Donald Trump Can Make the Courts Great Again


Since taking office in 2009, President Barack Obama has had 329 judicial appointments confirmed by the Senate, dramatically changing the lay of the land in America’s federal court system. Under the guise of “diversifying” the nation’s judiciary, Obama has used his presidency to load the courts with liberal activists who rely on the wisdom of leftist ideology rather than legal precedent or the U.S. Constitution.

From the Washington Post:

Obama has used his nominations to systematically diversify the federal courts to look more like the fast-changing country. He appointed far more female and minority judges than any other president in history, and he has paid particular attention to sexual orientation. When Obama took office, there was only one openly gay or lesbian judge, and he appointed 11 more.

Because that’s what the United States was lacking – gay judges.

This has had an indelible and destructive effect on the nation’s justice system. When Obama was elected, only one of the country’s 13 circuit courts had a Democrat majority. Today, nine of them do. With all of the focus on the Supreme Court, it’s easy to forget that the vast majority of legal arguments are resolved at the circuit court level. Without some major changes at that level, a conservative Supreme Court can only have so much impact.

In Washington, they’re well aware of that fact. That’s why Democrats are scared to death about a Donald Trump presidency backed by a Republican-controlled Congress. It’s why they’re currently throwing a temper tantrum about the 25 Obama nominees who were left pending in the Senate as lawmakers recessed for Christmas. They know that Trump has a significant opportunity over the next four years to restore constitutional grounding to the nation’s judiciary.

All in all, Trump will have more than a hundred judicial vacancies to fill when he takes office on January 20. Many of those vacancies were previously held by Bush appointees, so it’s not going to be the massive wave of conservatism that it seems at first glance. Still, there will be plenty of opportunity for Trump and the GOP to balance the scales of justice.

“I’m optimistic he’ll come at this right out of the gate,” Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network told WaPo. “Every president can expect to make a huge impact. [Trump] is unique in having campaigned really hard on this issue – the significance of the courts, and of the Supreme Court in particular.”

Judicial nominations aren’t flashy, but they matter. If Trump sticks to his word and chooses judges who have a deep and abiding respect for the U.S. Constitution, he can truly make America great again.

  1. MAHB001 says

    This is what 0bama was doing while president.

    1. Dale says

      Reported and said very well. This is a well executed and orchestrated plan to dismantle and instill another form of government. Once in place then the new laws are the only ones that seem to be able to clean up the mess. Henceforth, quite coup. We must again embrace our God and return to the Lord, period. Only one that can return things again. One nation under God! So help me God

    2. KVandy says

      The saddest part of all of this…what you’ve posted here is a partial excerpt of what was written by Leon Skousen, that was entered into the Congressional Record back in 1963. Anyone who isn’t aware of the “pillars of communism” need to familiarize themselves with it. The Naked Communist is a good book that anyone who believes in our Constitution and Bill of Rights should read.

      1. KVandy says

        The Ten Planks of the
        Communist Manifesto
        1848 by Karl Heinrich Marx

        How “Marxist” Has
        the United States

        Although Marx advocated the use of any means, especially including violent revolution, to bring about socialist dictatorship, he suggested ten political goals for developed countries such as the United States. How far has the United States — traditionally the bastion of freedom, free markets, and private property — gone down the Marxist road to fulfill these socialist aims? You be the judge. The following are Marx’s ten planks from his Communist Manifesto.

        1. Abolition of private property in land and application of all rents of land to public purpose. The courts have interpreted the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (1868) to give the government far more “eminent domain” power than was originally intended, Under the rubric of “eminent domain” and various zoning regulations, land use regulations by the Bureau of Land Managementproperty taxes, and “environmental” excuses, private property rights have become very diluted and private property in landis, vehicles, and other forms are seized almost every day in this country under the “forfeiture” provisions of the RICO statutes and the so-called War on Drugs..

        2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. The 16th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, 1913 (which some scholars maintain was never properly ratified), and various State income taxes, established this major Marxist coup in the United States many decades ago. These taxes continue to drain the lifeblood out of the American economy and greatly reduce the accumulation of desperately needed capital for future growth, business starts, job creation, and salary increases.

        3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance. Another Marxian attack on private property rights is in the form of Federal & State estate taxes and other inheritance taxes, which have abolished or at least greatly diluted the right of private property owners to determine the disposition and distribution of their estates upon their death. Instead, government bureaucrats get their greedy hands involved .

        4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. We call it government seizures, tax liens, “forfeiture” Public “law” 99-570 (1986); Executive order 11490, sections 1205, 2002 which gives private land to the Department of Urban Development; the imprisonment of “terrorists” and those who speak out or write against the “government” (1997 Crime/Terrorist Bill); or the IRS confiscation of property without due process.

        5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly. The Federal Reserve System, created by the Federal Reserve Act of Congress in 1913, is indeed such a “national bank” and it politically manipulates interest rates and holds a monopoly on legal counterfeiting in the United States. This is exactly what Marx had in mind and completely fulfills this plank, another major socialist objective. Yet, most Americans naively believe the U.S. of A. is far from a Marxist or socialist nation.

        6. Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the state. In the U.S., communication and transportation are controlled and regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established by the Communications Act of 1934 and the Department of Transportation and the Interstate Commerce Commission (established by Congress in 1887), and the Federal Aviation Administration as well as Executive orders 11490, 10999 — not to mention various state bureaucracies and regulations. There is also the federal postal monopoly, AMTRAK and CONRAIL — outright socialist (government-owned) enterprises. Instead of free-market private enteprrise in these important industries, these fields in America are semi-cartelized through the government’s regulatory-industiral complex.

        7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state; the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan. While the U.S. does not have vast “collective farms” (which failed so miserably in the Soviet Union), we nevertheless do have a significant degree of government involvement in agriculture in the form of price support subsidies and acreage alotments and land-use controls. The Desert Entry Act and The Department of Agriculture. As well as the Department of Commerce and Labor, Department of Interior, the Evironmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Mines, National Park Service, and the IRS control of business through corporate regulations.

        8. Equal obligation of all to work. Establishment of Industrial armies, especially for agriculture. We call it the Social Security Administration and The Department of Labor. The National debt and inflation caused by the communal bank has caused the need for a two “income” family. Woman in the workplace since the 1920’s, the 19th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, assorted Socialist Unions, affirmative action, the Federal Public Works Program and of course Executive order 11000. And I almost forgot…The Equal Rights Amendment means that women should do all work that men do including the military and since passage it would make women subject to the draft.

        9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country. We call it the Planning Reorganization Act of 1949 , zoning (Title 17 1910-1990) and Super Corporate Farms, as well as Executive orders 11647, 11731 (ten regions) and Public “law” 89-136.

        10. Free education for all children in government schools. Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, etc. etc. People are being taxed to support what we call ‘public’ schools, which train the young to work for the communal debt system. We also call it the Department of Education, the NEA and Outcome Based “Education” .

      2. KVandy says

        In my humble opinion, it’s not too late to stop this; however, everyone needs to be aware of both of these writing and start standing up and saying “NO” to this BS agenda of the demoncraps, aka progressives/liberals.

        Make no mistake, the Democratic Party no longer exists. They no longer support their core values and beliefs. Hell, I don’t even think they know what they are anymore. They need to rename the party to what it is, the communist/socialist party USA.

        The Republican Party is on the same path. If we don’t put a stop to it, and quickly, our Country will be transformed into Cuba, Venezuela, China, the former Soviet Union, several of the Slavic countries, etc. We are headed down the road of ruination at breakneck speed.

        Have to say, I find it interested that these morons have seen the failure of socialism/communism all around the world but yet are arrogant enough to think they can make it work and have every intention of foisting it upon the Citizens of the United States of American. “We the People” fought a revolution against tyranny and won. I guess the doomed morons have forgotten their history, which really isn’t surprising since they keep trying to re-write it.

        To all the dipsticks who are buying into this “share the wealth” garbage, take a look at any communist/socialist/maoist country and name me one where the people are prosperous and “sharing in the wealth held by those in power. Are you ready to give up 60-70 percent, or more, of your income to support your government? If you don’t think those numbers are realistic, do some research on what Icelandic Citizens pay in taxes…most of it goes to support a terrible healthcare system that’s still so poor that it can take 6 months or more to get an appointment and then they can’t get the supplies they need to treat you.

        Support the US Constitution and Bill of Rights! Make our elected officials do their job. If they don’t or refuse, then fire them!!! Take the necessary steps to remove them from office and make it so they can never seek hold office again.

        1. freethinker4 says

          Show me where either party is running this country as it was intended? Free trade with communist China and NAFTA ? along with other free trade agreements on the books both party’s want. President Trump is at odds with his own party? on that issue. We are not running this country corporate America is and there stealing the wealth from the working class man.

          1. KVandy says

            Neither are doing the job they were intended/designed to do…that’s the point. That being said, the Republican Party still has people that support the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Democratic Party was the first to be taken over by the communists/socialists. Their policies fall directly in line with the Ten Planks as outlined in the Communist Manifesto by Marx. They’ve been pushing this agenda since the late 1950s, unfettered. It’s way past time for people to vote the career criminals out of office. We have been apathetic and have no one to blame but ourselves. Trump is 100% correct when he says it’s time to drain the swamp. People need to open their eyes and decide where they want this Country to go. If they support the communist/socialist policies being pushed, then just sit back and do nothing; however, judging from this last election, the people want our Republic back. That said, start demanding YOUR REPRESENTATIVES do your bidding. They report to “We the People,” not the other way around. Stop voting the same shysters back into office.

          2. MAHB001 says

            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

            Both political parties have been captured… Crony Capitalism is just another form of Communism.

            Elite Republicans = Elite Democrats = Elite MEDIA….. = Communists

            Here is the thing, if you really analyze what has gone on, Trump is not one of the elites… There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary was the elites chosen one.

            We have to believe that Trump is actually working for the people. If he isn’t we are in a whole lot of doo doo.

          3. Croco Dile says

            Professor Friedman clarifies the motives of protectionism and explains why free trade policies benefit the masses.

          4. freethinker4 says

            Economist more often than not are for free trade (he is the Idiot that thought Bill Clinton was the best REPUBLICAN President in his lifetime, he’s also a Libertarian) they are more concerned with ultimate singular wealth? and judge a nations prosperity by that alone.
            As a country It doesn’t work it undermines our entire manufacturing foundation and the services that support manufacturing (you don’t just loose manufacturing but services to the industry also).
            Right now you can clearly see what free trade has done to this country that Bill Clinton Started with NAFTA and the Special Free trade agreements with Communist China which has diverted middle class prosperity to building China into a Super Power? that we are now forced to deal with there aggression.
            One thing people better realize is free trade (loss of manufacturing) weakens this country militarily for example WW 2 we could build ships faster than they could be sunk, tanks faster than they could be destroyed, air craft faster than they could be shot down, that in tandem with the American Soldier is what made this country the most powerful in history.
            Free trade is TREASON! The founding fathers never considered or wanted it nor the alliances or agreements (U.N. or NATO) we have in place. The founders wanted this country totally Independent from the tyranny in the rest of the world in all aspects period. So if some one that’s for free calls themselves a Constitutionalist I say truthfully and factually they are a LIAR?

          5. Croco Dile says

            George Carlin was talking about you :

          6. freethinker4 says

            Carlin was hilarious, that being said I assume your a f–king ignorant nut job liberal democrat or a deranged and confused libertarian

  2. MAHB001 says

    It is not up to Trump to make America great again…

    It is up to us…

    1. Tiger says

      Trump never says I he always says we. That is why we nominated him. a “)

      1. MAHB001 says

        That is an excellent observation.

        1. Tiger says

          Thank you so different from the me, me, me, I,I,I of O.

          1. MAHB001 says

            And BUSH, BUSH, BUSH….. finger pointing.

            0bama takes credit when he should be giving credit, and places blame when he should be accepting responsibility.

          2. Tiger says

            Great post O and all of them are showing how very ugly they really are.

          3. AKLady says

            Trump is a legally documented bigot — there are 180 cases brought b the DOJ that evidence that fact. While Trump is not the first sucessful busoness man to be electwd President, he is the only one to be named in over 4,000 legal suits. He is als the nly one to have been chargwd with money launderinf — not once, but twice. He is also the only one o b charged with opeeating an illegal school.

          4. Ferd321 says

            Typical from this proto-communist female. Trump is the only multi-billionaire to achieve the presidency. Rich men draw lawsuits like feces draw flies, in our over litigious society. AKlady knows this, but deigns to ignore it as it does not fit her far leftist agenda and rantings.
            Notice she presents no data to verify her phony charges of money laundering, bigotry, or the “illegality” of any school.. That is because no such evidence exists.
            Steve Jobs is lauded as a visionary and great businessman, but had his own bankruptcies and would not acknowledge his out of wedlock child.
            The mainstream media, on the other hand, has castigated Trump for 4 reorganization bankruptcies (not liquidations) compared to thousands of successful deals, and fails to mention Trump’s foregoing additional billions of profit in future deals while freezing his financial empire while president.
            Incidentally, no politician demanded Geprge Washington (richest man in America) or Lyndon Johnson (extensive holdings in real estate, communications, oil and gas) divest themselves of all financial holdings prior to taking office. Just Trump. Political hypocracy anyone?

          5. AKLady says

            Correct for inflation.
            Your statement is invalid/false.
            Trump takes the cake when it comes to law suits.
            He holds the record when it comes to discrimantion cases.
            Name one other charity that has been
            charged with mney launering this year?
            Name one other ilegal “school” school hat has been shut down ths year?
            Nane one other “school” named in a raud case this year.

          6. Ferd321 says

            As I said, ultra rich men (Trump is merely an example) draw lawsuits from greedy failures like honey draws bears. It is a symptom of a sick society that tells citizens to sue at the drop of a hat, and is encouraged by lawyers, as a class the most despised members of society, even beating out used car dealers.
            Trumps employs tens of thousands of people, mostly loyal, without complaints. Walmart puts up with many more lawsuits, hoping the defendants will settle, avoid the hassle, and line their pockets and the attorney’s with a few thousand.
            Just like the corrupt democratic political class in Wisconsin, that attempted to illegally prosecute Governor Walker for non-existent crimes, the corrupt NY attorney general in Albany and his accomplices in NYC are charging Trump with fake crimes for political purposes.
            But you knew that.
            Logically, why would a multi-billionaire engage in money laundering or an “illegal” school?
            (How is a school illegal, anyway?)
            The answer, of course, is he would not. Once again, your bias is evident and you knowingly confuse accusations with convictions, because name calling and character attacks Is all the Left has. It’s policies have totally failed us all, domestically and in foreign affairs.

          7. AKLady2015 says

            Denial changes nothing.
            You have an Internet connection — use it.

            An illegal school is one that is not properly licensed.
            Even car dealers must be licensed.

            Trump does not employ thousands of people.
            Trump sells his name, i.e., brand.

            Once again, your self-imposed ignoance is blantantly obvious.

          8. Ferd321 says

            Sorry Charlie. Besides his brand, Trump directly employs thousands of people in buildings and golf courses he directly owns.
            And who is saying his school is not “properly” licensed? The attorney general of
            New York? A democrat partisan? Give us a break!

          9. AKLady2015 says

            Are you really that ignorant?
            Who do yo think issues licenses, thw man in the moon?

          10. Motorhead says

            Hi Ferd321, I see you are arguing with with Looney Bird…you will get nothing but stupidity from that idiot…most of us have banned her.Have Wonderful New year! God bless America and the 82nd Airborne!

          11. Ferd321 says

            Gotcha. Lefties have no policy that has not been proven a disaster, either foreign or domestic. So they lie, and lie again, just like their idol Hillary Clinton. I grew up 5 houses away from that traitorous bitch in Park Ridge, Illinois (no lie!) and was seven years older. She lied as a child and never changed!

          12. Motorhead says

            Ha ha

          13. Ferd321 says

            A lie, and typical of the far left. Even MSNBC or CNN will not state that Trump is a
            “Legally documented bigot” as they could be sued and would lose. So could you.
            Please go to Europe or Cuba or somewhere, dodge the Islamic rapists with no police protection, and try to get a job as a foreigner. Ha, you cannot!
            Or, you could learn that we can either have free speech or hate speech, but not both—and that the term “social justice” is an oxymoron.
            Justice, dear, applies to an individual. Social justice just means robbing Peter to pay Paul. No justice for Peter. Think about it.

          14. AKLady2015 says

            Here is one Trump discrimination case, there are180 of them — educate yourself:

            Case Name United States v. Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump, and Trump Management, Inc. FH-NY-0024 Docket / Court 73-1529 ( E.D.N.Y. )
            State/Territory New York Case Type(s) Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance
            Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division

          15. Ferd321 says

            Fred Trump? Are you so lame that you are citing a 40 plus year old case when the Donald’s dad ran real estate? For shame, lady troll.
            You must really be desperate. Hey, Hillary hag, liar, traitor, thief—-lost!t

          16. AKLady2015 says

            Arw you so illiterate that you cannot read what is written?

          17. pmbalele says

            Trump will make courts great again! We know Trump has 300 changes to nominate federal judges. But these will be district and appellate judges. Trump is going to meet head-on with Justices. These do not care who is in the WH. They simply follow the Constitution. Given Repubs and TPs in Congress hate Trump for reasons I do not know, Trump will not be a happy man with the Justices too. You Tiger should know US presidents do not make laws. It is Congress which now hates Trump

          18. Tiger says

            Listen the Supreme Court judges are biased and O wanted to make it more so. Yes they are to interpret the Constitution and judge accordingly but they haven’t been. Trump will make it right.

            O is doing everything he can to give Trump every kind of crisis he can muster up to face when he gets in but challenges only make Trump stronger. So he will be fine.

            No Congress don’t hate Trump, at least not all and those that do and stand in his way will be gone.

          19. Motorhead says

            Hi Tiger, I see the Loony …Aklady.. is trolling again…I am so glad I banned her stupidity. You have a wonderful New Year Tiger and God Bless….motorhead!

          20. Tiger says

            Oh thank you so much and same at you.


          21. Motorhead says

            I loved it…thank you. Tiger,… I am going to send to my son…he is in the Screaming Eagles 101st Airborne, and to my older Brother who was in the 6th Specail Forces Group and of course ….the tailing gating of a Chinook….my love the 82nd Airborne! God bless America and the 82nd Airborne!

          22. Tiger says

            Wow Screaming Eagles I know them well how proud you must be. Oh Wow thank you thank you this Army Combat Support nurse loves you all. God Bless America.

          23. GODBlessRealAmerica says

            Awesome Tiger a true America patriot/Warrior!!!!!

            GOD BLESS AMERICA!

          24. Motorhead says

            She really is a HERO! Motorhead

          25. Tiger says

            God Bless us one and all.

          26. Motorhead says

            Well I am very proud of him. I am also very proud of you for all you have done to provide the aide a wounded warrior is in need of !. Really….I take my Beret off to you! God bless you, Tiger ..You are the true hero! God bless America and the 82nd Airborne…Motorhead!

          27. Tiger says

            I am totally humbled by your assessment of me. I don’t think any of us in the medical fields during this war saw ourselves as anything but the one’s who were honored to care for the real people in war who die and sacrifice. We were warped in our own way. We listened to every, and I mean every story these men told. We sat around them and when they gained their sensibilities from the drugs after surgery we listened, we asked them did you kill the bastards? I know the truth. We know the truth.

            God Bless these men and their families and may the New Year finally bring an end to suffering around this world by slaughtering our enemies. SHOW NO MERCY TAKE NO PRISONERS.

          28. teachersaide says

            Thank you for GREAT VIDEO/SONG! Happy New Year, and only 18 more days until we have a REAL dedicated human being in the Presidency, NOT some elitist BS artist!

          29. Tiger says

            I can hardly wait but holding my breath, praying daily because O is still in the WH.

          30. Joseph Vanchieri says

            I just did the same. It’s remarks are so ignorant I couldn’t allow it to interupt serious people.

          31. Motorhead says

            There you go Joe!!!Motorhead

          32. CrustyOldGeezer says

            And his pretend ‘recovery’, he is leaving TRUMP a “booming economy”….

          33. MAHB001 says

            Trump is adding the fuel to a fire the wet blanket (0bama) could not put out.

            The reason 0bama had such a weak economy and recovery is because America rejects the communism 0bama wishes to instill in America.

            0bama’s actions were that of a Communist, not a capitalists.

          34. AKLady says

            Ha, ha, ha …
            Weak economy???
            Folks, you have no idea.

            Only Americans can fix the economy.
            To do that, YOU need to stop buying foreign goods and services.

            Mr. Know-nothing Trump is fixing to set off a trade war.
            He is going to suddenly discover that the market
            for American goods has disappeared into thin air.

          35. Ferd321 says

            Your non-knowledge of economics is only exceeded by your pitiful, brainwashed, idiotic socialist political viewpoint.
            Why not shut your pie hole for a few years and watch America, in the doldrums the past 8 years, recover.

          36. AKLady says

            Why don’t you aquire some maturty and education?

          37. Ferd321 says

            Why don’t you go fuck yourself? I am 76, majored in history and political science, minor in economics, as an undergrad on full scholarship. Knew JFK, Truman, Harriman, senator Scoop Jackson, several Secretaries of State as well as many 4 star officers personally, back when the Democratic Party was not totally socialist/communist/statist.
            Flew jets from Navy Carriers all thru the 1960s, have four rows of medals, retired as a Commander, USNR in 1983.
            Left the Navy after 7 1/2 yrs. active when I reasoned the politicians had no intestinal fortitude to proceed the Vietnam War to a win, attended medical school on full scholarship as well as the GI Bill, and became a board certified surgeon. I have made and kept millions, married and divorced 3 wives as I slowly learned females are ruled by emotion & lies, and cannot reason.
            For several years now I have been rated 100% disabled from war injuries/wounds by the VA, although I would not take my DOG there for medical care today.

            So you have no life achievement issues on me, bitch, and I will correctly classify you as a modern know nothing. The current unemployment rate is well over 10% using the 1980 formula (you should know this stuff), but the democrat/socialists have tinkered with how it is measured (as with the phony CPI measuring inflation) for decades!
            Final thought–
            There are fewer Americans working today than in 2009 when Obama the arrogant and incompetent took office! So how do you like them apples?

          38. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah …
            Childish foul language.
            Childish name calling.
            Typical Internet garbage.

          39. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Thanks for your service! Don’t waste your time on this bitch. I blocked her drivel as soon as Disqus made the feature available. I doubt she could pay enough to get laid in a Hong Kong bar with the Fleet in for R & R.

          40. Ferd321 says

            Thanks. I have seen her screeds before. This hag must sit on the toilet all day and night posting her lies. Doubt if I have ever seen a more indoctrinated, brainwashed leftie ever before. Even when caught, she continues to profess lie after lie. Just like the HillAry ogre!

          41. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Ferd, I suspect she is every bit as ugly and stupid as the other 99% of liberal women. How did the democRATs get the lock on ugly militant females. Give me a lovely Conservative lady any day!

          42. MAHB001 says

            Face it AK,

            Communism doesn’t work. Even 0bama’s form of communism isn’t working. People work much harder for themselves, than for the Government.

            Big Government = Communism….

            And just because you are about to accuse me of confusing socialism with communism….. Need I remind you?

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

          43. Mr Rollo says

            Thanks for that quote. I WILL be using it ! ! ! !

          44. MAHB001 says

            Check out


            You will be amazed when you start reading some of the old communist quotes that Liberal Progressives are using today.

            For instance:

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

          45. AKLady says

            You woul be amazed when ypu start reading the Bibe and the quotes the Liberal Progressives called Cristians are still using today.
            Unlike you, I do not subscribe to the philosophy of either Lenin or Marx.
            I prefer the teaching of a different Socialist: Jesus Christ.

            He commanded that the hungry be fed,
            the sick healed,
            the homeless to be sheltered,
            the naked to be clothed ….

          46. Ferd321 says

            Singapore and Hong Kong do not have “mixed economies” and since I was just there last month, I can verify their growth rate and prosperity have Western countries beat all to hell.

          47. AKLady2015 says

            Wrong again, as is usual.

            Here is one exape of state welfare in Sigapore
            Welfare Homes – Ministry of Social and Family Development

            On eexampkle in Hong Kong
            Social Welfare Department
            Why don’t you use your Intenwt connection for research instead f making a fool f yourself?

          48. AKLady2015 says

            Yes, that is what is coming out of your mouth.

          49. GODBlessRealAmerica says

            Thats comes out of your liberal mouth you liberal racist!

          50. Ferd321 says

            Those Asian city states spend pennies of their budgets on social welfare programs, (compared to trillions annually in the US), which you would know if you ever visited or lived there—
            In addition, the living standards in our inner cities, with food, housing, utilities, phone from Obama, and welfare $$ would be viewed as middle or upper middle class by the majority of residents in those economies.
            Wrong again. But you cannot help yourself.

          51. AKLady2015 says

            I have visited there.
            I have also worked there
            Your knowledge of poverty in the U.S. is extremely limited.
            You obviously have never witnessed Southern rural poverty.
            You obviously have never vsited an Native Ameican reservation in the West.

            There are areas in America where the infant & maternal mortality rate is higher than most third-world countries. There are area in the U.S. where the majority of babies do not live to see their first birthday.

            You make assumption after assumpton … many of which are wrong.

          52. MAHB001 says

            Again lies and deceptions…

            Unlike you, I quote Lenin, Marx, Khrushchev, etc to expose the similarities between their philosophy and the Liberal Progressive philosophy… I quote these people as a warning, while you deny the similarities because you know the truth will destroy your liberal progressive progress.

            While I am encouraged that someone like you studies Jesus Christ, it is obvious that you do so to further your socialist/communist agenda.

            You seem to confuse Jesus’s KINDNESS and His unequaled ability to give of Himself to feed the hungry and heal the sick, as if he was a socialist. He did not COMMAND people to do so, He did so of his own free will and kindness.

            Jesus was not a socialist, and you do not have to be a socialist to be kind to others.

            It is the liberal progressives/communists of today that demand (or COMMAND) us to give to the Government…. The resources are not going to the people, but to the Government. That is Communism.

          53. AKLady2015 says

            You have be well-brainwashed.

            Given the size of America’s poplation,
            what do you think another “Great Depression” would look like?

            Foolish one, welfare is national defense.
            When abject poverty spreads to the majority, revolution takws place.
            You have seen sporadic ouitbursts in recent history.
            It is going to get worse, very much worse
            Medicaid is national defense — epidemics kill millions.
            Food stamps are Dept. of Agreiculture welfare for farmers.

            How much money does state and federal governmner spend to house, feed,and provide medical care for the disabled?
            How much money could be saved through national health care?.

            You are terribly confused
            America is failing because it spwns $ billons on the military and pennies on education, science reserch , medical research …
            Common sense seems to be in very short supply on this blog.

          54. MAHB001 says

            You are correct poverty is getting worse, I say that it is 0bamanomics that has increased the gap between the upper and lower class. It is just a little shocking that you can not see that your liberal progressive actions on the war on poverty is creating more poverty.

            Your play on words is ineffective and transparent.

          55. AKLady2015 says

            Liberal progressive this, liberal progressive that, liberal progressive left …

            You need better facts. You need a better vocabulary. You need a defeasible position.

          56. MAHB001 says

            You need to get off the sause…

          57. AKLady2015 says

            What is that?

          58. GODBlessRealAmerica says
          59. AKLady2015 says

            Low energy, low energy, low energy, low energy, low energy …
            Childish, meaningless, repetative…

          60. AKLady2015 says

            Go back to school, take a Civics class.
            It is more than a little shocking to see how absolutely brainwashed and detached from reality you are.
            No me, not me, not me, mot me, not me …the right-wing trained parrot chatter.

          61. Ferd321 says

            The USA spends more $$ per pupil. by far. than any other country on earth. Still. our students, up to and including University. learn very little. The primary reason SAT scores have declined steadily in the USA since 1963 is directly traced to dumbed down schools and incompetent teachers, who learn drivel while “studying” for their degree. Add in the leftist teachers unions and the impossibility to fire the worst, the leftist opposition to charter schools which would offer inner city youth a path out of failure, and the outmoded here month summer hiatus from school—and you have your answer. By the way, the SAT has been simplified 5 times since the 60s,but the scores keep going South.

          62. AKLady2015 says

            Almost the entire modern, industrialized nations provide free education through the graduate school level. There is one huge difference, if you want to go to college, you must earn the privilege. In many of those countries, you must earn the right to just finish high school.

            The primary reason our education system became second-rate was parental demands. Little Johnny should not be held back a grade, the embarrassment might damage him psychologically.

            The summer month “vacation” has its roots in America’s agriculture needs. Canada also has agriculture “break” times, just not at the same time periods as the U.S.A.. Other countries do as well.

            Leftist this, leftist that, leftist right, leftist left, leftist up….

            You need better facts. You also need a better vocabulary.

          63. Ferd321 says

            Ask an inner city mom trying to get her child into a charter school after Obama, and Mayor DeBlasio, both cut off the funds, if she agrees with your idiotic blather.

          64. Ferd321 says

            She is wrong again. In the 1950s, the US spent more than 50% of annual tax receipts on defence, over 2 1/2 times the amount we spend today. Crime was way down, prices were cheap and stable. The black familystill existed.

          65. AKLady2015 says

            You are wrong again. Defense is 47% of the 2016 budget

          66. Ferd321 says

            Nope, you lie. Federal records verify 70% to entitlements, 16% total to all military programs including DOD and other programs, and 14% for everything else. Are you addicted to lying, commie c**t?

          67. AKLady2015 says

            Do you even know what “entitlemetns” refers to?
            Suggest you learn the difference between discretionary and mandatory.
            By far, the biggest category of discretionary spending is spending on the Pentagon and related military programs.

          68. Ferd321 says

            You are just playing leftie games. My comment concerning the Eisenhower years referred to the TOTAL of budget spending on defense, which was over 50% of ALL revenue in the 1950s. Now it is merely 16%.
            Now you easily could know this, but prefer to LIE and only mention the defense spending in relation to the 30% that is not “mandated entitlement spending” by law (70% of all spending).
            Nice try, liar, but you lose again.

          69. AKLady says

            Every modern, industrialized country has a mixed economy.

            Sadly, the United States is the only one which allows people to die,
            simply because they cannot afford to buy medical care.

            There are areas within the US which have infant & maternal mortality rates which are higher than most third-world countries.

            Unlike you, I do not subscribe to the philosophy of either Lenin or Marx.
            I prefer the teaching of a different Socialist: Jesus Christ.

            He commanded that the hungry be fed,
            the sick healed,
            the homeless to be sheltered,
            the naked to be clothed ….

          70. Ferd321 says

            Christ told his disciples to stay out of politics (render unto Ceasar….) but to go into the world carrying a sword. You do not even know your bible, and are a fake Christian.

          71. MAHB001 says

            You flat out lie and deceive.

            Is it that you no longer know better? Or are you just evil?

          72. AKLady2015 says

            Denial changes nothing.
            It is only going to get worse.

          73. MAHB001 says


            It has only been getting worse since the 0bama administration got in office.

            Americans have taken steps to make America great again… In spite of you AK.

          74. AKLady2015 says

            Right wing drivel, is it not amazing …
            Not me, not me, not me, not mw…
            Great is the roight-wing code word for HATE.

          75. Ferd321 says

            Leftists always revert to name calling when their arguments fall flat. Besides HATE, you forgot bigot, racist, homophobe, trans-phone, mysoginist, Islamophobe, redneck, etc. etc. Perhaps you should try them out for variation.

          76. Ferd321 says

            We DO live in a “mixed economy” in the US. Just one not Socialist enough, at the point of a government gun, to satisfy “progressive” statists like AKLady.
            33% of all job creation since 2008 has occurred in Texas, a more lazziae fare
            State—NOT in California, New York, or Illinois, all of which are progressive/left and are losing jobs and population—save for immigrants from the poorest 3rd world countries.

          77. Ferd321 says

            How can one person be so wrong and closed minded? The best business minds in the country disagree with AkLady, but she thinks she knows better.
            Hubris only Obama could surpass.

          78. AKLady2015 says

            Open a business.
            See how long it stays open without customers.
            Try common sense onc in awhile, you might find you actually like it.

          79. Ferd321 says

            Unlike you, I HAVE run. Business with revenues in the millions. Sorry, statist.

          80. AKLady2015 says

            Apparently, ypu do not understand the fact that mwdicine and health care are businesses. Physicians are busineses — with revenue in the millions and more demand thn they can possibly fill..

          81. Croco Dile says

            Import tariffs v. free trade, argued by Donald Trump and Milton Friedman.

          82. MAHB001 says

            I wonder what Friedman would say about America today…. Our society has slipped so far towards socialism/communism.

          83. Croco Dile says

            Too many Americans fell for the Free Lunch Myth !

          84. MAHB001 says

            Wanting a free ride is human nature for some. Others it has been brainwashed into them.

            But what has happened to the United States was laid out in the book, “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen in 1958..

            Evil people made this happen…. Not sure what the solution is other than educating the people.. This type of evil does not survive in the light of realization. Keep it up.

          85. Croco Dile says
          86. AKLady2015 says

            The Food Stamps program is under the Dept. of Agriculture.
            It is welfare for farmers, not poor people.

          87. MAHB001 says

            Lies and deception.

            You are getting desperate.

          88. AKLady2015 says

            You should try engaging you brain before running your mouth.

            You might even try verifying facts.

            Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps)

          89. MAHB001 says

            Food stamps are NOT welfare for farmers… Do your own research…

          90. AKLady2015 says

            I did the reearch.
            I even gave you the link to the web site.
            Who is going to be hit hard if less food is bought?

          91. MAHB001 says

            Thankfully, Liberal logic is beyond my comprehension.

            The reality is that your convolutions are not of this world.

            BTW I was not able to go to your “link”. Apparently the American people can not access that site.

          92. AKLady2015 says

            Would you rather an entire generation of Americans suffer from nutrition-related handicaps and illness?

            Would you rather farm prodiuction be trashed?

            The Food Stamps program is under the Dept. of Agriculture.
            It is welfare for farmers, not poor people.

          93. Croco Dile says

            Pleas learn how this works in real world, not just in people’s imagination :

          94. AKLady2015 says

            Milton Fruedman died 10 years ago.
            Wall Street crashed since then.
            Your need to join the real wrld, in th curent decade.

          95. Croco Dile says

            You mean truth has an expiration date ????

            You even DID NOT watch the video I suggested to you !
            Why should I continue talking to you ?

          96. AKLady2015 says

            No, but you see technoligy changes, facts change … mechines take over jobs, computers run factories … Friedman is out of date. His idea are no longer taught in business school. Viner and Mills do not agree with a number of Friedman’s assumptions.

            Many European Schools teach compter programming at he elementary scool level.

            The truth is, if you want a decent job that will lead to a decent life today you have to work harder, regularly reinvent yourself, obtain at least some form of postsecondary education, make sure that you’re engaged in lifelong learning and play by the rules.

          97. Croco Dile says

            Lifelong learning is the right way.
            Discarding good knowledge is not !

            Free yourself from those collectivist dogmas you are full of.

          98. AKLady2015 says

            Ha, ha, ha, ha …

          99. AKLady2015 says

            Grow up..
            Get a job.
            Move out of your parent’s basement.
            Be an adult.
            Live in the real world.

          100. AKLady2015 says

            Actually, that is a matter of national defense.
            Siggest you get those history books back out.
            When poverty is thw majority, revolution is just around the corner.

          101. MAHB001 says

            Is that WHY 0bama and his administration strives to eliminate the middle class?

            I knew he wanted a revolution to stay in power, but honestly, are you guys that evil to create poverty so that you can have your revolution?

            Hmmmm Evil are you…

          102. AKLady2015 says

            Hmmmm ignorant are you…

          103. Ferd321 says

            Aha! this commie troll just revealed her true daydreams!
            A workers revolution led by minorities and the underclass,
            only in their situation for lack of study and hard work?

          104. AKLady2015 says

            Are you really that stupid?
            Is that why we have a real unemployment rate of about 18%

            No foolish, ignorant one, its because you fill your shopping cart with “Made in China”, “Made in Japan”, “Mde in Mexico”, “made in India” ….

            Mpre right-wing “not me, not me, not me, not m, not me…..”

          105. Dale Reynolds says

            1.8% growth is hardly Booming, unless you meant the sound of abandoned factory buildings falling apart ! GYHOFYA

          106. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Sarcasm escapes you?

            I’ll edit it to make you feel better.

          107. Dale Reynolds says

            Thanks for the edit ! Too use to trolls throwing spit balls, Curves and Sliders ! Makes it difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff ! 🙂

          108. Mathew Molk says

            1.8% growth yurass. More like .5% decline would be more like the truth.

          109. AKLady says

            It was higher than that at the last of the Bush Administration.

          110. Ferd321 says

            A very sorry performance for 8 years of incompetence, and everyone, even democrats agree—-except for the internet troll AKLady

          111. AKLady says

            It is one heck of a lot better than the slide that was
            taking place before Obama took office.

          112. Ferd321 says

            If Obama had refunded $7 trillion to the taxpayers instead of giving it to the big banksters
            (Who bonused themselves millions and refused to loan out the remaining trillions), the economy would have recovered almost instantly and the past 8 years of no growth and record high labor force non-participation could have been avoided!
            To prove Obama was in the pocket of the banisters, one has only to note he did not propose separation of investment banks and commercial banks, as this separation served America well for many, many years.
            “Judge them by their actions—-“

          113. AKLady2015 says

            The U.S. Government has three branches:
            The Legistative (Congress) which writes law,
            The Judicia whoch defines how law is applied
            The Executive which acts on the laws,
            Obama did nothing that you accuse him of.
            You elect Congress. Maybe you should make better choices.

          114. Ferd321 says

            Gee, thanks for the third grade civics lesson.
            Obama gave marching orders to his democrat Congress in 2009
            To rob the people of seven trillion dollars and give it to the banksters.
            Your denial will not change the truth.
            And you know full well the racist in chief has been legislating from the White House, in one instance trying to write illegals into citizenship by the millions by a “stroke of
            his pen”. This will bankrupt the US, but Mr. Muslim does not care.
            He is just looking for more democrat votes, and the public and treasury be damned.

          115. AKLady2015 says

            Find a good mental health provider.

          116. AKLady says

            Do you mean the brand new factory buildings below the Mason-Dixon line where labor is cheap and employee pritections are few?
            The economy is measured in dolkars and cents, not humans.

          117. Ferd321 says

            You forgot the requirement of profit. If you want to pay $50 for a pizza, by all means keep lobbying to pay low end employees a “living wage” which entry level jobs were never designed for.

          118. AKLady2015 says

            Why don’t we go back to the days when workers were basically slaves?
            You mean like the days in Tennessee Ernie Ford “Sixteen Tons”

          119. AKLady says

            Yes, it is booming. In the eight months prior to Obama taking office, America was dropping an average of one million jobs per month. The real unemployment rate was almost 12%.

            Could Trump have done better under the circumstances? Not just no, but he11 no. So far, everything every one of his campaign “promises” have been unconstitutional and/or illegal.

          120. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Your IQ is showing again.

          121. AKLady2015 says

            That is why I was paid the largw salary.
            That is why I am a member of Mensa.

          122. CrustyOldGeezer says

            just more incessant babble trying to make your pathetic self look credible.

          123. Ferd321 says

            See above. How the F would you know how Trump would have performed the last 8 years? Have a crystal ball, maybe?
            You are a hopeless, biased, far left statist–a now attempt to hide your FORCED “share
            The wealth” manure under the guise of fake Christian charity.

          124. AKLady2015 says

            Try reading:
            The Financial Times
            Ivestor’s Business Daily
            The Wall Street Journal ….

          125. Ferd321 says

            I do.
            For some perspective, try reading Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, some Hyack and Milton Friedman. Incidentally, you are incorrect in your accusations concerning Reagan raising taxes. He was the first modern president to understand the Laffer curve and raise federal revenue by lowering tax rates.
            A democrat Congress changed the Social Security benefits to taxable, and wrote regulations cancelling out tax shelters in the 1980s. Both actions broke a commitment to taxpayers and investors, the latter is directly responsible for the lack of affordable housing for the poor today.
            Sleep poorly.

          126. Mathew Molk says

            Not that you could tell from my house,,,but the MSM will twist it and by giving out REAL stats in 4 months they will say President Trump crashed the economy.

          127. Ferd321 says

            I presume you are joking, sir.

          128. CrustyOldGeezer says

            About what would I be ‘joking’?

          129. AKLady says

            In your opinion.

          130. MAHB001 says

            Yes, in my opinion… Why don’t you ask Soros what your opinion is and get back to us.

          131. Mathew Molk says

            Credit for screwing up the country is the only thing he COULD take credit for. He didn’t do anything else.

            And don’t look for president Trump to be blaming things on the royal exalted boma. It’s not the way of a business man. Just identify the problem and only solve problems you cannot eliminate. – Finding who was at fault is not at all productive. Who cares who’s fault it was. Just fix the son of a bitch.

          132. MAHB001 says

            So true… And refreshing.

          133. Janicercoffey says

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          134. MAHB001 says

            Flagged you scum puppet. Moderator, please remove this spam.

          135. AKLady says

            Fact: American was headed to the bottom at light speed when he took office.

            Fact: America’s auto industry was failing.

            Fact: America’s banks were failing.
            Fact: America was dropping 1 million jobs a month.
            Fact: Unemployment was pushing 15%
            Fact: Bankruptcy was up by 80%

            You must be 100% correct.
            That planned destruction came to a screeching halt under the Obama Administration.

            Expect it to start again, and continue to become much worse under Trump.

            The man admires Putin.

            Our First Lady is Communist born and educated. .
            In fact, she is his second Communist wife.

          136. Ted Duke says

            AK Lady: Your statistics ignore a few factors. For example, unemloyment no longer includes unemployed people who are unemployed but have stopped looking for work after some specified time. Your slanderous allegations about first Lady’s Communism are laughable, cosidering that you apparently don’t know how avidly Obama taught Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals while a college teacher, not ever a professor. Obama has followed those rules during his entire attempt to “Fundamentally Transform America.” Read those rules at:

          137. AKLady2015 says

            Fact: A professor who teaches part time is titled Lecturer and/or Adjunct
            Obama taught Constitutional Law.

            Alinsky’s Rules have become standard “leadership” texts His work’s are used as teaching materials at America’s eading business schools.

            When did truth become slander?

          138. Rosech Levy says

            She has been blocked but I still believe she is a paid troll with reams of lies and statements that have no basis in fact.

          139. d4texas says

            Keep in mind these downfalls all started after 2006 when the DEMs took over majority of both House and Senate and over-rode ALL legislation Bush tried to ask for from a DEM congress. Example, housing bubble, loans and mortgages, bank interest, stimulus bills to bail out DEM favored supporters. Need I go on?

          140. AKLady2015 says

            You are obviously well-insulated to facts.
            Excellent job of brainwashing.

          141. d4texas says

            Your comment on Trump “admiring” Putin was taken out of context.
            I heard that speech and what Trump was referring to was that Putin was standing up for his country and his country’s interests in the international front.
            Trump admired him for standing up for his country as opposed to Obama destroying the country he claims to represent which was/is treasonous.
            Get your facts straight before spreading falsehoods.

          142. AKLady2015 says

            “Look at Putin — what he’s doing with Russia — I mean, you know, what’s going on over there. I mean this guy has done — whether you like him or don’t like him — he’s doing a great job in rebuilding the image of Russia and also rebuilding Russia period,” Trump told Larry King on CNN. October 2007

          143. AKLady2015 says

            “Putin has big plans for Russia. He wants to edge out its neighbors so that Russia can dominate oil supplies to all of Europe,” Trump said. “I respect Putin and Russians but cannot believe our leader (Obama) allows them to get away with so much…Hats off to the Russians.” December 2011

          144. AKLady2015 says

            “Will he become my new best friend?” June 2013

          145. AKLady2015 says

            “I think he’s done really a great job of outsmarting our country,” October 2013

          146. AKLady2015 says

            “I think I’d get along very well with Vladimir Putin. I just think so,” July 31, 2015

          147. AKLady2015 says

            “I think the biggest thing we have is that we were on ’60 Minutes’ together and we had fantastic ratings. One of your best-rated shows in a long time,” Trump joked. “So that was good, right? So we were stable mates.” Oct. 11, 2015

          148. AKLady2015 says

            “I got to know him very well because we were both on ’60 Minutes,’ we were stablemates, and we did very well that night,” Nov. 10, 2015

          149. AKLady2015 says

            “It is always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond,” Dec. 17, 2015

          150. AKLady2015 says

            “He’s running his country and at least he’s a leader, unlike what we have in this country,”…”I think our country does plenty of killing also.” Dec. 18, 2015

          151. AKLady2015 says

            “I have no relationship with him other than he called me a genius. He said Donald trump is a genius and he is going to be the leader of the party and he’s going to be the leader of the world or something,” Feb. 17

          152. Joseph Vanchieri says

            Obama didn’t stop squat. The unemployment is still above 12% counting those who just dropped out of the workforce. Obama’s henchmen make sure that statistic was never revealed. Hecdesimated our military and came close to making this a third world nation. The only thing that got in the traitors way was our Constitution. Your hero was and is a complete failure. Complete! He took race relations back 60 years. Obama also and against the Constitution started a war against law enforcement. Again he was/is a complete failure.

          153. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          154. d4texas says

            But remove or get rid of all those who caused the mess in the first place.

          155. AKLady says

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      2. pmbalele says

        Now Trump is having hard time with Repubs and TPs. They hate him-but I do not know what their problems are with Trump. They endorsed him. If Trump messes up with those Justices, he will have harder time. He will be isolated by both Congress and the Supreme Court. They know the law. I wish Trump the best so that I can continue living in heaven here.

        1. Tiger says

          Well nice last sentence and yes RINO hate him even when it was due to him they became top dogs again. He will not stay silent though there is a tremendous amount he can do with EO and with his powers and he will surely tell the public which Republicans are not on our side.

          Trump won’t mess anything up he will be the better picker upper.

          This article taken off the net can’t remember who it was by. But it is a good one. Trump will do what he says.

          A president has very
          broad, unilateral discretion to determine which refugees — those fleeing
          war and other threats to their safety — are admitted into the country.

          number of refugees accepted by the U.S. each year is set exclusively by
          the president. President Obama has increased the number of refugees
          from 70,000 in 2015 to 110,000 in 2017. Trump repeatedly bashed that
          decision, saying refugees from countries like Syria were threats to
          national security because they had not been properly vetted and could
          include terrorists. The State Department says Syrian refugees undergo
          the strictest background checks.

          As president, Trump could drop the total number of refugees to zero.

          “Congress can ask questions and object to things, but ultimately it’s up to the president,” Legomsky said.

          Donald Trump’s call for banning Muslims from entering U.S. draws condemnation

          THE MUSLIM BAN

          have the power to bar access to the U.S. to specific immigrants or
          entire classes of immigrants. That power is laid out in the Immigration
          and Nationality Act, which allows a president to block would-be
          immigrants if they are deemed “detrimental to the interests of the
          United States.”

          Yale-Loehr said that provision has been used
          sporadically over the decades to bar dictators, military strongmen and
          others who worked to undermine democracy in countries like North Korea, Venezuela, South Sudan and Libya.
          But he said it’s never been used in the way or the extent proposed by
          Trump, who had initially called for a temporary ban on all immigrants
          from all Muslim countries.

          Such a proposal would have likely faced
          a slew of lawsuits from groups claiming it violates First Amendment
          protections for freedom of religion. In recent months, Trump altered the
          description of his ban, saying he would target immigrants from
          “terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur.”

          said if Trump worded such a proclamation based on terrorism grounds and
          not on religious grounds, “then I’m sure that order would hold up in

          Border towns to Trump: The wall won’t work


          the 650 miles of wall or fencing that currently exist would require
          congressional approval because of the billions of dollars that the
          project would cost. Trump told 60 Minutes that in “certain areas, a wall is more appropriate,” but “there could be some fencing.”

          may need to create a legal mechanism to withhold remittances that
          Mexicans in the U.S. send back to their families in Mexico, a revenue
          stream that Trump says would help pay for construction of the wall.

          So far, it looks like there’s interest on Capitol Hill. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said on Wednesday that border security “is something I think ought to be high on the list.” And House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said Trump has earned a “mandate” to implement his policy.

          Tuesday’s election left Republicans short of the 60-vote majority in
          the Senate that would allow them to override a Democratic
          filibuster that could block legislation, meaning Republicans may need to
          craft a compromise to get the wall extended.

          Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart,
          R-Fla., one of the lead immigration negotiators in the House, said he
          would be willing to accept extensions to the border wall as long as part
          of the package includes legal protections for undocumented immigrants
          who remain in the U.S.

          “The size of a wall, the thickness of a
          wall, the size of a fence — whatever it takes to finally secure the
          border — I think Congress will have the willingness to do that,”
          Diaz-Balart said. “But in order to do all of that, you’re going to have
          to get it through the Senate. The mathematical reality of that is you’re
          going to have to deal with the (undocumented immigrants) who are here.”

          1. TPM says

            Can we / he legally deny benefits to illegals? That in and of itself would limit the appeal of coming here illegally.
            Maybe the USA needs a National ID card. Many countries have them.
            A national ID system could ID the citizenship status of everyone in our country.
            It could also be used to get a handle on voter fraud.

          2. CrustyOldGeezer says

            States are perfectly capable of issuing ID cards without the feds intrusion into the process.

            Unless you can show me which of the Enumerated Powers would allow the feds to intervene.

            IF it isn’t Enumerated PLAINLY without re-defining words and terms the States should kick the federal agencies out of the State.

          3. Christian_Patriot7 says

            One would have to show a birth certificate to get an ID card.

          4. AKLady says

            That rule is currently in place.
            Ovviously, you don’t have either an State ID or a Drivers’ License.

          5. AKLady says

            Ha, ha, ha …

            There is not a single state in this Nation that could function without federal aid of some form. That is especially true of coastal and border states. Immigration is federal, as per the Constitution.

            These issues were settled back abort 1865.

          6. CrustyOldGeezer says

            You do have the cutest little fantasies don’t you dear?

          7. AKLady2015 says

            Facts are facts.
            Do try to keep up with the data stream.
            Oh, and old timer, it is the “Red” states who get the most federal money.
            Look at the Cesus data, actually the past three Census are quite informative.

          8. CrustyOldGeezer says


          9. Tiger says

            Nice idea and yes I read the other day a Judge made it clear to O’s lawyers that government benefits are for citizens of this country and not for illegals or anyone else. I will try to find it.

          10. AKLady says

            Judge can blow all the smoke he can produce, it won’t change anything.

            Starving immigrants would present a significant health danger
            to the American public.

            As it is, the amount of Food Stamps has been scientifically determined to the minimum number of calories required to prevent starvation, not just malnutrition. It is a self-defeating policy, as poor nutrition leads to illness, which lead to unemployment and/ir disability …

          11. Tiger says

            Here is the article this judge socked it to them including the handing out of DL and benefits to illegals.


          12. Tiger says

            The thing is this concerning the children born here getting benefits which in turn benefit their illegal parents. Now the 14th Amendment along with the 10th has been misinterpreted and when Trump puts it right via his DOJ, he has mentioned this, those benefits will stop. You are not a citizen because your mother came across the border to have you, you are, according to the 14th Amendment what your parents are, Mexican or whatever.

            That would be a huge chunk of cash back in our pockets because Americans aged, I have seen it here in my hamlet are having their benefits cut drastically to give to illegals and to refugees. My neighbor over 70, worked all her life, gets small SS and lives way within her means has had her food stamps cut three times in 2016 and twice just this month. From 200 a month to 158 to 154 to 150. Time to take care of Americans. Time to get rid of moochers.

          13. AKLady says

            Sorry, Tiger, Trump will not have the authority to do as you want.

            The issue has already been before the Supreme Court, which has ruled that it is illegal to deport juvenile American citizens. Texas is already in trouble for their ruling that babies of illegal immigrant parents would not be issued a birth certificate.

          14. rocky says

            Why do we keep complicating what could be a simple solution… Follow the law !!
            Illegals to be deported… (streamline that ridiculous system) nearest exit !! ‘Anchor baby’??? ( who coined that phrase) Either take your kid with you, or find a sponsor. The child is not the responsibility of the US public !!
            Now then… deal with the ‘anchor’ law. Is this the only country in the world that has this ridiculous law ? Try to pull this in MX !!

          15. AKLady says

            Dear Rocky,

            America is a nation of laws. The primary of those laws is the U.S. COnstituion.
            The 5th Amendment guaratees everyone within our borders “Due Process”.

            Thus, everyone who is “charged” with illegal entry, must not only be provided a hearing, but also a lawyer.

            There is one other major issue regarding deprtations. Our economy simply could not stand the loss of business

            Legal or not, the people involved heavily contribute to our encomy. Deporting them would cause huge layoffs of American workers. he on top of that, it would also markedly reduce government income at the loca, state and federal levels.

          16. rocky says

            Like I said… change the law, although I know it is harder to change one than ignore it ( as done these days… I give you ‘sanctuary cities)
            I would think that deportation of ‘ illegals’ might well cause more hiring of citizens, not layoffs of ‘Americans’, as you stated… I guess I miss the point.

          17. Mathew Molk says

            I hope they enjoy the life in the sanctuary cities because in 22 days and hours life as they knew it will have ended.

          18. AKLady says

            I refer you to the 1860s, and a war which took place.
            The issue was “States Rights”
            The majority of “illegals” enter America quite legally on employment visas.
            Employers must swear under oath that no America is available to fill the job.
            Those workers simply stay when their visa expirew.
            The saying that “money talks” is very true. Money has you focused on the mostly low education low experience individual crossing the Southern border.

            America has been brainwashed. Very well brainwashed.

          19. rocky says

            I have heard numbers from every quarter, and wonder who has what axe to grind. There are more coming into the US on visa’s than over the sand… and the other way a round. Where can I get the facts. I get numbers (up and down) from everywhere on who is allowed in and for what reasons, and ‘estimates’ from both grass roots, and officials as to who is jumping the river.
            I also hear … from both, again… that the ones turned back at the border are counted as expulsions, just as if drug out from under the porch.
            And you and I may be the only ones that refer to ‘states rights’ instead of slavery on the big issue between the states in the 1860”s.

          20. AKLady2015 says

            Caught at the border is an expulsion.
            Illegal immigrant requires “immigration”.

            Which name do you prefer?
            I am a bit fond of “War of Northern Agression”.

          21. CrustyOldGeezer says


            You are trying to have an honest discussion with a liberal.

            WHY do you think that is going to work out?

            Just accept the 60 Point Boost to your IQ for her showing up and call it good.

          22. Mathew Molk says

            If you want to wait for a trial a trial to fight deportation you can wait in one of the abandoned military bases, under guard, and without bail as you present a flight risk.

            For Men…..

            5 am Reveille
            6 am Calisthenics and a 1/4 mile run
            6:30 Chow
            7 am Clean the barracks
            8 am Calisthenics and a 1/4 mile run
            8 30 Classes in American Civics and history
            10 30 Homework
            11 30 Calisthenics and a 1/4 mile run
            Noon Chow
            12 30 English as a second language.
            2:30 home work
            3:30 Police area and camp maintenance
            5:30 Calisthenics and a 1/4 mile run
            6:pm Chow
            6:30 Free time
            9 pm Lights out…

            We can come up with a similar schedule for the women and the children will spend their time in school.

            We will also have a nice stockade for those who refuse to follow the rules Solitary and bread and water, The can leave whenever they want and go home, though.

            Of coerce anybody could always choose to not fight deportation and go back where they came from.

            If they do decide to fight deportation and stay in the camp they will have a big head start on becoming a citizen.

            10 bucks says less the 10% would choose to stay, though and maybe they would be people we actually want here.

          23. Tiger says

            Oh here is the article on benefits. The children truly are anchors for millions of illegals.


          24. ipsd48 says

            Under US immigration LAW immigrants aren’t ENTITLED to any benefits until AFTER they’re citizens for 5 years. Of course Trump can deny them, re; return to the LAW.

          25. AKLady says

            Wrong. Immigrants do not have to be “citizens” to obtain benefits. Legal immirants must be residents for five years. Age and disabilty are exceptions to that rule.

            Refugees are entited to some benefits upon arrival — for a limitwd period of time. Again, age and disability are exceptions.

          26. Mathew Molk says

            Anybody know the law with reguard to sending them back where they came from or otherwise getting them the hell out of my country?

          27. AKLady says

            Papers please?
            Not in America, not ever.

            Apparently, you have never registered to vote, let alone voted in an election.

            One must prove citizenship to register.
            The voter is then assign o a voting precinct.
            The registered voter is also issued a votes’ registration identification.

            When an election takes place, your name is provided to the polling place.
            You must show your Vote Registration Card at the polling place.

            If your name is not on the list, you are given an “:absentee Ballot”.
            In that circumstance, your right to vote will be verified before the ballot is counted.

          28. headonstraight says

            There are today more migrants leaving this country and going back to Mexico or other Central American nations than there are entering this country from the south.


            The link is to an early 2016 article. This trend is continuing, according to reports on national news media last night..

            If this trend continues, then there should be no need for a wall, whether or not there ever was. Meanwhile, there remains the issue of getting Mexico to pay for it, a fantasy that Trump trumpeted throughout his campaign but has said little about since the election, probably because he knows–as he knew from the start–that Mexico would never pay for his silly wall.

          29. Tiger says

            They are leaving because they know the Sanctuary Cities will be closed, our borders will be secured, our immigration laws will be back in place, any company hiring them will pay and the benefits they have been getting will be pulled because it is against our laws for anyone but citizens to receive them.

            The wall is necessary and all over Europe walls are being erected because it is not just Hispanics coming across our border but to the tune of 400 plus a day, Iraqi, Somali, Tunisian, Afghani men coming across and this was told to the Congress by border guards along with being told O threatens anyone who enforces the law.

            A country without borders has no Sovereignty. We have limits on immigration and they are mathematically figured out so that our country does not take in more than we can support and we limit so we are not overrun and out birthed and become another people altogether.

          30. Mathew Molk says

            Support? If you can’t support yourself you can’t stay.

          31. Tiger says

            Agreed that means we got some moochers to move off down the line.

          32. Tiger says

            As to Mexico paying for it you bet they will. The Mexican president has been in touch with Trump he wants the border secured, the Cartels taken out, the gun running stopped because the Mexican people have been killed in large numbers by these people. Obama and Biden were against anything but open borders and the last president actually went to O requesting help to stop the gun running but O took all the documents during the investigations and kept them under lock and key along with all of bin laden documents.

          33. Tiger says

            By the way on the Thank You tour he doubled down on the wall and refugees.

          34. oldobxguy says

            headonstraight up where? Your words have no credibility when you use Wash Post as your source unless you’re commenting about “Fake News” and are using that worthless rag as your prime example.

          35. headonstraight says

            Hey, oldobxguy, you are just one of many wingnuts who fall back on the cheap, shabby, and impotent device of irrationally and knee-jerkedly damning the source(s) of information that makes you uncomfortable. Well, since that paramount conservative source of information, FOX NEWS, has reported the same information as I cited from the Washington Post, do you wish to condemn them also as a “worthless” source?


            Even better, if you wish to extend your absurd condemnation of sources, you can go here and find multiple reports from media sources,including that radically left-wing Wall Street Journal, all of which report the same information that the Washington Post article provides:


            Times a’wastin,’ oldobxguy; get busy, you have lots of condemning to do.

          36. GODBlessRealAmerica says
          37. headonstraight says

            You are a worthy ally of oldobxguy. You both are deeply mired in irrelevancy. and are so deluded that you think insults constitute meaningful dialog.

          38. GODBlessRealAmerica says

            You are delusional like you have meaninful dialog when you say this “any wingnuts who fall back on the cheap, shabby, and impotent device of irrationally and knee-jerkedly damning the source(s) ”

            You are a Liberal moron….we expose you idiots and frauds, liars, haters and low energy! You are the enemy of America!! Catch up kid…

          39. headonstraight says

            I am still waiting for you, oldobxguy, or some other conservative to explain why the Washington Post is not to be trusted with information that is identical to information from Fox News. Instead, I get insults from the incompetents who can not carry out that task or who simply will not admit that they are wrong.

          40. GODBlessRealAmerica says



          41. GODBlessRealAmerica says
          42. headonstraight says

            You don’t address the issue under discussion. You rely instead on insults. You are a worthless stumblingblock in the marketplace of ideas. I am through with you.

          43. GODBlessRealAmerica says

            You are a delusional brain dead Liberal Scumbag!! I been through with your liberal ignorance catch up you hatin fool…Remember PRESIDENTTRUMP Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy whether u liberal ignorant ass like sit or not hahhahaha

          44. headonstraight says

            Thank you. With that blithering, illiterate tirade, you have proven my point .I accept your surrender.

          45. GODBlessRealAmerica says

            Headonstraight fool Why are you on this site to provoke people. Get lost will ya… your a Moron…a low energy Liberal. We crushed you go Cry, Whine, protest and or leave the Country you babbling idiot!!! You are a disgrace like Crooked evil lying loser Hillary!!! We won you surrender.

          46. Mathew Molk says

            More leaving now?

            Just wait…You aint seen ‘nothing yet.

            22 days and hours, baby

          47. GODBlessRealAmerica says

            Headon is a typical liberal low energy hater of America and Trump..we know his kind…ignorant, racist, evil and low energy….

          48. Linda Shelton says

            Look it up, but i believe congress already passed a bill to build the wall but O would not comply.

          49. Tiger says

            I do know the money was there for years Linda but like everything else was used for other things.

            Bush’s last speech to Congress was build the wall or run the risk of losing our Sovereignty. He also stopped the Catch and Release program.

          50. Tiger says

            Well we know that Clinton sure changed his tune as did so many.


          51. AKLady says

            However, Congress can over-rule the President.

            If yoi want to make America like East Berlin, under Communist rule,
            you best be ready to pay for it.

            Repubicans started two wars and cut taxes.
            Those wars cost $1 million a day, each. The cost will continue to climb from Veteran benefits to intest on the huge loans.

            There is only one way to make America great again — pay off the debt
            To do that, YOU, the citizen must stop bying foreign goods and services.

        2. ernldo says

          He can only do many times better than the current gay muzlim filth, thug loving, American hating racist in chief, bathhouse Barry, aka the Kenyan fraud, no matter who he nominates….

          1. pmbalele says

            How did you know he is racist if you’re not yourself. Look under your pants and see what is there. I believe you did not read my posting yesterday. I saidMichelle and Barack are Blessed people whether you like them or not and their legacy will live forever. Let me tell you whatever your name is. You must have been away from this country in year 2008. Banks were failing, the Federal government was bankrupt; John McCain has to suspend his WH campaign and came back to DC to vote to bail out the federal government; GM was folding. You know why? Romney and Billionaires had shipped their money to China, Malaysia, Mexico, Argentina where they could meet their mistresses. But Obama came and gave America back to us. Unemployment was 10.5% in 2008, now unemployment is 4.2%; the deficit was increasing by bounds and people were miserable. Just, one year after Obama took over, people saw America as heaven again. In fact, for the last 7.95 years now I have living in heaven here. But lazy-bones like you Repubs and TPs and other racists have been whining because Obama would not let get things free. Obama forced Repubs and TPs to work. I still see many Repubs and TPs still pan-handling in my city while there are plenty of jobs right around the corner paying $13.00 hour. They don’t want those jobs. They want desk jobs to wear suits and neckties. Where is Bin Laden, Yemen guy and Benghazi guy. All are decommissioned. That is why they voted for Trump. Now Trump is telling them “Go to work.” I am hearing Repubs and Newt already complaining why Trump is telling them to work like Obama did. This is even before he becomes president. Newt has been dumped by Trump despite campaigning for him. Obama was a blessing to America. Actually his name is exactly what it means: Barack means Blessing. President legacy will live forever. Amen!

          2. ernldo says

            You should lose your crack pipe….

          3. Behind every blade of grass! says

            hahahahahahahahaha … that’s the deep-down belly laugh of the day!! Thank You!!

          4. Ronnie says

            Get your head out of your rear end, he is the closest thing we have seen to SATAN!

          5. Dale Reynolds says

            I agree Totaly, Barack is Blessed by SATIN , sent to destroy this Republic ! The Recovery is and was a result of a Living Republic and slowed by a Demokrap Party push to a Welfare Country (AKA) a Democracy where the Majority of Indolent can Vote themselves larger and larger Governmental Paychecks !

          6. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Why did you stick your head in a tunnel so that only the prescribed ‘knowledge’ seeped in?

            Or are you just naturally that stoopud?

          7. george briar says

            WOW back on your sap box pmbalele? which makes us think your also sniffing glue again but while your high you haven’t realized the Obama’s were a pair of stooges that did nothing but take from this country for 8 years. You should seek help your just an idiot troll.

          8. ipsd48 says

            You seem to have missed one very important point: It was the dems fixation with risky RE loans that created the bubble that destroyed the economy.

          9. mac12sam12 says

            Would you like a shovel for your bullshit? Obama’s the worst president in history. He’s set a lot of records, all of them bad. We have a real leader now, Snowflake.:0)

          10. GODBlessRealAmerica says

            LMYASSOFF @ This liberal Democrackhead Racist fool…Obama is a RACIST…

            Obama is a disgrace, low energy, evil a hater of America a divider n chief…a loser he is not cool…

          11. pmbalele says

            There are lots of people on this site who should check themselves in mental institutions. They cannot remember what the country was like in 2008 when banks were closing, GM was folding and the federal government did not have money. You and other Repubs such as Romney had shipped your money to Swiss Banks; thus creating jobs there and causing mass lay-offs. Trickle-down economics did not work. I hope Trump is not going to re-do the trickle-down economics again. You will be back to slavery – i.e. being cheap. You will have to import experts from India, Kenya, Nigeria, England as what was happening during Reagan

          12. GODBlessRealAmerica says

            You have a lost mind . I don’t know what planet you on? It shows you on the planet of Racism, Hatin whitey, Hating on Real America and Trump…

            back to slavery get your racist thug head out of the past are one ignorant liberal low life!!! We won you lost stop with the hate, racism, lies and ignorance…

            Did you cry, protest, riot, set a building on fire, leave the country Loser lol

            You need to check yo self into a mental institution you are one stupid liberal moron!!!

        3. glorybe2 says

          Take a look at the long string of proven law breaking by Trump. He has been fined repeatedly for breaking various laws and by his own admission is a sexual molester. If he can not follow laws himself what the heck makes you think he could pick sane judges?

      3. AKLady says

        The royal “we” has been around for centuries.
        Are you fooled that easily?

      4. AKLady says

        The royal “we” has been a ficture in soceity for centuries.
        It has nothing, whatsoever, to do wirh “We the People”.

      5. AKLady says

        The ‘Royal We’ has been around a very long time.
        Apparently, right-wing America is easily taken in.
        Keep buying those foreign goods

    2. meangreenMarine says

      It doesn’t hurt to have a leader who wants what ordinary Americans want! I’ll
      walk beside him or behind him as he works, with our help, to make America great again!

      1. MAHB001 says

        Agreed, thank you for your service.

        The one thing we can’t do is not support him.

        1. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

          Not sure if your a Christian, or if you got into the other media stuff, but there was a retired fireman that did some prophecies that are right on spot at this time. Just pray and have faith that Trump is the annointed. God uses people, even though they aren’t the worlds idea of a chosen person. Trump has been compared to Cyrus numerous times. Anyhow, if you haven’t looked into it, it’s interesting if nothing else. Just pray and have faith that God’s in charge of whatever decision Trump makes. Remember, he said to not let your enemy know what you’re doing.

      2. James Langham says

        Go ahead walk beside him and the rest of the SWAMP CREATURES he dredged from the bottom of the SWAMP he supposedly was going to drain. Keep on walking beside him and the white SUPREMACISTS, KKK’ers/NAZI’s he had at his rallies, put on his transition team and nominated for his cabinet. Walk along with him and his GRIFTER family and billionaire friends as he fleeces America and anyone else he can. You will be left standing or maybe crawling at the end of the road he’s taking everyone on, not even recognising how or why you got there. Then again, maybe you will applaud him for a job well done.

        1. John Somers says

          Due to the fact that all you do is to spout B.S. and hate, where do you think you’re going to be able to live ? It sure won’t be in any conservative neighborhood I know of. Maybe you and all the Hildabeast voters Whiners and college students who couldn’t take an exam because they were traumatized can take over the FEMA camps that the psodo Nazi has had built MAYBE y’all will be somewhat safe.

          1. headonstraight says

            Ah, yes, those FEMA camps! Aren’t they located next to all those airfields where the unmarked black helicopters are stationed? Better hie off to the woods while you can, Somers. We all know that Obama is about to declare martial law, since he is almost to the end of his term and will for sure use that strategy to stay in office. Numerous reliable right-wing sources have been predicting the martial law thing for years now, so they must know something we don’t. If you have not stocked up on freeze-dried food and guns and ammo, you might just barely have time to do that before the totalitarian Kenyan Muslim gets going with his third-term scheme. And try to stay healthy down there in your cave. Should you get really sick and have to come out to seek medical attention, you might find yourself at the mercy of one of those Obama death panels that Sarah Palin warned us about!

        2. meangreenMarine says

          Have you been asleep for the last 8 years? It’s your liar in chief who has spent us into insufferable DEBT, downsized our Military, ignored the law regarding Illegal Immigration, screwed up every attempt to solve problems in the Middle East, gave away nuclear capability, developed, funded and armed ISIS, has no real Foreign Policies!
          He continues to bring unvetted Islamists into our Country, even though there’s a 1952 law that forbids bringing them into the Country!
          We’ve all seen what your President has done to this Country. Trump will do a much better job than this Kenyan/ Indonesian trained Muslim!

    3. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

      You hit that nail on the head. Finally a president for the people, and not for the betterment of his own agendas. How hard will it be to get the Muslim brotherhood out of the white house?

      1. MAHB001 says

        In its inception, our Government was of the people, by the people, and for the people..

        Communists have infiltrated the government and made it of the elites, by the elites, and for the control of the people.

        I think the Communists are using the Socialists as useful idiots, but the Muslims are using the Communists as useful idiots.

        It is not hard for me to identify those that intend to do America harm. 0bama has been stripped of power. Without 0bama’s support, America haters will disappear in the shadows.

        Now we must pray that the power that we have given Trump does not destroy him.

    4. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

      Thank you for the wise comment… More US Americans need to hear it (and get it). We must interact with our government and hold politicians accountable for their actions. We do need many of these appointed judges out though — we have one here in Lee County FL. She is evil, speaks little English, and does not even understand the process of law in the US.

      True story: I had received a minor traffic ticket that some butt-hurt sheriff’s deputy gave me for reasons I will never know. In court I had a GPS printout proving the claims of the sheriff’s deputy (and more or less his whole story) errant at best — and therefore inadmissible. After hearing my side the deputy started lying about witnesses (to something that hadn’t happened) statements he had collected from anonymous sources. The judge had stated that because I had chosen to fight the charge instead of pay the fine that she was upgrading the charge to a criminal careless/aggressive driving charge. I then cited the confrontation clause (6th Amendment) that the court needed to produce the witnesses since they are now a part of the prosecutions accusers, and if they are unable to produce the witnesses then the court must dismiss the charges. The deputy then voluntarily stated that he did not obtain contact information from the alleged witnesses and only had first names, physical descriptions, and their statements on record — to which I replied, that is not my problem. He then lied and said that I had been very nasty and confrontational with him. I elaborated that I had not and had the entire stop on video from my squad car cameras (I was also on duty and en route to a shooting on the other side of the LCSO jurisdiction) if the court wished to see them. She told me that the court does not wish to see them — why would they want to see them? I said because due to the fact of the statements on record of the deputy, the video evidence would be exonerating evidence proving the dishonesty of the deputy and if his dishonesty can be proven in court then his testimony must be removed from record, since he cannot provide other witnesses the prosecution has no case. She then straightened up and looked at me and said that the court is not waiting for such evidence. She asked the deputy if he had anything further and he said no. She turned back to me and asked me, “Do you have-a da any evidence to prove-a your innocence?” I said, “Yes, but you aren’t allowing me to share it with the court. I have a GPS printout from the car’s Lojack system and can provide video of my driving before and during the stop and the conversation that occurred between the deputy and myself. Otherwise, the rest of it never happened so I cannot prove something didn’t happen when there are no traces of evidence when things do not occur — only when they do.” She repeated herself, “I ask-a you, do you-a have any da evidence to prove-a your innocence?” I said, “What kind of trial is this? I thought it was the job of the prosecution to prove my guilt? Since when did the accused have to prove their innocence? I thought I was under US law here!” She responded, “Then if you-a have-a not the evidence to-a prove-a you innocence then this court finds you guilty!” I said, “You can’t do that!” She said, “I just-a did meester.” I said, “Wow, all faith in the criminal justice system just went right out the window. I guess there is no reason to know your rights or abide the laws anymore.” She laughed and said, “I guess not. Next-a case-a.”

      1. MAHB001 says

        That is one h-ll of a story. Keep the transcripts of the trial, if you can.

        I have been told that in other countries that you are guilty until you
        can prove your own innocence and that our judicial system is one of the
        best BECAUSE we are innocent until proven guilty. We have got to be diligent and protect this freedom and right.

        Note, that we have people at the highest levels of our Government (Comey-FBI,
        Lynch-DoJ) that are circumventing our laws in a similar manor.

        The enemy is within.. Thank you for your service.

        1. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

          Yeah Mahb… like the old timers used to say when we were young (and didn’t listen): “this country is going to hell in a hand basket.”

    5. Lester Smith says

      Trump is the one person who with a single executive order can make every one of OWEbamas Imperial decrees a bad memory…once and for all

      1. MAHB001 says

        I expect that to be on Day One! 22 days from today…

    6. AKLady says

      Yes, we actually agree on an issue. Miracles do happen, but they are rare.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Yes, Miracles do happen,

    7. brucebluemel says

      It was always up to us. What the Hell happened before Trump. Shows how stupid voters have been, right?

      1. MAHB001 says

        Stupid, is probably too harsh a word. Asleep is the word I would use.

        People are lazy, (I know I have been) they put their trust in people that they shouldn’t, and don’t do due diligence because they are lazy.

        The MEDIA is one such agency that should not be trusted. So when the people trust the MEDIA, they do not check out the sources, and they are easily mislead by the talking heads of the MEDIA.

        The people trust their politicians. Again, I think it is because we are lazy, we expect our politicians to do what we want them to do, but most of us spend 20 min every two years thinking about who we are voting for. That is lazy.

        What has happened to our Country BT (before Trump) was that Liberal Progressives (communists) have taken over both political parties and the MEDIA. Those communists have turned our Government from of the people, by the people and for the people, to of the elites, by the elites, and for the control of the people…. This is just another form of Communism.

        Elite Republicans = Elite Democrats = Elite MEDIA = some form of communism.

        We the People need to stay involved. We keep sending good people into that cesspool called the District of Corruption and in time, those people end up corrupted. That is working for the elites and not for the people.

    8. Mathew Molk says

      Right on. President Trump will need all the help we can give him and it’s going to be a long war, my friend.

      Letting some one else do it is the way of the liberals and how we got into this mess in the first place.

    9. AKLady says

      Buy American, and only American goods and services.

      1. MAHB001 says

        In a capitalist society, we are free to purchase (or not purchase) goods that best fit our needs, regardless of where they come from.

        Making America great again requires returning America to the values and morals that we had before we let our politicians lie to us without consequences.

        Making America Great again, will require that we call out hypocrites and liars for what they are and ouster them from civilized society. (that means you AK)

        1. AKLady2015 says

          That is why our country is failing.
          That is why so many Americans are unemployed.
          That is why so many families now live in cardboard boxes.
          That is why so many elederly are homeless.
          That is why so many children have inadequate diets. …

          1. MAHB001 says

            Socialsim/communism has created more unemployment, failed countries, families living in cardboard boxes, homeless and emancipated children than capitalism..

            History has spoken. Capitalism is better and more natural for the people than communism… AND.

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Is that why our jobs are now in Communist and/or Socialiat countries: China, Russia, Vietnam, India, Japan …????

          3. MAHB001 says

            Because those countries are cheaper for us to manufacture in. Their comrades are worse off than even our middle class.

    10. Rosech Levy says

      MAH, by working with him to do so. We are millions of deplorables and irredeemables just waiting to get hands on with Trump to cleanse and drain DC and those departments not located in DC because it is a disease that has spread and we are going to use strong GMO Raid on them!

    11. Carol says

      True, but we can’t appoint judges, we can’t sign or veto bills, etc. We have to rely on our President for that.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Very True. That is why I do not think we should abandon Trump now that we threw him into the cesspool.

        I do not think the moral majority can ever let their guard down like we have for the last 20+ years. The old days of spending 20 min every 2 years thinking about politics is gone now that the liberals have taken over.

    12. Joseph Vanchieri says

      Yes and it’s through President Trump that we will do it. We put a patriot in the White House and we kept both houses. We did start to make America great again. Trump has already been at work. He is going to get our Navy back to where it is suppose to be. He has started getting more jobs to stay. So so far we have done good. We do need to stay vigilant to make sure the RINOs stay the course and pass the bills that are Constitutionally sound and better our right. When liberals talk about regulating , what they are really saying is limit rights.

      1. MAHB001 says

        When liberals talk about regulation, I think Bigger more controlling Government with less personal rights and liberties.

        Yes, regulations are a way for the government to limit our rights. Taxes are a way for the Government to enslave its people.

        We can no longer trust our Government to do the right thing, I say leave the power with the people.

  3. Croco Dile says

    Juries have to be unanimous, yet the Supreme Court rules 5 to 4. But people still don’t see the SCAM.

    First, everyone simply ACCEPTS that the supreme court has the RIGHT to “decide” any issue for the whole country. Without getting into a big discussion about the power of “judicial review” let me just ask you :
    Have you ever agreed to allow some group of 9 people you have never met or had a chance to vote for, who can never be fired, “decide” whether Obamacare OR ANYTHING ELSE can be imposed on you ?

    1. Tiger says

      They are only there to interpret law and that is what they will be doing again if the right judges put into place.

      1. CrustyOldGeezer says


        They are there to ensure any legislation meets the Letter of the Constitution.

        WE, THE PEOPLE have the FINAL say.

        The ‘supreme court’ is limited to only ENUMERATED POWERS that LIMITS the federal government.

        Everything else is either States Rights, the PEOPLE.

        If gay marriage is not plainly listed in the Enumerated Powers, the federal government has no voice.

        THAT includes the supreme court.

        It’s that whole Constitution Thingie rearing it’s ugly head again.

        1. Tiger says

          Yes that is basically what I said to interpret the Constitution and you said the rest.

          Again we will have law and order and won’t it be nice. Some need Impeaching on the Supreme Court. Would be nice to see.

          1. CrustyOldGeezer says

            My only issue with your comment was the word “Interpret”.

            That gives them leeway to ‘interpret’ what each individual word means and ‘interpret’ the law based on their new meanings.

            God knows we have seen enough of that to last a few thousand centuries.

          2. Tiger says

            Indeed we have but that is what they have been doing. When you look at the misinterpretations of the 14th and 10th Amendments and many more we see the decline of our country and there are many bad boys in this not just Democrats for sure.

            Going to take a Real Force to Clean out this mess and bring Real Law and Order back.

          3. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Walk softly and carry a Big Stick.

            For I shall follow with an even bigger club, and those who follow me will have more forceful methods of dealing with the slow learners.

            I present for your reading enjoyment my Thanksgiving Day ruminations:


            This morning, November 24, 2016 I was contemplating all of the things that I have to be Thankful for in my life.

            I acknowledged all the normal things like:

            my Life
            my Family
            My health
            My friends
            My Country
            My Freedoms and Liberties.

            And then the subject of God came up.

            The Bible says he created ME in His Image, which gave me a large number
            of thoughts to dwell on to determine the ONE thing that I am Most
            Grateful in that gift.

            Those who know me best know that my brain, Like God, works in mysterious way…

            “God Created Man in his own image, and saw that it was good”…

            Satan looked upon Man, saw the Wonders of Gods Creation and became jealous.

            So he created cheap knockoffs and called them liberals.

            And THAT was when I became Thankful for God using only the highest quality ingredients when he made us.

            So, to all my Friends and Family,

            I Hope and Pray that your day of Thanksgiving is filled with Love, Happiness and all of the Great Things God has given to us.

          4. Tiger says

            “Satan looked upon Man, saw the Wonders of Gods Creation and became jealous. So he created cheap knockoffs and called them liberals.” Priceless just priceless.

            Thank you for such an uplifting post. Will share everywhere.

          5. CrustyOldGeezer says

            One does try to keep a little levity in the conversations.

            With liberals, it’s easy to find humor.

          6. Tiger says

            This was so good and so right on.

          7. CrustyOldGeezer says

            The only really good thing about liberals is when they walk into a room, all the Conservatives get an instant 60 point boost to their IQ.

          8. Tiger says

            LMAO you are full of the best comments. Wow love it.

          9. Tiger says

            In this day and age walk softly and carry a bazooka.

          10. CrustyOldGeezer says

            An RPG Launcher and 50 people following behind with reloads.

          11. Tiger says

            LMAO along with tanks.

          12. CrustyOldGeezer says

            I’m not certain on this, but originally ONLY the Supreme Court was for Life and NONE of the lower courts even existed at that time.

            The circuit courts of appeal are NOT or SHOULD NOT be lifetime appointments.

            That would have been a legislative action when those courts were created.

            Some of the black robed monkeys in the 9th have been there since 1971.

            Senior Circuit Judge
            Alfred Theodore Goodwin
            Pasadena, (CA


          13. Tiger says

            I believe a Supreme Court Justice can be impeached, I will look it up and no they or anybody else should be elected for life.

          14. CrustyOldGeezer says

            They can be impeached… IF congress would do their job.

            It’s the latter part that is the problem.

            4 of the leftys have mentioned that they looked to ‘foreign law’ to make their determine their decision.

            THAT should have been firing squad at dawn and no questions asked.

          15. Tiger says

            Exactly and people forget that was part of the One World Order. The UN would be our Ruling Body and the International court our Judiciary. Trump threw a curve ball that they are still reeling from.

          16. Tiger says

            Yes they can be Impeached. Several there should be for not taking themselves out when their past interests were proven to be biased.


          17. John Somers says

            My only hope is that on 1/20/17 there will be a NEW SHERIFF in town and his name is Trump and if his motto becomes “GIT-ER DONE” and does, I will be the happiest man on earth for at least the next 4 years.

          18. Tiger says

            That makes millions of us AMEN.

      2. freethinker4 says

        That’s the problem (Interpret) there is no interpretation that is just a lawyers manipulation of words or trying to show intent of meaning, the law is the law?, the words mean what the words mean. The constitution means what it says and says what it means. We the people need to force the issue of impeachment and prosecution of these treasonous judges before they destroy this country. This is not about a party affiliation, it should make no difference the Constitution is what it is, as the late Justice A Scalia has stated the document is dead it doesn’t change with the times. We have to set an example of zero tolerance to this treasonous behavior before its to late. We the people have been forced become enablers of Murder(abortion) Gay rights (sodomy) what next beastiality its coming?.

        1. Tiger says

          Zero tolerance is the Call of the Day and I feel sure Trump will take it up. Yes the Progressive/Communist One World Order group did an early celebration dance around the bonfire they built to destroy the Constitution under Big Chief Lop Ears and they thought they won but in fact they pulled the plug too early, my generation and my fellow soldiers of whom there are millions home from these wars, along with our children and all the Vets and Mom and Pop America alive and well.

          Now they are dying on the vine of blood sucking communism and America getting a transfusion called Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

          1. oldobxguy says

            Tiger, I’ve been reading your many comments and didn’t find anything that I would disagree with What our country needs is more intelligent citizens like you AND with your variety of “normal” common sense. Let me take this opportunity to thank you and your brothers & sisters in-arms who have sacrificed tremendously for the benefit of your and our country. May you have good health and together with the millions of other like-minded Patriots “WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT, AND RESPECTED AGAIN.

          2. Tiger says

            Thank you so much and may I say coming from someone like you it makes my day. I have a short fuse and it has gone off lately more than usual. I can’t take much more of this insanity being perpetrated on Trump and his family. How the Mighty have Fallen and with O’s latest stunt the stench of camel dung is all over his turban and the world gasped at him. Hopefully someone will take him into consideration for a good walloping about the ears. Ya know?

            So Welcome for any service I gave a family tradition and having a Marine for a father it indeed was tradition. May you and all you love find good health and happiness in this New Year. Yes O is helping make Trump more popular and I believe Trump going to take his train and run right over everything this traitor did.

          3. oldobxguy says

            Thank you for your kind and supporting words Tiger. In my younger and single days, I’d try and discover the source of your interesting name but this is not the time or place for such a conversation.

            Semper fidelis and keep up your good work, words & attitude. Chuck

          4. Tiger says

            Chuck my name Tiger was given me by the colonel who delivered me. I weighed 10 pounds and was the first to start the screaming for the chow wagon. Stuck with me all my life. Have I lived up to it you ask? Well yes Chuck not the time or place for such conversations. Wink and eyelash flutter.

            Hey Marine once a Marine always a Marine, my stepfather one of you. Together we are stronger and we don’t have to wait much longer. Trump going to ride into town and take this puny bunch of horndogs down.

        2. CrustyOldGeezer says

          The Constitution is Alive and Well.

          And THAT is why the liberals are always so angry about everything.

  4. Tiger says

    He needs to Impeach several on that court. They have voted when they had personal interest and ties to cases. That old bat on there doesn’t even like the Constitution and hopefully she is already farting dust she will fart one last time and disappear. Dust in the wind. All she will be is dust in the wind. Hopefully a whirlwind so no trace left.

  5. Michael Dennewitz says

    Sorry, but I have no use for QUEERS! And they stole the word “gay,” just to cushion the fact that they’re fudge packing faggots!!!

  6. thomas zera says

    Trey Goudy and judge Pirro for SCOTUS

  7. CrustyOldGeezer says

    Here’s an idea.

    Investigate the rogue ‘judges’ and remove them for violating the Oath of Office if the rule by political agenda instead of the LAW AS WRITTEN!

    Or find a MORALS Claus to bust them for.

  8. soldier for liberty says

    Remove the degenerates!

  9. Jose says

    I could care less about lgbt and what they do but want those born as male to us male facilities and those born as female to use female facilities.

  10. Eleanore Whitaker says

    bwahahahahaha! Trump will make the courts great again? Tooooo late! He already has enough lawsuits pending and serious fines and next on the hit list for Trump is how he manages to always settle “out of court.” For a guy who loves settling out of court, now your savior and almighty Trump is going to reinvent law and the court system too? Aren’t you assholes getting just a tad over the edge of sanity?

    So let’s see now…Trump is going to…Trump will do…Trump will fight…Trump will…Trump never has and never WILL.

    But, you should know that because Mr. “Penthouse” thinks his Trump Tower is the NEW White House, the cost to you as taxpayers for security alone for the rest of his 30 days in office is going into the hundred millions per day. All those jets having to keep the penthouse air space safe doesn’t come cheap. And YOU YOU YOU YOU will PAY PAY PAY for it all. And the beauty of it? All that high level security in Manhattan is reducing the city’s cost for security now that the US taxpayers ALL have to pay for Trump Castle in the dead center of Manhattan. Now, we no longer have to worry about security. But, you can bet your fukkaroooo states will not be as safe. Why go after Manhattan when Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and the rest of the hickaroooo states have so much less security…Once again, you ASSHOLES did it to yourselves.

    1. CCblogging says

      Eleanore, you have terminal PMS. We won and you bozos lost. Get used to it!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        Yes…You won…You won massive mistrust by Americans whose votes you invalidated. When a candidate WINS by 2.6 million more votes than an opponent, that is a WIN. Just not to crooks and morons like you. You didn’t WIN when you allowed Russians to hack into DNC emails or when Comey magically 2 weeks before an election “found” emails that had nothing to do with Hillary and contained NOTHING of a national security issue nature.

        You won a dog prick fukker Trump. Who is out to ring every dollar out of pigasses like you. Mr. Viagra ADDICT. How’s that 5 hour erection going to work when Melania the Whore is too busy servicing the GOP pig men?

        Trump is a loser now and always has been. And guess what? Since he is staying in NY, your fukkaroo states are less secure now than ours. ISIS will now want to turn you assholes into the biggest barbecue there is.

        1. CCblogging says

          Now Eleanore sweetie, tell us how you really feel. Haw, Haw, He, He, He, Snort, Chuckle.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            How I really feel about dipshits like you who cannot abide facts or truth? NJ taxpayers are paying 6 of Trump’s corporate bankruptcies. You want to help with that asshole? Or do you just run your fukker mouth because you have nothing of substance to prove what you post.

            Trump will make America GRATE again. As for the courts, they love Trump. They make big bucks off everyone of his massive fines and lawsuits. At last count? Trump had over 151 lawsuits over the last 3 decades. But that’s the fukker you think should be president? Why not Charles Manson? Or Madoff? You know why you fukkbagger. Trump is a contrary pussy grabber who flouts the laws of this country. That’s why you wanted him for president. So you could get in on the lawlessness. Too bad for you that you come north and break laws, your ass will sit in Attica where Bubba will make sure you are reminded from “behind” about prison laws. We already have 3 of your Georgia gun smugglers in our prisons. So, you would be just one more ball of fun for Bubba.

          2. CCblogging says

            ha, ha, ha, you lost and we won! snicker, chuckle, tee hee,

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Wrong asshole. Hillary won the popular vote by 74 million. nearly 3 million more than Trump. Now fukkbagger. Admit it. Your party couldn’t win without help from the Russians. You couldn’t win without fukking up the Electoral College and you know it. Not to worry assfukker…Trump won’t last 30 days. He is mentally defective like you and your hicks in the south and midwest. But guess what dicklicker…now NY and the Metro area is the locked down thanks to Trump and the most secure and invulnerable to terrorist attack..But guess what bastard boys? Your states are now the only ones terrorists CAN attack. I hope to hell they incinerate you and your entire south and midwest. Who the hell needs you fukker bullies eating up our tax dollars?

          4. CCblogging says

            Eleanore my sweetness, I just love your directness and charm. You dim women are so emotional and sensitive. I lived with a dim woman once but she was just too much. She taught me many things. Why Eleanore, she even taught me how to vote after I die. You dim women are sure something. Later My Sweetness.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker says

            CC my dickheaded asshole friend. You men run the world don’t you? So why is it so fukked up? You are the ones strutting around with those guns like Rambo, not women. YOu bet your ass there will be more women running for president. You and your ball and bat brigade of crooks, liars, child molestors and thieves are on your way out. You bet women are emotional. We have to be to combat shitbaggers who can’t walk a straight line on their best day.

            Of course you lived with a woman only once. She found out your kinky sex games were more like waterboarding and beat a hasty retreat away from skunk men like you.

            Don’t preach your Mr. Man gospels to the likes of me you asshole. I’ve been outnumbered by men 20 to 1 in my entire life. 5 brothers and half brothers, 11 nephews, 2 sons, 15 salesmen and 21 engineers. Everything I know about you pig brain men comes from having to work with your kind of scumbucket mentalities. The only men I keep in my life are those with brains. So, you bet I have several male friends since that is what I am most used to.

            Time for a little shitball like you to grow up. Mommy isn’t going to wipe her lil Sweetums ass forever.

          6. CCblogging says

            Eleanore my sweet, it’s so good to hear from you. I always look forward to your reading your posts for my amusement. You are loaded with Charisma and Love. Are you still taking your bland lessons?

          7. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Louis AG Lander and CPA…your moronic patronization doesn’t get past me. You are not my friend. I do not collect scum for friends. My friends are people who have stellar reputations. Not hick crooks like you.

            I don’t need any lessons. You men taught me all I would ever need to know about your childish games and need to play lord and bastard.

            I choose my friends. They do not choose me. I choose those I know I can trust. People like you cannot be trusted on your best days. Get thee to a confessional. Your chocolate icing on your dried out old cake is not fooliing anyone, least of all me.

          8. CCblogging says

            Eleanore sugar booger, you hurt my feelings sometimes but I forgive you. Perhaps you and I could get together and have us a beer summit. I am really over whelmed by your intellect and deep insight. I think that I am in love!

          9. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Senility setting in? Bad bad bad for geezers with geezer disease.

          10. CCblogging says

            Eleanore darlin’, admit it, you have a crush on CC. I can feel the electricity.

  11. Jack Smith says

    Is it possible if Trump can prove Ovomit was a Kenyan and not legal to elect to remove all the disgusting LIBERALS appointed as judges by Ovomit simply because we know he was not a legal POTUS? That would truly be best for America!

  12. dhartley231 . says

    Time for President Trump to take out the trash, get the hell out Odumbassa !!!

  13. jreg9304 says

    sexual orientation should not matter, as long as the judge does the right things and stays impartial!

  14. Ken says says

    The Courts, the Courts, the Courts – Liberal/Conservative – both are BS. Any nominee for Judge that has a political agenda should be rejected for any position above Township Magistrate. The SCOTUS is NOT a proving ground for political action, ideologies or international reaction.

  15. george briar says

    Unlike Obama you can bet Trump will show up for work every day and put in more than 8 hours and will leave no stone unturned. This man knows how to get it done and loves a challenge. You tell Trump he can’t do something he finds a way it’s just who he is. Obama was lazy, and stupid and basically not interested in the job he was never qualified to do. His only intention was to listen to Valerie Jarrett with her crazy Muslim ideas as Obama let her play President while he was just the messenger. Trump will be in charge at all times and knows how to deal after all he wrote the book on it. Obama was nothing more than a community organizer that wasn’t even good at that.

  16. Jean Langford M. says


  17. glorybe2 says

    Why the heck would anyone think that judges who are minority members or gay or whatever would be less grounded in the constitution than anyone else? Racism and bigotry are what the article advocates. Apparently the author suggests that only old, white men should be judges as supposedly they are somehow more conservative than others.

  18. Charley C. says

    It’s been up to us all along but people have frogotin that we need to take care of ourselves first,and the rest of the world second. Until people wake up and start standin up for our own we will just keep being run over by the people we elect to congress!

  19. BIG STAN says


  20. CUZIN ERN says

    When will the court be ready for charges related to POTUS destruction of this nation!

  21. john says

    Remove all Jewish judges – bar all Jewish lawyers – ban archaic latin law terms -remove phony God like robes from judges

  22. Sharon Holmes says

    There is an even bigger problem with the courts. When originally established, our court system was based on common law if the land going back to the Magna Carta hundreds of years ago. But over the last two centuries, our court system was changed to Maritime law of the seas. The biggest difference is that under Maritime Law, the Prosecutor is the only one who speaks to the Grand Jury before an indictment is presented. The defense has no voice and this leads to many unnecessary trials and convictions that have made us a country of the world’s highest per capita incarceration rate in the world.. Under Common Law, the Grand Jury hears both sides, thereby eliminating the need for a lot of jury trials and reducing the number of Americans sent to jails and prisons. Few people realize that jails and prisons are a big business in America. Since federal funds are need to pay for constructing and operating the jails and prisons, and that funding is based on how many people are locked up, it is often necessary for jails to keep a 100% occupancy rate to stay in operation.

  23. celiayounger says

    AgainYou must be kidding.

  24. GODBlessRealAmerica says


    GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Lester Smith says

    There is no place on the Courts to push leftist agenda and enforce laws that don’t even exist….Trump has a chance to put and end to the practice of “legislating from the bench”

  26. AKLady says

    Thankfully, the Costiution and COngress made the majority of judgeships a life-tyme appointment. That was done to prevent a President from packing the Courts with political appointments rather than appointments based on qualifications. Judges are required to be impartial. It is highly doubtful that Trump could appoint an impartial individual.

  27. AKLady says

    Trump can make America HATE again.
    He is making excellent progress on thid goal and he has not yet been sworn intp office.

  28. ringostarr1 says

    I hope that the news gets around to Donald Trump and that he takes a page from Bill Bob and Hillary Clinton’s play book and that Trump demands the resignation of ALL US Attorneys. In that case Trump can appoint an entirely new group of US Attorneys just like Billy Bob Clinton did in 1993.

  29. Mathew Molk says

    Those 2 words can never fo together. – “Wisdom” and “Liberal”

    Idiocy, demography, absence of logic, Ignorance of facts, all go with liberal, but never

  30. Arnie says

    I hear “follow the Constitution” being said by many commentators in these groups as if they know what is in the Constitution or what the authors of it intended. One thing I do understand by simply reading what the founders have written and which is readily available just about any place you buy history books, is, they understood that as time rolled on circumstances would change and the Constitution would need a certain amount of interpretation to fit the times better. They had no crystal ball so, in their great wisdom, built into the Constitution some flexibility so it wouldn’t be a rigid document and be able to adapt to the times. That is one of the jobs of the Supreme Court.

    For anyone to insist that we must appoint Supreme Court justices who will rule in any particular way is not what the founders wanted. That is not what they intended. While Justice Scalia was alive we had a very conservative (so it’s claimed) court that gave us: Money is speech, eliminating limits on political spending, Corporations, a business form, has personhood and many of the same rights as people, Banks can cheat us by simply claiming that the subsidiary that we may invest in and lose our money with because of what we read in that subsidiaries prospectus is not true, we can’t hold responsible the bank because it was the false claims in the subsidiaries prospectus and not the parent company. That would allow the parent to be free of liability. That’s just some of the things that a so-called conservative Supreme Court gave us. Is that what we the people want? I doubt it and the founders, as far as I can find out didn’t want either. Then again I’m not an unquestioned Constitutional expert along the lines of Mr. Dershowitz.

    The Constitution was not intended to be followed to the letter. It’s not exacting as a law should be. Exact language changes over time. What worked even in one time may be seen in a different light today. There are decisions made by Supreme Courts of the past where the language is so well done that it stands up in current times while others do not. What do we mean when we say “strict constitutionalist”? I’m sure most people throwing that term around couldn’t explain what they mean.

    What all this wording made by me, Floppy the Clown gets down to is be real careful about who is appointed to the court. They have to be the smartest people in the room who have lived the law in its’ many aspects. There can’t be a test to make sure they will vote specifically the way we want. They must be independent thinkers as well. Just sayin’.

  31. Gary Von Neida says

    We need to HELP Our new President make the Country “come back to greatness”–John Kennedy said it best: ‘ “…ask not what Your Country can do for You, ask what You can do for Your Country”.
    Awake America!

  32. capa760 says

    The American Citizens need to know that Supreme Court Justices Ginsberg and Sotomayor have already
    declared that “SHARIA LAW CAN HAVE SUPERIORITY OVER THE U.S.A. CONSTITUTION.” LET ALL American Citizens inform the Supreme Court twosome, that the OATH of OFFICE for the SUPREME
    COURT JUSTICES, as well as an inexperienced foreign student undercover agent for George Soros, had stumbled over the words to defend, preserve, and protect the U.S. CONSTITUTION (NOT THE

    forbidden foreign nation’s laws, which are serious crimes against humanity and our U.S. Judicial System.

    Protect Our America for our children, grandchildren, and the authentic American Citizens which come
    through the U.S. Department of Immigration. It is up to the U.S. Citizens to vote for the return of the

    illegal immigrants, not carrying a Green Card for working the the USA. The wisdom of the Congress, to
    fix the problem of too many illegal aliens, the loss of the tax dollars which belong to the taxpayers, as
    Obama gave our billions, trillions out, without votes, audits, double check of U.S. Protocol.

  33. Janicercoffey says

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  34. real talk 1 says

    Obama and the Gay lesbian judges are liars with the lady of justice and now we have to correct the wrongs that have been done . Lets get down to business and make this the Republic it was intended to become !!!!

  35. Clarice says

    The quickest, surest way to make the courts great again is for them to FOLLOW THE LAW! Prove it by putting Hill, Bill, Pol and Pod in Jail. They have earned it. A great way to start a new year and a new administration. It would restore faith in our nation and our form of government.

  36. Ken says says

    To make the Courts great WE need to disqualify any Judge that has a political or any kind of agenda. We also need the ability to RECALL any appointed or elected Judge when they stray into politics or agendas.

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