Donald Trump Pledges Allegiance to the RNC


After months of insisting that he wasn’t ready to rule out a third-party run, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has signed a pledge promising to support the party’s eventual nominee. Thursday afternoon, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus met with Trump at his headquarters in New York City to finally get the pledge that had eluded party officials for so long. Trump emerged as well to explain his decision.

“The best way for the Republicans to win is if I win the nomination and go directly against whoever they happen to put up. And for that reason, I have signed the pledge,” Trump told reporters. “So I will be totally pledging my allegiance to the Republican Party and for the conservative principles for which it stands.”

There is, of course, nothing legally binding about the pledge. If Trump loses the nomination, he could easily decide to go back on his word. Even so, an independent run seemed unlikely even before and Trump has insisted from the beginning that he would vastly prefer to run on the Republican ticket. Many insiders suspect he held out so long merely to gain leverage over the RNC establishment, the majority of which is ashamed and disappointed in his rise to the top of the polls.

In an appearance on Good Morning America Thursday morning, Trump’s chief primary opposition – the once-inevitable Jeb Bush – said that despite his differences with Trump, he too would support him as the nominee. “We need to be unified,” said Bush. “We need to win.”

A Rogue No More

A good part of Trump’s appeal, unfortunately, is his outsider persona. He has been nearly as critical of the Republican Party as he has of Hillary and Obama, a position that has won him favor with conservative voters fed up with the same old, same old. Can he maintain that momentum now that he’s pledged himself to the party? Or is this the first step toward a Donald Trump who’s less like Ann Coulter and more like John Boehner?

More likely than not, it won’t make any difference whatsoever. Trump’s campaign is about reaching those conservatives who have been left behind. They don’t care about the RNC, they care about undoing the liberalism that has wrecked the country for eight long years. If anything, this removes a major distraction that was keeping Trump and other candidates from focusing on what’s important. The sooner we can get beyond the trivial party politics, the sooner we can get back to the most important issue at hand: defeating the Democrats and restoring honor and integrity to the United States.

  1. MAHB001 says

    Trump, trumped the good old boy network of the GOP again….

    I am really beginning to like this guy.

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    2. JACK FROST says

      But his opinion on Ms Davis in KY certainly tells ME how conservative TRUMP is
      & that he does not have the MORAL STANDING ground I expected..
      Seems he DOES NOT have close ties with christian values either.. Nor
      does he pay close attention on the LAW matter about this Davis
      situation.. SCOTUS did not write laws into the books on their OPINION
      rendering in june. Laws are yet to be written on their june rendering,
      & it was only an OPINION, that will generate laws !!!

      Donalds COMMON SENSE is not so common when it comes to CHRISTIAN moral
      values and when they apply.. Davis is standing on firm moral, christian,
      & common sense ground here & George Bush’s appointed judge
      RAMRODDED his POWER down this clerks throat, all because he had the
      POWER TO DO SO. The judge is wrong for doing it & DONALD is/was
      IGNORANT in this particular situation OR he is much more DEMOCRAT than
      his new supporters,AND ME, would like to believe..

      think we better look a little closer at Mr Trump as it gonna be hard,
      it seems, for him to make decisions while INCLUDING sound christian
      values.. Yep, I think his weakness is LACKING IN CHRISTIAN MORAL
      VALUES.. I bet Dr Carsons take on Davis situation will include the
      values Donald seems to be missing..

      keep our eyes & ears open folks.. I’m NOW interested in how well
      TRUMP will SEEK advice from his appointed advisers & does he act on
      sound advice or is he, too, gonna be RAMRODDING with his power like that
      power hungry Bush appointed judge in the Davis matter…. I’m looking
      & listening………..

      1. MAHB001 says

        Well said and I agree.. Republicans have many choices, we must observe and use common sense judgement this time around.

        I like the way Trump handles the GOP and MEDIA….. It is yet to be seen how quickly the power of office corrupts his soul..

        1. Lance says

          I don’t think the power of office will corrupt his sole, He is a self made man and doesn’t need to be a president, he is running because he wants to see our country be great again, as do I!

          1. JACK FROST says

            Thats what most ‘ALL’ of us are hoping here Lance…..

          2. MAHB001 says

            Power eventually corrupts all, that is why we need term limits.

      2. atkoa says

        As Trump said we are a Nation of Laws. I may not agree with the decision but we have to settle it in the courts.

        1. JACK FROST says

          Don’t you think I know that ! However, the SCOTUS opinion as of this date have NO WRITTEN LAWS to support their decision.. FACT is, the laws in KY, at the moment, OUTLAW sodomite MARRIAGE.. That stupid a-s judge fully overshot his authority by putting Davis in jail.. What law did she break ?? Answer: Absolutely NONE that are on the books.. Is she of the same opinion as SCOTUS ? NO ! KY or Washington may be working on some RELATED laws but NONE are in place right now.. The judge should be Disbarred for coming down with his 9 lb POWER hammer prematurely on this.. ITS all about his POWER !!

          1. Mike Geremia says

            YOU guys in Kentucky elected McConnell—what say you bout that…….

          2. JACK FROST says

            I’m not a Kentuckian but McConnell is a RINO.. I think most Kentuckians would like to see him thrown out of office for how he is handling his new position. I know I sure would, along with Boehner…. Putting it in simple words there are FEW good republicans left & probably 1/2 that many democrats.. They have about ALL BEEN BOUGHT.. I hope Trump can’t be bought.. Then there is the THREATNING element.
            Country is on a FAST road to the cliff.. I try not to dwell on it…………………

          3. Mike Geremia says


          4. 1Verny65 says

            I am afraid he (Trump) CAN be bought, why do you think he is rich? He has paid political contributions to the parties which he think could help him the most, what is to say he won’t take money to pass laws not necessarily good for the U.S. in order to get even richer? Also, he and Carson are BOTH against Kim Davis, she was acting on the laws in Kentucky that were on the books when she was elected and was changed unlawfully by these non elected lawyers that were not even passed by Congress….I was all set to believe in both he and Carson until this Kim Davis issue…

          5. al.k says

            You think he can be bought like the whole government, they are all traitors, Joseph McCarthy exposed 205 communists in the government in the 50’s, they took him out along with many others, what you seem to not understand is that we don’t elect presidents, all the campaigning is a complete waste of time and money, the media programs the people with lies every day, they will scoff at the bible but will believe the controlled media lies.

          6. Lance says

            Thats right, and the point in case is that Trump said that all we think we know about our Government, social media, and the people we hire to do the job, is a big FAT LIE!

          7. Lance says

            No, no, no, all you people have a wrong take on Trump. Trump is rich not because he is bought, but because he knows how to make a deal. Trump said he had contributed to everyone and knows how the system works, and he wants to change all that. Carson and Trump are not against Davis, you people are reading into this the wrong way of thinking. Its like you are the trolls for the Democratic party? Trump for one cannot be bought, he has all the money he needs to forgo this election on his own. Stop spreading liberal propaganda! You Damn fools!

          8. 1Verny65 says

            Lance, YOU are wrong and I am NO DAMN FOOL – I read an article which stated Trump’s and Carson’s view on the Kim Davis case and they either don’t know themselves that this was a crooked thing pulled by those 5 lawyers who had no authority to pass this and superimpose their will over the state’s laws or they were just pretending not to know to go along with the lawyers to pacify the queers!!! Only Congress can pass laws, not those non elected lawyers on the Supreme Court. They claimed she did wrong by refusing to comply with the “law of the land!” People who have lots of money are NEVER rich enough, Trump CAN be bought to get more because he contributes to liberals that he think is going to win to get paybacks and if he will pay to get paybacks, THAT IS AGAINST his beliefs if he is truly Conservative. I AM A CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN – NOT a liberal troll!!! I really like that he is so non politically correct and speaking truth about most every thing and shaking things up but I am NOT liking his and Carson’s view on the Kim Davis case – it makes me think they are likely not really Christians and have no spiritual insight or they are plain ignorant of the matter or are trying to pacify the queers….I don’t want to see the queers kissing on TV and in public and that kind of behavior displayed in front of my grandchildren either – it is sickening!!!!

          9. JACK FROST says

            Are you sure you know what tha h-ll you are talking about Lance ???

          10. Lance says

            The Judge over ruled of corse, but could have appointed another clerk, and by doing so Kim would be free, and the gays would be happy. It seems to me that too many people have a power EGO over others and feel big about themselves when they can force others to their will? Kim Davis fell into this EGO tripping control! I do not car for the life style of gays in any situation and don’t like seeing two of the same sex kissing in public, ( it turns my stomic ).

          11. 1Verny65 says

            Lance, she was following the dictates of her Christian beliefs and the laws in the state from where and when she was elected. That is why she kept asking “Under what authority do I have to do this?” The five lawyers DID NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO CHANGE LAWS – CONGRESS makes laws…..she was aware of her rights and sticking by them just as all citizens had better start doing or we are going to find ourselves LOSING them!!!! This liberal progressive socialistic establishment will not be satisfied until we are worse off than Hitler’s Germany!!! Only we will be taken over by his muslims!!!

          12. JACK FROST says

            If the judge can put Ms Davis, AN ELECTED Ky official, in jail then surely HE can APPOINT someone else to do her job, no ???

      3. Mike Geremia says


      4. Michael Dennewitz says

        Well…. We could just shoot everyone and let monkey ears hold the seat, eh? And if by some really, REALLY freak accident Killary made it, monkey ears is STILL in there, right??

      5. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

        I agree. To me he sounds like Obama, make a law, if you don’t like it, oh well, it’s the law. I’m afraid he’s going to make a worse executive action than Obama and the illeagals. Not saying he will, but if he does, we’ll be back in the same boat for another 4 years. Where did Christian Morals go? I’d like to hear a fight for the ten commandmentioned back in all schools and prayer. Go back to the REAL meaning of separation between church and state. Go back and have sinners tolerate Christians instead of the other way around. Tell you the truth, it OFFENDS ME to see gay people on TV acting out their sexuality. It turns my stomach to even think of it.

        1. David F DeBaggis says


      6. 1Verny65 says

        Carson is holding the same view as Trump on the Kim Davis case – against her and for the “law of the land” which really is NOT the law of the land….I am sorely disappointed in both of them….

        1. Lance says

          Carson, and Trump are not against Kim Davis, they are saying she had a choice and she didn’t use good judgment. She had the choice to replace herself to issue the license, but instead she felt the need to not issue the license. Until the law gets replaced, or repealed, it is the law of the land. Both Carson, and Trump realize they must follow the rule of law even if they don’t like it. Like Obama Care, that law most of us don’t want and was forced on us, we have to live with it until it has been replaced, or stricken from the books! I’m very disappointed in all of you who are so fast to judge.

          1. 1Verny65 says

            It is NOT the LAW of the LAND, Lance! Why in the hell can’t you people get it through your heads that some non elected lawyers in the Supreme Court who had NO authority to do that passed this thing. CONGRESS passes laws, not them!!!! They superimposed their will over the State Law of Kentucky, which stated that marriage should be between a man and a woman and even the DICTIONARY states that marriage is the state of or the relation of a man and a woman who have become husband and wife or to the ceremony marking this union. WHO THE HELL are THEY to change laws and definitions from The Webster’s Dictionary or the Word of God??? Kim Davis was following the law that she was elected under in that state….they are trying to buffalo people into believing it is the law of the land and the sheep are following along believing it and when someone believes something, you’ve got them where you want them – following along just like the sheep they are!!!!

          2. JACK FROST says

            Thx for the RESCUE agreement,again, on this 1Verny65.. Did you yet see this Sunday report ?


          3. 1Verny65 says

            I saw it but I think it is the same post as this one….no problem on the rescue agreement, we Christian Conservatives have to stick like glue together because those liberals don’t want ANY opinion which differs from their own….I think all Christians need to be in DEEP prayer over this election coming up and just pray we can GET to there without him declaring martial law and keeping his “throne” forevermore!!!! America is in some deep doo because of the muslim in the WH, he is plain outright dangerous but we know that ultimately, God is in control…..

          4. sharon says

            Obama and that Supreme Court are the NWO, pushing America away from our Constitution, it was all planned by that scum Soros and his buddies long ago. Why do you think they put that snake Obama in office.

      7. Lance says

        The fact of the matter, is that, like Trump pointed out, Kim should have replaced herself for another clerk, that is what Trump pointed out. Trump doesn’t like it and said it is a very touchy situation. As proof of that just look at how Y-all have responded to what he said. I also think some people who are against Trump will use any means possible to discredit him to make him look bad. I think Trump has great Christian values, as can be heard from people who know him rather well. Kim Davis could have avoided this whole situation by allowing someone else issue the license. Why is that so hard for folks to get into their thick sculls? You all are getting off track as to why we need a man like Trump to straighten out DC. Kim Davis screwed herself, just like the stupid Arbys Roast Beef employee who refused to serve an officer, and brought shame to the whole chain of Arbys. If she didn’t want to serve the officer she could have simply got someone to replace herself for that order. Same thing happened in both cases, they had the option to let someone else serve the customer.

        1. JACK FROST says

          LANCE: I think, like Trump, you are just not paying attention to the whole story on Ms Davis.. It helps considerably to be FULLY informed when jumping into such serious conversations.. Check out below link to find out where I am coming from:

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  2. CCblogging says

    Now the Republican Establishment should pledge to fight the Fascist Democrat’s agenda. Oh Wait, they already did that! Go Trump!

    1. Gerry Costa says

      Right CC == the only thing these rinos know how to do is kneel or bow to obozo.

      1. JACK FROST says

        Gerry ::Yes, & they need to be flushed down the toilet for doing so! Should be easy from that position..

  3. jdbixii says

    “….they care about undoing the liberalism that has wrecked the country for eight long years.” It is much longer than 8 years and that explains the rejection of the other candidates for the Republican nomination. People are tired of the obviation and violation of law, the corruption of the congress and the abrupt “about faces” of freshmen representatives after they are elected by conservative majorities. America can not continue to cater to the economic interests of the world to the detriment of the American workforce. In the event of war, could we even produce our own steel? Americans need to return to manufacturing and the production of consumer goods made by Americans, for Americans. It is, however, the constantly weak stand of the RNC and RINOs with respect to law and order and the border and illegal immigration. We have to have accountability and a respect for due process of law in order to have a plausible security which allows the American people to be safe in a free society.
    We have to stop the steady progress towards a militarized, police state with omni-present, pervasive surveillance which makes the cold-war-era, Soviet KGB look tame. We need to educate our children in morality and ethics which are not based on the permissiveness and perversion of sexual behavior. We need to teach the truth of history, accepting the facts of it, however disagreeable to those who are the descendants of those who may have been victims of it. We need truth in politics, not prevarication, and return to a respect for the Constitution and the absoluteness of law and the importance of the rule of law, not the law of a person, but the laws of God and of the land. We need a clean sweep of the liberal, judicial system which has created an impossible duplicity which has eliminated equal justice and causes confusion because of its inequities. We need a revamping of the federal, intelligence and law enforcement communities to eliminate the confusion which has been so scandalous during the current administration. Only conservative leadership can effectively accomplish these tasks.

    1. muskat antonopolis says

      from your post I assume (dangerous so to do) that you are a little long of tooth? as am I. Ah, the
      good old days…but unfortunately never to return again……I don’t know that yesterday was truly
      any better from a governance standpoint than is today…not going back too far but we had
      characters such as carter, bush sr and jr and regan and Nixon…what a prirates roll call….
      bush sr was enthralled with gorbachevs politics to bring Russia out of the economic death throes
      and agreed as did regan to cooperate with the Bear to bring about that change…Carter gave away
      the farm….bush jr. got us into a war that we are still fighting……Nixon..oh brother …king dicky
      and yes and there is bill Clinton and his lovely wife…good grief……what a mess they caused…
      and now we have King Obama….(forget congress! I make the decisions around here!)…..
      We truly get what we deserve…maybe one of the candidates will give us some FRESH air
      soon…I truly don’t see any who particularly give me hope…but America, bless God…

      1. jaybird says

        The Conservatives got screwed and it has been worse with Obummer and the Liberal/Progressives that voted for him are lovin it. They like the way the country is and continue with the PC to change it even more. All we can do is try and change it for the children and grand & great grandchildren.

        1. Mike Geremia says

          I hate P.C. and fly the Rebel flag to show my opposition…..

    2. David Gearhart says

      The rule of law is subvert the law to your needs. The courts no longer seek the truth or justice. Our laws and courts were intended to protect the public. Now the protect the criminals and the minority special interest groups. Our courts have turned against the majority as has our president and the democrat liberals. 83 % of America is Christian, and yet our president and the courts are placing obama gayness above their religious rights. obama has made gay a religion above that of the Christians.

      1. Mike Geremia says

        guess who controls the Dept. of Justice…..

        1. David Gearhart says

          The DOJ,FBI, IRS,EPA, ICE and the rest o Obama’s administration are just doing Obama’s bidding. The scandals are just the tip of the evil. As seen by Holder and the IRS they are criminal in both politics and racism. Now they are targeting the Christians as well.

    3. Mike Geremia says

      great post, but you are preaching to the choir…..I agree with everything you said…..

  4. charles17121 says

    The problem the GOP good old boys have with Donald Trump is he speaks the truth to power and they can’t control him . Donald Trump does not depend on other peoples money to run his campaign . Donald Trump is a billionaire who can’t be controlled by the political elite and that make the Donald a very dangerous adversary .

    1. muskat antonopolis says

      friend Charles…..perot was also wealthy, spoke the truth and laid out his PLANS for curing many
      of our social and economic ils and many of the candidates now and in the past were very wealthy and did not need that help….truly, so far, I have NOT heard anything that even sounds like
      a viable PLAN for curing any of our social or economic ils coming from the mouth of Trump….
      he has very good speech writers who target “hot topics” but NO PLANS for anything….
      regarding the illegals who come here…Trumps plan…get Mexico to build and pay for a wall
      across our southern border AND “deport them all”….idiocy..and just how much would it cost
      the USA to deport several millions of people….and do we NEED another border war with Mexico
      now or in the future?….why not just simply allow the border patrol to do its job and enforce the
      laws already on the books??? But, there is an even better solution to the current situation….
      that has to do with more job sharing with Mexico in exchange for more of their natural resources
      being funneled here……..without the labor force of the migrants who is going to do the work
      that American youth refuse to do? Surly we can manage our borders and the immigrant flow
      better than simply “deport” them…..

      1. Mike Geremia says

        do you have any idea how much money the USA would save if we deported all the illegals—millions, billions—the US government spends a fortune on them–free food, free housing, free education—you name it…..

        1. muskat antonopolis says

          hey Mike..thanks for the reply….yes we do spend millions on a multitude of
          illegals……but. 1. it would cost millions or more to deport them…each one would have to go before a judge, need a legal aid lawyer, food and housing, medical
          treatment if necessary, transportation while all that is going on…and there would
          be appeals…..2.every Latino group in the USA would sue the state and federal
          govt….march and protest just as they have done already…meaning extra police
          and maybe even Natl. Guard …3…who is going to do the work that a deported
          Latino was doing….our young people don’t want to work even though they cry
          “there are no jobs” many Latinos have volunteered for military duty
          as a way to citizenship?…you gonna “deport” them too? 5. is Trump going to deport all of the Mexican doctors/scientists/teachers/professionals of all kinds also….?……………….. 6 just what kind of plan does
          D. Trump have for solving the illegal immigrant problem?…get Mexico to
          build a 2000 mile wall and pay for it….if Mexico could afford that then they
          can afford better jobs and conditions for their people who would then not
          need to come here for work……Trump has NO sound plan other than to say
          “deport” the “rapists, murderers”…he is seriously lacking in this particular
          instance….. there ARE other ways to address this continued problem…
          but not Trumps way….

  5. Milton W. Lowe says

    I hope Romney “flips” back to his January decision of not running for Pres…he would only muck things up to do it now…& assure a democratic chance… Trump is the only way to go…with Carson VP…

    1. gets2say says

      Yes, yes, yes! They are the Olympics Dream Team of Politics!

    2. hrandym says

      I really fail to see the appeal of Carson. What’s wrong with Alan West?

      1. Mike Geremia says

        I like Col. Allen West also…..he is a staunch conservative…..

    3. OldKoreanwarvet says

      I think it is too late for Romney,If he misses this next debate, there is no way he can make up the time, he would be leading from way behind! BTW, I like your choice for VP however this time I think we need a woman,suggestion, Carly Forina or Sarah Palin, because the Dems have their mind set on a woman (Clinton) now that looks like it won’t happen, so the possibility of getting a lot of those Dems votes if the Repubs run a woman as VP ( in my opinion!)

      1. Mike Geremia says

        I would love to see Sister Sarah on the Trump ticket, but she has been ever so damaged by the media…..the public would turn her down….the Liberal MSM vilified her and her family…..for no reason except she was a conservative who spoke her mind……

    4. JACK FROST says

      MILTON: Question. Who believes Dr Carson would be able to influence TRUMP in matters of moral conscience ? I truly feel that is the area the DONALD needs guidance.. That is & is gonna be his ACHILLES heel ! I’m sure Dr Carson is worthy of a much greater load than just that but, TO THE PEOPLE, that’s gonna be a MAJOR issue for years to come now. From the peoples standpoint ( & i r 1) I kinda need to know about this UP FRONT as in soon as possible !!

    5. Mike Geremia says

      Romney had his chance and played the game. Nice guys don’t win……….

  6. John Q. Public says

    WIMP !!!

  7. andJusticeForAll says

    You have to give it to him. Mr Trump is everything this country needs. Confident, articulate, and a ton of balls.!!!! America needs this man in the worst way. Its time to put the PC crap away that is strangling this country. Donald Trump will do that.

    1. JACK FROST says

      andjusticeforall: Nice title! I think we agree on Trump but will he do so with an IRON
      FIST alone of will he temper his renderings with kindness, forethought, & always keep the MAJORITY’S moral high-ground as guidance in his actions ? The people want ‘JUST’ laws that reflect our constitutions renderings. When there is CONTENTION in matters of law the people EXPECT fairness in the final JUDGEMENT for the MAJORITY, not the desires of 5 – 10 % of the people..

      DISASTROUS results of the SCOTUS June rendering with 2 of those judges WELL OUT OF LINE in the 5 – 4 ruling is not the American way! That call should be overturned & the 2 OBVIOUS ACTIVISTS biased judges REMOVED.. This was likely the most damaging SCOTUS rendering in U.S. history. Who’s fault is this, THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS.. They knew the ACTIVISTS judges would do this & LET them do it . So, there needs to be a CONGRESS CLEANING also.There are ALMOST no good apples left in Washingtons basket.. I think 90 % of ” we the people” feel about like the Germans did a month before the 2nd world war ended. HOPELESS !!

      1. grams says

        You are SOOO right.

      2. Mike Geremia says

        believe me—the heads will roll in D.C. (district of corruption) when Trump becomes president……

      3. andJusticeForAll says

        I believe Trump is a moral Man and will uphold the things that made and will once again make this Country great. I don’t feel He will rule with an iron hand except to get rid of the nonsense, smoke-screen issue’s that are being used to cloud the real problems this country faces at home and abroad.

        I do agree that He will cut out a lot of the fat that has accumulated during these last 8 years. Head’s are gonna roll as we used to say. Lets get him in there so things will at least have a chance of being righted.

    2. Mike Geremia says

      no doubt about it—-Trump has cahones……

  8. Gerry Costa says

    A silly childish pledge that means nothing and Trump still came out on top. These career politicians look like little whiny brats more and more everyday.

    1. grams says

      More like dirty rats.

  9. Robert S. Allen says

    Universal gay marriage is NOT the law of the land. The first sentence of our Constitution (after the Preamble), Article I, Section l, vests all federal legislative power in Congress, not in the President or the Supreme Court. The SC decision is only pretend legislation (law-making). On this I differ from Trump.

  10. gets2say says

    “…the liberalism that has wrecked the country for eight long years?”

    Who wrote this article and where have they been for the last forty years? (With the possible, partial exception of the Reagan years!) Reagan wasn’t a gladiator; he stood strong in his positions but he didn’t go on the attack. That’s what it will take to clean out the den of power mongers and thieves in DC.

    don’t care about the RNC, they care about undoing the liberalism that
    has wrecked the country for eight long years. – See more at:
    don’t care about the RNC, they care about undoing the liberalism that
    has wrecked the country for eight long years. – See more at:
    don’t care about the RNC, they care about undoing the liberalism that
    has wrecked the country for eight long years. – See more at:

    1. grams says

      They NEVER got off their fat buts to even make ob prove he is qualified to be pres. They are sitting on the their hands while more babies are getting slaughtered instead of stopping the funding for planned parenthood. They are allowing Iran to walk all over us and we are going to be happy to give them zillions of dollars to be sure they can get all they need from Korea and Russia. They will no more undo this crap regardless of who gets to be pres.

  11. Dale Reynolds says

    Time to march to this beat;

    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Trump;
    He is trampling out the vintage where the fruits of Lies are stored;
    He hath loosed the lightnings of Truths terrible swift sword:
    Forward into battle, watch this Nation Soar;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    I have heard him vilified in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps;
    They have builded them an altar of deception, twice again of that ;
    Trump can read the righteous truth lying hidden in their traps:
    Forward into battle, watch this Nation Soar;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Onward Trump supporters, marching as to war;
    With the truth of reason going on before;
    Onward then, ye people, join our angry throng;
    Bring with ours your votes, in a triumph roaring song;
    Trump, the Truthful Harbinger, leads against the foe;
    Forward into battle, watch this Nation Soar;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;
    Trump.. Trump..Trump.. Trump;

    1. kotoc says

      Good one!! (Okay, now I’ll have that song stuck in my head all day!)

    2. Mike Geremia says

      wow—-I love it…..should go viral……

    3. 1Verny65 says

      THAT is sacrilegious and the words go “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the LORD” and writing that is liken to the song that they made to Obozo and had the young children singing in praise of him when he was first elected. Also, it is like “Heil Hitler.” NO ONE is above our Lord and Savior!!!

      1. Dale Reynolds says

        Beam and Moats Bro! Concern yourself with your own beliefs. God gave us creativity, Life and free will. God surely does not need our help. Gods’ will, will be done ! Period. If you are truly a disciple of Jesus then as he told his disciples “All these things I have done you can do also”.. Can you ? Beams and Moats M8 Beams and Moats.

        1. 1Verny65 says

          I am not judging you, your own words have already judged you in what you call “creativity” which would be clear to anyone with the Spirit of God within them that it is sacrilegious to change a song made for the glory of God to glorify an earthly human being….let God judge you as we all will eventually be judged according to our words and deeds.

          1. Dale Reynolds says

            That so called religious song was written celebrating the slaughter of tens of thousands men women and children. Glory to God , I doubt that ! Gorey to Human Arrogance, probably ! Personally I would rather be Joyously Alive than Piously terrified of a Vengeful Deity. What is truly sacrilegious is to assume that God needs our help nor that you speak for God. BTW: What a sanctimonious.double speak when you say your not Judging me then commence to speak for God and Judge Me ! You are what dilute the message of Christ and twist it into self serving aggrandizement by saying “Look at me ! I am so Pious”. Get over yourself and let God take care of Gods’ business, Yet let no Man stand between you and God, Use that which God has given, not what others say God means. Until we meet in one of the Mansions may enlightenment fill your understanding. .. BYE

  12. Trisha55 says

    I understand that Trump was forced to sign the pledge in order to be on the ballots in some states. The blackmail of the RNC has no bounds. This is why I hate the RNC so much. It isn’t legally binding and I hope Trump will tell them to kiss off if the RNC is stupid enough to put Jeb Bush on the ticket. This blackmail of the candidates to play or be locked out has to go.

    1. OldKoreanwarvet says

      knew that scenario would come up (ballots in some states) but he played it his
      way. Getting the most traction out the whole process, because he planned his strategy
      from the very beginning, as to how to handle the pledge he made it into a celebration/news conference that every media covered LIVE!.

      I posted this earlier
      on another thread,

      OldKoreanwarvet • 2 days ago

      They had better becareful what they wish for,Trump ate their lunch on this one…
      What do you think of the Trump sting operation, this guy
      is a genius, If you look back at the fox debate, where Bret Bair throughout
      that very first question of would you support for the nominee.(show of hands if not) I can’t figure if that was
      a Trump plan or it was a plan of a gotcha by fox news.

      any rate, Trump took the pitch and made a walk off grand slam home run! Just
      look at what he did.

      the debate in front of 24 million people,he raised his hand indicating that he
      would not pledge to support anyone if he was not the nominee. His words were he
      would not at that time as he wanted the leverage.

      what happened, Bret continued keeping Trump in the light of 24 million people,
      by follow up questions on that subject.

      that point, Trump now needed some time to let the RNC stew on his brash stance,
      so what does he do, to gain some time, yet stay in the lime light, he manages to
      get in a riff with Megan Kelly, keeping it going as long as

      forward ahead to yesterday,09 03 2015, the RNC wanted Trump to sign a pledge to
      support any candidate nominated , so Trump has RNC come to him, in his Ivory
      Trump tower, he didn’t go to RNC they came to him, so what does he do, he calls
      a press conference in his Trump tower answering questions and a celebration of
      his signing the pledge, all televised and covered by every news media. Finally
      the leverage he was talking about at the debate he got to use with great

      guess what happens next, every other candidate ie. Jeb B, Marco R, Carly F. etc
      all were individually asked would you support Donald Trump if
      he was the nominee, all said “yes I will”. Do you see what just happened here.
      Do not underestimate Donald Trump!

    2. grams says

      This shows who they the RNC-Rhinos really are. No better than the scum we have in office now!

    3. Mike Geremia says

      now yer talkin…..

    4. David F DeBaggis says


    5. Lance says

      Bush isn’t right to be anybody’s president. You understand wrong, you don’t force a man like Trump to sign anything if he didn’t want to. Trump wants to run as a republican, but if the GOP feels better to have him sign on the good for them, it will only make them look better for doing so. Now they have a guy that, can win, and will win!

  13. jaybird says

    All that I ask is that everyone spends as much time checking out “all” the candidates as if we were buying a car. Don’t look at the beauty of it, look under the hood and past performance.

    1. JACK FROST says

      But we have a HEART & MIND here .. Takes time to ck that out, but a MUST !!!

  14. RAYAKE says

    WILL RNC pledge to Trump or even the AMERICAN PEOPLE ?????

    1. grams says

      Good Question?????

  15. David Gearhart says

    Obama never completed his promises. All of his were lies and the liberals still act as if he is doing what he said he would do. It must be ”change” from capitalism to socialism using lies and deceit that they are approving of.

    1. Mike Geremia says

      THE obama government and the Liar-in-Chief are following Cloward/Pivens Rules for Radicals faithfully………….

  16. Bob Stewart says

    Trump never swore allegiance to the republican party. He said he would support the nominee and he would not run as a third party candidate. You make it sound like he sold out to the republican party. What I think he did was try to ensure that a democrat didn’t get elected because a third party candidate split the vote. Some of the people out there want a third party so bad that they are willing o elect the democrats just to feed their own philosophies and to hell with the country. My way or no way. Trump believes he will get the nomination and he will not be a party lapdog. I still support Cruz, but I will vote for Trump against any democrat. What you do is your business, but are you willing to sit the election out while Hillary Clinton, a liar, Bernie Sanders, a socialist or Joe Biden, an Obama clone gets to finish destroying America?

  17. Rich says

    It is a very sad day in our country when we have a few republicans running for president and they have looked and made un-American jesters toward Trump because they do not like him or want him to be a candidate. I would have to say if they are serious about being candidates they should then have some example solutions. No, all they can do is BS there way around.;

    1. JACK FROST says

      Cat chasing his tail !! kinda….

    2. JACK FROST says

      Rich: Thats because most of them are RINOS !! They have been bought & paid for already.. In order to CONTINUE getting the FREE MONEY they MUST keep their liberal leaning CLANS in their own party together & toe the line for those outsiders paying for this deceit..

      Its an old ‘democrat’ method of getting rich by just following the rules of the illegal money provider.. Most of those that BALK on the ‘under the table’ arrangements can be THREATENED into compliance. Sad to say but sometimes related folks get KILLED to bring around those in the circle that BALK at these underhanded schemes.

      Many times all these officials have to do is ‘ NOTHING ‘.. Don’t you see a lot of ‘ NOTHING ‘ being done in Washington ? And there is nothing really all that new here, its just that its infiltrated almost all of Washington’s elected leaders by now. We have no” FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE” any more.. Its all ” FOR WASHINGTON BY WASHINGTON “… There are no poor OLDER politicians, only crooked ones.

      1. 1Verny65 says

        Jack Frost – that is why we don’t NEED more politicians!!!! Trump and Carson are the only non politicians and I am SO disappointed in them over their stand on the Kim Davis case (being against her and calling it the “law of the land”)….as for the woman Fiorina, I suspect strongly that she is a RINO BUT Trump very well could be as well. NO ONE these days wants to be associated with the Democratic Progressive Socialistic party because of the last years of disaster!!!!

  18. kotoc says

    Trump has had MY vote even before this…. even if he were registered as a “third” party, he would get my vote, but I’m glad he’s in the running for the GOP now. He stands a much stronger chance of winning now.

    1. JACK FROST says

      I typed my say here on Trump here earlier.. With HEEDING proper input from good advisers he just may do well… Way to early to tell…………………o

      1. kotoc says

        You’re right…. it’s WAY too early to tell at this point. The Donald might end up saying something off the top of his head that will cause him to lose points. However, we still have Carson and Cruz as backups. Right?

        1. JACK FROST says

          Cruz & Carson are pretty much next in line in my book too.. Their knife & their urge to cut away many of the Countrys problems is not quite as sharp as Trumps seems to be.. TIME WILL TELL………

          1. A natural born American says

            I’d only go with Cruz, whom I loved from the get go, until I looked up his voting record. That’s when he slid down the slope a bit. Carson HAS no voting record so I went back and reviewed some of his ideas. Ooops! another slider. Neither slid too much, but their slipping put others in the lead. Trump is one of them. I also love that people who are NOT seeking the presidency, but would have made MY list, also endorse Trump.

            PLUS I LOVE that Trump has stated that many of the people seeking the GOP nomination are extremely smart and very loyal Americans who mourn the devastation wrought upon our country by libtards! Of all the exceptionally smart, and exceedingly patriotic Americans seeking to become our potus, not one RINO made his list. Bye-bye Lindsey Graham. Trump has stated he’ll invite every one of them to become members of his cabinet should he win. What a novel idea. And I love it. Imagine having a room full of brilliant brainiacs serving a strong president.

        2. Mike Geremia says

          yee-hah yes we still have Cruz and Carson and don’t forget Fiorina…..

          1. JACK FROST says

            YOU better read up on Fiorina… I’ve read some very questionable things about her. She speaks well on SOME things.. However, she is missing a lot on the BIG PICTURE.
            It shows in some of her speeches.. Just read close ………

      2. Mike Geremia says

        one thing is sure—he will be a STRONG president and not a weak ass incompetent, illegal, immoral idiot which we have now……

  19. pupster40 says

    “They care about undoing the liberalism that has wrecked the country for eight long years?” What about the 100 years before these eight years of progressivism? They want payback period!

    1. jim scofield says

      This crap go’s back to the Johnson regime

      1. Mike Geremia says

        how bout Johnson’s War on Poverty? He wasted billions maybe trillions trying help the negroes out—-so where are they now…..same place–all that money was wasted…..

  20. jim scofield says

    Now Will the RNC support Trump if he wins the nomination is the
    question. Or will they go for Jeb or God Forbid Lindsy Grahm or

    1. Mike Geremia says

      NO MORE RINOS……………………………

  21. A natural born American says

    I was sooo hoping Trump wouldn’t sign because the republicans keep saying Bush is the favorite GOP nominee. I dread the thought because you just KNOW they’re definately going to go with a RINO. Bush. Graham. McCain. Or some other equally dumbass twerp.

    1. Mike Geremia says


    2. 1Verny65 says

      If they go with Bush, Graham or McCain and Trump is still ahead in the polls, I would hope that Trump would renege on them and go 3rd Party….. he could still win as a Independent if nobody voted for one of the others…..

      1. A natural born American says

        I wish, BUT…wouldn’t that depend on how the electoral college votes? We’ve had presidents who lost the popular vote, but won the EC vote, the latest being GW. Or, as in one case, the candidates won neither popular or EC votes so had been elected by the House of Representatives.

  22. atkoa says

    The RNC better not s—— around, or I am sure not only Trump will leave, but many in the party will defect. I know that I am fed up with broken promises, the certain politicians trying to ram Bush down our throats.

    1. grams says

      And he is even worse in Spanish!

  23. champion2211 says

    The way the Republicans have made it look is that their next candidate would be Carson coming up so fast that it would seem that after they got his paper of compliance they made their big push. Now if Trump were to renig on his paper and move to Independent and with so many following him it would be real hard for the Repubs to win the WH or possibly the Independent either, that would to be seen. The Democrats are in deep trouble with Bengazi Hillary and her lies and improper acts that I don’t really see her in the WH at at all anyway. She is just an extension to terror, lies, and all that means freedom. She will not form any kind of realistic WH form. Just as Obama, her way or the highway. I wouldn’t vote for her, thats for sure. I would rather vote for Hitler than Hillary. I would vote for almost anything to make America great again but Hillary couldn’t rebuild a doll house much less America or any other Demo. I still will go for Trump as I believe it is just a win-win situation.

    1. Mike Geremia says


  24. JBKonya104 says


    1. Mike Geremia says


  25. Mike Geremia says

    Good for Trump NOw all he has to do is get those rino numbskulls in the RNC to support him…..I am glad he did this as we do not need any 3rd party—that would ensure the democrats win….just remember what Ross Perot did in 1992—split the conservative vote and Bill CLinton waltzed into the white house for 8 years…………..

  26. ONLYJB1 says

    Unenforceable! The Donald knows it. But the washingtonians don’t have a clue. They believe they have pulled a fast one. The only thing they have pulled is……….well I can’t say it here.

  27. tired of this shit says

    the reason obama is pushing guy right so hard is that he is a full pleadge guy person hlmself as he don’t have a wife he has a queen and mchelle real name is micheal we to collage in washington state and played football there moved east had tits put on and now is our queen, don’t believe me just look at her hands. a man index finger is shorter than his ring finger and a womans index finger is as long or longer than her ring finger.l it is right there is plan site all peoplel has to do is look.

  28. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Pontificate all you want folks, but the truth is, the MAJORITY of Americans are sick to death of the limp left, dictating to the rest of us that love America, hate P.C. froth, and want a true leader that won’t bow down to every puppet dictator, here and abroad.

  29. laboop says

    I hope he made RNC sign a pledge to support him if he wins the primaries!!

  30. Dale Reynolds says

    Listen now, how the RNC, progressive slime bags and Fox will now attack Trump with half truth SOUND BITES insinuating one thing but not what he truthfully says. Beware of all Media with forked Tongue !.

  31. sharon says

    I know this, if Americans don’t get that pig Obama out of the white house when his term is up, America will fall to the NWO Democrats.

  32. jdbixii says

    The nature of politics tends to demean the notion that “a piece of paper is just a piece of paper.”
    There was “The Art of the Deal,” maybe this is “The Ruse of the Deal.”

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