tiger, yes, they are low life and the ruination of this country along with scum OWEbama appointed to the judiciary who are nothing but judicial activists who have no law to back their decision – just opinion, as the 9th circuit court in HI that blocked the temporary ban on travel from terrorist-tied countries. That’s a HUGE job PRESIDENT Trump and AG Sessions need to tackle – removing that crap and appointing originalist judges.

          2. Tiger says

            Just read yesterday that a Supreme Court judge will be leaving due to Trump, that is a good thing so another judge to be put into place by Trump. As to the 9th Circuit read that the 9th Circuit court of appeals was not happy with what they did so might be overturned and no need to go to the SC.

            The sad part is that what Thomas Jefferson feared related to judges has come to fruition and it is lawlessness in it’s highest form.

          3. Chandler says

            Yes it it Tiger;
            They need to pay the consequences of there treasonous actions.

          4. Tiger says

            Pay ha ha none of these traitors pay yet you are correct in leaving their posts they are loosing.

          5. AKLady says

            [loo-zing] /ˈlu zɪŋ/
            Spell Syllables

            Word Origin

            See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com


            1. causing or suffering loss. noun

            2. losings, losses.

          6. Retired says

            AK troll has come out of hiding .

          7. msueh says

            Just block her. Saves time refuting her spurious claims.

          8. Cookie Vranish says

            I would never block her. All she has except for these boards, is lonely hearts sites. I don’t think she does very well there either, so give her a break!

          9. k9maiden says

            I’m with mush, block her, she has nothing worthwhile to say. She and her ilk are the very reason anyone with common sense and a brain voted for Trump and voted out the Whore of Islam. These loons don’t care about America, they don’t follow the Constitution, they defy everything in the Constitution they disagree with, “A peaceful transition of power” as all of us who knew BO stole the election of 2012, knew he was a Muslim/Communist/impostor ineligible to run let alone become POTUS, yet, we allowed these idiots to have their little “fake inauguration” because we follow the Constitution. Donald Trump won the election, and these anarchist are still trying to conjure up scandal after scandal. The more they point the finger at Trump the more we see who BO and KILLARY really are. Traitors to this country who need to be brought to justice. They are hanging the noose around their own necks, yes, that’s how despicable and brainless these Communist are. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a03b987692534f1303f7fd0b030f44b54831c473ba418c3441a4ced7522a007f.jpg

          10. Retired says

            I think your picture might actually be true as Hillarys people were meting with Russians

          11. DAlnB41 says

            These half-wits continue listening to the likes of Schumer and Pelosi, never accepting the reality that most Americans know and accept the fact our problems started LONG BEFORE Trump even filed for office. .
            Our national problems were not created by Trump, they came upon us over the last two presidential administrations! Bush left problems for Obama to handle; Obama ignored them and created created his own larger and more tedious problems; instead of working to fix any of hem, Obama took and attitude of “do nothing and the problems will go away!” When Obama left office, both the Bush problems and the problems he (Obama) created were passed onto Trump.
            Now, so many of those still in Congress who were their as these problems were developing and did nothing to prevent them or work them out, want to blame it all on Trump. Pelosi and Schumer can be heard almost everyday complaining about Trump – – COMPLAINING BUT but doing nothing to fix or help fix these problems; they are part of the – creators of the mess- and refuse to do anything to help clear it up!

          12. Craig Vandertie says

            She sticks close to her television tuned to the Communist News Network and her house is at least within 200 miles of the HAARP installation so the mind altering Electromagnetic waves are constantly weakening a mind that started out feeble to begin with.

          13. Retired says

            Very true , Russia and China are not far from Alaska. But she is a Muslim .

          14. Craig Vandertie says

            I was/am referring to CNN and not Communist or former Communist nations, I suppose the comparisons can be made.

          15. Retired says

            She has claimed to not watch TV .

          16. Craig Vandertie says

            Then it is the Electromagnetic waves being emitted by the dish antennas at the HAARP installation, or subliminal messages through whatever Loonie Libtard Online magazines she reviews the articles of.

          17. Retired says

            That and just plain oppositional .

          18. Craig Vandertie says

            No 1 can be that naturally argumentative.

            Being she is so blind to the truth she most likely lied about not watching any of the Lamestream media networks as well.

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          20. Chandler says

            I know but maybe it is time we show that they work for us not the other way around.
            We do have the vote to replace them and we should if they have been in for 20 years or more. TERM LIMITS FORCED UPON ALL POLITICIANS AND JUDGES THAT CAN BE REPLACED.

          21. Tiger says

            I was reading a book yesterday on how and when this nation really started with ignoring the Constitution, the president really sticking it to the Supreme Courts and the programs of giving, giving and more giving started and it was with FDR. He intimidated the courts when they called him out on all the government programs he started up, making Americans into takers and he intimidated them then he replaced them, stacked the court to get his way, even defied running for president two times and ran four times and the people allowed it.

            We have a long way to go baby before we can clean up Dodge and the new Marshall in town is trying his best with his sidekick Sessions at his side.

          22. Chandler says

            All of Presidents Trump cabinet as far as I can tell are trying there best to get Trumps agenda done.
            To give back the power to the States and thus giving the power back to the,
            ” We The People “.

          23. Tiger says

            Has to be done but those states who are Progressive will have to get a boot to the ass.

          24. Cookie Vranish says

            If money is limited to all the states, they can be progressive if they want and pay for it themselves!

          25. Tiger says

            The problem with that is many in those states are not Progressive and they can’t afford to move so we are a Republic, and we don’t tolerate Communism or Socialism, Communism is outlawed in the U.S.

            The answer is to bring back our Laws, our Constitution, take out the Education Dpt and give education back to the states and bring our country back to being whole again. There truly are more of us than them.

          26. Tiger says

            It is technically illegal to be a communist in America…


            I just found this out. The Communist Control Act of 1954 has never
            been repealed and the U.S. Supreme Court never ruled on the entire act’s

            Only a few court cases interpreted the scope of the act’s
            termination of the party’s “rights, privileges and immunities.” In 1954
            the New Jersey Supreme Court held that, under the act, a candidate who
            was not a nominee of the party could not appear on the ballot in a state
            election under the party label (Salwen v. Rees). The Supreme Court
            upheld the judgement of the New Jersey Superior Court in favor of the
            defendant-election official and adopted the Superior Court judge’s oral
            opinion as its own. That opinion explained that the plaintiff-candidate
            was proclaiming that he was the candidate of the Communist Party and
            that a vote for him was a vote for “party enthronement.” “In order to
            make good the outlawry of the Communist Party as such,” the Superior
            Court judge stated, “it becomes unavoidable that individuals be
            prevented from carrying its banner.” This “peculiar method, as chosen by
            the [plaintiff-candidate], is a keen way of circumventing the statute,
            because if it were valid for him to take the course that he has chosen,
            it would be valid for a complete set of candidates to do the same thing,
            the consequence of which, of course, would be to frustrate completely
            the design of federal law.”

            In 1973 a federal district court in Arizona decided that the act was
            unconstitutional and Arizona could not keep the party off the ballot in
            the 1972 general election (Blawis v. Bolin). In 1961 the Supreme Court
            of the United States ruled that the act did not bar the party from
            participating in New York’s unemployment insurance system (Communist
            Party v. Catherwood)

            However, the Supreme Court of the United States has not ruled on the
            act’s constitutionality. Despite that, no administration has tried to
            enforce it. The provisions of the act “outlawing” the party have not
            been repealed. Nevertheless, the Communist Party of the USA continues to
            exist in the 21st century.

          27. panchoVilladeltren says

            And Trump, being Putin’s girl friend, will lean towards communism. Trump is anything but an American.

          28. Tiger says

            Hey ass wipe listen to this video and see who is Putin’s lovers, Obama is the one who told the Russians wait until he was re-elected and he could do more for them and by George he sure did, he told Ukraine sorry but that deal you made for protection from Russia by America wasn’t a treaty and it was with another president. Oh and then Hillary gave the 20% of our uranium.

            Obama is the one who likes his woman with ding dongs Trump is all American.


          29. panchoVilladeltren says

            Hey ,butt kisser, you ate so much crap that you now also believe it. Fazct is, Trump is a closet gay, a coward. and Putin’s girl, whether you like it or not.

          30. Tiger says


          31. panchoVilladeltren says

            Putin had his way with obama, then Trump, but he can take you also, as it is obvious you want to join their party. (he goes both ways.)

          32. A_Nobody says

            He is but he has the left and RINOs in Congress to deal with along with the Obozo holdovers in the rest of the government which he hasn’t dealt with…..people like Comey for one. he needs to clean the exec branch and then start investigating the other two.

          33. AKLady says

            Except, you obviously do not know the meaning of treason.

          34. Retired says

            AK you are a perfect picture of supporting treason in the US .

          35. k9maiden says

            Anyone who supported the Muslim/Communist/impostor, or the Whore of Islam, was supporting treason against this country. They should hang for supplying arms to the enemy. What do you think Benghazi was AK? Why do you think the Marxist Media hushed this most heinous attack? Because it was a gun running deal gone wrong!

          36. Chandler says

            The hard core Muslims are not now or ever going to conform to our life style, hence we must get rid of them Now.
            If they want to blend in to our way of life and they came here legally after 5 years of wait and see on what and how they act.
            They can apply for citizenship with at least 20 letters of recommendation’s from other legal citizens of America. This can work to our advantage on taking back out Country. And regaining our Laws and Constitution.
            Sharia law is wrong and has nothing to do with this country, our laws or our Constitution.
            You want any of the Muslim way, get the hell out of America and go home., you are not welcome here. Blend in or get out simple !!

          37. Craig Vandertie says

            Hardcore nothing, they practice true islam, to true “Moonie Muslimes” anyone who is tolerant towards those who do not strictly adhere to the beliefs of Muhammad and does not bow to Muhammad must die, no exceptions.

          38. Chandler says

            You can say it anyway you want and I will state what I want , the way I want !!

          39. k9maiden says

            Oh yes we do you leftist Communist! It is the very essence of BO and Killary. PROVIDING WEAPONS TO THE ENEMY! And what is your version AK? What have you made up in your little leftist head? Trump is the GOOD that overcame the EVIL. You are a loon, and it is people like you who turned America into a cesspool of enemies and bottom feeders, but now Trump is PRESIDENT, he is going no where, he will win the next election as well, because he will make sure the end of rigging elections form the enemy is over! I suggest you read the meaning of treason, then try to tell anyone with a brain and common sense this doesn’t apply to BO!https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/57c64c436b53c3993173eedeebd50b0fd95e497f40a1ba10bb9c3ba704d8cce8.jpg

          40. AKLady says

            Trump has been in office less than four months.
            He hjas already been slapped down five times for violating the Constitution..
            Maybe, you should learn what treason actually consists of.

          41. Katia says

            Another misnomer.Anti American’s like Schumer and Pelosi who are careere politicians to line their bank accounts and favors for family and friends like most Democrats would do anything to cause kaos in this country and the likes of people like you that don’t have a brain to get educated on history and the Constitution make it easier for them..they depend on the gullible to believe their BS..and you’re one of them..Try reading and educating yourself, then make comments other than nursery mentality like typical Dems..Sad there are so many stupid in this country that suck up on the lies of smooth talkers.

          42. Jackalyn Morrison says

            I totally agree!!! You are so right!!! That must be some more of that fake news

          43. DAlnB41 says

            Katia – want a suggestion? BLOCK AKLady and your days will be more enjoyable!

          44. AKLady says

            What emotional satisfaction do you attain from insulting others?
            Are you so ego deficient that you must feed on other people?
            The Courts slapped Trump.
            That is the insurance our Founders built into the Constitution.
            It is the guarantee America will not by governed by a dictator.
            Trump holds a position for which he is not qualified.
            Thankfully, our Founders protected ‘We the People’.

          45. Cookie Vranish says

            ROFLMAO!!! AK, you are too funny!

          46. AKLady says

            Unconstitutional travel ban.
            Unconstitutional Korea threat.
            Unconstitutional official persecution of Muslims — twice
            Donald Trump has been slapped down for factually incorrect comments saying the government should cancel contracts to build new Air Force One planes

          47. Cookie Vranish says

            Any person that subscribes to the Democrat Party fills this definition!

          48. Cookie Vranish says

            Do too! Do too!

          49. A_Nobody says

            Indeed they do. Let the chickens come home to roost.

          50. Chandler says

            I agree totally A_Nobody !!

          51. AKLady says

            “With us, all the branches of the government are elective by the people themselves, except the judiciary, of whose science and qualifications they are not competent judges. Yet, even in that department, we call in a jury of the people to decide all controverted matters of fact, because to that investigation they are entirely competent, leaving thus as little as possible, merely the law of the case, to the decision of the judges.” –Thomas Jefferson to A. Coray, 1823. ME 15:482

          52. DAlnB41 says

            I must have missed it; what Supreme Court Judge? Why is it due to Trump? I need to get ahold of a copy of what ever you have regarding this; thanks in advance!

          53. Tiger says

            They didn’t indicate which judge it would be I will try to find the article.

          54. Cookie Vranish says

            I’m ready for some lawlessness on the Republican side. It would be entertaining to see the Democrats get it back for a change!

          55. Tiger says

            Well Cookie appears that Trump supporters are not taking anything off these mushheads and that they are fighting back. Now we read that at Berkeley they want to decapitate all Republican students, since when do Americans decapitate? That is a Muslim Specialty, so it seems the Muslims are having a great influence on these perverted twangers. Parents are taking their youth out of that school and all over this country college students being threatened.

            So I am in full agreement with you and that is why my purse is an arsenal when I go out, you never know.

          56. Tiger says

            Cookie you and I know the Republicans in office, save a handful are RINO. They have no intention of fighting the One World Order bunch. But surely will be nice to see some court cases have real honest verdicts for a change.

          57. DAlnB41 says

            Obama set this mess in motion as he catered to the illegals. His catering to them and his almost Welcome to the illegals violated our federal laws; he should have been impeached for conspiring with those who facilitated the illegals entry and those in congress who declined to take any action to enforce our immigration laws! The long drawn out process the immigration courts (with many judges appointed by Obama) required illegal immigrants apprehended in the U.S. to go to immigration courts where they would plead their case. They would then be released back onto the streets of America with instructions that they would return to court at a later date where the court would provide their decisions.
            These illegals would then wonder around our country for as much as two years waiting to return to court. By the time they did (if they did – millions apparently never returned and DHS ignored it) they most likely had either became a father or mother of a baby born in the U.S. and the process had to start over. Their favored expression, developed based on Obama’s passiveness; became the accusation that we were “breaking up families!”
            Obama, DHS Secretaries starting with Janet Napolitano, and his immigration courts created the great mess this nation is in – – HAD Obama complied with the immigration laws and the immigration program, the same laws and program several prior presidents had successfully used, we would not be in the mess we are now!

          58. Mike with the Silver Star says

            They took it upon the word of the illegal;s that they would show up in court? yeah, right…They would just run to another “sanctuary” city…and hide…they have no intention of coming out of the “shadows”…

          59. DAlnB41 says

            Most of the illegals did in fact return to the courts when they were notified of a return date; or at least that is what we have been told. Many though could never be found thus never returned to the court. What was a normal return date of less than six months slowly grew to a year, then 18 months and up to two years. The more the courts were tasked by Obama and the Secretaries of Homeland Security, the longer the court cases were taking. It is completely out of control.
            HAD OBAMA done his job of enforcing the immigration laws and insisting on proper management of the lawful immigration program we would NOT BE HAVING the problems we have today!
            And, in keeping with the Obama and Hillary Clinton traits; it is the Democratic party leaderships trait to point fingers and blame the problems onto someone else!

          60. skipfoss says

            Those that were born here to Illegal parents are not citizens of this country that were born here while their parents commited a crime that makes them illegal them selves

          61. Florenca Mcdowell says

            I agree but the Constitution must be changed to remove anchor babies. Born to illegals then no citizenship. That is our problem. As to DACA end it NOW. Do you know a poor white getting special treatment?

          62. Laddyboy says

            There is no such thing as an “anchor baby”. This CRA_ is nothing but a LIE put out by the DemocRATic Communist Party members.

          63. Chandler says

            We don’t have to change the Constitution, we must get the illegal amendment removed that gives false meaning of the amendment.
            What the Congress puts in we can get them to remove it.
            If not let us remove them and replace with true Constitutional people.
            Not the same old politician, either side of the isle.

          64. Emma says

            Well &truly stated.

          65. Chandler says

            Thank You Emma;
            For taking the time to be part of this discussion !!

          66. Joseph says

            No need to remove the amendment or even reword it. The case that supposedly created anchor babies in all actuality did nothing if the sort. All it did was reafirm that an American of Chinese ancestry was if fact an American citizen. The fact that his parent returned to China was not and did not strip the business man of his citizenship.
            I always wish that liberal idiots would read instead of take things at face value. The anchor baby she has NEVER been to the Supreme Court to be decided. As a matter of fact the Supreme Court wasn’t e we supposed to decide what is or is not constitutional that was the purview of the legislature. Judicial review is a construct of an opinion the court giving it power not given to it by the Constitution. If you read Marbury v Madison you will see that even the court said that they aren’t have the authority to rule on the case but did so anyway.

          67. Chandler says

            You will only get agreement from me Joseph.
            We know the truth but as long as we allow the Democratic Party of liars,thieves,Socialist,left leaning Progressives and the admitted Communist to survive.
            We the People will be dictated to by the Democratic party and there misrepresentation of our laws of the land and our Constitution. and we will continue to be the losers.

          68. Chandler says

            Don’t worry Florenca; “The Whites ” will in just a generation or so, cease to exist, To many deliberate mixed marriages.
            I do not remember in my long long life time that the working Whites have ever gotten special treatment.
            THE RICH NO MATTER THE COLOR OF THERE SKIN ;” have always had special treatment .
            That is just the way it has been. Poor Indians, Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, and all other race Have the same lifestyle of the poor. Hello Poor is color bling especially in this day and age.

          69. Katia says

            Except that our Gov’t has allowed them to be American jsut because they dropped them here which is the only reason pregnant ones run across the border..For us to pay for their kid. I say send all their sorry asses back across the border period..

          70. skipfoss says

            I am glad to hear some one who has sence enough to want to put these illegal “DRAINER”S”back where they belong

          71. Chandler says

            Blame is on the shoulders of the Politicians and our Judicial branch, that make the laws and change the laws and our Constitution !!

          72. Laddyboy says


          73. Chandler says

            Good evening Laddyboy ;
            long time not seen a post from you.
            You are spot on with your post. It was not our founding fathers that proclaimed that any child born in America was a citizen . It was the greedy Democrats and the RINO that added a amendment’s to the Constitution. i never believed that it was right for them to change the Constitution. It always turns out to be a mistake when they add another amendment to suite there needs not the American legal Citizens.
            They were elected, it does not mean that they are smarter than We The People or our founding fathers.

          74. AKLady says

            Infantile name calling — so very impressive.
            Are you even old enough to vote?

          75. Retired says

            You are the oldest infant posting BS . Time for your meds .

          76. Emma says

            obama needs hung. Period.
            He is the enemy

          77. Chandler says

            Yes it is and they are working hard !!

          78. AKLady says

            If you hate our laws so much, why don’t you find somewhere else to live.

          79. Retired says

            That is what we have been telling you , time to go back to where you came from .

          80. AKLady says

            They say ignorance is bliss.
            You seem very blissful.

          81. Retired says

            Now you are bragging about yourself again .

          82. Katia says

            You sound like the typical liptard that thinks running and hiding changes anything..That’s about the most stupid comment yet..The USA has always been strong and true Americans will fight for their rights and freedoms and do away with and get rid of the good for nothings that think they are all powerful because

            they have a title as a half wit Democrat in Congress..The likes of Schumer and Pelosi who are about as rotten as anyone can be, but milking the public and all the dimwits that can’t see thru them..Brainwashed bunch like the ones that watch MSNBC and all the other channels of idiots that think they are cute and so funny..It’s about time people wake up and smell the coffee or maybe it would be novel for them to get educated about the history of our Country and our Forefathers and why the Constitution was put into place in the first place.These fools today are trying to turn things around to suit their own interests and democrates wanting votes..Two faced, commies, socialists good for nothings.

          83. AKLady says

            Childish insults.
            Nursery school name-calling.
            Very impressive, but not in the way you desire.
            The Founding Fathers were progressive rebels — don’t ever forget that fact.
            The Constitution was written by progressive rebels — don’t ever forget that fact.

          84. Chandler says

            No it is a deliberate act of treason in my opinion.
            They know exactly what they are doing with misrepresenting the Founding fathers intent and meaning.
            Mostly the Democrats judicial branch with the help of the Democratic congress and the gang of 8+++ that are RINO”S that side with the Democrats more often than not.
            We need to get back to the true meaning of the constitution not the twisted version that has been going on.

          85. Tiger says

            Right everything you say and Thomas Jefferson warned us about the courts overstepping their bounds and taking over.

          86. Chandler says

            Yes they have Tiger, and it is about time we revolt and stop this miss justice.
            It is coming from the Democratic party of haters and the RINO”S gang of 8++.
            We can make the haters stand up and take notice, we have the power.

          87. Tiger says

            Indeed we do and we put into power the man we backed to do this. Voters from every party and people from all walks of life we just have to keep biting his heels to do it.

          88. Chandler says

            Well worth the effort and time don’t you think, I do !!!

          89. Tiger says

            Indeed I do.

          90. Ednabchildress says

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          91. Chandler says

            Yes they have Tiger,
            I for one want these lawyers and judges to face consequences when they deliberately lie to get there way.
            They know exactly what they are doing, so the appropriate punishment must apply, as they would do with the average citizen for the same crime.
            They the government has gotten away with no consequences forever, ” time to pay the piper “.
            Just saying !!

          92. Tiger says

            Could not agree more and it is going to take a mighty powerful cleaning to get the job done. All over America.

          93. Henry Smith says

            The laws are written in such a manner as to be interpreted in many different ways. Lawyers make a bundle when laws are written in this fashion. Rather than produce wealth through industry such as making shoes our nation has resorted to extortion and quibbeling. The glibbed tongued so called educated drive prices up. 70 years ago this type of sleeze only took place in metro areas. Today it is common practice. Everyone wants to be part of the law suit lottery.

          94. Tiger says

            Much truth in what you say but when it comes to our Federal Immigration laws on harboring, aiding, giving jobs to and busing in illegals knowingly, they are crystal clear and so are the punishments and so proud Sessions is enforcing them now.

          95. Henry Smith says

            There are a few lights still on I agree. The cerebral cancer of thought integrity is akin to fourth stage cancer (of the soul). The tentacles of perverse politics is ever so far reaching and entrenched throughout society excentuates the glimmers of hope such as Sessions. The dark powers that be are ever working on ousting him and others like him. It seems to me the dye is cast. Ready yourself because a great fall is pending. I do however appreciate any and all efforts to the contrary

          96. Tiger says

            Thou hast the heart and mind of a poet and thy words are mightier than swords at this time. Like your style.

            This maiden is not only ready but willing and able to defend what is hers. As are all that inhabit the hamlet we live in. Moved here for that very purpose.

            As to Trump he is our Knight in Shining Armor and that which God has chosen is going to survive and defeat and many a person already saw it coming with Trump, he will overcome for all of us.

            That Black Spot they put under his door will be returned in kind with a bloody one.

          97. DAlnB41 says

            Right on Tiger; and lets hope the new marshal stands up for the American people; Obama did not do so, Erick Holder nor his replacement have done so!
            The problems we are faced with today came from problems in the Bush Administration that were not correct before Bush left office; those problems then shifted to Obama. In the eight years Obama was in the White House, he ignore the Bush problems and effectively created even greater problems of his own that were then dumped on Trump and the American people.
            Trump inherited these problems and the Democratic party leadership, instead of jumping in to help fix them, spends all their time complaining about the problems and blaming Trumps for them! They love being able to point fingers and blame Trump instead of acknowledging our problems and trying to help do something about them!

          98. Tiger says

            The problems Bush left were not Muslim oriented problems.
            Bush had good rules of engagement downrange, O changed them in favor of Muslims.
            Bush never once suggested closing Gitmo and he never traded anyone from there for any Deserter.
            Bush didn’t stop the Gitmo Military Tribunals O did.
            Bush didn’t take crap off Russia or anyone else, O gave Russia and all our enemies everything they wanted.
            Bush was with Israel and didn’t fund Hamas. O gave Gaza money when Hamas attacked Israel.
            Bush loved America, O hated it.
            Bush was Christian, O hated Christians and favored Muslims.
            Bush never had the divide in this country like O did and the creation of BLM.
            Bush supported the police, O didn’t and many killed and he said nothing.
            Bush called a terror attack what it was, O never did, he hid it and his AG threatened people if they even brought it up.
            Bush loved the military and they loved him back, O hated the military and even when running for office pooed our men in the field.
            Bush kept Iran in the bag, O let them free and gave them gold, silver, precious stones and money.
            Bush kept N. Korea at bay, O could have cared less.
            Bush told congress if they didn’t build the wall we might run the risk of losing our Sovereignty, O left the border wide open, invited everyone in, bused in 55,000 illegal children, spread them across this country and wouldn’t tell us where. Breaking all our federal immigration laws.
            Bush stopped Clinton’s Catch and Release program, O put it back in place again.
            Bush had Iraq secured and even Biden said so then O drug his feet on the Surge and let Iraq go in the end.
            Bush had a gun program but stopped it soon as the cartels found the tracers, O had Fast and Furious and never stopped it.
            Bush didn’t kill Gaddafi and run guns to al Qaeda, but O and Hillary did.
            Bush didn’t tell Egypt to put a Muslim Brotherhood in office and put Mubarak in jail, but O did.
            Bush didn’t have problems with Syria gassing people, but O did.
            Bush didn’t create ISIS but O and Hillary did and there is proof positive of it now along with an audio of Kerry saying O wanted ISIS to succeed.
            Bush didn’t have Muslims slaughtering Christians but O did.
            Bush didn’t bring Muslims into this country to the tune of 100,000 a year but O did.
            Bush never made a deal with Mexico to have brochures made up showing illegals how to get benefits here but O did.
            Bush and McCain went to Congress and said you better regulate Fannie and Freddie or you will have a housing bubble, they didn’t and that is what we had under O who put the very same people back in charge.
            Bush didn’t have vets dying like crazy at the VA but O did.

            I could go on all the long day, Bush was not the problem that brought our country almost to it’s knees that was the Progressive/Communist/Socialist Obama.

            He is the reason for the Trump season and now the reason that Trump stays busy day and night making things right.

        3. DAlnB41 says

          In the case of this “dreamer” I agree; and the word certainly fits the situation. How many of our men and women, young and old, commit crimes, get caught, and in their dreams feel they did nothing illegally and In their dreams believe they should be allowed to do what they want, when and how they want.
          Obama got away with it and I guess he felt the illegals should also get away with it!
          That is, in great part, why we have so much hate, discontentment and growing problems on our streets and in our schools. We can not ignore laws and expect a nation to remain safe and secure; there is no justice in picking and choosing what laws we enforce and who will/will not be prosecuted! It sets us on the path to become a lawless nation!
          This kid fits the profile Obama said he would deport; he committed a crime and he needs to be deported! Now the American Tax Payers will end up paying millions of dollars again to clean up another mess created by Obama and his mindless passiveness and appeasement in catering to the whims and demands of the illegals.

          1. Chandler says

            Well stated and true !!

          2. Mike with the Silver Star says

            Very true and spot on…

          3. Katia says

            You have that right..You notice his Aunt and half brother have been here illegally forever and he knew it and did nothing..He’s a puke like all the other like him including his commie administration and all his con buddies like Bill Ayers..a killer..

        4. Craig Vandertie says

          But it was that treasonous judge that defied the law, they are the ones who should be tried and found guilty of breaking the law.

          1. Chandler says

            In my opinion no one is exempt from the laws not even the judges, but I am not the person in charge.

          2. Katia says

            Bottom line is all judges and attorneys should be hung or given the same sentence their criminals get when they pay to play to get them off the hook..Time to start holding them responsible for all the criminals out on the streets that repeat murders, rapes, molesting children and terrorizing cities. Start with Chicago..Obama’s hometown that has never been cleaned up but go figure..Look who runs it..and the mentality there..

        5. AKLady says

          Sewer language …
          That judge in Texas was voted out of office.

      2. Craig Vandertie says

        Judges who who commit such acts themselves are guilty of breaking the law and should have been removed from the bench a long time ago.

        1. Chandler says

          Yes they should be, if it were me or you we would be in jail way before now.

        2. Tiger says

          In this case the judge was correct in doing what he did. He interpreted the law and he made the right decision.

          1. Craig Vandertie says

            Refresh my memory of judge and ruling, 9 times out of 10 any Federal court decision is illegal in nature, leniency for illegal aliens is something I find intolerable.

          2. Tiger says

            It also came out in this case that the Obama lawyers had lied to the judge and he called them on it and wanted everything applying to this case. He also said it was, and it damned sure is for illegals to get any benefits in this country. It is time to set this country back on track.


      3. Julia says

        no that was DAPA. DACA is alive and illegal alien kids continue to age into the program.

        1. Tiger says

          We were talking about the Dreamers Julia but you are right Trump has not stopped DACA and he will pay for it from his supporters. He is not a perfect man, I do agree with most of his progress on the border, closing the Sanctuary cities and all but I don’t like his DACA crap.

          1. Julia says

            Neither do I.

      4. DAlnB41 says

        Remember – it was Obama and his lame minded Attorneys General (Holder) who said managing the nations immigration was a federal government responsibility; SO WHO FAILED THE NATION AND THE DUTY TO MANAGE THE IMMIGRATION MESS?
        – Obama and HIS Attorneys Generals were responsible for enforcing our federal laws!-
        – Obama failed this nation; effecting our economy, effecting our employment, effecting the best interest of the nation and the Ameriacn people; Obama failed America! – –

        1. Tiger says

          Too boot he broke our Federal Immigration laws and should be jailed. Harboring, aiding, giving jobs to or transporting illegals knowingly is against our laws.

          1. DAlnB41 says

            Agreed! He knows it, we know it! He will keep doing everything he can though to persuade the Democratic voters that he is the one who was right and everyone else was wrong. BUT, we know it was his duty and responsibility to enforce our immigration laws; he went so far as to say it himself when he told the several states governors that it was his duty and responsibility to manage the immigration program! AND, that would have been okay IF HE HAD – but he didn’t. He had his own agenda and he stuck with it; many say it was mostly due to his Hispanic Advisor (White House employee) who also ran a school for immigrants where they were taught how to speak English, how to get work in the U.S., and how to fit into our society. I can not say it is truthful but I have heard several times that much of that “school” was being funded with tax payers money!

          2. Tiger says

            I believe that real Democrats, because let us be honest, there is no more Democrat party, Obama a Progressive/Communist/Socialist as is Hillary and Bernie a Socialist, the only Democrat was Jim Webb, an honorable and truly good man, are done with Obama. Obama will continue to suck money from his supporters and to live the life of a king or some nobility when he is nothing but a filthy, Muslim who hates this country, Christians and our Republic.

            His agenda was clear and became crystal clear in his last few months. He let down all guards and he doubled up on his agenda never considering that Trump was going to come on the scene and undo every single thing he did. I believe he is still reeling from Trump and while frolicking in Tahiti and living in a 2,200 dollar a day room, he met with the filthy of Hollywood along with Oprah and others. His plans to use the big screen, the stage and the truly stupid Hollywood crowd to boost with glittering generalities the thought of a Utopia of Soft Tyranny, as Mark Levin calls it. When we know that nothing would please him more to know that the White Race was extinct from the face of the earth and that his beloved Muslims would rule, Sharia Law be the only law and the Qur’an the only book.

            If he and the Progressives could they would use a “Final Solution” and do to every White person in this world what the Nazi did to the Jews. His hatred is livid and is only matched by the hatred of him and his agenda by people, millions of us, like me.

    2. Chandler says

      So say most of us Skippy, so say most of us !!

    3. Katie Jones says

      There are people who want to just hand them citizenship which I am against. Coming here illegally is starting on the wrong foot to be a citizen. Why GIVE them citizenship have their earned it??? Someone gave Soros Citizenship and did he earn it either??? He needs to have his citizenship pulled for being a traitor.

      1. Chandler says

        If you or your illegal parents entered the United States of America illegally then you are also a illegal and should never be allowed citizenship.
        No if’s and or buts.

        1. Marvin2514 says

          I agree and I don’t care if you were a child brought here,you should be sent back along with their whole family….born here or not. Being born on American soil does NOT automatically give you citizenship. No matter how liberals spin it for them it is about votes to stay in power.

          1. Chandler says

            I also don’t care what they claim , do we really think that these illegals give a flip about lying when they are invading our Country by the millions.
            These illegals are using our laws and Constitution and the lawyers are assisting them in this criminal acts.
            What I say is make these law makers and lawyers pay for there treasonous acts. That is the only way we will win this fight, these lawyers know exactly what they are doing. They should pay the price as the ones they lie for . But that is just my opinion !!

          2. Bob Sumner says

            Sorry, but you are wrong about birth citizenship. They way it is right now, if you are born here you have citizenship, and that needs to be changed but it will take an amendment to our constitution.

          3. Marvin2514 says

            The liberals,under Ted Kennedy, changed the language of the original law. The true intent of the amendment was that of legal immigration following the process to becoming a citizen once that was properly completed any children born here were considered to be Americans. So in fact the “revisionist” understanding of the law needs to be dropped. Once again ,because for years no one stood up to the lawlessness, we have people not informed of the true intent of birth citizenship. They are NOT legal Americans.

          4. Florenca Mcdowell says

            so lets get it done now. Rep. in majority if you wait and Dems take over power it will never happen. ALSO MAKE ENGLISH OUR OFFICAL LANGUAGE NO MORE PRINTING VOTING, ETC. MEDICARE SENDS OUT NOTICES THEY HAVE 9 LANGUAGES IN THEIR BILLING

          5. Chandler says

            Oh thanks for bringing this up I am sick to death hearing foreign languages from people that have lived in our Country for generations.
            Speak English write English dress as we dress, or get the hell out of our Country.
            And any and all sympathizer may go with them .

          6. Laddyboy says

            Bob summer: You are incorrect. Find the lines in the Constitution that supports your comment. Do not bother to use the TEMPERARY comment. The line most often used by the DemocRATic Fascist Party is can only be used when the Slaves were emancipated by Abraham Lincoln. It does NOT apply to ILLEGAL ALIEN FOREIGN NATIONAL INVADERS, not matter WHY they snuck into America.

          7. Chandler says

            I could be wrong but I don’t think so.
            I believe that it was the Congress that put this amendment about if you were born here you are a citizen. not the other way around.
            The Constitution did not start with amendments they were added by the Congress way back.

        2. Angry American says

          America is one (1) of only two (2) countries that still has birth right citizenship & I think they are misreading that law also. It is way past due to overturn that portion anyhow

          1. Chandler says

            I agree !!

        3. Joseph says

          If your parents are illegal, then by extension so are you. It’s the citizenship if the parents not the country they’re illegally in. Since the parents connection is to their home country then since you are dependent on them, it is also your country, not ours. Children born if illegals are themselves illegals and births must be registered at the embassy that is nearest.

          1. Chandler says

            Isn’t that what I said in the post above and so many other post?

    4. DAlnB41 says

      There comes a time when kids become adults; they hopefully learned the difference between right and wrong sometime before that.
      These kids (and young adults) know they are illegal and they know their situation can only be blamed on their parents.
      NO ONE in the United States invited these illegal parents and their kids here; the parents knew they were doing wrong when they slipped into this country and every day they remain here. brought here with them. The parents knowingly put their kids into harms way and created a life for them that has been unfair to the kids, and an unfair burden and cost on the communities these illegal families have grown up in and certainly to the Ameriacn families and Tax Payers!

      1. Florenca Mcdowell says

        RIGHT THE FIRST WOMAN who came as a child to be deported made a big show of her two boys born here. She was here 21 years and was 35 AND STOLE A #SS TO WORK.
        She had 21 years to make her self legal.

    5. paperpushermj says

      I think their is a Morality to Not taking the Sins of the Father out on his children…

    6. AKLady says

      Maybe you should read the 5th Amendment.
      Then, maybe you should tell us how a child had a choice to illegally enter America.

      1. Skippy says

        I’m not wasting anymore time with you, and I’m tired of your mindless dribble. I’m not going to take the time to break down the 5th Amendment, because you’ll just say look at case law.
        I’ve had my fun with you you’re starting to bore me. Bye bye brainless wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Retired says

          You got her pegged correctly .

          1. Skippy says

            Yep I did something that she’s been threatening to do to me. I blocked her. I finally had my fun with that brainless wonder.

      2. Retired says

        You mean like the ones bused through Mexico ??? Given Clean clothing and a fresh bottle of water just before crossing into the US . How many of those Children have you taken in ????

        1. AKLady says

          They had a choice?
          What choice might that have been?

          1. Retired says

            As usual the Queen of trolls did not answer how many of those Illegal Children she took in .

    7. DAlnB41 says

      AND Skippy – Trump needs to quickly make a change to the laws that allow any foreigner to come into this country, legally or illegally, have a baby here that by birth then becomes a U.S. citizen.
      The illegals here have been using this as their arguments as why they should be allowed to remain in this country; and sadly they have legal argument they have been able to exploit. !
      The Obama Administration stretched the immigration courts scope that with the millions and millions of illegals pouring into our country could not handle. These courts were being overrun by illegals appearances. The court would hear the immigrants story then turn them loose while the immigration courts and attorneys reviewed the excuses. These illegals would roam around our country for another year or two until they returned back to court, By that time they had become mothers and fathers of babies born in this country and they argued we (you and I and every American) was breaking up families.
      Our constitution and our federal laws were (ARE) being used against us. It is argued whether we need to change the constitution or just the law; most people seem to believe -only- the law needs to be changed – – which ever – IT MUST BE DONE! And, we can not keep putting it off; we have seen the harm it does to the nation and the American workers, the people, our economy and our society!
      The law must be changed!

  2. panchoVilladeltren says

    A wetback, where in school or commiting crimes, is still a wetback, and as thus, a criminal, and should be deported after serving some hard prison time. Just as Illegal Immigrant draft dodging trump should have been deported , along with his salt water wetback wife.

    1. Jeanne Stotler says

      You don’t know what you are talking about, The draft(last one) was called by NUMBERS, I know as I had 2 sons that COULD have been drafted IF THEIR NUMBERS were called, Now Obama never served except as a Community organizer ( promoting riots) As for Mrs. Trump, she came here LEGALLY, and is a citizen.

      1. EttaMae Williams Svider says

        Thank you for telling that jerk the truth which he could probably care less about. ???. They don’t know what truth is.

        1. Jeanne Stotler says

          You are welcome, s many don’t know any history

      2. Skyhawk says

        Barry, not being a citizen, just one that came here as a foreign student and didn’t leave, was OK with his fraudulent registration for the draft. Which has been alleged.

        1. ernldo says

          Of some interest….
          Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in France in 1890, immigrated
          to the United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN
          042-68-4425 (President Obama’s current SSN) rec’d on
          or about March 1977.

          Mr. Ludwig lived most of his adult life in Connecticut .
          Because of that, his SSN begins with the digits 042, which
          are among only a select few reserved for Connecticut
          Barack H. Obama never lived or worked in that state!
          Therefore, there is no reason on earth for his SSN to start
          with the digits 042.

          None whatsoever!

          Now comes the best part! J. P. Ludwig spent the final months
          of his life in Hawaii, where he died. Conveniently, Obama
          ‘s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham,worked part-time in
          the Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse, and
          therefore had access to the SSNs of deceased individuals.

          The Social Security Administration was never informed of
          Ludwig’s death, and because he never received Social
          Security benefits there were no benefits to stop and
          therefore, no questions were ever raised.

          The suspicion, of course, is that Dunham, knowing her
          grandson was not a U.S. Citizen, either because he was born
          in Kenya, or became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption
          by Lolo Soetoro, simply scoured the probate records, until
          she found someone, who died who was not receiving Social
          Security benefits, and selected Mr. Ludwig’s Connecticut
          SSN for her grandson Barry Obama.

          1. rfrichey says

            What surprises me about this? It’s a wonder his lowlife grandma didn’t apply for SS benefits once the SSN showed Mr. Ludwig at age to collect them.

      3. Elizabeth Davis says

        he wasn’t very good at community organizing either if you read his book that is why he got hooked up with J Wright

    2. Pam Dunn says

      Trump was ruled 4-F Three times by a draft board doctor due to BONE SPURS on both heels; PLEASE extracted ypouir cranium from your rectum and QUIT sniffing the donkey farts or bullshyte lies.
      I agree about wet back ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS however and at whatever age they arrived here; TOSS them back over the border ASAP.

      1. berg1928 says

        Get over yourself, latrine minded person.

      2. panchoVilladeltren says

        And trump has been ruled a hundred times to be a big, YELLOW coward, and I also had bone spurs, and PROUDLY served as a Marine for 8 years. Now, get YOUR head out of Donald’s ass, he will not benefit you in any way, fart smeller.

    3. 77099 says

      Trump is an illegal immigrant? I never knew that. Nor had I heard he “dodged” the draft. ??? Maybe you need to go home pancho where everything is peachy.

      1. panchoVilladeltren says

        Maybe YOU ought to be deported to Your homeland, IMMIGRANT, and study world and American history. That way, if you are able to sneak in again, you will be better informed. Coward Trump might . and i say might, be an anchor baby, but most likely he was born in Scotland to a pair of German wetbacks. And when the COWARD, like his daddy and Grandpaw, who fled here to skip the war in Germany, used daddy’s money to stay out of the war, he remains a coward with Yellow ( painted) hair, but true yellow back.

  3. RICHARD says

    Anything that obama promised to any illegals is now gone Trump can undo all that the shithead muslim did!. Get them fucks out of our country

    1. ernldo says

      Right on, word for word!

    2. Chandler says

      Trump don’t talk about it do it NOW !!

      1. PatriotGal says

        Chandler, OUR PRESIDENT has only been in office for 92 days including today. OWEbama had 2,922 days (2 terms) to create the havoc he reaped on this country. Give PRESIDENT Trump a chance. – he still has 2,830 days to go.

        1. Chandler says

          I do;
          I voted for him and have backed him all along, I am independent and vote for the one that I feel will do our Country justice.
          But I still say stop talking and start doing.
          Tax reform is paramount along with getting rid of the illegals no matter what there excuses are.
          Build the fence and stop the flow. So far he has done allot but keep going, this country needs a strong President like Trump.

          1. Angry American says

            Getting it financed is going to be the hard part maybe we should start with donations that way no one can stand in the way of building it

          2. Chandler says

            I see on the internet the people that post GO FUND ME I can’t believe it works but it does. People actually send money, go figure why.
            Maybe we could do that and see what happens?
            Just kidding !!

      2. Mike with the Silver Star says

        They are working on the wall right now….Construction and engineering firms are building proto types now, in California…

        1. Chandler says

          Good afternoon Mike ;
          Outstanding , great news I don’t care what the cost is, it has to be allot cheaper than giving millions of illegal aliens handouts 24 / 7. Money,clothing,food,medical,housing and the list goes on.

        2. Chandler says

          Good evening Mike;
          Fantastic glad to hear this;
          I don’t care what the wall cost it will be allot cheaper than giving illegal aliens money with out them working a day , food , phones, clothing Medical, housing,schooling and advanced schooling (collage).

          Just a thought !!

        3. Chandler says

          Good day Mike;
          I have answered this post several times now, seams as though some site manager is removing it. I am not sure why though, I said great am glad to hear it.
          Good job President Trump !!

    3. Katie Jones says

      Do to the history of Muslims they come in and then over time they DEMAND this and the DEMAND that and then they start taking over a country and get the “natives or naturals “out of that country. AKA Lebanon and now Syria etc like the Yazies, Armenians and other races that have made it over here to get away from the Muslims. What they Muslims have fought over it the different Muslims religion and Sharia. Notice some women can walk with out the Berka and still be Muslims but the others put forth the legal (in their mind) understanding of Sharia and Muslim women. We need to send them home as soon as we can for they are now causing trouble in this country.

      1. Chandler says

        Spot on they have no intention in blending in they are here to take over like the Communist that have infiltrated our Country.

      2. Angry American says

        My sister worked for the Arizona Dept of Corrections, what she has said about muslims is not good & it surprised me when she said it as she is not a prejudice person

        1. Chandler says

          Angry American ;
          I also have seen the way that not only the real Muslims American haters behave and act, from Muslim countries.
          But check out the blacks that decide to become Muslims, they like to dress the part and use it as a form of intimidation on the weaker citizens. The Prisoners do the same thing it is ridiculous to watch there actions.
          They show open contempt for the laws and our constitution.
          No matter what the blacks will never be satisfied that they are treated equally they want to be special.
          Well it wasn’t the Whites or Europeans that sold the black into slavery. it was there neighboring black tribes that sold them to America and Europe.
          But that was a long long long time ago .
          I doubt that there are any still alive that were slaves. Blacks have had the same chance as any other race to advance. Stop living in a past you really
          were not part of. Just my opinion.

          1. Angry American says

            Blacks try to blame whites for things that happened over 150 years ago too.
            Sometimes it is on the verge of ridiculous to me but every one has a right to their opinion, I try to stay away from them as much as possible. One jioght when I left work in L. A. a group of them walked out on to the street about 100 yards ahead of me to stop my car for who knows what reason, when I floored the gas pedal they scattered like the cockroaches they are, no way no how am I going to stop for anything that late a night in that neighborhood right down the street from the riots over Rodney King, 2 months prior it is also a heavy drug area too

          2. Chandler says

            Wow , can’t say I blame ya on that, don’t think that I would of stopped either. I am no coward by a long shot , but I am not stupid either nor do I have a wish to die or get beat up.
            I had nothing to do with John Crow so they can stop laying that guilt on everyone. I treat everyone the same if you are nice to me I will return the favor.

        2. Katie Jones says

          they have been what they have been in the barbarian years of this earth. They never change. It is VERY few who are moderate Muslims. Most are waiting for the time to strike.

    4. Angry American says

      All illegals need to go especially the towel heads

  4. Justin Seine says

    I had a dream that I robbed a bank and got away with it. Shouldn’t I too be allowed to make my dream come true with impunity? – DACA is a joke. It is one of the many tools that Obama created for his arsenal to help bring America slowly but surly to 3rd world status. It was part of his prime directive to infuse new democratic voters into the system to help keep us there. He endeavored to make America a nation of dependent, maladroit, ill-educated, democrat voting dimwits!

    1. Karen says

      The problem is, the left democRATs think the same way Obummer does! They want the rest of the nation to lower their standards of life to what THEY think is standard! They want us to be a nation of dependent, maladroit, ill-educated, democRAT dimwits!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

      1. Jackalyn Morrison says

        You are right on!!! I just don’t get what part if ILLEGAL don’t they understand!!! This may sound heartless but they all need to leave if they are here illegal and go back where they came from!! It makes me sick when I hear that they got a ss card and getting food stamps ect!!! Guess who is paying for it!! I say build the WALL and do away with what obummer did to all these so called dreamers

        1. Chandler says

          No Jackalyn ;
          Heartless is when they invade another Country and reek havoc on the legal citizens of that Country. Just saying.

          1. Jackalyn Morrison says

            Thanks and agree one hundred percent

          2. Angry American says

            All anyone has to do is take a look at Europe for what mass immigration can do to a country, I wonder how long it will be before they are broke, broke, broke with the majority of them collecting benefits because they are unemployable. We had some towel heads that opened a auto repair shop with one of them coming out to the office with his prayer rug & started to pray. I am joyfully happy to say they are no longer in business here in Anaheim Ca. with their large mosque right off of the 901 frwy on State College Blvd

      2. Chandler says

        Most of us have been awake and tried to do something about this.
        Granted we failed but we at least keep trying.

    2. Chandler says

      Now that is funny on all levels !!

    3. rfrichey says

      Rob a bank and the government shouldn’t care that you broke the law. All broken laws should have consequences whether it’s running a red light, robbing a bank or entering our country illegally. We as a country are going to have to enforce all laws or none at all. Is this so hard to understand that libtards just can’t wrap their little minds around it?

      1. Chandler says

        Well said and oh so true, Thanks.

      2. SDofAZ says

        Agreed but the lawless bunch got away with selectively picking what they would enforce or ignore for eight long years. And before the arrogant narcissistic sociopath called BO opened all the hypocracy up to the world and this nation I think the NWO Bush clan and the Clinton’s had been doing the same. We are talking top level establishment politicians playing games with the public and our perceptions via the horrendously controlled media for DECADES! All the Bush clan is rino and they did collude with the dem wits. Now we know, guess that is something BO did unintentional in his desire to steam roll this country into their NWO agenda.

        So, we now have to fix decades of manuevering, manipulating and corruption. A big blip on the radar should be getting enough constitutional judges on the supreme court to reverse the law where corporations could legally buy our politicians. When the out right purchasing of our politicians is stopped by those who are not foreigners this problem will not cease. Right now most politicians are the useful tools of those interests. That is a YUGH problem and part of the reason there is a cesspool in DC filled with these criminals.

        Politicians no longer answer to the people, and often the big money buys the votes to keep them in office rather we the people want them there or not. And that leads to make the votes legal citizens only. Too many dead, people voting more than once in different locations, fraud as in illegal aliens voting, etc.. Another big gaping problem.

    4. SDofAZ says

      Dumb em down in the schools too so the next generation is easier to use. And we are seeing the results right now. Does anyone doubt the little demonstrations on the college campuses is representing exactly that? The other elephant in the room is what are these useful dummies going to do for work after their college days are over? We know they want safe rooms, their way only, cannot tolerate opposition especially in their politics. I think that leaves most of them in politics or activist jobs representing their chosen beliefs. Certainly no company that is actually earning profits, making products, selling products wants to hire what can only be termed misfits in the business world. Has anyone ever seen a safe room at a job, a real world working environment? NOT!

      1. Angry American says

        Look at what is happening in Berkely Ca. with the tolerant leftists, for what is being taught in the colleges these days. Left leaning professors should not be allowed to teach anyone

        1. SDofAZ says

          You are right. The problem seems to be their unions and tenure. That is where this needs to start. They appear to be protected and should not be considering how poorly their students will do when they return to reality. I would think it is incombent upon those who are donors and the public funds managers to see that the money is going to productive teachers not scum bag wantobe politicians. There are definitely problems here that need addressing not ignoring!

    5. Angry American says

      When the illegals talk about separating families to me is a complete joke, if an American commits a crime no one talks about separating his or her families, they simply sentence them to prison

      1. Chandler says

        Right on with that target there Angry American !!

  5. rick meek says

    Sorry Folks but let me BUST YOUR BUBBLE —– Amnesty – Refugee – TPS – DACA – all are conditional on staying within the borders of the US…..Leaving the US INVALIDATES AND IS IN VIOLATION OF THEIR CONDITIONS OF STATUS AND ARE DEPORTABLE…..

    1. Pam Dunn says

      Those are NOT legal acts of the US Congress, have NO power of law; nothing more than EO’s from that worthless Islamic Muslim 1/4 black moron Obama; They have NO STANDING in law and can be erased with a pen by Trump.

  6. rick meek says

    LIBERALS – a modern term for the village idiot that refuses to work – hunt – fish for themselves and demand that others acknowledge their rights and give everything to them as freebies…..

    1. ernldo says

      Yup, and you could have even stopped at village idiot and been correct…..

    2. Chandler says

      Now not only is that a funny but true statement , Thank You rick for the laughs !!

  7. Murphmeister says

    A Dreamer’s nightmare.

    1. Pam Dunn says

      A Patriot and American CITIZEN’S THUMBS UP for the deportation and may he be the first of many millions .

  8. Jeffrey Dawson says

    Can’t fix stupid…adios dip dog…..!!!!!

  9. gotabgood says

    Sorry folks nothing on here about Trumps many golf trips.. but people are noticing..


    1. Pam Dunn says

      hey more, please stick YOUR HEAD back up your ANUS, you left your brains behind when you pulled it out last time.

      1. berg1928 says

        non-stop vulgarity, again

    2. rfrichey says

      A quick answer to Joni Ernst would be, even when Trump is on a weekend golf outing he’s still working. Trump is working and thinking while 100% of the rest is sleeping. As for obozo, hell I’ve forgot more about running a country than that pretender will ever know.

    3. mac12sam12 says

      Trump work long hours while Hussein hours were from 12:00 to 6:00. Trump plays golf an you pay for it!! snort..snort..It’s good to be Trump, Snowflake!!

      1. gotabgood says

        Excuses, excuses.. you people have them coming your…………
        I bet you have an excuse why Trumps poop stinks…

  10. Tiger says

    ” This guy had been in the U.S. since he was only nine years old, and he
    wasn’t hurting anyone. Why would Trump pick on one of the DREAMers, when
    he promised so many times that he had a “big heart” when it came to
    those individuals?” Allow me to answer this for all the liberal bleeding hearts, he is ILLEGAL, he is not an undocumented immigrant he is an ILLEGAL and thus will be deported under our laws.

    So according to these liberal jugheads if you come here and don’t do anything wrong you are OK and not illegal. Since when? Enough said. Stupid is as stupid does.

    1. Skyhawk says

      I believe he also had a crime or two on his record in addition to being an illegal alien.

      1. rfrichey says

        Crimes commited or not, he’s still illegal. Illegal is illegal. Until Webster redefines the word illegal we should do whatever we can do to stop anything illegal and punish the person committing the illegal act.

        1. Tiger says

          Right on and he is not undocumented, he is not a Dreamer, he is a frikking illegal.

      2. Tiger says

        No doubt and he went back to Mexico, the land of his birth, he knows who he is. He can stay there.

    2. depaz says

      Not to mention he is no longer 9 years old, but an adult. See my post above. . .. .

      1. Chandler says

        The smart ass just got himself in a mess of his own making, you got to love it, pay back’s are a bitch, he just made himself someones bitch.

      2. Tiger says

        Indeed true and he left the country, if he misses the country of his birth then he needs to go back along with his entire family. But there they won’t get benefits the way they do here, illegally I might add.

    3. Jackalyn Morrison says

      You always make good comments and agree with you on this one to!!

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you Jakalyn .

    4. Chandler says

      There you go again Tiger standing up and telling the truth for America and her legal citizens Nicely done !!

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you.

  11. gotabgood says

    Someone presented a question, when the river is the border…. which side of the river do you build the wall?.. On our side you just gave them the whole river!!!
    The below post shows a wall in the middle of nowhere. What about where property comes up to the border and the river? I see court battles and money for law suits..

    1. rfrichey says

      Which side would you be referring to when you say “our side” not sure which side you’re on? On the good side all guys wear white hats!

  12. jazzthefactspls says

    Again, what part of ILLEGAL do Libtards still can’t get??

    1. ernldo says

      The “I”, and then they give up….

    2. Chandler says

      Oh the Democrat’s get it, the illegals are there voting base and they want to win at all cost. They will always use the illegals and pass stupid laws to protect them.

  13. Gammi2Anna says

    We have to stop all the dreamer, schemer, undocumented, birthright, Etc. & Etc. special status identity of people who are now or have ever entered America illegally. This young man has been living in America since he was 9 y/o illegally, no matter what status Obama gave to him. He and any other family members living here need to be deported and then given an opportunity to one day apply for entrance through the legal channels with the proper documentation that proves they have met all requirements and background checks required to be a self sufficient member of the American population. If they want to live in America then they must live as an American citizen, living under American laws and honoring our Flag, Constitution and Traditions. Don’t think coming here means you are free to break our laws.

  14. dosadoe says

    Dreamers can continue to dream in Mexico or wherever they came from!

    1. Chandler says

      So say most of us , dream but come here legally or stay home. We don’t want illegals no matter what.

      1. SDofAZ says

        Come here legally OR DO NOT COME AT ALL!!!!

    2. Angry American says

      Yeah they can dream of coming to America, what about the American kids that are dreaming about higher education that can not get in to college because some illegal is taking their space?

  15. SouthernPatriot says

    The illegal felon invader, named a DREAMER by Obama, another illegal felon invader, left the U.S. and should not be allowed back in. One such invader was interviewed by Tucker Carlson and she admitted to having committed a crime by making up a social security number and getting employment. She said it was not a number already assigned to another, but who told her that? How would she know? She received taxpayer paid just about everything while she was growing up and even now, but she is either an idiot or self-deceived demented Democrat because she denies being a drain on the U.S. taxpayers.

    1. ernldo says

      I hate 0bama, but we can give some credit to GWB and his loyal RINO trash for getting the dreamer wrecking ball rolling….

      1. Elizabeth Davis says

        I was thinking the same thing Bush got it rolling. i understand children brought here illegally and knows nothing about their homeland but how many years have they had to become a citizen and stayed clean with out criminal records.

        1. Chandler says

          Many ,many,many but still they complain and do wrong.

          1. SDofAZ says

            A whole new class of welfare sucking hordes will be the result of the dreamers and continued amnesty. This must end and all deported!

      2. Chandler says

        That we can but even they could not do this alone they had help with the Demorats.

    2. Jackalyn Morrison says

      Saw that too and thought the same thing!!! Did you notice he kept asking a question don’t she ever answered it either!!! But she lied about ss number because years ago my husband just made up a ss number and they let us know that we had made a mistake scared me to death!! To set the record straight we were born and raised in usa!! He just made a lot of money that year and didn’t want to report it on his real ss !! Just brought this up because it isn’t that easy to do unless you know how to get around the system

      1. Chandler says

        A thief is a thief and that has consequences, he didn’t want to pay his taxes. Or it should of had consequences,for most of us there would of been.

        1. SDofAZ says

          But Jackalyn is right, to use a SS card and get away with it, there is some illegal happening going on. Stolen is most likely the fact in most of this fraud or one used by a dead person from some place where records are not kept well by that government authority and CA anywhere comes to mind immediately, etc.

          I have wondered if that proud little illegal has been caught and brought in as well. She was mighty dumb to make it so obvious who she was, what she had done, and where she might be located. But right now the Phoenix mayor is a wantabe sanctuary person, a dem wit, (as if that was a reach to conclude). She might be in that church with the other illegal hoping to avoid being sent back to her point of origin.

          1. Chandler says

            Yea I heard something about this;
            But is it real or is it someone starting a rumor or just another story that is untrue story floating around ??

          2. SDofAZ says

            And you are correct, there is a lot of garbage out there and misinformation but I think this illegal alien was the real deal. She knew a lot and has been involved in a lot. You might want to google her video and check if it is still out there. And she was part of the dem wit regime. Seemed to be quite helpful in campaigns, etc.. It smelled and looked like the sort of thing BO, the dem wit politicians, and Hillary would do and have done but this one stepped out of the shadows. And at that time, they were all pretty confident. She could be a dreamer too. I just don’t remember all of her rant. She was definitely on her soap box for amnesty and illegal aliens.

        2. Jackalyn Morrison says

          You are right !!! Forgot to mention we did turn it in on his ss number and it wasn’t as bad as we thought!!!

          1. Chandler says

            Well don jackalyn;
            Glad you did the right thing.

        3. Jackalyn Morrison says

          Ooh yea because we have to answer to a higher power!!! I just know it isn’t easy to get a fake ss card!!! Thanks

          1. Chandler says

            Eventually it is easier than it should be, when a person dies there SS # should be retired permanently.
            And in a data base, so if someone uses it they can be found.

    3. Chandler says

      Nice and a true Post thee SouthernPatriot !!

    4. Angry American says

      I saw that too & thought that they should take some action against her for the crimes she committed, I wonder if someone from Homeland security saw it too

  16. Skyhawk says

    What part of illegal is so difficult to understand? And the term “Dreamer” was no doubt originated when Barry was high on marijuana, again.

  17. Larry Good says

    So what ? Get them out before they vote again !

  18. 83ragtop50 says

    Trump has gone back on his promise to kill the unconstitutional DACA program. He needs to keep his promise and kick their butts out of America. Along with all of the other illegals.

  19. ernldo says

    Illegal dreamer is still an illegal…GET OUT!

  20. 77099 says

    I dont care if he is a “dreamer”. Come to the US, act like a fool, get your tail out. Mexico has a unique hold on Texas. When the Railway killer was caught (some of the most horrific murders in my lifetime), Mexico said he could not be given the death penalty and Texas bought that. Time we punish according to the crime, not political nonsense.

  21. depaz says

    I’m sick to death hearing about these “poor” individuals who came here as children with their parents, so they had not choice. True, as children, there was no choice, but once they become ADULTS, they DO have choices. And just what have they done to attain legal status? My guess is that 99.99% of these adults haven’t done a damned thing. . . . . .

  22. truth says

    1 down 12,999,999 to go.

    1. Jackalyn Morrison says


  23. gmhunt4 says

    deport ALL illegals the sooner the better.

  24. Elizabeth Davis says

    let see what did he do? Did he obey the law did he try to get his citizenship? If he had papers why did he not have them with him? My take was he was again trying to enter the US illegally and he had broken the law. Give them an inch and they don’t appreciate it. they just want more. any foreigner that comes into this country legally are welcome because they come to work and better themselves

  25. destiny says

    No more dreamers and no more anchors. Illegals give burth to illegals, no matter where the illegal is birthed. BTW, they are born at our expense and they and muslims breed like rabbits. Kick out all of them.

  26. The Capatin says

    A “dreamer” (Illegal alien) was deported. So what? Why don’t you cry on the shoulder of someone that cares? Enter the country legally, or not at all.

  27. destiny says

    No more anchors. Illegals birth illegals at our expense from cradle to grave. Demolish dream act and deport all of them.

  28. geneww1938 says

    The new administration is just upholding the laws because they are refreshingly honest and take their oath of office seriously.
    If you do not like what is happening, encourage you legislators to change the law to what you want.
    Please pray for Godly wisdom, direction, advice and protection for our new administration.

  29. Kenneth Blum says

    The best part of this story was it only took them 3 hrs to release him, in mexicali,Mexico.

  30. Katie Jones says

    I agree I also heard on anther post he had been arrested and understand DACA will not protect you from being arrested and deported. Trump is going after “Criminal person who are in this country illegally and it was his parents who brought him and made him illegal in the first place however he broke the law and gave the Police a hard time. Time to go to his real home – Mexico. We don’t really need him here now! Was he going to the university???

    1. Chandler says

      I don’t think that most us really give a Sh** about his schooling or anything else he may have to say.
      Chances are he might be a MS13 gang member anyway.

      1. Katie Jones says

        I am not sure MS 13 is in Mexico are they???

        1. Chandler says

          Yes they are, they have been caught crossing the Mexican borders with all the other illegal trash.

  31. dominke says

    If you are illegal you don’t have any RIGHTS. In many countries illegal would be shot.

    1. Chandler says

      I would prefer that they shoot them before they cross the borders, but that is not going to happen eve-dentally.

  32. Patriot says

    If Trump had stuck to his guns about undoing DACA as he said in the campaign we wouldn’t be dealing with this mess now.

    1. Chandler says

      Yea he would sorry to say, the Democrats are not going to let up.
      Unless we make sure that when the Democrat’s that come up for reelection don’t win.
      Fear is a motivation to change directions, believe me the Democrats will have to see with there own eyes.
      What not doing what the legal citizens say is a down hill slide for them. That We The People have the power and we will STOP then dead in there tracks.
      Now not later we start showing the Democrats and the gang of 8 +,we mean business, we have President Trump behind us all the way and now the Supreme Court..

    2. Chandler says

      It is easy to blame President Trump when the Democrats and some of our FBI and security agents, are blocking him at every tern.
      They are backing the Democrats along with some of the Judges are blocking him on everything he tries.
      It will take some time but the changes are coming and it will be great for America.

  33. David in MA says

    Deport them all!

    1. Chandler says

      YEP !!!

  34. DJA Lindsey says

    If they have been here since they were children and are now high school or college age……..isn’t that sufficient time to at least get started on applying for ‘legal’ status or proper green card? Knowing they are illegal, why aren’t they carrying their papers? Guarantee any American couldn’t walk around Mexico (or any other country) without your papers?

  35. Germansmith says

    Dreamer status should be given ONLY to students that are doing well in school and young scientist or entrepreneurs that are a benefit to our country…..we should keep those
    ….and if we have to compensate Mexico we can send them some meth or heroin addicted cracker or black parasite….seem fair

  36. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

    Two sides to every story, full facts and half facts, which is a lie, and you don’t lie when it comes to laws and justice. If that was the way everyone thought, we wouldn’t have so many BS lawsuits and all the money wasted for the BS lawsuits.

  37. daveveselenak says

    The bereft Left is suicidal !

  38. junkmailbin says

    The You dreaming act is not a law, it is another of Ogayarabs pen and phone screw job to the American People.
    If you are here without legal lawful( passed by congress) you are an illegal alien ( even dreamers) and can be tossed out wherever you are located. The current talking point level is 11 million. That figure is over ten years old. It is actually 30 to 44 million illegal alien law breakers here.
    Todos los ilegales mierdas van a infierno

  39. Larry Brule says


  40. James Maxwell says

    It does not matter what they claim, if they entered the United States ILLEGALLY under our laws they
    are subject to deportation. The “dreamer” act is not legal nor lawful as it was not put before congress
    and never received any authorization in our Immigration system. A criminal act does not become
    legal unless put before Congress and a law is passed in accordance to our Constitution requirements
    and signed by the President.

  41. gpo1913 says

    If your a “dreamer”, there should be proof ,by means of paperwork, somewhere that you’re trying to be a citizen.

    1. Chandler says

      But there isn’t they don’t want to assimilate they want to take over and change us into the country they left.
      Think about this Barack Hussein Obama said that it was ok if they did not speak English.
      The illegal Mexicans seek out other illegal Mexicans and live in hovels together, as well as the Muslims the Africans and all the others seek out there own kind. They live the way they did in there Country they left.
      Well it isn’t ok with me they should of spoken English and understood our laws of the land and our constitution before they were allowed to stay in our Country.
      Our government did not have the right to give illegals citizenship, there are legal ways that were in place that said if a person wants citizenship they must do this first.
      the government waved there magic wand and made thousands of illegals citizenship that is wrong.
      Now we the people are paying for the governments illegal moves making illegal aliens citizens.

  42. Teleman119 says

    He did deport a dreamer, with a criminal record. Deport all the criminals and Welfare parasitic illegals. I need a raise in my Social Security. I paid into it when dollar was a dollar.

  43. Perfick says

    ____/ ____ <——– GET THEM OUT!!

  44. DAlnB41 says

    I first heard this story on MSNBC; when they let the story they said he came into the United States legally with his parents. I could never figure out how he could be a “Dreamer” if he came here legally! I never heard the story again told that way; makes me think maybe that was just another Error in MSNBC reporting. I do not watch CNN anymore so have no idea what kind of hay day they are having with this.
    I like the term “Dreamer” though; it gives the impression these illegals live in a world of fantasy and that Obama’s concept of America was a fantasy! Obama did tell us though that Any Illegal who commits a crime while in The United States illegally would be deported; but then he relapsed huge numbers of illegal immigrates from prison who had been convicted by U.S. courts for serous felony level crimes; they were not deported – they were released back onto our streets. Obama’s reputation for honesty and carrying through with his word is near the same level as Hillary Clintons!

    1. Chandler says

      Sorry to say this mess we are in is only getting worse and it has been going on now for years and years.

      1. DAlnB41 says

        It is hard to understand what happened to our political system. It has always been difficult to understand some of the things they did and why but in the more recent past it seems they do more fighting than debating, negotiating and coming to acceptable agreements.
        I think it picked up a huge head of steam when the Supreme court opened the flood gates for political contribution. That gave greedy wealthy CEOs and corporations an open door for buying elected officials in Washington.
        Constituents of elected representatives no longer have any real footing as party leaders have achieved the power to determine what bills get on the floor and through collusion can force congressmen and senators to follow party dictates.
        Until the American voters can again get a foothold in how our government operates we will be subjected to pressures outside the best interest of the nation and the people. We need to do what we can to put power for impeachments and recalls back in the hands of the people. We should not be forced to set back for four or six years to removed a dead beat in congress or in the White House! We should not be forced by a handful of peoplle with special interests to be able to force congress to follow unpopular movements for no other reason than obtaining more votes!

        1. Chandler says

          I don’t think that the Congress is being forced into anything.
          They thanks to there jobs can vote anything they want into law.
          They make more than most CEO’s in America they go on long breaks and vacations.
          They have the best retirement as the top CEO;S do they have the best medical money can but . The problem is they don’t buy there medical. They don’t even have co-payments.
          The Congress can remove add to any law we have with out our permission as well as the Constitution with there amendments and we have no say so. Don’t you think that there is something wrong with this picture?
          The masses of legal citizens have no say so, if the Congress changes our laws or Constitution.
          It is there wish to have the job for life that includes Power , wealth and corruption.
          That is the reason they are doing what they are doing. No one deserves a job for life and I mean no one.
          Our founding fathers said in the beginning that Congress will make no laws that pertain to the citizens and do not pertain to them.
          Well guess what allot of laws to include consequences for criminal behavior are being ignored for not only for the congress but the Judges.
          They have done criminal activities and tell me how many have faced any consequences.
          Congress in the beginning were told by our founding fathers to come into government do good and then return to the job they had before they served in congress.
          They now have made a opening for a job for life and no consequences for most of there actions.
          There are some Congress personnel that have served for over 40 years, that breads corruption.
          Just saying !!

  45. marcus johannes says

    The illegal alien President signs an illegal Unconstitutional Executive Order to grant Amnesty illegally to some of the Foreign Criminal Invaders so they can continue to break our laws with impunity , I knew there was more to this latest attack on our Constitution and our Laws , It is time that Juan was deported , It has been over 20 years since our Federal Law Enforcement Officers are finally allowed to do their jobs

  46. Ron C says

    Once again the democrat’s owned MSM propagandist’s are putting out a story NOT based in the facts…when will the American citizen’s learn to stop biting the hook, line, and sinkers of these disingenuous stories.

  47. Terry Rushing says

    I would not lose a bit of sleep if every last “dreamer” was rounded up and deported. Their biggest dream was to come here illegally for the sole purpose of taking something that was not theirs to take. Unlike those who come here legally, dreamers are people who aspire to have something for nothing and are therefore no asset to this nation.

  48. Sam MC Ilhone says


  49. Susan Short says

    I’ve got news for those lowlife liberals. Obama’s “dreams” have become nightmares, so deal with it!

  50. TAM44 says

    Democrats loves breaking our laws, they will protect law breaking illegals and put them in them sanctuary cities. American citizens has been slapped in the face by these liberal scumbags. Our vets are at the back of the line waiting for medical treatment after serving our country, illegals get what they want and get it first. Wake up people, our country is turning into a sanctuary for law breaking illegals and murdering muslims.

  51. rick meek says

    Look Folks —- Amnesty – TPS – Refugees – DACA – DAPA —– ALL are conditional status dependent of staying in the US —- Abiding by the laws of the US and THEY MUST SEEK PERMISSION TO LEAVE THE US……This guy broke all his conditions…….

  52. rick meek says

    Look Folks —- Amnesty – TPS – Refugees – DACA – DAPA —– ALL are conditional status dependent of staying in the US —- Abiding by the laws of the US and THEY MUST SEEK PERMISSION TO LEAVE THE US……This guy broke all his conditions…….

  53. skipfoss says

    This illegal act should be terminated today, Omuslime made up a way to protect Illegals and give them free education and money from legal taxpayers, this not even a law ,congress did not pass it so therefore it is illegal. These people need to be deported just like MS13 they are stealing from us every day they are here in OUR country and they should be made to pay back the money that Omuslime let them steal or better yet make him pay back what he let them steal, this half breed son of a communist whore should be deported as soon as he pays back what he stole from this country, including the money he gave away to Iran

  54. Sweet willy says

    Does any one know what “DEFERRED” mean???? I believe it means that I will do it in MY own time. Well, that time is now. The deferred action time is up. Ship them back to the country of the flag they fly when they protest and burn the American Flag. This should go so far as to include those that have been born here and failed to become assimilated. Like IKE said, take a lot of pictures, cause no one will believe what has happened. Oh yeah, bill them for the cost of their education with no entry until that is paid back to federal government. Use the money to fix our education system and print honest history books.

    1. richjack4 says

      Your first sentence says it all. As an accountant, most people do not know the difference between deferred and exempt. They think they’re interchangeable ha ha Ha

  55. paperpushermj says

    Let’s get one thing straight…Trump did Not Deport this Young Man… The Law Did.

  56. survivor33 says

    Just another liberal lie, they just can’t mind their own business can they? You go Trump, get rid of all illegals and make them come in legally if they can pass the criminal test.

  57. Bishop351 says

    Who cares…illegal is illegal.

  58. j0e cave says

    I DON’T CARE HOW HE GOT HERE illegal is illegal.and when they complain about family being separated it’s their own damn fault!!! i have no sympathy for any of them

  59. Jo Scott says

    No he wasn’t deported, he left now and is crying foul to get a bunch of fool idiots to show their ignorance. He’s responsible for his plight, let him stew in his own juice. He can stay in Mexico for ever.

  60. PBHayes says

    DACA is a concept dreamed up by Obama and the left who want nothing more than to destroy our country. I’m sick of this crap. Enforce our laws or change them. Allowing lawlessness is corrupting everything important to the survival of our nation.

  61. Craig Vandertie says

    DACA, define in its appropriate terms Anchor Babies, illegal in itself, he should have applied for citizenship, just because that ” homosexual illegal Kenyan nationalist moonie muslime puddle of toxic waste Bathhouse Barack Osama through another 1 of his corrupt mandates said this punk had the right to be here does not make it so.

  62. AKLady says

    Trump lies — a documented fact.
    Trump’s appointees lie — a documented fact.
    Minor children did not ask to be brought to America.
    They committed no crime.
    They know no other life, some are not even bilingual.

  63. Frank says

    I read in 1 of the first articles about this dreamer he was convicted of burglary or robbery and he also broke the conditions of his residences by leaving the country so the fake news companies should stop trying to make President Trump look bad and report the truth truth not fake or twisting the story,etc.

  64. Maudlean Spires says

    Another liberal democratic vote deported. Hurry up and get the wall built so we can deport half of California.

  65. msueh says

    their “dream” = our nightmare

  66. Phoebe Isley says

    Mr. Trump…what truly needs to be done is bring a law suit against Obama and all who have and/or are going against our countries laws. Obama needs to be prosecuted for treason and so much more and same with Clinton. These two along with so many others HAVE TO BE prosecuted to the full extent or this will never end. This has gotten to the point where it makes me sick to think what these two and so many other liberal democrats have gotten away with. We The People trusted you and you took full advantage of our trust to the point of undermining our laws and WE THE PEOPLE. Drain That Swamp President Trump and do it quick. WE THE PEOPLE are here to back you up 100%. We need to shut them down once and for all and stick that evil Soros as part of being prosecuted.

  67. Patricia Anderson says

    The term “Dreamers” is so totally idiotic I can’t stomach it every time I hear it I don’t know whether to throw up or fall on the floor in paroxysms of hilarity!

  68. Ellen says

    He deserved to be DEPORTED. He is here ILLEGALLY. He has a theft conviction and he was climbing back in. For these people the law does not apply to them. Enforce the law. DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS.

  69. Statesman Patriot says

    DACA is illegal and unconstitutional.
    Obama is illegal and unconstitutional.

    Trump needs to reverse them both by Exec Order

  70. AL ELLIS says

    I don’t understand why they (DACA) should get any special protection. Their parents broke the law when they came to the U.S. illegally. Illegal is and means illegal, they are not U.S. citizens. End of story.

  71. Martbigee says

    “Run ins with the police” are NOT convictions. They are NOT a reason to deport anyone! Unless he has felony convictions on his record he should not have been deported and should be allowed to reenter the Country. Additionally you, I and everyone else makes plans and carries on with their lives based on the law. IF the law clanged, and it has not, people deserve to be made aware of that. Obama made promises…and people made decisions. We are, and need to continue to be a nation of LAWS, not personalities. The fact that Trump never agreed to the same conditions as Obama did doesn’t give him the right to simply change the circumstances under which millions of people have been allowed to stay here.

    1. DAlnB41 says

      The point is, the bottom line is; the immigration law and the immigration program that has served numerous presidents since they were written was ignored by Obama. He ignored our federal laws and he ignored the growing problems brought on by the greatest invasion of illegal immigrants into our entire history. By ignoring the laws he basically posted a WELCOME sign o our border and sanctioned the invasion.
      When several states attempted to enact sate laws that would give authorities the power to manage the growing problems the huge numbers of illegals were creating – Obama forced them to drop their efforts. Obama stated managing the immigration program was a federal responsibility. BUT, instead of taking any action he turned his back on the problem. He spent huge sums of tax payers money marketing his passive attitude toward enforcement of our federal laws in order to appease the invaders interest. He at one time sated there are four million illegals illegally working in this nation, he smiled, and did nothing about it. Obama stated if any of the illegals in this country commit a crime they will be deported; he then released hundreds of them from prison onto our streets- they were not deported, they were dumped into our neighborhoods.
      Obama claimed he deported more illegals than any other president in our history; and he might have – – BUT – the percentage of illegals deported from the massive number in this country was small compared to other presidential deportations; his twisted facts were repeatedly spewed over left wing talk show hosts; anyone who accepted the numbers was fooled by a master with a great speaking ability but totally dishonest!
      The mess we are in today is due to Obama’s negligence and his personal agendas. None of which was consistent with the values of our country. When 30+ million Americans’ were out of work, Obama increased the work Visas by an additional 25,000; his labor department then publically stated that 3 out of 4 jobs were going to immigrants; while Americans in need of work were doing without work and benefits, immigrants were being hauled into this country!

  72. Carolestollings says

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  73. A_Nobody says

    His lawyers can shove that DACA where it’ll of the most good. Illegals have no rights in this country and Obozo didn’t have the right to claim so. We can thank a useless, pandering Congress fro the complete mess of the last 8 years. Had they done a proper job of protecting their constituencies rather than pandering to money, we wouldn’t have the mess we have now.

  74. Cheryl Heberle says

    Dreamer or not if there is any TRUE reason for his being deported he should be deported

  75. Jo Scott says

    These idiots act like Trump is going from place to place, himself, and taking these so called Dreamers.
    Too many people in the US today are to stupid to come in out of the rain. Most couldn’t find their behinds with both hands. YES I agree, this Obama crap needs to be removed, send these people back with their parents. This guy went away on his own, no one took him, now he’s crying foul and some fools will believe anything, because they want to believe.

  76. ernldo says

    Illegal? Get them OUT, Mr President….We are all dreamers, I dream of an America consisting of Americans, myself…..

  77. Katia says

    WTH part of illegal don’t these half wits understand that are nothing buy lip service adn know nothing apparently about the laws of this country? Just like doing nothing with all the masked anarchist that show up to do damage and start kaos everytime someone they don’t agree with shows up to even speak. It’s time for the police and maybe national guard to be put into real action and put a stop to all the good for nothing thugs..Illegals are starting to sound like there is a statue of limitations and they are here home free after so long.WRONG!!Deport all of them where they came from and if they come back jail is the only answer..Like one out in the middle of the desert..Let them grow, pick and cook their own food and to hell with all of us paying their way for a free ride off all of us that worked for a living legally and paid our own way and now suppose to pay and support them forever also..NOT!!! .

  78. The Capatin says

    Do I care? No. Was he here illegally? Yes. Does he deserve deportation? Yes. Was he deported? Yes.

    Case closed.

  79. junkmailbin says

    the illegal alien was not deported by trump, dhs, ins, or ice. He was deported for breaking the law. If you do not break the law, you do not get arrested and ejected.
    If you are not here with paperwork that conforms to law passed by congress and signed by the president GET THE HELL OUT.
    If you are a wannabee refugee, get your chicken arse back to your country and fight to make it better,Not stay here, get free stuff, and try and turn this into a thrid world cesspool. We already have enough progressives and hand out queens doing it

  80. Kendall Stephenson says

    Do we as the
    U.S.A have laws regarding immigrations? If so wouldn’t it be the right thing to do to enforce the rule of law? NO excuses, NO exceptions, and NO compromise.

    1. rivahmitch says

      Those who enter a country or a home illegally, whether by force or stealth, in order to steal property, rights or benefits which belong to the rightful citizens or homeowners are not “immigrants” but INVADERS and should be executed.

  81. dux nobis28 says

    Deport the dreamersat once they are just a group of OBozo approved illegals that will grownup to be criminals and parasites !

  82. survivor33 says

    When an illegal has been in our country for more than 3-4 yrs, and they plan on staying here then it’s time for them to apply for citizenship. One woman had been here illegally for 25 yrs and had plenty of time to apply but instead she just kept receiving welfare, med help, food stamps. She was taking care of her 80+ mother and a disabled son so she wasn’t working, AND had been here 25 yr illegally….this is not acceptable. Apply, work, renew visa’s, or go back to where you came from, like she did when she was deported. Howwever, WE are still paying the way of the ones left behind.

  83. rick meek says

    I don’t care – the a-hole left the country – sacrificed his status and some black robed pu**y will make law from the bench…..

  84. Vincent Marcantelli says

    Damm it……If you were not born, or if you have not, that’s NOT gone through the system to become a citizen, you ARE not entitled to remain as a NON-AMERICAN in this country. Those who state, that you are entitled to remain in this country just because……because why? you are not a U.S. Citizen….pure and simple!

  85. rivahmitch says

    Personally, I don’t care. However, since he was an invader he should have been killed rather than just deported.

    1. DAlnB41 says

      Personally – I DO CARE!
      We are in this immigration because Obama ignored the laws made by our laws makers and enforced by numerous president’s since those laws were enacted. Obama took an oath to protect and defend this country; he took it upon hmself to ignore the laws of the land; apperntly he -assumed= (and we know what assuming does for a person) that we di dnot need defending against the greatest inbasion into our coutry in our entire history!
      The point is; our laws are made to ensure our country remans safe from crimnals , safe from each other, safe from corruption and to manage our society, commerce, education and justice. Obama ignored those laws he did not want to enforce; to him – his agenda came first. We saw it in his attitude toward unemployed Americans as he imported thousands and thousands of immigrants to fill American jobs, we saw it when he stated there were four million illegal aliens working in this country and he did nothing to correct it in spite of federal laws prohibiting their working here, he ignored it as his own Labor Department pointed out, three out of four new jobs filled in the U.S. was being taken by immigrants! Obama stated it was the federal governments responsibility to manage our immigration program; he and his puppet Attorneys General (Holder) then ignored our immigration laws; we will now for the next twenty plus years pay the price as we strive to correct the -deliberate- injustices to the American people perpetrated by Obama and his Secretaries of Homeland Security (starting with Janet Napolitano) and running through the several appointed by Obama until the start of tis year1
      So I do Care; This is our country not Obama’s and certainly NOT ANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTs! We made laws that established legal means of coming here, remaining here and, a Pathway to citizenship, a means of allowing legal immigrants to come her temporarily for work, education, and a new life; Obama chose to ignore those laws and we are all now paying the consequences while he sits in front of a crowd with his big smile and suggest only he was correct. History will show him as the least honest, least Ameriacn president we ever had!
      What I do like – the word “had” as it suggests we no longer have!

      1. rivahmitch says

        As I’ve said and written many times before, those who enter a country or home by force or stealth are NOT immigrants. They come to take that which is rightfully the citizens/homeowners for themselves. They are INVADERS and should be summarily executed.

        1. DAlnB41 says

          IF, that was what the law allowed and it was of serous enough to meet that standard then I could agree wit you; but , our laws set the level of punishments for illegal entry into this country, punishments for illegals working in this country (employees and employers), and similar violations relating to our immigration laws. No punishment should go beyond the level of guilt; none should be less!
          This conversation though would not be taking place today anywhere IF, Obama had done his job, IF Obama had not turned his back on his duty, responsibilities and obligations, we would not be suffering from the ill effects of his failures! He failed this country and he failed the American people!
          He is now planning on joining forces with the radical Democratic leaders to do what they can to hide the failures and shortfalls of the last eight years and try shifting the blame onto as many others as they can.
          It is obvious Schumer an Pelosi needs some help in doing it; they have shown themselves to be to incredibly stupid to impress anyone; I am not sure even Obama can make them look good!

          1. rivahmitch says

            IN case you hadn’t noticed, “our laws” have been largely without any effect for over a decade. Elected and appointed officials have refused to adhere to either the Constitution (“Supreme Law of the Land”) or statute law (the laws legally passed by Congress) but seemingly adhere to case law coming from the creative imaginations of robed tyrants (who are apparently able to divine emanations of penumbras but are unable to read plain language… just as Jefferson predicted. Either the people must enforce the Constitution by any means necessary or there is no law to which we are morally or contractually bound.

  86. A_Nobody says

    Dreamers are illegals and Obozo’s garbage law is unconstitutional as well as illegal and those who support it have committed treason. No matter what the clowns put on paper illegal is illegal and criminal.

  87. royaler says

    Get them all out of our country, those who think America owes them a living which damn near includes all of them.

  88. soldier for liberty says

    Deport them all!

  89. Cookie Vranish says

    Keep the SOB out of our country. If he wanted to be a real dreamer, he would never have gone back to where he really wanted to be.

  90. Kat says

    Get rid of that idiotic loophole, along with anchor baby nonsense. And I say just because anchor baby was allowed, they are still here illegally because nobody had the right to enact that as part of our Constitution, so even though they were born here of illegal parents, it doesn’t give them citizenship and they should be deported along with their parents.

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