Doctors Not Getting Enough Money Out of Obamacare


Uh oh. You know something is awry when the nation’s leading liberal news outlets are starting to abandon ship. In the same week that the New York Times ran a feature exposing Obamacare as too complicated and expensive for many, NPR runs a story about doctors who can’t afford to accept Obamacare customers.

In the article, they talk to several Connecticut physicians who complain that Obamacare reimbursements are somewhere in the neighborhood of Medicare, a rate that simply won’t keep the doors open. This, of course, is not a new concern. Opponents of the law were hammering that same point back when the law was still in its infancy. Of course, doctors don’t make up enough of the populace to make them worthy of political pandering, and this is an administration that hates doctors anyway. The law went through. Now we’re starting to see its deleterious effects not just to businesses forced to comply with mandates…not just with customers who can’t figure out what’s going on…but with doctors who are going to turn patients away if they can’t get a livable wage out of the deal.

The dilemma is as simple as it is unsolvable: you must either raise premiums on customers or you must lower reimbursement rates for doctors. Do the first, and you risk having people drop coverage. That, of course, is exactly what the whole Affordable Care Act was intended to prevent. Do the second, and you’ll have millions of Americans covered by plans that won’t let them see a doctor. They may be covered in the case of an emergency, but Obama has stated many times that he wants people to stop going to the ER for every headache they get. If no doctors in their plan will let them make an appointment, though, that’s the only option they’ll have.

Florida, meanwhile, could be seeing double-digit premium hikes next year. Reported by the Miami Herald:

Floridians who buy health insurance on the individual market for next year will face an average increase of 13.2 percent in their monthly premiums, according to rate proposals unveiled Monday by the state’s Office of Insurance Regulation.

Of course, the answer on the left is that tax subsidies will make up the difference if premium rates have to be hiked around the country. The perfect solution! Doctors get paid more, patients pay less, and everyone’s happy. Unfortunately, there is a very good chance that those subsidies will prove to be illegal in most states. If that really is the end result for states relying on the federal exchange, we could be close to seeing the end of this healthcare nightmare.

That’s not the way NPR sees it, of course. They end their article with the following quip:

The experience of these doctors is a good reminder that the Affordable Care Act is more than a thought exercise in health care. It’s happening.

Oh, we know. The question is who – other than Democrat politicians – is really happy about it?


  1. chester kendra says

    BOO HOO For the poor doctors. We should all have their pay problems.

    1. markypolo says

      You have NO idea what it cost to run a Business. Do you know what a good Microscope costs? Of course you don’t. You are too busy smoking pot, watching “the View”, playing video games, collecting Food Stamps and Unemployment Insurance. Get a REAL job, maybe then you’ll know what it’s like to WORK for a Living.

      1. chester kendra says

        Dear marky Having been in bussiness before retiring I can tell you I do have more than a passing familiarity with the cost of doing bussiness.As to your attack on my character as opposed to dealing with the subject at hand, let me say I do not watch tv except the news, dont play stupid video games, am very informed and update daily on many thyings from many sources. Also I have a little money sved from hard work that I live on without food stamps or other assistance. Your assertion that I am a drug smoking loser just shows that you are a shill for the medical profession and a troll!

        1. bdaniel230 says

          Try this. A decent, not great, microscope costs better than $50,000 dollars. A centrifuge $2000. Medical equipment is far more expensive than the same equipment in non-medical use because it has to be able to be sterilized or at least made sanitary, daily. Because they are required to do so many tests they must invest in this equipment in order to have a private practice. Add in the write-offs they have to incur annually from the dishonorable patients that had no intention of paying before they incurred the debt to the doctor and the average cost of doing business in substantially greater than an average business investment.
          You might believe you are a wonderful human being. You actually may be, but you haven’t a clue what it takes to be an M.D. If you want to criticize a profession try the lawyers. That is the profession that has done more to drive up the cost of health care more than any other profession and there is nearly no investment a lawyer needs to make to chase an ambulance.

          1. atchafa says

            Probably Chester writes his dumb comments and doesn’t read the comments people write to him.

          2. markypolo says

            Very WELL said, bdaniel230.

        2. markypolo says

          Obviously, you don’t know what you are saying. When you NEED a good Doctor, perhaps you will understand. I have hired GOOD doctors, as well as Lawyers and Mechanics. I wouldn’t trade THEM for your dumb butt.

      2. Daphne deGuerre says

        Shouldn’t we be polite to each other here? We are discussing the issues. Why be rude and insulting to each other. Please!

        1. bdaniel230 says

          I am too damn old to worry about some whiners feelings. Get over it or get out of the way.

        2. markypolo says

          Yah. My bad. Too much coffee this morning.

      3. bpr1122 says

        I find it disappointing that you attacked Chester’s character and made a lot of negative assumption that are probably not true. I would suggest that you either make a cogent argument or not reply at all.

        BTW, I quickly read some of the comments defending MDs and they seem pretty strong. However, I think they are missing one point: MDs have the work ethic and intelligence to go into more lucrative field. If MDs start abandoning the medical field there will be a critical shortage of doctors.

        1. markypolo says

          Claiming MD’s are “The most Overpaid” in America is a “cogent argument”? (you should read your comment, I see nothing “cogent” there). BTW, Doctors CHOOSE their field NOT out of the money, most from Passion and desire to help others. You seem to share mr. chester’s ideas about MD’s. My advice to you both: when you need one, try calling a Plumber or a Lawyer, this will get you the “rooting” you deserve. I really just love Liberal Hypocrites. I know a moron when I see one. I judge by the words from their mouth. Save your “disappointment” for for someone whom gives a crap. I don’t.

          1. bpr1122 says

            Implicit in my statement that “MDs have the work ethic and intelligence to go into more lucrative field” is that there are other reasons for MDs to chose their field rather than money. It seems to me that you missed that obvious conclusion. Also many MDs have stated that they can go into more lucrative fields and will do so if they cannot make enough money to justify working as a doctor.

            Who made the claim that MDs are the most overpaid in America? Do you think it was I, or do you think it was Chester?

            I really do not care about Liberals, but I do care when people claim to be conservative and make conservatives look stupid. I should be obvious that is what you did.

            My brother-in-law is a neurosurgeon, my niece is in pre-med, my daughter was planning to go to medical school, but because of the implications of Obama care she plans to be a physician assistant. Additionally, many of my friends are MDs.

            A person with average intelligence should be able to figure out that I am pro-MDs. Obviously, you were not capable of doing that.

            You wrote, “I know a moron when I see one.” Ostensively, you do not because you do not view yourself as a moron.

          2. markypolo says

            Sir, you used the word “cogent” in your reply to me in regards MY reply to mr. chester. Mr. Chester implied Doctors are “overpaid”. FYI, there are very few people on this Planet that can Think, Read or Write “cogently”. For the most part I am Not going to spend 3 days researching a topic to prove a point to a bunch of morons. Stupid people will always be stupid. Do not confuse this statement as an attack on your character. If you recall, YOU commented on MY reply to mr. chester. If I misunderstood what you were attempting to say, my apologies. Perhaps you could have been more “cogent”. As far as me being a moron? I can build a home from the ground up, Repair any automobile, computer and appliance. So yes, I could be a moron. But, I am NOT a Democrat.

          3. bpr1122 says

            Yes, Chester did imply that MDs are overpaid. (People often ask me if I am a doctor to which I reply in the affirmative, but I clarify that I have a PhD in physics and not an MD. Hence, I tend to use the word “MD” instead of “doctor.” FYI, in the US the quotation mark goes after the period. One explanation for this seemingly illogical rule has to do with typesetting. )

            I also built my house from the ground up. I either repair or replace my appliances and fix my own computers–it is much faster than having someone else do. Other than rebuilding my carburetor when I was very young, I have not done any automotive repairs.

            When I reply to liberals, most of whom I despise, it is not to try to change their mind, rather it is intended to inform open-minded, non-conservatives who might be reading the comments. When I go to the gym I often explain to young people why conservatism is much better for people than liberalism. This is my way of trying to combat what the Democrats are doing.

            Yes, due to laziness I tend not to be as detailed in my explanations as I should be.

            Reading my last comment that you replied to, I noticed a bunch of typos. Please excuse those typos and any typos that are in this reply.

            Have a great weekend.

          4. markypolo says

            Thanks. Now I am starting to like you.

          5. bpr1122 says

            Your welcome.

            BTW, you might enjoy my exchange with a delusional liberal who thinks she is intelligent. I think the exchange is funny and shows how pathetic these arrogant liberals are.

            As bpr1122 I start the conversation with

            You guys are unbelievable. The argument is not whether the attack was
            planned or a spontaneous response to a video–that has been settled long
            ago–the argument is about when the administration knew it was a
            terrorist attack and not the response to a video.

            My last response is out of order.

            My next to last response is

            I did not see this comment earlier.

            It is ironic that in the same sentence that you criticize my writing you make an obvious grammatical error: You use a hyphen instead of an em dash, or a double hyphen, which represents an em dash if you do not have access to that character.

            Then she comments
            and then I comment.
            Skip over this part until the end

            That is, when you see ” I did not see this comment earlier.”

            go to Victoria saying One last thing……I Googled “Bill Whittle” and found out that he’s a conservative blogger. Why would I believe a word that man says?

            follow that to Fill2 comments

            Then back track to I did not see this comment earlier.

            I think you will enjoy my last comment, which starts with

            Poor, poor Victoria,

          6. markypolo says

            Love It! Thanks. Keep up “The Fight”. We seem to be greatly outnumbered by the moron masses.

          7. bpr1122 says

            I thought you might like it.

            If you want to keep in touch, send an e-mail to
            and I will send you my real e-mail address

    2. chamuiel says

      Do you know how much just the malpractice insurance runs a doctor per year?
      you are being silly. You have no idea how expensive it is to be a Doctor. That is why many Doctors own secondary companies selling medical supplies.

      I am not a Doctor, but I cannot believe the naivety of people like you.

      Have you even checked into how much a Medical education costs?

      You should be thanking your lucky stars that people are willing to pay the big bucks, and to go into debt. to become a Doctor, just so they can take care of dolts like you.

      1. Adeline Smith says

        Did not Bush stop the malpractice suits so the Dr.’s needn’t worry as much.You can’t sue them.Like most Health Care Facilities I worked in have you sign a paper to the effect that you can’t strike against them or join a Union.That is for there benefit not yours!

        1. markypolo says

          No Adeline, Bush didn’t stop “malpractice” suits. If he did, why then would Doctors need “malpractice” insurance? Despite what you believe, Republicans didn’t cause ALL of Americas problems. You should really look into the Policies of Democrats. Here are a few to get you started: DACA, FATCA, ACA, Dodd-Frank Wall street Reform, Consumer Protection Act, Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. Need I go on? Back to the business of malpractice. It is very difficult to prove malpractice. Why? Because according to the Law, you have to show that the Doctor was MORE incompetent than His/Her peers. There are BAD doctors. Most though, are GOOD honest hard working Americans.

        2. patsy1715 says

          Adeline go get a cup of Chamomile and cool off or you may need a dr that doesn’t take your insurance.

      2. patsy1715 says

        I had an OB/GYN and he dropped his OB practice because of the malpractice cost. Too many c section are being performed for this same reason.

    3. itsfun says

      The next time you get sick, go to someone practicing voodoo to cure you.

      1. Adeline Smith says

        You took a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm is that just pertaining to health or the money ,both go hand and hand.If people haven’t the money there not able to get health care.I was a widow with three lil ones under 3 years of age when my husband died from a tractor accident.With 50 dollars above welfare level could not get state help was turned away.So maybe people should be in that predicament to understand what its like in the real world.I went to Nursing School to be able to supply my children with health care and missed many hours away from them not being there for them so little.They said to me rather would have had mom at home.So people have difficult choices and would have been nice to had some health care available to me!

        1. bdaniel230 says

          So tell me, how much should a doctor make? How does he pay for the million dollar education he receives and must pay for? Is it the doctors fault someone that is too lazy to get an education gets sick? Is it the doctors responsibility to care for everyone for free and not have a decent life which he has worked harder than any other profession to achieve? No Nurse, not even a nurse anesthesiologist has to go to school for 8 to 12 years and serve an internship and residency to work. Nursing is a great profession but they are NOT doctors. There are some shitty doctors and there are as many shitty nurses so lets stick to just the cost of gaining the parchments shall we? Is an LPN equal to a Registered Nurse? Is an EMT equal to a Nurse? Does a nurse have the ultimate responsibility for every medication the patient receives or the doctor?
          I have worked my way through school doing work in a hospital. I have helped nurses and doctors going through school and I understand that a nurse is a necessary person in the patient care but not to the extent a doctor is.

          1. Jeanne Stotler says

            I was widowed as well, with small children, I worked hard and a lot of double sifts, BUT I was a Nurse, not a doctor, we make decisions in our lives, and we should not belittle anyone for choosing to go into a profession that saves lives of others, it’s not easy for either a Nurse or a Doctor to loose a patient, but we learn to live with it

        2. itsfun says

          I didn’t take any oath. I am not a doctor. Just made a tongue in cheek comment about complaining about how much money a doctor makes. They have huge expenses to run a office.

    4. William Merrell says

      Ya, maybe you should take on their education and their bills that go along with it before you open your mouth. Your probably one of the ones that benefit from this clown in office. Know nothing, do nothing but keep your hand out expecting others to take care of you. Maybe, the doctor you go see will be one trained in some third world shithole….you deserve it.

    5. Carrie Barton says

      Yeah! Did you know that doctors have to pay for their own insurance plus malpractice insurance. My friend who is a doctor out here in Ca. is was only getting 25.00 for a ca. coverage patient. Now add into that having to pay for the receptionist , medical asst & the account that all have to do with taking care of this patient. That adds up to 56.00 not including the doctors price or the rent, electricity, water. Those poor doctors. They have bills to. The Doctor that you are thinking that make a lot of money are the ones you will not be able to see, the specialty doctors.
      I wonder if you are willing to work for free.

      1. Adeline Smith says

        You must be married to one,Don’t be silly they make three times what there Nurses make and put most of there work on them.Please if that is what your complaining about wait till they have there office visits at 200. Some already at 150. and Insurance pays 1/3 to 80% then you pay the co-pay plus the difference.Heck no that would put a person in the poor house.I have worked beside them of course they don’t want regulations on how there to be paid.If you had a choice wouldn’t you like to say what your worth!They have there homes remodeled and buy new ones and new cars for themselves and there kids to go to college etc.I have been in there homes and believe me ,no one is wanting!Be careful what you wish for,you might just get it.Most don’t care about listening to your problem to fix.There objective is to get you in and out in minutes 15 to be exact.There paid by the head! I’ve worked in Hospital’s and Clinic’s,I know the routine !

        1. bdaniel230 says

          What an idiotic statement. Getting paid three times what a nurse makes is close to the most stupid think I have read recently. Even if it were true, and in most cases it isn’t, the doctor in private practice pays for the office and staff, all the equipment, guarantees payment for mandatory tests of a patient, unemployment and all of the fees and taxes that go into employment. Plus he has to pay for malpractice insurance, umbrella coverage for frivolous litigation by unscrupulous lay-abouts AND any student loans he may have incurred during his four to twelve years of added graduate school to become a physician.
          It is obvious you have never had to make a payroll or operate a business with more than one person.
          Since the Federal Government started dictating to the medical profession our medical costs have risen incrementally. And who is making the medical profession so unpopular? Lawyers. Torte Reform is the most important part of reducing the medical costs and ALL of the socialist countries that have gone to government controlled medicine have also instituted torte reform but who has blocked it every time? The National Trial Lawyers Association of which Bill and Hillary are members even though they never litigated in a court room. Many of the Democrat politicians have come from the NTLA and defend it to the N-th degree.
          Friggin Obamunists make stupid statements about people who have devoted their careers to helping others and decries them for wanting to achieve financial security. Why shouldn’t a doctor become rich? Do you have even the smallest inkling of what a doctor has to do to just get through school? Let alone through internship, residency and the Medical Board Exams so that he can begin to pay for his schooling?
          I have an uncle that was a doctor for many years. Went to one of the finest schools of medicine on a scholarship and he still had millions of dollars of debt to pay off when he was in his late 30’s. Just so he could put the stupid and lazy back together when they had accidents because of their carelessness. He finally became wealthy before he died and you think he doesn’t deserve it? When was the last time a McDonalds server put a construction worker back together after falling off a damn, and did so successfully the guy worked for many years after that with little pain or impairment? No, get a clue and find out what the hell you are talking about before you spew your vile garbage about doctors. If anyone should be hanged for the rising medical costs it is the socialist lawyers posing as politicians.

          1. Annette says

            Some of these people have no idea what it takes to become a Doctor! I have son who is Dr. and believe me he has worked hard for it. Will be 41 in January and just went in with 2 other Dr’s last June. Is board certified in ALL phases of Pathology,physical medicine,surgery and cancer research etc. No openings in Pathology led to study in Physical Med, His patients are getting several Dr’s in one and believe me he is not making the money for it. All the paper work is unbelievable seven days a week of it. And he still cares about his patients and spends as much time with them as they require. Wish there were more like him!!

          2. bdaniel230 says

            Well congratulate him for me. As you know it takes great perseverance and internal fortitude to finish medical school. To complete it in more than one field is fabulous. At just a kid at 40. Maybe if he charges what the lawyers charge him he can get his loans and equipment paid for by the time he retires.
            Most of these cry baby socialists do not understand just how difficult it is to be a physician. Buy your son a beer for me and put it on my tab, better yet, send the bill to HHS as preventative medication.

          3. Jeanne Stotler says

            You are right on, you forgot Ins. co.’s are partially to blame as well, it was standard practice, you went to a MD for normal, or routine care, you paid out of pocket, therefore a single practice MD could have a Nurse and maybe a receptionist, Insurance covered “Hospital care, x-ray’s and emergencies, then Insurance co.’s offered this magic pay for all, ad now if you stub your toe, sneeze, well run to the doctor and expect a Rx for a quick cure. I am a Nurse, ret. and have seen the change, Doctor’s overhead has increased , price of education from Pre-med through training in a specialty, mal-practice Ins., cost of office equipment, all has gone up drastically.

          4. patsy1715 says

            Don’t forget the lawyers that bring frivolous law suits.

          5. lha says

            I agree with you! even more troublesome is billing for services,only to have the bill denied due to “diagnosis” problems. Drs sometimes have to wait months for payment.

        2. Carrie Barton says

          Adeline, you know a lot about nothing. You must have been fired by a doctor for being incompetent. It does not work that way and you know it!First of all nurses have a union Doctors don’t. Nurses are able to get insurance through a group plan , Doctors don’t. I make more money then a Doctor and I didn’t go to school like they did. I am a young widow with three children, 27 24 & 18. You see I have not been on a vacation for about 7 yrs & it was at Disney land.

          You need to learn how to budget your money because if you really wanted to you can remodel your house to.

          Affordable Care Act has temporarily increased the program’s payments to doctors, matching Medicare’s higher rates through 2014. But the boost doesn’t apply to specialists such as cardiologists and oncologists. “What they pay doesn’t even come close to covering expenses,” says Pat Howery, the administrator at Colorado West Otolaryngologists, an ear, nose, and throat clinic in Grand Junction. For a basic office visit, Howery says, UnitedHealth Group (UNH) pays $119 and Medicare $73; Medicaid comes in at $52. “You can’t make this up in volume,” he says. In January the clinic began limiting each doctor to two Medicaid appointments a day.

      2. patsy1715 says

        Your reasons are exactly why the older doctors are getting out and lots are going to no income states to try and balance out. Soon you will see 24 hour urgent care, about 1/8 of what an emergency room visit cost. If I were to go to the the ER and wasn’t admitted, I have to pay a $70 copay. I even went to the ER for possible heart attack and was shipped off to a heart hospital for surgery, and yep I had to pay the copay because I wasn’t admitted to the first hospital. Medicaid and such don’t pay a copay that I know of. Some folks have no skin in the game to take responsibility for their health care.

        1. Carrie Barton says

          I always thought how sad to be an adult and have to rely on other people to provide for your you. I understand that people need help now and then but to make a career out of it is not right. The elderly do need our help and I have no problem with it.

          1. patsy1715 says

            I wasn’t speaking of the elderly and those truly in need. I speak of those who don’t go to a clinic during the day for themselves or their child, but wait till the problem gets worse, then it is off to the ER. When asked when their ailment started they may say two days ago or more. We must all be proactive with our health care. When folks have to pay something out of their own pocket they think twice how to care for themselves.

      3. Kent2012 says

        chester needs to have a medical problem that goes well beyond cruising Wal Mart for some good OTC fixer uppers….

        1. Carrie Barton says

          Chester probably is reeping the benefits and grew up not knowing how to take care of himself. Somebody is still changing his diapers.

    6. John Mauldin says

      You are an idiot and don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t see how my doctor can justify the years of education and capital outlay for offices and overhead with the small amount they are reimbursed from insurance companies. This is true in all but specialties and then the cost of malpractice and the contingent liabilities is huge. Do your homework before expressing your ignorance.

    7. joe haire says

      right!! they can become like the doctors in cuba. Wealthy cubans come to the USA for their health care. right, commrade??

    8. bdaniel230 says

      If you had gone to school as long you should be worth what a doctor is. Sadly you are simply jealous of people that are successful. Try being jealous of a lawyer. They don’t have nearly as much investment in their careers, even when they go to the most prestigious schools in the country. They don’t have to re-qualify for their license to practice law. They don’t have to put out much at all to chase an ambulance that has a patient being rushed to a doctor that is overworked in a hospital run by accountants and lawyers that will have to do EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER to save the life of that patient. And IF the doctor makes even the tiniest mistake, which because he is a doctor he cannot make or he is decried as a charlatan, the lawyer who has less education and knows little about medical care, will have him defending his license and trying to take millions from him as fast as possible.
      Socialists. I am sick of the whining lazy bastards.

    9. Kent2012 says

      will not happen, a very large number of people will not work hard and long to learn a trade/profession then start a small business with all of its problems….they would rather stay on welfare…generation after generation sucking on the taxpayer’s hind ti_…..

  2. Michael Soule says

    Chester, you are a real smart ass, wait until you run to the Dr,s office with your health insurance in hand and they send you out the door. BOO HOO.

    1. Adeline Smith says

      I know ,but just as the Soc.Sec. system took awhile to get right so hopefully this can be fixed to.Don’t let the Doctors fool you about poor pay from Medicare most charge Medicare above what they delivered,so there getting the money.I see a Dr. once a year and wouldn’t go then if the Insurance Co. wouldn’t make me go.Nothing changes,have the same old problem and they don’t change meds or look to see if there could be another reason.So why bother at all!

      1. bdaniel230 says

        Until torte reform is passed being a physician is a no win profession. Being jealous of a doctor’s income doesn’t give you the right to dictate his earnings. If that were the case let’s start with lawyers. They only go to school for 6 to 8 years. No internship or residency to pass the Bar exams. They don’t have to re-qualify regularly. Let’s start capping the lawyers salaries first shall we?

        1. Mark Clemens says

          There is no insurance for attorneys, like there is for medical care. Also a heart surgeon makes $500,000 in 4 hours. If we drop all medical insurance and go back to single payer system (like we do w/lawyers) the FREE MEDICAL MARKET would determine the doctors rates. Since the 1970 medical insurance has ARTIFICIALLY INFLATED the price of medical services.

          1. bdaniel230 says

            The medical insurance IS the money that the lawyers count on. Single payer like France? I would rather have this Obamunism than French Communism. And the insurance rates started logarithmically climbing in 65 when we got Medicare. My employer had to drop insurance for the minimum wage workers, which I was one of at the age of 15, because the insurance rate doubled. If you want socialism go to Europe, so successful there you would love it.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            What about the criminal defense lawyer? There is no insurance for them. Whats wrong with people paying out of their own pockets. Oh yea most of US dont carry $500,000 on our hip. Well isn’t insurance like a minimum wage for a doctor? Why you so rude? Its just a suggestion. If other people’s opinions hurt your ears, maybe you should move to China, Cuba,or Russia. Over there I hear they are more politically correct, or they jail you for speaking your mind.

          3. bdaniel230 says

            Single payer system? That is what they have in Cuba, Russia and China mi amigo. I want the America I know best, the America that encourages achievement and fortitude. Criminal Defense Lawyers get paid, more often than not, by the State and they get a hansom fee for doing it, even when they lose. How much can a doctor expect if he makes a mistake and the patient is in a perpetual coma?
            You are the one that brought up socialism not me. And if I am being rude you should go somewhere that you don’t want your feelings hurt.

          4. tenderfoot says

            You guys are both on the same page. Read your messages more carefully and play nice, please!

          5. Mark Clemens says

            Unless a defendant is acquitted the state does not pay a private defense attorney.
            Not everyone gets paid through insurance. How is paying your own bills out of your own pocket constitutes socialism? Now being dependent on a third party to pay a bill is more socialist. Medical Insurance has ARTIFICIALLY INFLATED the price of medical services over the past 40yrs. What other profession in USA depends on a third party to pay its fees? Health Care Insurance started out as a PERK for working for a successful business, not a God given right to the patient, or the doctor. Then the doctors started OVERCHARGING people that had insurance. You must be a doctor whos been raping the insurance companies, and now realize the party is about over, or you have a sugar daddy whos a doctor. If anybody is promoting socialism, its you. Wanting people to be dependent upon a third party to pay their bills. Why dont you pay your doctor out of your own pocket?
            My guess would same reason as me….
            The doctor charges more than I can personally afford.

          6. al sowins says

            States appoint and pay private attorneys when the public defenders are overloaded. Only about 2-3% of cases go to trial. The rest are pled out.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            You don’t even know what your talking about. In Cuba, Russia, China the government pays for medical services. Wait until ObamaCare starts setting the fees doctors can charge, and what services thay can give to specific ailments. We would be better off paying for treatments we need, out of our own pockets, than wait on a governments red tape for a government approved treatment. As long as it takes a government to do anything, we’ll all be dead before the first claim is dealt with……..

          8. Gary Moeller says

            Take a look at how much docs pay for malpractice insurance alone, then you’ll change your tune!

          9. Mark Clemens says

            No sympathy here, I use to do explosive work. In Tennessee you MUST have $1,000,000 liability insurance (per occurrence) to be able to purchase explosives. Thats $30,000 a year if you don’t have a claim. If a developer runs into rock they have to hire a explosives contractor, and pay for the extra work out of their OWN POCKET. There is no such thing as ROCK INSURANCE. Explosive work can run into MILLIONS of dollars. Like I said, no other industry has a THIRD PARTY to pay their fees. By the way, how much is a years worth of Malpractice Insurance?

          10. al sowins says

            You made up that 500Gs after a couple of hits on what?

          11. Mark Clemens says

            My cousin had quadruple bypass surgery last year. Her total bill was $875,650 some odd dollars. $500,200 some odd dollars went to the Heart Doctor for 4 1/2 hours of surgery. Why do you dout me?

      2. al sowins says

        Most doctors defraud Medicare? How could you possibly know that? You checked the books of most doctors?

        1. Mark Clemens says

          A doctor Turk here in Nashville, actually made house calls to the projects for years. Several news stories were done on him. When George Jones wrecked his car, Dr. Turk bought the scrapped car. Displayed it as a DUI reminder.
          Well since his patients were on TENCARE the state audited his books. He was arrested and charged with TenCare fraud. He billed the state so much, the auditors office said it was impossible to see the amount of patients he would bill them for a day. I think it was over 300 people per day……

          1. al sowins says

            Some doctors are crooks. So stipulated.

  3. rich278 says

    Congress cuts food stamps for the poor and hungry, and doctors aren’t getting paid enough. We need to vote the Republicans of Congress and replace them with Democrats. That’s what saved California and Minnesota.

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      DEMOCRATS are a ‘solution’ to America’s problems like rat poison is a solution to hunger!!!
      ~ Get a life!!!

    2. says


      1. markypolo says

        Stupid people are easily offended.

        1. says

          I must have been half asleep when I said BS at the comment or that wasn’t the comment I was referring too.

          1. markypolo says

            A couple cups of Coffee might Help.

    3. Harvey Melton says

      democrats are another form of cancer.

    4. atchafa says

      People on food stamps and welfare that are healthy should be sent to a third world country and razoo for the food they drop out of airplanes Oh and the ones that pay no taxes go with them.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I think if your healthy and on public assistance, you should be required to do some kind of public service. After all we the people are buying your food, medical expenses, and housing. Maybe we should take the FREE out of the free ride.

    5. KayO says

      The inflation we face right now is a result of Obama’s antics. With all due respect, too many people are taking advantage of the food stamps and other welfare programs. They don’t want to work or take responsibility for themselves. If the liars and cheaters would get off the dole, then there would be plenty to feed the truly poor. Take your complaint to those people-not the republicans.

      1. markypolo says

        Democrats are NOT worthy of respect. They are too ignorant to understand anything.

    6. Michael Soule says

      Oh, really!!

    7. markypolo says

      Keep smoking that pot. Makes you real stupid.

    8. guest233 says

      Oh my goodness rich! Are you aware that the DEMOCRATS have been the majority and have made the mess we are in. Don’t you know what party it was that passed the healthcare bill and the party that opposed it? The democrats passed this atrocity of obamacare. The repub’s opposed it! You are listening to the deceptions and lies of MSM. The democrats have supported Obama’s dismantling and destruction of America and it’s ppl.

      1. bdaniel230 says

        The Richest people in Congress are Democrats. If they went in poor they have massed fortunes from campaign donations that they spend like water. They call them Leadership PACS and they all have them, it was a Democrat legislation that passed with bipartisan support.

    9. bdaniel230 says

      I say “IF YOU CAN’T WORK YOU DON’T EAT!” Obama’s idol said that in 39, I believe Stalin said it in 39 at least.
      California is so successful it is how many billions in debt? Minnesota is how many billions in debt? Seems like just last month NBC or CBS was reporting that California was near bankrupt because of the pension mandates they had committed to when Moonbeam was Governor last time. Minnesota will be bankrupt pretty soon if they don’t get off the Hubert H. Humphrey model of government, Spend it like there is no tomorrow then tax the shit out of the people until they are as broke as the government.

  4. supergun says

    No one really talks about the hell that the American Businesses are faced with nobama care. It is a nightmare.

    1. Daphne deGuerre says

      Intentional Chaos.

      1. bdaniel230 says

        Look at the blame being heaped on the doctors! And the socialists with their “One Payer System” as if the European model isn’t sufficient reasoning to stay way clear of that idea. We have enjoyed the best medical care in the world and the politicians since 65 have hampered and suppressed it with legislation. DEMOCRAT LEGISLATION!
        Your statement of Intentional Chaos is correct. Look at the Cloward-Piven Strategy that was employed by the Democrats since the 60’s and you will see just that, intentional chaos.

        1. cvxxx says

          We have the best medical care if you can afford it. That’s the problem. Unfortunately the real answers take time to fruition. We Americans want instant answers. Yet the problem even if everybody had money for the care is that there would be a great need for a lot more health care workers. Instant does not take into consideration that we would need to triple the medical schools and all other health care occupations.
          We would also need to secure our borders against illegal immigration. Reforms need to be done.

          1. bdaniel230 says

            The largest problem with the medical system is the government. When I was 16 working summer labor I had full medical coverage that was purchased by the employer. It was a minimum wage job yet the employer could afford insurance for me. But in the early part of Carter’s administration, too much power was given to the HHS or Department Of Welfare, and they started insisting on broad sweeping coverage’s for the indigent, then the poor, then all employees. Government has been dutifully waging price wars on the medical system and preventing torte reform which could radically bring down the cost of insurance to the doctors and along the line to the consumer. But because so many of the politicians belong to, Clinton was famous for his endorsement of, the National Trial Lawyers Association. Obamacare is the latest manifestation of this same idea which never works and even in Europe they have capped medical malpractice.

          2. cvxxx says

            It’s that adage be careful for what you wish for.

          3. bdaniel230 says

            I wish that the idiots in Washington would leave my heath care alone! I wish that the Doctors wouldn’t have to charge as much for their services due to huge regulatory costs including the high price malpractice insurance. I wish the National Trial Lawyers Association would be investigated under the RICO statutes for the driving up of costs due to their intractability on Torte Reform. I wish that idiots would stop voting their paycheck and start voting for the longevity of the nation! I wish we had someone in Washington willing to uphold his oath and the Constitution. And foremost I wish that all liberals would get a life rather than sucking on mine.

      2. marihia says

        What they really want is A COMPLETE GOVERNMENT TAKE OVER OF HEALTHCARE, That’s what the sob, WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE, they made this SO unworkable, This is what could happen, Dr’s could be FORCED TO TAKE PATIENTS.

      3. Tiger says

        Brought on to us thanks to the immense amount of “Stupid” in America.

    2. Glen says

      But it makes Obama feel good knowing he is destroying this Country as were his intentions.

      1. supergun says

        Destroyed so much in so little time.

        1. Jay Star says

          And we let him with our go along to get along congress. Its sickening!

          1. supergun says

            We will see in the coming months. If the Republicans can’t or won’t slow him down, then we will know that the govt. has gotten to big to control. Then all of us will be in deep sh**.

    3. 7papa7 says

      Doctors could kill obamacare if they would work together. If every doctor and hospital refused to take obamacare it would be a footnote in history. It was incompetently designed and carried out. This is what happens when you get community agitator in the white house. Anyone who will not attempt to kill obamacare should be run out of the country on a rail and they definitely don’t belong in congress.

      1. supergun says

        You are EXACTLY RIGHT. They and the insurance company got in bed with the democrats. Now it is coming back to bite them in the ass. We will see if the Republicans will do something, if they can take the Senate. nobama care, greatest disaster legislature in the history of America.

        1. 7papa7 says

          You are right, to few people look past their nose. They don’t consider what will happen down the road, they only think of the hear and now.

          1. supergun says

            No honor among thieves.

    4. cvxxx says

      You mean the uncertainty? How can a business plan when they do not know when the expense will hit or how hard?

      1. supergun says

        Research is showing more part time jobs than full time jobs have been created. obama care was never about the health care issue. It was to destroy the Middle Class health care, and make the Middle Class depend on the government with subsidies. It is nothing but a monster packed tax package.

        1. cvxxx says

          It was poorly written and poorly executed. Single payer would have been so much better. The problem is that there are not nearly enough health care workers to meet that demand. But it would be better all around. Employers would be free to invest that money into new products services and of course their own bank accounts.

          1. supergun says

            You always try to improve things. But the democrats destroyed more than they improve. Remember the democrats in the Nov. election. Not one Republican voted for obama care. EMPLOYERs could always give allowances for health care premiums to their employees.

          2. cvxxx says

            Politics rather than what is good for the populace. The first step in reform is to get the big money our of politics. It’s pretty clear both parties cater to those with big bank accounts.

          3. supergun says

            We have become the beast. I am afraid no turning back. obama wants the one party system, which would be the down fall of America. Politics too crooked right now for reform.

          4. cvxxx says

            The populace are not aware of how bad the political system really is. The voters are not aware of how the corporations and big donors of both parties are the actual rulers. It is the oligarchs who are calling the shots

          5. supergun says

            That is obvious. With near 50% voting liberal, you know we are in serious trouble. The walking dead live amongst us. Oh, the other half of the population don’t even vote.

          6. cvxxx says

            The big money people and the corporations are calling the shots party and labels do not matter as the policies are determined by campaign contributions. IMO do not trust any of them. Until the corruption is solved it won’t matter what party, the vast majority of American will suffer.

          7. supergun says

            Looks like it.

      2. supergun says

        They can’t.

    5. 7papa7 says

      It is a nightmare for everyone. It will be even worse as the doctors opt out. Everyone knows that this is just a step to single payer socialized medicine controlled 100% by the obamatons. I feel sorry for the doctors they are getting paid so little that it causes nothing but financial problems for them. Many have huge student loans to pay back. My daughter if over a quarter of a million in debt for her medical education and I know doctors who are further in debt than that depending on the schools they went to. Bottom line is they will be bailing on obamacare and the the people will be getting hurt very badly. Their costs will skyrocket as will the cost to business. This will drive up prices so that business can cover their expenses. It’s a vicious circle that in the end everyone loses.

      1. supergun says

        If the Republicans don’t do something about this madman and his agenda to destroy this Nation, then we are doomed as the United States of America.

        1. 7papa7 says

          Our country was founded by men who were willing to give everything for the country. That has unfortunately morphed into a bunch of wimps who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. John Kennedy said in his inaugural address, Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. It is obvious that our elected officials are not willing to do anything for our country. I think they are only interested in what can be done for them. They are not willing to give up anything for our country and that breaks my heart. We keep sinking into a pit of despair as a country because of all the spineless member of congress with the exception of very very few.

          1. supergun says

            The stupid voters (liberals) that the stupid politicians are calling out; are to blame also. When the stupid and unintelligents out number the Americans, then our Nation is jeopardized.

          2. 7papa7 says

            You are right. The sad thing is how many democrats in what they believe have an R by their name.

          3. supergun says

            I am sure there are some mediocre Republicans, but there are more bad democrats. The ideals from both parties are so different. Look at the last 6 years. Last time I remember, the last 8 years were great.

          4. 7papa7 says

            Their are more bad democrats, but if you look over the past 4 years the republicans caved on everything that obama wanted. They follow the president like mindless drones. It was much better under Bush but not because the republicans in congress were so good, they just followed along with what they were asked.

          5. supergun says

            Just in case you just woke up: The Republicans have tried to repeal obama care how many times? 47, 48 49? The Republicans have held investigations on all the scandals and law breaking that he has done. The Republicans have sent over 300 bills to the senate and good ole hairy reid has let them sit on his desk. The Republicans did not hold a majority in the Senate. The Republicans do not have a Republican as President. I could go on and on and on and on and on. You are right, the Republicans haven’t done a damn thing.

          6. 7papa7 says

            I agree that they have sent over 340 bill to sit on punch drunk reid’s desk. Everything you say is true however they also proved to raise the debt limit, everything I have read they are most probably going to cave on immigration, they won’t stop funding obamacare and more of his agenda. The list goes on and on this way also gun. Like the old saying goes he who has the money has the control and the house republicans have control of the money because it starts there.

          7. supergun says

            It is a thin red line. They really did not have enough power to withhold funds for obama care when he shut the government down and blamed them (republicans) for it. I think they played it right to wait until after the election. Now the proof will be in the pudding. Lets see what they do. It will be interesting to see. This battle over immigration is going to be fun to watch also. He has nothing to lose. He will probably try to destroy as much as he can before they run him out of town. Then, again, maybe this thing has become the monster that no one can control.

          8. 7papa7 says

            They do now with controlling both the house and senate. They don’t fund it and then if obama shuts down the government it will be at his feet if the republicans get organized and clearly get the word out that he is the obstructionist. Remind the people that elections have consequences and the people spoke. We are doing what the people want. They need to stop funding on this immigration fiat and obamacare. They need to stop funding to the teachers union, energy department, public broadcasting etc. They need to take control and jam it down obama’s throat and let him be the evil one who is obstructing everything. The more damage he does the better the odds that a democrat will not have a chance to win back the WH.

          9. supergun says

            I couldn’t say it better.

    6. hora says

      Nightmare are liberals, but real pad more to Doctors? I thing must be a big clean to are so much very bad Doctor thing have a license to experiment and kill, and make so much money for quality job doing or make murder abortion make more money? Bad Doctor must loose a license and diploma for life.

    7. Jarhead says

      As planned, as designed, and executed by sociopathic liars, crooks, crack heads, i.e., your typical DemonicRAT PC Liberal, muslim loving anti-American.

      1. supergun says

        Unfortunately for our Country, you are right.

  5. C K Johnson says

    Doctors go to school for a very long time. They have to maintain high grades to get into Medical school. Which cost between $200=$300 thousand dollars. Then they have 1 year Intern Ship 2 years of residency to practice Internal Medicine. During their Internship and residency they work in a hospital 80-90 hours a week. For those 3 years. Their overhead is 60%. A Doctor is 30 years old owes $200,000 dollars. Before he or she makes a nickel.

    1. KayO says

      Their liability insurance is unbelievable. They have to be prepared to be sued by lots of folks who just want to make a buck.

  6. chas40e says

    Medical Doctors are the most OVER PAID people on the planet!!! Then again, if I had the insurance bill they had to pay, I would need to charge a lot of money too!!!

    1. markypolo says

      WRONG! chase40e. The MOST overpaid people on the Planet are LAWYERS! The average Doctor earns $156,000 to $315,000 depending on Practice. This does Not include His/Her tremendous Expenses. You should go into Business for yourself. Then you would Appreciate what it cost, and the headaches from all the GD government regulations and Taxes. Doctors are Valuable. Lawyers are worthless.

  7. Bob Markle says

    Well let’s get back to the point! OBAMACARE IS SHIT! I HAD A TOP NOTCH BCBS insurance I paid $710.00 a Mo. For me and wife. All Rx’s was a 10.00 co pay. Odumbocare $ would be $350.00 a Mo. Plus Rx’s. Example my wife’s insulin odumocare they pay 52% of it. $1100.00 a mo. Copay $ 532.00 total $ 882.00. BCBS $720.00 for the Mo. And that’s just just the cost of insurance and one Rx. For the Mo. The affordable healthcare act. Is not affordable.

    1. supergun says

      I have a friend who has a business with his Brother. They employ 250 labors. They find people to work for other companies that need help/laborers. They already pay out of the ying yang for workman’s compensation which should be made illegal. They are forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for rip off workman’s compensation. Now, nobabma care is forcing them to pay one half of $190.00 per week for the labor’s health care. That is over $20,000 per week just paying their part. What about the poor laborer whose paycheck is barely $200- $300 per week in which they are forced to have $90 taken from their paycheck. They are trying to destroy America.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Why should workers illegal? It does TWO important things
        1. Provides medical care for employees hurt on
        the job (Today might be that day for you)
        2. Keeps the injured employee from sueing
        the employer and taking their stuff.
        I knew a framing company that didn’t have WC.
        They even had a joke “If you fall off the roof, your FIRED before you hit the ground” Well the dude who OWNED the company HAD a nice house and cars. The injured workers DOCTORS BILLS were so HIGH, the framing contractor had to sell his house, by COURT ORDER, to pay for the hurt employees medical expenses.
        Now paying ObamaCare more than your employees earn is past crazy, but hay, if your rich like Obama you will hardly notice it’s missing. Forward we go down the rabbit hole…..

        1. al sowins says

          Illegal because the Constitution does not authorize it. Read the Tenth Amendment. Then explain it to SCOTUS.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            The tenth amendment gives the right to decide to the states, like auto insurance.
            You might be referring to the commerce clause.

          2. al sowins says

            The Tenth Amendment clearly says that the Government cannot do anything unless it is authorized by the Constitution. At present about 90% of what it does is not authorized by the constitution SCOTUS view is that it cannot do what is forbidden to it. But the text says it maydo only what it is authorized to do. Big difference.

          3. Smoovious says

            it doesn’t give the right to the states…

            the federal government never had that power to begin with, and that was always reserved to the states. the states, did not grant that power to federal

      2. scottie526 says

        Supergun, they are not trying to destroy America…..THEY ARE DESTROYING AMERICA!!!

        1. supergun says

          Thanks for the correction.

          1. scottie526 says

            I had graduated from medical school back in 1979, did one year of general surgery and had seen back in about 1981 or 82 what was going to happen to the medical profession and now practicing general dentistry. I am so glad I went back to school thus changing professions and when I left the medical profession back then, my fellow collegues said that it was the smartest move I would be making in my entire life. Just did not know how right they were at that time but do now!

          2. Richard Tebaldi says

            Yep! There’s a fortune to be made in dentistry. The dentists special interest group is well fed with PAC money from taxpayer dollars spent on dentistry and the rates our “legislators” have allowed are ridiculously high! A good implant could cost from $5500 to $3000. That’s a hell of a spread. If you do a good job controlling the fees as you do in Mass., a dentist can get very wealthy! Even a Hygienist makes $60 to $80 an hour! In a five hour day, thats $400 a day! Imagine what the Dentist makes.

          3. cvxxx says

            And the patient cannot afford it.

    2. 1commonjoe says

      Waite till the IPAB starts telling people what meds and treatments they can and cannot have. And they still want you to pay your premiums anyway.

    3. supergun says

      They LIED to us. They destroyed our health insurance. Remember the democrats and what they did in the Nov. Election.

  8. WhiteFalcon says

    If all the doctors simply refused to take Ovomitcare people, the whole thing would collapse much sooner than it is going to anyway. If they can’t make any money on Ovomitcare patients, get rid of them. Each patient is a potential lawsuit, and Ovoitcare patients will be the most demanding and the most likely to sue, so it only makes sinse to get rid of them.

  9. dwalk says

    part of the solution of “uninsured” americans would be to make the program voluntary.

  10. brew_it says

    Since Democrats are into forcing people to do things, why don’t they force medical schools to charge 75% less than they charge now? Harvard and Yale would be included of course.

    1. usathoughts says

      Never going to happen. Graduating GP Doctors are at a low of 28 percent. Even the General Practice Doctors refer most patients to Specialist. If for no other reason than to absolve themselves from potential malpractice suits.

      The ACA … should be ACATAX program, does nothing in addressing the Medical Health Industry. Explain how a new ACA Tax can help cure a health problem? Costs too high? Tort reform is not even addressed. Why is the AMA producing 7 Specialist out of every 10 Doctors? This is upside down. Why are insurance firms prohibited from competing nationwide? Why is it that 99 out of 100 “Prescription Drugs” only mask the symptoms, doing nothing to address the cause? Far worse, these useless drugs can cause real harm to other functional body parts like your liver.

      Why is the FDA allowed to promote Non Fermented Soybean products? Chemist & Biologist can provide many reasons not to consume it. What about “Real Milk” instead of being forced to buy re-processed milk. At least Real Milk doesn’t rot your guts out. There is a long list of idiocy. Or, being a cynic, long list of graft & corruption.

      Heres one to set your teeth on edge! A solution to prevent tooth decay. Tested and proven but the FDA in all its wisdom requires another 12 years of study; this on top of 7 years. The products most grievous sin? Would not require a prescription. Developed by Chemists & Biology Scientists.

      The one that bothers me the most is the sequestration of medical knowledge. The ACA does nothing to address this. Instead it is confined to a speciality. And, even within the Speciality it is further confined. There is no such thing as publishing procedures for a class of medical problems that can be peer reviewed.

      Leave you with this. “Cancer”. There is no such thing as “A cancer”. It is an umbrella term for hundreds of diseases wherein the cells become malignant.

      The ACA is a top down management of the nations health care system. There has not been a top down system in the history of civilization proven to work. The old Soviet Union is recent proof of this.

  11. mary malloy says

    One of the most incredible news that I just read was after 4 years, this concept was noted on a Letter to the Editor written by an independent voter that voted for B.H.O twice. “O Care was not needed. NO other country has four different health care programs (O Care, Medicare, Medicaid,and the V.A. M.C.
    O was a community organizer before he became a politician, and a majority of the Hispanics (71 %) voted for him to help elect him, so now it is pay back time. Couldn’t believe that this was the first time I conceptualized this fact.

    1. usathoughts says

      I have “knowledge” of these facts but don’t really “know” it. This is a refrain heard many times. The “Light Bulb” going off in ones head expresses it perfectly. Sometimes I get the feeling my light bulb has burnt out or at best intermittent!

      Just expressing what you said with additional words, and terms.

      Thank you for the post.

  12. Libertarian Soldier says

    So, the (un)Affordable Care(less) Act is working!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Only in Hillary’s and Obama’s dreams!!

  13. 32eagle says

    buckwheat oh bummer is so demented he needs to dunk his head into a clogged toilet to remind himself of his birth place-Kenya.This here money out the window plan is unfit to cover farm animals-what kind of circus freak is this perp anyway?

    1. headonstraight says

      The real freaks are dingbats like YOU who continue to propagate that stupid, totally false “birther” nonsense.

      1. 32eagle says

        obviously you are twisted and your brain can not reason logic-nor discern truth perhaps fools like you that voted for this illegal alien think of yourselves as genius’-but patriots like myself call you traitors

        1. headonstraight says

          Yes indeed, what we have here is 32eagle, the BIRTHER BOZO. You and you deranged and despairing ilk have one thing in common; you just KNOW you are right about all the distorted mythology you cling to concerning the President of the United States and Commander in Chief of Her Armed Forces, the HONORABLE Barack Hussein Obama!

  14. itsfun says

    Obama will just blame the doctors for not wanting to live in poverty.

  15. Carrie Barton says

    Dr. Carson has a plan that is better then Obama care and you have a choice. Dr. Ben Carson for 2016 sign the petition

  16. Guy says

    how cut useless drugs handed out like candy. I have gotten more oxycotin perscript for minor things when I didn’t need them. Like giving antibotics for a cold.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Gotta keep Big Pharmacy in business. Did you know Big Pharmacy Companies give doctors exotic trips and gifts for prescribing specific medicines?
      And the sheriff wonders why there is a Pain Killer epidemic. ………

  17. Combatvet52 says

    Doctors can’t enough money from Obungocare but Obungo is screwing us royally he’s starting to spend the second 44 million of our money on vacations and golf…..real piece of work he took an oath to destroy the United States

  18. usathoughts says

    Have you noticed no article addresses the up front deductibles, nor co-pays. For the vast majority of us Insurance Premiums could be “Zero” without effect. Few of us spend over $2,500 to $12,000 a year for medical assistance. So, the insurance never kicks in. Can’t address Co-pay as it is all over the place, too varied.

    Have read that End-of-Life costs consume 70% of all money spent on health care. This was a Kaiser study so assume, being in the business, they know of what they say.

    Have one personal experience along these lines. An illegal Mexican was hurt on the job. Took him to a Hospital Emergency room and got him admitted. In addition to the injury he was found to have a cancer. By law they could not kick him out so took care of him for just over a year before he died. The Texas Government paid the medical tab. Without extraordinary care he would have died within a month. The hospital would not tell me what the total bill was other than it was well over a million dollars.

    If this example is repeated too many times it is no wonder medical costs are so high.

    Another consideration. 70% of employed Americans gross less than $20 per hour (CNN Money). Net, after all mandated taxes, about $14 per hour. After Shelter, Food, & Transportation cost where do they get the money to pay for up front deductibles than may equal $400 per month on average.

    This ACA program is what is known in military terms as FUBAR. It is disruptive in the extreme. We have yet to see its true cost, both in medical care and money.

  19. Ralph says

    Let’s see, $200K/year after getting out of medical school. I feel so sorry for doctors.

  20. adrianvance says

    When will Obamacare collapse? Before or after the mid-term elections?

    Google, “Two Minute Conservative” and when you speak they will listen.

  21. worldwatchman says

    Socialism and medicine do NOT mix.

  22. WhiteFalcon says

    Doctors should dump Ovomitcare, period.

  23. Cornville says

    WHINE, WHINE, AND MORE WHINE. You all voted for either the Democrats or the lack luster do nothing but get along Republicans. Both political parties are in bed with Obama and all you do is whine. Get off of your asses and change the system. Elect politicians who care for you instead of themselves. Keep on throwing put of office those who do nothing but keep on getting us all into debt. But for God’s sake…STOP CRYING THE BLUES.

  24. taliesin319 says

    Drs let themselves be humiliated by Obama and his cronies by donning Lab coats so when they were invited to hear him shill his product- Obamacare, all those watching would know they were physicians.
    Of course maybe it was to make it easier for Obama’s usual audience who need pictures to understand even basic speech. In any event the AMA got right on board assuming there would be big payoffs. They consented to be Obama’s instuments for indoctrination and pledged to ask every patient if he had a
    firearm in his household, and would put their records in the Obamacare network. As I told my now former physician, ” what I have in my household is none of your Gott verdamdt business “.Your info, every bit of info that Obama keeps secret if it belongs to him he now has access to. In short physicians willingly became his pimps and now are crying they are poor. Those same physicians refuse to see medicare patients who do not have supplementary insurance. That makes most of us since none of us can afford the only policies now available for Insurance companies to sell. They are twice or 3 times the price of the previous ones. Thus our little laddie has made these medical pimps willing killers of our elderly as well as happy killers of the unborn which they have become in many cases since Roe VS Wade. Some of course refuse to do them but in the new system they can lose privileges if they do not. So forgive me if I have anything other than contempt for any physician who is in the Obamacare maze. They deserve to get poorer and poorer. After this will you ever trust a physician in the way you did before this shite storm was lowered on us ? Thank you Hussein and The by no means Supreme court.

  25. Richard Tebaldi says

    Doctors may not be getting enough money from ObamaCare, but somebody’s making a buck! I’m 73 years old and I believe wholeheartedly that you MUST take care of yourself. I believe Big Pharma will NEVER develop the “pill or system” that will “CURE” anything. There’s no money in it! I believe that if ObamaCare and our LEGISLATORS gave a damned about America and American Taxpayers, they would change the patent laws on meds. They should NEVER allow Big Pharma to advertise to “the people” about drugs! Advertise only to MD’s! What the heck do we know about meds? I wouldn’t believe anything Big Pharma says anyways! Have you looked at the disclaimers that come with your meds? The potential for worse illnesses is greater than what the meds do! Also, often times, Big Pharma “spends” big money on a new pill, then their own studies show it doesn’t do what it was intended to do, so they challenge a college to figure out what it will do so they can make back the money they spent. If you have to give Big Pharma a patent, add some rules. No moneys spent for advertising to the masses can be used to “make their money back! They cannot say “they are not responsible. (they’re in court every day feeding the Legal ambulance chasers). The Lawyers get 55% of award plus legal expenses they “encounter”! An injured person would be lucky to get 25% of the award, especially in one of the advertised suits like “if you’ve been injured” or “if the meds you’ve taken have hurt you”! The system will never get fixed by the existing leadership. Lawyers make the laws with loop holes to help all lawyers make more money and waste the courts time due to poorly executed legislation. The Legislators won’t fix it or they won’t get big pharma’s money for re-election.
    All “special interest groups except a taxpayers foundation” that have an agenda should be taxed heavily and watched carefully. Even AAA pushed ObamaCare because they could sell insurance and make more money. Taxpayers should have a say in legislation written in plain English! Taxpayers should pay for and change the rules on all elections. The “cream of the crop” is negotiating down to garbage for taxpayers. Everything is pro business, pro Health Care, Pro Big Pharma, Pro Big Banks
    Pro stupid bailouts without strings attached, Pro Big Money! See what SIGTARP gets back from those thieving bankers. An example would be that a thieving banker who stole 50 million from American taxpayers got 7 years in jail. Bulltacos! That’s not justice! I don’t care what information he traded for, that’s a lousy deal for taxpayers. Bah on the way our once Great Country is being run now!

  26. Philip Meadows says

    I worked for a small business and saw how this law made people work only part time. Luckally I am on Medicare and Medicade. By the way I do know it is you hard working folks out there who are picking up the tab, for me.

    1. jim marcum says

      Luckally . What were you a newspaper editor?

  27. Joyce A. Luna says

    Congress let Obama Care through without checking to see if it was Constitutional. They did not read it because it was too many pages, they did not have time. I know they have people to read it but… Congressman said they did not read it to know that it was illegal . When it was passed it was too late. Who writes this stuff? I thought Congress did?? Guess they spend most of the time not working on the people’s business but raising money for their next election. So I feel that we need to have some kind of Constitutional Reform as to term limits. Then we are told that we can vote them in or out, right? Well we cannot! We see that they buy their way back in. So we the people have to decide to tell them how long they can stay up there and make laws that the ordinary person cannot understand, pass them and we are left as “well you are not intelligent enough to understand”. We have given the Federal Government our everyday lives , it regulates things in your bathroom, laundry room, kitchen , your automobile, telling our children what they can or cannot eat, (that is our job) the school curriculum, telling me how much soda I can drink. I am sick and tired of this Socialist government. They make the tax returns so complicated that you have to have a lawyer to figure it out! They can simplify it instead of paying lawyers in Washington with our tax money to make up the laws telling us how much we have to pay. How do people so ignorant that they cannot select lightbulbs and toilets vote for their own rulers and fill out complicated tax forms?

  28. Cornville says

    The Affordable Care Act was established so that everyone could and can get medical insurance. Doctors could charge very high fees fees and hold the patient hostage, that is not the case today. Look at the Dental profession and tell me that Dentists are not “killing” the general public with their fees. You might think of this act as Communism, or Socialism, but in reality it is Americanism. So quit your bitching and start acting like Americans.

  29. Libya21 says

    So the question is: who is making all the profits on Obamacare? Answer, the insurance companies, and the program even protects them from loss!

  30. James Seidel says

    Boycott the young turks (closet muslims).

  31. Johnny G. says

    Obamacare is a fat, over stuffed swollen act which given time will implode upon itself. Be patient!

  32. an american says

    It is true that obamacare is as terrible as everybody thought it would be. Physicians are not getting paid and/or not getting paid on time and yet they do have to pay their leases, and expenses that go with running a medical office. The ones that will suffer, will be the patients when the physicians will not be able to take them because they aren’t getting paid… and the bottom line; the administration couldn’t care less.

  33. Becky says

    Remember, the goal is to get everyone screaming about the evil of obamacare so that the Federal government is ‘begged’ to come in as single payer. THAT is the whole goal of obamacare. NOT medical care.

  34. Taking care of business! says

    Sorry docs, but it’s gonna get worse, much worse. And don’t forget to factor in Barry’s Ebola-infected foreigners. Ain’t it great to live in the former USA?

  35. babsan says

    This is what happens when idiots are allowed to vote and the other DEMONcrats too lazy to research WHO they are voting for

  36. ralph says

    We already have the problem in Florida of seen a doctor and that is at the tune of 174.00 per month cost share they call it. I call it Obama scum care. If they get this all the way then your medical care will come only as 6 people decide if you get it or not

    1. jim marcum says

      under our old system Dick Cheney got a heart transplant. He was in his 70’s. I watched my Father in Law die because they said he was too old for a transplant, he was 64. I was told I was too old for a transplant when I was 61. Why do politicians get this type care but citizens don’t. There were no panels here that I’m aware of. It was preferential treatment for a millionaire ex politician is what it was, I know it and you know it. So let’s just say the system has been corrupt all along.

      1. headonstraight says

        But think of all the benefits to the nation from keeping Cheney around for years beyond when he would have died without that transplant–things like….well.,like…., oh, hell, why DID they give that warmongering varmint more time on earth before it is time for him to shuffle off to the brimstone pits of the fate he has earned?

  37. jim marcum says

    I’m a conservative republican. I have health insurance and have had it all my life. In the 70’s and prior we walked in a doctors office and laid down our Insurance card and that was it. We never paid anything else. Why after decades of being profitable all of a sudden it wasn’t enough money. Co-pays were needed because the price of Insurance kept going up. Deductions from were wages were needed to help pay for the Insurance. Insurance is a racket. Insurance never heals or treats anyone but they take their profits off the top. Insurance is what upset the cart and caused the major health care crisis in America. The Drug Company’s are gougers. The Doctors like their Mercedes. The hospitals don’t mind charging you 5.00 for an aspirin or band aid. But they do provide service. Insurance Company’s provide nothing to the payer except make a profit for themselves. Insurance Company’s had a major hand in the ACA, they kept themselves and their profit’s still in the game. America needs to FLUSH Health Insurance Company’s and we should all be on Medicaid and Medicare paying based on our monthly income. 100% care, 100% prescriptions based on monthly income. Nothing to do with age or preexisting conditions or whatever. No death panels the doctor orders it and you get it. It’s the only way to save our health care system and improve the care. We know these Insurance Company’s have robbed Medicaid and Medicare they get caught and pay small fines for stealing millions of dollars. We have to do it. Health care should be a basic right to all American’s. I should not get better care with my Insurance Card than a sick child or elderly person get’s who has no insurance. It is inhumane treatment of people in a country that calls itself the greatest. We have to do it and it will work. We are not giving up anything. Our health care in America ranks 25th world wide. All the countries with a national form of health care are offering better health services to their people than the U.S. We have to do it.

  38. Joanne says

    The media is still covering up negatives on Obamacare and illegals that streamed through our borders. Taxpayers are paying a big tab yet they won’t answer where they are located. Also this new virus that’s spread across the country, this is another over-up. Two more years of watching our country destroyed.

  39. adrianvance says

    Hey Crackers! If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Period!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will know.

  40. lorenvpf says

    That’s what we get for allowing the Liberal Bullies to call the shots.

  41. TPM says

    There’s another victim of Obama Care. We are losing our rural hospitals, who cannot comply with all of the new regulations. These hospitals were operating on shoestring budgets, before Obama Care.
    The increased regulations and costs are putting these rural hospitals out of business. Many people from these rural areas have lost their hospitals. How is this good for health care?

  42. pmbalele says

    There is an ad now on Internet attacking Obamacare. It is all lies. The greedy TP doctors and insurance companies owned by Repubs are scared of Obamacare success. These people are trying to frighten
    you so that they continue to scheme you of your money with future high premiums. They are billionaires because of your ignorance and they want to keep the status quo. Watch out the Repubs and TPs are in conspiracy with insurance companies. They are nervous campaign money from insurance may dry out if all eligible people embrace Obamacare. The Repubs are joining insurers to lie to you that Obamacare will be expensive. Also watch out these racist TPs and Repubs. Their aim is to kill all Blacks and poor Whites by excluding them from being treated in top notch hospitals and clinics. The advertisement as a whole is a scheme and a lie. Please go and enroll in Obamacare. Obamacare will take care of you and your family now and in the future.

  43. jlp5871 says

    You think obuma cares a lick about cost, The [[ democRATS ]] communist care less about cost they say just do it we are in charge and we own you lock ,stock, and barral. so shut up and get in line you stupid bunch of ass holes…

  44. adrianvance says

    Are doctors ever getting “enough” money?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for ideas, facts and fun.

  45. lil-echoes says

    Remember when obama had a big showing of all the doctors at the White House talking about his new health care n they were so taken with obama ‘s idea— now that they have found out it was all a lie. The people can’t keep their doctor. And the doctors don’t get as much money as they once did….. Guess they were conned just like the citizens of this country

  46. adrianvance says

    Is everyone sick? I take good care of myself, walk an hour a day, rarely go to a doctor. What I hear of people paying for “health care,” which should be called “sick care,” is outrageous!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for ideas, facts and fun.

  47. farrightwing says

    No more Democrat programs! Repeal Obamacare and start over with a common sense plan.

  48. Joanne Wade says

    I know for a fact that some California Physicians are not accepting patients who have Obama care insurance! I am a registered nurse in California. The ACA is a nightmare scenerio and a new law based on lies to the American People. Patients have to go to assigned Hospitals that are far from their homes. If you want to keep your same doctor, your costs increase. If you are a aging babyboomer, the costs for medical insurance for yourself and for your family is more expensive! There are too many flaws with the ACA.

  49. pmbalele says

    Did you say doctors are whining they not being paid fairly under Obamacare? That is a lie. These are greedy TP doctors and insurance companies owned by Repubs. These people are trying to frighten you so that they continue to steal your money with future high premiums. They are billionaires because of your ignorance and they want to keep the status quo. Watch out the Repubs and TPs are in conspiracy with insurance companies. They are nervous campaign money from insurance may dry-out if all eligible people embrace Obamacare. The Repubs are joining insurers to lie to you that Obamacare will be expensive. Also watch out these racist TPs and Repubs. Their aim is to kill all Blacks and poor Whites by
    excluding them from being treated in top notch hospitals and clinics. The advertisement as a whole is a scheme and a lie. Please go and enroll in Obamacare. Obamacare will take care of you and your family now and in the future.

    1. Smoovious says

      Thanks so much for that post. 🙂

      I haven’t had a good laugh like that in a long time! XD

      Keep em coming!

      — Smoov

  50. adrianvance says

    Do doctors ever have “enough money?”

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and fun.

  51. Charlie says

    Gosh so the democrats that voted the monster PPACA aka Obama Care must be so smart —– freaking stupid donkeys is all said socialist democrats were by voting for , lying to promote , drafting said socialistic power grab for the PPACA is Not about health care. Just as the Romney Care in MA is failing and being bailed out by our federal government servant using our tax money . Problem is our federal government is almost to the point where nobody or no country will bail our government out.
    Did these democrats actually think that a medical doctor should make the same money as blue collar worker ? Do the democrats think the skill set of a medical doctor is not worth the money received by medical doctors ? Maybe the next time a democrat has a medical problem said democrat should use a truck driver or a plumber or a waiter or a factory worker or a baker get the point ???? Yes under the PPACA aka Obama Care medical doctors will close their business doors and yes medical care will become much more expensive because of the shortage of medical doctors. Yes medicines have increased in cost already approximately 300%. But our current POTUS has stated many times none of this would happen , sorry to say he bold faced lied as he has done on many other occasions . Our current POTUS and the democrats agenda is not what our country needs to remain strong.

  52. adrianvance says

    When, if ever, are doctors getting enough money? They are targets for every scam, tax, insurance and license charge that the criminal and government elements (Same thing?) can heap on them.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and you will be applauded when you
    speak truth at your next dinner party, barbecue or church picnic.

  53. pmbalele says

    Did you say doctors are whining they not being paid fairly under Obamacare? That is a lie. These are greedy TP doctors and insurance companies owned by Repubs. These people are trying to frighten you so that they continue to steal your money with future high premiums. They are billionaires because of your ignorance and they want to keep the status quo. Watch out the Repubs and TPs are in conspiracy with insurance companies. They are nervous campaign money from insurance may dry-out if all eligible people embrace Obamacare. The Repubs are joining insurers to lie to you that Obamacare will be expensive. Also watch out these racist TPs and Repubs. Their aim is to kill all Blacks and poor Whites by excluding them from being treated in top notch hospitals and clinics. The advertisement as a whole is a scheme and a lie. Please go and enroll in Obamacare. Obamacare will take care of you and your family now and in the future.

  54. Jay Star says

    Don’t get me wrong, but I have yet to see a poor doctor, but see many poor people or lets just say barely scraping by. And politicians with their 100% coverage wont be waiting in line. And then to add insult to injury they take funds from Medicare to pay on Obamacare! Really bright move! Most seniors cant afford Obanmacare as well as young persons with low paying jobs. Or no job at all. It’s a big mess.

  55. seahorses3 says

    Why is it that no one, NO ONE, points out that Congress exempted themselves from this nightmare – and along with that, got special money for their staff. The first law of the land should be that Congress, and every person working for the Feds, be required to follow the laws they foist on everyone else.

  56. noel1234 says

    Soon all our doctors will have been trained in Granada and come from 3rd world countries. It is time that the American people have the same wonderful care our politicians have and also the same perks.

  57. Pentax Princess says

    What doctors are going to want to keep practicing medicine for an eventual Single-Payer health plan that pays pennies on the dollar?

  58. Tiger says

    It is going to start to boil and bubble up to the surface withing the next year and actually it will be good for the 2016 election, why? Because those folks who honestly thought this was so great are going to figure out how bad it is for them.

    When you hit someone in the doctor bill and healthcare gut and they start seeing and hearing about people dying, lack of care, not allowed the latest cancer treatments, only allowed so many hospital admittance a year, no knee surgeries, hips replacements and on and on those oldsters that feared losing their SS going to be losing much more than that.

    The doctors are going to be in sad shape but hey if Bernie gets in and this country goes full Socialism everybody going to work for the good of everybody with no complaints.

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