Do Republicans Really Want to Stop Obama’s Amnesty?


As published reports detail the disturbing nature of President Obama’s planned executive action on immigration, House Speaker John Boehner is again talking about the possibility of filing suit. Boehner claims he went to the president to beg for another chance to pass an immigration reform bill but was rebuffed. Now, he apparently wants to add immigration to his seemingly-stalled lawsuit over Obamacare.

My question, and it isn’t asked lightly: Do Republicans really want to stop the president on immigration?

Last week, millions of Americans came forward to demand change in Washington. Deeply concerned about the direction of the country, voters decided to give Republicans a chance to turn things around. While our new leaders have yet to take office, there are already distressing signs that this is all a dog-and-pony show from the GOP.

Congress holds the power of the purse. Without funding, Obama’s executive actions are just so much hot air from the White House. As part of his planned strategy on immigration, he wants to essentially give amnesty to 4.5 illegal aliens. He wants to expand deferred deportations. It’s unlawful, unhelpful, and it could have terrible ramifications that will forever change the fabric of the United States of America.

And I’m not yet convinced that Republicans want to stop it.

Why would they? As far as political strategy goes, nothing could be better for the GOP than to stand by and allow Obama to go through with it. If they can make a decent show of their disapproval – like, say, consulting with law firms over a suit – then they can wipe their hands clean of the results. “Hey, we tried,” they’ll say. “What can you do when the president is unstoppable? Vote Bush in 2016!”

It’s the perfect plan. What’s the alternative? The alternative is to push their own immigration plan through, a move that carries plenty of political risk. If it’s too harsh on existing aliens, they risk losing their portion of the Hispanic vote. If it’s too lenient, they’ll be seen as RINOs. While one might wish for conservative leadership that would stand on principle even in the face of political danger, that’s simply not in evidence. There are a few Republicans – like Ted Cruz – willing to ride the hardline conservative philosophy wherever it takes them, but they are the minority.

This kind of political gamesmanship would be forgivable if we were talking about something like Obamacare. With the ACA, repeal is possible within the decade. As long as the political winds continue to shift in favor of Republicans (which is by no means guaranteed), we could see a new healthcare law replace Obama’s. But this is about the nation’s security. And amnesty, once proclaimed, will be very difficult to take back. In fact, I wouldn’t put the chances of repeal any higher than 1 out of 100. Once it’s done, it’s done.

If Republicans really wanted to stop this thing, they could. You can’t rewrite the country’s laws from the Oval Office. If you do so, you put yourself at risk of impeachment. But when your “opposition” wants to hold on to their jobs more than they want to protect the Constitution, there’s really no risk at all.


  1. Yadja says

    If the Republicans fail the people and don’t understand they were only given this chance because there was nowhere to turn, come the next Presidential Election this country will be ripe for a Libertarian or Independent candidate.

    If one were to come along and be allowed into the debates they would most likely have a great chance of winning. When I see the same faces continuing to come-up on the Republican and Democrat screen for candidates I get physically sick.

    This is do or die time and I intend to do everything I can for a good candidate who loves my country, understands our Foreign situations especially the Middle East, understands the Constitution and has a history of putting his money where his mouth is he has my support.

    I say he because I don’t want any woman in the WH, none, zilch, we need a Hero a man at the Helm.

    1. Mike Lawson says

      Interesting that a young lady would say “no” to a woman in the White House. I believe a woman can be president but it won’t be a republican for quite a while. The leadership of the GOP have set the bar so ridiculously high for women that one would have to have practically been groomed form birth. Attended all the right schools, belonged to all the right social clubs, has never said or done the wrong things, etc. Look what happened to Christine O’Donnell, and she wasn’t even running for president!

      1. Yadja says

        Nothing to understand really. I am not blind, served my country in two wars, have always been in charge, understand history, see clearly where we are headed and we have no Queen Elizabeth or Margaret Thatcher but we do have very strong and capable military men who would make a huge good change in this country.

        I don’t believe in either party anymore, know about the creation of the Reserve, who created it, the Bilderbergs, the Secret Societies, have read about the Illuminati and the Skull and Bones etc. Understand the underlying powers of the Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, Ford Foundation and know the plans for Global One World Order. I say no… and we will have to fight to stop it or we will be living in the shadows.

        1. Mark says

          Bravo ! I’m retired military, and feel every word you said.

          1. Yadja says


        2. Mike Lawson says

          Amen! (Not retired military but I served. Got booted out during the cuts!)

          1. jreg9304 says

            ya don’t just get booted out for cuts in spending. there must have been another reason. lol

          2. Francisco Machado says

            Force reduction. Also reduction in the pension they’ll have to pay.

          3. jreg9304 says

            nope, he prob. got a general discharge for misconduct. as said he was booted out and that is for a reason other than reduction.

          4. Mike Lawson says

            If you must know, noseybutt, I was discharged because of my weight- and don’t say there’s more to it than that because there isn’t.

          5. jreg9304 says

            it does not really matter to me. you did what you had to do and that is that.

          6. Mike Lawson says

            “Did what I had to do”- what does that mean?

          7. Michael Dennewitz says

            I’m not retired military, but I gave em 6years onboard an LPH4, amphibious assault ship during Vietnam! We hauled everything one could possibly get into and onto the ship for Vietnam and then brought body bags back. Never declared an outright war, instead, a “conflict!” And I care not what anyone says, we had NO BUSINESS sticking our noses into their affairs. Look what we lost, and what happened afterwards!? Just like with bin laden (sp) and Saddam. Sure, they were sickos, but what has everything to date GOTTEN US??? Loss of lives, tons of ammo and it hasn’t made the world any better! Not with terrorist Ovomit in charge. Hell, HE’S ONE OF THEM!! YES, we need to let the world know we’re a super power (or at least was one), but that doesn’t mean that we should police the world and stick our nose into everyone’s business! LET THEM DUKE IT OUT!!! I know, I’m rambling. I’ll shut up…

          8. michaelcain says

            Sir , your ramblings are at least in the right direction and for ,the right reasons. THANK YOU

          9. Btty says

            Unfortunately Michael the war in the Middle East is starting to look a lot like Viet Nam to me. We need to bring our military home and guard our damn borders!

          10. Michael Dennewitz says

            But Btty, it will NEVER HAPPEN. That’s no more than a dream for all of us. NOTHING good will happen unless the populace marches on DC and physically TAKES him out of office and tries him for treason. The military can’t get involved because they are sworn to uphold the presidency according to the constitution, something “he” is NOT a part of legally. That’s why he flips America off and does what he pleases. He KNOWS that he is occupying the seat illegally, therefore he doesn’t have to abide by ANY law!

          11. Btty says

            True and his worst hasn’t been done yet. I don’t think I have ever hated a POS like this more. He should have been taken out of office a long time ago.

          12. Yadja says

            Sorry to hear that. But you do understand why I am thinking military and I am thinking someone O booted out when he started cleaning the military clock.

            I suppose he did it to replace them with his illegal Mexican thugs.

          13. Michael Dennewitz says

            Well Y, he is getting ready to allow over 300,000 mooselums to enter the country. You surely don’t think, just because they want to jump into the soup line, right? I mean, every time a seat is vacated in the supreme court, guess “WHAT” fills it??

          14. Yadja says

            Yes I knew he was planning on bringing refugees from Syria here, guess if this gutless Congress continues we will fight ISIS and Sharia Law in America.

        3. Fedup says

          I agree 100% with you on “no to a woman president”. Women tend to make decisions based on emotion. We need a military trained man who understands foreign policy and will do the opposite of what the nitwit in office now does.

          1. Yadja says

            Yes someone who O took out when he cleaned out our military starting with generals and all officers. We have many to choose from and we need to push them forward. I see where more military men are being elected into office around America. Now there are some women in politics I like but not enough to vote for them as POTUS.

            We can’t fool around with the next election.

          2. Judy says

            Totally agree. Women tend to rule with emotion rather than common sense. Just like in the work place. I prefer male bosses over females. Females are way too catty

          3. Fedup says

            I agree. I’ve had both and I find men easier to work with. A lot of women are in competition with each other. I was a supervisor in a credit union. One of my employees was a CEO of a small credit union but retired and moved up to Carson City. When I left she told me that I was the best boss she ever had. I never play the games that other women play. I was fair to all of my employees and tried to get them to move up in their careers. I had some really good male bosses that I learned a lot from. Only a couple of woman bosses I’ve had were good. The rest of them gossiped too much or let you know you were a peon and they thought they were all that and a bag of potato chips.

        4. R Miller says

          You restore my faith in women. Sadly, Hilary does the opposite and would have the same effect as Obama representing the capability of black Americans, should she represent American women. She is untrustworthy, a liar, a cheat and crooked lawyer, her only goal and driving core values are power, power and more power.

          1. Yadja says

            Well I don’t like being so disillusioned with the majority of women but I was raised by a strong woman who survived 3.5 years in a Japanese prison camp and beat breast cancer. She lived for 30 years after.

            But my experiences with women and the way they abuse their sexuality and the wickedness towards good looking women did me in. There was a study done that was trying to see why now that women are CEO’s they continue to be so vicious and more so than men. They studied office workers and found the head woman of the groups that clung to one another actually made life unbearable for the good looking women and stressed them out so they even miscarried. They found a group of monkeys who also did this to keep young new females from having babies by the head monkey.

            Anyway I believe that there is something very evil that lurks in most women. I think with both sides of my brain and am accused of being a man on here. I took the Barr and Barr in Head Nurse School and there were 5 of us out of hundreds who thought with both sides of our brains.

            I will say when I have women friends they are my friends for life and they are like me in their ideas and their concerns. There are good women out there they are just so hard to find and the newer generations with this Diva chit is raising monsters who I predict will have a heck of a time getting a husband.

          2. Terry Hamblin says

            Unfortunately the “Why not women” thing went the same way as “equal opportunity”. Putting people in jobs and positions that they were not prepared for was and is, a disaster, and very detrimental to the people placed in the firing chamber. Ex: Take a guy out of a good university where he finished a BA in nuclear physics, stick him in a Nuclear Plant Startup job with a group of 10 or 12 who each have between 12 and 25 years of Startup experience. The newbie will know nothing about the job and will receive no help, simply because he is a “token”. Women CEOs, same thing, a woman who does her homework related the story, so I am not spouting sour milk.

          3. Yadja says

            I know that common sense has been out the window for a very long time in this country and many others. But if we face reality man/woman doesn’t matter, what matters is who can get the job done.

            We are a Nation of “Stupid” and “Stupid” rules look who is POTUS.

          4. Terry Hamblin says

            YUP, stupid cannot be fixed!

        5. Seldena says

          Obama and the Democrats are socialists Communist and yes their goal is for the ONE WORLD ORDER that Obama has talked about. You can google the video where he syas Americans are too stupid to know how to govern themselves.

          1. Yadja says

            Yes I know about this and many other things he said that someway cannot be found anymore.

            We are in deep and he is going to continue to sell us out like with China at this meeting. He is sealing our fate and it is down to the wire. He needs to be arrested, prosecuted, imprisoned and tried for breaking our Immigration laws. That is what has happened and would happen to any of us who brought illegals into this country.

            Congress has to get rid of him.

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            But plainly put…..NO ONE CAN SEEM TO MUSTER THE BALLS to make that happen. A full scale rebellion may be our only hope!

          3. Yadja says

            If they don’t they will be replaced because this country is ready for new parties. Libertarian and Independent.

            Now O is saying that ISIS is not Islam. LOLOLOL we are forming a new organization “I Don’t CAIR”, Independent Democratic Organization To Campaign Against Islamic Retards!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Compliments of my man John. Yes if they don’t do their jobs there will be Civil War and I am not afraid of Nation of Islam, Black Panthers or anyone else. I have had it and in my area Sharpton would be run out on a rail if he could dodge the bullets.

          4. Btty says

            Unfortunately I don’t think theres a set of BALLS among the whole group!

        6. michaelcain says

          when it comes to having the moxey to run this country as it should be then I recommend a fresh start. a non political non money furnished person one that has ben in charge of a small business a true family man a man that has had to work for every thing he has ever gotten a person that believes in our country , our constitution and our AMERICAN WAYS. It will have to be some one that has served in the armed forces. some one that at least, understands the attitude of what can we support.The necessity of our social security and all the necessary social services for our people . while we respect Mexico as a neighbor they have a long way to come up ,to the level of control that means a safe and productive country. The Islamic secter of the world are a destructive force that can only be met with total opposition. We need to bring all of our troups home all of their gear and let the far East and all fight it out as they have for centuries. use the extra man power and money to construct the great wall ,of the United States ., similar to the one China did. the extra man power could train the young to work along (O J T ) now we have put the untrained people to work and not a problem on the streets . Increased our security.And of course add lots of current technology. then revamp our schools to, train those young minds to be a new starting in life as it should be, Retrain our teachers .invite a right to work inviroment so that all can earn all their money for their work. and the jobs , Not positions in the positions of running our country is put into proper perspective. we can excel in all of this if the people will ,just support the right candidate.I do know such a person ..

          1. Yadja says

            Excellent points and well said. Our Founding Fathers warned about lawyers etc taking over the Congress and our country. They also made it clear what a Tyrant was and how to rid ourselves of one.

            I fear if O does not get prosecuted for breaking our Federal Immigration Laws he will continue to destroy us. His deal with China is one Clinton wanted but the Senate would not allow the Treaty. That is what O has done, in effect he won’t call it a Treaty because it will have to be voted on. But he has destroyed our Coal Industry for real now and he will not stop with that. He is cagey and we need something drastic to be done to stop him.

            We are in deep trouble and I don’t trust the Republicans to do the job they need to do. If you know a person as you say convince him to run and get behind him.

        7. Btty says

          I agree with you 100% Yadja! Well put. I don’t want to see a woman in this position either! It would be a huge mistake. I want to see strong, no BS men in positions of authority. That’s what it will take when dealing with these other countries. Obozo is the new wave man who rides a girls bike, wears sissy shorts and has that chit eaten grin on his stupid face. I want to see more men like Patton!

          1. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL he is no man I ever knew and no wonder he hates the military……he could not take boot camp. He is a wimp. He is a puppet and he is dangerous. He is going to sign the U.N. Sovereignty of the Seas, the U.N. Gun Resolution and the U.N. Global Warming Resolution. He is going right for the throat and the carotid artery of the lifeblood of this country and he will keep going until Congress turns Right.

            He is a catastrophe of the greatest proportions to America and to the world. Canada, Britain and others have scolded him I only wish someone scalded him.

          2. Btty says

            Ditto! Republicans better get their chit together because when we voted we voted to stop this POS. They better stop it and soon. I don’t want Obozo fixed I want it repealed. It can’t be fixed. My brother is an attorney who read that whole bill and he said it’s a disaster through and through. Just wait until 2015! it’s almost here. As for the U.N they are a bunch of corrupt cowards and we should get the hell out. They always vote against us so what the hell good are they?

          3. Yadja says

            The UN is the backbone of the The One World Order and O will sign onto the Resolutions that give them control over our guns, seas and collecting taxes for Global Warming. He already did as much with China.

            He has much more to do and he will go Tasmanian Devil and do it.

      2. Francisco Machado says

        Why do you assume a young woman can’t think rationally but you do believe a woman can be President? Or is this based upon the observed reality that being rational, while necessary for a Republican candidate, is superfluous for Democrats – hence Democrats can nominate a woman to be President?

        1. Mike Lawson says

          You have taken my words to Yadja totally out of context, as all libtards do. I don’t assume a young woman can’t think rationally, it just struck me funny that a woman that sounds as conservative as Yadja doesn’t want a woman in the WH, period. BTW it IS a reality that being rational is superfluous for democrats- in fact it’s almost considered a disqualifier for their candidates!

    2. R Miller says

      Well said. It is hard to add to what Yadja said! She is defining a conservative, not a libertarian. Too bad the DNC and RNC manipulate and compromise candidates. Reagan had the integrity to go against the organization and do what was right.

      1. Yadja says

        Thank you we are in over our heads and personally I pray daily for deliverance and a hero to come into the lives of the American people.

    3. Seldena says

      I agree! I want a strong MILITARY CONSERVATIVE that will follow the Constitution!!

    4. Grover Syck says

      You repubnants totally ignore the fact the Presidents Bush 1 and Reagan did the exact same thing. In both instances, not a single republican said a single word against their actions. Neither did the democrats.,

      The only reason I can see for the never ending screams from the right is they are both extreme racist and bigots.

      The real problem is that 1) the republicans cannot stand the idea of a democrat in the white haouse, and 2) the fact that that democrat is also a black man makes their collective head explode.

      1. Yadja says

        You seem to forget Reagan had the approval of Congress and it took sometime to implement the entire thing and that it only involved a 3 million not 55,000 children, millions of Dreamers and millions of new arrivals. You also fail to recognize that they never wrote or rewrote law. O is breaking our Federal Immigration Law and can be prosecuted for it and should be along with Holder.

        None of the above opened our borders and if you Google Bush on Immigration you will find where his last speech to Congress was all about securing the border.

        This last election took not just Republicans but Dems, Independents and all coming together and saying cut this cancer out of our body. Your Black Card has run it’s course and your Dark Horse will be put out to pasture. He is a plague on this country and the world.

  2. Mike Lawson says

    The answer to that is “yes and no.” The establishment pukes want amnesty so they can say “hey, we voted for it- vote for us!”, not realizing the democrats have already promised so many perks up front. Who’s gonna listen to “work hard, abide by the rules and you’ll go far!” after that? The conservatives don’t want it because it’s happened before, and if it happens this time there’s no guarantee it’ll never happen again. It was meant to be a one-time thing the first time it happened, and look where we are now. Besides that the immigration system is broken and we need to fix it- not break it more so’s to curry favor with more low-information voters.

    1. Mark says

      Well said Mike. If the Reps don’t stop Obama, they will have betrayed the national trust, and never be a viable party again. It looks like they’re going to let it happen too. They just don’t understand that it’s what the people want, not politics. They have literally not done the research about the ramifications.

      1. R Miller says

        Sadly they are caught up in politics. If they succeed, obama will take the credit, like clinton did with the budget, if they fail they will be, as you put it-traitors. Imagine the media covering for the republicans passing bills without letting the demos see the bill, like Pelosi and Reid did.

        1. Fedup says

          The media will be scrutinizing every little thing the Republicans do. One wrong word or look and they will turn it into a scandal. They turn a blind eye to the dems. That has been made clear by failing to report the 387 bills sitting on Reid’s desk.

          1. R Miller says

            They crucified a good man over the spelling of tomato, and cover for proven lies that are serious violations of oaths of office and the constitution. I will never forget hearing Clinton saying, “the last time he read it the constitution says this is a country of the people, by the people and for the people.” Never one comment by anyone ever on that one-NEVER. It delights me to know that Nancy has to find alternate ways to jockey across the country without her private, taxpayer supported 747. I don’t even want to know what she is doing now.
            Once upon a time the communist party was listed as illegal in this country, now they mask as democrats-sorry, I mean progressives, like they did in every country they took over in the past. The mush head youths eat up that progressive garbage.

          2. Grover Syck says

            Elephant CRAP!!!!!!

          3. Btty says

            Open your eyes Grover! You can’t be that stupid.

        2. David says

          What part of illegal is not illegal ??? This so called president has done so many acts of treason it is history breaking.

    2. William Matthes says

      Disagree. The immigration-system is not broken. It has been disassembled by greedy politicians and corporate big-shots for cheap-labor and votes. The ONLY way to solve it is to get tough, secure the border, enforce the law, and hold the illegals, the corporate-elites, and the treasonous politicians responsible for their treachery!

      1. DonMann says

        Here Here!! Right on point!

      2. Rich McKinney says

        Pass a “Protect Social Security from Tax Cheaters” bill. Who could argue with that? Increase the penalties for paying people under the table and not paying Payroll Taxes (SS, Medicare, Workman’s Comp, etc), and increase enforcement of it. End the financial incentives.

  3. DustyFae says

    Republicans better stop immigration–Taxpayers can not afford to support all those people just so Democrats can have voters

    1. 7papa7 says

      Republicans will stop obama on immigration if they want to get reelected.

      1. DonMann says

        And WE should make that very clear to them. LOUD and clear!!

        1. beowulf32 says

          We need to let them know that if they stab us in the back, and let all these illegal`s stay, or come to are country, to take are jobs we could have. That in 2016 we will vote them out of power or we will vote for a Democratic President, to put there power in check they have now. Ive been saying it on all there fb sites and emails.

          1. david says

            Another idiot comment from an uneducated bar hopper! I am a hard working true american and I work side by side with a latin worker and he work’s with the same pride as me and I hate to say this but its the truth….lazy Americans don’t want a foreigner from Mexico coming here to wok that will only keep them from settings on their ass and driving the wages so high that nobody in the United States will be able to work………

          2. ArmyCombatVet says

            Look man, besides the “wok” typo, your support for the “latin” worker is all well and good. Problem is undocumented immigration, we are a nation of laws for a reason and we must know who is coming here, for what reason, what they bring with them, their credentials to background check, medical teams to insure that they aren’t bringing ebola, dengue fever, small pox, enterovirus 68, anti-biotic resistant TB and a host of other plagues on their backs. We must verify if they are drug cartel mules and gang members, islamic terrorists, etc. Take the rose colored glasses off and understand America is under attack. No other nation permits unsupervised illegal immigration! Check Australia for instance. They wouldn’t stand for a tenth of our criminal government permits at the same time flat out destroying our border patrol and leaving our SOVEREIGN border wide open to anyone! The very acts by this administration is classic treason and it’s a hanging offense. It is wholly unconstitutional! Check the mirror out before you call someone else an idiot. Your standard applies more appropriately to you than beowulf32! There are a lot of lazy bums in America thanks to the current criminal administration but leaving the border wide open, border patrol emasculated is a recipe for disaster. The greatest number of crimes committed in America per capita are by illegal, undocumented aliens, not legal aliens who have honored the system!

          3. david says

            You have my respect for your comments I see your not an idiot nor a bar hopper, however immigration reform to the majority of Americans is directed towards only Mexicans.. I have been to the immigration courts and ssen first hand how they treat the Latinos, but I see also that the ones harping the most is the lying hypocrites that use Mexicans in there fields and cities, cleaning their streets and harvesting their crops Majority are not Legal and I can tell you that judges, lawyers, senators, and governors are using them quote USING! And as for our country my brother was in the army and won 2 silver stars w/clusters, numerous bronze stars the purple heart and served 3 tours in Vietnam and died from cancer due to agent orange. However, Terrorism, how can we fight it when all of our mom and pop gas stations, and grocery store’s and motels ect are being bought up by Arabian people here in america ? I know personally of 6,7 Arabians in my town that are not documented, so why is the majority of Americans still hung on thinking its the Mexicans immigration reform…

          4. larry says

            Hi David,
            Two questions:
            Could the U.S mandate the use of E-Verify for ALL people being hired to work?
            Could the U.S. pass legislation that, from now on, American real estate can be purchased and owned ONLY by Legal American citizens?

          5. glorybe2 says

            The idea of a universal ID card for Americans was blocked by the right wing if that tells you anything. It was a hot issue about 1988. As far as disallowing foreigners buying real estate it would not make much sense. Canada welcomes Americans buying land and homes and businesses in Canada. Why should we do less?

          6. Becky says

            Could be because it has BEEN mehicans until just recently when the Commie muslime in chief began bringing in HIS evil people.

          7. hankthetank says

            David; If our government, would stop paying people not to work, they would work or starve!! we have 50 million people not working, we do not need Mexico or South American’s coming here to do the work ,that we CAN do! I grew up as a farm labor,I have done work that Mexican’s wouldn’t do! Here are a few i have done; picked cotton,by hand & machine,i have picked Prunes – Olives – Grapes – Strawberry – Peaches – Apricots – & Potato’s , Potato’s were the hardest of all, i was 19 & it like to kill me, i have even laid down in the irrigation ditch to stop the water, while my Dad ,put dirt in front of me to make the water stop!!! I have also drove all wheel Vehicle & all track vehicles, even Tanks of all kinds!.

          8. JENJEN says

            It is a cop out when employers say they hire illegals because Americans won’t do the work. When my husband was laid off, the farmer in our neighborhood would not hire him, and he is one of the hardest workers I know. He wouldn’t hire my teenage boys either. Except for his own family members, every one of his employees were illegals! Most Americans aren’t as stupid as some would believe. However, many Americans are ignorant of the facts. If more Americans paid attention to what is going on, things would not have gotten so out of hand! But, that is what the Democrats were hoping to achieve through the public school system…looks like it worked for a while.

          9. glorybe2 says

            In my area of Florida hot, humid,weather prevents almost all white people from doing certain outdoor work. My town as numerous south American workers from Guatemala and Nicaragua and those guys work like crazy and the heat is seemingly nothing to them at all. I’m an a condo with about eighteen acres of lawns and shrubs and these, typically short and thin people work at a very fast clip. They work for a major company and i have no clue as to how many are legal immigrants or not. But i do know that we could not replace them with either white or black workers able to work as efficiently as these workers.

          10. ArmyCombatVet says

            David, the purpose of forums like this one, is rational discourse and a chance to vent your spleen for God and country. As for your brother, I salute him as a brother and a hero, who gave his all for another politician driven conflict without a defined end game. Lost too many over there! Another politician driven none of our business affair, where we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and left Nam worse than we found it! Agent orange was a horrible intervention in an attempt to defoliate the dense jungle regions in Nam! Unfortunately, it was indiscriminately applied and drifted over areas occupied by our military. I am a Vietnam Vet, MOS 11E10, Armored Division, Patton M48’s!

            As for the muslims, they are eerily similar to the drug cartel in Mexico but worse. They don’t belong in America because they won’t accept our way of life and are in reality a religion of hate and conquest, completely intolerant other beliefs with no desire to matriculate into our society, but rather like termites, gnawing away at our way of life, our Constitution, working behind the scenes to turn America into a caliphate! They need to be rounded up and forcefully ejected from America along with the muslim traitor in the White House.

            As for the Mexicans, those here legally are welcome. We are a nation of laws, our border sovereign and we must have control over everyone entering our nation without exception. The muslims blend in with the Mexican illegals so that many terrorists sneak in with the illegals from South of the border, creating sleeper cells throughout the nation! They create a disproportional number of crimes in America and tend to be repeat offenders!

            My two cents!

            American jobs are for American citizens, period!

          11. Sandy/CA says

            ArmyCombatVet, I don’t see them as working behind the scenes. They are working hand in hand alongside Obama in the WH. By now I’m guessing they’ve got our government and way of life completely down and know just how to transform us to their ways, Islam. For all we know, we could already have been overthrown and just don’t know it yet. We should know soon because if that’s the case, there will be no next election. Wait and Watch!

          12. ArmyCombatVet says

            Sandy, you are correct to a point. The mudslimes are working behind the scenes at the behest of the mudslime in chief. It’s being accomplished by the formation of Czars surrounding the fake CNC, eight to be exact, of which six are full fledged members of the mudslime brotherhood. Add to that, a justice dept. with mudslime players at almost every level, as well as mudslime snakes strewn through our judiciary. As I’ve mentioned before, like termites they have infiltrated the very foundations of our society, like termites infecting a structure out of sight and out of mind until…………..the you know what hits the fan. That 2% of our population can infiltrate our nation’s infrastructure to such a level, is hard to comprehend. Did you know that there are 35 muslim terrorist training camps strewn throughout America? Yet patriots are attacked on a regular basis, illegally tracked by a government from the top down in total violation of our Constitution…………silence, not the training camps! It’s the very definition of treason, yet our elected representatives are for the most part, across the board………traitors! We pay their salaries, they work for us and yet they, even after only one term, get their pay and benefits for life…………are you kidding me. The foxes are in control of the hen house and the majority of their employers are permanently brain dead! A nation in decline, populated by an ever increasing cadre of simpletons ruled by a gang of cowards and criminals! One other caveat, besides the mudslime presence in America, Communism is alive and well. Senator McCarthy back in the 1950’s was spot on warning America about the ever encroaching takeover of Communism and he was marginalized for it!

          13. hankthetank says

            You can forget talking to David! he is a democrat,he is not smart enough to see what is going on!!!

          14. david says

            You are one of the very SICK and permanently BRAIN DEAD people that should even if your a citizen here in the United States be deported and returned to the womb you sir are a true disappointment even to your ancestors!!!!!!!

          15. marla1 says

            David go and commit suicide !!! Take obummer with you and Dirty old Harry and polossi !

          16. Sandy/CA says

            OMG, grow up and allow your brain to develop, David!

          17. Michael Dennewitz says

            David, lay off smoking and snorting that wacky shit eh? You’re really starting to bury yourself here!!

          18. Michael Dennewitz says

            Dipshit, it’s you’re – not your… Smoke another so you’ll pass out, eh??

          19. david says

            PS stupid I’m a republican way before Ron Reagan your in the wrong party your trying to tell people what to say and do or are you communist hmmmmmm!

          20. Barrustio says

            What? A Republican who is ok with a Democrat president allowing 5 mil to break the law as he does? It’s time you changed parties david.

          21. Jimmy King says

            He already changed He was a Democrat until Reagan gave amnesty

          22. Barrustio says


          23. Sandy/CA says

            Or countries! Go see if South America will have you.

          24. david says

            Stay in the kitchen! & stick to having babies okay!

          25. Sandy/CA says

            Or is it possible, David, that you are someone who doesn’t respect our laws any more than the people you’re defending? hmmmmmm!

          26. larry says

            Thank you ArmyCombatVet! These are my thought exactly! We are being invaded! The barbarians are at the gates! If we have the inner courage, we can still free OUR nation from this scourge! Again, I appreciate your post. P.S. Let someone try entering Mexico illegally through Mexico’s southern border; then see what happens next!

          27. david says

            How may Mexicans walk into a place and blow it up in the name of god!!!
            The Arabian people are silently taking America look in Michigan at all of the Arabic road signs I am American and in Michigan I scared!!!!!! We learned nothing from custers last stand we’re being surrounded by Arabians while trying to stop terrorist hummm?

          28. larry says

            David: You are so right about the radical Islamists! They plan to take us over by force and violence if needed! Illegal aliens, however, are sucking the U.S. dry financially and overwhelming us with people. Just because there is one snake loose in my office, do I want to have two snakes in there?? Of course America has more problems than only these two. The Kenyan in the Whitehouse needs to apply the rule of law and not the rule of men! He needs to act in accordance with present our laws and to follow our Constitution! It’s time for Congress to rein him in!

          29. jag57 says

            The illegal alien invasion is costing over $200 billion, annually; it wouldn’t cost that much to deport every one of them.

          30. Sandy/CA says

            We’re paying this bill and we weren’t even asked if we were willing to. Washington needs to be Totally transformed back to the laws our Founding Fathers set up for us. We’ve tragically lost our way and there’s nowhere to go but down and out if this continues!

          31. glorybe2 says

            OK Sandy! We’ll go back to the way things were when our nation began. We had zero immigration laws and all were welcomed to come here.
            So just maybe you need to study a bit before making such remarks.

          32. lin says

            Arabic road signs????

          33. Cranky Steven says

            Arabic road signs sound good to me if they have a pointed end and say, “This way to Mecca.”

          34. jag57 says

            Yes, even if by mistake. This 3rd world criminal enterprise is one of the last places I would enter.

          35. glorybe2 says

            In fact since 2008 the flow of immigration has been in reverse. More people have crossed the border going south than coming into the US. It is a false issue brought to you by a right wing that wants to keep you busy thinking about non issues.

          36. Sandy/CA says

            Why aren’t people getting that? It’s like the definition of “illegal” in this country has turned to “Legal”! Thank you for your service. You’re my hero!

          37. lin says

            Well said…

          38. KatRob says

            Great analysis of the problems facing this nation!

          39. Cranky Steven says

            Army, thanks for typing this all out so I didn’t have to. And thank you for your service from a USMC Viet Vet (A 1/7, Mt. Baldy) who respects all branches except MPs, lol.

          40. ArmyCombatVet says

            Thanks for your kind words brother and for your service. Semper Fi.

          41. Cranky Steven says

            Glad you made it home and left the bag there.

          42. ArmyCombatVet says

            Back at you brother, glad you made it!

          43. Cranky Steven says

            Thanks. I hope you stuff yourself with more than ham and lima-mfers on T-Day! On that day in the Namn they sent over full turkey dinners from Okinawa. Japan’s revenge! We all got diarhea. What a treat waiting to sit in those wooden outhouses for 45 minutes while squeezing back the turkey ooze like our butts were anacondas! lol, I can laugh about it now. Sort of.

          44. ArmyCombatVet says

            We were lucky, we got to choke down CRats, which weren’t always available and then all bets were off. It got pretty creative at times, if you know what I mean!

          45. Cranky Steven says

            We always had c and long rats. We lived high on the hog back in the old Corps.

          46. glorybe2 says

            It is common for people who miss a certain protein in their diet to have a reaction when they finally get that protein. Proteins in milk products are notorious for causing that reaction in Vietnam vets. It can take months of taking small amounts of milk or cheese to rebuild the bodies ability to deal with those proteins. You don’t want to be on an inner state hwy. stuck in traffic after eating that slice of cheese as things can go fro OK to the brown nasty in a split second. NYC banned eggs sunny side and eggs over lite as raw egg yolks can produce the same reaction. All those long subway lines and no public toilets were the exact reason those laws were passed.

          47. Cranky Steven says

            Thanks for the heads up, glorybe2! Happy T-Day to you!

          48. rmwayne says

            It’s easy to see that you’re either a Democrat or a neocon. What’s your real reason for wanting them here? Is it for left wing votes or for cheap labor?

          49. Sandy/CA says

            Americans are willing to welcome all Legal residents to this country. If you enter without respect to our laws, we don’ twant you because chances are you won’t obey our other laws either!

          50. Cranky Steven says

            david, so how exactly did America survive in all the years before illegals came slithering across? Did American cowboys earning a dollar a day somehow price themselves out of the market?
            When a minimum wage is enacted and followed, the people getting that for pay rarely throw up their hands in glee and start buying Corvettes.
            Plus are you saying we don’t have the right to a nation of laws and secure borders? Will you be saying that when Al-Queda snatches you and slices your head off?

          51. rich1103 says

            Haven’t the Republicans stabbed you in the back enough or are you waiting for them to twist the knife. Wake up before its to late, they bought the last election and they will spend billions on the next one.

          52. ESQ says

            Not true!

          53. hankthetank says

            RICH1103; are you crazy ???.

          54. Sandy/CA says

            OMG! Have you been paying attention to what Obama and his posse of Dems have done to this country? Our Freedom is hanging by a thread, rich.

          55. ESQ says

            Forget 2016! If you wait till 2016 it will be too late! There will be No America by 2016! The Time is NOW!

          56. watchman48 says

            I have very little hope that America will even exist in another twelve months.

          57. marla1 says

            You are right!! Americans are too stupid to see that! If OSLIMA we an American and white he would be dangling from a rope or have a bullet already and Americans have been so dumbed down or cowards they don’t see what is going to happen!!!

          58. Sandy/CA says

            They’re afraid of the word racist. I don’t think there is such a thing as racism. I think it’s Culture Clash. It’s the culture behind the race that’s the problem. Look at how Obama is running this country compared to the past Presidents. He has shown a bright light on how different cultures see things differently. We should learn from this.

          59. Michael Dennewitz says

            That sounds exactly like liberalistic BULLSHIT !!

          60. Cranky Steven says

            By democommie and hollyweird standards I am a racist. So what? I’m a racist then and proud of it.

          61. glorybe2 says

            In the mixing pot, which America claims to be, culture clashes are welcome as long as all involved stay within the law. It is beyond doubt that black and brown people have been mistreated in the US for the entire life span of our nation. Soon black and brown folks and some Asians added in will be the majority and the power will transfer to them. Pray that they are better people than whites have been in the past. What went around may come back to haunt us all.

          62. glorybe2 says

            Fear tactics are a sign of right wing dementia.

          63. Sammi De La Cruz says

            No do not vote for even one Democrat or Republican in 2016 instead vote for other parties. If enough of us vote for someone else of another party or no party at all that will help more then anything. But it means we all have to do everything we can to make it happen.

          64. jag57 says

            Unfortunately, a third party vote is a vote for democraps; I listened to a debate in St. Louis, and San Jose Costa Rica, in 1990, about the likelyhood of starting a 3rd Conservative Party that would get traction on the political scene. Ron Paul was one of the debaters and at that time he was doubtful; another debater, Howard Phillips launched the U.S. Taxpayer Party, which became the Constitution Party. I voted for Howard Phillips in 1992 because I had had enough of papa Bush, throwing my vote away. I have the VCR tape from the Costa Rica debate.

            I’m a Conservative Tea Party Republican, and believe we should use the primary for RINO hunting, to get more Tea Party Conservatives elected, in state and National races.

          65. Sandy/CA says

            They will be wasted votes because all the bought and paid for and illegal votes will outnumber the 3rd party ones. Payola runs this country! That’s what we need to change.

          66. jag57 says

            I will vote for a Democrat when Larry McDonald is reincarnated, in Missouri. He was a Rep. In Georgia, when he was killed by the Soviets, when they shot down KAL 007.

          67. Sandy/CA says

            I’m beginning to think both parties are on the same page and that is Not the page the people are on. They’re taking the country out of the control of the American people. A one world government is in the works and what you see in the rest of the world is going to be the way of our country as well. Wait and see. We’ll all be living just above the poverty line or under it by the time this is all over! The government will have control of All the money.

        2. 7papa7 says

          The day that obama signs the EO we need to email and call their office and bring down their servers and phone lines with a resounding DO NOT FUND.

          1. Jimmy King says

            How about this….why wait for Obama to sign the EO? Why not write to Boner and DEMAND that they put the bill that past the Senate up for a vote? Why not pass some legislation that the republicans can live with. THEY ARE THE LAWMAKERS But instead of making laws, they sit on their asses and do NOTHING Now Obama HAS to act. Why would you sit back and allow Obama to take EO? We send this shitbags to congress to write and pass laws. Its time for them to DO THEIR JOBS

          2. 7papa7 says

            The republicans have offered over 340 bills that reid refuses to bring up for votes because many he knows would pass. They have bipartisan approval in the house and because reid is obama’s boy he won’t bring them up. The repuplicans in the house are doing their job, the senate is failing miserably. Obama and reids definition of working together is do what we want.

        3. ESQ says

          We just did!

        4. Cranky Steven says

          DonMann, you said it loud and clear, just as we should to the rinos.

      2. ESQ says

        If they don’t do there job then there will be No future Elections !

        1. 7papa7 says

          I must disagree. They have not been doing their job for years. For example it the their job to submit a budget, their has not been a budget since obama took office 6 long years ago, they are responsible for national security yet our borders are wide open and the list goes on and on. So they aren’t doing their job but we still are having elections.

      3. Becky says

        Hey papa, if they DON’T stop him there won’t BE any more elections because this country will be dead.

        1. Sandy/CA says

          Or Islamic!

          1. Becky says

            Or mehican. One or the other.

      4. cumiadom says

        But Mitch McConnell needs to be replaced from the top position in the Senate as he’s too soft, tolerant and lenient with Obama’s lawlessness. We need a strong leader in his position. And Ted Cruz would be the perfect man to replace him.

        1. 7papa7 says

          Absolutely, Ted Cruz is a great choice as would be Mike Lee.

        2. Sandy/CA says

          We need a “Warrior” and I see that as being Rick Perry. He’s a gutsy Texan who Loves his country. I Hope he runs! Ted Cruz is too green at this point. Give him a few years.

          1. Jimmy King says

            I agree Rick Perry is great for 3 reasons . 1. he’s gutsy 2. he’s Texan and 3….”umm………whats that other thing…….ooops”

            Oh yeah, he’s a moron

    2. Grover Syck says

      We are already supporting them.
      If they were “legalized” they would come out of the shadow economy. They would start paying taxes, and they would be protected by the minimum wage laws. This wold make it more likely that the criminal employers would hire Americans.

      Reagan and Daddy Bush both used executive orders to “legalize millions of “illegals”. What is the difference with Obama doing the same, other than a bunch of screaming racist and bigots.

      1. Poorgovnworker says

        You answered your own question, what is wrong with it is that it gives more people reasons to come here illegally. If republicans want to get back in power they should think of the people first. If they stab us in the back I will vote for the third part and so should all real conservatives. They will sit up and take notice very soon.

        1. hankthetank says

          IF they don’t they will be out in 2016 or sooner,one way or another!!!

      2. Btty says

        It doesn’t work Grover. You seem to think breaking our laws to come to this country illegally is now going to make them law abiding citizens. They are now going to be good Americans and pay taxes. Your dreaming. Our childrens education level will suffer more than it already is because our government schools will drop the level of our smart kids learning abilities to compensate for the low intelligence of Hispanics who are way behind the learning curve. Then you forget about the huge number who join gangs and still others who are hardened criminals who end up in our prison system for all of us to take care of so they can have three meals a day, exercise equipment, TV, cable, dental and medical insurance all on the backs of we great Americans. Still there are others who never get a license to drive and end up killing innocent Americans with cars. Oh and lets not forget all the ones who claim 10, 15 and even 20 children if they do file taxes and they get the money from our honest IRS. Yeah, honest with tongue in check. I haven’t even mentioned the millions of others who will be spurred to flood across our borders to get what their brothren have. NO way in Hell should we allow the Republicans to stab us without knowing they will pay a very high price. This is total BS

        1. david says

          Immagration is about more than Hispanics!!!! I guess the majority of our country is suffering due to the Mexicans sneaking across the border and stealing our education, they must be terrorist also they control our gas prices and take over our motels and gas stations and grocery store’s, and how many Mexicans wear Islamic face wraps in our businesses?? Can anyone tell me how to identify a terrorist when we can’t spot a teenager using a fake id to get into a club or purchase alcohol? Where can we be educated help! Clusters being surrounded again and we are worried about the Alamo we are all dumb ass”s

          1. Btty says

            Speak for yourself when you call all of us dumb ass’ s

          2. Cartius says

            I agree with you re: terrorists crossing our borders. Do you not also consider what GANG MEMBERS do in the United States TERRORISM? I do. I don’t care what your skin type, nor nationality is. If you VIOLATE our laws, you are a CRIMINAL, and should be treated as such. If we properly defend our borders and send ILLEGALS from any country back to where they came from, we will be safer HERE.
            I am a service connected disabled veteran submariner. I served during the cold war. Our politicians took an OATH, the same one as I did, to uphold the Constitution, and defend it from both foreign and domestic threats. THEY HAVE RUN ROUGHSHOD over it. They violate it every day. It is my belief that 90-95% or more, of our current politicians are guilty of TREASON. I am a FORMER Republican. The party left me, years ago, when it became the Rino party. Go to the website of Hillsdale College, it is right here in Michigan, where I also live. There, you might learn the truth about what our Forefathers thought of bureaucracy, they despised it. It is written into the Constitution as FORBIDDEN. Only Congress shall pass laws, according to the Constitution. The political parties saw bureaucracy as a way of saying, “WE didn’t do that, you can’t blame US for it, the BUREAUCRACY did it. IE: EPA,BATF, etc. These entities are prohibited, yet we live with them every day, because CONGRESS WILL NOT DO ITS JOB!Hold their feet to the fire! The EPA, enacted by Republicans, is Judge, Jury, and Executioner. They write their own laws, enforce them, and punish you if you violate them. Is this right? Is this Just? The DHS, also is its own little fiefdom. They can also take YOUR money right out of your bank account, in the name of fighting the war on drugs. No trial, no appeals, unless you go through the Government, which will cost you more to get the money back, than the money they STOLE from you in the first place. Is this Right? Is this Just? What happened to the fourth amendment? Do you get my gist yet? Am I a dumb ass?
            I love my Country. I fear my Government. And rightly so. We are becoming a third world dictatorship, and everybody is holding hands and singing kum-by-a.

        2. rich1103 says

          Boy your comment has got all of it right on.

          1. Btty says

            Thank you rich. This is a very sore subject with me. I live in crazy ca and I see first hand what open borders does to a state.

          2. Sandy/CA says

            Me too!

        3. Sandy/CA says

          Insanity is the word, not to memtion self-inflicted suicide of a Nation!

      3. Judy says

        Better go do some research on that. Reagan nor Bush used executive orders to grant amnesty. They used a law that was already on the books. Obama cannot use executive orders to override the laws that already exist. Which is what he’s planning to do. It’s a High Crime and an impeachable offense.

        1. rich1103 says

          Judy are you brain dead and blind look around, look at your auto insurance bill and see how much you are paying for uninsured motorists.

          1. Judy says

            What does insurance have to do with amnesty or did I misread the story.

          2. rich1103 says

            What is the cause of your uninsured motorist portion of your auto insurance so high, to protect your stupid ass from coverage for you when an illegal with no driver license no insurance etc takes you out.

          3. Judy says

            Again, what does obama illegally going around the constitution and granting amnesty have to do with insurance.

          4. hankthetank says

            NO, you read the story right, Rich1103 is brain dead !!

        2. Beverly Miller says

          Want is worse keeping OBAMA or impeach him and have dopey Biden as President . Damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

          1. Judy says

            At least Biden is legal and I think he can be controlled.

          2. david says

            We are all racists, and we never learn from anything. We all just bitch belly ache and complain, we are no longer a country that believes in or trust in God, we look for our own ways and allow all walks and beliefs.
            We are truly lost!!!!! In any religion.

          3. hankthetank says

            If you have to ask that,,, then that is why we are where we are !!!

          4. Cartius says

            That is the same reason Clinton was not found guilty when he was impeached. It would have put Al Gore in the White House, and Bush running against an incumbent. Want to know what really chapped my butt about it? The day they let him go, was my 35th birthday, the day I became eligible for the Presidency. It did not matter that I as not running, just that it was a milestone day for me.

          5. Sandy/CA says

            Why do you think Biden was chosen? Just for that very reason, Impeachment insurance.

        3. david says

          What is impeachable offense and what penalty.does it carry? The Bill Clinton penalty? Wow! really? Let me ask this question please. if documented can everyone wear Islamic face mask an vails in our country and if so how can we stop thinking about 9/11 ?????????

          1. Judy says

            If you want to wear an Islamic face mask the by all means go for it. No one’s gonna stop you. I see them in Austin all the time. As for an impeachable offense a president that refuses to uphold the laws of the constitution or that circumvents the laws already in place can be impeached for high crimes. If impeached he can and should be charged with a crime and removed from office.

          2. rich1103 says

            Yes and if this is the case through Bush and Chaney in prison for murdering thousand of young Americans and starting two war without asking anybody or did they ask you??????????

          3. Judy says

            They had congressional approval just like the constitution says they are supposed to do. So if you want to arrest them you’ll have to arrest every single congressman that signed their approval including obama.

          4. hankthetank says

            They, won impeachment on Clinton, but didn’t want to throw him out for what he did! with Obama, they can do all three ! #1- Impeach #2 throw him out #3- try him for what he has done!!! I would go for all three & win !!!

          5. david says


      4. rich1103 says

        Boy you got that right Grover the Republicans will use every excuse in the world to stop it. We are already supporting illegals who in hell think pays when they get sick, and that is just on issue. Have a car wreck with one and guess who pays they don’t.

      5. hankthetank says

        YOU Idiot! NO one should be doing it!!! that is why we are here now, trying to stop everyone from doing it!! Stupid!!!

      6. Sandy/CA says

        They didn’t import so many that they put us out of our jobs and became a near majority race, making us take a back seat in our own country. There is a Big Difference here, Grover!

    3. ShawnNJ says

      Contact Mitch McConnell and tell him do what Americans want him to do and stop the Funding for Amnesty..If he gets enough letters he will defund it.

      1. Patriotic American says

        Mitch McConnell has no backbone

        1. Sandy/CA says

          They need to put an age ceiling on these old politicians. Senility doesn’t mix well with governing a country.

        2. Jimmy King says

          He’s too busy voting down laws that would stop the NSA from listening in on your phone calls

      2. Sandy/CA says


  4. ShawnNJ says

    I don’t care what anyones says. Unemployment is at an all time high. These Illagal immigrants are stealing jobs.

    There are laws on the books that no one in congress abides by. This is all about votes and no one can tell me any different.

    Why should we award law breakers? I don’t see any awarding going on to others who break our laws.

    The Establishment Republicans are weak.

    I have screamed from the roof top that we need to change our Leadership. Boehner and McConnell are the weakest Leaders we have ever had. They cave to every demand worried about themselves and not about all Americans.

    They worried and caved about shutting down the Government and we just won the Senate.

    I say defund all of Obama’s Czars, Home Land Security, IRS, EPA, OSHA, Dept of Education and any other program he has put in place.

    We need to rewrite the laws on all these departments and start fresh. They have all gotten out of hand and are used by politicians for their policies.

    1. Kent2012 says

      Shawn, the followers of his majesty are up in arms about your statement about unemployment…why just yesterday I had a clown troll in from the huffy puffy posty toasty and tell me that GWB single handedly caused the worst recession since the 1920s and when kenyan boyo took over he moved in miraculous ways and the messiah is still performing miracles…why the world is nearly perfect now that the parasites, the seiu pukes, and the pseudo intellectual coffee shop philosophers elected the african pretender and he has appointed all the gay, lesbian, communist, and rags to czarships and to run important agencies….you know like that $lut from Kansas that he put in charge of the health department….she was a supporter of diller the baby killer and he returned the favor…

  5. Tom Brooks says

    If the newly elected as well as the “old timers” want to get re-elected, they had better do their damnedest to prevent amnesty. Just deporting the illegals will improve the employment situation, as well as remove a terrible drain on the tax paying Americans. If they fail, vote ’em out.

  6. b glad says

    We the (Republican) people want to stop it. If the Republican leadership does not agree with the people, it will be at their own demise.

    1. michaelcain says

      NO it will be our demise .Because we are treading on thin ice right now.!!!

      1. b glad says

        Don’t underestimate “We the people”. I hope I am not overestimating their resolve.

  7. WiSe GuY says

    This Amnesty crap is another 0bama temper tantrum because the election didn’t go his way.

  8. Gustavo DiGiovanni says

    You’re damn right Republicans want to fight obama on amnesty. First, it’s illegal. Second it puts a tremendous economic strain on the US. Third it lets into the country diseased and subversive types who our government is too ignorant to screen.

  9. David says

    Even if congress stops funding , Biden had a meeting with the 2 Latin presidents and they have agreed to help fund the illegal transfer of their people to the United States if congress will not agree to this illegal Amnesty.

  10. johnny51 says

    This is so much B.S. ! If Boehner and, McConnel don’t stop this then we the people have to stop them ,plane and simple .

    1. michaelcain says

      And that will be by blunt force. they are hell bent on being a full fledgling of the U S .they do not understand that these United States belong the the American PEOPLE. not the gonerment. and the last word of any amenisty will only be by the people. We do understand what they are going through. as we were there in the beguining fighting the Natives fighting the Brittish fighting the French . fighting the uncharted lands living off the land .And now you want us to give it to you???get a life of your own earning. we could put our uneducated in the streets against you and they would win

  11. Grtgrandpa-Tom says

    South American countries are sending their people across our border like a PINATA EXPLOTED. They all want to be here when Queen Obama becomes their savior and lord. Send written messages or phone calls to you local congressional and Senate offices telling them why the Citizens of this country are against the Latin American takeover.

  12. Seldena says

    They cannot stop obama from doing amnesty because he is going to do it! They can do things that will make him wish he had not done amnesty! I would go straight to the SCOTUS and have them to tell OBAMA NO! You violated the law of the Constitution. Power of the purse, law suit is all the Republicans can do. get real people–OBAMA does not care any longer about being in the WH. He is going to everything he wants and jibe the Republicans until 2016 and try to make them the bad guys. he is acting like a spoiled child that got his candy taken away. He is angry and evil. He cares nothing for Americans and the Democrats do not either!!

  13. Chris Robinette says

    If they really wanted to stop Obama they would just impeach him and be over with it all. Biden is no problem as he will quickly end up impeached as well and Boehner will end up president.

  14. Bobby Crockett says

    We are fast approaching a crtical node in the decision-making process. This node has two possible courses of action that flow from it. One is to do nothing and allow amnesty to occur. The other is to fight amnesty totth-and-nail to the bitter end. This is the ‘conventional wisdom’ concerning courses of action among the political class in Washington, DC.

    There is a THIRD course of action. This hearkens back to our original founding document – The Declaration of Independence. The time to allow the travesty of tyrannical Government that ignores the will of the people is about over. Either the Government returns to listening to the people and enact such laws and policies that reflect the will of the people, or the time will come to ‘dissolve the political bands’ currently extant.

    The time is rapidly approaching when the Tree of Liberty shall be watered with the blood of both Patriots and Tyrants. Our political system has the design where the elected representatives are to enact the will of the electorate. Failing that, we have a system of tyrranical Government with an imperial President, corrupted legislature, and an oligarchy of unelected federal judges.

    In the stirring words of Patrick Henry:

    “…Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no
    peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will
    bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the
    field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they
    have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of
    chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may
    take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

  15. michaelcain says

    Remember the Alamo!!!!! and that can refer to the chicken hearted bums in office as well

    1. CalebJ says

      I think the Mexicans won that one, didn’t they?

  16. pysco says

    The Republicans maybe weren’t listening, 68% of the citizens want illegals deported, our immigrations laws enforced, and the borders sealed !!!! McConnell and Boehner better be listening, they can be replaced too

    1. Kent2012 says

      boner and mcdoogler have developed cranial rectitus and are unable to hear what the voters say, only those who contribute $10,000 or more….then they can hear very well…

  17. gmhunt4 says

    Some do, the GOP Leadership does NOT. Boehner, McCarthy, McConnell, McCain, Graham, ALL want amnesty for the illegals………. if the GOP in the House and Senate really wanted to STOP Obama, they would “block” the spending and “Impeach” him if he issue an executive order giving “illegals” legal status. They should write Obama a letter with all the signatures of the Representatives and Senators (GOP & Democrats) that would vote for Impeachment should he go ahead with his plan.

  18. michaelcain says

    These illegal pukes are already forming groups that intend on taking over America to be a part of Mexico . The muslims want America to, be their greatest feat of conquest. and our elected groupies are afraid of their positions . where will they be when it is either the Mexicans or the muslims. They will be the first to go

  19. Phillip Johnson says

    Republicans, had better do something to stop this Immigration, are go back to their offices and pack their bags. Because the people are sick and tired of these liberal republicans.

    1. Kent2012 says

      and the democrapos….can you imagine the mess if we elected senators all in the same year the way the house is rolled over??

  20. matt says

    the republicans will sell the americans down the river also/ they don’t care cheap labor is their concern

    1. jim marcum says

      that’s what it’s all about. degrade the remaining few of America’s middle class. soon doctors and lawyers will be the new middle class.

  21. Fran says

    We only see the top of the iceberg when it come to political wrangling…so sad that the voice of Americans
    become political gain…NO to illegal Immigration unless there is prior reform . Just remember who we get for Pres. if Obama is taken out of office…Biden???? who is worse then. Let us hear from the Republicans when they take office in January but before that America still must deal with Redi in the Senatate…and the Democratic lame duck Congress.

  22. William Matthes says

    Illegal-immigration is a crime, likewise aiding criminals is a crime. We have laws on the books now, those laws are not being enforced. Let’s try ACTUALLY ENFORCING OUR LAWS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS! If Republicans betray the voters trust and let Obama “play king” with his “royal-decrees” it will not bode well for them at all. They will join B.O. on the “list of traitors!”

  23. R Miller says

    Since the majority of voters are stupid and watch the main-stream media, the local news, “Palm Beach Post” printed one column on a back page about the Republicans destroying the ACA by nit picking, even a cartoon exaggerating picking on a “typo”. Never a word about Bengazi, or the lying that went on during and after, nothing about the IRS scandal, or the tens of other scandals. Conservatives can never overcome the rich who own these news outlets and control the public’s lack of knowledge, or twisted spin on events.

  24. David Mangum says

    Republicans were put in power, because the democrat’s would not listen to the will of the american people, they have to stop Obama, hard core impeachment, we don’t want these stinking illegal aliens,pedophile’s,drug cartel gang members, even their children are mugging a 93 year old man, they were raised wrong,they all got to go.NOT ONE STAYS.

  25. John Stratemeyer says

    Hold on a minute! “Tears” Boehner went to the White House to “beg for another chance?” What in the world is wrong with that fathead? For crying out loud, he is the Speaker of the House! His Party won the mid-term election based on their opposition to President Obozo’s liberal/socialist/Democrat (LSD) policies, including amnesty, and there was no need to count hanging chads to affirm the outcome! Anywhere! The President’s LSD policies were soundly rejected across the country. “Tears” doesn’t have to go to the White House, hat in hand, to “beg” Mr. Obozo for anything! As Mr. Obozo himself was once so fond of saying, “Elections have consequences.” Screw that stupid lawsuit. Stand with We, the People behind the U.S. Constitution! Refuse to fund amnesty! Refuse to confirm any of the President’s appointments! Damn it, “Tears,” have some intestinal fortitude for a change.
    And if the GOP is suddenly not in favor of opposing the President’s Executive Order on amnesty, the Stupid Party (as the late, great Washington Times columnist, Sam Francis, used to called them) had better get back on board, or they’ll be bounced on their fat butts back to minority status in ’16. We, the People aren’t playing games. The lack of leadership from this Administration is appalling. Like nothing we’ve ever seen in the history of the Republic. Amnesty is a question of law enforcement, jobs, and above all national security, not race, as the LSDs would have us believe. The GOP had better remind themselves that we voters didn’t vote for the GOP, but against President Obozo.

    1. jim marcum says

      Boehner is a phucking country club drunk. he could care less.

      1. John Stratemeyer says

        Maybe. I don’t know the man. What I do know is that I’m tired of his tears. I’m sick of hearing him challenge the President one minute, and then show an apparent readiness to compromise the next because of how his “challenge” will play in the media.

  26. OldHighlandGuyOne says

    There is no need to stop Obama and his executive order to legalize several million illegals. Since we cannot close the borders, why stop Obama? If we could, however, 100% close the borders, then perhaps we need to stop Obama.
    With the borders open as they are now, there will ALWAYS be illegals crossing from the south and our welfare rolls will continue to increase as well as crime.
    So, let’s close the borders, deport ALL illegals, cut the welfare rolls to ALL illegals before they are deported, empty our prisons of ALL illegals and deport them, get back to basics and the American way.
    In the mean time, Obama will have his illegal way and there is no reason to stop him at this time.

    By the way, if he does give amnesty to all these illegals, will they then become citizens and pay taxes?

  27. blackhawk132 says
  28. jim marcum says

    I have voiced this same opinion all along. The GOP could have done many things to stop the flood of illegals at the border but they chose to do nothing. The people who pay for the GOP’s campaigns wants the illegals here. Corporate America. The corporate fascists want the third world worker mentality. They can keep their production right here in the US and hire a new batch of slaves everyday. Obama has to be stopped on this. The borders have to be closed. No other options. The people may have to do these things themselves. The GOP won because of Obama and no other reason. I live in Kentucky. Do you honestly think we wanted Mitch McConnell back in DC? Mitch has no one to thank but Obama for getting him reelected. Now do you phucking job turtle man and stop Obama.

  29. TOM P O'DONNELL says


  30. Rich McKinney says

    This can not be about immigration. It has to be about selective enforcement of the law. If you accept that the executive branch is allowed to selectively enforce some laws and ignore others, you leave yourself open to some very bad things down the line. What if a future president wants to ignore, for example, killing of abortion clinic operators, or financial fraud by a campaign contributor?

    1. jim marcum says

      that’s exactly right.

  31. Durango 35 says

    Apparently talking or negotiating with the President about Immigration is futile there is no give.
    He, as a constitutional lawyer fully aware that his actions are unconstitutional and unlawful and outside of his authority He knowingly, and willingly creates a constitutional crisis.
    To instigate a law suits against the President will take for ever. Withholding funds is away, but with Reid still being in control of the Senate a total government shut down will result. So what can be done ?
    Shutting down part of the government or better defund the White House. The constitution says “We the People” not I the President”.
    Is the Congress and Senate so helpless and powerless that they can not find a way to reel in an egomaniac, out of control President? There has to be a way to check the President. Where are the constitutional and legal expert to give advice? Did anything similar ever happen in the past and how was it handled?
    Will a “write in campaign ” to Congress and the White House have any results?
    The lawless actions of the President concern both political parties, Democrats and Republicans this is a common cause.
    Democrats, you swore like the Republican when you took the oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution. Where is the Vice President, he swore the same oath, where lies his loyalty, to the constitution and separation of power or to the dictatorial President.
    Does Politic override the Law? If impeachment is the last resort, so be it.

    1. jim marcum says

      cut off funding for golf and vacations and he would resign.

  32. Laurence Almand says

    One of Obama’s favorite tricks is to circumvent the Constitution by “executive actions” – he wants to be a dictator, not a president.
    And yes, both the corporate-dominated Republicans and the Socialist Demorats want immigration to continue. Republicans want the cheap labor, Demos want the votes in return for their generous welfare handouts.
    The Government/Corporate Axis is destroying our country, while the voters let them get away with it.

  33. Judy says

    We the people need to come together and file a lawsuit against this lawless administration. That is the only way to stop it. Start sending letters and faxes to your politicians and let them know if the don’t start following the constitution that we the people will ban together and file a massive lawsuit against them.

    1. jim marcum says

      I guess it’s time to beat our plows into spears.

  34. David says

    STOP IMMIGRATION….get rid of BONER and his side kick…….

  35. loran says

    I do not trust them. Until we get more CONSERVATIVES seated to persuade the left over establishment types to stay in line, I cannot trust them. The other thing is that we must not get bogged down with the snipping of the liberals. Even when we get the economy going again, they will find words to confuse people. The libs will never be satisfied with anything we do.

  36. CalebJ says

    Of course the billionaire Romney wing of the GOP want easier immigration — more aliens=cheap labor = union-busting ammo = more workers — American as well as immigrant — working for less than living wage = more drain on govt (= taxpayer) funds to the working poor (food stamps, Medicaid). It ain’t rocket science! .

  37. infadelicious says

    they better d*mmm well want to stop obama’s amnesty, or it’s their azzzes out the door next time. Let em know we’re watching.

  38. Maggiemae says

    Yes, yes and h*!! yes. I am so sick of the continued rhetoric on amnesty. I so sick of the wasted tax dollars going to feed, house, clothe, school and treat medically the millions of illegals that are here, how…..ILLEGALLY! That gravy train has to pull out of that station and stop this insanity. There has to be some intelligent person or people that can come to a reasonable solution to this ‘presidents’ monumental mess he created. If the Republicans leave everything at status quo, I will be done with that party….done! The Democraps are responsible for the havoc and huge costs we’ve had to endure for the past 6 years. This is a chance to right this sinking ship, America, and the Republicans best not blow it!

    1. ShawnNJ says

      You as well as everyone else needs to contact Mitch McConnell and tell him to defund anything Obama wants to do with immigration as well as ObamaCare.

      The more letters he gets the more he will understand we need him to do it.

      I can’t be the only one writing him.

      1. Maggiemae says

        I will do exactly that, as well as sending letters to my Senators & Representative. I’ll also forward that info in an email for all my contacts and post it on my FB page.

      2. Maggiemae says

        Letters to McConnell and my Republican Senator & Representative as well went out in the mail today. Also sent info to all my friends and family to write. Now just have to post it on FB and hope others will pick up the ball and write.

        1. ShawnNJ says

          THANK YOU

          1. Maggiemae says

            You are welcome. I also have posted it on my FB page and included McConnell’s address so people wouldn’t have to look it up. I’ve also sent out emails with the same information and included my States Senators address as well. I’m not on FB with all the same people.

  39. talltreetrader says

    All Republican Congressmen that are serious about doing the will of “WE the People” will let their colleagues know that NONE of their Bills will get passed if Amnesty is passed in any form!!!

  40. e michael says

    The Republicans must stand up and stop Obama’s illegal immigration polices and have him follow our laws not just the ones he wants to. If the Democrats Party does not try to stop Obama I think their Party has a very dim future with the American voters. Adding these illegals will actually hurt Hispanics, Blacks along with the white middle class in the long run.

  41. bobmann101 says

    No one will stop amnesty. The only reason… VOTES! no other reason. They want to be able to say they were for amnesty. La Raza put a scare into the GOP. La Raza President and CEO Janet Murguia stated “If they continue on this trajectory, Republicans will have elected their last president for the foreseeable future. Latino voter priorities must be reflected in Republican policy priorities,” Murguia said on Wednesday. They come to the US with their demands, because they cannot demand anything in their country!
    There are always back door and behind closed door deals going on all the time!

  42. adrianvance says

    Some “Republicans” are not. We need to cleanse the party.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for ideas, facts and fun.

  43. Sue Breslin says

    The American People Sent A Clear Message To Washington And It Wasn’t: “Compromise With Barack Obama” Or “Work With Barack Obama To Get Stuff Done.” … The American People Sent You To Washington To Stop Barack Obama… PERIOD!

    1. Arizona Don says

      You are absolutely right Sue. The voters spoke so Republicans would work to get conservative principled bills passed not so they would work with obama to get more of his liberal progressive policies passed. Furthermore, he said he looked forward to working with Republicans. What? Now who thinks he has or will ever work with Republicans to get anything done? He will threaten, promise and do anything else he can to get destructive liberal progressive policies passed or just EO them. The only thing he hates worse the white people is Republicans!

  44. librtyship says

    Uncontrolled immigration at the very least going to make California a dangerous and unfit place to live in. Added expenses for one thing will bust our budget in Ca. and who knows how many diseases will become prevalent here? We are also going to give over a million illegal immigrants drivers licenses. Demolition derby anyone??? Crime rate will go way up!

  45. Stevon f. Nutt says

    sort out the Rino’s, try them along with the Democrats, try them all for treason and then execute all of them

  46. Arizona Don says

    In the first place those elected have not even been sworn in yet. So why stir up contempt right now. I personally do think they will make an effort to stop the illegal actions by obama and that is not just illegal EO’s. Whether or not they are successful will not necessarily depend on them but rather obama. Is this a left leaning site? This site is jumping to conclusions before they even have a chance to act.

    Furthermore, I’m getting tired of all this hoopla and trouble making. Give them a chance before making a debate about it. The folks who put obama into office for this second term are at fault here NOT Republicans and certainly NOT those elected who have not even taken office yet. Demanding something be done before it is possible is what is causing much of the divisive problems.

    Does no one understand obama is vindictive and will seek revenge for this last election. That may actually be what the immigration EO is, revenge. In his speech he acted and spoke as if liberals won the election and furthermore sees no fault of his own regarding the outcome (what’s new). I suspect he will prove just how vindictive he is many times in the next two years.

    When he told the president of Russia to pass along to Putin that in his second term he will have more flexibility he was really telling him in my second term I will not be restricted by laws and I will be uncontrollable and do whatever I want. We just did not interpret it correctly and some Americans (but not me) gave him that second term. So blame who ever voted for him in 12 not the conservatives just elected or even those Republicans who have been out of power by American voters choice.

    Liberal idiots voted and gave obama both houses of congress in 08. Two years later in 10 they took one back but that could not possibly stop obama. He has now screwed things up to the point it may take decades to repair it especially the ACA. Because of those liberal idiots and those ignorant Republicans who refused to vote we were/are stuck with a congress controlled by liberal progressive idiots until January. That’s all there is to it! Don’t jump to conclusions before the facts have proven out.

    We will never solve anything if we keep dividing this nation or allowing obama to divide it. Obama at this point has us at each others throat. That alone will destroy us. Why do we resist the pressure put on us by liberals who think they can force us to except them are reasonable and then think we can “force” them to comply with our thinking. These people have fallen for obama’s line of crap. Who thinks we can force them to come over to our side and way of thinking. Anyone? The only way we can ever hope to reconcile these differences is convince or show them obama is wrong. Currently obama is doing a rather good job of that himself. So why are we interfering or finding fault with our own side?

  47. ESQ says

    Boehner and the Republicans do NOT want to stop Obama Care! Folks the elections are over and the Republicans for some reason still are not listening ! The War is on people so lets not F it up ! Obama Care is unlawful and has to be Repealed in full Period ! If the Republicans are playing games when the new Congress goes into session this coming January then we must Recall ! This thing has to get nasty in order for America to be saved ! Keep your head down and your powder dry my friends!

  48. lil-echoes says

    All the people who have lost jobs should storm the White House demanding obama not give the illegals amnesty. They are without jobs now cuz of them

  49. onesilverfox says

    It is quite obviuos that Boehner and McConnell have been bought and paid for on this issue, just as all other Obama agenda issues. The congressional members of both the House and Senate need to dump these two in January. And in the November 2015 election support any one who opposes these two in the election. Even if you voted for a democrat, it would be the same as voting for these two. They are traitors.


    i hope the republicans are for real. and i hope they grow some balls. during barack osama’s first six years they didn’t do much more than whine and complain. only ted cruz was pro active against the manchurian candidate. everyone else was a bystander.

  51. rmwayne says

    It’s all about cheap labor with these neocon scumbags. The only politicians trustworthy are the Republicans backed by the Tea Party. Why do you think these beltway neocons hate us so much? They hate us as much as the Democrats do. They’ve been pushing for open borders since Bush Jr. was in office and probably before that. The Democrats want them here for left wing welfare votes. And white conservative Americans are being backstabbed by both of these parties.

  52. cjg says

    What a bunch of liers they know the queer illegal muslim obama is illegal anything he does is illegal all they have to do is arrest the illegal and remove all the illegal crap he has done. Do u keep illegals in your home?

  53. Becky says

    Our GOP is nothing of the sort anymore. Politicians like Boehner and McConnell are just blood sucking rabid pigs that really need KILLED. Hang their lousy, TRAITOROUS butts like they deserve. Exterminate them. Get RID OF THEM.

  54. bydand says

    MY nephew was murdered by a DRUNK ILLEGAL driving a BORROWED CAR with NO insurance who crossed the centerline, hitting him head on!
    The FILTH got ONE YEAR in the Kalifornia state pen!
    They may have deported him, BUT does anyone doubt he came back?????
    Oh forgot to mention the mexican suffered a bloody nose in the crash!

  55. Betty Hanner says

    if they dont stop obama then i think we should recall ever one of them you know you can recall the reps if they dont do what they said they would if they lied about it to just get relected so dont you think that what we should

  56. Pro Libertate! says

    Gruber is correct… Americans are stupid. They are stupid
    about economics, so they are stupid about the free enterprise system and thus
    they are stupid about health care in general and the Affordable Care Act, in

    What American even knows that the father of our entire
    economic monetary system in the U.S.
    was the brain child of English Fabian Socialist, Lord Maynard Keynes?

    What American knows, or even cares about, the differences
    between the Keynesian and the Chicago schools of
    economics and how the Austrian
    School stands in contrast
    to them both?

    What American has ever read anything by Ludwig von Mises,
    especially his book, Socialism, written in 1922, where he was Austria’s chief
    economist and almost single handedly brought inflation under control; or his
    book, Planned Chaos, written in 1947?

    What American has ever even heard of his student, Friedrich
    Hayek, the author of The Road to Serfdom published in 1944 who, a devoted
    Fabian Socialist reversed his course upon reading Mises’ Socialism and went on
    to win the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1974?

    What American has ever read Henry Hazlett, an American
    Journalist and the principal editorial writer on finance and economics for the
    New York Times from 1934 to 1946 and wrote Economics in One Lesson published in
    1946 and translated into ten languages?

    And what American has ever heard of Murray Rothbard who has
    played such a large role in the development of modern libertarianism and
    published Man, Economy and State in 1962?

    And what American is aware that Harvard Alumni created the
    Veritas Foundation and subsequently published a study in 1964 exposing the
    takeover of Harvard and making of it the American beachhead to infiltrate the
    United States Education system with the socialist economics of Lord Maynard

    And What American knows that out of this came the League for
    Industrial Democracy who spawned the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in
    the 1960’s and that the American educator, John Dewey was a member and
    facilitator of that group?

    And what American knows that in 1965. Richard C. Cornuelle,
    another Mises student, published Reclaiming the American Dream that the
    greatest element of American society, the independent non-profit sector had
    been usurped by government and lost its way but could still today effectively
    and successfully compete with all government in providing common services to
    the country’s needs?

    And what American has even heard of Jesus Huerta de Soto,
    the Professor of Political Economy at King Juan Carlos University in Madrid,
    Spain who wrote the watershed book, Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles
    revealing the history of fractional banking and the shattered lives and
    societies in its wake, or his other works on the effectiveness of the
    entrepreneurial spirit?

    And what American is even aware that Columbia University Law
    Professor Philip Hamburger wrote a book called, Is Administrative Law Unlawful?
    Who has made the case that executive law making is only a reincarnation of the
    absolute power of the monarch’s prerogative and the principle reason for
    Constitutions on both sides of the Atlantic?

    Yes, Gruber is correct. Americans are stupid. These
    resources are not new on the horizon. They have been there for anyone to learn
    from. No, Americans would rather have their children schooled by their
    socialist government indoctrination apparatus and blame all problems on
    capitalism and the free enterprise matrix; dull in their stupor and rant for
    greater government involvement. They do not know their own best self interest
    and are too stupid to even care, let alone change. God help us all.

  57. dominke says

    Both major parties want the immigration to pass. Just take a look at what has been done in last 20 years and what has been promised in 20 years. NOTHING> The house could of cut Obama funding for many of his illegal programs but did not. Elect me and I’ll promise the moon to you. Stupid and coward Americans.

  58. adrianvance says

    Some do and some do not. Those that do not should go.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for ideas, facts and fun.

  59. Dickey Cole says

    I tell you what, if they don’t stop it, I see recalls and elected Tea Party members!

  60. ConservativeSenior says

    If they allow the fraud to act like a dictator and do nothing, I think there will be the smell of cauldrons of boiling tar around the country. It’s treason.

  61. Rob Mason says

    Senator John Cornyn (RTx) supports the Dream Act. He has lied to Texas Voters over & over.

  62. Robert A Kaufman says


  63. gin says

    America should split into 2, those that embrace Democrat (the stupid and lazy party) and those that embrace Republican. Very soon the Democrat will be broke and they will be on their hands and knees to join the Republican.

  64. The Good Shepherd says

    The GD GOP HAD BETTER make ALL ATTEMPTS POSSIBLE to STOP The Donkey RAM Amnesty down our throats. John Bonehead, McConnell, Graham & McCain …again, HAD BETTER DO WHAT We The People EXPECT of them . NO F~CKING AMNESTY!! They ALSO had better start using the power of the purse to DEFUND The Donkey’s Executive Orders that go against EVERYTHING a sovereign country represents. Like Obamacare. The ENTIRE COUNTRY WILL BE WATCHING The GOP and those states that keep re-electing GOP HACKS as mentioned above. Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina, & Arizona WE The People ARE WATCHING YOU and YOU HAD ALSO BETTER GET your act together SHOULD THEY FOLD and SHRIVEL LIKE A LIMP PENIS WE HAVE COME TO KNOW THEM AS.
    The COWARDS THAT CALL THEMSELVES supposed “leaders” …..joke, cough .

  65. The Good Shepherd says

    Limp Dick Mitch McConnell TO THE RESCUE!!

  66. albertbryson says

    Well let face it the Republicans are a bunch of coward. They are not willing to stand up and confront the very evil President Obama. Well, I would like to know where we go next. It looks like the United States as we know it is dead and will be come extinct like the Dinosaurs.

  67. jag57 says

    This president has to decide whether he wants to act like a President, or like Hitler and Stalin.

  68. jjames60 says

    Regardless of what party is in there, they all talk big until they get elected and after that it is a lot of deception and lies. If the republicans do not do anything with OB, then they are just as bad and will sell the country in the same way. The excuse will be that they had no choice but to accept the executive authority that OB will pull. If they have control at the vault and do nothing they are will be telling you that they have to give OB some time to negotiate, or think about negotiating only to have OB sign the bills anyway.
    The USA was once a great nation, but not anymore because they voted to have history of the first black president put in office, only to see him attack the country he has sworn to uphold. If he was as tough with the muslim countries as he is with the States, just maybe things would change and ISIS would get defeated, but instead, he is defeating the country he swore he would protect.

  69. Francisco Machado says

    The immigration law argument seems based on the absence of immigration laws. In fact, we already have immigration laws which seem to be completely ignored. It would seem rational to enforce the laws we have as long as we have them and base changes on immigration laws on the results. Making laws seems an exercise in futility if they are neither observed nor enforced – their effect is like Gun Free Zone – if the people who abide by the law don’t have guns, they can’t enforce the rule – and if they do have guns, the rule is meaningless.

  70. Keith says

    Seriously. Write to them every week! Let them know we are watching their votes.

  71. Florio Vino says


  72. Barrustio says

    Stop him now or lose the faith of the voters who got you in this time

  73. John R. Turner says

    They had better. It is one of the reasons they now have the majority in both Houses.

  74. Paul Brown says

    If the republicans don’t stand up and take action on things this time, there will be no control of anything in this country ever again and hell will start in this country that will put this terrorist bastard in front of it all. There will be a war in THIS COUNTRY like they have never seen before, and God will be at the front of THAT.

  75. F S says

    It is time for John Boehner and Mitch McConnell to stand up for America and stop Obamas plan of allowing Illegals to take over our country.We must shut off our borders and make it almost impossible for more people to come across illegally.Those who are already here must pay a price to achieve legal citizenship.

  76. soldi says


  77. T. VOGT says

    TAKE AMERICA BACK !! Frankly I am sick and tired of the lying commander of of How to bring America to it’s knees, who is with Holder is taken race relations back 60 yrs, Lied in every speech he has ever made, hot mic or not..Why is it the ones walking away with Millions are all as crooked as he is.. Don’t forget the lawyer that hid his history and background has a seat on the highest court.. Nothing about his elections stands up under a microscope. Kills the idea of fossil fuels what does he think we can all just buy electric?? Does he have a clue as to how to get electricity on a sustainable means?? When did ever have to pay a bill for anything?? We are throwing food away because of he hoochiemama ho can’t cook herself but demands that everyone eat what she dictates..Frankly if he was the CEO of a company he’s be in jail already. He has aided and given aid to the enemies of our nation and decimated our Military, and pink slips whiile still out of country and in harms way?? The sicko HAS GO TO GO.. I liked my DR and my insurance now I can’t afford Insurance and medications and anything else I want to pay it’s one or the other.. and the plans suddenly cover nothing and the deductible is so out of bounds I can’t go to the hospital.. What he has done to decimate this country and continues to do is CRIMINAL.. And just because he is Black he gets a pass.. Talk about Racism.. He is more Racist then anyone..He hates America, Christians, Whites, and anyone that doesn’t kiss his ass.
    The day they make johnny french fry cook higher paid then a trained military member laying their lives down it has gone too far and the states that have voted it in are in no way deserving of having military protection. If they can’t keep their priorities straight they are too stupid to survive.
    The idiots that came to this country ILLEGALLY, need to be permanently barred from staying and becoming ANYTHING here.. ship em home on the train and or send a plane, then bill their countries for returning their refuge back.

  78. wapitihunter says

    Vote Bush in 2016? Bush is a Rino and he is for amnesty. He is also a one word order guy. We have had enough of Bush politics. We have had enough of an illegal president and his lawless actions. We don’t need immigration reform. We need to get illegals out of the US. They have already committed too many crimes and murders, they bring disease and drugs and the drug cartel with them.

  79. loran says

    Boehner and McConnell Listen To Me! Shut the government down if you have too. You have the support of the great majority of Americans in this endeavor. Do your jobs and turn this nation around or by golly we will find someone who are not wusses and will do the nations bidding. That’s a promise.

  80. watchman48 says

    I believe there needs to be laws passed that would go after all employers who hire illegals…. Any employer who has an illegal employee should receive a $500 fine for the first offense per employee…. Second offense for this employer should receive a $1000 fine per employee…. And with the third offense and every offense after for this employer should receive a $5000 fine per employee..
    Any individual or business found to be doing any business with a illegal employer should be fined $500 for the first offense… $1000 for the second offense and $5000 for the third offense and every offense there after….
    Any government employee found to be in violation or in any attempt to conceal any information to upholding this law would receive a fine of $5000 dollars and imprisonment for no less then five years..
    This I believe would put an end to our problem with immigration.

  81. papa doug says

    There’s something you all better get your minds around. Nothing will change in Washington unless we could make a wholesale change in Congress, like an 80% change in Senators and representatives.

    Understand that junior Senators and Congresspersons can get nothing done unless they play ball with the “good ol’ boys” club. That means vote how they are told for a few years then maybe they might get a little done as long as they support the status quo. It’s a shame but that’s how it’s done in Washington, what you want matters little if at all. As long as Congress can keep the big money people happy that’s all they are concerned with and that’s the sad truth of the matter.

  82. Jimmy King says

    Running the Country into the ground for the sake of grandstanding. The Senate passed a bipartisan bill 2x and Boner refused to put it to a vote in the House. Boner refuses to act on immigration because HE WANTS Obama to take Executive Action. You can have your voting record held against you if you never vote More DO NOTHING CONGRESS, only the names change

  83. marla1 says

    Old Mitch McConnell and Boehner are both RINO”S The election changed NOTHING!!! Old Mitch is too old to live the old snake and too mean to die!!Like I said time and time again we NEED Term Limits and that old political leech would not be in that position! The bonehead would not be in his!!

  84. David Mangum says

    40 million illegals, End welfare for illegals, no foodstamps,no healthcare,no housing, big fines for employers of illegals, children born from illegals should not get citizenship, WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL,DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND.

  85. Obie Miller says

    That is a big problem. The RINOS don’t want to stop amnesty, and the conservatives want it stopped. What the RINOS want is to get re-elected–at any cost, and to take care of big business, where most of their support comes from. They pay little or no attention to what the general public wants.

  86. Sandy/CA says

    We voted you Reps in and gave you the Power of the Purse, among others. Use them now or I’m thinking the majority of Americans are going to turn against Both parties. You think the voter turn out is bad now, just wait! Noone can get elected to office without the votes of the people. Don’t forget that!

  87. runnindeer says

    Look, immigration has been on the table for Republicans and Democrats for years. This isn’t a new topic. Obama wants to allow open borders and let every illegal be given amnesty. Republicans want a real bill. That is what John Boehner is saying. Obama has no intention of working WITH Republicans to get a real workable policy on immigration. There has to be some kind of reform . This is 2014. Not 1950. The last real changes to immigration other than some minor changes were done during the 1950’s. Republicans do not want amnesty for all of these illegals. Period! They also do want to close our borders and make them safer. Something that Obama has no intention of doing.

  88. Wayne says

    If these f—rs REALLy rather hold on to their jobs, rather than DO WHATS RIGHT, next election they should also go the way of the dems!!!

  89. Robert Trusty says

    you guys need to remember these Democrats and Republicans have been working together for 6 years now and nothing has changed and as you can see they’re putting on a good show and act like they’re fighting against each other.

  90. Shauna says

    Now is the test……waiting patiently to see what they do after this evening….

  91. KatRob says

    Two parties, same agenda. Don’t depend on the traitor republicans to stop amnesty. Public stoning is too good for all the traitors from both parties. Hope one of their loved ones becomes a victim of some criminal illegal alien.

  92. Cranky Steven says

    The rinos don’t. The Patriots and conservatives do.

  93. Robert Trusty says

    The only reason these guys talk about a law suit is so that look like they’re doing something but really all they;re doing is working together to get what they want and have been doing so for the last 6 years and the reason I say this is because they didn’t vet this man when he took office.

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