Fire Contained? RNC Hopes Trump is Finished


Previous reports about the demise of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign have proven to be premature. After offending many with his comments on Mexican immigrants, pundits thought his fledgling candidacy would quickly flame out. That didn’t happen. When he attacked John McCain over his status as a war hero, everyone thought the end was nigh. Once again, they were wrong. Now Republicans are praying that Trump’s mini-feud with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly will finally put an end to his campaign.

“The fire still burns, but the fire is now contained,” said Alex Castellanos, a GOP strategist. “He can’t grow. He has condemned himself to be a protest candidate, not a serious candidate for the Republican nomination. That means we now move forward to a more normal debate.”

But it remains to be seen whether Castellanos is right or if the next round of polls will solidify Trump’s unstoppable course to the nomination. Certainly, the controversial candidate’s speculation that Kelly had “blood coming from wherever” was, um, unusual for someone we’re supposed to take seriously as a presidential contender. Offensive? Certainly, despite Trump’s insistence that he was referencing a “nosebleed.” No one’s buying that. So it really comes down to whether or not Trump’s supporters care how offensive he gets.

This time around, Trump’s comments did cost him a spot at the RedState Gathering in Atlanta, a convention for conservatives hosted by Erick Erickson. But losing a spot at a convention is a long way from losing the top spot in the polls. From the talk coming out of the first GOP debate, it didn’t appear that his major contenders swayed viewers. If Trump sinks, it will be interesting to see where his supporters go.

The Third Party Threat

Republicans have to be careful when it comes to marginalizing their controversial frontrunner. If attacks from the other candidates turn into blatant attacks from the party leadership, Trump may decide to take his ball and go home. Apart from his exchange with Kelly at the debate, Trump’s refusal to pledge support to the eventual nominee was the night’s biggest moment. Not only does he refuse to rule out a third-party run, he appears to be holding it over the RNC like a threat.

Should Trump forge an independent campaign, conventional wisdom has been that it would pave a clear path to victory for Hillary Clinton. For that reason, Republicans must exercise caution while still maintaining the integrity of the party. Trump is everything the party has been trying to move away from in recent years, frustrating efforts to appeal to minorities, including women.

On the other hand, this is exactly why his campaign caught fire so quickly. A certain percentage of conservative voters are fed up with mealy-mouthed, moderate candidates. They would rather turn to people who make up for experience with real talk. And it may be that those voters realize that the flipside of political incaution is the occasional offensive statement.

It’s not, when you think about it, the worst downside in the world.

  1. Michael Dennewitz says

    Any time something”good” comes along, both parties will try to destroy it, especially the damned “turncoat” Repuklicans! Now I have no faith in EITHER damned party!

    1. justreality says

      Good for what? His meeting with Bill Clinton was likely about how he will get the GOP nomination because of morons like those here and then get clobbered by that bastard Hillary. He than gets anything he wants for the next four years. You all are fools.

      1. Russ says

        Hitlerey, is a coyote ugly has been. She couldn’t win the job of dog catcher.

        1. John H. Kohlenberg says

          maybe cleaning up after the dog, but not dog catcher.

          1. Russ says

            lol, you got that right.

      2. Syl says

        Did you not see the article about Bill Clinton reassuring Jeb Bush that” Trump would be taken care of in the debates”? (a set-up much?) Bill wants Bush to go up against Hillary because they are on the same side and does not matter who wins. We are all fools if we fall for what the GOP is trying to foist on us, AGAIN!

        1. ccblogging says

          Hillary and Bush are both Socialist/Communist New World Order freaks. As the Benghazi Witch said, “What difference Does It Make”.

          1. PatriotGal says

            cc, absolutely!

        2. Dr. Bob Uda says

          You have it right!

      3. Dr. Bob Uda says

        Look in the mirror and spot the fool.

      4. Larry Miller says

        justreality, me think you are playing the fool role. might want to get your head out of the sand or ease off the kool aid a bit.

    2. Dr. Bob Uda says

      Whenever both parties are against you, you know you have something and are doing the right things. Go, Donald Trump!

      1. heights2012 says

        Remember Sarah?

        1. Dr. Bob Uda says

          Yes, I remember Sarah Palin very well. She is a phenomenal woman! The Lame-stream Media (LSM) and the demonrats crucified her. They demonized her. The attacked her children. They pulled all plugs to destroy that dear woman. Yet, she took it all in stride and survived.

          When Donald Trump becomes the POTUS, I know he will have a very important position for her in the Trump administration. They broke pizza together. They are very tight politically. Now, The Donald is learning exactly what Sarah has been through with the corrupt LSM and evil Demonrat Party as well as the filthy GOP/RNC establishment.

      2. Larry Miller says

        You nailed it Doc.

      3. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

        UDA—–That’s the way I see it.

        1. Dr. Bob Uda says

          Good man!

    3. Kent2012 says

      it would appear as though you gave up on the communist democrapos first….the turn coats in the GOP are elitist clowns like boner and mcdoogler…oh and the cow from Alaska and those New England pretenda Americans…collins and that other dip wad..

    4. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc says

      Idiot they are damned liberal demonrats moron go to school and learn how to spell, not public school they can not even teach first graders

      1. ShemSilber says

        There we go with calling each other names again. When will we quit that and grow up from our infancy and just stick to sensible statements?

    5. Robert Young says

      I agree as I have no faith in either Party as I believe that the NWO has complete control of both the RNC and the DNC .

      1. Larry Miller says

        It is actually Buildersburg with the control.

  2. MAHB001 says

    If the Republican establishment is against Trump.

    I am for Trump…

    1. Robert Young says

      It is too early for me to pick one candidate as there are several running that I would consider. However, if the RNC pushes their establishment candidate to receive the nomination, that one will NOT get my vote. I believe that the NWO has complete control of the RNC.

      1. tony newbill says

        they can complete control over both parties !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell says

        I’m with you. If the GOP pushes a RINO, I will not vote for them, and they WILL LOSE big time. This is about the back scratchers keeping control, from WE THE PEOPLE! WE are tired of it and I for one refuse to fall in line If they don’t put Cruz or Carson in, I will be on the Trump band wagon come voting day. He is a breath of fresh air, and they seem to be in complete denial about why we are loving him! It is time for a 3rd party, of we the people.

        1. jaybird says

          Has any 3rd party candidate won in the past??

          1. davehd says

            Not sure, but I think that with the state of affairs now, he just might pull it off!! I am impressed by him!! I like someone who stands up to the media!!

          2. jaybird says

            Cruz impressed me when he stood on the Senate floor and accused McJoke of lying to him and the others on the TPP bill. He has filibustered bills on the Senate floor. I like his stance on immigration, I think the truth is important to him, which I have not seen in other politicians.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Me too, Cruz got bonus points for that.

          4. chief1937 says

            Not that I can remember. I am afraid the Republicans will tear each other apart in the primaries ignore Trump cause a third party run which will split the Republican vote and we wind up with Hillary another disaster for our nation. Not sure we can survive another Democrat in the white house using what we have seen these past 7 years.

          5. Bill Senior says

            Hey chief … with a small “c,” don’t be too sure of what has happened in the past will happen again .. in the future, there is a “New Outlook” on the horizon, OK!

            THE PEOPLE … are Plain “Fed-Up” with both Parties … to “Tell the Truth” so, this just might be the time to start a “New One” or another One!

            Donald Trump … just might be that. Smart, Rude, Crude, Brash, Truthful … I just hope Trump isn’t visioned as another “Goldwater or PIrot” … because back then, people didn’t know any better and only saw ‘Bad News” even tho they both were “Right on!” BUT now, it’s a different World and different People’s Thinking, Knowing and Wanting!!!!!!!!!!!!

            “GO” …. Trump …. Kick their Ass’s in Washington DC and get this COUNTRY back on Track, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          6. chief1937 says

            bill senior whether little or big letters I could care less. The last time we were promised change(new direction) we got the present administration actions are needed not promises which all politicians put out. Just not sure a third party won’t assure a Democrat victory.

          7. Bill Senior says

            Hey, we got “CHANGE” and PLENTY of it … “it was just ‘ALL’ Wrong,” period!!!!!
            If anyone didn’t see this “NOBODY, FROM NOWHERE, KENYAN MUSLIM ORIGINAL, COMMUNITY ILLINOIS ORGANIZER AND JV SENATOR for WHO the “F” he’s was …. then their JUST PLAIN F’ING STUPID and That’s why were in the MESS that we’re in Today!!!!!!!

            Although he was voted into the POTUS Position – in 2008 & 2012 … by Ignorant/Dumb People, Nigger’s (not necessarily Blacks), Illegals, Already Dead People and Socialist/Communist Democrats and Liberals, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          8. chief1937 says

            Neither did I and you can hardly find anyone who will admit they did but he was elected. Could the vote counter have anything to do with it I wonder?

          9. Tony says

            Strange, Talked to a tour guide on a tour bus in Washington DC when Bill Clinton was in office. This guide would ask how many people on the bus voted for Clinton. No one up to that point had raised their hand.

          10. greyfox says

            Be sure it will, it most certainly will, Trump is aware of that fat.

          11. MAHB001 says

            It is not clear to me that even Trump can overcome the left stream media blitzkrieg.

            Look what happened to the Tea Party.

            To address the corruption in the media join

          12. greyfox says

            He may not be able to overcome it but h sure as hell will give them a run for their money. He has taken everything they have thrown at him so far and he’s still standing, you just have to admire him for that.

          13. MAHB001 says

            Me too.

          14. noBS says

            Bill Sr, I agree in principle, but my fear is that with all the “takers” who vote just to keep their goodies coming (mostly, but not all, minorities) the Dems will overwhelm a split conservative vote, and Hillary would win.
            There will always be “party loyalists”, so some part of the conservative base will stay with “the party”. I’m just afraid that if a 3rd party is created, it would just hand the Oval Office to the Dems — even if a significant part of mainstream voters refuse to support either the Dems or Repubs.
            On the other hand, I also believe that if a RINO is nominated, before 2020 the Republican Party will cease to exist, at least not under its present leadership (Priebus, McConnell, Boehner, et al). Either a 3rd party will replace it, or the conservative faction will retake control of the Republican Party.

          15. Dr. Bob Uda says

            “Either a 3rd party will replace it, or the conservative faction will retake control of the Republican Party.”

            That is the only solution to the current problem. Let’s make it happen.

          16. MAHB001 says

            The Nation will not survive another socialists term.

            The ONLY hope is that the sleeping lemming Democrats wake up and smell the crap the country is in.

          17. nevergiveup says

            Do you think possibly Trump is recognizing that a third party candidate would put Hillary in? So maybe he will stay with the Republican party even if he thinks he might not win. He needs to stay in the race somehow to be able to keep the others in the truth line, if you know what I mean. If he drops out then he won’t have the same effect with keeping the truth out there.

          18. Dr. Bob Uda says

            No, Trump is in it to win. Why in the world would anyone want to take the lashings coming his way from all sides of the political spectrum, spend his own money, and cow-tow to the powers that be? Trump wants to win because he wants to make America Great Again.

          19. Bob Wexler says

            We need to weed out the RINOs in the primaries, long before the convention. If the only candidates with delegates at the convention are Carson, Cruz and Trump, the American people win. If the RINOs are still there, we all loose.

          20. Tony says

            If the RNC does not get with the program and support a conservative candidate, I believe Hillary will be in for sure. But if the RNC would rather have Hillary than someone like Cruz, Trump, Carson, then, at this point, what difference does it make?

          21. theseer says

            No but the candidates were not strong enough
            or have following alike Trump

          22. Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell says

            Yep, When the Republicans came to power they were 3rd party, from the Wigs, I believe. But back your question is can a third party win now! I fully believe that it is time. I think the people are fed up with both parties and realize there is no other solution, if you keep putting in the same, you get the same. I want term limits and all the entrenched old guard of both parties GONE!

        2. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

          Bell—I Agree

      3. elmcqueen3 says

        The NWO has complete control of our US Government…they can work around candidates and they can work around the POTUS…their agenda is a one world government and total control of the world’s populace…their biggerst tool in this country is the Democratic Party…Both of which hate our US Constitution and the American Bill of Rights…of which no other country has these protections for its citizenry…hence…we see the Democrats working feverishly to dismantle it…with the Republicans offering only token resistance…Currently…there are only a few admendments to the Bill of Rights that have not been compromised…the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 9th amendments have been compromised to the point that they offer little if any protection to the citizenry…It is truely shameful to see how these forces have chosen to rob this country of its freedom and it’s wealth in their qwest to control the United States and rule the world.

        1. Tony says

          Democrat= sudden death to America.
          Establishment Republican= death by a thousand cuts.
          Something must change if we are to survive in tact.

          1. Dr. Bob Uda says

            And that change agent is Donald Trump!

      4. EXNFLFAN says

        I’m going back to watching WWE Monday Night RAW, much more entertaining!

        1. MAHB001 says

          I will not miss the Fiorina/Clinton debate, even for WWE!

          1. EXNFLFAN says

            Yeah sorry MAHB001! I lost my head for a few seconds! That is one debate I will NOT miss! SLAP THE BITCH down and dirty cat fight! Hope the “more Lady like” one wins!

      5. MAHB001 says

        Agreed, I like several candidates right now. And my heaviest variable is NOT being part of the establishment.

      6. noBS says

        Let’s assume for now that Trump will not be NOT the Republican nominee, and instead the party pushes a RINO. Also assume that the “powers that be” in the party fail to incorporate any of Trump’s ideas into the platform. Regardless of whether Trump runs as a 3rd party candidate or not, the Republicans will lose. Either the anti-Democrat votes will be split, or else the Trump supporters AND many other true conservatives will simply stay home.
        ONLY if Trump is the nominee (and at this point I don’t know if he’d be a good President or not), OR if the party acknowledges and actively supports some of his ideas, do Republicans have a chance in 2016. Mainstream America is tired of the media and the RINOS not giving them a legitimate choice. Unless at least one of those conditions is met, the only voters likely to come out will be the “party faithful” and the “takers” (who always vote Democrat).

    2. Dave Phelps says

      Amen to that

    3. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

      MAHB001—I’m with you.—–I thought the debate process was to determine who everyone thought
      would make the best president, but I guess I am wrong. The RNC and all the other candidates
      except Cruz & Carson are running against Trump. The name of the game is destroy Trump, and
      many like myself will not allow the RNC to tell me how to vote. The RNC by not treating Trump fair
      is helping the democrats to win in 2016.

      1. Tony says

        Dirty politics work. Just ask Harry Reid. Most people do not like it, but it works. Sad.

    4. 7papa7 says

      I like what he has been saying however he was so unpresidential in the debate. Was he “blind sided”, yes but he is the one in control of his response no matter how ridiculous or insulting a questions might be. He did not handle well at all and his actions are not what I want to represent our country abroad. I am also concerned of his very recent conversion to conservative. Is it real or is he just a campaign conservative? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. I am against any candidate that the establishment is for and for any candidate that the establishment is against. That is one reason I like Cruz so much. He is very presidential, knowledgeable and a proven solid conservative who will go against either party when they are wrong.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I am with you there. If you closed your eyes and just listened, Trump’s answers sounded more like a liberals deflections than someone that was running for the President of the United States. He didn’t answer the questions, he struck back with insults…

        I hope Trump comes up with answers next time.

        Cruz is the real thing.. So is Carly Fiorina… I would love to see Fiorina debate Hillary. Hillary would be exposed as the pile of crap that she is.

        1. 7papa7 says

          Cruz absolutely is the real deal. I am starting to look into Carly Fiorina. I loved what she said in the debate. I have heard that there are some problems with her that I need to check out before I give a real thumbs up. I don’t want to bring them up in case they are not true. I don’t want to possibly damage a candidate without the facts. If she checks out I would love to see a Cruz/Fiorina ticket, it would be awesome.

          1. jaybird says

            I agree, and good for you for checking out all the candidates! I would love to see Cruz, Mike Lee and Gowdy in the administrationl.

          2. 7papa7 says

            Great choices. I would also add Gohmert and Carson along with a handful of others.

          3. MAHB001 says

            I would love to see Cruz, Walker, Fiorina, or any one but Bush announce a cabinet and unite the base. The only one I have written off the list is the establishment candidates like Bush.

            I understand Reagan announced his cabinet during the primaries. It worked for him.

          4. 7papa7 says

            I agree. If you start putting in people like Trey Gowdy for AG, Louie Gohmert for the next SCOTUS opening, Carson for HHS or Surgeon General and the list goes on.

          5. paul prehn says

            Look deeper into Carly Fiorina. She is a RINO and has agreed with several very liberal policies and laws. Watch out and do some serious homework!!

  3. Tallcoach says

    Baloney; he is finished.

    1. Dr. Bob Uda says

      He is not finished.

  4. AlanWH says

    The thing that needs “finishing” is the Pathetic, Sell-Out RNC.

    1. Dr. Bob Uda says

      I hope when the dust settles, the RNC (as presently constituted) will be done with.

      1. Larry Miller says

        Dr. Bob Uda… I could not agree more. Our nation has truly had the wool pulled over their eyes by the RNC clowns. They have destroyed their platform on which the party was built
        by their attempts to push candidates of their choosing, ones that they could control,
        Many of which were totally not qualified and had no idea how or what to do, but got the nod anyway. This is the reason the party has suffered so many failures.

      2. willr3 says

        I would like to see history repeat itself. Abe Lincoln was the catalyst for starting the Republicans in 1858. Two years later 1860 he was the first GOP President. If the GOP kicks Trump any harder, he will run by himself. I hope he selects the Tea PArty for his banner. He is the only one who gives the Tea Party any respect. The GOP insiders are fearful that it will get out that over 50% of registered Republicans and some independents and Dems are Tea Party members. If they voted for Trump he would win in a landslide. It was the Tea Party that gave the GOP the Congressional majority in 2014. The GOP establishment paid them back [ more like stabbed them in the back] by taking them off key committees and placing Rinos Boehner and McConnell in charge of their victory. I say we back Trump for the Tea Party President, and sink the GOP. All people fear Hillary would then win. She is already on thin ice, and the Dems are secretly trying to groom idiots like Biden and Sanders. The mood of the nation is to get away from the Dems., and the liberal wild spending politicians who put us in the present mess. So if the GOP wants to push out their best candidate, Donald Trump, then I support him running as the Tea Party candidate.

        1. jaybird says

          I support Ted Cruz, he defends the Constitution to the letter and is not afraid to call Mitch McJoke a lier on the Senate floor or hold a filibuster if he thinks a bill is bad.

        2. Tony says

          Most of the R’s rode the coat tails of the tea party into office in 2010.

        3. Dr. Bob Uda says

          Good idea!

    2. PatriotGal says

      Alan, include in that Rove, Reibus, etc., etc.

      1. AlanWH says

        That goes without saying. They and all like them are guilty by their association with the “establishment.”

  5. Bobtrhn says

    I won’t give up on Trump. He’s the only one with balls out there.

    1. readmylipsnow says

      He has proven he is thin skinned and runs his mouth. Puts the blame on someone else for running his mouth and actiing the clown. He acts on impulse. There are other republican candidates who show much more in the way of intelligence and “balls” as you so eloquently describe. Cruz, Carson, Rubio, Walker,.and others,.all show true character and intelligence needed for the office of the president. Trump is likeable….just not the answer to the job and future of this country.

      1. Bobtrhn says

        Cruz is the only other person out there that has BALLS. I respect your comment as long as you respect mine. Anything would be better than what’s in there now. I really think Trump would get rid of this government waste that we have so much of. The biggest waste we have right now is what’s in the White House.

        1. Dr. Bob Uda says

          Unfortunately, Cruz is not ready. However, he will be most eminently qualified after serving as VP for eight years.

          1. Bobtrhn says

            I think you are probably right. I don’t see him backing down to anyone and hopefully he doesn’t let greed get in the way like all the others have.

          2. farm kid says

            cruz is ready. he is one smart cookie. read his book.

          3. Gerry Costa says

            A moron can have someone write a book for him and make him sound like Einstein.

          4. jaybird says

            Cruz speaks his mind and the truth, he saud Mitch McJoke a lied to all of them on the Senate floor.

          5. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Interesting. More people should read his book. Cruz is the real deal, a true Conservative, never had to “evolve.”

          6. hangem'high says

            I believe no one ever understood anything Einstein wrote except Einstein, maybe a moron?

          7. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Like Obama (Bill Ayres wrote his). Cruz is a Constitutional scholar. If you ever heard him speak about the Founding Fathers, our history and the Constitution you would not make that statement. He can do so for hours on end without a teleprompter by the way. I believe writing a book is not extraordinary for a man of his intelligence who has argued cases before the Supreme Court.

          8. Dr. Bob Uda says

            A leading liberal Democrat and professor Alan Dershowitz at Harvard Law School said of Cruz, “He was off-the-charts brilliant.” Dershowitz went further to say that Cruz was “One of the sharpest students I had…I’ve had 10,000 students over my 50 years at Harvard…he has to qualify among the brightest of the students.” That says a lot about Cruz’s brains. Now, he just needs about eight more years of cultivation, grooming, acquiring solid experience for the big job.

          9. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            You trust Trump. I don’t, at least not as much as I would like. I suspect that, as a former democrat he harbors many liberal ideas and I’m not sure he has integrity. He favored partial birth abortion or was not opposed to it. He’s a shrewd businessman who knows how to be convincing when it’s necessary to close a deal. Social issues are important to TRUE Conservatives. Big question mark with Trump. I get that he gave to both parties: I’m not talking about that although I’m not thrilled with it. I believe that deep down inside the man is liberal on social issues. Issues such as Planned Parenthood and selling baby parts are important. I trust Cruz who is a loyal Conservative on both fiscal and social issues.

            I don’t believe we have 8 years. At some point you can’t turn the Socialist ship around. Unfortunately, it is hard to find true Conservatives. True, Trump has executive experience. But, running a corporation and being President of a representative democracy with SEPARATION OF POWERS is not something he is prepared for either. He’s used to having his own way and has difficulty controlling himself when someone opposes him: Obama has this problem so he uses his pen and his phone. So, we have to make up our minds. I agree with you so far on everything else. We’ll have to see how this plays out with the people who will make their decision. Because Trump is ahead in the polls now does not mean it’s “in the bag.” We may have to go with a 2nd choice, provided that choice is NOT A RINO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not vote for a RINO under any circumstances. I want to make that CLEAR.

            As an aside: Some are saying Trump or no one else, and that is not smart. That someone else would likely be Bill and Hillary. Hillary is already offering free college for everyone by the way. We have over 200 trillion of unfunded entitlement programs. No matter how you propose to pay for this, the money to fund existing programs plus Hillary’s free college does not exist. Our ship would sink long before we would get the opportunity to turn it around. That’s their idea. Destroy the middle class, and impose a Marxist tyranny.

          10. Dr. Bob Uda says

            I was a former Democrat. I trust myself. Therefore, I trust Trump. What I don’t trust are the current Democrats as they are demonrats. Ronald Reagan was a former Democrat. He was a phenomenal Republican POTUS. Being a former Democrat is much better than being a current Republican because most of them are Repugnants. The Repugnant Party left me in 2008 after I had been a loyal Republican for 45 years. Now, I am a “strict constructionist” Constitutional Conservative. Contrary to what you believe, Trump SHALL be the next POTUS. Go, Donald!

          11. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Ronald Reagan was a former Democrat at a time when most still loved the country and were not radical left commies. Not so in Donald’s case. Any recent democrat should be viewed with suspicion.
            For the good of the country, a surer choice would be Cruz!
            Go TED !!!!!

          12. Dr. Bob Uda says

            A smart electorate? Like the one that elected the Obungler twice! It is the same electorate that will chose between the Demonrat and Repugnant standard bearers. Smart electorate? Give us a break!

          13. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            It better not be. If that’s the case, then it’s Bill and Hillary again. Give US a break !! Besides, you did not answer the MAIN POINT of my previous post concerning trusting a RECENT demonRAT. What radical left policies attracted him? I want to know. Don’t you? If not, then are we any better than the electorate that elected Obozo twice? Trump’s not running for dog catcher. He was a former, RECENT demonRAT and needs to be asked more questions ON MORE ISSUES so people can make an INFORMED decision. After all, we’re hiring him and it’s not the other way around. You avoided my main point with evasive rhetoric. It’s obvious why.

            i get it if your “gut” tells you it’s the right move. My intellect says no: there’s much more I need to know about this guy. I knew at the last election all about Obozo’s Marxist and Communist associations, Rev. Wright, the whole 9 yards. I am not comfortable with what little is known about Trump’s politics and his demonRAT past, nor should anyone else. We need to slow down this bandwagon,

            That is why Cruz, who never had “to evolve,” a true Conservative, and ANTI-REPUGNANT ESTABLISHMENT, never a demonRAT candidate is the surer choice.

          14. Dr. Bob Uda says

            I don’t play your silly games, idiot. You didn’t answer my question. I hear more of you playing that same game. Did you go to the same Alinsky School for Radicals? There, answer that question, idiot. Trump is a better patriot that you. Those who have been on the other side become better conservatives because they understand how evil liberalism has become. You, on the other hand, don’t know the difference. Reagan was a demonrat before he became a better Republican and conservative than you ever could become. I was a democrat before changing to republican until it became repugnant. Now, I am only a strict constructionist Constitutional Conservative. So, don’t feed me all of your garbage and go get a life.

          15. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            You know nothing about me, a$$hole !!!!!!!!!!

          16. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Ditto, butt hole. It takes one to know one.

          17. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            I meant to say GIANT A$$HOLE. You’ve called many people here idiots simply because they disagree with you. Liberals do that kind of name calling, and you’ve done it ON NUMEROUS POSTS whenever someone disagrees with you. You, being the first to resort to name calling. You do that on other sites as well: click on your name and read them. Over and over again calling people idiots. The only person impressed by your “Dr.” title is you, you meathead !!!! You’re a know-it-all who knows nothing more than anyone else, but you think you’re smarter. If you’re that insecure, see a shrink. You’re a waste of human flesh.

          18. Dr. Bob Uda says

            If you were keeping up, I had mentioned that Lenin called those people who are lemmings as “useful idiots.” Consequently, I was using Lenin’s term to describe people who are bashing Donald Trump. Because of their bashing Donald Trump, they were helping Donald rise to the top in the polls. I also warned that if they kept it up, they will be the reason for Trump becoming the next POTUS. Thus, my term, “Thank you, idiot,” because they are useful idiots in forcing Donald Trump in to the White House, which I am all in favor of that happening. So, there you go, idiot! I do not call them idiots because they disagree with me. On the contrary, I call them idiots because they agree with me in thrusting Donald Trump into the White House. Do you understand, xenophobic idiot?

          19. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            No, he didn’t use it to describe lemmings at all. Lenin called liberals in the West “useful idiots,” if he used the term at all which is not certain if you care to research it. YOU, and this is most important of all, use it when someone disagrees with you about Trump. If someone disagrees with you, they’re bashing him and helping to elect Trump.

            You’ve used the term “idiot” almost as much, so it’s obvious you are into name calling whenever people disagree with you. Your name calling is truly obnoxious, and no one is buying your sorry, phony excuse.

            Dr. Demento Uda (responding to @LibertyHatingParrot), you need psychological counselling. You have a serious personality disorder. You clearly are not fit for discourse, and if you are any indication of what Trump supporters are like, then you’re a “useful idiot” for his opposition. There are many hurdles yet before the nomination. He is far from cornering the Conservative vote, including other factions as well. Others have been ahead in the polls at this point before only to see their leads evaporate overnight. Continue to be a “useful idiot” (misapplying the term like you) for more Conservative candidates.

            Why don’t you just stick to the facts or your opinions and avoid name calling altogether? You are likely to be much more effective. A person is not an idiot or useful idiot because he has a different opinion. A person could be wrong on some political point and be brilliant in most other ways. Instead, you’re saying “I’m Dr. Bob Uda, got that I’m a Doctor: I’m smart, you’re not.”

            What would be wrong with saying, “Thanks for helping elect Trump by smearing him.” Consider it. Otherwise, you seriously come across as one intolerant S.O.B., and your major points will have no effect. Do you seriously thing that name calling is going to help Trump get elected? Well then, you’re the only one. Until you reform, no one has to put up with your name calling.

          20. Dr. Bob Uda says

            You are a hopeless case, LibertyHatingParrot. You are dismissed.

          21. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Equally Dr.Demento, aka, obnoxious a$$hole.

          22. Dr. Bob Uda says

            You are the third derivative of displacement with respect to time, i.e., ds/dt = velocity. d2s/dt2 = acceleration. d3s/dt3 = jerk.

          23. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Your verbosity is perversity. KISS.

          24. Dr. Bob Uda says

            @LibertyHatingParrot: You are a coward who hides behind a translucent avatar and a phony
            moniker. Why don’t you use a real photo portrait of yourself and your
            real name? People who hide behind a mask, use a phony pseudonym, and
            make nasty comments are pure and simple cowards. If people could see
            who you are, you would not be so brave talking trash the way you do.
            Fess up and be a real man. Show/tell us who you are, coward.

          25. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            We can’t hide behind our words. And yours are truly a disgrace. If anyone doubts, just click on his name and see for yourself. Anyone who disagrees with the DOCTOR, is an idiot. He hides behind that title like a shield to intimidate all others and start name calling like a Liberal. No one has to accept his name calling, just because you disagree.

          26. Dr. Bob Uda says

            @Liberty Hating Parrot: With your words, you pull the same stunt the Lame-stream Media (LSM) pulls on “We, the People.” You do exactly what the LSM does when they said that Donald Trump said that ALL illegal alien Mexicans are rapists, drug dealers, etc. That is so far away from the truth of what The Donald said.

            Likewise, you are stretching the truth also when you say that I call everyone who disagrees with me an idiot. If you had kept up with what started this entire discussion, you would have known that I had said that Lenin called all those who helped their cause as “useful idiots,” which is a true statement. I likened that to all those who bash Donald Trump was actually helping his cause by bringing more people on board to support him simply because ordinary Americans do not like it when the LSM, Demonrats, the corrupt DNC, the corrupt GOP/RNC establishment, RINO Repugnants, and all those who join those evil groups to pile on in smearing The Donald.

            Maybe this explanation is to complex for you to comprehend, but when I used the term, “Thank you, useful idiot,” I was thanking all those who bash The Donald for unknowingly helping his cause. Now, if you can understand that I am not calling anyone an idiot for disagreeing with me. However, after this explanation, if you still say I call everyone who disagrees with me an idiot, then, you truly are an idiot. Please restore my faith in you by saying you now understand where I am coming from.

            I meet many people on this blog who disagree with me, and I do not consider them as idiots. So, if you will stop generalizing, you may not get yourself in such a tizzy about the statement, “Thank you, useful idiot.” That is a true statement. I really appreciate it when people continually bash The Donald. That is why his poll numbers keep going up, up, up. It is because us “little Americans” do not like people to bully anyone, Donald Trump or anyone else included. If you cannot understand that, then, explain why Trump’s poll numbers keep rising.

            I know you can be a good friend–if you choose to be. However, if you are locked onto hate and xenophobia, you will respond to this explanation with another flurry of hate speech. I await your response. Sincerely, Dr. Bob Uda.

          27. Dr. Bob Uda says

            We need a smart electorate like you, right?

          28. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Perfect example is Bill Ayers writing Obama’s books for him.

          29. farm kid says

            gerry you are the moron. do you have a degree from princeton and a law degree from harvard? cruz has both, also was top in both schools class. if you can read,get the book

          30. Larry Miller says

            farm kid, The proof is in the pudding. Most people have some great ideas, very few have the fortitude to carry them through.
            Trump has a proven track record. At this juncture in our nation, we can ill afford another 4-8 years of training and testing. This nation needs a proven leader and we need it now.

          31. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Amen, Larry! You are an intelligent man.

          32. PatriotGal says

            farm, yes he is. He is way underestimated.

          33. farm kid says

            wonderful, now go vote early and often

          34. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Cruz had been my favorite for a long time until he was eclipsed by The Donald. I still like him. That is why I keep promoting him as Trump’s running mate.

          35. jaybird says

            He is as ready as the rest, Rubio worries me on immigration.

          36. Dr. Bob Uda says

            The problem with your statement is everybody else aren’t ready also. Face it, there is only one man ready for this dire time, and that man is Donald Trump.

          37. jaybird says

            That is your opinion and him being ready is my opinion and that is all they are opinions. Your opinion is no better than mine, at least Cruz follows the Constitution and will stand up for what is right, even the Rino;s do not like him.

          38. Dr. Bob Uda says

            @Jailbird: On the contrary, my opinion holds more water than yours. Haven’t you been watching? The RINOs despise Donald Trump. How can Trump be a RINO if the RINOs despise him? Trump is a man of action, and the RINOs do not like anyone they cannot either buy off or control.

            There are varying degrees of opinions. No two opinions are of equal value. If you gave an opinion and Einstein, Trump, or Reagan gave contradicting opinions, I would listen to their opinions over yours. No offense intended.

            So, you see, not all opinions are equal. Some provide better, higher-value opinions than others. That is why people listen to the court of public opinion! That is why people listen to the “voice of the people!” That is why people seek opinionated advice from consultants. That is why people take opinion polls.

            You have got to value your opinions more than you do. If not, why would people listen to your opinion and act on it if you do not have much faith in your opinions–thinking that they are of equal value to all others? Remind me never to use you as a consultant.

          39. Dr. Bob Uda says

            I had a detailed response, but I see the censors must have deleted it. Whenever something makes good sense, the censors delete. It had nothing vulgar or risque in it. I think the organization that does that is a totalitarian organization. They do not believe in freedom of speech. There goes the First Amendment.

        2. Rolland Johnson says

          Here is what everyone completely over looks. Unless the leader uses excutive actions, which are not law, he or she cannot get anything done. The Republicans need to add more seats in the house and the senate. They have to have veto proof abilities in case a damocrat does get in. If a Republican wins the white house they would have the ability to shut out the Democrats on the voting aspect and would get this country back to reality faster. Do you remember the first two years of BHO and the Damocrats having complete control. This is what the Republicans need.

          1. Bobtrhn says

            Both parties have me very concerned about where this country is heading.

          2. jaybird says

            The Repubs. have control now and they give in to Obummer and if the Conservatives elected last Nov. vote against the “family” they get punished by being pulled off prime committees. Cruz is right in calling them the Washington “Cartel”.

          3. Rolland Johnson says

            The Cartel is really Bohner in the house and McConnell in the Senate. We need to oust these two in order to get moving in the right direction.

      2. Dr. Bob Uda says


      3. Karen says

        The rest of the group are “NO skinned” and run their mouths backward! They act on someone else’s command! They speak with canned intelligence and as for the “balls”, they should be checked for a hernia!! They speak with forked tongue and say what they think people want to hear, not saying what needs to be done to get America back on track. This PC bull is getting way out of hand! GO TRUMP!!

        1. Toni says

          Very well said…GO TRUMP 2016 all the way. We want our country back…out of the hands of the …….

        2. edward martis says

          On the other end of the ‘proverbial’ stick——google ‘ American Communist Party’ (Berkeley) and see who they hold ‘in very hi-esteem’ and in ‘ very hi- regard’—start with omoron-hilly-bolshavic bernnie-pelosi-bell and work your way down to pol-pot -stalin, fidel- ho chi minh etc., etc———–Elect a dem. and you will have elected a hard-core communist——-I know all of this; because I joined the ACP for 4 mos; just to see what they were all about—-It was a trip through a sewer filled with ‘sewer-rats’——un-friggin believable experience…………I learned a LOT about these scum……you have NO idea how totally evil these ‘rat’s are—-just look to the Dems————-Hard-Core Communist or Democrat….Both are the EXACT same thing……………..See for yourself

          1. Karen says

            I agree with you!!

        3. edward martis says

          without a doubt GO DONALD !!!! (see below) ACP etc. notes etc.

        4. edward martis says

          Karen—do look up the ACP (bzerkly) and read about their ‘goals’—-(partially) ‘to inject communism into every (single) facet of American life”——elect a dem. and that is EXACTLY what WILL happen; I have no doubt whatsoever……I know a LOT about these commie SCUM and could tell you a lot about them; having many conversations with my ‘fellow’ commies……Take these folks deadly seriously……..They are the real mc coy…..The ACP (6501 Telegraph Av. Oakland) (used book store front) shares the same store front with the New Black Panther Party—-they share the same ‘bed’ so to speak……beyond….fu—ing insane…………lastly; when Hilly was in college she was an INTERN in a law firm……her ‘boss’ went on to found the Berkeley wing of the ACP later on……..See what I am getting at ?…….finally Pelosi’s hubby used to write articles for the ACP —Now known as “The Peoples Worker’s Daily”—-If the American populace knew just 10 % of what I know; it would WAKE them UP (hopefully) For all practical purposes; CA is a soviet socialist republic——-keep your college age kids out of the CA UC system; they will be ‘indoctrinated” into the TRUTHS(?) of full blown hard core communism….

        5. chelseachablis says

          GO TRUMP is RIGHT!!!…He’s got MY vote!!!

      4. edward martis says

        aren’t you totally sick to death of the RNC—yet ??—–Elect a repub./ dem. and you will have screwed yourself; AGAIN=====NO professional politicians anymore—thank you very much…..see what the two parties have done to the almost destroyed USA……

      5. Lelandjames says

        Much better than any of the other wuzzies on the take. Finally someone that speaks his mind and is not bought by anyone

      6. Gerry Costa says

        Everyone you named, readmy, with the exception of Carson is a career politician which are the very people who have taken this country into the toilet bowl.

        1. PatriotGal says

          Gerry, not Cruz. He stands tall for the Constitution and has even filibustered when he needed to when we the people demanded, despite being castigated and ridiculed by elitist RINOs and DEMONcRATS.

          1. jaybird says

            Cruz also called out Mitch McJoke for lying to them on the Senate floor.

          2. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Exactly, these people need to research Ted Cruz, the ultimate and TRUE CONSERVATIVE. Plus, he has integrity.

        2. LibertyLovingPatriot says

          Stop with your cult leader worship. Ted Cruz is the real deal.

          1. Gerry Costa says

            You know where you can stick your ” cult leader worship ” !!!!!! If I remember right — I heard back in 2008 that obozo was ” the real deal ” for hope & change— how has that worked out ??????? All I said was career politicians took this country into the toilet bowl and THEY HAVE !!!!!!!! As we have found out — anyone can tell people what they want to hear.

          2. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Right, like shrewd businessmen used to getting their way and wheeling dealing. Former democrats with no real Conservative credentials saying what they think they need to say to stir up the masses.
            Ted Cruz is and has always been anti-establishment Conservative. That’s why he’s the real deal and Trump is not. If anyone compares to obozo, it’s Trump.

        3. LibertyLovingPatriot says

          Ted Cruz has a Conservative rating of 96%. Please do more research. Cruz was a Constitutional lawyer before entering politics, and has argued successfully before the Supreme Court. What are you talking about?

      7. Larry Miller says

        If your statements are correct, then tell us how they would stack up in comparison with Trump. Cruz, Carson, Rubio or Walker have never displayed the leadership skills that have been demonstrated by Trump. None have ever ran their own business, making payroll, negotiating multi million dollar deals with their own $$$$. The candidates are idealistic,
        and have never functioned in the real world, with the exception of Carson and his has been
        medicine, really nothing to do with national or world affairs other than health.
        Though some you mention I like, there is still a big question with regard to how they might preform.
        Trump, as brash as he may be, and I would hope he would tone it down a bit, has a proven track record. I would venture to say if he did not know how to conduct himself in crucial settings, he would never have achieved the level of success he has.
        If you judge him fairly, he only takes a position that most others would truly like to take, but lacks the courage to do so.

        1. jaybird says

          I know one thing, Trump will make sure the labor & international laws benefit his companies.

      8. Toni says

        Donald is our only hope for making America great again. He doesn’t answer to anyone and will stand up for our rights. At least we know where he stands and it’s for our country not his pocket.

        1. jaybird says

          I don’t think we fully know where he stands, he has changed on illegal immigration.since he 1st talked about it. He is now sending all home letting some come back because the tec companies need cheep labor. Disney laid off 250 of their tech people and hired immigrants and the employees had to train them to do their jobs or they would not get their severance pay. More were going to be laid off but there was public outcry so they chose not to at this time. Are these the ones from Obummer’s Dream Act that were hired???? If we put boots on the ground to take over the oil fields, the communist countries and Iran will attack us.

      9. Brenda says

        Rubio, aka member of the Gang of Eight” is not my idea of good presidential material. His devotion to the Comprehensive Immigration Bill still stands regardless of what was said Thursday night. If he was content with the bill he helped create and defend, then his opposition to it now does not wash.

        1. Dr. Bob Uda says

          If Rubio was that stupid to be duped by the other seven members of the Gang of Eight, he is not ready to become POTUS. He would be like Obama being hoodwinked by Putin, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and China. If you can get hoodwinked by these people and countries, you would be a failure like Obama.

      10. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

        readmylipsnow—-Trump has 10 million things that say he knows how to create jobs
        and lift the economy.

        1. paul prehn says

          Make that 10 BILLION!!!!!

      11. hangem'high says

        Are you a Democrat socialist, communist or are all of them the same?

    2. Jean Witte says

      Ted Cruz is not very far behind, if at all…he is just not as apt to throw out the fireballs that Trump is so noted for. I think Cruz is still the most presidential of the entire group…as for women…watch out for the rise of Carly, she is a very wise, very controlled, very intellectual, well spoken woman. If there is going to be a woman at the helm of the United States, Carly Fiarona is it! Reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher, and the handful of other great female leaders!!

      1. jaybird says

        People need to read more information on her.

      2. Bobtrhn says

        You may be right. But I’m very concerned about Carly. Is this all Political BS or is she on the up and up. We need to know more about her. Can she be bought out like everyone else in congress? I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m just stating my concerns. I know Cruz had a good upbringing and I feel he is honest and unafraid. But let’s see what happens. We still have time to decide.

        1. Toni says

          She lost any chance that I would vote for her when she attacked Donald.

          1. Bobtrhn says

            She did with me too. Kelly lost the chance of me saying she’s a great lady. Lady she is not unless she thinks showing off her body parts as being a lady.

          2. hangem'high says

            She’s a big girl if’n that what it takes; I say yeah, she’s a lady. She just got in over her head let’s hope she’s not so shaken up she commits suicide, because that would be a shame!

          3. Bobtrhn says

            Are you meaning assisted suicide? You never know when the Clintons are around.

          4. hangem'high says

            Hmmm, their does seem to be a lot of death following the Clintons and Obama objectors?
            But since Megon’s attacking Trump she should be safe.

        2. PatriotGal says

          Bob, I was impressed by Carly in the 5 PM event – not a debate. That being said, when she demanded Trump apologize to Kelly, Fiorina lost my support. Because of that demand, I think she’s inclined to align with the inside-the- beltway, do the PC thing and not what is right. With that demand she lost my vote.

          1. Bobtrhn says

            I guess with all the other stuff going on I missed that. But if that is the case I won’t even think of her.

          2. wildeagleone says

            So you believe if she doesn’t agree with you she is not illegible to represent the entire country on your feelings being hurt. We all have the right to speak our minds without control from control masters

          3. jaybird says

            Need to investigate more, do not take what these candidates say on TV at face value!

          4. hangem'high says

            Exactly my point!

          5. Dr. Bob Uda says

            The trouble is Megyn Kelly was controlled by the FNC control masters. You know that she and FNC were wrong, if not, why would Roger Ailes call Donald Trump to apologize and commit that FNC will deal with him fairly from henceforth? By Ailes doing that, he was admitting that FNC did a “hit job” on The Donald.

          6. hangem'high says

            Kelly’s a big girl she knows how to handle herself, unless she needs a couple days recess to get her wits about her. A couple of minutes with Donald will shake anyone up that’s not prepared for the Trump!

          7. Tony says

            And that should have been expected and probably was. Maybe a Clinton set-up?

          8. Dr. Bob Uda says

            I was for Carly after the 5:00 p.m. debate also, but she veered away from me with her defense of Megyn Kelly and trashing of Donald Trump. Apparently, Carly will defend anyone just because she is a woman instead of whether Megyn did anything out-of-line or not. That is a very bad sign that Carly is a feminist like Megyn. They are both femi-nazis!

        3. hangem'high says

          She was the CEO for Hewett Packard base operation in California shipped companies and jobs to China, typical Republican, and Democrat!

          1. Bobtrhn says

            For sure she won’t get my vote. Thanks hangem. I like that name.

          2. Dr. Bob Uda says

            The management and employees of HP cheered when Ex-CEO Carly Fiorina exited the company after being fired in an ugly manner. They and their families, friends, and neighbors did not support Carly for the U.S. Senate race against much hated Sen. Barbara Boxer. Carly spent about $25-million for that ill-fated attempt at dumping a hated woman. However, it was one very hated woman against another hated woman. Boxer bowled Carly over by a large margin. Now, a loser, Fiorina wants to be POTUS. Give us a break!

            If Fiorino had won that senate race in California, indeed, she would now have been in a very strong position to win the presidency. However, it is like Rick “Sanitarium” who lost his U.S. senate seat in Pennsylvania and keeps trying to become the POTUS. It is insane! It will never happen. Same with Carly Fiorina–it will never happen.

            However, have you noticed the Lame-stream media (LSM), including Fix News, trying to raise Carly Fiorina’s stature by giving her more press exposure time? Like the GOP/RNC, the errant media are attempting to “fix” the campaign by building Carly Fiorina up from the ashes. It will never happen now that Carly proved that she supports a corrupt Fix News anchor (Megyn Kelly) and bashes the next POTUS, Donald Trump. Goodbye, Carly Fiorina!

          3. hangem'high says

            Yes I did, Carly Fiorina is one of seventeen choices they have to draw on Trump, they need a champion to take on Trump. As it goes desperate times calls for desperate measures. I’m sure Carly will do what’s ask of her, as did Kelly. The problem with pouring gas on the fire, is you’re going to get badly burnt while the guys that gave you the can of gas escapes the inferno to play their next hand.

          4. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Amen, bro!

      3. Larry Miller says

        Jean Witte…You should really do some research. I was of the same opinion until I did some myself.
        Carly is just like Obama, another Muslim in disguise, except for her speech in 2001.
        She is definitely not what our nation needs, unless you wish to covering your body, head to toe and be in total subjection to the male population.

        1. Jean Witte says

          Larry, please guide me to some better understanding of Carly Fiarona…I need to know!!!

      4. EXNFLFAN says


      5. wildeagleone says

        I totally agree and believe she truthfully loves this country

      6. LibertyLovingPatriot says

        Agree with you about Cruz. For the Trump fanatics, there’s only Trump, the pseudo-conservative. Cruz is the real deal.

      7. paul prehn says

        Carly is NOT the answer!! She has a LOT of LIBERAL views!!! RINO alert!!

        1. Jean Witte says

          Please, Paul Prehn, can you direct me to a place where I can learn more about Carly?

    3. tony newbill says

      Taking down The Donald

      Pat Buchanan spotlights establishment angst over ‘outsiders, insurgents, non-politicians’

  6. Russ says

    Trump is gonna win this thing hands down. I intend to vote for him even if he goes third party, which in my opinion would be the best news we could get. Go Donald!!!

    1. Dr. Bob Uda says

      This will be the first time in history when a third party will win.

      1. heights2012 says

        I don’t think that is totally accurate, but at least modern history,

      2. Russ says

        you got that right Dr. Bob

    2. jaybird says

      As far as I know, NO 3rd party has every won in the past.

  7. jerry young says

    as much as I like Trump the GOP will never let him have the nomination no matter what, Trump will have to run third party

    1. Dr. Bob Uda says

      So let it be written; so let it be done!

      1. Larry Miller says

        Doc everything you have posted to this point I totally agree with, however I truly don’t think
        Trump running 3rd party is a winner. It will split out the Republican voters and almost guarantee Hillary a win.
        No Democrats are going to roll over and vote for Donald, thus leaving a partial block of Republicans to vote for him.

        1. Dr. Bob Uda says

          Larry, I respectfully disagree with you here. Donald Trump shall run as the Republican nominee unless the RNC pulls a fast one on him. Then, it would be by necessity for him to run as a third-party candidate. If Trump runs as a third-party candidate, he will win.

          There are many democrats who are very dissatisfied with the democratic candidate. This is just like when Ronald Reagan ran and won with many Reagan Democrats. The people of the United States are very unhappy with both parties. Therefore, Trump will get all their votes, the Tea Party votes, many black and Hispanic votes, many women votes, and many of the union member votes.

          It would be a landslide like Ronald Reagan’s two big victories. You may disagree, and that is your right. I just think too many people have been brainwashed to think that a third-party candidate cannot win. That is the usual mantra of the powers that be. Donald Trump will sink that myth forever.

  8. ccblogging says

    I have voted for the Republican Establishment candidates for several elections and I am through being blindly loyal. People, these sorry bought RE political mercenaries lied to us all about stopping Obama’s NWO Communist agenda. Instead they gave Obama all the money he needs to continue to enslave us. If Trump is not the Republican candidate this time, then that candidate better be a true conservative or I will vote third party this time. I will not be played by the Republican Establishment again!

    1. A natural born American says

      I’ve always voted for the best candidate. The best candidate has not always won. Sometimes, the best candidate isn’t even on the ballot. But I still vote for him/her.

      1. Gerry Costa says

        Right with you – natural !!!!!

      2. Tom M says

        Never, Never, Never vote for a low life Demon-crat. NEVER!

        1. A natural born American says

          Kennedy wasn’t a low life. He actually loved this country. It showed in the choices he made as Commander-in-Chief…as President of the United States. If he were alive today he’d be a conservative. I was far too young to vote, but I remember the shroud of fear all the adults had wrapped themselves in. I remember hearing phrases like ‘bomb shelters’ and ‘end of the world’. I also remember people praising Kennedy’s wisdom when the troubles passed. On the other hand, Bush the worst is the one who laid the groundwork making it possible for obama to take down this country! Bush the 1st wasn’t too bad, but neither was he memorable. He dropped the baton before the job was done and clinton was too busy with his interns to pick it up. Like I said, I vote for whomever I believe is the best candidate.

          1. Tom M says

            JFK was still a Demon-crat. His family got their riches from bootlegging.

          2. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            JFK was not the family man that was depicted by adoring media. Back in that era though, most democrats loved the country and hated Communism, unlike now.

          3. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Now the demonrats hate the country and love Communism. That is what you call the fundamental transformation of the United States of America, courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama.

          4. Dr. Bob Uda says

            JFK and brother Bobby screwed Marilyn Monroe on a gang bang. She committed suicide shortly thereafter. I voted for JFK, but that turned me against him. It also changed me to a Republican until the GOPee (Gang of Pissants) turned into the Repugnant Party in 2008. That’s when they left me, and I became a “strict constructionist” Constitutional Conservative.

          5. Dr. Bob Uda says

            …and that best candidate is Donald Trump.

        2. Dr. Bob Uda says

          Demonrats are a detriment to society. Everything they touch turns to expensive turd.

      3. Dr. Bob Uda says

        Best candidate is a very relative term. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There is only one best, and the polls say so–Donald Trump.

        1. A natural born American says

          I never take anyone else’s word for who the best candidate is. Before I give ANYONE my vote I research that candidates politics and voting record. If politics has not been his/her primary occupation, then I research their activities throughout their CAREERS. I want to know if they have the qualities and the integrity necessary to honorably and loyally serve this country and our constitution. Their private life is not my concern UNLESS — and ONLY unless it might adversely affect how they serve this country.

          1. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Sounds good in theory.

    2. Dr. Bob Uda says

      The Repugnant Establishment is evil just like the DNC.

      1. ccblogging says


      2. Frank W Brown says

        Two sides of the SAME coin!!!

        1. ALHL says

          Never saw it until Fox held the debates. Yes they are two sides of the same coin.

          1. CrustyOldGeezer says

            it’s a scientific oddity.

            One coin with only one side.

          2. The Apache says

            A surface with only one side and one edge does exist = Mobius Loop
            and a glass bottle, especially constructed only has on surface, with no edges.

          3. Al Bell says

            Expressed in a mathematical equation:
            GOP RHINOS + GOP MEMBERS WHO RAN AND ELECTED AS CONSERVATIVE (quickly turned progressive) + Debbie Washerman Schultz (Head of DNC) who could not answer the question of “What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?” + Career Politicians = 2 SIDES OF THE SAME COIN

          4. El says

            This was Chris Mathews most significant question ever asked.

          5. hangem'high says

            Too bad he’ll never know the answer!

          6. Dr. Bob Uda says

            He said he knew the difference. Too bad he did not tell Debbie. She might have learned something that day.

          7. hangem'high says

            Like they’re both clueless:)

          8. edward martis says

            try this====google the ‘ AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY’ (Berkeley) and see their opinion of omoron/hilly/ sanders–etc—The ACP holds these folks in ‘very hi regard ‘ and ‘esteem’——-That is all anybody needs to know—-I joined the ACP for 4 months; just to see what they were all about—It was a journey through a sewer filled with ‘sewer-rats’—–google/maps to 6501 Telegraph Av. .Oakland, CA and see the ‘used book store’ front they occupy with the New Black Panther Party——-the patron saint of the NBPP’ is hilly—who worked for many years (under the table) defending them in court—–She was considered ; at the time—a ‘Leninist in training’ ; by some of the lawyers that worked in the same law firm as her—–never mind the ‘surface stuff; and really ‘dig’ to see what these folks REALLY are;…. Include Pelosi and her best buddy Barbara Bell (D-OAK) and you will see what hard-core commies they are………….I KNOW a LOT about the ACP having had many conversations with my ‘fellow’ commies—–It was an ‘education’ and a half—–If the American people knew 20 % of what I know; they would hang these vile people from a telephone post—–

          9. hangem'high says

            I know they both know the difference between a Democrats and socialist of today, there is none. The democrat’s party is the socialist party that’s why old time democrats had to become conservative they can’t be converted totally over to socialism and why the republicans act like socialist is because the old party Democrats lean to socialist traits (policies) which brought down the democrat party in the first place. This is why both sides dread a third party it knocks down the status quoi and opens up a new avenue to We the People Have had Enough!
            By the way I believe everything you said growing up in the fifties and sixties during the bomb shelter area. I had my share of dialog with communist supporters, so I imagine they haven’t gone away!
            Thanks Edward for your response
            I will goggle your recommendations

          10. edward martis says

            ‘socialist’ is just a soft word for ‘ communist’—— a democrat/ socialist/ communist is the same thing; when you strip away all of the political “fluff”——note: in the early 1930’s (in France) communists were hated so much they were arrested, tried and guillotined in very short order……..the ones remaining got out of France in any way they could………I would love to see that here in the ole’ USA……as of 4 months ago there were 35,000 ‘card carrying commies’—-in reality there a couple of million of them——look at the SFO bay area which is loaded with these scum—–If the city council of SFO could fly the old hammer/ sickle flag or the USSR, above city hall—THEY WOULD !! (include Oakland, Berkeley,Richmond and a bunch of others)….Communists are very proud of themselves here; and will happily tell you so—–college professors in CA tell their students—“Communism is the wave of the future; so you better get used to it”—–Need I say more ? also; “socialism is a philosophy of failure–the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy–its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery” re: Sir Winston Churchill———-Omoron returned the marble bust of Winston back to the UK; that had been in the WH for many decades. …..big surprise ? right ?

          11. hangem'high says

            No not surprising at all, but I do believe you very conservative on a couple of million communist; I believe the number quit larger.
            Political correctness is where the deceit lies, democrats now means Socialist, socialist means Communist, communist reformist, nothing democratic about it! Liberal progressive nothing progressive about destruction and ruin, unless the person is a USA flag burner, race baiter, agitator or activist
            Just like gender neutral, which gender is neutral?

          12. edward martis says

            you are probably right on how many commies (non card carrying type) there are—–I will putz around on my desk-top and see what I can find out for the hell of it—–lastly do not visit SFO unless you have too—–7000+ crazy/ drug addicted homeless that will get nose to nose with you and DEMAND that you give them money……I have MACED six of them so far…….SFO is an open air lartrine sewer so bring rubber booties for your shoes——human excrement is every where and by the way the 10% (police type) MACE is VERY, VERY effective…

          13. 1American1st says

            Do normal people still go to San Francisco?
            Let me rephrase that…. Do normal people still go to California?

          14. edward martis says

            absolutely not—-the silicon valley employs boat loads of computer types and generates billions of dollars ——-SFO generates communists, militant gays and 7-8000 crazy homeless and really not too much else; except for lots of major banks and ‘illegals’–CA is a lost cause…..that is why I will probably wind up in Show-Low, AZ which is a beautiful part of N E Arizona—–and get out of this insane asylum——-CA is losing a lot of people to AZ-NV——-they; like me, know what a soviet socialist communist satellite state this has turned into——starting in 1965——it has been downhill ever since—–

          15. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Right, the libs, once they destroy a state, move on to other states, vote liberal and, in turn destroy other states.

          16. 10579 says

            Please note that Obama is a card carring commie as he recieved and accepted it while he was senator in congress from Illonise

          17. edward martis says

            I have no doubt; but remember the majority of these prix commies hide that fact well—google key-wiki and Wikipedia for axlerod and Jarrett—–they both have very close public ties to the ACP and make no pretense to hide it; like Pelosi and Barbara Bell (D-OAK)

          18. donl says

            You can prove this correct?..damn keep forgetting conservatives don’t need no stinkin’ truth!

          19. 10579 says

            Keep drinking that cool aid you piss ant.

          20. donl says

            That’s KOOL AID you dimwhit!…look up meaning of piss ant..It’ll keep your lil’ mind busy for a day or two!….Well we landed, we intelligent life here !!

          21. 10579 says

            I do dat to PA’s like you just to have a good laugh on you you thin skinned worm,er troll

          22. donl says

            U do dat?..good for you!

          23. donl says

            Lets see what causes homelessness in America? ..hmmm no work? overseas? Read the words on the statue of liberty sometime!..

          24. edward martis says

            Come to my bastion of ‘democratic’ liberalism/ socialism/ communism SFO and SEE for yourself what the dems. have done to one of the most beautiful cities in the world and then go to 6501 Telegraph Av on the Berkeley/ Oakland city line…The American Communist Party hq. and seek their opinion of hilly/oshit/ Pelosi/ Bell—–They are all held in ‘very hi reguard’ and ‘great respect-‘ and ‘esteem’—–The ACP is located in a ‘used book store'( front) along with the New Black Panther Party, I joined the ACP there; for 4 months , just to see what they were all about. It was a journey through a sewer filled with sewer rats—You can yap all you want; but until you have up close and personal contact with these evil people you have NO idea what you are talking about………….please observe all the Pol-Pot/ Fidel/ Che/ Stalin/ Chairman Mao t-shirts for sale and do a great business; by the way, .You sound like you would fit in PERFECTLY……

          25. donl says

            I have ..and to be honest both political parties in America suck, for Americas Communist party.They do ok amongxt themselves don’t invite anyone who isn’t interested know 3 members and they’re happier than most of the rest of us!..we are talking the ‘real’ Communist party I assume!..this two party system of ours

          26. edward martis says

            doni; my little ignorant stooge—–Then how did I get into the ACP for four months—it is easier than you think—–after signing up on their website with a disposable credit card for the monthly dues—and a disposable e-mail address I was constantly wanted (e-mail) to attend small meetings locally (Denny’s resturants etc) and invited to larger ones (which I did go too) mostly to feel me out—-I had many a conversation with my ‘fellow’ commies—I went to a demo, about walmart and the $15 /hr thing and handed out flyers to folks going into walmart—-Then when I went into the store and talked to a few employee’s about my single sheet flyers—-and told those folks how fucking evil these commies were——-right on the flyer was the seal of the ACP; they did not hide that fact whatsoever—“as for being HAPPIER than most” you are a very sick puppy—-Ever met a HAPPY commie; I havn’t—-You may not know; but let me enlighten you–The “goal” of the ACP is to ‘inject communism into every facet of American life” What good has communism ever done for anybody, anywhere in the world ? Enlighten me please …….As you yapped…the 2 party system does suck…but a one party commie system sucks FAR worse—Hence; the rise of Trump….Ever known any body that lived under communism ? I do—-Vietnam ese “boat people” and a bunch of ‘the killing fields” Cambodian survivors——You are a true believer; no doubt about the greatness of communism—my south east Asian friends would beg to differ and would VERY much like meet you—-Be happy in your ‘Alice in Wonderland” world. and lastly ” SOCIALISM IS A PHILOSOPHY OF FAILURE–THE CREED OF IGNORANCE AND THE GOSPEL OF ENVY–IT’S INHERENT VIRTUE IS THE EQUAL SHARING OF MISERY—Sir Winston Churchill——Ever been to a communist country ? I have, with my Canadian Passport—-Cuba is a shithole—–for example you can not own anything—you have no rights —don’t even say a single thing objectionable about Uncle Fidel—-or you will wind up in prison or worse——Does living under communism appeal to you ? If so , good luck; you will more than need it……..The next time you open your yap; know what you are talking about……………….

          27. donl says

            Ever been to one of your T-Parties? I did!..Cowtown ..Salem county NJ..walked right on in..thought I was at a Nazi party meeting….
            The communist parties in this country really don’t bother anyone..theres always one asshole in any org.but in they’re real communists .not the Dictatorial communists of the USSR or Red China..who btw makes most of everything we Americans wear ,look at ,play with etc..I know a couple who live in Brooklin NY..both belong to the local chapter have for many years..’re happy..they both work have great educations..have turned down receiving SS,even though they paid into it all these years as their party gives them what they need!..they give ,they receive back….Communism isn’t for me..but I am somewhat socialist….a much bigger difference in reality than those here say..btw ..I spent 49 months in Vietnam,Cambodia ,Laos and into Thailand for duty… 6 year stint w/ the USN!.so don’t lay that shit on me..been there saw it..don’t like them..and woundn’t ‘ever’ visit that country again like some American vets have! also don’t yap!..I speak rather calm and collected most times..You’re all over the lot..

          28. edward martis says

            you extremely stupid S.O.B. …come to CA and see what the ACP has done HERE—‘don’t bother anyone ‘ ?—– Are you fuc–ing kidding me !?—–Look what your ‘somrwhat socialism’ has done to Greece——In what countries has ‘socialism’ ever worked ?

          29. donl says

            socialism wasn’t the cause of the downfall of Greece,Chase Manhattan played a big part in their failings..along w/capitalism.& big banks…the only socialism they practiced was SS like America ..socialist /democracy has done well for it’s people in France,,Germany,Austria,Italy,Switzerland,and Sweden..the Norse countries have another system….their is no absolute perfect system as long as corruption can get a foot hold….the US North had unions the South didn’t..many of these union heads became corrupt ..which ended up with their being wealthy and the worker loosing out..yet the American Union employee made more for the same job as those in the south..not lying or trying to disway you from being in whatever political party you wish! lt matters not whether you are dem or rep..I’ve voted both and indi..and not at all!…Are you not incapable of good discourse w/out the use of expletives? it stands you’re looked upon as ..well.pretty stupid,and no-one likes that!..have a nice day

          30. edward martis says

            you should live where I do (25 south of SFO) and see what your enlightened views have done to my state and cities—-most of the people on this site think you are nuts; see for your self….and lastly ‘fuck off, you cancerous sore’….have a shitty day….

          31. donl says

            Most of the Homeless in California are being forced out of the state..and this is not being done by any liberal types/..what elae is left..socialists would never do for anything else you illuded to..there are no intelligent entities on this fixthisnation blog site..don’t reply I’m having all from your site go to spam! people lie too much..

          32. edward martis says

            ok no problem–go fuck yourself

          33. donl says

            That’s your reply? and I expected something intelligent..proves my intelligent life on this site..fixthisnation should be spayed..

          34. edward martis says

            I thought you were going to send me to ‘spam’ …please do…..yapping with you is like talking to Nancy Pelosi—-and you tell me all about the homeless—–I live here in san francisco and I KNOW all about the homeless; you fucking absolute clown…now; go away

          35. donl says

            yeah he’s a very conservative..btw burning a flag is a protest against what your Govn’t is doing to its’s not illegal or ..a “””sin”’!

          36. hangem'high says

            No its not, but they are pushing for a fight especially with those who felt they sacrificed a lot for it to be flown unmolested around the world… No matter what these clueless punks think growing up under its wings protected from foreign enemies always. While the domestic enemies rose in rank and influence on the blood of patriots, period! You see it as a protest, I see it as taunting!

            All I can say: is I hope and pray that these ungrateful bass turd’s get their karma a hundred fold, for they deserve it!

          37. donl says

            You see a protest as taunting..interesting..after Vietnam and all I’d learned there I protested the act of wars in general..I continued as life progressed I also protested against what the World Bank was doing .on up to our going into Iraq..when we should have gone where we were to go to rid ourselves of a bad group of terrorists..Cancer ended my marching..such is life..but I still write..even if only one finger..follies of our youth….I did not like our enemy burning our flag..I also didn’t like the younger protesters of the latter 60’s etc burning our flag..though it is a sign of protest and legal,I wasn’t going to pop anyones head for doing so ..but I did say a few choice things to those who did it!..protesting the wrongs of a Government is our right!’s not taunting unless you like what the others don’t!

          38. hangem'high says

            I must be the one on the other side, must have been from all the snot I had to clean off my face and uniform after I returned home from overseas!

            Anyone burning the Flag is my enemy regardless of the protest! The Flag stands for your country, the government represents the people if you want to stomp and burn try writing your representative leave the Flag out of it!

          39. 1American1st says

            Absolutely correct! They are all the same = COMMUNISTS.

          40. theseer says

            Actually the bust of Churchill did not belong to Obama and
            he had legal right to return it to England.
            The bust belonged to America not him.
            This action was one of the first signs he was anti America
            and communist!!

          41. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Anything to insult our allies.

          42. festmatt5440 says

            In the 1950’s , in grade school , we were constantly warned of the evils of ” Communism ” , just after WW 2 .. Never did I imagine that I would live to see one ‘ ; occupying ‘ our president’s chair ‘ .

          43. edward martis says

            neither did I (I am 69)……… change the name to liberal-progressive-socialist and you get same thing ; COMMUNIST—–I live just south of SFO and the city councils (and vicinity) would luv to hang the old blood red hammer/sickle Russian flag above their city halls……

          44. donl says

            back to school w/you!..capitalism is king right?!!

          45. donl says

            Sort of like the difference between conservatives and idots..none!

          46. hangem'high says

            At least you can tell them apart, unlike the progressives depending on the oxymoron they’re using for the day, that’s for sure!

          47. carla AMERICAN says

            If anyone has knowledge that would lead to any of their arrest BE AN AMERICAN and print it for all to see!! NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING PEOPLE! SHUT THEM DOWN! If you allow Obama to obtain another loan WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT RECEIVE A PENNY! The last loan was supposed to have included Veterans Medical Care, the illegal aliens recieved medical care, housing,transportation,social security checks, food stamps, legal fees,through homeland security! Veterans who defended America died while they prospered! If you an American recieved any of the trillions that Obama borrowed that DID’NT involve the government or an agency or race to kill ,steal or destroy American’s let us know.The next loan will buy the Kenyan the American People’s Total Destruction! Please DEMAND OF YOUR STATE LEADERS NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING AND ARREST Obama and the administration FOR CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA!! Our State LEADERS are suppose to REPRESENT US TO OUR EMPLOYEES IN WASHINGTON! TELL THEM TO ARREST AND FIRE THEM FOR CRIMINAL CRIMES AGAINST YOU! Misrepresentation,Sellout,Fraud,Invasion,Nuclear Weapons To TERRORIST, Killing Of Americans And Military ON AMERICAN SOIL AND THEIR DEFENCE OF THESE MURDERS, Indebting You, Your Children, Your Grandchildren To Slavery, Denying You Your American Fought For, Paid For CONSTATUTION!

          48. donl says

            I can safely say you’re somewhat correct about obamy for the VA is science fiction!..but then Bush was not much better..govements can send our people off to war but that’s about where it ends!

          49. David Hansen says

            Who do you think should be president? Or do you just criticize?

          50. donl says

            From a member of neither party I’d go w/Bernie Sanders!

          51. 1American1st says

            I’ve known for a long time that the Democrat party is a bunch of Communists. There is no doubt about it! Backed by Soros, the guy who said his happiest days were when he worked for the Nazis.

          52. John E Strom Jr. says

            A Jew working for the Nazis? He’s bottom feeding trash and Jewish so I doubt he’s a Nazi.

          53. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            He worked for them and turned in fellow Jews. He truly is low-life scumbag putting it kindly.

          54. John E Strom Jr. says

            LibertyLovingPatriot, I didn’t know that. He is a low life for certain. Why hasn’t ADL ‘taken him out’ – or Mossad? I’d have thought he would be rotting somewhere long ago – and should be.

          55. theseer says

            Soros along with many other communist in our country and
            government need to be permanently exiled from our country
            and any and all wealth, property, money…taken from them.

          56. 1American1st says

            Yes & their funded Communist propaganda insane asylums like Open Society need to permanently closed, too.

          57. godspal53 says

            Chairman Mao, one of the first FAMOUS Commies said “We will conquer the world and never fire one shot”, look at many parts of the world that have been run into the ground by the socialist/communists, and look at our own Nation where the democrats have turned into these VILE CRITTERS, he may have been onto something, I just HOPE we are an Intelligent enough Nation to NOT ALLOW this to overtake us here

          58. 1American1st says

            Be prepared to be hit with revulsion. Soros betrayed other Jews and helped steal their property and send them to their tragic deaths to spare himself.
            And he doesn’t feel any guilt about it. None.

            This is the face of pure evil… and with whom the Democrat party has aligned itself.


          59. John E Strom Jr. says

            1American1st, no wonder he became so filthy rich- it’s far easier to steal it that actually work for it. I’m still wondering why some of his fellow Jews haven’t done a lobotomy on him – without anesthesia – and let him rot.

          60. godspal53 says

            he’s wealthy enough to have bought & paid for security personel and GOVT Protection, Large Donations to the Dems, etc. It’s a Nasty thing but he could afford to build a formidible Firewall around him protected by the obama’s and clinton’s of this world, Bill & shillary both, as well as harry reid et al

          61. 1American1st says
          62. theseer says

            It is hard to understand why the Nazi hunters did not
            hunt him down and execute Soros!
            They need to step up and not let this one get away!!!!!!!!!
            Especially becuz Soros is a Jew that helped Nazis.
            It is truly amazing Soros dares to show his face.
            Eventually Soros and his son who is just alike him…
            will be put down for the rabid dogs they are!!!

          63. theseer says

            Him being HUNG would be the appropriate execution style for the damage
            he’s caused to America and the JEWS in Nazi Germany.
            He is living on borrowed time!!!

          64. 1American1st says

            The old fart was born in 1930, which makes him 85. Hope he doesn’t last too much longer because every day he does is another bad day for America.

          65. donl says

            Well first one who could think..kinda precludes his having helped Hitler now doesn’t it..or didn’t you all not make that connection..this place is so predictably assinine it’s boring..

          66. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            I would prefer that he die a more slow and agonizing death for what he’s done. He is the major force behind and his money went a long way in putting Obama in office. The man is power hungry and is part of the NEW WORLD ORDER. One of his avowed goals is to destroy the U.S.

          67. 10579 says

            He is the money man for Americans for a democratic society and the sierra club. He is also a big donor to our democrat politicians in congress,

          68. festmatt5440 says

            Also ; the owner of Progressive INS. ‘. I cancelled all four policies , three years ago .

          69. donl says

            Try USAA,….oh yeah you’d have to be a vet or in the service..never mind!

          70. 10579 says

            You are lucky you are in this country and not serving or having served.You shoud get your ass kicked you socialist.

          71. donl says

            I lived in numerous countries growing up..and I joined and served 6 years for my for lucky for being here theses days?..that’s up for socialist/Democracy..get your head out of your ass and use that brain inside..rather than give replies you can’t back!

          72. 1American1st says

            6 years of cleaning latrines?

          73. donl says

            Army brat..more or less for a father who was w/Army intel….Are you fully incapable of intelligent speech because all your replies prove you are not..are you proud of this?..we’re all in the same boat in this country.

          74. 10579 says

            Put my time in but don’t have to brag about it.If you loved this country you would not be such a fool.All those countries and you still did not learn anything.Didn’t they tell you when you were in a foriegn country to maintain a low profile and not show off. Go back to france with the rest of the socialists.By the way I can back anything I say and have been known to do so with extreme prejudice.

          75. donl says

            And kochroach bros is the Republican Benifactor..and lets not forget Murdock!..I think you should put Trump up for prez he sure as hell can’t be y worse than Bush Jr.or Obamy!

          76. 10579 says

            The Kock Bros contribute to both parties not just one party the same with Murdock.But from what I read DONL you are a person who has no values.How those food stamps working out for you.

          77. donl says

            Where o where do you get your info?..I don’t need them but not upset about those who do!…you on the other hand would rather see your family starve to death before asking for help…this makes you what? exactly..a man??!!ws that working for you..macho man!

          78. John E Strom Jr. says

            the seer, I disagree. Far, far too fast and not painful enough. How about dismembering him, joint by joint. One joint each day.

          79. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            We both agree on the nature of his death.

          80. theseer says


          81. John E Strom Jr. says

            VERY Slow – with feeling!

          82. donl says

            why w/ yourselves be conservatives!

          83. 10579 says

            Quite TROLL. You are irrelivent and will be assimulated into soylent green

          84. donl says

            You could try learning how to spell,then diction ,then an intelligent reply!..guess I’m asking too much .’EH?..hell of handle you’ve got there prison ID?

          85. 10579 says

            Fools rush in where wise men dare to tread,and you are not a wise man.Prison I did not think of it ,I guess you had to bean inmate to know what that number is,or isn’t.

          86. donl says

            I bean? there? bean??try been and I unlike you read these things called books!

          87. 10579 says

            Damn u r ez .

          88. donl says

            An interesting thing about all’re afraid and angry! should be your type is the destruction of a once great country!…Divided we fall ,and the Rethug has done nothing to change that division but spout lies..Soros was born in 1930,,how praytell was he a benefit to Hitler at 12-15? and you all follow one after the other with no thought in mind like the sheep that you are!

          89. John E Strom Jr. says

            Afraid and angry? Of Whom? You are a leftist mutt with your head up your arse trying to tell conservatives we’re afraid and angry. Angry, perhaps, as you leftist have managed to destroy this once great country. Now piss off like a good chap.

          90. donl says

            not one of you gotta be one of them..nope! neither! great group you have to choose from there sport at least the other side has Sanders!..

          91. 10579 says

            HE’S your man , you commie.People like you are a disease and only want to have the gov in charge so you can suckle the teet of the middle class to get your funding why don’t you go to canada and join Soros. I’m sure he can find a high position for you in move on dot org.Cleaning the heads.

          92. donl says

            moron speaks again! which two numbers represent your IQ in 10579 ?

          93. 10579 says

            If the moron speaks again,I think you should take the hint and shut up.only a fool knows when he can be beaten.

          94. 10579 says

            He turned in his fellow Jews to the Nazi’s as he would have done to you if you were in Germany in the 1940-45.And he is a jew,but should be pushing up daisies.

          95. donl says

            Well I’m 70 he’s 15 years my senior,and if he’s jewish..well you do the thinking!..btw I’m atheist too!…you picked the right place to rant your fear,hate and thoughts of murder..FIXTHISNATION! great name!

          96. 1American1st says

            You are also a Commie Democrat. What’s your point?

          97. donl says

            And you are a liar..I’m neither communist or a democrat..btw hows that big screen tv of yours made in communist China hypocrite!

          98. 10579 says

            There’s no fool like an Old(70yrs.) fool. Not if he’s jewish he is jewish look it up .

          99. 1American1st says

            Hitler “drafted” young boys 14 and up toward the end of the war as Nazi soldiers. They were given approximately 1 day of training & a rifle, then sent into battle. Try reading some history.
            Also, try watching the video. In Soros’ own words, the happiest days of his life was when he worked for the Nazis.

          100. donl says

            Yes he did I’m an amateur historian and my main interest is Hitler and his interest in the paranormal..but these young men were known as Hitler Youth and since Soros was born in 1930 late 14 he would have been one for less than 9.5 months..I read his full bio from 4 separate sources and they all were he wrote himself for the writer.. you wrote was for an aggravation factor and based on nothing….the video was dubbed..according to Media Matters who is an independent outfit who gets at the truth of incorrect myth and lie about persons etc whether they be conservative or..liberal or in between..I’ve two Masters degrees among is on World History,the other on the Histoy of Fine Art..I also taught college students as well as post grads and I also am a full fledged fine artist w/ a side buso-op of professional modelmaking!…do you feel capable of intelligent conversation?I’m not your enemy..when I visit the so called progressive blog sites I find nothing but millennials who know little of the world..

          101. John E Strom Jr. says

            Oddly enough, the Jews have the death penalty – but not for fellow Jews. Stupid

          102. donl says

            especially when they were only about 12 to 15 at best during WWII..MAN you people are stupid!

          103. donl says

            Again..Soros was born in 1930..try thinking this out..can you think? oh I forgot facts and truth means little to conservatives!

          104. donl says

            Where oh where was Soros born??!…inJersey City? …nooo! in Kansas? nooo! you would blame this on him..who had no choice..just like you’d blame those who are homosexual on if they had a choice..or the Autistic?!! would you blame them for that? talk so big but know so little!!

          105. 1American1st says

            WOW1 You really need your meds! You are one sick puppy! Most Commies are sick freaks.

          106. donl says

            Funny! I’d expected an intelligent reply..but then where am I?t but in lala land!

          107. donl says

            Don’t think Soros is that old to have been a feather in Hitlers cap there..#1…the man was born in 1930..dingus!

          108. donl says

            At age 14 in 1944 ,and Jewish.When the Nazi took HungaryJewish children were forbidden to attend school..instead they would report to the Jewish Council.,,He was never a Nazi sympathizer nor pointed out other jews to Hitler..the above is a dubbing..go to Wikipedia! ..or any one of the other bio’s on Soros..also mediamatters ….btw The IRA back during the war aided the Nazi in attacking parts of Ireland and GB..’an enemy of my enemy is my friend!”..The Catholic church also aided the germans….funny though is that only the Teuregs of Western Sahara helped the other Arab country or peoples did!…You are the perpetrator of lies and ot much better a person than Hitler himself..had you lived then you’d be his fair haired boy!!….you fit perfectly the stereotype that conservatives are blatant liars!….now! your replies go to spam..

          109. godspal53 says

            Plenty of Jews turned on their own PEOPLE to gain favor with the NAZI’S who were glad to treat them well as an added insult to Jews who were PERSECUTED and BUTCHERED, It happens at all times of SEVERE STRIFE, I see it as the ULTIMATE BETRAYAL, soros is TRULY PERVERTED AS A HUMAN

          110. John E Strom Jr. says

            When George Soros meets God there WILL be a Day of Atonement. And it’s not that far off, Soros.

          111. donl says

            Gonna be a real short meeting as there is no gawd ..’cept in your mind!

          112. John E Strom Jr. says

            donl, the majority of humans on this planet believe you to be wrong. They may call God by another name but they DO believe He exists. Won’t YOU be surprised if he does. So I guess ‘my mind’ is in harmony with about 7.5 billion other minds on this planet. Sorry about that.
            What/who do YOU think created the cosmos and all within it if there is no God?

          113. donl says

            Truth is not something the conservative is known for!..and majority? doubtfull! the comment below about Soros then look at when he was born..1930 ….and tell me or any thinking entity that comment is correct..’er truthfull?

          114. Kenneth Chaffins says

            He was a Nazi. Fact.

          115. John E Strom Jr. says

            Perhaps you’re right, but I doubt George Soros was a Nazi. I would rather suspect he was a “useful idiot” the Nazis kept around. Their “House Judas” who was willing to sell out his mother to save his sorry ass. I can’t believe the Nazis would ever make him a part of their ‘inner circle’. Regardless, he is one obscene human being and I am amazed the Jews haven’t exterminated him. He IS a worthy candidate.

          116. donl says

            at 12 to 15 at best in their inner folks ever go to school?

          117. donl says

            Wasn’t! fact!

          118. FreedomSpeaks2U says

            SOROS is a convicted FELON as well as being pond SCUM. Typical DemocRAT

          119. 1American1st says

            He’s also a fugitive from justice …. from France.

          120. donl says

            Soros is a wanted man in at least two country’s, one of them his home country of Romania.

          121. 1American1st says

            Good to know. I am surprised he isn’t wanted in England for the Bank of England fiasco. He should have seen the inside of a jail back then.

          122. donl says

            haha cute I didn’t write this..

          123. donl says

            ‘are’ a bunch

          124. donl says

            It’s really interesting how much you hate the communist….where was the computer you’re using made?..the clothes on your back? your shoes? TV?….the worst is the Firniture that used to be produced in High Point NC..I’ve been there during its hate commies say that the democrats are commies yet you give your hard earned dollar to feed the largest Communist country on the planet….feel good does it? y’know who got that ball rolling? Reagan!..followed by papa Bush and then Clinton ,sure as hell didn’t stop outsourcing..and ‘W’ made a deal w/ India…work visas to take a lot of white collar jobs..making people homeless and feeling like crap!..and your bunch critisizes them….big talker small thinker!..both political parties have gone overboard! as you hate commie..turn off that big screen TV!….and you call me names!..

          125. 1American1st says

            You’ve made it very clear, DonL, that you are a Commie Liberal Troll.

          126. donl says

            You’ve made it very clear that you are about as dumb as a bag of me your words don’t rattle me,,they sadden if least on a progressive site the millennial new to what’s going on fall right into the stereotypical dumb conservative..and that’s a pure waste of brain matter!

          127. FreedomSpeaks2U says

            Say the word and America will give them a taste of their own medicine.

          128. edward martis says

            I spent 21 yrs in the NAT. GD.( AZ-CA- MA- NH) and the only way to do this is a military coup’—–or election day with trump flushing all of those commies down a sewer drain…………..we can only hope…….at the rate things are going; zapping commies will become a national sport in the future……my AR-15 will be very happy…….

          129. donl says

            I once turned in a known Communist to the FBI, they took down his name, address, etc. never heard anything from them. This man was as anti-American as you can get.

          130. edward martis says

            donl—the ACP is a ‘legal’ political party; believe it or not—-with 30 + offices; coast to coast—–soros pays for everything—he is their biggest contributor —google AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY and you can find an ACP office close to you..(ck. out the ACP ‘goals’) …I was an ACP member (Berkeley) for 4 months (just to check them out)… was a journey through a sewer filled with sewer rats—–I learned a lot from my fellow commies—-they are extremely vicious folks—-if the US pop. was 10% aware what goes on with these rats; they would kill as many commies that they could find…for whatever google /maps and type in 6501 Telegraph Av., Oakland, CA and you will see a ‘used book store’ (front) —that is the ACP office locally (on the Berkeley/ Oakland city line–)—the ACP shares the ‘book store’ front with the New Black Panther Party—-who are just as crazy—–I have tons of info. about them——if you ask them for their opinion on oshit, Pelosi, Barbara Bell (D-OAK),, Bolshavic Bernie Sanders —they hold them in “very high” regard and “esteem” along with Hilly—–when she worked at some law firm her fellow lawyers there refered to her as (and I quote) “a Leninist in training” —she IS a hard-core commie; and my ‘fellow’ commies are very proud of her….who do you think paid for all the ‘demos’ (transportation, hotels, food etc) in the last few months—–the ACP bussed in a shitload of ‘demonstrators’ for Fergerson and all the other riots etc.—–I wished I could ‘talk’ to you about the ACP and Pelosi—-Bell –CA state reps–former mayor willie brown (SFO) and a shit load of others—–I am a walking ‘commie information bank’—-Jarrett / Axelrod and a slew of others also…………

          131. donl says

            Bernie Sanders is at the far end of the ‘love Israel campaign’ start war w/ Iran group!he’s not even a member!

          132. David Hansen says

            Edward, You brought up some very good stuff. I was reading some of Hitlary
            Clinton’s senior thesis that she wrote on Saul Alinsky. it drips with admiration for him. Totally disgusting

          133. Dan says

            (EM)…Great move!! I am impressed by your creative thinking and initiative!!

          134. edward martis says

            dan-man—-I can be in downtown Berkeley in 25 mins—–if for WHATEVER reason you may find yourself in SFO—-(which is a violent scum commie city)===you have to drive over to downtown Berkeley—-and you will find yourself in 1976——-bell-bottoms—-commie t-shitrs galore—–Pol Pot (Cambodian killing fields “) T-shirts—stalin fidel=che gurvera–Charlie manson etc. are considered ‘folk hero’s ” by the high school/ college set——the way I got myself out of the ACP was to e-mail them saying that I had “died” ——-The ACP would wear me out with e-mails and meetings demonstration s they wanted me to attend and on and on and on and of course contributions etc etc etc etc———the way I “joined” the ACP was a “replica” CA drivers license-10$—-and a disposable credit card—–and a disposable, changeable e- mail address and a very short term P.O. box—UPS Store——I learned a LOT about those sewer rats and became a veritable info. bank of the ACP——-Pelosi and company are ‘un-official’ ACP members and when some folks asked her about that; she would not deny it; and then walked away after some front/ award dinner of the ACP——-CA is basically a ‘soviet socialist republic’ and then some—-one last tid-bit the teachers union and colleges/ lib commie will turn you child into a hard core commie (from K-12 and then onto Phd Level—–CA schools are ‘indoctrination camps” with a healthy dose of the ‘gay agenda’ thrown in——Sex with animals is slowly making its way into high schools–circr.—-Jesus Christ is long overdue for a visit to “New Sodom”—–the sooner; the better——-I cheered when SFO was destroyed by a tidal wave in Wayne Johnson’s ‘SAN ANDREAS’ movie lastly SFO is the world HQ of NAMBLA 332 Jones St (mail drop/in a Pakistani rest…which is not related to the NAMBLA dudes)…In case you do not know NAMBLA is a professional org. for young boy child molesters NATIONAL MAN BOY LOVE ASSN.—-google NAMBLA and see for yourself——Pelosi has never said a word about them or condemmed them on the House of Reps floor in Congress and they are in her cong. dist. and 7/8 mi (short walk ) to her front door in the federal bldg.=====votes are more important to her than branding NAMBLA for what it is——I sure wish I had Trump’s ear for 5 minutes—–God ! Could I open his eyes…………!!!!!!!and finally The Longshoreman’s Union for The Port of Oakland is run by the ACP——I wish I had a sort of Glen Beck/ Hannity outlet……..I would help a lot of to really SEE what is going on in the USA………….

          135. Dr. Bob Uda says

            I was surprised to see Chris “Slow Ball” Matthews, for the first time, put his own liberal kind on the spot. Maybe there is still hope for “Slow Ball.”

          136. farm kid says

            mr. democrat is looking for ratings. he is still on the DARK side

          137. 1American1st says

            Be careful or should I say wary. Communists like to throw a “curve ball” occasionally to give the appearance of normalcy. They are not normal.

            Democrats (DemonRats) should change their logo to this:

          138. Dr. Bob Uda says

            LOL! Well done, 1American1st.

          139. David Hansen says

            I like it. Let’s shorten the name and just call them demorats

          140. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Sounds good to me.

          141. capa760 says

            I wondered How the DNC legally endorsed a Communist ineligible for President, without All parties and Judicials checking the credentials, background checks, past.
            associates, etc. A lot of sabotage and treasonous attitudes an lying.

          142. David Hansen says

            Good question

        2. Dr. Bob Uda says

          Amen, FWB!

        3. farm kid says

          we the people need a, choice not an echo

      3. Tony says

        But not as smart, by far. Sad to say.

      4. edward martis says

        if trump ‘politically’ dies; so will the USA—–and another ‘milk toast’ repub will get in and wreck what is left of the USA………and resume business as usual…..

        1. Dr. Bob Uda says

          I’m afraid you’re right.

        2. LibertyLovingPatriot says

          Not if it’s Ted Cruz !!! Check out his rating at

          1. edward martis says

            cruz will be ‘bought’ by his political contributors; I fear—-I hope not; but as you well know these ‘donors’ are not giving him money for the hell of it……that alone is reason enough of a reason to vote for mr. T……..

          2. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            If they all can be bought, then we may as well make Trump King and do away with our Representative Democracy. Or, let’s elect billionaires only. They alone can identify with the middle-class and the poor, which is everyone but them. What a brilliant concept.

            Now, Senate campaigns are expensive as well. How has Ted Cruz represented special interests? Please name them.

            I wish I could be guided by simplistic ignorance. It makes life so much easier. I wouldn’t have to research the candidates. Just pick the one with the most money. A complicated choice solved, and I don’t have to think.

            In 2008, simplistic ideas won out. The people voted for HOPE AND CHANGE. Your bumper sticker can read: VOTE TRUMP, BILLIONAIRES ARE FOR THE PEOPLE !!! How about, TRUST ONLY BILLIONAIRES.

          3. edward martis says

            check and see how many millionaires are in congress and the house; today—–maybe you can help me with the following—–How much does it cost to elect a presidential candidate ? and who do you think pays for it ?—-see what I mean ?

          4. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            The solution is term limits. Not electing shrewd, former demonRAT billionaires.

          5. edward martis says

            there are MANY dem and repubs that are millionaires and some are billionaires—-the price tag of getting a candidate into the WH is $ 5 bill or 500,000 lbs. of $ 100 bills…..That kind of money can only come from (I hate to say; believe me) ‘special interests’—–where else can that tonnage of cash come from ? surely not from the US populace of 308 mill people …term limits are the only solution (like you said) or another American Revolution—–killing off all of the communist dems—-which would be nice—–(the USS Ronald Regan weighs 100,000 tons) …the money involved in all this is insane—–

          6. Jim says

            Plus a lot of tons of Bullsh*t to go along with that money

          7. edward martis says

            with one goes the other……………..what a ridiculous country we live in, to let it all come to this…………anybody up for a second American revolution ? I would imagine the US military would love it; to clean out the communists once and for all….starting in DC and then moving on to the soviet socialist republic of CA; with particular attention paid to SFO………………………..I can only dream……

          8. 1American1st says

            Dreaming with you!

          9. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            That has got to be the best T-shirt of all time !!!!!

          10. Jim says

            Dreams can come true

          11. Brenda says

            Not only term limits. But, we must get a handle on the multi-million dollar campaign cost.

          12. 1American1st says

            President Reagan was a former Democrat. He saw the light & dumped them. Look how that turned out for us! Still miss him.

          13. edward martis says

            I just looked up what it costs to elect a president—-how about $ 5 bill —–I agree with your sprit about all of this—–I admire it—BUT where is all this tonnage of cash supposed to come from ?—-surely not from ‘donations’ of private individuals like you and me …

          14. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            There are no patriotic wealthy people ? Are they ALL greedy and want something in return? No wealthy people have virtue and love the country? Sounds like a democrat stereotype and brainwashing to me. I’m hopeful that many wealthy people, like us, are fed up with the direction of the country and do not want to conduct business in a Socialist country.

          15. 1American1st says

            I see where you’re coming from, but electing a career politician isn’t going to work at this point. We need somebody who will stand up and “Make America Great Again”!

          16. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Sorry, but the description career politician does not describe someone like Ted Cruz who is anti Republican establishment and proves it over and over again. When you go against the establishment and call Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor for example, you are risking your career. If you knew anything about Cruz you would never have referred to him as a “career politician.”

          17. David Hansen says

            Ted is ok but he was born in Canada is anyone checks. At least it is closer than Kenya.

      5. sharon says

        They are all the same, they think of nobody but themselves, and they support a evil scum like Obama.

        1. Dr. Bob Uda says

          Amen, Sharon!

          1. sharon says

            I wished more people who support freedom would speak out.

          2. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            They do !!! His name is Ted Cruz !!!

          3. sharon says

            I appreciate Cruz, and others who are not being heard, and should be.

          4. 1American1st says

            We hired some new Republicans in November. Obviously they were all deaf mutes. They can’t hear us screaming to remove Obama & they are not speaking up!

            We need to keep replacing them until we find true patriots!

        2. icetrout says

          butt buddies ???

      6. icetrout says

        their in bed with the DNC… butt buddies all the way… out to screw America !

        1. Dr. Bob Uda says

          No truer words said, icetrout.

          1. icetrout says

            that’s why they are hating on Trump… they can’t buy him… like to see a Trump/Carson ticket…:)

      7. 1American1st says

        All the Republicans in DC (District of Corruption) had to do express their loyalty to the American Citizens who elected them was to Impeach / Remove the most EVIL prez in U.S. history. THEY could have stopped him! Nobody can convince me otherwise, especially after the Nov ’14 elections.

        Who wants to re-elect or vote for a bunch of cowards who refuse to protect our country, it’s people, values & our way of life from the Communist Democrat takeover? NOT ME!

        I hope there will be BIG changes made in the ’16 Primaries! We need BIG changes!
        We need to replace the incumbents who have allowed this Communist takeover with patriotic Americans who can clean up the cesspool in DC.

        1. Dr. Bob Uda says

          That is precisely why we need Donald Trump as POTUS. He knows how to clean house and tell all of them, “You’re fired!”

        2. Cold War Gunner says

          Wishful thinking..Would have to re-write the rules..First off, no career political hacks..No lawyers. Second- Every person over the age of 25 would be required to take a civics/history test, and those that passed would then be put on a list, and just like the military draft, your number comes up, and you go to congress to represent the people..You may only apply for a 2nd term if your voting record was high enough on the conservative scale..Make them accountable..For the house you are only allowed to collect and spend $25,000.00.For Senate return the assignment to the individual state legislators to send their appointee. and that person can only spend $50,000.00..Make the accountability for honesty very tough..If any rep is approached by a lobbyist, they must report the contact to the Capitol police..No funds or any other type of compensation is allowed..Lobbying will be considered a serious crime against the PEOPLE, for which a sentence of 25 years minimum would be normal.. If caught accepting bribes, that person will stand trial for graft and crimes against the constitution..You get busted and so does the person who tried to bribe you..As far a compensation, Each individual will be paid at the rate equal to that of an E-5 {SSGT] at the 20 year level..You will use the military medical system, and when you are out of office, no compensation [retirement]. With having internet access, our “employees” would not be required to go to the district of criminal corruption..The “employee” would have a local office where that person could be found..”teleconferencing” would be how it would work..At the end of the “employee’s” term of service, all they would get would be “thank you for your service”, and see ya..

          1. Cold War Gunner says

            As to the position of President, The candidate must have been a member of the armed services at least for a minimum of 4 years and received an honorable discharge, and have worked at least 10 years in business, to have some knowledge of how things work..The selection process shall only last for a period of 60 days prior to the election date..The selection process cannot be allowed to become a popularity contest..Provable past history,and integrity only will be considered..Candidate is only allowed to spend $1,000,000.00 for the campaign. All funds must come from the people, in donations of $50.00 or less.. Not business or bundlers..Treat them the same as lobbyists..

            The media cannot mention anything political to sway public opinion at any time other that the 60 day campaign..If they do, they lose their license to broadcast..

            We The Pepole run this country, not them..

        3. Jambo86 says

          What did your parents do to you? You really need help.

          1. 1American1st says

            No, I need a Conservative President & normal people with common sense in the House & Senate. 7 years of living in Democrat Hell will do that to a person.
            I hope that NO Democrat is never elected to any office in America again!

          2. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Exactly, Ted Cruz, a TRUE Conservative.

      8. Ed says

        The establishment doesn’t want to ‘rock the boat’. However it’s another thing when the boat is the Titanic & they are downstairs dancing up a storm in the ball room!

        1. Dr. Bob Uda says

          They are self-deceiving idiots.

      9. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

        So you prefer the DUMBOCRATS? Obummer has put America in the toilet and the Hillercow is ready to pull the handle!

        1. Dr. Bob Uda says

          No, I do not prefer the demonrats. I prefer Donald Trump who the corrupt GOP/RNC is trying very hard to derail. When The Donald wins the nomination, it will be clean house time to get rid of all of the evil RINOs.

    3. Gerry Costa says

      I agree with you – cc but unfortunately that will mean another demoRAT will waltz into the White House. That will be very sad unless enough people can be persuaded to continue supporting Trump which I hope will be the case .I have had more than enough of the obozo administration and rino corruption.

      1. MAHB001 says

        That may very well be the game plan with those in charge, to have another socialist like Hillary walk into the WH.

        I did not get a warm and fuzzy feeling when Trump raised his hand. He knows the Left Stream Media will not allow a third party candidate to win. He knows the controlling interests in both parties will not let a third party candidate to win.

        1. jaybird says

          The Donald said that he would not run 3rd party if he liked who was chosen to run. As far as I can tell, he likes Cruz because he has not made any comments about him.and they have had a meeting. Need to get Cruz’s poll numbers up.

          1. MAHB001 says

            He said he would not run third party as long as the Republican party treated him fairly.

            All he had to say was, I will stand with the Republican nomination as long as the Republican establishment treats me fairly.

            That would have been enough for me. But, the Donald fell short. He sent a mixed message.

          2. jaybird says

            He also said that he “would have to like the person”. I have tried to listen every time he spoke and I heard him say it. I have no reason to make it up, The Donald says a lot of things and changes them.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Agreed, and that sounds more and more like a politician than a businessman….

            I guess at the top it is hard to tell the difference anymore.

          4. Dr. Bob Uda says

            You confused souls.

          5. siridh says

            He might be saying, if they shove Jeb down our throats the way they shoved Romney, McCain and Hillary, he’d run. I don’t have a problem with that. If all he did was solve the illegal problem it would be a positive move.

          6. jaybird says

            Yes, he will then run 3rd party, he seems to like Cruz, they have had a meeting in the beginning and phone calls. Cruz & Carson have not said anything about him.

          7. SouthernPatriot says

            He’s not a politician, that may be the reason. He gets “got-cha-ed” by Megyn “frolicking with Howard Stern about her breast size, her husband’s reproductive organ size, sex while she was pregnant” when she knew how he stood long before the debate.

          8. MAHB001 says

            If Megyn hadn’t asked that question, the left would have. It is better to have this out now than later. I could have had a much bigger impact later.

            What would have happened if Clintonophoulous asked the question???

            I think Megyn did Trump a favor.

          9. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Megyn Kelly is exactly like Candy Crowley and George Step-on-all-of-us.

          10. MAHB001 says

            Not true, Kelly is hot, are you saying you cant tell the difference?? 🙂

            To top it off, what Megyn Kelly did is not the same thing as what Crowley did. No were near it. and george Clintonophoulous doesn’t have an honest bone in his body. He worked for the Clintons and still does.

          11. Pamela says

            Megyn Kelly is hot for hell, if it is sex only that you are liking her for. BARRF. That is all you could see? why are you even commenting. Has nothing to do with being a good moderator. Go away and if you are going to judge by grace and smarts, Ann Colter beats Megyn Kelly by 1000%

          12. MAHB001 says

            I was joking… didn’t you see my smiley face.

            Bottom line, Kelly asked a valid question, If she hadn’t asked it, a liberal would have.

            This video sums up my views of the subject.


          13. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Wrong symbol, MaBell. When you are joking, you use the wink, e.g., 😉

            When you use the smiley face, you agree with doing what you proposed–like thorough satisfaction. 🙂

          14. MAHB001 says

            I guess I have a lot to learn about smiley faces..

          15. Dr. Bob Uda says

            First time you displayed some humility. I commend you for that.

          16. MAHB001 says

            Take your own advice….

          17. Dr. Bob Uda says

            I have apologized and accepted being corrected by several people on these blogs. It’s xenophobes like you who create problems in our society.

          18. MAHB001 says

            When liberals are reduced to insults, as you have shown, they have lost the argument. Produce some facts, prove me wrong, and I will accept it.
            An insult just means I am right.

            Perhaps you should look up the meaning of xenophobe before you copy it….

          19. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Like Kelly, MaBell is a pervert. They make a good sexual pair.

          20. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Kelly is as hot as a hot potato, which you cannot hold in your hands before getting burned badly. I know Kelly is not the same as Crowley, but her corruption is equivalent. Kelly also does not have an honest bone in her body except for her husband’s.

          21. MAHB001 says

            This is how I feel about the subject….. These folks are far more eloquent than I.

            Specifically, it is not the media’s job to take sides, that is what is wrong with the media these days… Fox does not owe conservatives anything more than a fair shake.

            I was disappointed in the question and more disappointed in the answer. I trust that Trump will do better next time.


          22. Dr. Bob Uda says


          23. MAHB001 says

            Dr. Bob! did you have a lobotomy?

          24. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Were you castrated recently? You sound like it.

          25. MAHB001 says

            You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make him drink.
            You can not waken someone who is pretending to be asleep.

            If you had any facts to support your BS statement you would have provided them by now.

          26. Dr. Bob Uda says

            I trust that you will do a better job on your boring posts.

          27. MAHB001 says

            I’ll do my best…

          28. Dr. Bob Uda says

            That woman is a real pervert.

          29. CrustyOldGeezer says

            How so?

            When he refused to ‘pledge’ to support the republican candidate he was the only one that maintained a future.

            EVERY person that kept their hands in their pockets told the republican elites that they could name a moldy cheese sandwich and they would support it.

            They ENDED their candidacy right then.

            They gave permission to select whoever they want and there will not be a whimper from those 9 people.

            The question was a trap, Trump knew it when it was asked.

            The rest never saw it coming and in their zeal to make Trump look bad, THEY LOST any chance.

          30. MAHB001 says

            MY POINT is that WE THE PEOPLE should be naming the republican candidate that moves on. Not the elite socialists that control the Republican party.

            I do believe that is what Trump means by FAIR. Trump wants them to count the votes honestly…. Not choose their candidate via the good ol boy network.

          31. CrustyOldGeezer says


            I knew we agreed!

            But He also said the ‘nominee’ had to be someone he could trust to do the job.

            If they try shoving a lackey in our faces again, I do expect him to run and pull a very large percentage from BOTH partys.

            The democrat rank and file are just as disgusted.

          32. MAHB001 says

            I fear the democrat rank and file will not be able to break the spell the media has on them.

            They still trust the media to be telling them the straight dope, and unfortunately the left stream media has sold out their integrity to promote a socialist agenda.

            I wouldn’t count on those dolts to wake up until they have to whine to the communists in charge.. At that point whomever the dictator is, he/she will shoot them rather than listen to the useful idiots.

          33. CrustyOldGeezer says

            As I said, even the soundest sleepers are seeing the destruction of THEIR Country.

          34. MAHB001 says

            I pray you are right…

            The moral majority can no longer sleep.

          35. CrustyOldGeezer says

            I have been Praying since Reagans last day in office.

          36. jaybird says

            In his interview tonight in I think it was Michigan, he said that he did not have to win the votes to decide to run 3rd party, he needed to like the person that would be running on the Rep. ticket.

          37. MAHB001 says

            I did not see that interview… I did hear him clarify on the radio that the Republican establishment must be fair or he might run as a third party.

          38. Dr. Bob Uda says

            @CrustyOldGooser: For the second time, I agree with you. It must be the air temperature.

          39. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Exactly right. Ted Cruz is a solid, brilliant Conservative who has a rating of 96% at If people would only find out more about him, we could let the Donald go back to doing what he does best. Trump is not a solid Conservative and never was, but he knows that the Republican party under Boehner and McConnell is bad for the country. My hope is as you suggest, he’s doing this to shake things up to make sure that Bush or some other RINO doesn’t get elected, and to show the Republican leadership they do not have the support of the people. If that’s his purpose, then I truly thank him. But, it’s time for President Cruz. Just listen to him speak and talk about the country, the Constitution, our history (all without a teleprompter). He can make us be proud again, like we were during the Reagan Administrations: we can be great again.

          40. SouthernPatriot says

            Cruz said his first order of business upon being sworn in, is to dismantle and remove all executive orders by Obama, get rid of Obamacare, protect the borders and enforce U.S. Immigration laws….that seems to be a good start in the right direction.

          41. jaybird says

            You can start right now because Congressman Mark Meadows has put forth a motion for Boehner to vacate the Speakers Seat. The motion is before the “Rules Committee” and they want it to go away, they have taken a count and there is not enough support for Boehner to win so they have pushed it aside until later. Please call your Congressman in support for Congressman Meadows.

            Also, Congressman Michael Rogers (R-AL) and 4 co sponsors have a bill # H.R. 1205 to ‘KICK THE UN OUT OF US, CANCEL OUR MEMBERSHIP AND DE-FUND.

          42. Swampfox1965 says

            US out of the UN? NOT a good idea. Remember what happened when Kruschev walked out of the Paris Peace Summit back in 1960. Soviets lost BIG TIME when the remaining attendees made decisions decidedly not in Russia’s favor.

            UN out of US? Let’s do it!

          43. jaybird says

            We are the biggest contributor so those dictators will lose some power and money. We can always go back if we need to, if we get a strong President, we will be OK.

          44. Btty says

            Thanks and I have done exactly what you have recommended along with passing it on to others. Thanks for the post.

          45. jaybird says

            These Rino politician need to get used to the people standing against what they have been doing which I don’t think that much of that has been happening. I got a call from NRA wanting to know if I would volunteer for a grass roots campaign, we talked and I told her that I sign petitions everyday and let other people know what bills need supporting, she said that hardly anyone gets involved. I told her I belong to NRA, GOA and the Virginia Citizens Defense League which lobbies in our Capital on gun bills. She said that she would keep me informed of what goes on. We really need one huge march on Washington.

          46. El says

            Amen bro

          47. Swampfox1965 says

            Cruz is good. REAL good. But I find it difficult to believe he can do all that in one day. Superman he’s not.

          48. jaybird says

            He has a pen and phone all he has to do is sign the paperwork to get rid of the Executive actions, the other people are in charge of reversing it. I am sure that is what he was talking about. We all know that it will take time to put something in the place of ObummerCare.

          49. Swampfox1965 says

            Don’t think for a minute, Jay, that I have anything but the utmost respect for Cruz. I just think we have to be realistic about what he can do and what the timeframe will be.

          50. WTHeck says

            TRUMP/CRUZ. 2016 would be best ticket possible!

          51. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Ted has a problem.

            From Vattell. The Source used by the Authors of the Constitution to determine the requirements for the Presidency.

            Ҥ 212. Of the citizens and natives.

            “The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.”

            His father did not become a Citizens until a few years back,

            Ted was born in Canada to an American Mother and a CUBAN Father.

            Just because the republicans allowed the democrats to throw out the Constitution, WE, as Citizens, must not kill the Constitution for our own reasons.

          52. Btty says

            Really? Do we have to rehash this over and over? He is a legal Citizen as described in order to be a President of this country. He loves this country and wants to do the right thing. This is ridiculous and a sure way to insure Hillary as your next President. Most all the legal scholars have said he is eligible so stop with the garbage. This is the kind of crap that will continue to divide and you will end up with another obozo.

          53. CrustyOldGeezer says


            The Founders that Wrote the Constitution and used the definition that I posted were a bunch of morons because now somebody wants to redefine the phrase to get what they want?

            Good to know the level of your intellectual capabilities.

          54. Btty says

            Well, your level and W Franks level of intellect is going to be proven lacking. Because Ted Cruz is illegible whether you like it or not and rather you think its right or not. So Crusty read it and weep.

          55. CrustyOldGeezer says


            Do I need to post the definition, as used by the Authors of the Constitution again because you had a problem understanding it the first time?

            What I pasted is DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE.

            or is this whole ‘real world’ thing too difficult for you to understand and it makes your head hurt?

          56. Btty says

            LOL, what are you going to say Crusty when he becomes your next President? Because it’s very likely he will. As for my head hurting the only think that makes it hurt is you with your same tired old rants. Again, there are a lot of scholars better than you Sir who disagree with you. But alas I’m sure you think your smarter than they are. To bad.

          57. CrustyOldGeezer says

            “FACTS” are pesky things.

            Especially when some one uses them and your diaper suddenly fill up.

          58. Btty says

            Oh now that was very mature Sir

          59. CrustyOldGeezer says

            from your other posts, I going with…

            You keep proving me right.

          60. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Just to lighten the load on your overworked mentality.

            You mention “scholars” as though they have value.

            The Constitution was specifically written, phrased, and worded so the poorest educated among the population could read , AND UNDERSTAND, the government, the power and authorities assigned under the Constitution, as well as the LIMITATIONS.

            The sources they used were likewise well written and easily understood.

            So ‘scholar’ on Constitutional matters, would be the common poorly educated.

            Apparently THAT LEVEL is beyond your own capabilities?

            You can read the Constitution, taking the time to consider what the words and phrase mean, in less than an hour.

            Are you too lazy to even spend one measly hour to do your own homework?

            Yet you come here, uneducated in YOUR OWN RIGHT and influenced by unknown, unnamed ‘scholars’ and expect all other to bow to your self assumed superior knowledge?

            Your real name isn’t nancy pelosi is it?

          61. Btty says

            You really love to hear yourself rant don’t you? There you go again calling other people you don’t even know lazy, uneducated and close by asking if I’m Nancy Pelosi. I can feel your anger Sir but it doesn’t help your point of view. You just look trite and little when you haven’t learned how to make your point without belittling others. Frankly, at your age? You should be ashamed you haven’t learned better communication skills. That is not the behavior of an educated man/woman.

          62. CrustyOldGeezer says

            No anger involved sweetie.

            I deal with a solid knowledge of the subject and have to deal with people that may, or may not have read even small parts of the Constitution in school and haven’t given it a though since.

            You tell me you Love the Constitution, but have no idea what most of the concepts it is based on are.

            You know nothing of the Sources the Authors used, or why they used those sources over other works.

            But I am always wrong?

            So far you haven’t even risen to the level of .minor irritant’.

            But I have learned that I probably shouldn’t expect you to do anything like READ THE CONSTITUTION because you slept through Civics Class in highschool and expect to continue to do the same now.

          63. Btty says

            Don’t you dare call me sweetie you patronizing b–tard! I can understand why you call yourself CrustyOldGeezer because your a know it all POS and no way anyone can have a view different than yours because that would just make them dumb. Let people judge for themselves what is correct and not correct. I will post the sites that also disagree with you. All I want is for people to judge for themselves and not let some POS like you make judgements for them.

          64. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Well Sugar…

            As long as I am dealing with PROVEN FACT, and all you have is a temper, a bad attitude, and hyperbole, you can throw all the temper tantrums you want.

            Still doesn’t change FACT whether you agree or not.

          65. Btty says

            Up yours Sugar! What I want is for people not to be swayed by your crap. Unlike you I believe people on here are smarter than you give them credit for and they will do their own research and not be swayed by your crap. Your much to testy and I understand why. There are a lot of people that disagree with you and that must really get your pants in a wad. Relax old man, there are some who will agree with you but not enough to change the end result.

          66. CrustyOldGeezer says

            And now the Constitution is “CRAP”?

            I quote the Constitution, copy and paste the DEFINITION OF “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” that was used BY THE AUTHORS.

            But, that disagrees with what you want to believe so you get mad at the messenger?

            Are you real sure your other name isn’t nancy pelosi?

            And no, you don’t have the ability to “make me mad”.

            But I notice that I have found the buttons you don’t like pressed.

            One of them is using FACT to refute your fantasy..

          67. CrustyOldGeezer says

            ” there are some who will agree with you but not enough to change the end result.”

            The Constitution is now based on a ‘consensus’ of what people want to believe?

            An interesting position.

          68. Btty says

            You keep making accusation that I have not said. I have not made one comment about the constitution. So stop your BS.

          69. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Sorry sweetie, but your argument IS WITH the Constitution.

            You aren’t arguing with me.

            You don’t like what the Constitution has to say on the subject so your throwing a temper tantrum because I BACK THE CONSTITUTION.

            You want it rewritten to get what YOU WANT and THAT is what this entire discussion has been about from the beginning.

          70. CrustyOldGeezer says

            “Article II Section 1 Clause 5:

            No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have within the United States. “

            Vattel on the status of Citizenship the Founders used when Writing the Constitution:

            “Before the Constitution the closest reference we have to Natural Born Citizen is from the legal treatise “the Law of Nations,” written by Emerich de Vattel in 1758. In book one chapter 19,

            § 212. Of the citizens and natives.

            “The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.”

            THERE IS FACT

            The Father of Ted Cruz was a Cuban Citizen living in Canada at the time of his birth.
            His father did not become a Citizen until a few years ago.

            Deal with it.

          71. magen10 says

            Stop making silly arguments, just READ THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!

          72. Btty says

            Who rattled your cage? I have read it and it’s up for interpretation mag! Were you feeling left out sweetie? Crawl back in your cage.

          73. Btty says

            Kiss my patootie! Who rattled your cage? I have read it as many other scholars that are a lot smarter than YOU! Ted Cruz is eligible to run for President. By the way I happen to put Mark Levin’s knowledge way above yours and even he agrees that he is eligible so get the hell over it. Now, I’m giving you permission to crawl back in your cage!

          74. CrustyOldGeezer says

            And still you refuse to EDUCATE YOURSELF and rely on the word of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats because they tell you what you want to hear.

            And I’m the one on a “rant”?

          75. Btty says

            I don’t rely on anyones word especially yours. And yes, your on a rant.

          76. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Pal, take it to the Supreme Court. Good luck with that !

          77. CrustyOldGeezer says

            ‘supreme court has nothing to do with it.

            It is the definition as used BY THE FOUNDERS.

            Are you just now deciding that they didn’t have a clue?

            good luck with that.

          78. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Then no one can or will stop President Ted Cruz.

          79. CrustyOldGeezer says

            So, tossing the Constitution out is perfectly acceptable to you?

            You failed to mention how much you adore obama.

            Just because you don’t get your own way you are willing to destroy the foundations this nation was built on?

            Probably dodged the Draft as well.

          80. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Time for your meds !!!

          81. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Let’s see, you found a way to justify raping and murdering your 8 year old twin sisters, and since you REDEFINED the words to mean what you want, everybody else is supposed to ‘take their meds’ and get over it?

            Your childish taunt has no place in a civil conversation.

            You have proven yourself to be somewhat lacking.

            But you will probably blame others for your failures in life.
            I KNOW!!!!

            You can use “it’s all George Bush’s fault” nobody else is using it right now.

          82. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Try prune juice for a better bowel movement. Maybe you won’t be a CrustyOldGeezer.

          83. CrustyOldGeezer says

            You do realize that your childish tantrums aimed at me is merely a deflection with the problem YOU have with the Constitution?

            Why don’t you start the Amendment Process and get the requisite number of States to ratify your idiocy?

          84. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Ooooh ! blood coming from your wherever !!!

          85. CrustyOldGeezer says

            not me.

            I never get emotionally involved in these little dustups.

            I do seem to be very good at getting others to spray their computer monitors though.

            I have stock in Flat screen cleaning supply companies, so it’s good for business.

          86. Btty says

            Oh I see it now. Your opinion of a civil conversation is telling others you don’t even know that they Dodged the draft. Very civil. Attacking others opinions with having low intellect because they disagree with you is very civil in your world! Well, all you do is shut down debate by being so ignorant.

          87. CrustyOldGeezer says

            If they are COMPLETELY IGNORANT of the subject under discussion, there is no “debate” and no ‘discussion’.

            When I deal with babbling fools that pretend to know, or even understand the subject I realize they have no value to the conversation and deserve no courtesy or respect.

            Similar to your current standing.

          88. Btty says

            Well, I think plenty of us on here think your pretty much a fool also. It’s sad when one becomes so old that they are unwilling to bend or listen to anyone else opinion. As far as my opinion of you? I think your a pretty sorry excuse for a man let alone a human. By the way since you think your so much smarter than the rest of us why do you keep posting to us? Do you have nothing better to do with your time? Are you that bored with your life?

          89. CrustyOldGeezer says

            “FACTS” do not matter to you?

            And yet you think I should respect your intelligence?

          90. Btty says

            Frankly, I don’t care if you respect my intelligence Sir. I was able to make it through college and serve people as a RN for many years and I have devoted the rest of my life to helping our Seniors live the rest of their lives in their homes. So I am quite comfortable where I’am in life. Thank you very much.

          91. CrustyOldGeezer says

            And yet you are willing to throw away the Constitution because it won’t let you have your way?

            Tell me one more time about how much you love and cherish the Constitution…

          92. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Btty, I trust the intellects of Mark Levin & Alan Dershowitz (noted Harvard Law School professor) who are Constitutional scholars and maintain that Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen. Nearly all other Constitutional scholars agree. Mark Levin is a brilliant lawyer, Conservative talk show host, and New York Times best selling author for at least 4 of his books , Mark Levin, who worked for Ronald Reagan, knows everything there is to know about the Founding Fathers, the philosophers they read and the context they used when writing the Constitution. He is quite an historian as well. If that old fart thinks he’s an expert, let him call up Mark Levin and debate with HIM. It will be good for laughs, as the old fart will be ripped to shreds. He, of course. won’t do it as it’s more fun for him to play the pedantic fool online and he won’t like being proven wrong by someone with a far superior intellect. Personally, I have no intention of engaging that low life who fancies himself an expert in law. Let’s see: believe Mark Levin and Alan Dershowitz or CrustyOldGeezer? Seriously, is that even a choice? My advice is not to engage the old fart: he is damaged. Besides, we need to do our work to get a President Ted Cruz. Btty, keep up the good fight !!!

          93. Btty says

            Hey Liberty, My computer has been down for several days so I couldn’t get back to you before this. I wanted to thank you for your post and let you know that we have a lot in common. I to am a fan of Mark Levin! I love the guy and he is a true patriot! I have to recommend his book Plunder and Deceit! It is truly one of the most awesome books I have ever read. I bought four extra copies and was passing them out at the Hospital where I work. I think if you haven’t already read it you will enjoy it. I do believe Mark Levin, Alan Dershowitz over CrustyOldGeezer thank God! LOL I can’t even believe that there are those who are still beating this dead horse! They will keep it up until they hand the Presidency to Sanders or Killary! By the way my brother is a very well known Attorney and he said: What the heck are you wasting your time arguing with CrustyOldGeezer for? He has no idea what he is talking about move on! I have. Thank you Liberty!!

          94. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Good to hear from you Btty. I’ll have to get his book as well. I download his podcasts and listen to them every day without fail. The man is brilliant. You are a great patriot for buying 4 of his books and passing them around. As Mark would say, you’re a Paulette Revere !!!! We really need to spread the word how liberalism is destroying our country, and Mark does it best !!!!

          95. Btty says

            That was a low blow about Liberty dodging the draft. Why would you say something like that? Is it what you did? I would assume so.

          96. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Just another person that relies on assumptions from inside their own head.

            It is good to know that he can’t defend himself though.

            Perhaps I was right….

            Had he ever been in the military he would have a clue what the subject under discussion is.

            WHY didn’t he answer the question of what gives ANY PERSON the authority to undermine the Constitution be “redefining words and phrases”?

            And why is he weakminded enough to take the word of the corrupt politicians that are hoping their ‘new definition’ will stick?

          97. Btty says

            Oh my you just spanked me for assuming things. However you just did the same thing. Not once but twice. By the way I’m from a Military family having lost a brother in VietNam and another who came home but has never been the same. I would never stoop to calling anyone a draft dodger unless I knew it to be a fact. I still think that was a cheap attack.

          98. CrustyOldGeezer says

            and yet he has never offered any indication that my assessment is incorrect.

            Only you, and you are assuming he is not based on what knowledge?

          99. Btty says

            I give people the benefit of doubt until proven wrong.

          100. Blue Note says

            Please….stop piling on Bull Shizz.

          101. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Well, I suggest you do your own HOMEWORK.

            I gave you the REQUIREMENT as USED BY THE FOUNDERS.

            just because you prefer to use a new definition does not require me to lower my standards to keep you from wetting your bed every night.

          102. ALHL says

            Sorry, the Ted Cruz thing has already been proven not true. His mother was a national born citizen,

          103. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Sorry, but the requirement is very clear.

            BOTH PARENTS must be Citizens

            and i don’t care what your buddys girlfriend second cousins dogs pooper scooper says.

            Neither the Constitution, nor Vattels Laws of Nations are vague on the subject

          104. Pamela says

            then how in the hell did Obummer get to be president???????????

          105. CrustyOldGeezer says


            EVERY ‘judges’ that denied the cases to move forward ARE GUILTY of Treason and have a WELL-EARNED death penalty hanging over their heads.

            The entire hierarchy of BOTH national partys have the same.

          106. headonstraight says

            My! My! Such language for someone who would have us believe that righteousness runs rampant through every fiber of her body!

          107. Pamela says

            No, just a sinner saved by Grace and had a wonderful touch from the hands of the Master and won’t go back to what you consider is righteous EVER

          108. Btty says

            Good girl Pamela, I couldn’t have said it better! 😉

          109. Pamela says

            thank you for the support

          110. CrustyOldGeezer says


            My apologies for shouting.

          111. Btty says

            It really doesn’t matter what you or W Frank think Crusty. Most Americans like the guy a lot and will vote for him knowing he is eligible for the Presidency. Get the hell over it already. If Obama can run then you can bet your azz Cruz can run and will probably win.

          112. CrustyOldGeezer says

            And again, the Constitution says he is NOT.

            So, are you mad at me for telling you FACT?

            Or are you mad at the Constitution?

          113. Btty says

            I’m not mad at you. I just think your hanging on to something that doesn’t seem to matter to others because they know Cruz is a good man unlike the POS we now have.

          114. CrustyOldGeezer says

            The Constitution no longer matter if you get your way or something you want?

            Supporter of obama? that’s the attitude they have.

            That makes YOU a bigger part of the problem than the most liberal politicians.

          115. Btty says

            Your wrong on all counts. I love our Constitution and am livid that Obozo has thumbed his nose at it. But I also believe Cruz is eligible to be President. I have been trying to find my notes (and I will post them when I find them) where it proves Cruz is eligible to be President. If you are willing to throw a good man to the wolves and let another obozo get into office then YOU are part of the problem.

          116. CrustyOldGeezer says

            you can present all the ‘notes’ you want.

            Ted Cruz is THE BEST MAN for the job, however….

            I have presented FACT straight from the sources used by the Founders, and you believe your ‘notes’ have more value than FACT?

          117. WTHeck says

            And he was an honors student on the Constitution do you actually think he would be wasting his time running if he thought there was any chance of ineligibility.
            Give it up Geezer. You are wrong! Or are you a troll trying to start an unfounded rumor. Lies work so well for the Democraps.

          118. Dr. Bob Uda says

            The Constitution is already half-dead. It is on life support. We must get Trump elected first. Then, we will fix the injured Constitution.

          119. jaybird says

            I researched this awhile back and there was a change that said the mother could pass on her citizenship to her child and a naturalization process was not required. Romney was born in Mexico and he ran.

          120. CrustyOldGeezer says

            “A change”?

            The ONLY WAY TO CHANGE the Constitution would be through the AMENDMENT PROCESS.

            Which Amendment ‘changed’ the REQUIREMENT for “Natural Born Citizen”?

            Both of Romneys parent were Citizens at the time of birth. That was a “strawman”.

            You need to do a wee bit more “research” and get back to me.

          121. jaybird says

            I have done mine, now you do yours.

          122. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Mine is posted.

            Yours is fantasy.

            And apparently, your fantasy involves wiping your butt with the Constitution.

          123. jaybird says

            You are just a nasty old man that thinks he is right all the time.

          124. CrustyOldGeezer says

            It is your choice to READ the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and ALL of the Founding documents.

            It’s only an education.

            Who knows, IF you learn something your life may improved.

            as far a “nasty old man”…

            since you know nothing about me, my life, my knowledge, my profession, my life skills or anything else….

            sorta puts you in the childish temper tantrum range doesn’t it?

          125. jaybird says

            and you accused me of wiping my butt with the Constitution, sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

          126. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Thanks for proving my analysis of your intellectual capabilities to be accurate.

          127. Btty says

            I couldn’t have said it better Liberty. Thank you. We do have some good candidates and we should support them. Then when we get a good man in office we shouldn’t feel our job is done until we vote out all fake Republicans. We need to keep track of how our Republicans in office vote. If they vote with Dems then out they go. I’m or term limits also. This should not be a cushy family affair where your sucking off the populace for the rest of their sorry lives.

          128. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            I’m with you Btty. One thing is clear. The people have had enough !!! You’re right that our job after we get a good man in office is really just beginning. We can never let this happen again !!

          129. jaybird says

            Please see my post to SouthernPatriot. There are a couple of bills that need everyone’s support.

          130. Btty says

            Thank you Liberty. Our work is never done and your right we should never allow it to go this far again. I also want all politicians who make laws to have to abide by the same laws. No more special healthcare plans. What we get they also get. No more voting themselves extravagant pay raises when our seniors have to live off a $2 pay raise on their social security when they even get a pay raise.. That is a crime!

          131. Michael says

            I’m for recall elections if some GOP backs liberal ideas or Muslim Obama.

          132. jaybird says

            We can only recall state officials not Federal. I have looked it up because I sure would like to recall my two Demorat Senators.

          133. aschark says

            jaybird, you must be from Massachusetts, but if you’re not, one of our 2 Democratic Senators, Ed Markey, is a DSA (a registered one! Check it out): Democratic Socialists of America. By right, he, and others, should have an “S” after their name on the ballot, not a “D,” but here in MA, all you need is a “D” after your name to win.Sad.

          134. jaybird says

            No, I am from VA, the reason that we have Demorats is because we have all the government workers living in the northern part of the state around the Beltway to DC and this year we also have a friend of the Clinton’s as Gov. and he just went to some event with them. He has plans of campaigning with Killary. I think he was the one that came up with the idea to rent the Lincoln bedroom when they were in office. He knows all the corrupt ways to get money, her brother and him got into trouble together over visa’s, money and Chinese.

          135. OFD02125 says

            The “D” stands for Duh. 🙂

          136. festmatt5440 says

            Same with me ‘ form ” ILL – in – oise “.

          137. Btty says

            I could back that. It’s a good idea.

          138. El says

            Great point here. I was impressed by Cruz before Trump appeared and if Trump is the sacrificial lamb that gets Cruz elected, then bless his heart.

          139. WTHeck says

            TRUMP/CRUZ 2016. Best ticket for a win

          140. Swampfox1965 says

            The Republican PTBs will do all in their power to keep Cruz in the shadows. I’m sick of ’em.

          141. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Perhaps. But I’ve been doing these online comments for years. I have never detected such an anger in all the years I’ve been online. We don’t all agree but we are unanimous when it comes to bringing down the Republican establishment. We shouldn’t be the ones to leave the party. We need to make them leave. People must stop voting for RINO’S. People need to be more engaged and must do their own research. We should not be deterred when the Republican establishment tries to smear our favorite Conservative candidates.

          142. Swampfox1965 says

            Liberty: This is in reply to your comment that we should stay in the party and fight the liberals/RINOs. You couldn’t be more right!

            The churches in America began as very conservative, Princeton was the first Reformed seminary in the country — but look at it now that the conservative Christians have abandoned it. The same has happened with most main line denominations in our country to day. Denominations that were once populated with Bible believing, God fearing people are now owned by anti-Christian, anti-American liberals who pride themselves with doing what feels good. There are a few exceptions, of course, but the true believers who abandoned their churches had to start new denominations that remain, for the most part, Bible believing and God fearing.

            We can’t abandon what we’ve built and have to start over. That’s a losing proposition.

            So let’s keep up the pressure and build on what the Tea Party has begun.

          143. magen10 says

            I may be wrong, but I thought he was NOT a natural-born citizen (his parents are Cuban), which means he can not be president according to the Constitution. But since BO was elected (unfortunately) and he’s also not a natural-born citizen, then maybe Cruz can get in the same way.

          144. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Constitutional scholars like Conservative talk show host Mark Levin, lawyer, historian, noted author say that he is in fact a natural-born citizen. Alan Dershowitz, well known Liberal Harvard Law School professor says he’s a natural-born citizen. Almost all Constitutional scholars agree. Cruz is a Constitutional scholar himself and has argued before the Supreme Court. Alan Dershowitz, having taught him said he was the most brilliant he’s ever taught. I am not a Constitutional scholar. I do know that this man loves America, loves talking about the Founding Fathers, and our history. I have no doubt he believes in the principles of individual freedom as espoused by the Founding Fathers. Unlike Barach Obama, he loves this country and understands and believes in its founding principles. Obama, on the other hand, is actively trying to destroy the country and create a Marxist Utopia.

            Concerning his natural-born status. The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service reached this conclusion in 2011.

            “CRS, Nov. 14, 2011: The weight of legal and historical authority indicates that the term “natural born” citizen would mean a person who is entitled to U.S.
            citizenship “by birth” or “at birth,” either by being born “in” the United
            States and under its jurisdiction, even those born to alien parents; by being
            born abroad to U.S. citizen-parents; or by being born in other situations
            meeting legal requirements for U.S. citizenship “at birth.” Such term, however,
            would not include a person who was not a U.S. citizen by birth or at birth, and
            who was thus born an “alien” required to go through the legal process of
            “naturalization” to become a U.S. citizen.”

            So, if the Constitution required an amendment, that would be the likely result.

            So, how can Cruz be denied his elegibility? Certainly not equal treatment under the law if he were denied. He is more eligible than Obama. Natural-born citizen is not spelled out in the Constitution. Scholars must go to other documents and some may disagree with the majority view. Most scholars say that Cruz is eligible. No opposition will come from Congress, the Supreme Court or the Democrat party.

          145. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Oh, I didn’t notice that you said his parents are Cuban. Most definitely not. His mother is American, born in the USA.

          146. SouthernPatriot says

            What can we do to get his numbers up? No one has communicated with anyone in my large extended family about any poll or otherwise, so we have not had any say. What can we do now?

          147. jaybird says

            The only thing I can think of is tell everyone we know about Cruz standing against the Rino’s. I am going to get his book, read it and then pass it around. I live in villas in a condo complex I will leave the book at the clubhouse for the Liberals to read. I am in VA and have 2 Demorat Senators and a Demorat Gov. this year. UGH!

          148. 1American1st says

            TRUMP 2016

        2. Nick says

          I’m not too crazy about a “third party” — but a Second Party would be nice…

          1. MAHB001 says

            Nick you are exactly correct!

          2. gregz says

            Only if the Pussy Party gets some balls and REALLY wants to win!!!!!!!!!

          3. David Sorenson Jr. says

            OMG let him run as a Republican.

          4. WTHeck says

            He will.

          5. Dan says

            Nick….Great comment!!

        3. DollyT says

          You are not a poker player are you. You do not show your cards and play them close to your chest. It’s a long way the 2016.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Trump had already played those cards, all he had to do was reiterate his conditions.

        4. noBS says

          This isn’t a high school football team — this is a fight to become the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth. WHY would any legitimate candidate agree to blindly support the Party’s eventual choice? The very reason you run for office is because you disagree with all the other contenders on one or more points which you consider very important. IF, when all is said and done you are not nominated, then you might — or might not — reconcile yourself to support the candidate, but only if his/her philosophies are close enough to yours. If you are an HONEST candidate, you should keep your options open. Otherwise, it’s nothing more than “politics as usual”.
          By the way, I don’t know yet if I’d support Trump or not. I just agree with his decision to not blindly agree to support the Party’s candidate.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Trump had already said, if the party treats him fairly, he would not create a third party. That is all it would have taken for me.

            I have not made a decision either. But I can tell you that I am not in favor of the establishment.

            BTW, what they were really talking about was if the electorate chooses someone other than yourself, i.e. if Trump looses the primary, would Trump support the people choice moving forward…..

            We must all remind ourselves that the Controlling elite of the Republican party do not select the primary winner…

            WE DO!

          2. skipsart says

            You really believe that we do the choosing?

          3. MAHB001 says

            Not any more, the system is corrupt. The people no longer count the votes. The controllers do.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election.The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            Joseph Stalin

            That might be exactly what Trump means by being treated fairly. The must count the votes honestly…..

          4. greyfox says

            You make a good point.

          5. Niki says

            Well stated & I agree with you.

          6. Dr. Bob Uda says

            The polls indicate that Trump is the varsity team and all the other 16 comprise the JV team. I don’t think any of the 16 will break away and move up to the varsity team. I just don’t see any other leaders that meet the criteria. That’s what those who voted in the polls feel.

        5. nevergiveup says

          We don’t need a warm and fuzzy feeling. We need truth and honesty and courage, which I am glad to see he has. God can with truth, honesty and courage.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Well said. warm and fuzzy out. Truth in.

            I am not convinced Trump is telling the truth… It is a long way to the election. I am sure Trump will clarify my concerns.

          2. jim_wright says

            I haven’t decided who I will support at this time, however I do know who I will not support under any circumstance: Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham.

          3. Eileen37 says

            I agree!

          4. MAHB001 says

            They are at the bottom of my list too.

          5. SouthernPatriot says

            That is a good list. I think another debate or two, I may be ready to add some additional names.

          6. SouthernPatriot says

            Trump plays a most important role at this time in the process…to bring to the forefront numerous issues that concern most Americans:
            1. border security/illegal felon invasion, U.S. Immigration Laws enforced.

            2. plight of American heroes, U.S. veterans when thousands died waiting for treatment at VA Hospitals and no one is held responsible and nothing changes.

          7. MAHB001 says

            Excellent points…

          8. SouthernPatriot says

            Wasn’t it Chrissy Mathews who said when Obama talked it sent a chill down his leg? Maybe that is warm and fuzzy?

          9. Dr. Bob Uda says

            No, the chill went up Matthews’ leg and terminated at his crotch.

          10. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Definitely a man crush !