Feminism’s Latest Absurd Cause: Manspreading


If they didn’t wield so much influence, the radical feminism popular amongst bloggers, college liberals, and hipsters would be good for a regular belly laugh. Each new cause is more absurd than the last. While in many countries women are subjected to shocking rates of rape, genital mutilation, and stunningly backwards punishments for marital infidelity, America’s feminists concern themselves with lighter fare. The latest object of their scorn is a subway phenomenon known as “manspreading.”

For the uninitiated, manspreading is where a man takes up more than his fair share of subway space by relaxing with his legs spread apart. For those who see the patriarchy everywhere, this posture is the ultimate in male privilege. It is a threatening pose, meant to mark out territory and make women feel uncomfortable. It is not, of course, simply a way to sit chosen to avoid crushing one’s own genitals. That would be too easy. And it is not, of course, vaguely comparable to, say, filling the floor and the seat next to you with shopping bags and purses. But how could it be, since women are above reproach in all things?

Dangerous and Negligent

While one columnist insisted that the manspreading campaign was a sign that feminism was heading for its last, gasping breath of relevance in the Western world, that’s a little too optimistic for me. For good or ill, the radfems are here to stay. There is something far too intoxicating about victimhood, impotent rage, and conspiracy theories, and 3rd wave feminism has all three in ample abundance. For girls who grew up with very little strife, the movement provides them with the drama their real life so sorely lacks. But just because you and I might see it for the silliness that it is, even the dumbest of their causes finds support from university professors, liberal writers, and even the president of the United States.

While this brand of feminism does great harm to men, it is even more dangerous for women. When radfems insist that any sex that isn’t accompanied by a sober, written contract is rape, they make a mockery out of a problem that deserves real attention. When they focus their energies on campaigns as idiotic as manspreading, they leave women who are really suffering twisting in the wind. When they insist that “only men can stop rape,” they deny women the tools, tips, and knowledge they need to avoid dangerous situations.

Feminism – in its prior forms – was a cause worth believing in. It fought for the right to vote, the right to work for a fair wage, and the right to be treated as equal citizens. It was an important movement filled with brave women. But it has been a long time since the feminist left had anything worth saying. That’s unfortunate, because outside America’s borders, women around the world need a voice. They need a revolution. American feminists are too obsessed with frivolities and “microaggressions” to help them out.

  1. Homer says

    There IS one good side of these Feminism nuts…….

    They Don’t reproduce!

    1. Clint McInnes says

      Sure they do. Even LoonyLeft liberal professors possess functioning sperm (well … a few). And as long as the radfem can be totally dominant in the relationship, she’ll happily initiate sex. After all, it does feel good, and self-indulgence is a hallmark of that mindset.

    2. Jerry Holloway says

      You wish no sorry we wish.

    3. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

      Sadly, you are wrong. They DO reproduce, many using sperm banks to do so. Others adopt.

      They just refuse to be part of a natural family, which is now taught as ‘nuclear family’, like the very word ‘nuclear’ isn’t designed as a turn off. They teach married hetero= bad, very bad, limiting, raping, subjugating… but anything that wasn’t originally considered normal is uplifting to them.

      1. Jonathan Brooks says

        Rose, my question is for the offspring of feminists. These girls, because feminists abort their boys, and do not adopt boys, have no male role model, brother or father, so what is their feeling on reproduction? Does the feminist crowd die out in two generations due to generating non family offspring?

  2. Maria castro says

    They never had parents that told them that life is sink or swim. I used to love when a man offered to carry my bags or help me with the poor chemicals or if I ran out of gas they came with a can and filled my tank, I thanked them. Never believed it to be a pass, I considered it a gentleman gesture as my father was like that.

    1. Trevor says

      I believe these radfems would be angry at you for accepting any of that help “from a man.” It is not surprising that men, in general, do less of those things.

      1. Jay7027 says

        You’re right, women today haven’t earned the right to be treated like that. My dad would say, “act like a man, be treated like a man. Act like a lady, be treated like a lady.” While he always believed my sister and I could achieve any dream we wished he never believed that we needed to stop being women to do so and loose that which made us feminine to begin with.

        1. Paula says

          I’ve noticed, for a long time, that women on TV drop their voices a pitch or two to have deeper more “manly” and commanding sound in their presentation. To me it comes out sounding like they have phlegm in their throats.

          1. Jay7027 says

            LOL so true maybe they eat a lot of Oreo’s and drink milk before the cameras go on. It’s so silly all the machination they go through to seem “as important.” Again my father had an awesome opinion on that, “if you have to demand from people that you are their equal, you’re not. They should already know you are by the way you respect others and yourself.”

          2. Paula says

            Wise man, your father!

          3. nan says

            I like your dad.

          4. Yadja says

            Actually Margaret Thatcher worked on lowering her voice in order to have a better speaking voice that did not sound like Sarah Palin.

          5. Shauna says

            Happy New Year Yadja!!! Wishing you and yours the happiest, healthiest, and prosperous Year yet!!!

          6. Yadja says

            You also and your loved ones. 🙂

          7. twinspineve says

            I still think women sound too screechy. I like the tone of greta. the others should lower their voices and their skirts.

          8. Paula says

            I understand about the screechy voices… one of the reasons I don’t like most female singers & male singers that hit those high notes and stays there. In the really old movies it makes my ears want to bleed when I hear Jeanette MacDonald sing.

            Lowering their voices some to be understood, speaking slowly (hankthetank brought that to my attention) is fine. But to sound like they have a throat full of phlegm and hearing it roll around in there, is not necessary. It doesn’t make them sound masculine…but their “man suits” and the voice comes across as trying to hard to be something they are not… men!

          9. Jarhead says

            And they all seem to do their make-up, hair and clothing the same – like clones?
            Consistency is not always the mother of beauty!
            Some speak so fast (a female trait) closed captioning cannot keep up with them!

          10. william couch says

            YES, Megan Kelly of fox news fame.

          11. Paula says

            Megyn Kell is a beautiful, strong, intelligent woman who makes the old sows of the LSM all look like dykes.

          12. william couch says

            Granted!! But she’s rude, talks over the quest, “AND” talks to fast. My closed caption can’t keep up!!

          13. Paula says

            Oh, sorry thought you were one of “those” that get on conservative blogs who find it impossible NOT to say negative things about conservative women.

          14. william couch says

            The only time I watch fox is when “Special Report comes on,,,, or Media buzz. Fox & Friends, don’t like Brian, and the rest is a hashtag of earlier programs…. Greta doesn’t talk a mile a second. Nor does Hasselbeck… Jenna lee either.

          15. hankthetank says

            Jarhead,did you ever hit that on the head! when a woman speaks to me on the phone, I have to tell them to slow down, that I can’t understand them!! they sound like chipmunks ! women this is true!! slow down !

          16. Paula says

            You got something there.. speaking to fast. I’ll try to remember that when I start speeding along. Thank you… honestly thank you.

          17. Paula says

            I was commenting on “twinspineve” about lowering voices. It hit me! If you slow down, speaking calmly your voice is softer and therefore a little lower! So it would be a natural sound and not a phony sound. You’re my hero… thanks

          18. Appy says

            When a feminine woman dressed like a woman walks into a room everything changes. Today when a manly dressed woman full of tattoos and a man’s hair cut walks in the room one glance is all it takes, they have no status to a man who see’s a woman as something more than his buddy.

          19. sosmartru says

            Not fair! SOME of us women have naturally low voices.

          20. Yadja says

            That is a good thing. Men like a husky voice. Just as long as you don’t have a mustache your OK.

        2. Yadja says

          Women today are self centered, self serving and believe the Reality Shows they see thinking themselves to be Diva’s while dressing like street walkers and then getting upset when a man gives them a come on.

          Well ya know if the bustier and short skirt with stilettos fit the label wear it.

          1. Shauna says

            Yadja, nothing wrong with wearing these things if your man likes it….jus saying…;)

          2. Yadja says

            Agreed but if you wear it out to a bar and not expect to get hit on then no pity from me kid.

          3. Shauna says

            agreed…However, men are visual and will stare no matter what is worn if he finds a woman attractive. Personally, my style is Ralph Lauren classic, and I “think” it’s much more fun to leave a man wondering…if ya know what I mean, BUT, I find nothing wrong with a woman going “hoochie” if she wants to or if it makes her man happy. It’s about the freedom to do whatever w/o judgement. Happy 2015 my dear! kick ass and take names later! 😉

          4. Yadja says

            My favorite also wear lots of Ralph Lauren. Also go hoochie for my man in my home but still believe you best be prepared for come on when flaunting your stuff.

            A woman must be smarter than that and to your comment about women going hoochie if she wants to be prepared with some mace or a gun cause if you go into a bar or whatever you may run the risk of rape.

            I have been raped and I flaunted nothing. So your right, men will always look but you best know how to handle trouble if you ask for it.

            Later my friend. 🙂

          5. Shauna says

            I agree to some extent, but I would hope that while out, my gentleman would be by my side, so no need to worry about those issues. I would not dress like that while out by myself, but I don’t judge a woman for dressing that way. It’s her choice. It’s about freedom. I think it’s more about behavior then dress. A truly smart woman knows how to handle herself in any situation. Yadja, I’m sorry to hear about the attack, truly sorry…..I hope that time has healed those wounds..Somehow, me thinks he didn’t get away w/o a few scars…LOLOL….God speed my dear! Keep up the good fight! 🙂

          6. Yadja says

            Thank you 🙂 The Army took care of him he was a nurse anesthesiologist and liked 2nd Lts. He drugged me. I was out for 7 hours and don’t remember a thing except the initial assault. Throwing me on my face on cement.

            I do judge a woman who chooses to dress like a ho. She knows the score. She understands that yes you have a lot of freedoms in this country but then there is the responsibility to keep yourself from harm and to stay away from places that can put you in a bad position and you better think twice about going to bars and getting drunk and staying out til all hours of the morning. That is just a given and it is a fact. A woman has to be wise.

            I never went to a bar without at least two girlfriends. We watched one another and we dressed nice. Heels and good pants or skirts or dresses and we acted like ladies and we had a blast and when I went jukin we brought the house down. They loved us and we left at an appropriate hour.

            Oddly enough my rape was in the afternoon and the guy had been following me without my knowledge and waited for the right moment. So it can happen no matter how cautious you are but I feel the best thing is don’t push your luck and watch how you act and how you dress.

            Your a sweetheart and I mostly agree with you but not so much on this one. 9 out of 10 women raped in the military were asking for it. Saw it, lived with them, He!! knows no fury like a woman scorned.

          7. Shauna says

            and that is why I carry! Been stalked…no bueno…Also, just for the record, I do not go to bars, it’s not my thing. If I go somewhere by myself it’s usually something political. rally, meeting,fundraiser, etc. and it’s usually because my friend cancelled last minute. Otherwise I always have a friend in tow..LOL…Gosh Yadja, your brave for sharing your experience, and I hope that freak gets what’s coming to him…Most men are wonderful and gentlemen, this weirdo was the bad apple…I hope one day women will be able to dress whichever way, and act like a lady, w/o the label. no woman deserves rape, no matter how she is dressed. I respect your opinion as well, I just think our society is so quick to judge and the liberals do not help with claims of fake rape either. it takes away the seriousness of it. Anyway, we might not agree on this, but I think your a badass! (hugs)

          8. Yadja says

            Hugs to you also but I don’t think there will ever come a day when women can dress anyway they want.

            It is important not to flaunt it in the wrong places. Can be dangerous, nuts everywhere.

            But I love stilettos and bustiers and tight short skirts for my man in my home.

            Rape changes everything and does not make me always right. 🙂

          9. R. L. Reich says

            I went into a car dealership a couple of days ago and asked the sales person if he minded that I look at some of his cars and he said, no, he didn’t mind at all. That’s why he had them on display.

        3. Randy Gacke says

          Very well put, Jay7027.

      2. Maria castro says

        and I don’t blame them. These ugly feminists are so desperate for attention and so delusional that they believe a kind gesture is rape. Sickos, good for nothing women, because they are the first ones to spread their legs to get ahead in politics (like Isabel Warren, The Viking Indian who dumped her husband) or to get ahead in business.

      3. Yadja says

        My youngest son’s generation are not getting married. They see women as a liability because if it doesn’t work out you get raped of everything by her. Also they see women today as Diva’s that demand more than they give. Women have put themselves in the bind and they deserve the disrespect they get from men.

        1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

          They better stay up on the common law and civil union law changes because they can lose just as much without ever having tied the knot.

          WA states newest laws have it where you have to OPT OUT or your civil union/cohabitation automatically becomes ‘marriage’ with all the benefits.

          1. Yadja says

            My youngest takes care of his father he goes out but does not bring anything home. Good guy.

            These young men of his age are weary of women and don’t get hooked-up for any length of time.

            I don’t believe any man should marry, live with or anything for any time with any woman without an agreement that defines what happens if it does not work out. No signing no nothing.

            Time men took a stand and put these money grabbing users in their place. You wanna play you play fair or your not in the game.

        2. kmdilli says

          I hate to say it Yadja, but I agree with you. I have a “throwback” daughter that has never wanted anything so much as to be a housewife and mother. Honestly- a REAL housewife, cooking, cleaning, making her man and her family the greatest ever.
          It’s unlikely that will ever happen for her.

          1. Yadja says

            I taught my daughter that the most wonderful thing about being a woman was to be the other half of a good man, take care of him her home and family. I stayed home until my children were older then I had someone watch them within their home while I worked a Baylor Shift. That meant I was home with them even then all through the week helping in their school.

            But I also taught her she had to have a good education and be able to care for herself in case things did not work out in her favor. Be prepared.

            My oldest son, born in Okinawa and traveled the world with us, opted to go to Texas to a small town where he worked and found a woman who would do just the above. He always told me I want a wife and companion and a family with my woman at home to greet me at the door.

            I don’t think women even enjoy their children anymore. I see them tugging and pulling them around and shouting at them and just very unpleasant. I always loved all the time I spent with my children when they were growing it was the best years of my life, unfortunately had a bad man and ended-up caring for all 3 on my own.

          2. Yadja says

            PSS I believe in love, family and I am sure she is lovely and kind and good and she just needs to pray on it and it can happen for her.

            What a rarity she is, you must have had a good relationship for her to have these sentiments.

          3. msueh says

            Be patient, hang in there, and pray. My daughter in exactly the same situation as your girl, found and married a Christian gentleman (she was 31 when they wed, and a virgin) – they just had their firstborn, a beautiful baby boy, Daniel.

            ONLINE even! eww. I’m old-fashioned enough to have been really nervous there! I had my doubts, but they found each other on Christian Mingle, and courted 2 years before marrying. (He had to meet & get Mama’s approval before they got serious.)

      4. Duke-Jinx says

        Yes… And with getting your fingers jammed reaching to open that door. … or even given a frown instead of the expected nod or smile… Tends to make you apprehensive.

        However, being a stubborn creature of habit… I still open the doors. 🙂

        1. Trevor says

          Thanks for doing that, regardless.

          1. Duke-Jinx says

            Thanks ! …didn’t help the fingers much, but sure helped the motivation. 🙂

    2. Paula says

      Yes Maria… or holding a door open for you..whether you had packages in your arms or not! Or saying HONEY (like to a waitress) when asking a question to a stranger. And to be referred to as a GIRL. The fems have ruined the “feel good” of being a female!

      1. Maria castro says

        Yes, I missed those good old times. On the other hand, when I did the shows in New York while working in the clothing business, I had to wait for hours in my booth for 4 big bears from the union, to carry a 3 pound carton, I was not allowed to carry it myself. Is a crazy world.

        1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

          That was more about UNION pay and limiting work not done by union ‘bears’, (I prefer the term ‘goons’ though) than anything with you being a ‘weak’ female.

          1. Randy Gacke says

            I’ve worked a lot of conventions under union control and you’re absolutely right, MyRose.

        2. hankthetank says

          That was the Unions !!!

    3. fred says

      Thanks Maria, I wish that all women would appreciate and understand your thoughtful comment. Maybe some of the women who want to be men might even take a cue from your insight. Manners and good treatment of each other is sometimes work, yet it can also be a pleasure as well.

      1. Maria castro says

        Thank you Fred and Happy New Year! A gentleman will always be a gentleman to those that have the principles of respect and helping another human being. But today, be careful, or you will be sued, liberals are animals.

    4. Rattlerjake says

      It used to be rewarding to be a gentleman. A nice smile or maybe a thank you from the “damsel in distress”, but today a man must think twice about helping a “female” and risk being sued for ‘sexual advances’.

    5. Appy says

      I opened the door of a JC Penny store for a lady with an arm full of packages she was so offended that she set the packages down and opened the door three times and said I don’t need some man to open doors for me..and stormed off dropping two of the packages.
      I was taught as a boy to show respect to a woman and use your manners and watch your language around woman. Today a woman is willing to give up her revered station under God for what?

      1. Maria castro says

        Maybe they are frustrated hermaphrodites. I love being a woman, I love a gentleman to open doors for me, I love a compliment, it brightens my day. I will never understand the mentality of the she/he feminist, that between you and me I think they have a sexual problem, they are always unhappy and offended.

        1. Paula says

          Can’t imagine the kind of man that would marry a fem. Someone who needs to be told what a POS they are on an hourly bases!

      2. Paula says

        How ridiculous! What was there to prove, she, too, could open a door? Fems have the manners of a dung beetle. I’ve held the door open for people coming in behind me… and I always get a thank you from a man..women, not always.

    6. splooshman says

      Thank you! A real woman speaks. Men don’t do those things to prove a woman’s weakness, incompetence or inability to do them. Men do them out of respect and kindness for women. The femi-nazis are so busy hating men they overlook the real reason men do what we do. And if it was really about proving something, why don’t they open doors for men and buy their dinners. Nope, it’s about man-hating…period. Thank again for being a real woman Maria! It is greatly appreciated.

      1. Maria castro says

        My dad used to tell my brother, treat every woman with consideration and respect, think of your sister and your mother. Keep the basics of etiquette, but do you think these liberals were ever taught proper behavior and/or manners? The word THANK YOU doesn’t exist in their vocabulary.

    7. k.b . mcdan says

      Many of us enjoy being treated like we are special to a man. I find having doors opened and chairs pulled out very charming. I like to work and be paid on an equal scale. I know I am a woman, and like it that way. The women who have taken things beyond reason, usually live to regret it. They become the main bread winners and end up
      angry that their husbands get to spend more time with the children,. Plus, it is hard to say well, I have had enough. You become the head of household now! It usually ends in divorce when the rolls change. Or a woman marries a guy she can treat like a wife!
      My girlfriends and I joke about putting an ad in the paper, “WIFE WANTED, NO SEX REQUIRED”. HAVING SOME-
      ONE TO HANDLE THE HOME IF YOU WORK IS A BLESSING. Problem is many men think
      she is suppose to work, raise the kids, and keep the house. He rides the lawn mower every two weeks and goes to play golf! Some women decide working is the ticket,then she demands the same treatment! Then she is called the “B” word.
      Women have started working due to having been left with the kids to raise, he just leaves. She is treated badly and feels trapped. Working is empowering. No easy answers.

      1. Maria castro says

        I know what you mean and most men try it. My advice to women, love them dearly but stand your ground. Never take them a glass of water of anything if they are watching TV, unless they are very, very sick, but if they are working in the yard and you don’t want them to come in and spoil the floor you just finish cleaning take them the glass of water to the door. You will save time and work. Like I say most of us that have stayed married have learned to play the game and is not easy.
        Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year to you and family.

        1. k.b . mcdan says

          God bless you and your family. May this new year be filled with joy, happiness and wonderful things. Thank you for a good message. You have figured it out!

    8. nan says

      These women that have some kind of problems ruined that behavior from men. They went to far and by the looks of this article they still are. I sure agree with you.

  3. william C says

    Today’s feminist movement has catapulted itself to the height of absurdity.

    1. Jerry Holloway says

      It goes back to the old saying give an inch they want a mile.

      1. Kent2012 says

        that is what we are seeing when we turn on the TV and see images from Ferguson, Missouri or the oral office….

        1. Paula says

          And what is taught in the schools. There are progressive/liberals/socialists/communists (whatever they are) teaching the young boys & girls. These dangerous socialists are giving kids the “option” of being genderless. Or being either boy or girl, whatever they feel like today! Teaching 5 year olds that they are sexually confused (?). What kind of person is society creating? Frightening.

      2. Jarhead says

        I always thought it was a foot? Pun intended!

    2. fred says

      I hope it’s just the person who wrote this trash piece that is trying to stir the pot and make people angry, it might not be this way to the majority of women in this country!

      1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

        The conservative women don’t feel this way, they still appreciate spouses and others holding doors or giving mild compliments (not strong innuendo), they want to work and have families at the same time. While many would appreciate HELP with household chores they don’t have sh^tfits and make the man do his own laundry or dishes.

        Feminists HATE conservative women more than they do rapists, terrorists, and genital mutilators.

        Many younger woman who grew up seeing sonogram pictures -don’t buy into the ‘clump of cell bs’ or ( it’s not a baby. ) They’d like to see LESS abortion BUT feminists still try to confuse with the ‘what about rape and incest? (answer – includes less than 3% of terminations)
        what about mothers life or health? answer- Doctors were always allowed to ‘save the mother! not allowing abortion just means an additional medical team there to try to save the baby also.

  4. scottymoore says

    The next great cause for American women to fight? Is this the new all inclusive gender racism?
    Time to spread out and have a good laugh.

    1. Paula says

      That’s being done. In grammar schools, not calling kids boys or girls.. but everyone is called something stupid like Penguin! Or asking the kid, what do you feel like today (a boy or a girl). The fems have been emasculating men for as long as I can remember… now they have an ally in the White House to further this agenda.

      1. scottymoore says

        Hey Paula. thanks for bringing this back to my attention. for I was busy ignoring that. Even though I have to laugh at these, “causes”, we must stand up against them and the spirit behind them to destroy any decent freedoms we have as individuals.
        Living based on how we feel at any given moment leads to apathy, confusion, lazy morality and lawlessness.

        1. twinspineve says

          our men are choosing foreign brides. if our women don’t wise up there are going to be a lot of old maids in this country.

  5. Doug says

    My guess is that there were other seats available to anyone who didn’t want to make an issue out of no issue. Get a life (without a man and quit bothering me!)

  6. Jay7027 says

    Btw I always thought the toilet seat argument was stupid as well. Adjust it for yourself. I know it’s called a thrown room but, give me a break. You got hands fix it. If I’m not watching where I’m sitting then I deserve a wet butt. I don’t harass my husband to put it down every five seconds and he doesn’t harass me to put it up.

    1. OldHighlandGuyOne says

      Now that is a liberated woman. Thank You Jay7027!

    2. Wes Horn says

      I agree. I’ve always thought the argument that a woman sitting on the toilet at night and the seat being up is men being horrid human beings so absurd. Who in their right mind is gonna bare their butt and sit down without looking at where they are gonna sit first? My ex-wife explained the toilet seat thing best, she said it just looks better when down and I agreed so I always put it back down when I was finished. It made life easier living in a house with two daughters and a wife.

      1. Larry Miller says

        This should never have been an argument. My wife of 43 years was and has always been respected/loved enough for the toilet lid conversation to never arise.
        Today’s females are totally missing out.
        Respect is never a given, so if females want less than average treatment, just continue down the current path.
        However if you want to be treated like a princess, act like one.
        Oh and by the way ladies, you are not the poster balm of beauty. That comes from class, style, how you conduct and carry yourself. The same is true with men.
        So ladies get over yourself. Every man you meet is not itching to get into the sack with you.

    3. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

      We found an awesome compromise. Keep BOTH seat & lid down, this keeps pets from drinking or swimming in there and allows each person to choose their personal need at the moment.

  7. Kent2012 says

    I wonder how the hags would feel if one of the clowns in DC wanted to put sharia law on the “table” for a vote ??

    1. Paula says

      A lot of them are for it! But then, that would be the end of the feminists… in muslim-land a woman is NOTHING but a baby maker. Ever wonder why fems aren’t protesting the atrocities that muslim “men” do against women? These fool-fems know that if they stepped out of line with a muzzie.. it would be off with her head. Fems have been targeting white males since they crawled out from under the rock.

  8. concernative says

    I still find women that enjoy being women. As for the rest..it’s their loss.

  9. R Jeffrey Savlov says

    I have never heard anything so idiotic in my lift. Men sit the way they do because of the appendages which nature has placed in the location between their legs. It is strictly to alleviate discomfort when sitting not a macho method of marking territory or an act designed to threaten women. If these feminazis spent less time bowing down to the liberal arts idols in colleges and universities and dedicated more time looking for ways to improve their image, there would be a greater respect for them and they would be taken more seriously.

    1. OldHighlandGuyOne says

      Or if they would just study physics……….

  10. brabbie2002 says

    Being of the female persuasion, I am appalled that the news makes heroes out of these “dykes”. Gentlemen, you were put on this Earth by Lord GOD Almighty to be just that – Men! HE did NOT put you here to be the door mat for this bunch of pea brained leftists hell bent on destroying the American family. Stand up and fight. I am behind you all the way! I hate it when this perverted bunch of slug trails refer themselves as all women. NO! All women do NOT support them. They are as disgusting to us as they are to men!!! YUCK is not a strong enough word but I cannot use that kind of language on this site!

    1. muf69 says

      Hear Hear!! I am right behind you!! to brabbie2002

  11. WhiteFalcon says

    They come out with this kind of BS frequently, and each time they make themselves look more and more like a bunch of morons, which they are. So, I suppose in a strange sort of way they are being honest.

  12. dhwilson58 says

    Typical brain dead women (of all hair colors!) I’m really stumped as to how I and men in general could possibly be attracted to one of the dumbest animals on earth !! I ask myself, is this the real reason men go Gay? If it wasn’t for that one organ, If women weren’t sitting on the world men want, the radical feminist and women in general would be on the endangered list !! A note to all the women out there that’s SO insecure they feel the need to constantly stir the $h!t Pot: with all the crap going on in this not so normal world, from a muslim terrorist in the WH to a creepy little zipper head wanting to launch a nuke our way, why not focus on some real issues, maybe something productive for the country? I’m not going to tell ya’ll to shut your mouths, that would be like asking Obama to tell the truth, it just can’t be done! It’s like, if your bowels moved as much as your mouth you’d $h!t yourself to death but try, you’d feel better about yourselves and wouldn’t have the need to trash men, think women are a minority, get paid less for the same job as a man and so on and on and on!! Here’s another one for you… Women are NOT the same as man no matter how bad all you dikes would like to think so. Ya’ll are always trying to change things like police physical testing, military training and so on, these job training courses are made so these people applying for these jobs can stand up to the demanding requirements of that job. You women radicals are always trying to lower the testing standards so YOU can pass but at the end of the day, would you want someone come to your aid who CANT DO THE JOB? hardly not but ya’ll are trying to get the job you can not do risking your life other persons who can do the job LIFES and the victims lifes! Bottom line…. Shut your mouths and act like women should act! Stop being busy body B!t@h’s !!!

    1. Jarhead says

      And stop trying to look like a Victoria’s Secret model……eat a meal for gosh sakes!
      It makes more to love!

    2. Paula says

      As usual it’s the small percentage that grips and is outraged and offended…and those are the ones that get the laws changed. I’ve yet to meet a real fem… women I know that are single want to meet a real man. But the liberal media has given men so many damned mixed signals..that men are leery.

  13. Patriot47 says

    feminist = man-hater

  14. Yadja says

    LOLOL talk about reaching into the bottom of the barrel to find something to complain about. Good Grief.

  15. eli says

    All those feminists are just sexually concerned broads. That explains their constant frustration toward men. I never had man in my life who cared about me, but always appreciate when they help me with errands I cannot perform.

  16. KLH6 says

    Whatever happened to the NOW gang? I lost all respect for all liberal womens groups long ago. I remember years ago before 9/11 reading an article about Afghan women. Their life expectancy was lower 40’s. They weren’t allowed to go to school or go out without a male relative escort. We all know about Muslims vision for the world:Sharia law. It’s already happening in Muslim enclaves all across Europe. Then they’ll be fighting for their very existence. I don’t hear any liberal females talking about that. All I hear them spout off about is their right to birthcontrol pills for free and abortion. Being a conservative female, the thing that disgusts me the most is their cconsistent attack on conservative Republican women. Very intelligent women who do not see themselves as victims. We must keep our kids out of liberal public schools and if that’s not possible fight the liberal propaganda they’re spoon fed everyday. We have 3 daughters and 2 granddaughters. One granddaughter is only 3 years old. But the rest are more conservative and don’t fall for this liberal feminism. But the main thing is their faith and belief in God.

  17. AlexaNicole says

    Jackson Katz spoke and made a video about this sort of thing. He explained how our society retaliates against women in different ways out of fear whenever they believe women are gaining more power. I think it’s obvious from the comments, that do everything from criticize women with lower voices to assume feminists are all homosexuals who do not reproduce, that this is exactly what many (not all) American men do each time they feel threatened. There is no other reason for such rudeness. I mean really….bringing up sharia law? Stupid. Just plain asinine. Nowdays everyone assumes they know everything without ever doing any research or stepping outside theid bubble. I’m happy to call myself a Feminist even a “RadFem”, it’s the widespread narcissicism that this country needs to worry about.

  18. Dean Esmay says

    But women taking up space with too many bags and huge purses and yes, spreading their legs, THAT’S not a problem, right? yeesh.

  19. fred says

    It always saddens me that some women would prefer that men would become women bc everything we do doesn’t meet their approval. Then i open a door or carry a package or shield them from a crowd of bad people while walking down a mean street, just because thankfully that is how I was raised, and the women I help are so grateful and complimentary that I just ignore the items like this article that seek to make us divisive. I figure I will continue to go with the high percentage of women who appreciate a man who appreciates them, and not take the low road leading to conflict. If we all looked for ways to make each other happy, how much better would life be? We certainly wouldn’t have the physical crimes being committed or property crimes either, because “respect” would be a word more people actually practiced in their interactions instead of it being a soundbite on MSM news! Live by the “Golden Rule” and you will have a happier life! The truth is there are differences between the sexes, lets celebrate and laugh at this stuff, not make divisive issues out of them for no good reason. Have a nice time, smile and you’d be surprised how much happier life can be, it really is that simple.

  20. abbeyc says

    These women are truly idiots. Nothing but a PAC for the DUMBacrats. Ladies, where is your ire when you read of the horrors that afflict our sisters in the mid east? Nowhere to be found. These women are incredibly stupid and are what Jonathon Gruber so poignantly spoke of.

  21. Patti Ferguson Bankson says

    Raised by helicopter parents… a trophy for merely showing up… yada, yada. These women have no sense of self-worth, without some kind of external validation. Time to grow up, “Ladies”!

  22. Jarhead says

    YES men are the real problem: MENopause, MENstruation, MENdel’s Law, and GUYneccology!
    You know the spreading of male legs may merely be for educational purposes?

  23. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    Well, that’s it then. We will just have to go to segregated subway cars in order to accommodate the FemiNazis.

    They say that Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus, but these FemiNazis fell to Earth from Uranus.

    1. howard higgins says

      maybe they hit the earth from uranus but i flushed toilet on the ones that came from mine.

    2. GI Joe says

      Not MY anus, brother! I would NEVER harbor THAT malignant a parasitic bunch.

  24. pinchas says

    excellent article….thank you.

  25. papa doug says

    Shooting themselves in the foot. It sounds like someone had a solution looking for a problem. I drove a city bus for 31 years, over two million miles and I learned one immutable fact… That women take up as much room as men do and often more. Grocery bags, diaper bags, strollers, shopping bags and what not all necessary and all carried onto the bus by women taking up 2-3 seats and the floor. So lets stop crying WOLF! and focus attention on real problems such as the inequity in wages between men and women that still exist. How about working to eliminate rape, female genital mutilation and draconian punishments for infidelity and spousal abuse. These things still exist and need eradicating so feminists of America rise up and work to eliminate these things and you will find America behind you!

  26. Ferd321 says

    If you wish to see a radical feminist foam at the mouth, take her for a tour around the inside of your home, or, as an alternative, a walk around the city. Ask her to point out any item of modern 21st century life she sees that was either designed or built by a female. (Remember, they have had fifty years to whine and make “progress” towards full equality.) If still resistant, ask her why the top rated chefs and women fashion designers are 90% male. Finally, to put the unequal pay false argument to rest, ask her how many women work on oil rigs or do high steel construction in New York City. (Dangerous and high paying),
    My guess is that this will cause further resentment, and will not be a come to Jesus moment for her. If your mind is full of hate, and you have reached your conclusion prior to impartially looking at the facts, there is no hope for you. Emotion triumphs logic in these harridans.

  27. Ricarrdo estavans says

    How come only men between 18-25 have to register with the Selective Service. What about females? What are they special? Lets see these feminazis demand female registration.

    1. k.b . mcdan says

      I should have known I would find you stirring things up! LOL Hope you had a great Christmas! I wanted to join the service, but it wasn’t something my family wanted for me. I have several friends who served. Some still are., mostly nurses.
      Be sweet. victoria

      1. Ricarrdo estavans says

        Hi there Victoria. Can’t help myself. I was purchasing stamps when I noticed a Large stack of Selective Service brochures in the Hamlin, Pa. post office. In large print it read MEN between 18-25 must register. I said to myself how sexist is that. A publication produced by the Government advocating special treatment and discrimination. I do not know if I want women in combat, in so called front line roles, however they can train in boot camps and provide support during combat. I know women are assigned to many facets of service after “Volunteering”. I just want them to “Register” like the boys have to.

      2. Ricarrdo estavans says

        One more thing, Happy New Year.

      3. Ricarrdo estavans says

        One one more thing my mother was an army nurse during WW2. That’s how she met my dad who was injured when he fell off a Destroyer Escort Ship he was assigned to.

        1. k.b . mcdan says

          I can understand why you see it the way you do. It would be nice if We could chat. You have So many things to share. My Dad was in the Navy and met my mother in London, They were married in a church that was partially bombed.
          My older brother was born at my grandparents. Mom came to the States
          after my dad got out of the service. She was one of the first war brides to our state.
          I tell people it qualifies me to be a tea drinking red neck!
          I am in the South. We love AMERICA, ICED TEA, PICK UP TRUCKS, AND REPUBLICANS!
          Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice tea party. To dress the table out with the best china,
          fancy linens, tea pots, lemon curd, finger sandwiche. And other tea party goodies.
          I aman originalmember of the Tea Ladies here. We raise money for the beutification
          and historic efforts of our city. I love my City. My dad was one of the people who formed it into a City. He was the Chief of Police, councilman and Mayor Pro-tem. I have always been active,in politics. I am serving as a Citizens Advisor. The Mayor appointed,me about three years ago, I enjoy being involved.
          We have been noted as one of the best cities to raise a family in National magazines. It is a nice place to live, our mayor has served for 39 yrs. He is a historian, a published author, a former teacher, principle, and holds a doctorate in education.He has been instrumental in seeing that the cit. Is geared for families.
          We have several ball parks, family parks, a
          Country Club with a lovely golf course. Our city has no debt, we are building two new fire stations due our growth. We have maintained a steady housing boom here.
          Don’t know why I told you all of that, could be because I was talking to Mike, our Mayor a bit ago. He is my good friend.I am very proud of him..I am going to stay home tonight. My pets hate the boom booms, as we call them, so I like to stay with them.
          Plus, I am @ the age being out in all the confusion isn’t my thing. I have a nice fire going in my den, some soft jazz playing and I am quite happy.
          Did I tell you I totaled my car right before Thanksgiving? I was switching lanes and going about 40-45. I looked to my left to make sure no one was in my blind spot, it was clear. I pulled into the lane to find two cars parked there. I didn’t have time to even brake! It was a pretty big hit. My precious tea cup poodle went flying into the dash. When the fire dept, EMS, 4 police cars all got there,my front seats were covered in blood.
          I was looking all over myself to see if I was bleeding. It was my dog.He smashed his little nose and was bleeding really bad.. Everyonebwad,asking if I was hurt, I was freaking out about Mikey. I asked one of the firemen to please check out Mikey. HE took him and and assured Mr other than a nose bleed He seemed FINE! Thank the Lord he was! The police told me I was lucky my aitlr bags didn’t go,off, they would have broken Mikeys little neck. I said a word of prayer, thanking God for protecting the little guy. He is my baby, my best friend. He brings me such joy. He loves to get dressed up and go out with me. He is all White and is the cutest thing. He melts my heart.
          I was blessed to find a nice used car. No payments! It is a year newer than my old one,it has all new tires,leather interior,us a one owner and garage kept. Plus,it has 45,000 less miles on it and My CD player works! Mine had broken

  28. satin85718 says

    As for men sitting with their legs spread apart happens while they stand as well. The male testicles need to be kept at a cooler temp than the body. Try looking at some medical books on this issue. Feminists are jerks of the lowest of female! They are usually men haters and many are lesbians. So……what else can we expect from their views?

  29. Ohso says

    In Sodom by the Sea the Separatist / Neo-Exterminationist Misandry (Hatred of Men & Boys, Masculinity & Normal Heterosexuality) is proudly celebrated during the annual tax subsidized Anti-Male Hate Riot known (but now heavily censored by the lamesteam media) as the SF Dyke March.

    Although they Refuse to apply for any permits, pay any costs from the huge mess they make – and of course use Bulls on Hogs (aka ‘Dykes on Bikes’ to Gridlock the City and Ban Males from the Public Street – the Police are too frightened of the Twysted Systers to even say boo – although the Mission Street Police HQ is usually cut off from the rest of the world by the screaming psychodyke takeover.


    Men told not to rain on parade Unity key to Dyke March / 50,000 expected at S.F. Dyke March 50,000 expected — MEN NOT ADVISED.

    Women rule the world, if only for a little while – SFGate

    For a few hours Saturday night, Vicki Noblegot a fleeting glimpse of a WORLD DEVOID OF MEN…

    — and she came away excited and deeply moved. “This is what the world would look like if women ruled the world, which we intend to do,”


    1. Paula says


  30. 4nik8liberals says

    Feminazis are Bulldykes who have a fetish for Snap on Tools.

  31. Mark says

    If the neurotic feminists have nothing better to do than sit around bitching about “How men bother us”, that’s ok with me. The pursuit of non-intellectual ideas is becoming a science with them.

  32. bdcorvette says

    There will never be anything called womanspreading. When they open ’em up, we come a-calling. 🙂 These gals are seriously emotionally damaged.

  33. grin-n-barrett says

    I feel bad for men today. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Open a door? Insulted or thanked. Don’t open a door called rude or complimented. Make a compliment? Attacked or thanked. Don’t compliment called heartless or uninterested. Offer a hand? Cut off at the knees or thanked. Offer to help told I am not helpless I can do it myself…. They simply can not win, one way or the other, someone will tell them how wrong, useless, worthless they are. Personally, I always enjoyed having my door opened for me. I am a woman, I am a strong woman but I am a woman and I enjoy being treated like a lady.

  34. Vernon Cunningham says

    I sit to be comfortable. Don’t really care what anyone thinks. I will make room for a person sitting next me because I am a gentleman. But if shre shows herself tpo be more man than woman, Screw that. I will sit comfortable. She can beg for rfecognition.

  35. whisper says

    While they maybe stinking up articles about “manspread”, they are pecularily silent about men sharing bathrooms and shower rooms with them or their little girls.

  36. gavinwca says

    How irrelevant have the pruned faced Fiminazies become.

  37. splooshman says

    Manliness and Manhood have become lost ideals that have created a host of tragic consequences in society including the destruction of the traditional God-inspired family unit with the rise of the feminist movement. It is time for men to regain their rightful place in the home and in society as exemplary role models and strong, compassionate leaders. To this end, I was inspired to write the following declaration on manliness titled “I Am a Man” and offer it to you in hopes you will read it daily to be reminded of what it means to be a man. I have been uplifted, inspired, motivated and gained greater courage and determination to fulfill my proper role as the Patriarch of my home, and assume greater responsibilities in the community. It is not the role of men to be domineering and overtly demanding of those around them, but rather to lead by example with kindness, love, compassion and strength, showing that only by living correct principles can we be truly happy. A leader does not stand behind and drive others with a whip, nor stand in front and bark orders, but rather stands out from the pack and quietly, confidently beckons them to “come, follow me” as Jesus Christ taught. A real man does not cower behind others nor follow blindly where others may lead to his own destruction. A manly man is not found spending countless hours playing mindless video games, out drinking with the boys, indulging in illicit drugs, avoiding personal responsibilities, or hiding from life’s challenges that lead to growth and opportunity. A real man takes care of the hard things first and enjoys diversion later if time allows. Manhood does not “just happen” when a boy turns a certain age. Manhood is not about age but about character. A fourteen year old boy may be more of a man than one that’s 35, demonstrating through attitude and action he is serious minded, determined, full of courage and self-confidence, and makes a personal effort to prove his manhood by fulfilling his responsibilities. A man acts not according to his own pleasure, but according to correct principles that prove his manhood and build him into a model citizen, exemplary leader, and a patriarch in his home. God created Man to stand at the head of the family. This does not mean he should stand above or behind but rather beside his spouse with their children gathered at their sides. Man is the hunter, the gatherer, the protector and defender, he is the watchman on the wall and the warrior fighting to preserve peace and liberty for all. He does not forfeit to another that which he can do himself. Feminists are going to hate this!

    Here is my declaration…

    I Am A Man!
    By Guy L. Stephenson © July 2013

    I am a Man!

    And as a man my duties are: first, to that God which gave me life, liberty and His plan for Happiness while in this mortal sphere; Second, to myself in developing and using wisely my spiritual gifts, my physical and mental well-being to act appropriately, my intellect to provide for my daily needs, and my heart to show compassion and mercy to my fellow man; Third, to my wife who stands beside me and to whom I promise loyalty, love and kindness, demonstrating daily in both thought and deed that she is both my eternal companion and equal partner in all things; Fourth, to my family, whether they are near or far, to show love, loyalty, kindness, duty and be an example of personal righteousness in daily living; Fifth, as a citizen of my community and nation, to provide service, sacrifice, honor, loyalty, duty, and strive to maintain that personal and national liberty that gives all men opportunity, equality and
    prosperity. Why? Because…

    I am a Man!

    And as a man I will stand tall and fear no man, standing neither above nor below any man but God. I will not complain about that which I do not possess, nor envy that which another man does. I will take responsibility for my own actions, rely on no man for my daily provisions, and never ask for that which I am not willing to sacrifice, nor strive to gain anything without personal effort. I will trust no man but God, give respect to all men until it is lost, love all men even when they become my enemy, and forgive all offenses hoping God will forgive mine.

    I am a Man!

    As a man I will live in confidence of my God-given abilities to accomplish my life’s work with joy and
    passion. I will live life to the fullest, refusing to succumb to doubts and fears of any kind, determined to show courage and nobility as a son of God, willing to submit to His will in all things and endure every trial of faith and personal sacrifice He gives me, accepting them with faith, humility, gratitude and knowledge that they are my personal cross to bear for my eternal growth and His glory, remembering that Christ suffered all things; that my challenges and struggles, no matter how severe, will never match those which He endured for my sake.

    I am a Man!

    And as a man I will stand against evil and corruption wherever I find it, leaving in God’s hands that
    which I cannot change, allowing for the Will of God and His Plan for man, as well as the Free Agency of all men to live according to their desires whether they be good or evil. I will seek to exert power over no man but give them full Liberty to define their lives, possess property, seek happiness and
    defend their liberty, while demanding of them the same Liberties given to all men by God, which are guaranteed and protected as Inalienable Rights under the Rule of Law.

    I am a Man!

    And as a man I will seek Truth wherever it may be found, believing that all truth stands in Harmony with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for He is the Creator, Redeemer and Judge of all men. I will always stand ready to conform my personal beliefs and actions to the Gospel as I gain greater knowledge through study, prayer and inspiration about eternal truths, remembering that the Glory of God is Intelligence, and Joy and Salvation come only by knowledge of, and faith in, Jesus Christ, who is
    the Author of Life, Liberty and Truth.

    I am a Man!

    I am a man because God created me as such and I will give all Glory and Honor to Him. I will prove to
    God, to myself and to my fellow man that I am a man, by living in accordance with the sacred oaths, covenants, duties, knowledge and laws I have been given, with integrity, honor, faith, love and courage, forsaking those things that are degrading and people that live contrary to the will and character of God. I will pray as a child and live as a man so that I may become like God, my Heavenly Father, who is perfect and filled with endless glory, knowledge and power.

    I am a Man!

    I am a man, and as such I have been endowed with the ability to achieve Greatness. It is my nature to
    achieve, to explore, to conquer and to push the limits of human existence and knowledge. Though I may fail often and do so spectacularly, I am unafraid of failure, nor do I consider myself as such. Each time I fall, I will stand up, brush myself off, and start anew. I will view each fall as an opportunity to learn and to discover where I can improve, believing I will ultimately succeed. I will strive for greatness in all things, knowing I will fall short in most things while refusing to quit! I will drink the cup of Victory and stand in the presence of Greatness.

    I am a Man!

    I am only a man, yet I am one of God’s greatest creations. I will stand strong in defense of correct
    Principles against all opposition while knowing that I too will fall short of the mark. I will stand firm in the faith, walk in humility, and march forward with meekness. Faith is my shield, Truth is my sword, Courage is my garment, God is my strength, and Liberty my banner. I am not perfect but I will strive to be. I make no excuse and ask no quarter. I am not without guilt, but I will hope for forgiveness. I will certainly offend though I have no desire to do so. I say this now, so that you may know, I am a Man! There is neither price nor power that will cause me to exchange my nature and manhood for something less. Nor will I excuse myself for being and acting as a man. I stand on the mountain and
    shout to all who can hear me…

    I am proud to be a Man!

  38. seersuckerandapanama says

    A radfem is a woman who, when about to address an auditorium audience of women, tells the Sharia Muslim who is holding out to her the burkha that he wants her to put on, “I don’t have time to put that on. I’m about to give a speech about the Republican war on women.”

  39. BangZoom! says

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get more absurd…..

  40. mjmaf says

    No one is stopping women from “manspreading” on the trains. But honestly, it does not put on a good look, unless one does not care about such things. How many Female talk show women sit man-like? Well?

  41. K. Q. Duane says

    Radical second waves feminists were just plain old psycho bitches, this new crop of third-wave radical feminists are simply quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack quacks.

  42. joe says

    They should be home baking pies for their men or running a vacuum cleaner.

  43. Paula Pragmatic says

    I’m from Ontario, Canada. Here, even in the year 2014, there are VERY few men who take up seats on the buses. The reason why is because there are STILL gentlemen in this world. There is STILL chivalry. Every day men will usually give up their seats and stand for the duration of their trips home/and to work for the elderly, pregnant women, children, disabled, and of course, just for women. It is rare that I see any able bodied person take up a seat for someone who needs one more.

    Although it is difficult to spot a person with an invisible disability, we usually don’t get many douchebags on buses taking up seats and room (when I say douchebags, I mean they count for any truly able-bodied person; man or woman who deliberately don’t give a sh*t about anyone) In Toronto, there was one man dubbed “The Leprechaun” last year who was an extreme arsehole to some lady on the bus for absolutely no reason. The entire city was on a ‘manhunt’ for this douchebag….The Greater Toronto Area has a population of nearly 6 million people…but somehow for some strange reason, feminists in Toronto now want to ban ‘manspreading’….I find this weird since only one incident where a man refused a woman to sit down was made known…as well as his actions were shamed by the entire city/province and country!!!

  44. Shauna says

    Oh good lord..So, I guess the whole, “war on women” narrative ran it’s ridiculous course and they have to find something to rag on men about…I got news for the arm hair pit toting, non leg shaving, trolls….no need to worry…you can dye your arm pit hair any color and they still won’t look. Men can “manspread” all they want as far as I’m concerned…kinda cavemanish….HOT!

  45. millerstwo says

    Oh my Lord you’ve got to be kidding I thought that these “pinko-commi” broads had finished their insignificant little war against men? They have the audacity to maintain their “Holier than thou” attitudes while we all know that it was Eve who committed the original sin by ENTICING Adam to taste the forbidden fruit……how naughty !

  46. dianiline says

    “…any sex that isn’t accompanied by a sober, written contract is rape….”

    That may be a little strong, and it does minimize the serious problem of rape, but really sex *should* be accompanied by a sober contract beginning with “Dearly Beloved”, and ending with “I now pronounce you man and wife”.

  47. Nina Ferguson says

    Why can’t people just decide for themselves whether or not they are idiots, according to the rad-fems(?), or people with common sense.

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