“Excessive Expectations”: What the Hell was Mitch McConnell Thinking?


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stirred up a hornet’s nest at the White House on Monday when delivering a speech to a Rotary Group meeting back home in Kentucky. In a blatant attempt to deflect some of the rightful criticism being aimed at him and the GOP majority in Congress for their failure to repeal and replace Obamacare, McConnell said that President Trump was at least partially to blame for the negative perceptions. McConnell said that Trump, being new to the game of politics, came into office with “excessive expectations” about the legislative process and unrealistic goals that did not fit the “complexity of legislating” something as daunting as healthcare reform.

According to reports, President Trump did not take kindly to McConnell’s shameful attempt to pass the blame onto the White House and let him know in an irate phone call on Tuesday. He later thrashed McConnell on Twitter:

“Senator Mitch McConnell said I had ‘excessive expectations,’ but I don’t think so,” Trump tweeted on Wednesday. “After 7 years of hearing Repeal & Replace, why not done?”

He followed that up Thursday with a similar remark. “Can you believe that Mitch McConnell, who has screamed Repeal & Replace for 7 years, couldn’t get it done? Must Repeal & Replace ObamaCare!”

As harsh as Trump’s words were in public, Fox News reported that their private phone call was filled with even more tension:

During the approximately 10-minute phone call, the source said, the president curtly told McConnell he did not appreciate the criticism and still expects Republican leaders to push for repealing ObamaCare, even though that has largely been shelved for now.

The source added that Trump also told McConnell he is unhappy with U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who cast a decisive vote against repealing ObamaCare without a replacement in place. McCain, who is battling brain cancer, also slammed the president’s aggressive rhetoric on North Korea this week.

The source said the president mused to McConnell that he does not understand why the majority leader is allowing McCain to keep his powerful chairmanship of the Senate Armed Services Committee after bucking the party.

Well, the answer to that last one is simple enough: Mitch McConnell is NOT on your side, Mr. President.

And that’s becoming all too clear as we head into the final months of 2017. For all of the talk about uniting the party back in January, the Republican establishment is still determined to fight the Trump revolution every step of the way. Only now are the cracks beginning to appear publicly as Trump’s legislative agenda (which, as you’ll recall, is supposed to be the GOP’s agenda as well) stalls on Capitol Hill. Republicans had a historic opportunity to take the ball and run with it, thanks to a one-of-a-kind political figure in Donald Trump. So far, they’ve blown it.

And now they’re saying it’s TRUMP’S fault for expecting too much, too soon?

Enjoy the rest of your time in office, guys. Because if that’s the message you’re running on next time around, you won’t be there for long.

  1. Fedup65 says

    That is exactly what the problem is with Mitch McConnell, He Does Not Think!

  2. Allen says

    Repeal and replace McConnell, McCain and a lot of others. If McCain had a brain he would quit.

    1. Lisa Meyer says

      Yes, he should retire and spend his remaining time with his family. But his self-importance and ego won’t let him.

  3. Dana Cole says

    McConnell is a whimp and McCain is an obstructionist.

    1. evangelinebrabant says

      McCain is much more dangerous than an obstructionist.

      And, besides being a pompous twit who lost the first of two elections we should have won, his war record reads a bit differently than he would like us to know, and Daddy got him out of the numerous screw-ups he had in the military. Fellow POWs did not like him, from what I read.

      1. Dana Cole says

        I couldn’t agree more. And I also stand by your post.

        1. Mike says
      2. SD of AZ says

        It is a fact evangeline.

      3. sophie bonner says

        You are correct. He was hot dogging on a Aircraft Carrier and set two planes on fire. Burned 160 people and killed 130. His father, the Admiral covered for him. And McCain had his records sealed after the war.

        1. Lizzie2 says

          References please…back up your statement.

          1. ANNG14 says

            You won’t get any references. The Right Wingers are out to smear
            McCain and don’t mind lying to do it.

          2. Gammi2Anna says

            If you and Lizzie2 want references, why don’t you take the time to do the research to prove the comments about McCain are false? I don’t care one way or the other since I have no confidence in McCain and many of the other GOP members that would sell their mothers eyes just to get another vote or an extra dollar. They have shown that they feel no loyalty for their constituents or America’s growth and success.

          3. ANNG14 says

            So you want us to prove something didn’t happen?
            How about you prove that what was said was the truth?

          4. Gammi2Anna says

            Well I’m not the one who questions the validity of what ‘sophie bonner’ wrote in her comment. As a matter of fact, I believe every word of what was written the comment. John McCain is and has always been a snake in the grass, just slithering around looking for another victim. It is said that ones actions are more revealing than spoken words. McCain lost all respect when he put Politics ahead of doing the right thing, which is to resign his Senate seat and just concentrate on living out his final days with family and friends, making new memories that they can carry with them for their lifetime.
            As far as the truth of what happened in Viet Nam, I think God is the only expert source of the truth there. I do know from family and friends that were there, that this was the most horrific was probably the worse managed war in our history. Are you aware that there are members of a special military unit that are still presently going into Viet Nam to recover the bodies of soldiers that were never accounted for? If that were your brother or father, wouldn’t you want to know the whole truth? If McCain has nothing to hide, then why does he still deny and then brow beat anyone that dares ask him a question about what happened? I try not to think a lot about this time in my life because while McCain came home, the majority of the people I knew did not. If proof is what you seek, you could always contact Sen. McCain and ask him for the truth.

          5. ANNG14 says

            So you can’t back what she said up but will believe it because you hate John McCain.

          6. Gammi2Anna says

            Where did you read that I said I believed anything any of you have written? Where did you read that I said I hate John McCain? You Dearie, are the one making assumptions without even thinking of what is being said. I don’t give a rats patooty if McCain flew planes or kites during the Viet Nam War. I care about what he has done since coming home and becoming a career politician. He definitely has become angry and mean, which I do not find an admirable quality for anyone, but especially for any government leader that retaliates by hurting the very people he should be standing up for.

          7. ANNG14 says

            I see that you edited the part where you called McCain
            a “slithering snake.” You are dishonest.

          8. Gammi2Anna says

            I called McCain a slithering snake because of how he has lied to his GOP party members who serve with him while sneaking around the Democrat opposing party members, lying to them, but worse than that, he lied to everyone, including you and I. I just find no room in my life for people who will look you in the face and lie, with not one ounce of remorse.

          9. ANNG14 says

            McCain voted for what was best for the people of AZ not for a tax cut for the 1% disguised as healthcare.

          10. Lisa Meyer says

            I know many people in AZ who would disagree with you.

          11. ANNG14 says

            All 17% of Arizonans? that’s the approval rating for Trumpcare.

          12. Lisa Meyer says

            I was commenting on your statement that McCain voted for what was best for AZ.
            MCCain opposes anything Trump is for. They both hate each other. So don’t try to sell anyone here that McCain’s vote was completely for the people of AZ. He’s not that altruistic. And since you are so into references, can you cite a reference to your 17% claim?

          13. ANNG14 says

            McCain’s vote was what was best for Arizonans especially the elderly who need medicaid. You say you can read McCain’s mind and know his intentions. Support that.
            The 17% support for Trumpcare link is below.


          14. Lisa Meyer says

            You weren’t reading MY post, because the proof that I never said anything about reading McCain’s mind is there in black and white. It is well known that McCain took serious umbrage at Trump saying he was not a hero during his campaign, and ever since then, McCain has said and done everything he can to go against Trump and undermine his agenda. Not just here in the US, but also abroad. His return to DC solely to cast his no vote for healthcare repeal while recovering from surgery, and then scurrying back home, was just a publicity stunt so he could get 15 more press minutes. He.could have just as.easily abstained from home.
            Thanks for the link.

          15. Lisa Meyer says

            A) that was a poll, which everyone knows are notoriously skewed and inaccurate, and
            B) The title was “17% of AMERICANS”, NOT ARIZONANS.

            I know they are close in spelling. Maybe you forgot your reading glasses.

          16. ANNG14 says

            You deny the truth and hate McCain because he did not kowtow to Trump. Good for John McCain!
            Arizonans are Americans.

          17. Lisa Meyer says

            I only deny YOUR truth. And I don’t hate McCain. I hate that he is a RINO, a liar, a career pocket-lining politician, and too old to be taking up a seat in government. Add to that the fact that he has just been diagnosed with radical brain cancer, which has affected his capacity to make sound judgements. Did you see him during the Comey hearings when he blabbered on trying to ask Comey questions, and couldn’t string a coherent sentence together? He subsequently blamed it on staying up to watch a late night baseball game. Then a few days later, the truth comes out. And then they have to delay a crucial vote on probably the most significant item on the agenda right now, to wait for McC to recover from a minor surgical procedure. If he wasn’t so self-important and selfish, and narcissistic, he would step down from government and spend his remaining time with his family. That would be the honorable thing to do. But since he is apparently lacking an honor tank, he won’t do it. How many more votes will need to be held up because of his medical condition? It’s only going to get worse. But hey, if you’re from AZ. and you think having someone with questionable judgement and one foot in the grave representing you is a good thing, then by all means, carry on!

          18. ANNG14 says

            You live in a shallow anything for Trump world. You call McCain all sorts of nasty things but of course you don’t hate McCain. You deny that and you deny that elderly people would be hurt when their medicaid was cut. Again, you live in a shallow anything for Trump world.

          19. Lisa Meyer says

            Well you would know about shallow. But you know nothing about me and what I believe, and since you lack any reading comprehension skills, just as I would suspect of today’s 14 year olds, perhaps you should go back to class and stop annoying the grown-ups. It was fun toying with you for awhile, but we’re done here.

          20. ANNG14 says

            Run along. You are dishonest.

          21. Mike says

            Proof McCain is a snake http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/navy-releases-mccains-records/ Songbird McCain sets ship on fire

          22. Lisa Meyer says

            This trolling (anng14, which I think is her age) Trump hater keeps saying the same garbage over and over again. She keeps putting words in my posts too, that I never said. I’ve toyed with her stupidity long enough. Now it’s just tedious and boring. Time to block another useless idiot.

          23. Gammi2Anna says

            I agree. I do not have time to waste on people who are so filled with hate and anger that they have lost the ability to understand reasoning. Time to block indeed.

          24. Mike says
          25. Mathew Molk says

            That is an out and out fucking lie. I have studied the incident for 20 years,— I worked with demolition and explosives when I was in the Arm and my interests are in the reasons they had the deteriorating Comp B bombs on the airplanes, but the whole thing started when they pulled the genny off an F4 Phantom on the other side of the ship from McCain’s A-4 Skyraider. When they pulled the plug there was a power surge and it fired the Zuni rocket on the Pahntom into the under wing fuel tank of the A-4 next to McCain’s – I don’t like McCain at all but he had nothing to do with starting the fire and his involvment was only to be nearly killed by it.

            If you want to put out references use this one.


            and NOT the commie propaganda bullshit you cited.

          26. Lizzie2 says

            I can comment on some of the above…..This country was fighting a war with old equipment. Worse yet, when parts required replacement they were scarce. We had not geared up production of parts, We were not fully prepared to fight a war.
            OH! and my brother IS one of those who never came home……would you like to know how that feels? or would you prefer to continue to preach because you do not agree with the man’s politics?

            By the way…..his diagnosis does not yet indicate imminent death. Major strides are being gained in understanding the nature of specific cancers, and using the patient’s immune system to fight back.

          27. Mathew Molk says

            You both are all wet on saying McCain caused the Forestall fire. Look it up and don’t shoot off your mouths with fake facts like the useful idiots on the other side do.

          28. Gammi2Anna says

            Sorry Mat but I no longer wet myself so if that is an issue of yours, you probably should choose not to share it in this forum. AGAIN, read my post with your eyes and mind both open to understand the words I have written. I do not know nor care what John McCain did or did not do while serving as a pilot in the military. If he did something that created an opportunity for or caused the death of other soldiers then that will be something he and he alone will answer for when he meets his Maker. I have not had much respect for him since he ran for President in 2008 and proceeded to throw his running mate as well as his supporters under the bus when it seemed advantageous to him. Thus the comparison I made to McCain and a snake. You cannot turn your back on either without the risk of getting a poisonous bite on the butt.

          29. Mike says
          30. ANNG14 says

            Your source is full of conspiracy theories including the
            “fake moon landing.”

          31. bttrap says

            I don’t think she can read without drawings like her comic books

          32. bttrap says

            maybe if one of your family died in nam you might think different you are hartless and you belong to the devil

          33. bttrap says

            you are a moron

          34. Lizzie2 says

            Here Dear…..is a complete review of the facts involving Mc Cain’s flight history.
            If you continue using what you think that you know about him, why not gain
            some details?
            McCain’s Plane Crashes
            By Brooks JacksonPosted on September 5, 2008 Updated on October 12, 2008

          35. Gammi2Anna says

            Having more to do with my life than read about John McCain’s flight history, I briefly scanned over your unsubstantiated ‘factcheck’ reference. Seems like he did a lot of ejections from the aircraft he was carelessly flying when he wasn’t busy actually crashing the very expensive military jets. I did note that he admitting to ‘clowning around’ which lead to one of his crashes. I am sorry to know that your brother was a victim of Viet Nam and I DO know how you feel. Especially when we got the body back for burial and noticed the body was not that of the young man that wanted me to marry him when he got back. Since it took so long to get him home the swelling was so bad he was unrecognizable. I could not get a reply why the person they sent for burial had solid black hair on return, since when he left, he had ‘pre-mature gray hair.

          36. Mathew Molk says

            Then why do you put out fake facts on the guy. – How ’bout the way he is selling us down the river TODAY. – Not sticking your foot in your mouth about something that happened decades ago.

          37. bttrap says

            you have to stop believing comic books they don’t count

          38. JB says

            Even from such a Left biased site as that, McCain STILL comes off bad in most of those reports. Don’t know why you even used that as a source. I don’t agree with what McCain did recently, but I’ve never believed the negative stories about his service in the military. Yet, after reading that report, I now see why people would start to wonder if mccains admiral dad didn’t have something to do with his son’s commendations. The sketchy stories, frequent mishaps, yet he ends up being given medals and commendations afterwards? Little shady. And again, never felt that way until I read the factcheck article.

          39. Lizzie2 says

            Are you describing Mr. Trump?

          40. bttrap says

            no it’s that moron mc cain and you know that

          41. Lizzie2 says

            I know that….their heads are stuffed with junk, and they refuse to question anything that their heros say.. They believe that their “team” must play by their rules.
            How long do you think any of us would have endured torture, I wonder.

          42. bttrap says

            a lot of p.o.w. did endure the torture and didn’t rat on the other p.o.w.’s to get better treatment people like you just make me sick when you try to hide the truth

          43. Mathew Molk says

            You will never know until you are in the hot seat, there kid. We had guys crack that were captured by our own aggressor force in survival escape and evasion when I was in OCS. – And they were commissioned anyway.

          44. AE MAY says

            Go to you tube! The events are recorded and references are given. Why was he given a Presidential pardon for his actions? Read it and weep, it is all there. McCain is a nothing!

          45. Mathew Molk says

            PLEASE,Di do like the MSM and snowflakes. – A Zuni rocket fired from a plane on the other side of the carrier tearing open and igniting the fuel of the aircraft next to McCain’ s The fuel ran under McCain’s plane and he crawled over the windshield (The area under his aircraftt was covered with burning fuel). He then crawled over the nose and jumped off the refiling probe.

            Again, I DO NOT LIKE THE GUY, but he had zero point nothing to do with the causalities aboard the Forestall. The only thing I like less the McCain, though is people that have no ability to understand the technical details of things like htis spreading fake facts.

            And by the way, McCain’s and several other planes were loaded with defective bombs that should never have been brought aboard the Forestall…….everybody, PLEASE look things up before you make the rest of us look bad. Leave that to the other side and their useful idiots.

          46. Mike says

            Proof http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/navy-releases-mccains-records/ Songbird McCain sets ship on fire

          47. Mathew Molk says

            That is utter bullshit.
            Here is what REALLY happened.

          48. bttrap says

            why don’t you ask the men that were there then. I can’t stand people like you that make excuses for facts already proven the man is dying so he is paying for being an idiot

          49. ANNG14 says

            You just hate McCain because he voted against Trumpcare.
            It is you that will pay for being an idiot.

          50. bttrap says

            he’s a turncoat like when he was a prisoner

          51. ANNG14 says

            McCain was a war hero. Trump was a war coward.

          52. bttrap says

            you need to talk to some of the vets that were there with that coward according to you jane fonda was a hero also

          53. ANNG14 says

            Like you have talked to vets that served with McCain. You RWers make up crap when you don’t like someone. Just full of smears.

          54. bttrap says

            I don’t like you when can I start on you ? I didn’t talk to the vets just read their posts about mccain and read books on the subject can I start on you now ?

          55. ANNG14 says

            You mean you read anonymous posts by Trump supporters on the internet.
            Your opinion is not one that I value or respect.

          56. bttrap says

            then we are at a stand still I don’t value your opinion either mccain is still a turn coat

          57. ANNG14 says

            McCain is a war hero. Trump is a war coward.

          58. bttrap says

            mccain killed and wounded men aboard the forstall by acting like a fool it took his father to get him out of trouble he is worthless he is starting to pay for it with cancer the men that he killed are paying him back

          59. ANNG14 says

            People get cancer. Maybe you will be paid back some day.

          60. bttrap says

            you need to be paid back now, let us know when you get it maybe you and mccain can go together

          61. onewldindian says

            Richard Fisher was a shipmate on The Forrestal, with a broken neck, went into the fire below deck and single-handedly, saved 77 sailors from sure death. Richard spent several months in the Chelsea Naval Hospital. Richard is a hero, not Songbird McCain!

          62. bttrap says


          63. Mike says
          64. bttrap says

            she did you idiot

        2. Mike says

          Here’s your proof http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/navy-releases-mccains-records/ Songbird McCain sets ship on fire

        3. Mathew Molk says

          I don’t like the guy but he had nothing to do with the Sara incident incident,,,,other then almost becoming one of the casualties himself when a Zuni rocket misfired. — Let’s not end up putting out fake news like the NWO Marxists do.

      4. bttrap says

        I’ve heard the same

      5. Mathew Molk says

        He would have been washed out of flight school too if it was not for his old man.

        I think the only plane he shot down was the ones he angered himself. – One more and he’d be a commie ace.

    2. AntiGOP says

      And you are a What ??

      1. PoorPitifulPearl says

        And we know that “AntiGOP” is a TROLL from the deep recesses of liberalville! Are you having fun yet? It’s tough when your brain explodes over bits of wisdom from the right. Remember, there is a cure.

      2. PoorPitifulPearl says

        And we know what “AntiGOP” is—nothing but a troll. Are you having fun trying to sound important and informed? Sorry, you are just “very trying” to those of us who wish to see this country return to its Constitutional roots and vote out the vermin. For your tiny mind, the vermin I refer to are liberals, progressives, socialists, and RINOs. For your information, there are enough of us to make that happen, so “bye bye Troll”!!

      3. Dana Cole says

        Economist, NRA supporter, retired Military, Liberal Arts degree and most likely you and I would never agree on anything. And most of all, I believe in Conservative values, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and State Rights.

        1. AntiGOP says

          eeeewww….wow !!

          What are conservative values ?

    3. Mathew Molk says

      Don’t forget RINO Ryan.

  4. pappy450 says

    The whole “problem” IS…The “swamp dwellers” don’t WANT their “swamp” drained..They have it too good living off the backs of the TAXPAYERS. All “congress” is to me , is an acting area, where these people get together and scream and shout to “make believe” they are “working” for their constituents, but in REALITY all they want is MORE Power,control. and those precious taxpayer dollars that fund their cushy lifestyle.

    1. Retired says

      McConnell and McCain can leave any time instead of blaming trump, the two should blame themselves as being useless.

      1. pineapple says

        Actually, they are worse than useless. They are pimples on the ass of progress.

        1. Retired says

          They would not even make the grade of a pimple .

          1. NovelDog says

            Amen to all of you guys. I say write an Executive Order taking away their EXEMPT STATUS! Make them pay for their own. Give them all (both sides)m an ultimatum….put up or go home and don’t come back. No more excuses!

          2. tombitconcerns says

            If congress had to live with the same “benefits” the rest of us do in the “Middle/ failing” class we might be able to get something done. Then all we need to do is get rid of lobbyists and not allow Fascists to pull programming based upon extremist’s values. There you go, maybe the Left could use these ideas as a platform since they don’t seem to be able to come up with anything on their own!
            BTW, BRAVO! to the government for initiating a federal investigation into the riots in Charlottesville! If they’re honest and don’t let the crooked FBI do the investigation they’ll find Soros behind it in collusion with McAuliff. The left doesn’t have anything original on their plate because they can’t think of anything but what a threat our president is to their plans to destroy our society.

          3. bttrap says

            if it’s bought for soros always has his nose and money in it his nose should be ship to russia ///////i’m sure they will clean it for him

          4. Chancisify says

            GOOD ONE

          5. bttrap says

            thank you

          6. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            i’d rather break it!!!!!

          7. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Yes indeed

          8. db says


          9. tombitconcerns says


          10. donl says

            Soros IS a Nazi, when the German troops marched the jews to their death camps ole’ Georgie Boy would round-up their belongings and sell them. What a fkg rat he is. He IS a wanted man in several Countries, including Russia. What in Hell is he doing here? He should be a target. IF he were to go half of our Demo-Commie problems would fade into the past.

          11. Richard Faith says

            The offer we should be making to any and all countries that want custody of soro$$$$$$ is:
            “Come and take him, on the condition that you take his sons also.”

          12. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Yes, yes, yes

          13. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Amen brother

          14. Randi Amundsen says

            You want to know what that bastard is doing here he is Obama’s pal they are in this up to their necks.
            So he need to be in Federal Prison or let Putin come and get him ans as a bonus he can have Obama also

          15. zfritz says

            Plus much of this nefarious work by soros and his spawn are funded by the good old U.S. taxpayer…

          16. Barbara Mcmickings says

            That’s for sure

          17. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Agree, but with OVOMIT here, Soros still has power, all of them need to be in jail, Soros sons too, just as evil

          18. Tony says

            This nation has been divided for years now and all it would take is one small spark to set off civil war. They know that. Put blame where blame belongs, in the laps of your congressmen and women. You can blame it on whatever you want but the truth is people have had enough with a corrupt government.

          19. tombitconcerns says

            We certainly do need to drain that swamp! We’ve finally got a man with integrity and courage to do just that!

          20. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Yes indeed, we need to let him know we are behind him 1000%, rally in DC coming up just for that

          21. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Amen, lock and load

          22. Barbara Mcmickings says

            OVOMIT was in on this too

          23. PatriotGal says

            There’s petition on the net to do just that. Remove all exemptions for Congress. I’ve already signed it and ask you all to do so, too.

          24. bttrap says

            I will when it gets here

          25. Brian Richard Allen says

            Not Russia. That’s his brier bushes. Throw the bastard to the Malaysians.

          26. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Hell yes

          27. Hilly says

            Here’s a link to that petition in case anyone else here wants to sign!

          28. Barbara Mcmickings says


          29. John says

            where is the petition??????

          30. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Me too girl, shared on FB too

          31. Mathew Molk says

            They make so much money on the side that if they paid doubble what everbody else pays they would never notice it but they are so damn greedy that that will have a cow when they loose that insignificant (to them) benny.

          32. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Screw them, waters lives in a 6 million dollar house, and she is a so called congress woman, Lmao on that

          33. db says


          34. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Amen, well said

          35. Brian Richard Allen says

            That President Trump has not acted already – did not act immediately – to take away their exemption, is shameful. That is an inaction that until rectified leaves him down there on a level with the cretinous criminal creep that be-squatted and be-manured our house 2009 through 2017 –and that criminally-contemptuously created the exemption.

          36. JB says

            I hope he does it, too, but him not doing it is bc it is not a simple process and there would also be retributions which may end up making his job even harder.

            We are angry at the establishment that enjoys the exemption; we have to be careful not to project that anger onto the one person who may be able to help. He doesn’t have a magic wand. Give it time.

          37. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Right on

          38. Dana Cole says

            Don’t be too hard him. He needs them. Otherwise he would be the first Lame Duck President while his own party controls both Houses. Wouldn’t that be grand!

          39. Brian Richard Allen says

            Obama is a crook. Pure and simple. DC’s Uniparty has been comprised of his co-conspirators, those both complicit in his criminality and who are its beneficiaries. By but threatening to cut off the proceeds of Obama’s crime, President Trump is effectively himself becoming complicit in it and/or an accessory — and is already a (political) beneficiary. @POTUS? #DTS!

          40. Barbara Mcmickings says

            OVOMIT is the biggest trader this country has ever seen, a Muslim , illegal that posed as an American, hang the bastard

          41. berg1928 says

            It’s happening now!

          42. Hilly says

            Trump gave them a deadline to repeal and replace, or he was going to pull the rug out from under them. Nothing like a little pressure to get things done! Or not.

          43. berg1928 says

            Big talk from Trump. How could he pull a rug out from under them. What harm can he do to an elected congressman senator? nada!

          44. Barbara Mcmickings says

            You might be surprised breg, things can happen , you know

          45. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Agree Hilly

          46. Brian Richard Allen says

            Sure. But the lever President Trump employed to put on the pressure was his implied offer to continue to spread the loot that flowed from the criminality put in place by his predecessor. FACT: That makes President Trump complicit in the crime.

          47. Barbara Mcmickings says

            It does not , are you are nuts

          48. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Amen girl

          49. Hilly says

            They are the pus in the pimple on the ass of progress!

          50. Retired says

            They do not want progress , they want to control you the public .The ACA was proof of that .

          51. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Amen Retired

          52. Richard Faith says

            But, “pimple”? Looks more like a giant staphylococcus boil to me. Pus? Pus indeed!

        2. NovelDog says


        3. MaryAnn Brinkman says

          Funny, but these comments are to true to be offensive, and this comes from an elderly person who still has not been afflicted by any kind of dementia.

          1. Cheryl Detar says

            Mary Ann, Give it a minute. There will be a lefty, who finds them offensive. They wake up in the AM and think, “What can I find to be offended by, today?”

          2. Richard Faith says

            Take comfort in this: freedom of speech necessarily entails the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to offend some creep who desperately deserves it. When and if you find yourself frustrated by any official action against so offending, the moral imperative is TO DISOBEY.

          3. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Your so right Maryanne, they are true, to the bone, sad

        4. peter7260 says

          Waite a minute,who will spent taxpayers money for the illegal wars US is creating,or better put,these representatives are after profitable lobbyists who pay for their good life.Taxpayers,you are hocked on paying for the luxuries they have.You vote them in,they screw you up and don’t give a damn about you.

          1. pineapple says

            “…and don’t give a damn about you.”

            But they do give a damn about your votes and will say anything to get them.

          2. John says

            Just remember Next Nov We can replace them with someone that. wants to do the job for the American people. Not for themselves

          3. Richard Faith says

            In order to DO that, it is necessary to continually HOUND the “two” political part”ieS” 24-7, making it KNOWN to them that WE shall not accept ANY candidate who is in any way whatsoever associated with the UN, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, or any other organization that wants American SOVEREIGNTY to be anything less than ABSOLUTE. lucifeR is the RULER of the “swamp”, and GLOBALIST SUBVERSIVES are his TOOLS OF CHOICE.

          4. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Your so right so we need to trash them on FB as much as we can

          5. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Isn’t that the truth, and the dumbass blacks and whites too, keep voting them in

          6. Barbara Mcmickings says

            Amen. So true, And Darn Well Said

        5. Lisa Meyer says

          More like hemorrhoids.

        6. cristoiglesia says

          We conservatives do not think that a socialist America is progress. We cannot afford the socialized medicine promoted by Trump.

      2. NovelDog says


      3. kev says

        Shit yeah! I’ve been pissed at those two for over a millennium! lol! yet repug-licans who can’t vote correctly vote these two dildos in year after year! watch out they don’t use lube! This time it HURT!!

      4. pmbalele says

        Did I write on this site about Mitch? I guess not. I said Trump should have ordered Mitch to start sharing bed with his wife. Men usually think more clearly when they sleep with their wives than sleeping alone. Mitch looks now completely worn-out because he sleeping alone with hangovers from his office. Remember when you were in college without a girl-friend. Your grades were really bad. But once you made-up with your girl-friends your grade bounced back. It is the same in adult life. You have to sleep with your wife to think clearly the next day. Look at Mitch face, it is all puffed up. He cannot think properly.

        1. Barbara Mcmickings says

          So true, well put

      5. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

        Gets my vote lets not forget Lindsey!! Get rid of all dead wood!!!

        1. Barbara Mcmickings says

          Term Limits

      6. Barbara Mcmickings says

        So right, song bird trader McCain needs to be in jail, with , Mitch

      7. Randi Amundsen says

        I agree those people need to go they are good for nothing like so many old ones that are useless good for nothing

    2. pineapple says

      Congress exempted themselves from Obamacare by declaring themselves to be a small business. “Bitch” McConnell orchestrated this bit of chicanery.

      1. pappy450 says

        Not only THAT they (and OSCUMBAG) “decreed” themselves “eligible” for subsidies, AGAIN off the backs of the TAXPAYERS (as usual)

        1. PatriotGal says

          That allowed them to LIE and apply for the special insurance for their staffs and they, too, receive subsidies.

          1. db says


        2. db says

          Well, well, well. IF they are a ‘small business’ an WE are THEIR BOSSES, what does that make us? EXEMPT!

      2. Mathew Molk says

        Small? They are the biggest crime syndicate in the country. – Their business is stealing and handing out favors for pay. – Where do you think Slick Willie and the cackling witch learned the pay to play scam?

        1. db says

          Since we are their bosses, we should all be exempt, too. This is not a law, it’s an unconstitutional infringement on our freedom, that’s what it is. It’s a decoy to subvert money for their own personal agendas, much of which was diverted to Obama’s bank account for years! He used the loans of this money to collect intersest that he used to pay his own debts with! So let’s talk about ‘working the system’ shall we? He is the biggest student of Soros and the Left controlled by the Vatican, who are thieves and murderers. No wonder that the Mafia is their Brown Shirts and run the country by force and intimidation! Yes, they are the ones using the facade of a church or religion, which is not of God by the way, to make it look ‘respectable’. NOT! They are a bunch of thieves and conniving murderers, no wonder HRC operates as she does, her dad was a big part of it!

          1. Barbara Mcmickings says


        2. Barbara Mcmickings says

          Oh dam well daid

          1. Barbara Mcmickings says


      3. Barbara Mcmickings says

        Another Trader, hang him too

    3. big KAhuna says

      Trump wants this to circulate and we need to support this initiative.

      The TRUMP Rules will
      > include:
      > Congressional Reform Act of 2017;
      > 1. No Tenure / No
      > Pension. A Congressman / congresswoman collects a salary
      > while in office and receives no pay when they
      > are out of office.
      >2. Congress (past, present, & future) participates in
      > Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the
      > Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system,
      > and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.
      > 3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all
      > Americans do.
      > 4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.
      > Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.
      > 5. Congress loses their current health care system and
      > participates in the same health care system as the American people.
      >6.Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the
      > American people.
      > 7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are
      > void effective 5/1/17. The American people did not make this contract with
      > Congressmen/women. Congress made all these contracts for themselves.
      > Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career The Founding Fathers
      > envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then
      > go home and go back to work.
      > If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people, then it will only take
      > three days for most people in the US. to receive the message. It’s time!
      Enough of these self serving idiots! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d55bfb6fe20fc4c8762b4f5665726536ef2b8ad56063c6ff9e8d1d8795428a0.jpg
      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/975f705298375dec4b2dd2767ab1cf66c9630a766a08ef46429eb98a29179c7d.jpg >
      > THIS IS HOW YOU FIX CONGRESS! Serving in Congress is
      > an honor, not a career!!!!!
      > Pass it on. Let’s drain the swamp!

      1. Cheryl Detar says

        Only thing you left out was, “term limits.”

        1. bttrap says

          that we need badly

        2. big KAhuna says


        3. db says


      2. FloridaBoyee says

        Why do these IDIOTS keep getting re-elected? They spend 100,s of thousands of SOMEONE elses’ money to get re-elected to office because THOSE behind the scenes people are WELL BENEFITTED!

        1. Mstennis7@yahoo.com says

          They keep greeting re-elected because it was all rigged for them to stay in power, until now! America is waking up and the crooks in Washington knows it that’s why they resort to violence, bigotry, division because a house divided cannot stand United. And we are the United States under one true GOD, we will win. Keep our President his cabinet their families and our nation lifted in prayer.

        2. PatriotGal says

          Soros contributed to Ryan, McCain, Rubio…

          1. bttrap says

            we need to contribute soros to russia

          2. db says


          3. Richard Faith says

            Not without including his sons in the shipment. If Russia won’t take them, there are other countries that will.

          4. bttrap says


          5. db says


          6. John says

            putting these thugs in JAIL costs us all al lot of money A rope can be used over and over again and not only to tie their hands

          7. ABO says


        3. db says


          1. John says

            that is full blown. TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION

      3. pamlois says

        big KAhuna Don’t know if he’d have enough legislators to back up his CRA of ’17. The Bildberberg Group (Soros a member) has too much influence on Congress.

        1. bttrap says

          some how we need to get rid of soros and his sons to cure this

        2. big KAhuna says

          Maybe it’s time to mandate these actions through a convention of states?

        3. db says

          They shouldn’t have any!

        4. John says


      4. db says

        Yes, the LEFT is the one party that stole the money out of SS, Kennedy I believe was the culprit on that one! THIEVES! LEACHES AND TICKS! BLOODSUCKERS! they need to all be replaced!

      5. BooBooBaby says

        I like this and agree.

        We have to get your post to circulate….more people need to read this^^^!!

      6. Barbara Mcmickings says

        I’m with you, Term Lumits

    4. SouthernPatriot says

      President Donald J. Trump is highly functioning, high energy and few others in D.C. are. Jeff Bush complains that he is weary, but hasn’t done anything. McConnell needs a 5 week vacation. McCain shows he has no concern for the many thousands in his state who experienced a huge increase in health insurance premiums and they could not pay this increase and instead were fined by the IRS. Who benefits from Obamacare staying in place? It is failing and will completely collapse soon.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Everyone has a “payday,” if you know what I mean. Songbird mccain is now getting his. He won’t be around after Christmas!!😄

        1. Arnold Young says

          We can only hope!!!

          1. PatriotGal says


        2. Barbara Mcmickings says

          The brain cancer was a lie

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            D A R N !! 🤣😃😄😅

      2. Cheryl Detar says

        IMO. We should just stop fighting obozocare. It is imploding quickly. Therefore, the DEMON-O-Rats and RINO’S will be 100% responsible.

        1. Barbara Mcmickings says

          Amen girl

      3. db says


        1. John says

          Obama is unconstitual I don’t believe he is a US Citizen at all. He was voted in by dead people and illegals and maybe a few dumb asses

          1. Barbara Mcmickings says

            He’s not he’s a trader needs to be hung

        2. Barbara Mcmickings says

          And all puppets of soros

      4. Barbara Mcmickings says


        1. Barbara Mcmickings says


    5. NovelDog says

      Amen, pappy450……we would be better off with a bunch of first graders running the country.

      1. PatriotGal says

        As long as we had PRESIDENT Trump in the White House…

        1. db says


    6. Michael Dennewitz says

      Damned if you didn’t hit that nail square on the head. As I’ve said a trillion times, “SHOULDA FIRED EM ALL!” 😁🤣😃

      1. PatriotGal says

        But he can’t because they are “elected”. Only we can get them out of office. They also passed laws to have themselves IMMUNE from litigation. Oh yeah, many are filthy, complicit, lying thieves on both sides of the aisle.

    7. tCotUS says

      You tell’em Pappy!! And Mitch & his PALs were never forced Obamacare. They got they’re own cushy special healthcare.package. Then they turned around & shoved Obozocare down We the Peoples throats.. Drain the swamp Trump !!

      1. db says

        No, it’s the same HC package, just PAID FOR BY US, THEIR EMPLOYERS! Interesteing that we are not included in that “exempt” status, since we are the owners of the ‘small business’ or so they claim to be.

        1. tCotUS says

          Your right it is an obozocare plan.. But, up to 75% of their
          premiums are paid by they’re employer…We The People..
          A very sweet deal

    8. David Claude Warlick says

      There is no reason to think that Kentucky with its opioid and Black Lung problems would want to repeal Obamacare. The GOP puts Sen. McConnell in charge of repealing Obamacare, only to be “surprised” when he failed. Sen. McConnell has zero interest in repealing Obamacare for his state, since KY is a beneficiary of Obamacare largess.

      1. db says


    9. Patricia Eddy says


      1. Mathew Molk says

        Don’t forget to run as many NWO Marxists (aka democrats) down the road as we can too.

      2. db says

        remember, though, the young have been schooled in marxist ideals, too, so don’t get your hopes up. Our only Hope is God!

    10. Doris Will says

      That’s the problem. The Rinos have all gathered at one end of the river and caused a clog in the flow. Does anyone remember that McConnell had added extra to the health care bill. I guess it was pork, McConnell is a pork belly legislator, so he can’t help himself, and he needs to raise a lot of money to derail campaigns of candidates he doesn’t want to win. Anyway does anyone know what the addition to the Health Bill was. By the way, call your Senator ask why there are 129 appointments sitting on the shelf awaiting approval. No wonder the Democrats are so comfortable leaking information. That’s 8 MONTHS. Replace the Majority Leader with Cornyn and give McConnell the whip.

    11. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

      We all know this is the reason they do not like Trump!!! He will not play by their rules!! Crooks the lot of them!! America they need to be voted out of office!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. John says


        1. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

          That idea was suggested a while back the Dumborats voted against it saying its more or less unconstitutional!! how they came to this thought beats the hell outta me!!!

    12. Ron Dapo says

      I agree hole-heartedly pappy450, give Mitch and Canine Obama care period.let them deal with it,like it or not.

    13. jim_wright says

      Term Limits!

    14. Barbara Mcmickings says

      Right on brother, so darn true

  5. ~Charli321~ says

    That is exactly what the problem is with Mitch McConnell, He Does Not Think!

  6. Jean Franklynn says

    Time to replace all those rich jackasses, very few are doing the will of the people…..their bosses

    1. SD of AZ says

      No, right now their bosses are their donors. But we can change that back.

      Incumbent = NO Vote
      New candidate not of establishment = YES Vote

  7. RockinOn says

    Send them all packin in 2018, the Repugnicant’s and Dumbocraps who do not have America’s best interests in their hearts and minds this next cycle, should go, vote them out America, it is time to rid the Congress of Senators and Representatives that are not concerned with the welfare of this country and our constitutionally based ideology. obummer tried to send us as far to the left as possible with his evil agenda, now we patriotic Americans must stand and send men and women to Congress who truly are going to look out for American values! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fa4b45a1ce7825c455c64cfd0600109cf3ada63c78b15b8dab9e9fc1b4646b54.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/39ee090fd9bfa23c3db126d5cee0766e038e1f0f650be28cbe2f4dfb945c52ed.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6fbff82826d8506e140e53e146c99bd02e51111f398aadcfe8b70bbde1cb3739.jpg

    1. geneww1938 says

      I’ve worked our primaries and will be campaigning to bring in proven, Biblical, conservative, constitutionalist patriots who will stand the gap and fight for the patriotic taxpayers.

      1. David Claude Warlick says

        Biblical politicians would fight for entitlements, not for taxpayers. You wouldn’t want Constitutionalists either unless you are White Old Male like I am, certainly not if immigrant, minority, female. You wouldn’t want patriots unless you wanted wars (some of my British ancestors were killed by “patriots” in the 1700s).

        1. PoorPitifulPearl says

          I believe you are wrong…remember, geneww1938 said conservative, constitutional patriots along with the Biblical beliefs. That does NOT mean entitlements beyond what the Constituion allows. Patriots do not want war, they only want to keep the peace, but will defend our rights and honors with their lives. You must be talking about the Nazi party there, that people now term as alt-right. There is nothing “right” about them and are neither right nor left, but out of their minds. David, what are you suggesting here? More socialism instead?

          1. David Claude Warlick says

            I’m ex Army Airborne myself (Sergeant E-5, 1967-70) so I’ve done my patriotic thing. My relatives who were killed by “patriots” were just regular citizens in the 1700s who supported the British rulers (ie, they were not insurgents); this did not end well for them. I’m just saying that “patriots” can be violent. My Army unit was scheduled to defend Washington, DC during the 1968 riots, but despite having buses in our parking lot ready to roll, the President Johnson decided my unit was too violent so he sent the more peaceful 82nd Airborne. LoL. And you can’t get much more right leaning, minimal government, balanced budget, no entitlements, few wars, great expensive public schools than me.

      2. PatriotGal says

        gene, THANK YOU with all our hearts!!! I’ve been doing the same, as best I can at my age. God be with you!!!

    2. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
      1. RockinOn says
          1. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          2. AntiGOP says

            Yup I’m LMFAO at him to…!!

            You fool !!

          3. Mathew Molk says

            A-Aen, brother.

            BTW, Block trolls, Don’t geed them. We don’t need then her or anywhere else in our country.

          4. db says

            enjoy your electric ‘ride’!

          5. AntiGOP says



        I only have ONE word to say to them!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

        1. Jim says

          I woud say to them…………Bub-bye !!!!!

        2. Cheryl Detar says

          Only one, you left out was Rosie….The worst of the worst.

          1. Lisa Meyer says

            Left out thug Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep too.

      3. Vinnie S. says

        Nothing , just wave goodbye (NY Style)

        1. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          1. AntiGOP says

            Hey you fool you trashed your own BLOG…such Brilliance !!

            Do you use one ply or two ply toilet tissue to wipe your face !!


          2. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Open yo mouth Ill take a dump in that Filthy low energy ghett O mouth Open wide
            anti gop wider no Wider you pos! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e15a52d8ecae77f10f468c37be3af26326d1192496427aa33426e74db61debe.gif

          3. AntiGOP says

            Did you have fun at your rally yesterday or were you a no show because not even they wanted you there !!

          4. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          5. AntiGOP says

            So they didn’t want you there…LMAO !!

          6. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            You were ToRchin da hoods for Soros wearing your Liberal mask LMASSOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/61301966648c9f87a06a879b7a61bb8e719bbc069187c694c9b83e5eaa6c1f97.png

          7. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          8. Mathew Molk says

            You forgot Chief WaHoo of the Cleveland Indians.

      4. PatriotGal says

        I’d say, “I’ll gladly help you pack!!!!”

      5. Mathew Molk says

        MAGA or get the hell out. We don’t want you here!

        1. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

          We need to deport them all liberal thugs are the real enemies! Full of Hate! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/694ae952c5ff6967a6c062857ae276c251f132634634b30a66920a34444af0f1.png

      6. db says

        LET’S HELP THEM PACK! good riddance to those who do not support a republican form of government. More babies throwing their tantrums!

      7. Lisa Meyer says

        Please LET the door hit you so hard in the a$$ on the way out that you will never want to come back!

    3. db says


  8. Richard Hennessy says

    Yes, let’s drain the Republican as well as the Democrat swamp. Among the Republicans, let’s start with the Betraying 7, the 3 women, plus McCain, Alexander, Portman and Heller, who all voted with Democrats to preserve Obamacare.

    1. SD of AZ says

      You missed Flakey, Rubio, Lindsay. All voted for BO’s highly desired immigration bill in 2014 like good dem wit minions. It got the four senators including the retarded senile McCain the infamous name with their four dem wit collaborators the name of the Gang of Eight! Traitors ALL.

      Thanks to the house and their revolt it failed or we would have had that amnesty BO and dem wits wanted to boost their flagging vote counts! As it is, they encouraged illegals to vote anyway to add to the verified and proven voter fraud. That was another close call among many in the recent few years.

      1. Richard Hennessy says

        Actually, I didn’t miss them.. Just a matter of priority. These 7 committed the ultimate betrayal in helping Democrats preserve Obamacare, after the House did its job to pass a repeal bill.

  9. Israel Kills AMERICANS says

    I supported President Trump big time. Today I believe his balls are floating in the swamp. Our real problems are right here in America and have been for decades!



    3. The Jews have promoted multiculturalism, celebrating every culture — no matter how backward and barbarism ric — except for Western white European culture. As Jewish feminist Susan Sontag, (originally named Susan Rosenblatt), stated: “The white race is the cancer of humanity.” But Susan Rosenblatt Sontag’s own cancerous contagion is her lesbian perversity with photographer Annie Leibovitz and Nicole Stephane Rothschild, the banking heiress turned movie actress.

    4. The Jews have driven our Christian heritage from the public square through the efforts of the Jewish Lobby Groups, the ADL and the ACLU. American children will grow up in a society wiped clean of any vestiges of the Bible, Christ or the Cross. However, the Menorah is still allowed in public displays and in the White House for Hannukah celebrations.

    5. The Jews have torn our borders open, permitting, indeed cheering, the Third World immigrants who will soon replace the white Christian American majority. The Jacob Javitzes and the Lautenbergs have designed legislation that will genocide us. They have done all this while simultaneously supporting Israel’s “Jews-only” immigration policy.

    Sent from my iPhone https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ed375fc129b14483d66b2d533e06b56f6296a9a482550cde4bceb7fa641e161a.jpg

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      You do know that most people here ignore your ass don’t you?

      1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says

        Most people are brainwash. Many times people ignore the truth because it scares them. They are cowards.

        Reverend Billy Graham And Others Warned Us About Jewish Control Of Our Media’s. Jews goal is to totally destroy America .


        The Jewish Mafia Media Empire caused these two killings below. Jewish Walt Disney ABC and other Jewish scum are promoting racism in America.




        House with Confederate flag stormed in AL, two males beaten and killed.

        On July 23rd, at about 4:00 AM, two black males stormed a home near Piedmont, AL. Two white males, a grandfather, and his grandson were beaten and shot to death. A female hid and was not found by the attackers. A Nissan Altima was stolen and found burned a short distance away.
        The victims are Joshua Dylan Moody, 23, and Travis Frost, 73. The female victim is Frost’s wife and grandmother of Moody.
        Police have identified three suspects. Two black males and a black female. Their names are Jeffrey Jamall Briskey, Rhimington Otarivs Johnson, and Sicondria Michala Carter.
        Briskey and Carter were just captured at an Econo Lodge in Petersburg, VA. Rhimington Otarivs Johnson is still at large.
        The day after the murders, Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade said: “we don’t think this is just a random act.” However, no more information has been provided.

        Joshua Dylan Moody
        The victims had a Confederate flag on their porch. It can be seen in a video taken by WBRC Channel 6. Piedmont is 85% white and only 10% black. The suspects are all from Anniston, AL, which is 52% black. The actual location of the home is in the Rabbittown community, which is about 95% white.
        No local media outlets have shown pictures of the victims or stated their race. Friends of Frost erected a memorial near his favorite fishing spot. This was also not covered by local media. We believe that if the victims had been black, and the suspects had been white males with a Confederate flag, the same media would treat the double murder much differently.

        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/47c36c179506fd3f61e0827e0cbcb89d34094e411af25b3dc28ea09518dfb283.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ed375fc129b14483d66b2d533e06b56f6296a9a482550cde4bceb7fa641e161a.jpg

      2. bttrap says

        I blocked him couldn’t take him anymore

  10. Calvin King says

    How many “investigations” done by this Congress, or any Congress, have resulted in trials, convictions and incarceration? I can’t think of any. “Hearings” are all bluster, face time, news events, political posturing and an attempt to convince their constituents they are really working for them and the American people. Regardless of the party in power this is, as Shakespeare would say, “Much ado about nothing.” Further, I don’t see any changes. Trump was elected to effect change. We can only hope that regardless of the organized opposition, even in his own party, he will be successful. America’s future hangs in the balance.

  11. A_Nobody says

    The real question is when has McConnell ever thought about Americans instead of his personal agenda?

    1. SD of AZ says

      To my record keeping since he fell into the job, NEVER!

  12. ReaperHD says

    Blather Lipped McConnell and the rest of his RINO Group need to stop screwing their Constituents and step down and let real Conservatives come to the front who will work for their People and do what they promise. I don’t know how these RINOS can look their voters in the face and still LIE to them as they stuff their pockets and laugh at the voters who have trusted them. McCain is another RINO who should go who stabbed his voters in the back and has been doing nothing but blocking everything that PRESIDENT TRUMP is trying to do for the people, if he dies tomorrow he would be doing his Constituents a favor.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      That snitch should have been “taken care of” in Hanoi.

  13. Edd Eaton says

    Spineless leaders like this one don’t have a clue what true leadership. He is perfectly fine with being the liberals town bitch as long as it doesn’t interfere with his way of life. He and others have pissed and moaned for years about getting the majority in the house, senate and the White House. America gave them what they asked for, but nothing has changed. Business as usual, living the high life on the taxpayers back and caving in as always and getting nothing done. America voted Trump into office for a reason. If they are not smart enough to see that they shouldn’t be in that position. DRAIN the FRIGGIN’ SWAMP.

  14. SD of AZ says

    Incumbent = NO VOTE
    New non swamp dweller of the establishment = YES VOTE

    And do this at every election. It will SET TERM LIMITS. It will drain the swamp. It does not need a law passed by the swamp dwellers to remove themselves. Does anyone expect a single one of them would vote to limit their gravy train?

    And we need to urge President Trump to remove their special circumstances that allow them to NOT participate in obamacare. What ever they vote for us, is what they SHOULD get NO EXCEPTIONS!

    1. Lisa Meyer says

      That is already in the Constitution. But, as with everything else, they conveniently ignore it. And who is going to hold their feet to the fire over it? Certainly not the judiciary, as they gave the rubber stamp to O care in the first place. Along with other heinous decisions.

  15. rick meek says

    SIMPLE ——- More Bailouts ——- More Slush Fund Money……

  16. sophie bonner says

    McConnell was just reminding the President that Mitch leads only when he wants to lead. He made himself look like the lifer elitist that he is. Trump is just too dense to understand that legislation takes time…. like 8 years and still no plan. Because they never intended to repeal and replace Obamacare. Mitch needs to step down as Majority leader because he lied to us.

    1. metheoldsarge says

      I suspect Mitch and his fellow RINOs in Congress kept promising to repeal Obamacare, for the last six years of the Obama Administration, And secure the border during the campaign, just to try and earn brownie points with the voters. I don’t believe there was any intention of building a border wall or a repeal of Obamacare at all. I think Trump winning the White House caught everyone flat footed because they expected a Hillary win. Now they seem to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to find the right spin. Would almost be comical if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  17. Pam Dunn says

    McConnell can “think” ???? Couldn’t prove it by me based on his Obama butt kissing and stupidity ever since Trump got elected.

  18. Agostino says

    The idea of a convention of the states is fraught with danger. But it may be the only way and therefore time to call one. The federal government has to be made to work for the people, and it’s obvious that the members of both parties are unwilling to do so. They have become their own industry interested only in their own rewards. Only the MSM is worse than Congress.

  19. Allen Rogers says

    McConnell is not hard to understand. He is a damn RINO. This man needs to be put out to pasture.

  20. Rick Keller says

    McConnell said that Trump, being new to the game of politics, came into office with “excessive expectations” about the legislative process and unrealistic goals that did not fit the “complexity of legislating” something as daunting as healthcare reform.

    McConnell it sholdn’t take a lifetime of procrastinating to get rid of the Obama Care NIGHTMARE. It will take you and your cronies that have sat on your haunches for 9 years on this subject and it will take the whole gaggle of you another decaid to clear all the cob webs off your ass. It surely is time to DRAIN THE SWAMP…ESPECIALLY YOURS AND YOUR ASSHOLE CRONIES that have spent a lifetime doing nothing to help the American workers that overpay all you assholes.

  21. ANNG14 says

    Trump is clueless about the workings of Government and is unwilling to learn.
    The people didn’t want what Trump was selling (17% approval).
    Millions thrown off health care for the needy 1% to get a tax cut only makes sense to morons and the greedy.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      Idiot TROLL……

  22. jim jones says

    “Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear.”

    ― Dan Millman

  23. bill sexton says

    i voted for Mitch McConnell for senate in Kentucky. I did not like Mitch. Many cars had bumper stickers that read “ditch Mitch”. But the alternative was much much worse. Allison Grimes was the Democrat challenger. She wanted everything a socialist Democrat wanted. Mitch was still hated, but he won because he was a little more conservative than Allison.
    Had republicans stayed home, Allison would have become the senator from Kentucky and Mitch McConnell would not have been there to stop Obama from installing a liberal supreme court justice.
    NO, we do not like McConnell. But, unfortunately, until we have a better alternative we have to stay with him.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      “Voting for the lesser or two evils is still VOTING FOR EVEL”….. Ralph Nader.

    2. Lisa Meyer says

      WE had the same problem here in CA. Both Democrats, both minorities, both anti-immigration reform, both anti 2A, women. Both F rated by the NRA. There was no lesser of two evils there. My choice was no choice.

  24. undouble says

    The ONLY way to stop this crap (of life-long politicians feathering their own nests at our expense) is to IMPOSE term limits on EVERY ELECTED and APPOINTED Federal official!!! Give them 3 terms or 12 years (whichever is LESS) then REQUIRE them to step aside for an equivalent period before being eligible to serve again. (Since the Presidency already is “term limited” this change to the constitution is an alteration NOT an amendment. (Ambassador and judicial appointments are also excluded)

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      One term is enough.

    2. bttrap says

      we need to include them in term limits then maybe we won’t have 9th court democrp morons to make stupid rulings

    3. Lisa Meyer says

      Term limit them out by not voting for them after one or two terms.

  25. barnjoer says

    First of all Politics is NOT A GAME. It has to do with our everyday lives & these over paid & under worked jackass in congress need to understand that. Shit or get off the pot!! We the people are tired of being put on the back burner. We & our well being should be the first this on the burner!!!!!

  26. ECwashr says

    McConnell is a Disgrace!! He and his RHINO pals have to be replaced..

  27. My country says

    McConnell is a joke .He was the one who besides Pelosi that made a stupid memorable remark but his never gets told .When asked about what was in the Obamacare bill his answer was just as stupid . His words “I don’t have time to read that thing “.Well if he had read it there would be have been nothing done as head head was up Obama and still is . Well Kentucky needs to rid America of him just like South Carolina needs to rid us of Lindsay Graham and God is about to take old Songbird McCain out of the picture .His hot seat is waiting . People are not that stupid. Trump is right that’s all that jerk hollered for 7 1/2 years Repeal and replace . That old Rino needs to be put out to pasture . We the people know exactly what he and Ryan are doing .And there is a payday coming soon for McConnell and Ryan your lies have found you out .

  28. Tiger says

    A wall has been built. An invincible wall. A wall that can’t be negotiated down. A wall that keeps this country in bondage and refuses to allow Trump’s agenda in. That wall is McConnell, Ryan, McCain and way too many more blockheads. They didn’t want Trump, they never meant what they said when Obama was in office, they let him get away with everything, because they agreed with him.

    The gig was up when Trump won, the curtain pulled back and the Brick Wall was hit full Trump Train. Now they can’t lie out of their own prison anymore. They are now seen for what they are and if this country is as smart as I believe it is they are gone, like the wind, down the road, off the map, out the door and let it hit you in the ass.

    1. KKmoderate says

      From your lips to God’s ears. McCain not up for reelection until ’22 but his buddy, Flake, can be held accountable in ’18. Bring on the midterms!
      Arizona has a long and storied history of electing incompetence and corruption maybe we can start to turn that page and stop being mindless hicks.

    2. nocbsfan says

      You are a great little poster because you dare to be wise !!!

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you.

        1. nocbsfan says

          Surprised to hear from you, didn’t think you would be back this soon, glad to hear from you anyway just in case you still have to go. lu

          1. Tiger says

            Yes it was a mess. Nothing to be done until other things done. It was like the hip bone connected to the thigh bone thingy. What a mess. Will have to go again.

          2. nocbsfan says

            Bless your heart, hate for you to have to go thru stuff like this.

          3. Tiger says

            Thank you it is unerving but I know my mental limits and I won’t sacrifice that.

          4. nocbsfan says

            Like I always say you are a smart girl and I have confidence in your actions

  29. rebel says

    References please…back up your statement.

    1. bttrap says

      he dosen’t know what to do he’s getting to old for the job

  30. Wolfhunter says

    McConnell is not hard to understand. He is a damn RINO. This man needs to be put out to pasture.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      AntiGOP again? Oh well, SHIT happens.

  31. Rusty Landon says

    Complex policy? Only if you want to please everyone.

    I say, ditch ObamaCare (and ANY socialized medicine). Let people EARN their own medical coverage and be responsible with their own health. (I absolutely resent being forced to subsidize EVERY American resident’s healthcare – employed or not, legal resident or not.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says


  32. Robalou01 says

    McConnell is a useless long time party hack. He is emblematic of everything wrong with the current crop of self serving swamp creatures in Washington.

  33. Jim says

    CONgress……aptly named !!!

  34. NovelDog says

    Knock that chip off his shoulder….I dare you! Oh, and we mustn’t hold anyone responsible for lying that they said they were for repeal, just because they played Turn Coat on us and pulled a Benedict Arnold. And blame it all on the Republicans, however, in lock step, the Scum-o-crats voted to keep Obamacare. Of course they have GOOD INSURANCE ….they got EXEMPTED by Obama so they are not hurting. We pay for their good insurance as well as our bad. Where is the tar and feathers and the split rail?

  35. Jim Smith says

    In hindsight, right on Mitch! Pelosi was right, can’t have law makers knowing laws before voting on them! Government by Media would be severely damaged.

  36. Cheryl Detar says

    I personally, like that Trump does NOT “Play the game of politics.”

  37. Sue R Tyson says

    How many of these politicians even know what the constitution says? There is an amendment 28 they keep forgetting about. READ IT!!!

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      My copy ends with the 27th.?????

  38. gotcha1 says

    Trump navigated his way through this “swamp” and via his comments. These stupid politicians smoked themselves out! Now we know EXACTLY where these wimps stand! McConnell said before “Obamacare will be repealed ROOT AND BRANCH”! So far, his roots are shallow and his branches are broken. Obviously, both parties don’t like Trump because he is not one of “them”. He has tactfully exposed the wimps! The establishment politicians of both parties can’t seem to engage the thought that Trump is exactly what we, the people, wanted and tired of the status quo of “kicking the can down the road” mentality. Trump needs to take away their subsidies for that special health insurance all politicians have. Once that happens watch how fast this ObamaCare disaster gets fixed.

    1. KKmoderate says

      Here here! I completely agree with your post!

  39. Jr1776 says

    Our Government is so far gone, we don’t know the half of it.

  40. Valor says

    The real excessive expectations were expecting the Republicans to be serious about their 7 years of promises to repeal Obamacare. That was all window dressing to fool us into thinking they really care about the American People into voting them into majorities in Congress.

    1. gotcha1 says

      Exactly! We the people need to do due-diligence to find a leader that will do the work of the people. Trump came in and is trying to do that but he is working against a staus quo that sees their golden parachutes ending with him. We need to support him with a like minded congress so this overhaul of government can move forward. Obama showed us how it should not be done and completely messed it up!

      1. bttrap says

        very good post

  41. Michael Dennewitz says

    I think it’s amazing – the first president in history THAT ACTUALLY HAS BALLS, and all he gets is bullshit FROM BOTH SIDES of the aisle! TERM LIMITS?, Yes, a lot have suggested that, and I’m in complete agreement, but it should be TWO YEARS, and “they” should have the same medical care as the rest of us. And NO PAYMENTS after they serve. I mean, I’m not making anything sittin on my ass, AND I SERVED IN VIET NAM!! 😑😐😣

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      I was abducted as a SLAVE and was there “in the bush” too. What happened to the 13th. A?

      Neither slavery nor INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    2. bttrap says


  42. junkmailbin says

    time for Mitch the Bitch to get out of the way of those wo adhere to their campaign promises and want to drain the swamp and have real change. The rino contingent thinks that plugging to drain with thier cr_p is what they are supposed to do. Any rino that is not adhering to their promise need to be recalled and /or voted out of office. They American people put the republicans and trump into office to bring about change is a very swift manner. Not half assed rino hand wringing and side stepping

  43. bobsprinkle says

    Just watch…..about 3 to 6 months before the next congressional elections they will start wailing and screaming to get things done…while actually doing nothing. I think the Tea Party should rename itself The Independent Party and push their candidates. Not Repugs…not Dummycrats….Not Teaparty’s
    Independent Americans

  44. kev says

    I’ve been saying for over a million years..vote Mcconnell out of office! He’s a RINO and slow ineffective legislator in congress- he’s a buffoon . He’s just old -lazy and couldn’t change a tire if he had too!

  45. Arnold Young says

    I believe McCain’s brain cancer has already had an effect. His brain has stopped working and all that is left is small man vindictiveness.

  46. Optimista says

    McConnel and McCain don’t have the same agenda as we the people who voted for Trump.
    They are lifers and cater to the lobbyist.
    With Trump in the presidency they are stuck between the proverbial rock and a hardplace.
    Looks like they and many others are choosing to please the lobbyist and their deep pocketed donors and telling us the voters to go pound salt.
    Our responsibility is to keep the ball rolling and get these lifers out of office. If we stay with the program for a couple election cycles they might get the message.

    1. bttrap says

      and try term limits to get rid of these lifers that are brain dead already there are bought and paid for

  47. Joseph Carrilho says

    “McConnell said that Trump, being new to the game of politics, came into office with “excessive expectations” about the legislative process and unrealistic goals

  48. anthony j. manzo says

    Mitch, It is only excessive to people who do not give 100%. You see it is time for you all to get off your butt and give the American People a dollars worth of work for every dollar you are payed. Your vacation is over you have a business man in office Who expects you all to work at least eight hours a day as we all have to in order to EARN our pay. It is time to WORK up or you can just retire and earn your great pension and health care and ETC., legally doing Nothing. You should ALL Remember this is suppose to be a Government of the PEOPLE, By the PEOPLE, and for the PEOPLE. NOT a business, Of POLITICIANS, By POLITICIANS, and For POLITICIANS.

  49. Mario Ruffino says

    I believe that President Trump is truly trying to drain the swamp but the scum is soooo deep that the only soulutionn would be for ALL American to unite , go to DC and TAR AND FEATHER everyone that has violated there OATH OF OFFICE.. They know it but don’t care that they are there to represent and do what is best for America NOT FOR THEMSELVES as they have been doing for years.Most importantely we must find out who the Goverment behind the Goverment is and who pay these prostitutes to do there bidding and destroy them, they have just one desire and that is ONE WORLD POWER

    1. bttrap says

      soros is one he needs to go

  50. Allan Scott says

    Leave Congress alone so they can do their job which is NOTHING!!! In all honesty, they don’t want anything to change in this country and most especially the comps (back-pocket payolla) they get that we never hear of. McConnel ya ‘ol crusty useless piece of flesh, YOU GOTTA GO!

  51. lll% says

    I thank God every day that our first President, the late Great George Washington were a thirty year career politician, otherwise where would we be today.

  52. Truth&Honor says

    Proof McCain is a fraud he’s no hero. http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/navy-releases-mccains-records/ Songbird McCain sets ship on fire

    1. bttrap says

      his grandfather and father can’t be proud of him he was a misfit born in that family

  53. CharlesM says

    McConnell is the proof that the Republican establishment are a bunch of empty suit career parasites who cant get anything done; even when they have the majority.

  54. mallen11 says

    God has given our country a great leader in President Trump and the “swamp” dwellers refuse to accept the great things he is trying to do for our entire country. Their hateful selfishness shows exactly what kind of people they are: anti-american and only for themselves. We are slaves to to their rule.

  55. Pat Prybil says

    You know what Mitch, you’re a MORON. You need to be replaced. You had almost 8 years to have a replacement plan to O’bamacare in place. You guys are dead from the ASS UP !!! There should have been a solid plan all ready as soon as Trump won. Stop with the excuses and do you job !!! P.S. everyone in Congress should have the same insurance that you pass.

  56. Hillgirl19 says

    Mitch McConnell cannot admit he is a lousy legislator, so he blames the President. This is typical establishment behavior. McConnell has lied to the people that have supported him long enough. It is time for Mitch to take a hike.

  57. MaryAnn Brinkman says

    One of the problems here is I don’t believe these people expected to be held accountable to their flapping of their mouth, they just wanted to sound important making promises that had no intention of being accountable. Just keep them on the job, continue with paychecks and medical insurance and any other perks they can pad onto their paychecks.

  58. Lily Haley says

    Congress is part of the swamp and it is the job of the voters in each state to remove their own alligators and vipers if we ever expect anything good to be accomplished. Trump can deal with those in the executive branch, but the legislative branch is our responsibility.

  59. Mathew Molk says

    Trump is used to shrewd but honest dealings with other shrewd but honest business men.

    Mitch the bitch is used to sleazy and back stabbing crooked dealing with other sleasy and back stabbing crooked people.

    One should be President, the other should be a convict.

  60. Chancisify says

    Plenty more swamp dwellers to eliminate! Some are bobbing around with heads barely above the sewage point. If Trump cannot get them to retire, WE THE PEOPLE will gladly send them to retirement status. I’d LOVE to see ALL THEIR BENEFITS ELIMINATED AS THEY ARE NOT DESERVING

  61. Brian Richard Allen says

    …. the answer’s simple: Mitch McConnell is NOT on your side, Mr. President ….

    Nor on America’s.

    An elected Senate is almost entirely redundant in the scheme of things, its 100 members just underemployed, overpaid, self-important and indulgent lay-about bums. Especially privileged representatives. Many of whom, maybe most, have not the slightest concern for nation nor even for those that elect them but spend their every waking moment (not spent, already, working on their tans) extending their holds on their seats — and – via their lap-dog/lick-spittle diligence toward their corporate clients – on their creature comforts.

    McConnell has only one interest:


    And that, Mr President — and his backing by the likes of the as-execrable Carl Rove — is the enemy.

    Drain the Swamp! Sluice the Sewer!

  62. Cheh Low says

    It is time to vote all the scumbags Rinos out of Congress. We also must support Trump for 2020 – Save America and Make America Great Again.

  63. ONLYJB1 says

    Making a list and checking it twice! Will make them all in 2018 pay the price!

  64. Larry Brule says


  65. TPS12 says

    First off it should not be a game mitch. Second off you guys have failed at many turns. For years the r n c sends me a survey asking what should be the top priorities for repubs to accomplish, in fact all you want is money. The questions have been the same for many many years and you have fixed nothing. Read the survey yourselves and ask why haven’t we accomplished any of the objectives we keep asking and the answer will be you fools think it’s a game . Well until you get your act together, until you get rid of rino’s and when you show full support for our chosen President you will not see one cent from me. As far as your survey stick it where the Sun don’t shine cus your a bunch of do nothing establishment politicians on both sides of the isle. We will continue to replace you career politicians as we can.

    1. Deplorable Lanie says

      I agree! NO MORE MONEY FOR THE GOP/RNC UNTIL THEY START WORKING WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP! I will support President Trump but not the Party until they start supporting Trump!

  66. Joannie says

    How the heck can someone post a comment that a certain Senator took lots of $$$ to stop the bill to protect the Tennessee Walking Horses torture. Maybe we should all look it up!!!

  67. Dennis Daggett says

    They ought to keep draining the swamp. These guys are useless.

  68. chuck stanford says

    When comes to relecting.I won’t be relecting lot of these rinos.

  69. Cecelia Henderson says

    For 8 years we listened to Republicans, like Mitch McConnell, use the excuse that “if we only had the House”, then is was “If we only had the House and Senate”. Well the voters did their jobs and gave them the House, the Senate and the Presidency and what do we get for that work and devotion? We get mealy mouthed whining from the same people that used all the excuses for 8 frigging years. These people lied to us and when the time came to Repeal and Replace, they could do neither. So now they need more time for the “complexity of legislating”, BS on that one!! Why weren’t they ready? How do you campaign on an issue and not be prepared to face it? McConnell appeared to be fine in the role of “leader of the losing party”, but has fallen flat on his face as the “leader of the winning Party”.

  70. Michael Dennewitz says

    Will the real, BACKSTABBIN LIBERAL please bend over so I can shove this broken glass up your ass?? 😃🤣😄😅😎😆

  71. Ernest Hendrickson says

    If there ever was a poster boy for TERM LIMITS its McConnell. This doddering old fool is a star example of the arrogance and corruption that inevitably follows entrenched evil men acting as if they are honest. America requires TERM LIMITS to prevent such fools attaining office.

  72. Kenny Smith says

    Mitch McConell and McCain are both Traitors to this country and should be voted out ASAP. All of these traitors popping up around DC lately should be voted out of office ASAP and replaced with someone with some damn sense, this country is getting bad. So lets help Trump make it at least better again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Combatvet52 says

    Mitch McConnell and John McCain are two of the biggest AH in the Senate, they have a blame problem like someone else we know……..I wish Trump can kick their azzes out in the gutter.

  74. scott lynch says

    I’ve heard the same

  75. Gary Von Neida says

    McConnell is a bit “long in the tooth” and should step down and be replaced with a non R.I.N.O.!

    1. Lisa Meyer says

      Right! Term limits and AGE limits!

      1. nocbsfan says

        No, No, Lisa you’ll be young someday

        1. Lisa Meyer says

          Only when God calls me home!

          1. nocbsfan says

            Good answer Lisa !

          2. Lisa Meyer says


          3. nocbsfan says

            Gee Lisa , your pretty cute

          4. Lisa Meyer says

            Aw, I bet you say that to all the ladies that smile at you! 😉

          5. nocbsfan says

            Yeah ! I just can’t help myself. A beautiful smile just melts me down.

          6. Lisa Meyer says

            Yes, I know! I see you were stepping out on me with Tiger while I was away! Hahaha!

          7. nocbsfan says

            I never was good at getting away with any thing, Tiger is a great little lady , but she has all the guys in her life she needs. Besides you sound pretty nice.

          8. Lisa Meyer says

            You need to be sneakier and not post your flirtations on a public forum! LOL
            Tiger is cool! I have great respect for her. SHE is one who is very well informed and has great insight.
            I am a.nice person. Some would say too nice! But if you get me too riled up, watch out! 😉

          9. nocbsfan says

            You are very flattering, and I love having this great big smile on my face. Tiger and I have been teasing back and forth for a long time, but honey she has a family who she is very happy with. I don’t mind you being too nice at all, and if I do anything that is getting you riled up just tell me, and I will take care of it. I wouldn’t like seeing you riled because I like you laughing much better. and that is the way I want to keep you, smiling.! See you are smiling right now.

  76. Israel Kills AMERICANS says



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  77. Wondering Woman says

    The republican and democratic parties died when the one world global government, aka the new world order, took over the RNC and The DNC decades ago – becoming one traitorous party working for the new world order. No doubt many of them were blackmailed into becoming a traitor, but that does not excuse their being a traitor to America, Americans and every living human being on the planet as we are the last hold out against the new world order. We

    We have given them a patriotic leader who truly wants to MAGA, but these traitors choose to remain traitors and work with the new world order to destroy us from within. We have to find a way to demand the immediate arrest and detainment of all of these congressional members holding us hostage, stalling for more time to destroy is from within and bring them to trial for high treason and crimes against humanity – and keep them in detainment until their trials are over!

    1. rocky says

      they who write the laws, and immune to the laws… happens every time it’s tried !!!

  78. dino m. says

    no “executive orders” are needed from the President for any reason. “Obamacare” is dying its’ own death, because it was nothing more than “Socialized Healthcare” devised by whom…..know-nothing democrats. now the GOP wants to “fix” the problems that they basically inherited from the “other stupid people”! tell your elected officials to let this damned law crash-and-burn, right down to the ground, and then GET THE HELL OUT OF THE FREE MARKET AND LET THE INSURANCE COMPANIES SELL THEIR PRODUCT TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, LIKE IT WAS BEFORE! the government couldn’t regulate the temperature of a fish aquarium with an electric heater.

  79. Richard Daugherty says

    Mcconnell is a criminal. He does not and will not work for the American people. Most of Senate and Congress right there with him. We need a new government.

  80. Israel Kills AMERICANS says






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  81. Lisa Meyer says

    Hey, McConnell! What is so complex about the legislative process? It didn’t seem to be all that complex when all of you slugs voted for the bill without even knowing what was in it, against the wishes of the majority of Americans. Do your job and quit snivelling because you got called out for lying to your constituents for the last seven years. And POTUS is right…retire McCain the drain king.
    Anyone else his age who had a terminal medical condition that affected his ability to make important decisions would have already been helped out the door. But this walking dead wood gets a pass.

    1. nocbsfan says

      Talking to few people in Arizona who I know says McCain will never make it through his next election, Due to his brain cancer he probably wont be able to run anyway, McConnell an d Ryan maybe a bit harder, we need to do what we can to get rid of them. Hi Lisa

      1. Lisa Meyer says

        Hi, nocbsfan! If McC is around this time next year, I will be surprised. My step-brother brother had this same type.of cancer that McC has, and he lasted four months after his diagnosis.
        Unfortunately, I don’t live in AZ. so I won’t have any say on whether Johnboy gets re-elected or not, but if the man wasn’t so selfish and narcissistic, he would st

        1. nocbsfan says

          I suppose his real problem at the moment is jealousy, He believes he should have been President. I thought so too at the time, but I am sure glad the country was smarter than I am. Yep, Johnboy has got to go. Morning Lisa

          1. Lisa Meyer says

            Could be. But just like his Navy career, he sabotaged that himself during one of his debates against Obanana. I think (probably one of the few who do) that his choice of Sarah Palin was spot on, and together they could have done what Trump is trying to do — MAGA. He had the contacts and years of government behind him, and she had the experience running the state government. But he had his age and a few public missteps, and the media ripped Palin for everything she did or said, just like they are now doing to Trump.
            I really had to hold my nose and close my eyes when punching the card for O, but I just couldn’t see McC’s lack of vision and sometimes befuddled performances as being the leadership this country needed.

          2. nocbsfan says

            The media seems to do what ever it takes to make or keep obanana president, Yes they did rip Sarah Palin apart.Too bad because she would have made an excellent federal politician, and public speaker. Oh well there’s still Ryan and MacConnell , Graham lately has been speaking well of the President, so have to keep and eye on him. He may be seeing the light. Lets hope so Shusssssh 2022 is a long way off. You seem to be well informed, its good discussing this stuff with you.

          3. Lisa Meyer says

            I am not as well informed as some in this board, but that is because I don’t read or listen to the Anti- Trump media anymore. They are nothing but corrupt, anti-american hack’s ( and that is the nicest thing I can say.) Did you see that press conference yesterday? They b*tched and moaned all weekend because he didn’t make a string enough statement about Charlottesville, and then we he does name names, they cry “too little, too late.” It just goes to show that no matter what he does or says, their going to say he’s wrong. There is a concerted effort to get rid of him, and they are either going to force him out or find something, anything to prosecute him for. There have been ongoing rumors about the “Deep State” working to undermine his presidency. I used to think it was all conspiracy theory. After Charlottesville, which I think now was planned to happen, I am becoming a believer. The corrupt media are aiding and abetting in his removal. Where was their indignation when Obama refused to name the evil that is radical Islamic terrorism? Nothing but crickets!
            I think Trump’s original statement was the correct one, given the information he had AT THE TIME. The only thing he should have added was that as more information came in, he make statements later. He SHOYLD have placed the blame.squarely where it belongs…on the shoulders of the city council who voted to remove that statue of Lee, because they wanted to placate a FEW outsiders who didn’t even live in the city. And the other part of the blame goes to the idiot mayor who went along with it, and who was notified that people were going to show up with weapons, and he told his police officers to stand down UNTIL violence occurred. That idiot Governor McAuliffe is just as complicit for not having the national guard roll into that park before the protestors ever got there. But do we hear the media ripping at them? NOOOOOO! It’s all Trump’s fault, because he is supposed to be everywhere and run every state and city government in this country! A$$h©|=$.
            Sorry to have gotten off topic. I have been needing to get that off my chest for days and my phone has been giving me fits about typing on it.
            I agree Palin would make a good senator or Congresswoman, but I doubt she will ever run again thanks to the media jackals trashing her and her family. You know, Russia and China have the right idea when it comes to the media. They have state run media. I think Trump should finance his own media site where his supporters can get REAL NEWS. Oh yeah, he has that. It’s called Twitter! Lol.
            As for Graham, I think he is a snake in the grass. He goes along to get along. But we shall see. Not sure Ryan will win his next election. A lot of people in his state don’t like him either
            We need to go to a simple majority vote to remove Sens. and Cong. from office instead of the lengthy and ridiculous recall process. Particularly when they are in leadership roles, like Ryan, McConman, Pelosi and Sh*tmor.
            It is.my pleasure to have discussions with you. So nice to talk to someone who isn’t calling me an idiot, moron, racist, dumba$$, etc. etc. just because I don’t believe their anti-american, anti- democracy hate speech.

          4. nocbsfan says

            I believe you do a pretty god job, and if you want to get it off your chest do just what you did just start talking. You believe you are not well informed but you just did a superb job, and that makes you informed. And I enjoy these discussions we have and want another lifetime of them. Democrats have come apart at the seams, I guess after you have been lied to as much as them, you have left to believe in. But they don’t have sense enough to change I think the way you are believing is correct, because that is what I believe. And I like it when we agree 😉

          5. Lisa Meyer says

            Well, thank you. You are quite the flatterer, aren’t you?!

            I try to stay on topic, though. I know the Charlottesville stories are mostly on Newsmax, but I cannot get into their site on my phone anymore for some reason.
            It irritates me when I am reading comments about a particular topic and someone comes in and hijacks the thread. But we are so far down on this one that probably no one else is paying attention to us anyway. If they were, I probably would have been called out as a racist for daring to think that the C-ville city council was wrong to remove Lee’s statue. I’ve already seen that happen to others. I’m really tired of the race card being used in this instance. It’s NOT ABOUT RACE, ITS ABOUT HISTORY BEING E-RASED!
            And I could go on a longer rant, but I must be off to work now, so I will have to continue our discussions later.
            Bye for now!

          6. nocbsfan says

            So you are off to work in the middle of the day, interesting. Some of this story got past me somehow. I know about the statues and the riots (sorta) I don’t know what the President said, that has some of his staff upset. And just who is really responsible to see that history is preserved. I believe this whole thing is really getting out of hand, almost to the point that civil war is eminent. That is not good. Well maybe one of these days you will love me enough to tell me what part of the world you live in.

          7. Lisa Meyer says

            You are right about it getting out of hand. The media and all of Trump’s critics just need to let it go and move on, but they want to just keep stirring s**t up. If you ask me, the media is the biggest cause of division in this country. And the Repukes in Congress and Senate won’t stand behind him either, the swamp full of snakes and toothless Crocs!

            As for going to work in the middle of the day, I have a part time job so my hours are different all the time. And you know I live in Central CA. so my time is different than yours.

          8. nocbsfan says

            The media is the primary cause of the troubles in this country today. We know and they know the constitution is own their side and there is nothing anyone can do about legally. Ahhhh but there is something we can do about commercially. Let the sponsors of their broadcast know we will no longer use their product unless the media starts acting like the media should. That is in the interest of our country and the world, and stop trying to rule the world with their foolish nonsense………Sorry I missed you last night, but as you said there is a time difference BTW I love your toothless crocs……Central California is very pretty even some of the San Joaquin Valley. The east and the western part is gorgeous, if you like mountains. Being from Florida, mountains are a great change. Sorry your work times are different, I don’t know how that is cause I was always self employed, my hours were from daylight to dark thirty. Guess it is just getting up time where you live, hope to hear from you this morning. It is always a pleasure, cause I like talking to you.

          9. Lisa Meyer says

            You have a point about not patronizing the sponsors of the media. I don’t watch any network news anymore, and my local news station, while remaining mostly objective, has slipped a few times and let their mouths runaway to the left. I tried doing that with some chain fast food places here a few years back. They started sending out coupon s in Spanish, so in silent protest, I stopped going to even my favorite one. There must have been a bunch more people who were much more proactive and vocal than I however. Shortly after they began sending the coupons out in English again, and now once or twice a year, the do it in Spanish. Another chain did it later, and the same thing happened. I guess being the squeaky wheel works. Too bad the left can’t learn how to protest passively.
            I also was going to not buy any products in grocery stores labeled in Spanish. But you can’t hardly find anything that isn’t anymore ( not in Mexifornia anyway) and I do like to eat occasionally.
            What part of.Florida are you in? I have never been east of Louisiana. I would like to see FL. someday, but for the beaches, I don’t think I would like to live there.
            Sorry my reply is.so late. Somehow I missed your post. I enjoy our talks also. 🙂

          10. nocbsfan says

            Don’t mean to mislead you, I no longer live in Fla. in fact left many years ago. When I left there was like 300K in my area (central Fl) and I thought it was to crowded. Now ! There is 5 million. I was talking to a niece on an earlier date and we are discussing the number of people where she lived, She replied “Yeah and they are all on the freeway” ….Lisa i suppose badgering advertisers is the only way to fight the media. People are working at it I keep hearing about CNN is all but bankrupt. If this is true then it works. With all these people that voted for Trump would attack the media. and started doing something about it. They would surely stand up and listen. Yeah I like our little talks, Just whenever you can. If it takes you too long I will run out to Ca tackle you and tell you to get on that keyboard

          11. Lisa Meyer says

            WOW! I could not live in a city that large! I am not happy where I live right now, and there are {only} 376,000!
            I just don’t have the time to sit down and write letters to every foolish company that thinks we need to pander to the complainers. But you are right. If enough people do it, it will work. I did write to my Congressman the other day, after hearing that some dems, most notably some nobody from NY of course, have put forth a call to censure President Trump over his remarks. Now I hear several of them are calling for impeachment again. When will these imbeciles learn that you cannot impeach a president unless he is committing a crime? Last I heard, having an opinion is not a crime, and he only ended up having the second news conference (which was unnecessary) because the media, the dums, and everyone else was screaming for him to do it! They are NEVER happy, except in this case, he may have played right into their conniving hands.
            It isn’t that I don’t want to be on here, but I usually use my phone because my laptop is on its last legs. Recently, my phone has started lagging waaay behind when I am trying to type on this site and it gets really frustrating waiting for it to catch up. And I cant even get into Newsmax anymore on my phone. By the way, my name over there is PHOENIX_RISING. You are going to have a long run to CA. to tackle me. I’ll wait…with my football gear on! 😀

          12. nocbsfan says

            Living in a city with to many people is monstrous. Well if there gets to be to many people I’ll go where there isn’t. I don’t want to be a hermit,just don’t care for to many. If you are about the same way you would not like Fla. that place looks like ants on a sugar lump. Beaches are so crowded you can’t hardly even get to them. I don’t know about now North Florida is crowded there is just more beach and is a lot prettier , the water is clearer and seems cleaner. Use to go scuba diving in N. Fla. and it always was so pretty(in the water) Lot of big springs some of which buddies and I went cave diving. That was fun only it is a young mans game. ….Worry not about all this impeachment stuff, you are right cant impeach a president unless he has committed a crime. Its all candy coating intended to keep Trump looking bad, they know they can’t pull it off. Honey I am sorry you are having so much trouble with your computer stuff. hope you don’t lose it all together, Not to worry if I have to tackle you I’ll be gentle. Phoenix_rising Wow that is one hot bird 😉 ♫ ♥ ♥ ♥

          13. Lisa Meyer says

            Yes, I am afraid I would not do well in Fla. at all. I am like you, I like my space. People are just too rude and don’t respect anyone else’s desire to have peace and quiet. One cant even go camping anymore without having to listen to some idiot’s stereo blaring all over the campground. I swear I dont know why half the people in CA go camping. They certainly don’t do it for peace and quiet! I guess it’s a little better now that a lot of people have earbuds stuck in their ears now, or too busy on their phones, but if I camp anymore, it is during the week, and when all the kiddies are in school. The biggest reason I wouldnt live in FL. though is cause they have too many toothy critters that like to eat people, and bugs you can throw a saddle on. And I dont like snakes in my bed! Haha!

            I’d like to believe you about Trump, but how can he keep on fighting against all these attacks coming from every side? I have never in all my life seen such a fractured government in this country and it is really scary! His own party won’t even defend him or support him. How can he keep putting up with all of this garbage. He must be wishing he had never run for Pres. of this ungrateful country. But then, he is used to adversity. Some say God is with him, and God put him where he is against all the odds. I hope and pray that they are right, and that God also gives him the sword with which to smite his enemies far and near.

            “…Hot bird”…Hahaha, and here I thought I picked a name that no one could turn on me or turn into anything! You devil, you! 😉

          14. nocbsfan says

            You bring up a very interesting subject. You speak a lot about camping, is this something you are fond of doing ? Wow you are a girl after my own heart. I love to camp, only its not as much fun being by yourself. But with a partner with the same love of outdoors sounds like a fantasy come true. (Don’t let me get to far ahead myself) I have never met girls who seem to care about outdoors. Its just beautiful to meet one that does..(sigh) These fears you have of toothy critters of which eats people is pure myth. These toothy critters are just as afraid of you as you are them. They will fight you over their offspring as most animals will do. They don’t want to eat you just protect their offspring. Little tots barely able to walk stroll unattended near lake shores or rivers, might be trouble because they just appear as a small animal. Now should we ever camp where these critters exist, don’t worry for I will protect you. LOL 😉 Seriously !
            Snakes are mostly harmless, they don’t go looking for trouble and will avoid you as much as possible. I will pick one up and let it bite me just to show you they don’t hurt. They will bite because they are afraid for their life. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone. If you accidently step on one of course it will try and protect itself. Little flying biting bugs are easy to control, there is all kinds of stuff manufactured to keep them away from you. Even I can help.
            As far as the President goes, this country would be much better off if he were able to govern with the cooperation of Congress. 2018 elections should take care of this, not much we can do until then. California is mostly democratic and seems to be going nuttier by the day. I don’t believe it is the party as much as people who have been in office to long, we need to change all that not just in California but the entire USA and its afiliates Gee thanks its fun talking to you, Don’t worry I will get along fine with your Fire Bird. 😉 ♥

          15. Lisa Meyer says

            Did you get my really looong reply? I had to answer my phone in the middle of it, and when I went back to continue it, it was Gone!

          16. nocbsfan says

            No, I didn’t get it and I really wanted it cause there were many things I am really curious about and some just down right nosy. Hoping you will take the time to do it over. I know how you feel because I go through the same thing ever so often and it seem to wait until you have a nice long letter and no way to remember everything you wrote and blewy it just disappears, or they will tell you, we need to revue your post for some strange reason. I enjoy our chats a lot and look forward to receiving them. You make even talking politics enjoyable. With you its fun, where some men will kill each other over political disagreements. Oh well leave that negative stuff in the closet. we have good things to talk about. Too bad there is no way to save a post if you have to leave it for a few minutes, to ensure it would be there we you return. Anyway looking forward to hearing from you 😉 ♫ ♥ ♥ ♥

          17. Lisa Meyer says

            ARRRGH! I HATE THAT! Disqus is really getting on my very last nerve!
            Ok. I will try to remember all that I wrote, and I will do it over again. But you’re going to get it in separate posts because I have to go to work this morning, and my phone is lagging when I type on it.

          18. nocbsfan says

            Absolutely okay the more post I receive from you the better I like it . Is the trouble with your phone the server or you have just had it along time,LOL if it is none my business you are free to tell me and I will love you anyway. It is not just disqus but computers in general that are irritable so many things can go wrong and so many people trying to make them go wrong. We out smart them then they turn around an bite us again. Somehow we manage, looking forward to hearing a whole bunch of short post 😉

          19. Lisa Meyer says

            I am not sure what the problem is. I think it is Disqus. I don’t have any problems logging in to or typing posts on FTN or Newsmax on my laptop. And I didn’t used to have problems with phone when I fist started posting on either site a year or two ago. Now I can’t even log in to comment at NM. I get a DNS error that ” the address can’t be found.” That’s probably because the address of NM, and the address that comes up when I log in are two different things. So all I get is a blank page that never loads.
            As for the lagging, that started about 4 months ago and is getting worse. The longer the post, or the farther down in a discussion it is, the longer it takes for letters to appear as I type. It’s beginning to do it now. When it is really bad, it can take up to 7 seconds for EACH letter to appear. Very frustrating when you have a lot of punctuation, caps, and numbers in a post, and you are trying to correct mistakes as you go. Plus, where this post might take me a minute or two to type, because of the lag time, it could take me 3x that long to wait for the words to show up so I can post it!
            I can find nowhere to get help from Disqus. I don’t want to unsubscribe b/c then I would lose my account and all of my posts etc. And I know how important numbers of posts and upvotes are to some of the trolls on these sites. It’s like you’re insignificant if you don’t have 10000 posts and upvotes.
            My phone is only about a year old, and it isn’t my carrier as I have already talked to them. It’s just my lot in life. I think I have a permanent solar flare over my head because any time I have a piece of technologically advanced equipment, I will have the only lemon of it ever produced

          20. nocbsfan says

            Anytime I see a post of yours I always upvote it so you get plenty from me. I am going to have to get that little thunder cloud from following you around Electronics have and always will be a problem. Is the laptop where you are having the lag problem ? Sounds like your RAM is maxed out. You might try cleaning it up by removing unneeded, or what is called free up memory by going to your action center, I don’t know what your operating system is such as windows 7 or 10 or ? Until I know that its hard to tell where to check Unless it has always give you a problem, it will work correctly again Fragmentation can cause some of it Or you are just trying to save to much. Get an external hard drive for storage might help. I intend to take that solar flare and send it packing. Just let me be your pain in the neck instead LOL Well I like the idea 😉

          21. nocbsfan says

            Gee I have been looking everywhere for you, I’ll try one of these old post and see if it will get to you.

          22. Lisa Meyer says

            Plus I have a lot of people to answer. I and some others have been beating on a few stupid trolls on another article and my inbox has been blowing up the last few days. So be patient!

          23. nocbsfan says

            Okay I’ll be patient, Honey I will also be gone for the next two days Hope you miss me as much as I will miss you 😉 ♫ ♥ ♥ ♥

          24. Lisa Meyer says

            Well, I hope you will have fun, where ever you are going, and yes, I will miss talking to you. BUT you will have a lot to read when you get back. Be safe! See you in a few days!

          25. nocbsfan says

            Hi, this is not a fun type trip, I have Doctors who practice two hundred miles from here.I have a late appointment and if I don’t have to drive at night I don’t, I am going to spend the night there all by myself. After an early appointment I will head home, so I should be back by tomorrow night, evening, whatever….This is just regular physical stuff, not much to it. Trying to stay healthy, just for you. 😉

          26. Lisa Meyer says

            You must really like your doctor’s to travel that far to see them! I hope all goes well for your physical. Don’t blame you about driving at night, but drive safely. There are whackos out in the daytime too! TTFN….

          27. nocbsfan says

            This a small town, we have a really nice hospital, I Wouldn’t give you 29 cents for the local doctors, so consequently I will drive the distance. Don’t look for any problems , but will let you know soon as I can. 😉

          28. Lisa Meyer says

            Yep, you must go where the GOOD doctors are. I would do the same thing.
            I finally had the time to answer your post about camping, toothy critters, bugs and snakes. It is in two separate posts, and they may have posted backwards from the order I answered. If that happened, Disqus did it.
            I hope you had an uneventful trip, and that all is well with you healthwise.
            Look forward to hearing from you!

          29. nocbsfan says

            Yep, received them and this in one gathering. Have sit here and tried to answer them, mostly cause I just enjoy talking to you. Some day we are going to hav to go camping so we can prove ourselves . Don’t worry there is lots of good old Earth just sitting there all by itself. As long as we don’t leave a mess behind it wont mind at all. To my really good friend Lisa, Thank you 🙂 (((HUG)))

          30. nocbsfan says

            Where are you little baby. Thinking about Marlon Brando getting on his knees an screaming LISA. In a “Streetcar named Desire”

          31. Lisa Meyer says

            Ok, sooooo…camping. I love to be outside. If it’s outside, I’m in, haha. Well, I wont do bungee jumping or skydiving, or rock climbing, although I have always dreamed of climbing Mt. Everest! I used to love to camp a lot, but California is just too overcrowded now, and people here are just plan rude and inconsiderate. When I go camping, I want to hear birds, the babble of brooks or water lapping at the lake shore. I want to hear the wind in the trees the crackle of a fire, or rain on the tent. I DO NOT want to hear a baby cry all night, kids screaming, dogs barking, or the 15 drunks in the next campsite hollering and yelling all night long. I also don’t want to hear the stereo across the campground blaring, particularly if it is cucaracha music from the entire generation of illegals that have invaded the park and taken up 6 campsites. To get away from any of that here you have to go to the remote campsites, some of which are pretty scary BECAUSE of their remoteness and because some of them are good places for drug deals , illegal marijuana grows, and ax murderers to hang out. Even though I am always packing heat when I travel, you can’t defend against something that sneaks up on you, or that you can’t see. It is said there is safety in numbers, but there are some places I wouldn’t camp with a squad of Marines guarding me! All of my friends are too old, disabled or just plain don’t like to camp, and as you say, it’s no fun to go alone. Nor for a solo woman is it safe these days. So anymore, if I camp, I go during the week, in winter, when all the kiddies are back in school.

          32. nocbsfan says

            Camping is not camping unless you can hear the quietness, that is why one goes camping. So I can see your concern, for not wanting to hear mid city noises when you don’t want to hear anything. So far we have a direct connection,as everything you described is exactly the way I feel. For one exception, I would try and talk you out of fantasy fulfilling actions such as climbing Mt. Everest. I just no longer like heights, besides it is always below zero, and it takes years to train for something like that. …Remoteness is something harder and harder to find, there are places, mostly where Sr. Citizens frequent. The ones who are not to old or disabled still love to act like a child and camp out somewhere besides the backyard. Those who have done well are buying large motor homes, places to park them may as well be in mid-city. Others who can tolerate tent camping usually do so in places where younguns do not trod. All those who camp together have more fun, unless you are one of those who do not want to be a round people. Me ! I love to camp.and having a partner with the same likes, is like your fantasy of climbing Everest. LOL Its hard to imagine you going by yourself.? You must be one tough little lady. I guess those who don’t know each other very well might want to be more secluded so they can concentrate on each other. You speak about your friends being Sr citizens and being to old or disabled. I also am a Sr.Citizen and hope you are at least approaching your later years. But I think I can do what any one else can do, so far not having any trouble, which is why I have physicals once a year or as needed. BTW My latest is fine have to wait a few days for blood test to be completed, but we don’t look for any problems, so he says and since I don’t realize anything being different. So there you are , good for another year.

          33. Lisa Meyer says

            Ha ha! I have dreamed of climbing Mount Everest since I was in my thirties. It wasn’t going to happen then, and it wont happen now. Not only for the reasons, you listed, but it also costs 50-100,000 dollars, which I don’t have, and wouldn’t spend on something like that even if I did. While it would be an amazing thing to be standing on the top of the world, and seeing that view, the financial and physical toll is just unreal! You get up at midnight on “Summit Day” and it is minus 30 degrees, You trudge 4000 vertical feet in a mile and a half, every step a Herculean effort of sheer force of will, pushing a body that does not want to move, and whose physiological functions have been taxed and changed beyond anything normal. The trek takes you 14 hours, and you get to enjoy the view for only a few minutes. And that is IF EVERYTHING GOES RIGHT, which it seldom does. Chomolungma (The Nepalese name for Everest) is a mountain of unparralleled complexity, and one not for the faint of heart. I have a book which has some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen of Everest, even summit views, and I will just have to content myself with them and my dreams.
            Speaking of midnight, it is after that here, so I will continue this tomorrow. G’Nite!

          34. nocbsfan says

            Okay, we can do a little better than that. Just go to google earth and put your self on the summit, then you can spin around and see it all just like you were there, with not even a fraction of the inconvenience as if you were there.Of course its not the real thing but gives you an idea of what it would be like. I have done that several times, and enjoyed it each time just like it was the first. Don’t even have to wear a sweater. Thank you for staying up so late just to talk to me ! 🙂

          35. Lisa Meyer says

            Great Idea! I’ve never even thought of that!
            Had computer problems all day, so now I am really behind in all of my replies on the news boards. I was in the middle of a conversation with Tiger. She probably thinks I deserted her. I have to get caught up as I wont be able to post much this next week, and the news never stops!
            Glad to hear everything came out alright with your physical and that you got home safely. It’s great to talk to you, but don’t expect me to stay up that late every night! LOL.
            I just turned 57, and while I have a 30 yr old brain and ambition, the body is beginning to feel its age. I used to walk 3-8 miles a day every day, but in the last few years, all that walking has done some damage to muscles, joints and the fascia in my left foot, so I have had to pretty much give that up. I still love to hike and don’t get to do as much as I would like (there again, because I don’t want to do it alone), because of these injuries. Camping in California has gotten expensive too. Most of the State Parks cost around $50 a night for a site (They are trying to make up for their budget and debt). Some of the private RV parks can be more than that. When you factor in your cost for fuel to pull a trailer or drive a big RV someplace, you can stay in a nice hotel for the cost anymore. But every once in awhile, I will talk a friend into roughing it for a few days. The beach isn’t that far away. Right now I WISH I could go to the beach. This coming week is supposed to be a scorcher here. Temps up to 110 all week long! I was hoping we were done with the hundreds. Apparently, Ma Nature is “fired up” about something!

          36. nocbsfan says

            Okay we have everest taking care, you will probably enjoy that. I haven’t caught Tiger posting anywhere lately , but then I have been concentrating on you. If you have a thirty year old brain, don’t knock it, that is most of the battle. Keep a young brain and you can make the rest of you follow not to far behind. Sorry about your left foot but if it hurts I will carry you the rest of the way. Have you always lived in the west ? There is a lot of beautiful country to see, if you haven’t already.. One thing about California beaches, they are cold so I guess it would help. If you didn’t live so far away I would just come and get you, lets see you are about 2500 miles from me..Oh well we will talk about that. I remember the first time we conversed you were going to San Francisco and complaining about the heat then….Thought you sorta stayed warm there til about mid Oct. I lived in Az. for twenty some years it stayed warm there all the time, except at night. Honey think about the email thing and let me know.

          37. Lisa Meyer says

            Toothy critters…I am speaking of alligators and crocodiles, and I dont think they are afraid of much! I have watched Animal Planet show where they have caught them in backyard swimming pools, mall parking lots, freeways, and one woman even went to get in her car one day and there was one underneath the car…IN THE GARAGE! I used to have a web photo of an alligator standing on its hind legs at someone’s front door. (yes, it was photoshop-ed. I know they cant do that. LOL) The caption underneath it said:
            Knock, knock…(who’s there?)…UPS! 🙂

            Bugs…Most bugs I can deal with. I HATE grasshoppers. I despise crickets and roaches, but just squash them. Not real fond of praying mantis, but if they leave me alone I will leave them alone. The bugs you have back there that I would absolutely abhor are those mutant roaches called Palmetto bugs! I would have to carry a shotgun everywhere I went and would probably be deemed a terrorist! And dont you also have centipedes? UGH…creepy things!

            Snakes…just the poisonous kind. We only have the Western Diamondback Rattler out here. FL. has several. The reason I mentioned not liking them in my bed is because I had a friend who lived in FL. years ago, and she said one night she got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and when she came back to get in bed, she saw, by the dim glow of a nightlight, something on the bed that didn’t seem right. She turned a flashlight on, and there, in the middle of her bed, was a Copperhead! She does not know if it was there when she got out of bed, but either way, she was lucky she wasn’t bitten. The next day, they found that one of the cabinets in the bathroom had a hole in the floor, and they surmised that is how the snake got in the house. (It was a rental and she and her mom were just moving into it.)
            I know most snakes in the US will avoid people if they can, and usually dont bite if not provoked, but sometimes their presence is unknown. I live in the foothills on the edge of my city, and every now and then, a snake or two gets in our yard because it is nice and green and cool and damp, and there are lots of hiding places. One day, I was using my weed eater along the path, and all of a sudden I heard this *Splurt*, and parts of something went flying. It was a snake, and it had been right at my feet in the path of the weed eater! I never even saw it hiding in the bushes! Fortunately (or unfortunately for the snake) it was a non-venomous gopher snake. Another time I was pulling some weeds for my next door neighbor along the retaining wall that runs between our properties. I reached behind a shrub to pull this one long weed, and a Rosy Boa slithered across the top of my hand as fast as it could go. I did a backwards crab scuttle to the middle of the yard at the speed of light! And then one day my cat ran into a rattlesnake. Cat thought it was a plaything and was taking swipes at it. Neither the snake nor I thought it was funny! I called cat and called him and he was just intent on playing with this thing. I finally had to throw a dirt clod at the cat, then I went and got my pistol and killed the snake. If the rattlers stay outside my fence line, I will leave them alone. Come on to my property and they are vapor! I do feel bad about accidentally killing the gopher snake. They are good snakes because they eat rodents and bugs. King snakes are even better because they eat rattlesnakes! LOL

          38. nocbsfan says

            Crocodiles are dangerous, and best left alone. You will only find them in south Fl. and So Louisiana. When I was talking about toothy critters earlier I was talking about Alligators and they are not aggressive An example, when I was going to school in Florida during the summer a friend and I use to retrieve golf balls from water hazards the sell them back to the golf pro Once when I was at the bottom of a little pond sweeping my hands back and forth churning up golf balls I grabbed a gator right in the middle of its body and immediately it started for the surface, I did not let go and when we reached the surface it started spinning and I had to let go. The gator jumped out of the water and ran across the golf course. I was doubled up laughing, but then women started screaming and running everywhere, and I’m sorry but that was really funny. This gator was about five feet long, and had he been bad I would have been in trouble. They are afraid of you and are not aggressive Just don’t mess with them while they are guarding their offspring, for then they will bite you….Bugs, don’t look for them at least while you are camping,almost anyone will make an exclamation when surprise by a bug. Bugs mostly make you hurt yourself. I don’t like them crawling on me, but I will prevail. Camping, they will be a problem remember you are in their territory, but I promise you we will win. And also Fl. is a place, one easily avoided. There are much better places to go camping. Snakes are everywhere, you just have to watch for them. Camping in places where snakes are prevalent I like to carry a little 410 shot gun for poisonous snakes, if you can’t shoo it off then there is little choice Copperheads are a little aggressive, but they can be handled. Yes there are a lot of good snakes, leave them alone because they do you much good and very little harm.

          39. Lisa Meyer says

            I will be MOST happy to leave Crocs and Gators alone! The only place I would want to see one would be the zoo, or one of those gator farms down south. I am glad the worst thing we have to worry about out here are wasps. And wasp spray takes care of them from about 20 feet away. We do have these nasty flyers here called mosquito hawks. Funny, I have lived here all my life and never knew they existed until I went shooting one day with my nephew, and he told me if one buzzed near, not to swat at it as they are very aggressive, they will chase you, and their sting is VERY painful, worse than a snakebite. I had to look it up on the computer when I got home to make sure he wasn’t just messing with me. He wasn’t. Their name is misleading. They are NOT mosquito size! They are about the size of a large moth, and black. Kinda evil looking. The only good thing about them is that they are indigenous to only a small area of dry, hot valley near me, and there is not anyplace in their habitat that I care to frequent or camp anyway.

          40. nocbsfan says

            The only mosquito hawks I know of are the same things as dragon flies, and are completely harmless. Use to catch them when i was a kid and played with them. They were about two inches long with double wings on each side, with long bodies and a large head (for their size) I never knew of them to bite or sting and they are born in water. Maybe in Ca they are different type of bug I don’t know. Don’t worry about Alligators if one comes around I will catch it and put it on a lease for you , then it wont be a problem. What else do you like to do, Such as do you like to swim,? Just thinking of things outdoors. Sports, like play golf.? Play football but you have a bad foot.. Maybe Bowl ? There must be things you like doing that is preferential . There is something I hope we can do right now. Would you be okay with trading emails, I will be happy to put my address on disqus so you wont have too then just answer and your mail wont be posted. Just so I can reach you without going through all kinds of disqus sites trying to find you. And can be a little freer with our discussion.

        2. nocbsfan says

          McCain doesn’t run until 2022 probably wont make to then anyway, especially with your prognosis of four months

          1. Lisa Meyer says

            Even if he is around then, he will be, what..86? If the people of AZ vote for his doddering old hide by then, they deserve what they get. I will donate to anyone who opposes him, even if it’s a Dem. No one could do any worse!

          2. nocbsfan says

            There will definitely be a democrat running, there always is, Arizona is a republican state, There are some demo counties but even they will vote repub.. If he goes in at 86 he would finish at 92 and that is a good primary campaign point. Listen carefully because one can be picked or convincing that could be worse. One of McCain’s winning points were his wife who owns a brewery and is very well liked. I know because I personally met her and she is one sweet little girl. (she was with him when I met her). I just don’t believe that will be enough in his next election if he should survive. Oh well Lisa more than likely neither one of us will live in Arizona so it will be someone else’s responsibility. If we know anyone there , write letters. Hey, thanks for listening.

          3. Lisa Meyer says

            Well, his age was one of the reasons I decided not to vote for him when he ran for prez. I think his Challenger in this last election either must have been worse than him, or AZ just thinks the devil they know is better than one they don’t. I think it was a woman, and maybe she ran on a pro- immigration program which does not go over well in that state. Too bad Jan Brewer won’t run. She would be awesome! I have lots of family and friends there and I know some of them did not vote for McCain. The others I don’t talk politics with.

          4. nocbsfan says

            Jan Brewer is one sane lady and one who knows what she is doing. It really is a shame she wont run but then 2022 is a ways off, we might be able to change her mind. If the news media lets up she might ? I can’t blame any politician for not running the way things are. But this is just what the media wants, this way they control who gets elected or not. The media are the ones who need to be brought to their knees. We could do it if we just would Hey good morning Lisa, where ever you are 😉

          5. Lisa Meyer says

            Good morning Fan! Lol
            I am back in the heat of the valley, but fortunately we are having a cooling trend for a few days. Only 85 yesterday, maybe 90 today. I’LL take it!
            Jan Brewer had her time in the spotlight and she did a lot of good for AZ. A big plus is that she stood up to Obanana and never let him bully her. She is now most likely enjoying her retirement, and is smart enough not to get back in the political game, particularly the sewer of federal government. I don’t blame her one bit.
            The media should be held accountable for their mounting lies and favoritism for sure. I think a lot of people with any brains are catching on to their game. I have seen several posts on different sites about people writing to news outlets expressing their anger over slanted reporting. It makes people feel better, but I don’t think it will have an effect until the majority start turning off their TV’s and cancelling newspaper subscriptions, like is happening to the NY Times.

          6. nocbsfan says

            Good morning sweetheart 😉 Well Jan brewer was about the same when she was being prodded for Governor, kept turning it down until one day she accepted, she just might do it again if they keep after her. I believe she would easily win.The only way to handle the media is just how you describe it. Let themknow and their sponsers know you wont watch their junk unless they curtail their bias, whether it is about hte President or any other subject the media is a national publication an should be neutral about everything , just report what is going on leave your opinion at home. Lisa that is a pretty nice post. Thank you for sharing. Thanks for lots of other things ♪ 😉 ♪

  82. Larry Brule says

    he better have been thinking about an ass whipping cause that’s what he got!

  83. daveveselenak says

    Heh, heh, REVOLUTION will be the only SOLUTION to the two-headed, one totalitarian oligarchy that couldn’t give a sh^t about “US” – why is this so hard to figure out by now? Keep taking it up the ass sheeple!

  84. GuardianFlame says

    McCain and the rest of the old farts in the GOP are going to find themselves no longer in Congress but searching the Want Ads! We the People put Donald Trump in office to fix this country and those relics are fighting everything he does! Enough is ENOUGH! Get on board or GET OUT or you will not be elected to office again. That’s a promise!

  85. Hilly says

    If Trump continues to LOUDLY and publicly point out the lies and shortcomings of each senator and congressperson, the swamp will be drained soon. Americans are fed up with the Washington establishment.

    1. CCblogging says

      We are going to remove them one by one and totally take our nation back! Does that make me a Nationalist? Yes!

  86. CCblogging says

    Well McConnell, how much time does your lying Deep State bought ass need??? Repeal Obamacare NOW like you promised!

  87. Ron Dapo says

    Hey Mitch news flash.YOU WON!! Now get it done,or turn in your resignation!!!!

  88. Jim says

    McConnell needs to go. The people of Kentucky should be insulted at his smug remarks.


  89. buster says

    Imagine what our President could get done if the so called republicans in government had his side in getting he country’s work done…Instead he must fight the dems and the so called republicans, but still he gets work done. YOU GO MR PRESIDENT. The poor deplorable’s are with you.

  90. Francie26 says

    I didn’t appreciate John McCain’s theatrics when it caused me to lose healthcare. At least for now. And I suspect there are many Americans who feel the same way. Get out of the way, McCain. Let someone who still represents the American people take your place and get our work done.

    1. rocky says

      I;m convinced that his vote was a small persons attempt to ‘ get even’ !!


    Dear Mr. McConnell: Why are you STILL HERE? You CLEARLY know what the people of the United States WANT. We kept your lousy asses in office — because you PROMISED to repeal ObamaCare and support OUR President. We were and ARE TIRED of the “con” you D.C. Clubbers are running on us. If you don’t support President Trump (and I mean ALL of you), you will be sorrier than you are now. You’ve promised this TO US for SEVEN YEARS now. GET IT DONE! This nation is rumbling, like the earth just before a VOLCANO. You’d be wise to heed, Mr. Senator. And, “Who IS this guy”?, you might say. Well, I’m one of the MILLIONS who want YOU to do what I SAY!

  92. Marion E McKenzie says

    Spinless McConnell is being Controled by Schumer..Schumer get anything he wants from the Senate..Nothing will change until McConnell grows some BALLS…Rino McCain is NO HELP…

  93. Drberlat says

    They took the oath of office as I did upon entering the military and warned that violating said oath was TREASON! That’s right………treason! Well as has been stated endlessly throughout time, ignorance of the law is no excuse! Sellouts like McCain and McConnell are oath breaking traitors……harsh words, true but accurate! They looked the other way and were complicit for the eight years a total fraud, an adherent to Islam who occupied the White House! They and any elected Senator or Congressman who violates their oath of office should answer to the same charges as a soldier who violates same! Nobody is above the law and certainly those self-dealing blowhards that occupy our Senate and Congress!

    1. rocky says

      Not so… ” He who writes the laws, is above the laws. “

  94. RCQ157@yahoo.com says

    In case you don’t already know President Donald Trump McConnell is a RINO who sides with the democrats on important issues such as the unaffordable Obamcare tax. Now we have to not only get rid of the unaffordable Obamacare we now have to repeal and replace the liar McConnell.

  95. Obie Miller says

    There is absolutely nothing wrong, or excessive, about the President expecting congress to do their job! It is to be expected that in “draining the swamp”, some of the “critters” are going to object!

  96. clarkey says

    They keep greeting re-elected because it was all rigged for them to stay in power, until now! America is waking up and the crooks in Washington knows it that’s why they resort to violence, bigotry, division because a house divided cannot stand United. And we are the United States under one true GOD, we will win. Keep our President his cabinet their families and our nation lifted in prayer.

  97. Howard Quinn says

    Well McConnell must be voted outg of office. He is a pork barrel politici. He voted for Obamacare by allowing it to go through by getting the Dems to add a billion dollar susidy for for some project in Kentucky. he is a lying backstabbing asshole. I will hope he is gone soon and MCCain should and will be gone because he is 17 pts behind in Arozona . AlsoJeff flake will be gone to. Thess M-F are a disgrace. I was a60 year rebublican and quit donating to NRCC Like many repubs. we have had it Also Ryan thinks he is a suto President. He is figuratively on the chopping block to in in his position against Presdient.

  98. jcgreen2 says

    Term Limits NOW… please! It’s the only way we’re going to get rid of career politicians who would sell their own Mother to stay in office!

  99. jaylen anderson says

    I will when it gets here

  100. Arnold Young says

    It’s not the swamp we really need to worry about, it’s the sewer that feeds it. Just look at McCain, he is willing to hurt the American people to get back at TRUMP. Just how small can you get?

  101. jim_wright says

    Your right McConnell, President Trump expected you to do the job you were elected to do. I guess that was “Excessive Expectations”.

  102. A_Nobody says

    McConnell doesn’t think. He just bends over for his masters of the NWO/UN.

  103. MikeTheTiger says

    McConnell is part of the Swamp! So is McCain.

  104. Tiger says

    Excessive expectations born out of excessive promises that excessively served to re-elect the excessively useless liars.

    Do the F off dance you dung beetle, you shovel shit daily and now it is piling up on you, you stink. I am pissed off.

    Congress in action shoveling the shit on down the road.


    1. nocbsfan says

      LOLOL Really think this is entertaining 🙂

  105. Tiger says
    1. nocbsfan says

      Mitch mac needs to be in the middle of this for sure.

  106. Richard Start says

    Three legs of Government. The Judicial gave the tie to the runner years ago leaving the job of fixing this health care mess up to the other two legs which are represented by Mitch McConnell in the Senate and who ever leads the House before our President can sign anything into law! Mitch needs to get to work with the people he has had years of time to iron this out with and President Trump less then a year.

  107. C.Henry says

    “Excessive Expectations” Give me a break , all anyone wants is for you to do your job !!

    Career politicians , what a joke . If they worked for any other employer with there performance
    record , they’d all be fired . We need term limits !!

    Trump is correct, they barked for years about repeal and replace but when time comes to act
    on there promise ……. losers !!

  108. Robert says

    The GOP is not in Trump’s corner, but he won the Presidency without them.
    So get rid of all of them and do your independent thing. The GOP is almost as bad as the Democraps. So Mr. President, run independent on your next run, you got my vote.

  109. Kitty Ayers says

    McCain and McConnell needs to go now.

  110. Arnold Young says

    More like the sewer dwellers who are fighting for the status Quo. Get rid of idiots like McCain and then
    GO TRUMP GO!!!

  111. cristoiglesia says

    OK folks, stop falling for the redirection of the White House and the misinformation of the Trump worshipers. Trump has stated explicitly that he will not settle for anything less than free universal healthcare based on the Canadian system. He will not get his leftist dreams from a conservative congress. Paul Ryan has already made it plain to Trump that the congress will not consider the free universal healthcare demanded by Trump. Congress is protecting us taxpayers on this issue. If they were to pass the universal free healthcare demanded by Trump it would mean an across the board increase of the average Americans taxes by 40%. If you add in the other extravagant idea of the border wall you are looking at a total tax increase of Americans by 60%. You might want to consider the high cost of America becoming a socialist state. Do not continue to be fooled by this lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue that we now have as POTUS

  112. Frances Carlson says

    They’ve had 7 years to come up with a solution and Mitch wants a break. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  113. jerry says

    McConnell should have had this on President Trumps desk in January. A lot of Incumbents need to go, both Republicans and Democrats. Its hard to believe our government is as corrupt as it is being exposed to be. Where were the Republicans while Obama was getting away with all this!

  114. roboteq says

    The elite RNC members of Congress are no more for the benefit of American citizens than the Progressive left is. These career politicians all need to be removed from office and our elected officials should never again be given the ability to abuse the positions they have been elected (hired) to.

  115. My country says

    Trump had nothing to do with MCConnells actions .He was an idiot the whole time Obama was in .He didn’t deny Obamacare one thing .And he said he could not read what was in the Obamacare before it was passed because it was a lot to read .Well on some occasion during his time since it was passed you would have thought he would have read what he did to America . But the idiot decided he was more important has they all made sure they didn’t get the Obamacare crap we did . Well stupid no one believes your lies .We are tired of you obstructing Our President from getting this economy going .And we the people can and will build that wall plus send you home with the rest of the jerks who like you think they are our slavemasters

  116. John says

    Yeah, I can understand that McConnell is upset with our President. President Trump actually expects the Congress to do something!
    The thing about McConnell is that if he allows all these plans of President Trump to go to the Senate, then he has lost his power to control what is allowed and what is rejected! And he certainly doesn’t want to lose his power! Damn him!!

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