FBI Director: Crime Spike Due to “YouTube World”


FBI Director James Comey ruffled some feathers Friday when he said that viral videos could be to blame for a recent surge in violent crime. According to Comey, crime spikes in Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, and elsewhere may be explained by police officers who are suddenly hesitant to get involved.

“Maybe something in policing has changed,” Comey said. “In today’s YouTube world, are officers reluctant to get out of their cars and do the work that controls violent crime? Are officers answering 911 calls but avoiding the informal contact that keeps bad guys from standing around, especially with guns?”

Comey isn’t the first person to suggest such a thing, but he is at odds with his masters in the Obama administration. To them, the Black Lives Matter movement has been a positive force in American society, drawing attention to police racism and brutality that is long overdo. They don’t see how this constant drum beat might make good police officers think twice about how they carry out their duties. In fact, they probably see that as a feature, not a bug.

In the New York Times story reporting on Comey’s comments, the writer said:

With his remarks, Mr. Comey lent the prestige of the F.B.I., the nation’s most prominent law enforcement agency, to a theory that is far from settled: that the increased attention on the police has made officers less aggressive and emboldened criminals. But he acknowledged that there is so far no data to back up his assertion and that it may be just one of many factors that are contributing to the rise in crime, like cheaper drugs and an increase in criminals who are being released from prison.

Wait, we need data now to back up our criminal justice theories? When did this start? Where is the data that proves racist police are out there murdering unarmed black men on a daily basis? Oh, that’s different. Because of feelings or something.

But turning it around to make it seem like citizens are causing a spike in crime by filming police officers is not the answer either. The problem isn’t the camera; the problem is the way the media takes these videos and turns them into something they aren’t. And no matter what kind of evidence comes out later, they ride their original narrative right out into the sunset. With a modicum of responsible journalism, this wouldn’t be such an issue.

The point of all of this, according to Obama and the black leaders, is to improve the relationship between police and minority communities. One question, though: What are the communities doing to improve this relationship? Has there been any talk of committing less crime? Resisting arrest less often? Just wondering.

  1. Alan404 says

    Strikes me that the last paragraph, repeated below, poses interesting questions. Does the “minority community” have equally interesting answers?

    The point of all of this, according to Obama and the black leaders, is to
    improve the relationship between police and minority communities. One
    question, though: What are the communities doing to improve this
    relationship? Has there been any talk of committing less crime?
    Resisting arrest less often? Just wondering.

    1. Jimmy Quick says

      Sounds more like Hitlery, blaming a video for causing the Benghazi incident.

      Truth is the black lives matter crowd just want a “hall pass” to commit whatever crimes they like without any penalties or repercussions. Their illegal actions actually work in the reverse of they claim to want. The more the police feel threatened, the more violent they will become when interaction with the public are forced due to crime.

      Excuses are made for lawless minorities over and over under the Obama administration and the lack of any firm grip on the situation by his prosecutors, mayors, police chiefs and general worshiper class has caused a snowball effect that has police standing down and just watching as these people just go “bat guano crazy” on each other while Rome burns.

      1. Joseph Slabaugh says


      2. Drake Travis says

        Jimmy, you see the issue perfectly. Good insight.

      3. DustyFae says

        This is one great comment, You have spoken the truth and made the point clear enough for all to understand.

      4. Gunflint Roseberg says

        Agreed…I think the Director of the FBeye was reading out of Hitlerys Benghazi Book of lies…

        1. OWEN jhonson says


      5. cvxxx says

        Black lives matter is just a way to force minority identification. Blacks (race politicians) have always feared that some would assimilate the hard working values and no longer consider street life (hipsterism) to be of value.

        Benghazi is a great example of what happens when there are too many layers between the act and the person who has to explain it. The Rhodes memo was a foolish stab at an explanation rather than wait for the full facts.
        Remember, the miscommunication resulting in the charge of the light brigade?

        IMO too much time was wasted in a political fight. It is like having a flat time but spending days arguing over why it was flat rather than fixing it.

        1. Hillaryoncrack says

          What is a “flat time”?

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            I think that is an example of relying on spell check a little too much. Try replacing with “tire”. It might make a little more sense.

          2. Hillaryoncrack says

            I knew that Jimmy. Just yanking cvxxx’s chain. Relax dude, take a valium.

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            oh…good looking and a sense of humor. You may just be a rare find.

          4. Hillaryoncrack says

            And I bake tasty treats!

          5. Jimmy Quick says

            I bet their all lining up for a shot at eating from your table too…

          6. Hillaryoncrack says

            You bet! My treats are delicious AND nutritious!

          7. Jimmy Quick says

            Alright women. Enough with your vexing ways beforeI’m just another starstruck lout caught under your spells.

          8. Hillaryoncrack says


          9. Jimmy Quick says

            Alright now.

          10. Gerry Costa says

            It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what cvxxx was saying so why a stupid question ????????

          11. Hillaryoncrack says

            Hey, I knew what he/she meant! Just having a little fun. Chill dude.

          12. Gerry Costa says

            chill your azz– jerk.

          13. Hillaryoncrack says

            Stuff it , phagboy.

          14. cvxxx says

            Oops a flat tire

          15. Hillaryoncrack says

            Just messing with you. I knew what you meant.

        2. Jimmy Quick says

          The first step in fixing anything is admitting that the issue does exist. Many people refuse to identify the obvious. I’ve listened as news casters struggle for words so as not to say that Obama is responsible.

          They way I see it, it’s like our nation has an infestation of roaches and instead of dealing with the infestation, we want to look at the pest control company and blame them because we have a problem.

          There is a lot of sickness in this nation and it will continue to get worse because we have a government that insists on blaming everyone else except the people who are the most responsible.

          1. OWEN jhonson says


      6. Jimmy King says

        The TRUTH is that for years cops have been committing these acts and then lying about it. The blue wall of silence protected them and usually the victim was charged with resisting arrest. NOW that everyone has a video camera in their pocket, the cops are getting called out on their bullshit and they don’t like it. The video that came out yesterday of the PO throwing a girl around her South Carolina classroom is a perfect example

        1. Just Saying says

          Why did he have to do that? Could it be that the girl refused to co operate with him? Why was the police called into that class room? She must have done something. We seen the end of the confrontation but not the beginning. The whole story isn’t on that video.

          1. Jimmy King says

            She was walking and looking at her cell phone during class. When I did that I was sent to the principals office and a note went to my mom. Clearly is did not need to escalate like that

          2. Jimmy Quick says

            How do you know. Have you read this girls file? Do you know her associates? In your day, I’ll bet cops in schools weren’t even required. Stop supporting criminals and you might find magically that the police start doing a better job.

          3. Jimmy King says

            Yes a 14 year old girl sitting in her desk is a “criminal” You’re a fucking idiot

          4. Jimmy Quick says

            At 14 years old, she might slit your throat and laugh as you lay dying, so who is the idiot here. I’ll bet the closet you have ever come to conflict is choosing what spice you are gonna ask the barista to put in your latte.

            Face the facts. You are incompetent and should be required be dumped from a helicopter at 3:00am into the projects of Detroit. If you get out alive, (doubtful), you will have a completely changed perspective and could even be a little wiser.

          5. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Notice liberals are the first to spew the F word and the R word?

          6. Jimmy King says

            And today the cop got fired. Guess his employers didn’t see it the way you did. But your head is so far up your ass it must be hard to see much of anything

          7. Jimmy Quick says

            I’ve heard about you from other posters on this site. You give people like me a bad name because you are a poor thinker and you have a big mouth. Like I said earlier, neither you or I get the make the decision as to what will happen to this officer.

            I am curious though, how would you have done this mans job any better?

            By the way, the girl is 17, not 14 as you posted originally.

          8. Jimmy King says

            Neither you or I get to make the decision about this cop, that’s true, but the people who do FIRED his ass over the way he treated this girl so it looks like they agree with me and believe that you are a poor thinker. Your girlfriend Crazywhore accused me of being you. I have to admit, it made me throw up in my mouth a little

          9. Jimmy Quick says

            Even the losers. get lucky sometimes…be happy when you are confused with me like it’s the best day of your life.

            You missed the point so, I’ll just move away quietly now and pretend I don’t know you, like everyone does.

            Keep smiling… this is me waving good-bye.

          10. OSAMA OBAMA says


          11. Jimmy King says

            Or you might wake up today and find that this cop was a piece of shit and lost his job for his actions Seems like the cops above him agree with me

          12. Jimmy Quick says

            It’s all political at this point. The police are gonna look to see if the officer followed the proper protocol. If he did, I’m sure he’ll be reinstated. If not, he’ll be punished.

            You don’t get to judge nor do I. I may share some of your apprehensiveness towards the police but what is he alternative? If you make the job impossible to do, then who will do it?

          13. eva says

            The teacher had asked for her phone, she probably was not supposed to have it out in class. She refused to obey teacher, asst principal was called, she was told to leave the class, she refused, the resource officer was called, she refused to get out of her desk, as requested, and talked back instead. She hit the officer on head, face, or neck one or more times. At what point does the officer have to resort to physically removing her when she will not cooperate? When you get old enough, I suggest you sub for at least a week.

          14. Jimmy King says

            Well looks like I can start right away. This douchebag cop’s employers saw the same thing I did, HE Got FIRED So pull your head out of your ass and take another look As usual youre wrong

          15. OSAMA OBAMA says

            ZING! Isn’t that ALWAYS the case?

        2. Hillaryoncrack says

          It’s an example of what happens when you don’t follow the cop’s instructions. The girl deserved what she got. Hope this cop gets a medal.

          1. Jimmy King says

            Yes all children who talk in class or use their phone deserve to get roughed up by a glorified hall monitor on steroids What a waste of resources

          2. Hillaryoncrack says

            There was more to it than just that.

          3. Jimmy King says

            No Medal for him asswipe, instead he’s unemployed. See what happens when you don’t follow the rules. Another asshole posing as a cop now out on his ass to clean garbage cans with you. need an assistant?

          4. Hillaryoncrack says

            I don’t clean anything. I have peons like you for that. If I hired this cop it would be to watch your sorry ass.

          5. Jimmy King says

            Former cop, you dumbass

          6. Hillaryoncrack says

            Who cares? BTW, what were you fired for shiit for brains?

          7. Jimmy King says

            “Who cares” is the typical response you get from people who have no fucking clue
            I own 2 businesses, nobody is going to fire me But thanks for asking piss boy

          8. Hillaryoncrack says

            Let me guess. One is a phag escort service and the other business is providing young boys to pedophiles. Big calling for that where you live? I’ll bet you take a deep personal interest in the former.

        3. Jimmy Quick says

          I don’t know much about your situation or where you live, but in my line of work, I have regular interactions with the police. In the last few months, the police have gone from what I would call typically easy people to get along with to hyper-aware, afraid of their own shadow, moving targets. They are now fearfully in touch with the fact that they could be killed by anyone at any time and the news will look for some angle to portray them as somehow responsible.

          Even when giving a criminal report to the police, one of them stands behind me, looking me over and deciding second by second whether or not to tackle me to the ground and get out the cuffs.

          I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life and the people that are lying about the police 24/7 (black lives matter) have caused this, so when you finally get a taste of your own medicine, try not to take it like a punk, because you have caused this.

          1. Gerry Costa says

            How would you act if you KNEW it is fashionable to kill cops and okayed by our fraud of a POS president !!!!!! When I was in combat I was always hyper vigilant of my surroundings, sounds, smells etc — law enforcement is now in that same type of situation thanks again to the fraud in the White House.

          2. Jimmy Quick says

            I’ve always lived by a belief that if you are not willing to do the job yourself, then stop running the guy down who is getting it done.

            I’ve only ever seen one other creature act like these cops. I remember watching (4) deer walking through a field during hunting season.
            They were walking butt to butt to butt to butt. Two deer were walking sideways, one forward and one backward. All deer were looking around and the lead deer decided when the next step would be taken as they moved across the field. I’m not sure if any of these creatures lived through the year but it was clear they were under a lot of stress.

            This was a truly amazing site at least to me because it demonstrated the high ingenuity of creatures when their lives are at stake.

            If deer value their lives this much, then why wouldn’t humans? The police do a job that most of us either wouldn’t or couldn’t and unless they are killing people purely for the thrill of it as there police in New Orleans were doing in the wake of Katrina, it could be best for us to give them a little breathing room and let them do their jobs without a bunch of pussies running them down all day long.

          3. Pam Dirac says

            “How would you act if you KNEW it is fashionable to kill cops and okayed by our fraud of a POS president !!!!!!”

            I would resign. In combat, you don’t gave that choice. If they don’t want cops around, I would remove myself from their presence. Let them take care of their own problems. Quite honestly, I’m surprised so many cops actually remain on the job.

          4. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Let’s see how the libs. feel when cops walk out with the Blue Flu!! Their “GUN FREE ZONES’ won’t help them and neither will the B.L.M folks.

        4. Gerry Costa says

          There was a reason why the cops were called that these videos conveniently leave out. We never see the whole video just the end that the media wants everyone to see and come to the same conclusion you have —- police brutality. When they start showing beginning to end then we will see who looks like the village idiots.

          1. Jimmy King says

            Well the cops who hired him saw the whole video and today they fired his ass. Hey don’t i recognize you? You look a lot like the Village idiot

          2. Gerry Costa says

            Look in the mirror fool — you will see a much bigger one looking back at you !!!

          3. Mark Clemens says

            She was talking on a cell phone. That to me is the schools jurisdiction, not the local police. This going from school to court for minor infrastructures, just gets kids used to a police state. I think she needed some kind of school discipline, not a court action.
            When I went to school in the late 40s-early 50s I never saw a cop on school property. Even for fights.

          4. Gerry Costa says

            I agree 100% with that.

        5. OWEN jhonson says


      7. Combatvet52 says

        Very good post Jimmy Quick

      8. Patriot068 says

        Just look at Haiti after the French left and what a shithole that is, look st Africa and the RUF!!!! South Africa was OK until the blacks took over now its a shithole too. We need an outstanding. Black person like DR Carson who knows values, morals and was raised in the USA not that POS Kenyan in the WH now

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Col. Allen West for Sec. of Defense.

        2. eva says

          There has never been a successful Negro run nation. Even today, most of Africa does not have drinkable water. Do not know why they cannot dig a well!?! They have rich land yet cannot raise an adequate supply of food.

        3. Jimmy Quick says

          This guy must have had a GREAT mother. God bless mothers. Without them raising up God fearing boys and girls… well I don’t even want to think about it.

          Fact is your right. Dr. Carson is one in a billion. I’d still like to see him riding shotgun with Trump though when they pull in and evict the roaches that are now infesting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

          Together, I think those guys are worth more than they are separate and maybe they could get it through to some of these thick headed people that the struggle for freedom includes us all and not just special interest groups.

    2. jerrycollie says

      Yes, they should have classes in school on how to deal respectfully with police. Just keep your big mouth shut and do whatever the policeman says to do.

      1. MidwayBill says

        Actually, that isn’t up to the schools or any other public institution. Respect for the law and law enforcement should be taught in the home, at an early age, by parents. Another thing that isn’t being taught in the home is respect for fellow citizens. Many schools are graduating barely functional illiterates anymore, so how can you expect them to teach respect for the law?

        1. cvxxx says

          Right! Both sides have to respect each other. To my way of thinking too many “minorities” act out their frustration and anger rather than helping with the problems.

          In Germany, one can get a ticket for disrespectful addressing an police officer.

        2. John H. Kohlenberg says

          This all started since we elected a black president. The savageness of the blacks think they have a pass and protection to do as they please. Our media gives them a pass by distorting the story. Blacks are Americas real problem, and not the white racist. They feed on the media and become more and more out of control. The law is for everybody and not just the whites.

    3. Patriot068 says

      BLM should be labeled a fucking HATE grouo

  2. 1 Fed Up American says

    OBAMA and the DOJ are the ones directly responsible for the crimes and killings that are happening all across the country in the Black community. OBAMA has shown nothing but total disrespect for the Police no different that what he has done to our Military personnel. OBAMA sends THREE representatives to the THUG, MIKE BROWN in Ferguson funeral but not a one is sent to 2-Star Major General Harold Green who was assassinated in Afghanistan. OBAMA is determined to destroy this country from with in and he is doing a damn good job of it but our elected Congress doesn’t give a damn and why the people of this country are not rising up against this POS President is very hard to understand considering everything he has done since in office. No Mr Comey your assessment is like everything else in this Regime plain F—-D Up. Your missing the Big Picture and it starts with OBAMA and his DOJ.

    1. Guillermo3 says

      NO,Fed Up American.YOU are missing he Big Picture and it begins with your Not Having a fully-evolved Homo-sapiens Brain.

      1. hrandym says

        Say what?

      2. Jimmy Quick says

        So, when did you fully-evolve into being an idiot?

      3. worn out 123 says

        He Big picture? You mean like the spiraling national debt? You mean like this administration demonizing police, encouraging chaos in our city streets, or the first couple spending beaucoup taxpayer dollars for their pleasure? Putin sees a big picture. Obama sees communist rule for America, Genius. “From the ashes of America will be born a great communist America.” I see you give yourself a click up. Don’t expect many more to love your absurd comment.

        1. cvxxx says

          There was an article on the real problem s around Ferguson Mo. According to the article there were many very small municipal areas that depended on traffic tickets for civic income. They had been created during the “white flight” era(making real estate people quite wealthy). But it meant that the services like courts and other necessary offices were on a very limited basis. The state should have done something about that.
          IMO there is something very wrong to celebrate thugs,criminals,and trouble makers. Blacks have to stop and get their house in order. We citizens need to force the politicians to solve divisive issues or have a national referendum to do so, rather than continue with divisive politics.

        2. Jimmy King says

          Hey grampa, you are aware that the debt spiral was under bush right? Now put your teeth back in and empty your drool cup

          1. worn out 123 says

            Just in case you haven’t a clue which is likely the case, let me spell it out for you, genius. Take a quarter from your pocket.. The two sides are different, right? Which side is worth a quarter? You don’t understand? Too bad. I don’t have the time to feed you your pablum or burp you, just now.

      4. jakethepup says

        You may want to explain that comment genius.

        1. Guillermo3 says

          SIMPLE/OBVIOUS Explanation,jakethepup:Reread Fed Up American’s post.VERBOSE PARANOID INSANITY.

      5. Gerry Costa says

        Look in the mirror if you want to see brainless !!!!!

        1. Guillermo3 says

          If that bothers you,Gerry Costa:Obviously you should do less Mirror Time!

  3. RuFus92 says

    When we all know wherein the seat of the problems lies, it is beyond my comprehension as to why people continue to support this completely inadequate president and his agenda of eroding our Constitution from within. There is just no precedence in our history as to why he has not been impeached other than to do so would somehow sully he office line of thinking and thus the Congress continues to let him sully the office much more than any impeachment could. Why can the self destruction within the black community not be see clear enough that solutions are present and that calls for being responsible citizens and quit blaming every thing on the white populace as Obama does.

    1. Guillermo3 says

      It is beyond my comprehension that so many “right”_Wing extremists like RuFus92 continue to spout paranoid conspiracy beliefs about our President having “his agenda of eroding our Constitution”,of which NEITHER the Verified Specifics of this “Agenda”[or its implementation],NOR the Specifics of our Constitution they can name.
      “RuFus92″_Kin of DoFus69?

      1. jakethepup says

        Yes i am sure most thing are beyond your comprehension. Obamas agenda is obvious if you open your eyes and stop buying the lies. Do you even have a clue what Agenda 21, Sustainable Development or Strong Cities Network is? What the hell do you think Fundamental Change is?

        1. Guillermo3 says

          Yes,jakethepup_Very Unfortunately,I Do Know what all the things you listed are.They’re a small part of the Paranoid Wing Nut Litany__Some of the “Noid Conspiracy Insanities purveyed by the Fascist digital press for their own Power and $$$PROFIT.

          1. jakethepup says

            Conspiracy, you uninformed moron. You are just to brainwashed to even look beyond MSNBC. Agenda 21, Sustained Development and SCN are all available on the United Nations web site. Of course drones like you won’t look into the Democrat supported UN agenda and if you did you wouldn’t understand it. Enjoy your delusional word drone.

          2. Guillermo3 says

            GOOD LORD,jakethepup!! Any more ‘Noid Litany classics to offer?

          3. jakethepup says

            It must be nice in your little world. You are such a waste.

          4. Guillermo3 says

            Yes,jakethepup:YOU are a Waste,though probably Not a Human Waste.

          5. jakethepup says


          6. Guillermo3 says

            YES,jakethepup,I AM FUNNY,but I seriously DOUBT that YOU are all That big!

          7. Guillermo3 says

            Possibly(though Not Likely),jakethepup,BUT at least I can spell “too”.

          8. jakethepup says

            Oh, Oh, Oh that one really got me. You are nothing but a joke and a waste of life.

  4. peter says

    Does anyone think that Obama wants to do something to improve relationships in the communities? He wants to pit people against one another so he can divide everyone.

    1. GrizzMann says

      That is not the mission of a Community Organizer. It is to make people jealous of others, by race, wealth, religion and political affiliation.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I’m ugly and rich………Please don’t hate me!!!!!

        1. GrizzMann says

          Same for me, except the rich thing.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Jump back
            Keep your hands off my stack!!!!
            -Pink Floyd

        2. jjmcl431 says

          @Mark…me too and all the girls love me. ah, it is nice to dream.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Ugly is the new HOT.
            (my wife could be the next Mrs. USA)

        3. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Can’t hate ya Mark, your heart and mind is in the right place.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            You all right for a presidential terrorist

      2. TAM44 says

        I’ve never been jealous of the blacks, and especially that that lying treasonous sissified muslim BOY barack hussein obama.

        1. Earn nest says

          I was in Jamaica. I was the only white guy and I got a terrible sunburn. The kids all wondered what was wrong with me.

    2. jakethepup says

      Actually he wants violent crime to rise so he can justify gun control. Gun control means greater control over the masses.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        The BO will be in Chicago, crying for more gun control laws.
        Someone help me out……..
        We have background checks
        We don’t allow felons to buy or own guns
        We don’t allow crazy people to buy or own guns
        Other than teaching GUN SAFETY, what else can they do? The only thing I can think of is OUTRIGHT CONFISCATION.

        1. TAM44 says

          With guns, we are citizens. Without them, we are subjects. I never want to be a subject as history has shown that taken guns from the people led to millions upon millions of people killed because they were left defenseless and then slaughtered. Our government is so corrupt and would love to be able to control every aspect of our lives. I’m a vet and fought for America which I love, but hate who’s in power destroying it piece by piece.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            That is so true.
            Also nobody should ever trust a government, after all they are run by mortal men…………

          2. OWEN jhonson says

            Or do you mean moral degenerate demon-rats. ARE DESCENDENTS OF THE SERPENTS

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Defendants of the Crown

          4. GuardianFlame says

            Here’s a thought: the gun shooting episodes in the movie theater, schools, etc weren’t random, but created by this federal govt. Sounds farfetched right. But remember how hard bho hit Congress with new gun legislation shortly after each event?

            With all the corruption in this federal govt being led by barry soetero, who thinks he can do anything he wants, including creating a gun shooting scene, this could be true. No one believes a thing bho says or does any more because he is a liar and a criminal. ..creating false scenarios is a no brainer for this con artist.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            …….Not really. Sometimes I think W. and Cheney might behind 9/11 attacks. Congress sure came up w/the Patriot Act, real fast.
            If they will send us to war so recklessly, what’s a few thousand domestic casualties, to reach the real goal of RULING us?

          6. GuardianFlame says

            Corruption flows through Capitol Hill no matter which political party is in power. Each consecutive administration since 2000 has been sneaky and underhanded regarding the American people. Unfortunately, the American general public has become more ignorant of their Bill of Rights so the govt becomes stronger and bigger. We need to hold the govt responsible for destroying our country and our lives. How do we do that with a public that doesn’t know what is happening to them?

          7. allen goldberg says

            really think the corruption JUST started in 2000?
            Think again

          8. Mark Clemens says

            I’m thinking around the 1820s

          9. John E Strom Jr. says

            No, Goldberg, Lyndon Johnson comes to mind. And who provides all that money to bribe lawmakers? Your team, Allen. AIPAC is a major corrupter – and represents a foreign power. That is supposed to be illegal. But different rules apply to the Chosen don’t they!

          10. allen goldberg says

            JOHN..my team? Really? A perfect example of anti-Semitism and by the way clown…..your bias, and discriminatory BS is truly showing…

          11. John E Strom Jr. says

            Goldberg, you’re the pot calling the kettle black you hypocrite. No one wails like your team – get over yourself. And ONLY your team wails and plays the anti-Semitic card. First, I have nothing against the Arabs and THEY are the majority of the Semitic people. Your team is a tiny minority. Second, your team are the most vicious and racist on the planet. So tell me about how wonderful your team is, Allen. If there is a clown it is you – a John Wayne Gacy type clown. We’re tired of your whining and stabbing America in the back. How’s that, Goldberg.

            And yes, AIPAC is a criminal organization to BRIBE/REWARD corrupt American politicians into supporting that corrupt $hithole Israel. And your ADL is a repository of dirt on EVERYONE of power in case your team needs to blackmail anyone.

          12. allen goldberg says

            Wow John how long have you been off your meds/??

          13. John E Strom Jr. says

            Piss off like a good chap. You are just another liar of no importance.

          14. John E Strom Jr. says

            The Democrats have perfected corruption to a fine art. Those corrupt Republicans are amateurs in comparison. Look at the $$$$$$ hundreds of millions the Clintons have amassed for their Clinton Global Iniative and their other slush fund, the Clinton Foundation. THEN they “under reported” their take. Pure greed and corruption from Hillary who cheated on her husband (Chelsea ain’t his) their theft of the White House furniture (it belongs to us) their selling of influence. It’s endless with these two. But we can now say, proudly, that we’ve had a president who was a rapist.

          15. GuardianFlame says

            Here’s some thing I just found out abt Northern California. I know this is but one state but take a look at Political Correctness in that state that is exposing its Northern American citizens to crime.

            The mexican cartel has pot farms in remote wilderness areas all over the place. Forest Rangers try to bust these illegal operations but they just spring up some place else. Now a new criminal has entered that field – China. The Chinese cartel has bought up large acreage in the same remote areas, much bigger than the Mexican cartel, and now they are growing pot for profit. Here’s the absolute pathetic thing: because this idiot liberal California govt doesn’t want to offend the Chinese, no law enforcement can go arrest them even though they are breaking the law. P.C. at its finest!

            Secondly, because the city of Redding CA has so many homeless, the local govt is handing out “tickets” – yes like s parking ticket – if a burgler is caught breaking into a home and stealing $1000 or less in valuables…No jail time, just tickets!

            The American citizen is on their own because criminals are only given a slap on the hand. Corruption does slide down hill from the biggest and worst criminal of all – barry soetero – the monkey king in the white hut! Democrats are ruining our Nation! What is wrong with their brains and logic?

          16. GuardianFlame says

            No wonder gun sales have sky rocketed across the U.S. This govt is nothing but a sham operation taking American’s $$ and filling their own govt pockets. It’s no longer the land of the Free, but the land of brainless freeloaders. God help us all.

          17. Dave McFarland says

            Mark, as usual you totally misrepresent the facts. Your are a progressive liberal race baiting Marxist democrat. Am I wrong?

          18. John E Strom Jr. says

            THAT was Mossad – note how few Jews died in the twin towers. New York City is 24% Jewish. The twin towers were America’s financial center AND the world’s. Yet so few Jews died in the attack. How can this be? Yes, Arabs flew those aircraft but WHO was the pay master? Israel which is very adept at recruiting Arabs to commit terrorist attacks. This was WELL funded, pretty sophisticated and put together over a long time period – pilot training doesn’t happen over night.

            So the myth, promoted by the Jewish-owned media, is that Osama bin Laden, in a hut somewhere, put this together? Not a chance.

          19. allen goldberg says

            Amazing lack of common sense, knowledge and worst of all true stupidity all mixed together and presto who do we have??? John Strom……but rave on clown rave on…if you actually had any real knowledge, and knew the funding Bin Laden tapped into…you might begin to see the methodology..but so much better to blame it on Israel…..next you are going to tell me the Jews financed the Nazis…more total BS..one man who was jewish certainly helped to be sure..George asshole Soros…but not a jewish plot…

          20. John E Strom Jr. says

            I would expect you to deny the 911 attack. Yep, blame it on some Bedouin in a cave. If the American people knew your team they would call for the dismantling of Israel. Slowly the world is waking up. How about Jilius and Ethel Rosenberg? How about Jonathan Pollard? How about the Mossad plot to assassinate President George HW Bush – at the Madrid Peace Talks in 1991? Israel had the responsibility for security. Great book by Jewish writer Victor Ostrovsky, “The Other Side Of Deception” it spells out the plot in some detail – even the names of the would-be assassins.

            How about the attack on the USS Liberty – in broad daylight with jets AND motor torpedo boats? The murdered 34 and grievously injured 171. THAT was an act of war and America should have nuked Israel back into the Stone Age. Thanks to that scumbag Lyndon Johnson there was a massive coverup.

            Since I know you are a man of zero integrity you’re going to come up with all sorts of excuses. The whole lot of you (with a very few exceptions) are no better than that trash George Soros. Most of your team are immoral degenerates, thieves and liars. You must be very proud to hurtle your “anti- Semitic” lance at people. With me it isn’t going to work. I find most of you beneath contempt.

          21. Dale Gibson says

            Of course the killings are perpetrated by this admin. The douchebag uses all bad news to his advantage.

          22. jakethepup says

            Same as Fast and Furious. Create the problem so you can fix it.

          23. Jimmy King says

            cuckoo cuckoo

          24. jakethepup says

            That’s the sound of you alarm clock Jimmy … time to wake up.

          25. Bruce Eisermann says

            Best point I’ve heard in a long while. Kudos to you Mark Clemens.

          26. Mark Clemens says

            Thank You

          27. John E Strom Jr. says

            Very power-hungry men and women like that lying sleaze bag Hillary.

            Hell, she even cheated on her husband. Bill Clinton is NOT Chelsea’s biological father. Hillary dropped her knickers for Former law practice partner, Wade Hubble. See what whores most lawyers are!

            Elect Donald Trump. He is NOT accountable to the media or the uber rich and he IS willing to take ALL of them on to protect our rights. Trump is a modern day success and the powerful elite can’t own or control him. Get rid of ALL career politicians – right and left. They only care about their power to spend OUR money.

          28. allen goldberg says

            Wait John….did you really write this?? Maybe there is some intellect hiding there behind your hate chromosomes….

          29. John E Strom Jr. says

            And you are from the shallow end of the gene pool.

          30. allen goldberg says

            Thank you John. Each of your ravings confirms what others think about you. I will not trade insults and epithets with you..you are far too good..but feel feel to rave on clown rave on

          31. John E Strom Jr. says

            I note you do not deny any of those real issues. You can’t because they’re true. Your clan is evil and virtually NO ONE likes your team. We’re it not for the bought and paid for corrupt politicians by your filthy AIPAC money there would be a bounty on you.

            ONLY America’s veto power holds Israel together – while your valiant warriors slaughter defenseless men, women and children. You must be very proud of your team. Gutless against an armed force but swaggering macho warriors against women and children. Meanwhile your team stabs America in the back. Your people’s name is Judas

          32. allen goldberg says

            No they are not true. Maybe in your conspiratorial reality, but no they are not. However, since you so enjoy your anti-Jewish rants…please go right ahead. Every syllable you write clearly demonstrates the depth of nasty lying vulgar bias you have. But I recognize you are entitled. Your opinion, such as it is, is fully protected under our constitution. So enjoy yourself. Because no one gives a flip-flop about your nasty mouth, demented as it is.

          33. John E Strom Jr. says

            EVERY ONE IS TRUE. All are documented. The 34 dead IS Correct. The 171 injured IS true. So is Victor Ostrovsky’s book. Israel sued to stop it from being printed.

            So that makes YOU a liar. You and your tribe suffer Barack Pbama Syndrome. NONE of you can tell the truth. Which is why YOUR team bought up control of the media – to drown the truth. You are no better than Georhe Soros. Nor are your tribes.

          34. John E Strom Jr. says

            I’ve a pretty good suspicion it was Mossad behind the bombing of the US Marine Corps barracks in Lebanon. The truck bomb carried 1500 lbs of sophisticated explosives – a VERY large amount for the PLO to get their hands on but no problem for your Mossad. And someone would have to calculate just how much HE would be needed. Arabs aren’t dumb but I think this would be a bit out of their league. Besides, the Marines were there to help keep the combatants apart. They had little motive. Your guys did – they did NOT want us there to keep an eye on you. Again, if I’m right, this is an act of war. And the WTC attacks – same careful planning. Who do you think you’re fooling? A$$holes.

        2. jakethepup says

          I agree Mark. Confiscation is what they’re after regardless of what smoke screens they put up in the mean time. Even national registration is just a way to create a list of who they need to go after.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Doctors (quacks) will now ask if you have guns in the house!

          2. Lizfan says

            Everyone can lie about that though. What are the doctors going to do, go to your house & check lol

          3. OWEN jhonson says


          4. Lizfan says

            And how exactly are the doctors going to spy on their patients, are they going to break into their patients’ houses & install hidden cameras lol.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            A lot of people have installed “Security Cameras”, 90% of us have cell phones, were you give Apps permission to eavesdrop on you. The government don’t need to “Bug” our houses, we bought and carry the devices our selves.
            Read some of your Apps permissions

          6. John E Strom Jr. says

            NOT with Apple! Android, yes – Apple no access of back door. Congress is trying to change that to “protect” us. Don’t believe them. Vote for Trump and NOT one of the other big government RINOs like Bush. Definitely NOT the lying thief Hillary.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Apple does not own Apps like weather bug. If you have it, read the permissions you AGREEd to. One of them is they can turn on your audio and video, read your email, know your phone’s call log w/out telling you.
            Also the security home monitoring systems can turn on their cameras, to see if you are being robbed, or see how a elderly loved one is doing. We have bought the government’s “Bugs”………….

          8. John E Strom Jr. says

            Mark, I don’t use weather bug although I did (past tense) on my PC. I’m sure most of them do. I know, for example, Google has EVERY mouse click I’ve ever made – and that of everyone else too. And they sell that information. Same if you have an Android smartphone. Then those people are the product and THAT is how Google makes money.

          9. Dave McFarland says

            Owen, have you not heard of HIPPA?

          10. John E Strom Jr. says

            Try lower case. Owen. All caps is SHOUTING.

          11. Mark Clemens says

            That’s funny. The last time I heard of a doctor making a housecall was back in the 1960s. Doctors have gotten to damn lazy and greedy……..

          12. jakethepup says

            And I will tell them it is none of their business.

          13. Mark Clemens says

            I tell them NO. It’s none of their damn business.
            Just because guns make liberals “Sick”, does not mean it’s a medical condition………

          14. Starman535 says

            When I was asked, I also said “no”, and I secretly dared them to try to find out.

          15. John E Strom Jr. says

            Then we need to get rid of liberals. Do what we did after our War of Independence – deport everyone that was loyal to the Crown – or was NOT loyal to this country. They could choose their new country and be presented a one-way ticket. Gone for good.

          16. Mark Clemens says

            We can’t deport every gun hater. That is as absurd as total confiscation.
            The answer is as American as apple pie. Out vote them, only elect gun lovers. People who will stand up for our right to own a gun, not deprive us of the rights.
            I can’t stand these ” Constitutional Scholars”, they think they know more about the Constitution, than the people who wrote it. Once we start messing w/one right, the others will follow. Before long everything will be screwed up.
            An example is the Tea Party would like to abolish the 17th amendment. Why?
            They say the founders wanted state assemblies to select senators (this is true). The real reason is, there are more red states than blue ones right now. Therefore they think this will flip the Senate to the Right. This is shallow.
            First they ignore the main reasons we have the 17th amendment
            1. The states would hold up Senate appointments (bickering over candidates). In like 1902 only 20% of the Senate was seated, the rest were stuck in local state committees.
            2. Political Greed. Search William E. Clark. He was one of many who bribed his way to DC. It’s EZer to bribe state politicians, than the states entire population.
            Also who’s to say in 20 years, there might be more blue states than red?
            If we take away our rights to vote for Senators, what’s next? Women’s voting rights? Non Whites voting rights? Who in their right mind would trust the State to vote for them? See, it can get slippery when you start messing w/just one civil liberty.

          17. John E Strom Jr. says

            Why can’t we? It worked for us once. ALL British sympathizer were ‘exported’. Surely we cando it again and include ALL communists and all blacks since they don’t want to work – only to commit violence and then blame us. Screw all of them.

            As for the illegal invaders the solution is e-Verify. Enforced. No exceptions, no anchor babies. Ship the mother home with/without her baby.

          18. Mark Clemens says

            I’m black! Worked from when I was 9 till I was 62. Raised a family of 13 ( all children are 100% ours, I didn’t need any help) I’ve only been on welfare for 18 months (bad car wreck in 77). So where do you plan to send me and my family? Counting great-grand children there are 78 of us. Maybe we should get rid of people like you! Are all white people, as stupid as you are? Must be, since all blacks are lazy, all white people must be stupid. Look at our government 85% white. Look how efficient congress functions. Also, you know why Obama is so stupid? Because he’s half white!!!!

          19. Mark Clemens says

            I tell them NO.

          20. Mark Clemens says

            True, just because they sprinkle sugar on a turd, don’t make it a brownie !!!!

        3. OWEN jhonson says

          satan,s degenerate is real busy sowing his destruction on law abiding citizens, bo is a piece of crap only evil can understand

        4. Jimmy King says

          We have no background checks on private sales or at gun shows, there is no national registry so that a gun used in a crime can be traced, the laws are totally ineffective as to straw man purchases. Please tell me you could have thought of these yourself and you’re really not THAT stupid

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Are you expecting a private citizen to have access to a federal crime data base, like a federally licensed gun dealer? Do you know how much that would cost a private citizen? That’s ridiculous for maybe one or two sales a lifetime, or year for that matter. Right now, do you have access to a federal crime data base? I do not.
            Also our Criminal Justice System is designed to punish criminals AFTER they commit a crime, not to prevent crimes.
            About the federal gun registration, are you talking about the kind the Nazi’s had, when they confiscated the Jews guns? That led to the Holocaust and attempted genocide of the Jews. Also look what the whites did to the American Indians. Whipped out their culture, murdered them w/guns, took their lands. This was because the whites had guns, and the Indians did not have guns.
            Jimmy, you trust the government to much. Even if Obama takes our guns, and let’s us live in peace. Who is to say what the next presidents and congress will do? To be safe, I say let’s keep our guns undocumented, and unregistered……….

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            Jimmy King, absolutely FALSE. Every new weapon is test fired and the ballistic fingerprint kept in s huge data base. Most states have eliminated sales at gun shows other than via a registered, federal fire arms dealer. All interstate sales must also be through a licensed dealer.

          3. Jimmy King says

            And the information IN that database is never shared

          4. John E Strom Jr. says

            It is shared with other police agencies – not the public – as it should be.

      2. MAHB001 says

        0bama first try at this was Fast and Furious.

        1. jakethepup says

          Yes and then Obama and Holder locked t up so they would not be exposed.

          1. Mark Lahti says

            And believe me you don’t want them exposing themselves.

    3. Jimmy King says

      Yes it’s Obama whose been out there with his cell phone making videos of police officers beating and shooting people for jaywalking. You’re an idiot

      1. TAM44 says

        You must be looking in a mirror jimmy king, there’s the real idiot.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Every site has to have a leftist turd…..Jimmy crack corn is ours!

    4. cal3301 says

      He wants the disruption so he can install his executive order he signed that enables HIM to call for martial law. He’s already permission to the UN to bring in their police in several of our cities.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        That’s why we have local police and Sheriffs. Not to mention a bunch of us are armed.

        1. cal3301 says

          You forget, Obama wants all of our police under HIS government control.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            It ain’t gonna happen.

          2. cal3301 says

            I pray it doesn’t.

          3. Patriot068 says

            Yeah it will. Its already staeting

          4. mica says

            I hope & pray not

        2. Patriot068 says

          I wouldn’t count on local police whom most are in the ass pockets ofbpolititians. Its ghevSheriffs we need because we the people Elected them unlike chiefs of police and their hiring ( asking if ordered would they fire on USA civilians

      2. Patriot068 says

        The bastard can try. How many guns in the USA?? We outnumberbLEO & even the Natl Guard & AD military won’t follow Hus illegal orders against the constitution. I bet he would shit his pants if an M1A2 flying an American flag crashed the WH & Capitol doors & Marine 1 told him to go FK himself along with the AF1 pilots

        1. cal3301 says

          Why do you think this creep has been getting rid of any military personnel that opposed him? Why do you think that he wants to take weapons out of the hands of retired military personnel? He’s been weakening our military since he’s been in office and the military that we had has been cut to less than a third. We have an openly gay man in charge of the Army. We have aliens in the armed forces. Who’s side do you think they’re on?

      3. Jimmy King says

        I love you loonies with these crazy theories Seriously you guys crack me up

        1. cal3301 says

          Not a theory, just the facts. You might want to do some reading…..
          1. “President Obama signed an executive order that could potentially
          give him the power to institute martial law in the United States in times of
          peace or during a national threat. The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order will give Obama power over “resources and services needed to support such plans and programs.” Many Americans were shocked to find out that this order gives the president practically unlimited power over US citizens and their property. All in the name of national security of course. In the order it states, “in the event of a potential threat to the security of the United States actions are necessary to ensure the availability of adequate resources and production capability, including services and critical technology, for national defense requirements.” According to a White House press release, the US “must have an industrial and technological base capable of meeting national defense requirements and capable of contributing to the technological superiority of its national defense equipment.” In the order the Secretary of Agriculture can allocate material such as “food resources, livestock resources, and the distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer.” The same goes for all forms of energy, health resources, transportation, and even water resources.”

          2. Oct. 1, 2015- “Yesterday, Loretta Lynch announced before the United Nations that the Attorney General’s office, in collaboration with several US cities, will form a global law enforcement initiative called the Strong Cities Network. This is the implementation of UN rules and laws on US soil, bypassing Congress and circumventing the Constitution.The UN is a sharia-compliant world body, and Obama has insisted that jihad is not exclusive to Islam (which it is). So will the UN, driven largely by the sharia-enforcing OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and pro-Islamic Obama, use a “global police force” to crush counter jihad forces?I suspect this global police force will be used to impose the blasphemy laws under the sharia (Islamic law).”

          I could go on but I’m sure you know how to GOOGLE!!!!!!

    5. Mark Clemens says

      I still think both political parties are out to rule us.
      Because of this I want the next president to be a gun supporter.
      The best insurance you can buy to protect you, and yours, is sold by Sam Colt…..

      1. MAHB001 says

        I agree with you….

        Charleston Heston for President..


        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Why not! We already have a cadaver as Minority Leader of the House!.

          1. OWEN jhonson says


          2. Hillaryoncrack says

            He means Pelosi.

          3. MAHB001 says


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    8. Jimmy King says

      Right, because people video taping police abuse, and police violating citizens constitutional rights is really Obama trying to divide the people….Moron

  5. Sharpshooter says

    Another “incompetent” government employee whining and looking to blame any thing and everything, because he can’t do his job! If they would get off their lazy asses and stop their “partying”, maybe they COULD do their jobs!

  6. Concerned Citizen says

    The real cause of the increase in crime is a federal government [and judiciary] that refuses to punish criminals [and gives them money that legal hard-working tax paying citizens have earned].

    1. Guillermo3 says

      Is that why both the % of Citizens Imprisoned and the Numbers of those Imprisoned are the
      highest in our history?

      1. glenn398 says

        When you look at the long rap sheet of these people there aren’t enough in prison. The real problem started years ago when we began making excuses for criminals instead of swift hard punishment. Back in the 40s and 50s there was very little crime but starting in the mid 60s during Johnson’s administration it started and has been getting worse every since. Johnson’s great society destroyed the black family and with a reward to breed policy you see what we have today, hardly any of them know who their father is.

        1. John H. Kohlenberg says

          The problem is our prisons are entertainment facilities. It they made prisons a very uncomfortable place with agony, pain, and sorrow, they would not want to come back. Jails and prisons are suppose to set an example of a place they don’t want to return to. This would sure slow down crime.

    2. cvxxx says

      Simple repeal 50% of the laws. The whole drug thing was about controlling money. Now we have civil forfeiture which is a license to steal by governments. Extra long sentences and very poorly written laws. Parents prevented from parenting by well meaning “experts”. Phony philosophies foisted on the public(PC & Multiculturalism).

  7. dominke says

    The problem is ILLEGAL BLACK MUSLIM and liberals in this country. When we the people decide we have had enough and all hell breaks out you will see the scum running for their lives.

    1. Jimmy King says

      Another moron heard from

  8. DaveM says

    With the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE, Criminals have rights although they have taken the rights of others, moral decline, absence of a hero and of course our wonderful friggin leader in charge…one can no only understand the reason for criminal increase but understand the causality!

    Spare the rod…spoil the child!

    All the liberals have not set a good message to anyone and the leaders of this country walk around with a rectal cranial inversion! No…videos have contributed to the criminal aspect but moral ethics has literally been washed away!

    1. cvxxx says

      Correct but now both parties seem to care more about embarrassing each other than positive steps forward.

      IMO all the Pseudo liberal,conservative,progressive labels mean nothing. The government is not functioning efficiently. The programs set to “help” do the opposite. And yet we hear ,and read the same blowhards from all corners. No real solutions at all.

    2. Gerry Costa says

      ” rectal cranial inversion ” I like it Dave. Very good description of ALL of our so-called leadership .

  9. ddearborn says


    I believe that the underlying message the government is pushing is that we the people cannot be trusted with freedom of expression and freedom of association without being a threat to the police state. All this is just a prelude to first curtailment, and then all censorship. Not just of the net, but all forms of public speech, communication and association. In other words for those having trouble keeping, up the Constitutional Republic that once was America is no more, the government is just now getting around to telling the rest of us. IMHO of course.

  10. Joseph Slabaugh says

    It is no bug. The racism NEEDS to be exposed, and so does the law breaking. Shooting unarmed guys is NOT a good thing.

    1. jakethepup says

      racism is a creation of the Left to keep minorities voting Left. It is no different that the”war on women”.

  11. FiftySevenRambler says

    we are led by idiots

    political idiots at that

  12. worn out 123 says

    Obama should be ashamed, but of course, he knows no shame, nor will he ever. This is the piece of filth we elected. We deserve no better.

    1. glenn398 says

      worn out no matter how good a man Carson might be I think the good people of this country has had enough of blacks in any shape or form.

      1. worn out 123 says

        You may very well be right. What a terrible shame! It used to be said, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Are we now going to waste an entire race of people?

        1. glenn398 says

          I think they have done a good job of wasting themselves, they don’t need our help. In my 75 years all I have heard is poor me even while they were given special privileges over all other people still never amount to much of anything.

          1. cvxxx says

            Notice that the hard working person is ignored, but the loudmouth is exalted.

          2. glenn398 says

            The hard working person is already a minority so the democratic voting power is in the loudmouth.

        2. jakethepup says

          Hey Obama had the opportunity and the ability to unite this country and only made things worse …much, much worse.

      2. Walter Moser says

        I was wondering does half black lives matter?

        1. glenn398 says

          It seems like to a lot of the black population lives period don’t matter.

        2. Gerry Costa says

          With the rate of blacks killing blacks — no lives really matter to them. The phony organization called ” blm ” is just a front for more radical behavior and a gold star from our head racist barry the fraud.

    2. Laddyboy says

      worn out 123: I for One did not vote for the man called ‘b.0bama’. TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. jakethepup says

      Ted CRUZ………………………………………..

    4. Gerry Costa says

      Worn out — before you settle on Carson, you might want to check his stance on amnesty and illegal immigration — you might want to think twice.

  13. GrizzMann says

    The FBI might be believable if they protected citizens from illegal IRS harassment. Just a thought.

  14. jerrycollie says

    One thing that would reduce crime is more jobs. After 0bama ships all the American jobs to China, he thinks everyone with nothing to do and no money to do it with is just going to sit around and watch television and admire his speeches; but idle hands are the Devil’s tools.

    1. worn out 123 says

      You have bitten into the great socialist lie of the century. POVERTY DOES NOT CAUSE CRIME.

  15. William Fisher says

    Black Lives Matter is funded by Soros’s Open Society which is an arm of the communist movement in this country. To blame rioting on You Tube is the same as blaming Benghazi on a video… it is an explanation put out by those who would see us DEAD!

  16. Mark Clemens says

    At least it’s not the guns fault, but the cell phones fault. How about, ITS THE CRIMINALS FAULT???? Also there are so many police officers in America, it’s like a race of people. With any race, there are good people and bad people.
    If the police don’t want to be video tapped doing something illegal, they should not go out side of the law. Policing will change (for the good) because of civilian over sight w/cell phone cameras. Since the media is in the government’s back pocket. In the 1950s and 1960s the evening news would report police wrong doings. Now it’s up to the people to police, the police.
    If you are out and about, and see a cop breaking the law. Discreetly whip out your cell phone, start recording the event. Hell yea, post it on YouTube, before going to the media and police……..
    Y’all be safe out there!!

  17. Greg Edwards says

    a lot of shooting at schools are being driven by the the media.kids who have been with there father knows what damage a gun can do.its the kids at home who have no idea what a gun can do to a person.there is a way to stop the shootings but the media dose not want it stop because it sells a story which makes them a lot of money.power plants use a sniffer station to check for drugs and gun powder.kids just walk throw the station and go on to class.it is not perfect but it would solve a lot of the shootings.wants they are in place,it will scare the kids into thinking twice befor bring drugs or guns into schools.check out Sandia National Laboratories and national tool warehouse.

    1. William Konrad says

      Gee why hasn’t that been tried sounds pretty simple to me, but the I’m simple minded.

  18. USCBIKER says

    When you crack their heads, they know their place!

  19. Gunflint Roseberg says

    I think the Director of the FBeye was reading out of Hitlerys Benghazi Book of lies…

  20. glenn398 says

    Just too bad we can’t fence them all in and let then kill each other off and leave the rest of us in peace.

  21. CCblogging says

    Black lies matter. Just ask the Communist community organizer.

  22. Charles Somelofski says

    When 10% of police sit in a office all day and 5% are fighting crime that means 85% are out collecting money through traffic tickets

  23. Michael says

    One very big reason we see so much more crime is it starts at the top and flows downhill. It begins with Obama’s blatant disregard for our Constitution and laws. He was supposed to be a leader by example and he failed miserably. Once the history books depict his actions towards our country, he will be the most reviled and disgusting President in US history, surpassing Jimmy Carter.

    1. cvxxx says

      You forgot that congress keep creating crime when non existed before. Badly written laws by local and state and federal cause more waste and harm.

  24. cvxxx says

    The FBI has become political. The first change congress needs to do is solve the”turf” wars and repeal some of the 27000 laws on the books. How many intelligence service do we need anyway? Especially when they have been corrupted to political goals rather than factual reporting.

  25. pysco says

    Lets get to the truth…. Obama released 38,000 criminal illegal aliens out of prison, that prey on honest citizens, being hid from prosecution in sanctuary cities…… Police are being chastised as racists for arresting Felons, Punks, and thugs……….. PC assholes want lighter sentences, and shorter time served in prison (Obama and Holder) back this…. Now, go ahead and YouTube again….

  26. William Konrad says

    I think farting in church is responsible for crime, not you tube.

  27. William Konrad says

    How ridiculous can the FBI get?

  28. William Konrad says

    people are responsible for the spike in crime.

  29. Ron C says

    Well once we steal the guns from law abiding citizens & get Hillary into the white house…..then & only then will America be fully politically correct…..and all the poor criminals will be happy……oh boy the elite & democrats can hardly wait….

  30. William Konrad says

    We pay the FBI to come up with this kind of drivel.

  31. ferebetv says

    What would expect from a Rothschild controlled parasite. Too bad he allows the FBI to cover-up USG criminal activity – JFK, OKC,Tucson, 9-11, Sandy Hoax, Boston bombing, JFK Jr. murder, etc.

  32. Combatvet52 says

    (increase in criminals who are being released from prison) that’s only a small part of it people in these communities seem to adore violence and thanks to Barry he gave the OK to stomp out the cops……and the other POS DeBlasio in NY

  33. Pamela says

    In part, I agree with FBI comment because when my dad and brother were policemen, their were no computers and such in the squad cars, just the hand radios and they actually had physical training and strategies and moves that they had to perform and now the training of police officers is sitting in a classroom looking at a computer! Hands on and mingling has always been the best teacher and deterrent.

    1. Combatvet52 says

      Hands on and mingling has always been the best teacher and deterrent. AGREE

  34. Paul Thomas says

    Director, you ought to maybe supervise a santi-pot company, but; I don’t think you would be qualified, Obama is behind the violence, with his support of Black Lives Matter. Black lives do Matter as well as any other Lives, but; to be fair, there is a leaning just as in the media, for the police to go after some blacks. If the cops are wrong they should be put in jail as anyone else. I don’t justify murder on either side, when the Muslim in the white house opens his mouth he speaks Bull.

  35. Linda Schulte says

    The reason for the crime spike is lack of education, lack of jobs, lack of family and lack of morals. Years ago we were taught about guns and how not to use them. We were taught the Ten Commandments, where most of our morals come from, taught to get a job, work hard and raise a family.
    Well now we take away God the Ten Commandments there goes the morals. Easy to get a divorce no true commitment, or a single mother. There goes the family. Education, well when the government decided to let the children move up grades just because it wasn’t fair to hold that child back but their reading and math levels were not where they should be. We created cry babies. Liberals want everything for free. If you don’t work for what you have or get, it just doesn’t mean as much. Jobs well sorry people but the government with obamacare, says a company must have insurance for employees who work 30 hrs a week. Well there went the jobs. Now there are incentives to hire foreign college grads over citizens. There goes jobs. Thanks liberals and most of all Obama.

  36. Loving America says

    Any problems that hurts America and American lives should be “turned off and tuned out”! If the UTube and/or Computer is damaging America and the FBI knows it they should fix the problems and quit being
    whimpy and caring what someone thinks about it all they do and do not do! It is better than blood baths in the streets of America! The 1st one they shut up is Obama then all of his commie croanies in the black
    cities of America!

  37. Hillaryoncrack says

    I think the cops should have carte blanche to take whatever action they deem necessary at the moment. 99% of the people that they shoot are armed and dangerous.

  38. Walter Moser says


  39. Walter Moser says


  40. Walter Moser says

    That’s right, blame the cops, MORE obummer lackie BS.

  41. ConservativeSenior says

    The rise in crime is because the FBI didn’t do its job and vet obama. They are not obeying the law themselves. If they did, our prisons would be full of congressmen and obama himself.

  42. Just Saying says

    there are some places in Detroit, that are so dangerous, the police won’t even go into them . The Sheriff said that he would not send his men into them because they start shooting at the police just because they are there. He also said that the law abiding citizens of Detroit should arm themselves with conceal carry. This is pitiful and I know it is true. The city government keep saying that Detroit is coming back but you couldn’t prove it by me. Don’t you know that if the police are afraid to do there job and everything they do is scrutinized and if the American people don’t stand by them, the next step is the National Guard. We need to clean out the nests of vipers in our cities. Enough is enough.

  43. Gary Smith says

    He will be out soon He dared to say Obama is wrong

  44. joe says

    what a retard and this is what we have in charge of the security of our country, we are doomed, ride off on your unicorn little fella ride off into the sunset.

  45. Gerry Costa says

    First off blm was organized for one reason and that is to continue with the chaos, criminal activity and keeping the racial tensions at an all time high just like obozo, sharpton and others want. Here we go with blaming stupid videos for what is happening in this country when all along ( AGAIN ) it is the leadership or lack of causing violent crime. This administration has made it so law enforcement can’t do their jobs for fear of being arrested for doing their jobs. obozo has made it very clear that he thinks more of the criminals than he does law enforcement which is permeating throughout our once prestigious agencies with the racist bobble heads he has placed in charge of these agencies. He has promoted criminal action since he took office starting with the officer and the black professor. High criminal activity is directly related to the actions of this administration !!!!!!!!!!

  46. MAHB001 says

    This is what injustice looks like….

    0bama and his ilk, denying the obvious.

  47. daveveselenak says

    This communist regime – that is what it is – is waging war on “US” and to deny this is to be a fool, soon an enslaved fool! mInr, NSA! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION: ArmR=================!

  48. Nuckles says

    Black Lives Matter to Democrats for one purpose and one purpose only, Their Vote! Other then that they would prefer to keep them poor, uneducated, free from being marked as a felon and dependent on the government.

  49. John Novinger says

    The root of the problem lies in the nature of man

  50. Michael Dennewitz says

    I swear, these bastards are all smoking from the same damned bag!!

  51. Richard Cook says

    The news media has a lot to do with this. Every time there is a march by BLM the Lamestreamers bring up past police shootings of black “unarmed” perps by police. I have noticed that they are still talking about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown among others every time they cover one of these demonstrations. When is enough enough??????

  52. MichaelZZ says

    The core problem with law enforcement is the abuse of power and authority.

    The secondary problem is the protection of law enforcement wrongdoing by the

    If punishment were meted appropriately and seriously, the community and officers
    would have a better relationship.

    Officers should demand that wrongdoers amongst themselves be punished timely and



  53. B. Zerker says

    The Federal Government is/has been dividing us (The People) into separate factions for the past century. Their policies are NOT intended to unite us, but to divide us. Obama is not the first POTUS to do this, but in my opinion he has been the most divisive and successful at it. Conflict between these factions necessitates the need for a big and powerful Federal Government to quell possible violence. The Founders recognized this fact and wrote about it The Federalist. Their solution to the problem was to create a system of government in which the people were sovereign and self-governing in all aspects except for that of foreign policy. (The Federal Government was created to deal with that and only that.) The form of constitutional government that the Founders created has been bastardized over the past century and for all intents and purposes no longer exists. How can this be? The Federal Government, with help from their sycophant media has purposely created opposing factions in our society through their passing of laws, monetary system and regulatory powers which are all for the most part, unconstitutional. This fact makes Washington, D.C. and the media the enemy of the Constitution and American people. If “The People” don’t recognize this fact soon, come together, discard their factions and reclaim their republic, it will soon go the way the Roman Empire. On the other hand, that could be a good thing.

  54. James in Texas says

    Wrong step by a member of the current administration, but, he will soon retract and state that “It has all been caused by Climate Change, and we must double-down and pay whatever it cost to make Obama the richest man in the world”!

  55. OSAMA OBAMA says

    HaHa Ha! Bring on the “Blue Flu”. See how fast sentiment changes as Black Lives Matter massacres more blacks!

    1. Shauna says

      I never thought I would find myself saying this, but let the scum kill themselves off. They blame everyone else, but they don’t seem to grasp, it’s their own community hurting them…If they are that stupid, they deserve to get shot by the very thugs they protect….dumbasses. I am sick of this crap. Oh and do not send the police in anymore. see how quickly this changes. #police lives matter.

  56. Alleged Comment says

    Yes, what happened to positive videos? Unfortunately no one is interested in them. So you been YOUTUBED!!!

  57. Jo says

    The FBI knows what the real problem is, but our leader and Holder are ignoring black on white crime and muslim crimes, refusing to call terrorism what it is. Now the Dems are demanding gun control, with this situation, how are we supposed to defend our homes and families.

  58. Pegasus says

    Oblamer is a crock of racist,muslim, marxist, megalomaniac crap… he is completely delusional! He has destroyed America as we know it… and, wants to turn it over to the muslims…. and the marxists! NO WAY CREEPY ONE!

  59. OWEN jhonson says

    what a o-bummer Marxist faschist di-k head , james comey ,he is not a real American if he was appointed by tyrant dictator o-bum, he can kiss obums ass. uphold the constitution ass ho-e like you swore to do,but an oath means nothing to you. an you demon rat party

  60. glorybe2 says

    When we have proof of so much wrong doing by cops it is logical that anything that resembles law enforcement be taken with hatred. The cops need to be retrained and get the military model of law enforcement completely out of the police mentality. No more sergeants, lieutenant and captain nonsene.

  61. Leon Tarr says

    With the CIA and Al the race baiter Sharpton, and an increase in illegals and muslims from the middle east, what do think will happen? What we have right now, an increase in crime and violence. The globalists needs reasons to take guns from people so they can’t protect themselves. They want all the power, because they are control nazis.

    1. CCblogging says

      You understand their agenda. I am convinced that We the people will have to fight our way out of Obama’s NWO.

      1. Leon Tarr says

        Our military is with us, and I hope it doesn’t come to that. I’ve never seen an admin. that is so destructive.

  62. John Williams says

    Read, we (the government) are going to have to start policing what you see, remember “net neutrality?” This is cushioning the people to understand just how bad the net is, think China where their content is controlled, but trust your government Komrade, everything will be alright.

  63. mossbergman says

    When did this start? HUMM lets see when bamma sent Holder to Ferguson to stir up hate on the cops ,maybe

  64. ZACAL says

    UTube is a big part of it. However; Obama is an even bigger part along with the liberal progressive mentality. If law enforcement will accept the help if Obama is this stupid to try and take over 100% of all law agencies, the citizens of this nation will have law enforcements back.

  65. Bruce Eisermann says

    I disagree. Violent films have been around since the beginning of the Motion Picture Industry. There has been no proven correlations between violent movies and increased crime. These are what I believe are the DEFINITE causes in the increase of crime: Lack of God in too many peoples lives, and Malfeasance in parenting. If these two major problems were corrected, Life would be drastically improved.

  66. Joken Joe says

    So it’s the cameras fault. Maybe we should ban cameras. At least that would be the libretards point of view.

  67. CCblogging says

    The uptick in crime is because of the Obama Communist regime’s hostility toward law enforcement. Now Obama is forming a Global Police Force which will fill the vacancies left by numerous officers resigning. This Global Police force will be dispatched in American cities to enforce the racist and anti-Christian policies of the Obama Regime. There will most likely be foreign Muslims in the GPF. The UN Agenda 2030 is Obama’s goal.

  68. Fred VanOlphen says

    Blame YT? Gees, let’s not expose TRUTH. What a total idiot, James Comey! Why not blame recruitment and training?

  69. Bob Barton says

    Look no further than the feral coon Comey!Don’t be an idiot by lying for the”O”.

  70. Terri says

    Sane people understand the difference between fantasy and reality. The internet can be a dangerous place. There are hackers, stalkers, and cyberbullies and trolls who seem to be hell bent on making everyone miserable and stealing data. There’s alot of people who use photoshopping software to deceive people. Awhile back Isis claimed responsibility for hacking youtube. They use social media to terrify and recruit people. Moralists and prohibitionists are not as moral as they claim they are. Rock and Roll videos are not evil but stoning people to death and rolling them into mass graves for being immoral is.

  71. Jimmy King says

    Basically what this clown is saying is that the police can’t do their job UNLESS they can violate people’s constitutional rights with impunity. “we used to be able to police much better when there were no cameras and we were free to rough people up without getting called out on it. Now that there are cameras and we have to also act within the law its no fun and we wont do it” Get back to work assholes and do your job

    1. iamcurious says

      I don’t think that’s what he was intimating at all. I think he was dancing around the question delicately, trying to be PC and came across as really not having much substance to offer.

  72. Starman535 says

    The “Black Lives Matter” movement should be renamed “Black Lies Matter”. Blaming YouTube is overly simplistic, and the B.O. Administration has done everything it can to inflame the poor black communities against police. Put the blame where blame goes, squarely on Government policies that work to keep everyone impoverished and choke off economic growth with insane regulations. All this Demo-rat regime wants is to control everyone and everything.

  73. joe says

    Comey may be right in this. It is a well-known fact that constant exposure to violence desensitizes people to that violence. Today, we see movies and television shows that feature graphic murders, dismemberment, and other scenes that would frighten children of years even as recent as the 1960s, and these movies and tv shows are rated ‘PG’ at most.
    As a society, we have become desensitized, through the very violent video games and the aforementioned movies and tv shows, to violence, murder, abortion, misogyny, homosexuality, and a host of other things that would terrorize a child of the 60s and adults of earlier years.
    I know that there will be a lot of flame about my so-called bigotry concerning this but the desensitization is a known and well-documented fact.

  74. justagramma says

    There is no responsibility expected of blacks. Liberals have prevented the black underclass from escaping their condition by imprisoning their minds with poor education and helplessness. Education is power. Liberals mock blacks and women who are bold and Conservative. They are considered runaways from the Dem plantation. Proud Hispanics need to watch what has happened to blacks as a result of Liberal racism of not thinking CERTAIN are ABLE to be completely civilized, or perhaps in Hispanic cases, not able to be completely educated.

  75. scubamass says

    What a poor statement ! People are finding out the truth because of you tube ! You can’t get the real news thru the media so instead we go to you tube to find the truth ! And these people are being uncovered for all the crimes they do against the American people ! The FBI, and CIA and all 3 letter agencies are corrupt and more people are coming awake due to you tube ! Our constitution is not being followed and we are sick of it !

  76. Jerry says

    Several countries whose population was disarmed ended up being invaded by its own government which kill its political opposition.

    1. iamcurious says

      I might add to the end of your sentence, “and subjugate those allowed to live”.

      1. Jerry says

        Thank you for finishing my sentence. Let’s that not happen to us. Many say he’s a Muslim. It could have something to do with it.
        Feel free to finish this sentence iamcurious.

        1. iamcurious says

          There can be no doubt that he’s a Muslim. I think he’s also an NWO puppet. Being torn between objectives in both those directions, he comes across as incompetent. He is definitely not concerned with the good of the country and the whole people, nor does he care about the opinions of at least half the population. The world looks at America and wonders why “we the people” have tolerated the past 7 years.

  77. Jerry says

    The towers in NY were taken down by control demolitions so was building 7. Does anyone see a problem here.

    1. iamcurious says

      Not only that, but it takes weeks of planning and preparing a building for such controlled demolition, by a team of experts, and probably even longer for buildings as large as the WTC. It was no random happen-so that those 3 buildings came down in “free fall” and symmetrically. The story American’s were told by our government and the 9/11 Commission is false and many of us recognize it on the face of it.

  78. Jerry says

    The FBI Director blames You Tube for the backlash against police. I would hope that people understand that the few videos on You Tube about police brutality are not an example of the hundred thousand or more police officers on duty every day in this country who are very professionals.
    Last night on the news a Sheriff Officer yank a young girl from her seat in class because she was disruptive, and refused to comply with his instructions (orders).
    The teacher called for police help when the young girl refused to stop being disruptive. The Deputy tried to solicit her cooperation, but she refused. What was the Deputy suppose to do. Walk away and let her be disruptive? Argue with her for an hour or more to try and wear her down? No, if you do not obey the orders of a police officers; The officer has to act. The girl wanted attention, well, she got it. She should thank the officer for giving her the attention she wanted. True, the girl’s action was probably a cry for help from some horrid life, or from bad pier pressure, however, to determine that is not the officer’s job. He thought the class a lesson. You resist, refuse to comply, you get the attention you craved. She has no one to blame but herself.

  79. Walter Flatt says








  80. Spark1845 says

    His CORNY all right. What a DICK. He should be sweeping streets in that HOLE, Chicago. DUMP his PUNK ASS. He is no FBI director. Has no clue what he is saying or doing. JUNK.

  81. WhiteFalcon says

    The current crime spike has been caused by the Government as it sides with criminals against the police. That is it in a nut shell.

  82. Srividu001 says

    interesting post.. i am impressing Thanks..


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