Expert: Obama’s Military Meddling Must End


According to a new report from the Center for Military Readiness, President Obama is using the armed forces as a playground for social experiments that are less about protecting the homeland and more about advancing his liberal agenda. Elaine Donnelly, the head of CMR and a former member of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services, submitted the report to the Senate Armed Services Committee this month. In it, she claims that Obama’s rush to move women into combat is not supported by the research.

“If the Obama administration continues to remove resources from the Jenga block tower’s base, while loading burdens of social engineering on the top, the structure will become increasingly unstable and eventually fall,” reads the CMR report.

The Senate right now, under the direction of John McCain, is investigating the impact of Obama’s mandate that all branches of the military permit women on the front lines. Despite considerable pushback, especially from the Marines, Obama has allowed no exemptions to his executive order. But CMR, along with many other military experts, question whether there is any sound scientific research that says women in combat jobs will improve the capability of our fighting forces.

“The Executive Branch’s unilateral plans to order military women into the combat arms rely upon best-case scenarios and unsupported assumptions that are not the basis for sound policy,” says the CMR report. “This remains a social experiment with known and unknown high risks to individual lives, missions, and national security.”

The strongest argument uses data gathered by the Marines themselves. The report cites a 2014 research study conducted by the Marine Corps and the University of Pennsylvania. The researchers set out to prove that all-male units would perform no better or worse than mixed-gender units in a series of field tests. Their hypothesis was shattered. In 69% of the ground combat tests, the male teams outperformed the mixed units. Injuries were far higher among female task force members, mixed units were slower and less effective, and men were found to “compensate” for the physical limitations of their female team members, thus increasing their own stress load.

The CMR report concludes by urging the next president to roll back Obama’s orders. “The next Commander-in-Chief must take the initiative, starting with orders to all appointees and military officials to provide complete and candid information on what has been done to our military during eight years of social experimentation since 2009,” said the report.

What a sad commentary on Obama’s leadership that this report would be necessary. As president, his job is to make sure we have the most effective military possible. If we want to destroy American families and ruin children’s lives in this over-reaching attempt to force gender “equality” on our culture, well, it is what it is. But if there’s any area that should remain untouched by social justice pandering, it’s the military. There, at least, we should be opposed to anything that would reduce our readiness.

  1. Tiger says

    It won’t happen until he is gone and too bad he won’t go sooner. He has too much time left to take us into more mayhem.

    A powerful force is all that can take him out of the military business.

    1. Reality Check says

      they have been talking about women in all positions in the military for DECADES.

      thinking a new president will change that , does not make you look too informed.
      especially since you are ex military.

      1. Tiger says

        Talk is one thing doing is another and I believe being an Army Reserve nurse since 1988 and serving in two wars I know the score.

        A new president will have to bring the military back up to par or are you uninformed on that also?

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says


          1. Tiger says

            LMAO I usually don’t answer it. It is very whacked out.

          2. Retired Marine says

            It sits in it’s test tube mothers basement and thinks it is believable. I don’t respond to it anymore, it doesn’t learn and always knows better than anyone NOT living in a basement. Just laugh at it, and don’t bother trying to teach it.
            Thanks for your service.
            Semper Fi

          3. Tiger says

            Me also. Thank you for your service. My stepfather a Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine. ;p

          4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Best policy. Answering idiocy just stimulates the little dears.

          5. Beeotchstewie says

            Surprised his hand isn’t permanently locked into the clown punching position.

          6. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Tiger, it’s kind of amazing how the moon bat liberal lunatics never seem to recognize their lunacy. They are so far out of the mainstream it’s frightening and they actually believe their opinions are right and everyone else is wrong. Obama is the classic case, but those like RC run him a close second.

          7. Tiger says

            Yes I agree it is that Public schooling that is turning them out like a factory.

        2. Mark Brickey says

          THANK YOU for serving.
          Thank you for putting RC in his place. He keeps pulling his ugly head out every once in a while….

          1. Tiger says

            Welcome and now and again I throw a punch at it. LOLOL

          2. Reality Check says

            you mean you LIE all the time?

          3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Think it’s ears pop?

          4. Sara says

            Like a hot box?

        3. fred says

          Don’t waste your time talking to that TROLL, it is just paid to be divisive, and never contributes one fact to support it’s insane, unintelligible ramblings! I do agree the kenyan has decimated our military by constantly lying to them, and giving them no support, like the VA scandal for one example!

          1. Tiger says

            Yepper he is a troll and I usually ignore it. O in 2015 took from SS and the Vets to give to his refugees.

            Not publicized too much but it is on the net.

          2. fred says

            His level of criminality is usually only seen in Communist countries! We need people in Congress that will throw this treasonous fraud in a Prison, not coddle him like a crying child because he is a “minority”!

          3. Tiger says

            Exactly and nobody has done anything to him. They are all Traitors and they lied at midterms promising to take O down and all they have done is lift him up.

          4. fred says

            99.9% of all elected representatives and 100% of all lobbyists need to be sent to Prison for the stealing of our wealth! If we have a Convention of States Convention, they should at a minimum repeal the IRS, FED, NSA, reform the FBI, and eliminate the CIA, make scotus an elected position, and any federally elected office for ONLY one term, four years (potus, House or Senate!), and stiffen the penalties for treason and malfeasance to instant life sentence or public execution!

          5. Tiger says

            I am all for the Convention of States and have really looked into it. Our Founding Fathers knew what needed to be done when tyranny in the air.

          6. Sara says

            I agree they deserve it, but as I stated above, they have so much money and cleaners, that I just don’t think it’s with it. I think if we can get them to step down, give them their pensions and they just go away/never return to govt, it would be far easier and less costly to the taxpayers who are already broke, and that world leave money to pay reparations to those harmed in their wake of destruction, beginning with our military, then innocent civilians all over the world. Trying to get them all world be the costliest, time consuming endeavor ever attempted. Nuremberg to the 50th power (and some of those guys got off/ were utilized). If we spend the next 5-10 years chasing then (which will just cost money and more bloodshed), that’s time and money we could use to put things back together. I just want them to go away-they can live out their lives on some island and be happy together doing all the disgusting unhumane things they like together and God can deal with them.

          7. Beeotchstewie says

            I think they are just hoping he will go quietly to Saudi Arabia, where they built him a huge mansion in exchange for him bringing in Muslims to kill us all.

          8. Reality Check says

            but for some reason the con does not have any examples to offer when pressed.
            is that because you are LYING all the time?

          9. Reality Check says

            In this post we see that Fred has no grasp of what “treasonous” OR “communist” means.

          10. Reality Check says

            You fools SO need to get over this “commie” bullshit?


            Tell me Fred, what is so appealing about Labor camps?

            what is so appealing about shortages of EVERYTHING?

            has Fred EVER seen a movie about commie USSR?

            ever read a book about it?

            AND why would we want to give up all the FREE STUFF you fools think we get to go to a labor camp?

            you think that makes sense and makes you look smarter?

          11. Sara says

            Have your read the communist manifesto? Have you seen from freedom to fascism? (Documentary not regular movie). Have you studied how Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler and the like made their way to mad rulers? They didn’t just walk in and do a takeover. I think Fred has his head screwed on pretty straight. Start with the Freedom To Fassicm movie- it’s an easy watch, not at all boring and has so much information it really ties things together. If it helps, it was made by the guy who made “Trading Places”. Anthony-I can’t remember his last name at the moment.

          12. Reality Check says

            “Have your read the communist manifesto?”

            WHO wants to?

            so what SHINING LIGHT of Communism ON THE HILL is it that the liberals see, that makes us want IT so BAD?

            we all tell you cons that is crazy and you just say it over and over like your brainwashed.

            any logic involved?

          13. Sara says

            One would read such things to understand how the enemy operates and is able to do such things and have people eating from their hand so they know what to watch for. One studies sociopathy to understand the enemy mindset.

          14. gerald Hughes says

            Liberal scum bag we beat the communist once and we have no problem with doing it again, little patience left with you scum
            I knew I should have kpt sending your posts, i’ll start over we want to make sure that you scrubs pay the price when the SHTF

          15. Reality Check says

            “Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler”

            took power in a society that was in shambles.

            not even close to our situation unless you are a disingenuous con.

          16. gaeliclass says

            unless you don’t know .. our societies are in shambles!
            The US currently has a 20 dollar trillion debt..!!! The US is owned by other nations.. mostly the Chinese – or did you not know that

          17. Reality Check says

            that was 2008 -2009

            lets examine reality.

            Before Obama, we were losing 500,000 jobs per month
            After Obama, gaining 200,000 jobs per month

            Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
            After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

            Before Obama, DOW 6500
            After Obama, DOW 16,000

            1 in 14 bought a new car.

            If the debt was such a big issue, why did you cons create IT?
            if you want to start wars and give huge tax cuts, you have to pay for IT.

          18. mac12sam12 says

            How many times are you going to use that cut and paste crap? It’s all BS and you know it.

          19. Reality Check says

            till someone prove me wrong, I guess.

            is this the day, vacant con?

          20. mac12sam12 says

            See above. So easily refuted!!

          21. Reality Check says

            Flapping gums do not a rebuttal make.

          22. ABO says

            It’s all he’s got, mac12sam12. He’s a paid troll that has never had an original thought of his own. Just cut and paste the liberal rhetoric that he’s provided.

          23. mac12sam12 says

            We are currently losing 700,000-800,000 a month. 200,000 jobs, probably part time doesn’t even keep up with population growth. Obama has the worst GDP quarters of all the presidents. Printing money and putting it into WS is a losing proposition. Obama has spent twice what Bush spent and still made things worse.

          24. Reality Check says

            you think that is you proving my statistics are wrong?

            more proof you are not too bright.

            Bush was given a SURPLUS.

            Obama was given a 1.4 TRILLION DEFICIT to start off

            along with

            2 wars,

            Medicare part D,

            a 1.7 Trillion tax cut.
            oh, and an IMPLODED Global economy and depression.

            and you call things equal?

            more proof you’re and idiot.
            or is it just really disingenuous?
            trillions of Obama debt is the result of GOP decisions.

          25. mac12sam12 says

            All your stats are wrong. Obama has spent twice as much as Bush. Trillions in debt because of GOP decisions? Who has the final signature, genius?

          26. Reality Check says

            everything I stated/started was signed by Bush fool.

          27. mac12sam12 says


          28. Reality Check says

            so what did I say that was in error?

          29. Reality Check says

            are you really shallow enough to think that the debt would be any different if McCain had won?

            more proof you are not too bright.

          30. mac12sam12 says

            He wouldn’t have spent over a trillion a year, Chief!!

          31. Reality Check says

            we have been well under that amount for many years now.

          32. Rick Rogers says

            just Curious but WHO says he spent that much.. Whats is the source of you information.. And before you answer please keep in mind The President does not hold the purse strings of the Government.. that belongs to the Congress which had been more GOP controlled then Democrat controlled for a number of years now.

          33. mac12sam12 says

            The republicans filled both houses to stop Obama and they have just gone along with him. They should actually have D’s after their names. Trump is the result of people being sick of both parties. Who gets the final signature?

          34. Rick Rogers says

            But the problem is Mike they did not Fill the White House to stop him and they had 2 chances to do it and failed both times. They also did not get enough members of Congress to override a Veto.. So to anyone that has studied history that means you find middle ground you know the word Compromise. But as your email seem to indicate “they should actually have D’s After their names” if they were to compromise there did not seem to be much of a chance of that. The Majority put him in office Twice. The Low turn out Midterms that gave the Republicans control of Congress was actually only something Like 21 percent of registered Voters. I don’t think your going to see a 37 percent turn out in November. So like in the 2 previous elections they Majority might go the way you want. Trump, Cruz, and Rubio have been good for laughs. Hell last night was funnier there most Saturday Night Live skits. The best thing in america is to find not someone on the Extreme on either end of the spectrum nothing to far right nothing to far left. Someone in the middle and the GOP has chased most of those out in the last 10 years or so.

          35. mac12sam12 says

            There’s not a lot of enthusiasm for the two nursing home refugees on the left. Democrat voting is down, and republicans are turning out in record numbers. Also polls have shown that 20% of democrats will be voting for Trump, the two Cubans have no chance Trump is somewhere in the middle.

          36. Rick Rogers says

            Mike not sure where you getting your information but there is Plenty of Enthusiasm for of them. The rally numbers aren’t of people that are paid to be there like someone else we both know. The Primaries turn out does not matter. Its the General election that matters and that WON”T be a light turn out. And it might be even more if some smart Candidates Start Hitting the issue of the Senate blocking Supreme court nominations.

          37. mac12sam12 says

            Bernie has a lot of enthusiasm from college students who have no idea what socialism is, but Hillary will beat him for the nomination. I think the primary voting will reflect the voting in the general election as well. Obama, Biden and Chuck Schumer blocked votes as well for the Supreme bout when Bush had a year and a half left, Obama has less than a year. No far left judges, comrade. Keep blocking.

          38. Rick Rogers says

            oh yes I agree let them keep blocking… And republican Senate obstruction will become a Campaign issue and the second that the election is over and 10 more more Senate seats change parties. He will get who he wants on the Supreme Court and we can start filling Lawsuits to undo the Mess of Scalia and company.

          39. mac12sam12 says

            The blocking process has also been done by the democrats blocking supreme court nominees. As far as blocking anything else, it seems like they go right along with Obama. The mess of Scalia and company? The constitution does not have to be re-written by some far left activist judge because it works just fine.

          40. mac12sam12 says

            I’m Jay, not Mike. The republicans, any of them have better plans than the two old birds on the left. They talk about helping the middle class and yet it’s their policies that are destroying it. The democrats don’t talk about closing the borders which hurts all Americans. Illegals cost taxpayers $113 billion a year and they keep middle class wages down. They don’t talk about ISIS which is committing genocide in the Middle East. It’s Hillary and Obama’s policies that have caused the chaos in the Middle East and they’re also responsible for the hundreds of thousands of refugees invading Europe. Europe’s crime rate has gone up over 100% including rapes and sexual assaults, and now Obama wants to bring them here. The issue that causes the most concern are terrorism and the economy, two issues that the democrats have failed at fixing. Democrats have no successes that they can point to.

          41. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry Jay I thought I saw someon refer to you as Mike. .My bad. ok

            Your premise if flawed for one Reason. Its not the illegals that are Keeping Middle class wages down. Its the Companies that would rather ship jobs over seas then pay workers in this country.. illegal immigrants are doing jobs americans think they are to go to do. and the only job I think americans are to go for would be as Donald Trumps Wife. There are something even American women just won’t do. In this case its the Donald.

          42. mac12sam12 says

            Shipping jobs overseas and illegals as well. In 2006 Obama said the same thing about illegals. I bet you could find it on YouTube. In the LA Times it said that less than 1% of illegals work in agriculture. Americans at this point with not many jobs around would do that kind of work. I worked at a farm from the age of 12-14. Sweat equity is not a bad thing.

          43. mac12sam12 says

            Before Obama took office he said he would cut the debt in half his first year. We owed $8 trillion. By the time he leaves office we’ll owe $20 trillion. It’s not Bush’s fault.

          44. Rick Rogers says

            Mac not trying to be difficult but were are you getting your numbers form? what was the source so I can put it in Context

          45. mac12sam12 says

            I’ll help you. Here’s what I do because I don’t know how to give you a source and I’m not very computer savvy. Any search engine will help and pick out a site. They will all say the same thing about the $20 trillion debt. BTW, Bush spent too much as well.

          46. ABO says

            What you’ve written is the truth, mac12sam12, RC is not in any way familiar with the concept of truth (or reality for that matter) so it will only confuse him.

          47. mac12sam12 says

            He puts that cut and paste crap out at least once a week.

          48. ABO says

            Gaeliclass, RC lives in a little fantasy world where everything is just wonderful if the liberal big shots say it is. He’s a lemming, entirely incapable of thinking for himself.

          49. gaeliclass says

            you are so right Sara .. that is exactly how Hitler began, how Mao Tung began.. how Trudeau Sr. and now his son Trudeau Jr in Canada began…-
            and guess what portfolio Trudeau left wing socialist believer kept for himself (first time in Canadian history ) – ‘the youth portfolio’.
            What does it tell us? His plan (as he has been doing for years now in Canada) is to run around and stir up the youth – he then indoctrinates them but really good –
            he then sends them ‘out to do his bidding’… promising them all kinds of things of course.
            Does this sound familiar?
            Anyone know that in Toronto and beyond hundreds of thousands of men and young men (14-30) are infected with HIV, Aids and all kinds of diseases? I think the Toronto percentage (told to me by a man who has HIV) is around 35% – if not more!
            Who is now paying for these men whose cocktails are around 4,000 each a month? The taxpayers are !
            Ontario is billions of dollars in debt and is sinking fast… (all under the Liberal .. very very Liberal government)..
            Just wait boy Trudeau is only starting his death toll mission!
            He tried to whip the vote the other day by telling all his ‘mps’ who dutifully obey him ‘to get their seats’ – that they ‘must vote for assisted suicide’/
            He did this to them a year ago regarding pro life. He told them that to be a member of ‘his’ yes ‘his’ party (indeed it is) they had to vote pro-choice.
            They men/women bowed their heads to this little dictator with a yeah!
            They got their seats – but I would not want to be in any of those seats on judgement day.
            He tried with euthanasia but the kickback came – he is back tracking!
            So who voted him in? The same interest groups who voted in Obama!
            ……time to fight back and get them all out of office
            They are destroying our countries, our families, our economy!
            One thing they cannot take from us is God — and God will not be mocked by these tin men/women…

          50. gerald Hughes says

            No liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical tick, what we need to do is separate ourselves from you ersatz life forms, very soon now, scum bag very soon.

          51. gaeliclass says

            he is a socialist-communist .– that os who Obama is — he is not what he has pretended to be — is it not clear yet that everything he does is to destroy the US?

          52. fred says

            Yes! We need to make an example of him that treason and fraud will not be tolerated and the fact he has blocked all his personal info should have been a RED flag for those persons who supposedly “vetted” him, i heard Reid and Pelosi were the key members of Congress vetting this criminal in our WH?

          53. Reality Check says

            Not publicized but somehow YOU KNOW.
            you DO KNOW that the GOP control congress AND THE BUDGET.
            so if money was TAKEN, the CONGRESS had to do IT
            LYING POS.

          54. Michael Dennewitz says

            I can testify to that. A Vietnam vet, I WAS getting almost $1500. mthly, it is now $1.33.. Yes, I printed it correctly. $1.33 , and Treasury reduced my SS by 1/3…. Ain’t it great to have served?

          55. Reality Check says

            I know Fred, any one smarter than YOU must be a paid shill.

          56. fred says

            You are so delusional to EVER think your intelligence has ever been above an encephalitic newborn, and that is an insult to the newborn! Give some examples of anytime in your life you have ever been correct? Did you fail kindergarten and just give up?

          57. Sara says

            Lmao, “insult to the newborn”. I generally dont verbally attack people, but that was a good one and you gave me the giggle I needed today-thank you;)

          58. Sara says

            Btw-what do shills or trolls get paid? Just curios. I don’t wanna be one, I just wanna know how much one is paid to sell their soul spreading disinformation and take insults all day long? I mean it would have to be A LOT to not feel like total **** at the end of a trolling workday.

          59. Danny Mays says

            Shut the fuck up idiot, grown ups are trying to talk Reality Check my ass.

          60. Reality Check says

            was that a moron con proving something?

          61. gerald Hughes says

            Trying to prove that he was smarter than liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, cretin

          62. gerald Hughes says

            You don’t know much of anything liberal dem bloodsucker and you are not as as smart as an igneous rock.

        4. Reality Check says

          you think WOMEN are going to sit down for THIS?
          are you really a female?

          1. Tiger says

            I thought since I have been talking about you I should reply to some post.

            Tell ya what RC, I did my job as an Army nurse and far as I am concerned these women can take it anyway they want, standing up, sitting down, standing on their heads I don’t care.

            But when the crap hits the fans the one’s who will care are those who are with them in Platoons or settings and believe me RC they will either survive it or ………well we take care of problems.

          2. Sara says

            I like your style Army Nurse. I’m completely in awe that anyone would actually enjoy doing that job (not you-I’m a nurse too). I can’t think of anything other than it pays a LOT of money or provides an unlimited supply of an extremely addictive drug of choice (no pothead would sell their soul/be on the bad side of the fence/accept money to take crap all day-they’re painting, outside enjoying the surf or something pleasurable-most of them have their heads on straight and would not find this at all entertaining, so it’s definitely not pot). What could possibly motivate someone to subject themselves to this? A single mom with 4 hungry kids? Get on the right side of the fence and I’ll make sure you have food and a roof over your head. I have more respect for prostituion as a means of survival-may be dirty but at least it’s not dishonest. The ONLY time I’ve ever seen anyone take so much heat is the first fearless one who speaks truth about something, and it doesn’t lead to endless counters. Truth spreads like a brush fire once it catches. Come on, what gives? Seriously, if it’s a means of survival, fess up, keep your soul and I’ll see to it you get enough to hold you until you can get honorable employment that pays the bills.

      2. glenn398 says

        No they haven’t just in no combat services and any that were in combat got caught in it but not on the front lines. During my basic training never seen one women there so where were they all hiding.

        1. Tiger says

          Amen Army Combat Support Reserve nurse since 1988 and served in Shield/Storm and this war. Not one woman came through my hospital, or when we met the planes filled with the soldiers straight off the mess in the oil fields, covered in oil and no women.

          During this war I was RR/ICU for 6 months then helped set-up DWMMC that processed every soldier form downrange 6 months, and only women I saw came at the end of the war in DWMMC and they had been in protected areas due to the Fatwah to capture a female soldier and decapitate her on video, and they were pregnant. So I really am not for them downrange.

          Oh and the one woman I saw during this war in the RR/ICU was one who had a tank back over her for giving the wrong signal.

          1. glenn398 says

            I don’t know why people refuse to see there is a big difference between men and women and there always will be. There are things men do better than women and things women do better than men and doubt that is going to change. I remember women at G.M were always on the cushion line because they were much better working at small things with their fingers.

          2. Tiger says

            Won’t be anytime soon and may never be again. This is what the Bishop of Phoenix says concerning the gradual disappearance of virility that destroy the complementary differences between men and women.

            “The rapid advance of a ‘gender ideology’ has infected societies around the world. This ideology seeks to set aside the sexual difference created by God, to remove male and female as the normative way of understanding the human person, and in its place, to add various other ‘categories’ of sexuality. This ideology is destructive for individuals and society, and it is a lie. It is harmful to the human person and therefore, a false concept that we must oppose as Christians.”

            The emasculation of man is accompanied by a masculinization of women.

            I find this to have much truth to it but having a father that was in the Death March and a stepfather who is a Marine and having served in two wars and seen the horrors of IED, RPG, Fire Fights etc. and heard the stories, thousands of them from men downrange and my family just wait til these women get the wake-up call and many will fall by the wayside if not captured, tortured and raped til they are not recognizable. With this enemy this is truly insanity. But let be what will be. Their choice.

          3. glenn398 says

            I agree with you and aside from that there are a lot of jobs women can do beside being on the front lines. For every combat troop there are 10 behind the lines supporting that troop, so it leaves a lot to be done for that support that doesn’t include being on the front line.

          4. Tiger says

            Amen let them learn for themselves.

          5. glenn398 says

            Trouble is liberals never learn. I read your comments on a lot of subjects and enjoy reading them.

          6. Tiger says

            Thank you Glenn I try. ;p

          7. glenn398 says

            Keep up the good work maybe you will get thru to a few of these morons.

          8. Tiger says

            There have been times I had some deep discussions, they accepted my sources and I accepted theirs and they decided I might be right after all. By the same token I am a bit old fashioned original tree hugging earth loving Liberal, Republican, Democrat, Independent and Libertarian.

          9. glenn398 says

            No matter what the title anyone carries it is past time people think of what’s good not only for the nation but our children that have to face the future we are building for them.

          10. Tiger says

            That is a fact. My youngest son tells me all those he knows who are in college are for Socialism. He tells me all his friends are Independents and let them have it between the eyes.

            The French voted in a Socialist, their youth came out in force, they won’t do it next time, the Socialist immediately wanted 75% taxes. The rich fled, the Socialist became so unpopular he had to get someone to represent him.

            We have a problem. And if O gets Brian Sandoval into the Supreme Court it is going to be a fight to the finish. Take a look at the guy.

          11. glenn398 says

            The college students of today have to be the dumbest group to ever attend college. I like the program where they interview college students and ask questions like where is Washington D.C. located and most say Washington State. Then they show the world map and ask the students to point out where one of the states are located and quite a few put that state in South America, Europe or some other part of the world.

          12. Tiger says

            It was plotted, planned and worked.

          13. glenn398 says

            The most popular colleges are the party colleges so it tells you something right there. At less than a 50% graduation rate it shows there are at least 50% that don’t belong there and a lot of those that do graduate are questionable.

          14. Tiger says

            So many young men/women better off going to vocational schools. My children’s friends who are plumbers, electricians, technicians and master mechanics etc making money hand over fist and working all the time.

          15. glenn398 says

            Yes the wages are very high because of a shortage in those fields, why because the youth of today don’t want to get their hands dirty or do physical work.

          16. Tiger says

            True that.

          17. PHIL says

            I agree with you on almost every thing you said. but I have never been in War nor will I ever be as I am 74 years old so not much of a chance for that. But one thing I do know and that is am not sure a male is ready to see a female get shot up and killed in combat as being male I speak for my sex only. and one more thing am pretty sure most males would be over protective of females and wind up getting shot them selves. now am I right or wrong Tiger.

          18. PHIL says

            O Tiger I spent 8 Years in the USAF In LA and Alaska

          19. Tiger says

            You are right on and as Platoon leader and training for Shield/Storm I kept having to remind the men don’t help the women. They signed up for this and the uniforms are man magnets and cute but now you do the real deal.

            Yes you are right. I also used to tell them your mother loves you as much as the females mothers love them don’t do their jobs.

            Women a total PIA I tell you complete and total PIA.

      3. lou says

        By setting new strength standards such as Marching with 50 pound rucksack 20 miles, 10 pulls up, 70 push up’s fireman carry of 150 lab dummy will keep 99.9% of women out of these combat roles

        1. Tiger says

          When I went to Officers basic we marched with 75 pounds and we did 20 miles. In the Army we do more than 10 pull-ups. But then we were training for Shield/Storm my first basic. Camp Shelby Mississippi. Rocks up to our boot tops, 115 degree heat, put the hospital up take it down, up, down all day along with keeping us up 3 days without sleep to measure how we would function in a war setting running a hospital. Played discover the terrorist in our midst, I was good at that, caught them every time. Gassed every time we turned around, repelled from 75ft towers, loved it, climbed mountains and dug cat holes, learned our weapons inside out, it was challenging but most of us made it.

          Oh and we marched at night. That was a treat. The front end fell into a ditch, we heard down the line: “Halt, Halt now”. We responded: “Why, Why.” To which they said: ” Big Ditch people all over the place.” To which we didn’t say anything else. Many broken bones on that one. Oh and learned how to set-up for chopper landings and bring them in for picking-up wounded. Then my platoon had to carry the soldiers onto the choppers and put them on the stretchers inside that were staked. I weighed 125 pounds after all this, a mean, lean, fighting machine nurse or not. Those who made it were ready.

          But nobody is ever ready in the Medical field for the wounds that come from downrange. IED worst.

          1. Ed Shick says

            The 115 degree heat is one thing but on the other end was ChoSin and the Frozen Chozin at 39 to 50 below Zero ,and they thought 120, 000 Chinese wanting you dead , Ether shot or Frost bite , There may have been Gooks there but when it is that cold you are afraid to take a Leak ,,

      4. hangem'high says

        His first priority should be drafting dead beat men like himself instead of passing his responsibility onto women. They could fill coast guard, and drone spots, and if they want to volunteer for the front lines, let it be their choice!

        1. Ed Shick says

          You are right , I went into Social Security office and sat next to a man wanting disability , who had 12 Children and was 43 years old , They said that all this about what you must do before April 30 is BS it’s only on the inter net ? and it is an insurance Company doing it ?

          1. hangem'high says

            I do like the thought of women being prepared for the Muslim invasion, and not having to rely on being slaves, or property!
            U could be right about the insurance company never gave it much thought, more than likely backed by Obummer’s insurance fraud!

          2. Ed Shick says

            I kept reading about this House Bill 1315 ? or something so I decided to go into Social Security Office and waste a day waiting and they say they know nothing , that What I have been getting is it ,I did work at another job for 15 years after bening retired from Ford and paid self employed Taxes ,My wife gets about a Third of what I do ?

      5. Michael Dennewitz says

        Still snorting that crack I see….

      6. gerald Hughes says

        Take your mangy liberal bs out of here liberal dem bloodsucker

    2. Edithjbernard4 says

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    3. new york says

      Tiger: It won’t happen after Obama is replaced with Hillary Clinton. If anything, she will screw up the military even more. She hates the military so much that when she was First Lady she tried to ban uniforms from the White House, requiring military aides to wear civilian clothes.

      1. Tiger says

        I predicted long ago Hillary will not run. Her health won’t let her she is gone. The Democrats won’t run a Socialist. The sound still leaves a bad taste in the mouth of millions including Democrats. Biden will come in or someone else.

        If we don’t win this next election won’t matter anymore about anything but a Civil War.

        1. hmmathis says

          Even if her health doesn’t fail during the campaign, I’m not sure the Democrats are stupid enough to give her the nomination, given her history of lying, dishonesty and corruption. Trump will definitely trumpet these things to the American electorate if he gets the Republican nomination and Hitlery gets the Democrat nomination.

          1. Tiger says


          2. Sara says

            Agreed again

          3. Rick Rogers says

            hmmm wonder what Trump will do when his Ex Wives Endorse Hillary

          4. dinkerduo says

            That’s not going to happen—they are smarter than that!!!

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Don’t know how smart they are I mean After all they Married Trump to begin with.

          6. Sgt. York says

            Damn your stupid its big bucks Evan as an old man I know that.

          7. Azabigail1 says

            Lol, $$$$$, you’re right, they’re not lame.

          8. Tiger says

            Like they say money buys the best and they are not your average women.

          9. Rick Rogers says

            See Trump is Wrong. There is a need for immigrants .There are Jobs Americans won’t even do.. Marrying Trump is one of them

          10. glorybe2 says

            You may actually have touched on something. I wondered why Trump is such an ignorant, angry, buffoon and just happened to see a pic of him when he was quite young. At that point in life he was actually a good looking, young fellow. And then life took its toll turning him into the hideous, ugly mess that he is today. That explains the effort to hide what his hair and skin look like with idiotic hair styles, coloring and seemingly endless over exposure to sun lamps. He is conspicuously mentally ill.

          11. Tiger says

            That would be O.

          12. JB Wright says

            Thanks for your opinion

          13. Mike says

            Yeah, and Hillary is such a beauty! You guys need to grow up and stop seeing the world through your rose colored glasses! This country is in trouble because of Mr. Obama and we need a way new course. More communism just isn’t going to work unless you want to follow the old Soviet Union through history into the deep dark night of revolution.

          14. Tiger says

            There is a need for all illegal immigrants to get out of our country.

            There is a need for all refugees to be sent packing and our doors closed til we get this mess straightened out.

          15. Rick Rogers says

            WOW hold on a minute just yesterday you sending me a link that was complaining about how Slow the President was acting with refugees even thought he is following the process that has been used by every President since Reagan on Vetting Refugees before they get here. And now you want to slow it up even more even though not a single one of the Refugees that have been allowed in this country has committed an illegal Act? the ones that have have not been refugees but have been on Work or student Visas. (which all the 9/11 hijackers were on.) Please Tiger make up your mind. Its like watching a table Tennis match.

          16. Tiger says

            Hard to follow you Rick here is a list of the crimes committed by refugees in America in the last two years.


          17. Rick Rogers says

            I said Legitimate News Source Tiger. The person that wrote that is well know to me as a right wing bias hack who use to write for the Charlotte Observer. That happens to be the Newspaper in my paper box each morning. Any News source that Counts Ann Coulter among its staff is automatically suspect.

          18. Tiger says

            You really are grinding on my last nerve check it out for yourself.

          19. Rick Rogers says

            Still waiting on what you have to say about the Executive Orders you Referenced. Come Tiger. I want to know how you think President Obama was Responsible for Executive Orders Signed By Kennedy, Johnson and Ford? I have been waiting for that more then any of them. PLEASE

          20. Mike says

            Mr. Rogers, these are way different times than when Kennedy, Johnson and Ford were in office! They’re all dead and the world population is what 10 maybe 100 times what it was then? We have our own problems. Let them keep theirs until they can legitimately come into this country the right way and we know where everyone of them is.

          21. Rick Rogers says

            Mike, the Kennedy and Johnson orders were cold war based I have forgotten what the ford one was but I pretty much did not pay attention to Ford because it was clear he had a back room deal with Nixon to pardon him. But the issue I had was a person on here insisted that President Obama was responsible for those orders. And that was just blatantly false and showed they had a Obama bias.

          22. Mike says

            Well, I have a Barry bias too. When a person put us nearly $20 billion in debt, ruins the economy and frustrates the public so much they want him shot that says a ton. No more for me. I’ve had my fill of Barry Sorento He is not and never will be my president. I had a knee jerk of hope that our country MIGHT come together when he was first elected but after seeing what he’s really doing I actually despise him! He does not stand for America in any way, shape or form.

          23. Rick Rogers says

            Why do you keep repeating those Fox News lies. Your entitled to your opinion.. But then so are the 52% OF VOTERS that elected him to office. And Last time I checked majority Rules. Unless your in Congress and then The Minor Party winds up with the power.

          24. Mike says

            What? I don’t even listen to Fox news or any other “news”. Most of it is filth and not news worthy. I don’t follow your logic. The majority still rules EXCEPT if you’re in Congress? We’ve had 8 years of liberal drivel and now we’re broke beyond any repair. Enough is enough.

          25. Rick Rogers says

            Ok Logic is simple.. If you add up the total Number of votes Democrats vs Republicans and don’t break it down by state just look at the Totals Votes that have cast more The Democrats have out polled republicans in every election since Clinton bet Bush the first time. So the statement that Democrats turn out is low is only true in Mid Term Elections. perfect example was the 2014 mid term.

            The Total Turn out was around 37 % of eligible voters. In that election nationwide Republicans only got votes from 21% of Eligible Voters. 21% is not going to hold up if you get people pissed off enough about obstructionism in house and the Senate. Based on voter Registration counts Democrats vs republicans there are about 13.1 Million more Democrats then Republicans. So if a large turn out is in play just basic odds say there will be more Democrats voting the Republicans.

          26. dirtflyer says

            Mike, Obamba got us in hole for some 20 TRILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
            When he leaves the WH mosque, Should be turned over to ICE. We should make sure he does not go with a Ton of our $$$ he’s got stashed away. Just enough for Bus fare,and he can Swim back to Kenya.

          27. Rick Rogers says

            so here is a question tiger.. If I grant you the numbers in this report. It was 70 out of how many?? how many Syrians have made it thru the program so far?

          28. Tiger says

            Go piss off Rick. Go live with these wonderful people I have had it with you waste of my time.

          29. Rick Rogers says

            But Tiger what about the Executive orders .. Come its easy to do.. he let me show you how its done.. I made a mistake earlier.. I was trying to list a Senator by name and got her last name wrong I was Thinking Tammy Duckworth and Said Tammy Baldwin. I made a mistake there.. SEE thats how you do it. .So
            just admit that the Executive Order link you sent me was completely Bogus and I go away and leave you alone. All you have to do it type it on a post and post it. Come on you will feel better for it.

          30. Tiger says

            List of EO again and again and please feel free to post the other one I gave you.


          31. Rick Rogers says

            You are not getting off that easy.. This was the link you posted


            These were the ones your Link quoted.

            Executive Order 10990 was signed by JFK in 1962

            Executive Order 10995 was signed by JFK in Feb 16 1962

            Executive order 11000 also Signed by JFK

            Executive Order 11001 Also Signed by JFK

            Executive Order 11002 Signed by JFK

            Executive Order 11003 signed by JFK

            Executive Order 11004 signed by JFK

            Executive Order 11005 Signed by JFK

            Executive Order 11049 Signed by JFK

            Executive Order 11051 Signed by JFK 1962

            Executive Order 11310 Signed By Lyndon B. Johnson

            Executive Order 11921 Signed By GERALD FORD 1976

            And you insisted they were all true. Now your going to try and Save face by posting something else Not letting you get away with it. You eagerness to fall for flat out lies needs to be exposed and I am going to keep doing it. Everytime I see one of your post so people will realize how uninformed you really are. Hell you were trying to claim the President is only Commander and Chief when the Congress gives him permission. That right there makes me question your supposed Military Service.

          32. Rick Rogers says


            there you go.. But here is thing have you bothered to READ any of them Because Bush made changes to Manual for Courts-Martial back 2008 as well
            Executive order 13468

            he also issued executive order 13470 “, United States Intelligence Activities
            Executive Branch Responsibilities With Respect To Orders of Succession”

            And here I thought the Constitution cover Succession pretty well.

          33. Tiger says

            Not talking about Bush.

          34. Rick Rogers says

            Tiger going request that you read it thru all the way Not attacking you just discussion ok.

            The Link Claims that
            Executive Order — Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions is something Sinister. When you read it it about making sure there is Survivable, resilient, enduring, and effective communications, both domestic and international, are essential to enable the executive branch to communicate within itself and with: the legislative and judicial branches; State, local, territorial, and tribal governments; private sector entities; and the public, allies, and other nations.
            The writer statement is “personally , this Writer has another take on the PEO.” and then goes forth claims its a way to Shut down Alternate Press. There is nothing in that order about “Seizing control. So we will label this one conspiracy Theory trash.

            Executive order 13649 Accelerating Improvements in HIV Prevention and Care in the United states thru the HIV Care Continuum initiative. It recommends testing as part of the over all healthcare screen just about every doctor preform when you have a check up. because the no drugs and treatments can pretty much halt the virus in its tracks Something like 96%
            The writer is the one saying it is making it Mandatory not the order. The order recommends it for Health reasons only.

            Its the same for all those.. the Writer takes the Actual executive order and then Tells you what he thinks. not what it says. I think most people are smart enough to read it and decide for themselves is something is Sinister.

            Tiger I don’t truly think your a bad person. I just think your stuck in an zone where your ready to believe any Extremist outrageous claim just because you don’t like the President. Well I could not stand Bush but the Claims I have made against him were based on the things he said both in speeches and Writing. The fact he endorsed torture means he willing violated the UN Treaty against torture that the US signed and the Senate Ratified. (Which by the way according to the Constitution means its the law of the land) That one thing alone would have gotten him impeached if there had been a Democratic House and Senate at the time.

            The fact there is a documented report commissioned by Cheney asking for estimates on how long it would take to get Iraqi oil Production up and running if a US Friendly Group was in control of Iraqi. Understand this report was released only because the Washington Post made a Freedom of Information request and got the document. When they got it they found out the request was Dated 2 weeks after Bush and Cheney Took office which was about 6 months BEFORE 9/11. They had an Iraqi invasion as part of their Agenda all along. and Used discredit intel to push it. Those aren’t made up Liberal media Fantasies that’s the truth. I don’t make claims that I have not looked into. I don’t take the words of other people if they can’t give the source of their info and Even that source has to stand up to the question (Do they have an ax to grind)

          35. Tiger says
          36. Rick Rogers says

            Again its a right wing blog with an ax to grind. they are Claims not Facts. The one I love is the one they have been using for the last 7 years. “Obama is coming for you guns” the gun manufacturers roll that one out every time sales drop. As of today 2/25/2016 no firearm has been sezied from a legal Law abiding Citizen by any federal Government office under the direction of the president. It has Not happen. Please note I said Law abiding. people that committed a crime or being accused of a crime yes according to Federal laws can have the weapons taken but will be returned if they are found innocent of the Charges… Yea those Bundy boys have seen the last of their shooting irons.

          37. Tiger says

            Can the president make laws by himself?
            Executive orders have the full force of law
            when they take authority from a legislative power which grants its
            power directly to the Executive by the Constitution, or are made
            pursuant to Acts of Congress that explicitly delegate to the President some degree of discretionary power (delegated legislation).

          38. Rick Rogers says

            Actually based on Precedent he has the Authority as Chief Executive to set the rules for how the Departments of the Government and the Armed Forces are Managed and Run. The Majority of Executive orders deal exactly with that.

          39. Tiger says
          40. Rick Rogers says

            Here is the Problem. You want to ignore the fact that EVERY president has use these sort of devices while they are in office.. EVERY SINGLE ONE.. And you yet you only want to point out Obama because you don’t like him. But When I point out I didn’t Like Bush or Bush or Reagan you hit me back with we are not talking about them. If you are going to complain about how he Runs the executive branch when he is doing what all his predecessors Then YEs we are going to talk about the others as well.

          41. Tiger says

            I point to O because he, unlike every other president uses his orders to change laws and that is why several of them are in the courts and the immigration one is in the Supreme Court, his are unconstitutional.

            Talk all you want I don’t give a rats backside it is O we are focused on for crying out loud when are you ninnies going to stop blaming others and put the blame on the shoulders of the camel dung in office?

            Stop crying and face the fact you have put a monster in the WH.

          42. Rick Rogers says

            not Crying about anything. Simply pointing out your leaning to the right so much I not sure how you can walk a straight line. Obama has not done ANYTHING that was not done before by both Democrats and Republican Presidents. So why are you crying about it. But away from that let me ask you a different question. IN the last 8 years What bills have been passed by the Congress that helped Veterans. You were a nurse you know there are a lot of veterans that could use a helping hand when they get out because of medical issues. Why has the GOP Congress blocked everything and even turned Down Military pay increases?

          43. Tiger says

            O has done everything different from any president we have ever had in this country. He even makes Nixon look good.

            You really don’t know do you? In 2015 it was O that took money from our Vets and the Bills that the GOP turned down had dangerous PORK attached to it that they could not allow to go through.

            Example in 2008 Democrats attached to a Farm Bill that all the restrictions put on the DOD for coming back at veterans for what they called overpayment be taken out. It was and since that time millions of veterans from all the wars have been forced to pay thousands back into the pie and if they don’t their tax refunds taken, their salaries garnished, any money they get from the government taken and even their disability or SS can be taken 15% of til the debt payed.

            So look deeper in the well.

          44. Tiger says

            John Podesta on the Chris Wallace show in 2008 said O would use EO to bypass Congress.


          45. Tiger says
          46. Rick Rogers says

            we were talking about syrians Not Somalia or do you feel its ok to just group them together like that?

          47. Tiger says

            I am talking about refugees and you are talking out your ass.

          48. Rick Rogers says

            No when we started this you said Syrians.. I when back and checked

          49. ABO says

            Little Ricky can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, Tiger, nor can he follow the conversation if it involves more than one subject. Poor Little Ricky.

          50. Tiger says

            Sigh……. loves me, how is it I attract these types no wonder I was unlucky in love.

          51. Tiger says

            Try this one on for size. 29 of them arrested for human trafficking in America.


          52. Rick Rogers says

            Again out of how many?? How many were Saudi… Now many Asian Men were arrest for trafficking.. HOW MANY WHITE MEN.. How many Hispanics? Most of the Human Trafficking business comes out of Asia. So whey are you going to start your crusade to keep Korean, Chinese, and Japanese out of the Country.

          53. Tiger says

            Piss off Rick. Piss off.

          54. Rick Rogers says

            Awwww.. did I hit a nerve.. So sorry.. NOT

          55. Mike says

            BUT, he is NOT vetting refugees! He’s letting them in any way he can and them “calling” them legal! Barry is the most un-American bullshitter I have ever seen! These folks come from countries where life is absolutely miserable. But they come here and then make OUR lives miserable. Piss on them and send them back! Mr. Obama is NOT slow about dealing with refugees! It’s not even first come first served. They come here and sure enough, they bring their old lives with them.

          56. Rick Rogers says

            Mike.. Everyone and I mean Everyone that applies for Refugee status goes thru a Vetting process.. Its long and takes time but the only time they have open the borders and just let Refugees in was during the Cuban Boat Lift. They also let some of them in when the Soviets started construction of the Berlin wall and they allowed people that escaped across the line status. If you go back and look alot of the ones that Tiger Quoted were here on Visas of one type or another. Thats how the 9/11 hijackers got in.,

          57. Mike says

            You go tell that to the folks out west who are getting shot on their own property by invading hordes of people from across the border. They’re coming in so fast wayyyy too many are undocumented and most don’t even know they are or where they’re going. That’s what the border crisis is all about! Visas, ha, ha ha ha! Do you live under a rock?

          58. Rick Rogers says

            ok if you are open to looking at legitimate news sources. the numbers of people going SOUTH is now more then the number going North at the Border. More people are returning to the Families in Mexico then are trying get in. It was just reported in all the major news sources about 2 weeks ago. Those that are getting shot at on their property are being shot at by drug runners trying to protect their product. and those Drug runners are the minority.

          59. mac12sam12 says

            That’s not true. The LA Times had an article on illegals and they said that less than 1% of illegals work in agriculture. They’re also the reason for stagnant middle class wages. They cost taxpayers $113 billion a year in medical costs and education.

          60. Rick Rogers says

            And that Article was written when? the link to it is?? Willing to follow it up if there is a URL to follow it to.

          61. ringostarr1 says

            Is that why the Donald imported a Russian bride?

          62. Rick Rogers says

            Of course it was. Most American woman have some standards they just won’t lower and being Married to Trump is one of them. But Hey.. I am all for Trump as GOP nominee. I want him to win the Nomination. Hell I thought about changing my voter registration just so I could vote for him in the primary and Vote against him in the General Election

          63. Mike says

            Rick, your anti-Trump rhetoric is showing. But, Americans should be given the chance to do them, anyway. We have way too many undocumented (aka illegal) immigrants. If they want to come to America legally I have no qualms, otherwise send them back. But Obama is letting EVERYONE in. That’s NOT right! With so many American folks on food stamps and government assistance, THEY could and should find a job first. I’ve done a lot of jobs I didn’t like in my lifetime and it just made me more determined to excel. Now, I have a doctorate and feel like I can do most anything. Everyone can have that chance and it wasn’t free, either. Making it free (like most liberals want) only cheapens the education and certainly lowers the respect folks have for themselves. Besides, the colleges of Liberal Arts want more liberal clones. What way better than to grow them ourselves? What about colleges of Conservative Arts? An equal mix is best but when was the last time you heard of a College of Conservatism? :0

          64. Rick Rogers says

            MIke.. You don’t understand.. I like Donald Trump.. I think he is great. .I want him to win the nomination.. in fact thought about registering Republican just so I can vote for him in the primary. I know about 25 other people in Charlotte area that are switching so they can vote for him in the Primary. We want him to be the Nominee. that way when we Vote in the General election it would be with extra ordinary Pleasure when we DON”T vote for him.

          65. Mike says

            No, Rick, I understand you perfectly! He WILL beat the hell out of Killary in an open and FAIR election. She’s too old and has way too much baggage. You WILL LOOK like a fool Rick for supporting a wind bad like Hillary. I would LOVE to see a female President just NOT this one!

          66. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry Mike only like Trump because if he gets the nomination that keeps the Koch Brothers money pretty much out of the election. Trump does not have a chance in hell and This crap he is pulling in the GOP Debates is not going to fly in the formal Presidential Debate where he is going to be push on what his plans are and he is going to have to have a better answer then .. “we will fix it”. To many people are scared of Trump not because he is the man for the job but there is no way in hell to tell what he might or might not do. If he gets pissed off at Congress telling them “Your Fired” is not going to work.

          67. SCSOCAL says

            Rick – you are sick! There is no need for illegal immigrants period! We do have laws in this country.

          68. Rick Rogers says

            I am sure my Cherokee Ancestors agreely with you. So when you booking your flight out of the country?

          69. Tiger says

            He is sorta mushy where the gray matter counts danced with him before.

          70. ABO says

            Much like dancing with a chimp, I would imagine, Tiger.

          71. Tiger says

            Well didn’t let him step on my toes. ;p

          72. Tiger says

            A Billionaire. Plus they have their own careers as do his children.

          73. Rick Rogers says

            oh please those kids never had to do a day of physical Labor in their Life. They no more earned their money then Trump did. Its amazing if you took the money he started with and then fact in what he lost in Bankruptcies he would have made more money if he had stuck it in a Money Market fund and let it set there. Don’t tell me about how he is such a “good Businessman” I have hard some of his tactics on his stump speeches.. The one that sticks out is “Make the Agreement and then find something wrong with the service they provided even if its not there then Keep refusing to pay until they agree to renegotiate at a lower price” See if it was me he pulled that on he would be in Court As fast as I could file it along with all the emails and letters to that Support the Argument that he was committing Fraud. But hell he is a fraud so guess that’s all he knows.

          74. ABO says

            My, so litigious while so childish, odd pairing.

          75. Rick Rogers says

            I am so going to enjoy visiting this website on Nov 9th of this year.

          76. ABO says

            More useless drivel from Little Ricky.

          77. mac12sam12 says

            Trump’s sons worked with the construction crews as laborers.

          78. Rick Rogers says

            yea sure they did.. The lifted a Shovel of Dirt at the Ground breaking and then no one ever saw them again.

          79. Mike says

            Put in some links, smart ass!

          80. mac12sam12 says

            Trump’s son said he started in the business working with the construction crews.

          81. Rick Rogers says

            ok.. would love to be able to find some of these crews to see how much “work” he actually did.

          82. Tiger says

            So you just don’t believe in Capitalism or giving your children help throughout their lives.

            You envy those who are successful when you have the same opportunities they do. Many millionaires in this country worked their way up to the top from nothing but they had the brains and the talent to do it.

            So tell you what, don’t leave your children anything when you die, that would be helping them, don’t give them any help while you are alive, throw them out on the street when 18, if you haven’t already, turn your back and let them fend for themselves.

            You have wealth envy and I feel sorry for you.

          83. Rick Rogers says

            Tiger while I enjoy the back in forth. I do have to ask one question.. why have you not responded on your Link about the 20 Terrible Executive orders. I went to all the trouble of checking each one and when I posted the results you just were Silent? Maybe you did not like what I found? That it?

          84. Tiger says

            I just don’t bother with you anymore Rick. You don’t take my sources seriously, you think yours are all correct and you don’t even read the truth you find some Liberal site on the net and you just don’t listen.

            It is like passing gas into the wind talking to you.

          85. Rick Rogers says

            What sources. You did not use a single legitimate one. Right wing Blogs are not Legitimate Sources. Every thing you sent me was bogus.. And I even gave you the proof on the executive order one. So here is what you can do. Admit it was wrong. Say on a post here that You quoted Bad information and will I leave you alone if not then I just guess I have to keep sharing your post of the link over and over with your name on it. In reply to ever post I see you send. That won’t do a lot for you credibility.

          86. Tiger says

            Look Rick you say Right Wing blogs not legitimate I say Left Wing blogs, as we have seen they back the Main Media, which has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be false and biased are not legitimate. Everything I sent you was fact, fact that is on the International news, fact that is all over you tube you don’t even believe your eyes and must think every single video is bogus.

            You share my posts anywhere you want, I love it when people get the truth out, my credibility and popularity will skyrocket just don’t ask me to pay you.

            Don’t threaten my Rick, don’t tell me what I need to do to pacify someone like you. My information is right on and always has been admit your are wrong and people might leave you alone.

          87. Rick Rogers says

            Tiger real simple Admit your source on the executive order Post was Crap.. thats not hard to do beause anyone that can use a Search engine can look up those executive order numbers and see exactly when they were signed and who signed them.. Admit you thought the Title looked good and you thought it would “put me in my place” and you did not bother to even look at it. Because you are becoming great comic relief over on my Conservatives conserve Nothing Facebook group., Hell even the people that were trying to defend you are laughing at you now once they search the first TWO executive orders in that post.

          88. ringostarr1 says

            Trump is being sued right now over a business scam and the Donald’s trial may begin before the GOP Nominating Convention.

          89. Mike says

            So is Mr. Obama and especially Hillary. She has so much baggage it would take a 1000 refugees to carry it!

          90. Tiger says

            Amen most accomplished women and real women throw off Hillary’s screaming Women’s rights.

          91. Phyllis says

            That will never happen. he is a great Dad to his children, the ex’s receive too much money to do something that stupid and they are not dogs like some of the things running for office. Ivanka Trump is a classy lady and I believe they are still good friends and love their children.

          92. Sara says


          93. Rick Rogers says

            You main Ivanka who is TRUMP’s DAUGHTER.. or Ivana who said this


          94. Phyllis says

            Little eye problem going on here,and yes, I meant Ivana and I love their daughter Ivanka simply because she produces shoes that actually are designed for feet. lol…comfort for one’s tootsies is definitely a desire in one’s elder years. Plus she is pretty enough that I doesn’t feel inclined to throw a towel over the TV screen to block out her image which is more than I can say about one candidates daughter on the other side of the fence.

          95. Rick Rogers says

            So glad you decided that how someone looks is a method of picking Candidates. I take Chelsea A high educated Well Spoken young lady who is also a wife and mother. She has a PHD in International Relations. So forgive me if I think that matters more then how someone looks.

          96. whoselineisitanyway says

            STFU! Chelsea ain’t all that and a bag of cow chips.

          97. Rick Rogers says

            Pretty sure she is smarter then you there Bucko

          98. whoselineisitanyway says

            Don’t think so, but whatever

          99. Tiger says

            LMAO the cow chips grow mushrooms that can be used to make one dipsy doddle, all Chelsea gives is, ah….hum….well darn can’t think of anything.

            Cow chips win.

          100. Phyllis says

            You surely must be smart enough to know I was being tongue in cheek on part of that. I never judge anyone by their looks, too old to indulge in that. I am looking at who she married and who her father in law is. As for her PHD in International Relations, considering decisions made by her parents, that means zero to me as I am sure she would ask their advice which obviously, even to imbeciles, isn’t resonating well with the general public. Most in this country are not Saul A followers. As for Chelsea as a child in the WH, we all felt sorry for her during her Dad’s fiasco but she is an adult now, participating in the Clinton Foundation which is now under scrutiny. As for voters, I know a few democrats that will be voting for someone else other than a democrat, an unheard of predicament. Socialism and Communism were not welcome in our country long before you were born and most adults over 35 know not to go there. I am going to go on the assumption that you are old enough to vote. It’s hard to tell with that picture posted…new style, three stooges look?..hard to keep up on that these days.

          101. Rick Rogers says

            Phyllis no insult intended but you have to understand that based on Experience here you never take for granted what some of these people say. Satire on here does not work because some low information Voter that visits this site will take it as fact. There are enough “Tiger” s on here to prove that point.

          102. Phyllis says

            I do understand what you are saying about satire, sarcasm, edgy type humor, etc., I indulge in all of the above. But, of all the phrases that are being bandied about, the one I genuinely hate the most is the term..low- information voter..No farther back than 1910 the bulk of the country could not read or write, but men voted and the country survived, WW1, the Crash of 29, the Great Depression, WW2, Korean Conflict, Vietnam War and on up to the present time. Many who fought in the 2 world wars could barely read or write,some enlisted, some were drafted, some lived and some died like Honorable Men. It does not require a PHD stamped on your a.s to die in battle, many of the so- called educated were cowards and ran out of the country, and one of our ex presidents went AWOL more than once and had to be pardoned. The Vietnam mess was initiated by a democrat president who made some REALLY racist comments, but as for the soldiers themselves, whatever their color, religious beliefs, etc., they served as HONORABLE MEN, fought and died beside each other and it really didn’t matter if they were low information or not. When I hear some of the things coming out of the mouths of some of the college kids today I get almost physically sick. They know little about history, geography etc., TRULY bad penmanship etc., all of these things may seem unimportant to you but farther down the road, and someone gets elected, who doesn’t know anything in these categories are not going to be very good ambassadors, statesmen(persons) senators, etc etc. I keep trying to picture our already malfunctioning govt. doing all business on cell phones, laptops, eternal gadgetry. For all my blowing off on comment pages I do truly listen and/or read carefully trying to understand other’s viewpoints, including yours, and examine those opinions other than just my own…humor?, I love it, it oft times makes life more tolerable.

          103. JB Wright says

            “1910 the bulk of the country could not read or write, but men voted and the country survived”

            I think you don’ give people quite enough credit for being able to read, in fact I know you are way off;

            The reason America lasted this long is that those who ran for and/or got elected weren’t utterly corrupt bastards hell-bent on destroying America. Sure many of them were corrupt but they didn’t have the audacity to take it to such extremes, the American people would still hunt them down and lynch their asses at the turn of the century.
            Now Americans get up, go to work, try to pay their mortgage and car and SUV and electric and gas and internet and Cable and… bills in an effort to not implode, then they go home and don’t want to be bothered while they sit in their basement or wherever watching the 60″ television the bought with their already overburdened credit card. These people stand up for their country, they no doubt lose their jobs, then they begin to lose everything else in a domino effect

          104. Phyllis says

            Sorry, but the source I read on education is not anything like what you are recommending. You say the govt is corrupt then cite one of their references. I married into a family of educators, some dating back to the horse and buggy days where one teacher taught all 8 grades after she built a fire in the wood stove, put on a pot of soup to cook to feed those that couldn’t afford to bring their own lunch. No one left 8th grade without being able to read, write, arithmetic, geography, history, the real one, civics, etc….as for corruption in govt, I recommend you read some of the letters and observations from Jefferson on forward. But the rest of your commentary I certainly agree with….ps, those kids I mentioned got recesses to go outside and play, hence exercise, imagine that.

          105. JB Wright says

            You say “No one left 8th grade without being able to read, write, arithmetic, geography, history…”
            So which one is it, can they read or are they illiterate?

          106. Phyllis says

            Both. Some children had to drop out of school to work and help out in order to eat during the depression which contrary to popular belief, did not end everywhere in this country in ’39..I am not opposed to new styles of teaching or computers.

          107. Arizona Don says

            Born and raised on a farm in the 30’s I could read, write and hold a conversation prior to going to school. I started when I was 6. It was two miles away and I walked every day. Nearly all children could in those days. Yes I DID attend a one room school house so did my wife. First thru twelfth grade. However, not every grade had someone in it! I was also 16 before we had electricity. In those days you worked on the farm by the time you were nine years old. We had horses at first then when I was ten we bought a Farmall steal wheeled tractor. I learned how to drive it right away thanks to my father.

          108. Mike says

            They (The Clintons) did the same thing when on “business trips” in France, Belgium and the Netherlands that I know of.

          109. Rick Rogers says

            We can disagree about how Bill Resonates with the general public because i have seen him get nothing but Huge ovations when his is introduced at Speaking engagements. His Fiasco as you put it is he business and no one else’s. And no one would have know anything about it if it won’t for the Following 1. In illegal wiretap, 2. A political fishing expedition that wasted million of dollars and the best they could come up with was that Bill got a blowjob in the oval office.
            You realize after the Bogus impeachment attempt Bill Clinton’s Popularity actually when up not down Right.

          110. Phyllis says

            Wrong. He is no longer popular except among people like yourself or big donors who expect something in return.. He was not elected and PAID to get blow jobs in the WH and I don’t think fishing was an issue where his abuse in the oval office is concerned, but, no one wanted to smoke cigars for quite some time. The millions of parents with small school children were hard pressed to explain to them the things on TV pertaining to how our Govt FUNCTIONS or malfunctions…and since you have started a graphic conversation, how did all those women who accused him of various onslaughts, KNOW the particular problem he has with his crooked appendage?..As for his popularity going up, most decent people decided to not have conversations about his disgusting behavior and abuse of the highest office in the land…and let us not forget all the things they removed from the WH and had to return it..You have such a cute stagey name that it is hard to say bye, but we both know we are on opposite sides of the fence in our beliefs, so, God bless

          111. Rick Rogers says

            yes Lets not forget get about those things in the White House. You know the ones that were BOXED UP on Inauguration Day and moved while the Clintons were on the Podium at Capital Hill. The ones that were sent to storage and not open till they have setup a residence in New York. .The ones that only Permanent White house Staff and the Moving company that was contracted Touched. Or do you have a picture of Bill and Hillary with Moving Tape dispensers and Boxes. Pictures that show them putting the items in. Items that were returned when they were discovered. YOU Mean those ITEMS. Phyllis your reading to much Right wing Drivel.

          112. Phyllis says

            Do you have a picture showing they didn’t? Packing and moving isn’t a one day event. I rarely read right wing stuff, or left wing for that matter. Actually I scrutinize all of it. I think I may have missed my calling as a kid, probably should have been a detective of some sort. My children were hard pressed to hide misbehavior growing up but I did recognize the need for that in teenagers so I told them they could tell me 4 lies a month or save them up till New Years Eve and lie to me all night long. They in turn inflicted that onto their friends and told them, ‘don’t lie to Mom.’ lol…fun time.

          113. JB Wright says

            I assume she got her PHD from the same Cracker Jack box that Blowbama got his Nobile Peace Prize from

          114. Rick Rogers says

            I live for moments like the JB WRIGHT


            But if you don’t want to click on the link.. here you go


          115. whoselineisitanyway says

            YAHOO? Really? DUMB AZZ

          116. Sgt. York says

            I’m sure he will say,that’s why thier exs.

          117. Dawn Doran says

            They’re is the correct word…

          118. Sgt. York says

            Sorry I’m not in an English class anymore,my feelings are for my country if a misspelled word resonates with you I have suceeded

          119. Dawn Doran says

            Their, there and they’re…..Only trying to make you understand..

          120. Sgt. York says

            I have been on earth 81 years now and if I choose to use the wrong word,in your estimation I really don’t give a big ol Rats rear

          121. Dawn Doran says

            I thought that you were a very young person…Sorry about that..

          122. Sgt. York says

            Yes miss English teacher. But you knew what was said,anyway your grading me is a bag of nothing.

          123. Dawn Doran says

            You should be happy, that I care..I’m not picking on you…

          124. whoselineisitanyway says

            You’re stupid. They will not vote for Hitlery anymore than I would. I’m not that dumb, but YOU MY DEAR, OBVIOUSLY ARE.

          125. Rick Rogers says

            Please Be respectful no matter what you think your talking about the Next President of the United States there.

          126. whoselineisitanyway says

            Stop you’re a pita.

          127. mac12sam12 says

            The number of the republicans voting is way up, whereas democrat voting is down 25%. 24% of democrats will be voting for Trump. The old bag is no shoe in.

          128. Rick Rogers says

            And those numbers are from where?? Because I am a volunteer on a state campaign registering people to vote and we ask them survey questions. One of which is Which Candidate for President are you least likely to vote for Trump and Cruz lead the field on that question. This Turn out is going to blow away any other turn out we have ever seen and we can thank the GOP for it because the are going to make the Supreme Court an issue after the majority of people are telling them to allow President Obama nominee a fair hearing and they are ignoring it. And the reason is that EVERY SINGLE Democrat is going to hammer this point over and over from now till November. They Gift Wrapped us an issue they can’t win on.

          129. Mike says

            So, Rick, you really don’t have a job or family do you? Do you still live with your parents? Can’t afford a real home? Thank Mr. Obama for me, will you. Hillary is an ugly has been and about to go to jail……. for her CRIMES, which are various and many.

          130. Rick Rogers says

            still waiting on someone to tell me what these supposed Crimes Are. Can’t be emails because both Colin Powell and Cony Rice said they used private email accounts when they were Sec State. And besides there was no stated law against it until the Year after she resign the position. Can be the GOP war cry Benghazi because she not only made that committee look foolish the members of the committee were dumb enough to admit it was a witch hunt to make her look bad.. That they used your Tax dollars for. (Which by the way IS very illegal)

            Anyone that believes in these fox news generated Clap trap I just want you to know I have some Great acreage I am making available at a super cheap price of 100 dollars an Acre. It Beach Facing property in the Myrtle Beach SC area. Its about 200 yards offshore and there are about 150 Acres.. First come first serve.

          131. ABO says

            C’mon, Mike, you don’t really think anyone would actually hire Little Ricky to complete even the most basic of tasks do you? As far as having a family, he still lives in Mommy’s basement. True parasite with nothing better to do than irritate others by making up stupid stories that he calls “facts”

          132. ABO says

            I’m so impressed, Little Ricky. You’ve got so many convenient little stories to throw out there whenever you need one. If you weren’t such a whining, pathetic idiot someone might actually believe some of them, but…

          133. Rick Rogers says

            Its called Living a Life jerk off.. Have 58 years to do that. You should try it sometime.

          134. ABO says

            58 years and this is all you’ve amounted to? That’s really sad Little Ricky.

          135. Rick Rogers says

            your comebacks really are lame.. But that does not surprise me. The demonstration of your ability to hand Facts with intelligence and Compassion for people show you are sorely liking in so many areas. Oh and your still a coward hiding behind a fake name.

          136. ABO says

            As my comebacks are directed at a truly pathetic moron, why would I bother coming back with anything worthwhile??? Oh and for some one who thinks my comments are lame, you keep responding regularly and emotionally which makes me realize just how Pathetic you really are. Bye bye Little Ricky, maybe you’ll grow up some day. Although I tend to doubt it.

          137. Rick Rogers says

            just know I will be laughing at your ass on November 9th.

          138. Tiger says

            He is a pistol and doesn’t have all his lights on.

          139. Tiger says

            Real women won’t endorse Shrillary.

          140. Rick Rogers says

            thank you for the opening I love that your not that bright.

            Sen. Tammy Baldwin A real Patriot and military Hero Endorsed her.
            US Women’s Chamber of Commerce has Endorsed her.
            Gabrielle Gifford
            And the few thousand that have voted for her over Bernie Sanders so far. So after Super Tuesday when she puts the Nomination to bed remember you said this.

            I considered them more REAL women then those that are so clearly voting against their own interest time after time.

            Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

            Read more at:

          141. Tiger says

            Those are not women, those are mousey things walking around in female bodies.

          142. SCSOCAL says

            His ex wives like him and have been supportive of him.

          143. Rick Rogers says

            Wow.. Even the one that Accused him of Rape?

          144. Phyllis says

            You can rest assured they are stupid enough. They would run a goat if they thought it would access them to the WH.

          145. Azabigail1 says

            You might be right, Obama and other socialistic Democratic leaders have been populating the Democratic voting pool with legalized illegal immigrants(I know), and anti-Americans, who have absolutely NO loyalty to America and could care less if America falls. But there may still be enough Democrats left that are true Americans who love America, have seen through the Democratic anti-American/socialistic NWO agenda and will vote for the sake of America’s sovereignty and restoration. On the other hand, they also could be voting republican to water down the vote. Now is the time to share as much documented information as possible, about the threat to our nation through the compromising of America’s foundation, constitution and sovereignty by those in high Democratic leadership offices, with others.

          146. Tiger says

            I feel the same about those you mention Trump isn’t overwhelming the system with only Republican and Independent votes this is a full fledged tsunami.

          147. Mike says

            Or maybe, a camel……. there are plenty of Jackasses.

          148. Phyllis says

            Jackasses come about by breeding a female horse with a mule and the jackass can’t reproduce. Perhaps that is the subconscious reason that certain political persons favor abortion, so they can’t multiply and/ or wrote a song about jackasses and haven’t done anything with it…yet.

          149. Mike says

            HaHaHa! Good for you, Phyllis!

          150. gaeliclass says

            I would be astonished that the Americans could vote in a woman who has lied consistently to get power – who has allowed men to die as she did in Benghazi .. – who has given away top secrets — who fights against life at every turn —
            Has the world gone mad??

          151. Bruce Rowley says

            No, just our government.

          152. whoselineisitanyway says

            IT’S THE NWO PEOPLE. Their most ardent supporters are the DEMON RATS. My parents (long deceased), for the most part were Democrats, my mother stopped voting for D when Slick Willie started his disgusting womanizing.

          153. WilliamHarrington says

            You give the Democrats too much credit.

          154. mark says

            Just like obama people voted for him just because he is black. I seen on an interview some moron saying that he would vote for Hillary just to see how a woman would do. People like that scare me.

          155. Erikatjones says

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          156. Brenda says

            Democrats are stupid enough give her the nomination. To them her history of lying, dishonesty, and corruption are the hall marks of a good democrat.

          157. NotJim says

            Résumé enhancers.

          158. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says


        2. Sara says

          Read my post-if one of the bad establishment people win, start with civil disobedience and demand a hand recount. Let’s try getting them to step down (all crooked of all branches), give them their pensions (less costly-less resistance than trial/prosecuting, and tell them to go away-never step back into govt.) They’ll kill and bribe, fight to the death to cover their asses, just not worth it, then we can just pay retribution to those harmed in their paths over the last couple decades, starting with out own military and the civilians maimed in other nations. Reset button. What do you think? I hate the idea of a civil war-it’ll be so brutal. They deserve punishment, but God will take care of that. We don’t need any more bloodshed.

          1. Rodger K. Shull says

            if they win it is because of election fraud, just like the last one, it was CORRUPT an CROOKED an FRAUDULENT, an BLESS YOUR HEART Sara, you are so RIGHT.

          2. Sara says

            Aww- that was sweet- so you’re with me then? We’re the first two who are going to stand up if there’s electronic voting fraud or if anything untimely happens to who we choose! Like Scalia not having an autopsy! I don’t give a damn if he was 79! He was unwitnessed, in a room without his own security. If he’s healthy enough to hunt and be a supreme court justice, then, I’d say an autopsy is absolutely called for. Even embalmed, they can tell plenty. If Hillary, O, or any of the Bushes died alone (supposedly) in a room you can be damn sure an autopsy would be done. Poor Scalia, I like a lot of what he did. That’s something I think we need to demand too, regardless of what his family says on TV- they’re probably in fear and have to say such things. Is anyone inside pushing for that? I’m a nurse-nobody can pronounce a death to issue a death certificate other than a coroner or physician-another medical worker like ems or a nurse can choose not to resuscitate if there’s injury or signs incompatible with life like decapitation or rigor mortis, but we CANNOT call the death, so how can a ranch worker? Did ranch call an ambulance and transfer him to hospital? I believe that is protocol anywhere- even mangled in a wood chipper, they have to get the body, bag it, transport it to a hospital, have someone identify the body in the hospital or morgue, even if there’s only a pinky nail left that only the family would know. That’s my understanding, but no autopsy? It’s ludicrous.

          3. Rodger K. Shull says

            That is correct, they say he had a heart attach, but the only way to know is by an autopsy an physically an visually look at the heart, buy a medical doctor. there is no other way., I know his son, said different, but this smell to high heaven, just like Marilyn Monroe committed suicide, B.S. One will call voter fraud only if she is NOT ELECTED.

          4. Sara says

            Damn-I didn’t think of that, but I don’t know-not THIS time. Dems hate her. Most dems hate O now too.

          5. glorybe2 says

            If a person has a medical practitioner who steps forward and testifies that the person was under treatment for a potentially lethal disease at the time of death no autopsy is required. Heart disease and diabetes as well as high blood pressure were all conditions for which Scalia was under continuous care. Many diabetics who have a low blood sugar event in their sleep do not wake up. If no one notices that they are in an emergency death quickly follows. Heart attacks while asleep are not uncommon either.

          6. Rodger K. Shull says

            This is true, if a person under a medical care giver, be it a M.P. or a N.P. or a M.D. an dies while under their care, at home or in a hospital, no autopsy most of the time is not performed, my dad passed away in a hospital at age 89, we were there watching, an the medical personnel signed off on his time of passing, an he went to the hospital morgue an then to the funeral home. But when found alone dead, an no one to vouch for what was their cause of death, an autopsy is performed to make sure a crime was not committed, no matter what they were sick with, be it a heart attach, or a stroke , drug overdose, a homicide has to be ruled out

          7. gaeliclass says

            yep there should have been an autopsy.. I would put nothing and I mean nothing past the WH or Hitlery!
            She is a scary creature and is capable of anything as is Bill her side kick.

          8. Azabigail1 says

            Not just Hillary. Throughout Obama’s term he has demonstrated how far he would go to push his agenda through. Even to the point of by-passing congress, over using executive power, and seeing America take the worse financial fall in all of it’s history, etc., etc. Several cases, which stem from his personal pet issues and agenda, are waiting to be decided by the Supreme Court, so Hillary’s agenda is not the only one that would benefit in a HUGE way by Scalia’s death, and Obama’s appointment of an anti-American to the SC.

          9. mark says

            I too believe there was some serious fraud.

          10. Tiger says

            What you propose makes sense that is why it will never and has never worked.

            Don’t mind the thought of some of them shedding some blood, life and limbs we have our share.

            Can’t wait for God, God helps those who help themselves.

          11. Sara says

            Me too I suppose if it’s really gonna come down to that and we don’t have the power to alter the end game.

          12. Tiger says

            Right we knew the End Game would come and we knew mankind would be powerless against it.

        3. Rodger K. Shull says

          She is to SICK , mentally an physically to run a government, she could not run the state department , without MAJOR MESS UPS, she did a piss poor job as a 1st lady to the president an as 1st lady to a governor . If she is as good of an AMERICAN as she claims she is, she will pull out of the running for potus

          1. Tiger says

            Noway she has to be shoved out.

        4. gaeliclass says

          The only answer to make America rise again and secure her and the world is through the Republicans — my choice for a secure ethical moral America – Ted Cruz for President and Marco Rubio for VP

          1. Tiger says

            Must vote Republican. No other choice.

        5. new york says

          She seems perfectly health to me. And with the black and Hispanic vote, plus a big plurality of votes from women 45 and over, she can’t miss,

          1. Tiger says


        6. Gordon Miller says

          Is her health that bad? Methinks she can cover it up. But she can’t cover up a recommendation from the FBI that she be indicted.

          1. Tiger says

            There are those that say so. Been an RN close to 30 years and that fall she took and the diagnosis was very bad. She could literally fall over dead.

        7. ringostarr1 says

          Tiger, you mean to tell me that Hillary’s steady grazing on a diet of complimentary crudité and bottled French mineral water when she gives her Wall Street buddies a 5 minute $1,000,000 speech is harming her health instead of making her immortal? Come to think of it she must be packing up her leftover crudité in a doggy bag for Bill, he looks absolutely gaunt and under nourished these days.

          1. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL she is walking a thin line and Bill looks like he had too much something or other the night before.

      2. gonzales27 says

        We can’t let this happen.

      3. Sara says

        She won’t make it-never fear.

      4. Rodger K. Shull says

        people in the government that hate the MILITARY an SECRET SERVICE , an run around with a FOUL MOUTH of a STREET WHORE , that is a MENTAL an PHYSICAL BASKET CASE, need not be in charge of the decisions made on the behalf of the USA CITIZENS, this is all nothing more than an EGO TRIP for her an for him too.

      5. Phyllis says

        Her hatred for the military probably stems from Bill’s multiple awol’s that were forgiven by Carter. He should have been charged and convicted but what else is new about convictions for political criminals///Hillary loves shoving her ‘deeds’ in the people’s faces/ Unfortunately the minorities evidently don’t realize as they support this agenda, they will die right along with everyone else. That old saying you can fool all of the people some of the time, part of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, doesn;t seem to hold true in politics. Certain democrats seem to be able to fool the minorities all of the time,pat them on the head, smile big, dance a little jig here and there, make promises that won’t be kept, walk away laughing, lmao. How dumb can people get?

      6. Mike says

        Hillary will NOT be our next president!

        1. new york says

          Read my statement again. Hillary is assures of nearly all of the black vote, and a huge per cent of the Hispanic vote. That’s about a third of the population right there. Also, you can bet your bottom dollar that a sizeable per cent of women, largely 50-plus, won’t let the opportunity to put a woman in the White House slip away, as they did in 2008. And if Donald Trump is the Republican candidate, it will be no contest. So get ready for President Hillary.

          1. Mike says

            You are so full of B.S. I’ll bet your yes are brown. I have faith that folks will see through her façade of “caring” and nail her for lying, killing and otherwise being disingenuous. Of course if she gets control of the polling places there’s no telling what will happen. I think the American people are so sick of that stupid Barack Obama t not let that happen. Slick Clintons, steal money for a foundation, steal furniture from the Whitehouse, the French people as well as the Netherlands and Belgium. Probably more! and you want this sick bi*ch to be a president? Come on, get it together and see her for what she REALLY is!

          2. new york says

            Actually, my eyes are deep blue. And I fully agree with you about Obama and the Clintons. But, as I said above, Hillary has over a third of the electorate in her pocket. It doesn’t matter to them whether she’s honest or trustworthy. Blacks want their goodies and special privileges to continue, Hispanics want illegals to continue to flow over the border, and Hillary will assure this. And a large per cent of women, especially 50-plus, have wanted a woman president for 50 years and aren’t going to let this golden opportunity slip by. Capiche?

          3. Mike says

            I agree in part with your analysis. But I KNOW of many women that are over 50 and do NOT want her anywhere near the WH. She has proven to be a power monger and untrustworthy. True, there are those just like her who will vote for her JUST BECAUSE SHE’S a woman. I don’t think most are that stupid. We just can’t any longer afford the freebies coming out of Washington. When she tries to play THAT card it will be lights out…… for all of us. Mr. Trump is our only chance.

    4. Rick Rogers says

      So now your endorsing Sedition and Treason possible Mutiny Against the Elected Commander and Chief.. See that’s the difference I served under Reagan and even though I hated the Idiot I would never have considered disobey his orders. I swore an oath That ” I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

      You don’t get to pick and choice what lawful orders you obey. The one execption and one will be held accountable for later is you Honest believe that the orders are not lawful ones. But you will have to explain to a court martial why you felt they were not lawful orders. But Tiger you and others have been saying things about him ruining our country for years. now.. So here is a Simple Challenge.. What has he ruin. Give me details?

      1. hangem'high says

        That’s when conscience or duty comes into play, and the declaration of independence, just because you swear allegiance to the commander or not, you’re serving the country, family and God any one should override the Tyrant in Chief!

        1. hangem'high says

          This is why communist have to eliminate God, Family and loyally out of each individual’s life!

      2. Tiger says

        I am a Reservist, I am not on Active Duty. My Oath as an Officer said I pledged my allegiance to the Constitution not the president I been in since 1988. O has totally committed Treason by giving aid and comfort to our enemies. That is Treason according to the Constitution.

        War has not been officially declared, that is why so many have committed Acts of Sedition. Look at what they said about Bush. The movie to assassinate him etc. Oh is not my Commander and Chief one is only presented that title when War is Declared and only if he is in a position to hold that title. Look it up. It is there. But who cares right.

        I don’t respect him, I can hardly wait to get rid of him, I can’t stand the sight of him, I can’t stand his voice and I believe him to be a Traitor, Liar and needs to stand down.

        I could post a list a mile long but I will just go ahead and give you a site to see the sins against this country, the lies and the generals and admirals who say he has committed Treason.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Well We have something in common because I believe not only were Bush and Cheney Traitors they were war Criminals. Every Senator that signed the Letter to Iran is a traitor as Especially who not only wrote and signed the Letter but took money from Israel to do it. Don’t know where you get your history but the President is Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces ALL the time. Not just during war. I know the officers oath is a bet different but I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Please not if the President can give you orders he is the Commander and He is listed at the top.

          As for everything else. I just apply the Same reasoning that was used on me during the Bush years. I was against the War in Iraqi. The War against the Taliban I supported but Bush just wanted to finish what Daddy and Cheney started and their eyes were on Iraqi oil the whole time nothing more. When I criticized Bush I was told by Republicans that if I did not support the President I was a traitor.. So you can pretty much guess what I have to say to you.

          1. Tiger says

            Yeh and every Democrat said Hussein had WMD.

            I get my history on the CAC from the facts and you ought to look at them might just post them.

            My Oath doesn’t say that. No president mentioned.

            What you say to me is of no consequence being as I am not Active and by the way I was attacked by CAIR during this war and they lost cause the Jag said Freedom of Speech does not stop when we put on the uniform. You had bad representation.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            YEa he had them during the Iraq and Iran war and what he did not use was sitting in a Warehouse Rusting way since 1981 one or so. They only people that were in danger from them were the ones that would have been loading and firing them. And its clear your not reading. I said the Officers oath is Different then the enlisted oath. Thats easy to prove from any search engine when you ask for US Military Oath most sites have both.

          3. Tiger says
          4. Rick Rogers says

            Ok let me check.. NOpe don’t see in the Constitution where “ is listed as the one that gets to define the constitution. now go back and read that article again and this time Think about what it is saying.

            The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called (THE MILITIA IS Called) into the actual Service of the United States;

            It does not say he is not commander and Chief of the Army and Navy when Congress says its ok.

      3. Tiger says

        Here is the list and the number of the most damaging Executive Orders he has signed.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Oh boy where do I start..I was hoping this was where you were going with it. President Obama at last count has Signed 233 Executive orders not 900.. That is a verifiable FACT. Also a Fact is that you can Type Execuitve Order and Enter the number on just about any Search Engine and the entire text of the order comes up.

          Executive Order 10990 was signed by JFK in 1962
          Executive Order 10995 was signed by JFK in Feb 16 1962
          Executive order 11000 also Signed by JFK
          Executive Order 11001 Also Signed by JFK
          Executive Order 11002 Signed by JFK
          Executive Order 11003 signed by JFK
          Executive Order 11004 signed by JFK
          Executive Order 11005 Signed by JFK
          Executive Order 11049 Signed by JFK
          Executive Order 11051 Signed by JFK 1962
          Executive Order 11310 Signed By Lyndon B. Johnson
          Executive Order 11921 Signed By GERALD FORD 1976

          So out of these supposed orders quoted in that article That President Obama the Article Claims to have signed 10 of them were signed when he was 6 months old. 11310 he would have been about 5 months old. and 11921 he would have been 16.. The ones that JFK Signed were for the continuation of the Federal government in case of ATTACK. (as in NUCLEAR Attack)
          But here let me answer what I am sure was going to be your Rebuttal
          Since JFK ( not going back further then that because you have The orders issued during Great Depression, World War II, And Korean War, In addition to the order By Eisenhower.)

          JFK Issued 214 orders
          Johnson 325
          Nixon 346
          Ford 169
          Carter 320
          Reagan 381
          H. W. Bush 166
          Clinton 364
          Dubba Bush 291
          And Obama 233

          So I will give you a chance to recover from this complete embarrassment of Your claim.. Just one piece of advice. Its always a good idea to check what your claiming before you try and use a link to prove it. The Links I used to Disprove it are the National Archive that keep track of executive orders.

          What else you got for me.

          1. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL you are so very brainwashed.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            So.. your the one that thinks Obama started Signing Executive Orders when he was about 6 months old.. But I am the one Brain washed.. HA…
            I have been trying to be nice but I should have Remember what my Debate coach told me in high school. never get into an argument with a Fool because they pull you down to their level and your accusations are trying making you the fool.

            So I am letting go.. I am not going to get into a battle of wits with someone that is So Clearly Unarmed.

          3. Michael Dennewitz says

            Go find your pacifier and get your sorry ass back in that crib! NOW!

          4. Rick Rogers says

            Since you have nothing constructive to add YOU are Dismissed.

          5. ABO says

            Wow what a tough guy. Mike must be shattered.

          6. Michael Dennewitz says

            Blow it out your fat ass rickyboy!! HAHAHAHA Smoke another one bitch!!

          7. glorybe2 says

            The really awful part is that these right wing loonies are allowed to vote and be ought on their own without a keeper. At a certain point ignorance and insanity are identical. If we allowed these right wing types to get what they ask for they have no clue as to the disaster that would consume them. If Trump is ever elected president I’m leaving the US.

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Belize has an exchange Rate of about 2 to 1 on the US Dollar and the offical League is English. But last couple of days an old Loon has come up of the wood work. Michelle Bachmann is out talking about how Obama is bring on the end of days. I am confused by that.. I thought the End of days was the start of Revelations which ends with the 2nd Coming.. So why does she say its a bad thing??

          9. ABO says

            Well I wasn’t aware that in Belize, ” the official League is English’. From the mouth of the clown Ricky Rogers we then hear “But last couple of days an old Loon has come up of the wood work”. Never made it through third grade did you, clown boy???

          10. Rick Rogers says

            Big freaking deal I had the Auto Correct change what I was typing on my phone and the small keyboard had my finger hit return when I was trying to hit backspace. If correcting typos is all you got why are you wasting everyone else’s time posting. Put I can play that. Got it listed on system now to alert me each time you Post. Please make sure everything is perfect Clown boy.

          11. ABO says

            Nice try Dimwit but even a three year old can see through you. Thick as a brick is what you are. Whoa, Clown boy, where’d you get that??? Can’t even come up with anything on your own huh? “Got it listed on system now” Oh I’m just shaking in my boots. By now “Clown boy”

          12. Rick Rogers says

            Ha you clearly have no bullets in your gun or you would have taken up the challenge.. Just the coward I thought you were or you would not be afraid to post your name and picture beside what your Right. I think “Tiger” is misguided but at least she has the guts to put herself out there not hide behind something like “ABO” what it stand for “Asshole Breath Oscar”

          13. ABO says

            You are obviously far too stupid to realize just how stupid you are.

          14. Rick Rogers says

            Still waiting on the answer. Its becoming clear to everyone you are too stupid to answer when I directly Challenge you to back up your bull shit. Your also getting Great play over on the Conservatives Conserve Nothing Page on Face book. Thanks for that. Its great to get a no nothing Republican to embarrass themselves in public like this. The greatest thing is your doing all the work just have to paste your Post on there and the “what an A-holes” start rolling in.

            You know someone with half a brain would figure out if you can’t back up your statements with Facts your pretty worthless. You have refused so far. So your not worth my time. Don’t bother responding unless your ready to start backing up your bullshit cause the delete key when I see your Coward name on the email is going to be depressed every time.

          15. ABO says

            Everything you have posted here, little Ricky has been nothing but utterly ridiculous nonsense, most of which was debunked long ago but you were apparently not paying attention. Here’s a challenge for you little Ricky. You post something that has an ounce of credibility to it and I’ll respond to it. Until then, just keep cutting and pasting from your pages of talking points. It seems to keep you busy. You seem to spend 24/7 sitting drooling on your keyboard. I left my lofty home here in the boonies yesterday to take care of some business in town and when I got back four hours later my Disqus notification e-mail was loaded with not one or two but 9 rambling rants from little Ricky the Dimwit demanding my immediate attention. If you’ve got nothing better to do with your time than to sit and drool on your keyboard for hours on end maybe you should consider rehab, Ricky.
            Gotta say though I was impressed with “your doing all the work just have to paste your Post on there and the ‘what an A-holes’ start rolling in”. What language is that and when did you learn it???

          16. Rick Rogers says

            Hmm Very interesting because I had never heard of you till you started attacking me with comments. Just so your bullshit does not go any farther. Every one of those supposed 9 rants you were talking about was a direct reply to something you sent me first. So stop making out like you are some Martyr or innocent bystander. You started the crap and aren’t man (or woman) enough to accept the challenge I threw at you on your first post. So until you do don’t feel offended that I going just ignore you. You don’t have the ethics or intelligence to prove your position so your not worth the time. now excuse me while I go scrap your family tree off the bottom of my shoe. someone left there dog out again.

          17. ABO says

            Everyone here knows you’re nothing but a troll and everyone can just go through the thread and see what went on for themselves, Little Ricky, so go cry and whine to yourself and run to Mommy for comfort like the little spoiled brat you obviously are.

          18. Rick Rogers says

            In parting let me just add.

          19. ABO says

            As I and many others have pointed out to you, you wouldn’t know a fact if it bit you in the face Little Ricky. That your big brother in the photo??? Looks a lot like you.

          20. ABO says

            Nice try, loser but nobody’s going to buy your pathetic little excuses. Unfortunately for you, stupid can’t be fixed.

          21. Rick Rogers says

            And your first hand Evidence of that statement. So when your Mother and her brother married because he got her pregnant did anyone warn them about the dangers of inbreeding before they had you.

          22. ABO says

            Oh, Ricky, you’re just so clever for such a pathetic Dimwit. Imagine using your own life experience to work up a childish little tantrum that you apparently believe will just devastate me. Try again, Dimwit.

          23. ABO says

            Doesn’t brainwashing require that there be something there to wash???

          24. Tiger says

            Thanks for reminding me right on that. No gray matter to work with.

          25. ABO says

            Just the wind whistling through the empty space between his ears, Tiger.

          26. Tiger says

            Lots of that going around. ;p

      4. Tiger says

        Here is a list of the 30 worst insults he has made to our military.

      5. Tiger says

        The list of admirals and generals who say he needs to be tired for treason.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Ok let’s look at it.. James A. Lyons.. Two days after he made the Stupid Muslim Brotherhood claim he Said that Caspar Weinberger (Reagan’s Guy) was the single person Most responsible for preventing a France American Takedown of the Khomeini Regime in Iran in August of 1987. So he is basically claiming there was a Plot during the Reagan Administration to over throw The Government of a nation we might not like but was still the government of that country.

          U.S. Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney – Wow you can pick them Ok Thomas McInerney Fox News Contributor, Adviser to Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan 2012 Campaign. (yea he doesn’t have an ax to grind against the President does he?)
          he was the one that what Malaysian Flight MH 370 went missing he started claiming that the plane had been hijacked to Pakistan possibly to be loaded with Conventional or Nuclear weapons and used in a terrorist attack. He has read one to many Tom Clancy novels.

          So you have two OLD trying to be relevant again Retired Military office that See plots behind every door. Bet they were fun during the Cold War

          1. Tiger says

            LOLOLO keep trying you lose, O is a loser, the world knows it you might catch-up someday.

            Newly declassified documents show Carter and Clinton responsible for 9/11 and the Iran Revolution directly on Carter.

            Stop the blame game you guys are some kind of sick.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            Oh my god.. YOUR ONE OF THOSE?? I am sorry I did not realize. But seriously you really should have your doctor look into Some Different Meds. You delusions are not getting any better and you could become a danger to yourself. But if you like making Tin Foil hats to keep the Government from Reading your thoughts go head that won’t hurt anyone.

      6. Tiger says

        50 Central Intelligence officers say that O changed their reports on ISIS this went to Congress.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          You better Read that again.. Because 50 other Intelligence officers say they stand by that report. But why all the concern about what CIA officers have to say.. G W Bush did not seem to care about the reports that There were Men from the Middle east learning to Fly Airliners. And in fact told a CIA briefing office that tried to bring up these concerns..(Direct Quote from the Briefing officer) The president then Said.. “OK you covered your butt so what else have you got for me). I give you this one At least you got this from a real News source. Problem is that no where in there does it say this was done on the order of the President so you fail on that point.

          1. Tiger says

            No I don’t fail. All I gave you is substantiated. It is news because he did it. It is on the net and for all to see because it happened.

            We are not talking Bush we are talking O.

      7. Tiger says

        252 ways O has destroyed America you don’t pay much attention to what this monster is doing huh? I could list from day one what he has done but now I just give the sites.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Dear Lord… Do you just puck these out of the air with wishful thinking..Ok In order Its very clear you did not bother to Read any of them. and do you also realize that link after link of you “Proof” has takes you to blank pages or to pages that say nothing to do with the Claims your making?

          1. War Powers Act which requires presidents to get congressional approval for military operations within 60 days, or withdraw forces within the next 30.
          He did that and was it was no different then what Reagan did in Grenada

          2. This is baseless.. If you click on the link and its not there thats the same as saying it was made up

          3.Do you know how many people work in an Administration.. HUNDREDS.. and your say 40 is “is packing the white house full of Lobbyist? ALSO the link takes you to Page could not be found.

          You know I was going to do this one by one but just browsing them They are all From Right wing nut publications or are written by people like James Taranto who worked for the Heritage Foundation. Or Your quoting the Lawyer for the Guantanamo inmates who will say what ever he can to Represent his Clients. Or the Fast and Furious joke which was a program started by The Bush Administration. but I don’t see you screaming about him. Or this claim that he lied about Cost of ACA which had the Congressional Budget office has send is projected to lower the cost over the next 10 years.

          But I am just curious.. DO you ACTUALLY Believe He signed some sort of order to tell The purchasing agents for the White House to go out and spend 3.40 on SODA… WOW SO WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR THAT HAS TO BE AN IMPEACHABLE OFFICE. THINK OF THE TENS OF DOLLARS IT COST.

          But the one that stands out the most to me because it took place about a mile down the street from were I live was the one about lying to Campaign Workers. His speech was Scheduled for Bank of American stadium. An outdoor stadium No Roof. All week they called for major Thunderstorms the night of the Speech. So unfortunately they had to move it indoors where there was no danger of the Campaign workings Getting struck by Lighthing. So you want to blame someone Blame God for letting it rain. I pretty much know the kind of Trash you were going to throw at me but this so called List is a joke. Most of them have No Backing documentation and those that do Are so Right wing Tilled they would say anything they thought would make the President look bad.. All you did is make yourself look like a petty tea bagger.

      8. Tiger says

        O blamed for the refugee crisis read the European papers now and again along with the ME.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Will you people please make up your frigging minds. First you complain that here is not Process to Vette Refugee’s even though there is.. And now you want to use that piece of Toilet Paper the Washingtons to complete because the Process takes to long. This is as bad as the crap The president had to put up with this week with Scalia’s Funeral.. He and the first lady when to pay their Respects (which to be honest would be more then I would have done) and Scalia’s family did not bother to show. So if he had shown up at the Funeral people like you would have complain he was making a political show of it. Of course TRUMP didn’t go. Last report I heard was Cruz might now go because of Campaigning

        2. ABO says

          He’s not capable of understanding any of it, Tiger. He’s functionally illiterate.

          1. Tiger says

            Appears so amazing how the obstinate in the pool drinking Kookaid don’t seem to be able to read and comprehend.

          2. ABO says

            Pretty obvious isn’t he?

          3. Tiger says


      9. Tiger says

        Here is the way O lost the world’s respect for America where you been? Hibernating.

        1. Reality Check says

          ACTUALLY, fool of the right wing, the global opinion of the US is UP after the GW years.

          I cite a world renowned polling company, YOU link to a bat shit crazy right wing website OPINION PIECE, from a site that the RIGHT trashed last month for trashing Trump.

        2. Rick Rogers says

          Tiger get you glasses checked. that article talks about the last 40 years not just the last 8 Notice the Title how the US lost the worlds Respect not how Obama lost it. I have a hard time buying anything written by someone that calls the Dictator The Shah of Iran the most enlightened leader in the 5,000-year history of Persia. He is leaving out the thousands that the Shah Secret Police Tortured and executed. Then he claims Obama was responsible for the troop pull out in Iraq even though it was following the treaty that BUSH signed. One that President Obama tried to Renegotiate but could not get the Iraqi to budge off the one thing NO american President should ever agree to. The Iraqis wanted any US service man accused of Wrong Doing turned over to them immediately and they would be subject to Iraqi Courts. This by the way is something we have never agreed to in any country Even our Allies. You don’t expose US Troops to legal systems that don’t Recognize their rights as American Citizens. PERIOD.

          Read more at:

          1. Tiger says

            No you need a lobatomy.

          2. ABO says

            I believe he has already tried that and it didn’t turn out well. Much like the idiot RC.

          3. Tiger says

            Well lobatomies are never a sure thing ya know.

          4. ABO says

            Ricky needs to know.

          5. Tiger says


        1. Reality Check says

          a six year old article?
          you are do discerning in your choice of sources.

          why not just publish your own blog?
          be just as factual and respected.

          so the fool of right wing propaganda does not know that the EU is on the brink of recession and the US is the BRIGHT SPOT in the Global economy?

          U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’

          The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only
          bright spot for global growth

        2. Rick Rogers says

          One> Really don’t gave a hoot and holler about what Europeans thank about US Plans.. Because they are one ones still hammer Austerity and the US is the country that is growing the economy again. so sorry you don’t win this one.

          1. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL oh bugger off.

          2. ABO says

            “One> Really don’t gave hoot and holler about what Europeans thank about US Plans”. Yet another brilliant remark from Ricky the Dimwit. Keep it coming Ricky, it shows everyone just how pathetically stupid you libs are!

          3. Rick Rogers says

            really sad.. Best you can come up with is typos on a cell phone. But then they say small minds are amused by small things. Your wife sure must be amused by small things or why would she still be with you.

          4. ABO says

            Has nothing to do with typos on a cell phone, Ricky, just lame crap from a twisted wanker called Ricky the Dimwit.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Still ignoring the challenge of Proving what you called me on before. Did not think you had the guts to respond. Of course it could be you have no facts to back up your positions which is most likely what it is. Tea bagging Scum hate facts.

          6. ABO says

            C’mon now, twit. Some of the three year olds in the neighborhood can throw more impressive tantrums than that. Oh and by the way you wouldn’t know a fact if it bit you in the face, Dimwit.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Still calling you an inbred coward. Are you that spineless you won’t answer when your challenged. Still waiting. Tell me again how much Sense Tiger has when she quotes an Article that list the worst Executive orders that Obama has signed and when you check them not a single one of them was signed in the 21st Century. Some of them were when President Obama (Bet you hate when I call him that. GOOD) was 6 month old but Tiger insist they were his.

          8. ABO says

            You have yet to post anything even remotely factual, Little Ricky. You must be getting tired of just cutting and pasting your liberal talking points. Actually You’ve proved many times over that you haven’t the intellect for anything beyond that.

          9. ABO says

            This from a wanker living in his Mommy’s basement. Have a nice day, Dimwit.

          10. Rick Rogers says

            To bad your’s has not Weaned you off her tit yet

          11. ABO says

            Love the photo, Ricky. You look pretty much like what I would expect, A six year old Little Lord Fauntleroy Yuppie. You must be so proud to be such a pathetic idiot.

        1. Reality Check says

          a panel in Egypt.

          your bar for “good” sources is VERY LOW.

          as long as they bash Obama, you will accept anything.

          while pretending to be “informed”

        2. Rick Rogers says

          Just wanted you to know that I laughed so hard at this one I had to go pee.. And I was laughing at you not it. Go head click on your Link. and Scroll down to just before the Text of the Article starts.. here I save you the time… This is what it says. “Editor’s note: Since the publication of this article, Western Journalism has learned that this video was produced as a work of satire. We encourage you to watch and enjoy it as such.”

          1. Tiger says

            But of course it is a comedy so what?

            That is what I meant it to be but like SNL it matters and in it’s skits tells the truth.

            Boy are you dense when you peed did someone hold you tiny Vienna Weenie?

          2. Rick Rogers says

            NO….. I have an engine hoist to help hold it and my big brass balls up. You know I was worried because you had said you were an officer in the Military and I was concerned about what type of people they were giving commissions to based on you gullibility. Now I see you were just a nurse and don’t feel so bad. Its not like you had to make any Decisions that effected more then one person at once.

          3. ABO says

            “Now I see you were just a nurse… Its not like you had to make any Decisions that effected more than one person at once”. Completely moronic comment I would only expect to hear from a brainless liberal clown and there it is. You have, with that abysmally stupid remark proved your self utterly ridiculous in your myopic view of the world. The least important nurse on the planet would easily show you up for the pathetic idiot you are. You don’t amount to a pimple on the ass of ANY nurse in this entire nation.

          4. Rick Rogers says

            I knew some moron would try and make that about me saying it was about all nurses. I was talking about this Wing Nut that can’t tell make believe Satire from Real news. I would not let her anywhere near me on the chance she would start Praying over me instead of following Doctors orders.

          5. ABO says

            Well that was a pathetic, illiterate rant even for an idiot of your ilk, Ricky. It appears you desperately need some remedial education. I notice that you make up lots of “facts” but provide absolutely nothing to back any of it up. A real genuine loser.

          6. Rick Rogers says

            What is clear is you did not bother to look at the facts she was trying to present. All of them were Bogus pieces of Trash. Not a single one came from a Reputable Source. And some where actually labeled as Satire and yet she claimed they were real. That is worst then Pathetic. But please you say my facts are made up please.. enlighten me what are you referring to. I dare you if your not a coward.

          7. ABO says

            Your pathetic blather is so obviously the product of your sick, twisted little mind that there is no need to enlighten anyone, you put that mindless nonsense out for all to see, now you can deal with it, Dimwit.

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Answer the challenge Chicken shit or be silent.

          9. ABO says

            Challenge, ha! That’s what you call your pathetic, childish little tantrum??? Put up a challenge when you find a brain to work with, Dimwit.

          10. Rick Rogers says

            That’s what I thought Chicken shit thru and thru

          11. ABO says

            Your description of yourself is quite apt and well stated. Keep up the good work, Ricky.

          12. ABO says

            Tiger has more sense in her little finger than you’ll ever have in your whole person, Dimwit. Trying to enlighten you would be like arguing with an earthworm.

          13. ABO says

            You do have a knack for coming up with stupid little stories to cover up your stupidity don’t you, Dimwit.

          14. Tiger says

            Here is another one now just take it as it is and don’t pee. OK this gal wants to run for office and like many in Shakespeare’s time theater and comedy the best way and safest to criticize people.


          15. glorybe2 says

            Obama is a wonderful president. He saved our nation from the economic collapse caused by right wing thinking. But no matter what we have millions who hate him as they just can’t stand a black person being in a high position. often they do not even know that it is race hatred compelling their false views of events.

          16. Rick Rogers says

            Your using the same argument I have used before. Every single thing these people have said he was Doing that was illegal has a precedent of having been done by a previous President. Most of them don’t get that the Understand of laws are determine not just by the laws themselves but by the Precedents in the actions the courts have ruled on the past. But hey whatever. The GOP is about to shot its self in the foot big time after today’s News Conference that they would not even Allow hearings on a New SCOTUS justice. The Vacant seat has already cost them one Court Decision that could effect the coming elections in North Carolina. Guess they forgot that the GOP side has more Appeals to the Supreme Court then then Democrats do. Which in the case of a 4 X 4 Tie means the Court of Appeals Ruling stands. it cost the the redistricting Fight over the Gerrymandered congressional districts in North Carolina and once those Districts are redone could cause a Few GOP Congressman their seats becasue they would be in “GOP FRIENDLY” districts any longer.

          17. glorybe2 says

            I have one easy solution. First the president should nominate several thousand people to fill the gap in the court. That would keep the Senate tied up for years. Then since the senate refuses to advise and refuses to consent then he should seat a judge by executive action. By the way a simple reading of the law requires the senate to consent. It does not give the senate the power to advise and reject a candidate. In other words the senate could advise the president not to seat a candidate but is compelled to consent to the seating at the president’s discretion. The founders were eloquent but quite sloppy in their language.

          18. Rick Rogers says

            I understand what you mean about their language the whole 2nd amendment is screwed up because of how the worded it. You also have a group now that are starting to insist the president is only the commander and Chief When Congress LETS him be. They are arguing that this sections wording

            Section. 2.

            The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

            says that the “Called into Service means that Congress calling the President into service as commander and Chief. Not what it really means about the Milita being called into service. The funny part it is an Retired Army officer that is making this Argument.

          19. glorybe2 says

            That retired Army officer had best be filthy rich as the courts will never agree with that nonsense.
            Think about a sudden nuclear event and the president unable to respond as he is not the commander in Chief until Congress says he is.

          20. Rick Rogers says

            Her name on here is “Tiger” and she says she is a retired Army nurse. But she maybe the most gullible person I have run across on this website and believe you me that is saying something. She is also the one that listed Obama’s Worst Executive orders on here. When you check the orders most were signed by JFK, Johnson and FORD.. Not a single one in this Century. And most of them were signed Before President Obama was even in kindergarten. BUT THEY ARE HIS FAULT. In truth if you don’t know the history of around the time of the orders you would question why they were signed as well but most of them were back around the time of the Cuban Missile crisis. The problem I have with “Tiger” is she is taking information from bogus Sites and insisting its true. She reminds me of the Girl in the state Farm Commercial that says she is dating a French Male Model because she “Read it on the Internet”

          21. glorybe2 says

            There has been a long term conspiracy by the right wing to flood the world with false publications filled with nonsense and lies. The end goal was to publish so much junk that the ignorant would not be able to tell the real stuff from the junk. They only back off when it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that the entire world thinks something is a lie. A recent example is the vanishing of the nuts who claimed that rising seas and global warming either was not a problem or didn’t exist at all. One year ago the right wing was in lock step chanting that all global warming information was corrupt propaganda. Now they have pretty much shut up about that issue. Then we had the birther lunatics who ranted constantly about Obama not being born in the US. They have shut up lately. We also had a time when they complained that Obama was the wrong kind of Christian. Now many try to claim that he is a Muslim. Insanity and ignorance are identical at a certain point. These people are angry and want to rebel as they are not doing well. All they need is a mirror and a tape recorder to find out why they suffer so much.

          22. Rick Rogers says

            Of course this Meme pretty much says all that needs to say. Because I can’t count the number of times I have told someone on here about how the Stock market has set Record gains in the last 8 years. They all say pretty much the same thing. “It hasn’t done anything for me”

      10. Tiger says

        This ought to keep you busy if you even look at these articles from many sources.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          oh I looked. A heck of alot closer then you did it seems. All you did was show you hated that you were willing to pull up any nonsense and try to claim it was true.. WITHOUT doing any checking. The Executive orders.. I just felt sad for you. When those were signed President Obama was about 6 months old for most of them But you just were ready to believe the garbage. Your sources well your sources had ONE real news outlet and the article you referenced were all by people that one were Members of the Heritage foundation, were Retired people trying to be relevant again or were just know proven Liars who had an axe to grind. I really feel sorry for you because this is the “best” you can come up with.. Hell I thought you had proof he wiretapped and opponents Campaign headquarters or tried to cover it up. That he erased 18 minutes of Tape from the Oval office recordings. Maybe he traded Arms for hostages? or maybe he gave the Order To torture Prisoners or Lied to the American People about the real reason for a war.. You know something big. Your List was well.. I had to say it because it would offend him but it was Mickey Mouse Crap.

          And here is the final Proof. NO member of the Obama Administration has been charged with any wrong in court in almost the 7 and Half years he as been in office.. Unlike Reagan that had 131 members of his Administration under investigation. The Vice Presidents Chief of staff that was indicated and convicted under Bush (who he pardoned on the way out the door by the way)

          And before you start throwing the Hillary crap at me. There has never been any report from any government or congressional Committee that said she did anything wrong as Secretary of State and in fact both of the Two Secretaries before her have admitted they also had Private email addresses they used. And the reason they Admitted it was it was not illegal until about a year after Hillary left the job.

      11. Robert E Boltz says

        Rick you are like Obama a traitor to America and stupid as well where have you been while Obama by passes the laws of our land that he does not like.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Sorry as of yet I have not seen him do anything that was not established by previous Presidents more then once and was interpreted as Precedent” You know that term Right” Precedent.. Legal principle, created by a court decision, which provides an example or authority for judges deciding similar issues later. Generally, decisions of higher courts (within a particular system of courts) are mandatory precedent on lower courts within that system–that is, the principle announced by a higher court must be followed in later cases. For example, the California Supreme Court decision that unmarried people who live together may enter into cohabitation agreements (Marvin v. Marvin), is binding on all appellate courts and trial courts in California (which are lower courts in relation to the California Supreme Court). Similarly, decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court (the highest court in the country) are generally binding on all other courts in the U.S.

          In the case of Presidential Actions.. Actions taken by Previous presidents that have not been rule unconstitutional by the Courts.

          But you sound like Tiger. I gave her a chance to Give me one instance of The President doing something that ruined the Country with Documentation to back it up and the best she could come up with was YouTube videos and Right wing hacks that listed President Obama responsible for Executive orders that were signed when he was 6 months old. But that’s ok.. I have been copying all her post over to some of the Website I run and she is a bit hit. They keep asking if I have in pictures of her with a fish hook in her mouth because she is that gullible. SO go ahead and admit it. You can’t stand that a black man is in the white house can you.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            You must smoke a shitload of that funny shit BUD!!

          2. Rick Rogers says

            Your Contribution to the Conversation is as Wasteful as each breath of Oxygen you consume.

          3. Robert E Boltz says

            Rick Rogers Since you do no know me you are assuming because I do not agree with OBAMA Has nothing to do with his color if any one is a bigot it is you and Obama to me you are a snot nosed know it all, no one knows any thing about Him since all info about him is sealed am sure you will come up with another of your stupid thoughts  . Obama IS very close to being a DICTATOR.

          4. Rick Rogers says

            Please Robert Enlighten me.. How is he a Dictator. Every one on this site makes these outrageous claims but no one seem to back them up with facts.. And please do a better Job then TIGER she failed completely using Discredited sources and Stupid accusations Like Obama was responsible for Executive orders that were signed when he was only 6 months old. Also please understand if any of the “facts” you use are items That A previous President had also preformed during their term it will also be disregarded especial if the Previous President was a Republican.

          5. AttMore says

            You mean,a liar and a deceiver in the WH,and you’re no better…….When he gets before God Almighty on Judgment day,his color want matter one bit,because he will answer for all his lies,baby killing,and corruption,and anyone that lies for him as you do will fare no better,you both need to go and repent and get JESUS,if it’s not to late,and in some cases it may well be……p.s.-please spare us,he’s a “CHRISTIAN”, obola’s ‘fruits’ are very,very,rotten,and you’re a close 2nd…….JESUS SAVES!!!!!!

          6. Rick Rogers says

            And yet another Reason why Barry Goldwater.. (A republican of all things) was right about Mixing Church and Politics. thanks AttMore that was a complete and Irrelevant Rant and I hope it made you feel better. Did nothing for me but hey its your computer. Luckily there is a Delete Key on all computer Keyboards.. SO BYE BYE.

          7. AttMore says

            When you meet God/JESUS,you and obola,want be irrelevant,HELL will be waiting for both of you…JESUS SAVES,don’t say you weren’t warned,when you get before the White Throne Judgment(for people that didn’t “REPENT”)……It’s ‘funny’ now,but it want be later,your loss…….JESUS SAVES!!!!!!!…..BYE,BYE…….

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Now Attmore. Your FUNNY NOW AND THEN.. how about you follow one of the Rules Jesus set forth.. PRAY IN PRIVATE. Don’t you find it funny that according to Right wing Bible pounders the Founding Fathers were all Christian and That they Founded a Christian Nation? But I just checked the Constitution for like the 100th Time and can’t seem to find the Words God, Jesus, or Christian anywhere in them. My Freedom of Religion means I don’t have to Pay any attention to your religion and you have no right to Force your beliefs on me or anyone else. You try to Run this country by “Biblical Law” (another word for it is Sharia law) And you are forcing your Religion on other people.. That Is no way that you can say you are not doing that. If the Jewish Community came out and said
            we Want a law against pork Products in the United States because they are against our Religion would you be on board with that?? Its the same basic idea.

            Freedom of religion means someone can choose to Be FREE of Religion.

            As for what religion i follow to be brutal honest its none of your business. But here is a hint

          9. AttMore says

            GOD/JESUS,doesn’t give ‘HINTS’,…..Hell is waiting on all unrepentant sinners,and that ‘coexist’ want keep you out of that hot place,but that’s your choice………..JESUS SAVES!!!!!!!!!!!

          10. Rick Rogers says

            your a fool.. and I don’t pay attention to fools. have a nice life.

          11. AttMore says

            Psalm 14:1….”The FOOL says in his heart,”There is no God.”They are corrupt,and their actions are evil;not one of them does good!…………….JESUS SAVES!!!!!!!!!

          12. Rick Rogers says

            Well if you want to play that way.. Luke 6:37 – Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:

            I forgive you for being a fool.

          13. AttMore says

            will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn
            bushes, nor figs from thistles, are they? Even so, every good tree bears
            good fruit; but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot
            produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. Every tree
            that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So
            then, you will know them by their fruits. (Matthew 7:16–20)

            After warning about false prophets, Jesus tells us what to watch for
            in identifying them. Because they are so extremely deceptive and
            dangerous ravenous spiritual and moral wolves in sheep’s clothing-the
            Lord would hardly have left us without means of determining who they

            Jesus assures us that we will know them by their fruits.
            A fruit tree may be beautiful, decorative, and offer pleasant shade in
            the summer. But its primary purpose is to bear fruit, and it is
            therefore “JUDGED”by what it produces and not by how it looks. (That
            understanding is the key to interpreting John 15 properly.)………p.s……Jesus said,we can judge……JESUS SAVES!!!!!!!

          14. Rick Rogers says

            Your the Type of loud mouth Fake Christian that gives religion a bad name. Save your comments not wasting my time with fanatics

          15. AttMore says

            JESUS SAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          16. Rick Rogers says

            But he won’t save you because your the one Throwing alot of those First Stones.

          17. AttMore says

            JESUS SAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      12. Sara says

        Standing up for Tiger, I’ve read reports of narcissistic sociopathic traits from other countries too. What he has done may not be all illegal and it’s not all him doing it (it’s his entire posse, left and right) is to continue and vamp up the corporate controlled media propaganda pushing every bit of type of PC BS legislation to divide people and they’ve actually managed to do it so well that citizens think other citizens are pushing this legislation en masse. He’s also passed legislation while everyone is focused on the BS dividing us actually legalizing executive powers. That’s what’s been going on-a sped up continuation of prior administrations while America was asleep at the wheel, believing them until it no longer was believable. Now they’re in a panic because we’re all coming out of our comatose trusting blind states.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          You can stand up for her all you want Sara. She lost all credibility when she sent me a link to the 20 Worst executive orders Signed By President Obama . Which started of with he had issued over 900 executive orders..(Actually I believe its 279 right now or close to that) and the ones listed in the link were all signed while the President was 6 months old, 5 years old and 16 years old. But she insisted they were the worst orders Obama had signed. There is no way you can say a reasonable intelligent person is going to make that claim. Only thing I say that is someone so blinded by hatred that she can’t reason or even see straight. Its pretty clear she does not read the links she post so why would ANYONE take her Seriously.

          1. Sara says

            I’m not just a nurse but pretty damn good at HUMINT, and I can assure you after 8-20 years of observation, I can assure you Hillary and O are both sociopaths, and that goes for the evil Bush clan as well. Slick willie is more on the destructive narcissistic spectrum, but they’re all bad bad bad. I’m well versed in the world of narcassistic, sociopathic/psychopathic behaviors, (carries a bad connotation), but some use the traits to do good things, both in the civilian and non civilian world. Do you think it’s acceptable to laugh at the death of Ghaddafi (regardless of what they said of this 4 star general with whom they were friends)? Watch his speeches, see what he did for Libya. Tell me what you think after.

    5. Michael Dennewitz says

      He’s going NOWHERE!! Yes, I know, and go ahead and laugh, but this little monkey has dreamed of dictatorship since childhood. And, considering all those that have died mysteriously so far, Mr Trump needs more security guards than the little monkey has! As dumb as I may sound: I’m saying there won’t even be an election. He’ll declare martial law after he and geo Soros cause a rebellion of great magnitude and then set himself up as a dick taster, I mean dictator! Chuckle now……..but watch!!

    6. Ronald Starkey says

      A powerful force is already in place. We just need a leader with guts enough to turn on him.

    7. Michael Dennewitz says

      A highly trained SNIPER could fulfill our dreams right about now!!

    8. Ronald Nelson says

      I have been very disappointed by the Joint Chiefs and their inability to stand united against his President… they had and have a duty to inform the President and Congress when the laws of our Nation, its treaties and international obligations are being violated. Unlawful Orders must be refused and the President advised of any lawful means to accomplish his goals… if they in fact are lawful. In addition, the senior military leadership has a duty to inform the President and Congress of Executive Acts that directly effect the Nation’s Security and long term combat power of the US Military… they have a duty to insist on standards that meet our National Security interests and when a President deliberately acts to expose our soldiers, sailors and airmen too eminent threats that are unnecessary they must object and disobey those orders… lock step, as a group. The rules of engagement that this Administration has used has undoubtedly caused the unnecessary death of our soldiers… it is unforgiveable that a President would do so… and that Congress would not act to remove that President or pass the necessary laws to reign in such conduct.

  2. Reality Check says

    PROS Overview:

    My personal experience has been that the (principles) of
    leadership and team building apply equally to women as to men. As long
    as you protect qualification standards and give no impression that
    anyone is getting a free ride, integration, while not without bumps,
    will be much less dramatic than people envision. ~Major Eleanor Taylor, Canadian Military and the first woman to lead an infantry company in combat.

    Ability vs Gender.

    As long as an applicant is qualified for a position, one’s gender is arbitrary. It is easy to
    recruit and deploy women who are in better shape than many men sent into
    combat. It is possible to calibrate recruitment and training standards
    to women. Extra pre-training for muscle building can also be used to
    reduce female injury rates. In modern high technology battlefield
    technical expertise and decision-making skills are increasingly more
    valuable than simple brute strength.

    Military Readiness.

    Allowing a mixed gender force keeps the military strong. The all-volunteer forces are severely
    troubled by falling retention and recruitment rates. Widening the
    applicant pool for all jobs guarantees more willing recruits. Women, who
    choose to become active combat soldiers, are unlikely to shirk their
    duty by becoming pregnant after a call-up as these women have willingly
    joined the army.


    The blanket restriction for women limits the ability of commanders in theater to pick the most capable person for the job.


    Training will be required to facilitate
    the integration of women into combat units. Cultures change over time
    and the masculine subculture can evolve too. Many previously masculine
    professions have been successfully opened to women over the past century

    Modern warfare and public support.

    In the modern world of combat (Afghanistan, Iraq), all women serving in the military
    are exposed to “front-line risks”. Support for women serving in the
    armed forces has not wavered as warfare has changed, a clear sign that
    the necessity of women serving in combat is recognized.

    Cultural Differences & Demographics.

    Women are more effective in some circumstances than men. Allowing women to serve
    doubles the talent pool for delicate and sensitive jobs that require
    interpersonal skills not every soldier has. Having a wider personnel
    base allows militaries to have the best and most diplomatic soldiers
    working to end conflict quickly.

    Career advancement.

    As combat duty is usually regarded as necessary for promotion to senior officer positions, denying
    female personnel this experience ensures that very few will ever reach
    the highest reaches of the military and so further entrenches
    sexism. Women have to be given the same opportunities as men, in the
    army in order to have the same opportunities they have to be exposed to
    the same risks.

    1. glenn398 says

      The average man is at least 3 times stronger than the average female so you start with a product 3 times disadvantaged. Yes have seen some women as strong as a regular man who does body building but how many of them are out there. Would be terrified to get into hand to hand combat with a women as a partner.

      1. Reality Check says

        pretty sure there are women who can easily kick your con butt.

        1. glenn398 says

          From what I observe today there are a lot of them that if they just fell on me I would get crushed. At my age of 75 probably are quite a few that could as you say kick my butt. In reality if a man had the same training as that women you are talking about will disagree with you. You still can’t change the fact that the normal man is at east 3 times stronger than the normal women. So when you start the training program with a 3-1 advantage it isn’t going to happen

          1. Reality Check says

            you have never seen some of those little Asian female black belts take down a big guy.
            it is not size, it is skill.

            I really don’t think it is any women’s idea to go into combat and get killed because she is too small and weak.

          2. glenn398 says

            Train a man in the same skills and the man will take her out. They always said the Japanese with their karate would win against the G.I. but guess who won most of the fights, not the Japanese.

          3. Reality Check says

            how much hand to hand combat is there now?

          4. glenn398 says

            Doesn’t matter how much when it happens it happens. That is like saying it is one in a million chance but that one person who got caught to him that one in a million didn’t make any difference. Those in the middle east might get into more then you think. Beside that it isn’t only hand to hand combat it is the amount of equipment each can carry and for how long.

          5. Reality Check says

            In modern high technology battlefield technical expertise and
            decision-making skills are increasingly more valuable than simple brute

            women tend to be smarter and tougher.
            you ever been to a child birth?

          6. glenn398 says

            Really don’t know what child birth has to do with it but have it your way. When a man and a women are trapped out in the wilderness it is almost always the man that makes it out alive so where is the tough little women there.

          7. Reality Check says

            so NO you haven’t been to one.

            there is LOTS of SCREAMING and PAIN.

          8. glenn398 says

            The had a interview with a woman doctor a few years ago and they said you have had child birth and kidney stones which is more painful. She said I will gladly take the pain of child birth over kidney stones any day. I have had kidney stones 3 times in my life and know what she is talking about. Besides that around 50% are C sections and that seems to be mostly white for some reason black and Mexican have little trouble having them natural. Beside that they also give women pain medicine so it isn’t like the old days, try and come into the modern world.

          9. Reality Check says

            “So when you start the training program with a 3-1 advantage it isn’t going to happen”

            where did you read that?
            oh I get it, 3 times the weight.

            bigger they are, the harder they fall, I think is the saying.

          10. glenn398 says

            Ya fall right on you. Take it you think a woman is as strong as a man. Guess when a man rapes a woman she is just letting him then.

          11. Reality Check says

            no I think that a properly trained women can kick the crap out of a man.
            it’s a skill issue not a mass issue.

          12. glenn398 says

            Right it happens all the time, only in your dreams.

          13. Reality Check says

            you seem to be ignoring the fact that women are not about to do something that is going to end in their death.
            would YOU?
            get yourself killed to make a point?
            (well you are a con, so….)

          14. glenn398 says

            Don’t know what that means but don’t know too many men that have a death wish either.

    2. USPatriotOne says

      Your Comments are total and complete BS, and yes from Canada a Country on it’s final steps to becoming a Communist Nation, and it clear to me that you have been well trained (brain washed) by your the Canadian Military to think the way you do..!!! Women do not belong in frontline Combat Period!

      1. Reality Check says

        “you are from Canada a Country on it’s final steps to becoming a Communist Nation”
        well so much for you having a brain.

  3. T. VOGT says

    Our Volunteer military aren’t mice you experiment on.. They are the cream of the crop and more honorable then the Clinton’s and the Obama’s kids included can ever be..COMBINED WITH A PRIEST.

    1. Bobby Harris says

      How do the Clinton and Obama kids figure into this especially questioning their honor? Is this hate all things Clinton and Obama? Chelsa just had a baby are we questioning her honor too

  4. James Maxwell says

    He is not “meddling” he is out to destroy or weaken our military so we are unable to defend ourselves
    or our resources overseas. His MAU MAU KENYAN Socialist/Muzzie mentality makes him a piss
    ant on the fires of Hades and how our Congress has let him get away with these actions make me
    wonder what the Establishment in both the Democrat Socialist and the GOP are thinking. They have
    sat back and let him fiddle while our nation is falling. This is due to the incompetence of the electorate
    and the so called “leader” of our Nation. The American People had their heads so far up their
    backside they are unable to comprehend the dangers we are facing and continue to reelect the same
    corrupt self serving people to public office. We are being INVAED by people from around the world
    who are out for one thing only to bring the destruction of our Nation while enriching themselves before
    they go back the their third world hell holes as rich people at our expense.

    1. USPatriotOne says

      They are just two different side of the same coin…and they all have been paid-off..!!! Our Congressmen/Women don’t give a D*MN about “We the People” or they would have removed and arrested this traitor years ago! To date, from what I have read, this traitor has committed 75 High Crimes and Misdemeanors (and that is what we know about) against “We the People” and the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights..!!! And if our Military had a backbone (at the top) they would have already removed him! Yes I know this traitor has removed all the Good Sr. Military people and put in his cronies, but when the good Military Sr. Staff was in a position to act they should have..!!! God help us, PLEASE!

      1. Daniel Brofford says

        They knew what they were doing when they started the political correctness. It made people scared to discuss real issues in a real way. We have become a one party system with two different names. It’s time we get rid of them all and start over. If republicans were real and stood for what I stand for we would have impeached Obama a long time ago and not cared about the color of his skin because that is what I believe they were scared of. Goes back to PC, I’m not racist but I never liked the white part of Obama as much as the black. He is a communist Muslim and I think most of us have realized that for aong time. God help us if the republicans allow him to seat another Supreme Court justice.

  5. USSJEAN1937 says


    1. Louise says

      Question, do you receive Social Security? Medicare? You might not like Trump so much very soon then. A rich man is not ever going to care about the little, common man. Never has, never will. You jumped onto the wrong bandwagon. He’s a bigot, and you must like that fact. Probably says hateful things about people you always wished you could say out loud.

  6. USPatriotOne says

    If this goes forward all we will have is 1.) A Military of mostly Women because all the Men (Real Men not the Gay agenda Men and Women) will leave, 2.) Those that do stay will find themselves in a firefight that will get them K*lled, and 3.) Since nearly no one will join our Military because of this traitors unconstitutional actions the Russian and Chines will just walk in and take OUR Nation from us! The fight to stop the Russian and Chines will be the 120 Million Patriots with 400 Million Weapons! God please help and lead “We the People” to Victory over these Evil Commie/Muslim/NWO/DemoRat Monsters, their followers and their bosses Soro’s/Bloomburg/Gates/Putin/Chines/NWO.!!!

    1. Rick Rogers says

      Hmm You looked at the Israeli army lately… 80% of the Jobs in that army are open to woman and I don’t see anyone kicking their ass regulary.

  7. 7papa7 says

    From day one his goal has been to destroy the military thus the country. Like it or not it is in the DNA to protect women and if you put them in a combat environment you are taking his concentration off of the mission objectives. How many times have you heard where are the men referring to the muzzie scum attacking women in Europe. That is said by most because deep down they know they should be protecting women and children. What is one of the biggest complaints about muzzies, they are cowards and hide behind the women and children. It is front page news when they kill women and children but NOT so much when they kill men. I can go on for hours on this but it, IMHO, is no place for wonderful ladies to be on the front lines. Remember this is coming from a coward who never spent a day in uniform and has no, zero, zilch idea what it means to serve this great country while in uniform putting your life on the line every day. IMO ONLY ex military should be allowed to be commander in chief. An officer that has commanded at least battalion size outfit, preferably larger. It is time to put the military in charge. Just think of how things might be today if Patton were making the decisions about the war and NOT the president.

  8. MuslimLuvChrist says

    it much worse than any of this,
    muslim traitor unilaterally reduced our strategic nuclear deterrent (without consent of Congress) and removed tens of high-ranking Admirals and Generals in charge of our nuclear weapons,
    while giving iran nuclear weapons with ICBMs,

    talk about a setup,
    forget about muslim traitor being the poster boy for gun sales,
    muslim traitor will be the poster boy for bomb shelters!

  9. Patriot1955 says

    He is the worst commander in chief in history.

    1. lakehead2 says

      Please do not use the “Commander in Chief” label on this “man”. He is the United States “shame” of a lifetime!

      1. Rick Rogers says

        He is the Commander and Chief and he lost a hell of a lot Us Servicemen that DUBBA DID>

  10. Moe says

    Liberals tell us they can effectively put women into combat units without trouble if they meet the standard? However, in order to do that they have to lower the standard. There are women that are as strong and stronger physically than men, yet rare and few in between. It is not a social inequality test, it is a biological fact, most makes are bigger, stronger, faster, and more aggressive than women. We cannot win without women, intellectually often superior, in Islamic countries a necessity to have to search and question, plus guard female combatants. If this administration was capable of not giving statistical data with giving the numbers a message like in taking pride in job creation, economy growth, the success of national health care, criminal investigations, what they believe people want or should want, then and only then might we trust them? The problem is, they will set a percentage of gender mix in those units to prove their point and throw ability of candidates out the window. Anything they fixed was based upon lies, and goes sour. They create knowingly situations that cannot be corrected like over whelming the nation with illegal aliens at our expense, then calling those who fear cost due to numbers of 20 to 40 million illegals, are called racist by the racist, or bigots by the morons. Had our President not lied to us so many times, he could easily get the people to support some progressive ideas, like women physically qualified get jobs in frontline combat units. Problem is, he has lied about everything he pushed upon us, just to get his way. Liberals often do not deal with common sense, they create numbers, statistical data, and create witnesses to prove a fantasy or defend a stupid goal. I realize we no longer have a say in what our elected leaders do as a majority, on this one, unfortunately we might have to wait to see the causality reports to undo another thing fixed by this administration.

  11. fred says

    The ONLY way to end this treasonous criminal’s activities is to throw him where he belongs, in a Federal Prison!

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      Gitmo or bust Barry.

  12. lakehead2 says

    Please send in Michelle as the troop advance leader…….. The enemy will run like crazy!

  13. Loving America says

    It has been stated by the White House along many others that Mr. Trump does not have the exertise to be President because he has not the experience with people and foreign affairs! WELL…Obamas credentials in that area were not fit either and him being a senator or whatever he was did not carry any
    weight either since no one had not heard of him around this Country until he hollered “change” and he did
    becsuse People thought it would help them…..they did know where he was from or where he was going with the hellp of the one backing and buying his President Position! WELL at least We the People know
    who Mr. Trump is and that he can fight a good fight for America and Americans……he has been a man who learned a long time ago how to get along with others in the World to have what he owns and no one
    bought his ticket in life for him and he was born in America making him a full born Citizen unlike Cruz, Rubio, and Obama! Americans let’s not pay any attention to anything except getting Mr. Trump elected
    as Our Next President and back him by getting others to vote for him also…..he is the only one running with a clean rap sheet in Washington D.C. and that will make it good for him and Us and he can start anew
    with the team he chooses “To Clean Up America” and to work for Us! It is sad what has happened to Sanders the little unknown man with no crime charges against him and he has not killed babies nor has he been a big part in killing people in other countries, he is a one woman mad and his wife does not run
    around with everyone elses husbands, he tells the truth and is not a scandal waiting for answers! I hate and left the democratic party years ago because of their sinful doings and thinking but Hillary is the worst of the lots and the Benghazi mess caused Americans to lose their family members..their children because of the crtimes involved that caused their deaths and Hillary and Obama were the ones with Holder that run those killings to safe face and never to get caught….they thought! Well dead souls caught Hillary and they will tie Obama into from their graves too….Go Trey Go! It is alright to catch Hillary and Obama and Holder in their crimes and get revenge for the Our Dead Citizens!

  14. Rock J. Dueck says

    Mercifully, Obummer carries an expiry date. Please note there is a difference between an “expiry date” and a “best before” date. If there was ever a best before date for this guy it passed almost 8 years ago.

  15. kassa1 says

    A black lady who works for a paper in Tennessee had written what I have been saying for a long time. Obama’s every move every breath he takes is geared at the destruction of this country. Make no mistake about it his primary goal is the demise of this country and its financial system !

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      AMEN! Try to name ONE thing he has done that was beneficial to the USA or the American people, just one.

    2. Bobby Harris says

      If you recall when Obama took office the financial system was on the brink of collapsing, banks were failing, the housing market was tanking, with the exception of Ford the auto industry was on the verge of filing bankruptcy, and the stock market was closing down every day, unemployment was above 9% . Compare then to now and tell the Black lady she was wrong.

      1. kassa1 says

        Quit eating the mellow the leftis in the media are feeding you! First has anyone told you what the price of everything cost today under this dictator , like food ,clothing and up until the last couple of months fuel that every thing revolves around. Or how about the real unemployment bombers which exceeds 20 percent. Because they don’t count those who ran out of unemployment money. Or those on food stamps 50 million or those who totally gave up looking for work 93 million or how about the 20 million ILLIGALS which will cost your children dearly I. Taxes supporting the or how Odumbo has destroied the energy sector with phony laws and I. Kyld go on and on ! GOD BLESS YOU but quit watching the propaganda machine who are brain washing you and you might even watch the rise and fall of the 3rd Reich on history as this mucks what what Odumbo is doing now !

        1. Bobby Harris says

          I don’t need someone to tell me the cost of living I know that what you are saying is wrong just google it and are you saying unemployment is being measured differently now, that’s also wrong. You can make your mouth or your pen say whatever you want to say, that doesn’t make it true, support your claims with facts and then give your source. If real unemployment exceeds 20% now then I guess real unemployment was roughly 40% when he took office, I don’t know what state you live in but the average gas price/ gal in 2015 was $2.40 . as far as the cost of goods and services it’s supply and demand , inflation, which is the metric the government can influence,has remained low. Since you did not dispute his bailout of the banking and auto industry and 17 million people having access to healthcare I assume you agree these were good for the majority of the American people

          1. kassa1 says

            I’m sorry for you people who live in a dislousiional would as you cannot see the Forrest for the trees and there is no lies here only the truth for those who have their eyes open instead of living in a fairy tale would !

          2. Bobby Harris says

            You sound like the Mother who thought her daughter was the only member of the marching band who was correct for turning right and the other 99 members were wrong for turning left

          3. kassa1 says

            That is EXACTLY YOU MY FRIEND ! Get off the kook aide.i supposing you are one who is living off the backs of people working , which makes you a thief! There are 3 kinds of people who follow ghe deciet of the left. 1 you are very rich 2 your on the dole and don’t want your free ride to end or 3 your too stupid to think for yourself and use the brains GOD Almighty gave you .i tend to think you will never figure it out

          4. Bobby Harris says

            I don see anything in your ranting to support the claims you made in your earlier comments nor do I see anything to refute the claims I made so you loose.

          5. kassa1 says

            If you had any intelligence whatsoever you would be able to find everything that I told you but because you choose to follow the beat of the drum of the Marxist left you’ll get what you ask for in the end. Sleep well my friend is your Disney World is just about over complements your daddy Obama

          6. Bobby Harris says

            I don’t watch Fox News or listen to right wing conservative talk radio or subscribe to extreme right wing Obama hate journals so I wouldn’t be able to find proof of what you claim. So I ask you again direct me to your source

          7. kassa1 says

            I understand Bobby you like to be brainwashed and used. You don’t want to know what’s going on you want to live in your own little Disney World that Obama and the Republicans/communist or brainwashing you with sorry Bobby about your type a radio station never does make it as CNN don’t make it or MSNBC don’t make a girl being propped up and they’re all broke because people know that the lies that come from there in the deceit so have a good day Bobby try to get educated Before you write your left-wing blogs.

          8. kassa1 says

            I forgot I believe you are ridding Odumbos and clintons bus , you know the Red Devil express final stop the gates of HELL .

          9. Bobby Harris says

            I’ll see you there

          10. kassa1 says

            I’m sorry Bobby I have a brain I don’t ride the bus.

      2. kassa1 says

        If it was on the brink of collapse then with 8 trillion in debt from ALL Presidents combined , then what should it be now with Odumbos additional 12 trillion he squandered ALL BY HIS SELF ?

        1. Bobby Harris says

          I don’t see banks failing, GM threatening bankruptcy, rampant foreclosures

          1. kassa1 says

            Don’t say I did not warn you but you are the same kind of useful idiot that Hitler and Stalin used ! You need help pal before it’s too late !

          2. Bobby Harris says

            A typical reply when confronted with facts and logics. Ok Kassa1 I have noted in my book of People Who Warned me that you warned me.

          3. kassa1 says

            you have no fax my friend all you have is rhetoric deceit and lies from the left that’s what you prefer to listen to because that’s what feed your ego and what feeds your pocketbook off the backs of others. Don’t like me anymore because there’s no hope for people like you you have to wake up just like the people in Germany and Russia did and it will be too late and you know what I have no pity for you then.

          4. Bobby Harris says

            And all you have are the voices in your head

          5. kassa1 says

            Sorry Bobby that don’t fly there’s more people who are like me they can see in the world and you investigate things in the world then you want to be controlled and brainwashed. Have a good day and I will include you in my prayers as you need all the help you can get as there are many like you.

  16. Gregory Sarmas Sr. says

    He is more effective than the ultimate weapon.

  17. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    President Trump will direct and investigate. President Trump will discover and divulge. President Trump will arrest and prosecute.

    What more needs to be said?

  18. Albert L Biele says

    Obama has the breaks on our military for sole purpose of protecting his protecting his Muslim buddies. He has broken the law more then once and should be immediately impeached. If we wait for the end of his term, there may be nothing left save!!!!

  19. Rick Rogers says

    Funny When I looked up this “lady” I found no listing for any time served in the Military. She has been an Republican Political Hack her entire Career. She would piss her pants if she had to serve any real time in the Military.

    1. hangem'high says

      As would you I suppose?
      If we would just draft the dead beat men, we would be ahead of the game!

      1. Rick Rogers says

        8 years in Military Service Twice under fire with from Turkish People’s Liberation Party/Front gunman both times. Communist Terrorist.

        As for the Draft.. Simply way to cut out Adventurism. Any Congressman or Senator that Votes for military action
        must have one of their Family Members Drafted for Front Line duty.. No rear Echelon MF’s

        1. hangem'high says

          I had two granddaughters served in Afghanistan; I myself did ten years in the Air Force two of it, the last two years in VN I agree No elite passes!

  20. fabprater says

    Let President Obama’s 2 daughters get drafted and placed into an Infantry Unit then see how far this goes. He wants to put Your and My Grand Daughters (mine age 25 & 28) and Our Great Grand Daughters (which I don’t have any yet) into harms way, but the Government Class of Women (The Elite) will not have to serve. Just like the majority of Vietnam Vets were Middle to Lower-Middle Class Citizens, the women who have to serve in combat rolls in the future will all be Middle and Lower Middle Class Citizens. The movie stars and the Elite will avoid serving in any capacity.

  21. jimwilson81 says

    When I was in the Navy, they put an all woman crew on a Destroyer as an experiment. They found a major problem. The women could not lift the the cannon powder and shells. They were much to heavy for them.

  22. RMorrow says

    Obama is insane, and that is because he is a Liberal liar, Muslim, perverted homosexual, yes Michelle is a Man, and not a woman, a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood and wants to be DICTATOR of the United States. Obama loves the Castro brothers. That is how sick this man really is.

  23. junkmailbin says

    Ogayarabs agenda to to change America. This is to destroy Americas families, values, and military .
    With the help of liberal panderers and rino republicans this is coming to pass.

    1. hangem'high says

      This is a part of transforming of the military in to something disastrous or ineffective but that old saying if the government wanted you to have a wife he’d issue u one! Is there no stopping this madness?

  24. Buddy Miles says

    I notified Sec. of Def. Robert Gates in June ’09 of a married bisexual military man. Using behavior as the qualifying criteria, this is adultery by DEFINITION. On June 23, ’09, (one week later) he said, “we have lawyers looking into ways to selectively enforce the policy”. The policy being DADT. One week later, I had semi automatic gunfire outside my house at night. No BS,

  25. al says

    Because the congress won’t remove this cancer from the office of Presidency, the military should go armed into the White house and physically remove this illegitimate President and put him in jail. Then immediately bring charges of failing to abide by the Constitution in that he has aided and abetted our enemies in time of war. The Senate should charge him with committing acts of treason against the United States of America.

  26. Laddyboy says

    One MUST remember the goal of ‘b.h.0bama’. That goal is the “fundamental transformation” of America. Interpreted into normal english it means: The total destruction of the Constitution of These United States of America and We the People. This is why 0bama is importing his trained “private” army from war torn arenas.

  27. cal3301 says

    The military can remove any personnel that they deem unfit to serve. Why aren’t they doing that to Obama, who is suppose to be their “Commander in Chief”?

    1. Rick Rogers says

      Because The enlisted men swear oath to follow the orders of the Commander and Chief and those officers that are appointed above them. To not do so is Considered Mutiny.

      1. cal3301 says

        Actually, I grew up military and it has been often done in time of war when it was felt to be in the best interest of the men and the officer was derelict in his duties. . FYI, Obama has been purging our military of officers that disagree with him. It’s time Obama was purged.

  28. Lizard says

    Obama needs to go back to what does best … Getting down on knees and pleasing more muslim men

  29. ralph says

    mcCain working on it means nothing is going to happen unless it is communist

  30. jjmcl431 says

    Trump in 2016 and 2020.Go Trump.

  31. Alleged Comment says

    The negro sodomite has NO BUSINESS UP THERE!!=

    I do not understand why he has not been removed back in 2008??? IS it because he was a NEGRO??

    I have to question America’s insanity and obsession with RACISM and GENDER. Two worthless lieberal ideas bringing America DOWN!!!

  32. Reality Check says

    “Pentagon Officers: We Quit if Trump Wins”

    In the halls of the Pentagon, there is a different plan afoot for the Trump presidency. Here,
    officers are privately contemplating what they would do should Trump
    become their commander-in-chief. And more often than not, they proclaim
    they will leave.

    “By 2016 I will have my 20 years in and can get out of here,” one military
    official said, referring to the amount of time a service member needs to
    collect retirement pay.

    Spend enough time with a service member, and the topic of Trump comes up,
    always unsolicited. It is far less political than it sounds. Trump’s attack plans for the so-called Islamic State widely known as ISIS—his call to ban Muslims
    from the United States, his suggestions that cutting off the flow of
    information through the Internet can protect the homeland—many said, are
    an affront to the values they vowed to die to defend.

    Each one of them took an oath to defend the Constitution, which protects
    freedom of speech and gives Congress, not just one person, the power to
    send the nation to war. They also swear to “obey the orders of the
    president of the United States.”

    In other words: The plans of the next president are personal to them.

  33. jug says

    He needs to be relived of “duty” right now!

  34. RuFus92 says

    The problems will only grow as he will still try to meddle after his terms are up simply because he will still have the title which he thinks makes him a king and allows him to do so. He will have his Sharpton’s and Jacksons running all kinds of errands for him.

  35. kbfallon says

    Its the climate…that’s all the problem is for crying out loud.

  36. dinkerduo says

    Years ago I asked a vet of the Viet Nam war if women should be on the front lines and he said NO–because he said–that it’s in men’s DNA to protect women–two people in a foxhole–one man-one woman and they get attacked–it would be natural for the man to make sure the woman was alright before he acted to save himself and that hesitation could get them both killed! It MUST be every man for himself FIRST–then look for you team mates later! That made sense to me–let them fly–drive the trucks etc. but NOT GO ON THE FRONT LINES!!

    1. Buck says

      I agree and I am a Vietnam veteran.

      1. dinkerduo says

        Thank you for your service–Sir!!!!!

        1. Buck says

          No thanks Nessary , it was my honor .

    2. AKLady2015 says

      What an ignorant statement.

      I’d like to see someone try to tell that garbage ot these women:

      We the People do not elect a President.

  37. Sara says

    None of the lowlifes will make it unless it’s rigged or they win by super delegate tactic. Some polls might show better results than are actually taking place-(I don’t buy it when popular polls show the opposite). Seriously, if a Bush or Clinton gets in, or there’s a stall due to something the current admin pulls, we will know something went wrong and every American should go on citizen strike until the count is corrected. I only know a handful of idiots that would support an establishment candidate and most of them are ill informed and many complain all day long and talk big but don’t bother to vote. Even those who are too busy trying to make ends meet to spend investigating everything, know enough things are upside down and backwards to stay away from most of the old establishment candidates on the state and federal level. That being said, if one of them wins, unless you’re medical staff, food/fuel/medication or in the business of transporting necessary goods and maintaining infrastructure and the health and wellbeing of citizens within the U.S. or outside the states, I would not show up to work until there is a manual recount or re-vote. If my sociopathic ex was tech savvy enough to have been able to remotely hack my computer and phone, enable the camera, mic, intercept all texts, emails and listen to calls (more or less could make his phone operate as if it were mine without any tech/computer training), the electronic voting system is totally untrustworthy. Have you ever wondered why the popular polls will show a candidate is ahead by a landslide, but on election night it’s always so close you have to wait and wait and someone wins by a fractional margin? I know that people, even so called left/right are not that divided, especially this critical election. If you’re a teacher, student, custodian of nonessential business, broker, non-essential security, non-essential or underplayed military, non essential supportive govt worker, store owner/worker of non-essentials, factory worker of non-essentials, or anything not required for citizens function and well being (medical, utilities, fuel, repair, transport, etc..), it’s your civil duty to demand accountability. We’ve been trusting our leaders without accountability (fiscal, rights, foreign entanglement, media lies and propaganda, education, environmental/EPA, FDA, CDC, and so on) for far too long and that’s what’s gotten us where we are right now. We didn’t demand accountability when we should have in enough numbers that anyone paid attention. We’ve been taught not to talk “politics”. That’s hogwash. It’s our civil duty to do so and nothing should be taboo about it as long as you respect beliefs of others that is within reason, don’t insult, as well as to be open to those who present new information to you that is useful even if it challenges what you thought to be true. That information if has reasonable proof may very well save us all from a painful road ahead. I think we’re still going to have to endure some temporary sacrifices and mild discomfort (maybe 1-10 years-hard to say, but Iceland is an example), that will be well worth it for the long term prosperousness and our children’s future. I’m willing to endure some temporary sting, I hope most others are as well, and should we get on the right path, we should never let future generations forget how a pot will boil over when left unattended. For those who understand, it’s our responsibility to very gently teach those who don’t without driving them away or insulting them. They’re simply and understandably mind****** from decades of confusion from the moment they were born. We’ve all been there. Just go back and remember the time you woke up and realized everything you’d ever believed wasn’t so and how it progressed. Peace out friends-I’m hoping this all comes out right.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      We the People do not elect a President.

      We the People cannot elect a President.

      The U.S. Constitution does not permit us to do so.

      Learn how your government works, you are embarassing America.

      1. Sara says

        Oh we meet again- same old same old. I don’t come on here to insult people, correct their grammar or be petty.
        I try to bring people together and think of solutions (I don’t care what side of the fence you’re on- you can’t deny we have a deteriorating situation) when I come on here. I’ll hear you out if you’ve got one. What solutions can you offer to see that we restore this nation, minimize corruption, then help other nations to prosper as well once we are running straight again? Any ideas?

  38. poppopdiesel says

    All the lamenting, bemoaning and commenting about what a lousy useless scourge of a president osama is will change absolutely nothing . He’s entrenched like a new spring tick. and like a tick he will continue to suck the life blood out of this nation until he’s had his fill and is forced to move on. Like a Lyme disease carrying tick that has bitten…. osama’s infection will take a long time to cure before America is right and strong again. A BIG BLACK FOREST GETTO TICK

    1. AKLady2015 says


      1. poppopdiesel says

        I embarrass America?? No your ” president” has a firm handle on that line. He’s done a great job embarrassing America around the world all by him self. I speak my mind because people like you have learned to shut yours, and refuse to see what is going on with out your rose colored glasses. If that offends your sense of sensibility, oh my, so what!

  39. oliviaathome says

    Why can’t people who know nothing about the military take the advice from those who do know? Every day this man does more to compromise our country.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Mr. Reagan served with a Hollywood movie unit, hardly preparation for a real war room

      1. oliviaathome says

        Did he listen to his military advisers? You don’t have to have experience but you should listen to those who do have.

  40. C K Johnson says

    Obama has the military mind of the Atari game console. His number 1 objective has stayed the course for over 7 years ( DESTROY THE UNITED STATES ) I do not need a Satanic Muslim going all over the World and talking Down my Country. I do not need a has been Community organizer . Talking down the Country my many Forefathers have died for protecting our freedoms. Not 1 person in Obamas family gave anything to protect our freedoms. Obama is a Fraud and he is not my President

  41. Ed Stone says

    Obama is so full of s**t. He needs to be yanked out of the White House, along with his gorilla wife, and deport him to Iran or Yemen.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you choose to embarass America with your ignorance and bigotry.
      Name calling is sonething most give up by the 2nd grade.

  42. Rodger K. Shull says

    if you don,t know about being a solider an have never served as a solider, then you need to stop being the GENERAL, you (potus) are the HMFIC only by election. You are NO SOLIDER , if one was to rank you as a solider, you would be a BUCK PRIVATE, an not a 1st class one,. more like LOW CLASS

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Lincoln’s antimilitary views were delivered in the House of Representatives when he was a Congressman strongly opposed to the war against Mexico in 1848. He called military glory “that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood — that serpent’s eye, that charms to destroy.”

  43. Sgt. York says

    His brain on military is like a BB rattling in a boxcar

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      1. Sgt. York says

        One ovomit has zero mil. Experience,two he has no idea of a proper salute to his guards three I’m sure for you the truth hurts. AK great initials for a ovomit supported,keep them puckered.

  44. TAM44 says

    barack hussein obama the BOY muslim couldn’t make a muster on a one man sub, an Eagle Scout is more prepare to lead that that traitor.