ESPN Fires Schilling For Transgender Comments


Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling is no stranger to controversy – just last year, he was suspended by ESPN for a tweet that compared Muslims to Nazis. But this time, he isn’t getting a second chance. The sports network, for whom Schilling works as an analyst and commentator, fired him this week for comments he made on Facebook regarding transgender rights.

The post included a meme featuring a man in drag. The text said: “Let him in to the restroom with your daughter or else you’re a narrow-minded, judgmental, unloving, racist bigot who needs to die!!!”

In case anyone didn’t pick up on the sarcasm, Schilling helpfully explained his position in the comments below. “A man is a man no matter what they call themselves,” he said. “Now you need laws telling us differently? Pathetic.”

ESPN announced on Wednesday that Schilling’s services would no longer be needed. “ESPN is an inclusive company,” they said in a statement. “Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated.”

An inclusive company, eh. What exactly does that mean, anyway? If Schilling had posted an image mocking Christians who support religious freedom, would ESPN have fired him for that as well? Probably not. That’s why “inclusiveness” and “tolerance” are such nonsense words. Or, at the very least, they are shortcut terms that leave out the rest of the context. The left gets to decide which behaviors are acceptable and which aren’t. Which opinions are okay and which ones will get you fired. The network would have at least scored some honesty points if they’d just said, “ESPN is a liberal company, and we expect our employees to have liberal opinions.”

What is hateful or offensive about what Schilling wrote? Ten years ago, his post would not have even been controversial. But all of a sudden, transgender bathroom rights have become the most important social justice topic in America. Rock stars and international corporations are boycotting North Carolina for what? Passing a law that says that men should use the men’s room! That’s how quickly this LGBT movement has spiraled out of control.

On his blog Tuesday, Schilling said that America was filled with people “just dying to be offended” by remarks like the one he made. He’s certainly right about that, but this isn’t just about a handful of imbecilic activists. This is a determined, top-down effort to marginalize Christian values and erase 200 years of traditional American norms. To remake the country, liberals know they have to first destroy the foundation.

  1. Greg Thiemer says

    You got it right Curt,the hell with the PC Police

    1. k9 says

      I think its alright for a man to use a women’s bathroom, BUT, as soon as he enters there is someone waiting there to cut his penis off and then he can use the room.
      MEN should use the MENS room and WOMEN should use the WOMEN’S room.

      1. Bob Ware says

        That is what the NC law was clarified to say. A human error prevented that specific wording and now it’s fixed. This is what they are mad about. These liberals want ONLY to have all sex bathrooms/toilets even though others prefer otherwise. These bigoted hypocrites are run by so much BS and bigotry they can’t agree to let people decide if they want to use a female, male or both sex bathrooms/toilets for themselves.

        1. Eileenwmorales says

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      2. GuardianFlame says

        Actually this whole issue of Sissy men using women’s bathrooms is actually a sickness of our liberal society. Interestingly, do you see any women fighting to use the men’s bathrooms with other men? No? Right.

        Perhaps these sissy men are afraid of another man “checking” them out and feel safer in a women’s bathroom. FYI: They need to use a women’s bathroom when some Biker Bitches are in it and see how long they feel safe there. Whatever the reason they are demanding to use the same potty areas as small girls and elderly women, it shouldn’t be allowed. ..period.

        Question: when is sane America going to come down on insane liberals because they refuse to accept the opinions of the whole in favor of the few perverts desiring irresponsible actions? Come on now.

        Time for moral America to get a VOICE AND SOME BACKBONE. Enough is enough! Slam the liberal tweaks down if they don’t back off. The normal sane Americans do not owe these misfits anything and will not adapt our lives to make them happy. They can adapt their own lives to our normal lives — not the other way around. SPEAK UP NORMAL AMERICA OR BE READY FOR YOUR LITTLE GIRLS TO SHARE THEIR PRIVATE SPACES WITH A CONFUSED SISSY MAN WITH MALE GENETALIA.

        1. hankthetank says

          That go’s for immigrants also , They will live by our rules! not there’s !! they came here to get away from there’s, SO live by ours or go back home !!!

          1. GuardianFlame says

            Totally agree! Anyone wanting to live in America must folliw our laws and traditions and leave their birth flag, etc. in the country they are leaving. No handouts, no exceptions, no demands. Honor our flag and traditions and we’ll live peacefully together. Otherwise Get Out!

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Amen you come to Real America abide by our laws or get deported! These Liberal morons have perverted society!!! They hate Traditional America!!!

      3. Bob Marcum says

        There are a lot more perverts, in this nation, than I realized. Parents, apparently, can’t afford to let their children go out of the house, alone, anymore. It’s not safe, for kids to go to movies, skating rink, the mall or even to school, anymore. I’m praying for the day we get
        Donald Trump into the white house. I believe, he will clean up the mess, this country has
        slipped into.
        He may seem to have a lax attitude, about the gender issue, but, I think that’s because he
        intends to remove the federal government from many, many issues, which belong to the states. I believe; when the states are in charge of the social issues, again; the states
        which want the perverts will be welcome to them. With any luck, for the rest of us, those
        state4s will vacuum the perverts out of the other states. Let’s hope;OK

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

          Totally agree!!! TRUMP 2016 make America great and rebuild America!!! We are setting for TRUMP TO get out the vote for Trump, but watch these Liberal low energy Democrackheads they will still the election having immigrants go to the polls a dozen times Im tellin you Crooked Hillary voter fraud comin in November!!


          1. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Where do you get your Liberal propaganda from CNN, MSNBC, HUFF POST, NY TIMES , GEORGE SICK SOROS ??? You are an old 70 old man with dementia I suggest you leave Real America idiot!

          2. Betterbob says

            I do not watch any of those. No TV in my house. Again, all you have is stupid remarks, no rebuttal. I win.

          3. Bob Marcum says

            All that’s needed, in the general election are photo ID’s and honestly programmed, voting machines. The voters will do the rest.
            In the general, we’re not concerned about stolen delegates.

    2. Gary Smith says

      You are correct

    3. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

      Agreed I got your back $$$

    4. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

      The Liberal racist propaganda media loves to promote anti Family, God and Real America! They are the enemy!!

  2. donl says

    PC is being brought to you by the lowlife Socialists and Communists. When someone say’s they are a Democrat they are lying to you, they ARE Socialists or Communists, the same people who brought you Common Core, also known as Communist Core.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Both political parties are now controlled by Communists/Socialists… The Democrats are no longer trying to hide it. The Republican elites, still wear conservative clothing as to hide their true intentions… Just like spies…

      In the book, “The Naked Communist” there is a list of agenda items designed by Communists to weaken America and her institutions.. Liberal Progressive Democrats have adopted the entire list…

      The Liberals can check this one off the list….

      15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

      As well as these:

      20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.
      21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

      To fight the MEDIA, Join

  3. James West says

    Boycott ESPN and the NBA for even threatening to move the allstar game out of Charlotte. This country has become screwed up way beyond all recognition since Obama took office and all his far left, wing nut, pervert ideas. The first time a child is molested in a restroom by one of these perverts who is going to be sued? The whole concept is so stupid, so far beyond the pale that the it shows this country has one to hell with the Pervert in Chief in the White House.

  4. Gerald Smith says

    Like all bigoted left wing lunatics, ESPN management will not tolerate anyone having a different opinion, e.g., Mike Ditka and Curt Schilling, and that goes for most of the on-air personalities. The network has become a liberal rats nest.

  5. Tom Potter says

    Curt Schilling provided, for me, excellent baseball coverage, and that’s one reason I tuned to ESPN. Since ESPN has decided that “being inclusive” is more important than “competent sports coverage”, I’ll take my sports coverage elsewhere.

    1. MAHB001 says

      ESPN has joined the liberal cabal, they are no longer just a sports news station, they are now a spreader of liberal propaganda.

      Fight the liberal MEDIA at: The Media is the liberals most powerful tool.

    2. onearmedpatriot says

      I’m with you Tom. Why don’t we all vote with our dollars and boycott ESPN !!! One of the good things about social media is that it’s monitored. If we all publish that we are boycotting ESPN then it will be noticed.

  6. Wayne Thorson says

    The answer to this problem is to have 3 bathrooms. His, hers and unisex. There shouldn’t be any big argument. Am I the only person that has just plain common sense?

    1. Miss Mellie says

      Except there is no such thing as UNISEX. “Male and female created He them.” NOT ” male, female and unisex.”

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        Well then just put a sign on the door CHOICE. Does that sound better to you? Stop trying to make a big argument out of something where there shouldn’t be one.

        1. Robert says

          Maybe a single toilet room with a sign “gender confused” on it?

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            Naw, just choice. That should satisfy everyone. His, hers and choice. 3 bathrooms. Then there shouldn’t be any arguments.

        2. Miss Mellie says

          Actually it does not sound better. Females do not want to go into a restroom marked CHOICE. Actually Men, Women and Undecided at the Moment might suit the perverts better.

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            If your such a prude then stay out of the bathroom marked choice. It is not for you anyhow. So stop trying to start an argument where there isn’t any.

          2. chief1937 says

            No opinion but yours should be allowed I guess.You seem to have stuck your nose in where I have not seen anyone invite you. Allow your statements to pertain to yourself also. If thinking men should use the MEN’s restroom and women should use WOMEN’s restroom is being a prude I guess there are lots of us prudes.

          3. Miss Mellie says

            Common decency is not prudishness. And the word is “you’re” a contraction for “you are.” “Your is a possessive pronoun.

          4. Wayne Thorson says

            I made a suggestion to stop all this arguing and bickering but you just want to argue and bicker. There is discussion on cross gender people and where they should go to a bathroom. I suggested having 3 bathrooms. His, hers and choice. Now if you have a better suggestion then suggest it. You seem to want to call me names and find fault with my suggestion. Do something constructive and make a suggestion.

          5. Miss Mellie says

            Since the advent of indoor plumbing, we have had 2 restrooms: one for male, one for female. What is wrong with that? THAT is my suggestion. There is is no gender,sex know as CROSS. The only thing crossed is their brain: penis = MEN’S ROOM; virgina = ladies room. I took your advice and made a suggestion.

          6. Wayne Thorson says

            How does your suggestion solve the problem. It doesn’t change anything. That’s what we have now. Do you like sitting on a stool next to another female and she is looking down your panties. I don’t like standing by a urinal and the guy next to me looking at my penis. I don’t think you understand the problem they are trying to solve. It’s either that or your just looking for someone to argue with. I will not be responding to any more of your sarcastic comments.

          7. Frankie Boy says

            A good choice would be to stick one of those eco-cans in the parking lot, then hang the choice sign on it !

          8. Wayne Thorson says

            So I would guess your choice is to leave things the way they are so the guy in the next urinal can look over and peak at your penis. I don’t know who is sicker. You or them.

          9. Frankie Boy says

            Looks like Wayne might have a problem with his or (her) gender identity! Fixation on cowboy hats usually means he or (she) might be AC DC or a switch hitter! How manly!

          10. Wayne Thorson says

            You are obviously looking for someone to hook up with. Sorry I am not interested. Keep looking.

          11. Daniel Wright says

            I don’t believe it. Forrest made sense for once. Miracles DO happen.

          12. Wayne Thorson says

            So you finally agree with what I said originally. I just repeated what I said originally and that got you all hot and bothered and I don’t understand why.

          13. Daniel Wright says

            This is a whole new conversation Forrest. The subject is bathrooms now. Not Hillary and not guns. Get with it.T

          14. Wayne Thorson says

            My original suggestion was to have 3 bath rooms. His, hers and unisex. That’s what is on this blog. You are obviously the one that is confused. It was my understanding that you finally agreed with me.

          15. Daniel Wright says

            We agree on this single issue. The unisex bathroom comment was definately NOT your original post.

          16. Wayne Thorson says

            You have your blogs mixed up. This blog is about men and women’s bathrooms. Go to the top of the page and check it out. It doesn’t surprise me that your mixed up after all you are voting for Trump.

          17. Daniel Wright says

            You are the one mixing blogs Forrest. Go to the top of the page. You will see it is about Curt Schilling getting fired. I just agreed with you on the unisex bathroom issue,no more. Trump is not even mentioned in this blog. I’m not letting you distract again.

          18. Wayne Thorson says

            Then see if you can take a lesson from Forest Gump. He seams to be smarter than you.

          19. Daniel Wright says

            I qualify for the mensa socety. You belong in the special class.

        3. Gerry Costa says

          Problem is — if you even give in that far — tomorrow these libtard/retarded a-holes will want something more. They need to be shutdown and shutdown with bang.

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            Listen to yourself. Does your minister know how you talk about your fellow man. These are human beings that deserve as much respect as feel you deserve. I don’t think you deserve any.

          2. Gerry Costa says

            Damn — i probably won’t get any sleep tonite for worrying about what you think of me . NOT !!!!!!!!!!!

          3. Wayne Thorson says

            You don’t have to worry about what I think of you. Think about your fellow human beings. I know you think those people are lower than dogs. Calling them names for something they can’t help. I bet you look down on people that are born with a stutter for example also. Stop sticking your nose in the air and come back down with the rest of us.

          4. chief1937 says

            You sir/mam or what ever must be one of those. You brought minister into the conversation please tell me where God created humans other than male and female. Could be some people don’t think you deserve any respect huh?

        4. chief1937 says

          There already is an argument don’t need a wantabe invading my privacy in the john just because they think they are something they are not. Have we as a nation lost all sense of truth and reality. Can’t believe there is anyone that does not know what sex they are kids learned that in the old cartoon where the boy and girl were both looking into their drawers and the caption read ” There is a difference isn’t there?”

      2. Bob Ware says

        Actually that unisex refers to A-sexual…. some lower life forms are that way which is where the term came from. Your point in principle is right. If you want to have a both sex shared bathroom/toilet, fine. It’s an option that should be acceptable to all but apparently it is only acceptable to those with common sense which will keep the sexes together which is want the vast majority want.

    2. Paul Dean says

      I have been saying for years there should be mens’s, women’s and “Others”.

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        Then we do know there are 2 people in this world that has a little bit of common sense.

        1. Miss Mellie says

          …..two people that HAVE. Watch your subject-verb agreement liberal.

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            I bet your husband is sick and tired of arguing with you. There are a lot of people that have just a little bit of common sense then there are people like you. I bet you are a Trump supporter.

          2. Miss Mellie says

            And I’ll bet you admire Hillary.

          3. Wayne Thorson says

            Yes I do admire Hillary. She says she is going to continue on where Obama left off. That is the best news I have heard out of any politician.

          4. Miss Mellie says

            Good news IF you like adding 20 trillion to the national debt; good news if you like abuse of policemen; good news IF you like U.S. sailors being humiliated by Muslims with no U.S. retaliation; good news if you like the President of U.S. bowing to backward Middle East nations; good news if you like poverty being imported to be taken card of by U.S. taxpayer. etc, etc, etc.

          5. Wayne Thorson says

            When Obama was voted in to be president he inherited a country that was losing 185,000 jobs a month. Unemployment was at 11%. This country has gained on an average of over 200,000 jobs a month for the last 72 months. The unemployment is now under 5%. These are statistics any x-president would like to put on their resume. You will never get this information on any Republican blog. Hillary says she will continue where Obama left off. How can anyone with common sense not vote for her?

    3. PatriotGal says

      Facilities are already built for male or female. Your solution is unworkable. It is the FEW who demand to dictate to the mass of we the people who see this as immoral and unsafe.

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        Naw, it is people lie you that just want to argue because that is your comfort zone.

        1. Miss Mellie says

          And WHAT IS YOUR comfort zone: “go along to get along?”

          1. Wayne Thorson says

            Yep, it is get along little doggie.

          2. Miss Mellie says

            If you don’t stand for something; you fall for anything. Or: a rolling stone gathers no moss.

        2. Gerry Costa says

          You sound more and more like a libtard/retarded obozo butt kisser.

      2. euroclydon says

        And I wasn’t trying to excuse unlawful behavior in that other website. Don’t be so presumptuous and read into things what aren’t there. (New troubles for ‘gay’ pastor accused of faked ‘f–‘ cake)

    4. Bob Ware says

      That’s what the NC law says once the error was corrected. Gov. McCrory hopefully will not back down and it the Legislature repeals the law, HB 2, hopefully he’ll stand against the repeal. These “others” want the rest to do as they do.

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        I have no idea what your opinion is and I no idea of what you are talking about.

        1. Bob Ware says

          I hope this helps: (you and I agree)
          In NC the City of Charlotte made a grammatical error in writing a law which allowed for all public bathrooms/restrooms to be used by either sex regardless of what the signs say. This led to NC House Bill #2 (HB 2) which made a correction law to override the City of Charl.’s grammatical error. HB 2 permits what you see as common sense … 3 bathrooms…. Male, female and them. You and I agree on your “common sense” answer. Those opposed to your “common sense” answer are the people who are against the North Carolina House Bill #2. Now the State Legislature is talking about repealing the NC House Bill #2. That repeal will permit Cities in NC to legally allow anyone to use any bathroom without regard to the sex designations for the bathrooms. HB #2 also has other laws added to it that do not pertain to the “bathroom” issue.

  7. jreb57 says

    If you have to pee and don’t know what sex you are you have big problems which can’t be solved by allowing you to choose restrooms.

    1. aedgeworth says

      If they aren’t sure what sex they are, just have their chromosomes checked. Men have X & Y and women have two X’s, the science books say so.

      1. idloveto says

        Again, your ignorance is apparent. Sex and Gender are two very different things and you conflating the two is ridiculous.

  8. Robert says

    Single toilet rooms. Of course the true females would ask the “fake” females to PLEASE SIT DOWN when doing their business so they don’t piss on the seat.
    If a female who feels she is a he, does she/ he pee standing up in a urinal, or just try to over the hopper?
    Enquiring minds……naw..forget it!

  9. le3845 says

    Sue the shit out of them Schilling.

  10. melmack 1 says

    I am watching the news for the first pervert, and this will happen, that touches a little girl in a “GIRLS” bath or restroom. How will the LIBERALS handle this one…IT IS HIS RIGHT !!!!!

    Hang in there Curt, we REAL people support you !!!

    1. Bob Ware says

      Your statement will be found right, unfortunately.

      1. melmack 1 says

        And it really makes me sad because I have grand daughters and just the thought can be upsetting, to NORMAL people of course.

        1. Bob Ware says

          SBT … Sad But True. I have a daughter and the same concerns. At least she’s 23 now and clear headed.

          1. melmack 1 says

            Mine are in elementary and it scares me….

          2. Bob Ware says

            It’s going to be hard to raise them in these times because of the views others will impart into their own children which may be opposed to yours.

            As I see it, it’s easier to push hate than love. It’s easier to attack with hate than defend with love since defending with love fuels hate at times. That’s what is really scary to me. I wish this wasn’t so these days but it has become that.

          3. melmack 1 says

            Now that is scary. Knowing that HATE is being pushed in all school systems by liberals. And watch the youth following bernie like he is the pied piper! They must have learned nothing in elementary, jr and high school because they still think that everything for them should be free. Ah well, Have a great day and look at the blue sky and the drifting clouds …

          4. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Apparently schools are indoctrinating children in the Islamic rites and being taught that a Christian must be slain according to “Allah”. The lessons of the 10 Commandments is wrong according to Islam.

          5. melmack 1 says

            I have read some of this but they always seem to hide the teacher. I guess under LIBERAL rules only ISLAM is the accepted rule for schools.

          6. Fedup says

            They are not being taught that every penny the federal government spends comes from taxes they will (if they haven’t already) see coming out of their paychecks. Only when they are taxed so heavily that they are unable to support only themselves will they see what socialism really is. The way I explained it to my 19 year old is that it only works within a household – where the income of 1 (single parent) or 2 (in most cases) support the entire family.

          7. melmack 1 says

            Yep, they also are not taught how much money that the LIBERAL and some RINOS spend that is borrowed and must be paid back with interest. Like their college loans…they must be repaid to the bank, the feds, ((taxpayers)).
            My question is what the hell r they learning AND what is teaching them ???

          8. Fedup says

            We are becoming a world where minority rules. The majority no longer have a voice.

          9. Patricia says

            <3<3<3 – Don't be fearful melmack. If you are Under The Blood, you are protected, along with praying for your children daily.

            The Blood of Jesus STILL has POWER! It has never been lost, destroyed or hidden from mankind. Equip your precious children with the Confidence of Christ and watch Him work His promises into your lives. <3

  11. David Henderson says

    Boycott every business that opposes NC HB2. I’m sick of a handful of wacked out libtards trying to run the majority of normal thinking people. We need to stand-up and make OUR voices heard. BOYCOTT them all.

  12. furiousvet says

    His comments are the comments of all the normal people in this country. Apparantly there are some of those perverts in high places at ESPN ! Set up a porta potty for those that can’t decide what they are . Are they going to put urinals in the ladies rooms ?

  13. PatriotGal says

    This is beyond disgraceful and outrageous. Everyone, please remember Disney is the parent company of ESPN. Boycott not only ESPN, but ANYTHING Disney. Speak with your wallets – that may be the only way we can reach these immoral morons.

    1. furiousvet says

      People will still go to Disney no matter what they do . They’re one of a kind, but Target is a different matter. Check out their facebook, lots of people will be boycotting their stores .

  14. mike says

    ESPN SUCKS and should be boycotted or taken off the air

  15. JMICHAEL270 says

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20. ESPN needs rethink their political views. Inclusive company, not at all!

    1. furiousvet says

      This broadcast doesn’t seem to have nothing to do with Christianity . When Reagan was president he declared a year as the ” year of the bible ” . Now we have O’Bama , the complete opposite saying this is not a Christian country ! He wants our country to be Muslim, shariah law with head choppers and all the ridiculous things that go with it, includeing no womens rights . Also they execute all trans sexuals and perverts of any sex .

      1. Bob Ware says

        The liberals are to stupid to be able to comprehend your view point even though they’d benefit greatly.

      2. GREYGHOSTCSA says

        So called liberals/progressives love to throw around words like tolerance, acceptance, openness, diversity, inclusion, and so on, but only if you are in lock step with their program. Should you deviate so much as one tiny tangent from the approved party line, they will descend upon you like a pack of starving wolves on a wounded deer.

        1. Christian_Patriot7 says

          The liberal democrats/communist must be driven out of the United States!

    2. Bob Ware says

      Cases in point: all of those they fired for not endorsing ESPN’s bigoted managements view points. Siding only with the opposition shows bigoted views in and of itself in cases like this. Siding with right over wrong is not bigoted in anyway.

    3. 32eagle says

      yes to call sick perversion something honorable-acceptable-normal yet what it is – is really an abomination

      1. JMICHAEL270 says

        Ya Got That Right!

  16. Frankie Boy says

    I can’t get over it ! These biological sports (freaks of nature) which number less than 1% of the total population can command special treatment ! What about the poor individual that wants to expose himself to large crowds ? What about the poor guy that wants to masterbate in front of a roomful of women? You stupid Liberals can’t stand any kind of normal behavior !
    Hey Liberal Democrat, let your daughter be the first test case of some perv raping a female by a self proclaimed trans gender !!!!

    Mr. Shilling (Thank You for honesty!)

  17. Lightning says

    Beautiful. Network spokesman – oh, excuse me, spokesperson, well what if he/she/it identifies as a dog – ah, network mouthpiece, then. Network mouthpiece says “ESPN is an inclusive company,” get out, your’re fired for your beliefs. Well, if there’s no truth, no right/wrong, no good/bad, then probably there can be no logic. So, no, this is not an illogical or comically self-contradictory statement. Life is a meaningless free-for-all.

    Funny thing, it still leaves me with the feeling that the network is assuming a higher moral plane, which gets us back to good/bad, logic, and all that. Hoist on their own petard, it seems.

    1. Patricia says

      You had me doing an internet search for ‘petard’ – 🙂 Love learning new words, at my old age!


    What I am seeing or hearing are all these comments about how bigoted and homophobic the government of North Carolina is. Apparently in their rush to judgement, none of the groups or individuals are stopping to consider the potential impact of “gender free or gender neutral” bathrooms on the female population, especially those under 18. What about the rights of those individuals? I am not seeing or hearing anyone, even the most ardent feminist groups speaking up on their behalf.

    1. Bob Ware says

      You won’t because they hate our REPUBLICAN Governor Pat McCrory.

  19. PBHayes says

    It’s getting harder and harder to enjoy life in the USA. I now refuse to buy anything with the Nike swoop because of how they treated Manny Pacquiou after his comment about homosexual marriage and now ESPN and their disgraceful treatment of Schilling. I’m done with ESPN in a way quite similar to being done with MSNBC and CNN both pathetic leftist propagandists.

  20. Bob Ware says

    What falls next? Heterosexual Mother/daughter, father/son bonding? Yeah I think so. I can see the horror headlines now: Mother/Daughter Arrested For Walking Together In Park : Father/Son Arrested For Entering Camp Ground Together …

  21. Christopher James Moore says

    So unfair if he would have commended the killings of Christians and Jews in Middle East by ISIS he’d have been given a raise and a promotion

  22. N.McDaniel says

    Good bye ESPN!!

  23. Gerry Costa says

    I think espn needs to be fired right along with every left wing libtard/retarded vip who works there. It is pathetic when a sports network believes a pervert who one day feels feminine can use the women’s bathroom and the next day feels more like a man so the same pervert uses the men’s room. espn needs to be completely boycotted until they go bankrupt. I have been an athlete all my life and love watching sports but I will NOT watch a sports network who believes in the BS political correctness or in kissing obozo’s butt. Bye Bye espn. Way to go Curt even if it did cost you a job there — there are many more networks out there who desperately need experienced, knowledgeable announcers.

  24. EdStone says

    Great for Mr. Schilling. I stand behind you 100%. I have 4 granddaughters and the male cross dresser who tries to use the same restroom they r using will have a REAL problem and I’ll be his problem. ESPN I’m done with you. You re being blacked of my cable box.

  25. jgfsmf says

    F#^@ ESPN!

    1. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says


  26. Gerry Costa says

    I hope all of you posting realize why this is happening. It is just another distraction to take all our minds off the corruption going on in our government so that obozo and the rest of the crooks can pass legislation without us paying attention to what’s going on. Watch for it !!!!!

  27. chief1937 says

    Never watch ESPN anyway here is just another reason to remain off their network.

  28. d66cmorris says

    I fully agree with Curt and I’ve just found another reason not to watch espn or support its sponcers.

  29. Arizona Don says

    Yea just gotta love Curt Schilling.

  30. John Williams says

    Just a couple of simple questions. How many liberals would be happy to allow a transgender (man who claims to be a woman) to share the bathroom and shower with their well endowed 16 year old daughter? How many liberals would feel comfortable in the airport that has a policy of allowing this same transgender man in the women’s restroom with their unaccompanied 6 year old daughter? An answer of yes on either one of these questions should lead to the arrest of the parents for child endangerment. I don’t care how many of these so called “transgenders” that you think have the right, ON ANY GIVEN DAY, to decide which restroom or locker room facilities they want to use, there WILL be those who will use this as an excuse to carry out their perversions. There are laws now that are vigorously enforced when it comes to child porn and you idiots want to welcome a pervert into the restrooms and locker rooms where women and children are at? Once again it is proof that liberal logic is an oxymoron.

    1. Roy Fredrichsen says

      Since when does the minute minority have more influence over public policy than the majority? Is this the “NEW WORLD ORDER” that the minority can tell the majority to “Go Fly a Kite”?

      1. John Williams says

        This is the direct result of the people who continue to elect morally bankrupt liberals to public office, the useful idiots and hypocritical fools.

        1. Christian_Patriot7 says

          And they are called dumb, dirty, demonic democrats.

          1. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            No they are called low energy perverted Liberal Democrackhead racist!!!

      2. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

        the NEW LIBERAL WORLD ORDER if you disagree we attack you!

    2. Fedup says

      Bear with me for a moment: I listened to a British lady (katie somebody) telling of a 10 year old that was raped by an Iraqi refugee and the refugee’s response as to why he did it was that he hadn’t had sex in 4 months and he was “starved”. We all give the example of a male pervert going into the women’s restroom so let’s turn that around. Say a “sex starved” refugee comes across a female that “identifies” as a man in the men’s restroom and is brutally raped. Will it then be a case of (s)he was “asking for it” on the grounds of just being in the men’s restroom? Will these idiot liberals then pull their heads out and admit that it is a mistake to allow a person to go into whichever restroom they so desire because they just happen to “feel” like something they are genetically not? Until we had this Obamistake in office, we didn’t have these issues. EVER. Give them an inch and now they want the whole damn world…

      1. John Williams says

        Logic was never a strong suit for the liberal, not part of the vocabulary. Here are the undeniable facts, I know liberals can’t handle facts, you can butcher parts and remove appendages, you can take a boat load of hormones, you can buy the best clothes in the world and you can lie to all of your new friends, but you CANNOT do a thing about the pesky little chromosome you were born with. Get over it and suck it up, you cannot fool anyone but yourself, it is a personal problem, leave the rest of us out of it. People do not want a man in the women’s restroom or locker room, if it hangs or swings it goes in the men’s room, I do not want, for the sake of pacifying a very very small percentage of the people in this world, along with a bunch of sniveling liberals, to have the very good chance of some pervert in the restroom with my young grand daughter. Deal with it.

        1. Fedup says

          I don’t want a pervert man who “thinks’ he’s a woman in the restroom with my daughter either but we are ignoring the other side of the coin. Some women may get off on seeing men whip it out (for lack of a better phrase) but what happens when one of those women who “thinks” she’s a man gets raped IN THE MEN’S ROOM? Or even some stupid woman who takes advantage of the law and goes in there just to “get a peek” on a dare? This law opens a can of worms for these types of issues. Where does the line get drawn? Who will be responsible when sexual assaults are happening because some dumbass decided they wanted to be something they are clearly not? Personally, I think that they should not be allowed into the restroom of that which they “identify” with until they have completed all required surgeries to remove body parts or whatever it is they do. Maybe there should be 3 separate restrooms: 1. biologically men, 2. biologically women, and 3. confused.

          1. John Williams says

            I think we agree, the law is a joke and will cause more trouble than has been considered, but as we know the liberal lap dog media just won’t report it. The problem is, it WILL be abused, there are just some sickos out there that WILL abuse it, that is a chance that I am not willing to take for my children or grand children. I resent the left and the sicko’s for suggesting that I need to create an opportunity for the perverts to get closer to children and women. As to your comment about the women going into a men’s room for a peek, if they want equality then they need to be subject to the same punishments and laws that I would be subject to if I went into the ladies room for “a peek.” As far as creating an extra restroom or facilities for these people, NO, whether it is private businesses (for which the owners will have to pay) or government facilities for which you and I will have to pay, NO, I understand, agree with and have no problem helping with paying for access for the truly handicapped, I do have a problem being forced to pay for something for a very very small percentage of the population and their confusion, and it is a confusion not a handicap.

          2. MaryAnn says

            Only ignorant republicans worry about who pees where, they throw you a bone and
            you go running after it, diverting your one track minds on how your own party is
            really fecking you,lol.

          3. John Williams says

            There is not much to say to you or your liberal friends, simply put if you are not smart enough to see the issues and problems here, then there is nothing anyone could say to change your minds, it is beyond your capacity to understand. Just keep sipping the Kool-Aid and the numbness in head will eventually turn to complete darkness.

          4. MaryAnn says

            Where was this issue 5 years ago, you are being sidetracked and made a fool of, by people who control you. YOU are the one sucking down the kool aid.

          5. John Williams says

            The issue at hand today did not exist until left wing loons shoved it to the forefront. Please explain how inviting perverts into women’s restrooms and locker rooms is a good idea, you make the assumption that I am referring to the “transgendered” as the perverts, they are mentally deranged but not the perverts I am talking about. I am talking about the perverts who will use the laws to as an excuse to practice their perversion. Why would we have laws on the books dealing with sex crimes and pedophilia and then turn around and invite these perverts into a restroom or locker room. If you believe for a moment that there will not be those who will take advantage of these new laws, you are either naive or stupid, you choose.

          6. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Get lost before we deport you!

          7. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Oh MaryAnn go suicide bomb your Liberal Democrackead a$$!!! You sound like a

          8. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Get some common sense you Demloser, lol

          9. MaryAnn says

            Only republicans worry about who pees where, they throw you a bone and
            you go running right

            after it, diverting your one track minds on how your own party is
            really fecking you,lol.

          10. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            The Democrackheads are the perverts and a disgrace in America! Trump WINS crooked evil Hillary will be defeated by millions of Votes!!! Now go do something constructive like get a 12 grade education, lol

  31. Mark Brickey says

    Mr. Shilling, THANK YOU for being a man willing to tell the obvious.
    This is totally ridiculous, we cannot even state the obvious.

  32. H.P. says

    Were is our freedom of speech nowadays! I would sue those SOBs fast …

  33. Bob Ware says

    Well said Mr. Schilling. Any bigoted/biased view points are clearly ESPN’s.

  34. 32eagle says

    if only this fantastic citizen worked for me-I would raise his salary an extra 5bucks an hour

  35. Walter Bazner says

    You know that the American people need to boycott all companies and places pushing this agenda.ESPN has a lot of nerve. I don’t watch sports now because of their attitudes towards the very people they make the most money off of.They can kiss my axx.I don’t go to Target or Starbucks now and all my friends have quit going also.Hit them in their pocket book,seems like thats the only thing that gets their attention.

    1. hcool says

      They should just sell their products and stay out of politics. They piss off more people by going political than they would by just keeping their mouth shut and selling their products.

      1. Walter Bazner says

        Very true!

  36. Luis Vasquez says

    Free speech no longer exists here in the USA. The Nazi media and the Nazi left wing are working to make sure one does not exercise this right. They are pushing and pushing and at some point we are going to push back. The war has already started across the sea and now it is coming to America. Yes, it is a religious war.

    1. MaryAnn says

      hahahaha…LOONY TUNE paranoid.

      1. Luis Vasquez says

        I’m sure this wouldn’t bother you which tells me quite a bit about you. Oh by the way I’m quite sure all Democrats don’t support this. . . you silly wascal.

  37. hcool says

    I agree with Curt! Anybody who is not brain dead would agree with him also. It is just not necessary or a good idea to have men, women and children in the same restroom with multiple stalls. What in the hell is wrong with some people?

    1. MaryAnn says

      Only republicans worry so much about who pees where, they throw you a bone and
      you go running after it, diverting your one track minds on how your own party is
      really fecking you,lol.

  38. Sid sees her says

    If all the queers want too use the little girls bathrooms, just turn their restrooms into a shooting gallery and wish them luck on their quest of being the most stupid anti human idiots. Poor Curt Schilling tells the truth and gets fired, you liberals are lower than whale shit!

    1. MaryAnn says

      The stupid is thick with this one.

  39. takeitbacknow42012 says

    Good for you, Curt. What’s the saying ” sometimes the truth hurts “. Seriously, who want their little girls in the restrooms with men who wish they were woman, or that use that story to get into the women’s bathrooms, or locker rooms? It’s insanity based on a few and not the rest of us!

    1. MaryAnn says

      Racist says what ?

  40. tax man says

    Yep one more reason to dump ESPN – these “sports” stations need to keep out of politics, religion and things that have nothing to do with sports. If a tranny wants to use a bathroom, how about the private one in their home? If you have a penis you are a man, if you have a vagina you are a woman. If you think you are a different sex than you body says, fine, but stay out of public bathrooms. You are the problem. Just use a completely private single person bathroom and there is no problem!

  41. tax man says

    Exactly how many transsexuals are there out there that have the wrong genitals for their “feelings” of what sex they should be? Maybe Obama can just put a Tranny bathroom in the middle of every town, village and city and then they can all have a place to go potty. Otherwise just use a private, one person bathroom and there is no issue. If you have a penis you do NOT ever go in a public woman’s bathroom or locker room. End of story.

    1. MaryAnn says

      Only republicans worry about who pees where, they throw you a bone and
      you go running after it, diverting your one track minds on how your own party is
      really fecking you over,lol.

  42. marihia says

    As long as you still have your junk, STAY THE HELL OUT OF WOMEN’S BATHROOMS

    1. ringostarr1 says

      It my be junk in your eyes but I see a drop top Cadillac when I peak into my shorts.

    2. MaryAnn says

      Only republicans worry about who pees where, they throw you a bone and
      you go running after it, diverting your one track minds on how your own party is
      really fecking you,lol.

  43. sox83cubs84 says

    ESPN is nothing more than the sports division of the liberal media. I used to listen frequently to ESPN radio, but now not so much.

  44. Eddie says

    Three cheers for Curt Schilling—and Ted Cruz too. They are not “politically correct” like con artist Donald Trump and corrupt Hillary.

    1. MaryAnn says

      Racist says what ?

    2. 32eagle says

      trump is just like curt schilling in his bold way of going against weirdos-as for cruz he aint as far politically incorrect as trump and never will be

  45. Michael Gregory says

    He should sue ESPN for starters for any lost payment. He is absolutely right and the First Amendment gives us ALL the right to express our opinions. There is nothing RIGHT about “transgender bathrooms”. It is insanity and dangerous. I guess we’ll have to see some women or girls raped or molested before anyone is going to wake up to the truth behind this so called “progressive” liberal garbage.

  46. Jimmy Persinger says

    I support Curt Schilling and his Views and baseball coverage etc he has provided over the years,I think ESPN could learn a lesson opr two from him instead of firing him,as far as im concerned ESPN can go straight to hell and take there liberal views with them ,I will not be watching any of there programing or spending any money at any of the people advertising with them,And to the rest of you ,I think we should all be posting these comments on the ESPN site and show some well deserved support for Curt Schilling there also.,Now that might do some good.

  47. flpbpress says

    F*** those pussies at ESPN.

    1. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says


  48. ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist says


    1. ringostarr1 says

      Too bad then that Trump is on ESPN’s side and wants to kill the First Amendment.

  49. hankthetank says

    Just one more hack at our freedom!! ( SCREW THEM )

  50. 1_NKEN17 says

    The pc fags can’t face the truth. Schilling for Pres.

  51. Gregory Carter says

    This is why I no longer watch ESPN. They are a bunch of left wing haters. If you won’t march lock step with them they have no tolerance for your first amendment right. Narrow minded Nazis.

  52. MAHB001 says

    Job well done Curt Schilling….

  53. 32eagle says

    I would love for TRUMP to make this guy VP !!!!!!!!!!

  54. Gammi2Anna says

    Curt Schilling was the only reason we ever stomached watching ESPN. Now we can just block them from our receiver. Yeah.

  55. Eileenwmorales says

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  56. Dennis Derstine says

    It’s a shame a sports network has become part of the PC culture.
    What will happen when one of the people who aren’t gender challenged files a complaint or says they aren’t comfortable with the “opposite sex” in their bathroom?
    We have already had a case, in my area, of someone holding a cell phone over a stall divider and snapping pictures.
    Enough already. If you don’t know what sex you are, please use the bathroom at home and don’t annoy the rest of society.

    1. MaryAnn says

      Only republicans worry about who pees where, they throw you a bone and
      you go running after it, diverting your one track minds on how your own party is
      really fecking you,lol.

  57. Scott Campbell says

    I think the men should be allowed to sit in the women’s bathrooms. Have a few drinks, smoke their cigars and hold up voting placards to rate how the women look when they come in and go out. WHY NOT??? Everything thing else seems to be okay today. When and where does it all stop?

    1. MaryAnn says

      Only republicans worry about who pees where, they throw you a bone and
      you go running after it, diverting your one track minds on how your own party is
      fecking you,lol.

  58. John Topper says


  59. John Topper says

    The “BATHROOM” part of this hate bill a red herring, used to scare the general public (The Lemmings). The guts are twisted, convoluted and full of what guts are usually full of. This hate legislation, encouraged, nurtured and born of the “Christian” community is to further their self righteous, bigoted, unchristian attitudes. Your Jesus said, “Love one another, as I have loved you.” He didn’t say just Jews, or women, or Romans…he said ONE ANOTHER!. Happy Passover!

  60. MILES E DRAKE says

    Every society has a point at which decadence reaches a critical mass and civilization falls apart rapidly thereafter, usually followed by conquest by a rival culture that is more determined and less sapped by decay and ennui. The accelerating craze for polymoirphous sexual perversity may represent that point for the West, or at least for what will be called the former United States of America. As Rome sank deeper into corruption and desuetude the Teutonic tribes were preparing their offensives; in our case the destroyer and successor, unless the rot can be stopped, will be the sword of mohammedanism. The caliphate will put a stop to this frenzy: those who are in one way or another “gender fluid” will have been thrown off the roof and the rest of us will all be using the same holes in the scorched earth.

  61. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    One more straight White person fired for exposing the truth. You think White people are NOT being discriminated against.

    1. MaryAnn says

      hahahaha….racist says what ?

  62. Abinadi says

    I will always remember what ESPN did to this man. It was unspeakable for them to fire him for defending the women of America. I just know that all mothers will have to take their daughters to the restrooms to protect them. What is going wrong with our country?

    1. MaryAnn says

      hahaha…racist says what ?

  63. Loving America says

    Americans let’s shut down the transgender bathrooms and make them build them their own bathrooms to protect the women and girls of America! And…if they do not force them to be built then when someone is murdered int those public bathrooms or raped then sue the businesses, the State, and the Federal Government for it happening! Someone needs to step forward and be the Attorney standing by for those Crimes against Americans! Call your Reps and Senators and let’s force this issue to be done!

    1. MaryAnn says

      Only republicans worry about who pees where, they throw you a bone and
      you go running after it, diverting your one track minds on how your own party is
      fecking you,lol.

  64. Loving America says

    The people who fired this should have to apologize to him and pay him big time…..he has the Right to Free Speech! Take them out Shilling!

  65. underthewire says

    I wonder if the perverts will be using muslim bathrooms? Now that’s funny.

  66. Sid sees her says

    must be drinking her share of koolaid again.

  67. charles says

    ESPN did Schilling a big favor by firing him. He doesnt need to be associated with a company like that.

  68. Kimberly Miguel says

    “my room mate Mary Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”..,……..!wc334ctwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k DoIIars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 DoIIars…Learn. More right Here !wc334:➽:➽:➽➽➽➽ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsPriorityGetPayHourly$98…. .❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦::::::!wc334…..

  69. Rich says

    People are sending their kids in there to pee with the pervs. What’s next child molester rights?

    1. MaryAnn says

      Only republicans worry about who pees where, they throw you a bone and you go after it, diverting your one track minds on how your own party is fecking you,lol.

      1. Rich says

        Go mess with your own family.

  70. RMorrow says

    ESPN is nothing but a Liberal sewer hole. ESPN stands for Liberalism/Satanism before doing anything that is good and right. ESPN is loaded with the perverted homosexuals, and actually thinks they are NORMAL?? How insane.

    1. MaryAnn says

      You seem to forget about Hastert, your own home grown, top shelf child molester.

      1. RMorrow says

        Evil is evil no matter who commits the evil. A lie is a lie no matter who commits the lie. Liberalism is built on lies just like Nazism was built on lies. God is not in any man made doctrine. Don’t forget that. All evil is on the left. Hastert commits his crimes, that put him on the LEFT. God is on the right. God says the un-righteous, will never inherit the Kingdom of God. If Hastert has committed crimes, then he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law just like anyone else.

  71. Name says

    It just goes to show you sexual perverts are everywhere. I say buy your wife and girls Tasers and tell them to zap any man coming into the girls bathroom if they come to close.

  72. SNRFN16 says

    ESPN, you are indeed an inclusive company. You are included in the growing number of people destined for hell.

  73. E Swisher says

    Boycottt….boycott, boycott… and send the execs at ESPN and the rest of their ilk an email, etc., stating why. Don’t whine about…. do something about it.

  74. vespo08 says

    ESPN an “inclusive company”, now that’s hysterical! ESPN should be ESPC = Entertainment Sports Political Correctness. The hypocrisy of that company speaks volumes – Tony Kornheiser can disparage Conservatives or Republicans saying vile things or besmirch Hannah Storm and that’s ok to ESPN/ESPC, suddenly Free Speech holds his radical bias views. Schilling reposts something and is held to a different standard by the hypocrites because he doesn’t tow the left wing radical progressive line.

  75. Deborah Woolley says

    You’re absolutely correct Curt!! Get a good lawyer and sue the hell out of them.

  76. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

    Liberals want a war we are fighting back nin court and creating new bills OBAMA LIBERAL ARMY is anti America!

    1. Betterbob says

      What is a quote ” nin court”?

  77. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says


  78. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

    We are pulling ADS from Liberal ESPN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

    Keep Hope alive TRUMP is comin and will be our next President and restore America from these Liberal racist low energy pigs!

    Crooked Hillary and the Demoracist party is losing!!!

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