Electric Vehicles Sputter Out – 2014 Sales Dwindling Badly


It feels slightly childish to take glee in watching liberal dreams come crashing down to reality, but I guess you have to get pleasure from the small things in life. My latest petty thrill came from seeing the numbers from Edmund.com regarding electric vehicle sales over the last year. Even in a booming automobile market, electric vehicles saw their sales decline in 2014, accounting for a miniscule 3.6% of new car sales since January. Can’t you just imagine a hipster sitting in his Earthopod, drinking a cup of Chai tea, knuckling away a teardrop as he sees this story on Hacker News? If that sounds implausible, you should really surround yourself with more lefty nutballs. They can be a source of almost endless amusement.

Edmunds senior analyst Jessica Caldwell said, “The whole automobile market has grown. We’re not seeing electric vehicles as part of that growth.”

This news is taking the automobile market experts by surprise. Less than a decade ago, forecasters thought electric cars were poised to be the next big thing. They thought for sure that the market would at least make progress from one year to the next as costs came down and engines improved. What they didn’t count on was the green movement being as much a mainstream fad as hula hoops and grunge rock. There will always be a segment of the population devoted to the whole hippy ideal of saving the environment, worshiping Mother Earth, and walking around barefoot, but the days of trendy environmentalism are just about over. Manufacturers producing today’s electric cars are catering to a niche audience.

Where electric cars have their biggest chance of success is in making it cheaper for people to drive. When gas prices are causing consumer shellshock, electric vehicles sound like something worth looking into. Unfortunately for the electric car, though, gas prices are leveling off and we’ve become accustomed to spending $30 to fill even the smallest cars. When you break down the math on the higher prices of these vehicles, it makes even less sense to trade in your traditional engine for the purring Prius.

Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate innovation. If the future of vehicular travel lies in electricity, I would be just fine with that. It’s not like I’m so addicted to fossil fuels that I’m willing to stick up for it despite all reason. It’s just a means to an end. But until the electric car can match that end – until it can stand toe to toe with the internal combustion engine without flinching – then we aren’t ready for widespread adoption. Today’s electric cars are light in power, short in the aesthetics department, and provide almost nothing in the way of environmental improvement.

My biggest problems with the electric vehicle are twofold: they represent a wrongheaded movement, and they are being subsidized with taxpayer money. Their association with the environmentalist weirdo movement is enough to make them wholly unappealing, and the fact that we’re paying to have them produced is a small outrage. Let’s let the electric car fail or succeed on its own merits. From the latest numbers, it would appear America has spoken.

  1. logicrules says

    Whoever wrote this POS reminds me of Rush’s rush to stupidity in his hopes the president would fail.

    1. steve_golf says

      Obummer is a failure without Rush”s help.

      1. Jim says

        Let’s us not rush in too fast to help Rush!

        1. Poodleguy says

          Rushbo doesn’t need his help or yours. He does just fine as it is…..99.7 % correct!

          1. Jim says

            That’s why I said what I did because Rush does just fine without my help! President Obama has sunk his own ship without anybodies help,

      2. Poodleguy says

        So is the dude who posted that crap!

    2. Jim says

      I think that the President is failing enough on his own without anyone’s help, and doing a splendid job at that!

      1. Mark Clemens says

        When it comes to failure, Obama is King of fuck ups
        Aw, hell, it’s Obama

        1. Jim says

          You put it bluntly, Mark! However, I agree wholeheartingly!

          1. Mark Clemens says

            I’m surprised he’s still married. ……

          2. Jim says

            I’m sure they both play the field!

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Bases are loaded Obama’ s at bat
            Time to change the batter……..

          4. Poodleguy says

            Nah…..the pitcher should throw the hardest bean ball ever, right between the Dumbo ears!

          5. Mark Clemens says

            Romney had his chance, and missed. Damn the bad luck!
            Obama is the first president to reach base (White House) with NO BALLS!!

          6. Rattlerjake says

            What man, other than Moooochele would want him? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

          7. Mark Clemens says

            I always thought Obama and RuPaul would make a cute transgender couple. Dressed up in those floppy hats w/fruits hanging off them. Sort of how Charo use to dress. Maybe Rupaul would get Obama a bone in the nose piercings……….

          8. Rattlerjake says

            Who or what is RuPaul?

          9. Poodleguy says

            A drag queen with it’s own tv show. A big tall black fruitcake…..

          10. Jim says

            I never saw any drag queens until I went to New Orleans. They had some in Tucson when I was living out West!

          11. Poodleguy says

            Hey Jim – I’m an Arizonan, N of Phx about 40 miles up in the foothills….

          12. Jim says

            I was stationed in Arizona for many years, mainly in the Tucson area. I called that place a big city that had a small town atmosphere because they were so friendly there and treated me so nice.

          13. Poodleguy says

            Davis – Monthan?

          14. Jim says

            No, I had been stationed at Saguaro National Park, Lake Mead NRA, Fort Bowie NHS and Chiricahua National Monument, just to name a few Duty Stations, while serving mainly as a Visitor Protection Ranger. Before I moved back East in 1998, I lived on Golf Links Blvd in Tucson right near one of the gates at DM.

          15. Jim says

            Where in Prescott?

          16. Poodleguy says

            Nope, Black Canyon City. I moved up her from Phx a few months before I retired in 1999. Love it up here…. We sit around on Sat nite & listen to the cars rust!!

          17. Jim says

            Yes, I know where that area is! I didn’t know that cars rusted in the desert and didn’t know that rust made a sound either, but that sounds like an exciting life that you are having there. That is less stressful than Phoenix! The Phoenix metro area is way too big for my taste. LoL

          18. Poodleguy says

            How well I know….I lived in Phx for 31 yrs before moving up here. The cars rusting bit was posed as humor – I grew up in Illinois were the sure as hell rust!

          19. Mark Clemens says

            Some drag queen who had a TV show, haven’t seen shim in a decade or so. He might be dead……? I’m sure he/she is on Google

          20. Fast Eddie says

            At the end of 2012 I bought a rental Impala that has given 31.5 to 36.5 MPG at high speed on trips to/from the beach for $13,995. My dear departed frugal mother of scots descent would be horrified if her son would ignore his McCauley heritage to please a tree embracing train rider by blowing $40K for a dink of a car that would not give that kind of price performance and carry four people with a weeks worth of stuff on vacation.

          21. Poodleguy says

            Different strokes for different folks….

        2. Poodleguy says

          How did you get that one past the censors? I use “phuque” to sneak by them!

          1. Cecillia says

            I’ve notice quite a few expletives being posted in the past week or two.
            What’s going on?

      2. maxx says

        You will probably have to wait quite a while since Tesla is moving it’s operation out of LA LA land because it can’t operate under the liberally oppressive Jerry Brown government.

        1. Jim says

          Jerry Brown is another Liberal Winner!

          1. bearmountain says

            Liberal Whiner

          2. Jim says

            I thought that Anthony Weiner was the foremost Liberal Whiner!

          3. bearmountain says

            He is as good a place to start as any of them. I would Obama might be in the top 2 or 3…

          4. iwojimafan says

            Let’s start calling the sp called Liberals for what they really are, THE ANTI AMERICAN LEFT. This is how they should always be called, since that is what they are.

          5. Jim says

            They are called Liberals because they know how to Liberally spend everyone else’s money!

          6. iwojimafan says

            Remember that a True Liberal is one with an Open Mind, which means that both the Left side and the Right Side of there Brain are being used. These so called Liberal DemocRATS use the term to disguise who they really are, ANTI AMERICAN COMMIE/SOCIALISTS WHO HAVE NO USE FOR THE CONSTITUTION. The House needs to bring back the House UnAmerican Committee and start calling all these Anti Americans up before them, starting with all the Pinkos in Hollywood.

        2. Poodleguy says

          Not so. Tesla is going to build a gigantic battery manufacturing plant near Reno, Nv that should be operational in two yrs. The plant in Fremont has no plans to close, of course that could change, but those are the facts as of the now.

      3. Poodleguy says

        It is called the Roadster & you have excellent taste. I am as conservative as one can be, hate all this green crap the obamaliar has wasted billions of taxpayer $$ on, but the Tesla is very successful & will continue to be. I do have to admit a bit of bias since my son in law is one of the mgr’s of the plastics division in Fremont & I get a lot of inside info. Have you paid any attention to TSLA stock?? WOW!!!

        1. Jim says

          The Tesla would be a fine vehicle if they could get more range out of it with smaller batteries and have more charging stations in cities and towns. I know of only charging station around here and if it’s parking spots are full you are screwed. However, my Brother’s Rabbit Diesel got 55 mpg during the 80’s, which is still very good mileage by today’s standards. It’s too bad that VW didn’t offer a turbo diesel back then.

          1. Poodleguy says

            Yeah, those naturally aspirated Rabbits wouldn’t beat a turtle in a drag race!

          2. Jim says

            Yes, but you could smoke everybody out!

          3. Poodleguy says

            Cover & concealment for sure!!

        2. Jim says

          Thank you for the compliment! However, I’m surprised that President Obama didn’t require them to build Teslas with a solar panels on top. No I haven’t looked at the stock prices but thanks for letting me know.

          1. Poodleguy says

            When my son in law joined the Tesla team 2 1/2 yrs ago TSLA was around $32 a share. He negotiated a deal upon hiring in to receive 5000 shares over four yrs – 1250 per yr. I haven’t ck’d the stock price today but it was @ $283 y’day! He also receives 100 shares as a yearly bonus. Not to bad for a 41 yr old man, wouldn’t you say?

          2. Jim says

            I would say that your son-in-law and his Tesla Company are both doing very well right now! When President Obama was first elected, gasoline was $1.79 dollars a gallon. Now it is over $4.00 a gallon in many parts of the country. With the cost of living now, it is getting that much harder just to make ends meet!

      4. Hugof224 says

        Hold on, Jim… don’t you realize just how many “reds” had to be sacrificed… to dye that upholstery? Actually, “the more, the better!”, for my money.

        1. Jim says

          First, they became Blue Dog Democrats before they were dyed so more red dye had to be used for the red color to take place.

    3. mac12sam12 says

      After I read ‘Dreams From My Father” before obama was elected, I knew he would fail. Ideologues make poor leaders. Who does Obama blame? Fox news, Hannity and the Tea Party. In the world of the Progressive, it’s always someone else’s fault. Must be the lack of a spine thingy.

    4. Poodleguy says

      Rush was right, as always & the obamaliar is one huge failure for all to see & our enemies love to observe his flagrant weakness! Since you appear to be an obamabot, name one thing good for this nation he has accomplished……….we’re waiting.

    5. mac12sam12 says

      Obama failed because of Rush and Fox news, eh? Is anything ever obama’s fault?

      1. Jim says

        When you hear Obama say it, he will continue to blame Bush even after he leaves office and vacates the White House.

      2. Poodleguy says

        You completely missed my point, it seems.

    6. Peggy Joseph says

      It caught the automobile markets by surprise??, then they are as stupid as ovomit, but of course that figures.

  2. steve_golf says

    When electric cars can go 300 miles between “fill-ups”, then I will consider buying one. Til then they are merely laboratory curiosities.

    1. william e wilson says

      I agree, but i would prefer 360 miles or so.

      1. jillocity says

        my ole GMC (1990, when they still made a quality vehicle) suburban has a 37 gallon tank, and i go a LOT further than 300 miles between “recharges”…i just drove it almost 1000 miles in an interstate trip…used half a quart of oil…pore ole thang does need an oil change now…lol

    2. Cranky Steven says

      I wouldn’t take one if given to me for free. They can drive it up someones underpass tunnel.

      1. Poodleguy says

        Seems as though that is where your head is….

        1. Cranky Steven says

          Where you store your head is not an indicator of where decent people store theirs.

        2. joe haire says

          Thanks, poodleguy. Another cogent comment from a liberal!!

      2. Clint McInnes says

        For free? Hell, yes! I’d love one. I’ve been following the development of the Model S, and a slicker vehicle would be tough to find on the road. But the price is a show-stopper for broke li’l me.

        1. Cranky Steven says

          For free does have it’s charms.

      3. Jeff says

        It needs to be 700 miles! I have driven over 700 in one day, Yosemite Nat. Park to NY and NY to Florida several times! There’s no where or no time to “charge” up on trips like that!!!

        1. Cranky Steven says

          I hate the durn things and leave it to sheeple to fork over for one. Sheeple does not apply to you. The sheeple I am referring to rarely stray very far anyway so mileage doesn’t much matter.

          1. Jeff says


    3. Poodleguy says

      The Tesla is the only all electric car that comes close. It seems I have heard it is now capable of over 250 miles on a charge & the “Supercharger” stations are being built all over the nation currently. It has also qualified as the safest automobile ever built!

      1. AirFrank says

        At over $100,000 each I would expect a heck of a lot more than that.

        1. Poodleguy says

          Think of this& for a moment: when large flat screen HD TV’s came out (as well as many more gadgets) the prices were too high for Joe Sixpack, but the upper middle class & those of substantial wealth bought them, the prices drop sooner or later when the costs of the tooling, advertising & startup costs are amortized. Tesla will be coming out w/a car that will start out @ around $32K. Actually, the Model S starts in price around $67K, but in all auto sales, the advertised price is much lower, maybe 30% or more when the buyer drives off w/it. Tesla is here to stay & it will continue to improve. Mr Elon Musk is a genius & will gitter done!

          1. Cranky Steven says

            poodleguy, help the process and buy several.

          2. Poodleguy says

            Poodleguy is a seasoned citizen living on Soc Sec & puppy $$, so don’t play the class envy game w/me. I understand economics, what works & what doesn’t – I have studied Freidrich Von Hayek & Milton Freidman for many yrs, just because I wanted to know…..you really are a cranky old fart, aren’t you?

          3. Cranky Steven says

            puddleguy, you have committed the unforgivable sin towards me: you have come to bore me. I am engaging my “block button” and will hear from you no more.

          4. Poodleguy says

            Thank you for realizing you can never win against me. Adios, mamone…..

          5. 427cobraman says

            PG. That’s fine, but please don’t believe that when that happens, you and other model S owners will be saving the planet. The electrical power to recharge the environmentally toxic battery has to come from somewhere. The power comes from coal fired or nuclear power generating stations. Therefore you have only moved the polution point to another location. If half of the gas powered cars in the US were replaced with electric cars over a period of ten years, the only way to even remotely keep up with the power demand would be by building natural gas fired power plants. Obama will see to it that it won’t be coal. You can’t build Nuclear plants fast enough and all the solar and wind turbines you can imagine would not produce s fraction of what would be needed. Liberals conveniently ignore these facts just as they ignore the dead eagles, hawks, falcons and owls at the bases of their darling wind turbines. Nothing is free in this universe. There is always a trade off.

          6. Poodleguy says

            I totally agree with your post, with one exception: I don’t own a Tesla. My view of this particular auto is the ongoing success of it & it’s future. I am no “greenie” & I detest the tree hugging enviro wackos & the global warming nutcases! I am a solid Constitutional conservative as well.

          7. Jim says

            Is that redwood tree still around in California that Nancy Pelosi hugs? It has places in the bark from her hugging it!

          8. joe haire says

            You don’t sound like oneLOL

          9. Poodleguy says

            Read more of my posts – you will discover you have profoundly misjudged me.

          10. Poodleguy says

            427 side oiler….what an engine, especially when stuffed into a modified AC Aceca body & suspension!! A man whom I have placed two of my Poodle pups with & have become fast friends with in Lk Havasu, Az has a replica in Cobra red that makes me drool every time I visit them & see it!! I used to work as a “job shopper” for an engineering placement company in the LA area in 1967 – it was right next to Carroll Shelby’s shop. Drool, drool!

          11. 427cobraman says

            Mine is a Classic Roadsters 427 (6″ stretch) in Ferrari red/purple pearl stripes and fire at the “shark gills”. It’s got a 351 Windsor with a 5-speed manual. Send me a request at 427cobraman@gmail.com and I’ll send you photos.

          12. jillocity says

            well said…do you mind if i copy and paste this to a place where many others will see it?

          13. 427cobraman says

            Please Jillocity, and thank you.

          14. jillocity says

            you’re very welcome!

          15. joe haire says

            I am “Joe Sixpack” and I resent elitist comments from smug, arrogant people like you. The most depressing picture is an old Berkeley hippie driving a toyota Prius with an Obama bumper sticker

      2. Dave says

        I agree Elton Musk is a genius. He essentially got the taxpayers to pay for starting his business. When the Tesla becomes economically feasible without taxpayer support I will consider one but I doubt if I will live long enough to see that happen. Last time I looked the cost of electricity required to charge the battery exceeded the cost of gasoline to run a similar car with an internal combustion engine the same distance & the total pollution is greater for the electric car..

        1. Poodleguy says

          FYI: the Tesla Corp has repaid the govt backed loan IN FULL, 9 yrs early.

    4. ted j says

      they say the Tesla can go 3oo miles on one charge… however that has to be on a round trip….. can’t stop in the middle of nowhere to recharge can we???

    5. mic56 says

      My plug in C-Max hybrid can go 700 miles between fillups.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        When you charge at a charging station, how do you pay for it? How much does a full charge cost?

        1. mic56 says

          I charge at home. There are chargers in the area that I could use. It take 2 hours for a full charge at 220/240 and 7 hys at 110/120. I work at home so I don’t need to charge when I am out. I have plugged in at hotels etc using their 110. The car comes with an 110 extension cord so you don’t actually have to install a charger system. I was fine with that but my DH wanted me to have a 220.The 220 does come in handy when I am going two places in one day. I just set my power setting to “Charge now” instead of “Value change”. I usually only charge overnight. The car actually has an app and an online page. You can pick out your power company and then your car charges when electricity is lowest. Our power company isn’t on that list so I just set the car to charge from 1a to 4a. It’s always done in 2hr 7 min. We also have solar panels and a wind generator which help a lot.
          So to make a short answer long, I have never paid to charge. Sorry.

          1. jillocity says

            other than your electric bill, that is…and on the other hand, my 24 year old GMC Suburban just took me over a thousand miles…did not use even a quart of oil…will your car still be running 24 years from now? admittedly, my jimmy was built when detroit still built vehicles that would last more than 3 years

  3. WiSe GuY says

    Another 0bama brain fart turns into a turd.

    1. maxx says

      My sentiments exactly. What number disaster is this in the list of dozens and dozens of disasters created by this menace to society. Anything to do with “green” or “GM, AKA government motors” or Obama in general is destined to fail.

    2. Jim says

      I wish that he would turn into block of stone or a pillar of salt!

      1. Combatvet52 says

        A block of stone has much more brains it should turn into horse dung.

        1. al.k says

          The scripture states that if man won’t worship the Lord, that the rocks would, so yes rocks do have more brains than our sodomite in chief, anyone with a brain in their head would not defy the Lord or his word, Rom: 1:26-28 tells quite a story about these perverts and we can’t expect them to have any brains, perverts have a sexual relationship on average of 3 times per day as opposed to man woman relations average 3 per week. so these perverts either suck the marrow out of each other bone or blow their brains out!!!!

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Well said friend

        2. festmatt5440 says

          He doesn ‘t have to rely on brains ; he just follows the orders from ( puppetmaster ) George Soros ‘, and his ” Communist ” friends .

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Don’t forget Valerie Jarrett

      2. Wapitiman says

        Salt is white !

        1. hjjusa says

          A pillar of pepper?

      3. William says

        Jim you look like what I call a highly decorated Military man. It is people like you that should be in Washington making sure our politicians are not just feeding their greed. Seems to be all we have up there anymore none that gets elected does anything for, “We the People anymore!” It is people like you that needs to run for offices coming up in the next few years. The reason I think like this is you know what you fought for and what you protected. I was never in any military branch due to the fact the Vietnam war ended just before I got out of high school so I went to work to be a tax payer. However I did eventually go to work onboard ships and worked as an engineer in the engine room. So if it really comes down to it I guess I could go back to work on ships. I know Obama does not like people like you because you could easily turn the tables on him and that is exactually what we need someone that will take a stand against him and not run every time he screams racist.

        1. Jim says

          I’m just a US Merchant Marine Captain. I might have seen you out in the Gulf because I worked for many years out there for one of the biggest companies in the Marine Transportation industry on Crewboats, Utility boats and Supply Boats.

          I grew up as a Navy Junior because my Father was a Naval Flight Surgeon. I’m the only one in my family who was, and still is, a Merchant Mariner. My family has either been USN or USAF. My Uncle was highly decorated and he is buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington. When he was buried there, three four star Generals attended his burial. When he retired from the USAF, as a full bird Colonel, he was holding down a Lt. General’s position. Recently, my family finally received a Purple Heart and four WWII Campaign medals from the VA after 64 years for a family member who was killed in the Korean War. I put in the paper work for that at the Local VA office last year. Besides that, It took us 34 years for my Mother to finally get a US Flag for our family member and we got that in 1984. He doesn’t like Conservatives because that goes against his beliefs. You never about that because some family members of ours were either Governor’s of The State of Alabama or State Senator’s there. We need to put honesty and integrity back in Washington and get back to the Principles that the United States was founded on.

          1. Cartius says

            My mom never received the flag my father was due Oct 1968. His father was at Pearl Harbor Dec 7th 1941. One of my uncles has my grandfather’s Dixie cup he was wearing that day. All of my family served as Navy enlisted except one uncle, the Army black sheep. But he served in Korea, Maternal Uncle WW II through Viet Nam, Paternal Grandfather WW II, another Paternal Uncle Viet Nam. My brother and I, Submarines during the cold war. Brother stayed in until Desert Storm, where they medically discharged him with a broken neck. I’m crippled and crazy…..lol
            80% service connected disabled.

          2. Jim says

            Fortunately an Army Colonel from Fort Campbell heard of our plight and he was able to get my Mother a US Flag that had flown over the US Capitol. Colonel Patrick reminded me of my Uncle who I mentioned in an earlier comment. I miss he and Colonel Patrick very much. I was fortunate to work with Colonel Patrick and the American Legion Post #202 for the Celebrate Freedom celebration in Pigeon Forge that they use to have. They had a lot of Famous Veterans such as Senator Dole, Colonel Tibbets, Navajo Code Talkers, Tuskegee Airman, General Powell, General Hague etc. Everyone there had a wonderful time meeting these Veterans and hearing them speak. Don’t give up on getting a US Flag for your Father. Look how many years it took us to get one. I’m sorry for your loss and I appreciate your Father’s sacrifice.

          3. Becky says

            Hear hear Captain!

          4. Jim says

            Thank you Becky!

          5. Becky says

            Welcome Captain.

    3. Cranky Steven says


    4. Terminator says

      You made one small mistake, Obama doesn’t have a brain.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Your right he’s using Daffy Bidens brain which is very very tiny.

        1. Cartius says

          R U sure it isn’t Carter’s brain he’s using?

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Jimmy Carter did suck as president, but look at the good he’s done afterwards. Obama won’t even compare to a hair on Jimmy Carter’s ass…….!!!!!

          2. Cartius says

            I am a submarine veteran, so I feel it is safe for me to say this. Jimmy Carter is nuts, and a lot of what is happening in the middle east can be pinned on his ineptitude in office. He’s is a wacked out anti-Semite, who couldn’t do one thing right in the white house. Now, if you want to say he did some good things with habitat for humanity, I might throw you a bone on that one. BTW, most submariners, myself included, as at least a little crazy, right?

          3. Mark Clemens says

            When I was like 20 I worked for a insulation contactor in Kings Bay Georgia. Who did the big subs. I don’t see how y’all live in such cramped space for months at a time……

          4. Jim says

            Squids get use to living that way! LoL

          5. joe haire says

            Jim, that’s why I became a Marine. I’m a landlubber and Arizona lizard now! Semper Fi!!

          6. Jim says

            Where in Arizona? I spent most of my time out West stationed in Arizona and Nevada. The border crises is so much worse than it was when I was out there! Also, thank you for your service! Acta non Verba!

          7. joe haire says

            I live South of Tucson near where Brian Terry was murdered by “fast & furious” weapons donated by Eric Holder. Friends & neighbors have been burgled, robbed, carjacked, & assaulted by Illegals passing thru on their way to El Norte. The border is not secure!We have formed our own local gun club and have about 35 members. Our main purpose is gun safety . We have several NRA instructors, certified concealed carry instructors, range officers, etc. A good group of NOT EXTREMISTS. We support Tea Party principles & stand ready to help where we are needed. We enjoy getting together once a week for to commiserate over breakfast. I spent most of my time in the Corps at Pendleton crawling in the sand & blowing things up. I am content to watch the beautiful sunrises & sunsets here in the desert and drink Iced tea (or the occaisional Corona with Lime). Semper Fi. We do have one SQUID in the group. He did service in Submarines, carriers & different types of combat vessels. He acts like a SEAL, but won’t admit to anything. Keep up the spirit!!

          8. Jim says

            I was stationed in Tucson in 1985 right after DEA Agent Camarena was kidnapped and then killed as he was leaving one of the US Consulate Buildings in Mexico. We were told to not take our Federal Commissions and badges with us when or if we traveled into Mexico because the Mexican Federales might kill us if they knew who we were working for and what we did. I always left mine in my POV that was parked in Nogales on the US side. I didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks when I was traveling in Mexico.

          9. Cartius says

            I was fast attack. They are/were a lot smaller.

          10. Jim says

            I remember when the USS Scorpion got lost off of Norfolk. We were up visiting my Aunt and Uncle at Langley Field, Virginia. That wasn’t too long before he retired.

          11. Jim says

            I grew up on St. Simons Island!

          12. Mark Clemens says

            I had a split childhood. Was educated in Pittsburgh ( uncle worked in a privet school, got in for 1/4 tuition). Spent my summers in High Springs Florida floating the Itnatuchee river.

          13. jillocity says

            submariners are a special brand of people…no tongue in cheek there, they have my utmost respect

          14. Jim says

            That’s why I float on top of the water instead of underneath it! However, you probably have more common sense than “Peanut Head” Jimmy does.

          15. Jim says

            He did one thing right! He vacated the White House!

          16. Mark Clemens says

            In just one term. I bet we will need a crow bar to pry the Obama’s out of there.

          17. festmatt5440 says

            He isn ‘t leaving ‘ ; dictators must always be ‘ removed ‘.

          18. Poodleguy says

            Then for the next 8 yrs we had Ronald Wilson Reagan, in my estimation the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.

          19. Jim says

            Thank you for your service, Cartius!

          20. Jim says

            And he really sucked when he was Governor of Georgia!

          21. Combatvet52 says

            It just might be Biden Carter and lets not forget our favorite wacky fruit loop Pelosi

          22. Jim says

            She will pass any bill first before reading it!

          23. Jim says

            You mean “Peanut Head” Carter! He is the “Real Deal!”

          24. Cartius says

            And He brought us wonderful Mideast policy. Remember the Iran hostage event?
            He hates Israel, and goes by “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” philosophy.
            Obama and Carter have the SAME philosophy, that is why we are in the mess we’re in. Blame Israel, Muslims are good………..A STRONG President and Government, would not have put up with the cr4p that is happening in the middle-east.
            I say we take a page out of the OLD playbook, and it worked, Bury Terrorists with pig carcasses. See how quickly they want to die then. Or scrape them off of the pavement, and give them a brand new pigskin body-bag to be buried in. Or How about dip our bullets in pig’s blood? The U.S. did it before and it worked then, as did France, that I know of. But the current administration is too squeamish and pc to do it.

          25. joe haire says

            I thought that the Chinese were running the Canal now. Great move!

          26. Poodleguy says

            You are correct there Joe. The company is Wampoa something or other. Btw, Joe – you have read me totally wrong after reading your posts – don’t ever call me a liberal again! You assumed that because I support Tesla & it’s success which btw is the ONLY successful manufacturer of electric autos. Did you know it has been rated the safest auto ever in crash tests? I despise liberals with virulent passion!!!

          27. joe haire says

            My apologies poodleguy! I mis-read you. We need to stick together against ill informed Quislings that support our Muslim/Marxist president. do get passionate sometimes. A big part of it is frustration. Carry on!!

          28. Poodleguy says

            Thank you Joe! You & I are on the same team. My position on Tesla is thus: as a successful manufacturer, Elon Musk paid off the govt backed loan in full 9 yrs early. Being successful has created jobs which creates taxpayers. Even if one doesn’t like the idea of electric cars, you just have to realize success creates wealth, not just for the CEO but right on down to the lowest paid employee. Just think of how many wealthy people Steve Jobs & Bill Gates have created….. Now it is time for me to partake of an adult beverage!!

          29. Becky says

            Joe mistook you for a ‘Liberal”?? Hey there poodle guy! Long time no see…. I can’t fathom that. Glad you got it straightened out. I have been enjoying this whole conversation. All you guys are great! Funny too. Even if you don’t mean to be. Nice to see you again. Becky

          30. Poodleguy says

            Back atcha, Becky!

          31. Becky says


          32. Poodleguy says

            I was involved with a recall petition drive to oust Dennis DeConcini after he cast the final vote to give away the Panama Canal. We had the signatures, but the fact is you can’t recall a sitting congressman under Az law but our success was we caused him to not run again. As to Jimmy “what, me worry” Carter, he pressured Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran to resign & go into exile, which resulted in the ayatollah coming into power, resulting in the Middle East mess we have today!!

          33. jillocity says

            history is not taught in schools today…not in elementary school, not in middle school, not in junior high school, not in high school, and not in colleges…if it were, we might have a somewhat different electorate

        2. Jim says

          Are you talking about Daffy Duck Biden? I thought that you were!

          1. Poodleguy says

            With brains of equal size of the aforementioned ‘peas’! How about congressman Hank Johnson – who stated if we put 5000 more troops on Guam it could tip over & Sheila Jackson Leigh – who thinks we landed on Mars instead of the moon?!?!

          2. Cartius says

            Don’t single out the morons, it’s not pc! *Chuckling* I remember both of those “Opinions”. I have been to Guam, it will not capsize. The people of Guam are safe!
            But the people of the United States are not safe from the morons in power. On BOTH sides of the isle. Although, if you really look at Plate Tectonics, there might come a time when Guam capsizes. But it won’t be because of the number of people on the island.

      2. festmatt5440 says

        He is doing just as he was trained to do, by his ‘ puppetmasters ‘ ; that is , to destroy America ‘ .

    5. Mark Clemens says

      Just because Obama puts sugar on a turd, don’t make it a Brownie!!!!!

  4. Jim says

    So much for those green, shovel ready, jobs that you promised Americans, President Obama! However, I might just consider switching over to propane though!

  5. Mike Straw says

    when the government starts using them for convoys and other daily uses (more than 300 miles), and with quick full charge capabilities, I’ll think about it. Otherwise, it’s a nice thought, but not practical.

    1. Jim says

      When was our Federal Government ever practical, especially when we have this impractical President of ours now? Never!

      1. Mike Straw says

        I agree with that

        1. Jim says

          I second that Mike! I am very familiar with Government waste especially when it pertains to the Federal Government! I’m surprised that this President hasn’t looked into funding research on electric powered fire trucks! However, always watch out for potential electric shocks while operating! LoL

          1. Cartius says

            There actually IS a way to make a safe electric fire truck. I just haven’t built it.

          2. Jim says

            Just make sure that you are wearing your rubber boots and lineman’s gloves first before operating that type of machinery! Remember Safety First!

      2. maxx says

        Reason for the governments failure at whatever it tries to do is the fact that the Founding Fathers only authorized a teeny tiny fraction of tasks the government has “taken on” by itself. This gives you an idea how long liberalism has been a cancer on the American people; almost from day 1.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          That’s an interesting statement. Did you know George Washington was a Federalists. He believed in a strong central government. I think if you would of called him a liberal he would of cut you down were you stood…..
          I myself like a small restricted government.

          1. Barbaracvm says

            People don’t realize the founding fathers were brought up under the rule of big government. The king, was the big government. It is what they were used to. They did write the constitution for limited government but did not quit know how to implement it. They had the right idea just not sure as to the how to.

          2. AirFrank says

            They knew how to implement it and did a fine job for the first 150 years or so. Then the progressive/liberal/communist/fascists go into power and its been downhill ever since.

          3. Barbaracvm says

            If I remember correctly Thomas Jefferson was the first president to work towards a small federal government.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            He was the first democratic president. Liberal? Or not?

          5. Cartius says

            TJ is my hero. : )

          6. Poodleguy says

            “From time to time the tree of liberty must be replenished with the blood of patriots & tyrants.” Thank you, Thomas Jefferson! The time seems nearer every day!

          7. Cartius says

            I partly agree with you. It wasn’t 150 yrs. though. It was about 20-25 yrs.. When the people running the federal gov’t realized they could impose anything on the people/states, they started doing so.

          8. AirFrank says

            True. I was trying to limit it to major events like the 16th amendment. But yes, around 1800 our “wonderful” congress began to dismantle the Republic. Sigh.

          9. Cartius says

            One or more of our Founding Fathers warned us, that when the ELECTORATE, meaning, “The People”, realized they could take from the minority and give to the majority (Themselves), the Republic would cease to exist. Hence we have “Redistribution”. I am a service connected disabled veteran. I DO get a check from the Gov’t. But it is for injuries incurred protecting those a**es in Congress, as well as everyone else from the U.S.S.R.. The majority of people receiving checks, and I include SSI, (they paid money into a Ponzi scheme), have not earned a check from the Gov’t. I personally think that if SSI had been a private insurance that you could opt out of, it would have been much better than it is now, and Congress would not have been able to spend it like it was their own personal piggy bank.

          10. Mark Clemens says

            Thank you for your service. What war were you in?

          11. Cartius says

            The Cold war, under President Reagan. The last good President I have seen. 1984-1988

          12. Poodleguy says

            You caused me to think of those whom make reference to a WW3 – we have already had it – it was the Cold War!!!! Who else but the great Ronald Reagan could have beaten the Soviets?

          13. Cartius says

            Under Reagan, we kicked the U.S.S.R.’s butt. HE is responsible for the fall of the U.S.S.R., not Bush. If not for Him, the Soviet Union would still exist. Now, there are some good things, and some bad things, with reference to that. The U.S.S.R. did keep the terrorists on a short leash. Now that it is gone, the terrorists run amok everywhere, killing people in countries all over the world.

          14. Jim says

            I worked under Reagan too and I still miss those times then! Money went a lot further then when buying things! I only had a couple of things that I didn’t like that President Reagan did. The first one was that he did away with treating Merchant Mariners at VA Hospitals. The second one was doing away with the 5150 mental health program in California by cutting Federal funding for those programs.

          15. Jim says

            Y’all are both missing a important point. The Federal Government really started acting that way when they started imposing a Federal Income Tax on everyone after it was signed into Law.

          16. Cartius says

            In answer to your post, The Federal Gov’t started growing exponentially after Nixon took us off of the gold standard. The best example of the runaway inflation they say does not exist, is what you can buy for an ounce of gold. 100 years ago, a 1 ounce gold coin, the 20.00 gold piece, would buy you a pretty nice suit. Currently, at 1400.00 to 1500.00, 1 ounce of gold can buy you a nice suit. That equates to an inflation rate of 7500%, over 100 years. But really, it was not 100 years ago that it started increasing to that rate, it’s just since we went off of the gold standard. There was a little inflation before we went off, but in the last 45 years, we have inflated the Dollar so much that it is really not worth the paper it is printed on. I am 50 years old. I have only seen the paper become more worthless in my lifetime.

          17. Jim says

            That is because the US Treasury floods the US and the World with more money than our GDP takes in thus causing inflation.

          18. Cartius says


          19. Mark Clemens says

            Hold on to your wallet, I think plastic money is around the corner.

          20. Cartius says

            I think implanted chips are around the corner. The Gov’t HATES the free market, and what they deem the BLACK market. Then they don’t even need to print money. You go to work, scan your hand. Go to the grocery store, scan your hand, go to school, scan your hand. They will know where everyone is, all the time. At least the LEGAL citizens.

          21. Mark Clemens says

            The Government LOVES the FREE GLOBAL MARKETS, look how fast our jobs went global, after Bill Clinton stopped tariffs. George W Bush and Obama are on board too.
            Now the government is terribly worried how much money you have, were you keep it, and what you spend it on…….

          22. Poodleguy says

            The French nobleman, Alexis deToqueville toured our nation in the 1800’s & was fascinated by our form of govt, but did make the observation the one flaw was that when the people discover they can vote themselves largess from our treasury, we would be in trouble. Unfortunately, he was correct & that is where we find ourselves today!!

          23. Cranky Steven says

            Washington would have had no idea what anyone calling him a “liberal” meant. He wanted a strong government for good reasons. We were threatened on all sides by hostile powers, including France.
            But Washington and the founders wisely divided up the powers of government to keep it in check. That has worked until now when we have a despot running an imperial presidency and a gutless congress afraid to confront him. Our system has not failed. Our representatives have and so has the electorate for voting them in.
            Remember in November.

          24. Mark Clemens says

            Well if you called President Washington a liberal, and explained it to him. I’m sure you would get hurt……….

          25. Cranky Steven says

            Probably get my head cut off!

          26. frank jackson says

            if you were lucky

          27. Jim says

            With the Cherry Tree Hatchet!

          28. Cranky Steven says

            Hee, hee, heee! Hope it’s been sharpned since he hacked down that shrub with it! 🙂

          29. Jim says

            It might be a bit dull from all of that hanging on the wall in Mount Vernon!

          30. Cranky Steven says

            Maybe he would put antlers on my nogging for fun!

          31. Mark Clemens says

            That was rich!

          32. Pam Dunn says

            BULL SHYTE;
            A liberal of Washington’s day is 100% opposite of a liberal today and he favored a LIMITED federal government as did the WRITERS of the Constitution.
            GO to a school where they don’t spew Left winger socialist propaganda and learn the truth.

          33. Mark Clemens says

            A lot of the Federalist wanted the presidency to be a life long job, like SCOUS Justices. I know Hamilton was just one.
            Give me an example of some 1790 liberal stuff, and who was for it…….
            Y’all are the ones who say liberals like a big central government, so did the Federalist. The Wiggs wanted less government, like the Tea Party.

          34. AirFrank says

            I think you need to go study history. A Federalist is not someone who believes in a strong central government. A Federalist is one who believes in a small gov’t of limited powers. Exactly what the Constitution provides.

          35. Mark Clemens says

            Obama thinks he is building a strong central government. I mean the less rights you have, the stronger the government is…….
            The government is so strong, we can’t overthrow it……..
            Maybe the Democrats have taken up the Federalist Big Government Values.
            The Republicans are like Democrats of Andrew Jackson’s age, worried about big biz getting breaks. Big Biz back then was Plantations. The Democrats back then always opposed infrastructure projects. Like roads, the Erie Canal System. Just wanted the treasury to “Sit” on that money.

          36. AirFrank says

            You continue to miss the point. Federalists were not STRONG FEDERAL government types.

          37. Mark Clemens says

            Here’s some real history in like 1792 or 3 Hamilton talked President Washington into passing a Distillery Tax. Folks in western Pennsylvania (ironically the town was named Washington) didn’t want to pony up their tax money. After 4 polite attempts to collect the tax. The People of Washington Pa killed a Marshall, burned the tax inspectors fortified house.
            Well President Washington had enough. He saddled up, activated 13,000 militia to get these people in line. There may of been 500 armed protesters. They backed down before President Washington got to Washington Pa. This is known as the Whisky Rebellion.
            That is a strong forceful central government. President Washington didn’t play……….

          38. Mark Clemens says

            Here’s a funny…….
            If all of us in Tennessee refuse to pony up the ObamaCare money.
            Can you see Obama in his golf cart, with that goofy smile, in front of a bunch of tanks coming for your tax money…..?

          39. Cartius says

            He would’ve loved to be called a liberal. All of the founding fathers WERE. The problem is, with the pc crowd, liberal does not mean what it meant then. It means exactly the opposite. The same is true about the use of Conservative. Today it means exactly the opposite of what it meant at the founding of our Country. Look it up.

          40. Mark Clemens says

            I did, it is all kinda backwards.

          41. Cartius says

            Ya think maybe we’re living in superman’s bizzaro world? Good is evil, evil is good……

          42. Mark Clemens says

            I think the best word describe our founders would be STERN or UNCOMPROMISING.
            They asked the King politely for succession from the Crown. After two nos, they took matters into their own hands……..

          43. maxx says

            Then the status of our current government should cause you great concern as it does me. The present version is neither small nor restricted in it’s grab for power.

          44. Mark Clemens says

            I think we are at the “Tipping Point” were the government will no longer need the Peoples permission to do a thing or not.
            What we are witnessing is the seeds of Ternary take sprout.
            As the late, great law man Branded Fife once said:
            “Andy, you have to nip it in the bud”
            I say “We need to kick them in the butt”

          45. Alvian Chavez says

            A strong central government is very different from a strong tyrannical government, which Washington opposed. He was offered a kingship but refused because at that time they were all very aware of the flaws with a monarchy and someone ruling for life. Which is why I don’t understand why justices were given that sweet deal.

          46. Mark Clemens says

            Hamilton’s reasoning was to keep them from having to worry about reelection. That way they could make rulings unbiased.
            Lincoln imposed a income tax to fund the Union. The SCOUS struck it down around 1866. Said it was unconstitutional

          47. Alvian Chavez says

            The idea was good and I guess to a good degree the court did what they were supposed to, interpreting the laws on the books and making clear the gray areas not readily understood. However at some point the justices pretty much started interpreting according to their “sponsoring” POTUS which I don’t agree with either, whether conservative or liberal.

          48. Mark Clemens says

            Ever watch NASCAR?
            I think Politicians should have their sponsors names sewed into their jackets, so we know what they really stand for…….

          49. Cartius says

            Then you couldn’t tell them apart! Every jacket would have SATAN embroidered on it, or at least almost every one. Or it might just have their own name on the jacket. They are only there for themselves.

          50. Alvian Chavez says

            Yes to the question and ditto, but do you really think they would be that honest? I think it would be, I really didn’t know they were a sponsor, my campaign manager never said where the money came from.

          51. Mark Clemens says

            Make it law of the land. All sponsors must report, make it public record. Big jail time 15+ years. If they gonna act like the 535 stuges, we’ ll dress them like stuges…….

          52. Alvian Chavez says

            I agree we need accountability from local municipalities all the way to federal, oh and keep the U.N. out of our legislative process. If they want to be “peacekeepers” around the globe then by all means get after it but don’t get involved politically.

          53. Cartius says

            Yet here we are. The current income tax was created to fund the U.S. war effort in WW II. But Congress liked it so well, it kept it to pay for everything else their hearts could desire. They had to pass an amendment to the constitution to do that. Not everyone knows this, but the excise tax on your phone, is to pay for the Spanish American war. Guess what? We won that over 100 years ago Congress.

          54. Mark Clemens says

            See we need Statesmen like Teddy Roosevelt. He over threw one Panamanian government installed a US friendly Panamanian government to build a canal were we could charge the world tariffs. So government’s expenses would not be on the USA’s People.

          55. Cartius says

            The problem with Teddy Roosevelt was he believed it was the Federal Governments’ job to rule the United States with an iron fist. He did not believe states had rights. If the states don’t have rights, what makes you think YOU do? The states lost their voice in the Federal Government when I forget which amendment it was…….When the U.S. Senate was no longer appointed by the states, but instead voted into office. We lost our rights at the same time. The evolution into mobocracy was complete.

          56. Mark Clemens says

            That would be #17. There is a very good reason. Search up
            WILLIAM A. CLARK
            (You have to have the A. or you’ll get the explorer) The whole nasty story will unfold, click every link. Before you do, lets learn from the States, so it don’t happen to us.
            “Once Liberty is gone, it will be gone for ever”
            John Adams (para phrased)
            It wasn’t until Andrew Jackson before the People actually got to vote.
            I’d rather vote for my senator myself……..

          57. Cartius says

            That was only half of the story though. But yes, he is the public reason why it was done. (17th) The true purpose was to take away representation for the states in the Federal Gov’t. It made it a lot easier to subjugate the states, they weren’t ALLOWED to have a dog in the hunt.

          58. Mark Clemens says

            No, also a lot of seats were empty due to State Assemblies debating over candidates. In 1900 something (I’m thinking 1902) only a dozen senators showed up out of 40 something states. The states dropped the ball and lost their liberties. I’d rather vote for my Senator. Really you shouldn’t surrender any civil liberties. We got one on the house, why give it back? It would be like women giving back their voting rights……
            Back to President Washington, Martha never voted for him………

          59. Cartius says

            I’m not sure George voted for himself either. At least for the second term.

          60. Mark Clemens says

            Yea they had that eectorial collage. I don’t like it, I like popular vote. We the People are the rightful masters of this country. Why let the politicians speak for you?

          61. Jim says

            The main reason the United States had the electoral college back then was because it would sometimes take days for US Citizens to get to the polling station in order to cast their vote and much of the US was wilderness. Therefore, the American Citizens had Party Delegates represent them when they couldn’t vote.

          62. Mark Clemens says

            Yea, that should be retired, along w/the 16th amendment.

          63. Cartius says

            Think about this…….If the states appointed Senators, we would have a republican senate.

          64. Mark Clemens says

            That’s shallow, think/live for the moment.
            What if your states assembly goes democrat in 12 years? Your screwed if a seat comes up. When Senator Alexander won his first time Tennessee was mostly democrats in the assembly.

          65. Cartius says

            That is different from the way it is how? I have serious reservations concerning electronic voting. I seem to recall someone warning about hacking BEFORE the 2008 elections, and again after. As in someone had done it. With paper ballots you can re-count them. Still a flawed system, but not as flawed as it is today in this state. Years of seeing the politicians line their pockets at our expense, has made me extremely cynical about the whole process. I even ran for state office in 2002, wow, I received 3% of the vote. At this point in time, I’m thinking they (The people) have made this mess, if they get screwed, it’s their own fault. I’m gonna find a hole to hide in, wait for things to blow over.

          66. Mark Clemens says

            I agree we should use only paper ballots. Who knows who might of jerry rigged the voting computers. I didn’t feel confident my votes were counted. ………

          67. Cartius says

            BTW Teddy LOVED Fascism. He was buds with Mussolini.

          68. Cartius says

            Most people today do not know what Fascism is, they just call republicans fascists.
            Fascism, is when one is allowed to own property, but the government tells you what you must do with it. We had this for a brief period during WW II. It is also happening today. Communism, is when the government owns everything, including YOU, and tells you what to do.
            Very little difference. You may have already known this, but there are others who do not.
            The U.S. Government, is trying very hard to be either one or the other. Either way, we are on our way very fast, to H3ll in a handcart. I will never be “Owned” by the government again. (Prior military service) Nor will I take kindly to being told what I can do with what I have. That is happening today, when bureaucrats, not elected officials in government are infringing on us. IE EPA, BATF, BLM, (Insert gov’t agency name here). Currently I am holding my nose at all of the regulation, but I’m not too sure OUR gov’t is going to be around much longer. How about Emperor Obama ’16? (Not what I want, but what I think may be coming)

          69. Mark Clemens says

            Well 230+ years later, we now see a elected Strong Central Government can trample your Civil Liberties, just like Tyrant if the People don’t start growing backbones…….
            The only reason we’re not subjects of the Crown, is because people in the 1770s had STRONGER BACKBONES. We have become weak in our political ways……
            What happened to the “Give me liberty, or give me death” crowd?????

          70. TexasStomp says

            prosperity and opportunity. We got comfy and we’re not willing to lay our lifestyles, let alone our lives on the line. But in fairness there are no brownshirts at our door…….yet. Stay tuned.

          71. Mark Clemens says

            You haven’t seen the Rutherford County’s (Tennessee) Sheriff’s uniforms? Adolph would be proud…….
            Hiel Sheriff Arnold!
            One of his deputies (A.J.Ross) made the You Tube last 4th of July. He told some collage kid (who had his cellphone video on, unknowingly) “The Constitution does not apply at my road block” During a sobriety check point.
            Come to find out the previous sheriff fired Ross for planting false evidence (drugs) on somebody. Then this sheriff put him back on the payroll. ………?

          72. TexasStomp says

            Well fortunately for the folks of Rutherford County, Sheriff is an elected position. So vote the f’er out. Who in any party wants a Sheriff like that? Should be easy to “un”elect him next time it’s his turn in the barrel. If they don’t, they deserve what he gives them. When he gives them enough….he won’t be sheriff anymore.

          73. Mark Clemens says

            I moved out of that county 10 years ago. Guess who runs the probation department?
            County Judge Ash…….
            That whole county is crooked like a drunk rattlesnake! !!!

          74. Jim says

            It sounds a lot like Cocke County here in East Tennessee!

          75. Mark Clemens says

            I asked May Beavers if the assembly would out law the practice of judges owning probation offices, due to conflict of interest.
            She looked at me like I lost my mind. I should of known better, she was the one who led the NO CONSENT DUI Law, I call it Tennessee’ s BLOOD LAW……..

          76. Alvian Chavez says

            I believe the mantra now is give me hand outs or feel my wrath. Too many in the House and Senate are afraid to stand up to the minority who cry the loudest anytime a hand out is threatened. I live in New Mexico and when I write my two democrat Senators I seem to get the same canned letter response. That to me shows how lazy they are that I can’t get a personal response. I am only one but I have been trying to make a difference. Thank you for responding to my posts, nice to have dialogue with you.

          77. Mark Clemens says

            That’s the political norm. I write my Senators and Rep (all 3 are suppose to be Republicans) . Corker will state his point and reasons why. Alexander, Dejarlaes replies are never clear. Abstract at best. Sometimes I think Pink Floyd writes their replies……..

          78. Jim says

            Some Liberals will keep on remaining nameless and spineless regardless of what happens!

          79. Poodleguy says

            Liberal & Conservative had totally different meanings in 1776 than they do today. You are spot on about how the liberal/progressive demonrats have bastardized our Constitutional system by usurping power @ every opportunity & the hell of it is, the uninformed voters willingly made it happen.

          80. Mark Clemens says

            Not really, been thinking about that. A few others have said the same. Here’s why I think the misconception:
            Back in the day……(1700-1930’s)
            Everyone was more conservative. Think about it.
            Everybody was tight w/money
            (You had to have cash or trade, not much credit)
            Everybody went to church.
            (90% of most people were in church on Sunday)
            Everyone stayed Married
            (This one’s about all but gone)
            Moms & Dads TOGETHER raised their children
            Communities worked together
            Families stuck up for their kin
            None of this had beans to do w/government
            We as a society have become more liberal than our Founders Society was.
            Liberal has always meant TOLERANT
            Look at all the BS we tolerate today, some of this stuff we do today would of gotten you tared & feathered in the 18th century. Maybe even killed……….

          81. Poodleguy says

            Hey Mark, you missed my point. Grab your Webster’s & look up the definitions of conservative & liberal. You will find neither will be defined as the political use of the words & the political definitions of today didn’t exist until the 20th century.

          82. Mark Clemens says

            I’m talking about like, not politics. We as a nation are way more liberal than the Founders. Calling President Washington a homosexual would of been a death sentence, by his hand. Instead today it’s a buzz word, misunderstanding.
            Andrew Jackson actually killed a man for insulting his wife.
            Everyone stayed married until somebody died
            Single Parent families were unheard of
            I can list examples for hours…….
            You, me, and everyone who reads this post is way more liberal than our Founders were.

          83. jillocity says

            i’m with you on that!!!

      3. festmatt5440 says

        No ; I will never call him president ‘ ; he doesn ‘t have the proper papers .

    2. bobda says

      I read somewhere it takes 2 hrs. for a “quick charge” No thanks.

    3. Poodleguy says

      Tesla occupies a certain niche, not intended for anything or anyone but those who can afford them @ this time. As the company grows & sells more & more vehicles, the tooling & setup costs will go thru the amortization process, the prices will come down just as all innovative products have done eventually. In 1949 my grandmother purchased a Zenith console TV w/a 13″ b&w tube for $700. A hell of a lot of money then – I recently purchased a 40″ HDTV for $249. Do you get my point??

      1. Mike Straw says

        of course I get your point. Didn’t you understand mine. It’s not necessarily the cost, it’s what you get for your buck. Getting only 100-150 miles between charges (several hours) is not worth it.
        For a more recent comparison Pooodleguy, look at calculators. Very expensive when they came out. Oh BTW, I don’t think TVs were that expensive in 1949. My dad was a TV technician after the war. We were one of the first with a tv…. 7″ round screen and it wasn’t real expensive. But nevertheless. Right now, electric automobiles are not worth it and won’t be until they get a lot more mileage and shorter charge times. Once the hydro cell is fully developed, that will take over and then once they perfect a better solar cell and battery pack, that will be soaring.

        1. Poodleguy says

          The Supercharger stations will fully charge in half an hour. We just have different perspectives. I believe I mentioned to you I have a lot of inside info via my son in law who is one of the mgrs of the plastics division & has been there since the startup & was part of it.

  6. belladonnacotton says

    Because their horrible to drive and maintain and they don’t go very far on a charge. My round trip to work is 75 miles and that would mean I would have to find some place to charge while at work(4 miles way) and then charge right when I got home which means no side trips or sopping. They are horrible. I get 400 miles to a tank in my Ford Focus so why go through the pain and limitations of an electric car. Besides what about power/electric conservation?

  7. Mark Clemens says

    “I take glee in watching liberal dreams come crashing down”
    I see why the author didn’t put his name on this so called article. Why would one take glee in electric car sales dropping? The author never says why he/she/it is happy the electric car fails, except because of liberals. Most liberals and conservatives I know some what like the idea.
    This so called article is BIG OIL PROPAGANDA.
    It also has no substance of reason why electric are bad, just that sales dropped and are slow.
    I’ve test driven an electric car. I think the acceleration is way faster than a gas car. The whole thing drives “Tight” no hesitation in pick up.
    My problem w/it is, they have no distances or high speeds (over 60) for along time, also they take to long to charge. Other than that it’s a solid ride, quieter too.
    If I just lived in a big city and didn’t travel out of town, I’d buy one. For me though I travel a lot, and a electric car is NOT practical for trips over 100mi. They take like 45min to recharge (thts what the salesman told me). Pumping gas for 5min. right now is the way to go, for long distance travel.
    I think in 8-10 years battery technology will be more up to par. I’ll also wager the Cell Phone companies will make the breakthrough. Our phone batteries are getting better every 2 years or so…..
    Also Oil will eventually run out, it’s just a matter of time. We should start saving now Lets look to the future. ……. I do not think the government should back any of this.
    When the Oil is gone, I don’t see coal powered cars. I reckon the author will glow w/glee when his/her grandchildren have to use bicycles or walk for miles to get around, because the author lacked vision. Maybe the author has stock in oil or horses & mules. I would like to bring to y’all’ s attention the combustible engine was 100yrs in the making, it started w/Robert Fulton’s steam engine. Napoleon Bonaparte laughed him right out of France. Look how things worked out for Napoleon. ……..
    Tradition is a good thing, clinging to outdated stuff is crazy…………

    1. maxx says

      Clemens, don’t for one second think your sentence “Most liberals and conservatives I know some what like the idea” is anywhere remotely related to “the real world”. You may be posting on a conservative site but you are a liberal moron, plain and simple. The problem with electric anything is there is no way to produce clean electricity. No matter what you use to generate it dirty fuels are used. Wind and solar will never produce more than 15 – 20 % of the need. Even though nuclear doesn’t produce the dreaded CO2, spent Plutonium is only what…. a billion times more. Cell phones alone are responsible for more air pollution due to the “other” fuels used to generate the electricity to power them. Not something we had to worry about until 3 billion people decided they need to use them mostly for trivial useless chit chat.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Most people I know like the idea, I live in a very red state (Tennessee) it’s just not practical today, buy why stop? Put more research in it and make it practical. Exactly how much electricity does one of these cars use?
        Maxxie Pad, why you insult me? Call me a moron? What makes you a conservative? Did you suck Rush’s dick? Who says your smart? I haven’t heard anybody say Maxxie Pad is smart. Why you say I’m a liberal? Cause I don’t agree w/you. Your so stupid and afraid of progress, lets not hold the rest of us back. I made a valid point. Name me just 250 people who don’t like it…….
        And anyway so what someone is working on a better car, and you want to stop them, why?
        Maybe you should change your pad, its a bloody mess………

        1. bearmountain says

          More research on it? Sure thing. You pay for it not me. Sick and damn tired of people like you even suggesting “more research on it” using my money. The enviro punks are nothing but a bunch of half brained bullies.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Oh, I’m w/you 100%. Privet Research. If Thomas Edison paid for all his research, so can everyone else! Actually Nikita Tesla probably paid his own bills too.
            Regardless of the industry. We should learn our lesson here & now on the government pumping money in any business ,or industry and move on.

          2. bearmountain says

            I believe it is called Market Manipulation..

          3. Mark Clemens says

            It’s called “Having a bad economy and no real ideas to fix it” …….so we’ll come up with some George Jetson technology (after all congress did see it work in cartoons) Type of industry

          4. bearmountain says

            Roger that

        2. catman says

          Now, now children………play nice or daddy will spank your little bottoms and take your toys away from you !!!!!

          1. jbftskj says

            Some people never want to grow up; part of what’s wrong in the US today.

  8. WhiteFalcon says

    The technology for electric cars is simply not here yet. I think it wil be in the furure, but we don’t live in the future, on top of which the electric cars are very expensive for what you get. I also doubt that the resale value is any good either. The total electric cars are good for going to the grocery store, if that isn’t very far away, and that is about it. I call them Stupid Cars. They not only look stupid but they are stupid.

  9. peter says

    The ad for the Nissan Leaf that’s logged 800,000,000 miles. It doesn’t tell you that you can only drive 45 miles before you have to find an outlet to plug it in. Wouldn’t be a pretty sight if you are stuck in traffic and have to drain your batteries and go nowhere.

    1. jbftskj says

      No car will last 800 million miles, nor is there time enough to drive that far! Deduct 3 zeros and take a math course.

  10. Victoria Brooks says

    My point is, just how do you produce electric? Is this really green?

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Hydroelectric, just like the TVA water flows through the turbines you have “Clean” electricity

      1. jbftskj says

        They just removed a bunch of dams to protect the salmon run-I approve of that; let them build more solar-power facilities in the little-used western deserts.

  11. Fred Campbell says

    There will be/are several niche markets for electric vehicles. Unfortunately, with the government tampering with the dynamics of the market with subsidies, etc. we may never find out what these markets are.
    Also the government’s attack on electric power generation will further penalize electric cars. Nuclear power plants produce electricity at approximately 4.5 cents per KWH. Fossil fueled plants can nearly match that rate but the EPA is trying to outlaw these.
    Future consumer power rates, fueled by further EPA outrages, (20 cents/KWH?) will probably doom electric vehicles.
    Solar/wind is not economically competitive as a source of energy.

    1. jak says

      Well said.

    2. Cartius says

      It will probably doom air conditioning of homes as well. Who will be able to afford to pay those rates?

  12. jak says

    What average American can afford an electric car anyway? Let the market do its job and get government out of the way. All these dumb environmental programs do is put more burden on the tax payer.

    1. don says

      very true…let the technology develop at the rate the market will allow it to.

  13. junkmailbin says

    1. the cost is to high and the government should not be involved with subsidies of any kind.
    2. unless nuke plants are built, there is no benefit in pollution reduction. The popular time to charge is at night. NO SOLAR and wind is erratic.
    3. So, buy the car on your own dime not mine and put solar on your house. One of the stipulations for buying a toy slot car should you have prof that your home solar system can support the cars energy use. If you have two that you need to have a larges system. NO SUBSIDIES ON YOUR SOLAR SYSTEM, I should not have to pay for your smug

    1. Mark Clemens says

      None of this stuff is practical today (electric cars, solar houses, growing green stuff on roofs) the technology isn’t here, buy why be happy that sales dropped? Heres how impractical solar house is for me:
      I’ve got 3,000 sq ft. The solar company wanted $21,000 to do the whole 9 yards. Thats about 15-18 years of light bills up front. I just as well pay my $150-$180 a month. I’m not hoping the company goes under, I’m hoping they bring that number down to $5,000 or so in the next 10 years.
      I’d like to see these E-Cars have a 400 mile battery that takes 15-20 minutes to charge, not the technology fail, because Democrats like it more.
      That’s past stupid……hu?

      1. Cartius says

        I can build that E-Car. I am just trying to decide if I should. I am not sure if the effort is worth it, because I don’t want to feed the maggots in D.C., or the rest of the ME, ME, ME, crowd.

  14. slypuffers says

    Obama purchased most from GM, to bolster his bailouts of Union Employees, at Tax Payers expense. We lost our ass on that one……….sweethearts.

    1. Jim says

      The creditors that GM owed as well as the stockholders of GM and their subsidiary Delphi weren’t paid one red cent concerning the Government Bailouts. That was truly pitiful.

  15. Timk says

    This Line Says It ALL.
    “Their Association with the ENVIORMENTALIST WEIRDO MOVEMENT”

  16. Maria castro says

    They don’t care….they were paid CBD…..Cash Before Delivery.

  17. Tom Peary says

    I’m a Libertarian fiscal conservative Leaf owner and power electronics technician. You will disappoint yourself if you insist on comparing electric to gas cars. They have vastly different jobs in the transportation world. Average round trip is less than 50 miles, well within the range of all the current electric cars. Electricity to go that distance costs much less than gas. You use the electric for short trips, gas for long trips.
    Read the objections to electric cars here, the same that was said about gas powered cars 100 years ago when internal combustion was the new technology. I know! Let’s all “Get a Horse”!

    1. don says

      i have a horse …*grin*

  18. Bruce Dakin says

    Now a Prius is a combination of gas and electric..Everyone who i know really appreciates the 45 miles per gallon..Seems more people are driving them and loving them more then ever..And the batteries are not as expensive to replace as most people think..Just saying..No side here..Just sharing what I see..

    1. Mark Clemens says

      That Technology came from the Electric Diesel Locomotives of the 1960’s or 50’s

      1. don says

        that locomotive technology STILL powers the locomotives on our railways…my grandpa worked on the steam powered ones in the early 1900’s…powerful but no where near the electro-diesel level.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Actually the Diesel Electric Locomotives can move one ton of freight for 450 miles on one gallon of diesel. I think this Electric Diesel engine system will be the near future of automobiles, before a 100% electrical car will………

    2. jbftskj says

      You can get 40-45 mpg from a number of US commuter-type cars without spending $30K for a hybrid. Why waste your money and have to worry about dead batteries?

  19. Bill R. says

    PHART,FART The passing of gas .Well I’ve always heard that it was a TURD honking for the passing lane .Folks for the past 6 yrs. it seems that the people of this country have been wearing ear buds and the results is liberal democrats selling our country down the drain with all the turds we have in the current admin. no need to go on and on about the complete failure of the Obama and the liberal democrats complete failure if we expect to get this country back on the right track we have to unload our government of these inept leaders that are sailing us down the tube. Come November cast you vote to get rid of this liberal tax and spend strong hold that has no idea what the hell they are doing, and get down to paying off the debt and bite the bullet and put people in who care about this country where its citizens should come first in office. IT’S TIME TO PUT AMERICA BACK OM TRACK . Vote for America in Nov. VOTE to keep our constitution in tact as it was written and to uphold our laws as they are .If we enforce the laws we have on the books now we would not have an immigration problem WE Vote for lower taxes less government and show these folks that the people of this country are sick and tired of politicians that are for the betterment of their egotistical selves that we will send them to the unemployment line post haste. love my county hate the way it is going.

  20. Dana Davis says

    I think the Prius is gay.

  21. Tony Primavera Sr. says

    Prediction Tesla will never be profitable and will close down by 2018 The new plant they are building in Nevada Thumbs down on it and it will become a giant ,vacant building eventually

  22. Victoria Brooks says

    If that was how All electricity was produced currently, that would be ideal. The whole thing is half baked. Nice idea, but only partially planned out. We should have more electricity produced in this way and more accessibility to an electrical hook up to recharge the vehicle, than to produce more electric vehicles without thought as to how we can recharge and make use of that vehicle on our daily commute from point A to point B and back. The government will dump money into projects without thought as to a long term solution for these ideas. Our tax money should not be wasted for the frivolous ideas of our government agencies, who aren’t footing the bill.

  23. don says

    let me see them hook a two horse trailer up to an electric car and tow it with two horses in it…for that matter, let me see one tow a trailer of ANY size. or carry a load of any sort…it ain’t gonna happen.

    small “Clown car” applications are fine for ‘around town’ commuting and even for long distance commuting IF you have the fuel capacity or the capability to re-charge while enroute, and you don’t carry anything bigger than your bowling ball and shoes.

    i live 25 miles to the closest “Town”…if, mind you IF, i could trade our current vehicle for one that would tow that two horse trailer, haul bales of alfalfa and make our runs to town and still get 35-40 mpg i would definitely consider it. but…to pay 42k for a chevy Volt to drive to town and back…forget it! payments would NEVER equal savings…

    this economy is fed from DIESEL…eighteen wheelers, locomotives, airplanes, ships…ALL rely on diesel…and yes…i know about using diesel to produce electricity to run ships and locomotives…in order to use the right “Electric” powered power source…you gotta use diesel fired generators to produce the electricity.

    how long did the steam generation last? 100-125 years? it’s going to take even longer to get the type of power the lefties/greenies want NOW even with our current level of technology.

  24. Chuck Rudziewicz says

    The first thing is that the government stay out of it. The only way that companies will get more inventive is for the government to stay out and let the competition be the reason that it grows. With the government in it there is no real incentive for a company to do no more then what the government wants it to do.As long as the government is in it then it is just a political football. There are a few private companies that are building all electric cars and they are doing much better then any of the auto manufacturers And that is because the car companies are getting help from the government.They don’t have to swim or sink as the private companies do. They have no incentive other then what the government wants them to do.

    1. jbftskj says

      History shows that when gooberment gets involved in a project, the biggest fallout is WASTE, with about $9 zeros behind it.

  25. jondarmes says

    That’s what happens when you have a bunch of brain dead bueaurcrats making decisions on anything, especially on questions and mechanisms that are more complicated than why turds are tapered.

  26. Pam Dunn says

    Sales are falling because all the idiotic knee jerk liberals have bought their Volts and are learning how “RE” Volting they really are.

  27. Combatvet52 says

    Me Barry i fix all up no problem i spend another 5 billion of all tax money those fools that work so hard for

  28. rocky63 says

    Why don’t the leftist wing-nuts understand that the electricity used to charge the batteries of their electric cars came from the grid — from a power plant. They brag about the lack of emissions from the car but overlook the fact that it just requires more electricity to be generate (and the windmills and solar panels are not creating any significant portion of that).

    I drive a Nissan Altima hybrid. I care about the environment. However, it wasn’t until long after I bought the car that I realized the carbon footprint of manufacturing that huge batter is very large. And that doesn’t even get into the cost of dealing with the disposal of that large battery when the car is no longer serviceable.

    1. Cartius says

      Environmentally all of the current e-cars waste a lot more resources due to manufacturing of the Lithium ion batteries than if you had bought a 10mpg Junker, and drove it until it died. The Junker would even have a LOWER carbon footprint. Windmills are creating a pretty good chunk of the supply in WY, but they have wind to spare there.

      1. rocky63 says

        I certainly agree. However, I continue to wonder about wind and solar. Neither is available 24/7, no matter what the weather. The amount of electricity needed doesn’t go down when the wind stops blowing or the sky is overcast or at night. And batteries that could store electricity at the huge levels we routinely consume are not likely to be in our near future. So adding wind and solar capability must be done in ADDITION to nuclear or fossil fueled plants. Because those plants need to be available to fill in the gaps when the air is still and the sun is not shining. Thus we will have a large over-abundance of electricity production capability, at great cost. (Am I missing an important point?)

        1. Cartius says

          Please don’t get me wrong. I am PRO Nuclear power plants. I am a submarine veteran, I know a thing or two about Nuclear power. I also know of an alternative “Green” power plant that is not being properly utilized. It could be a much more efficient and dependable source. There is also another battery type that is not being used in an automotive capacity, I will not discuss further on that, because I won’t make any money if someone else either guesses, steals, or just figures it out for themselves. Suffice it to say, I know of current technology that can meet the needs of U.S. consumers, and it would cost about the same, maybe even lower than Nuke. I could build transportation around this battery, and also generate power for it efficiently and cheaply. The same battery, could be used for storage during non-peak times, and even for small plants, as in personal use. (Off the grid) The technology is here, I just worry what might happen to me, (really) if I tried to let the cat out of the bag. I do not trust this government, and I do not trust the oil corporations or the oil producing countries. Trust might get me killed.
          You may think I am nuts, but the threat is real, and people have been killed for less. Want to see an all electric tractor semi-trailer? I’ll be building one in a couple of years. One that is capable of travel non-stop 250-1000 miles, depending on the size of the existing battery. Recharge in under an hour, no memory, which means it can be recharged to full capacity for the life of the battery. Non toxic, capable of a thirty year lifespan, charging it every day, and if you fully discharge it, it will still charge up right away, or even months after it has been discharged. If I can iron out the problems it has in something as small as a car, it could be charged in 10 minutes, and go 300 miles for under five dollars. This is not a joke, it is possible with today’s technology.

          1. rocky63 says

            Well, I wish you good luck and hope i works.

  29. Harold Sammons says

    The concept of electric car’s is more in line with local commuting; we don’t have the battery technology to make a long distant vehicle at a economical price. Untill that happens the market is going to be stagnant1

  30. dirtflyer says

    Electric vehicles belong on the Golf Course and on Grandma’s wheel chair. Another Obama weirdo idea for Green fanatics, to save the Planet from that terrible Beast,MAN. I like my old Junky piston powered car.

  31. catman says

    Electric vehicles must be recharged. Just where in hell do these “greenies” think the electricity comes from.
    Those power plants are fueled by coal or natural gas. Maybe we should go back to the horse and buggy, but then who would walk behind to pick up the horse manure from the streets??? Why there is a job for the “Greenies” isn’t it???

    1. jbftskj says

      You bet! Give them square-pointed shovels and a bushel basket! LOL

  32. Wapitiman says

    I think the author is confusing electric vehicles with hybrids. A Prius could drive to California, an electric vehicle is lucky to go 90 miles! Last week I was driving behind a Tesla. It was going very nicely, but…local, local, local.

    1. BH says

      The largest Tesla has a range of 300 miles and it will set you back in the seat. Yes, it is high priced, but it comes with lots of luxury. If they can make improvements in the future and get the cost down, no problem. It should not be gov’t subsidized, though. Someone I know bought this one.

  33. MarryMeAnnie says

    Dictator obama mandated clown cars. How many clowns can you fit in there?

  34. mic56 says

    I actually moved from an Expedition to the Ford C-Max plug in. It’s does not cost that much more than a comparable car of it’s size plus the tax credits paid the extra. My husband paid more for his new Harley than I paid for my car.
    Anyway, I love it. I have both plug in energy and a gas hybrid engine. I can choose when to use the plug in power. We live in the country so I use the hybrid power until I get to town then I use the plug in power. I average 55mpg over the 14000 miles I have driven. Not bad considering I drive 18 miles just to get to a city. When I’m in the city I never use gas. I have regenerative braking so every time I slow down or stop I put energy back into the batteries. I only fill up my tank once a month instead of once a week with the Expedition. The gas savings make most of my car payment. I am in love with the savings. The lower CO2 emissions are just a plus.
    When I take a trip with it using gas alone I get 40mpg doing 72 on the interstate. The c-Max has twice the HP of a prius. When I need to accelerate I have no problem. I do tend to bark the tires at times which makes people look. Anyway, it’s sad that people only think of electric cars as just improving the environment, it has improved my life and my budget!! Can’t get better than that.

    1. whoselineisitanyway says

      I am so glad you have that kind of money. HOW ABOUT SOME REDISTRIBUTION OF THAT WEALTH PER HERR OBAMA.

    2. jbftskj says

      You are fortunate to be able to own that car PLUS a Harley-congrats.

    3. Mark Clemens says

      When you plug in up town, how do you pay for the charge? By time plugged in, by the kilowatt, or some other method?

      1. mic56 says

        The only time I have plugged in somewhere beside home was at a B&B where they let me plug in for free so I can’t answer that question. I believe the commercial charge stations charge by the KW hour. I am not actually sure though.

  35. Perry Cook says

    I am a proud environmentalist weirdo!

    1. whoselineisitanyway says


    2. jbftskj says

      No matter what it costs the average Joe, right? Oops, I meant Left, libtard.

  36. hora says

    Electric car will fail, range are to short and when come like with no gas where be will charge a battery and how long waiting?plus replace all battery or any fix job need get a loan on a bank for can paid a repair. Gas can found any where but electric car are a different history. If any one need replace a regular battery cost 100$ or over, how much can cost replace all car battery and are much more high price plus a labor?Chip drive but to high fix.

  37. RobGoetzSr says

    It’s almost Sad to see this technological leap take the hit! I’m a retired Electrician (and for the record, a staunch conservative), and I have personally experimented with such things over the years. Not as a full replacement, but as a way to suppliment existing systems and technological advances. Living in the midwest however, adverse winters and cold conditions detract from the reliability and longevity of such marvels… and then there is the cost! Far beyond what most of us could ever afford. To cheapen the technology makes these systems and devices prone to failure. It’s a double-edged sword. To gleefully bitch about it serves no practical end. Where are the likes of Edison and Tesla in the modern age?

  38. DDofAL says


  39. D Books says

    The Tesla has a longer range than other electric cars but its price tag is ridiculous. What about all of the evil power/carbon footprint that is being used to (

  40. Steve Thomas says

    I still think that the reason hybrids don’t sell well is their gas mileage is UNimpressive. I had a ’96 Olds Cierra 3.1L, that got 33.5 mpg on the highway…loaded with 3 adults on vacation. Why would I give that up for a lawnmower that only gets 40 mpg???

  41. eddyjames says

    When they come up with a power supply,nuclear or something simular, where you can go 100,000 miles between charges, I’ll consider electric. but 40 miles or even 200 miles with an eight hour charge time? I don’t know what you’re smoking in your pipe.

  42. USCBIKER says

    There’s also that little thing about exploding batteries, LOL.

  43. jbftskj says

    The main reason they’re not selling better is they’re too damn expensive for most buyers, and the nation is critically short of charging stations.

  44. peter says

    Hey Moron. Nissan has logged in 800,000,000 miles not one car. Have you ever seen the commercial, dope?

  45. Janice Carey says

    I just wish I could afford one, but with a 60 miles trip each way to work, a Tesla, would save us approximately 400 in costs. What has happened is the people with the money bought, but us commoners now can’t. That explains the drop, I predict as cost of a car come down, sales will again climb.

  46. Janice Carey says

    If the book AfterShock is remotely true, prepare for sticker shock. The dollar is shored up as the currency of exchange. If the bubble bursts on the dollar, and the world goes to a world currency, our goods will be cheap and all foreign purchases will be expensive, like oil. Yes, I’d like an electric vehicle!

    1. geneww1938 says

      If we had a sane government and we wanted to be independent, USA has enough coal, or oil, or Natural Gas, or nuclear power, where each could independently supply all our energy needs. Combined, our energy need are endless for my future.
      Solar power is a plus and some may like windmills in spite ugliness and a menace to ecology [killing bird and human safety risk].

      1. gardenlady says

        I’d just like to get to work. We are planning on carpooling with another 70’s oil crisis where lines at gas stations and certain days to get gas were brutal. People aren’t buying electric cars cause most of us aren’t rich. If the prices come down to a regular car, sure, we want electric. Kill hostile government’s income coming from selling oil, we’d love to stop sending them our hard earned money!

  47. Dave Meuchel says

    Sorry I have to disagree that the idea of energy independance is a liberal idea. I’m NOT liberal, don’t consider myself ‘green’, but I believe we are bleeding far too much $$$ out of the US economy in foreign oil spending. Trying to reduce our dependance on foreign oil (and maybe at the same time keeping $$ out of terrorist heands) and keeping more $$ is our pockets is not a wrongheaded movement
    Are electric vehicle currently fully comparible to gas in terms of driving range? Of course not. Will they ever be? i don’t know. The point is, they don’t neccessarily have to. Granted this is generalising, but with many US households having 2 cars, an electric vehicle can be used for for one drivers daily work commute, and the other gas powered vehicle can be used for the cross country vacation trips. I my case, my wife & I car pool together to work, so I could do nearly all of my daily driving and never buy a drop of gas.
    Do the cost of ownership numbers make sense financially right now? No (but neither do most Hybrid cars either), and this is where we need REAL research and investment in order to expand production, build the recharging station infrasturcture, etc. to make electric vehicle more competitive. And by ‘REAL RESEARCH & INVESTMENT’ I thats what I mean, and NOT Obummer greasing palms of political allies.

  48. jetmagnet says

    More oil propaganda? Yeah, lets keep emptying our wallets at the pump so Oil GOD’s can continue to fund things that kill americans, like attacks on the EPA and climate change denial. Lets stay stupid and in the stone age and not look beyond out nose. Meanwhile, expect gas prices to keep rising no matter how many oil wells are produced because of a global and derivitives market. We want to make it hard on americans and have them liplocked to a gas nozzle for the rest of their life!
    I mean exxon mobile makes $8338 a second!!!! Hard working americans meanwhile spend way too much to support and energy source that pollutes and causes cancer.

  49. homeofthebrave says

    The 10-ton gorilla issue with hybrids is batteries….$10K to replace at 150K miles. We’re in for a huge uprising, as today many of these cars are still quite usable but because of replacement battery cost, are now reduced to junk. My car went from $8K in value to junk. What’s that environmental cost???Wake up America, smell the coffee-hybrids with batteries should be outlawed. Even the Ford dealer where I experienced my nightmare, said he tells all his employees to absolutely not buy a hybrid!

    1. WhiteFalcon says

      In my mind, the only truly “green” cars would run on solar power or possibly fuel cells. Honda had a fuel cell car that they put a couple of hundred out in California as a test, and from what I read they were great, but after a year they were pulled and then they disappeared. I never saw an explaination as to why they were never produced.

  50. jbombznabombz says

    just where is the electricity coming from to charge those cars nuclear,coal how green is that?

    1. Poodleguy says

      Gas, a$$ or grass, nobody rides for free!!

  51. urbanegorilla says

    Why did I know you wouldn’t print my comment? Because sites like this don’t concern themselves with facts..Just silly emotional garbage.

  52. livefree1200cc says

    There is no reason they couldn’t make a no-frills electric comuter car for 10K and still make money on it. People would buy it. Spending 20K-40K for a car to save on gas is ridiculous

    1. Libertywmn214 says

      Agreed, but I doubt thats what TPTB really want, they want to keep that oil machine going strong.

      1. livefree1200cc says

        Agreed – why else would General Motors have scrapped their very successful EV1 electric car program in the 90’s?

        1. Libertywmn214 says

          I know I couldn’t believe that. I know there were a lot of people very upset about that.

  53. Eddie says

    Tired of Obama and the crap out of his admin. ? Me too. A Republican Congress can hold Obama, Holder, Learner and the rest of his criminals accountable. The Democrats are supporting a Communist agenda thus should all be sent home until they remember who elected them. VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET IN NOVEMBER MIDTERM ELECTIONS!

  54. jillocity says

    underpowered, unappealing, unable to go further than 100 miles without an overnight recharge…what’s not to like?

  55. Don Jusko says

    “Electric Vehicles Sputter Out – 2014 Sales Dwindling Badly”
    “and provide almost nothing in the way of environmental improvement.”

    Using less gas isn’t environmental improvement? What planet are you from weirdo? All the people that want them now, have them and they are running great thank you. A lousy ad promotional program is the problem reason for lower sales. Don’t worry, when people see the car in action they will want one too.

    What do you know.. Surprise!! No one will take credit for this piece of junk article. Don’t forget to add the cost of your own charging station. FIAT has them for $800.

  56. pupster40 says

    Unions and the Government are such astute business people. The trouble is they never get any fresh air, they are always sitting on their brains.

  57. Patrick Thomas says

    What’s the advantage of an electric automobile? I can’t see it. They have limited range. The Telsa S model can only travel 300 miles and then you need to plug it in. What if you’re in the middle of Kansas and there is no place to plug in your $100,000 plus Telsa? Are you supposed to bring a generator with you if this happens. Cause without one you’re screwed. What are you going to do. Walk up to some one’s house and ask them if you can plug your Telsa into their outlet for a couple of hours. You’re more likely to get shot doing that. I can also see that their is really no environmental advantage of owning an electric car. After all, you have to plug it in to an electrical outlet to give it power. And that power most likely comes for a coal fired powered plant. This is just the greenies trying to impose their misguided ideas on people.

  58. patriot_x says

    Finding alternatives for fueling transportation in the USA is more about national security than environmental weirdos. Most imported crude oil ends up fueling cars and trucks. A national policy that subsidizes alternatives is in the national interest. If you are a fan of energy independence for the USA, you should be rooting for cars that run on electricity that will come from US produced natural gas.

  59. Robert L. Rice says

    I drive a PRIUS,I actually averaged 48.3 MPG,over the last 6500 miles,when I fill it up,I kinda smirk,at those OTHER cars and trucks,putting $50 to $75 dollars in their tanks,my fills probably average $25,00…

    1. RobertNorwood says

      What success the Prius has enjoyed lies with two really important features: it’s not “all electric” and it is affordable. Other than that, as with all electric vehicles it is still more suited to those areas between the urban and suburban. When it comes to the price of fuel I look at it this way – whatever the cost of fuel it is the price I pay for the vehicle that makes me feel confident my vehicle will handle whatever comes its way. My V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee with its higher road clearance, power and all wheel drive is well suited for New England with its weather and bad roads. It will cross flooded roads few cars would even think about.

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