Feminist Mag: Wonder Woman Should Be Fat, Black, and Gay


Feminist media critic Stephanie Abraham wrote a piece for Ms. Magazine this week that takes the filmmakers behind the new smash hit Wonder Woman to task for not sacrificing hundreds of millions of dollars in worldwide revenue for the chance to instead make a grand, laughable statement about social justice. Rather than cast former model Gal Godot in the title role, Abraham argued, the studio should have turned Wonder Woman into an overweight black lesbian.

Perhaps the Wayans brothers are taking note.

Abraham starts off acknowledging the film’s success, the female director, and a few of the movie’s attempts at diversity, but none of this is apparently good enough. When you critique a film from the position of radical feminism, after all, the only thing that matters is how well or poorly the movie gets your politics across. It doesn’t seem to occur to Abraham that the movie was targeting a somewhat larger demographic than the furry-legged Slutwalkers of Berkeley, California.

“Why couldn’t Wonder Woman be a woman of color?” Abraham asks. “When it was announced that Gadot would play Wonder Woman, audiences went wild body shaming her for not having large enough breasts. One can only imagine the white supremacy that would have emerged had the announcement said instead that she would be played by a Black woman.”

Proof that “audiences went wild body shaming” the actress for not having big enough boobs to play Wonder Woman? We’re sure Abraham found some cretins on some geek board who expressed that opinion, but we don’t remember some huge national controversy over the size of her breasts. But hey, when you’re preaching to the choir, you can use all the strawmen you like.

“With the body positivity movement gaining steam, the film could have spotlighted female warriors with fat, thick and short body types,” she laments. “While people have said that warriors can’t be fat, some of our best paid male athletes are, particularly linebackers on the football field, and no one doubts their physical strength.”

Right. Because NFL linebackers are the correct comparison to make. OR…ORRRR…we could look at the gross obesity of such men as Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Ben Affleck, Mark Ruffalo, Henry Cavill, and whoever is playing Spider-Man this week. Oh wait, none of them are fat? Weird.

Abraham goes on to complain that “the story’s overt queerness gets sublimated by heteronormativity” and that Wonder Woman ends up showing compassion and love, which is apparently bad because women should be portrayed as coldhearted and unlovable, like most feminists.

Of course, the filmmakers could have made Wonder Woman a 400-lb, transgender, man-hating, nubian legbeard, and people like Abraham would have just found something else to complain about. That’s their purpose in life: To complain about what IS. Whatever IT is, they’ll find a way to be unhappy about it. And hey, there’s an audience for that. Not one large enough to sustain a Hollywood blockbuster, but hey…maybe one day.

Hopefully long after we’re gone.

  1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
    1. Susan Short says

      Actually, Obama is NOT dumb. He is a crooked, evil man, who knows exactly what he is doing, and he sure did a number on this country! He fooled a lot of people, but I’m proud to say that I knew who and what he was, early on! If only the rest of America had figured him out. He is a Muslim, who set out to change this country the way HE wanted it to be, not the way most Americans wanted, and the lying, EVIL media played right along with him!

      1. Katia says

        He didn’t fool anyone with a brain that is educated enough to actually know who and what they are voting for..Mainly freeloaders that don’t want to have to work for aliving just leach off the ones that do and those of us that retired after working all our lives and paying our own way..Then there are the almighty power mongers that can’t live a life on their own and want that gravy paycheck out of Wa. D.C. where they do nothing, accomplish nothing constructive and need attention because they have no real normal home life. Plus in Congress they get to point a finger at eveyrone else in the world for their failures to accomplish anything..I can see now why their kids go into politics.Taught it’s a gravy job, with no repsonsibility for wrong doing, get a fat check and can even fanagle millions with all their crooked BS they pull..I would say backfill that swamp once it’s emptied..

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Let’s just fill it in with them still in in a clay cap it.

          1. whoselineisitanyway says

            The capital of this country should be smack dab in the middle of the country

        2. lovezion says

          You are talking like an open book!!! You are absolutely right on all counts! I know it for a fact as I’m surrounded by most of them in many of my circles and I hear them talk.

      2. ernldo says

        His 75 IQ took him to the White House,but he didn’t do that, the DNC packaged and mislabeled the nitwit, then sold it to the demotard base, possibly the stupidest voting bloc in world history….You don’t need a brain to hate.

        1. lovezion says

          Also he won not once but twice strictly because….he was black! Black people never used to bother going to the polls to vote, but for a black one…they suddenly went in droves from all over! Suddenly all the pastors and their other authorities in their circles started pushing them to the polls because “it’s OUR right and duty to go out and cast our vote.” Why didn’t they tell their congregations the same thing for all the elections??? Probably because they themselves didn’t bother voting!

          1. Joann Holmes says

            No he won twice because he knew what the other side was doing because he listen to all their conversations and he had his corrupt people in place and there was alot of voter fraud.

          2. Ollie Octopus says

            Blacks seldom vote for substance over color. Have you EVER seen a white person elected in a majority black district?

      3. Mathew Molk says

        Show me one smart thing he ever did. Every stunt he pulled is blowing up in his face and everything the President does ends up blowing up in the MSMs face.

        I’m not saying president Trump has made the best choices with Rancid Rebus and Jeff the inert Sessins, but remember Lynch and the Cackling Witch and his other toadies? Again. I can’t tell you one smart thing the royal exalted boma ever did. Can you?

      4. lovezion says


      5. William Thompson says

        Obama was allowed to do anything it wanted because of the right wing nuts that played the part of a lay-down-coward!!! It could have been stopped at any time.

      6. AmericaSupportsTrump! says


        Your right Obama was smarter then we thought a crooked intellectual liberal hateful thugish man! A hater of Real America, Trump, Christianity this Liberal pig was the
        destroyer of AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b11c29155afad13fae759465eb664e35f2ec01518666286b515951388b31ce97.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eddf541898568fffa16c3d35894a150c3d656211041f9ef36983396f9d530a7f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/572574c8306c8529d9271fa98fc393332b8a124c2e75ff9a9513dbe6f3920471.png

      7. Bill says

        He may not be dumb, but I haven’t seen him do one smart thing yet. Or show that he has any education at all. Best I could say is that he is wiley and subversive, and delusional about the greatness of his opinions, but fortunately not all that smart.

      8. Dana says

        And they still are. I shun them.

    2. Katia says

      Also using the office like it was his free bank account..but isn’t that typical he never worked an honest job in his life.always on the dole which is all so called community service is. check out the ones that call that a job.His wife is no better ..but then birds of a feather flock together or should I say flop together?

  2. Justin Seine says

    If you want to sell something to the masses the last thing you want to do is package it in something that does not appeal to the masses. While it might be a nice thing to do nobody with a lick of economic sense will bankroll such a project. The LIBS in Hollywood however, should be more than happy to put their money into such a project even though they will lose their entire investment and receive zero return on it. But, since it is the right thing to do I am sure they will line up to financially back such a bold, politically correct and socially justifiable endeavor if, for nothing else, to put their money where their mouths are. OK, now who wants to buy a bridge?

    1. Mathew Molk says

      I take it you haven’t taken a gander at the Disney stock over the last year of so. Target, Sears and the other fag friendly companies have not made out all that well either. They did put the cash on the line but it failed where the rubber meets the road.

  3. Tiger says

    They will need to take that up with the ones who created our comic book heroes and heroines years ago. It is a done deal and besides nobody would pay to see Rosie or Whoopi dressed in a skimpy outfit saving the world. They couldn’t play the part anyway they are all Progressive/Communists and enemies of America.

    1. EBRM says

      Yip. I agree nobody would pay to see Rosie or Whoopi in this role.They are pathetic as it is. Gal Gadot is intelligent and pretty and a damn good actress and she has performed fantastically. The idiot critic is a brainless leftist fool with zero understanding of whats actually needed and also has zero business acumen.

      1. Tiger says

        I wonder with all the beautiful American women why they chose a foreigner to play an American heroine, I know that sounds bad but I would have liked to see an American in the part.

        1. Frank says

          Same old story….they got her cheap!

        2. Tom Ford says

          Dig out your old comic books – she didn’t come from America – just an American comic book.

          1. Tiger says

            Interesting I never read comic books on any of these heroes or heroins too busy playing outside, or practicing dance, softball or theater. I think I saw something she dropped from the sky etc. Anyway like Superman she had a fondness for America.

          2. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

            She had an invisible jet, perhaps that is where you got the dropped from the sky?

          3. Tiger says

            LOLOL I think I missed out on some fun stuff I did read Mad Magazine. LOLOL

          4. Texascat says

            What Me Worry? Obama’s twin brother.

          5. Tiger says

            Mad had great political stuff.

        3. EBRM says

          I Cant answer your question as i dont know. However i think Gal Gadot was amazing. Part of the answer to your question is that Gadot has served with distinction in the IDF and perhaps was a natural fit for the role.This performance may have just MADE her.

          1. Tiger says

            Oh she is Israeli OK that makes sense she is military trained.

        4. Mary Brumley says

          Humm…, me too really. But Superman was from Krypton.

          1. Tiger says

            Yes and I found out this lady was in the Israel military so I have changed my thoughts on her, she is a good choice.

      2. Tom Ford says

        Noq. now – think of the hilarity of Rosie or Whoopi trying to play that part!

    2. djgreiner59 says

      Isn’t that the truth. So if we have this fat lady trying to do these stunts. She would be sweating like a pig. It would be disgusting to watch

      1. Katia says

        You have that right..That’s why the military puts everyone thru the training they do so they get the best and best fit that can actually move..without grunting and breathing like they are ready for a heart attack..

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Not any more. 2 standards for female and males in Basic Training. Wounder what they are going to do with the trannies if the President doesn’t put his food down as the CIC.

          1. lovezion says

            Yes, not anymore you’re right! I’m always puzzled as to how, a small boned police woman who’s shorter than I (I’m 5’1″) could handle, say, 3 huge black men on the attack??????? I see also small boned police men. The dem’s brains are totally and thoroughly decomposed!!!

          2. susmart3 says

            Sometimes a less threatening female presence is good in de-escalating situations.

          3. Dana says

            You want to try to “de-escalate three drunk or drugged up blacks?

          4. susmart3 says

            Not every situation requires lethal force. Much of police work- if not most- is officers interacting with people in everyday situations: traffic accidents, neighbor disputes, noise complaints. Shooting people is supposed to be the last resort. Not the first.

          5. Katia says

            In today’s world there are more thugs and punks to deal with that are carrying weapons especially druggies..and cops are targets so it’s not exactly the safest job to have,not to mention the left wing idiots that think they can come down on the police constantly and always siding with the criminal..Doesn’t work and never will..

          6. John Milhous says


          7. David Williamson says

            Oh, I get it. We have to evaluate a situation, then send the right phenotype of an officer to deal with it. Rotating the small/petite women with the big burly guy to deal with appropriate pre-evaluated situations. Except, it’s never pre-evaluated. We don’t know that we can send the little one vs the big one to deal with a potentially life threatening situation that was under reported…

          8. susmart3 says

            With that logic, there would never be hostage negotiators- just sent in maximum force and shoot everyone. It’s the only way to be safe.

          9. Katia says

            You’ve got that..no woman is going to take them down..That’s why they always have male cops as back ups and partners..women have their head up their *&%$# and are a joke to even think they are or will ever be as tough as a man..Not going to happen. But then I always say any woman that is a real woman and feminine wouldn’t want to be tougher than a man..That’s why men are the hunters and the women are the homekeepers..

          10. susmart3 says

            Your belief that *NO* woman “can ever be as tough as a man” is disproved by those women in military who have given their limbs and lives in defense of our country.

          11. John Milhous says


          12. Mary Brumley says

            I am a female senior and have always liked the system we have. Men do all sorts of little helps and signs of respect for a feminine woman! I always show my appreciation by a “thanks’ or a smile. But, I always do as much as I can for myself, and do not just “use” men.

          13. John Milhous says

            SUPER KUDOS to you for your “REALISTIC” view of what’s really the truth on the street and/or in real-life situations between REAL Women and REAL Men. Because we ALL need a little help from time to time. I mean, I’m a BIG DUDE, A COMBAT VETERAN AND PROUD OF IT, AND, I WORKED IN A CONSTRUCTION-RELATED TRADE MOST OF MY LIFE…..But, any and every time someone gives ME a helping hand I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS THANK THEM PROFUSELY! And, THAT is REAL LIFE IN ACTION. ……..It’s kinda like one of MY OWN little quotes, which speaks of Human Love >>> “Love given is Love received. Love received is Love in action. Love in action is Life’s guarantee that when Love is given, you have Loved indeed!”………………Most of my little quotes and/or poems are about LIFE!……..(FYI, I’m a Artist and a Writer) …..for example, I wrote this little quote in honor of a fellow Veteran as I was doing a pencil drawing for him……..the drawing took 250 hours to complete. And, I KNOW that my Veteran Friend is someone with a Heart Of Gold……..Soooooooo, I wrote this in his honor >>> “When a Woman has a “Heart Of Gold”, she is usually said to be ‘sweet’, but, when a Man has a “Heart Of Gold”, IT IS A MIRACLE!”

          14. Mary Brumley says

            Your last quote made me giggle like a girl! Maybe it is true???

            But, your quote on “Human Love” is a gem! I keep a notebook of inspirational expressions and anecdotes, so I hope you don’t mind my writing that along with your name in my book I keep to cheer myself if I am feeling a little down.

            And, I do hope you know there is a multitude of patriotic people who so, so appreciate our Veterans and current military men and women! When I think about your service and risks taken, I get teary eyed and thank my Lord for living in such a great nation with such wonderful heroes!

            Truly we are living in a great nation, but she is hurting right now. I hope we can pull together and heal her.

          15. John Milhous says

            I send you, and, ALL, my heartfelt love!!!!!!!!

          16. Mary Brumley says

            After writing and studying your “Love” quote, I see that you have described Love as circular. A circle that goes around, feeds back into itself and never ends. Is that not really cool?
            Rightbackatcha my love comes to you and all.

          17. John Milhous says

            Honey, PLEASE BELIEVE ME, when I say, that if my words and my spirit of LOVE TO MY FELLOW PATRIOTS CAN HEAL HER, may God in Heaven make it so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          18. Ronald Starkey says

            Bravo, that last sentence is what sets you apart from most feminists. You are a real woman!!

          19. SGirl says

            Blacks aren’t the only ones that get drunk/drugged up and cause problems for our officers in blue! All colors of idiots are out there causing destruction on their communities.

          20. jsy says

            It is good to see that your bigotry is diverse, if not even marginally rational. Drugged up blacks differ from drugged up whites in what way?

          21. Richard says

            You are obviously unaware of the fact that Wing Chun was developed by a Buddhist nun, Ng Mui(a woman) who was from the Shaolin temple. Wing Chun was passed to a young woman, Yim Ving Tsun. Thru many generations is came to Ip Man who was the master of Bruce Lee. Two other sources of facts are that Russian women (especially women trained as snipers who were very successful) fought in WWII and Israeli women have fought in every modern war fought by Israel. Israeli women are required to serve in the military (as equals) and I think this should have been a requirement in the US since 1900.

            A real question is why should we expect our sons to go fight and possibly die and not expect the same from our daughters. No one wants to lose a son or daughter to any war but if women want total equality this is part of the responsibility. American women have had it to easy for the last 100 years while cemeteries around the world are filled with the bodies of American men who died in the service of our nation.

            I want to make one correction and that is there are a small number of American women who served in all modern wars and some of whom died in the service of our nation, I will never stop having respect for these women.

          22. rockyndallas says

            This issue not about respect or courage, and there will always be exceptional examples to cite as you have done. But women rarely possess the strength to carry a 200 pound comrade from the field of battle. I fought as did my father for this country and I can assure that I would do it willingly to spare my wife, daughters, and granddaughters the experience. This is not about some equal opportunity job, it is about killing and possibly dying. War is ugly and brutal. You argue as if this is about equality, but it is much more than that. We should honor and respect all who wear the uniform honorably. But I have no respect for those who seek service as a means to self serving objectives. The military is not a social engineering experiment, and when one member of a team doesn’t do his or her job, people can die.

          23. Ernest Hendrickson says

            Exactly. Well said and true. Thank you for your service….

          24. Mary Brumley says

            I think males have an innate mechanism built into them to protect women and children. It just seems that that very wonderful instinctive drive might interfere with focus on the battlefield when men have women fighting along side them.
            Just my take on this issue.

          25. Katia says

            She can’t if you notice on all the cops programs on t.v. the iive ones, the female always has a male partner or the back ups are always the guys..If you want to act like a man and think you can do a man’s job than to me you should be on your own and prove it. But that’s these half wit feminists that can’t carry a grocery bag but think they should be equal..bottom line they aren’t and need to get over themselves.They don’t deserve equal pay for doing only half the job a man does. .

          26. susmart3 says

            If your view of police is based on how TV cops act, then you’re going to be disappointed by real life, where the good ending has not been scripted, and everything works out satisfactorily.

          27. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            You mean to tell me they have a brain. Who knew?!

          28. jsy says

            Basically they can’t. The way it works out is that most suspects are fairly compliant. That doesn’t sell news. “huge black men on the attack” is something packaged and sold to ignorant white people to keep ratings high and readership up. Unfortunately, after 40 years of the same viewer fare bigotry is fairly engrained in some people and whenever they see a black person there is an immediate hate / fear reaction.
            That is why so many unarmed, non-resisting black people are gunned down by police month after month. It has been going on for years. Though not one of you would believe it until it began to be caught on video. Some of you not even then. Pictures mean nothing. Facts mean nothing to you.

            The average police officer is no more intelligent than you. You consider every decent, hardworking black person as “the exception”. The fact that most black families don’t even own a gun and that most white families do hints at nothing to you.

            The fact that every major department store, bank, restaurant, airport, post office, hospital, you enter has black employees doing the same jobs for the same reason as everybody else means nothing to a “mind” such as yours.
            Brains decomposed? Maybe yours isn’t. Maybe it just doesn’t like to be around you.

          29. Ernest Hendrickson says

            More total bull shit from an asshole with zero accomplishments…

          30. icate says

            What happened to the demand for female equality? Let me guess, Barack Obama?

          31. Dana says

            Well? He DID personify it.

          32. jjmcl431 says

            i guess they will have to come up with a 3rd or 4th or more standards with all the things people want to identify with these days. like the woman who thinks she is a hippo.

          33. glenn398 says

            jjmcl well a lot of them today look like a hippo so don’t see anything wrong with that one.

          34. Mary Brumley says

            Well…. I have seen some female creatures in spandex that rather resembled a hippo. Just saying!

      2. ernldo says

        Rosie O’Piggal qualifies except for not being a negro….I might have this pic confused wit Kathy Griffin…..

        1. lovezion says

          HAHAHA! LOVE THIS!

          1. nocbsfan says

            Isn’t it great ?

        2. RobertNorwood says

          I recognize the mouth…could be either.

        3. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          1. Dana says

            What IS that moronic lump of protoplasm that poor police officer has to touch?

          2. k9maiden says

            LOL, I know, I feel sorry for the police officer. Liberals are so disgusting, one day it will come to an end, we are heading into the light toward a better America from the darkness of the BO Administration.

          3. John Milhous says

            EVERY time I meet a Police Officer in Public, I ALWAYS thank Him or Her for their Service! And, I’m not religious, but, I ALSO ALWAYS tell them “GOD BLESS YOU!” ….In my humble opinion, that is the very least any Citizen should do!!!

          4. Ernest Hendrickson says

            Absolutely!! I do the same. Including military men. I was USAF. OK?

          5. Chilidog says

            Thank you for your service!

          6. Ernest Hendrickson says

            Good news. Looks like the commie newspaper is headed for bankruptcy!!! New York Times taking it on the neck!! Soon gone and good riddance!!!!

          7. jsy says

            Yep, we can go back to losing over 200,000 jobs a month as we were doing under Bushwhacker II. Instead of the 75 straight uninterrupted consecutive months of job growth under that awful negro Obama.
            That and the a stock market that climbed from it’s 6,000 points when he took over to the 19,856 he left us with. Now we have a man that went bankrupt 6 times in the CASINO business! Something experts claimed could not be done.

            How blind, stupid, crazy do you have to be to lose that “YUGHHH”, that MANY TIMES, WHEN YOU’RE THE HOUSE?!

            Of course the Russians picked hip up from the dust with a $300,000,000 loan and some choice real estate “partnerships” valued at around $200,000,000. … Wonder what they’re getting in return?

            Oh we’re heading into the light alright. The light of an oncoming train.

          8. Ernest Hendrickson says

            Jsy? You’re so full of crap I wonder how you get out of a chair. And… You’re obviously mentally ill.

          9. jsy says

            Uh huh. Facts and research will do that to you sometimes. I applaud your abstinence from both. However, if you ever do venture beyond your insular sound booth, might I suggest you check actual government figures? Or the Wall Street Journal? Or Bloomberg? Or Business Insider, or Reuters, or basically any of the “Don’t Holler Inside Your Own Head” business news reports?

          10. John Milhous says

            Hey, Ernest, this clown, (jsy), can only be “SO full of crap” UNTIL HIS BREATH STINKS OF IT…………..Otherwise, the clown is “JUST ANOTHER STUPID, RADICAL DEMODOUCHE!!!!!!!!!!!” …………Yeah, I know, it didn’t make a whole lot of sense, BUT IT WAS FUN TO SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          11. John Milhous says

            Your lame response sounds like a typical “DEMODOUCHE” response………go home, get a life, and wake up to the fact that liberals initial intent is to ruin the USA from within and then GIVE IT to the Satanic “New World Order”…………..something that Obama-bitch has openly propagated!!! ……Dude, are you in the same dream world as the Demodouches? Because, if you are, YOU HAVE SERIOUS SOCIAL AND MENTAL ISSUES THAT SHOULD BE ANALYZED BY A PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIATRIST!

          12. Sharon says

            What the — are you ranting about?

          13. k9maiden says

            Wish this were the truth instead of just meme. She actually should be arrested, but, of course, it will all die down and she will go back to be an obnoxious, not funny at all, over aged, over paid and over the top liberal loon.

        4. Ollie Octopus says

          It belongs on the door of a Mosque!

        5. Rick D. says

          Yeh, but she is a wannabe ‘sister! Maybe that would count for something. After all, she is a fugly, foul-mouthed heifer…..that might be enough to qualify her.

          1. jsy says

            Got any nude pictures of YOUR wife?
            Wanna buy some?

          2. Rick D. says

            No thanks. But, I have some of your Mother. Sorry, I should probably say Yo Mama!!!

          3. jsy says

            Whoops, sorry, forgot; you’re more a t”Rump admirer. Here’s one for you. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5b60ea84c49d1a69dfaf9210821556137a8eb7a1867d8dc2555cfa7e6cb68e9a.jpg

          4. Rick D. says

            That’s a lot more entertaining than watching that heifer, Rosie, demonstrate her ignorance by pontificating her perverted, liberal opinions.

          5. jsy says

            I am no particular fan Rosie’s. I never did see how she became a “star”. However, I’ve studied t`Rump for some time. He I can understand. Sad to say I was somewhat like him in my early life. No, I’m not saying I was anything like as rich as he is, but my attitude towards winning at any price was nothing to be proud of. My selfishness was something I am deeply ashamed of.
            As bad as Rosie may be in some respects she is like looking up at a distant star in distance from Donald t`Rump. He is a soulless taker and a con man. He is a more vile version of P.T. Barnum. He is a sociopath on a grand scale.

            Rosie might be misguided in some or a lot of things, but she has a heart that is kind, generous, and good. Trump? Don’t even try. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cdb50d56c9fb9416108b2fdef5631003552630720b0362190d743879f28c48cf.png

          6. Ernest Hendrickson says

            And you’re a total asshole. A loser and very likely mentally ill.

          7. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            Whoopss sorry you Obama racist low energy admired Heres one for ya perverted Liberal as!


          8. John Milhous says

            Hey, fool, you only WISH you had 1/1000th of Trump’s ability to Make America Great Again. But, then, if you even had that, you’d probably play with yo Mama with it!!!!!!!!

          9. jsy says

            Of t’Rump’s ability? No problem. It wouldn’t be easy. How do you go about going Bankrupt as the House in the Casino Business! I would have to work day and night to get that worthless. I might have to call on an idiot like you for consulting.
            The ripping off of thousands of working people with promises that I would personally teach them the real estate investment business would be simple: I’d just hire a bunch of realityphobics like yourself to sell the scam to rubes like you.
            Then I’d just kick back and have yo MAMA keep me entertained!!!!!

          10. John Milhous says

            Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now I get it >>> yer just one of those internet trolls who likes to get into arguments just for arguing’s sake & piss People off. Bye, PUNK!

        6. Mary Brumley says

          Thank you for giving me my first real laugh of this day! LOL

      3. cv says

        WW could destroy her enemies by falling on them and squishing them flat.

        1. nocbsfan says

          Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mercy (Cough, cough)

      4. Tiger says

        Do you know the feminists were angry because Wonder Woman when she raised her arms the pits were shaved. Yepper would be a bunch of fuzzy stuff sweating all over their nasty bodes.

        1. Katia says

          Feminists are a group of wanna be important has beens that can’t get a real man and need to gang together like the losers they are to even speak..Dipshit broads with no life ..Like the girls that hung out in high school and needed each to tell the other what to do and when..They still haven’t grown up into their own independence and requires a crowd behind them like any typical gang..Too CS to stand up as an individual and say what they want..they are scared and hiding behind each other..That’s why they are such a joke. But just take a look at the majority of them they look like has been used frumps, trolling for attention they don’t get otherwise..Poor things..things are all they are because they sure as hell don’t speak for me..

          1. Tiger says

            LOLOL good blowing them out of the water Katia.

          2. nocbsfan says

            Hi Tiger

          3. Tiger says

            Hi there.

        2. nocbsfan says

          Oh my, do you mean wonder women is not suppose to shave eh, arm pits 😀

          1. Tiger says

            Yes can you believe that silliness. Wow they are insufferable.

          2. nocbsfan says

            Believe the whole world is turning into a comic routine How are you Lady Tiger ?

          3. Tiger says

            Hi there my friend fine and hope you are also.

          4. nocbsfan says

            Hmmmmmmmm seems I am a little redundant Just glad to see you and know you are alright

          5. Tiger says

            Have to get out daily and walk a few miles and lift weights not on the computer all day.

          6. nocbsfan says

            Found some reply’s I haven’t seen before, Do you really lift weights and walk miles every day ?

          7. Tiger says

            You bet. I have always loved gyms and sports and love to workout.

          8. nocbsfan says

            Ho boy, How am I going to go with you, miles, and miles every day ? And then you lift weights after or before ?Okay then we go for pizza ?

          9. Tiger says


          10. nocbsfan says

            Pizza is better than burger king

          11. Tiger says

            We don’t eat out often but when I want a hamburger I like a double Whopper with extra cheese.

          12. nocbsfan says

            Will be easy to remember, so do I. I’M really not big on Pizza., maybe a couple of hundred years ago, but not anymore. LOL you didn’t know I was that old did you ?

          13. Tiger says

            I don’t care how old you are I only care that you are a good man.

          14. nocbsfan says

            Well I pet kitties and don’t kick puppies, wipe the table after pizza wear clean clothes every day. never polish my shoes (that doesn’t work well with military training)

          15. Tiger says


          16. nocbsfan says

            Thank you I needed that.

          17. nocbsfan says

            The worlds real Wonder Woman Dodges bullets and beats up bad guys then flies off and saves me from being dunked in starbucks

          18. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL I love starbucks coffee but can’t do them anymore too political.

          19. nocbsfan says

            That’s just it I get saved from being dunked in starbucks. The stuff is now untouchable Oh I know if you were wonder women you would save from me all that evil stuff.

          20. Tiger says

            It is going to take millions of us men/women to save all of us.

          21. nocbsfan says

            Nahhhhhh You and I can do by ourseves

          22. Tiger says

            Only if you and I have a brigade and weaponry so we will let Trump do it and we will take care of our own.

          23. nocbsfan says

            Nah we will just cut off a couple big sticks and I know just what to do with em

          24. Tiger says

            LOLOL where I live sawed off shotguns weapon of choice.

          25. nocbsfan says

            Works good if you have big enough marbles

          26. Tiger says

            Nope these guys are expert at reinventing the sawed off shotgun. They don’t shoot marbles.

          27. nocbsfan says

            OOOH !!! Now you have to have something that is out in the saw grass, lets see what do have that is round and solid. Gator teeth ???

          28. Tiger says


          29. nocbsfan says

            Well they are kinda rounded on one end, it would work ? 🙂

          30. nocbsfan says

            Where did my Tiger go ?

          31. Tiger says

            Here kiddo.

          32. nocbsfan says

            Oh wonderful, I thought some one caught you in a lion’s trap. Now I can breath. Hi Tiger catch on a blog

          33. Tiger says

            Nope no trap can catch me I am cunning.

          34. nocbsfan says

            Now that sounds competitive ,stay cunning and be careful LOL 🙂

          35. Tiger says

            Always careful my military training and 6th sense has saved me from being kidnapped 3 times in my life and kept me safe from dangers.

          36. nocbsfan says

            Can I be privy to how you were almost kidnapped, that’s frightening, I am not that squeamish , I was a deputy sheriff once upon a time.

          37. Tiger says

            Wow good for you I would love to be a detective. Well once when coming out of the Mall in my town, a brown Corvette started following me as I walked to my car, I sensed something not right, he parked beside my car as I went to unlock the door, it was night and I always parked close to the Mall doors so I ran in the middle of a crowd I saw walking out of the Mall and then I ran back into the Mall. He sped off. The next day the papers headline was that a man in a brown Corvette kidnapped a preachers daughter and raped and killed he and her body found in the drainage ditch beside the Mall.

            Second time I was walking down the hill from our base to the town of Landstuhl at the bottom of what we called cardiac hill, and a car pulled beside me filled with Arabic men and they opened the door and came towards me, I ran up the hill screaming and the guards came out and they took off. They asked me what I was doing off base, we were in Red Alert and the enemy had put out a Fatwa to capture a female soldier and decapitate her on video.

            Third time I was in Munich, traveling and was not far from my hotel when three Arabic men began following me, I sensed danger and they began breaking up and even though people everywhere I knew I could be kidnapped so I knew Munich well, usually always traveled by train to the old cities and I always walked 10 to 12 hours until I knew them well, then always went back to my hotel before night fell, so I dodged into a store and out the back, doubled back up a breezeway, and went back to where I started and they one of them was in the store another down the street and another went out the back so I then went into another store and back out the front with a few people then took off down a small street to my hotel.

          38. nocbsfan says

            Well at the moment I need to sit down. Wow what a girl you must be. I know I told you that I wasn’t squeamish but you just scared the c–p out of me. And here I thought I was going to tell you some stories of how I was killed about five times. None of them are as scary as what you went through. Oh my what a girl !!! I wasn’t a detective, I was a Lt. training officer with the patrol division.

          39. Tiger says

            Well my 6th sense has been with me since a child. I listen to it. I have been beaten within an inch of my life, raped and had a gun put to my head, so I have had my share of danger in my life along with coming face to face with a terrorist during the last war. I tell you REAL terrorists, have cold, steal eyes that cut through you with hatred so immense you feel it to the marrow of your bones. They are so evil that nobody can imagine. I do fear them, but I have faith that this country will never be theirs and they will never conquer the world again. There will be no Caliphate and no nothing.

          40. nocbsfan says

            Now I know why you lift weights, You really should stay home, hopefully this isn’t where all this is happening, in a rough neighborhood.. You are out of the marines or whatever you were in aren’t you. My goodness you need help,I am going to have to stand guard over you. I heard that, yes I can too.

          41. Tiger says

            LOLOL Army Combat Support nurse since 1988. We moved to the boonies when we realized where Obama was taking this country. Out here everyone gun toting and free birds. Safe here.

          42. nocbsfan says

            Oh my little Tiger carrying that big old side arm, and loaded at that. Safe there Yeah gators wont bother you.

          43. Tiger says

            One has to learn to respect the wildlife, many get eaten or have an arm bit off, stupid people who swim with gators and don’t know when mating season is. They are cunning and swift and I have seen a huge gator jump out of the water onto a pier.

          44. nocbsfan says

            Yep they have pretty good tail power, I used to retrieve golf balls from water hazards during summer breaks, the water was murky and visibility was poor As I was sweeping the bottom I grabbed a gator by his mid section then he carried me to the top did a roll and was rid of me but running across the course and women golfers were scattering everywhere It was comical …..Now don’t tell me you live in a grass hut ?

          45. Tiger says

            Wow what a story boy howdy noway would I do that for any amount of money.

          46. nocbsfan says

            You did things a heck of a lot more dangerous than that,Things many people wouldn’t even consider, but you did an then went back for more. Gators should just be playthings for you. Gators are playthings for many, but they would never do things ,you have already done.

          47. Tiger says

            Gators eat people in Florida, I love animals but poisonous snakes and gators not among them.

          48. nocbsfan says

            Nahhh I played with several and they wouldn’t dare eat me. And I wouldn’t let them hurt you.

          49. Tiger says

            This is what they do and neither Americans or anyone is told this. But we in the military know this. America needs to wake up and fast. The first to go should be Somali. They are the worst they are Al Shabaab.

          50. nocbsfan says

            We could capture a few and hold them for ransom ?

          51. Tiger says

            I see where in London someone finally did something and ran over Muslims praying outside a mosque. Now they are all up in arms, well you can’t kill people all over the world without sooner or later getting what you are handing out. I really didn’t care if they were killed, their beliefs are not compatible with our Laws or our Constitution.

          52. nocbsfan says

            Yeah it is amazing how people get angry after retribution, being as immoral as they are. Besides if they are not killed by their enemies no heaven and no girls doesn’t make a lot of sense They will be defeated, that I am sure of.. with your help I can do it alone ?

          53. Tiger says

            Alas they will.

          54. nocbsfan says

            Do you really live in the swamp ?

          55. Tiger says

            Actually there is plenty of swamp lands all around us out here. Stay away from it.

          56. nocbsfan says

            Do you mean Moi ?

          57. nocbsfan says

            She is one unlikable female and Whoopie is just as bad

          58. Tiger says

            I stopped watching both long ago. They went off the deep end into the pits of the Progressive/Communist Hell. They are now Banshees for the “Resistance.”

            With this man who also is a part of the “Resistance”, who went and killed Republicans and targeted the Whip, a poster likened them to terrorists, and he is right. This man was armed like they are, went in after being brainwashed and indoctrinated with hatred, just like them.

            They are not the “Resistance” they are the new “Jihadi.”

          59. nocbsfan says

            Oh gosh I hate to have to think like that. Jihadi people are those that you hate to contend with. Watching Elizebeth Warren this morning how sorry she was about the shooting of baseball park, almost admitted it was their fault (Almost) But ranting on and on about how the country needs to be united Guess we will see, whether it’s hypocrisy or real. Hey nice to see you this morning.

          60. Tiger says

            Good morning to you also. Always good to see you. They are all fakes, in their hearts they have as much hatred as the shooter just don’t have the guts to do the job.

          61. nocbsfan says

            With me it is just hard to believe people can be totally heartless.I know that compassion was created in us, and where did it go ? Lets see if we can find it ?

          62. Tiger says

            It left when our country started becoming more communist in thought and deed and we surely got a host of examples under Obama. They thought they had us my friend but they lost. We won now we have to fight to keep our Republic, just as Ben Franklin told the lady when she asked what kind of government they gave us, “A Republic Madame if you can keep it.”

          63. nocbsfan says

            You know ,I have been in politics all my life even as a mere toddler. Never seen anything like this,Democrats made a raunchy government, You could get along with them,you just didn’t vote with them But now its almost like you don’t even want to know them. Talk about being on the other side of the aisle I wish they were on the other side of the next town.. Okay Tiger, me and you gonna fix this thing

          64. Tiger says

            My grandfather was a consul for the Polish government, he ran an underground to get Intelligentsia out of Communist countries, when caught he was banished to Siberia where my mother born. They escaped just before the Death Squads coming for them. Their adventures ended in the Philippines where he continued his underground and then they got caught up in the war and were POW for the duration of WWII. On my mother’s side we have fought kings, queens, dictators, communist etc for centuries all the way back to 1300.

            Politics in my blood and got stirred up after I served in two wars as a Combat Support nurse. I smell trouble like this country never experienced laying heavy on the winds because the hounds of Hell are here in America and they are hungry for the blood of Patriots.

            We will be as much a part of the fix as we possibly can. But we won’t be a part of the problem.

          65. nocbsfan says

            Whewww, I am going to sit you down and write a history book. Million questions are raised and would really like to appease my curiosity, I just don’t believe they should be broadcast on these blogs. So I won’t ask them Being a combat support nurse suggest you were near the front lines somewhere. Wish I could share with you war stories but I was a long way from any fighting on the battlefield. I was in the service during the Korean conflict , but went to Europe instead. ….Did you get to know your grandfather, he must have had some war stories to tell. I wasn’t that fortunate or unfortunate none of my family at least to the best of my knowledge served in the armed forces besides myself and my older brother. so there isn’t a lot to tell, so I will just have to listen to yours,for when ever you need to vent from the ridiculous mess our government has gotten us into, go ahead and just cut loose anytime. It is a real pleasure talking to you.

          66. Tiger says

            Pleasure is all mine, my story is like millions of others. In 30 years of nursing never met anyone who didn’t have a fabulous story to tell, and all serve we are one and without those who stay stateside or serve overseas in other capacities nothing can be done without all of them. My father a Marine served in Korea.

          67. Tiger says

            We now have two sets of crazed people to watch out for.

          68. nocbsfan says

            Just two Wow I like your math better than mine, cause I keep seeing millions and its turning my hair gray. LOL have to blame it on something besides age. Well I think rosie was crazy before obama took office. then h just made it worse

          69. Tiger says

            LOLOL true that.

          70. nocbsfan says

            Yeah its true cause I was alive long before that (Arghhhh what am I saying) Thanks Tiger cause you have a cute little laugh

          71. Tiger says

            Truth always makes us feel good, keep it up.

          72. nocbsfan says

            Well if you tell the truth all the time how is your nose going to get longer. ?

          73. Tiger says

            LOLOL I have a little nose so guess I was raised right. Truth rules.

          74. nocbsfan says

            HaHaHaHa LOLOL Having a little nose sure helps, now you have to stay truthful cause having a little nose you could tell to easily when it grows. So you stuck with it being and staying little, And you know what ? I am sure glad.

          75. Tiger says

            My X father in law said I was just what his family needed taller people with smaller noses.

          76. nocbsfan says

            Okay so you are tall slender and have a cute little nose, a nurse with a 45 cal. side arm Wow going to have behave around you.

          77. Tiger says

            LOLOL Harmless to my friends, lethal to my enemies.

          78. nocbsfan says

            Wow Honey I really do want to stay your friend , being your enemy doesn’t sound much like fun.

          79. Tiger says


          80. nocbsfan says

            Do I take that cute little laugh as a yes, I can stay your friend ?

          81. Tiger says

            You betcha.

          82. nocbsfan says

            You got an iron clad deal, I get to keep my little Tiger 🙂 ♥ ☺ ♫♪♫♪

          83. nocbsfan says

            OKAY which one of those Republican women are you ???????

          84. Tiger says

            LOLOL not there but there are millions of us out here. I am an Independent now, have been for years.

          85. nocbsfan says

            That’s great You are going to be a real challenge , trying to convert you to one of those beautiful Republicans Morning Lady Tiger

          86. Tiger says

            Morning my friend. It is Sunday so won’t be posting today but you have a good day. Monday is another day have a good Sunday.

          87. nocbsfan says

            Okay. but I will miss you.

          88. nocbsfan says

            Okay which one of these beautiful women do you want to be ?

          89. Tiger says

            I want to be myself. Never needed to be anyone else.

          90. nocbsfan says

            Best news I could ever get. Cause don’t want you to be anyone else. The real Tiger is the greatest, much better than wonder woman, bat girl or any other female in the world. Other than that good morning Lady Tiger

          91. Tiger says

            Morning my friend. We are having torrents of rain and we love it. In Florida when it pours the plants grow overnight.

          92. nocbsfan says

            I was born there. My grand parents ran a plant nursery, I know about that growing overnight stuff..
            ¿Usted vive en tan. Fla.

          93. nocbsfan says

            I answered this but I don’t see the post anywhere. I was born in Fl. and know about things growing overnight. Haveta word this carefully so I don’t get erased, if that’s what happened Fish the rest of it after I know you are receiving, You like the rain Huh ?

          94. Tiger says

            Love rain, lightening and thunder all my life. Some of the best storms I ever saw were when in Germany.

          95. nocbsfan says

            We have a lot likes I was born in an area of fla. that is the lightning capitol of the world Still track every hurricane and tropical storm that forms in the Atlantic and surrounding bodies of water. Always enjoyed the afternoon thunder storms and rain So do you like the beach ?

          96. Tiger says

            I like living at the beach, walking on the beach but we have too many shark attacks now so we have to be careful. I love the water that is crystal clear like Apalachicola and the beaches in Pensacola and along AIA near St. Augustine. But no fan of roasting my body in the sun.

          97. nocbsfan says

            My little Tiger Roasting yourself in the sun is a no no you being a nurse I am sure you know that Use too scuba dive at Destin where the clearest water i have ever seen is, it was just like spring water only salty. Only place I could find this morning being deluged was Miami and a little bit north You have a tropical storm in t he gulf forming around Yucatan straights but is already affecting the west coast . May I ask how long you have lived in Fl. I don;t think you want to hear to much of my Fl. stuff, we want to talk about your escapades . You have some fascinating tales . Some downright scary There is a couple more post i have written but I’m not sure they went thru. cause I can’t find them anywhere

          98. Tiger says

            I have lived in Florida for many years, never liked it, my X brought us here after we were in Spain, I hated Jacksonville, still don’t like it, very anti Military. But I joined the Army nurse Reserve in 1988 and so went on many deployments so able to take it. Now live in the boonies and loving it.

          99. nocbsfan says

            Once again we think alike, don’t care for Jacksonville. The people mostly. There is a big swamp north of Jacksonville, surely not ? Such a mysterious little girl, tall, slender, cute little nose. Who lives in a swamp, with an internet connection. Maybe one day you will tell me ?

          100. Tiger says

            Can’t tell you or anyone else. Dangerous for me on the net. Many enemies believe me. Mostly incensed Muslims I have shot out of the water by tearing their arguments apart.

          101. nocbsfan says

            Oh little Tiger , have you already said too much. I shall form my questions carefully, you should have told me before.

          102. Tiger says

            Nope I never say too much about my location. Just hints of the rivers or Springs and National Forest in my area but there are many of the above all over Florida.

          103. nocbsfan says

            That is where I breathed my first breath of fresh air, and have been all over it We shall be careful

          104. Tiger says

            I have to, too many hate me and believe me Muslims been wanting to decapitate me for years.

          105. nocbsfan says

            I would really love to hold that beautiful head, but I want it attached to the rest of you

          106. Tiger says


          107. nocbsfan says

            Someday you are going to tell me about where you live I shudder to think which boonies you are in, Honey I will be gone most of tomorrow am going to a doctor that is two hundred miles away (400 round trip) Just in case you get concerned It is not serious so please don’t worry I am fine, strong, and ancient

          108. Tiger says

            Thank you for telling me, I would have wondered where you are. Take care kiddo. Happy to know you are not having health problems.

          109. nocbsfan says

            Remember only small thunderstorms in Germany, or Europe. I was there one year 365 days so not much chance of seeing to many abnormalities, Had a thunderstorm a couple weeks ago which was severe, lost one TV due to surge, but still enjoyed the storm.

          110. Tiger says

            Lived in Europe for 4 years, the Orient for nearly 6 and been to the Middle East. Love storms in the mountains.

          111. nocbsfan says

            Only one year in Europe never been close to the Orient , You can see a lot of thunderstorms over the mountains in Az. Getting to be about that time of the year too Middle east is a broad area, Narrow it down for me a little bit 🙂 What an exciting life you have lived.

          112. Tiger says

            Morocco and small countries there.

          113. nocbsfan says

            Morocco, supposed to be a romantic place, where you say “Play it again Sam”. Where you still in the military at that time ?

          114. Tiger says

            No actually my X was and we were in Spain so took the trip to Gibraltar and onto the Middle East. Wasn’t so romantic my X got obnoxious and was chased through the Casbah by a sword welding Muslim. LOLOLOL The Arab personal space when doing business with you is up in your face, my X pulled back and the guy took it as an insult.

          115. nocbsfan says

            One thing about all this Muslim stuff ,The world is learning to stay away from there.Good thing I didn’t know you then I don’t think my nervous system could have handled it

          116. Tiger says


          117. nocbsfan says

            Good to laugh about it now. I can see that smile all the way from here. Really

      5. anoesis says

        Except for the fact that pigs don’t sweat. That’s the reason they live in wallows that are wet. So they can stay cool. Horses, on the other hand sweat profusely. Quite a few of them are black, reach very hefty weights, move at high speeds (in a vehicle provided by someone else) and can be very stubborn. In this jackass’s (Stephanie Abraham) case there would have to be a female dog bred in somehow along with a lemming or three and, of course, a pansy or two. I like cartoons. I might go to see one with a character like this. But, if the main character is supposed to be a female super hero representing this NATION she HAD BETTER BE THE VERY BEST MONEY CAN BUY, beautiful, SVELTE and heterosexual without any doubt in her mind or my.

      6. Dana says

        It would be Wonder-Pig

      7. Borninbrooklyn says

        Well hell, could have gotten Rosie O’Donnell and put her in “Black Face”!

      8. rfrichey says

        Rosie and Whoopi are disgusting at the thought of either.

      9. Craig Vandertie says

        I think that is what the the Deep State deeply intranced Looney Libtards want, they want to create movie rolls for no talent actresses that are repulsive to look at starting with Whoopi, then O’Hippopotamus and then Amy Schumer.

    3. zrevtom says

      Well for one thing I am not sure Rosie or Whoopi are women at all, I mean look at them
      ” the face that can stop a runaway truck, or tub O lard when hit bounces off.
      Their talk is that of hillbilly truck drivers, cant understand them cause they makes no sense
      Wonder Woman was created to be pleasing to the eye, she fights for justice in the
      American way, Rosie and Whoopi fight for Progressive Democrats who wish to keep
      the Obama agenda of destroying our country internally.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Yep. A lady version of the original Superman.

      2. Tiger says

        True that LOLOL.

      3. John Milhous says

        There, now, thou has saidist the truth beyond recognition……………uhhh, that is, it’s beyond recognition to the point of not bein’ recognizable by the simple-minded, liberal *morons who are prone to rely on the nobody-gives-a-“s—“-about-them, inferior, un-educated, society’s rejects called Democrats! I mean, come on, those *morons are sooooooooooooooooooo stupid and dense, they’d welcome Kim Jong Un with open arms if he said he wanted to be a Democratic Presidential candidate!!!

        1. Mary Brumley says

          The really ‘sad’ thing is that you are totally correct!

          1. John Milhous says

            Sometimes, I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too brutally honest. But, yes, Dear, I know what you are saying. I’m not very religious, but, may God bless you as you sojourn through this “WHAT???” LIFE.

          2. Mary Brumley says

            I like postings like yours. It is good to salt the truth with a little humor! Sometimes I get just too, too serious about politics! So a smile is good to defuse me! LOL

      4. medivac says

        One thing for certain about Rosie and Whoopi, they are POS !!

        1. Texascat says

          And very homely skanks!

    4. lovezion says

      HAHAHA!!! Rosie or Whoopi in skimpy skirts flying around to save all the losers! LOL!!!

      1. Tiger says

        They could throw others in there, that show with all those beotches, can’t remember the name I don’t watch it they could come in as the ” Bagsnificent Five” or however many there are there.

        1. nocbsfan says


          1. Tiger says

            Thee is the Title of the spoof the Not so Magnificent Seven.

          2. nocbsfan says

            Are you telling me I am not magnificent ? Boo Hoo 🙁

          3. Tiger says

            Oh for crying out loud no, thought we were talking about the movie spoof of Wonder Woman and the Seven crazed women including all on the View.

          4. nocbsfan says

            Sure don’t need the view, or seven crazed women.Guess I’ll have to do.

    5. nocbsfan says

      OH I think it would be a hilarious comedy, in fact I don’t think I would ever stop laughing. Maybe we could throw Pelosi in there as a straight man.. Hi Tiger

      1. Tiger says

        Hi there, you are right, make Rosie Wonder Woman and then Pelosi could be Batty Girl.

        1. nocbsfan says

          Be hard put to make Rosie a wonder anything except maybe a wonder glob I can live with Pelosi Batty Girl

    6. William Thompson says

      It just might be interesting to see the results if Rosie actually tried. She has given me the impression she’s a dike > the way she talks and acts. Just a little bit on the mean-minded side.

      1. Tiger says

        Oh yeh she is one and she used to be an interesting actress, I actually enjoyed a couple of movies she was in, same for Whoopie but both flew over the cuckoos nest.

      2. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

        impression? she outed herself DECADES ago

        1. William Thompson says

          I didn’t know.
          Thanks for the up-date.
          No-one can keep up with all that’s happening as fast as it’s happening, but I try.
          Would you happen know which part she likes to play, male or female, or switch around ?

          1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

            Her previous partners were way more feminine so I guess she’s a butch or bull dyke
            but I really do not care.

            Am more concerned with the well being of the adopted children since there are severe damaging personality classes with her daughter and herself.

    7. Mark Owen says

      If this is all the people of this country worry about then we are truly doomed. The last thing to worry about on the planet is some fat black gay woman being held up as a superhero. Come on!!!

      1. Tiger says

        I am with you but then keep the stooges involved in video games, comic books and movies and you have a satisfied and uneducated, uninterested dopes, dupes and dupas.

    8. Garrett Auman says

      WELL said !!!!!!!!!!

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you.

    9. RockinOn says

      Amen Sis

    10. EE says

      Tiger, tiger – love you- you make me laugh to imagine Whoopi jumping off a wall that is collapsing from her weight and then breaking both legs on her landing. Then, using her rope to pull herself up when that breaks so her face and hulk lands in the mud making her invisible. LOL

      1. Tiger says

        I tell you this could be a huge hit and take off if some good comedians got hold of it.

    11. jimmy midnight says

      Taking something as iconic as Wonder Woman in a direction suggested by article’s title is creatively incorrect, at a very profound level. Wonder Woman is a large, well-proportioned, muscular, twenty or thirty-something BRUNETTE white woman, as the story’s creators made her. Tiger, sad 2 say I guess that leaves U out, 2.

      Both great art and bad art cross all kinds of lines, including ethnic ones. This might B a good political crossing, but it’s undeniably a bad artistic one.

      1. Tiger says

        Didn’t insult me and I agree.

    12. sox83cubs84 says

      Good to see you back, Tiger. But, Jeez…such a graphic example? Just thinking about Rosie O’Fat or Whoopi Cushion in a Wonder Woman costume makes me wanna hurl big baby chunks all over the keyboard!

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you yes would be something that would be hard to rid one’s mind of. LOLOL

      2. Tiger says

        I could see some actors playing these parts and making a Hell of a funny movie. I mean Fat Women can be Wonder Women too.

    13. anAmericanByChoice says

      Now THAT would be funny! But hey, could be worth the price of the ticket, just for laughs! Boy, I can imagine Rosie and Whoopi as Nowonder Weemean… Hahaha!

      1. Tiger says

        I agree they really ought to think about it, would be such a good thing for feminists. LOLOL Could be called “The Other Wonder Women” or Weeman.

        1. nocbsfan says

          OH Tiger You can be really funny. I love your wit

          1. Tiger says

            At times my friend some days I am witty others just shi…..well sometimes not so witty.

          2. Grassroots says

            At other times just what, shitty?

    14. nocbsfan says

      I don’t think I would pay to see them I don’t think I could stop laughing long enough to get my moneys worth After all they are the two most obnoxious women in the world (save Wasserman
      and Pelosi and Killery and Michele ) Oh well maybe their not But it still would be a really good movie not to see

      1. Tiger says

        LOLOLO could cause panic attacks.

        1. nocbsfan says

          I dunno, you would have to be in a panic to buy a ticket (sigh)

          1. Tiger says

            OHHHHH LOLOLOL

          2. nocbsfan says

            Took me a while to stop laughing too.

    15. Craig Vandertie says

      The character princess Diana is loosely based on ancient Greek mythology any alteration of the ancient Amazonians would be an abomination to the original script.

      1. Tiger says

        LOLOLOL for sue.

    16. jsy says

      Strange how alt-“conservatives” take such joy calling people who have not received one dime from Communists, Communists. Yet, they can never seem to bring themselves to question their latest Messiah who has received over $500,000,000 that’s: FIVE. HUNDRED. FREAKIN’. MILLION. DOLLAR$!!! From the Gawd Damned COMMUNISTS!!!

      Then just happens to surround himself with TRAITORS who are CAUGHT LYING UNDER OATH to CONGRESS. Whose son just HAPPENS to be caught rigging a secret communications scheme between the t’Rump organization and RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE HEADQUARTERS!!!

      ” enemies of America”, huh? That would be that fat swine t’Rump and anybody who supports him!!

      1. Tiger says

        Right. If that could be proven the Progressives would have him out now but it can’t be proven and you are nothing more than another incredibly stupid problem.

        1. jsy says

          Nothing is proven. Until it is. You are not incredibly stupid. You are very discernibly stupid. Beyond simple denial, as is your credo; actually lack witted.

          1. Tiger says

            Like the usual Left Nit and Subversive bastards you all are, escalating violence, calling for your “Resistance”, calling for the assassination of Trump, your insipid comedians holding up bloody heads, talking about Trump’s mouth being a holster for Putin’s member when in fact, it was Obama that allowed Putin to shove that member up his backside and grinned as he did it. Said on an open mic, to the Russian I can do more when I am re-elected, and he did, when Ukraine asked for our help O the Hole in One for Putin, said sorry can’t help that wasn’t a Treaty. having actors who haven’t the brains God gave a pissant, and have 5 minutes of filming for a shoot cause they don’t have the capacity to remember too many lines, calling Trump a dog, a pig a POS, your Main Media lying and lying and being caught, a play showing Trump stabbed to death, now your warriors committing the exact kind of attack on Republicans that Radical Islam does all you can do is insult someone.

            Your a plague on our country but we have the cure, Trump. Swivel on it.

          2. jsy says

            NOTHING that t’Rump has experienced, seen, or heard compares to 1/10 of 1% of the abuse the Obama family endured during your 8 year hate campaign which has not stopped. This is possibly due to your “Savior’s” utter and worldwide embarrassing failure in office.

            Now he’s set to sigh a bill he that the American public is not allowed to see and that he cannot possibly understand (“Who knew healthcare was so complicated”!) all in a petty hate fueled effort “spite” Obama.

            Over a bill “Repugnantcans” introduced in the first place!

            Oh, and let’s not forget as you so dearly want people to do: Obama fired the traitor you mentioned as soon as he was suspected! Then went on to warn the abysmal ass, the toilet tweeter, about him! Turns out t’Rump already knew about him, therefore hired him anyway!

            You right wing wingnuts see the world through purple lenses. t’Rump is the one with the attention, retention problem! He cannot have an unrehearsed conversation without lying and contradicting himself on a PREVIOUS lie. Then he contradicts one of the circus clowns he has surrounded himself with only to come out later to claim that is not what he meant to say. Priceless!

            You have for so long blamed the man who pulled us all from national financial collapse for everything wrong on earth that you simply have nowhere else to go. You HAVE to keep running in circles, because you bought into a bunch of lies and promises that lead NOWHERE!

            50,000 COALMINER jobs when the coal industry ITSELF says they have no long term future! Clean energy has PROVEN to produce more jobs and is now passing coal for cost savings.

            Look, Obama is not President. t”Rump is.

            You got problems? Tell them to t’Rump. The rest of the world is having too much fun waiting with snacks nearby to see what lunacy he comes out with next.

            A lying PARTY PLANNER heading a 20 BILLION DOLLAR AGENCY!!! You simply cannot make this stuff up!

            BTW, despite your selective amnesia; the calls for assassination began as soon as Obama won the election and did not cease.

            The difference? He did not WHINE! He took it with poise and dignity and went on about his job as best he could. And despite the mindless hatred spewed at him and his family day after day, his best was pretty damn good. 75 straight months of uninterrupted job growth, a stock market that rose from 6,000 points to 20,000 points during his term, and a hell of a lot more.

            All while Repugnantcans did everything they could to wreck his Presidency INCLUDING VOTING AGAINST BILLS THEY AUTHORED! But, of course. you didn’t see any of that.
            Finally, let me say this: If you actually believe the illegal alien stripper that got her citizenship through false pretenses and a rich “anchor husband” (that would have had you howling at the MOON had Obama done such!), when she comes on TV and claims her little Lord Fauntleroy, attending a precious private school so as not to brush against the common rabble (such as yourself and everyone else) cannot tell the difference between a comedy skit and real life and was traumatized into near collapse by it you are everything being said about you.

            Trump and his “team” coached and rehearsed he for that wrenching (retching) comment as a means to gain sympathy and take the heat off. Pitiful attempt.. Won’t work.

            Now, you and you fat, geriatric, bigoted, adulterous, treasonous, scatter brained, embarrassing excuse for a president, stop WHINING, complaining, moaning, bellyaching, griping, lying, and do what the black man did: get to work! You OWN the whole country!

            You control the Senate, the House, the Presidency, most State Governments, you got what you wanted and still you WHINE! What the hell else do you need?!

          3. Tiger says

            Not us whining daily, not our women out wearing pussy hats and vagina hats, talking about their bloody jeans, bloody favorite panties they had to throw a way, their bloody bed sheets, their Nasty Asses don’t bloody well know about feminine products.

            Daily your beloved Obama stays out of America because he bloody well knows what he did and wonders if and when your bloody bitch Hillary, Lynch and all will get the book thrown at him.

            BullShit, don’t you even dare try that shit with me. You damned people are
            calling for a Resistance, your X POTUS is leading it, bought a home
            down from the WH, trolls our POTUS across the world, attempting to speak
            with leaders before he does.

            Your candidate for POTUS, the crooked and filthy bitch Hillary Clinton who stood by her rapist
            husband, threatened his victims, went on the Sex Trips to the island of
            lust and young girls and men, lied about Benghazi is calling for a
            Resistance and encouraging violence as is Obama.

            Your leaders in Congress doing all of the above and that is a Coup against the
            government, and is called TREASON. Look it up you SOB.

            Your ilk have rioted during the campaigns , stopping Trump from speaking in
            Chicago, you then started attacking Trump supporters, you had illegals
            and Muslims along with BLM with you.

            After Trump won you escalated your violence to include Antifa, you rioted, broke windows, burned and caused mayhem everywhere.

            Yourcomedians held up a severed bloody head of Trump. they called him a
            POS, they insinuated his mouth a holster for Putin’s penis when in fact
            your POS Obama had Putin’s penis up his ass, on an open mic he told the
            Russians I can do more when re-elected and he did, told Ukraine sorry no
            treaty can’t help you, then they have a play showing Trump stabbed to
            death, your movie stars, POS that they are and filth mongers called him
            every name in the book, on and on.

            Then your Resistance brought a shooting of Republicans and targeted the House Whip, followed through on the calls to kill, you people never even slowed down after that and
            there will be more, Lynch, Obama, Hillary and Soros calling for it and
            you have the audacity to insinuate that this was done by Republicans

            You sorry, disgusting, intolerable, Treasonous, bastard from the loins of Satan, you forget Trump is president, he is in charge, you are not, daily he wakes up in the WH, he
            welds the Power and he destroys everything you
            Progressive/Communist/Socialist insufferable, ignorant, dung beetles
            created and he has the Power to call a State of Emergency and Marital
            Law if you people bring it to the streets and do your worst.

            The world is watching and never for 100 years have we had any political
            party calling for the killing of another party or of overthrowing this

            You people are through, you are the most abominable,
            uspeakable Satanic followers in this world and you are no better than
            ISIS, in fact now we know why you embrace Muslims and Communists you are
            one and the same.

          4. Grassroots says

            At the same time as you’re washing out your dirty mouth with soap, you might want to scrub out your pussy as well.

    17. Sharon says

      Do you recall the tv show “Wonder Woman?” She was not gay and the guys drooled over her. Lol! That’s the last thing a gay woman would want, but they would like their gay girlfriend to look like that. Rather confusing, wouldn’t you say?

  4. Seeking only the truth says

    This woman is quite obviously racist.

    1. Sloppo says

      Her name seems to suggest that she’s Jewish, so criticizing her in any way makes you “antisemitic”. The Jews of Hollywood have given us more than 100 holocaust movies, so their victimhood status is at the top of the scale.

    2. anAmericanByChoice says

      No! Only people who do not think like her are racist, and xenophobic, and haters, and Islamophobic, and …………, and …………, and …………, and …………, and …………, and …………, and …………, and …………, fill in the blanks and add more at will!

  5. Dan says

    What a ridiculous story.

  6. SouthernPatriot says

    Femi-Nazis are demented. All vote Democrat, so that proves it. Every so often they come out with something stupid like this to remind how warped they are.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      There is no more Democratic Party. – It’s been the NWO Marxist party for well over a decade.

  7. Bill says

    Michael Moore could be Wonder Woman. Just imagine Michael in a Wonder Woman outfit? YUCK!!

    1. barnjoer says

      Then you would have A Fat F^~k if Michael Moore played the part!!

    2. Katia says

      There is one guy who’s mother should have had an abortion and stopped the gene pool forever as wacked as that nut job is for attention with his ugly ass mouth running off like diarreha about nothing which is probably the reason the liptards love him so much..Birds of a feather flock together..Maybe he should have suggested the pervert Weiner to be Wonder Woman.

      1. lovezion says

        WHO? Yes, Weiner is a twisted sex monster….the choice of his ex!

      1. lovezion says

        I don’t understand your pic here. Care to explain? Thanx.

      2. nocbsfan says

        Uncle Charlie , why are you so sad ?

    3. Mathew Molk says

      Just hang around a while….For the most part Follywood still hasn’t gotten the message.

      We Won. They Lost. If they can’t get over it they can get out. – Apparently the producers did get it,,,,Or is it maybe they are just a bunch of depolrables the the rest of us ?????

      I haven’t been to a movie in decades but I guess I better go see this one to show my support.

      1. lovezion says

        Good idea. I never go to see movies either as they are either violent, pornographic, or politically correct, but I’ll definitely go to see Wonder Woman!

    4. lovezion says

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Oh my belly aches from laughter! He, MM, the communist who has as much money as the strongest capitalist! Ha!

  8. michael aijlman says

    Good God, it seems that Miss Abraham didn’t take advantage of the fact that Gal Godot is an Israeli. Even though the dear gal is no doubt Jewish too, being a rabid liberal practically demands you to turn your back on your own kind for the sake of the cause. Ms. Godot even served in the IDF, so she could help oppress the harmless Palestinians. It seems that Hollywood slipped on this one. Maybe if there’s a sequel they’ll cast Rosie (as a nazi).

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Didn’t know that but all I have to say is God Bless Cal Godot. She has to be a patriot in her country. — Hey Michael Moore. Where were you when I was in Vietnam? – Dodging the draft and supporting the communists, no doubt. You and Hanoi Jane are 2 of a kind.

    2. lovezion says

      THANK YOU MICHAEL for opening our eyes….It seems the feminists (& Co.) forgot that Ms. Godot is Israeli and, yes, maybe Jewish too. Imagine if they did remember, what fat new insults would’ve come out of their filthy, unjust and brainless mouths!!!

  9. Albert L Biele says

    Why do feminist insult overweight Black woman, as a skit, for extremely bad-taste humor.

    1. Katia says

      No different than blacks insult white women..Black comedians are the worst when demeaning whites but you don’t see us going ape shit over anything..You know why? Because we’re comfortable in our skin and don’t need to use a race card every day because we aren’t happy about who we are or what we’ve done with our lives..Everyone is sick of the same ol same ol crap with the race card.

      1. lovezion says

        GREAT REPLY KATIA!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

      2. Albert L Biele says

        I agree; the use of the race card is really a self-esteem problem. There are many ways to elevate one’s self esteem, without demeaning the guy next to you.

      3. Grassroots says

        Then stop talking and acting like racist pigs.

  10. Teapartyjoe says

    The reason the feminist say this is simple. Most of them are gay, fat but not necessarily Black. Good people come in all colors and so does the bad and ugly.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Ans stupid.

    2. Grassroots says

      Did you fall and hit your head? You’re making no sense.

  11. Katia says

    Lean is mean and killing machines..not fat couch potatoes that are confused about their identity..Wonder Woman knows where she’s going, what she can do and knows how to take care of herself without any BS radicals trying to shove their BS down others throats..so get a life.Start with figuring out who the hell you are before you rag on someone that’s self confident like this character..

  12. Helen Finch says

    Should have found the star for Wonder Woman at wall-mart. Some are a sight to behold.

    1. lovezion says

      AND HOW!!! I’ve seen some of the videos….puke-provoking!!!

  13. badgascoupe says

    I think you meen offensive lineman,linebackers are not fat!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      What the hell dose that have to do with the price of eggs in Vietnam in 1949?

      1. badgascoupe says

        Either you’re reading comprehension is poor or you are clueless about football.In the article ,writer stated linebackers are fat.Has nothing to do with anything in Vietnam!

        1. nocbsfan says

          DARN ?

  14. ernldo says

    No Steph, you’re talking about “Blunder Woman”……

  15. Mathew Molk says

    They left out she should have also been a really stupid disgusting Ebonics speaking slob.

    I Lob Boma. Boma gots me a fee pone! I gona bote foe Boma kuz Boma be koo.

    That should satisfy all the snowflakes and bull dykes.

    1. Grassroots says

      Geez, you are a mess.

  16. mholdcraft says

    Abraham should have been born a 400-lb, transgender, man-hating, nubian legbeard, fag. Maybe she is? I get it, she wanted that part in the movie????

  17. Doc says

    Go ahead and make your movie. I guarantee only fat ugly gays will watch it. ?

  18. silvernotes says

    I like Wonder Women just the way she is…now you feminist media people, go stick your heads back in the sand.

  19. TPS12 says

    Instead of trying to bully others into doing what you want, make your own movie use whoever you want and let the box office decide.

  20. BuddyBoy53 says

    What happened to Islamic? Fat, black and gay are so yesterday…..

  21. RobertNorwood says

    That would make a really great comedy. Ghost Busters remake flopped because it did the old story w/ women…but this has a hook. Maybe find a fat black gay cross dresser or transvestite. Instead of just crashing through window he takes out window and surrounding wall, belly flops on coffee table. High pitched fake fem voice…”Can someone help me up”.

  22. cv says

    Wrong on all levels. First: black is no different than white. Superficial difference. Second: Fat is unhealthy. Get over your acceptance of ill health and get on a treadmill. Third: Nobody cares about how you get off. Keep it to yourself and focus working harder, better, and smarter. Make the world a better place and stop complaining.

    1. Norman says

      Having the “fat gene” is an excuse young American women and teenage girls OVERUSE as an excuse for being lazy. They certainly did not inherit the “fat gene” from their great grandmothers who looked so slim and feminine in the WWII era?

      Now young women and teenage girls are being told its OK to be fat, unhealthy slobs as long as they are happy while slim, athletic, and beautiful women are ridiculed.

  23. Terramom says

    No one would go see the movie, that’s why.

  24. My country says

    If one will take notice feminists seem to be 90% homosexuals and hate men of all color .Wonder woman was just a comic book character that was written for entertainment purposes for young girls many years ago before the men haters were created .These young girls envisioned a woman of strength with moral values where good always won over evil .No one would have imigined a time when a sodomite of all things would be the critique of a comic book character and be such a wicked person being given a voice to sell her rhetoric.The days of living by moral codes and that good always wins has been long gone .Especially with these Hate based people who seek only the destruction of young girls but to make sure that the world looks a dark as their souls do . They have turned everthing that is just childish entertainment into a platform for their wicked agenda.Feminists have reduced our strong able bodied men into whimpering tinkerbells.They have attacked everthing that children enjoy just being little children doingvor having .Disney was destroyed by these same people.Disney is the one producing the marvel characters trying to make all of the comic book characters homosexuals.Robert Downey was instrumental in turning The American Hero into one .No longer willing to just leave something alone no matter how silly it is . These women do not represent Thank God this kind of woman doesn’t represent all women .

    1. Grassroots says

      Oh, dear, another racist homophobe.

      1. My country says

        You liberals love that word racist .How about calling yourself one being its my right to not accept people who do not want or accept your vulgar lifestyle which you people seem to think everybody in the world wants to hear or know about . Just because you think a man using his penis in a mans butt is appropriate or a women putting her tongue in a vagina is normal doesn’t mean it is normal . It is sick ! And you have mental problems and it has always been treated as such. But most of all it comes straight out of Hell

        1. Grassroots says

          You might like hell. It’s full of haters just like you. Instant friendships. So much in common. Someone who speaks your racist language.

          1. My country says

            Apparently you are not aware that Hell is for people who do what you do. And for people like you that causes others to sin .Sodomy is the one sin that has destroyed the world once and the second time two cities . Our next judgement will be the final one .And by the way this and witchcraft are the two sins God says he hates . So try calling God racist see how far that will get you . I don’t hate you I just do not condone that which God says is wrong on every level . Try finding a better word than Ibama taught you . As a matter of fact God doesn’t tell us we can’t love you we just can’t abide with you . That’s the problem you people have when you want to live your choice you try and make everybody accept you just because you choose to live that way . Leave others alone and take your chances with God !

          2. Grassroots says

            First of all, the concept of hell was invented by humans and has nothing to do with the bible.

            Secondly, it’s a scienterrific fact that some people are born in the wrong body, meaning, a girl child may be born with too many male hormones and vice versa. Castigating someone for something they can’t change is futility squared. In the same vein, consider the case of hermaphrodites, who are born with the sexual apparatus of both male and female.

            It’s often not a matter of choice at all; it’s a reality.

          3. My country says

            We are not talking about people who have been born with their parts messed up .Those people have problems because he the other kind . As for hell keep telling yourself that Either way I still win will you ?

          4. My country says

            You might do well to find out who goes to hell and why . Hell is for people doing what you do and many other sins .And there is going to be a price to pay for causing others to fall into the same sin . Sodomy caused God to destroy the world with a flood .The second time sodomy is what caused God to destroy two cities and the next judgement will be the final one . Witchcraft and sodomy are the two sins God specifically says he hates . But he doesn’t tell us we can’t love you . He says we can’t abide with you . I don’t hate you I can not condone your sin. The problem with you people who do this or do not stand up against this sin is a huge problem for everybody . You people are not sastified living with your choices you want to make everybody abide by what you want . Try finding a word better that rascist , you people have beat that word to death .And since God hates this sin try calling him a racist see where that gets you .

  25. Michael Hayes says

    All these stupid people need to be put in a sealed room.

  26. justagramma says

    Stephanie Abraham is a freak. This movie is for entertainment and no one wants to see a flabby fat woman lumbering around in a fitted costume, being a few seconds too slow to catch the bad guys. Like you said, she, for some reason, has made it her business to complain, and I cannot imagine who actually PAYS her for that, but she may even earn a living doing it. Don’t read it, don’t feed it, and maybe it will go away.

  27. Mike W says

    Awww Poor Rosie’s white – maybe she can play the race card or like “Lieawatha” claim she is 1/4 black?

  28. Rob D says

    Black, Fat & Gay? Oh a demoRat. I ‘ll take slender, white & beautiful any day. Send the rest to weight watchers. LMAFO

  29. Garys_opinion says

    I saw a movie starring Melissa McCarthy a while where she played a police woman who was chasing a young kid. He jumped a fence, she fell over it, and he had to wait until she recovered before running so that she could continue the chase.

    1. Grassroots says

      I believe that’s called comedic timing.

  30. quarkie009 says

    All of the feminists are in it only for themselves and their screwed up immorality beliefs. They will always put down those attributes that are healthy and will stand the test of time. All of these leftist/LGBT/communist organizations will soon reap what they sow and that will be their portion in the great arena of hell.

    1. Grassroots says

      Do tell. What exactly do feminists believe? You don’t have a clue.

  31. Larry Brule says


  32. got my licence says

    So instead of having a positive film about Wounder Woman they would prefer a film called I wounder if that is a woman. Libs will never be happy.

    1. jgfsmf says

      Hahahahahaha. I wonder if that’s a woman. That’s great!

  33. Rummy C says

    Yep, let’s cast someone who looks like they have been held hostage at a Burger King. Great idea! We will lose our ass, but who care? We will have made a statement. How about Al Gore as Wonder Woman? Too white. . .


  34. icate says

    Fat, black and gay. Her words. Just what we need. Blacks are 16% of the population. Lesbians less. It is never suggested that white men should be given 65% of places in every professional basketball team which are mostly occupied by taller, black men. If fat, black, gay women want to be Wonder Woman they could always volunteer for the military, but they might have trouble getting accepted.

  35. jgfsmf says

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. They could get Tyler Perry and add transvestite and transgender to the mix. Oh but then it wouldn’t be an action adventure movie. It’ll be a comedy.

    1. thearmourofGod says

      Thank u for the laugh. These days i get less and less.

      1. Grassroots says

        Fewer, not less. Thanks for the laugh at your grammatical incompetence.

        1. thearmourofGod says

          Lol, another foolish net grammar nazi.

          Who said anything about total numbers anyways, lol?

          1. Grassroots says

            I’m proud that I know grammar so well that I can instantly recognize it wherever it appears. I studied hard and it paid off.

          2. Teapartyjoe says

            Wow, good for you. You know that grammar was something normal people learned back in grade school. Then came sentence structure and spelling!

          3. Teapartyjoe says

            She is ignorant and taught herself to read. That is why she is so hung up on grammar. I bet she is really practicing her writing- penmanship is allssuper important to people like this

        2. Teapartyjoe says

          Grasroots have you looked in the mirror lately? you sound completely stupid. You must be a left wing demo-stupid, Only they act, sound and do the things you do and think they are normal

          1. Grassroots says

            Hey, you misspelled my name. I didn’t realize you snowflakes were so sensitive. Makes you want to weep, eh? Seriously, though, who’s the stupid one here, the god warrior who doesn’t understand the difference between using less or fewer, the person who does know, or maybe the person who apparently wants to pick a fight over a trivial matter not even related to him? (That latter choice would be you, dearie.)

          2. Teapartyjoe says

            I am not your dearie. But now we all know you are a queer fellow!

          3. Grassroots says

            Now, why would you assume I am a man, honeybun?

  36. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

    Make her look like Crooked Hillary ignorant, Liberal , hater of America & a blow up doll!


  37. Buckeye conservative says

    People like Abraham will not be happy until all entertainers are black/brown females, lesbian or trans, fat and ugly enough to repel any interest by any men left on earth.

  38. rick meek says

    Americas problem is TOO many fat and lazy people…..

  39. Sloppo says

    They should have covered all the bases to make her the most entertaining wonder-woman ever. She also should have been “trans-gendered”, short, stupid (even by African standards), ugly (even by African standards), loud, obnoxious, covered with tattoos, implants, and piercings, chain-smoking, alcoholic, and of course, a muslim. Did I miss anything?

  40. Jamie says

    I went to see Wonder Woman the other day, and I loved it! Gal Gadot was great ! She is a very beautiful woman, and on screen she showed she could act and kick ass. I am a woman and I know if Wonder Woman was fat black and gay or fat white and gay for that matter, I wouldn’t have gone to see it.

  41. Frank says

    I can just see a fat black dyke fisting a big sub sandwich while she attempts waddle after an evil white Christian! They should go for it. People would be falling in the aisle laughing! ?

    1. Grassroots says

      You have a dirty disgusting mouth.

  42. medivac says

    I’m fine with Gal Gidot being Wonder Woman. She is the real thing in real life. In a battle, I would really like her as a close ally because of her background. She is not all mouth and ass like what the liberals want her to be and as far as smaller boobs, I’m fine with that !! On top of her background, she is a real beauty !!

  43. AL ELLIS says

    Before I read the article I thought that was just a joke but I find they really have lost the part of their brain they had left. OMG that is sooooooo funny, like ANYONE would watch a fat, black lesbian. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  44. glenn398 says

    One thing for sure is if they did want a short fat black women they would have had the majority of the population to pick from.

  45. Michael Thompson says

    what is she supposed to eat the bad guys ?

  46. GuardianFlame says

    Feminists???? Females who want to be strong like males, look like males, walk and swear like males, do everything males can do – but still be a female??? That just isn’t going to happen. Why not go all the way and have a sex operation so you’re hung like a male too? Fems, your “Lady” gene is defective!

    No matter what is going on in the world, you will never please a feminist because they are “Unpleaseable”. There are just to many “stages” they can voice their “lack of self” upon…like this utterly hilarious attempt to try to change up one of the biggest ultra feminine characters of all time, Wonder Woman!

    So who in their right mind would watch a movie about a fat, constantly nagging, loud mouthed, Gay Black woman in tights, waddling after a criminal while constantly ragging at them while subduing them? Hmmmm. Maybe that plot isn’t so bad, but the title would have to be changed to “Bad News Bitch”. Catchy title for most Feminist types.

    1. Grassroots says

      Your ignorance is astounding.

      1. GuardianFlame says

        Is it now? I’m for every individual to fulfill their lives, but not for one group to constantly demand their needs over everyone else’s. Most feminists I have had to deal with were pretty much like I wrote here, not anyone you would want for a friend or a co-worker because their mouths always got in the way! Take a look around at the other commenters on this website. No one is too fond of those females.

        Feminists haven’t won the general population’s approval and until they change their tunes, they will never win anyone. They need to stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about ALL the major issues hitting people. When that happens, they will be listened to. Until then, no one is interested…

        1. Grassroots says

          Oh, yeah, that’s right. It’s more urgent and pressing to hear your diatribe. Quit whining about liberals. That’s getting really old, man.

          1. GuardianFlame says

            Again, obviously you are a liberal because you can’t understand truths nor facts. Every Feminist I know of IS A LIBERAL. You can’t say Feminist without saying Liberal. They are one and the same. They are not bad people but just lost in a world of fantasy. They don’t need Super Heros because they are their own Super Hero. Their realities are fantasies and visa versa. It is what it is.
            Most of them do not feel comfortable around me because I can see who they really are and that makes them vulnerable, but they hover close anyway. I’ve learned not to take what they say as fact because it is not…just like in this article.

            Fems usually embarass themselves by trying to sound intelligent, because they aren’t. I do not have to prove them wrong because they do that all by themselves.

            It would be much easier and less hurtful for them if they would just accept who they truly are instead of pretending who they aren’t.

  47. Deplorable Lanie says

    I saw it last night and absolutely LOVED it! It was a great story. Poignant and heartwarming at the same time. Was she beautiful? Yes. Did it offend me in any way? No. Because that was not what the story was about. It was about a young woman finding out who she is and what she is capable of. Would the story have worked if she was short, fat, black and lesbian?? No, it was have been a farce.

  48. mjmaf says

    They already have the right person for the job: someone who did her time in the IDF, and had to help defend her very small country against women mutilating, pedophile-cultists who force their barbaric, misogynistic existence on the rest of the world and want to destroy her country, which is the only bright spot in that war-torn region. You go Gal!

  49. George Bernard Vieto says

    Wonder Woman being a lesbian, fat and Black? Give me a break. It is enough that the C W show “Supergirl” has a female cop and her lover kissing each other in front of that reject from the Ladies Of Portobelo standing her with a smile on her face.

  50. desert fox says

    There you go limiting the talent pick to the demoncratic party.

    1. Norman says

      Ever notice most demonicRAT women are short, fat, ugly, and masculine? hilLIARy, for example.

      1. desert fox says

        Did you notice that during the debates people thought she was wearing a wire….well it turned out to be the power to her vibrator and that is why she always had the shiiit eating satisfying grin on her face.

  51. WhiteFalcon says

    This fat queer loving magazine should be gone from the eyes of people.

  52. fbair1 says

    Nice thing about movies is if you don’t like who is starring in them you don’t have to go. Whites aren’t going to go see a black, a fat, or a transvestite……

    1. Norman says

      Few black people would go to see it either. It would be a total FLOP.

  53. Norman says

    Are feminist lesbians short, fat, and ugly because they are feminist lesbians? . . . Or are they feminist lesbians because they short, fat and ugly?

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      I love feminine women. Feminists, VOMIT……

      1. Grassroots says

        You don’t love women at all, if you hate feminists. You just don’t get it, do you.

    2. Grassroots says

      Yes, I have met feminine feminists. Many times.

  54. Dana says

    That would be wander woman. Wandering around looking for something to be annoyed at.

  55. Lew Williams says

    If Abrams is not fat, black and gay then she should be fired.

  56. cv says

    I can see the bigger breast criticism. A few more inches to stop the bullets and blasters of the bad guys.

  57. Marine68 says

    Maybe she should also wear black tights over several folds of Fat and High heel clogs. Yuk!!!!

  58. Norman says

    Can you imagine Maxine Waters starring in an action movie wearing a Wonder Woman costume? Neither can I!

    1. rocky says

      That cause pain… don’t do that again… I may not sleep tonight…

  59. Lorena Ashcroft says

    The woman who wanted a fat, black , lesbian should go look for her own. I just saw Wonder Woman today and I liked it very much. I doubt a fat lesbian of any color could have pulled the movie off as anything other than a farce or parody. Abraham is sick in the head trying to push a narrow and laughable agenda. Enough. We want our heroes to resemble…well, heroes, not a couch potato.

  60. polly says

    This stupidity must stop.Why what’s wrong with her as she is.Gorgeous she is.

    The blacks have so many of their black programs so why does every show must be black or gay.Foolish

  61. A. Jay says

    And lets turn superman into an overweight, limp wrist, illegal immigrant dope dealer! Perfect!

  62. Resbo says

    Is this to say that the Libs are against blacks, gays and overweight people???

  63. Tim says

    “this women if a absolute retard” I hope someone is supervising her she should not be out in public by herself. Shes a nut!!!

    1. Norman says

      She is mostly one of the feminists who wants to end beauty pageants in favor of ugly pageants.

      1. Tim says

        LOL She needs to worry about what crack has done to her brain. But it sounds like it’s already too late.

      2. Grassroots says

        No, let’s end beauty pageants if for no other reason than because they showcase body over mind. They present women as Barbie dolls with no brains, just the kind of woman men like you prefer, I’m sure. Big tits, long legs, great bodies, but small brains. All the better for you to control them and keep them oppressed and quiet.

        1. Ernest Hendrickson says

          Right. Small brains like yours. LOL

          1. Grassroots says

            Well, at least you agree with me. You’d take big tits and long legs over a woman with brains any day. How’s that working out for you, Slugger?

        2. Norman says

          I agree, Grass! God DID make men bigger, stronger, faster, and ESPECIALLY smarter than women for one simple reason – SO MEN COULD DOMINATE WOMEN. Yay, MEN!

          God made women BEAUTIFUL so men would like women. On the other hand, God made women STUPID so women would like men.

          Most women are glad they are women because they know CONTROLLING MOST OF THE MONEY and CONTROLLING ALL OF THE PUSSIES gives them power.

          Feminists’ GRUDGES against men is NOT going to make men like those feminists any more.

          Men have been fascinated by the shapely bodies of the females of their species long before any living feminist lived and men will continue to fascinated by the shapely bodies of the females of their species long after any living feminist has passed. The sooner feminists accept that they can NOT change the FACT that men will ALWAYS be fascinated by the shapely bodies of the females of their species the happier EVERYONE will be.

          Which angers feminist more: beautiful women or men who like beautiful women?

          Angry feminists are LONELY because neither beautiful women nor men like angry feminists.

          It would be much easier for feminists to change how they feel about men than for men to change how men feel about beautiful women.

          Angry feminists would rather make everyone’s lives miserable rather losing weight, get makeovers, and change their bad attitudes against beautiful women and men who like beautiful women.

          To a man, a BITCH is a woman with a bad attitude. To a woman, a BITCH is another woman who looks better than she does.


          1. Grassroots says

            You’re the bitch now, Bucko.

  64. Richard says

    Most are obviously unaware of the fact that Wing Chun was developed by a Buddhist nun, Ng Mui(a woman) who was from the Shaolin temple. Wing Chun was passed to a young woman, Yim Ving Tsun. Thru many generations is came to Ip Man who was the master of Bruce Lee. Two other sources of facts are that Russian women (especially women trained as snipers who were very successful) fought in WWII and Israeli women have fought in every modern war fought by Israel. Israeli women are required to serve in the military (as equals) and I think this should have been a requirement in the US since 1900.

    A real question is why should we expect our sons to go fight and possibly die and not expect the same from our daughters. No one wants to lose a son or daughter to any war but if women want total equality this is part of the responsibility. American women have had it to easy for the last 100 years while cemeteries around the world are filled with the bodies of American men who died in the service of our nation.

    I want to make one correction and that is there are a small number of American women who served in all modern wars and some of whom died in the service of our nation, I will never stop having respect for these women.

  65. chuckie2u says

    What a hoot! The feminist want all women to be ugly or to raise bastard children so they can vote Democrat/Communist. They are in such a minority they should not get air time.

    1. Grassroots says

      Now, chuckie2u, I have been a feminist since 1972. I can tell you with great certainty that I birthed two beautiful children, one of whom votes Republican and one who votes Democrat. The biggest error made by the feminists, in my humble opinion, is that they failed to engage all genders to work for basic human rights denied to women for hundreds of years in different ways in different cultures.

      Men could learn to share power and childcare. There doesn’t need to be bitter competition between men, and everyone else who wants equality in jobs and wages. There’s enough to share.

      1. chuckie2u says

        I couldn’t agree with you more

  66. Murphmeister says

    And don’t forget gobs of body hair.

  67. Richard says

    You are obviously unaware of the fact that Wing Chun was developed by a Buddhist nun, Ng Mui(a woman) who was from the Shaolin temple. Wing Chun was passed to a young woman, Yim Ving Tsun. Thru many generations is came to Ip Man who was the master of Bruce Lee. Two other sources of facts are that Russian women (especially women trained as snipers who were very successful) fought in WWII and Israeli women have fought in every modern war fought by Israel. Israeli women are required to serve in the military (as equals) and I think this should have been a requirement in the US since 1900.

    A real question is why should we expect our sons to go fight and possibly die and not expect the same from our daughters. No one wants to lose a son or daughter to any war but if women want total equality this is part of the responsibility. American women have had it to easy for the last 100 years while cemeteries around the world are filled with the bodies of American men who died in the service of our nation.

    I want to make one correction and that is there are a small number of American women who served in all modern wars and some of whom died in the service of our nation, I will never stop having respect for these women.

    1. Grassroots says

      It’s unfair that women are excluded from mandatory military service, I agree. What you said about why should the sons be the only ones to die, why not daughters too? I would have gone off to fight for my country, except it wasn’t allowed. Now I’m too old.

      1. Mary Brumley says

        I think that if ALL young American men and women served in the military in whatever capacity they were able, that we would have a very different America. At the very least there wouldn’t be so many irresponsible, brain dead liberals!

        1. Grassroots says

          Now, now, Mary, we’re all in this together. We’ve got brain dead folks on both side of the aisles.

          Military service would teach responsibility and respect for the people you serve with, and it would be a great way graduates could give back to their country. Good manners never go out of style either.

          1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          2. Grassroots says

            Blather on.

  68. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

    The term is “homosexual” or “pervert” NOT the misappropriated term “gay” “Pathetic” would be more appropriate for these moral delinquents.

    1. Grassroots says

      These “moral delinquents” have greatly advanced our society in literature, art, music, the sciences, and other creative and important capacities. You’re obviously jealous that you aren’t as accomplished and creative.

      1. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

        It is true that many homosexuals have greatly contributed to literature, art, music science and other creative and important capacities. I do not dispute that. However, I do not give equality to moral degeneracy which in G-d’s word is “an abomination”. We were created as Man and Woman with our DNA. There is no changing THAT by confused belief in aberrant sexual life styles. What people do in their privacy is not a concern of mine. Promoting deviancy in public does concern me as it sways the insecure to engage, after all, “everybody does it” is the mantra. Children are now being inculcated in the degeneracy by example of adults who proclaim “alternative lifestyle” as a normal function. Keep your “alternative lifestyle” to yourself and I will not rebuke you. Am I a prude? That is a term I reject. A persons proclivities should not impose on others and in social intercourse (not to be confused with sex), or workspace, should not be a factor as skills are. Envy does not replace admiration for others superior successes. I have no jealousy of superior skilled or gifted people, just wonderment and awe, regardless of their private proclivities. Thank you for raising a point that you feel may apply, as many people do feel exactly that way.

        1. Grassroots says

          It’s not an alternative lifestyle, necessarily. A child born as a girl may have more male hormones than female hormones, thus, s/he may grow up to prefer women as a sexual and life mate and even have a sex change operation. The same for male children born with too many female hormones. Then there’s the hermaphrodites who are born with both a penis and a vagina, in which case the adults are making a decision which sex the child will grow up as before the child is ready to make that decision for him/herself. Often, children themselves know way before their parents that they were born in the wrong body. It’s not a choice; it’s a reality.

          With all the harassment, violence, and discrimination gay people face, why the heck would any person ever want to acknowledge publicly that they are homosexual? God made homosexuals and God made heterosexuals. In some cultures, homosexuals are revered and cared for, which makes a heck of a lot more sense than lambasting a person because they can’t help how they were born.

          Truth be told, kids don’t care if another kid has two mothers or two fathers. Not a big deal to them (unless they’ve been brainwashed by their parents that same sex couples are, as you say, an abomination). That’s not what makes homosexuals anyway, that awareness of same sex couples. Either you’re attracted to the same sex or you’re not, and that attraction is most often because a child was born in the wrong body. I can’t imagine any god worth her salt would condemn anyone because of that.

          (Pedophiles are a different story altogether. There’s a sickness in their soul that drives them to sexually harm children.)

  69. RsGoat says

    She came to our world during WWII in the original story and don’t you just hate it when people play too much with the original only to make people happy? It ends up ticking off everybody else so there are no winners only whiners. I don’t understand the switch to WWI but that was minor. If you want bigger changes become a producer and ruin it for other people! I’m sure in today’s world it will still find an audience.

  70. anAmericanByChoice says

    Nah nah nah nah nah!!! You put your foot in your mouth… again! Not politically correct, dang it! You wrote, “But hey, when you’re preaching to the choir, you can use all the strawmen you like.” Don’t you ever gonna learn? You should have written STRAWWOMEN! “Strawmen” is passe, outdated, politically incorrect, racist, xenophobic, simply a white supremacist word that must simply be simply banned once and for all: simple! In fact, even Wonder “Woman” should be banned, I mean, Wonder Zee or Wonder Xee would be more appropriate. Ya thinkin’ what, ya numbskulls?

  71. Motorhead says

    Woopi Goldberg fits their ideal…of fugly! Yuk!!.

  72. ZbOROVAN says

    What fools these liberals be.

  73. jim jones says

    To hell with perverts, nigger lovers and idiots

    1. jsy says

      Damn. You almost got by didn’t you? Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

    2. Grassroots says

      You only love whiteys, eh. Shame on your dark soul.

  74. RichFromShowMe says

    The foaming-from-the-mouth-Jealousy of those who live in the alternate universe never ceases to amaze me . . . . they think they are the “normal”.

    Who, in their right mind could possibly think a comic book or movie with a “Fat, Black, and Gay” heroine would sell . . . . other than the 2-3% who live in the alternate universe.

    I suspect we may see such a comic book or movie, in the future, as those who live in that universe will try and find out its a gigantic financial and social flop . . . but I certainly could be wrong, considering what is going down in the USA, politically, socially and morally.

  75. Bill Lamb says

    Where did it say the Hero had to be a liberal? We watch for entertainment, not for ugliness. Besides a fat black fat lipped slob liberal would be hiding under the bed!!!!!

  76. Fred says

    Social justice is just another way for these idiots to “hate” white people! Piss on them! The can all go to hell. The most useless form of human flesh is anyone who is homosexual, especially lesbians.

    1. Grassroots says

      “They” hate white people for good reason. The white race has practiced genocide and racial hatred for millennia. Killing off and abusing America’s indigenous people, tearing Africans away from their families to bring them to America as slaves to white people. Those memories die hard, just like the memories of southern confederates, who are still fighting the Civil War.

      As far as the value of homosexuals and lesbians, you are probably working with some of them and don’t even know it. That’s because they are every bit as dedicated and productive and normal as anyone else. You hate lesbians probably because you can’t stand to think that there are women who prefer women over sexist racist pubes like you.

      1. Ernest Hendrickson says

        OMG!! You’re so full of crap I’ll bet your car shifts when you slither into it. LOL

        1. Grassroots says

          Can’t handle the truth, eh?

  77. curious11 says

    Fat, Black and gay? Then she wouldn’t be wonder woman… All women should aspire to be attractive and strong. As it is, too many fat, obese sloppy women out there!

    1. Grassroots says

      Yeah, I feel the same way about fat, obese, sloppy men with their beer bellies hanging out over their pants. Those men should aspire to be attractive and strong too. What the heck is wrong with them?

  78. junkmailbin says

    Greeks and their heros are light skinned. Heros and Gods had perfect form.
    Fat black lesbians have never been the top pick anywhere.

  79. Peter Smith says

    Wonder Woman, legendary hero, …….. played by a carpet munching porch monkey? I don’t think so ……..

    1. Grassroots says

      Porch monkey? Wonder Woman may be a hero, but you sure aren’t. Your vulgar, racist words give you away. You’re nothing more than a tiny little peckerhead with not much between your ears.

        1. Grassroots says

          Low energy, huh. I.AM weary of all you knuckleheads spouting lies and half truths and ranting about America being great again. It’s already a great country. But it’s being degraded by low energy conservatives.

          1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            America will be great again when we get rid of Morons like you!
            PRESIDENT TRUMP is our President whether u like it or not little man…

          2. Grassroots says

            America is already great. 45 has done nothing to improve this country or the world. “Getting rid” of people you don’t like ain’t gonna happen, Slugger. If we lived in Russia, under the despotic leadership of Putin (45’s lover boy), the decision to “disappear” people you don’t like is much more probable and possible.

            Meanwhile, the opposition to 45 and his super wealthy, unqualified, unethical cabinet members and other appointees grows daily. I’m simply part of the 60% of Americans who disapprove of Criminal-in-Chief 45. Hop on the bandwagon, Slugger.

          3. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            America was destroyed by Obama and his racist liberal thugs…l.Obama destroyed America! Trump will resurrect it and make america first and MAKE AMERICA GREAT GAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CATCH UP you liberal low energy fool …train
            missed ya

          4. Grassroots says

            “Low energy fool,” is that the latest insult running through the internets? Not very creative.

          5. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            You a low energy liberal fool…..Very creative only not to liberals racists pigs like you! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/35d2482a625c5531ea9569a79155deef085f11bf8835b123c1ba4f60481bfef3.png

          6. Grassroots says

            Blather on, fool.

          7. Grassroots says

            If America were destroyed, it wouldn’t be doing as well as it is, especially for the 1%. Of course, there are those thousands of people being laid off from their government jobs because 45 is getting rid of agency after agency after agency. And here I thought he was all about saving jobs. Tsk tsk.

          8. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            We will create jobs, protect America, build our Military up and make America first and great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We elected President Trump and not a liberal globalist hater of America crooked lying Hillary!
            We will make America Great again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7634e1acb9f4143307a12c1034620c2bc234f4cb4619cd521a943368d55f0c4c.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7b4ea69ece17b3c1f235118cf847880cebd1651987c5aabdc2edba105b832da7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f4ee92a6ca7cad98d865c6a776784c64910ae2fe49ef9e528e52011619f86d8.jpg

          9. Grassroots says

            45 is dragging America down into the morass. By the time he’s either impeached or his one term is over, he will have gotten rid of environmental protections; health care for women, children, and the elderly; ripped international relationships to shreds; shut down voting opportunities for the poor and certain minorities; illegally collected millions, perhaps billions of dollars for his personal businesses; destroyed presidential ethics; fired hundreds/thousands of people working in the government agencies he’s closing; destroyed public free education so Betsy Devos and her family can make more billions of dollars on charter schools….

            You have been tragically misled if you think 45 is gonna help you and your family. I’m sorry for you and all the other deluded souls who believe 45 will keep his promises.

          10. Grassroots says

            Keep trying, Slugger. You ain’t got it right yet.

      1. Peter Smith says

        HAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha …. I hear porch monkeys eat grassroots …….. LMAO.

        1. Grassroots says

          Is your whole family racist like you, or are you the only one?

          1. Peter Smith says

            You’ll never know will you. Funny thing is two of my best friends are black. We’ve been friends since we went to elementary school together about 45 to 50 years ago. You have any white friends of that longevity? So you’ll never know about my family. But I bet I can tell you what your whole family is ……..

          2. Grassroots says

            You call your two black BFF, carpet munching porch monkeys? Tell me, how do they feel about that?

  80. nococidences says

    According to the 13th Am which the 14th is based on she should have been a slave also, because only descendants of slaves are entitled to wonder woman’s right’s in America, not all those other people listed.

  81. Dale P Patterson says

    If the left want a movie with a fat black unshaven butch man-hater, good. Have a production company make one, or better yet do it themselves. They can call it Wonder Dyke, Super Bitch, or Hillary Rodham Clinton sans make-up. Do whatever they want to. But no matter what people that want to see something will pay and if they don’t want to watch they won’t pay. That’s why WB made Wonder Woman with the cast they use, so they could make $100’s of Millions world wide, instead of making crap that wouldn’t be watched on the Woman’s Network.

    1. Grassroots says

      You got some problems with powerful women, eh. “Fat, unshaven, butch, man hater”… If I were a woman, I’d hate you too.

      1. Dale P Patterson says

        Obviously “Grassroots ” you didn’t read the whole con-ver-a-tion. What I wrote was a response to some FOOL telling WB who to put into their MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR BIG SCREEN MOVIE. The production company is in it for the coin and not for the political satisfaction of a small minority. But if you don’t want to understand the conversation, throw in your half-assed 2 cents and feel socially/politally/morally superior . . . be my guest BITCH! Your all that and more in that bone between your ears.

        1. Grassroots says

          My beef is with your using such nasty words to describe women. You made my point by calling me a bitch and making a disparaging remark about my brain power. Obviously you don’t know a thing about me.

          1. Dale P Patterson says

            Gr, just finished reading your response and I lol and lol and lol’ed. Then I looked up some of your other conversations and guess what. It was the same old tired anti-white/GOP/christian/male/good looking people rant that’s in ALL your conversations. . . LOL ! You claim that I don’t know you at all and your right, except I can see YOUR an angry, hatefilled, racist BITCH ! At least I’ve got the balls to post my photo with my post and honestly say what I believe without being pissed.
            However I do have to thank you for not posting a picture of your “BUTT UGLY” self with your responses. The screen would probably shatter and I would go broke replacing

          2. Grassroots says

            Speaking of butt ugly, have you glanced in a mirror lately?

          3. Dale P Patterson says

            Hey Gr I have and while I’m not Tom Cruise or Billy D Williams I’m not afraid or ashamed to let people see my face or know my name BITCH!

  82. jrchambers says

    Fat, black and gay? The reality is that being fat tends to limit an actor’s roles. Why didn’t you post a photo of such an innovative Wonder Woman? And please don’t forget that Wonder Woman is very athletic.

  83. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

    Wonder Woman showed herself today in response to the shooting of the congressman. She charged the shooter and was wounded. That is Wonder Woman.

  84. armadillarodeo says

    “Wonder Woman should be fat, black and gay” and should also have Aids and Herpes.

    1. Grassroots says

      Are those your two favorite diseases? You actually have AIDS and herpes?

        1. Grassroots says

          Huh-uh. I’m here to stay.

  85. Carl Looney says

    She would not be wonder woman, but a fatty Patty dummy.

  86. Mr. Manfredgensenden says

    I believe the premise is that we should ‘wonder’ at her super powers, not ‘wonder’ if s/he is a ‘woman’ or not.

  87. Ernest Hendrickson says

    Fact. Most of those misanthropes are either jealous or ugly. Frequently both. Right? Wgoopie Rosie…..

    1. Grassroots says

      Which one are you, Ernie? Jealous or ugly? Or both?

      1. Ernest Hendrickson says

        Actually a rather handsome Medical Doctor. And exactly what are you?

        1. Grassroots says

          Hmm. You take that attitude to work with you? You label some of your patients as ugly and jealous? Whereas you are handsome and superior? Why am I not surprised.

          1. Ernest Hendrickson says

            You didn’t describe yourself. But I can imagine. You’re a typical liberal. No brains. Likely mentally ill. An attacker who naturally didn’t serve in the military. Have I got your number? BTW. It wasn’t difficult…

          2. Grassroots says

            I’m an extremely intelligent, very successful entrepreneur. Serving in the military was not possible when I was young enough to do so. Back in the day, women weren’t allowed to serve in combat, which is what I would have chosen. But, wait, are you now disparaging people with mental illness? What kind of a doctor are you, anyway, to make fun of people with illness, mental or physical?

          3. Ernest Hendrickson says

            Wow. Typical feminist. Full of nastiness and criticism. I’ve known many like you. And I don’t give them the time of day. You’re intelligent? Ha. My IQ is above 150. My son’s IQ is above 145. Now exactly what is your IQ? Or do you know?

          4. Grassroots says

            Hmmm, your posts are full of nastiness and criticism, in case you didn’t notice. You’re obviously trying to change the subject from the bottom line, which is that a doctor shouldn’t be spouting such blather about potential or actual patients. Low IQ, high IQ, medium IQ doesn’t really matter. Kindness and compassion are much more important, which I don’t detect at all in your posts. I’m not sure you’re even a medical doctor. You sound much too slefish and immature.

          5. Ernest Hendrickson says

            Sorry honey. The truth is sometimes unpleasant. And I couldn’t care less about your opinions on anything. So, please stop bothering me. OK?

          6. Grassroots says

            Yes, the truth that a medical doctor is selfish and immature is unpleasant. I hope you can reform yourself before you hurt any patients, either emotionally or physically.

  88. Archie Cogollos says

    Well I guess they will continue to make pennies…soooo many people need to put in their two cents…good thing there’s unlimited free calls…then they could call somebody who gives a fuck….put your money where your mouth is a finance the hero’s you wish to portray and see how that works for you….

  89. Robert says

    If they didn’t like it, they should make there own comic book character.
    But who’s gonna read it.???
    Fat black lesbian hero.??? Not Me.!

  90. ChaznGwenie Gugins says

    Giving heed to feminists is the quickest way to become irrelevant.

    1. Grassroots says

      Feminists worked tirelessly to:
      -get the vote for women,
      -get equal pay for equal work,
      -have the right to have a credit card in her own name (not her husband’s),
      -be able to apply for any job not just those labeled for women (like secretary, nurse, teacher),
      -serve in the military in combat and other areas
      -become a member of the police force, firefighters, serve on a jury, and other traditionally male jobs….

      That’s just a sampling of the rights and freedoms feminists worked so hard to procure for ALL WOMEN. Hardly what would be termed irrelevant, Charles and Gwenie.

  91. Lily Haley says

    Did they see the movie? Did they notice how hard those Amazons trained? Do they really expect someone to be fat after daily workouts like that? They probably had a healthy diet too…no fast food restaurants on the island. Stop all the divisive whining. It is really childish and annoying.

  92. joe says

    ha ha ha ha ha are these people real, come on now this is all made up right it is a big joke we are all going to have a nice chuckle over.

  93. Obie Miller says

    She should be called “I wonder if she is really a woman”!

  94. RsGoat says

    Michael Orr is a unique kind of athlete who plays a position in football where they look for a person with a wide physical build to protect the back field from intrusion of players belonging to the other team. You can’t be a small guy or the other team will use larger men to knock you over and get their guys in. Where you are only looking at one aspect of him he also supports a lot of muscle and must be able to move all of it quickly to do his job right so this man is by all standards an athlete. While a lady might get away with that comment as a guy I would not even try. Joking with a linemen in a club one night I pushed it too far and in a friendly playful way he took my then 180 pounds off the floor over his head and spun me around on his elbow like the Globe trotters spin a basket ball, then dropped me on the floor following to make the tackle! It was all in fun eve if I spent a week on crotches. Sumo wrestlers are another kind of athlete who support a massive body weight although I remember seeing one skinny one a long time ago. He did not fare well.

  95. jesusknight says

    LOL… Amazons were NOT fat or black or short. They were none of those.. she needs to take a mythology and history lesson.
    His comments on the Berkley crowd were spot on though!

  96. gvette says

    In other words, it should have been Moooochelle Obama playing the part!

    1. jsy says

      In other words you are an embarrassment to decent people and an idiot.

  97. Ajalfaro says

    She forgot the part about being hooked on crack and seven children by seven different suspects

  98. jsy says

    This represents a milestone in article writing. It is difficult to envision where the writer can go from here. This is both the stupidest subject and the stupid treatment of a stupid subject ever committed to the written word.

  99. Tom Ellis says

    That sounds like the ugly bitch loretta Lynch.

    1. jsy says

      Ugly bitch? Sounds like I hear a low cur speaking profanely of a woman far his superior. Just for the sake of humoring the vulgar; If she is an “ugly bitch”, what are the others?


  100. jsy says

    Funny thing about “Amazons”. For those truly interested there is a fascinating aspect of the Amazon legend known as Queen Califia and/or Calafia. One novel aspect of this legend is that it is centered here in the U.S. California and Mexico devotees might be especially intrigued.
    Warning to the slimy racists that infest this site: Big. And black.

  101. 4grands says

    I thought they already WERE fat, black and gay.

  102. john says

    Big fat negro with big lips,super wide flat nose,brillo pad hair,…… that speaks butchered and incoherent English……that is what these females want ….a real stinker!

    1. Grassroots says

      Wow, nasty nasty

      1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
        1. Grassroots says

          You crack me up. If only you had a brain.

          1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            You crack yourself up you Democrackhead fool ha ha lol
            Now if you only had common sense bratha….keep hope alive!!!

          2. Grassroots says

            You sound like a doodlehead. You act like a spoiled child. You write like a fifth grader. Better keep hoping for that brain, pal.

          3. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            You sound liberal, ignorant, racist and thuggish!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/06a6a13be4fd68d6a53387443cfb842c1a574d9c8753e3a7dd421237b4029d6d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b11c29155afad13fae759465eb664e35f2ec01518666286b515951388b31ce97.jpg I dont’ blame you I blame yo parents for raising your ignorant ass Get some common sende little liberal man LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

          4. Grassroots says

            If you only had a brain…

  103. Larry Brule says


  104. Outrider says

    Wonder Woman needs to go kick this woman’s dumb ass!

  105. john53 says

    They want a hero that looks like them, fat black and tranny. That’s what most of them look like anyhow.

    1. Grassroots says

      Do you use that language in polite company, Johnny boy? Oh, wait, you don’t know what “polite company” is, do you.

      1. john53 says

        I take it you don’t many feminist, polite company is not an accurate distribution. Mostly they are annoying and extremely opinionated.

        1. Grassroots says

          Annoying and extremely opinionated, just like you. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, eh?

          1. john53 says


  106. ed28 says

    “Abraham argued, the studio should have turned Wonder Woman into an overweight black lesbian.”

    Nothing new here, a liberal wants Wonder Woman to be a Democrat, DUH!

  107. Walter Flatt says















  108. Craig Vandertie says

    Yes, picture if you will an Amazonian princess a fat black dike, what would https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollonius_of_Rhodes say, rhetorical question, as in any comment he may voiced would be in complete protest.

    1. Grassroots says

      My, my, your momma better wash out your mouth with soap. You’re using some ugly nasty words, old man.

  109. Justin Seine says

    The Liberal Doctrine – Since all people except self appointed an anointed elites cannot be winners we must all aspire to assume the capabilities of the least common denominator – We must all become losers because far left ideology requires the equal sharing of misery! – Jealousy will be eradicated because anything that would lead to jealousy will be eliminated.

    1. Grassroots says

      Were you raised by wolves? You might want to take some remedial classes in psychology and social dynamics.

  110. No name nut case says

    What a bunch of Nimrods! Their problem is that those “women” are very, very unhappy, in spite of their choice of name for themselves. “Gay” does not describe them at all! They are anything but gay.
    Oh, but wait, “gay” is what male homosexuals are called! My bad. The women are just unhappy lesbians who what to spoil everyone else’s lives who aren’t lesbians.

    1. Grassroots says

      Man, you don’t understand, do you. Your posting name says it all, I guess. “Nut case.” Exactly.

  111. ernst says

    If Wonder Woman was “fat,black and gay,” she would be in the street marching for Black Lives Matter.

  112. Kat says

    How typical for a commie jewess to come up with this. We went through this when there was moaning about Santa Claus not being black. Yawn!

  113. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

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