Exposing Black America’s Real Enemies


If you were to take a poll tomorrow asking which political party was better for poor black communities, is there any doubt which one would win? Democrats have successfully positioned themselves as the saviors of Black America even though they’ve created many of the problems that exist today. It has to be done carefully – so very, very carefully – but Republicans need to shine a light on how much damage Democrat rule has done to African-Americans.

In the 1960s, Democrats were dragged kicking and screaming into passing the Civil Rights Act. It may seem impossible to believe now, but the party of Barack Obama didn’t want anything to do with blacks until that time. But when they realized that losing the black vote was going to destroy them on the national stage, they knew they had to act. Unfortunately, their version of “acting” in the decades since has only served to keep Black America down.

A controversial figure once said, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for today; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” But Democrats decided that Jesus didn’t have anything relevant to say on the matter. Instead of taking measures to lift blacks up, they threw them an anchor disguised as a life preserver. With comprehensive welfare, Democrats minimized the importance of the family, eliminated the need for personal responsibility, and told Black America, “You need all the help you can get.”

Those Handouts Are Handcuffs

The Democrat Party has become that permissive parent we all know who feeds her kids candy, lets her teenagers smoke, and buys them condoms when they turn fourteen. It’s more important to her that she be a friend to her children than a mom. And while some children who grow up in such houses turn into productive members of society, many are so devastated by the harsh light of reality that they never recover. The same is true of the welfare state imposed by American liberals. If you come from three generations of welfare recipients, do you have anyone telling you there’s something more?

The beauty and power of hard work and self-reliance is only known by those who have seen it transform their own lives. There are a slew of powerful, sophisticated, wealthy, successful black Americans who can preach a message of independence to kids and young adults stuck in the poverty cycle. Unfortunately, too many “black leaders” attack such messages as impractical and unfair. Of course they do. Their power is derived from making sure a certain group of Americans feel endlessly victimized. If that goes away, so do they.

  1. Bill Catering says

    I completely agree!

  2. Uzoozy says

    There is no quick answer. first every child needs to be educated not passed thru school/
    Education education education is the answer

    1. Cynic says

      When the black community finally communicates a positive message about education — that being smart in school is a cool thing to be — much of this unthinking frenzy of destruction may abate.

      1. Uzoozy says

        Before the black community communicates they are in jail.
        Once they come out they have a criminal record.
        He for life will not get a good job and the cycle continues.
        Its all done on purpose to keep the slaves where they belong.
        One third of black kids are incarcerated
        One in Hispanic kids are incarcerated
        Comparing to one in 17 white kids.
        It shows the disparity clearly how America treats its poor population.
        What a country the richest in the world but the poorest in many areas.
        God save the poor everywhere.

        1. Ray Taylor says

          it is not the treatment, it is the behavior. I cannot decipher what you wrote about Hispanics, but they are poor and generally honest.

          1. Richard Pieczarka says

            That’s been my perception also. But not all are poor. At my former employer’s we had Hispanics who were accomplished and well educated. It can be done. These “discriminated blacks” need to take some responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming the rest of society for their lack of hard work and responsibility.

          2. Uzoozy says

            In the black community one of three people are incarcerated.
            in the Hispanic communi ty one in 7 are incarcerated.
            In the white population one in 17 are incarcerated.
            We are alking abount teenagers.
            It shows how the different communities are treated differently.
            No wonder black co munties are hopping mad So much for justice for all.

        2. Richard Pieczarka says

          Blacks outnumber whites in our jails. Blacks are not in jail because they are “black”; they are in jail because they broke the law. If you want to be equal you have to follow the laws whether you agree or not. Just because you take cigars from a store without paying (It’s called stealing) and you are black, you cannot yell “discrimination” because you get arrested for “stealing”. Some blacks do not understand that and refuse to understand. They’d rather claim that police are discriminating against them because they are black.

          1. Richard Pieczarka says

            It’s a “culture value” thing. Just listen closely to some of the words of popular black rap music.

          2. Uzoozy says

            I agree that if you steal and get caught you should go to jailn.
            in this case the cop did mot know that brown stoleans still shot and killed him.

          3. Richard Pieczarka says

            Please keep in mind that Michael Brown tried to take away the officer’s gun. Then he fled, turned around and “charged the officer”. He did not simply hold up his hands and surrender. If he had he would still be alive.

          4. Uzoozy says

            Brown should have lived regardless what he did.
            In other countries police shoot to hurt not kill.
            There are numerical example where citizens are shot when they do not carry anything, a small knife or just a gesture.
            They are trigger happy

          5. Richard Pieczarka says

            In a perfect world, I would agree with you. We do not live in a perfect world. If you had a choice of whether to die or kill another person I am sure you would elect to die; right?

          6. Uzoozy says

            There was no reason to kill brown.

          7. Richard Pieczarka says

            So are you saying that it was okay to kill the police officer? So you are saying it is okay for a black man to kill a white man but not for a white man to kill a black man. Why is it when a white man kills a black man there is looting, riots and demonstrations but when a black man kills a white man a small article appears in the back pages of the newspaper. There are no riots. There are no fire bombings of businesses. There is no looting. There are no demonstrations. And Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, President Obama and Attorney Crump are strangely quiet. Please explain to me why that happens?

            The Feds outlawed the KKK. Yet today we have what amounts to a “Black KKK” and it’s legal. Why the double standard? Do blacks consider themselves better than non-blacks? It would appear so. It has been my observation that since the days of Martin Luther King, equality has been a code word for getting
            special or preferential treatment if you are black. Explain to me why I’m wrong.
            I had listened to speeches from Martin Luther and I don’t believe what has happened since his death is what he had envisioned. Explain to me why I’m wrong.

          8. Uzoozy says

            Its your own bigoted view of the world.
            There are more than one way to skin a cat.

          9. Richard Pieczarka says

            How is my view bigoted?

    2. johnanaguski says

      Education yes, then get a job and better yourself.

      1. Richard Pieczarka says

        Why get a job when you can spend your life in leisure and have all of your needs met.

        1. johnanaguski says

          Two words, Self respect.

          1. Richard Pieczarka says


      2. Uzoozy says

        Cops have given them jail time ,so no one will hire them.
        Past catching up fast

    3. Mark Clemens says

      Good luck finding education in public inner city ghetto schools. The Government watered down the education part of school………

      1. Richard Pieczarka says

        Not to worry. Educational experts have that problem solved.

        1. johnanaguski says

          Certainly, have you noticed how much the Dept. of Education has accomplished, Not.

          1. Richard Pieczarka says

            Oh, but you don’t understand the complexities of the issues. Right.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          Like over the past 40 years? My senior Senator (Alexander) is a so called education expert……….

      2. Gary Dingle says

        Which city government watered down the education?

    4. michaelcain says

      We must first educate the parents. and train them to earn a living, then they could pass that down to ,their kids.

      1. Richard Pieczarka says

        True. But community leaders and the clergy need to begin to instill the importance of that value.

    5. hcool says

      Many times in the black community when a male child tries to learn he is labeled as trying to act white! How do you fix that.

      1. KP says

        And successful ones are called “Uncle Toms”.

        1. Richard Pieczarka says

          The clergy and black community leaders need to change that set of values. Blacks or any group needs to understand that it takes hard work and dedication to make something of yourself and no one gets anything for free. Some of these blacks just want a free ride.

          1. KP says

            Here in Idaho..it is more than just blacks! PLENTY of white folk and Hispanics in that Gv’t cheese line. 😉 Burns my butt when i see friends of friends selling some of those benefits for cash. 700 bucks a month in food and a girl sold 200 bucks worth to another person for 150 in cash.

      2. Uzoozy says

        Thats how bad they have been treated in the present and past.

  3. elmcqueen3 says

    And so it goes with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the rest of their flock!

    1. ferebetv says

      Was Jesse involved in the MLK murder – who got MLK on the balcony at the prescribed time?

      1. elmcqueen3 says

        My best guess would be another Democrat…But not the one that shot MLK!

    2. michaelcain says

      The solution is to charge Jackson Sharpton and their flock of race baters and remove them from society,. . offer O J T for those who want to elevate them selves school and work then let them decide This or the street ??Now you can buy a car and get a girl friend and so and so and so on
      now let Sharpton beat this or let Jackson give them enough to get a car. Huh!!!“““——-_____

      1. Gary Dingle says

        The solution is the final solution? Who else in historical time had and acted on similar ideas? This sound so familiar. I bet my Jewish friends can help me with this. You need to look in the mirror and ask yourself some serious questions about the the country, the constitution and where a person with your ideas fit in. So you hate Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, and Martin Luther King. So who are the so called black leaders you have an affinity for?

        1. Yadja says

          Yes I now hate O, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam you name it I am sick of it.

          Final solution looks like O is making it.

          1. Jane says

            I am starting to think we would live happier in our own states (or provinces). This is already happening in canada. Out west, in BC- its now called china. Indians are the second biggest group and have their own cities. It does not matter what multicultural law the make people want to be around their own people where they feel most safe and comfortable, this also is science as animals only want to be with their own. The thing is asians will drive the wages to 4 an hour its already happening in vancouver-they have no regard for our laws and standards of pay, they have no compassion its all about how m uch money they can make. I am disguisted by it. My field of work I was making 30 an hour and they want to pay 5 an hour!!

          2. Yadja says

            Agreed as shown by the Gated Communities and the places that are all in one like the Villages Retirement communities in Florida.

            As an RN working in the Inner City Hospital Shands Jacksonville, Florida I saw the Philippine nurses and Jamaican brought in in large numbers and they work for peanuts. They did not bother my salary because I was ICU and ER Dialysis nurse. I always worked fields that brought me the most money, reinventing myself all the time to become more valuable to my employer and I stayed Special Pool nursing as much as possible and paid for my own insurance etc. Had three children to raise, big incentive.

            Only an idiot would believe that millions of poor, uneducated and disease ridden people could possibly be a boon to our economy or life. America has just about hit rock bottom with O and would love to tie a rock around his neck and put him somewhere safe and far away from us.

          3. Jane says

            Good for you. I have alot of cousins in the States, two are nurses. What is interesting about canada is the cities that are run by Conservatives are balanced budjets and the cities run by liberals have huge debts. Toronto is the queen bee that thinks the rest of canada should support them-they are very multiracial and growing fast. The problem is there is a 25% unemployment rate now so for every immigrant who comes, most end up on welfare after their money runs dry. The taxes and cost of living are through the roof in these liberal cities. A bus driver makes 100,000 a year in ottawa, and govt workers have attitude as they cant be fired as unions back them up. The in between jobs have been wiped out with technology. I am a Conservative but what is interesting is Liberals pretend to care about minorities but they really don’t. A conservative believes in hard work, honesty, do the crime pay for it. Liberals hate christians but yet most of them celebrate it they are hypocrites. Canada is 77% Christian and from my stats America is 80%-certainly not a minority!

          4. Yadja says

            There are many Canadians that come to my little Hamlet for the Winter and I speak with them often. They can’t figure out why we nominated O and they said they don’t get why we are so into Muslims. They tell me they ran theirs out and into Michigan but they still have problems with them. They wonder why we would even for one second think about O care. Most of them come here for their care. They also say they don’t know why America welcomes in all these poverty stricken people and makes it so difficult for them to even come here during the Winter. They really see things from a true perspective that is why I loved living in other countries I heard their questions about America and learned alot from them.

            Sigh….I think we are all in trouble due to the tremendous influx of people who can’t pay their way or give but only take from our countries. O intends to bring hundreds of thousands of Muslims from Syria here. He has just begun. We showed our stupidity after 9/11. Muslims, first immigrants to ever come to our country not mesh, demand this and that and kill thousands of us on our own soil and we did not even slowdown their immigration.

          5. Richard Pieczarka says

            Times are tough all over. This “recession” that we are in is really a “depression”, just as serious as the Depression of 1929. The politicians just want to sugar coat everything so they can get re-elected.

          6. Jane says

            The only difference between now and then is in 1929, Canada shut the doors to immigration to deal with the soup lineups-half the nation was on the street hungary. Canada now has a 29% poverty level-around the same level as 1929.

          7. Richard Pieczarka says

            It’s not easy. Times are very difficult.

          8. Jane says

            Hence the need to shut our boarders like other nations have. Some nations don’t bring in immigrants such as Japan.

          9. Richard Pieczarka says

            That has my vote.

          10. Richard Pieczarka says

            The law of supply and demand. Why pay you $30 an hour when for $5 an hour the can get the same help. Do you want a pound of pork for $180 a pound or would you rather pay $4 a pound? Law of supply and demand.

          11. Jane says

            Its the canadian standard of pay at 24-30 when you are top of your field. If we start doing this everyone will be on the darn streets. Its bad enough out in vancouve where east indians want to pay all trades people 10 an hour when the going rate is 40. The cost of living there is double any other city due to the rich chinese who brought in their stolened money.

          12. Richard Pieczarka says

            Jane, it’s unfair but unfortunately there are a lot of things in this world that are unfair.

        2. michaelcain says

          So far as I have seen and heard that the community church leaders have a clear picture and are offering it up to the public in general most generally any one that attends church will develop a good relationship with the community in general. NO lies ,No fighting , NO stealing , No killing Oh what A WONDERFUL LIFE IT WOULD BE ..

    3. hcool says

      Flock them!

      1. Yadja says

        Never they are the exception to all the rules in this country. They have immunity and now a in color only Black president and too stupid to know he has no Black relatives born in America.

  4. Yadja says

    Until they all get it this country will continue to be plagued with Black hate and retaliation brought about by the likes of O, Holder and the Race Baiters.

    1. Mark says

      It’s a disgusting mess, brought on by usery and negroes themselves.

      1. Yadja says

        Proves there are not enough intelligence among them yet. How long will it take?

        Read the Lincoln/Douglas debates, Lincoln was not for freeing the slaves he was worried how they would mesh and how long it would take for them to assimilate and catch-up.

        But in those debates he said much more and it is not nice towards Blacks. Lincoln said no Black should ever be president….how right he was.

        1. Girlie58 says

          I hear that!

        2. john robel says

          Yadja, I would vote for a Thomas Sowell or an Allen West in a second.

          1. Yadja says

            Amen in a heartbeat along with Condi.

          2. bpr1122 says

            Thomas Sowell is not a politician and Allen West is only a Congressman. Any conservative would voter for a Thomas Sowell or an Allen West, way before they would vote for a Jeb or Chris.

            We need more people like Allen West to go into the black communities and explain how the Democrats have kept them down.

          3. Jane Haslam says

            They definitely need people like Mr. Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Charles Barkley and even Dr. Ben Carson speak to them and try to make them understand what the liberals are doing to them but I seriously doubt they would listen to these men of their own color. Apparently it is only the race baiters like Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and Obama and etc. they will believe and these pied pipers will lead them to their graves!

          4. bpr1122 says

            Dr. Thomas Sowell writes at an 8th grade level, which is good; however, his presentation might be too cerebral for the masses; Allen West is an excellent communicator for the masses; Dr Carson presentations are probably at an 8th grade level; however, I do not know if his presentations are forceful and hard-hitting enough for the masses.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Sowell and Carson are a couple that took advantage fo the system to better themselves and now speaks out against that same system. That is a Hypocrite. Allen West was given a choice of Resigning from the Army or get Court Martialed so not sure I would use those three as your signing examples.. Want a good Example.. Try Colin Powell.

          6. bpr1122 says

            Sowell graduate magnum cum laude from Harvard in 1958. Affirmative action did not start until the sixites. Ben Carson believes preferences should not be characterized by skin color, but should be characterized by circumstances. Why should a privileged black person whose parent are rich begin given special treatment over an underprivileged white person whose parents are poor and they and living in poverty? West got into trouble for protecting the lives of his soldiers. The person West was interrogating cracked and gave information about the planned ambush on West’s convoy, this West was able to thwart the attack and save many lives. Maj. Gen. Raymond Odierno decided not to have a court martial; therefore, the statement, “given a choice of Resigning from the Army or get Court Martialed” is not true.

            Colin Powell seems to be a racist and a traitor to the people who help me achieve Secretary of State. Why would a conservative want someone who openly campaigned for Obama during both of his elections.

          7. Wapitiman says

            The same Colin Powell who deserted his party in order to suck up to Obola?

          8. Rick Rogers says

            The same Colin Powell who had the Principles to walk away from the Criminal Bush Administration. The same one that was Smart enough to NOT Want Sarah Palin to be a heart beat from the OVAL OFFICE.

          9. Uzoozy says

            You cannot vote for them you are a bigot

          10. billdeserthills says

            We need some cartoonists to start drawing some funny cartoons featuring muhammed. You know how muslims love making him the butt of a bunch of stupid jokes, heh heh

          11. lorlan4 says

            Or Ben Carson

          12. Russ Moore says

            Although I agree with your choices (add Condy). I am not sure I would ever trust another Black President because of the damage this one did. It will take years to rid the Government of the posers he has put in place.

          13. Marilyn Stern says

            Keep in mind that Obama wears a ring that says “There is No God but Allah” and can you tell me what book he is taking his second oath of office on? First time he was sworn in much was made of the fact that he took his oath of office on the bible Lincoln had used. Second time, no mention has been made of the books he took his oath of office on. SPECULATION. Michelle is holding a Koran on top of a bible and Obama’s hand is on the Koran, not touching the bible. I have found nothing to contradict this assumption. Until I am proven wrong, that is what I believe.

          14. Rick Rogers says

            Marilyn this was reported on years ago.. Both were Bibles the bottom one was the one used by Abraham Lincoln.. The one on top was the Traveling bible that was used by Martin Luther King.

          15. Marilyn Stern says

            The site you posted was from a purely ceremonial swearing in on Jan. 31, 2014. That Monday was the official government holiday honoring Reverend King who was assassinated in 1968. This was a brief, private ceremony at the White House. It was not the original, official, national, swearing in ceremony, which is the picture I posted. I have yet to see any mention of the books Michelle is holding during that official swearing in ceremony.

          16. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry Marilyn but the private Ceremony was the Offical one.. The presidential term ends on the Constitutionally-mandated date of January 20, which fell this year on a Sunday when courts and public offices are closed. Tradition holds that in such cases the president is sworn-in privately on the 20th with the public ceremony taking place on the following Monday. But if it sets you mind at ease how about the link to this website. I am pretty sure you won’t have a problem with this “source” . http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/01/10/obama-to-use-2-bibles-when-takes-oath-office/

          17. Marilyn Stern says

            Interesting, and confusing. Guess this ceremony was just chopped liver.


            I do appreciate the feedback. It has answered a lot of questions. I found many of your other comments on unrelated subjects very interesting.

            Was the ‘typical’ tongue in cheek comment about FOX News really necessary?

          18. Rick Rogers says

            Ok so I reached on that one.. ITs just I get slammed on here all the time for quoting “liberal Media Sources” it sort of tickles me when I get to present an Argument that is back up by their Beloved Fox News. (Which I would not watch with a gun to my head)

          19. Marilyn Stern says

            Guess you wouldn’t listen to the likes of Limbaugh either. I have little trouble keeping up with what liberals think because it is all over the place (and don’t even try to tell me there is no media bias) but I do make a concerted effort to see both sides. I feel that those who nurse a blind hatred of anything Republican, Conservative, Libertarian or Tea Party are beyond reason. There is a lot of talk about color lately so

            Color me…Conservative: I want a balanced budget.

            Color me…Libertarian: I want less Government.

            Color me…Tea Party: I recognize the Constitution as the road map to governing the United States.

            Color me…Human: I want to take care of the weak.

            Color me…Capitalistic: There is no free lunch.

            Color me…Veteran: I want a strong Government to defend the United States.

            But NEVER, EVER Color me Socialist!

          20. Rick Rogers says

            Your a very reasonable person So may I ask a question.. IF so did you go to public School? DO are you take part in Social Security? or do you plan to? IF so then your taking part in Socialist Programs. There are something’s you should not trust to companies who’s Main goal is to increase a bottom line. That causes companies to take short cuts on care and Service so they can Increase their bottom line. There is on perfect system. The Danger is Capitalistic system is the thing we see happening where political leaders do the bidding of the Corporations and not the work for the People. As for Free Lunches we should start by cutting off the Government Subsides to companies that like to Tax Haven their way out of paying their fair share in taxes. There is no way companies that make hundreds of Millions in profits are due TAX RETURNS.

            Marilyn you were very well spoken about your believes but allow me to comment.

            The last President to balance a budget was a Liberal.. Bill Clinton. The Last GOP president to do it was Dwight D. Eisenhower. THe Congressional Budget office that reports on Deficits shows that most of the increases have come under Conservative presidents. The problem is the President suggest the budget but Congress is the one that votes on it. Then its a take it or Leave it for the president to sign or not. Since the Founding Fathers left off the option of the Line Item Veto.
            You want less government.. Only problem with that is that less government means more chances for dishonest people to take advantage of the system. They will cut down on required safety inspections and you wind up with things LIke Fertilizer Plants exploding in Texas or Oil Rigs in the Gulf Spilling millions of gallons of Oil. In the past government Programs have push Technology and the econmeny on things like space program, highway system, Research and development for the fight of disease. The worst thing is to have something happen that you would need a government agency. (like FEMA) and not have it there or funded to be able to help the people that matter.. The Citizens.
            I also am a Veteran and want us to be able to defend ourselves.. But how much Defense is enough? When you look at spending of the top 9 countries we spend more on Defense then the next 8 combined. Only one of those 9 (China ) could be considered a possible Threat. A reason amount spent on defense is fine but over kill it is not the Deterrent it once was. Our current enemies aren’t Countries but Terrorist Groups.
            Are there are a lot of valid reason for changes in this Country. Things like making sure every student that has a high school Diploma has the same standard of education. My dad was in the military and just about every move when I was growing up put me either behind my new school or so far ahead I was bored. You can go from one state to another that has different requirements for a Diploma. and every year a lot of High school Grads have to take what should be considered Remedial Classes Their freshman year of College. Our standing in Math and Science drops almost every year and that needs to be address. The current method is not working.

          21. Marilyn Stern says

            Social Security was set up as a retirement plan. It has been bastardized with programs put in place to rape these funds. SSI is just one prominent example.

            Clinton was a very lucky SOB. He came in after Reagan, who had set our country on the right path, and during the Silicon Valley explosion. But no one seems to remember that he gave our ‘Long Range Missile’ technology to the Chinese in exchange for a hugh campaign donation, something we will pay dearly for in the very near future. Then there is the heavy mortgage China now holds on our economy.

            You seem to feel that more government has led us to a safer environment? Really? You can say that with a straight face? Your words are written with the same conviction as Muslims who say that Jews are the most foul people to have ever walked the face of this earth.

            Sounds like you consider Capitalism our enemy. Millions of liberals believe that being wealthy is a sin … unless the wealthy person in question valiantly supports lefty causes. Therefore, Bloomberg, Soros, Gates, Woodhouse and most Hollywood players are excused from the evils of their riches. Obama is excused. The Clintons are excused. Warren Buffet, obviously, is excused. But they call people like the Koch brothers a blight on the American landscape (try comparing Koch to Soros). They are a member of that wealthy elite all those wealthy elite liberals keep complaining about, in spite of the fact that conservatives have created more jobs than most rich liberals could ever dream of. Be honest now. History proves this to be true. Liberals are vindictive, ruthless, and perfectly willing to resort to any means necessary to further their warped vision of America. Think about this, too. The majority of Republicans who enter politics are already rich. The majority of Democrats become rich after entering politics.

            You are totally right about terrorist groups being our most prolific current enemies. Give Obama some of the credit for that, beginning with prisoners released from Guantanamo that have now joined these terrorist groups. This heavily Muslim administration, led by Valerie Jarrett, is the most foul we’ve had and it has set some things in motion that will not be easily overcome. Muslims, millions here illegally, AND legally, thanks to Obama, will not be content to establish their own little communities, along with prejudices and customs that sicken most Americans. Instead, they want to take over our country, and Obama has given them an amazingly complex foothold. First he opened the flood gates to Muslim immigration, with a fast track to citizenship (one million, five hundred thousand in October, 2013, and that was in just one month). Then he increased student visas for Muslims by seven hundred percent (and they don’t leave so many are now here illegally along with those who have crossed our porous borders). There are Muslims training on our military bases, via the United Nations. With their “no loaded guns” policy and Obama beefing up what he calls “HIS” Homeland Security (the director of Homeland Security is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood) we are in a very vulnerable position. Muslims in our White House, led by Valerie Jarrett, are well organized, which includes heavy handed control of the media. I pray we will be ready for them.

            The teachers union, while holding hands with liberals, has almost single handedly destroyed our public education system and now they are pushing “Common Core” (and you do not have to remind me that Jeb Bush, a centrist, is in favor of Common Core) and they are slowly replacing history books with new history books that have a 28 page chapter on Islam with little mention of any other religion and no mention of the Holocaust.

            Patriotism is dying and watching it happen makes me sick. I never thought I would see the day when American born college students would do nothing about Muslims harassing and abusing a Jewish student. And how about dozens of Americans standing by as a brave veteran stood with two flags (American and Israeli) during a Muslim protest in Washington. He just stoically stood there as Muslims pushed him around, spit on him and screamed in his face. Even when they tore the flags out of his hands and threw them on the ground, not one American moved. All they had to do was walk up and stand with him. Instead they just watched and photographed the scene. When the police finally came to his aid their answer was to ask him to leave because he was upsetting the Muslims. America, as we’ve known it, is already dead.

            Hillary Clinton, whom I am sure you heartily approve of, gave a speech at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. on December 3, 2014. In that speech Hillary made the case for empathizing with America’s enemies. She said, “This is what we call smart power. Using every possible tool and partner to advance peace and security. Leaving no one on the sidelines. Showing respect even for one’s enemies. Trying to understand, in so far as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view. Helping to define the problems, determine the solutions. That is what we believe in the 21st century will change – change the prospects for peace. Shades of Obama. If she were to become president expect another apology tour.

          22. Dorie N. says

            Social Secuity was not set up as a retirement program. It was set up to help out women and those who were out of work. It was never ment to be sustaining for anyone. It was only ment to be a supplement for widows, fatherless children, old age, and poverty, unemployment. By making it the only income you receive, you have made it socialism. By paying into the program, it becomes less socialism. It becomes more like a savings account. Had people actually not treated it as an account that they counted on for their life sustaining retirement, it would not be soicalism. You make of it what you want. I have other funds, and do not rely on social security to survive. Thus, when the program fails, I will not be penniless.

          23. Rick Rogers says

            You need to go back and Read what Franklin Roosevelt Said about Social Security. after all he was the one that pushed it thru and its not for the Reason you say.

          24. Rick Rogers says

            Only Hatered I nurse are is the hatered of anyone that does not understand or Believe in the phrase “all men (and Women) are created Equal in the Eyes of the Law and God”

          25. Dorie N. says

            Rick, God created us all unique, and individual, and equal in His eyes, But when the rebellion happened, there were only six-thousand who stood with Him against satan and his army. And satan drew one-third of God’s children away from Him and they fought against God as well. So there is where we ceased to be equal to one another. God then created this earth age, after destroying the first earth age. And when we are brought into this age, through the womb, we are innocent, and have each of us situations that God put into place for us to deal with. The six-thousand who fought with God, became God’s Elect, whom He foreknew, predestinated, and Justified. AND, as such, they are already in a position of elevation in the eyes of GOD. Not that they are better than anyone else in this earth age, but that they can be counted on to do His work, and to Love Him. He may have to knock them to the ground the way He did Paul, but when their eyes are opened, they know the Word, and understand it better than any other soul. So, I would not claim to believe that all are equal in the Eyes of GOD. Those who sin and do not repent and truly mean it, and do not put their faith in Jesus CHrist, are dead to God.

          26. Rick Rogers says

            Thank you with Sharing your fairytales. Maybe they can make a Disney movie out of it.

          27. Dorie N. says

            Just so you know, I didn’t think you were a believer, so at least you did change your precept. Even the Constitution does not declare all men and women equal in this land. They are created equal to the opportunities and chance to improve, but in the end, there are always going to be those who are lazy and worthless, who will leach onto the hard working, who strive for success. So, in the end, there is no real equality. People are all different, and there will always be givers ans takers. The takers never will amount to anything as long as the givers keep them down and make them think they care about them. That is how slavery is started and continues. Keep someone thinking they are getting something for nothing and they will always give away their freedoms.

          28. Rick Rogers says

            What I believe or don’t believe is none of your business.. Having freedom of Religion is one of those things the Constitution is very clear about. The First Amendment to the Constitution protects freedom of religion by banning Congress from passing any law respecting an establishment of religion and from prohibiting people from freely exercising their religion. The Supreme Court has applied these limits to state governments through the Fourteenth Amendment.
            As to who you might think are Lazy and worthless.. NO HUMAN BEING IS WORTHLESS. TO say so is something I think you will find is in direct opposition to any Teaching of Jesus.

          29. Dorie N. says

            The Constitution does not have a freedom of or freedom from religion. It is pretty specific, in that the government cannot favor any particular religion. It also cannot make laws that favor one religion over another, or harm any religion to favor any particular group. That you stated it as it really is, means that you do not understand what you read. The Supreme Court has no business in making decisions that are not covered by the Constitution. And clearly, the idea of same sex marriage is not in the Constitution. Neither is the right to take a life before it is born. Yet, the liberals do seem to undercut the Constitution at every chance that they get.
            God declares that there are many who are worthless in how they are lazy. Maybe you do not read the OT, which is as valid as the New Testament, as Christ stated in Mat 5. Both are valid in showing that men are capable of vile behavior that separate them from GOD. Will they stay worthless? Only if they do not chose to change.

          30. Rick Rogers says

            So guess that means your ok with selling your daughters into Slavery.. OR owning Slaves, OR stoning women that are not virgins or have committed the Horrible Crime of Leaving they abusive husbands for kind men that care about them before they are divorced. Those are in the OT also.You view of the Constitution is just Simple minded. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” So that pretty language there means that no Government can Prohibit the free exercise of Religion.. That is freedom of Religion. If someone decide the Religion is NO RELIGION that Prohibit it under the Prohibiting the Free exercise or abridging their Freedom of speech. You want to take The Constitution literally then OK great. Lets Start Collecting all the guns of people that don’t belong to a State Militia. Because it clearly states that’s the purpose of the 2nd Amendment.

          31. bobda says

            Obama is an outlier. I am 61 years old and white and grew up in an integrated neighborhood and 90% of the blacks I knew had the same wants and ambitions I had. A job,home and family and along comes LBJ and his great society and it has been downhill ever since.

          32. DOUGLAS GILLARD says

            That’s like saying we should not have any white presidents because of Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton. I did not vote for Obama; in fact I thought he wasn’t qualified 7 years ago and I said so to my liberal relatives. Unfortunately they voted for skin color and refused to see the truth. They still don’t. That does not mean a black can’t be a good president. We just need a good conservative and there are a lot of us out there.

          33. Dorie N. says

            I didn’t vote for Obama because he favored the precept of abortion. He didn’t enact it at the time he became president, but it became part of his platform the next election. Anyone who voted for him during that second election became a murderer just the same as if you killed all those kids in that school, or those shot in the movie theatre. To support, donate or vote for someone or some platform that advocates the idea of murdering inncoent souls who cannot defend themselves, become murderers themselves. And as a murderer, they cannot have salvation in the flesh. It would not matter if the republican party also chose to bend to the idea of murdering innocent life, then I would not vote for them either. It is not important who gets elected, if you must lose your soul to have someone elected. Better to save your soul and let God deal with the things you cannot.

          34. Rick Rogers says

            Good Conservative is like saying “Kindly Sadist”

          35. phyllisjmurphy says


          36. yshaw1 says

            This is the picture that should be on the cover of Time Magazine, it says it ALL!
            And explains without using words why we are in the situation we are in today.
            And to boot his right hand lady is a Muslim! In charge of all things W H related.
            Holy Cow!

          37. beowulf32 says

            Yea and you would get the same racist bullshit where getting from all the blacks that have been elected in are country. Mayor`s Governor`s, city councilman. They come with baggage from there past where they have been indoctrinated to hate and mistrust whitey, and to do and say what ever it take to get over on whitey. But if you vett them and see who they used to hang with, who they used to associate with they will be the same kind of person. We all know that obama came from a racist past, his buddies where the new black panther`s, Louis Farrackhan, the wright preacher. Obama was the last black president that should of been elected as President. For this 8 year experiment. And should never happen again, they want black President`s start your own country or go back to where your people started out.

          38. jscarano7 says


          39. Jane Haslam says

            Right there with yoy John. They are both excellent choices!!

        3. Mark says

          It’s not going away by itself. I’m angry at all the lying Obama and other negroes do, and how it effects his “people”.

          1. USPatriotOne says

            If you practice Islam you are directed to lie, cheat, steal, r*pe and mu*der all Christians and Jews, so anything BO and his followers do does not surprise me, he is just following is Evil Muslim and Communist upbringing…!!!!

          2. Jim says

            You got that 100% right.

          3. Jack Todd says

            Yes,and to think that many year’s ago,we fought to keep communist out of this country,NOW,they’re in the white house,the president is communist,that alone should be ground’s to evict him from office,don’t you think?,we need a leader that,for one thing,isn’t a communist,and second,he love’s this country AND it’s people,it’seem’s to me that given the fact of what he is and stand’s for we could get him out before he does more damage to America,my guess is that he put in office those that agree with everything he does,if you don’t agree,you are fired,so,we need to get rid of everyone of them,and take back our country from these Muslim communist,our forefather’s might be turning over in their grave’s to what’s happening in our country,this Obama is changing our law’s to fit his agenda,and these communist in congress are with him,they all should be tried for treason,every last one of them,and install a new congress,one that’s for the people,the way it’s supposed to be,these jerk’s that is in there,aren’t worth the powder that it would take to blow their head’s off,they are truly worthless,but still,I say,GOD BLESS AMERICA,they (the communist that’s in the white house,and congress)can’t stop me,I am a true American,unlike they are.

          4. Jim says

            You are also 100% right. I wonder when the sh-t is really going to hit the fan. Not cool how dems. and media REALLY want to dis-arm REAL Americans. You take care and God bless.

          5. Uzoozy says

            There was no communist influence in US just in some peoples minds as usual some people are so irreligious its not even funny.

          6. Uzoozy says

            Its your hickey whitey upbringing id the real problem.
            Dictator GW and dick started the problem not Obama.
            Hope our kids in Afganistan and Iraq come home safely.
            Thanks GW

          7. Buzg says

            Actually, if one seeks a root cause or someone to blame you would have to go at least as far back as LBJ. There were others before him who tried to make the black community a dependent class but LBJ was the one who actually completed the ‘Democrat Plantation’ with his “Great Society”. He has been often quoted as saying; “Y’all pass this legislation and I’ll have them n*****s voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” This tactic is not new nor was it unknown until LBJ.

            “The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits.” Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus Greek Philosopher

          8. Billy says

            Uzoozy- – – How many years did it take you to become so unwilling to see the truth.
            With King Obama in office, YOU think GW was a dictator ? REALLY ? Your very low IQ is showing.

          9. Jim says

            You need to be “put out of your misery” along with ALL you obola sheeple.

          10. billdeserthills says

            Just goes to show how little You know about the US. The service people Geo. Bush sent over have already fulfilled their commitment to their military brach of service. Only the folks who wanted to make a career in military service are left. The rest returned long ago. It’s nice that one of you muslim pos finally realized that obama is your lil buddy. Why not off yourself now and do the rest of civilization a big favor?

          11. Uzoozy says

            If I do not know about the US you know nothing about life.
            GW invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to conquer one religion.
            He expended thousands of American lives.
            The whole exercise was in futility.
            I can think what I want unlike what GW did to the poor Military kids sent them in harms way for nothing, in fact things have gone bad as it can get.
            Look after the poor and needy in US, would have been a better idea.

          12. Uzoozy says

            Americans getting killed whether regular dolfier or drafted means the same for the dead. Feel very sad for the poor . 8 year old kids who were killed in the line of an invasion..
            Obama is the best

          13. billdeserthills says

            Yeah, like those little kids the muslim scum beheaded the other day. More of Your relations, I bet your real proud you pos.

          14. Uzoozy says

            That is a very Christain forte.

        4. dondehoff says

          Yadja, you are woefully misinformed. Take “any” race of people, and give them equal opportunities for just 3 or 4 generations, and you will find little or no differences in IQ or accomplishment. The problem we have is too many whites have been taught since the 1850s, by their very biased, poor and uneducated, (mostly of Southern origin) elders, that whites are superior. We saw in the 1930 depression days, that generations of poor and uneducated whites in all areas were just as “downtrodden” as most blacks are today. We now have quite a few backs who have struggled through and survived the lack of “equal opportunity” and they and their children can and do hold their own in any community. And, while true that about 80% of black violent crime is “black upon black”, we are also guilty in that we have been very slow in “opening the doors” of full opportunity for all. Now, we have such a mess that both sides must clean up their acts, and correct their own internal problems, so they then can “move on” to the race issue. Both have to stop the flood of unwed mothers, black crime has to be brought down to reasonable levels, and when major issues happen in either race, they have to set anger and bias aside and clean up their acts. Also, the blacks, in order to fully assimilate within society, must learn and speak American “English”—-right now, all too many speak as if they have come from a foreign country. Most all races within this country are in dire need of two- parent families, so that proper childhood training can be provided—I am not sure how we get back to proper “parentage” when both must work to make enough money to lead a normal life. I am 82 years young and a retired USAF Officer and I have had many blacks working for me and I have worked for some black supervisors, and never did I encounter a serious racial problem—I had far more problems with opposite-sex issues than racial—in that I believe women have no business in any face-to-face combat positions—but that is a post in itself.

          1. Yadja says

            Agreed with the last half of your post starting with the retired USAF Officer. I was not raised by Southerners but POW’s from WWII and my grand was a Consul who ran an underground and was banished to Siberia where my mother was born. They escaped just as they were to be killed. My grand finally made it to the Philippines where he continued his underground. My mother and grand came to this country after WWII.

            My mother’s side of the family goes way back dying, fighting and being punished for fighting communism. My father was an American Apache/Irish who was in the Death March. My stepfather was a Marine who served in Korea. We did not have prejudice jokes, speech or anything in my family. My children were raised without prejudice and had Black friends as did I.

            So don’t go blaming what is happening in this country after all these years on the South. I am sick to my guts of all this talk and I respect old age but you are so far off the track. I am convinced there will never be a truthful or hopeful remedy between the races and O is enjoying raising it from the dead to a point that may bring untold violence in this country.

            I have books written by Scouts who were a part of this country from the start and I tell you now even then the Indians had nothing nice to say about Blacks. They said their language and sexual habits were filthy and far as I can see has not changed one bit.

          2. Jane says

            The native indians had more black slaves than the white man did.

          3. Yadja says

            Well don’t know about that but I do know from reading the books written by Scouts who were with the Indians during the time our Nation was developing that they did indeed have slaves and they had no respect for them.

          4. Richard Pieczarka says

            Any enemy taken by the indian in battle was considered a prized possession. Women, especially white women, were often taken as slaves for a warrior and his family.

          5. KP says

            I disagree partly. Come on… how many more “opportunities” are needed? There are WAY too many doors for blacks to open for a better life, education, jobs and places to live. The desire to do and be better has to exist first! How about we stop telling them how “downtrodden” they are and tell them they need to do better for themselves! You take away a persons will to do better for themselves by giving them free handouts! Where is the incentive to work hard at education or even speaking properly or living by societys rules when they have everything taken from someone else and given to them? Socialism brings everyone down. You take away peoples desire or will to do better for themselves. We have told people for too long that hard work is just too hard and that they just cant do it! Life should just be easier. …hard work is old fashioned and that there is no place for hard work. Life was never meant to be easy. There is a lot to say for those things that motivate us to do better. Like low paying jobs and desire for better place to live. Or a better car or more food. It’s sure as hell what motivated myself and my Husband! We have no “white privelege”. We did not come from wealth! My mom was a single Mother. My Husband joined the Military and i got student loans and went to school. I paid my loans back. Then my husband did the same. White has nothing to do with motivation. Stop telling people they cant do it! Start telling them they can! Start telling them that their actions have consequences! Behaving as criminals gets you labeled a criminal. No matter what the color of your skin is. Smarten up a little folks. No one is holding black people down BUT black people.

          6. Beverly Wilson says

            The opportunities needed are the same opportunities given to white people…equal pay……equal housing ( please be real and admit that there are still places where African-Americans are not welcome no matter how mcuh money they have earned…like the sundowner towns in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska,
            Arkansas, Missouri, etc..)…equal education…..equal hiring…..equal justice under the law….those kinds of opportunities which still today have not been realized……

          7. Richard Pieczarka says

            Again, for the second time my posting is being blocked. To the monitor who is doing this: stop. I dare not to be politically correct but honest.

          8. Richard Pieczarka says

            Bev, I disagree with you. In East Haven, Connecticut several white firemen sued the city for reverse discrimination. It went all the way to the Supreme Court and the white male fire fighters won. The city had to pay years of back pay. Check it out. I don’t have the legal cite.

          9. dondehoff says

            Richard, try eliminating the profanity, obnoxious nicknames and low class, back alley, gutter talk . Civility is the name of the game and most people completely ignore reading any of the gutter talk, except those who too want to encage in “mental masturbation”—-and none of that has anything to do with “honesty”—we have many who outright lie but use smooth talk

          10. Richard Pieczarka says

            Good point.

          11. Jane says

            I take it that bosnian man who was hacked to death with hammers was not welcomed where he was>>>>

          12. KP says

            Some i agree with and some of the thing you listed i do not. If you can prove a racial based denial of housing, pay or hiring then it is against the law. I’m not saying that there are people out there who arent biased…..obviously there are! But….one would not want to work for or live around them anyways, correct? Ignorance and racism runs in every country and in every race…..NOT just the U.S. The only ones who can stop it or even begin to make things better is the individual. Until that happens…..and until we all stop feeding into the medias BS and race baiting crap then it will never be better.

          13. dondehoff says

            KP, you live in a dream world. Racism today is the most rampant that it has ever been. True, some of the blacks bring it upon themselves, but we as a country are at fault. It is difficult, often impossible to function as a black single parent family, being black, poor and uneducated, and biased that the world is out to get you—All of that will take much time to overcome, and many whites and blacks are not willing to provide that time. .

          14. KP says

            Never said that racism isnt rampant. I disagree that it is “Most rampant that it has ever been”. That is most certainly NOT true! I agree it will take time, but hey, one way to start is to quit letting the media and other race baiters drag you into the frenzy they want to create.
            Many things are difficult….but NOT impossible. Only if you tell yourself it is.

          15. imbog says

            I am 83 years old college educated. veteran who was raised in a mixed area of Blacks,,Serbs, German , Polish , Italian , Russian, Czech and a few other ethnic groups for my first 37 years before moving to another part of our country because of jobs. And i can say without a doubt that racial problems are by far worse now than at any time BECAUSE we are pitting race against race. It is people telling people that things are worse of for their race ONLY . We actually had to make laws to benefit certain races who feel that they need special attention ,when all the others worked their way out. Blacks “who’s your daddy” with OVER 70% of ALL blacks are born out of wedlock. No family No proper bringing up. No ones to be teacher in a ghetto area==No one wants to be policeman in a ghetto area= No one except blacks want to live in a ghetto area. America was built on laws not mob rule

          16. Florio Vino says

            YOU HIT THIS ONE OUTTA` THE IMBOG! I beat ya` by 4 years or more and was in the Army when you know Who insisted that it be integrated! and her Husband started the integration movement at her insistence. No one paid any attention for several years, but finally, it caught on and became what it is, but not what was intended that it should be! It caught fire under Incompetent Jimmie Carter and is now way beyond even Eleanor`s intent. SO what can be done?

          17. Yadja says


          18. Beverly Wilson says

            Thank you for your honesty and courage…you comments took courage….

          19. dondehoff says

            Beverly, thanks—After “Ray”, I needed you comment.

          20. Beverly Wilson says

            I get so tired of people always using the very worse example they can find to solidify their argument…we are imperfect prople and the things we do are imperfect…everyone iis not always helped or hurt by our decisions even if they are good intentions someone will find a negative thing to inject into the conversation. To you people who site physical harm done to innocent people..slavery went on for decades and it seems that in some cases still happenign tody ins tates that have open gun laws liek Florida has and others…and the mentality is to protect themselves from african-americans primarily…but when you follow an african american teenager because he is wearing a hoodie and you follow him and subsequently kill him you find ways to justify that….when you can park next to a car with young african americans in it play their nusic it’s okay to get out of your car and open fire on them when none of them are armed…..that it’s okay for the police to target accost and literally choke an unarmed man to death on the sidewalk there is also justification for that….when the dispatcher forgets to tell report that a 12 year old child has a toy gun and is gunned down and killed that was a mistake and you can jsutify that…..when a person calles in and says that his phone was jsut stolen by two black kids and he thinks that they have a gun and the police roll up on them and when they turn around they are killed by the police who “thought” they were armed ..all this can be justified…it makes me sick how everytime aan african american youth is killed either byt he police or a gun totin civilian that there is always a justification and somehow the way the person looked or was perceived as a thug is always used as a justification…

          21. dondehoff says

            Beverly, you changed my mind. About 80% of what you posted is utter hearsay, innuendo and made-up “BS”. Shame on you!. Also, in a survey of blacks, who participated in the Ferguson riots, most all of their reasons were based upon hearsay and “planted” information, which already had been clearly refuted by witnesses, law enforcement and the grand jury. Also, keep in mind, about 80% of violent black deaths are “black on black”. This is not a perfect world we live in and yes there are excesses, on both sides, but let us use real facts and not hearsay, innuendo and “wishful thinking”.

          22. Beverly Wilson says

            I would like to you to also keep in mind that 80% of white on white crimes are perpetrated by white people…..but that evidently does not matter…..and most of the protesters in Fergunson were not looting only a small group was actively doing so. The grand jury was a joke the prosecuting attornign gave the jury misleading bogus instructions using laws that have been overturned by the Supreme Court it was a ply to clear the polic officer not get to justice for the killing of an unarmed person. And yes poor/substandard wages are a form of financial slavery, working long hours that do not afford you child care, food, rent, clothing, or healthcare is slavery. And you don’t have to go to Libera or other parts of Africa. Recently I went to Birmingham Alabama and it was appaling when you traveled outside of the city limits….it was like going to townships in Africa the level of poverty disblayed or try Mississippe just outside of Jackson, or try Louisians just outside of Shreveport, Bolixi, or Monroe. Try traveling in rural Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, Arkansas, Oklahoma. Not only are there extermely poor african americans there are hoards of white people in unbelievable proverty…..Take off your blinders….

          23. KP says

            I am a “gun toting” civilian. I’m not out to shoot any African American….or anyone ELSE for that matter! BUT, i have it IF i need it to save my life. YOU are terribly misinformed and obviously anti Constitution. Please, get facts verified and straight before posting from a strictly emotional state. Do not believe a THING the media is spoon feeding you.

          24. Richard Pieczarka says

            I agree. Too many people react emotionally without knowing the facts or getting the facts from a source that has an axe to grind.

          25. dondehoff says

            Beverly. about 80% of what you have just said is plain hearsay and BS and is one of the primary causes of the problems occurring nationwide today. When you cite a major violent “fact”, you have to provide specifics as to when, where, how and which city or town processed the police report—-if you get just one “wrong”, it could be the very one that incites someone to get “revenge” and then we have major problems, causing “deaths” or other mayhem, of which you must accept part of the responsibility therefore. And, like I have said many times, blacks, just like others, in both political parties, about 80% are very good people. And while I am not a mathematician, the 80% “black on black” crime rate is clearly documented by the FBI. And, the “white on white” percentage is significantly less in that a goodly percentage is “black on white”. I am sure a math wizard can spell out the specific percentages. Keep in mind that whites outnumber the blacks, roughly nine to one. Also, keep in mind, about 75 policemen were killed last year and the “assaults” were in the thousands, again mostly by black people. We all have to get our “acts together”.

          26. Beverly Wilson says

            In the United States, a White person is almost six times more likely to be killed by another White person than by a Black person, according to FBI homicide data. In 2011, there were more cases of Whites killing Whites than there were Blacks killing Blacks. …does this help in verifying what I posted is correct…….specific enough

          27. dondehoff says

            Beverly, you only included a small part of the equation. as blacks compose only about 10-12 percent of the population. and with 10 time more whites, surely they will be more blacks included in te attacks. I think your very first sentence documents that point. You spout statistics, but do not clearly identify the reports in detail so one can verify your understanding—which I still maintain is 80-90 percent BS. Just show the exact question you ask Google or one of the other search engines, and then we can do likewise. And, with 80% of black violent crime being black on black”, and with the ratio of blacks incarcerated, there surely must be a problem. Just ask Google, “Crime statistics for black on black vs. black on white and white on black”. Neither gets a favorable rating.

          28. Beverly Wilson says

            No sir..it is documented that 84% of white violent crime is being white on white crime that is not a small portion….clearly my reponse states that my source is Justice Department and FBI Statictics…..what clearer can I get look up the stats for yourself what I posted was copyied and paste directly from the stats..and let’s deal with the ratio of african-american incacerated which is a travesty in itself..why is it that the majority of drug users are whites and the majority of persons areeested and jailed are african-americans..answer money…good lawyers..point in fact if an african-american teen is caught with 2 oz of weed he goes to jail..the same amount of weed found on a white person and they get probation and rehab…point in fact the Texas young white man that killed people while he was driving and got off because his lawyer claimed “affluence” and won..he virtually got off….if that happened to a person of color they would have been sent to jail for al least 10 years for vehicular homicide….the justice system is not fair or impartial….

          29. dondehoff says

            Beverly, I sense a good person behind all of that anger. However, we cannot debate unless you provide verifiable information . Merely saying “FBI statistics” don’t “hack it”. I receive a daily FBI report and I need titles, dates times and control numbers, if you have them. Why are there more white than black drug dealers? Very simple, there are 9 or 10 times more whites in the country than blacks. And as for the FBI reports, they have computers and file cabinets full of them. Identify the report you are referring to and I will call it up. Also, I live in a Colorado where one can have an ounce of pot in their possession, and I see many blacks buying it at local stores that sell to both, “medical pot” and regular street customers. As for the Texas driver that “got off” because his lawyer claimed “affluence”, you must have used the wrong word, as that merely means “wealthy or well-off”. Give me the court case number, and I will prove you wrong. I acknowledge that money on occasion “talks”, but they don’t document it in a court case as that would be bribery. As for the Ferguson case, Interviews with several of the rioters, revealed they were objecting to the very issues that were cleared by witnesses, law enforcement units, DA’s office and a standing” grand jury—that is a jury that was appointed weeks before the event occurred. Were they all in “cahoots” as to the outcome, especially with all of the on scene TV and other media coverage? as I understand it, both the President and the Attorney General had “teams there looking for “errors and omissions”. Also, I personally thought the Attorney giving the presentation did an outstanding job of explaining how and why the grand jury ruled on each legal point. Without documented details, we are just going around in circles and offering opinions, which does not solve anything.

          30. Beverly Wilson says

            Why is it so hard for you to go onto the official FBI and Dept/Bureau of Justice Websites and look it up…try the Expansed Homicide Data Table 6..or try the White on White Cime article in Slate Magazine…of just google whiote on white crome….and pick one……and the Fuergunson Grand Jury comment..yep really a good example 12 white people and three african-american and it takes 12 to convict of aquit…even it every african american voted to bring to trial they were already outnumbered..really stacked grand jury..which was probly done this way for years to get the same outcome….and why would a good prosecutor put unreliable witnesses on the stand..his job is to procesute that’s why they call him the “prosecutor” in the Fergunson case the “prosecutor” acted as the “defense”……for the cop…

          31. dondehoff says

            Beverly, you still don’t “get it”. That grand jury had been “seated” (selected) several weeks before the shooting. You don’t think the DA took an in-place jury and brainwashed them do you? Also I looked up your FBI “Table -6”. and the black community with just over 10 percent of the population committed about 45 percent of the crimes (murders). and the “black on black” rate is about 90%. If the black community does not acknowledge this, we surely are going to have a tough time solving the problem. I have “set” on several courts marshal and some juries and I have been “refused to set on somel, in that I may have had prior knowledge, or was prejudiced in some form or another, I think you can understand the jury ratio of 12 to 3 selection is not discriminatory, but representative of the population.

          32. Beverly Wilson says

            First you keep quoting “black on black crime” well I accept that then why can’t you accept that 84% of crimes against white people are committed by white people…..and did you not see that the more crimes were commited by white people than any other ethnic group….percentages are percentages but total numbers are total numbers…..and overall white people commited more crimes including murder than anybody…..accept that…and no sir the 12 to 3 is not representative of the segment of population especially for Fergunson where the population is predominately african-american….what I am saying is when it comes to indicting someone the deck is already stacked….remember you own words the panel is “selected”….and yes there are three minority persons (tokens) if every one of them voted to indict it would still not be enough to go forward….and the Selection of jurors has been stacked to receive the same outcome for decades…the african american jurors do not have a chance they will always loose because it takes 12 to indite… and the makeup of the jurors are consistant with finding the prescribed outcome whites get off with a slap on the wrist and african americans either go to jail or pay heavy fines (that too has been brough out)…..and all your double talk about different set of issues is going no where…..and by the way I am not angry…..we are simply having a conversation…..

          33. 13gatorgrowl says

            What you post is true! However the race issue has always come from the liberals and the liberal communists that have infiltrated this Government. Too many communists have been allowed to sit along side decent people in this government. True that many Blacks and Whites work side by side but there are THOSE who have evil in their hearts! Too many FOREIGNERS have their eye on destroying the BEST country that ever has existed. There will NEVER be another country as great and accepting as America!! The BIGGEST problem in Racism is people like the Clintons, Johnsons. Pelosi, Ted Kennedy and ALL the Blacks in government seats. The Democrat Party, RHINOS and the organized crime bullies that still exist! Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy and others like them perpetuate the idea that Blacks are inferior. That idea came from New Yorkers and The upper Northeastern cities—NOT THE SOUTH!! Abraham Lincoln was NOT from the South and neither was any of the high and mighty Railroad, Steel, Auto makers and others that hailed from PA, NY, Mass, and other Northern and Midwestern Areas! Don’t you dare blame the Race issues that exist TODAY on ONE group of people! I would have thought you a decent person UNTIL you blamed the RACE issues that exist today on ONE GROUP of people! THAT is Bull Hockey!! The Northerners perpetuate the idea that the SOUTH AND BLACKS are inferior! One thing that YOU will never live down is the Greatest General that ever lived fought for the south when the Union tried to BULLY the southern states! Your ideas are ONLY one person’s and no one person has the sense to manage any country! Your ideas are why there are dictators today! One person thinking they know all the answers is the reason there is strife around the world. Hitler was one person who had the ideas like you! Always BLAME someone else for what is wrong in a society! ALL of us ( and you) are in this together! Get over the Civil War!!

          34. Ray Taylor says

            You’re a fool older than I am, but a fool. I’m only 68, but that os old enough to know you are wrong.
            Ray Taylor,
            Ret Army, 40 yrs

          35. dondehoff says

            Ray, in your 68 years, you obviously neglected to document facts and specifics concerning your opinions. Just why and where am I wrong?

          36. Jane says

            What about other races who have lived in poverty for generations??

          37. dondehoff says

            Jane, I will “play your game”; What about other races who have lived in poverty for generations”? What is the question(s) to which you want answers.

          38. dondehoff says

            Jane, let us not confuse race and poverty with culture or ideology. And, what specifically is it you want to know about races and poverty? Generally speaking, except for catastrophic events, poverty is a long-term issue. And there are cultures that, by choice, live a more simple “tribal life”. than that of the modern world. Therein change by evolution is preferred over imposed mandatory change. dictated by “outsiders”—we all have evolved, to varying degrees, and not all for the better of mankind.

          39. Jane says

            If you google it- the 10 ten cities in the world in which to live in 2014 are white cities.

          40. dondehoff says

            Jane, OK, so what is your point? , or are like “Ray”, and talk for talking’s sake—that is referred to as “mental masturbation”, which is a very contagious verbal disease that gets people involved in off-subject, one-on-one “games” in which I care not to participate. Can we get back to the issues at hand?

          41. pmbalele says

            Where did you come from to tell the TPs and Repubs and CEOs the truth. Just read why these morons are blaming Blacks for violence and dependence on governmnent handout. I am talking about this Polish American -Yadja. Thanks.I have to go to work now. I will be back 6: pm

        5. Leo Klaudi says

          When I was a kid there used to be a saying “Never give a nigger a badge”. Well unfortunately for the good black folks among us, Obama maybe the proof in the pudding of that saying. He may ruin the chances of another black man becoming president. I think Ben Carson would be a good one, so would Allen West. The Democrats since 1940 have enslaved more blacks, than the slave owners of the 17th, 18th & 19th centuries combined by chaining them to the democrat key in the voting booth.

          1. Yadja says

            I would jump up and down with joy for a Ben Carson, Allen West but celebrate til the cows came home for Condi. She is a remarkable woman who knows and is respected by every potentate and diplomat and president from here to eternity.

            All is not lost but O has hurt Blacks.

          2. Leo Klaudi says

            All three are good prospects. Yor’re right, all is not lost for blacks but progress made by Dr. King has been damned near plowed under and thats a crime in its self. King’s ghost must be furious over what the NAACP has become today, enciting roits instead of trying to calm the masses. There will never be another MLK

          3. Yadja says

            His niece tells it like she sees it and she is right on. No more King your are right. So sad.

          4. norma says

            Yadja, I’m aware of Ben Carson and Allen West and I agree with u, But please elaborate more on Condi??

          5. dondehoff says

            Norma, I will support Carson and West if they run for office, but I am deeply concerned with the overall attitude of the American general public. Both candidates have a black “albatross” hanging around their necks, spelled “OBAMA”. Too many people are going to be saying, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. I don’t know how to get around that—perhaps as VP, so they can get “tine” un der their belt to prove their stand.

          6. Uzoozy says

            Vote for MLK

          7. Yadja says

            She is an American Political Scientist and Diplomat. She was U.S. Secretary of State, National Security Adviser, Professor of Political Science at Sanford University and served as Provost 1993-1999, Soviet and Eastern Europe Affairs Adviser, pioneered Transformational Diplomacy seeking to get Democracy to other countries who wanted it like the Middle East and she Chaired the Challenge Millennium Corporation.

            She is highly accomplished, is respected by all leaders, traveled more than any other Secretary of State and she understands the need for Democracies throughout the world to bring us all a real and enduring Peace.

            She was a friend to Israel and she was respected by them, she is a magnificent lady and highly qualified for the job of POTUS. Unlike Hillary whose life story is filled with dirt, filth and being tied to O and his ideas.

          8. dondehoff says

            Yadja, as usual there is a much “larger” picture that has not been addressed. About half of the planet’s landmass is controlled or significantly influenced by the Muslims. They look upon all females as “mere turf” (cattle), at the beck and call of males. Muslims insist that it requires two women to offset the testimony of one man. Also, if a Muslim women is raped, it takes the testimony of 4 witnesses to prove otherwise. (Logic dictates if there were four witnesses, the rape probably would not have occurred). Also, a raped women who cannot “prove her case”, can be “stoned to death” as the Muslims hold the concept that the raped women “brought the issue on themselves”. At this point, no women U.S. President could expect to be accepted by the Muslims, especially at the negotiating table. And, now is not the time to be “experimenting” with the future of this great country. Our women’s time will come, but we must bide our time–and although our women are qualified, they are not yet of the stature of Margaret H. Thatcher.

          9. Yadja says

            Gotcha. Read the Qur’an, Hadith and studied the life of Muhammad having served in Shield/Storm and this war. Opened me up to know the enemy and this one is a doosey.

            I have said the same thing when people talk Hillary and made the same comparisons. In my heart I want a man and no woman but Condi is one I would trust. She dealt with these people the entire time in office. But you are correct in that those we are dealing with now are the Savages that are taking over all the Middle East and Africa. Different playing field. They have always been among us but not to this extent and we have only O to thank for it.

            When one summarizes every single thing O has done since he first put his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office to show America the bottom of his shoe, which you and I and millions understood the message, and sent the bust of Churchill back to the British Embassy, we also understood that move being as Churchill had plenty to say about Muhammad and none of it good, he has put the stepping stones to the Caliphate in place.

            You are right.

          10. Uzoozy says

            Absolutelywrong. A womens testament valid without witness ,wth men accuse a women . He has to produce 4 witnesses, this as other rules are in the favour of the women. Would appreciate if could educate yourself before you write.
            BHO is Christian no ifs and buts about it, You seem to be a doubting Thomas.
            women equality is not there in US ,upto now there has been no women President.
            Keep your bigotary to yourself, Islam is the most popular in the world.
            Read and be blessed.

          11. dondehoff says

            “Uzoozy”, Let us be civil in our discussions. Islam and the Muslim Culture is a complicated arena and there is a lot “not known”, by the average person—we both can learn from a good exchange of information. First, one can not use the Qur’an as a prime reference tool in that its lack of chronology and abrogations leave it open to serious misunderstandings. That is acknowledged by even the most learned Muslims, which is evidenced by their publishing of a large manual that covers most all aspects of Muslim (Sharia) Law. Most all “authoritative” Muslims I know use that “approved” manual, “Reliance of the Traveller (sic), A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law”, translated by N.H.M. Keller. It is printed in Arabic with English “facings” and “double indexed” for ease of reference and is not encumbered by chronology and abrogation issues. It contains a lengthy chapter (or “Book”) on “witnesses”, and it clearly states women have serious restrictions as witnesses and in marriage. For “Witnessing and Testifying”, I refer you to chapters o24.0 through o24.10. For “Marriage, and Divorce” I refer you to Book “M” “Marriage, and Book “N” for Divorce. As for the U.S. not having a women president, the Muslims have only in recent years permitted women to do “anything”, and they still have controls that place them at the “beck and call” of their men, How could a Muslim women be an effective legislator if they can not even go to town without an adult family male escort. or in negotiation with strange males? As for your comment about Islam being the most popular in the world—-don’t confuse sheer “numbers” with “popularity”. I think you will have to acknowledge that Islam has basically been imposed by d force (often deadly), starting at very early age which continues daily during a Muslim’s lifetime. As for the Qur’an, it was compiled and edited about 50 years after Muhammad’s death, by a group of 12 men who were mere mortals. That group had someone in charge (also a mere mortal) who dictated what would and would not be included in the final document. Logic, deductive reason, common sense and the “mortal” aspect refutes the concept that Holy book is the exact “spoken word” or Allah. That editing and compiling issue applies to all Holy Books. Note, Amazon, Barns and Noble and other large booksellers carry that Manual. Also, note, I use the “Approved”, “The Glorious Qur’an”, Translation, by Mohammed M. Pickthall, 1st English Edition, 2000.

          12. Uzoozy says

            Thank you to put the agenda of civility in the conversation, I appreciate that.
            Muslims believe the Quran is the word of God Almighty, hence should be followed by Muslims.
            The Holy Quran was given to mankind for its followers to adhere to and achieve his status in Heaven.
            Do good and be blessed ,do bad things and you go to hell.
            Marriage rules are that you get married have children , love them and cherish them.
            Divorce rules are there too. Many people do not follow the rules for themselves because its inconvenient, but that does not make it right.
            One is NOT allowed to kill anyone with a very few exceptions, live in harmony with people of all faiths be good to them .
            Its our understanding that if Allah wanted all to be Muslims He can or could do that, He wants us to live with diverse people and faiths .
            The golden rule if they are good to you be better than what they did for you.
            In all cases people write about the Quran however if the message of Allah has to come to you it can come only thru God’s will.
            Sharia law is good for Muslims and it is convenient for other religions to make fun of it.
            Sharia law is personal Muslim law with things to do and not do, its cannot be enforced on non-Muslims.
            With the increase of Muslims by leaps and bounds there is bound to be conflict. Because everything they think is right and all others are wrong, this is normal human trait.
            In Muslim countries hundreds of women leaders have been given the top job.
            Its time that the most (allegedly) advanced country get a women President.
            Its not over till the fat lady sings.

          13. al.k says

            Sure hope you are not talking about this country having a woman president, Hillary needs a DNA test to prove who she is, she too is an imposter, the real Hillary is dead, remember the plane crash and then she supposedly had a blood clot and couldn’t testify about Benghazi, had to do a few touches up to make her presentable including her voice, remember her out cry WHAT THE HELL DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE! It should make quite a difference to the people, who’s running the country!

          14. Uzoozy says

            This country needs a Hillary as president, .

          15. Ron Warren says

            Yes so she can further screw it up…agreed!

          16. Uzoozy says

            America is not an equal opportunity providing country Hillary like Obama are the only good politicians around by a long shot. Bengaxi is the enema of Republicans. What the hell difference does it make, Fyi no difference Christ gas high eegards in the middle east may God bless him.
            i thought the country is run by the people
            where 46 million people go to sleep with no food to eat. Every day same thing.

          17. Ron Warren says

            Whose fault is that? America was built on principles taught in the Jewish-Christian Bible and is a land of plenty flowing with milk and honey. [Figure out what has to be present for a land to “flow with milk and honey.”]

          18. al.k says

            Hey ozzi, see you are still running your diarrhea mouth, no one really gives a tinkers damn what you believe, we just stir the pot you shit in to stir you up, you are so full of shit your eyes are brown, perhaps your are a homosexual like your idal obama, you got to remember he is part of the Chicago gays club and his first man michael can’t even stand him. If the muslims don’t go for sodomy, how come he is your idle?
            you are guilty of whatever you condone.

          19. Uzoozy says

            BHO i s the best of the best, he is my idol.
            He has been put to every test possible.
            what goes around will come around,

          20. Ron Warren says

            You just confessed to idol worship. And your vultures will come home to roost. LOL

          21. Uzoozy says

            So whoever watched American Idol is a idol worshipper like Christians do.

          22. Ron Warren says

            So you like the play on words. Whatever you say is pure hot air with no substance. Have you left off the Kool-Aid today? It seems to have messed with your brain. Allah would not like that. Have yourself a “BLT” to clean out your system.

          23. billdeserthills says

            Tell me about how fair it is to a woman to have her honor killing–Big help for the family’s honor, not so much for the dead lady. Tell me how civilized you muslim pieces of scum are again? Maybe your ilk can chop off some more children’s heads, there is a sure sign of honor, huh?

          24. Uzoozy says

            I do not like the condescending way you write.
            There are some practices in places.
            Matter of fact there is NO honor in honor killings whatsoever.
            Its better to shoot and kill them as they do in US.
            Remember that is the reason why there is a rape one every 7 SECONDS.

          25. billdeserthills says

            You don’t like the way I write because it is the truth & the truth about muslims isn’t pretty. Maybe a little legal prostitution would save the many honor killings that take place where muslims reside

          26. Uzoozy says

            There is no truth in what you say, get over it whitey.
            You live in the most immoral country in the world.
            You have nothing to be proud of.

          27. billdeserthills says

            Everybody know you muslims are lying sacks of crap. Your so-called holy book even encourages you scum to lie. Which is why it is obvious to Everyone except muslims that your god is really the devil.

          28. Ron Warren says

            Note how Uzoozy uses a bigoted word to label the person posting above. This individual is an insult to black people the world over. This person is a racist with ancestors in Africa.
            Maybe a ham or BLT sandwich would clean him/her up. Says “YOU live in the most immoral country in the world.” And he/she
            lives in the same nation. Hmmmm. More disjointed thought.

          29. Uzoozy says

            50 Percent divorce rate. rape over one every seven seconds.
            God bless America

          30. Ron Warren says

            billdeserthills this individual is smoking something pretty strong as well as likely “popping” pills of the non-prescribed type. Truth is never accepted by those whose minds are filled with untruths because there’s no room for reality. Note how disjointed its post is following this one. This is a nut cake we should ignore.

          31. billdeserthills says

            Naw I love stirring up the nuts. I only wish I could draw worth a damn & I’d start a cartoon strip featuring the great pedophile muhammed. I have noticed nothing really gets a good rise outta muslim fanatics like a funny cartoon featuring their fearless, satanic worshipping 9 year-old marrying muhammed. There is obviously no room in our society for the sexual abuse of pre-teens, not when 17 is still considered to be a child in many if not most jurisdictions. I am also very unhappy with the muslim development taking place in Dearborn, Michigan, where muslims are allowed under US Law to have up to 4 wives. I’m not for multiple wives personally, but I recall the Mormons taking plenty of heat for attempting to do the same thing, so where do these interlopers get off flaunting Our laws while being paid out of the public coffers for the welfare & food stamps they need to survive. Are you aware that social services now employs many interpreters in order to keep up with all the different dialects of whatever these so-called civilized folks speak. They have little to offer for employment, unless anyone is hiring jihadists this week…

          32. Jim says

            Very well stated. Condi would make a FAR better president than anything dems. could put forth. Only problem is MOST of media is sickenly thrown in with the (far) left. And you have so many “useful idiots”/sheeple here in USA. To say nothing of dems. willingness to commit voter fraud on a very wide scale.
            My best to you and yours, always.

          33. Yadja says

            Thank you and also to you and yours.

            The Main Media is failing and falling and as go the country to conservatism so shall go the Media or it shall go…….away…….completely.

          34. Uzoozy says

            I would describe the person as calculative,manuplative ruthless ,cold undignified.
            SOS once was bad enough, no more

          35. Jim says

            So I see you are starting to see your boy obola the way he really is. Now if only you would get your head out of his ass and stick it up your own…

          36. Uzoozy says

            Condi the bad person in the right place,like GW she too is in hiding.

          37. Uzoozy says

            BHO IS THE BEST PRESIDENT ever

          38. Jim Thornhill says

            Someone has been overdosing on the Kool aid again

          39. Yadja says

            Just as mange is a dog’s best friend.

          40. Uzoozy says

            You mean a manger

          41. Yadja says

            No I mean a mangy dog that is so much better than the mangy mongrel in the WH. Straight from the bowels of Satan.

          42. BayMan says

            Can you say that with a straight face this time.

          43. Uzoozy says


          44. BayMan says

            You might be right — in Kenya.

          45. Uzoozy says

            In DC

          46. Yadja says

            Even they have more sense.

          47. Jack Todd says

            Uzoozy: Please tell me,WHERE IN THE WORLD have you been hiding?,haven’t you been awake?,don’t you know what this bozo in the white house has been doing to America?,he has single handidly ruined this country,he’s the world’s worst president ever,for one thing,he’s a Muslim hell bent on the destruction of America,secondly,he doesn’t care about American’s,his only goal is to do what ever it take’s to bring this country down to it’s knee’s,he is dedicated to destroy us in the name of his god allah,their goal is to dominate the whole world,they will kill off all of us,as they consider us infidel’s,those that don’t believe the way they do,they behead you,they treat their wives worse than animal’s,they rape little children,have sex with animal’s,this you haven’t heard?,or read?,where have you been?,this so-called president is NOT even a U.S citizen,but with Muslim money and their influence got him elected,you talk like you’re one of his children,i’m sorry that those who voted for him,thay did not know what they were doing,they were blind sided by his promise of a change,the only change he was talking about was to socialism,and that change was a dictator.

          48. Billy says

            YOU are a simple fool.

          49. Uzoozy says

            You are a complicated ass

          50. Mark Clemens says

            Slavery was practiced here in the 16Th,17Th,18Th centuries. After 1863 it was illegal throughout the USA. What state was it lawful to own a slave around 1900?
            Some of y’all need to read a history book, published before the 1960’s. If they say slavery was legal in the 19th century……..,

          51. Leo Klaudi says

            Blacks have been enslave by the govt. ever since the Days of Franklin Roosevelt and it multiplied tremendously during Lyndon Johnson’s term. Its called welfare, you become a slave to the system. You’re the one who needs to wake up! The govt keeps giving you free shit so you’ll vote Democrat.and the govt is about to run out of our money so now what are the 147 million slaves to welfare gonna do? Obama has promised the United Nations he would decrease the population of the US by 80% (UN AGENDA 21). 80 % 0f 320 Million people is 256 million that will have to die, leaving 64 million top do all the work rebuilding or attempting to maintain the country. Probable won’t be enough farmers to provide food . It’s gonna be a terrible thing after the new year

          52. Mark Clemens says

            Being dependent on the government is different than someone owning you………
            When the money runs out, and people are evicted from the public housing. They will migrate to your neighborhoods. Along w/them they will bring their drugs, hookers, thieves to your door………

          53. Jane says

            Every race is on welfare!

          54. Yadja says

            But one has to look at the statistics to find out those who are on it in masse not to mention if you are talking old and disabled Whites then that is far from fair and many of those paid their dues by working all their lives.

          55. dondehoff says

            Jane, “race” is meaningless when it comes to genetics. I am not an expert in that arena, but as I understand, there is as many “differences” within what we call a race as there are between them—and yes, there are poor people in every race and country and in all of their sub-divisions—always has been, always will be. I oppose Federal Welfare in that too much of our tax money is “siphoned off” by the hierarchy—I suspect in many cases over half never reaches the intended recipients. Welfare should be funded at the local level by volunteer tax deductible donations with only the most severe cases being funded by the state (not the Feds). I suspect with the issue being handled locally, a significant number of the recipients would be identified as not being eligible—right now, we have some families that have been on welfare for several generations and they are taught, by example, that they are “entitled to it”. Ah, to be 30 years younger (I am 82). I would run for office and either win by a landslide or be “rubbed out” by the socialists.

          56. dondehoff says

            “Leo”, wise up. Such issues are covered by our “laws of the land”, and that includes the pure and legal definitions of slavery. I admit there are issues with the UN, but I sense, we soon are going to see a definite “turn-around”, on world issues, perhaps even with the U.S. withdrawing from the UN and establishing an new cooperative. involving both North and South America along with any other countries that want to be part of a Republic and free enterprise system–perhaps Australia, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, France, Germany and perhaps more. I also acknowledge that “population control” will become a “must” in a few short years. In spite of some similarities, welfare and slavery are clearly different.

          57. Uzoozy says

            Its not when slavery was allowed.
            I have read that slaves are blessed by the Christian religion, now it makes more sense.

          58. Mark Clemens says

            Slavery just sucks. I hear ISIS and Islam are selling women for pleasure. Both religions are wrong for endorsing it. Jesus was against slave traders……….

          59. Uzoozy says

            You may not have heard the right news as regards to ISIS, if true is not allowed by Islam.
            Western news media is so biased against Islam that news coming out is not true may be to the contrary of the actual happenings.
            Bible tells the slaves to work with their masters ,not to question them.
            Then there is the slavery problem in USA which has not gone away yet,
            God bless them.
            Slaves in Islam lived in the same house as the owner and ate the same food together. Far from the US version, where they were made to poop into one another (best way it can be written) . Hang them for Sunday brunch and impregnate them as needed.
            God bless America

          60. Mark Clemens says

            Islamic Slaved dine with their owners.
            Were do I sign up at? All this freedom makes me choose so much……….

          61. dude says

            i don’t think any of them would make a good president …but i agree with what you’re saying… i think colon powell would have be a great black president… but then anybody would have been better than what we got now …at least he is from this country and cared enough about it to serve it faithfully and i’m sure believes in GOD and family values

          62. Billy says

            Colon Powell is a RACIST RINO who voted for a Democrat for president simply because he is Black. No thank you !

          63. Uzoozy says

            You assesment is totally out of wack.
            educate yourself then try writing again.

        6. bpr1122 says

          Ben Carson has the potential to be one of our greatest Presidents. He is the closest serious candidate to Reagan that I have seen since Reagan.

          1. Yadja says

            He is a wonderful, intelligent, elegant man. But I fear his soft spoken and gentlemanly ways will get him torn apart, like Herman Cain, by the rabid junkyard dogs Democrat Party. I have never understood how they can say the most absurd and filthy things but if the Republicans do then it is outrageous, inappropriate.

            We must have a strong candidate. We must have one that when in a debate and they are speaking and someone pulls a Biden, sneering, mocking, interfering, they can do like Reagan did, stop them in their tracks speak up and out and tell them to Stand Down. We are going to be in the fight of our lives and personally I am ready for an Independent or Libertarian.

            I see where the Republicans are already backing down and side stepping thinking we don’t know the Constitution and how O and Holder have broken our laws and need to be prosecuted for it. They don’t have the guts of the Egyptians and our Founding Fathers to rid us of the scourge and pestilence that is infecting this country and going to destroy any semblance of the once great country we once were.

            These illegals in the millions upon millions are going to affect this country adversely and O is doing just what he said “Drastically Changing” this country. My people understood Communism and Dictators very well and paid a heavy price for opposing them, but they took that chance and I don’t know if soft bellied Americans can do that.

          2. bpr1122 says

            O said, “fundamentally change” this country, which is worse than “drastically changing.” You can drastically change something w/o destroying it; to fundamentally change something you have to destroy the existing structure.

          3. Yadja says

            Trying to visualize Fundamentally changing without Drastic measures.

          4. bpr1122 says

            You can not fundamentally change something with out taking drastic measures; however, you can drastically change something with out fundamentally changing or destroying it.

          5. Yadja says

            Still sounds like a conundrum to me. Bottom line is O has drastically changed our Race Relations, our Immigration Laws and is fundamentally causing mayhem and destruction of fundamental laws of this country.

          6. Florio Vino says

            YOU SAID IT AND YOU ARE SO RIGHT! We haven`t had a real President that LED since Ronald Reagan. I go back to the HOOVER era as a Child! Roosevelt did well enough for his 3 terms, but He was backed by an era of Generals, Admirals as well as dedicated, leaders to carry out what was necessary to bring this COUNTRY to a point where we were WORLD LEADERS, NOT World SUCKERS. WE have helped in every way to do good for other Nations, including Dictatorships and all it has done is make us the WELFARE CONTRIBUTORS for All, while our GOODWILL has been Wasted in so many instances, BUT WE continue to PAY for the Dictators/Outdated Royalty in Countries that do not deserve and never did deserve what they received and have confiscated most of of what was given for their own selfish purposes. Why, This could have been spent here to improve liveso f the contributors. Close the Borders, Build the walls across the borders and let the rest of these CONSTANT receivers learn to govern and improve themselves. It`s NOT selfish, but something has to improve this Country and the HELL with the others..

          7. Yadja says

            I was talking with my friends the other day and all of a sudden it came to us that with all the conflicts that America has been in, with all the people of other counties we have helped, with all the blood and limbs spent to secure Iraq and Afghanistan in the hopes there would be some very needed friends and maybe as close to Democracies as you could get in the Middle East, we never took anything from these countries.

            England took all the riches from countries they conquered, France also and Spain cut all our ancient oaks in Florida to build their ships, they took all the gold from the Aztecs and others and they took it to build their cathedrals and such I lived in Spain and saw it, the Russians every Nation but us. We did not take anything. Iraq’s museums were broken into and artifacts taken at the beginning of the war, still being found around the world, so forth and so on but us nothing.

            It just hit us between the eyes that America is getting slammed by Liberals etc and others yet we basically have given everything and taken nothing in return. In Afghanistan they recently found a mountain filled with jewels.

            O needs to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Progressives and Liberals need to GO. We need to fight and be heard and so happy to read your post.

          8. Billy says

            Allen West !

          9. bpr1122 says

            great guy, I agree with what he as to say, but as of now, wrt the Presidency, he is a small time player.

        7. Uzoozy says

          What you are saying is that slavery is justified?????????

          1. Yadja says

            Are you living on a Plantation and wearing leg irons?

            How did you come to your conclusion that I think slavery is justified? I think giving IQ tests to voters is justified, I think stuffing a sock in the mouth of Race Baiters is justified, I think putting O, Holder and Sharpton in irons for inciting riots and dividing this country is justified, but you just keep your nose clean and try to learn something other than the kookaid fed you and all will come out OKy Dokey Smokey.

            And I believe the policeman who killed the guy selling cigarettes should have been prosecuted for murder and always have thought that when I saw the disgusting video. But Michael Brown is far from that kind of case, Brown got what he deserved for acting like the thug he was.

        8. edward says

          Catch up????????????????????? HA HA HA HA HA the blacks are a hundred yers farther behind than in Lincoln’s day thanks to the welfare of the demon crap party

          1. Yadja says

            Sad is it not? Then comes some Kenyan Muslim and fools them all the more by making them believe because he is dark skinned that he is one of them. But he is nowhere near like them, never raised like them and has nothing in common with them. His father’s Kenyan Muslims and not one Black relative born in this country or ever a slave.

            It makes me very sad. I wish things were different.

        9. phyllisjmurphy says

          Hey it was politically expedient for Lincoln to free slaves..Think about what Lincoln did to native americans, letting Gen. Andrew Jackson shove them onto barren lands called reservations with not housing, no nothing..Jackson forced them on trails in freezing winter with thousands of men, women and children dying…..whining lazy welfare blacks create their own fairy tales and need to be kicked in their lazy rear ends…Irish slaves were shipped when England invaded Ireland, to America and sold on same slave blocks as blacks..Chinese slaves were shipped into America to build railroads and many early immigrants to America were indentured for years or sometimes for life to pay passage to America…..Blacks and their lazy blaming diatribe is disgusting and those welfare wimps need all money removed and jobs given to earn their money!
          Need to stay in school and learn to read and write so they can move on up in society!

          1. Yadja says

            We are continuing to import, via O, millions upon millions upon millions of Hispanics with no money, no education and don’t even speak the language and oddly enough immigrants of old came from all over the world, these today are just one color….dark…..planned and executed to bring White Americans of European decent to extinction.

            O puts his hand in Israeli politics and demands this and that, the world is watching us with the Blacks rioting, O and Holder pushing Racism, the invasion by the Hispanics and the threats of Islam and what if they suggest we divide our country into two different countries. One half Black, Hispanic and Muslim and the rest of us on the other side? That would solve our problems.

      2. michaelcain says

        It is self inflicted because of the reasoning set for them by Sharpton , Jackson Obama and Holder. if they would listen to their church leaders it m would be different

        1. Conservative says

          I’m not so sure about that. Over the weekend I heard Sharpton preaching hate and rebellion at a Baptist Church and he was getting a lot of affirmation from the congregants.

          It was also a Baptist Church that Farrakhan, the black Muslim who was preaching the righteous of killing whites and that they had to die someday anyway so why not die by creating mayhem.

          Today in the N;Y.TIMES there was an article about a black pastor, infected with AIDS who had sex with 15 of his parishioners. They tried to fire him but he being a pastor, according to the Church Constitution, he was a Pastor for Life and could not be fired.

          Face it, the U.S.has turned into a violent, immoral, Godless society. Although I believe there are many truly Christian Churches that preach the Word of God but one cannot assume their is truth and goodness in all of them.

          1. michaelcain says

            Thanks for the insightful info

          2. Gary Dingle says

            All Blacks right. Only Blacks hate whites right? Now you attack Black Churches. All Blacks are bad and all whites are good God loving people like you. You sound like a Good Christian bigot spouting the words of Jesus? I am pretty sure you can tell us which Churches have truth and goodness in them.

          3. Yadja says

            He spoke the truth and O’s church hated America and Whites.

            No church has truth and goodness in them because their flock is made-up of humans.

            Black hatred for Whites is every bit as prevalent in Black Churches and in Black homes as Whites against Blacks.

          4. KP says

            Racism does NOT only exist in Black and White! LOL Let’s stop pretending that racism isnt a worldwide problem! This is NOT just an American white hating blacks problem. I grew up in Texas…. i have seen first hand racism from Latinos, blacks, white people, Chinese, etc. Come on! Hate and ignorance exists…..period. It will always exist. I do not like it so i stay away from it and chose not to entertain it. How else do we begin to change it?

          5. Yadja says

            I was born in Texas, came back when I was 13 and lived there until 21. I also have lived all over the world. Europe and the Orient. Yes there are prejudices and racism in every people but most have learned to keep it to themselves except in America where it is flaunted, abused, misused to keep the fires of hate and discrimination and venom alive!!!!!!!!

            O, Holder and Sharpton are keeping the fires stoked and I can tell you this the Whites are tired of being burned by it and if they continue this and get the crisis they want there will be killing and that will be a crime against this country that will never be forgiven.

          6. norma says

            Spouting the Words of Jesus is what is needed in this Country and around the world. The American Indians and the Jewish people are the ones who have had it
            bad. The American Indians live in dire poverty.

          7. KP says

            Oh boy that is another touchy subject. WHY do they live in dire poverty? While tribal leaders live in mansions and run Casinos?? Corruption….NOT just from the Pale skins either!

          8. 13gatorgrowl says

            Thank You!

          9. KP says

            I did not read ANY of that in the statement! LOL Now you are injecting YOUR agenda.

      3. pmbalele says

        Blame FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh for planting racism and bigotry in head of CEO and state government to hate Blacks. This hate is displayed in the behavior of TPs and Repubs when discussion issues on Black people. Shame on TPs and Repubs. They think they gain anything when they discriminate against Blacks.

        1. KP says

          Really? Because they are incapable of being racist on their own? They werent racist before Fox news and Limbaugh? Oh..and they are the only ones effected? NONE of the Libs or Dems, eh?

      4. ABBAsFernando says

        Yes I agree but low information individuals are being USED by VILE LIBERAL SCUM.

        1. KP says

          When the seed is already planted, it doesnt take much to nurture it.

          1. ABBAsFernando says

            VILE LIBERAL SCUM are the ENEMY WITHIN. Rotting away at the Christian morality that has held America for generations.

      5. Uzoozy says

        Its bought about by hate of blacks nothing else

        1. Mark says

          Uh huh…

          1. Uzoozy says

            Ya Ya

      6. Uzoozy says

        Its the whitees.

      7. ferebetv says

        Who started usery – these demonics are the true hatters of dark skinned people. It was the Rothschild cesspool that removed dark skinned Africans from their homes and shipped them to the Americas on their (Rothschild) owned ships.

        1. Mark says

          I thought I implied White usury, if not, that’s what was intended.

      8. badger says

        Most of these rioters are simple minded and easily led and manipulate by well organized professionals. Find out those who are behind all of this and arrest them as anarchist and traitors to our country.

      9. al.k says

        What the blacks don’t stop to remember, their own people rounded them up and put them on the slave market, the one’s who were fortunate to come to America, although they were mistreated, had a better land than Egypt or the other countries that run slaves.

        1. Mark says

          Indeed. I’ve not even thought once about the practicality of going ape shit about my grandfather or his father being treated badly in Kansas City for being Irish 100 years ago. A fool’s journey. Negroes always find a reason, however obscure or inane, to tap society for a gimme. Now that every societal deviant is coming out of the woodwork to complain, Negroes are bound to have a more difficult time justifying any whining. Enter their hero Al Sharpnot.

      10. Uzoozy says

        Totally u true. They have been isolated for many years ,this is just the tip of the iceberg. Its true Whitey needs to let them live however not in ghettos or camps

        1. Mark says

          You make your own ghettos negro.

    2. Gary Dingle says

      You blame racism on the victims of racism. Do you blame rape victims for rape? I am retired and 63 years old. I live in an affluent diverse suburb. The mayor is my neighbor. Yet my biracial son and his friend have experienced profiling that I experienced when I was his age. My son has friends of multiple races. His white friends talk about the difference between the way cops treat the blacks kids versus the way they treat the white kids. This is 2014. Most of the Black kids in communities like mine don’t realize they are being treated disparately. Black hate exists. Black hate is based on racial discrimination and bigotry. I am working with a majority white community that has a history of race and ethnic motivate hate crimes. They don’t want Blacks or Hispanics in their community. White people living in this community have been attacked because they have had Black friends visit. This is 2014 not 1960. Obama and Al Sharpton are not responsible.

      1. Yadja says

        Blacks in America have been given every possible foot up to succeed. In college minorities are given breaks that the rest of us can forget. In Federal jobs they are given points to aid them in getting the jobs. They are very sure of their rights and they show it by daring bosses to fire them or to discipline them. We as bosses have certain criteria we must heed to even bring them into the office. They have been given government help in every imaginable way. When White women were beaten they had no help, Blacks have ways and always have. No Race in this country has been given as many boosts and opportunities to succeed than Blacks.

        Whites have not:
        Forced Blacks to marry badly and have too many children.
        Forced them to be called hoes or dress and act like them.
        Forced them to listen to Gangster Rap that demeans them, women, calls for cop killing and abuse of women.
        Forced them to make videos that show Black women half naked shaking their butts like dogs in heat.
        Forced them to join gangs.
        Forced them into prostitution.
        Forced them to wear their pants down to their knees.
        Forced them to abuse drugs.
        Forced them to join gangs.
        Forced them to kill each other.
        Forced them to act like thugs when they accomplish sports spotlights or movies or TV or music.
        Forced them to be critical of Blacks who try to make good grades in school.

        Don’t blame me for your problems. My people had their own and had no slaves and were fighting Communism because on my mother’s side they were in Europe and did not come here until after the war.

        My father was Apache/Irish and he owned no slaves and dealt with his own persecutions.

        So don’t come to me with your same blah blah blah just how long is it going to take for Blacks to come up to just even Middle Class standards and how much more help do they really need? I raised two sons. They were harassed by police, I taught them how to act when stopped by cops. I taught them right from wrong and how to treat the police and where not to go after hours. Teens if male regardless of Race are harassed if they don’t know what to do.

        Sick of it all and tired of listening to excuses.

        1. Gary Dingle says

          I am not making excuses. But you have excuses for your racism. Did you even read what I wrote. The hate,your hate doesn’t discriminate between blacks who are doing the right thing and those who are caught up in doing the wrong things. My kids attended great schools and one is in grad school and one is a sophomore in college. But they are treated by people like you as thugs. That is the problem with your racist attitudes. That is the reason good kids are subjected to the same racism I experienced in the 1950’s and 1960s. This why we have laws against racial and ethnic discrimination. When I was 11 years old a 24 year old man beat, punched and kicked me because he thought I was stealing. He thought I was stealing because I was Black not because he had proof and he was 6 feet tall and I was a tiny 11 year old kid. My son was stopped in a Walgreen’s near my home ad accused of stealing not because he stole something. He was stopped because he was Black. At the time my son carried a 500 dollar debit card that we made sure he had. He was 16 years old. The door inventory alarm had been going off all day. But the manager only stopped Black customers including my son. My sons have their own experiences now. Are you suggesting that my sons deserve to be treated like criminals because they are Black? I hope you didn’t raise racist kids and place them on the streets.

          1. Yadja says

            OK what ever. I read what you wrote. My sons as teens were hassled by police and I have been rich and I have been pee poor but I picked myself up and I made something of myself without all the opportunities and freebees Blacks get.

            Your all still riding the same dead horse, beating it and beating it and looking for the same sympathy. You keep calling me a Racist and you know nothing about me. You know nothing about my background, my people how I raised my children. All you hear is that I speak the truth about what the Black people have become and I know this much it is a far cry from what their grandmothers and grandfathers were and the values of hard work and reality they faced and made something of themselves without blaming others for their plight.

            I have heard enough to know that there will not be a truthful conversation held between Blacks and Whites ever.

          2. Jane says

            I had to travel across 3 provinces to sustain m yself since age 25. I am white and grew up middle class. It gets harder and harder to survive as minorities get hired just because of their skin color, not because of their skill. I am now in ottawa a city that keeps dumping in foreign people. Most of the lower end jobs go to foreign tfws. To apply for a good job now they won’t if let u apply if you are white, born here and speak only english.
            Toronto now has a 29% poverty rate as more and more people arrive and there is no job creation. Our province is now broke. We pay for every immigrants m edical at 400000 per person per year. Alot get free housing when they arrive. We lost 450000 jobs in the manufacturing sector since 8 years ago just in ontario. Our debt is 10 times california’s and we have 1/10th the population!! We lost 30 billion a year when tfws work here and send their money to their countries bank accounts. We want to refine our own oil because we have enough oil or the next 400 years in alberta and newfoundland.

          3. Yadja says

            If O has his way we will be right there with you. When he took office our National Debt was 10.5 trillion in his first two years he raised it to trillions more and now we are at 17 trillion and he still wants money for the illegals, Ebola, police you name it. He is breaking our bank. When he took office the worst numbers on unemployment were 7.5& during his time in office it hit an all time high and did not come down until recently and it is just now back where Bush had it in his worst day.

            Iraq was stable and ISIS did not exist, Egypt and Libya were kingpins in the Middle East holding Terrorism down, Israel had flare-ups with Gaza but nothing like what they face now, Ukraine was stable, Russia was not feisty or threatening the Cold War truly was Cold, Race relations were not great but they were not flaring, so on and so forth. We are in deep over here.

            With the millions upon millions upon millions of illegals he let in along with the millions more he intends to bring in and all poor with no insurance and no money our government programs are going to short change the elderly, disabled and all those on them now.

            O wants poverty for all of us. He will get it if we don’t have someone put a boot up his backside and tie his hands behind him.

          4. Richard Pieczarka says

            Actually, I think O just wants a lot of votes for the Democrats.

          5. Richard Pieczarka says

            You need to create jobs. The opportunity is there. You have to look real hard and put your nose to the grind stone and work day and night till you get a business established. I did that here.

          6. KP says

            Yes, but here, small businesses and medium sized businesses are closing their doors due to not being able to afford to pay for the healthcare for employees! It is very painful watching these businesses who have been around for years, closing their doors.

          7. Jane says

            Here (canada) everyone gets healthcare.I think I believe that is a sign of a good society. The reason small businesses struggle in ontario is the cost of hydro is very very high due to a scandel. We now will be buying our hydro from quebec!

          8. Richard Pieczarka says

            You can go to work for yourself and hire only yourself. Now, because of Obama care, small businesses and individuals who do not get help from the Feds for premium payment will have a difficult if not impossible time getting health insurance.

          9. Richard Pieczarka says

            Unfortunately, that is true. Small businesses face challenges that large corporations do not. We must pass laws that do not penalize small businesses.

          10. KP says

            Jane….we (America) wont be far behind…..if things keep going the way they have been.

          11. Richard Pieczarka says

            Unfortunately, as of right now, this appears to be true. Blacks only want and advantage and not real “equality”.

          12. Mark Clemens says

            The world owes no body nothing, it was here first………

          13. Richard Pieczarka says

            Not if you are black. If you are black, you are “entitled” because of the “color” of your skin. Ask any black.

          14. Mark Clemens says

            I’m black, I don’t feel like the world, you, or the government owes me a thing. You shouldn’t stereotype groups of people. I live in the south. I have never met any hillbilly brother-sister marriages, or couples. Not every white person runs around in camouflage duds. Not all cowboy looking whiteboys spit tobacco. I’m sure there might be two sane people in California………

          15. Richard Pieczarka says

            You, sir have my respect. Respect has to be earned. At work and in the Navy I worked with black men who I admired and respected. We did have one black man on board ship who was a rabble rouser and wrote his congressman that he was being discriminated against and he was always getting into trouble and getting written up. I was the legal yeoman and had to handle his paperwork.

          16. Richard Pieczarka says

            Mark, I think I understand what you are saying. In I believe it was East Haven, Connecticut a group of fireman sued the city for promoting a rookie black firefighter over several experienced white fire fighters. It was a case of reverse discrimination. The white firefighters went to the Supreme Court and won.
            While you may not feel “that way” and I understand your feelings, the fact of the matter is that “affirmative action” or giving a “special group” and undecided advantage in what should be a “level playing field” does create resentment and makes it difficult to look at the black community’s claim for “equality” in the same light. Do you understand what I am saying? I am not alone in this feeling?
            These government mandated “equal rights” programs will have a backlash effect on the black community. Do you understand that?

          17. Richard Pieczarka says

            Garry, I have been stopped by these electronic security devices near exit doors and in one instance I was asked to empty my pockets. I am a white man, 70 years old. So it’s not just blacks.
            I am also a college graduate. When I went to college in the “60’s, the time when blacks were burning down city blocks and rioting, we had blacks attending my school and they were always treated with dignity and respect. I understand your concerns but I feel some of your statements are an exaggeration and not accurate.

        2. TimFTG2 says

          Yadja ,
          Yes and the chances are very strong that if Michael Brown’s Mother had Married at least one of the men she chose to live and breed with and taught her son right from wrong Michael would probably be in College right now on his way to becoming a Productive American Citizen instead of committing Strong Arm Robbery and causing the Black Community to Riot because of the consequences of his actions and having that Piece of Trash Step Father (?) of his yelling to “Burn this Bitch Down” thus inciting the riot. It’s about time that the Black Community start ACTING like Decent Responsible Citizens if they want to be treated that way and being Decent Responsible Parents by Marrying and Setting a Good Example by Creating a Strong Nuclear Family Lifestyle and Teaching their Children Good Manners and Right from Wrong. This also applies to all the other Races and Cultures also. Maybe if everyone would live their lives this way Wars and Civil Unrest would become a thing of the Past.

          1. Yadja says

            If I could give you many thumbs up I would. What a profound post….thank you.

            The truth and nothing but the truth “Please help us God.”

          2. Richard Pieczarka says

            So far, with all the benefits gained by Martin Luther King, some blacks have not taken advantage of those benefits. Many blacks equate equality with getting an advantage that no other race has. Many of my white friends have resented the attitudes of some blacks, the blacks who feel they are “entitled” and who are given preferential treatment in jobs and advancement. The racial pot is reaching a boiling point and if blacks continue to protest and riot they may get more than they bargained for. Some whites may form a KKK type organization and go after some of these “entitled” blacks. “Affirmative Action” has bred some very serious resentment that may come to bite the black community in the butt. No Joke.

        3. Jane says

          Whites dont have 224 white teens murdered by whites in gangland shootings in 5 months in chicago! Neither do hispanics, niether do chinese, neither do any other race.

          1. Yadja says

            Why would that be? Could it be that there is a Culture of violence bred by what I mentioned above in the Black population? Your people are killing one another much more often than any Whites kill your teens. And if your Black teens are afraid of the cops it is because they are into things that are against the law.

            No pity here,

          2. Richard Pieczarka says

            Someone earlier mentioned that blacks in their rap music have a disrespect and contempt for women, police and authority. Maybe that’s why so many black men are being killed. They refuse to be arrested and the police have no choice but to use force. If someone continues to resist and threatens the police in a life and death struggle then the police have no choice but to “shoot to kill”. The issue is not one of race. The issue is the values of the black community.

          3. Yadja says

            I mentioned it. A culture of violence. Indeed.

          4. Richard Pieczarka says

            Stay out of Chicago.

          5. KP says

            How do you know? How many Hispanics were killed in Kommiefornia? By other Latino gang members? It happens… Gangs are a problem. Why is something not being done BY the black community there to stop some of these gangs? I say Black community because we have SEEN what happens when we bring in White cops to deal with it. Almost seems like the black community doesnt WANT white people to help. I’m at a loss….what do we do about that problem in Chicago? Do we treat them as terrorists? Do they not terrorize an entire community?

      2. michaelcain says

        It is a shame that a few attacks by the people of color red brown or black. have been in the news in a fashion that depicts all of those people , not just the few that are directly responsible . now the same group has called al polkice as being racially motivated to kill or harm yet this group when apprehended put up a fight and do inflict damage They must then all be on some kind of drugs .No one in the white sector has forced those blacks and chicanos to take drugs that they have to steal , and kill to get .clean up your house then ask to talk

        1. KP says

          The media fuels race baiting. If it isnt racially negative, they wont report it. We need to wake up people and stop pointing fingers. Stop playing their little race games. Stop calling people racist because they do not agree with everything you say. Stop being a player of the race game! We ALL know there is good and bad in every race because we are all human! Get over this BS already! Cops profile. It sucks but they do it. They look for a stereotype. So stop being a stereotype! Stop presenting yourself as a Thug or gang member! Speak plainly and truthfully. Be polite even when you dont want to be for as long as you can and calmly gather evidence. There is a way to deal with ignorance and a way to make matters worse! No matter WHAT skin color you have. Racism exists. In every culture. Not just whites. LOL. Stop. Playing. Their. Games!

          1. Richard Pieczarka says

            Amen. I agree.

      3. Wayne Buchholz says

        Gary, I agree with most of what you have to say, but not all of it. Is there racial profiling, Yes! But when you look at why, it comes back to the black community. They want to have this perception of being a badass or gangster. I know a lot of blacks and the ones that I know don’t act that way. They are people just like me, that wants the same things that I want for my family. My black friends all have jobs and work hard for they have, but they are being hurt by the many more that don’t. Profiling is wrong on all levels, but it is also apart of our survival mechanism and how do you turn that off without becoming a victim yourself? I am not talking about cops, they have a job to do and profiling should not be a part of that. If they are going to stop someone regardless of race, they should have a valid reason. My Son-in law is a black man and my grandson is not his child but is biracial, he adopted my grandson as his own and raised into a young man I am proud to have in our family. There were time I had my doubt’s. My Son-in law was raised in Cleveland and his Mother and Father raised right and told him he would have to work for what he wants and he did! All the time that he was working in a factory he was going to school to better himself. He comes over to my home and I have never been attacked. But Obama & Sharpton are responsible as they never talk about the Black on Black crimes, and I am not going to bring up the Black on White crime. Where were they went all these Black children across this country that have been Killed or murdered by a Black person, where was the out cry and marches? Instead they are race baiters they only come out when a White person kills or murders a Black person. This is not helping anything, they should be working to help bring, not part of the Black community out of poverty and the ghettos but all of them. It’s hard to believe but we will always have killings and murders, I wish that wasn’t a fact but it is! But lets not make it Black or White unless the facts take us they, pointing the finger and stirring the pot before all the fact are in is just plain race baiting and Obama, Sharpton and lets not forget Jackson are the worst.

        1. Richard Pieczarka says

          I agree with what you have said. It all comes down to values and perception by other people. If you create a perception that you are a “punk” in your music that is the way the world will see you. Unfortunately, we are judged by others usually by what we do and what we say. I agree there are “race baiters” and leaders like Obama, Sharpton and others ought to be ashamed of themselves.

      4. 13gatorgrowl says

        No one Black or White person is responsible for the race issues in this Country Today! However people in a Money & POWER position have NO decency when they USE race to further an AGENDA!

    3. pmbalele says

      Yadja, please read what I have just posted. The real enemies of Blacks are FoxNews people and Rush Limbaugh. These feed you with bigotry and hatred against Blacks. Your brains cannot see nothing but hate of Blacks. I am really sorry for you.

      1. Yadja says

        Stop eating the nonsense and take some responsibility for the actions of the Blacks today after all they have been given. If the tables were turned with your Black attitudes you would have killed Whites long ago.

        1. pmbalele says

          Are you going to vote for Dr. Carson who is not wanted by GOP or TP?

          1. Yadja says

            The Republican party has great respect for Dr. Carson as do I and anyone who hears him speak the truth for all of us no matter the color. I am an Independent and I will have to vote for the Republican candidate because I can not be guilty of splitting the vote.

            I don’t like the Republicans, Democrats or Progressives. I really want them banished and new parties, Independent and Libertarian. I want all of Washington cleaned up and out. I want term limits on Congress and I want the Constitution followed and I want a good look at the Executive Branch because after what we have gone through with O we need real chains put on that Executive Order hand.

            I want America back to America. I want our Federal Immigration Laws followed, I want illegals deported but I have to go one step at a time and as long as we are a two party system I have to go with the one that most comes close to what I want.

            I think Dr. Carson is one of the most intelligent and greatest men I have seen in a very long time. I hold him up there with Netanyahu.

          2. pmbalele says

            Yadja, You did not tell me if you are going to vote for Dr. Carson. Futher if you deport illegals who will work. You and your husband don’t work- you are on government entitlements. Go to Janesville Wis – most people there are fat, lazy and alcoholics. That is why business owners are hiring illegals.

          3. Yadja says

            Excuse me I don’t believe I know you personally my husband works and has since he was 15. I earned my relaxation time and never took a penny from the government. I have 401k’s along with investments took care of my needs knowing it was my responsibility to do so.

            You are the one who is on government handouts and have not earned anything for yourself other than your SS and never took responsibility for your coming of age and therefore you attempt to demean others so you feel better about yourself.

            You have a problem comprehending the written word I gave you your answer.

            The economy is still not up to snuff, millions upon millions are still out of work, these illegals are uneducated and have no money of their own they are going to take jobs from those in menial positions, which is you and your family, and they will bring nothing but more unemployment for Blacks. As if they care because they are sucking off the eternal Milk Cow known as government.

          4. pmbalele says

            Yadja, I am surprised your husband let you talk to a Black male -that is me. Usually males are protective about their wives talking to other males. I hope your marriage is not in trouble caused by TPs and Repub males. They always hund for new girls.

          5. Yadja says

            LOLOL what planet do you live on? I don’t wear a burka and I wasn’t bought and I am American born and raised and enjoy all the Freedoms. That includes being trusted to have enough sense to talk with anyone I want without fear.

            I am not a girl, I am an accomplished woman fully grown and no fear of anyone “hunding” me LOLOL.

            Sometimes you are so outrageously insipid that I don’t know what to make of you. Your dangerous to the stability of our country.

          6. pmbalele says

            I believe you have read the exposition by dondehoff who told you the truth. Avoid these TPs and Repubs. They are brain-washing you. You’re being belligerent in your household because these TPs and Repubs are teaching you to disobey your husband.

      2. oldeagle145 says

        When I read drivel like yours I have to laugh. The real enemies of blacks are not FOX news, dittoheads or conservatives in General, the real enemy of blacks is liberal policies that have entitled, de-incentivised, and destroyed the black family unit. The lefts denial and blindness of what the great society has done to black families is their greatest enemy, along with guilty whites who are too afraid too call out what liberalism has done to blacks.

    4. michaelcain says

      That is their only claim to fame !!!

      1. Yadja says

        I really am getting tired of this. There is no excuse after all these years of freedom in this country they have known, having the same public schools to go to as our children, having all the grants and help to go to college then when they get there everything modified to make sure they get a degree. You would not even believe that minorities even get favored in medical school and breaks on their tests etc. And they know it, flaunt it and will tell you why you work so hard for those grades I am going to be an RN same as you and I am a C student, yeh and a C with help!!!!

        When they get out trust me you don’t want these nurses caring for you. I am just tired of it. In my neighborhood in Orange Park Florida the NAACP raised He!! and insisted that our neighborhood have Section 8 housing in it, they lived in the houses we did but paid nothing much for them, it was irritating we were working to pay a large mortgage to live there near good schools and good neighbors next thing we know we got gangs of Black youth wandering up and down the streets, drugs, lawns not cared for, pawn shops opening up down the strip where grocery stores etc once were, more than a few people living in each home and the corker, the reason I moved out, we started having break ins and even murders. When O won the first election the Blacks put O signs all over their yards and years later they still have them up and dare anyone to take them down, actually challenge walker bys to tear them out.

        I left. I live in a small community outside Ocala Florida, loves the military, now the police here are known for busting heads and the county jail is the 3rd worst in the country but these people love the Almighty and their country and most of the country can’t stand the name O. So I don’t deal with all that anymore. The Blacks in certain areas of the country will not raise He!! and I am sick of the illegals posting on this site. Rubbing our noses in the fact that since O is importing so many of them this country will be minus Whites by 2025.

        I am sick of all of them.

        1. Jane says

          Im mixed white races from canada. I did not receive any free grants when I went to college I had to get loans that took years to pay off. My family is here 400 years!

          1. Yadja says

            Well goody for you too bad your a minority within a minority. My family from Europe goes back to the Czars so what is your point?

          2. Jane says

            We are the first settlers here its our nation.

          3. Yadja says

            Really then if that is your thoughts chew on this even your people came from somewhere to where they are now.

            A Nation belongs to the conquerors and that is just a fact of history. The country of America belongs to all those who settled it, worked for it, built it, brought about it’s prosperity etc. America is a smelting pot and so is all of the world now.

            Lots of luck kid.

          4. Jane says

            Why is it okay that jews have their own sacred homeland, but when the first north american settlers speak up people start arguing with them. Acadians were the very first white settlers in north america (they settled in nova scotia) and they lived and worked with the macmaqs nation in the fur, timber and salted fish trades which became global in the 16 century. The word Canada comes from Acadia. Canada used to be called ACADIA.

          5. Yadja says

            Israel’s past is thousands of years old and they are being attacked constantly and denied that they exist. That would be the difference.

            I can’t get my families castle in Latvia back nor can anyone else, well a few have since the records are now open. We are not kept in the limelight, we are not being attacked constantly just for existing, nobody anywhere can go back to the beginning and claim what was lost in fair wars. The Jews built everything in the Holy Lands. There were no Muslims during Biblical Times because Muhammad was not born yet. They truly are the only ones who have claim to all the icons, tombs, Temple Mt. etc.

            I can not get my grandmother’s jewels back taken by the Japanese when they invaded the Philippines and invaded and raided all the homes on Manila Bay, some Japanese somewhere has a family member who has my jewels our jade Shi Shi dogs and all. Not only that some priests have our money, gold bars etc that grandfather left with them in the mountains to bury in the graveyard.

            Life is not fair. Hey my real father Apache/Irish I have a stake in America as well.

          6. Richard Pieczarka says

            The jews were rounded up like cattle and systematically put to death. No country wanted them. Maybe that’s why they have their own country. If your people were rounded up and slaughtered, (six million or more) then you would have that right to make a claim. Your people were assimilated just as people in England during Roman times.

          7. Jane says

            The irish were rounded up too and given poisoned potatoes- half of ireland was wiped out. The acadians were also rounded up and slaughtered or drowned off the east coast of canada-it was called the acadian deporation.

          8. Richard Pieczarka says

            Life is not always fair.

          9. Richard Pieczarka says

            Actually that claim has been disputed. All peoples including natives came from somewhere else. So you see, no one can really claim to be a “native”. Just cause you are born here does not automatically make you a “native” person.

          10. KP says

            Define “Our” and “We”. Even the “Natives” were immigrants. LOL

    5. Uzoozy says

      You definately are a racist. I for a moment thought Whiteys were smart, though they also have dumb people.

      1. Yadja says

        And how could someone as stupid as you have shown yourself to be able to deduce that someone else is smart or dumb?

        You are the “Stupid” they speak of that is O’s base. LOLOLOL One wonders when they listen to Dr. Ben Carson how it is that the rest of you remain Neanderthals.

    6. al.k says

      My suggestion for the black issue, give all blacks who don’t like America, a free one way ticket to Africa, india, New guinea, or anywhere else that will accept them.

      1. Yadja says

        America is insisting on running the Nation of Israel and because she is small she listens but she does not obey. Perhaps the world that is watching all these riots and all these ISIS threats and the invasion of our country by millions upon millions of Hispanics might suggest America divide itself into two portions. Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims one half and the rest of us the other. That would certainly solve our problem.

        When you see the International news we are right up there with the top stories and the world is watching O stirring the pot.

  5. Monte R Stamper says

    Man is like a sheep, they will follow the slaughterer to the slaughter house, and that is no more apparent in America than it is in the Black community. Ferguson is one more example of the problem. They have proven once again that facts mean nothing as they are being told by the race baiter’s amongst them, and they are numerous. Their mantra of the day is don’t confuse me with the facts.

    1. Rick Rogers says

      Your not actually saying that was a valid grand jury are you? Have you looked at some of the evidence that was released. You have shell casings and blood stains about fifty yards apart. It just does not line up with. His story

      1. Richard Pieczarka says

        I don’t understand why folks are ignoring the core issues. A man was breaking the law by walking down the center of a city street. He refused to use the sidewalk. His description matched the description of a robbery suspect. The officer tried to arrest him. He not only resisted arrest but he also tried to take away the officer’s gun. Witness statements to the grand jury have Michael Brown with clenched fists charging at the officer. The officer had no choice but to shoot to kill. It would not have made one bit of difference if the man was black or white. I don’t understand why folks refuse to accept those facts. The Grand Jury did.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Richard since when Did walking in the Street become a Capital Punishment offense because he was given the Death Penalty for it. There were so many Logic holes in Wilson’s Testimony ( and yes I have read the Transcripts) that you could drive a the Ferguson police Dept’s M1A1 Tank thru them. The Purpose of the Grand Jury is for the District Attorney to present evidence that he believes will get an indictment. He is not suppose to act as the accuses person attorney and from the Transcripts that’s exactly what he did. He had a Huge Conflict of Interest in this case and because of it its may well end up in front of a Federal Grand Jury. But.. The Facts DON”T line up with the testimony. OF course the other disturbing fact is that two of the Witnesses against Officer Wilson have turned up Murdered n the last 3 weeks.

          1. Richard Pieczarka says

            Rick Robers: He was not shot because he was walking in the center of a city street. He assaulted the police officer and tried to take the officer’s gun. When the officer tried to arrest him he charged the officer. The officer had no other choice but to shoot him.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            The only word we have that he went for Wilson’s gun is WILSON. Here is one thing I have not seen mention.. If he grabbed for his gun seems like there would fingerprints on the Gun or holster from Michael Brown. So Richard tell me how this fact fits in with his Testimony.. There are Shell casings and Blood 50 yards from Wilson’s SUV. Wilson said everything happen within 30 feet of the SUV.. and there were casings around the SUV as well. HIS accounts don’t add up with the Facts. The District attorney Never challenged him during the Grand jury on any of his statements. He acted like he was WIlson’s Lawyer. Also you have the fact that the DA is the president of a group that was Raising money for WIlson. Wilson has a Video out on the internet where he is seen Threating people that are taking video of him while he is on duty. Now add in the fact that the two Witnesses what Testified against Wilson have both turned up Dead one of them shot and his body burned? I will bet you money there will be a federal Grand jury sometime in the not two distant Future.

          3. Richard Pieczarka says

            Where do you get some of your facts? You have become judge and jury and you have executed the police officer. Were you part of the Grand Jury? Members of the Grand Jury had the opportunity to question the police officer. Did you question the police officer? Remember, the Grand Jury is not a trial. It is assembled to determine if there is enough evidence to prosecute. Would you feel better if the crowd had gotten a rope and hung the police officer? There are judgements passed down by the courts that I strongly disagree with.

          4. Rick Rogers says

            No Richard but I can read transcripts just as easily as the next guy. This Grand Jury was a sham. IT would be the first time in history I have ever heard of A DA going out of his way to Defend the person he is trying to get in indictment against. You see in our system that’s the DA’s Job. He tries to show there is enough evidence to Grand Jury to for an indictment. He does not work on the said as a leader of a group that takes up collections for The person he is trying to indict. This guy show have Recused himself right at the start and brought in an outside DA. he was clearly in conflict of interest position.

          5. Richard Pieczarka says

            What specifically did the DA say that led you to the conclusion that he was defending the police officer? What about other members of the Grand Jury? Unlike a trial there is no judge present at a Grand Jury. It’s just the DA and the members of the jury. Certainly you cannot say that no member of the Grand Jury did not share your concerns; can you? Each member of the Grand Jury has the right to ask any question they want of any witness and to recall any witnesses and to examine any evidence. And unlike the jury of a court trial, they do not have to reach a decision “beyond a reasonable doubt”. The standard to prosecute is much lower than with the conviction required at a jury trial. This is why I am having difficulty understanding your arguments.
            Also, in the case of law enforcement, when a police officer places someone under arrest the law gives them a lot of leeway unlike with you or me. They can use force if the arrestee refuses to be taken into custody. If the arrestee threatens either them or a member of the public the law gives police officers the authority to shoot to kill. You or I do not have that authority. These are not opinions. This is the law. The Grand Jury had to make a decision based on the law as well as the facts discovered during the investigation. It may seem like a sham but the Grand Jury has to follow the law. I don’t think you understand that. Sometimes juries and courts make decisions that we do not agree with.

          6. Richard Pieczarka says

            I don’t agree with your statement that: “The only word we have that he went for Wilson’s gun is Wilson.” Witnesses testified that Brown had his arms through the window of the cruiser. Also, witnesses testified that Brown exhibited aggressive behavior toward the officer (he charged the officer) before the officer used his gun to shoot Brown. Keep in mind when an officer tries to take someone into custody and they not only resist but threaten the police officer or any member of the public the officer has the duty to protect himself and the public. The police officer is not shooting this man for sport. There was a justifiable threat and that was supported by witnesses who testified at the Grand Jury.

          7. Richard Pieczarka says

            Are you saying there is a conspiracy to cover up the truth? If so Eric Holder will investigate and expose this possibility.

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Richard Yes there are just to many irregularities about the way this Grand Jury was run and who was running it. There is also the questions about the Murdered Witnesses. Was it Chance or did someone not want them Testifying if a Federal Grand Jury is impaneled. Not say it is a conspiracy but to many strange things left hanging. Most people would just have liked the truth not the hearsay that the Police Chief thru out there at the start of all this.

          9. Richard Pieczarka says

            How did you determine the police chief “thru out” hearsay? Would not members of the Grand Jury question him on it? No jury or trial is perfect.
            What other irregularities of this Grand Jury concern you? I did not hear anything about “Murdered Witnesses” from the media. Why did not the media report that fact? What contributions do you feel the Murdered Witnesses would have made?

          10. Rick Rogers says

            You ask a lot of questions which is good but would suggest most of your answers can be found in the Transcripts of the Grand Jury that were released. The one of the biggest errors was the Statement to the Grand Jury by the DA that an officer is allowed to use Deadly Force on a suspect that if Fleeing.. That law was over turned years ago. Giving that information to the Grand Jury left them with the option that the officer was following the rule of law when he shoot someone trying to flee.

          11. Richard Pieczarka says

            I don’t have a copy or access to the Transcripts of the Grand Jury. If you choose not to answer my questions that is your privilege. But you make claims and when I ask the basis for each claim you tell me to read the transcript. It makes me think the claims you make might not be based on fact but rather on opinion. Eric Holder is conducting a “civil rights” investigation.

          12. Rick Rogers says

            I answer these post on the 30 mintues or so I have for a lunch hour. My job requires me to be on the internet and on the phone so I am sorry I don’t have time to go into every detail with you. Thought you would prefer reading it yourself instead of just taking my word for what it said.

          13. Richard Pieczarka says

            Brown was not shot and killed because he simply walked in the center of the street. He was shot because he threaten a police officer who was trying to take him into custody. If Brown had cooperated and followed what the police officer asked him to do then Brown would still be alive. Brown threw away his life cheaply. That’s the tragedy.

      2. Richard Pieczarka says

        A valid Grand Jury? I’m not saying it was or was not. The prosecutor and the state are saying that.

      3. Richard Pieczarka says

        The shell casings and blood stains I am sure were considered by the Grand Jury and they gave it whatever weight they felt it deserved. We may not agree with it but that is a decision for the Grand Jury.

  6. Joseph says

    OJ was acquitted for murder of 2 whites, MB was killed after criminal act: there’s an irony in there somewhere.

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      Some people call it breaking the law.

  7. Cynic says

    People of all colors need to understand that a person offering them a handout isn’t necessarily a friend. Politicians who offer handouts know that the money doesn’t come directly from them — it comes from the taxpayer. It is easy to be generous with someone else’s money, especially if the person making the handout knows that every false gesture of generosity on his part will mean re-election to office, and a continuation of his own power, perks, hefty salary and outlandish pension.

    To make matters worse, the person giving the handout looks down his nose at the people accepting the handouts. He knows that he is smarter than they, better than they, and that they are nothing more to him than pets and children — to be lied to, exploited, and misled.

    1. Mark says

      Then, there are the willing victims.

      1. Cynic says

        Agreed. Some people will capitalize on a society in which government plays Santa Claus with someone else’s money. Some people think they are entitled to anything “free,” provided they don’t have to work up a sweat getting it.

        1. Mark says

          Some people’s kids…

        2. Jane says

          In canada some foreign single moms have 5 kids with 3 different dad, gets a free home, free medical, 5000 a month clear, baby bonuses etc-they dont need to work! Having lots of kids makes them tons of money! But no father to be found!

          1. Richard Pieczarka says

            It’s called “affirmative action” and it’s the law to give disadvantaged people and “opportunity” to be “equal”.

          2. Jane says

            So the ‘law’ is to put beautiful white girls who grew up middle class on welfare!

          3. Richard Pieczarka says

            What? I don’t understand what you are saying.

          4. Jane says

            If whites are no longer hired- they end up on welfare. Educated or not.

          5. Richard Pieczarka says

            Not unless they go into business for themselves. It takes hard work and persistence but it can be done. I did it.

          6. Richard Pieczarka says

            Jane, that should not be the intention of the law. If that’s what is happening then these “beautiful white girls” need to make that fact known to their representatives and their representatives need to correct the law.

        3. Richard Pieczarka says


    2. Gary Dingle says

      The truth could help in this Discussion. You do value the truth don’t you? You should take of the average time people spend on welfare. Also these numbers include the elderly and the physically disabled including veterans of multiple wars.

      Welfare Statistics

      Total number of Americans on welfare 12,800,000

      Total number of Americans on food stamps 46,700,000

      Total number of Americans on unemployment insurance 5,600,000

      Percent of the US population on welfare 4.1 %

      Total government spending on welfare annually (not including food stamps or unemployment)

      $131.9 billion

      Welfare Demographics

      Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %

      Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %

      Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %

      Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %

      Percent of recipients who are Other 3.3 %

      Welfare Statistics

      Total amount of money you can make monthly and still receive Welfare $1000

      Total Number of U.S. States where Welfare pays more than an $8 per hour job 39

      Number of U.S. States where Welfare pays more than a $12 per hour job 6

      Number of U.S. States where Welfare pays more than the average salary of a U.S. Teacher 8

      Average Time on AFCD (Aid to Families with Dependent Children)

      Time on AFDC

      Percent of Recipients

      Less than 7 months 19%
      7 to 12 months 15.2%
      1 to 2 years 19.3%
      2 to 5 years 26.9%
      Over 5 years 19.6%

      Top 10 Hourly Wage Equivalent Welfare States in U.S.

      Hourly Wage Equivalent
      Washington, D.C.
      New York
      New Jersey
      Rhode Island

      1. Cynic says

        “You do value the truth don’t you?”

        These are very interesting statistics. They have nothing to do with my comment. Your point is……?

      2. Richard Pieczarka says

        Oh, I do value the truth. Before welfare and social security, people either worked or they starved to death. Those are the facts.

    3. Richard Pieczarka says

      Hey, dude, who cares where it comes from? It’s free money and we deserve it.

  8. Lizard says

    Wonder if big O and Holder our proud of them self’s for stirring S—– ??

  9. Sharon Aldrich says

    Did you hit the nail on the head!!

  10. Beverly Wilson says

    This article is a bogas message..this person must not be African American if they were they would know that the number one enemy for African-Americans in this country is the big corporations. They institute employment policies that systemitically ignore and cut out African American people. A study was done some years ago by Yale I believe where 20 convicts with records (white) and recent college grads (black) were sent on the job interviews (for the sme companies and positions) and more whites with criminal records were hired than black grads with degrees. What does that tell you…..African Americans are not even given the benefit of the doubt they are simply redlined not only with hiring but fianancially, residentially, and when it come to justice from the courts. Now that corporations are building their bank accounts and buying back their own stock the disparity is worse. They take the handout because there is no hand up……

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      Perhaps it tells you that blacks need to commit crimes and have criminal records in order to get a job at a corporation. Have they succeeded?

      1. Beverly Wilson says

        Funny…love your sarcastic reasoning…..

        1. Richard Pieczarka says

          It punches holes in their reasoning.

          1. Richard Pieczarka says

            Before I retired, the place where I worked had an “Affirmative Action Program” which meant if you were a female or black it didn’t matter how you did on your promotional exam or your job experience. You automatically qualified for promotion and were promoted. It made for a lot of resentment from males and non-blacks.

          2. Richard Pieczarka says

            I believe it was East Haven Fire Department, a rookie black man was promoted over a dozen more experienced/qualified men. They sued. It went to the Supreme Court and they won one of the first reverse discrimination law suits in the nation. That meant the city had to pay all these men who were passed over back pay and benefits.

          3. Beverly Wilson says

            Not really just shows how unjust, biased, and polarized our society really is…that a so called reputable business owner would rather hire a convicted felon who has proven himself over and over again to be untrustworthy of one color or non-color however you choose…over an highly educated young person of color with no criminal record, has proven himself to be fundamentally moral by doing what it takes to suceed by getting a quality education, and has not proven in any way to be untrustworthy……by committing crimes it only adds to the mentality that they do not care about the dictates of polite civil societies……but when the person of color does comply with the rules of society that still is not enough to get a fair shake……

          4. Richard Pieczarka says

            Two of my responses were not posted. The posts were blocked! Not everyone is fair including the fine folks who monitor this web site. Ever hear of reverse discrimination? I experienced it first hand. I’m a college grad and took a number of promotional exams for the state only to have a high school female or black male promoted in order to meet an “affirmative action quota”. I was told that by our HR.

          5. Richard Pieczarka says

            By the way, I’m a white male.

          6. Beverly Wilson says

            Really..well that was illegal for them to do in the first place and the HR person telling you that should loose their job….and by tellling you that it questions their integrity because affirmative action has been banned for years across the board…..and since this has happened to you ..you should not want this to happen to anyone else regardless of their color…..to be fair it’s not only done because of the color of your skin it’s being done because of gender…women have been getting the short end of that stick for decades…..

          7. Richard Pieczarka says

            Beverly, I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you are saying.

          8. Jane says

            Its getting bad in canada for that too Now its white females they are targeting like myself!

    2. dondehoff says

      Beverly, I would like to see the documentation for your “job hunting” survey. Do you know this to be factual or just “hearsay” that you are passing on? I am 82 years young and have seen many such alleged studies as that which you report. I can not imagine Yale conducting such a survey—a black college with due cause, but not Yale. I tried researching this issue with Google but perhaps I did not ask the right questions. .

  11. Rick Rogers says

    Okay your premises are all screwed up. First thing the Democrats you were talking about being dragged kicking and screaming about the Civil Rights Act well most of them quit the Democratic Party joined the Republican Party or they died out. Second thing you guys need to stop comparing Pres. Obama to Hitler you’re offending the Nazis in your party and they’re threatening to quit the tea party

  12. ferebetv says

    It was the Rothschild cesspool that forcibly removed black Africans from their families and transported them to the Americas on Rothschild owned ships and sold them to the highest bidders. These Rothschild killers and their agents hate dark skinned people.

  13. marilyn says

    al sharpton need to be shipped to alaska,his type of mentality fuels the fire of small minded people looking to burn and destroy america,liar tax dodger harlem bureaucrat who blacks thinks is god as long as he gives the something free.good blacks know better than follow this turd

    1. jlp5871 says


      1. Richard Pieczarka says

        Maybe they will freeze solid and the problems here will be solved. (just kidding)

  14. jlp5871 says

    It is time! LOCK AND LOAD

  15. Ken Trefaller says

    Cameras for police is like putting a band aid on the wrong arm. The real answer is,(and it will take Presidential leadership,) plead with parents to teach their children repect for authority. Brown and Martin would be alive today if their parents had done the right thing in raising them.

    1. Dug FmJamul says

      You said ‘parents’, over 70% of Black Households are headed by Women. It takes two loving parents to raise a child correctly.

      1. Ken Trefaller says

        A good Mom can work miracles.

        1. Dug FmJamul says

          It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.

          1. Richard Pieczarka says

            Unfortunately, this is true. I agree.

    2. Gary Dingle says

      So Zimmerman who has been arrested and restrained for violent acts since killing Trayvonn Martin is the same as the police? Are you condoning vigilantism? So let me follow your logic. If any kid is killed in the streets it’s the kids parents fault. Are you talking all kids like the kids who died in Newtown or are you just talking about Black kids? Are you talking about all of the kids that died in the 88 school shootings since Newtown or are you just talking about the 12 year old Black kid playing with a pellet gun on a playground, killed by police in an open carry state. If you are suggesting that only Black parents are the blame for their kids deaths at the hands of racist people, racist groups and some times racist professional law enforcement who we pay our taxes dollars to protect, then you are absolutely right. We need to change the system. We need to get the racism out of law enforcement. We need presidential leadership to get rid of racism because racism is not a Black problem. It is a USA problem.

      1. Dug FmJamul says

        Anyone could have been broken if they had to endure the torment Zimmerman had to take after the Trayyonn debacle. Don’t judge Ken so hard, just because he sides with Officer Wilson and Zimmerman doesn’t mean he supports Police misconduct towards anyone especially Blacks.

      2. Richard Pieczarka says

        Trayvonn Martin killing was tragic. If Martin had been polite and not fought with Zimmerman he would still be alive and that’s a simple fact. Race or parents have nothing to do with it. I was a legal yeoman in the Navy and a lot of young kids both black and white thought they could do whatever they wanted without any consequences. Unfortunately, we have not taught our children well enough that their words and actions do have consequences. And that is a fact.

    3. Richard Pieczarka says

      True. But the cameras will help in those “grey” areas.

  16. Dug FmJamul says

    The truth is a huge majority of the Black Community feel a sense of entitlement and refuse to accept the hard facts about their dysfunctions that lead to police actions against them like profiling.
    The real question is when will the Black Community ever get its act together and become responsible law abiding citizens instead of being victims from the “War On Poverty”?

    1. Ron Ramos says

      Does anyone watch Cops, or watch the nightly news? If the profile fits you have to wear it!

      1. Dug FmJamul says

        The Black Community at large are in denial about their dysfunctional behavior that leads to Police profiling them, instead they just want US to look the other way when not only Blacks are victims of this dysfunction but all of US.

    2. Richard Pieczarka says

      But its easier to be a victim and claim discrimination. Then you get special treatment. It’s that simple.

  17. tinkerunique says

    That is why 0’bummer and Sharptongue have been busy promoting the riots and race-baiting. Enough rioting and demonstrations, and 0’bummer can/will declare martial law. Then DHS, and the Dept. of Agriculture can “enforce” 0’bummer’s laws with the machine guns ordered earlier ( in .40 caliber).

    1. Dug FmJamul says

      Welcome to the tyranny of democracy.

  18. kjcottonwood says

    The welfare state has not only effected black america, but every american that lives and breathe’s in this country…

    1. Arizona Don says

      Yes even those not on welfare. They are the ones who pay the bill.

  19. Arizona Don says

    Actually they do not have to be black to fall into the progressive trap. Give away programs trap white, black and brown. Just ask the red man. The government forced them into such a program. In a sense he did the black man as well just not with the same kind of force. Johnson, the man who was dead set against equal rights began to see it was possible to destroy them, so to speak, with what looked like kindness, it was not kindness but it did give the appearance of such. His war on poverty has been a complete failure if the name is taken literally, but the reason for which LBJ passed it it is a total success and obama has made it even worse (more successful). It is creating volunteer slaves. They, the volunteers, cannot see it they are so blinded by their love of obama and their hatred of work. They have completely fallen for his lies and propaganda.

    These people regardless of color or ethnic group who fall into the free bandwagon trap lose both their independence and personal pride. No one has ever done more then barely survive on welfare. Certainly never gotten rich. In time even the ignorant begin to see they are on a dead end road. And hope is out of sight for them. But they have trapped themselves.

    This is not an excuse however, with the above in mind do we see why they riot and loot when something appears wrong (to them) and they are prodded by the masters for them to do exactly that? Riot and loot. Only an ignorant fool would burn down the buildings they depend on. There in lies the proof they are all ignorant, and dependent! Slaves in other words.

  20. Debra says


  21. Tom Leist says

    Yes, it’s Obama, Holder, and people like them who keep stirring the pot of racism. They totally enjoy having the country split. It’s a shame that the black population can’t see through this smoke screen

  22. Holland180 says

    It all starts with family values. You can’t just have men sleep around with every opportunity they can get and make babies and then their race tries to legitimize the behavior by creating a title that seemingly makes everything ok and calls it “baby Momma and baby daddy” Somehow they need to be made to understand family values, respect for right and wrong and understand that it is a disgrace to have children without first being married. That acceptance needs to be followed by stressing the need for education and knowledge but to anticipate hard work ethics to reach desired goals that can lead to financial safety and eliminate welfare, food stamps etc. Once you follow family value as a basis in normal society the inegative issues will start to be reduced and society becomes a better place. However, as long as you have leaders like Obama who embraces same sex marriage, abortion, devision of the races and preaches that somehow success and wealth is a bad thing we will never get back on tract and the only light must be to return to conservative government leadership,

  23. Ervin Schrader says

    The race problems will continual until the next Civil war ends.

  24. ONLYJB1 says

    I do feel so sorry for the majority of the black community! They were so easily inducted, indoctrinated and coerced into this ponzi scheme that is known as welfare! The politicians have made it so easy to sustain on this handout! Why would anyone of these individuals desire to break this cycle? The day is coming and you can mark my word on this, the day is coming, that the government will be forced to tell these handout victims that there will be no more free checks! The government will be broke! We will never be able to defund or repeal over 5000 government departments and/or agencies! They will end up doing this on their own. Unfortunately, at this time all Americans will be affected!

  25. 4b4mac says

    Google ‘quotes from Lyndon Johnson’. Find what he had to say about his attitude about – and plans for – black citizens. Yup, a democrat. Continue learning. Investigate others. Understand that party politics is nothing more than an extension of the agenda of forces actually running our country…….namely the big banks and the Fed – and their partners, the corporate consortium. They OWN the prostitutes we elect. In most cases, candidates are o pre selected by party machinery (RNC/DNC). Ever heard of voting election to election for the lesser of two evils? What were our choices in 2012 all about? For many years I have posited that the MAIN cause of problems for ALL of us is under and un-employment. The assault began during the tNixon (R) administration as Rickey and his corporate manager Kissinger dragged us to lick the feet of millions murder Mao Tse Dong – to begin the transfer of millions of YOUR jobs to China. All the while, “trade” agreements with countries and regions around the world were sending even more millions of YOUR jobs out-of-country. Even now the betrayal CONTINUES APACE. Does it strike you that the stock market is so fat because profits from exploited foreign labor and “sweet” trade treatiies are sending profits to corps, big banking and Wall Street while YOU are jobless and suckered with “subsidies”?? To reiterate: The “agenda” is supported by BOTH parties because they are paid for it! The quip that “We have the best government that money can buy” is no joke. All the blather in the news about “conditions” is a side show. Rioting, civil rights screaming and such are enacted by those who are either basely ignorant and stupid – or working the agenda for “free” entitlements – or for personal profit – or for the enrichment of the banking/corporate consortium. And to top it all off the traitorous SOB’s are giving free passage to millions from the south to take another big chunk from what’s left of employment AND supporting them with more of WHAT’S LEFT OF YOUR MONEY!! And do not mistake this fact: BOTH parties are IN on the RAPE! The only difference is that each attacks from a different strategy. In effect, we are under flank attack on BOTH flanks. The only way out of such attack is through the middle (or) a third direction. Interpreted, that means our best way forward is to create an

  26. Dug FmJamul says

    In the first six months of 2013 there were 184 murders in Chicago for a murder rate of 18.5 per 100,000 residents but not the deadliest city in America. According to FBI data Chicago was 21st, better than in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Baltimore, St. Louis, New Orleans, Detroit and all run by Democrat Mayors. In Vermont where someone can just walk in and buy a gun the murder rate is 1 per 77.6 thousand residents the difference being a culture of crime driven by young urban black youths.

  27. adrianvance says

    Just look at abortion and the “War on Poverty” if you want good examples of what the Democrats have done to the “black” people.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  28. Vernon Cunningham says

    One reason I left the democratic party was the lessons taught by reagan. I began to realize that the people of this country could not, and should never rely on government to provide anything to the people. The role of government is to listen to the people and work to make life better through sane laws, and few laws. I have lived alongside black and hispanic families most of my life. And I have seen the blacks become more dependant anddissatisfied. At one time the black mother would encourage the children, and the fathers worked to support their famiy. Now the father is often missing and the mother is high,or commiting illegal acts. The children hve no chnce , or little opportunity to rise above this culture. Leets hope the next generation wll strive to rse above the examples they live with.

  29. USPatriotOne says

    Their power is derived from making sure a certain groups of Americans feel endlessly victimized. If that goes away, so do they…..HE NAILED IT..!!! It’s also much bigger than that…it’s about Gun confiscation (U.N. Small Arm Treaty goes into effect on Dec. 24th..they are coming for our Guns) and the final and complete enslavement and TYRANNY over “We the People”…!!!

    1. Fedup says

      I read the UN Small Arms Treaty and I can’t find anything about confiscation or registration of guns. Can you tell me which Article that is in?

      1. Richard Pieczarka says

        Fedup: Not to worry. If it’s not in there they will include it in the near future. The reason gun control worked in Germany after WWI is because it was done a little bit at a time over many years just like it’s being done in this country today. Soon only law enforcement and the military will be permitted to have any type of gun. It’s important to understand history. Remember, gun control is not about “guns”. It’s about “control”.

        1. Fedup says

          We just need to abolish the UN. It’s not like they are really good for anything.

          1. Richard Pieczarka says

            Well, actually, I suppose it could be argued that they are good for something. It gives our government an excuse to collect more taxes from us. So you see it is good for something.

          2. Fedup says

            Ha! Too funny! They are so citizen unfriendly. Kinda like Obama…

          3. Richard Pieczarka says

            Fedup: In my previous statement you are correct. It was meant to be a sarcasm.

    2. Richard Pieczarka says

      It worked for Adolf Hitler. Maybe Obama and his crew want a turn.

  30. MarcJ says

    There are
    ongoing riots and shop looting by Blacks in that Missouri town organized by
    “Reverend” Sharpton protesting “the murder of ‘an innocent black teenager” and
    another Obama’s “potential son” Michael Brown by “a racist white” policeman.
    More such riots and shop looting are happening now in the wake of the Grand
    Jury findings.

    Brown’s rap sheet from 2013 on “Casenet” (see Internet). Note that he also has
    a seemingly considerable juvenile criminal record that is unfortunately sealed.

    Description: Burglary –
    1st Degree {Felony B RSMo: 569.160 Code: 1401000 OCN: AJ006207 Arresting
    Agency: ST ANN PD

    Description: Armed
    Criminal Action {Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015} Code: 3101000 OCN:
    AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    Description: Assault 1st
    Degree – Serious Physical Injury {Felony A RSMo: 565.050} Code: 1301100;
    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    Description: Armed
    Criminal Action {Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015} Code: 3101000 OCN:
    AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    This rap
    sheet does not yet include the latest attack on the police officer while
    resisting arrest and trying to take away the policeman’s gun, and the preceding
    store robbery. The policeman in question ended up in the hospital with a broken
    eye socket. Now let somebody explain to me – how come that established habitual
    violent criminal and a “potential Obama’s son” was not in jail? Or is this a
    different 6’-6” 240-pound drugged-up “gentle giant” Michael Brown?

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      MarcJ, don’t you know if you’re “black” all those “rap sheets” don’t count? He’s black and all black men were singled out because they were black. He didn’t do noth’n. Ask any black with a record and they’ll tell you. I didn’t do noth’n. They don’t consider breaking the law the same way you and I consider breaking the law. That’s the problem and not race.

  31. blackhawk132 says

    Wise up blacks . Your following the devils . Those that rule you have more ; Much more , than any of those who live in squalor . You are supporting satan and paying for it. Search for another great man like MLK and racism will cease to be .

  32. WhiteFalcon says

    so called democrat party is nothing more than the communist or Nazi or Fascist
    parties. They are all the same when you think about it. They are all big all
    powerful and all intrusive government run by a small elite group and it is total
    tyranny for the average person. The opposite would be
    anarchy. Therefore anarchy would be the extreme right and the others I mentioned are extreme left of the political spectrum

  33. WhiteFalcon says

    To many of the blacks today are low intellect individuals. I’ll bet that in the long run we will see the Hispanics pass up the blacks in our society and they will make something of themselves while the blacks just stand around looking for more handouts. To many of them are shiftless and lazy and therefore worthless. If they would get up off their stupid butts and work at something honorable, they could make something of themselves, but most will not.

    1. KP says

      Why would they when the food is free? And medical/dental is free..cell phones..free. Roof over their heads…free. There IS no incentive to go make things better because those motivators hace been taken from them! Come on! MY education was not free. There were no scholorships or free grants because of color of my skin! There is no excuse. The handouts are there. It is a sad sad thing that there is so much help out there and it is not being used the way it should be. As a hand up not a hand out. But the blame lies with “whitey”? I think not.

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        I didn’t say a thing about it being the fault of “whitey” and I don’t understand why you said that. It is totally the fault of “blackey” because he/she is the one that dropped out of school rather than learn anything and it is he/she that is just sitting around sucking up welfare and making no attempt to help himself. No, it isn’t “whitey’s” fault, it is totally “blackey’s” fault, and he will never improve himself until he he improves himself.

        1. Fedup says

          I think what he was trying to say was that the blacks blame the whites for the position they are in. They don’t take responsibility for their own actions and have to blame someone else.

          1. WhiteFalcon says

            You may be right. It just seemed to me at the time that he was saying that was what I was saying, and it ain’t.

          2. Fedup says

            After reading the comments again, I can see where it would seem that way. I think he was adding to yours. Both of you made very good points. The handouts need to be stopped and the hand UP needs to be enforced.

          3. WhiteFalcon says

            That is a very good point.

  34. badger says

    It has taken a lifetime fore the Jews to realize that supporting the Democrat Party was the wrong thing to do. The Democrats will take their money,and their votes and them throw them under the buss. It has taken them a long time to realize that their true friends are the Republicans and Christians.
    It is the same way with Black folks. The Democrats will take their money and support and keep them down and dependent on the Democratic Party. The black American citizens are slowly coming to terms that under this administration, They are not any better off, but have fallen back 50 years and are being divided between have have and have-mot’s Under this administration. there is more mistrust of the Federal Government and more hatred.

  35. rchguns says

    The Democratic Party is not the party of the people as far as a black community is involved. The Democratic Party is the worst enemy that American blacks of ever faced. The Democrats of make sure that the black community continues to be unstable and to a great extent Extremely Stupid and Uninformed.

    You need only look to the leaders that supposedly represent American blacks to see exactly what is happening. Most notables men like Al Sharpton, Charlie Wrangle, Jesse Jackson, And the Entire Black Caucus. It’s like they read from a script continuously saying the same things tenuously doing nothing to solve the problems.

    You listen to these men when they going to the black community and they tell the people I’m one of you, I feel your pain and understand your difficulties, and because I understand your pain I’m the only person who can help you survive.

    Now let’s look at the truth!

    Take one look at Jesse Jackson, he’s told the people that he understands it feels their pain. When’s the last time that he missed a meal? When’s the last time he was concerned about his children going to school and wondering if they’ll make it home alive? When’s the last time that he was afraid to go outside of his home for fear for his life?

    To me it looks like Jesse Jackson could afford to miss a few meals every year he just gets fatter and fatter.

    Let’s look at another notable, Charlie Wrangle when’s the last time he’s had to worry about staying warm in the winter, or whether or not the rats will attack the children at night? When’s the last time he worried about his children getting a good education? When’s the last time that he was terrified that someone was going to break into his home or attack him on the street?

    These are just minor examples. With the black community needs are real leaders who understand what the real problems are and are willing to do something about it.

    One of the most notable and most critical Is Poverty and young Americans of African heritage who cannot find a decent job. The solution is not to just pour money into the community and make it more dependent On the New Masters that’s what they been doing since the 60s and look how well it’s worked. To get a decent job you have to have a decent education. Young blacks need to be motivated to actually go to school and become educated so that their eligibles for good jobs! A lot of the motivation for an education needs to come from a family and in two days black community true families are in very short supply.

    The new Masters living in the big house are totally terrified by the possibility of the black community actually becoming educated and intelligent. They are literally scared to death that families will emerge that actually believe in bettering themselves than feeding at the slop trough that their masters put out for them.

    These black elitists, like the leaders of the NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, and unfortunately even the entertainment industry are totally dependent upon the ignorance of Americans of African heritage. They Live in Their Mansions, Are Surrounded by Security, Never Worry about Food on the Table, Never Worry about Their Children’s Education, And Right around in Their Chauffeur Driven Limousines. They do absolutely nothing for the black community to make it better, safer in fact they do everything they can to maintain the illiteracy rate, the crime rate, and the poverty.

    There’s only one solution that they all agree upon and that’s Genocide. They publicly support in fact publicly stated is one of the best things that ever happened to the black community. And that’s the murder of approximately 425,000 American blacks per year. You find that hard to believe? These new Masters are the biggest proponents of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood publicly stated that they perform approximately 500,000 procedures per year a.k.a. abortions. In the very next breath they state that approximately 85% of all of these abortions a.k.a. murders are performed on young American women who just happen to be black.

    When Planned Parenthood was put together and planned it was done so by the Democrats and the stated goal of Planned Parenthood was to limit the population of Negroes in America. If you don’t believe it look it up. These are the same Democrats that demand total loyalty from the black community.

    I apologize for the length of this but the information needs to get out there from not only myself but everyone. I don’t believe in African-Americans, I don’t believe in Mexican-Americans, I don’t believe in European – Americans. I believe in Americans and if you are not an American first and foremost personally I think you can go to hell. I do believe in Americans of African heritage, Americans of Mexican heritage, and they even believe in Americans of European heritage. Because they’re all Americans first their heritage is a good thing but it cannot be the total motivating factor in their lives. If you have black- Americans to they’re not really Americans their black they don’t want to be Americans so why should that be here. They come from a culture that is unique and worth preserving just like every other American. Stop and consider if you have an African-American and a European-American a.k.a. white the possibility of racism is very high. But if you have an American of African heritage and an American of European heritage the racism would be kind of stupid because you have to Americans that should stand as one.

  36. pmbalele says

    Black America’s Real Enemies are TPs, Repubs and their mouth piece such as FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh. I have found that FoxNews actually adores racism and bigotry. That is why I wonder how Blacks working at FoxNews can stand Bill O’rielly when they know he is a bigot and racist and FoxNews CEOs love that. Bill O’rielly dormant hatred about Blacks which will one day exploded as he did with Benghazi. Bill O’rielly is a stupid and white male. Bill O’rielly believes that Blacks are not eligible to lead and be in any political position in this country. I watched Bill O’rielly show yesterday-I was saddened by his revelation. As part of his show Bill O compared polls of different GOP wannabes as who would beat Hillary and therefore win the Presidency if election were held yesterday. So he started mentioning names of GOP likely candidates one after another. Here is the list: Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie and Santorum. It seemed Mitt Romney would beat Hillary if elections were held yesterday. Do you know who he missed to mention in his poll? Dr. Ben Carson. This is despite Carson has been ranking 3rd among GOP wannabe in the straw polls. What does that tell you American people? It tells you there are still stupid old racists in this country who still think Blacks are inferior to them and that they should not be elected as Presidents. Bill O’rielly is one of them. Bill deliberately and without shame omitted Dr. Carson because of his race–black. In fact I have watched Bill O’rielly treat Dr. Carson as trash. At one time Bill belittled Dr. Carson as an individual who has never held a management position. And that reminded me how Bill and his friend Sean Hannity had labeled President Obama–Moslem, community organizer, foreigner, never held a job etc. Bill and Sean are real enemies of Blacks in this country. They have harbored hatred against Blacks. I cannot understand how Blacks working for FoxNews can put up with Bill O’rielly bs.

    1. KP says

      So they are racist for stating facts. Oh i see. Is that how that works? LOL. Im sure race is the ONLY possible reason. Not the fact that Carson is anti second amendment. 😉

      1. Fedup says

        Doesn’t it amaze you that people like that admit to watching FOX on a regular basis then turn around and call you names and trash FOX News? Sounds a little hypocritical to me. They assume that one man’s opinion is the entire Republican/Tea Party’s opinion. They never stop to think that the KKK members were Democrats. Sweep it under the rug to make it not true, right?

  37. Russell George says

    Jesus didn’t say, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

  38. norma says

    Hatred and hand-outs are not the answer. I moved here from another state and leased an apartment 30 miles north of Memphis. From the very first night I was harassed by a 30 year old black female, that I found out later had never held a job in her life. She enjoyed the company of white men, especially if they were from the State of Mississippi. She loved rap music (if u can call it music) and the latter white man was into heavy metal rock bands. Their life consisted of staying up all night, smoking weed (and heaven knows what else was included) while listening to these bands and then would sleep all day. She shopped at wal-mart on the 1st of every month and her vehicle trunk was always loaded with groceries. She was extremely violent with her actions against her small child that she received custody of twice monthly. Although, these apartments were not cheap, it always amazed me at the amount of trash that precipitated daily on these premises by the majority of black residents who seem to feel was the right thing to do. The apt. I rented faced the woods and I had two beautiful flower beds. She would empty my bird feeders, destroyed my flowers, turn over different flower bed ornaments and etc. Her latter boyfriend tried to enter my apt. twice while I was inside. This is when I bought a gun, something I normally would not do. But due to their actions I was forced into it. One Saturday afternoon all h— broke loose and she came toward me, here I am frail and seventy years old with osteoporosis that was noticeable, but I was prepared to take her a– down. I turned to her and said, I’m not scared of u b—-. (Language I would not normally use) All she could do was back way and proceeded to call me a m.f.b—-, a cracker and numerous other names I have never heard before. She never used a trash can liner, her boyfriends would empty their trash into the large containers, never using liners. In the three years I was there, I never heard her using a vacuum cleaner or any evidences of a mop. She was later arrested for food stamp fraud and is now serving time. I was never prejudice, but after this horrific episode I try not to judge all by the actions of one and keep my distances. But sometimes the action of one can be riveting and a unimaginable cost to the entire human race. If the cost could be used as a way for improvement so be it, but some people never change from the life-style they live in simply because they don’t wont to.

  39. HadEnough says

    I Agree With You Yadja and Mark !!

  40. Beverly Wilson says

    Sorry folks I indicated the wrong school that did the study…it was Princeton…and here is a snip of thier findings…the Princeton study shows is that blacks who have never stepped foot inside a prison face not only unequal competition from whites without rap sheets and comparable competition from similarly situated blacks, but they can also be squeezed out of the job market by whites exiting penitentiaries. A level playing field it is not……Hope this will help in your search dandehoff….again sorry for naming the wrong school which did the study…….

  41. Peter B. Duran says

    The Obama Administration had done an excellent job in dividing America as usually happens when the race card is played by the highest figures of an Administration.

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      Unfortunately, this is true. People with good intentions have to work harder to overcome this problem. Like Martin Luther King said: “We shall overcome”.

  42. trueblueam@yahoo.com says

    Reply to dondehoff: I was raised in the South in the ’50’s and early ’60’s and I went to school with blacks under “Freedom of Choice”. There were no problems. I worked with them at the tobacco barn and in the fields….no problems. Some of them were my friends. My dad owned a country grocery store where he gave credit to blacks and whites alike. In his store, there were 2 bathrooms (one female, one male). In our home and in our life in general, there were NO prejudice comments or jokes. It is not Biblical to joke about people so we were not raised to do that. Blacks came into our home from time to time. They ate at our dinner table with us. I did know 1 family that was open about their prejudice. Our close friends were like us, however. When I graduated from college and moved with my husband (officer at Wright Patterson AFB)to Ohio, I got my first teaching job at Fairborn (high school) where there were NO black students; I was shocked. In 1976 when the Dayton city officials named a commissioner to establish integration regulations, my students (all of them) said they would quit before they would go to school with blacks. (They used a different word…) Before I left Ohio to return to the South (husband got out of the military after 6 years) during that summer, that commissioner was murdered. The prejudice was not so much in the South as it obviously was in the North. I’m really sick of Northerners who blame the prejudice problems in the US on Southerners. They simply don’t know what they are talking about. The blame falls on all those who practice prejudice then and now and it is NOT a region thing; it is a person thing!

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      In the Navy and in my workplace (before I retired) everyone seemed to get along well. Granted there are a few who are “biased” but unfortunately you will find that anywhere. You have to work hard in spite of any bias and make something of yourself. These government programs that give one group of people “special advantages” creates resentment among those who are not treated equally. I am speaking about programs such as “affirmative action” where blacks and women are promoted and passed over better qualified white men. It creates some very serious resentment and like the gentleman said in a previous post it will create a serious backlash. Some white people are getting fed up. I just hope the back lash is not “violent”.

  43. Sheldon Lawrence says

    there will be a backlash by patriotic americans.

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      Unfortunately, that is true. I only hope it is not a “violent” backlash.

  44. Libya21 says

    Teach everyone a work ethic. All these handouts have come since I was a child. People used to pull together and give each other jobs. The communities pulled together. Then came LBJ, affirmative action, upward mobility, quotas, set aside promotions for minorities in the military and government. It created another kind of discrimination. It promoted unqualified people to leadership. Fewer schools and universities taught technical skills needed; more switched to fed subsidized BS majors that did not qualify them for jobs with plenty of taxpayer $$$. And student loans overwhelmed new grads who can not find jobs. Hi Mom and Dad. I’m home. Like the country, I’m in debt, maybe bankrupt! Lets blame the race baiters, leftist politicians, leftist professors, and all those punk and rock stars and their crap!

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      Good points. It all boils down to “values” and “attitudes” and a true “equality” and not one that is fabricated by the government to reverse hundreds of years of discrimination.

  45. Mike J. Hrivnak says

    It’s not about the facts, it’s about “feelings”. It’s easier to hear that anything wrong in your life or any of your failings is due to racism. Dems are so good at that message.

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      And the black community buys this hook, line and sinker, unfortunately.

  46. informus219 says

    The race baiters are Whites. The race haters are whites. Not the Liberals or Repubs. Stop using these lame excuses for the bigotry in this country.

    1. Jane says

      Liberals hate everyone and only really care about themselves and their jobs for live!

    2. Richard Pieczarka says

      I’m not so sure I agree with your view. All of us, black, white, asian etc., etc, are in the same boat in this country. “Equality” means you have the same advantages and disadvantages as everyone else. “Equality” like with “affirmative action programs” in universities and in the job market does not mean having a “leg up” on someone. Do you understand my point?
      When I was in the Navy we had one black man on board who wrote his congressmen and complained about racial discrimination. We had other blacks who never complained and who got along well with a mostly white crew of men. Now this one complainer was always getting into trouble and one day the Captain, at “Captain’s Mast” told this man that not only are whites prejudiced against blacks but there are blacks who are also prejudiced against whites. I was the legal yeoman at that Captain’s Mast. This happened when Martin Luther King was still alive.

      1. informus219 says

        You cannot change the heart. I don’t care how many programs are out there to level the playing field. Racism is alive and well.

        1. Richard Pieczarka says

          In the Navy, during a disciplinary hearing “Captain’s Mast” as the legal yeoman, I heard our skipper say to a black shipmate that not only are whites prejudiced but blacks are also prejudiced. I was rather taken aback. This was during the heyday of Martin Luther King when all the rioting was going on in the cities. BTW, the Captain was white.

    3. Raul says

      The race baiters are white? Ignorance is the problem,you are the perfect example of that.

  47. informus219 says

    Do me a favor stop talking about Black people you have no clue what you are talking about. Your predudices allow you to look down on the black race. Talk about something you know about yourselves.

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      Isn’t that what we have been doing?

  48. ABBAsFernando says

    It was Democratic Southerners who OWNED Black Slaves, the very ones who created Jim Crow laws that seperated Blacks and Whites for decades, the ones preventing Black citizens from holding political office. The List goes on and on.

    VILE LIBERAL SCUM knew how to control Black slaves in the South. Today using what they learned then they continue to control low information blacks today. Slaves then and SLAVES today.

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      Well, it’s time the opposition speaks out and gets their words in the news media. So far the news medias seem to favor only the “black” perspective. It’s “politically correct”.

      1. ABBAsFernando says

        The goals of Communist Party USA tell the truth behind this contemptible behavior.


        42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are
        legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and
        special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united
        force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.

        Obama and friends are VILE LIBERAL SCUM and radical communists.

        1. Richard Pieczarka says

          Obama et al is certainly creating that impression. I am very disappointed in him.

          1. ABBAsFernando says

            I know my ENEMY when I encounter one. I am extremely loyal to America as founded. Obama and friends are the ENEMY of America and everything it stands for.

          2. Richard Pieczarka says

            Boy she said it. We have to beware of these conservative types like our soldiers in uniform. Is this lady nuts? Maybe she’s smoking the wrong stuff if you catch my drift. …..against all enemies, both foreign and domestic….does give one some pause.

          3. ABBAsFernando says

            Proves who our domestic enemies really are.

  49. Ronald E. Rowley says

    This is misleading as, at that time (the 1960s), Southern States were Democratic. The transformation from the democratic party to the republican party occurred later.

  50. Ronald E. Rowley says

    BTW, one should remember that tribalism breeds tribalism. The misbehavior of blacks, including Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and others, will foster a backlash. The biggest problem for racial relations is the occupant of the Whitehouse who, while occupying the seat of political power not only in the United States, but also in the world, had the choice of making the intelligent choice, as determined by biological science (DNA) that all humankind, at one time or another, were black and, thus paving over the racial divide, of electing to be a racist. He chose the latter.

  51. Roy J Rowley says

    Democrats have successfully positioned themselves as the saviors of Black America – See more at: https://www.fixthisnation.com/conservative-breaking-news/exposing-black-americas-real-enemies/#sthash.rH5s3t8V.dpuf,

    Ok ,What is this going t do for me,I think somebody needs to wake up, I am not a Black America but I am an American,I don’t live in government houseing I have my own home, so why or the democrats looking or thinking they have to be the savior for the black people,they need to think about being the saviors for all of
    Americans not just the black people,The black people or not they only ones that live in this conutry,i think Democrats fills if they kiss the black people’s butt they will get there vote and so doing and for getting about the tax payer is whats best for them.
    I would like to add this, as long as the Democrats keep doing this, There I hate black people or I hate white people or people from other countrys will not stop they or the ones that will feed race hate it need to stop,
    The Tax payer need to be the one they need to think about. not what color you or.

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      The politician is only concerned about getting re-elected and if supporting the “illegals” gets him or her re-elected they they will support it. It’s that simple. So, if you are a liberal and especially a radical liberal (Democrats don’t have a Tea Party at least not officially) then you get favorable press coverage. Your name in the paper supporting popular “politically correct” goals and you get elected. The money for re-election just flows in.

  52. Roy J Rowley says

    One more time,
    When I was growing up somebody said to me that there was two kind of black people,One was a black man,one that will work for what he want’s, the other one was a n_gger that want’s everything for free
    ,The only thing about that is you will have a white n_gger that want to do the same thing or people from other countrys,they come here looking for hand out and get all they can for free.

    1. Jane says

      Same in canada buts its alot worse here. They bring their elderly parents and after 1 year they are entitled to 1800 per person per month for Old Age Supplement (its for canadians too but they had to work 30 years to get it). These people never worked in canada and most live rent-free in their kids homes. Also eveyone gets FREE MEDICAL which costs us taxpayers 400,000 per person per year. Presently we have 3 million more healthcare cards than people in this province-its people who are foreign getting free medical but living in their nations!!!

      1. Richard Pieczarka says

        The laws in each country have to change. The legal folks can’t continue to carry the burden and rapidly increasing expenses of supporting the illegals. It’s that simple. But the politicians see future votes and are reluctant to act.

    2. Richard Pieczarka says

      The State of Connecticut has one of the best welfare programs in the nation and we have the illegals from Mexico and other southern American countries to prove it. I have nothing against people who enter this country legally or even illegals who are not on welfare but those who enter illegally and go on welfare generation after generation I do have a problem with. If they pay their taxes like the rest of us, no problem. Many don’t. And many illegals get free medical care without having to pay any insurance. That’s not fair.

  53. FloridaJim says

    Since The Great society programs of another Progressive democrat Lyndon Baines Johnson blacks have been in a downward spiral ever since. Removing the father from the home so single women could collect ADC forever destroyed the black families. Democrats are trying to destroy White and Mexican families as well.
    Lousy schools, lousy neighborhoods, lousy neighbors and al lousy attitudes permeate the black society where 70% of the children are born without a father in the home. For success in America you must graduate high school, you must not have a child out of wedlock and you must work hard every day and be a nice person. These are simple but provable measures of a good life in America. Living off the government, following some fraud race-baiter and voting Democratic are sure signs of a failed life.

  54. NativeAmericanMan says

    Blacks have two main enemies– the democrat party and themselves. A lot of the problems they are having , they have no one else to blame but themselves. Until the black attitude and culture changes… they are going to go no where…. they are becoming the most racist group of people in our country.

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      Unfortunately that is true. But they don’t see it that way and that is the whole problem.

    2. Isa says

      sad but true.

  55. Ken Trefaller says

    Cameras for police is like putting a band aid on the wrong arm. The real answer is,(and it will take Presidential leadership,) plead with parents to teach their children repect for authority. Brown and Martin would be alive today if their parents had done the right thing in raising them.

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      Amen. Now if only the “black” community would see the same thing.

  56. brabbie2002 says

    It is because the more you give them, the more they want! But they do NOT want to work for it! That is the mentality of welfare. Usury isn’t a strong enough term for the likes of what has happened to the black community. But greed, human weakness and immorality sum it up quite well. Welfare recipients are taught they do not have to live like the rest of us if they just keep voting in the demonrats. No working, toiling or acting like responsible adults. Just vote “us” in and we will support you, but only as long as you do not get a job, get married before having children, and for our sakes, do not vote for republicans! Funny how the welfare crowd so totally support the same demonrat party that started the KKK, were avowed slave owners and continually ruin black families! Yep. GREED must be the main underlying cause of the decline of the black welfare crowd!

    1. Richard Pieczarka says

      Food for thought.

  57. Florio Vino says


  58. daveveselenak says

    I beg to differ, it is the Communist Party USA that is their enemy as well as all of “US”!

  59. marilyn says


  60. Roy Smart says

    When the black comunities finally find out that odummer, when he granted a parden for 5 million illegals, and give all of the monies, money free of taxes, money for hard working Americans, then they will rise up against odummer and the DEMOCRAPS!!!!

  61. adrianvance says

    Their biggest enemy is the Democrat Party. When will they see it?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  62. adrianvance says

    Obvious as it may be to us. They will never get it….

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and good one liners.

  63. Kenyan Mocker says

    Eric Garner died so the greedy progressive politicians could keep their stranglehold on their tax and spend policies.

  64. edward says

    Racists like Odama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, Pelosi, Reid and others will lead the blacks down the primrose path with welfare farther down the “rathole” of poverty. The ONLy method to save this race of beggers is stop welfare 100% cold. Odama claims millions of jobs created, yet millions m,ore Americans are now unemployed…..????? Force the unemployed to get jobs and support themselves….shut down welfare, unemployment payments………………………

  65. edward says

    Voting for president in 2016…………………hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I WILLO EVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT OR RINO……………joe average citizen off the street would probably be a better choice………….SO FAR I AM STUCK WITH WHOM EVER WINS THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY…….EVEN THEN IT WILL BE A TOSS UP……………………SO MUCH FOR BELIEVING IN AMERICAN POLITICIANS……TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY….B.S.!

  66. WhiteFalcon says

    The thing is that poor blacks are so low information or low intellect or brainwashed that they will never live long enough to wise up.

  67. b glad says

    Aside from the Democrat Party, Black Americans are their own worst enemy: aborting their babies at a record pace, killing their own on the streets, burning and looting minority business in their own neighborhoods, putting themselves in harms way by disrespecting the authorities.

  68. badger says

    With the Democrats wanting open borders and wanting illegals to flow into this country, why is nobody willing or wanting to address the real issue. Many sleeper cell terrorist have also come into our country. O, Holder and others in the white house know this. Many have infiltrated our government and have just recently inflamed rioting in Ferguson, New York, Chicago, Boston and many other large cities. It is easy to see that these riots were well organized. Look at the professional protest signs that came out within 24 hour of the rioting. Sleeper cells have set their alarm clock and it is now going off and they are waking up. America must also wake up.

  69. badger says

    Obama Has make it almost impossible for other blacks to become President for a long time to come. He has divided this country and have set this country’s civil rights back 50 – 75 years. The Republicans have a tough job ahead of them to get us back on track.

  70. rmwayne says

    The Democrat Party is the worst enemy we white people have. They steal from us through illegal and immoral taxation and use that money to buy the support of their black and Mexican base. No white person in his right mind should be voting for these thieves.

  71. FloridaJim says

    Blacks biggest problems are other blacks, democrats, professor’s like Gruber , the pathetic Black Caucus and race-baiters who have become rich while strangling the blacks who listen to them. Black conservatives do very,very well in America, all immigrants do well in America after one generation why don’t black democrats do well because they have fallen for the democratic Great Society scam which removed fathers from the home, opened the door to family destruction and gave 50 years of single-mothers no hope other than begging the race-baiters. If they want to join America dump the democrats at once.

  72. phyllisjmurphy says

    Repugnant Obama/Holder, now the gruesome twosome feeling all powerful as that weak chin bimbo from the Clinton Administration was sadly kept on by dumb Georgie Porgie Bush and results are exploding on society. Race baiters, i.e. Jesse Jackaslson, Al Sharkton, and other freaks milking their people of money to live like kings while denigrating and blaming white society…well, if white society goes down, the baboons will take over and Ferguson just a sampling of raving psychopathic welfare slugs taking over the cities!

  73. adrianvance says

    “Black America’s” real enemy is the black culture of victimhood. Get off your butts like the rest of us. We do not care about the color of your skin. We care about what you can do.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and great one liners.

  74. edward says

    Lower forms of humans strike out against the higher forms……………..WHEN, IF EVERY the blacks climb to the level of higher humans there will no longer be racism……………….of course, race baiters like Odama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson will be replaced by future race baiters….so chances are slim for advancement of the black race

  75. Randal Davis says

    i have to correct some of you here. when you say Negroes, blacks that is raciest.
    the correct term for them now, is Afro American`s. Yes i am trail park white trash in some people`s eye`s. But still you can not say blacks or Negroes. you have to put them in class ratings just like we whites are in lass ratings along with Afro American`s.

    See i rate them and US in a class not by color.

    1 – trash class or thugs – meaning those that deal drugs rap and murder
    2 – low class trying to better them self`s but keep getting beat down by there own kind for not fitting into the thug calss
    3 – middle class those that have walked away from class`s one and two, and have started to make a change from INSIDE them self`s, and have not let the class one and two stand in the way off the goals in life.
    4 – middle upper class, those that have made the change room the class`s that they have been thru class one two and three, and have better them self`s from there learns in the other class`s
    5 – upper class , those that have done the work to get thru class`s, one, two three and four. and have made a CHANGE in life and they way they think and act, and do not play the race card, but see how things are from there stand point and not from the stand point of everyone before them.
    6 – RICH class — those that want to keep all the other class`s down this is the class rating that Obama, Sharpton and many other fit in, they want EVERYTHING and nothing for everyone, these are the ones that keep slavery and raciest alive. by calling out everytime a Afro American dies on the streets by a white man, and says nothing when a white man dies by a black mans hands.

    i think you kinda and maybe get the ideal here, if not sorry to confuse you. but try placing them in a class and not by color or words . and do not go by color alone, meaning DO not leave the whites out of the class rating you come up with. in 6 rich class, i used those names only because those are the one`s RIGHT NOW, that are crying over color and not by Americans

  76. lorenvpf says

    Some of you are not going to like this article and some of you will. Personally, i would rather see training programs, loans for business that the government provides consultants for start up businesses, job creation similar to the CCC and WPA, revision of social assistance so people can become independent of the government, plus an avenue for those who live int projects to own their own domicile.. Let me be clear, I am not talking race, I am talking the poor, under privileged, under trained, etc.

  77. The redhawk says

    well The enemies of Black Americans in Order:
    1) Holder
    2) Obama
    3) Sharpton
    4) Jack A sson
    5) De Blasio
    6) Ferrakahn
    7) the 3 alphabet Networks .. feel free to add..
    None have actually done ANYTHING to HELP …But have dome MUCH damage NOT to HELP . Jobs Cration..Education Improvement.. family Unit…Gang related Murders..( B on B) …etvc petc etc ….The OWN the Plantations..

  78. gin says

    black wants to destroy black! then they bring in the race card that it’s all because of the white

  79. Sarah Schmit says

    The media continues to push racism in America instead of trying to bring people together. They cherry pick those crimes that will bring harmony and highlight crimes against blacks while ignoring the same crimes against whites. We have white demonizing liberals and black race baiters that are tearing America down.

  80. Wapitiman says

    There is no such place as ‘black America’!

  81. fred says

    The shame of all of this racial stuff is being generated by the black leaders who realize they will become irrelevant if we get along! I believe without these black leaders spreading hatred among their small percentage of people, they are making matters much worse for their own people, those they claim to be helping! How did Jessie Jackson’s son help his people by stealing from them? Now he’s finally in jail, where the Potus from kenya should be also! Let’s get along and prosper together, we don’t need a criminal in the WH spreading hate among us citizens! He’s a total fraud and divider, never was a uniter!

  82. RONALD WIEDER says

    They will remain at the Racial Bottom as long as they think that “Acting White” is doing well in school, and having children out of wedlock, killing other blacks, stealing, doing drugs, and acting anti-social most of the time ! Watch as Orientals and Hispanics gain more and more success – and knowledge ! .

  83. Alexander Seredin says

    America has no greater enemy than USURY, and th4e banking elite

  84. cvxxx says

    All the parties take the blame. The lack of steady jobs that one can build on hit us all. Congress voted to export manufacturing jobs overseas. Both GOP and Dem. Congress has voted to strip main street of it’s income and reward those who destroyed the US based companies.

  85. Johnny G. says

    The mind set has been in place for decades, if not centuries. What we fear the most is what we do not understand. If our fore fathers had NOT brought the African culture to our shores, where would the AM be today? Given the problems of Africa today, I wonder.

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