Duke Columnist Slams the First Amendment


You would expect a student columnist at one of the country’s most respected universities to support the First Amendment, but that’s not the case for Bennett Carpenter of Duke. In a recent column published in Duke’s newspaper, The Chronicle, the grad student claims that free speech is just another tool of white power.

“I am thinking about how an urgent and overdue conversation about racism—on our campus and across our country — has been derailed by a diversionary and duplicitous obsession with the First Amendment,” wrote Carpenter. “I am thinking about how quickly the conversation has shifted from white supremacy to white fragility — and how this shift is itself an expression of white supremacy.”

Have you ever noticed that when these liberal academics get going, it’s like they’re speaking a foreign language? This is supposed to be an op-ed for a general audience, not his thesis on critical race theory. White fragility? What is he talking about?

Helpfully, he explains it. Carpenter defines white fragility as “a range of defensive behaviors through which white people (or more accurately, people who believe they are white) deflect conversations about race and racism in order to protect themselves from race-based stress.”

It may or may not be relevant to point out that Carpenter is white. Whether or not he is one of those “people who believe they are white” is unclear.

“Words hurt as much as actions; indeed, words are actions,” he wrote. “Within the context of white supremacy, any distinction between a defaced poster, a racist pamphlet and legal or extralegal murder can be only of degree.”

Is that right? And we’re talking about white fragility here? When was the last time a white person was so terrified of words that they wanted to take away a person’s ability to speak freely?

This absurdity knows no limits. A defaced poster is hardly different from murder? How can anyone believe this nonsense?

Sadly, this isn’t just one cuckoo bird at Duke. Carpenter’s opinions are widely shared among those who buy into the theory of white privilege and systemic American oppression. That’s why it can only be a matter of time before hate speech laws come to the United States. These liberals know that the easiest way to win a contest of ideas is to make opposing ideas illegal. It’s already working in Germany, where anti-immigrant protesters are censored and prosecuted. Soon it will be here.

Remember when liberals fancied themselves champions of free speech? My, how things have changed.

  1. rayhause says

    I wonder how he would feel if the First Amendment Police would arrest him for inciting a white riot.

    1. Croco Dile says

      This site is all about distraction about something unimportant like a stupid student writing stupid things.

      Our Slave Masters are happy to distruct us from looking at their crimes.

      Thank you, fixthisnation. com

      1. Gunflint Roseberg says

        Agreed Croco..Many students are susceptible & foolish, we know this. Much of the news today is a Smoke & Mirror show, distracting the masses so they can work on the real agenda. That is; how to become more powerful by stealing our Rights,& our Heritage, without our knowledge. They are the masters of deception.

        1. pineapple says

          For more on this subject, read “Stealing America” by Dinesh D’Sousa.
          It is a real eye opener.

        2. Reality Check says

          it’s more about stealing the country for the Oligarchy.

          the GOP are leading that charge along with THIS website (and others)

          the “stealing our Right & Heritage” crap is just part of your programming.

          nothing of the kind is happening.
          go ahead, prove it to me.

          1. BH says

            You probably believe that “hands up, don’t shoot” came about because it actually happened. And the rioting and looting in Ferguson was because the police stood there with guns. And Mizou should have anticipated that some unknown white guy was going to act in a racist way with a Rebel flag. Boy, you guys sure have a lot of nerve.

          2. MDKTT20 says

            Those are movements to destroy the Republic, and make all the people slaves.

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says

            We also believe those lawful demonstrators weren’t bused in!

          4. MDKTT20 says

            you do not live in reality sonny.

          5. Kent2012 says

            you mean the “visitors” that were “demonstrating” in places like Ferguson ??

          6. Kent2012 says

            yes led by al sharpless, luise fairyconman, kenya boyo, ho clintoney, the democrapo clowns in the legislature, the parasites that “vote” welfare benefits, and the pseudo intellectual coffee shop socialists…

          7. MDKTT20 says

            well, I think you got them all right. congrats to you sonny. 🙂

          8. Kent2012 says

            well thanks pappy…:)

          9. MDKTT20 says

            You are very welcome .

          10. Francisco Machado says

            Give credit where credit is due: RC’s point is valid, though the primary agency is not. Indeed, the GOP has foresworn it’s responsibility to curtail the growth of government while falsely claiming to be attempting the opposite. Observe that the Progressive Democrats, specifically the Obama administration, have been writing mandates, rules, regulations, unconstitutional “presidential mandates,” unconstitutional punitive taxes, and have been running roughshod over businesses and individuals with their unconstrained regulatory agencies, even preempting state autonomy. The ACA alone has a seven foot stack of regulations and the IRS has seventy thousand pages of same. They not only break laws with impunity, they even break their own laws. That, in my opinion, is stealing the country for oligarchy – and successfully doing so. (I do concede he appears to be contradicting himself within four lines, but that is an often observed characteristic of RCs opinions. Obama himself frequently does the same.)

          11. ABO says

            A lot of nerve but zero intellect.

          12. Michael Dennewitz says

            Dayuummm! Two TROLLS on the same site! Unreality chick and her buddy, croco shit!! HAHAHA

          13. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Every site needs comic relief and we can always count on senilitychick!

          14. .madashell says

            Could be one in the same.

          15. Kent2012 says

            maybe they are twins joined at the azz…sharing two brain cells…

          16. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Had you attended college instead of demonstrating, you would have first hand knowledge.

          17. MDKTT20 says

            I have first hand knowledge and I didn’t need college for that.

          18. Kent2012 says

            realitycheckerinsky could not carry any quantity of first hand knowledge even with a friend loaning him a pickup….his pointed little head is full of manure..

          19. joe says

            Yea go vote for clinton you retard she will fix everything every day I see the number of functioning brain cells in your skull drop your posts get more and more stupid

          20. MikeTheTiger says

            My, my, Reality Check is a conspiracy theorist? go ahead, prove it to me.

            There is a conspiracy alright – the dumbing down of our youth by liberal progressive educators! The term “educator” is used loosely here. This is the only way liberals/progressives can maintain control of the ignorant, unthinking masses.

        3. OSAMA OBAMA says

          No, Crocoliberalism is wrong! This story just adds to the real perception that our colleges are cranking out libTURD slugs. This site strives to keep the people abreast of the wrongs, indoctrinations and of the slime that perpetrate them.

          1. Gunflint Roseberg says

            Our entire school system needs an overhaul. From the top to the bottom.

            “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the “people”(Democrats) . As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” -Adolph Hitler-

        4. Jean Langford M. says

          AND LIES.

      2. Fraginals5 says

        Where are the “slave masters”?
        If I go to Africa positively there will be “black supremacy ” they are majority so they will have more control over everything. In this country blacks are 13% and they want to have control as as if they were the majority. They play play the victim card in every instance. They think they are owed because 300 years ago there was slavery, but they never mention the fact that were blacks the ones that sold them into slavery.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          And your 4% of the pop. lgbt, dictate to the 96%. What’s the problem?

        2. Kent2012 says

          in the democrapo party…croc of schit dillo is probably supporting the front $lut, the ho clintoney and hopes that the socialist dip schit berni sandersinsky is selected as the vice queen…jimah, then billy “the rapist traitor” clintoney with his former leg humping partner, the criminal ho, now we have the croco dillo’s messiah, kenyan boyo…

        3. mac12sam12 says

          The biggest slave owner was also black.

          1. real talk 1 says

            The worlds largest slave owner is the liberal democratic party , white and black they have been brain washed through and through they don’t know they’er slaves because they are know by the name party members democrats but they do as the party dictates Lie Cheat Steal Inciet riots Kill trample on other peoples rights black or white and go to chuch every sunday !!

        4. Dan says

          Couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree 100%

        5. Chuck Rosenthal says

          Not to mention that one of the largest slave-holders in the U.S. was BLACK!!!!!!

      3. MikeTheTiger says

        Croco, Please, name the Slave Masters. Be specific because I would like to know who is making my personal decisions for me or yours for you, or anyone else? Which crimes are you referring to? Again be specific so we won’t be distracted any longer. I agree that the student is writing stupid things, but who is his Slave Master? If this site is a distraction then why, in all of your wisdom, are you wasting your time here? You’re welcome!

        1. Croco Dile says
          1. MikeTheTiger says

            The article you sent me just proves my point. Government isn’t the problem, it’s the lazy citizen who wants something for nothing who allows there politicians to gain too much power. People are not slaves if they voluntarily give power over them to someone else. They voluntarily make themselves a servant. Term limits and the dissolution of political parties would resolve most if not all the issues you describe – but you have to convince people that is the problem and the majority of them are too lazy to do anything. That is not a government problem, it’s a personal choice problem. Each citizen is responsible for their actions and what they let happen in government.

          2. Croco Dile says

            Ultimately, yes, the people are the guilty.

            Also there are those who exploit natural tendencies of the people.
            This group is always gravitating to power. Of course, for their own benefit at the expense of the great majority, which is oblivious to what is really happening.

      4. WJMcCarthy says

        ironically, it seem Chomsky is describing what is going on in the Academic arena to a “T”. Chomsky’s missive appears to be advice to his fellow leftists regarding how to shut down true debate. No doubt, he thinks he is making a commentary on the greater political arena in our society. Yet, the left is as guilty of this tactic as any group.

        1. Croco Dile says

          That is true.
          This is what statist are doing. Mostly even not being aware of this…..


          1. MikeTheTiger says

            Without government and laws, then “might makes right!” It would be the wild, wild west again – the man with the biggest gum becomes the boss. I prefer elections to bullying. This state-ism video is pure BS. The guy who did this video hasn’t read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. If government today is running amuck, then it’s our own fault for giving our politicians too much authority. This guy blames “government” for the sins of the lazy citizen. Has this idiot offered any other options besides chaos??

      5. Chuck Rosenthal says

        You are right.

    2. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Without the First, he couldn’t print such libTURD tripe!

      1. marlene says

        Good point!

      2. ABO says

        I think someone needs to duct tape Carpenter’s head shut so he can experience the loss of his first amendment rights.

        1. Ron says

          Just sew it shut and feed him through a tube!

          1. Kent2012 says

            he likes manure….

          2. Jarhead says

            It is called colon mucus!

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          4. Susan Salcedo says

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        2. supergun says

          Let him live in Germany for a couple of years on his own, and he will be kissing a$$ to get back to the USA.

          1. hmmathis says

            Heck no, send him to Somalia or one of the other Muslim-controlled ares in Africa.

          2. supergun says

            He would not make it back to the US if you sent him there.

        3. Jarhead says

          How can you stick Duct Tape to a head covered in colon mucus?
          Just fit him with a strait-jacket and place him on a Funny Farm!

      3. John Williams says

        Yes, but that has escaped the fool and it is highly unlikely he would see the irony anyway. It is a shame that these people are so bad off that they must look everywhere for an excuse for their apparent shortcomings, because that is what it looks like to me.

      4. supergun says

        Excellent. But what a shame that he has chosen to waste his life.

    3. The Redhawk says


    4. scott says

      only blacks riot and loot.

      1. Reality Check says

        Only STUPID OLD WHITE MEN post shit like this.

  2. C K Johnson says

    People who do not like the Amendment’s set forth by our Forefathers should leave the Country!

    1. Croco Dile says

      What wonder such a stupid comment is getting all the upvotes from stupid participants here.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        STFU. T R O L L !!

      2. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Agreed! Liberals have been shatting up this country since 1964!

    2. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Dead or alive!

  3. richardcancemi says

    Too many of today’s young people seem to be unable to form values of their own. They appear to be messengers carrying the poison messages of the Left. This entire Racism issue is a manufactured Obama’ism. It was well on its way to being erased when Mr. Unhappy Muslim Marxist came on the scene with his developmental hatred for America and Whites. The Country has been set back fifty years by him and receding faster and faster. Idiots like this columnist produce sheer idiocy. Freedoms? Down the toilet of Progressivism!

    1. hmmathis says

      And this country sure as heck doesn’t need Hitlery to inflict 4 or 8 more years of this miserable Obama Administration on us. The best thing that could happen would be for Hitlery to be indicted with criminal charges for national security violations (putting highly classified documents on her unclassified personal server after directing subordinates to remove classification markings and for using her State Dept office for corruption via quid pro quos for speaker fees and donations to her family “charity”!) before the election.

      1. pineapple says

        Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Russia now controls 20% of the uranium produced in the U.S. Russia is also providing uranium to Iran. Obama lifted sanctions on Iran and freed up billions of dollars to Iran so they can continue to develop nuclear weapons and long range missiles.

        For more details on this, Google “Hillary uranium sale”, and you will see how she violated U.S. law to complete the sale which enriched the clinton foundation.

        1. Reality Check says

          GW Bush sold most of our ports to the MUSLIMS and China, so…….

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            LMAO! Geritol, man!

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Bush’s fault again, everybody drink!!

        2. Reality Check says

          You post such SHIT and call yourself a patriot?

          “The author of “Clinton Cash” falsely claimed Hillary Clinton as
          Secretary of State had “veto power” and “could have stopped” Russia from
          buying a company with extensive uranium mining operations in the U.S.
          In fact, only the president has such power.

          At the time of the sale, Clinton was a member of the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States, which is required by law to investigate all U.S. transactions that involve a company owned or controlled by a foreign government. Federal guidelines say any one of nine voting members of the committee can
          object to such a foreign transaction, but the final decision then rests
          with the president.

          “Only the President has the authority to suspend or prohibit a covered transaction, the guidelines say.”

          The fact is, Clinton was one of nine voting members
          on the foreign investments committee, which also includes the
          secretaries of the Treasury, Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce and
          Energy, the attorney general, and representatives from two White House
          offices — the United States Trade Representative and the Office of
          Science and Technology Policy. (Separately, the Nuclear Regulatory
          Commission needed to approve (and did approve) the transfer of two uranium recovery licenses as part of the sale.)


          maybe the Pineapple can link me to something to PROVE IT is not a TERRORIST working for ISIS?

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Poor, poor senile old basturd!

            Fact check…The Annenberg Foundation was originally founded by Walter J.
            Annenberg, a conservative who supported Ronald Reagan. However, when
            Walter Annenberg died, his family took over the management of the foundation and it took a turn to the far left and has ties to radical left individuals such as Bill Ayers and his friend and fellow left wing radical collegue Barack Obama.
            How is factcheck.org associated with these people:
            To start, Ayers was the key founder of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was a Chicago public
            school reform project from 1995 to 2001. Upon its start in 1995, Obama
            was appointed Board Chairman and President of the Chicago
            Annenberg Challenge. Ayers co-chaired the organization’s Collaborative, which set the education policies of the Challenge.
            Oddly enough, Obama was the one who was authorized to delegate to the
            Collaborative in regards to its programs and projects. In
            addition to that, Obama often times had to seek advice and assistance
            from the Ayer’s led Collaborative in regards to the programmatic
            of grant proposals. Ayers even sat on the same board as Obama as an “ex
            officio member”. They both also sat together on the board of the

            CAC’s Governance Committee. Obama and Ayers were two parts of a group
            of four who were instructed to draft the bylaws that would govern the CAC. Keep in mind that the “A” in CAC is for Annenberg, the owners of FactCheck.org. The funding for Ayer’s projects and those of his cronies was approved by Board Chair, Barack Obama.

      2. Reality Check says

        ” after directing subordinates to remove classification markings”

        THAT did not happen fool of the right.

        care to link me to that article?

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          It’s time you stop hiding and prove otherwise! And stop with your left leaning links!

      3. Michael Dennewitz says

        The BEST thing that could happen would be for a SNIPER’S bullet to hit the PMIC, right between the eyes!!!

  4. Michael Skok says

    Leftists and ultra liberals who jam pack our universities sure hate the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

    1. hmmathis says

      They want them ONLY for themselves and those who share the same warped, leftist viewpoints, but for no others.

    2. denniscerasoli says

      Many people don’t know the 1st amendment in it’s entirety,they will tell you it;s freedom of speech or religion when in fact there is about 5 things in the 1st that entail what America is,and without it goes America.

  5. joe says

    Bennett Carpenter of Duke, in a recent column published in Duke’s newspaper claims that free speech is just another tool of white power.
    Ok, I agree. Let us begin with restricting Mr. Carpenter’s First Amendment rights.

    1. LIEberalschism says

      “Do they have tape like that at Right Twix?”

      1. joe says

        No. We here at RIGHT twix do not believe in censorship like the folks at LEFT twix do.

        1. LIEberalschism says

          Lmao. Nice rebuttal.

      2. Jarhead says

        Libs have too much colon mucus for tape to stick…..suggest strait-jacket & placement on a Funny Farm!

        1. LIEberalschism says

          The dried mucous could grab and hold a non adhesive strip pretty well. Wrap, hold and blow dry until cured.

          1. Jarhead says

            WOW and that sucking sound when the LIB’s head is removed from the colon will probably sound like a sonic boom……they probably would look forward to the blow job?

          2. LIEberalschism says

            They’re well involved in blow jobs already and the sound of “POP! Blows the weasels”.

  6. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says


  7. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    I love hearing the Libtard Whackadoodles cry “racist”. I love hearing that because we all know that they only do that when they cannot think of anything smarter to say. Their cry of “racist” is their admission that they have already lost the argument. It is their cry of surrender.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      Ditto. I believe, I believe. I too am so sick and tired of hearing their surrender cry. It is truly pathetic is it not?

    2. jscarano7 says

      great comment

  8. junkmailbin says

    the lispanicss, negros, muslimes, feminists, and all third world ethnic silem want to tak away my freedom of speech while keeping theirs??
    Go take a flying jump off a very high building. While you collected free stuff and whined, I went into the military , where I defended free speech, and received training that has supported me for my entire life. This is with a good chunk taken from me by the government to give to you worthless freeloaders.
    White privilege?? moron. The great uncivil rights act of 1964 killed it

    1. Edchero says

      Thank you for your service junkailbin. I well remember the 60’s when all the “poor little college ‘students'” who were actually closer to hard-core communists were wreaking havoc all over the South with their “civil rights” b.s.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Ha! We had two of the very same assholes in Vietnam.. Somehow they turned up missing.. heehee

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Did they join Jane and “horse face” Kerry in defaming America and committing traitorous acts?

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            When that bitch was there, several felt like shooting her sorry ass!

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Frag comes to mind!

        2. Btty says

          To bad that azz hole Kerry didn’t meet his demise!

      2. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Those turds also spat on returning HEROS!

    2. jscarano7 says

      you got that right brother, my nephew was in the military fighting for our freedom an he never came home ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””donald trump 2016 ”””””’im really up set with these fkn liberals

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        We actually need them to keep carrion and other rotting animals to a minimum!

      2. Btty says

        I’m sorry for your loss. Two of my brothers were there and only one returned so I feel your loss everyday. GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY!

        1. jscarano7 says

          to btty thank you an also god bless our veterans, an i pray, an may the lord heal there wounds an find a way for them an be saved
          ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””god bless america
          ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016

          1. Btty says

            God Bless you to jscarano. I’m with you in thoughts and prayers. Remember God is in charge and we will see our loved ones again one day. Be good to yourself!

    3. Btty says

      Amen! Thank you for your service and sacrifice for this country!

  9. ken29 says

    The thing he and many others ignore is that the authors intended the first amendment to provide freedom for civil (no profanity, derogation, etc.) discourse without fear of government recrimination. It was never intended to protect selected groups or to permit saying anything at any time.

  10. SouthernPatriot says

    Duke is a leftist Ivy League type school located in the South. Normal colleges and universities have a 5 to 1 ratio of leftist professors to conservative professors, but Duke is more like 20 to 1. Without free speech would Malcolm X have been able to make his hate-filled speeches, or Calypso Gene (Louis Eugene Wolcott) better known as Louis Farrahkan be able spew his hate-filled dribble? Without the First Amendment even these haters would not have been able to speak freely as they did and for the last one, still do.

    1. hmmathis says

      Don’t forget the terrible travesty of the Duke lacrosse team “rape case”.

      1. SouthernPatriot says

        Kudos. Absolutely.

    2. NavymanBill says

      Good comment.

  11. Niko says

    Line these filthy white incesant, cackling, jackboot liberals ,man and women ” don’t want to leave the woman out of this to be politically correct, (ha ha)” so I can shove my size 13 boots down their filthy spewing pieholes. There’s freedom of speech for you!!!!!!!!!. I am White but first and foremost I AM A THIRD GENERATION AMERICAN ,AMERICAN,something these son of a bitches can never SAY OR UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!.

    1. Richard Rounds says

      My heritage goes back to 1763 and we were revolutionist. I am one of the spat on in the airport, and harassed by the Harea Khrissna. I don’t much like the tone of the original stupid shit and have to LMFAO OTFR at the comments of the indoctrinated brain dead troll. I get a kick out of how easy it is to play with the dumb asses head, and as they say if they don’t understand your fact and brilliants,,,,Bafull them with bullshit

  12. LIEberalschism says

    Using his 1st Amendment right to stifle the 1st Amendment Rights of others.
    Hey, Bennett Carpenter STFU

    1. Fred Marsico says

      Your ‘right’ is NOT derived from the First Article of Amendment. That is a NATURAL RIGHT. The Constitution of the united States of America is an agreement that defines and limits the duties and responsibilities of the national system of governance and PROTECTS the natural rights of the Free States and the Sovereign Individuals.

      Freedom is not free nor is it guaranteed.

      1. LIEberalschism says

        Yep! Although it is guaranteed by the constitution but so is the guarantee of the need to continually fight for it.

        1. Fred Marsico says

          The Constitution is a contract between ‘We the People’ represented by the delegates elected by them and the States, to form a union by which certain duties and responsibilities are delegated to the national system of governance, and which further prohibits that national union from infringing on the rights of the Free States and Sovereign Individuals residing in them.

          The power lies with We the People, the true Sovereigns, and NOT the Federal Government. The States are also beholden to the limits of the Constitution, and their own constitutions are based upon those limits.

          Freedom is NOT free, nor is it guaranteed to We the People unless we ENFORCE it.

          1. LIEberalschism says


  13. downs1 says

    Don’t you just love these people?! They are the first to complain when their “rights” are taken away! They slam the 1st and 2nd Amendments until something happens and then they blame others for taking away their rights to “free speech” and “to protect themselves” against the excesses of the government they so idolize! What idiots! Maybe this Carpenter should think about his name and realize that there was once another “Carpenter” from Nazareth who died in order to save this Carpenter’s miserable soul. But we can’t mention that other Carpenter’s name now! Too bad! “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.'”

  14. Carl Peal says

    IMO, Liberals have taken over our system of education at all levels from Kindergarten on up. Should we be surprised by articles like this from young people who have been brainwashed all their lives? Sadly, no. What we really need in this nation is mandatory remedial courses on the Constitution (with special focus on the Bill of Rights) so all Americans may understand the true intent of our founding fathers, not the corrupted views of the left. Don’t teach the “interpretations” as presented by the Stalin’s and Alinsky’s of our world, but refer to the quotations of the founders themselves. Read the Federalist Papers which justify the adoption and ratification of the Constitution. If we all had to do this once a year and pass a test, we would be a better nation for it. Just my opinion.

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”―Karl Marx

      Department of Education Organization Act..signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on October 17, 1979, and our kids have been losers ever since….

      American 15-year-olds continue to turn in flat results in a test that measures students’ proficiency in reading, math and science worldwide, failing to crack the global top 20.
      But hey, let’s raise taxes, hire more ineffectual “teachers” and keep dumbing down testing!

      1. Jarhead says

        Affirmative Action & Diversity in action helped by corrupt Unions & PC LiberalTARDS……DEFUND the Dept. of Ed. N*O*W !

  15. William Mack McGinnis says

    Its so sad that the prof.’s of our higher education are teaching our children, to hate what our fore fathers were trying to do, and that was to protect our rights, as citizens, maybe its time to begin to start weeding these communists out.

  16. bdcorvette says

    When I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, we would beat this guy’s a** and tell him to take a hike. I was accepted at Duke. Glad I did not choose to go there.

  17. Loving America says

    Anyone who goes against the Constitution of America and calls to change it should be tried
    for Treason. They all want to change American Life and Democracy but they want to live here and be tyrants??? I think not and their tyrant ways should be stopped! Americans We the People need to join together and stop it from going on and get rid of every Politician and Judge from their Office when they go against American Democracy for their tyrant ways! Americans keep the phones hot in Congress and to your Senators etc. and
    remember that every State has the Rights to run its own business….it may cost them Federal money support but OH WELL!

    1. Joyce White says

      loving America. If true Americans are to take back our country, we must do more than gripe on the “comments page”. We have to start by checking Voting records of our Representatives and Senators. That means reading the bills they voted for and against. I mean the major issues. Republicans have been accused by the Democrats of voting against a bill which would have (presumably) benefited the poor or the Veterans or some other group. Some of those bills had another bill riding on them which would have been disastrous had the main bill been passed. We don’t often hear about them, but they exist just the same. Conservative voters aren’t very good at plastering the bad stuff(done by liberals) all over the media. This year, there will be 435 House seats, and 18 Senate seats up for grabs. If you think the conservative candidate is a good choice, campaign for him. Don’t leave it up to the other guy. This year, more than ever it is important for everyone to vote. You know that the liberals are already stacking the deck with illegals, who will vote for the party that gives them everything,( to they which they are not entitled ) at the taxpayers expense

      1. Reality Check says

        “and 18 Senate seats up for grabs”

        a third of the Senate is up for election every 2 years.

        so, is this just an indication of how ill informed you are?

        1. Joyce White says

          Sorry to disappoint you Reality Check. I was simply suggesting that people check to see who was an incumbent or a new candidate in their state. The advice still holds true, whether one is a liberal or a conservative, getting the facts rather than depending on campaign rhetoric makes for a smarter decision in the voting booth. Wouldn’t you agree?

      2. Reality Check says

        “you know that the liberals are already stacking the deck with illegals”

        STOP LYING or maybe prove that.

        I wonder why all the conservative poll workers let that happen?
        You know that BY LAW each polling station has ONE Dem and ONE GOP, for FAIRNESS.

        so I guess all the conservatives working the elections are shy a loaf or two if they let MILLIONS of illegals vote.

        1. pineapple says

          Crosschecked rolls in Virginia and Maryland find 44,000 voters registered in both states
          April 24, 2014 by Watchdog 63 Comments

          Photo: http://www.townhall.com
          RICHMOND, Va. – A crosscheck of voter rolls in Virginia and Maryland turned up 44,000 people registered in both states, a vote-integrity group reported Wednesday.
          And that’s just the beginning.
          “The Virginia Voters Alliance is investigating how to identify voters who are registered and vote in Virginia but live in the states that surround us,” Alliance President Reagan George told the State Board of Elections.

          George acknowledged that the number of voters who actually cast multiple ballots is relatively small. In the case of Maryland and Virginia, he revealed that 164 people voted in both states during the 2012 election.
          But George said his group will expand their search for duplicate voters in the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and Georgia.
          “We are also determining the best way to identify non-citizens who have registered to vote and may have voted in past elections,” George said.
          Working with the Privileges and Elections committees of the state House and Senate, VVA identified 31,000 dead voters via the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File. Subsequent processing by SBE found 40,000 to 60,000 dead voter registrations.
          “Dead voter registrations are prime targets for voter fraud which generate few complaints,” George noted.
          Appearing with Clara Belle Wheeler of the Albemarle County,Va., Election Board and Jay DeLancy of the North Carolina Voter Integrity Project, George challenged the SBE to:
          · Tighten Virginia’s voter ID law that allows absentee voters to use mailed ballots without affirming their identity.
          · Check the 50,000-plus patient beds in Virginia nursing homes and rehab centers amid reports of voting irregularities there.
          · Require proof of citizenship to register to vote. Kansas and Arizona require this.
          · Annually audit felons who are not allowed to vote.
          · “Certain nonviolent felons, especially those who commit voter fraud, should never be given back their right to vote,” George said.
          More broadly, George said, “Virginia must control the registration process, as well as the form used to register voters. The current system is the perfect vehicle for identity theft and ‘lost’ registrations.”
          “There needs to be a clearinghouse for all voter fraud referrals statewide,” he said. “The SBE would be the perfect place to assume that role and provide transparency for the public.”
          DeLancy and Wheeler urged the board to open its voter-crosscheck data to the public and to publicize cases of voter fraud.
          DeLancy said groups that downplay or dismiss the incidence of ongoing voting irregularities use “pretzel logic.”
          “If prosecutors don’t prosecute, there’s no ‘crime,’” he noted.
          The three-member state board — controlled by Republicans until the end of the year — took VVA’s recommendations under advisement.
          If you haven’t already, be sure to check out “Deputy loses it on retired Marine who was taping her entire meltdown.”
          Published with permission from Watchdog.org

          The most unusual election in U.S. history took place in Texas in 1948, when Lyndon B. Johnson ran against Coke Stevenson for the U.S. Senate. According to election records, several hundred deceased persons at Alice, Texas managed to escape their geraves, march to the polls, and vote for Johnson before returning to theit places of rest.

          At one precenct, some 200 graveyard residents not only voted, they apparently managed to line up in alphabetical order to do so. Johnson won the election by 87 votes.

          Also, in 1934 the Pendergrast machine in Kansas Missouri, helped send Harry Truman to the U.S. Senate with the assistance of 50,000 fraudelent votes added to the statewide registration rolls.

          (See “That’s Not In My American History Book” by Thomas Ayres.)

          1. Reality Check says

            AND they consider a person with different middle names to be the same person.
            what the hell, close enough to rig the election.

            you cons are a CANCER

          2. Reality Check says

            FROM what the fool posted.

            “George acknowledged that the number of voters who actually cast multiple ballots is relatively small”

            but hey, if the cons can get 30,000 people off the voting rolls, they are all for it, even if they are disenfranchising thousands.

            is this you cons being patriots?

        2. Joyce White says

          OK Reality Check, here we go.California has issued 500,000 driver licenses to illegal aliens This is part of California voter registration laws.


          303 (b) of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) sets forth requirements for some
          voters to provide ID to vote.

          of the specifics of this requirement can be quite complicated for election
          officials, but in general: If a voter registers to vote in a county on or after
          January 1, 2003, the registration is by mail, and the voter has not previously
          voted in that county, then the voter must either provide ID when he or she
          registers or provide ID when he or she votes.


          303 (b) (2) specifies the ID requirements for voters who vote in person or by
          absentee ballot.

          person” voters must show”current and valid photo identification” or “a copy of a
          current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other
          government document that shows the name and address of the voter.”

          voters” must submit with their ballot one of the documents listed above.

          Secretary of State, in accordance with Elections Code section 14310 (e), has
          promulgated emergency regulations defining the documents a voter may use to
          REQUIRED BY HAVA – Section 20107 of Title 2 of the California Code of
          Regulations). Did you know that, residents of Santa Ana, CA?



          the requirement only applies to voters who have never voted in the county in a
          federal election. Persons who were already registered as of January 1, 2003, or
          who change address within the county and re-register, are not required to show
          ID to vote.

          voters who do not register to vote “by mail” are not required to show ID to

          Section 303 (b) (3) states that if the voter provides his or her driver’s
          license number, or the last 4 digits of his or her social security number, on
          the form to register to vote, and the elections official can verify the number
          is correct, the ID requirement does not apply.

          1. Jarhead says

            Recent newspaper voter instructions in SW FL proclaimed:
            “You will not be turned away if you DO NOT have proper ID”.
            And as far back as LBJ the dead have voted for DemonicRATS.

    2. Reality Check says

      Please list some “tyrant” ways happening in America.

      AND after you post nothing, then we know you LIE.

      1. Loving America says

        1. Obama writing wrongful laws after Supreme Court told him not too
        2. Obama always helping the isis by not bombing the right targets in
        Syria and he supports them against the whole World
        3. Obama delivering guns to the cartel in Mexico with Holder
        4. Obama changing the insurance and free interprise system in America
        5. Veterans being set aside to feed and house the immigrants
        6. Giving Iran everything they want
        7. Making racial desention in America and agreeing with those who
        assist him in getting people killed and the burning of America
        8. Obama wanting to take the guns of Americans so we cannot defend
        Ourselves when and if we need to do so
        9. A tyrant is a person who stands for everything else but what America
        stands for and continually is changing and getting closer to becoming

        the dictator of America
        10. A tyrant also turns on the allies of America and Obama has done that

        1. Reality Check says

          ” Obama writing wrongful laws after Supreme Court told him not too”

          link me that news article silly one.

          the Pres can’t write laws. He issues EO’s.

          lets get into the real world shall we?

          1. pineapple says

            “the Pres can’t write laws. He issues EO’s.”

            Which have the same effect as law, you bird brained idiot, or haven’t you noticed?

            You are totally out of touch with reality, “Reality Check”. Crawl back into the sewer from whence you came, and let intelligent people use this thread.

          2. Reality Check says

            I am not LYING all the time like you and the moron you are defending.

        2. Reality Check says

          “Obama always helping the isis by not bombing the right targets in
          Syria and he supports them against the whole World”

          well THIS just proves you’re and idiot.

          actually so do the next 8 items.

          1. Loving America says

            Proves that you turn out to be the uninformed and the Big I for not being informed correctly or at least knowing that Obama is a traitor to America and We the Peole and other Countries for not
            stopping the isis. muslims will not kill muslims!

  18. Kevin says

    I don’t believe Free Speech or the First Amendment in general will be made illegal in this country. That’s where the Second Amendment comes in, and Americans know their birthrights.

    1. Reality Check says

      we all know this is the right wing propaganda creating HATE and DIVISION.

      anyone with a brain would know there is a snowball chance in hell of the first being repealed.

      1. Richard Rounds says

        Right wing propaganda Huh? That’s what Hillary said about the “Luwinski in the oval” and the files that suddenly appeared in the residential area of the White House”. If you don’t get that those of us that you are getting your panties in a knot about. Try this, the schools are run by the “Liberal” union,,, hence “Liberal thought” so tell me while I was raising my children in that fuck up Left coast school system,( which when I was grade school got sick to death about hearing how the Cali schools were beating us and it was our test ie.. Iowa Basic Skills) It was more or should not so important that a subject of math ,,,which is absolute logical,, it was “OK” if 2 plus 2 equaled 5,, try running that one by any bank see how that fly’s. Pointing out that the system has been rigged to dumb down and make “Sheeple” out of the future generation, is something to keep and eye on… We are watching, and talking,,,,,, so blow your propaganda up your ass.

  19. MARYSWEET says

    The liberals want everyone to think and act like they do. But they forgot that God gave man free will to think and act as he sees fit not as a dictator demands. I would like to ship all the liberals to a real communist country and let them live there and then see what they think about the 1st and 2nd amendments.

    1. Reality Check says

      You fools SO need to get over this “commie” bullshit?


      Tell me Mary, what is so appealing about Labor camps?

      what is so appealing about shortages of EVERYTHING?

      has Mary EVER seen a movie about commie USSR?
      ever red a book about it?

      AND why would we want to give up all the FREE STUFF you fools think we get to go to a labor camp?

  20. jimwilson81 says

    What? ?!! I guess he never learn anything from Duke. 🙂

  21. denniscerasoli says

    There is the danger lies folks,it’s idiots like this fool that may very well do this country in.

    1. Reality Check says

      idiots like you from the right have not succeeded, so not to worry.

      1. denniscerasoli says

        If you call me an idiot for defending the 1st amendment which you probably are, then you and the likes of you are a danger to America buddy because that’s what this country is all about.Put your real name up there.

        1. Deby says

          he won’t give his real name ’cause it is probably Barack Obama. “reality check” is a dirtbag troll and he has been stalking these sites on purpose-not worth your time, cause trust me, he won’t quit, he just gets worse.

          1. denniscerasoli says

            i hear you Deby.

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            As stupid as his posts are, I think he is really AKlady, or more appropriately, AKClady.

          3. Deby says

            Haha! interesting theory-I can believe it! as they are both completely deranged!

          4. pineapple says

            Another truth-hating troll who tries to trip us up with tripe.

        2. Reality Check says

          I am calling you an idiot for being a brainwashed drone of the Oligarchy

          this “article” is just to produce HATE and DIVISION.

          you think the writing of a single professor has MEANING to the current political process?
          I would wager that 99.99% of the population will never even read or hear about what the professor wrote.

          some right wing operative who JOB it IS to find this shit, is where it comes from to make YOU mad so THEY can steal the country from under your nose.

          IF you think this is significant, then that makes you and idiot, yes.

          1. pineapple says

            “THEY can steal the country from under your nose.”

            Read “Stealing America” by Dinesh D’Souza if you want to know who the real thieves are.

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says


      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Yo momma said that too asswipe!!

      3. OSAMA OBAMA says

        But you fascist libTURDS are still trying! Kalaphornia is trying to push through two new gun control bills! Neither is designed to keep firearms out of the hands of ” the mentally deranged” (liberals), or the felon left! They are to make certain types of rifles illegal. More gun grabbing from those protectors of the Constitution, the left!

  22. Ddenney1 says

    Hate the first then feel free to shut the hell up you do NOT get to say this stupid crap anymore then!! The First GUARANTEES FREE SPEECH the second KEEPS the first PROTECTED SPEECH!!! Why does the left want your guns so much? To control the FIRST!!!

  23. RMorrow says

    Liberals lie about absolutely everything. Duke University should just change it’s name to LYING LIBERAL DUKE UNIVERSITY. That is all Liberals have are their LIES. Nothing else. What garbage. What is the difference between Liberals and Nazis? Try nothing.

    1. Reality Check says

      Lies, your post is a LIE, so………

      ” What is the difference between Liberals and Nazis”

      if you have to ask, you need your low info brain looked AT.

      1. RMorrow says

        This is the problem with Liberals, Liberals do not know what the truth is on much of anything, or right and wrong. With Liberals, lies are truth, wrong is right and right is wrong. That is called confusion and Satan is the author of confusion. That would be you.

  24. Tom_EE says

    Carpenter’s article is a clear example of the huge failure of academia, in this case Duke University. Instead of teaching this young man to think for himself, they have filled his head with propaganda and hate!

    What else should we expect from a “Black Lives Matter” culture bestowed upon us by the first black man to reside in our White House?

    Thanks Mr. Obama, for the “hope and change” you promised America!

  25. NavymanBill says

    A dumb thing to write. And some of the responders here (Croco Dile, etc) don’t seem to understand, that the First Amendment DOES guarantee free speech, even if some may find it “hurtful”. I don’t like hate speech from ANYbody, but everyone has their own idea of what that may be, and the college students of today have taken political correctness to a ridiculous level.

  26. Albert L Biele says

    So! On the subject of free speech, what separates Bennett
    Carpenter of Duke, from Hitler or any other dictator? Freedom of speech is not
    only a fundamental right, but an essential and necessary freedom formulated to guarantee
    that the authority of rule remains with the people, and not the government. In
    life people disagree all of the time, we may not like what someone says, but to
    restrict anyone from their opinion would have a negative effect on a government
    that is, “of the people, for the people and by the people.” Maybe Mr. Carpenter has a tough time winning arguments,
    and can only triumph by restricting his opponent’s response. If this is what
    kind of people our Universities are producing, where in big trouble!!

    1. Reality Check says

      “Freedom of speech is not
      only a fundamental right, but an essential and necessary freedom formulated to guarantee
      that the authority of rule remains with the people, and not the government.”

      I have to break your stupid bubble, but they don’t have the first Amendment in EU and so far they have a better working society than we do.

      1. hmmathis says

        If you think it is so great, why don’t you go there to live? Bet those Muslim refugees will make the EU a virtual paradise there in a couple of years.

        1. Reality Check says

          I think EU is pretty nice but I like the weather here in Ca.

          Please point out where I misspoke?

          do facts and reality scare you that much?

          1. ABO says

            It would take years and years to point out all the times you’ve misspoken, lied, obfuscated as you’ve made a career of it… oh, and what on Earth would you know about facts and reality???

      2. Albert L Biele says

        I wouldn’t give you 2 bits for what England has become!!!!

        1. Reality Check says

          The POINT Albert, is YOU said
          “Freedom of speech is not only a fundamental right, but an essential and necessary freedom formulated to guarantee that the authority of rule remains with the people, and not the government.”

          and I proved THAT was bullshit.

          what does “I don’t like England”, have to do with that?

      3. pineapple says

        Then why in the hell don’t you go there?!!

  27. Jimmee41 says

    Perhaps this gent would rather live in England???

    1. pineapple says

      Or North Korea.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Or Shitcago!

      2. Jimmee41 says

        That is a good point however the irony is that our forebears couldn’t stand their homeland England and came to the new world for freedom…and this dope is going back to supporting tyranny living under the jackboot!!!!

  28. onefour says

    Hasn’t anyone noticed that people who objected to the 1st amendment always use it to state their objection. A lot of irony there.

    1. ABO says

      Problem is, they’re not bright enough to see that irony.

      1. Jarhead says

        We will never know until colon mucus can be easily removed from the heads/eyes/ears of these fruitcakes!

    2. Jarhead says

      The old: YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY……not what I do!

  29. GuardianFlame says

    Better yet, how would that “little White boy” college student feel if he had to live inside a Black ghetto and actually experience what Blacks do to each other daily. Bet he’d shut up really fast!

    This whole “White Priviledge” notion is nothing more than another wet dream from obama’s irrational mind trying to once again destroy the White world’s position in America. If bho wants to be living in an all Black world, ship him back to his real birth place in Mombasso Kenya. He’ll be surrounded by Blacks, but NO PERKS from the White World!

    Why is it most Blacks think they don’t have to work for anything these days and that everything should just be handed to them? Now they even have White naive liberal kids doing their dirty work.

    Too bad WISDOM doesn’t come with knowledge and book learning, but it doesn’t. Grow up Mr. Intellectural Know It All. Your immature mind is still working like a child’s.

  30. R. T. says

    And the First Amendment gives him the right to say that , And he doesn’t want it ? KIDS & stupid professors !

    1. Reality Check says

      he wants you fools to stop saying it’s your first amendment right to insult people.

  31. draftsman69 says

    The above article shows how twisted the liberal political elite are. They abandon all claims to the honorable legacy of their nation to promote their sick ideas…………..Charles M. Hill (for some strange reason my wife’s picture has become icon to my account. I didn’t do it)

    1. Reality Check says

      “They abandon all claims to the honorable legacy of their nation to promote their sick ideas.”

      WHAT does this mean?

      whites didn’t build this country by themselves, they were just the ones with the guns and upper hand.

      lets not rewrite reality to fit your prejudices.

      1. draftsman69 says

        Who is re-writing history? Not me. I was speaking of the politically liberal elites of the US. I didn’t mention blacks at all. Pay attention to what is said, not what you have on your mind.

  32. Tiger says

    Why is anyone surprised? Gonna keep beating this drum until we beat them at the polls in 2016 or beat them into mincemeat another way.

    1. Reality Check says

      Beat what drum>

      that whites are whiny bitches cause White Privileged is now in the open and needs to be recognized?

      and YES I am white.
      and YES I DO see White privilege.

      you have to be a very LOW INFO human, to not be aware of “White privilege”.

      1. Tiger says

        Maybe there is a reason that White is Beautiful and has ruled and conquered for thousands of years ever think of that?

        What has come out of Africa? What is still in Africa? And how long slaves been free in America and what have they accomplished?

        1. Reality Check says

          WE, (humanity) came out of Africa , fool of the right.

          ” And how long slaves been free in America and what have they accomplished?”

          1. Ben Carson — renowned pediatric neurosurgeon; likely 2016 presidential candidate

          2. Colin Powell — former secretary of state; U.S. Army general

          3. Condoleezza Rice — former secretary of state

          4. Clarence Thomas — Supreme Court justice

          5. Mia Love — U.S. congresswoman, Utah

          6. Tim Scott — U.S. senator, South Carolina

          7. Jason Riley — Wall Street Journal editorial writer; author, “Please Stop Helping Us”

          8. Michael Powell — former chairman, Federal Communications Commission; president, National Cable & Telecommunications Association

          9. Will Hurd — Texas congressman

          10. Herman Cain — businessman; 2012 presidential candidate

          11. Thomas Sowell — economist; author

          12. Allen West — former congressman, Florida; ex-Army officer

          13. Janice Rogers Brown — D.C. Circuit judge

          14. Shaquille O’Neal — retired NBA star; actor

          15. Michael Steele — former chairman, Republican National Committee

          16. Antonio Williams — director of government relations, Comcast

          17. Deroy Murdock — nationally syndicated columnist; businessman

          18. Lynn Swann — NFL Hall of Famer; 2006 Pennsylvania gubernatorial nominee

          Urgent: Who Should the GOP Nominate in 2016? Vote Here Now

          19. Elbert Guillory — Louisiana state senator; former Democrat

          20. Dwayne Johnson — athlete; actor

          21. James “Bo Snerdley” Golden — producer, “The Rush Limbaugh Show”

          22. James Earl Jones — Oscar-winning actor

          23. Artur Davis — Montgomery, Alabama, mayoral candidate; former Democrat

          24. Walter Williams — economist; guest host, “The Rush Limbaugh Show”

          25. Judge Lynn Toler — star of “Divorce Court”

          26. LL Cool J — rapper; actor

          27. Herschel Walker — retired NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner

          28. Joseph C. Phillips — “The Cosby Show” co-star; Christian commentator

          29. Shelby Steele — author, “The Content of Our Character”; documentary filmmaker

          30. Joseph Louis Clark — former high school principal portrayed by Morgan Freeman in “Lean On Me”

          31. Prince — pop star

          32. Alveda C. King — pro-life activist; former Georgia legislator; ex-Democrat; niece of Martin Luther King Jr.

          33. Boyd Rutherford — Maryland lieutenant governor

          34. Nolan Carroll — Philadelphia Eagles cornerback

          35. Richard Ivory — founder, HipHopRepublican.com blog

          36. Larry Elder — talk radio host; columnist

          37. Jimmie “J.J.” Walker — stand-up comedian; iconic comic actor on “Good Times” in 1970s

          38. Peter Kirsanow — member, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

          39. Robert P. Young Jr. — chief justice, Michigan Supreme Court

          40. Don King — boxing promoter

          41. Star Parker — president, Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education (CURE); columnist; congressional candidate

          42. Alan Keyes — former presidential candidate

          43. Raphael “Raffi” Williams — deputy press secretary, RNC

          44. Ward Connerly — former University of California regent; affirmative action foe

          45. Crystal Wright — conservativeblackchick.com blogger

          46. Armstrong Williams — radio commentator; author; media entrepreneur

          47. Kevin A. Ross — host, “America’s Court with Judge Ross”; former Los Angeles Superior Court judge

          Get Newsmax TV At Home »

          48. Stephen N. Lackey — corporate philanthropist; GOP fundraiser

          49. Michael L. Williams — Texas commissioner of education

          50. B.J. Penn — assistant secretary of the Navy under George W. Bush

          51. Conrad James — scientist; member, University of New Mexico Board of Regents; former state legislator

          52. Robert J. Brown — CEO, B&C Associates

          53. Harold Doley — Doley Securities

          54. Logan Delany — Delany Capital; treasurer, Ben Carson Organization

          55. Alvin Williams — Black America’s Political Action Committee

          56. Robert A. George — New York Post editorial writer

          57. Amy Russell — clerk for U.S. District Judge James M. Moody Jr. in Arkansas

          58. Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert — New Mexico legislator

          59. Karl Malone — retired NBA great

          60. Niger Innis — national spokesman, Congress of Racial Equality (CORE); Nevada congressional candidate

          61. Neal E. Boyd — pop opera singer; “America’s Got Talent” winner; candidate, Missouri legislature

          62. Kay James — president, Gloucester Institute; former George W. Bush administration official

          63. Erika Harold — Miss America 2003; 2014 congressional candidate in Illinois

          64. Damon Dunn — former NFL wide receiver; real estate investor; Long Beach, California, mayoral candidate

          65. Thomas Stith — chief of staff for North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, leading governor’s “Innovation to Jobs” initiative

          66. Robert Woodson — president, National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise

          67. Sheryl Underwood — comedian; CBS “The Talk” commentator

          68. David Tyree — retired NFL wide receiver; New York Giants director of player development; pro-family activist

          69. Bruce Harris — nominated by Gov. Christie and
          defeated by state Democrats to be New Jersey’s first openly homosexual
          supreme court justice; former mayor of Chatham, N.J.

          70. Orlando Watson — black media communications director, Republican National Committee

          71. Scott Turner — Texas state legislator; retired NFL defensive back

          72. Dale Wainwright — attorney, Bracewell & Giuliani; former associate justice, Texas Supreme Court

          73. Stacey Dash — actress; Fox News commentator

          74. Jackie Winters — Oregon state senator

          75. Patricia Funderburk Ware — HIV/AIDS expert who served in Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations

          76. Chidike Okeem — Nigerian-born, London-raised blogger

          77. J.A. Parker — president, Lincoln Institute; publisher, The Lincoln Review

          78. Nadra Enzi — “The Hood Conservative,” New Orleans-based anti-crime activist

          79. Mike Hill — Florida state legislator

          80. Sonja Schmidt — PJTV commentator

          81. Chelsi P. Henry — entrepreneur; political strategist

          82. Joseph Perkins — columnist, Orange County Register

          83. Carson Ross — mayor, Blue Springs Missouri

          84. William Barclay Allen — former chairman, U.S. Civil Rights Commission; candidate for U.S. Senate in California

          85. Clarence M. Mitchell IV — “C4,” Baltimore talk radio personality

          86. Deneen Borelli — author, “Blacklash”; FreedomWorks outreach director

          87. John Meredith — lobbyist; son of civil rights pioneer James Meredith

          88. Bill Hardiman — Michigan state veterans services
          administrator; former mayor, Kentwood, Michigan; former state senator
          and congressional candidate

          89. Jill Upson — West Virginia legislator

          90. Ken Blackwell — former Cincinnati mayor, Ohio secretary of state, and GOP gubernatorial nominee

          91. Vernon Robinson — campaign director for Draft Ben Carson movement; former North Carolina congressional candidate

          92. Amy Holmes — news anchor, TheBlaze TV

          93. Dr. Elaina George — otolaryngologist; ObamaCare critic

          94. Tony Childress — sheriff, Livingston County, Illinois

          95. Larry Dean Thompson — George W. Bush deputy attorney general

          96. Kevin Jackson — host, “Black Sphere” radio show

          97. Michel Faulkner — retired New York Jets defensive lineman; New York City pastor; 2010 congressional nominee against Rep. Charles Rangel

          98. Ryan Frazier — investment consultant; Colorado congressional candidate; Mitt Romney adviser

          99. Brian C. Roseboro — international banker; George W. Bush Treasury Department official

          100. David Webb — talk radio host; political columnist

          Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/TheWire/african-american-republicans-influential-2015/2015/02/18/id/625445/#ixzz3xuJzv2hS

          Urgent: Rate Obama on His Job Performance. Vote Here Now!

          1. Tiger says

            Sorry the latest is that Africa is not the Cradle of Life in fact if you read about Africa daily it is the Cradle of Death.

            I keep up with all the new findings and appears that new skeletons found are showing daily Africa not the Cradle of Civilization and ridiculous to think it when you look at History Timelines.

            You kinda behind the times kid. Now why don’t you name the accomplishments of Africa since time began that is the subject.

          2. Reality Check says

            “I keep up with all the new findings”

            you vomit the party line, lets face facts.

            you are so ill informed it’s scary, especially since you pretend to be informed.

            I wonder why it’s so easy to smack your stupid ass to the ground all the time, if you are SO informed?

          3. Tiger says

            LOLOL you couldn’t slap a nat’s ass if you tried.

            Dream on Dupa.

          4. Reality Check says

            twice more just today.

          5. Reality Check says

            “Africa not the Cradle of Civilization”

            well FOOL, I would never say those words,
            homo sapiens came from Africa.
            end of statement.
            civilization happened around where ALL THOSE MUSLIMS LIVE

          6. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL yeh right.

          7. Reality Check says

            Oh, so civilization started where?

            Germany with some blonde Neanderthals?

          8. Tiger says

            Again proven Neanderthals only 2% of European blood line.

          9. Reality Check says

            so avoid the question since the answer is what I said it IS.

            smacked down again.

          10. Tiger says

            LOLOL in your dreams. You have not a clue as to any of the latest findings or the DNA proving that different species were here at the same time and they certainly did not all come out of Africa.

            You must be an abuser you love to insinuate that you smacked down a woman when in fact you only put attention on your ignorance. But since that is all you have can’t expect any different.

          11. Reality Check says

            conservatives don’t believe in evolution.

            so are you telling me you are anti Christian?

          12. Tiger says

            And who told you this? You lump all people who have Conservative ideas into one mold that fits your hatred and arguments?

            Do you realize how many scientists have come to believe in a Mind that created the world due to the most intricate connections between all living and even so-called non-living things on earth? We are a Carbon based planet. We do go back to dust, we do have all the elements of the earth in us.

            You don’t know that the Bible tells when Cain thrown out of the Garden he married a woman who was already living outside that Garden? That there are two creations in Genesis that many try to pass over one where people were made in the image of the Gods and another where God personally formed the man from the earth and breathed life into him. Big difference there first group did not have the breath that connected them to the Higher Power and the other did.

            Seems to make sense to me that many species all over the world at the same time. That old Survival of the Species thing where the strongest and smartest rule while the others stay in misery.

          13. Reality Check says

            You walk the walk and talk the talk of the common wackadoodle.

          14. Tiger says

            Says the biggest Loon on this site.

          15. Reality Check says

            The bible is a book of fables, nothing more.

          16. Tiger says

            Really??? Odd that daily they find cities, palaces, scrolls and fragments telling of people and places by following Biblical text. Odd that over 50 people mentioned in the Bible have now been validated by findings that have their names and pictures on them.

            Your choice.

          17. Reality Check says

            so I am guessing by that word salad that you DO NOT believe in evolution.

            hard to say really.

            were you channeling Sarah Palin?

            “Seems to make sense to me that many species all over the world at the same time.”

            NO IT DOES NOT.
            and Accepted science agrees with me.

          18. Tiger says

            Not me who doesn’t know the facts presented by scientists all over the world but you are denying that these artifacts, in the forms of skeletons in different parts of the world exist.

            Sad really very sad.

          19. Reality Check says

            SO fool of the right, I will not SMACK you down again.

            FROM YOUR LINK.

            “A public claim by a fellow of the prestigious Royal Geographic Society that humans did not all come from Africa — and that blacks, whites and Asians have different ancestors — has been dismissed by world experts as “dangerous”, “wrong” and “racist”.

          20. Tiger says

            Dismissed by some world experts but please continue to read the links proving otherwise. Old theories die hard just as the fight to prove man has created Climate Change. So what you proved nothing.

          21. Reality Check says

            another blog?
            so basically you like ANYTHING that has the right words, even if published by a kindergartner.

            you are a moron.

          22. Tiger says

            No picking out only those things that has the words one seeks to prove their points is your specialty and that is why in this conversation I have given so many different sources.

          23. Reality Check says

            blog are not sources, the are OPINIONS.

            you lose IQ points for thinking otherwise, unless the blogger is a recognized authority on the subject, which they were not, since I looked them UP.

          24. Tiger says


            You really are super thick skull Neanderthal if you honestly believe, with the DNA evidence we have now that all life came out of Africa. Take a look and learn something.

          25. Reality Check says

            so tell me what that is suppose to MEAN?

            AND why so many call the author a quack?

          26. Tiger says

            Anyone who messes with or comes up with ancient skeletons, which they have that do not reflect all life came out of Africa is going to face problems because the theory burned into people from the 50’s remain. Until that time when your read books on paleontology you find they knew darned well there were many species all over the world and the more of those skeletons they find the more we will move back to facts and not PC.

          27. Tiger says

            Here is another mummy who proves not all man came out of Africa and how can you possibly not understand that when you look at the differences physically in the Races?

            Sorry all the time more evidence Africa not the Cradle of Civilization. Now you can continue to fight this but as I said the more evidence that is found from Australia to around the world the more people will see how ludicrous it was to ever adopt this line.

          28. Reality Check says

            “that when you look at the differences physically in the Races?”

            we call that EVOLUTION in the real world.

            do WE resemble the humans of 1000 years ago?

            NO is the correct answer.

            IF you are aware of History (which I am beginning to doubt, you would be aware of how animals have changed over time as well.

            or maybe this is time for some more disingenuous con crap?

          29. Tiger says

            The evolution of animals has changed them in size but there is still that evidence that shows they are the same.

            Not so with mankind.

          30. Tiger says

            We are different. Bottom line. And this article takes you step by step.

          31. Reality Check says

            I would expect no less from a White Supremacist.

          32. Reality Check says

            “Mitochondrial DNA indicates that all living humans descend from one maternal source—christened Mitochondrial Eve—who lived in Africa between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago. Similarly, the Y chromosome shows that all men have a common ancestor, Y-chromosome Adam, who lived at the same time. ”


            now MIT is a “Source”, as opposed to some blog from a guys basement.

            so STOP LYING and face facts, you are related to ALL the black folks, brown folks, yellow folks just as the liberal has stated.

          33. Reality Check says

            at some point you should be stating WHAT that is supposed to prove.

            Among his fellow Russian, (and other),
            researchers Klyosov is considered a whack job. Here is an excerpt from a
            biodiversity forum:

            “Vadim Verenich
            2012-03-26, 16:04
            To put it briefly, Klyosov’s “arguments” in a nutshell:

            AMH (anatomically modern human) originated from North-Eastern Plain
            (Klyosov explicitly called it “The Russian Plain” and according to
            Klyosov, this “Russian” plain spreads out from East -Europe as far as
            France and Germany in the west, and Central Asia in the east.

            First AMH spoke Proto-slavic language. All modern languages and
            religions have their respective origin in the Proto-Slavic heritage of
            the first AMHs.

            3) The linguistic category of Indo-Aryan is, in Klyosov’s opinion, synonymous with Slavs.

            4) Ergo, all bearers of R1a are Slavs and Aryans.

            These “Slavo-Aryans-R1a” had once been before the dominant ethnic (!)
            entity of “old” neolithic Europe, until the male “erbin” (sic!) clan of
            R1b (which Klyosov baltantly called “Proto-Turks”) invided the peaceful
            Europe domains and spoiled everything )), significantly contributing
            both to the decline of R1a civilisation, and to the rapid decrease of
            R1a1 in numbers.

            6) The funniest part: all things considered good
            and progressive are attributed to the race of Slavo-Aryans, while all
            things considered bad and redundant – attributed to R1b )))”

            so hardly settled science.
            you are SO DESPERATE for us White folk to not be genetically related to blacks.

          34. Tiger says

            And you are so desperate to continue the Out of Africa theory that you refuse to accept the Australian man and others found whose DNA have no connection to Africa.

            I have my DNA record I don’t have any Black anything in me. Sorry millions don’t.

          35. Reality Check says

            My family is Danish, so…..

            I am set on sticking with SCIENCE and so far all you have provided is silly blogs by White Supremacists.

            the Australians DON’T believe your SHIT, so why would I?

            everything to link to either SAID right in IT that you are NUTTY
            or was a friggin word press site from some guys basement.

            The Russian DNA thing you linked has been called POO by the rest of the scientists who are IN that field.

            SO if you believe in evolution, then you must be embracing Climate science as well.
            especially since you claim to be so well informed and up to date.

            now you going to link me to some anti climate science blogs?

          36. Reality Check says

            funny, the con changed the word “civilization” to “Life”

            after getting smacked for dimness.

            SO FAR though, all you have proved is that you think blogs are “factual”.

            AND lets not forget that one of YOUR links said you were absolutely WRONG about Africa.

          37. Tiger says

            No the link said a few scientists considered it wrong but what did you expect.

          38. Tiger says

            Where were the Blacks when America first settled? Not until Britain introduced slaves and the where were they in the creation of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights? Nowhere. OK face it. All over the world civilizations came and went from East to West with great conquerors and so where were the Blacks?


          39. Reality Check says

            wow, the idiot of the right has an issue with blacks I can see.

          40. Tiger says

            Nope just tired of people taking credit where credit is not due.

            Nope just into truth and it is out there.

          41. Reality Check says

            well you suck at the truth so far.
            I mean WHO links to a blog?

          42. Reality Check says

            FROM your link fool.

            “I’m thinking a lot about species concepts as applied to humans,
            about the “Out of Africa” model, and also looking back into Africa
            itself. I think the idea that modern humans originated in Africa is
            still a sound concept.”

          43. Reality Check says

            I really don’t think 50,000 year old humans in Australia are proving they didn’t migrate from Africa, silly con.
            you do know how old the African “eve” IS, right low info con?

          44. Tiger says

            LOLOL I think perhaps you don’t get the gist of this, life in Australia did not come out of Africa and this skull shows it. Sorry

          45. Reality Check says

            so man climbed out of the lake in Australia 50,000 years ago , fool of the right?

            is that when he rode the dinosaurs?

            the fool does know all the continents were at one time ONE giant continent, right silly con?

            even Australia thinks you are a nut job.


          46. Tiger says

            BBeautiful redhaired mummies found outside Western China over 3,800 years old no African here.

          47. Reality Check says

            that would be where evolution comes in fool of the right wing propaganda who pretends to be an “independent”.

          48. Reality Check says

            the word SO comes to mind.

          49. Reality Check says

            again you link to a blog,.

            Just how low is your IQ?

        2. Reality Check says

          so name a “white” civilization that has lasted a 1000 years?

          are Greeks white now?
          Romans maybe, but they are kind of brownish and had SO many slaves.

          lets hear some examples OF: “White is Beautiful and has ruled and conquered for thousands of years”

          does the con know exactly what “thousands of years” means?

          1. Tiger says

            The question is not what White Civilizations have done and that includes Egyptians which were not Black, the Nubian their slaves were Black and the many hieroglyphs show clearly White people. In fact if you study Egyptology you see where the Egyptians came to the area, brought their advanced civilizations and deposed those who were in the area.

            The question is what have the Black civilizations done?

            Lets here some examples of Ancient African civilizations by the way they are still living in shacks and eating one another along with anything available and looking to other countries to help them.

          2. Reality Check says

            have the fool ever been to Egypt?

            not a lot of White faces there desperate con.

            the Egyptians came from WHERE?
            in 3000 BC, pretty much everyone was NOT WHITE.

            are you even faintly aware of History?

          3. Tiger says

            See any Black faces here?

          4. Reality Check says

            you need to work on your linking.
            or is it Thinking?

          5. Tiger says

            Yep something rotten on here can’t transfer pics.

            LOLOL I give you an up on this cause you are right.

          6. Reality Check says

            an UP from a conservative?

            are you trying to ruin my liberal street cred?

          7. Tiger says

            Is this Black?

          8. Reality Check says

            Hmm, I see a white page.
            I think you linking skill are shot.

          9. Tiger says

            Seems this site doesn’t like posting pictures.

          10. Reality Check says

            try a link.
            I do see pics on this thread.
            operator error.

          11. Reality Check says

            “The question is what have the Black civilizations done?”

            No it is not.
            we WERE talking about the thousand year reign of WHITE societies and now you are tap dancing trying t not eat those words.

            the fact of the matter IS, your White Supremacist inner self has doomed you to silliness.

            Romans and Greeks are the closest to “white” that you are going to get, and they are mostly kind of brown-olive looking.
            Certainly not northern EU White.

          12. Tiger says

            The East and West has danced circles around Africa and Blacks. The great philosophers, the great scientists, the astronomers, mathematicians, builders, painters, inventors, dynasties, civilizations and empires must be a reason huh?

            LOLOL There is a reason isn’t there? or do you just ignore History Timelines.

          13. Reality Check says

            still waiting to hear the name of the White society that ruled for a thousand years.

          14. Tiger says

            Here is a video with actual pictures, paintings on tomb walls, statues of Egyptians proving they were not Black and so they were White with Caucasian features, now I have studied the history of Egypt, one of my favorite things and nobody really knows where the Egyptians came from but they do know they took the land from Black colored people.

            They ruled for thousands of years.


          15. Reality Check says

            “they were not Black and so they were White with Caucasian features”

            Oh really moron of the right.

            were they Pre vikings that sailed down or ARABS from Iraq?

            in 3000 BC the “whites” were still living in caves in northern EU.

            everyone was BROWN of BLACK at the time.

            “nobody really knows where the Egyptians came from”

            But this fool of the right wing thinks they MUST be white.

          16. Tiger says

            You deny that these people when painting the walls didn’t know the difference in the colors and the looks of those they painted? Yet they clearly show the difference in Black faces and White. LOLOLOL you are saying they made a mistake on the statues and the paintings?

            LOLOL OK talking to a brick wall.

          17. Reality Check says

            the brick wall is the idiot pretending to be informed.

            At NO POINT have I said Egyptians were BLACK, fool of the right wing.
            YOU have said they were WHITE, THAT is the point low info human.

            they are ARABS.
            the pictures look like Arabs, have BROWN SKIN and ARAB NOSES.

            they seem to be able to paint in color so why choose BROWN for the skin and white for cloths if they were WHITE skinned?

          18. Tiger says

            Yes you denied the video and all the proof that it is clear they were not Black or Arabs LOLOLOL you have not a clue try reading a book they were not Arabs.

            Why do Whites wear White? They damned sure were not negroid and you did see the painting of the White in color and feature man standing over the clearly black negroid looking slaves sitting on the ground?

            What an idgit you are.

          19. Reality Check says

            you seem to have missed where the WHITE people came from.
            AND the MIT DNA evidence that PROVES we all came from a single source.

          20. Tiger says

            There ya go trying to impose your thoughts over what I posted to you concerning the skeletal remains found around the world that through the DNA disprove once and for all, due to the ages of the remains they did not come out of Africa and Africa no Cradle of civilization.

            Boy howdy you think if you repeat a lie often enough people will buy it. Are you working for O?

          21. Reality Check says

            Lets review for the fool of the right.

            I posted a LINK to MIT to PROVE you MY POINT

            and you flap your gums and post a blog from a guys basement to prove your point.

            FACTS versus HOT AIR.

          22. Reality Check says

            I watched the video, that I am doubting the fool watched.

            so you trying to tell me those statues with the SLANTED eyes are Caucasian?
            and the BIG Arab nose?

            did the silly human notice how everyone’s SKIN is NOT White?

            not to mention it’s a video made by some White supremacist like yourself DESPERATE for some PROOF that people of color are stupid..

            unfortunately it make you look very desperate and low info.

          23. Tiger says

            Up in your face with pictures and you nit pick out of it to attempt to prove your point.

            The only point you have is on your head.

            The proof is there and that was the crux of the video to stop insane people like you but truth is not what you want, you want your way but your way is not truth.

          24. Reality Check says

            the pictures are what PROVE you are not too bright and desperate to find something.

            they look like ARABS.

            AND where did the “white people” come from?

            mystery land?
            Oh right , advanced Neanderthals built the pyramids

          25. Reality Check says

            “The East and West has danced circles around Africa and Blacks”

            your White Supremacist shit is showing.

          26. Tiger says

            Using History Time Lines prove otherwise.

            You cannot and that is what irks you, truth is just that and continues to be true today.

            How man Noble Prizes have the Blacks won in recent years as opposed to other races?

            I am not being Racist and do you know who created that and why? Look it up. I am being truthful and that goes against PC.

            Take just one group of people, Israeli and see how many Noble Prizes they have won in Medicine and Technology as opposed to Blacks or Arabs as opposed to Israel’s Noble Prizes no comparison almost none existing.

            People are different that is all there is to it.

          27. Reality Check says

            CULTURES are different, societies are different.

            we are all just animals, some with bigger brains than others.
            take my higher intellect over your puny intellect for example and we are both white.

            if you look at the people with the highest IQ, many of them are not white.


            that kind of blows away your “whites” are best shit out of the water.

          28. Reality Check says

            “by the way they are still living in shacks and eating one another along with anything available”

            such hateful racist/bigot, you are.

          29. Tiger says

            You might want to read the history of the word you and our ilk so freely throw around when smacked in the kisser with facts and truth. It has become the by word of the Lefties. LOLOLOL truth and fact are just that and you can dance around it all you want. You can put lipstick on a hog but it is still a hog.

          30. Reality Check says

            another blog, really?

            more evidence you are not too bright and not very fussy about what you think is factual.

            apparently ANYTHING with the right words is good for this fool of the right wing propaganda.

          31. Reality Check says

            “You might want to read the history of the word you and our ilk so freely throw around”

            well silly con there is only one of us who thinks the white man settled Egypt and has has “ruled” for a thousand years. (someplace as yet to be named by the silly con)

          32. Tiger says

            Watch the video they were White. Look closely.


          33. Reality Check says

            look closely at their BIG Arab noses?
            the BROWN skin?
            the BLACK hair?

            how dim are you?

            how DESPERATE are you?

            so what civilization did those “white” people come from?
            Maybe they were Aliens?

            I can accept that soone than the “mystery” white folk that appeared in egypt, that look just like all the others around them.

            I wonder why there are not mentioned in the bible for being WHITE?
            you DO KNOW those browns skinned JEWS were slaves in Egypt and they wrote that bible you cons hug every night before bed.

            no mention of the WHITE Egyptians in the bible or depicted in their art, (unless you are on con koolaide of course.)

            AND since white folk were pretty rare in 3000 BC, I think it may have come UP.

  33. JMICHAEL270 says

    Bennett carpenter would either be in jailor executed if it wasn’t for the First Amendment………educated idiot!

    1. Reality Check says

      Ya, I think there are a bunch of laws in between him and you morons jailing or executing him.

      1. JMICHAEL270 says

        he needs to try that in another country and see what it gets him………….there lies reality check numnuts

        1. Reality Check says

          BUT dim one, he ISN’T.

          AND in another country the first amendment does not exist so why write about IT?
          God you cons are slow.

          1. ABO says

            And ole RC STILL doesn’t get it. That whistling noise just gets louder and more frequent.

        2. ABO says

          The sound you just heard, jmichael, was the sound of your previous comment whistling through the completely empty space between RC’s ears.

  34. Deby says

    OMG– so this is the garbage students are “learning” at college these days? This nitwit is going to need major psychiatric care when he gets out into the real world and discovers that his stupid, worthless pandering opinions are just that-wake up call dude. I totally agree with many of the commenters here that he needs to live among the minorities he believes are merely victims of “white privilege” and not their own choosing of not working and sucking up all the government entitlements they can get because white people OWE them retribution for slavery-which was ABOLISHED over 200 years ago.

    1. Reality Check says

      “and not their own choosing of not working and sucking up all the government entitlements”

      How high on the hog does the low info fool think you can live on 150$ in food stamps?

      Deby the Dumb seems to not know that MORE white folk are on assistance than black or Hispanic.

      and MORE Of them live in the south.


      1. Deby says

        hey jackass-I have had it with the stupid, inane crap you continually post-this is the LAST time I will stoop to your ignorant level to respond to one of your idiotic, trolling rants. I will flag you every time but will not answer-you don’t discuss differences, you rant like a 2 year old-and post links that are usually liberal and useless, then you name call. get a new hobby-like maybe, How To Be a Human Being and not a worthless, no-nothing piece of leftist trash. Done with your sorry ass.

        1. Reality Check says

          was THAT a con proving me wrong?
          sounded like more flapping gums

          typical ISIS terrorist behavior.

          LIE and then RUN.

    2. Reality Check says

      “which was ABOLISHED over 200 years ago.”

      MAYBE Deby would like to redo his MATH.

      2016 minus 1865…………..

      use the toes if you have to.

  35. Reality Check says

    “White fragility? What is he talking about?”

    HE is talking about how you cons WHINE about everything that isn’t the same as the 50’s

  36. glock 19 fan says

    Duke seems to have a reputation as a rich person’s school. Well, when I first started voting my parents offered me some good advice: “Beware of rich liberals.” That is better advice now than it was then.

  37. Bob Stewart says

    I wonder if this goofy student ever considered the fact that without the first amendment, MLK would have never happened. Without the first amendment his professors would not be spitting socialist propaganda to which he seems to be drawn.

  38. Eidolon says

    What happened to how us old folks handled these problems?
    “Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones but Word’s will never Hurt me. Talk about fragile people, what children all these “students” are!

  39. David Nichols says

    Based on his stated thesis he needs to quit writing for public consumption, as his ability to do so is a direct result of his white privilege and the racist policies that allow him to attend Duke University….

  40. Jim Young says

    What the clown doesn’t realize,is this could come back to haunt him . Another spoiled brat who has never worked an honest day in his life

    1. Reality Check says

      I think being a college professor IS a JOB, just so you know.

      1. rivahmitch says

        Only for those who actually work at it.

        1. ABO says

          That would never occur to the parasite that calls itself ‘Reality Check’.

  41. Jim Young says

    Since the schools are not teaching history math and science why not do away with department of education, it certainly save us in taxes we to stop this waste of our tax dollars.

    1. Jarhead says

      Spot on Jimbo.

  42. Dan Menard says

    There is great irony in the writing of this article against the First Amendment. One of the freedoms provided by this amendment is freedom of the press as well as free expression. If he truly believes in a restraint on the first amendment, then he should follow his own example and not write what he did which is in violation and against his own ruling. People really need to think through these wild liberal fallacies before they publish them!

  43. JMICHAEL270 says

    Unlike you lop sided libs we see our freedoms being eradicated by this administration and challenged like no other time since the conception of our country. How many people died in order to give that punk the freedom to speak? You remind me of a War Protester from the Vietnam era, Read my initial comment again Numnuts and you will see it was stating the fact “without The First Amendment he would either be in jail or executed”. I know it is hard, but try to comprehend.

  44. Pegasus says

    This jerk is an elitist professor who knows nothing about real people… He is a desperate socialist who can’t stand anything but Communism… what a complete and utter hypocrite!

    1. Reality Check says

      AND one has to wonder why the right wing Propaganda machine would even be bringing it UP?
      one insignificant professor in a 320 million population.
      a complete unknown, yet this blog seems to think he has significant power to sway the Republic.

      can’t create HATE and DIVISION unless they do, right?

  45. patriot2015 says

    What a bunch of liberal bull shit, Black power,Black lives matter, what B.S. The blacks got the freedom from republicans like Lincoln, He got them off the plantation,but now they have moved to the democratic plantation that still give them what they need. Any thing but freedom.

    1. Reality Check says

      Lincoln was a LIBERAL, fool of the right, as was the GOP at the time.
      the Dems were the conservatives of that era.

      Pretend you know some history.

      1. ABO says

        More words of wisdom from our resident brain dead liberal moron.

  46. CrustyOldGeezer says

    Note to LOSERS:

    Don’t like being treated like you have no value to society?

    Then PULL UP YOUR PANTS, GET A JOB and, most importantly,


    Whining, crying, wailing and moaning in hopes of pity ain’t gonna get it in a society where SUCCESS is WORKED FOR AND EARNED..

    1. Jarhead says

      A decent hair cut would also help!

  47. rivahmitch says

    In this society, in this era to be labelled “racist” is a badge of honor.

  48. MCzwz says

    I wonder how the child would feel if *his* First Amendment right to express his blather were to be curtailed.

  49. rchguns says

    With idiots like this coming out of our supposedly best institutions of higher learning that the United States is going down the toilet. After a statement like this any classes that he had that involved history or government should be completely removed from his academic record because it’s obvious he didn’t learn a damn thing.

    Ever since this president has been in office race relations in this country have deteriorated to conditions that one would expect in the late 50s and the hatred expressed by the young blacks in this country is not only ridiculous but downright stupid.

    Martin Luther King was a brilliant man and he was dedicated to the premise that all men should be treated equally and that no one should be excluded from the freedoms offered by the Constitution of the United States of America. It was the catalyst that brought about desegregation and open doors to Americans of African heritage that had always been closed.

    Now you have idiots like this that are totally dependent on being a victim. He’s telling the black people in this country that your all victims and that you deserve special freedoms and rights that include renewed segregation. People like this are going to provide a spark that is going to ignite a shooting war in the United States. All wars are stupid but to have thousands of people die because of a lunatic who does not believe in one of the very fundamental God-given rights listed in the Constitution is not only stupid but nauseating!

  50. jscarano7 says

    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016

  51. Norrie Frese says

    This is a continuation of the Occupy movement of 2012 that fomented class warfare in order to re-elect Obama. It is being seen on campuses across the country. Surprisingly, the movement at Oberlin College has been rejected by its president. It is an attempt to raise resentment against the majority White population and to inspire and to teach that resentment in order to raise guilt in Whites. Well, Whites have had it, as evidenced by the popularity of Trump and Cruz. I just hope it continues to the primary and general elections. It’s time those who built this country take it back.

  52. barbarakelly says

    These loud obnoxious liberal people reminds me of the British that tried to take over this country in the 1700’s. They thought they were the way until the colonist rose up and destroyed their army and navy. The same things are going to happen to them. It is up to us if we are strong enough to come together and defeat them before they get started.

  53. Mark Brickey says

    So, white supremacy is racist, but when whites are fragile, that also proves white racism, um supremacy… Please tell me that he’s not going on gov’t grants or a scholarship for academics?!?
    My high schoolers can put together better reasoning than that!


    Dont be so quick to dismiss this as just some idiot student. The liberal machine is at full tilt with tenticles reaching into more areas than we can count, for the sole purpose of over whelming the moral majority into feeling hopeless with too many wars on a multitude of fronts… and its working. Not only are too many people “too busy” to pay attention to what is going on with our Govt., our Constitution is being ripped apart by a govt that is making back door deals in the dead of night along with a media that reports on NOTHING these criminals are doing! Have you received an email questionaire asking you to choose what is the most critical problem facing America? Tell me you can choose one over another when every single one of them can potentially topple America…. Illegal immigration, Green light for hundreds of thousands of Muslums, Abortion, Gay marriage, govt fining businesses becaus they choose not to make a cake for two lesbos, The broken education systemand and teaching elementary school age kids to experement with homosexuality, A govt corrupt on power that intimidates and persecute its citizens with various orginizations, Silencing our freedom of speech, (first amendment) supressing freedom of religion by Christian presecution, gun confiscation, (second amendment) Shutting down our energy production, dismantling our medical system with something that has broken the insurance companies and is breaking the backs of the America public. I could go on and on and on! This idiot student is part and parcle of a liberal machine hell bent on destroying America as it was founded by twisting the minds of our kids by feeing them a crumb of truth with a loaf of lies…. even as they are in the process of rewriting American History. The next step will be a ban on our History books, the Bible, and anything that causes a person to dream big so as to set out and become independent and successful. Hell, they have been punishing success for decades by over taxing those who are the industry of America., who create jobs and business. and shifting the wealth to those who sit on their butts doing squat! Your reactions are just how THEY hope you will react, by saying… ‘it’s no big deal.. it will never lead to anything, its just distraction from the real issues”. Damn man… THESE ARE THE REAL ISSUES that are erroding our ability to have any power as citizenry against a govt drunk on taking control of your lives! WAkE UP! Satan wispers in to evey ear that will give audence …” there really is no satan, he doesn’t exist”. And you know what, there are a lot of idiots who belive him! Well, Satan and this current administration have you where they want you and at this point your part of the problem, Not the solution! Want to be part of the solution, then dont be a populist. Why did Obama win TWICE? Because too many people wanted to do what was thought of as popular instead of using their brain and researching the sham Obama is. And they are going to do it again with Trump. If the establishement who has been screwing Americans for the last 40 years and who America is fed up with, HATE Cruz, then HE is the ONE who will CHANGE the status quo and break up the monolopy of cronyism that we’ve been saying we are sick of., which the intrenched establishment wants to protect. Cruz is NOT a deal maker, but works on values, principals, ethics and morals that createe America which the rest (including Trump) couldnt spell let alone inact. No offence, but I fear for the future of this country with some of the comments I read here, We may say “God help us”… but he will only help those who are willing to start off by helping themselves with LEARNING, digging in and getting involved whether your hot or cold… be luke warm ( a fence sitter) and God wants no part of you for He states “I will spew you out of my mouth” So which are you?

    1. Cotton says

      Do you believe 9/11 was an inside job?

      1. LIBERTYUNITER says

        Yes. Two to three years after the twin towers came down, I attended a leture at a local university given by professors and metalurgists who spent months on the 911 site. (incidentally, these individuals were all removed from their places of higher learning becsue of their coming forward) While our govt rushed away a vast majority of debri prohibiting study and analysis of all debri, it would be impossible to cover up or hide everything. Thurmite was found on the site buried below the pile of debri, still giving off high levels heat months after te disaster. Additionally, there was overwhelming collaborating evidence from multiples of sources to support it was a job that could only be done by our govt. It is not hard to believe such measures could be under taken by a govt that has no compunction to use the CIA, FBI,Homeand security, BLM (and others) to harrass, intimidate and imprision its own citizens to further their agenda… obviously, there is nothing they wont do to further their one world order ideaology, and to do that, America must first be destroyed. And while the past has shown America was too powerful to be destroyed by a foreign enemy, it could certanily be accomplished and is most vulnerable and more easily done from within which NO ONE would ever suspect wouldtake place!

      2. LIBERTYUNITER says

        I answered this already but did not see it post, perhaps I did not complete it.
        Yes. The collective facts gathered within the following two years are unmistakably clear. I attended a lecture by university professors and metalurgists, (who lost their jobs for coming out with their facts) You an also see some of those facts on Netflix “911 comspiracy”

        1. Cotton says

          That is arguable, and most discredit such theories, I just didn’t see anything worth replying to, no offense. I wanted to see for myself so I looked up videos of the collapse of the towers. From my findings it appears like the structure of the building collapsed where the plane crashed, in which caused the entire top to tilt slightly to the side of the crash, in which the rest is history.

          1. LIBERTYUNITER says

            There is very little that isn’t “argueable” in life. The evidence is only substanciated more when you consider a govt like ours that has an agenda and uses every means at its disposal to further it, stopping at nothing. This would not be the first time that America either knowingly allowed or participated in events that resulted in the deaths of thousands. America new we were about to be attacked by Japan at Peral Harbor, but did nothing and allowed it to happen to change the popular public sentiment at that time of staying neutral, and it worked; but thousands died and that could have been prevented with at least a fighting (being ready) chance. But what was “big” then, is peanuts now in comparison as situations constantly escalate. Nixon was impeachedand resigned for a wire tap, where as we have the Clintons who have passed on top secret information on a private server/computer , is taking millions in money from forgein govts for favors and she has not been arrested? And then you have Obama who has figuratively wiped his butt with the Constitution of this land and gotten away with it. So, our diliberate attacks on the twin towers is not so far fetched when you consider what it ushered in… a massive reduction in personal liberties and privacy by creating the TSA (another govt agency) that feeds more power (corruption) to Washington. Meta data collection of law abiding American Citizens from emails, phone conversation, and any other media outlet we visit. We now have the largest, most sofiscated spy facility not more than 15 miles from me in Utah… the NSA. So yes, the M.O. persists. Take any tragedy (even if self inflicted) and take advantage so as to further the one world order/New world order agenda. There are not a lot of people who like math, but its kinda like saying 2+2=4, by backing up and seeing the bigger picture that is being painted. Of course, you (and all people) are entitled to an opinion whether it is wrong or right. But we must do our home work so as not to come off like we are clueless and out of touch or worse, an idiot.

          2. Cotton says

            Yeah, the 9/11 conspiracy theorist are usually the ones called the clueless idiots, but as you have said to everyone their own opinion.

  55. bobbi gardner says

    Doesn’t this fool realize that every time he writes any column whatever it is written about column he is using the Constitution and the First Amendment guarantees to write it? This student is DUMB AS DIRT!!!!!!!!!

  56. Len Tippett says

    Why does this surprise anyone? Any professor at Duke University or UNC is borderline Socialist/Communist. Our country has gone to hell because most of our universities went to hell years ago.

  57. Michael Dennewitz says

    And parents are forking up big dollars for their kids to learn this BULLSHIT ! Dayummm! Has Hitler come back from the dead? What a croco shit!!!

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Excellent…croco shit! Sure as croco, there he is!

    2. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Our three kids were normal till WE paid their way through college!

  58. colwhtaylor says

    Boy is this guy delusional.

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      What else would you expect from a coddled, entitled, slovenly millennial?

  59. OSAMA OBAMA says

    “White fragility”…. Add that to the other crap that the leftist slobs have come up with, to further the rancor towards Anglos!

  60. Patriot1955 says

    Another college graduate idiot.

  61. MDKTT20 says

    These young children need to grow up and serve the country in our Military so they can be Disciplined and learn to respect our Rights that so many have died for over the years . These people like this child at Duke make me sick.

  62. Jackson says

    To much free time for these kind of people. Out in the real world people are working, hard to make a living. Raising families,putting food on the table,buying clothes, paying utilities.etc. Tryoing to save for a retirement. Normal people could care less about this bogus liberal college BS . This is just more social activists, community organizer crappola being forced down by professors,obama,holder,lynch,al sharpton,louis farahkhan, amd all the rest of the liberals. They are just trying to fundamentally transform America and redistribute our wealth,that simple. Sickening people should be able to figure it out. Of course there is always the divide and conquer in there also.

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      “redistribute our wealth”..Just wait till Burnie buys his way in to the White House.

  63. Mike Homes says

    This is just another reason why I don’t want to give up my right to defend myself.

  64. iamcurious says

    The leftists are being educated beyond their intelligence levels.

  65. hayleejenna says

    How in the world is he a GRAD STUDENT???? My kids are college educated, not grad students and know the Bill of Rights as well as the Constitution of the U.S.A. and support them. Thank goodness they didn’t attend DUKE UNIVERSITY – this man is either a taught, radical, anti-government student or he can’t understand F-R-E-E-D-O-M whatsoever and no one at Duke bothered to correct. Stay away the Duke!!!

  66. Bruce Rowley says

    Piss on that punk, freeloading POS.

  67. wired says

    This little boy should go live in Africa for a wile as a brain washed idiot liberal !

  68. marlene says

    What a commie!

    1. ABO says

      Pathetic commie, isn’t he marlene?

  69. kcwas says

    The kids just don’t get it….and is Duke a poor college for the needy…. is that why this young man feels so bitter. ..

  70. Cotton says

    Just some idiot social justice warrior, you can say all liberals are social justice warriors if you like but you would be wrong. Whatever makes you right-wingers feel better, I guess.

    1. ABO says

      Wow I see RC is getting everybody on the nut ward in on his troll games.

      1. Cotton says

        I’m not trolling, I guess I have to repeat myself here.. Ahem.. Whatever makes you right-wingers feel better. You can “believe” it is trolling all you want, friend.

        1. Reality Check says

          they think anyone with a few facts is a “troll” or “gay”.

          why everyone smarter than them is gay, I have not figured out

          1. ABO says

            Call it what you want Clown Boy. It all amounts to the same old BS from your idiotic little mind.

  71. Ronald Gunn says

    If this Duke student’ or any one else for that matter, doesn’t like it here then get your a##es out of this country. I sure some would to help you pack.

  72. Tuco Carrera says

    Hopefully he gets PUNCHED in the FACE and a Broken Jaw !

  73. Tuco Carrera says

    While his White Mother n Father pays his Tuition !

  74. Alleged Comment says

    Anyone who thinks like this is a white racist supremacist otherwise they would see no difference BUT HE DOES so he actually outs himself as one by showing also that he looks down on Negroes.

    STOP LOOKING DOWN ON NEGROES you stupid Duke asso! And all of this will go away!!

  75. Charlie says

    What is Duke teaching , for there is surely a whole bunch of ignorance being spewed from this student . Did this student live in a bubble when he was a child? Words hurt , then walk away . Does he not know the old adage ” sticks and stones may break my bones , but words shall never hurt me” . Freaking grow up !

  76. MIKE6080 says

    we be the people……

  77. MAHB001 says

    Who gave this liberal the right to talk?


  78. Ron Jaeger says

    He has committed an act of macro offense and should be arrested (play of college recent prohibition of micro offenses). Now that we know he knows how to open and use a dictionary (either digital or paper), it tragic that he does NOT know how to think and critically analyze. Maybe to do this there is an additional university fee; the basic tuition includes only ABC (already been chewed, and expelled) ideas?

    May God help us!

  79. DaveM says


  80. andJusticeForAll says

    First of all this guy is White!!!!! Why would anyone listen to a word he puts out there when he doesn’t have a friggin clue as to what it is like to be Black?!?!?!?!!??! HELLO……ANYONE IN THERE?……HELLO?!?!?! Gimme a friggin break here. Please?

  81. Joanne Garzia says

    How is it he’s against the First Amendment, Yet he printed his Opinion?? Freely!! He wouldn’t be able to do that without the First Amendment!!

  82. Billy Griffith says

    Whining nigger

  83. jimmy midnight says

    Under the First Amendment, we’re all free to say whatever, no matter how clueless/offensive. Others are then free to call us out for our stupid. Hopefully NOT leading to interpersonal; violence.

  84. Brenda says

    Wonder if during his rant he thought about what he was saying. Had it not been for the 1st Amendment he would have been unable to make his statement.

  85. jscarano7 says

    ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016

  86. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    I bet if he lost his fremdom of liberty and his free speech you would see a different tune come out of his mouth.

  87. gerald Hughes says

    Time to physically separate ourselves from the liberal dem bloodsuckers, it is the only way to prevent civil war.

    1. Reality Check says

      same shit day in day out.

      NEVER going to happen.
      you sit around an fantasize about IT a lot?
      so what state are you silly cons getting?
      personally, you can have all the southern states.
      they mostly suck.
      the west coast is obviously for the “chosen” people.

      1. gerald Hughes says

        Lol, liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, you really need to look at the political map you stupid scrub.
        You Have Ca, OR and Wa, then you have to go all the way to Minnesota before you have another blue state state., Jump over bankrupt Illinois you have to go to NY.
        I will be fun watching you low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasites starve.

        1. Reality Check says

          except that RED states get way MORE fed funding to survive than blue states.

          WE support you morons.


          you dumb bastards lead the pack of TAKERS of funds.
          the BOTTOM 9 states are all RED.

          1. gerald Hughes says

            On and on from you parasitical scum, and still you are on public forums, whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them.
            LA County, alone, you incredibly ignorant a-hole spent over 600 million last year just paying for welfare for the criminal aliens.
            Soon, we will find out about 2 years we will separate ourselves from you cretins.
            Then the talking will be over.
            We will know within about 2 years after that.
            Your criminal aliens will bail as soon as they get hungry, our borders will be fortified and the law will allow for shooting them when their 2nd foot hits the ground

          2. Reality Check says

            “A County, alone, you incredibly ignorant a-hole spent over 600 million last year just paying for welfare for the criminal aliens.”

            nice link
            by now Ger, you should be aware of my feelings about flapping gums.

          3. gerald Hughes says

            I have zero concern about your feeling on any subject, liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, well, maybe that isn’t 100% correct , i would enjoy watching you starve.

  88. usncb says

    SCREW HIM, H e knows nothing

  89. sox83cubs84 says

    Universities seem to have no shortage of libtards on campus, among both students and faculty. Here’s my first amendment thoughts: He’s a blithering idiot!

    1. ABO says

      What gave it away, sox83cubs84?

  90. phil112 says


  91. Pegasus says

    Just another radical extreme liberal media dumbass!

  92. Beverly Brannan says

    Are you serious? Without the first amendment YOU would not be able to publish your opinion on this site! Do you required a reminder from your seventh grade civics class? Speak out people – IT’S YOUR RIGHT!!! (However, let’s remember Ben Franklin’s recommendations about words.)

  93. joe says

    What a total moron we have no need for the likes of him in this country mommy and daddy sure wasted a lot of money sending him to school seems like nothing took.

  94. fred says

    Just another Affirmative Action fail! Stop wasting money on someone so challenged by evolution! Maybe in a few hundred thousand years they will catch up with their grey matter and be able to comprehend the benefits to being free? It could always go the other way too, back into the primordial soup for another try!?

  95. tom cook says

    Carpenter is a whigger: a white nigger. He is a traitor to this country where supposedly equality is the goal–he wants to give undeserving blacks a head start which they cannot achieve or maintain on their own. They are a failed race.

    1. Reality Check says

      “They are a failed race”

      Much like YOU are a failed human being

  96. MikeTheTiger says

    There is no accounting for youthful ignorance and a lack of common sense.

  97. uchsamin says

    Theres only one good way to deal with that SOB.
    I would like to meet him in a WWE ring and kick his damned a_s.

  98. pbargioni says

    Carpenter is just a stupid boy.

  99. AmericanBelle1 says

    I’d be very much interested in hearing this man’s opinion in ten years!

    Most of these idiot students have been propagandized by liberal school committees, teachers and professors. They push all the liberal agendas like homo rights, tranny rights, PETA, pro-choice murder, greenie pollution, climate control, etc. They haven’t got a clue, not even a handle on reality. They’re all sitting in their safe zones shutting down any opinion that doesn’t jibe with the BS they’ve been taught.

    But something is happening. Some of those students have already graduated and facing reality! They’re bogged down in student debt, they can’t find a job, and they’re living at home with mommy and daddy! Most of them all voted for Obama in their very first election participation, thinking he would save them all. What they see perfectly clear today is that they fucked up. These are the millenials who are running in droves to defeat the continuation of liberal propaganda and progressive socialism. They’ve faced Obama’s reality and they don’t like it!

  100. VanceJ says

    LoL, this is a grad student ? hasn’t learned much has he. college these day’s are sure putting out a bunch of dumbos.

    1. headonstraight says

      Example of dumbo writing, corrected to show proper grammar and spelling:

      LoL, this is a grad student ? [H]asn’t learned much has he [?] [C]ollege[s] these days [no apostrophe needed] are sure putting out a bunch of dumbos.

  101. Reta Mae Cherry says

    It’s all a smoke screen to use for a back door. They are not saying what they are really saying.
    They want to kill us, and if they can strip us of all of our guns, and our FREEDOM OF SPEECH, they will do it.
    That’s what it’s all about. Fixing ways of making it easier to kill all who don’t conform to their ways.

  102. Keith says

    Can we just assume this guy is a Liberal Asshole and move along.

  103. John Beam says

    Wow…this clown is delusional. “Racism” is used by nut-bag Black collectivists to deflect from the political conversation. They see it everywhere, regardless of the circumstances. Black culture (their own standards of acceptability) is destroying any hope for a sane future for them, because of its inherent violence and lack of any positive, productive standards. These Black “racist” screamers do not want a conversation–they want to silence their opposition. This little turd is a fascist.

  104. junkmailbin says

    I have freedom of religion, ( atheism), speech, the press, assembly to riot but I will limit yours.
    Typical liberal schmuck with cranial rectal impaction

    1. dondehoff says

      “Junk……”, “mental masturbation”, at its finest! You are either extremely ignorant or you are a paid “troll”, and ignorance, in this day and age of “search engines”, is no excuse. Stupid? Just where in the constitution to you see the “right to riot”?—I thought the phrase was; “or the right of the people peaceably to assemble”…..Readers, as Perry Mason of “TV’s yesteryears”, would say, “I rest my case”—and my apologies to Perry.

  105. dondehoff says

    About 90% of these posts are nothing more than the product of the very contagious disease of, off -subject “mental masturbation” Such low-class drivel is fostered by two main groups; those who are “plants”, whose sole purpose is to try and take our focus off of the real issues at hand and the other equally guilty, are those who feel they must respond, even though they have lost sight of the issues at hand. Wise-up people, anytime you respond to profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk, you inadvertently become “one of the them”. Also, if you would not say “it” to your spouse, mother, grandparent, or a judge, don’t place it on the internet for the whole world to see just how ignorant and low-class you are. Many of these comments, if made in front of a judge, could get you a few days in the “slammer”.

    1. Reality Check says

      lets face facts Don, this “article” is designed to create HATE and Division, nothing more.
      that is pretty much the point of this website in fact.

  106. Francisco Machado says

    I am disappointed that the above did not include Bennett Carpenter’s approval declaration of the potential suppression of his own commentary and opinion. I’m sure he sees how useful it would be for Duke university to permit him to publish only things with which it agreed. Although, given a matching ideology, he might find that totally acceptable – right up to the point where he got suppressed for a point of disagreement.

  107. BoundlessExistence says

    There is a “lunatic fringe” associated with almost every group of people and this guy at Duke is one of them. What do you have to say about right wing lunatic fringe types who want to form a gang of “true Americans” and attack the White House killing Obama who they think is a Communist Muslim born in Nigeria and is bent on destroying this country, and who think that the Democratic Party is actually the Communist Party, and who think that all gays and lesbians should be executed, and who think that all non-whites should be rounded up and used as slaves. Do you have anything to say about these people? Are you one of them?

    1. Reality Check says

      “this” group supports loony 100%

      most of them, ARE them.

      welcome, I can use another sane voice around here.

  108. Jack says


    1. Reality Check says

      better question is why a single solitary professor out of a population of 320 million who is NOT in anyway famous is taken so SERIOUSLY by anyone?

      I think it has more to do with creating HATE and DIVISION in America.

      why do you support HATE and DIVISION?

      1. Jack says

        Unbelievable!How did you enter hate and division into my entry?The article spoke only of him..I compared him to only himself!!I have said it/told you before,YOU NEED what your sign in SIGNIFIES.You must see hate and division each/every time,you blink your eyes

        1. Reality Check says

          I think Jack missed the point.

          this “article” is silly on it’s face.
          the writings of this person is no more significant than any other piece written by any of the 320 million of us. HE is NOBODY.

          WHY this web site sees fit to make it the END OF FREE SPEECH in America, is the SILLY part.
          Without the help of this website, only a handful of people would have read his piece.

          tell me I am wrong.

          1. headonstraight says

            Free speech is alive and well, of course, but the Chicken Littles of the ultra right
            will seize upon almost anything, no matter how obscure or irrelevant , in their failed attempts to claim that our rights are under siege. Pathetic!

  109. Raymond Levy says

    we need to get rid of all the idiots in america, and all those who attack the constitution, it needs to be taken as a criminal offence to attack it, its like going to mount Rushmore with a jackhammer,and start chipping away, they will arrest you for that shit, they should be arrested and deported, if they dont like it they are welcome to leave the U.S.A …….p.s OUR CONSTITUTION IS A NATIONAL TREASURE.. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  110. The Redhawk says

    And all along I thought that Idiots like this one were Private Property of Elitist Eastern and Ivy Schools….Looks like the Mental Disorder is going Nation wide!!

  111. Jean Langford M. says


  112. scott says

    so get out of america all you communist loving liberal scumbags.

    1. headonstraight says

      Obama is entertaining no such plan! The silly-ass illustration just shows how far some scheming unprincipled weasels will go to defame the President–your President and mine! Grow up!

      1. scott says

        this filthy kweer n-ggr may be your illegal fraud terrorist of a president but dont ever say hes americas you dumb filthy n-ggr dik suker.you immature mentally ill liberal scum are the idiots who need to grow up and get your head out of your as-.your just as guilty of treason as he is sh-tball.

        1. Reality Check says

          Oh please Scott, tell ALL the treasonous things Obama has done lying POS

          Lying about the Pres is what traitors DO.
          A Constitutionally elected President that saved America after the GOP lead it to the implosion of 2008.

          get your head out of the Oligarchy’s ass.

          1. scott says

            you conveniently forget like all other liberal scum that you demo rats and liberal retards were in charge of the house,and were the ones doing the spending that caused the collapse.you think money grows on trees and you can spend the peoples money without end.typical communist liberal thinking.your the scum that is americas enemy you dumb kweer.you wont be around much longer dik suker..americas coming to rid you vermin from it.

          2. Reality Check says

            “you conveniently forget like all other liberal scum that you demo rats and liberal retards were in charge of the house,and were the ones doing the spending that caused the collapse”

            the GOP were in charge of BOTH houses from 95 til 07.
            the housing bubble collapsed in 06.

          3. scott says

            wrong again you low life liberal pos

          4. Reality Check says

            And here folks is where to go to learn that Scott here is completely ignorant about the control of congress, while pretending to be informed.


            or how about THIS source


            or how about THIS source


            or how about THIS source


          5. Reality Check says

            NOT to mention fool, US spending did not Implode the Global economy,
            BANKERS did while GW sat by an watched.

            hell if it rains you blame Obama, but GW can be pres while the world imploded and somehow it’s a Dems fault.

            you are a complete idiot Scott.
            lets hope your kids got their mothers Intellect.

        2. headonstraight says

          Your totally asinine, irremediably stupid, and utterly erroneous opinion is duly noted, as is your propensity for foul and filthy language. Show us hard evidence that Obama is planning all those things you claim and I will gladly retract my characterization of you. I ain’t holding my breath.

          1. scott says

            speak english you flaming kweer.your not smart,just a liberal retard trying to be by using words you cant even spell you piece of sh-t.your fraud terrorist has destroyed america and more than doubled the deficit than all other presidents combined you imbecile.and you demorats had all control of the house and spending that caused the collapse which we are not out of yet because of you.you are the enemy of america

          2. headonstraight says

            Your rambling, marginally literate run-on disaster of a reply is so full of grammatical errors that you are the last person I would choose to correct my spelling. By the way, I did not misspell a single word in what I posted and if you disagree, then show me where I did, you pathetic abuser of our Mother Tongue.

          3. scott says

            you show me your delusional proof imbecile.mine are facts,yours are fantasies.you are the pathetic loser.you jerk off.make up some big words to try and make yourself feel smart you idiot.get back under your rockwith your boyfriend f-gg-t

          4. headonstraight says

            OBVIOUSLY you can not find a shred of evidence to support you claims about Obama wanting to ban veterans and retired white Christians from owning guns. Thus you resort to insult and foul language. Typical of the hapless, polemically impotent wingnuts on this forum

          5. scott says

            you obviously cant back up your moronic liberal sh-t coming from your mouth retard.go get your meds you worthless idiotic pos

          6. scott says

            your the one that cant back up your idiotic liberal crap coming from your mouth.

          7. ABO says

            I see you make up your own words as you go along, which follows your habit of making up the “facts as you go along.

          8. headonstraight says

            Just as I thought; Scott can’t put up any evidence to support his wildass claims and neither can you, so you rely on irrelevancy and insult.

          9. ABO says

            What I posted has nothing to do with Scott’s post and I take no responsibility for backing up his claims as they are his, not mine. My response was directed at you alone and requires no evidence to support it. You have kindly provided that yourself.

  113. ConservativeSenior says

    Don’t think he knows how ignorant he is. If there was no free speech, he wouldn’t be able to speak at all. What a moron.

  114. Observant_One says

    Possibly the result of toking one too many times while at school. There are many other examples of this happening during the last few generations of college students. Welcome to the world of the clouded-mind-ignorance disorder idiots. You would make a good political candidate for an office in Iran.

  115. gerald Hughes says

    Why do we continue to suffer there ersatz life forms?

    1. Observant_One says

      Irresponsible use of Pot.

  116. Timothy Toroian says

    Does Duke have a good psychiatric department which could take care of him???

    1. Jarhead says

      Impossible to help those so fully covered in their own colon mucus.

  117. WriterDudeLA says

    Yeah, he’s an idiot. But, then again ten percent of college grads think that Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court.

  118. Lary Breeding says

    Wow! That is about the only word that really describes what I am thinking. The fact that a major university has someone so idiotic writing for their school paper is mind blowing.

  119. Sgt. York says

    If there was no first amendment these fools would not be able to spew this crap.

  120. azabigail says

    Evidentially going to Universities which have prestigious names means nothing more than that, a name. But even that will be worthless and common pretty soon because the quality of education they are putting out has become substandard, all we hear from the people that go to them is lower class liberal bs and whining.

  121. Chuck Rosenthal says

    So now, what our “higher education” system is teaching so-called students is how to twist, rewrite, alter or pervert any truth, half-truth or outright lie into an incredibly specious, distorted and laboriously stretched-out-of-shape argument to support the white-privilege/white-racist, whiney irrational theory that everyone who is white is responsible for the conditions of those who aren’t.

    No wonder we are 20-something-and-sinking-fast internationally on the subject of “education”

  122. Scotty MacInnes says

    Anal retention seems to be at an all time high in our higher education institutions these days.

  123. real talk 1 says

    Can the liberal find any thing else to talk about besides race any thing at all it is very old !!

  124. Libya21 says

    Carpenter is an ignoramus. If he read and understood American history, he would not have made such unintelligent comments and such an un-American editorial. He does not even appreciate that free speech rights are what allows him to publish such dumb remarks. A grad student? That sure does no speak well for Duke. Maybe Carpenter needs to go major is sports broadcasting!

  125. Charley C. says

    Is this what happens when we send our kids to collage they get dumber ,& dumber? this clown is just trying to stir sh*t up so he can sit back and watch . Dumb ass !

    1. headonstraight says

      Yep, going to a “collage” can surely make them dumber!


  126. Jordan48 says

    Carpenter is obviously drunk on the wine of his own arrogance. He would outlaw free speech so that only his views may be spewed out with out redress by dissenters. After all, he has attained to a little knowledge and thinks himself wise. The only time that racism raises its’ ugly head is when insecure people debate their feelings of insecurity about their skin pigmentation. It is not what you look like that defines you. It is not what you say that defines you. It is what you do that clearly establishes what and who you are! This moron will go down into obscurity as an educated idiot.

  127. Almay says

    So Carpenter is using the first amendment to speak his derogatory comments. How hipocritical

  128. JoAnn Dolberg says

    Bennett Carpenter of Duke, you represent exactly the reason we are in the trouble we are in!

  129. supergun says

    And we thought isis was terrible. People like bennet carpenter have been brain washed by wacko communists professors, that in reality, they are the most dangerous terrorists in this Country.

  130. thomas says

    Typical snod-grass idiot ? raised by Communist-Marxist-Nazi- Socialist Professors and Teachers alike. Anti-American Views often land up in Our Better Schools of Higher Learning on Public Or Government Funds. These anti-American instructors need to be purged from their positions Fired and removed from Universities and Colleges . Parents must fight back to save their kids Minds .

  131. Alan404 says

    Does the student journalist infer that freedom of speech is barred to black people?

  132. coftp1 says

    Globalists/progressives/ socialists /communist are at the very root of most all the ills of the Republic of America. Decades of these prof’s in so many colleges have been teaching their agenda. Then the products of these institutions infect and inflame the less informed, uneducated,poorer and those that feel entitled easily led and riled up for ongoing unrest.

  133. Christine Howard says

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  134. 3seas says

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  135. Susan Salcedo says

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  136. Mike Stempo says

    That’s the beauty of the 1st amendment. It allow subversive assholes like this one to have his say but as long as we understand that the 1st amendment is in place after eons of civilization abuse and sequester of its people, this guy can yammer all day as long as he wishes. The first amendment most assuredly allows this. Taking away first amendment rights would be the highest of high ironies and in the category of a Catch 22. This asshole can’t seem to fathom that striking the 1st amendment would allow us to sequester his personal thoughts.. Like I said, an asshole, but a so-called, packed up his ass leftist bullshit, garden variety learned one…

    Ask me what I really think…

  137. lavon75 says

    My children are university grads and they blew off all the liberal rants they had to endure in classes by professors – they could see through the anti Constitution and Bill of Rights, religion, and freedom of speech, etc. The sad part is they didn’t join the discussion because there was no ‘discussion’ per se. They needed to pass the class and move on so they did what they had to – don’t buck the teacher. I understand their hesitation – think huge student loans. Going to college is supposed to be discussion on all view points, to make one think things through, learn about the past, compare to the present and kick around ideas on how to do things better for the future. Not so in today’s culture. It’s all about socialism, communism always follows that ideology. If you don’t think so and disagree then look it up and get shocked people. There is a large homeschooling community going on were I live as parents don’t want anything to do with the public school agenda. They said they got tired of reprogramming their children when they came home from school so are teaching them their selves. I say, “More power to them”.

  138. Paladin says

    I am convinced that libs use their heads as suppositories!!!

  139. Ron Green says

    Hey Bennett…..first amendment and Black Lives Matter? what about that?

  140. Gerry Costa says

    This clown is a grad student ???????? Sounds more like he should be in the mentally challenged whiner club . Also — whoever said Duke was one of the most respected universities in the country ?????

  141. Sapperboy says

    “The Chronicle, the grad student claims that free speech is just another tool of white power.” Funny I thought the 1st amendment has been made redundant by the lefts Political Correctness. Yes and words do hurt and liberals are at their best when flinging insults, calling names and lying, People like this Carpenter do not deserve to live in a free society.

  142. Joe Sam says

    why go to collage to become a jacka– when you can stay home and not spend your parents money and do the same thing he he .

  143. PB says

    Ok when did we stop teaching our kids that words only hurt your feelings they don’t and can’t physically hurt you. Some way we have raised a bunch of pussies.

  144. rj says

    The communist are every where among us!

  145. nevergiveup says

    Twisted thinking. Twisting it into calling it white power.

  146. Kathie Stroder says

    Absolutely ignorant!

  147. ABO says

    This is absolute, unarguable, undeniable proof of the abject stupidity of the left.

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