EU: Abortion and Gay Marriage “Human Rights”


The concept of human rights used to mean something. One look at a report from the EU or the UN could tell you which countries respected their citizens’ human rights and which oppressed them. We could agree on the context. If people were denied freedoms, food, access to healthcare, or they were punished severely and cruelly for unproven offenses, we could condemn those countries without question.

But now the concept of “human rights” has become politicized. According to last week’s “Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2013 and the European Union’s Policy on the Matter,” fundamental human rights include gay marriage and abortion.


The report, drawn up by the European Parliament, proves that this body is more about activism than it is about taking a sober look at the state of humanity. There’s no room in an objective report on human rights for a word like “homophobia.” Sorry, there just isn’t. And the fact that we now include the right to kill your unborn child as “inalienable” is a sign of how quickly we’ve turned our backs on thousands of years of moral progress.

When it comes to gays, it is perfectly acceptable for the report to condemn the wrongful imprisonment and execution of LGBT people we see in the Islamic hellholes that inevitably give rise to such intolerance. It’s quite another matter to argue that it is a natural human right to get married to a partner of the same sex. In fact, that’s asinine.

Common sense, historical precedent, and modern studies have demonstrated the importance of a traditional family structure. Take morality out of it completely, because I understand that not everyone comes to the table with the same background. Let’s just talk about what’s best for civilization. And we know, inarguably, that a child fares best when raised by a mother and a father. It may touch the heartstrings to see lesbian couples stroll to the altar, but it isn’t improving the direction of society. And it isn’t infringing on anyone’s human rights to disallow it. Gays and lesbians have the same right to get married as anyone else.

Where is the chapter in the report standing up for the rights of the unborn? By what justification do they deny a fetus its right to life? At what point does a baby gain those rights? These questions are posed again and again to the pro-abortion crowd, but they never seem to come up with a satisfactory answer. It’s always the same refrain: a woman should be able to choose what she does with her body. Okay. Sure. Except for that poor woman who hasn’t been born yet. Not her.

Until these organizations take a more considered view of human rights, free from liberal propaganda, they can be safely dismissed as political statements and nothing more.

  1. Croco Dile says

    “….Until these organizations take a more considered view….”

    We have grown so accustomed to the mental cage which the myth of “authority” has formed around each of us that most of us are terrified of the idea of life without that cage.We are literally scared of our own freedom.
    And the sociopaths are working hard to reinforce that fear. Those who benefit the most from the myth of “authority”- those who crave dominion over others, and the unearned wealth and power it gives them – are constantly pushing the message that life without them in charge would mean constant pain and suffering for everyone. Just about anything people can be afraid of – crime, poverty, disease, invasion, environmental disaster, etc. – has been used by tyrants to scare people into subservience. The details vary, but the template of the message from the tyrants is always the same : “If you do not give us power over you, so that we can protect you, you will suffer horribly”.
    Ironically, it has been the empty promise of protection against suffering and injustice which has duped so many people into accepting the very thing which has caused more suffering and injustice than anything else in history : the belief in “government”.

    1. Taking care of business! says

      Well spoken, Croco.

    2. Conservative says

      This is what radical liberalism has given. This what turning our backs on God and replacing Him with a government that must be obeyed has done to us. Will the people wake up? Do the people care? NO. All the career politicians have become corrupt and greedy. That power over others is like a drug and they will do and say anything to maintain the power, wealth and freedom to corrupt.

      The public don’t care what is happening to our Country, They have their own agenda and need those in power to forward that agenda.

      We not only want the freedom to perform every sexual perversion known to mankind but we want laws to force everyone to accept this conduct as normal.

      We want the freedom to kill our babies that result from our sexual freedom and we want that to be accepted as normal. Next it will be infanticide. They don’t consider infants fully human until at least the age of two.

      We want and expect the government to feed us, clothe us, give us a phone, give us a home, and send us a check.

      We worry more about climate change that we care about the wars blazing all over the world, the Christians being driven from their homes, tortured, raped, murdered.

      We have become so shallow, selfish, ignorant. Unfortunately, it is too late to reverse course.

      1. Croco Dile says

        It’s never too late to wake up.

        A demoralized soldier can’t fight no more.

  2. jcmoore2010 says

    killing an unborn baby is not a human right. In fact, no one has the right to kill an unborn baby for their convenience or otherwise. It’s time that the children grow up and learn abortion is not birth control, and when you have sex without a condom a baby can come of it. This is just basic stuff any idiot would know…unless you’ve been raised by libtard parents, who wouldn’t know morals from the backside of a camel.

    1. Taking care of business! says

      jc, the “backside of a camel”? Why did you have to drag muslim sex into the discourse. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

      1. Robert Wilson says

        TCB;GOOD SHOW.

    2. jetmagnet says

      I think stopping abortions and creating more orphans that can be adopted by LBGT community is great! The idea a fetus is living being is ridiculous. Cancer is living cells also, so removing them should be unlawful?? I see the Teabag perspective- Keep growing the population unchecked and increase the jobless rate, poverty rate and crime rate, they love this.
      Then send the neocons to start wars to help kill off young americans- and so eliminating abortion and contraception keeps the fresh new bodies for war available. Makes sense.

      1. disqus_gjl3EwoNV says

        BS. The LBST community should not be able to adopt children. They could grow up to be just like them. LBST is against God’s laws.

        1. Jarhead says

          Also un-natural, not normal and un-healthy.

        2. papa doug says

          Are you really that ignorant or are you trying to impress us?

          1. Mark Lahti says

            Impress? Is that what you think you are doing? You got have the story above right. But the first half is just more PC BS. Taken on every single aspect of the argument it turns out wrong. But let’s start with the fundamentals. Take any species and go back as far as you want. It is unnatural for two same sex partners to continue to propagate the species. God does not have to tweak anything. He had it right from the beginning. Two boys/girls can not make another human being any more that any other species can. How can you possibly mistake that very basic genetic law and twist it to support your ridiculous position that somehow or another God intended for mankind to be gay and it be right. You people continue to twist the truth and misinform with bogus “facts” that this is to be accepted as some very normal form of human “love”. WRONG ANSWER!!!! But then liberals almost always come up with the wrong answer. It so confused and twisted that sometimes it looks as though it is done on purpose just to piss people off. It’s as though you have nothing better to do than to screw with everyone else’s minds. Really very disgusting. How about trying to change something else worth the effort like defending all the innocent people being slaughtered in the middle east because someone else’s religion doesn’t like what you eat or who you pray to.

          2. Bob Sims says

            I agree with you totally. The libturds are destroying America.

          3. DaveM says

            Its feces coming out of the orifice since the person is talking out of his arse!

          4. Bob Sims says

            And here we have another loser, Dave.

          5. Bob Sims says

            Sounds to me like you are the ignorant one here. Or, are you just trying to impress those of us here with moral values? Or, did I misunderstand your back handed remark?

        3. Mark Lahti says

          I like the new moniker for the gay group. LBST. Is that for Lying Bull Sh__ Theology?

        4. jetmagnet says

          So where does it say this in the GOD’s law? You are also ignorant in assuming that freedom of religion is based on your interpretations and religious beliefs. last time I checked there was 800 + religions.

          1. Bob Sims says

            And the last time I checked, you have NO religion, other than Satan, Mr. jetmagic bullshiter. Go fuck yourself, you sorry piece of dog shit.

          2. jetmagnet says

            Well whatever yours is, it’s false, because most of what republicans do legislatively is against everything the bible teaches.
            I’d rather stand above men than be part of a herd of misguided sheep.

        5. jetmagnet says

          But thanks to the GOP they can. Because of anti-abortion restrictions. Now obviously they can’t make children so women who can’t have an abortion because of the GOP can give them to gays. This works out great! Millions of gays can now adopt unwanted children and this will go on forever!!!
          These children will eventually vote and oust republicans.

      2. Mark Lahti says

        That is without a doubt the most asinine take on this discussion I have ever heard. Right from your second sentence you are espousing the continual liberal lie. Then to try to make some sort of ridiculous comparison to cancer? How pathetic, ignorant, and backwards your thinking is. But then you are a liberal. What else could one expect from that side of right or wrong. Then you go on to the usual liberal step two in any argument that you know you’re on the wrong side of, you start the name calling. The true sign that the argument is over and you lost. The increased poverty, unemployment, and crime are all a direct result of the liberal approach to governing. Enlarge the government, have them take over the economy, and then increase all the jobless benefits to the point that no one would want to get off the system. When are you people ever going to learn. You keep trying this and it never works. We have to keep coming back after you have trashed the system and fix all the mess you’ve made. It is like trying to keep after a house full of infants.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Well look at what GW did. Now Obama brought us back. The cycle is always the same. The Gop is a disaster!

          I Remember when the last Republican president was in office?
          Aug 2008 –
          334,000 jobs were lost.
          Sep 2008 – 458,000 jobs were lost.
          Oct 2008 –
          554,000 jobs were lost.
          Nov 2008 – 728,000 jobs were lost.
          Dec 2008 –
          673,000 jobs were lost.
          Jan 2009 – 779,000 jobs were lost.

          And of
          course, in 8 years under Bush they created MINUS one million private sector jobs
          when normally 23 million would be created… and were losing 800,000 jobs per
          month as Bush headed out the door with 60,000 closed factories under him…
          along with destorying14% of our economy and screwing the entire world economy, a
          17 trillion los in asset just in the USA and 1/2 of what little private sector
          MFG left, in bankruptcy… They turned a 5.6 trillion dollar surplus into 6
          trillion in new debt and handed the next guy 12 trillion in projected

      3. DaveM says

        It is proven physiologically and mentally that two genders are necessary to form a “normal” human. What is the normality if only one gender is present! Yep….gay…may those who disagree be forgiven by God!

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Dicks are for Chicks!!!!
          Nobody wants a asshole baby!!!
          The whole purpose of sex, is for the male to pass his genes on to a suitable mate. To reproduce and keep the species going…….
          If being homosexual were natural, Cave men would of been gay. There for we would not be here today.

        2. ladyofperpetulmotion . says

          I have to agree.I wouldn’t throw a gay person off a six story building or harrass a gay person, but it’s like a “cool thing” these days for gays to get married, and that’s a shame. God doesn’t hate homosexuals themselves. He hates the act. It was God that instituted the marriage arrangement, and it’s to be between a man and a woman. Homosexuality is NOT normal, and I for one liked it better when it was kept in the closet. So now because I expressed my thoughts that makes me a homophobic? I could care less!

          1. DaveM says


          2. ladyofperpetulmotion . says

            And I admire y

          3. jetmagnet says

            It’s not normal? Prove it. There are millions of gay people. They where born that way and this is a known fact. You are a disgrace to humankind and yes you are a homophobic.

          4. cvxxx says

            Actually the real winners are the lawyers. They get a lot more clients and a lot more billable hours. The rest of us get to watch the paper fly. Makes for good TV.

      4. Robert Wilson says

        jetmagnet; I see that YOU are still alive, good thing the Doc didn’t mistake you for a cancer cell.These so called orphans are easily adopted out, and there is a long line awaiting future births by loving couples. Some of these babies will grow into medical scientists, and doctors ect. to replace the Indians we now must have due to a shortage of such.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Well do some research on overpopulation and the effects on mankind in the next 50 years. Eventually, abortions will be mandatory. The planet is slowly being destroyed by man. I just read the other day thousands of tons of mustard gas bombs where disposed of in the ocean. Nuclear waste, and vast areas of the gulf floor are covered in oil. Our airable land is dwindling, forest decimated and vast amounts of greenhouse gases are released in the atmosphere on a daily basis.
          Rivers and lakes are being polluted by oil and coal companies.

          1. Robert Wilson says

            Killing the unborn is just that, MURDER. True, the world may be over populated but, very soon, we will be able to populate other planets and destroy them also. There is a higher power out there, and he is the one to bring us the children that will perform as mechanics, garbage men, ditch diggers, and doctors. As long as this country has existed, we have had no shortage of either of the above, why? Because he is in control of the ideal mix. Notice any shortages lately?

          2. jetmagnet says

            You said it, Unborn. So if it’s not born it’s not murder. As far as populating alien planets, no intelligent race would allow us to do that. All they have to do is read a rightwing website. Man and republicans are destroying the planet, and the planet will fight back, with droughts, storms ,earthquakes, heatwaves and floods. I predict massive heatwaves this summer killing hundreds of people. Each year a new record set.
            The four Horsemen will ride again and punish humanity for greed and disrespecting nature.

        2. jetmagnet says

          Look, a fetus is unborn and has no soul. If it dies there’s no loss because the soul has not seeded the body. The souls awaiting birth have many chances at life.

      5. ladyofperpetulmotion . says

        From the moment of conception the fetus is a living being. You can’t justify abortion by comparing it to unwanted orphans. There is nothing wrong with birth control, try using it or don’t have sex. Very simple.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Just because some people believe that a zygote is an “unborn child” doesn’t mean
          that everyone believes that. Moreover, the Supreme Court has time and again said
          that it is not for the government to decide where life begins, it is for us as
          individuals to have the freedom to decide for ourselves. Both Roe v. Wade and
          Planned Parenthood v. Casey, make it abundantly clear that viability is the
          general cut off point for abortions, except in a very narrow set of
          circumstances. Moreover, part of the freedom we have in this country is being
          able to decide for ourselves whether a collection of 4 or 8 cells is a “life” or
          is not a “life.” Sure, 8 cells are biological material, so by definition those
          cells are “alive,” but just because one person thinks that 8 cells is an “unborn
          child” doesn’t mean everyone must. For the record, 8 cancer cells are living
          human cells as well, and I haven’t heard anyone suggest that chemotherapy is
          murder. Freedom from government interference requires letting people make these
          choices and these medical decisions for themselves, without the government
          dictating what they can or cannot do. That is the very definition of freedom. If
          one decides that 8 cells is an “unborn child,” then they do not have to get an
          abortion, but they are not allowed to force their beliefs on everyone else.
          Pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion, it means pro-freedom.

      6. raziel71 says

        You are applying your leftard mentality. No one is taking on the right about growing the population. The leftard agenda of giving more and more welfare, and keeping people uneducated is what really is creating overpopulation. When you have to work and pay your taxes, you actually plan your family to fit your budget. When you have Obamacare and unlimited welfare you dont care about having 4 or 5 children that “society” and the government will raise for you and get you a fatter welfare check. Add to this how the leftards want to give access to 10 million more immigrants to welfare and Obamacare and you find there all the overpopulation we would ever need. All conservative families I know take care of their children and raise them good even if they have 1 or 10.. Now check out your closest gettho regardless color and tell me of how many families have more than 2 kids and they are well attended and behaved, and how many of them have outstanding grades. The only one’s making of USA a welfare and immigrant country ( who brings with them their failed country’s ideology) , are the leftards. At the same time they provide Big Pharma and the white robe murderer’s with a constant supply of 1.5 million fetus annually for using them in vaccines and all other industries in which the fetuses are used for capital gain. Neither of the 2 women in Rode vs Wade got an abortion or wanted it and right now they are both pro-life militants. Im sure you leftards love the poverty and crime rate you create with all this welfare and your culture of irresponsibility and everything goes. And for your information, your welfare crowd have never been sent to war.

        1. jetmagnet says

          What’s leftard mentality? something rightwing fruitcakes made up? I’m an independent- both parties equally suck. But rightwingies are dumbest and most ignorant jackasses on the planet!

          1. raziel71 says

            And you have the machinery and specialized equipment to prove all of us that a fetus have no soul or even if the soul exist? Beside mathematics most science is worst than religion, thriving on a theorical world that is completely different from the real world and that most honest scientist will tell you they can not prove. That is why they have to create all this “perfect models” to explain their theories because out of their religious minds these perfect models does not exist in nature. You are barking at the wrong tree because I have more science knowledge in one finger than you in your whole brain. Again, this is not about science , it is about good administration, personal responsability and reality , and your dear Obama and the leftards have not done any of the 3 well and will not do because they have a mentality and ideology that wont allow it ever. I dont know if you know they invented condoms and the pill some time ago? And even if you are a purist and dont believe in those, there is also the rimth method and even (who will believe this?) , abstaining yourself from having sex if you are not willing to take over the responsability of the child? What about a good hand of masturbation?? (Cheap ,simple, no one else involved). You see, you are not either too bright or too convincing in your opinion. You are just another fool with a keyboard. And I am not a republican. I am a conservative with my own brain and I dont support everything the republicans say, but most of what they in regard to this is correct, even if it is for religious or non religious reasons. Any other race/civilization would regard us as morons if they could see how we are our own doom when we dont protect and value life. Now go back to your mommy to cry foul .

          2. jetmagnet says

            Many people think that a human being is created at the time of
            conception but this belief is not supported by the bible. The fact that a
            living sperm penetrates a living ovum resulting in the formation of a
            living fetus does not mean that the fetus is a living human being.
            According to the bible, a fetus is not a living person with a soul until
            after drawing its first breath.

            After God formed man in Genesis
            2:7, He “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and it was then
            that the man became a living being”. Although the man was fully formed
            by God in all respects, he was not a living being until after taking his
            first breath.

            In Job 33:4, it states: “The spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”

            to quote Ezekiel 37:5&6, “Thus says the Lord God to these bones:
            Behold, I will cause breath to enter you, and you shall live. And I
            will lay sinews upon you, and will cause flesh to come upon you, and
            cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and you shall live; and you
            shall know that I am the Lord.”

          3. raziel71 says

            You seem to have some mental problem that dont let you properly read and understand facts like a good leftard that you are. If people would use proper anti conception methods and be responsible for their actions in the first place ,none of the rest would be necessary . I have explained to you twice and still you are on your political propaganda, but you call others “brainwashed”. How about you start using your brain in the first place. Second, your faulty interpretation of the Bible dont add up. Adam being the first ever human being was given the breath of life -which beside the normal physical breathing could also have been the soul/spirit or part that can communicate with God. To explain why would take ages, specially with the limited attention and comprehension span you already have shown. But once men was developed and fully functional , they gave all these traits to our species. Including the “breath of life ” that starts with conception. A fetus have a pulse long before he have lungs . And if you knew anything at all you would know that fetuses can not breath air inside the womb so they “breath” thru the mother’s blood. Your leftard definition to justify the killing of babies is only compared to your ignorance and your religious leftard creed ,that you try to disguise in knowledge of which you have none. All life is precious and your excuses are what the left use to deny personal responsibility and accountability.

          4. jetmagnet says

            You still haven’t presented a case and the fact is the supreme court has ruled accordingly, so you argument is academic and doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. It also is disrespectful of the right to choose. you can argue the bible phrase till the cows come home. Not everyone is of your belief and frankly it’s the Law.
            I can see it getting mandatory as overpopulation causes hardship to actual “living” beings, which you undoubtly have no respect for.
            In cases involving “incest and rape’ and even hardline conservative views that even when the mother’s life is threatened.
            Again, no science supports that fetus is a human bieng with a soul period!

          5. raziel71 says

            Go away troll… everyone here saw your libertard outlook from the moment you started typing and most people posting agree with me. And you still have a reading comprehension problem . Typical leftard.When you don even know what Rode vs Wade was really about and dont even know that they are both pro-choice to this day you are just throwing verb-orrhea out of your ill mind. Bye by troll ,… Im done with you.

          6. jetmagnet says

            Yeah, speakin the truth to you peeps is like throwing holy water on the unholy.
            Like holding a cross to your evil head and watch your flesh burn and then your head explodes. lol

      7. Chuck Ferraris says

        So you are saying that a fetus is just like a cancer? If that’s the case, how has the species been able to expand to this level? A human fetus is the product of two individuals into one new person. Can you combine two cancers into something that can sustain life on it’s own?

        1. jetmagnet says

          They are both composed of living cells, yes. They both grow within the body.
          The fetus doesnot have a soul if your belief is christianity.
          Many people think that a human being is created at the time of
          conception but this belief is not supported by the bible. The fact that a
          living sperm penetrates a living ovum resulting in the formation of a
          living fetus does not mean that the fetus is a living human being.
          According to the bible, a fetus is not a living person with a soul until
          after drawing its first breath.

          After God formed man in Genesis
          2:7, He “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and it was then
          that the man became a living being”. Although the man was fully formed
          by God in all respects, he was not a living being until after taking his
          first breath.

          In Job 33:4, it states: “The spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”

          to quote Ezekiel 37:5&6, “Thus says the Lord God to these bones:
          Behold, I will cause breath to enter you, and you shall live. And I
          will lay sinews upon you, and will cause flesh to come upon you, and
          cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and you shall live; and you
          shall know that I am the Lord.”

          1. Chuck Ferraris says

            Actually Genesis 2:7 was in reference to Adam who had no parents… The other two verses you quoted are in reference to SPIRITUAL life. I am not referring to spiritual life, I’m referring to PHYSICAL life. You can’t take two different cancer cells and make life on it’s own. But you take a sperm cell and a egg and you can make life that eventually will live outside of the body. Cancer when left in the body will devour the host. It was never designed in life for the fetus to stay inside of the body forever.
            I believe that each person has a right to self determination and belief in any religion they choose. I believe that there also has to be limits to when a “mass of cells” can be aborted. Once it becomes a fetus, you have had plenty of time to decide. Once it becomes a fetus, it has changed from a clump of cells, an embryo, to the formation of a human.. I am opposed to the late term abortions because THAT is what defines our society.

          2. jetmagnet says

            You said it each person has a right, unborn cells donot.
            As far as the bible verses they are correctly stated. By God’s own desire and
            design human beings born today don’t breathe the
            breath of life through their nostrils until they’re

            3. Neither God nor Life
            and Liberty for Women has ever argued that
            the fetus isn’t alive in the womb, but that fact
            doesn’t speak to the official recognition by God
            of the beginning of life, that is at birth.

            4. In Exodus 21:22-25
            God leaves no ambiguity that for him a born woman’s
            life is paramount to that of an unborn fetus’s life
            through all nine months of pregnancy.

            Precisely because it is
            the born woman

            who God gave legal personhood status to in those
            verses. The unborn wasn’t afforded legal personhood
            status by God. If antiabortion Extremists have a
            problem with that, they need to take it up with

            Clearly while those verses
            in Exodus do not address abortion – they do address
            the status of the unborn as it compares to the status
            of the born woman that hosts its existence. bible for their own selfish purposes, like dissing the poor.

      8. Chuck Ferraris says

        A Fetus is cancer? Can you take two cancer cells and make a new cancer cell that can sustain life outside of it’s host?

      9. cvxxx says

        One way a person can see a war is in the offing is when a nation decide that it’s birth rate needs to go up. Iran just did that. So in 20 years they will have a new crop of soldiers.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Right now they’re in Iraq fighting ISIS, what’s your point?
          Also. none of your pussy whipped representatives in congress has the balls to vote on fighting ISIS. They are cowards, all talk, no action, only Obama has balls.

          1. cvxxx says

            For once the US is not mixing in a “family fight”. The Middle East has reason to fight as the leaders realize that these Caliphate are not going to stop and it will take many years to completely win.
            The air campaign costs enough. As they realize it won’t be the US to the rescue the more they will depend on each other. The Middle East is a collections of tribes and clans and has not really fundamentally changed yet.

            It is time for more of the world to do some heavy lifting.

          2. jetmagnet says

            The part you don’t understand is we started this shit.

          3. cvxxx says

            Write not waste time on a video.

          4. jetmagnet says

            It’s a waste of time on ignorant fruitcakes who can’t pour piss out of rubber boot with directions written on the soul. lol

          5. cvxxx says

            Ok, writing is not your thing.

          6. jetmagnet says

            Too much fox newzzzz! Your like a little puppet that obeys each word and agrees with anything.

      10. Bob Sims says

        You are the sorriest excuse for a human being that is on this thread. Were you born this fucking stupid, or did you have to pay extra and practice to get this far down the stupid hole?

    3. Robert Wilson says

      jcmoore; You do not seem to realize that the school system has made it possible for the current (some) adults to pass on to their children that the bunny rabbit, (female, and female, same sex) cohabited together to squatt over an egg to produce their child.

    4. Jimmy King says

      Actually, the supreme court says the DO have that right. Here is some other basic stuff that an idiot should know, Condoms aren’t fool proof. Clearly with they way you look, you haven’t found enough people to have sex with you, or you would have already learned that

      1. Bob Sims says

        Just because the Supreme Court says it is OK, some of us with morals are not going to buy the libturd bullshit. Abortion is murder, pure and simple, and I, for one, have zero patience with someone that thinks otherwise, such as you, you disgusting piece of shit.

        1. Jimmy King says

          The law is the law. You can make all the moral judgments you want based on your god or whatever asshat you pray to. I’m sure ISIS would say you have no morality at all. I’m sure to some religious nuts, the fact that your wife wears shorts or short sleeves, or doesn’t cover her head, shows she has no morals.

          My point is, the Law of the land is the law of the land and morality is some bullshit judgement you put on it based on the religion you happen to follow. To other religions you have no morals at all.

          Luckily, this is a nation of Laws, not religions

      2. jcmoore2010 says

        morally, you are bankrupt. as far as my looks, I don’t need to go find people to have sex with to see if a condom works…have worked for me in every instance, only an idiot like yourself would not know how to use one so it works. before you fire back a reply, i have no interest in what a moron like yourself thinks, so don’t bother responding.

        1. Jimmy King says

          Ok so both times you had sex the condom worked. Probably because the guys ass was so tight

      3. jcmoore2010 says

        wow, such an intelligent response…sorry not a jungle bunny like yourself, f*cking anything that moves and blames the condom for pregnancy not his own behaivor…good luck with that…

        1. Jimmy King says

          HAHA Sorry Lumpy, I’m White But It was only a matter of time before you showed your ignorant racist self

          1. jcmoore2010 says

            hard to believe the way you talk…nevertheless, doesn’t change the education and knowledge i posses…your the one that put together jungle bunny and black. so now who’s the racist?

          2. Jimmy King says

            I find it hilarious that you brag about the “education you posses” and yet you don’t know the difference between your, and you’re.
            I didn’t put Jungle bunny and black together, that is the widely accepted racist pig definition of the term. Show me a different definition douchebag

    5. Bob Sims says

      Dead on, JC, dead on. Abortion has been used for retroactive birth control for way too long as a means to escape personal responsibility. And I don’t call them libtards, just libturds, without morals.

  3. K. Q. Duane says

    If children are viewed as disposable by our institutions, like an old TV, we do not deserve to survive as a culture.

    1. SeeThroughYou says

      If killing inconvenient helpless humans is a “Human Right” then the population of this planet is about to get a whole lot smaller and my taxes are about to get a whole lot lower.

      1. jetmagnet says

        We send young men to war to die under false pretenses (IRAQ). We kill hundreds of thousands of people and take their shit and try to convert them to our beliefs, what do you call that?

        1. SeeThroughYou says

          That’s actually complete BS. We killed 60,000 people in Iraq and the rest was sectarian violence between a$$clowns killing each other.

          For the record GW was just trying to use war to stimulate the economy and save our economic bacon like FDR and several other US presidents had in the past to get us out of the slump caused by 9/11 but hopefully the boondogle in Iraq has broken American Leaders of that immoral crutch so they will find new ways to stimulate the economy that don’t involve killing folks.

          I am glad the Kurds are finally free though, the Kurds, Druze and Israelis are the only people in West Asia who aren’t malevolent freaks strapping bombs to their kids and cutting women’s privates off and anything that protects their interests isn’t all bad in my eyes.

          250,000 Kurds were murdered by Sadaam Hussein and 3 US presidents stood by with their thumbs in their butts just like Bill Clinton ignoring the Rwanda Genocide to favor a BS conflict in Yugoslavia.

          1. Bob Sims says

            This “jetmagic” fool and idiot doesn’t even deserve to be recognized. He is nothing more than a trolling discontent, stirring up shit for his own amusement.

          2. jetmagnet says

            So your so concerned about kurds? What gives america the right to impose it’s will on the Iraqui people? The bastard republicans went there to steal their oil ,this has proven. Haliburton and dickhead cheney had a dream. He thought after we killed hundreds of thousands of muslims we’d be greeted as victors, set up refineries so the bastards could make money off dead americans and iraquis.

          3. SeeThroughYou says

            Hey D-Bag, if Iraq gave us all of their oil for 100 years we wouldn’t break even. This was never about oil. This was about an excuse to get rid of a spooky problem we created for the Wahhabi OPEC sheikhs by propping up an enemy of Iran.

            Don’t pretend you give a shyte about “Dead Americans” because I know you don’t like any of us conservative military thugs anyway.

            And we haven’t killed hundreds of thousands of these bloodthirsty, primitive freaks yet. They are doing a fine job of that without our involvement but we will have to fight the winner some day soon.

          4. infadelicious says

            YET beind the key word

          5. jetmagnet says

            You fail to see the big picture. The oil would be processed by haliburton and other neocon fuckers and sent to europe and china. It wouldn’t come to the US.
            We setup shop in other countries and take their shit. Kinda like back in the day when white traders gave natives costume jewelry and trinkets for valuable furs and pelts etc.

          6. SeeThroughYou says

            You’ve never actually looked at the dollar amounts involved, have you?

            The biggest Oil Service Contract in human history was $90 Billion USD from Saudi Aramco and pays out over 99 years.

            Iraq wouldn’t even net 1/4th of that.

            KBR and company made 10x as much money on no bid contracts for defense stuff paid for by tax payers than they did off of Iraqi oil.

            Your liberal narrative is clueless to the extreme.

          7. jetmagnet says

            What the hell are you talking about? Oil service contract? Now i’ve heard everything. LMFAO.

          8. jetmagnet says

            Wow, that was well thought out and brilliant! I can see why people like
            you should have been aborted or your father castrated. We need real fact
            finding humans to run our planet, not people who think like animals and
            are programmed like rats with fused human brains attached to them, and
            eventually evolve become political tools and part of a collective
            ignorance that runs rampant like the plague.

          9. SeeThroughYou says

            This civilization needs hard working, proactive, producers and warriors who contribute to the progress of human civilization.

            Not basement dwelling conspiracy theorists

            You are a waste of air and water…

          10. jetmagnet says

            So give me an example of any progress to human civilization the right has given us the past 7 years? I can name several conspiracy theories concocted by the right but substantive progress on any issue that concerns americans is non existant, like your pointless diatribe.
            you and the theocracy of the blame game and hot air politics are worthless garbage. Solution solving and pragmatic thinking aren’t part of the GOP strategy-it’s much easier to program dupes like yourself into believing bullshit then repeating it in an endless loop.
            What about right wing extremists? How are they contributing to the downfall of
            America with their new, virulent strain of empty nihilism, blow it up if we
            can’t get what we want mentality, bomb-throwing obstructionism, witch hunting
            that would make McCarthy proud, and eliminating the division between church and
            state? Sounds allot like the Taliban doesn’t it?

          11. SeeThroughYou says

            Well, we pay most of the taxes and hold most of the skilled labor positions that keep the lights on for one.

            Seriously. how many deaths have been caused by your fake bogey man of “right wing extremists” since 9/11?


            How many deaths were caused by repeat criminal offenders on entitlements in 2014 alone?


          12. jetmagnet says

            What is your fucking point? Both parties pay taxes, and red states have the most people on welfare. The poorest states are southern states run by republicans. It’s not just deaths, it’s domestic terror. The right leads the nation in domestic terror. They just performed another one at planned parenthood. Isn’t killing innocent people fun for the right? How about we incinerate all those people on welfare. Crank up the ovens? Sounds fascist rightwingie to me. The right has a solution to everything , Death. Let people die without insurance, send then to war and kill em off that way. Let terrorist buy guns! I think only law abiding citizens should own guns, but the GOP and NRA think even terrorist should own one.

          13. SeeThroughYou says

            You seem to be under the erroneous impression that Red States don’t have cities full of doped up Democrats on entitlements shooting each(NOLA) other and the Blue States don’t get most of their tax revenue from well-off Republican tax payers(NYC).

            80-90% of this nation’s homicide VICTIMS have prior criminal arrest records and come from the “BLUE” areas of major cities regardless of how the state as a whole has voted in presidential elections and the majority of the Tax Burden is paid by skilled laborers, investors and small to medium business owners who overwhelmingly vote REPUBLICAN even in “BLUE” strongholds like NYC.

            Your view of reality is based on a concocted narrative and not the facts on the ground regarding almost every subject you have pontificated about.

            By the way we don’t lose “35,000” per year to “Gun Violence”. Most of those are suicides and the US has a suicide rate on par with most of Europe where they just “choose something else” just like they would here if guns disappeared tomorrow.

          14. jetmagnet says

            Yeah maybe a butter knife. I own guns, it’s alot easier to kill yourself with a gun.
            So there’s only doped up democrats? Unbelievable. And only democrats are on welfare according to you? LMAO where did you get these stats from FBI files?
            The fact that you divide americans is anti-american. Your a fascist. How about us independents? How many are on welfare? Criminals? Your full of shit.
            I live in a conservative state and a 70% conservative county, with no dems in office and there is a 14% unemployment rate and all of them are on welfare. They don’t like abortions here, so the have babies via govt assistance – medicaid.
            They use the ER like a medical service. You are clueless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          15. jetmagnet says

            It’s about oil and nation building. If you think money isn’t involved in any war then your totally clueless. The oil would be a source for european allies who depend on russia for oil. You don;t know jack shit. That’s because you ignorant peeps don;t read , don’t and have any education beyond your rightwing talk show host lmao!

          16. stephanie wilson says

            lying . it’s what libs do best.

          17. jetmagnet says

            The inability to grasp reality is why teabags are stupidest people in existence.
            It’s called “cognitive dissonance”

          18. stephanie wilson says

            projecting again. you do not give up, do you??

          19. stephanie wilson says

            use war to help the economy??????. you people have gone nuts.

          20. SeeThroughYou says

            you’re out of your depth, Steph

            That’s things have been done since FDR knowingly let the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor.

          21. stephanie wilson says

            you’re are out of your mind, on the economic thing, w/ respect.. i do agree about some of your post tho.

        2. Bob Sims says

          Do you even have a point in reality? And who is this “we” shit you refer to?

          1. jetmagnet says

            Their oil. Check war history and politics. Why go to war with CUBA? Communist dictatorship- supposedly on the terrorist list of countries. What would neocons gain, a banana plantation?

        3. MikeS says

          Self defense. We are either going to do it there or we are going to do it at home. I say take it to them.

          1. jetmagnet says

            The best way to go , is stay away from other countries and their problems.
            Let them fight it out. We make enemies, then we have terror threats. All this cost billions. Wars cost trillions and some sucker trying to make a living has to pay for it with taxes. It also balloons the deficit. The GOP will steal the money to pay for it from social security and medicare because they won’t tax the rich.

          2. MikeS says

            We have enemies for no more reason than being successful. “Staying away” or ignoring problems like terrorism will not keep us safe. Those problems will get closer and closer to us until they get a response. That means killing and torturing Americans in their own homes if necessary. I stand by my previous statement: “We are either going to do it there or we are going to do it at home.” Those who already dislike us will not give us the choice and they have no desire to talk about it. We also need to rebuild our relationship with Israel. That is another important subject that has to do with not “staying away”. obama wants to be a “stay away” kind of guy and that is in the process of costing us more in lives and money than anyone ever predicted.

          3. jetmagnet says

            So like perpetual wars and loss of american lives. You are a moron.
            We had choices, we start wars and fuck people up.Obama is right. Bush $2 trillion dollars added to the deficit and nothing accomplished but recruiting arabs to hate us. Trying install governments and making huge profits. It’s always about big money with republicans they like war. Just like 47 republicans and tom cotton , just after trying to fuckup negotiations with IRAQ he goes to arms dealer conference. The right kills people, they’re hateful nasty. Baggers should send their kids to war so they can die for the industrial war complex.

          4. MikeS says

            I will not use profanity or call people morons like you do. I will say if you live running away, those you run from will end your life. obama is not right. obama has the destruction of America in his sights. The left kills more people than the right and many are right here in the U.S. I really pity people like you who cannot see how wrong and harmful you are when you support the evil notions of people like obama.

          5. jetmagnet says

            The destruction of america is people like yourself…and you will lose and keep losing!!

          6. MikeS says

            I pray for your pitiful soul. You really need help.

          7. stephanie wilson says


          8. jetmagnet says

            Prove otherwise. Even and parrot can say “lies” lmao!

        4. stephanie wilson says


        5. SeeThroughYou says

          Haha, the Muslims declared war on the United States in 1805, dooshmagnet

          The justifications for the OIF were merely a current slap in the face to get us to take an enemy that intends our complete annihilation seriously before they become strong enough to pull it off..

      2. Bob Sims says

        The killing has become the more convenient way to avoid personal responsibility.

      3. Eleanor B. Jones says

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    2. cvxxx says

      Old people are consider disposable.

      1. Bob Sims says

        All people are considered disposable if they are not of the libturd persuassion.

        1. cvxxx says

          Not what the pseudo conservatives say. Both political parties in the US are pseudo’s. Fake outs each one.

    3. Bob Sims says

      And it appears that we may not survive as I look around and see what evil is going on. Not enough people care. Morals are being eliminated as old fashioned. The New World Government Concept is changing everything.

  4. ChaplainPeter says

    14 Offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High:

    15 And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.

    16 But unto the wicked God saith, What hast thou to do to declare my statutes, or that thou shouldest take my covenant in thy mouth?

    17 Seeing thou hatest instruction, and castest my words behind thee.

    18 When thou sawest a thief, then thou consentedst with him, and hast been partaker with adulterers.

    19 Thou givest thy mouth to evil, and thy tongue frameth deceit.

    20 Thou sittest and speakest against thy brother; thou slanderest thine own mother’s son.

    21 These things hast thou done, and I kept silence; thou thoughtest that I was altogether such an one as thyself: but I will reprove thee, and set them in order before thine eyes.

    22 Now consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver.

    23 Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me: and to him that ordereth his conversation aright will I shew the salvation of God. Ps.50 His servant, Peter

  5. Taking care of business! says

    Following the general trend in heathenism: amorality, and the accompanying deterioration of Western civilization, passes from Europe to Canada to California, the North, then the remaining states. Keep mindful of what’s happening in Europe, it won’t be long before we’re affronted. The tolling of the European funeral bell for the burial of the West can already be heard across the Atlantic–that is, if people of moral character and courage don’t stand-up.

  6. Concerned parent says

    Everyone knows that the UN has long ceased to be an organization that maintained world wide peace, stood up for the rights of the downtrodden, and worked to maintain stability in health, law and order throughout the world.
    The UN and Ban Ki Moon have now become the stooges of feminists, homosexual activists, and environmental scam artists like Al Gore. They are no longer maintaining health, peace and order throughout the world, they are now creators of upheaval on these issues.
    They need to be shut down.

    1. Jarhead says

      GET THE US

  7. Wilbert Jennings says

    It comes down to what the majority say they believe and what they won’t fight to defend or support. Where is the outrage from Christians objecting to gays and lesbians doing exactly what our Bible speaks against and as far as that goes destroyed.Two of the same parents doesn’t make a right it makes a wrong and the results are in the facts when a home doesn’t have one of each parents a male and a female we have problems with the child. Abortion is wrong and should only be allowed (that would be between the women and GOD ) when there is a health problem for either the mother or the child and not as a planned parenthood method or for harvesting parts for transplants.

    1. Conservative says

      People have been deceived and ‘hooked’ by something as asinine as ‘political correctness’. We have become a Nation of self-centered people ruled by tyrants.

      1. DaveM says

        People have allowed this! The voice of one is more dominant that the voice of many idiots!

  8. Dan says

    Welcome to the liberal degeneration of modern civilization.

    1. DaveM says

      Only if you allow it. Civilization do not fall due to wars but by people who do nothing! What are you doing?

      1. Dan says

        I sign so many petitions, it would make your head spin. You better thank your maker for the few like me, who stand up for our “unalienable” rights, that libs are so desperate to take away.

  9. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    I believe in our BIBLES and what God has said and what is yet to come. God is coming back and set up his KINGDOM. He’ll judge us all of our DEEDS.

  10. Concerned parent says

    Everyone knows that the UN has long ceased
    to be an organization that maintained world wide peace, stood up for the rights
    of the downtrodden, and worked to maintain stability in health, law
    and order throughout the world.

    The UN and Ban Ki Moon have now become the
    stooges of feminists, homosexual activists, and environmental scam artists like
    Al Gore. They are no longer maintaining health, peace and order
    throughout the world, they are now creators of upheaval on these issues.

    They need to be shut down.

    1. Jackie says

      It is my opinion that we are all being indoctrinated little by little by all the agendas: homosexuality, peaceful Muslims, Islam does not produce terrorist groups, Illegal Mexicans are now “undocumented immigrants”, and on and on. It is almost like placing a frog in warm water on the stove and it doesn’t bother the frog until it gets almost to the boiling point and it is over for the frog. That is the way I see what is happening here in the U.S.A. HOW DO WE STOP IT?

    2. fred says

      We should have kicked the UN out of our country and stopped contributing back in the sixties, now it seems they OWN all our National Parks because Clinton signed them over in some horrible UNESCO treaty he signed while in office! Hang the bastard and his hideous wife also! If you don’t think this is so, ask to see the UNESCO placards at EVERY national park when you visit, they are there!

      1. jetmagnet says

        They need to kick dumb people like you ignorant people out of the country.

        1. fred says

          it all must be horrifying to someone as ignorant as you who will never have a clue!? You know what to do, don’t you buckwheat?go in your corner and let the adults talk now, you’re too disadvantaged mentally to contribute anything useful…

          1. jetmagnet says

            No it’s sad that we have people such as yourself that have no brains- that base their entire existence on a theocratic principles and follow a doctrine of stupidity.
            If you want babble ignorance, be my guest- but none of you ignorant peeps can prove anything without scientific facts. Your argument is hilarious to me and laughable to the entire planet.

  11. Jarhead says

    Abortion is murder……murder is wrong…….killing a defenseless tiny voiceless beautiful baby is even worse than murder.

  12. papa doug says

    Being gay IS NOT against Gods laws, that idea is just silly on it’s face. And don’t go quoting the Bible to me, the Bible was written by man not by God. If God didn’t want gay people he could simply tweak the genetic code and in 100 years no more gays. But God doesn’t do that so all you haters are wrong! Gays should be allowed to get married like anyone.

    Abortion should be allowed in the case of rape or to save the mothers life. But in the case where a girl “made a mistake” she should give birth and the baby adopted by the thousands of parents who want but cannot have children. Using abortion as a method of birth control is as obscene as it sounds.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      And just to continue from the reply below. It is amazing to me how many of you liberal PC specialists trash god fearing conservatives for their belief in God or that we don’t understand Gods message. Yet here you go saying that you know what God intends and that your take on the message is that God loves gays. How pathetic an argument. You have no more of a clue to Gods message than an insect. To try to take the message from the bible and trash it into insignificance and then turn around and try to say that God supports your message is the most ridiculous tact I’ve ever seen. So much for the “we are so much smarter and knowledgeable than you” crowd. You’ve shown your ignorance and it spells nothing for your argument. Oh yes, I see you have already started step two of the liberal argument. When you know in your heart that you are wrong you begin with the name calling. Yes you did. Haters, racists, etc. The name calling. Pathetic tact for the loser in every argument.

    2. DaveM says

      Man you are sick! I want you to prove just one thing….How can tow gay people of the same gender have sex and produce an offspring! That is the basis of Biology! Sex and offspring go together. I would say to pull your head out of your arse but you would enjoy it so I will not say that!

      1. Mark Lahti says

        You go Dave. You got it right.

  13. DaveM says

    Gay marriage and abortion are more choices than anything else! There is no medical evidence to date that proves a person to be gay! No physiological or mental change but more acceptance than anything else. A woman has control over her body and will do what he needs to do! How in the world are these rights! If you believe that they are rights then you better go back to school and learn what a right is. Please point it out to all of us in the Constitution!

    1. Mark Lahti says

      Good one Dave. Liberals will always try to twist, distort, or lie to support their argument. But as always; logic, facts, the truth will always expose the bogus message. All these liberals want to do is promote their hedonistic life style and mentality. They continue to try to convince everyone else that their “truth” is normal and acceptable. I believe that they are so insecure and paranoid in their own minds that they find it mandatory to force their agenda down everybody else’s throat.

  14. Jim says

    Just goes to prove the failures in our public education system. The people can no longer read or understand the clear meaning of words. If that were not the case the issue of whether abortion or gay marriage being a “civil right” would not even be discussed. Just a summary scan of the original Bill of Rights would make it clear to anyone who can read that there is no specific right to kill babies nor to be a queer. Both are individual choices that, until recent years, were felonies in every state in the United States. Time to get some individual responsibility going here folks. Don’t let the insanity spread any further.

  15. Sgt. York says

    The Nazis killed more and more people including babies old and Jew this is a normal way of life to them. They just never learned from Hitler until now.

  16. says

    As undesirable as it is, abortion must be available to a woman who does not want to give birth at this point in her life. This is one of those hard choices. And homosexuals must be allowed to marry the person that they love. In my opinion, these are inalienable rights.

  17. Oldawg70 says

    Right Is Right…Wrong Is Wrong! One Nation Under GOD! And…GOD does not condone abortion or homosexuality in any capacity…period!

  18. jimdarnall says

    Being immoral and lawless is not a civil right. It goes against all that is good and right. Those kind of approved civil rights should lead to imprisonment and nothing less. Lawlessness and anarchy will bring a nation down. That kind of mentality led to the fall of Rome.

  19. 2ThinkN_Do2 says

    Reading articles such as this, continually for the past 10, 20 + years brings up one truly believable comment: we agree to disagree. And with that in mind, to each their own and live your life by your laws. What is part of you belongs to you and no one else. If one can abide by their own beliefs for themselves, that is all they can do, without infringing upon the personal rights of another. Humankind has and always will believe that which supports their thinking; whether it makes sense or not. The most important thing one can do, is be true to themselves. There will never be 100% agreement while more than 1 person exists.

  20. Mark Clemens says

    I don’t think morals, or lack of are making this policy. Demographics, geography are. Look at the European Countries. Most of them are just a bit bigger than Kentucky. (Square Miles w/in borders). A lot are smaller. They are running out of room in Europe, and resources. This is population control, plain and simple. Gay couples can’t reproduce (but they pay taxes). Every aborted fetus, is one less person to use up resources. The first nation to run out of water looses. Man can not live by oil alone………
    Wouldn’t that be ironic, if we ran out of water before gas and oil. Our short 200,000 year appearance, will be just another short story in the rock, and fossil record. Maybe the big dumb lizards were smarter than us. They didn’t worry about who was in charge, much less law and governments. The dinosaurs lasted 180,000,000 years, and never had a government shut down. Plus they ate any immigrants that came into their territory.

  21. Jacky says

    Personally, I have lost any faith or respect for Europe.
    Bring all of our troops home, tell Russia and China, there they boys have fun.
    Then they can start spending the money to defend themselves in stead of expecting us to.
    Have fun nanny staters let us know how you like it, when Putin gets there.
    It will be interesting to see how you pay for your parasitical UHS

  22. Timothy Toroian says

    Always knew Europeans were a bit short of reaching the top floor. When societies are going to court to get the same “rights” for animals as humans but also approve abortion we have real problems. Giving animals the same “rights” as humans does not elevate animals, it lowers respect for humans. And abortion lowers that respect even more. There people who would use such conditions to condone genocide. As long as we are on phobias, lets examine Islamaphobia. I’m not afraid of Islamic extremists, I just hate the same way I hate communists or any other belief that insists on such extreme control of human behavior. I would kill you quicker for that kind of behavior than I would if you were shooting at me.

  23. Robert Wilson says

    Gay rights, abortion rights, together it means that if you, as a mother, know that your child could possibly be gay, ABORT.

  24. SeeThroughYou says

    I guess the EU needs to side with Israel instead of the Palestinians then because they execute homos in Muzzo Land

  25. adrianvance says

    Fighting the basic nature of man is a losing concept. We exist in pairs, one man with one woman and do not abuse our organs, if we are smart.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  26. Carla Jones says

    Abortion is killing . gay is abomination. Yea the democrats get both these A’s.

  27. Victor Archuleta says

    It is impossible to dignify an abomination and the murder of the unborn. The Republic of America was to be the start of a New World Order, teaching the subjects of monarchies and tyrants the value of a God-centered government. That failed when the priests of atheism established their godless temple in America. And God-fearing believers surrendered their patriotic fervor for the spirit deadening “stuff” the progressive socialist so freely handed out. It is not too late to correct matters – but it is urgent that we get started without delaying any longer. God won’t hold back His judgement and justice forever.

  28. Carla Jones says

    Obama is an illegal alien. Michelle is a man and Obama called her Michael. If you would go to your internet and pull up these two questions you will find it’s true. So why hasn’t he been arrested and deported ?

  29. raziel71 says

    It is sad funny how this leftards call a fetus an abortive when they want to kill the baby ,but call the same fetus a baby when it is their ” right time ” to bring it forward. Completely retarded and illogical.

  30. raziel71 says

    The only thing that have kept us up among other nations is our customs of having God in our side. Take God out and add the everything goes mentality of the leftards and EU, and we will be exactly like them. Bankrupt ,broken and in a downward spiral. All these things must come to happen according to the Bible, so all this only announces Christ return is closer. But while we breath we have to oppose all those who try to bring the antichrist reign to earth. Gay is not normal, and it is not a human right for them to marry or abortion by the very same token.

  31. vietnamvet1971 says

    These Evil people run around screaming “Human Rights” guess what “GODS Rights” Trumps their Evil rights and they will find that out at the Resurrection of the Damned, see there are 2 different Resurrections, and Yes GOD will raise every one from their grave those above will stand in line at the Great White Throne Judgement and they will be found GUILTY. It will be to late to REPENT.

  32. Codd 1 says

    When you take God out of every aspect of our lives whats happening in the world and on our home shores is exactly what is going to happen. There is no moral compass to follow and there will be a continual breakdown of the family and all that was acceptably normal. Human life is not valued and people are free to mate with whoever and whatever they want. How long will we last at that rate ? Without God there is nothing.

  33. cvxxx says

    Marriage originally was about property rights. Abortion is fine as many women cannot take care of the children.(children are not dolls that one can put back on the shelf after playing).

  34. MARYSWEET says

    Human rights is also about saving life not ending it as in abortion. The innocent child is cruelly ejected and murdered. How humane is that? And yes there are countries that do more horrible acts to people but abortion is also one of the most cruel ways to end a life before it has had a chance to even have a

  35. Jeffrey Grimes says

    LGBT and abortion go hand in hand for the depopulation agenda.

  36. MAHB001 says

    I wonder when there will be a movement that supports a child’s right not to be aborted?

  37. stephanie wilson says

    has the whole world gone f—ing insane??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. jimwilson81 says

    It is asinine. Think of it this way. We are killing the future for our descendants in both ways. If everyone was gay then there would be no children. Killing our descendants before they are born makes no sense especially if everyone was gay. We are endangering our species as a whole by asinine in supporting these political concepts. That is what they are,not human rights especially inalienable human rights.

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