FBI Investigating Conservative Media Sites for Links to Russia


According to a new report from McClatchy, federal investigators are not only looking into any links between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives, they are also investigating several right-wing, pro-Trump websites to determine if they worked with the Russians to disseminate “fake news” on social media. Among the websites under suspicion are the conspiracy-minded InfoWars and Breitbart.com. The FBI is also looking into the Russian-backed news sites RT and Sputnik News.

From McClatchy:

Operatives for Russia appear to have strategically timed computer commands, known as “bots,” to blitz social media with links to the pro-Trump stories at times when the billionaire businessman was on the defensive in his race against Democrat Hillary Clinton, these sources said.

The bots’ end products were largely millions of Twitter and Facebook posts carrying links to stories on conservative internet sites such as Breitbart News and InfoWars, as well as on the Kremlin-backed RT News and Sputnik News, the sources said. Some of the stories were false or mixed fact and fiction, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the bot attacks are part of an FBI-led investigation into a multifaceted Russian operation to influence last year’s elections.

Investigators examining the bot attacks are exploring whether the far-right news operations took any actions to assist Russia’s operatives.

So, in other words, the belief is that Moscow created a bunch of fake social media accounts and they used those accounts to link back to stories from RT, Sputnik, InfoWars, and Breitbart. And now the FBI wants to know if the latter two sites helped facilitate the spread of these stories? What’s the ultimate outcome here? Oh, we see that you didn’t mind when these bots sent all this traffic to your website…what’s up with that? What else would the owners of those sites do?

Oh, and we’re really going to pretend that Clinton’s campaign wasn’t making use of bots and social media trolls to influence the election? McClatchy reports that Donna Brazile – who blatantly cheated during the campaign, providing Clinton with debate questions in advance – said that “neither the party committee nor the Clinton campaign had used bots to widen the reach of their anti-Trump messages.” Well, who can argue with such a reliable, honest source? Okay, maybe they didn’t use “bots,” but there’s no question that David Brock’s Correct the Record PAC paid people to canvas sites like Reddit with pro-Hillary, anti-Trump messages. If there’s a difference there, it’s purely semantic.

The Democrats know damn well that they will not be able to prove that Trump colluded with the Russians, but they are going to do everything they can to make sure that nothing like this can ever happen again. That means going after the news sites that supported Trump, which means curtailing conservative media, the free internet, and the free press. The unrestrained dissemination of information is a danger to the Democratic Party, as the 2016 election proved. If the nation isn’t getting its news solely from the liberal “mainstream” media, they aren’t voting for Democrats.

If Breitbart and InfoWars fall first, who falls next?

  1. jgfsmf says

    I said the word “Russia” the other day, and “Putin” about a week ago. I wonder if I’m being investigated?

    1. Justin Seine says

      Unfortunately they are going to RUSH IN to a false conclusion and you will be PUTIN jail.

      1. Maryrchamberlin says

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      2. Garden_Goddess says

        I love it!

      3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says


    2. Luis Luna says

      NSA was listening , do you own a smart phone or TV

      1. leftbanker says

        or a microwave oven

    3. tCotUS says

      OMG…I just bought some binoculars that were made in Russia…I guess I’m being investigated also !!

    4. Bob Seawright says

      Russians: Not so bad; Democrats: Another name for a Cancer.

      1. Phil says

        You, my friend, are a master of the understatement. I had cancer twice and a few positive things came out of it so maybe cancer is far too good for us to call them. Nothing good can come from liberals. How about:

        democrats: another name for a heaping pile of Dog Escrement.

        P.S. I capitalized the appropriate choice when comparing these two wastes.

        1. William Burke says

          But you spelled “excrement” very badly.

  2. gotabgood says

    Remember how Obama was in a so-called radical church? You beat him and the pastor over one sermon which was taken out of context… One church, and one pastor…. and you condemned both.. luckily it wasn’t a treasonous offense to go to church of your choice or you would have investigated him.. or maybe you did that anyway.

    Well, we have a president who he himself has had many connections with Russia.. one example…. His tweets.

    Ivanka best friend is Putin’s girlfriend.
    Tillerson has $pecial interest in Russia, while yet CEO of Exxon he got permission to drill millions of acres for oil.. But those darn Obama sanctions are getting in the way..
    I am sure you remember Paul Manafort? Received millions of dollars from Russia.
    How can we forget Flynn? I am sure you would like too.
    Remember Trump blasting Cruz for his connection with Goldman Sacs? Mr. Trump has now employed 6 Goldman Sacs billionaires… And which country are they loyal too???? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!


    1. Deby says

      you have no proof at all do you?

      1. gotabgood says

        helluvalot more than you had against the Clintons

        1. Deby says

          no you don’t actually

          1. gotabgood says

            Well let’s see, Manafort, gone, Flynn gone and we are just getting started… Sessions is keeping his mouth shut about something..

          2. Jackie says

            Think it’s best if you keep your thinking to yourself until you get all of the facts because you think might be one way is going to turn out another

          3. John Wesley Bletsch says

            Loretta Lynch, Jeh Johnson, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, John O Brennan, every Moslem appointed to Obama staff. The previous admin was infested with corruption and graft the likes of which Warren G Harding would have envied.

          4. TheSkalawag929 says

            What are you accusing them of ? Being Muslim? Since when did being a Muslim become a crime in this country?
            Does the Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom only apply to Christians?
            “The previous admin was infested with corruption and graft …”
            Unfounded accusations are only proof of an unbridled imagination.

          5. Deby says

            Not unfounded at all-you are the slow one here.

          6. TheSkalawag929 says

            I see no proof to back them up.
            Therefore unfounded.

          7. Karen Gaddy says

            The difference between a moderate muslim and an extremist muslim: the extremist muslim will cut off your head while the moderate muslim watches and cheers.

          8. TheSkalawag929 says

            Kinda like the difference between moderate republicans and a right-wing extremist.
            The right-wing extremist will bomb you back to the stone age while the moderate gives them the bombs.

          9. Karen Gaddy says

            It seems to me that the left wing extremists are the ones throwing bombs, and tantrums also, like the little two year olds they are. I keep hoping they will huddle in a corner, find their safe space, and SHUT UP!

          10. TheSkalawag929 says

            Project much?
            Look around you.
            It’s not democrats that are being handed their behinds on a silver platter and it’s not democrats not holding town hall meetings or sneaking out of them to slink off to their little “hidey hole”. Wherever that is.

          11. Deby says

            Manafort quit at the outset of the campaign-this is not news or evidence of any so-called collusion-as for Flynn-the traitor that leaked the information that he spoke with the Russian Ambassador is the problem, not the conversation-the only reason he resigned is because for some reason he lied about it to Pence. Sessions? Really? Reaching and lying –not surprising.

          12. gotabgood says

            “outset of the campaign” If you call the RNC the the outset… then I guess so.
            SO you think Pence is telling the truth??
            Them why is Sessions keeping his mouth shut?

          13. Deby says

            Ok, this is it because you are a true leftist moron trying to put words in my mouth-of COURSE Pence is telling the truth, and you are the one that is babbling crap about Sessions-not me-you got nothing you commie so shut it.

          14. Brenda says

            You are arguing with someone that refuses to recognize anything other than his on opinions. He consistently ask for proof and then dismisses that proof because it is outside the realm of his possibilities.

          15. Karen Gaddy says

            Manafort and Russia was in 2007-2009. I believe odumbo was president then, and Trump was just another businessman.

          16. gotabgood says

            Manafort may still be still be on the payroll… we don’t know.
            Obama was sworn in on Jan. 2009…. not 2007-2008, going by your figures.
            Trump has NEVER been “just another” businessman. He has always scammed people..

        2. shref40 says

          Yes, but that was all because of a Youtube movie trailer. LOL

          1. shref40 says

            US and Russia were allies in both WW1 and WW2. While there have been tensions due to weapons development since then, we are more alike in development and Western outlook than the dregs that BHO was playing footsie with. I will gladly trade all the Muz in this country for an equal number of Ruskies.

          2. gotabgood says

            you are not trading anything… you need to open your eyes… Russia is TAKING.. we know Manafort, Flynn, Tillerson has worked with Putin.. maybe Sessions…. maybe Trump and Ivanka.
            You’re playing politics with their deck… you are very much uninformed.
            China was also our Allie in WWII
            And Russia wasn’t so much an Allie more of a dependent on us so Germany wouldn’t take control.

          3. joe says

            fake news from a fake person

        3. joe says

          you have nothing you dingbat

    2. John Wesley Bletsch says

      Ever think of other reasons Trump tapped these people? Eminently qualified & successful enough to be wealthy. Politicos who become multimillionaire in office are suspect for corruption. How does Obama afford a mansion on Oahu and another seaside villa in DUBAI? How did Harry Reid become a billionaire? The Clintons were worth $200Gs each now they transfered $1.6BILLION to offshore & Swiss accounts and that was after a previous transfer of over $1Billion offshore. Talk about Trump’s earned wealth while he was building, creating jobs, but tell us all what Clintons have built & how many jobs besides personal staff they created. How many figurehead appointments did Obama make to his MB allies in high placed national security positions? Come on . . . I await your response.

      1. Deby says

        Excellent questions JW!! gotabegood is a nasty, and apparently stupid troll who likes to throw a couple sentences out with no facts or just his leftist opinions-and then play defense. Well don’t look for an answer-at least one that makes any sense, because all he has is what Soros has written down for these trolls-communist talking points.

      2. gotabgood says

        You threw a lot at me and all I have to go on is your word/opinion. List some web pages so I can read what you did.

        As far as Trumps wealth… I think you have to admit he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Not many people I know can go to their father and ask for a million dollar loan. But to take it further Trump refused to pay contractors. Before declaring bankruptcy he scammed what money he could out of it and then let the stock holders holding the empty bag. He even brags about how he done pretty well on his airline fiasco. He scammed students with his “fake” university. He made a huge profit, like 50 million dollars, on one of his houses he sold to a Russian in 2008.

        I know nothing of Obama’s mansion. I know nothing of Clinton’s off shore bank account, but is that unusual for wealthy people?

        As for jobs… so far Trump has created zero. the ones he is taking credit for was already in the plans before he won the primaries. You are telling me Clinton did not create jobs while in office?



        Or put another way: From 1980 to the end of the Bush 43
        administration, all three Republican presidents combined produced, over a
        period of 20 years, two million fewer jobs than Bill Clinton managed to eke out
        in eight. Kennedy and Johnson managed to produce 50 percent
        more jobs in four years than the Bushes did in twelve. (In Bush 43’s first term
        he produced ten thousand jobs.) And as for Carter…the Republicans portray him
        as a president who could do nothing right, but in his four years he managed to
        produce nearly as many jobs as Reagan did in his second term–10.3m for Carter,
        10.8m for Reagan. Even Eisenhower, one of the few Republican presidents I
        happen to like, was no good at job creation. His 3.5
        million jobs created over eight years were far fewer than the 5.5 million
        Democrat Harry Truman produced in four. In percentage of increase, Eisenhower’s
        record is similar to Reagan’s first term.

        Republicans really don’t do this “job creation” thing very well.

        If you want to go at
        it by percent of increase, the president with the best job creation rate in the
        last 40 years is the last guy you’d ever expect: Jimmy Carter,
        at 3.1 percent. He beat everyone on the list. He’s in second place on the
        overall list–since they started keeping records in the Hoover administration,
        only FDR in his first term and FDR in his third term (FDR’s second term is
        right up there with Kennedy and Clinton–not bad, but not over five percent
        like FDR did in his first and third terms) beat Carter.

        If you are referring to after he left office.. the Clinton Foundation has helped millions of poor people and kids.. as for his employees, I haven’t a clue… but it seems you know something.. at least you can say he hasn’t created jobs…. show me your information.

        1. joe says

          ha ha ha Trump created zero jobs huh, you are about as smart as a can of tuna little guy

          1. gotabgood says

            Name one.

          2. joe says

            I will name two Bob and Chuck does that make you happy now little fella.

          3. joe says

            I think some one needs to tell you this and since I am such a nice guy I will do it. No one cares what you think no one cares what the crybaby left thinks you simply do not matter you are a tiny minority and nothing but an annoying pest like a fly on the food at a picnic.

          4. joe says

            Well little guy I am glad you agree with me that you are meaningless and insignificant. You probably are not smart enough to understand you just put up a post that helps me in making my point . See little fella we either slap a mosquito or we spray for them and so far I have not seen anyone come up with a spray for liberals so we will just keep slapping them but I still have my hopes up for a spray it is so much easier.

          5. gotabgood says

            Exactly… you people if left alone would walk off the cliff… so I and people like me are here to try and get some sense through that thick skull.
            Why you do not see the connection between Russia and Trump…. you have to be looking through rose colored glasses…. or blind.

        2. mac12sam12 says

          The republicans know that high taxes don’t create prosperity. Watch Trump’s job numbers climb. Hussein o was the king of the part time jobs.

          1. gotabgood says

            I’m watching

    3. joe says

      god I have not been here for a while I come and see a post from you, I would have thought some one would have taken out the trash by now. You are a delusional lunatic and you need help little guy , serious help.

  3. MAHB001 says

    I believe the ELITES are using this Russian hacking thing as a ruse to keep us from focusing on the real source of election fraud.. Them…

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
    decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    —-Joseph Stalin

    We assume that Rs are keeping Ds honest and Ds are keeping Rs honest and the MEDIA is keeping everybody honest… BUT when Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA….

    Who is keeping the Elites honest when they are counting your votes??? I do not think the FBI is….

    1. Caroltsaunders says

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      1. ⭐️ Orphan says

        ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮!

      2. MAHB001 says

        flagged you scum puppet.

    2. tCotUS says

      Agreed…And this will continue forever. Only difference is we know now who the real enemy is..

      1. William Burke says

        They can probably come up with people and organizations for the FBI to investigate as “Secret Comrades” from now till the next election.

        Which keeps the FBI from investigating THEM and their own Russian connections. The only way to stop it is for Trump to do what Trump should have DONE LONG AGO: FIRE DIRECTOR COMEY!!! Why hasn’t he been fired? Is he blackmailing Trump?

        1. meangreenMarine says

          I used to think I would be satisfied if Comey heard the words, “You are Fired!”
          Not any more! He has lied to the Congress and the American people!
          Now, I’d like to hear, “You are hereby sentenced to 20 years in Federal Prison with 5 years off for good behavior!”

          1. William Burke says

            Yeah, he’s an actual obstructionist who refuses to act on what’s already known about Hillary, much less investigate the worse stuff.

          2. rdells says

            Where do all you HalfWits crawl out from?

          3. William Burke says

            The front pages. Read ’em sometime.

          4. rdells says

            U can read!

          5. tCotUS says

            Your not just an ordinary dmbaz are you? For some reason you think you special. Your just another worthless, spineless, clueless lib.

          6. rdells says

            True, I am special. I have functioning brain cells – unlike most posters here and why U hate we folks that can think for ourselves.

          7. supergun says

            Is that what you told them when they locked you up the first time?

          8. supergun says

            When did they let him out?

          9. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            He isn’t out they let him have privilege’s!! for being an a-hole

          10. supergun says


          11. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            How long did you think about …,OH. ????

          12. supergun says

            You are funny.

          13. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            I hope you were not offended!! I was joking! I do that a lot!!

          14. supergun says

            Absolutely not. Life is too GRAND to be offended. Our dry sense of humor goes hand in hand.

          15. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Thanks !!!!

          16. supergun says

            Thank YOU, Joan.

          17. supergun says

            Such an HONORED AGENCY at one time. What happened?

          18. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            You know what happen two words come mind!!!! Money, Power!!!!

          19. supergun says

            That is usually the motivator. Such a shame.

          20. MAHB001 says

            Along with Hillary Clinton, Loretta lynch, Holder, Lerner.

          21. JIMBO says

            You got it.

          22. pineapple says

            The Skinny on FBI Director Comey

            Did you know???

            It just gets murkier and murkier.

            FBI Director Comey is a director and board member of HSBC,
            which is tightly connected to the Clinton Foundation. “Mr. Comey’s
            appointment is an initial three-year term which, subject to re-election
            by shareholders, will expire at the conclusion of the 2016 Annual
            General Meeting.”

            Clinton foundation received up to $81m from clients of controversial
            HSBC bank. This is the same HSBC that was accused of laundering drug
            cartel money, was heavily involved in the LIBOR scandal, and who knows
            what else, and all while our esteemed FBI Director James “she didn’t
            intend it” Comey was part of the senior leadership.

            MORE: 20 years ago James Comey
            as an attorney on the Senate Whitewater Investigation was looking into
            the conduct of President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton.

            The investigation was to determine
            whether Bill Clinton used his political position as governor of
            Arkansas (in the 1980s) to push through an illegal loan to benefit Bill
            and Hillary’s business partner in Whitewater. Several people involved
            in Whitewater went to jail, but no criminal prosecution was in the
            cards for Bill and Hillary. Remember, James Comey was the Deputy Special Counsel for the Whitewater investigation.

            Regarding all those last minute Bill Clinton pardons as he was leaving
            the White House… The list was supposed to be given to Congress for
            approval well ahead of Bill’s last day. Among the many questionable
            pardons was billionaire Marc Rich (who traded illegally with America’s
            enemies including Iran). The whole deal reeked of impropriety after
            learning that Rich’s wife donated $450,000 to the Clinton Library.

            Again, James Comey oversaw
            investigations of the pardon matters as well. Unbelievably he did not
            recommend charging Clinton in any of these matters.

            A few days ago, as we all know, Lynch met with Bill Clinton, privately,
            on her private government jet. This meeting was a few days before the
            FBI interviewed Hillary and a few days before today’s announcement.

            Oh, and by the way, neither Lynch nor
            Clinton flew into Phoenix on the plane used for their meeting.
            Apparently it was placed out of the way on the tarmac for the meeting.
            Bill said it was a chance meeting because he was there to play golf.
            The temperature was 110 degrees.

            Shortly after the meeting, FBI Director Comey released his decision not to press charges on Hillary. AND, in an unprecedented move, he imposed a gag order on all the agents involved with the Hillary email investigation. Suspicious? You bet!

            After this meeting, Lynch said
            something that no U.S. Attorney has ever said. She first apologized and
            said she should not have met him (obviously an apology based on her
            being caught, not apologizing for the actual action). She then states
            something U.S. Attorneys do not state. She stated her office will be
            guided by whatever commendation the FBI gives them.

            was this statement ridiculous? She is the head of the U.S. Justice
            Department. The FBI is a sub unit of DOJ. She is the top boss, not
            Comey and not the FBI. Her office decides to prosecute or not, NOT the

            SUMMATION: So,
            we have Lynch, previously appointed by Bill Clinton, and formerly an
            employee of the law firm that is connected to Hillary’s email scandal,
            in charge of the investigation into Hillary’s email scandal, with the
            lead investigative agency led by a man who twice investigated the
            Clintons and both times found them not guilty of wrong doing, also
            appointed by the current U.S. President, who appointed Lynch, who is
            Comey’s boss? And Comey and Lynch have known each other for decades as
            well…MOVE ON, NOTHING NEW HERE….

          23. Carol Smith says

            Comey ruined Clinton campaign.

          24. Guy S says

            Beg your pardon but Killary ruined her own campaign. Comey was on the take and only reopened her investigation at the last moment in hopes of drumming up sympathy support for poor old being picked on Killary!

          25. Jackalyn Morrison says

            Totally agree

          26. rdells says

            You too!

          27. rdells says

            If you imbeciles keep raising the stupid bar your buddies will need a chopper to get over it!

          28. Guy S says

            Make up your schizophrenic mind if that’s possible. First you say you agree with Karleen Maine Babcock that we should all come together, and then, tell Rich1234 you want to separate. Typical liberal uncertainty!

          29. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Yikes!!! I never thought of looking at it in that fashion!! Nice analysis!?

          30. JIMBO says

            The only person that lost the Clinton election was election Clinton.

          31. ernldo says

            Bathhouse Barry, and groper Bill chipped in quite a bit….

          32. rdells says


          33. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Thank God for that!!!

          34. MAHB001 says

            Comey could have put Clinton in jail….
            If Comey hadn’t been on the take he would have.

          35. Rick1234 says

            Another Dem? Don’t hesitate the call the FBI! oh… wait a minute they are Democrats, on second thought, don’t waste your time.

          36. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Well said Rick!!!!

          37. Pedo says

            No moloch let her down She sacrificed infants and consumed their adrenalized as required by Satan and yet she lost . O Satan why have you forsaken Hillary she murdered millions in thy name ? .

          38. Duane says

            …and he was paid by her! How ironic!

          39. Karleen Maine Babcock says

            so true and sad a lot of work for trump that for sure now the reps need to unite i am sick of the divide

          40. rdells says

            Agreed. ALL should come together.

          41. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Remember, rells! We all agree to disagree!!!!!

          42. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            The Repubs are the only party that I know that stab each other in back!!!! They also are afraid of Trump ..,maybe of what he’ll find out !! Who knows??

          43. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            For damn sure!! What a damn shame this is happening to our great country!!!?

          44. ernldo says

            HANG THEM ALL!!!

          45. rdells says

            Assume you refer to the RightWing Nazis, correct?

          46. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says


          47. Rich1234 says

            Every word of your comment is real and true, we don’t have a Justice system now. The criminals are in charge of our “Justus system”. The democrats are just Socialsts dressed in Sheep suits, but under their costumes they dress like the socialist’s.They really are the wolves amoung us. California can leave the Union as far as illegals go.

          48. rdells says

            I often wish CA would secede, just to separate the intelligent citizenry from you MORONS.

          49. Linda Abernathy says


          50. Michael Dennewitz says

            I’ll sure as hell drink to that! But what bothers me the most is that the little halfbreed queer’s feet are STILL on American soil!?

          51. rdells says

            Comey is one of the handful of honest republicans. More power to Comey!

          52. tCotUS says

            Yea..He fits right in with the rest of you pedophiles..

          53. supergun says

            There is definitely a lot of corruption in that agency.

        2. Craig Vandertie says

          Then he is/was pulling the J. Edgar, and like J. Edgar who got all the dirt on the DC elite it was through wire tapping.

          RMN was quoted as saying he feared only 1 man and that was J. Edgar, someone should have been spying on JEH considering he was a flaming fag, drag and all.

          1. William Burke says

            Oh, someone was, all right: THE MAFIA.

          2. Joe Pewter says


          3. sassy frasse says

            I AGREE

        3. paulrph1 says

          Investigate H Clinton’s uranium deal.

        4. Guy S says

          I agree. Commy Comey should have been one of the first down the drain when President Trump started draining the swamp!!!

          1. William Burke says

            What the hell gives? How does he still have his job?

          2. Guy S says

            Wish I had an answer for your question but with such a tangled web in our government at this point in time the possibilities are too numerous. For now I’ll just watch and trust that President Trump knows something we don’t and has a plan for Mr Comey!

          3. William Burke says

            I wish I had more confidence in it. But that would require better information.

        5. JIMBO says

          Why isn’t he doing more investigating the Clinton’s? You can be sure it is much more serious than blackmail. Although I dont believe he has anything to blackmail Trump with.

          1. William Burke says

            Everybody’s got something they keep on the QT. But I don’t necessarily think anyone has anything major on Donald. I guess things will become clearer with time. I hope so, anyway.

          2. rdells says

            Yea, we tRumpf haters HOPE we are wrong, but don’t expect THAT to be the case at all.

          3. William Burke says

            Another rat’s ass I give a FF about.

          4. rdells says

            AND nobody gives a FF about your opinion. I’d tell you to GFYS but ur a*s is too bloody already.

          5. William Burke says

            Lacks originality and imagination. Life’s rough without those.

          6. rdells says

            Incredible stupidity demonstrated in your post.

          7. Pedo says

            Yes praise Satan and Hillary and consume the sacrificed infants adrenalized blood in thy name. High priestess Hillary shall rise again and rule in hell for all eternity. Thank you rdells for serving evil.

          8. rdells says

            My pleasure, dumkopf

        6. rdells says

          Fire der tRumpenfuehrer, loser

        7. supergun says

          The more you read about the FBI, the scarier it gets.

          1. William Burke says

            The more you read about the FBI, the bigger the question, “WHICH FBI?” becomes.

          2. supergun says

            You bring up a good point. i had always admired the ATF agency. They were the Top Gun enforcement with good Men and Women in it. After reading “Fast and Furious” and after what holder and obama did to it, I lost faith in that agency. I know there are good people working in those agencies, but the corrupt ones are the enemy of the United States of America.

          1. William Burke says

            Somebody said you were stupid, Wayne. I told them they were wrong. You’re not stupid; you’re tediously stupid.

      2. MAHB001 says

        The first step is to identify the enemy…
        Next step is to understand their tactics.


        1. tCotUS says

          Most of the enemies allies have been exposed. Their tactics are based on lies & deception. Our job is to expose these traitors/ enemies. …Then justice.

          1. Carol Smith says

            Trump based his campaign on lies and deception to please the right. He said what they wanted to hear. He continues to lie and create conspiracy theories when things go wrong for him.

          2. tCotUS says

            Nothing sadder than a FkUP liberal…

          3. rdells says

            I realize you are totally f–ked up. But Librul? I don’t think so.

          4. Phyllis Schultz says

            You’ve described Hillary and Obama perfectly, Trump has been proven right on many of his accusations.

          5. rdells says

            Translation: tRump accusations are proven correct.

          6. Phyllis Schultz says

            Yep! You got it.

          7. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          8. mac12sam12 says

            So far Trump has kept all his promises so your lie comment is incorrect. Conspiracy theories like the obama administration spying on Trump? Once again, Trump was correct.

          9. Jackalyn Morrison says

            I keep hearing that but they never explain what he has lied about lol They are soo confused because that is exactly who hellion and obummer was for eight years and tried to ruin our country!!! Glad we have a President that is truly an AMERICAN

          10. mac12sam12 says

            They can never come up with a racist comment or act by Trump either.

          11. Jackalyn Morrison says

            YOU ARE SO RIGHT think they just want to try to undermine our PRESIDENT!!! Thanks for getting back to me love your comments

          12. rdells says

            Incredible BS!

          13. mac12sam12 says


          14. rdells says

            Just a true Ass Hole that happens to reside in America, to the shame of the sane population.

          15. rdells says

            dum de dum dum

      3. Carol Smith says


          1. Jackalyn Morrison says

            You are SOOO RIGHT

      4. Jackalyn Morrison says


      5. rdells says

        Correct, and commonly referred to as der tRumpenfuehrer

      6. rdells says

        Yea, the Right Wing Nut Job Nazis!

      7. supergun says

        80% of us know. And we thought the Russians were dangerous.

    3. Germansmith says

      Let us have an INDEPENDENT PROSECUTOR and let them investigate both issues
      Voter Fraud and the Trump Russian connection,,,,and let the chips fall where they may

      Regarding the Conservative /Web Sites /Russian connection may be limited to some hired posters or much extensive than that (it has been done before by the Russians)….there is little doubt that Putin helped Trump because he hates Hillary…the question is
      Did the Russians did it on their own?…shame on them
      Did they coordinated with the Trump Campaign?…..THAT IS TREASON

      Is no surprise to me a natural affinity between American Conservatives and Vladimir Putin.
      -You both have tendencies to want to control the way people live.
      -Claim to represent the rules of Christianity BUT NOT the generous spirit of Christianity
      -Masked in nationalism and religion you fool the people into voting against their interest and for the benefits of a few wealthy people at the top.
      -Dismissal of people from other races and cultures. Xenophobia

      1. Terry says


      2. Ed Watson says

        germansmith. Well, just WHY would Putin ‘hate’ Hillary? She gave him 20 percent of our Uranium assets, she was willing to ‘hit the reset button’ with him, and would and is a willing supporter and a willing supporter of weakening of the USA, etc.

        Of anyone he would NOT like to see is Trump who is beefing up our military, taking a hard stand to try (against H and O’s druthers) to rebuild this country and make the USA strong again etc. So WHY would he want Hillary over Trump? He wouldn’t period.

        There is your fake news.

      3. Rusty Britches says

        More BULLCRAP cant you people on the left talk about anything else
        Gosh They just showed where your Obame is the real dirt bag for what he did after President Trump was elected so do us all a favor if you want to look at someone who has commited Treason its Obame and his Goons..

        1. Jackalyn Morrison says

          They just can’t let go but betcha when they start investigating it want be Trump but a lot of the liberals that will fall

      4. Brenda says

        What is a surprise to me is that you want to lay these accusation at the feet of American conservatives. When in fact, Conservatives do not want to control the way people live. They want less control, they do not like the bloated government inserting its self into their lives with their rules and regulations. It was not the Conservatives that came up with the political correctness dogma nor was it the Conservatives that applied derogatory labels to those that did not support their agenda.
        Christianity has become a political tool. The progressives use it to entreat us to ignore laws out of charity to law breakers. Everyone seems to forget the “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” . The generous spirit of Christianity has become nothing more than a buzz word meant to make people feel guilty because they support the laws of the land.
        There is a big difference between nationalism and pride in ones country that you need to learn. The only fools are the ones that think every thing they want should be provided by the government or the equality of every one. Every form of government will always have a wealthy contingent, be it communism, socialism, fascism, democracy, or a Republic.
        Xenophobia, despite the mistaken throwing around of the word is not a dismissal of people of other races and cultures, but a fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners.
        Xeno form the Greek xenos, strange or foreign. Phobia from the Greek phobos fear. Neither of which applies to people want to defend our borders.
        As much as you and others would like there to be a Russian plot, the fact is that Russia’s intent was to disrupt our election and cast a shadow over the Trump win. In that they succeed. Is there a Russian connection? A question that many of us will never have fully answered. Even now there are claims of “unknown” proof, which way that proof lies is unknown and the government will make sure that that question will always remain in the minds of the people. The intelligence community will not want their secrets revealed and will cloak every thing under the “national security” umbrella.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Very well said…

          Big Government = Communism. Communism is a form of slavery and total control of the people.

      5. Roger says

        “Did the Russians did it on their own?…shame on” YOU. Your command of the English language leaves us with the assumption that you never got out of first grade, eh ?

        1. Rummy Walker says

          or Moscow

      6. Karen Gaddy says


        1. William Burke says

          It was Uranium, not Plutonium. The latter occurs in only trace amounts in nature. Plutonium occurs from the decay of Uranium.

          1. Karen Gaddy says

            Sorry, you are absolutely correct, it was uranium. I have edited the original comment, thanks.

      7. Statesman Patriot says

        You’re the typical panty-wetting snowflake Libtard that blames everyone and everything else for your own failures. Looks and sounds like that is what you’re doing here.
        Conservatives are self reliant and don’t go seeking government assistance at every turn.
        If you don’t like it here, leave!!!

        1. Mic says

          Now I am a conservative, and some say I get government assistance. Of course it is SS which I spent 47 years working for, much of with over 400 hours Ot a Year. And then there is my small pension which I worked hard for over 29 years, 2 of them having to use a walker.

          1. Statesman Patriot says

            SS is not a govt assistance or entitlement program. You earned it!
            I’m talking about those who sit on their fat asses eating bonbons, playing video games and pumping out babies to get even more welfare handouts.
            They are the unproductive leeches of society!
            Thank you for being a hard working responsible American!!

        1. MAHB001 says

          That is why the left is trying to pin the Russian connections on Trump.

          It is just another projection. When the Left colludes with Russia, they point a finger at Conservatives and cry “colluding with Russia” to cover up their own dealings.

          1. William Burke says

            Whatever they accuse you of, it’s what they’re been doing for a good while.

          2. Dee says

            When someone accuses you of doing something, they’re usually doing it themselves.

          3. MAHB001 says

            I would say that the statement only applies to liberals and specifically Alinsky Radicals.. Alinsky Radicals have no doubt perfected this form of deflection and slight of hand, as they are total hypocrites without morals to understand what they are doing is just wrong.

        2. Joy Daniels Brower says

          Just to remind: Podesta earned millions from his own Russian connection! Why are these corrupt cowards never satisfied with more money than Croesus?!?

      8. joe says

        you are a delusional moron there is no evidence of this at all go color something

      9. Kathleen Shipley says

        Let’s see, yesterday there was a terror attack in London and suddenly Europe is saying that Trump is right to curb illegal immigration. A little girl was brutally raped due to illegals being enrolled in her ninth grade class even though they were 18 years old. What is wrong with people today? Stop illegal immigration! Think of family and Country first! It has nothing to do with race or religion!

        1. MAHB001 says

          What is wrong is they are ideologically demoralized. That is, they see nothing wrong with their ideology, and everything wrong with conservatism.

          They are unable to accept any information that goes against their ideology.

          Essentially, they can not tell that their leaders are lying to them. The only reason I can think that the Elites want open borders is so that the elites can use the illegals votes to keep them in power.


      10. MAHB001 says

        I find it hypocritical to talk about Trump being treasonous after 8 years of 0bama…

        Did you just pull you head out of someone’s arse???

        1. Drberlat says

          Germansmith…….really, try Hitlersmith more appropriate given the absence of any reasonable display of remedial intellect except baseless conspiracy fodder! Do yourself a favor and stay off the hallucinogens, a dangerous game of drugged Russian roulette, the appropriate term given your inane comments! So stop embarrassing yourself on a public blog, see a psychiatrist regarding your ever present delusions!

          1. MAHB001 says

            I do believe your comment was meant for Germansmith….
            In that case, I agree.

          2. Drberlat says

            You are correct, I apologize for my error and hope I didn’t inadvertently offend you!

          3. MAHB001 says

            Don’t worry about it. I have done the same… God Bless. Great post.

          4. Drberlat says

            Damn, how embarrassing, thanks for your understanding! Nice to engage in an intelligent and informative back and forth discussion with a person of high character such as yourself! As was stated by a famous American philosopher in the last century, “Those who fail to learn from history, are destined to repeat it! God Bless back at you!

          5. MAHB001 says

            Believe me I have done far worse.. No harm done here.

            these boards make me feel like I am in a kill bill movie. One day I was
            in a rather nasty mood, because I was outnumbered by trolls and their
            stupidity. I read a post and laid into this poor person with some very
            nasty stuff. Her only response was something like, “But, I am on your

            I re-read her post and she really was on my side… I
            apologized, and felt horrible. I read into her post something that
            wasn’t even there…

            Talk about collateral damage…

            copy your post and send it to the person you intended it for. He/she
            would be the better if they could comprehend your post…

      11. MAHB001 says

        The left would not be able to accept an “independent” prosecutors result when they ruled against your ideology… Holder, Lynch, were not independent and did not administer equal justice.

        Just the fact that the left discounted EVERY plausible accusation against 0bama as conspiracy even though the evidence was indisputable.

        Putin had nothing to do with rigging this election. The people voted. Their votes were properly counted, except if a few states like CA, and the left just has to deal with the fact that they are in the minority and no longer in control.

        You know nothing about Conservatives, I would suggest you start talking to them, instead of listening to 0bama, the MEDIA, and the brainwashing controllers of the left.

      12. Rummy Walker says

        You are nothing more than a walking dem talking point. Walking, not thinking. Thinking would be a substantial stretch on your capabilities. You are best at juvenile rhetoric. Name calling fits you well. Let’s remember, it was your candidate who broke the law and was exposed. It does not matter if the Russians, the Trump supporters, or the Martians exposed her; or, if they all colluded together. She broke the law! She was caught. Furthermore, she facilitated the sale of our uranium to Putin. She profited handsomely from that act of treason. Can you explain, if Putin has such a sickle over her head, why he would support Trump instead of his own bought and paid for puppet? Of course you can’t. Critical thinking does not line up with your rhetoric, your nonfactual, memorized, talking points, conveniently provided to you by people who consider you a useful idiot.

        Remember this quote before you make a fool of yourself in a public forum:

        “When you are dead, you do not know that you are dead. It is only hard for the other people.
        It is the same when you are stupid.”


      13. Phyllis Schultz says

        There are none so blind, as those who will not see.

      14. Phyllis Schultz says

        It is the left that wants total control over the people. I hear people like you talking about the wealthy conservatives at the top, and it makes me wonder where your head is buried. Hillary and Obama have both gotten rich off the American people, along with Reid, Pelosi and others, but no one ever includes the wealthy Dems. Why would that be? I have never heard of one of them doing anything for anyone else, but someone like Mitt Romney refused to take a salary when he was Gov., and he did missionary work plus donates millions to different charities. Obama actually encouraged the BLM group to stir up trouble. No one else would get away with rioting and looting like they have. In many cases, his and Hillarys good friend Soros paid these groups to riot. Some of Obama’s people left in office stated he told them to do everything they could to discredit Trump, and to keep the rumor he planted, about the Russians going every chance they got. You mentioned the GOP fooling people into voting against their interests and dismissing people of other races. That is also a liberal ploy, not a right wing ploy. Hillary and Obama both claimed to advocate for women and minorities, but used them to push their agenda and laughed at them behind their backs. Black Americans are 40% worse off economically than they were the day Obama took office.

        As I said ” There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

      15. Guy S says

        HaHaHaHa, independent investigator my A _ _. Just how much would your old buddy, the half dead Hungarian George Soros pay them?????

      16. mac12sam12 says

        The FBI already said that there’s no connection between Trump and Russia. Get your news from the Clown News Network at CNN?

    4. Obie Miller says

      AMEN MAHBOO1!!! You are right on target!

      1. MAHB001 says

        Spread the word…. 🙂

    5. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

      The unending ludicrousness undermines any chance to accept leftist logic as any form of tangible or applicable reality these days.

    6. jimmy says

      the Russia hacking thing was a ruse, here’s the Russia propaganda “fake News” in the making. bottom line is the cat got out of the bag an like this article said they’re making sure it never happens again by going after the websites that helped send them packing. when fascist can no longer win with their false narratives they shut the discussion down. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/234e6584eb587d9d39f0bed8e372b26d6d91f006b3e2b91b00dc2bb0363235ea.jpg

    7. Jackalyn Morrison says


    8. Garry T says

      Even though they RIGGED AND COUNTED the votes, they STILL got it wrong! LOL

    9. RsGoat says

      This is a off subject but have you caught anything of others having trouble posting on ABC or Yahoo? A character screen name Kelm and I had a heck of a time posting on the ABC site and I just realized anything I did on Yahoo caused my computer to lock up so bad I had to cut power just to get it fired back up. Today I figured out if I checked mail I was good which leads me to think the problem goes to Yahoo small fry’s.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I used to post in youtube, but the environment was so corrupt that I gave up. still maintain my old name there, but YouTube just plain censored me to the point that it was not worth it.

        I have not posted on Yahoo. I believe ABC actually uses Disqus but they have their own monitors.

    10. rick meek says

      Look —— the hitlery and podesta HAD more deals -bribes – pay offs – shell companies with the Russians and others than most…..Even schummer was donuting with putin…..

    11. supergun says

      In other words, nobody is safe.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Correct, the Elites cannot be trusted… FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS are now controlled by elites.

        Part of their plan is to keep the population divided so that it is plausible for one of the elites to win. For instance, Putin couldn’t run in the US and all of the sudden come up with a win at 52% to 48%. The people would not believe it.

        BUT, if they can make it PLAUSIBLE that Hillary can win 52% to 48%, she will win by that margin. Regardless if the actual votes were 80% against her.

        The ONLY thing that stopped this from happening this last election was Project Veritas and their sting operations. That drove the corruption underground. Nobody was willing to get caught. If the Elites are successful at putting in machines to count the votes, the United States will not have an election as we know it.. That is one where the peoples votes are actually counted.

        1. supergun says

          Most of us know that there is a deep state government within our Republic. Like you stated, we just delayed the inimitable. With our support, the PRESIDENT can cut out a large part of the stinking cancer, but it will grow back even more aggressively. The radicals were on the verge of using those machines with the illegal spying and using the Russian connection to make it work for hillary. When that did not happened, they came out of their hole to make life miserable for us Americans.

  4. gotabgood says


    1. Deby says


  5. ⭐️ Orphan says

    Give me a break!

  6. gotabgood says

    Conservative Media Sites…??????
    Is this where you get your fake news?
    You do know that all broadcast are filtered first through a Russian agency?

    1. shref40 says

      Oh Geez. Give me your address and I will send you a tinfoil hat.

    2. mac12sam12 says

      The fake news outlets colluded with the Clinton campaign, just keep looking for the black helicopters.

  7. SouthernPatriot says

    Is the FBI looking into Soros trying to buy the last election? Is the FBI looking into all the cabal of the leftist media trying to influence the last presidential election with skewed coverage in favor of Hillary and predicting her win with Trump having no chance at all? Is the FBI investigating voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia? Is the FBI investigating the “quid pro quo” of Hillary selling the Russians 1/5 of our available uranium (which they in turn sold to the Iranians for more than 5X the amount) and the Russians giving $150 million to the Clinton Fraud Foundation a few months later?

    1. Luis Luna says

      No !

    2. DLynn says

      What about the huge amounts Saudi Arabia donated to the Clinton Foundation every year since the year ‘before’ Hillary became Secretary of State. Other countries also donated large sums to the Clinton Foundation. The Democrats refuse to accept that the picked the wrong candidate to run for the presidency. I met 4 Democrats at a Trump rally that said they would “never” vote for “that” woman.

      1. Janet says

        How much of the money that we can’t afford to send to foreign countries to assist them came back as a donation to the Clinton Foundation as part of the pay to play game? Why isn’t Hillary being prosecuted for treason?

        1. DLynn says

          I believe we can pretty well guess – between the number of people on their payroll to those who fear for their lives to those who the Clinton’s have something on – the list goes on and on and on and on! The Clintons are one very corrupt family. Bill’s punishment for raping several women – he was elected president of the U.S.

    3. Steven Daniel says

      No the FBI never investigates real crimes that is up to the local police department. FBI is just another waste of tax payer dollars along with Home land gropers.

  8. Doris Simonis says

    Why just conservative sites? Do one group you must also do the other group, liberal, or the investigation isn’t fair. Does the FBI really think the democrats, read socialist/communist, aren’t guilty of the exact conduct as they claim the conservatives are?

    1. jim says

      It is now obvious that the F.B.I . leadership is compromised and corrupt .

      1. OldHighlandGuyOne says

        You do mean the Federal Bureau of Idiots don’t you?
        The FBI is still a liberal den of homosexuals created by Herbert Hoover and they are out to destroy anything and everyone conservative.

        1. Dale L. Kwarciany says

          You meant J.Edgar Hoover, not Herbert.

          1. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            Correct. It is too early in the AM for me, need more coffee. Thank You.

          2. shref40 says

            LOL Why not do a fast edit, rather than enshrine it?

        2. jimmy midnight says

          That was J. Edgar Hoover. The only thing he was truly interested in destroying was the American Communist Party, which at one time had more undercover FBI people in it than sincere activists.

          He was apparently a “flamer” in his private life, who secretively lived with the same “best friend” 4 some decades.

      2. jimmy midnight says

        I tried a few weeks ago 2 identify a period when FBI wasn’t compromised and corrupt. It was an impossible task.

    2. TheSkalawag929 says

      Because conservative sites are currently the only ones implicated.
      So far there has been no evidence to even suggest that a liberal site(s) was involved or entangled with the Russians. Therefore an investigation of both groups is unwarranted.
      There has been no evidence presented that shows, indicates or hints that liberal sites are guilty of the exact conduct as they claim the conservatives exhibit.

      1. Dana says

        There is PLENTY of evidence to suggest that liberal sites participated in falsely disseminating false, but widely repeated, inflated stories about the phony and corrupt investigations of any group or persons associated with any group that advocated for anything other than blatant leftist ideas. Katherine Hildebrecht, of True the Vote, can certainly attest to that. She was hounded by practically every federal agency with three or four initials at the bidding of Lois Lerner and the Obama-corrupted IRS; sharing her data with them for no valid reason other than she attempted to obtain 501c3 status, something every liberal group received almost immediately, and almost every conservative group, or even those THOUGHT to be conservative, were routinely denied and delayed, and hounded to death by the totalitarian Obama-corrupted government; demanding membership lists, donor info, copies of every speech she ever made, and anything else they could think of to deny her her constitutional rights.

        Your statement is ridiculous.

        1. Ed Shick says

          I used to Comment on “The HILL” they did not like my comments and have been unsubscribed , Now today I got unsubscribed from Fox News 13,000 times and every day they unsubscribe me for about the last three weeks ,Must be They do not like 88 Year old Conservative Republicans !

        2. TheSkalawag929 says

          “There is PLENTY of evidence to suggest …”
          Where? I don’t see any that you’ve provided.

          My guess is that when Katherine Hildebrecht, of True the Vote applied for 501c3 status she automatically opened herself and True the Vote to scrutiny by any and all agencies having anything to do with the granting of that status.

          I don’t see where almost every liberal group received 501c3 status immediately.

      2. Karen Gaddy says

        The liberals are just guilty of corruption, voter fraud, and throwing the primary election to hilary by cheating bernie. They are the nastiest, most interfering, most violent, most disgusting people on the planet next to the islamists.

        1. TheSkalawag929 says

          “The liberals are just guilty of corruption …”
          Why? Because you say so?
          ” They are the nastiest, …”
          Evidently you haven’t scrutinized the composition of your republican party lately.

          1. Karen Gaddy says

            Corruption? Well let’s see: Donna Brazell providing answers to debate questions to hilary before the debates; the dnc chair being forced to resign because of cheating for hilary over bernie; hilary’s taking 140 million dollars from the Russians to give them 20% of our uranium (that is the REAL Russian corruption). Now, the bomb that is getting ready to explode with obama lying to get surveillance on Trump and his team. This has the potential to blow watergate to smithereens, and raise the bar on demoncrap corruption to the stratosphere. Stay tuned.

          2. TheSkalawag929 says

            “Donna Brazell” providing answers to debate questions, the DNC chair fiasco, a BS story about a uranium deal and the lie that President Obama sought to surveil Trump and his team is your evidence of corruption in the democratic party? That is plain pathetic compared to what is running rampant throughout the republican party and lying bent Don Con’s administration.


            Oh and let us not for get lying bent Don Con’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, who has had ties to the Putin regime going back more than a decade.
            Now that’s a plate of corruption with several sides of scandalous.

      3. joe says

        there is no EVIDENCE of anything it is a damn story made up by dullards that can not accept losing

        1. TheSkalawag929 says

          “there is no EVIDENCE of anything …”
          You cannot possibly know this without an investigation.
          I’d say that, with the number of articles written on right-wing sites and conservative radio broadcasts that have been proven factually wrong or false there appears to be enough evidence to warrant such an investigation into the possibilities. After all aren’t you the guys that love to start investigations based on less than you have here.

          “a damn story made up by dullards that can not accept losing.”
          Now that’s funny. You are blaming YOUR elected majority’s inability to govern and possible corruption on democrats not accepting loosing the election.

          As you right-wingers love to point out, YOU WON.
          You have the White House, the House and the Senate and still you can’t get your bumper sticker legislation (Repeal and Replace) passed and direct links between members of lying bent Don Con’s campaign and administration have been uncovered and somehow everything is the fault of democrats.

          1. joe says

            Your opinion is meaningless and insignificant you are not smart enough to speak with me little fella and you are not worthy of my time. I would have to go without oxygen for 5 minutes to dumb myself down far enough to speak with you on a level you would understand. You lost little guy get over it Trump is your president you WILL RESPECT AND OBEY both him and me. Do you understand me little fella, yes I knew you would if I just explained it in small enough words for you to understand. Now go sit in the corner until I call on you wee lad.

          2. TheSkalawag929 says

            Translated: when you have nothing on your side resort to deflection, name calling and bulling.
            You screwed the pooch when you elected lying bent Don Con.
            It’s all the democrats’ fault because they lost the election. Right???

          3. joe says

            No translated you are a lost cause and not worth the time it takes me to speak to you. Now let’s talk facts something you lunatic left seem to never have any of. Trump IS your legally elected president and as such you WILL respect him you WILL agree with anything he says and you will do this with a smile on your face. I thought we understood each other little fella. One more fact, as a liberal you are weak, easy to manipulate, incapable of forming a thought of your own and totally reliant on the government to tell you what to think how to live and what to stand for. You are a professional liar you are anti American and a coward. As such you are a meaningless and insignificant person not worth trying to educate. I sure hope that clear things up for you I am sure it wont because there were a few multi syllable words in there that may be over your head. You are just going to have to take my word for it that you and and your kind have nothing worth hearing. The good news is we don’t need you we can do this without you we will find a use for you later when we get around to it right now you are just not that important you never have been.

          4. TheSkalawag929 says

            Fact number 1; lying bent Don Con is the questionably legally elected President.
            Fact number 2; I will determine the amount of respect that I will give to the current office holder. And right now it ain’t much.
            Fact number 3; I will also be the only one to say what I agree of disagree with.
            Fact number 4; You think a lot of things and most of them have no basis in reality.
            Fact number 5 If you think that Liberals are weak then you’re watching the wrong movie. You mistake compassion and empathy as weaknesses. They’re not.
            Fact number 6; You continue to talk out of both sides of your mouth, sometimes at the same time. Sound and fury signifying nothing.
            Fact number 7; You totally make up stuff to justify your beliefs and even the stuff that you make up doesn’t agree with itself.

            You say that I’m not worth talking to and then in the very next sentence you say “Now let’s talk facts …”. It must be very difficult living such a conflicted life.
            Well one good thing since the A.C.A. will still be in effect for the foreseeable future you can get help with that.

          5. joe says

            Your very first statement makes everything else you said invalid there is NO question he was legally elected. If you are too stupid to understand how that works then you are too stupid to make any other statements on this. You are nothing but a whining butt hurt coward that refuses to accept the fact that you lost. Well junior you did lose so suck it up put on a fresh diaper and get on with your meaningless and insignificant little life, we do not need you we will do it without you. You lose yet again little man

          6. TheSkalawag929 says

            “NO question he was legally elected.’
            Really??? Are you sure?
            I mean with all the Russian connections to lying bent Don Con through his business dealings, people involved in his campaign and in his administration I would think that there ought to be SOME question about the election.
            Lord knows there would be if it was a democrat.
            Awwww!!! Poor thing you have no rational valid defense of lying bent Don Con so you resort to name calling and feeble attempts at bulling.
            The fact is you have elected and saddled the country with possibly the most incompetent person in the world President. And you’re too obstinate to admit it. The product of a small mind.

          7. joe says

            There was ZERO dealing with the Russian’s when are you cupcakes going to give that one up. You whine you cry you make things up and when what ever you make up is proven wrong you make something else up ha ha ha. Do you want a pony little guy.

          8. TheSkalawag929 says

            “There was ZERO dealing with the Russian’s ”
            Here are just three articles that say you are wrong. And what have I made up that has been proven wrong? I’ve not made anything up.
            The only thing I was wrong about was giving you credit for a mind at all.




          9. joe says

            ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha those are the sources you choose. Yet again you prove my point , all hack sites which have been exposed for fake news outright lies and crappy reporting. Wow you make my job easy thanks buddy

          10. TheSkalawag929 says

            You are truly intent upon being stupid.
            Bye… 🙁

  9. off2shop says

    My Dad died in 1955 and he told all of his three children that the democrats always cheated during a election year with “stuffing” the ballot boxes. Both my folks voted democrat and were vocal about “only democrats”, but todays democrats are not my folks democrats. I’m sorry to say, but both R & D’s have let this country down due to greed and power. This past election has shown us all that we are only puppets at the ballet box and that is sad but true.

    1. Luis Luna says

      I bet your dad turns in his grave just looking at what this country has become

    2. DLynn says

      My parents were Republicans but taught me that a two party system is necessary for checks and balances. I agree that today neither the Democratic nor the Republican parties are what they once were.

  10. CCblogging says

    The FBI is under the control of The Deep State aka The Shadow Government. Comey is the elitist’s puppet just Like Obama and Hillary are puppets. Comey is a dirty cop and he should be fired and investigated like dirty cops are supposed to be.

  11. Michael Dennewitz says

    But….But who is investigating the investigators? ? Our entire damned governmemt is corrupt, and has been for decades!!! ??

    1. Jackie says

      You are SOOO RIGHT

  12. William Helwig says

    The facts are: The Democrats, Obama and the
    Clintons were the ones courting the Russian to affect the election in favor of
    Clinton, not Trump. The Russian ambassador, 22 times at the Whitehouse.
    Clinton, as Secretary of State, Uranium deal with 20% bought by Russian. The
    Clinton Foundation received $145 million in the Russia Uranium. EXCLUSIVE: Democrat
    Super-Lobbyist Podesta Got $170K to End US Sanctions on Russian Bank. The
    Democrats and the

  13. Jmanjo says

    WE already know the FBI was out doing Obama’s bidding and the media reported it as scoop news. Trump was right. He and his team were being spied upon. FBI probably has more condemning evidence on the Democrats than the Republicans but they are concealing that until someone calls for the evidence! Hillary, Podesta, and Obama were all doing under handed and illegal stuff but the Obama DOJ was not about to go after them. Loretta Lynch should be prosecuted for her role in all this! Obama had the agencies all doing his agenda. IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA…you name it they did it! Worse thing ever for the office of POTUS was Obama. Soros’ goat!

  14. AntiGOP says

    “FBI Investigating Conservative Media Sites for Links to Russia”

    Who would have Thunk.!!!!!

  15. William Helwig says

    Come on Republicans, Fight Back: Investigated Clinton Foundation
    and the Clinton’s for their ties to Russia. How much money did the Clinton’s get
    in the uranium deal with Russia? The Democrats and media have made the Trump
    administration the subject of the investigation, where the Clinton’s should be
    under investigation because of their influencing the outcome of the election!!!

  16. RsGoat says

    If we are going to begin the hunt for this again like McCarthy did why don’t we look at Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals since his plan was to tear apart our Constitution a little at a time using Machiavellian styled ideas which our last President put to good use. If that was not bad for our country I don’t know what is since it has brought us back to a point we are reintroducing the “red scare”, the peaceful transfer of power is not happening with him playing games with our intelligence agencies allowing them to trade information willy nilly for no reason opening up leaks in our government like a sieve and creating a situation where it is impossible for the new administration to deal with another powerful nation who just happens to be sitting on top of an area that needs global attention to A stop the expansion of ISIS and keep them from gaining control of every major oil field in the region so Europe and other free nations are not help captive to who ever has control of next! and B all the countries who need help can only look to one country for that help! Russia because if Trump gets involved he is playing patty fingers! Yes Obama and his freinds in the Democratic Party have fixed things up real good. How is our new President suppose to govern with this trap laid for him? So if anyone needs to be investigated it is the people who don’t want their college records looked at or even their charity examined too closely. Why didn’t President Obama want us looking at those records?

  17. MILES E DRAKE says

    The preposterous Russian hacking canard has become the Protocols of the Elders of Zion of the American left, but it is evident that their plans are even more ominous. All allegations against the President have collapsed and every statement he has made amid scorn and derision has proven to be true; it has become clear that his alien pothead mongrel predecessor has prepared a vast apparatus of police espionage and disinformation that is ready to be turned against political opponents. They are now preparing their Kirov assassination, the pretext for arrests and show trials and purges. We must be prepared to fight in the streets as well as in the halls of power to stop the imposition of a one-party peoples republic, as their rising, already planned by Jarrett and paid for by Soros, will probably begin this summer.

    1. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

      “alien, pothead, mongrel predecessor”!!!

      1. Stargeezer says

        Add “The real Nazi fascist” and racist pig. (Apologies to actual pigs.)

  18. Sue says

    If this report is true and not Fake News, the FBI director needs to be fired. It is crazy to think conservatives are fond of or interested in Russia more than Democrats. Is Podesta being investigated? He worked for that government. How about Hillary Clinton? She gave Putin US uranium. How about Bill Clinton? He was constantly demanding Russian finds for the Clinton Foundation. This Russia and 2016 election nonsense is a ruse by Democrats (Wag the Dog distraction) to take the focus of the Trump administration off the Obama and Hillary corruption. They are very worried one of them will be indicted. They are right to be worried.

    1. Deby says

      You are exactly right in everything you say-but the dumbocrats have the powerful Soros-propelled medias behind them and all the whackos (Chuckie, Piglosie, etc) on board to keep distracting the country and keep the chaos fresh-this is going to be an uphill battle every step of the way-but I think Trump will prevail as he clearly hates to lose!!!

  19. Shelly Shannon says

    SERIOUSLY? The FBI says it isn’t political. Yeah, right!

  20. Richard Bagenstose says

    shows how despirit they are, now who are more like the russians , liberals or conservitives , who wants to control every aspect of your life, democrats , russia who controls every aspect of their lives government, so democrats have more incommon with russians then we do

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      A guy walks in an adult store and asks for an inflatable doll.

      The guy behind the counter says, “Male or female?”

      The customer says, “Female”

      The counter guy asks, “Black or white?”

      The customer says, “White”

      The counter guy asks, “Christian or Muslim?”

      The customer says, “What the hell does religion have to do with it?”

      The counter guy says, “The Muslim one blows itself up!”

      1. Richard Bagenstose says

        good one

  21. FightingTheAmericanTaliban says

    This site is the same as Brietbart and Infowars. To say that the difference between what the Democraps did to flood social media and what the Repugnikans did while working with a foreign Government is merely semantic is a HUGE Lie, and you know it. Can you imagine, the mere mention that Obama would be sucking up to the Russkies, what THIS VERY SITE would be spewing? You voted for and are enabling the most corrupt human to ever take part in American Politics, Donald Trump. For the record, again, I am an Independent, FORMER Republican before the crooks took over, and not a Democrat. The Conservatives in the USA Have sold their soul to Russia for Gas and Oil money, the same reason they invaded Iraq killing more than 5000 Americans, now they seek to destroy America Itself as well…..in the name of GunzAnGeezus

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Holistic Medicine

      Ahkmed the Arab came to the United States from the Middle East, and he was only here a few months when he became very ill. He went to doctor after doctor, but none of them could help him.

      Finally, he went to an Arabic doctor who said: ‘Take dees bocket, go into de odder room, poop in de bocket, pee on de poop, and den put your head down over de bocket and breathe in de fumes for ten minutes.’

      Ahkmed took the bucket, went into the other room, pooped in the bucket, peed on the poop, bent over and breathed in the fumes for ten minutes.

      Coming back to the doctor he said, ‘It worked. I feel terrific! What was wrong with me?’

      The doctor said …. ‘You were homesick’.

    2. Deby says

      Ha, you are NOT an independent-unless you spell it s o c I a l i s t –If this site offends your “truths” so much leave it. It is your opinion about Trump you can’t get past-I am just grateful we have a true AMERICAN president who wants to govern America and not become part of a 3rd world global debacle that is the middle east and some parts of Europe as well, who has decimated our economy in favor of illegal immigrants who are coming here to further the former president’s cause of globalism by creating chaos and division -that is what Trump has to fix-not gonna be easy, but he WILL do it. And for the record azzhat, obozo DID suck up to the Russians, as his whole administration was seeking to destroy America.

  22. Steven Daniel says

    Maybe Trump needs to lower the FBI’s budget by 50 % obviously they have to much money to waste chasing fake news….

    1. tCotUS says

      First Comey on National TV..With a YOUR FIRED ! ..Then reduce the budget for the CIA/FBI/EPA/NSA/IRS by 80%…

  23. elmcqueen3 says

    Sounds like a witch hunt to me…I have read just about every article that has been available on the Internet and I just don’t see the Trump/Russian connection…Perhaps if the FBI could tell us what stories were connected to the Russians we Internet readers could be more informed and aware of Russian influence peddling…Instead of making false accusations and conspiracy theories let’s see the facts first…there’s enough “fake” news crap going around to be even suspicious of our own FBI, NSA, and the CIA, etc…None of these organization are innocent of not telling the truth to the American public…Furthermore “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American Public believes is false”…William Casey, Director CIA 1981-1987

  24. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    Seems like the FBI should have more important issues like investigatin the Clinton Crime Family for all the crooked dealings they have had and Obama for his real country of birth.


    So, I guess if you’re a Conservative site, you can expect a KNOCK at your door, followed by some 6’2” ape ass hole brushing by you saying something like, “You don’t mind if we have a look around, do you?” You know, dark suit. Cute hair. At that point I yell, Bobby! Bring the AR! Here we allow anyone who can’t comprende or kapische into the U.S., but if you voted for Trump or Gowdy, boy, you’re a PROBLEM! A friend of mine says it’s going to come down to a shooting war. Every day, I’m more and more convinced that he’s on to something. How many young girls have to be raped by ILLEGALS for that idiot woman in Maryland to scratch her head? True: We do already have rapes here without those! But WHY ADD TO THE FIRE? We’d better get back to our roots. Demand compliance with the LAWS of the Country. Violators will be PUNISHED. Illegals will be DEPORTED thereafter. God Bless This Nation! God SAVE This Nation!

  26. Lew Williams says

    I never really figured this whole thing out, Russians are socialists, democrats are socialists, and yet supposedly russian socialists are helping republicans?

    1. Deby says

      Yep, leftist logic explained.

  27. Garys_opinion says

    Actually it’s not conservatives who work with the Russians, but Liberals/Communists. It’s always been that way ever since WWII when they called Stalin “Uncle Joe”.

  28. Tiger says

    Go ahead it is clear that the reason for this Mantra is because there was a scheme in the making when O wrote that last minute EO, telling NSA they can share information with 16 other agencies, although during no other administration was that allowed. You don’t have to be Einstein to see what is happening here. Everything that could be pulled out of the river of information that could possibly, minutely tie anyone in Trump’s Team or Trump to Russia was given as the goal. With all those agencies still under the spell of O and also all those who are the Keepers of the Deep State, we saw Clapper and other including Comey play cozy up to the agenda of O and H, there were my guess, many on the job. This is why the government agencies like the VA said they wouldn’t even bother putting up Trump’s picture he is going to be Impeached. The Dem hue and cry of Russia, Russia OH MY continues to flow, the reason Comey in the hearings broke with the news Trump’s team and all under investigation for Russian ties since July or so. Surprised Helll outa me and Gowdy and everyone else. Gowdy clearly laid out to Comey names, including Obama and Lynch who would have direct access to all this information and Comey agreed, the list included him that yes they would have assess. So Gowdy was insinuating that these leaks could have been coming form anyone he named.

    Then comes an anvil into the face of the best laid plans of these rats and snakes when yesterday the Surveillance truth came out, seems there are Whistle blowers who are ready to come forth and perhaps put the culprits of this wonderfully, choreographed song and dance into a place where they will have plenty of time to look back on the events that put them where they belong, out of government and perhaps put this Republic back on track, at least for awhile, I am not naive enough to think that 50 years of plotting and scheming and assassinating etc to bring about the circumstances we now find ourselves in, will end so quickly.

    This will be an Event of Monumental size and will be watched by the world, because there is more to come out and I am sure that there is going to be wailing and screaming from the Left who still, sadly consider O and H the leaders of their putrid and insane party of pussy hat wearers, basement dwellers, vagina hat wearers and Feminists still locked into unwanted marriages, barefoot and pregnant and only being let out for protests along with the scum from the bottom of the ponds, paid by King of the Protests Soros. Anything remotely resembling sanity is totally missing in these Demonrats.

    1. Ed Shick says

      Another very great Comment ,Thanks ,Tiger , Nikita was so right in his speech about America going Socialist and then Communist .it only took 50 years , and Washington is a real Swamp !

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you when he slammed that shoe upon the table in rampage he never figured on Muslims along with Mexican drug lords.

  29. Ahmed F. Hosny says

    Right now, I have just read this Article above. It has the word Яussia in it. Does that make me a colluder with Яussia? I supported Trump, but being a Canadian (and alive) precluded me from going to the States and voting for Trump more than zero times. I am sure that, had I hinted to the Dems that I was open to bribes and would vote for Hillary, my retirement fund would have been assured.
    I would like someone to tell me HOW did Яussia hypnotize 50 million Americans to vote from Trump (and most of the Electoral College)?

  30. Peatro Giorgio says

    Actually what is transpiring here is a deliberate diversionary tactic utilising the deep state dogs of political warfare deflecting the publics attention away from the absolute corruption of the Obama adminstrations- Clinton ajoined conspiracies to defraud the American public
    From the sale of US assest,or political influence for their personal gain. Whether that gain is in the political arena of power & Influence or one of personal financial profit.
    We can now confirm for our own minds ease . It is true. That indeed Obama utilized every US Burracracy ,Every US intelligence agency to ,threaten , Harrang, harass ,gather intelligence for an on behalf of the democratc,& Obama. Against the intwrest of their personal or political enemies . So as to enable them to advance their personal or their parties, political ,polacies, agenda or ideals. Clearly The entire democratic party, The DNC, had indeed co conspired with OBAMA & His administration. And as is evident the Democratic party and their respective reresentives are still very much acting in the cover up. Now though There is no room left for them to deny this any longer.

    1. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

      What is occurring. What is transpiring is redacted accounts of what occurred. “Transpired” is NOT another word for “occurred”.

    2. mrpoohead says

      Still no substance, no reference – but plenty of hyperbole and BS. Still on form dummy!

      1. Peatro Giorgio says

        Still spewing Hollow tripe! Aay , Ass Clown.

        1. mrpoohead says

          Yet, you still can’t provide any reference to prove me in-correct. Funny as!

  31. Brenda says

    Well folks, it official. Anyone for Trump, conservative sites, and links to pro-Trump stories are now considered possible Russian operatives. Sounds pretty much like the old USSR, where you were only allowed exposure to government backed news.

  32. Elizabeth Davis says

    Broken record Russia, Russia, Russia

  33. Dana says

    So now the FBI is added to the list of federal agencies that Obama and Clinton corrupted? Figures. The IRS, DEA, USSS, EPA, BATF, CENSUS BUREAU and others are Obama-corrupted. Why not the FBI? Even more evidence the entire federal apparatus has been seeded with leftist “plants”, beholden to the Democrat party instead of to the taxpayers. These “shadow governments” have been responsible for the downfall of democratically elected governments elsewhere in the world. They are now attempting to rule over us and maintain their strangle hold no matter what the outcome of free and fair elections is.

    Fire the heads of all these traitorous agencies. Freeze their hiring. Root out the traitors and fire them. No resignations. No retirements. Fire them.

    We spoke with a loud voice last November. Now the Democrat “government in exile” is attempting to destroy our decision and our votes.

  34. James Maxwell says

    Fumble, Bumble and Itch are running around like a Chicken with its head cut off chasing rabbit
    trails to try and find out anything but what they should be investigating. They are totally
    dysfunctional and have lost any and all respect of the American People. They should change
    their initials to “FUBAR” as that would more accurately reflect how they have been operating
    for the past 8 years and even now the continue the same lack of intelligent direction and lying
    to he American People.

  35. Bobi King says

    Ni bias here folks, just look the other way! Comey needs to be investigated!

  36. TPS12 says

    Is this why the FBI has no time to investigate the clinton foundations foreign donations?

  37. Mike Slaney says

    The Democrats and FBI need to be hit on “OBSTRUCTION,” charges. Making and falsifying statements and claims of injustice for political reasons. This “Russian” thing is pure hogwash. Remember Obama when talking to Putin, said,”I’ll have more freedom after the election,” during his term of terror of 8. What about the Hillary thing, and nuclear materials sold to Russia, not to mention her colluding with the Russians “DURING the campaign along with her reps. No mention in the Liberal Communist NWO Media about that now, is there ? Not throwing knives here, but let’s be honest and fair. Let’s understand this, the Liberal NWO Communists Democrats only have one thing on their minds, destroy and divide America as we know it. Didn’t Obama promise that through his policy of “CHANGE?” These so called Modern Liberal Democrats are not what your Grand Pa knew! These people are out to destroy AMERICA, and good Americans must treat them as the enemy of the Republic and true Democracy. They offer nothing but RESISTANCE, so give it back to them, the Faith of our Fathers, God the founder of our Nation, and imprecatory mixed with grace, Prayer!

  38. autrypma says

    The FBI is investigating Conventional Sites!!…How about investigating Dem sites and doing something about it…The FBI has been corrupted, we cannot trust the current Director and possibly more.
    Do something about this, Congress or whoever is in charge. President Trump CANNOT fight CITY HALL WITHOUT SOME HELP.

  39. Ken says says

    Over the last several years it has become evident that the FBI has Establishment Puppet in their ranks. But now I’m beginning to wonder if the FBI is an Establishment Puppet too.
    DRAIN the SWAMP.

  40. daveveselenak says

    How ironic is that, and foreboding when our FBI is more interested in investigating Americans rather than the Islamic terrorists and illegal aliens that are over-running our “dead Republic” ! Yes, I have reason to believe: REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION – guaranteed! Armr===========================? – – – – -, we will be needing them!

  41. Statesman Patriot says

    It is guaranteed that there are direct links to Podesta and the libtards to the Russians.
    To investigate conservatives is out a pure witch hunt!
    Investigators should spend time looking at the smoke and raging flames of lying liberals rather than whisps of steam that appears to be smoke I’m conservative circles.
    Conservative will protect this country way faster and better than any panty-wetting snowflake libtard!

  42. junkmailbin says

    there is more to find with collision from the dems, liberal media, and socialists.

  43. Mike W says

    The same people who are doing everything they can to dig up dirt on President Trump have all but ignored or tried to sweep away all the mounting evidence against both the Clinton’s and Obama.
    I don’t know how accessible George Soros is, I do know the Russian’s want him very badly. I also know the Russians have had agents in this country for decades, it’s no secret. Apparently these agents have been unsuccessful in bringing Soros in, if they could have they would have by now. I can also imagine that the person that does grab Soros for Putin will be very well rewarded. Is it possible that the Russians – knowing that Soros is tightly connected to the Democrats – were hacking the Democrats trying to locate Soros?

  44. Kevin says

    Dirty relations with the Russians? How about Hillary Clinton’s okay for the sale of 20% of our uranium reserves to the Russians, in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation? Hm??!

  45. rev_dave says

    Only the conservative websites, eh? In spite of the revelation that John Podesta was making nice with Russians in his relationship with Joule companies? Does Lois Lerner hold Comey’s leash these days? Or is Comey just still in deep with the Clintons?

  46. Swampfox1965 says

    Why doesn’t the FBI investigate obamma’s links to Russia: “I’ll have more flexibility after I’m elected.”

    “We have met the enemy and they are us.”

  47. BuddyBoy53 says

    Anything to keep from investigating the real communists out to destroy America such as Islamobama, Hillary, Kerry, McCain, Pelosi Reid, Waters, Chucky, and the like. Distract for the real enemies and attack the patriots.

  48. jjmcl431 says

    well being a conservative and a Trump supporter i guess i can look forward to the pleasure of being investigated by the FBI. that will be a pleasant change to my so called boring retired life. could use some extra excitement for a change once in awhile.

  49. Nina says

    Oh for gosh sakes why don’t they just go to all the preschools in th USA and interview the 3and 4 year olds! This is getting totally insane! Just go to Ocrappy and his cronies and clean this damn mess up!!! I’m sick of this!! Do your damn job stop looking for something that’s not there and try to make it there!! Bunch of loser assholes!! Comey needs to look for another job…….in prison!!

    1. Libs R Loons says

      Wouldn’t it be ironic that he’s sent to that prison named after the Clintons…along WITH the Clintons?

  50. Tiger says

    Oh for sure investigate and spy on the chickens while the foxes, Hillary and Obama roam free to kill again.

    Thank God for the few good men left that brought information to Nones who immediately brought it to Trump and they are fuming. There are now Whistle Blowers coming out of the woodwork, good people and these documents show yes Trump and his Transition Team were under surveillance that had NOTHING to do with Russia, which means Sessions can get into the fray, he only recused himself form the Russian ties investigations.

    Trump puts on the White Hat and he and Tonto ride again as their horses stomp on slow liberals under their feet.

  51. Tiger says

    Oh sure investigate the chickens while you let the Fox go to kill again, Hillary and O come to mind.

    Thank God for the few good people who gave Nunes documents showing, yes in deedy doo Trump and his Transition Team were under surveillance that had NOTHING, let me gleefully repeat, NOTHING to do with Big Bad ole Russia.

    Meaning and Nunes repeated it so the dimwits would understand no ties to Russia, that Sessions can jump into the fray with a vengeance cause he only recused himself from anything to do with Russia.

    Trump like the Lone Ranger rides again. Wear that white hat and ride Trump like the wind. What is that mushy stuff under Silver’s hooves, Democrats.


  52. Tired... says

    Honesty has been dying a slow death in the United States and the media has joyfully administered the morphine overdose.

  53. William McNamara says

    Time to lock and load, fix bayonets and run these traitorous democrats out of our country for good and all! I am sick and tired of these “investigations” and “probes” into everything conservative. This is all the treasonous work of ex-Chairman Barack Hussain Obama and he needs to be shut down. ex-Chairman Obama is running his own little war against the United States of America and it’s people to overthrow our rightfully-elected President and our government. These acts of treason will not go unanswered. The time has come, America. Choose your side wisely.

    1. Grassroots says

      From a first reading, it sounds like you’re advocating another bloody Civil War. You hate half of the population so much, you are willing to shoot and kill men women and children?

      1. Libs R Loons says

        Actually, it’s Obama who advocated for civil war in our country by his treasonous actions for 8 years and deliberately dividing the country along racial and gender lines with the help of a socialist media.
        And that’s just scratching the surface.

  54. GuardianFlame says

    America has two factions that are worse for our survival than any outside enemy country – the Elites AND the Liberals. They both have been in charge governing our country this past decade and America is sicker than she has ever been! We have more divisions between races, less respect for our Law Enforcement and more Fruitcakes running around demanding entitlements and whining like babies. WHERE HAS THE STRONG AMERICA THAT LED OUR WORLD GONE? It’s been swept under the rug by Political Correctness and other liberal madness.

    All sane Americans showed the liberal left that we refuse more insanity from their actions by voting in the one person who could mop the floor with their radical ideas — and he is doing just that! And they hate him for that!

    We are going to see the actions of a desperate people trying to slay the dragon breathing fire down their throats. Libs will say anything, will lie, fabricate, etc any story they can dream up to destroy Pres Trump before he destroys their lives, actions, and misconceptions of how they believe America should be.

    America doesn’t need more craziness, it needs down to earth thinking, expert business sense and a moral outlook that sustains, not destroys. If democrats keep embarassing themselves, those people who are fence sitting between parties will quickly jump to the Conservative side leaving those totally misguided and maligned individuals to suffer a slow lonely death. Soon the Democratic Party will disappear – a blessing for the whole world!

    1. Libs R Loons says

      VERY well-said! ^^^
      Let me add that in my opinion, we only have two parties in this country now…the Party of Trump and the Communist Party.

      1. GuardianFlame says

        You are absolutely right! God help President Trump and God help us fight those red commies!

    2. Grassroots says

      If you’re seeking a “moral outlook that sustains” in the current administration, you will be hard-pressed to find one. Anyone who can gleefully dump such important programs as Meals on Wheels had lost all morality.

      1. GuardianFlame says

        If Obama hadn’t totally screwed up the U.S., P.T. wouldn’t have to make such dire actions. Liberals have caused so many issues with this country by stretching our finances to the breaking point — also funding countries that are absolutely rude and disparaging to the U.S. All this has to stop. Meals on Wheels can be picked up by the States if it is such a good thing. Eventually after the U.S. finally starts working in the black instead of such a high debt, many of these plans will more than likely be resumed. You have to clean up all the debris covering up the really important issues…sometimes programs get lost for a while, but AGAIN. the really important programs are resumed. Don’t give up hope. Contact your state govt and see if they are taking up the slack and continuing the program.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          Brother step back for one moment. Yes Obama was an is a lying ,thieving ,corrupt, interloper scumbag.
          That said we can not in all honesty leave all the blame for our nation’s destruction on the Democrat left. Heck no The Republican party has more then it’s fair share of lying treasonous base betraying rino neo-con hacks with in that party. Take for instance this so called AHCA. Let’s name it correctly as the liberal lying Rino Health insurance industry bailout bill.
          They lied to us ! Now Donald Trump is falling in lock step with the very same swamp he promised he would Drain.
          That liberal Republican bill would not have reduced cost it certainly would not have give us the ability to choose our health care needs let alone purchase across state lines. They the Hoise an senate Repub leadership is Fucking lying to us . The AHCA IS NOT, is NOT, I REPEAT NOT REPEAL AN REPLACE WITH SOMETHING BETTER IT IS THE VERY SAME SHIT WITH A DIFFERENT NAME THAT’S IT. THE FREEDOM CAUCUS THE TRUE CONSERVATIVES PROTECTED US FROM THE LYING RINO SHIT. WE SHOULD ALL THANK THEM

          1. GuardianFlame says

            You are absolutely right! I forgot a huge percentage of individuals who caused the downfall of America – Rinos and a Conservative Congress too comfy in their positions to “rock the boat”!

            THIS is why we must have a Constitutional Convention where we pass a “TERM LIMITS” Amendment. If the old comfy deadwood codgers no longer can stay taking up space and new fresh blood with new ideas and determination to make America strong again can help America find its place in the World arena, that would be the best thing for all of us! There are so many useless Congressmen, but one of the first old codgers to go would be AZ’s John McCain – turncoat of the last decade against the American people!

          2. Peatro Giorgio says

            I mean beginning to believe that you favor the rino neo-con. In the house and Senate. EITHER THAT OR your confused as to the significant difference between The Freedom Conservative Caucus an the lying rinos an neo-cons .Neo- Constitution favor greater size government but not quite as Large as that government which liberals, Progressiveso an socialist want an love. Where as The Freedom Caucus conservatives desire much smaller federal government. That is the very Reason they refused to vote For Ryan’s AHCA or Obama like care.
            What I’m mostly passed off at Is President Trump’s go along to etc along with some information is cabinet and the rest of the lying sacks of shit in he republican house and Senate leadership.

  55. Garry T says

    LOL, will this never die…. ” they are also investigating several right-wing, pro-Trump websites to determine if they worked with the Russians to disseminate, “Fake News.” Hillary Clinton helped facilitate the sale of 20% of Americas uranium to the Russians, and no one said a word. Where’s the “Social Justice,” here?

  56. Rodzzz says

    Is the left ever going to be investigated? Or does the FBI work for them?

    1. Libs R Loons says

      As long as Comey is still running the FBI, they are working for the democrats- their biggest job being to obstruct investigations into democrat traitors and pedophiles, and redirect its attention onto law-abiding conservatives.

  57. mike says

    It PO’s me that we continue to allow our money to be spent investigating Russia connections. Where is the indictment for the Clintons?

  58. Donna Morken says

    J ust tell the FBI to quit wasting money on nonsense and come clean on what they know about HIllary and Obama and then send Comey to jail for lying.

  59. barbara says


  60. Michael Hearn says

    The FBI needs to be investigating their director James Comey

  61. JoAnn Dolberg says

    The FBI is investigating Right-Wing pro-Trump websites??? That’s a rich one! Especially considering that Bill, Hillary, Comey, Podesta, Jeffrey Epstein are all very close friends and so of course want to protect themselves from public exposure! I see that two of the names, Comey and Podesta are here in this post, underlined in wavy red lines, which tells me that my posts are being monitored. You people need to get a life and unite with the majority who can still think clearly regarding morality and immorality, good and evil. This country jhas embraced the spirit of Babylon and it will not continue to be a country if its citizens do not repent, turn from their wicked ways!

  62. Indigo Sentia Haiti says

    Actually there are numerous investigations of economic crimes involving Trump and the former iron curtain nations. The evidence is more than speculation and is enough to put Trump in prison for life in several nations including the US. The best expectation is that he quickly resigns in a deal to keep him out of prison or wait to be impeached. Trump is up to his eyeballs in scandals as well as criminal activities.

    1. rocky says

      So far the investigation has found that all the dealings in Russia by Trump and his people for many years had been with business men, and not the politicians that were ”wined and dined’ by Obama and Clinton.

  63. mholdcraft says

    Most of the fake news I saw during the campaign was against Trump. CNN and CSNBC were major players in putting out Fake stories. Maybe the FBI needs to look at some liberal organizations???

  64. Alleged Comment says

    THIS is getting so childish of the left and Demoncraps. SHE LOST OK??? She was RUBBISH!

    When will they get mature enough to look at the real danger of Hillaryous’s e-mail that contained TOP US SECRETS open to anyone – the whole world to look at, even?

    This is betrayal and treason from this RUBBISH of a lady married to a rapist, of all things.!!! What’s wrong with this commie, er Comey??

  65. paulrph1 says

    Ever feel like they have an agenda and it has not ended with Obama. It still continues on and on. They should be investigating the crimes of H Clinton and Obama.

    1. Wayne Smyer says


      1. Libs R Loons says

        Self-thumbing Soros troll alert! ^^^

  66. dranalog says

    All they need to do is investigate the Democrat party. There is enough there to fill several prisons.

  67. Linda Abernathy says

    Comey needs to get fried for this because he knew everything that has been brought forward and I also think Nunes did the right thing NOT going to the FBI because after Hillary I don’t trust the FBI either!

  68. daveveselenak says

    FUK THEM, REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION – guaranteed!

  69. Walter Flatt says




    IF NOT,








  70. Al Wunsch says

    Comey’s FBI is rapidly losing credibility among the people. He was coy on any investigation into intel leaks (we know the law was broken), he played “it depends upon how you state the question” game regarding surveillance on Pres Trump but they seem to be hard at work for the democrats to find some reason to pacify their loss via Russian – Trump collusion. The behavior of the dems, post election, should give pause to anyone who might be thinking of voting democrat next election.

  71. IceyHot says

    Leftist think their smarter than citizens they claim to represent lack intelligence, blind to actions, and little puppets. Which explains the push of technology in public schools, business, general public, create dependance on digital devices, and control our opinions. Fact is BOTS have another meaning in information security. The average user of digital devices is unaware their infected with bots working in background. Collecting, data from user devices’ based on instructions sent from central location. The collected data is returned to central control command location. The federal government is fully aware of BOTS but hindered by government law makers tying their hands. So who’s stopping the government from illegally using bots to shift blame on other countries, spying on our own citizens’, candidates, and manipulate media in effort to control public opinion??

  72. Huck Finn says

    No Doubt in my mind! This ruse is nothing but another attempt by the Left to silence Conservative opinion and to shut down the alternate news sources other than their Mainstream Liberal buddies.
    I say boycott all the mainstream news sources like ABC,NBC,CBS. Newspapers like the LA Times.,The New York Times,The San Fran Chronicle.The Washington Post,The Huffington Post,Salon and other Leftist News Sites that continue to print this fake news.

  73. randy jackson says

    What needs investigating is the FBI.
    They need to get their nose out of political business and start investigating real crime (like drug and sex trafficking & illegal immigration).
    Of course, if there is criminal political activity, it should be investigated and prosecuted. The political twist that unnerves Americans, is the FBI leaking sensitive confidential data only to harm someone (like Trump)—–and—–knowingly giving political criminals (like Ovomit, Hildabeast, Billy Boy etc.) a pass. The FBI s/b investigated and if guilty of malfeasance—-prosecuted and jailed.

  74. JIMBO says

    Why aren’t they investigating the liberals as well. there is no worst than the Linton.

  75. Shelly Shannon says

    This whole thing is such crap. I don’t even know where to begin. This is nothing more than a ploy to create a scandal and level the playing field so corrupt Hillary Clinton, who will never shake her countless scandals, will be able to throw her hat back in the ring in 2020. Any Trump supporter out there who believes all this BS is out of their mind. The FBI director should have been let go as soon as Trump entered the White House. With him it is always one for the dems and one for the republicans. He is no more non-political than I am. If he had any scruples what so ever he would end this ridiculous sharade and close this investigation. If he is so honorable and non-bias he shouldn’t have a problem hunting down those traitors who have been leaking classified information. If they can spend our tax payer money to do a world wide search for a football jersey then it shouldn’t be out of the norm to find the leakers. Obama needs to be questioned under oath since he was in control of the White House when this began.

  76. Huck Finn says

    It’s called deflection! Taking your eye off of the true problem! The real problems are with the progressive leftist’s ideology and this is just one more way to push their agenda by silencing conservative news sources all the while ignoring the push of the liberal mainstream as they put forward their one sided Marxist/Socialist reporting of leftist ideologues. This reminds me of the inferences in George Orwell’s book titled,”1984.” When I read it back many years ago,I thought little about it,but it is very prophetic in what is going on today in our nation.

  77. geneww1938 says

    Friends … read this carefully and prove me wrong where you can.
    1] Read: http://www.wnd.com/2017/03/64-ways-obama-is-sabotaging-trump/ Ex-president plots to force resignation or impeachment by Garth Kant. And Soros Report: http://northamericanlawcenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/REPORT-ON-U.S.-PATRIOT-ACT-VIOLATIONS.pdf
    2] This is a deadly war against President Trump as his administration tries to rip our country out of the Neocon’s [who are the Elitist-Shadow government-NWO-Bilderberg] evil grips and as WikiLeaks is simultaneously and independently exposing the Deep State Neocons.
    3.] Neocons pay 10,000 Euros [$11,000] to each invader into Europe (over 70% young males) with promises of young blondes starving to have their children for Allah … Those same Neocon agents are supporting these ghetto resettlements into USA and fighting the border walls, stripping government power, Obamacare repeal, conservative appointments, restoring the Constitution, cutting taxes, and strengthening USA as an independent country.

  78. roger dodger says

    The election of Donald Trump almost certainly prevented civil war.
    The liberal garbage are not smart enough to just shut up and sit down are they?

  79. Carl Looney says

    See: http://www.ifactit.com

  80. Carl Looney says

    Our only hope is that he is strong enough to beat this anti-American subversion being broadcast by Hillary Clinton and George Soros, with the Democrats in the House and Senate acting as their surrogates. WELL, LETS GIVE THEM HELL. http://www.ifactit.com/

  81. rdells says

    Hmmm… Author just another Putin Puppet.

  82. Karleen Maine Babcock says

    what a waste of time and money get over it you lost

  83. ernldo says

    Conservative sites? Holy krap, were are neck deep in stupid at the (blind) “justice” dept…

  84. ernldo says

    Mr President, begin FIRING all bathhouse Barry 0bama holdovers. The feds are infected with traitors!

  85. My country says

    Anytime the democrats focus on any certain thing you bet their trying to divert something more sinister from our hears and eyes . Democrats have now hit the bottom of the barrel and are trying every wicked thing they can do to save the illegal voting base that should not be able to vote much less have freebies or protesting in a country that they are committing a felony by being here .

  86. GuardianFlame says

    If we don’t get hold of our Country and its government, there will be no United Stares but Anarchy. So many people, all with different ideas creating chaos. If we do not turn to God for guidance, we will lose everything human and moral. What else can you do when demons are trying to control our World?

    If you haven’t figured out what is happening to our world, you are missing the boat. Reality sucks, but it’s better to know who your enemy is than to become its victim. Get SMARTER Americans. This is a hidden war with an invisible enemy – stand your ground, get knowledgeable and fight for your Country… There is no option at this point.

  87. donl says

    I believe this Russian hacking is B S, and the Russians are laughing at us for being childish.

  88. Rita Lustig says

    The FBI has become an ineffective agency! Comey’s testimonies & lack of action on truly relevant illegal activity is putting politics before law & order! A tenure of 10 years is too long for any director. Also, many of the federal staffers have become lax & too partisan in their jobs. Time to ‘Drain the Swamp!

  89. Ellender Brown says

    You just can’t fix ignorant . After all the Corruption in the Clinton Clan FBI CIA NSA DHS . Russians had nothing to do with the election . George Soros try to buy it for Clinton but his billions fail . Now he pushing a bunch of BS. about the Russians along with the corrupt Washington Mafia

  90. Walter Flatt says





    IF NOT,








  91. Jean Langford M. says


  92. TGFD says

    TGFD here.
    I’m a big fan of InfoWars, Breitbart.com and RT. I’ve never seen Sputnik News, but now I will.
    I’m also a big hater of the FBI, of its agents and of all they love, especially of their parasitic families.

    Perhaps someone on this site can tell us about just one FBI agent who has any courage, character, integrity, judgement or competence. Tell us about just one who is not a moozlum-a $$licking, panty-boy retard who will do any thing to please his or her master. I believe there isn’t even one.

    Therefore, anyone reading this has my permission to hack into the FBI’s personnel data base,to find where some of them live and where their kids go to school, and then consider dusting a few of those kids’ school lunch-box sandwiches with Polonium 210. Just the thought of Polonium 210 would scare the living $h*t out of the FBI scum, wouldn’t it? Just one sandwich would send the FBI bungling criminals into total-meltdown terror.

    Better yet…Forget about the sandwich, and Just give the Personnel files of every FBI agent to WikiLeaks so everyone can see all the interesting details about the FBI. LOL!! Eff them..

  93. Mike N says

    The Federal investigators are concerned about media links to Russia, but they have no concerns about Hillary’s uranium deal with Russia. Seems like their priorities are a little mixed up. Am I missing something here???

  94. Jordan48 says

    There is NO Russian “hacking” of our election process I 2016. This entire “false flag” fantasy was created by the Obamanation controlled DemonicRat Cartel.

    The CIA has pirated computer software that can make any governmental entity appear to have attempted to hack any entity, or government computer system. This entire fantasy was designed as a divisive and destabilizing event in the off chance that Hillary Jezebel Clinton list the election to Donal Trump.

    Obamanation must be remembered for exactly what he was, a divider and a man of grievous deception! The DemonicRat Party leadership has consistently created a lawless and chaotic government devoted to forcing a globalist state.

    This is why they advocate unrestrained immigration, oppose protectionist laws for the citizens of this nation, opposed financial budgeting practices, defy constitutional mandates that provide for individual liberties and freedoms, promote dependency upon government for perceived individual entitlements, etc. They aspire to a One World government.

  95. dkuch says

    FBI should go after George Soros and his Alphabet news agencies!!!!

  96. Hildegarde says

    it is time to get rid of the Demo in the Senate as they think all republic are bad and they are the ones who are the trouble makers. They will make up any story to try and cover there behinds. Drain the swamp

  97. calhar says

    This is outright bull**** Are the Russians contaminated with the crud??????

  98. Kendall Stephenson says

    Yes check it out. Could you really do your job and prove that the devils bride Hillary, George Soros, Obama and there cronies and or anyone helped illegal aliens and dead people to register to vote. Give a private entity power to do the investigation. With each and every guilty person, Illegal alien, or U.S. citizen that helped them to vote illegally, fine them at least $100,000.00 each (It would make it pay to look for them) For the Illegals, give them a choice. Turn in those that helped you and other illegals and any other information of interest. Deport ALL illegal aliens. As they get deported, let them know that when they get caught again in the U.S. illegally, they get fined $100,000.00 get sent to prison for ten years then get deported again. The ones that do not report on their cohorts go to prison for ten years. The U.S. traders loose their net worth and go to prison of ten years or more.
    Criminals see laws as things to get around. There is no crime in breaking the law. The crime is in getting caught. As long as they keep getting away with it they will keep committing their crimes.

  99. anthony j. manzo says

    It sure took the magnifying glass off, Benghazi, clinton emails, pay for play at the clinton foundation in connection with hillary’s state department and how about the missing six million tax dollars that disappeared from hillary’s state department. Oh well so what it wasn’t their money it was our TAX DOLLARS.

  100. rick meek says


  101. rdells says

    The FBI is looking in the Right places!!

  102. TOM P O'DONNELL says


  103. Rick says

    Can not let the truth get out so they want to shut down the real news sites. Main stream media is all lies and Marxist propaganda that has brainwashed and destroyed the young.

  104. Wayne Smyer says

    THE ELITES ARE THE TEA BRAGGING KOCH SUCCORS AND RICH REPUKE REPUBS! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1eb859a97e95e677ab7cb5aad74f20d8e900740a7c8f398dd00d4b1483a98fd9.jpg

    1. Wayne Smyer says
  105. Duane says

    So who is investigating liberal media sites for links to Russia???

  106. marion leon stephens says

    When will THEY use as much energy GOING AFTER OBAMA FOR OPENLY MEDDLING IN

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