Even Grammar is Racist in Liberal Academia


We tend to assume that liberals and conservatives are natural “enemies” when it comes to the direction of the country – two polarities fighting for very different versions of the future. Free-market capitalists vs. socialists. Republicans vs. Democrats. Small government vs. the welfare state.

But lately, we’re beginning to think that liberals are their own worst enemies. Some prominent left-wingers recognize this from time to time – Bill Maher is a good example. As insufferable as his views are on many issues, he regularly takes time out to bash liberals who make excuses for Islam, rally around idiotic causes, and suppress free speech. If Democrats want to maintain any semblance of power in this country, they would do well to embrace this kind of self-examination.

The alternative – and, judging by what we’ve seen lately, it’s the option most Democrats are choosing – is to flock towards every ludicrous extreme-left position that comes bubbling out of academia. And if you pay attention, you’ll see that those positions are even kookier than you might have dreamed.

Take this new “writing is racist” situation at the University of Washington, Tacoma. Hanging in the university’s writing center is a poster that makes quite a few interesting claims about grammatical correctness and its relation to social oppression:

The writing center works from several important beliefs that are crucial to helping writers write and succeed in a racist society. The racist conditions of our society are not simply a matter of bias or prejudice that some people hold. In fact, most racism, for instance, is not accomplished through intent. Racism is the normal condition of things. Racism is pervasive. It is in the systems, structures, rules, languages, expectations, and guidelines that make up our classes, school, and society. For example, linguistic and writing research has shown clearly for many decades that there is no inherent “standard” of English. Language is constantly changing. These two facts make it very difficult to justify placing people in hierarchies or restricting opportunities and privileges because of the way people communicate in particular versions of English.

This isn’t the “Racism Studies Writing Center.” It’s not the “Nation of Islam Writing Center.” It’s just “The Writing Center.” This is the environment in which aspiring writers will learn their craft at the University of Washington, Tacoma.

Nothing more really needs to be said. You can just read that paragraph over and over again until your head explodes.

For a long time, liberals have profited from a strategy of pushing extreme positions that get rejected…but manage to push the window of acceptable positions a little further to the left. But that strategy is beginning to backfire. There comes a point where the insanity is so blatant that the reaction isn’t “Well, I don’t know about that, but I do agree with some parts,” but rather, “This is abject nonsense and I want nothing to do with anyone who buys into it.”

When you try to mainstream views like “racism is the normal condition of things,” you get…

…well, you get the 2016 election.


  1. Buckeye conservative says

    I don’t worry so much about the errors in grammar where punctuation and such are the complaint. What really gets me are the errors in words: I, me; less, fewer; lay, lie; because,since. I guess I’m just hoping the language will survive even though I accept it is an evolving thing. Please don’t be too hard on me for punctuation errors in my post.

    1. hangem'high says

      I use whatever their biting on that day!

  2. OldHighlandGuyOne says

    I guess I am a racist. I correct peoples grammar, punctuation, spelling, pronunciation, etc., because I want to understand exactly what they are attempting to communicate. For instance, nor and or, are usually used incorrectly. I have even had arguments with people because they cannot see the difference. Also, to and too, drives me nuts. I am still not up on the proper use of to and too, but I am trying.
    Being the grammar police does NOT make one racist. The university writing center is full of it.
    Clear communication is vital therefore the correct use of the English language is vital. Miscommunication can cause wars.
    Now, someone correct me…go ahead.

    1. ThePeanut995 says

      Hey racist OldHighlandGuyOne…
      I agree with you. The misuse of “loose” and “lose” really irk me!

      1. Marie Palmatier says

        How about there/their/they’re,
        your/you’re, it’s/its

        1. David in MA says

          or, two, too, to?

          1. Edward Conley says

            Or boarder instead of border. And Marshall law…

          2. headonstraight says

            “Marshall Law”? That’s that Matt Dillon feller, ain’t it?

          3. Progressive Republican says

            I was thinkin’ Wyatt Earp, but okay!

          4. ward says

            Damn this could be fun if it weren’t for dem libtards & racist baiting asses !

          5. Progressive Republican says

            Don’t worry. With the plethora of Rethuglicons and the Rethuglicretins so God-damned stupid as to vote for them, it had little chance of ever being much fun.


          6. ward says

            You are right on target but these asses have to make one laugh off their asinine stupidity that proves their roots of being duped by bo & abuse of power E.O.’s !

          7. ward says

            Hey martial, where’s Kitty …?

          8. battue_you says

            The corpse is in the amblance.

          9. Mathew Molk says

            “Cowl and dutchin” instead of “Cowl Induction” in automobile ads used to crack me up. — But what’s the harm? Everybody knew what they were sellin’

            I have a lot bigger problems then being the grammar police and correcting spellin’. It’s much more important to be good at your timezez and gazintas.

            Pie aint square,,,Cornbreads is square, Pie are round!

          10. Dawn Doran says

            Amblance, no such word..Do you mean, Ambulance or ambulans..Those are vehicles, that equips for transporting the injured or sick…

          11. battue_you says

            Dawn Doran – Didn’t it dawn on you that “Amblance” was merely another example of the mispronunciation of a common word that many in a certain minority group often use?
            I’m axing you because it’s impotent fu peoples ta unnastan it.

          12. Dawn Doran says

            Well, whatever you do, is fine with me…Next time that I see your name, I’ll never make any comments to your statement…
            So, I do not go along with people, that can’t spell or speak English correctly…

          13. battue_you says

            Sorry if I hurt your feelings…

          14. Dawn Doran says

            That’s okay…

          15. Janeway says

            Does anyone remember Obama pronouncing Marine Corps “corpse?” Yikes!
            (Of course one shouldn’t be too surprised; he also referred to our “57 states”
            in one of his speeches…Double yikes!)

          16. Dawn Doran says

            Marshall is the word…Martial means relating to an army or to military life…

          17. ward says

            No shit … didn’t catch the jest of martial law & muslim bo … duh !

          18. Craig Vandertie says

            Boarder: 1 who rents a room at a boarding house, border: an imaginary geographical line between geographical bodies, in certain cases those lines are defined by geological formations, mountains, rivers, streams, et cetera.

          19. Bounderbob says

            Nice try, did you purposely misuse spelling, punctuation, etc to prove a point?

          20. Craig Vandertie says

            I do not see misspelling or improper grammer of anykind, so no point to prove.

          21. Bounderbob says

            Craig, I apologize, I thought you were making a point. There are several errors, two of which are explained by “Progressive Republican”.

          22. Andrew Popper says

            “My sins was not being more vigilante ” WERE not was, a vigilante is a person taking the law into his own hands, vigilant is being watchful

          23. Craig Vandertie says

            Yes, I see the mistake, yes, I am aware of the difference, but I am positive than when pecking away at a keyboard you make enough mistakes yourself, regardless thank you for pointing out the error, which I have now corrected.

          24. Mathew Molk says

            You should try working with this wore out [sic] lap top. The left shift key and “A” stick and the space bar is iffie.[sic]

            How many English teachers know what the [sic] is there for?

            Oh my God! He ended a sentence with a preposition! The very idea!

            Double Oh my God! – An incomplete sentence. Well I Never,,,,

            (I can keep this up all day. You give up?)

          25. Janeway says

            Hmmm. Per chance did you mean to write,”How many English teachers know
            for what the {sic} is?” I loved Winston Churchill’s remark: “That is something
            up for which I will not put.”

          26. Rd Lankes says

            try “same state as I”

          27. Craig Vandertie says

            “3 of my of my 4 siblings no longer live in the same state as I,” I do not think so professor.

          28. Progressive Republican says

            The errors are in bold italics:

            My sins was not being more vigilante

            ‘Sins’ is singular. Use of the word ‘was’ is incorrect after a plural.

            ‘Vigilant’ means keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties. ‘Vigilante’ is a self-appointed doer of justice or revenge.

          29. Craig Vandertie says

            But that is only if you use a word that is not related in definition in any way, vigilante as in someone who takes the law into their own hands and vigilant /ˈvɪdʒɪl(ə)nt /
            ▸ adjective keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties:
            the burglar was spotted by vigilant neighbours.
            – DERIVATIVES vigilantly adverb
            – ORIGIN late 15th cent.: from Latin vigilant- ‘keeping awake’, from the verb vigilare, from vigil (see vigil).

          30. ward says

            These are small stuff human mistakes we all make but the libtard dem asses are the mistakes that are destroying the U.S.A. internally … ! These asinine errors by duped libtards of bo’s abuse of power are the ones to sweat out and destroy … !

          31. Progressive Republican says

            These are small-stuff human mistakes we all make, but the Rethuglicretin dumbasses are the mistakes that are destroying the U.S.A. internally … ! These asinine errors by duped Rethuglicretins of der Schmuckenführer‘s abuse of power are the ones to sweat out … !

            There. Fify

          32. Mathew Molk says

            Yo,,,,How did you get bold and Italic here?

          33. glorybe2 says

            Mental illness really does occur in babies and toddlers. Often it is serious enough that there is almost no chance of the baby ever leading a near normal life.

          34. Craig Vandertie says

            That is a tragedy far sadder than the circumstances leading up to the 12 Labors of Heracles.

            I often get sad thinking about the tragic death of my beloved fiance, and angry over our pathetic healthcare system.

            Major Eyecare chains have joined the ranks of the DDS profession, finding a way to turn people away that rely on Federal and State Medicare type services, signing agreements with insurance companies that refuse to work in unison with government programs.

            As for mental healthcare it is the revolving door system, do you feel that you are a threat to yourself?, no, then off you go.

          35. glorybe2 says

            Yes, I agree. And sadly none of it has to be. Single payer medical care can be implemented and it works quite well. But, as usual the money interests have contaminated government to such a great degree that the right and decent solutions can not be put in place. So the US ends up with a second rate medical care system that robs the people and results in all of us paying higher taxes.

          36. Mathew Molk says

            Jeez,,,I thought a boarder was a guy the put siding on houses and put the faces on fences. I learn something new every day.

          37. Rd Lankes says

            “same state as me” arrrgh!

          38. Craig Vandertie says

            Yes, me, professor Arrgh, “3 of my 4 siblings no longer live in the same state as” I, certainly does not sound correct.

          39. Rd Lankes says

            Well, it is correct. Perhaps an ESL course could help.

          40. Craig Vandertie says

            too: extreme or also, the number 2, to go to, when in doubt look it up, usually one’s instincts are correct.

          41. ward says

            OR libtard instead of retard … ! OR bo instead of stench … !

          42. David in MA says

            Why are you not in school, your 4th grade teacher will mark you absent.

          43. ward says

            You proved to be the dem logo of an ass that does not belong in U.S. Schools !

        2. jimmy midnight says

          Those R the ones that R manifestations of poor elementary and secondary education, and it’s quite sad because people reading those mistakes actually R put off by them, eve n if only on a sub-conscious level.

          We really should try 2 make allowances 4 the poorly educated, who may still have some valid ideas. People writing and posting should also make an effort 2 get these things right. Stuff like “lose” and “loose” distinctions R a notch 2 picky-ass, and aren’t off-putting at the their, there, they’re, level.

          1. Margaret MacGregor says

            One thing that gets me is using textspeak in comments. Why not write out the words in full. It makes you look poorly educated.

          2. jimmy midnight says

            I C it as a matter of style, and part of the statements I’m making, particularly the use of the figure 2, which more people should perhaps adopt, ‘cuz…there’s then no problem with the to, too, two, thing…an implicit joke.

          3. hangem'high says

            Someone who finally gets it!

          4. jimmy midnight says

            Tryin’ 2 sneak up on it anyway.

          5. hangem'high says

            It’ll eventually catch up to U when UR not looking.

          6. Mathew Molk says

            The hell there isn’t
            I’m going to
            I’m going too

            WTF – I’m going 2 ????

          7. tomsfordcars says

            Exactly what I have been saying!

          8. hangem'high says

            The lake is full today!

          9. hangem'high says

            I don’t believe I’ve ever converse d with U?

          10. tomsfordcars says

            jimmy midnight-I do not profess to be anywhere near an expert on the English Language, however, using your post as an example, the current generation, with all this bull crap texting has now created a habit that makes me crazy. You use “R” instead of the word “are”, “2” instead of “too”, “4” instead of “for”. I have seen with my own eye’s that the constant use of these “newly invented abbreviations” has turned many people into total idiots when it comes to correct spelling. As a matter of fact, I have a Family member, who is College educated, that thinks the teaching of writing, penmanship, and spelling in School is a waste of time because “everyone text’s nowadays, so you don’t need to know how to write and your device make any spelling corrections for you so why bother spending time learning these subjects in School”. When I asked this person if you don’t know how to write, how do you write checks to pay your bills, he promptly informed me that he pays his bills are paid electronically. I guess I should have known better than to ask such a stupid question!

          11. Blackfoot says

            Today the trend taught in school is that the “original” computer is unnecessary and if it becomes obsolete,then that is better for the left leaning masses. Everything you need to know is done for you electronically.Calculators,cell phones with stored data and internet access,computers with data banks readily available has “dumbed down” today’s kids that are on the verge of becoming our politicians and law makers and all of the youngsters in school today.And to add insult to injury schools teachers and administrators with their bloated self importance and all knowing,are teaching our children through “political correctness” that they are inferior and second class citizens in their own country,that the ability to protect themselves and what is theirs is a folly,that they should feel shame for having what their parents earned and passed on to them is,that all of what they have is stolen or comes at the cost of “depriving” others that don’t have.They teach them that laziness is normal,because somehow in their logic,someone else should and will take care of them.

          12. tomsfordcars says

            Blackfoot-I couldn’t have said it any better. I just wish I knew the answer to how to stop this b.s.”politically correct” garbage dead in its tracks before it totally ruins our Country. President Trump has the correct ideas, but with the left wing perverts fighting him all the way, he has and will have a tough road ahead to “Make America Great Again”. We, as patriotic, law abiding, God fearing Citizens all need to stand with him and pray we can get our Country back again.

          13. RobGA says

            We can start to make a difference by getting involved in our kid’s schooling. I have met many immigrant parents who keep daily track of what their children are being taught in school; I’ve never met an American born parent who does the same thing. If we want to change the bull sh*t that is being expressed by today’s millennials, then we need to start by taking active control of what our public education system is pounding into our kid’s heads.

          14. ABO says

            Excellent point Rob. If one’s childrens’ education is not worth taking seriously, what on Earth is?

          15. AKLady says

            The freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.
            One being the Freedom of Religion.
            Another being the Freedom of Speech.

          16. Retired says

            What freedom of speech is there in the Education system run by Unions , it is lopsided education .

          17. Progressive Republican says

            The education system is not run by unions. It is run by an elected school board.

            That’s why we keep hearing about such dreck as schools teaching that abstinence only is the only way to teach sex-ed (schools that do that have higher teen pregnancy rates), that creationism is as valid a scientific theory as evolution (but there’s no actual science involved in Creationism and they won’t teach every religion’s Creation story), and stupid crap like that.

          18. Retired says

            Better check how many School board members are retired teachers or work for the Education Dept. also run by the Union. You must not live in a democrat controlled area.

          19. Progressive Republican says

            That was only fairly stupid.

            If you want to go for impressively stupid, you need to breathe the methane deeper.

            There aren’t a lot of Democrat-controlled areas which further explains how Republicans keep getting elected.

            That, and the distressingly clear success of Pres. Ronnie’s “Let’s-defund-public-education-to-create-generations-of -Americans-stupid-enough-to-vote-GOP” pogrom’ That sould well be his third instance of treason. Mmm… maybe fourth. There’s always ‘voodoo economics’ to put on that list.

          20. jimmy midnight says

            Thanks 4 living in the real world! Teachers’ unions R a prime target of Trumpism, etc.

          21. David in MA says

            what amendment gives us freedom from trolls?

          22. AKLady says

            Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          23. ward says

            You are a sick piece of fresh dog shit & have a dem libtard stench of a cesspool !

          24. Shelly Shannon says

            Your blocking button to the right of your post.

          25. AKLady says

            Excellent idea.
            Maybe you should start with your sewer speak.

          26. Retired says

            AK our Alskan Troll Queen has arrived .

          27. ward says

            Yeh; the crony dip of bo’s libtard stench & commie propaganda below whale shit !

          28. AKLady says

            Maybe you should find somewhere you like better and move there.
            U.S. Constitution, Amendment I

            CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          29. Retired says

            Did they let you out of your padded room for good behavior????

          30. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          31. Retired says

            Anything to help our Troll Queen along .

          32. AKLady says

            Name calling is very childish.
            Maybe you should be checked for senility.

          33. Retired says

            No that would be your problem, it shows with what you post . A lot of nonsense .

          34. AKLady says

            The anti-American hate spewer has arrived.
            Truth be known, you quite work and wen ton welfare.

          35. Retired says

            What ever you say QUEENY you are always WRONG . Never drew a penny of Unemployment nor Welfare .Retired at 55 .

          36. AKLady says

            Typical Internet fantasy.

          37. Retired says

            Yes ,you live in a fantasy world of your own .

          38. ward says

            “Sewer speak”, like in your duped libtard bo marxist, muslim stench …?

          39. AKLady says

            Religious bigotry in a nation founded on freedom of religion,
            You insult everything our Founding Fathers fought and died for.
            You insult thousands of American citizens.
            Your insult hundreds of America’s allied nations.
            You insult the first person to give their life for your freedom.

          40. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, LIE, INSULT …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          41. ward says

            You must be in the wrong place in U.S. education … ! Illegal is not legal – GetIt …?

          42. AKLady says

            Not one single factual point
            Allegations, generalizations, insults …

          43. glorybe2 says

            So you want the ignorant, unwashed masses to control what is taught in schools. Quick! Without warning go next door and ask your neighbor what water is. Chances are he can’t respond well. Ask him how many square feet of lie you will need to tile a circle with an 18 foot diameter and see what you get. Ask his wife separately. Then tell me those folks should have control of what is taught in schools.

          44. sandraleesmith46 says

            How about getting up and taking yourself to your local city or county legislature (council, supervisors, whatever you call them) meetings and your local school board and PTA or PTO meetings, and participating, as appropriate, in them? Talking and praying are not enough, if you’re serious. If you live near enough, go to the state level meetings as well. Let your governing bodies know your thoughts, and that you’re watching; you can bet money the left is.

          45. Mathew Molk says

            I have supported and voted for conservative anti teachers’ union candidates every election of the last 30 years. Not one time did one of them win. – They never win.,,, and every single school levy always passes. —- That;s how I got my saying ‘Rare as an old rusty pick-up truck in a teacher’s parking lot.”

          46. ward says

            The other side of the coin is all the illegal foreigners that U.S. taxes pay for and schools condone to put more $$’s in their pockets that is illegally stealing funds !

          47. AKLady says

            It is people like yourself that are the problem.
            You divide America by left and right.
            You divide America by bigotry and hate.

          48. Retired says

            No it is people like you that keep pushing the hate and divide in the US.

          49. ward says

            You really describe yourself quite well ; so when you going to get a life …?

          50. AKLady says

            Make as much money as I did, and you can afford to retire some day.

          51. sandraleesmith46 says

            You’re projecting again!

          52. AKLady says

            Than you for making my point.

          53. sandraleesmith46 says

            Projecting YOUR hate and bigotry onto me, not my feelings at all!

          54. ward says

            Like you helping to end the bo “common core” indoctrination that promotes socialistic whims and ways to a dictatorship with satan’s disciples from hell !

          55. sandraleesmith46 says

            Good for you; keep plugging.

          56. Mathew Molk says

            He may have the lefties fighting him all the way but he has magnitudes more Americans on his side. It’s going to be a long war but there is no way we will loose.

          57. AKLady says

            Trump is well on the way to being impeached.

          58. Retired says

            So says the troll queen ???? Anything legal to back up your BS and hate for the US.

          59. ward says

            The libtard ass of the dems logo that ignores bo the real traitor for impeachment !

          60. David in MA says

            maybe not, time will tell.

          61. ward says

            Time has already told the destruction in the U.S. by bo for the last 8 years !

          62. AKLady says

            Funny thing, none of you whiners can name a single issue.

          63. Retired says

            Tell that to the People who had their Cars and businesses burned and looted .

          64. AKLady says

            How does that apply to the topic of discussion?

          65. ward says

            Your asinine support of socialistic, commie crime & education is the topic that your type cannot conceive for any benefit to humane facts of life for Freedom !

          66. AKLady says

            You are well brainwashed.
            The infantile name calling says so very much about you.
            The childish insults are icing on the cake.
            Suggest you develop maturity and work at educating yourself.

          67. ward says

            The name ward is better than ak bitch of libtard stench … ! Get personal & find out what rank and file really is to your type of commie enemy against the U.S.A. ….. !

          68. AKLady says

            Develop some maturity.
            Maybe then people will take you seriously.

          69. AKLady says

            The crimes committed by your idol in the White House should be the topic.
            Why are you ignoring them?
            Maybe you should go back to school and learn how to write a complete sentence.

          70. ward says

            The WH crimes were bo & clinton being a dem socialistic guise to create a dictator ! Get your shit straight beore getting off the pot your libtard stench is atrocious … !

          71. Retired says

            Dingbat , you asked for a example .

          72. ward says

            Always the same libtard scape goat to change the subject dems cannot fight !

          73. AKLady says

            Childish name calling.
            You just made my points.

          74. ward says

            On top of your thick skull at two ends both up & locked !

          75. AKLady says

            Had you stayed in school, you might be able use complete sentences.
            As it is, you are just spewing nonsense,

          76. AKLady says

            Before a change of subject can take place, there first must be a subject.
            General whining is not subject matter.

          77. ward says

            Your opinion but proves your dem libtard ignorance of real facts … !

          78. AKLady says

            How do you impeach someone who is not holding an office?

          79. ward says

            The POTUS or any bureaucrat not in office can be impeached & – or indicted for crimes against the U.S.A. for up to 7 years after their regime of treason .. ! The 7 years is “the statute of limitations” that assures indictments of libtard asses soon !

          80. glorybe2 says

            Obviously, you are not a lawyer.

          81. ward says

            What are you …… ?? another ak libtard …. ???

          82. ABO says

            Obviously you are an idiot.

          83. AKLady says

            Impeachment is the first step taken to remove someone from office.
            Once an individual has left office, normal Constitutional procedures apply, i.e. the 5th Amendment.

          84. ward says

            Your libtard stupidity is beyond help & not worth degrading, so kiss off … !

          85. AKLady says

            Come back and have a conversation when you develop some maturity and acquire a bit of knowledge.

          86. ward says

            No conversing with dem libturd enemies against the U.S.A. ..! Kiss off … !

          87. AKLady says

            Your sewer language is very impressive.
            The name calling is also impressive.
            However, it is not the impression you desire.
            Develop some maturity.
            Get an education.

          88. ward says

            When addressing you it is the libtard sewer of dem asses so what other lingo fits ?There is no name calling, only facts of your libtard stench… ! Maturity is impossible for your type of uneducated low life libtards that support bo’s regime of tyranny … !

          89. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          90. AKLady says

            Whining and infantile name calling.
            So very impressive.
            How old did you say you were?

          91. David in MA says

            troll alert, one got out over the fence!

          92. ward says

            Hunt it down and elminate all the libtard threats … !

          93. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          94. ward says

            Sure as hell says nothing good for your libtard, asinine posts ..! Wise up dem ass !

          95. Shelly Shannon says

            I blocked her ages ago. She was giving me nightmares.

          96. ward says

            FOR WHAT….??? bo is the commie , muslim that should have been impeached for high treason along with hilary & bo’s crony supporters from a muslim hell … !

          97. AKLady says

            Freedom of religion is the basis upon which America was founded.
            You insult everything our Founding Fathers fought and died for.
            Your religious bigotry is an embarrassment to America.
            Your childish insults are an embarrassment to America.
            Islam has been part of America since before it became a nation.
            You are insulting many American citizens.
            You insult many of America’s allies.

          98. glorybe2 says

            CHUMP may well end up in prison. He is breaking the law daily. His illegal campaign contributions form the former Soviet states were criminal in nature. He received 12.5 million dollars from the former president of the Ukraine. He has tried to obstruct justice by asking the FBI to back off of the Russian investigation. Conspiracy to obstruct justice is a very serious charge and was the lead charge in the impeachment of Richard Nixon.

          99. ward says


          100. glorybe2 says

            At a certain point it is impossible to distinguish between ignorance, insanity or dementia. I wish you luck in the obvious battle that you are in.

          101. glorybe2 says

            Currently CHUMP is under criminal investigation by the NSA.Currently CHUMP is under investigation by the CIA.
            Currently the FBI is doing a criminal investigation of CHUMP as well as many of his staff. Nine of his newly hired staff have been hauled from their desks and out the door by the FBI.
            The House Ways and Means Committee has power to get and search CHUMPS tax returns.
            Pence has the power to remove CHUMP from office and have him examined by psychiatrists.
            The republican party is abandoning CHUMP.
            Now exactly how long do you expect CHUMP to be in office?
            Pence might enjoy being president.

          102. Blackfoot says

            What say you now that Comey has been questioned and President Trump has been proven to be correct about all of you far left liars,Snowflake? Are you crying and cursing because your left wing lying media has once again let you down? I hope you are slobbering and foaming at the mouth like the rabid animal that you left wing idiots keep acting like. Stop spreading your vile,evil,disgusting lies.

          103. ward says

            Right on Mat and the U.S. Patriots will prevail over libtard dem asses marxism… !

          104. AKLady says

            Trump is the ignorant bigot in charge.
            Isolationism ended with WW II.
            We are no longer protected by oceans and vast empty spaces.

          105. Retired says

            You keep getting Obama and Trump mixed up .Trump is not anti US like your brother Obama is and was .

          106. ward says

            bo is a damned traitor that got away with crimes against Patriotic U.S. Citizens !

          107. ward says

            The empty space is between your ears & the ocean is the piss in your posts … ! What you know about WW2 is a negative or you wouldn’t be a libtard dem … !

          108. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …
            Oh, and by the way, Congress makes the laws and spends the money.
            You elect Congress.
            Suggest you return to school and obtain an education,.
            Your history is way off.

          109. MIKE6080 says

            And when the EMP hits where will all these rocket scientists be ?

          110. glorybe2 says

            We must deal with reality. All nations have been built by depriving other people. The US certainly has been. That is why we have wars. The real wrongs are rarely exposed. There is a new drug that cures HEP-C. The pills that you take for a month cost $84,000 in the US.. Insurance companies will not pay for the drug until you are so sick that you are at deaths door. At that point the treatment is normally useless as HEP-C causes cancer as well as other lethal liver problems. HEP-C is also quite contagious and often spreads to family members or people that you may have had sex with. So failure to get that treatment early on actually murders other people. In essence the insurance companies have formed a death panel and are murdering people under the claim that the medication would cause financial harm to the insurance industry. NOW HERE IS THE SICK PART: Go to India and get the exact same drug at $200. You see the idea of our laws gives drug companies legal powers such as patent rights that should never be allowed. That drug that costs only $200. in India actually makes a profit. That means that American drug companies could do the same and get rid of that $84,000 price tag. But the reality they don’t mind murdering people. Like other businesses as well as governments they are more than willing to deprive others in order to make some money. In our supposed bastion of freedom the reality is that the White House was built by slaves. God may well have quite a bit to say to us one day.

          111. Francisco Machado says

            Before you judge what constitutes a “profit” consider the drug company’s U.S. overhead, the cost of developing, testing and getting approval of the drug, a process often taking many years with no return on expenditures for the duration of that time – no guarantee of approval – and the possibility that a competing product will come on the market. And most of the research runs into blind alleys – producing no useful pharmaceutical. Without profit, the companies have no assets to pursue other cures. Without a good return on investment, they have no incentive to do research.

          112. Mathew Molk says

            Frankie,,,,, “the possibility that a competing product will come on the market”

            That drives the sale price down. There is also a saying in real industry (Not big pharma) no guts, no glory. No body pays real industry for failed inventions and products. It comes under the heading of tough shit. Remember the Edsel or Yugo? How ’bout Solendra? Oh forgot, We paid for that boondoggle.

          113. AKLady says

            Solendra was not a failed industry, the product was simply too late to the market.
            The company is stull in business.

          114. Retired says

            Didn’t they file for bankrupt in court ??

          115. AKLady says

            What has that got to do with anything?

            Trump went through bankruptcy four times.
            His business is still active.

            Solyndra’s owners, Argonaut Ventures I LLC and Madrone Partners LP realized the tax benefits of between $ 875 million and $ 975 million of net operating losses.

          116. Retired says

            I doubt that Trump went bankrupt 4 times , that certain businesses under his management went bankrupt is there . So why print half truth stories . Who do you think picked up the tab for Solendra ??? Why do you think there is no interest on savings accounts ??? Banks are eating the loses .

          117. AKLady says

            I suggest that you increase your reading comprehension,
            The interest paid by banks is a function of supply and demand.

          118. Retired says

            That is right as they lose money it effects the bottom line , But what you are missing is that the Banks are still making big profits and giving big raises and big bonus to the upper tier . It is not millions it is in the billions .

          119. Francisco Machado says

            “That drives the sale price down” – That’s why free market competition benefits consumers, but a competing product may only cut into sales volume. It may not bring price down. Either way, it reduces revenue to the producer. Patents make it worth the cost of researching new products – if their research and development could instantly be used by anyone, it would be cost prohibitive to undertake it. And a competing product doesn’t imply that the other product failed. I’m sure Chevrolet would like Ford to disappear from the market – but neither of them is selling a “failed product” – ignoring the GM electric car that costs more to make than the retail market will bear, but that brings in the subject of government competition, which is costly to the private sector (as you mentioned about Solyndra). To bring the Volt into a saleable price range, the taxpayers who don’t buy one pay part of the price for those who do. Obamacare is another jewel of government interference in the insurance market, created to solve the problems largely created by prior government interference in the market. As you see, the increased government “help” increased the problems – and the cost.

          120. AKLady says

            Is that why medications are so much less extensive in other countries?
            You do realize that many of todays pharmaceuticals are imported?
            You don’t seem to realize that America’s drug industry is government subsidized?

          121. Mathew Molk says

            Between 2001 and 2009 the number of doctors increased by about 75% The number of medical administrators increased over 3000%. Wounder why healthcare is so exensive?

          122. AKLady says

            Do you make those numbers up or where they fed to you by some right-wing idiot?

          123. ward says

            Appears to be like dem B.S. lies as usual, not right wing but libtard deceit !

          124. AKLady says

            I use a medication that, when imported from India, was priced at $75.00 for 1/5 ounce. That medication is now imported from Canada. The same quantity now costs be $895.00.

          125. Retired says

            That is what you get for buying from Canada where medicine is subcidised by the government . Time for you to move to India lots of Muslims like you there.

          126. AKLady says

            You really are that ignorant ..

          127. Retired says

            No ,you got me beat in that department .India would be a good place for you.

          128. ward says

            Three miles below whale shit would do the job to eliminate her B.S. !

          129. msueh says

            The original “computer” is the brain, and it will never become fully obsolete. The problem is, that for those who refuse to learn to utilize their brains, all WILL be done for them and they’ll never understand how they got into whatever mess they’re in, not will they have a clue how to fix said mess. They’ll be completely controlled by those who have retained the use of that original “computer”.

          130. ward says

            Do believe that the brain is obsolete in dem libtards ! Replaced with a bo vacuum !

          131. Kenneth Schoonover says

            All right Blackfoot! This “political correctness” thing has gone too far. President Trump has been fighting it ever since he took office. And I see the ignorance in the online postings on every website I go to. People have strong opinions, but the messages they post are full of grammar and spelling errors(for instance, “there” instead of “their”), and they don’t know how to write a coherent sentence. Our schools don’t teach our kids those kinds of things anymore. They’re too busy telling our kids that the “greedy rich folks” steal from us and that we need to take back what was taken. What about teaching the next generation how to read, communicate, and make rational decisions?

          132. msueh says

            I’m old school and trying my hardest to teach the old values! ‘Tis hard to fight alone against the powers that be, though…

          133. AKLady says

            Especially with someone as ignorant as Trump in the White House

          134. ward says

            Got it all ass backwards again … ! Pull your head out of the bo libtard shit !

          135. AKLady says

            Ignorance is said to be bliss.
            You are quite blissful.

          136. ward says

            You really are short a lot of bricks … !

          137. AKLady says

            You can have the bricks, I prefer brains.

          138. AKLady says

            Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          139. ward says

            That is the answer for the turn around after 8 years of bo’s marxist whims .. !

          140. AKLady says

            Trump’s ignorance is evident every time he opens his mouth.
            His back to front comb-over speaks to his ego.
            The dyed blond hair speaks even more loudly of his foolishness.
            Oh, and your lies about the education system speaks volumes about your morality and how little you care about your fellow Americans.
            Keep buying those foreign goods, life in America will only get worse.

          141. Retired says

            You are the Ignorant one who keeps posting Garbage Cans full of hate .

          142. AKLady says

            Facts are facts.
            If you don’t like them, that is simply too bad.

            Keep buying those foreign goods, life in America will only get worse.

          143. Retired says

            It was your Demon Rats that drove US companies out with the constant controls .

          144. AKLady says

            Tell that to the people of Love Canal.

            Tell that to the people of Milford, New Hampshire; Haverford, Pennsylvania; St. Maries, Idaho; Walpole, Massachusetts; Whittier, California; Newport, Delaware; Bloomington, Indiana; Hereford Township, Pennsylvania; Bloomington, Indiana; Camden, New Jersey …

            Tell that to the families of those who died from the disease causing pollution.

            It is YOU and people like you who are murdering innocents all over the world every time you buy products from companies who have moved their poison to other countries where they employ poor, uneducated people.

          145. Retired says

            aaand all that garbage ends up on the west coast all the way up to by you .The sewage from all those ships are in the fish by you . Remember all the garbage that was picked up along the northern coast..

          146. AKLady says

            Fish eat sewage. They love it, especially the bottom feeders.
            Remember that fact the next time you sit down to a meal of flounder, halibut, lobster, crab …

          147. Retired says

            I am one of the lucky ones that can not eat fish .

          148. ward says

            Guess that means that shit is your main stay diet ! Certainly do spew a lot of shit !

          149. Retired says

            How does this fit ,on one hand you agree with me and then you post this ???

          150. ward says

            Got the wrong # ; Sorry, what ever the derogatory was is meant for the ak libturd !Shit really happens at my age but notv as bad as the ak bitty from o’s stench …!

          151. Retired says

            I figured that , was just checking . Take care .

          152. Retired says

            That pollution is half as bad as the pollution that you spread daily .

          153. AKLady says

            They say ignorance is bliss.
            You seem very blissful.

          154. Retired says

            Not as much as you seem to think of yourself , you write a lot of Ignorant stuff .You are way out dated , time to take you off the shelf things are getting quite moldy around you .

          155. ward says

            Being a panty waste of libtard stench does not behoove your ignorant posts !

          156. AKLady says

            Suggest you take an English class.

          157. ward says

            You are really a lost libtard idiot of bo’s marxist whims from hell … !

          158. AKLady says

            You approve of pollution that causes cancers, birth defects, etc. ???
            Did you even look up what happened in those places?
            You must be vry young or isolated, Love Canal had significant publicity.

          159. ward says

            You have no facts in any of your libtard posts… ! You continue to get worse … !

          160. AKLady says

            Name calling is something most give up about the 3rd or 4th grade.
            How old did you say you were?

          161. ward says

            Yep; about your speed for being a libtard representing the dem logo of an ass !

          162. AKLady says

            Suggest you take an English refresher course.

          163. ward says

            The ignorance is in the proof of your asinine, libtard posts that are total commie !

          164. AKLady says

            I’m not the President if the United States.

          165. ward says

            President ! you don’t even make a wrinkle on the whale shit you are sinking with !

          166. AKLady says

            Suggest you take an English refresher course.
            You seem to have skipped the parts on sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization ..
            Then, again, maybe you are not sn American and English is not your first language,.

          167. ward says

            Hell they have to reintroduce cursive writing with laws to make teachers do it !

          168. glorybe2 says

            If you are not immersed in current schooling it will all seem wrong to you. When I took high school biology in 1960 it was a super easy course of study. Today biology is deep and very complex. In fact a decent high school biology class probably exceeds what a biology centered college grad needed to deal with to get a college degree back in 1960. Chemistry has now gone so far that it is in the region of gods and hardly approachable by a normal mind. There are also regions of mathematics that could grab your bowels and turn you inside out. So yes, time is taken from subjects showing less importance like cursive writing. I can recall the effort and precision needed to do molar chemistry on a slide rule. Today that slide rule is an unknown object. A good calculator allows the student to advance further into studying exactly what is going on rather than filling three pages with the steps on the slide rule required to keep track of the number of molecules in the mix.

          169. jimmy midnight says

            I think using single character “neo-abbreviations” gets readers 2 slow down and actually read what I have 2 say. I follow formal prose rules more closely in other situations.

            The fact that many people graduate high school in various states of quasi-literacy is a separate problem.

          170. msueh says

            Try using formal prose rules here; it may become a lifelong habit. Your use of vocabulary shows you to have intelligence; have the courtesy of respecting others here reading your posts.

          171. tomsfordcars says

            I totally disagree with using what you term “neo-abbreviations”. Spelling words completely, only using abbreviations like “etc.” occasionally has been the practice for generations. It has been accepted as the normal way to teach and write, therefore it should continue today.! The good old Websters has not added any of this stupid texting crap either!

          172. Francisco Machado says

            Neo-Abrasives. They irritate the reader.

          173. msueh says

            Clever 🙂

          174. Mathew Molk says

            Bullshit – It makes me look twice at the first couple of lines and then skip over the whole post. Anything with pseudo- abbreviations gives the impressions that that it was written by a mental midget. .

            Text messaging is a solution to a problem that did not exist. Same goes for the pseudo-abbrevions that came out of it. —- it is so much better and faster then talking or even voice mail that it has spanned it’s own 92 code (Look it up here)


          175. Tiger says

            Don’t forget the fact that computers today, correct everything from spelling to checking grammar. This post I will agree with, today the over use of computers and talking books and slang to save time has taken it’s toll on our wonderful English language. One only has to look at a book from 20 years or 50 years or 100 years ago to see what a mess has been made of our grammar, writing skills and use of the English language has occurred.

            In fact one only has to look at a dictionary to see all the wonderful words available to us and how few are used daily.

          176. Leo says

            Yes, and most public schools don’t even teach their students to write in script. They only know how to print out the words. Most students would not even know how to use an encyclopedia, much less a dictionary. Thank God I was brought up the old fashioned way. All these kids and teenagers know today is how to google their work. What a shame.

          177. Tiger says

            Amen and I am so proud of the wonderful teachers all through my school years, including College professors who opened my mind to the world. I remember going to the library and doing research for my papers in grade school and getting sidetracked by the National Geographic magazines. I also remember reading, yes reading the dictionary. I was so amazed by the words and all that we have lost and never use anymore.

            Yes and I raised my children to read, read, read and they are doing the same with their children. They limit cell phone use and they limit computer time and computer is in the family room and only used when mother and dad home.

            What will these people be? But then wasn’t that all part of the One World Order UN Plan 21/2030?

          178. Mathew Molk says

            You know computers, if used correctly are like having the national archives right on a desk in your house. There is literally nothing you can’t look up.

            I always used to say when people bad rapped the use of calculators that then I should take the paper and pencils away from them and they would have to use parchment and a quill pen….or maybe a flat stone and a hammer and chisel.

            And let’s see you do some trigonometry with your pencil and paper and no trig tales. – It’s all in that TI calculator you said the kids shouldn’t use. — Maybe taking the time used for the teaching script and teaching the dreaded law of the cosines or how to figure out Delts/Wye resistor networks would be a bit more productive and give the kids a ton of self esteem.

          179. Tiger says

            It is true that the computer can be a treasure chest and anything you want to know about can be found. Arguing with Liberals and Trump haters and when O was in office all those years, I really became interested in law, the Constitution etc. In fact when I was growing up all the Founding Fathers were in our studies along with all the documents and the difficulty they had fighting among themselves, concerning our Republic and our Constitution. In fact now with the immigration problems again I have learned so much, our immigration laws are strict, our laws concerning harboring, giving aid and jobs to illegals is a huge no no. I also looked up the laws that our President has at his fingertips to stop the refugees or anyone else he decides and he doesn’t need Congress to do it. It saddens me that when we have a President who wants to secure our borders and keep us safe the courts have done what Thomas Jefferson feared, gone beyond their Constitutional rights and it is disgusting that it worked. Thomas Jefferson feared the courts one day would turn on the people and become the law.

            When I took Algebra and Advanced math we were not allowed to use our computers or our calculators. It wasn’t until we got into Trigonometry was a different ballgame. I surely learned that math is the world’s language without it nothing can be understood.

          180. Leo says

            I never did trust and/or like the UN. Thank God we have someone like Trump that can and will tell the UN to step off.

          181. Tiger says

            They were to be our ruling body and the international court our judiciary. They lost, we won for now.

          182. Leo says

            As long as we keep ultra liberal leftists from the WH and ruining our country, we should have the upper hand on the insignificant UN.

          183. Tiger says

            Personally a wonder by the Hands of nature in the form of a tremendous powerful storm with wind and lightening bolts would work and I wouldn’t shed a tear.

          184. Leo says

            I could live with that!!

          185. Tiger says

            I pray for that.

          186. Tiger says
          187. Mathew Molk says

            As a former professional draftsman back when we used board and T square and a 70 year old engineer, script is the most useless thing that the schools ever taught….Calligraphy would be a better use of time. (Would improve motor dexterity anyway.) —- And the deformed gamma they call a “2” is my pet bitch.

            There is nothing at all wrong with turning in a job application perfectly lettered. “You would call it “Printing” but there is an awful lot right about it. Go grab yourself a copy of “French’s Engineering Drawing” and learn to letter with the single stroke letters shown there and you will be able to write a memo that everybody can read and it’s just as fast as scribbling and there is damn little leeway in the “Right” and Wrong way to form the letters.

            Teaching “cursive” writing makes about as much seance as teaching how to extract cube roots manually. – In other words, none at all.

          188. jimmy midnight says

            1 stroke letters may = common sense education.

          189. glorybe2 says

            The man has a point. The first thing one runs into when real reports are expected in school at about the seventh grade level is the teacher demands that those reports be typed. Imagine a teacher with five classes of thirty students each, expecting a ten page report from those one hundred and fifty kids trying to read the nonsense in script. And oddly that teacher will display a peculiar error when asking for a typed report. There are no typewriters now. We don’t normally just type on a computer. We use all kinds of software and devices for input. If a student is not using electronics to do his school work it is an abnormality these days.

          190. sandraleesmith46 says

            Some folks seem either to not have, or to not know how to engage, spell checkers. My question for those who think writing and spelling are unimportant is this: what will you do when (not if) the grid goes down, and there are no computers or cell towers for years?

          191. Mathew Molk says

            Trust me,,,,,Spelling or not you will still get the idea across….How’s this?

            #1 to #2 ==== we need gasalean. send som.

            #2 to #1==== Aint got non

            The idea WILL get through.

            And just a question for all you people out there that will have no heat or any way to cook food if the grid goes down. – Do you think the computers and cell phones being down would even be on the list of things you had to have?

            Before it happens listen to the Hank jr song “Country Boy can survive.”

          192. sandraleesmith46 says

            No wonder SAT scores have bottomed out! America will never recover from people who “settle” for such low standards. You may be satisfied to live in an illiterate 3rd world “hellhole”; I am not! As to the grid going down; such persons will have no way to research and learn the skills the don’t have, but need for basic survival. The point was less about the specific tools, than the attendant lack of knowledge and life skills without them.

          193. Progressive Republican says

            I suspect a bit of satire with his use of ‘R’, ‘2’, ‘4’, etc.

            So far as what your family member said, I remember coming up against the crap when my now-adult kids were little; penmanship being unnecessary because of keyboards etc.

            didn’t buy it then, don’t but it now. we made our kids write it out before inputting it on the computer to print out as was sometimes required. They groused then, but are grateful now.

            Old school, dude!

          194. David in MA says

            and then there are those who cannot make change without the register telling them what it is.

          195. glorybe2 says

            To some degree the public has simply created their own shorthand which is suitable for txt messaging. It is not knew. In history one could tell what part of London a common person lived in the city by which city gate matched their accent and slang. Every “gate” or neighborhood had an entirely different way of speaking.

          196. ward says

            GOD help the U.S.A.’s future if this ignorance continues in youth education … !

          197. Mathew Molk says

            Jimmy Midnight – A true unemployable millennial dizzy jerk.

            U think we R to believe he will B able to rite a memo 2 a boss with that gibberish and not git fired?

          198. Tiger says

            Are they poorly educated or computer smart, enlisting the computer to make sure they are spelling correctly and using proper grammar? Even famous writers have those who correct their transcripts.

            Would be interesting to see all people use only their own abilities and not dependent on computers to correct them. Wonder how many you would have to mock then?

          199. Craig Vandertie says

            1 major solar flare and those who have no clue what a Table of Contents, Index, Etymology, or glossary is would be left blind.

            There will come a day when toddlers are using Smart phones, personally I do not agree with anyone under the age of 18 having Smart phones, consider adults driving while texting or talking on the phone.

            I grew up with a father who made all the family decisions, I did not establish good enough credit to be eligible for a Credit card until I was 53.

            My father never cosigned for me in regards to loan.

            For the past 30-35 years not only have parents cosigned for their teenagers to be approved for certain services they even paid for those services, undeserving of an approved credit, but received it any way.

            Millennials are a perfect example of spoiled rotten children, unless those wet behind the ears, snot nosed punks get a grasp on reality soon the fall of our culture will arrive far sooner than many have predicted.

          200. Tiger says

            Excellent post and to the point and you and I come from the same generation.

            Indeed this in my humble opinion, has been a well executed plot and scheme to take down this country. Not only leaving them illiterate but with a history of their country that is not true. They have done a good job, they being the feminists and Communists.

            Thank God for those home schooled and those in private and other schools. My children were raised like I was and they raise their children the same way.

            Want to tear a country apart use foreigners and take the children and raise them to be drones for the cause. People don’t know why Rome fell, it fell because the empire conquered so many then took care of them. It fell because they put the enemy in their armies to save money and they turned on them. You most likely know that. We are on the road to annihilation of a Republic.

          201. Craig Vandertie says

            I made some amendments to post since you 1st reviewed if you wish to read over the additional points I made.

          202. Craig Vandertie says

            There is a term for the Romanians and other people ancient Rome conscripted into their army, I just cannot recall the term.

            Recently I discovered scenes from movies depicting battles between the Roman legions and their enemies, like the scene in Ben Hur where he is down below the deck of a Roman Trireme, shackled like all the other alleged slaves and prisoners rowing the boat.

            Rome did not use slaves, or prisoners to provide rowing locomotion of their ships, there would have been too much of a chance for them to free themselves and overpower the Romans.

          203. Tiger says

            But they made the mistake of taking care of people not Roman and that is a mistake.

          204. Craig Vandertie says

            That very well have been part of it, discontent among the Senate, Royal guard, upper class citizens, and non- military, but the Legions were still treated fairly well.

            The main reason of Rome’s downfall was spreading their military too thin, leaving themselves open to invasion, if that had happened during the Punic wars Hannibal would have conquered Rome 500 years earlier and there never would have been an imperial period.

            If prior scenario had occurred Christianity may, or may not have survived.

            Carthaginians were said to have been an off chute, a satellite colony of the Phoenicians, who were also said to be related to the tribes of Canaan, so who knows.

          205. Tiger says

            Truth you are speaking many Christians don’t know what Rome did, in the end for Christians. In fact Emperor Constantine gave his mother Helena freedom to do as she saw fit in the Holy Lands and thanks to her so many relics were saved and churches built. Odd isn’t it how the world spins on a dime and what could have been almost happened, but due to some events of the times or the times themselves it went another direction.

            Appears the Muslims in the ME have done a good job on the Christians, they have committed a Genocide and the UN had to admit it. I thought the world together said; “Never Again” well it is again.


          206. Craig Vandertie says

            You mean those churches that were burnt or knocked down by the evil muslims, evil begets evil and the Quran efficiently perpetuates that evil.

            My answer to why islamic states all have the crescent moon on their flag, that is due to Muhammad’s parents paying homage to the pagan Moon goddess.

            Narcissist, psychopath, sadist appropriately defines the type of person Muhammad was.

          207. Tiger says

            Well they didn’t get these churches although they did a good job of tearing up and urinating all over the Church of the Nativity, Muslims have taken over so many places in the Holy Lands.

            ISIS has destroyed 25 historical sites and nobody has raved about it or even is stopping them from looting archeological sites in the war zones. Seems most artifacts ending up in Britain on the streets where they sell antiques. But before we went into Iraq the Iraqi people tore up the museums and stole everything they could. I have said for the 25 ancient cities we need to destroy 25 mosques.

            Well ya know Allah was a Moon god popular in the time of Muhammad, he would have known about him and he had a crescent moon on his chest they found a site with statures of him. Muhammad born thousands of years after all major religions already around and civilizations had come and gone, these people are nuts.

          208. Craig Vandertie says

            For every non-muslim U.S. citizen slayed by a muslim 1,000 muslims should die, they procreate like Cockroaches.

          209. Tiger says

            I am with you 100% and did you know that Bush and the Generals considered leveling Mecca and Medina they knew that would stop this crap cause Allah said neither of those places would ever be destroyed. They need leveling for the Christian Genocide and the atrocities and the destruction of 25 ancient antiquities that can never again be replaced. Russia got ISIS out of one of the sites before they could destroy it. Russia also took out their oil tankers and fields near Turkey where Erdogen was buying the oil.

          210. Craig Vandertie says

            Would completely destroying islam’s 2 most sacred cities actually put an end to them butchering or converting people who were not muslim, or will it merely strengthen their resolve?

            Those people have been in a state of denial to the truth of their belief for 1,400 years, mind control is the primary cause, those who can read Arabic and research the Quran need to used caution, reading certain verses repeatedly may brainwash them as well.

            I was raised Catholic, I am 50% Belgian, as late as the late 1990s 98% of all Belgian nationalists were still Catholic, with the muslim invasion of Europe who knows what that percentage is now.

            Point of informing you of what religion I was raised under, in the very little likelihood that Mr. Trump and Congress would approve levelling Mecca and Medina that Communist Francis would denounce our government’s action, quite possibly the Israeli government would as well, yet look the distruction they caused in Beirut, Lebanon back in the early 1980s and again in 2006 dropping bombs or shooting missles.

            The Zionist nation of Israeli has more than once taken hypocracy to new heights.

            Protocols of the Elders of Zion, world domination is the name of the game for both muslims and at the very least Zionist Jews as well.


          211. Tiger says

            Everyone and anyone is a scorpion.

          212. Craig Vandertie says

            Not exactly sure what you mean by that.

          213. Tiger says

            Well what I meant was we all are capable of stinging when we are pushed and that seems the crux of all our problems. That being said Christians hold off until they are pushed too far. Seems the Jews in Israel who could easily take out Hamas and Gaza perfect example. Plenty of sting to use.

          214. Craig Vandertie says

            The Israelis certainly have the advanced weapons to eliminate Hamas, but not enough so to be capable of a precision strike.

            The 1 vital point most U.S. citizens do not think about are the Christians in those predominantly islamic nations.

            4 years ago I read an article about some group of Christian Lebanese who in a war to keep from either being killed or to hold onto their Christian beliefs, difficult to do in a land of people whose religion whose foundation is built on hatred.

            My point is that even in the Middle East you cannot indiscriminately target specific cities unless you wish to kill those who hold no hatred towards you.

          215. Tiger says

            In WWII we killed our ancestors. We bombed Europe and the bodies of innocent children, elderly, all piled in mountains of bodies. We annihilated Nagasaki and Hiroshima killing how many?

            To rid ourselves of this evil we must do the same again and if we don’t have the guts for it then believe me they do and first chance they get they will slaughter all Israeli and millions of Americans.

            I can kill and I can press the button.

          216. Craig Vandertie says

            Then we better be able to drown out the criticism that our nation will receive from the rest of the world.

            Apparently somewhere along the way we were expected to play by rules no 1 else had to follow, oh you cannot indiscriminately bomb or shoot missles, you cannot strip people of their citizenship and send them back to where they originally came from no matter how much of an imminent threat they are to the nation as a whole that is not right, nor considerate of their feelings.

            Too bad a force of nature cannot obliterate Mecca and Medina, for instance an asteroid with just a shallow enough entry into the atmosphere, shallow enough not to eject too much rock and soil up into the atmosphere to cause a Nuclear Winter

          217. Tiger says

            The rest of the world has it’s own Muslim problems and we don’t listen to the rest of the world. This is our country, not the world’s country.

            Somewhere our politicians listened to the world and they ran wars, time to fight to win.

            Yes nature has taken care of tings like this before maybe when the Universal mind has had enough we will see those wonders in the skies talked about in the Bible.

          218. Craig Vandertie says

            But they were all part of the empire and as an empire you need to govern and look out for the concerns of your people.

            The Roman Peninsula just as the Greek Peninsula relied heavily on regions of the mainland with vast flat stretches of fertile soil for the vast majority of their food mainly grain, so people either, tilled, planted, havested and repeated the process or all starved.

            There was also much strife between the ruling families of the empire, when 1 failed to efficiently tend to business another came along and killed them, and then taking over.


          219. Tiger says

            True they had some wild leaders and when they had expanded to such great width and breadth of the world it isn’t easy to keep control. Just as now borders are needed to keep the numbers of people, who need caring for coming into America.

            It is basically the same hamster wheel that civilizations get themselves on and then control is out of control. Along with corruption from within, Revolutions because the mobs you are keeping decide they want to rule, then you have moral corruption and massive sexual permissiveness that leads to diseases, can’t remember the name of the emperor but remember reading the list of sexual diseases he had that were tearing his body apart, on and on seems the cycle never ends.

          220. jimmy midnight says

            Well, Tiger, there doubtless would be more grammatical and way more spelling

            I think of critiques along those lines, not as mockery, but as encouragement 2 better writing.

            Find that I quite often have to look up spellings anyway. I’m kinda surprised that people so clearly post stuff without a thought 2 proofreading, but whatever suits them will pretty much have to suit me, 2.

          221. Tiger says

            Fair enough.

          222. Francisco Machado says

            The computer is wonderful for writing, especially material I want to revise and edit. I sure would have appreciated that when I was in college – but if I’m just writing a few paragraphs or I have an envelope to address, dropping a sheet of paper into the old Underwood is actually much faster than the computer. All the settings are mechanical, visible, and right in front of me.

          223. Tiger says

            True but my point originally was people who post, do not use right pronunciation or grammar or maybe they don’t spell something correctly, or they use Loose in place of lose doesn’t make them stupid or uneducated. Those whose posts are praised for all of the above being correct, how do we know they didn’t use all those settings to make sure their posts were right on?

            Even the greatest writers have editors. In fact editors are there for that very reason, to make sure all is right. My point was that you can’t judge a person by their spelling, grammar etc but you can judge them by the things they say.

          224. glorybe2 says

            So exactly who will be excluded? We are entering an era in which human employment is ending. Unless society, by some magical process, manages to acquire intelligence and provide well for the unemployed there will be a quite predictable and stunning suffering for tens of millions of Americans. The ability to speak clearly and be understood will be a huge factor in remaining in any form of employment. Appearance is the next huge item. You can get your last penny that a stunning 20 year old girl will be sought after quite a bit more than an over weight, out of shape 30 year old female or a 40 year old truck driver with bad teeth. And we come to an odd point. In order to have a really free market, that market must not only be free of taxes, laws and regulations but also free of prejudices. The mythology that there has ever been a free market or that any free market will ever exist has been part of mind control of the masses. The profound changes in our beliefs and practices that must take place for us to survive are not being dealt with at all.

          225. ABO says

            If you are indeed so tremendously victimized by this nation’s horrid exclusionary practices and deprivation just why on Earth are you here? I think you would be far more comfortable living in, oh, say Sweden where they are all inclusive and deprive no one of anything. Oh, but Sweden is on fire. Set on fire by the recipients of their generous, inclusive ideology. Or perhaps Venezuela, where everyone is equal and none are discriminated against unless you bring into consideration the fact that only the ultra rich elite hierarchy can afford a loaf of bread. Oh, well there’s always North Korea… or maybe, just maybe you could grow up and learn to act like an adult.

          226. glorybe2 says

            Sweden is doing much better than the US these days. If I could have full Swedish citizenship and benefits I would be there as fast as humanly possible. In fact the US is now number six in standard of living and we are likely to continue to decline. We are also likely to see an impeachment or arrest of the current not my president. In fact the VP has the power to declare CHUMP mentally unable to govern and take command. Numerous psychiatrists have gone on record as saying that CHUMP is suffering from a serious mental illness. By the way the FBI has taken six White House employees appointed by CHUMP out of the White House as they failed a security check and has recently gone back and taken three more. CHUMP had actually hired nine people known to have criminal, mental health or subversive histories. Many of these people were handling top secret materials. Frankly the US is about to become even more divided and we are in serious danger.

          227. ABO says

            Have a nice trip. If there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know.
            Liberalism is a serious mental disorder. Cognitive dissonance is one of it’s symptoms.
            You are a fine example. Thank you for displaying your mental deficiencies for all to see here. Very helpful. Please seek help. In Sweden.

          228. jimmy midnight says

            Don’t know where I suggested exclusions of any kind, but we agree about technological advances being a difficulty in terms of future employment opportunities. Eventually, a guaranteed basic income will necessarily come into focus.

          229. msueh says

            Good job, here, jimmy m. You could pass a high school writing class! (sarcasm, btw!) As an English teacher, I should demand and expect extra pay for correcting all the text-talk writing that students today try to sneak into formal writing :-/

          230. jimmy midnight says

            SHOOT!!!! I wouldn’t put text-talk in a paper I was handing in, a letter to the editor of local paper, or essay, perhaps 4 publication, but I think ot’s appropriate in DISQUS strings. Disagree if U must.

          231. jimmy midnight says

            What an opportunity 4 an English teacher 2 talk about various styles in various spaces. How would U feel about a student who wrote; “She typed, ‘Y DO U insist on advocating 4 the notion there’s only 1 way 2 write prose’?”

            Bet you’d flunk ’em, bitch, 4 bein’ wise asses!

          232. Mathew Molk says

            How bout just a big ol'(sic) goose egg.

          233. sandraleesmith46 says

            Um… texting shorthand is NOT the best way to make a point about proper usage of language in the written format, while criticizing others’ lack of appropriate education. It’s akin to shooting yourself in the foot.

          234. jimmy midnight says

            Well, we have a stylistic disagreement about that. Your all-caps, “NOT,” also violates formal prose rules.

            B 4 U accuse me take a look at yourself.

          235. Mathew Molk says

            As there is no Italic here the use of CAPS has to be substituted.

            I’m going to start using (sic) too. –

            There is NOTHING (sic) wrong with the use of all capital letters for emphasis.

          236. sandraleesmith46 says

            Since my device doesn’t offer the option of italics for emphasis, all caps is the only option.

          237. Mathew Molk says

            Poor education by who? —- The worthless members of the ultra Liberal progressive teachers’ union. (Yea Teachers’ is plural and not a typo)

            As for the rest of it . “That is the sort of pedantic nonsense up with which I will not put” (Winston Churchill on ending sentences with a preposition.)

          238. Shelly Shannon says

            Your thinking is misconstrued. I myself am very, very educated. I have completed 4 years of college. Two years in Medical coding and two years of Medical transcription. you talk about poorly educated? So why are you using the number 2 instead of to? because the number 2 would be spelled “two” which is gramatically incorrect in your sentence. Why are you using the number 4 instead of for? because the spelling of number 4 is also gramatically incorrect.

          239. jimmy midnight says

            Different styles 4 differing situations.

          240. ward says

            Good shot jimmie … !

        3. birmanmom says

          I’m irked when someone tells me they’re waiting on me. I tell them to get off.

          1. hangem'high says

            I just sit and wait while I dangle the worm, it doesn’t take long till I got a liberal hanging on the end of it, sometimes I even catch a conservative?

        4. hangem'high says

          There all my favorites, I use them all the time, U can’t imagine the suckers I catch with ‘em!

          1. Craig Vandertie says

            Oops!, I believe you meant to say they are, or they’re, all is forgiven, as I said, the brain and the hand do not always work in unison.

          2. hangem'high says

            Sounds like I got myself into a jar of pickles over that one, but I believe their are solutions?

        5. Dawn Doran says

          It’s/its doesn’t count…

        6. Janeway says

          I’m often amazed at the grammatical and spelling errors in comments. What happens then? Credibility is immediately diminished. I too have been irked by
          the improper use of “their/they’re/there.” Come on, this is second grade stuff!
          The very vocal Left loves to crow about the “ignorance” of conservatives and
          this abundance of grammar and spelling bloopers gives them ammunition.

      2. guymacher says

        Then and than! Nearly always wrong.

        1. hangem'high says

          A Long loss brother!

      3. Americans Wake Up says

        It makes me “loose” my mind 🙂

        1. hangem'high says

          I’m lost of words!

      4. Uzoozy says

        So would pee pee and pee would also disturb you..so would
        Love and live

        1. hangem'high says

          So when did Russia let U out?

          1. Craig Vandertie says

            play nice comrade, lol

          2. hangem'high says

            Sometimes it’s so hard?

        2. Craig Vandertie says

          Certainly difficult to figure what you are talking about, is it the slang term for urine, the letter, or the vegetable?

          1. Uzoozy says

            You seem too dumb to understand

          2. Craig Vandertie says

            If anyone is an idiot that would be you, no 1 would would have been able to figure out what point you were trying to make.

      5. Craig Vandertie says

        That is what I refer to as a major brain fart, it is all a matter of how you point out the grammar errors.

      6. Nancy E says

        One is pronounced with a z. The other with an s. Saying the word helps the use of the word. I can loose my mind. The belt was lose. There is not much emphasis on english and spelling anymore. Let a computer do it.

      7. ward says

        YOU are right democrat libtards are both & that is a proven fact that will be corrected !

      8. sox83cubs84 says

        Also reign/rein/rain…plus anything the Redman posts.

      9. battue_you says

        The Govt school system graduates too many nitwits. The political correctness paradigm of social progression in school is the root cause of graduating these nitwits.
        The High School diploma is the “participation trophy” of the last 20 years or so.
        Remember the push for the acceptance of Ebonics, which is nothing more than lazy ignorant speech. Case in point: acceptance of the word axe in place of the word ask. Just one example but there are many many more. Ignorance is what it really is.
        Not being racist, just truthful.

      10. Dawn Doran says

        That is called: Homonym….It means, words that sounds exactly alike, but, spelled differently…Loose, not tight…Lose, lost…grate, great…ate, eight…Blue, blew, bleu…
        meat. meet…Some people, don’t understand the spelling of those words…

      11. Rd Lankes says

        Misuse of the objective and subjective case of first person singular and plural quickly gets under my collar. To wit. “between you and I” etc.

        1. ThePeanut995 says

          Rd Lankes: Yes, you pointed out another one that I can’t stand, “between you and I”.
          Those who think they sound intelligent by using “I” incorrectly instead of “me” need to have their single brain cell replaced.

          Example: “Bob gave the money to Tom and I…”
          No, dimwit, “Bob gave the money TO Tom and ME, not I”. If Tom just gave the money to YOU, would , “Bob gave the money to I”????

          Thanks for pointing that one out.

    2. MyRoseHasTHORNS says


      Use for situations such as going to the store. can be substituted for also, so: I am going to the store, did you want to come too?

      My pet peeves are starting a sentence with AND, BUT or OR which are conjunctions supposed to link ideas together. If the need is at the start those words should be substituted for

      Enjoy the language and making sure you understand properly. Correcting someone’s misuse is not racism or any ism, it is informing and educating. UW-Tacoma is another university OFF my personal list, I will not recommend any University or College that misrepresents history, linguistics or science. I won’t recommend institutions that want to indoctrinate or make everyone that doesn’t agree into some kind of bogus bogeyman

      1. jimmy midnight says

        “On my way back TO the drawing board, I was alarmed TO realize that, although I had cut the board TWO times, it was still TOO short. Disgusted, TOO.”

        1. hangem'high says


          1. jimmy midnight says

            Thanks so much, fellow troll. 🙂

          2. hangem'high says

            Hey whatever I can do to Help!

      2. hangem'high says

        In reality I’m a troll so whatever offends U, I’ll use against U, spelling is my favorite!

        1. ABO says

          hangemhigh, if you’re a troll I’m the Pope.;-)

          1. hangem'high says

            “Your Excellency , I see you forgot your ring today?

          2. ABO says

            You’re very perceptive hang.

          3. hangem'high says

            It’s all self-taught!

          4. ABO says

            Well done!

    3. andrew says

      …I guess I get a spot on the writing racist bandwagon… These are [ some of ] the most abused, and anyone that wants to add one not shown here is welcome to…


      1. hangem'high says

        U = you

        R= are =our

        U R-= you are =you’re = your

        ‘em = them = those = them guys

        Azz -= take a guess?

        1. andrew says

          Why can’t the English teach their children how to speak?
          This verbal class distinction, by now,
          Should be antique. If you spoke as she does, sir,
          Instead of the way you do,
          Why, you might be selling flowers, too!

          Pickering: I beg your pardon!

          Henry: An Englishman’s way of speaking absolutely classifies him,
          The moment he talks he makes some other
          Englishman despise him.
          One common language I’m afraid we’ll never get.
          Oh, why can’t the English learn to
          set a good example to people whose
          English is painful to your ears?
          The Scotch and the Irish leave you close to tears.
          There even are places where English completely
          Well, in America, they haven’t used it for years!

          My Fair Lady – Why Can’t The English? Lyrics | MetroLyrics

          1. hangem'high says

            let’s face it, Ozzy is just too hard to understand!

    4. Shelly Shannon says

      Don’t beat yourself up. Most people also get the words “a” and “an” mixed up. You are not racist because you get words confused. What the PC community is saying is about certain phrases or words THEY claim offend them. I myself could care less if I offend them. I will say what I want, and say it like I want. If they cant handle that then thats their problem not mine. I will never ever let anyone tell me how ir what to say. They will never trample my free speech.

      1. Richard Faith says

        Freedom of speech necessarily entails the right to offend some creep who desperately deserves it.

    5. Kate says

      Two means the number, too means also Mary went too… and to means to travel ex I am going to the store etc, You are totally correct. Proper English (or any language) is vital to proper communications I believe Latin, reading, vocabulary and spelling along with math and History and Geography both US and World should be put back in our school. Could go on but I would be ‘Preaching to the choir as they say…’

    6. jimmy midnight says

      Okay, just to show how picky-ass editors can be and writers should be, allow me 2 suggest that you should either have a comma between “vital” and “therefore,” or put a period after “vital,” and have “Therefore.”

      Actually, wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts. But you asked 4 someone 2 correct U, so….

      1. OldHighlandGuyOne says

        Since I am from the old school, I don’t object to be corrected. Thank you.

        1. Mary Muennig says

          Thank you; I appreciate you. You, or anyone else, can correct me too–I’m with you. That will neither hurt my feelings, nor keep me awake at night–as long as it isn’t done with threats of violence or some kind of confounded brash accusations or something like that.

        2. jimmy midnight says

          Thank YOU. This is a subject we can, and should, all have a little fun with. (Despite warnings aboiut ending sentences with prepositions.)

        3. hangem'high says

          Remains me of a study a well renowned university did some years back about spelling. It was a very interesting article as I recall? That even with misspellings that most people with a decent I Q could, or would read the misspelling without any difficulty

          As too people cane to the party but felt two embarerazzed about jumping into fray without first understanding why, to many people were involved in the frist plaze?

    7. TCMrick says

      Too.. means also, “Me too” or excessive “too many liberals”. If it’s not a number two, it’s “just do it”

    8. Uzoozy says

      There are two main variations,British English and there is the American English, both vary a lot.
      For Americans there is only one word for any thing, if you vary it a little they get lost, .
      It’s because they think American English is the only correct way of composition or speech.

    9. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      More pompous than racist.

    10. phil says

      To, too get me also (too)

    11. Tiger says

      Well when posting many don’t pay attention to all the above but it does not mean they, including me are not educated, just type fast and don’t bother to use my computer that has all that I need to correct my spelling along with grammar. So for many who are so irritated by people like me and so quick to praise those who are getting all grammar etc correct, perhaps they are getting it correct using the computer to do their corrections. So who knows who is posting and cheating? Basically using those good contraptions that I mention is cheating. Isn’t it?

      Of course it is obvious that anyone writing an article or something to be presented as a thesis etc needs to be correct in all of the above. There again, with the additions to our computers that make all the corrections for us, if the person depended on their own reserves of proper language and spelling and grammar they might not get published. See what I am saying? You do know about Ghost writers right?

      Therefore seems the only answer is for perfectionists to not mess with posters like me and many others because we surely know there is enough stress in everyday life and would not want to be responsible for adding to yours.

      But I sorta, kinda think that perhaps, maybe, might be that judging a book by it’s cover, comes into play. Enjoy correcting..

      1. hangem'high says

        What I really hate more than anything, is when spellcheck won’t let U spell the word the way U want!

        1. Tiger says

          LOLOLOL LOLOLOLOL yeh I don’t know I don’t use it, that is evident.

          1. hangem'high says

            Peace and good health to U tiger, U’R not missing much, I have to keep correcting it myself!

          2. Tiger says

            Well same to you seems you are among the common sense people on Disqus, good to know ya.

      2. msueh says

        Computers don’t understand various nuances, and easily and often can be mistaken. Personally, I never depend on auto-correct, lest I be embarrassed with the result! 😉

        1. Tiger says

          LOLOL but the settings are there.

    12. Mr Rollo says

      or whose or who’s, where and wear, here and hear, etc. Examples of the Liberal socialists who want, really want to destroy my America.

    13. catman says

      The word “too” loosely interpreted means “also”. At least that is what my English teacher way back in high school taught us. Since that was in 1947/48, perhaps things have changed a bit.

    14. Tracy Slabaugh says

      Its called Grammarly. Download it. 🙂

    15. jaybird says

      I think when people get older they will use the wrong “to or lose” and other words. I am sure that are people on these sites that do not have a lot of education but have made it through life with a lot of “common sense”. People should not be so hard on others for minor things.

    16. sandraleesmith46 says

      Have you gotten to there, their and they’re yet? And don’t forget two, along with to, and too. Then there are hear and here… In short, written grammar is generally quite atrocious, again regardless the writer’s race. There are many erudite writers and speakers of all races, as there are many who can barely string a comprehensible sentence together, in either format.

    17. Mathew Molk says

      I often correct grammar in my own head when I hear something improper but i never thell tham about it. I like my teeth andnose just the way they are. A lot of times I also will purposely use incorrect grammar for emphasis, like “Ya gonna need it” or “That’s a whole nother ballgaame”

      And as far as starting wars… “I hear you 5 by, How me” grab ya’ – SOP on a commo check in a combat zone. Try “Bitter stores 28, yuma block 6 here, firemission, over!” Bad grammar but there are a bunch of GIs that didn’t get killed because we used it.

    18. Dawn Doran says

      You’re not a racist…That up to those people, to pay attention in the Grammar class (English)…If they didn’t, that would be their own fault..Today, people code their words…

  3. Justin Seine says

    I took a lot of heat for writing that my daughter wore a white dress to her wedding. I guess I should have insisted that she wear a black, white, brown, yellow and red dress and a half veil and half Hijab on her head. This is what happens when your society gets so dumbed down that it cannot think straight. The important things are escaping our attention while we are bogged down in politically correct Bull$hit!

    1. Shelly Shannon says

      Did you tell them they are ignorant lunatics? I would have. I had a guy tell me not to use the term African American. He told me they now like to be called North American blacks. So what was my responce? You got it…I said okay, African American it is!

      1. Margaret MacGregor says

        Why aren’t they simply called “Americans”?

        1. Shelly Shannon says

          Don’t ask me. Liberals are the ones making up names for everything under the sun.

  4. Rick D. says

    I guess the most eloquent way I can pontificate my feelings is to say:”That’s what it be”!!!

  5. Murphmeister says

    A couple of points: what people call racism is generally not racism at all. What is most prevalent among human beings, because it is encoded in our DNA, is tribalism. One of the manfestations of tribalism is culture. Not liking another culture generally has nothing to do with race ( which is itself a fiction perpetuated since the late 16th century ) but of a tribe. All these aspects of tribalism sometimes overlap and sometimes remain distinct. America is an amalgam of many cultures with a dominant American central theme. Most cultures in America become Americanized and Americans, as a tribe, resent those that are recalcitrant. For instance, LaRaza doesn’t make it with 85% of Americans but burritos do. So, it’s not racism, it’s culturism or culturalism.

    The second point is the English language and I could go on for pages, but I would say that there is a standard English language and for a language that is spoken around the globe, that’s says a lot. Educated people in Australia and Texas can speak with one another once they divine each others’ accents. Even more standard is English writing and sentence structure. There are a few differences in grammar and spelling, but they are minimal and unobstructive. While language is constantly changing, a successful language does not transform itself but slowly. The purpose of language is to communicate and standards are accepted to achieve that goal. Hence, two Indians, one who speaks Hindi and the other who speaks Bengali, can transact business with the lingua franca of international business, standard English, and they often do, profitably.

    1. headonstraight says

      Thank you for that lucid commentary. Indeed, there is such a thing as STANDARD ENGLISH. As in other cultural disciplines, a high degree of standardization of language is essential in order to avoid confusion. One wonders whether the language satraps at the U. of Washington Tacoma would accept student essays couched in Ebonics or submitted in the shorthand language of text messaging. Do the graduates of that institution write their resumes in such elegant variations as these and actually expect to positively impress prospective employers ?

      1. hangem'high says

        Ohhh, sound so official!

        1. headonstraight says

          Only to someone with less than 4th grade reading competence.

          1. hangem'high says

            Fifth grade educated, I’m impressed!

          2. ABO says

            I think you’re being far too charitable hang, headupass couldn’t keep up with a fifth grader on a good day. Just sayin’.

          3. hangem'high says

            I’d like to give him an A for Afart !

        2. ABO says

          Actually sounds more like officious to me.

          1. hangem'high says

            That very well could be, a little sarcasm nerve hurts though?

  6. mike says

    “language is constantly changing.” Yes, guess who keeps changing it? The gutter language from the rappers, sports commentators, celebrities, politicians and teachers who never learned the mechanics of the “3 Rs”. Racist? Yep. From the minorities.

    1. cutterguy says

      ebonics? that is where the perversions today and recent history begin. Like aks a question, hisself. Ebonies use it and that makes it acceptable. If we do not accept it, we must be racist. BS!

  7. Progressive Republican says

    For a long time, conservatives have profited from a strategy of pushing extreme positions that get rejected…but manage to push the window of acceptable positions a little further to the right. But that strategy is beginning to backfire. There comes a point where the insanity is so blatant that the reaction isn’t “Well, I don’t know about that, but I do agree with some parts,” but rather, “This is abject nonsense and I want nothing to do with anyone who buys into it.”

    There. Fify

    When you try to mainstream views like “racism is the normal condition of things,” you get…

    …well, you get the 2016 election.

    Which is exactly how der Schmuckenführer won.

    By appealing to racists.

    1. Tired... says

      Do you recognize the bigotry in your statement?

      1. headonstraight says

        Translation for you: “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

        1. Tired... says

          That’s like saying the victim is guilty of the crime. The presumption that one is the equivalent of the other is not accurate.

          1. hangem'high says

            “Basically a socialist is a communist without a gun!”

        2. hangem'high says

          OK i’ll play, the goose is cooked while the gander is dinner!

        3. hangem'high says

          The goose that squawks is in high water, while the gander sizzles.

  8. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
    1. Tired... says

      That is so true…sigh…

      1. TCMrick says

        Didn’t you know “Diversity” means people of all colors, religions, ethnic groups, sexual preference, all thinking and expressing themselves exactly alike..

      2. songstress250 says

        5 Stars for you, Tired.

    2. guymacher says

      I am all of those things. Just remember honey, I’ve got the gun.

  9. Justin Seine says
    1. tomsfordcars says

      Justin Seine- Perfect example. I can just see obongo or crooked hitlery saying to the intruders, “Hi, welcome to my home. It’s perfectly O.K. that you broke in here and you can stay for as long as you want. Help yourself to anything you see, and, would you like me to serve you food and drink and wait on you hand and foot? Also, if I dare do or say anything that “offends you” please accept my deepest apologies and here is the name of a great civil rights attorney that you should contact to bring a law suit against me for my racist, bigot acts or comments.

  10. Jr1776 says

    Time to start calling these Idiots what they are, Communists, not Liberals, not Progressives, they are the same !

    1. ABO says

      How ’bout retards?

      1. Lois says

        No. Surely, you can come up with a better description.

        1. ABO says

          None more accurate.

          1. Lois says

            As our fearless leader would say, “Wrong!” There are plenty, more accurate. If you’re as bright as I’m sure you are, you could come up with one or two.

          2. ABO says

            I certainly can provide a long list of appropriate descriptions but as I said none are more accurate than that which I provided.

    2. Norman says

      RADICALS! They are RADICALS.

  11. David in MA says

    Whoever wrote this column apparently has never heard the racist grammar of the ‘hood.

  12. Morton99 says

    What a load of pseudo intellectual hooey. There is only one thing that liberals have in common – the freedom of individuals – which includes their protection and the nourishment to bring them to their full potential. Even their choice of representative can vary widely as in Clinton v Sanders. Contrast that with Republicans who give freedom to corporations by preference – over individuals – and where individual freedoms are concerned they are unconcerned about how specific freedoms may be dangerous to others.

    1. kbmiller says

      When I asked you.”How stupid can you get?”, it wasn’t a dare. Who is it that wants higher and higher taxes on the working people so that they may redistribute that tax money to their voters Morty? It’s the Dumb A$$ oc RATS. That reduces the freedom of those taxed by limiting their remaining resources to do what and go where they want. You A$$wipe Liberals want to tax others to provide the housing and nourishment for the lazy, bloodsucking leaches that vote your way. Do a little research, dip$hit, see the corporations who gave loads of cash to Barrack Hussein OHOMO and HELL LIAR y. In case you didn’t know it, corporations and businesses are owned by INDIVIDUALS, who have the responsibility of running them properly and creating a profit for themselves, their families and employees, and their investors.They ARE concerned with the redistributionist policies of the Socialists who use Nazi-like tactics in order to quash their freedoms. Morty, try to look at what you perceive a problem, from both sides, maybe just once. Maybe you won’t expose your leftist prejudice and overall ignorance. Maybe, but probably not. Go to a Dumb A$$ oc RAT site and bother them, you LYING imbecile. Nobody on conservative sites wants your IDIOTIC opinions based on half truths. That crap works on LAME BRAINS like you and the rest lemmings in the DUMB A$$ oc RAT party.

      1. Morton99 says

        Mr. Miller – I cannot have a sensible discussion with someone like you that posts totally false information which he calls ‘facts’.

        ” Who is it that wants higher and higher taxes on the working people so that they may redistribute that tax money to their voters Morty?”

        The answer is actually the Republican party. Except that they have disguised the taxes as higher costs – which will occur in any version of their Healthcare replacement (so far opaque) bill. The cost reduction that they are proposing is a sort of a la carte menu of health care coverage – which is frankly absurd. No one can project what sort of serious illness they will be faced with even a few months into the future. And putting those with pre-existing conditions into high risk state managed insurance pools – will do little more than attempt to polarize those with real needs from those who like low fees. They will then be given a Hobson’s choice for healthcare – which logically has to be a pale imitation of what is currently available under the ACA. There is a massive amount of bona fide medical information about that on the internet.

        The pain that Democrats will inflict – is to increase the tax contribution of the wealthiest of all Americans. Currently – the bulk of their income is not taxed at allm which is why 5 percent of the USA population owns 40 percent (and growing) of all monetized or monetizable assets.

        1. kbmiller says

          Get help for your serious illness, LIBERALISM. Pay your own way, Murty. Allow for ins. sale across state lines, more competition, lower costs. Dlon’t make men pay for mamograms or women pay for viagra. Insurance cos. can run their business better than the leviathan bureaucracy of the federal or state agencies which have no accountability for ineptness and slow work. Mundy, you’ve been BRAINWASHED by someone. Who did it to you?

          1. Morton99 says

            insurance sales across state lines has been already tried with little success.
            As the article suggests – it might in the future help lower costs but there are so many variables that it also might not work – nd at any rate it could take years to even get close to experimenting with it in a meaningful way.


      2. Morton99 says

        And then there are many other issues like the Keystone pipeline – which provides huge profits to a few, and few jobs – while limiting the liability of pipeline breaks to $ 50 million to the pipeline operator/owner – the rest being picked up by ordinary taxpayers. The true cost of a break can run into billions of dollars as in the Gulf

        1. kbmiller says

          Do some homework Murky, pipelines are way safer than under water drilling and also trains. Who owns a majority of the trains used to ship the oil by rail. Could it be Warren Buffet, who’s donated $millions to the Dumb A$$ oc RATS. It’s all about payoffs for the Dumb A$$ oc RATS. Lived in Chicago years ago and suffered through the corruption long enough. Could that be why they want the trains? Man, you are one naive B*tch.

          1. Morton99 says

            You totally avoided my objection to pipelines. The fact is that they have a long record of breaks and that the liability limits for the owners should be removed so that tax payers don’t get the bill – which could be astronomical if a water table is polluted.

          2. kbmiller says

            I agree. Remember the train in Canada that derailed with a flammble payload and burnt the town and lots of people? I don’t remember an oil pipeline causing a disaster like that.

          3. Morton99 says

            Have you forgotten the BP Gulf oil spill so soon ?

          4. kbmiller says

            Reread 2 posts ago. An hour ago, I mentioned underwater. Do you comprehend well?

          5. Morton99 says

            It was a response to ‘I don’t remember an oil pipeline causing a disaster like that.’ which even BP admits cost it $61.6 billion – US tax payers were lucky that they could prove culpable liability – which is usually not easy – otherwise the whole disaster would have been picked upo by the US taxpayer

          6. kbmiller says

            Thought they had insurance and pd. huge fines.

          7. Morton99 says

            BP was very careless. Even the Gulf disaster plan dealt with walruses, seals and polar bear recuperation. It was a direct copy of the Alaska disaster recovery. They got caught because smart investigators got their documents where they plainly were aware of potential issues and did little or nothing to fix them. Had they been more on top of things and less arrogant about their engineerin g abilities, it could easily be the taxpayers who would have had to, pay most of that 61 billion bill. Again I repeat that legal liabilities are woefully inadequate to deal with disasters caused by pipeline companies – where it is impossible to actually prove complicit negligence.

          8. kbmiller says

            It’s a complicated world. Efficiency is important. We need cars, buses planes, ships, etc. Nothing and no one is perfect. Accidents will happen. I suggest we leave decisions to those experts in those fields and not have so called know it alls sit on computers and bitch about everything a conservative does, just because they’re so hateful because their crooked candidate lost and the adults are going to repair the damage that the boneheaded, unqualified, incompetent JACKASS left as he limped out of the white house. Private rather than government control is always more efficient, simply because it’s ACCOUNTABLE……. People can get fired for incompetence. Compare the Ice Rink in NYC that Trump built to Git mo, OHOMO Care and everything else Bath House Barry attempted and failed. You must work for some branch of government, which is it? Or are you afraid or embarrassed to tell?

          9. Morton99 says

            You should be careful not to paint all liberals with an imaginary brush. I have two gripes with pipelines – 1) renewable energy is about to compete head on with fossil fuels. Its not just the energy source that is important but also the fact that it is not toxic. 2) Current liability is far too low for pipeline and oil companies.
            As a liberal capitalist I made a great deal of money out of BP’s lack of diligence. My analysis showed that they were never in danger of going out of business so I bought a great deal of their ordinary stock at about 1/3 of its previous value and sold it all at a 200% profit 18 months later.

          10. kbmiller says

            In a discussion, debate conversation, whatever you call this, one person responds to the others questions. You don’t. You just type whatever Dumb A$$ oc RAT talking point you want and disregard anything asked. WTF. Which branch of government do/did you work for? Or, again, too afraid to tell?

      3. Morton99 says

        Then there is the removal of overdraft protection for ordinary citizens – for example the law that is being changed protected the payer from being hit with huge overdraft fees multiple times if he accidentally paid a number of bills (as when paying bills on line). There was an example of a payer who paid 5 bills totalling less than $100 and got overdraft charges of more than $ 200 – it had become a way to create more revenue with deceptive advertizing. That protection has now been removed.

        Then there is the fact that coal moners may now legally dump sludge in to mountain creeks and rivers – killing the fish and poisoning the water table – one of Trump’s first E/Os.

        1. kbmiller says

          EVERYONE should play by the rules. Those breaking laws should be punished according to the severity of the offense. Mayor Daley’s nephew killed a kid half his size and got a slap on the wrist. Dumb A$$ oc RAT justice.

      4. Norman says

        Moron gets scared every time PRESIDENT Trump says he is going to put Americans back to work. Moron won’t be able to use the excuse that he can’t find a job much longer. Moron does not want to go work. . . EVER. He was very living comfortably on the wealth obama redistributed from the taxpayers.

        1. kbmiller says

          Yep, those IDIOTS should read Cloward and Piven, Then they should read “Rules for Radicals”. If any of them have even a tiny brain, maybe they’d see what their party stands for.

  13. guymacher says

    Me iz agree wid dat!

    1. tomsfordcars says


  14. dranalog says

    I am everything the left accuses me of.

  15. Airborne869 says

    Teachers that teach that crap should be FIRED…
    OH, but BAD teachers can’t be fired ! ?
    Therefore we have radical Democ-rat activist teachers…!

  16. Francisco Machado says

    “Racism is the normal condition of things” – ? Discrimination is the normal condition of things. There was a bar near where I went to college – the garbage men hung out there. Literally, municipal garbage men. I used to eat there sometimes – great pork chops, cheap. Several blocks away was a bar where lawyers congregated. Nothing barred garbage men from entering, nor were lawyers excluded from the chop house (an actual term), and race had nothing to do with the “discrimination.” There were also a couple bars where the college crowd congregated: One catered largely to the sports/athletic crowd, the “jocks,” the other to the generic college crowd. More discrimination, naturally. People like to be in the company of other people with whom they have common interests. It is sometimes ethnic – I lived next to an Italian bar, bocci court next to it, wine the principle drink. I was never made to feel unwelcome. Many of the customers spoke to one another in Italian, but spoke English if I were in the discussion – with, of course, a tendency to lapse back into Italian – but with no intent to impose language “discrimination” on me, it was just their customary mode of speaking.

    1. ABO says

      Very well put and thoughtful, Fransisco. Thank you for your insight.

    2. tomsfordcars says

      Racism was brought on by the very people that accuse the people you describe above as racist. A** holes like Obama really stirred it up in America and pushed diversity backwards by many years!

  17. Phoebe Isley says

    You know I was always taught as a child that to write proper and yes I said “proper” English you should always re-read what you wrote out loud. My grandma taught me that when writing essays. You will catch any repetitiveness or mistakes. The problem today I have noticed with millennials is that they do not know how to speak proper English so there that process goes down the tubes. Also always have a dictionary or thesaurus and now its even easier with having Google, spell check, etc. yet I work with a “youngster” who can’t get the tenses right. How did any of these kids graduate from HS? It’s unbelievable how little emphasis is taught on the English language in schools now. Gosh my education for HS is equivalent to college now a days. We need to buckle down on getting back to the basics in schools and stop with this PC crap. There is a right way and a wrong way and we parents need to really start pushing to getting schools back to where they should be so that these kids will at least know how to read write and speak proper English here in America. Parents that means putting extra effort in speaking with your kids properly as well so that they hear how it should be done properly. Actually I took Spanish in school and with my parents who speak the language as well as English I aced my classes knowing how it should sound as well as reading and writing it down with that same process my grandma taught me.

    1. tomsfordcars says

      Excellent post! Please see my comment above regarding this very subject!

  18. NovelDog says

    Then, so called illegal immigrants, and their true name….Invaders, would blow your mind? Big difference I should think. One is a legal immigrant, the other is not an immigrant at all. They are Invaders who come into our country uninvited, unlike Legal Immigrants. But our so called journalist don’t know the difference.

    1. hangem'high says

      A lot of schools don’t even try to teach ‘em English let alone our laws.


      yet they’er allowed to take over our government?

    2. Lily Haley says

      It is like the difference between guests and burglars. One goes to the front door, knocks, and waits to be admitted. The other climbs through a back window.

  19. Bob says

    Just as we suspected. Liberals are idiots.

    1. Mike W says

      When Obama was president anyone who disagreed with him was a racist. Now that Trump is president we don’t see that anymore – and we never saw it before Obama either. Anyone who did not vote for Obama ONLY because he is black was a racist. BUT anyone who did vote for him ONLY because he is black was “enlightened” – what a bunch of B.S.

      1. tomsfordcars says

        Mike W-Excellent post and correct on all points!

      2. America1st says

        That’s exactly how/why he got elected twice

        When someone admits to me that they voted for BHO, I ask if they would have voted for him if he was white. So far my unscientific polls has yet to receive one response.

        1. Mike W says

          The irony is that most of the people who voted for him because he is black don’t realize it was – according to Obama’s papers – his white half that qualified him to be president.

  20. Bishop351 says

    No wonder “graduates” can’t find work. They can’t do anything….certainly can’t think for themselves. Critical thinking and logic don’t appear to be in the curriculum anymore.

  21. Jmanjo says

    Speaking and writing properly is an admirable goal! Making everyone speak not to offend a few zealous members of a particular race so they can feel superior is not! For instance, if you want to make certain words offensive and expect the world to comply you don’t then write the very offensive words into your music and neighborhood vocabulary! Most people , if not taunted, will clean up their own speech and script. But if you hypocritically throw it back into others faces by breaking your own tenants then the shame is on you!

  22. Mike W says

    In a lot of cases college education is becoming an oxymoron.

    1. Norman says

      A college degree means the graduate had the time and money to attend college. It does not mean the graduate learned anything in college.

      I’ve known idiots with college degrees and brilliant people with only high school educations. (e.g. idiot commissioned military officers and brilliant non-commissioned officers.)

      1. Mike W says

        Even when I went I could see it was getting to where if you did not kiss the right asses and go to the right parties you might fail.

  23. Chris Vaught says

    The Cult of Liberalism constantly seeks to separate people into different races, sexes, classes, this group, that group, this clique, that tribe etc. Once they peg you into a certain demographic, they treat you like you are mentally and morally inferior, and thus are a victim of the ongoing processes of natural selection. The Liberal Cult treats people of color as if they are not capable of being educated, not capable of actually learning how to read, write, or speak proper American English. Liberal cult(ure) treats people of color as if ghetto gangster ebonic slang rap crap is all they are linguistically capable of. They treat people of color as if jungle robes, slave chains around their necks (alah Mr. T), hoodies, and pants down around their knees are the height of their wardrobe mentality. Liberals are so convinced that people of color are mentally and morally inferior because of their skin color and race, that they think that the only moral thing they can do in their religion, is not to speak of it openly, but rather to just act upon it as if it were their infallible gospel.
    This is why Liberals in their benevolent superiority try to act as if ebonics and pants down around the knees are “Black culture”, as if it has something to do with skin color, race, or genetics of a race, which it does not.
    For example, if you were to take the irreverent Al not too Sharpton, and breed him with Maxine Waters, and then let them raise that child, there is no doubt that child would grow up to be one of the most dishonest, disgusting, corrupt racists that you would never want to meet. But, if you were to take that child away from them at birth and let it be raised by Dr. Ben Carson, Col. Allen West. Mitt Romney, the Dugger family from 18 Kids and Counting, or any one of millions of other mature. honest, intelligent, and hard working human beings, that child would grow up to be a person you would be proud to know or have in your family. You see it has nothing to do with a person skin color, race, or genetics of a race. It has to do with the cult(ure) they are raised in, and their own personal genetics.
    Have any of you ever noticed how 9 times out of 10 when a person of color conducts themselves as a mature, honest, intelligent, hard working, productive adult human being, that Liberals can’t believe it, they think it must be fake, pretend, a put on, a great big act ? The disgusting fact is that Liberals are so convinced in their tiny little racist brains, that only white people can really be human, that they don’t even call it “acting human” anymore, they just call it “acting white”.

  24. joe katona says


    1. tomsfordcars says

      And I thank God every day that it fell through. If that p.o.s. would have somehow got elected, our Country would already be RULED by left wing, perverted, lying, liberal, Police hating, welfare giving pieces of crap with absolutely no respect for the hard working, tax paying Americans.

  25. Natalie says

    At the rate they’re going there will soon be no need to expose them for the outrageously horrifying and ridiculous people they are. They’re doing such a good job of it on their own. Their circular logic is beginning to resemble water, swirling down a toiletbowl. Which is where such logic belongs.

    1. Natalie says

      He’s picturing himself as the all powerful tinpot dictator he always aspired to be, she’s picturing herself as queen of the universe, rolling around naked in a big pile of other peoples money.

      1. Mary Muennig says

        And doing ANYTHING AT ALL that she has to do to get there.

    2. Mary Muennig says

      Two crazy people.

  26. joe katona says


    1. Natalie says


  27. Shelly Shannon says

    I couldn’t care less about what language the liberal left wants. Talk about desperate. They have become robots. They say and do whatever their cult leader tells them too.

  28. Rick says

    I once corrected a female Black friend for putting S’s on everything. At first she didn’t understand what I was talking about. She just picked it up from people she associated with and figured it was acceptable. She took it well and made an adjustment to correct English. I told her that she, in my opinion, was a very intelligent person and now she speaks like one.

  29. TCMrick says

    Several years ago in Oakland USSR , Eubonics was being pushed. Now this Left Coast crap..It’s part of liberal policy of keeping the people stupid. It’s much easier to tell people whats best for them, when to riot, whats cool etc when the masses are unaccustomed to thinking for themselves.!

  30. Americans Wake Up says

    The dumbing down of America thru the liberal led public schools and colleges.

  31. DustyFae says

    Silliest as they can be, PC is not always right… And l guess those even writing will be offensive later because there are many kids that can not write, they leave schools with printing only.. They can not even read writing and have to read print.. As for grammar , that is stupid because all race has deep accent and can not say the words right , These people act like they are better because they print or speak better then others BULL CRAP.. they usually are couch potato who sit in the basement living off their parents and trolling media comments just to get out there to troll and attack people. Just the kind of people that know less about politics and current events, but they sure know grammar ,, l would be surprised if they can even read short hand or old history books without the vowels or where the spelling of a word is different the words are today… bunch of NUTS.. keep attacking everything people do, and you may wring up with one language and start being orders to only use Islamic words and their grammar .. Next they will have us all dress like Hitler dressed all the kids the same… Uniforms … if you think l sound like a child when l comment– don’t comment back to me.. like putting a dress on a man and calling it a woman…

  32. Eleanore Whitaker says

    This from the “yall alls”? That’s your grammar excellence? “Ignernt” “Suh” …Sho nuf?” If you are expecting the most educated people in this country to start that asshole drawling bullshit, give it up.

    1. hangem'high says

      Someone should inform the educated ignorant, what’s here today can be gone tomorrow, that the American English is constantly changing depending on the legal immigrant!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        Someone needs to inform you and your Irish and English indentured slave ancestors that you are full of shit.

        My Dad was born in Italy back in 1899. He demanded we learn English and not your hick yall all BS English that only you dickheads of the Confederacy understand.

        You do know that your yall alls BS comes from Irish immigrants who settled in the south and began to bastardize their Irish brogues trying to speak Brit English of the Colonies

        Sorry pukeface, the only ones who need to be hung high are the assholes of the south and midwest who pretend that yall alls are so yall alls intelligent.

        1. hangem'high says

          So U inherited UR Bigotry and racist mannerisms from DaD or is that as beautiful as UR usage gets???


          It hard to believe Y’all had to get educate, and never learn to be civil?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            My parents are not brother and sister like yours hick boy. You are the racist. No lynchings of minorities in my part of the country. But then, I live in the part of the US that WAS where your government started. Do you screw you sister too? Your daughters? After all, incest is a pretty big thing for yall alls “aint” it?

            Sorry phony when you get an education that doesn’t force religion on you that you know you hate because your dick is so itchy for your Mommy, then you get credibility.

            It’s YOUR MS, AL, KY, TN, NC, IN, SC, and the rest of your incestuous states that bomb black churches, lynch black men for daring to look at your lily white lil ole gal Dixiebelles.

            In case you missed it fukkbagger, the Civil War is over and your fukkers lost.

          2. hangem'high says

            Don’t tell me SiS, the child support is late again? Big freak’en deal, so U had a better lawyer, I should know’n better then to put so much trust in cousin Pedro, especially when I noticed he started wearing wear ‘n UR perfume!


          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Let me guess PRICKFACE, your old lady ditched you and now you think ALL women are like your past pussies? All women NEED a man for money? Sorry shitbagger. I paid off the mortgage on the home I’ve owned since I was 19 years old. You? You can’t pay for your next drug fix. I’ve also never needed child support. My children are not middle aged lard asses like you. You raise YOUR kids to masturbate like you do in the shower, right PRICK boy?

            I have been self-supporting since the day you exited your mother/sister’s birth canal. I owned my first business at age 21 and the 2nd at age 26, Try to keep up cock face. I’ve worked for a former ombudswoman to the SBA and a CEO who became a senator. You? You go dumpster diving when you can’t get enough to eat from your $8/hr Walmartian job. You are one pathetic piece of prick junque.

          4. hangem'high says

            I’m getting the feeling even if I’d pay for UR Tampons You’d still be a miserable nasty piece of azz walking down Chicago’s red light district! Dad says he doesn’t want U to come home until u get this month’s rent!

          5. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I am long past menstruation. You’d know that shitbagger if you bothered to Google my name. As for red light districts, YOU are an expert right? What the hell educated woman would want a prick like you within ten miles of her?

            When your Big Daddy made you watch him screw your MOMMY/Sister, you were already too far gone mentally. Don’t you assholes have jobs? IN the time you take to try and type a post, I’ve already gotten three or more articles written for my clients. I have a job and I retired in 2013. Now you dickless wonder, eat shit and die.

          6. hangem'high says

            It’s more colorful and authentic when U tell me in U R own words, No masks!

            Sorry Ma didn’t mean to confuse U with SiS, am I still in the will?

          7. Norman says

            You owned two businesses? Two brothels? Where you this vulgar to your customers?

          8. David says

            Eleanore!!! And you are a vile, stupid liar!!!

        2. bttrap says

          ya all eat with that foul mouth?

    2. Norman says

      Oh, Eleanore, why do you make fun of how black Americans talk? You must be a racist?

  33. Richard Hennessy says

    I will continue to try to use correct English. The fact that others don’t try, or aren’t able, to use correct English isn’t my problem. Nor is it racist. To tell me it’s racist, is racist.

  34. marinemec says

    I am getting so tired of the Liberal agenda! One complainer out of thousands get their way and ruin it for everyone! In their words, lets be inclusive and put them all in a round room and tell them to find the corner! That will keep them out of America’s hair for a long while.

  35. Rummy Walker says

    Why have any education, any standards? Let’s just let it flow so we can deteriorate to the level of the rest of the third world. Morons.


  36. joe katona says

    MICHELLE THE TRANNY …. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/856893ecaac0636003270b0695953f7a5ecb234b6ca0208da4183f0189c0c669.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cc0fc3f67d7a953084f08dbcf9dc9a0928267226e7b9274d20d3e871217bbf38.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/77f7a6adb54367a7e714e88ef96419184123d72971b27e2a166af246e9c87009.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac6b0dccc85949142f639548ab5f39f7ca5c9ea2bec7736474ba29f0918258d0.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6eb63cbaceba25bba271fbf77b5f96ec57428edc735336cda774277df02085a3.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/00da0ee2158c913816ed75c5942beeb8ac37fe9fc05b790b1a6bfdb669c92479.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6668610bc167c7914adc67811bf8b1a156d5d89232eeb94645852a81a7f867ae.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/970e058c0ff2bb30b8446cb63ac287d2dcadc5dacadf7fddc769e153313d54ca.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/78abccb7dec22a002dcb4d6bf22a0742c92ed56edeb4f6f6dad4e09d9221e54d.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b39848342f8abccb4c8b3532b99599493685a0fabfef8257904fac089dd7ca6f.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/394e0fa5ac091d408573bd534b9245f4746589d902e986618ba4a35e7516bb4e.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9472a98c4ce502b04a7178b274d274bb4ea8636f3de9de9191914e571926d7f3.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/73657b169d4e82fc58ac19c4464f31889e8319f661bbfa03f596c5fb78693744.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f2871bac635acc8940c04ce9566c565a3e04bf0aa1db2e12a0f90b26eef3da00.png

  37. Smac14me says

    Well if racism is the normal state of things then blacks can quit saying they are not racists but that whites are. That statement is now quite wrong! (quit/quite grammer usage) ?

  38. kbmiller says

    Another step in the “Dumbing down of America”.This is nothing but a lame excuse for being too lazy or could it be, too stupid to learn the English language. Success in life is dependent on proper communication with the rest of the world. Reminds me of the ridiculous excuse once used to justify “Ebonics”.

    1. mrpoohead says

      “Success in life is dependent on proper communication with the rest of the world” – is that why Trump is trying to build walls and ban people? Good start!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. kbmiller says

        Didn’t ex pres. Barrack HUSSEIN OHOMO have a wall built around his new place in DC. HillBilly Clinton did also in Chapequaw. Why did they do that? Perhaps for the same reason. You should think before you type, you ignorant A$$HOLE.

        1. mrpoohead says

          Don’t care, but not exactly same ballpark.

          1. kbmiller says

            Same objective same thought process, security. More of the LEFT’S “Do as I say, not as I do” BS.

          2. mrpoohead says

            “Success in life is dependent on proper communication with the rest of the world” – hardly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. got my licence says

    So having a education is racist. Where dose that put all the libs that claim that they are smarter than the rest? I would guess that by their own standards, they are racist. PS. Does anyone remember when they tried to push that Ebonics BS? The English language is the most accurate means of communication. When we received a Maho cnc milling machine (made in Germany) the instructions for set up and operation were in English.

  40. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    Perhaps liberal ‘educators’ are the problem? When their top priorities are pushing the liberal agenda through political correctness and making sure everyone is included and using Socialist propaganda to indoctrinate rather than teaching the basics of reading, writing and mathmatics just doesn’t seem to be contributing to the education of America.

  41. America1st says

    Has the English department at University of Washington Tacoma reduced teaching positions in recognition and support of eliminating racist teaching of grammar? and passed those savings back to their students with lower tuition fees?

    Didn’t think so. Hypocrites! But then again that’s what the leftists are.
    Hypocrites to the bone.

  42. Horace Milstead says

    Another good reason to extend a wall along the eastern border of California north to include Oregon and Washington states…..the people are the result of academic abortion…..

  43. Teleman119 says

    Racism is an illusion. It doesn’t exist and never has. People don’t like one another because of moral issues. Immoral people hate people that are more moral than themselves and hate being reminded by example of what they should have become. Moral people don’t like, and naturally resist, people less moral than themselves. Moral people don’t like/resist them because hating them would actually be immoral. Cruel immoral people exploit and control people more weak minded than themselves because they are immoral.

    Marxists have created racism. Marxists promote class, religious and race warfare dividing people into groups to be pitted against each other, seeing themselves as the arbiters and judges as to what should be done with them, as if they were not at all guilty of the very hate they project onto everyone but themselves and their kind.

    People should identify with the moral, wordless, calm, intuitive common sense they were made with, appreciate it and live from it’s constraints and impulses and grow it into a shining, strong moral character, privately in real time, every moment in life as they mature. That is purpose of life, to develop a moral character that can be taken with you when your bones fall apart in the grave.

  44. jim mccollum says

    “I’m stupid but it’s because you are racist.” What a concept!

  45. Jack L. Feasel says

    How ridiculous can this be, not using correct grammar, Without using words with their proper function how are we supposed to understand what is being said accurately. Punctuation and correct vocabulary and spelling are vital to our understanding.
    But it is a fact that Liberals love changing the definitions of words to confuse issues, so why is it any surprise that they would call us racist and vilifying those that correct their errors in grammar?
    It is just another idiotic way of trying to hamper free speech and is an Ad Hominem because their argument against an issue is not valid and, or they don’t understand what a specific issue is about, so they will attack the person rather than the issue.
    In either case they are just showing their ignorance.

  46. Jim H. says

    Oh really! Words actually have minds of their own to notice color. I had no idea words had color. Nor spelling, speech, writing, paragraphs, punctuation, etiquette, etc.

    Oh my, how racist are the non racist Liberals now constantly bringing out the differences of color in people!

  47. Mike W says

    Eubonics spreading like a cancer. If you can’t win we’ll give you a participation trophy. If you can’t spell write it how it sounds to you – that’s ok. If you cannot put a proper sentence together – no problem only a racist would notice. The dumbing down of America continues – knowhaimsayin? College Education is fast becoming an oxymoron.

  48. Lily Haley says

    How can students expect to learn anything after paying the high tuition costs if teachers aren’t competent in the subject matter

  49. donl says

    Is it Racist if you call all Democrats what they really are, COMMUNISTS?

  50. Larry Cowden says

    Liberals defined anyone, particularly white males that served our country, honor the Flag, uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights, opposed illegal immigration and the flood of non vetted islamic refugee/terrorists into this country as a “Racist”! And language has nothing to do with it! Therefore, because I am among those that believe as a Republican, conservative and all of the above, I am a “Racist”. Pretty “Deplorable” isn’t it? To disagree with such radical extremist far left IDIOTOLOGY that is destroying our nation we are “Deplorable?” The writing center is all about dumbing down individuals and brain washing them into an accepted “PC” of pure BS!

  51. Koja says

    I did not read all 117 comments due to time restrictions, but I did not see in the first half any comments regarding “try TO” do something and “try AND” do something. I have seen and heard this travesty in newspaper editorials (!!) and television news reporting (!!), both supposedly intelligent positions. Because it seems that phrasing has become pervasive, does that mean I can go around and try AND do everything???

  52. Timothy Toroian says

    What’s with this ignorant twit. THERE is a standard, like the very stupid expression,”these ones”. Sound very educated. The word “these” had no need for further description. What is more definite than “these”, it means “no other”. And the expression “as of yet”, three words when just “:yet” is sufficient. Like rap “music”, a system for people who cannot rhyme.

  53. April Stoner says

    It’s one thing to question a word’s use in relation to the subject, however I’ve seen post re: misspellings but when the intire post is a spelling lesson, it comes across as an opportunity
    To belittle and berate, to me it insinuates that spelling is more important than the content, which
    Lends to people to repeat with frustration the same thing again & again. So being a spell checker
    When it’s not a spelling bee, is just seen as a right fighter over trivial misspellings and the subject
    Is completely ignored. Like it or not, the world is occupied with Humans. The hate division and damage obama has done to our civil society, jobs, national debt, unsafe boarders etc., has eroded
    morals, common sense, civility, most importantly the ability to communicate on an adult level in very serious disagreements, just look at the lack of perfprofessionalism, and acceptance of opposing
    Views, there is no chance of settling anything, or moving past this period in time. So at this point
    In our country, we need to get past the mantality of “GOTCHA” and get back to dignity, and excellence obama has degraded with his agenda of lies, deceit, and his need to degrade America
    And all that has made America number one. So again please avoid the post that are not of you standards of spelling, there are plenty of other sites and posts that may be more to your liking, if spelling is why you read these things.

    1. ABO says

      The problem really is April, that when attempts to read a comment which includes misspellings, poor grammar and the like, those factors make it very difficult and confusing to follow, and often the reader will not bother to finish reading rather than struggle through the poorly written text. Just sayin’.

  54. GuardianFlame says

    Interesting that liberals accuse “grammar” as being racist. Perhaps it’s because the majority of liberals are ignorant themselves and have no idea what grammar actually entails? Stupid is as stupid does.

    No wonder the Left is ranting and raving things that mean absolutely nothing but noise. They can’t express themselves period – add emotional confusion and you have gibberish!

    Nice try Libs. Accusing “grammar” of being racist??! You have no idea of what you’re saying because you are illiterate and arrogant. Best to shut up and find a hole to climb in – you are only embarassing yourselves and pushing other Libs to the Sanity Party. Who wants to be associated with a bunch of dunces?

  55. glorybe2 says

    The basics behind the English language include the fact that it should be understood easily by users in any nation or location at any time. That is why English is so successful as a language for business. However, spoken languages are not formal languages and therefore are not precise. An algebraic equation is a formal language as is a chemical formula and although they are difficult and limited in scope they are precisely descriptive. There is every reason to expect an employee to have quality language skills in an English speaking environment.

  56. El Dee Bee says

    And they in their sheltered world show how racist they are when a rare Conservative thinking individual in thier ranks states an opinion that doesn’t coincide with their Far Left dogma. Then it’s time to riot and destroy property ! When was the last time that Republicans did that ?

  57. millerstwo says

    The English language isn’t even spoken by stereo typical inner city Afrigans so what’s the big deal and who really gives a sh*t??

  58. Craig Vandertie says

    It certainly would be nice if there was a technique for genetically altering the human brain so that data can be instantaneously downloaded, data permently retained, and recalled whenever needed.

    A serious tragedy is even if aforementioned science existed Federal justices would still freely misinterpret the articles of the U.S Constitution to accommodate the wishes of those they have pledged their allegiance to.

  59. CUZIN ERN says

    It’s possibly going to extend past the 50% mark soon if it doesn’t get cleaned up !

  60. patriotgirl1 says

    At 53, I’m still thanking the nuns for my 12 years of EXCELLENT grammar/English classes! Lol!

  61. sandraleesmith46 says

    Language may well be nationalist (take an American, an Aussie, a Canadian, and a New Zealander, put them in the same room and watch them try to communicate, for all they all allegedly speak English) but the races of the chosen subjects will have virtually no bearing on the issue. Further, gentlemen and ladies of all races who have grown up in American schools may have regional accents, and speak regional slang, but they all were taught basic, core American English, as were all immigrants who sought citizenship until a few decades ago. It wasn’t white, black, brown, yellow or red English; it was just ENGLISH, because with no common language we also have no NATION, just collections of individuals living in chaos in the same region.

    1. msueh says

      We had an Australian-born student teacher at my H.S.last year, teaching US History. It was delightful speaking with & listening to him. The students enjoyed him also. It was a great concern of his and his American wife that he would lose his lovely accent! 🙂

      1. sandraleesmith46 says

        That would be a shame! Hope he keeps it.

    2. Norman says

      The English language originated in England but was PERFECTED in America. Now American English is in decline.

  62. AKLady says

    First they came for the Muslims, and You did not speak out—
    Because You were not a Muslim

    Then they came for the Hispanics and You did not speak out—
    Because You were not a Hispanics..

    Then they came for the Poor and You did not speak out —
    Because You were not Poor.

    Then they came for the Disabled and You did not speak out –
    Because You were not Disabled.

    Then they came for the Jews, and You did not speak out—
    Because You were not a Jew.

    Then they came for the Elderly, and You did not speak out –
    Because You were not Elderly.

    Then they came for You—and there was no one left to speak for You.

    ( a variation on Martin Niemoller’s famous poem).

    1. Bill says

      Ak, I hope they come and get you soon then we would be rid of your idiotic logic and libturd thoughts and rants.

      1. AKLady says

        Thank you.
        Your input is always welcome
        It says so much about you.

        1. Bill says

          Ak,your welcome, I’m so happy you welcome my thoughts?

  63. CharlieM34 says

    Correct, clear English is totally important, so that makes powerful adjectives seriously necessary. Now may all the rest of us racists believe that the U. of Washington “writing center” will completely fail and be more than useless. Simple as that.

  64. paul says

    The fact that it’s the University of Washington says it all. Liberals always let their emotions rule their intellect. This in turn causes them to meltdown over the most ridiculous things. Kind of reminds me of petulant children. Bitch, whine, moan and break things. A serious time out in a 4×10 cell should solve the problem.

  65. AKLady says

    The U.S. Census consists of self-reported data.
    That data documents that the “Red” States have the highest percentage of school dropouts.
    Government data documents that “Red” States receive the majority of federal government handouts.
    State and local government data also document that the “Red” states have the highest percentage of families on public assistance.

    1. Retired says

      AK TROLL , why don’t you present the truth , the red states are over run with people from the blue states because of the higher welfare programs and other free things .

      1. Bill says

        Retired, ak lady is beyond fixing let alone having a dialogue with. She/it will totally waste your time.

  66. ward says

    Typical libtard dem that will defy any Right to make a wrong … ! IT can be pink and they always want green to go with their asinine whims & ways created to defy reality and facts…!Their dem logo of an ass fits well !

  67. ZACAL says

    Holding the constitution in front of a liberal progressives face is the equivalent of holding the cross in satan’s face.

  68. Gerri says

    What a shame a College is run by MORONS ( oops hope that’s no racist) This type of teaching is why our country is in the depths of decline and moral decay.

  69. Allan Zaug says

    With liberal democratic thinking, it has caused them to loose over a thousand seats to republicans in the last eight years. I don’t think their backwards thinking on grammar or any other politically correct words are going to help them. The seats they have left are on a downward spiraling direction which seems to have no end in site.

  70. Norman says

    This reminds of a news story a few years ago about a black woman English teacher in Mississippi who was trying to get state approval to teach ebonics in high school rather than American English as if ebonics was Mississippi’s official language.

    American high school students do NOT need to be taught how speak ebonics. They need to be taught correct American English so they don’t sound like idiots when they speak. Speaking ebonics rarely helped anyone get a job or advanced in a career in the USA. ( A rare example was when obama would speak ebonics when pandering to black voters.) On the other hand, speaking fluent and intelligent American English, has helped many get hired and advance in their careers.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if high schools drop English classes so that text messaging can be taught instead. (LOL, OMG, WTF, ICU, OU812, BYOB, LMAO, etc.)

  71. Kat says

    Ebonics should be outlawed. If they can’t speak proper English, they need to be ridiculed at the very least. And White people who think it’s cool to speak in ebonics, should be bitch-slapped.

  72. Ricarrdo estavans says

    Why help liberals by pointing out their obvious stupidity. Let them continue their insanity. In the next few election cycles we have a good chance of ridding more liberal leaders. Who will their minions turn to then for their talking points.

  73. Concerned great grandmother says

    Checkout common core. The students are taught not to worry about grammar or spelling. the important thing is that the student understands the subject matter. Many a parent has objected to this. Punctuation, proper construction of a sentence, the difference between a clause and a phrase, and the encouraging of using a dictionary and thesaurus have all been eliminated in these so-called English classes. As long as the students written word is about the subject and shows that the student understand the question or subject of an essay, nothing else matters. Common Core teaches that it does not matter how many words are misspelled, wrong sentence structure, or wrong punctuation. Students are no longer taught how to parse a sentence which leads to good grammar and the understanding of a verb, adverb, subject pronouns, object pronouns, prepositions, verbs and nouns.

    How many times do you her me and (name or my _____). instead of Name and I. Too can mean also or a quantity. That is too much. I want some too. To is usually associated with a verb. Give it to me. We are going to the store. To is usually associated with a verb (action word) . Years ago it was poor grammar to end a sentence with a preposition. For what is this? To which one does this go. Now it is acceptable to say What is this for or Which one does this go to..

  74. Concerned great grandmother says

    Everything is racists, it seems, since the Obrainless Obama’s were in the White House.. By and large we are not a nation of racial divides. But diversity is making sure we do not accept everyone as human beings no matter what his/her race, religion or ethnic background. is. Difference must be pointed out according to the Obama administration. Small children should be taught that it doesn’t matter what a person’s race, religion or ethnicity is, it is the person him/herself that governs a person’s like or dislike for another person. .

  75. Never_a_Snowflake says

    The only PC writing is ebonics, known only to a few and the rules change with each usage.

  76. randy jackson says

    old news………..

  77. losealiberal says

    Let me see that I have this right. Expecting people to speak and write proper English is racist? No wonder the Dumbocrats are losing so many elections.

  78. RsGoat says

    An example of bullies working on us. They will find any subject to twist to their advantage and beat another person down and make them feel bad even when they have done nothing wrong to deserve that kind of treatment. How many young college student’s will buy into this garbage and feel bad, bullied by others who want to feel superior? People who play these games are the bullies not people who use the words and we need to stand up to them! It’s English, Learn the language you grew up with!!! If you didn’t, well it’s hard learning another language let me help you. Pronoun’s are not racist, their grammar just like in other languages with masculine and famine words, which our language dose not have. It’s too bad ignorant people in the media give this stuff air time, they should turn their diploma’s over on the wall as not to embarrass the college’s the granted them the scraps of TP

  79. Jon's On says

    Why is it that the democrats accuse their enemies of being what the democrats actually are. Take racism for instance. The democrat party has been at the fore front of racism since it’s inception. Andrew Jackson, the KKK, the inner city and other racist groups were backed or created by democrats. For some reason they think that if they keep calling someone racist people will believe it. It’s starting to wear thin. People aren’t buying their BS the way they used to. The latest thing is fascism. They are calling their enemies fascists and they keep trying to silence them. It’s funny that they don’t see their own hypocrisy. They are now all about stopping free speech and protesting by any means particularly using violence. The more people see this un-American activity the more they are going to turn against the democrat party. I say they should keep it up. That will make the democrat party irrelevant.

  80. eightythree3883 says

    what bugs me is the misuse of antisocial

  81. MIKE6080 says


  82. underthewire says

    Wow now I am a white nationalist. I can’t keep up with my titles. Thank God I am not, as of yet, a white socialist.

  83. Alleged-Comment says

    Demoncraps are not only seditious and violent but class-oriented people to cause racial tension and division to keep everyone off balance to carry out their seditious and violent natural tendencies.

    Do not pay any attention to what they tell you. You did that last time and they put in one of the most racist phonies in office who thought his job from day 1 was to kill and destroy WHITEY!!

    Ucking phony Demoncraps up there. The party must be banned because of their VIOLENT and SEDITIOUS nature!

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