Education Dept: Minorities Suspended More Than Whites


According to a new survey by the Department of Education, public schools suspend minority students at higher rates than white students. The Civil Rights Data Collection survey found that even in preschool, the racial suspension gap is statistically significant. Black students nationwide are nearly four times more likely to be suspended than whites and twice as likely to be expelled.

Education Secretary John King said the problem “tears at the moral fabric of the nation.” He vowed: “We will not compromise away the civil rights of all students to an excellent education.”

The subject of disparate suspension rates has been a hot topic for the last few years, leading many of the country’s largest school districts to require approval from the superintendent before a teacher or principal can suspend a minority student. In Los Angeles, suspensions for “willful defiance” were banned altogether in 2013, bringing the overall suspension rate from 8% down to 0.55%. This drop, presumably, is seen as a victory for racial justice.

But what the survey does not – can not, in fact – tell us is whether or not these disparate suspension rates are matched with disparate behavioral infractions. In other words, are black students being suspended for things that earn white students a slap on the wrist or are black students simply committing suspension-worthy acts at a much higher rate than their white peers? And if the latter is true, wouldn’t the problem be with black behavior and not school reaction?

Alas, we have moved into the era of over-correction. Current liberal thought says that because white America has a history of racism, minorities can no longer shoulder any responsibility for their own actions. This theory now governs efforts to change school discipline, the justice system, housing law, employment law, and virtually every other area of American life. If, in any area, whites are doing better than minorities, the only acceptable explanation is systemic racism.

All right, so what about those minorities who somehow manage to defy the odds, beat the system, and succeed in spite of all this lingering white supremacy? Don’t they stand as proof of the fact that you can make it in America regardless of what some might call disadvantages?

No, no. These are just statistical anomalies. And if you happen to be one of those successful minorities, don’t you dare take pride in your accomplishments. Delivering the commencement speech at Howard University this year, President Obama told the majority-black graduating class:

“Yes, you’ve worked hard, but you’ve also been lucky.  That’s a pet peeve of mine:  People who have been successful and don’t realize they’ve been lucky.  That God may have blessed them; it wasn’t nothing you did.”

Fail, it’s not your fault. Succeed, it’s not to your credit. Either way, your destiny is determined by your circumstances.

It’s an ugly, un-American message, but without it, the Democratic Party wouldn’t exist.

  1. David Stewart says

    The speech to the Coasties should have been made by some kind of role model, not the world’s greatest loser!

  2. kilfincelt says

    Occasionally, people get lucky but, for the most part, people make their own luck. Furthermore, a lot of people are blessed with various talents but what they do with those abilities determines how well they will succeed in life. We have free will. We can chose to use our gifts or not and even some people who aren’t particularly blessed still succeed through sheer willpower. Apparently, our narcissist-in-chief thinks that he became President because of luck. Maybe he was right because he certainly didn’t have any abilities that qualified him for it.

    Also, “wasn’t nothing” is bad grammar and doesn’t belong in a commencement speech even if it was done to make him more relatable to his audience.

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  3. NoRINO says

    I would like to know what the suspension rates are in mostly minority schools?

  4. Luke says

    Well….who among you don’t believe this typical..

  5. Jjb54 says

    1st – WHY are they suspended?
    … It’s not because they are black, it’s because of an attitude/life issues.

    ……. IE:
    * BLM
    * Disrespect of Authority because of gang expectations.
    * Attention seeking the wrong way.

    If one really wants to help the problem, you have to get to the root of the problem and not just another band aid, that only hides the issue and does not deal with it.

    If you just put a band aid on it, the ROOT problem is not gone and the core problem will only continue and actually get worse!

    1. Dennis says

      A few well placed BULLETS will do the trick !!!

      1. Jjb54 says

        What the hell is going on with people?

        Why would anyone encourage murder? Seriously, Dennis you are proving the point of no respect for life. What you posted is 100% W R O N G.

        1. gotabgood says

          mmm maybe I got you wrong… you sound like you have common sense..

          1. Jjb54 says

            Thanks, I guess?

            I am fighting like hell to keep Common Sense OFF the Endangered list. But it is proving to be a no small battle.

          2. gotabgood says

            Yes I agree, common sense is almost a thing of the past..
            Maybe you will appreciate Trump’s philosophy..
            No facts… just feelings

          3. Scrubjay says

            That is not a philosophy, just sales 101.

            How do you think we got Obama and now Hillary? They offer no real benefits and are totally bereft of solutions.

            Change… First person-who-identifies-as-a-woman President…

          4. gotabgood says

            No real benefits??
            Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act
            Brought unemployment down from 10% to 4%
            Saved and created millions of jobs
            And all this with congress and senate fighting him all the way
            Here is a list……
            1. Ordered all federal agencies to undertake a study and make recommendations for ways to cut spending
            2. Ordered a review of all federal operations to identify and cut wasteful spending and practices
            3. Instituted enforcement for equal pay for women
            4. Beginning the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq
            5. Families of fallen soldiers have expenses covered to be on hand when the body arrives at Dover AFB
            6 Ended media blackout on war casualties; reporting full information
            7. Ended media blackout on covering the return of fallen soldiers to Dover AFB; the media is now permitted to do so pending adherence to respectful rules and approval of fallen soldier’s family
            8. The White House and federal government are respecting the Freedom of Information Act
            9. Instructed all federal agencies to promote openness and transparency as much as possible
            10. Limits on lobbyist’s access to the White House
            11. Limits on White House aides working for lobbyists after their tenure in the administration
            12. Ended the previous stop-loss policy that kept soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan longer than their enlistment date
            13. Phasing out the expensive F-22 war plane and other outdated weapons systems, which weren’t even used or needed in Iraq/Afghanistan
            14. Removed restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research
            15. Federal support for stem-cell and new biomedical research
            16. New federal funding for science and research labs
            17. States are permitted to enact federal fuel efficiency standards above federal standards
            18. Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants) after years of neglect
            19. Funds for high-speed, broadband Internet access to K-12 schools
            20. New funds for school construction
            21 The prison at Guantanamo Bay is being phased out
            22. US Auto industry rescue plan
            23. Housing rescue plan
            24. $789 billion economic stimulus plan
            25. The public can meet with federal housing insurers to refinance (the new plan can be completed in one day) a mortgage if they are having trouble paying
            26. US financial and banking rescue plan
            27. The secret detention facilities in Eastern Europe and elsewhere are being closed
            28. Ended the previous policy; the US now has a no torture policy and is in compliance with theGeneva Convention standards
            29. Better body armor is now being provided to our troops
            30. The missile defense program is being cut by $1.4 billion in 2010
            31. Restarted the nuclear nonproliferation talks and building back up the nuclear inspection infrastructure/protocols
            32. Reengaged in the treaties/agreements to protect the Antarctic
            33. Reengaged in the agreements/talks on global warming and greenhouse gas emissions
            34. Visited more countries and met with more world leaders than any president in his first six months in office
            35. Successful release of US captain held bySomali pirates; authorized the SEALS to do their job
            36. US Navy increasing patrols off Somali coast
            37. Attractive tax write-offs for those who buy hybrid automobiles
            38. Cash for clunkers program offers vouchers to trade in fuel inefficient, polluting old cars for new cars; stimulated auto sales
            39. Announced plans to purchase fuel efficient American-made fleet for the federal government
            40. Expanded the SCHIP program to cover health care for 4 million more children
            41. Signed national service legislation; expandednational youth service program
            42. Instituted a new policy on Cuba, allowing Cuban families to return home to visit loved ones
            43. Ended the previous policy of not regulating and labeling carbon dioxide emissions
            44. Expanding vaccination programs
            45. Immediate and efficient response to the floods in North Dakota and other natural disasters
            46. Closed offshore tax safe havens
            47. Negotiated deal with Swiss banks to permit US government to gain access to records of tax evaders and criminals
            48. Ended the previous policy of offering tax benefits to corporations who outsource American jobs; the new policy is to promote in-sourcing to bring jobs back
            49.. Ended the previous practice of protecting credit card companies; in place of it are new consumer protections from credit card industry’s predatory practices
            50. Energy producing plants must begin preparing to produce 15% of their energy from renewable sources
            51. Lower drug costs for seniors
            52. Ended the previous practice of forbidding Medicare from negotiating with drug manufacturers for cheaper drugs; the federal government is now realizing hundreds of millions in savings
            53. Increasing pay and benefits for military personnel
            54. Improved housing for military personnel
            55. Initiating a new policy to promote federal hiring of military spouses
            56. Improved conditions at Walter Reed Military Hospital and other military hospitals
            57 Increasing student loans
            58. Increasing opportunities in AmeriCorps program
            59. Sent envoys to Middle East and other parts of the world that had been neglected for years; reengaging in multilateral and bilateral talks and diplomacy
            60. Established a new cyber security office
            61. Beginning the process of reforming and restructuring the military 20 years after the Cold War to a more modern fighting force; this includes new procurement policies, increasing size of military, new technology and cyber units and operations, etc.
            62. Ended previous policy of awarding no-bid defense contracts
            63. Ordered a review of hurricane and natural disaster preparedness
            64. Established a National Performance Officer charged with saving the federal government money and making federal operations more efficient
            65. Students struggling to make college loan payments can have their loans refinanced
            66. Improving benefits for veterans
            67. Many more press conferences and town halls and much more media access than previous administration
            68. Instituted a new focus on mortgage fraud
            69. The FDA is now regulating tobacco
            70. Ended previous policy of cutting the FDA and circumventing FDA rules
            71. Ended previous practice of having White House aides rewrite scientific and environmental rules, regulations, and reports
            72. Authorized discussions with North Korea and private mission by Pres. Bill Clinton to secure the release of two Americans held in prisons
            73. Authorized discussions with Myanmar and mission by Sen. Jim Web to secure the release of an American held captive
            74. Making more loans available to small businesses
            75. Established independent commission to make recommendations on slowing the costs of Medicare
            76. Appointment of first Latina to the Supreme Court
            77. Authorized construction/opening of additional health centers to care for veterans
            78. Limited salaries of senior White House aides; cut to $100,000
            79. Renewed loan guarantees for Israel
            80. Changed the failing/status quo military command in Afghanistan
            81. Deployed additional troops to Afghanistan
            82. New Afghan War policy that limits aerial bombing and prioritizes aid, development of infrastructure, diplomacy, and good government practices by Afghans
            83. Announced the long-term development of a national energy grid with renewable sources and cleaner, efficient energy production
            84. Returned money authorized for refurbishment of White House offices and private living quarters
            85. Paid for redecoration of White House living quarters out of his own pocket
            86. Held first Seder in White House
            87. Attempting to reform the nation’s healthcare system which is the most expensive in the world yet leaves almost 50 million without health insurance and millions more under insured
            88. Has put the ball in play for comprehensive immigration reform
            89. Has announced his intention to push for energy reform
            90. Has announced his intention to push for education reform

            Oh, and he built a swing set for the girls outside the Oval Office.

            Did I mention he passed health care reform ?

            There are policies that many of us disagree with or wish he would improve or facilitate more quickly, but come on, this is a pretty sweet list.

          5. pappy450 says

            You “forgot” to mention that this a-hole has put the AMERICAN TAXPAYER/Their Kids /Grand Children/ in more DEBT than ALL the other Presidents COMBINED!
            Welcome to OSCUMBAG LAND!

          6. gotabgood says

            You really don’t have a clue do you?
            Source: Treasure Department

          7. kbfallon says


          8. Billy says

            You are absolutely laughable. YOU are the one who hasn’t a clue. Where did you come up with this trash. This must have came straight from Hussein himself.

          9. ward says

            Another college uneducated ass by a stench of socialistic, commie profs… !

          10. gotabgood says

            Is English your first language? Are you still in grade school maybe cannot understand big words yet like “Treasure Department”? It would have to be something like that or you would not have ask this question..
            “Where did you come up with this trash.”

          11. ward says

            Every damned appointed by bo bureau of suck asses are bought off liars by soros the hidden support for bo to acquire his wannabe totalitarian dictator by the NWO of tyrants & you are the duped asinine sucker that believes the muslim’s lies ….. !

          12. gotabgood says

            I thought there were only two known dictators in the US…. One is Snyder from Michigan and the other….

          13. reylaces says

            Sorry you are the one who is clueless..learn to read…

            1 to 2 ..100% 2 to 4 100% Which one is more? % increase says nothing

            Look at the facts attached and get off your high horse..BTW your graph is Bush for 8 years Obummer for 2. at that rate it will be 140%


          14. gotabgood says

            You got me… I am clueless as to what you are talking about..
            1 to 2 ..100% 2 to 4 100%
            BTW your graph is Bush for 8 years Obummer for 2. at that rate it will be 140%

            I went to your website and I do not see anything like you describe… 1 to 2… 2 to 4????? and Obama for 2 years? You chart shows up to 2015.. that is slightly more than 2 years

          15. albaby2 says

            Of course you didn’t notice Bo’s numbersvare for 2009-2011, did you? LOL

          16. gotabgood says

            2009 is still the product of lil’ bush. That month Obama was sworn into office they lost 800,000 more jobs. Obama was a miracle worker, because he did get America afloat again with no help from the right. But even him it took some time. And in this case it took a year. from his first year to his second year he took the country from a minus 2.8 to a plus 2.5 GDP. that is a 5.3 turn around in one year… that is pretty good for anyone…

          17. mac12sam12 says

            Reagan’s GDP AVERAGED 7.1% and Obama’s GDP has never reacherd 3%. A healthy economy grows at least at 5% and his last quarter was .5% LOL!!!!!

          18. gotabgood says

            More lies..

          19. mac12sam12 says

            It’s not a lie. Yahoo search engine, compare Reagan’s GDP to Obama’s GDP, not even close. You can also find out at Forbes Magazine. 7.1% was the AVERAGE!!!

          20. gotabgood says

            Obama vs. Reagan in Five Charts

            NEW YORK ( TheStreet) — Barack Obama should identify with Ronald Reagan’s experiences when opponents question the current president’s first term.
            Three key economic indicators that threaten Obama’s hopes in November posed similar problems during Reagan’s first four years as commander in chief. Reagan ended up winning in one of the largest electoral landslides in U.S. history.

            Unemployment, gross domestic product and S&P 500 performance all weigh on investors and voters as they prepare to select a president, so we tracked each indicator’s quarterly results during Reagan’s and Obama’s first-terms.

            Quarterly unemployment was above 10% at the end of four straight quarters during Reagan’s first term — the worst quarter-ending rate under Obama has been 9.9% — but by May 22, 1984, the rate had dropped to 7.8%, or 0.4 percentage points lower than Obama’s current rate.
            Quarterly gross domestic product growth shows that Reagan oversaw a massive contraction from the first to the second quarter in 1981. When the former president entered office, the United States reported GDP percent change of 8.6% in the first quarter before a dive at -3.2% in the second quarter.
            Obama hasn’t seen that great of a drop, but he entered at a GDP bottom — during his first quarter, it contracted by -6.7%, but slowly crept up to 3.9% growth by the first quarter of his second year.
            Whereas Obama has sat on relatively flat quarter-to-quarter change in GDP, Reagan, after two straight quarters (fourth quarter of his first year, and first quarter of his second year) that saw contraction by -4.9% and -6.4%, enjoyed a healthy explosion. December of 1982 showed 0.3% growth, and by March of 1984 there was an 8% jump.
            Then there’s the health of the stock market as measured by the performance of the S&P 500. A glance at quarter-to-quarter volatility of the index shows a roller coaster of swings for both presidents’ first terms.
            The worst S&P slump during Reagan’s first four years was an 11.5% drop from the June 1981 close to the September 1981 close. But the index gained 16.8% during its most robust period — the end of September 1982 to the December 1982 close.

            By comparison, Obama’s saw the biggest S&P gains early — it jumped 15.2% during the second quarter of his first year. But the S&P has also experienced double-digit losses in two quarters of Obama’s presidency — an 11.9% drop in the second quarter of 2010 and a 14.3% drop in third quarter of 2011.
            The S&P closed on Reagan’s Inauguration Day at 131.65 and it rose to 153.88 by May 22, 1984. That’s a 16.9% gain.
            On Obama’s Inauguration Day, the index finished at 805.22. The index closed at 1,316.63 on Tuesday, marking a 63.4% gain.

          21. mac12sam12 says

            Reagan had a strong economy and a strong GDP. Obama’s unemployment? Count those that have given up looking and it’s 15%, the first president with a net jobs loss record. Most of the jobs for the past 8 years have been part time.

            Reagan’s average GDP was 7.1%. That’s from Forbes and I don’t km=now where you’re getting obama’s made up numbers from Obama’s record low workforce is the lowest since the 70’s because of all the overtaxed, over regulated bankrupted business. 1,200 new regulations this year. The stock market has done well because the FED is printing money and dumping it into Wall Street. Japan did the same thing years ago and went into a ten year recession.

            Obama is the worst president in US history and you’re just an obama clapping seal.

          22. gotabgood says

            Lies and personal opinions that is all you have.

          23. mac12sam12 says

            and you have no retort for my facts. A strong economy grows at least 5%. Obozo never even reached 3%. I’ll say this for Obama, he loves poor people because he’s created so many of them.

          24. gotabgood says

            You have presented NO FACTS! You give me BS and opinions.. grab facts and figures out of the air like flies over a pile of BS.
            You are a waste of time… brain washed is putting it mildly… you can’t be taught anything.. I quit.. you win..

          25. mac12sam12 says

            You obviously don’t know anything about economics. Search engine, Obama’s GDP compared to Reagan’s GDP. The worst economic president in history. The poverty rate, the GDP numbers and the record low workforce proves I’m correct. You lose, loser

          26. albaby2 says

            Figures don’t lie unless liars are doing the figuring. Maybe Obama didn’t do that by himself, he had help!

          27. gotabgood says

            stəˈtistiks/ Submit
            the practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample.
            synonyms: data, facts and figures, numbers, information, details; informalstats
            “recent statistics show an increase in allergic reactions”
            The only help Obama got from the right was negative

          28. albaby2 says

            How much Obama Kool Aid have you been drinking? People can look at the same statistics and come to different conclusions or question the stastistics. For example, does the reduction of the unemployed roles consider those whose unemployment benefits have run put, do they include those who have given up looking for work, include those who have accepted part time jobs at low wages ect?

          29. gotabgood says

            Why does that bother you under Obama? They have been counting the number of unemployed the same way for decades… NOW it bothers you?

          30. albaby2 says

            New accounting methods are devised every time a survey is conducted under a Democratic administration. You can rest assured the results will show what great leaders they are and how much the economy has improved.

          31. gotabgood says

            No that is just plain pure BS.
            As for the economy… it is always the republicans that takes the economy down and then a democrat comes in to get the economy right again… while you sit on the side lines saying we are not recovering fast enough.. all the while you do all in your power to prevent recovery… you are NOT AMERICANS… you are homegrown terrorist that try to take America down from inside. Hoover did it.. Nixon with his HMO’s and fabricated oil crisis, Reagan by training and arming Bin Laden.. deregulating banks and corporation so they can move about the world freely. destroying our farmers. Opening a way to defeat unions to bring wages lower. lil’ bush was the destroyer. put us miles into debt for years to come… tried to destroy Medicare. crashed our housing market.. $20 an hour jobs was quickly replace with minimum wage jobs.
            You don’t like government and each time you are in power you destroy trust and morals of the government…. why don’t you become something that doesn’t require advancement or knowledge…

          32. albaby2 says

            And the Dems recovery is based on printing or borrowing money to finance their “recovery” while saddling future generations with paying the debts and placing a burden on seniors by devaluating their savings via inflation and extremely low to non-existent savings rates. Morals of the Government? LOL Surely you are not referring to Democrats as moral! Your ignorance and lack of logic testify to your party affiliation.

          33. gotabgood says

            Yes the Democrats have always cleaned up your messes…. you are terrible at governing.. stick to a business where ALL you look at is the bottom line if you made money or not.. that is your field… of course you would have to be regulated or you would all turn into this guy..
            Meet the most despised man in the world: Global outrage as 32-year-old ex-hedge funder buys rights to AIDS drug and promptly raises price overnight by 5500% – from $13.50 to $750.00 per pill
            Read more:
            And like I said before it was lil’ bush borrowed his whole term, paid for nothing.. lost a 12 billion dollars in CASH!!! Misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars. How can you misplace 2.3 trillion dollars????????
            See that is how the Republicans run a government……. THEY CAN’T… THEY DON’T KNOW HOW!!!!

          34. albaby2 says

            So you’re sayong that the hedge fund guy is representativev of all Republicans? Chelsea Clinton married a hedge fund manager but I bet he is a good guy.

          35. gotabgood says

            Without regulation and you are greedy as this guy proved himself to be, then anybody can be a bad guy.
            BUT, bad guys… greedy guys seem to run a muck in the rightwing circles.

          36. albaby2 says

            You mean Soros, the Hollywood crowd etc are right wing?

          37. gotabgood says

            And this is what Rumsfeld MISPLACED!!!!
            How in this God created green earth could any one misplace this!!!!

          38. albaby2 says

            What’s the story behind the cartoon?

          39. gotabgood says

            that is to give you a visual of what 1 trillion dollars looks like.. notice a man is standing along side lower left corner.
            Rumsfeld misplaced 2.3 times the amount shown… just vanished… not to be found or accounted for.

          40. Karl May says

            The housing market was destroyed by liberals when they decreed loans had to be made to people who couldn’t afford them and spread the cost to working americans. Hillary’s bankers did the rest . . . still waiting to hear what was in her quarter million a pop speeches to the fat cats.

          41. gotabgood says

            So far everything you have wrote to me has been wrong or a lie.
            This was made in October 2002… before the Democrats took congress, still in his first term…. he destroyed the housing market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          42. mac12sam12 says

            Forbes Magazine called Obama the worst economic president in US history. Obama has also spent more than all the presidents combined. Your numbers are bogus.

          43. gotabgood says

            I give you a chart from the Treasure Department..
            You give me squat!
            SO I am to believe your facts and figures that you pulled directly out of your azz over a known good source?
            Now who is smoking dope?? Or maybe that is your intelligence shining through.
            Leftwing is not so gullible as the rightwing… we check things out… see we actually know that Medicare comes from the government

          44. Karl May says

            Just another example of how corrupt this administration has become . . . the liar directs and the bureaucracy rolls over . . . that’s what’s so transparent. Case in point: A kindergarten kid can see from what’s been made public for more than a year that Hillary Clinton has violated the law . . . and we won’t hear that before the next election just like the truth about Benghazi was kept from the people in 2012!.

          45. gotabgood says

            With all your made-up scandals!!
            DOJ has said your wrong! on IRS after 2 years of investigation
            SCOTUS said ObamaCare is good…. TWICE
            YOUR CONGRESS said no wrong doing at Benghazi 12 times

            You are lying by denying the findings of our court system from your Congress to your SCOTUS and from the DOJ.

            You have to face up to the fact…. YOU ARE WRONG!!!
            and not to admit that makes you a liar!

          46. justagramma says

            That is deceptive and a little funny. Statistics lie. Dem party lies. Doubling one trillion to two is different from from doubling 10 trillion to 20 trillion….which is the ACTUAL increase under Obama. Reagan raised it one trillion, Obama raised it 10 trillion. MY source is the US Treasury, published by the Washington Post, not the Democratic Leader, 5 years ago!!!! Try to be honest.

          47. gotabgood says

            You being a grandma and all .. maybe you can remember when gas was 19 cent a gallon.. or you could go to the movies, popcorn and a soda for under a dollar… that is called inflation. What a dollar was when Reagan was president is not the same as what a dollar is today!
            as for your source… maybe you will share the website with me…. and I don’t mean the home page where you have to search what you are telling me… but you go to the exact website you want me to read.And by the way statistics DON’T LIE!!
            stəˈtistiks/ Submit
            the practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample.
            synonyms: data, facts and figures, numbers, information, details; informalstats
            “recent statistics show an increase in allergic reactions”

          48. justagramma says

            Maybe the percent of GDP would be the best measure. You loste on that one too.

            I have taken statistics and know how they can be manipulated to make a point on one side and the same data can be arranged to appear to support the opposite if the reader does not have critical thinking skills. For example: graphs showing only 100 years of temperature change. A graph of 100 million years proves another point. The website was Washington Post.

          49. gotabgood says

            “I have taken statistics and know how they can be manipulated”
            If you manipulate… then you are NOT using statistical facts and figures… you are lying! and adding your own figures, which are NOT statistics at all… can’t have it both ways Grandma!
            I am afraid your approach on global warming is the same. millions of years ago, there were no standards as we have today. They look at ice core samples. And with each ice age and melt down, it destroys the first evidence of anything. So at best you can go back to the last ice age and get readings from that… not before… because those evidences melted and washed into the sea, to be mingled with the tides and currants from many different land masses.

          50. justagramma says

            They know that there were no ice caps during the Jurassic Period and that the CO2 was much higher than today.

            As for polling you can ask questions like “Dems are dishonest a) agree b) somewhat disagree C) strongly disagree.” Then proclaim that 50 % agree that Dems are dishonest and 30% strongly disagree, ignoring the other 20%. It isn’t lying but it is a faulty poll, with questions designed to get a certain slant.

          51. gotabgood says

            “They know that there were no ice caps during the Jurassic Period and that the CO2 was much higher than today.”
            whether there was or wasn’t ice caps then, makes no difference. What I am saying is, they cannot measure anything before the last ice age.. whether it was a 100,000 years ago or 1,000,000,000 years ago. The reason they can measure amounts of CO2 now in the glaciers is because… THEY ARE THERE! If they melted all the evidence is gone… so they cannot check anything before the last melt. So anything, as you say “no ice caps during the Jurassic Period”, then anything before that is speculation and guessing.
            I have read the last ice age was anywhere from 11.700 years ago to 20,000 years ago.
            Asking the question how long ago was there no ice on earth… I get many answers, but all basically say the same thing, which is; “But in fact there have been many ice ages, most of them long before humans … when tropical temperatures extend to the poles and there are no ice sheets”.. so the answer is many.
            Now as for your polls… polling is worlds apart from working with statistics. Polling is based on opinions, and like Trump, they change from week to week and sometimes a lot sooner. And like you say… you can bait them to say what you want, which is also dishonest.
            Statistic are proven facts and figures and data,
            The statistics of AZ temperatures in the summer show it will be around 100*. The facts and figures to not change, but you can add them up over a period of a 3 month period and come up with an average.
            History cannot be changed, although some are trying to rewrite history, but that is a lie. and will never be the truth or the facts… I don’t care how many accept the new version.. it is still a lie!

          52. Karl May says

            The math is pretty simple really . . . $9 Trillion before the Muslim Liar, $21 Trillion next year! You do the math . . .

          53. gotabgood says

            When congress passes the budget, it is for money already spent. so in your own words the first year AFTER bush was the money lil bush had spent had spent!! You say 21 trillion… ever seen a trillion dollars? Me neither, but here is what one trillion dollars looks like, in fact to put it in perspective… have a look at a billion first.

          54. Laddyboy says

            gotabgood; WAKE UP!!!! Come back from La-La-Land. Stop drinking the

          55. gotabgood says

            First glance I thought your name was LadyBoy… maybe it still is and you just misspelled it!!??
            You have to be able to read and comprehend what you read before you can understand..

          56. Billy says

            Maybe YOU should learn to spell. Speaking of Ladies, are you one of those “Freaks” that your FA66OT president is attempting to push into real “Ladies” restrooms ? Maybe that’s why you have your head so far up his butt.

          57. gotabgood says

            You and LadyBoy have a thing going?
            Not judging… you are entitled to live your life the way you want. I hope you feel the same way…

          58. Laddyboy says

            First off, you need to know the ENGLISH alphabet before you can know HOW to read English. It appears you are having a rough time of that, let alone comprehending straight ENGLISH sentences. End of lecture and end of contact. Have a blessed life in Christ. Bye!!!!!!

          59. Jarhead says

            gotabgood is a PC Troll and likely on PCP or Cocaine?

          60. fcutch says

            Your out of your freaking mind. Your examples don’t even warrant a response

          61. gotabgood says

            Then don’t respond… so simple, I thought you could figure that out all by yourself.
            Your too dumb to be taught anything..

          62. fcutch says

            Eat sh!t and die a$$wipe

          63. Susan E. Filippini says

            Using filthy language certainly tells people who and what you are and aren’t.

          64. fcutch says

            Stick it where the sun does nt shine Suzie

          65. Susan E. Filippini says

            Peope might respect your opinions were you to use s filthy language, and it is ‘Susan.’

          66. Billy says

            How could someone NOT respond to your ignorant, senseless garbage. It’s so stupid that anyone with an IQ above 70 cannot resist responding.
            Maybe you should fire up the crack pipe again and stop making a fool of yourself.

          67. gotabgood says

            You took time out of your busy schedule to tell me WHAT?????
            How compassionate and caring the rightwing is? How you are full of facts and just over flowing with eagerness to share it with me?

          68. Susan E. Filippini says

            Obviously, you, nor your immediate family serve in the armed forces, the border patrol, the police or any other law enforcement agency trying to protect this nation.

          69. fcutch says

            Marines. Afghanistan/ 2001 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit. Where were you?

          70. Susan E. Filippini says

            Every generation of my family going back before the Revolution has served in the army—including myself and, my husband and daughter. Delighted that you served in one war and am greatful for that.

          71. Susan E. Filippini says

            I too am an Army Veteran. My husband is retired and served in Vietnam, Granada and Desert Storm as a Ranger and special operator. I stayed home and raised my children and worried that my husband would come home in a body bag. Our entire family served!

          72. Elizabeth Davis says

            How come you did not mention the cut in pay to the military and changes their insurance for retired men and women that served their country and were told they would get health insurance for life My son served for 21 years. He was in El Salvador, Honduras, Saudi and other places and now they are changing his insurance because of Obama care and will cost them thousands of dollars more. In my job I see different people and one military person I spoke with said they were trying to cut their combat pay. maybe if he goes to Mexico and wades the Rio Grande and come back as illegal he can get all the benefits he want. By the way are they still studying how to cut waste and spending or are they so dumb they can’t figure it out . The best solution is to stop spending how hard is that.

          73. ward says

            Sure as hell did not mention the destruction to U.S. Borders & National Security so bo can have his new populace of illegal foreigners & muslims to build his wannabe dictatorship in the NWO of hell .. ! While bo destroys the U.S. Patriots Constitutional Freedom & Rights we have to support these “gotabe” stupid commie asses that are using U.S. Freedom & Rights they do not deserve to internally destroy the U.S. with bo’s illegal E.O.’s & a sure hell with hilt or bern !

          74. gotabgood says

            I do not know about changes to healthcare. I do know there are emails floating around about the healthcare and are totally false!
            As for combat I am afraid you have been duped by the rightwing media again.
            Claim: A new White House policy eliminates combat pay for U.S. military personnel “unless they are being shot at.”


            Our country was set up government for the people, by the people… unfortunately, it is based on the majority. When families live together they don’t always agree on maybe even several topics… now set the scene as a nation trying to get all to agree on any topic. Impossible!
            As for Healthcare, I can show you stories where the people owe their life to ACA. You can tell me stories where some one pays more. Generally ACA was to get the uninsured, insured. If all the states had signed up for this, things would have gone a lot smoother and everyone would have benefited. Until the day Jesus comes back… not everyone will be happy with the way things are.
            The rightwing is/was pretty happy with the insurance the way it was and seen no reason for change.
            Liberals had a different view, they thought it was wrong for a cap on coverage, they thought it was wrong to be denied coverage for a preexisting condition. They also thought it was wrong to be kicked off coverage at the time you needed it the most.
            One other thing that you would think everyone would be happy about is, the insurance companies have to prove that 80% of premiums are going for healthcare and not their pockets.
            Spending is what creates our economy.. supply and demand… people have money, the demand goes up. The government in spite of what the rightwingers say.. do create jobs and many of them. from roads, bridges and dams to national parks to public libraries… not forgetting about our first responders..

          75. Elizabeth Davis says

            number one the media did not tell me about the cut to military pay It came from an active duty soldier and the insurance came from a retired military that was having to change his insurance. as far as combat pay it has always when in a military conflict. How are you not being shot at if you are in a military conflict I am not talking about military that is state side Look at the VA . Who should know any better than the ones being victimized. So don’t blame the media for that , number two: what happens to Obama care when all the insurance co decide not to participate? It goes to government socialized medicine run by the government and who pays for it an example butter does not just come from the store but it has to come from the cow does not the government money come from the working people and companies that create the jobs. Oh I know every business and I do agree they themselves bonuses and etc. to much according to their worth. but if they do not make a profit why would they work and stay in business and have jobs for the people I did not say the government does not create jobs they do and I am not against those but those are jobs the government create jobs that the working people pay for. But if the private sector does not create jobs we are back to a social/ communism type government, which has never lasted.

          76. gotabgood says

            I do not want to say your friend doesn’t know what he is talking about… each person has their own story to tell. ObamaCare has helped millions of people, there maybe a few thousand that was hurtful… I do not know these to be a fact. Because the rightwing tells lies, they make phony movies, they hire actors to play a part they want to influence one way or another. Trump knowingly stood up in front of God, people and TV and told everyone about his products and they were all lies!
            I do not believe opinions or stories of what happened to their neighbors daughter who lives in another state, but she worked with a person that their neighbor told them of a story of their cousin who died because of ObamaCare… I say BS!
            As for health insurance I gave you a source.. that is all I know.
            “what happens to Obama care when all the insurance co decide not to participate? It goes to government socialized medicine run by the government”
            We spend the biggest part of the Governments income on which the people of the USA and most other countries think is the most effective in the world, that is our military. So if our government can produce the finest in the world military, then why can’t it produce the finest in the world healthcare?? IT CAN!! and will!!!
            Medicare has been around a few years and I might add the rightwing was and are against it… but most people on it, does not want to give it up. it is cheaper than any other program and if you privatize it, then profit enters the picture, which means you pay more or get less coverage. If people would get behind Medicare, it very easily could become the best in the world. But you have the rightwing against anything that involves change… they hate science, SS, Medicare, Unemployment insurance, welfare, ACA… ANYTHING that helps people….. THEY FIGHT AGAINST AND HATE………………. and I am sick of hearing the taxpayers have to pay for it…. yes they do… they also pay for ER the most expensive healthcare in the USA!

          77. Elizabeth Davis says

            So the left doesn’t lie?? I can tell you Obama care did not help me it is now worse, Premiums up and up again. It will be a social medicine before it is over. It can not sustain itself without the working peoples taxes. So maybe all the working people should just quit and let the gov take care of them as long as it lasts. I am all far helping the one that want to do better and try to find jobs but I am not for keeping people up that thinks the government owe them and sit around all day doing nothing all day. as far as when our country was founded yes it was set up by the people/ for people.No it will not get everyone to agree but should the 1 or 2& minority rule the other 98 or 99 percent of the can not be all one sides which it has been for a long time not just Obama,he just add fuel to the fire

          78. gotabgood says

            Does the left lie? of course politicians are all liars… some do it more than others and some repeat the lie even after caught in a lie… some like Trump knows no other way than to lie.
            As for Social medicine one can only hope that comes to past.. you tell me stories now I have one for you. This lady had diabetes. Her eyes got bad, had double vision and lost her job, along with that her health insurance. She had an open wound on her foot and would not heal, for 2 years this foot specialist took care of her. Losing her job, losing her insurance, she was going into debt quickly. She applied for Medicaid and after close to 6 months, she was accepted. She found a foot specialist and accepted her through Medicaid. within 2 months the wound on her foot closed up. The private doctor the one that accepted her insurance money for two years refused to care for her under Medicaid… that was the best thing he ever done for her.. for the other doctor, the Medicaid doctor, helped her! Plus the private physician is more worried about his profit than the patients. One other thing I have to add.. she could not buy insurance for any preice!! You know preexisting condition!!
            Why don’t you drop the crap about people thinking the government owes them!!!????? IT IS AFTER ALL THE GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE!!!!!! The government wants you better, for when you are sick they care for you.. there is NO CAP , NO PREEXISTING CONDITIONS AND NO GETTING KICKED OFF!! So their best interest is for you to get better!! The other guy wants your money… PERIOD!!!! and will keep you around as long as you have insurance!! Before ObamaCare insurance had risen 131% in the previous 10 years. You people have short memories and a narrow vision. Co-pay was going up it seemed every 6 months… deductibles went up at least once a year.. and you had a cap and there was always the threat of losing your insurance if you used it too much.
            but should the 1 or 2& minority rule the other 98 or 99 percent of the people This is such a stupid azz remark there are no facts to back that figure up…. AND you are assuming the other so-called 98% don’t agree with socialized medicine or ObamaCare… maybe 98% of rightwing don’t agree… maybe… they should hold a poll on just the rightwing and on Medicare/Medicaid and find out if they would like to move to something else… have a voucher or a private doctor..

          79. mac12sam12 says

            Cut ands paste BS.

          80. kbfallon says

            straight from Hillhogs desk I would think.

          81. gotabgood says

            “Cut ands paste BS.”
            I just cut and pasted what you wrote… I even left the misspelled word “ands” in it. so what part of cut and paste do you not understand? it is exact… it is without my input. And most of the time has references so you can check it out… even the Bible has a references beside each verse to do additional checking.
            So if you don’t understand how it is used and the purpose for its use… get help…. seriously… get help.

          82. mac12sam12 says

            The ACA, more than half the exchanges are bankrupt and it’s driven up healthcare costs by $2,500 and will continue to rise. 750,000-one million a month applying for unemployment. This month 35,000 got jobs. The lowest workforce since the 70’s. If you count the people who have given up looking for work, the unemployment figure is 15%. Record low GDP quarters, the last one was .5% and they’ve never reached 3%, the first president to accomplish that feat. Race relations have never been worse. Most of the jobs have been part time or temporary the past eight years because of the ACA. Because of Obama, we now have ISIS and they’re committing genocide in the Middle East, and millions of refugees and now invading Europe. These are just a few of his any failures.

            Hands down, the worst president in US history, Hussein obama.

          83. gotabgood says

            If you are going to throw facts and figures at me, I need to check your references out.
            For your phony GDP figures, after the second year in office Obama GDP was never lower than 2% growth
            “Hands down, the worst president in US history, Hussein obama.”
            This is where you are blinded by your short term memory, narrow mind, and tunnel vision.. and run strictly by your “feelings” and that changes by what you just ate.
            Some of the all time America haters were Hoover, Nixon, Reagan and bush/cheney, ( not sure which ran the WH)

          84. mac12sam12 says

            My numbers are from the BLS and 2# growth is pathetic. The last quarter was .5%. We also have a record low workforce from all the overtaxed and over regulated businesses that have gone bankrupt. President Trump will clean up obama’s mess.

            Clinton enjoyed the Reagan economy and it took only two years to clean up Carter’s mess. Clinton also had the tech boom, something he had nothing to do with. Sort of like the rooster taking credit for the sunrise.

          85. gotabgood says

            Up at top of the website you are visiting.. there is the address of said website.. if you highlight it and then right click on the highlighted area, a window will open and you can copy the address. Then the next time you write to me, you can right click and paste… and out comes the address of the exact page you were at… that give me a chance to read what you did!!! For right now, you could have been reading Trumps playbook.
            As for Clinton enjoy anything from Reagan is a laughing matter.. first in the above chart Reagan left just before the collapse that bush sr. inherited. When Reagan left the GDP was under 2% when Sr. got there it was minus 0.1%. The first year of Clinton it shot up to a little under 4% .
            It was the deregulation of Reagan that Savings and Loans went under, we had Black Monday, farmers losing their land and he created Bin Laden.
            Without supporting science and technology there would have been no tech boom. If left to the rightwing, all science budgets would be cut off.. if the rightwing would have been in charge, we would never had been on the moon.
            Speaking of tech boom.. Reagan put us behind 30 years in green energy. Carter had the wisdom, the foresight, and knowledge of the problem and invested in our future. Reagan took the panels down, laughed at Carter and put America behind Europe and China.. Well done Mr. Reagan! (satire)

          86. Karl May says

            JFK by today’s standards would be to the right of President Reagan . . . radical liberals have completely gone insane!

          87. gotabgood says

            You are so very funny… if your joking…
            If you are serious… you need help… seriously!! Go get help…. you are a candidate for the next gun nut..
            Maybe you are just uninformed…here is a 12 minute speech from JFK… the whole speech is great, but the first 2 minutes will let you know your mistake..

          88. ted j says

            you are a MORON and full of deceit… those benefits you listed are all wrong..the ACA is bad for the nation, the unemployment figure is a big lie….so crawl back into your pit you liberal liar..

          89. gotabgood says

            You gave me your opinions and we all know where those come from..
            Show some facts with references.
            and how can ObamaCare be wrong when it helps so many?

          90. ted j says

            there are more people that have lost their health care due to ACA..the ones who lost theirs because it became to expensive …the ones that now have health care were the ones that were pretty much uninsurable.. but now we the taxpayers have to pay for theirs..many if not most were illegals..the last report that came out reported that there are 95 million Americans that are unable to find employment….al those jobs that obozo claims to have created are bogus…there are 10,000 people retiring everyday, and obozo is saying their replacements are new jobs..whats more is even those jobs are going to foreigners, none to Americans… but you kool-ade drinkers won’t accept that fact.

          91. gotabgood says

            That is not true, there are more insured now than ever before.
            About 80% of those that say they “lost” their healthcare was because they could not meet the standard of the acceptable insurance… in other words, they had junk insurance, when if you ever needed it, you would find out quickly the loop holes and exceptions.
            Second, the people that get on the program have to buy it… so the taxpayer saves money, because he use to have to pay for the ER visit which is the most expensive way to get healthcare.
            As for 95 million unable to find work…… THINK JUST FOR A MINUTE!!!
            How many Americans are there 300 million? How many are working? How many are going to school? How many are preschool age? How many retired? How many disabled? How many are in the military? and you want to say a 1/3 of Americans are unemployed?

          92. ted j says

            yes that is correct.. either unemployed or underemployed.there are many people who have quit looking for a job after trying to find employment for over three years or longer.. any job that was available went to foreigners , most of who, were illegal..

          93. gotabgood says

            You missed my point… your figure does not add up… and you cannot count illegals, they do not exist in population or any employment figures. whether working or not.
            You cannot take a 1/3 of the population and declare them unemployed. to have a figure of 95 million unemployed we would have to have a population of 400 million and we don’t.
            I will admit there are a lot of people unemployed… we have a figure of 300 million population… in that figure is babies, boys, girls, men and women, retired, disabled and the military.. cannot count illegals

          94. mac12sam12 says

            More bogus numbers. Half the exchanges have gone bankrupt because of government incompetence. You must be subsidized.

          95. gotabgood says

            50% of the exchanges have gone bankrupt!!!!
            Get a life.
            try references

          96. kbfallon says

            We figured you to be a paid TROLL and now we KNOW that you are…..Hillhog will be so proud of you…maybe you get two Hillhog stickers for your book.

          97. Billy says

            Your list is a list of GARBAGE. It is what I refer to as a sh!t list. In 8 years “Barack Hussein Obama Sotero Sobarkah” has done NOTHING to help put more money in the pockets of the American worker. Hussein has made a mockery of our immigration system and has assisted the Muslim Brotherhood in getting a foothold in the USA AND IN THE WHITE HOUSE.
            Your FA66OT, Muslim president is a useless anti-American turd.

          98. ward says

            You are without a doubt one of the socialistic indoctrinated libtard college asses of uneducated idiots that are the #1 destruction against U.S. Constitutional Freedom & Rights that you do not deserve ! Your bo shit list is destruction of U.S. Security !

          99. gotabgood says

            I have a quiz for you… if you get it right, you can talk to me, if wrong, then I’ll say good bye now!
            Where are these words written?
            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

          100. albaby2 says

            You really believe all that BS, don’t you. LOL

          101. gotabgood says

            Yes I do!
            What baffles me is why you don’t..
            8.2 million seniors saved money… so now they can buy the product you make and then you find you have to hire someone because the demands are up so you took someone on unemployment and gave him a job, now he can afford to buy a new car and the sales person can buy a refrigerator and that salesman can get his roof fixed and the roofer will hire a person to help him out, another person off unemployment, he decides to help his brother open a food market, which he hires some help and he finally gets his teeth fixed, so the dentist gets the new boat he always wanted… do you see how this works??????????????????
            All because of ObamaCare

          102. albaby2 says

            I’m a senior. Tell me where the money Obamacare saved me is.

          103. gotabgood says

            Really?? You are asking me that question for real?
            I know someone, we are very close… they have been living outside the USA for the past 6 years. ObamaCare has done nothing for them either!! They are also a senior. Had Medicare, but dropped it for Medicare would not cover them outside USA.
            So are you living in the USA?
            Are you on Medicare?
            Retired from Railroad and have your plan?
            Maybe you live in a Red State where your governor didn’t care about you and didn’t sign up for it.
            As for the amount you pay, is in direct connection to the company YOU CHOOSE and the plan you choose.
            ObamaCare is not a savings account! It is a plan to get rid of junk/fraudulent plans and to meet the standards set forth by ACA. That is why lot of people lost their coverage, because their plans did not meet the minimum requirements. You know…. insure you..

          104. albaby2 says

            Are you suggesting Medicare is an Obama product? Why are so many insurance companies backing out of Obamacare and why are so many people complaining about their insurance rates going sky high? How much does the Democrat party pay you to spread their bull crap?

          105. gotabgood says

            LBJ started Medicare.
            As for the insurance companies.. they are use to pocketing millions of dollars.. now they are required to spend 80 to 85% on actually healthcare.. that along digs into their profit.
            And they have to remove coverage cap… preexisting condition. the whole object is to get everyone covered and at a reasonable rate.
            Now if your premiums go up it is because your insurance company realizes they are not making the profit they use to make. It is your insurance companies setting the rate… not ACA!
            They just set guide lines. And if all 50 states had signed up… where the GOP governors actually care about their citizens, we would not be having this conversation. In fact if Obama, (BAD OBAMA) had stuck to the original plan, we wouldn’t have this watered down ACA… but it’s designer was the Heritage Foundation, so Obama dumped his plan and picked up YOUR plan thinking all would be happy!!!! He was young and dumb…

          106. albaby2 says

            But of course, a government run health plan is the answer, right? The government can’t even run the government, let alone health care. Big government is always the answer to those who feed off the public .

          107. gotabgood says

            Is our military the best in the world??
            it is government run! Idiot.
            If we can get the people behind Universal HealthCare, it would be the best in the world..
            But we have idiots that truly think anything privatized is better…. more expensive thats for sure

          108. albaby2 says

            Is there any competition to run the military, fool? It also has the biggest cost over runs and most expensive equipment failures due to armchair generals deciding what is best for our troops. Also recent failures in combat because these same people were dictating the rules pf engagement.

          109. gotabgood says

            “Is there any competition to run the military, fool?”
            Well bigger fool than I… I said world, so yes there is a lot of competition, but even in our own land there are private contractors, last count was 250, but Blackwater has the most fame, the most scandals I should say.
            ANYTHING privatized… anything…….. their first priority is MONEY! They cut corners when possible, do not play by the rules..
            As for equipment failures… look no further than companies like Halliburton, once run by cheney, so you know there standards already.
            With private companies whether they be manufacturing, hospitals or medicine…. they first pay attention to the bottom line.
            In government, their bottom line is to get the problem fixed/cured!

          110. albaby2 says

            Your insert describes liberalism perfectly.

          111. gotabgood says

            Hmmm I thought it was the rightwing that was behind capitalism… you know much like Hitler was..
            Hitler’s Political Views
            Hitler lived in Vienna for several years, working at odd jobs and absorbing the ideas of Austrian right-wing extremists. In 1913, he left Vienna and moved to Munich in southern Germany. He took with him the basic political ideas to which he would remain committed for the balance of his life. Central to Hitler’s thought were his notions of race. He believed in the racial superiority of the Germanic peoples (the Aryan race) and in the inferiority of other races, especially Jews but also Slavs and blacks. Hitler also advocated the Pan-German ideology that was popular among many Austrian extremists. Pan-Germanism held the view that all Germans should be united in a single state. In addition, Hitler was hostile to the ideology of Marxism, which emphasized the unity of the international working class rather than racial solidarity.
            The following extracts illustrate some of the political ideas of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945):

          112. albaby2 says

            Yep, I was expecting to be called Hitler, a racist etc. It’s a typical liberal reaction. Keep up thr good work. Hitlery will be proud pf you.

          113. gotabgood says

            It seems you have a lot of trouble following along a conversation that last over 2 post… go back and read and you will see where you mixed us up with your foundation.

          114. gotabgood says


          115. albaby2 says

            I’ll bet you think Obama is responsible for our great men and women in the military even though he cut their numbers, reduced thier budget and changed their rules of engagement so his friends in Afghanistan can use women and children as shields while they shoot at our troops.

          116. gotabgood says

            This will be the last time I respond to you unless you give me references to your ‘facts and figures’. You spread BS faster than any manure spreader..
            No, the Military Has Not Withered Away Under Obama
            Cruz’s Misleading Ad on Military Cuts
            A Ted Cruz TV ad running in South Carolina blames President Obama for “threatening 3,000 jobs at Fort Jackson.” Actually, only 180 jobs were cut. The potential for deeper cuts was avoided by a budget bill signed last year by Obama — and opposed by Cruz.

          117. albaby2 says

            How do you justify the treatment our veterans get under the government run Veterans Administration? I know. It’s Bush’s fault, right?

          118. gotabgood says

            I am never going to satisfy you. I showed you where you were wrong in your other BS… so you bring up something else.. Is Obama perfect? Nope he is human like you are, ( I think), that means he makes mistakes, maybe he corrects them or maybe not… why aren’t you yelling about the TPP?? I would yell right along beside you. It stinks.
            As for the VA, I belong to the VA Hospital and they have treated me right, never had a problem with them, when I move, my records are transferred with no problems. I read about the back log and I am sure it is true, but I have not had that experience.
            As far as fault.. I have no idea who the originator was, but I can tell you that there was quite a disgrace going on there when bush was in office…..

            “It’s a story that shirah has been chronicling for years at Unbossed: the outrages against decency and common sense that have been committed by Bush & Co. in the name of privatization. Today comes word that the appalling conditions at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center are due in large part to the implementation of one such privatization scheme.
            The damage to the Center’s mission, and the harm this would visit on the badly wounded vets treated there, was predicted in advance; resisted by Democrats in Congress; and catalogued as it unfolded. But to no avail. The Army barged ahead with the privatization anyway, the mission be damned. Hell, the vets be damned!
            This is the imperative to privatize. Since 2002, it has been steadily sapping the ability of the federal government to do its job. It’s just another side to the elevation of ideology over responsibility, which has become the hallmark of the Bush administration.

          119. albaby2 says

            You really should try to look at resources other than those thst mirror your preconceived opinons and apply logic to your new findings. You seem to be an alright person but thoroughly brainwashed by liberalism. Your thoughts seem to be verbatim from biased sources and not your own. I normally don’t link to any particular source because my opinions are derived from the examination and compilation of multiple sources and cannot be linked to any one website. I look at what is and was said or promised and compare that with what was delivered. I accept thoughts from others but derive my own conclusions. Fair enough?

          120. albaby2 says

            Wow, you had to go clear to Austria to find somone to agree with you!

          121. albaby2 says

            So you had to go to a Libertarian institute founded by a Ron Paul presidential campaign
            manager to agree with you. Yes, it’s a source,but not an unbiased one.

          122. gotabgood says

            At least I supply a source.. you supply nothing but your opinions..
            And I am not glued to one avenue of information.
            On my home page I have
            Manila Bulletin, MSNBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera, Vox, The Guardian. Those are the first sources I look at.

          123. albaby2 says

            MSNBC? That explains a lot. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

          124. albaby2 says

            LOL, The source of the picture is the White House! Nuff said.

          125. gotabgood says

            Where would you expect to find such great news???? Fox? Breitbart? The Blaze?
            In February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States. […] During their appeal, FOX asserted that there are no written rules against distorting news in the media. They argued that, under the First Amendment, broadcasters have the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on public airwaves.

          126. Scrubjay says

            ACA is a lie. There’s nothing affordable about it, except for people who already qualified for Medicaid.

            How’s that fair pay working so far? Still women working for Obama and Hillary make less than their male counterparts.

            Fabricated unemployment numbers since they don’t count people no longer looking for work. And they do count part time employment that has drastically increased due to the ACA.

            Real unemployment is up around 11%.

            Yes…Obama has been a disaster for the country as a whole, with only very few benefiting from his actions.

          127. gotabgood says

            “ACA is a lie. There’s nothing affordable about it, except for people who already qualified for Medicaid.”
            you took it to the supreme court twice… you lost twice.. you made phony ads by Koch to discredit ACA.. The only lying, cheating, conniving back stabbing going on over ACA is from the rightwing and you!
            As for the fair pay… Hillary is coming. And you can’t do much with congress and the senate fighting you every inch of the way.. I am hoping come November we see a giant shift in the senate and house.
            As for you made up figures… I will put them in file 13.
            “Real unemployment is up around 11%.”
            Does that mean when Obama took office the the real figure was close to 20%?
            “with only very few benefiting from his actions.”
            The few being the American people and those states without a GOP governor, the rest took advantage of ACA..

          128. Scrubjay says

            I didn’t do anything you purport above. I just stated facts supported by my situation and people I know.

            That’s a fact.

          129. gotabgood says

            First you have to realize what the watered down version of ACA (GOP and Obama compromise to get it through) was intended for.
            1) To get people insured that was not insured
            2) To get rid of junk/fraudulent plans
            3) To get rid of coverage cap
            4) To get rid of preexisting conditions
            5) If all 50 states had signed up, it would be a lot cheaper than it already is, would have been smoother.
            6) Maybe the biggest point of all… open the door to Medicare E, (Everyone) or single-payer. Just like Medicare now, but better, for everyone would be involved, from infant to senior.
            Your facts are tarnished with BS. Our whole system is based on majority. ACA helped the majority of people. it is cheaper, it has the lowest raise in healthcare for decades. The insurance companies still set the price… they just have to spend 80% of premiums on healthcare and not profit.
            As for the laws governing equal rights.. if you can light a fire under your representatives, we might get something through congress that would benefit the people and not the rich!

          130. Scrubjay says

            There was no compromise! Not one Republican supported it and the democrats pushed it through in a midnight vote on Christmas eve.

            If it was so great, they could have explained it all, but Pellosi famously said “you have to pass it to know what’s in it.”

            That should have been a red flag for every thinking American.

            Operative word: thinking.

            Your assumptions are based on BS.

            Healthcare costs have gone up drastically.

            Doctors now have government guidelines to follow rather than practice medicine.

            Pre-tax medical expense deduction went from unlimited to $2,000.00 and medical devices are now taxed, thus a tax increase.

            Insurance premiums keep rising near past rates. Coupled with the tax hikes and real wages stagnant for the past decade, the lie of this insurance takeover being affordable is exposed.

            It did not help the majority, it insured a minority of takers’ at great cost to the makers in this country.

            Only ‘the rich’ will be able to afford decent medical care in this country moving forward.

          131. gotabgood says
          132. Scrubjay says

            Sorry, I don’t do links. If you can’t argue on your own, then I’ve nothing to say to you.

          133. gotabgood says

            “Sorry, I don’t do links.” Meaning you aren’t willing to even try to be enlightened..
            I can argue/debate with you all day and all it would be is opinions being tossed back and forth.. nothing learned… a waste of time.
            Obama is #1 best all time president in our history.
            Hillary will be number 1 after her second term.
            The ACA will improve without any help from the brain dead rightwing. American people will want to anoint Hillary Queen..
            Now you feel better??

          134. Scrubjay says

            If you can’t come up with a coherent argument, links that convinced you certainly aren’t going to sway me.

            You see, if you can’t digest the information and explain it in your own words, then it’s not worth my time to fact check you.

            “Obama is #1 best all time president in our history.” That statement alone proves, beyond any doubt, you’re either a Democrat troll, or woefully, willfully ignorant.

          135. gotabgood says

            You are the one that is very comfortable speaking without facts or references… so if you just want to spread BS and post opinions…
            bush and cheney are responsible for 9/11

          136. Scrubjay says


          137. ward says

            WRONG ; bo & hilt are sub human tyrants that are wannabe dictators that sell people lies & B.S. to accomplish their own greed ! Trump is the only solution to Constitutional Freedom and if he is lying then the U.S. is doomed anyway …. !

          138. Uzoozy says

            Ward, you are a racist p..G, Muslims are great people in Canada they are highly respected, only with people like you and Donald Duck that Islam has taken a downward trend.
            America must always have a boogeyman, Irish, Jews, Polish, Japanese now Muslims.
            Muslims are 2.1 billion strong ,and people are converting to Islam by the dozens everyday.
            White tyranny has to stop with blacks

          139. ward says

            You are a liar & a libtard racist spewing B.S. that is the #1 reason for bo type racism created by your type of NWO sociallstic, muslim , commie dictators !

          140. Pat Hartfield says

            Fox News Declared Hate Group By Southern Poverty Law Center

            In what should come as a surprise to no one, considering their coverage of unarmed black people being brutalized by the police, the Southern Poverty Law Center has added Fox News to their list of hate groups, as they meet the criteria.

            Time and time again, Fox News has shown their true colors with their own colorful language surrounding people of color and the LGBT community.

            From calling any black person who stands up in protest against the police “thugs” to thinking black people will “shank” officers, to glossing over a white biker gang that actually killed nine people, to thinking gay people are “persecuting” Christians with their audacity to think, they too can, should be able to file for taxes under “married.”

            Their hatred was tolerated for a long time as freedom of expression, which they are still free to do, however, the time has come to no longer ignore their obvious bigotry broadcast to millions of like-minded folks, and label them what they are — a hate group.

            Anyone with a Twitter account can see the hate spew from the likes of host Sean Hannity, who sees fit to not even hide his racism anymore. Not to forget, since the election of the first African-American president, Fox News has gone above and beyond to aid in spreading lies about President Obama. Those lies can be found everywhere from health care reform to whether the president prefers Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

            Fox News is what it is. The hosts are who they are. They are still free to broadcast daily, but the hate and lies will be no longer tolerated.

          141. albaby2 says

            If hate and lies wil no longer be tolerated, you’ll have to find another job

          142. ward says

            Hatred is created by the ones that are hated for their 0wn asinine actions against all of humanity who obey laws that protect society & not a defiant “race counts” !

          143. albaby2 says

            Go ahead. Call me a racist too. Coming from an idiot gives it even less meaning, if possible.

          144. Karl May says

            oooh, oooh, name calling, how sad!

          145. albaby2 says

            Yes calling people who disagree with you racists is sad.

          146. albaby2 says

            Yes, calling everyone that doesn’t share your opinions a racist is sad.

          147. albaby2 says

            Yes, it is sad when everyone who doesn’t agree with a liberal is called a racist.

          148. Karl May says

            Yeah, and your shit doesn’t stink!

          149. justagramma says

            That could describe selling political parties. Dems hate that it is used in businesses, but that is how they sell themselves.

          150. gotabgood says

            Are you for real?
            Policies don’t matter???
            Well we will see come November… if it is policies or feelings

          151. mac12sam12 says

            Hillary’s policies have caused chaos in the Middle East and Europe. Unqualified shrill old hag.

          152. gotabgood says

            No they didn’t…. You remember Iran–Contra?
            “Unqualified shrill old hag.”
            Just curious here….. and you believe Trump is better qualified??
            The people have spoken… your side said Trump…. my side said Clinton.
            Those are your choices… and you can say without any reservation that Trump is better qualified?

          153. justagramma says

            Most of what politicians say during speeches is appeal to the emotions of the electorate. They almost never speak of policy. If it worked, they would…believe me! Whatever works. Hillary is about “I am woman” “you’ve been wronged” “they did it” “you are entitled” “they don’t care about you” “it is stacked against you”. Then Trump says “we are losing out in the world” “you worked for it and it belongs to you” “we need smart leaders who understand economics” “a strong army makes it unthinkable to attack us” “weakness breeds disrespect” “our culture is the key to our success” “we have what the world wants because we worked for it” Any of that relate to policy?

          154. gotabgood says

            No… if you check out and speeches given in the last 100 years, it is all policy… oh sure they give you some feel good speeches but mostly how they are going to give you the policies they talked about. Trump on the other hand says trust me, believe me and why should we do either… he has lied about his businesses, his products. his college and he has no policies… going for a trade war with China.. that seems smart… all countries to have nuclear weapons.. another smart move… kill ISIS… undisclosed because he doesn’t want ISIS to know his plan! HA!
            “weakness breeds disrespect”
            The meek shall inherit the earth…. ring a bell?

          155. justagramma says

            What a silly quote from Lincoln. He destroyed the South by throwing bodies at them. He did not make them his friends. The newspaper presses being destroyed because they were not supporting him was not making them his friends. Threatening to arrest the Maryland legislature did not make friends. He used scorched earth tactics and won.

          156. gotabgood says

            Did you get all that fact-less information from Bill O’Reilly book on “Killing Lincoln”

            ” If you like Bill O’Reilly, I am sure that you would like this book without even reading a page. I have read about 10 pages of it and could already realize that it was factless. I would never spend another minute reading it or paying money for it.”

          157. justagramma says

            No, unlike you I read contemporary sources. If you didn’t know this, don’t question the truthfulness of someone until you inform yourself. Read the compilation of his letters, read news articles from the time. You don’t need someone to digest it all for you and feed you what they want you to know,

          158. gotabgood says

            My hat is off to you.. you sound like someone that reads and maybe does a little researching on their own… so how in the world did you end up on the conservative side?
            And you brought up only one quote, what about the meek shall inherit the earth… is that a silly quote also?
            “No, unlike you I read contemporary sources. If you didn’t know this, don’t question the truthfulness of someone until you inform yourself.”
            You are guilty of your own cautions. You tell me not to assume or prejudge… but you lift yourself up by thinking you are “unlike” me.
            Once you set a standard, it is easy to fall by your own convictions.
            As how can the conservatives ever live up to the standard of “Christian Party” or the “Family Value Party” and fail miserably before God, country and TV.

          159. justagramma says

            You are barking up the wrong tree pulling the Bible out on me. Another misfire on your part. I think for myself and know something about human nature. I know that the more one does for able bodied people the softer and less capable they become. Dems know this too, and dependent people are their voting base, therefore they grow their votes by by buying them with tax dollars. Race and gender hustling is the other prong. Create a divide between races, gender, wealth, then blame hardworking, moral, responsible people and those who are resentful, suspicious, needy, and dependent. THERE you have your Dem party.

          160. mac12sam12 says

            Then we have the Clinton’s for profit college scam. Their foundation is under investigation by the FBI for racketeering.

          161. gotabgood says

            Right here lies the difference… pay close attention.
            You CANNOT condemn someone who is UNDER investigation… that means they don’t know.. You condemn without knowing!
            As in the case of Benghazi… 12 investigations… 12 finding of no wrong doing… but yet you still condemn.. EVEN after the finding came out by your own congress saying NOTHING WRONG!!!!
            So here we have another INVESTIGATION and you have already sentenced them and if allowed executed them!!
            Wait for the findings.. and THEN believe the findings
            So far all your investigation have just been a waste of taxpayers money… from 50 appeals to ObamaCare, to the IRS, Benghazi, Emails and now their foundation…It even goes back to the investigation of the Clintons committing murder by Starr..and he even said.. “NO EVIDENCE”… but you still condemn! You see a trend here?? If a person didn’t know better someone would think that the rightwing would do anything or say anything to discredit the Clintons.

          162. mac12sam12 says

            If the FBI has 50 agents working on Hillary’s case it’s serious. At the congressional hearing on Benghazi she was caught lying several times. Why do you want Hillary? She’d be Obama’s third term and the administration’s economic and foreign policies have been a disaster. the ACA takes over 1/6 of the economy, and anything run by the government, except for the military is incompetent. Just look at the VA.

          163. gotabgood says

            First I do not know the number of agents working on Hillary…and I am sure not going to believe your figure just because you said so… BUT, after 50 ObamaCare appeals, 12 Benghazi investigation, the supreme court upheld ObamaCare TWICE! And your own congress could find no wrong doing in Benghazi.. Even your IRS scandal ended up in the toilet… so if the FBI could spare 100 agents, it would make the rightwing idiots think wow, they are really after her!
            And what would be so wrong with a Obama having the third term? From where he started and the amount help he got from the right…. he done one helluva job!
            Military spending is up.
            Obamacare premiums and deductibles going up – but it’s still better than before
            Study: Premium growth slowed after Obamacare
            Key Study On Obamacare 2015 Premium Rates Is Out And You Won’t Believe What’s Going To Happen
            When was the last time we saw insurance premiums experience an annual increase of less than 5 percent? I cannot remember such a time and doubt that you can either.
            Try doing some searching before you spread the lies around

          164. mac12sam12 says

            The lowest workforce since the 70’s. His GDP averaged 2% while Reagan’s averaged 7.1% Passed the stimulus and used it for payoffs for donors and not shovel ready jobs. He didn’t “kill” UBL. The CIA found him and was shot by Rob O’Neil of the Navy Seals. Toppled Gaddafi and now his JV team, ISIS is taking over Libya. He’s also responsible for millions of refugees fleeing the Middle East and invading Europe. Waterboarding cave monkey terrorists is not torture. Being doused in gasoline and set on fire and beheadings are torture. I could go on for days tailing about the worst president in history and his vast failures, but I work 7 days a week at my business.

          165. gotabgood says

            I did some checking on your facts and listed all of the BS…. here:
            The lowest workforce since the 70’s. His GDP averaged 2% while Reagan’s averaged 7.1% Passed the stimulus and used it for payoffs for donors and not shovel ready jobs. He didn’t “kill” UBL. The CIA found him and was shot by Rob O’Neil of the Navy Seals. Toppled Gaddafi and now his JV team, ISIS is taking over Libya. He’s also responsible for millions of refugees fleeing the Middle East and invading Europe. Waterboarding cave monkey terrorists is not torture. Being doused in gasoline and set on fire and beheadings are torture. I could go on for days tailing about the worst president in history and his vast failures, but I work 7 days a week at my business.

          166. albaby2 says

            Yeah, like a black jury deciding if Obama is a bad president.

          167. albaby2 says

            But it’s OK to condemn Trump without knowing, right? Typical Dem double standard.

          168. gotabgood says

            But we do know… here is his own words… trouble is you don’t know which Trump will be sworn in… remember he was for Planned Parenthood…


            1. Criminalize women who have abortions. 2. Let the states decide what to do about criminalizing abortion. 3. Never mind. Don’t punish the women.

            DEFEATING ISIS
            1. Maybe send troops in. Definitely go after the oil fields.
            2. Bomb the oil fields. Send some troops in.
            3. Send troops to defeat ISIS. Don’t forget about the oil fields.
            4. Destroy the oil. Let our regional allies send ground troops. If they don’t, stop buying their oil.

            1. The military will obey potentially illegal orders.
            2. The military shouldn’t break the law, after all.
            3. The laws forbidding torture should be changed so no one has to break them.

            1. Build a wall, deport all undocumented immigrants.
            2. Deport all undocumented immigrants but bring the ‘good’ ones back legally. Dreamers can maybe stay.
            3. Dreamers cannot stay.
            4. Trump might be flexible on actually deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants.

            1. H-1B visas are bad for American workers.
            2. H-1B visas are good.
            3. H-1B visas are still bad, according to Trump’s unchanged website.
            4. H-1B visas are necessary: ‘I’m changing.’
            5. H-1B visas are definitely bad.

            1. The US has a ‘humanitarian’ obligation to take in some Syrian refugees.
            2. The US cannot and should not accept Syrian refugees.
            3. Close the border.
            4. Don’t close the border, just be careful.

            1. ‘I disavow, OK?’
            2. ‘I don’t know anything about David Duke. OK?’
            3. ‘I disavow, OK?’ — part two.

            1. No Muslims should be allowed to enter the United States —as immigrants or visitors.
            2. Ban Muslims from entering but make an exception for his friends and Muslims serving in the US military.

            1. Keep the current deal with Iran, police it.
            2. Renegotiate the nuclear deal with Iran.

            HEALTH CARE
            1. Repeal Obamacare. Look to Canada for inspiration.
            2. Repeal Obamacare. Cover everybody.
            3. Repeal Obamacare, but ‘I like the mandate’
            4. Repeal Obamacare. Replace it with something.
            5. Repeal Obamacare. Not everyone will be covered.

            Just for grins and giggles, nothing about jobs, nothing about education, nothing about SS or Medicare, nothing about our crumbling infrastructure, nothing about equal pay/rights, nothing about voting rights. And what is his final, (this week), policy on Planned Parenthood?

          169. albaby2 says

            We can be sure that Hillary will continue Obama’s efforts to destroy the country.

          170. gotabgood says

            And what lil’ bush done was to build this country up and left the office with everything in order…
            Also while spreading the BS around lets make believe that congress and senate work along side of Obama and gave him everything he wanted.
            It was just Obama all along that brought American down from where bush left it… and drug his feet about creating jobs… Darn Obama..
            That make you feel better??

          171. albaby2 says

            Still trying to blame Bush.LOL. Again, blaming others and not accepting responsibilty is a typical liberal response.

          172. gotabgood says

            That is exactly what you are doing!! You are blaming Obama for the debt and condition the US is in.. when it was lil’ bush who tried to sink us and the senate and house tried to keep us sunk…. do you have a brain to think with or are you just programmed with BS and rhetoric?
            Now these are old figures you can add to both charts.
            The supreme court nominee.. and many filibusters sine the chart was made..

          173. gotabgood says

            Went looking around and you will see it is from the senate, has some updates..
            BE PROUD…. of trying to take America down!!

          174. Karl May says

            If you believe that our military forces could not get to Benghazi in time to stop the killing, you are on crack cocaine or its equivalent. Obama called them off and is playing a delay game that’s worked for him and his lies ever since he got away with the IRS scam and every other destroy America tactic he’s employed since he got into office thanks to ignorant people like you!

          175. gotabgood says

            You are living proof of what I have been saying about the rightwing… you would know the truth if it bit your azz!!!
            From your very congress… 12 times you investigated Benghazi… 12 times you say noting was wrong.
            ” DOJ closes IRS investigation with no charges
            The Justice Department notified members of Congress on Friday that it is closing its two-year investigation into whether the IRS improperly targeted the tea party and other conservative groups.
            The probe found “substantial evidence of mismanagement, poor judgment and institutional inertia leading to the belief by many tax-exempt applicants that the IRS targeted them based on their political viewpoints. But poor management is not a crime,” Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik said in the letter.”

            You really have to get on with life…. your stupid scandal that your MADE-UP have ALL been investigated….. NOTHING WRONG!! says YOUR CONGRESS even by Trey Gowdy… and HE should be investigated for improper use of the government and taxpayers money… it was a fraud at the very least!!!

          176. albaby2 says

            Is that anything like Obamas ” don’t need Congress, I have a phone and a pen”?

          177. ward says

            Being a bo ,hilt, bern, muslim, libtard supporter makes you totally “wrong” …. !

        2. Scrubjay says

          Dennis is probably a Liberal troll trying to make Conservatives look like the caricature the corrupt media pushes.

        3. albaby2 says

          How much respect does the black culture have for life? There are more murders per capita in black areas than anywhere else and most of it is black on black. That 12% of our population is responsible for over 51% of our violent crimes. Quit coddling blacks and try and make then part of something other than our prison society.

          1. Pat Hartfield says

            That is an ignorant statement. Blacks do not do Mass Murders – whites does that by shooting up schools, theaters, churches, etc and that is the only time news media report on whites when it’s mass. News media report a negative light on blacks to make them look bad, but they do not report on white crimes unless it mass in numbers. So if you’re getting your info from the news you are basically lied to daily and to blind to see it or you are just racist and it’s no hope for you! No crime is right – but when you have a white media base they are trying to get ratings and negative brings ratings up!!! There are more murders per capita in blacks areas due to murders by racist cops who seems to always be in the line of duty and never be charged because of the blue code of silence and the crooked white justice system!!! Find out the truth before posting what you don’t know. As for your prison system the justice dept. has a different set of rules for all race of people and black are charged more harshly than any race with the same crime because that their way of controlling the black race!!! But God don’t like ugly and we will all be judged in the end!!!! Have A Blessed Day!!!!

          2. reylaces says

            look at the weekly crime statistics from Detroit or Chicago. Just the facts Jack…Same weekend as guerrilla killed at zoo, 67 Blacks died in Chicago from Black on Black violence. Start looking at the truth instead of some sociological bs…

          3. albaby2 says

            Wrong. 6 dead, 63 wounded.

          4. albaby2 says

            You are so full of sh*t. I got my info from FBI Crime data stats. What is your source? You fit the description of those who cannot make themselves believe facts and are quick to deny responsibilty and blame others-not based on facts, but emotions. I suppose it’s white people that make black neighborhoods the most dangerous in any community?

          5. Dan says

            As a former cop at a LEO meeting I had a Pittsburgh cop tell me if it were not for blacks Pittsburgh would have very low criminal stats. You read big time about white murders because they are not as frequent as black on black crime. They are everyday occurrences and not really news. That is why white murders make the news. Wake up Pat. You may be a great person I don’t know but you can’t deny stats. As long as you keep denying the truth though things will not change. There will be just more whining and complaining with misplaced blame.

          6. Pat Hartfield says

            There is crime in all neighborhoods!!!

          7. albaby2 says

            Not nearly to the extent on black neighborHOODS.

          8. Joe Apple says

            Are you a Black Militant , a Black Panther , a Black Muslim radical . My god all you do is spew hate and racism .

          9. Pat Hartfield says

            You are full of SH*T because people input data and they only release what they want the public to know and the media is always lying for ratings. Truth is never told when it comes to black people, they release what they want to. I bet they don’t go in the white neighborhoods harass and kill white folks like they do in black neighborhoods and get away with it. KKK/White Supremacist are in the police departments, FBI and other law organizations. You think they going to publish their corruption or true numbers of their murders or crime???????

            Fox News Declared Hate Group By Southern Poverty Law Center Written by: S. Wood

            In what should come as a surprise to no one, considering their coverage of unarmed black people being brutalized by the police, the Southern Poverty Law Center has added Fox News to their list of hate groups, as they meet the criteria.

            Time and time again, Fox News has shown their true colors with their own colorful language surrounding people of color and the LGBT community.

            From calling any black person who stands up in protest against the police “thugs” to thinking black people will “shank” officers, to glossing over a white biker gang that actually killed nine people, to thinking gay people are “persecuting” Christians with their audacity to think, they too can, should be able to file for taxes under “married.”

            Their hatred was tolerated for a long time as freedom of expression, which they are still free to do, however, the time has come to no longer ignore their obvious bigotry broadcast to millions of like-minded folks, and label them what they are — a hate group.

            Anyone with a Twitter account can see the hate spew from the likes of host Sean Hannity, who sees fit to not even hide his racism anymore. Not to forget, since the election of the first African-American president, Fox News has gone above and beyond to aid in spreading lies about President Obama. Those lies can be found everywhere from health care reform to whether the president prefers Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

            Fox News is what it is. The hosts are who they are. They are still free to broadcast daily, but the hate and lies will be no longer tolerated.

          10. albaby2 says

            If you say my data is no good because people input it, who/what inputs the data YOU believe in?

          11. Joe Apple says

            You have so much hate , you can not even get your facts straight . I have seen ignorant people like you all my life. Always blame some one else . And just for your information if you are born in the states you are a American Period ! Not a African American , for years people use it out of context . So right off the bat I can see you gave hate and that’s it , People like you keep Black Americans in doubt on what they can do in real life . And again like I said you are a Raciest Period !

          12. Karl May says

            Are you sure your name isn’t TREVON!

          13. Albert Nygren says

            Since the majority of your comment is to point your finger at Cable Fox News and call them a “Hate Group” I know that you must be a far left Liberal. I used to watch Cable Fox News every night until I got tired of 1/2 of the talk shoes are Liberals spreading their lies. First of all there were or are several straight News Shows on the Channel which I thought were fairly accurate. When you talk about the talk and interview shows you didn’t mention Bill O’Reilly. He always interviews someone from both sides of every issue he thinks the public is interested in. He says about himself the he is a social Liberal and a fiscal Conservative which comes out in his comments and questions of his guests. I don’t see how any fair minded person could find him biased toward the conservative side of many issues. I haven’t watched him for the last 2 years but before that (almost 6 years of Obama’s 2 terms, he always gave Obama the benefit of the doubt on any issue. Hannity makes no bones about saying he is a Conservative and why should he? He doesn’t give Liberals much time to talk but for me that is kind of refreshing as Cable Fox News is the only TV news show that is not heavily biased for the Liberal side of things. One thing I would like to ask you if you know the answer. That is; why do you call groups “Hate” groups. Do Liberals even know what hate is? Hate and anger are not synonymous you know. They are completely different things.

          14. Ilene Mellin says

            There were 75 black shot in Chicago …. and the Chicago police shot them all.

          15. albaby2 says

            And they were all little keeds going to the convenience store st 3 a.m. to get momma some aspirin.

          16. Joe Apple says

            WOW ! Lot of hate there . I guess it’s all the white man fault ! You are a racist, without a doubt .

          17. albaby2 says

            So the Orlando shooter looks white to you? Bet you think he is a Christian and a Republican too.

          18. Karl May says

            These are all False Flag “Active Shooter” exercises disguised as real events to tear at the heart strings of gullible americans in order to push more gun controls . . . the norm for that lying bastard I don’t need to name!

          19. albaby2 says

            Alex Alex Jones, is that you?

          20. Karl May says

            Yea but when you need a cop . . . you’ll change your tune pretty quick!

          21. nancy miller says

            You will also find that blacks are not willing to support other blacks that are in business. It is the whites that support the black businessman. It’s a very sad situation. They are their own worst enemy.
            Before you disagree with me take a look at the statistics in Chicago. Pitiful!

          22. albaby2 says

            Why would I disagree with you? Reminds me of a black shopper who was arrested for shoplifting at a Claires? recently. She said ” why you on me fo? Evbody steal from this sto”

        4. Jimmy Quick says

          I’m sorry but Dennis is right. There comes a time when people are so toxic that the best thing that can be done for all concerned is to put them down.

          The problem comes when we as a society are too weak in our own convictions to see that the answer is so obvious.

        5. albaby2 says

          Dennis just posted words. Blacks use bullets. Look at the crime stats then tell us who has no respect for life.

        6. Karl May says

          Cry me a river, please!

      2. Albert Nygren says

        That would be stupid it would only give the antigun activists more ammunition [forgive the pun 🙂 ] to try and enact their tyrannical ant-gun laws which reduce the power of the people who are supposed to be our real government, as Lincoln stated in his Gettysburg address mentions the question will our country still have a government: “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

    2. gotabgood says

      what is your solution?
      More guns?
      Better ID’s?
      Close more schools?
      Close up all voting booths in bad districts.

      1. tax man says

        Start with punishing parents for their kids misbehavior – financially would work. It is mostly the fault of the minority communities and how they “teach” their children to be completely disrespectful and to resist authority. The minority communities must have commitment to keep their kids safe and out of trouble. Also “giving” folks so much for free, rather than requiring a person to “earn” it, makes it easier to be rebellious as you will get your “reward” even if you never work for it. Take away all the freebies and make them Merit based rather than trying to make the minorities “equal”. The law is Equal Opportunity – the outcome is based on how hard you work and obey the rules to achieve success!

        1. cdansreau says

          sounds good, but what is being preached is equality of outcome and if that does not happen then there is discrimination. A person putting himself through college. getting a degree, working hard at his job for years should have a mercedes in his driveway if he wants one. a person dropping out of high school, being arrested a lot and working at minimum wage jobs for a few months duration, collecting welfare, cannot afford the mercedes. Democrats lie pelosi and obama are professing that successful people are “lucky”. let me suggest to start with the parents if the kids get in trouble and penalize them with not merely fine but criminal penalty. it used to be that parents were responsible for their kids.

          1. Beeotchstewie says

            Replace lucky with the abject lie :White Privilege” and there you have it. Just another part of the war on whitey Obama has beset upon us all.

          2. says

            A garbage man works very hard and is poor .Its not just hard work its also SMART work.Work smarter ,not harder.

          3. Washington Watchdog says

            You are insane.

        2. gotabgood says

          “It is mostly the fault of the minority communities “
          The minorities sometimes have two parents in the house, but whoever is there, they are at work, sometimes two jobs to make ends meet. The years have gone by where the middle class family have one member per household that works.
          So first we need good paying jobs, we need an education system that works especially for the poor or they do not have a chance to better themselves,
          ” the outcome is based on how hard you work and obey the rules to achieve success!” 9 chances out of 10 they work harder than you ever thought of working. I am not interested in how tough you had it… had to walk to school and it was up hill both ways… through 4 feet of snow summer and winter..

          1. Billy says

            Soooo, why hasn’t your FA66OT president, who you love so much, done anything to make the situation you describe any better ? He’s had 8 years, why hasn’t he done anything about this ? Because he doesn’t care about the things he SHOULD be working on. He would rather turn this country into a nation of “FREAKS” and illegal aliens and Muslims.
            “Barack Hussein Obama Sotero Sobarkah” is more concerned with FA66OTS being able to marry, for “Freaks” being allowed into womens restrooms, attempting to make Black RACISM legal, etc, etc, etc.

          2. gotabgood says

            He has… you just are so full of hate you can’t see anything

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Welfare doesn’t allow the father of the child to live in the same household so 75% of black children live in a single parent home, hence, the high crime rate.

          4. gotabgood says

            Why do you pick on black children? most of the welfare recipients are white!

          5. mac12sam12 says

            There’s more blacks than whites. Don’t forget, blacks are 12.5% of the population. I’m not picking on black children, I think that it’s ironic that blacks vote democrat and in the past 8 years have never been worse off.

          6. gotabgood says

            “I think that it’s ironic that blacks vote democrat and in the past 8 years have never been worse off.”
            It is called reaganomics multiplied by bush..

          7. mac12sam12 says

            Reaganomics AKA as capitalism is the most successful system in the world. You can’t blame Bush, the president from 9 years ago for obama’s failures.

          8. gotabgood says

            The Abject Failure of Reaganomics
            ONCE AGAIN.. I give references where I get my FACTS….. yours still have brown stains on them from where you dug them out of..

          9. mac12sam12 says

            If you’re a loser at capitalism, you’re a loser. We’re the richest country in the world because of Capitalism. Now go get a capital L tattooed on your forehead.

          10. gotabgood says

            Open your eyes…..
            All of these are due to unregulation of the most greediest people of the world…
            And you think they are your job creators… how sad

          11. mac12sam12 says

            You think regulations are a good thing? They are added to the cost of their product because they’re considered a business expense. You pay for those regulations and you also pay business and corporate taxes. They are the job creators. The Koch brothers employ over 100,000 people. Your next president, Trump employs 35,000 people. The top 1% pay 45% of all the taxes in the US. 47%, probably like you pay nothing. Don’t blame your own economic failures on the rich. Go back to OWS and whine with the mob.

          12. gotabgood says

            Examples of lack of regulation
            DO a little searching and you can find many examples all by yourself

          13. mac12sam12 says

            We need regulation, not over regulation. Reagan deregulated businesses and corporations and cut business taxes which lowered prices and brought the economy back. Business 101.

        3. Pam Denhof says

          I agree! Also parental involvement is the key! Unfortunately we live in a society today of “it’s not my fault”and no accountability for bad choices!! As a former teacher I have seen parents consistently blame the school for their child’s problems when their lack of parenting skills and support is the real issue! Until society holds people accountable for their own bad choices and actions, schools will continue to be blamed for students lack of progress and behavior!! Unfortunately, the students that really want to learn and make something of their lives are the victims!!

          1. Beeotchstewie says

            Personal responsibility does not exist in many of these people’s minds. You cannot be a perpetual victim of the evil white devils if you take responsibility for all the choices, good and bad, you make in life.
            Schools began their downfall long ago with the advent of removing corporal punishment, it has snowballed to where it is today from there. Good old California has proposed changing the grading scale to make failing grades at below 20%, with any grades at 50% being a ‘B” anything over 70 would be an “A”.. I think they are trying to ensure federal funding based on the number of kids that graduate, it is shameful that our dept of liberal indoctrination is doing this and trying to push transgender mandates and teaching as early as kindergarten! What 5 year old knows what sexuality even is at that age? The DOE needs a full bore enema.

        4. Billy says

          Black children watch their parent (one) act up and they emulate their parent. That’s what children do, they do what we teach them to do OR they do whatever they want to do when there is no parents there to correct their bad behavior.

      2. Dorothy Foster says

        Hmmmm … Let me think that over….. maybe

        1. gotabgood says


    3. SouthernPatriot says

      Let us not cover it up as you said.

      Seventy plus percent of all black babies are born out of wedlock, the highest determinate for poverty, drugs, and gang affiliation and crime. No fathers at home. 70% illegitimacy. The Democrat adminisstration dissuades black women from marrying.

      1. says

        You had me till you blamed black baby’s out of wedlock on dems.You are just another stupid asshole.Did your mom have the zika virus or just punch you in the head when you were a baby

        1. Susan E. Filippini says

          Must you name call ? Use concrete truthful facts.

          1. reylaces says

            ok. 1960 before the war on poverty (welfare) over 70% of Black families were two parent families. (1960 Census info) 2010 Just 27% are two parent families. (2010 Census) These are truthful concrete facts. Supply and Demand. More kids more welfare…

          2. SouthernPatriot says

            This was not so much “War on Poverty” but rather the Democrat purchase of votes by the racist Democrat President Lyndon Johnson.

          3. nancy miller says

            He is.

          4. albaby2 says

            Where was the fact?

          5. Albert Nygren says

            Yes, name calling and not using useful facts is usually a Liberal and a Democrat method of trying to support their cause and Conservatives and Republicans should not resort to a similar technique. We should give facts to support the terms that Billy mentioned. We should tell what the facts are like Federal guidelines state terms that allow women to stay on Welfare forever so that for a poor woman who has a B/F that works at a low paying job it is to her advantage to stay single and have a B/F that does not live with them but helps with the bills rather than this couple to get married and her to lose her welfare money.

        2. Billy says

          If you really want to discuss it, the Democrats are responsible for creating an environment where women could get money from the government for having babies out of wedlock. If you deny that, you are not only a Democratic shill, but a liar as well.

        3. DaveM says


          1. Karl May says

            Stupid is as Stupid does . . . you sir deserve name calling. Let’s admit it: You are a jerk! Oh, sorry, I am offending you, poor, poor soul!

        4. Jimmy Quick says

          Do they vote Democrat… Yes. Do Democrats give them money… Yes. Do they get more money for more babies… Yes. Do those babies then propitiate the situation… Yes.

          Do you see a pattern… NO I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING!

          Can you say i-d-i-o-t? Look below, I spelled it in a sentence for you.

          You are an idiot.

      2. cal3301 says
      3. nancy miller says

        This is a way to never need a job. Each child born equals more welfare.

        1. Samanthawpace3 says

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          1. donl says

            Change your roomies name, you’ve worn it out. Try bill or bob that might work.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          Instead of closing down abortion clinics, I say there should be one w/in a mile of all public housing!!!! Or the welfare population will keep on growing……

          1. Albert Nygren says

            The way to reduce the % of African American children and reduce the % of people on welfare is not to murder Black children while they are still in the womb! Murdering children is not the way to solve the problem! This was the original intention of Margaret Sanger, the woman who started, Planned Parenthood, was to reduce the number and % of Black people in the population!

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Then you will breed a whole secondary society of Michael Browns.
            He’s was one of those precious children who got saved 22 years ago.
            Not to mention it costs around $100,000 per child to raise them from birth to 18. It’s just a vicious cycle.

      4. freedomoutpost ken says

        Racial rebellion of students who have been taught their whole lives that all authority is racist. Instead of being taught to respect authority as they should be. Respect garners respect.

        1. Dan says

          You hit the nail on the head ! That is why a disproportionate number of blacks are in prison.

          1. freedomoutpost ken says

            and it will be why the problem continues until parents see the value of a two parent family. Family structure controls most of the ills of society.

          2. Albert Nygren says

            Yes, they need a 2 parent family and a hope that staying in school and that the information they learn there will get them a better job which is the case now because of federal law against discriminating against black people or any people of color. The fact that proves the point that it is not the school system that is the problem is that Asian people who are also not white do better in the school system (Higher grades, less drop outs, and a greater % that go on to college not only compared to black children but also than White children. The fact that Asian children have 2 parents that push them at home to do their home work and continually tell them that a college degree will enable them to get a better job makes a huge difference.

          3. Amil Baker says

            That is for sure the Asian people are very supportive of their children and are able to help them with their home work and all that. Whereas a lot of black people do not have the education to help with homework, but they can furnish love and support.
            I am 82 years old, my father had a 3rd grade education and my mother a ninth grade with 7 kids in the family it was tough but there was never any doubt that we were loved as we got our but beat with a belt if we messed up. We lived in the country and worked all the time, going to school and then coming home to go to the field where the crops were planted to either plow of hoe weeds out of the crops. I put food on the table lots of time with a .22 rifle and I had better have a small animal for ever bullet or have a good reason.

          4. Uzoozy says

            ………they are black.

          5. Albert Nygren says

            Dan, you say “a disproportionate number of Blacks (African Americans) are in prison. But statistics you are quoting are African Americans verses African Americans in the population, not per crime. That is usually the tactic of Liberals. Miss frame the issue to confuse the people.

          6. BH says

            Also, what he is saying is exactly that, there are a higher percentage of blacks doing crime AND going to jail for it than the percent of blacks in the population. That means something like 20% of the population commits over 50% of the crimes.

          7. albaby2 says

            Look at the FBI and census stats. 12 % of out population is responsible for over 51% of our violent crimes.

          8. Albert Nygren says

            Yes, I understand that and if what I wrote seemed to disparage that, I apologize… When the Mother is working 2 jobs or even one job it is hard to find the energy to parent her child. I used to watch a TV show, Gangland, that among other things interviewed gang members. One thing among struck me. Some of the gang members said the main reason they joined the gang may have been diverse but the thing that kept them in the gang was the love they felt in the gang because one of the rules said that if one of the gang members were in trouble then all of the gang members were supposed to protect him. The gang member felt that protection as “Love” and they said that was the only place they ever felt love, was in the gang. I was born in 1943 and my parents divorced in 1943, the year I was born. My mother worked as a waitress and could not support us if we lived alone so she moved in with her parents which was wonderful for me. Mt Mother had to work full time and in split shifts so she was seldom home during the times I was awake. She also had a b/f that supported elderly parents and 5told my mother that he would marry her after we, her 2 children were grown and out of her house. That is the background for my only point. The point is that when she was home she hugged me and told me she loved me, but I didn’t believe her. I remember my exact thoughts, When she told me she loved me I thought, “No you don’t, if you loved me you would spend more time with me.” But I believed my Grandmother loved me. she was a stay at home Mother. Her love was as positive factor leading to the point that even though I was raised in a neighborhood that was poor and high crime, that I stayed in school to get my high school Diploma and after I served 4 years in the US Air Force I started to go to college part time and after awhile became and got as job as a Registered Nurse in a hospital. The gang bangers didn’t have the love at home that I got from my Grandmother.

          9. albaby2 says

            Their numbers in prison may be disproportionate to their numbers in the general population but it is not disproportionate to the number of crimes they commit.

    4. fcutch says

      Yea. O K. Good luck with that one!

    5. PJ says

      Jjb54 – You are completely correct. The cause of the problem needs to be, and should be, addressed and only with that done will the problem be solved. HOWEVER, the agenda is NOT to resolve the problem or address the problem but to take advantage of the political potential of this issue. This is part of the secular progressive agenda…..identify or create a problem, don’t fix it, but use it for political and monetary gain.

      The really sad part of all this is that under the Obama administration, the African American community had become more disadvantaged and disenfranchised than it was before Obama took office. By every statistic available (and those would be the government’s statistics), unemployment, joblessness, economic opportunity and everything else has gotten exponentially worse during the Obama administration. People need to wake up and see REALITY, not the secular progressive propaganda directed by the left biased media. This is ALL just and power game for the political elite and EVERYONE is nothing more than a pawn on the game board for the political elite to use to further their own ends.

      1. Dan says

        And Hillary will continue this should she be elected president. If she gets in we have the possibility of two of the very worst human beings on earth governing us for 12 years with the desire to break down America to their demented views and power hungry ways. God help us all if this occurs as there is already a breakdown of morals in government unseen in the past history of our country.

        1. Karl May says

          Agree wholeheartedly!!!

    6. ward says

      The parental teachings are the backbone of kids future & the ones that continue to blame their failures on someone else are dooming themselves to be slaves in a dictated nation of tyrants !

    7. Mathematical certainty says

      The root of the problem? And what is your cure for the root of the problem?
      How will you cure generations of fatherless black kids? How will you cure a black-ghetto-mentality on how to raise their kids to become productive members of a civilized society when all they have ever known was to exploit and live off a system of freebies?
      Left-wing-liberal-slugs always espouse that “something has to be done” yet they only offer solutions to make things worse….it has been established that the continuation of welfare benefits to generations of recipients only makes those recipients more demanding of what they believe that they are entitled too, as opposed to what those benefits were originally intended for….
      Let us know when you have developed a “CURE”….

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Says the Brooklyn Food Stamp Queen!!!!!!
        You just want the blacks off food stamps, so your lazyAss can have more……..

    8. glorybe2 says

      And just how does one cure a real and righteous anger? There is a reality involved. throughout history every minority has had to struggle far too hard to get by. Black folks have it worse. Many minorities look like everyone else and avoid some of the prejudice. but black folks stand out and get the full brunt of racism and of being a minority. An Irish person might have been easy to spot but as an immigrant their kids looked like everyone else and tended to get by. Blacks were not immigrants. They were brought here in chains and their kids are always instantly identifiable. It is funny that black folks resent the stars and bars as the states that fly the stars and stripes all kept slaves as well. it was just that the north ended slavery a bit sooner.

      1. Jjb54 says

        You asked:
        “… And just how does one cure a real and righteous anger? …”

        That is exactly where you begin, you start by asking: HOW?

        Also what just about every Black forgets, it was their OWN PEOPLE (Blacks) that captured them, chained them, brought them to America to be SOLD AS SLAVES.

        It was not white people that did this, it was their own people that did it and it was NOT just America only, that is another little fact that is often forgotten.

        But the beginning of any solution begins with: “How do we fix this problem?”

    9. Gen11American says

      The only means of curing the problem would be boarding schools which get black youths away from single-mother welfare households and crime-riddled neighborhoods, which will give them a decent education which teaches them skills they can use to assure they’ll be employable, and maybe the bad cycle can be broken. Can’t think of anything else that will work.

  6. john says

    No kidding ……;I never would have guessed those brain dead violent psychotic negros and mexicans would have this happen to them. After all, telling the teacher to F-off ,constantly grabbing your penis in class,,spray painting the school walls with nigger and bean nonsense ,and dealing heroin at the school front doorsteps should not matter.

  7. Vicki M says

    PARENTAL lack of guidance, support and discipline and no expectations of success through hard work are the root cause of the suspensions. Expecting a hand-out instead of a hand-up stifles and eliminates dreams, goals and achievements.

  8. albaby2 says

    Could it be they are 4 times more likely to violate school rules etc. Not likely.. That 12% of our population couldn’t possibly be responsible for over 50% of our violent crime either. Damned lying FBI statistics.

  9. Dennis says

    I wish Putin would have his secret hitmen take that goddamn worthless, lowlife, ghetto, criminal N166ER OUT !!! And while he is at it, take out killery too !!!

  10. Sue says

    All you have to do to understand this problem is to watch preschool children in a classroom or on a playground. Some begin yelling, running around, and ignoring correction by teachers. Most are black, but some are white. This is not due to I ate differences. It is lack of discipline and gentle correction by parents. Single mothers are especially strained to provide the values and direction children need. Over 70% of black children are being raised by unmarried females. Over 40% of white children are too. This statistic accounts for half the students who will eventually become statistics due to poor behavior. When you realize that these black mothers are predominately younger, poorer, and less educated than their white peers, the twice as likely statistic jumps to 4 times as likely. The answer is discipline, especially by fathers who are authority figures in the home.

    1. cdansreau says

      you are also forgetting welfare babies. The mother is required to send them to school but really does not care about education or even her kids. They are a means to get welfare money for her.
      Discipline? No way, her kids are raised by gangs more than they are raised by her. Does this happen to all minorities? I’m not certain but i suspect japanese or korean kids are raised with discipline. democrats have been trying to break the black family unit.

      1. Son Shine says

        True. And when they sign up for welfare they are given a voter registration form. Legal or not. This is most voters.

    2. Son Shine says


    3. says

      Never have more children then you can properly raise an educate. discipline your children when they do wrong,or a judge will do it for you later.Education is the only way your children can do better then you.That is advise to all races.

  11. gotabgood says

    Why would that surprise anyone? More blacks are shot… more blacks go to prison.. more blacks get stopped… but there is no profiling in America and there is no racism either…

    1. Scrubjay says

      Blacks disproportionately commit more crimes. It has everything to do with being brought up in a living situation featuring a racist culture of failure.

      Therein lies the root problem.

      1. gotabgood says

        Well at least you are thinking… but you said it.. but didn’t pay any attention to what you said… “being brought up in a living situation “ You can’t have a living situation with closed schools…. or both parents working 2 jobs so the kids have no supervision at all.
        So what is needed is schools for education.. and not for baby sitting.. but actually teach!
        Second we need higher wages so they can at least survive on one job each.
        It has been proven when people are working and making a decent wage… crime is down!
        The old saying goes… and idle mind is the devils playground..

  12. JenniferP says

    Poor BO, he has never accomplished anything, and cannot stand for those who do to take any credit. All he does is take what he has NOT earned.($millions in vacations anyone?

    1. Roy says

      I beg to differ. He has accomplished the near complete dismantling of the United States as a world power and the almost complete destruction of our constitutional republic. He is the most successful traitor to any nation in history since he is getting away with it totally unscathed.

      1. JenniferP says

        He is unscathed , so far. Perhaps the story has not yet ended. I have faith that sanity will yet prevail.

        1. Roy says

          Then you have more faith than I do, Jennifer.

  13. Vinnie S. says

    No such Luck as Luck ! it’s only a word, and if it was real the president should realize that it was that same word applied to the machine surrounding him that caused his election and our suffering the last 7+ years
    That constitutes “Bad Luck” for the same time period for America…………See Below, Kilfincelt says it eloquently

    1. says

      Wait a minute.Why have you been suffering? The stock market is through the roof.Employment is at its highest in 7 years.If you are suffering it may be circumstances beyond your control, but it certainly is not Obama’s fault.

      1. Washington Watchdog says

        What? Of course, he is to blame for some of it. His policies have caused some of this. The guy doesn’t know what he is doing most of the time. He would rather be out playing basketball.

  14. tax man says

    Gets back to the old adage of “teach your children well”! Clearly it is not pure racism, but a major discipline problem in the minority communities. Just as way too many black males have not discipline and choose to live violent criminal lives over working for a living and respect, many minority children do not have appropriate discipline from the home. This is not a problem we can fix with stupid rules like a principle having to “approve” any suspension of minority kids – it is a total lack of respect for authority by the great majority of minority children. It reflects on their parents and their communities, not on any form of racism or discrimination. Until the minority communities step up and start teaching their children well, respect and to abide by the rules and laws, this will continue to be the problem. Start by totally disbanding all street gangs (including white and Asian) – use the RICO and Conspiracy laws to lock up all the gang bangers and prevent them from recruiting any more innocent kids. Also if the kids are minors and are found to be gang members, prosecute their parents under the same laws. Clean up this cancer and a lot of other issues will be taken care of. We need to allow our teachers and youth leaders to appropriately punish those kids who break the rules/laws – and if there is a problem with race, then put a vice principle of discipline in every school who is a minority and allow them to dole out the punishment to all of the kids – you know minority adults cannot be racist. We know it to be TRUE that minorities commit a much greater percentage of violent crimes in our Society based on population and that has nothing to do with race, just in how they are raised and taught “right from wrong”. This is an education and training issue, not a racial issue.

    1. Elizabeth Davis says

      Yes in the sixties and seventies they said busing was the answer so they consolidated the schools Had the children ride for an hour to another school. to a so called better school.That was not a total success. So they build bigger schools and consolidated again by taking the schools out of the communities. Big government has been daubing into schools for a long time . That is the problem they have no clue what is needed in each school. They took the schools out of the communities where the people knew what is needed Stuck the children in schools so large they had no hope in establishing long term friends or even know who is in their class with no discipline from parents whether they be Black,White Asian or Latino. The teachers are not allowed to discipline until the students get so unruly, that they have to send them to the Principle and may be disciplined.

  15. JIM DALLY says


  16. Scrubjay says

    Success is achieved through hard work and determination. Through that, you make your own “luck”.

    Luck is winning at the slot machine; Life just doesn’t work that way. Unfortunately too many minorities listen to trash talk from leaders like Obama and Sharpton, et al, and think they don’t have to pull up their pants, look people in the eye and speak clearly, take all they can from the education system, learn to be accountable, and work hard to prosper in the USA.

    Obama doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He has been handed everything he has ever had, and has never been held accountable.

    1. itriedthemall says

      “Obama doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He has been handed everything he has ever had, and has never been held accountable.” Unfortunately, in Obama’s case, it has been luck. That is probably why he thinks it is so for everyone else also.

    2. 4freedom says

      Good comparison between O and Sharpton, O’s claim to fame is being a community organizer which is nothing more than a Sharpton, i.e. racist sh it stirrer.

    3. FEDup says

      Contrast O and S with a man like Ben Carson, who highly values his education and has been very successful because of his dedication and applying himself. When young, his mother made him read (even though she couldn’t) and he soon learned to love it. It was his desire for knowledge that drove him to his success. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here.

  17. Roy says

    “In other words, are black students being suspended for things that earn
    white students a slap on the wrist or are black students simply
    committing suspension-worthy acts at a much higher rate than their white

    This is, logically, a question that should be asked and answered before ANY action is taken in regard to the results of this survey. Otherwise it’s like a doctor who only treats the symptoms of a disease without ever trying to cure the disease itself.

    “That God may have blessed them; it wasn’t nothing you did.”

    It wasn’t nothing you did? Isn’t that a double negative? Isn’t Obama supposed to be the smartest man who ever stole the Oval Office? Wouldn’t one think that the most brilliant POTUS ever would know how to speak his native language properly?

    1. says

      However dumb you think Obama is ,he is smart enough to be President of the United states and you are not even close so……………how smart are you?

      1. Roy says

        I’m smart enough not to get into a useless argument with a liberal/progressive/socialist Barack Obama supporter troll. And, for the record, I actually think Obama is very smart and has been hugely successful in his main goal – the deliberate dismantling of the United States as a world power and the almost complete destruction of our constitutional republic. He is the most successful person I have ever heard of at destroying a nation from within and with the willing consent of many of the citizens of that nation, people like you.

        1. Billy says

          Roy – – – if I could, I would give you 100 thumbs up for your comment. 100% correct.

      2. Billy says

        THAT is your low IQ opinion !

      3. Washington Watchdog says

        President does not equal smart. We don’t even know if he has a degree from a university!

  18. 012017 endofanerror says

    I feel honored I was a “white” that was expelled from my high school. What I was accused of I didn’t do but because I wouldn’t snitch; what I did after they didn’t believe me I definitely deserved it. I bet every case they deserved to be expelled. And can anyone get an excellent education in a liberal public indoctrination center.

  19. barbaranaples says

    Maybe they get in more trouble than whites…it has nothing to do with color imo…

  20. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Statistics do not lie. And why do you think more Blacks get suspended than whites?? The last few years of riots, murder, robberies, rape & of course one related “whose Your Daddy” ? Statistics shows a certain race really has a morality problem.

  21. justagramma says

    Whites are rule predominantly followers. They like social order. They accept personal responsibility, and are held responsible, no excuses accepted. Those are generalities, but mostly true. It is less true of blacks. There is no wiggle room for suspending for sexual behaviors, but in other areas, schools bend over backwards to “save” minorities, not for the benefit of the kids, but to prevent lawsuits. I

  22. Dorothy Foster says

    call a spade = a spade.. Quit trying the make Everything EQUAL.. IT IS NOT and NEVER WILL BE….
    It is not right to make EVERYONE suffer for Some.. /Everyone should not suffer for some…It just makes for more hatred… for both sides… Can’t you dumbasses see that… Punish the bad… reward the good!! What does the bad have to aspire to?? NOTHING because they are going to get the SAME things the good ones get…FREE….. Does that make them feel good about themselves REALLY….Look at the good ones who have made it because of their own work and tenacity.. THEY are really PROUD of themselves…
    WAKE UP people… you cannot MAKE someone good who really does not give a crap…

  23. Brenda says

    First of all, American students are not receiving excellent educations regardless of their race.
    Secondly, rather than condemning the practice and giving raw date based on numbers alone, how about checking why these students are suspended or expelled.

  24. Art Hock says

    Most minorities lack respect, ambition, and common sense and that is why more minorities are suspended from school, in prison and on welfare.

  25. justagramma says

    I taught in a suburb of Dallas. Occasionally a kid would move into our school from the Dallas system. They were always in culture shock. They would make a disruptive remark in class, and no one would laugh or join in. If the class was talking too much and we told them to quiet down, they did. I remember the look on the new kids’ faces of utter disbelief that the class responded quickly to the teacher, especially when the other black kids did not join into the disruption. We had a discipline system of demerits, and as demerits stacked up, so did the consequences. The transferees would be in pretty deep trouble after a few months, and suddenly, they transferred back out of our school. Cities are breeding these problems.

  26. Robert H Cooper says

    The excusings for the short comings and personal failures of groups of minorities is the horse that got us there. The left disregards common sense and personal responsibilities as any reason for those group failures. But that is exactly what is happening. Create a permanent dependent class who become a left voting block. And minority voting patterns tend to prove this point. It was created by the deems and they fight to maintain that agenda. Any failures by the group are just charged to racism and now White Privilage.

  27. IgnoreTheFools says

    Behave like an animal and you suffer the consequences

  28. Beeotchstewie says

    Black students nationwide are nearly four times more likely to be suspended than whites and twice as likely to be expelled.
    Similar statistics of violent crime by race are also the truth. That does not make this situation racist, which is exactly what this dept. of indoctrination is getting at. Moreso, it is bad behavior in school due to poor parenting. OWN IT FOR ONCE! There is not a racist agenda in schools to single blacks and minorities out for punishment more than whites. They behave much worse as a whole and therefore merit more discipline. This is just another part of Obama’s war against whitey IMO.

  29. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Blah blah blah…bigot, bigot, bigot…blah blah blah…white white white, blah blah blah white supremacists, blah blah blah..Don’t you jerks EVER give it the hell up?

    Yeesh…YOU are the minority of haters, bigots, racists and the worst bitches and dickheads in the country. What do you do? Wake up and eat rusty nails? You jerks have not had a single pleasant, peaceful days in your pathetic, trailor white trash lives. Grow the hell up. No one cares what you think.

    1. Elizabeth Davis says

      No one cares what you think either.You are what we are talking about your racial hate and do nothing person. What are you doing to help? Do you volunteer in schools , do you teach your child right from wrong, do you teach you child responsibility, do you teach them to have children out of wedlock and them have some more because they will get more welfare for each child ?Just what do you teach them? To go out and riot or work hard like other people and make a life for themselves with their own brains not to live off of the tax payers.What schooling did you get, where do you work? Do you work at making riots or a paying job ? just wondering

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        Do I give a fat rat’s ass if YOU care? You don’t talk. You moan, groan, whine, complain endlessly and bitch till the cows come home.

        I raised two professionals bitch. Let me guess. You are a Perimenopausal who aged out of your MOmmy’s McMansion at age 30, married at 35 and then started having kids too late in life.

        Unlike you bitch, I raised two children with NO man’s help. That beaver between your legs is your only legitimate excuse for having kids. I know you think you invented parenthood. Think again. Your generation of parents are the reason for kids taking guns to school in all white states like yours. Your generation is the reason your husbands are so grossly insecure they can’t leave home without their cammos, their arsenals of weapons and their bullhead bullying.

        Do you work at all bitch? Or do they just pay a bitch like you to post BS day after day? And if you have kids, you obviously aren’t doing much parenting are you? Yeesh…and they think they know it all. Live another 2 decades and tell me how it feels when your gun toting rude little brats end up in prison.

  30. Laddyboy says

    Get the “minorities” to stop “acting out” and they will not be suspended as much. The Teacher can only work with what the student is willing to do. If the student REFUSES to cooperate within the class and school rules and regulations, that follow Constitutional laws, then that student needs to be removed so the other cooperating students can continue their learning.
    When YOUR actions start to infringe on anothers’ Rights – – – – YOUR rights are thus put under a microscope and are limited.

  31. wonduh says

    Seems to me one only has to look at the situations these kids come from. No actual parental involvement leads to “they do whatever to survive”. Black “supposed” leaders seem to be more interested in fighting the normal system instead of instilling positive attributes into children. So you have gangs? They need to solve basic problems. Until they do, nothing will change in the windy city.

  32. fcutch says

    Maybe because blacks act like animals more often than whites. Iv e worked in public schools in Philly. Nothing but animals

  33. bdcorvette says

    Minorities are less self-disciplined than whites, possess fewer conflict resolution skills, and are more violent. No brain surgeon needed to figure this out. It is statistically verifiable.

  34. James Maxwell says

    Perhaps if you look at the attitudes of those who are suspended and the action that led to the suspension
    you might understand it is not racial but based upon their own action that caused this. Those who are
    removed from the class room generally create the problem by being disrespectful, acting up, refusing
    to pay attention or following class room instructions. This is a learned behavior in the home and many
    seem to think that their action are acceptable in a public section also. When you do not follow the rules
    you will be removed to allow other to continue their education and progression in the world. Race or
    color of a persons skin has nothing to do with it.

  35. Elizabeth Davis says

    Exactly, most people are taught respect for authority. But, sad to say a lot of blacks and Latinos are taught just the opposite. Not all Blacks or Latinos are taught better and have risen above every one including all race colors. Look at Dr Carson He tells you it is hard work but it pays off Take what you can take is not what America is about. it is freedom to live a good life but responsibility come along with the the good. not acting like a bunch of thugs.

  36. junkmailbin says

    you get suspended if you act like an entitled animal. If mama is in de whore house, daddy is in jail, and liiittle sister in=s on the corner yelling pussy for sail than you will most likely have an animal that gets suspended.
    This is not racial. It is parenting and pampering

  37. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

    This article will be turned around to show that the blacks are taken advantage of and victimized. For some, that is the only way to make the dots connect. So now what new regulation will arise out of this?

  38. petemobtv says

    What a surprise! Maybe they cause more problems in schools than whites. OH…to think that would be discriminatory. Kind of like saying that while blacks are only 13% of the population, they commit over 50% of murders. And over 60% of robberies. Think there might be a connection?

  39. says

    My wife ,daughter,son,and many friends an other relatives have been teachers.The black children are generally the worse behavior problems.For many of them learning and good behavior or white things.Bad behavior and not learning are cool

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Truth. Certain things have been associated as being “white”, what’s left for them to relate to is mainly the trash we reject. I mean what kind of people adopt wearing pants below the bum as a cultural identifier? Right there it tells us they’re tremendously off on the wrong road.

    2. Washington Watchdog says

      You make absolutely no sense. Why do they have behavior problems? They have no fathers.

  40. Jimmy Quick says

    The breakdown of the black community has more to do with fatherless children than anything else. Women who become pregnant without getting married are unwittingly committing their children and themselves to a life of poverty.

    Once this cycle begins, it becomes perpetual and is more difficult to break out of than a heroin addiction.

    Unless we as a society begin to deal with this problem at it’s core (immoral government education), this trend will become the normal course rather than the abnormal and violent crime will become as common as using the bathroom.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      We as a society can’t do anything if the parent(s) remain in ignorance and denial. It’s easy to blame “white society”. They need to start listening and changing, we as a society cannot help them if we’re demonised by minority activists as the devil, the problem. Their kids will be saved when they decide to save them.

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        That is very short sighted. Their criminal children will introduce your daughters to drugs and sex and then it will be your fault in the eyes of the other short sighted fools.

  41. donl says

    No Respect, No common sense, No politeness, No or little education and they do not care for a good education. These are the Democrat voters. Hillary and Obama love them. We the Real people have to tolerate them and pay their way.

  42. imbog says

    I went back for my 50 th High School reunion in northern Indiana in the year 2000,..The school WAS 85 % white and was rated one of the top 10 schools in Indiana. When i went back the culture had changed completely with 50% black and 38% Latino 7% white and 5% mixed others. The school for 7 years in a row was rated UNDER achieving by the Indiana school authorities and had just changed principles twice. During the day i went to the school to go and see the how it was today. The first thing i noticed was the noise,,kids slamming each other against the lockers and yelling and screaming. when the change of classes had finally ended i still notice noise in the class rooms..The school was not underfunded ,in fact the school system poured money into school for over a 10 year period with no positive results. When we went to school it was for an education and we had respect for the teachers….. I left feeling sad for the school

  43. Lindy says

    It is not because they are minority that they are suspended but because they break more rules more often. They have rotten attitudes towards authority figures. Their language is offensive. Many feel that the rules apply to everyone but them. They carry around that”whose gonna make me aura”.

  44. Billy says

    Is there anyone reading this garbage stupid enough to believe this actually has any meaning ? Blacks tend to act like uncivilized animals and THAT is why more Blacks get suspended than Whites. The same reason a larger percentage of Blacks than Whites are incarcerated. They commit more crimes.
    Stupid, meaningless article.

  45. MIKE6080 says

    you can take them out of the jungle but you cant take the jungle out of them. they are never raised properly

  46. underthewire says

    Apparently John King needs to go back to the classroom and actually visit those schools where the students have no intention of exercising self control. Let him try to teach a undisciplined teen ager.
    The Dept of ED is a joke run by liberals who couldn’t survive in the environment they created.

  47. Edd Eaton says

    Jjb54 hit the nail directly on the head. Skin color has little or nothing to do with the problem. Attitude and what they think of others.

  48. ward says

    Many minorities have a lazy criminal minded attitude that they created in reasons for suspension, arrest , unemployment & why minorities are the majority in prisons ! Minority races nave more opportunities in the U.S.A. than whites but most prefer welfare from bo’s dictatorship, socialistic bankrupting of the U.S. !

  49. NoBama says

    Can anybody name just ONE thing about present day Sub Saharan Culture and Society that is worth Saving or Keeping?

    1. ward says

      The history of the dead kings tombs & dead dictator type kings is the answer for saving world freedom & protecting the U.S. Constitutional Freedom & Rights for Patriotic U.S. Citizens… !

  50. RobertNorwood says

    Minority students are angry and explosive. They go to school in the morning listening to rap, these aren’t kids who think. But let’s not simply blame the kids – they’re kids and they’re kids swallowed up in a culture, in situations that make them unhealthy, unable to cope without expressing anger and violence. It’s not for nothing they’re shooting one another on a daily basis; happened out my way a couple days ago.
    What we have is data, statistics, and unless we peel back this info, look at what makes up the statistic we essentially have nothing. Folks mainly know what I’m saying. It’s like a disease, leave political correctness out of this, do the diagnosis and treat the problem otherwise we’ll continue to lose generation after generation. Mainly it’s up to the parents to recognise the truth in what others, not BLM, Sharpton and the crew, are saying. It’s not because of white people. The truth is out here if folks want to save their children.

  51. NoBama says

    Rembrandt tat all the Barred Windows, Steel Gates, and Steel Roll Up Doors in the Sub Saharan Ghetto,s ARE NOT there to keep “White Crackers” from breaking in!

  52. Bill1012 says

    The obvious answer to this identified “problem” is for the government to return to the COTUS and get out of the “education” business in its entirety!

  53. Pat Hartfield says

    It doesn’t take rocket science or a wasting money on a study to know that. All people have to do is be truthful and open their eyes to know in every organization, especially schools & the so-called justice/court system it’s White Privilege.

  54. Daniel says

    After 30 years in the classroom, I found many, not all, minorities felt they didn’t have to obey the rules of the classroom/school. Rules were made to be broken, not followed. I have many fond memories of minority students who came to class to learn and not disrupt.

  55. GuardianFlame says

    In order to cure the problem, you must lnow where the problem begins.
    Every child, Black, White, Brown, Yellow is a product of its parents snd their environment. However, the PARENTS are the ones that form how the child thinks about him/herself. The person the parents create is then molded by where the parents live. Shazoom: end product child of responsibility, caring, achieving, compassion, etc. OR irresponsibility, srlf absorbed, underachieving, dispassionate abt others. What a parent teaches their child not only by their very own actions is absorbed by that child and seen in the child’s actions.
    Having been a Teacher in K – 12, I’ve had many opportunities to work with children from many backgrounds. The minority children were the ones that were the trouble makers 10:1 because of cultural differences and lack of parental involvement in their child’s educational system. I do believe this is slowly changing at this time in all races but Blacks in the inner cities. The Black communities have created kids (because very few are truly students nor do they want to be students and would rather be removed from the school system to play around) that carry a chip on their shoulders and have negative attitudes abt learning, so they become disruptive and belligerent in the classrooms. By passing FOOLISH laws that alliw this kind of disrespect towards teachers and the school systems, they have fed the angry dragon instead of vanquishing it.
    The CORE of the issues with disrespectful Black students is how they were raised in their Black homes by Black parent (s), in a total Black drug filled Black Community where rape is rampant and B&Es are commonplace. Fix the Black Communities, Fix the Black parents and you”ll see a more achieving Black student population.

    AND FOR GOD’S SAKE, LIBS STOP PUTTING THE BLAME ON THE WHITE RACE BECAUSE THE BLACKS HAVE POOR PARENTAL SKILLS! LET’S BE HONEST AND PUT THE BLAME WHERE IT REALLY BELONGS – THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Enough is enough. Suck it up libs and REALLY do something to help the Black Communities besides throwing excuses at them to continue destroying their kid’s lives!

  56. nancy miller says

    When the educators got rid of neighborhood schools and lowered the standards they cheated all of the students. They can deny this all they want but what they needed to do was improve the quality of the inner city schools even if they had to send the better teachers on a rotation.
    The mothers of the children that were affected tried to complain to the school board in our area and they wouldn’t even talk to them.
    They wanted the federal money too much.

  57. JosephDygas says

    The kids have copied the behavior of adult black males. Adult black males commit the vast majority of crimes, attack the police and abuse their women. So it is no wonder the kids are acting out in school.
    Change the culture and change the behavior.

    1. AKLady says

      Racism in America.
      Is it not beautiful to behold?

  58. freedomoutpost ken says


  59. glorybe2 says

    Race or poverty must have nothing to do with punishments. But the truth is that people who are victims of racism or discrimination or poverty often carry rage that they simply can not totally contain. Segregated schools were one way of dealing with a part of the problem. And yes, segregation was a lousy solution. But in many places, although lousy, it was also the best solution available. Schools are not designed, nor charged with, being therapeutic. The beast answer is to suspend or expel students quickly and easily and get them out of the way of those who wish to learn and are willing to comply with the harsh burden of scholarship. The efforts to keep lesser children in schools appear to be an astounding failure. Issuing non-academic diplomas is also a very lousy idea. School needs to be seen as almost like a high school football player sees football. It is competitive and should demand heroic efforts of talented students.

    1. AKLady says

      Segregation was not a solution, it was part of the problem.
      Reward has always been far most successful tool for changing behavior.

      1. glorybe2 says

        I don’t know if you have ever lived in the south. But school integration has done great harm in may places. The tendency of more privileged students to do so well in schools and for poor and usually black students to do so poorly created a situation in which studies had to be lessened in quality or the perception was that the black folks were being persecuted by having to learn “white people stuff”. And then there was the huge sucking sound when in some cases 100% of the white students left public schools for private schools leaving black children to fill the public schools. That led to tax payers feeling that they had no stake in public schools and resulting cuts in school funding further aggravating the problem. I can tell you that in 1963 it took nothing at all to get a white student suspended or expelled fro a high school. Standards were quite high. A smart remark to a teacher could earn you a one week suspension. Further, many fine colleges required the written recommendation of 100% of a kids high school teachers to be admitted. That meant that one instance of acting out at all in the tenth grade would keep you out of many colleges. Further, we had strict dress codes. Those codes had to be dropped as many poor students could not afford the required clothing. For example Levi’s were forbidden and skirts had to go below the knees. No bare mid sections were allowed either. Essentially we were required to dress like a clerk in a bank. We did not have backpacks. If we had a gimmick like a cell phone (which did not exist at that time) we would have been suspended for bringing it on campus. A first offense with pot would end your school days forever. Kids were sent to reform schools for that in Florida and we are still finding the graves of those kids as they were tortured and murdered by the reform school staffs. they were also used sexually by those same staffs. We had a very firm mental image of our lives being ruined by the slightest mistake or failure to make the grade in school. Now go look at those same schools. it might be best to have cops guard you while you are on campus. Thirty miles from me a student was stabbed to death yesterday at a graduation celebration by another 17 year old student.

        1. AKLady says

          Southern children in upper middle class and wealthy families were transferred to “private” schools. Many of those are operated by churches and barely qualify to be licensed.

          The least qualified teachers were assigned to minority neighborhood schools, including Hispanic neighborhoods. Children of migrant workers received no education, whatsoever.

          I never attended a college that required recommendations from teachers. Neither have my children, or grandchildren. Uncle Sam paid for my graduate school. In return, he took six years of my life as a military physician.

          1. glorybe2 says

            Many of the schools in the south and elsewhere have not recovered from the issues presented by school integration. My feeling is that many black students have some anger with white people that are very justified due to the horrors of slavery and the problem of being an identifiable minority. Therefore it seems that having black teachers and a black school administration would not bring that anger into the learning environment. Trust me, if I were a black person i would be in a very active state of rage. I am not a racist at all. I want a better life for black kids and in some areas I think segregation would work out better for both black and white students. I do not feel that making school less stringent is good for anybody.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Integration took place OVER HALF A CENTURY in the past.

          3. glorybe2 says

            Yes, my high school got its first two black students in 1962 in a student body of about 2,000 whites. Now only the poorest white families send their kids to my high school. The student body might be 5% white. And although the town is filled with people from the north by an large it is as about as far south as one can get in the US. In that same period of time, youth crime, addiction, drop out rates and mental illness has gone from next to zero through the roof as has teen pregnancy. Not one single girl in my high school class got pregnant in her school years. Think about that.

          4. AKLady2015 says

            Morales have changed — everywhere.
            Caring parents would make sure their sons and daughters received good sex eeducation and had access to birth control.

          5. glorybe2 says

            The kids have a lot of sex education these days and they often completely ignore it. Social conditions are too miserable these days and many young people do not really ant to live to be 21. That is why you see so many of them doing extremely high risk stunts and being willing to shoot dope. They do not try to avoid death or injury.

  60. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    Big surprise considering they are more like animals raised in caves by wolves.

    1. AKLady says

      Racism in America.
      Is it not beautiful to behold?

  61. Ilene Mellin says

    It’s called Logical Consequences. If you do not behave properly there is a consequence.
    The world has very definite system of consequences. The Liberals want to teach the opposite. It’s not your fault it’s society. Etc etc etc etc……..

    1. AKLady says

      You deny the element of assumption which takes place.

      This is not a liberal v. conservative issue. but rather a deeply
      ingrained form of bigotry.

      A form of bigotry one can witness taking place with those who are physically disabled.
      Pay attention — you will notice that many people raise their voices when speaking to the disabled. Some people go as far as to speak extremely slowly using very simply language.

  62. enaudmaz says

    So, put the blame on white students. What a predictable move on the liberal Left. Always place blame elsewhere. Do you think maybe it could be possible that not all students care about education. Why all the comparisons lately about blacks and whites???? Not everyone is suited to a formal education.

  63. bobmead1960 says

    Maybe look at the root issue. Does every people group act and behave the same? Do whites eat too few “colored greens?” Are their too many blacks in sports and not enough whites? Come on, this is so stupid.

    1. enaudmaz says

      Oh, I am with you! These discussions were held over 40 years ago. I agree EXACTLY with bobmead1960.

      1. bobmead1960 says

        I will say, that the black family has broken down, and whites are not far behind them. We need to turn back to God as a book I just put out at will prove the need for revival in our nation!

        1. enaudmaz says

          Agreed, we live in a different world now. Chaos, bombings, war, people have too much sensitivity today as our moral backgrounds have been broken down. These discussions aren’t meant for this day and age.

          1. bobmead1960 says

            We have lost the ability to accept DIFFERENT – to not just acknowledge, but recognize and possibly accept its value! We socialize only with those that think and act like we do! Sad, but true.

          2. AKLady says

            Is that a description of your life?
            That has never been part of my life?
            You must live in a gated community or a monastery.

          3. bobmead1960 says

            Mam, if you are so concerned with schools and their poorly run conditions you should look no further than the people that stole the public school system. THE GOVERNMENT. They stole the public school system that was started by nonetheless than CHRISTIANS! They were the only one’s who had the care, concern, passion and stamina to start public schools for the poor. Everything government touches turns into fodder! Name anything they run well! You have even proved my point by stating all the failures! Good day!

          4. AKLady2015 says

            The public school system has always been a government function, i.e. PUBLIC.
            If you are paranoid about government, send you children to private school.

            The public school system was Thomas Jefferson’s “socialist” gift to America. In 1779 in “A Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge,” Jefferson proposed a system of public education to be tax-funded for 3 years for “all the free children, male and female,”Jefferson was an agnostic. Jefferson also funded the University of Virginia.

          5. bobmead1960 says

            Mam, your statements are false. You might want to watch the episodes of “Little house on the Prarie” that give proof to my factual claims. Christian’s from the east would travel west to educate poor farm children. You might want to look this up.

          6. AKLady says

            The University of Virginia has never been a relgious institution.
            “Little House on the Prarie” is fiction.

            You might want to try reading some factual history.

          7. AKLady says

            You have been well brainwashed.
            Your link is one lie on top of another.
            Suggest you avail yourself of factual history.

          8. bobmead1960 says

            mam, please find something else to do other than spew such hate. Find a friend, live a life and find God. “Quick to listen, and slow to speak.” Good or whatever day you promote for your self.

          9. AKLady2015 says

            You need to expand your education.
            America has never been a Christian nation.

          10. AKLady2015 says

            “Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man”- Thomas Jefferson

            “The hocus-pocus phantasm of a God like another Cerberus, with one body and three heads, had its birth and growth in the blood of thousands and thousands of martyrs.” -Thomas Jefferson

            “Lighthouses are more useful than churches.”- Ben Franklin.

            “The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.”- Ben Franklin

            “This would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in it”- John Adams

            “Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst.”- Thomas Paine

            “The Bible is not my book, nor Christianity my profession.”- Abraham Lincoln

            “Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise.”- James Madison

            “Religious controversies are always productive of more acrimony and irreconcilable hatreds than those which spring from any other cause. Of all the animosities which have existed among mankind, those which are caused by the difference of sentiments in religion appear to be the most inveterate and distressing, and ought most to be depreciated. I was in hopes that the enlightened and liberal policy, which has marked the present age, would at least have reconciled Christians of every denomination so far that we should never again see the religious disputes carried to such a pitch as to endanger the peace of society.”- George Washington

          11. bobmead1960 says

            Even colleges were Christian based. But I am sure you want to deny that as soon as possible.

          12. AKLady says

            The schools founded by Jefferson were not religious.
            Study some history.

        2. AKLady says

          One of the main reasons for that breakdown is poverty.
          When “welfare” was first put in place, if the father was present,
          the family could not receive benefits.

          1. bobmead1960 says

            Sadly, poverty – which seems a logical reason for the problem is not one of them. People have been poor all throughout the centuries. America for many years had many poor people – blacks or white. They did not become criminals or unwilling to get educated. When God is removed from our lives is when evil prospers.

          2. AKLady says

            I suspect that you have never actually witnssed the bigotry which takes place in some school districts.

            In the 1980s, my husband was stationed in Milwaukee. I grew up in the Deep South. The people of that city were the most bigoted I have ever been exposed to.
            The varous ethnic groups hated each other, but agreed in their hate of Asians, Hispanics and Blacks.

            School funds were distributed in relation to the amount of taxes collected. Whitefish Bay schools provided sufficient computers for each individual in a class of 30 student. The classes were usually 30 or fewer students.

            At the inner city schools, 10 or more students had to share a single textbook. There were no computers at several schools. Others has only a few. There were up to 35 or 40 students in a class. The water fountains did not work. Toilets did not flush. Burnt out bulbs in the lighting went months without replacement.

          3. bobmead1960 says

            Wow! I never had computers, I had broken drinking fountains, there were classes of 35-40 that I was in, burnt out light bulbs that weren’t replaced. How did I ever get an education? Things don’t make an education. Effort, staying power and commitment makes an education. We are raising wimpy kids that can’t do or handle anything. Kids in college can’t hear a contrary viewpoint. Are so liberal they can’t live without everything given to them. They are spineless wimps. We owe this to parents who think they need everything given to them. NOBODY fully appreciates anything when it is given to them. WORKING for something gives your pride and confidence for accomplishing something on your own.

          4. AKLady says

            Taxes pay to construct schools.
            For some to be left in disrepair is an insult to the taxpayer.

            Computer education is a necessity in 2016.
            Even many of the trades now require computer use.

            If your classroom is in a basement, those light bulbs are a necessity.
            If your classroom has no exterior windows, those light bulbs are a necessity.
            If your school has multiple levels, lighted stairways are a necessity.

            How many lights should be allowed to go dark .. a few? … some? …almost all?

            If it is below zero outside, that broken window next to you is a big issue.
            Working toilets are a necessity.
            Practice and repetition is a very large part of education. Without sufficient books, homework is almost impossible. The funding in those schools also prohibit making handouts to use instead of books.

            Children cannot work to pay for an education.
            Parents pay for that education through taxes, it is not free.

            Society needs educated workers, more today than ever before.

          5. enaudmaz says

   Check this website on what AKLady is stating about his/her school. HA!

          6. enaudmaz says

            Not true AGAIN!

          7. AKLady2015 says

            Why do you insist on ignorance with all the data you could possibly use is at your finger tips?

  64. Charles Smith says

    No Shit Dick Tracy, it wouldn’t be because the blacks cause 90% of the problems now would it. They want to get thrown out so they can collect from obummas wellfare club.

    1. enaudmaz says

      I don’t know if you mean me- Dick Tracy; but I will respond that yes, a very high percentage of blacks do not complete school, the welfare thing is generational, It is what they were raised on, thinking, the doing of government welfare. That needs to stop. I stand my ground when I say It is a learned way and is passed down generation after generation.

      1. Charles Smith says

        One way to put a stop to it is to elect Donald Trump in November 2016 & not that Hog Killary.

        1. enaudmaz says

          I already decided I would vote for Mr. Trump when I first heard he was going to run for President. Finally a white man, who speaks his mind and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks. He is saying what a lot of us are saying, only on a larger platform and being heard! He had my vote at “I am running for President”.

          1. AKLady says

            Mein Trumpf

            Vol. One: A Reckoning

            1. The Hispanic Peril
            2. The Arab Peril
            3. The Black Peril
            4. The Female Peril …

          2. enaudmaz says

            Comparing Trump to Hitler? Wow, you need a history lesson.

          3. AKLady2015 says

            Your ignorance of Johnson’s Great Society says
            everything anyone needs to know about you.

        2. AKLady says

          Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
          Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?

          That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
          You must be one of those school dropouts that the red states are famous for.

          1. enaudmaz says

            AK? you are extremely rude, you do not state facts, you are trolling this website. Why do you ASSUME that the people that disagree with you live in a RED state and are HS dropouts. You my dear are racists, bigoted and a liar!!!!!

          2. AKLady says

            Thw fact that you do cannot correctly write Englihs is one clue.

          3. enaudmaz says

            Just keep trolling………………………. ; )

          4. enaudmaz says

            You spew your childish opinions with no stated facts and you have your profile marked private. Why? only cowards and psychos hide.

        3. enaudmaz says

          I could not agree more. If HC gets the whitehouse, we are doomed, all of us. High Taxes to support her socialist agenda, to follow in dumbamas footsteps.

        4. AKLady says

          We the People do not elect a President.
          We the People have never elected a President.
          We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

          Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
          Start with the Electoral College.

      2. AKLady says

        There has been a five-year, lifetime limit on public assistence since Clinton was in office.
        The only exceptions are age and disability.

        1. enaudmaz says

          Do you work for any government; i.e. state, city etc? There were attempts to put a limit on welfare, yes as you state there is a five-year limit, but not a lifetime limit. You can receive welfare but must reapply every five years. So sorry you are misinformed AKLady. I should change my name to AR15Lady, or LugerLady.

          1. AKLady says

            Have you taken the time to ready your state’s version of the law?
            AK is the U.S. Postal abbreviation of Alaska.
            Superstition says :three is the charm”, may be you try for another error.

          2. enaudmaz says

            I have to state I know what I am talking about, I worked for Economic Security for over 22 years. Heard the same stories, over and over again.

          3. AKLady2015 says

            They say ignorance is bliss.
            You seem very blissful.

            How long will your “economic security” last if yur child is diagnosed with cancer? Your wife? You?

            What is the dollar limit on your medical insurance policy?

            What is the time limit on your disabilty insurance policy?

            What prevents you from falling down a flight of stairs?

            What you are is a very selfish, ignorant fool who cannot see past his own nose.

          4. enaudmaz says

            I still think you are rude, bigoted and a liar!

          5. AKLady2015 says

            Thank you.
            Coming from you, that is a compliment.

    2. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. Charles Smith says

        Say What?

  65. Mathematical certainty says

    All of you have heard the excuses, justifications, and acceptance for black student behavior in the Nations Public School Systems….There is only one reason why black student violent behavior in the Public School System of the US is out-of-control….You can not teach those who behave like barbarians….You can not educate those who consider education is a “White Thing” and is not aligned with black-ghetto-mentality. When blacks i.e., mother and father, accept the responsibility of procreating, raising, and educating their progeny to be productive and civilized members of society, black barbarism in the Public School System will subside…

    1. Mark Clemens says

      It’s really because of stuff racist like you say. You are such an ignorant coward! Invite someone to a fight, and not show!! Blacks are starting to catch on. About racist being cowards like you!!!!

  66. capa760 says

    Have you watched the TV program “BAIT CAR?” Why is it predominantly Black person’s stepping into a vehicle that is NOT THEIR VEHICLE? I feel that there is NO SELF-DISCIPLINE FOR RIGHT AND WRONG DECISIONS. Much like my Grandson (5) who will take Mom’s car keys and feels that He KNOWS how to drive, and has no inhibitions about trying it. If it is a law saying ‘Do not steal a car, what
    can’t a teenager or anyone up to 100 yrs. old not see that is a crime and there will be a punishment to serve. If they know there is homework to do after school, there are those who do no feel like doing it, and
    before they know it, you are not going to graduate. Next the Latino car thief. With aliens committing crimes,
    it depends on the person and country they are from. There was a time when toys were in the yard, the car
    is unlocked and the house was unlocked-NOBODY would touch our things, or steal UPS packages from the porch.-If it isn’t yours-DO NOT TOUCH IT. It is honesty, respecting others, and not embarrassing your
    parents, or grandparents by your acts of crimes and bad behavior.

  67. disqus_e1rjNMkUay says

    For a start, something to consider, Pull up their pants, Then find the Father, an pull up his too

  68. bill sexton says

    consider for an instant who is the principal in a mostly black inner city school system. In the inner city where most black students go to school, many of the faculty are black. So too, most principals are black, not white. i was a white assistant principal in a mostly black inner city school system. At our school, we had one white male teacher and two white female teachers. The rest were black teachers. The main principal was black. The assistant superintendent and superintendent were both black. All of my support staff, nurses, secretaries, counselors and janitors were all black. My point is if we are talking about inner cities where black people live and go to school, why are we not describing what race the principal is who is doing the expelling? It seems the fact that most administrators would be black in the inner city is left out of the equation for the purpose of blaming white America for the large number of black suspensions. Are we going to start saying black principals are racist because they are suspending black students? No i don’t think so. That means there must be another reason the black student is being suspended at a higher rate than white students. Lets get our facts straight and stop the blame game on racism. Put it where it belongs, bad behavior!

  69. AKLady says

    At one point in American history teaching a slave to read and write was a crime.
    That was followed by segregated schools staffed with people lacking any teaching credentials.
    Later, the staffing was upgraded to poorly qualifed teachers, who themselves were products of second-class “black” public education.

  70. DaveM says


  71. Alleged Comment says

    NOTHING unusual.

    This is in line with statistics. Megroes and Mexicans have lower IQ which leads to crime, drugs, dropouts, and turd world country status more than average.

    No one should be shocked by DNA.

  72. Gail says

    Remember these poor little darlings are killing each other. Since Black Lives Matters came out they have committed more violent crimes because they see these people burning and destroying towns . BLM is not about lifting black people up and encouraging them to do great things with their lives All BLM is about is destruction and when these students follow their example they get into trouble

  73. ToniStimmel says

    Well, that’s easy to fix, give days off to the smart, bored non-privileged-minority students who have to suffer from their classes being disrupted. Or better still, send them to classes taught by the rubber room teachers.

  74. Tanya Salo says

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  75. William Helwig says

    Black males between the ages of 14 and 17 commit homicide at ten times
    the rate of white and Hispanic male teens combined. Blacks of all ages
    commit homicide at eight times the rate of whites and Hispanics
    combined, and at eleven times the rate of whites alone.

  76. FEDup says

    This is not a new occurrence. I attended a vocational high school in the 60’s which gave students a chance to learn a skill they could take to the marketplace. Even then, minority students refused to do anything in shop. Instead, they congregated in a corner and ‘did their thing’. Many of them were in this school because they had already been thrown out of non-vocational schools.

    Today, the educational response is different. They just dumb down the curriculum, let this type remain in classrooms where they are disruptive and reduce the chance of other students to get a decent education.

    This ‘disproportionate’ garbage is just that. I see many black or Latino leaders who have gotten where they are through hard work. It proves they can succeed if they apply themselves. All this ‘the system is stacked against them’ is just so much rhetoric.

    All you have to do is look at how many college scholarships are available only to minority students.
    IF the tables were turned and an organization were to offer scholarships only to non-minority students, it would be ‘racist’. Yet, the same principal doesn’t apply the other way around.

  77. 0331Tap says

    Ask teachers ,anonymously, who causes the most problems??? They won’t do that because the facts are the facts…Nothing to do with color…

  78. Charles Smith says

    Go Donald Go

  79. Athenampope4 says

    “my room mate Mary Is getting paid on the internet $98/hr”…..!gd331u

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  80. janinna says

    Stopped! In this country is a reversed racism . Check the welfare to see how many white peoples are on Public Assistance and then talk. The minority should not cry. I am minority immigrant and we should not try to transformed America.Who doesn’t like should go back to theirs country.

  81. Philomena says

    Perhaps those who are suspended have not been taught by their parents how to behave. Learn manners and respect and then teach your children.

    1. Albert Nygren says

      I think you hit the nail on the head.

  82. VanceJ says

    Nothing new, they cause more problems so they are punished more, so quit with the racial BS. intimating that punishing them is unfair.!!!!!!

  83. Gen11American says

    “According to a new survey by the Department of Education, public schools suspend minority students at higher rates than white students.”

    Whenever I read this type of notification, my logical mind tends to ask this question: Is it possible the reason more minorities are suspended from school more often is because they act up and disrupt school far more often than white students do?

    And every time I hear that though black males only make up 6% of our population, that they commit 55% of the violent crimes, I also tend to ask myself (and the Liberals), if it’s possible that is the case because blacks tend to be more violent and lawless than the white population of this beleagered nation. Since black males make up just 6% of our population yet commit 50% of the murders in this country, and the largest percentage of rapes and sexual assaults also, it appears my premise may have credibility. That being the case, perhaps immigration of groups which display violent tendences should be curtailed!

  84. daveveselenak says

    Duh, no sh*t!

  85. swann2001 says

    As a young boy I went to an all black school in Washington D.C. for several years. I experienced a high degree of racism directed at me. The teachers plainly did not want me there, I had to fight my way home on many occasions. To be fair I was the reason for the fights at times because I had a mouth on me that didn’t censor everything I said. If I hadn’t made a few friends who stepped in a couple of times I am not sure I would be here today. But I did see a huge disparity between resources allocated to black schools as compared to the school I later attended in Maryland. The black school looked like a big brick prison and even had windows broken out. The only thing to keep you occupied outdoors was a basketball court with the nets missing, that was it. The only thing I remember I learned in Washington was how to stuff rags into phones in the ares phone booths so you could go around at the end of the school day and make a few dollars in change. That is the reason they invented the pull down cups so that ended the opportunity to make any money, and oh yeah one teacher showed the class how to make paper mache animals and dolls. At the school just some 25 miles up Suitland Parkway in Maryland the schools had music appreciation classes, two baseball diamonds and a soccer field, woodshop, gymnasium and was way ahead in terms of academics then the black schools. But what happened was in order to make black children feel good about themselves years later they dumbed down everyone and the curriculum. I felt these kids needed remediation classes to bring them up to grade level without maybe calling them that. But instead someone’s brilliant idea was to dumb down our grade schools, high schools and colleges to make it easier for blacks to go to college. They did a disservice not only to blacks who are more than capable of doing higher level work but just needed some help catching up but to white kids as well and to the Nation as a whole. We have fallen behind in almost every category of science and mathematics to Asian children and several other Countries as well. If I was black and was expected to understand the higher disciplines of math and science but was never given the proper background training I might rebel in class as a way to cover-up my deficiencies in learning. As a young black man or woman this is sometimes the only way they have of dealing with the fact they were never given the proper prior training to prepare them for a higher education. It may appear things have gotten better but a dumbed down version of an education to make anyone just feel good about themselves is an injustice in itself not just to blacks but to every student in America.

  86. justagramma says

    Even in a suburban school, I can report that I very seldom had a quiet black student. More often they wanted to show off and talk constantly. Very few were “bad”, but that constant desire for attention was disruptive. We had a discipline plan of demerits. First a warning, then a demerit. As demerits stacked up, so did the consequences. It was a lot of paperwork, but it was “due process” and the parents got phone calls keeping them informed as the consequences got more serious. As predictable, single black mothers were very defensive, even educated successful ones. Our demerit system spelled it out for them what their kid was doing. The black kids, who had a father around, were almost always a good cooperative kid.

  87. armydadtexas says

    Is there a small chance that just perhaps, behavior In the class room has something to do with it. Unacceptable behavior.

  88. Steven Coy says

    I went to school back in the 50’s and the black kids did act up at a more radical action than most white kids and I put that on the parents, but at the same time we had some bad white kids that attacked teachers and they were thrown out of school. This was the mid-west and they didn’t screw around like they did in California where blacks caused a lot of problems and the LIBERAL TEACHERS KISSED THEIR BUTTS, this did not help them for the future when they needed a more calm attitude and I am sure they had a harder time in life. Blacks today, especially the children have a very bad attitude towards white authority and act accordingly and again its what their hearing at home and on the streets. vietnam vet

  89. bill sexton says

    What is not reveled is how many blacks are in educational leadership positions who ARE the ones dishing out the discipline. It has been my personal experience that black teachers and administrators have a hard time getting hired in suburbia. This results in most black teachers and administrators serving in the inner city.
    As a person with personal hands on experience as a principal in an inner city discipline alternative school in Texas, i can tell you the percentage rates for student disobedience between all ethnic groups. Our discipline school student body was made up of 97% African American, .5% Asian, 1% Hispanic, and 1.5% White. Our school district was composed of approximately 60% Black. Only two white principles served in leadership roles at any of the districts schools. The rest of the principles were black as well as the assistant superintendent and superintendent. The superintendent was highly qualified and grossed over $400,000 dollars per year. How can they all be called racist for expelling black students when they themselves are black?
    It must be something different that causes Black students to be sent to the disciplinary alternative school other than just being Black! Can you guess what that might be? If you said a defiant attitude, you would hit the nail on the head. So stop blaming race for expelling black students and start telling the truth. Once the truth is excepted and the reason for black students having a defiant attitude is known, we can start working on solutions. Until then, God bless us all. We are gonna need it.

  90. Spunky says

    learn to behave in school idiots

  91. PORCH MONKEY says

    No S H I T. They are criminal savage N I G G E R S.

  92. Gary Smith says

    That is bs

  93. Justin Seine says

    Could it be that minority students are more ill behaved than majority students? Nah! Such a conclusion would be pure, unadulterated, bigoted racism.

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