Famous Evangelist Turns His Back on Republican Party


Evangelist Franklin Graham has decided to leave the Republican Party in protest after watching Congress pass a $1.1 trillion omnibus bill that will continue to provide federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

“Shame on the Republicans and the Democrats for passing such a wasteful spending bill last week,” Graham said on Facebook. “And to top it off, funding Planned Parenthood!”

Graham went as far as to compare Planned Parenthood’s rhetoric with Hilter’s Germany. “Seeing and hearing Planned Parenthood talk nonchalantly about selling baby parts from aborted fetuses with utter disregard for human life is reminiscent of Joseph Mengele and the Nazi concentration camps!,” he wrote. “That should’ve been all that was needed to turn off the faucet for their funding. Nothing was done to trim this 2,000 page, $1.1 trillion budget.”

Graham said he was no longer optimistic about the future of the country. “I have no hope in the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, or Tea Party to do what is best for America,” he wrote. “Unless more godly men and women get in this process and change this wicked system, our country is in for trouble.”

Conservatives who were wary about Paul Ryan’s ascent to Speaker got plenty of evidence to support their skepticism when this bill passed. Not only is the spending itself out of control, but the bill gave the Obama White House practically everything they could have hoped to get. And after months of speculation that Planned Parenthood could trigger a stalemate and a government shutdown, Republicans passed the bill with nary a fight.

There is still some hope that Ryan will turn things around in the coming year; this bill’s passing may have been orchestrated before he took over. But that hope is dim and uninspiring. Again and again, the GOP establishment over-promises and under-delivers. Now there’s talk of bringing Planned Parenthood to the floor next year. And they will probably pass another meaningless bill that can’t pass the Senate, much less avoid an Obama veto. This may let them turn to the voters and shrug and say, “We tried,” but it doesn’t do a damn thing to actually change the country.

If Republicans don’t get their act together soon, Graham won’t be the last man to leave the party behind. The rise of Donald Trump and the ousting of John Boehner proves that many Americans do not feel they are being represented in Washington. And the Republican Party as a machine has turned its back on these voters, viciously attacking both Trump and the congressional Freedom Caucus. Yet they still want that base to come out and support their pre-packaged candidates.

When another Graham – Lindsey – dropped out of the race this week, he said that the 2016 primaries would be a fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. He’s absolutely right. This is the year we find out whether there is any heart and soul left in this party. The fact that outsiders like Trump and Carson have made such a splash should be a pretty clear indication of what the voters think. And the continued funding of Planned Parenthood should be a pretty clear indication that they’re right.

  1. Croco Dile says

    Graham : “Seeing and hearing Planned Parenthood talk nonchalantly about selling baby parts from aborted fetuses with utter disregard for human life is reminiscent of Joseph Mengele and the Nazi concentration camps!,”

    Graham is obsessed with fiction !

    No wonder to hear this from a professional CROOK.
    He is in good company, though.

    1. otoman says

      So please tell me. WHERE is Graham lying? Or are YOU the typical uneducated liberal that only mimics what he hears from those that pull his puppet strings? My guess is, YOU are just to stupid to see the truth and are governed by YOUR OWN EVIL DESIRES. There is no truth in liberalism. Liberalism is a disease that invades the very soul of man. It turns truth into lies, and lies into truth. The very sad part is, those that partake in liberalism enjoy the deceit that they spread.

      1. Kent2012 says

        crock of schit dialoinsky is an operative from the kenyan boyo scum brigade….they cruise around looking for places to crap…you know like flies…

      2. bb says

        The Devil is doomed to spend eternity in Hell banned from God’s presence. Misery loves company. Satan is going to take as many souls with him as he can. Satan has been recruiting for many years. He has gotten quite good at it. Secular Humanists, Activist Liberals, Communists, Marxists Have all fallen under his spell. The Great Yankee Stove Pipe Hat Wearing Lincoln wrote letters back and forth to Karl Marx. So, Satan has been hard at work for a long time!!
        Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!!

        1. Reality Check says

          Where do Buddhists and Hindu fit in this Grand Plan?
          They have never heard of the Christian god or Satan?

          so your God is just going to let them go to Hell?
          he makes no effort to make his presence know to the MAJORITY of the planet?

          and you call him loving?

          1. bb says

            I didn’t call any body anything. I simply stated the facts. The Devil led a rebellion in Heaven eons ago. He got kicked out along with a third of the Angels. Ever since then he has been trying to create havoc with God’s Grand plan. Paul tells of The Road to Salvation in Romans. Every one that accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior will be with him in Heaven. If a person that practices the Buddhist religion accepts Christ into his heart he will go to Heaven. The same with a Hindu. God loves us all. When Christ came back after being crucified, he spent time with the Disciples. One of the things he did was give them the Great Commission. He said for the to Go Ye Therefore into all lands preaching the Gospel. They were the first missionaries. That is what missionaries do, they go to places where Buddhists, Hindus, Hotentots, etc. live and preach the Gospel to them. They can accept it or reject it. God gives us free will.
            God loves you and me.
            Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!!!!

          2. Reality Check says

            “I didn’t call any body anything”

            Oh the Christian plays dumb.
            you fools of Christianity constantly say God is “loving”, but he rarely displays that characteristic.

          3. bb says

            Yeah, and this Christian would as soon whip your heathen ass as look at you.
            Go Ahead, be a dumb ass and disregard the scripture and follow the Devil.
            Have a nice eternity in Perdition, you worthless puke.
            Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are.

          4. Reality Check says

            Oh, AND the tool pretends to be a Christian.

      3. Croco Dile says

        Did I mention liberalism in my comment ?
        Then why are you ranting about liberalism ?
        Are you evil ?

        1. otoman says

          Lol! You don’t have to “mention it”. Your post wreaks of hatred. Hatred is the foundatIon of liberalism.

      4. QuanellEleven says

        Franklin was a druggy homo was starving until he got in on Dsddy’s Scam

        1. otoman says

          Those who ignore, deny, or are just plane ignorant about the saving grace of Jesus Christ choose their eternal destiny just a Franklin Graham did. You appear to be one of the ignorant ones that somehow believes that life can just happen from lifeless mud.

          1. QuanellEleven says

            Superstition about invisible sky heroes is cute and a handy way for the weak minded to,like Brother iniSuperstitionFranklin to “turn their back” on non subscribers to their particular regional hillbilly brand of “the truth”.
            Oh well, it is great tax free way to scam old ladies out of their retirement funds and,like Otoman to condemn those who refuse to join or encourage such nonsense. Their is no integrity , by definition, in superstition as demonstrated by Good Ole’ Otoman’s fevered angst.

            PRay to Boto the pink dolphinGod of the Upper Peruvion Amazon who also knows The Truth . Besides, Boto kicked Jesus’ ass at Wrestlemania 22.

    2. 4truth4evr says

      And we’re to take you words of truth on that? One who obviously sides with the biggest liars and criminals this world has and disciples of satan the father of lies. Franklin Graham stands with Jesus Christ and truth and light and if you believe that bull you wrote then you truly walk in darkness and as such cannot perceive the truth and I’ll pray that you’ll find Christ and the light before it’s too late because God’s judgment is definitely coming to America and the world and very soon.

      1. Reality Check says

        “God’s judgment is definitely coming to America and the world and very soon.”

        Oh, like they haven’t been saying THAT for a thousand years.
        did you ever hear the story about the boy who cried wolf?

        you should look that one up.
        definitely apples to the religious enthusiasts.

        Crying WOLF seems to be the standard Christian “Go To” throughout time.

    3. Sherry says

      WHICH Graham are you referring to??? The Christian or the RINO???

      1. Croco Dile says

        The priest crook !

    4. Darenda Anastazi says

      DELUSION, thy name is democracy…

      1. Croco Dile says

        That is true also.
        The lives of people are full of delusions.


  2. Bob Stewart says

    By the time the election rolls around, the republican party will find that they have lost half of their membership due to their own disregard of American voters. The republican establishment is a dead duck. They will still get some votes as a lesser of evils, but they have turned off so many Americans that they will never get it back.

    1. armydadtexas says

      I am finished with the lesser of two evils. We gave these clowns a HISTORICAL MANDATE and they squandered every last bit of it. They capitulated, surrendered and turned to Obama and the democ-RATS. I love what Sarah Palin said about it being like ABUSE, because that is exactly what these anal passages have done. There is a song by Adele that sums it up. It is called Rolling in the Deep. Bottom line, they played us for fools and betrayed their word. Now it is time they find there are consequences to lying and betrayal.

      1. Reality Check says

        More proof you cons are just morons.

        we have been telling you for years that the GOP is a lying POS organization.

        1. Philip Allen Costa says

          And the Democrats are not a lying piece of crap?

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Bullshit! Every one of those demoncraps escaped from a school for the retarded!!!

          2. Upaces says

            Michael, I gave you the thumbs up because I know you are as upset as I am
            ..they are not retarded. They KNOW Exactly what they are doing. They don’t care.

          3. Apolloone says

            Merry Christmas Upaces: You’re exactly right these people are far from stupid, I have said repeatedly to people who call Obama stupid, he has done exactly what he said he would do “Fundamentally Change America” A stupid president by the law of averages would sooner or later do something that is good for our Republic he has done nothing. He is either a Communist or a Muslim; under true Communism the state is god so Islam couldn’t exist. I believe he is a Muslim but whatever he is he is no American, he has done irreparable damage to this country. The sorry Republicans share much of the blame and believe me they’ll do even more permanent damage before he leaves office, look at who he surrounds himself with, Jeh Johnson a Muslim and so-called security chief Valery Jarett a good Muslim who promised to work toward making America a Muslim state, she said this in the seventies, the list is long and they all share the same goal, a goal that is anti-Christian and anti-Liberty.

          4. richardwfaith says

            It’s even WORSE than “they don’t care”. They are participating WILLINGLY and even GLEEFULLY in what they’re doing to us. Their mendacity defies measure!

          5. retreaded says

            I used to think that the demonrats were stupid. The truth is simply that they are all totally evil. Although some really are stupid and the current head of Homeland Security is a prime example of stupid. That is the man who thinks that Guam will tip over and sink if we add a few more troops.

          6. yennikcm says

            Hank “Guam a gonna tip over) Johnson…not Jeh Johnson

          7. Reality Check says

            many are, but we still have a chance of saving IT.

            we have to get public funding for elections but you low info humans are too brainwashed to get behind IT.

          8. mjnellett says

            We need to LIMIT contributions to $5 a person. NO PACS, NO anonymous donors, NO corporate or union contributions. We need voter I.D. for every election everywhere in all our elections. NO more in-kind contributions. NO more BILLIONAIRES or lobbyists buying influence in our government. The political parties have corrupted the system in this country and sold out the people who have elected them. Term limits for ALL government employees including the judicial branch would be appropriate. The more “enlightened you progressives of any political persuasion get the more corrupt you become.

          9. glorybe2 says

            And when the government wanted to issue a national ID card that was unusually hard to duplicate the right wing fought against it tooth and nail. That national ID card would have cured a lot of problems. Simple example : Hire a person without a national ID card and you go straight to prison. If immigrants can not work they will not come here.

          10. ringostarr1 says

            Sargent Schulz: Auchtung Frauline glorybe2, your papers please!.

          11. richardwfaith says

            In an electoral system with political parties in place, money would ALWAYS find CRACKS to seep in through. IMO the ONLY way to STOP it is to DITCH SO-CALLED “elections” entirely, and to replace them with DRAFT LOTTERIES.

          12. Reality Check says

            Ya, Bernie has ONLY public donations averaging $35.
            he has NO PAC.
            UNLIKE any other politician.

          13. Reality Check says

            well with those suggestions the GOP would cease to exist.

            AND it would be the LIBERALS calling for everything you asked for not the cons.

            so why do you vote GOP?
            cause you like it this way?

          14. richardwfaith says

            Apparently “enlightenment” and “corruption” to these SO-CALLED “progressives” both mean the same thing. They are PROUD of their corruption and they PARADE it under the name of “enlightenment”.

          15. Michael Holdcraft says

            Finally, something halfway correct. Yes, find a way to take money out of politics, especially elections, and many issues would be resolved. The other problem is dishonesty and that can’t be solved by our current politicians because they are already bought off! We need non-politicians i.e. people who serve and then come home to live with the laws they have passed. Then maybe we’ll get back to common sense, rather than greed being the driving factor in politics???

          16. richardwfaith says

            How about a draft lottery to choose our officeholders, instead of elections.
            1) Money would be OUT OF THE PICTURE, ENTIRELY
            2) We would get mostly people who don’t WANT the job (translation: aren’t going in for the spoils!)
            3) Term limits would be at least STATISTICALLY automatic; limit all participants to ONE SINGLE TERM AND ONE SINGLE OFFICE, then term limits would be absolutely and completely automatic, with NO exceptions
            4) Political parties (ALL of them!) would be without purpose and without funding; they would DIE ON THE VINE, and long LIVE the DEATH of them!
            5) Since political CAREERS would no longer exist, there would be NO SUPPORTABLE RATIONALE for paying PENSIONS to people retiring (after their ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME stint) from government service

          17. Reality Check says

            “How about a draft lottery to choose our officeholders, instead of elections.Advantages:”

            how about you grow a brain?

          18. richardwfaith says

            Said the person who complains about billionaires who support “right-wing” candidates and can’t get his head around the fact that the “two parties” are co-equal, interchangeable twin heads of the same beast.

          19. MikeTheTiger says

            Richardwfaith, I’m not sure how a draft lottery would do the job? Are we to force people to serve, like we do with Jury duty?? But, most of the other ideas like term limits (single term, single office) make sense. I’de love to see Political Parties and “Career Politicians” all go the way of the Dinosaur.

          20. richardwfaith says

            Thank you for your most thoughtful reply. Service in the same sense as jury is very much what I have in mind, although there is the drawback that some might be serving against their will. To that end, it seems reasonable to me that a person could be excused under appropriate circumstances, much as was done in the days of the military draft. What I envision is a two-step process: first, random selection, then vetting according to the following criteria:
            1) no prior service in any government position;
            2) no history of criminal conviction, even if pardoned;
            3) all Constitutional requirements for the office being filled must be met;
            4) draftee for President must be the offspring of two parents, BOTH citizens at the draftee’s birth;
            5) draftees having dishonorable or less-than honorable discharges from the military are ineligible for any office;
            6) any person selected as President must have served at least one hitch in military service, so as to have at least a chance of competency as Commander in Chief
            7) habitually unemployed persons are ineligible for office;
            8) honorable work history is required of all draftee’s
            9) any person found unqualified is released and the selection for the office in question is to be repeated, including the vetting;
            10) individuals selected for service will be compensated according to the same formula as they were in their last REAL JOB;
            11) if draftee was enrolled in a retirement program in his last employment, he haas the option to continue participating in that program, with the government picking up the tab for “employee contributions” and “company match” if applicable.
            The persons performing the random selection and the vetting themselves are also to be selected and vetted according to the above criteria, and because that is not possible in the first iteration, the first draftors need to be chosen by a special election, wherein the candidates are volunteers.
            Your thoughts?

          21. ringostarr1 says

            But what about Obama’s free green fees?

          22. Reality Check says

            he pays his OWN FEES, fool.

            care to prove he doesn’t?

            or you just going with HOT AIR as your evidence like most cons?

          23. ringostarr1 says

            I doubt that he buys his own tees.

          24. Reality Check says

            was that a con proving something?
            more HOT AIR from the idiot con.

          25. Reality Check says

            I am all the way correct.
            AND you vote for the party that fights these changes tooth and nail.

            why is that, con?

          26. ringostarr1 says

            Public funding for elections is Democrat Party speak for putting the Democrat Party on the welfare rolls, nothing more.

          27. richardwfaith says

            The Democrat Party gets a hefty portion of its funding from such BILLIONAIRES as soro$$$$$$ and rockefelleR, and that ought to bring on some suspicion! Billionaires don’t GET to BE billionaires, nor STAY billionaires, by giving THEIR OWN money to the less fortunate. It’s more profitable for them to put a regime in place that will provide for the less fortunate by TAXING THE MIDDLE CLASS MORE. The Democrats seem to have somehow weasled out from being known by the company they keep (the “company” that FINANCES THEIR CAMPAIGNS). They PANDER to the TAKERS and sell their SO-CALLED “souls” to RICH COMMUNISTS. The rockefelleRs and soro$$$$$$es of the world have reinvented Robin Hood: they steal from the middle class, give a fraction of the proceeds to the poor, and POCKET THE DIFFERENCE. That way, they can STAY WEALTHY INDEFINITELY.

          28. Reality Check says

            so the moron of the right isn’t aware of the pet billionaires his current candidates HAVE?
            or just a DISINGENUOUS TOOL of the right?

          29. Reality Check says

            I love the way the moronic right think that the GOP is not completely bought and paid for by billionaires.

          30. richardwfaith says

            The GOP AND the Democrat Party are BOTH bought off. While you were sleeping, a CABAL of globalists took BOTH of them over, and THAT is precisely the reason why I continually look for ways of making ALL political parties PERMANENTLY EXTINCT. Furthermore, even if I COULD make that happen, I’d STILL be far short of satisfied, because I can’t make that change RETROACTIVE to the BEGINNING OF TIME.

          31. Reality Check says

            ODD that you haven’t mentioned the GOP in your RANT until I prod you to be a TRUTHFUL idiot.

            so why do you support the TPP, via the GOP?

          32. richardwfaith says

            I NEVER supported the TPP, via the GOP, the Democrat Party, or any other entity. The TPP got its support through BOTH SO-CALLED “parties”, BOTH OF WHICH are merely two heads of the SAME beast, both controlled by the Globalist CABAL. The Globalist CABAL CREATED the TPP and pushed it through FOR ITS OWN BENEFIT, via its INFLUENCE on BOTH PARTIES. If you would take the EFFORT to read the rest of my comments in this and other forums, perhaps it would begin to penetrate your four-foot-thick solid concrete cranium that I am consistent and truthful. You will NOT find it in ANY of my posts that I believe that ANY political party (NO, not “even” the GOP) will EVER give us a Messiah. No doubt you are ignorant of the fact that George Washington was NOT a member of ANY political party, and he believed that political parties are a bad idea. We simply do not need ANY politicians. REPRESENTATIVES, yes; politicians, NOT ONLY NO, but HELL NO.

          33. Reality Check says

            The disingenuous con seems to be unable to let himself acknowledge that 75% of the Dems OPPOSED the TPP, while 98% of the GOP support it.

            YOUR only hope is to support the Dems that are not bought and paid for.
            otherwise you are just spitting into the wind.
            Bernie is your guy.

            or you can just be screwed.

          34. richardwfaith says

            By your own open admission, the TPP had some support from BOTH SO-CALLED “parties” (twin heads of the same beast). The Globalist CABAL would have been equally pleased with any other percentages, as long as they got their way, which they in fact did. Go ahead and vote for your favorite career politician; I plan to vote for someone who is NOT. Once again, thank you for exposing your true self in your posts for all to see.

          35. Reality Check says

            so you are THAT stupid?

            oh right, you vote GOP.

          36. mtman2 says

            They are the main puppets on the strings of the Globalist.
            Next level actors are the George Soros’s financing things like the Missouri+Baltimore riots directly as well as promoting+donating as do the big unions(+public unions) to the Democrat party- now the farther Left the better. We are now controlled by socialist bureaucrats ruling over us by unelected agencies put into office by Democrats. Tho RINOS help…
            It started w/Woody Wilson -> then morphed by FDR-LBJ-Killtons now MAO’bama into a socialist soup+nuts society ~!

          37. Reality Check says

            “Next level actors are the George Soros’s financing things like the Missouri+Baltimore riots directly”

            well there we have it folks.
            Definitive proof this poster is a complete moron.

            MAYBE the Tool of the right Wing Propaganda would like to cite some evidence in his defense?

        2. armydadtexas says

          Oh, I see sh*t for brains “reality check” has piped in. See RC, unlike you MINDLESS, Slobbering, far left wing, radical extremist, Socialist democ-RATS, Conservatives are able to think for themselves. Something you dumb ass crats don’t have a clue about. Now, go stick your head up your a$$ and jump! You silly a$$ hole

          1. Apolloone says

            Amen to that, there is still some decent Republicans whereas the Democrat party has none.

        3. Michael Dennewitz says

          Ahhhh, there’s that goat humper again! How the hell did you get out of pedophile prison, asswipe???

          1. Reality Check says

            Hey Mikey the homeless.

        4. jennarae19733 says

          At least we realize when our party is in trouble, voicr our disapproval and will attempt to do something. Liberals just keep on following the the old farts leading them off the cliff. You never protest the dems establishment, you just go along with it no matter what like good little lemmings. Hillary is your future? She’s old, sick, backward thinking and stuck in 60s feminism. Lol, gl with that hag.

          1. Reality Check says

            Oh God, are you out to lunch.
            IF you spent a second in the real world, you would know the “liberal media” chew Obama a new one everyday.
            as do liberals.
            Obama is a corporatist, not a progressive, ignorant one.

            I would prefer Bernie, as Hillary is also a corporatist, but “backward” is the GOP who want women barefoot and pregnant.

          2. mjnellett says

            I see that you have the progressive talking points down pat RC! The progressive agenda is the work of insanity. You want the government to take care of people but in order to do it they have to steal from the productive and give to the takers. What are you going to do when there are no producers anymore COMRADE?

          3. ringostarr1 says

            I can answer that question mjnellett, you will be labeled “useless eaters” and gassed like the “Progressive” NAZIS did between 1940-45. National Socialism is a left wing political philosophy, just like Marxism is.

          4. glorybe2 says

            Nazi Germany was right wing, not left wing. That is why they clashed and went to war with the USSR as part of WW2.

          5. richardwfaith says

            “Wings” come in symmetric pairs on a bird. In the case of a bad bird, BOTH “wings” are bad. They are mirror images of each other; that makes “which is which” a minor consideration.

          6. ringostarr1 says

            Oh, is that why Hitler and Stalin signed a secret treaty dividing Poland between Germany and the USSR? Then when Hitler gave the signal both left wing Germany and the Uber Progressive USSR invaded Poland?

          7. glorybe2 says

            Hitler and Stalin did confer as to the division of Europe after the war. It was not a treaty but a general agreement. The funny part is that neither of them wanted Ireland. They thought the Irish could never be of value, but Hitler insisted that because they were considered Aryan that they could never be exterminated. Even the notion that the Irish are Aryans is pretty weird.

          8. ringostarr1 says

            What is even more astonishing is that glorybe2 thinks that she knows what she is speaking about.

          9. retreaded says

            You are definitely in serious need of political education. The extreme left is communism with socialism (Nazism) just a tiny bit to the right of communism. The extreme right is anarchy which is no government at all. Do a lot of research and also study at lot of history so you can understand the truth.

          10. ProudAmerican9 says

            glorybe2 has obviously been educated by the “dumbing down of America” educational system. They are not taught to analyze, think and investigate. Just swallow the lies you’re told by those in charge.

          11. jvaljon1 says

            Like you do, with Rush (he of the) Limp Bough???

          12. jvaljon1 says

            O M G!!!!!!!!!!!

          13. Reality Check says

            Ya, YOU missed the mark by a few miles, there uneducated fool the the right.

            socialism (Nazism) is the nail in your “stupid” coffin.

          14. mtman2 says

            You are incorrect in this assessment from the Amerikan-Left.
            Both are socialism; one is a national socialist’s party running or controlling everything, with private industry+ownership; the other is a collectivist-state with controling party members and generally one top tyrant running or controlling everything with no private industry or ownership.
            Both are socialistic if make up, tho both are repressive with only party line thot allowed a/sever penalties, imprisonment or death for violators.
            Tho the Soviets were far worse in the murder and enslavement of their own
            while rape+murder was the norm to the peoples invaded.
            Germany was at a crossroads of going commie or ??? when Hitler was appointed Chancellor by Hindenburg. This situation was created by Woodrow Wilson unbalancing WWI outcome resulting in the Treaty of Versailles and rape of Germany(by France+Britain) w/the Weimar economy breaking the nation to it’s knees. The German people rejected communism but not realizing the incremental Nazis usurpation of their great society were cooked like the frog in cold to boiling water. Toil it was to late.
            This is what happens in coming to the place of having to desperately chose the lesser of two evils when there’s no other way out.
            WE here are coming to that place in the USA soon ~!

          15. glorybe2 says

            The Nazi party has always been considered the right wing. There was nothing about them that had anything to do with socialism other than them using the word to hide what they really were. In essence Hitler was a king and the people were his pawns. Socialism does not work like that. Communism, unless it runs of the rails, also does not work like that. The president in communist Russia is subject to the will of the party. The will of the party is supposedly determined by the people, but in fact it is not. The huge difference was that Hitler did not answer to the Nazi party. Any group that Hitler disliked, including Nazi leaders were executed. During Stalin’s reign in Russia the same thing was pretty much true but since that time the party has more power than the president, in Russia.

          16. mtman2 says

            I just took my valuable time to enlighten you, wake up or go away as you don’t know what you are talking about. If you can’t keep up-get off the track you’ve been lapped too many times already.
            Pay attention this time! Your 1st sentence I covered in my first sentence in the above post above. That is a Far-Left view and is skewed to start with.

            This all means you must do deep research to gain the knowledge for this topic to actually contribute- not just believe you are and are even going the wrong way. The spectators are laughing. If you mean well realize there is much more for you to learn- this means hundreds+thousands of hours of research and not from MediaMatters or HuffPro. This is the real world of thinkers whom are aware of what you are not.
            When some knowledgeable takes time for you LEARN from them and do check in depth on what is said to gain understandings necessary for bedrock truths to apply. Not hear-say from the bleachers.
            My family was in both WW WARS AND ON BOTH SIDES AS WELL AS BEFORE AND AFTER. You cannot educate me on the facts as we were there in various capacities. America IS- The Shining City on a Hill ~!

          17. ringostarr1 says

            When Hitler snookered the Soviets with his nonaggression pack, the Communist in America fell over themselves to cozy up to the Fascists. The truth of the matter is that Fascism and Communism are both big government isms. The rub is that Fascism and Communism both are chasing the same goal. This is the root of their mutual hostility.

          18. jvaljon1 says


          19. armydadtexas says

            Actually, the SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS/Nazi Germany were left wingers. Just like the far, far, left wing, radical, extremist, Mindless, Slobbering, Socialist democ-RATS of the United States are today. Same sick ideas. Today, the SD are all about slaughtering innocent unborn human babies. While the same SD under Nazi Germany were all about murdering innocent people based on their Belief system. And again, today, just like under Nazi Germany the SD are all about welcoming known, Radical, Extremist, Blood thirsty, kill happy Islamo-Fascists. Yep, the present day Socialist democ-RAT party is no different from the Nazi Germany version of the same. Truth sucks, now don’t it

          20. jvaljon1 says


          21. Reality Check says

            “Actually, the SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS/Nazi Germany were left wingers”

            MORE PROOF that you are a MORON.

          22. Reality Check says

            “are all about welcoming known, Radical, Extremist, Blood thirsty, kill happy Islamo-Fascists”

            wow, TWO examples of YOU being a MORON in the same post.

            Good job.

          23. jim says

            Margaret Thatcher has an excellent quote . Socialism is great , until you run out of other peoples money .

          24. glorybe2 says

            Yes, and England is finding its way back from the consequences of Mrs Thatcher’s beliefs. Socialism has been a blessing to England. Make note that people are not all likely to commit mass murders in England. The misery index is lower in the UK than it is in the US. When people live in misery, many get enraged and act out. Less misery, less fear, yield less violence, less insanity, less narcotics use and less alcohol abuse, and less crime.

          25. Michael Holdcraft says

            What BS is in your brains? There is just as much misery in the UK as anywhere else. Just as many drug abusers – alcohol is a drug too. And crime is less in GB? When you have less to steal, you have less stealing. The violence in America is just better advertised, but with radical Islam on the rise we all will see more violence until we stomp out the radicals who preach violence as a main part of their religion.

          26. Debra Johnson says

            They have a big trouble with gangs and drugs. They have a lot of killings also because of it. They also have a large problem with terrorism because of the large muslim population.

          27. glorybe2 says

            You won’t have to go far to kill those that advocate violence. There are some on this forum.

          28. glorybe2 says

            If you care to know, you can research the Misery Index, which lists places in which people feel the worst about their situation. People in the US are not happy as a rule, and that is true across economic strata.

          29. Michael Holdcraft says

            You are only partially correct, misery comes in many forms and not all of it based on economics. Many of us in the middle-class are sick and tired of politics as usual – politics that attempt to divide people into classes and blame one so called group for the problems faced by another. That is the standard ploy of the Democratic party, blame the rich for the plight of the poor. In reality the poor are still poor today because that is how our politicians, especially the Democrats, like them, poor and dependent on them for their next welfare check. You would think that if politicians really wanted to pull the poor out of poverty they would have some type of federal jobs training programs and then assist with job placement, but no. The plan is to give them just enough in that monthly check to keep them voting for the guys who promise them one more welfare check. Now I’m not saying the Republicans are much better. But at least Republicans are for capitalism, which at least offers anyone a chance at a better life. The Socialism of the Democrats is set up to stifle incentive and make everyone equally needy, except for the “Political Class” of which they are the members. Some rich only carry influence in our political system because our career politicians are addicted to money so they can stay on office. Find a way to take money out of the formula for political office and we might be well on our way to a cure. Take a way career politicians by term limits and we get rid of the one class in this country that causes most of the division – politicians.

          30. glorybe2 says

            Actually there are some job training programs by the federal government. They take young people, provide them with living quarters and meals as well as training for specific skills. Sadly many of these trained, youth are not allowed to work as they can’t afford to get a green card. In my state males will receive no help at all and neither will females unless their are children or a pregnancy involved. Naturally if you make it illegal to work and then offer zero aid they do not go quietly and starve to death. They will find a way to survive and it may involve crime. If they commit a crime and go to jail it is expensive for the tax payers. It is far less expensive to house and feed them and it would be smarter not to require a green card.
            Here is what i hear from people who employ them. They work at about half price until they have enough English to work for people who pay more. The employers would like to keep them down as they want cheap labor. They admit it.

          31. ringostarr1 says

            Just like the Leftest all want cheap Beluga Caviar and Chateau Roth Child 1946.

          32. ringostarr1 says

            Why not cut out the middle man glorybe2 and ship the jobs that you are talking about overseas? What do you mean they already have been shipped overseas? Oh never mind. You can always count on a Liberal Democrat to pauper you before you get your pink slip.

          33. richardwfaith says

            I have already proposed a means of taking money out of the influence equation, and if “Reality Check’s” disapproval of it is any indication at all, it just might be a very good plan. Look for it if you please.

          34. mtman2 says

            Term limits yes, check out Dennis Prager’s- PRAGER UNIVERITY.
            Then look up Campaign Finance Reform- done by George Will .
            There are some interesting points in retrospect ~!

          35. richardwfaith says

            People in th U.S. are indeed unhappy about the things the current THUG REGIME has done to our nation, and in fact if we WERE “happy” about those things, we would be MASOCHISTIC!

          36. glorybe2 says

            Our current president has done nothing but good for our nation, so I assume you mean our republican congress and senate.

          37. Debra Johnson says

            Name one thing he has done that helped the American people and don’t say Obamacare. Its a complete failure as is most of his agenda. Socialism doesn’t work and never will.

          38. Debra Johnson says

            Great Britain has a big problem with gangs. Its just that most citizens don’t have guns and just like in the US when you take away the guns crime goes up which is the case in the UK. Britain has the most crime in all of Europe and its gun statistics have been skewered.

          39. Erin Dougherty says

            Until the silly cons wake up and unwrap themselves from the flag, they will miss that we are no longer the greatest nation on Earth. We can be once again, but we must rid ourselves of the plutocracy that has ruined and hoodwinked this once great nation.

          40. glorybe2 says

            What I can’t get through to people is that the troubles they feel are happening are not a consequence of politics. The real problem is human behavior, and I do not mean the silly stuff about morals and the old, time ways.
            We are creating a perfect storm by allowing growth to run rampant. We have passed the point at which a planet can survive. Too much pollution equals too much population. Excessive population growth triggers all kinds of issues no matter what form of government one has. Excessive growth of industry destroys all. Super large cities destroy the quality of life and safety of populations. Now add in a new factor. We have technology that is about to replace almost 100% of human labor from the lowest laborer right up the line to the highest professions.
            How many of you already have a kid in school in which some classes are taught by computer, with no teacher present? Some surgeries are now best done or only done by robots. Computers are on the verge of suddenly improving buy orders of magnitude. Now imagine a public that is close minded, and unwilling to confront real issues. Can you for an instant realize what would happen to an American politician who even mentions mandatory birth control in the US? As a nation we can not even discuss our real problems. Cowards retreat into conspiracy theories, or slandering the president, rather than take a hard look at what is really happening. Flint, Michigan and Detroit are examples of what can happen when you have too much growth. Brooklyn, the Bronx or Los Angeles also demonstrate the same issues. Just how can we hope to remove the industrial contamination from the Flint River?

          41. richardwfaith says

            You sound like a perpetually perfect puppet to the perps who are taking down MY COUNTRY. No doubt you support the installation of an all-powerful one-world government that will bring order and peace. It WILL NOT. It will dissolve our sovereignty, undermine our liberty, destroy our quality of life, and FLEECE us. We hall have the likes of YOU to thank for brazenly PROMOTING this farce.

          42. mtman2 says

            That’s in all the planned groundwork of the Globalist One Worlders,
            Which got their foot in OUR door in 1913 via socialist Woodrow Wilson.
            Then greatly expanded increasingly further by FDR, LBJ, Killton’s and now MAO’bama are the re-arrangers of real priorities for OUR nation Founded with resolute discretionary wisdoms as put down in OUR 3-Founding documents.
            Those not grasping this fundamental understanding fall
            for all kinds of foolishness, having never attained critical thinking skills.
            Becoming useless-idiots for the Far-Left. -adrift in fantasies ~!

          43. richardwfaith says

            Absolutely correct. These truths need to be shouted from the rooftops!

          44. mtman2 says

            This takes individuals to choose due-diligence in doing the work it takes to
            first grasp the fundaments of core truths- or they’re lost to start with and fall for anything that “sounds-reasonable” from a wandering+lost perspective of life, history or just common sense reality ~!

          45. jvaljon1 says

            Ahhh…..Der “Rush” speaketh?

          46. jvaljon1 says

            LOL, I can’t wait!

          47. jvaljon1 says

            WOW! This is because of the “Globalist One Worlders?” From 1913???!!! Oh tell me – not only how this came about, but also why it took 102 years? My gosh, mtman2 – you’re SCARY, you know??!

          48. richardwfaith says

            The SO-CALLED “Federal Reserve” (which is NOT BY ANY STRETCH federal) came to be in or about 1913. One of the best books about it is The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin. Make no mistake: the SO-CALLED “Federal Reserve” is one of the principal players in the globalist CABAL. Its MISSION from the outset has been to prop up the big banks; not only those in the U.S., but also in the world.

          49. jvaljon1 says

            And YOU sound like a limp-brained “Rush-er”! We don’t want to do any of those things that you accuse us of doing – we just want YOU to quit trying to take America back to the 1800s! According to my old American History book? Life wasn’t at all that great, back then! Our Flag gave us the power to make America better – little did we know that we would also have deliberate anti-Americanism to fight, as well! (Thanks, Rush! You did GOOD!)

          50. richardwfaith says

            Give me a break. Never have I heard Rush even mention, much less criticize, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, or Skull and Bones, just for starters, and I’m CERTAIN that he knows PLENTY about those organizations. You, on the other hand, not so much. Nevertheless, you project the image of yourself as one who knows who’s “anti-American”. Your credibility is lacking. If you care to argue more persuasively, spending a few hours learning about the aforementioned organizations might take you a long way.

          51. glorybe2 says

            Choice number one : Disallow anything that will pollute the Flint River in the first place. Choice number two : Leave the filthy deadly river alone to spread death and disease into other waterways. Choice number three: Clean up that river completely and pass laws strict enough to keep it clean.
            Now there is a real issue. So what would the right wing go for?

          52. richardwfaith says

            A solution preferably local and at least domestic, but NOT a SO-CALLED “solution” by such an organization as the UN. Of course, I’m taking the high road here, and by that I mean taking your reference to “right wing” as meaning “conservative”; on the other hand, MOST of the people CONSIDERED “conservative” are NOT truly conservative by any stretch, because of their participation in the globalist CABAL that strives to dissolve our sovereignty (making them NO DIFFERENT from the so-called “LEFT WING”!). The CABAL CLAIMS that its mission is to empower itself to improve the global environment, however, that’s a salesmanly-crafted LIE having no more REAL purpose than to get rid of our pesky sovereignty, which stands in their way to their objective of GLOBAL POWER AND CONTROL. The LABELS “right” and “left” are thus blurred and confused because many of both “persuasions” are CABAL participants, and therefore are completely ineligible to honestly call themselves “conservative” or “right-wing”, even if they are top-echelon members of the GOP/RNC.

          53. Reality Check says

            “No doubt you support the installation of an all-powerful one-world government that will bring order and peace.”

            I have a feeling you vote for the very part that IS destroying America.

            Now if your saying the TPP is going to destroy America, I might think you were in touch with reality,but…..

          54. ringostarr1 says

            Deputy Reichsführer-Herman Goering would be right at home in today’s’ United States Environmental Protection Agency. In fact he and the Gestapo (which Goering founded) wrote the first laws outlawing medical experiments on animals. Instead the Nazi’s used humans to carry out medical experiments on.

            That is right down Democrats’ like glorybe2’s ally.

          55. jvaljon1 says

            My God, YES! It’s all the EPA’S fault! How DARE they take MY MONEY to clean up MY STREAM where I used to swim when I was a kid – but now I can’t even go near it, due to a barbed-wife fence 1/4 mile from it (on both sides)?!

            How did I not SEE THIS?! Down with the EPA!!

          56. jvaljon1 says

            As I can – (alas!) attest, glorybe2 – when it comes to surgeries, Robbie the Robot is not quite yet ready for prime time…!

            But for the rest of it, hey 100%. Even though I live in Northeast TX the temperature (on my patio) should NOT be 81 degrees, the day AFTER X-MAS!

          57. richardwfaith says

            But what was the temperature there on the same calendar day of LAST year? And what massive change can you identify that “caused” it, with credible TIMING? (hint: the “effect” can’t happen BEFORE its “cause”) What might something called “statistics” have to do with it? And, going to the worst case, just sup

          58. jvaljon1 says

            Last year it was 46 on my patio. Ten years before, the temp was 36 degrees in the same place. Are you CRAZY?

            What the HELL are you talking about “a foreign-based UBER-government”? NOT having 20 kids at once? The Chinese have been doing that and s-l-o-o-w-ly, their atmospheric heat numbers are coming down.

            I am so “deeply convicted” of the need to look global warming in the face and DO something about it, that I’m ready and willing to make the crazies, the first (non)sacrifice to the cause!

            How? Well, we can get rid of Republicans easily – just vote Democrat! So I’m not sure what the hell you’re talking about?

          59. richardwfaith says

            You obviously make the mistake of thinking that I don’t care about the environment, and possibly even of thinking that I’m carelessly wasteful of resources; nothing could be farther from the truth. I drive a 1986 Honda CRX, drive it SPARINGLY and take great pains to keep it properly maintained. Are YOU getting 37+ mpg? I’m also very Scotch with my HVAC thermostat. I do not have a flock of children, NOR do I have ANY who are living off the public teat. I strive to be a living example of the fact that an INDIVIDUAL CAN be environmentally responsible, with neither “help” nor coercion by government. What I do NOT accept, however, is that it’s good policy to use governmental authority to FORCE people to conserve. What I DO believe is that getting people to UNDERSTAND what they’re doing is both more effective and more acceptable than restricting away their liberty. Now if you want to make a point that educating the unwilling is like herding cats, with THAT I might just agree. I will keep my distance so YOU don’t SCRATCH me.
            Obviously, you have not yet learned anything about the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, or Skull and Bones, nor the role and influence of the rockefelleR Klan in at least two of the latter organizations. Before coming back to me, please do your homework.

          60. jvaljon1 says

            Hunter Thompson said, long ago: “Everything is politics”. Guess what? He was correct!

          61. ringostarr1 says

            In 1950 Detroit was the richest city in America as a function of personal income. After almost 70 years of Democrat Party misrule, liberal schemes, and big government policies Detroit is now the 347 out of 350 richest cities in America. When you find yourself stuck in a hole of your own making….. STOP DIGGING.

          62. Debra Johnson says

            Yea its because of liberalism and the fact Obama has made it a point to apologize and tear this country down in every way he can. Its also because he has weakened us to the point where we are no longer respected by our enemies and emboldened them to attack us. When our president is weak so is our country. Also we turned our back on God and our constitution is not upheld. Also the break down of the family, abortion and gay marriage has made us weak which is a part of liberalism. Anything goes these days not matter what and it is this that has destroyed our country.

          63. Erin Dougherty says

            Q.E.D. Debra, you reinforce my point. The nonsense you list is NOT the problem. Nor is it Obama, or whoever the the next president will be. The problem is corruption, and the money that has wrecked our system of government.

          64. ProudAmerican9 says

            Money doesn’t do anything – the people involved are to blame. They are corrupt, wicked, evil and traitorous.

          65. richardwfaith says

            SOME of that money was used to INSTALL obamA and his wretched regime. Corruption also had a part in it. And it will of course happen again, and again, and again, until the citizens put a halt to it.

          66. Reality Check says

            “SOME of that money was used to INSTALL obamA and his wretched regime. ”

            More Proof of just how brainwashed you tools of the right ARE.
            how was Obama “installed”, exactly?

            which silly conspiracy are you hanging you dumbass hat on?

          67. richardwfaith says

            Move along, folks; nothing to see. soro$$$$$$ doesn’t even exist. Move along.

          68. Debra Johnson says

            No the problem is the government and those in power. Its also the waste and tax system which is because of liberalism.

          69. Reality Check says

            “and tear this country down in every way he can”

            THAT must be why America is so popular NOW over when GW was president, right Deb the Dim?

          70. mtman2 says

            I’m sorry you’re Patriotically rertarded- Erin!
            See it was those that fought to give us this flag and those
            that died to save and keep it(even for you) = is what it is that WE honor.
            Anyone can make it to the degree they feel comfortable economically by their dedicated efforts- Miss “socialist spread the wealth around sheeple”.
            You and ilk are the “hoodwinked” by pipe dreams of the Far-Left ~!

          71. Erin Dougherty says

            No, wrong! The men in my proudly liberal family has defended this country in three wars! Don’t go there….

          72. mtman2 says

            They should rollover in their graves w/you as their seed ~!

          73. jvaljon1 says

            Those who fought to ‘give us this flag and those that died to save and keep it’ – did so for reasons of RELIGIOUS LIBERTY – the freedom to NOT be religious AT ALL!

            I know that you’ve been brainwashed beyond belief by the Radical Right, mtman2 – but kindly refrain from trying to disgrace the names of our Founding Fathers – comparing them at all, with YOU bunch of heebie-jeebies!

          74. mtman2 says

            Nah- it’s you lo info people that are brainwashed and diluded.
            Your ilk ARE the disgrace to intelligent understanding of the past.
            Just like your Far-Left socialist masters are now- what you can’t read?

          75. richardwfaith says

            You had best be very afraid! Did you know that you’re a “heebie-jeebie”?
            Oh DEAR!

          76. mtman2 says

            Sauron(perverted socialists)- got blinded too- when the Hobbits(God+country Patriots) held fast and journeyed on to “the Mt. Of Doom”(DC commie-cabal) to save the Shire from the evil perverted creeps assault of their freedoms under Liberty ~!

          77. richardwfaith says

            Your humor is of better quality than mine. I was referring to a very sick joke. By the way, I honestly don’t have a clue what a “heebie-jeebie” even IS, but it sure sounded threatening (snicker)!

          78. mtman2 says

            These Far-Left sycophants here are as clueless as those Watters World interviews- either on the Spring-break Florida beaches or Ivy league campuses- they’re lazy, brainwashed feeble minded wingnuts.
            The scary truth Rich- is that these deluded-jokers vote~!

          79. richardwfaith says

            Politics to me is both disgusting and boring; the only reason why I even bother with participating in these forums is to try to make certain people aware of the fact that the politicians whom they support are in reality their worst enemies. Were it possible to get them to understand this, their voting habits would tend to become more rational. The two great passions of my life (and, my means of earning income) are electronics engineering and music; without the annoying distraction of politics, I’d have a lot more time to devote to these higher pursuits. Unfortunately, the preponderance of self-defeating voters and their ability to degrade the standard of living for those of us who actually PRODUCE useful goods and services FORCES me to sacrifice much time and thought to my efforts at persuasion of the unwilling. To this end, I am an INCORRIGIBLE OPTIMIST. The spirit of what I’m saying here is expressed:


          80. mallen11 says

            Keep spreading the truth in politics; you never know whom you will reach.
            Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity. Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person. Colossians 4:5-6

            As goes the believer in Jesus Christ, so goes the Nation under God.

            II Cor 1:2 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

          81. richardwfaith says

            Your friendship and support are much appreciated.

          82. mtman2 says

            WE have to be to have Faith in the first place the realization that WE
            even as Americans are not really in control if things are even going well ~!

          83. richardwfaith says

            Therefore, when things are going well, we should thank God, and when they’re not going well, take comfort in that God is still here!

          84. mtman2 says

            This makes no mortal sense Rich, tho an immortal perspective changes that- and Christ gives this ~!

          85. Reality Check says

            that must be why all you cons are scared to death to debate a liberal?

            wanna prove me wrong?

            now the excuses start>

          86. mtman2 says

            I do everyday and you’re all low-info and childishly attached by your socialist umbilical cords to the Globalist puppet masters and absolutely clueless as well as irrelevant to the real world ~!

          87. glorybe2 says

            Our public is exactly the problem. It is not the government. We have so many poorly educated citizens that any progress is a struggle. If we progress slower than other nations we will be inferior to other nations. For example, if we are really wealthier than other nations then we can afford to do more for our people than any other nation. So why do we not have free college for all our people? We are so pitiful that Germany has offered free college, even including room and board, if needed, for any student too poor to go to college in the US. We are actually learning morality from Germany at this point. Yet if we try to correct these problems we hear nothing but complaints from the right wing. You see, capitalists love to force students into poverty while making money off of them. And the ignorant fear their tax bills.

          88. Tony says

            Who supplies Germany with defense? How many US troops are stationed in Germany with military bases paid for by American tax payers? Maybe that might be one reason Germany can offer free college for their people where America cannot.

          89. ringostarr1 says

            The free college (University) is provided by IQ. A high IQ or grades is something that most Democrat University Students lack. So therefor, “No free higher education for those kids.

          90. glorybe2 says

            I think it would be truer to say that Germany, like most nations, will provide education suited to the abilities of the individual. If you are a dullard they will not put you in engineering but will divert you to a school that teaches you to paint houses or some other useful trade.

          91. ringostarr1 says

            Again there is no free higher education in Germany, at least not universal higher education. You my dear glorybe2 are the poster child for someone who is mentally suited to painting houses, or like your Socialist political for barer, Adolph painting buildings.

          92. glorybe2 says

            It is the best financial interest of the US to protect Europe from invasions. It is not dome because we are in some sort of romance with Europe.

          93. richardwfaith says

            We’re stuck with the same result regardless what rationale we Scotch-tape over it.

          94. ringostarr1 says

            And glorybe2 is the perfect example of the low information, un-educated, ignorant voter. She has to be because she is a ‘Hellary’ Clinton voter.

          95. glorybe2 says

            You blew it again. I am a 71 year old, male.

          96. richardwfaith says

            TWIT! The PURPOSE of the government is to serve the public through a representative process. At present, this SO-CALLED “government” is negating our rights and serving ITSELF from the fruits of OUR LABOR. And YOU not only CONDONE it; you APPLAUD it.

          97. glorybe2 says

            Gee, in the USA I thought the people and the government are one. So if we exist to serve ourselves is that some form of masturbation?

          98. richardwfaith says

            We will never know, until and unless we ever arrive at a time when, for a long-overdue change, our SO-CALLED “representatives” whom we elect remain true to their constituency (that’s US!) and actually REPRESENT US, instead of abruptly abandoning the promises that induced us to elect them in the first place.
            Although it is often SAID that we “are” the government, it takes scarce little OBSERVATION to come to the understanding that “It ain’t necessarily so”.

          99. ringostarr1 says

            I Germany higher education is not a right and it is hardly universal.

          100. jvaljon1 says

            Cons aren’t ‘wrapped in the flag’! They’re wrapped in their own fog…

          101. mtman2 says

            The “rats” as in democ-rats are trapped in their own excrement.
            To look up- “ignorant shills” definition. – with a picture would show two ugly lesbians; ie- you two ~!

          102. Daniel Wright says

            How can you say that conservatives miss the fact that we are no longer the worlds greatist nation? We have been screaming from the rooftops at the top of our lungs for years about America’s decline. Libs like you and jetmagnet bitch about the “plutocracy”. If there were no wealthy people there would be no employers. With no employers there are no jobs. That is economics 101. What is your answer,a complete government takeover of the economy and all jobs being provided by the government?Do you think that will make America great:to become the newest version of the Soviet Union?

          103. Debra Johnson says

            If you really believe that its no wonder we are in trouble. How many times are the people going to try liberalism and how many times are they going to fail. We are not Europe, France or any other country. I am sick of you idiots saying how bad this country is yet people are still trying to come here. If its as bad as you say then you go live in another country and leave this one alone. Quit trying to make us into something we are not. What is this BS about misery index. Liberals are the most miserable people I have ever known. They aren’t happy till they silence those who are against them. Even when they have what they want they still have to destroy the rights and freedoms of others. Take what isn’t theirs to give to those who don’t deserve it.

          104. glorybe2 says

            Do you deny the horrible facts as they appear, one by one? How about the number of still born children in the US compared to other, industrialized nations? How about test results for mathematics across all grade levels? How about the number of wars and armed conflicts the US is involved in, decade after decade.

          105. ProudAmerican9 says

            Investigate the truth about vaccines; vaccines causes brain damage/inflammtion, infertility, aggression, behavior changes, health damage, immune system suppression, birth defects, still births, new diseases caused by vaccines, and more. The govt has forced vaccination, even though there’s not even 1 study proving safety or efficacy. Helps to accomplish their Agenda 21 plans of decreased population, people too stupid to question what’s going on, etc. VaccineTruth. org is a good place to start.

          106. glorybe2 says

            Oh yes, please bring back plagues, typhoid, smallpox, polio, and a host of murderous diseases and let them lose upon the people. Then we can all see just how awful things get when people are not inoculated.

          107. jvaljon1 says

            Proud American: “The govt has forced vaccination, even though there’s not even 1 study proving safety or efficacy”…you say? Here’s a study proving both safety AND efficacy: When the vaccine’s given out, NONE of the children develop Diptheria, Polio OR Tetanus! I don’t know what the hell is “Agenda 21” or any other nonsense you’re spouting, but there it is!

            How’s THAT for a ‘study proving safety AND efficacy’?? (Oops – “VaccineTruth.org” might OBJECT) I mean, that covers millions of children per YEAR! But when it comes to people ‘too stupid to question what’s going on, etc’ – you have only to look to your home-schooled Republicans, for that.

            Fortunately, it’s only THEIR OWN KIDS who can be exposed to those past-day killers. I feel bad for the kids – but LESS FUTURE REPUBLICANS? I suddenly (somehow) don’t feel so bad, after all!

          108. ringostarr1 says

            That’s funny. I feel the same way about abortion and future Democrats.

          109. jvaljon1 says

            Dear Jesus! WHY?!!!

          110. mtman2 says

            Some are necessary some not so much- it’s the other stuff in the vaccines that needs improvement for the biggies needed ~!

          111. Debra Johnson says

            Vaccines were proven not to cause autism. Most of the experts say it is a combination of heredity and misdiagnosis and other factors such as toxic poisoning. People like you are putting kids in danger especially since we are letting all these illegals into this country with diseases that have been eradicated. All my nieces and nephews have been vaccinated which is around 30 or 40 of them and none of them have any ill effects. All the people I know who have kids have gotten their kids vaccinated and none of them are autistic. There are many different things that can cause it and a lot of them aren’t autism.

          112. jvaljon1 says

            Shoosh, glorybe2 – you’re giving NeoCONS a huge collective HEADACHE! THEY know all this – THEY did it! You can’t now have them ask questions about WHY they did it – they’ve been told by their guru Rush, to deflect all societal questions by telling the politically injured, – that those injuries are “Their Own Fault!”

          113. glorybe2 says

            The right has reached a point at which denial is a pathology. But it is far worse if they realize the numerous harms they have done, and still insist on doing the same things. I know that a big part of it is racism. But there is an awful lot of cowardice on the right side of the nation. They seem to tremble at every conceivable threat, while still wanting to lower taxes and actually be less prepared to deal with real threats. And there are some real, and major threats, that need to be dealt with.

          114. jvaljon1 says

            Most of which, glorybe2 – have come about through the radical right! If you look at their answers to logical questions – it’s gone beyond scary, to absolutely terrifying! The thought of Republicans in power in the United States of America – in ANY venue: mayors, governors, Congresspeople, Senators, garbagemen – completely horrifies me! To think that we can’t clean up our own country!? WHY??!!

            All we have to do is to recognize what Republicans have done to us as a nation – and I believe that we all do – and dammit, GO VOTE THEM OUT IN 2016, FOR AT LEAST A GENERATION!

            Or let these crazies back into power, and THEN see what happens! (Sorry for yelling!)

          115. Reality Check says

            we can’t let them put any more nuts on the Supreme court.
            we vote straight Dem regardless!

            welcome to the fight against scary ignorance.

          116. Reality Check says

            welcome to the fight against scary ignorance.

          117. glorybe2 says

            Yes, it really is astounding, how such folks continue without even knowing that they are lost in ignorance. Worse yet when shown the truth they refuse to look at it. They fear almost everything, yet they know not what to really fear. For example a cyber attack on our electrical grid could reduce us to barbaric conditions. Yet they fear the NWO, insisting that is some organization focused upon enslaving them. Seriously no one would want them as slaves as they are too messed up to own.

          118. Apolloone says

            Who has destroyed the schools in America? Liberal policies ever since the birth of the Department of so-called Education. BTW the Communist party is on record beginning in 1935 calling for a national government controlled educational system, they must have celebrated greatly when this Communist department was created because they could begin to feed our children Communist propaganda on a national and uniform level

          119. Reality Check says

            “Liberal policies ever since the birth of the Department of so-called Education.”


            you fools throw around talking point that you have NO CONCEPT as to the meaning.

            so lets hear some of those policies or just accept that brand LOW INFO VOTER.

            maybe MINDLESS TOOL OF RIGHT WING PROPAGANDA is more appropriate?

          120. Debra Johnson says

            I went to school before they created the Dept of Education. It was completely different. The schools were run by the state. We were taught the Constitution, American history and we didn’t have teachers with agendas and could be fired if they didn’t do their jobs. We were respectful to teachers and we were able to celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter without the phony separation of church and state.

          121. Reality Check says

            Proving you to ill informed is very easy.

            “The schools were run by the state”

            THEY STILL ARE.

          122. Debra Johnson says

            The Dept of Education is run by the government. They also give the money to the states which if they don’t comply with the government agenda they won’t get their money. So maybe some of it is they are dependent on the government for their money.

          123. Reality Check says

            WHO elects the school board? YOU

            WHO sets the curriculum for the school?

            WHO sets the hours of operation for the school?

            WHO sets the number of school days for the district?

            so maybe you can give me examples of what evil things your district does BECAUSE they want that 5% of the budget from the fed?

          124. Reality Check says

            So Deb the DIM, no comeback to the reality I posted?

            I guess proving you’re a complete idiot shut you up.

          125. Debra Johnson says

            Since when do liberals live in reality. You keep trying to push socialism on people when it has proven to fail every time. You are the idiots who never learn that history repeats itself and it will fail everytime

          126. Reality Check says

            Gee Deb, you get proven to be ILL INFORMED and then you just change the subject in an effort to save your dignity.

            Does the silly con even know what socialism means?
            how about you name a country that is socialist? oh and failed.
            lets see if Deb has any working grey matter.

          127. Reality Check says

            “and could be fired if they didn’t do their jobs.”

            THEY STILL CAN.

          128. Debra Johnson says

            They are unionized very few are fired. There are hundreds of teachers on leave that are still collecting their wages. I have heard of those who are removed, but not fired.

          129. Reality Check says

            I will not prove Deb is a LOW INFO tool of Right Wing Propaganda.

            “Public Schools to Teachers: Run Your Class on Fear or Get Fired”


            Oh, and here is a TEACHER BLOG where they discuss other teachers getting fired ALL THE TIME.


            some more informative reading for the low info Deb.


            I await YOUR links of rebuttal.

          130. Reality Check says

            “we were able to celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter ”

            oh, so it all boils down to you got to celebrate Xmas (not even in the month of the so called Messiahs birth)

            thanksgiving is STILL celebrated in schools you low info fool of the right.
            Good God wake up.

            So Deb, it turns out you haven’t A CLUE about the education system.

            you’re a PARROT like I said you would be.

          131. Debra Johnson says

            No it doesn’t. And no most holidays aren’t celebrated. I do know about the education system. Most of my sisters children went to a Christian school for their first years and learned to read and write and when they went to public schools they were 2 years ahead of their classmates while her youngest went to public schools and can barely read. The whole idea of schools these days are to indoctrinate and brainwash kids into thinking the worlds going to end soon and that the government is our friend. They remove all mention of the constitution, American history and history in general. What parrot I go by what I see. I also have a niece who teaches her kids at home and I say with pride that they are the smartest kids I know and knows more about America than many of those who have graduated and he is only 5. All I know if I had children in school I wouldn’t let them go to public schools. Typical liberal know it all.

          132. Reality Check says

            “he whole idea of schools these days are to indoctrinate and brainwash kids into thinking the worlds going to end soon”

            you are on SICK, LYING POS.

            YOU are the brainwashed human in this conversation.

          133. Reality Check says

            Oh and then the low info human brings up 1935 communists party.

            do you deal in the real world at all?

          134. glorybe2 says

            Most schools will allow a parent to sit quietly in any class and observe what is taught. If you wish you could organize parents such that one parent is always in every single class all day long. You will then have proof that nobody is advocating any form or government at all. But those that protest and whine away will never actually do anything that would pound their petty beliefs into the dirt. I have never, ever, heard any teacher advocate for other forms of government. I have had honest teachers point to facts about other forms of government but never approve of them. For example any form of dictatorship can get very fast results as the dictator can demand that things be done immediately and he need not consult others. The drawback is that in such a system there may be no concern for injuries or loss of life for the bridge builders, nor may there be any compensation if private property is seized to build that bridge. In the US there would be some compensation for the property seized to build that bridge although it may be inadequate compensation. And killed or wounded workers would receive some compensation even though it will surely be inadequate. And if we use labor from the jails and prisons we have effectively used slave labor. The behavior of the US government is different by degree from a dictatorship and not by absolutes.

          135. mtman2 says

            1979 WE can thank the peanut farmer from Plains.
            SEARCH- 1963 Communist Goals for America ~!

          136. Apolloone says

            Correct. I blame him for the overthrow of the Shaw of Iran who was our ally, now it’s just a matter of time before these maniacs get nuclear weapons, if they don’t already

          137. ringostarr1 says

            Well in 1953 we did help Jolly Old England overthought Mohammed Mossadegh, the democratically elected prime minister of Iran. We did this because by then England couldn’t get out of bed, she was so morbid. The reason we helped England with this is because the English refused to let Iran look at the books of British Petroleum so the Iranians could be sure that the English weren’t fudging on their severance payments to the Iranians. I mean what the heck, someone had to supply the money so that the British Socialism schemes could stay afloat. What better people to bail out the British than illiterate Iranian goat herders? Come on, its not like the Iranians could identify the stolen barres of oil.

          138. mtman2 says

            “Wise as a serpent gentle as a dove” – in interactions until actions are required.
            Then both serpents+doves are swift in either deadliness or escape ~!

          139. Debra Johnson says

            What about the millions of babies who are aborted, how about all those vets who are dying without medical help, what about those without jobs and the elderly who have to pay more because of Obamacare and won’t get a cost of living raise to cover it. These are all caused by liberalism and the government. Obama and the left are the reason for most of the misery in this country.

          140. Tony says

            Misery loves company.

          141. ringostarr1 says

            And Democrats breed misery.

          142. ringostarr1 says

            Can we send glorybe2 to Syria….. Please Please!!!!

          143. jvaljon1 says

            You first!

          144. jvaljon1 says

            Debra Johnson – go to your DICTIONARY and look up “Liberal” and the rest of the word’s variants. Think you can do that?

            Oh – and when there were jobs a-plenty, Liberals were very happy. Conservatives are NOT happy unless the national MI (Misery Index) is up. That’s why Cons blame the Libs for ‘the way things are’. That the Conservatives single-handedly MADE things ‘the way they are’ and ‘the way that nobody likes’ means nothing to them, because Conservatives are nothing but a gang of thugs:

            “Awww….lady, you’re crying because I stole your pocketbook? Wait – wait’ll me and my friends steal YOUR WHOLE PAYCHECK! (Yeah, yeah, we’ll send YOUR JOB to CHINA, just like we did when Bush was in office! Then, YOU’LL cry because we stole your whole LIVELIHOOD! And WE’LL tell everyone, that YOU did it to YOURSELF) So–

            “Boo Hoo, Too Bad!)”

          145. richardwfaith says

            If you think GW is conservative or “right-wing”, you are sadly mistaken. He is a high-level globalist operative who hijacked the conservative vote by MASQUERADING as a conservative. There is NO SUCH THING as a conservative NWO/globalist operative. GW is a CLOSET SOCIALIST, in the COVERT EMPLOY of the globalist CABAL. Conservatives are getting a bad rap because there are so many SOCIALISTS disingenuously portraying themselves as conservatives, and there are so FEW ACTUAL CONSERVATIVES. A lie frequently enough repeated unfortunately is eventually perceived as truth.

          146. Debra Johnson says

            Just because that is what it says in the dictionary, its meaning isn’t the same. Liberals doesn’t have the same meaning. Just like the gays changed the meaning of marriage doesn’t make it so. To me a liberal is a person who is basically a socialist. They believe the government should take over all aspects of our lives and conservatives should be silenced. Freedom is the last thing that liberals want.

          147. jvaljon1 says

            Nobody’s more ‘liberal’ than the Scandinavian countries, Debra Johnson. Their MALE life expectancy is 86. (What’s OURS?) College is free to every child.

            You see, THEIR taxes (Norway, Finland, Denmark’s) aren’t going to pad some lying, venal Republican Congress/person’s pockets. And those governments do NOT believe in sending their armies to war every generation or so, with people who have done them no harm – as opposed to governments like ours which for decades butchered Iraq and left Saudi Arabia strictly ALONE – although it was the Saudis, led by bin Laden, who engineered and had 9/11 carried out.

            If Norway, Finland and Denmark had done ANY of those things? Their leaders would have faced the hangman’s noose.

            You can pretend that Liberals are ‘the most miserable people I have ever known’, Debra Johnson. Your complete political ignorance covers your words in darkness – the same darkness, that has your mental quality as low as it is.

          148. richardwfaith says

            Caveat: most of the people CONSIDERED “conservatives” are in fact not conservative at all. Any and all of the following are strong indicators that a person is probably NOT conservative:
            1) overriding the Constitution by executive fiat;
            2) CONDONING it when others attempt to override the Constitution by executive fiat;
            3) Running for the Presidency knowing that one or both of the candidate’s parents was not a U.S. citizen at the time of said candidate’s birth;
            4) CONDONING the presidential running of any such candidate as in 3) above;
            5) overriding existing immigration laws by executive fiat;
            6) CONDONING the overriding of existing immigration laws by executive fiat;
            7) accepting campaign contributions and/or other means of influence from organizations and/or individuals that seek to nullify our sovereignty;
            8) CONDONING the acceptance of campaign contributions and/or other means of influence from organizations and/or individuals that seek to nullify our sovereignty
            There are far fewer conservatives around than you ever thought. It’s just possible that you NEVER EVEN MET a conservative.

          149. jvaljon1 says

            How can you say that, richardwfaith? I live in TEXAS!

          150. richardwfaith says

            That’s a personal choice. If you don’t like it, California isn’t too far away. Moonbeam Brown will welcome you with open arms!

          151. Reality Check says

            ” Running for the Presidency knowing that one or both of the candidate’s parents was not a U.S. citizen at the time of said candidate’s birth;”

            so that proves you have no idea of what you speak.

            just another fool with a keyboard.

          152. Reality Check says

            “overriding existing immigration laws by executive fiat;”

            well that didn’t happen in the Obama administration.

            maybe the con could give an example to prove he’s not just another lying POS?

          153. Reality Check says

            “7) accepting campaign contributions and/or other means of influence from organizations and/or individuals that seek to nullify our sovereignty;”

            gee, got some examples?

            sounds like someone is a full on nut job.

          154. richardwfaith says

            It’s laughable that you pompously refer to yourself as “Reality Check” without having performed the due diligence of researching the roles of the organizations and individuals listed below in the influence of the leadership of BOTH SO-CALLED “partieS” (in reality, NOT to be confused with your moniker, a ONE-party system):

            UN, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Skull and Bones, m*e*d*i*a*m*a*t*t*e*r*s*.o*r*g, m*o*v*e*o*n*.o*r*g, Open Society Institute, Tides Foundation, Center for American “Progress”, soro$$$$$$, henrY ki$$inger, daviD rockfelleR, mauricE $trong (recently deceased, and long LIVE the DEATH of him), World Court, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, the SO-CALLED “Federal Reserve” (which is PRIVATE and definitely NOT federal), Rhodes Trust and Nobel Committee, which props up such scum as obamA and Ara-FAT.
            It’s doubtful you have ever read the text of daviD rockefelleR’s “Supranational Sovereignty” speech.
            You need to start living up to your name (moniker) and actually PERFORM some “reality checking”. If you’ve done any at all, it’s been quite shallow.

          155. Reality Check says

            I asked for PROOF, not FLAPPING GUMS.

          156. Debra Johnson says
          157. Reality Check says

            “Summary: There are far fewer conservatives around than you ever thought. It’s just possible that you NEVER EVEN MET a conservative.”

            It’s completely possible that you are a nut case

            It’s also completely possible that there are many meanings of the word and this is just one silly cons version.

          158. glorybe2 says

            Please be careful, truth hurts them. Then they insist upon crawling back under their rocks in the swamp. There was even one clown who stated that a Ph.D in law was not as advanced as a Ph.D in philosophy. In his mind that made Obama’s doctorate less than a “real” doctorate. These are the same people who claim that they read and understand the constitution. Ignorance equals insanity at a certain point.

          159. jvaljon1 says

            WHAT?! Oh, glorybe2 – IF ONLY the Republicans, Neocons, whatever- would insist upon crawling back under their rocks in the swamp! I’d wake up happy, I’d wake up proud, and most of all I’d WAKE UP IN MY AMERICA!

          160. mtman2 says

            I’ve told you wing-nuts regularly if it wasn’t for the USA all Europe
            would be speaking German or Russian now.
            WE pay for ALL their defense- period. OUR defense are 24/7 for them.
            So they can experiment with their foolishness on OUR dime and time ~!

          161. jvaljon1 says

            Gesu, mtman2 – listen to yourself! “if it wasn’t for the USA all Europe would be speaking German or Russian now. We pay for ALL their defense – period. OUR defenses are 24/7 for them…” You’ve just described OUR EMPIRE, mtman2!!!

            Oh by the way? All Europeans spoke English, well before WWII. They learned during WWI. OK?

          162. mtman2 says

            If WE wanted an empire- the world would have been OURS after WWII- WE could’ve took it by force.
            The only empire WE have- is the idea+desire for freedoms under Liberty as the incredible miracle that the USA is in mankinds long dark history past- via courage, common sense wisdom, Faith and the free enterprise opportunity a citizen can attain by intelligent effort and determined hard work.
            As far as knowing Enlish thru-out Europe it’s still not rampant but far more so since then.
            OUR family learned it here to pass the citizenship test; neither maternal or paternal grand parents that came over ever spoke English.
            As far as true world empire, girls- it’s the globalist-monetary puppet masters that have that in hand w/the FED+UN here in the USA as their handiwork. You can thank Woodrow Wlison+FDR for that.
            OUR system and people’s belief in it is all that has slowed that One World plan down, preventing it from success as was planned. Tho this past, present and next generation will allow that usurpation out of ignorance as to the values of freedoms under Liberty- complicit by the U.S. socialists ~!

          163. Debra Johnson says

            Where is the money coming from. I am tired of giving freebies to people who aren’t working. The trouble is I don’t have political ignorance or I wouldn’t know what the agenda of the left is. Okay tell me then if you are so happy then why are you and the left trying to silence those who disagree with you. Why do your politicians have to run on the war on women or some made up things instead of your achievements. Its because Obamacare is a failure, green energy is a failure, your foreign policies are a failure and this country is in a complete mess and under attack from terrorists. You are just spouting talking points which aren’t true. If you like those countries like Denmark, Finland or Norway then move there. This is America and you don’t have any idea about American exceptionalism and what it means because you have been brainwashed by those we laughed at when I was young. Now most of these idiots are professors in colleges and teachers in schools.

          164. richardwfaith says

            Could male life expectancy of 86 years conceivably have something to do with diet and nutrition? What vitamins, minerals or proteins come from politics?

          165. jvaljon1 says

            It’s the exact opposite, Debra Johnson. A Republican Congress has removed elderly Union Pensioners’ rights to collect their pensions, by half and by three-quarters. Those people worked for their country their whole lives long and now in their 70s they’re in danger of being kicked out in the street.

            Republicans got kicked out of the Presidency (where they could, and did, do the most harm to the world) in 2014. Now they’re back with their vengeance:

            Yes, Debra: Even when Republicans have what they want, they still have to destroy the rights and freedoms of others. Take what isn’t theirs, to give to those who don’t deserve it. You’re exactly right!

          166. Robert Early says

            Wow ! Look and listen to us. A broken arm can be repaired; but the only remedy for a shatteted arm is amputation. If we truly represent valid points of view at such levels of hostility toward one another, then meaningful regeneration (repair) of this country is not possible. We need a miracle.

          167. Reality Check says

            the hate and lies all comes from the Right.

            THEY take some personal responsibility.

            “If we truly represent valid points of view”

            well they don’t.
            Obama is NOT a Muslim as the Right say.
            Obama is NOT out to destroy the country as the right say.
            the lies are endless about the Pres.
            not ONE conservative can prove a word they say.

            I think that demonstrates who is LYING and who is not.

            lets see what side of reality you are on?

          168. mtman2 says

            Hah, England and most of it’s people live in a gutless quagmire of pathetic dependency as if the old “glory days” can carry their sinking ship= NOT ~!

          169. glorybe2 says

            Wow! What a lack of reality. Those funny looking soldiers in their Bermuda shorts occupied more nations on this planet than any other empire ever has. For a tiny nation,their military abilities are astounding. Keep in mind that in WW1 the Brits held off the Axis powers for four years before the US jumped into the mix. In WW2 they also held off the Nazis for a couple of years before we went over there.

          170. Apolloone says

            England is only a shadow of her former glory days, the Sun never set on the British Empire, Liberalism is what destroyed Great Britain. another generation it will be another Muslim Hell-Hole with America right behind.

          171. Debra Johnson says

            They already have a big muslim problem. That is their problem. They don’t dare do anything against them for fear of being attacked.

          172. mtman2 says

            .You just don’t keep your feet out of your mouth.
            WWI there were no Axis powers.
            WE the People here kicked their Limey a$$es out of here twice.
            Then WE saved their and much of the worlds bacon twice. Go home ~!

          173. Reality Check says

            “Then WE saved their and much of the worlds bacon twice”

            now we are a bunch of scared children afraid of 3 year old Muslims.

            America, home of the chickenshits, land of the scared.

          174. mtman2 says

            Then stay in England then, home of no go zones.
            In my county I don’t know of anyone not heavily armed-
            That’ OUR no go zone- punk= the 2nd-Amendment-!!!
            Don’t call us next time your hinnies up you butt’s so far you
            can see your tonsils. Thanks for nothin’ ~!

          175. ringostarr1 says

            Boy you are dumb RC I think that the Brits had a little help in WW l from the Frogs, the Italians, Russians, Bulgarians, Canadians, Australians, Hindus, New Zealand, most of Black Africa, Belgium, Japan, and the A-rabs. Also if it matters to you the freaking English founded the state of Israel for all practical proposes in November 1917 with a decoration scribbled by Lord Balfour on the back a cocktail napkin. If the truth was known, we fought on the wrong side by declaring war on the German Empire in 1916. In good Democrat fashion T. Woodrow Wilson is directly and indirectly responsible for over 250,000,000 (with a M) war and disease deaths in the 20th Century and Wilson’s gift to peace just keeps giving and giving and giving, soon Wilson’s legacy will be tarnished beyond all redemption. For instance, everything going on now in Syria is a direct outgrowth of Wilson’s screwed up policies or else Wilson letting the Frogs and the Limes pull a rose colored condom down over Wilson’s face.

          176. glorybe2 says

            There is no way we could ignore Germany trying to expand its borders in WW1. They clearly started WW1 and frankly were way to mildly punished when the lost the war. An action as serious as starting WW1 should have ended with a very long term occupation and a complete forbidding of forming any kind of military at all for several centuries. The financial penalties for all the losses in WW1 should have been paid by the German people. Or perhaps we should simply have given Germany to the Jews and only allowed Jews the right to vote or hold office.

          177. Reality Check says

            HEY MORON, that’s not RC you are responding to.
            How stupid are you?

          178. Apolloone says

            Mtman: England is a prime example of what Liberalism can do to a great country, the Sun never set on the British Empire, there are more Mosques in Scotland than Churches. Coincidence maybe but some scholars claim Britain is Ephraim and America is Manassas, the grandsons of Jacob sons of Joseph, they were promised great nations would come from them. But the prophecies also states these nations would fall because they refused to repent, I’m Not referring to those who teach British Israeli-ism where the Queen plays a big role or whatever unbiblical nonsense they teach, what I wrote above is in the Scriptures they just don’t name the nations by name but Great Britain and America are the only two nations that even come close to fulfilling that prophecy.

          179. mtman2 says

            America is a living miracle in mankind’s long dark history.
            These Far-Lefties act like it’s their personal Monopoly board.
            I’ve no doubt it is WE the People’s Faith, Founding documents,
            Courage and wisely diligent work ethic (prosperity)that’s held off
            the End of Day’s so far ~!

          180. ProudAmerican9 says

            Europe and England are all falling apart. Their people are NOT happy; they have high unemployment, huge welfare rolls, too many muslims/foreigners and their misery index is also high. Yes, the US is worse but Greece is a prime example of what socialism brings – utter failure. When the money runs out, then what!? Another thing idiot libs never do is THINK. There’s not enough money in world to make socialism work. It’s absolutely NOT possible. It’s just a big Ponzi scheme.

          181. richardwfaith says

            All true, and you haven’t even mentioned that the middlemen in the wealth-redistribution schemes take a massive CUT for THEMSELVES. How’s THAT helping the poor?

          182. glorybe2 says

            Many nations in northern Europe are doing far better than we are. In England there is a tendency for citizens not to work as they have so much, cheap, foreign labor.

          183. richardwfaith says

            I have visited England, and have even WORKED there. It will be an eye-opener for you to see just what you will end up with in terms of house, land and employment if you sell everything you have here, and relocate to England. You tried the “England” argument on the wrong person!

          184. richardwfaith says

            And how is THAT “sustainable”? A person who contributes no useful work to society eventually makes himself irrelevant, and at that point, his livelihood goes away. Trying to explain that to a socialist is a waste of time, maybe, but I’m an INCORRIGIBLE OPTIMIST and that’s why I’m talking to you. If you love good music and don’t horribly mind a good message coming with it, please enjoy “To Beat the Devil” by Kris Kristofferson. It’s available for free on YouTube.

          185. Reality Check says

            “Europe and England are all falling apart. Their people are NOT happy”

            WHY do you fools LIE SO MUCH?

            is it the brainwashing?

            “The happiest countries in the world, according to neuroscientists, statisticians, and economists”
            Switzerland topped the list of the happiest nations, and all of the top eight countries were in the global north. Switzerland was followed by
            Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

            The United States ranked 15th, behind Mexico and Austria. Still, that’s a slight improvement from the last report, in which the US ranked 17th.


            Gosh fool of the Right, seems you LIED.

          186. ringostarr1 says

            The reason for America new found happiness is because we only have a year left of Obama’s Presidency, WEEEEE!!!!!

          187. ringostarr1 says

            Except that is for England’s Mohammedan citizens who have the nasty habit of whacking off British service men’s heads in the middle of the street. Then there was the Mohammedan bombing of the Underground that killed dozens.
            Enough of glorybe2’s lies.

          188. jvaljon1 says

            And of your idiocy as well? C’mon now – fair’s fair!

          189. Reality Check says

            2 incidents in a decade and the fool thinks that is a problem.

            355 mass shooting done in the US by NON Muslims this year, TWO by Muslims and you fools are afraid of Muslims.
            THAT is a lack of brains.

          190. Reality Check says
          191. Apolloone says

            Merry Christmas Jim: I couldn’t remember who said that for sure but I always thought it was Churchill, no matter who said it first it’s certainly a fact.

          192. Reality Check says

            Britain is one of the top 10 countries to do business IN according to conservative Forbes magazine, low info fool of the right.


          193. Reality Check says

            how original Jim.

            Meanwhile Britain is a thriving socialist country with free healthcare and cradle to grave benefits.

            AND one of the top 10 countries to do business IN according to conservative Forbes magazine.


          194. ringostarr1 says

            What you meant to post is that with the British system of Socialist health care you’ll be in your grave before you see any free health benefits.

          195. Reality Check says

            The liberal posts a link.

            the cons Flaps it’s Gums.

            the difference between the two groups.

            Facts versus Hot AIR.

          196. Apolloone says

            Merry Christmas Mjnellett: There isn’t anything about Progressive Ideology that makes progress, they have hijacked that term as the Communists must do to in order to keep their clueless idiots on board. If a house builder acted in the manner these people do he could never build a house, in other words he would refuse to do what is tried and true. But the top dogs know what they’re doing which is turning America into a Communist state.

          197. Reality Check says

            let me give you an example of progressive.

            Letting Women vote.
            letting Blacks vote.
            civil rights act
            voting rights act

            those were progressive things done by progressives.

            conservatives FOUGHT each one of those things.

            I can give you more example if the low info tool of the right would like.

          198. Reality Check says

            “But the top dogs know what they’re doing which is turning America into a Communist state.”

            WHY do you retarded Americans keep saying stupid shit?

          199. ringostarr1 says

            RC is going to go Goose Stepping down the boulevard like his Fascists forebears in Germany did.

          200. Reality Check says

            Like I said, cons go STUPID when confronted with facts and reality.

          201. Erin Dougherty says

            You’re another fool who has been hoodwinked by his party and masters.

          202. Reality Check says

            “You want the government to take care of people ”

            See tool of the Right Wing Propaganda, that is completely the opposite of reality.

            the government is here to protect the people from the friggin corporations that are turning us into a slave country and assholes who are brainwashed by the Oligarchy and do their bidding.

            you seem to be one of the latter.

          203. nevergiveup says

            Don’t sware using God’s name. We need His help, not anger Him further.

          204. ringostarr1 says

            She is an unbeliever anyway so don’t sweat it. The big guy in the sky can do his own fighting.

          205. Reality Check says

            YOUR God is a MYTH perpetrated to hold power over the masses.

            the fact that millions of you weak minded worship something with no tangible proof of it’s existence, is just scary to those of us with bigger brains.

          206. Debra Johnson says

            How can God be a myth if he created the world and us. There is plenty of tangible proof, but people like you refuse to see it. You may have a bigger brain, but that doesn’t make you intelligent its just that you have a bigger brain.

          207. Reality Check says

            don’t attribute science to a fable.

            IF there was REAL Proof, everyone would be a Christian.

            there is a reason they tell you to “have faith”, there is no friggin proof.

          208. Debra Johnson says

            Don’t attribute a myth to the truth.

          209. glorybe2 says

            I would vote for restraining the power of corporations in a heartbeat. To start with one person, one vote, is the idea. Therefore everyone in a business has one vote that they are free to cast. But the business itself should be banned from making any form of contributions to political campaigns.
            Both Hillary and Obama are far too conservative for me. My choice is Bernie but I do wish he were a little bit more to the left.

          210. Apolloone says

            I have a suggestion, why not move to North Korea they are as far left as you can get and you would have all the benefits immediately, that way you wouldn’t have to wait around on the American Communist party to change America into a Communist state, if I felt the way you do this is what I would do.

          211. glorybe2 says

            N. Korea is a dictatorship that poses as a communist state. Secondly i would not choose to live in a communist state as the negatives usually outweigh any benefit. However there are numerous socialist states that I could live in with ease. Many do not allow any foreigner to ever become a citizen. Norway is a great example. Norway is doing great, and they are socialists, and they reach out and help all the people needing help in their nation.

            “New research published in the journal Psychological Science (abstract) found that children who grow up in poverty within the United States tend to have lower IQs than peers from other socioeconomic brackets. Previous studies have shown a complex relationship between a child’s genetics, his environment, and his IQ. Your genes can’t pinpoint your IQ, but they can indicate a rough range of values within which your IQ is quite likely to fall. For kids in poverty, they seem to consistently end up on the low end of that window. Interestingly, this effect was not seen for any of the other countries hosting kids within the study, which included Australia, Germany, England, Sweden, and the Netherlands. The study authors speculate that “inequalities in educational and medical access in the U.S.” may be the root of the differences, though another researcher is planning to study the effect of school environments as well.”

            The above information is exactly why the US is on the wrong path. our fascination with capitalism yields many victims in numerous ways. Allowing a political system that allows inequality in education or medical care to exist is flat out evil.

          212. mtman2 says

            All Europe is subsidized by the USA as well as saved by us or they’d be speaking German or Russian now. Yes WE are and have been all that has saved them from either plight+blight of full socialisms.
            Psychological Sciences were hijacked by the militant kweersin 1973,
            so any “study” they do or endorse is ‘skewed’ in all the wrong places to
            start with ~!

          213. richardwfaith says

            While what you say of Europe is true, the Europeans have no gratitude. Spoiled brats treat their parents in a similar way.

          214. mtman2 says

            Yes- complacency however is in us all as a human nature.
            It is only by Faith a life uncovers a daily gratitude in harmony with the recognition of Holiness as did OUR Founders to have fought for and constructed such a nation as this, realizing the Providential hand of God
            in this coming to pass. As “WE the People” have gradually allowed the anti-God+country socialist’s to usurp each generation realization of this to be forgotten- He has forgotten us. America perfect no- once seeking yes…
            The Europeans with their oppression was why the Pilgrims fled here for freedoms under Liberty to worship and give thanks as scripture and Gods spirit gave them Light+Wisdom to see. America took the 1st+2nd Great Awakenings seriously as recorded as OUR source of strength by Alex de Tocqueville as to the unrival success of America, as he traveled America’s heartland saw+heard for himself ~!

          215. richardwfaith says


          216. Reality Check says

            the rambling of a religous mad man

          217. ringostarr1 says

            And glorybe2, you could also derive the benefits from The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s death camps, just like those death camps of yesteryear that the National Socialist Progressive Nazi Party provided to Jewish, Polish, Russian, and other Slavic peoples. I know that you’ve got a warm spot in your heart for left wing tyrants.

          218. Reality Check says

            cons always go “stupid” after being proven to be LOW Info.

          219. Reality Check says
          220. Tony says

            glorybe2 is just smart enough to know they wouldn’t last a day in a country like North Korea while advocating for that type of government for America.

          221. Reality Check says

            The BIG question is why you cons are silly enough to even think it’s an option?
            Personally, I thinks it’s the brainwashing.

          222. Reality Check says

            how low is ones IQ to think a liberal that gets everything for free would want to go to N Korea with labor camps and shortages of EVERYTHING?

          223. ringostarr1 says

            Shortages of everything is a hallmark of Liberal Socialism. Socialized British health care is short of care. The same shortage of health care is evident in Canada, and now-a-days in Socialist France there is a very real shortage of jobs.

          224. retreaded says

            If Bernie is your choice then you are not smart enough to be allowed to vote.

          225. Reality Check says

            which clown car candidate are you supporting?

          226. retreaded says

            I have yet to see a candidate I can honestly support. All of the Democrat candidates are radical leftest kooks and most of the Republican candidates are RINOS. Trump is saying a lot of things that need to be said but he is probably not going to make it all the way. If it looks like he might actually win, the Demonrats or the RINOS will have him killed.

          227. mtman2 says

            Hey- Cuba is now open for you- so head out soon, thanks ~!

          228. Reality Check says

            Bernie all the way.
            (but if it’s Hillary, that will have to do for now.)

            these low info conservatives are very scary.
            how did this happen?

          229. Apolloone says

            LOL thanks R.C I always feel better after a good laugh, that’s one of your best, I’m going to print that one and sign your name on the print.

          230. Apolloone says

            Merry Christmas R.C: I hope you’re not offended.

          231. Debra Johnson says

            Obama is a follower of Wallenski and he believes that its the Americans who are the cause of all the trouble in the world. Like Carter he hasn’t met a dictator he doesn’t like and he alienates all our allies. I don’t know where you get the idea that GOP women are all barefoot and pregnant, but some of the most intelligent women are Republican. According to the definition of corporatism its in reference to facist collectivism so does that make him a facist. Is it another name for something else like they changed liberal to progressive even though its the same thing.

          232. mtman2 says

            Tho certainly you were indicating Saul Alinsky as MAO’ama’s role model.
            Also Killary was an understudy of Alinsky’s= totally anti-American ~!

          233. jvaljon1 says

            Didn’t Saul Alinsky think that the Union movement in America, was a good thing?

          234. mtman2 says

            Yes, tho his involvement was also w/the mafia as a pupil to their ‘labor’ leader Frank Nitti. You can research his antics online he seems right popular ~!

          235. Reality Check says

            “Also Killary was an understudy of Alinsky’s= totally anti-American”

            WHY LIE?
            you cons and your fantasies. say it over and over and it becomes real.

            sorry low info fool. not going to happen.

            maybe you feel smart enough to debate the matter?

          236. mtman2 says

            Hah, you low-info kweers are humorous with the sheeplike allegiance to misinformation attempting to save face in your foolishness.
            Anyone can Google Hillary+Slinky to see her senior thesis on Alinsky at Wellesley College- and his book he dedicated to Lucifer.

            You don’t know anything I don’t-
            however I know worlds of knowlege you’ve skipped-
            along your merry way, stumbling in the darkness of your misconceptions.
            You and the fringe horde are the outliers or it would be anarchy by request.
            Give it a rest and take the necessary time to get the bigger picture ~!

          237. ringostarr1 says

            You’re correct Debra: Fascism, Liberalism, Natzism, Progressive Democrats, International and National Socialist are all one and the same political theory all clothed in the same old 18th Century Left-Wing-Nut duds.

          238. Erin Dougherty says

            Umm, wrong.

          239. jvaljon1 says

            OMG, ringostarr1!!! – where your post is concerned, about being “clothed”?! – you’re, completely naked!

          240. richardwfaith says

            His “nakedness” seems to be putting quite a smile on your face(s). YIKES! Too much information!

          241. Reality Check says

            how low IQ does one have to be to put liberalism Nazi’s and Progressive Democrats, in the same sentence?

          242. Debra Johnson says

            Look at what they believe and you will see that it is all the same thing. The government knows better than you do about how to live you life. That is the major theme in all of those isms. We are a lot better off if the government stays out of our lives.

          243. Reality Check says

            Oh, so you must be a stanch supporter of Gay marriage and a women’s right to have an abortion.

            are you really so naive as to think that the corporations won’t poison you?

            silly con.

          244. Debra Johnson says

            What the heck are you blathering about. You make no sense at all.

          245. Reality Check says

            “Look at what they believe and you will see that it is all the same thing”

            Oh lets hear some examples.
            but I have this stinking feeling you will bail on this assignment.
            (cause you’re a parrot of talking points, not much of a thinker)

          246. Debra Johnson says

            Redistribution of wealth, universal healthcare, government running all aspects of your life. Taxation without representation, using the courts to pass laws which is unconstitutional, using his pen and phone to pass laws which a president can’t do. Disregarding laws such as the immigration laws.

          247. Reality Check says

            Wow Deb, you are one Walking Talking point aren’t you?

            “Redistribution of wealth” Ok Debm, WHO’s wealth has been taken like the nazi did to the jews? WHO’s wealth has been taken at all?

          248. Reality Check says

            “universal healthcare”

            Gee Deb, most of the planet believes in Universal healthcare, hardly equates to a similarity with Nazi’s.
            you could also say Nazi breath air and so do liberals.
            it’s moronic and desperate.

          249. Reality Check says

            “Government running all aspects of your life”

            See Deb the Dim, THAT is just a talking point.

            some examples would be how you make the point valid.

            like this:
            conservatives want to FORCE women what to do with their bodies, now THAT is very Nazi like.

            conservatives want to FORCE laws on Gays about who they can and cannot marry, now THAT is very Nazi like.

            do you SEE how TO MAKE A POINT, Deb?

          250. Erin Dougherty says

            Debra, there you go just repeating the nonsense your masters have fed you. The fact that you don’t even know Saul Alinsky’s name tells me that you haven’t looked into who he is and if the president even has anything to do with him. Think for yourself.

          251. Reality Check says

            YOU are the parrot here Erin.
            You have no idea about Saul Alinsky.

            the GOP follow his rules as much if not more that the Dems.

            care to discuss that rule by rule?

          252. Debra Johnson says

            Yes I do know the name I just can’t remember it all the time. I have no master except God so you are just spouting your talking points. Yes I do know all about Obama that is why I did not vote for him and sure as heck didn’t vote for him the second time either. It is well known that he studied the 12 rules of radicals. His childhood mentor was a man named Frank Marshall Davis who is a well known communist. He was the most liberal senator in the senate and his mother as well as his grandparents were communists. Both father and step father were muslims and he went to a muslim school in Indonesia. He is a community organizer which is another name for those who follow the 12 rules of radicalism.

          253. Daniel Wright says

            http://www.bestofbeck.com/wp/activism/saul-alinskys-12-rules-for-radicals http://www.rense.com/general32/americ.htm Here is a list of the things that make the Democrat party tick. Some don’t know old Saul’s name but that dossn’t mean they don’t recognize the things he represents. The president most likely never met Alinsky but discounting his influence on Obama with no evidence shows a lack of common sense.breitbart.com/big-government/2012/03/14/how%20saul%20alinsky%20taught%20barack%20obama%20everything%20he%

          254. jvaljon1 says

            Debra – “liberal” means ‘freedom-loving’. It was a term coined by one of the signers of the Constitution – Noah Webster. “progressive” means, forward-looking. (You know, like the Moon Landing and other Liberal ideals). And – just so you know that ol’ Noah W. knew what he was doing? Webster was the founder of the Dictionary. If you look things up in the Dictionary, Debra, you might not be so inclined to be confused, as you are and will be if you only listen to Rush’s ‘explanation’ of terms.

          255. Debra Johnson says

            It has a completely different meaning today. If it just meant freedom loving then why is the left changing its meaning to progressive. They usually do that if the meaning of the word has a bad meaning. Liberal today means that you believe in the government and handouts for everything. In a way its another word for socialism, but you dare not say that word because people won’t vote for you.

          256. Reality Check says

            First off silly human, who is Wallenski?

            WHY do you con LIE so much?

            are you terrorists?

            “he alienates all our allies”

            You are such a LYING TOOL
            Obama is WAY more trusted than GW and our popularity has gone UP , Tool of the Right.

            “U.S. soars in world popularity charts post Iraq”

            Favorable global feelings toward the United States have returned to 2002 levels, matching generally warm, pro-American sentiments measured just prior to the Iraq War”


            Here is another one for the Dim Con.

            “German Leadership Vies With U.S. in Global Popularity”

            Worldwide, Germany’s leadership has been as popular — or almost as popular — as the leadership of the U.S.”


            WHY do you LIE so much Deb?

          257. Debra Johnson says

            I guess it must be Allinsky. I never remember the name. If you look in his supposed autobiography you will see who influenced him.

          258. Bruce9 says

            Jihadist Barry and Langley trained and funded ISIS, AlQueda. Rick Wiles, TRUNEWS.
            “Obama’s approval rating near record low as 70% say US on wrong track”

          259. ringostarr1 says

            Obama is a old style corporatism, also called a Fascists in polite company.

          260. Reality Check says

            Indeed he is a corporatist.

            I think you should look up the meaning of Fascists again.

            FASCIST: a person who is dictatorial or has extreme right-wing views.

            Gee, Obama doesn’t fit those.

            maybe Ringo the Dim can give me some examples?

          261. ringostarr1 says

            That makes George Bernard Shaw and Franklin Roosevelt a Fascists then because both these gentlemen expressed great admiration for the great things that Benito Mussolini did for Italy. In fact President Roosevelt and Mussolini carried on a long and friendly private correspondence.

          262. ProudAmerican9 says

            The lib media works with Obozo and all the rest of the progressives/commies/socialists. You can’t be that stupid to believe otherwise. He’s a Soro’s puppet and will destroy the USA if allowed to.

          263. Reality Check says

            “The lib media works with Obozo and all the rest of the progressives/commies/socialists”

            Oh, that must be why Trump is on every MSM station ever figgin day, cause they are pushing the “leftist” agenda.

            HOW friggin stupid are you people?
            or is it just your brainwashing is so good?

          264. Reality Check says

            “He’s a Soro’s puppet ”
            Oh, the stupid Soros conspiracy.

            the one where the Hungarian JEW is taking over the world by installing a secret MUSLIM in the WH, masterminding a world domination scheme to create a Muslim Caliphate, that started when Soros was 30 and a struggling broker.

            you cons are such low functioning you believe any shit they tell you, regardless of stupidity.

          265. richardwfaith says

            Conspiracies don’t really exist, do they! According to THAT SO-CALLED “logic”, there NEVER WAS a United States of America. Sorry to burden you with the inconvenience of some homework, but you will need to study some history to understand this. Once you LEARN that there really IS such a thing as a conspiracy, you can come back from your studies and see whether or not an intact United States of America exists. HINT: it is a historically documented fact that our republic BEGAN as a conspiracy.

          266. Reality Check says

            some conspiracies are real, silly American.
            Soros is not one of them.

            IF you want people to understand, you should provide LINKS not flapping gums and cryptic hints.

            that is the work of a mentally deranged individual.

          267. richardwfaith says

            Go do the homework assignment I gave you. I have squandered too much of my patience on you already.

          268. jvaljon1 says

            Barefoot, because new shoes COST MONEY. Pregnant – so these poor, shoeless women can pop out a new Republican, every nine months.

          269. richardwfaith says

            Please keep your excessive libido away from me!

          270. richardwfaith says

            Stop promoting the falsehood that the GOP wants women “barefoot and pregnant”. While I truly hate to give the GOP credit for ANYTHING WHATSOEVER after its betrayal of pure conservatism, giving the devil his due: the GOP doesn’t want to force taxpayers to FINANCE birth control and abortions for those who want those services; they should be PAYING FOR THEIR OWN.

          271. MikeTheTiger says

            Isn’t it good to know that we are all out-to-lunch, everyone is out-to-lunch, except of course Reality Check. He is focused, he’s not the moron, not the idiot, not ignorant like the rest of us, he’s perfect!! Why don’t we all just shut-up and let Reality Check tells us how to live our lives, who to believe, and how to think. OK????? Now you all know what a real liberal wants – for us to mindlessly listen to him and his upsidedown thinking. He says the liberal media chews Obama a new one everyday, but we all can read and we know the liberal media hasn’t really criticized Obama for anything, not once in 8 years, but not according to “Reality Check”, he give us the gospel – they chew him a new one everyday. Talk about living in “unreality”, Reality Check must have been and be in a drug induced fog for the last 8 years.

          272. Steve Crawford says

            Then vote for Bernie Sanders. You can’t keep voting for the GOP or the DEM and expecting them to change. The NWO will accept ether party, is for making the middle class stronger and he is not control by the 2%.

          273. Michael Holdcraft says

            Bernie Sanders is not for making the middle class stronger. He is for drastic income redistribution, from the Rich to the Poor by government fiat. Do you know what that really means? It means uncontrolled government power to take from anyone it pleases and give to anyone it pleases. It’s the same type government set up under the Marxist-Leninists in the so called Soviet Union in 1922. That is where 10% of the population (Communist Party) held the power to redistribute wealth and did so. They redistributed wealth from the masses to themselves. A dictatorship of the minority. That is basically what Bernie Sanders is pushing. He wants to decide who the winners and losers are in society based on his own moralistic view of how wealth should be distributed. The problem with that type of system is that it allows a few to decide the fate economically of the many. I’ll stick with Capitalism, with just enough government interventionism to preclude monopoly and limit fraud. That is the best hope for a true middle-class driven economy. Sure some will get rich, but that is the incentive that keeps Capitalism working. If you get rid of the opportunity to make yourself wealthy, then you limit the opportunity for all to move up the ladder to a better life. The problem in this country is not Capitalism, it is unrestrained greed. That is where government comes in to restrain the cheaters and protect competition.

          274. ringostarr1 says

            Mike, remember we already tried spreading the wealth around back in 1862 when Abe Lincoln re-distributed the Red Mans’ land to the White Man. Until 1862 the American Indians were probably the richest group in North America by virtue of their land holdings. Ask an Indian how they liked spreading their wealth around to all those illegal immigrants.

          275. Reality Check says

            “It means uncontrolled government power to take from anyone it pleases and give to anyone it pleases”

            STOP LYING tool of the Right Wing Propaganda.

            Not ONE WORD you posted is in anyway the truth about Bernie Sanders.

            the babbling of a brainwashed American.

          276. MikeTheTiger says

            You had better go back and actually read Sanders’ platform and then go read from the original communist manifesto. Similar ideas and similar language.

          277. Reality Check says

            Well FOOL, they have NO similarities other than they BOTH have WORDS.

            maybe the moron would like to lay it out.
            (like that will happen)

          278. ringostarr1 says

            Abe Lincoln did the spread the wealth around thing back in 1862 with the Homestead Act. He spread the Red Man’s wealth in the form of land around to the Homesteaders. Ask an Indian how that is working out for them.

          279. Reality Check says

            “I’ll stick with Capitalism, with just enough government interventionism to preclude monopoly and limit fraud”

            IS Bernie’s Platform, ill informed voter.

            THAT is also what is going on in the Northern EU countries, the same countries that Forbes magazine (the conservative investment magazine) says are the best countries to do business.


            STOP LYING and spreading Stupid Propaganda

          280. MikeTheTiger says

            I lived in Europe for over 10 years and what is going on there is Socialism. Governments are involved in every level of everyone’s life. Tax rates are high to finance their social programs. And they are all beginning to face the fact that socialism only works with a relatively wealthy population and now with increased immigration from the middle-eastern countries they are feeling a budget crunch – more people taking than contributing. Sweden, Finland, Denmark are all beginning to see that they will have to strictly limit immigration to continue to keep anywhere near their current standards of living. The US had a much more diverse population and economy. With upwards of 30 to 40 percent at or below the poverty line. Socialism with that level of poverty won’t work. We must have an economy that provides jobs, not welfare. Sander’s platform will drive investment out of the US to cheaper labor and lower taxing countries, like China, India and Mexico. I’ve read his platform and it is the same Democratic trip trap as the last 40 years – take from the rich to give to the poor. The problem is that Sanders can’t stop wealthier American’s from sending their money elsewhere and that is what they will do under his policies, if they were ever implemented. He means well, but his economic thought is myopic. His economics will put our economy is a death spiral.

          281. ringostarr1 says

            Also the Norwegians worked every day even when they didn’t feel like coming in. That is all changing now and absenteeism is becoming rampant on the job.

          282. ringostarr1 says

            Apple has maybe 1/2 a Trillion in profits in foreign countries but if they move their money to America almost 50% of it would go for Taxes. What it took Apple 35 years to amass will evaporate over night. Yes that is a lot of money but Apple can make a lot of investments with that dough and put people to work.

          283. ProudAmerican9 says

            The NWO is not for making the middle class stronger. They want to eliminate most of the world’s population and control the small amount they’ll leave alive. They need us to be their slaves but will control every aspect of our lives…just as we see them doing as much as possible today. Check out Agenda 21; it’s not good for the average citizen in any way.

          284. richardwfaith says

            We would be in much less trouble if more people knew and understood what you just posted!

          285. Reality Check says

            then you should be supporting Bernie Sanders, shouldn’t you.

          286. Apolloone says

            Merry Christmas Jennarae: please see my reply to R.C

          287. jvaljon1 says

            Oh? Just what are you doing to ‘re-up’ (I think that you mean) the Republican party? And, jennarae19733 – what did you say on 9/12/01? (You remember, the day after 9/11?) Did you watch YPB (Your Precious Bush) as he REVERSED the tax code that had kept America the most prosperous nation on the face of the earth – Or were you (like 99.9 other Americans) too busy mourning the death of 4,000 human beings at the WTC to think that YOUR PRESIDENT – George W. Bush (however he became that way) was also busy making sure that the MIDDLE CLASS paid the taxes of both the rich AND the poor?

            By the way, you might be glad to hear that the 9/11 First Responders – many of whom have died because of the Republicans’ attempts to keep their shameful treatment of those same First Responders, out of the public eye – are once again bringing their cause (treatment for asbestos-related cancers) to the Court of Public Opinion. Now THERE was trouble for your own party – but I didn’t hear ANY of you voice YOUR disapproval and “attempt to do something”.

        5. mjnellett says

          And you progressives are a murderous, moral challenged bunch of corrupt, power hungry thugs with way too much American blood on your hands. You need to do a reality check and wake up to what your agenda has done to America!

          1. ringostarr1 says

            What has screwed America is voters sitting on their hands and not going to the polls to vote a straight GOP ballot.

          2. Apolloone says

            I think the right word is Apathetic. Fallen countries with Democracies usually had seven eras from birth to death. Here are America’s Eras from the Pilgrims till present day. 1. Bondage 2. Spiritual Courage.3.Liberty 4 Abundance 5. Complacency 6. Apathy 7. Dependency. America is somewhere in between Apathy and government Dependency, if nothing changes our next Era will be Bondage. This bloated government assures me of this, it simply cannot keep growing, it’s as if these Traitors in Washington are purposeful taking us there, now they’re considering doing something drastically with S.S effecting seniors of course, got to pay those illegals along with the growing Muslim population.

          3. richardwfaith says

            And the ARCHITECTS of our current downward spiral, HYPOCRITES THAT THEY ARE, have the audacity to use the word “SUSTAINABILITY” as a PRETEXT for THEIR OWN UNsustainable policies. I’d like to TASER THEIR TONGUES every time they make such utterances!

          4. Sherry says

            It won’t do any good…….however, it WILL make a great many of us FEEL better for a split second…………..

          5. richardwfaith says

            Most of the time I’m a constructive optimist, but once in a while I’m just ANGRY. It appears you understand me well.

          6. glorybe2 says

            Try reading the writings of Thomas Paine, the revered founder, and patriot. Paine called for a citizen wage to be paid to every citizen without strings attached or penalties so that no citizen would be compelled to work to survive. What Thomas Paine meant by liberty is not at all what the right wing calls liberty. It gives new meaning to the words “Give me liberty or give me death.”. It also knocks pretty hard against the notion that the founders intended capitalism to run the nation.

          7. richardwfaith says

            A certain friend of mine who happens to be an agnostic (and very close to being a complete atheist) worships at the altar of Thomas Paine. Paine may have contributed some inspirational ideas in his time, but his writings are laced with Godlessness. As for the suggestion (be it yours or Paine’s) that a citizen be paid for nothing more than merely BEING a citizen, I must admit that stirs my curiosity a bit. Where does the MONEY come from?

          8. Sherry says

            Thomas Paine was the original Communist /Democrat! He did NOT understand the founding Fathers intent BECAUSE he was an atheist! I believe God had (has) a profound plan for this country. An unbeliever would NOT understand the basis of the founding of America! Our Fathers KNEW WHO was the architect of this Country and her Constitution. Even the unbeliever, Ben Franklin, FINALLY acknowledged as to God’s provision as it was too far reaching, superior, and “intelligent” to have been done by mere men! Read David Barton’s historical books of the founding of this nation! It will astound even the most ardent and hardened disbeliever. It did it for me!

          9. jvaljon1 says

            Sherry – the Founders were all atheists – to a man. They came here to escape RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION by the British Empire. There were no atheists in Great Britain at the time. Just our Founding Fathers. Ben Franklin was willing to give science over to God (the ‘kite’ experiment’. Other than that, in affairs of government, he fully believed – as did ALL the Founders – that Church and State should be completely SEPARATE.

            Did you not learn ANY American History???

          10. MikeTheTiger says

            jvaljon1, you have the most warped version of history I have ever heard. First, only a few of our founding fathers were atheists, many were deists, and the super majority were Christians of various Protestant faiths, who came here for many varied reasons only one of which may have been religious persecution. Few were what we would call evangelicals as defined today, but almost everyone of them were believers in God. They referenced God in both the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution and not once was separation of Church and State written in either of those documents. In numerous letters written before and after those two documents it was affirmed that the tenants of Christianity were a bedrock of those documents.

            The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that and Article VI specifies that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” The modern concept of a wholly secular government is sometimes credited to the writings of English philosopher John Locke, but the phrase “separation of church and state” in this context is generally traced to a January 1, 1802 letter by Thomas Jefferson, addressed to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut, and published in a Massachusetts newspaper. Jefferson was referring to that separation in reference to the Church of England and its influence over the government of England and the King. Jefferson did not want our government run by any certain religion and I believe almost every American agrees with that, except maybe a few Muslims in this country. Jefferson never insinuated that God should be banned from anything, nor should the basis of our laws be separated totally from Christian tenants like some of the 10 commandments. Your version of history and our founding fathers is just plain BS.

          11. mallen11 says

            You are so very correct. Good info.

          12. jvaljon1 says

            Ok, that part where in Amendment #1, where it says “CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF” – that doesn’t mean anything to you? That’s just BS?!

            By the way, Thomas Jefferson was our third President. You should read what he said about corporations!

          13. MikeTheTiger says

            Jvaljon1, No, what is BS is your interpretation of that sentence. Your comprehension of the English language and our history seems a little suspect? Read the sentence you quoted. The two parts of that quote are related. First, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of Religion. Remember what I said earlier, in England at that time, the Church of England was the “state religion”. Here is a little history for you. King George was the head of state and the official head of the Church of England. England had a specific religion codified in law. The Church of England broke away from the Catholic religion because of a dispute between a former King of England (Henry VIII) and the Pope. The English church renounced papal authority when Henry VIII broke with Rome to secure an annulment from his wife, Catherine of Aragon in the 1530s. Our founding fathers wanted to make sure that our new country never had an “official state religion”, established like it was in England. The second part of the quote was make no law prohibiting the free exercise thereof – that is make no law that would prohibit any citizens free exercise of their religion. So the first amendment had a two fold purpose, to guarantee no official state religion was ever established in law and to make sure the government never passed any laws that would restrict anyone’s exercise of their freedom to worship as they saw fit. The object of the first amendment was to ensure the full freedom of religion, not restricting religion. Making laws or federal regulations today that specifically deny or restrict christian principles or the principles of any religion is against the Constitution. Banning even the mention of religion or God is restricting religion. Your tenuous interpretation does exactly that, it tries to restrict religion. Telling me I can’t pray or speak Jesus’ name or display the Commandments is a restriction of religion and just the opposite of the founding fathers objectives. The very first Continental Congress was opened and closed with a prayer as have every session of Congress since then. People who say that is an establishment of religion are just plain wrong and the example set by our founding fathers proves them wrong. Making a law or regulation that says someone can’t pray anyway they want, anywhere they want, and at any time they want is restricting the free exercise of religion and is specifically prohibited by the Constitution. By the way, Thomas Jefferson also was the primary writer of the Declaration of Independence, so maybe you should go back and actually read it! What Jefferson wrote in his personal letters are his personal thoughts, what he wrote in one of our founding documents is what we base our Country on, not his personal letters. Jefferson was only one of many who could be considered a founding father. Seven figures are most mentioned as key Founding Fathers:
            John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas
            Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington. James Madison wrote the
            document that formed the model for our Constitution. Several U.S. Founding
            Fathers were not at the First Constitutional Convention. The original states, except Rhode Island, collectively appointed 70 individuals to the Constitutional Convention, a number did not accept or could not attend. Those who did not attend included Richard Henry Lee, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Samuel Adams and, John Hancock. Thomas Jefferson was serving as ambassador to France at the time of the Convention. In all, 55 delegates attended the Constitutional Convention sessions, but only 39 actually signed the Constitution. So one comment in one personal letter written by Jefferson does not make “separation of Church and State” a part of our founding documents.

          14. richardwfaith says

            Those who have made contrascriptural lifestyle choices find Christianity to be an obstacle and a nuisance, and so they rail against the Word of God and against the very same Constitution that grants them the freedom to pursue their own depravity, oblivious to the fact that they’re pulling the rug out from under themselves!

          15. jvaljon1 says

            It wasn’t “one personal letter written by Jefferson” that makes “separation of Church and State” a part of our founding documents.

            Did you know that Jefferson FOUNDED the University of Virginia, before he wrote the Declaration of Independence? No, I guess you did not, so that was before he became America’s THIRD US PRESIDENT.

            Jefferson wrote: “I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”

            I would guess, MikeTheTiger, that you would (as a neoCON) strenuously object to those teachings by our Third President, Thomas Jefferson. And of course those Founding Fathers that you disapprove of, (guess you know better than to actually say that, so I will) – and which Thomas Jefferson was – would ALSO disapprove of your attempts to put religion prominently in front of as many State Houses as you can manage to do – never mind that these same State Houses are now removing your pet religious statues.

            I don’t know where you got the rest of your blather, but if you can post names, I’d sure love to see them! (If for nothing else than to teach them some accurate Constitutional History). Like my hero, President Barack Obama, I too have been a reader of our Constitution – though not (as our President has been) a Constitutional student, then later a Constitutional TEACHER at Harvard.

          16. MikeTheTiger says

            My “blather” comes from reading the actual Constitution itself and hundreds of papers written by many of the founding fathers of our Constitution. AND If Obama is your hero, then you are an idiot and don’t deserve to be treated as an equal in any political debate, especially when you try to butcher the Constitution, just as Obama does with almost every excecutive order he signs.
            By the way, if you didn’t notice, Jefferson did not write any part of, nor did he sign the Constitution. He was AWOL in France at the time. He didn’t attend the first Constitutional Convention, so his writings are not the sacrosanct authority on the meanings behind the Constitution.
            Critics of public religious expression, like you, usually cite either Jefferson’s one letter or sometimes even James Madison’s “Detached Memoranda.” as their authority. But if you want a balance view then why not site George Mason, the “Father of the Bill of Rights”? Or Richard Henry Lee who not only framed Virginia’s proposals to the Constitution but who also was a Member of the first Federal Congress where he helped frame the Bill of Rights? Or why not site the writings and actions of George Washington, the First President? Perhaps the reason that these other Founding Fathers are ignored (as are most of the other Framers of the Constitution) by you and your ilk is because both their words and actions unequivocally contradict the image portrayed by the one-sided picture you try to paint.
            George Washington provides a succinct illustration. During his inauguration, Washington took the oath as prescribed by the Constitution but added several religious components to that official ceremony. Before taking his oath of office, he summoned a Bible on which to take the oath, added the words “So help me God!” to the end of the oath, then leaned over and kissed the Bible. His “Inaugural Address” was filled with numerous religious references, and following that address, he and the Congress “proceeded to St. Paul’s Chapel, where Divine service was performed.”
            Only weeks later, Washington signed his first major federal bill – the Northwest Ordinance, drafted concurrently with the creation of the First Amendment. That act stipulated that for a territory to become a State, the “schools and the means of education” in that territory must encourage the “religion, morality, and knowledge” that was “necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind.” Conforming to this requirement, numerous subsequent State constitutions included that clause, and it still appears in State constitutions today. Furthermore, that law is listed in the current federal code, along with the Constitution, the Declaration, and the Articles of Confederation, as one of America’s four “organic” or foundational laws.
            James Madison, our 4th President, was publicly outspoken about his personal Christian beliefs and convictions. For example, he encouraged his friend, William Bradford (who served as Attorney General under President Washington), to make sure of his own spiritual salvation: “A watchful eye must be kept on ourselves lest, while we are building ideal monuments of renown and bliss here, we neglect to have our names enrolled in the Annals of Heaven.” Madison even desired that all public officials would declare openly and publicly their Christian beliefs and testimony: “I have sometimes thought there could not be a stronger testimony in favor of religion or against temporal enjoyments, even the most rational and manly, than for men who occupy the most honorable and gainful departments and who are rising in reputation and wealth, publicly to declare their unsatisfactoriness by becoming fervent advocates in the cause of Christ…”. Madison was a member of the committee that authored the 1776 Virginia Bill of Rights and approved of its clause declaring that: It is the mutual duty of all to practice Christian forbearance, love, and charity toward each other. Madison’s proposed wording for the First Amendment demonstrates that he opposed only the establishment of a “federal denomination”, not public religious activities. His proposal declared: The civil rights of none shall be abridged on account of their religious belief or worship, nor shall any national religion be established. Madison reemphasized that position throughout the Constitutional debates. In 1789, Madison served on the Congressional committee which authorized, approved, and selected paid Congressional chaplains. In 1812, President Madison signed a federal bill which economically aided a Bible Society in its goal of the mass distribution of the Bible.
            So you view of total separation of religion from government is just plain Crap. Chew on that for a while!

          17. glorybe2 says

            The founders did write the Constitution with a lot of slop in the language. Some of that slop may have been intentional.
            One way to look at establishment of religion is that it could be taken to mean that giving substance to having any impetus for creating a notion that a person should have some kind of religion should not be in publicly funded institutions. For example , giving respect by allowing a prayer before business is conducted does tend to establish a need for religion.
            The point at which i become vocal is when a school tries to shut down prayer by students, not sponsored or aided, by the school. If three Christians or Jews or whatever want to pray before their meals, in unison, I see no violation at all. If they want to use the school PA system then it is a violation. It can become complex as the Muslim’s calls to prayer may occur during school hours. I think we must accommodate them using their prayer rugs and ritual cleansing before prayer just as we must make certain that meals suitable for a Buddhist must be available at lunch. Even in prisons some alternative meals must be provided or some people would perish before violating their dietary laws.

          18. MikeTheTiger says

            I don’t read any “slop” at all in what was written in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. It was clear from the beginning that their purpose was to set in law freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to peacefully assemble and to petition our government to correct grievances.

            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

            If you have read in any detail about the writing of the Constitution you would know that the Establishment Clause was written by Congressman Fisher Ames
            in 1789. He derived it from discussions in the First Congress of
            various drafts that would become the amendments comprising the Bill of
            Rights. The second half of the Establishment Clause includes the “Free Exercise Clause”, which guarantees freedom from governmental interference in both private and public religious affairs of all kinds. The Free Exercise clause prohibits the government from any interference in the free expression of anyone’s religion.

            The Establishment Clause specifically addressed the concerns of members
            of minority faiths (Virginia Baptists) who did not want the federal
            government to establish a state religion for the entire nation. The
            Baptists in Virginia had suffered discrimination prior to the
            disestablishment of the Anglican church in 1786. As Virginia prepared to
            hold its elections to the state ratifying convention in 1788, the
            Baptists were concerned that the Constitution had no safeguard against
            the creation of a new national church.

            The Establishment Clause placed a strict limitation upon the United
            States Congress preventing it from “passing legislation” respecting an official
            establishment of a religion. The second half of the Establishment Clause
            inherently prohibits the government from preferring any one religion
            over another. The Establishment Clause prohibited Congress from
            preferring or elevating one religion over another, but it did not
            prohibit the government’s entry into the religious domain to make
            accommodations for religious observances and practices in order to
            achieve the purposes of the Free Exercise Clause – freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. The difference in the words OF and FROM are significant. Government cannot restrict the free exercise of religion.

            Echoing the language of the founder of the first Baptist church in America, Roger Williams—who had written in 1644 of “A hedge or wall of separation between the garden of the church and the wilderness of the world”—Jefferson wrote in a personal letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut which was subsequently published in a Massachusetts newspaper. , “I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.”

            That separation was meant as a restriction on the government from passing any laws that restrict or give preference to any religion, not a restriction on the free exercise of religion.

          19. glorybe2 says

            I disagree in that most of the founders were Christians. You can get a list of all that signed the Constitution along with what denomination they belonged to. The separation of church and state most likely involved a great fear of the conflict between Roman Catholic and protestant sects which had so severely plagued England and Europe. Nobody wanted a government that oscillated between those two poles. In early America Judaism was probably looked at as an oddity much like the Shakers or the Amish were viewed. Other major religions were not given any respect at all. A Buddhist or a Muslim, or a Hindu would have been seen as less than human. I doubt that the founders worried about a struggle between such foreign faiths for influence in government in that era. The religions of imported slaves are almost totally out of mention in our history.

          20. mtman2 says

            Paine’s big mistake was going to France to help with their ‘revolution’ and got way off track- and OUR Founders has to finally purchase his life from the guillotine whereupon he become an full agnostic and totally disrespected back here in the States -~!

          21. richardwfaith says

            “And that’s the rest of the story.” Thank you!

          22. glorybe2 says

            France was very much of the belief that Americans, including Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, were part of the cause of the French Revolution. Conservatives sought to maintain the king and the aristocracy whereas liberals wanted the public to be the government.
            As expected, the French revolution left France in a mess which took decades and various attempts at government to straighten out. But long term the French revolution was probably more of a success than the American revolution. The French had a greater vector towards liberty, equality and fraternity, than the US had.

          23. mtman2 says

            France was and is a total screwed up mess, but feel free to move there ~!

          24. glorybe2 says

            The money comes from taxation or perhaps allowing government to exclusively operate certain industries. In Paine’s day if the government controlled all cotton and tobacco production and sales it would probably have been enough to supply the citizen wage.

          25. richardwfaith says

            That seems to be the most plausible explanation for where the money would have to come from, and also for the fact that I never did, do, or will worship at the altar of Thomas Paine.

          26. glorybe2 says

            If you want to consider sustainability, consider Missouri, now with unheard of floods, northern England in astounding floods, central USA with tornadoes in late December, Florida with record hot days, day after day, California with massive dead forests now standing due to drought, those trees numbering about 250,000,000, Miami Beach installing massive pumps to hold back the sea and much more.
            The cause of these horrors is the use of unsustainable practices. Your grocery prices will reflect your beliefs as crops and livestock suffer from the consequences of your beliefs.

          27. richardwfaith says

            To whatever extent man is causing the problems you cite, man should by all means take corrective action; however, it generates great suspicion in me and very many others to hear the bulk of the promotion of ostensible corrections COMING FROM such organizations as the UN, most especially when compromise of our sovereignty is involved in their “package”. The latter comes across as a revelation of their true (and very covert) purpose.

          28. glorybe2 says

            In no Nation, in this entire world, does the right wing deny climate change or global warming with the exception of the right wing in the US. This is a repeating pattern from the right wing. When in 1964 the warnings about tobacco use started to appear it was the right wing that held up the stop sign , demanding supposedly absolute proof that tobacco killed people, and to this day still refusing to shut down the tobacco industry. The same thing can be said of burning coal. Again it is the right wing saying we can’t do that. Many in the right wing still feel that the Vietnam war was a great idea. The right wing still thinks that invading Iraq was a good idea. Facts don’t matter one little bit to them. History is like a flowing river that has a destination. The right wing is like a man standing in the river, pushing back against the water with his hands, trying to restrain or halt the flow of ware just as he would halt the progress of history. Resistance to change is not a winning game. it is immoral, thoughtless and cowardly. It is far better to aid the flow of history. Without that flow we would all be bending over, eating worms and grubs and roots as our remote ancestors did. And you can bet that when primitive man got the idea of planting some food plants that the conservatives were angry and made the case that it was taboo because their fathers had never planted food plants in the past.

          29. jvaljon1 says

            richardwfaith – did you not see the TWISTERS? Only 20 miles from me, there was an EF-4 (I think they’ll be upgrading it to an EF-5). The day before the tornadoes struck here in East TX – glorybe2 was predicting them. So was I – I could see the weather pattern lining up. Now – you say “To whatever extent man is causing the problems you cite, man should by all means take corrective action, etc” But richardwfaith – once the climate is changing – and this was projected by scientists all the way back in the 80s – once that is as well underway as it is now – if it gets changed back, it’ll take DECADES, I promise you that! My question – judging from what happened right here not even a week ago – is: what’s going to happen next? I don’t think that, at this point, there’ll be a chance to correct what we’ve done.

            And as a result, in the meantime, food will become HORRIFICALLY expensive. It’s one thing to wipe out a couple of towns (sorry to be so callous) – but when a couple hundred BEEF herds get spun in the sky (remember the movie Twister, LOL?) and then dropped dead on the ground – what do you think will happen to the price of MEAT? There’s no more debate, friend – global warming is upon us and the only question is, how bad is it going to get?!!!

          30. richardwfaith says

            Throughout my 69 years of life and even long before that, there were disastrous tornadoes, floods and earthquakes. As a young child, I saw much of the damage with my own eyes. Since people do their living in the PRESENT, it’s only natural for people to think every new disaster that springs up is a trend-in-the-making. One needs to get a little OLD to see these things in perspective.

          31. jvaljon1 says

            Yeah, and in my perspective, richardwfaith, you didn’t ever get summer temperatures during the winter months, all up into the last week in December! That’s the reason for EF-4 tornadoes right after Christmas in Texas. Ocean currents are destroying land in Florida, California’s in a drought – California, where most of our food is now grown! Hang onto your wallet, richard, cause no matter how OLD you are – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

            And none of this was necessary. Thirty years ago Dr. James Hansen sounded the warning. People chose to deny what he was saying – now they’re looking at it, feeling it, and (most of all) PAYING for it.

            Those tornadoes weren’t a trend-in-the-making. They’re a trend that’s here right now, and it’s not going away anytime soon, no matter what we do. The thing is now, to not let disturbed ocean currents get worse. But I have no faith in any bunch of people – least of all the ones in the USA and China – mending their ways. None at all. Even when disaster hits them, they don’t even start thinking, not even then. Although I will give them this – they’re starting to.

          32. glorybe2 says

            Of all things Cape Coral, Florida just had a tornado in January. Tornadoes in southern Florida are rare as hens’ teeth and to have a tornado in January is unheard of. Tornadoes here are not as strong as in the west. This time it was a lot of ruined cars and blown down trees and power lines but the homes took it rather well.

          33. mallen11 says

            Our country and as individuals are being disciplined for failing to keep the precepts set forth in God’s written Word and His great salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. The terminology “Cycles of Discipline” is just like the Israelites went through when they turned their backs on God’s will for their lives many times. As a Client Nation to God we are also under His divine discipline. There are five cycles of discipline and we are slipping into the 5th very quickly. Leviticus 26:14-28 & Deuteronomy 28:48-67

          34. glorybe2 says

            Through away that OT. It is nonsense. The very reason that the NT exists is that, supposedly, God noticed that the OT did not work so he sent his son to the cross and formed the NT. Now just how could a god establish a non-working OT? That implies that God is not all powerful, can not foresee, and needs to rewrite his ideas.
            The God of the NT is not the same, tribal, Jewish god of the OT.

          35. ringostarr1 says

            I too believe in your time line but it is that loony tone Graham who is in the death grips of complacency and apathy. What does he know about the affairs of men? Billy Graham’s son’s expertise is in the spree of the unseen and unknown. Things that only God knows and that mere men (like Graham) spout off about. Therefor by making your lame prediction you are setting your on self up as an equal to God and Jesus Christ. OOOOOh great Apolloone forgive this poor sinner his transgressions and whisk my immortal soul your father’s home where shall sit on the right hand of Apolloone forever.

            Fools like Graham remind me of the Hebrew rebel at Masada in Palestine who told his people that their fate was sealed and then they murdered their families in the dead of night and committed suicide before the Romans overcome their defenses. Only losers and those who are about to lose quit looking for allies.

          36. Susan Short says

            You have to be a complete idiot to bash Franklin Graham like this! LOL when you have to face God, you will need it!

          37. ringostarr1 says

            God has personally assured me that Franklin Graham and the big guy in the sky have no business links. He (God) can do his job without Graham’s help.

          38. HotinSC says

            Who is Apollone, certainly not Jehovah, Alpha and Omega, The great I Am. Apollo one was a space shuttle. If you want to belittle a Godly man, you better know the only God.

          39. ringostarr1 says

            I assume then that you prey to Franklin Graham, not to the true God in Heaven. Am I right? You see it is not myself who is the unbeliever here but folks like HotinSC, who worship the Reverend Graham and exalt him over their Lord and Savior. Franklin Graham is just a man, a lost sinner no better or no worse than you or myself.

          40. Michael Holdcraft says

            ringostarr1, you are only partially correct. Yes Franklin Graham is a sinner and he isn’t any better than you or me, but one difference that is most important. He has accepted Christ as his savior and been forgiven his sins. From your verbiage, you must have missed out on that last part. The good news is it’s not to late. Forget Graham and others and get into your Bible. Read the first three books of the New Testament (Matthew/Mark/John) and think on them. All my best to you. Happy New Year!

          41. Sherry says

            Tell us all how God “personally” assured you! IF God, indeed, had personally “assured” YOU, then your rhetoric would be dripping with love, mercy and forgiveness. I find none of these in your post that you have “shared” with the “world”! Your lack of respect shown for our FATHER IN HEAVEN speaks volumes, even to the casual observer. It’s NOT a business; the only links are in the will of His Spirit to all of us who ASK for His Guidance and Help in times of need. In fact, our Father doesn’t NEED anyone’s help. He just wants to SHARE in the blessings and to realize the magnitude of His LOVE and CARE for all of us. God is NOT A MAN, that He should be made light of or mocked. He IS the entire power of the entire universe; the CREATOR of EVERYTHING!

          42. ringostarr1 says

            I go into my closet and the big guy and myself have a quite talk.

          43. glorybe2 says

            You have finally admitted to being in the closet. Don’t fight it. You were born that way.

          44. Sherry says

            You didn’t answer my question…….HOW did God PERSONALLY inform, guide, or “talk” to YOU??? Lots of “christians” CLAIM to be in contact with our Creator. Even Trump was stumped by the same question. His answer left Christians speechless. He, also, gave a non-answer. He admitted that he never had to repent, be forgiven, or needed God’s guidance PERSONALLY! You see where I am going with this? Non-answers are NOT answers; just stonewalling as most articulate liars tend to do…….His “answer” was something on the theme of “the wine and the little cracker thingy”. IF he was referring to Communion, his answer would be a glowing report of the Grace and forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ……but it wasn’t even NEAR the answer expected by even casual observers! At least Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee KNOW the value of Christ and Communion, because they PRACTICE IT! They KNOW what it is to be led of God because God’s sheep KNOW His Voice! I’m sorry you do not understand the real Father in Heaven…….so sad…….

          45. Michael Holdcraft says

            ringo, your statement is not biblical. God does use men to accomplish his purposes when he sees fit. He doesn’t need any of us, but he certainly can use us when he wants – both bad and good. God wants your help too, but it is your choice to serve or not.

          46. ringostarr1 says

            My dear Susan, when did St Peter retire and turn the keys to Heaven over to Franklin Graham?

          47. Sherry says

            NO ONE EVER SAID HE DID!!! You misjudge Graham! We are merely defending a brother in Christ! NONE of us are perfect, so we die daily to sin through the Grace of God! ALL of us are sinners and will always NEED our Father and Jesus Christ to continue their care over us! IF we were perfect, then we have no need of a Savior or God’s forgiveness! I am eternally grateful for His saving Grace for all mankind IF they would just ask Him for it!

          48. ProudAmerican9 says

            You are the fool and prove it by what you’ve written here.

          49. Antonio Abernathy says

            And this is what graham means. You’re bashing the wrong person. You can only do so much when your own allies turn against you and give the idiots everything they want. Pph, the Iran deal, illegal amnesty, BLM and much more has been giving to Obama administration. He has been giving get all the power by the demo and rc and there is nothing he can do about it. Obama is gonna flood this country with Syrian refugees and the outcome is going to be devastating. The only thing that is keeping us safe right now is the second amendment and he is trying to take that away.

          50. ringostarr1 says

            If you knew what Obama really wanted you would be in hiding, not showing your ignorance on this forum.

          51. Antonio Abernathy says

            My ignorance says he wants to destroy this country what does your ignorance say

          52. ringostarr1 says

            My poor ignorance concurs with your superior ignorance.

          53. Antonio Abernathy says

            I know what Obama wants and their will be no hiding for anyone that’s not muslim. MLK was neither republican nor democrat because God does not reside within either cabinet. I am neither republican or democat because both sides are two faced and God is not in this Gov. especially within the Obama administration.

          54. Sherry says

            Seems to me, you fail to realize that, believe it or not, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL of His Creation! Be sure you are on the right side of our God…those on His left will go to Hell! No hope if you hate or deny Jesus before men as God will deny you before all of Heaven!

          55. jvaljon1 says

            What??! Antonio…the second amendment?! And you think THAT is ‘keeping you safe’! O M G…!

          56. Antonio Abernathy says

            In actuality jvaljon it is mostly criminals, people who have complete disregard for the law and people with mental issues that do the majority of the killing like gangs, and robbers. It has been shown towns with the most guns have the least amount of crime. Go live in Chicago, California and other of theses high crime states and you will see they have the toughest gun laws and the highest crime rate.

          57. jvaljon1 says

            Because guns have been flooding the area? It’s the laxness of any gun laws that we have, that that’s even possible. But, that’s what’s happened.

          58. Antonio Abernathy says

            Laxness? Criminals don’t care about gun laws and never have. They know that ordinary citizens don’t have them so they get more guns to terrorize more people. Look at statistics. The communities that have more guns have less crime. The communities and cities with more gun control have more crime..

          59. Watchman77 says

            Our words and actions will ultimately judge us. By your words you seem to be spouting about spiritual things which you truly know nothing about. Only with an honest and growing relationship with the God of the Bible will you see Truth.

          60. ringostarr1 says

            $2 will get you $10 that the Reverend Graham is no more holy than say the Reverend Jesse Jackson, or any other TV preacher like Obama’s Chicago minister, the Reverend Wright. You are putting you faith in a fallible man and expecting him to set you free or even to save your immortal soul. The good news is that I own the Stanley fire proof underwear franchise. Do you want my business card?

          61. Robert Early says

            Hang in there, Ringo. Get all the comfort possible from your opinions and beliefs. The facts are that Graham, a highly respected evangelist, and several million others, have left the Republican Party. Deal with it.

          62. ringostarr1 says

            No you deal with 8 years of President ‘Hellary’ Clinton, and then 8 years of Heap Big Elizabeth Warren. Then it will be Webb Hubbell and Hellary’s daughter Chelsea turn and don’t forget that Michele Obama is waiting in line to run for President. This is exactly like the 13 Original Colonies fighting the British, united we stand, divided we fall, unite behind one candidate that we can all vote for and most of all on Election Day 2016 vote early and vote often.

          63. jvaljon1 says

            Shhh, ringostarr1 – hush up! You’ll confuse the thousands of Americans who hear every single day, without letup, about President Obama’s “Muslim-ness” – and now you bring in the President’s own Chicago minister, the Reverend Wright? (FYI, y’all ignorant others, Muslims don’t HAVE ministers!)

            I’m sure, too, that Reverend Wright must occasionally stop laughing, as he contemplates the Far Right’s insistence that President Obama ‘is a Muslim’ – the Reverend does, though – rather enjoy pointing out the ridiculousness of the President’s enemy claims: Muslims, are not in the habit of marrying in a Christian church, presided over by a Christian pastor like the Reverend Wright!

            Oh God, if the anti-Americans weren’t so ridiculous, they might actually be funny – to the under-30 IQ’s, if to nobody else!

          64. Bruce9 says

            You might check out the Down Low Club. Also, by birth to a Muslim father, what that makes the son, attending a radical Wahabi School, what he sang and calling it, ‘the sweetest sound.” Hint, it was not ,”That Old Rugged Cross.”

          65. ringostarr1 says

            I don’t believe that your president is a Mohammedan, Mohammedanism is a moral compass of sorts, Obama on the other hand is completely amoral.

          66. jvaljon1 says

            Yah, that’s why now Americans have healthcare. Because Obama ‘is completely amoral’. YOUR words.

          67. glorybe2 says

            If there is anything more dense than lead, or gold, the right wingers brains must be made of it. It is like the singularity at the bottom of a black hole. Any information or learning is crushed within and lost in eternal darkness. There is no light nor enlightenment in there.

          68. Sherry says

            Sounds like the HELL hole you have entered long ago and just can’t turn loose of the little light afforded to you. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for you
            as you realize, too late, your plight. God help you…….we can’t!

          69. glorybe2 says

            Since judging another person clearly is forbidden in the Bible, we can all see that you have judged me and renounced your salvation. Another false Christian bites the dust.

          70. jvaljon1 says

            Yah, glorybe2, how sad…But that’s what hatred has done to them. It’s like they live on another planet. Earth2 or something…

          71. glorybe2 says

            They do not understand that often they are the cause of what they hate. Here is a common example. Young people, in large numbers, drop out of the Christian faith about the time they enter college. The radical right claims that it is because the professors are all communists. That is absurd.
            What does cause these kids to dump their faith? It is the radical right claiming that evolution does not exist, that the Earth is only 7,000 years old etc.. Since there is absolute proof that those views are false and the right wing bases their belief upon literal readings of the oldest portions of the Bible, the kids take the sort of logical course. If the right did not insist on the literal perfection of every word in the Bible the kids would retain their faith. But with the lunatic right any discussion on the fact that parts of the Bible are screwed up, is off the table completely.

          72. jvaljon1 says

            That does make sense, glory. I knew when the rightwing was enlisting the help of the Evangelicals to get Bush re-elected in ’04, that wasn’t going to come out well at all. Separation of church and state can’t be maintained when you have cults who are frothing at the mouth, insisting that theirs in the One True Word – (and there are thousands such One True Words – as many as there are, cults!) and that all others are wrong or misled or led by Satan, you name it.

            We had a great country before that. I remember suspicion of JFK being a Catholic – and he specifically spoke to the people, telling them that he’s a Catholic when he’s in Church – in the White House, he’s the President, and that never the twain would meet!

            It’s getting to the point where you can’t have any hope of being elected, without one of these simpletons invoking Christianity in some way or other. Shame. Whatever any country hopes to accomplish, won’t be done under the banner of ANY religion.

            I think that, in any case, America might not have learned her lesson regarding Separation of Church and State, and will once more have to learn a brutal, bitter lesson on the necessity of keeping religion out of politics – yeah, yet again!

          73. glorybe2 says

            One odd fact, the reverend Wright who was much maligned for being Obama’s minister preached a truer doctrine than most any minister a man could hope to find. Obviously the public did not like Rev. Wright.. I have often said that any minister who seriously preaches Jesus Christ in church will immediately lose his congregation. Imagine a minister telling his flock that they are to take all that they own and give it unto the poor (not the church). Imagine the minister telling his flock to pick up their crosses and make their life a living crucifiction
            for Christ’s sake. Imagine trying to get converts after telling them they are to live in poverty and suffering. In the first days of the faith people often knew they would be tortured and murdered for accepting the faith and they did so gladly. But not these days, by a long shot.

          74. glorybe2 says

            There was a resistance to Ronald Reagan as he was the first divorced man to be elected president. Although there were numerous reasons to not have him as president being divorced is not one of them.
            Prejudice is a mysterious thing in itself. Hillary will catch all kinds of hate if she is elected as many will feel that a woman in office is the end of the world. Now if she was a black woman one can only imagine.
            My understanding is that a person must be born on American soil to be president. That to me does not include a person born to an American woman on foreign soil. But apparently Cruz can be elected, and he was born in Canada.

          75. Michael Holdcraft says

            javaljon1, be careful who you call a Christian. Many use Christ’s name, but really aren’t his followers. Matthew 7: 21-23

          76. Sherry says

            NO, Satan, I do not! “By their FRUITS ye shall KNOW them”! The only insurance I need and have was purchased by Jesus Christ on that cross! Your “business” is as phony as you are: there is no such thing as fireproof underwear nor an “immortal soul”! IF there were, then Christ would not have needed to die for our sins! You do not understand that the ONLY Good News is that Jesus paid for it all! Your comparisons of those charlatans posing as Godly men compared to the Grahams is shocking, at best! Their fruits, words, and actions prove my point! God help YOU!

          77. richardwfaith says

            Somehow this forum has drifted far from its original intent, which was to discuss Graham’s abandonement of the GOP. Some commenters even made the absurd suggestion that his quitting the GOP was equivalent to boycotting the elections; just because he quit the GOP, that does not even REMOTELY suggest that he plans not to VOTE. Now is Graham the real deal or not? I personally don’t KNOW, so I have carefully abstained from posting that he is, or that he is not.

          78. ringostarr1 says

            Graham and politics are two entirely different kettles of fish. Graham needs to work on the spiritual things which is his calling, and Graham should leave the prevarication of politics to the professionals.

          79. Michael Holdcraft says

            ringostarr1, that is exactly what Graham has done. He’s seen the folly of identifying with any one political party and separated himself from any political label. Jesus told us to be good citizens, not good Republicans or Democrats!

          80. Sherry says

            Graham identifies with Christians, NOT partyies! It just so happens that MOST born again Christians are voting GOP/Conservative, and so that is where you will find MOST Evangelical Pastors. Black pastors are leaving the commie party as fast as they joined up!

          81. glorybe2 says

            Jesus told people to obey the law. That does not imply support for any nation. It was obvious that Christians would be slaughtered and any breaking of the law would lessen the flock. Without that flock the faith could not spread. It is much like Christ telling slaves to be good slaves. It is not that Christ approved of slavery. What Christ taught was that earthly life had no value at all. A person has two purposes in life. the first is to be saved and the second is to serve the unfortunate. Nothing else has worth or value. That includes money, shelter, family, jobs or positions, or even patriotism. That is the NT in a nutshell but Christians will do anything not to understand the Bible. Christ meant quite literally that all of us should make our lives an ongoing crucifiction. “Pick up your cross and follow me.” was a direct command.

          82. Sherry says

            Are you telling all of us Americans who have different “callings” other than politics are “banned” from the God given Constitutional right to discuss our personal politics and if you are a “man of the cloth”, no rights to any opinions, especially if the opposing demonic party is pulling us down into the hell of Communist/socialism? REALLY? It’s the “PROFESSIONALS” that have destroyed our parties and shredded our Constitution! I’m GLAD that an honorable man like Graham has been ringing the bell! God has always used such men to warn His people! I say, “God bless him and well done, good and faithful servant”! He is far more into the loop than most common people, and I, for one, admire this humble man!

          83. ringostarr1 says

            No, i am telling you that religion, even that toe tapping old time religion is and rightfully aught to be separate from Politics. Politics is rightfully a dirty and grimy profession, and any man-or-woman-of-the-cloth who dabbles in politics is a mountebank. That statement goes for Bishop Sheen, the Pope, that Jim Jones fellow across the bay from San Francisco, The reverend John Brown, the Bakers (Jim & Tammy Fay), Oral Roberts and his twin brother Anal Roberts, Al Sharpton, Big Daddy Love, David Koresh, Earnest Anglely and his late wife Angle. The list runs into the millions. To his ever loving credit Franklin’s father Billy Graham backed away from politics back in the 1970s when he got burned standing by Nixon. That is when Billy Graham realized the true nature of politics.
            Some of you may be correct and I may spend eternity burning in Hell’s eternal lake of fire for excoriating Franklin Graham, but I g-r-a-n-t-e-e d-a-m-n tee you that if you dabble in politics and you expect to enjoy God’s mercy in the Afterlife, asleep in the bosom of Abraham, you’re going to be disappointed.

          84. richardwfaith says

            Even better, those “professional politicians” need to get some SOULS.

          85. jvaljon1 says

            He apparently IS the son of Billy Graham. Should put him right up your alley. Maybe he’s re-read the Constitution, and understands what the Founders were trying to tell us.

          86. Poppo says

            I doubt that Franklin Graham has ever said that he is “holy”. He has said that he is a sinner, redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. Guess what else. Reverend Graham says “Jesus Saves”. He will be the first to admit that ONLY Jesus saves.

          87. glorybe2 says

            Let’s see! Jesse Jackson took a rifle bullet and was lucky to survive trying to get freedom and justice for black people, and really for all people. who else did things like that? Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King , John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy.
            Isn’t it odd that not one of them was a conservative? Why is it that right wing lunatics want to murder people? And Billy Graham would never do anything but respect these fine liberal men.

          88. ringostarr1 says

            Martin Luther King was a life long Republican. I am unsure of Bobby Kennedy’s leanings but from the large number of children that Robert Kennedy and his wife had together I don’t see how he could have the time to philander little less the energy. But John F. Kennedy was more Conservative than say Reagan. Ring the buzzer by your bed glorybe2 and tell the nice nurse that you need a new depend.

          89. glorybe2 says

            Bobby Kennedy was a famous liberal. Dr. King was from the south where liberals often were part of the republican party due to racial hatred by southern democrats. The Kennedy males did tend to get involved with women. Their yacht captain purchased my old home so we heard about that a bit.

          90. jvaljon1 says

            OMG, ringostarr1 – what PLANET are you on? MLK a REPUBLICAN?! He didn’t BELONG to ANY political party – but if he had, he sure wouldn’t ever have been a Republican!

          91. mallen11 says

            It doesn’t matter what you own or how important you are; what matters is who is Jesus Christ to you? He provides everything we need to live the Christian way of life but believers have to be willing to learn His Word to know what is provided. One of the things given to believers is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit at the moment of salvation and He is the one who gives us understanding to learn the Lord’s written Word. Every believer is given at least one Spiritual Gift and as we grow through the knowledge of His Word we learn what it is and should use it to His glory. Most don’t because they are not willing to learn. However, one of those gifts is pastor-teacher and all believers need one to help us learn what the Bible teaches since they are suppose to study the Word of God and teach it. Most don’t because they are too lazy; so are believers who opt for entertainment and feel good sermons.
            II Peter 3:8… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.
            II Tim 4:2 … preach the word; be ready in season (when a lot of people are listening) and out of season (when few are listening); reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.
            Col 2:7 having been firmly rooted (in Bible Doctrine) and now being built up in Him and established in your faith (Bible Doctrine in your soul), just as you were instructed (taught by your pastor teacher), and overflowing with gratitude.

          92. ringostarr1 says

            I though that the Angel Gabriel had the keys to the Pearly Gates, not Franklin Graham.

          93. Sherry says

            AGAIN, you have NO understanding about Gabriel, the “Pearly Gates”, NOR Franklin Graham! It’s painfully obvious that you KNOW NOTHING about our Father, Jesus Christ, nor God’s Holy Spirit! Since you lack His Spirit, there is no way to convey anything spiritual until you are BORN AGAIN from on High as Jesus told Nicodemus! Being “religious” and going to mass does NOT make you a born again Christian…….it just makes you a hypocrite…….

          94. mallen11 says

            Yes, and the scripture is…
            1 Cor 2:13-16 which things we also speak, not in words taught by human wisdom, but in those taught by the Spirit, combining spiritual thoughts with spiritual words.
            But a natural man (unbeliever) does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised. But he who is spiritual appraises all things, yet he himself is appraised by no one. For WHO HAS KNOWN THE MIND OF THE LORD, THAT HE WILL INSTRUCT HIM? But we have the mind of Christ.
            I John 5:19-20We know that we are of God and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one. And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us understanding so that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life.

          95. Robert Early says

            Well, you never know, do you?

          96. jvaljon1 says

            I see that you know nothing about Masada, either! What a surprise (NOT)!

          97. Sherry says

            Well, you KNOW that there is the liberal commie rendition of history and then there is the REAL TRUE history! Amazing how the libraries around America have dumped all historical records and replaced all truth with lies and distortions! I remain eternally grateful that most of us learned MANY years ago our REAL history!

          98. glorybe2 says

            Sherry, I am 71 years old and our school teachers back in the day were not free to teach the real American history. Neither are they free to do so today. All human history is dark and full of evil including ours.

          99. Michael Holdcraft says

            glorybe2, you missed out on 33 years of history that were not all dark and evil. Those 33 years can be found in the first three books of the New Testament. They testify to the one sinless person who ever lived. Read it and judge for yourself.

          100. Sherry says

            I, too, was born 4/8/44 and we WERE taught true history: the beautiful and the ugly! Even though I was raised a Catholic, in a Catholic school, and from a Catholic town, (Los Banos, Cal) we WERE taught the Constitution as well! What they failed to teach us was the true Biblical Gospel! The Sisters frowned on questioning innocent enough questions that should have been answered instead of the ruler to the hands for ASKING pertinent questions! The Priests were negligent also! Everything was a ritual with no meaning…never ask WHY! A ruler to the top of the head because I asked why the calendar was WRONG. I wasn’t questioning the Pope, merely wondering WHY. Later, at Stanford U, I faced my Profs, which most were USA card Caring Communists as they implored all of us to “modernize” our society through the
            truth of modern Communism! I admit, at first, I was smitten by them, so I too joined. In 1965, some friends took me to a Billy Graham revival meeting, then to another one a few days later and my blind eyes were opened! I changed instantly and burned my card! God is so patient, even when we think we don’t want Him in our lives “telling us what to do”! I began to devour the Bible and somehow didn’t miss the sleep while studying for classes! I left that Communist Stronghold forever and never looked back. Like NIGHT turning into bright DAY! The rest is HISTORY!

          101. glorybe2 says

            I also was born in 1944. Your remarks about Stanford are a complete lie. Professors that simply wanted to modernize society were not communists at all. You would have gone to college about 1963 and the climate towards communism was pretty much hatred at that point. Young men knew full well that they would likely end up fighting in Vietnam under the draft and the dislike of communism was intense. Way back in the 1930 era communism was a bit more popular.

          102. glorybe2 says

            Sure Sherry, elves came in the night and removed all the real books. And Satan walked about planting bones so that people would believe that the Earth is more than 7,000 years old and that evolution exists. There is no evidence, it is all just Satanic deceptions. Did the tooth fairy leave you a quarter last night?

          103. Sherry says

            You do err, faithless one, in that you neither KNOW the love and mercy of a forgiving God nor the attributes PROMISED to His own “sheep”! I take it you are a Catholic and do not understand a personal and 2 sided relationship with the One Who created us to have that very thing. Your verbiage belies the fact that you are not a
            true Christian nor even have the simplest understanding of one! Your knowledge of history is muddled by the fact that you are not immersed in the true knowledge from on high. Even though I am not a Baptist as Franklin, I, too, believe in the same fundamental Christian ethics as does Billy and Franklin Graham. They ARE true believers and LIVE it EVERY day as required by our Father in Heaven. I KNOW that they ARE guided by the same Holy Spirit that guided the Apostles, Disciples, and Jesus Christ! They, too, were inspired by that same God to write the Scriptures for our own benefit and knowledge of that relationship. I would love it if I could equal their faithfulness to their calling! God help YOU to see the error of your ways. Be careful of the words you use, dear one, as you will have to give an account of the words you carelessly used! They are NOT fools, as you claim! They are dedicated men of God and their lives convey that simple message of integrity, LOVE and forgiveness. I know for a fact that Apolloone is a true born again believer. A survivor of false charges from such evil ones who launch such foolishness as you just did! Be very careful because the same false charges could easily be launched towards you, me, or anyone who dares to call themselves Christian. In God’s eyes, all who deem themselves Christian are, in fact, Brothers in Christ and should be treated as such.

          104. ringostarr1 says

            Graham doesn’t love this country any more than that traitor Obama does. All Graham is going to accomplish with antics like his is to elect “Hellary” Clinton. Self flagellation (look it up) is well established in every religion on Earth. All Graham will accomplish is getting himself a free 8 year supply of sackcloth and ashes.

          105. glorybe2 says

            I know nothing about Franklin but his father is a devoted Christian and a great example for others as well. Billy was disliked by conventional churches and faced a great struggle to establish his ministry. He has also always to accept anything but a tiny salary, and he also took great precautions to avoid false accusations such as refusing to ride in an elevator alone with a woman. No man is perfect but Billy comes close, just as Jimmy Carter is a fine Christian, who also was hated by many.

          106. ringostarr1 says

            Anyone who wears his religion on his shirt sleeves like a wad of snot, and Jimmy Carter does, is not bound for glory but for the hot place. Jimmy Carter is nothing but a braying Pharisee who wants us to think that he is religious when he isn’t.

          107. Michael Holdcraft says

            Matthew 7:16
            and for you personally read 1 Corinthians 6:2

          108. glorybe2 says

            When we see a very elderly Jimmy out building homes for the poor, with his own hands it makes a fool out of you. He has proven his faith.

          109. ringostarr1 says

            And when a despot like Obama makes the trains run on schedule that’s supposed to make him a leader? Get real ! ! ! !

          110. jvaljon1 says

            Wow, ringostarr1! You have finally rendered me SPEECHLESS!

          111. ringostarr1 says

            Then Bill Clinton is a brother in Christ by virtue of his mouthing some words to a hymn while he was a member of the choir at the Little Rock Baptist Church. My dear Sherry, I think that you have a very loose interpretation of what it means to be a Christian.

          112. Michael Holdcraft says

            ringo, please read Matthew Chapter 7 especially verses 21 thru 23. Not everyone who professes to be Christian really is. You will know them by their deeds, not their words.

          113. jvaljon1 says

            You don’t think that Catholics are Christian??!!!!

          114. glorybe2 says

            I have a friend who worked for the Catholic church for 30 years before moving to rural Georgia. As a Baptist church is far closer to his home he goes to the Baptist church now. He is amazed. He tells me if you want to know anything about the Catholic church all you have to do is go to any rural church in Georgia and all of the congregation will tell you all about the Catholic church. He is amazed simply because none of these experts has ever spent one minute inside a Catholic church. Apparently quite a few protestant ministers also rail against the Catholic church as well. Ignorance can spread like wildfire.

          115. jvaljon1 says

            Uh…ringostarr1? If you’re talking about Lindsay Graham, I have to tell you that he isn’t the son of Billy Graham…

          116. ProudAmerican9 says

            Yep, all correct. History teaches this time and time again. We are quickly headed down the sewer and approaching the point of no return.

          117. glorybe2 says

            Considering the fact that all nations perish, without exception, you are absolutely correct. Yes, we, just as all others are going down the tube and nothing will prevent that. it is not a matter of politics or beliefs.
            As a human body ages it acquires injuries, defects, diseases and loss of strength and vitality. Nations are exactly like that. A nation accumulates problems, debts, conflicts and responsibilities. In time they cause weakness and a nation fails either by simple collapse or by invasion by a more vigorous nation. Now, if the world was all one nation that could not occur. So is the NWO a good ideal to work towards?

          118. richardwfaith says

            As you goose-step to the words of daviD rockefelleR’s “Supranational Sovereignty” speech, try reading the text of that speech slowly enough to comprehend its end game. There is NOTHING GOOD about the NWO. Its true (and largely hidden) agenda is to eliminate the individual sovereignty of nations, BECAUSE that sovereignty is an inconvenient obstacle standing in the way of TOTAL CONTROL by the NWO. Without SOVEREIGNTY, LIBERTY cannot endure. Perhaps YOU don’t LIKE YOUR liberty, but I LOVE mine, what remains of it. The only thing the United States of America stands to GAIN from the NWO is a bigger and more mendacious band of unaccountable bureaucrats to undermine our liberty and to fleece us.

          119. glorybe2 says

            Except there is zero reason to believe that it is an evil conspiracy at all. No evidence at all exists of that other than some, poor, sick individuals who create false fears so they can avoid dealing with reality. There are people who want an eventual one world government but it will not occur even in our grandchildren’s life time. The world is too primitive at this time for the people to unite as one. So why would one worry about what will occur three hundred years from now if it occurs at all?

          120. richardwfaith says

            Just curious: how easily will you continue to “stay the course” with your statements to which I am now replying after you have read daviD rockefelleR’s “Supranational Sovereignty” speech and the UN’s Agenda 21? It will greatly surprise me if you do the DUE DILIGENCE of that research.

          121. glorybe2 says

            I looked at Agenda 21 and it is very supportive of individual nations and states. They make it a point to seek cooperation among nations in regard to environment and the improvement of social conditions. There is nothing that stands out as being wrong with Agenda 21 at all that I noticed. There is certainly nothing remotely indicating a NWO takeover that came to my eye although I did not read the entire, lengthy document.

          122. richardwfaith says

            Congratulations on making the initial effort. The devil is in the details. As you say, it’s a lengthy document. You wouldn’t reasonably expect its least palatable provisions to be those most conspicuously placed in context, would you?

          123. Sherry says

            Please read the entire Agenda 21 and report to all of us what you perceived and want to convey to us! I have met folks who claim to have read it, (I haven’t) and they were terribly worried! God speed!

          124. glorybe2 says

            I don’t recall that I have said — and I don’t think that I really feel — that we need a world government. We need governments of the world that work together and collaborate. But, I can’t imagine that there would be any likelihood — or even that it would be desirable — to have a single government elected by the people of the world.

            That is a quote from David Rockefeller above this paragraph. So much for a conspiracy to form the NWO.

          125. richardwfaith says

            Pardon me, but I did not find anything in your post indicating that you had read the entire speech, which unlike Agenda 21, is not overly lengthy. What, in your own words, does “supranational sovereignty” mean? What, according to daviD rockefelleR, should HAVE this “supranational sovereignty”? If you can’t recite the correct answers to these two questions, then either you didn’t read the speech or you didn’t comprehend it.

          126. ringostarr1 says

            If you wish to see governments work together look no further than Hamlet’s boyhood friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern who go to the English Crown bearing a sealed letter from the King of Denmark in which the King of Denmark requests a favor from the English King. The Favor that the Danish King requests is for the English King kill the men who brought him the letter. That is how governments have always “cooperated”

          127. Sherry says

            The puppet masters have been “warning” (telling us) of their agenda since Reagan left office! I remember Daddy Bush mentioning the NWO at least 5 times! As did many politicians since then. It is not NEWS to anyone really watching and listening to the daily news!

          128. richardwfaith says

            All true! And yet, LOOK at the number of deniers!

          129. glorybe2 says

            Do you feel that a new world order does not bloom through the centuries. England was the greatest military and economic power on Earth for quite a while. Then the US passed England and became the new world leader. When the Soviet Union crumbled that effectively created a NWO in itself. Right now China is the largest nation in regard to money and quite possibly will be the greatest military power as well. And that again will restructure alliances , economic policies and military treaties.
            The problem is that the ignorant think the NWO is some sort of evil conspiracy. Power and wealth simply change over time and there are committees that try to predict and try to make sure that as little suffering as possible takes place when these changes inevitably take place.
            In the case of the US we have clearly fallen a bit behind and that normally takes a couple of centuries to get a shot at being number one again.

          130. jvaljon1 says

            Richardwfaith? Howcome you spell it: daviD rockefelleR’s – etc etc?

          131. richardwfaith says

            Thank you for asking. I disrespect him.

          132. jvaljon1 says

            Thanks for the answer! DisRespect – now comes clear. But please tell me – wasn’t Rockefeller, a Republican? I mean, he was rich & all….

          133. richardwfaith says

            Rich globalists have come up with a new paradigm for Robin Hood: instead of stealing from the rich (after all, that’s THEM!), they steal from the middle class (such is the ONLY class that America really NEEDS, IMO) and give (a small portion of) the LOOT to the poor (I leave it to your imagination to figure out where MOST of it ends up!). Of the rockefelleRs, daviD in particular is a rich globalist. Equating “rich” with “Republican” often leads to erroneous conclusions. Although there are also plenty of rich Democrats, that tends to be more of a distraction than anything else. The bottom line is this: rich globalists have formed a CABAL with the objective of installing a one-world government which of course WE would be subordinate to, thus not sovereign, and as a result, not free. To see details of their plan, you might want to read the UN’s Agenda 21; however, you won’t likely see what I’m trying to tell you until you’be read the whole thing several times, and SLOWLY. If THAT doesn’t quite ruin your day, you could read daviD rockefelleR’s “Supranational Sovereignty” speech. Conclusion: the Democrat Party AND the Republican Party are two heads of the same beast (in fact, a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM), and BOTH are beholden to, and OBEDIENT to, the SAME CABAL. Most of the platforms, debates and campaign issues are distractions intended to keep the CABAL’s operations secret.

          134. glorybe2 says

            You could consider judging a nation by its effects. In communism, after all is said and done, at the top a tiny percentage of the people end up wealthy and powerful as communism has certain flaws. But when you have capitalism a tiny percentage also end up with wealth and power. Both forms of government have caused very large numbers of people to perish, live in slavery, or die in poverty. A system that gets the closet to equality of both law and wealth among its people must be the goal. US capitalism can not get the job done. Socialism has the best chance of success.

          135. richardwfaith says

            Our Constitutional republic, WITH a capitalistic economy, CAN provide a far more equitable economic environment for its citizens IF the globalist CABAL that makes a ONE-PARTY FARCE of our SO-CALLED “two-party system” is OVERTHROWN AND DISENFRANCHISED. In order to accomplish this, political parties need to be rendered irrelevant. Banning them is obviously not the answer, because 1) that would violate our Constitutional liberties and 2) even if it were done, they’d just go underground and/or regroup. We are Taxed Enough Already. That is the acronym of the T.E.A. Party, but the latter organization did not have the foresight to fulfill the description of its name. Its biggest failure has been its endorsement of EXISTING politicians. A far better course of action for it would have been to promote the candidacy of successful lay citizens having no prior participation whatsoever in government. A better-thought-out version of the T.E.A. Party IMO would be the best start at overthrowing and disenfranchising the globalist CABAL.

          136. jvaljon1 says

            Capsolism. Blend of Capitalism and Socialism that we had in America from the end of WWII (1944) up to that depredator, Ronnie Dearest, in 1980. America started to die, right there. Ronnie’s first act was to de-certify (by Presidential Edict) the Air Traffic Controllers Union when they wanted a raise.

            It took 20 more years for America to devolve to the state that it was in when the Supreme Court elected their first American President in 2000. We never knew that we were living with fiercer enemies than the Nazis ever were – and voting for them on Election Day. Reagan was the beginning of the end for America.

            I always DID want “Capsolism”. I grew up under it, thrived on it, and I never thought that I’d see the day when this country threw itself away like it’s done.

          137. MikeTheTiger says

            Jvaljon1, again you pick and choose the facts that only support your point of view. The ones you leave out are relevant whether you like them or not. Like the ATC Union wanted raises, yes, but when they didn’t get what they wanted they went on strike. As Government employees (which they are) they had all signed a no-strike pledge which is in Law and applies to all Federal Workers. It is illegal for Fereral employees to strike. They broke the law by striking, so Reagan justifiably decertified them. Your comment on the Supreme Court and the 2000 Presidential election is non-factual – that means it is a lie! Just because you repeat it doesn’t make it truthful, it just re-certifies your gullibility. And the end of America didn’t start with Regan, it starts with “political zombies” like you who are to lazy to search for the true facts, but just accept as gospel any BS that comes from the DNC. Wake up America, it’s people like Jvalijon1 who are leading us toward destruction!

          138. Apolloone says

            True and well stated Mike, well stated

          139. mallen11 says

            Socialism is power grabbing and intoxicating to have power over people as they want to do in this country.
            There is no equality among the people of any nation. When government tries to make everyone equal there is depression and people give up. Those nations that are socialistic; they are not powerful nations.
            The USA has been a developing welfare state for the past 50 or more years. During that time, poverty has not decreased but has increased – no longer do we have work ethic but enslavement to the government dole – why work when the government will pay you? This is the socialist safety net; an entire underclass who depend on the government.

            • If capitalist are relieved of the ownership of property and means of production and that business is owned by the State, a central government and redistributed to whomever they deem worthy to have it then unemployment and poverty will be diminished and finally abolished.
            • Utopia is unobtainable through human beings – Freedom to them does not bring the results they want.
            • Idealist and utopia living people or liberal theology and rejects the doctrine of total depravity of man is humanistic with a little religion thrown in.

          140. jvaljon1 says

            And in Norway, Finland and Denmark, that socialism has improved their people’s lives 100% from any other system. Even the men are living longer! You want to read about successful socialism, check out the Scandinavian countries.

            Would be a real eye-opener to the NeoConservatives, if their eyes weren’t turned so far inward as to be useless anyway. However, the rest of us can check out Denmark, Finland and Norway, and start to get a grip in our own country.

          141. glorybe2 says

            Now, now, You are offering facts and evidence. The right wing doesn’t bother with truth. If you tell them that the people in Denmark are doing well they will say that the government is making them fat so that they can’t run away when the government comes to sweep them up. As for me, if I could be a citizen of Norway i would be there at a gallop.

          142. jvaljon1 says

            Race you there, LOL! But I think that Norway’s closed its doors to immigration. Can’t much blame them, with $25./hr + and free college to all, the whole world would live there if they could!

          143. glorybe2 says

            There is no way to become a citizen of Norway as it requires being born in Norway. I doubt that immigrants get much of the pie there. I do understand why they want to keep their culture the way it is as they are a mild and pleasant sort of folk when on their own. But they certainly could fight against invading armies. They tend to be quite brave. Many risked their own lives to hide or transport Jews during WW2.

          144. jvaljon1 says

            Well that was smart of them. Wonder if that’s true also of Denmark and Finland…(sigh)

          145. glorybe2 says

            I don’t know if one can become a citizen of Denmark or Finland. Finland has made astounding progress in recent decades. In prior years they ran their homes on DC current. That meant if you had a table saw it was as likely to run backwards as forwards when you turned it on. So you might have to turn it on several times for it to run in the right direction. I think that sort of thing was common into the 1960 era. But one thing we know for certain, cold climates tend to produce strong scholars. After all, what is a person to do, other than study when it is twenty below zero? It sort of takes the joy out of walking into town to see a movie.

          146. glorybe2 says

            Germany offers free college to American students and will even pay room and board if the student is poor.

          147. jvaljon1 says

            Yeah, that I know, because my granddaughter went to Germany on a Fulbright, to teach English to their 5th graders.

          148. glorybe2 says

            That post makes no sense at all. The very rich know that they have limited days to draw a breath. Most are nowhere near young. Planning to have a cabal take over would mean nothing at all to them as they know they will never be alive to see it happen. Even large corporations know with certainty that they almost surely will be gone soon. Look how few old corporations are still around today. You may find a name still around like Wells Fargo but you can bet that the current corporation has very little to do with the early years of Wells Fargo. There simply would have to be a long term motive that would make good sense to anyone in an evil cabal. So not only is there zero evidence of such a thing there is also no motive that can be logically explained. And even if we could dredge up some weird motive, the fact is that a rich man would have zero confidence that a new power structure would not turn on him the minute it came into power.

          149. richardwfaith says

            Have you forgotten that many of these very wealthy people are from families with several wealthy generations behind them, and that they have heirs of their own? Of COURSE they plan escalation of wealth and power for their progeny even if not for themselves.

          150. Sherry says

            Primitive is what THEY desire! Easier to wipe them out or use them as slaves! Do you honestly believe that there id no ulterior motive other than GREED and POWER on the puppeteers part? Do you really believe that they want the best for all of mankind??? Scripture is clear about man’s heart: without God we are evil continually! YOU are the FOOL! You deserve what you wish for and won’t get!

          151. glorybe2 says

            Supposed Christian Sherry, The Bible specifically orders us never to call another person a fool. You do not even known the faith you claim to practice.

          152. mallen11 says

            You are misinterpreting the scripture. Christ was trying to teach the religious leaders against their religious legalism by shocking them to realize how far off they were from His Word. Matthew 5:22b “…You fool, (imbecile) shall be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell” (The unbeliever discrediting a believer witnessing for Christ). The Bible must be interpreted in the time it was written and during His time on earth the people were trying to be saved by the Mosaic Law; so Jesus Christ had to shock them out of their legalism by comparing mental attitude sins (hate / anger) to murder.

          153. glorybe2 says

            That is a great interpretation if one is trying to destroy the Bible. The various sects have all come up with unending babble about just why we should not take the words of Christ as written. The fact is that He broke existing law to aid the suffering. What Christ requires of us is not to be restrained by existing laws. A huge example are the numerous people who broke the law by smuggling blacks out of slave states near the time of the Civil War. What they did was illegal and punishable by death. Without regard to personal safety or the welfare of their families these people broke the law and did what Christ would have done if He were here in the flesh.
            The reason you see interpretations such as the one you provided is that people do not want to face the music and do what is required of them.

          154. mallen11 says

            The Bible must be interpreted in the time it was written. Most of what Christ taught was for His Kingdom on earth that the religious leaders rejected and so did most of the people at that time. Since His 1st Advent was not accepted as the Messiah it will be His 2nd Advent when He will be accepted and He will reign on the earth for 1K years and what He taught during His life on earth will be done during the Millennium.
            Why in the world would you go all the way back to the War Between the States to did up dirt? You seem to think we should all pay for what they did back then. My ancestry comes from Germany/ England/Scotland and my relatives never came over here until 1925. What Jesus would do is obey the law as He always did while here on earth. After all He was the one who gave the Law to Moses for Israel.
            What music are we suppose to face? Are you doing what you expect others to do or are you just a self-righteous legalistic hypocrite like the religious leaders in the day of Christ?

          155. MikeTheTiger says

            Matthew 25:3-10

          156. glorybe2 says

            And what does that have to do with the price of Turnips in Pretoria?

          157. MikeTheTiger says

            Nothing with Turnip prices, but it does deal with fools. Just an example of Jesus showing how foolish some people can be and he uses the word fools several times. Before preaching to Sherry about her use of the word, maybe you should place it in the proper context. Jesus called them what they were – Hypocrites and fools. There are still many of them around!

          158. glorybe2 says

            Send me the chapter and verse in which Christ calls someone a fool. And by the way what translation of the Bible do you use? Keep in mind that all people have foolish habits and beliefs so I am not looking for someone being foolish but being called a fool.

          159. MikeTheTiger says

            Numerous, even hundreds of references to fools in the old testament, like Psalms 53:1; 92:6; 94:8; Proverbs 1:7; 1:22; 3:35; 9:6; 9:13;10:8; 10:18:18:2-7. Your reference I believe was to one passage in the New Testament (Matthew 5:22) but that is in reference to calling someone a fool out of anger, when you are angry. A case where our own temper and loose tongue gets us into sin. But try out Luke 12:20; Romans 1:22; 1 Corinthians 1:18; 2:14; or 4:10 where we are called fools for Christ’s sake (the world sees us as fools); Ephesians 5:15; or James 2:20 – O foolish man, faith without works is dead; 1 Peter 2:15. It is obvious from many passages in the Bible (NKJV) that all men are fools without God (Jesus) in our lives. Calling someone a fool isn’t a sin if it’s done out of love for them and in an attempt to get them to see the truth.

          160. glorybe2 says

            Again, what exact person did Christ call a fool? Not a generalization but an actual person.

          161. MikeTheTiger says

            Go back and read the very first verses in Matthew I sent you. He called the Pharisees fools for not recognizing the fulfillment of scripture. The key is not recognizing the facts that are staring you in the face.

          162. glorybe2 says

            Again, you have not read my reply. What specific individual did Christ call a fool? I am not referencing a vague use of the word but a specific label being aimed at a particular, person.

          163. MikeTheTiger says

            Read Chapter 23 in Matthew where Jesus was talking to the crowds specifically about the Pharisees. In verse 13, 15 he calls them hypocrites, then in verse 17 calls them “Blind Fools”, then in verses 23, 25, 27,and 29 calls the hypocrites again. It’s pretty clear his disdain for the religious leaders of the time and he specifically called them blind fools. There is nothing vague about that passage or who his comments are aimed at – Blind Fools – Pharisees. New King James version.

          164. glorybe2 says

            Again, He did not call an individual a fool. That is similar to calling republicans fools. He did not single out an individual.

          165. MikeTheTiger says

            Jesus didn’t have to single out an individual, he singled out a small group of men that were leading the Jewish people to destruction, leading them away from God’s actual words to follow rules rather than the actual intent of the word. Jesus used the words “Blind Fools” to describe a specific group. You originally stated it was a sin to call anyone a fool. If what you said was actually true then Jesus would no longer be sinless. The prohibition you referenced was meant to tell us to control our tongues, especially when we are angry. It does’t prohibit the use of the word when it is actually descriptive of any person or group. Context is very important when one reads the bible. If you don’t place what is said in the bible in context then you can get multiple meanings out of scripture that seem to conflict. Just as in the 6th commandment where we are told “You shall not kill” (Exodus 20:13). The actual Greek word used there has two meanings in english, kill or murder. We are actually commanded to not murder. Should we execute all the automobile drivers who have killed pedestrians or other drivers in accidents? Putting Bible verses in context clears up the actual meaning of the words the Lord wants us to understand. That was true of Jesus when he condemned the Pharisees. They had twisted the meaning of the law to suit themselves rather than how God meant them to interpret the laws. That is why Jesus called them blind fools and hypocrites. Fools because they were condemning themselves and their people.

          166. glorybe2 says

            The problem with that notion of context, is that false teachings are all too possible. For example if you turn your cheek to be struck 7 times 70 your head will be slapped off or you will be brain damaged and ruined. But when you consider that remark along with “Thou shall not kill.” one must conclude that it does not mean murder but simply not killing for any reason. Obviously accidents that result in deaths are not killings at all. A killing is a deliberate action. Another interesting fact involves one sword and the murder of Christ. Christ asked for that one sword to be available as He used it to teach a lesson. When a disciple cut off the ear of a Roman soldier Christ immediately healed the soldier. The message is that even though the murder of God is the greatest of all possible crimes, violence was still forbidden. Simply use Christ’s actions and words as a way to live.

          167. mallen11 says

            There will be a NWO established by Satan during the Tribulation and will be defeated by the Lord Jesus Christ. If we don’t live by God’s precepts, we lose.

          168. mallen11 says

            God can prevent it if enough people are willing to put Him first in their daily lives. The Tower of Babel is the best example of NOT having a NWO. God prevented it and nationalism is taught in the Word of God; not internationalism.
            Acts 17:24-27 The God who made the world and all things in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands; nor is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He Himself gives to all people life and breath and all things; and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us;

          169. glorybe2 says

            How can you twist the Bible like that. The curse of Babel, or many tongues, was a punishment designed to keep humanity in suffering, permanently. It was not a gift designed to promote anything at all. It was designed to punish.
            If you take a hard look at the Bible you may notice that it starts with : “In the beginning was the WORD”. The word being God is the meaning. It also points to the Bible as a communications manual. When God strikes Babylon for trying to build towers tall enough to reach Him, He scrambles the languages of humanity in such a way that the WORD would be far less useful, and the world troubled by wars etc. due to an inability to effectively communicate and to get people to band together in groups due to langue differences. In essence God did this to withdraw much of His support of humanity, just as he He drove Adam and Eve out of Eden and cursed them in many ways as well as all of their offspring. The God of the OT was a pretty savage god.

          170. mallen11 says

            You do have a darkened twisted way of looking at God’s written Word. You do have an excuse and it is…

          171. glorybe2 says

            You destroy the Bible by deliberate misinterpretation. Take the sentence “In the beginning was the word.”. Just take it as it is instead of trying to spin it into something else. Obviously it could not mean the Bible as the Bible had not yet been created. The evidence of that is that we went from an OT in which God decided that it did not work into the NT with an entirely different set of values and commands issued by Christ, Himself. Then you go so far as to suggest that the curse of diverse tongues was not a punishment. That is the problem with modern protestants. They get things all twisted and then have such egos that they pretend it is a special revelation unto them.

          172. glorybe2 says

            You are suggesting that national borders are set by God! It is more like national borders are set by Satan. Borders are usually created by swords, spears and guns. Look at the huge chunk of the US that was stolen from Mexico. Then look at the entire continental US which was violently taken from First Nations.

          173. mallen11 says

            All I can do is sit here and shake my head from side to side for the crazy things you write. Your liberal history is so distorted. I am sorry you believe that man is in control of history when it is the Lord Jesus Christ even though man has to use military force to gain freedom and keep it.
            Nahum 1:3 – The LORD is slow to anger and great in power And the LORD will by no means leave the guilty unpunished. In whirlwind and storm is His way, and clouds are the dust beneath His feet.
            Jer 17:5 Thus says the LORD,” Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength, and whose heart turns away from the LORD
            Daniel 2:20Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God forever and ever: for wisdom and power are his: It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings; He gives wisdom to wise men and knowledge to men of understanding. (Those who know Bible Doctrine)
            Ps 75:5-7Do not lift up your horn on high; do not speak with insolent pride. For not from the east, nor from the west, nor from the desert comes exaltation; But God is the Judge; He puts down one and exalts another.
            We KNOW that God is in control, and that He DOES fight for us. So do not be discouraged by any news; it would be right up Satan’s alley. Take courage, For He that is in you is far greater than he that is in the world!! 1 Jn.4:4
            Col 2:10 and in Him you have been made complete, and He is the head over ALL rule and authority;
            Colossians 1:15-17 He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities–all things have been created through Him and for His purpose. He is before all things, and by Him all things hold together.
            Luke 18:27 But He said, “The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.”
            Proverbs 3:7 Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear (respect) the LORD and turn away from evil.

          174. glorybe2 says

            You assume that God controls all events on Earth. He gave us instructions on how to live and stepped back. There is no reason to think that God controls outcomes at all. Seeking control in an uncontrolled universe is rather silly. The next life will be controlled but not in this world.

          175. mallen11 says

            I don’t assume anything where omnipotent God is concerned. I believe what His written Word says and yes, the Lord Jesus Christ is in control of history. You are here because of the courtesy of the Lord Jesus Christ; every breathe you take is His grace that sustains you. The universe is not uncontrolled since Christ placed every star and every planet and every milky way in place and none of it will be destroyed until the end of times. God is not “silly” and His Word is above reproach and far beyond your understanding.

          176. glorybe2 says

            Actually the god of the OT could hardly be described as all powerful or all knowing. Frankly the Bible has a conflict in that regard. The OT is not sufficient for mankind to be saved. Therefore the NT is delivered to us. But would not an all knowing god have known that the OT would not work? The entire reason for the NT was that the OT was just not right.
            So when Christ says “I am the testament.” I’ll take his word for it.

          177. mallen11 says

            Actually, the God of the OT is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8). His essence (Sovereignty, Love, Justice, Righteous, Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresent, Immutability, Veracity, Eternal Life) never changes and He doesn’t abide by man’s way of thinking or doing. Go to the OT and look up the word “faithfulness” and find out how faithful God was to His chosen people and how many times THEY rejected His precepts just like people are doing today and He is still faithful to those who believe in Him. Salvation has always been the same from the beginning of time; faith alone in Christ alone – even though they did not know the given human name of Jesus Christ. “Behold, as for the proud one, His soul is not right within him; But the righteous will live by his faith. Habakkuk 2:4
            The Law does not save; it was to show man that they needed a savior. Every sacrifice and ritual portrayed what Jesus Christ was to do on the cross as the last sacrifice for the sins of mankind. Get the book “Levitical Offerings” by R.B. Thieme, Jr. from rbthieme*org at no charge. Also the book Dispensations to help you know the way God works in each era of time. The NT tells of the promised Messiah for it was at the right time to reveal Him and since the Jews rejected Him while on earth, the message of salvation was given to Gentiles to spread His Word to the entire world. Well, that has been done but most believers have failed to keep His precepts for too long and the final days may be here sooner than we think. No one knows but we do know… II Tim 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; (intellectuals seeking.) We are warned…
            2 Tim 3:1 But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.
            2 Tim 3:12-13Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.
            2 Tim 3:2-4 For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,
            Even though we no longer live under the Law, there are a multitude of promises and principles that were taught to help us live as unto the Lord just like believers did in the OT.
            Rom 4:3 For what does the Scripture say? “ABRAHAM BELIEVED GOD, AND IT WAS CREDITED TO HIM AS RIGHTEOUSNESS.”
            John 1:1-5 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.
            Heb 4:12 For the word of God is alive and powerful sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart

          178. glorybe2 says

            And yet you fail to confront that the god of the OT created a less than functional OT and had to make other plans, send his son and create an entirely new testament. In other words you are saying that god could not predict the effects of his own actions. That is far from omniscient, far from all powerful etc..
            I think that Christ referred to a different God that is real and really is all powerful. That does not mean that once setting the plan in motion that God interferes with what happens in this world. In other words prayers of praise or prayers of supplication or apology are one thing. Prayers to get your health back or to be safe etc. may have no effect at all.

          179. mallen11 says

            I certainly did confront your statements but you do NOT have the capacity or ability to understand God’s Word. Without the filling of the Holy Spirit no person can understand and I know you have no idea how to reach God even if you claim to be a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have talked to a lot of people about the Bible and you are most anti-God, blasphemous person who thinks they know something about God but you have really been lead astray by false teachers and your thinking is so screwed up to the point of your living in the darkness of Satan’s world and their is nothing anyone can say to get through to you. As Jesus taught His disciples, “shake the dust off your feet when you leave the city of those who do not believe.” I shake this comment site from responding to you again. I can only say that God seeks you, I pray you will respond to Him.
            Colossians 2:8 See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.

          180. glorybe2 says

            No, you are deceived by false doctrines and discard the actual words of Christ.There is no way that Christ would act as the typical protestant thinks that He would act. For example Christ saved Mary from being stoned to death although the law at that time was that she should be killed. Christ forbade her punishment and forgave her sins. That same Jesus Christ forbade all violence. Now I am quite aware that actually following the life that Christ laid out for us would be a real church buster. Ministers know that as well. Or at least educated ministers know that as well. Imagine a minister really leaning on the sentence “Pick up your cross and follow me.”. You can bet that the congregation will shrink away to nothing. The idea of making your life a living crucifiction just does not go down well with congregations. Neither does “Take all that ye have and give it unto the poor.”. That’s another barn buster. And people will go to all kinds of lengths to avoid dealing with the truths of the NT. That Needles Eye interpretation is an example. It surely would say the Needles Eye if it is in regard to a gate or tunnel. But through the eye of a needle is entirely different. I’ll look it up to be certain but if the Needles Eye is a gate and it is worded in correctly your are saying that the Bible is wrong.

          181. glorybe2 says

            I looked it up. The King James as well as other translations all say the eye of a needle. If it was a gate it should say the needles eye. So what we have here is a case of people actually claiming that their Bible is in error.

          182. Sherry says

            As usual, dear one, you have hit the PROVERBIAL nail on the HEAD! Still sharp as ever! Merry CHRISTmas! Praying for a better and prosperous new year, but I have my doubts…….

          183. Poppo says

            What you accurately described is also called the “Circle of Civilization”. Every great civilization has lasted approximately 200 years, and every one has gone through the same circle as above. I honestly feel we are well into the “dependency” phase, soon to lose our country altogether. Perhaps the Lord, Jesus Christ will intervene before we enter into bondage again.

          184. Apolloone says

            No doubt we’re into the dependency phase, if we can see this I have to believe our so-called leaders can see it, unless they’ve been sent “Strong Delusion” As God said He would send to those who didn’t accept the truth in the “Latter Days”

          185. Debra Johnson says

            The strong delusions is during the tribulation. Its just that Christians have not been diligent enough and the liberals took over. We now need to pray for someone like Reagan which to me is Ted Cruz. I think he is our only hope at getting our country back. I for one am praying for a revival and for this election because we need God back into the schools and this country.

          186. Apolloone says

            I agree “Strong Delusion” will be in the Tribulation but it’s a carryover, in one word it’s here now for sure. The New Age Movement, or New Agers and it’s moved into many of the churches as well.

          187. jvaljon1 says

            Go ahead and run for office, mentioning that “Strong Delusion” in the Tribulation that you mention. OMG, I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

          188. Apolloone says

            Debra ever heard of the “Interfaith Movement” they’re lobbying for more Muslims to be allowed into this country claiming we Christians worship the same God. One cant get much more delusional than that.

          189. Sherry says

            So agree with you, Debra, but I believe we are nearer to the tribulation than most Christians realize! Christians around the world are certainly into THEIR tribulation and a lot of them are tortured horribly and martyred for their faith! Even though we will probably be the last into this terrible time, we MUST be vigilant while we can!

            The time will be upon most of us before we expect it, so we must memorize as much scripture as we can because the time will soon be here when it will be illegal to have a Bible! I so appreciate people like Apolloone , Poppoand, and Richardwfaith who are fearless in expressing their FAITH in Jesus Christ! Men like that are rare and should be constantly lifted up to our Lord and Savior for STRENGTH! God continue to bless you, dear one! Be well and be STRONG!

          190. jvaljon1 says

            Christ was what you’d call a liberal. That, goes without a doubt. Christ lived until – what, age 33 – before being crucified.

            With YOU people – so-called “Christians” – he’d have been killed outright at age 30.

          191. Debra Johnson says

            No Christ was what you would call a savior. His whole purpose of coming to earth as a man was to die for our sins. I have no idea what you are talking about you make absolutely no sense whatsoever. You obviously don’t know a thing about Christianity.

          192. richardwfaith says

            What about the Chinese?

          193. Poppo says

            I am FAR from an expert on the Chinese Government. Have they really had a “great civilization” whose government remained basically unchanged for the last 200+ years? That is not the impression that I have.

          194. richardwfaith says

            Of course not; however, their civilization has been around for perhaps 2000+ years, although certainly not under one government system all that time. Sorry if I didn’t see the qualifier “whose government remained basically unchanged” in your original post; that changes much. How many different systems of government have reigned over China, and the mean life span of each, I do not know; however again I seem to remember the “cycles of civilization” as being something more like “cycles of democracies” or “cycles of democratic civilizations”. I could certainly be wrong. One way or another, it seems to me that the objective at this point for America is to arrest this undesirable phase we currently find ourselves in and get back on track.

          195. Poppo says

            There have been many ‘great civilizations’, ranging back 4 or 5 thousand years. Few of them have been Democracies or Republics. For example, Rome, Greece, Ancient Egypt, Phonecia, Babylon, Persia, The Myans, The Incas, The Aztecs, etc. Of course, I know of no requirements for a civilization to qualify as ‘great’.
            I am not the author or the historian who developed the ‘circle of civilization’, or whatever you want to call it. I also have limited knowledge of these civilizations. I was merely relating the information that I have and to me seems to be generally factual.

          196. mallen11 says

            There is a difference between nations and how God deals with them. Jesus Christ will always have a nation that is free to spread the gospel of salvation and it will always be His Client Nation – So actually, the USA is a Client Nation, not a Christian nation. A Client Nation to God is defined as a national entity under the patronage of God. A CN is assigned the responsibility for the formation, preservation, communication and fulfillment of the Canon of Scripture. There were OT Client Nations (Israel) and NT Client nations with born again believers as their citizens with a spiritual responsibility to their nation and to God which is the most important. Rome was the first CN and England was also once a CN. Other Client Nations have been: Kingdom of the Franks, Scots, Irish, Swiss, Germans, Bohemians, and today the United States of America. There is a formation of a pivot of believers; the more Christians who are growing spiritually through the teaching His Word the more the Client Nation prospers. When fewer people are positive to His Word, the nation goes down. As goes the believer, so goes the nation. The last nation under the control of God (Theocracy) was Judah. That ended in 70AD. No other nation will be ruled by God until the millennial reign of Jesus Christ. Each nation has the right set up their own government and any government that is free to disseminate the gospel, teach Bible Doctrine without suppression, seed missionaries to other countries and provide a haven for the Jews is a Client Nation to God. The USA is a Client Nation at this time. That could end if we continue to allow our government to take our freedom.

          197. richardwfaith says

            Thank you for your reply. Your posts are always thought-provoking and honest.

          198. jvaljon1 says

            The Roman Empire.
            The British Empire.

            I think that those lasted quite a bit more than 200 years. Where are you GETTING this?!

          199. mallen11 says

            And all because of Christianity.

          200. jvaljon1 says

            Christianity killed the Roman Empire. Again, though, that had lasted way more than 200 years. The British Empire began to die when they had the arguments with Rome – Henry the 8th & Catharine of Aragon, I think – (not too sure about that last!)

            Once more – your sources???

          201. mallen11 says

            Actually, Christianity made the Roman Empire great. The early teachings of the Apostles taught Christians how to live as unto the Lord; even slaves to their masters. In our day, most Christians do not follow God’s written Word; therefore, our country is losing its status with the world and falling under the “empire” of evil. I can tell you have been educated by liberals who have twisted and changed and history to their adverse thinking. People do not accept the truth in our day as the Bible said. Isaiah 5:20

          202. ringostarr1 says

            Come on Apolloone don’t vote your own post up. What are you anyway, a liberal Democrat or something.

          203. Apolloone says

            LOL no I check sometimes to see who voted I just forget to click again to erase it but I thank you for reminding me. There are some who come these sites and their only vote is themselves.

          204. Sherry says

            I have made that very same mistake…….You’re good to go…….

          205. Apolloone says

            Thanks Sherry I don’t remember wishing you a Merry Christmas but I so wish you a Happy and a Blessed New Year. All answers to my replies go to spam and I have trouble with my internet signal so I’m always have to play catch-up It’s rare that I got your reply so fast():-}

          206. jvaljon1 says

            “considering doing something drastically with Social Security, effecting seniors of course”

            Apolloone: that’s been the Republican playbill ever since Social Security was first enacted by FDR. Get rid of SS. They couldn’t do that.

            So instead, they went after pensioners and are now killing 75-year olds with half-cuts to their pensions (The ones UNDER 75, will die from having THREE-QUARTERS of their pensions cut).

            The Republicans passed this thing last year. So don’t worry, those people who built up this country, who are now elderly, will soon be starving to death, as per Republican’s deepest desires.

            You see, Republicans couldn’t screw around with Social Security – FDR protected it too well.

            So they went after elderly workers’ pensions. People 70-75, and those 65 and older, and passed the Multiemployer Pension Act of 2014-15.

            The elderly pensioners, will be starving to death pretty soon, and be a HUGE object lesson to the rest of America, to: NEVER EVER VOTE REPUBLICAN. (And never sit out Election Day again) –


          207. glorybe2 says

            I haven’t seen that bill but I suspect it applies to future retirees. The theory must be that due to progress in medical care many will be able bodied and able to work until later in life. If they actually do that as it sounds, then what they will end up with is millions of elderly flocking to state run retirement homes or collecting welfare, or even deliberately going to jail or prison. All of the above would cost the nation far more than social security does.

          208. jvaljon1 says

            No, glorybe2 – you’d THINK – but no, it not only applies to current but also to PAST retirees! People who retired in 2006 at, say, age 66 – and whose birthday will be this year, are facing half-cuts, of their already-earned pensions! Those who retired PREVIOUSLY – are going to face three-quarter pension cuts! The “law” that allows this is the:

            Multi-Employer Pension Reform Bill of 2015″, passed by this Republican Congress last year, is to be implemented NOW. Starting THIS FEBRUARY.

            The idea is that the cuts, from ages 75 to 80, will be ‘graduated’. from what I’ve heard that that’s not true at all. And, how many 80-year-old pensioners are there left, anyway?

            The people at age 75, are going to have their pensions cut by half. If you’re lucky enough to have a birthday that made you age 76 or so in December last year, your pension still will be cut, but “only” by about 1/4! Clearly, Congress figured that after the cuts, there won’t BE any Teamsters left, to reach age 80!

            Yes, the first assault has been onto local members of the Teamster Union in NY (Local 707). Many have moved down to TX, where THAT union local (Local 745, I believe) is already bankrupt. And all you hear is proselytizing – “Ooh, the son of Jimmy Hoffa’s President of your local – what’d you expect?”

            I mean – look if you will, at BigBankUSA – the banks that Bush saved? Did the people who had money in those banks, suffer? No, they were whole!

            But now, this year – an elderly pensioner, of either Teamster Local 707 or 745 – now – living the last of his/her life – God Forbid any rescue package for them!

            God help any elderly person too old and too weak to go back to work, and with not enough money for a nursing home. Thousands of our elderly will die, probably out on the streets, or just from hunger and no longer being able to afford food! I don’t believe that our corporatized media will touch the story at all.

            In any case, all this starts right now – this February.

            The truly sad part? The people who built this country from the end of Reagan’s Presidency, on – and who voted to elect Bush, who among other things destroyed our country’s economy – THEY’RE the ones who, having retired around 2006, will have their pensions cut the most, starting this February.

            God help them if they don’t have family – and (should they have one) if that family isn’t able to help.

            What needs to happen is NOW – like next-week now – for the pensioners’ income to be saved. The only way to do that, is to RESCIND the Multi-Employer Pension And Reform Bill, NOW. Monday. And keep the pensions coming, NO MATTER WHAT!

            After all, the politicians who voted this horror in, didn’t even care about their own voters. Those are the people on the current knife-edge – losing half to three-quarters of their pensions, starting in February – who will be the first to die. Elderly, infirm – doesn’t matter.

          209. mallen11 says

            Yes, and another one of your great posts. My first thought was “well spoken” then I saw your name and of course truth was spoken.

          210. richardwfaith says

            Not so much. The GOP and the Democrat party are just two heads of the SAME beast. BOTH of them are ENTRENCHED OPERATIVES of the globalist CABAL.

          211. Debra Johnson says

            What good would that do. If the leaders aren’t any better than the Democrats. We need a conservative not a moderate which to me is another way of saying liberal.

          212. Tony says

            A moderate is someone who sits on the fence and really stands for nothing. Except come day, go day, and may the good Lord bring pay day.

          213. Apolloone says