Dr. Ben Carson to Run for President


Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson has officially announced that he is running for the Republican presidential nomination. In an interview with Washington’s WJLA Sunday evening, Dr. Carson threw his name into the ring. “I’m announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” he said.

Dr. Carson joins a quickly-growing slate of candidates, including Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, and Rand Paul. Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, and Mike Huckabee are among the other Republicans expected to announce their candidacies in the coming weeks. In such a field, it will not be easy for anyone to stand out; the primary season promises to be a strong one for the GOP. Carson has one glaring disadvantage – this is his first foray into politics. On the other hand, his biggest weakness could prove to be his greatest strength.

Dr. Carson is a favorite among hardline conservatives who like his brash rejection of liberal policies and his willingness to speak his mind in front of the cameras. That willingness has gotten him in trouble a few times. John Hopkins canceled a planned speech in 2013 after Carson compared same-sex marriage to pedophilia, he was roundly criticized for saying Obamacare was the worst thing to happen to America since slavery, and he was forced to apologize in March when he said that prison sex proved that homosexuality was a choice.

According to Carson himself, he is trying to sand off the rough edges of his public demeanor so that he can present his message to a broader base. But supporters may well hope that he doesn’t remove too much of the grit that makes him such a popular and polarizing figure. After all, it is his fiery passion that sets him apart from the typical politician. It could be the thing that helps him overcome a moneyed field and a lack of name recognition.

Another thing that works in Carson’s favor: the recent upheaval in Baltimore. Carson lived in Baltimore for 35 years, so he has plenty of authority to speak out about what has happened there. And because he preaches hard work and responsibility as cures for ailing communities, he could be the perfect antidote to the Obamas and the Sharptons. Black America has not had a conservative firebrand to look up to in decades. By preaching a message that has been all-too-uncommon among black leaders, Carson could lead a revolution that would shock the mainstream.

Obama and the Democrats are steering us straight for the rocks, but this is bigger than any one man. Bigger than any one party. Bigger, even, than the presidency. This is about the heart and soul of our country. There may be no one better suited to heal these festering wounds than Ben Carson. He is, after all, a surgeon.

  1. Michael Dennewitz says

    Now here’s a guy that actually lived in Balkymire for 35 years, and look what HE made of HIMSELF! Yet you have these gangs and their UNEDUCATED cohorts claiming that the world has been unkind to them. Poor thangs! If he can do it, they can get off their fat and lazy asses and become something productive ALSO !!

    1. Reality Check says

      Unfortunately for YOU dim con, Carson grew up in Detroit and lived there right through High school.
      Then got a government handout to go to West Point.
      making up poo are you?

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        You know what asswipe? Every one of us are stupid, according to your sorry ass. So I suppose we should all shut up and make everything you say, THE FINAL WORD, right? NOTTTTTT!! Grab your teddy bear and roll back over there in your crib, eh?

        1. Reality Check says

          “Every one of us are stupid”

          some, like yourself, exhibit it more often than they should.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Yaddayaddayaddayaddayaddayadda. HAHAHAHA

        2. Willy C says

          Really sucks when you can’t get the facts to match your imagined narrative eh?

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Wouldn’t know about the sucking bit, perhaps you do, but…….

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Hey dipshit! Read the article again. Bout the 5th paragraph down it states “he lived in Baltimore for 35 years!” And blow it out your ass when you criticize someone for actually quoting the article, eh?

        1. Reality Check says

          so it took you are day to figure out it was in the article?
          That isn’t where he grew up, nor where he was educated (government handout)

          by the time he was in Baltimore he HAD a career and a good job.
          Pretty sure that gives him no perspective of life in Baltimore as a poor Black kid..

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Hey Shithead! I do have work to do around here cutting glass! And I hadn’t said a damned word about where he was born or grew up. I said “He spent 35 years in Balkimore,” okay? Where the hell are your kind bred?? Sheesh….

          2. Reality Check says

            Ok, lets review.
            you started off with this:
            “Now here’s a guy that actually lived in Balkymire for 35 years, and look what HE made of HIMSELF!”

            you seem to be trying to imply that his 35 years of living in Baltimore happened WHILE he was achieving his success.

            He was ALREADY “made” before he moved to Baltimore, making your point irrelevant AND misleading.

            Just trying to keep some reality in the discussion.

      3. utoledo says

        Please tell the world how serving your country by putting your life on the line is a HAND OUT? How many years did you serve?

        1. Reality Check says

          Going to west point is getting a free university education.
          He never served as far as I can find.

          How did the poor black kid then go to Yale?
          and then afford Medical school, with out some government handouts?

  2. Morton212 says

    This is my problem with Carson. His demeanor seems phony – and he has no problem coming up with outrageous and unsupportable theories that seem to be deliberate pandering to his followers. Beneath that synthetic and oily delivery are ideas like homosexuality is caused by incarcerating men in prison.
    From a liberal point of view, he will dilute the conservative vote, so I guess at least that is a bonus.

    1. al says

      Have you been in prison? You need to open your eyes and ears talk to officers or care givers in the prison system. You will gain an appreciation for what they have to deal with on a daily basis.

      1. Morton212 says

        Are you trying to tell me that you agree with Carson’s views on homosexuality ?
        It is quite logical to assume that if you deprive a normal male of sexual release with a member of the opposite sex, he may us a temporary substitute. But it is a huge leap to suggest that when there is a choice – that this substitution has become the preference.

        1. George Montpetit says

          He was saying some people do choice to seek any tongue which will comfort their desires .

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        If you’re debating with homo mortie, you’ll be at it with that troll forever. He’s one of about 5 that get an ego rush from disputing everything that anyone says. Glad I don’t have to read his shit any more. A genius programmed my device to catch their every reply and kick them into a spam folder. heeheehee

    2. glenn398 says

      Morton you need to learn to read as what he said is prison is proof that homosexually is a choice.

      1. Morton212 says

        I watched the interview he did on that topic. He went far further than that.
        It is simply fatuous to suggest that an inmate who indulges in homosexual acts because he has no choice -has chosen homosexuality

        1. glenn398 says

          Again that wasn’t his point and reading your post can see why you can’t understand it. His point was that in prison most have sex with each other and that is a choice and prison proves it.

          1. Morton212 says

            To have a choice – you need options. Celibacy is not an option for most males. They are hard wired for sexual gratification. This problem has been studied extensively in maritime histories. Once these males are place back in a normal environment – where they have choices – they almost never seek homosexual gratification. So Carson attempts to make an intellectual point that is really a red herring and does not make his point at all – because he tries to apply his theory to environments where there is a choice.

          2. glenn398 says

            Men can have self gratification without turning to homosexually and have never hear of lack of sex killing anyone yet.

          3. Morton212 says

            So you have the abnormal virtue of being able to deal with celibacy. Congratulations. Most men find that a huge problem.

          4. glenn398 says

            Yes sex isn’t the most important thing in life unless you make it so. It is still mind over matter not matter over mind.

          5. Durango 35 says

            There is such a thing as self control which you acquiere when you grow up and become a man. You ever heard about it? According to you male need sex at all costs even to the point of looking for homosexual.gratification.
            Grow up and get out of your ikndergarden mentality. You can’t have everything you crave, sorry that is life.

          6. Morton212 says

            You may well be one of those men that reached male menopause very early in life. Them fact is that males were designed to be sperm givers, and to become naturally aroused very easily. It is all a part of the fact that survival of a species tends to be the single most powerful desire in the biological makeup.

          7. Durango 35 says

            Correct, but what distinguishes men from otherliving things is that he has the mind to evaluate and controll him self and his environment.
            We are not talking survival of a species that is all ready put into question by our live stile – do you realy think that sex for the sake of sex is more important then bearing of life and healthy children and nuture them to adulhood? Abortion practiced today or the etreme use of birthcontrol as practiced today is not a tool conducive to the survival of the family or the species.
            Don’t use biology as an excuse, we are suppose to be Homo Sapien, Sapien – thinking man. We learn to control or biological urges as we grow up..

          8. Morton212 says

            Homo sapiens – is a relative term – not one which I suspect you think implies exceptionalism. Yours is a false dichotomy – that of sexual recreation versus the rearing of children. The fact that both are possible – indeed – popular – should be enough for you to accept as intentional.

          9. Durango 35 says

            Homo Sapien Sapien is a term of classifying, the last line of man we supposingly belong too There is nothing relative about it. It is ment to be descriptive of a stage of development of Homo Sapien.
            Your premise that man are man and have to have sex at all cost is the point of contention. Nothing more nothing less. I still say man has the mental and physical power to control his natural impulses. If you think that man is like an animal when the urge rises he has to give in and satisfy it at all cost, so be it. . Where I come from children were tought to control their mental and bodily desires. If society is to work this is a pre-requisite.
            You believe what you think is right – I believe what I know is right for me.

          10. Morton212 says

            It is descriptive of nothing. The term was coined by the species that named us – – us – and we rather pompously chose ‘wise’. There is very little veneer to disguise our powerful animal instincts – which for want of a simile is really ’emotion’. And therein is the problem – because all animals have emotion.
            Intellect in homo sapiens is actually quite rare. You only need to look at the mess we have had at living in harmony to understand that.

          11. Durango 35 says

            You are free to have your opinion. I have mine. The pompous part I definitely agree with. The term was coined during the late 19 and early twenthied century by a bunch of pompous old men who felt self important. You will have to read the history of that part of anthropology to really get the extend of nonsense.
            Your little veneer to diguise the animal instinct is the little effort used to teach the young generation self control, self sufficiency. and self reliance. But a society which lets children(13, 14 years old) get away with murder, rape and assault can not anticipate any different behaviour.from the young adults. What do you think would have happened If a child raised his hands against a teacher or his parent, say 50 years back? The problem is there is no moral compass, no ethics, no empathy, no taboos.and no guidance from parents or teachers..
            In my 50 years of working and living in different countries on different continents I found most societies have a norm of behavier which was adhered too, including cultural taboos. These societies tolerate, “emotions” in children, sometimes in early teenager but never in young adults. Actions have consequencies, the punishment allways fits the crime.There are no rights, rights have to be earned. No gold stars for screwing up.
            There are certain cultural taboos, learned self controll and restrain emotion. which maybe harmfull to their society.I have to say the main difference is that every member of a family or society, including children have their responsibility and know their place. Who ever came up with the idea that parents or society is responsible to provide higher education? Educations is not a right, it is a privilage which has to be earned.
            The modern permissive society is a pane to the world and your statements apply to the western countries much more so then the Eastern, African or more primitive societies in third world countries.
            You have no idea what would happen to young adults in these societies if they behaved the way I have seen students +19 years old act during spring break in Mexican or Central America. Just uncontrolled wild emotions, sex , alcohol, rape, violence and complete other stupidities. Students rolling in their mud like bigs

    3. Nastasyana says

      Another religious nut who want to create christian sharia in the U.S

  3. Americalost4ever says

    who cares? Detroit or Ballessamore, same crap, same types of people, even with their own in power the places are still big city trash and garbage and shows what big city life is all about. I wouldn’t live close to a filthy city like those. At least Carson is NOT another stinking corrupt bought off life long politician that has kept us in ruin for generations and hundreds of years. The rest sound like warmongers and want to control the world and thinking rather than heal this country. No city type scum or lifelong lying politicians who are all bought off and treasonous should rule over the rest of us. Like welfare recipients, illegals, masses of immigrants, college kiddies, and free loaders should not be allowed to vote.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Exactly!! And thank you!! :-))

    2. Reality Check says

      Or people with bigoted points of view.

  4. kotoc says

    If this report is based on FACT instead of “rainbows and roses,” Ben Carson will get my vote. If he is indeed the genuine article, he sounds like a MUCH better hope for the U.S. (in my opinion.) Skin color has NOTHING to do with it… it’s all about attitude.

  5. George Montpetit says

    Dr Ben Carson along with Col. Allen West are best qualified to heal our country by articulating conservative values that would bring large percentages of the underclass to vote against the norm.
    Both believe the constitution is sacred and both have impeccable integrity, courage , honesty and intelligence. With common sense solutions – they would fix most of our problems , including our biggest threat – radical Islam.

    1. Morton212 says

      Unfortunately, you are probably as badly informed as most of West and Carsons’ followers.
      They are more likely to create a mass of new problems, since neither of them has any expertise in economics, or even normal human behavior. What they ARE good at though, is persuading the ignorant that they have been made victims by a nefarious liberal conspiracy – that plans to rob them of their money their guns and their liberty, and enslave them in American gulags.
      Oh my – what an ignorant culture we live in.

      1. George Montpetit says

        Both believe in limited government ; flat tax ; a strong military – to stomp on radical Islam ;
        strict adherence to the constitution . All what it takes to let our economy zoom.

        1. Morton212 says

          All of your bullet points are really ideological claptrap. The reason why there is not a flat tax in any first world economy – is that it does not raise enough revenue without impoverishing the middle classes.
          Limited government is a meaningless phrase. Everyone wants protection from negligence,and fairness in the market place – and there is a necessary cost for that. The constitution is strictly observed – within the strictures written into the Constitution. The losing party will always cry foul – and at the moment the air is full of hissing from conservatives who seem to be losing most of the constitutional interpretations.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Middle class is already impoverished. Democrats can check it off their change list. Your same ol, same ol solution is NOT working, and never will.

            Limited Government is only a meaningless phrase to a socialist. For the freedom loving part of the country limited government means living within your means, just like my family does.

            I submit to you that the Government needs to get out of the economy, quit seizing natural resources and let it do what the economy does, and Capitalism do what it does.

            0bama is NOT following the Constitution. California a bastion of Liberalism, IS NOT following the Constitution. Look at all the reversals the courts have done so far against the 0bama administration backed decrees.

          2. Reality Check says

            “I submit to you that the Government needs to get out of the economy,
            quit seizing natural resources and let it do what the economy does, and
            Capitalism do what it does.”

            Oh, so you want the Wild West back again.

            well at least gays can get married then and women can get all the abortions they need.

          3. MAHB001 says

            How do you get from my my statement to that.

            You think the Government is stopping abortions????

            idiot alert.

          4. Reality Check says

            I know the crazy cons in this country are trying to use Big Government to stop abortions and Gay marriage.

            so ending government will mean the above happens.

            too complicated?

          5. MAHB001 says


          6. George Montpetit says

            actually {as many examples from the past prove } tax reform increases revenue to the treasury.

          7. Reality Check says

            oh, lets hear about those examples.

          8. Reality Check says

            The argument that the near-doubling of revenues during Reagan’s two
            terms proves the value of tax cuts is an old argument. It’s also
            extremely flawed. At 99.6 percent, revenues did nearly double during
            the 80s. However, they had likewise doubled during EVERY SINGLE
            DECADE SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION! They went up 502.4% during the
            40’s, 134.5% during the 50’s, 108.5% during the 60’s, and 168.2%
            during the 70’s. At 96.2 percent, they nearly doubled in the 90s as
            well. Hence, claiming that the Reagan tax cuts caused the doubling
            of revenues is like a rooster claiming credit for the dawn.

            Furthermore, the receipts from individual income taxes (the only
            receipts directly affected by the tax cuts) went up a lower 91.3 percent
            during the 80’s. Meanwhile, receipts from Social Insurance, which are
            directly affected by the FICA tax rate, went up 140.8 percent. This
            large increase was largely due to the fact that the FICA tax rate went
            up 25% from 6.13 to 7.65 percent of payroll. The reference to the
            doubling of revenues under Reagan commonly refers to TOTAL revenues.
            These include the above-mentioned Social Insurance revenues for which
            the tax rate went UP. It seems highly hypocritical to include these
            revenues (which were likely bolstered by the tax hike) as proof for
            the effectiveness of a tax cut.

            Hence, what evidence there is suggests there to be a correlation
            between lower taxes and LOWER revenues, not HIGHER revenues as
            suggested by supply-siders. There may well be valid arguments in
            favor of tax cuts. But higher tax revenues does not appear to be
            one of them.


          9. George Montpetit says

            figures don’t lie – but liars figure.

          10. Morton212 says

            I will take that as an apology from you.

          11. Morton212 says

            what tax reform ?

          12. Morton212 says

            With due respect, a tax cut is not tax reform. And a post hoc ergo propter hoc argument that the cut was responsible for more revenue is simply a theory. There are plenty of other explanations.

          13. Reality Check says


            interesting material you might be interested in.

          14. Morton212 says

            Thanks – that is exactly right.

  6. Alexander Seredin says
  7. Archie Cogollos says

    He needs to be involved somewhere…He is a role model…and speaks his mind….we need more like him…

  8. MAHB001 says

    Black, White, Women, Men, Successful Business Professionals, Successful Senators, Successful Governors. So many choices.

    Ironic that the Republicans are the party of choice.

    And the Democrats are left with a crusty old Clinton samwich.. Their votes have already been counted.

  9. Reality Check says

    Considering he thinks being Gay is the same as being a pedophile, I think he has a snowballs change in Hell of winning.
    Going against the Supreme courts ruling on Gay marriage that will be out in June is going to go badly for cons.

    but I would love to see him win the nomination.

  10. Reality Check says

    Interesting facts about Dr. Ben Carson, Conservative Icon:

    1. raised by a single mother

    2. raised in public housing

    3. fed with food stamps.

    4. supported with welfare was-dependent-on-government

    5. kept healthy with medicaid…

    6. educated in public schools

    7. got eyeglasses from state agency

    8. benefited from affirmative action to enter college

    9. used federal loans and Pell grants in undergrad school

    10. benefited from affirmative action to enter medical school

    11. med school paid for with grant from USPHS*

    Big government and government “welfare” MADE Ben Carson.

    1. George Montpetit says

      Conservatives believe there needs to be a safety net – not a hammock.

      1. Reality Check says

        Well they seem to once they have been helped up by the government.
        Paul Ryan has the same problem.

        You are giving the con a pass for being a “TAKER”?

        No hypocrisy there.

        1. George Montpetit says

          obviously you’re either an useful idiot or a dupe whose brain is awashed by Marxist , Socialist , Utopian and communist misinformation.

          1. Morton212 says

            No George, it is you that is making a total fool of yourself. You could at least deal with Reality Check’s candid list of hypocrisy eschewed by the likes of Carson.

          2. Reality Check says

            says the guy who thinks Allen West is sane.

          3. MAHB001 says

            They are trolls, Alinsky Radicals paid by soros. They know they are useful idiots and are evil enough not to care.
            Your post is right on and accurate.

    2. Nastasyana says

      True and i believe Marco Rubio benefited from Affirmative Action and government aid. Interesting that once they get theirs, they don’t want anyone else to do the same, even though they represent what can happen when the gov steps in.

      1. MAHB001 says

        So you are saying that support from Big government is only paid back with life long slavery…

    3. MAHB001 says

      So, you are saying, he didn’t build that….

      Your a good socialists…

      1. Reality Check says

        Yes I am,
        clueless hypocrite

        1. MAHB001 says

          So your hand up, comes with life long strings of servitude.

          That is what Conservatives have been saying all along.

          1. Reality Check says

            So is learning all of the Right Wing talking points a requirement for being conservative?
            Or just a necessity because none of you have an original thought?

          2. MAHB001 says

            Hell, I think something and the right wing steals it from me. I generate right wing talking points.

            I do my own independent thinking, I review all the facts and come to my own conclusions. .

            You should try it sometime, but I don’t think you were taught critical judgements in school. Liberals do not want you to think for yourself.

            This is how I see Democrat lemmings like you.

            Don’t watch Fox. “ok”
            Don’t listen to opposing views. “ok”
            Don’t believe in God. “ok”
            You can keep your Dr. “ok”
            0bama likes America… “ok”
            Vote for Hillary… “ok”
            And all the lemmings go. do, ta do… “ok”

          3. Reality Check says

            This is how I see Democrat lemmings like you.

            Don’t watch Fox. “ok”
            Don’t listen to opposing views. “ok”
            Don’t believe in God. “ok”
            You can keep your Dr. “ok”
            0bama likes America… “ok”
            Vote for Hillary… “ok”
            And all the lemmings go. do, ta do… “ok”

            So what part of that was original thought?

          4. MAHB001 says

            Exactly, there is no original though in Democrats. They are lemmings.
            By golly, you it might be sinking in…

    4. MAHB001 says

      Hmmm, you must be thinking…
      How do I make a crusty old Clinton samwich sound good?
      I know attack a poor black man…
      You are a hypocrite, a liar, and in general a bigoted person.

      1. Reality Check says

        Bernie Sanders all the way.

        as for Carson goes, this would go to the hypocrisy of the right who want less and less “government welfare” and yet this candidate would NOT be who he is without..

        1. MAHB001 says

          And you think your vote actually counts? You are a total moron.

          The controllers of your party have made their decision. I’ll bet 100% of all Dems could vote for Sanders and the corrupt Clinton would win anyway.

          You guys are so arrogant, egotistical, and bigoted, you think your too smart to be brainwashed, which only makes it easier to brainwash and fool. All they have to do is tell you something your bigoted little mind wants to hear and you accept it without question.

          Democrats have been applying these principles here in California for years. They control the media, the media “predicts” a close election which set peoples expectations. The people vote, while the controllers play, rock, paper, scissors to pick the winner. The polls close and the controllers announce to the media the results. Which is always the rock, paper, scissors winner, 52% to 48%.

          Nobody bothers to count the votes, nobody bothers to question the results.

          Remember what your socialist idol said.

          “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
          Joseph Stalin

          1. Reality Check says

            ” All they have to do is tell you something your bigoted little mind wants to hear and you accept it without question.”

            says the brainwashed con giving me all the Right wing talking points.
            so far you have told me
            I am a good little socialist
            that my hand up comes with life long servitude.

            My socialist idol

            any original thought in the small brain?

          2. Reality Check says

            “The controllers of your party have made their decision”

            The independent thinker, believes that the GOP are not the pawns of the 1%

            What have the GOP done for average Americans in the last decade?
            what have they done for Big Business?
            (that’s going to be a big list)

            DISCLAIMER: The Dems have a serious issue of being Corporate pawns as well.
            Bernie Sanders is not one of them. Hillary is.

            I will bet you, it’s going to be Jeb Bush or Walker.
            Walker may have screwed himself by what he did in Wisconsin.

            GOP have no chance of winning the WH unless they run a normal candidate.
            More normal than Romney.

            Being anti gay is not going to work too well.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Sure the same controllers that control the Democrats infiltrated and control the Republicans. You think that 0bama is NOT pandering and pawn to the 1%?
            Your naive.

            The big difference is that Republicans (We the People) have taken steps to eradicate the corrupt Politicians. I see no difference between crony capitalism and the crony socialism, or should I say just plain socialism, that infests the controllers of the Democrats.

            While the left simply points at others bad behavior to justify their own bad behavior, Conservatives fight to eliminate the bad behavior.

            The left sleeps and turns a blind eye to corruption, the right fights corruption, fights for change, fights for TRUE representation of the people, and by the people.

            You need to go to your local polling place and observe, as the wolf is watching the hen house and the people are being screwed by corrupt politicians on both sides.

          4. Reality Check says

            Still waiting to hear what the GOP have done that benefited the American people in the last decade.

            as for proof of their ownership, what was the first thing the GOP passed?

            Deregulating the banks.
            You remember what happened that last time the banks were deregulated?

            The Dems passed legislation to control the banks as soon as they took power in 09.

            so now tell me who is bought an paid for by whom?

          5. MAHB001 says

            Dems have controlled just about everything for the last 8 years, and probably the two years before that.

            Your numbers are false, and you seem unable to draw a logical conclusion from even the false numbers you are given.

            If you think deregulation was the cause of the crash, you are sorely mistaken. The Dems were just exercising their control over the banks.

            Don’t forget that it was the Government that forced the banks to make loans that to people that were under-qualified.

            I see you agree that 0bama panders to the same 1% as the corrupt GOP pander to. No difference between crony Capitalism and crony socialism because the crony part was created by the socialist in charge.

          6. Reality Check says

            pretty sad you don’t even know who controlled congress when.

          7. MAHB001 says

            Pretty sad that you don’t understand that both sides are being controlled by socialists.
            Notice how Boehner has folded?

          8. Reality Check says

            calling boehner a socialist, just proves you’re either a wackadoodle conservative or dumb as dirt.

            Both sides are controlled by BIG Money.
            socialism you should look up.
            you are ignorant of it’s meaning.

          9. MAHB001 says

            Boehner is a spy, and must give the appearance of being a Conservative. He only folds at critical times as to not blow his cover. But when he folds, it is very destructive to conservatives.

            Do you know what socialism is? I’ll give you an hint…. Slavery

            Socialism = Communism,
            The goal of socialism is communism..


          10. George Montpetit says

            ” The only difference between socialism and communism is you vote for socialism and communism is by force.” Ayn Rand

          11. MAHB001 says

            Excellent quote… Thanks,
            In other words,
            The goal of socialism is communism. 🙂

            Once you vote the socialists in, Evil turns the controllers into dictators.

          12. Reality Check says

            “No difference between crony Capitalism and crony socialism because the crony part was created by the socialist in charge.”

            so the low info con thinks crony capitalism only started when Obama took office?

          13. MAHB001 says

            If that makes you feel better, but it is not a true statement.
            Notice that the crony capitalism hasn’t STOPPED since 0bama took office?

            In fact it is getting worse. You are being used as a useful idiot.

          14. Reality Check says

            Talk about mentally challenged.

            “Notice that the crony capitalism hasn’t STOPPED since 0bama took office?”

            how many times have I said Obama is a Corporatist, moron?
            Which is the opposite of a socialist, fool.

            still looking for the law that forced banks to make bad loans?
            someone with independent thought would have that right at the tip of his tongue.

            but since you only vomit up talking points, it makes a response a bit harder,
            hmmm moron?

          15. MAHB001 says

            0bama is an opportunist, with no morals. He will do anything to gain and hold more power.
            I think you calling him a corporatists is just a diversion. Call him what you want.

            Keep looking for the law, it is good for you. I’ll give you an hint. Barney Frank used it to loosen up regulations so the poor could purchase houses they couldn’t afford.

          16. Reality Check says

            I ‘ll give you hint.

            ” Barney Frank used it to loosen up regulations so the poor could purchase houses they couldn’t afford.”

            is as far from original thought as it gets.

          17. Reality Check says

            In a bid to boost minority homeownership,
            President Bush will ask Congress for authority to eliminate the
            down-payment requirement for Federal Housing Administration loans.

            In announcing the plan Monday at a home builders
            show in Las Vegas, Federal Housing Commissioner John Weicher called the
            proposal the “most significant FHA initiative in more than a decade.” It
            would lead to 150,000 first-time owners annually, he said.

            Nothing-down options are available on the private
            mortgage market, but, in general, they require the borrower to have
            pristine credit. Bush’s proposed change would extend the nothing-down
            option to borrowers with blemished credit.



          18. Reality Check says

            “Don’t forget that it was the Government that forced the banks to make loans that to people that were under-qualified.”

            This is another of your “independent thoughts”?

            AND what law did that?
            (Try hard to not embarrass yourself.)

          19. MAHB001 says

            I don’t know if someone else has come up with it or not. Other independent thinkers can and will come to similar conclusions that I do.
            Facts are facts, and when you look at them and do not apply hypocrisy lots of independent thinkers come to similar conclusions.

            Look into Barny Frank and some of the socialism he imposed.

          20. Reality Check says

            so much for independent thought!

            Barney was a member of the House
            Not even speaker.

            only the DIM think a single member of the house can IMPOSE a law.

  11. Alleged Comment says

    I do not know why he is running. We don’t need anything he has to offer. Ever thought about that? Neither does Carly Fiorina. Both accomplished ordinary task required of their trained skills but there is no political accomplishments from either, other than they being what they are and I think that is all what they are offering.

    So NO to both of them. BC caught plagiarizing twice, and did attempted murder as a youth. And shhh… while at HP Carly accomplished almost NOTHING!

    1. Reality Check says

      Lets not forget she also tanked Hewlett Packard and fired 18,000 workers, fun stuff like that.
      another corporate killer of jobs AND profits.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Face it, if we are moving in the direction of a first Woman President. Fiorina is a much better choice than Hillary.

        Lets NOT forget that Carly Fiorina took over a company in the middle of the worst Technology recession in 25 years and took it from 44 Billion to almost 90 Billion.
        Under her guidance the growth rate rose from 2% to 9%.
        They also tripled the rate of innovation to 11 patents a day.
        HP with Carly at the helm went from lagging behind in every product category to LEADING in EVERY product category.
        Profits went UP.
        Yes, Stock price tanked, but then ALL companies tanked with the stock market. To blame that on her is just stupid and misleading.

        Don’t you wish Hillary had something to brag about? Lies, corruption, double talk, is all that Hillary has.

        1. Reality Check says

          In 1999 when she arrived at the company,
          HP had $42 billion in sales and $3.1 billion in net earnings. When she
          left in 2005, HP had $87 billion in sales but only $2.4 billion in

          Isn’t the important part profits?


          Don’t i wish Elizabeth Warren was running, a first women President.

          1. MAHB001 says

            So you want a Socialist in office? Nice. I guess that is your ultimate goal. Slavery under socialism.

            You are so easily fooled and confused by numbers, you probably think that 0bama was going to reduce the deficit in half his first year in office…..

          2. Reality Check says

            I want a president in office that isn’t a slave to Big Oil or Big Agro or Big Pharma.
            Bernie would be the only one running who isn’t.

          3. MAHB001 says

            ooohhh the BIG GOVERNMENT socialist is scared of Big Oil, Big Agro and Big Pharma.

            0bama is BIG PHARMA, or haven’t you figured that out yet.

            And the Democrats Government is BIGGER than all the rest, combined. If you are scared of the Big’s you should be scared of Socialism….

          4. Reality Check says

            OOH the con is too stupid to know who controls the GOP, Big Oil, Big Agro and Big Pharma.

            Obama is a corporatist but compared to the GOP, he is corporate lite.

            Who backs the TPP?
            ALL the GOP and a few corporate Dems.
            That illustrates the difference between the 2 parties.

          5. MAHB001 says

            ohhh the socialist is too stupid to realize that there is no difference between the corrupt GOP and corrupt Dems.

            0bama is an Alinsky Radical, so is Hillary. Their goal is to destroy Capitalism and “Rebuild” America to a new socialist state.
            Socialism = Communism
            Communism = Dictator
            Dictator = death to all that resist his/her rule
            Socialism = death to hundreds of millions of people.

            What would your rather have? Death to hundreds of millions or Capitalism?

            What is it going to be socialist?

          6. Reality Check says

            pretty sad that the moron thinks he has an original thought and then post the same tired right wing talking points CONSTANTLY.

            when am I going to SEE an original though moron?

          7. MAHB001 says

            You are not capable of seeing an original thought.

            You do not have permission to think independently, you have willingly handed independent thinking over to your handlers. Nor do your handlers want you to think independently.

          8. Reality Check says

            Face it fool, you don’t have any.
            stop embarrassing yourself.

          9. MAHB001 says

            Always an insult in a silly attempt to save face.
            I see the insults as a sign of a liberal giving up.
            You give up all the time.

          10. Reality Check says

            apparently you are also so Dim you don’t even know what an insult IS.

          11. Reality Check says

            0bama is an Alinsky Radical, so is Hillary. Their goal is to destroy Capitalism and “Rebuild” America to a new socialist state.
            The stupidity of the right is how the GOP get elected.

            IF Obama was trying to end capitalism why fix the economy?
            why not let the 800,000 job loss continue?
            why let the stock market triple?
            why take the GDP to positive?

            seems counter productive if crashing capitalism is the goal.

            explain to me why he is ‘faking it” for the past 6 years?
            when is he going to turn us socialist?

            you cons are scary stupid.

          12. MAHB001 says

            You think the economy is FIXED???? You might be a moron.
            You believe ANY of the numbers created by the Government… You might be a Moron.

            You think the stock market has tripled? You ARE a moron.

            You think 0bama has been faking it?

            You are scary stupid. You also have zero credibility. Only a fool would listen to you.

          13. Reality Check says

            so far you have proven to be a moron , but no much else.

            found that law yet?
            I could use a good laugh.

          14. MAHB001 says

            What you could use is a brain, but that would be like giving a grenade to an infant.

            In 1992 Congress established the “affordable housing goals,”
            which were numerical targets for the share of Fannie- and Freddie-backed
            lending that went to low-income and minority borrowers.

          15. Reality Check says

            Grasping a straws?

            If you search “affordable housing goals” you find they do it every year proving you to be SO LOW INFO.

            Where is that independent thought you pretend you have.
            How about calling your mom?

            Pretty sad that I know what law you are referring to, but the moron doesn’t.

            try again fool.

    2. MAHB001 says

      Your jealous because both their accomplishments make one think… Hillary who????

      1. Alleged Comment says

        Remember, when God wants to destroy a country he sends in women and children (Negroes).

        And I will give children [to be] their princes, and babes shall rule over them. (Isa 3:4)

        1. headonstraight says

          From a racist like you we can expect such drivel!

    3. headonstraight says

      Carson’s lack of relevant prior experience doesn’t matter to the wingnut crowd. The tribe of ranting Obamaphobes that contaminates much of public discourse is peopled with critics of the President who claim he is unqualified for his job since–as their repeated lie goes–he “only has experience as a community organizer.” That, of course, ignores his experience as both a state and U.S senator, university lecturer on the Constitution, and work at a prestigious law firm, but that does not matter to the yammering wackos. Carson has ZERO political experience and recently put his abject ignorance of the Constitution on display by ranting mindlessly and incorrectly about the roles of the three branches of government. We do not need a tyro like Carson in the Oval Office!

  12. Victor Archuleta says

    Down the page is a comment that insinuates Dr. Carson, a conservative, is a hypocrite because he received so much public assistance in his growth and development years. While I won’t deal directly with the commentator, I will post this as a general response to others who might have such an attitude – not for the purpose of senseless bickering, but as a reason to pause and think about the promise of America. Once it was believed that the welfare system was the only way to tell needy people “we care about you”.

    Benjamin Franklin spoke about helping people raise themselves to a better position life. He believed welfare should have specific goals, for a specified time. When you stop to really think about it – if all that is said about Dr. Carver is true – the welfare system accomplished what it was intended to do. It lifted Carson high enough to allow him to see his future and measure the steps he needed to take to get there.

    The liberal democrats purposely created the poverty problems right after the Civil War, and it seems they unexpectedly solved it for someone who might be quite influential in coming months.

    Which system is better, the one offering a helping hand up, or the one pressing a boot on your neck?

    1. MAHB001 says

      Wise choice not to deal with the troll.

    2. Morton212 says

      The simpler explanation is that Carson spat on the helping hand – which gives him the trappings of perhaps the biggest hypocrite in the Presidential race.

      1. George Montpetit says

        ” spat on the helping hand ” ” A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when illusion is deep.”

        1. Morton212 says

          Don’t get too tied up in knots trying to explain away the shallowness of Carson. It does not resonate.

          1. George Montpetit says

            not with an internet troll or a dupe

          2. Morton212 says

            Happy hunting then. You would have to be demented to not hoot with laughter at his BS..

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