“Fireworks are Coming”: New Media-Exposing Videos Are on the Way


Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe issued a stark warning to the mainstream media world on Monday with a video announcing the next stage in his American Pravda series. The series, which has already caught several CNN journalists speaking out of school about the Trump/Russia investigation, is intended to shine a light on the seedy underbelly of liberal political news-gathering. O’Keefe promised that the next set of videos would almost certainly cost a few reporters their jobs.

“In the coming weeks, you’re gonna see one of the biggest investigations this organization has ever done,” O’Keefe said in the video. “It’s a continuation of our American Pravda series. It’s aimed at the media. We’re going after their holy grail. We have tripled our journalists in the field. They are not even here, they are out there everyday. It’s gonna be big, it’s gonna be massive.

“Not only are people in the media probably going to lose their jobs and be exposed for what they are,” O’Keefe said, “but this lawsuit is going to be exposed for what it is. So stay tuned ladies and gentleman. Fireworks are coming,”

In a June interview with Breitbart, O’Keefe said, “I think this is the year that we end fake news.”

That may be a more lofty goal than Project Veritas can accomplish in a year’s time, but O’Keefe is certainly doing more than his fair share of the work to expose the lies and manipulations within the mainstream media. His series exposing CNN was a watershed moment, finally convincing thousands of fence-sitters that conservatives are not lying when they accuse the media of abject bias against the president.

In one of the first bombshell videos, one of O’Keefe’s undercover journalists spoke to CNN Producer John Bonifield about the veracity of the Trump/Russia investigation.

“Could be bullshit,” said Bonifield, unaware that he was being filmed. “I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now. Like, we don’t have any giant proof. Then they say, well there’s still an investigation going on. And you’re like, yeah, I don’t know. If they were finding something we would know about it. The way these leaks happen, they would leak it. They’d leak. If it was something really good, it would leak…I think the president is probably right to say, look you are witch hunting me. You have no smoking gun. You have no real proof.”

So now we wait to see which news organization will next feel the fury of O’Keefe’s guerilla journalism. The reference to the “Holy Grail” makes us think he’s going after the (failing) New York Times, but we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, you can bet there are hundreds of reporters thinking back over the last few months, trying to remember if they ever said anything…compromising…to someone they didn’t recognize.

Can’t wait!


  1. jusyistoo1 says

    All conservatives need to donate to this project…seeing is our DOJ is lame and out to lunch!

    1. judyistoo1 says

      Donate to “Project Veritas” everyone!!!!!!!! They are trying to do herculean work to drain Washington!

  2. Geri Levine says

    YOU are the BS Fake News. Citing BREITBART confirms it. Go back and hide under the rock you crawled out from.

    1. donna says

      You sure can’t read the writing on the wall — use your head if there was anything to find they would have found it — Also the Russians don’t want Trump in because he is building up our Nation and they wanted Hillary because she would have run us deeper in the hole and probably sent us into bankruptcy. All of you who voted for Hillary need to be good sports and quite throwing tantrums like two-year-olds.

      1. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

        Well said, the liberal liar losers just can’t handle the massive loss they suffered, never will, they are all pathological deniers who believe anything the former pathological liar president would say and then all the lies were repeated as if truth by the liberal liar loser lame stream media morons. The truth is coming out, thanks to Project Veritas, so I support the truth, not lies like the liberals worship.

    2. wil22 says


    3. judyistoo1 says

      I’ve said it before, but I again will repeat. Read “Clinton Cash”! It will explain to you who the REAL crooks are and what Trump is truly up against. Oh, it doesn’t have pictures though……

      1. mcqueens2002 says

        Watch Hillary’s America and you will learn the real truth about the Democratic Party and their goal for this country.

        1. Fight Back says

          mcqueens2002 I saw Hillary’s America as well as Obama’s America 2016,
          and America Imagine the world without her. Be sure to see these if you
          have not. D’Sousa was 100% accurate. His new book/documentary should
          also be very informative.

      2. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

        Exactly, the truth is out there, but you won’t find it in HiLIARy’s books. All LIES, LIES, LIES, she is first class pathological liar and denier. PERIOD

    4. ernldo says

      Says the dullard demotard….

  3. Tiger says

    Keep up the good work. Just heardO’Reilly talking on Shawn Hannity radio show yesterday, appears he was set up and one of his accusers a liar, proven, O’Reilly is putting millions into getting to the bottom of the FOX sex scandals, he said he is going to make it all known and that heads will spin when they know the truth so between these two guys they may get on the Trump Team Train and all be sure to pull the plug on the swamp.

    1. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

      Exactly, anyone with half a brain knows this is the standard liberal liar loser strategy to attack conservatives. They lie about and pay off women to make false charges knowing the liberal liar lame stream media morons will jump all over it. Damage done, this has happened hundreds of times just as was done to O’Reilly, perhaps Ailes before him, never mind Bolling, Paine and even Hannity was attacked where it hurts most, trying to get advertisers to drop out, which is all these networks care about, revenues, not the truth. The swamp is actually a cesspool called congress, DISGUSTING

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Good ole georgie boy is behind it all! One excellent SNIPER could fix that.. 😁

        1. Tiger says

          Amazing where are they? Met so many during these wars, they work for protecting big shots here in America. Sure miss the days when a nasty would be taken out kabooom

        2. John Doe says

          You got that right, and unfortunately, I’ve got a good friend, a retired Army Ranger who was a sniper for years back in the late 80’s, he’s somewhat disabled now, but he would probably have done this a few years ago, and another Army Sniper (2 Iraq and 1 Afghanistan tours) that’s finding it difficult to overcome an addiction issue he developed after returning home. I fully agree with you that Georgie Boy Soros is behind all of this.

          1. rubykatherine says

            Well, we hear about him all the time (Soros) but I don’t recall seeing him in any current pictures. Is he even still alive???

      2. Eric Pearson says

        What’s really disgusting is that you actually believe all that bullshit.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          So? You must believe in the fake news created by the MSM wing of the RAT party?

        2. Tiger says

          Hard not to believe what your eyes see and your ears hear on videos. Obama and Hillary and so many others surely want you to not believe it. I am an Army Combat Support nurse since 1988 and have seen for myself, the way women act around men on deployment and men who are in high positions, then get rejected and scream sexual harassment. As a nurse of 30 years I saw some docs taken out for it by stupid women who were NOT sexually harassed, I also saw it in college so don’t believe all women when they say they were assaulted.




          1. Retired says

            I saw both sexes act like animals away from home .

          2. Tiger says

            Since I am a female soldier my observations were with the women. Soon as this war started, I was put in barracks with female anesthesiologists and docs along with nurses. The round meeting we had to the rules of living together included te woman letting us know what they did was not going outside the barracks and they would cheat on their husbands, and they did.

            Then we who didn’t, who even thinks of sex under the conditions and war we faced daily? Was furthest thing from my mind. As an Officer’s wife who accompanied my X on deployments paying my way by teaching dancing etc for Special Services I saw the men resist women on deployment until the women wore them down. My experiences in theater along with my military service and being an O’s wife did not give me a great respect for women.

            My friends were always men growing-up and throughout my life, save a few very special strong women and I still contend men the better half. Raising two sons, knowing their Friends, I saw men fall harder in love than women. Even my daughter saw the ugly in girls who used boys and played them for fools until boys get hardened. I believe that women are more conniving and deceitful than men. In all the fields I have worked I have seen ruthless, cold hearten and hateful women. I tried during my life to avoid them they surely were mean to me cause I was a looker.

            Good and bad in both but I still contend women are the worse.


          3. Retired says

            A sad but true story that I have seen in life .

          4. PoorPitifulPearl says

            Tiger, I totally understand what you’re saying. My husband was career Navy, and while he was just a young enlisted and I newly pregnant, it seemed exciting…until the “Wives” held their little meetings while the men were deployed. It was obvious from the bragging that a number of them had “boyfriends” who were on opposite crews and they carried on like they weren’t married. This continued until their children were old enough to know that that other guy wasn’t Uncle Bob, that they got more creative with babysitting swaps, etc. Mind you, it wasn’t all of the women, but girls who had grown up rather promiscuous and thought sex was the flavor of the month. One time, in fact, one of the girls wanted to introduce me to a friend of her “special friend” because I was “wrapped too tight” and she thought I should loosen up. I guess that was to put us on an even keel. I told her that I wasn’t interested and after that, the word went around that I was stuck up, frigid, etc. No, I married a Navy sailor and I loved him dearly, as I did my daughter. It was disheartening to think I got into a group (not of my choice, but of the Navy’s) of women who were just not ladies. I remember after the first patrol meeting our husbands on the pier after 60 some days and 8 women came with their boyfriends and divorce papers to serve. I was floored! It continued to happen, albeit on a smaller scale after consecutive patrols.

            Later, I became the Chief of the Boat’s Wife, responsible for get-togethers of the wives and activities to make the absence of our husbands more productive for ourselves and our families. When the outgoing COB’s wife started spreading rumors about me that told the others that I wasn’t the sweet person I seemed to be, but very controlling and opinionated and mean. Of course, I didn’t know that and had a hard time trying to get the wives to even talk to me, until finally, one of the wives came to me and admitted what the old COB’s wife told them about me. When I explained that I had never met the old COB’s wife and had no idea where she could have heard anything about me, this dear lady put 2 and 2 together and started a new rumor that actually worked in my favor…she said the other wife was extremely jealous and had learned that my husband was the youngest COB they’d ever had, and she figured that we couldn’t handle things and that I was too inexperienced. She had no idea that I was the oldest of six kids, had worked in a big company since graduation (I was 17 then) until after I was married, and had numerous awards for arranging programs, benefits, community projects, etc. because I didn’t realize I couldn’t do it…my Dad said “can’t shouldn’t be in your vocabulary, and I believed him. Things were better after that and we were transferred many times and I grew a thicker skin, but it always amazed me at how some women behaved. After all, their husbands were submerged for over 60 days without women around, and that made them faithful in the first place. I’ll never understand those women. It’s really a terrible shame and probably why our country’s morals have deteriorated.

          5. Tiger says

            Great post and I know you are telling the truth. My X started out in the Army as an E nothing. I joined him in Okinawa after he was gone for 2 years. When there I didn’t participate in Wives Clubs, I taught dancing and exercise classes for all the women. When in Okinawa got my first taste of nasty women officer wives. They seperated themselves from us like we had a disease. The one up the street was having a hot affair with the dog catcher. They eat dogs and cats on Okinawa so I saved as many as I could. She had her boyfriend come and try to pick my puppy up, came into my little yard, I was 8 months pregnant, I bit him, he dropped the puppy.

            She thought she would get my X in trouble for what I did but instead the Commander of the base asked to meet me and was still laughing his ass off at what happened, he asked me how this came about, I told him about the wife, back then adultery was frowned upon, still is in the Army. When my X became an officer in the Navy boy howdy, that is when I saw stuff you wouldn’t believe, or maybe you would. I was Ombudsman to the Admiral, Secretary of the Officers Wives Club, Vice President of the Officers Wives Club then President. I also continued to teach dancing and was teaching at the Enlisted Club. The wives tried to get me for it, but my X told the commander Tiger isn’t in the military, you stop her. He just laughed knew I was a good girl. They always attacked me but I knew what they were doing while their husbands on deployment.

            I followed mine on two deployments, sold everything we had and again taught dancing to Enlisted couples and Officers together to help breach the stupid barriers. I won a huge award because it did bring them together and made a change. We were in Rota Spain at the time. Last time round when I was overseas I saw some men fall prey to women. My X walked into the O club one day where I was there with our two children with a Navy nurse on his arm. The flight community not known for being good boys when on deployment, mine was a womanizer and unlike the Army they were not punished. Working with Navy nurses years later, after all my training as a combat nurse for the first war I served in, the Navy recruited me to teach their corpsmen. The Navy nurses were just what my X was rounders and talked filthy not much in common with Army nurses, is anyone could be worse in that department the Navy nurses took the cake.

            When we came home those officers wives who hated me and called me names for my teaching dancing etc were pregnant and their husbands divorced them. Not all people in any service are like this but there surely are enough that it speaks badly for them. I know during this last war, men and women officers were decommissioned due to adultery.

          6. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

            WOW, you need to write a book on this subject, great read and more should hear what really goes on behind the scenes in the military, if not everywhere these days as moral collapse has emerged as acceptable. Thanks for posting your experience, the truth is out there, too bad the liberals are pathological deniers when it comes to the truth.

          7. Tiger says

            Thank you would be good if others, like the poster to me told the stories. I will tell you something I know to be true cause I lived it. When my X going to what they call Poopie School in Pensacola, Florida, the admiral had a meeting with the wives and told us the program not meant for married men and that most marriages end in divorce. Let me tell you why, they encourage the men to go to strip clubs, get lap dances and they actually put naked women in their training films. My friend was a fighter like me, she found out about a club outside the base the men’s leader took them to, she broke through the door, tore the broad off the stage who was 18 and pulled dancers off laps of men whose wives she knew, took the stage and told them shame on them all and let them have it.

            Big scandal, she didn’t wait for me, but what happened with me was, my baby young and wasn’t able to leave so I just stopped loving my X and just went through the motions of an officers wife, making my way on my own with my two friends who felt the same. That is what happens. Flight community, my X a TACCO on the P3 Orion during the cold war. They have attitudes ingrained in them and they do things you wouldn’t believe. In fact the Navy had a whorehouse in Vegas, the Ranch, everyone knew about it. Plus their quick flights include the nude beaches in Brazil and other places. They also had Smut lockers. Not all the men of course but most.

            I could tell you things that would make your hair stand on end. It all depends what part of the military you are a member of. We didn’t have this in Signal School in the Army or other areas. Now with women on the submarines, OY VEY.

          8. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

            Thanks Tiger, you have seen the truth first hand, and I am sure the left would never expose the truth, never mind believe it. Thank you for your service, enjoyed your post, a breath of fresh air hearing the truth.

          9. Tiger says

            You are welcome for my service, not all women are lewd and sexually promiscuous but there are too many that are and that is just the way the world has turned since time began.

        3. backtofront says

          No! What is truly amazing is that you don’t. Just how dense are you?

        4. mac12sam12 says

          Project Veritas is batting a thousand. Two producers and Van Jones from fake news CNN have said that the Russia investigation is a nothing burger.

        5. LastnameFirst says

          You are too ignorant to know the difference, AzzHat!

        6. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

          Funny, just another liberal liar believer, a pathological denier, where the truth doesn’t matter. SICK

        7. Millard Huff says

          What is disgusting is that you are a lying liberal retarded fool.

      3. Brenda Sinclair says

        very good article, about time the news fake media was exposed , they all are paid off by george soros, hillary and obama to put out fake news about president trump and several reporters who lost their jobs .,they think as homosexual obama called us americans STUPID that we believe all their made up lies., WE AMERICANS WOKE UP FED UP WITH FAKE NEWS LIES, AND THE 8YRS OF HOMOSEXUAL MUSLIM OBAMA LIES. TIME FOR TRUTH.IN AMERICA THANK GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP, TRUTH ALWAYS WINS OUT ALL LIES OBAMA HILLARY MADE UP ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS ABOUT TO BE FIXED https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d5dcae2149b231023c136e3ef547a9bf22f552c8a43aa8c2c798076d28a88b9d.jpg

        1. Ettafan1 says

          It is incredible how many morons come out of the dark when they have a chance to post on the Internet. I would love to see your life picked apart by people you don’t know. Trump is a blowhard, and, a liar. He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the ass. It is so important for him to ‘win’. He reminds me of the kids on the playground who constantly bragged “My daddy is better than your daddy”. He has no class at all, something all New Yorkers knew years ago. Every time he acts like a jerk, he has to make up a story, so people like you can disseminate the lies.

    2. Eric Pearson says

      Get real. The “swamp” has only become more infested with slime and slimy creatures since Trump arrived there. The level of dirt, grime, lies, dishonesty and crime only gets deeper by the minute.

      1. Ron C says

        You are right…Mueller is a disgusting creature….

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          17 lawyers connected to Hitlery and Hussein and the left wants people to believe this in mot merely a witch hunt and a character assassination. The left must actually believe that everyone is as naive and gullible as democRATick voters.

          1. gonzales27 says

            Yes you got it

      2. Laddyboy says

        The “swamp” has not become more infested. The “swampees” are being EXPOSED to the LIGHT OF THE TRUTH. The “swampees” are behaving in the same charactoristic manner of “coach-roaches”. They RUN when the light is shown on them!
        The career professional politician swamp needs to be emptied. MAGA!!!!

      3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        You have a form of stupid never before seen. Where was your brainwashing performed?

      4. Tiger says

        I am real you ought to try it sometime. You wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you up side the head.

        1. RockinOn says

          Pearson is a Troll Tiger, no worries, they don’t stand a chance!

          1. Tiger says

            Lots of them swarming around now.

          2. RockinOn says

            Still No Worries Tiger, The Raid is Coming, Semper Fi!

          3. Tiger says

            With people like you around I worry less daily.


      5. I Say says

        Eric, do you have any examples or facts to back up your accusations? Or, are you just mouth farting?

      6. LastnameFirst says

        This administration and the President in particular needs all of our support. This house needs serious cleaning.

    3. jimmy midnight says

      Rhymes-with-itch James O’Keefe has already been 2 prison because his dishonesty and deceit R extreme enough to violate criminal law, even in USA with our Free Speech Above All! traditions, but Tigers will, sadly, believe anything that reflects badly on people and institutions 2 which they’re negatively pre-disposed, no matter how wildly at odds with, U know, reality.

      1. Tiger says

        Jimmys will jimmy the truth every time and as to O’Keefe he is a truth seeker not a truth hider, the truth sets people free, you ought to try it sometime.

      2. Tiger says

        This man was imprisoned also for telling the truth, that is the way of the Progressive/Communists/Socialists shut the truth down.


    4. Henry says

      Beautiful post Tiger.My thoughts and sentiment exactly.

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you very kind of you.

        1. G.Mann says

          Tiger, Excellent post. As a vet I want to say THANK YOU for your years of nursing on behalf of myself and all the vets who benefited from military nursing talents. A simple “thank you” is not enough for all you did.

          1. Tiger says

            I was the one who was uplifted by all of you. I don’t think you guys know that when we care for you, we never forget you and you become a part of us for the rest of the days of our lives. The total humbleness of the men I took care of, the concern for us and the times we were asked are you OK. When it was them laying there with torn bodies. But they were concerned for us cause we saw it daily. Day in and day out for months on end.

            I have heard it said that the Great Generations stopped with WWII I have to disagree, the greatness is in every single American soldier serving today. So I thank you for caring for us.

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            And as a Vietnam vet, I especially thank you Tiger!😁

    5. RockinOn says

      If the right people will get off their Butt, this would all come to a screeching halt Tiger, it is time for the criminals to be dealt with severely! All of em especially the ones on the top, the buck stops at the ones giving the orders, which means obummer and Hil-Liar-y have it coming, along with the heads of several agencies, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Rice, Lynch, just to name a few, as this cancer has some deep roots!

      1. Tiger says

        It is amazing and stunning at the piles, upon piles of evidence against these people and yet they remain untouched, even with Sessions and Trump in office. I can only hope, since he has outsmarted them all so far he has a cunning plan.

    6. gvette says

      Same thing happened to Hannity, and he is fighting it!

      1. Tiger says

        They even tried to take his sponsors away. The Ult Left run by the most ruthless people are losing.

        1. gvette says

          Fortunately, it didn’t work, and another origination kicked in to turn the tables on them.

        2. LastnameFirst says

          They protest fascism while acting like total fascists. They left is more than a mental disorder, it is a contaminant.

    7. James Langham says

      FOX, Bigliest FAKE NEWS!!

      1. Tiger says

        Odd they keep winning awards for the number one station and appears even Europe knows who is FAKE. You are behind the eight ball.


      2. Tiger says

        CNN had to admit it messed with footage to make it look like Trump didn’t have a huge inauguration crowd.


  4. gotabgood says

    How many times must this guy get arrested for false videos before they lock him up and throw away the key?
    Don’t they know that MOST of the Trumpketeers will believe this garbage?

    1. mcqueens2002 says

      You democrats are loosing face more and more everyday gotabgood. People are smart enough to research the democrat propaganda. Unlike the ghetto trash like you to dumb to find the truth. Crawl back into you liberal corner and use your crying towel.

      1. ernldo says

        gottabeGay is a paid leftist troll….paid in cheetos and scratch tickets. He/she is as dumb as they are made, best to ignore the dullard or just block her….

        1. pineapple says

          I renamed her/him to “Gotabegone”, and blocked her/him.

        2. mcqueens2002 says

          I love idiots like this fool.

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        gottabedumberthanshit! Mommy’s got a clean diaper waiting fer ya.

        1. mcqueens2002 says

          He doesn’t like clean diapers. He likes smelling his dirty diapers.

    2. Mary Sheipline says

      Why would Trumpeteers believe garbage? Just because liberals believe anything thrown their way doesn’t mean Trumpeteers are that stupid.

      1. mac12sam12 says

        He was correct before, libtard! You call Trump voters stupid and you supported Obama who was the worst president in history. Want the numbers?

        1. Robert Dostoevsky says

          Please post the numbers.

    3. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

      Arrested because of liberal liar losers who control lame stream media, but never convicted, just attacked in press. What you call garbage is the truth, that is how brain dead liberal losers are and how hate motivates their every action because they just can’t handle the massive loss they suffered losing 1054 gov. seats, and the number is rising with Menendez about to be locked up, so one more senator position lost to you liberal losers, more to come. The truth always comes out in the end, no matter how hard you liberal losers try to cover it up, just wait and see what comes out in next few months, it will make this BS Russian collusion witch hunt look like child play. WAKE UP AMERICA, WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO BY LIBERAL LOSERS.

      1. John says

        Make them pay back to the government all the cost of this witch hunt. Why are we the people paying the expense so they can keep a useless job. You notice that Mueller whole group is demos.

  5. Karma says

    Perfect..show them for what they are..too bad he cant figure out how to get into muellers b/s investigations, to show it for what it is..

    1. elmcqueen3 says

      I would like to see Mueller, Comey and Hillary nailed to a cross by the time Easter rolls around.

      1. barnjoer says

        A cross is to good to nail them to!! Nail them to A firing squad wall where they can’t run and hide behind Soros!

        1. John says

          shoot them in the crouch for all the f_____g they did and watch them bleed to death.

      2. judyistoo1 says

        Don’t leave out Clapper…he’s in. Oh hell, they all are! 🙁

    2. Laddyboy says

      CUT OFF THE FUNDING!!!!!!!!!

  6. ZACAL says

    The media only has to do one thing, report true verifiable news. But they can’t make themselves do it. They’re consumed by allowing themselves to be controlled like a cult with political bias. The public ignores them as being mentally handicapped. The media is a nuisance not a provider of information.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      No, they’re obeying geo soros. And if his media outlets don’t report what he wants, then the clinton cartel arranges an “accident” for them. 😣

      1. judyistoo1 says

        206 known organizations in the US funded by George Soros…these are just the “known” ones. Scary s___t !

        1. DennisBechtel says

          heres where scary big money and other soros outlets meet determined sof men from every branch ,and where they get eradicated.

    2. Ron C says

      Very true.

    3. LastnameFirst says

      The media is a lesson to be learned. Apparently it wasn’t adequately learned from the WWII Germany. We must stop this soon. The first thing they did was control all media, news, entertainment. Just like what is happening now in the USA. We need to MAGA NOW.

  7. Californiasailor says

    Either they fall and close their operation or they will be shot by the American People. PERIIOD

  8. popeyebud says

    Good Deal, I hate to keep harping on this, but I want to see something done about all the left over Garbage from the worthless Obama administration still running the State Dept. and the IRS and the FBI, CIA and any were else they are slithering around.
    As I said it’s called” DEEP STATE” and it’s Obama’s plan to undercut our President who we voted in.
    Just keep your eyes open for anything Obama and the DEMs are doing to uproot Mr. Trump…Our True President..

    1. jimmy midnight says

      If President Trump had been paying attention, he’d appointed the State Dept. equivalents of tw- and three star generals some months ago, but REALLY, he just doesn’t care.

  9. Allan Scott says

    Thank God something’s being done about the communist news media (CNN) and other fake news media. It’s about time and if anything, I’d love to see many of these so-called journalists and anchor babies sued and even sent to jail for instigating violence and rioting.

    1. Jackalyn Morrison says

      AMEN!! Now if Sessions will do his job!!

  10. CCblogging says

    Anybody recall CNN reporting on or reacting to any of the following…………..

    UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Personally Directed Plan to Incite of Violence at Trump Rallies

    Kaine: Democrats Have to ‘Fight in the Streets’ Against Trump

    Senate Dems post her impassioned plea on Facebook page as ‘words of inspiration’

    Democrats fear that violent anti-Trump protesters are only helping him

    Obama Condemns Violent Anti-Trump Protesters

    Bernie Sanders ‘Absolutely’ Condemns Anti-Trump Violence From His Supporters

    Trump supporters were ‘running for their lives’ after San Jose rally, police report says
    http://www.mercurynews.com /2016/06/08/trump-supporters-were-running-for-their-lives-after-san-

    Police Officer Blasts ‘Hateful’ Anti-Trump Protesters

    Watch: Anti-Trump Protesters Attack Man In Wheelchair

    Chicago Police: Anti-Trump Protesters More Destructive Than Reported

    VIDEO: Black Police Officer: Anti-Trump protesters “actin’ a fool” during Tuscon rally
    “These people [the anti-Trump protesters] were the most hateful, evil, people I have ever seen.”

    1. DennisBechtel says

      its time that the left ,the deep state paid its dues for being subversive and causing a lot of mayhem in the recent election of #45,its time for we the people to strike back ,expose the lies and all that the left has done to undermine and screwup this magnificent potus and his can and will do administration.maxine (old black bag of wind ) waters your day of reckoning has come .

      1. CCblogging says

        There is but a handful of powerful men controlling the Globalist Deep State. We need to find out who they are, who their families are, where their kids or grandkids go to school, and have these treasonous pigs sent up forever or worse!

        1. DennisBechtel says

          sending a team of interveiwers to see if Maxine (old black bag of wind) waterts wwill talk to some gulf war vets who really care about making this nation great again for the sake of all our kids,i will tag along me and my sigdmr.

    2. judyistoo1 says

      Bravo for the history refresh… hope you don’t mind if I copy/paste that? 🙂

      1. CCblogging says

        Actually Judy, I didn’t compile those sites. I copied and pasted it a few days ago. I didn’t ask permission from the patriot poster because that poster wants this info spread as much as I do. Spread the word!

  11. Barbara Johnson says

    Thank God there are still people that expose the far leaning leftists for what they really are. My way or the highway should be there calling card. I like diversity in opinions that way you can decide for your self which ideas are best for your way of life. When freedom of speech is called a hate crime then you know for a fact that the left antifa and the BLM have gone too far.

    1. Jackalyn Morrison says

      You are SOOO RIGHT

  12. old broad says

    Better watch his back ! The communist media has the FBI, CIA, and the Justice dept. covering for them !

  13. Morton99 says

    I am really surprised that this bit of dry old red meat has any takers. It seems that there is a sector of right wingers that will starve without Hilary meat. She is not even political any more. She is just trying to make money with her publications and you are making them best sellers.

    1. mac12sam12 says

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDzsZIg_KWA A fake news nothing burger

      1. Morton99 says

        Let me clarify what you probably already suspect. Trump probably did NOT conspire directly with Russians to help his election campaign. However he may have known about what his campaign chairman was doing – it is the current topic of investigation.
        What Trump is being investigated for is actually money laundering which is a very serious criminal offense.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          How did Russia lose the election for Hillary? Do you think that Trump voters would be influenced by Russia? That’s really silly.

          1. Morton99 says

            Who said they did ? Its seems to me that it is basically Republicans who are saying that Democrats think that. We will never know but it is pretty clear that the margins were very slim and so almost anything might have tipped the scale. However that can never be proven even if we discover that many people were influenced by fake Russian news.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Everyone knew what Clinton was all about even before Assange released Wikileaks, and they weren’t fake news. Bernie wanted to see her Wall Street speech transcripts and she refused to release them. What does that tell you?

            Why would you want to see her as president? She was running on Obama’s third term and the first two weren’t very successful.

          3. Morton99 says

            I did not vote for Clinton – however almost anyone (except Cruz) would have done a better and fairer job of President than the idiot we have now. The entire Republican party seems to be in a civil war now – zero major legislation will be achieved – and all of Trumps little Executive Orders will be rolled back by the next moderate or liberal president. So this is all a waste of time while the rest of the world gets better at doing what they do leaving us an ever smaller slice of the pie. I am not going to get into an Obama hissing match – he was (and still is) very popular for a lot of excellent reasons and it always seems to be mindless sour grapes when I hear some of the fatuous mud slinging directed at him.

          4. mac12sam12 says

            Why is Trump an idiot? The economy’s booming and there’s full time jobs instead of the 75% of part time Jobs that Obama had during his time. Construction companies are begging for workers, and 80% of the electorate thinks something should be done about illegal immigration. It will be really hard for the democrats to win when there’s a good economy. I think he will be a two term president.

          5. Morton99 says

            The economy is NOT booming. The market is high not on production and sales, but because it believes it is going to get a huge tax cut. If no tax reform act happens (which looks likely) the market could drop hundreds of point in a day. If there is a huge tax cut it will not be for middle class America – it will only be for the wealthiest Americans. We have a lot of bills to pay with 3 hurricanes, and a likely war in ASIA.

          6. mac12sam12 says

            The economy is booming. dailyjobfix.com and when the tax cuts are passed it will be even better.

            The tax cut will be for the middle class because they’re a strong economic force. What is it with liberal and their obsession with wealthy Americans? It’s like you’re programed and none of you have any independent thoughts. It will also be a tax for corporations and businesses. You realize that the consumer pays those taxes don’t you?

          7. Morton99 says

            OK. Then tell me why the debt ceiling will be raised yet again this month. If there is a tax cut – it will not reduce the deficit, or the national debt. The only way a tax cut be given is to savage Medicaid and give that money to the Republican party sponsors who are now demanding it. The Republican party has been promising a corporate tax cut for the last 8 years.

          8. mac12sam12 says

            Kennedy and eagan proved that lower taxes creates more taxpayers. How could the republicans get tax cuts by Obama?

          9. Morton99 says

            I don’t know where you get that from – lower taxes is an anthem of the GOP – but it has NEVER proven to produce more real revenue. Reagan began debt financed govt spending. Every president after him continued to use it until the debt exploded and we had the 2009 recession. The creation of wealth was a fantasy – and even today – 8 years after the recession it has damaged hundreds of thousands of Americans who thought their savings would have supported them in their retirement.

          10. mac12sam12 says

            Giving the government more money does not create prosperity. Are you going to tell me that the last 8 years were prosperous?

          11. Morton99 says

            The last 8 years were spent pulling the US and by extension the global economy, out of bankruptcy. It took about 30 years to go bankrupt and 8 years to recover. That’s actually not so bad except that now the Republican party is bent on removing every protection that was painstakingly put in place to prevent speculation by Wall St again. We are on track for another recession if we are lucky, but my guess is that it will be a full scale depression. The current political establishment figures that will be someone else’s problem and they are lining their pockets before that happens.

          12. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            It was subliminal. Don’t you know that? (sarc)

  14. DennisBechtel says

    its time the truth was told ,all the lies and foolish venture from the previous do nothing obamma administration,many can and should get lengthy prison sentences ,most of them,the liberal democrats that flat out lie about everything.

  15. Pacman5 says

    You know if he’s talking about it being that big of a deal you can bet it is. I can’t wait to see those scumbags from CNN squirm when they are exposed again. Rumor has it that he’s got much dirt on the NYT and WAPO also as well as other major players. Can’t wait till all hell breaks loose.

    1. judyistoo1 says

      Praise the LORD and pass the ammunition!

    2. DennisBechtel says

      when it starts it will happen really fast be very noisey and you might see some bright flashes of light,everything else will be suppressed and outta sight.

  16. Eric Pearson says

    O’Keefe is nothing more than a publicity seeking twit. He’s proven more than once that the value of truth eludes him. This latest publicity stunt is just more of the same. He should crawl back in his hole.

    1. John Williams says

      Was he or was he not correct about the cnn lies and hypocrisy? Your quote about the “publicity seeking twit” seems to apply mostly to the msm so called reporters.

    2. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

      He does not seek publicity. Only his reporting does. Few interviews. Are you afraid of the truth??? So far nothing has been proven wrong. But the left sure squirms when reports are posted. We need more like O’Keefe. I expect to see more hit very soon from other sources as well.

  17. Richard Oswald says

    Corruption & lies run deep in CNN

  18. Babsan says

    The destruction of America that was the Muslim FRAUD’S main agenda needs to be exposed.EVIL is running rampant in the DNC with SOROS paying the tab

  19. Roy says

    Now we are talking real journalism, seeking and reporting truth!

  20. backtofront says

    Terrific! It often takes a long time, but the truth always comes out. I believe that the pendulum is about to swing back to the right.

  21. John Hazlett says

    Much of journalism is dead. Due to complications of excessive brown nosing of demoncrats.

  22. Californiasailor says

    Let this music appease the Luciferians of the swamp


  23. Timothy Thompson says

    I wish O’Reilly would be the front man contronlling White House briefings, I can just invision his taking the leftest journalists apart with their assinine questions. That said I hope he gets back his program I miss his middle of the road fair and balanced reviews. Smart man.

  24. RockinOn says

    The end is coming for all the Liars, Thieves, and Deep State Critters, as time goes on the light is being shown on all of them, now if we can get Jeff Sessions off his butt and begin to indict these criminals for crimes which are already public knowledge, then we will be gettin somewhere! Sessions either needs to get with the program or get out of that position, because obviously laws have been broken all the way to obummer (who is probably the one that was orchestrating the activities in the 1st place! Time to kick some butt plumb outta DC, there are people there doin their best to subvert, and if I remember correctly that is ILLEGAL as well. Sic ‘Em Jeff or Get Outta the Way!

    It is time as Trump is trying to lead but has too many obstructing JUSTICE and Progress, Lead, Follow or Get the Hell Outta the Way! As for the Antifa and all these others who are showing up at protests/rallies, make a law or rule at each gathering that if they show up masked and suited up for battle, Cuff ’em and haul em to jail so that their identity is recorded and that mask stuff will go away, as then the criminal element will not be able to hide behind that mask retaining anonymity! Guarantee they will not be so brave then!
    The Snowflakes will be crying!

  25. rocky63 says

    Mr. O’Keefe — keep up the good work exposing the MSM for the lying Liberal Democrats they are. I admire your courage, your work and your “sticking to it”.

    Virtually nothing a NYT or WaPo reporter publishes is believed to me.

    1. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

      O’Keefe best have a security service. He will be taken out like Breitbart. The last thing the enemy wants is the truth out. His coverage of PP and body part sales went no where. They are still in business with fed $.

  26. Deplorable Lanie says

    Can’t wait to see it!!! 🙂

  27. sophie bonner says

    Even if they get someone on tape and dead to rights they will still, deny, deny, deny. The MSM has been creating their own news for over a year now. Hasn’t seemed to make a bit of difference.

  28. MIKE6080 says

    would love to see the times fold

  29. Si Simmons says

    Will Hillary go to prison ?? Hell no! Someone will become another victim of Hillaricide !!

  30. Alleged-Comment says

    As far as I know, showing the negro exercising like a sissy, or Michele coming down the stairway with something dangling between her legs is about the biggest thing you can say about the phony Demoncrap agenda.

    And the one showing Hillary getting GOB SMACKED by Trump’s golf ball and tripping was absolutely HILLARYOUS!

    But I’m game…..

  31. James Higginbotham says


  32. Babsan says

    The Communists that the Democrats infiltrated in the 50’s into the school system has come home to roost,election 2008 confirms that.George Soros is /was a REAL NAZI and destruction of American is his main goal.Democrat crime syndicate gets paid from and are his aid and abetting criminals

  33. Dan Meyer says

    “Chinagate”, 9/11, “global warming/climate change”…what good is a media that never tells the truth…that actually goes out of their way to hide the truth?

    1. gotabgood says

      You don’t need the media, or scientist to tell you about global warming.. if you are 40 or 50 years plus,,, you KNOW the change. What was normal when you were a kid is no longer normal..
      And there is only one requirement… you have to be honest and look at yourself i n a mirror, because you know………..

  34. gotabgood says

    And why would you believe ANYTHING this person or his hired crew had to say??

  35. Alicia Fernandez Caruso says

    When did doing “Wrong” become Right? God Bless America!!!!!!

  36. Rummy Walker says

    I love these guys. They have exposed some really nasty human beings (I used the term loosely). I look forward to their next release. Should be a beaut. It takes some big cashews to do what they do. I am a big fan. Love to see the roaches head for the exits.


  37. Michael Dennewitz says

    Ten years ago I had tons of faith and trust in many, many things. I’m glad as hell that, as a Vietnam vet and 73 YO, that I won’t have to endure much longer, because I now trust NO ONE and have very little faith.. GOD HELP THIS TOTALLY SCREWED COUNTRY! 😣😢

  38. Millard Huff says

    I would like to see every liberal journalists lose there jobs in this country.

  39. Quester59 says

    Any President that gives Thanks to the Creator First, without taking credit himself, has my support!
    Besides, President Trump also follows scripture in supporting ISRAEL!

  40. Joann Holmes says

    It seems to me that every time President Trump comes out with an announcement about things that he says are going on or is happening he’s called a liar only to be proven true, maybe more people should believe what he has to say over the corrupt msm.

    1. fuster says

      you are incredibly stupid and entirely oblivious to factuality

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