FANGATE: More Inane Florida Shenanigans


Political debates are known for devolving into the ridiculous, but Florida somehow managed to again outdo the rest of the country when it comes to absurdities in politics. Last night’s gubernatorial debate between incumbent governor Rick Scott and his opponent, former governor and shameless opportunist Charlie Crist, was delayed on account of Crist’s fan and Scott’s objections to it.

No, really.

Because the rules of the debate allowed for no electronics at the podium, Scott took exception to Crist’s small fan and refused to take the stage for nearly four minutes while the debate’s moderators scrambled to explain the situation to viewers. To a rousing chorus of boos from the audience, the moderators said that the fan was preventing the debate from beginning as scheduled. Crist took the opportunity to appear as the “man of the people,” drawing cheers from the crowd and scorn from the moderators.

Scott did eventually take the stage, but his delay has become the talk of social media. In a tight race, a man in Scott’s position can’t afford to make blunders of this magnitude. In the overall scheme of things, it’s a tiny mistake, but you can always count on the media to turn a molehill into a mountain. Everyone remembers Mitt Romney’s infamous binder full of women.

This morning, the Scott campaign was quick to get out in front of the backlash, claiming that the delay had nothing to do with the fan specifically. They issued a press release that said the governor’s failure to get to the podium on time was due to a mix-up. They had been told that Crist was having an emergency meeting with the debate’s organizers about the fan in question. The release ended with a fairly humorous line:

“But Charlie Crist can bring his fan, microwave, and toaster to debates – – none of that will cover up how sad his record as Governor was compared to the success of Governor Rick Scott.”

Nonetheless, this could turn into one of those monumentally silly things that puts Crist in Tallahassee for the second time. And that’s really unfortunate for Florida. Moreover, considering the Sunshine State’s increasing power in national elections – they are now possessed of a whopping 29 electoral votes – it could be bad news for conservatives around the country. Scott leads Crist in the polls, but not by much. It would be a terrible shame if something as stupid as Fangate turned the tide towards Crist.

As in almost all elections, the economy will likely be the number one concern on Florida’s mind when voters go to the polls on November 4th. In that respect, Scott has a clear advantage over the Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat. In Scott’s time in office, the Florida economy has undergone a dramatic turn for the better. If he’s able to convince voters that his tax cuts and de-regulation policies are responsible for the boom, the pro-tax Crist should be left swinging in the wind.

Unfortunately, these idiotic distractions play all too big a role in our nation’s politics. And in Florida, somehow, they are magnified.

  1. David in MA says

    Makes me think of the Kennedy/Nixon debate.
    Maybe Crist didn’t want to sweat and look like Nixon did (It cost Nixon the election)

    1. WhiteFalcon says

      All those dead people in Chicago voting for Kennedy helped as well. He definately had the dead vote on his side.

      1. gmhunt4 says

        And the MOB vote.

      2. Krazeehors says

        That and the ballot boxes that were thrown into the Chicago River.

  2. SaneZidane says

    That’s right non thinking Floridians, elect turncoat one trick pony Christ to Tallahassee and you will be able to participate in changing the State Song to, “California Dreamin,” when you become known as California East. Don’t be too discouraged, you’ll still have the Sunshine as a motto.

  3. eastedie33510 says

    Crist sweats prolifically. He uses anti-sweat cream on his face and needs two electronic fans at his feet to stop sweating. Just part of his heritage, I guess. It was 68 degrees in the auditorium, but the candidates were under very bright lights. Charlie believes in “never let them see you sweat”.

    Charlie was a Republican, then an Independent and now a Democrat. He has more flip-flops than Wal-Mart. He was a sleazy lawyer back in the day.
    Crist will lose since he changes political parties every time he doesn’t win a race in one of them. Three of Charlie’s big cronies are now in prison; one for theft and 2 for violating the RICO Act.

    I have lived in Florida for 40 years so I know Charlie was a lousy governor and played “footsie” with big money to get his pick of judges on the bench. Crist is all about Crist and $$$.

    With Rick Scott at the helm Florida has grown economically, taxes are lower (both property and corporate); no personal income tax, and lots of new jobs and companies. Plus, Florida’s infrastructure is so much better.
    Charlie Crist has a mantra not brains. Rick Scott will keep our red state red. Charlie will do away with “no personal state income tax”.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Yeah, the guy does really sweat doesn’t he? I can’t recall a photo op where he wasn’t glistening like a stripper’s sequined thong. Hmm… maybe they were sequins?

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Would be ironic if this States election was decided by the Stripper vote! Don’t think its to far out. Scott tried to make “Head Shops” illegal. Said pipes were instruments of death. All 220 some Head Shops chipped in $10,000 each, and sent lobbyists to Tallahassee. Suddenly Governor Scott changed his mind…….
        That showed me “How things work”. If you really want something done, first you need to talk to a Lobby Association instead of the people we elect. Our whole law making system is broken big time!

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Yeah, they are both most likely pretty f*cked. However, in all cases, there is always one who is more f*cked if even by a small margin. I don’t like turn-coats so I’ll go with Crist for that award, I mean, if I were forced to choose.

        2. Jim Franklin says

          Strippers are capitalists…..

          1. Mark Clemens says

            …..A dollar at a time!!!!!!

        3. Jim Franklin says

          Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.

          Mark Twain
          Are you, by any chance, related to Samuel Clemens?

          1. Mark Clemens says

            No, all his children were daughters, if I were I would not have his Sir Name. I’m a song writer/session musician. I borrowed Mr. Twain’s names, because I share his disconnect towards a poor government.
            Also a lot of the people I work with are very liberal. I’d hate to miss a dime because a artist sees & disagrees w/a comment.
            I’m just 10 of 1,000,000 fingers in this town.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Cloths make the man. Naked people have made little contribution to society
            Mark Twain
            ……So do one’s words
            Mark Clemens

    2. SoundMind says

      Seems Democrats specialize in breaking the rules, making exceptions and variations for their special selves.
      …more flip flops than Wal-Mart…. heh heh, good one.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Never mind those two clowns.. Ovomit is getting ready to admit over 300,000 of fellow mooselums into our aching country and, just this morning, he is talking of having any and all Ebola cases brought here for treatment!! Do the words “kingdom” and “plague” ring a bell in any of your minds?? GOD HELP AMERICA!!!

        1. SoundMind says

          Indeed, God help us, for our enemies invade from without and corrode from within. Obama is saturating our country with those who hate America. He is a Traitor of the Highest Degree!

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            And here’s yet another.. The. AIC (asshole in charge) is ordering the immigration dept to be ready to, (get this now), to print up 600,000 green cards in anticipation of him bringing all those mooselums in along with Haitians and whatever else the asshole can find. For cryin’ out loud, is congress on a permanent shit break???

          2. SoundMind says

            You mean the refugees being forced on us by the U.N.? Apparently U.S. sovereignty has gone down the tubes until the Obama administration is disbanded because liberals believe all countries are the same. NOT…!!

          3. Michael Dennewitz says

            Can ANYONE out there tell me what the responsibilities are of the house and senate? I’m no genius, but from what I’ve learned just in the past few months, it would seem that they ALL get paid for sitting on their dead asses and taking vacations! We could fare just as well, maybe even better WITHOUT THEM, couldn’t we???

          4. SoundMind says

            I do see some good congressmen. Trey Gowdy, for instance. The House cannot be blamed for doing nothing because its efforts are stymied. Harry Reid is sitting on House bills…over 300 now?…that he refuses to bring to a vote. I personally do not like being limited to the current 2-party system because their platforms are often ignored. I will be very happy if the federal government were reduced to 1/10th of its current size. It’s waaaaay too big and so much gets by without accountability.

            But to answer your question, the Constitution spells out the duties of each branch. If only it were followed more fervently! I join you in being frustrated that my voice isn’t heard, but I still doggedly write my congressmen one-page hand-written letters so they know that I know who they are and take the time to contact them. Am still hoping our country can be restored without another revolution. The upcoming vote…or rather, the vote tally…may determine this.

          5. Ludlow Porch says

            Michael, as far as I’m concerned, it appears we are doing without them. Obama’s Executive pen and phone seems to have replaced both the Senate and the House. Thanks to the illustrious Harry Reid, running interference for the president. I’m praying that will change in about two weeks.

          6. Michael Dennewitz says

            I certainly do hope so. Even Orlando is being invaded! Hispanics stealing most of the jobs and now we have an “almost all black” taxi service. A good 95% of the drivers are good ole Haitians and they all speak Creole.. Even most of the city bus drivers are Haitians….

          7. Jim Franklin says

            The responsibilities of Congress are given in Article One of the US Constitution.

            They take so many breaks because when the Constitution was written, all travel was horse and buggy, it took a long time to meet with your constituents, also, Washington DC…and the East Coast in general, because the Capital moved from New England South to DC, is very hot and humid during the Summer, and they had no AC….so the reason for all the breaks seem to be mute now.

            The original writers discussed, but chose not to establish term limits, thinking that successful people would leave their businesses to serve, and then return to their work….today, the average person sits in Congress longer than the average Britt serves in the House of Lords…a lifetime gig.

            We need term limits, these people become millionaires at our expense, and some of them not only couldn’t run a Taco Bell, they shouldn’t. The longer they are in office, the more ways they learn how to steal

          8. Mark Clemens says

            ……..One of the worst investments we ever paid for was putting AC in the Capital
            I think the longer they are gone, the better off the people are.

          9. Michael Dennewitz says

            Forced??? No,no,no. No one is forced to do something they truly don’t want to do! The AIC (asshole in charge) welcomes them with open arms. The “sumbitch” WANTS all these illegal aliens. They will ALL be his personal army when he declares martial law here really soon! Where are all the excellent snipers when you really need one???

          10. SoundMind says

            Yes, the “AIC” wants to flood America with Muslims, and they will demand their laws be, first, tolerated… then condoned, allowed, approved and finally totally overshadow our Constitution altogether. At least we know where they gather together every Friday…

          11. Ludlow Porch says

            Sweety, it is not so much that the Liberals think that all countries are the same. What they want to accomplish, is to NOT bring third world countries up to our standards, but to bring America down to the standards of third world countries. A non-positive effort at equality. Liberals know that trying to improve living conditions in those 3rd world countries is quite an undertaken. Lot easier, to bring down the quality of living conditions in the U.S. The Peace Corp failed at their attempt to improve conditions in other countries, due to cultural differences, religious differences and superstitions. Africa, especially, does not trust medical doctors, but they still have faith in their local witch doctor. Thus the wide spread of Ebola virus.

          12. SoundMind says

            And traitor Obama keeps pouring money into his home country…I’m hoping because he wants to retire there someday, far far away from America. I see where you’re coming from, how spreading wealth evenly throughout the world would result in one low class of laborers…. and with, whaddya know, a wealthy class of rulers overseeing it. Wouldn’t you call that “communism?”

          13. Ludlow Porch says

            I most certainly would apply the term COMMUNISM!

          14. SoundMind says

            I wonder if AIC is printing up a special batch of green cards over and above his 600k illegal ones already printed for the Syrian refugees invited to the U.S. by the U.N. I think they’re due here any day now… soon to be implanted into neighborhoods near us all.

        2. Krazeehors says

          Good God! Who does this a**hole think he is?

          What is he going to do when all those sick people are brought here and cured. Allow them to disappear into the country with only notices of a Court date far into the future regarding Deportation?

          He thinks he knows it all, but you could put a drop into a thimble and it would have more intelligence that Ovomit.

          Hold on to yer’ hats, folks!!

          HERE WE GO AGAIN!!

          1. omegaman says

            They won’t be cured, but they’ll still disappear into America. All part of a plan.

          2. Jim Franklin says

            Of course, if that doesn’t bring us down to the 3rd World level of the African Nations Obama idolizes, there’s always kicking Americans out of the military at unprecedented rates and allowing illegal aliens to enlist. He is also purging the flag officer level ranks…9 so far this year….is he creating a military that would be willing to fire on American citizens if ordered to?

        3. Mark says

          Bravo !

        4. squeak says

          WHAT does it take to stop this MADMAN ? He does as he please… REPUBLICANS RISE UP & SPEAK your mind, STOP HIM from doing any more damage then he already has… we ALL know why he is doing this, ELIMINATE the White American people & bring all his people, Muslims illegals, Haitians… he said he is bringing Thousands of Haitians here… Why the hell are we allowing him getting away with this ?

      2. jetmagnet says

        Scott didn’t show up because he’s a poosie. Charlie didn’t break the rules according to general rules , which are no electronic devices, like phones, ipads. Fan are electrical/mechanical devices (no electronic components). Science isn’t a baggers forte LMAO!

        1. Jim Franklin says

          Calling names does not make for an intelligent conversation, and is no way to earn respect for your opinions. And calling someone a “poosie” who actually put his life on the line, took an oath to defend this Nation, shows a contempt for what this Nation has always stood for, standing for individual rights. Crist was a Republican, before he was an Independent before he was a Democrat…your arguments citing that Scott is a bigger flip-flopper just have no merit.

          And the liberals just have no idea what the Tea Party stands for, they are for smaller, more responsible government and lower taxes….when they had their rallies, no one was raped, no one was robbed, no damage was done to private property, or to by-standers, no bridges had bombs placed on them. No one was blocked from going to work…and they had permits for their venues and cleaned up after themselves.

          On the other hand, the Occupy movement (the liberals movement) couldn’t even come up with any cohesive wish list except that someone give them more money to sit on their lazy asses just because. All the crimes listed above that the Tea Partiers didn’t do, the Occupiers did….with no permits, and they always left a mess….no socially redeeming aspects….just ignorant anarchists who thought they were geniuses…

      3. jetmagnet says

        I guess the biggest medicare fraud in history by the Crook rick scott is not breaking rules, but a fan according to you is? As far as flipflops, scott leads, ok? and he’s a republican. Since when do stay with a conservative agenda and run as a democrat?
        You make no freakin sense. Charlie was an establishment republican, not a radical teahadist.

    3. jetmagnet says

      lol , you don’t live in Florida. Crist lowered property taxes after andrew. Scotts a crook and a thief his company stole millions from seniors while he benefited. Then quickly turned over control of the company to his wife. He then wanted to require welfare patients to pee in a cup b4 before getting a check which would cost the state more money. Why? Because his wife’s company would be the primary benefactor of the Scott ideas cost the stated millions and he now has the biggest budget in the history of the state. Who’ going to pay for it? Taxpayers, he’s already looking into raising property taxes! What a loser scott is!!

      1. johnnyu says

        That was twenty years ago….. old news….. Crist ..filled hurricane centers with haitians during hurricane season thank god we didn’t have a hurricane the people of florida would have no where to go…… He did increase the crime rate with all those haitians …..none of records where checked….. when the people of Sanford complained.. he stopped importing them and ,he left them wandering the streets He is a….. Brown Nose…. kisses ass to anyone that gives him money ….One day he is republican he is not for gun control the next as democrat he is for gun control….. He goes wherever the wind blows…… I think he would suck your di_k your for the right amount of money…. he’s all for himself …… remember what your home values where with Crist… Hurricane Andrew no one had a home to tax… Any governor would have done the same.. If you vote for that dick…… You will get the government you deserve…

        1. jetmagnet says

          Scott blowssszzz! He sucks, I’m in a conservative area and no conservatives will vote for skelator. I don’t vote by dem or gop. The best guy, crist is much better as a governor..scott is not…more like a hospital administrator. And he seems like a pussy, besides being a crook , I won’t vote for a damn crook. f you feel good about scott vote for the coward already voted for crist. Without his help after andrew many of us would have been in a world of shit. Scott wouldn’t do the same thing he’s proved it. He’s for the rich and has done nothing for floridians.
          The same moronic base votes for GOP no matter how much they suck…that’s wrong!!! Another thing is scott’s ads are mostly false bay news 9 nine factchecks both and scotts are bullshit. Especially taking credit for Obama’s recovery, but scott still has more unemployment than the national average. He created no jobs, he gave the money to companies that created 35,000 jobs. He also blames crist for losing 832,000 jobs during the bush crash??? LMFAO, every state lost their azz! Scott was named the worst governor in the nation in 2011,2012. He still is.

          1. squeak says

            GO SCOTT… KEEP up the great job… we Floridians love you !

          2. johnnyu says

            Have another glass obola or Obama kool aid……. You are drunk off that crap

          3. johnnyu says

            demoncRats used that AD in the first election …….if you if you put your nose on the T.V. screen you can see rick scott has hair on his head …. That’s how old that ad is ….It didn’t work the first election … only the brainwashed believe that ad……GO NAVY GO SCOTT

      2. RobertNorwood says

        They both suck, like your juvenile avatar.

      3. Donna Cavender says

        You are full of it buddy. You sure dont live in Fla. I owe my job to Scot. So do 600,000 others.

        1. squeak says

          GO SCOTT ! We are behind you !

        2. jetmagnet says

          Like i ask you dumb voters all the time..what did scott do for you??
          Name his accomplishments, he has none. lol

      4. Aristophanes says

        Sounds like you do not live in Florida. crist is a crook and a thief. If you would bother researching instead of listening to the liberal media, you would realize that.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Been here all my life and scott sucks, did nothing and people hate him like poison. He’s spend 3 times the money and is tied. We don’t want a do nothing piece of crap another 4 years!

          1. Aristophanes says

            Here are some facts for you: Under Rick Scott, from December 2010 to September 2014, Florida has gained 651,300 private-sector jobs and unemployment has gone down from 11.1 percent to 6.1 percent. That 5.0 percentage point drop is the second largest decrease in unemployment out of all 50 states. Education: Charlie Crist’s last budget left K-12 schools with $1.4 billion less – or $550 less per student – in state funding than his first budget. Rick Scott’s budget this year gives K–12 schools $1.5 billion more – or $370 more per student – in state funding than Crist’s last budget. While Charlie Crist signed legislation allowing public colleges and universities to increase tuition up to 15 percent every year, Rick Scott repealed that law, getting rid of the 15 percent annual tuition hikes.
            Check out

            You want to quote only your liberal media sources, I will quote conservative sources.

    4. Krazeehors says

      You’re right. I had to drive through Florida to see my son when he returned from Iraq. The ONLY part I didn’t like was the left-merge on I believe I-10 in Pensacola. Dangerous stuff.

    5. squeak says

      NO, Christ, an obama lover, he will be one of the enemies with-in if elected, that we do not need, AMERICA… vote straight ” R ” even if you have to hold your nose, this is a serious Election, we MUST win the senate.. a couple people here are sounding like going for Christ, BIG MISTAKE, YOUR COUNTRY, CONSTITUTION MUST BE SAVED, DON”T YOU think !

      1. Mark Clemens says

        What does a Governors race have to do w/senate races? Does Florida even have a US Senate Seat up for grabs?
        If you want to save America,
        They are the ones who ruined our country. Why send them back?
        My Republican Senator voted with Senator Feinstein on her gun grab. He is also the main Common Core Architect,.also this will be his third 6 year term…… Just because he’s an R should I help him go back and do more damage?

        1. Donna Cavender says

          No don’t vote him back in. We cannot let Crist in. He was a horrible Gov. Caused so many jobs to be lost.

          1. squeak says

            Exactly right, I am from Florida & know what a mess he made in FL… he has tried every party to run on… the idiot that commented to me, just ignore him, I do believe he is a Socialist Troll ! I am voting straight ” Rs” !

          2. jetmagnet says

            We don’t care who you vote for…what we do know is losers vote for losers!

          3. squeak says

            Why do you comment which is like a ( mini book } to us on way out thoughts that does not pertain to the topic we are talking about, who are you trying to impress ?.. Why is it Socialist Democrats appear to have head problems , just plain stupidity… of course we should understand that, as we are experiencing soooooo many scandals, lies, breaking the laws, Constitution, making our military weak, the list is HUGE …I really don’t care what YOU think, as I really DON’T think about you !

          4. Jim Franklin says

            Name calling again? Crist is a loser, Obama is a loser…as a member of the NRA, you should know that neither of these guys support the second amendment, the one amendment that insures the others….

          5. Mark Clemens says

            It’s not in my power to elect anybody for anything in Florida. If I were a Florida Voter I would vote for an Independent for Governor. It’s very clear both parties have put up one looser each……….

          6. Aristophanes says

            Usually, when an independent is voted for, the Republican candidate is the one who loses! I prefer Scott any day to crist or an independent. I think Rick Scott has done an excellent job. A little fact that I do not think anyone but Floridians know is that Rick Scott is not taking a salary while he is governor. crist would take a salary and as many pay outs and pay offs as he could.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            My mom is a retired Florida Corrections Employee 30 years service. She has State Issued Health Insurance. Since 2011 she has been in bureaucratic health hell! Crist let her go and get her own medicine. Scott has it FED-EXed. This has been a huge inconveniences. She has to wait for delivery, because sunshine ruins insulin. A lot of times its two or more days late. On two separate occasions she had to raise hell w/Scotts insurance company about running out of insulin, due to shipping errors. The second time it was clear the insulin would not arrive until she was out. Scotts Insurance company expected her to buy three months worth, out of her own pocket, after she already paid them for the insulin and delivery.
            I personally know over 250 retired DOC workers who are not going to vote for Scott, because of similar stuff.
            I mean these people were in charge of keeping convicts locked up, but now they are not responsible enough to pick up their own medicine???? Just so Scott and his insurance pals can scam an extra buck.
            No wonder he didn’t need a salary.

          8. jetmagnet says

            You forgot to mention all the corrections jobs scott lossed when he privatized the prisons. One incident doesn’t change scott. He still sucks!

            Over the past few years, private prison firm GEO Group has become known for inmate abuse, workplace violence, and fraudulent reporting at its U.S. facilities. One federal judge found
            that GEO “allowed a cesspool of unconstitutional and inhuman acts and
            conditions to germinate” at one Mississippi facility for juveniles.

            But on Monday, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) will headline
            a $10,000-per-person VIP fundraiser at the home of GEO Group Chief
            Executive Officer George Zoley, Mother Jones reports. Attendees can also
            attend a general reception for $3,000 per person. The proceeds will go
            to both Rick Scott’s gubernatorial campaign and the Republican Party of

            Scott has long been a proponent of private prisons, even as he has
            maintained a cozy relationship with prison executives. In 2010, he
            campaigned on pledges to save the state money by turning more state-run
            prisons over to private companies. But several years later, prisons were
            costing Florida more money. Scott has since backed a move to privatize prison health care, and his Department of Corrections forged ahead with a plan to do so even without the approval of the state legislature. That move was eventually upheld by an appeals court and the move will now cost 2,000 state workers their jobs.

            GEO and its top executives, meanwhile, have dipped into their pockets to encourage lawmaker moves toward privatization of prison services. Over the past 12 years, private prison firm GEO Group has spent at least $4.2 million on direct, reported political contributions, in addition to other contributions by affiliated political action committees,
            according to data compiled by the National Institute on Money and
            Politics. Both Zoley and GEO have made significant other contributions,
            including a $20,000 gift to renovate Scott’s mansion. A 2012 Associated Press report found that GEO and the two other largest private prison firms had spent $45 million on campaign donations and lobbyists over the course of ten years.

          9. Mark Clemens says

            I don’t believe in Privet Owned Prisons. If a State can’t afford it’s prison system, maybe they should revisit laws and either revise them or remove them from the books. States using Privet Prisons are robbing their citizens a good paying job, with exceptional benefits. Also a State has to sign a contract for 10 years, promising to keep them 85% full. That puts citizens at risk to being rail roaded in to prison. Actually Scott shut down New River Annex across from UCI and FSP, that move layed off over 600 people alone. In Union County Fl, Corrections is the county’s #1 employer. In such a small county loosing 600 jobs is a great loss. A lot of the New River Corrections Staff got screwed out of their retirement package.
            Right now New River sits empty, what a waist of prison bed space.
            Also I think Scotts “Warning Shot Law” is waaaay past stupid! How can the Police determine if you fired a warning shot, or if you missed your victim? How about the stray bullet? It won’t just stop and not strike anything. Bullets are dumb, they don’t know if their being used for a warning shot, or the real deal. They will travel until they hit something. I’m all about “Stand Your Ground”, but this warning shot law is past stupid border line dangerous. All because that Anglia DA Woman asked Mr. Dunn a stupid question, and Jesse Jackson crying over some woman (both Dunn and this woman were arrested in Jacksonville) who shot into a wall killing her husband. She was claiming it was supposed to of been a warning shot………
            Both Crist and Scott suck. Florida should vote in one of the independent candidates.
            Teach both parties not to send loosers up for election……..

          10. jetmagnet says

            Your correct about most of what you stated. I think the stand your ground law should be modified. As it is you can say you’ve been threatened and just kill someone. Let’s say as it was in one case where a federal officer was killed.
            If you have a disagreement with someone and you walk over to their car they could kill you and say they feared for their life. They don’t have to leave. In every situation, you’re not required to leave to avoid a confrontation. And whether you where in fear of your life is vague in any case unless you’re being beatin into a pulp and you had just cause to use deadly force. I think the questions is you have to prove you where going to die if you didn’t use deadly force and had no other alternative. The warning shot is idiotic. I belong to the NRA and 70% of use don’t agree with pierre who’s more of a salesman and a lobbyist than a gun guy.
            As far a christ, he’s the man. Helped us during andrew. I was there doing restoration, he also passed legislation on cracking down on bogus contractors that were ripping people off from their insurance money and leaving town.
            If a distaster strikes or a hurricane I know charlie has experience. Scott and the other candidate I know nothing about.
            I see nothing in Charlies past that would warrant not voting for him over the Crook and liar scott or some unexperienced person that could be worse than either one. Plus Crist was born and lives in Florida and knows the landscape.
            If the state is going to come back, crist is a clear choice though not perfect.
            Everyone I know hates scott. Look at any paper or article on him anywhere and he’s hated by people from both parties. Another 4 years of scott and kiss the state goodbye!

          11. Mark Clemens says

            Well if your from Florida you should know why SYG was passed. Stupid Tourist would come down assault and murder us. Look at the death row roster 3/4 are from out of state. Some tourists think because they are going back home in a week or so then can act a violent fool. Damn a bunch of running.
            Also after watching Dunn trial I . I think the law needs amended. If you do stand your ground, you should only be allowed 48 hours to turn your self in, or the defence is void. Zimmermann did the right thing after his shooting, he called the Law.
            Dunn in my opinion was trying to avoid any accountability. The reason for 48 hours. I understand having a lawyer would be best during any police questions.

        2. squeak says

          In the first place I have asked you NOT to comment to me… you just can’t resist your actions of a know it all jerk… You can’t even read , Didn’t I say ” vote straight ” R “….. I mention Christ because he is nothing but a crook, was a BAD Governor for Florida & is running for the job again as an Independent, Smarty pants he is NOT running as a ” R”…. I think he has tried every party so far to get elected …. I do not care to comment with you, you will be ignored !

          1. Mark Clemens says

            When? I really don’t look who posted what, I just comment. I’ll keep it in mind. Sorry if I hurt your feelings……….

          2. squeak says

            Gee, I do not see where I said otherwise… show me where I did that… I KNOW Crist is running against Scott… you are still showing your ignorance, I will comment whenever I want, when it comes to mentally disabled people I ignore them , not worth my time ! Now you have a great day !

          3. Mark Clemens says

            You don’t like me because I disagree w/you.
            Let me show you mentally disabled
            You don’t know me, but you don’t like me
            Say you can care less about how I feel
            If we ever meet feel free
            To kiss my ass on the back streets of Nashville.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Look at your post above. You said
            “I mention Christ because he is nothing but a crook, was bad Governor for Florida”
            If I’m not mistaken, Christ never lived to see the new world. Much less was the Governor of Florida. See your mistake?
            That’s why I’m a know it all.

  4. Van Hamlin says

    Once you get past the fan, it is clear that neither candidate is a complete package. Both candidates were awkward when responding to almost every question. I see Crist as a tax and spend PROGRESSIVE! I see Scott as a pragmatic problem solver prone to feathering his own nest. I am going to vote for the Scott because he is trying to bring jobs to Florida and has managed the budget fairly well. Scott is clearly the lesser of two evils.

    1. cvxxx says

      Sad we have such weak candidates. We need none of the above choice!

      1. madmemere says

        So, would you rather have someone like “Bush-whacker” back in the governor’s mansion?

        1. cvxxx says

          The current list of potential candidates are all weak,stupid,blind,living in the past and incompetent. None are leaders and none should be voted in. Once the people kick big money out of politics then there is hope to have someone who is competent running preferable two so there is a real choice not voting for the lesser of two evils.

        2. Ludlow Porch says

          And Amoeba with half a brain beats what we have now.

    2. jetmagnet says

      Out of town jobs that will put florida business out of business! Scott is an out of towner bringing out of town jobs! He can’t create jobs in florida like crist did, so he has to screw people and bring in job takers. He had the rail and turned it down. Just turning down medicaid screws our hospitals and doctors and leaves a million floridians without insurance, which cost businesses that can’t afford insurance.

      1. Progressive=Communist says

        Crist created one job. His own. Crist is the worst slime ball career politician in America, save for the narcissist clown in the White House. Both could not manage the night shift at a Taco Bell.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Baggers eat at taco bell because they support mexicans LMAO!

          1. madmemere says

            Like any libturd, you got it backwards; you and your kind are the ones who support hispanics AND otms.

      2. Aristophanes says

        Do you support crist? Scott is not perfect by a long shot; but, I think he is 1000% better than crist!!! When did crist create jobs? All I saw happen was a bunch of jobs went bye-bye while crist was governor! Did you also conveniently forget that while crist was governor he was a Republican? When he realized Rubio was going to beat him, he went independent. What I thought was funny was Rubio still beat him!! And somewhere along the way, crist decided he was a democrat. Why all the party changes? Because crist is looking out for crist and no one else. If you think otherwise, you are a bigger fool than crist!

        1. jetmagnet says

          Scott sucks, lousy governor and rated the worst in the country. He created no jobs. Took credit for Obama’s recovery. The facts show the millions he gave to corporations resulted in blown money. Crist will win the election- nobody want a loser that changes all his policies right b4 an election. He won’t disclose his assets, because he’s a theif and a crook. Maybe your morals are that low , mine aren’t. We have the biggest budget in history thanks to Prick scott and the highest tolls , raised em to $10 . He just blowwwsssszzzz!
          Bagger would vote for satan if he was a bagger, real people vote for who serves the state best and charlie did it way better. Even through had times like andrew and the bush holocaust. baggers kill jobs. Skeletor looks and sound like a poosie. lol

          1. Jim Franklin says

            I can’ believe you even said that ” Crist will win the election- nobody want a loser that changes all his policies right b4 an election.” Crist was a Republican, an Independent, and now, he says he is a Democrat.

            Crist signed the bill into law that doubled registration and other fees……toll roads affect only some of us, registrations and fees affect all of us.

            We have surplus in the State Treasury today instead of a deficit.

            Crist has never served anyone but himself, at least Scott served in the Navy.

            Crist accepted campaign funds in exchange for appointing judges, neither of these guys are saints, but if you look at the actual facts, instead of listening t Democrat lies, you will see that Scott is the lesser of two evils….and in this particular case, much less evil.

            Obama only says he improved the economy…he is a liar (you should not question someone else’s integrity at the same time you are praising Obama) and the facts prove it unless you are a complete idiot, look at the real numbers..

            During Obama’s reign, our National debt has risen by $7.8 trillion (twice what was added during Bush). The worker participation rate is the lowest it has been since 1978. We just finished the longest extension of unemployment benefits in the history of unemployment insurance, 10 million more people have been added to food stamps, the law requiring those able bodied recipients of welfare to look for work was rescinded by Obama (it was signed into law by Clinton), most of the jobs he claims credit for creating never existed (less people have jobs today than when he was elected, so his claim to have created 8 million new private sector jobs is a lie, he did create 1800 new IRS jobs and has 42 czars…hardly 8 million jobs though). He guaranteed loans for green companies, all of whom went bankrupt and cost the American tax payers a trillion dollars. The stimulus package he got through a Democrat led Congress (both houses), cost another trillion dollars and resulted in no “shovel ready jobs”, but Obama campaign funders made millions.
            Under Bush, the average unemployment was 4%, under Obama, it has never been under 6%……the Bush economy went down when the Affordable Housing Act bubble burst….you can’t loan money to people who cannot afford to pay it back, and expect that things will go well, plus, the easy money made housing prices raise unnaturally….if you doubt that was the cause, look who took the biggest hit…banks that had bad paper. Obama is talking about initiating a new affordable housing law, and he has already taken on student loans…notice how much tuitions have risen since he did that.

            Obama was voted the worst President in a recent poll, our economy suffers at home, our allies don’t trust us, and our enemies don’t fear us. Obama has never experienced success I his life and his loyalties lie with socialism and Islam…listen to his speeches, or read his first book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER. He is a traitor to all America stands for and he was applauded for his potential to unite a divided America, except, when was the last time this Nation was so divided over issues of income, race, or religion?

          2. jetmagnet says

            Look fella, when you change parties you change your ideology. Scott changed more and flipfloped and he’s still a republican, so it’s apparent he’s only doing this to win any way a crook and a thief can.

          3. Aristophanes says

            Sounds like a liberal rant to me. As usual, your “facts” are skewed to favor crist even though it has been proven that crist is looking out for only crist. I will vote for Scott. Your opinion of that fact does not matter to me since you are a very uninformed liberal and I expect nothing more of you than to try to insult and denigrate anyone who does not hold your very poor and morally corrupt opinions. Have as nice a day as a liberal who is totally lacking in morals can have.

          4. jetmagnet says

            You clowns will vote for anything with and “R” onm it’s forehead, you don’t fool anybody. It’s partisan no matter how bad the candidate is. That’s stupid voting. Baggers are ideologs and nothing else matters.
            Scott is a lying crook period! Crist isn’t period.

          5. madmemere says

            Nope; never mind R, or GOP,since the majority of Rs are RINOS, or just “demolite”; let’s try for I (independent) L (Libertarian) C for Conservative OR, maybe even a TP- -that’s Tea Partier!

          6. Aristophanes says

            I don’t care what you say your political affiliation is, your rant is that of a liberal. You obviously only listen and read liberal media, so your rants are not applicable to anyone who thinks and listens and remembers. crist is a lying, cheating, out-for-himself-only crook and you think he is more honest than Scott? Shows you have been “brain”-washed. I guess we will see who dominates – Scott, who has done a good job in his 4 years in office or crist, who did nothing good at all in his 4 years in office. I am praying that the majority of Floridians have a better memory and more intelligence than you and your ilk have.

          7. madmemere says

            And you notice the libtard talks about talking to tree stumps; it’s the old “pot call kettle black syndrome”, so wasting your time, or breath, on any of them is fruitless. Just let them live in their “utopia fantasy”. Some day, some of them might wake up to reality; some do, most don’t.

          8. Aristophanes says

            You are right. I keep hoping the liberals will grow a brain; but, I am not going to bet on it.

          9. madmemere says

            Wake the hell up; SOBARKA hasn’t created any recovery and if you’re looking at, or believing any “fed statistics”, you’re way off base. The only thing SOBARKA and his “regime” have created is “chaos and destruction”; not just in the USA, but world-wide.

          10. jetmagnet says

            What? the unemployment rate is 5.9% the destructive republicans are the reason it isn’t much better with that. All the test model republican governors are failures, proving rightwing pro rich policies don’t work. Never have.
            You brain is fried, I guess when all your money is gone when the GOP privatizes your income, you may wake up. Right now too much of your brain is diseased with fake News propaganda and websites like this.

          11. madmemere says

            If you believe any figures the fed puts out, it’s your own fault; try doing some research in “real news sites” and you will discover that “SOBARKA’S and the dimwits “real, actual” unemployment figure IS 29% AND there is NO “economic recovery” in sight!

          12. jetmagnet says

            It’s a good thing your not in business, you’d be a total failure. So you say there’s 90 million people unemployed and we have the highest per capita per nation, the strongest economy and most profitable businesses on earth. I think you need your head examined. You have no business occupying the planet.

          13. madmemere says

            You must be looking in the mirror and talking to yourself.

          14. jetmagnet says

            Because talking to you is like talking to a tree stump—gotcha!!

          15. Kent2012 says

            he heard himself once, pi$$ed his drawers….

          16. jetmagnet says

            Everyones making money in the barak economy, just take a look at your billionaire funding machine–the Koch suckers. They went from $8 billion in wealth in 2008 to $100 billion in 2014. All the millionaires and billionaires increased their wealth, so you should be extremely happy,being for the party that favors the rich and pisses on the poor!

          17. Ludlow Porch says

            BS. You can sell that bag of crap on craigslist, but it want float in Florida. Jesse!

          18. jetmagnet says

            Turds float in florida they’re called GOP , they come with alot of hot air and fraud!
            Crist will beat the turd skelator who looks pathetic and can’t even talk right.
            He blew it in the second debate saying pam bondi delayed an execution for a fund raiser. Scott didn’t know how to handle the question and he admitted to being a crook and a theif, something charlie isn’t.

          19. Kent2012 says

            lead head “floats” in Florida….if you get my “drift”…

          20. Ludlow Porch says

            Crist, he is subject to change at any moment. Crist is a Lala Pa Loser. He better win the election or he will starve to death. No one will give him a job.!

        2. Ludlow Porch says


        3. jetmagnet says

          Crist gets 41 percent of independent voters, to Scott’s 38 percent, with 11 percent for
          Wyllie. Republicans back Scott over Crist 81 – 7 percent, with 6 percent for Wyllie. Democrats
          go to Crist over Scott 86 – 5 percent, with 3 percent for Wyllie.

          Among those who already have voted, Crist gets 42 percent to Scott’s 38 percent.

          Notice I’ve been telling you peeps independents will decide many races, and we vote both ways. I’ll tell you that I like GOP governor Kasich and i’d vote for him if i lived in ohio.

      3. Jim Franklin says

        I look at Crist’s past record here, from 3% unemployment when he was elected, and 11% when he left….where did you ever get the idea that Crist would/could bring jobs to Florida?

        On the other hand, unemployment at 11% when he took office, to 6% now for Scott.
        The most jobs created in one State was in Texas, the most jobs lost in one State was California….Republican Governor Texas vs Democrat Governor Califonia.
        Worst Republican President as far as National debt..George Bush at $4 trillion added, Worst President ever, who just happens to be a Democrat….Barrack Obama at $7.8 trillion.
        Detroit Michigan is the poster child of Democrats running government…so, if you want Crist back, I have to ask, if you hate Florida that much, why don’t you just move somewhere else?

        1. jetmagnet says

          So you’re blaming him for the meltdown where every state loss jobs and the nation loss 800,000 jobs a month? lol Because all GOP governors protocol isn’t producing jobs or balancing their budgets. Michigan is run by Snyder a republican who instituted emergency managers and did away with local government and another GOP loser. I researched them all, they all suck..Except governors in oil or coal rich states,but if they don’t have vast rescources they fail. A fine example is governor Brownback in kansas a teabag who lowered taxes and gave the money away to corporations, now kansas is in deep debt..and even republicans in the state want him out. You shouldn’t be defending anything republican, you should support the best person to run the state.You wouldn’t pick a doctor only because he watches Fox news. You pick who’s best regardless.

          1. Jim Franklin says

            California is an oil rich State, I lived there for 8 years, oil fields everywhere at first, with a wealth of Natural resources and great weather, Jerry Brown has instituted polices that have businesses moving out in droves.

            Your arguments for Crist over Scott just don’t match reality, the State has improved with jobs and economics since Scott, it went down for Crist’s whole time office.

            I don’t follow all the States, but in the ones I do, the Republicans all stand out over they Democrat opposition….there are many criminals in politics, sometimes you just have to go with the least of two evils.

            Michigan’s economy was ruined by greedy unions. And the left killed Detroit without any help from Republicans, when it ha a

            I do vote for who I think would be the best for my State and Country, and it is seldom a Democrat, the Democrats have moved towards socialism more and more over the years, and even though Barrack Obama says capitalism has never worked, it has worked more so than socialism ever has, compare the USA to the USSR, East Germany to West Germany, North Korea to South Korea. Very socialistic countries like Greece and Spain are doing much worse than countries like Germany, who are more capitalistic. I served my country for 26 years, it was communists/socialists who we were defending against…North Korea still sends out warnings that they will attack us. The US was doing just fine when Karl Marx was born, non of the initial countries who followed his plan are still socialists, they are full on dictator ships.

            In the 1950s, the US manufactured twice as much as all other countries combined, today, we manufacture just 20% of the World’s production…the more socialistic, big government we become, the more people we have getting government assistance and the less individual rights we have. No government should be able to tell me what size soft drink I can buy, limit the rights that the ultimate laws of the Nation guaranteed, tell me I must take a drug test to get a job, but the person my taxes provide for do not. Hypocrites that tell me we should accept illegal into our country…they aren’t welcomed in their house or neighbor hood, but we should accept them and pay for them to have a life style we cannot afford, the children who cannot speak English do not go to the schools their children attend…..but they markedly reduced the level of Education my children received in San Pedro CA.

            After my time in the service of my country, I taught at the University of Hawaii, trust me, I know how liberals think, you are not going to convince me you are correct, the facts reveal other wise.
            I just got a synopsis of a Common Core class where they are telling the students that Muslims helped our first settlers, actual history tells us that the first contact the USA had with Muslims was with the Barbary Pirates… can’t rewrite history just to promote lies that some how make you feel better.
            I was surprised when the Democrats had Bill Clinton speak about a Republican war on women…..really, a serial womanizer says that Republicans have a war on women. Diane Feinstein is very aggressively anti-gun, actually, she is adamant that you can’t have a gun, she still can though.

          2. jetmagnet says

            I think your led by your political beliefs and not statisics. You make assertations and list one governor that’s been more succefull than his republican counter parts. Michigabn is poorly run bya republican who like most bagger can’t operate his state properly. Using millions in precious funds to build a stadium when workers aren’t being paid. They’re failures totally and I can give examples in very state that republicans are failures. Red states also are the poorest and have the most people on welfare, I can prove this also. Like most baggers you talk a good game , but produce nothing to backup your mouth.
            What jobs has scott produced on his own, name them? Can’t? Not only that your ignorant. Obama has a profolio himself and he’s a capitalist and a lousy socialist.
            The problem with uneducated people like yourself is rely on information that supports your ideology not reality. Try picking up business weekly or the wall st journal. Do research on your own without be a parrot for idiots.
            I’ve never seen such dumb uneducated morons as there is on these websites.
            Explain socialism, name which countries are socialist and lets compare them to Unites States. Before you debate me educate yourself and don’t insult my intelligence. It’s not my job to educate uneducated people.

          3. Kent2012 says

            you are using facts, lead head just rambles with some phoney figures that he gets off of the huffy puffy posty..and some interesting reading in pravda…

      4. Ludlow Porch says

        Crist couldn’t create a bubble when he farts in the bathtub. Obama has Charlie in his front pocket. Charlie Flip Flops so much he wears a pair on his ears. Oh, wait are you Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, posting as jetmagnet? Crist lost 800,000 jobs, Scott created 600,000 jobs after we got rid of him. Charlie went to work for Morgan & Morgan in Tampa, they got rid of him because he lost more clients than he gained for the law firm. The rail was defeated by voters not by Scott. All that Doctor, Medicaid, hospital and insurance you are spouting off about was a results of Obama and Scott had nothing to do with it. You gonna have to sell this crap to your Liberal buddy’s, people in Florida are wise to Crist and your LIES!

        1. jetmagnet says

          Stupid! your watching too much fruitcake news! All your facts are wrong LMAO
          All states lost jobs during the meltdown you idiot! Bush did it!! republicans suck at government!! Obama created 600,000 jobs for Florida. If you think Scott did give me the list or STFU!

          1. Ludlow Porch says

            You give me your list of jobs (real) that Charlie Crist created FIRST. Obama never had a REAL job so what would he know about creating jobs. Rick Scott brought industry and manufacturing jobs, by giving corporate tax breaks, he rekindled the tourist industry in Florida. He worked with Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi and closed down the pill mills in Florida. He is instrumental in the Stand Your Ground Law in Florida. He and Pam Bondi, fought for Florida over the BP oil spill. He is responsible for vast improvements to education, such as smaller students numbers in classrooms so teachers had more time to spend with each student. Florida unemployment, one of the lowest in the country all under Rick Scott, Governor of Florida. And he will continue as Governor! SORRY CHARLIE!

          2. jetmagnet says

            Bottom line is Scott is an incompetent crook and a thief. Pam Bondi delayed and execution so she could go to a fund raiser, these are morons running the state.
            Florida has a higher unemployment rate than the national average. The records show scott laid out millions and we got nothing for it , but more debt.
            The reason for the uptick is my friends in the construction and tourist industry, ask Lennar if they got help from scott, lol . I live here and have several business. You can’t convince me scott helped me or anyone else with a business. He wants to bring in outside corps so he can get kickbacks. He can’t get away with that with local companies. Bottom line, oncve a theif always a theif. Charlie ain’t a crook or a theif. I remember how he helped us lowering taxes after andrew and cracking down on construction companies that were taking people’s money and leaving town!! That counts alot with me as voter. Scott hasn’t done jack for education or small businesses.

          3. Ludlow Porch says

            The voters will decide what and who is BEST for FLORIDA.

    3. jetmagnet says

      Check his record compared to scott. Scott blew more money to corporations and has the largest budget in the history of the state…it will only get worse.

      1. Van Hamlin says

        I am not sure what money you are referring to. The tax deferments Scott spearheaded are based on the idea that new businesses coming to Florida create jobs. These jobs translate to employees paying taxes and being removed from welfare roles. It seems to me that well crafted deferment agreements are the basis for real job growth from private sector employers. These businesses usually have a low demand for services and pay impact fees. Where is the poor management?

        1. jetmagnet says

          Of the jobs Scott can influence most, only a fraction now exist.
          Scott has pledged $266 million in tax breaks and other incentives in
          return for 45,258 new jobs. But 96 percent of the jobs have yet to
          materialize, according to state data.
          The total number of new jobs Scott ultimately might deliver doesn’t
          offset the jobs lost at companies with more than 100 workers in the
          same time period. Between January 2011 and November 2013, large Florida
          employers reported 49,163 layoffs, according to federal data.
          Nearly 14 percent of Scott’s deals – 46 in all -have collapsed for
          various reasons, the state says, and more projects are dormant.
          Florida offers tax breaks in most cases only when a company creates
          the jobs it promised, and $45 million sits idle waiting to be claimed by
          companies that have not yet reached hiring goals.
          The jobs outlook isn’t better in Tampa Bay, where Scott inked deals
          to create 7,251 jobs in exchange for $39 million in tax breaks. Jobs
          created to date: 462.
          Scott campaigned in 2010 on a promise to create 700,000 jobs and has
          crisscrossed the state ever since, welcoming employers and proclaiming,
          “It’s Working.”
          But the hard numbers show that the jobs Scott can most directly deliver to the state are the slowest to arrive.

          The numbers, confirming previous estimates, show that taxpayers spent
          $118,140 to reimburse people for drug test costs, at an average of $35
          per screening.
          The state’s net loss? $45,780.
          “That’s not counting attorneys and court fees and the thousands of hours of staff time it took to implement this policy,”
          The law also didn’t impact the number of people who applied for benefits.
          What impact fees are you talking about? Most impact fees are a part of conservative county policies to bring in revenue and reduce real estate taxes. The idea is old and outdated and reduces growth.

          1. Van Hamlin says

            I am not trying to argue, but I remember Charlie Christ raising taxes and endorsing Obama care. At least Scott has started the ball rolling with these few jobs you mentioned. Get us someone exciting to vote for.

          2. jetmagnet says

            What’s wrong with people other than you getting healthcare?
            Bottom line, I don’t vote for crooks and theives, especially when they’re ripping off seniors. Scott raised property taxes, he’s in bed with Citizens, where the hell have you been. You’ll look for any execuse to vote for a fraud, not me.

          3. Van Hamlin says

            There is nothing wrong with everyone having a good health care plan. There is something wrong with a plan that raised the cost to everyone and still leaves the same number of people uninsured. This was an insurance company scam that forces everyone to purchase something they may not want or even need. Obama care is not a good plan.

          4. jetmagnet says

            No there’s nothing wrong with Obamacare. It’s an exchange using the same companies everyone else uses but at a lower rate with subsidies so it’s affordable.
            9 million b people are on it and millions more are going sign up for when enrollment opens. Do you have it? People I know who have it love it. Instead of listening to fruitcake news channel. Talk to people who’s lives where saved because they can now see a doctor, can be treated with pre-existing conditions and have their kids on the plan free. 72,000 of my fellow americans die each year because they don’t have health insurance. The GOP plan is DIE, and DIE quickly! or go to the ER which is raising your cost and rates.

          5. Van Hamlin says

            You are starting to sound like Debbie W. Bro! Obama care isn’t affordable. Everyone is up in arms over the discontinued policies, the higher premiums and the diminished coverage. Everyone is going to start paying taxes on good health insurance. That is like chatging sales tax for medicine! There are still 43 million Americans without coverage! The law sucks!

          6. jetmagnet says

            It’s very affordable and there’s plenty of people who are benefiting from it. It’s not going anywhere. It’s time you pulled your head out of your aZz AND WAKE UP.
            Like i said, it’s the same companies that sell private insurance. Do you know WTF you’re talking about? Taxes???There’s no taxes on insurances. The GOP has stopped running on Obamacare…have you noticed? Strategist are losing the argument, it’s working and working well.

          7. Kent2012 says

            lead head does not want to believe that the “exchanges” are designed to fail….when the insurance companies (those evil capitalists) say up yours we are going to “blow this pop stand” the democrapos will rush right in to “save the poor poor Americans with “single payer health care coverage”….that then will be the huge gorilla puffing up the entitlement bucks each month, free rent, free food, free utilities (where applicable) free child care, free transportation vouchers, free internet, free health care, and we can not forget free phones…..oh did I say “free”, not really Real Americans that pay taxes are carrying an ever increasing burden due to idiots voting for generational dole….oh and I forgot the brain dead supporters of kenyan boyo do not believe that thousands are getting notices that there perfectly good insurance plans do not meet with the african pretender’s standards…..

          8. Kent2012 says

            lead head love communism/socialism… marriage to and plenty of immigrants…what ? apply for a visa first ? not now, the democrapos are running the show…right straight into the ground…

  5. WhiteFalcon says

    If Crist can break one rule and get away with it, why not another, and another until he simply breaks all the rules. Isn’t that the liberal/commie/Nazi way of doing things? Why worry about rules at all? Scotts objection about the fan may seem trivial but it could be just the precursor of bigger violations in the future. Scott was right to object. Maybe he could have done in a better way but he was right to object.

  6. Joe says

    Crist sold off much of our assets to foreign investors. Why isn’t this being brought up? We can not let this weasel off the hook.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Maybe Scott is doing the same thing, and didn’t want to bring it up?
      Just a thought

    2. Combatvet52 says

      Big O gets away with everything and our lawmakers don’t do SQUAT

    3. Donna Cavender says

      You are so right. A crist lover is an Obama lover. Look where he has put us.

  7. david white says

    Florida we are way to smart to bring a convict like Crist back into ruin Florida. Obama has already done that enough. Look at all the foreclosures in Florida and how Crist cost the state jobs. We need Rick Scott to keep the state moving in the right direction.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Crist did prison time?

  8. Seldena says

    As mI understand this Scott did not know that Crist was on stage. The election committee was going over the rules to see that a fan was NOT ALLOWED. When this was determined then the candidates were to come on stage. But Christ BRKE the rule and took the stage for all this to make Scott look bad. Democrats do everything wrong and then try to blame the Republicans!

  9. Combatvet52 says

    I think Rick wanted to see the traitor sweat Crist is a flip flopping nut cake.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Crist has been through the Florida political spectrum. Does he change his platform, or just his party affiliation? Between the two, if I were a Florida Voter, I would vote for an Independent Candidate……….
      Crist looks like a sleazy lawyer
      Scott looks like a sleazy penis
      Are there any other choices?
      This Two Party System needs another party or two. I’ll bet your states Governor’ s race has two poor choices also……..

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Actually there are 5 choices Scott Rep, Crist Dem, Adrian Wyllie Lbe, Farid Khavari NPA, Glenn Burkett NPA ……. I think Wyllie might surprise them all just my 2 cents.

        1. Gerry L says

          Wylie is not a very good choice as he drives withOut a valid drivers license because he doesn’t believe the state ha the authority to make home have one. If he doesn’t follow the laws, he shouldn’t be running.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Lets face it i think Mickey Mouse can enter the election these days.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      If Crist looses this one, he might have to go home for good, he’s out out Parties! I think that’s funny in a strange way……

  10. Mark Clemens says

    I can see no cell phones, lap tops, iPads, ear communication devices. So the candidates don’t get help answering questions. How does a fan help or hinder a candidate in answering questions? If this Crist dude is known to sweat whats the surprise, or big deal? Was the fan loud? Did the buildings AC not work? I think Scott just wanted people to see Crist sweat for the physical effect of looking overly nervous.
    The whole thing is just stupid. Hell it’s Florida, everyone should own at least one fan!

    1. Aristophanes says

      You are totally missing the point, aren’t you? I thought it was a pretty smart political move on Scott’s part. With that one lousy fan, Scott showed so many things about crist and did not have to say a word! Unfortunately, there are way too few people out there who saw that and, of course, the media is not going to see that since Rick is a Republican and crist is a demoncrat. Really sad how stupid our media has gotten. The #1 point Rick got across? charlie does not know how to play by the rules! crist agreed with everything and then wants a fan? Really?

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I think it was a 50/50 deal.
        Showed Crist doesn’t follow rules well
        Made Scott look like he was afraid to debate……
        We will see November 4 what the Florida Voters think……..

  11. jetmagnet says

    Scott sucks and the people in Florida know it. He won’t get elected in My state. Like most baggers he’s a failure. He increased the debt gave all the money to out of town corporations that producted little jobs and was behind the biggest medicare fraud case in history claiming the 5th 75 times and fined $2 billion,. We don’t need a damn crook running the state who doesn’t know half of what crist knows.Rick Scott has failed to report more than $200 million in assets on his state financial disclosure form in violation of the Florida Constitution, Democratic attorney general candidate George Sheldon alleged in a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

    Sheldon, a former deputy attorney general under Bob Butterworth, is running against Republican Pam Bondi. His lawsuit, filed in Leon County just weeks before Election Day, accuses the governor of relying on a “web of complex financial arrangements” to shift investments and hide his “financial interests from public view.”

    Sheldon is asking a judge to order Scott, Florida’s wealthiest governor, to “immediately and accurately disclose all assets he owns or controls,” and to declare the governor’s “blind trust” in violation of the blind trust law he signed.

    “The lawsuit asks the court to remove the blindfold that Rick Scott has put on the people of Florida so that they cannot see what is going on with his personal assets,’’ Sheldon said during a press conference. “The governor likes to talk about how much he has disclosed. The lawsuit is about how much he has not disclosed.”

    Read more here:
    Scott sucked in the debate crist blew him away with more than a fan according to people in my state. He dodged questions on gay marriage, climate change and the minimum wage and talked about how his father was a drunk and his mother was abused. Kept refering to some website instead of answering questions. Whether your either party no one needs this scumbag!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      I also heard Scott wanted to Drug Test welfare recipients (I’m for this) but the contract was going to a company owned by his wife. They/She were going to charge the state THREE TIMES the amount businesses pay for drug testing . The Florida Assembly shut down the program due to it’s high cost.
      If you remember Florida was going to be the first state to drug test it’s welfare state…….

    2. Aristophanes says

      Well of course he won’t get elected in your state since he is running in Florida! I think he will trounce crist since charlie is only for charlie. If he has convinced you otherwise, then you really are a stupid liberal who cannot tell the difference between the truth and lies.

  12. wapitihunter says

    Despite the fan it was not a good move by the standing governor. However if the rules state that there are no fans or any electronics of any kind the fan should have never been placed there. I just hope the people can get over this and vote for the best man based upon his record and not on fangate.

  13. JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group says

    Scott will win if Florida sun hasn’t dulled senses !!?? 🙂

    1. Mark Clemens says

      So will Brad Whitehead!
      Third generation Union County Florida Law Enforcement.
      His daddy and grandpa were Union County Sheriffs…….
      This is a dynasty worth keeping

  14. slotiac32 says

    More evidence that politicians are a stupid and sorry lot, generally..

  15. catman says

    If Crist does happen to win, it will just be the telling tale of the idiocy of the Florida voters who voted for him.

  16. Joe T says

    Crisp has a clinical personality disorder………he doesn’t really know who the F…k he is.

  17. antigray says
  18. Bob Markle says

    Well if people are that stupid! then our country is doomed it should not matter how much is spent everyone knows that they sling mud on each other ! You should research your candidates and know who you want far before election day!

  19. Bob Markle says

    No candidates are perfect but find the good in each. And what’s been accomplished by them. And how they have voted in the past! Common sense people

  20. curls1 says

    Ah yes, Florida, THE BRAIN DEAD STATE.

    1. squeak says

      I BEG YOUR PARDON ? Who are you to Judge the people of Florida…where in hell are you from, Love to know ??

    2. Aristophanes says

      Where are you from? Mexifornia? New York? Illinois? You have no clue about Florida so keep your extremely stupid opinions about my state to yourself!

    3. Mark Clemens says

      I think SQUEAK is a GOP TROLL who can’t stand different opinions. I bet Squeak isn’t even from Florida……..

  21. shavager says

    Scott and his people were still in discussion with debate principles over rules changes–Crist and the RATS in DemocRAT party ran out to podium to make it look as if Scott was refusing to come out and debate over the fan. This has been used against Scott, just as Crist and campaign intended for it to look. I wouldn’t vote for Charlie Crist NO MATTER WHAT!!!! I’m a LIFETIME Democrat voter, registered for 40 YEARS–a vote FOR Crist is a vote FOR Obama and AGAINST America and Americans!!!! I’m voting Republican EVERY BALLOT selection–the RAT party DemocRATS are OWNED by billionaire marxist George Soros and socialists.

    1. squeak says

      WOW, are you ever on the ball… Correct on ALL Accounts…Welcome to our party ! God Bless !

    2. Mark Clemens says

      If Squeak is praising you, you might want to rethink your position………
      Personally I think both candidates are shady.
      Crist was a Republican Governor. I bet ole Squeak was all about voting him in then.
      But hay, crossing party lines is a cool thing!!

      1. shavager says

        I voted for Crist when he first won as Governor, I wouldn’t vote for him now if he was the ONLY candidate running–he’s ALL ABOUT HIMSELF. Crist is trying to paint Scott as shady over hospital corruption when Scott was CEO of Columbia/HCA for Medicare fraud–DemocRATS tried that same old story 4 years ago and Scott still won. Scott may have been CEO and ultimately responsible as the CEO for corruption hospital employees were committing but there was never any proof Scott was involved or actually hands-on responsible for any illegality. It goes on ALL THE TIME in every state, and thousands of doctors, hospitals get away with it. Charlie Crist will DO ANYTHING to get elected, from flopping over and over on issues like a floundering fish, to changing parties and LYING about what he stands for. A vote FOR a DemocRAT is a vote AGAINST America and Americans, PERIOD!!!

  22. Paul Revere says

    Rules are Rules…and it says everything about that person who will not abide by them. Therefore ….he should be knocked down and thrown out of the voting process.

  23. jetmagnet says

    Fanghazi showed us who the poosie is. Scott. Scott spend most of his time talking about his dysfuctional parents which proves why he’s dysfunctional and stole millions from medicare, and is the biggest fraud in history. I don’t vote for cowards that take the 5th 75 times over a governor that helped millions after andrew and lowered property taxes. Scott hasn’t lowered any taxes, in fact he’s raised them to pay for his enormous budget. He gave away thousands of jobs by turning down the rail, and now medicaid.

  24. Dolores Wieland says

    Scott is the better of the two, but I’m not impressed with either one

  25. jetmagnet says

    Scott just spent $21 million more in negative ads and he’s tied LMAO. I talk to everyone, republicans democrats , even teabags, nobody wants scott. They all know it’s a sin to vote for a criminal and guy that admitted he was a crook! I don;’t vote for crooks, my morals are higher. Many republicans I talked to aren’t voting at all,they don’t want a crook on their conscience for 4 more years. It would be a disaster to florida!
    What you have on the right is people who don’t vote for the best candidate anymore, they vote for the bagger no matter what.

  26. lil-echoes says

    Possibly Crist wanted people to see how Hot he was in that area….

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