Ebola Confusion – Does Anyone Know What’s Going On?


Even with the entire civilized world focused on stopping Ebola, the spread of the disease in West Africa continues unabated. This weekend, the number of confirmed cases exceeded 10,000. Roughly half of all infected people wind up dying from the disease. There is a great deal of uncertainty still about how the disease is spread, even as American health officials insist that they know everything there is to know about contamination and communicability.

Virus Can Live up to 50 Days on Surfaces

Consider a research study from 2010, which points out that certain strains of the virus can live on surfaces for up to fifty days after contact. This is certainly not the kind of risk the CDC wants us to buy into, repeatedly assuring Americans that they can’t catch the disease on a bus or in a bowling alley. Governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo have come under harsh backlash in the last few days over their short-lived quarantine policies, but maybe they have it right. Until we’re 100% certain that people returning from infected countries aren’t spreading this disease through the populace, maybe extreme measures are just what the doctor ordered.

Quarantined Nurse a CDC Fellow

That there are elements of government cover-up in play is beyond question. The only real question is how deeply the cover-up goes. News hit just this week that Kaci Hickox, the nurse who made all the noise about her quarantine, is an Obama supporter, a left-wing advocate, and is in the middle of a 2-year fellowship with the CDC. In light of this news, you have to take her vicious language regarding the Republican-backed quarantine with a grain of salt.

Method of Transmission

After being pressed on the issue, the CDC has been forced to admit that Ebola can be transmitted through the air by way of sneezing. Even then, though, they claim that there is only a three-foot danger zone. This conflicts with research from MIT, where researchers proved a sneeze can reach people up to 20 feet away.

The bottom line is that the CDC and the Obama administration is playing games with the lives of Americans. Trying desperately to keep a lid on the panic – at least until the midterm elections are over – they refuse to tell us the real extent of the danger. Again and again, they’ve been caught falsely minimizing the risks of an Ebola outbreak, even as infections in Africa continue to grow at an exponential rate.

There are reasons to question the effectiveness of quarantines. There are reasons to keep calm. But this continual attempt to admit only as much about Ebola as they’re forced to is actively hurting the country. More than ever, we need leaders who are willing to put aside politics. We need leaders who can shoot straight with the American people, consequences be damned. Unfortunately, those kinds of leaders are not to be found in the current administration.

President Obama has dropped the ball more times that anyone can count, but this is his chance to make a stand. If he misses it, and this thing becomes a real American epidemic, he truly will have earned his spot as the country’s worst president.

  1. Yadja says

    The answer is in the WH and all his puppet masters know the scheme and the plan. Like Hitler did the Jews in with propaganda and hate O is doing Conservatives and Christians in with the same. When the Democrat Party leaders say that the GOP is worse than Ebola and call the Tea Party a terrorist group that is the ticket they are using for the final blow to us.

    The millions of illegals he is going to legalize are Democrat sure fire voters, the Blacks he has riled-up to believe that all GOP hate them and the Race Card he has played he is raking us over the coals and are backsides will be toast if we don’t get the Senate or our Reps don’t Impeach him.

    1. pmbalele says

      I know you Yadja were brain-washed when young. But now you’re grown-up. Please think for yourself not what your granny or TPs told you. I told you Obama and his team are on top of Ebola. Look all those who were infected have recovered. Of course Duncan perished. This was because of racist Texans who abandoned him for his race.

      1. Linda DeRouen says

        Who is “brain washed” here?

        1. pmbalele says

          Did you ask who is brain washed? The Repubs and TPs who will be under Sharia law if they vote for TP or Repub candidates. And I see you as a little girl. You will be their slave when you grow up. You know women unders sharia law dress. You will be forced to have 10 kids you cannot support.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Don’t you think any women will vote Republican?

          2. pmbalele says

            If I were a woman I would never vote for TPs or Repubs. They look down on women as airheads. I am Black -I am not going to vote for Repubs or TPs. Never.

      2. Jena Smith says

        pmbalele…You are a low-information citizen. You only know what the democrats tell you. One of these days, you will realize what the truth is.

        1. pmbalele says

          Please do not regret after you vote for these TPs and Repubs on Tuesday. They will make sure you’re their slave. You will walking with your head down -completely controlled by these morons. Good luck

          1. mac12sam12 says

            It’s the democrats that want to run every aspect of your life, not Republicans.

          2. pmbalele says

            You will be soooorie if Repubs and TPs recapture Congress and Senate. Just ask people in Wisconsin what they are going through with Walker -the TPs. Walker is making Wisconsin Sharia state.

          3. fred says

            you are a disinformation agent, Walker has leveled the playing field for the first time since the BIG depression in his state! you are a moron, who is working for the controllers! screw off now!

          4. Jena Smith says

            Already voted and proud of it.

      3. Yadja says

        I don’t remember meeting you bubba but then I have met those of your ilk and ignore them like the plague.

        My mother and grand were POWs for the duration of WWII. On my mothers side all fought Communism and paid a heavy price for it. My father American and was in the Death March so don’t even go there with me you are so inadequately equipped mentally to spar with me……I feel sorry for you.

        If someone had come to this country infected with Ebola and been a terrorist he would have been flogged for bringing biological warfare to this country.

        That is what O needs.

        1. pmbalele says

          I know you told me before -I remember and I am proud you have been in the military. But you’re in a wrong party. TPs and Repubs are feeding you with racist lies to hate Blacks. Wake up- You’re now grown up woman. You’re gaining nothing hating Blacks.

          1. Yadja says

            Oh Lordy, Lordy, Lordy you are such an insipid example of the problems in America.

            Put something in your noggin other than BS.

          2. pmbalele says

            Listen to me. I am older than you. Please vote for Democrats on November 4. These TPs and Repubs will enslave you. Wake up Yadja.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Do you know what’s getting really old? The race card. People like you see everything through the prism of race are usually the racists. Are you a liberal, or a skin head?

          4. pmbalele says

            The race card is not getting old if it’s not affecting you. Ask Bill Orielly of FoxNews. He was discussion race in employment with Tavis Smiley. Repubs and TPs think this country will go back to the 50s and 60s when Blacks were nothing.

          5. mac12sam12 says

            I saw that interview with Smiley and if you noticed they were both in agreement. Yes, the race card has been beaten to death, that’s all the left does, divide people, and it’s never been worse since Obama became president fueling the fire more than once. If you look at FBI stats it appears that it’s the blacks who are far more racist. Black on white crime is 15-1 over white on black crime. Maybe Obama should be addressing that statistic.

          6. pmbalele says

            It’s a fact TPs have made this country racially polarized since 2010 when they had rallies in DC. They had been hurt that the WH was occupied by people of color. These good-for-nothing TPs morons lied that they were after tax cuts – bs. They were a disgruntled bunch of losers. Well, they won government jobs in 2011. We did not see them again. Now we will see how they stake on November 4.

          7. mac12sam12 says

            It’s people like you that keeps the racial divide alive. It’s also people like you that see everything through the prism of race, you’re projecting your own racism. The Tea Party, Taxed Enough Already. It’s not about color, it’s about the most far left failed president in history. During his administration poverty has doubled. There’s now as many women working as there are on food stamps. 300,000 a week apply for unemployment (BLS) The only losers are those who support his failed policies, and LONG LIVE THE TEA PARTY!!

          8. pmbalele says

            Did you read the gas prices today? In my neighborhood it’s $2.60 for regular unleaded. And you’re there still not satisfied that President Obama has gotten us out of hole dug by George Bush and Reagan. What is wrong with you. And You’re telling me it’s not his race. What is it then if gas prices is down that far and unemployment is 5.6%. You have to explain your attitude.

          9. mac12sam12 says

            What does Obama have to do with low gas prices? That’s from drilling on private land and the tar sands, Obama opposes the tar sands, remember? Obama has put us further into a hole. Don’t mention President Bush or President Reagan in the same sentence as obama, he’s not in their league. We have the lowest worker participation rate since the 70’s because of millions of small businesses taxed out of existence. Unemployment isn’t 5.6%. 80% of new hires are part time as well. If you count the people with part time jobs that want full time jobs, the ones who have given up, the real figures would be 15% unemployment. You ignored my bureau of Labor and Statistics numbers as well. 300,000+ a WEEK<< see? a week apply for unemployment. Also, stop with the card. I was brought up in Boston Mass. and my earliest childhood memories were my white and black playmates, school mates, team mates and friends today. I've never said a racial thing in my life and race pimps like you disgust me. Do you even know any black people, race pimp?

          10. pmbalele says

            Are you listening to TP and Repubs radio? That is why you are stuck with 80% of new hires are part time. You’re just like Hamas who think Jews should not live. Hamas are so brain damaged that they think Non-Moslems should not live.

          11. mac12sam12 says

            You think that part time jobs are the norm? Better than nothing, eh? Soon the holiday season part time jobs will begin and you’ll point to a booming economy.

          12. sherrylitchfofd says

            This is America! You are nothing because you choose to be!

          13. pmbalele says

            Sure “this is American.” But you friends TPs and Repubs will abandon you in January 2015. They tricked you with their smooth talk. You fell for their lies. Good luck.

          14. sherrylitchfofd says

            So I guess it was ok for Obama to mislead and lie his way into the WH. Let me guess, because he’s black?

          15. pmbalele says

            President Obama fulfilled what he promised me as voter. Obamacare is in place, jobs are created in private sector; No terrorist morons have hurt us; Bin Laden, Yemen guy and Benghazi guy were brought to justice; ISIS is on run. My life is in greatest shape since I was born. It’s only you racists that are hurting internally. Too bad.

          16. fred says

            You are either a complete fool, or working for someone who is, go back to your demon rat handlers and tell them you didn’t fool anyone here, idiot!

          17. pmbalele says

            Well, please don’t have a heart attack today. You anger will put you in trouble.

          18. sherrylitchfofd says

            The only racist I can see in this conversation is you, pmbalele

          19. pmbalele says

            I cannot be racist. Some of my relatives are light skinned. Most of my friends are White people. In fact i don’t see them as White people, but simply friends.

          20. sherrylitchfofd says

            Really, some of the biggest racist are Obama, Sharpton and Jackson. Are you really going to try to tell me that just because your black you can’ t be racist? LOL. That’s laughable!

          21. pmbalele says

            I heard TPs and Repubs are already whining why President Obama appointed a Black woman as US Attorney General. These morons wanted a White male to be appointed. TPs and Repubs are primitive people living in an advanced country.

          22. sherrylitchfofd says

            Honestly, I don’t give a damn what race they are. All I care about is that they have Americans best interest at heart. I want them to stop taking our constitutional rights away just to satisfy non Americans, If they don’t like American values, then GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY THAT MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND ANCESTERS DIED FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my America back!

          23. pmbalele says

            Did you want others “to get the hell out of your country that your family and friends and ancestors died for? You and I are no Indians. You’re an offspring of immigrants. We better live together in this Country as One Nation under God.

          24. Conservative one says

            No what we want is one who knows the law AND obeys it unlike Holder (speaking of racists). Loretta thinks it okay to seize your personal property without charging you with a crime and without a trial. Not my idea of law abiding. And you should watch your wording as she has not been appointed, she has been NOMINATED. She has weeks to go before you can call it an appointment.

          25. pmbalele says

            Really, I have never seen stupid and dumb people like members in TP or Repub. They vote for their color not for protection of their freedom. Let us wait what these dumb Repubs will do in January. Drink Margaritas and hut office women.

      4. ipsd48 says

        Anyone swallowing the bull coming out of the white house is in no position to claim anyone ELSE is brainwashed.

        1. pmbalele says

          If TPs and Repubs are race-free, why have they dumped Dr. Carson as WH candidate? Now they don’t have any candidate after finding Ted Cruz not eligible for the WH job. So they are telling us Carson is out and without alternative until one White comes out. May be they will hire the stripper -Brown.

          1. Tedski says

            Who the hell are they to determine who is eligible or not, especially after Oasshole and moose where elected by dead people and turdy Demoncraps.

      5. Harvey Schneider says

        Wake UP! Neither of the two nurses who were his primary caregivers were Caucasians. Didn’t you see the Caucasians that treated him weep on the 20/20 interview after he passed? You are like the strawman who didn’t have brain. My guess is that you grew up in a racist household and are from Ferguson, MO.

        1. pmbalele says

          Tell me why the two nurses were racial minorities. Leave the doctor alone-he never visited Duncan. He was ordering the nurses what to do.

      6. davepit1 says

        pmbalele…You are a MORON!!!

        1. pmbalele says

          The word MORON caused Ross Perot to lose election. Watch out your language.

      7. Fedup says

        Thank you for providing the entertainment for the day! That is really funny that you would fall for Sharpton and Jackson’s claim of racism being the cause of Duncan’s death! And here I thought you were a low information voter. Nope! You’re a NO information voter! Obama must be so proud of his little commie minions!

        1. pmbalele says

          Watch your back -there is a Sarah Palin bear. It may jump on you. Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday before 8 pm. And vote with me for Democrats.

          1. Fedup says

            Honey, you couldn’t pay me enough to vote Democrat. Why would I want to see this great country go down in flames with Democrats at the helm? Vote Republican if you want to see this country rise above the ashes otherwise YOU had better start preparing to live under Sharia Law. This Muslim Communist liar in chief needs to be stopped. Remember- liberalism is a mental disease. Go get your head checked out.

          2. pmbalele says

            In Wisconsin we are already in Sharia transition. After election Walker is going to finish changing Wisconsin as Sharia state.

          3. Fedup says

            HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You just get funnier and funnier!! Have you considered being a stand up comedian?

    2. daveveselenak says

      It is a tragedy that the average citizen out here understands what is happening but our supposedly
      oposition party and conserative talking heads are to chicken-shit to say it as you and all of ‘US’ out here not and that is why the well orchestrated destruction of America goes on unabated! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

      1. Yadja says

        I think when I read the history of this country we have gone the way of many civilizations that were destroyed including the Roman Empire. We brought unto ourselves those who are in need but have nothing to give. Tony Blair wanted to change immigration policy to make sure that those who came to England were not just there for asylum but actually had something to contribute.

        We see O bringing in those who not only can not or will not contribute but are a threat to this country. The man is in and of himself the worst threat to America we have had.

  2. Kent2012 says

    It is apparent that no one in the civilian population in the USA knows what is going on…..The CDC is receiving orders from the african pretender to lie to the American Public…clown boy is trying to prop up his image with the folks from his home country in africa and to give the rags enough time to filter some more martyrs through the areas that are most affected and then ship them to the USA….how do you accomplish that ? Well lets see…you can walk in from Mexico, there is no one watching…and you can fly into JFK with ice in your pants and you will pass the temperature test…or you can just drive in from Canada…..oh I forgot you can zoom in on a cigarette boat into Miami…

  3. tomw says

    Maybe we can ask our troops, that are now stranded in Italy, what’s going on. Sending troops to fight a disease is just plain confusing to me.

    1. Kent2012 says

      not if you want to bring them home and have them go to their homes…spread it everywhere…oh of course it helps to have an air head democrapo nurse trying to sue and the governors caving in to kenyan boyo..

      1. tomw says

        They know they can’t just bring these troops home now.

  4. Laddyboy says

    When you look at “agenda 21”, a LOT of this “confusion” and “indifference” are self explanatory. The ‘un’ must be kicked out of America. Their ‘control’ of large areas need to be returned to the States’ control within which they are located. The “APPOINTE” President MUST be removed from office, along with his cronies which he has spread around. Look at the actions to see if that person MUST be removed and prosecuted for their actions. One good example: ‘mr. e. holder’ the current DOJ administrator.

    1. fred says

      The CFR, Bilderbergers, and trilaterals are ALL out to take everything from us, our sovereignty really is at risk unless we reverse course by starting with IMPEACHMENT of the criminal born in kenya occupying OUR wh! Get to work, go vote and send this treasonous sub-human to the cell he deserves!

    2. Mark Clemens says

      Get the UN out of the USA
      Get the USA out of the UN
      The other side of the world needs their help.
      All is quiet in the Western Hemisphere.

  5. JIMBO says

    If our federal reps on both sides of the isle dont do something about The Obama run away government, we are in for some very rough times in many areas of our lives. This imposter has destroyed every thing good about this country and he is getting away with it. There seems to be plenty of evidence against him that someone must be smart enough to put him in jail or deport him back to the shit hole he came from.

    1. pmbalele says

      You’re brain-washed like all Repubs and TPs to think Obama has destroyed this country. Don’t like Obamacare-it is working for me. Were you sad when Bil Laden, Yemen guy and Benghazi guys were captured? How about the economy with unemployment now 5.9%. You have more doctors and nurses now graduating than during Bushes and Reagan combined.

      1. Judie K Kopfman says

        pmbalele: You have me so lost in your rants that I don’t think you are actually comprehending what is going on in Our Country. I’m a long time Independent Voter and paying dearly for my Medicare Secondary Insurance. Glad Obamacare is working for you. As for your unemployment quote of 5.9%, you are aware that so many people aren’t looking anymore because there are actually so few jobs out there or they are working ‘cash under the table’ to be able to take care of their families. They have run out of unemployment benefits, so they cannot be counted in your 5.9%. With your concept that we have more nurses and doctors graduating than before (Bush/Reagan eras), we also have many doctors going into retirement, hospitals closing, lack of community services and still few jobs available for those in higher education.

        1. Jeanne Stotler says

          Judie, like everything else in this administration, the books are cooked to their favor. I’ve seen people in my own family lose jobs and take an early Soc. sec., which comes with a penalty, and like you I pay dearly for my supplement, between what is deducted and what I pay, is almost 1/2 of my benefit, which I worked hard for. pmbalele’s statement about Nurses and Doctors is stupid, I’ve seen what Nurses are learning today and HOW, very little hands on experience, just book learning, most find it isn’t their field when they get on floors, Doctor’s are refusing medicare and in some instances Medicare patients, a lot are doing fee for service practices. Hospitals are either merging into BIG medical corporations, which was found years ago, not furnishing good medical care as the $$ are their main concern. As a Ret. Nurse I shudder with what is happening, We need to go back to being able to give GOOD medical care, not looking at who or who can’t pay, we used to have free clinics, food banks, but now an American citizen is out of luck as illegals are taking over.

        2. pmbalele says

          Did you say Our Country? You mean it is not mine? I am sorry for you. You still think this country is for White people only. Now as for unemployment which is 5.9% you tell me why other people can’t find jobs when jobs are everywhere posted. In Wisconsin employers are paying people to find them workers. Those who don’t have jobs are simply lazy. Look at the unemployment line. Most have suits and women have make up. And when you hire these TPs and Repubs they will dump you the next day because they are fat. These are TPs and Repubs want to hire aliens. Their job is go to the Bahamas, Jamaica and Malaysia for fresh women. Would you hire Newt of Gov. Sanford? But Repubs elected these people.

          1. Jo Montana says

            My dear fellow American. It does not matter what color your skin is. White,black, purple, yellow….lunatics come in all colors!

          2. pmbalele says

            Did you hear Repubs and TPs little jesus -Bill Orielly say today? Bill agreed there is still White old-boy netword which excludes Black from employment, housing, credit and education. Call FoxNews and listen what Bill O said.

          3. Jo Montana says

            Like I said…Lunatics come in all colors. 🙂

          4. pmbalele says

            That is exactly what Wisconsin workers called me on 2010 when they elected Walker. The next day the same people who had called me names came to me crying: “We wish we had listened to you. We elected a tyrant and monster.” It was too late. Now they have forgotten and especially women in Wisconsin. They will be under Sharia law – wearing a Burga dress.

          5. Jo Montana says

            The only answer to this life is to give it all to God. The world is changing at the speed of light. Out of control..frightening…
            The only peace or rest can be found in God himself! Stand up for what is wrong,keep fighting…
            It seems as if all the lunitics are taking over but God is still in control.
            Trust him.

          6. pmbalele says

            You’re rigjht. These Repubs and TPs have renounced Pope Francis as a friend. They are now are telling us the Pope is a socialist. So these morons in Congress voted down the Pope. Would you believe some TPs and Repubs are Catholics. I am sure they will go to hell when they died from this earth. Not God will welcome them in heaven.

      2. joe haire says

        Unemployment is 23% not 5.9%. You forgot to count all of those who are no longer being counted because they ran out ofbenefits or stopped looking for work.There are 92.6 million able bodied people out of work. That’s almost 33% of the population. Go crawl back under your Marxist rock!!

        1. pmbalele says

          You have been listening to Foxnews and Personal Liberty too much. They are brain-washing you. Wait until you elect TPs and Repubs on Tuesday. You will find you’re a slave. Good luck.

      3. Jena Smith says

        pmbalele… Obamacare is bust. It falls right in there with all the other crap that has come out of this administration…VA scandal, Fast & Furious scandal, IRS scandal, NSA scandal and the numerous ethical violations. Brainwashed? I don’t think so. Unlike you, I stay informed. Try the truth, it will set you free.

        1. pmbalele says

          Jana, I know TPs and Repubs have been lying to you all this time and you have let them do so. You must be one of those who went to DC to picket against Obamacare. Do you know so called scandals ie VA scandal, Fast & Furious scandal, IRS scandal, NSA scandal were inflamed by Repubs and FoxNews because the President and AG happened to be Blacks. Too bad you listened listened. TPs and Repubs are liars. You remember in 2012 they lied Romney was ahead by 5 points. He lost. Think for yourself and let me know later you’re voting Democrat.

        2. fred says

          Sorry to say it Jena, but pm is a LOST cause, who is simply a PAWN of the criminals in the ruling elite, and doing what they tell her based on zero facts! Don’t waste your time trying to help, she’s too far gone!

      4. ipsd48 says

        Only way obamcare is ‘working ‘ for you is if you’re on medicaide……which you COULD have been on before.
        Obama did little to capture anyone. That was the work of our military……and where the credit belongs.
        Unemployment? With more than 92 MILLION unemployed and millions MORE UNDER employed, those figures make better fertilizer than statistics.
        And EXPERIENCED doctors are LEAVING the industry. In many cases the best you can find is a nurse practioner.

        1. pmbalele says

          Yes Obamacare is working for my family. Bin Laden would have not been captured is Obama said No. Bush was a coward not to order SEAL. Bush wanted oil from Saudi Arabia where Bin Laden was born. Unemployment is down to 5.9% whether you like it or not. You’re lying doctors are leaving the industry. They are leaving because new doctors are graduating from college as a result of President Obama policy. So old doctors have to leave. After all old doctors have made so much money – they are leaving for Jamaica, Sandals, Malyasia for new women.

      5. Karen Gaddy says

        There would have been no need to arrest a “Benghazi guy” several years after the fact, it odumbo had done his job in the first place and sent the extra security requested, and assistance when the embassy was under attack from the terrorists. Instead he covered up by changing the dialogue and interfering with the investigation until he thought it was irrelevant. IT WILL NEVER BE IRRELEVANT! Nixon was impeached for a MUCH LESS severe cover up than this. Odumbo could not hold Nixon’s jock strap, and that is about one of the worst things I can say about this creep.

        1. pmbalele says

          You have been listening to your little Foxnews jesus – Bill Orielly. Bill caused Congress to spend $4 mil to appoint a special committee to investigate Benghazi when Obama has already captured the dummy. Stop listening to that bald headed racist – Bill Orielly.

      6. mac12sam12 says

        Everyone that’s subsidized likes the ACA. Unemployment at 5.9% and yet we have the lowest worker participation rate since the 70’s, 80% of new hires are part time. 300,000+ a week apply for unemployment (BLS). 5.9% is bogus.

        1. pmbalele says

          You’re listening to TPs, Repubs and FoxNews all the time. That’s why you’re brain dead.

  6. fred says

    The kenyan chose a jewish lawyer with zero knowledge of the disease, much less basic knowledge from a biology class any middle school child should know, and we are surprised that there is “confusion”!!
    It’s just another act in the LONG line of deception and putting the citizens of our country at risk, bc the criminal born in kenyan doesn’t want to stop flights here from west africa? Are you kidding me!?~ This ALONE is grounds for impeachment and jail time for his crimes against us!

    1. tomw says

      He hired lawyers and IRS agents to handle Obamacare. So, the dual citizen running the Ebola campaign fits.

      1. fred says

        Didn’t know the lawyer creep running ebola was a dual citizen. Is he a canadian, or? Yeah i get your point about every person this illegal alien from kenya hires is totally not qualified for the job he appoints them to, look at Kagan and Sotomayor, both HUGE socialists at least, the first on our supreme court to my knowledge! I wonder if we can give them a pink slip when he is shown to be a FRAUD and prosecuted for his MANY crimes against OUR country??

        1. Robert Young says

          Do you truly believe that will ever happen?

  7. pmbalele says

    We know President Obama is working hard to save all of us from Ebola. If these dumb TPs and Repubs don’t like it they can jump in the lake.

  8. WhiteFalcon says

    Hickox is a damnd fool. The CDC are damnd fools, and of course Ovomit and his
    entire bunch of slime balls are damnd fools. The CDC doesn’t have a clue about
    how Ebola is spread and they have just in the past week or so figured out that
    it is much more dangerous than they knew. Ebola has been around for many years.
    Why doesn’t the CDC know something about it? Why haven’t they figured out how to
    stop it? The answer lies in the fact that they are nothing more than politicians
    because they are a Government bureaucracy and therefore you can pretty safely
    assume that they aren’t as competent as they should be. Our Government is
    composed mostly of morons, liars, and thieves.

  9. Jean says

    The enemy always wants to confuse. Obama is the primary ENEMY of the USA at this time.

  10. guest says

    Confusion like this is what you get when you have no competent leader at the top! I think the nurse in Maine is a tool of this administration and the CDC too. She acts just like a spoiled liberal would. We need competency at the top, badly.

  11. Robert Young says

    Ebola has been around at least since 1977. In 1995 the DOD conducted a study on weaponized grade Ebola. The results have been declassified and can be procured. In 2010, another study conducted by the DOD on weaponized grade Ebola was done. It also had been declassified and the results can be procured. The information given to the American public by the CDC conflicts greatly with these studies both on the different ways Ebola can be transmitted and the length of time the virus can live on contaminated surfaces. To protect American Citizens in the United States I believe that all air travel from Ebola infected Countries should be prohibited. Anyone, including U.S. Citizens, health care personnel, politicians and Government employees, military personnel,and anyone else who could have been exposed to Ebola must, upon return to U.S. soil be immediately quarantined for a minimum of 21 days. If you don’t want to be quarantined, don’t visit infected Countries.

  12. Mark Clemens says

    Mark Clemens’ Ebola Advice:
    If you meet anyone who’s just got here from a Ebola infested nation. Don’t be Politically Correct, Don’t worry about good manners. As soon as you find out said person came from West Africa, TURN AND RUN LIKE HELL. This might be your only chance to avoid the virus.
    Obama and the Ebola Czar say if you do catch Ebola, there is a speck of good news; YOU CAN ONLY CATCH EBOLA ONE TIME…,…..
    Y’all be careful out there!!!!

  13. adrianvance says

    For anyone to say that Ebola cannot be transmitted as an aerosol in a sneeze or even heavy breath it asinine. That is the story of this Administration.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for ammunition.


    Obamas mission within America is to decimate America and Americans from
    within and that’s what he has done thanks to the mindless gutless
    bloodless communist eurasian helping hands that conspired to put him and
    keep him in The White House until his job is done. Obama must be
    removed from America by force only, as force is all that will work to
    destroy this evil enemy terror agent from across the ocean.

  15. gingergirl says

    I don’t quite understand. . . for about three weeks now, they have been reporting that there are nearly 10,000 cases of Ebola, and approximately 5000 deaths. (Usually they say just under 5,000). Does that mean that there are no new cases, and the number of deaths has remained the same for about 3 weeks? That would be a good thing, but I wonder just how much real news we are getting? This is not panic or hysteria, this is a desire to know what is really going on. . . .

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