Dishonesty Still Plagues Ferguson Case


When Attorney General Eric Holder offered up the Justice Department’s findings on Darren Wilson and Michael Brown, editors and journalists across the country gripped their chairs with tension. Here, laid bare, were the facts of the case. That story they had created – a story that caused millions of dollars in property damage and set racial relations back a decade – was almost wholly false. This had already been proven, of course, but now we had one of Brown’s biggest cheerleaders throwing up his hands, saying, sorry, there’s nothing we can do.

One might have hoped the media would do one of two things. The responsible thing would have been to have a moment of apology and chagrin. Write articles acknowledging how they failed their readers who depended on them for accuracy. Make statements vowing to clean up their reporting. But since that has about as much chance of happening as a real investigation into Benghazi, let’s move on to option two. Here, they could quietly report on the DOJ’s findings and simply move on. Weather their earned criticism in silence and perhaps hold some private, closed-door meetings about choosing narratives in the future.

Or, they could do as The New York Times chose to do, and stick to their favorite story regardless of how much evidence comes out to contradict it. As properly excoriated by Rush Limbaugh on last Friday’s program, the Times reported on Holder’s findings by claiming it “cast doubt” on the idea of “hands up, don’t shoot.” That’s one way to put it, I guess. Another way would be: Holder’s report demolished any notion that Brown might have been surrendering at the time of his death. Because that’s what it did.

But that’s not good enough for the journalists and activists who would have to admit they’d propagated deception the whole time. So instead of humbling themselves before the evidence, the Times and other outlets are choosing to repaint the picture. It doesn’t really matter, the details of this specific incident. This is about a larger picture of racism.

But…but…what is? If Holder’s findings are correct – and there’s no reason they wouldn’t be, because he would have given anything to bring charges against Wilson – then nothing happened worthy of protest. A man attacked a cop, tried to take his gun, and was put down using justifiable lethal force. Case closed. The cover of the next Time magazine should just be three words: WE WERE WRONG.

Instead, we’re going to reform the Ferguson Police Department from the top down. We’re going to keep casting Michael Brown as the “unarmed black man.” We’re going to keep moving those goalposts until something sticks.

And little by little, Americans are going to wake up to the fact that something else is going on here. This isn’t about racial injustice. This is about re-molding the country. False flags. Citizens at odds with one another. This is about keeping things in turmoil. To what ends? Well, when the people are pitted against each other, they can’t unite against the government. In fact, they need the government to come in and clean things up. Federalize a police department or two. Get guns off the streets. Throw more money at people who refuse to take charge of their lives.

We cringe when we see examples of state-run media in North Korea and China. Thank God for freedom of the press, we think. But when that free press has an agenda not far removed from that of the government’s, what do we really have?


    Like all communists, they never have a end game . That’s why Castro always talked about the struggle of the revolution even after he won.

    1. GoldenRudy says

      How does a dictator continue the oppression unless the he/she reminds the oppressed that they are still in a “struggle”? You are right.

  2. MILES E DRAKE says

    When the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” narrative collapsed, the left, like the Grinch when surprised by Cindy Lou Who, thought up another lie and thought it up quick. The agenda remains to establish federal control over local and state governments, and to establish a national militarized police force.

  3. James Maxwell says

    As usual the utopian left wing liberals and o’muzzie will never admit they were wrong, it was the facts
    that were wrong because they did not fit their addenda. Now they will have to try and justify, by some
    other means, the LIES they told and slander they spread on officer Wilson and the Police Dept.

  4. Francie26 says

    Douglas, he keeps wearing his same jungle shirts, clothing of the revolution, an old man trying to keep the status quo, and even worse, trying to relive his glory days. So maybe that’s part of not having an end game. He can never admit that it’s over because then he would also have to admit that the current ugliness of a formerly thriving Cuba is as good as it gets under his regime.

  5. David says

    Finally a story that spells out the facts. The second to the last paragraph is right on the money. This is why Obama has created the war on women, blacks, Mexicans, gays, whites, Muslims, Christians, Jews, this is why he must keep racism going. He wants us to fight each other to keep us occupied so we won’t pay attention to what he’s doing and so we will not join forces against the government. The Obamites and the conservatives are busy calling each other names while government continues taking little pieces of our lives. Obama is only a mouthpiece for people like Soros and Bloomberg and they are pulling the strings. The race baiter like Holder and Sharpton serve as advisors on how to keep us at each others throat. The game plan is to create so much turmoil and hatred among the masses that conflicts, demonstration, looting and violence become a daily event. As the scenario plays out. We are supposed to grow so tired of the conflicts that we beg the government to do something about it and boom, they have us. Martial law, gun confiscation, curfews, control of all supplies, redistribution all in the name of law and order because we begged the government to do something. This IS the plan and it WILL happen unless WE the people stop it.

    1. JenkinsKing says

      That’s what Saul Alinsky taught in ‘Rules for Radicals’ when he urged, “Keep the chaos and conflict going.” Never forget, never succumb. Keep pointing out this truth. Keep the faith and the conversation going.

    2. Todd Driscoll says

      BRAVO David! nicely said.

    3. gonzales27 says

      Thought that all along

    4. Nina Ferguson says

      This was extremely well said, Thank You David.

  6. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    The United States of America, is very rapidly becoming a COMMUNIST NATION! And all of the FOOLS AND IDIOTS, and all the masses, that believe that We the People should have a dictator (You know who you are), will get what they want, if we do not show some courage and stand up against this failing government!!! We can post all we want….words will not make change, ACTION DOE’S! this may seem off the subject, but I just wanted to try and get a point across. WE MUST SHOW SOME BALLS, if not, our way of life will be gone forever! GET OBUMA OUT OF OFFICE!!! He is the ultimate cause of everything that is wrong with this country today!!! GET HIM OUT NOW!!!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      I agree w/you, and I fear the remedy (voting out poor incumbents) may have slipped through We The Peoples fingers. We can’t count on any of the political parties for help. Look how the 2016 Presidential race may be shaping up. The D’s are pushing Hillary like a bootlegger pushes moonshine. The R’s are pushing Bush III like a drug dealer does dope.
      Money seams to be everything, ideas are nothing no more. If you don’t raise BILLIONS no media will take you serious. I wouldn’t care if George Washington, himself rose from the dead. If he couldn’t raise a few Billion (I bet George had never saw a billion) he wouldn’t get on Net Work news.
      Think about it…… Senator Feinstein has been in the senate over 20 years! The whole state of California can’t be this stupid, to vote her in more than once! Hell she was successful in the 90’s banning AR-15’s, and they keep sending her back?? I think the ballot box is broken. When that happens, revolution is The People’s DUTY…………
      The founders would be shooting at DC by now!!!

      1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

        Well put Mark! I am afraid that DC is so full of corruption, it cannot be overcome, EXCEPT BY THE GREAT REVOLUTION OF 2015!!!! And some of these senators have been in their seat for so long, I believe they are senile (Harry Reid)! TERM LIMITS!

        1. JenkinsKing says

          All have been in their ‘seats’ too long. Corruption and greed has become their way of life. We the people can correct that by voting them out of office. Get rid of them for the sake of giving yourself and your children a better ‘tomorrow’- a good, safe, decent America. Keep the faith and the conversation going.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            We need TERM LIMITS and AGE LIMITS. I think 75 years old should be it. Also DRUG TESTING should be required. Did you know recreational marijuana is now lawful in DC? Why do the politicians get to get stoned, and the rest of us have to pass a drug test, to get a job?
            Am I the only one here that sees a DOUBLE STANDARD? Either the politicians sober up, or we all get stoned. If it’s alright to be a homosexual and catch AIDS. I don’t see what a little Pot Smoking is gonna hurt……….

        2. David says

          We have “term limits” Jeffery. Elections are term limits the problem is there are to many dopey people in this country that don’t realize that anyone in office 10, 20, 30 years is bad for the country.

      2. JenkinsKing says

        Ted Cruz is the answer. Take a good look at him. Listen to his message. He is hated by both GOP Establishment and the PC Democrats. That ought to tell you something!

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I don’t know what Mr. Cruz’s platform would be. I did look at his fund raising for his first year. He did take lots of special interest monies, then voted favorably for the donors cause. No one in DC is the answer………..

          1. Mark Lahti says

            Just one thing I would like to put forth in that context. Gov Scott Walker of the great state of Wisconsin.

        2. David says

          Yeah Jenkins Cruz or Paul. It’s time to move as far right as we can.

          1. Ralph Long says

            Oh come on here Jenkins King & David D frankly all that the Scary Canadian Exile Evil Teddy Bear Ted Cruz is good for frankly is GOP Clown Car Driver period!

      3. David says

        The founder would have done it years ago.. 5 or 6 to be specific.

    2. JenkinsKing says

      First, pull Political Correctness-combination of evil and depraved insanity-out of society at its roots. Learn to ‘just say no! Keep the faith and the conversation going.

    3. Donna Mabry says

      That’s what I keep saying you can’t sit around having everyone sign petitions, impeach Obama. Sign thios petitition now with a strong warning. YOU CAN NOT FIGHT OBAMA LEGALLY. You have to fight him on his level and I’m thinking it’s going to have to be the military and the citizens or the best country in the world will be gone. Look what he’s done so far .He’s about got what he came to to do done and we just sit and let him do it.First the government needs to be got rid of, any way it can be done,no matter how dirty it is. Lesson learned from Obama. Then start deporting all the illegal;s which a lot are Muslims and ISIS.Obama will do nothing about Iran,the ISIS,Muslims because he’s one of them. I can’t believe our military and citizens don’t seem like America is worth fighting for. When you have a vile, dirty government ,that’s the way you have to fight

    4. David says

      WORDs won’t do it and politicians won’t do it.

    5. Donna Bond says

      Goes much deeper than you think..Obama is a symptom of the disease. starts in kindergarten. ..public schools number 1 job is to indoctrinate your children … ask your children how they feel about the president, religion, sex,… and you will find they are being brianwashed… you can stop it ..get them out and home schooling them. …Almost every state has a provision for home school. If you have a computer and Internet you can teach them from home

  7. PCLEMSC says

    It could be that Muslims Holder and Obama want to federalize ALL police forces. That would make it a lot easier to turn the country over to the Islamic Terrorists none of them want to admit exist.

    1. GoldenRudy says

      Of course they do. Single training, same weaponry, same uniforms, same vehicles, same arm-bands (oh, the armbands will come later, I guess). History does repeat itself, doesn’t it?

    2. artarlo1 says

      In other countries the national police was called the KGB and SS.

      1. Ralph Long says

        And in WW 2 Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler had his Gestapo and SS to boot!

        1. Mark Clemens says

          A lot of unfortunate people saw the Gestapo ans SS’s boot heals…………
          Religious fanatics and the Nazi have a lot in common. Both wanna control how people live. For this being the LAND of the FREE, There are a lot of damn rules/laws here now-a-days. Sometimes I wonder are there any BRAVE left?

        2. David says


  8. Yadja says

    From the start O was bashing the police with what he said they did to his professor friend. Then he put himself into Zimmerman. That was a mess I live in Florida and it was chaos with the Black Panthers etc. Now Ferguson and always Holder involved because the goal is to Federalize the Police throughout this country.

    If you dig into the militarization of our police departments you will see the SWAT units are contracted and look deeper and you find the governments hand in it. O has been after this in his agenda and doing a pretty good job using his excitable Black backers who are filled with hate, some merited some not against police.

    He has also made sure our military every single branch has been swept clean of our Officers from top to bottom and he has replaced them.

    Does not take Rocket Science to add one and one. If you know the background of those involved.

    Add to that his incessant obsession with disarming us and Wa La you have a very ugly picture of the America O has in mind.

  9. grama18 says

    THE dam jerks !! Holder is nothing but a racist . Obumer I won’t say racist . BUT he does not like America.. BUT Americans do not like his version of America. WE can not afford to allow this version of his America to continue. JOBS lost, more mandates, more taxes, more laws, all are detrimental to a long life in America.

    1. taliesin319 says

      Read his books and you will not have one iota of doubt that he is as racist a creature as ever came down the pike.

    2. David says

      WE THE PEOPLE are the only way to renew America.. All the postings, all the talking and all the dirty politicians on earth won’t change it.

  10. papa doug says

    @fixthisnation, why can’t you just say it? “To what ends”? To completely install a socialist government led by Obama and or Hillary. Who will stop them? Congress? They’re complicit! The Military? Too busy huffing and puffing. The judicial branch? It will take them 10 years to decide if the take over was wrong and another ten to figure out how it happened. Long before then they will be stripped of their power. And We the People? we just sit on our hands and complain. Too sad!

  11. GoldenRudy says

    Too bad the non-blacks in political/government office in Ferguson can’t just pick up and turn the nice place over completely to the “aggrieved” community. Then watch it turn into a mini-Detroit within 5 year short years.

    1. coacht11 says

      Sorry but it WOULDN’T Take 5yrs it would take a whole lot less time. Makes me SICK to see what is happening to this “”ONCE Great Country and I SAY ONCE only because of what HAS been happening to America since ovomit came into office. I said for 6yrs now that people better wake up and do it fast,,, Sad i have emails from 2008 that I had said what would happen if obama became president,, Again how sad because I was right ALONG with many others that didn’t buy into the fact that a man who came from out of nowhere,, hid his records , lied about being transparent and has and is destroying america RIGHT in front of our eyes continues to have supporters. One very sad thing is WHY he has some !!!!!

  12. adrianvance says

    Lies have worked well for the liberals. They promise big and deliver small or not at all.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  13. nan says

    David, you are SO right about your comment below. The problem as well, is that many Americans aren’t even AWARE of what is going on right under their noses. Some just obliviously go about their lives without even an opinion! Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and Obama, amongst others, know this and take advantage of the ‘uninformed’. They are nothing more than Chicago thugs with a common agenda – corruption, chaos and the bringing down our beloved country. I observe in disbelief. Where are our statesmen? What does it take to impeach these days?

  14. George Cahonna says

    Odumba, Holder, Hickory, Bloombutt, Feinsteer, Emaueel, & the rest of America’s Liberal Traitors always jumping on an opportunity to stir the pot in America. These are not Leaders, they are the Domestic Terrorist’s our Fore-Fathers warned us about.

  15. headonstraight says

    Nice dodge, Fix This Nation. Sure, the “Hands up, don’t shoot” thing was bogus, and you grudgingly give the Justice Department credit for acknowledging that, but you need to acknowledge the larger aspect of this matter, namely the corruption and institutionalized racism with the Ferguson Police Department, which has been thoroughly investigated and very well documented.

    1. joe says

      And all the police ride unicorns to work where leprechauns make them pies and other tasty pastries for lunch. Mean while the wood sprites happily fly around the station dusting and cleaning up so that the evil trolls that live under the desks wont be angry with the dirty magical cave that they live in.

      1. headonstraight says

        And the warped, ideologically deranged fools like you continue in a cstate of irrational denial.

        1. joe says

          You do not have permission to speak to me anymore I am afraid that some of your stupid is going to rub off on me and I don’t have anything strong enough to clean off stupid with . I think it is like getting bit by a zombie I would have to chop my arm off before the stupid could travel through my veins and get into my blood stream.

          1. headonstraight says

            I do not need your permission, Joe. This forum is a marketplace of ideas. You post yours and I post mine and either of us is free to comment on the views of the other. No such tyrannical prohibitions as you propose have any place here. If that sin’t enough for you, then you have the option to simply absent your bossy-ass self from this forum.

          2. joe says

            Yes you do need my permission I am superior to you and you WILL OBEY ME

          3. headonstraight says

            Good psychiatric counselling is available; go find yourself some,

          4. joe says

            Excuse me you will now ask permission to speak here at all, I own you and you will obey me. You are my internet pet ans as such you do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it got it, good I knew you would understand if I just explained it to you in a way that a less intelligent person could understand.

          5. headonstraight says

            “You are my internet pet ans as such you do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it got it, good I knew you would understand if I just explained it to you in a way that a less intelligent person could understand.”

            Are rambling run-on sentences your specialty? Or are they just a tool you use as you carry out your narcissistic, tyrannical pretensions of authoritarian power?

          6. joe says

            Umm can I buy a vowel

  16. Codd 1 says

    I cant believe how crazy things are getting. When are people going to wake up. All you hear on the news anymore is how prejudiced the whites are. What century are we living in anyway. What will make the liberal news people happy ? maybe the extermination of the white people since everything is our fault. Should the black people that are criminals just be allowed to get away with whatever ? What about all the whites and other miniorities who are shot everyday . There is no mention of that or is it because when you are breaking the law we realize there are are consequences. There is a plan out there thats for sure and Obama has the press on his side. Pretty soon it will be to late to stop it if it isnt already.

    1. headonstraight says

      Codd, there really is such a thing as a question mark. It looks like this: “?” You have used it sparingly in your post. Now go back and check the several times you should have used it but did not.
      Then Google up the University of Oklahoma news story about racism in a fraternity and ask YOURSELF the question you posed above, Namely “What century are we living in anyway”?

      As to black criminals getting away with “whatever,” Codd, check out the statistics on the proportion of jail and prison and jail inmates are black as compared with the percentage representation of blacks in the U.S. population. It is you and other wingers who are trying to get away with a gross misrepresentation of the justice system by alleging such nonsense as you have about treatment of black criminals. Wake up and smell the facts.

      1. Codd 1 says

        Is that the best you can come up with. A personal attack on my lack of question marks. How very liberal of you ! I dont agree with things that went on at that college. There are alot of white idiots too. What I was saying is if you are guilty of a crime you should be ready to face the consequences. The media is only interested in starting a race war. I wouldnt want to be a cop right now. If a person of color is shot regardless of what happened right away it was their fault. The hands up statement was proven to be false testimony from the witnesses and has escalated a whole lot of hatred right now. Hows that for facts ?

        1. headonstraight says

          As any drooling fool should be able to see, I posted substantive comment beyond my critique of your sloppy punctuation. I note also that my advice to you on punctuation did not take, since your very first sentence–a question–ends not with a question mark but with a period. Guess you just can’t break an old mule of sucking eggs.

          1. Codd 1 says

            People like you are the reason we are in such a mess right now. You are incapable of being objective and I wont lower myself to your standards. Good day whoever you are and good luck !

          2. William Benton says

            heads on straight your head must be straight up your ass if this is the best you cab come up with.

          3. headonstraight says

            Once more you show just how irrelevant and non-substantive a wingnut wackadoodle can be. Next time out of your keeper’s reach, please post some kind of meaningful reply to what I posted. I will repeat it here. See what you can do with it:

            “As to black criminals getting away with “whatever,” Codd, check out the statistics on the proportion of jail and prison and jail inmates are black as compared with the percentage representation of blacks in the U.S. population. It is you and other wingers who are trying to get away with a gross misrepresentation of the justice system by alleging such nonsense as you have about treatment of black criminals. Wake up and smell the facts”

            Of course crude insults are easier than responding with substance and intelligence, but it is unlikely you are endowed with either of those, so I am not holding my breath pending your response.

          4. joe says

            Moron those percentages and statistics are meaningless you are just too stupid to understand.As usual you just parrot what you are told to with no understanding of the facts. I suspect you are just another uneducated sheep being paid to come here and spew trash. You need to GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY you serve no purpose here you add nothing to society you just take away you the rest of you lib idiots are an insignificant minority, meaningless.

          5. headonstraight says

            To you and your fellow nutjobs, ANY facts or statistics are dismissed as “meaningless” if they do not line up with your preconceived biases. Cowardly and inept in polemics, you dodge and weave and smokescreen without putting up any kind of rational analysis to support your deranged perspectives. Pitiful!.

          6. joe says

            No they are meaningless because they are lies made up by a racist POS president and a racist POS A/G. The problem is stupid people fall for it like you clearly have. You only look at one side of things and that is the garbage spewed by the left wing liars. You are too weak to research anything you REQUIRE the government to tell you how to live your life because you are not smart enough or strong enough to do it on your own. You prefer that the hard working taxpayer support the lazy people that were either too stupid or too lazy to do something for themselves to make a better life. The left wing is entirely based on LIES , twisted facts and manipulated numbers. The unemployment level is a great example Obammarat says it is around 5% flat out lie he ignores all those that stopped looking ran out the benefits the REAL rate is around 9.7%. Obammycare keep your doctor LIE transparency in his office LIE no lobbyist in his cabinet LIE do you want me to continue. Open your damn eyes you lemming.

          7. joe says

            You posted garbage it is all you libs nut jobs know well you are pretty good liars too.

      2. joe says

        Blacks are in jail because they are the ones doing the crimes END OF STORY!!!!!!

        1. headonstraight says

          Tell that to Codd1, above, who thinks black people are allowed to get away with “whatever.”

          1. joe says

            I was not talking to Codd1 I was talking to you, typical of you libtards to deflect when you are cornered you are so predictable it is pitiful.

    2. edcedar77 says

      My thoughts completely. Hitler had Joseph Goebbels as his propaganda minister. In this country the news media largely voluntarily follows the party line and protects and defends it without any regard for the consequences.

  17. Richard Magnuson says

    So simple but so profound when you look at the agenda of those who hate America.

  18. bdcorvette says

    Dishonesty will plague the investigation so long as it is conducted by Holder’s Henchmen who are predisposed to finding racial animus under every rock.

  19. ricarrdo estavans says

    A Government that seeks to confiscate your firearms is justification for having them in the first place.

  20. dondehoff says

    I usually have something to contribute—-Here, there is little need as the author covered all of the bases and points out we have some very “unfriendly forces” at work in this great (but not perfect) country. Too many citizens, both learned and the ignorant, fail to grasp that the United States of America has been the greatest social and political experiment in the recorded history of this planet. Also keep in mind that, “Without America, there will be no Free World!”. Enough said!

  21. rchguns says

    Ferguson I personally believe was address reversal for things to come. But it comes to the black community. The first casualty is the truth. The truth is that pesky little thing that gets in the way when the mainstream press spires with the DOJ and the black Gestapo.

    This administration has set race relations in America back by 50 years and I don’t believe it’s going to improve anytime soon. Which is really a shame not only for America but for the black community in America.

    Mister Obama was given an opportunity that most men could ever dream of. He had the position in the power to forever bury 90% of racial stereotypes that have plagued Americans of African descent for over a century.

    The stereotypes of speaking of that have never gone away our;

    1. That the black race is inherently stupid and incapable of complex thoughts.

    2. That blacks are not quite human (this was taught in our colleges and universities at one time.)

    3. That blacks cannot be trusted that they are all basically dishonest.

    4. That blacks are inherently violent and are prone to violent behavior.

    5. That the black race is inherently lazy and unmotivated when it comes to self-improvement and their everyday life.

    6. That blacks are socially and morally bankrupt. That I, sewer rat has more morals that black males are society.

    Every logical and honest person knows that this type of stereotyping is not only inherently wrong but the concepts are still there in a small minority of people. America has worked hard to eliminate the stereotypes prior to this administration.

    Mister Obama was given an opportunity to absolutely positively disprove every one of the stereotypes. Whether it is by design, ignorance, or purposely to destroy race relations in this nation. Mister Obama has shown evidence that every one of these vile stereotypes is true.

    His job performance, personal life, political life, and the lives of his administration tend to prove that the stereotypes are not far from fact. “As far as he is concerned.”

  22. adrianvance says

    The members of that Grand Jury were scared to death of the community. That is the problem.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  23. Diane Brenner says

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve asked HOW can the people exercise their rights over government other than voting. Over and over, I’ve seen how even when the votes go the right way for the voters, the person voted for just goes ahead and does what he pleases, not what the people want. There has to be some other way the people can not only be heard, but capable of cleaning house, and making changes. Today’s government is exactly what the founding fathers feared could happen and thought they’d given the people enough authority to change it, or abolish the current government altogether and set up a new government.

  24. pappadave says

    Blacks in American need to be taught that ALL races were enslaved at some point in history…without exception. What makes THEIR situation unique–and the ONLY thing that does–is that hundreds of thousands of white Americans died in a war that was fought, in part to end it in this country.

  25. jimwilson81 says

    The media has been taken over by the government back in 2008 if not earlier. They quite reporting news and started the leftist propaganda machine. It will eventually bite itself in the a$$ before anything is done about it. By that time it will be too late.

  26. WhiteFalcon says

    The NYT is nothing more than a funny paper, and that is being nice to them. I hope they go out of business soon. I hope that all their subscribers cancel their subscriptions or don’t renew their subscriptions. The NYT does not need to exist. They are that bad.

  27. albertbryson says

    We need to stop what going to happen to the Ferguson Police Department and Justice System. There was nothing racist about them at all. Let face Obama and gang do what to recast the nation in their image. Yes, they do want division and they want the government to control everything. This is fascism and tyranny.

  28. JeanneD says

    What is the problem in Ferguson and any other city ? You do not attack a policeman ! Hands off !! That is the law and if you do, you have already committed a crime. The color of either one of you should be of negligible consequence. Remember which one is the law. Remember who has the gun !

  29. 63Marine says

    Americans need someone to flush the toilet, AKA Washington DC….

  30. Joseph Le Bard says

    Stiring the pot of discontint smells like an agenda 21, Run the U.N off our land an send them packing back to there third world nations.

  31. juneausr says

    Talk, talk, talk. None of you are going to do anything, except talk.

    1. MAHB001 says

      I am fighting the corruption in the media.
      Check out my website at
      Join, and get everybody you know to join. This boycott will work, as it boycotts the advertisers that support the corruption.

  32. truth4lifetoo says

    This is about a demonic force that has taken over in our country! We have taken the 10 Commandments out, we have taken the Bible away from our military and anyone else. Where is the truth? If we don’t have any basis for the truth then there is no basis for truth. Racism is truth, lies are truth, police are evil, security against evil is false because what they are doing is their right to behead us, destroy our property, exercise their feeling. Isn’t that what Fergerson riots were about – freedom for evil attacking what is good and truthful. If my attack was not found truthful then I’ll create something that appears truthful – more blacks arrested in Fergerson than whites even though 75% of Fergerson is black by what DOJ came out with when Brown killed. They called the police racist – plant in into the nations teens head and go out and test the police and “don’t you dare attack me mentality”. That is showing the truth not what is right/wrong. Good/evil. That is what this country has come to be. It is time to get to a basis of TRUTH! They got rid of Christian/Jewish rights and now they are getting rid of the Constitution and destroying past history with garbage. When are we going to wake up and how do we? We are like sheep being led to being destroyed and afraid of the big bad wolf that is out to attack up because we no longer have a good shepherd to protect us.

  33. joe says

    It never had anything to do with that guy getting shot it was an excuse for a bunch of lazy criminals to steal and vandalize. It was and still is an excuse for them to use race for being lazy failures period. None of those people gave a crap about that guy thousands are shot every year and they say nothing about that. Give them an excuse to steal though and watch them jump on it even when the facts are put in front of them. The national guard should have opened up with flamethowers on anyone looting in the streets.

  34. RMCSRET says

    Just a useful tool for the two leading RACISTs in the Country, Barack Obama and Eric Holder.

  35. Yadja says

    At this time in the history of O’s presidency there is not much that can be said he has done, been involved with, promised etc. that was not a lie.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what he has been up to since day one. Bottom line on this is he wants the Police Departments to be Federalized. He then pulls the strings and they are already militarized. Nothing good can come of that.

    And he is like the Energizer Bunny only he doesn’t take a lickin he just keeps on tickin like a nitro glycerine time bomb.

  36. MAHB001 says

    The media lies and misleads.
    Hands up don’t shoot. Is the latest example.
    Join the boycott to fight a corrupt media that endangers us all.
    Or continue to let people be mislead and stand on bridges…..

  37. Ralph Long says

    Go Donald Trump 2016!.. Enough Said!

  38. Herman says

    Who said: A lie told often enough becomes the truth?

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