Florida Gun Shops Targeted by Feds


Steve Champion of Brooksville, Florida is the latest victim of the Justice Department’s most secretive operation. It’s called Operation Choke Point, and it has ensnared hundreds of innocent entrepreneurs in its evil web. Can’t circumvent the Second Amendment through legislation? That’s okay. We’ll target the gun shops themselves, and by the time Americans wake up, it will be too late.

Champion is the owner of American Gun & Pawn. Last month, his bank – SunTrust – informed him that they were no longer interested in doing business with him. With little explanation, they asked Champion to close his accounts by April 20th. Champion was stunned, thinking there must have been a mistake. After contacting a Tampa news station, though, he realized there was no mistake. He had run afoul of the Obama administration.

On the surface, Operation Choke Point is an initiative intended to reduce bank fraud. In practice, however, it has become a way for Obama to put law-abiding firearms dealers out of business. They put these dealers in the “high risk” category, insisting that they are more likely to house illegal activities than the average business.

Because actually forcing banks to sever these accounts would invite too much public backlash, the Justice Department instead threatens them with increased oversight. It becomes easier, therefore, for the banks to drop the accounts and avoid the scrutiny. Unfortunately, this leaves people like Champion twisting in the wind.

“I’ve worked my whole life to open a business,” he said in an interview with WFLA. “I have a near-perfect credit score. There is no reason other than they don’t want to do business with a gun store, period. So they’re discriminating.”

SunTrust claimed that it was the pawn shop side of Champion’s business that forced the closure, not the guns. Of course, this claim is defied by what a customer service rep told Champion when he called about the issue.

“Oh, you got one of the gun letters,” the rep told him.

This administration has mastered the art of destroying freedom while protecting themselves from accusations of lawbreaking. Time and again, Obama has used his constitutional education to devise a devious path around that hallowed document.

Call it the ignorance of the American voter.

Executive orders.

Prosecutorial discretion.

Non-binding treaty.

Every time, he rides right up to a very fine line. And while he has stepped over that line a time or two, he is protected by a media conglomerate that refuses to report on his lawlessness. Instead, they paint every controversial decision he makes as a Republican vs. Democrat political charade, only of interest to bloggers and nerds.

Local news stations – long useful only for weather and feel-bad stories that seem intended to prolong depression – have a new chance to shine. It may be that, along with independent internet news sites, they represent our last hope for true democracy. Hopefully stations like WFLA will continue to point out how Obama’s tyranny hurts citizens in every American city. He rode into office on a wave of grassroots support; maybe he’ll ride out on a similar wave.

  1. Michael Dennewitz says

    Great work assholes. Now you’ll see more and more street sales!! This government is almost at the “full communist” state. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HAVE AN ALL OUT REBELLION??

    1. BlueMax372 says

      Several caskets. . .

      1. anAmericanByChoice says

        Caskets? Waste of money. A $2.95 broom would do. That’s what one uses for trash!

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          A piece of rope and a tall oak tree is cheaper yet.. :-))

    2. DivineEncounters says

      You Betcha

    3. letfreedomring10 says

      Yes, the black one’s he ordered for US!

    4. Herman says

      They are working hard to disarm us, before they push us to the rebellion stage. As for Holder stepping down, he will as soon as they replace him with some one worse than he is. They have found some one worse, but I don’t think they have confirmed her yet.

  2. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

    Funny thing is here in Florida all pawn shop owners have to report the items they take in at the end of the day (just in case a similar item is reported stolen) to our local law enforcement. Pawn shops are already under ridiculous scrutiny. My best friend owns a gun store and they’ve really been feeling the pinch by the Obama administration. Ironically when the assault weapons ban was looming overhead they made more than their fair share of sales. It is more difficult now to purchase ANY firearm than it has ever been here.

    1. James Maxwell says

      Not sure about all states but here in Texas Pawn shop are required to report any and all firearm
      transactions. Especially the ones brought for pawn or sale. Failure is not something you want
      when you could lose your business and wind up in jail for receiving stolen property.

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      B U T T T… Sales are made daily in the black market. “They” will NEVER stop us from owning guns, registered or not!!!

      1. Roger12266 says

        Even if commercial firearms are hard to get, any competent gunsmith can turn out a shootable gun in about an hour. It won’t be pretty and may not be too accurate, but at close range it will be good enough.

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Heehee, makes a double barreled, sawed off 12 gauge a ton of fun… :-))

    3. Roger12266 says

      I am a small firearms dealer here in Florida.
      The bank I was using, Citibank, now refuses to work with any company that sells ANY firearms related product.
      Likewise, Quicken, Square and most of the other credit card servicing companies refuse to do business with a firearms dealer. Even PayPal now refuses to service any firearms transactions.
      There are several companies out there that are cleaning up because the number of card servicing companies that are willing to work with firearms dealers is dwindling, so these companies make it big.
      Good For Them !!!

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        There are plenty here in Orlando that are trying to keep from going under because of the banks taking payoff to cancel their accounts! I can see a ton of black market sales brewing… And I can’t say as I blame any of them. First they want names of every registered gun owner in the country, then they want to outlaw ammo, and now they think they’ll ram it up our backsides by intimidating the gun shop owners by causing every financial institution to stop doing business with them.. The “government” is not as bright as they think they are. Now there will be millions of gun owners and they’ll have no damned idea where they’re getting them!! :-))

    4. Michael Dennewitz says

      Master Gunny Sgt huh.. lol we carried many a marine to Nam and we had one Gunny that was a real trip. I loved those grunts!!

  3. Croco Dile says

    “….Obama has used…. Obama’s tyranny….”

    Obamao is a PUPPET of the corporate elite !
    His administration is the continuation of all previous administartions….. Why is this so hard to understand ????
    Bush the elder = Clinton = baby Bush = Obamao = next Puppet = next Puppet =……..


    1. rchguns says

      It’s not the corporate elite that is pulling the strings in this case. American businesses are suffering at the hands of this administration since its inception.

      Since this pretend President has been in office gun manufacturers and gun shops for that matter has seen an increase in their business exponentially. Were talking in hundreds of percent increases in sales and in fact this administration has put the manufacturers of firearms having a hard time to keep up with demand.

      After John Kennedy was shot Teddy Kennedy came out and said that he might not be able to ban all guns but he could make the ammunition so expensive that no non-deserving everyday citizens will be able to afford guns.

      Have you tried to buy a box of 22 long rifle ammunition lately. A box of 500 rounds can be found on sale for eight dollars now the same box of ammunition is over $50. And this is thanks to this administration.

      It sounds to me like you’re trying to blame everyone and everything but yourself. If you are voter then you have to share some of this responsibility because it was the American people that were so stupid as to believe in Obama in the first place.

      If You Did Not Vote, which would seem a distinct possibility, Then You Have No Right to Complain. It would seem like you have been more anti-president and authority than concerned about the betterment of the United States. It sounds like you would be very comfortable living in a socialist or communist controlled nation.

      1. Thomas R Bunnell says

        we all can thank the MUSLIM BATARD in office for this, and his corrupt gang of thief’s for this the same crook’s who were behind the gun running to mexico

        1. rchguns says

          I’m not disputing that fact either. Dirty Diaper Had Obama is the greatest enemy the United States is ever had to face other than young Americans who have actually no concept whatsoever about the rights and responsibilities of American citizens.

          The social progressives after taking over a public school systems have produced almost 2 generations of educated idiots who have absolutely no background in right or wrong.

          They’re talking morality, honesty, and personal responsibility are all weaknesses that need to be purged. They are taught that there is no such thing as right or wrong and that anytime anything does go wrong blame somebody else.

      2. Croco Dile says



        And, by the way, I was not talking about buisinessmen who are the productive part of the society. They are NOT the corporate elite.
        They may be elite in the sense that they do good to the society by offering good products or services….

        I was talking about the PARASITIC (corporate) elite who are playing the system for their own benefit only.

        1. hangem'high says

          Even If you didn’t vote, you voted for this to happen!
          I wouldn’t call them corporate elite, but the ruling elite!

          1. Croco Dile says

            Yes, you can call them ruling elite.

            Not voting is voting ?


          2. hangem'high says

            As far as I’m concerned a no vote is a vote for the winner, so when an individual bitches and moans about the person that got elected I say; you should have voted. At least until that time when we find out that none of the votes count, anyways!

      3. hangem'high says

        Big business or big money influences every politician, corporate elite maybe, depending how you view them when they become the ruling elite, known as senators and congressmen

        1. rchguns says

          That’s why we have a need to fundamentally change Congress. Politics was never meant to be an occupation. No elected official should have more than eight years in office.

          You can be elected for eight years to one position only. You can be a senator, a representative, or President. Once you have been one of these you can no longer run for any position. Also you eliminate these golden parachute setter encrusted with rubies and emeralds and diamonds for these elected officials in the only retirement they get Social Security like everyone else.

          If we could do this we would have people in office who are dedicated to the country rather than dedicated to their own pockets. And until we do that we are going to have a corrupt and ineffectual government.

          Granted our government is much better than other other countries enjoy but it’s far from perfect, close but not perfect

          1. hangem'high says

            Please don’t use the progressive description for destroy, we don’t need fundamental change. We need to get back to the simple basics, everything is laid out in the constitution and bill of rights! Term limits would be in my book an improvement, I’m all for improvement, but not fundamental change!

          2. rchguns says

            Getting back to the fundamentals of the Constitution and the realization that we are Republic is what is needed and I would call that fundamental change because it would be so radical. At this point time we can only wish.

            The Republic is in grave danger. It depends on the people being reasonably well educated and participating in their government. Neither one of these is happening, our young people are getting dumber by the generation and the only participation is from the bottom feeders collecting their welfare.

          3. hangem'high says

            A lot of what you say is true, but fundamental change has too many audiles no matter how radical it is, it’s still considered fundamental change.
            Fundamental change is erasing the beginning and rewriting it. The spectrum of fundamental change is tearing up what we presently know and starting over. That means taking 240 years and replacing it with something so unconditional that it resembles sharia law for example, depending on who is doing the changing! Give me someone who’ll say I will improve it with your help and not change it, and I’ll take them over anyone that claims fundamental change is needed! Example; if The Declaration of Independence were written today would take are congress over four thousand pages to accomplish!

          4. rchguns says

            For a large part run the same page. What is needed is not so much a change of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights as much ass it is a change in attitude. Both documents are written in plain English and should be taken at face value. It was written by men who knew exactly what they were saying and I personally believe that they were not into innuendos and what-ifs. We don’t need that modern invention of “lawyer speak” is specifically meant to hide true meaning and provide a multitude of backdoors and what if clauses.

            A prime example would be the argument that Bill Clinton used. He was saying that the word “is” is not necessarily defined by the Constitution and that there is no set definition of what “is” is. And he was allowed to get away with it.

            I personally believe in the K.I.S.S.* method of doing things and you add to that that if it’s not broken don’t fix it. The Constitution is not broken nor is the Bill of Rights and definitely not the Declaration of Independence. They are the bedrock that our country was founded on should be the foundation that we rebuild on.

            * Keep It Simple Stupid.

  4. George Cahonna says

    Were Slaves Only if we allow the puppet masters to chain us….Expose the Puppet Masters… America push back.

    1. mr2bears@hotmail.com says

      George is “Speaking truth too the people” !

      1. wmagg says

        But the people just won’t listen
        they have been dumb-ed down so far that they can’t think for them selves

        1. Frankie White says

          Yester truth American people are just dumb I followed Obama thank you need to do something he ain’t done nothing but evil

        2. edward martis says

          and dumbed down by the teachers union and liberal, progressive (I luv that word) leftist college professors ——–which infest US colleges——

          1. Dolores Wieland says

            Robots can’t think for themselves

          2. edward martis says

            like congress and the house….CA/ VT/IL/NY is overflowing with ‘robots,…by the way; have you heard this thing about 0moron diverting funds from the vets (VA ?) to ‘illegals’ to help them get settled etc. ?? $ 6 billion ? any news about this would be welcome——I live 25 mi. south of SFO and have seen what these ‘robots’ have done to one of the most beautiful cities in the world.—- NOT any more

          3. Dolores Wieland says

            I am involved with so many sites that I can’t find the diversion of funds to illegals, but I thought it was Social security.. Whether it’s the Vets, SS, or any other taxpayer funded subsidy, I feel that NO government entity(or person) has a right to divert funds to the detriment of the person(s) to whom it belongs. You might have to “google” it. Citizen Wells, Disqus, are a couple of good discussion sites.

            I sat here this morning for a couple of hours to see if I could find it in “deleted”, but I have too many. Sorry! You know that the current Administration has doubled our debt in 6 1/2 years compared to ALL our Presidents combined? That should tell us something. I do not understand how Americans can allow this..Well…yes I can…We have approx 53% of our population on some kind of dole where there is no incentive to work because some get more than they could ever earn. The others are too lazy to vote or too busy with themselves. What happened to “responsibility”?

          4. edward martis says

            thanx—I heard the vet funds to illegal thing on FOX……..I will have to putt around some more—-I heard it on 2 news stations——the hunt goes on……

          5. Dolores Wieland says

            Good luck Edward Martis……

          6. edward martis says

            on the direct other end—I rec’d my Canadian Citizenship Certificate last week (it took 18 months to finalize) and I am considering moving to Sooke, B.C.–(30 mi NW of Seattle) and get off the RMS Titanic…..If Hilly wins I will be gone very quikly—–and God help the USA—-which will need it—-

          7. Dolores Wieland says

            Congratulations on your Canadian citizenship. Hopefully Sooke is as nice as parts I have traveled to (area around Niagara Falls). Hitlery might not make it. they just found two item on her personal computer that were strictly “verboten”.

          8. edward martis says

            picture the areas north of seattle and then to the west a little bit—very mountainous and rainy—lots of pine trees—beautiful—-lots of inlets and little islands—–Sooke is on the Straits of Juan de Fuca and a very short car ferry ride( due South) (20 mi.) to Port Angeles, WA—(the quickest way to the US)—-my Canadian Passport is somewhat in progress–gettin’ there,,,,,,,Niagara Falls and Vancouver are completely different in topography and have nothing in common—–Yes; hilly will look very fashionable in black and white horizontal stripes…….Want to have a little ‘party’ on her ‘ sentencing day’-?—Does she remind you of a ‘burning wooden ship’ ??? No place to go; but down

          9. Dolores Wieland says

            Sounds nice. I love mountains, lakes, and pine trees. reminds me of Austria and Bavaria,Germany, where I once lived. Yes..I want to have that party..I want to take part in torching that ship with all her cohorts aboard. She’ll hit the bottom soon enough.

          10. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Thank u

          11. Dolores Wieland says

            I’m afraid you are talking about America…It is just about gone now. Shame!

          12. edward martis says

            noticed ocrap is trying to raise one billion dollars for his presidential library; and will probably get it—-the psychotic ego of this baboon is bigger than the universe…….What ever happened to the guy that built a TN ‘out house’ and hung the ‘presidential library’ seal on it and parked it across the street from the WH ?? He should be given the “Medal of Honor’ for his work……I am sure the IRS paid him a visit him and tore him to pieces………….

          13. Dolores Wieland says

            Obama will easily raise the billing dollars..just like Hitlery’s hubby. Then they set up tax free foundations from which they skim all the money they want for whatever they want. Almost seems like money laundering, doesn’t it? Hitlery’s accounting of the millions does not cut mustard and Pricewaterhouse.seems to be in trouble for not catching the thievery. Hitlery needs to be prosecuted.

            I don’t know what happened to that guy but I thought it was kind of funny/and not funny. One should still respect the “office of the presidency”. That does not mean you have to respect the President. The result, I think, was that you could not park that close to the White House anymore. .

          14. edward martis says

            have you run into ‘dani’ here yet ? a hard core absolute brain-washed progressive commie….if ever I saw one…he would fit in PERFECTLT with the ACP…in Berkeley……and must a product of the UC education system

          15. Dolores Wieland says

            No! I don’t know who that is.. Who is he? There are too many dumbos in government that I can’t keep track of them all. There is no education system in the US. They’re grooming the kids like Hitler did before WWII and those kids ratted on their parents..

          16. edward martis says

            ‘doni’ yaps like a full blown commie; a typical hard core dem—Living where I do; 25 mi south of SFO I know only to well what the CA school system has done to kids—and when they go on to college and graduate—-you have a fully ‘indoctrinated’ communist and somebody that Fidel would be very proud of…..That is the prime reason why CA is so fu–ed up….College aged kids have been ‘communized’ and are taught ‘point blank’ that “the day of the white man is OVER” and “communism is the wave of the future and YOU BETTER get used to it !!!!”…..I hear crap like this all the time….Are you familiar with Barbara Bell (D-OAK) ?? if not, I will give you the story about her (and her best buddy Nancy Pelosi next time——Unbelievable; but true

          17. Dolores Wieland says

            I guess we don’t hear too much about California’s elected officials unless it’s big news. I have read about (and heard) that idiot Pelosi who makes no sense with her rants. She should have retired a long time ago. .Almost every politician is eiter a ir, a crook

          18. Dolores Wieland says

            (Continued) Guess I got thrown out again…
            Almost every politician is either a liar or a crook (plus a miriad of other wrongdoings).who should long have been ousted form public service. Career politicians are worthless.

          19. edward martis says

            hi DW ===just for whatever I spent 21 yrs in the US Army National Guard (including the 4 yrs in the active USN) as a full time civil service tech./ with 2 days a month as a ‘weekend warrior and 2 1/2 yr. working for the Royal Saudi Air Force ( Mecca area) as a Helo. Maint. Instructor on UH-1 “Hueys” / AH-1 “Cobra” gunships …..Have a few thousand flight hours as a Huey ” flight crew chief’ (in back of the pilot area(–as used in viet nam era)–and some RSAF ‘flight crew chief” time—–most of the RSAF time was as an OJT (on the job) maint. trainer with 1 ea RSAF Chief Warrant Officer and 1 ea. Emiri Bahraini Defense Force==Flight Sargeant–as “students”–Great guys; by the way………..lastly; if you do want some .38 cal. ‘hollow points’- let me know—–also when you go FL leave the .38 ammo at home——–and buy some more in FL——getting loose ammo on a plane—-complicates things for you—–Just leave the ammo at home in Indy……standard .38 is cheaper than “hollow-point” stuff…………have an easy day..

          20. Dolores Wieland says

            Good evening Ed…..Soooo you were a military man..I’ll just have to thank you for your service. When I’m in Florida I go to the VA Hospital in Tampa sometimes and interact with our heroes. Some are completely forgotten,which is a shame.
            Mecca..a place I have always wanted to visit. I’ve made it to most European countries, Canada just north of Niagara Falls and London, and Mexico just south of Arizona. I haven’t made it to all 50 states yet and I doubt I’ll ever make Hawaii or Alaska. Are you allowed to send ammo in the mail? I know you have to be asleep.t’s 11:40 p.m. here so ..probably 3:40 a.m? Good night!

          21. edward martis says

            morning Delores–bare with me on the following; When the ACP e-mails me their ‘news letter–they include a list of list of attendees from last months ‘award dinners’ (ACP ‘front’ )—–one of the attendees was Pelosi (and Bell) and x-SFO mayor willie brown and sacramento state assembly folks——When Pelosi was approached about the ACP ‘gathering’ ; she denied nothing—-Barbara Bell (D-OAK) is her very good buddy also—Pelosis husband used to write articles for the ACP…the story on Bell goes like this—–Barbara invited the Prime Minister of (Cuban) Grenada to CA for an expansive tour of SFO and vicinity; and just about drooled all over him—She praised him to no end—It was all over the local news—She had him come here TWICE—–She shovels tons of welfare money into Oakland and that keeps the gangstas and welfare mommies very happy—-While she was on some armed forces cong. committee—she found about the following—-Their were a lot of members of the Granadian govt. that HATED the Cubans to know end…..and made inquiries to the US in that they would help in any way possible to bounce the Cubans OUT…….Bell found about this and got word to Fidel—–Those Granadian patriots ‘disappeared—–All of this is common knowledge In Congress and the House——-and can be discovered fairly easily—-About 15 yrs ago; the CA State Welfare System came up with this very practical idea (which it was; supriseably) in that any welfare mommie with 2 kids would have to injected with NORPLANT in their forarm (a 1″ long thin pencil lead shaped thing–birth control)—-Great idea ! Right !! Enter the ACLU and Barby baby—and took it to federal court—–In that interferrng with a woman’s right to re-produce was un-constitutional—–They won—-Now we have another generation of welfare mommies and Gangstas in OAK—–Oaklands POP has increased almost another million—-in those 15 yrs—–mostly thugs and welfare whores——What a lovely place OAK is (?)—- the #1 most dangerous city in the US—-The kicker is that OAK is only 5 mi X 7 miles in total size and is very small overall—–Be glad you live where you live——A trip to your bathroom to puke is probably due after reading the above………..be good

          22. Dolores Wieland says

            You’re right! Just got back from the bathroom…so did my two cats after puking…(Kidding). Indy has around 850,000 +- people and it is pretty nice. .Really no problems except the blacks shooting each other and holdups are increasing. I have heard that Oakland was pretty bad and I didn’t know the size of it either. Our state is still in the black and has been for some time. Your elected officials seems to be real idiots and takers….
            .Sorry Edward..I have to go. I need to take a neighbor (friend) to the nursing home to see her husband who has some problems (the nurse told her). Need to go to the store too Talk to you later.

          23. edward martis says

            Hi DW—-almost all of the ” elected officials ” in CA are great fans of the ACP (God help CA ; nobody else will). and that CA is the way it is….OR and WA are going down that trail too.. Went to an GM factory school (scout helicopter turbine engines) ) when I worked for the US army there …it was located just down the street from the “brick-yard’ (?) —-indy 500 race event—-I was there in August ’77——Nice laid back city (speedway ?)—–you should look up DONI on this site (once would be more than enough) …..a true oshit fan and believer——the thing is; they absolutely BELIEVE every single thing oshit says——that in itself ; makes them very dangerous……try this for fun::: a black dude (Oakland) walks into a liquor store owned by Korean (of course) –takes out a .38 snub nose revolver and the old “gimme the monry” thing and then after he gets the $90 —he asks the woman ‘ wa -chu doin’ after work ? “—-smiles and then turns around (with his back to her) and takes 2 steps toward the door—-she reaches under the counter and pulls out her own .38 snub and shoots him 3 times—–# 1 slug= left shoulder blade #2 slug= right shoulder blade # 3 slug==the base of the spine…….and paralyzed him for life—–Guess who is going to pay for all of that ? Gee; I wonder ?—–The Progressive Socialist Peoples Republik of Kalafornia Prison System—-at San Quinten—–Hope you recovered from you and your cats puke visit to the bathroom…………….This state of CA is a true insane asylum of the highest order——If the surrounding states (OR/ NV/ AZ) had any sense at all they would keep CA’s citizens out——The ones that do move to AZ bring their “progressive” ideas with them—–and occasionally I hear about their brand new houses being ‘arsonized’—-AZ does not have much patience with communists—————-

          24. Dolores Wieland says

            Hello Edward..Wow! 1977..I was in Vienna, Austria then. You would not recognize Speedway today nor the Indy Brickyard. The race track is about 12 to 14 miles from my house. I no longer go to the races..too much trouble parking and all he walking.to gt in. My very first job (1958) was for Indianapolis Tent & Awning who put up all the tents at the race track.I went with the crew so I could get in free. In mid 1970 I worked for Moran Electric who sponsored one of the race cars. The boss gave me two tickets every year for seats in the 3rd turn. I finally told him I did not want them anymore..

            Yes! I know who is paying when some perp gets shot and not killed. I know one thing. If I have to shoot someone ,I’m going to shoot to kill. I’m not taking a chance of the perp coming after me while he’s hurt. No siree! I’m protecting myself first.

            Heard on the News this morning that Huntington Pk, CA City Council has allowed two illegals on that council even after the residents complained, Then the 21 yr old had the audacity to say he has the right and it will be a benefit to the residents. Our own people.(council) are siding with the illegals. Also listened to Hitlery with her off-the-cuff remarks about her servers that actually were not secure but left in a bathroom sized location. Investigators have found some more controversial material on the server and Hitlery just sluffs it off. I have a good feeling that she won’t make it to the ballot. On the Repub. side Carson is catching up fast. I’ll look up DONI later. Don’t want my blood pressure to rise higher than it is already after hearig the News this morning.

          25. edward martis says

            hi DW—–this country of ours is acting like lemmings; only to happy to jump off the “cliff”—–I have a .38 snub nose revolver w / “hollow point” ammo and a few military issue shotguns–big bayonet and all attached to it (bought legally of course) …the shotgun is loaded with ‘non-lethal police ammo’ for the first two rounds and the rest is 000 buck—–(10 balls of .36 cal)—-I know a San Bernadino P.D. Homicide Det. that has seen what kind of damage 000 Buck can do. This stuff will (90 %) cut a man in half- with one round…..On the other end; a couple of college age kids went into the Dean’s Office (Barry Univ./Miami and Cornell U..) with a small video camera and made inquiries to starting a “PRO-ISIS” Club on campus—-The college folks said “Yes; no problem. We welcome diverse political opinions..”…..PRO –ISIS club ? Have these colleges gone totally nuts ? The following is about Ariz. State University (Tempe/ Scottsdale area–)–In that the college admin. types thought it would be nice to have an area available on the Quad to students to” explore their sexuality””——the result is an old fashioned public roman orgy involving 10+ ea. girls and 10+ ea guys or more——and of course the mandatory video camera thing that put all of these fu–ing beyond stupid kids on You Tube—-It all gets way to much don’t you think ? The You Tube thing with the girls will follow them around forever—-What would happen if the kids parents found about this–? Some did….. Good God ! What next ? Right off the bat—-No more college education money—-I am sure the fathers of these morons would burn ASU to the ground and shut the kids off financially— And you KNOW all this crap is non-stop…..Maybe God looks at what is going on in the world and decides to blow it up……I could see God’s point in doing just that…..All this communism crap is heading east towards you very slowly—CA then OR then WA —Who’s next ? I have a very powerful (stun gun_ flashlite 1 million volts) and a fairly large can of police strength MACE in my car; at all times and of course the guns in the house…..I am like you—the bad guy is dead; no matter what……no survival for him, in any way……..Off to the base commissary at NASA Moffett Federal Airfield–(MILITARY)—–to shop——-The prices are dirt low—–I hear Oshit is trying to wreck the military commissary system too…..Anyways; have a good day on your end……………

          26. Dolores Wieland says

            Wow Edward….you are well armed. I have hollow points for one of my pistols that a policeman gave me.out of his belt. He wanted to see the gun that I drew on a black neighbor who had my mom around her waist to throw her into the leaf fire in our yard. He said he’ll put her in the hospital for allowing the smoke to drift over to his house and I retorted with “I’ll put you in the grave if you don’t get your hands off her”. The cop said his hollow points are better because they go in small and come out big. Ammo’s getting awfully expensive. When I go back to Florida next month (no computer access then) I’m taking my gun and ammo to do target practice . My brother who lives next door has a backboard where we can shoot…. I’ve never shot a gun except for a shotgun when I was 12. I want to make sure I hit what I aim to hit.

            All the schools from kindergartners to colleges are so liberal and PC correct that the kids learn nothing> I still think they are being primed to obey our masters when Obama declares martial law and to rat on their parents and friends. I don’t know why we are funding the (non)education system when kids learn nothing and the teachers don’t teach what needs to be taught. I don’t understand how most of them got to be teachers anyway My mother had a coworker who used to teach….when my mother questioned her spelling ability, she said she didn’t need to know how to spell. I had a couple of dumb teachers in college too…One of them flunked more than half of the class. We went to the dean’s office and had our grades changed from F’s to I’s (Incomplete). She was fired. I had a hard time the next semester retaking that class because I had some of her info. in my head and trying to incorporate what was in the text book…Got through it…not very well mind you. We had to pay for that class again. I hate calculus….useless for me.

            Yes… our Fort Benjamin Harrison had a nice commissary. Used to go to the NCO club to dance and have a few drinks with the guys. It was fun. It’s been shut down for many years.

            Our world is really messed up now

          27. Dolores Wieland says

            Ok I got thrown out again but now I’m tired. I quit for today. I have to start working on my taxes…hope I can find all my paperwork. Good night!

          28. edward martis says

            bon jour D W—-yup—the CA education system from K tru 12 and then on to PhD level is nothing more than a communist indoctrination camp-(-as are a LOT of US universities) —no more, no less and that is why CA is such a place NOT to send children/ college age kids to …….doing so will Insure and GUARANTEE a full blown communist……..yeah; I would have shot your ‘neighbor’ too……when you go to FL (are you driving or flying ?) —driving wise: different states have VERY different gun laws—–for example: a Bangor, Maine friend of mine crossed from Maine thru NH and into Mass. and was’ bagged’ in Salsbury, MA for speeding—-the MA State trooper asked my friend if there was a gun in the car…He said yes and was promptly arrested because he DID NOT possess a MA Firearms Identity Card which is mandatory in MA—–no exceptions at all—–Another friend of mine took the ‘puddle jumper’ from Montpelier, VT (northern VT) to Newark, NJ for a non-stopper to LAX—–when the turbo prop landed in Newark he had to retrieve and carry his own bag and take the inter terminal shuttle bus to American Airlines—–his bag was x-rayed of course; and because he was NOT a NJ resident was ‘bagged’ too and arrested—–larger airlines will do the bag transfer thing; no problem—-but puddle jumper small turbo- prop airlines will not—more or less———–drive from NJ to NY with a NJ gun permit and you will be ‘bagged’ and arrested——I have flown from LAX to PHX very many times—-Have your gun in a SEPERATE lockable , approved- hard gun case (do NOT just throw in your bag.)–( You WILL have to buy an approved trigger lock-)—–When you are dropped off at the Indy Airport tell the side-walk airline baggage handler immediately that you have a gun in your hard gun case and he will guide you through the process—He more than likely will walk you to the airline ticket counter —you will NOT have to stand in line, like other folks– The airline baggage handler will carry your gun case–to the ticket counter——-As soon as you enter airport property; it is all about total control of guns—–Before you leave Indy call your airline about your gun—and get their feedback and instructions about your .38 cal—–DO NOT JUST STICK IT IN YOUR SUITCASE— -Way back then (’68) when I was in the USN I had a WW 2 British # 5 ‘jungle carbine’ 36 ” long —-and checked it out from the base armory to take it home from San Diego to Boston—–it had no case; no nothing except the ‘sling’—-I walked from my barracks (in my white sailor suit at the crack of dawn–0500 hrs.) to the MP station and then to board the ‘nickel snatcher’ boat ride to cross San Diego Bay….then got a taxi to the airport and then into the terminal—where my #5 rifle was checked as baggage—–again no gun case, no nothing—upon arrival in Boston I got my rifle; slung it on my shoulder and took the shuttle bus to the subway station into central Boston and on to a public bus ride to the corner of my street in Arlington-, about 15 mi away —(about 7 PM)———I wanted to do all of this; because I just wanted experience the coming home thing —upon arriving at the corner of my street I stepped of the bus and almost bumped into the local ‘beat’ cop standing beside his ‘call box’——All through, all of this; nobody said a damn thing to me about my Lee-Enfield WW 2 #5 Mark 4 bolt action-10 shot clip British Army issue rifle….maybe it was my white sailor ‘donald’duck’ suit and the Viet Nam was going full bore——Try that today.!!!???………I had mailed all my clothes home the week before and ONLY had the rifle……I, like Lee Harvey Oswald bought my mail order gun from Kleins Sporting Goods store In Chicago for $ 21– circa 1968—the newspaper ad from Kliens can still be found on google and Oswalds Italian 6.5 mm Carcano scoped rifle for $ 24- ….. I cut out the San Diego Union newspaper Kliens ad–sign it (saying you were over 18) enclose a USPO money order for $24 and mail it off——-about 14 dys later I received a letter from the “Railroad Express Agency” at the railroad station in San Diego telling me my ‘item’ had arrived there with $3 C.O.D. charges (which I expected)—-in a card-board box……..the following weekend after I picked up the #5 ; me and my ‘squid’ navy buddy (who had a car) drove over to San Diego (no Coronado Bridge at that time) and went to a surplus store and bought 100 rounds for my #5——-British WW2 ammo is very common then as now—- .303 caliber —and kicks like (or worse) like a Missouri Mule/ M-1 Garand .30-.06 caliber——and is VERY LOUD—more so than a .30-.06—-and then drove it up to Tecate to shoot———if I may ask; and you would not mind to let me have your phone number——this back and forth e-mail is laborious as I am sure you will agree——I know a LOT about the ACP and have bought/ sold many guns over the years…….San Diego is an absolutely beautiful place to spend time in—one of the must see places to see is Border Field State Park (it is on google) where CA–Mexico and the Pacific come together…as well as Tecate, CA and Tecate, Mexico where they meet——NOT even like Tiajuana—–which may or may no be dangerous—ask the locals in SD–Lots of folks from san diego go there—-but things have changed in that you will NEED a US Passport to get back into CA—(–unless you already have been to san diego—–the 30 mile ride to Tecate, CA is a parallel ride along the border area (like the beer / brewery there in Mex)up to 6000 ft. a very interesting ride—–Tecate, CA has a POP of about 200 souls and extremely laid back—–with no illegals to cross your path—–the surrounding area is just to steep and mountainous with deep canyons…..illegals avoid Tecate, CA to an extreme………And do check your own status and your gun status in FL——Some states could lock you up—-and/ is your .38 ok to have by you in FL etc. etc. etc…..If you need some .38 cal ‘hollow points” I can send you some to any address you want……….I have a fair amount of it——As you may -(?) well know (?) a .38 ‘hollow-point’ will expand to .57 cal—-while at the same cutting like a circular wood saw OR the caliber of the bullet and then just add on 1/2 half more OR .38 plus .19 for a total of a .57 caliber hole—-some of the 9 mm (.35 cal) on up to ,45 cal ‘hollow point can and have blown legs and arms completely OFF——The US military currently uses the Beretta 92 FS / M-9 pistol in 9MM only BUT only in NATO issue rounds; which are very powerful——–If somebody had a standard 9mm pistol and put in NATO 9mm rounds; there is a fair to good chance the Astra (whatever) would blow up—–the US Secret Service uses 9mm Remington Golden Saber–Hollow Point-Bonded-High Performance- Jacketed ammunition which just about will cut a man inhalf——The NATO issue 9mm rounds are ‘hot loaded’ at the factory and will make a very loud ‘crack’ when fired—–nasty stuff————-I was flipping through an Army Aviation magazine and lo and behold is a pic of a GI who was told to clean the First Sgt’s M-9 pistol——the dope hit the clip release button and the 17 rd magazine dropped out—so far so good—-then this dope pulled the trigger and the round in the barrel went off—–he was holding the pistol in a downward angle pointed at his upper thigh area—–the bullet split the leg wide open from the upper thigh to the knee cap area—–the GI’s leg was sort of bent ; so if his leg was straight the bullet would have split his leg totally wide open from top to toes——needless to say the GI died—–sorry to yap so much—-I just couldn’ t stop——————if any parent is shopping around for a college for their kid to go to———-a check of the college’s political views along with everything else–(professors etc/etc/ etc) would be the very first thing on my list——my niece and nephew (Doctorate degrees) went to Carnagie- Mellon (Pittsburgh) and got a very civilized,, even tempered educations unlike the commie infested University of CA system…….Be good—-if you want a box of .38 ‘hollow-point’ ammo and I will UPS it to you—no problem—–the Main UPS facility is less than a mile away——NO ammo can be sent USPO——Have an easy day…………………

          29. Dolores Wieland says

            Good evening. I’ll be off these sites for a few days. Been at the hospital all day and just took Dawn home to get a nap. Guess we’re going back later on this evening. I have to work on my taxes and still have to file taxes for a friend of mine Wednesday.

            You were a sailor just like my step-uncle. I kept photos of his sailing buddies on board. When I travel to Florida, I drive because I take my two cats with me.It is getting harder every year. Used to take about 14 hours; now it’s almost double. You have to be careful these days about speeding…too many speed traps and more traffic than ever before. My gun gets carried in the trunk, unloaded When I went to work in Austria I put the barrel in one box, the gun in another, and the bullets in another because it is illegal to have a gun in Austria. I lived in Vienna 5 1/2 years and there was one murder; never heard about burglaries or anything else. England wasn’t too bad either….but…the coffee was like pea colored water. I started drinking tea there.

            Dawn just called….guess we’re on the way back to the hospital. Haven’t had time to read your other mail. Give me your e-mail address and I’ll forward my phone no, My e-mail is: doloreswieland@aol.com

            Don’t want it on Facebook

          30. edward martis says

            comprendo about face book===my e mail address is edmartis000@yahoo.com—– if you drive be very aware of the states gun laws ….that you will be driving/ passing through—-they are all different—–would not like to see you locked up——you lucked out with the Austrian cops—-if they searched your car you probably would still be in the slammer…….

          31. Dolores Wieland says

            Don’t want slammer time. Cop told me as long as I had part of the gun in the trunk and part of it in the glove compartment, I should be ok. I don’t plan to speed anymore when I drive to Florida. I’m trying to catch up on my mail. I had to take Dawn to the hospital today (to Emergency). I can’t seem to get to my tax returns. I am tired….too much running..still have to go out to take the trash container to curbside..They pick it up 7:00 a.m. I’ll try to e-mail you later or tomorrow a.m..;

          32. edward martis says

            yup–I think he took the ‘Obama Presidential Library’ out house back to TN….He should have sold it to Trump; who, no doubt , would have put it to good practical use……………..

          33. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Crooked evil Lying Hillary!

          34. Dolores Wieland says

            Hitlery is much more than a liar and a crook….much,much more!

          35. Dolores Wieland says

            Edward.Also try Newsmax and Joe the Plumber. (Raise the flag has quite a few ads, but not bad.) I got out of Huffington Post….can’t hold a decent conversation on it. I had so many hate mails coming through I had to discontinue. By the way,our city is stlll ok and I hope it stays that way.

          36. edward martis says

            thanx DW—–what ‘city’ city do you live ? I live 25 mi south of SFO; the absolutely center of ‘political correctness”—and the US home of hard core communism—–

          37. Dolores Wieland says

            I live in Indianapolis, Indiana…still a free city….good relations with blacks so far

          38. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            The Liberal huffpost thugs are Democrackheads!!!

          39. Dolores Wieland says

            That they are..”The Shady Bunch”

    2. Croco Dile says

      True, and EVERY voter does DEMAND the chains to be used on his fellow man (and on himself).


      1. George Cahonna says

        Very Enlightening. What percentage of the American population did it take to kick the Brits back to England? Cut the head off a snake a it die’s.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          In the history of civilization, it’s only taken 3% of an armed angry population to remove a sitting government.
          Here that would only be the registered hunters of Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Hell we have 47 more states to add.

          1. George Cahonna says

            Exactly. The Master’s are nervous, making them dangerous. All Patriots must be on alert.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            I was born a FREE MAN. I have no masters. The thought of having a master, makes me Lock and Load!! (See picture above)
            We The People are the rightful masters of the Government and Courts, not the politicians. They are suppose to be the servants.
            AMERICAN CIVICS 101.

          3. George Cahonna says

            Today its the otherway around. This must stop. Be aware, they will try to make examples out of some of us because they’re afraid.. We must not waver or back down, its the only way.

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            Good luck with that analogy Mark. Miss Ovomit thinks he won this country in the lotto and he thinks it all belongs to him. Wait until he brings the 200,000 mooselums over and hands them what’s left….Martial law is just around the corner. GOD HELP THIS COUNTRY!!

          5. Mark Clemens says

            Naw, Hommie is going in 2017. I’m hoping he retires in Kenya. He’s gonna rig one more election, for his big backed home girl, Hillary.
            I really don’t want a President who dresses like a drunk Martha Stewart!
            Whats up w/the Democrats? Are they to dumb to pick between two or more people (oh yea, I saw what happened in 2008. She got beat by a no name rookie senator)?
            I remember Sadam Hussain had a one name election, and shockingly he won!!!
            Hillary Rodom Clinton Hussain, don’t let her destroy whats left of USA. Vote for Rand Paul.

          6. Michael Dennewitz says

            An excellently trained sniper would rescue us from a lot of misery before election time comes around ! I KNOW THEY’RE OUT THERE !!

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Before we pick him off, lets give him the chance to do the right thing…….
            About Hillary being the Democrats only choice. What if something bad happens to her (Stroke, Plain Crash, etc….)half way through primary season. What would they do? They would have no other candidates.
            I say Al Gore should run……For the border!

          8. gonzales27 says

            Bernie is waiting on the sidelines

          9. Stewart says

            I truly like your way of thinking and surprised that very situation hasn’t been bestowed on Obama within the first six months of his dictatorship. Now that the republicans have a certain amount of control my question is why hasn’t a move been made to get him out of the office and regain through more conversation with the opposite political party joined forces to regain our country as it should be? If the opposing party is so dug in that there is no bending for the betterment of the political system or structure then We The People need to take control and let the majority of legitimate populous get the country right again. No voting for illegals, no voting for the ignorant, no bombardment of anyone but registered voters that have an idea of what the country is coming to under a tyrannical king, so to speak. We The People need to abolish this illegal government and have a government of the people. Politics isn’t the answer, the answer is a government that represents the people instead of these political no nothings pockets. Get rid of the lies such as Clinton will not obey once she is in office but have truth and honesty and a true representative of the PEOPLE in Washington. What I’ve seen and read are all lies to further betray the ignorant and the gullible and will end our way of truth and justice. Importing illegals and giving them everything they want and need to get votes is absolutely ridiculous and out of the wrhelm of comprehension. As was suggested a voter, especially a new voter should be required to pass a civics test to find out if they know what government is about and how it works. All I ask is that this farce of a government get turned around and have our servants elected by us do our bidding instead of the money grovelers get free stuff because they can because of the poor governing systemas set forth by Obama.

          10. Michael Dennewitz says

            Yes Stewart, but the problem is:: A ton of people voted repooplican this last time around, a good many of them Independent and about as many, demoncraps. Then, once the repooplicans had the edge, THEY SAT BACK IN THEIR HIGHBACK CHAIRS AND TURNED ON US! We are now at the point where most won’t trust anyone any more! Makes no diff what color the dude is, however, the lil halfbreed in the big house is making as big an issue as he can with the race card. His agenda is to keep Americans fighting amongst themselves and then they will be too damned busy to recognize the fact that he’s destroying this once great country, piece by little piece!! GOD HELP AMERICA!

          11. gonzales27 says

            That was his goal when he took office

          12. Michael Dennewitz says

            Hope he takes his husband and the borrowed girls and goes back to Kenya!!

          13. Mark Clemens says

            If Rand Paul wins, I bet he has the WH hosed down and pressure washed good. Get rid of the Obama’s funk……..
            Maybe that’s why W. had an unsuccessful presidency. He didn’t sanitize the WH, after 8 years of the Clintons funk…….just sayen’

          14. Michael Dennewitz says

            Yeah, but ole BillyBoy sure had fun playing the whoremonica, huh? LIL

          15. gonzales27 says

            Yes he did

          16. Mark Clemens says

            You have it backwards. The servants are worried the whip might come down, by the angry masters.
            When you start talking like the Government is our ruler, you are falling in line w/their propaganda.

          17. George Cahonna says

            Not really Mark. As long as we agree to pay 40,50, 60% of our income we are slaves. Quit paying taxes & see how long the Gov continues to operate then attacks non-payers. Remember the Posse Comitatus? We have been comfortable to long, & too willing to pay the beast just to be left alone. Judgment day is coming.

          18. Stewart says

            I agree with you on not paying taxes but there aren’t enough people with the ball not to pay taxes.

          19. George Cahonna says


    3. daveveselenak says

      REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! Let ‘US’ be honest, TYRANNY has raised it’s ugly head and needs to be knocked off – these communist scum aren’t playing and neither should we!

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Thats right 535 elected politicians can trample a free person’s civil liberties, just like one tyrant can!!!!!

      2. Terry Hamblin says

        Time to organize and build the State Militias. No one can misinterpret the Constitution on that one!

    4. Mark Clemens says

      Kill the puppet masters! And the puppets will stop! Soros and Koch’s need to go……

  5. MAHB001 says

    Impeach Holder Now!
    How many more Americans need to suffer?

    1. crustyone says

      The racist bastd doesn’t belong in the position which he is in. What ever happened to his announcement of resignation? He’s also full of…

      1. Thomas R Bunnell says

        the other black bitch is just as bad

      2. DivineEncounters says

        He is dragging his feet so he can cement his legacy……..the legacy of bringing back Racial Tensions to an all time high.

    2. Andrew Owens says

      THe Racist Holder belongs in a jail cell [fast and furious].

  6. Combatvet52 says

    Black Market here we come how stupid can these moron liberal socialists be………..total stupidity.

    1. BlueMax372 says

      Well, that’s just the way they are!

      1. Combatvet52 says

        They will do anything to destroy our way of living…….God be their Judge.

        1. Roger12266 says

          God and a good sniper rifle.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Spot on I have a 58Cal Round from a Korean sniper rifle to bad i couldn’t take the rifle home, i fired it after the truce in the prone position dead on accurate and it had a 16″ recoil pad one hell of a kick.

          2. edward martis says

            yu may get a chuckle out of this——-I was in a ch-47 outfit and the troopies had brought cases and cases of new packaged ak-47’s back to the base——about 1 week or so before they rotated out; every body (in the maint. section) decided that they were going to bring a bunch of ak’s back with them—-soooo it went like this—–at night they went to the helos and removed all of the floor panels—–safety wired a bunch of ak’s to framing and structural members ; so they were secured in place and put the floor panels back down—-upon arrival at a US port; US Customs did , there thing; and just looked in -47….and left—–the GI’s figured if US Customs found them ; so what—-So after putting the rotor blades back on; they were flown to their home base—-upon arrival and at night; and being careful–they removed the floor panels—removed the ak’s into a duce and a half—covered them with tents and drove off base—-to a pre-arranged spot and unloaded the ak’s—-and parceled them out to the guys that did all the ‘smuggling’—–the total count was about 350 Russian new, in packaging AK-47’s—thank you uncle sam for the facilities to do all of this—-THANK YOU SO MUCH-!!!—-

          3. Combatvet52 says

            Nice story ED

          4. Stewart says

            How about a bad sniper and a 30 cal. machine gun.

        2. edward martis says

          they don’t care about God or being judged ——-they are atheists; after all, and could care less…..

          1. Combatvet52 says

            (they don’t care about God or being judged ) True but God works different in many ways……their day will come!

          2. edward martis says

            the sooner the better………….

          3. Combatvet52 says

            I hope very soon and not later.

          4. edward martis says

            if somebody smoked oshit tomorrow;–the progressive, liberals would cry; but the country would have a party to end all parties………..who the hell would miss him ?

          5. Combatvet52 says

            Not me for sure good by to the stench.

          6. edward martis says

            if you would like to know Oshits total and complete background try this —–google —-key wiki. com OR Wikipedia….. …WIKIPEDIA is no friend of folks like us BUT does publish absolute FACT———do the same with Nancy Pelosi, NYC Mayor (Bolshavic Bill De Blasio ) and Barbara Lee (the hard core communist that she is…She holds communism and Uncle Fidel Castro in VERY HIGH esteem——She has made a fair amount of trips to Havana and is Nancy’s very close, close buddy——) D-OAKLAND——————Oakland is 7 x 8 miles (55 square miles) 98% black and the 5th most dangerous city in the USA——and somebody murdered about every 5 days—–from a very small city======not including all other major kinds of serious felonies———-a true soviet socialist republic like SFO——-which is un-fucking believable dangerous—–I always go up (to SFO) there armed with 2=3 cans of MACE; which I might add is VERY effective————there are about 7000+ homeless, IN YOUR FACE beggars and pan-handlers; not including the wall to wall drug peddlers–male/ female prostitutes–pursesnatchers and other slime—-the homeless shit anywhere they damn well please—the chances of stepping in feces are pretty good—I wear lo-cut rubbers for my shoes—–the place stinks like a dihrea filled outhouse—So far, I have MACE’d 6 homeless dudes—–they will come up to you; SCREAMING –IN–YOUR–FACE and DEMANDING money—–I spray them with a good solid stream (like a water pistol) which stops them like a .44 magnum—-and I walk away; all the while screaming in pain from the MACE——-another tid bit—–the blacks come over from ‘Jungle land’ to ‘Fiery land’ ‘ to sell their drugs——and can be arrested 5 times in a single night—-How does that happen you ask ? The SFO county jail is always full; so the druggie is given a NTA and is out of jail in rocket speed—to be arrested again, again and again —-all in 1 night—-also, the tourists take the cable car ride from Pier 39 and up over and down to the Powell St./ Market St. terminus/ turnaround and have NO idea of what awaits them at the bottom of the hill———-they are instantly ‘assulted’ by very highly aggressive beggars, pickpockets and drug dealers—etc—–I go by that area a lot and see about 100 to 200 shitbags there messing with the poor –shocked touristas—-a lot of them have their kids with them and the kids are scared to death by these scumbags—-I did the CA nat. guard /CHP security detail just after 9/11 on the Golden Gate Bridge—-and that was an un-fucking believable experience—-I did it for 4 months (In total it was a 2 year detail) –we each had an M-16 w/ 4 ea 20 rd mags—-with no round in the chamber but loaded magazine inserted—bolt closed and safety on—-In those 4 months we bagged 5 al-quieda types making ‘recon’ runs across the GGB or down below —–the same applied to the Oakland bay bridge—-the more noteable one was >>>> the CANG dudes were on Treasure Is. in a HUMMV observing traffic on the lower span (the Oakland direction) from a somewhat elevated position–about—3 AM on a rainy, cold Wed morning (with PVS-7 NVG’s— 2 x power magnification)—–traffic was light —-when a Toyota pick-up drove by with 3 dudes in it—with some hump shaped thing on the dash———–soooooooo the CANG troopies got on the radio and had the CHP pull them over at the toll booth area (on the Oakland side) at gun point—–and what do they find ? how about a video VHS camera with a nite vision lens attachment–duct taped to the top of the dashboard—–Protocol was —–contact CHP Hq— CANG Hq—GGB Authority and FBI in that order—-and then SFPD Hq and Marin County Sheriffs Office Hq. if need be—–these 3 dude were Pakistani—no papers–no passports–no D/L—-no nothing———the FBI showed up in a green mini van —–we explained what happened ( along with the CHppy dudes— and then stuffed them into the plain mini van——where they disappeared off the face of the planet—–we found out much later they wound up in GITMO—–If these clowns ever made a furtive move to access a weapon our CANG “Rules of Engagement” were ‘shoot to kill’—no warning shot–no warning –no nothing

          7. Combatvet52 says

            Thanks for all the info.

          8. edward martis says

            Hope I did not bore you to death with all my bloviating…..as far as the ACP-Berkeley and coast to coast offices——these prix are out there and heavily entrenched in CA state , federal / congressional/ white house politics—-being an ACTIVE — ACP card carrying member (to ck. them out) . was an EYE OPENER !!!!…………..these ‘ sewer rats’ are more dangerous than you ever (in your wildest dreams) could imagine……….

          9. Combatvet52 says

            Not at all, but i like the ( ‘ sewer rats’ ) phrase, we sure as hell have enough of them.

          10. edward martis says

            CA.. is totally infested with them (needless to say); ESPECIALLY the SFO Bay area————-Hail to The Soviet Socialist State of the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia.!!…..Hail to ..the Thousand Year Reign of the American Peoples Communist Party-of Kalifornia !!!———-the mantra of the CA Dept of Education—-Would you believe that the ACP controls the ‘Longshoreman’s Union’ for the Port of Oakland, and are very proud of it……………as well as ALL the local city and county governments., schoos and colleges……………..God ! What a slim pit SFO and CA is !! Hopefully; within 6 months I will be gone to Show-Low, AZ (beautiful place—85o summers with lots of thunderstorms and 2 feet of snow winters—high timber country—about 100 miles south east of Flagstaff—50 miles south of Winslow/ ‘ Holbrook Interstate 10——-10,000 pop overall which is all spread out———Show Low is the best kept secret in the United States——–EXCELLENT for retirement————If you are in the area; you should ck. it out; as well as the surrounding areas—–Snowflake, Pinetop, St. Johns (just like Switzerland) , Springerville, Concho………I guarantee you will be impressed with how beautiful the area is——-real estate is very reasonable——I propose that the AZ Air National Guard bomb SFO into oblivion and do the United States of America a gigantic favor………………

          11. Combatvet52 says

            I know Arizona have many relatives living there in Cave Creek, Tonto Hills,Scottsdale,Phoenix, Flagstaff, Sedona.
            No mistake you will be much happier there, last time i was there we circled for one hour before landing because of the dust storm no big deal we have to put up with something where ever we live.

          12. edward martis says

            Have you been to show-low and nearby towns ? One in particular–st. johns–??———it is truly like a mini Switzerland——beautiful town—–The town of Springerville has “1” black person living there and about 350 latinos (ranch guys) —-The AZ DPS pulled over a car load of gangbangers from PHX and wanted to know what they were doing in Springerville—–They did not have a satisfactory answer–(probably breaking into houses and all the other stuff shitbags do)–The AZ DPS and Sheriff’s Office literally ran them out of town—“Persona Non Grata ” status—–OR rather “Get the hell out and stay out-!! You are not wanted !! “—–They will hound any shitbag out of town that the locals deem a pain in the ass- etc——-Gotta luv northeast AZ—-First thing I am going to do is get another classic Yugoslavian AK-47 from J&G Sales in Prescott Valley—-Cheapest prices around-;-and the good is thing you never have to clean them-,ever —–un-like the M-16—-as you well know —I imagine you, like me; have probably cleaned hundreds of M- 16’s —-I lived on the Scottsdale Av Tempe city line in Scottsdale close to McKellips for a year—-Just could not take the Summer; but have been back and forth to my buddies houses since ’68—–from Scottsdale to Mesa to Goodyear to Show Low—–over 47 years—–Where do you live now ? There are no dust storms etc in the s/low area; needless to say —-After a heavy rainstorm a few months ago-and —a few days later; I still noticed no dust at all on his front porch railings —Amazing—-The air is about 99% pure——(-Lastly I will never own an AR-15 again; ever ) ….. Nothing like having a care free—never have to clean again AK-47-(for the very most part)—–You know where I’m coming from,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A few 75 rd drums and a dozen 30 rd. magazines will do—— I also have a military issue Mossberg 590 A1; I picked up some years back—–very heavy walled bll–bayo lug etc– the thing is indestructible —–Mossberg makes the toughest shotguns in the world….especially the military M-590 A1———-I HIGHLY recommend them. The US military loves them….. Have on easy one…………………….

          13. Combatvet52 says

            When i was in the service “Army ” 52/53/54 all we had were the M1 Garand M1 Carbine, 1911 45 pistol, and the 45 cal grease gun, Mossberg makes a good shotgun we had those in Korea as well, they started using the M-16 later on.
            I live in the sunshine state Fl. love it for the past 17 years winter and me just don’t get along to well.

          14. edward martis says

            mossbergs in korea; no less ? I knew Winchester—stevens/ savage—Ithaca had them in korea viet nam and the 1st gulf war —-all of them were retired shortly thereafter…——but mossbergs in korea was a surprise—–presently mossbergs are the choice for the military with some remingtons thrown in……soon it will be all Mossberg—–they have a fantastic record for durability and abuse; vastly surpassing Remington…..and almost half the price of a Remington …………..Uncle Sam has all kinds of weird ammo for shotguns——some of which I have stolen over the years —–really wacko stuff and mostly illegal…………….I understand FL; and why you are there —-snow and old bones don.t mix too well—–I am 70…. so you are 80 ? ( am I close ?)———-our kids (my nephews/ nieces etc) are the ones that are REALLY going to have to contend with these radical, “progressive”, (DON’T YOU JUST LUV THAT WORD ??) Marxist, socialists——–If a civil war breaks out in the near future; do not be too surprised——SFO / Berkeley would be a good place to start ‘cleaning house’….and assinating Pelosi and Barbara Bell would be a pleasure to hear about and then ‘burn them down’ ACP offices from coast to coast——about 30- to 40 ACP offices ——–In the early to mid 1930’s France guilitined hundreds; if not thousands of the ‘sewer rats’—–I wonder if the French gov’t would loan us some ?? ,,,,,, Take care

          15. Combatvet52 says

            We had two Mossbergs in our outfit and they were not govt issue they were brought over in 52 by a 1st Lt won’t mention names.
            We did have Winchester as well with all that crazy full brass rounds, I’ll be 83 soon me and cold weather don’t get along anymore at all.
            Right our kids and grandkids will suffer and pay the rest of their lives.
            Stay well

          16. edward martis says

            I read a story about some gi’s who brought Browning AUTO-5s back to VN with them—they sawed off the stocks and cut the bll. to 14″—–that 5 shot semi auto was a bad ass—The same thing was done with the san diego p.d. …..their unit was called BARF (border alien robbery force)——-they had a bunch of Mexican -Americans cops dress up as illegal ailiens and move all through the areas that illegals used—-just off I-5 —literally on the borderline; 1/2 mile from the ocean—-to try to keep the illegals from being victimized/raped/ robbed / killed etc—–which goes on today………they got in a lot gunfights with TJ cops/ state judicial police and Mexican army troopies robbing killing etc—-all of these prix were in uniform- and on the US side of the border—they killed and arrested a bunch of them—the public never new; or had a clue; as to what was going on 100 feet from Interstate 5—-and 200 feet from –Mexican border crossing————–the SDPD “illegals ” had these Brownings hid under their coats and were very conceilable —–One time; 2 of the cops interrupted a muli gang rape of 3 illegal girls by 5 scumbags——the scummies pulled pistols and knives ; guess what happened ?—–the Brownings made meat sauce of all of them—–this all happened in a fairly big drainage pipe crossing underneath I-5……..Joseph Wambaugh; remember him ? from the 70’s /80’s)(“Police Stories” TV series (x-LAPD sgt turned author wrote a book all about this; and a bunch of others—–You should read his stuff——–It is unbelievable !…..I spent 4 (active) yrs in the USN on an LPH (helicopter assault carrier ( Landing Platform Helicopter) USS Valley Forge–LPH- 8 —-off the VN coast—–I could barely see land—-the carrier was of the Essex class /WW2 type—-after that I spent 17 yrs in the nat. guard playing with UH-1 C/M/H Hueys——as a civil service federal worker being paid civilian wages in the Los Alimitos CA NG flight facility ,, in back of Huntington Beach——

          17. edward martis says

            the history of the all brass shotgun shells originated in the 1880’s —–they were used for years but were replaced by cardboard / wax type—-along comes WW 1 and those shells did not cut it in a hot/damp/ wet enviorment; as they did not in the Spanish-american war in 1898—-the shells swelled and jammed etc—-Uncle Stupid Sam finally wised up and went back to the all brass type….Storage wise —-they could be stored for 100+ years as they were sealed , water proof and corrosion proof (for the very most part——I have a bunch of them from WW 2 and have shot a few of them…….presently, they are worth about $ 8 each and have become collectors items—–the shells issued now are ballistic nylon plastic type in dark green / w parkerized bases–and lacquer sealed primers -and loaded with ‘hardened’ 00 buck or # 4 (.24 cal—-27 pellets)—bad ass stuff……………I have a bunch of them too………….from the CA NG—-thank you very much………………

          18. edward martis says

            not for any ‘human being” at all—-SFO is Pelosi’s cong. district—–we refer to SFO as “Pelosi’s Perdition” / “Pelosi’s Outhouse” or the “World’s Largest Longest Latrine” which it is quite correct——She attends dinners, awards cerimonies etc sponsored by the AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY (Berkeley) all the time with Rep. Barbara Lee(-D-OAKLAND—-and neither of them will hide that fact—In fact they are very proud of their connection with the ACP——see how totally fucked up the “Soviet Socialist Communist Republik of Kalifornia” truly is…Most folks are not aware of that factoid—–..Just for fun google AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY NORTHWEST REGION and read all about them and their “GOALS”——-they are locally located at a used book store front at 6501 Telegraph Av. Oakland, CA 1-510-332-6511—-Look up all of there “offices” coast to coast–at that same web-site —I think there about 30 of them—–I am sure you can visit one locally where you live and say “Hi!”—I joined the ACP (to ck. them out)——these folks are pure evil ‘sewer rats….The “NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY shares the same used book store—–I have been in their ‘used book store ‘many times ——Berkeley is basically a time freeze of Bucharest, Romania in 1975 under communist President Nicoli Chauchescu (google him too on Key Wiki. com ) Remember him ? you can see his execution by a Romanian Army soldier; who picked the hi card of a poker card deck—-he was elated to have the privilege of zapping him and his fat hog wife Elana—-ALL the soldiers wanted to nail him; settled on the hi card bit—-to stop all of the arguing etc.–Old Niki announced his NEW PLAN to build ANOTHER 36 room palace for him and his sweetie Elana and to do this he announced ‘new taxes’ on the peoples back—I think the Romanian National Treasury has about $ 234.oo in it—all of this was like a st. peters square pope speech to a million people affair—same scenario===the million plus people exploded on the spot and routed out the secret police and shot them; again, on the spot—–The only reason the Romanian Army existed was for a pay-check and not starving to death–like a lot of Romanian folks were—–the army turned on Niki in about 5 minutes flat——He went the same way as King Louie and Marie Antuonette of France —Libya’s Qadiffi and hopefully O’crap and Moosey Michelle —–ALL of these prixnhave the same dictateor mentality……….

          19. edward martis says

            lastly, you can see the Nikki and elana blasting on YOU TUBE—–type in Romanian president execution or by his name etc’ etc—–poke around YOU TUBE and you will find it——the film is about 8 minutes long and worth looking at——I I could picture oshit and mooseie standing in for nikki and elana——enjoy !!!!!!!!

    2. DivineEncounters says

      “) Yepper.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        check mate

        1. edward martis says

          to continue—–there were other such incidents—–after I left the CANG detail …my troopies told me stull like this that long continued until the CANG detail was ended 2 yrs later (reason—-it was costing the state of CA millions of dollars…—All of this is in the hands of the GGB Authority cops today;) who are very good at what they do.. Most of them are retired cops from the Bay area—-the GGB Auth. —–has a very weird jurisdiction—they are armed and can fire their weapons ; but can detain only; then call the CHP or SFPD to arrest and transport——-soooo you have the CHP, GGBA cops, Oakland PD, SFPD,, US Park Service police (mainly for the Presido (x-5th Army Hq), afea– the CANG, Marin County Sheriffs Office and the US Coast Guard from Ft Baker (about 1000 ft away——and they all work together seam less ly———-The whole thing was something I will never forget——the cops (all of them ) told us to shoot any homeless trash that tried to take our m-16’s from us——-which was fine; mostly we just MACE’d them—–It was a great time !!!!!

        2. edward martis says

          sorry to be so long winded —–I hope you found it entertaining reading————————————-

  7. Jim says

    We The People Of This Nation Need To Rise Up Against Obama And His Administration. And The Banks. This Evil Tyrannical Garbage Has To Be Stopped.

    1. wayne says

      We need to vote the right people in office and support them and get rid of people like Harry Reed Nancy Peloski and a few more like them Democraps. Stupid people vote them in office because they get these entitlements from the government. Voter fraud is the culprit for all this mess. Harry Reed when he was head of the senate would not put bills up to vote if HE did not like them. HARRY is the PROBLEM.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Wayne, Wayne,Wayne. We did do this in last two mid-term elections. We were ignored. The elected representatives we put in office on platforms of reform and correction just got worse. They all rolled over and supported this criminal administration faster than when they pretended to be fighting them. The time for normal democratic process has come and gone. We need to refresh this system with a total removal and replacement with patriots. How we do that is what is holding us up. You get my direction I assume and I hope I am not being to vague. We need to take back our government and our country.

      2. Jim says

        I Totally Agree With You Wayne. This Crap Has Gotten Out Of Hand. A Long Time Ago.

    2. Goldbug12 says

      I agree! A massive march on D.C. by millions of Americans beginning on July 4th is the only way to save our country! Congress and the decimated military will NOT do it! “Freedom is not free.” Live free or die!

      1. Mark Lahti says

        You’re right. I’ll be there no matter what it takes to do it. I will also be armed, after all it is MY RIGHT.

        1. Goldbug12 says

          I’ve been contacting national tea party leaders to organize this July 4th march on D.C. and all I hear are crickets! Many groups are now disbanded and many others are corrupted by money! Jenny Beth Martin made $450,000 last year and bought a 1.5 million dollar house! She spent too much time in D.C. and got corrupted like the rest! Now you can see where all your donations go for their so called faxes, phone calls, letters and all the other worthless crap! Most of the money goes right into their filthy pockets!

  8. crustyone says

    This should be grounds for lawsuits–legitimate business owners vs. those banks who are part of the problem and personal lawsuits with the Obuma and his cronies as the defendants.

  9. BlueMax372 says

    Sun Trust is enjoying doing the bidding of the gun-grabbing monkeys 0v0miit and H0lder. How about we all boycott Sun Trust and everybody THEY do business with?

    1. Mark Lahti says

      Damn great idea. The American free enterprise system Boycott the hell out of them Start protest parades like the lefty’s do. Stand in front of their branches with placards and banners. Start the lovely chanting and singing. Hit them where they live and do business It is a shame that we have to resort to the lefts tactics to get done what should have come about naturally. But if that is what we have to do then by God lets Git R Done.

      1. hangem'high says

        Yeah, like the Tea Party that shouted the N world and assaulted blacks, that they had to bring in the National Guard to break up those law breakers asking congressmen ungodly questions!
        It got so bad they had the NSA find out all their little dark secrets, and the IRS take away their free tax statist, while the Republicans like Judas turned on them and washed their hands even denying they had any association with this terrorist group! Even backing the progressive’s claims, I’m in.
        “Let’s get this party started!”

      2. Roger12266 says

        The problem with hurting the banks is that it is impossible.
        All of the banks are linked together through the Fed. so that they protect each other.
        Obama has already bailed out many financial institutions and he would bail our ANY bank that went along with his agenda.

        1. edward martis says

          be advised that the ‘National Board of Governor’s’ for the ‘Federal Reserve Bank’ are all jews—–all 5 of them——–As the TV reporter said–“How did that happen ???”

    2. Frankie White says

      Yes our only hope is hurt the banks that do the bidding for them

    3. hangem'high says

      As long as we pay taxes they have money!

  10. RobGoetzSr says

    Someone should be asking if the Feds are funding Gun Shops involved with “Operation Castaway,” another ATF sponsored “Fast & Furious” type of operation (but in Florida), designed to put weapons into the hands of criminals and drug lords? Cutting-off legitimate business finding to legal and legitimate Gun Shop owners seems more than contradictory in light of the government running guns to criminals, no? Investigate this my fellow patriots and spread the word!!!

  11. Frankie White says

    Wake up America get involved , call your congressman and Senator

    1. Mark Lahti says

      I wish that was all it would take. We have been writing, calling, faxing, complaining, protesting and it has produced to results. Six years of this usurper in office has created the disharmony, anguish, hate, fear, and tyranny that exists today. We are being plowed under by the leftist, socialist, hater of the left. We have to take action because the congress (both houses) are complicit in this corruption. We gave them a mandate to fix this crap in the last two mid-term elections. Especially this last one. What did we get? They all rolled over even faster than when they pretended to be fighting this administration. So, calling, writing, voting, screaming, and everything else we have done has been for naught. It is time for action since our “elected representatives” are not listening much less doing anything about it.

    2. Goldbug12 says

      Waste of time!

      1. Mark Lahti says

        I agree. We tried that. Read below.

    3. Michael Dennewitz says

      Why Frank? Hell, they’re all bribed/bought off and in on this conspiracy!!!

    4. hangem'high says

      Unless you’re big money forget it!

  12. James Andrews says

    The Feds should be sued over this crap.

    1. Rick GoHawks Fortenberry says

      More like Jailed!!!!!

      1. James Andrews says

        True……those truly behind it deserve prison time. I can live with that!

  13. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    Remember the old days of when there was the Black Market Of The Moon Shine Days. Well Will We Have Those Days With The Gun Black Market/

  14. Follow Me Boys says

    I guess some type of war was on the horizon. We have had peace since 1865. Most countries cannot say that. Let’s rock

    1. Mark Lahti says

      Dude. I am assuming that you are a veteran with your picture and moniker. Yet, you seem to be very apathetic about the state of affairs with this government. I’m trying to recall other posts I’ve seen of yours and I thought you were a very patriotic American Vet. We have not had peace since 1865. Unless you mean just within our country. If that is the direction you are going then OK, I agree with you. However, we must follow the founding fathers recommendations on this one. The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots from time to time. It has been a long time. We have had a history of working with our adversaries from within. But, when some interloper, fake, fraud, criminal takes over our government we have to take the necessary action. It is not just a right but an obligation to correct what has gone wrong. Read the constitution and the federalist papers. We have to right the wrong that has come from the complacent, dumbed-down, and warped people that have put this usurper in office.

      1. Goldbug12 says

        This is why a second Revolutionary War is needed! Will the fired generals come out of the shadows and lead!

        1. Mark Lahti says

          God I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. dinkerduo says

          Yes–I think they would—about 1 year ago I read that several top military leaders who were forced to “retire” were talking about a coup type of takeover to get obozo out of there! They need to hurry as we can’t stand much more from this PHONY AZZ!!! The Benghazi investigation should have already sent most of them to jail for treason—but they can’t get the records—too bad Gowdy didn’t just go ahead and subpoena Killary’s server and walk in and take possession of it—they wait too long–first they ask for records–then wait–then wait some more–then get a subpoena–then wait some more—it was the same with the Lois Learner’s emails—WITHOUT WARNING–GO GET THESE RECORDS AND QUIT JUST ASKING FOR THEM–KILLARY’S SERVER WASN’T WIPED CLEAN—JUST LIKE LEARNER’S emails were not gone! This excuse has been over used!!!

      2. Follow Me Boys says

        I mean on the continent. Sometimes I suffer from depression and get down. I have read Madison and Fed papers and he is quite ti man of letters. Smarter than me. BUT I will rise when time comes. Just looking for the man/women who stands up and says follow me to DC.

      3. Michael Dennewitz says

        B R A V O !! Well said.. LONG LIVE A FREE SOCIETY!!

      4. Sue Breslin says

        Apathy is the greatest danger to our Freedom..

  15. supergun says

    When the people elect thugs, this is what we will get.

    1. Daniel W says

      Obama is a want of a better word a community organizer, and yes I think THUG, would fit into that category.

      1. hangem'high says

        How better to collect collection moneys then through taxes and health care, I think the government has a pretty good racket! The theft you always wanted to be but couldn’t do legally!

      2. supergun says

        A community organizer leading you in battle can get you harmed.

  16. arab says


    1. jim_wright says

      The Jews have nothing to do with This. This is all the Muslim-in- Chief. He doesn’t like this country or the constitution.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        This “arab” is, I believe, a REAL arab. He comes on here all the time in his CAPS spewing this anti Jewish BS. He is so consumed with his hatred against the Jewish people and their country that he just rants on and on about them being the root of all evil and all problems in our country and the world. I would just ignore the ignorant fool. I really feel bad that he has enough sense to back the NRA but this anit-Jewish BS is really getting ridiculous.

        1. Camp Taji says

          Yes it is. REAL Jews fight! Look at Bibi. The Capo Jew the JINOs the leftist Jews who voted for Obama the Woody Alans and the Hollywood commies hate guns and self determination.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          Anything said negatively about the Jewish people is just that – bullshit. Israel has been our closest allay and the HNIC is only trying to destroy that so that he will have less resistance when forming his little dick-tatorship!!

          1. edward martis says

            well, then try this. — where I live; in an over 62 -sec 8 complex; was over run by jews from Russia in the late 80’s; in that they went right to the top of the waiting list and pushed aside all the American tax-paying elderly citizens—they flooded my complex–they had an apartment reserved for them; while they were still in Moscow—–the result: free medicare, free SSI checks, free food stamps and various other goodies—-first thing I noticed about them; after awhile, was their –me first; screw you attitude. and demand, demand, demand attitude….gimme, gimme, gimme ….they will steal everything not nailed down——they will screw you in a new York minute—–this all came about by guaranteeing the SFO bay politicians (Pelosi, ,lee, boxer Feinstein etc., etc re-elections —bought and paid for by billionaire silicon valley jews–)–remember the financial responsibility law; in that if you brought over folks from the old country; YOU were responsible for them—That had to go; and did—–they steal, connive, cheat to no end—an especially vile race of people—–come to where I live —90 sierra vista av., mt. view, ca—(33 miles of SFO)–and experience the nastiness of these cock-roaches——-I see older homeless americans living in the streets and then I look at these jewish sewer rats——-I look at them as grazing cows, eating all of our tax money—for they have not paid one cent into the American tax system…….they complain to no end; in that the complex maint. guys are fed up beyond belief—-lastly, remember the us navy intel ship straffed by the Israeli Air Force in the ’60s ——which had an 6 foot by 8 foot US flag blowing in the wind for the world to see——?—— if you would like one of these charming folks; let me know and I will ship one to you C.O.D.—–and then you can watch while they eat YOUR tax dollars—-all they do is take, take, take and give nothing—-no volunteering, no help to anybody—NO NOTHING !!

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            I personally think it’s amazing that you singled out JUST the Jewish people for your harsh remarks sir, when you could have very easily been describing the blacks in this country also! And not an entire ethnicity is corrupt. My father came here as a child from Germany in the early 1900s. He told many stories of how the Jews were tortured and slaughtered. My father grew to love a little hillbilly woman, and after begging her mother, was allowed to marry her. He 18 and she 13! They had many Jewish friends. My mother’s ancestry was native Cherokee Indian. I myself have dealt with every different ethnic background, and I try to find no fault with any of them. We ARE ALL human beings, trying to survive.. Your hatred for the Jewish people well might eat you up. Just try and remember that Christ was a Jew himself. I don’t ever want to have to stand in front of him and admit that I hated even one of “his people!” And also try to remember, there’s not one ethnic group walking the planet that’s perfect. Have a wonderful day….

          3. edward martis says

            Dad was 18 and he married a 13 yr. old- ?—–that makes him a child rapist by law—-Could he not find a girl instead on a child to bang ? After WW 1 and before WW 2 the jews ran ALL of Germany’ s financial institutions and banks and screwed the whole of Germany into oblivion—-My mother worked for a jew in Boston< MA as a book-keeper and related to me in 1955 that her boss would screw his own mother for the eternal dollar—-and don't forget the diamond industry where the jews screw the whole damn world !!! You should come to CA and see how all of the over 62 Russian jews have literally taken over sec 8 housing and bypassed the 'waiting list'——Please be aware that the National Board of Governor's for the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America is all jews. Now how did that happen ? The reporter reporting this asked the same question———-The over 62/ sec 8 housing complex I live in, is about 65 % Russian jew——-At least the black population in the USA pays taxes to a degree——The Russian jews pay nothing and take everything——when ever I get a chance to make trouble for them I do; gleefully—-our laws mean nothing to them—park in a 'handicapped' spot; I have them towed ($ 200)====park in the red fire zone curbed area; I have them towed—park in the 'loading and unloading only zone —white curb—–I have them towed——At the food bank in San Jose, CA they will push you out of their way—–they are much worse than the 'illegals"—–like I have said Boris and Natasha are nothing more than grazing Gurnsey cows; in the meadows, eating all of our tax money—–TAKE EVERYTHING AND GIVE NOTHING —

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            They did that back then. I’m sure there were others. My parents had been married for 57 years when Mom died first. Not long afterwards Dad died of a broken heart. He had no will to live on without his “heart!”
            Try to get rid of your hatred for the Jewish people before you have to stand in front of your maker. If not, it will eat you completely!

          5. edward martis says

            No matter what—–an 18 yr old bagging a child bride of 13—–What the hell was in his corrupted mind ? Couldn’t he find a girl of his own age and pass on a 8th grader… I live with 250 of these selfish; beyond belief bastards=====So I’m just to sit and pray; all the while they rape the USA of every single penny they can get their grubby hands on——note: Netanuhu finally told the orthodox jews; with their jerry curls that, they were going to be drafted into the IDF to defend their own country. You should have heard them howl and piss and moan,…..They had gotten away with this for many years; letting “somebody else” go and die for them……..Jesus was screwed by the Jews to; along with many, many,many others……….Lastly, I am supposed to watch these prix suck every cent they can from the US taxpayer…I think not

          6. Michael Dennewitz says

            Mr Ed, I’m only going to say this once, and then I won’t bother to even reply to you any further…

          7. edward martis says

            PLEASE don’t-!!——I have spent some time in Tel-Aviv and Jeddah, KSA over the years and I noticed that; if there ever was a contest in hyper arrogance; the jews would win; mainly because they are smarter, hands down and the ‘nosepickers’ are dumb as a palm tree——-the only common thread between the 2 peoples are that they are both semites——and for ME being a miserable fuck——then what are my hyper greedy, selfish to NO END, cheating, lying, conniving, screw everybody, back stabbing, weasel, wine to no end, “you do for me’ me-me-me”, stealing, ‘use everybody’ and then come back to use them again and again boris and Natasha neighbors–? —-I am just an average guy, but my B & Natasha neighbors are a site to see——the first thing that struck me; when they started flooding into my ‘over 62/ sec 8 – complex; was that they had not the right to be here in the first place; undercutting over 62 American tax-paying citizens to be put on the top of the list before everybody for subsidized housing–…the second thing was how quikley they went into the ‘use everybody’ mode’ …. My little old black lady neighbor was aghast and shocked -at how quikley they tried to use her, as well as my other neighbors who had been here awhile —–and that makes me the bad guy ? We used to live in situation where neighbors would help neighbors; and then came the flood of jews who tried to use everybody–(YOU help me, me ,me, me !!!) …but if I asked for some help; they would walk away, saying that they were busy etc. etc. etc—-They were ‘always’ busy—I even had a few jews close their doors right in my face——-gotta luv B &N—–I would luv to ship them back to Moscow…….another tid bid you might enjoy….Netanyahu told all of the ‘orthadox’ jews in Israel (black hats, jerry curls etc) that THEY were going to be drafted into the IDF……you should have heard them howl and whine; that THEY were going to have defend their OWN country and not be able to have other jews go and die for THEM…they had ‘exempted’ themselves from IDF service but Nettanyahu FINALLY got sick of their whining——-jews DO whine an awful lot; don’t they ?? Have a nice day——————-

          8. edward martis says

            don’t forget Jesus was screwed by the jews too………….I live with 250 of these gurnsey cows every day…….Boris an Natasha are a piece of work; watching them hustle the system; with great expertise —-no doubt; they are better at it than the Mexicans could hope to ever be…Maybe I should give money to the local jewish charities in my area—-I think not—-Running the banks and Hollywood, you would think; be enough for anybody……….It isn’t…….I don’t hate the cows……it would just be nice if they just went back to Moscow and sucked off the Russian people……………

          9. edward martis says

            I singled out the jews in my very large over 62/ sec 8 complex because ever since they arrived; they are a pain in the ass to EVERYBODY !!! ——–before they arrived en mass and all at once—-we all got along pretty well——and then these financial parasites arrived and EVERYTHING changed within a month or two—– my neighbors and I could not believe the way they were —imposing themselves on everybody–for everything–to no end….. non-stop ..Comprendo

          10. Michael Dennewitz says

            You surely have a hatred for the Jewish people. I can’t remember ever having talked to anyone who could hate someone that vehemently. I know I sure can’t. I hope to God that you can somehow rid yourself of that before the day of judgment!!!

          11. edward martis says

            you f—-g stupid mother f—ker-! You should live where I do and you could see for yourself……..the kicker is I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters in the same sec 8 /over 62 housing in the greater SFO area and THEY say the same exact thing….a total bunch of ‘USERS’—–they use everybody——-they are the ONES that need to seek forgiveness on judgement day——-maybe they think they can bribe God on judgement day; for all their lying, cheating, scamming, stealing, bribing (of the SFO politicians), corruption…Bribing God ? I would not put it past them……they are a disease—–there are thousands of these parasites in CA—————–I have never seen anything like them in my 70 years; and I have seen just about everything……………..as the arabs would say “a-knee-cuck-ya-shuk” Fuck You !!! or literally; my penis in your ass——-gotta luv the arabs for their littoral translation———-

          12. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ha! Sooooo, you and your brothers are all living in sec8 housing? Hmmm. And you’re, no doubt getting food stamps and whatever else you can suck off the government, right? And you have the nerve to crack on someone else.. Now, that’s the clearest definition of a hypocrite that ever was.. Ha!

          13. edward martis says

            no pinhead—-we all started working at the age of 17……..I am 70 and my siblings are older than me……I did 30 years in the army; spending a good amount of time in Israel, Jordan and “nosepickerland” Saudi Arabia—–we all had houses and sold them—-we were drowning in the upside down housing market and were paying for a house that was not worth that much anymore—–the way things are getting with another tribe of ‘nosepicker;s (jews)—-it is time to move and maybe consider another house in northeastern AZ——high timber country—No; we do not get food stamps or anything else——-we paid into the US tax system all of our lives—-this sec 8 / over 62 complex is beautiful—–duplex type—lots of open space——No; we do not suck off the government——what ever government stuff we have; we EARNED—–Social Security and US Army retirement in my case—–mandatory army retirement age is 60——I wish you knew what you were talking about before you opened your big fat mouth——the thing is the Moscow jews get medicare, food stamps and reduced rent for absolutely NOTHING; and have put zero into the US tax system—-these cows did nothing to deserve anything—and still they wine and demand everything ……you stupid cow—————-

          14. edward martis says

            do me a great favor—–you said you would NOT get back to me……….please keep your word and DO NOT send me any more of your stupid comments—I would greatly appreciate it; you stupid cow………….

          15. edward martis says

            forgot to mention; they get free SSI and free rides to the local food bank for free food ; watta deal-!!—-and still they whine, demand and complain ad nausem to no end……don’t you get it yet ?? and again do not post me anymore—-I would SINCERELY appreciate it !!! Sho-cran ………

          16. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ever heard the age old saying BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS??

          17. edward martis says

            yeah—–my gurnsey cow, financial blood sucking jewish neighbors, blow it out their asses all the time right into the faces of American taxpayers and gleefully do so——-Now go away and die please……

      2. edward martis says

        but consider this;;;;;the National Board of Governor’s for the Federal Reserve Reserve Bank —all five of them are jews———–as the tv reporter said “How did that happen ?”….good question….

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      Don’t start going off on the Jewish people! And no, I’m not one, but I love the Jewish people, and they have absolutely NOTHING to do with the terrorist mooselums in office today. The little halfbreed bastard THINKS he’ll “take down” any Jewish air support, but BiBi will show him! I can guarantee that Israel will NEVER be destroyed!! God Bless Israel !! They are”God’s Chosen People!”

    3. hangem'high says

      The Jews learned a very valuable lesson in Germany back in the thirties! I think you need a real history lesson, but wouldn’t put it past another Jew to try to eliminate their race. Hitler comes to mind!

    4. Roger12266 says

      What is it with you and your obsession with anti-Semitism?
      Every post of yours that I have read is something to do with anti-Semitism.

  17. Stephen Lopez says

    There is no political way to stop a tyrannical government. As long as people have their heads in the sand and continue to be in denial,this government is not going to stop trampling the constitution.

  18. DivineEncounters says

    Won’t do them one iota of good. Those who want guns will get guns and anyone stupid enough to go to a gun shop and register deserves what they get.

    With this government you watch your back on everything you do.

  19. mr2bears@hotmail.com says

    Jail is too good for this f**king tyrant ! My2cents

  20. Len Tippett says

    I just refinanced my personal residence and the loan was bought by Suntrust Bank. I will be calling another mortgage broker today to refinance again even though I will incur some closing cost over again even with a lender paid mortgage arrangement. If I had a checking or savings account with Suntrust, I would move it. My original mortgage broker will be getting a charge back because it is within the first six months of the loan. Maybe they will put some pressure on Suntrust. This is the only way we can stop this Communist take over.

  21. hankrbradley says

    He needs to ride out of office on something that has nothing to do with grassroots!

  22. Jerry Cox says

    We are losing our country slowly. Where are the checks in balance when we have a Government out of control and total disregard for peoples rights and freedoms. They worry more about some transgender person and rights for gays to have wedding cakes made by Christians but they are destroying business’s because they know they cannot get what they want from congress. Every agency in Obama’s administration is corrupt and have people that do like the freedoms for Americans and totally ignore the laws and the people. The media continues to not report on these and when they do report distort by leaving out critical pieces. They are treasonous to America just like this administration.

    1. hangem'high says

      There is a reason they’ the Republicans and Democrats shipped all manufacturing jobs overseas and it’s not because they were thinking about the middle class, No Sir!

    2. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

      Jerry Cox—I’m like you, where are the military leaders that’s suppose help guard against an out of
      control government? I thought when the President And his staff went against the constitution and the congress didn’t stop it, the military would take over.

      1. Westy34215 says

        Obama has replaced all the good Military Generals with his Political hacks. They don’t know how to fight, let alone support our Constitution!

      2. Sue Breslin says

        “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the
        Beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200
        Years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

        From bondage to spiritual faith;
        From spiritual faith to great courage;
        From courage to liberty;
        From liberty to abundance;
        From abundance to complacency;
        From complacency to apathy;
        From apathy to dependence;
        From dependence back into bondage.”
        Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the
        “complacency and apathy” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of
        Democracy, with some forty percent of the nation’s population
        Already having reached the “governmental dependency” phase..


      3. Michael Dennewitz says

        Most of the leaders are now mooselums bud. The HNIC is trying to make this into the Isloomic States of (what used to be) America. And every politician that exists has either been bought off or threatened, so they sit on their dead asses and watch this country crumble…

  23. fred says

    Reclaim our Second Amendment rights NOW! tell the kenyan we aren’t Russia or China, or the UK! We want crime to be reduced by guns scaring off the criminals, we don’t have to ask, we will remove those who interfere with OUR freedoms! No bans on guns or ammo of any kind! Do the criminals have to go through a background check when they buy a gun on the black market? I don’t think so, THINK and act against the criminal terrorist in OUR WH!

  24. Fred Underwood says

    Lest we the people forget our nation has been turned over to those who believe we cannot make decisions for ourselves and those in positions of leadership that we put there know what is good for us we are not to be allowed very much freedom of choice or they might be put out of their cushy taxpayer funded positions as our leaders.

  25. Lorraine E says

    Our appointed president did not “ride into office on a wave of grassroots support.” He was appointed like all presidents have been for many decades. The shadow government appoints the leaders of all countries and if they do not follow the orders of the shadow masters who appointed them, they are overthrown or shot in the back of the head and a patsy is blamed and then eliminated before he is allowed to tell the truth. Insofar as our voting process is concerned, it is a national disgrace and I even wonder if local election results have any credibility .

  26. John says

    who more likely to house illegal activities than the average business, the Obama administration is, all they are ,are criminals in suits.

  27. bee says

    what the hell is the matter with the people of this country. we are letting this black muslum scumbag traitor and his corrupt regime take our country to hell. ITS PAST TIME to take up ARMS and rid our country of this disease in our government. WAKE up and ARM yourself s before its to late.

  28. Elmer Fredrick says

    The real problem is the UNINFORMED & STUPID ,FREELOADERS who vote, not enough smart voters left. Look at the DECLINE of the Republican party, all WANNA BE DEMOCRATS. The dembocrat party has destroyed the country.

    1. Croco Dile says

      The real problem is The VOTER.

      EVERY voter is supporting the current system of extortion.


  29. Ruth Welt says

    What are we going to do about it? Where is the GOP?

  30. Michael Dennewitz says

    I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the (once) United States of America! And to the REPUBLIC, for which it stands, ONE NATION UNDER GOD………………..

  31. liberaldisgust says

    Another example of the underhanded actions by this administration , but what really bothers me is the support this President and his gang of criminals enjoy by the American people …. What is wrong with these brain dead zombies , I mean we can only blame the Liberal education system for so much ….. do they really thing they are going to be insulated from the loss of Rights ? …….. That’s the scary part !

  32. bob.treitler@lw.com says

    I would like to see Obama ride out of office handcuffed and in the back of a Police car.

  33. eight11 says

    This is Official Oppression and is a criminal act, whoever gave the order (Obama?) and anyone carrying it out, is therefore violating the law and should be themselves held accountable (reprimanded, arrested and prosecuted)!
    No one is above the law, even this so-called President who took an oath to uphold the Laws of our Nation!
    Whoever these Officals and Federal Officers are that are caring out these orders, they should damn well know that an illegal order should not be followed!
    Come on America it time to end the Lawlessness of Barack Hussein Obama!
    Time for impeachment is long overdue!

  34. Larry Miller says

    The entire administration is filled with people who hate the US. Our real problem lies with the Congress and the Senate. they refuse to do their job and get rid of this administration or defund any of his actions.
    If the two houses would act appropriately, this mess would have never come to light.
    Lets make sure we hold our representatives accountable when they are running for reelection.

    1. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

      Miller—-I think the time for congress to act has passed, it’s now time for the military to do it’s job.

  35. drattastic says

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat and do business ,wouldn’t it be in the manufactures best interest to help finance “outlets” ?

  36. milkawhat2 says

    Isn’t refusing to deal with a gun shop the same as refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding? Massive boycotts, and shaming the banks would be good way bring attention to this.

  37. curtmavi38 says

    Obama knows that the people of America want to be able to buy and keep guns for their own protection.
    He has shown his distain for the American people and this is just one more thing that he wants to rub our noses in(just because he can). In all of my life I have never seen such a more corrupted, bigoted, racist, president who has no love for America. The republicans in the house and the senate had better start
    doing what the American people put them in office to do STOP OBAMA.!!!!!!!! Boehner & McConnell do your jobs if you won’t, step down and let some one who has the backbone to do it. God Bless the United Sates of America and it’s allies. meh

  38. Terry Rushing says

    The “long term” is, of course, the “honest Eric” Justice Department which needs to be cleaned of the Obama taint, but in the “short term” perhaps a civil lawsuit against the bank for discrimination and possibly breach of contract would be in order.

  39. vespo08 says

    Actions of an Anti-American rogue president who will not uphold, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. An attack on the US Constitution, the 2nd Amendment & Free Enterprise! Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama Jarrett is one despicable individual!

  40. Fyr Bal says

    WELCOME to the Politically Correct World of HYPOCRICY!!!

    I am a 40% VA rated Combat Veteran of ( 2005-2006 )Operation Iraqi Freedom.
    I am awaiting another VA claim from jul 2012
    I have been working for Kilo-Roger co as a Butcher, for Over 28 yrs. I have been Demoted 2 times due to my Physical injuries, I am no longer able to do the job I did before I went to Iraq.
    I believe my Problems Started after my Mgr told Me to “TAKE that SH$T off your hat!!! THAT SH$T is an OIF Combat Veteran ribbons and a USA Flag pin and my Wounded Warrior Project Alumni pin!!!
    I asked him to Apologize and he said “NO” I went to His boss and She said “ITS JUST A HAT and PINS”
    I was recently transferred to a new location because my supervisor (of 3 months time) had a problem with me confronting him on referring to me as a PATHETIC CRIPPLE and being LAZY, I also came to the aide of some part-time employee’s.

    I have been at the previous location since 2008 with 2 different supervisor’s and 3 different store manager’s with NO PROBLEMS.
    I am at the new location less than 3 weeks and I am terminated for being a Verbal Threat to Customer’s ,Management staff & Fellow employee’s! I talked about a video game called Assassins’ Creed, I also was overheard asking a fellow hunting enthusiast “I like to go to the shooting range (in the winter because I cant ride my Motorcycle) after a bad day at work, would you like to join me?”
    I am asking for some help in Who to contact. They are treating me like I am going to SNAP from a PERCEIVED PTSD!!! The Kilo-Roger co wants ALL of my Military, VA and Private Medical records.
    Do you have any ideas? Do you know of ANY JAG (Ret) officers that might be able to HELP ME?
    This ALL took place on 22 FEB 2014.
    I went through mediation in DEC 2014 with the UFCW Union and the Kilo-Roger co. I was portrayed as a Bat@#$% Crazy person that would SNAP & KILL these 2 people, ALL their relatives, and neighbors, do to the PERCEIVED PTSD!
    Well I guess the Kurt Busch Family NOW KNOW’S What My family has been going Through!!!
    Thanks for your time.

    Scott J

  41. IMPCALGI says

    Instead of whining about amoral greedy gutless bankers quick to do President MomJeans bidding, how’s about “we the people” form our own credit unions? Surely among all the business owners and lovers of liberty their must be enough expertise to make us self sufficient in banking and credit, and so bid our defiance to those who claim to be our “betters”

    There’s more than one way to fight for what’s right!

    Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says

      Unfortunately, once you open that can of worms, you’re drowning in rules, regulations and oversight by multiple alphabet agencies. Then you’re in the same boat as the banks currently are.

      1. IMPCALGI says

        Have you ever heard of Prosper? gofundme? crowd sourcing? Again, instead of whining and saying “it can’t be done”, GET OFF YOUR ASS AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

        Good GOD, this nation has produced people who survived Valley Forge and the Bataan Death March… get a grip and man up!

        Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

  42. miles says

    To hell with the feds and banks.I am sure there are plenty of ways to do business around them and fudging the numbers to your advantage.

  43. Sir Dirty Harry says

    NRA needs to get into the Banking business then all gun shops can enroll into their banking institute and F–k Obama.

  44. john robel says

    Get your 80% AR kits while you can, shit will hit the fan me thinks.

  45. Jim Skiman says

    Time to IMPEACH the dictator, FIRE holder and vote down the DICTATOR’S nominee for USAG. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  46. dittybop says

    I’d really like to vent, and post my true feelings, but they would probably get me a visit some dark night from men in black swat outfits, breaking down my front door! I’d then be on a no fly list and my wife would most likely leave me, so take what you may from all this and decide for yourselves!

  47. J.C says

    Bank – SunTrust takes the money laundering from Venezuela…There was a big scandal in the papers a way back because all those corrupt politicians from Venezuela would steal the money and put it in Sun Trust Bank and they take it!! But when it comes to small gun and pawn shop business legit and good credit score they want to end their accounts.. Who says that evil is fair?

  48. Larry Cowden says

    In this country to the right are the decent law abiding black Americans. To the left are the niggers, liberals and Obamamonkey! Those birds of a feather flock together! They are bent on control through violence and intimidation, law breaking and lies.

  49. Paul Pray says

    smarter solutions need be.Instead of just doing nothing, we should open a bank, which caters to business like this. Pawn, gun, religious and other. Hell, and when they try that more scrutiny crap, declare it unconstitutional due to the law….which shouldn’t discriminate.
    play the system against the system

  50. Alleged Comment says

    The negro is doing this because you didn’t arrest him for impersonating a president. So he is moving on from high misdemeanor to treason.

    And still no one will arrest the negro. Next thing you know he will declare himself president for life and then you will be in REAL TROUBLE!

  51. Sylvester Jones says

    Time to disband the corrupt DOJ

  52. Mark Clemens says

    Today Gun Shops, tomorrow your savings.
    I don’t understand why people w/less than $10,000 use a bank. You only get .078% interest, You pay hidden fees, Banks are in bed w/the Government.
    Buy a good heavy gun safe, keep your money for FREE (Providing you can do simple math). Ask your self this…….”What has my bank done for me”
    If your answer is “nothing”, why feed the Government’ s whore? If 50% of the country closed all accounts in a weeks time, the bankers would come crawling to you w/better interest rates.
    Remember what the Clintons did to the Saving and Loan banks……….. That’s probably where Hillary got the cash, to build her own personal server. Who even has a personal server?

    1. jim marcum says

      i’m all for closing accounts. this direct deposit deal that employers more or less forced employees into. sure it’s easier to never see your own money and pay service fees just to withdraw and spend your money. ridiculous. where I work there have been just a handful of holdouts that want their check handed to them each week and I have the greatest respect for them.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        If I were paid by direct deposit, I’d take all my money except $10 the day it was deposited.
        I did a land owner here in Daytona Beach some grass cutting, small carpenters chores. I was paid by paper check. I took the check, to the bank it was written on (TD BANK). They wanted to charge me $5 to cash their account holders check!!!!
        I went back to the Land Owner told him about $5 fee. He rewrote me a check for an extra $5.

  53. Michael Dennewitz says

    EVERYTHING now-a-days, it seems, is done in the name of $$$$$$$$…. :-((

  54. Ohio Land Man says

    This happened to a friend of mine.. Gun shop owner in Barberton Ohio as well.. this fkn government has got to go.. dammit.

  55. Dave Stephens says

    Since the Feds are threatening the banks with more oversight if they do business with gun shops, the only effective response is for the bank’s clients to boycott the bank, remove their accounts and bank elsewhere. Do this enough times, and the Fed’s cover will be blown and seen clearly for what it is: A protection racket used to avoid due process. The Feds know that such tactics are offensive to the general public and the hypocrisy of this administration is patent.
    Follow up with letters to your Senators and Representative who, I understand, are looking into the Justice Department’s use of the “choke point” tactic. One might also put pressure on the banking regulators.
    All of this should be organized under a group dedicated to exposiure and legal action against the Banks for their knuckling under to this tactic.

  56. otoman says

    Many businesses exist on cash only sales. Less overhead, no bank account needed. Many credit card purchases are used as a convenience today than a necessity. Gun dealers can lower their prices for cash only deals. When the gun crowd hears this, they will support this business whole hog! I would if in the area.

  57. OldPatriot32 says

    I hope he sues the bank AND the feds for $1million each! This out-of-control gang in DC has to go, even if Americans have to enter Congress and the WH and pull these miscreants out bodily to the street!

    1. edward martis says

      the US military would be more than happy to do that—I spent 21 yrs in the NAT. GD. and believe me when I say the GD ” HATES” oshit more than you could possibly ever imagine…………I have heard full bird colonel’s getting almost crazy about omoron and what he has done to the military……………….

  58. OldPatriot32 says

    The problem isn’t only blacks; it’s the white liberal elite with deep pockets, and the dumbed-down poor whites on welfare & food stamps who are the major part of the problem.

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