Does Wisconsin Signal the End for Trump?


As late as yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump was still holding out hope for an upset in Wisconsin. “We’re going to see a big surprise,” he predicted to reporters at a campaign stop. And in a year where pundits and polls have been repeatedly proven wrong, it wasn’t hard to imagine that we might. When the results were in, however, the polls held up and Ted Cruz surged to victory with some 48% of the vote. Trump took second place with 35%. Ohio Governor John Kasich pulled up the rear with only 14% of the Wisconsin vote.

While some have tried to retroactively claim that Cruz was always the safe bet to win in Wisconsin, a simple look back at the polls shows that this was not the case. Trump was leading by double-digits only a couple of months ago. Does that mean that Cruz’s message is catching fire? Does it mean that the #NeverTrump donors finally found a way to beat the billionaire? Or does it just mean that Cruz is the beneficiary of a sharply-reduced field?

In some ways, it doesn’t matter. As long as Wisconsin wasn’t some kind of electoral anomaly, the results should be troubling to the Trump campaign. Cruz has long predicted that he will beat Trump resoundingly if he gets the New Yorker one on one. Putting the nearly-irrelevant Kasich aside for a moment, Wisconsin was the first test of that assertion. And regardless of why, Cruz proved that he could indeed beat Trump when the rest of the vote isn’t split six ways to Sunday.

Now the question becomes: Can he keep doing it?

“Tonight is the turning point,” Cruz said in his victory speech. “It is a rallying cry. It is a call from the hard-working men and women of Wisconsin to the people of America: we have a choice. A real choice.”

Trump, though, warned his supporters that a vote for Cruz was a vote for the status quo. He said that the Texas senator was a “Trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination.”

Trump is referring to the increasingly-believable scenario in which the Republican Party – absent any nominee with 1,237 delegates – turns to a “fresh face” like Paul Ryan on one of the later convention ballots. Some believe – with good reason – that if neither Trump nor Cruz get to the magic number, the establishment will find a way to deny both of them the nomination.

Stranger things have happened…although not many. If the RNC does something that stupid, could we see a Trump/Cruz independent ticket in the fall?

Considering the chaos of this election, that outcome would be almost perfect.

  1. junkmailbin says

    i find it appalling that the news media is in mass trying to skuttle trump.
    Report do not distort

    1. aedgeworth says

      Anyone with half a brain would vote for Trump. People who have a whole brain however would vote for Cruz or Rubio. Those with no brain vote Democratic.

      1. PatriotGal says

        aedge, Rubio was our Senator in FL and we the people were fed up with him. We are the ones with the whole working brain so we ousted that incompetent, useless, liar who knows he had better never run for any political office in FL.
        TRUMP 2016 and 2020!

      2. Jayjay1963 says

        I agree. It takes only a “half brain” to vote for Trump. Maybe only a couple of brain cells.
        Trump is toast-and good riddance!!

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          You a pimp for Crazy Bernie or Cankles Klinton?

          1. Patriot says

            Spoken just like a Liberal/ PROGRESSIVE SOVIET LOSER.

          2. AmericanBelle1 says

            ROTFLMFAO! Although I doubt the half brain he has left can comprehend your comment!

        2. Hillaryoncrack says

          Trump is the Redeemer of America.

        3. Patriot says


        4. April Williams says

          So, you want a New World Order? Research Cruz, don’t listen to his garbage because he says one thing but does another. If you don’t think that Cruz wants to rush in a New World Order then I feel sorry that you are not smart enough to do your home work. Trump 2016. You don’t have to like the guy but he is the only one who truly loves this country and wants something better for Americans, his children and grandchildren and that isn’t they New World Order. Maybe you love your children so much that you want them living under the New World Order and that is the truth

          1. LiberalsLie says

            Learn about Sleazy Donald’s NEW WORLD ORDER connections !!!!!

            Sleazy Donald is a setup to get the HILDABEAST elected !!!!


        5. Frankdidit says

          Don’t think so big guy. When all the truth comes out about Cruz, I want to see your intelligent post then. Want some real proven truth about lying Ted? Let me know. Reply to my post if you really want to know. Otherwise stay stupid!!

        6. PatriotGal says

          Jay, not in your wildest dream. NYers do NOT give up and get wimpy like you. We’re made from strong fabric. As Frank Sinatra sang, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. New York, New York!”
          TRUMP 2016 and 2020!

        7. Margaret Thomason says

          Sorry, but if you are slinging mud toward those of us who are Trump supporters, then let me say that all of you who are throwing the first stone you all need to look in your mirror and take a good long look at yourselves!!!!!
          You talk bout Trump being sleazy, well let me say that it takes one to know one!!!
          I am proud and honored of the heritage that our forefathers and founding fathers gave us, but I am very deeply ashamed of how low and divided our country has become.
          We all should really be ashamed to have allowed this corruption to come upon us.

      3. El says

        This is a no brainer

      4. Hillaryoncrack says

        So I guess you’re a Hillary slut?

        1. Mark Lahti says

          That comment is a pathetic as the rest of your stupidity that you spew with abandon. You must be in the last part of her post. That would be the no brain category to not comprehend what she said. What I really believe is that you’re not happy unless you can call names and ridicule anyone who doesn’t agree with you. That is a true liberal troll tactics. You imply that you believe Hillary is on crack yet all your comments indicate you only get off the pipe long enough to type.

      5. John Gagne says

        I think your pretty vulgar in your half brain comment, but you seem to have forgotten Trump is not a polished speaking politician. But he loves America and wants to do his best for it. I believe he’s capable, but can’t express it in the maner your used to. I actally think he would do a great job and the Citizens of this country in mind all the way.

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Vulgar? Vulgar? How about this comment just below mine here from the guy on crack. I’m sorry, the one who believes it is Hillary that is on crack. Calling someone a slut is not vulgar but using the brain analogy thing here is? The question about how much of your brain do you have left comes to mind.

          1. AmericanBelle1 says

            What’s truly vulgar is your trampling over people because they disagree with your line of thinking. You prove political correctness works in stamping out the truth and open discourse.

        2. Margaret Thomason says

          John G, I agree with you 1000%. I voted for Trump on my state’s super Tuesday and I will vote for Trump again in November even if I have to write his name in on my ballot ticket or if he decides to run on a third-party ticket he will have my vote!!!

          1. Smart Southerner says

            We’ve already discussed it & we, too, will write in Trump’s name if that’s what it takes. I am really fed up the GOP & their ridiculous BS rules. I was furious when I found out that Trump won Louisiana but Cruz & his slimey campaign members could go in & kiss the delegates’ butts and wind up with more pledged delegates than Trump. The primary election is rigged even worse than I had thought. It’s all a game to the establishment career politicians, a game to allow THEM to select our nominee, the voters be damned, and career politician Cruz knows how to play the game!

        3. Smart Southerner says

          You mean Trump is not a lying career politician…like Cruz.

      6. Patriot says

        Aedgewoth is an Idiot with a PITHED BRAIN who SPEAKS RUBBISH!






        1. April Williams says

          totally agree. How conservative is the New World Order which Cruz will rush in
          and Cruz calls himself a conservative

          1. Patriot says




            THERE is NO Choice for the “DEMOCRATS”…. THEY DOUBLED THEIR ODDS…



          2. LiberalsLie says

            Okay, let’s play along with the tinfoil-hat stuff. Sleazy Donald has New World Order connections !!!

            The billionaire has plenty of NWO connections, starting with the Rothschilds.



          3. Margaret Thomason says

            Actually if you look at the real reality ALL POLITICIANS are for the NWO! Its part of God Almighty’s punishment/wrath upon our country and the whole world. All I can say is that all of us who are God Almighty’s children, we must be ready for the great tribulation! We will be persecuted for standing strong and firm to our faith in God Almighty and the blessed Jesus Christ!!!!
            EVEN SO, COME LORD JESUS!!

          4. Smart Southerner says
          5. LiberalsLie says



          6. LiberalsLie says

            Wait !!! I have to go find a tinfoil hat to watch this !!! Can I borrow yours?

          7. hangem'high says

            Well TRUMP has a funny way of showing it? America first, doesn’t sound too ONE WORLD to me?

            I think everyone is confused d between the P C liberal progressives divisiveness of the One World Order verses the New world Order? The N.W.O was put in place in the new world as a government run by the people. The One World Order put in place by the UN, there is a difference!

          8. LiberalsLie says

            Saying America first is a platitude or the moral equivalent of a bumper sticker. Anyone can say it, and Trump will say anything to get elected or close the deal.

            i wasn’t aware that the agenda of the Rothschilds etc. and having the same N.W.O. connections that Ted Cruz is being accused of is an example of government run by the people. Well, the Rothschilds are people too. Is that what you mean?

            I was responding to the charge the Cruz is N.W.O. by proving that Trump is N.W.O. If you want to make a distinction without a difference that’s your problem. Every Trump supporter here is accusing Cruz of being N.W.O. You say One World Order, perhaps you should correct your fellow Trump supporters first !!!!! I’m not even into tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories. But, I’m more than happy to point out your inconsistencies.

          9. Margaret Thomason says

            April W. The NWO(New World Order) is not at all conservative. The leaders (dictator) is like Obummer only much worse and the world will be even more lawless, godless, immoral and corrupt. Think about living in a uncivilized 3rd world country, and you will have a good picture of what our lives will be like. In fact, they will eventually try to force a false God, false religion on us! We are heading for a most devastating evil world, the antichrist and the mark of the beast.
            Our president, congress, senators, supreme court justices, etc are so corrupt and evil blind that they don’t realize in the direction they are leading this country. Every one who is of God’s children must hold strong and fast to our faith in God our Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and deny their false god and refuse to take the antichrist’s mark!

          10. Smart Southerner says
          11. LiberalsLie says

            Let me put on my tinfoil hat first !!!!

        2. Margaret Thomason says

          Patriot, you are so right on the nail head!! This country needs Donald Trump for our president and not another politician who belongs to the corrupt establishment.

        3. LiberalsLie says

          “Donald Trump said that he has always had a great relationship with Nancy Pelosi in Congress and that the two will work together if he is elected to the Oval Office.

          “I think I’ll get along with Nancy Pelosi,” Trump said Tuesday on “Morning Joe” when asked who he could make deals with in Congress.

          He added, “Ive always had a great relationship with Harry Reid and frankly if I weren’t running for office I’d be able to deal with [Pelosi], I’d be able to deal with Reid, I’d be able to deal with anybody.”

          The GOP front-runner, who has been shunned by much of the Republican and Democratic establishment alike, also insisted that he’d be able to get along with Sen. Chuck Shumer, D.-NY,, saying that he was “close to him in many ways.””



          TRUMP 2016: THE DEMOCRAT’S CHOICE !!!!!

      7. AmericanBelle1 says

        Cruz is about to be tossed from contention once it’s publicized that his cell phone number is in the madam’s book! Rubio was simply out of his league. Trump is the only person who could beat Hillary, or so it was, until the Dump Trump movement pulled out all the stops, working its propaganda beguilements on people like YOU!

        1. MAHB001 says

          No different than the propaganda you spew against Cruz…

          I hope the dirty politics has run its course, but suspect you Trumpeteers will continue with the smear campaigns.

          What if the madam’s book has Hillary’s name in it?
          What if the madam’s book has Trump’s name in it?

          Why spread crap before you know the truth?

          1. AmericanBelle1 says

            What makes you think I don’t know the truth? And since when did the truth turn into a smear campaign? The madam’s book doesn’t have Hillary’s name in it…although who knows, maybe Bill’s in it! Likewise, the report specifically noted Trump was NOT in the book.
            And let me clue you in on something…Trump supporters aren’t spreading vicious lies or dreaming up these smear campaigns. When one has a great record of excellence and success, there’s no time to screw around and get involved in scandals. Trump’s biggest “problem” is that he doesn’t kowtow to political correctness, and today’s society is so coddled that they fall to pieces no matter what he says because he doesn’t dollop his words with idiocy.

          2. MAHB001 says

            Even the “Report” was vague as to whom is in the book… Simply put, nobody knows for sure right now…

            And yet, somehow you do???? And yet you do not think what you just said about Cruz being in the book isn’t a smear??????

            Let me clue you in on something…. If you are a Trump supporter you just spread vicious lies and contributed to a smear campaign….

          3. Margaret Thomason says

            I’m sorry, but why don’t you take a step back and look good in your mirror because you, yourself is doing the exact same thing that your accusing us Trump supporters of. Its like your casting the first stone declaring you are without sin.
            “Judge not least you be judged in the same like manner.”

          4. MAHB001 says

            OK will do.

          5. Frankdidit says

            Well dip shit, want the real truth about Mr. outsider Cruz? reply to my post if the truth is what you want? If not, stay stupid!!! Vietnam Vet.

          6. MAHB001 says

            Nice, start out with an insult… What ever happened to civility on the web???

            Thank you for your service.

          7. Frankdidit says

            Unfortunatly most of the people on these sites have their heads where the sun doesn’t shin. It is nice to see you are not one. Sorry for the start. However, you really should do some research on Ted Cruz. He is not what you believe him to be.

          8. MAHB001 says

            I’ve done a lot of research. Frankly things are getting so dirty and convoluted that it is really hard to prove anything anymore. I am still relying on my gut, but have no clue who to trust.

            I would be interested in hearing what data convinced you that Cruz is who you think he is… And what research you did on the sources where you got that information.

          9. Frankdidit says

            First, let me thank you for your interest. The title of the article I am sending to you is; “Who is the real Ted Cruz”

            I can’t think of a better description of Ted Cruz’s relationship with the DC-Wall Street Establishment – Cruz being the scoundrel of course. Cruz’s claim of not being a tool of the political elite is like Bill Clinton telling the world, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

            Webster’s definition of a scoundrel is a dishonest or unscrupulous person, and Cruz has become quite adroit at saying one thing while his history shows him doing the other. Rather than the outsider he claims to be, Ted Cruz is the ultimate insider, former top Bush 41 policy aide and globalist, Ivy Leaguer, and establishment insider.

            There is no better example of this than Calgary Ted’s actions surrounding the big Wall Street banks and their secret funding of his political ascension. Cruz has been gorging at the table of the ultimate insider of all insiders – Goldman Sachs and Citibank .

            You may recall in a recent Fox Business Network debate that Cruz, in Mr. Haney from Green Acres voice, declared to one of the moderators, “The opening question [moderator Jerry Seib] asked — would you bailout the big banks again — nobody gave you an answer to that. I will give you an answer — absolutely not.”

            What else would you expect a scoundrel to say who had secretly secured big sweetheart loans from Goldman and Citibank — by leveraging his retirement accounts –– to fund his 2012 U.S. Senate campaign. Loans which the Calgary Ted conveniently forgot to disclose to the Federal Election Commission. These are the very retirement accounts that he said he and his wife said he cashed in to fund his senate race. In other words, Ted lied.

            At the same time Ted’s bulging 2016 campaign accounts and supporting Super-PACs are stuffed with big oil and gas money. He knows how to play the game.

            And perhaps the ultimate hypocrisy of the native born Canadian is that his spouse, Heidi, by all accounts a lovely wife and mother, has been employed by Goldman Sachs since 2005. She is on leave as managing director and regional head of private wealth management. Heidi is a proud member of the lefty Council on Foreign Relations, advocates of one world government and the New World Order.

            Heidi is not a bit player in the Cruz campaign with those credentials but rather an integral part of the campaign’s fundraising efforts. As reported by CNN last year, “She works the phones the way she worked them when she was at Goldman,” said Chad Sweet, the Cruz campaign’s chairman, who recruited Heidi to work at the giant investment bank.”

            Yet we are to believe that the big Wall Street banks have no leverage over Ted Cruz? Why didn’t Heidi Cruz resign from Goldman Sachs instead of taking a leave of absence? That’s like saying Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky have had no influence on Barack Obama.

            The other inside connection that hits one like a baseball bat is the Bush connection.

            Ted was George W.’s brain when he ran for President. A top policy adviser. Ted maneuvered for Solicitor General in Bush World but settled for a plum at the Federal Trade Commission. Ted’s a Bushman with deep ties to the political and financial establishment.

            Ted and Heidi brag about being the first “Bush marriage” – they met as Bush staffers which ultimately led to marriage. Cruz was an adviser on legal affairs while Heidi was an adviser on economic policy and eventually director for the Western Hemisphere on the National Security Council under Condoleezza Rice. Condi helped give us the phony war in Iraq.

            Also conveniently missing from Heidi’s Wikipedia bio is her service as Deputy U.S. Trade Representative to USTR head Robert Zoellick. At USTR Heidi worked on U.S.-China trade policy- the one Donald Trump talks about so much.

            And Chad Sweet, Ted Cruz’s campaign chairman, is a former CIA officer. Michael Chertoff, George W. Bush’s former Secretary of Homeland Security, hired Sweet from Goldman Sachs to restructure and optimize the flow of information between the CIA, FBI and other members of the national security community and DHS. Chertoff and Sweet co-founded the Chertoff Group upon leaving the administration.

            A known tactic of the intelligence community is the use of strategic communications as a “soft power” weapon against it adversaries — the creation of false narratives by the effective use of all media — social, digital, newspaper, print, etc. Combined with denial and deception, it can be a potent force. Glenn Beck and Mark Levin are abetting this.

            Despite his ability to lie with a straight face (sadly Nixonian) on his support for amnesty and TPP, he got nailed by Senator Marco Rubio on the debate. Acting like a prick in the U.S. Senate was the core of Ted’s disciplined effort to bury his old school ties and reinvent himself as a modern-day Jesse Helms and supposed Conservative outsider. It’s a ruse.

            As we get closer to the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary, Cruz and his establishment puppet masters are engaged in an aggressive strategy against Trump. The false narrative of course being that Cruz is the outsider while Trump is the insider. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

            In its most simplistic terms – the power elite have no leverage over Trump – nothing.

            Cruz, on the other hand, is the establishments quisling, spawned by the Bushes and controlled by Wall Street, who became a strident “outsider” only four years ago.

            Read more:

          10. Frankdidit says

            I had to cut it short. Tooooooo much for the reply to be posted. But you have a good bit of info on Cruz. He is not an outsider as he claims.

            Take care,


          11. Frankdidit says

            I am also retired 25 years, State Police. Thought I would mention this so that you are sure I am not a cooooooooooooooooooook.

          12. MAHB001 says

            First off, thatnks for the well thought out response.

            When Ted said, no to the question of would he bail out big banks again, How do you KNOW that is a lie??? Has Ted bailed out big banks already??? When 0bama told us that we could keep our Drs… I didn’t believe 0bama, but I gave him the benefit of doubt until he was proven a liar… You may believe Ted is lying about saying NO, but my own integrity says that I can not accuse the man of lying until he is CAUGHT lying… Gloves are off with that stinking liar 0bama….

            I do not know the answer to this, perhaps you do. Did Ted say he “Cashed In” his retirement accounts or did he use them as leverage to secure the Goldman and Citibank loans? Huge difference there… When you put up your House as collateral to secure a loan, the House does not go away until you default on that loan…..

            As for Heidi.. I do not hold it against her for working for Goldman Sachs. Do you have facts that show her to be doing something illegal?

            Everybody has to work somewhere. What I see is that she did the right thing by taking a leave of absence from the job to AVOID any improprieties… Contrast that with Hillary Clinton, whom should have excused herself from many State Department dealings because her “Foundation” was taking “contributions’ from the vary Countries and businesses within those Countries… Hillary did not excuse herself, she did not do the right thing….

            Same thing with the Bush marriage.. You cast stones without any proof of wrong doing.

            You are correct, a known tactic of the intelligence community is the use of soft power accusations to create a false narrative that will be used by the media. We must look at everything these days with that in mind.

            Not sure Cruz supported Amnesty.. Heard his explanation on how he changed his mind about the TPP and believe him…

            I like Trump, for the same reasons you state, but what I don’t like about Trump is that Trumps ACTIONS are different than his words… If you apply the same skeptical reasoning to Trumps words, that you have to Cruz’s words, you would not trust Trump either.

            Both Men are better than the option. That option being Hillary. I will unite behind Trump if he wins, and Cruz if he wins…. We a scr–ed if you are right about Cruz, and if Trumps actions are a better indication of what he will do anyway…

          13. Frankdidit says

            Apparently you missed the info about Cruz and his loans (referred to as sweetheart loans from Goldman Sachs and Cit) he received to run his campaign for the Senate which he was supposed to report to the IRS and did not. . You also missed the point about his big money contributors to his campaign. He states he is an outsider and with what was written in the article, this is not possible. Plus; At the same time Ted’s bulging 2016 campaign accounts and supporting Super-PACs are stuffed with big oil and gas money. He knows how to play the game

            You really need to do your own research. I never suggested Heidi did anything illegal. Just not what was good for our Country.

            What else would you expect a scoundrel to say who had secretly secured big sweetheart loans from Goldman and Citibank — by leveraging his retirement accounts –– to fund his 2012 U.S. Senate campaign. Loans which the Calgary Ted conveniently forgot to disclose to the Federal Election Commission

            Read more:

            And perhaps the ultimate hypocrisy of the native born Canadian is that his spouse, Heidi, by all accounts a lovely wife and mother, has been employed by Goldman Sachs since 2005. She is on leave as managing director and regional head of private wealth management. Heidi is a proud member of the lefty Council on Foreign Relations, advocates of one world government and the New World Order.

            Yet we are to believe that the big Wall Street banks have no leverage over Ted Cruz? Why didn’t Heidi Cruz resign from Goldman Sachs instead of taking a leave of absence? That’s like saying Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky have had no influence on Barack Obama.

            Read more:

            Read more:

          14. MAHB001 says

            So, who referred to them as sweetheart loans? His enemies no doubt. So, no I did not miss the info. I chose to view it as hit material. It was a loan, he put up some collateral, he paid the loan off. Who hasn’t done that? Are we beholden to the banks that gave us those loans? I say hell no.

            Look, I think you want to see the bad in everything Cruz does. That is your prerogative. He is guilty, until proven innocent. I get that from liberals every day, (not saying you are a liberal, but that is one of their hypocritical traits)

            … But I do not agree with what you are saying. Cruz’s actions are not what you say they are.

            and repeating the same stuff over again, without additional data does not convince me that Cruz is all bad…

            If Cruz comes out on top, I will vote for Cruz.
            If Trump comes out on top, I will vote for Trump.

            I will not vote for socialism.

          15. Frankdidit says

            I am not trying to change your mind. I am only pointing out what has been published. If they are lies, why doesn’t he sue. I am sure he is getting the same info I get. If I have not said it before, do your on research. Don’t just rely on me!

          16. MAHB001 says

            You have to use your brain and common sense these days.

            Just because it is published doesn’t mean that it is true…

      8. Lance Fontanne says

        Cruz pushed the TPP/fast track — totally unconstitutional! America loses her sovereignty, other countries could dictate what kind of immigration we would have along with a lot of other unconstitutional items in it! Cruz wants MORE immigration (non-citizens) Cruz won’t do anything with the trade agreements to get our jobs back! Why would anyone want to vote for him?

        1. Patriot says

          NO-ONE should vote for CRUZ!

          Vote TRUMP!

      9. Frankdidit says

        Well I guess that tells us just how stupid you are. By your post, I would be willing to bet the farm you have done ZERO research on Cruz. Want the truth, if you can stand it, reply to my post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      10. LiberalsLie says

        Yeah, I agree you would have to have half a brain to vote for Sleazy Donald, the liberal New Yorker who hijacked the Republican Party. Republicans are not represented by a Liberal Populist. Cruz is my choice, a true Conservative !!!

        1. PatriotGal says

          Liberals, Cruz is no conservative. He is for amnesty and for TPP. TPP will take more jobs from America and send them overseas. No TRUE Conservative would do that. Moreover, he lies like a rug. Look what he did to Dr. Carson and don’t say he didn’t know. It was his campaign via Carly Fiorina that bought the picture of Melania to send out just before the UT primary. His campaign is as sleazy as he is.
          TRUMP 2016 and 2020!!

          1. LiberalsLie says

            You are a liar like liberal Sleazy Donald. Cruz is not for amnesty, and never has been.

            Sleazy Donald’s protective tariff scheme will trigger a trade war like it did when another Republican businessman by the name of Herbert Hoover proposed the same thing. It triggered the Great Depression.

            Sleazy Donald destroyed Carson in Iowa by telling the story about the knife incident where Carson tried to knife someone he knew but failed hitting a belt buckle. Trump told that story and then said he couldn’t understand why anyone would vote for him. Trump destroyed Carson and THE BIG SLEAZE later tried to blame Cruz for what he already did.

            Sorry you are uninformed about super pacs and election laws as candidates are not allowed by law to communicate with them. So let me educate you.

            The money was donated by a Super Pac and not by Cruz himself, and was known long before the add. So, get the facts straight and stop the sleaze. STOP YOUR LIES !!!! Secondly, it was given last June, long before Fiorina started to go up in the polls. Thirdly, it was given because the Super Pac thought that Fiorina had a great anti-Hillary message. That was the purpose. It is not the responsibility of the Cruz Super Pac to audit how a Fiorina Super pac spends its money. There was nothing illegal. Ted Cruz and all candidates are forbidden to contact super pac’s according to election laws. Innuendos are facts to Sleazy Donald and his followers.


            CRUZ 2016 WISCONSIN AND ONWARD !!!!

          2. LiberalsLie says


          3. LiberalsLie says

            Sleazy Donald is afraid to debate Cruz one-on-one. He cowers in a corner and tweets out Sleazy lies so his followers can get in the mud with him. Meanwhile, no one knows Sleazy Donald’s plans for our country: just platitudes from THE BIG SLEAZE !!!!

            Meanwhile, America wants to know about the issues. Trump wants single payer healthcare for the U.S., but no details on how it going to get paid for. Trump has no plans to rein in entitlements. All this would come out in a debate with Cruz, but Trump wants to keep the public in the dark !!!!!


   VOTE CRUZ 2016 !!!

          4. Margaret Thomason says


        2. Smart Southerner says
          1. LiberalsLie says

            Like I’m going to watch trumpaganda from a Sleazy Donald lying, super pac.

          2. Smart Southerner says

            Hey Lib! Trump doesn’t have Super Pacs like Lyin’ Ted.
            Trump doesn’t get money from Lobbyists like Cruz, either.
            Trump doesn’t owe his soul to anyone.

          3. LiberalsLie says

            You’re a liar, just like Sleazy Donald. I’m sure it’s one of many you’ve told.


          4. Smart Southerner says

            Hey Lib! From your own link it tells about some individuals setting up a PAC and this:
            Thus far, the super PAC has made one online video, “ Donald Trump on the Road to the Presidency 2016,” which is a montage of Trump news coverage. Kiger plans to keep raising money to buy pro-Trump ad time on TV and radio and produce higher-quality videos, though he would not divulge how much he’s raised so far.

            Read more:

          5. LiberalsLie says

            The fact is you lied.

        3. Margaret Thomason says

          Cruz is not really legally qualified to run the office of the president. And he does not really care about America nor her true citizens. He’s another Obummer and concealed his birth certificate as well.
          I don’t know about you nor any one else, but I am sick and tired of all the secrets and corruption in all branches of our government.

          1. LiberalsLie says

            Stop the Sleazy Donald mud. The Courts disagree with you and all birther kooks.

      11. Syrphene says

        Think what you will but anyone who says what you say has a half a brain

        1. Smart Southerner says

          TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP 2016

          At least Trump doesn’t take money from Lobbyists:

          1. armydadtexas says

            No, Trump FUNDS THEM

          2. Smart Southerner says

            Funds who?

      12. George T says

        Your wrong, You have no brain and your voting for Cruz. Or maybe i’m wrong and Cruz is lying Democrap in disguise? Show us you have something upstairs and vote TRUMP FOR 2016!!!!!!!!!!

      13. Smart Southerner says

        You are voting for Cruz?

      14. Tita Tita says


    2. MAHB001 says

      Fight the LIBERAL MEDIA…. They use bias by omission to skew each story into propaganda for the left.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Hey there my friend. I see you are still out here fighting the good fight. Missed for a while here lately. But as usual you are right on the money. But that is the target highest on your list isn’t it? God bless my brother and continue to keep up the good fight. I got your back all day.

      2. W. Coyote says

        MAHB001- I find your comment very interesting. Could you please provide me with some specific examples of the “LIBERAL MEDIA….skew(ing) each story into propaganda”? Thanks.

        1. MAHB001 says

          The liberal MEDIA uses bias by omission to spin all their stories to the left.

          Bias by omission is ignoring all stories and facts that hurt the liberal cause, and ignoring all stories that HELP the conservative cause…

          Simultaneously, they sensationalize all stories that help the liberal cause, and sensationalize all stories that HURT the conservative cause.

          Liberals used to hide this practice bias by omission, but now they practice it in everything they do, and can no longer hide it.

          Think back, did you hear a Liberal News organization that said ONE good thing about Sarah Palin? How many bad things did you hear?

          Benghazi lies, were ignored completely suppressed, until well after the re-election.

          The March for Life, a Pro Life march that happened every year in Washington DC and has between 10,000 and 500,000 attendees is ignored every year by ABC, NBC, and CBS. Because it is pro life and does not fit their narrative. How many riots with 10 to 100 people by the Black Lives Matter crowd are ignored??? Imagine if it had 10k+ per year for over 40 years the coverage BLM would have.

          0bamas birth cert.
          Fast and Furious
          0bamacare lies

          The lists go on and on…

          1. W. Coyote says

            Thank you for your reply and for providing some detail. I’m interested in your opinion because it is fascinating to me how the narrative of “liberal media bias” has taken hold of many people and is self perpetuating.

            First, I’m not sure the term “the media” can accurately portray the news sources available today. Anyone can instaneously access information from a wide variety of sources. Lumping them altogether seems to me to be a drastic oversimplification.

            Second, since the media environment is dominated by conservative voices, it’s interesting that so many of those voices complain about the influence of “the liberal media”. For example, Rush Limbaugh singlehandedly reaches more people than the NYTimes.

            “I admit it : The liberal media were never that powerful and the whole thing was often used as an excuse by conservatives for conservative failures.”
            William Kristol

            “I’ve gotten balanced coverage and broad coverage – all we could have asked. … For heaven sakes, we kid about the liberal media, but every republican on earth does that.”
            Pat Buchanan


          2. MAHB001 says

            Your basic assumptions are wrong.

            The liberal media bias is no longer anything but self evident and real.. That is the reason it has taken hold.

            Let me be clear as to who I define as “the liberal MEDIA”, When it comes to broadcast TV it is, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, ESPN, Hollywood, and just about everybody except Fox News..These stations have formed a cabal, that has abandoned journalistic integrity to push a liberal ideology. A.K.A the Goebbels.

            I am not talking about radio, or newspapers..The NY times used to have a broader coverage, I would submit to you that its liberal leanings has lost a large percentage of its subscribers… Conservatives will not put up with the indoctrination if they do not have to. Let alone PAY to be indoctrinated.

            When you look at TV broadcast, it is dominated by liberal voices. Understand that that TV broadcast and Hollywood started out much more in the center. Liberals have taken up key positions within these industries and applied a slow and steady drip towards liberal progressive ideologies…

            Much along the lines of Americans will never accept Communism in one big step, but they will accept small chunks of socialism until one day we wake up and communism has taken over…

            We are at that tipping point right now.

            This slow change is not noticeable to those that are immersed in the Goebbels as the Goebbels are hiding their true intent from their viewers. They trust the MEDIA not to inject bias into their news, which is fatal in my estimation.

            I got to ask you, Capitalism or Communism? The Constitution or Communism?

          3. W. Coyote says

            I’m a firm believer in the Constitution and Capitalism.

            Take a look at the top talk radio programs by size of audience. What is the common theme? Which TV network likes to boast of it’s ratings? I’ll give you a hint- Roger Ailes.

            Earlier you made a list of issues you were upset about, which included Benghazi. In terms of omission, how much time has Rush and the Roger Ailes network spent on full disclosure of the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation?

          4. MAHB001 says

            Again, I am not talking about talk radio…

            I gave you solid examples of the lefts MEDIA using bias by omission to skew their “reporting.”

            When Fox News says they are “Fair and Balanced” Fox News is pointing out without saying it, that they are NOT using bias by omission in their reporting.

            That is exactly what my experience has been. I have asked for examples of Fox using bias by omission and none have been presented to me. Although, I would have to say, that I think Fox is used it on some of the 17+ Presidential candidates to weed out the field.

            Your link lead me to a general page with dozens of stories on it. Not sure which one you wanted me to read.

            I respect Pat and William, but if they were on CBS making comments, I am sure they were being politically correct. Nobody jumps into the lions den and start poking at the lion with a pocket knife.

          5. W. Coyote says

            What solid examples? Everyone of the “scandals” you listed has been thoroughly covered by all the media that I am aware of.
            I don’t think you can ignore talk radio. For millions of people, talk radio is the primary way they get their political information.
            The Pat and William quotes were not from CBS, and I have no idea why you would assume they were being “politically correct” in the event they were. Why would they edit themselves? CBS is the “lions den”? Really?
            The CBS link I sent goes to their coverage of the “March for Life” rally that you claim was omitted. I chose the CBS link simply because it seems the easiest one for me ( not technologically gifted) to give. I feel quite certain that all the other sources you cite covered the event as well.
            Has Fox covered the House Intelligence Committee Report on Benghazi that I referred you to? You did read that report, I hope. Has Fox reported on the Obamacare successes? Has Fox covered the State of Hawaii’s stance on President Obama’s birth certificate?
            May I respectfully recommend two books to you? First “Blinded by the Right” by David Brock. He was the “journalist” who wrote for The Spectator and the Washington Times and other conservative outlets and became famous for “The Real Anita Hill”.
            The other is “The Party is Over” by Mike Lofgren. He was for about 30 years a Republican congressional staffer with expertise in budget matters.
            Both books provide an insider’s look at Republican and conservative politics and tactics. I got both of them at my local public library and I’m sure you could find them easily as well. Be prepared, because both of them might upset you. But if have even a small amount of open mindedness, I would encourage you to read them.

          6. MAHB001 says

            What you call thoroughly covered by the media, I would call thoroughly ignored by the liberal media….

            You dismiss the examples because the MEDIA dismissed the examples, and the MEDIA dismissed the examples because they were using bias by omission.

            I do not ignore talk radio. I simply was not talking about talk radio. I think it has a completely different set of issues when it comes to bias. For one thing, they are opinion shows talking about the news… NOT REPORTING the news.

            There is a reason millions of people rely on talk radio rather than TV, that is because those millions of people recognize the bias in the liberal TV and are gravitating towards something more palatable for them.

            ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and the Goebbels cabal completely blacked out all stories about Benghazi during 0bama’s re-election. For MONTHS, they spewed out the mantra that there is no there, there… Well we now know that they were not only wrong, but they were complacent in doing their jobs of hunting down and reporting the truth….. Imagine the amount of press time the story had gotten if Bush was in office… Or any other conservative for that matter.

            BTW, the March for Life is the largest protest and longest running (40 some years) protest in Americas history… It is held EVERY year in February in Washington DC. A couple of years back between 120,000 to 800,000 attended the rally. Effectively ZERO coverage on ABC, NBC, and CBS.. Last year 10,000 + attended even though it coincided with a blizzard of epic proportions… Still no coverage…

            You can find links to about the coverage on the bottom of this page.

            Just pointing at a talk given by Fiorina does not excuse or erase the bias by omission the left does on Pro Life events.

            When it comes to Fox, they report the news, good, bad, or otherwise.. Yes, they too have personal bias, but they do not practice bias by omission, and and outright suppression of news stories that do not fit their bias…

            The left has that market cornered.

          7. W. Coyote says

            The March for Life was covered by CBS and the others as the link I provided shows.
            I think you might be touching on here is different standards for journalism.
            From Blinded by the Right by David Brock::

            “I’ll never forget the panic that came over me when I received the first call from a fact checker at New York magazine, asking me to submit my notes for a story. In twelve years of right-wing journalism, my work had never been fact checked.” (p. 322)

            Brock goes on to document his friendship with Matt Drudge ( the little gay guy who got started with Hollywood gossip and went on to become a hero for “conservatives”). “When I met Drudge at my home, I offered him my telephone number so that in the future he could check facts about me before publication. “Why would I want to do that?’ Drudge giggled”.

            Further questions you might want to consider (from the Huffington Post):

            “First, why did the supposedly “liberal” Washington Press Corps fawn over Ronald Reagan?

            Second, why did the “liberal” cabal ceaselessly hammer President Clinton over his supposed involvement in the “Whitewater Affair,” even though repeated investigations found no “there” there?

            Third, why did the Old Gray Lady sabotage President Obama’s plans to close Guantanamo’s prison when it rushed to publish information on inmate recidivism rates? It turns out the leaker’s leak was false.”
            At a minimum, you might want to look into the life of Richard Mellon Scaife, a billionaire, who was described by his sister-in-law as a “gutter drunk”. Scaife personally funded a great deal of the right wing anti-Clinton conspiracy, including the “Arkansas Project” which was designed to create “scandals” about the Clintons. At one point, Newt Gingrich praised Scaife as one of two people “who have really created modern conservatism”.

          8. MAHB001 says

            The link below shows that NBC DID NOT give the March for life rally and its 200,000 marching any time in 2015. This is a pattern of the left using bias by omission to silence a movement that does not fit their agenda.

            Your link does not show CBS covering the March for life..


            Imagine if the NYT actually fact checked its own writing when it comes to bias… It doesn’t, they giggle…

            Why did the liberal Washington Press Corps fawn over Reagan, because Reagan destroyed their hypocrisy otherwise… Times were different back then.

            Why did the liberal cabal hammer President Bill Clinton over his involvement in the Whitewater Affair? Because times were different back then. Do you think 0-bama would have stood up to a similar hammering??? giggle…

            Why did the MEDIA report about 0-bama’s efforts to close Gitmo? Even the lefts Cabal could not cover those traitorous acts.. To release enemies of the State so they can return to killing Americans is just the opposite of 0-bamas oath to his office. Not sure who the old grey lady is, if you are talking about Feinstein, she is no lady.

            Look into a guy named George Soros if you want to point a finger at biased based funding for political purposes…..

        2. Smart Southerner says

          I’m not sure if this is an omission or just ALL of the media trying to knock off Trump.

          Lyin’ Cruz made the statement that Trump said he would “withdraw” from NATO.

          That is not at all what Trump said. That is an outright, bald-faced lie, or should I say ANOTHER LIE.

          Trump said NATO was obsolete & needed to restructured / updated to share security, especially on terrorists, & that the member countries needed to pay a more fair share since America is paying something like 73% and the members should share more in the military operations & costs to fight ISIS since America is providing the majority of that to keep all the nations safe. He’s right!

          The media (all of the media) should have called out Cruz for lying, but they didn’t…again. Instead of admonishing Cruz for lying they kept running that clip repeatedly for several days. Because of this Cruz lie I’m sure people believe that Trump wants to “withdraw” from NATO. Lyin’ Cruz.

          While surfing around the channels I noted that only one news commentator even mentioned it, and it was only once, and all he said was the word “restructure” or something like that.

    3. Smart Southerner says

      Fox News has been on a 24/7 Trump-hating campaign, interviewing Trump-hating guests & Liberal AHs who spend the majority of all the shows trying to figure out how Cruz can beat Trump. Or, they are playing up a trivial matter & practically comparing it to murder. They will say anything to get Lying’ Ted nominated. That’s all they do.

      I’ve been watching CNN for Election Results. They are not nearly as vile as Fox & their Trump-hating guests. SICK OF IT!

      I turned on Fox for a few minutes today, just long enough to hear more anti-Trump rhetoric.

      Am I mad as Hell?!? You betcha!

  2. Ddenney1 says

    Kasich keeps acting like he has a chance and that alone should tell you what he thinks of the party and the voters!! CRUZ 2016!!! Run a REAL conservative and don’t get FOOLED AGAIN!!!!!

    1. Karen Gaddy says

      Cruz will NEVER stop the illegal invasion of this country. He voted for cloture on the tpp, which will take American sovereignty away. American companies will be held liable to foreign countries. Cruz is no different from the rest of the nasty establishment. Trump is the only hope to save this country. Cruz will be happy to see American jobs just go right out the door. It will be business as usual. I am so disheartened that people are too blind to see the truth, and allow the media to shape their opinions, even knowing that is what they are doing.

      1. meangreenMarine says

        Trump pays his own way and Cruz needs donors and PACs to generate his campaign dollars.
        Which one will sell out to those doners to stay relavent?

        1. Karen Gaddy says

          EXACTLY RIGHT!

      2. hangem'high says

        The day that NAFTA was passed the sucking sound was 500 billion leaving the country a year along with most industrial jobs. That was thirty years ago, TPP will be ten times that!

        1. Karen Gaddy says

          That is exactly right, and tpp is so secret, that any senator who reads it cannot make copies, and cannot take anything out of the room. They are just flagrantly giving our country away, with no regard for the American people. I believe Trump is the only hope we have of restoring the glory to our country. He is the only hope we have of restoring jobs to our country. Just think, if all those people in Chicago had jobs, they might not be killing each other. This would be a MUCH better country if millions more people had jobs.

    2. 2Shadow2 says

      Seriously?? A real conservative who backed NAFTA and TPP? Who is a Bush family made politician. The Bushs are all NWO, except grand pappy Prescott who was a Nazi banker. To be considered a forerunner of NWO. Cruz’s wife is a globalist banker and when she was with the Council on Foreign Relations she helped write the treaty for the North American Union. His partner is NWO and he is not?? Without provocation Cruz as denied involvement with his staff claiming Carson quite the race just before a state election. He has accused Trump of causing the Chicago protests and the bombing in Belgium due to Trump’s UN stance. Really?? The UN is Muslim controlled just like Belgistan. No involvement by Cruz means he is either lying or asleep at the wheel. My point is that Cruz is NWO and yet ANOTHER phony conservative. His best shot is to maybe get enough votes away from Trump to force a contested convention and the the Grand Old Politburo will then put a family member on the stand to lose to Hillary. That is supposed to be a strategy?? Even if the GOP did want Cruz it would only prove that he is in fact establishment. Whoops. Fooled again. This is a good narrative from the grand dame of Conservatism describing how far the Republican Party has drifted and why the current GOP old guard politburo hates Conservatives and Donald Trump. That would include Raphael if he were indeed conservative.

    3. PatriotGal says

      Cruz and Kasich are both for amnesty and for TPP – TPP will cost us billions of dollars in lost jobs and increase unemployment beyond your wildest imagination.
      TRUMP 2016 and 2020!!

  3. Mr Bill 13 says

    You media types are just wetting your pants trying to get rid of Trump. Why ? Because he shines the light of truth on your “pie in the sky” BS world view. Maybe they should send you all back for a mandatory course in history. All the way back to Jamestown, it was proved that socialism does NOT work…DUH

    1. rayhause says

      Because he is a loser, nothing more.

      1. Gary Smith says

        and an arrogant SOB

        1. rayhause says

          So True!

          1. denniscerasoli says

            Stop believing everything you read from the mainstream media who only bash Trump because they too are part of the establishment that have been snowing the populous for a long time,and you should be glad that someone who isn’t owned is standing up to them and on his own buck.Trump doesn’t need to keep a cozy position like these career politicians and isn’t doing it for the money that is pocket change.This is a guy who has put himself out on a limb,these primaries have affected his business dealings so why did he do it? It wasn’t for power because he already had plenty of that.What he is doing is putting himself at risk for exposing the shenanigans that goes on behind closed doors and if he gets bumped off he will be the last person who will be able to shake up the establishment who could care less about the people they claim to serve.Wake up and stay away from the tunnel vision so that you don’t get blind sided.

          2. PatriotGal says

            dennis and everyone else, please find One America News and watch Mr. Trump’s speeches in their entirety. He has great ideas and makes so much sense. We desperately need him to restructure this overly bloated federal government, reduce the national debt, renegotiate trade deals so the USA has a chance, change the tax structure to bring businesses back to the USA thus our millions of unemployed will find jobs and the feeble economy will grow robustly, and secure the border to protect we the people from ILLEGAL INVADERS and terrorists.
            TRUMP 2016 and 2020!

          3. denniscerasoli says

            I totally agree with you PatriotGal.The Trump haters are those who only get their news from the mainstream media which is as biased as they come.I too have did a lot of research on Trump the man and i have learned that he has a handle on what is going down and not only here but the world.

          4. AmericanBelle1 says

            What I find most unfortunate is that people simply no longer THINK! They’re used to being told what to do, how to do it, when to do it. Political correctness has stunted their brains into a fear of truth! They don’t want to know the reality. They want the easy way out. They truly believe that someone like Cruz, who did absolutely nothing in Congress except read Cat in the Hat on tv, can change the track of this nation. He couldn’t do doodly squat in Congress, yet is expected to turn water into wine from the oval office! Or they truly believe that Hillary will guarantee the easy life because she’s simply going to continue Obama’s destruction of the greatest nation on earth … at least, what’s left of it. Or maybe they’re too young to know real, not revisionist, history and have been brainwashed into thinking socialism is the way! But the most troubling of all is the fact they truly believe Trump would hurt the country. A man who took a $1M loan from his father and created one of the most successful business conglomerates in the world of more than 500 companies worldwide! They could give a shit the man went to the New York Military Academy and attained the rank of captain, or graduated from the Wharton Business School (the most influential and prestigious business school in the nation) with a degree in economics! All these other people running for this office have degrees in politics! Our economy has collapsed, and we have an economics major in the running…and everyone wants to run away from him.
            So the real question is, do people truly want to be a great nation again? Do they really want manufacturing and millions of jobs brought back to this country? Do they want to see our economy flourish again?
            I think not. They’ve all gotten lazy and could care less…as long as each of them gets out of life what they want…or what they can get for free…they’re fine with the status quo who’ve been screwing them for years.
            I will say this. Prepare for a huge terrorist attack next year when the new milquetoast president takes over. Had Trump been elected, the terrorists wouldn’t dare…which is EXACTLY why we’re hearing so much fretting from other countries around the world. They fear Trump because he won’t take their BS. But I speak to deaf ears….

          5. denniscerasoli says

            My ears are wide open and your comment was very well put.

          6. Patriot says


        2. James Maxwell says

          A bombastic, abrasive and arrogant individual but he is speaking the truth
          without all the BS from the Politically Correct liars in political office. Some
          times the truth is what we need and he is bringing it in spades.

          1. Gary Smith says

            Just shows his people buy his bs

          2. AmericanBelle1 says

            Nooooo….it proves you’re nothing more than a lemming doing as your told, and right now, you’re being told to be terrified of Trump. THAT’S the BS and you’re covered in it!

          3. Grand Pano says

            Great post, James. Pay no attention to the weak, lazy “gimme a handout” dem-libs. They are the ones looking for the EASY WAY OUT. I lived through World War II and AMERICAN PATRIOTS SURVIVED by digging-in. The libs want the easy way. Our NATION was not founded by wimps! TRUMP MAY BE “ABRASIVE AND ARROGANT BUT HE IS A PATRIOT…I also like Cruz!

          4. James Maxwell says

            Congrats on surviving, I spend two in Viet Nam and 23 on active duty. Loved
            every minute of it and the job I was doing. I grew up in a time where you
            earned what you had and did not rely on other to “gimmie” because you were
            to dammed weak to get off your ass and work.

          5. Patriot says

            Thank you for your brave service to OUR COUNTRY!


          6. Patriot says


          7. AmericanBelle1 says

            People have been so propagandized into political correctness that even THEY are afraid to face the truth and realities of life! Don’t be arrogant or abrasive because you might hurt their feelings…as if their feelings make the world go round. All their precious feelings do is prevent reality from dawning on them. They’ll wake up one day and wonder what in God’s name happened, not realizing it was they in the first place who threw God out of the public arena and replaced Him with their “safe” political correctness!

        3. AmericanBelle1 says

          You think some milquetoast is the answer? FOOL!

      2. Gerry Costa says

        BS —- the losers are the libtard/demoRAT/rino dirtbags who can’t win without rigging an election. Even with that — these traitors will lose. Trump is the ONLY WINNER in the bunch .

        1. Grand Pano says

          You tell ’em, Gerry, I like your ADJECTIVES before the NOUN “dirtbags”. I was an ardent DEMOCRAT until my conscience told me to ditch the PARTY OF UNLAWFULNESS and VOTING RIGGING with the despicable LIB-PROG MEDIA that SPINS the least little MINOR controversy of the “CONSERVATIVE-CONSTITUTIONAL (and NOT THE ESTABLISHMENT RINO-PSEUDO) REPUBLICANS! TRUMP WILL RISE AGAIN, AND SOON!

          1. Patriot says

            Thank you for THINKING ABOUT OUR COUNTRY and against TRAITORS in “Both”….now REALLY ONE PARTY bent on CEDING American SOVEREIGNTY to Evil COMMIE ONE World GOVERNMENT.


            VOTE TRUMP!

      3. laulau says

        He is winning nationwide, and when they investigate the fraud in Wisconsin, he will win there too.

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Fraud in WI? Winning nationwide? If you look at all the polls and the results from all the primaries or caucus’ you will find that nowhere does Trump accrue more than 35% of the vote. He has about one third of the republicans out there buying into his rhetoric. He will never get more than one third of the vote anywhere. Even in the general in the fall should he be the nominee. The majority of the people in this country can see through all his hype and rhetoric. His ideas are to radical for the majority of the people in this country. They base their opinions on the reality of actually accomplishing all the outlandish claims he makes on almost every topic. If he could actually get anything he is claiming accomplished I’m sure he would get more followers. The reality is that our corrupt government is so in the tank for their own selfish interests that it is going to be impossible to get things straightened out. It is going to take a revolution of the majority of the people in this country that know and believe in the just and truth of a righteous movement. They must organize and find a leader to motivate and inspire them to step up to the plate and take our government back by force. Remove all current so called representatives and start over again from scratch with our constitution as our road map. God bless and keep up the good fight for truth and justice.

          1. Hillaryoncrack says

            Let’s go to the bar, loser. I’ll buy.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            Sorry but I don’t drink. Kinda spoiled your whole opinion of WI hey?

          3. Hillaryoncrack says

            No. It is reaffirmed.

          4. laulau says

            You forget the new voters Trump has brought in, and also the Democrats that don’t get counted in a poll Trump is a workaholic, and he will get probably everything he sets out to do., He likes to be a winner in whatever. He doesn’t own over 50 businesses by being a slacker.

          5. AmericanBelle1 says

            Trump Management is a conglomerate of more than 500 businesses! 50 is the number of states he would bring to economic prosperity!

      4. Margaret Thomason says

        So is Cruz!!!

    2. Lynn says

      Get ready for one of the biggest changes we have ever seen! I’m not given up and I’m going to keep praying for our country and all of the people but I need help? Our Heveanley Father wants to hear from the most of us! So I’m asking everyone who believes in our Lord Jesus Christ to please pray for not only for Donald Trump to get his delicate numbers but for our Lord to lead him in all he dose. You see I was a Ted Cruz fan but I feel Donald Trump would make a better president. Donald Trump tells us that he belives in our Lord Jesus Christ and that he is saved. And I truly believed Ted Cruz was a true believer of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Until he put that Bible up in the sky for all to see I will find it there is a verse in the Bible about that that right there is when I said he is not who he says he is he is a deceiver he is not who he says he is. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Our Lord Jesus Christ told us to look out for people like him! It is so funny that our government was okay for Mitt Romney and Ran Paul because Mitt Romney was a businessman and they felt that that is what this country needs! Donald Trump is a businessman and a lot better then Mitt Romney! but they don’t want Donald Trump! ask yourself why? Because I know why! Because Mitt Romney had someone who is already in power! In our government. Donald Trump dose not have anyone who is already in power in our government! You see Mitt Romney would have been doing everything that Ran Paul told him to do. Why can’t people see this???? Please thank about it? Thank and God bless you all.

      1. Patriot says


      2. Margaret Thomason says

        Lynn, you are so right. I saw right through Cruz from the beginning and could never support him abd never will. I began to pray and asked God our Father who will be the best man. God is so good and so merciful. God revealed to me that He had chosen Donald Trump and that His almighty hands are upon Donald Trump. God also revealed to me with the following: “Why do you think that the GOP and the whole corrupt establishment hates Donald Trump? Why do you think that the leftists, the democrats, and all the elites hate Donald Trump? Why do you think that all these are doing everything they can to stop him?They have become so corrupt that they all have become evil tools of the devil.”
        Yes, I voted for Donald Trump on my state’s super Tuesday and I will vote for him again in November even if I have to write his name in on my ballot ticket or if he goes on a third party ticket.
        TRUMP-2016-??, HOPEFULLY A SECOND TERM!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Lynn says

          Amen! To that. Ted Cruz holding God’s holy book up in the air just made me sick. If you are a man or even a women of our Lord’s then you would not hold that BIBLE up like that. You would have total Hope that you will WIN! I my self pray to my Heveanley Father to lead Donald Trump all the way to our white House. I’m putting my HOPE in my Lord Jesus Christ! Not Fox News lol. And I also ask our Lord Jesus Christ! to bring everything that they are hiding in the dark to bring it to the light for all to see! Because we all know that our hole government haves a lot to hide from all of us.

    3. SouthernPatriot says

      Shame on the media! Donald Trump suffered a bad week or so because he is not a politician and does not have the experience in that area…so what? He does have many talents and giftings that this country needs. I hope he is not discouraged, and does not drop out. He has not spent much at all with radio or TV adverts and does not really have an expensive ground game in upcoming states. If he did at least some radio and TV spots and did have some savvy election experts advise and organize his campaign in the upcoming states, and really get a ground game going, he can reverse things.

      If Trump wins the nomination, I will strongly and in every way support Trump. If Cruz wins the nomination, I will strongly and in every way support Cruz. I cannot in good conscience vote for a third term of Obama–a traitoress to America who may be indicted any day, or a Socialist.

      1. AmericanBelle1 says

        Trump has hired political strategist Roger Stone who was the successful manager of Ronald Regan’s campaign. He’s only been on staff for a week and is already banned from MSNBC for what they call “inciting riots”…what he’s done is call for every Trump supporter to go to Cleveland and support Trump, and protest the party if they try to steal the election from Trump!
        Let the games begin!

        1. Margaret Thomason says

          Even if we can’t show up at Trump’s rallies, we can still support him by lifting him up in our prayers. Remember that our faith in God can move a mighty mountain. But also Jesus said that whatever we ask of the Father in Jesus name through our faith, that shall we receive!!!
          TRUMP-2016-????,HOPEFULLY A SECOND TERM!!!!!!!!

      2. Margaret Thomason says

        Our constitution does not really permit any one to run a third time. Obummer intentions are to call martial law if Donald Trump gets the president-elect. But there again once the election us over abd sealed, it will really be to late then for Obummer to call martial láw. So if he does call then it will be just right before the election.

    4. MAHB001 says

      The MEDIA is controlled by liberal progressives pushing the country towards socialism/communism.

      We must fight the MEDIA and expose the treachery. Together we can make a difference.

      1. Margaret Thomason says


        1. MAHB001 says


          The beauty of the web site is that you do not have to watch the filth to have a huge impact. The web site is doing it for you.

 tabulates all the advertisers that pay for ads that keep the news on the air. We politely ask the advertisers to move their ads off of the nightly news hours so that our money does not support the propaganda.

          Please consider signing up. And spreading the site on to all you know.

    5. AmericanBelle1 says

      The media, as well as the entire political establishment, is TERRIFIED of Trump going in and exposing all of them for their corruption. Voters made sure during the last 4 years that we fill political offices with conservatives to stop Obama’s agenda and the destruction of our nation. There are more governorships and state legislatures that are now conservative, the House has a GOP majority, and the Senate has a GOP majority. And where did that lead? NOWHERE! They did absolutely nothing to stop Obama…our rights continue to be stripped from us, our Constitution shredded, and the divisiveness in the country is far more prominent than during the Civil War!
      Going with conservatives to straighten the country didn’t work. That’s why millions have come together to support Trump because he’s an outsider…a successful businessman…if he can lead and manage successfully more than 500 companies, don’t you think he could handle 50 states??? He refuses lobby money because he will not be beholden to lobbyists! He speaks his mind because he doesn’t believe in political correctness. He was the man to fill this spot and work wonders.
      But the Dump Trump movement has managed to drill holes in the minds of the people, turning them into lemmings voting for one of those do-nothing conservatives we put in place to straighten this mess out! If he couldn’t do anything from the Senate floor, what makes anyone think he can do anything from the oval office? Wisconsin has proven that common sense and practicality are of no concern here…they prefer the same ol’ same ol’ and I look forward to beginning to tear them all down next year when our country goes completely down the tubes! Congratulations!

  4. Albert L Biele says

    No, not the end of Trump, but rather. the end of the Republican party!!

    1. MAHB001 says

      It shouldn’t be the end of the Republican party. It signals the end of the elites control of the republican party. Neither Trump nor Cruz can be considered an establishment candidate.

      What reason would you give to not vote for either candidate?

      1. AmericanBelle1 says

        Coddling up to the Dump Trump movement would do it for me!

        1. MAHB001 says

          Who is coddling?

        2. Frankdidit says

          And we have another libturd with a useless comment. And, if I mat be so bold as to ask, whom are you for? Reply to my post.

        3. hangem'high says

          Amazing that a conservative would even consider associating with black lies matter, or Bernie zombies, unless???

      2. PatriotGal says

        MAH, Cruz is an insider – he IS a sitting Senator who supports TPP and amnesty. His big gift was to shut down the government.
        Trump is not an insider – he has never held a political office.
        TRUMP 2016 and 2020!!

        1. MAHB001 says

          I hear what you are saying PatriotGal, but I don’t think Cruz is an insider. He is NOT controlled by the elites. In fact he was a thorn in the elites side when he Filibustered. It was the elites that stabbed Cruz in the back, while Cruz was doing what he promised the people he would do.

          The elites despised Cruz for his actions. That may be why the elites are publicly showing Cruz support. EVERY CANDIDATE THE ELITES HAVE BACKED HAS LOST.

          I agree Trump is not an insider either.

          I don’t think either one is supported by the elite R establishment.

          I think the elites are backing Hillary now. She is the only one that they elites can control. So they will do whatever it takes to split Republicans to allow Hillary to win.

      3. Margaret Thomason says

        Cruz is and he is really by birth not legally qualified to run for president. But I guess he figures if Obummer can do it then so can he. Yes, Cruz is part of the elite and can be bought.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Still not convinced… No proof of Cruz being an insider, only proof is his actions which have been against the insiders.

          I will tell you what I think. I think the elite insiders on the Republican side want Hillary to win.

          I think they will support Cruz and then at the last minute betray all Republicans and say that Cruz is NOT eligible to be President. That action done at the last minute would secure Hillary’s coronation.

          Which is what the elite insiders want because all their puppets have dropped out of the race. Except perhaps Kasich.

          1. hangem'high says

            The real question you have to ask yourself is can we afford to elect him to find out?

          2. MAHB001 says

            That is the challenge… I said exactly the same thing about Paul Ryan, that we would have to look at his actions to determine his intent. I would have bet that Paul Ryan was a true patriot, his first action was that of a traitor.

            If you listen to Trump, he says all the right words, just like a politician. If you look at Trumps actions without considering his words, he is a liberal…

            My experience with 0-bama says that I MUST weigh a politicians ACTIONS over their words… 0-bama is a classic politician, he lies constantly and people believe those lies.

            I realize how important this election is. I realize that the elites are in a position of control.

            The one positive about both Cruz and Trump is that neither one is the TRUE pick of the republican elites.

            Do your research, vote your conscience.

          3. LiberalsLie says

            What elite insiders on the Republican side are supporting Cruz? They hate him. It’s trumpaganda to suggest otherwise. Senator Graham only gave Cruz grudging support because he knows Trump has no chance. He said he would rather have Kasich, but that the numbers don’t add up for him. So, he stopped somewhat short of an endorsement and did not use the word endorse.

            Are you aware that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that Cruz is a Natural Born Citizen and that the case has been thrown out of court in six other states? The Republican elite would not have the authority to overrule actual court cases that ruled in Cruz’s favor. Even most birthers have given up pursuing the point.

            If Trump is the nominee, Hillary will be our next president. Trump’s negatives are at over 60 %. It will be a landslide for Hillary. The numbers just don’t add up for Trump. Trump, on average only got 38% of the Republican vote. Cruz would have done much better than Trump if Rubio were not in the race as the Conservative vote was split and 80% of Rubio’s supporters would have gone to Cruz.

            Over 40 polls show that Hillary will win big (average 10.6%). Trump has so successfully alienated nearly all social groups, it’s just impossible. 70% of women won’t vote for him, and they represent 53% of the electorate. With Cruz, the matchup with Hillary is within the margin of error. Too close to call !!!

          4. MAHB001 says

            I agree, the elites hate him.. What I was referring to is the support Cruz got for Lindsay Graham… If you can call drinking Cruz’s poison support..

            No I was not aware of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling.. I would suspect that the Supreme Court would rule exactly how 0bama would have them rule…

            As for the Negatives and 60% this and 90% that stuff. I view polls as a way for the pundits to state facts that are not facts… I think they WANT you to believe that Trump will loose, so that they can fix the election so that Trump will loose. They will same the same thing about Cruz…

            The reality is if we do not fix the voting system, none of this will matter. The elites will place Hillary in charge, because they can control Hillary… After all, she would be in jail if she were not compliant with their wishes…

          5. LiberalsLie says

            You ignore negativity ratings at you own peril: that is not smart. Those ratings show where the candidate is headed. On average, Trump got only 38% of the vote in the primaries. If Rubio had not been a spoiler, Cruz would easily have gotten a majority. It is important to realize that Trump has only a plurality, not a majority, and that is due to the fact that the Conservative vote was split. Sorry, but it’s not “stuff” but favorability surveys that have proven accurate in the past. No other candidate in the history of this survey has received such a negative rating. These same surveys show quite different results for Cruz. If they were fixed, they most certainly would have shown the highest unfavorability for a Conservative.

            Given Trump’s propensity to alienate large social groups with his mouth, why would anyone doubt these polls? Among women, 70% view Trump unfavorably, and they represent 53% of the electorate. Where would Trump’s votes come from in a general election?

            Given Trump’s mostly liberal views, there would not be strong support for him among Republicans. HERE’S HOW REPUBLICANS FEEL:

          6. MAHB001 says

            All I am saying is that I think the pundits use these polls to make a authoritative statements they have zero authority to make, Polls are presented as facts, when they are not facts, and nobody quotes a poll that does not support their position.

            The polls are used to control and manipulate the masses. It is sad, but it works.

      4. April Williams says

        Anyone Who Loves Jesus And The Jews And Supports Ted … › Featured › General
        Walid Shoebat
        Loading…Aug 10, 2015 – Ted Cruz, the darling of many is a disaster for Christianity and Jews for many reasons. … cult Ted belongs to with his father Rafael Cruz’ is the dominionist cult. …. Current balance of forces between extremist religious groups …

        1. hangem'high says

          The Jewish Cabal is in controlling everything just not sure how devoted they are to God’s word.

        2. Margaret Thomason says


    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      That would not be a disaster. The incest between the parties within the Washington establishment is becoming more transparent with each passing day, All the Congress-critters are pretty much self serving. I cannot name even one I would consider a pro American and a patriot. We are far past the time for term limits. Our founding fathers never remotely imagined career politicians more concerned with filling their pockets and feeding their egos rather than defending their Nation.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Agree with you on Term limits.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          The only problem I foresee is that politics does not draw our ‘best and brightest’ hence so many failed personal injury and trial lawyers end up there and on day one following their elections they would be pandering Wall Street and K Street for their next position.

          1. MAHB001 says

            But currently without term limits politics is only drawing our best and brightest CRIMINALS….

            Time to populate those positions with good honest patriots, and get them out of the cesspool before they get corrupted.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            I have said for the longest time that if you can’t do then you teach and if you can’t teach, what the hell, run for public office. I have seen that proven here in SE WI repeatedly. In fact at our first Tea Party rally in Madison a number of years ago. I personally nailed down a democrat state representative/prior teacher. It was a beautiful thing to behold. Anyway, he eventually lost his seat to a life long friend of mine and a former LEO. A real good man and true patriot. God bless and keep up the good fight.

          3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I absolutely agree, but where the heck do you find them? Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, John Cornyn and so many more. Elected as TEA party or at least as Conservative and then immediately join the Washington establishment. I’m not even sure about Trey Gowdy and Mike Lee anymore.

          4. MAHB001 says

            They have been in the soup too long. Some are corrupted before they even get elected. I believe Jesus is the only man that could go through that cesspool unscathed….

            That is why term limits are so important.

            The elites in the establishment are losing control. They have been ever since the Tea Party was born. This is a good sign…

          5. hangem'high says

            I’m afraid that they would crucify Jesus all over again for a fistful of silver!


          6. Patriot says

            THE Tea Party is either NAIVE or Also TAKEN OVER.

            JENNIE BETH MARTIN Advocating All members PLEDGE and VOTE CRUZ?

            Unbelievable….and The MINDLESS WILL FOLLOW without THOUGHT.

            IT CERTAINLY MAKES one Wonder what is going on!

            I have been noticing Tea Parties, AND Organizations like AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY Changing…..with RINO’s TAKING OVER and PRESENTING DIFFERENT PITCHES!



          7. MAHB001 says

            The Tea Party has been destroyed by the MEDIA and the GOP. There is no centralized Tea Party and never really has been. The ELITES made sure of that.

            Bottom line the Elites crushed the Tea Party because it was a true grass roots movement that they could not control. So they marginalized it and demeaned it with every dirty trick in the book.

            No doubt the Tea Party has liberal progressive spies working their way up the ranks, because that is exactly what the socialists did to both the Democrat and Republican party…

            From the book, “The Naked Communist” and its list of 45 agenda items the communists are following to take down America.

            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

            I guess we can add the Tea Party to that list.

          8. Patriot says

            Yes….Unfortunately…..ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!

          9. MAHB001 says

            Here is the thing…. The elites can not destroy the People… And the Tea Party rose from the dissent of the people…

            It has already risen again, as proof, look at where all the establishment candidates are right now…. On the sidelines….

            It ain’t over till it’s over….

          10. macushlah says

            Same with Concerned Veterans for America. When we found out that Pete Hegseth was a member of CFR and the backers are the Koch brothers, a bunch of us left. What is a shame is that Pete is the only veteran working in their headquarters. AFP is also controlled by the Koch Bros

          11. Patriot says



          12. jug says

            Cruz is a strict Constitutionalist, NOT a globalst!
            And is making Trump look like the whining fool that he really is!

            Cruz will do the things that Trump is only running his mouth about!
            Trump is, and always been, a big govt type, just like obama and HRC!
            He would be more at home on the democrat ticket!

          13. Patriot says

            Spoken by a CRUZ TROLL Trying hard to MUDDLE and CLOUD OVER CRUZ’s actual history, Statements and Voting Records.
            Ceding the Sovereignty of The UNITED STATES.




          14. jreb57 says

            Government (federal) operation of businesses is socialism. Private operation of businesses is capitalism. Socialism means large intrusive government and high taxes. Our constitution is designed to limit the size and scope of government. Crony capitalism is like making a deal with the devil where some large corporations make deals with the government in order to gain an advantage over their competition

          15. Patriot says


          16. 2Shadow2 says

            Raphael will need an anti-Constitutional decision to even be eligible. He supported NAFTA and TPP which are American job killers. No exactly conservative. His wife is a globalist banker who helped write the North American Treaty when she was with the Council on Foreign Relations. Rapaha supports her and claims he is conservative. Really? No lies there. He is a Bush made politician and they are all NWO all the way. Cruz is proud to be end’sorsed by Jeb Bush who is open borders and NWO. Not exactly conservative. Cruz’s staff spread false rumors that Carson had quit the race to gather more votes for Raphael. Cruz claimed he knew nothing.Raphael actually was so desperate that he blamed Trump for the Chicago protesters and then the Belgium bombing since Trump has just said he wanted to retreat from the UN. (Read carefully: UN Agenda 21) Cruz must think people are stupid enough to not know that the UN is Muslim controlled and so is Belgistan. The best Cruz can hope for is to withhold enough votes from Trump to force a contested convention. And that suicidal mentality will allow the Grand Old Politburo to nominate their chosen family member to lose again to the Progressives. If the GOP takes Cruz as a nominee then you will know without any doubt that he is NWO and is just the next in line to follow the blueprint of Agenda 21.

          17. Patriot says

            Correct. Thank you.

          18. Smart Southerner says

            Cruz is a career politician, nothing more. He has been in government & politics almost his entire life. He’s looking to win the Lottery & become the big enchilada, prez. Do you really think Cruz gives a ratsazz about America or you? If he did he wouldn’t have been at the Mexican border welcoming Illegals.

            Why is it that every time Trump has a good idea that Cruz criticizes him, but when he finds out that it is what Americans want he does a 180, then tries to convince Republicans that it was his idea? LYIN’ CRUZ

            I don’t think I could stand 4 years of Pope Cruz’ whiny voice & lies. We already have a foreign born Liar in the WH…Imam Obama.

          19. hangem'high says

            I’ve actually noticed the same thing!

          20. 2Shadow2 says

            How about his globalist banker wife who helped write the North American Union treaty when she was with the Council on Foreign Relations?? Think about that in the WH.

          21. macushlah says

            If that is true, he would not be running!!! Cruz is a strict Cruz and to hell with ethics or anything else. Why is it that Cruz mimics Trump ideas after they become popular? Its because he is a follower and not a leader. If he thinks that he can reunite this country, he must think of himself as GOD but that he is not

          22. jug says

            You do know that you just described Trump to a Tee?
            And Obama as well!
            Two peas in a pod as to personalities, and lawfulness!

          23. Frank W Brown says

            FULL. OF. SHIT. PERIOD! Mr. Vote Stealing underhanded cruz is EXACTLY like every other candidate except Trump, cruz lost me when he screwed Dr. carson and Marco Rubio with his vote stealing!

          24. jreb57 says

            If Trump wins the nomination, I will support him.If Cruz wins the nomination, I will support him. If the Republicans pull a fast one and try to nominate some one who has either not run or had so few votes that it is evident the voters did not support them, a third party would be in order. Of course, then it is likely Hillary would be elected. You have to give the Democrats credit. They really do understand politics even though they understand nothing else.

          25. Smart Southerner says

            Isn’t that their plan, to continue the Liberal Commie corruption in DC? It’s a win-win proposition for all establishment crooks, both parties.

            They have all morphed into career criminals. Remember that 2014 election, the one where we worked our rears off to get the Republican majority in the Senate? They have done ZERO to stop Obama, which was the whole point of the election!

            We have the House (now run by Boehner 2.0) and the Senate. Anyone seen a filing to impeach Obama for his illegal actions, including the Bergdahl swap? Me, neither.
            Again, America lost.

          26. Tiger says

            I can’t disagree with anything you have said I only want to throw in two surprises and maybe gifts “We the People” have received. I know that millions of us have been praying for something to happen and someone to help us get out of this mess. Low and behold here comes Trump. Doesn’t need the money, not a good debater and admits he never did that before, knows the establishment inside out and says so because he used it in his career, understands lobbyists, knows them, understands big business and he decides to run. He doesn’t need the aggravation, the threats to his family, the insults but he is running. Exposing everyone. The Bilderbergs hate him, he is not a member and the Globalists hate him, he is not a member. Everyone who hates him props him up and puts the wind under his wings because all of the above mentioned are the one’s who have been the undercurrent evil and shadow government who almost has won.

            I see him as one of the gifts. Then comes Comey an honorable and good man so sources say. He flies in the face of O and tells Congress the truth about the refugees and how dangerous they are. He flies in the face of O and even after being called into O’s office and asked to tone down the California incident he goes out there and calls it a Terror Attack, slapping O in the face. Now he tells the State Department to stop their investigation into Hillary’s emails and they did. The man who set-up Hillary’s server is said to have given damning evidence. Comey says he has enough to indict Hillary and Huma. He is still going for it and says if she is not indicted many will leave the FBI and they will expose everything on her. Comey is our only hope to take Hillary out and the Dems won’t run Bernie they will run Biden. Comey another gift as I see it.

            So maybe just maybe the forces of good are letting the American people know that all is not lost and that we need to stick together, make America great again and be more positive about this election. ;p

          27. 2Shadow2 says

            Thanks for the positive discussion. I hope you are right. No pun intended. May Americans have grown so cynical and rightfully distrusting of government that they don’t even bother to vote. Along come the Donald and the voter turnout is larger than ever. But still there is this lingering complacency, so I give you:


          28. Tiger says

            Love it.

          29. jreb57 says

            We are headed in the wrong direction. We have a slight chance to correct this with a Republican administration’ We have no chance with the Democrats.

          30. Tiger says

            The Democrats are no more. They died with O the Progressive/Socialist and now he is going Full Monty showing who he is to the world. This last gig he pulled going to Cuba and ignoring the Brussels situation raised eyebrows and the tone in papers abroad.

            They now have a Socialist and another Progressive running under their banner. Nobody has bothered to ask Bernie how a Socialist plans to treat the Constitution and our other documents that created this Republic. All they hear is “Free Stuff” and even that is a conundrum seems even the biggest dullard would ask who pays for it? How can we have free college? Are all those who make the college run going to work for free? Somebody has to get paid in order to pay for the free stuff.

            Yes the Democrats are good at what they do. They slander and they are vile in every sense of the word and then holler when Republicans play the same game. They are Medusa they kill with a look. It will be interesting to see what happens, hopefully the Republican party will realize this is their last rodeo and do the right thing.

          31. 2Shadow2 says

            You mean the Democrat party has returned to the Socialist party, no? Semantics really but what the heck. “Weekend at Bernie’s” is yet another putz who thinks he can be the first to not fail at Communism. Really?? Good luck with that. I love the Medusa analogy. I mean use a mirror and take a look at the current crop Hillary, Peloopy, or Wasserman Shultz.. As Bill Cosby used to say in his prime; “Whoooo laaawd!!” Or just have a larf on me with this:

          32. Tiger says

            Yes you are right the Democrats and I have posted it, have many in Congress who are members of the Socialist and Communist parties.

            LMAO thanks for the HAHA.

          33. Tiger says

            Ohhhhhh my word this is fall on the floor laugh my backside off funny.

          34. 2Shadow2 says

            “Thank you very much. I’ll be here all week”. And the absolute proof that Hillary is a liar:

          35. Tiger says

            OH you are a hoot what a great day I have had on the net. Oh I got one for you. Love this hope you enjoy reminds me of what it would be if all of us on here were in one room.

          36. Tiger says
          37. 2Shadow2 says

            Benny Hill!!?? Funny program and funny video. Our representatives do not have the guts to fight face to face with anyone. They prefer the coyote mind set. From the back or use the press from a distance. I recall the David Frost Show which I thought brilliant for its time. He oncehad a cut of British Parlament and I swear 5 guys in a row were sleeping though a session. Frost quipped it looked more like “Freddy and the Dreamers” Haw.

          38. Tiger says

            For sure that. I watched the first debates in Parliament on leaving the EU a few weeks back and it is just like that. Some snoring and some roaring. The Parliament sent O a letter telling him to butt out of their business they had some raw words for him during the debate when the PM brought him up.

          39. 2Shadow2 says

            Good oh, tha’ Did you see the little blub last week when Holland, the Muslim’s choice was in DC? He blathered on about this and that but actually used the forbidden phrase “Muslim terrorists” responsible for the Paris and Brussels attacks. It was censored out from the record of his talk and not allowed anywhere in MSM news. Including Faux News. Is that not clear indication of a a dictatorship??

          40. Tiger says

            I knew about this but I keep the TV off all day because I like the winds and all to come through my open windows and hear the birds outside, I live in the woods. I get my news from the international news and the sources of stories on the net. I like it better.

            Yes a Dictator pure and proper and this is America who would have ever thought we would come to this? Along with a Socialist running for president. What in the world would Bernie do with our Constitution if he did get into office? Nobody has asked him. We are a Republic and what about his Oath of office to uphold that Constitution? How could he possibly even operate in the WH see that is when I know this is a horse and pony show and Biden is going to step in.

          41. Tiger says

            Take a look at this video and what the Constitutional lawyers had to say to Congress.


          42. 2Shadow2 says

            Indeed. I love it when Hussein and others get in front of the cameras and talk about a broken immigration system. WTH? A series of laws that are not enforced including one that basically prohibits Muslims and Communists from entering the USA.?? Whose breaking the immigration system again?? Ahhhaaa!! Dinesh D’Souza has made some harsh predictions in the past 5 years and they have all come true. He is not alone and there are a number of smart people who say there will be no election this year. Here is a guy who supports your belief that Biden will get in the race.

          43. Tiger says

            Sometimes because the cards have been stacked up plainly to see the plan, as O’s now stack up coming up with the answers and knowing what comes next.

            Like the sidewinder that makes it’s way sooner or later to it’s prey.

          44. 2Shadow2 says

            TGIS..Like the old CW song line “Been down so long it looks like up to me.” For your Saturday larf I give you:

          45. Tiger says

            LMAO too funny and too true. Consistent in flip flopping.

          46. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL Sleep deprived she was truth deprived. If only she were under sniper and RPG fire.

          47. 2Shadow2 says

            And jest one ‘mo for Johnny Cash.
            Drones with your name on them?? You have become the new ” Memphis Belle” ??

          48. 2Shadow2 says

            Once upon a time there was this guy who felt like he had something to fight for.

          49. Tiger says

            Millions still do. I could tell you some things but I already have drones with my name on them.

            Suffice it to say thousands of youth living in mommas basement are real pros at hacking and they are doing it daily.

          50. Tiger says

            I take issue with him saying the majority of Americans would call on the government to protect them when the gangs start running through our streets in my neck of the woods and all over this country people will shoot them. So the inner cities will go down in flames but those in the rural areas and those high in the mountainous regions will survive and shoot.

          51. Tiger says

            OHHHHH LMAO again. ;p

          52. MAHB001 says

            Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Communist…
            At this point, What difference does it make?

          53. Tiger says

            You said it. Again here is one of my favorite funny video for relief. This is what I imagine would happen if all of us on here got together.

          54. 2Shadow2 says

            As it seems likely that a contested convention will prevail it will not matter much since the Grand Old Politburo will nominate one of their cosa nuestra members and, as with the past two elections, that will be a sure loser. The fly in the ointment would be if Hillary by some divine intervention gets indicted and the country is not completely Communist enough yet to vote for Sanders

          55. Tiger says

            Last I heard the lawyers are trying to keep those involved with her emails and her from testifying. Comey insisted the State Department stop it’s investigation into her emails and they did. Comey from what I have read is an honorable and good man who will indeed expose everything on her if she is not indicted. I said she would not be the candidate from the start and I truly don’t believe she will. They won’t run Sanders that old Walrus is a farce and even the Democrats know that they will run Biden. If O pardons her or lets her off the hook she won’t be able to run after that.

            If the Republicans do what you say they are dead in the water and like the Democrats they are no more. Democrats died with O, the Progressive/Socialist. Now another Progressive and a Socialist running under their banner. They are stumped when asked about this, especially Bernie who tries to say he is a Democrat Socialist, the two don’t mix, two completely different concepts.

          56. 2Shadow2 says

            From Rocky and Bullwinkle I give you: Hiya, hiya hiya, Tiger! You make excellent points. I forgot about Biden which would be almost as funny at the GOP putting Ryan or Romney on the Cirque du Soleil ticket. I prefer to label the DOC nominees Socialist and Communist even though the difference is not easy to define. Considering the truly heinous past crimes of the Clinton mafia that have gone untouched legally, I am doubtful that anything will come of this. A classic legal tactic is to let a case get so redundant and so moldy that the public just falls asleep. Not that it take that much to accomplish public hypnotism in a nation where half the population is supported by the proletariat. is Not even SCOTUS respects conflict of interest anymore. Lynch is in the middle of the proceedings and that is yet another very bad sign. I never thought I would see the day that the legal system of government could be so corrupted. It has long been so with the legislative and executive branches but now the law??

          57. Tiger says

            Excellent post and filled with laughs. Well Comey will spill the beans either way and as far as never thinking you would see the day our government so corrupted I am with you 100%. In the beginning I was shocked at O’s antics, I would think oh this is bad somebody going to stop him, then after a lull I would get hit with something worse than before until I was hit with so much wrong not being addressed or corrected I became immune to it. I realized nothing would stop him and nothing has.

            We must win in 2016.

          58. 2Shadow2 says

            All the pigs on both sides of the pen want a seat at the trough.

            2016 is indeed a massive year, and if Trump gets any where near closing the deal before the convention he better watch his backside. These people are ugly beyond action movies.

          59. Tiger says

            I am in full agreement with you on this the grip on the Nation is a tight one, with many arms involved holding it they are truly dangerous people and I still believe Scalia’s death too convenient. I was thinking Comey best watch his back also but if too many dissidents in the spotlight disappear then the gig is up most people will smell it.

            I have worried Trump would be badly injured and one of his children seriously hurt for sometime now, even before the threats began to do just that. This president doesn’t even speak to these threats, the BLM, Hispanics and Muslims stopping Trump from speaking, that is a disgrace and another Black mark on his Blacker than Black Soul.

          60. Margaret Thomason says

            Tiger, Gods almighty protecting hands are upon Donald Trump and his family. If any thing should happen then God will allow it. I do not really fear for Donald Trump because of the assurance that God Almighty has given me. I do pray for him every day that he will allow God to direct him and let God have control of all his campaign rallies. I fear more so for our country in whole. We had become a people of acceptance toward each other, but since this two face black jackals went into our high test office, he has deliberately destroyed what had been accomplished over the long dark racial years. This jackals has brought on a great division not just between colors, but all people. He has deliberately destroyed and corrupt our government and our US Constitution. I think it is time that every one come together once again and embrace each other in Christian brotherly love!!
            In my opinion it is not black lives matter, but ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!
            TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!

          61. Tiger says

            Absolutely beautiful and what a glorious day I have had reading so many wonderful posts like yours.

            Thank you and yes right on.

          62. Tiger says

            I have seen this list before and have been aware of these thoughts for sometime now. This is why the Bilderberg and Globalist hate Trump so he is a fly in the ointment.

            I remember recently someone sent me a video that vanished about the real convention in Rio years ago that was attended by Bush Sr. His speech after days of listening to how these countries would get from us was something to hear. It was taken by a woman married to a Diplomat and she was a Prize doll so attended all these affairs. Years later she released this video she took on her cell phone and she spoke about just these plans for the world and especially America.

            I will see if I can find it. We are in trouble. My grandfather was a Consul who ran an underground to get Elites and Intelligentsia out of Communist countries, he was found out and banished to Siberia where my mother was born. They escaped the night before they were to be slaughtered and hid for years finally ending-up in the Philippines where with the Blessings of the president there he continued his underground. They were put in the POW camps for the duration of the war and I never dreamed there might come a day, when in this country me and mine would have to worry about such things.

            Makes me very sad.

          63. 2Shadow2 says

            Thanks for the bio. I thought you looked a little like Joan Rivers. : ) I had a girlfriend years ago who’s father was Filippino and a US Army intelligence officer during Viet Nam. Frank Villas. Tough guy. When I finally got there to site a shrimp hatchery for Dole in Mindanao I got into really hot water in Manila when the young biologist with me insisted on going to Marcos’ mansion and I finally gave in, only to start making wise cracks in the cab about Imelda’s 3000 pairs of shoes. And the reason she was no longer there was because someone slipped a pair of odor eaters in her shoes. Well, the cab driver was a Marcos fanatic and lit off like no other. Jumped out pulled a knife and just read me the riot act. I did not need the confrontation or him to incite a gang of crazies on me, so I was going over my two options when an angel saved me. Around the corner comes a group of Aquino voters with banners and drums and the whole parade. The cab driver somehow manages to dial up his crazy to another level and goes wild after the Aquino crowd. This allowed me and my aide to slink of into the nearby market and run back to the hotel bar to recover our smile. In Mindano, at the time, the Dole people kept harping about Muslim terrorists from Indonesia being all over the island and it was unsafe and dangerous and on and on. The following morning after the incessant fear mongering we set off in several cars to review potential shrimp hatchery locations. After a drive and in the middle of total jungle, the driver says he has to relieve himself and stops by some banana trees and heavy undergrowth. I’m in the back and after the driver gets out this vehicle pulls up fast behind us and there are four guys with M-16’s sticking out of the window. I have Muslim terrorist on the brain and bolt out the door barrel role into the jungle and am half way to Manila when one of the Filippino staff members finally gets within ear shot of me to say: “Stop, stop they are our guards.” Well, hell. The only thing I could do was give everyone my best impression of Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau. “Luk hai hav a bump own may haid….”

          64. Tiger says

            Welcome and what a funny story. I was nearly kidnapped twice in Germany. The Muslims had a Fatwa out to capture an American female soldier and decapitate her on film. I hadn’t heard the news and was on my way to the train station when a car filled with Arabs drove up to the curb and one jumped out to come at me.

            All I remember was screaming at the top of my lungs, running like the wind and swinging my backpack all around me. Made it to the guard shack and the MP’s said they had not a clue what I was running from nothing behind me. Running, screaming works.

            As to Mindano it was always known as the place of the headhunters according to my mother when she told me stories of the Philippines and she also spoke of the pirates of Bagio they were of course Muslims that we know now.

            In my travels around the world from East to West and the ME I have had some harrowing experiences. But this is one of the best I have heard in years. Thank you for the ha ha.

          65. Diane Jackson says

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          66. MAHB001 says

            The same stall tactics got 0bama off on all of his scandals.
            Fast and Furious
            on and on…

            We the People have to figure out how to hold our politicians accountable.

          67. Tiger says

            Pees me up big time and wanting to pee on somebody.

          68. ringostarr1 says

            Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have one thing in common. Sanders is not a Democrat, he is a Marxist although he is running for the Democrat Party’s nomination, and Trump is a Progressive Democrat even if he running on the Republican ticket, his motivation is to help elect Hillary and her husband “Bill.”

          69. Tiger says

            OK wow one flew over the cuckoo nest and too many followed I am not one of them.

          70. MAHB001 says

            It would have to be divine intervention, as the people involved are too corrupt to indict Hillary.

          71. 2Shadow2 says

            The lingering headache I have is some of the same others have posted today. The corruption around the e-mails is far more widespread and all encompassing than we are really being allowed to view. The tip of the iceberg so to speak. Hillary no doubt has enough info on high ranking people to blackmail her freedom. We have been sold out and the Communists have slowly eaten away at our pride and character like termites in supporting beams over time. There are so many people in positions of government in this administration that cannot pass the background check of the Secret Service who protect them that the only real question after Hussein became POTUS was: how high up does the corruption really go?

          72. MAHB001 says

            Obviously, the corruption goes all the way to the top…

            As I see it, the real question is now that it is at the top, what do We the People do to eradicate the termites?? That is, without burning the house down….

          73. 2Shadow2 says

            From the movie “Risky ‘Business” I give you the classic line: “Sometime you just have to say what the f#$k”
            Get behind Judicial Watch Heritage House and all other active lobbying organizations. Get behind the real conservative candidates if you can find them, attend Town Halls. Vote the pricks out if the elections are even fair anymore. I wonder on that one big time. Otherwise we march on the capital and disrupt which will get ugly as the Bolshevik paid agitators will get nasty. Finally if it comes to civil war so be it. Jefferson himself said you have to rest the government from time to time with a revolt. Sad but it’s that or serfdom.

          74. MAHB001 says

            I believe the elections are fixed… We the People no longer know who is counting the votes…. As near as I can tell, the elites are counting the votes… No reason to think they will be honest about it.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            Joseph Stalin

            If you are an activist, join my Boycott…

            I am convinced that if enough people get behind the boycott that we will rob the liberals of one of their most powerful tools… The corrupt media.

            Please consider joining. And get everyone you know to join.

          75. hangem'high says

            killary’s Emails are so classified the tentacles stretch far and wide in DC monarchy wrapping around all the ruling elite, Republicans and Democrats alike? It might actually cause the globalist pyramid to come crashing to the ground. That in its self could be why the Emails are so classified not even the FBI or CIA can read them!

            And that’s why I believe, Hillary believes she’s protected and untouchable!

            Exception, if TRUMP is elected then she and all traitors involved will more than likely see the inside walls of Gitmo?

          76. MAHB001 says

            Well stated.

          77. 2Shadow2 says

            No need to endorse the blind. Side note: Is you caps key stuck to the on position?

          78. Patriot says

            No…..written deliberately.

          79. ringostarr1 says

            While the yahoo wing of the Republican Party looks down its patrician noses at me and call me meaningless names like RINO, If Trump is the GOP’s nominee I shall pull the leaver besides the name, Donald Trump. Loyalty to country first and party second is what us RINOs are about. Unfortunately Donald Trump is not a loyal or ever a particularity patriotic American. Donald Trump first and foremost is only loyal to Donald Trump followed closely by the all-mighty dollar and coming in a close 3rd is the Donald’s close friends Bill & Hell’ary Clinton followed by Nancy Pelosi. Don’t take my words for it, listen to it coming right out of the Donald’s own mouth.

          80. Smart Southerner says

            Agree 100%

          81. Smart Southerner says

            Trey Gowdy turned out to be a Yuuuuuuuuge disappointment. He should have filed criminal charges against Hildebeast for allowing 4 Americans to die in Benghazi & her deliberate lies about the attack.

            When Hillary Rotten Clinton was in the hearing she laughed about Ambassador Stevens’ request for additional security several months before the attack. She said she thought he was joking! Too bad we didn’t have one single legislator with balls enough to order her put in handcuffs right then & there. Where was the outrage?!?

          82. Patriot says


            Conclusion: THEY BOTH HAVE NONE!

          83. Patriot says

            AMEN BROTHER!

          84. jreb57 says

            I agree with the logic of your post, but as the saying goes, these days good help is hard to find.

          85. MAHB001 says

            Never give up, never give in.

          86. ringostarr1 says

            Politics (many blood sucking parasites, remember?) also seems to draw it’s share of failed Professional Wrestling Promoters and busted casino owners, I mean the guy pictured below.

          87. MAHB001 says

            Yep, gonna get nasty…

            BTW, clever editing can get any candidate to say anything. Even the truth, as he sees it….


          88. April Williams says

            This is why I am voting for Trump. He is not a politician. He wants to make America great.

        2. Maria Nussbaum says

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          1. MAHB001 says

            Flagged you again scum puppet.

      2. Patriot says

        And OUR FOUNDING FATHERS could Never have imagined a totally AMORAL/IMMORAL SOCIETY Created purposely by the most VILE and EVIL INDIVIDUALS and Countries who PLOT and EXECUTE the DESTRUCTION of the United States every breathing moment of their day.












        1. Margaret Thomason says


        2. Defend America says

          You forgot inciting racism bringing it to an all time high.

          1. Patriot says

            Did Not want to write an Epic….keep ADDING ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS….THANK YOU!

        3. Smart Southerner says

          Good post! After Obama, I am flabbergasted that so many Republicans are so quick to jump out there & vote for another foreigner. Reminds me of 2008, just 7 years after 9/11 when half this country lost their minds & voted for a Muslim.

          1. Croco Dile says

            ….. a very strange Muslim.


          2. 2Shadow2 says

            Hussein is once again practicing Taquiyya. The hypocritical tool outlined in the Koran which tells followers of the political ideology disguised as a religion to “disguise themselves as their enemies in order to defeat them.”

          3. Croco Dile says

            True, those religious books are full of lying prophets.
            Like this one :
            “The sun will be darkened, the moon will give no light, the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers in the heavens will be shaken. And then at last, the sign that the Son of Man is coming will appear in the heavens, and there will be deep mourning among all the peoples of the earth. And they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he will send out his angels with the mighty blast of a trumpet, and they will gather his chosen ones from all over the world – the farthest ends of the earth and heaven.”…… an insane liar.

          4. Sissy Sarpong says

            Who is a prophet dear Crocodile?!

          5. Croco Dile says

            Insane liars were calling themselves prophets in distant past.

            Maybe in not too distant past also ?

          6. hangem'high says

            Like U most are atheist!


          7. Croco Dile says

            No, the insane are always delusional theists.

          8. hangem'high says

            You have my sympathies.

          9. Croco Dile says

            Hanging guy, who was born by a mortal virgin mother and had a divine Father, and was known as the “Saviour of the world”? Before he was born his parents wandered to a bigger town, and prophets had foretold his birth and that he would be a king. This instigated a search for the infant Saviour by a leading figure who wanted to kill him. After growing up the Son of God was shown all the kingdoms of the world from a high mountain. He also walked on water and when he met his end his mother and his favorite disciple stood by him. He then tells his mother : “Do not cry, I’m going to heaven”. When he dies he utter : “It is finished” and the earth trembles and darkness cover the land. Then he ascended to heaven, and his greatest achievement was to conquer death.

            His name was of course…Hercules.

          10. hangem'high says

            Hercules met his end on a chariot not sure what war but off the top of my head on an assault of TROY? Where a strange arrow and circumstance just happen to Pierce his ankle where Zeus’s thump print had keep the immortal bath from covering his total body!

            Christ on the other hand gives anyone who believes on his name a chance at a better life, through the glory of the one living God! That this man has been ordained for greater things besides death and suffering whether you believe in him or not, your destiny is preordained! “I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb!
            “Jesus Christ the Jews Messiah, if they should accept him!

          11. Croco Dile says

            It seems you are confusing Hercules with Achilles…..

            But do you know who was the Son of the highest God, and the biggest healer in Antiquity? He healed the sick and even raised the dead. Hear and behold: former paralysed walked again, the blind could miraculously see again, and the deaf could listen and the mute speak after the Master’s gentle touch! But he did not only heal the body, he also healed the soul. They called him Saviour and Redeemer, and he healed both rich and poor, men and women, young and old, slaves and free men, friends and enemies. In one occasion a paralysed man was brough to him in his bed, and took his bed and left walking after the Saviour had touched him. What was this Saviour’s name?

            … Asklepios.

          12. Margaret Thomason says

            The blessed Savior and Redeemer is JESUS CHRIST the Beloved SON of the MOST HIGH GOD THE GREAT JEHOVAH, THE GREAT I AM!!!!

          13. Croco Dile says

            Margaret, who was the real Son of God, born by a mortal virgin mother, and often presented as the venerated newborn infant, or depicted riding a donkey? He healed the sick and did numerous wonders, among those making fine wine from plain water. He was killed but resurrected from the dead and became immortal. The followers of this God often ate a holy meal in a kind of sacramental union with the deity to achieve immortality after their death. One of this god’s finest achievements was his death, his sacrifice, which delivers the whole human kind.

            The God was the very popular Dionysos.

          14. leewacker says

            Sorry, Margaret, but Jehovah was actually a usurper god, who muscled his way into the circle of gods with lies and promises of grandeur! I could never stomach him!

          15. leewacker says

            Whee! I think, sir, you are getting yourself into deep dodo with the born-again Christians! They will not take kindly to your history lessons!

          16. Croco Dile says

            Happens all the time 🙂
            It’s a hobby of mine…..

          17. leewacker says

            No, the demigod who died when an arrow pierced his ankle was Achilles!

          18. hangem'high says

            Good point! Hercules must been the one that died after getting his hair cut, doing curls?
            LOVE will get you every time!

          19. leewacker says

            How SICKENING!
            I am not a Christian, but this offends me as it should all Christians and Jews!

          20. Croco Dile says

            But it’s true. Those insane liars did call themselves “prophets”.

          21. TAM44 says

            obama is a very sickening son of Satan.

          22. 2Shadow2 says

            I think I mentioned that I do not consider the Islam or it’s book a religion. And for better clarification there are a great deal of metaphors in ancient books. Particularly the ones which have been translated repeatedly from one ancient language to another and back where the original words get translated with great imagination. And then there is always the political intervention to subjugate the serfs to a controllable doctrine. Much like Common Core. I would think the “Satanic Verses” are perhaps the best modern revelation of that movement.

          23. Croco Dile says

            Those monotheistic Abrahamic sects are created for mind control of the gullible.

          24. hangem'high says

            What exactly does the white cap signify?

          25. Croco Dile says

            Must be some jewish symbolism.
            I don’t know.

          26. hangem'high says

            I’ve seen them in black, but never white?


          27. Margaret Thomason says

            One cannot be a muslim and a Christian at the same time. A muslim has to be converted to Christianity through the blood of Jesus Christ!!!!
            The muslim god allah does not really exists and their prophet muhammad’s bones are still in his grave(if he ever existed)!!
            There is but one true Living God and that is God Almighty the great Jehovah, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit!!!! Any other god is a false god and turn away from it!!!

          28. hangem'high says

            Nor can the Jews be saved without excepting Christ.


      3. Tiger says

        Term limits are in order for sure. There are 28 Patriots in Congress and two of them come from Florida. Richard Nugent has three sons downrange, works for veterans and he and the other 27 were the one’s who began the demise of Boehner. Surely Ryan has proven to be worse than Boehner and the entire Congress, with the exception of the above 28, have proven to be traitors to the people.

        Time for the end to the Republican and Democrat parties although the Democrats died with O. A Progressive/Socialist and now they have a Socialist and Progressive running under their banner for president. We best win this next election.

        I have heard Bernie say he was a Democrat Socialist. I looked up the terms and there is no comparison of one to the other, there is no such animal yet the Left has created it with Bernie. I would like to ask him what does he intend to do with the Constitution if he wins? What about our other documents? We are a Republic and how can he pledge an Oath to honor the Constitution if he is a Socialist? Serious questions are not being asked and I am dismayed at the crowds Bernie is drawing to him.

        We must win this next election.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Too bad that Rich is retiring. He is my Rep. and overall pretty much an A rating.

          1. Tiger says

            Yes I am so fond of him. He worked on a problem I had with the DOD and I have gotten to know him very well. It will be a huge loss.

    3. MAHB001 says

      A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Socialism/communism.
      A non vote is a vote for Socialism/communism.
      A vote for Trump or Cruz is a vote for our Constitution and way of life.

      1. El says

        Right on, man

      2. Albert L Biele says

        The country is digressing quickly into a secular, liberal progressive society. The necessity to vote is not simply about a candidate, but to assure that the Supreme Court is ruled by conservative principles. I know we are in the heat of this political cycle and there are a lot of Christians who think that if we just get the right guy in office then somehow all of our problems will be solved. Well, I don’t think that any person, any party or philosophy is going to save the nation. We are experiencing the signs of the times as delineated in biblical prophecy.

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Finally someone on here who truly “gets it”. They are all the same and have nobody’s interests at heart other than their own desires and interests.

        2. Patriot says

          The EVIL UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21/ AGENDA 2030 followed by Local. State and Federal Governments, and ALL ANTI- AMERICAN TRAITORS WORLDWIDE.

        3. MAHB001 says

          I understand what you are saying, but God is still leaving this up to us…

          Every choice we make reflects something.

          So we must keep on doing our best…

          1. Albert L Biele says

            Perfect doesn’t exist in this world; we are saved by grace alone.
            The glorious day of Christ return will serve as a revelation to those who have aggressively fought to restrain the pathway of Gods message, promise, and gift to an eternal life in Heaven. The cleansing of sin though the blood of Christ is the gift that leads to Grace; it’s an offering of clemency just for the asking.

          2. April Williams says

            Amen, but we can’t just sit here and wait either, that is not what God commanded us to do.

          3. Albert L Biele says

            If the world leaders had just a little faith, it would lead to Grace which is really the only pathway to Peace. Unfortunately, given enough time, power has the ability to corrupt the best of us. No sooner does someone attains power, do they realize, they can convert that power into assets. They’ll ‘hem and horn’ for a while, until the powers and principalities they can’t see takes over, telling them “It’s alright to take advantage of the system; they all do it.” This is why dictatorships, and any form of socialism doesn’t work and, why career politicians stray from being representatives of the people, when in power, too long. And this is not taking into consideration those who are corrupt prior to being elected. The worst people in power are those who make laws against the laws of God; it legalizes sin. The objective is to stay on the narrow road, at all cost.

            The saddest part of the Bible is the end time epilogue; “The road is narrow and few will find it.” What this means is that there are many who will fall by the way-side, no matter what we do. Hold onto the gift of life, it’s the most valuable asset on the planet.

          4. Defend America says

            Tell that to GOP the way they have ignored the voters and did everything they could to destroy Trump is disgraceful. They will do it to Cruz as well mark my words. I agree Trump did not conduct himself in a Presidential way but they would have tried to destroy him either way, because he was saying what the voters wanted and needed to hear and that went against their best interest ( $$$$$$ )

            I am beginning to think that all of them including Cruz would sell their soul for the almighty $$$.
            Trump was and is our only hope but I am afraid the media — liberals and GOP have gotten their way because people are to blind to see what is starring them in the face. Hope everyone will be happy when this Country is destroyed.

          5. MAHB001 says

            This problem has been staring the voters in the face for YEARS now.

            I believe the people are waking up, I believe the People are fighting back.

            I also acknowledge that the elites still have many evil and devious tricks that they will play on us all. All of the tricks are designed to keep them in power.

            No one will be happy when the Country is destroyed, except the elite. And that is their goal anyway.

      3. April Williams says

        A vote for Cruz is a vote for a new world order

        1. MAHB001 says

          I for one am not convinced of that.

          1. hangem'high says

            I apologize if I posted this before, but its dead on!

            And Cruz is its biggest supporter along with John Kasich.


          2. MAHB001 says

            I do not trust TPP either.

            Cruz has reversed his support of TPP. I think Cruz is trying to correct that wrong…

            It is also sad that a political candidate can not come out and admit that they are wrong and they have to go through all these gyrations to make it look like they did not lie or change their minds…

            You either trust him or you do not. I think Cruz no longer supports the TPP.

          3. hangem'high says

            I think the damage is done, but “God Bless America”
            Because if this election turns out the way the ruling elite intends, he’s the only one that will be able to comfort us in the coming events.

          4. MAHB001 says

            The ruling elites on the Republican side have no horse in the race, except for Kasich…

            So I think the Republican elites have decided to back Hillary as that is the only one they can control…. I believe the elites will spread lies about both Cruz and Trump in order to split the party. They know that a split party means a Hillary win.

            Bernie was allowed to run just so that the elites could avoid the People calling Hillary’s coronation a coronation… Bernie will never win, he does not count the votes.

            This is the big socialists push, this election, if Hillary is coronated, the change will be accelerated.

            Because the people are catching on… They are awakening on both sides.

          5. Patriot says

            Don’t Bet On it!
            Cruz WILL VOTE FOR TPP…..JUST WATCH.


            CRUZ IS A FRAUD.

      4. LiberalsLie says

        I’ve never heard Trump talk about the Constitution. Cruz refers to it often. Since when do New York lifelong liberals care about the Constitution? Trump supported the Obama agenda by heaping money on Reid, Pelosi and Schumer at a time when Cruz was opposing the Obama agenda. Do you believe Reid etc. are guardians of the Constitution? No, they are enemies of the Constitution and Trump supported their agenda. I believe Trump would use executive orders to bypass Congress just like Obama. CEO’s are not by nature democratic. He’s already talking about unconstitutional acts. Is single-payer healthcare in the Constitution? Where?

        “Trump has threatened to ignore those who are carping about free speech and shut down parts of the Internet; he has promised to summarily deport those who are suspected of being illegal immigrants, without due process of law; he has endorsed extensive campaign-finance regulations that fly directly in the face of the First Amendment; he has vowed to restrict the Second Amendment rights of those on the terror watch list, again without due process; he has praised Franklin Roosevelt’s internment of American citizens, suggested that natural-born Americans can be deported against their will, and proposed that American Muslims be barred from reentering the country; he has described as “wonderful” a Supreme Court ruling that obliterated the “public use” limitations on the invocation of eminent domain; and he has refused to rule out registering Americans on the basis of their faith. Worse still, he has responded to the criticism that these positions have generated by channeling his inner Nancy Pelosi: “Are you serious?” ”

        Read more at:

        “Speaking of religious liberty, there is also Trump’s belief that the government should have the power to close mosques. Needless to say, the First Amendment plainly forbids the government from taking the truly authoritarian step of shuttering houses of worship, be they mosques, churches, synagogues, or temples.

        In addition to protecting the free exercise of religion, the First Amendment also protects freedom of speech and freedom of the press. So of course Trump has come out against those two constitutional principles as well. Trashing free speech, Trump has said the government should be able to censor parts of the Internet. Trashing freedom of the press, Trump wants to gut libel law so that it will be easier for him to sue (and thus silence) those journalists who write unkind things about him. Just like a crybaby advocate of political correctness, Trump wants to hollow out the First Amendment in order to make a “safe space” for himself.”

        1. MAHB001 says

          Thank you for the informative post.

        2. Margaret Thomason says


          1. LiberalsLie says


            First of all, I am deeply insulted that you think I am so uninformed that I’m not going to disprove the trumpaganda about Cruz being part of the Establishment. I understand that this is what Trump supporters say to each other, but please keep the trumpaganda to yourself. Billionaire Trump is very much a part of the liberal Establishment and always has been.

            First of all, Trump is fond of saying that Cruz doesn’t get along with anybody. If that’s the case, then how you claim Cruz is part of the Establishment when your idol clearly says they hate him too????? How can they hate Cruz if Cruz is one of them????? Do you ever think of the nonsensical, contradictory trumpaganda you spout? You can’t make the argument both ways. Cruz went against an Establishment endorsed Senator in 2012, Cruz was backed by the anti-Establishment Tea Party who still backs him, Cruz went against the Establishment on Obamacare (2013) and was the only Senator to filibuster, Cruz went against the Establishment in 2014 on the issue of Immigration, Cruz went against the Establishment on Planned Parenthood (2015) wanting to defund it, 2015: The Export-Import Bank supported by the Establishment were angry with Cruz over a showdown last summer over an obscure government agency that helps fund risky U.S. investment abroad, the Export-Import Bank. Cruz wanted this FDR Depression era agency closed.

            If you are part of the Establishment you don’t dare call Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor.

            5 times Ted Cruz went to war with the Republican establishment


            You know who’s part of the Establishment: billionaire New York liberal Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, he is part of the liberal democrat Establishment that he was supporting with his money while Cruz was fighting against the Obama agenda. Trumps says he’s good friends with Pilosi, Reid and Schumer and would have no problems cutting deals with them. I guess you would like a president cutting deals with disgusting leftists. I don’t. Cruz would not cut deals with them. Many of Trump’s ideas are quite liberal.

            The Pennsylvania Supreme Court says Ted Cruz is a Natural Born Citizen.


            Six other courts have tossed out the case. The PA Supreme Court ruled on Ted Cruz’s case substantively. Therefore, you have no legal basis for making that claim. It’s nothing more than your opinion, and no court of law agrees with you.

            You should be aware that it is considered rude to put your entire comment in caps. It is the equivalent of yelling, and it is against the posting guidelines.


          2. LiberalsLie says

            The Pennsylvania Supreme Court says Ted Cruz is a Natural Born Citizen.


            Six other courts have tossed out the case. The PA Supreme Court ruled on Ted Cruz’s case substantively. Therefore, you have no legal basis for making that claim. It’s nothing more than your opinion, and no court of law agrees with you.

            You should be aware that it is considered rude to put your entire comment in caps. It is the equivalent of yelling, and it is against the posting guidelines.

          3. LiberalsLie says

            First of all, I am deeply insulted that you think I am so uninformed that I’m not going to disprove the trumpaganda about Cruz being part of the Establishment. I understand that this is what Trump supporters say to each other, but please keep the trumpaganda to yourself. Billionaire Trump is very much a part of the liberal Establishment and always has been.

            First of all, Trump is fond of saying that Cruz doesn’t get along with anybody. If that’s the case, then how you claim Cruz is part of the Establishment when your idol clearly says they hate him too????? How can they hate Cruz if Cruz is one of them????? Do you ever think of the nonsensical, contradictory trumpaganda you spout? You can’t make the argument both ways. Cruz went against an Establishment endorsed Senator in 2012, Cruz was backed by the anti-Establishment Tea Party who still backs him, Cruz went against the Establishment on Obamacare (2013) and was the only Senator to filibuster, Cruz went against the Establishment in 2014 on the issue of Immigration, Cruz went against the Establishment on Planned Parenthood (2015) wanting to defund it, 2015: The Export-Import Bank supported by the Establishment were angry with Cruz over a showdown last summer over an obscure government agency that helps fund risky U.S. investment abroad, the Export-Import Bank. Cruz wanted this FDR Depression era agency that sucks money closed.

            If you are part of the Establishment you don’t dare call Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor.

            5 times Ted Cruz went to war with the Republican establishment. NO OTHER SENATOR GOES AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT TO THE SAME EXTENT !!!!!


            You know who’s part of the Establishment: billionaire New York liberal Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, he is part of the liberal democrat Establishment that he was supporting with his money while Cruz was fighting against the Obama agenda. Trumps says he’s good friends with Pilosi, Reid and Schumer and would have no problems cutting deals with them. I guess you would like a president cutting deals with disgusting leftists. I don’t. Cruz would not cut deals with them. Many of Trump’s ideas are quite liberal.

          4. LiberalsLie says

            You dislike liberals? Yet you’re voting for one. Ted Cruz, on the other hand has a 97% rating as a Conservative


            by Conservative Review. Only Mike Lee does better. Let’s see how Conservative the candidates are. Check out:


            Compare Cruz on the issues with Donald Trump who is liberal on 8 out of 11 issues. You must love liberals.

          5. LiberalsLie says

            You need to educate yourself, because you repeat the trumpaganda about Cruz being part of the Establishment, while the Establishment despises Cruz. So you don’t embarrass yourself by repeating that lie, here’s some definite proof you’re wrong in addition to the other reasons I gave.


          6. LiberalsLie says

            Donald Trump is a BIG LIBERAL.


      5. hangem'high says

        I cant vote for a globalist, at least not any more!

        1. MAHB001 says

          Your choices are:
          Trump or Cruz

          or a socialist/communist…

          I’ll take my chances with the Republicans and hopefully live another day.

          Do your homework, Vote your conscience. But a non-vote is a vote for socialism/communism.

          1. hangem'high says

            I’ve done my homework,

            What is the difference between a globalist and a communist?

          2. MAHB001 says

            Are you saying both Cruz and Trump are globalists??

            If so, the only difference is that the republicans are still trying to rule without coming out of the closet as socialists. In other words, the Republicans are moving towards socialism slower than the Democrats.

          3. hangem'high says

            No just Cruz, I will agree in large part in your interpretation, as Trump is a Nationalist in my view all presidents should be Nationalist first! Globalists try taking care of the world by selling out the Nation. Trump is the only one that says he’ll put America and Americans first instead going over the citizen for a World immigrant population, or shipping out their jobs! .

          4. MAHB001 says

            I do not see where Cruz has said that he would go over the citizens for a World immigrant population….

            Not sure you can say Trump is the only Nationalists, because I am not convinced that Cruz is not a Nationalists…

            Globalists and Communists are the same thing in my book. Communists have been changing their names more often than a daily change in underwear, so that the enemies of communism can not name them… The first thing you have to do to defeat your enemy is define your enemy. Communists change their names so you can not define them.

          5. hangem'high says

            I guess if I just quit researching Ted and Heidi I too would have a more favorable outlook on him.

            I guess I’m too entrenched with Trump, don’t see him bowing down to special interest or intimidated by other leaders!

          6. MAHB001 says

            Like I say, Trump or Cruz, Which ever the people decide will be an awesome choice over the alternative.

            What I don’t know is the source of all the negative stuff. I know the Liberals = Democrat elite = Republican elite want the republican electorate divided.

            I am not sure if Trump and Cruz really like each other, if the mud slinging is real or just part of the game….

            It could be from the Left… They benefit the most with a divided republican party.

          7. Margaret Thomason says

            There’s really no difference, there pretty much the same in one. Just Luke One World Order and New World Order, it’s all the same.

          8. hangem'high says

            New world Order was coined for a great experiment of a government for the people, governed by the people! ( New World Order) Not until communism was introduce did the P C crowd try to change it to include a One World Government a big difference; Globalist spell it Republican, and Communist spell it Democrat, again The PC illusion in association of two different words that so far from each other, one would be Mars and the other Pluto!

    4. Grand Pano says


  5. wanda5245 says

    No, it is not the end of Trump. Go Trump 2016!!

    1. Lindy says

      The people who have “common sense” will not vote for Trump.

      1. macushlah says

        You had damn well better for Trump. I am a DELEGATE and if you knew what the etablishment is pulling and trying to pull, you would be sick. I’ll tell you right now, the peoples vote does not count for anything

        1. Ellender Brown says

          Thank you ! I have read about what the Washington Elitist are doing, You are right I’m sick of the whole corrupt bunch. I thank the RNC should demolish it only about money and power.To screw over the American people. They make up the rules as they go . The delegate are up for bid to whom ever put in the best offer. What a SHAME. The hell with the USA and the American people.I hope you will make a choice for the American people. Not the Washington Mafia and the Cartel!

          1. macushlah says

            That is the only reason I got involved. I am feeling sorry for our kids and grandkids as they will NOT have the life we have. Its not just the Washington elitist but the local RNC’s as well. Currently the establishment and Cruz are playing with the delegates and trying to stack the deck. I am a veteran and I am with the American people 100% I used to be a Cruz man but all the underhanded stuff he is pulling made me leave him as he gives a s__t less about the American people

          2. Ellender Brown says

            I have to say thank you. I was also A Cruz person. I started reading about him and is Wife, Then I started my own research , Was I ever wrong about the person I saw than the person he and his wife are, I have try to post it on F/B and on all the article I read. Like this but I have been called every thing in the book. Trying to intimidate me .I spend about 6 to 8 hrs, A day in night reading every thing I can find on all the candidate I have only found one that stand for the American People and our way of life. Lame Stream Media Has Lied on him. Used him,The Washington Elitist and The RNC are scared to death there corruption is going to be exposed .Where they have set in Washington an sold the U.S.A out to The New World One World Government.That Ted Cruz an his wife has worked on for the last 16 yrs. The Congress ,Senator.and Presidents. Have taken million of dollars from China, Saudi Arabia and and other Foreign Government while sale out the U.S.A. . You sure never hear about this in the Lame Stream Media. Thank for you Military Service, Stay safe stand you ground,Expose all the Corruption you see.

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          AMEN! The Washington establishment is pulling out all the stops.

        3. Mark Lahti says

          News flash mac, it never has. Brand new to the arena and now you have insights that the rest of us have known forever.

      2. April Williams says

        by the looks of it you are lacking in the common sense department

        1. Effenexes says

          Lindy sounds like a contemporary school teacher when talking about common sense. I guess a flip flopping politician that talks out of both sides of his mouth has more common sense in her book.

          1. Mark Lahti says

            Maybe. But then that description also applies to the Donald. First a dem and then now a repub. First says one thing then another. You really shouldn’t throw stones while living in your glass house.

          2. Effenexes says

            “First a dem and then now a repub.
            OK…that sounds familiar. Oh yes, that happened once to Ronald Reagan also.

            “You really shouldn’t throw stones while living in your glass house.”
            You must have been looking in the mirror when you made that statement.

            “First says one thing then another”
            Just, the wall, jobs, immigration, veterans, military,proves that statement bogus.

      3. Ironmike4610 says

        That leaves YOU out…

        1. Mark Lahti says

          And you as well.

      4. PatriotGal says

        Lindy, we already have and that is why he is at least a million votes ahead of others, with more lining up to vote in other primaries. He also has more delegates than any other candidate and will win more. Just you watch. TRUMP 2016 and 2020!

      5. JACK FROST says

        Just where do you think he is getting all his votes from ?? You are saying all middle class America has no common sense… STUPIDEST comment i’ve read today !!!!

        1. Lindy says

          All of middle America is not voting for Donald Trump. He has about 37% of the Republican vote.

          1. JACK FROST says

            You DID say common sense people don’t vote for Trump.. That in itself is not true. And it may be a surprise to you but ALL Trump voters aren’t Republicans.
            True Americans want this country back under the control of the CONSTITUTION.. Might you define who those Americans are ??

  6. rayhause says

    Considering the message by Cruz has been consistent, I would rather say the demise of Trump would be that people has woken up to see sall of the Democratic BS he represents. There is just no more snake oil to be sold or the people has ceased to buying it.

    1. Effenexes says

      Evidently not in Wisconsin. Cruz was selling it by the bucketful there. And continues to do so. Even after Wisconsin, where all the long knives ganged up on Trump, Cruz will not have enough delegates to win the election and will be mathematically out of the race by the end of April. That appears more probable than the euphoria the Cruzhead’s are intoxicated with at the moment. Don’t forget the people woke up against the establishment, which has now bought Cruz, a long time ago. Things haven’t changed just because we’re going through the demographic sections of the primary process.

      1. rayhause says

        Was he also selling it in Colorado, Utah, or No. Dakota and now Wisc. You are talking about a lot of people who feels the same as I. And, it was just 2 weeks ago that Trump had a 10 point lead in Wisc. The people have came to the same conclusion so many of us has, he’s a narcissistic liberal, as he has been all of his life, and return to where he is the most beneficial, the Democratic Party.

        1. Effenexes says

          Answer to first question…yes indeed, at every turn. Your prior assertion that equates Trump with “Democratic BS,” is nothing more than a scattershot to which is just another attempt to insult, “a lot of people who feel the same as as I.” It is your opinion and nothing more. Unless it is rejected by foul mouth individuals that think only what they say counts, everyone’s opinion should be accepted on these threads, as just that. Saying that, I dare say that your opinion of what, “the people have came to the same conclusion as”… is bogus. If you care to notice Trump, even in Wisconsin where the long knives were out against him, held on to 37% of his base as he has across the country. That shows that we who are the anti-establishment electorate has held steady even with a loss to a polished political snake oil salesman.

          1. rayhause says

            Trump is as liberal as Hillary and that is no assertion.

          2. Effenexes says

            Really…Really? That’s you’re answer? Surely you jest.

  7. 32eagle says

    Wisconsin is important for cheese-just because cruz came out ahead in this state it does not mean any of the three are over-personally I like Kasich better than cruz but Donald is the man for the job of fixing Obama’s mess

  8. teedoffatobama says

    lol no!!! Trump has over 2/3 rd’s and Cruz cannot pass him with enough delegates so why doesn’t Kasich 7 Cruz accept the defeat and support Trump.

  9. Nancy Krysiak says

    The only way cruz wins is through voter fraud. Get a grip and try for once to tell the truth. You might find it less painful than you imagine.

  10. JC says

    NO—-Hell NO—he’s just getting started—wait till the east coast and middle America vote and you will be asking —-is Cruz and Kasich finished?—-THEY ARE FINISHED RIGHT NOW !!!!

  11. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    I say this to you who are doing your best to kick DONALD TRUMP OUT.The people that have common sense see what you are doing to TRUMP will tell you to go to hell and vote for TRUMP.

  12. James Maxwell says

    There are still to many delegates out there for either candidate on the GOP side to claim victory or
    that they have a clear victory in front of them. It will be a battle for both TRUMP and CRUZ until
    the convention takes place. The media is trying to gin up a blood lust in the candidates and their
    followers so they will have some real news to report. On the democrap Socialshit side Hildabeast
    has a strong lead currently as long as no charges are filed against her for her criminal actions in
    office. Bernie is hanging tight on her tail and still has a chance to be their nomination. It will all
    depend upon whether or not o’muzzie can keep her from being charged and what crime the charges
    will bring. Over all the News media is in the tank, and always has been, for the Democrap
    Socialshits minons who follow them blindly into bankruptcy and enslavement as they form a
    dictatorship rather than a government as defined by our Constitutional Republic and the

  13. Lindy says

    I hope this is the turning point for Trump. I viewed him negatively before but after reading and hearing the statement when Cruz was declared the Wisconsin winner my negative views of Trump increased.

  14. denniscerasoli says

    The end of Trump? Are you joking or are you i’ll,please stop it.It there was anyone that is desperate it was Cruz going into last night because if he didn’t win it was over.For all you Trump haters who are probably Clinton or Sanders supporters one thing you don’t want is Cruz for president because he is the conservative of conservatives and will have no mercy on the left.Mr Bill 13,you are correct in your entire comment.The real facts are that Cruz will not catch up to Trump in the delegate count and if you have been following these primaries you would know that.The tune will change in two weeks when Trump eats Cruz alive in New York and a number of other states,Trump is the only one who is still able to get 1237 before the convention but if he doesn’t he will go in with a good lead.If they screw him Hillary or whoever depending on weather she gets jailed will be handed the election on a silver plate because,Cruz or whoever they try to slip in will not beat the democrats and Trump will win just by saying….I told you so and laugh while he floats down the French Rivera,ya see i don’t hate people just because they made a lot of money.

  15. April Williams says

    We have all heard about voter fraud. I don’t care what anyone thinks about Donald Trump, he is not the establishment and he is not going to bring in a new world order as Cruz in. Trump wants to make America Great and leave his children and grandchildren with the hope of a future. How much hope of a future is there for your children and grandchildren living within a new world order. So, you actually believe what Cruz is selling. I did my research I mean everything I could find on Cruz. I know what he is selling and I ain’t buying. Donald Trump is not my favorite person by any means but he does have a heart for this country.

    1. jaime says

      I think Trump would have beaten Cruz if the spoiler wasn’t there. Just sayin….

      1. macushlah says

        No he wouldn’t. Trump screwed that one up himself. You cannot go into a state with a popular Republician Governor and bad mouth him. The guy has won elections and recalls and he needs to be respected for that.

        1. PatriotGal says

          macushlah, agreed, and he should not gone after Heidi. Other than that, he was on target, even with the women being guilty, They are the ones taking their bodies to the abortionist to kill their own child. So, yes, they are guilty as are the abortionists. But PC made him walk that back.

    2. JACK FROST says

      All well said !!

  16. macushlah says

    There he goes preaching again

  17. hangem'high says

    The way I heard it, is Wisconsin has a list of voters! On the ballet is a check box that allows the RNC to vote for registered voters that don’t show, or unaware of that box the RNC votes for them!

  18. Charles Smith says

    Cruz is a giant Ahole & a closet Democrat. He will never beat Trump. It will be Trump against Killary in November, that is unless she is in jail, then it will be Trump against Bozo Biden.

  19. Tom Briggs Sr says

    The bottom line is Donald Trump is the most feared man among the political class. Everyone in any government fears the loss of U.S. taxpayer money. Democrats, republicans, socialists, you name it everybody is feeding off the US taxpayer. How many countries in the world receive money and protection from the USA? Think about that. The entire world is against Trump, and they are prepared to spend whatever it takes to stop him. It really is a shame we have citizens here that can be so easily led by big money elites. This will be their last chance to reform the US government and they’re throwing it away.

    1. hangem'high says

      That weight of the world on our shoulders get pretty heavy, with the few of us that are left!

  20. Hillaryoncrack says

    Wisconsin is loaded with drunks and parasites. What they think is immaterial. Farmers who are paid not to grow crops speaks for itself. They are like the negro ghetto rats except they live in the woods. Cows lives matter.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      You are one pathetic POS. Where is it that you live? Lala land? I am so sick and tired of all you so much smarter than everyone else ego maniacs. You call our mid west fly over country. It is here in the heartland of America that the true spirit of our constitutional republic still means something. The leftists are all socialists and or communists. They are Godless mindless minions of the OWO which is Obama’s agenda. The majority of the republicans are in on the same lies and deception. Trump is no different than any of the politicians. He was a democrat for all of his adult life until he decides he wants to run for the republican nomination. He has supported all the socialist agenda and talking points of the left all his life as well. But now he wants to do the right thing? He has slipped around the questions of his faith and his ideals with his typical political side step responses. He is mastering the old potomic two step. There is nobody in the political arena including Trump that truly has our constitutional republic in their hearts. What is needed is a revolution of the people, by the people, and for the people in this country that want their country back. Trump is not going to do that. Period.

      1. Hillaryoncrack says

        Then why are you a “blue state” if the Constitution matters to you derelicts? Spare me your meaningless rhetoric. You cheese heads are just that, cheese heads. I grew up in a neighboring state and you people are truly ghetto. My Dad insisted on vacationing in your state, God only knows why. The men were losers, the women were whores, and all of them were drunken bums.

        1. Mark Lahti says

          You must be one of those pathetic loser Illinois trash that comes up here and ruins all the beautiful natural attractions and wilderness. In your youth with your pathetic degenerate father trashing what he comes up here to spoil in his fake attempts at enjoying a wonderful and beautiful area of our country. You call us ghetto and yet you can’t clean up your convict governors and city/local politicians. You are no one to talk about WI with all the corruption in IL including the current occupant of our WH. I know why your dad came up here and I’ve already described it. Why you decided to believe what you claim is beyond me coming from the F______flatlander crap you called home. Hell you want to talk about sick disgusting corrupt politics look in your own back yard before you trash someone else. I’m pretty sure I nailed your IL roots just from the way you talk and the things you say. Typical IL ignorant crap spewing from your vile face holes.

          1. Hillaryoncrack says

            Ha! Surely you gest. I left that shithole Illinois over forty years ago. Apparently you still reside in your fecal haven called the Badger state. I now reside in the beautiful and glorious south. Even the fishing sucks in your state. I wouldn’t spend a minute there if you paid me to do so.

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      I still like your style!

      1. Hillaryoncrack says

        Thank you. Thank you very much!

      2. Mark Lahti says

        Come on now fellow vet. You can compliment this abhorrent degenerate with all the pathetic and vile comments he is making on a whole segment of our country? You just spoiled my original opinion of you. And you are a fellow veteran. DIsgusting man!!

  21. Gerry Costa says

    One state does NOT make a loser especially when most that I have conversed with think it was rigged in the first place. TRUMP WILL SURVIVE THIS AND WIN IN NOVEMBER DESPITE THE TREASON FROM THE rnc and the dnc.

    1. macushlah says

      The only way Trump has a chance of winning is if he can get to 1237 on the first ballot. If you could see what the RNC an Cruz are doing, it would make you sick and even more pissed off. I am a delegate for the first time and boy have they opened my eyes. Your votes don’t mean squat and they are stuffing the delegates with their favorites that will vote the way they want.

      1. PatriotGal says

        macushlah, am so sick to hear that. It breaks my heart. I grew up loving America and believing my government and now I don’t believe any of them, not a one. That is why I am for Mr Trump – he is not a politician. Please be strong, macushlah, when you go to the convention. Be strong and stand tall for what is good and right. TRUMP 2016 and 2020!

  22. Ironmike4610 says

    Piss on Wisconsin…

    1. Ironmike4610 says

      And the GOP establishment…

  23. GuardianFlame says

    So What, Cruz gets Wisconsin. If Kasich wasn’t in the race taking numbers that do nothing for himself but would have given Trump Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Primaries would have a different outcome.

    Time to make this race abt the two leaders and kick anyone else to the curb…that means Kasich. Let Cruz and Trump battle it out. Get Kasich off Soro’s paycheck and make this a legitimate contest!

    I said a long time ago that a Trump/Cruz ticket would be a winner! Trump has the ability to command attention and has “Presence” where ever he goes. Cruz knows the Constitition inside and out and brings a Faith based ideology to the V.P. plus he would guide Trump to make “better” choices. It could work very well. Of course there would be some stumbling and falling at first as in any relationship, but after that they would be a strong cohesive unit necessary to rebuild our Nation to a place of STRENGTH, not FRAGMENTATION like bho has intentionally done.

    It’s all there, but Kasich needs to give up and bow out. If we all send Kasich a message “Thanks for trying, but it’s time to remove yourself ftom the Campaign” – perhaps he’ll get the hint!

    FYI: Keep your eye on the GOP governing group because they want things done exactly as they have been — no radical changes which would strengthen America like Trump states. They are complicit in weakening our Nation and American Conservatives need to voice their opinions abt “any unprecedented” actions changing who will be on our Conservative ticket.

    The GOP doesn’t like Trump, even though he has the biggest lead of all candidates, and they may try to pull a fast one. If so, follow the candidates to whatever ticket they are running on — then DROP THE GOP LIKE A HOT POTATO out of your life. Remove your name from their database and send them a formal complaint about their sneaky practices and that you will no longer be a part of their internal corruption. Enough Conservatives do this and the GOP will crumble where it stands or have to face the fact that Conservatives no longer respect the “Power” moves the GOP creates. Corruption is everywhere and it’s code name is “GREED” and Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.

    1. macushlah says

      You’re statement about a Trump/Cruz ticket is the only way either one of them will win. They need to get together before the convention so that one of them ends up with the 1237 required. I am a delgate for the first time and it would make you sick to see what the establishment and Cruz are pulling to keep Trump from getting the 1237 delegates. The only way the people can win is to have one of them reach the 1237 prior and lock it up. That would really screw the establishment

      1. GuardianFlame says

        I completely understand what you say. The Establishment, Liberals, Illegals, etc. are all against Trump because they know he will crush them if he gets in office. They have cushy lives and don’t want that to change. Unfortunately most of them have delusionally convinced themselves that they are doing this for the good of the Nation when in reality it is all about the gold in their pockets…users and abusers of our Capitalism system.

        I pray that Cruz and Trump join together to topple this illegal power hungry greedy establishment. Trump/Cruz is the only way our Country can be saved and rebuilt, and corruption dismantled and destroyed. If the normal layman doesn’t get this, then he has become a huge part of this issue.


  24. Larry Viator says

    never cease to amaze me how lack of common sense the gop has. if they pull something like this they can be assured of a loss in the fall. and if you want to know how bad a shape there in look at how they screwed up after mid term elections. if they want to save face get kasich out of it and lets have an election.

    1. macushlah says

      That won’t work as they don’t want either one of them. As it stands right now, it is doubtful that either one of them will get the 1237 required.

  25. RuFus92 says

    Do not know if it signals the demise of Trump in this campaign but will willingly bet that it signals the beginning of the end for the republican party that we know today. People can no longer believe any of the media sources as they are all left leaning propaganda machines for the liberals and democrats dumb enough to believe their diatribes. This nation is in dire trouble and going down fast.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      So true, so true. Our country has not resembled what the founders fought for in many, many decades. Maybe for a hundred years or more. Everything has been taken over by the liberal/progressive/democrat/socialists. The media, the education system, the lawyers and judges, and on and on. The fight for a come back to the constitutional republic we once had is an almost impossible scenario. It might just have to come to another revolution. After all didn’t someone once say that a little revolution now and again is a good thing?

  26. Brad Bryant says

    This should be a wake upcall to all of the Trump tag-a-longs. He is nothing but a pathological narcissistic sociopath bully and would be a disaster as dealer in chief!

  27. W. Coyote says

    Mr. Trump recently said he would be more “presidential”. Instead, here is what he said last night ” Lyin’ Ted Cruz…. false advertising … worse than a puppet…Trojan horse…. being used…. attempting to steal the nomination”
    In politics, you win some.. you lose some. Mr. Trump sounds like a poor loser to me.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      He is a spoiled rotten little baby in a mans body. His life of excess and power and money has him just as isolated from the real average everyday American as the career politicians. He is no different from them he just hasn’t won an elected position yet. He might, he just might. But he is just like the rest of them. He has been a democrat all his adult life until now when he decided he was bored with making deals for hotels and such and wanted more public life and thinks he will get that in the political arena. He hasn’t a clue what life is like for the average American. It is all smoke, mirrors, and hype.

      1. W. Coyote says

        Mark- Thank you for your reply. I tend to agree with most of what you say here.
        I really can’t understand his feud with Megyn Kelly. It started when she read some quotes of his own words (not putting words into his mouth or making stuff up) and he took offense. Instead of defending his own words, he attacked her. How can that be presidential?
        When I hear a politician (or car salesman) say, “Trust me, it’s going to be great.”, I instinctively back away.

  28. El says

    It isn’t surprising that Trump lost to Cruz. What is most surprising is the strength of the Communist Party in Wisconsin. Is this because of the strength of Labor Unions? Either way the Islamofascist Democrats vote they will be supporting Marxist ideology. Doesn’t anyone respect the Flag anymore?

    1. Hillaryoncrack says

      Wisconsin has always been a Communist enclave. They do not work, they hang out in corner bars, they’re bums. Plain and simple.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Smokin more of your own crack there I see, again. You have quite a negative opinion of WI yet you won’t say where you are from. This is the second time I’ve asked you. Just like a liberal troll. You pounce on others and yet hide in the shadows. Your comment about going to the bar says a lot more about you than you say about others. What a coward.

        1. Hillaryoncrack says

          You haven’t asked me anything. How long since you left the bar, loser ? I’m not hiding any where. I’ve spent enough time in your state in my youth to know you people suck. You are all beyond stupid. Dense, retarded and pathetic describe you all well.

    2. ardis4 says

      The usual press garbage. Trump’s numbers didn’t go down in Wisconsin–if anything they went up. It’s Cruz’s numbers that significantly changed when Rubio got out of the race. Most of Rubio’s voters went to Cruz and Kasich given that state’s demographics.

      Wisconsin is a wack job Sanders/anti Trump state–VERY “Green Energy”, pro illegal/Muslim refugee and Iowa Evangelical. A state the Trump campaign & odd makers didn’t think he’d win. The good news for Trump is Wisconsin’s demographics don’t reflect the voters in most of the remaining states. The bad news is that won’t stop the MSM from hyping false expectations that Trump should win virtually all states. Destroying Trump’s momentum when he loses is the objective.

  29. ardis4 says

    Wisconsin doesn’t signal the end for Trump–but it does signal the end for Cruz & Kasich who will need 96%-125% of the remaining delegates to win the GOP nomination

    GOP voters have made clear that the candidate who wins the most states and votes wins the nomination. Ditto GOP voters will not tolerate a discredited GOP Establishment and their shyster lawyers Cruz and Kasich to rig rules/delegates to steal the election from the states & voters in a backroom deal.

  30. jim says

    Sad to say — the Republican establishment is intentionally doing all they can do to keep the Status Que In power, The only diff between Lying Harry R and Mitch McCon job is the letter R or D, and the boy who would be a man, Cheese head Ryan is an A-kisser from way back who’s looking allot like Nancy P

  31. John Gagne says

    He can turn it around by publicly anouncing he will ignore the bad media and the war on Trump and stick to the business at hand. And actually do what he just said and with more substance. He can get this done and be on top.

  32. RMorrow says

    What a stupid question. Only a dumb shit Liberal would ask such a stupid question. Who writes these news reports besides CRACKPOT LIBERALS?

  33. AmericanBelle1 says

    This is soooo wrong! Millions of dollars were spent by outside forces, mostly Dump Trump advocates, to scare the bejeezus out of Wisconsin voters so they wouldn’t vote for Trump. That’s fact. Every political leader endorsed Cruz, superpacs spent millions advertising against Trump, every radio talk show spoke out against Trump, tv commercials, tv programming…Wisconsin went all out, and out of its way…to convince voters NOT to vote for Trump…and unfortunately, Wisconsonites are so lame-brained and incapable of thinking for themselves that they fell for the propaganda and voted for someone who doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning…not the nomination, and certainly not the general election. IOW, the establishment, and the left’s Dump Trump movement, is working and destroying the peoples’ choice. It’s despicable, but as they say, this is politics. Now we know what that means! Our votes do NOT count…not in the primaries, and not in the general election. So we are now looking at either a Clinton or a Sanders administration come January. God help us all!

    1. Mary says

      Wisconsin has more millionaires than many of the other states. This was a big group effort to defeat Trump by the establishment.

  34. Ralph H Moran says

    Vote Trump unless He drops out himself, if he doesn’t drop out himself and declare himself NOT running for President then vote TRUMP

  35. AmericanBelle1 says

    I quote Thomas Jefferson here since it seems apropos considering what happened in Wisconsin….

    “Man, once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without rudder, is the spot of every wind. With such persons, gullability, which they call faith, takes the helm from the hand of reason and the mind becomes a wreck.” —Thomas Jefferson (1822)

  36. Mary says

    Trump will rebound in New York and take several of the Northern states. On the other hand if it goes to a contested convention, Pat Buchanan advised Trump should invoke rule number 40 and make Cruz his VP. If Trump doesn’t win his voter’s stay home. Same with Cruz voter’s. If one group stay’s home the GOP loses the election to Hillary. Best case scenario at a contested convention is they join forces and slay the Hildabeest together. It’s been done before with Reagan and George Bush.

  37. Tiger says

    For the guy who said I was not military.

  38. Tiger says

    For the guy who said I was a liar and not military.

  39. marlene.langert says

    Donald will win it all. What is one state with not that many delegates.. The danger is from the Republican Old Boys Club that is trying to get Trump out and get Cruz in because Cruz will do what they say and Trump will do what is right for the people.

  40. Jjb54 says

    No … does not, because once all the factoids about Cruz starts to come forth ….
    “Oh how the mighty will fall on their own sword.”

    I find it strangely glaring that the media is being strangely silent, even for them, about Cruz’s sexual habits and is still “blaming Trump” – when it has been validated that RUBIO was the source of Cruz’s revelations.

    The faster Cruz tries to run from it all, the quicker he will run full circle and catch up with his “oops” and then watch – “It was Trump’s fault that I was unfaithful to Heidi….”

    1. AKLady2015 says

      If the man cannot keep the oath he swore to his wife, how can he be expected to honor the oath of office?

  41. Richard Schwartz says

    All this baloney will mean more support for Donald. I am sick ad tired of these “experts” Look what we see daily,everybody has an opinion and most are proven wrong. What the people seem to ignore is people have had enough of both parties and are demanding change. It will occur and hopefully over the bodies of these “special people”

  42. Daniel Mount says

    Donald Trump is not part of the Washington DC Cartel. He is his own man. All the rest of these Lawyer/Politicians are the problem with America because they are all on the take and in somebody’s pocket. But not Trump that is why I am talking to all Americans to tell you all that Trump is just what this Nation needs. You hear all of the lies from the establishment and from the other Residential candidates about how Trump is doing this and saying that! Right well that is just what will happen in a Campaign and you really can’t believe them because they will always spread lies about the other guy. But when Trump says something it most of the time is true. Why you ask? Well it is because he has literally hundreds of people working for him that can and will look up all of this information for him. Donald Trump is for real. He is the real deal and he wants to save America and everyone in America from the Obama Islamic agendas.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Are these the words of a man you want to lead America?

      “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City
      “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis
      “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis
      “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan
      “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas
      “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa
      “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama
      “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference
      “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

      1. Smart Southerner says


        1. AKLady2015 says

          Are you ready to pay for the wars he starts?
          Are you ready for America to lose her allies?
          Remember the Bush wars are still have not been paid for.

      2. Margaret Thomason says

        Suck it up!!! Trump has the right to free speech just ad much as you or the next person!!!!
        He also has the right to defend himself or any one else who is attacked at his rallies by ungodly evil paid protesters!!!!!!!!
        So get over it and move on!!! No ones not telling you not to support old Cruz if he’s your choice so don’t try to throw your weight around those who supports Donald Trump!!!!!!!
        Every one is entitled to their own personal opinions!!!!!!!!!!!! Bet you voted for Obummer both times….

  43. George T says

    Why is it that they just keep on ranting about Cruz beating Trump in Wisconsin, so what, Trump has beat boy blunder nearly twice as much with greater percentages. Why don’t they keep ranting about that fact. Bias blowhards!

    1. Smart Southerner says

      Because they have spent $400+ million in anti-Trump ads to silence us. Both parties are afraid Trump is going to go to the District of Corruption and kick ass & take names. They don’t want anybody coming into DC and breaking up their cartel & cutting up their gold MasterCards.

      He can’t fire or impeach the corrupt ones because he’d wipe out the House & the Senate.

      1. Margaret Thomason says

        That is so true, but as for the congress and senators we the people can put them out when it comes time for their reelection. We can vote new untainted blood in. What a big difference that could really make. I am all for Donald Trump putting a limit on the congress, senators and supreme court justices. We need a good thorough house shaken cleansing!!!! And Trump’s the man to do it!!!!
        Trump-2016-????, and hopefully a second term!!!!!

  44. Humble says

    Both parties are run by foreign elements (global). The so called Republicans would rather lose than have a ‘Trump’ take control. They expect us to cave from the threat that Hillary would win..aaand appoint a nightmare Supreme Court justice. TRUMP EM !! If Trump goes third party, we all go with him… that is the only chance to win. Every other outcome.. we lose.. by now you must know, none of it matters, unless we get a true heart warrior who loves America, and has the guts, the will, and the ability… to make America LIVE again. Get ready with fierce determination… we go where Trump goes.. it’s time to stand, and not be moved.. come what may. ‘Remember America’ my radio show.

  45. Steve Czaja says

    It will be Trump or Cruz at the Convention. Any other outcome is not only stupid but against the party rules! Who wrote this garbage?

  46. Eddie says

    Trump’s worst enemy is himself. Trump showed what a SORE LOSER he really is once again by blaming everyone but himself for losing Wisconsin. Personal attacks, outright lies, hiding his taxes, assaulting female reporters, attempting to seize property from elderly ladies under the guise of “eminent domain”, defrauding college students. What else is next? Trump has the temperament of a grade school bully. He is totally UNFIT to be President. TED CRUZ will wallop Hillary in November..

  47. Sparkitus_Maximus says

    It signals the end of the GOP and Dem party.

  48. theresa perry says

    dance puppets, dance.

  49. Eddie says

    TED CRUZ is the ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVE running for President. Trump is a pathological liar, a whiner, a sore loser who attacks anyone and everyone who doesn’t kiss his big b—. Trump has the temperament of a schoolyard bully when he doesn’t get his way. He is totally UNFIT to be President.

    1. Smart Southerner says


      But you want to know what pizzes me off the most about Lyin Cruz? He keeps trying to compare himself to Ronald Reagan. I bet that President Reagan rolls over in his grave every time that charlatan makes that comparison.

      1. AKLady2015 says

        Have you ever known a Republican politician who did not lie?

        1. Smart Southerner says

          I thought you went back to Hell where you belong.
          Why would a guy use the moniker “AKLady”? Are you Gay?

    2. Smart Southerner says

      Hey Eddie… why did a Cruz Super PAC give Fiorina $500,000 last June?

    3. AKLady2015 says

      Exactly. Right on the money.

  50. craigzimmerman12 says

    I wish Trump would take his ego and his fanciful promises back to New York.

    1. walt says

      He will. Where he will WIN the New York Primary! ????

  51. TOM P O'DONNELL says


    1. AKLady2015 says

      Is this the man you want in the White House?

      “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City
      “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis
      “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis
      “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan
      “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas
      “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa
      “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama
      “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference
      “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

      If that is what you consider fit ot lead America, then vote Trump.
      Those statements are what comes out of the mouths of ignorant bullies.

      1. Smart Southerner says

        We are voting for a real American.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Real American?

          His Daddy was a founder of the NYC Chapter of the KKK.
          His Daddy was arrested at a KKK riot in 1927.
          His Daddy made his millions building housing for the government.
          His Daddy was sued by DOJ for rental discrimination.

          Not what I conisder a “real” American.
          Real Aericans are not bullies.
          Real Americans don’t trade in wives like used cars.

          Of he cannot keep a marriage vow, how do you expect him to keep an oath of office?

          1. Margaret Thomason says

            Yes, more than I would you or any one else like you. You think your so perfect and here you are casting stones. “Jesus said those who are without SIN cast the first stone.”
            Donald Trump cannot answer for what his dad did no more than you can answer for your dad’s misgivings. You are only trying to find some one to argue with, but sorry to say ITS NOT GOING TO BE ME!!!
            I will not respond back to your low self esteem life. So try to find some one else who has time for your petty party.
            Good bye abd good luck to you!!!

          2. AKLady2015 says

            “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” Alexander Pope. (1734).

        2. 32eagle says

          the real deal

          1. AKLady2015 says

            American N-a-z-i Party.

        3. AKLady2015 says

          Are you going to volunteer to be shot at?
          Are you going to allow WW II income tax rates to pay for it?

      2. 32eagle says

        Yes!!! it ABSOLUTELY IS !!!

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Are you going to volunteer to be shot at?
          Are you going to allow WW II income tax rates to pay for it?

    2. Patriot says




      They Both Deserve EACH OTHER!





      1. Margaret Thomason says

        Again, I totally agree with you, Patriot. Cruz is supposed to be smart, but I think in this case he is either blind or stupid, maybe both. He’s only thinking of beating Trump and don’t care what’s the cost. If he is this so he’ll bent in achieving this goal for the establishment, then I whole heartily say he will get what he deserves from the establishment because he a part of them. But at the same time the establishment is only using Cruz and yes they will end up slicing him to pieces.
        Trump is the only man who can put a stop to all the corruption within the establishment, all of the GOP, our government and the supreme court.
        Again, lying Ted Cruz will get what he truly deserves at the end from the establishment. He will be treated like the red headed step child no one wants. This will then end Cruz political career. Oh well, some times you get what don’t really ask for, but then some times you do!

  52. Lindy says

    Dear Jack, ALL of middle America is not voting for Donald Trump. According to some of the latest data he has about 39% of the Republican vote .

  53. Tita Tita says


    1. Smart Southerner says

      I watched Trump’s jam packed rally on Long Island while ago. 18,000 tickets were given out to supporters. It looked like they all showed up!
      TRUMP 2016

  54. Valerie C. Marino says

    U people should be ashamed of yourselves EVIL. Trump has the right to go on if he wins it fair & square. This will be the end of the Republican party with your own actions. the Convention screwed – u want this ? You act like the mafia taking over & ruling people’s lives. Disgrace. People are tired of the ESTABLISHMENT’S bullshit. Time for change – new blood. Cruz is the biggest liar – cheater. You people hate him. U want him in ? He has a bad mouth. He lies for his own benefit. He is the devil. Trump tells it like it is – u like good – u don’t tough. He calls it the way he sees it. Give the man a chance.
    I have worked Politics for many years & I have never seen anything like this. People will not vote if this happens to Trump. People will protest….you are digging your own grave,,,,,bye- bye Republican party.

  55. Neal Graham says


  56. TOM P O'DONNELL says

    ak lady yes

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Are you ready to pay for the wars he starts?
      You have not yet paid for King Bush’s wars.

  57. TOM P O'DONNELL says

    Here is a hypathetical human rights test. Take the one in your life you love more than life. They are buried two minutes away in a plastic bag with five minutes of air left. You are in an interrogation room with a 45 pistol. Sitting across from you laughing is the bad moslem who buried your loved one. Sitting next to him is his ACLU lawyer with five feet of documents he intends to read. One minute gone. After you shoot the lawyer in the head what do you do next? Waterboarding works better with music. The favorite ISIL tune is Surfin USA.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

  58. jreb57 says

    Trump has managed to exploit the anger of people who feel betrayed by their respective parties failure to do what is best for the country rather than what favors their political agenda. The downside is that he campaigns too much like a Democrat with personal attacks. People are angry at the Democrats for their racial divisiveness and bankrupt policies and at the Republicans for doing little to stop or slow it down

  59. 1ColtonDelaney643 says

    I think Trump is fine, idiots from Wisconsin bought into the 50 million per week in attack ads the washington establishment, and Cruz’s super pac are paying for and the bombardment of negative speech and sound bites from Trumps charactor on his TV show. all day long simultaniously running on the airwaves and all over the internet influencing the sheep who buy into that bullshit.
    Never has it been so evident that theres a shitload of money flowing through Washington influencing government policies and laws. we gave the republican party a majority in both houses and they have done nothing but give Obama everything he wanted in the budget short of amnesty which actually almost passed with the gang of 8 that Cruz and Rubio were so involved with trying to pass.
    Trump has brought millions of new voters to our party and the washington cartel is so scared he will end their gravy train they are sabatoging any chance of us beating hillary , the reason they dont care if hillary wins is because she is as crooked as they are, they all take the big money from the lobbyists just like hillary does. They dont want it to end , they know they stay the same with hillary as president..
    I wonder who if anyone but Trump could be left standing after weeks and weeks of that from his own party, people in the streets trying to keep others from enjoying free speech, physically attacking others who may carry a trump sign, or smashing the windows of cars that have a trump sticker, then when asked what the dont like about Trump they dont even know why or what he stands for or even why they are there. All fall and winter the world has heard all that 50 million per week in attack ads can buy., with all that money they have turned Trump into a hated man, more than OJ simpsom I think. Its sad, and very scary what the government will do to silence the voice of the people who want to change those in power out, for not doing what they were voted in to do. They are trying to silence our voice.
    All this anti Trump brain washing, is done by our corrupt washington leaders who only want to hang onto the power and money they have flowing from the lobbyists and special interests, you know, the ones who pull the strings. The Washington cartel created the need for Trump.
    I will not ever vote for a bought and sold candidate, I think whats being done by the media and the washington republican establishment feels like an attempted coup d’etat. Never has the need for change been so evident.
    Cruz is a fraud, he claims to be not of the establishment, he takes lobby money just like all the rest of them. The establishment and everyone else who he has ever worked with him claims he is very difficult to work with , and he is very disliked.
    trump brings up helping vets, now cruz wants to help vets, only hes a senator and has never done a thing for vets. Trump brings up illegal immigration, he wants to build a wall to secure the border, Now Cruz wants to build a wall, only he is a sitting senator and has done nothing to secure the border. Trump talks about bringing jobs back , then Cruz is suddenly going to get the jobs back. only he has had the majority in both houses and done nothing to bring jobs back, in fact cruz aggressively supported the H1B visa program, getting 1-000’s of Americans fired and replaced by cheap foriegn labor, Cruz was paid millions to push for an increase of 500%. How the hell is that good for America?

    1. Patriot says

      It is Not…..DOWN WITH LYIN’ CRUZ!


  60. gotabgood says

    This is amazing! The GOP are constant in their ways. A truthful message delivered 4 years ago and once again delivered last night. The amazing thing about it is they speak with loads of confidence, but not a word about defeating voter fraud..

  61. mamabear111 says

    Trump good, Cruz bad, what does darkness have to do with light, from such turn away.. Trum[ has a good running mate picked out and we need to stand with Trump. But G-d is exposing the evil in high places just like HE promised. IF cruz gets in we are doomed. maybe when the DC madam reports hit the airwaves, maybe just maybe America will wake up. Congress hates cruz and so does the Senate. anyone who does not see past records of cruz and open borders like Kasich, Jeb and all the rest except Trump will see hell on our country and the jihad will act fast, just like in Europe and beyond. we are to follow the laws of the land but they trash our Constitution…on Judgement day G-d tells many depart from me you men of lawlessness..

  62. bygeorge says

    No, it will not signal the end of Trump. Far more likely, it will signal the end of the Republican Party. We’re not stupid out here and if the career politicians and the consulting crowd believe they can put in their choice, i.e.: Kasich, Ryan,, they have sadly misread the base. It will not be tolerated!
    The GOP has had twenty yeas of failure signified only by lapping the feet of democrats setting their unconstitutional agenda to change America. They were crowned with filling the ranks of the House and Senat and still have donee nothing. It’s time for a revolution starting with the ballot box.

  63. Redfray says

    The Cruz victory was a strong push by the establishment republicans. Cruz is now owned by the establishment. The establishment doesn’t care if Cruz wins are loses, they just don’t want Trump to win. Trump will up set their party and money making processes. In fact, the establishment has said they had rather see Clinton win or a socialist win over Trump. The one thing that is very important to America is “immigration”, it is destroying our country. We are going to have wars over here in America soon. The government is inviting the wars to come to America. If Trump closes the borders, that will slow down the invitation to free America. Cruz will not close the borders. America is in trouble.

    1. Patriot says


  64. Tiger says

    Not by a long shot. Trump is doing what needs to be done going to the people across this country from one end to the other. I read the names of his advisers excellent choices. He readily admits he has never debated before and that he will get the best of the best to be in his administration and he WILL listen to them unlike O. He also admits he knows the Establishment because he has worked them through the years.

    Only thing that is dying on the vine is the Establishment and all connected to it. May it shrivel up and blow away and be replaced by men/women who love this country.

    1. Margaret Thomason says

      I totally agree with you Tiger. That’s how Trump knows just how corrupt the establishment really is. I’m glad that he’s no longer a part of it. He’ll be able to clean up all the fifth, fraudulent and corruption activities within the whole system as well as in our government and supreme court!!! This is why they all hate him and want to stop him.
      Trump will overturn all of the golden apple carts and destroy the corrupt establishment! !

      1. Tiger says

        ;p I see him the same way you do and that he never had to do this, he could walk away, live anywhere in the world and not bother with our mess. His life is being threatened, his family being threatened and the things they are saying about his wife are disgusting. I looked her up on the net quit a woman in her own right and comes from a good family.

        I believe he came into the spotlight at the right time. And not to compare him with St. Paul except to say St. Paul killed Christians then turned to serve God, Trump worked the system, knows it inside out, admits he was greedy but now will be greedy for America and he has turned to work for the people. Who better to know evil than someone who has lived it and who better to know the establishment than someone who was part of it.

        1. Patriot says

          So True…..One Never gets to SEE or KNOW THE INSIDE WORKINGS of ANYTHING until THEY GET INSIDE.

          1. Tiger says

            That is the way I see it. And we are lucky he loves America that much.

    2. Patriot says

      Well stated. THANK YOU!

      1. Tiger says

        Welcome and thank you.

  65. Russ says

    Here we go again. Trump looses one state and all of a sudden it’s all over for Trump. The no-it-all’s are coming out of the woodwork again. If the Cruz supporters think that if there is a contested convention and they will give Cruz the nomination then they are more delusional than first thought. Rino’s don’t like Cruz more that they don’t like Trump. I will vote for Cruz if he wins on the up and up but will not vote for a RINO installed suit! TRUMP 2016

  66. Smart Southerner says

    The “end of Trump”? Ha! 18,000 tickets were distributed to Trump supporters for his rally on Long Island yesterday. Cruz had about 100 people and some of those were Cruz protesters.

    1. 32eagle says

      some make fun of his hair-I think he looks much better than mutant mulatto the circus freak-he looks like he belongs in the oval office not a three ring circus

    2. gotabgood says

      Kinda reminds you of Jim Jones doesn’t it?
      They were brain washed too..

  67. Smart Southerner says

    The “end of Trump”?

  68. 2Shadow2 says

    The tide turned when Scott Walker jumped in and endorsed Raphael, using the redundant and not really true slogan “he is the only true conservative in the race.” Obviously Walker is forgetting that Cruz sided with NAFTA and TPP which are both American job killing programs. Raphael’s partner on paper is non other than a globalist banker who helped write the North American Union treaty when she was with the Council on Foreign Relations. He supports her and claims he is conservative. Seriously?? Cruz is a Bush made politician and all the Bushs are NWO, with the exception of grand pappy Prescott who was a banker for the Nazis. One might consider that to be a forerunner to NWO. The Cheeseheads were duped.

    1. gotabgood says

      I have never agreed with Lindsey Graham, but when ask about Trump and Cruz his response was one is like getting poisoned and the other is like getting shot.
      So what will you have another Romney/Ryan ticket? Or Ryan/Romney? Romney did introduce him as the next president..

      1. 2Shadow2 says

        Graham is a complete rino and so are Romney and Ryan. Boehner endorsed Ryan yesterday which is as telling as NWO Jeb endorsing Cruz. I’m not sure we are going to have any choice since Deep State seems to be able to control the delegates to make sure Trump does not win outright and a convention which denies Cruz and Trump will cause a major uprising. Which is what they want so they can lock the civil rights down even further as the whole country is moving to this:

        1. gotabgood says

          “Graham is a complete rino and so are Romney and Ryan. Boehner endorsed Ryan yesterday which is as telling as NWO Jeb endorsing Cruz”
          Rino? They seem pretty rightwing to me, they all wanted voter suppression, (voter ID, you call it) They all want to do away with ObamaCare. They all want to ruin the middle class. They all want to close Abortion clinics. They all hate the Social System. So where does the Rino come in?
          ” I’m not sure we are going to have any choice ….”
          Really, no choice???
          We do have a couple of candidates that actually want to help people, with jobs, health insurance, equal pay for equal work. Give the vets a chance to get work and retrain if necessary. Fix our outdated, crumbling infrastructure. They aren’t perfect but a damnsite better than what the rightwing is offering.
          Think about it..
          As for NWO. You can see from the last 50 years the countries are coming together, in trading, and all the organizations in the name of peace.
          But if we are going to deregulate our banks and corporations where they can move freely around the globe, this is to be expected. I can remember when banks had to work within the state. Corporations had to reinvest in their own company and that was the only way to avoid paying the 90% tax bracket they were in.
          People vote with their heart/emotions, much like the Trump Klan, instead of their brain.
          Building walls and carpet bombing are wildazz talk from people that are NOT thinking.

          1. 2Shadow2 says

            {Rino? They seem pretty right wing to me.} I guess we have a different view of right wing. Boehner did nothing to stop Obamacare when he had several opportunities to do so. Ryan signed off to a huge Obama budget that included amnesty in his lame duck year, of all things. A part of the NWO you do not seem to understand. {As for NWO}.The GOP just loves to play like they are fighting for the people. The NWO calls for a North American Union, an African Union and an Asian Union now that the European Union has been formed (and is floundering.) They will each have a separate currency. The NAU currency is the Amero and it will be digital probably. So you can be erased with the push of a button if you are not a party member. Then all separate unions will unite in one government and one bank. Taa daa. NWO. Or, one world government as some like to call it. And NAFTA and TPP do not help this country at all. Trump is correct in most of the foreign trade argument as to why we are losing money and jobs over the span of many years. And if you are not a global elitist you will be a serf. That is the Bush, Cruz, Obama and others goal. {People vote with their heart/emotions} Yes, many do and that would include deluded and raging conservatives who refuse to accept that Cruz is a.) not eligible and B.) not Conservative. In today’s politics you might try to vote the least corrupt and a guy who hasn’t been in politics stands out from a guy who pretends to be a conservative and standup American. Cruz was a Canadian when he ran for Congress and only after he decided to run for President, and do some serious damage, did he renounce his Canadian citizenship. Two years ago. Sound like natural born to you? Or how about the fact that his records are sealed! Just like Obama and Kerry’s military record that show he was Dishonorably Discharged from the USN. Nothing to hide there, Raphael?? Yea, I may be guilty of approving the better of two evils but in the great scheme of things, I guarantee you that the Grand old Politburo will not appoint either Trump or Cruz to the ticket. If they do take Cruz it will be a clear indication that he sold out for the nomination and that is very possible, since the NWO, one world government is coming and it is not the voters who control it even a little. The delegate and the mafia that is both parties.Why do you think the anti Trump movement is funded by all the political parties and industries who want a seat at the final trough? They are scared to death that an outsider will screw up the grand plan.

          2. gotabgood says

            “Boehner did nothing to stop Obamacare..”
            From the beginning Obama tried to work with GOP. The healthcare we got was NOT what the American people wanted, it was watered down and compromised so much, BUT what we got was a 100% better than what we had.
            Obama offers compromises to get health care bill passed

            Now to further tax your memory about Boehner, do you call over 50 repeals doing nothing?? If nothing else it was a waste of tax payers money, they could have been trying to improve the conditions that bush left the country in.
            Congress approved a $1.1 trillion spending package on Friday that avoids a government shutdown and funds federal agencies through next fall.
            The lopsided House vote was a major victory for new Speaker Paul Ryan.

            WHEN has this EVER happened??? “The GOP just loves to play like they are fighting for the people.”

            I do agree with you on NAFTA and TPP, but also our corporations NEED to be regulated or you will continue to have what we have. Greed rules!

            “Sound like natural born to you? Or how about the fact that his records are sealed! Just like Obama and Kerry’s military record that show he was Dishonorably Discharged from the USN. Nothing to hide there, Raphael??”
            If things are sealed how can ANYONE say ANYTHING about what is inside?? All speculation and rhetoric and I might add A lie!

            As for your NWO. I use attend church pretty regular, sometimes 2 times a week, plus house prayer meetings… studied a lot.. anyway The only time I have ever heard of the NWO was from religious circles. And the first time was involving Reagan. At that time I voted for Reagan…. first term! I was brain washed from the church. Since then after continuing my studies… every church believes they have the truth, and the rest are doomed. And they lie and are greedy just like any other business. Even Jesus had to cast the money changers out of the temple.. You think over time it has gotten better??
            He also called the church leaders of that day, hypocrites… you think they have improved over time?
            NWO, if I may… I think it is a sign of the end times. The whole deal from start to finish is over worship. Satan was cast from heaven, because he wanted worship. He ask the Son of God to worship him and he would give Him all He could see. At the end time it will be two seals, “666” or the seal of God. It will be the religious nuts that will bring in the Anti-Christ. Not a muslem or an atheist.. a man of god if you will. NWO has a religious under current.

  69. armydadtexas says

    Though it would be nice, no, Donald Trump’s LOSS in Wisconsin, though painful to him and his Trumpsters, does not bring Trump’s end to the forefront. It did expose what a Class-less, sore loser he and his Trumpsters are though. Bottom line; Trump got his a$$ handed to him in Wisconsin by Ted Cruz. Trump doesn’t like it. So like any typical left winger, Trump pulls out the insults, the character assassinations and the Trump version of the truth, ie LIES. Trump is proving more and more to be the TROJAN HORSE for the democ-RAT party that he appeared to be at first. His actions and words are shining the light on what Trump is really about. His Trumpsters are acting more and more like the mindless, slobbering fools that fell all over themselves for Obama. We all know how well things have not gone since the Obama regime began, now don’t we.

    1. Patriot says

      The STATE was Rigged from the start against TRUMP.




      I give TRUMP a lot of Credit!