Facebook Scrambling to Fight Charges of Liberal Bias


On Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will meet with prominent conservatives in an attempt to move past last week’s bombshell accusations.

It began with a feature story at Gizmodo. Former Facebook employees came forward anonymously to pull the curtain back on the site’s trending news section. While Facebook led users to believe the section was driven by a neutral algorithm that pushed popular stories to the top, these curators said the truth wasn’t quite so democratic. They regularly pruned conservative stories from the list, injected articles that weren’t actually trending, and replaced sources like The Blaze and Newsmax with more palatable sources like the New York Times.

Zuckerberg has publicly denied the accusations.

Among the conservatives expected to meet with Zuckerberg are radio host Glenn Beck, CNN conservative commentator SE Cupp, Fox News hosts Dana Perino and Zac Moffatt, and Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute.

“I’m going in with an open mind and an eagerness to learn more,” Cupp said. “Conservatives and Silicon Valley actually come down on the same side of many issues and share some common concerns. I’m sure we’ll find plenty to talk about, and I’m honored to have been included.”

Beck also spoke out about the upcoming meeting, telling users on Facebook that he was hoping for the best.

“While they are a private business and I support their right to run it any way they desire without government interference,” Beck wrote, “it would be wonderful if a tool like Facebook INDEPENDENTLY CHOSE to hold up freedom of speech and freedom of association as a corporate principle.”

If Zuckerberg does choose to use the site that way, “independently” will be the only way he will do it. With a site valued at nearly $400 billion and a news section relied upon by 41% of American adults, he has the power going into this meeting. How worried can he really be? Even a cursory look at his history and the history of his website shows an obvious leftward tilt. If users didn’t flee the site when Facebook agreed to censor anti-refugee comments in Germany, will they really leave because CPAC stories were trimmed from the news section?

So why hold the meeting at all? Well, it’s interesting. Most of the conservatives scheduled to attend the meeting are hostile to Republican nominee Donald Trump. Most of them would love to see “immigration reform.” And we know that Zuckerberg is a huge proponent of open borders. Perhaps he’s hoping to work with these conservatives to push that agenda.

Truthfully, conservatives shouldn’t be trying to “fix” Facebook’s news section. We shouldn’t even be angry about it. It’s very rare that the liberal media gets called out by the liberal media. The point going forward should be to get Americans to realize that everything they read – even an aggregator that pulls from many different sources – comes with political bias. “You aren’t getting the whole truth” is a much more powerful (and much more honest) message than, “Everything’s fine; you can trust Facebook from now on.”

Liberal bias is no threat to conservatism when it’s exposed; only when it remains invisible can it do damage. Don’t help Zuckerberg sweep the truth back under the rug.

  1. David Witenstein says

    Because of Facebook’s BS I have cancelled my account of 6 years. F U Zuckerberg. My account has been removed since 5/12. I hope others follow suit.

    1. AKLady says

      How childish.

      1. MikeS says

        Witenstein or Zuckerberg? Because, Witenstein is justified and Zuckerbeg is not.

        1. hangem'high says

          I noticed their both Jewish,
          I guess the real question would be, do they both hold dual citizenship?

      2. Maven of Common Sense says

        No, he just faced reality. Have you?

      3. Matt Foley says

        Of you

      4. David Witenstein says

        Since that appears to be your standard response to anything I’ll give you mine. Shut your piehole. And until you can make an intelligent statement don’t bother me again.

      5. Maven of Common Sense says

        Sweetheart. Seems lime you bring out the best I people, lol.

    2. Maven of Common Sense says

      Does this news really come as a surprise?

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      2. Jimmy Quick says

        Only total idiots use Facebook. Suck-it-burg has been a government operative for years.

        Check his FBI file if you can get a clearance. All you need to do is use a retired LEO number and it can’t be traced.

        If Suck-head didn’t agree to the terms, just like the top members of anonymous, he would have been on his way to prison.

      3. Tiger says

        No news surprises me anymore. I stopped that long ago. Too many news outlets, sites on the net and other areas of so-called news are tied hand and foot to O and his plans for this country.

        For a president to mandate to all public schools concerning toilet use should have been the icing on the cake for all in this country.

        We are living under Nazi tactics and millions of us recognize it.

      4. David Witenstein says

        No it doesn’t. But I didn’t want to say goodbye to my 167 friends I grew up with most of whom I’ve known for over 50 years. This just pushed me over the line.

        1. Maven of Common Sense says

          I accepted this year’s ago. I still use it to keep in touch with friends all over the country. I certainly ignore their liberal ads, Facebook is for MY convenience. If it didn’t suit MY needs and wishes, I certainly would be gone.

          1. David Witenstein says

            When my friends started to forget they were all friends. Meaning we all grew up together, and politics shouldn’t interfere with our combined relationships. It no longer suited my needs. So it was either frustration or boredom. I chose boredom as FB was a hobby. I only regret I made the decision before I spent the money on a new laptop. Lol

      5. jimmy midnight says

        Apparently, “Failure to slavishly re-re-re-regurgitate all reactionary memes, all the time,” is the definition of left-wing bias in spaces like these.

    3. Jimmy Quick says


    4. Tiger says

      Only went on facebook for a one time thing then decided didn’t like any of it. Not on any Social network.

      1. David Witenstein says

        Dropped Twitter too. Ignorance is irreparable.

        1. Tiger says

          Also very dangerous exposure. Too many can hack and find your identity.

  2. Americans Wake Up says

    I don’t use it because of his use of profits to fund the LGBT agenda and abortion.

  3. sox83cubs84 says

    Zuckerberg is just another lying and biased Socialist liberal. He knows exactly what is going on, and may well have given the order himself.

    1. AKLady says

      He is a very rich man.
      That makes him right wing.

      1. sox83cubs84 says

        As usual, you are wrong. Warren Buffett is not a right winger. Neither are George Soros, Michael Moore, George Clooney, Hillary Clinton, Mark Cuban, Sean Penn, or Lebron James, all of whom are very rich and all of whom are leftist to varying degrees. I won’t deny that there are plenty of wealthy right wingers, as well, but you look like a fool suggesting that only the right has rich people.

        1. AKLady says

          Only one of the people you listed is very rich — George Soros.
          The majority of the 1% are very rich.

          Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Travis Kalanick, David Koch, Charles Koch, Sheldon Anderson, Christy Walton, Jim Walton …

          1. sox83cubs84 says

            Wow, you look more and more foolish every time you post. You claim that the only name I mentioned that is “very rich” is George Soros, and then, listing more very rich people (some of whom, like the Koch brothers, are Republicans), you mention Warren Buffett…who I already cited in my first response. Also, Bill Gates is a left-winger, as well. Plus, what do you consider “very rich”? Michael Moore, for example, is worth roughly $50M…that’s a 1% resident. Lebron James earns well over 10 million bucks a year and has for several years…THAT’S not “very rich”? Or, as is the case with so many liberals like yourself, do you only consider someone worth $40M or so “very rich” if they’re on the right, and all the multi-millionaire libs are just regular folks?

          2. AKLady says

            The very rich have $ billions, not $ millions.

          3. sox83cubs84 says

            That’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to it, but I don’t think too many folks would agree with you. And you’re still ducking why you excluded Buffett from my list and then included him in your list, and have not yet admitted that both Buffett and Bill Gates are liberals (as is Zuckerberg).

          4. AKLady says

            You need to learn the difference betwewn fact and opinion.

            Richest people in America:

            1. Bill Gates, $81 Billion
            2. Warren Buffett $67 Billion.
            3. Larry Elklison $50 Billion
            4. Charles Koch $42 Billion
            5. David Koch $42 Billion
            6. The Walton Family $ 35 Billion, each
            7. Connor Richardson $35 Billion
            8. Michael Bloomberg $35 Bilion
            9. Mark Zuckerberg $34 Bilion
            10. Sergey Brin $ 37 Billion

          5. Matt Foley says

            And their are right wing and left wing in that mix you have no point yes you are pointless

          6. MAHB001 says

            Your comment is priceless….

          7. hangem'high says

            This is well worth your time to watch if you really want to know what’s up with the fairy-tale!


          8. CHARLES S says

            And YOU need to learn to proof read and learn to spell—-“the difference betwewn?” what is a betwewn, moron??

          9. Ttoe says

            Ragging on people due to spelling, you realize is the desperate move of a liberal trying to find anything to grasp onto to believe that they’re still the smarter one right?

          10. Ttoe says

            LOLOL, out of that list, 2 are conservatives (Koch brothers), and 1 is maybe a conservative (Walton).

            LOLOLOLOL, the rest are all Democrat-loving liberals, LOLOLOLOL
            Except for Connor, I don’t know who that is.
            You are definitely a Democrat-loving liberal yourself. HAHAHAHAHA

            I would say clever twist you put there, stating that all 1%’s were conservatives like the left is programmed to believe, and then naming a bunch of liberals.

            But I realize that you’re not in fact a conservative being cleverly sarcastic, but actually a liberal who’s being serious. LOLOLOLOL, which is actually quite a bit more hilarious.

            You do realize that conservatism and liberalism are descriptions of ideologies. It’s a good thing to be a conservative in a nation who’s foundations are power to the people, economic freedom, power divided, and reverence for Christ.

            You see, the U.S. is unique in that it doesn’t come from a monarch, religious persecution, or oppression. Other nations, they do, so their conservatism has different meanings, it describes different sets of ideologies from back where governments controlled everything like dictators that called themselves kings and queens.

            Only in recent decades has the United States managed to so permeate the rest of the world that what’s becoming known as their liberalism and conservatism is starting to line more up with what in America is known as liberalism and conservatism, but that’s a transition that is still taking place, and was not the case even just decades ago.

          11. sox83cubs84 says

            You just went so far over AKTroll’s head, it would clear her with room to spare if she stood atop the Willis Tower.

          12. LastGasp says

            The Kochs are Libertarian.

          13. Freedom fighter says

            so, above you state only Soros is very rich. You also post that very rich is billions, not millions, THEN you post the net worth of all the people you just told us that WERE NOT very rich, and every damn one of them is richer than Soros, he didnt even make your list! What the hell meds are you taking, because you need an adjustment!

          14. sox83cubs84 says

            So where does the line get drawn between “very rich” and “sort of rich”? And i it the same for everyone, or do you use a typical liberal double standard that presents stricter standards for Republicans? I doubt I’ll get a straight answer…I never do when I back you into a corner with your own words.

          15. MAHB001 says

            You can not awaken someone who pretends to be asleep… Sleep tight AK….

            “From 2001 to 2010, the Koch brothers invested $1.5 million in
            other political groups, called 527 organizations, compared to Soros’
            whopping $32.5 million.”


          16. AKLady says

            You seem to be quite sound asleep, or then maybe you just have reading comprehension problems.

          17. MAHB001 says

            I got through that entire article, how about you?

            You still pretending to be asleep? I thought so.

          18. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Maybe you have some deep Democrackhead problems???

          19. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            there conservatives whats the point!

          20. MikeS says

            Dodge the issue and miss the point…typical troll behavior.

          21. David Stewart says

            She likely lives in Eagle River; lots of “” those” in that neighborhood!

          22. BTeboe says

            Start flagging her. She’s brings nothing to the table except pure BS. Personally, I think she/he is somewhat deranged and I’m not saying that to be mean. She’s really out there and evidently off her meds.

          23. sox83cubs84 says

            Yeah, but AKTroll is entertaining and fun to screw with. Just consider it batting practice before debating someone who isn’t so oblivious to reality.

          24. Maven of Common Sense says

            How does hurting these 1percenters help you?

          25. Ted Crawford says

            Spiteful, jealous revenge for her abject failures!

          26. hangem'high says

            Behind the curtain is it getting crowded yet?


          27. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

            Billions is just a layer of super rich. Multimillionaires are considered rich, too. If you want to name some rich people, you find more of them are liberal Democrats who went into Washington DC relatively poor by comparison. How did that happen on a definitive salary of less than $200 K per year? Bribery? Oh no! Not that! Washington DC is a crook magnet and all of them have migrated to it. That is what is wrong with government . Most of them are crooked and corrupt as any third world banana republic. Obama had rather lie to you than to tell you the truth and his appointees are for the most part, just like him.

          28. Ttoe says

            Who has more rich people means nothing. The left thinks it means something because they’re programmed to think poor means something noble and the rich means greedy and selfish. They’re programmed this way because when Democrats control the economy, they’re going to turn it into a class-system where the rich elites have everything and the poor have nothing but what the rich elites decide that they’re allowed to have.

            That means that the poor need to believe that they are noble and don’t want to be one of the rich elites. The Democrats need the people to be happy with less so that they can rule and control all of the wealth.

            What demonstrates the greed of the left wing is that the most monopolistic of big businesses are all turning left wing. Facebook, took over and became virtually the only provider of the type of service it provides.

            Microsoft, the only operating system that can run and do everything. Apple isn’t far behind, and Apple is left wing too, though perhaps, only perhaps not as blindly loyal to the Democrats as Microsoft.

            Many of those other people are debt-capitalists. So much debt falls under them that they become a part of the larger monopoly on debt.

            You know why the very very very Democrat-loving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was even able to start the Great Recession? It’s because something like 70 or 80 percent of all of America’s home-type debts were all in some way dependent upon those two companies.

            They were virtual monopolies in the debt sector.

            And that’s the type of businesses turning left wing today, turning into Democrat-loyalists, the virtual monopolies.

            It’s because, if we stop thinking like poor people for a moment and realize that being the sole provider of a good and service, the Democrats simply cannot tax you enough to make that less profitable than having a bunch of competitors, but with less taxes and fees.

            So these people who become Democrat loyalists are all perfectly happy with pretending like they care about poor people, throwing around money, supporting the taxes on the rich and all of the new fees.

            They’re perfectly happy because they know that as Democrat loyalists, Democrats will make sure that they survive while all of their competitors are taxed, fee’d, and regulated into bankruptcy or selling their business to one of those Democat loyalists.

            And that’s exactly what’s happening . . . in every sector of the economy. Democrats are making things so difficult that only one or two competitors survive, and they always end up being Democrat loyalists.

          29. Maven of Common Sense says

            I gather you are not involved in your own economic support. 🙂

          30. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            oh u sound to ignorant!

          31. Ted Crawford says

            Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, along with Barbra Streisand, Tom Styers, and Donald Trump are left-wingers!

          32. Ttoe says

            I don’t think Trump is left wing. I think he has just associated with Democrats and Republicans because of the nature of his business and affluence.

          33. Ted Crawford says

            Seriously? You believe that ANYONE, even remotely Conservative, would have backed Terry McAulliffe over Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia? The Egregious Governor who allowed Convicted Felons to vote for Hillary?
            Alas, his actions speak so very loudly, I can’t hear a single word he’s saying!

          34. Matt Foley says

            Sheldon adelson ?

          35. hangem'high says

            Keep pulling back the curtain!


          36. BTeboe says

            Translated: Jews control Hollywood. It (Hollywood) belongs to the Jews.
            To me this sounds a little bit like Hitler.

          37. hangem'high says

            Don’t take my word for it; do a little research its amazing what pops up?


          38. AKLady says

            No wonder yoi are so out of touch.
            Brando has been dead for over a decade.

          39. hangem'high says

            Chett I didn’t know that, is all of the Hollywood Illuminati also?

          40. Freedom fighter says

            i have never seen anyone so uninformed spew such nonsense as facts! Go read a book for heaven’s sake and leave the adults to talk amongst ourselves.

          41. John Williams says

            Duh, dummy, that is what makes them the 1%, if they were not rich they would not fit in that category.

          42. MAHB001 says

            And still you do not list Soros??

            You can not awaken someone who pretends to be asleep.

          43. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            you stink

        2. CHARLES S says

          Thats because AKlady is mentally challenged. She thinks that if she posts her demented comments she will make herself sound intelligent; even though she is the only one that believes everything she says.

          1. gonzales27 says

            No I think she is a troll

          2. LastGasp says

            BINGO! Of course it is. As long as people keep responding it will never give up. It gets paid by provoking responses. It has been banned from most sites.

          3. LadyGreenEyes says

            It’s a standard brainwashing technique – repeat something often enough, and people will believe it.

      2. MikeS says

        You sound much like a paid troll.

        1. sox83cubs84 says

          She is. In another post, I accused her of being paid to troll by Clinton. Her response was that she was paid…by God. Yoo-hoo, McFly, anybody home?

      3. Maven of Common Sense says

        Very simplistic and completely wrong!

        1. Ted Crawford says

          simplistic, perfectly describes this one!

      4. Americans Wake Up says

        The majority of rich people in this country are liberals. Of course rich is a term that varies with the party. Bill and Hitlery think poor is leaving the Whitehouse with only 5+ million dollars to their name.

      5. Matt Foley says

        W t heck is wrong with your grey matter

      6. OldTaxman says

        It has already been proven that there are MORE rich people on the left, even the extreme left, than there are on the right. Need to get your facts in line before making ignorant comments.

        1. AKLady says

          There is a huge difference between fact and opinion.
          You might want to you learn the difference.

      7. hangem'high says

        Don’t stop! Keep pulling back the curtain you’ll be amazed at who U find behind it?


      8. GuardianFlame says

        I believe you meant LEFT WING, NOT Right Wing. Get your Agendas straight or you can’t play with the Big Boys! Money certainly does not a Conservative make. You would have thought someone like you knew that “Oh Encyclopedia of the Inept”.
        Furthermore, George Soros is so LEFT that he swings from country to country killing their economies and raping their populace — just because he is bored with his own rich lifestyle. THERE IS NOTHING REMOTELY CONSERVATIVE ABT SOROS. He IS the leader of the LEFTIST MOVEMENT AND A CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND OF OBAMA THE FRAUD. Who do you think funded all of obama’s illegal actions to get in the presidency? Yes! Soros! So get your comments straight or the Big Boys won’t let you play with them.

        Michael Moore is sooooooooo LEFT he makes Goofy look admirable. Nothing abt Moore is Right, except he actually slammed the Left recently which is totally out of character for him. WRONG AGAIN, BUT YOU DID THAT COMMENT ON PURPOSE NOW, DIDN’T YOU?


      9. BengtVal Thulin says

        Right wing left wing any wing he can steal money from.

        1. pmbalele says

          Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg should be careful with TPs and Repubs – they are whiners. You remember the case with IRS. These morons whined that IRS was after them and delaying to certify their branches as non-profit. They were not not non-profit. These TPs were there to bilk gullible Americans. Now they hate Trump because he is a White male born in USA. Mark should be wary about TPs and Repubs. They are sneaky and snakes.

          1. John Williams says

            You seem to have a problem with the Tea Party, I am curious as to what part the Tea Party stands for that you have an issue with? This list below comes directly from the Tea Party Patriots web site, it all sounds pretty good to me. It has been my experience that there are only 2 different groups of people who constantly malign the Tea Party, group 1 are those who fear the spotlight that the Tea Party shines on them and their activities or agenda. Group 2 are those who are either too stupid or too lazy to do their own research and simply parrot group 1. Care to enlighten us as to which group you belong to?

            Personal Freedom

            We support personal freedom so all Americans can live life the way
            they want as long as it does not harm others, or infringe on another’s

            Economic Freedom

            We stand for economic freedom which means a growing economy with
            reduced tax rates and reduced government spending so we all have a
            chance to earn more money and businesses can hire more people

            Debt Free Future

            We support a debt free future because it is only fair and right to
            pay the debt we have incurred so our children and grandchildren are not
            stuck with our bills.

          2. ArtistGardenUS says

            That may be. However, you missed the points proven long ago that the TP’s want to return to the ORIGINAL US Constitution as it was ORIGINALLY WRITTEN. That means only one thing – all the Amendments which have been duly approved by all American Citizens and their respective State Legislatures will be abolished. It means an end to Civil Rights legislation. It means a renewal of all those bad habits that medical insurance companies invoke with pre-existing conditions etc. It means an end to women being allowed to vote.

            The TP’s are known for selecting certain parts of the Constitution and rejecting other parts of it (The Original Written Version). In other words, if the TP’s had their way, the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution will be abolished and they will write a new Bill of Rights and Constitution which will eliminate our Democracy as we know it today.

            And, like a good TP, you chose to ignore those parts which you want eliminated from our laws. You chose to print the points which you want to promote and that is what is wrong with all TP’s.

            By the way, I’m a liberal Republican which votes as he chooses not as how it is dictated to me by the Republican leaders. I’ve voted for good Republicans and good Democrats. I’ve even voted for bad Republicans and Democrats. What I know is that all politicians are not transparent regardless of their affiliations. They tell the voters what the voters want to hear. If they were more transparent and gave us the truth, this country would be in serious jeopardy of having another Civil War on it’s hands.

          3. John Williams says

            I disagree with your statement “all the Amendments which have been duly approved by all American
            Citizens and their respective State Legislatures will be abolished. It
            means an end to Civil Rights legislation. It means a renewal of all
            those bad habits that medical insurance companies invoke with
            pre-existing conditions etc. It means an end to women being allowed to
            vote.” I have seen nothing that indicates that at all. If you have proof of that let us have it. The same goes for ” In other words, if the TP’s had their way, the Bill of Rights and the
            US Constitution will be abolished and they will write a new Bill of
            Rights and Constitution which will eliminate our Democracy as we know it
            today.” Again show me the proof, I have never seen any indication of such. Moving along “By the way, I’m a liberal Republican which votes as he chooses not as how it is dictated to me by the Republican leaders” There is no such thing as a liberal republican. I vote as I choose as well, I pay very little attention as to what the republican party has to say. I will very much agree with ” What I know is that all politicians are not transparent regardless of their affiliations” the majority are useless liars and will say anything to get elected. The ones who, like obama, told the people just exactly what he would do, “fundamentally change America” and the people still voted for him is where the problem lies. I cannot bring myself to vote for any democrat, I choose not to encourage them, once in office they will roll over and do just exactly what the party demands and there are very few things that the socialist/progressive/democrat party stands for that I can accept, the bad by far out weighs any good, to vote for a democrat and then complain about their agenda makes one a hypocrite and down right stupid in my mind.

          4. pmbalele says

            TPs and Repubs are for Personal Freedom! They are fake and hypocrites. Look, they want to control the rights of women to their bodies -that is Sharia law. In Wisconsin CEOs can pay women lower than males doing the same job. TPs and Repubs hate African-Americans. Look what they have been behaving with the current First Family. TPs and Repubs think are smart – they are not. They are dumb.

            Economic Freedom: I like when talk against socialism. I hate socialism-makes people lazy. But I hate pure capitalism – eat one another and the fittest survives. You remember what happened when Reagan and Bush II let people climb on one another. In 2008 the country was bankrupt. Romney and many billionaires had shipped their money to Swiss Banks. So American money was creating jobs in Switzerland, China, Japan, Russia, Egypt, Mexico, Malaysia, India, where these CEOs met their mistresses. And when they come back they preach Family Values. That is not smart.

            Debt Free: You mean at our lives expenses. Look TPs and Repubs cut Military, Embassy funds causing attacks like Benghazi, 911, Boston, Sandy Hook, fertilizers explosions, train derailments etc. were caused by Congress cutting essentials budgets to keep this country safe from morons. Trey Gowdy and his friends spent $20 mil to investigate Benghazi and e-mails and came out with nothing new. Now Repubs and TPs have asked FBI to investigate and spend another $20 mil for Benghazi and e-mails which Trey a tough prosecutor investigated. Now do you think these morons are saving or getting rid of the debt. No; they are fake and hypocrites.

            Here a good one. You remember for the last 7 years, TPs and Repubs were crying why President Obama was not shipping illegals out and not building a taller wall. Now they got an ideal candidate Trump, they hate him for being White male and born here. They prefer Ted Cruz a foreigner to command the USA army. Shame on them. Trump wanted to build a tall wall with his own money and getting rid of all illegals. The same people are now bitching why Trump wants to do that. TPs and Repubs are fake and hypocrites. Pleases join me and vote for Hillary-smart and tough.

          5. John Williams says

            It is obvious which side of the issues you are on, it is safe to say there is no way that we will ever agree on much of anything. You believe the pablum you are spoon fed, I do not. You obviously do not look at things with facts and common sense, in my way of thinking, you are exactly the type I am talking about, either scared of the spotlight or stupid. You are so wrong on your assumptions about what true conservatives want, simply put you do not have a clue. Your rhetoric is pure Kool-Aid fogged liberal BS, again you choose to swallow the BS. Capitalism is what made this country great, the left wing socialist/democrats are what is destroying it. You, as the majority of the left, just have to figure some way to throw out the race card “they hate him for being White male and born here” that is classic left wing crap and you know it, do not attempt to put your BS on someone else. There is absolutely nothing said about Trump’s “whiteness” from the conservative side, that is leftist BS. The man is successful and the man is white big f-nn deal, it does not have a thing to do with it, other than the fact it bothers the crap out of a bunch of whining liberals. Anyone who is willing to sell their own soul to vote for the biggest hypocrite of them all with hillary, is a fool. Trump is the nominee, I am not a fan but I will vote for his because there is not other choice, this country cannot stand another 4-8 more years of a liberal idiot like hillary.

          6. mac12sam12 says

            Republicans are for women’s rights and the rights of children and the unborn, hardly Sharia law.

            Talk about hypocrisy, Hillary and the Obama administration pay women 30% less than they do men. Men tend to make more money because they work longer hours and are more career orientated. Who stays homes when one of the kids are sick?

            So if the military budget wasn’t cut we wouldn’t of had Benghazi, Boston, Sandy Hook? Sure. Trump will build up the military and if you’re so worried, vote Trump.

            The rest of your diatribe sound like you were swimming in Lake Smirnof while composing it.

      10. Maven of Common Sense says

        What an incredibly ignorant comment! I believe that being “right wing” involves Conservative political opinions, which Zuckerberg is totally alien to.

        1. AKLady says

          You would be surprized.

          1. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            You will be when you wake up….sorry, IF you wake up.

      11. CHARLES S says

        AKlady( you are NOT) and your asinine comment makes you retarded. Take your meds.

      12. hookemowls says

        OMG, you are really showing your ignorance and bias. Do you think Bill Gates is conservative…wait, maybe you don’t know of him! Unbelievable.

      13. Keith says

        Are you friggin kidding? The money in this Country is Mostly ultra liberal. It always has been and always will be. I know that’s not what the talking points on MSNBC told you but check it out yourself before you make such an asinine statement.

      14. Freedom fighter says

        so i guess Hillary is right wing as well? SMH!

      15. gonzales27 says

        No left wing Dems?

      16. LastGasp says

        I thought you were long gone, banned for ignorance. I can see you are just as stupid as ever.

      17. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

        LOL….Of all the stupid things you’ve ‘said’ on these sites, and there are MANY, that one just might get you the psychiatric help you so desperately need. Good grief, tell us you were just being sarcastic.

      18. ABO says


      19. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

        He is a low energy Liberal who hates conservatism and Real America that makes you wrong again.lol

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Apparently, you have become a stalker.

          1. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Apparently, you are a liberal and foolish!

    2. Taniathedman says

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      1. MAHB001 says

        flagged you scum puppet.

        Join the “flag a scum puppet” brigade today and flag scum puppets were ever you see them. There is at least 99 Mary Welsh posts out there.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Agree with you 100% on this one. It pisses me off because most of these people are Out of country Spammers.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Lets join together and flag them when we see them… This one uses 3 to 5 different names (all with the same picture) and posts about 99 times per name… That is one hell of a lot of spam..

            I think my scum puppet post helps remind others to flag the scum puppet as well, otherwise, most ignore the spam and forget to flag. I could be wrong..

          2. Rick Rogers says

            Whats really sad is the Admin’s of this website don’t seem to realize that these spammers are using their Sites for Free advertising. I got sick of one about a year ago right before Valentine’s Day. All I was getting was email for 1-800 Flowers to order Valentine Flowers. I did some Research on who held the Domain name and then called the hosting company to complain they were spammers.. They shut down there email accounts 1 week before valentine’s day. And them Spam Mail Stopped.

          3. MAHB001 says

            You are correct, it is sad that the moderators or administrators are not on top of these.

            I think Disqus could do more too. It would be very easy for them to identify these guys as they posted. Disqus is generating three or more new names a day for these spammers to burn through.

      2. Eric says

        Get lost spammer!

    3. lenati says


    4. n5ifi says

      Of course he knew. It was his wish that it be done too.

  4. SJ Carter says

    Glenn Beck is a nutcase. Why not offer commentary by Michelle Bachman, Franklin Graham and all the other ultra conservatives who are also nut cases? Because, we don’t want to hear them and their crazy ranting.

    1. Texas Belle says

      It takes one to know one.

      1. AKLady says

        Then you are admitting you do the crazy ranting as well?

        1. Maven of Common Sense says

          ?? Twisting words does not prove anything except that you have no substance to make any point,

    2. boris yasdnilkov says

      Really? How ignorant!

    3. fcutch says

      Shut your piehole

      1. AKLady says

        Really? How ignorant.!

        1. fcutch says

          You can shut yours too!

      2. hangem'high says

        One thing I can say about Glen and his death cult, and that’s they’re committed globalist!

    4. AKLady says

      Amen to that.

    5. Maven of Common Sense says

      Exactly how did you diagnose these “nutjobs?”

      1. Ted Crawford says

        That’s simple, for them: Anyone NOT Socialist/Communist/ Marxist/ Progressive!

  5. SouthernPatriot says

    Facebook has long decided like the New York Times their truthful slogan should be: “All the News That Fits Our Agenda We Will Print.”

    1. AKLady says

      Facebook is not a news media.
      Never has been.
      Was not intended to bw.
      If you want news, go to a news outlet.

      1. Maven of Common Sense says

        Then why do they have the trending news feed?

  6. Gen11American says

    Zuckerberg has been a left-wing wacko since before he became a household name. He’s a product of American Jews run amuck, and also of our socalist-propaganda-spewing education system, just as nearly all Millennials are. For the record, and for the edification of those (like me) who want an alternative to Facebook so we aren’t adding to Zuckerberg’s $billions when he and his Leftist organization suck at demonstrating they aren’t just as biased as Bozo the pro-homo, pro-muslim occupier of the WH, just what other viable alternatives are there out in the airwaves? Facebook taking a major hit would teach a lesson.

    1. AKLady says

      Grow up.
      Clean up your language.

      1. John Doe says

        AKLady – please explain how the one Gen11American needs to clean up his language ! What is it you feel is out of line? He just stated the facts about Obozo !

        1. Gunflint Roseberg says

          Don’t waste your time on AK idiot….It has been on these forum’s for a long time, & continually proven’s it’s ignorance on just about everything..

          1. Jamie says

            That AKLady ball sniffer is actually Mark Zuckerberg trolling as a closet tranny….

        2. David Stewart says

          She is a hard-core lefty;best to try to ignore her.

          1. BTeboe says

            And a Muslim.

        3. Maven of Common Sense says

          No answer from the fascist PC AKLady. How unusual, not.

      2. MikeS says

        You sound alot like a paid troll.

        1. BTeboe says

          That’s because she is.

      3. Maven of Common Sense says

        Of what?

      4. Matt Foley says

        Oops you butthurt

      5. hangem'high says

        Your soooo, PC!

      6. Americans Wake Up says

        Clean up what language? You are a moron!

  7. Waymon Meadows says

    I have never relied on Facebook for news, but I do use it all the time for social and business.

    1. AKLady says

      It is not a news media.
      WHy would anyone rely upon it for news?

      1. Maven of Common Sense says

        Because it is more accurate than MSM.

      2. hangem'high says

        At the chance to sound crazy none of the news channels are real news but propaganda sources.


    2. sox83cubs84 says

      Same here.

    3. Paul N Ransom says

      I myself pass on a lot of conservative news and give the liberals like AKLady a lot of grief!!!! OH KNOW!!! now she will be after me (LOL)

  8. marlene.langert says

    It is very true that Facebook avoided conservative stories. I Post on line very frequently. Whenever the article was conservative, I had trouble getting it on facebook . I tried using share this and still was unsuccessful. Instead of coming up with the picture that went with the article, it would just come up with a picture of a camera and my email supplier. I have noticed a difference in the last couple of days. I have been more successful in posting my messages. Zuckerburg must be starting to back up his denial.

  9. enaudmaz says

    I also canceled my account, although it was more than 4 months ago. I didn’t like FB to begin with, too many ads and crappy news, that was bent toward liberals. I agree Mr. Witenstein, F U Zuckerberg!

    1. Americans Wake Up says

      I used FB exactly twice years ago. Had a post censured and I left it. Seems they didn’t like the Bible verse I put in a post.
      I don’t know why any conservative or Christian would support it anyway since Zuckerberg uses the profits to support the gay and abortion agendas.

  10. Texas Belle says

    It is a private business but serves a public purpose. More than one government official, including Obama, have declared that if a business serves the public it cannot discriminate–remember the photographer and the baker who didn’t want to service a gay wedding?

    1. AKLady says

      Sorry, but you are incorrect.
      It is a “members only” business.
      Apparently, you missed that legal detail.
      Facebook does not serve the public.

      1. Americans Wake Up says

        Is it a paid membership? If not then they have to allow all viewpoints.

      2. Maven of Common Sense says

        Then exactly what is their purpose, if not to serve their customers?

  11. Rick Rogers says

    ok lets start this out with a question.. Most of you believe in freedom of Speech I take it. Most of you also believe that Government doesn’t have the Right to interfere with private business as long as it does not have to do with Safety Issues.. So Then Tell me why this is an issue that the majority Stockholder/Founder of the company should not be allowed to decide what he will or will not support by his company. No one is “Entitled to a facebook account” None of you seem to complain when Fox News Slants issues the way they want.. “If its good for the goose its good for the Gander.” I say to Mark Zuckerberg.. KEEP IT UP… IF they don’t like it let them go out and create their own social Media company. Don’t let them tell you how to run yours.

    1. Ted Crawford says

      Really, YET you and your disgusting ilk force other businesses to cater to your sick perversions, whether it be Same Sex Marriage, or genetic males sharing bathrooms and lockers and showers with genetic females! Hypocrite much Comrade!

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Sorry There Ted.. Your Example is a problem for one issue.. No one is harmed by Same Sex Marriage.. If you don’t agree with it news flash For you don’t marry a gay.. Your Rights end at the end of your nose and you have NO right to deprive other people of theirs. So here is good way to live your life.. Mind your own damn business about other peoples Sex life. As for The Bathroom issues.. Isn’t it funny that one one made this in issue till Recently.. How many times do you think you might have been in the Bathroom with a “woman” and not know about it. As far as I can see the only Danger that has been in Public Restrooms have Been republican politicians.

        1. Ted Crawford says

          I spent the entirety of my life naively believing in the idiotic, I now see, thought of “Live and Let Live”! In fact when, as a newbee in Nam I watched two faggots being fragged, I very nearly turned the perps in! Today, my only objection would be they got off far too lightly! My choice would be one in each lower groin, and one in each knee-cap. The grenade would be used to collapse the wall protecting the door, so the filthy pigs wouldn’t even be able to crawl out!
          I now understand that perversion left unchecked is like a festering wound, it spreads it’s poison to the entire healthy body completely destroying it!
          You sick perverted slugs wanted me ‘off the Dime’, I’m OFF, believe me, I’m well off!

          1. Rick Rogers says

            You do realize that there is no Statue of limitations on murder correct? That also goes for the Accessory to murder Which you just confess to.. Kind of a stupid thing to do but then again your a Trump supporter so I would not expect you to be to bright.,

          2. Ted Crawford says

            Not only are you a sick, twisted, disgusting pervert, your a babbling idiot in the mix! If you had even a tiny bit of sense, you’d know that I’m as strong an opponent of Trump as there exists! You’d also know that Trump agrees with you! MORON!

          3. Rick Rogers says

            your not worth the waste of my time to respond. So rant on pea brain

          4. Rick Rogers says

            You do Realize Ted that there have been studies that say that the majority of Men that are homophobic have secret desires for it themselves.. I think you protest to much.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            One other thing Ted.. I am forward your confession to a friend of mine that works in at Federal Prosecutors office. Tell them I said he when they call you in for questioning.

          6. Ted Crawford says

            By all means, do exactly that! I’ll then be able to determine where you live! Then we can debate this face to face!

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Already sent you disgusting piece of human Excrement. I make it no secret where I live. the picture and name are the same on here as it is on facebook. so if your cowardly ass really wanted to find me its not to hard.

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Just sorry someone has the misfortune to call you Grandfather. That means you were allow to breed. To bad you didn’t Buy the farm in Nam

      2. Rick Rogers says

        If you had started this out as an intelligent discussion things would be fine but you had to break into the normal “Can’t support it with facts” so lets try to bully and name call someone we don’t agree with. Will I return in kind what is sent me way. Now this is the last time I am going to pay any attention to your sorry ass. I would wish you a good day but don’t want to be a hypocrite like you.

    2. JoJo Gunn says

      I tend to agree.. 100%… The problem is.. Just like you said. Whats good for the goose, is good for the gander… We should absolutely allow FB… A privately owned company to portray whatever news they choose, and censor any speech they choose.. As well as any other privately owned company to serve who they choose, and censor any behavior or speech they choose in their establishment… The problem though, is that isn’t happening.. The left is imposing unconstitutional laws on businesses who don’t fall in line with their agenda, as well as threatening public schools.. While liberal businesses get a free pass… No we should not interfere with FB.. NOR should any other business be interfered with on the same principals.

      1. Tired... says

        JoJo, you did an excellent job of pointing out the double standard. Duplicity pervades our society in a variety of ways, such as when ivy league students pontificate about privilege but refuse to give up their own, or wealthy people condemn the plight of the poor yet refuse to give out of their own pocket but are more than willing to take from the middle class to fund their schemes. Such entrenched dishonesty demands that we stand up and declare that the emperor has no clothes. Thank you for doing so.

    3. hangem'high says

      So if it hurts your feeling its worth suppressing those gun toting, bible thumping Christians


  12. Spunky says

    I am surprised people did not know facebook was left leaning – just like solon – always has been

    1. AKLady says

      Electromic age people are usually brighter and better educated.

      1. sox83cubs84 says

        That definitely applies to the patriotic Americans you troll. You…not so much.

        1. AKLady says

          Thank you.
          You just proved my point.

          1. MikeS says

            For an electronic age troll, you sure need to clean up your spelling.

          2. Maven of Common Sense says

            She doesn’t doubt her autocorrect

          3. AKLady says

            Spelling is rote memory. A parrot can do it. Are you a parrot?

          4. AKLady says

            I am dyslexic

            Feel free to issue moronic insults.
            They reflect on you more than upon me.

            Oh., and by the way, these people could not spell: Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Mosher Butts,William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, John Irving, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill ,John F. Kennedy Jr.

            It is probably an IQ issue. Spelling is rote memory. A parrot can do it. Are you a parrot?

          5. hangem'high says

            Polly, Polly, Polly! How many times must I tell u to never converse with Crackers strewed about?

          6. AKLady says

            Feel free to issue moronic insults.
            They reflect on you more than upon me.

          7. hangem'high says

            Fly away little birdie your making a mess of the scenery


          8. MikeS says

            You poor parrot troll. I hope I have helped you. Judging from your reaction, I doubt it. Have a happy troll day.

          9. hangem'high says

            What was it that Prince Phillip would say; euthanize the ground feeders?


          10. Maven of Common Sense says

            Proves your point? Please explain.

          11. AKLady says

            Electromic age people are usually brighter and better educated.

          12. sox83cubs84 says

            Still waiting for you to provide your unbiased proof of your assertions about the value of Obamacare…you know, the ones I asked for recently , to which you replied, and I quote, “Grow up”. If you can’t produce facts, then go back and sit at the kiddies’ table while the adults on this site discuss truth and reality, not liberal fantasies

      2. Maven of Common Sense says

        No, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were much better educated than most people today!!

        1. Ted Crawford says

          Respectfully, even more to the point, they and in fact most Americans of their time possessed geometrically more common sense, the most UNcommon commodity on this Planet today!!

        2. AKLady says

          Not everyone alive today are “electronic age”.
          Many have returned to the stone age.

          1. hangem'high says

            U better crawl back under your rock be for a predator sees U?

          2. AKLady says

            Some of the most dangerious killers live under rocks.
            You best be careful.

          3. hangem'high says
      3. Americans Wake Up says

        What is “electromic”?

        1. Observant_One says

          It failed spelling in school too.

    2. hangem'high says

      Don’t forget “Yahoo”

  13. Nellie McConnell says

    I don’t like Facebook. Won’t use it. Won’t buy on Amazon again.

  14. Susan Short says

    The best way to “fight it” would be for that liberal turd, Zuckerberg, to go away, shut up, and never have anything to do with media or communications ever again!

    1. AKLady says

      Maybe you should act like an adult and drop the vulgar language.
      It is so no impressive.

      1. Susan Short says

        You are a pain in the ass to many people with your posts. You probably enjoy pissing people off by scolding them, as you do! You are a pathetic person, and I want you to shut up and go away! I do not make my comments on these sites directly to you, and I will not be responding to you anymore! You are not worth my time, but I’m warning you right now! STOP sending me your irritating, critical comments, as of NOW! DO NOT send me any more of your nasty responses to anything I may post on here. If you do, then look out! I’m not going to tolerate it, and you will be sorry if you do! You have been warned!

        1. AKLady says

          Maybe you should act like an adult and drop the vulgar language.
          It is so no impressive.

          1. Maven of Common Sense says

            Cut and paste, how original.

          2. Matt Foley says

            Neither is your intellect

          3. sox83cubs84 says

            The same response twice in a row. We really ARE dealing with a bottom-feeder.

      2. Americans Wake Up says

        Yes, liberal turd is very vulgar. Oh dang!

        1. Observant_One says

          And usually ugly, for instance, Nancy Pelosi.

          1. sox83cubs84 says

            Also Hitlery, Chelsea Clinton, Rosie O-Fat, O-Fat Winfrey and Sheila Jackson-Lee.

          2. AKLady says

            They are your idols?

          3. sox83cubs84 says

            Nope…I do not worship idols…I’m not a liberal. I worship God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You know…the deity your fellow liberals booed at the Socialist Democrap convention back in 2012.

          4. AKLady says

            noun: idol;
            plural noun: idols

            •a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered.
            “movie idol Robert Redford”

            synonyms: hero, heroine, star, superstar, icon, celebrity

          5. sox83cubs84 says

            And all are as worthless to me as the Golden Calf, the idol the Israelites worshiped briefly in the Old Testament.

          6. AKLady says

            Your language tells an entirely different story.

          7. sox83cubs84 says

            And just what might that story be?

          8. AKLady says

            Childish too boot, just like Pelosi

        2. AKLady says

          Childish too boot.

  15. glorybe2 says

    Facebook’s content is delivered by its users. Since the overwhelming majority in this world are not right wing lunatics far less contributions are made by right wing lunatics. Further Facebook has no obligation at all to publish anyone’s views or beliefs. The right wing whines. Let them whine. they will always whine and cower in cowardice.

  16. MikeS says

    Scrambling!? Just admit to what you have done and apologize. Fix it and move on you disingenuous, lying jerks.

  17. peter says

    There has to be an alternate to facebook where everyone is treated fairly. Zukerberg is just another liberal azzhole.

  18. Maven of Common Sense says

    Why bother, it won’t change reality.

  19. daveveselenak says

    Like I have been asserting for years now – we no longer have a free press and we no longer are a free country! Wake the fuk up already! The Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Out House” would have been impeached in his first term and “Hillary the Pillory” would be running for the border to escape a firing squad, along with her former pimp the “Dick-taker-N-Thief”, rather than running for office! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – bet on it!

    1. Ted Crawford says

      Sadly I fear you are right! What other possible solution, IF America is to survive with even a little of Her former integrity and value system intact, when the only….viable(?) candidates for, arguably the highest Office on the Planet, consist of a serial murder and Liar, an avowed Socialist, and a pretentious, bombastic a_ _?
      The only possible choice, in that impossible situation is, None Of The Above!!

  20. MILES E DRAKE says

    We need to recognize that everything on Facebook is a lie and propaganda, even as everything in the New York Times, everything on NBC and everything that comes out of the mouth of the Wicked Witch of Westchester is a lie. The goal of Zukerberg and his cohort is to become the telescreen of Orwellian America, simultaneously dispensing propaganda and keeping the population under surveillance. Anyone who gets any information from Facebook might as well get it from the North Korean news agency, and anyone who makes a political statement on Facebook might as well make it to the NSA.

  21. John Williams says

    The liberalbias is out there everywhere you look, the problem is too many are not smart enough to see thru the BS and follow like sheep (or liberal lemmings). I have never had a Facebook account nor do I intend to get one, but I do know when you filter it toward your own bias, it is 100% useless. The only value for it is to everyone who feels the compulsion to share everything they do every day with everyone else. That in it’s self is a problem, way too much information put out there. It would be useless to rely on such a site for any kind of usable news.

    1. Ted Crawford says

      “….too many are not smart enough to see thru the BS and follow like sheep…”
      As perfectly displayed by the current….republican(?) Presidential nominee!

      1. John Williams says

        I don’t necessarily disagree with you on that point, but considering there is absolutely no other option out there, one has to do what one has to do. I am not a Trump supporter, never have been, and don’t really like him, but he brings more to the table than either hillary or bernie combined, proving once again that the left is incapable of common sense thought. Trump is a wild card, hillary is a known commodity and not a good one and a closet socialist to boot. Bernie is just what bernie says he is, a freaking socialist, at least he is honest about that part. Neither hillary nor bernie have anything to offer but more ruination, unless you count their ability to suck at the public teat for decades.

        1. Ted Crawford says

          I respectfully disagree, we do know exactly what Trump is and what to expect from him! Like Obama he is extremely narcissistic, he refuses to take advice, in fact he selects only those who will tell him what he’s told them he wants to hear, to pretend to give him advice. He’s crass, crude, pretentious and bombastic, thin skinned and temperamental, given to adolescent outbursts of actions and words!!
          To support him, is like the kindly Lady who, upon finding a snake dying in the road, took it home and lovingly nursed it back to health. As she lay, dying from it venomous bite, she asked , “Why??”, the snake answered, ” Come on Lady, you knew I was a snake when you took me in!”
          One cannot make a Silk Purse, from a Sows ear!

          1. John Williams says

            I don’t disagree “He’s crass, crude, pretentious and bombastic, thin skinned and
            temperamental, given to adolescent outbursts of actions and words!!” Given all of that he still has more to offer than clinton, he has more brains by far, he has more experience in getting the job done, if the left would pay attention, he actually treats women better than clinton does, hillary is probably one of the most unethical people in the world today, she is a lying, conniving old hag that will stop at nothing to get what she wants. At least with Trump you know what you are getting. I disagree with you on the point “he refuses to take advice, in fact he selects only those who will tell
            him what he’s told them he wants to hear, to pretend to give him advice.” Trump did not get where he is without depending on others, it is simply impossible to do everything yourself when you control an enterprise that large, he will surround himself with people that actually know something, unlike obama and clinton who surround themselves with ideological sycophants and people getting repaid for bundling campaign funds.

          2. Ted Crawford says

            Respectfully, His multiple Bankruptcies, and his recent treatment of Manafort comes to mind. Trump named him to replace Lewandowski, until Manafort suggests that Trump is making a mistake. Now Lewandowski is back at the helm! Perhaps the same with Ben Carson, named Trumps chairman of his VP Selection committee, suddenly, without explanation, Lewandowski is also in charge there!
            Lewandowski, when Trump says Poop, only asks Where, when, what color, and how high!

          3. John Williams says

            To be honest, I have not followed all of that, but I would bet neither of us have all of the facts about the situation. I will say again, I am not a Trump fan, he is a wild card, an unknown commodity. hillary, on the other hand IS a known commodity and what is KNOWN for a fact is enough of a reason to vote for Trump, to either not vote at all or to vote for hillary, will be the end of this country as we know it. I think I saw a bumper sticker that say “obama has put America in the toilet, vote for hillary and she will pull the lever,” I do not doubt that for a moment. Again I am not a Trump fan but there is no other option. Respectfully, I think you are wrong, I think Trump will surround himself with quality people, something we have not seen with obama.

          4. Ted Crawford says

            I see NO evidence to support that assumption, either in current history and certainly NOT in his past history! I’m far too old to still believe in Fairy Tales! If America is determined to commit suicide, just do it and get it over with! This, ” Death by a Thousands Cuts” only prolongs the agony! Rip the scab off in one continuous motion! If one is determined to vote for a Democrat just do it already, stop poking it with a stick!

          5. John Williams says

            I base my opinion on what I said earlier “it is simply impossible to do everything yourself when you control an enterprise that large,” Trump must depend on other people, he can easily afford the best in his enterprises. Contrary to what the liberal lap dog MSM would like the world to believe, that also includes women in upper management. One of the things that makes him successful would be the fact that he would not hesitate to change directions if he though that was needed. (that could very well be a two edged sword) As far as voting for a democrat, that will never happen, I do not believe in encouraging them. There is not a democrat out there who will not fall into line with the democrat platform when push comes to shove, the party simply does not allow independent thinking, one only has to look at voting records to confirm this; lemmings all of them.

          6. Ted Crawford says

            Given that, until just shortly following a phone conversation with Slick Willy, Trump was a perfectly dependable supporter of all things Democrat! On or about June 15, 2015, Trump experienced a Paulesque Epiphany that, apparently transformed him into the Consummate Republican, the only Republican to represent the Republican Party as President of the United States!
            Unless, God has chosen to disguise himself as Bill Clinton, Trump is, what he’s always been a Liberal Democrat!
            King Priam is turning over in his grave!!!

          7. John Williams says

            Ted, I don’t know exactly where you stand, you are not clear on what you say. Let me be as clear as possible, I will never vote for a democrat, I think hillary is the most unethical person in the world, a total sleaze bag, obama is the devil incarnate and I do not disagree with on Trump. Please read my posts, Trump is still a wild card, hillary is a known, I have no choice but to go for the wild card, I cannot support in any way the election of an unethical hypocritical B%^&(ch.

          8. Ted Crawford says

            Let me make it perfectly clear then:
            Trump IS a Democrat!!!!!
            Trump has Always Been a Democrat!!!!!
            Trump is the Democrats iteration of Agamemnon’s Horse!!
            Trump is the Democrats Pied Piper!!
            Trump is the Democrats Judas Goat!!
            Trump IS the single most productive portion of Hillary’s campaign, BAR NONE !!!

          9. John Williams says

            I don’t disagree with you, that is why I did not support him. There is still a certain unknown quantity to him, he is a wild card. Hillary, on the other hand, is a KNOWN commodity, there is not the slightest doubt about her, she is a socialist slime ball, she will be worse, if you can imagine it, than obama, she is not an option. If we do not support Trump, hillary waltzes right in, she may do so anyway, so refusal to vote for Trump is a vote for hillary. Trump is a gamble, he may or may not appoint reasonable candidates to the SCOTUS, she will not, he is some what 2nd amendment friendly, she is not, he has business experience, something needed for job creation, she does not, he will be tougher on illegal immigration, she will not. After 8 years of a neutered pansy in the white house, the world is in much worse shape, Trump will more than likely be a much stronger leader, she will not, remember she was in charge of the state department for part of the obama term, she is responsible for much of the turmoil in the world today. She has been bought and paid for by forign countries and their donations to the clinton foundation (AKA clinton money laundering scheme,) Trump has not. Are you going to vote for hillary or not vote for Trump, the end result is the same.

          10. Ted Crawford says

            There exists NO situation where I will vote for Trump or anyone else I KNOW will continue the destruction of my Country! Gary Johnson has my vote, all things remaining the same!

          11. John Williams says

            I don’t disagree with your choice but he simply cannot pull enough votes to get elected, all he will do is pull enough to get hillary elected.

          12. Ted Crawford says

            The only power on this Planet that can prevent that now, since May 3, is Barack Obama himself! Only should he lose faith that she will continue his fundamental Marxist transformation of America, will Hilary NOT be the 45th. President!
            This Clinton/Trump engineered Dog and Pony Show is OVER!

  22. junkmailbin says

    Suxabutt is just another rich liberal that likes to play like he is a shaker and mover. He has the $$$ is run a PR campaign for what ever he wants without coming out of pocket.
    He is a poster boy for sleazy election campaigning.
    It is to bad that the US public is so studip and unaware that they take Buttbooks word as true on everything.
    Si, Zuckerburg es un pendejo

    1. Observant_One says

      Y un puto tambien.

  23. Bob Stewart says

    Zuckerberg and Facebook both zuck.

  24. Tiger says

    Every day the news is nothing but more bad. We are living under a Nazi ruling government, censoring on sites across the net and Facebook is part of it. Nothing new here folks until we get our country back.

  25. TPS12 says

    Controlling the media to push your agenda. I closed my account several months ago. zucker just another elitist who thinks he knows whats best for the rest of us.

  26. brokebill says

    Too late. When they secretly met with the stop Trump group they violated their user’s confidence. I have always been concerned about FB stating what could or could not be blogged. That alone says it is deciding on the output. I had no interest in opening a FB account accordingly. I have never had one and do not ever want one. I think the FB fad will fade.

    1. Observant_One says

      FB, too much personal information revealed by those who are mostly idiots with an ego.

  27. JMICHAEL270 says

    Dropped Facebook and the liberal Suckerberg a long time ago, and I haven’t lost a thing.

  28. melmack 1 says

    Hey, why did they go to see him??? He is the LIBERAL WACKO that has caused this uproar so why is he being treated like the KING??

  29. Pete says

    Trust but verify. Even you family tells stories from thier perspective. You really should question anything that is paid for by advertising. You know they won’t usually bite the hand that feeds them.

  30. william C says

    Why doesn’t someone start up a conservative social media site to compete?

  31. Larry says

    End this discriminating black-listing organization. If they don’t like your opinion, they just cut you out. Conservative opinions are not wanted.

    1. brokebill says

      Propaganda and data collection is my opinion.

  32. ersliva says


  33. joe says

    Once again, while in my opinion, Facebook is limiting access to and/or the posting of conservative-leaning items — IT IS NOT CENSORSHIP!
    Censorship, per se, cannot be accomplished by any entity other than a government, be that government national or local.
    Facebook is a private corporation and as such, the concept of free speech as defined in Amendment One of our constitution does not apply nor does the principle of censorship.
    Facebook owns the computers and network on which it operates and it leases the lines or purchases the internet service through which it operates (also a private enterprise), therefore it has total control over its equipment and it is solely responsible for decisions made as to its operation.
    In plain language, if consumers do not like the way Facebook is run, said consumers are free to not use its services.

  34. ersliva says


  35. 1ColtonDelaney643 says

    I had a whole thread removed that was about Trump. and my support of him.

    1. BengtVal Thulin says

      The same Liberals that tell them how to run this site also tell Mark Zuckerberg how to run Facebook. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/109f78188aec12f6af9b0d64d948aa228d2296ca3d54532a94f3c69d189e2939.png

  36. GuardianFlame says

    Bloggers on this website:
    Someone is paying AKLADY to be an antagonist and make negative demeaning comments to your blogs. IGNORE HER! She is paid to act like a “Know-It-All” asshole and to piss you off.

    Obviously someone thinks that is the only way to get people to talk about today’s issues. It isn’t!! You have every right to express your concerns about the direction this country is going and NO ONE – INCLUDING AKLADY – HAS THE RIGHT TO BELITTLE OR RATTLE YOUR CAGE. I-G-N-O-R-E her comments and blog with other like minded bloggers.

    AkLady is no lady and perhaps is even a guy pretending to be a female antagonist. Who actually cares? Like any pesty fly, just swat her and make her go away. Some of you think you know “her” (a relative term), but she has made fools of you too.

    I G N O R E * I G N O R E * I G N O R E AKLADY.

    1. BengtVal Thulin says

      Guardian Flame the person you refer too ( AKLADY ) is an AL QAEDA terrorists psychology person who is involved in the Illegal Control of my Whitman Trust which is on file at the Jackson County Probate Court, 312 South Jackson Street in Jackson Michigan 49201. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/109f78188aec12f6af9b0d64d948aa228d2296ca3d54532a94f3c69d189e2939.png

      1. Reade Adams says

        I’m sorry, but you sound certifiable. Please list any and all resources that support your position. Thank you.

      2. Reade Adams says

        Mr. Thulin, I found this information about you, which leads me to believe that my first reaction to your blustering is correct.

        “On April 24, 2002, the district court issued an order finding appellant Bengt Thulin to be mentally ill under Minn.Stat. ch. 253B (2002), and committing him to the Brainerd Regional Treatment Center.  ”The court also ordered the imposition of neuroleptic medication for a period of six months.   Appellant challenged the order, and on October 22, 2002, this court affirmed the district court.   The day before this court’s opinion was released, a review hearing was held to determine the need for appellant’s continued commitment pursuant to Minn.Stat. § 253B.12, subd. 4.
        The district court received testimony from two expert witnesses at the review hearing.   The clinical director of the Brainerd Regional Treatment Facility, Ted Matzen, M.D., a psychiatrist, testified that appellant has a delusional disorder, persecutory type. He testified that continued commitment is necessary for the protection of appellant and others because
        “[g]iven the nature of his mental illness and his lack of the response to treatment that we’ve offered here in the last six months, it is likely that he will continue to generate persecutory delusions and possibly act on those as what he would perceive as being his own defense and that action would-might be violent.
        “- See more at: http://caselaw.findlaw.com/mn-court-of-appeals/1014421.html#sthash.nckQEGvl.dpuf

        You were diagnosed with schizophrenia, were you not? And committed to a regional treatment center?

        1. BengtVal Thulin says

          Read My Lips the State of Minnesota’s own Investigation cleared me of that and in fact the last 2 documents in the Court case file at the Itasca County Court in Grand Rapids Minnesota are;
          1. The State of Minnesota Investigation Report that Proves that I was Framed by the AL QAEDA terrorists from the government of the State of Michigan who are involved in the Illegal Control of my Whitman Trust which is on file at the Jackson County Probate Court, 5th floor, 312 South Jackson Street in Jackson Michigan 49201.
          The Investigation Report shows that Cynthia Bates, Arthur ?, Jackson County Michigan Judge Susan Vandercook, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, the Marcoux Allen PC in Jackson and Ann Arbor Michigan, 2 Itasca County Social Workers, … We’re all involved in FRAMING me and locking me up under False Pretences so they could have illegal control over me

    2. Reade Adams says

      Oh, dear, you sound pretty fierce and uncompromising. Why should anyone believe you over AKLADY? Please list your resources that support your position here. Thank you.

      1. GuardianFlame says

        How long have you been blogging “reade”? I’ve been doing this since 2007, nine plus years. I know a fake when I see one. Unless you have been blogging that long, you have no idea of what you are looking at.

        I do not have to prove myself to you or anyone else. If you are not smart enough to see what AKLady is doing and “Why”, then that is your problem. There are way more bloggers on this blog site that see exactly what I see. You are the exception which is being a novice or just someone who “thinks” they know what they are doing and are arrogant enough to try to pretend they do, when in reality they have not a clue. Try blogging for almost 10 years and then get back to me.

        1. ReadeMyLips says

          GuardianFlame, I am not an arrogant person, nor am I naive. As it stands, I agree with some of the things AKlady wrote, for instance, that Trump and his daddy are bigots and that his daddy was an unscrupulous landlord.

          I came on this site to learn how the conservative world thinks, because I truly believe it’s important to learn about other viewpoints than my own. The fact that I get a little hot under the collar says more about me than the other bloggers. I obviously have not mastered the art of compromise and the act of generosity toward those who hold different opinions than I do. I want to and I will get there eventually.

          It’s clear that few people change their minds about an issue just because someone else says they should. However, calling people names or casting aspersions on them because they don’t come over to my side of thinking is something I don’t want to do and don’t feel is very helpful.

          The reason I often ask for a person’s sources is so I can check things out for myself. Maybe there is something I can agree with or an angle i hadn’t considered.

          Does that make me a troll? I’m all about information and seeking out the truth, something that’s become much more difficult in our chaotic world. I also try to live my life by constantly considering WWJD. Or Buddha or the god of Islam. Obviously I haven’t mastered that either. It’s a lifetime goal.

          1. GuardianFlame says

            It’s nice to find someone with depth more than surface feelings. Please accept my apology for running “hot” on you. It was wrong.

            The reason I have said the things I did abt aklady is because she is using the same wording and phraseology on every person on this blog…no originality for different blogs. That is either someone who has a script in front of them to follow or someone who really has nothing “new” to offer. Someone with a script is usually someone who is paid to get a point across. She is consistently doing the same wordage, which is okay, but when she becomes disparaging and hurtful with her comments to new bloggers, that Is not constructive blogging, but someone on a power trip or being paid to be an antagonist.

            All the years I’ve been blogging, and she is the only one with repetitive slams…that’s a huge red flag for me and needs to be exposed for what it is.

            You can blog with who ever you wish, it’s a free world (atleast for now). I just want to make sure that “every” blogger’s comments are received on good faith – opposing comments too. There isn’t room for anyone that tries on purpose to destroy another blogger’s comments just because they want to belittle that person into arguing…which is exactly what aklady does. She knows I know what she is doing and will not reply to my blogs because she will be exposed.

            Thank you for your kind reply. I’m glad you are blogging on this website and you will bring a clearer and more Spiritual insight into our Nation’s severe issues! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts! Happy Blogging!

  37. AllenBarclayAllen says

    Perth hard to do when ,under these islamic murders, sercumstances the Creator of the universe is for Donald Trump closing down the borders to islam because their all radical Ezechael 38 ,4 ! Their all being gathered up to Mageedon North of Israel where this same Creators Son will deal with all of these Israel haters ! Suckermen it’s pretty hard to go up against the Creator of the universe you don’t stand a chance !
    Furthermore theywernt invited to our contenant in the first place 1485 The last of them were forced out of Spain and Europe ! Had to be done before Columba’s Sailed in 1492 Because they wernt invited here by an all wise Onioptent God ! No don’t think Facebook owner has the power to face a creators power !

    1. AKLady says

      Trump is a bigot.
      A second generation biugot.
      Both he and his daddy have been sued and fined by the DOJ for rental discrimination.

      1. Observant_One says

        You sound like an idiot if you are a lawyer.

        1. Reade Adams says

          I have read those same facts about Drunpf. Does that make me an idiot too? If so, why would that make me or anyone an idiot? Just curious.

    2. AKLady says

      In America, we capitalize proper nouns.
      Islam is a proper noun.

      Religious freedom is the basis upon which America was founded.
      Oh, and by the way, Muslim explorers arrived in the Americas long before Columbus.
      Muslims were also aboard Columbus’ ships.

      Jews, Muslims and Christians all worship the same God —
      the Old Testament God of Abraham.

      Islam is the world’s second largest religion.

      Muslims and Jews share signoficant amounts of DNA.

      Suggest you obtain a better history education.

  38. BengtVal Thulin says

    Mark Zuckerberg is a Liar and a Thief.
    Mark Zuckerberg takes his orders from the AL QAEDA terrorists who Illegally Control my Whitman Trust which is on file at the Jackson County Probate Court, 5th floor 312 South Jackson Street in Jackson Michigan 49201.
    Mr. Bengt Val Thulin the founder and sole owner of the Whitman Trust and the Founder and or Owner of the more than 700+ Corporations contained therein.

  39. BengtVal Thulin says

    Mark Zuckerberg is an AL QAEDA terrorist who takes his Orders from the AL QAEDA terrorists who Illegally Control my Whitman Trust which is on file at the Jackson County Probate Court, 5th floor, 312 South Jackson Street in Jackson Michigan 49201.

    My Whitman Trust contains the Corporations that I either Founded and Own as well as Corporations that I have taken over.
    All these total more than 700 Corporations + hundreds of Franchise’s.

    According to the FBI my Whitman Trust too which I am the Founder of is worth in excess of $4.1 Trillion Dollars as of May 2014.


  40. hangman57 says

    Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg can lie all he wants , but I have posted a lot of Conservative comments and ads on Facebook I could never find . It was all taking down ,or hidden from my friends ,and others to see.

  41. CHARLES S says

    That moron has been doing that for years, and NOW it has come to a head?? Really?! He and Merkel are huge best friends and there isn’t anything this amnesty and refugee lover-jerk wouldn’t do including kissing obuma and Soros’s a$$. You can’t get anymore bias and libtard then this imbecile is.

  42. Observant_One says

    Surprising how quickly the Jewish faith has forgotten about the Holocaust.

    1. Ttoe says

      I don’t think that they have forgotten. They’re just misplacing blame.

      You know that the Nazi’s were considered conservatives in Germany, in spite of the fact that their ideologies are vastly more in line with what the liberals in America today believe.

      I believe that this confuses a majority of the Jews, though not all of them. However, when you see those who have, you can see their arrogance and how they’ve all but forgotten their people and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and you realize that their fault is the same as everyone’s fault on the left. They simply don’t fear God, and the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. They reject that wisdom just like most that side left do.

      That’s what makes them into such fools that they are fighting to help the political power of the very people that will brutally persecute them if they ever have power enough long enough.

  43. markmccall says

    I have been singled out to either verify or security check 5-6 times on certain writings. They do like it when folks express their own views, yet they always claim an unbiased attitude.

  44. Keith says

    I’m in day #2 of my 3 day banishment for telling the truth about Islam. If your anti-Muslim Savages killing Americans that’s not acceptable to Zuck!

    1. AKLady says

      How about the Christians savages killing in America?
      How about the Christian savages killing in Africa?

      1. Keith says

        Your special. There is no time for people off the little bus…

        1. AKLady says

          Not all Muslims are terrorists.
          Not all terrorosts are Muslims.

          U.S. Christian Terror Organizations

          Animal Liberation Front
          Alpha 66
          The Jewish Defense League
          Omega 7
          Army of God
          Aryan Nations
          The Covenant
          Earth Liberation Front
          The Sword
          The Arm of the Lord
          Ku Klux Klan (Now International)
          May 19th Organization
          Occupy Wall Street
          The Order
          Phineas Priesthood
          Sovereign Citizens
          Symbioses Liberation Army
          United Freedom Front
          The Silent Brotherhood
          Phineas Priesthood

        2. AKLady says

          Actually, you are special. Their is a word to discribe that speciality: ignorant.

  45. Pam Miller says

    Isn’t it interesting the ones he’s meeting aren’t really Conservatives! To those it’s more about how they can get Facebook execs to help them derail the GOP Candidate! What’s wrong with this picture?

  46. Diana Sloan says


  47. gotabgood says

    All you blue collar republicans… no CEO’s! I know how you feel about it. The rest of you, how do you feel about this:
    Just announced: President Obama is extending overtime pay to millions more Americans

  48. 7818TD says

    The Public has the Power, if you do not care for this devious individual, and his nefarious activities, then simply quit Facebook.. The alternative is to promote editing in favor of Liberalism. He’s exposed. Dump him.

  49. glorybe2 says

    The word charges is the header of the article is deliberately misleading. They are accusations issued by a non-authority. If Zuckerberg wanted to declare that he very much discriminates against conservative that is his privilege. There is no penalty involved. If Facebook wishes to have a liberal slant it is perfectly free to do so.

  50. Taniathedman says

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  51. lenati says

    Glad i do not do facebook !!!!!

  52. mbradsh2 says

    Time to also scrutinize Google

  53. Eric says

    It is a fact of science that Humans come in Two and ONLY two genders.

  54. LastGasp says

    Those aren’t Conservatives. All part of the progressive RINOs and establishment GOP. Facebook is Big Brother and it’s propaganda is molding the electorate.

  55. LadyGreenEyes says

    Does the clown think anyone will believe his lies? anyone who has ever used FB knows the facts! They put in a page that collected ALL comments on “o”; anything that mentioned his name went to that page, any like, any comment under a post that did, all of it. The site is as biased as it’s possible to be.



    1. Reade Adams says

      Are you suggesting that getting a college education isn’t a good idea or that some people who get college educations are arrogant and elitist? Just trying to understand. Thank you.


        i guess i wasn’t clear. but i just read it and it seems clear to me. what exactly did you not understand? if you are a dumbass when you go in you are a dumbass when you come out. the one constant is the human being involved. and nowadays it seems like it’s worse than ever. education is always a good idea. not sure too many schools on any level are educating anymore. the mind involved has to apply the education. i also take issue with the term “COMMON SENSE”! there is no such thing. if i still haven’t been clear please email or text me and i’ll try to do better.bottom line! if you start out stupid you’ll stay stupid! education doesn’t fix stupidity. goodnight.

        1. Reade Adams says

          I was concerned that you were making blanket statements about everyone who pursues higher education. You mentioned doctors not listening to their patients. I would agree that some doctors don’t listen to their patients, but in the current environment of positive patient advocacy and individual autonomy, doctors are changing from the former paternalistic rhetoric of “do as I say because I’m the doctor and I know more than you” to an approach that encourages patient participation in the diagnosis and management of their illness. For the Old Guard docs who were trained to take charge and make all decisions, the change to active patient involvement is perhaps still uncomfortable.

          All in all, though, I think we have a lot more to fear from the less educated medical insurance company workers who make the determinations about what is and is not a patient’s needed medical treatment.

          1. WILLIAM JOHN RIGNEY JR. says

            anyone with half a brain, which these days seems to describe more and more people, should know you can’t paint everyone with the same brush. nor do i try. i’m just a very emphatic person. and i didn’t do with my life what i did, to turn my country over to idiots who took from this country and never gave. i’ll give you something else to consider. the high water mark in the USA was WW2. the further we get from that end date the dumber we get. vaya con nalgas!

          2. WILLIAM JOHN RIGNEY JR. says



        please notice i am a bona fide son of a bitch. i do not hide behind a computer!

  57. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

    ‘Facebook Scrambling to Fight Charges of Liberal Bias’……is the definition of an uphill battle!

  58. John King says

    Mr. Zuckerberg let us now look at the facts here. your company collects information on Americans that have issues with the current administration and gives this information to the government, you censor what is written in your site, and yet you say you are not a liberal and not bias. Look many of us might have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night. We the people see right through you and what you want us to beleave.

  59. RuFus92 says

    Was I the only one who caught that liars twinkle in Zuckerberg’s eye while he was denying all allegations, Facebook and Yahoo are hard to distinguish between when it comes to leftist leanings and censorship of conservative view points..

  60. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

    Zuckerberg is a fraud and liar he is pro liberal and hates TRUMP. We know his kind liberal, low energy and a coward!

  61. LiberalismaDisease!!! says

    Zuckerberg is a liberal cowardly low energy punk! I wish when Trump[ is elected he censors this Moron!!!
    He hates Real America I deleted my FACEBOOK PAGE i MIGHT JUST CREATE A NEW PAGE CALLED Americarealidentity better than Fakebook,…!!!

  62. Jackie says

    Zuckerberg is in bed with the NWO Globalists same as Google, Microsoft and many others who have mega bucks. They want the same thing as Soros/Rockefellers and the Rothschilds: POWER TO RULE THE WORLD and what sheeple will be left after they decimate the population,

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